May 25, 2004

Group Title: Minutes of the Annual General Meeting : May, 2004
Title: Minutes of the annual general meeting, Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries
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Title: Minutes of the annual general meeting, Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries
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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting I

May 25,2004


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting I

May 25, 2004

1. Call to order and opening remarks

1.1. President Shamin Renwick called the meeting to order at 9:45 am.

1.2 President Shamin Renwick asked Michael Gill to serve as Parlamentarian.
Michael Gill joined the head table.

2. Determination of quorum:

Parlamentarian Michael Gill informed the quorum.

3. Agenda

President Shamin Renwick presented the agenda, on page 12 of the Conference Program.

The agenda was adopted as presented.

4. Resolutions committee

President Shamin Renwick presented the Resolutions Committee as follows: Esahack
Mohammed, chair, Almaluces Figueroa and Anique Sylvester.

5. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, June 3, 2003, Puerto Rico

5.1. Executive Secretary, Oneida R. Ortiz presented the minutes page by page for
amendments and/or corrections.

5.2. Marie-Frangoise Bernabe moved the adoption of the minutes as presented. Pedro
Padilla seconded.

5.3. Matters arising from the minutes.

5.3.1. President Shamin Renwick presented a list of matters arising as follows:

5.3.2. item 4.1.3. Database of Information Professionals
The project is on-going

5.3.3. Item 4.1.4. Strategic Plan
Past President Luisa Vigo-Cepeda will submit a draft to the Executive
Council at midyear meeting.

5.3.4. Item 4.1.5. Code of Ethics
This is the project of Past President Luisa Vigo-Cepeda assigned to
Arturo Fernmndez and Lucero Arboleda

5.3.5. Item 4.1.7 UNICA
President Shamin Renwick reported that she attended UNICA meeting,
Port of Spain, November 1, 2003. It was very useful in terms o getting
aware of the collaborative projects of UNICA.
6. Reports

6.1. Report of the President
President Shamin Renwick presented her report, which included the

6.1.1. Association of Caribbean States.
ACURIL was accepted as social Partner of ACS in December 2003.

6.1.2. Activities of the Council. The formation of an ACURIL Scholarship Program. This year
two persons were selected to receive the scholarship of $150.00 to attend
the conference. Recipients were Ms. Devika Ramsingh, from Trinidad-
Tobago and Mrs. Pura Centeno-Alay6n from Puerto Rico. A Finance Committee was established under the chairmanship of
Mr. Barry Baker. Style Manual for ACURIL publications. Awards Program A committee was set up to select the awards
2004 constituted by Stephney Ferguson, Blanca Hodge, Marie-Francoise
Bernabe and Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, chair. Guidelines were drafted by Luisa
Vigo-Cepeda. Code of Ethics A Committee, chaired by Arturo Femrnndez, is
working to develop guidelines for acceptable standards of practice.
 A Membership Committee was established. It is chaired by Barry
Baker. The History of ACURIL a poster on our ACURIL milestones
has been prepared by the Executive Secretariat. Restructuring of ACURIL

ACURIL continues to consider the length and frequency of the annual
conferences, the publishing of proceedings, composition of the Executive
Council and term of officers, and funding.

6.1.3. Activities representing ACURIL. Panelist at CAPNET annual Conference on Publishing in the
Caribbean, October 29-31, 2003, Curacao. UNICA, Port of Spain. November 1, 2003 Trinidad & Tobago. Retired Librarian's Luncheon, February

6.1.4. ACURIL Chapter

Puerto Rico has established a chapter of ACURIL in Puerto Rico. Other
countries could follow the example creating groups or chapters.

6.1.5. Mid-year meeting workshop, for 25 persons, was held November 6-7,
2003, in St. Georges, Grenada. It was presented by SOLINET.

6.1.6. ACURIL IFLA-PAC Preconference

Ms. Marie Therese Varlanoff, IFLA Core Activity for preservation and
conservation invited ACURIL to co-host a two days workshop on Mitigating the
consequences of Natural Disasters in Caribbean Libraries.

6.1.7. ACURIL XXXIV ACURILNET. ACURIL's website was redesigned as a portal
and renamed ACURILNET: http://acuril.uprrp.edu over 33 issues were circulated
and produced by Dr.Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, Publications and Public
Relations Committee.

 Students Roundtable will convene for the first time under the
leadership of two students: Pura Centeno and Marcela Cardona, of the
Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies, University of
Puerto Rico. A special sessions included the Implementation of
IFLA/UNESCO manifiesto and cataloguing meetings. Guidelines for paper and poster sessions were revised. LIBRI indicated interest in publishing the papers. Support for presenters came form OCLC, SOLINET,
PROQUEST, NASIG and PETROTRIM. Evaluation forms were redesigned for exhibitors, workshops and
the conference.

6.1.8. A past president's reunion was held at the home of Pa t President
Alma Jordan.

6.1.9. Pedro Padilla moved the adoption of the report. Elizabeti Watson

6.2. Report of the Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary, Oneida R. Ortiz, presented her report, previously distributed,
which included the following:

6.2.1. Council Meetings Saturday June 7, 2003, joint meeting. New elected members were introduced and orientp R their
duties and responsibilities as members of Council. Myra Torrps-Alamo
was appointed for one year according to Bylaws, Art. IV, $qp. 6, as
representative of Sociedad de Bibliotecarios de Puerto Rjpp.

Immediate Past President Luisa Vigo-Cepeda presented a brief report, as
Coordinator of the Local Organizing Committee, which included the
following items:

The Invitation of keynote speakers from the international, regional
& local milieu
Workshops presented during and after the Conference
The generosity of sponsors and exhibitors
The variety of socio-cultural activities
Membership Cards distributed for the first time
The large number of students participation
It was recommended to institute a Student's Round Table
The launching of the ACURILEANA; the Medal of Excellence
The newly created Awards ACURIL XXXIV Trinidad & Tobago

Elmelinda Lara, Coordinator for this Conference presented the
preliminary plans for the event. Council members offered some
suggestions, based upon past experiences.

6.1.2. Mid-Year Meeting

The meeting was held at the Coyaba Beach Hotel, Grenada, cosponsored
by the Grenada Library Association and the Grenada Public Library, November 6-
7,2003. SOLINET presented a workshop for Grenadian colleagues and
some members of Council. Nominations to fill the vacancies in Council were presented and
discussed together with the Guidelines for nominations drafted by the
Executive Secretary. ACURIL XXXIII Puerto Rico

A report of the Conference was presented by Past President & Conference
Coordinator Luisa Vigo-Cepeda. A comprehensive report was distributed
describing all aspects of the conference, including finances Highlights

* 405 persons attended the Conference

* 7 workshops were presented including a workshop presented by
the National Library for the Blind and Physically handicapped of
the United States
Poster sessions featured research work, special projects, innovative
programs and problem solution strategies.

* The ACURILNET portal and websites for SANITAS and UNICA
were launched during the Conference.

* ACURIL Awards Program & Recognitions. A special ceremony
was held on the Evening of the Centenary to honor Past President
with the newly created ACURILEANA, the Medal of Excellence,
under the leadership of Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda. The
Executive Secretary was also honored as part of the event.
ACURIL Evening of Awards distinguished information units and
professionals. The Caribbean Information Professional of the Year
Award was instituted.

* Ninety-three (93) evaluation forms were returned, of which 95%
rated the Conference from very good to excellent.

* After the Conference, a special activity was held to express
appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of
ACURIL XXXIII-Puerto Rico and to institute the ACURIL Puerto
Rico Chapter and induct its members.

 Astrid Britten of the Aruba National library, was elected
Vice-President for 2004-05, unanimously.

6.2.3. ACURIL -Puerto Rico Chapter

Following the interest of ACURIL to increase its membership, PuertoRico
initiated efforts to create an ACURIL Chapter. The Chapter was
organized under the mentorship of Past President Luisa Vigo-Cepeda.
Ileana Rosa-Sotomayor, of the University of Puerto Rico, Library System
is its first president. It has 60 members, of which 32 are students. The
Executive Secretary participated in the meetings for the organization of
the chapter.

6.2.4. Conference Proceedings

Council agreed to publish the conference proceedings for the last five
years (1999-2003).

6.2.5. ACURIL Manuals Both, the Administrative and the Conference

The Manuals have been updated by the Executive Secretary and the Chair
of the Publications and Public Relations Committee.

6.2.6. Guidelines have been drafted for the Vice-Presidency, the
Nominations Committee, for the Mid-Year Meetings, and for the
Resolutions. These documents will be part of the manuals. All documents
will be placed on ACURILNET.

6.2.7. Meeting with Caribbean Associations officers. At the invitation of Dr. Emilio Pantojas, Director of the
Social Sciences Research center of the University of Puerto Rico,
Rio Piedras Campus, the officers of five Caribbean Associations,
including Vice-President Anique Sylvestre, met during October
16-17, at the Rio Piedras Campus. The purpose was to explore the
possibility to hold a joint Conference during 2005. Past President
Luisa Vigo-Cepeda and the Executive, Oneida Ortiz, were invited
to the meeting. As a follow-up, representative of the organizations visited
Martinique during April 14-17, 2003 with the same idea.

6.2.8. Historical Archives of ACURIL Council created the position assistant historian under the
Executive Secretary to collaborate with the identification of
historical documents. Carmen M. Santos-Corrada was appointed to
assist the Executive Secretary with the historical archives. As a
first project, a poster on ACURIL Milestones will be presented at
the ACURIL Booth.

6.2.9. ACURIL Scholarship program The Executive Council decided to establish an ACURIL
Scholarship Program, under which, various scholarships could be
created. A descriptive document has been elaborated and will be
posted in ACURILNET. The Alma Theodora Jordan Scholarship will be awarded
this year to two students, of two linguistic areas (English and
Spanish), to attend the Conference. Guidelines were established
and an application form was prepared and approved. One hundred
and fifty dollars ($150.00 U S) will be the amount of the
scholarship to be granted to each person. Information was disseminated through CiberNotas-
ACURIL-Cybemotes. Scholarship awardees were the students
Miss Devika Ramsingh, of the Department of Library and
Information Studies from the University of the West Indies, in
Jamaica, and Mrs. Purisima Centeno-Alay6n of the Graduate
School of Information Sciences and Technologies, of the
University of Puerto Rico.

6.2.10. Coordinated by Bea Bazile, a group of Library Technical Students
from the Bibliotheque Departamentale de Pret de la Guadeloupe,
visited the Graduate School of Information Sciences and
Technologies of the University of Puerto Rico during the last
week of March 2004 to expose themselves to different experiences
regarding libraries and information technologies. Coordination of
the experience was in charge of ACURIL Past President and
Professor at the GSIST/UPR, Luisa Vigo-Cepeda. Information
about ACURIL and the Trinidad & Tobago as well as the
Martinique Conference was offered to the group by the Executive
Secretary, Oneida Ortiz, and Treasurer Neida Pagan who
participated in the closing session of the group.

6.2.11. Strategic Plan. Recommendations for the revision of the strategic
plan were presented by Past President Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, which includes
the restructuring of the Secretariat.

6.2.12. Prof. Evangelina Pdrez-Puigdolliers is the new Acting Director of
the Library System at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus.
The Executive Secretary Oneida R. Ortiz and Past President Luisa Vigo-
Cepeda visited the Interim Director to pay respects and to share
information about ACURIL, the Executive Secretariat and the
organization's projects of the ACURIL Publications and Public Relations
Committee with the assistance of ACURIL's webmaster, Edgar Jimenez-
Ferrer, and various other resources.

6.2.13. The Executive Secretary has participated in projects and meetings
of the Publication/Public Relations Committee such as:

CATALINDEX to share information about the International Cataloging
Code, to be discussed in IFLA August 17-18, Argentina.

The CARIBBEANA Project of the Information profession in the
Caribbean and the ACURIL Awards Program. Visit to Director of
Editorial de la U.P.R. to share information about the Caribbeana and
Awards Program, and their participation in ACURIL.

6.2.14. Future Conference Sites

The following are expected sites for ACURIL conferences:

2005 Martinique Joint Conference with Caribbean Associations, 2006 -
Aruba Rey Smith moved the adoption of the report. Astrid Britten

6.3. Report of the Treasurer

Treasurer Neida PagAn presented her report in three parts:

6.3.1. Notes to the report:

Payments: by members:

56 institutional
66 personal
5 associations

6.3.2. Balance Sheet Assets
Cash on bank

Fees $14,303.65
Interests 623.70
A.J. Scholarship 283.14
Surplus (Jamaica) 588.15
Reimbursement (PR) 5,000.00
L.O.C. Trinidad 2,670.00 Liabilities

Funds assigned:
President $ 500.00
Secretariat 1,700.00
Treasurer 600.00
Council 120.00
Publications 662.47
Honoraria 1,400.00
Travel 3,084.72

Ex. Sec. 1,399.55
Treasurer 1,686.72
Expenses 250.00
Loan to Trinidad 5,000.00
IFLA 291.00

6.3.3. Equity

C Deposit
A.J. Scholarship





6.3.4. Mariano Morales moved the adoption of the report. Wilfrid
Bertrand seconded.

6.4. Report of the Vice-president

Vice-president Anique Sylvestre presented the report which included the

6.4.1. Standing committees Constitution and Bylaws, chaired byArturo Fernindez Publications/Public Relations, chaired by Luisa Vigo-


New Awards
ACURILEANA Medal of excellence

6.4.2. Special Interests groups

Activities to be presented during this conference as follows:

Tuesday 25 Academic Libraries. Barry Baker, chair;
co-chair Cheryl Peltier-Davis. Activity: Book jacket image as
cultural resource: a digitalization project. Presenter: Nancy Cirillo,
Nancy P. John and Ellen Stalisman School Libraries. Consuelo Figueras, chair; Marie
Abraham, co-chair. Activity: Electronic Resources to facilitate the
research process at the school libraries. National/Public Libraries. Astrid Britten, chair; Bea
Bazile, co-chair.

Wednesday 26 Information Technology. Ahmed Ali, chair; Rey Eloise
Smith, co-chair. Research in the Information Field. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda,
chair; Lillibeth Ackabarali, co-chair

Research in progress by:
Debika Ramsingh, Department of Library and Information Studies,
University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Marcela Cardona-Herrera, Graduate School of Information
Sciences and Technologies, University of Puerto Rico

Carmen Santos-Corrada, University of Puerto Rico, Medical
Sciences Campus

Milagros Valderrama, Thomson/Gale Students Round Table. Pura Centeno-Alay6n, chair;
Marcela Cardona-Herrera, co-chair
Presenter: Ardi Hanson

6.4.3. Nominations

The nomination committee, composed by Anique Sylvestre,
Claudette de Freitas and Myra Torres reported: There will be 7 vacancies in Council: Institutions 4
institutional, 2 associations, 1 personal members because:

-Fay Durrant ends her 3 years term
-Marcia Medina ends her 3 year term
-Maritza Grajales resigned after one year
-Alice Britten was elected vice-president/president elect,
and has one year to go.

-Associations, 2 vacancies because

-Myra Torres ends a one year term; and
there is a vacant, in Council not filled last year.

-Personal members

-Domingo Casado ends a one year term.
 The Committee proposed the following slate of candidates

-Institutional (2 for 3 years, 1 for 2 years, I for one year)

-Bea Bazile Bibliotheque Departamentale de Pret
-Snejanka Penkova Universidad CentralRepfiblica
-Cynthia Richards University of the Virgin Islands
Pedro Padilla- Law Library University of Puerto Rico

-Associations (2 for two years)
-Marie Laure Abinne Documental Lecture et
-Maria de los Angeles Zavala Beta Beta Kappa, Puerto
Rico Chapter of Beta Phi Mu

Personal members (1 year)

-Domingo Casado (for re-election) Additional nominees can be presented from the floor. Sam Boldrick moved the adoption of the report; Barry
Baker seconded.

7. Executive Secretary, Oneida Ortiz reminded that floor nominations will be accepted
until Wednesday, May, 2004, noon.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Oneida R. Ortiz
Executive Secretary

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