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Title: Adult offerings under minimum foundation program support
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Title: Adult offerings under minimum foundation program support
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Creator: Florida. Division of Vocational and Adult Education.
Publisher: Division of Vocational and Adult Education,
Place of Publication: Tallahassee,
Publication Date: 1966-1967
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.9 I

37Oo^ 76'7
r 1oH 6-s
C-. 2oH-i


State Superintendent


BULLETIN...70 H-15

JULY 1,1966

under minimum

foundation program








Bulletin 70H-15 July 1, 1966




Hon. Haydon Burns, Governor, President of Board

Hon. Tom Adams, Secretary of State

Hon. Earl Faircloth, Attorney General

Hon. Broward Williams, State Treasurer

Hon. Floyd T. Christian, State Superintendent of Public Instruction;
EKecutive Officer and Secretary, State Board of Education

3250ooq 75"?
F 6 3 (-.L
-) o H /3 '



Foreword . . . . . . . . .

Table of Contents . . . . . .

General Adult Education . . . . .

Vocational Agriculture Education . . .

Vocational Business Education . . .

Vocational Distributive Education . .

Vocational Home Economics Education . .

Vocational Industrial Education . . .

Technical and Health Occupation Education

Index of Course Titles . . . . .

o 1

. . 13

. . 17

. . 20

S. . 28

. . 37

S . 48

. . .

. . .

Floyd T. Christian, Superintendent

Division of Vocational, Technical, and Adult Education
Carl W. Proehl, Director

J. H. Fling, Assistant Director
General Adult Education

C. M. Lawrence, Assistant Director
Agriculture Education

J. R. Barkley, Assistant Supervisor
Business Education

R. C. Toothman, Assistant Director
Distributive, Cooperative, and
Business Education

Frances Champion, Assistant Director
Home Economics Education

E. A. Emmelhainz, Assistant Director
Industrial Education

T. W. Strickland, Assistant Director
Technical and Health
Occupation Education

Educational Materials
R. W. Scull, Assistant



Fundamental and Literacy Education

099 A Elementary Education

Elementary education is offered for adults who possess the basic skills
of reading and writing, and who wish to continue their study toward the
secondary school. Elementary studies include reading, handwriting,
arithmetic, spelling, social studies, general (elementary) science,
health, and the language arts.

904 A General Education

Instruction in general education subjects, including elementary and
secondary levels. This offering is designed to accommodate the needs of
a class which consists in part of individuals who are on the high school

097 A Literacy Education

Instruction in the basic skills of reading and writing for the adult


114 A English
114 C
Courses in English are offered on various levels to accommodate the needs
of adult students. When offered for high school credit, they are com-
parable in content to those offered in the regular secondary school at
corresponding levels.

117 A English for Foreign Born

Courses in basic English are offered for non-English speaking adults.
Emphasis is placed on speaking, reading and writing English based on
everyday living experiences and needs.

Foreign Languages

Separate courses are offered in foreign languages to meet the needs of
adult groups. When offered for high school credit, they should be com-
parable in content to those offered in the regular secondary school. When
offered for conversational purposes, emphasis is placed on speaking and
oral comprehension.

A General, C Credit

*Outline must accompany the Adult Education Form C on which the course is
listed unless it has been previously submitted and approved.

503;A Spanish 528 A Greek 543 A Russian
503 C 528 C 543 C

513 A Latin 529 A Italian 548 A Chinese
513 C 529 C 548 C

517 A Hebrew 530 A Portuguese
517 C 530 C

523 A French 533 A German
523 C 533 C

148 A Literature
148 C
Separate courses in literature may be offered, including American Literature,
English Literature, Modern or World Literature. The Great Books may consti-
tute one or more courses in literature for adults. When a course is offered
for high school credit, it is comparable in content to the corresponding
course offered in the regular secondary school.

173 A Speech
173 C
This course provides the fundamentals of effective speaking, practice in
organization of materials and delivery, development of voice, vocabulary,
diction and poise, and elements of parliamentary procedure.


215 A Algebra I
215 C
A study of the fundamentals of algebra covering such topics as formulas,
positive and negative numbers, graphs, simple equations,,linear equations,
factoring, fractional equations, basic work on powers and roots of numbers,
and simple quadratic equations.

216 A Algebra II
216 C
An advanced course covering such topics as products and factors, propor-
tions and variations, exponents, roots and radicals, solution of equations,
logarithms, ratios, progression and variation, and numerical trigonometry.

295 A Analytical Geometry
295 C
Coordinate geometry in two or three dimensions, circles, parabolas, ellipses,
hyperbolas--transformations and tangents, planes and quadric surfaces, polar
coordinates, and transcendental curves.

214 A Applied General Mathematics

This course is designed to satisfy the needs of individuals or groups of
individuals whose interests or responsibilities require specialized
mathematical skills and understandings.

297 A Calculus
297 C
This course includes a study of functions, variables, limits, rates of
change, minima and maxima differentiations, series, expansion and integrals.
Practical application of these mathematical processes to modern everyday
problems is emphasized.

283 A Everyday Business Mathematics

A non-vocational course designed to assist adult students in developing
mathematical abilities along the lines needed for the solution of day to
day problems involving their personal business affairs. It involves
primarily a study of the fundamental operations in arithmetic as they apply
to common business problems of budgeting, banking, computation of interest,
income tax preparation, installment buying, insurance wages, and related
business activities of the lay citizen.

213 A General Mathematics
213 C
This course is designed to meet everyday mathematical needs of adults. It
includes a study of the fundamental principles of arithmetic and beginning
algebra, with emphasis upon fractions, decimals, formulas, graphs, equations,
maps, charts, measurements, and consumer buying problems. Practical appli-
cations are performed according to need.

243 A Modern Mathematics for Parents

This course is designed primarily for parents who wish to have an orien-
tation to and an understanding of the basic concepts and terminology of
the new mathematics program being taught in the elementary and junior high
schools in Florida.

218 A Plane Geometry
218 C
This course presents the basic concepts of geometry, including a study of
geometric problem solving, postulates, axioms and theorems, circles, areas
of plane figures, kinds of angles, parallel lines, polygons and quadri-

263 A Solid Geometry
263 C
This is a study of three dimensional geometry with emphasis upon points,
lines, planes in space, polyhedrons, cylinders, cones, spheres, and prisms.

219 A Trigonometry
219 C
This course includes a study of trigonometric functions and identities,
functions of angles, formulas, meaning and use of logarithms, and trigo-
nometric and logarithmic tables.

Natural Sciences

342 A Astronomy for the Layman

A course for individuals interested in the study of celestial bodies,
constellations, stars, planets, the moon, satellites, comets, meteors, the
eclipse, measurement of time, and the various theories of the origin of the
solar system. Discussion of astronomical instruments may also be included.

314 A Biology
314 C
A study of living things, plant and animal, from the most simple to the most
complex. In addition to the study of structures, reproduction, character-
istics and classification of living-things, it includes such topics as con-
servation of natural resources, economic botany, and sanitation.

316 A Chemistry
316 C
This course involves the study of the laws of chemistry, structure and
classification of matter, formulas and equations, and the periodic table.
Topics involving chemistry in the home, in industry, and in nature may be
included to broaden the student's understanding of the subject.

344 A General ScienCe
344 C
An introductory survey course designed to acquaint the student with both
the physical and biological sciences. Special emphasis is given to scien-
tific facts, theories, and the use of the scientific-method in problem

363 A Human Anatomy; and Physiology
363 C
This course provides a study of the structure and function of organs and
systems of the human body. While it is not absolutely necessary, the student
taking this course should have successfully completed a course in biology.

343 A Meteorology for the Layman

This course is designed to provide the individual with a basic knowledge of
the atmosphere, its motions, hbw it is heated and cooled, the cycle of
moisture and the processes of the water substance, its chemistry, acoustics,
optics and electricity. Procedures for observing weather, collecting and
disseminating the observation, analyzing and interpreting data, and fore-
casting future weather are included.

348 A Modern Science*

Short courses of a non-credit nature dealing with specific aspects of natural
sciences, designed to help adults understand and stay abreast of the scien-
tific advancements in our modern world.

345 A Physical Science
345 C
A course normally given for high school credit, designed to acquaint the
individual with various aspects of the physical sciences. It includes
elements of physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, meteorology, and other
selected physical science topics.

318 A Physics
318 C
A study of physical laws and the basic principles of heat, electricity, light
and sound. Some basic information on atomic energy, radiation, and electron-
ics may be included.

374 A Space Biology for the Layman

This course is designed to acquaint the individual with the biological
problems and principles associated with man's survival in outer space. It
deals with the effects of high speed, acceleration, weightlessness, radiation,
decompression, and other phenomena to which the human body is subjected in
reaching and attaining orbital flight in outer space.

Social Sciences

446 A American Constitution and Government
446 C
This course includes a study of such topics as the Constitution, legislative,
executive and judicial branches and functions of national, state, and local
government, finance and taxation, national defense, health, education and
welfare, elections, and citizenship.

419 A Americanism vs Communism

This course is the same as that required by law to be taught in all of the
public high schools of this state. It is a critical-analytical study of
the nature, purpose, methods, objectives, and dangers of communism to our
free society. The subject matter of the course has its focus on the ideology
of the communist part, the structure and functions of the Soviet system, and
the rule of the current regime. Although the communists control several
countries, including Communist China, Cuba, and a number of satellite countries,
the Soviet Union is studied as the center and model of them all.

416 A American History
416 C
This course covers the important political, social and economic events in
the development of the United States from Colonial times to the present.

413 A Civics
413 C
This course deals with the structure and function of government at the
local, state, and national levels. A unit of study may also be included
to provide a survey and analysis of current vocational opportunities.
When offered for high school credit, the course should be comparable in
content to one offered in the regular secondary school.

470 A Citizenship (Civic) Education

Short courses are offered in this area dealing with the responsibilities
of citizenship in a democratic society. Examination and study of the
current scene and the implications for citizen participation and relation-
ship to his government local, state, and national.

471 A Citizenship Education for Foreign Born

This course is designed to acquaint prospective citizens with United States
history, the Constitution and its historic background, the organization of
local, state, and federal governments; to promote understanding and ap-
preciation for ideals, privileges and responsibilities of democratic citizen-
ship; and to prepare individuals for the examination administered by im-
migration and naturalization authorities.

463 A Consumer Education*
463 C
Courses are offered under this title which are designed to assist adult
students to become more discerning and discriminating in their various roles
as consumers of goods, services and information. Emphasis is placed upon
the development of basic knowledge, values, and skills which will help
adults become wiser consumers and users of physical goods and services, as
well as of music, art, literature, public information, and trust.

474 A Current Affairs Education*

Short courses may be offered under this title which are designed to assist
adult citizens to better understand the current problems and Aisues in the
social, economic, and political fields. Examination and study are made of
current developments and issues for implications on the society as a whole,
and on the citizen's role and responsibility in connection with them. The
nature and variety of subjects treated under this title are such that in-
structional techniques such as forums, discussion groups, panels, and other
types of organized instruction are usually employed.

473 A Economics
473 C
This course provides the opportunity to study the economic problems of a
modern democratic society. Typical subjects, or separate short courses
may include consumer relations and problems, laws of supply and demand,
money and banking, production and labor problems, modern business, trade
and transportation, and governmental functions.

456 A Florida Government
456 C
The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the framework
and function of local and state government. In addition to a general
overview course in local and state governmental operation, short courses may
be developed which treat specific aspects or facets of government in Florida,
such as Taxation, the Minimum Foundation Program, Legislative Reapportionment,
or the Florida Constitution.

497 A Florida History
497 C
This course provides the adult student the opportunity to study the social,
political, and economic development of the State of Florida from territorial
days to the present.

445 A Geography
445 C
A general course in geography which includes a study of the physical,
economic, political and cultural aspects of important geographic areas and.
peoples, and their influence on world conditions and problems. Short courses
may also be offered dealing with specific areas and people.

412 A History
412 C
Separate courses in history are offered to meet the needs of adult students
desiring instruction in special areas significant in the development of our

457 A Political Science
457 C
A study of the basic principles and functions of Federal, state, and local
government; political parties, pressure groups, legislative, executive, and
judicial departments; international relations, and foreign policies.

418 A Problems of Democracy
418 C
This course is designed to permit active classroom consideration of problems
of living in the American democracy, based on historical and current political
issues and problems. It includes also a review and analysis of America's role
in world affairs.

499 A Introduction to Philosophy
499 C
An introductory course in philosophy involving a brief study of the.nature

of philosophy, its historical significance in man's progress through the ages;
ethics, logic, theory of knowledge, and metaphysics; philosophy of art, science,
religion; the great philosophers; contemporary philosophies; appreciation of
philosophy in everyday life.

427 A Psychology
427 C
This is a basic study of human behavior. Consideration is given to the family
and its place in society, psychology in human relations, coping with the
problems of a changing social and cultural environment, understanding the
interests, aptitudes and desires of individuals in matters of personal and
group adjustment.

425 A Sociology
425 C
This course includes the study of cultural influences on our society, the
forms, institutions and functions of human groups, and the various types of
individual and group relationships.

414 A World History
414 C
This is a study of man's social, economic and political progress from
earliest civilization to the present, and how world development has been
influenced by persons ideas and events through the years.

Other General Education Offerings


Courses are offered in art to meet the needs of adults in the following

677 A Art Appreciation A study of the art of significant periods, its contri-
bution to civilization, aesthetic and human values.

673 A Fundamentals of Art A study of the fundamentals of drawing and painting,
673 C concepts of drawing principles and composition, and a study of techniques.

675 A Oil Painting Techniques of oil painting, color theory, and creativeness.

676 A Water Colors Techniques of water color painting, design, perspective,
and creativeness.

706 A Beginning Shorthand
706 C
An introductory course in principles and skills of shorthand, designed for
adult students who are pursuing a high school completion program, and who
wish to take beginning shorthand as an elective high school credit course.
Standards of performance in transcription are comparable to those for
regular high school courses in beginning shorthand.

708 A Bookkeeping, Non-Vocational
708 C
An introductory course which is designed to contribute to the general edu-
cation of the student through the application of basic principles, concepts
and knowledge required for practical bookkeeping in everyday living, with
particular emphasis on principles of personal and family financing.

900 A Community Emergency Preparedness

Short courses of instruction designed to prepare individuals for rendering
essential community services on a voluntary basis in time of serious
emergency or disaster.

167 A Creative Writing*

A study and evaluation of the special techniques in writing. Emphasis in
this course is placed upon teaching the principles of composition and
reporting to accommodate needs of individuals and organizations whose duties
involve the preparation and presentation of material and information of
public interest.

901 A Education for Aging

Short courses are offered under this title which are designed to provide
middle-aged and older adults with information that will help them cope
with the problems of aging. Short courses in pre-retirement planning, the
psychological aspects of aging, the role of the aged in the modern world,
and courses dealing with health, housing, financial planning, and worthy
use of leisure time may be offered. Implications of current social, scien-
tific, economic, and political developments on the older citizen are studied.

902 A Education for Parenthood*

This course is offered for parents, prospective parents, and those who have
adopted children. Participants will be encouraged to present specific
problems for discussion by the group in an atmosphere of understanding and
sharing. Emphasis is on group participation in discussing problems of
particular interest to the group, particularly those having to do with home
and community factors which influence child welfare and development, parent-
child relationships and responsibilities.

713 A General Business
713 C
A non-vocational course intended to provide the adult student with a basic
understanding of general business practice as they relate and have application
to the everyday business affairs of the lay citizen.

General Education (See course description under 904 A)

393 A Health Education*
393 C
Short courses for adults may be offered under this title which are designed
to provide information to enable individuals to protect and maintain their
health. Specific courses may deal with such subjects as anatomy and
physiology, personal hygiene, first aid, home care of the sick, community
health problems, or with symptoms, prevention, and home treatment of major
diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, heart trouble, etc. Offerings under
this category often involve personnel from the medical and nursing pro-
fessions as teachers, consultants, and resource people.

906 A High School Review

This course is an intensive review of the four major academic areas -
English, mathematics, social studies and science, on the secondary school

Industrial Arts

Courses in industrial arts for adults paralleling the content normally
offered for secondary school credit.

813 A General Mechanical Drafting I An introduction to the broad field of
813 C drafting as used in everyday .living, architecture, engineering, construction,
for general technical use. The laboratory work provides opportunities for
students to learn to make and use drawings. It includes the uses of drawings
in industries and occupations such as sheet metal, machine shop, plumbing,
electricity and electronics.

814 A Drafting II A second course in drafting in which students specialize in
814 C one of the major areas of drafting such as mechanical, architectural, or
engineering work. This course presents advanced study of the theory of
shape and size description and the geometry of drawing, and provides ex-
tensive opportunities for practicing the development and reproduction of
working drawings.

803 A General Shop I This course provides experiences in the use of basic hand
803 C and power tools in working with wood, metal, electricity, and power mechanics.
The work involves planning, designing and constructing functional articles of
use and value to the student, the school or community.

804 A General Shop II A second course in general shop involving advanced and
804 C specialized work in one or two material areas. The work requires more related
information and more mechanical and technical applications in planning, design
and construction of projects.

459 A Law for the Layman

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the layman with the various phases
of law thataffect his everyday life regardless of occupation or profession.
Included are topics such as contracts, sales, business law, personal property
transaction, real property, domestic relations, the courts and law, negotiable
instruments, agents, and wills.

903 A Leadership Training*

Short courses offered under this title are designed to develop skills in
group or community leadership. Included are the techniques of group work
and group dynamics, effective speaking, and how to conduct meetings.

193 A Library Science

This course is designed to teach adults how to use a library effectively so
as to minimize time and effort required in locating and using the resources
of the library, and to encourage and facilitate broader use of appropriate
materials in research and study.


Courses are offered in music to meet the needs of adults in music appreci-
ation and in choral and instrumental music.

634 A Music Appreciation

613 A Instrumental
613 C

616 A Chorus
616 C

735 A Notetaking

This course provides opportunities for learning to write with speed in as
short a period of time as possible. It aims primarily to meet the needs
of individuals having notetaking responsibilities, including reporting and
record keeping, in community organizations, and in other personal use

143 A Reading

Reading courses are offered on different levels to satisfy adult reading
needs. Developmental courses are offered which emphasize basic reading
skills and comprehension. Advanced courses are designed to increase
reading speed and further improve reading skills and comprehension.

577 A Safety Education *

Short courses in safety education, designed to cover the principles of
individual, home and public safety.

703 A
703 C

Typewriting, Non-vocational

A non-vocational course in typewriting for personal use. It is designed
to assist students in acquiring mastery of the keyboard and in developing
the ability to write personal and business letters accurately and in good
form. Standards of performance comparable to regular high school credit
courses in beginning typewriting are required for those taking the course
for credit toward a high school diploma.

A General, C Credit

*Outline must accompany the Adult Education Form C on which the course
is listed unless it has been previously submitted and approved.


Presented herewith is a listing of adult offerings in general
and vocational education together with course descriptions
which are approved for financial support under the Minimum
Foundation Program and from Federal vocational education funds
as authorized by the State Plan for Vocational Education. The
present listing is approved for the period beginning July 1,
1966 and ending June 30, 1967. Included are those courses for
which special instructional units are available. The listings
should not be construed as discouraging local educational
centers from offering other courses which may be financed from
local funds or by charging tuition.

This bulletin reflects the thinking of many persons throughout
Florida, including county school superintendents of public in-
struction, local administrative and supervisory officials,
public school instructional personnel and lay advisory committee

Courses for which the respective services have been assigned
responsibility are listed under the appropriate service heading,
i.e., General Adult Education, Vocational Agriculture Education,
Vocational Business Education, Vocational Distributive Educa-
tion, Vocational Home Economics Education, Vocational Industrial
Education, and Technical and Health Occupation Education.
Course titles are arranged alphabetically in the index begin-
ning on page 59 for easy reference. These offerings will be
reassessed annually to determine their suitability for use
during the following year.

Suggestions and reactions which will aid in the improvement of
adult offerings are invited. Please address all communications
to the Division of Vocational, Technical, and Adult Education,
State Department of Education, Tallahassee, Florida. Meanwhile,
it is anticipated that this bulletin will assist in the develop-
ment of a more effective administrative and supervisory frame-
work within which approved courses may be made available.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction



750 V Cooperatives, Buying and Selling *

This course deals with the organization and operation of a cooperative,
and explains the benefits derived by individual members from cooper-
ative buying and selling.

751 V Farm Management

This course is based on the operation of the farm as a unit. Instruction
and supervision is provided for managerial jobs on the farm such as plan-
ning the farm; financing; renting and leasing; evaluation of property;
keeping records and analyzing records.

752 V Problems in Field Crops Production and Marketing

This course deals with selected problems in production and marketing of
field crops common to the locale where the course is taught. Typical
jobs covered in the instructional content include selecting varieties;
securing and treating seed; preparing soil; planting and cultivation.
Selection of subject area is based on the needs of each class.

753 V Agricultural Mechanization. Including Shop and Machinery

This course provides instruction and supervision in the construction,
care and repair of buildings and equipment, including the home; also
purchase, operation, care and repair of machinery and equipment; and
rural electrification.

754 V Problems in Poultry Production and Marketing

Selected poultry problems are analyzed. Information is secured, evalu-
ated, and solutions determined. Any problem of production and marketing
may be considered, including housing and equipment; selection, breeding,
hatching, brooding; feeding; disease and pest control; marketing;
financing and accounting.

755 V Problems in Dairy Production and Marketing

This course covers production and management problems in dairying.
Typical problems for study include selecting dairy cattle; raising young
stock; feeding and housing; managing a herd; sanitation; handling dairy
products in the home; processing and marketing.

756 V Problems in Livestock Production and Marketing

This course is designed to assist in finding solutions to problems in
the production and marketing of livestock such as hogs, beef cattle,
and dairy cattle. Instructions cover selecting livestock; housing,
feeding, breeding, and maintaining health; preparing and processing
livestock products for home use, may also be included.

757 V Production and Marketing of Ornamental Plants

This course is planned to aid producers in increasing their knowledge
in production and marketing of ornamental plants, including the basic
skills and problems in propagating, growing and marketing. Also
insect and disease control.

758 V Farm and Home Improvements, Including Landscaping

Knowledge and skills required for the improvement of the home and
homestead are stressed. The course may include practices in planning,
maintenance, alteration and repair of buildings; construction of small
buildings, additions, and household conveniences. Propagation, culture,
and appropriate use of plant materials in landscaping may also be

759 V Problems in Truck Crop Production and Marketing

This course covers the problems and basic skills involved in producing
and marketing vegetables, including varieties, planting, cultivating;
control of insects and diseases; fertilization; water control; grading,
packing, and marketing.

760 V Problems in Production and Marketing of Fruits, Berries, and Nuts

This course is a study of varieties, advantages, disadvantages, and
adaptation of each variety; soils, land testing; P. H. control, ferti-
lization; recognition and control of diseases and insects; cultivating
practices; air drainage; cover crops; harvesting, grading, processing,
packing, and marketing.

761 V Live-at-Home Programs

This course is designed for those interested in producing food for
family consumption as much as possible. The course may include in-
structions to help solve problems concerning the home milk cow, the
home poultry flock, the home garden, the home fruit orchard; and the
canning and freezing of surplus products.

762 V Farm Record Keeping

Instruction in keeping farm records. Emphasis is placed on practical
and useable record keeping. Since record keeping is closely tied with
the farm management it may be included in a farm management course.
The course also may include instruction in filing income tax returns
and social security benefits. The general principles of record keep-
ing are followed.

763 V Production and Marketing of Ferns. Bulbs, and Flowers

Selected problems in production and marketing of ferns, bulbs, flowers,
and other similar ornamental plant materials are discussed. Typical
problems include selection of plant stock; structures needed; equipment;
propagation methods; general and special cultural requirements; fertili-
zation; disease and pest control; marketing; financing and accounting.

764 V Forestry

This course deals with problems in establishing and/or maintaining a
forest or woodlot, Suggested practices will be determined for specific
phases of forestry work, including practices in the establishment,
maintenance, and protection of desirable trees; production and marketing
of forestry products. Instruction also includes practices for which
Agricultural Conservation Program payments are available.

765 V Soil and Water Management

This course deals with soil and water management such as types of erosion;
use of vegetative cover; crop rotation; control of surface run-off from
water sheds; stripping; contouring; terracing, etc.; the study of land
capability classes; drainage and irrigation.

766 V Wildlife and Game Management

This course is concerned with problems in establishment, maintenance,
management, and use of wildlife areas; the propagation, distribution,
and protection of birds, game, and fish. The course may deal with
specific kinds of wildlife, or with the general improvement of wildlife
areas to furnish more recreation, sport, and food; also may include
information regarding conservation programs of organizations and agencies
such as the Florida Wildlife Federation.

767 V Off-Farm Agriculture Occupations *

A course designed to provide occupational training for each non-.-:
agricultural production occupations. A separate course is set up for
each occupation where training is needed for a period necessary for up-
grading and providing the enrollees with salable skills.

* The course titles in Vocational Agriculture Education, 750 V and 767 V,
are to be used for programs designed for:

1. High school graduates, out-of-school youth and adults who need
occupational training to prepare them for the labor market.

2. Adults who need additional training or re-training to achieve
job stability.

3. People with academic, socio-economic, or other handicaps which
will prevent them from succeeding in a regular program of
Vocational Agriculture Education.



128 V Business English

A course designed to promote effective oral and written expression for
business use. Special emphasis is given to applying rules of grammar and
to developing vocabulary through supervised business activities involving
speaking and writing.

283 V Business Mathematics

This is a basic course in business education. The course explains
arithmetical concepts required for effective bookkeeping and merchandising
and provides extensive practice in solving business problems through the
application of mathematical principles.

704 V Vocational Typewriting

This course is designed to develop sufficient skills, techniques, and
knowledge in the use of the typewriter for the student to work in a business
office in a clerical or stenographic position.

707 V Shorthand and Transcription

The objective of this course is to integrate shorthand, English, and
typewriting skills and to develop in the student the ability to produce
acceptable transcripts at a rate of speed necessary for vocational compe-

708 V Vocational Bookkeepingr

A course designed to prepare the student for employment as a bookkeeper or
clerk. Instructional content centers about the principles and techniques
involved in bookkeeping for a business office.

715 V Business Law

This course is a study of our legal system and principles of law as they
apply to business situations. The purpose of this course is to prepare
the office worker to meet and cope with simple legal problems which he-
might confront in an office occupation.

716 V Office Practice

Office practice is primarily a laboratory course. It is designed to aid
the student in mastering office skills such as filing, duplicating, oper-
ating a switchboard and office machines, recordkeeping, and developing
efficiency on the job. Emphasis is also placed on refining personal quali-
ties and traits essential for success in a business office.

717 V Advanced Secretarial Practice

This course is designed primarily for those who are interested in preparing
to take the examination offered by the National Secretaries' Association
for the designation of "Certified Professional Secretary." However, the
course is open to all secretaries who are interested in improving their job

718 V Office Machines

A survey course including practice in the use of machines commonly found
in business offices. The types of machines used in a particular class are
selected in terms of the needs of the group for whom instruction is provided.
Short courses of instruction to achieve proficiency on a specific type of
office machine may be offered.

723 V Basic Accounting

The basic accounting courses are designed to acquaint the student with the
complete bookkeeping cycle, including journalizing, posting, preparing
financial statements, and adjusting and closing the books. Accounting pro-
cedures for proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations are studied
and emphasis is given to inventory methods, control accounts, special
journals, the voucher system, notes and drafts, depreciation, and payroll

724 V Advanced Accounting

Advanced accounting courses serve to review the basic theory and give
emphasis to accounting procedures for merchandising and manufacturing con-
cerns and the principles of cost accounting. Profit and loss analysis,
comparative statements, ratios, adjustments, and various cost accounting
systems should be included. Particular attention should be given to income
tax and social security tax laws, returns, and accounting procedures.

725 V Legal Secretarial Practice

This course is designed to prepare stenographers for employment in law
offices. Through the use of legal forms and instruments, students become
familiar with legal terminology needed by the legal secretary.

726 V Medical Secretarial Practice

This course provides specialized training for students who are interested
in working in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital. The course content
includes a broad medical vocabulary, practice in writing medical case
histories, and assistance in developing the type of personality necessary
for dealing with ill and infirm people.

733 V iling
A course in filing which includes instruction in the methods and systems of
filing used in business offices, familiarization with modern filing equip-
ment, and time-and-motion saving skills which should be developed by the
office worker. Filing practice sets are used in this course to develop
filing skills.

735 V Shorthand Recording Machines

This course is designed specifically to train stenotype operators and
operators of other machines in localities where these types of training
are in demand and equipment is available for instructional use.

739 V Supervisory Training for Business

This course includes a study of the basic principles of supervision and
how to apply these principles in a business office. It covers the job
of supervision, the establishment of good relationships, evaluation of
job performance, employee training and job advancement.




510 V Business Management

This course is designed for administrative management personnel concerned
with the organization and operation of a business. Typical topics con-
sidered include selecting a business location, sales promotion, long and
short-term financing, recordkeeping, managerial aids, and efficient use of
personnel and merchandise.

511 V Establishing and Operating a New Business

This course is designed for new and/or prospective managers and/or owners
of small businesses. Included in the course are units covering location
determination, financing a new business, legal risks, personnel management,
market research, and taxation.

512 V Applied Marketing Economics

A study of the applications of economic principles to specific marketing
problems encountered by managers of distributive businesses. This short
course deals with the national income and its distribution; demand, supply
and prices; competition, spending and taxes; international trade and com-
mercial policy; debt management; and money and banking.

513 V Service Station Management

This course is designed for training service station managers and owners.
It covers the basic principles involved in this type of occupation. Items
such as customer relations, accounting, servicing, and product control are

514 V Hotel-Motel Management

This course is designed to cover all phases of hotel and/or motel operation.
It includes supervision of employees, room sales, dining room service, bell-
man duties, and training techniques. All phases of promoting the sales of
services offered by the institution are considered, together with accounting

515 V Food Service Management

This course is designedfor those persons serving in a managerial or super-
visory capacity in the food service industry. It includes such phases as,
but is not limited to, food purchasing, food costs accounting, food control,
food checking, and food sales and services.

516 V Insurance Sales and Agency Management

The objective of this course is to prepare individuals for insurance agency
management and insurance sales management.. A bkief discussion of insurance
history including growth of the industry and methods of operation is covered.
The essentials of direct selling, group demonstrations, and the techniques
of preparing sales talks are included.

517 V Warehouse Management

This course is designed for retail and wholesale personnel involved in the
merchandising and distribution of salable goods from the factory to the
sales counter. Transportation from sources, warehousing procedures, inven-
tory control systems, warehouse to store distribution, insurance and pro-
tection from theft and damage, handling costs, material handling equipment,
and warehouse labor problems are covered in this course.


530 V Credit Management

This course is designed for executive or supervisory level personnel. It
concerns itself with a statement and discussion of factors influencing and
determining loan policies. Methods of credit investigations and analysis,
credit techniques, collection methods, specific credit problems, and
regular as well as unusual types of loans are outlined and discussed.

531 V Marketing Executive Development

This course is designed primarily for executive supervisory personnel
specializing in merchandising and buying, The more involved functions of
marketing, inventory control systems, buying functions, and sales promotion
are studied at the supervisory level. Management problems are discussed
and typical operation sheets developed for various departments.

533 V Sales Analysis and Financing

This course is designed to give adequate and practical help to the manager
and/or supervisor who wants to do a better job of advising his customers
about finances. It provides a thorough discussion of all aspects of finance
with which the family comes in contact.

534 V Merchandising and Buying

This course deals principally with training for personnel specializing in
merchandising and buying. The functions of the merchandising department,
inventory control system, stock turnover, the buying functions, and sales
promotion are covered.

535 V Supervisory Training for Distributive Workers

This course includes a study of the basic principles of supervision and how
to apply these principles in practice. It covers the job of supervision,
the establishment of good human relations, evaluation of job performance,
employee training, job advancement, and development of other supervisory

Sales Training

550 V Principles of Retailing

This course of study shows the organization and operation of a retail
merchandising business. Included is basic coverage of sales, service,
sales promotion and advertising, credit and accounting, and administration
departments. Also basic coverage is given to such topies as channels of
distribution, store financing, personnel problems, and operating statements.

551 V Techniques of Selling

This is a basic selling course which covers the sequences that go into
making a sale. Course content includes selling in various fields such as
retailing, direct and wholesaling areas, and an analysis of the buyer-
focused theory of selling. The use of visual aids augments classroom ac-
tivities, and the student has an opportunity to practice selling in the

552 V 'Applied Sales Psychology

This is a short course that::dealb with the application of psychological.
principles to selling problems which include buyer motivation, the factors
of attention and interest in the sales process, and the attributes of a
successful salesperson.

553 V Sales Promotion

This course, designed for all types of sales personnel, covers basic methods
and techniques used in sales promotion program development. Research,
advertising, merchandising display, direct mail advertising, development of
effective sales talks, and demonstrations are covered.

554 V Cashiering for Salespeople

This course is designed for salespersons covering machine use, essentials
of business mathematics, sales and luxury taxes, and handling of sales

Specialized Sales Training

560 V Automobile Sales

This course is designed to prepare individuals for employment as automobile
salesmen. The course includes sales techniques, prospecting, qualifying,
insurance coverage, auto financing, closing sales, and owner follow-up.

561 V Floral Design and Sales

This course is designed for personnel employed as retail florists. A study
of basic designs and specific sales techniques are covered.

563 V Route Selling

This course includes discussions on how to secure good public relations
for your firm, knowing your product and your job, traffic safety, and pro-
moting additional business.

564 V Securities Sales Training

This course is designed for bankers, investment businesses, investment
salesmen, and others interested in learning the operations and methods
involved in merchandising stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and listed and
unlisted securities. Analyses are made of a number of different types
of investments.

565 V Interior Decorating for Retail Sales

This course is designed for persons employed in selling furniture, draperies
and fabrics, household accessories, carpeting, paint, and other lines re-
quiring a knowledge of interior decoration. Emphasis is placed on present-
ing information regarding design and color to assist in making more ef-
fective sales.


570 V Banking Fundamentals

This course offers a study of the principles and functions of commercial
banking in the United States and stresses the fundamentals of banking. It
explains the operating principles of both small and large banks and gives
complete coverage to all ordinary banking procedures.

571 V Negotiable Instruments

This course is built around the provisions of the uniform negotiable
instruments law with emphasis upon bills of lading, stock certificates,
bonds, certificates of deposit, trade acceptance, warehouse receipts,
and other similar banking instruments.

572 V Savings and Loan Principles

This course stresses the basic principles of savings and loan organizations
and explains the procedures involved in their operation.


580 V Principles and Practices of Insurance

This course is designed to teach the basic information and skills needed to
obtain and retain employment in the insurance business. Basic sales pro-
cedures, such as contacting prospects, sales interviews, analysis of in-
surance policies and programs, are covered.

581 V Insurance Sales Training

This course is designed especially for training in the sale of insurance.
It includes a study of minimizing and meeting risks, disposition wants,
estate questionnaires, securing action, estate creation and conservation,
the sales process, and fitting the product to the market.

582 V Insurance Rating

This course deals with the rating problems encountered in a general in-
surance agency; fire, automobile, casualty, fidelity, and surety. Practice
with up-to-date manuals and policies enables the learner to obtain knowledge
of the major factors involved in fidelity and surety and insurance rating.

Real Estate

590 V Real Estate License

This course includes a study and review of the Florida real estate license
law. It covers the field of real estate with particular emphasis placed on
real estate law and ethics used by successful brokers and salesmen.

591 V Real Estate Law -- Instruments and Documents

This course covers legal practices and procedures in real estate and in-
cludes a study of the legal documents used in real estate transactions.
It offers actual practice in the preparation of various legal forms.

592 V Real Estate Sales Promotion

This course covers all phases of the various ethical techniques used in
selling real estate. Fundamental concepts concerning human relationships
and various methods used in advertising and promoting the sale of real
estate are included.

593 V Real Estate Appraisals

This course includes a study of the nature and purposes of appraisals,
reasons for and use of appraisals, depreciations, income approach, types
of-appraisals, valuations, maps, values, costs, and markets.

594 V Real Estate Finance

Typical topics considered include the problems involved in obtaining
mortgage money, money sources, mortgage liability, foreclosure proceedings,
debts and pledges, titles, recording rights, and liabilities of mortgagor
and mortgagee.

Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant

600 V Waiter-Waitress Training

This course covers techniques used in greeting guests, seating them, taking
orders, serving food, proper sanitation practices, and suggestive selling
to aid uncertain customers.

601 V Hostess Training

This course, designed for restaurant personnel, covers the proper way to
handle goods, dress, how to take orders, placing of orders, seating and
arrangements, dining room service, and ways to make customers' meals

602 V Hotel-Motel Front Office Procedures

This course covers the basic duties and responsibilities of front office
personnel, i.e., registering and rooming guests, reservations, recording
charges and credits, billing guests, checking out guests, preparing tran-
scripts of guests' accounts receivable, and balancing transcripts.

603 V Hotel-Motel Cashiering

This course includes instruction in procedure and mathematics to enable the
learner to prepare guest accounts accurately. Posting of charges and
credits to individual guest accounts, handling of checks and making change,
posting of charges and credits to accounts of non-registered guests,
handling of transcripts, and check-ins and check-outs are considered.

604 V Hotel-Motel Auditing and Posting Machine

This course includes a study of posting charges and credits to guest accounts,
correcting errors, balancing cash at end of watch, transferring bills to
new accounts, taking trial balance, and proving all transactions made dur-
ing the watch.

605 V Hotel-Motel PBX Operator

This course includes a study of the manipulative skills involved in handling
keys, cards, supervisory signals, dials, extensions, incoming and outgoing
local and long distance calls, voice techniques, and courtesy. Proper
phrasing, paging, and filing names of guests are included.

606 V Executive Housekeeping

This course develops leadership and organizational ability for supervisory
personnel responsible for maintaining an establishment in a clean, orderly,
and attractive manner. It includes the basic technical knowledge essential
to the position.

607 V Hotel Housekeeping

Training in the cleaning, orderliness, and decorating of a commerical housing
establishment, including the purchasing of supplies and equipment for the
housekeeping department.

Specialized Courses

620 V Advertising

Included in this course are retail advertising procedures, copywriting and
testing, selection and use of illustrations, direct mail advertising, in-
cluding research and analysis of sales territory, and the coordination of
the display, advertising, and sales departments.

621 V Display

This course offers training in design, trimming and constructing interior
and window display for small stores and large stores. It includes the tech-
niques of display from the idea to the completed construction. Individual
problems in window display and trimming are'studied in classes held in
local stores.

622 V Export and Import Practices

This course provides training for entrance into the export and import
business. Preparation of forms for import and export duties and taxes on
different classes of merchandise are included.

623 V Income Tax Problems for Business

The material taught in this course is based on the internal revenue code.
Persons in the tax accounting field who prepare returns for private indi-
viduals, merchants, and other businessmen are taught to prepare and keep
suitable records for income tax purposes. They are taught to prepare their
income tax returns according to legal interpretations.

624 V Traffic Management and Rates

This course offers basic information on routing procedures and interstate
commerce rules and regulations for the person entering employment in this
field. Particular emphasis is given to new developments in the field of
traffic control.

625 V Travel Agency and Ticketing Procedures

This course provides information concerning reservation procedures, conducted
tours, ticketing, visas and passports, money exchange rates, express, baggage
handling, and other problems in local and foreign travel. All methods of
travel are covered.



Note: If an adult center wishes to offer a course not listed in this bulletin
a request may come to the State Department of Education with a course
outline attached. The request will be reviewed by the committee and
appropriate action taken.


800 V Infant Care

This course includes an understanding of heredity and environment as factors
affecting the development of children, a knowledge of the proper care of the
expectant mother, consideration of the adjustment within the family before
and after the baby's arrival, clothing and equipment needed for the infant,
use of schedules in caring for the baby, stages in infant physical develop-
ment and factors which contribute to health and well-being of the infant.
Techniques for holding, feeding, bathing, diapering and exercising the baby
will be included.

801 V The Young Child

This course includes a study of the needs of young children from one to six,
guidance procedures with children, including preparation for entering school,
factors contributing to health and happiness of young children and the re-
sponsibilities of the community for protecting children.

802 V The-Older Child and Adolescent

This course includes a study of physical characteristics of children during
the pre-adolescent and adolescent periods, responsibility of children to
the home and community, responsibility of the home and community in protect-
ing and guiding the pre-adolescent and adolescent.

805 V Basic Clothing Construction

This course is planned for the person who has had little or no experience
in recently developed techniques in clothing construction and includes a
study of pattern selection including body measurements and simple alter-
ations, fabric selection and preparation with emphasis placed on "easy-to-
sew" patterns and fabrics, selection, use, and care of modern sewing and
pressing equipment, completion of a simple garment using modern sewing tech-
niques and selection of suitable accessories.

806 V Advanced Clothing Construction

This course is designed for the person who has completed Basic Clothing Con-
struction. It includes developing the ability to make more difficult pattern
alterations, use of more complicated patterns, use and care of fabrics re-
quiring special treatments and completion of at least one garment using more
advanced techniques and details which give individuality to the garment will
be required.

807 V Basic Tailoring

This course is designed for the person who has demonstrated proficiency in
the skills of clothing construction and includes selection, use, and care of
fabrics suitable for tailoring techniques and the construction of a lined
garment such as a jacket will be required.

808 V Advanced Tailoring

This course includes more difficult tailoring techniques with emphasis
placed on fitting and acquiring more experience in working with woolens
and other fabrics in making a tailored coat or suit.

809 V Children's Clothing

This course is designed for the person who wishes to make children's simple
garments. It includes selection, use, and care of modern sewing and press-
ing equipment. It also includes study of fabrics, patterns and construction
details suitable for children's wear.

810 V Selection and Care of Clothes For the Family

This course includes a study of fibers, fabrics and special finishes, in-
formative labeling of fabrics for home sewing and for ready-to-wear garments
and characteristics of well made garments and accessories.

The factors involved in selecting clothing accessories for individuals and
family members to provide pleasing appearance, good design, color and ap-
propriateness to age and occasion will be discussed. A study will be made
of the care and upkeep of family clothing through laundering, repairing and
storing, and demonstrations will be given of simple alterations which are
needed for better fit of ready-made garments.

811 V Intermediate Clothing Construction

This course is planned for the person who has completed Basic Clothing Con-
struction, and includes a study of more difficult construction techniques
and of fabrics more difficult to handle than were used in Basic Clothing

815 V Food 'or the Familry
This course includes the planning, preparing and serving of nutritious meals
for the family. Actual preparation of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner
will be included. Consideration will be given to problems including the pur-
chasing of food, use, care, storage and arrangement of utensils and equip-
ment and management of time and energy.

816 V Advanced Foods

This course includes the more specialized preparation of food for family
meals such as meats, seafoods, poultry, vegetables, and desserts. Con-
sideration will be given to budgeting, marketing and storing foods as well
as table service for all occasions.

817 V Short Cuts in Meal Preparation

This course includes the preparation of well-balanced quick meals through
the use of mixes, packaged and frozen foods. Emphasis will be given to
the selection, use and care of small kitchen appliances.

818 V Preserving Foods for the Family

This course includes the freezing, canning, preserving and storing of foods
for the family. Consideration will be given to the selection, use and care
of equipment for freezing and canning. Effective ways to use frozen and
canned foods will be studied.

819 V Nutrition

This course includes a study of the elementary principles of nutrition,
the relation of food selection to health and development of ways to improve
poor dietary practices. Consideration will be given to the food needs of
senior citizens, young children, the convalescent, and the nutritional
needs of all members of the family. Attention is given to planning and
preparing family meals which may be easily adapted to the special needs of
the individual.

825 V Home Care of the Sick

This course includes emphasis on family adjustments to illness in the home.
Some possible changes in home and family living which may need to be made
by individual members and the entire family when there is illness in the
home will be analyzed. Practical consideration will be given to such ad-
Justments as delegating home responsibilities, revising family routines and
time schedules, learning basic skills in home nursing, planning family food
in relation to special food needs, and re-organizing financial plans to meet
unexpected expenses.

830 V Home Decoration

This course includes a study of the ways in which attractive and livable
interiors can be planned in relation to individual and family housing
situations and incomes, choosing and combining line, color, design and
various materials, and wall, window and floor treatments as they relate to
other phases of decoration. Practical information concerning choice of
furnishings and equipment will be included. This course may include con-
struction of slip covers, draperies, curtains and bedspreads.

831 V Furniture Reupholstering

This course is designed to assist homemakers in the selection of appropriate
materials to use and provides actual experience in dismantling, reupholster-
ing and refinishing furniture for the home.

832 V Managing the Home

This course includes a study of management in the home as related to current
activities of individuals and families. Emphasis will be placed on methods
of care and upkeep of the home and its furnishings with the least expendi-
tures of time, energy and money.

833 V Housing for the Family

This course includes a study of the selection of a place for the family to
live including buying, building, or renting a house, apartment or other
dwelling. Special attention will be given to the provision of information
that will help individuals and families weigh values in making decisions.
Factors such as the following will be analyzed and developed; housing needs
of a family or individual, characteristics and plans for desirable housing,
including location, room layout, and site, meeting housing needs on a given
income, and legal information needed in planning for housing.

834 V Home Furnishings

This course includes a study of line, color and fabrics as they relate to
furniture and furniture coverings for family housing situations and income.
Practical information concerning choice of furnishings will be included.
This course may include construction of slip covers or bedspreads.

835 V Advanced Furniture Reupholstering

This course is planned for the advanced student. Using basic techniques of
reupholstering, the individual progresses to redesigning, rebuilding, and
reupholstering such projects as contour chairs, reclining chairs, and an-
tique, tufted, and channel back chairs.

840 V Family Economics

This course includes a consideration of personal and family resources to
secure the greatest benefit and satisfaction for individual and/or family
members. Specific topics to be included are sources of income, problems
of family finance, procedures and records in money management, and planning
for financial security.

841 V Family Relationships

This course includes emphasis on the needs and interest of various family
members ranging from youngest to oldest and on ways of adapting daily
activities and home facilities for greatest satisfaction of family members.
Opportunity for consideration of individual problems will be provided.

82 V Establishing a Home

This course is designed for the young homemaker and includes a study of the
individual adjustments necessary for the establishment of a home. Con-
sideration will be given to the basic skills and abilities necessary for
homemaking, factors to be considered in choosing a place to live as well as
goods and services used in the home, using money and other resources in
managing a home, the place of credit in family finance and community re-
sources available for homemakers.

843 V Family Consumer Buying

This course includes a study of the economic position of the individual
consumer and the family, agencies and organizations designed to render
assistance with buying problems, grading and standarization of food ma-
terials, fabrics, clothing and household equipment, informative labeling
and legislation effecting family buying.


850 V Child Day-Care Center Worker

Under the supervision of a professionally trained child development special-
ist helps children accept the day-care center and participate in activities
suited to their age group. Helps children remove outer garments and put
them in designated places. Supervises children in eating, resting and
toileting. Supervises play activities and creative activities such as paint-
ing, clay molding, and puppet Rlay. Helps children develop habits of caring
for own clothing, picking up and putting away toys and books. Helps keep
the day-care center clean and attractive. Practices accident prevention.
(Suggested hours of training 24Q)

851 V Management Aide in Low-Rent Public Housing Projects

Assists the Housing Manager of the Local Housing Authority in orienting
residents in housing projects to living in a new environment and making
effective use of personal resources, and the facilities and services pro-
vided in the Project, and the Community, in achieving satisfying family

(Continued on next page)

Explains Housing regulations to new tenants and demonstrates proper use and
care of all installed equipment; shows location of Project facilities such
as laundries and playgrounds; provides information to homemakers who need
assistance with sanitary housekeeping practices; purchase and preparation
of food, money management, work schedules, or care of children; provides
information to tenants on location and services available from community
agencies, such as health services and adult education or recreation centers;
keeps records and prepares reports to the Housing Manager. (Suggested hours
of training 360.)

852 V Visiting Homemaker

Assists in maintaining normal family life when the mother must be away or
the family is under the stress of an emergency. Carries out directions from
the Welfare or Health Agency which may be in charge. Helps maintain family
routines and activities. Helps children have a sense of security through
sympathetic understanding. Supervises the play and rest of children. Pre-
pares or assists family members in preparing simple, nutritious meals.
Helps do light laundry work and keeps house clean and orderly. (Suggested
hours of training 60-90 (100-180 in service).

853 V supervised Food Service Worker

Works under supervision in the preparation and serving of food in institutions
such as hospitals, homes for the aged, nursing homes, children's homes and
day-care centers. Follows hygenic practices in preparing food for cooking,
during the cooking process, serving and storing; follows safety regulations
in use of all types of equipment and the handling of hot foods; uses the
basic skills required in preparation of standard large quantity recipes for
preparing vegetables, salads, and dressings, milk cookery, egg cookery,
soups, meat, fish and poultry, quick breads, sandwiches and desserts; serves
food at table or on trays according to situation; organizes work in relation
to work space and within time limitations. (Suggested hours of training -

854 v Personal Wardrobe Maintenance Specialist

Keeps employer's wardrobe in good condition by performing such tasks as re-
pairing, cleaning, and storing. Confers with employer to determine scope
of job; examines wardrobe to determine necessary care, repair, and upkeep.
Uses judgment and manipulative skill to perform and maintenance procedures
of mending, repair, and simple alterations; cleans, launders, and presses
garments; secures commercial services when needed; shops for accessories
upon request and does seasonal storage. (Suggested hours of training 180,)

855 V Companion to an Elderly Person

Serves as an aide to elderly or convalescent persons, either full-time or
part-time. Prepares and serves the person's food; answers the telephone;
helps with correspondence; assists with personal grooming; keeps surround-
ings tidy; helps to keep the person occupied by reading, conversing, and
playing games; accompanies the person to the doctor's office or elsewhere
to secure medical attention; shops and runs errands; and, on occasion, ac-
companies the person on walks, on visits to neighbors, to church or to the
movies. (Suggested hours of training 180.)

856 V Family Dinner Service Specialist

Prepares and serves dinners for employed homemakers, retired persons, or
families desiring such service. Comes into the home at an agreed upon
time, daily or on request, and has dinner ready to serve at a specified
hour. Plans menus within the designated cost limit, to meet the require-
ments of the family; does the food shopping if this is included as part of
the work assignment; organizes work to have dinner ready to serve at the
designated hour; uses the basic skills required in preparation of standard
recipes for vegetables, salads and dressings, milk cookery, egg cookery,
soups, meat, fish and poultry, quick breads and simple desserts; sets table
and serves food attractively; observes health rules in handling food;
follows sanitary practices in storing food, washing dishes and cleaning up
kitchen. (Suggested hours of training 420.)

857 V Homemaker's Assistant

Works under the direction of the homemaker. Performs basic housekeeping
duties of cleaning all rooms through use and care of manual and electrical
equipment, and appropriate use of cleaning materials. Does simple launder-
ing; prepares and serves family meals; takes care of children during mother's
absence; takes telephone messages and meets people at the door; and meets
ordinary emergencies which may arise during homemaker's absence. (Suggested
hours of training 300.)

858 V Alterations

This course prepares the worker to alter and repair ready-to-wear garments
for customers of retail shops or in their own homes as a private business.
It involves an understanding of fabric handling, clothing construction,
pressing, and training in fitting techniques. The approach of the course
is based on the assumption that a successful alterationist must have a
thorough understanding of garment construction in order to complete the
necessary fitting changes.


890 V Foundations of Quantity Food Preparation and Service

This course is designed to assist employees in.'finding and solving problems
of quantity food service. It includes characteristics of a good food service,
and its place in the total education program with comprehensive overview of
the principles of menu planning, purcha*dng, food preparation and service,
equipment use and care, sanitation and safety, personal cleanliness and
grooming, the value of a good working relationship within the organization
and with the school community. Emphasis is placed upon the need for greater
knowledge in operating school food services, to insure maximum benefits to
the children and the need for continuous training, (60 hours)

891 V Baic Principles of Nutrition

This course includes a study of the basic principles of good nutrition and
the relation of food selection to health. The aim is to interpret nutrition
in terms of its practical application in the planning, preparing and serving
of meals and relating these meals to the other food for the week. It also
aims to develop an understanding of daily dietary allowances for various age
groups and the responsibility for providing these. It includes information
on foods with maximum nutritive value and how to purchase, store and prepare
them in order to retain these values to the maximum. (60 hours)

892 V Quantity Cooery

This course is designed to improve quality and quantity of food served. It
includes principles and techniques of quantity food production. Actual
preparation of foods in quantity provides on-the-job experiences using princi-
ples and techniques learned. Trainees learn proper use and care of equip-
ment, use of available serving tools to assure adequate portions, and gain
experience in calculating and recording quantities of food used, adjusting
and standardizing recipes for numbers to be served. (60 hours)

893 V Equipment Use and Care

This course is designed to enable employees to use school lunchroom equip-
ment in the easiest, safest, and most effective way, to properly care for
equipment and to appreciate the value of good equipment as an aid in provid-
ing superior food. Participants learn simple repair techniques and pre-
ventive maintenance, cleaning methods and record keeping as it relates to
equipment. (30 to 60 hours)

894 V Organization and Management

This course is designed to teach managers the fundamentals of organization
(i.e., the characteristics of desirable organization, development of a
functional organizational plan, establishment of a line of responsibility
and authority, the various environmental factors which influence the organi-
zation, and the measures of successful organization and management).

The work plan, the relation of personnel to the organization, the difference
in laws, regulations and policies, where responsibility lies in carrying
them out, and the relationship of records to management control are all
handled in detail. (60 hours)

895 V Accounting and Reporting (Record Keeping)

This course is designed to teach food service managers and accountants the
principles involved in recording and reporting the activities of any
quantity food service business. It includes a study of what constitutes a
sound record keeping and reporting system, and provides daily practice in
maintaining adequate records and reporting information clearly and accurately.

896 V Purchasing

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of the general
principles of purchasing, knowledge of the different grades of food, how
these grades are determined and their importance in specifying quality and
controlling costs. Also included is the study of marketing functions, laws,
regulations, purchasing procedures and necessary purchasing records.


899 V High School Credit

This credit course is to be comprehensive in scope and must include at
least four of the areas of instruction in home economics education. Pro-
posed Standards for Accreditation of Adult Hig Schools, Section V, D,
states, "The level of accomplishment required for the granting of credit
shall be at least as high as that customarily required by accredited regular
high schools for youth; however, the emphasis placed upon time spent in
class in the case of youth may be waived in the case of adults, so long as
objective evidence of equivalent, or higher, subject matter attainment is
required of the adult."



901 V Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Mechanics

Training in the installation, inspection, and repair of heating and
cooling units for commercial and residential building, mother vehicles,
aircraft, and ships.

902 V Appliance Service

Training in the repair and maintenance of electrical and gas

903 V Autometive Bdy Repair and Refinishing

Training in the repair and replacement of damaged automobile body
parts, including the removal of dents, glass installation, body
painting and refinishing, and upholstery.

904 V Autemotive Mechanics

Training in the repair of passenger automobiles and light delivery
trucks, including engines, transmissions, clutches, carburetors,
ignition systems, chassis, bodies, and power operated equipment.

905 V Aviation Mechanics (Power and Frame)

Training in the skills necessary for inspection, overhaul, and main-
tenance of Air Frames and Pbwer Plants including woodwork, fabric
work, finishing, assembly, rigging, instruments, radio, ignition,
carburetion, heating and pressurization, sheet metal, welding, pro-
pellers, and systems pertaining to hydraulics, electricity, fuel,
oil, de-icing, oxygen, fire-fighting, and vacuums.

908 V Barbering

Training in cutting hair, shaving, facial massage, dandruff cbre, and
tonic and lotion application.

909 V Blacksmithing, Ferging, aad Ornamental Iroework

Training in the forging of metal articles and parts for building, re-
pairing, or manufacturing equipment.

910 V Blueprint Reading and Estimation

Training in the reading and interpretation of blueprints and archi-
tectural drawings, and from such designs computes labor, material
and equipment costs for construction work.

911 V Boatbuilding (Wood and Fabricated)

Training in the ccamercial construction and repair of small boats,
floats, pontoons, and motorboats.

912 V Boilermaking

Training in the machine and hand operations necessary to fabricate
and assemble boilers, tanks, vats, and other vessels of heavy steel
plates and in the repair of hulls, bulkheads, and deck plates of
metal ships and other heavy plate equipment.

913 V Brick and Blocklaying

Training in laying brick, terra cotta, hollow tile, stone, and
similar building blocks in the construction of walls, partitions,
arches, fireplaces, chimneys, smokestacks, and other structures.

914 V Business Machine Mechanics

Training in the inspection, adjustment, repair, cleaning, and
servicing of office machines including adding machines, calculators,
tabulators, bookkeeping machines, duplicators, typewriters, and cash

915 V Cabinet Making, Millwork, and Furniture Making

Training in hand carpentry necessary to cut, shape, and assemble
furniture, fixtures, cabinets, door and window frames. and finished
interior woodwork.

916 V Carpentry

Training in general carpentry work involved in erection of wooden
building frames, installation of exterior and interior trim, floor-
laying, form building, scaffold construction, stairbuilding, and
other similar types of woodwork.

917 V Cement Finishing

Training in surfacing specified textures on cement floors, walls, and
other floating surfaces.

918 .V Ccoercial and Advertising Art

Training in the creation of figures to illustrate advertising copy,
books, and magazines, plus design of posters, signboards, billboards,
and show cards.

919 V Cooking and Baking Commercial

Training in the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of soups, meats,
vegetables, desserts, and other foodstuffs, plus baking bread, cakes,
cookies, pastries, and pies.

920 V Cosmetology

Training in all of the services available to patrons of beauty parlors,
including hair cutting, shampooing, dyeing, tinting, and styling, mani-
curing and pedicuring, scalp treatment and facial makeup and massage.

921 V Custodial Service and Building Maintenance

Training in the upkeep of commercial and public buildings.

924 V Diesel Mechanics

Training in the maintenance and repair of diesel engines used on
trucks, railroads, boats, and large construction machinery and in
power plants.

925 V Drafting

Training in the preparation of clear, complete and accurate working
plans and detail drawings from rough or detailed sketches or notes for
engineering or manufacturing purposes according to specified dimensions.

926 V Dry Cleaning and Laundering

Training in the operation of dry cleaning and laundering machines,
hand spot cleaning, pressing, ironing, garment sorting, and dyeing,
where a knowledge of cleaning processes, fabrics, and colors is re-
quired to determine proper procedures.

927 V Electricity Industrial

Training in the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrically
controlled and operated machinery and equipment used in industry.

928 V Electric Line Service and Repair

Training in the repair and replacement of defective power and communi-
cation lines and auxiliary equipment, including replacement of defective
poles, installation of transformers, and inspection of insulators.

929 V Electric Motor and generator Mechanics

Training in repair of electronic motors, generators, and accessory
equipment such as starting devices and switches; in winding armatures
and field coils; and in testing and installing repaired motors and

930 V Electric Wiring

Training in the installation of wiring systems and lighting fixtures,
in buildings, including laying conduit, installation of switch panels,
pulling wire, splicing, testing circuits, line construction and per-
forming other duties and jobs required of an electrician.

931 V Electronic Mechanics and Assembly

Training in the assembly testing and repair of special electronic

932 V Electronics Industrial

Training in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electroni-
cally controlled and operated distribution systems used in industry
and commercial businesses.

933 V Engraving

Training in cutting letters or designs on copper, zinc or steel
plates or linoleum pads, and on wood blocks for use in the printing
and textile industries.

934 V Fire Fighting

Training in the use of fire-fighting apparatus and fire-prevention
equipment and in the inspection of such equipment to determine its
operating condition.

935 V Fishing Commercial

Training in catching fish and seafoods for commercial purposes, in-
cluding use of fishing boats, use of gear, navigation, and cleaning
and shipping of the catch.

936 V Foundry Work and Molding

Training in preparing molds, pouring metal, finishing castings, oper-
ating centrifugal casting machines, and relining melting furnaces.

937 V Garment Making Commercial

Training in the design, pattern cutting and making of any kind of

938 V Gasoline Enine Mechanics

Training in the inspection and repair of the mechanical equipment of
gasoline-powered engines (other than automobile and truck), including
motor testing, carburetor adjusting, fuel line cleaning, generator
adjusting, valve replacing and grinding, piston ring installing, and
replacing broken or damaged parts.

939 V Gas Service Installation and Repair

Training in the installation and repair of gas service systems and
related equipment, including natural, butadiene, butane, ethylene, and
propane types.

940 V Glass Making

Training in glass blowing, bending, shaping, cutting and molding

941 V Glazing

Training in cutting, fitting, and fastening techniques required in
the installation of glass and other glazed structural materials in
decorative building fronts, walks, ceilings, doors, windows, and

942 V Gunamithing

Training in the repair, design, altering, and making of guns.

944 V Rdraulic Mechanics

Training in the testing and adjusting of hydraulic systems including
diagnosing faulty operation of systems, and the replacing and adjust-
ing of defective parts.

945 V Industrial Safety

Instruction in the methods for preventing accidents or reducing their
frequency in industrial plants through examination of plans and specifi-
cations for new machinery and equipment to ascertain if all safety pre-
cautions have been included. Includes the inspection of machinery and
equipment and installation designs.

946 V Industrial Supervision and Foremanship

Training in the supervision of workers by studying and interpreting
blueprints, sketches, and written or verbal orders, determining pro-
cedure of work, assigning duties, and inspecting work for quality and
quantity production; timekeeping, production recordkeeping, and other
recordkeeping; employing, training, and discharging workers; and
setting up and inspecting equipment prior to regular operation and
other areas necessary for successful supervision.

947 V Instrument Repair

Training in the installation, repair, and adjustment of recording,
regulating, and control instruments such as pressure, flow, and com-
bustion meters and gauges.

948 V Iron Work

Training in raising and placing fabricated structural steel members
such as girders, plates, and columns and uniting them permanently to
form a completed framework of a structure.

949 V Jewelry Making

Training in the commercial making and repairing of articles of
jewelry such as rings, pins, lockets, and articles of silverware,
including engraving.

950 V Landscaping and Industrial Nursery Work

Training in planting and supervising the work of cultivating trees,
plants, or flowers for non-farm commercial or ornamental uses, in-
cluding industrial landscape design and plantings.

951 V Lathing

Training in installation of furring strips and metal and wood lath
to provide supporting base for plaster or fireproofing material.

952 V Law Enforcement

Training in the various phases of law enforcement such as weaponless
defense, small arms use, chemical tests for intoxication, police admini-
stration and supervision, criminology, and crime prevention.

953 V Lithography

Training in the transfer of images from photographic negatives to zinc
plates for printing by lithographic processes.

954 V Machinery Repair

Training in the repair of all types of industrial and specialized
power driven machinery.

955 V Machine Shop Work
Training in the construction and repair of all kinds of metal parts,
tools, and machines, and in the operation of all machine tools, includ-
ing laths, milling machines, planers, shapers, and drill presses.

957 v Meat Cutting

Training in the displaying and selling of meat and fish and in cutting
meat to size desired for display or as desired by customers.

959 V MillUrighting

Training in changing lay-out and setting-up machines and mechanical
equipment in a plant or mill where machinery is usually of the heavy
type, and in keeping machinery in efficient operating condition.

961 V Navigation

Training in the methods of locating position and directing course of
all types of craft, including establishment of position by use of
navigation instruments and charts, celestial observation, or dead
reckoning; determining deviations fran course required by weather con-
ditions; and utilizing aids, such as radio beams and beacons.

962 V Operating Engineering

Training in the maintenance and operation of selected power construc-
tion equipment ranging from air compressors to steam shovels.

965 V Painting and Decorating

Training in the application of paint to house exteriors, sheds, and
other structures and painting and decorating interiors of buildings,
mixing paints and color matching, scaffold erection, brush and spray
gun cleaning, and paint removal.

967 V Patternmaking

Training in making patterns used for making sand molds into which
molten metal is poured to form castings.

968 V Photocopying and Blueprinting

Training in making and filing blueprints, vandyke and ozalid prints,
and photostats including operating of the machine that automatically
exposes, develops, washes, and dries blueprints and photostats.

969 V Photo Engraving

Training in the preparation of copper and zinc plates used in printing,
including half-tone production work.

970 V Photography and Photo-finishing

Training in the making of photographic negatives'from which prints
can be developed, using studio-type and other cameras and training in
the washing, drying, trimming, mounting photographic prints, retouch-
ing prints and covering imperfections, and in surface finishing of

971 V Plastering

Training in the application of plaster to walls and ceilings, moldings
and installing ornamental plaster panels and trim, and casting (runs)
ornamental plaster cornices and moldings.

972 V Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

Training in the assembly and installation of air, gas, water, and
waste-disposal systems, including the cutting, reaming, and threading
of pipe, calking and wiping joints, and the installation of gas,
water and sanitary fixtures and equipment with their supports, hangers,
or foundations.

973 V Power Machine Operation

Training in the operation of a power driven machine used to punch,
trim, forge, cut, or perform other shaping or fabricating operations.

975 V Printing

Training in the duties concerned with hand and machine setting of
type, assembling type and cuts in chases, and related duties prior to
the actual printing operations. May include also training in composi-
tion, linotype operation, make-up, overlay cutting, teletype operation,
plate making, type casting machine operation, and monotype keyborad

976 V Pulp and Paper Work

Training in the processes used in making paper such as testing pulp
for moisture content, pressing water from laps or sheets of pulp,
operating pressing machines, coloring paper by dyeing, operating
paper conditioning machine, etc.

977 V Radio Communications

Training in the receiving and sending of messages by radio, radio-
telephone, radiotelegraph, and other electronic transmission equipment.

978 V Radio and Television Service

Training in the installation, testing, adjusting, and repair of radio
and television sending and receiving equipment.

979 V Railroad Engine and Car Mechanics

Training in building, repairing, dismantling, painting, upholstering,
and inspecting passenger and freight cars, hand cars, and station
trucks, removing and replacing locomotive cabs, pilot, pilot beams,
tender frames, and trucks, planning mill, cabinet and bench carpentry
work, pattern and flaskmaking, and all carpentry work in shop and
railroad yards.

980 V Railroad Engineering and Firing

Training in the operation of steam or diesel electric locomotives
including supervision of the activities of an engine crew.

981 V Railroad Telegraphy and Station Agency

Training in operating and supervising a local railroad station and
its personnel, including telegraph operation, clerical duties,
recordkeeping, and baggage scheduling.

982 V Railroad Train Work

Training in the duties of supervising and handling train movement
on the road other than actual operation.

983 V Related Trade and Industrial Technology

Related instruction in communications, economics, mathematics, and
science, with specific application to industrial processes and pro-

984 V Roofing

Training in applying all types of finished roofs to buildings and
other covered structures.

985 V Sheet Metal

Training in fabricating, assembling, altering, repairing, and
installing sheet metal articles and equipment.

986 V Water and Sewage Plant Operation

Training in the various functions of water or sewage plant operation,
including pumping and filtering.

987 V Shoe Repair

Training in repairing shoes.

988 V Steam Fitting

Training in the installation of pipes and equipment that must with-
stand high pressure for the distribution of steam.

990 V Surveying

Training in the exact location and measurement of points, elevations,
lines, areas, and contours on the earth's surface for purposes of
securing data for construction, map making, deeds, or other records.

991 V Tailoring

Training in commercial tailoring of garments such as suits, top-
coats, overcoats, and dress clothes, or performing the more difficult
band and machine sewing tasks involved in alterations.

992 V Telephone Installation and Repair Service

Training in testing, diagnosing, locating, and clearing trouble at
manual and dial telephone switchboards, and maintaining associated
equipment such as storage batteries and powerplants.

993 V Television Studio Production

Training in the nature of television, the various station operations,
studio procedures, production direction, basic and advanced; types
of program formats, television writing, acting techniques, television
set and design art work, lighting, music, costumes, make-up.and pro-
duction workshop.

994 V Welding

Training in fusing metal parts by means of oxyaceteylene torch or
electric welding apparatus and welding rods to fabricate metal
articles or to repair damaged metal objects.

995 V Tile Setting

Training in applying tilh to walls, floors, and ceilings according to
specified designs.

996 V Tohl and Die Making

Training in the construction, repair, and maintenance of machine shop
tools, jigs, fixtures, and equipment, calibrating them according to
specifications, and making dies used for forging, punching, stamping,
and other metal-forming work.

997 V Upholstery

Training in installing, arranging, and securing springs, padding,
and covering material such as clbth or leather to frames of over-
stuffed chairs, davenports, and stationary seats, including auto-
mobile seats.

998 V Vehicle Driving Cammercial

Training in safe and proper driving of commercial vehicles such
as trucks, buses, taxis, and ambulances.

999 V Watchmaking

Training in cleaning, adjusting, repairing, and oiling watches,
clocks, and other types of timing instruments.



Technical Education*

010 V Aeronautical Technology

Instructional content includes specialization in aircraft or air craft
components in areas such as design, testing, construction, and maintenance.
Courses may include specialization for research and development in aero-
nautical engineering technology, design technology, instrumentation tech-
nology, and maintenance technology.

011 V Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology

Courses of instruction in the design, research, manufacture, construction,
installation, operation, and maintenance, of air conditioning, refrigera-
tion, and heating equipment, with emphasis on the technical or theoretical

012 V Architectural Technology

Courses of instruction in preparing plans, designs, and specifications of
private residences, office buildings, factories and other structures.
Such instruction may include cost, materials, equipment, estimated build-
ing time, and the preparation of both scale and full-sized drawings for
use by contractors and craftsmen.

013 V Automotive Technology

Course content centers about the design and supervision of automobile and
truck construction, including performance testing, experimental testing
of new developments, economy of operation, and cost analysis.

014 V Building and Contracting Technology

Instructional content includes the estimating, planning, erecting, and
repairing of structures such as buildings, bridges, waterworks, drainage
systems, and utility tunnels. Determining cost, interpreting specifica-
tions and conducting routine test of materials.

015 V Chemical Technology

Courses are concerned with the application of chemistry and the various
branches of the technical sciences to the design, construction, operation,
and improvement of equipment for carrying out chemical processes on a
commercial scale, performing various routine tests such as filtration,
titration, or precipitation, making laboratory test reports and furnishing
test data and checking analyses.

*Specific course offerings will be determined by occupational requirements as
identified from recommendations of school officials and technical
advisory committees.

016 V Civil Engineering Technology

Courses of instruction in carrying out engineering plans and supervising
layout and construction of streets and highways, including clearing of
rights-of-way, grading and sub-grade preparation, laying of the road
surface, and installation of curbing. The training program may also in-
clude instructional application in a large variety of structures and
facilities, dams, irrigation projects, pipe lines, water and sewage sys-
tems, and waste disposal units.

017 V Communications Technology

Courses of instruction in the installation, testing, repairing, and oper-
ation of all types of transmitting and receiving equipment.

018 V Data Processing Technology

Instructional content is concerned with the use and operation of electronic
computing equipment. Implementation of designed programming, processing,
and interpretation of data.

020 V Electrical Technology

Instructional content centers about the engineering design and supervision
in the construction and operation of power stations, transmission lines
and distribution systems, including layout planning for generating plants
and transmission lines. Attention is given to the preparation and drawing
of specifications for types of equipment and materials to be used. A
thorough foundation is provided in the principles of electricity and elec-
tronics and in semi-conductors.

021 V Electronics Technology

Courses of instruction in engineering research, design, manufacture, and
operation of technical electronic equipment. Special skills are developed
in rapid diagnosis required for maintenance, repair, and adjustment of
complicated technical electronics equipment.

022 V Food Processing Technology

Instructional content centers about the investigation of activities of
bacteria and other micro-organisms in the manufacture, preservation, spoil-
age, and deterioration of food other than milk products, including canned,
frozen, pickled, and preserved foodstuffs.

023 V Graphics Technology

This program prepares technicians to assume administrative and production
responsibilities in the printing industry. The printing administrative
technician is prepared to use the tools and instruments required for such
specific functions as estimating, cost control, production control,
inventory control, traffic control, and to apply basic principles of busi-
ness administration. The printing production technician is prepared to
utilize a variety of instruments required in determining and specifying
quality control standards, registering, humidity control and the mainte-
nance of established standards of production within the industry.

024 V Industrial Engineering Technology

This program is concerned with the preparation of technicians who assist
engineers in production departments of manufacturing plants. Courses in-
clude instruction in layout of machinery to determine flow of work, time
and motion studies, job evaluation, production cost records and control
systems, inventory systems, and training of production personnel.

025 V Industrial Management and Supervision

Courses designed to prepare technicians or other qualified personnel in
specialized areas of industrial personnel management and supervision.

026 V Instrumentation Technology

Instruction in the operation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical,
and thermal instruments and industrial control equipment, including the
installation, calibration, testing, inspection, and maintenance of
various instruments used in research, development, and manufacturing

027 V Mechanical Design Technology

Instructional activities includes courses to prepare individuals for work
in research and engineering activities or other job responsibilities that
require a broad understanding of engineering design. Such preparation
enables individuals to prepare for employment as draftsmen, tool designers,
research assistants, or engineering assistants.

The courses include, in addition to extensive drafting laboratory time,
such elements as physical metallurgy, materials and processes, heat treat-
ment, tool and machine design.

028 V Mechanical Production Technology

Courses include instruction to provide experiences with primary concen-
tration on manufacturing functions. Such educational activities prepare
individuals for occupations as production planner, expediter, or process
analyst. In addition to drafting, courses may include manufacturing pro-
cesses, mechanics and heat, time and motion study, electricity and hydrau-
lics, production, and quality control, materials handling and plant layout.

030 V Metallurgical Technology

Laboratory training in the analysis of metal samples to determine physical
properties. Instruction includes microscopic examination of metal and
alloy specimen, photographs, reports of specimen findings, and the use of
photomicroscopic, X-ray, gamma-ray and magnetic-flux equipment.

031 V Meteorological Technology

Instructional content covers subjects dealing with weather conditions and
the prediction of weather changes. Courses include laboratory instruction
in preparing weather maps, interpreting instrument readings, maintenance
of equipment, and preparation of appropriate reports.


032 V Optical Technology

Courses in instruction in the manufacture, assembly, inspection, and repair
of optical instruments.

033 V Safety Engineering Technology

Instruction in industrial facility and design promoting safety features
and precautions. Training includes various safety policies, features, and
practices, in industrial establishments as well as responsibilities for
worker education programs in promoting safe working conditions.

034 V Technical Illustration

This instructional program includes courses in drafting, basic design,
blueprint reading, and phases of commercial art applicable to the prepara-
tion of technical reports, manuals, and illustrations. Considerable skill
is developed in perspective relationship of detail parts to main parts,
preparing preliminary and complete drawings, as well as exploded views.
Instruction includes rendering of various views with appropriate shading
and coloring details to illustrate prototype devices, parts, assemblies,
or assembled systems.

035 V Mathematics Aide

The courses making up the curriculum for Mathematics Aide emphasize the
principles of physical science and applied and theoretical mathematics.
This develops capabilities as analyst and research assistant as well as
providing a strong foundation in new and changing employment areas of
industrial design and production.

036 V Technical Writing (Publications Technology)

Courses in instruction in technical writing, industrial publications func-
tions and the fundamentals of applied sciences with emphasis on electricity
and electronics. Considerable emphasis is placed on the preparation of
service manuals, operation manuals and similar types of literature to con-
form to accepted standards of industrial communication and military speci-
fications for technical publications. Curriculum includes additional
courses in applied mathematics, applied physics and chemistry, manufactur-
ing processes and applied business practices.

037 V Television Production Technology

Courses of instruction in electronic and television theory, station organi-
zation and duties of personnel, the camera and component parts, audio and
video controls, test equipment, lighting and operational positions, power
supply and control, picture analysis and control room operation.

039 V Microminiaturization Technology

Courses in design, manufacture and assembly of micro-components as required
for instrumentation and missile control. Special skills and knowledge are
developed in ultra precision machining, measurement and inspection, installa-
tion and assembly, repairing and servicing of parts, sub-assemblies, and

assemblies of highly intricate electro-mechanical units required in such
mechanisms as gyroscopes. The curriculum includes additional courses in
applied mathematics, applied physics, basic statistics and quality control
and cost control.

040 V Drafting and Design Technology

Courses of instruction leading to an understanding of the fundamentals of
engineering and a skill in drafting which includes design applications in
mechanical devices, electronic circuitry, cartography and architectural
areas. Instruction includes technical illustration, drafting from speci-
fications, and sketching proposals for design use.

042 V Aerospace Technology

Courses of study which lead to management skills and sales ability in the
area of Aviation Administration and airline operations. Additional courses
of study and actual pilot training provide the instruction necessary to
obtain the Federal Aviation Agency Commercial Pilots License and Instru-
ment Flying Certificate in Career Pilot Training. Included are courses in
weather, aircraft maintenance, FFA flight regulations, flight engineering
and instrument flying training.

043 V Police Science and Criminology

Courses of study which are especially designed to prepare trained law
enforcement personnel for employment as peace officers, and/or criminal
laboratory technicians. Included are courses in American Government,
Police Administration, Chemistry, Photography, Fingerprint Science, Crim-
inal Law, and Investigative Skills.

065 V Library Technical Aide

Courses of study designed to prepare the student for employment in various
types of libraries as an Aide to the professional staff.

Health Occupations Education

Dental Technology

046 V Dental Assisting

A vocational level course of study designed to provide educational experi-
ences to develop competency in all phases of (1) dental office and patient
management, (2) laboratory procedures, and (3) chairside dental assisting.
The course includes classroom instruction and experience in dental labora-
tory procedures and techniques which include (1) the cast model, (2) base-
plates, (3) bit rims, (4) custom trays, (5) denture repair, (6) trimming
and polishing techniques, and (7) gold inlays.

047 V Dental Hygiene Technology

A two year course of study leading to an Associate of Science degree in
dental hygiene. The graduate must pass a licensing examination to prac-
tice. This is given by the Florida State Board of Dental Examiners. The
curriculum content should be three broad areas: (1) basic sciences
(anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, and other related areas such as
oral-histology, pathology, and oral physiology), (2) applied sciences
(nutrition, general hygiene, and first aid) and (3) liberal arts courses
such as English, speech, and sociology.

For the dental hygienist course to be an approved one it should meed the
requirements of the American Dental Association's Council on Education and
the recommendations of the Florida State Dental Society.

019 V Dental Laboratory Technology (Listed also as 923 V)

A vocational level course of study designed to prepare a beginning practi-
tioner as a "Generalist" in dental laboratory technology who does all types
of dental laboratory work and understands the properties and uses of dental
materials used in laboratories. For the course to be an approved one it
should conform to the requirements for Educational Programs for Dental Lab-
oratory Technicians, Council on Education, American Dental Association and
be based on standards recommended by the Florida State Dental Society. The
experience program for the general laboratory technician includes experience
in full and partial denture fabrication, ceramic technique and crown and
bridge technique and requires 12 months. Classroom instruction and labora-
tory experience require approximately two years to complete. The course
leads to a certificate.

Medical Technology and Related Offerings

048 V Certified Laboratory Assistant

A vocational level course to train a person to perform routine tests in a
medical laboratory for use in the treatment and diagnosis of disease and
to be a capable laboratory assistant to the professional medical technolo-
gist. The certified laboratory assistant works at all times under the
direct supervision of a physician or a medical technologist. Instructional
units in the course include the following: (1) orientation to the Clinical
Laboratory, (2) Bacteriology, (3) Serology, (4) Panasitology, (5) Hematology,

(6) Clinical Chemistry, (7) Blood Banking, (8) Routine analysis, (9) Basal
Metabolism and Electrocardiography. The approved course is 12 months in
length and approximately 2000 hours. The course includes classroom instruc-
tion, practice and supervised experience in a hospital laboratory. The
course should be designed to meet the requirements for approval of educa-
tional programs for Certified Laboratory Assistants adopted by the Board
of Certified Laboratory Assistants of the American Society of Clinical
Pathologists and recommended jointly by the corresponding Florida socie-
ties. On completion of an approved course the laboratory assistant grad-
uate takes the national examination for certification and becomes a
Certified Laboratory Assistant. The course leads to a certificate.

049 V Cytotechnology

A course to train a cytotechnologist technician in a special laboratory
technique for detecting body cell changes which are important in the
early diagnosis of cancer. This technician works under a pathologist.
The course trains the person to screen slides of cell samplings, magnified
a thousand times, and under the microscope examine the stained slides to
trace clues to disease in the abnormal changes observed. The American
Medical Assoccitiodr 'pprov~d course requiress 6' months formal instruction
and 6 months experience under supervision in an acceptable cytology

050 V Electrocardiograph Technology

A course to train an electrocardiograph technician to operate a highly
specialized instrument, the electrocardiograph, which records heart
actions and is used to help diagnose heart disease and record the pro-
gress of patients with heart conditions. The course would include how
to (1) prepare the patient, (2) attach electrodes, (3) operate the machine,
(4) observe and maintain proper functioning of equipment and (5) care for
equipment. The machine tracings are interpreted by a physician especially
qualified in cardiology.

051 V Electroencephalograph Technology

A course to train an electroencephalograph technician to operate a highly
specialized instrument, the electroencephalograph, which records brain
waves. The course would include how to (1) set up the equipment, (2) pre-
pare the patient, (3) attach electrodes, (4) operate the machine, (5) ob-
serve and record patient behavior and (6) maintain proper functioning of
equipment and (7) care for equipment. The brain tracings are interpreted
by a physician or Ph.D. with special training in electroencephalography.

052 V Histology Technology

A highly specialized course to train a histologic technician to cut and
stain tissues which have been removed from the body for microscopic study
by the pathologist for signs of malignant or questionable cells. A year
of supervised training in a clinical pathology laboratory is needed to
train this technician.

053 V Inhalation Technology

A course to train an inhalation therapist to take charge of the technical
details of oxygen administration in a hospital. The course of instruction
covers (1) setting up and operating various types of oxygen equipment, (2)
administering oxygen to patients, and (3) regulating temperature and flow
of gas to patients. The course also includes maintenance of equipment,
ordering supplies, and record keeping. Educational standards for hospital
schools of inhalation therapy have been established by the American Medical
Association. The length of the course is usually 9 months of theoretical
instruction and supervised practical experience.

054 V Medical Assisting (Doctor's Office Assistant)

Course designed for a person to be a doctor's office assistant. The curric-
ula may include (1) office skills and procedures, bookkeeping, (2) recep-
tionist techniques, handling medical records, and forms, (3) examination
room techniques, preparation of patients for examination and care of equip-
ment, and (4) simple laboratory procedures. This course may be either a
vocational or technical level course.

055 V Medical Record Technician (Listed formerly as Medical Library Assisting)

This vocational level course should be designed to prepare the medical
record technician to be an assistant to the professionally trained medical
record librarian. The medical record technician assists the librarian in
the technical work of maintaining the medical records, reports, disease
indexes, and hospital statistics required in hospitals and clinics. Instruc-
tion is given in medical terminology, anatomy, medical machine transcribing,
and other medical record procedures used in medical care institutions. The
course usually covers 9-12 months and includes experience in a hospital med-
ical library.

056 V Occupational Therapy Aid

A vocational level course to prepare a person to assist the professionally
trained occupational therapist in administering medically oriented occupa-
tional programs prescribed to promote the rehabilitation of patients in
hospitals and similar institutions. The course includes instruction in how
to teach patients in manual and creative art, games, crafts, and other activ-
ities; how to prepare and lay out work materials and supplies. The course
may include how to assist the occupational therapist to fit special ortho-
pedic devices.

057 V Optical Laboratory Technology (Formerly listed as Optical Mechanics and
Dispensing Optician)

The optical mechanic performs the shop or laboratory work required in mak-
ing prescription eyeglasses. This course includes instruction in ophthalmic
optics, and practice in grinding operations, polishing, layout, as well as
lens edging, lens cutting and drilling and inserting into frames. The dis-
pensing optician, in addition to the training given the optical mechanic,
receives instruction in optical mathematics, relationship of the lens to
the eye, mechanics of dispensing and inspection of eye glasses.

058 V Optometric Assisting

A vocational level course to train an individual to assist an optometrist.
The training course includes (1) office practice and receptionist techni-
ques and procedures, (2) vision testing and training in the use of eye
exercises prescribed by the optometrist, and (3) theory and application
of ophthalmic lenses (lens layout, cutting, edging, and inserting into
frames, mounting, fitting and adjusting lenses). The one year course
leads to a certificate.

059 V Physical Therapy Attendant

A vocational level course to prepare a person to be an assistant to the
professional physical therapist. The physical therapy attendant learns
how to prepare patients for treatment by the physical therapist; how to
assist patients in dressing and undressing; how to set up and assemble
equipment; how to position patients; how to change linens on beds and
treatment tables and assist the physical therapist with selected proce-
dures such as hot packs, whirlpool baths, paraffin baths, infra-red
lamps and various kinds of tubs. The course may include how to assist
in putting on braces and special appliances under the physical therapist's
direction. The course requires supervised practical experience in a physi-
cal therapy department of a hospital.

038 V Radiologic Technology (X-Ray Technology)

A course to prepare a person to be an X-Ray technician who is trained to
do the mechanical and routine work connected with operating X-Ray machines
for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The X-Ray technician is an assist-
ant to a radiologist. The course covers the scientific principles involved
in x-ray technology; and includes radiographic positioning, exposure, pro-
tection to patients and personnel, dark room chemistry and technique, radio-
graphic procedures using contrast media, nursing procedures pertinent to
radiology, medical terminology, film critique, and'equipment maintenance.
Practical experience is obtained in a radiology department of a hospital.
The length of the course is two years. The course should be conducted so
that graduates will be eligible to be registered by examination with the
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. This is a requirement for
employment in many hospitals, laboratories and clinics. Only those courses
approved by the American Medical Association qualify for certification by
the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

045 V Radiological Health Technology (Radiation Monitor)

Course of instruction in nuclear radiation, the effects of radiation on
health, and the instruments used to detect and assess the effects of radia-
tion on the people and products which are involved in industry and medical
facilities where nuclear materials are used. Special skills are developed
to prepare the radiation technician for using and calibrating radiation
detection equipment, to assess radiation hazards and to understand the bio-
logical effect of radiation from radioactive materials upon the human body.

060 V Masseur (male) Masseuse (female) Technology

A vocational level course of study designed to prepare the student for the
examination given by the Florida Board of Massage. Registration by this
agency is a requirement to practice massage in this state. The course
covers the related technical information necessary for the efficient prac-
tice of massage as well as practice in the manipulative skills of massage
techniques and related hydrotherapy services.

041 V Mortuary Science Technology

Course of study and training which provides the skills and knowledge nec-
essary to enter the Funeral Service profession in Florida. Instruction
includes public health and sanitation, funeral law, pathology embalming,
and restorative art, and meets the requirements necessary to obtain the
Embalmers and Funeral Director licenses.

Nursing Technology and Related Offerings

044 V Nursing Technology Registered Nurse

The nursing technology courses are designed to prepare both men and women
to become registered nurses. The graduate of this program is prepared for
general bedside nursing care positions. The program includes courses in
general education and in nursing education. Guided experience in patient
care is received in various community hospitals and health agencies.

This course must have the approval of the Florida State Board of Nursing,
the agency with the legal authority for approving all nursing programs.
Graduates of approved courses are eligible to take the state examination
for licensure to practice as registered nurses. The course leads to grad-
uation with an Associate Degree.

061 V Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse

The practical nursing course is a vocational level course of one year in
length (12 months) and includes classroom and laboratory instruction as
well as supervised patient care and correlated instruction. Instruction
and experience are given in both the school classroom and in one or more
cooperating hospitals. The Florida State Board of Nursing, the legal
licensing authority, must approve all courses preparing practical nurse
practitioners. Approval admits graduates to the examination for licensure
as a practical nurse. Lincensure is required to practice nursing in this
state. The course prepares the person to function within the two accepted
roles of the practical nurse; namely, (1) to plan and give nursing care,
with self-direction, to selected individuals in various nursing situations
that are relatively free from complexity and (2) to assist the registered
nurse in the more complex nursing situations. The course leads to a cer-

062 V Nurse Aid

A short vocational level course to train individuals to perform selected
tasks under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. The tasks are
related to personal care and comfort measures for patients in hospitals or
nursing homes and to maintaining a safe environment.

063 V Surgical Technician (Formerly listed as Surgical Technical Assisting)

The surgical technician course is a vocational level course and prepares
the person to function as a member of the surgical team in a hospital
operating room under the direct and continuous supervision of qualified
professional nurses and surgeons. The surgical technician assists in the
care, preparation and maintenance of sterile and unsterile supplies; func-
tions as a "scrub" or circulating assistant; assists in the maintenance
and care of operating rooms and assists with the transportation of patients.
The course leads to a certificate.

064 V Hospital Ward Clerk

A short vocational level course to prepare a person to function as an
assistant to the individual responsible for the management of a nursing
unit in a hospital. The major portion of the instruction for a hospital
ward clerk should be on-the-job and take place in a nursing unit in a



895 V Accounting and Reporting 36
724 V Advanced Accounting 18
806 V Advanced Clothing Construction 28
816 V Advanced Foods 30
835 V Advanced Furniture Reupholstering 31
717 V Advanced Secretarial Practice 18
808 V Advanced Tailoring 29
620 V Advertising 26
010 V Aeronautical Technology 48
042 V Aerospace Technology 52
753 V Agricultural Mechanization, Including Shop and Machinery 13
901 V Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Mechanics 37
011 V Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology 48
215 A-C Algebra I 2
216 A-C Algebra II 2
858 V Alterations 34
446 A-C American Constitution and Government 5
416 A-C American History 5
419 A Americanism vs. Communism 5
295 A-C Analytical Geometry 2
902 V Appliance Service 37
214 A Applied General Mathematics 2
512 V Applied Marketing Economics 20
552 V Applied Sales Psychology 22
012 V Architectural Technology 48
Art 8
342 A Astronomy for Layman 4
903 V Automotive Body Repair and Refinishing 37
904 V Automotive Mechanics 37
560 V Automobile Sales 23
013 V Automotive Technology 48
905 V Aviation Mechanics (Power and Frame) 37

570 V Banking Fundamentals 23
908 V Barbering 37
723 V Basic Accounting 18
807 V Basic Tailoring 29
805 V Basic Clothing Construction 28
891 V Basic Principles of Nutrition 35
706 A-C Beginning Shorthand 8
314 A-C Biology 4
909 V Blacksmithing, Forging, and Ornamental Ironwork 37


910 V Blueprint Reading and Estimation 37
911 V Boatbuilding (Wood and Fabricated) 38
912 V Boilermaking 38
708 A-C Bookkeeping Non-vocational 9
913 V Brick and Blocklaying 38
014 V Building and Contracting Technology 48
914 V Business Machine Mechanics 38
128 V Business English 17
715 V Business Law 17
510 V Business. Management 20
283 V Business Mathematics 17

915 V Cabinet Making, Millwork, and Furniture Making 38
297 A-C Calculus ":3
916 V Carpentry 38
554 V Cashiering for Salespeople 22
917 V Cement Finishing 38
048 V Certified Laboratory Assistant 53
015 V Chemical Technology 48
316 A-C Chemistry 4
850 V Child Day-Care Center Worker 32
809 V Children's Clothing 29
470 A Citizenship (Civic) Education 6
471 A Citizenship Education for Foreign Born 6
413 A-C Civics 6
016 V Civil Engineering Technology 49
918 V Commercial and Advertising Art 38
017 V Communication Technology 49
900 A Community Emergency Preparedness 9
855 V Companion to an Elderly Person 34
463 A-C Consumer Education 6
919 V Cooking and Baking Commercial 39
750 V Cooperatives, Buying and Selling 13
920 V Cosmetology 39
167 A Creative Writing 9
530 V Credit Management 21
474 A Current Affairs Education 6
921 V Custodial Service and Building Maintenance 39
049 V Cytotechnology 54

018 V Data Processing Technology 49
046 V Dental Assisting 53
047 V Dental Hygiene Technology 53
019 V Dental Laboratory Technology 53
924 V Diesel Mechanics 39
621 V Display 26
925 V Drafting 39
040 V Drafting and Design Technology 52


926 V Dry Cleaning and Laundering 39

473 A-C Economics 7
901 A Education for Aging 9
902 A Education for Parenthood 9
928 V Electric Line Service and Repair 39
929 V Electric Motor and Generator Mechanics 39
930 V Electric Wiring 40
020 V Electrical Technology 49
927 V Electricity Industrial 39
050 V Electrocardiograph Technology 54
051 V Electroencephalograph Technology 54
932 V Electronics Industrial 40
931 V Electronic Mechanics and Assembly 40
021 V Electronics Technology 49
099 A Elementary Education 1
114 A-C English 1
117 A English for Foreign Born 1
933 V Engraving 40
893 V Equipment Use and Care 35
842 V Establishing a Home 32
511 V Establishing and Operating a New Business 20
283 A Everyday Business Mathematics 3
606 V Executive Housekeeping 26
622 V Export and Import Practices 26

843 V Family Consumer Buying 32
856 V Family Dinner Service Specialist 34
840 V Family Economics 31
841 V Family Relationships 32
758 V Farm and Home Improvements, Including Landscaping 14
751 V Farm Management 13
762 V Farm Record Keeping 15
733 V Filing 19
934 V Fire Fighting 40
935 V Fishing Commercial 40
561 V Floral Design and Sales 23
456 A-C Florida Government 7
497 A-C Florida History 7
815 V Food for the Family 29
022 V Food Processing Technology 49
515 V Food Service Management 20
Foreign Languages 1
764 V Forestry 15
890 V Foundations of Quantity Food Preparation and Service 35
936 V Foundry Work and Molding 40

831 V






Furniture Reupholstering

Garment Making Commercial
Gas Service Installation and Repair
Gasoline Engine Mechanics
General Business
General Education
General Mathematics
General Science
Glass Making
Graphics Technology

Health Education
High School Credit
High School Review
Histology Technology
Home Care of the Sick
Home Decoration
Home Furnishing
Homemaker's Assistant
Hospital Ward Clerk
Hostess Training
Hotel-Motel, Auditing and Posting Machine
Hotel Housekeeping
Hotel-Motel Cashiering
Hotel-Motel Front Office Procedures
Hotel-Motel Management
Hotel-Motel PBX Operator
Housing for the Family
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Hydraulic Mechanics

Income Tax Problems for Business
Infant Care
Industrial Arts
Industrial Engineering Technology
Industrial Management and Supervision
Industrial Safety
Industrial Supervision and Foremanship
Inhalation Technology
Instrument Repair
Instrumentation Technology

623 V
800 V



949 V

Insurance Rating
Insurance Sales and Agency Management
Insurance Sales Training
Interior Decorating for Retail Sales
Intermediate Clothing Construction
Introduction to Philosophy
Iron Work

Jewelry Making

Landscaping and Industrial Nursery Work
Law Enforcement
Law for the Layman
Leadership Training
Legal Secretarial Practice
Library Science
Library Technical Aide
Literacy Education
Live-At-Home Programs
Machine Shop Work
Machinery Repair
Management Aide in Low-Rent Public Hous
Managing the Home
Marketing Executive Development
Masseur (Male) Masseuse (Female) Techi
Mathematics Aide
Meat Cutting
Mechanical Design Technology
Mechanical Production Technology
Medical Assisting (Doctor's Office Assii
Medical Record Technician
Medical Secretarial Practice
Merchandising and Buying
Metallurgical Technology
Meteorology for the Layman
Meterological Technology
Microminiaturization Technology
Modern Mathematics for Parents
Modern Science
Mortuary Science Technology




ing Projects



961 V
571 V
735 A
062 V
061 V
044 V
819 V

056 V
767 V
718 V
716 V
962 V
057 V
032 V
058 V
894 V

965 V
967 V
854 V
969 V
968 V
970 V
345 A-C
059 V
318 A-C
218 A-C
971 V
972 V
043 V
457 A-C
973 V
818 V
580 V
550 V
975 V
755 V
752 V
756 V
754 V
760 V

759 V


Negotiable Instruments
Nurse Aid
Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse
Nursing Technology Registered Nurse

Occupational Therapy Aid
Off-Farm Agriculture Occupations
Office Machines
Office Practice
Operating Engineering
Optical Laboratory Technology
Optical Technology
Optometric Assisting
Organization and Management

Painting and Decorating
Personal Wardrobe Maintenance Specialist
Photo Engraving
Photocopying and Blueprinting
Photography and Photo-finishing
Physical Science
Physical Therapy Attendent
Plane Geometry
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
Police Science and Criminology
Political Science
Power Machine Operation
Preserving Foods for the Family
Principles and Practices of Insurance
Principles of Retailing
Problems in Dairy Production and Marketing
Problems in Field Crops Production and Marketing
Problems in Livestock Production and Marketing
Problems in Poultry Production and Marketing
Problems in Production and Marketing of Fruits, Berries, .
and Nuts
Problems in Truck Crop Production and Marketing


418 A-C Problems of Democrary 7
763 V Production and Marketing of Ferns, Bulbs, and Flowers 15
757 V Production and Marketing of Ornamental Plants 14
427 A-C Psychology 8
976 V Pulp and Paper Work 44
896 V Purchasing 36

892 V Quantity Cookery 35

978 V Radio and Television Service 44
977 V Radio Communications 44
038 V Radiologic Technology (X-Ray Technology) 56
045 V Radiological Health Technology (Radiation Monitor) 56
979 V Railroad Engine and Car Mechanics 45
980 V Railroad Engineering and Firing 45
981 V Railroad Telegraphy and Station Agency 45
982 V Railroad Train Work 45
143 A Reading 12
593 V Real Estate Appraisals 25
594 V Real Estate Finance 25
591 V Real Estate Law Instruments and Documents 24
590 V Real Estate License 24
592 V Real Estate Sales Promotion 24
983 V Related Trade and Industrial Technology 45
984 V Roofing 45
563 V Route Selling 23

577 A Safety Education 12
033 V Safety Engineering Technology 51
533 V Sales Analysis and Financing 21
553 V Sales Promotion 22
572 V Savings and Loan Principles 24
810 V Selection and Care of Clothes for the Family 29
564 V Securities Sales Training 23
513 V Service Station Management 20
985 V Sheet Metal Work 45
987 V Shoe Repair 45
817 V Short Cuts in Meal Preparation 30
707 V Shorthand and Transcription 17
735 V Shorthand Recording Machines 19
425 A-C Sociology 8
765 V Soil and Water Management 15
263 A-C Solid Geometry 3

Date Dur


374 A Space Biology for Layman 5
173 A-C Speech 2
988 V Steam Fitting 46
853 V Supervised Food Service Worker 33
739 V Supervisory Training for Business 19
535 V Supervisory Training for Distributive Workers 22
063 V Surgical Technician 58
990 V Surveying 46

991 V Tailoring 46
034 V Technical Illustration 51
036 V Technical Writing (Publications Technology) 51
551 V Techniques of Selling 22
992 V Telephone Installation and Repair Service 46
037 V Television Production Technology 51
993 V Television Studio Production 46
802 V The Older Child and Adolescent 28
801 V The Young Child 28
995 V Tile Setting 46
996 V Tool and Die Making 46
624 V Traffic Management and Rates 27
625 V Travel Agency and Ticketing Procedures 27
219 A-C Trigonometry 3
703 A-C Typewriting Non-vocational 12

997 V Upholstery 47

998 V Vehicle Driving Commercial 47
852 V Visiting Homemaker 33
708 V Vocational Bookkeeping 17
704 V Vocational Typewriting 17

600 V Waiter-Waitress Training 25
517 V Warehouse Management 21
999 V Watchmaking 47
986 V Water and Sewage Plant Operation 45
994 V Welding 46
766 V Wildlife and Game Management 15
414 A-C World History 8


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