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Title: Final Report
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Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Library Services and Technology Act (LTSA) grant proposal for digitizing Florida newspapers which are then available in the Florida Digital Newspaper Library.
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Forms and Instructions

Report Due: November 1, 2006

Florida Department of State
Division of Library and Information Services
R. A. Gray Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-025

LSTA Grants Annual Report
DLIS/LSTA03, Effective 11/20/2001


For Federal Fiscal Year 2005 Projects

Due: November 1, 2006

Library/Organization University of Florida Libraries

Address PO Box 11700, Gainesville, FL 32611-7007

Phone (352) 846-0129

Project Name Rewiring Florida's News

Project Number 05-LSTA-F-13 Grant Award $95,000

I. STATISTICAL DATA. Give best estimates if actual numbers served are unavailable.

A. Area served (check one): State

B. 1. Targeted population to be served, per the application: 17,000,000

2. Total number of persons served by the project: unknown; new systems logging but still not
analyzing/reporting statistics
Include persons who used project services or benefited from the project. Count each person only once.

II. EXPENDITURES. Use the form to provide grant and matching expenditure detail by category and source of funds.

III. EQUIPMENT INVENTORY. Use the form to list each item of equipment that had an acquisition cost of over $1,000 with a
usable life of more than one year.

IV. NARRATIVE. See Instructions for completing the LSTA Annual Report form on page 2 for specific details.

I certify that all of the information contained herein is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Library Director Date

Dale B. Canelas
Typed Name of Library Director

Signature of Fiscal Officer Date

Barbara Oliver
Typed Name of Fiscal Officer

LSTA Grants Annual Report
DLIS/LSTA03, Effective 11/20/2001

Library/Organization University of Florida Libraries
Project I.D. Number 05-LSTA-F-13
Grant Award $95,000




A. SALARIES & BENEFITS (All salaries paid from both federal and local sources)
Project Coordinator 0.05 $ $3,6
Digital Imaging Coordinator 0.1 $ -$4,2
Quality Control Coordinator 0.1 $ -$3,7
Mark-up & Meta Data Coordinator 0.15 $6,3

News Imaging Coordinator

__________ $



B. CONTRACTUAL SERVICES (List each vendor)


C. LIBRARY MATERIALS ............................

D. SUPPLIES .........

E. TRAVEL .................................. .............

F. EQUIPMENT ........................... ....... ......

G. OTHER (Specify)



$64.700.00 A


H. TOTAL A-G .............................................

Submit amounts listed below along with this report.



Equipment substitution (for more productive
equipment) resulted in cost savings. Could not
use savings in staffing. And, had already
purchased supplemental equipment and software
before the savings were realized.

Please contact UF Contracts and Grants: Tim
Moody (352.392.1235) about UF Bridges
Project Number 00054668

LSTA Grants Annual Report
DLIS/LSTA03, Effective 11/20/2001



Library/Organization University of Florida Libraries
Project LD. Number 05-LSTA-F-13

An inventory of equipment purchased as a part of an LSTA-funded project must be maintained at the state and local level. Any changes in the status of the equipment (i.e.,
changes in location or use) must be reported to the State Library. List, separately, each item purchased for the project during the project period ending September 30 using
local, LSTA or a combination of funds. Include only equipment with an acquisition cost of more than $1,000 and a useful life of more than one year.

Date LSTA $ Serial/
Item/Description Received Total Cost Local $ Spent Spent Model # Local ID # Location and Use
i2S Copibook Scanner 6/14/2006 $32,350 $0 $32,350 n/a 000000224599 UF Libraries, Digital Library Center
(1st) 200 Smathers Library
Use: Newspaper Digitization
i2S Copibook Scanner 6/14/2006 $32,350 $0 $32,350 n/a 000000224648 UF Libraries, Digital Library Center
(2nd) 200 Smathers Library
Use: Newspaper Digitization

Reference: http://www.i2s-bookscanner.com/en/products copibook.asp

The UF Libraries purchased additional three scanners to supplement the project but spent funds neither from the grant nor accounted as cost share.

Note: Copibook Scanners were a replacement for slower, less efficient, and more reliable equipment originally specified for the project. Productivity
was twice that of equipment originally specified. Because we made a bulk purchase, equipment costs were significantly reduced resulting in the savings
of $30,300. Savings could not be used for staffing. And other equipment and major software (e.g., PrimeRecognition @ $23,000 or Aware JPEG2000 zoom
image technology at $13,000) had already been purchased before savings were realized.

LSTA Grants Annual Report
DLIS/LSTA03, Effective 11/20/2001


See the attached outcomes assessment for narrative.

27 CURRENT titles (26 weeklys; 1 daily) in 1717 issues or 51,500 page images and 171
HISTORIC titles in 6840 page images were imaged. We produced more historic newspapers
than anticipated. Historic title use older, slower equipment, but a temporary opening in that
equipment's schedule allowed additional production and filled in a slice of Florida history.
For a current (and ever increasing) list of titles and issues available to the public see
http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/UFDC.aspx?c=fdnll&m=hbtall. As of this report, there is 1
CURRENT title (1 weekly) in 89 issues or 1424 page images and 129 HISTORIC titles in 6230
page images available. In process, and loading for public access, there is 26 CURRENT titles
and 57 HISTORIC titles. We continue to digitize current and historic titles. Among these are
titles taken from partnered institutions to test procedures and cost structures.

N.B. LSTA granted only half of the funds needed to carry out the project, and necessitating
that we cut our title queue in half. We found it politically impossible to scan only half of the
titles that we had been filming. To meet this target with out appropriate funding, we took
additional time (which slowed us down initially) to find more productive equipment than
originally specified. We were fortunate in that new equipment hit the market at our time of
need. New scanners, CopiBook (at $32,350 each), producing one page image in under 10
seconds (or more than 6 pages per minute ... excluding additional image processing time).
This is faster than microfilming and allowed us to shift our entire microfilming queue to
digital. 49 titles (44 weeklys and 5 dailys in 4113 issues ANNUALLY or more than 123,000
page image are targeting in annual production. The speed of these new machines will allow
us to make up lost ground.

NOTE: these numbers EXCLUDE product resulting from the National Digital Newspaper
Program (NDNP). Titles/Numbers above are only LSTA product. NDNP, which have not yet
been loaded to the online digital library, and IMLS project newspapers will fill in historic
backlogs. NDNP film had to meet specific quality requirements as it digitized from film. IMLS
had no such targets. As a result, we targeted microfilm reels that did not meet NDNP
requirements. The only extant film of its kind, it had to be converted sooner or later. That
film, as a condition of its history, is truly nasty. But, again, it is the only newspaper record of
Florida history remaining.

NOTE: we have scanned far more than we currently serve. We had been awaiting
programming changes before loading backlogged content. Loaded metadata had to be
modified for new programming; continued load before programming appeared a waste of time
to load only to reload. The load of backlogged content is now proceeding, primarily with load
of current newspapers.

The Florida Digital Newspaper Library (FDNL) web site is available, but not yet publicized, at
http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/UFDC.aspx?c=fdnll&m=h. Site still requires additional
development before being publicized. FDNL is wholly new. UF had to design new interface to
support it. It follows the lead and requirement of the American Chronicle, the product of the
National Digital Newspaper Program from the Library of Congress and funded by NEH.
American Chronicle's first private release occurred only in 2006 November, after delay. FDNL
work recently completed:
* Zoom image ability. The University of Florida, using $13,000 in endowment funds not cost
shared, implemented this technology to make pages more usable.
* Issue nesting. Issues of any particular title now nest under the title in chronological order.
And, FDNL work still pending:

LSTA Grants Annual Report
DLIS/LSTA03, Effective 11/20/2001

Instructions for completing the LSTA Annual Report form
Page 2

Replacement of the University of Florida Libraries headline with a state-project headline.
(NB The Florida Digital Newspaper Library (FDNL) banner graphic appears only on the
collection home page. The headline is carried through-out.)
Search term highlighting in displayed text. Newspaper page images have been processed
to create zoomable image display, searchable text, and word location information for
highlighting. Additional programming is needed to make the searched and found text
display with highlighting in the zoomed image.
Search terms in context in query returns to assist in selection of a particular result from
among potentially thousands of results.
Expanded search. Many events in Florida history are document in other resources
(archival, books, journals, photographs and multimedia). Expanded search is intended to
allow the FDNL user to search other UF, PALMM and Florida Electronic Library content
without leaving the FDNL site or the page image display.
Calendar interface, allowing the user to select a date or date range of interest from an
online calendar.
Geographic interface, allowing the user to click on a zoom map of the state of Florida to
identify a region, county or city of interest. Originally, we'd hoped that this technology
would be driven by that now driving the Aerial Photography : Florida collection
(http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/digital/collections/FLAP/ a previous UF LSTA project), but that
interface has proven challenging for the average user. We're now building a series of bit-
map HTML pages linked to the database.

Guidelines for Contributors, in draft as web pages attached to FDNL, are not yet live pending
software tweaks and completion of on-going tests of procedures and costs. Guidelines
should be complete and available to the public in early January 2006, for use by 2007 LSTA
granting institutions. As requested by LSTA, Guidelines tell those applying for funding from
LSTA how to structure their projects and to create their images. We continue to work with
selected public libraries to test and extend guidelines. In the course of the project, UF
extended at no cost to LSTA or to the public libraries in the test digitization services to
help us perfect our procedures and requirements.

Also scheduled for January is the web-site evaluation, which will make use of focus groups
and an online survey. Together with publicity mailed to the main 67 county public libraries
and the state's university libraries, we'll be asking for additional assessment. The Florida
Digital Newspaper Library continues the University of Florida's long standing newspaper
microfilming program. The University is committed to its continuation and maintains an
active program of granting and fund raising to maintain it. FDNL is currently listed on the
Libraries funding opportunities list for Endowment as part of the University's on-going Capital
Campaign. One of the library's donors just recently gave funds that will be used to mock up
additional FDNL content to be used in a campaign targeted to the Independent Florida
Alligator that will seek to generate the funds needed to advance retrospective digitization of
Florida's historic newspapers. We also anticipate returning to an earlier verbal proposal from
the Florida Press Association with an offer (to be firmed) of additional content and potentially
some funding.

Send reports by November 1, 2006 to:
Grants Office
Division of Library and Information Services
R. A. Gray Building
500 S. Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250

LSTA Grants Annual Report
DLIS/LSTA03, Effective 11/20/2001

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