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Preventive Maintenance reading guide
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Will Eisner's P*S The Preventive Maintenance Monthly

Will Eisner's P*S The Preventive Maintenance Monthly

Will Eisner's P*S The Preventive
Maintenance Monthly stands as a
particularly important example of
instructional and military comics.
P*S is an ongoing comic, with
newer issues available online from
the military. The historical P*S -ic
issues collected here are Eisner's
work. P*S began when the Army
asked Will Eisner, already famous
for his work on The Spirit, to
design P*S. The original P*S -
served as an informal supplement, Jr f
or postscript, to official Army
publications. P*S made learning
about equipment maintenance ,
enjoyable and easy.

Both the form and the style
appealed to readers with the easy to carry small-size of P*S, color images, and detailed images
of equipment and component parts of equipment. The narrative style and the characters also
added to the entertainment value, with characters like MSG Half-Mast, Connie Rodd, and
Connie's two incompetent assistants PVT Fosgnoff and PVT Joe Dope. Fosgnoff and Dope
constantly made mistakes, creating narrative reasons to convey technical information. Connie
Rodd was originally created to interest the almost entirely male readership, but as women
entered the Army and as the feminist movement grew, Eisner transformed Connie from a pinup to
a modestly dressed expert. Other characters similarly evolved and changed, with new characters
added and others leaving. Throughout Eisner's work on P*S, the comic evolved along with and in
service to its readers.

P*S is significant in itself and because of its creator Will Eisner. Will Eisner is perhaps best
understood through his legacy, with the many comics he created, his influence on other
cartoonists and on writers and artists in other fields, his impact on readers, and his impact on
comics themselves. Eisner's exemplary work in comics and for the promotion of comics greatly
influenced comics as an art and a literary form, as well as comics' reception and critical analysis.
The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, which awards creative achievement in American comics,
is named for him because of his importance to comics.

Eisner's many accomplishments include writing the popular comic strip series The Spirit,
instructional comics like P*S The Preventive Maintenance Monthly collected here, and
establishing the graphic novel with A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories. While
Eisner is generally regarded as the father of the graphic novel, he often corrected others to note
that he was not the first to coin the term. However, Eisner did bring the term graphic novel into its
current popular usage.

As such an important figure in comics, literature, and art, many archival and research projects
have focused on Will Eisner and his work. More information on Eisner and his work can be found
on many sites, including the official Will Eisner site, Denis Kitchen Art Agency site, and on Ohio
State University's Cartoon Research Library site. OSU's Cartoon Research Library houses the
Will Eisner Collection and their site includes a finding aid among other resources.