Bibliography on Cuba : selected references

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Bibliography on Cuba : selected references
Castro, Mary Garcia
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University of Florida, Center for Latin American Studies
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University of Florida. ( LCSH )
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North America -- Cuba -- Caribbean

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BIBLIOGRAPHY ON CUBA -selected references

Mary Garcia Castro prepared for Dr Helen Safa

limited circulation (first draft)

University of Florida, Center for Latin American Studies
Gainesville, May 1987

Benjamim, Medea, Collins, Joseph and Scott, Michael
1986 No Free Lunch. Food & Revolution in Cuba Today
New York. A Food First Book, Grove Press.

Specifically see: on women in cooperatives -p 177;
on women in prerevolutionary Cuba -p 4 on women's incomes p 183 on maternity leave p 178 on special rations during pregnancy and chilbirth -p 27, 97

Bonachea, Roland E. and Valdes, Nelson P.
1972 Cuba in Revolution
New York. A Doubleday Anchor Original. Doubleday & Co.

Brudenius, Claes
1981 Economic Growth. Basic Needs and Income Distribution in
Revolutionary Cuba
Lund. Lund University

Basic Reference to a updated overview (80s) of the Cuban economy and quality of life indicators. Good analysis on consumption patterns.

I consulted in 1983. This volume disappeared from the U.F. Latin American Collection. Some of the tables I am handling are taken from this source (see table's source).

Cavera, Sonia Catasus
1986 La Nucpialidad de los anos setenta en el marco de las
Transformaciones Socioeconomicas en Cuba
La Habana. Centro de Estudios Demograficos (xerox)

1980 Economic Survey of Latin America, 1979--Cuba
E/CEPAL/P.227/Add.10. July (see copy in the folder)

Comite Estatal de Estatistica
1981 Estadisticas Quinquenales de Cuba 1965-1980


La Habana. CEE
Reference U.F.-Latin American Collection HA.873 E881 1982
I consulted, the data are at the level of the nation

1984 Censo de Poblacion y Viviendas 1981- Republica de Cuba
La Habana. CEE. vol 16
Reference UF Latin American Collection HA 871.5 1981
I consulted, the data are at the level of the nation Fuller, Linda
1986 Changes in the Relationship among the Unions,
Administration, and the Party at the Cuban Workplace
Latin american Perspectives, issue 49, vol 13, no 2

The author addresses the role of unions in Cuba and their
potential for furthering workers' control at the level of production. Fuller researches changes in the unions' relations with the administration (management) and with the Communist Party. She defends that the position of unions has been substatially strenghtened since the 1960s. Fuller identifies that "the participation of the Cuban population in the stablishment and consolidation of socialism, in contrast with the socialist countries of Eastern Europe, as an important factor in these decisions" (p. 3)

Halebsky, Sandor and Kirk, John M.
1985 Twenty-Five Years of Revolution. Cuba 1959 to 1984
New York. Praeger Ed.

Basic Reference to a updated overview (up to 1984) of several
aspects of Cuban life: The Authors in the first section discuss the 25 years of the Cuban Revolution. The second section is on the 'social revolution'--on education (Leiner), health care (Danielson), food distribution system (Collins and Benjamin), women (Padula and Smith), and on the relations with the church (Kirk). The third section is on 'cultural changes'--popular culture (Weiss), films (Burton), and criticism and literature (Echevarria). The forth section is on the
economy--on development models (Edelstein), growth and equality (Brundenius), and on planning (Zimbalist). The fifth section is on the 'political process and change'--analysis of the "Verde Olivo" magazine (Judson), the party and the masses (Rabklin), the organs of the popular power (Ritter), class organzation and 'conciencia' (Perez-Stable), and the socialist experience (Azicri). Te sixth section is on 'foreign policy developments--the relations with the USA (Smith), the relations with th URSS and with the Third World (Woodford Bray and Bray), and on the Cuban internationalism (Eckstein). The last section is 'overviews'--on the state of art of the scholarship, source and literature (Perez Jr), evaluation of the revolution (Gunder Frank, and MacEwan, and Petras and Morley, and Foner). Randall closes the volume with a testimony on her personal experience of living in Cuba for 12 years.

Harnecker, Martha
1981 Entrevista a Carlos Rafael Rodriguez: Cuba Grandes


Areito. Vol II, no 25

Mesa-Lago, Carmelo
1981 The Economy of Socialist Cuba: A Two Decade Appraisal
Albuquerque. University of New Mexico Press

Perez-Lopez, Jorge
1986 Real Economic Growth in Cuba 1965-1982.
The Journal of Developing Areas. January, vol. 20, no 2 (p. 151-173)

Social Text-Theory, Culture Ideology
1986 Fall, no 15

A collection of articles on cultural aspects of Cuban life.
Article by Roberto Fernandez Retamar (on "Our America and the West"); poems by Cuban women poets

Stuart, Angelica
1984 Impressions of the Cuban Revolution.
Latin American Perspectives. Vol. ii, no 3, issue 42. Summer (p 141

Zimbalist, Andrew (ed.0
1987 Cuba's Socialist Economy Toward the 1990s
World Development
Special Issue

A collection of articles on patterns of Cuban development in the first 25 years; on agriculture policy (J.L. Rodriguez); women in tobacco farming (J. Stubbs); industrial growth (Zimbalist); capital goods production (Brudenius); health care system (S.M.Santana); worker incentives (A.C. Jimenez); worker management conflict (L. Fuller); planning, centralization and decentralization, and participation (G. White); and trade, debt and the Cuban economy (R. Turits)


U.F-L.A. Collection

X.330.97291 E 195. C -Economia y Desarrollo La Habana

I consulted the two last years issues. I specially recommend:
N54. 1919,54. July, October 1979--L. Rodriguez Garcia--Economia Politica de la Revolucion cubana 1959-1960. On the industrialization and external commerce

-Revolucion y Cultura. I consulted the 1986 issues

056. B. 676 -Bohemia. I consulted the 1986 and 1987 issues.

In the issue of February 2 there are interviews with


union leaders on rentability and productivity. Ramon Cardona Nuevo-general secretary of the SNT of the chimical industry (p. 52,53). He criticizes the fact that efficiency and the cuality of products have been sacrificed in favor of accomplishing goals (quantities). He also defends that the workers should intervene more in the factory decision making process. These criticisms are in accordance with the spirit of the movement of 'retification' (la reificacion).

972.91005 C 334. Casa de las Americas not consulted X608 77291 C962 Cuba Dep. de la Propriedad Industrial not consulted

X330.97291. C9629 Cuban Economic News I consulted the issues of 1984 and 1986

HX.9.57.CB-Cuba Socialista not consulted 378.7291 U58. Universidad de Habana- not consulted 972.91063V Y 83 Verde Olivo not consulted XF1751 D57- Direct from Cuba. Prensa Latina I consulted the issues for the last two years

AP 63 M 82-Muchacha- I consulted the issues for the last two years 301.41205M953. Mujeres. I consulted the issues for the last two years HCl61.p 37 Panorama Economico. I consulted the issues for the last two years

AP63 P74 Prisma Latinoamericano. I const ,ed the last issues HA 37.C864R 48. Revista Estadistica. Not consulted 700.5.R 454. Revolucion y Cultura I consulted the last issues 341.18716.B 936. Tricontinental I consulted 327.05.T824 to be identified R016.97291/C962- Cuban Studies I consulted the last issues Gramma to be consulted

Juventud Rebelde to be consulted Cubatimes to be consulted

Cuba Review to be consulted