The Magic Tower (Production Number 22)


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The Magic Tower (Production Number 22)
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Presented by: University of Florida Alumni Association, Hon. Stephen C. O"Connell, President, Ernest R. Currie, Television Chairman
University of FLorida
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University of Florida.
Century Tower
Jacobs, Buddy
Silvers, Evelyn Patrick
Campus Buildings
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida


Presented by: University of Florida Alumni Association, Hon. Stephen C. O"Connell, President, Ernest R. Currie, Television Chairman Featuring: Evelyn Patrick Silvers, Buddy Jacobs Written by: John Paul Jones, Professor of Journalism Producer: Harold Dillinger, Alumni Association Field Secretary Director: Dwight Godwin, Manager of Photographic Services, University of Florida Photographed by: John Kucer, Dwight Godwin, Jim Moffet Music by: UF Symphony Orchestra and UF Band The Magic Tower is a promotional film intended for a general audience. The film begins with Buddy Jacobs, the student body president in 1966-1967, and the introduction of Evelyn Patrick Silvers, a graduate of the University of Florida in 1953, and wife of comedian Phil Silvers. The "Magic Tower" is Century Tower and its symbolic significance. The film focuses on the changes in the campus as seen in the many new buildings and the greater number of students since the time when Evelyn Patrick Silvers was a student.
Contents 0:00 Blank screen 0:30 Clip of UF Band playing Dixie and forming the word "Dixie" on Florida Field. 0:45 Buddy Jacobs, president of the UF student body is shown. He states he is viewing old shots of the UF Band to try to tie it in with the upcoming visit to the campus of Evelyn Patrick Silvers, wife of famous comedian Phil Silvers. In 1952, she was the queen of the Military Ball and also the Homecoming Queen. Black and white photos of her from the 1952 Seminole yearbook are shown. She is coming to UF to help tell the story of the University of Florida 1:35 Buddy Jacobs says that the theme of the film is Century Tower. 2:00 The words "The Magic Tower" appear on the screen followed by aerial shots of Century Tower and University Auditorium 2:30 Helicopter arrives with its passenger Evelyn Patrick Silvers and touches down near Century Tower. President Reitz officially greets Mrs. Silvers with Buddy Jacobs standing nearby. 3:30 Talk with administrators Robert Mautz, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Richard H. Whitehead, Registrar and Director of Admissions. The talk takes place outside the Arts and Architecture building. Various matters are discussed as the increase in the number of buildings, the larger number of students and also of women students, the academic standing of the university, more students from urban high schools enrolled, and the improvement of arts and philosophy as seen in the art gallery. 5:35 Interior of University Gallery which has an exhibit of Indian Art. 5:50 Buddy Jacobs and Dean Mautz, and Dean Whitehead mention recent music and other events at UF and clips of these are shown. UF Symphony Orchestra New York Promusica UF International Talent Show Bob Hope's visit 8:34 The group of four is shown again and Mrs. Silvers mentions the greater attention to the study of languages and science. She asks about the move to limit the number of freshmen. 10:30 Mrs. Silvers thanks Dean Mautz and Dean Whitehead for having her back and she and Buddy Jacobs walk away. 10:40 Evelyn Patrick Silvers and Buddy Jacobs stand by the colonnade area overlooking the fountain at the Fine Arts Complex. Mrs. Silvers is introduced and talks with five students. 11:00 Two other students are introduced: John Whatley, a football player with a 3.7 grade point average and Chip Block, a member of Florida Blue Key in charge of the 1966 Homecoming. 13:50 A brief helicopter tour with aerial views of campus. Century Tower and University Auditorium Architecture and Fine Arts Complex New library (Library West) under construction Chemistry Research Complex Stadium also showing construction 16.30 Clips of a football game. 16:45 New student union and theater under construction 17:15 J. Hillis Miller Health Center and addlition. Named recently for Senator Shands. 18:20 Site of the soon to be built Florida State Museum 18:45 Weil Hall 18:50 Genesys project discussed 20:30 Classroom at Cape Kennedy. In his office the founder of Genesys Dean Thomas L. Martin Jr. discusses the relevance of computers. 21:40 A lab with lab technicians and computers. 22:05 Computers used in the Department of Music as in serial technique. 22:25 A patient at the J. Hillis Miller Health Center showing the use of computers to map radiation dosage distribution in the treatment of cancer. 23:20 Scene in the College of Business Administration showing students with a computer. 23:45 Computers are important in Army ROTC program and the "Gator Raiders". Scenes of a mock battle are shown with ROTC students in camouflage attire. 24:24 An aerial view of the J. Hillis Miller Health Center. 24:35 Dr. Charles U. Lowe is shown by the newest construction at the J. Hillis Miller Health Center. He holds up a schematic of the planned construction with Phase 1 (Children's Mental Health Unit), and Phase 2 and 3 (Human Development Center). He speaks of the importance of the latter two phases. 27:00 Evelyn Patrick Silvers speaks. View of Century Tower alone 27:25 Aerial showing Century Tower and the University Auditorium 28:10 Credits 29:00 Film end
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Production Number 22: Production Title: The Magic Tower: Production date: 1966: Derived from 16 mm film: Color / Sound / Total running time: 00:29:00

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University of Florida
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University of Florida Archives
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