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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Current issue also available on the Internet.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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n6 & C0.9 LT".


Ma ~WWI9~ q~ was an main ~. -a a -
-- ~ -~~- -~ as~* amu.~win,, wv.a., ...~UU~U5m , I~5.J~D5JD *i~ Aw'rnu.






amould at 02, am*%

reiA Stock

><.^ -pr t. -. ^. 38

V ?ONIS 4111< IS to Li ~sn jmb

iv i_--- CANNING & Li


'i--tish Drive--.%%---
,itish Drieve

Within 8 Miles Of The Somme


R eims

I Army Troopi
To Beyond

AUng. 30 (AP i-Brit-
i columns, striking
SSeine in their first
Ikma toward the flying
reached Gournay to-
l beyond Beauvals.
patch from th' head-
o general Sir 1flW
Britsh forces, driv-
m the Seine were
from the Somme
going fast against
time. it was an-
t' Canadians, out-
en, moved up five
mt of the Seine River
qeqman radio statutions
ad .been evacuated.
Klcsd that the .meri-
which drove through
and S:issons and
to be standing. Just
S, belonged to dIeut.-
I ney Hodges' First
' lian Lieut,-General
'a Third.
is operating wo the
; the broad sweep by
ml Omar Bradley's 12th
lodges' troops took
ms and raised their
",D-Day' to 11S.131.
Mpy troops liberated
t firing a shot today
00 in pursuit of the
back through the
eWorld War I Hinden-

resistance about the
I completely during
Sthe enemy took to
:the Americans, moving
B ed, had outflanked
ral was undamaged,
B|Ubearing only a few
outskirts, most of
ted upon the air-
military targets by
of the American drive
Thierry caught thl
They begar
was moving wit'
eater than the on'
e Field-Marsha
'"n IF'uge's Seventh
the Argentan-Palaise

.1TO PAGE S, COL. 11

tod Gropes

'New Life
4K Poland, Aug. 30 (CP)-
*tolken in spirit after
NMears a Nazi slaughter-
for new life, free-
UOace. At Lublin, 45
the Red Army front
J.UP from Moscow, the
P government of the
4MIe wide authority
IapOearan:e of forpi-n
SRoman Catholicism
be the Si.'te relfiion
,t1ach In public schools
Wropertv and lands are
B* of young Poles drill
*Stp under the grizzled
.e Ouerrilla warfare, and
km the Polish Army are
--2 to be 500,000 men


10i, Aug. 30 (AP) -
A correspondent, broad-
Stockholm tonight- a
the Germans are send-
M,- cylinders to the
Del coast. He said
strafed a heavily
Sen route from Ger-
Holland to the coast
I" escaped from the
W" caryl and killed
f.. throwing a Dutch
PS". He said "many
havuy guarded such as
Psed through seiltum
hk recentiv towards the
trots In Warsaw re-
h 'Suture of "gas Iren-
WAt On na fighting
Phs capital

Plera Gets
Nr Pounding
aDUARTU1s, South.
Z 1 31(A-) Th
in oes than two
aSne gateway to
*Sft'ftS--*e* the OW[o
"Voff. In the lat-
--ba O and

S Ligm Ug

Southern France Landing

A L '. .'
:'; *.i"; l .. ,.. ^ ":

AW.* "5 ',. :

American troops and vehicles move ashore from landilng craft
following their arrival at the Invasion coast of France along the
Mediterranean. A barrage balloon flies overhead as protection
against low-flying enemy 'planes. This photo, one of the first ori-
ginals of the Aiugust 15 landing to reach this country, was made
by Henry L Griffi, Aessocilated Press photographer with the war-
time atill picture pool.

Extends Command
Extension of Eisenhower's
ecrmmand to include the Sev-
enth Army norr speeding north
from the Mediterranean coast
of France, was disclosed in
high quarters tonight. Opera-
tions of the American and
French forces south under com-
mand of General Alexan-
der Patch are Laid to be an
Integral part of the overall
campaign to crush the Germans
In France.

Belgians Ready

For Conflict
LONDON, Aug. 30 (AP)-Bel-
sium braced heraelt for the pros-
pects cf becoming a battlefield
within hours s the country's
tightly-knit Underground, concen-
trating on sabotage of the trans.
,ortatlon system, awaited orders
from General Dwight Eisenh:wer
to touch off a general uprising .s
th- Americans rolled to within 38
miles of the Belalan border.
Mr. Hubert Plerlot in London
said 'azi propaganda to jase the
Anglo-American bombing to alien-
ate his countrymen had failed and
95 per cent of the Belgians were
supporting the Allied cause.
The Maquis of the country-
per)" ps better organised than those
of France because Belgium Is Eur-
ope's mesat thickly-populated state
-have stolen some arms from the
Germans and with stolen NaZl ve-
hicles they had become a mo.orlsej
guerrilla outfit.
Extent of the activity was de-
monstrated In an Underground re-
p:rt two nights ago that sabotage
recently resulted In the destruction
of two ralwa,' depots, 23 locomo-
tives and scores of cars to help
sap Field-Marshal Ouenther von
Kluge'I army.
Size cf the resistance movement
Is uncertain, but Its potential
strength .an be gauged by Hitler's
action In sendine an estimated
500,000 workers to Germany.
On top of this, Government
sources say another 100,000 are Im-
prisone:l in Loncentration camps
and 75,000 held as -. lsners of war.
Approximately 7500 were shot or
hanged. And these were costly
from the age .rackets which would
make the best resistance fighters.
Despite this, the Maquis had de-
veloped In more than four years
of occupation to a point whet col-
laborators and their German mas-
ters have been driven to measures
similar to those taken in France.
The Germans labelled the Bel-
frian Marquis u franctlreurs with
the German forces serving, saying
that they will be treated as treach-
erous murderers "just as ruthlessly
as terrorist groups cf Communistic

French Arrest
Sacha Guitry
PARIS, Aug. M30 (AP)-It wau
reported totcy that Sacha Oultry,
noted writer, actor and producer,
was arrested by police and FF.I.
as a suspected collaborationist.
Stephane Lauaie, chief edi-
torial writer of MatUn." :mous
French daily, was arrmsed as
he left a bakery with several loaves
of bread under his arm. His news-
paper and a number of other
"rnch dasi' accused of pro-Oer-
Iman sympathies were raided by the
-,'.A. jnu eeo publication sev-
eral days ago.
These Included "-e Petit Part-
mlenne," "Le I& atn," "Paris Md,"
"Louvre" as well as 'De or1 du
People" and "Aujourshul" which
w started dui the conUpaion
with German vsuport
French forces of the Interior said
they had no off ttan are-
pect tr:t MaOUrie ,W== preach
srewd star uvvs arred and shWt
by Maqus. Chevabr's where-
zfouts ince the Uht for Paris bas
been kept searet.

1825th Day Of The War
Aguiast litleris.

Big German

Ports Smashed

By U.S.'Pla es

QUARTERS, Aug. 30 (AP)-The
Eighth Air Force today sent between
500 and 750 Flying Fortresses to
batter the big German ports of
Kiel and Bremen with hundreds
of tons of bombs, while at least. 303
other heavy bombers bested flying
bomb Installations in Pas de Calais.
Mustangs probably 1,000 of them
escorted both forces.
Operating on the request of
ground troops. A20"s of the -Ninth
Air Force during the afternoon at-
tacked an Important fuel depot
near Dieppe.
th e with gaulV
crews made a sweep over a Owr-
man airfeld near Copenhagen
today, reports Reuter. They set
two grounded 'planes on fire and
severely damaged two others.
The enemy had thought them safe
enough, they were parked In
protected blast shelters.)
Lancasters Bomb
East Prussia Capital
LONDON. Aug. 30 (Reuter) -
R.A.P. Lancaster bombers in very
great strength reached out nearly
1,000 miles from Britain last night
to strike two heavy blows In the
battle for East Prussia.
One force went to the F',st
Prussia capital of Koenigsberg, not
more than 100 miles from where
the Russians are now fighting, An-
other force, including Canadian
bombers, went to Stettin.
Stettin alone got more than 1.200
tons last night and a reconnais-
sance pilot, who flew over later,
saw a huge sea of fire In the port
with smoke rolling up to five miles
high. Over Koenigsberg. cloud
prevented a full view of the devas-
Bomber Command, which lost
4,1 aircraft, also sent Mosquitoes
to Berlin last night to drop, in of-
ficial words, a considerable num-
ber of 4,000-lb. bombs.
Beauflghters of Coastal Command
which attacked a German convoy
off the Bight of Heligoland at
dusk yesterday, left four of the five
ships in flames.
The Beauflghters, nearly 80 of
them with an escort of Mustangs.
attacked with torpedoes and rock-
ets. A merchant vessel was seen
well on fire, all the escort flak ships
were ablaze and one, at least, was
sinking. A large, heavily-armed
naval auxiliary wsa burning so
fiercely that its plates were red
hot. ..

na (auiml Nan

m4 -- ..... "- ...... -s 0v a
US. 'Subs Sink 875
SeventhArmyJap Ships During War Slovaks
WASHINGTO, o Aug._0 ,^AP

At Chabeuil

Germans Strib
From Over Bordc
Of Italy
ROME, Aug. 30 (API-- Gener
Alexander Patch's headquarte
'a-nounced today that Ameri
I can infantry and tanks todi
slammed the way open to tl
vicinity of Chabeuil. only six mUG
southeast of Valence. The town
of Sauset and Clary. northeast
Montellmar. were mopped up I
American infantry.
The Germans who are retreat
a'ong the east bank of the Rhot
were belng assailed by swiftly
moving columns which were trylt
erlmlv to prevent the escape of ax
sl.-eable quantities of Naris.
Heavy losses were Intflrted 1
Allied artillery and aircraft on 5
enemy column three miles loq
which was cau-ht trying to evaci
ate and more than W00 vehicles Ar
nmim-rous nieces of horse-dram
artillery plus 100 horses were des
troyed. One column was movit
north tl:ng Highway Seven whi
The Americana xwa",ed a bItti
battle alone. a 20-mile front in tt
Rhone Valley to annihilate whi
little remains of the German' I t
Army fleein- from southern Wranc
while 90 miles to the east. Germs
Panzer forces were strIking Inl
France from the Italan front
In an effort to relieve the pressure
Seventh Army infantry an
tanks attacked with particular feo
city at Loriol. 13i' miles north 6
Montelimar In an effort to smua
the Nazi force attempting. to croi
the Drome Plve- on por:cons aXn
resume the flight to the Father
The strength of this Germa
column whose attack was the oni
offensive restore by the Nazit Om
mand In southern or western W1
rope in recent weeks, was not di
Iawnvr t was assumed i
that It Includes elements of te
Panter divisions which last we,
were reported concentrated to tt
north of Turin. more then 50 sil
line miles to the ea't of Briancoi
The position of the Oernmn mnit
desperatelv trying to disenjai
from the battle with the American
and escape aCrO', the Drome be
came more disastrous.
French troops of the Sevent
Army advancJn. west of the Rhox
Valley passed through r tgnols, 1
.flles northwest of Avition astrld
the main highway up the wea
bark of the Rhone, ahd mean
while struck to thI northest
through the gap which the Naai
must run the gauntlet to reach
their homeland, now being nar
rowed down daily.
Even the vanguard of the flee
in, enemy appeared unlikely t
et out of the closing Allied ne
except in very am-ll disorganise
erouos. The dancer of encircle
ment is so crest that the German
have abandoned many hundreds o
motor vehicles as well as scores o
,uns and tanks and quantities o
In the past two days alone, SO
loaded trucks and two batteries o
the famed dual-purpose 88 mm. gui
have been intercepted and can
t'red intact and additional boot
litters the Phone Valley roads.
Although the Seventh Army v offlm
c Ily reported that the prisone
count In southern France reached
4.5(0. additional thoiands Pr
still being rounded up in Marselle
and other points and It Is believe
that well over 653.000 Germans hay
been take.i.
Mr. James Forrestal. Navy Secre
tarv, reported tonight that tl
United States built 06,00 vessels c
all types in the last five years.

nr. Mhmh0,ac

jLJ' %J&UULV % .L l VlAi,1v AliAlPlJ4It- ey

Of Provisional Government

PARIS. Aug. 30 (AP) -- The provisional French Government
headed by General Charles de Gaulle was today named by General
de Gaulle's National Committee of Uiberation. General do aulle
takes the title of President of the Council.
The Commissioner of Llberated---- ----- -.-
Territories Is the former Commun- Poets, Telegraph and Telephones-
IstDeput. Andrel 1. Troquer. Qusano; War Prisoners-u. Mit-
Otherwo with Tquer wer ternd.
given he Utt "Ooml msson., The named Cemioloenera, epitv.
ar of tate." were IL Cerat, Henrli ent to Cablnet members areane
Qweviule. a former Senator; and MasdsigUl, former AUwasdor to
asos Bilouxl a former Deputy;l I ttsy, In ehrS of 6mvin Affairs:
al three it charge e of territory nw Francois de MI.n.
eeu by the Oeimr.sns; Andre then. C, omph-
i a former Deputy, who sloner of Justice
will be lHalon between the provi- Ao n e Pleay
salGoemaent and thete r. CoimIsoner
an7 Assembly: and General Geales Colonies; W. Die.
Oatroux In charge of Moslem "u- them, Oam-i.
Mons. sooner for War
Pending an assembly m leetingthe former Ca m-
this group of principal officials and munist DeapW
se general secretaries will con- Rernaad Orenw
duet te fusetonsa. Coma ijsnor t o
Ktonsd Defene. General For- Air' the fIams
un;' situatoa, Henry wallon. ioeiwst Deisy,'s. A
fomer pr Wat"ri at the Collee of 0 t M m.e.i.r oIfr
prow: Bslt--. Vallery-Re' dot. as. ithe or S
alo a former profesor there; N- nst Om ,
Ilee-Jures Aarel W nfe- Rtollme l Meyerd: ae
mssisa-i G lgaehe; National mAlM Ar
- Memcktiameh fes f aior
"0141110- &qMrbeul-J~a z!I*- at ft"M
10m; WsdeebyyRoibet Use: -sf!
A -s N., Maai rimming yuan -

i rUcTtilon o 17 sips re-
S centy, brings to 875'the number
of Japanese vessels of all types
aunk, orobablv sunk, or dam-
i aged by submarines since the
war. Includtnt 723 hhips defl-
nitelv sunk, 37 orobablv des-
ei troyved and IS dalrayged.
erj American submarine lowen
for the same period were 27.
Todav's communique said:
"United Sta'es submarines re-
ported the sinking of 17 vessels
ra Incl'dine two combatant -hlos
as a result of ooerstions
er against 'he enemy in these.
r. areas as fo:lows:7 Two destroy.
era, three .mall cargo trons-
a ports, one medium size
hi tanker, six medium-.sited cargo
l. vessels, one small cargo vessel
rI and one small tanker.

British Take

Key Ridge

On Gothic Line
S ROME, Aug. 30 tAP-Alliecd
SHeadnquarters arnoun.zed todaN
that British troops, transferred
secretly from the Interior, joined
Sthe Polish corps in a smashing
attack against German Gothic
r LUne outposts near the Adriatic
coast a"d captured a commandlnr
ridge eight miles southwest of the
port of Pesaro.
The full-scale assault. ,pparentl.
taking the enemy by surprise, dis-
lodged the crack German First
r Parachute Division' from strong
Mo tions and threatened to out-
Sflank Pesaro from which Polish and
British troops were only four miler
distant after a two-mile thrust
from Fano along the coast.
By capturing the three-mile
lors ridge overlooking the Foglia
River which flows Into the sea at
Pesaro, the British and Poles vir-
tually cleared the enemy from the
last hill positions before the
Gothic Line defences In that sec-
The attacking troops were
within 1 miles of the rim of the
eat' to Valle- oy< northern. Italy.
MReuter coresspdontsst
stated that all the bridges
across 'the river have been
blown uo and It looked as
though most of the Oerman
pulled beck to the north bank.
Further inland. Eighth Army
men captured the town of
Bibiena. Prom here, a road
runms directly up country to
the Gothic Line defenses not
more than five miles wy.y I

Poles Affirm

Allied Statement
LONDON, Aug. 30 (Reuter -
The Polish Government in London
today issued a statement affmrmlni
last night's declaration by the
Biltish and United States Govern-
ments that the Polish Home ArmYV
L puart of the regular armed force'
of the Polish Republic, reported
:he Polish Telegraph Agency to-
The statement declared that the
PolI.C Home Army Is under the
command of General Bor and ril-
cers sapolnted by him and I.s fight.
lin ooenlv end compllet with In-
ternational Law by wearing distlnc.
tive sign'.
Mhe statement continued: "In
the circumstances and In accord-
ance with Internati'nal Law, the
Polish Home Army has "11 the
rights of our belligerent I"ce."
The statement concluded: We
the Polish Government. hpve In
our possession and are still col-
lectir.jr more proof of the cruel and
barbaric treatment which the Ger-
mans gave to soldiers of the Poll'h
Home Armnv. who were taken pris-
oners bw them."
The Polish Government declared
that those directly oo *indirectlv
resoonslble for these crimes will be
nraoeuted ansd punished the Pollah
Telegraph Agency added.

Village Expansion
Survey Begins
Government has already begun
survey work at Caroni with a view
to expansion of the village, the
"Trinidad Guardian" was Informed
yesterday by an official source.
Ste of bhe proposed expansi
is nes the Ca 'ml au gr factory
The proposal to extend the -
roni village la Ini Une with a recent
"Trinidad Guardian" annopnce-
ment that Government intends to
establish villages in the suar belt,
to facIlItate the return of worked
to ariCklture.
Meanwhile, survey work aeIs ao
been started in the Chaguana
digtrct wih a view to aoqulrtn
lafds for residents of the Chs"a-
a irrigation area who mgt be
00010l0e14 to romive because of
the Irrigation works.
Jamaican Want
$19,^,O00 Loan
KDIDUTON. Aug. XN iRltir-
AOM" 9l161 14 reaM" A11
JliiftliH Is MOMMMlkiiBli-i Ulal WWIk.

'.- .

Fall Of Romanian

Open Revolt Town Robs Nazis

Czechs Join UP,
Wh ParisOf Vital Oil Source
Against Nazis
I.CNDON. Aug 30 1 AP)-A new By W. W. HERCHER
threat to the German defence LONDON. Aug. 30 tAP) The Rultar.. captured Ploestl and
structure it southeassern Ewroxp 1l Its rich surrounding petroleum fields, and raced on to less than
flared up In Slovak',. today a'i uoudi petroleum flds and
Cachlovaklan armed forces ofa 17 mIles from Bucharest, it a lightning campaiv to annihilate the.
the interior joined Slovak Partisans
flaihting the Naa troops In the Germans In Romania.
puppet state next door to Hungary Fall of Pioe i is hailed as the
And the Ceech Government in Lon- m significant victory of the sn.
don asked for quick Allied rd Nld., tire Invasion of Romania. Mor
In the first communiqueo ellvered z A xi t than 200 other towns were takela
In London, the Czchoalovaklan around Ploesti and northeast of
Underground Army reported the u- T-e ucharest, The nearest announced
ing In four areas. T with the capture of Mearlut& It
captue ofplacs an~ fiece dht. il~huljj~~ Soiestoappreachrto uhe a rst. w'
D.N.B. officially confirmed that P miles to the nrinesat,
German troops were poured into re Eastward In cleanin out a
Slovakia to "help suppress Frtl.i- ted1 between the Danube ana
san activities there." the Black Sea, the Rulne an-'.
A Czech Ministry omfcial anda --.. '-- nounced the capture of another 100
military group left London recently WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 iAP-- The drive through Ploestonnetted
Th div hrouh]estintr4
bound for Caechoalavakla via Mos- Mr. Cordell Hull said Germany is another bigblhl of German prt-.
cow to particirte in the Imminent now evidently desirous of a nego. sonors--15000 taken on TuesdaWj
liberation drive and to co-ordinate tiated peace, but the Allied position Including Leut.-General Weitaner
Underground operations., f or unconditional surrender is too asd two other divisional command-"
Th.e Czech communique said,. well known to require reiteration, ers. the S vict mlri.lght cort-,
Cadcs a vital railway junction on Mr. Hull .lso declared tl.at the munlque disclosed.
the line connecting BrtUs'.iva. the American Oovernment has con- IRouter states that the Germans
Slovak capital with Berlin and stanitly in mind that Hliler and today suffered one of their greaob.
Krakow --was "aken by assault" some of his henchmen may try to cat economic and military d*.
while heavy fighting was In pro- escape from Germany to a neutral feats of the war by the Russian
gress In central Sloi.klila. country. The Government he said capture of the Romanian oil ri-.
couningycentre.overnuoestt, and ald,
Effective use of parachutists was Is working on that problem. f nmig centre of Ploesti, and the-
Indicated by the admission by Bra- Military men expressed appre- tretolfleldsa surrounding it. The '
tislava radio that Glerman troops henslon that Hitler might find the Germ ans of about the loo,
were called in "beouse of the re- sanctuary In Argentina or Spain tons rman of oil a year 000,S
cent activity of parachutists." Mr. Hull recalled to his news con- oinayear der hl.
Stalin in a special Order of the.
ference that President Roosevelt Day said that the capture at,
HUNGARY RINGED appealed to neutraI, year ago not Ploest' and the neighbourin
to furnish refuge to any Naei lead- oil town of Busau. the Secod-'
This new feature left Hungary er and the British made a similar Ukrainian Army ,&a cleared thW
almost encircled by areas of turbu- observation. Germans from the whole of the'
lent resistance. The question of a negotiated Romanian oil producing area. To-
In the cast. the Red Army was t .ce& arose when newsmen asked night the guns of Moscow fireA
alr(,Vdy plunging across Hungary's Mr Hull for comment on a broad- a salute of 20 salvoe from i224
Transylvanian frontier, In the cast by Lieut.-General Kurt Dtlt- guns to mark the victory).
south. Marshal Tito was announc- mar, Cerman General Staff spokes- Capture of the Ploesti oil re.
ing new victories over the German man, that the German hope for fineries means immediate lose to
forces in Yugoslavia. Now 8B- victory is Past and the Oern'.n the Germans of 2,000,0)0 tons pro.
vkla is aflame in the north, armies must fight on now for the auction capacity. Figure developed
Inside Hungary, the sudden tip- best possible peace terms. Mr showed that the areas used to prow
rooting of the asllort-lived itoAy dl replied that i tndicates the dues 10,000,000 tons ot refined il.
diCtatM msrtu k t room r dsirea the partofthe GaaiS ant" w o ie ..,i
new hit ofr (rer.' ftocteil leaders for a nesotiated peace. W-ton annf ua w pd
the eritidtt predicament of Hitler's le for neotiated peace. ducten. It was dioMi bttha
ally. --- '---- crude wells wore not targets 0
ali d TroopsR Alld d bombings.
IPLEASE TURN TO PAG 1. COL. It Allfied Tro s Raid it wa also disclosed that mip.
ing of the Danube. and blasting of
En y or u la 1n ,a.lroads leading to Germany.
SDorcula S and curbed the as' attempts to mov
1-eftP crude oil into ermany for refiti
SPeaC Envoys ROM Aug. M (AP)--Alled in- ln#.
Sfantry and rl ind air and
Reac h C r navy forces oarrtied out a success- TRANSYLVANIA THRUST
each C airo ulmi d against enemy forces on
the Dalmatian Island of Dorcu.i High In the eastern Carpathianm
ARO. Au. a~ iAnpoiThe Bun- i casualties and damaging the Russilan offensives of major
Caran armistice delegation, rrlved gun positions on the night of Au- Hrupngrtions, are (yve4100niaa ltho
gUst -. A ungarian Trinylva athl
in Cairo today. Ammunition dumps were also the campaign is not reported suny
The rmistice terms will be served blown up. by Moscow-whoa. communiquse
bY Lord Moyne. Resident Minister. The ut i .ist b hon. in Romana gia. It mop known that
In the Middle East when Mr. Lin- Balkn t emphasis i R an It mop n up opwn that
on MacyeBagh, lkanS. Minister Air Force commanded by Malinovsky'Sa second Ukrailaa
coin M 'eagh, U.S. Minister near klrVice-Marshal Elliott. which Army controts four principal mont
Greece returns here. y .n to four principal mow.
There I no o al confirmationwas especially created to ald the tan passes into Traasvivanla, end
tl-heret Mussanoff leads the mission armies nf rels.ri'nce i tle Bal- ist on the vege of breaftn
t r e, t M u s s i n e ff l e a d s t h e m i ss i o n I k n i h a d n s w r n p
The only statement issued by the k dan. The landings were unop- -S
Allied authnrlt aIrl' i. posed. IPL TUN TO PAsaai. C"L Uh



. . .. ...-

-Iiiii~~ -

parian armistice delegation has ar-
rived in Cairo where they will short-
lv have the armistice terms pre-
sented to them. A statement will
be Issued when the armistice Is
Moscow radio announced that
the Romanian Government's ar-
mistice 'elegratlon arrived In Mos-
cow to discuss peace terms with
The delegation headed by Prince
Stlirbey. also Included M. Pwtras-
cano. Minister of JuSitice; M. Da-
macianu, Vice-Minister of the In-
terior: Lieut.-Colonel Focsanlanu
and M. Visolanu and M. Crist"

Robot Attacks
LONDON, Aug. 30 (AP .. The
Germans stepped up flying bomb
attacks and waves fired across the
Channel at Intervals throughout
the day.
Each attack was met by a terrl-I
fic barrage, which brought down
a number of robots.
American Fortressee and Li*e'a-
tors in medium strength this time.
today attacked flying-bomb lnW,-l.
la!"ors aeroes the t, annel in Pes
do Calais, and dropped their
bombs by instruments because of
tiouds. Mustans ecorted them
Many of the overworked OCivl
Defence workers In the flying bomb
tone have be*n relieved by volun-
teers fro quiet arees. At the
end of this week another batch
will reah Ltnm this time froe
northern lmd. They ao"ss f
Ii warden& and o0 Members s
the W.V*

Architect Back t
From IHoduras
Mr. A. S. Onn_ o.f aa Cm W
hi id1-

I-. - --,----! ----o --, ,,. I ____ ___"m" Iw- mb II, 9I.W. ImI, 06WAI9T A I UA UuUbx31 AIPM *I. r & :I*


I Im I- .II Z iI 1 1 KA I




4 1 I

kl UMMflA ,

U6YAaSUSSO 6gtUg~Na 8, ses
-fgWkfM UUmIUW 00, 311
_. TpmnmA! Fnnullx goik a
7 S qr. TVINOmNT smT, PoM.W-WPAIN;
"aOm amo8ll
*$ of4 tW ohi .1 WA (TdumMIes eWHOm 04)
S. KORf& M CO. (ic.) $ 3SIM Avesue. N.Y.O.
New mowgma 10 AMSImo Pres R fwr, UNltM PruM
sMa Casaia Prim

--- -- --

Mr. Churchill Back Home

From Warfront Visits
--MR. CHURCHILL is without doubt the
S most travelled statesman of our time.
-He has just returned home after another
.of his tours, this time from the battle-
S:ronts of Italy and southern France
*which opened up what he once described
:as "the soft underbelly of the Axis." It
:can be said of the Prime Minister, more
- than of any other leader whom Britain
:has had In time of crisis, that he has
"matched his hour, and that the country
:had great good fortune to have him at
-the helm in the most troublous hours of
-her long existence. When there was cause
-for apprehension he was in the forefront
-giving courage and hope to his people,
:strengthening them in the belief that
-though dark the hour, victory would still
-be theirs.
; By blood, toil, sweat, and tears he and
:they won the admiration of the world
:when they turned back the Nazi tide. By
Their prowess they converted the doubt-
:era, and today they have convinced even
:the enemy that their only prospect Is a
:crushing defeat. Now that the corner has
-been turned and victory is in sight, Mr.
:Churchill huas not relaxed his activity.
"Whereas in the past he was seeing to it
-that the groundwork of victory was pro-
:perly laid, today he is making sure that
-the peace is not lost. In normal times
-the discharge of the duties of the King's
first Minister is by no means easy. In
time of war, and especially of total war,
these duties are far more onerous. It is
amazing that at his age Mr. Churchill is
able to bear them so well and to stand
tbt strain which his long journeys to
conferences and to the battlefronts im-
Thus far, in his parleys with Presi-
dent Roosevelt and other Allied war lead-
ers, Mr. Churchill has helped to plan the
strategy of the war and, because of the
successful application of this strategy, to
sketch the outline of the better post-war
world order. His report on his latest tour
will be eagerly awaited, for It was his
first to the Italian war theatre, and he
took advantage of his presence in Italy to
watch the opening of the new front
against the Germans in southern France.
It will be recalled that it was only strong
persuasion that kept him away from the
Normandy invasion, but the Prime Min-
ister's desire to see how strategy which
he helped to map works out is quite un-
But Mr. Churchill has not only been
visiting and encouraging the armies of
liberation. He has had confercnc's with
Marshal Tito, with the Italian Cabinet,
pnd with the Pope-. Long before this the
frime Minister had indicated that Mar-
|B" miMflntiHHHiii i ttiiiiiii,,,i,, mi ,,iiitinuiinml ii,,

shal ito wu the AHW MaRn a YUB.-
TvIa, qm w. his MlU.' nettrmi -d
with inatf T*
with the' gxt l .irot*MPartit m^*s"r
may wi Iw fIloui bV uw dipatcb of
an expedionary force to Mlt the Par-
tisans ad hawen the _col.ap.w of the lSyrd
NiU In the Balans, Mr. Churchm=l's S
nmua to the Italian ,eople has already

sho*n that they can expect jmt treat-
on"t teem the A~lles and usabtaae to
regain their place among the nations.

TRINIDAD secures substantial revenue
from Its output of petroleum and from
other sources not available to other West
Indian Colonies, and has not the same
need for grants from the Imperial Gov-
ernment as they. But even Trinidad may
need help for ambitious schemes, and the
Agricultural Policy Committee recom-
mended that aid should be sought if
necessary from the Colonial Development
and Welfare Fund. Whether this will be
done is uncertain, for the Government
seems to be still considering the finan-
cial implications of the report more than
a year after it was published. But the
City Council meanwhile has decided to
approach Sir Frank Stockdale's organisa-
tion for assistance for a programme of
works in Port-of-Spain, and has entrust-
ed the drafting of the programme to a
committee whose report was summari3ad
in the last "Sunday Guardian."
The centrepiece of the report is a re-
quest for $1,000,000 for each of three
items-Maraval River paving, water sup-
ply improvement, and sewering of ne-
glcted city areas. The rest of the list
comprises items like street reconstruc-
lion, establishment of a health centre,
better lighting, swamp reclamation at
Cocorite, and development of the Coco-
rite district. The estimated total of
$5,500,000 is substantial, especially when
we consider that the cost of West Indian
schemes approved from the passing of the
Colonial Development and Welfare Act in
1940 up to September 30, 1943, was ap-
proximately $15,000,000. There is no
doubt, however, that Port-of-Spain nods
comprehensive attention to atone for
long neglect and bring out its potential-
ities as a port of growing Importance,
and we do not consider the figure quoted
We are not now, of course, concerned
with the details of the scheme, for these
will have to be considered by Sir Frank
Stockdale's experts after they have
passed the full Council, ard may need
considerable revision. It is, however, a
very good Idea to seek aid from the De-
veaopment and Welfare Fund, and pre-
cedents exist for grants, though small, to
municipalities in the West Indies, In the
Windward Islands, for example, $24,000
was given for the water supply in Cas-
tries, and a further $19,200 (half as a
free grant and half as a loan) was under
oonsderation at the date of the Comp-
troller's last report. Kingstown and
Georgetown, we believe, have also bene-
fited. The idea behind the Development
and Welfare organisation Is, however,
one of co-operation, and the City Coun-
cil must be ready to adopt a give-and-
take policy if it expects any request it
may make to be sympathetically consid-
I m m l ,im o~~ m ~ m m iMmlm lM "

Trinidad Motor Insuranice

Co., Ltd.


Office: 2 Iroodway,

Phones: 4907

Abeilome Of tiow"isg
Lteova PuVMk b npvscetd?
The Ksrw. GT&WMe Gea"*-
Swl th at too raltiraf scheme
ha1 bas acutted, ote poor eon-
swamr 011 tad as 10"Mn
wacn. Soamre fesa ot coorva.
anloaie Iis nedit t ow them a
Wiger bael to c a olkeir n1eial.
am black *arxeI ti"de. With oire
rice given arm. poor consumers
at tue counter must stll taie
wbhatver rebalerA ears to give and
many who realty need it Con't get.
Alrer & few pounds af tsold over
the counter, some snopkeepern
giv tneir familiar cry: "we nave
no more rice," but at night aes how
rice pas afety throuSa back-
doors and side aates to omse who
are able to pay black market pricem.
This, I have reason to know. goes
on throughout Trinidad; but here at
=t. .,.nea, black market reaps su-
preme. Allied strategy in tighten-
zig the noose arouno Hitler's aeck
and so with a little strategy of our
own, we can surely kill tais mon-
ster enemy of the poor.
If a lew men of the C.lD, and
some special police without uni-
form) go about this Job with a
strict sense of public duty and
without tear or favour, black mar-
ket will surely be doomed.
I think we should say thanks to
those who are responsible for the
big improvement on our food front
and the 'Trinidad Guardian" has
played a big part towards this end.
I hope Government will act
quickly in reducing the cost jf liv-
ing, for It is common knowledge
that work on the American bases is
not nmw easy. I should like to keep
my ration book as a souvenir of
what, in my opinion, it a master-
piece of miscalculation.


Grants To Sufferers
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
Now that the island rationing
scheme has come to an abrupt end,
may I ask, if Government intenos
to refund all those shillings which
were collected for duplicating re-
gistration c*rds which were lost,
and which, as subsequent events
have proved, were not necessary.
Perhaps the authorities may even
give a thought to paying some
sort of gratuity to those who
had to suffer the inconvenience of
falling in line and being pushed
aroundd and almost squeezed to
death not to mention their being
baked in the sun.
St. Ann's.

Prices On Blackboard
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
Because of the fact that the
scheduled prices qf all foodstuffs
are issued periodically, some of us do
not know when the prices are in-
crease4. or when they are reduced.
Therefore, many shopkeepers of
Marabeila and surrounding district
have the advantage on customers
in their "black market"' prices.
The authority in charge or the
Food Controller should issue an
order to every retail provision shop
throughout Trinidad and Toteigo
to have a blackboard in their shops
which con be seen by the public
with essential items and prices.
I am quite sure that this method
will stop the black market Imme-
d Itely.J.B.8,

Abandonment Supported
The dlitor, "Trinidad GuaO rn"

Age Basis Tried In Classes

In Barbados Primary Schools
(By a Special Cer Mpondent) "tt. would have to work in the
fields." They gabbled rather loosely
Th7t merits or demerits f the about the Iniquity of their children
traditional clas-system of teach- beft 'Wd d' from 18td4. II to Std.
VI or being dropped from td. Vil
ing. is a question which different t 8 m.

educationists have answered in dif-
ferent ways.
The varying conceptions have
rrnged fr:m the "m- production"
of Bell and Lancaster and David
Lowe's "synpathy of number 's," to
the latter-day Montessorla.,s who
postulate the theory that the Indl-
v. ual and not the class should be
the unit of teaching, and indeed of
kBoth these views represent ex-
tremes since the latter, desirable
'hiugh it Is as an ideal, is often
impracticable in execution.
It is a far cry, however, f-om the
days when the heavy hand of the
Industrial Ravolution lay upon the
slowly evolving educational theory
and ".actice, and children %ere re-
garded as mere automata and the
schools as great workshops with
the clock-like .unctioning f which
nothing must be allowed to Inter-
fere. Indeed the gramcphor. could
hav; been substituted for the teach-
e without loss.

CIrcular Sft

But the machine mind has pass-
ed away. Today, the child is right-
ly regarded at the central factor In
tne educational process, and this
recognition is the basic principle of
all the new or Lo-called new trea.ds
in education, whether it be the
Daltc- Plan, the Gary System, the
Play Way, the Project, the Little
Commonwealth, Montessorianisnm,.
or else.
To use a technical term coined
for the purpose, all the new trends
are paidocsitrlc in that they cen-
tre around the child.
The most important innovation
which the Director of Educa,'.jn of
Barba.os has so far introd'jced Is
in consonance with the new spirit.
At the beginning of the term
which ended this month, a circular
emanating frcm the rduckilon Je-
partment made it known that
children would no longer be classi-
fied according to Attainment, but
that thenceforth age would be
made the basis of classification. :n
other words instead of a teacher's
teaching say the second or the sixth
standard, he would teach the 7-
year-olds or the 12-year-olds as the
case may be.
The proposed change met with
d'flnite resentment on the part of
both parents .-nd teachers. On '.Ae
oart of parents. the raentment was

Teaehw' View
The bulk of the teachers looW.ed
with disfavour 'upon a scenme
which cut diametrically across their
traditional procedure, and which
they could not clearly understand,
save that it entailed additional
clerical work and a greater degree
of organisation.
They shook their heads and drew
a gloomy anacgy between their
state ant that of t Israelites who
called for a king-and got one.
But the fuss made over the new
departure only amounted to a
storm in a tea-cup. On the one
hand, the parents were misguided,
and cn the other, the fears of the
teachers were largely rooted in the
deep soU of tradition and conven-
tion for which the sister-col ny has
earned a name.
The accusation that a child
might be pitch-forked three 3r
f ar standards up, and so have to
leave school before gainln any-
thing fr n his rarifled environment
was untenable, for the simple rea-
son that the old classification into
standards was abolished altogether,
and within the framework -f each
age-group provision was made by
means of the A, B,,tnd OC streamers
(which is by no means anything
new) to meet the varying capaci-
ties which would Inevitai.bly )e
found between children belonging
to the same age-group. Further-
mnre. no demotions were to be
made in the new classlfica'ion.
No Complexes
The most formidable argument
which can be raised against .e
system is that, lacking as it does
a foundation of compulsory educa-
tion upon which to build, It was
weakened by the complexities of
children who may have attained
the age of six, seven, or even eight
without even having gone to school;
or there would be others whose Ir-
regularity of attendance placed
them In almost a similar category.
On the other hand, the new clas-
sification possesses many psychc:i-)-
glcal advantages, in that it ensures
the grouping together of children
whose natural tastes, interests,
physical ability, and conversation
are approximately of the same
le .,.
SFurther, It gives no occastcn foi
the oomp!xea which are often

According to a statement made ue -to- an "u'tter- m cep orme under the condtios am-
in the "Trinidad Guardian" re- tilon cf the new scheme, and it posed by the I eterogenous mixture
cently In one of its leading arti- found expression in many removals whlch formerly constituted the
cles, it would appear that the which increased the attendance at Clas.
abandonment of rationing shows a tt.he ssocndary id private schools. -
failure: but when we consider the In the eyes of these parents the ERRATA: In the article ap-
difflmculty experlencfd in getting the innovation was nothing more or hearing on Tuesday, August 22, the
people to attend the registrationI less than a diabolic device on the Anglican Church was stated to
centres, and the entire lack of part of Government to curtail their courol 50 per cent of the primary
co-opeuitlon due to illiteracy and children's education, and to turn schools of Barbados. This was a
slackness on the part of certain them cut of schools before they printer's error. The figure should
sections of the community, we have really knew anything In order that nave bon 10 Instead.
to agree that the decision la not
only a display of diplomatic sin-
cerity, but the wisest step Oovn-
ment has ever taken &in recent Sailing Ships Need S ety Plans
years. GSORGI ALLAN. Saln Shp Ned aft Pas
Cunupla. G RBY A CORRZUJONDSNT extension of facilities for travel by
diapaac Ct the aul air. Nevertheless, owing to the fact
l M Tan dtappearance of the auxll- that the configuration Of some is-
Female Magistrate Wonted lary vessel Island Queen has been lands like Dominica renders im-
rho Sdlter, "l4ailda Guardian" M e tstandint occurrence in ia atlcable the construction cf air
I read with regret of Mr. Ma- ag and because certain of the
son's resignation in a recent Issue aeries of recent maritime mishaps quays will never be in the itinerary
of the '"Trinidad Guardian." I in these islands. The difference in of the steamships, many persons
think Government should iste the yet continue to travel by sailing
opportunity which tow presents it. theC ea of the I and Queen l v le (It iS well-nigh impossible
self in filling the three magisterial that there was no report of stormy to avoid this where there are
posts by appointing a female a* weather which she might have n. group of Inhabited Wlets).
gistrat to one of the benches e e- very poible msleaioe should
That one Is badly needed goes countered, therefore be taken to ensure the
without Raying, for the increase in The threatened loss, of life to 67 safety of such passengers, no mat-
Juvenileo delinquency is something paMsengers who have relatives and ter what their occupation or ata-
rather astounding, and with a friends in several I slands haasarved tion in life.t-
female magistrate p pointed a lely however, to bring to the fore again At the moment, regulations
or the n nurpoe Of dealin. with the q estion of the sea-worthinms touching such shipping not only
juvenile and female cases. she of the yelses which ply between vary between the islands, but, In
should, in m opinion, be able to the ,aler Ilsans ms e eases, do not go far enough
bring about the necessary retorm'a- Under existing conditions, what, to ensure the minimum of risk. The
tion badly needed in these people's ever the weather, the possibilit of nature of various Incidents and the
lives by means of lectures and the shibe unfeardi cnfor ndnp of several tveatlgstatns in
coercive methods which will most lodg periods, and the threat of un- the pst have not gone to show
certainly have the desired effect. expected disaster is ever present that it Is to the public benefit to
We have female mafgrates on oAclal investigations of cam in leave the ea-worthiness of these
the bench" in lIgland, and ift I the psat, both In the Leeward Is ve'se solely to the Judgment of
mistake not, in the Americas, and lands and the Windward lands, Ownlers and captain.
I do sincerely hope that Sevrwn have not been succeeded by the o AI335 5TATU
mont InisInausfnce will se the stablishment of more satisfactory AT
wisdom eoA inthng one tfor the eMltios, Little hat been dono to It is neceay to have a clear
puroose man edabove. oetterssIvl"Wr la
p roees ALD .&ADAMSoe e the riska Involved, detlMo of what it meant by an
Han Frindo. SICUIITY Or TIAD ry vessl, and to avoid the
n efs clerI a ship, which
Crinme and Liquor The anxious relave f those onB bh bh ine S i dte
The The oer, i a w aker ave n ythe Island Queen deasrvapCdoee Mp nitma ly b cn the lw reri
Regarding an issue raised on thy: but the questionraised at l o Itt layr tO tely weUrin sed
Saturday In the 'Triniedad Guar. must be examined withoUut m" I. re rd to the latter. of ouresi
dian" a orrem ondendt, w uI d penalty. It touches, Id sot rerd ae to the Islandt
agree with him o a ft the subject of security of Inter-Ialad trade andariy n of 0 thes
t rum i: r net sb ort : iasi ty of future asm eoas ve selas are c ap-
bido ng thin anyone canstopdI l a n auxiliary s mVosg" foe m w c e who ere aot re-
that. The soc Wl workers have p a o i gvenepodc lte e Uterso In w thoe t ieus
done their best and will coneatinuePad prt hi West eredr meties made in ntseva-a.
8Lto do so. | l 44 1i 6 This imporauee t es, there I gave s reiot n to sus-
Parents can train, their children t w lthe tti a tthatthe standards on which
at. home in that respect; ut can thy mt oMasul em f in- t far t pt:nt deemed to be
we stop them when they prow up? r sed.eua t, it s in reality, un t o ais c Te
Crosedsiurl It a-In iaity a *1111edar" not satifactory. The
I think that the only way we can matter of W t Indian impotase" e" a eton of all this is b:th deslr.
top rum crimes is0by n ot selling andt ells for t onl td Sfatioo 441 adn sary, but Itshould
0,.ny rin, and that, in my opinion, theaO t of the governments oaf the be t fselrYto eowilthouttalen
cannot be done. r"tMeal Ct oijalitin ethon-
sev sl .da .a.ti_ _t. e = thlqm of those con.
SYLVIA BRATHWAITl. hroni -development o f cornedtInth and-witlicut in-
Man Pernando. West- fida,_fiuhorasy~pe O.st 4radwtu n
Sbite also to the tutur e t iup*lt It, ny be" ,---,-t l iu -utu
e nfties ioeni.tet yb--postrid.e i unuly ure for
Points From-Letters of these Islands it I& difleuls to sothese seNya
be a St I. _eMM=Ittkn ftbthe tf
Private enterprise inth pisl and for V4athet 'svecaat to be re-
GUARDIAN. PORT-OP-SPAIN: British tradition, mustevetoalyleased Igtly to agents ad
ITbhopethe City umcf wilWllextend aubeervo the0publc wee mait is M3 sy purpoetto
the playground Idea and give 's duty of Government to aid thie l1t thes l s, but teL s
moe orf these recreation contres purpose, f Ytety, to secue hWt steine
for children, especially In the ,t is reasonable to-expec after t m a ges nts e me
poorer districts. What about Bi- the war. not only a rt of a eb
MontI the steamship series butale


llth August, 1944

SSpecial Penmilts for the
Sour days of the Arimat Races
will be Issued at the office of
the Transport Emergency
I Board to duly registered
Owners and trainers of horns
entered for the meeting,
STurf Club officials and mer-
Sbers of the Part Mutuel Staff
residing outside Zone One.


In the Supreme Court of
Trinidad pand Tobago
given that one ol the Judges of
the Supreme Court will sit in
Chamoers at the Court House,
Port-of-Spain, on THURSDAY
the ,31st day of August, 1044. at
10 o'clock in the forenoon for the
purpose of hearing applicatlozls by
persona for exemption from
serving as Jurors at the Seslons
to be held at Port.of-pain on
Monday the 4th day of September,
And Notice is also given that
no auch application will be enter-
tained after the said 31st day of
August. 1944.
A. V. N. McCrocken,


Medical and Health
Policy Committee
It is notified for general Infor-
malionl that individuals and so-
cieties wishlnz to submit evidence
for the consideration of the above-
named Committee should forward
SIX COPIES of such evidence In
Memorandum Form to the under-
signed co the Colonial Secretary,
Port-of-Spain. before September
15th next, after which date no
further representations can be
By order of the Chairman,
Edward W. Daniel,
August 23rd. 1944.
The Trinidad Social Welfare
Committee has set up an organisa-
tion sub-committee for the pur-
pose cf studying the co-ordination
uf the voluntary social services in
the Colony.
As a first step the sub-commit-
tee Is gathering information as to
existing voluntary bodies engaged
in social work.
A questionnaire has accordingly
been issued to voluntary bodies
known to the Committee and they
will be glad if appropriate groups
which have not received it will
communicate with
Social Welfare Committee,
P.O. Box 134,
Social Welfare Officer.
Rayon Handkerchiefs From
the United Kingdom
Customs Item No. 424
It 1is hereby notified that
licences will now be issued for the
importation of Rayon Handker-
chiefs from the United Kingdom
within quotas allotted for Hand-
kerchiefs, Evidence of a LArm offer
should be submitted with applica-
tions for licences.
Secretary, Control Board.
Old Post Office Building,
7 St. Vincent Street,
29th August, 1944.

INM 2 6,

Mo, 8? at in

No. A

that by i
of Appraas
ifroi their
sale at
doors of t
of-Spain (fa
member I.A1 .
the follow
selsed in Pr!rq
Cotton ui
cotton an
and un
other rta
The satm d
for sale Js
lot will bei
the appralse
The aid
be viewed a
gistrar and
Court, Red H
on the Mondu i
diately prece
the hours oft
Dated this i
(Wd.) A. V.


candidates for
Guard in thI
Candidates h i
ages of Is ad",
physique and
active outdoor
ard of educated
lent to Seve
quired. Oarnd
quired to tae
tion based at
ance the O
Produce RKu1ei
culture, aotalaV
required to S3
the Colony.
wage is $1045t
ary war a
allowance. en
draw a m
per month
crement. of K
month, p.? I
ance T
Forest Ouri "
traveUling an
ances. Qlarti.,
Forest Outgl
promotion to
vacancies o
ries a salary
$1,440.00 per t
person at the
Knox Street,
12, Victoria stsq
on any MosditW

18, Knox s118
Sth Autt,i

Operating superintendent's Of

Santa-Rosa RacI

Extension of the 11.39 a.m. and .39S pj. .
9th, and 16th, September 1944.*
Port-of-Spain dap. 11., 9I. am
Tunapuna 12.18-19 p2. 6
Tacarigua 12.24-28
Arlia, ar,. 12.40 P.M
Arima dep. 12.80 p. I".
Port-of-Spain dep. .& p.m..
San Juan 6556-T ;
St. Joseph 6.0-8o
Tunapura 8.l1-lS
Tacarigua 6.24-H -
Arouca 6M-U 38 "
Dabadli <.41-42
Arima air. 6.45 pJM. ,
Arima dep. .07 p.m.. .
Debadle 7.12-12
Arouca 7.18-2 Xing M'
Tacarljua. 1J1- .
Tunapuna 7.-40
St. Joseph 7.47-4
San Juan 7.56-57
Port-of-Spain 8310 pMA


In view of the considerable reduction ie
caused by speeding it is notified fort
Motor Vehicles' owners and drivers tW
exceeding the speed limit in any kinud
will in future result in the cutting
of tyres and tubes and permits fer I1
tyres to the Motor Vehicle in which I


We Have Pleasure In Asumntibg

That We Are


Workmea' Compesaoti Iusur Nsce.


rPeae TalkReosevelt Soviets Reform Shamrock Halt Sports' Ivie- -R-o-
2`11 YORK. Aug.U AP 4fWt 1 hW 1T L A 'lrI
,-Thei. s = OnEastFront Victory March With 2-0 Win wa mm.
Cast to IMWOPG heardby igo V0L Wm~ l V iI U vf ( LU 0 ,
Mdonitr,* it tMr.________
4h asli Before T hrust " "
Churcil wil con with Mr. I U
Rooseveltsoo ,o theGerman CONTINUtO FROM PAGE 1t 8hamrock kept In the TAA. flrbt-flve picture when they turned
allPAt 11u ermsand the Asia, through. German and Hungarian to sterlng perateand snappedsprting Club's m
ROM PA l t milinry situation., troops a hUn fiercely to pu sten Pe a pe S t Club mahwinning
3e.0. said:. Polite tatee intheir Dag streak. botinkprs2-0 In their leaguernu
|l~ tf ~ oe f Americans correspondents Btw OuS6N co ^~S.l "" ** t~k ~tllfpr oterlau e correspondents preU cted that deences. "Fighting is Intense at lyAssociationtg d yesterday afternoon.
snds Prme Minl Bt will st re- s everi plats along the Hungarionand yeterd.y afternoon .
rosdVa- main long In g fo l ronti" e r, m reported. Thes smashed ho me a goal 1 _In
auce in a anft add" the Rui am r h a ya d acls onvto the c\ ssed
ci Lon t he an conere now e hswi th= h is o l.ataIn I al the tbroadfront In lead against a t frantle "Shy Spo rts"
IlT t ielng l h eas reor t thme ro Tnso'sdlee PasSed th uS d ir ~ adhe nt hir~' a
at oa t he. T itoh andcoferr"" wi 0 the, B ltota valey, leading to line.up. who were without Alvin a
~ tMatle' ft nd has of numerous Tuighee pessoRdrgusefeat agI& 1
ofthe sodan gate Balkan states. He Is expected Red soldiers are also thronging 'slsiguSp, their tae kG. player. St.Marys and Notre Damewil
B forced four Yrs to onfer with President the Citsu and Ghimes pase an i the season in the six matches, but will ome to gripe this a ternoon in
., flS# w above Reims, Roosevelt son, farther south mobile Russian force, they still share the lead with a TA.PA, first leaguer which will
i forced another The broadcast said the topic are mopping up liberated areas in Maple, who have 20 points in six have great bearing on the "first
the Aisne. of discussion would be the aro.6ia. encounters. fv.
gg paris, the Ame, German armistice terms nd At an unabated pace the Rus- Shamrock played all over their five." *
Sod Canadians were "how to hasten the drownfa sians are seizing enormous storesiopponents in the first half. :St. Mkry's have five points In
in force, establish.w Japa"h sc of oil, ammunition and food in the Two goals down and the game Jive matches and Notre Dame fotr
t bridgehead 9uot of Black Sea port of Constants. fast coming to a close, Sporting points In six matcl~es
British and Ame. The Romanian communique said Club staged many raids, but it was Mr. Victor Richardson will re-
Vi Balk n that the Germans lost 6,000. men too late, and the opposing defence fere the match, while Mr. F
Vew including several generals, trying kNpt full control of their area Yates and Mr. L. Locke wl bei
to eep oontr Sit tis BInklyl of toapita The againt the Sport'att kin fiv. \i.
Germans are doing their beet t In the initial stages, Lance Mur- linesmen.
forces lanche Situation Blankl maintain their reputation as van- ray at centre-hiaTf, started theS 1CN LS
tred forceslaundals in their disorderly retreat from Shamrock pressure on their op- SECOND ('LASS
opening thrust which tCONTINuLo FROM PAGE 11 Bucharest, but the pace is so swift poinents with accurate passes.
to Gournay, commu- Authoritative quarters in London that many places are left vritually Both "Sackie" Govua and rNier Two ..e('ond league matches l li il0*
on the Rouen- watched closely for a new sign of unharmed, with quantities of Ger- Murray worked hard, and indulged be played today'. They are.-VWood,-I
highway and the collapse. They said it was too man military equipment. Such in a splendid combination, allow- ford %,'Guardian' on second cAass
In high gear as the Lakatos and his fellow generals is linked by pipe-line to the Ploes- passes. Benbow v Indians on New
,ail^ ^ lie Th ak eryt judgewh the rmerwste aeo Contata which la Ilame cSinit to sharean ind^ thi grud Reere A.l/ V. WaddIA
region from which w m e eUn ollflelds. .Ou anel at right wing was boot- ground. Referee: Mr. 0. Johnson
launched their buzz try from whwar or to forc a last The Russians obtained great Ing good shots to goal, and a hard
h el. westernmost end ditch fight. quantities of supplies there to help one driven low across the goal by The team to represent New '
the mot end of theReuter matatei that th n m maintain their ft forward the right winger, saw Kilgour, the Woodford against "Guardiani" .PC ,
looffensive were th Government held ita fts irtCabinet Moscow radio aid: "Lo "Shy Sport" custodian. just push- today will be:--G Wllilams: C.! 1
ooffensve wereotheoGovernmentehedJon esrctpfntr M-osJ ( '( l e trutih al lt
Uilng to Put UPas IfT meeting today under the new a base, after Tulcea and Sulina, and "Sackie" Govia was there to Pierre, F. Alexander. A. Pinard'
The Qanadian bridge- Premier, General Lakatos. who substantially alters the enemy's scnre. H. Benerd, A. Barnes. N. Blske,
originated at Elbeuf told his colleagues that he was static situation, denying him main Pres'ic!, to this, a Lance Murray L. Kidney, M. SrelliR. rivt
1e dIe. extended t only taking on the difficult Job bases for warships and transports, pass wai converted by Wells and J. Brown. F R A N C E
oind running to Rouen because of his great anxiety about and cutting him off from the main Kilgour completely beaten, but it
aid they had eva- the fate of Hunrqsj'. While he oil sources at Ploesti." At Con- was ruled off-side. The Youthful Shelfierd il Il
,completingdem li- was commanding the Hungarian stanta the Russians are only 60 Sporting Club staged some dar- make a big bid to alone fori t e two
p br works and other army fighting against the Rus- miles from the Bulgarian frontier, ing raids, but few and far between, recent. set backs thiev ultfered in
sAable installations. siens he said, he came to the Reports on the fighting In other and the forwards had difficult the SA.F A. games when they | Ev d FR
et but there was still link between the frontline snd are slim. Transocean mentioned and .Jardine. Park this afternoon. i Eo d F IA
n to Allied troops the homeland was not strong Russian attacks from the Sando- The Sports' forwards slipped up Last season Commando gave
into the other two enough. This state of tffrs," rmlers bridgehead, and northeast of many "golden" chances, and De Sefield a hommendortha
Warsaw in the direction of East Mattoes figured prominently in ma yot She field a hot time before t he
there was virtually he said, must now be done away Prumia. The radio stated that a Ing Joffre Bait muff what appeared yots ned a 4-l2 victory, A
ti action except for the with and there would be very major breakthrough attempt was the "certain" equallser just before SHEFFIELD will pl A Adams; j
westward th clean-up t heavy penalties for anyone trying made with four divisions near alf-time, as Scott, the custodian, A. Hypolite. I. Mont.e.s; W. Stewart,
the Forest de St to violate order and discipline in Radzymin, 12 miles northeast of was drawn from goal, and beaten, j. Kennedy; C. Baptisle. L. Brews-: iE
Of Pontorushed on ink up NAZIS SIMISTIthe old Polish capital. Sporting Club were a goal down ter, A Kennedy. 1. Baptiste, M =
PonAmericantse who clin UP NAZIS PESSIMISTIC IIn a review of the eastern front, at lemon time, and at the resumpre Orle and V. Bonn. -
Americans siWho uCame The Germans frankly viewed Transocean's commentator, Olber. lion, were still apparently taking Maple will play a practice
Mantes and Gbsei court the situation blankly. Josef Seal, said the grand offensive along the things easy, while the 'Shamrock match against Cosmos on their" .a
,,,,*main being coveredand German radio commentator, said whole line had definitely decreased outfit dominated play. ground thisafternoon.
by General Patton's the "German defenees cannot be in momentum. He admitted, how- Their forwards with "Sackle" ou thi afernoo. 5
infantrymen, 5.HA.EF maintained in the Balkans" and ever, the Russians are regrouping Tavia at the helm, gave "Shy MAPIE will play: H Sealy: .1
were no new reports 01o the lines must be withdrawn for a and bilnging up fresh reserves, and Sports" their most uncomfortable Sampson, H. Enmanuel; V Rocke. g
__ ost elements which fight "to defend German soil." the relative ull will soon be over, moments of the match, but Kilgour G Cumberbatch, C Ia';. H j
orted to have reached In deciding to call for Allied help rose to the occasion, and brought James. P. Doiglin, A. .oseph, A
of Troyes and were to Czech units in Slovakia, the off some graceful saves, which Garieause and 8. de Silva.
'by les than 180 miles Czechoslovak Government in Lon- Searnod hi much applause.
t- ew French o"-oegrcflsae' hc"Gneun-adSd
Alexander Patch's don declared that all military and Shamrock put the Iue beyond .. .. -
in the neighbour- guerilla detachment. as well all doubt with a penalty as Malcolm
v on the French- civilians fighting against the OGr-t G e nMen McLean made no misakei n puah- Malnel Ortiz T.K. O'st
mans; were to be "Members of the oVTO er hni t ..g a low shot to the far corner Mexican In 6t Rn d
an commentator`- regular cehtlovk Army" woM e of the nets. Mexican n 6th Round "-
th ere probably W commanders were In regular com- h i s With 15 minutes to go, the n
thee roaby asa omandrswee n egle cm-sporting Club outfit carried C. IA-A ANGLES, Aim. 30 iReutera
since they claimed munication with the Government S l t e porting Club outfit ai. Iat ANGLEIS. AuO r z 0 w Reulerd bt
Swere thrown back here. *U Dare, who was playing brilliantly Mairll Ornia. corld bantam-
wethe outhrown back here Government iokeman n the half-line, to the forward lin., weight chliampin, technicallyv
to the outskirts of A Czech Government spokesman (CONTINUED FROM PAGE II adbgnt ih ak ivn nce u niu Oan of
h ich is leas than 90 broadcasting on the European Ser- CONTINU OM PA and began to fight back, gving knocked out Enrlque Bola of
th e Reich frontier and vie of theB.C. aured thefiht- Sa ck mm entShamrock some anxious moments. Mexico City n the xh of
S Reich frontier and vice of the ..C. assured the lightCommismoner of Production; the Shamrock. however, held on to te on t
Mies east of Nancy. in patriots that the utmost was former law professor, Rene Capitant,Stheir two-goel lead.niu moens.MicoOit'ihd alONnNnTcontestIhere
being done to get Allied help for Comm issioner of Education; and t Mr. Eric Almandoz refereed., + asOhe3referee At o E'UUthe fiSOON. ALL F REH e XTS WILlaw Pa R
them He appealed to the patriots Jean Monet,'Ministerewithout Mor .T e ricams: d refedrteeed.Oih sANpLpedEtheTfightWILL APPEA, T
S mto cut the German omm itSHAMROCK: o r- after the Mexican had taken
my eac and wreck the transport of OGer- WELOCOME VARIED dine, G. D Mattos: G. Monte* de iterrifi, pn 'shcent fr Inf iht- 11 1
man troops and materials to This line-up was arranged by fie Oca, L. Murray. M. McLean; M. ing beine floored twice In thr THE FBIENC I 1 OIlTTEE
'i win River Moravia and Slovskia. erstwhile Algiers Committee of Quesnel, E. Murray, S. Hamel- sixth round T AO
in R e 'MThe Czechs heard an unconfirmed Lberation emblazoned in Paris' Smith, S. Govia and M. Wells. This is Bolanos' first defeat In l FREDERICK gTRET, SAI.VATORl. SCOTT CO. LTD.
Ceylon, Aug. 30 (Reu- report, that Sano Mach, Minister of newly revived press with varying SPORTTNG CLUB: N. Kilgour: the U.S..
14tlh Army troops the Interior in the puppet Slovak degrees of enthusiasm and InO'di R. Tech,. Dopson; R lakman Ortiz whocaled 1231 pouds tiitnititiiiiiiltlliiiiilinihiihiiii ltiittiUhiiit
into Burma, are on the Government attempted to "commit tions of an early reviwil of tradi- H. Day, C. Dore: J, Banrt H. Moore, was conceding one ald id n ilalf ....... .............
River.' Men of the suicide" and was now at a Nazi tional French dissension. o l J. Alkins,' R. Scon and A. Alkins. pounds to Bolano _ _ __----- -__ _._ _ __....__ . ........ "___
5 rflinhae s~.he g',rded nursing home In DBintia- ThMe regime featuring the corn- ----
Japanese and reached On August, 26 he warned the LeonBlum's "I.e Populaire." Other TRINIDAD BDD LOAN
l called Hwamate people against co-operation with newspaper, although all from the 1500 A -urMee Co. AiCA U LD NG
had gone. The Pifth guerla bands and Allied pra Underground and therefore basic- M.hogony T ub hairs, C e scos .. 1.b w ASSOCIATION
coming down from chutists and cainmed that S1ove ally pro-de oGaulle, were more re- Birch Dining Chairs, loose rush seots .... 10.50 nd r t N yer. l
Is have cleared five troops and police were taking &trained n their announcement of i .>Marine SeUeea M . 0,.1 1.
havaee rleareiad iiis oce~ ne- TO rne'lerad tefrot FodigChir .. 52 ItEDUCED lD ATES
Of the Ttddim "energetic action inst the Par- the set up. Folding Choir ith Convas-from _.. 5.25 ...----- _. ..
.lock. The road block But, according to Czech Under- National of undetermined sponsor- aci n NW S Uf UNTI
ad held by men of re- ground sources in London, the ma- ship carried Identically-worded Loth Seot and Back holding Chair, in CypaI OF INTEREST ON LOANS MORTA t
r the English Home joty of troo sent to quell the storl beinnng "A ertn con- and Teak, Card Tobles, Ironing Boards,AON O RTA t
In north Burma, Hpa uprising joined the Csechoalovak fusion reigns amid public sentiment
Se MandAr y railway forces and the uprisingO spad 0 about the actual division of gov- Bathroom Cabinets IUuIE N If N1 CNniE RUL 11i
w Minles ro oai swiftly t"t the Germans were ernmental functions" since the YowToho .e
two miles frouthMofatheforced to march In. hurried transfer from Algiers. n _r ," _. w" On loomfrom $1 4 1.00N)as I S Per | SlMU MLmB
wmilessouthof _Some of the men named a B H. ROSE LTD. :,a u0 e mtAa
bew which they cap- So menwn of theemen naeda re I r d M" Onvban uwr oapenT eannu
the weekend. Island Opposite still in Algiers and the residence of "Vgetable Oomeud teolut suehu On lans upwards of t sat eee ia.-- l rates.
several is obscure. 8 Mpto5m e we sts'm I& ren nell
', St. M ale Bom bed MAKESHIFT llllllgllllCl IIPiil =6ililliilllllllgl~lf IS 1M I t.
_________ _________ _________ _________machis toaut 111010111I1I400OID D 1 3b" ages-OF
njrdS'RM --HEADQUARTERS. First reaction of some Prench I_ IANY ACM. E WoewaesFOaese..it OF
Ir njured A1ied Expeditionaoy orce, AUg. oerverswsip that the line-up was L E. W For valticulas apply to-
AlliedlExpditionarynorcee aug
30 (Reuten Another successful a make-shift calculated roughly to rwW L i D N OW a sub. N-
S Inn e aAllied air operation was made this embrace various shades but hardly iub ferlX DitaswfPMkm n
LAn snalle evening against the tiny island satisfactory for a long time. Sev- Vegtuta Cp d I s ePtnM 'wAt g
S. Naval Officer was Injured and heavily fortified bastion block- eral of the unknowns were said to V.tbtu Cor ..L IM a-M t.F & A,
E lma Smith, of 3 Herbert ing the entrance to the harbour of be noms-de-guerre for well-known - te le n .... sla. ....Isu s .
arrowlY e shaped injury on St. M alo. Although St. M alo itself pre-w ar figures. 6_ originala"_ __ _ _ _ _
evbmng, when tns of is In Allied hands, the enemy has One key man In the new set up. ,
4UW by landslides fell on been holding out In this island M. Cert, who besides being Corn-
-ar in Swhich theywere preventing the Allies using the missioner of stsite for OccupiedHighest prices Paid
aloiig the Western harbour. Marauders swooped over Territory and Minister without
the island In two waves and all Portfolio, doing liaison between
occurred between the returned. General'de Gaulle and the ,odd Kddy-. td
-_ .=- underground group), is a former lie n n e o.
telit d the U .S. N.O Atto y-eeral of the me W w H K ennedy & Co.. Sd
line, at about 1130 Official Confirmation Courts It is understoodSr that t
C t Iseveningo that this
Va1 cerWastaken to f Medical Schols. slate of officials is expected to be 31.MARIN QOA1I
retained until war prisoners sndWEYVw,
gI r Hosptal sufering with Otfcial confirmation of the re- deportees CTU be returned to make
the back, while Miss cent "Guardisn" announcement of pos be a general eleton O A
takenho ,the award of Colonial Medical TRilNIDD A D TOBAGO. Wlb t
Scholarships to Mr. Noble Sarktr,TRINIDAD A" TOBAGO. W HEN YOU FLY
e Missl Olgas Rampersad. Mr. Simon AW
Ramesar, Mr. Rodney Mahabir,:
ee Ministers Mr.Martinnapath an d Ms EAT A. ,.
il,1 ln lMarJorie Johnson. was livenyes. ^ -|K~ Aetimg G0winr. _fM^ S U Ity W l*
grted Resigned rdsy WH an Atorm,.i no gWUAI
As.3 'etr- twas emenAT Dye-laws Imtde by the Doseughl C'ounil of Ai maa us the $3th day e
tngtthat theeM u %eg ReotdoprtoJUne, 1044, undm'ttaerthe prevsions~h 1, sor~ectin 206 ef the Anma
le Oree Ocvernment have Kluge Rp t Cor anOs--neC.. No,11.
the Gree overn,.iet Replaced By Molde rIKE
iThe, nclude M. LONDON, Aug. 0 the Vice-Premier. The B.B.C. correspondent t ment Bye-la. 1t4, and hall be reed U one with the Arkma Mar-
enent has been made, holm tonight reported t| e- mkets Bye-laws. 1934. and sa b a o t er
Ifliderstood that there has Marshal Ouenther von Kluge, Oek- By-as 1934.
E re^ec of opinion since man Commander-in-Chlef in west- 2. The Second Schedule to the Arlnm Markets Bye-laws. 1924 is 'a
irhae Mlnister returned from ern iEurope, has been replaced by hereby amepded by adding thereto the following paragraphs -_s
Were he had consultation Field-Marshal von Molde, com- paragraphs 'c) and (d) respectively; lfE seed and esmvem ,ee .1 MdeMrm Mrk bteeM make
,Winston Chtirchlll. the mander on the Russialt central
Slle Minister. front. (c) GROUND SPACB OR STALL RENT P FRUIT AND flyia|! te way fr tinien-tini trveler. 7 MMM't
i, i,,.,'. AFTER DISTRESS o| VEGFTABL: ^imro r. P, M Amti4e mba the

S IM M OAKN SIk I II/ Not exeeeding 200 In number .... .... .... cents. (^pu h fv e e f oBeb ik
" IvYl/y7~4/I'O y ,9 i gs! Exceeding 200 but not exceeding M in number 12 cents. Pa- Ameeha. Olippul wnee die hg. of Lhr h
-.'i IISI.Iiift... e- For every 10e above 800 In number ........ S cents.
ROUND POST bI sdM mdae| Imp. bw^Aib mmd hiiJ slayds *e9mtPae p
.. '',!RO O TS -k' Not exceeding 100 in number................ cents. i ' AMin4 mnpsm eqpi and iMM i
.. M U K T,.*.. .E. Exceeding 1 but not exceeding M0 In number 1 cent. ,mf --e ha.e In "mes*.. in
S~ yV I|N i V1 JS 1S SIUS~''! Tff D Exceeding 100 but not exceeding 200i itousaber 12 cents.^ ^ "-* -~ "" w ^^ ^ ^^
r'*1 x ^ I ^^\ ^ 1 ^ !^s*Zea )ias !mZs~ee | Exceeding 500 but not exceeding 500 In number M cents. I-^ tm w he p) .f by Qppes. Hus '.^ ^^

I m A.hsir-r diaS i For every 100 above 800 in number .... .... 2 cents.
3 FEET WIDE Ptans, bana s. ground proylon, Fo.r vy 100 lbs. Abwm Stt, hrt-Sia t; "ho 4161
FgE E W E & te grapefruit). 4 cents.
S.25 3 au"" For every motor vehicle not exceeding 2I ton ..24 centu per day. .
h ~15 is an" at~t?* maximum gross weight. ^ ^ jR.^^^H
$ .or e2e5 motor vellrie exceeding 21ton 4t cents per *W.
| EACH I tmu maximum gross weight, .
bile IUU~hT~S 3. 'Mese bye-lawe shall come into force on the lst Septemibor, 1044
-- T XTTo"Made by the Borough 0ounel of Ar^B| on thUeN h day o81aMe
-AT -Auhife I an1v4
wak I" asw a-C. NLJOIL Da GANNES
-- SAL AMA Ad AMa c.A.V.. .
A 0es~sW e an tA'^ 0 Town Caerk.
Approved lip theActing Weatherlw1hi C Uoun i mthe 18thoff of
6bl, NNW,-144


^. *


VrlVlNAD OVNU~M M, .. ...... MT A. g $, 4.


,Talk Of Trinidad
t JL------- -I flU WWUM U- ---U---
i T BM TAND that there will be a sa l 411 cha for We Ilnea
I aow to be girn by lieut..OMOMAieW Charleg Ryward at the
;EW r tA to be held at the Y.W.CA. an saurdaY, eptember 30
aen of We y.W.C.A. Building fun.
A BOOT 40 children were invited to the bhtbwday party of lttle
"Bbara Ann Barrett. the daughter of Majotr Richard B
s ;, A and Ma. Barrete. who wa tour ya m f ae. The party was
fda the home of Mr. and Mrs. KraXft- rt. her grandparents.
Suittle ones had a marvellous afternoon. The colour hoeme
Ig red, white and blue. the plfaita wasin the ahape ot a drum
gM trimmed in red, white and blue. and the cake. also a drum, was
ba Barbara Ann and Noel Vainosot*.
| he young hostess was showered with he loveliest gifts.
UMRtm LDNA GLEG OG has received a letter from her daughter, Ms
Jen Olegg, who left here almost at year ago for the United
i with the ATA. girls. Miss Olegg ha written her mother to
4 he of her engagement to a young Marine, Mr. Robert spencer,
f kenltucky, and to i. 11, 0o avoid delay, cabled her daughter giving her per-
and the couple expect to be married In Washington in the
S Mp. Spencer's another -I be going up for the wedding.
A17tM the rac meeting at Arima on Saturday there will be an
A Invitation ubhcripUlon dance at the Arlima Tennis Club for the
Wf thet War As-,Oclatlon. Oreaves' dance orchestra will be in
&eiaM*ee from 8 p.m. to midnight, and Chinese dinenrs will be
Sti from 7 .pm. so that people from Port-of-Spain and Baa
Fuado who wish to attend need not go very far to eat.
Mi. R. V. S ALEONO, Town Engineer of San Fernando, has just
resumed hi.s dutlfe after six weeks' vacation leave, moat of
*Ich was spent ua t patient in thp Colonial Hospital,. where he
dwment an operation, He applied for tix mOnths' leave, but the
ftane were unable to grant this, owing to prelsure of work.
HTm travel difficulties still so much to the fore, people in the
S South, particularly tnose with children, are doing their best
IV m ks the most. ol the amenities close at hand. Archdeacon aild
SF. J. Streetly, of Son Fernando. with their two sons, and Mrs.
S. Banks t Pointe-ii-Pierre, with her three daughters. hnve re-
ty returtied to heir homes after spending holidays at ouaya-
Wtr. Lhflortunately, the Streotly family became Indisposed while
were away, and In fon.equence they did not get much benefit
the change, but they are well on the 'way to complete recovery

IP and MNiS. R. J. CLARKE and Mrs. R. B. MacMillan, of Polnte-
r-p-ti.rre, gave a cocktail and supper party at the home of Mr. and
nla. lake on Saturday evening last to celebrate Mr Olarke's
i n ay. Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. K. K Ralderson. Mr.
Mmd 1'. P. J. lundy. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Dearden and Lieut. Beck.
UU1. Later in the evening the whole party went to Pionte-a-Pierre
Swher*e there was a dance In progress, and afterwards went back
to Mr and Mrs. Clarke's bungalow, where the fun continued
the easly hours of the morning.
nd MRS. M. H. PER-MtY, f Politit'-a-Pwirr,', gw' a f.itAwell
party at their blncaliw on Thursdav evening in honour of
SMolly Mnlngnt 'Mr.' Porm'ily' sisilri,. who has t,-en sta'ing
tem for tie lest flive months annd is leavInr this we-k fo return
phome at Rt, loitph
Swas %pelsiii part, a' l the fun was fast alid furio ls rh
4M~tadanrnug and games ci /iti the earl, hours of the tlurriilriit.
Maintore thie gueN., of honnur, her.eit hellied tr entertain 'he
er guests hby xilngin t-own. as did ML-, Patsy O'Birln and Mr.
lesrald Cauter. wid their effn 's met with great sur'e,%, and were
)Uoh eppiraintrd
- It addition n toh th nenl.ion'd the guests inli;ded Mr. Dlavid Boyce
r. Dvild Masiall. Mi.s Isabel (Gray, Mr Oeoffrev Maniri. Mr.
awin Matngnto. tl .terv iiBrke', Mr f eoffrey, Huit. Mi.ss Nroflon
Pyaae, Mr. Daviri ( l'Srie, Miss Mlaine Maingot, Mr. likruiAlx Miiinrot,
)fr. Ja4ie Iqkt, and Mr W r-rtle Fernandes.
-* S C
lR. FPRANK SI., the president of the newly-orgiiim..ed A G; I A.
-ports Commniutee. gave the "ickl-off'" at a friendly f,'Rihall
Wawft played< on Casuiials' ground last Thurisday afternoon between a
IN oro Huggins and Company and one from Alcoa iSteamships, the
bmia being the vietora by 3 goals to 1.
The men made a brilliant splash In their new jerseys Hug.ns In
Wd vitn a blue H. at the back, and Al-na min white wi',n the firm's
CeM*. the Tfrmt.
There were more 'han 100 apeetators, sm'nr them being Mr.
aWd M. Bell. Mr, Tan McRride, Mr Charlie Pereira, Mr. and Vrs.
Ge ei Ttiggins and Mr. Frank Clerk,
After the match light refreshments were served.


HMM/kIk ,O ANOTHE <-S5~^




[------ s 8FVM0s
i _?JEF, LN HESkm
iN_. _tSE tT

weE8 /you CAN'T LOSE


-Now ying -- Twice
^^^^H^^&| | Now Playing Twice


Please Remember These Tips D X

When Children Start School Shin
apad!i 0 ftV'-yUSI-old'slfe-4he ^ ? day she gee.
n ..45& .45
school for the fi1rs~t=ur..IM tiyo r atiud w d~te tevn
which will make all the difference to bar digth fr few wees
whenash toe I rnbw to adapt herselftoaie>teii U Q S
and now authorities.
Plea" tell her beforehand that of o ce they have settled down to
she Is going to like school. ThMe the routine of school fi. M
chd can b re of kindly tret- las do not feel hurt if she
chldca b sreOfkidl tea'conies omae and Guotes Mi~ss Dash,
ment and a warm welcome to the says sho-and-o" .ad quMes it IDsh
happy world of the "Bables' Claw." at natural reaction and doe. not
mean that she's growing away
PI,.e do not try to teach her You. Be glad and thankful a
any ,etlesons before she start she t eager to hare al th fun w
whool. Teaching method a ave and thrill of her new life with you
altesed sine. your own schooldaya __ __ ___
and you will only muddle her im- -- H
mature brain If you attempt to do A ii^w Of f
what Ia a specialist's Job.
Please do not ask the school- Ty s D iasA
mistress to interfere If your child _,_ i^ ft u fa
does not, at first, seem to get on Ame'rcn Srvicmo'n rWum
well with the other children. She U o.. 7 in m.
won't let her quarrel and hurt "
herself, but she will give her ample Tomorrow &
opportunity to find her feet and
learn to take part In the communal U.S.O. dance, I pin. *, -,,y11na
die of the class.
Please do not dress your child Forthcomlng Events
conspicuously. If there Is a School |
uniform the problem Is already Arima Tennis Club dance, Satur-
solved for vou. as you will be ex- day, September 2, 6 p.. to mid- S
pected to conform to it a far as night. n aUI
wartime conditions allow. btazar by Pointe-&-Piere G irl
Please teach her to dress herself Ouides in aid of Red Croese Sa tur-
and see that she knows how to day, September 2. A
manage buttons. Mark all her
clothes clearly with her name. Trinidad sight-deeing trip (U.S.O.),
Please show a great deal of In- Saturday. September 2, 2.30 p.m.
tretst when she brings home ain "U. K. dance," Pointe-a-Pierre
drawing with a crooked house In Club. Saturday, September 2. I
one corner and a two-legged anial* Su
of doubtful origin In the other. At --
five a child is intensely individual.
She wants to take her drawings Tips On Changing Over
and bits of handwork home. And
how proudly she will come to school Coarse white lace is extremely F
next morning and say, "Mummy pretty but difficult to get these W.il
said my picture was nice!" days. You may. however, have a My m e M "
Please ee that she always has a bit saved up which is not enough -
handkerchief and knows how to to make an entire dress, or you ..... ....**,**. ..I............
Utse it.
Please keep her away from school may have lace dress which |lllHIIIlllllllllIIIIIIII lMI
If she has a cold or sore throat, worn out in some places, but sound |
You may thus help to prevent the otherwise, f you want to make M P R
spread of one of those epidemics use of this, make a tunic, possibly, M M
which play such havoc with at- with a full skirt. A blouse would be S Fj t E
tendances ii the youngest ones' fine, too.
classes. If your child has had any If you are doing a make-over S Bold" the8
serious illness or accident before job. consider a sheer fabric a the
.she stated school please tell the trimming or yoke in a dress. It I foref Ruthless tl
mistress at:; tit i' so that she can makes a dinner dress out of a
ke,,t rn teve on her.
Please see that sour child goes to daytime crepe, and thus giving It WHEN T E
bed really ',arlv. especliallv ill term a very dressy look.
lime. Arid do not worry if she talks For Instance, if you have a blue iB
about. school matters in her sleep ciepe dress, a sheer crepe In'the T Il e,
unless of conure she seems really same shade, or If you cannot
v'orried or distressed, when she match It, a powder blue would
0iorld see a doctor. Many children be lovely or you can make a con- Lw lss
:.,fr. from this little trouble with trast with a deep pink. Lace dyed
no ill effects and it usually passes to match is also an idea.

Radio Programmes i
sBC u.a.A. wvoi
5 0- lfl Annrr,'ernent News G 1. Nevw
I: ('ar;ri l ,,ls Irtir .v 'y cu,'ri Or'he tra 5 Mirth & MA - Yarns for Yanks
6 Fr Pred ll riley News (M1. Journal
,,-r- 'rnai Al..,l r - -
., ", i,,' pr, V!ra o Sire. (ireat mrrio
I7 '< n w lin-e.... N,'ewa F 'rontllne-'Thoatre
I n -aro'k Ret ,rt
Maril Call Carhibbean Cabaret
*'r .'rrt ir~rn Serena4a - ____ .A: ^ S W V
:r8 Railo nTheatre News Fred Roche
8 ". A A t e II
:3, Wrid Perr. Tall o Jst Concert Minle Hall
;4.') Pianu Mo,8ro -.. ..
~~ -:0no News U'trd Net. Rep(or"-r News
:.1' - News at Hom Met the Boys R rT AI A
:'31)1 artIl ICrosby Muste Htlt Dance Tim* BeTPI A
:41 War olevi~ ...n. IA
n17. H'llt )e I"ght O"' o., 0, Noah BEERY, Jr. Dian BAI
30 Tankt OwOwing ROBET PAIE ANN
; _--"" ,_ ,c.,n ...L. -- LEO CARRILLO ANDY
nr'i' W I RrN, neraanPwilly bebord afrom'.1 5to .4& tonight WEXRITTER TOMASWMU WZ L
oveWRUL featrnnng America I PlaiaPoet'sCorner.


w'fow showhILnq




Original SersePlay by OvldGseoghiy end atogms.Ce |
SDirected by FORD BEEBK and WLLIAMMcGANN Auoci ft Produc. F D M b |

PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at 5 & 8..M p.m.-
Toofan Express

This is the Moan
who can definitely
Help U solve youi
Housing Problems.

To Serve You.

'mwwiimummimuuummnuaivmm w mul~rnBg^^Bp^
Thursday, August 31
8.30 p.m.
A limited number of a to LOUIS OILMAN THOMAS
local cinema theatres available
to merchant seamen on appli. 4Yw Frtemd an4 D'n.aeaT'
cation to the Club Manager. Office and Showroom-
Current landing permits to be C5 w iha St. t: T"i S.
R14uce. rQtT XuTER!
Produced. Over 20 ProperUe por Sago
DA Including allover TRINIDADs -
Tonight wt 830 UOMO,-GASpAPAW
For Merchant Navy Offieer
at the p
OFIC"ERSR' OQUARTRI N.- -H is o*n to undertake
blenits H ean., St Ann'. th ale of your property alo.
'Phione 11e-W Cee
e wmb WAbme


Today, 5 and $.3 Today, 5 and 8 *
Deamma DurbNa anmd Gene Charlem NM
Keay in Featab
Exitra-Sweet Swing Temorrow-
British News GOING f
mmuumm mumglluflmluugmmumimunmmhuMuml

ROYAL 4.45a

s lma- Lnk Cms
Wasds hnud Wieds
lrtsd bMy =15 E. LI
[ NOW N V. U Nedsdie
A United-Ard ts netI

Dou3, 4.45& 8.4 Te~h2.30 T--
Doughboyx n.E A HI^kfH

In Ireland
Overland To


All Indian

TODAY 4.4, 8 .L Pm.-
I A" nAJI lw wf m .FaLnI

BA01A I T l D M M iljAL



TODAY 40, 8.30 p.m ADULT
il thhe 2!* ,LI

~tg fgHt!

I1 Wendy I



George IANi

^A Ser1

and -Johnny WIBSMUL ZR, WJl HARVM 3
Maureen O1'StLU"VAN
'"Trrzen "Bomigl
B I I ~ t M H I I I I H M I I IU IIMN l Ill l l l IIH III ~ l oI Lg ,*g ^

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Bringing You The Power of The
Far East
Prices: Pit dt4e, Houseo ., Bal. 48c.
Tomorrow: 8.S0 p.m. Only-

TONIGHT at A..*-
Monster Double Attraction:-
With Lionel Barrymore, Susan
Tomorrow- W. Somerset Maug-

law ihs & ?A a& IManUMme b1aiu
me ofMo m" *at WaIStm. et Iali
senate PmeMwa ad COMg i ta bw
twem th evasteS xess ema" the tub
Weal IB*.~ Mtue 6Maaa. eaS lb.
mpws Name.
/e gumbol wemeavm u (p 3me so
See we b~ en bntta r i
Maaa. aCs p. NU-naele a o. LTD
rlssemeno Tu w as Me mg .

He. achea
her to hate
and kill...
she teaches
him to Iovel!




Residents Not To Quit

e Until Next Year

its win not be required to quit their tenancies before
Odad Guardnan" was Officially informed yesterday.
till not ice I served, there is no objection to tUe
i the land

muhaa ad be
requested to quit
) lin. Sub-Intend-
7tLands, and Mr.
K. Solicitor to the
IAd the "Ourdian'
ied not been ordered
1Be 9; but that
the u had agreed to
WtldinP on or before
dtendant's Office, they
-had lamed a circu',it
that tenants would
to remove their
taut date unless they
aKd and assuring them
fibt' note would
they were required
tad that this will not
ntil some time in
I* ot possible at this
S deflite date.
the circular advised,
objection to the crops
until notice is served.
oianimnmo'.'tlon for
to, it was stated that
S intended to offer
th gently acquired
rce Es',te at Lopi-
ed that only a lrn-
of persons could be
there. Government
dl under consideration
'e site, which, It was
fmeet the needs more
lsd that Mr. C. A.
e of Five Rivers Estate,
.hed Government with
alUotting a portion of the
tBhe rurpOse of a resettle-
e for Coura evacuees.

SMan To Jail
That honesty Is the
and that it is very hard
,be deprived of ones
r hoarding it for two
*i J. Hamilton. presld-
ond Police Court yes-
lced Claude Williams
I imprisonment with
Sand ordered him to
tcompensation or do
months with hard
convicted WUlUanm
satlons of obtaining
Sthe court was that
ach, Williams' root'-
bank book showing a
800. Williams stole
SBeach's birth certi-
H regtitration card, and
$wing $198.50 from the
te room and threw
tiflcatlons into a
on was laid by oon-
r. On three accusa-
pry- and one of larceny
^was reprimanded and

IIt if children were not
IKo they would have no
making good citizens,
led by the magistrate
Ordered Conrad Als to
for failing to send his
,t school regularly.
S was rather difficult In
to keep children in
rly' he was a man

aMynard, who sought to
I on Andrew Dookle's
h whom he had quar-
0atoacking and wounding
Vnt to jail, with hard
e. six months.
has 39 previous con-
to his name. He gave
1of driving an unlicensed
.Kenrick Lynch was or-
1 ar $25 or serve 80 days

arry Luke Due
Next Month
"e Luke. ehlef represen-
Brildsh Council In the
s, Is dis back from
H Iout the middle of next
boftood that the Council
t its office to Whitehall
1t01 being renovated,


Frederiek St.
oy, Sept. 6, 1944

KrJ14,eKl al l her good ad
p'turitnre such as:-
(,iSP, 8ingle Beds with
M a Mttrtse, Mahogan
HflWith Donpring and

*-I ISSPtwea c
*B^.*0" Onensr and
BZ~tePreasee, Marble
*BIBWW~fater dv with
w artboad

HH je1ac CIron and
^ ewlng Mso1b, oubi
Meij at Safes, Pantry
sS1 Ware, Bsoce oen
.OarS!*n? GB1 ranis.
B? is3S-Se"tion Screen,
S^- mall Rugs cand

'of =.on aa& '10a"u

BN r Hutchijso Ltd.


In City Rum

Case Sequel

Conicedo by Mr. W. J. Andre In
the Firt Police Co'rt yesterday on
an accusation of selling rumn with.
ou.t a$3iene, G ege Brindsley was
fInd 300. or three months
On an accusation of having eight
bottles of rum In his poMesion
which were suspected to be kept
for the purpose of sale, he was re-
primanded and discharged.
Brindsley gave notice of appeal.
Joseph Maynard, convicted five
times of malicious wounding,
marked his ,sixth convIction bv a
six-month prison sentence ves'ter-
day, when he was found guilty of
wounding Andrew Dookie.
Seeking to establish a case of
self-defence. Maynard asked the
court to believe that Dookie was
first assailant.
Mr. A J. Hamilton, ordering
Prntence of six months hard labour,
told Maynard that hle was not pre-
pared to accept his evidence as he
was satisfied that hlie had struck
the first blow.
Maynard gave notice of appeal.
George Taltt, -'truck driver of
Tunapuna, was yesterday convicted
by Mr. W. H, Harris and fined $60,
or three months hard labour, for
the larceny of a raincoat from the
Queen's Park Savannah during the
Slast races. He was al!o ordered to
pay $29. totalling costs and com-
pensnalon for assaulting Ivan

Guides Pick Name
For Future Home
Hopeful that tneir desire for a
training centre and guide home in
the West Indies, conducted along
sianllar lines to the Foxlease Guide
Home in h.ngland, would inaterla-
Use some time, gulders of various
West Indian Islands, who have
just completed a vigorous course of
training here in leadership work,
have picked "'Caribia" as the name
for any such establishment if and
when It should become a reality.
Courses extended over a period
of 18 days, from August 4 to
August 22, during which time dis-
cussions were held In connection
With the improvement and develop-
ment of a higher standard of guid-
ing In the West Indies. Programme
featured the holding of three camp
fires, general trainlcg for guiders.
preliminary exercises for camper's
lience, hiK ing, compass work, sig-
nalling, and general routine test
Taking a prominent part in the
Proceedings was Miss Grace Ander-
son, holder of the Blue Cord Dip-
loma, who is in charge of tle
training gulders here, whlr
others in administration Includec
Miss P. Haslon, Secretary of tht
Y.W.C.A., who became a specialist
in camping In Canada: Miss Marie
La Borde, of Barbados. who If
also a holder of the Blue Cord
Diploma and an active trainer;
and Mrs. Harold Gilbert of Couva,
an experienced gulder with train-
inma in Scotland.
Islands represented were Antigua.
St. Vincent, Grenada, and St.
Kitts: also British Guiana, Repre-
sentatives of Barbados and
Dominica, it is understood, were
held up due to transportaUton dif-
Main purpose of the meet was
to train leaders to properly train
guilders, guides, and brownies in
their change.

w. 1$11,1ADEROliN

(Corner Valleton Avenue)
1 edroo ms. Running Watet
and All Convenler.eeS.

ApVlv Prada on Premises.

The Poto-pin Ct on
SER1T. wLte ThAVMeo0, one
of the sany bo nereaai tebys
now serving with the Wet In-
dian troops soemewhere rTeroat.
Serat. Tf verIs a torser em-
plToyee of TrintdadriaeeleaLrdU.

City's $50,000

Water Plas

Held Up
r The Port-of-Spain Cit C Coun-
cil's t50,000 water scheme to boost
the city's supply by sinking three
new wells d eand cening about 20
old ones at Cocorite. has been
held up by Government's refusal to
grant permission to go ahead, the
'Trinidad Guardian" learned yes-
Replying to the corporation's
request, Government, It Is stated,
informed the Council that permis-
r' could not be granted until a
decision had been reached with
respect to the Cocorite catchment
The scheme calls for 115i000 aex-
penditure on sinking the new wells.
e$,l00o for cleaning the o' d ones
and $25,000 as a stand-by in case
It is needed.

Recreation Park
Planned In Belmont
The General Purposes Committee
of the City Council has reoom-
mended that the City Engineer be
instructed to prepare plane and
esdmates for the fiing and
levelling of the iece of land at the
corner of Norfola Street and Robin-
son Ville and for laying it out,
planting it with suitable shrubs and
providing seats It is planned to
convert the area into a recreation

French Consul
Returns Call
Rectprorvitlng the courtesy call
made by Councillor H. G0. B. Woald-
Ing, Mayor of Port-of-Spain, to
convey the city's congratulations
on the news of the liberation of
Paris last Wednesday, M. k~eli-
nand Gallat, the French Consul,
on Tuesday killed on the Deputy
Manor. Councillor Albert Gomes,

aut n other damlt >ntitora the l
r inres tmn Iga perAso re d pk-
Councillor GomLs Is performing
Councillor Wooding'ls mayoral du-
Pan-American Airways In resporec
to a query said that one uf its
planes struck a buoy in the har-
bour of Martinique, skinned the
p aint off the hull near the keel
but no other damage to the pl*"*
or injuries to personnel and pas-


Motor Launch

Lerngth Overall 23"-6"
Boom ....... ,.- 7"
Depth ....................... 2"-4"
4 cyl. Morris Marine Engine
complete with propeller and
Can be Inspected on applica-
tion to Engineering Dept.

Furnemu, Withy
& Co.. ILtd. _1

You can get that "BULOVA"

you have been waiting for

Tomorrow Friday, September


Your Jeweller,

Y .De Lima & Co.




Tax On City Properties Urged

To Finance Library Take-Over

Imposition of a special library tax on all rateable properties in
Port-of-SpaIn to raise the necessary funds for meeting the Ctiy Coun-
ci's finaneWal obligations under the scheme for the re-organisation
of the Trinidad Public Library and Its subsequent conversion into a
free-lending institution under the control of the Council, ha been
recommended by the special committee appointed by the Council to
consider the proposals.
While approving the re-organi- -- .---. ..
satlon programme submitted, by lt, should be an annual rate on
the management committee of the the assessed value of all rateable
library, the Council's committee heredlitaments. in Port-of-Spain
points out that already the City and as both owners and occupiers
Corporation was contributing $2,580 Of premises contribute to the tax
a year towards the upkeep of the the former directly and tlhe latter
library and could not bear out of indirectly, all inhabitants of Port-
Its present revenue the proposed of-Spain should be entitled to the
Increase to $8,000 in 1945 rising to free .-rvt-e of the libhrsarv. Per-
8,600 in 1948. To meet the expen- 0sons living outside of the city
diture it has suggested that a tax would not enjoy Its benefits with-
not exceeding the rate of one per lout making some payment.
cent, of the annual value of every "'The revenue received from the
rateable hereditament In the city tax would, of course, be spent
should be levied from 1945. The solelvy for the purpose of the
recommendation comes up for library, and would not In any way
consideration at this afternoon's accrue to the general revenue for
statutory monthly meeting of the the Corporation. Since the an-
Council. nual rateable value of all premisem
Headed by Councillor H. 0. B. hi the city is about $1.600,000, a
Wooding, the Mayor, the consm tax of half oe- cent would be more
nmtttee states in its report: than sufficient to meet the con-
*With regard to the proposals tribution of the Council for the
for the re-organisation and im- years 1945 to 1949. bit In
provement of the library, as de- making our recommendations
tailed in the plss and speclfica- we have felt that some Ilattide
tions submitted, we approved shouldd be observed Ps'inst larger
them in principle, but refrained commitments In the future."
from goiner into them in detail, as v.
we are of opinion that the man-
agement c emittee of the library Illegal Rum Sale
Is beat qualified to know Its needs
and to plan for Its essential re- C1
quirements. In our judgment the costs $ 50 Fines
management committee had done
an excellent lob of work and Trinidad Guardian Correspondent
should be complimented. We SAN FERNANDO, August 29.-
therefore gave most of our con- Pines amountWng to $150 were im-
sideration to the financial side ol posed on Matilda de Silva, a Cof-
the matter, fee Street rum-shop owner, and
"At present the Corporation con- her husband Vincent de Silva, by
tribute a sum of $2,560 a year to Mr. F. J. Camacho in the Magis-
the maintenance of the library trate's Court here today, when
We do not think the Corporation they were convicted of selling rum
can bear out of its present reve- after closing hours on June 25.
nue the proposed increase of The police told the court that
$6,000 in 1945 to $8,000 In 1949. they had the de Silvas' premise
After exploring various possible under observation for sometime
sources from which the additional and that Vincent de Silva was
revenue required might be ob- caught red-handed passing a bot-
talned. such as approachtng Gov- tie or rum to an East Indian man
eminent for a subvention or for a on the night in question.
portion of the entertainme-rt tax Denying this aUllegation, Vin-
we have come to the conclusion cent de Silva s atrd that the rum
that it would be most practicable he handed to the man had been
and expedient for the money to left there for the man by an-
bie raised by the imoositlon of a other.
library tax as from 1945. Mr. Camacho, electing the de-
"The library tax, as we conceive fence, observed thlat this practice
was a continual one.
Pec g R a Mr. H. Farrell defended the de
Percentage Rental s1lvas.
For assaulting a svi"10isIPolice-
Method Rejected mran, l
Metod eje ted man, Ra.,'dolph Quasi' '. A re~i-
dent of this borough. v as ordered
Rejecting the method adopted by to serve three months tin prison
Herbert Charles in charging rent with hand labour. Quashie. It was
on a commission bass to Arthur stated, was arrested for behaving
Lewis to whom he sub-let a three- disorderly on Polnte-a-Pierre Road
room apartment on Park Street, last night and resented the as-
the Rent Assessment Board, pre- sistance give the policeman by
sided over by the Hon'ble L. C another special constable and
Hannays, KC.. yesterday fixed a cuffed him in the face.
rental at $15 per month, ret'ospec- On the accusation of disorderly
tive from the month of April. behaviour he was reprimanded and
Charles, however, expressed dis- discharged.
satisfaction with the Board's deci. ________-
sion, telling the chairman bluntly
that he was not in agreement with COUVA Theatre
It and that he Intended deciding
the matter for himself.
Charlea. it was alleged, took 15 TONIGHT. BIG DOUBLE:-
per cent of the p-ofits of Lewis's I-PARDON MY SAIONIG
photography business monthly as With Abbott & Cestelle
rent and on one occasion collected 2-WHEN THE DALTONS RODE
$37.50. He will now have to give With Randolph 'Scott
Lewis a refund. Sunday:- Phantom Of The Opera
iiiitwi iiiiniiiiiiiiiii)iiiiii|i #gti i #i~i~imiit~ im~ittiiflim~iN #i~i imiiM



Members are hereby informed that the Managing-
Director's party which was to be held at the clubrooms
on Saturday, September 2. has been po-tponed indefinitely
owing to the Ramaan Season as it is feared that the
Muslim members of the club will not be ebie to participate.

F. B. Dolsilngh,
Hon. Secretary.

Our stores In Port-of.Spain and San
Fernando will be re-opened to the
Spublie on Friday, September Imt.
Among our very attractive offers is a special selection of
Furniture Including vuch Items as:-
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Featuring New Arrivals are:--
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I) \ % SrI i/ I .

lBrkl i rich m valuable d&itice s
the larder, pariculily i k tism,
thaim buewivm wim be gad inmM
*W..m_ (Ma M war-tH- c.
didam, La4m ma u Nabe sip to
Ym as i the IAMK bu wmv nd
wi ems touIfrM Bmoeil(C""ads)
I liaisd Ma rea- lf, whe Ut >
-n the *mm bih qua*fM
h shra w yt AW a
in ehabw*.

PM "to Is" "W

-. lui i

They aclam
Dr. McKenzie's
To be the Beat Remedy of Uie
kid for Deepn eated
And a Sapeelf fr Iafltu
er "FtU" staeppbI the attend-
ant Fever.
Sold bv Leadlne Drugieta
Pree Twe o Mtlags
per beUle.
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reputation In at the back Of
this never-failina remedy.
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San Fernmando


We can supply a limited quan-
tity of
tin Demijohns)
at $74M per galli

Sobo Sugar Estates Ltd.
48 South Quay.

Sufferers from the maddening
Irritation, the exhausting, agonis-
Ing pain caused by piles- do not
wait until piles hemorrhoidsd)
reach such a terrible state that a
serious operation may be nees-
eary. A.k your chemist all about
this special I medy. He knows the
ingredients from which this mne-
pensive and scientific remedy is
made. He can show you, too, the
special applicator fixed to ech
tube of Man Zean, which make the
use of this soothing, healing un-
i JdnH 9 :J*nod uoiqV :dnrug MOIM
guent so clean and simple.
Man Zan is no ordinary point.
meant. It Is prepared for the pur-
pose only-to end the Irritation,
allay the Inflammation and daft-
nitely banish piles. From the very
first application you feel the irri-
tation and Inflamatlon ending, and
If you will only persevere, never
more will you be tortured with the
agony of piles.
Mn Zan Pilt* Ram edI lold by ehnlm
tlts m*rywbhre, inetidintS spell noille
lipllvttor. Rmemtnbr Us nsa m *e this
splendid remedy -






on which it stands
2 Bedrooms, Living and
Dining Rooms, Self-con-
tained Kitchen & Lavatory.
"Con be Purchasod on
Situated 9 Cumberbotch
Lane, Belmont

For further particu-
lmrs consult... *

P- Iw ."... j

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Stocked by-
Itte, mu.
The Finest Obtainable
In the btUea with
The Golden
- - - - -


Show Your Good
ly Demanding



Produced by-
Careul Limited
Caronl Distillery


Proceeds for the General Fun o f the
Win the War Association.

Space by courtesy of United Grocers Ltd. 3
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S ~..., 1 AI quickly and
Swiemly arod ioult, may
priet Wt"ouWi"K(tIMa,
I e merI acnes a er ev

low ~ e>^ In cam of aMIAM acd*
dent,the poFoblMties A*
/ u,,infection with serious
consequences create un.
SThe best safeguard is the superior kmewt*
Sedge and skillful attention of your phyi* .
cian. Remember, however, that dOctoe
cannot work miracles, and a neglected scratch or wound ea
be just as serious a a major accident.

Prompt cleansing of wounds or breaks in the dsa with
DIOXOGEN helps to create a condition which will yield
promptly to the attention which only a doctor can give. -





Printers, Jewellers

Sttionerm, Furalitre

and Watch Deale.r.


Sultatpqma Kb,

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Invitation Subscription After

Races Parties

- at the -




N NmU r K n-T. <"
THURSDAY, a-D tJM L P ;.;,
Al 1*
Instructed by MS& L Mao i.
who is leavitn tse Coey, I 0.
eU by Auctios the 1Blwliu m um
houshoaold furniture;-
SLargem Car Wrdwrob I; 1 mn
Wardrobe; 1-4At. 61s. TM pM "
Bad with spring. anmFd 1lb"r U.
tresea; 1 Hair MaUem: S S Cat"
Wash Sets: 141L OuW TI FViA
Iron Bed with br Matire: .8
Cedar Unen FPream; 1 W5
SBureaux with Mtrror: l-4ft.
Stand with Ties and PImZ*s
Marble; 1 Crap. I 0 0 ; L
Bra Bell; 1 BIsdcuft Jar; 1
aoy Couch: 1 Centre Marb T
1 COhlfonlerre- 2 Bentwood Ohai
Ceemntre Tabes;, 4 oekem
SDining chai;: a Meat bate:
Aborted Chairsn: 1 Dinner WsReeI
I Side Board: S Dman Ifg
Lamps: 5 Electrical Sbades; 1t
tension Dning Tsable' 1 Small D i-
ing Table' l Kitchein Tab&-.
mll Desks: 1 ChlIna Tea Ai
Larg Assortment of Crockhef;
Number of Pictures. 11 Suits a .
Lot of Shirts; 1 Drawing Roo'
Carpet. V.
Goods on view on dvy 'priory,
and morning of Sale.
I. A. MO'rr.,
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eat h' phlus 7' ,% War No'ons., lth ,,i,. it' Ntuiii. Mu ,'ael o as n 4.IA p yap Is 5n16Hurst I U E PREMISES or Eaterty oudy nre. r.I 14r 54 y 4.It p a PERSONAL NO=da thtNO IC Etha AU
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RRIRt Chirn rectot's tfl rmerlv New K REFRGERATOR, ,5a ubic feet. aecel. I TUDEBAKERK Commander three tys "235p,12 ywi Crsin Benjamin.I..not tin AeyBo b-UI~l4.-Sep t. Pe0 V811eyrese, 11
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.410SFRl.t 12;LOBE.... .. ao t i ...ttite toes o f" a t re I MAGAINE SUBSCRIPTI2ONS.o wtd rooms, fle. Vacant possession, Frsehoid respon6ible for any debt or debts con- I' PORTS MODEL BICYCLE, S B P 01 Stove with Oven, Cut-osO 6
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EISSENPFIELD tUniver'alty hoepi- Als 5)Vat Bl~uiletil. t'onsult Peitry'lTyre ilt.-U; i, ... ... Sept0 ~I. OXFORD ST..ottlon e1nroomsb Sry ISO. iit .toiAin Stet Hol s fitrs iet. Saa:l ainaTe S~et, O]a m ~e Poreci _.Jal
Io ris4artcher StreetnBelmont Porcelain.Ware, Gla...Ware,.Pooc;splendid
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-rlh 151 MAol tMrl eorc' back oft l~dclao Mu, etue S-ept. 2i. Icludnlg Renewlsa 600 Titles, Cheapest onn lands of Soraslnn. Appt ly to Itaior -Sp. S.AMAZIN B'fTL tartl; 21 Ninth Avenue, Barataila; 441 Clocs, China Vases. Aluminum A real gO
CORNf 14 GRowING PAIRS ,windIotg of Pow.r aind Audo .tC t -ept. sStret- opt. t eps',oe far any ,debPOt rRdebts Pinoo Player-cat . MIdOf.h .r ns, Bras Anh T ys, cre some
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P DRCKS EE lseTrnfr'Phone 130, Curepe,-Aug. 31 IETUANYC AND FOODS session immedloatey--Apply" MI~eyt 4522 : FLAV IuI SOSIIC, 390.- Sept. 6. ,
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S yreet .-Sept. .land now Ro Prins S.tret, near etlmoft. 'Phonr i lot land Alt onbvscs. A s a o ue3h Woa ptheir ut Ion alono atr. Apy to o 9A TownH al Wa ite
S ADuncan Street. PhonAEfo g. e "WE rd pain g an IUAd A RESYTAUA OT, 5R St. 1532u.00 an o $34l.rdWalker Stret. ,ss my husband,. Clement Grant, he hsvlng Street, Woodbrook.--ept. a. An F other Items would nppea
rrm ...bc.. recostn ".-SCep t. 5+ ivncet Ltd. i.Ban eio tbia. $3,00.0" ech.To Pane lot my ho Api 24 1544. GENT'S BICYCLE bOA SALE. U om.
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0-2. Gstis" %iagmoF~J'jv& U abetweea Marine vare and P 10 5.3- BEDOOM ws
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