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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Current issue also available on the Internet.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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S- 16cLTD.
-6 CO., LTD.

No. 8,20. 27TH YEAR

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4om1N i u tas. im-

D Gls ie (iaulle Keturns 10o anrs 1 reed By Allies

Romanian Cabinet Declares War On Germany

100,000 Nazis Killed In 6-Day Russian Drive1
________4 Bomb- Norh -.. Troy__Enmy ...
Galati G Former Rome bi North From Troyes
Gap Police Chief Charged Bc h NG ,A C i 1
ReaOME.dAug.Bucharest List
of charges against Caruso. for- : ff^ ,
Reached mer Chief of Police in ome, B u aresto t urren Uers
iB Declared he will be tried on a e . 1. .. 1. .
Ehongen US.. Teoe C r of Church
Estonian Bastion charge of violation of Church Citizens RcportedW sS' U Troopt
e&tr-territorial rights In en- *'tO" J .. \ jaT3r.a
Of Tartu Captured xteratnerritoria ight. u In eComplete C(ontrol Troycs In Advaice
tering the Church of St. Paul______
By Russians Fuorl LeuA ira last sprint to Of Capital. .To The Marne
LNOAg25arrest refugee Italian ollicers. SUPREM31 ALLIED HZAD..w
SLONDON Aug. 25 (AP).-rhe LONDON Aug. 25e4APt Roma- tU .fATR. Au.2 ea .-GA
Red Army klld dore than He will also be accused of giv- n ia declared war on Germany to- B T harl e alli bec i.
100,000 men in the first six days ing 50 hostages to the Geimans day after the Germ ns made a a. eral dtherlef yar o te lekhi
Of Its relentless campaign to des h ect te.yair raid on Bucharest. The Pa. ..A exrisl froe imed rangofht thteng
troy the er an ta m who executed them. Bucharest radio announced the de- ., .xiA. eale, procwds the inerht itol ohew
Rumai ia Claration of war in a proc', mation '5AV rIFand declared:t "Werwill notf ra=
a King Michael's new Govern- until we march into enemy teiT1.
M :oscw ado rles a edt hemennt a d adht Romanians had to
feres in ae special stat ement complet ae control of Bucan ha r-. tory as conquercras.
claied the capture of almost ee ne %! t ce n wr / c Prip rado aneede lotno of B -op
1500 pr igs~on ers an at oeat, from the Gern ns. 1 .. Paris radio announced hl t4t
Pam105,000(lrisoners osawiBucharertsi oi" said the whole /k~night that the French capital hoS
16 oor O soreU atr v (et.cema the U.S. 'TheWpowerful drive of two RusAian jjaBul~r~chap etitaeaed rn i e.ribe ieaedadta i
t xon ith et.-Geneal OmarN Brady (eaetre), armies ant3 Romania encroached capital was now liberated from tlhe i 1 1 been liberated and that the Get.
osaa a n S General ea Bernard L. Mont-Hi on more than 5 pces ad Germans, and thai the airfield wa man commander n hsigerd a oea.
SCommandW of the Alled Invasion. Armie, some- at one point advanced 30 miles Ininthed lan5 ts (d fe h"t" aly ehRomang an. .A,. o h tro toc
wa. 'Ths O wa made by Horace '!ort Mt ,, Aqd- 24 hours to capture Tecuci and rtrds after heavy f fighting pn-fireeImmediately
al| eiucawett the wartm still petur the entree to thi e ealat Gap. Bucharest radio said the Or- ... ,,. T o announcement followed d tth
Poola.)---- wih r m s iit te ntact te RoatiGap os mans tried to capture BanAsa air- entry of American and Preonca
,ph l lool.) t e The statemeort on enemy losses .... troops into the capital dunof
gave a stark picture of the extent ROME, Aug. 25 (AP)-Two ene- port near Bucharest but w(re trhpIThe cat an do riMga.
____lp eeu__, tB__throwne ov e back by Royal Rotn'.'na r dato. There was nof lehtl t
_1 __*____O___ _of the dlsasaer to German arms in my atrc.ft factories and two Guards Regiments and that the onfimation here.

.................... 080 trcks Romania. m irpan.en.ntrfeen e b. aftr ssran sconf-4^rup cold loim oheolre.h
P pontiff TO Speak t said General Malinovskyt's dromes, all in Czechoslovakia, were roads from there to the capital a, t wr 0 0F&T' Latest word at headquarters W
d on l Tkl Second Ukrainian Arminr its hammered today by 500 15th Air were "littered" with German guns 1,1 1" that American and Pht rench troops
Turingfhec onver, W orld On Sept.ha I gens o r v er ca led and vehiclcx. I SPAI j \ iedjoined FightingFrench poll
To WoorI d On Sept. 1 e e down r e m n ut River k eForce heavy bombers in contintd,- The new Government which ie triot0 in the eatal after hitter
ROME, Aug. 25 'Reuter)-- 49,000 German ani Romanian ton of the assault which cost the trying to wng the country effec- American forces which reached Troyes yesterdayy swept north In fIghting with the Germans anr
prisonersi f n 1Aivelyto the side of the Allies the direction of Reims and the rocket bomb coast threatening I French cooll'cs'ltionIsts and mild
s Heak tolin the over the 20 to August 25.int Nazis at least 155 fighters shot again called on the Roansto t o' German forces In the vicinity the Seine delta and north tiamen.
Shurchill Vatican City radio rd n oeptem- It dest royed 9 'planes 104down in the i st tree days. Tar- "rise and fight the Germans." of the French capital. In south France Aries was captured, while The latest German rdio broad.
ber I at 5.30 .m. OMT) on tanks and self-propelled gu gets hit were the Brno Lsn air- The nw Government which Is on the east aide of the beachhead the Americans were rprta to east on the Paris fighting at 11
the raft~S factories r textile ills hedraenpowihiiun of varioufthe Italian b0der.a pom the se 0)^ aid fighting wasstillragins
-teoccasion of the fifth anni- 426 guns of various calibres, crt fatr e-.cmetxil mis Romania gave the t.:ermans ,mop haedie0Pwthnt ~ fte tla dr p'.mh centr of thect y ndn o wos r ll
IIQUArERS, versar of the German march mort.aas, 807 machine-guns and now making ME109 components- ortunity to withdraw without in- h centre e of the city and nfo on
(Reuter)-It was into Poland. 1,050 trucks the Brno Kurim airplane engine terference but "after assurance,-All e InSo uthe .. c opi t A l a ?l
Sthatthe Pope en- During the siome period, the plant, the Brno airdrome and Pros- solemn as they were perfldiotus" rl s Sital.
hOlurchill In Ji it Second Ukrainian Army captured teJov airdrome, 40 miles northeast German units attacked Ron'.*nian The radio "Io that ColPr Reglo
three qu arters of 54 tanks and elf-propelled guns, of Brno. units aat nd "even machine-gunned pep o rommando of thaetPr l Rei
Duringtheconver-Jam859 guns of various calibres, 891 Tactical Air Force Mitchells,'peaceful population in the village$A l s nsuetya-- ehi cs p ola to histeri..es
mhany eat erbtiel P b y m oliotars. 8.660 machine-guns, zarnging deeper into France than and capital." /Iad"the Germans ue to e Af thic oroes ofa teeri n toh isforc
bmany ena T on A eal19.,150 rifles and automatic rifles ever lbefore.bombedn ntwo bridges air forcefitn strength bombed nthe T o ..iti 2 M iles 1 a y You unleash t ed the riAsing whic
tched upon relat and 2,730 carts with supplies and northeast of Lyon and knocked out capital so d other towns aiming n o o O liberated Paris. You i imovised
Problems of the ul.L military equipment. a gun position on an island just particularly at the Royal Palace" . .your tactics animated by a strhun
r reorid" quton Trinidad Guardilan (' correspondent. The army also captured 5,500 south of Marseilles. Thunderbolts and "by these acts of aggression G RE desire to win and you have won."
rcor e st KNO TON, JAMAICA, Aug. 2 horses, 40 locomotives, 1,119 rail- hit bridge 12 miles north f which occurred simulneos i t in By GEOGE TUCKE l
conference was -Rooer Mais, poet, author of an way cars, and 9 ammunition. Aries and a highway south of various parts of the country, Oer- ROME, At;, 26 tAP).--MaJor-GeneCral Patch' Allied juggernaut. DOCUMENT SIGNED
r c aenrey haired article entitled: "Now We Know," equipment and provl o dumps. alence many has lacedhersrlf in a state paoed by ngehatse reconnaissance squadrons and combat engineers A notherbroacm onPa is radi
hirmse ntig a pPeople's NLor'.l Over 1,100 United States heavy of war with Romania,"psanothermadcationderignet
asked the Prime lParty newspaper, public Opinion," capture of 305 permanent rein-bombers, escorted by forces of A statement by peasont ,Irder, I swept to a point less than 20 miles of the Italian frontier on the sdthe blowing document nersntl
was sentenced yesterday to six forced concrete ints containing fighter-bombers, stor' shed at tar-,Maniu. broadcast after the proaes- t aer rolm doces nI "
ay cigars a day months' imprisonment an the c uity lunas a lo el a In r otwi bGl n, including mellon, aid that I omania t,,d east of the beachhead perimeter while hIs columns to thie welt by Brig ,Oeanr Jac I tea 'I
Months'vmprisonent and he Citycommande? of Pren
ime .mnd pliedr P'lnt.ery, Lmited, publishers oat 861 1 Usb. I 4WI Mte OM5L46' sacrificed more than t00M00 men methodically drove Into the Rhone DXha and at dusk last tight we Armoured avtl' p edm"
pthnre pl.e d fi.ed rt y byi $0b Mr. J. Cun- w Anmiqg o nCetl Mallinoiky's waffe stations aresearch centreol to ean Interest. MaIts. u said the F'rneh fo m otloheb r thI
wed withth capital during the lasy: "The Oar.
thaeire w ith the Imagisef achitute prisoners were General tal i a k,nou synthetic ll plan t l a .g By "vita oian within argel of the city of Aries, and a p ehe french aiald rn w t ch eur
aI H is trate, fovernent of the onmntd and 0 9 the, epeiral fiorl orderstheB
n m er thes Dhne t Commander of a -Romnlan In-. m-b rocket experimental etattion sr.tton will not be defeated by the Capture of Cannes. which fell rthe feIMnvaderhi. i ommn P h to
& barrage of Defence Regulations.'fnmr diisonmandBna.-ronralIneeeemordeSodrs
and many others The Police charged thAt M fantry division, and rg-,enera In Peenemunde. treachery of ou r former oppressors. to thie Americans more thail 24 Oei the ra ceas uner isty om mand
on him fro andt the prntery byt puosaa Voiko. Commander of the 14th What is left of them wll soon be hours ago, brought the great cease firegimediately. Arm s
tu*t three quarters the article endeavoured to pre- Roanian Infantry Divils on. ui knocked out by the great and iT- Riviera rlaygroundand Nice within" n to be stackedld Pertl wilr as
h e n To Judiek the efficient prosecution of tar o r ol ln's T vincible might of the United Na- range of their artillery and left ble without arm. at p o ac so,
L t a Do cthe war.on Third Ukrainian Army wrought rua sioer tionsr, our great Allies of today and its occupation only a matter a and w wait ord

d the Pap n prvae- the % .eacpe htol 0 ie nrhat o "l e Passing sentence, the magistrate much destruction in It descent t alwayss" time perhaps hours. But while there. Arma have to be dellyaoo
of tile Palatine C"taS e t OAlb .iHigh..o-man
wa daiwn up ad: "INthink it Isa utficient to say Cetet Alba. CLA Romanian High Command the great fan-shaped wave uther l iidu which ntact."
w on nhatr oy ind the meaningosirecommunique -d: "We had taken Allied forces rolled to the west asd curre r lante slie hich h- It was the second time thi. s ,.
was escorted to tmit he
partmient by a tmhereuT Is perfectly cl Ow n more than 4.000 prisoners (0er- eat bitter fighting still went on ad it difmeut to ay when the that the OrenchT orces of t
It means what it says. Thears ctle Wh ed back by two ytronmans) and captured large ouant- in machine workshops that honey- Not Coat Rod new ro Interior announced e liberty
i d Sword. Mr.e e A measLwateits. The I o tce Whiped back by twoC ston Pd n CO t
aounced to the was, in my opinion; most certainly Russian armies and under the A L L I D HEADQUARTERS, ties of war materm. Liquidation combed the great naval arsenal of Mirecas Bay, will be opened t of the capital roml our Yo
ove tohe one which was likely to have the harrusing fire of their former &U,,wV, racuific, tu. 0 (AP).-- of a few Islands of resistance Toulon. 0.. Gordonrule.
Reid, RornelouT effects contemplated by the regula- Balkrn, all, the German army Warplanes archea a Jawahese ,round Bucharest continues Headquarters' spokesmen said Actnl e tra of Pulr,ic, Wordon Crl. raul .in ra,
off Cornelio, The niugHedures spkse sad iD af(;M PulcWrs ClRalsidIbgp

I^ W M SS;effecscot mpaed bythe regua an alles *t he Grmn arm c ruie~ r na r th. nier of th oCo. c ^ S ^ ,m" ; tl ri ttlHI reeS -iX ^ c" ;
placeluI the Popes tion, not only because of the ad- charged with the defence ofr ir er the ata an Ps ition the wtran i tod tid Guardian"vyes tion. "The F.B.t. b i t
..verse effect which unquestiornbly Rcmania fled southward through r luggers and Germ two small peninsula which make a terday. berated Paris area Is marking
oran, the physi- Ing, not only byits unfortunate re- railway l unction Inside the Gap. elersAtta&c. Parol i o ftDtr Wd AR the southwest and southeast as slides were occurring at regular with itscomradesfrom othre
ference to the imagined attitude of while w ahal Stalin announced also et 11'e to.n A,.- ows aVe X h Nes MATIN,4 *
him during his C e His Majesty's Government towards the capture of Tartu, an important |er '.L'ire wa o I to ercep.ai Reuter's S special Correspondent hand-to-hand fightig nin the engaged In clearing uprecent will emerge W hlceh will d

" and '11 Co ^ "blelm',nder eoy enemoy 'picap OB"cl ^raycc i.mevato he.o u.ald recrtrraoyoa aiely*t*f t*"
a ecompied him one of our Allies, Russia. but gen- strongpoint in central Estoaia. nAlu CAIRO, Aug. 25 lReuter-Au- strect.s, doorways and aide alleYs slides, push the Invader off Freanc
Stas and the Tehe- e rally by reason of its undoubted Above the fleeing Nazis a deadly 8' tlire to oapanese isiallations t' -itic reports reaching Cairo this continued as the fanatical Nazis. Opening of the road, he stated, and Into Its own territory to am
to the Pope. Then. ,'lue to the enemy for propaganda flock of ovet warplanes and on e o aa afternoon state that the situation bet apparent on death rathe will dpend on the wathr and the regime of oppreslon."
hall's Pontifical purposes in thee not unlikely event close behind flowed the cavalry 'ISanl whit5 tons of bvmos 011 in Romania is dislntegrating. The than surrender. still resisted how the banks stand up to the ...T...... p.
Premier ws In- of its coming to his knowledge. It and tanks of General Malinovsky.'nurbday. xplosions were sarteo. Ruan re controlltt t con- against growing odds.TOPA.

Premierr ^^^^ wa n."tMt Ltn4jtls0 Russall are conrollftz the of~n the g rowing oddse. h^ 1,;
Ecclesiastical and in a munificent gift from Mr. Mats and General Tolbukhln descendst.e M ae .in e t ?e on explosUel try as far south as the Danube. Similarly street ghting co n-,
'oflthe Ppalpriae t r a. -- Bton the fortress city of Focsanl. t% unteaed on i,.,t 2(C>, The Rumanian people and army t' ued in sonic part s Mrseilles
rt the Papel private The magistrate accepted that only 100 miles northeast of a souutlern aeppirg stole i t o re reported to be ul ted nder but on a reduced scale- Whle the
Mats is anti-Nazi but said it was Philippiaes n Mr ee prieviAosty t h. ir Geprtndh t beoed t u ndeenag edue rnh saseiste bi the
clear that M ,ots has an intense 1101.1A el TURN TO PAQ11 $, COL 41 I po r~ rI-I 74411 their Government to push out thelenra ged F rench a ist,,ed b y the
ctle ar th t haani ntn PLEs mT OAE .ai.Germans. The CGermai position in Americans, clubbed a w ay into
lp eiOI hatred of what he considers Im- n the Balkans Is steadily crumbling these last pockets of resistance,
Mein s hihlhe alisitai m Oa nt eadiag Rolec e tMilitary experts believe that the another Frenchforce occupied
is highlyReter) wt -Mar"Hisa enrl Pto n O ginat exp reso C Germans have decided to abandon OlIoures. just west of Toulo". tut
25 Reuter)- aHe is entitled to give express o Aritainn tLeai o rorhe southeast corner of Europe, for t lhese smears of re.Lstance O A '
commentator to these beliefs candidly, fully and e ed they are keeping their scanty g rt- lcarly 9,00 Mre mics of lber- B TONM E -
l's three-quar- freely so long as he dos not cx t-e a Civil w te a patio the li r 90 r T tl ofl br BOXING TOURNAMENT
tion with the ceed the bounds whichsthe law rhsons estmated at aaout 25P .. .
meetings during ,ys down for the protection of the .Inender chrin C ivula io dv o throughout they bcidmis or t
S between Brit- State,. The law is not conern'en d TURN-TO cage '( S. CrOLM, Along Sigfried Line FOR IRT HE CUANT NAVY
- and monarchs with politics so long as they dof -S.t P TUR T E C C lo ifie in
Pontiff,. not overstep the limits of frank. LONDON, Aug. 2j--tmteuter, -Britain would not accept attnLONDO: Atig 26 1 AP'I The
berlin saw the candid and honest discussion or ondary role in International avtatl Go, declared Sir Archibald Pil A orneys- enera l ws apr i tlf bune Geneve" AT T
ore the outbreak where good order or the security sa rl y Ci m l t boring t hat oe-r
Visited Rome in a of the State is threatened." Clair, Secretary for Air, In L ondon today. Sir Archibald who wa s man forces have taken up pai
Wb ue from The magistrate declared that PalyC niu sttnfrcsht aetu oi rltgsh ad AuI M.dlm av lt
frMussolini fro 'l o st came under the e- speaking at a luncheon to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Conauty.d on n the Attor. atl dd tton the Siegfriedins a A e a t.Nav *
t ofirste-inroMaae'susWctioneoong et an
er, Mr. Ram- gultiona and his motives cannot opening of the first British commercial air service. aid that Britain eya-General of various West In' and de wthdrawttg from BelfortStans
also visited the serve to extricate him. anIlastredatwe e toward % Mlhouse. '
conversation was Passng sentence. Mr. Cndall was first in the field and meant to keep her place in the first flight still in progress ycs.erday a .d the
"ooesto wsloei snec.. rinided Guardian" undi rstande, D.N.B. said tile German with- n P tIl
anxious days. It commented that it was the first of international air transport. + ... ... .. .. they wil ontinue net week. drawl from aothwesternAtI es
.~rote ta M.suhcaeinJmac ~n.so far ______________ hevwili contnenxwek ral fo aclihsen
tthotn --r that Mr. such cast in Jamaica ,nd,sfr,,......,France began several days ago tint : I
jor Randolph as he knew, there was no record of Other countries were joining t.W ir.d..dGomes, Attorney-General and wsProceeding "According
Sa private any similar prosecutionm in Britain, Britain In the belief that air trans- In the Legislative o the Wiandw ar d bsook and Lee- plan."rocS trdy 6h'uusrd4ng
ff recently. therefore, he expressed the hope parts should not bW a matter of ward Islandswhohad ooked ol,"0,1 4
at5.'S Of-the con. that his decision would be tested ptwe- politics or national prestige Conncil 11csterdaypcelassagea toodayn haditot tecoan- ated .. t .
S Pop ved in a higher court t of commerce.Td French territory lay quietly at &W0PAL
P'oe KIng w n i Mr N. W. Manley. K.C., ap wie- li t the great offensives Brtain ihe lgislature at a session tationu are continuing. in Allied hands,
vidsit to the Italasn ing for the defenc, gave notice O hhad puth everything she possessed r lasting oneapphour at- a qarer French Forces of the Interior _____________ .A
biInSehdheld nothing back, he said Antai Testmates denounced that French forces had l .
.timte of the re- appeal tor both partt"'t, bal n1 uplmetayeaumte
times there $240 being granted to Mais and a Never at any time in history had tln$272.,31.24. i "n u i ercuioss entered Lyons, third city of France
fel other English etay of execution o City Printery, the's or any other country, not even :,iigtBil amen...ing the '"D se the head of th, Rhzi valley ..ott ,?
sdnstrshain Ie'eludin Germnany. s3 fully mo- Piblic H th Ordlnanit'., the Fung D o e The tieveth Army entered An- he ousMdewlh
)Pop pr = Britain had not relaxed at. the the Control of hLiena'.d NEW YCOitK. Aug. 25 ICP -. tibea today, while the Allies werealF
sovereigns, Pc A Ta first tturning of the tide. continued Premises Ordinance, the Green mould, which inhibits the closely avpioachin Aries and Tar-
hiy Britaint was rr S the Air Secretary. Not even in the S~chool Teachers Ordinance, growth of tubercutlosis germs u'nd ascon. F, t'ORIlGA V. A. IWR'"
Btinwsdarkest days of the war were Bri- MotorVehices an Road whichwas dscoveed a
05s*tta,,ly impos-o With Petain' rain's manpower and resources a" TiaflicMt~ OrdinanceVdeea athe Coun-Ra hi~hn an ice abox leveeof the Universi y accdnal REgPORTS UNCONFIRED
svrinfully mobil sed as now. try Mar'kets Ordinaqce and Buffalo School of Medcinme, was Still unonire ar day-old Four Rounds--Light Heavyweigh
It) Visit the Pope Sir Archibald went on: "We the Slum Clearance (Tern- announced today.
whn o Par0ime' ILO O. Au g 2ese d AP I-ortt- relmusi~t- reebr hti w a ot prry Poiioa ri- Tedscvr prles mn'sr.rt.htada.dun. a
of ariald's alhascc~ dilomti reatins utevery cunce of our strength stance and another provision discovery of Penicllitn and beionP reached the swis frontier whicha Si51R, a7'TON dse .so
li 50 offered to with Marshal Henri Petain's Giov-' bao the battle it would not be the for lomas to be granted t.o to th l~M growth of fungi, uo to nightfall yesterday still lay jlwadIslands' RegI.) iS. 0.P.
Ica h ot nmti sudfet fteBiihOeseAr certain corporations to as- bu Pen~Ic~ did not work in the dot70 miles beyond the hIla .1.
enuehssf nofca omnqe Corporation that would be deve- saht them in acquiring, cass of tuboreui while the new wat eit.rmaurk eoithe Ale adv-c
Ppldmis during the night read :'"/he Portu- lopinlg the rmutes fron thee is- prtovidiag 0r' iprovinlg hotis- green mould dearroy the potency bute swift faord counsavm thal NI[ St"Reeie h se
d~tt1y declned by Govaerinment hslaedlands, but the fleets of the Deutch- lng accommodation an4d -- of tubyrculin Inside two hours., tal okfri d~~c~~i etewih
I ka'hlpetkin declared he lansender. charging encumbrances and main bodies of rcq Y
~Iure t InBritain. was 01b1i1e1 to leave Vichy and v, charges. -'.. trt V.& I.0M V. 2'
r~~siyof the cOtinG consider ngi himself .5 p1r15.necc NO RElgLAXATION 2 -Postonement of another Lros'i3,,1r
so ProIte"-- ~e aalshdhsIlxa.r Bill to amead the Stpirits and Mrdse tt c (~mtOtm
., o., .e, -,e,,,., . ,o.,.o ,. ,.,,,. -....,. ,,.,..- F od atrIie. Ligi, Li wewightt
] lb~ o r-In' creae with Laval. Our air force without whlilch ;t r q uirnland at Ca* as ,r .,,.,, ,
and Ruml- "n e~f elu the newer woulddecline end our"' al- and Couars for diverta TH mel conetr.ln g y
c9~5 refual tvew fti itain
T&'patlen Portuguese Government haes recofv- lent men would needlessly s the Southern Main Road. [The "Trn t~tdm 4ta" ua Tme patternt Of vi.or bemi. PRAJIC
i rttU ed to eeItsa iplomatic re~pre- their lives, we must not relax ou -- niltl ~MMI.I e nlS I n1 i Setbk tr op
P~tius VI! vItrlt M'arhal Pesain and ends thetdpo-Cal~ -ft up to date. 5 r L TA DcRI: I:nt llli~ l I ,.
li-mdapita- snati misson Of Petain' to Li- "Our objectives are vremnle Isotom Rca PIQt lipiI eealnd itl
.o ... 5.t,.19 1 c o .r.i I"" cS, ofSmOo.s, ,, *, ulaeos h
,hos......,. ,*h.. ,.ning, adwl. I be i eve, o mmhe n them-, ,tIs R am,5 Lat presenm.ti Its, tatc of 'Inigt :1

Monler, Ptai'sMinister In Lisbonhei'Thbours sand the judgm*4nt Mr.f trebVK 7 Mr 0 a~AS Ue ot~amm Si d wroterrijust inifoto m
--.Made s.-.naunced his nc.t".inO itl" I i history. George C.Ph.illip, ?:. l M .. A"*.alum S3 "
MaeOur Wins, are, first to set"attoB put ft*; a t M. mm MaO
at the situation created by P tai." arteckis,3;'1and Mr. NOWir Se$ar.2-946 1 Z'dsu g iI
of ~~~~ c~evil artaiso4becOmes a mama Rain 1t. have been awae~ hs sr _______ ~ h amr~btOeeh b I
S.. uniting the nations, not plun- overtmet scha sh I or e tePa ,- is eyti
'tug. 35 (AP). Ingste m b Ig nto. rivalry. mWeond insanEf N
AtAgiutethe-m "---t.--
op.. 1820th Day Of Te War to ensure that the & ar'C '"= sUge mierla e bi" rA -' (API have paid handsme dlvi.
Poe towrd *Cations o the British Comiamo- *an" learned tram a aaln aT a d enysk tP %a
01 Ara5a sector in wealth an* *A warew. w B ama source. Yesterday. 1 eg masa P5 M s au 00mG &
Is go em Against Rid for = I
^, *ww'*' ,__ _ew"Iiio of l*W * *r I~ta. Allw be" IMI vr A"** 04 aTMtt aM B ~t m-. ^ .- - -^ ^, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

a i's0 ,I



lator Urge- Speed In

,,,ding TX Sanatorium

Ur" ag tf 0o Oow uma UWt e n ity for proceeding wimne-
wit h te arolt off th uetwilals aalltorlum lor Wvhileh
hve ba rady been voted. Well u providing a wawer upp y
Ir eldents ot veiu and Caratal, the onble Roy Joseph, senior
Ui w tar Vidora. dwueclmd min thr Lagwalat council yesterday
a th Urwuat eanwisltitatwio %ad unpopular
'Nsever before In the hatoatY of .t.
Colon.," Mr. Joseph declared, HsemeM to me to mply that the
I a regime been so unpopular sanatorium question Is just whor"
S'-the prmt sa-up --is all it atwaLY was; and if It is true I
0 -0 tO g t-p laiona age with him, bemuse I m yself
.Menig Us h t sbeenal that Mve Wtsnd for the buildingl Of
e ar 1'1,- g' ii WWT 1" the s torm In one way or an-
o_ r thI c-nallatl, a -- la other. But If it is true that mat-
dee to them." tern are coming to fruition I do
1peakSf on a motion for a vote not think his question should be
thplsmentary eetimates total- left unanswered.
It iUiL4, Mr. Joeph said: 'iwumEt to another point, my
.'Slt to make referes.ei t Item friend ws very critical oi the
Iey for the building of aman- a member of the Social Welfare
um to the erection ofs tern- Committee. I am a director of
er ary surgs' hoetl at Tobago. Trinidad Welfare, Ltd., and as
While 2 welco the erection, of such I do come In contact with
bhgele for ures lsees that we Mit Ibberson. I do not know
Stusti messy ytdfi r fee whether she has Issued any official
ero5tiJo o a tthe ehl aa .. report on the first year's working
rium, which tio ben pron of her department. If she ha
S people of thi Colony tor eight have not seen it. but I do know,
nine ears, to carry out the from contact I have had with her
ork of b 'ding hostel. W my capacity as a director of
rlk of dlll ac teL Trinidad WeJare, IAd ,, that she is
yifM, N gn= an extremely active lady and has
UBGEdone a considerable amount of
: "Month after mnt I have tried. work to help us to get going. I am
ft thitsCouncilMAIn the San ler- sure Trinidad Welfare, Ltd.. and
ud Boroughn Council to call the Welfare Committee wall b-gin
eernment's attSention to the ur- to show tne results proposed a
knt need for ostruction of the little sooner than my friend ex-
inatorlum; b.t Government in its pects. At least I do hope so."
juual manner has just shlftcd front
one side to another and are delay- REASON FOR TRANSFER
USg the erection of the building.
-I want to urge upon o.rn- THF ACTING FINANCIAL
m.nt tthe necssat to proceed SECRETARY: "In regard to the
with the work Immediately a pro- sanatorium, the honourabhlp mem-
nised, and a Government ba been ber has expressed anxiety owing to
romiing for the pas t three years the fact that we have transferred
gat I have been a member ol this a certain amount of the money
Council, and not to be voting from that item. It Is the Intention
money at the beginning of the year, of Government to proceed with the
leading members of the public to erection of the sanatorium as early
believe that at long last they are as possible. having got the sanc-
going to have a sanatorium, and tion of the Council so to do.
at the end of the year when "The reason for the transfer is
nothing has been done. to find due to the fact that we anticipated
money being taken from one item It is not poseible to spend durn'w,
and put to another. This Colony the current year the amount which
can well afford to proceed with the we have transferred from the
erection of the building and still sanatorium to the other item.
have money for the construction "At the moment we are still in
at a nurses' hostels the same position: hbit if it should
he nec.essary to spend on the Fana-
SOCIAL WELFARE torlurn the whole amount of moneyI
provided for it we would have to
"I also desire to make reference do without the aruount t,'ansferre'
to a few items relative to social and other> nrranernents. would
welfare, For the past y ar or have to be made to admst the ex-
more we have had a Social Welfare rnndtours on the item to which
Officer in our midst and from the this mnney has been transferred
reports which came to us, and fronm the sanatorium tiem."
especially from the fact that (;ov Tihe resolution %so phased.
ernment has seen fit to give this ----.-. --.-.-
lady the maximum aalarv of $400 ,
per month, we had hoped that some Stillbirth Figures
progressive work would have hern n
done In respect to social wrl(re \Vorry C it Council
We have seen little progress. and rr t oun l
we ar'e anxlotia to see something
more dmine for the amount, of FlusuI.ng atteniton upon the
money which we are voting comparatively lare riimber of
"We are asked here to vote for Msillb'iltts ocrurrllng itn certain
an additional clerk and to vote in- districts. (li'.spitelc acr orirndatloi
cidental expenses incurred in the p'ioltlu!d for rxpeiant iiiothlers in
removal of the oflce. I had hopl'ti hi',r iit i oICe relitics, members
to APPe onimthing like an increase of thie l ocatl Sanitary AulUiorlty,
in the amount of pour relief. We at yesterday afternoon's r'ettig.
bhave people In this Colony who. xpr:ep.sed the feeling that isome-
cau of the at that they have thing was riadicallv wrung sorie-
not reached the age of 65, ar* only where and strongly urged that the
S2altina p1.60, W h1.80 e aand 2a matter be Inquired into.
VVa11 0e1lW'ho ha.e given Sm of $O enm took lhe view that
S, aa.rj l ie siviCe I'a the lackt of education on the part of
unt towat tl they the people, who were unable to
t'hat d ghod t a pension, appreciate thle value of the facill-
had hoped that ftr Miss lb. ties placed at theIr disposal, was
bIson had arrived and had settled the cause of the trouble, while
Own to her work she would h e uve of the trouble while
made recommendations, that the others felt that most of the clinics
4U limit be reduced from #13 to were understaffed, there being a
W. Because of certain conditions g im'i'al tisufficiency of doctors
Irero people age much more quickly rtind nurses.
then people in the country from Regret at. this sale of affairs
Whikh Miss Ihbersion came. 1 would was voiced by Aldermin V
" ie Government to give considran- Vitdale, who loitud it strange that
a to tie suggcition of reducing I'pilte the facilities granted to the
the eage limit from 65 to 60, people there ras nio deciir.e In the
WATR FRO number o(if tillblrtihs What aas
WATER FROM CANAL, more a [ppaihm. li} pointed out, Was
the fact that some of the-se
"' also* want to rlefe to the vote mothers died shortly alter delivery.
under item (I) of resolution No. 3. he Aldermiiani. referring to the
for the umn of s 493.700 to be spent fact that 23 births had been re-
ot the extension of water mains, itrded for July. expressed a de-
1- regret to note the absence of (ire t knor July. expressed a de.
1ter in fne district in the Countywok of the
I "tVictria hic, pehati %work of the clinics.
of Victoria which, perhaps, apPart T MAMYOR "Are r vou aving
friom the County of St. 'atr ick, is that all these rase nof stllblrt'
t1e worst served county.
"We have a district like In.'r come from the rllrniqs''
has where people are drinking AI DFRM'WAN VIDAI.E: "I know
water fionm the canals at the side there are clinics for expectant
of the road, and a district lie brothers and I should k 'rw some-
Caratal where the residents are ct- tlrin, about these cllnrls"
ting water at the bottom of a T11he Mayor held the view that
ceuetery--water that has heen the alderiinlar hoiild nut critirise
condemned by the medical officer unless h" wais able it )sav that
a being unfit for human congump- these stillbirths took place al-
tlon. an4 han resulted in a number though mothers went to the clinics
of typhold oases. These plaes are for attention, as. perhaps, the
not glvel water; hut we find that illblrths occurred atnoclig persons
fog ditricts like Maraes -80.000 is who never went to the clinics.
beIl spent to provide water for Councillor Kumar was of opinions
nst,_& few people. ( rthat (overntent could grant
i ,O want A repeition of laiger siiovcitiors to increase the
ear ageio that ocurt'red s taff orthese clinics, as there %as
eeve141y age a o: and I am urgin l thmoneysie the Colony
Ibea n t t o n tn e t o"tsa t i s f101y' "
Gotitttto chang' its course
an to try to satisfy these people. "
Nasia bfore In the history of the T R R
Celonkv has a relime been so und .ev.. Revenue
popu]a AB the present |et-up and
ii lI all because the trend of l,.li. $234 712 In ly
l sUo I* recent years han been uly
*uMb tabt the people are not get-
tin ,Whbet ia theirs or the cnn- Trinidad Oovernmint Railwas.,
sIeatlornUo that il due to them." passenger ancillary service con-
.* *, o' -tribut.d 848036.09 to the utllits's
WVW TO BEGIN revenue during July or more than
--& O'B G A. 100 Fp'r cent above receipts for
.SaBJ .H1Q1N1!4L1E Cl *July. T)3 TOttl revenue, $234.-
WIgi1T (Junior Member for Port- 71.70, waa un $14.00,41 abose
dpl~tn): "My friend the senior July, 1943 and $80.599 II above the
.m llb~e for Victoria h~a made same month i-1 1942,
S ,.nl, remarks about the sana- While receipts tor parcel end
4ei this morning and I had s eliger traffic rost to $110.007 2.2
,5U ft at thirn en would pa
S ithat Gohvernenti m for $100,955.62 n July. 1943. goods
beet to answer him. It Im un-traffic takings f,.li from $83.75908
deretanding an a member fthe to 65,0Y11.13 but were still above
!Cetral Board of Health that In that cf July. 1942. 55,67055.
point of fact the buldling of the More passengers were carried by
sanatorlum is likely to strt very both lO.R. trains and 'hnscs than
t shortly and that native work Is in July 1943 or 1942 The compara-
b eingdofe In proj~aration th-refor. tive figures bell' 5 f'ttnws:
An member of the Central Board 1548 ta* 1S44
Stealth I have been shown the T'r,.t a*:u 'or 47:'SC Ct1ii 575
*I brought back by Mr. Gray 'au.es. 1r ........ 7,t2 24o, 0o.
'OUulther day. dO not know ,
; tther, since I was awae from T"n ...... '- 535 11 345 51 531
thrOB} y, the finance Committe"
'hWVed of a sy sums for the con-
mw~nof the building according .f^'^ .
hawve been informed that the
Wteole matter Is beipt put up for
testo and that building operations I

p" x t*4 to start as soon sc
tbe after the tenders have
'Aloed, If that is so, the
*taoment that my friend has made The IDEAIl

Depblteelee Vasellne Hair
,,.,...n.. ,rtJ TONiC
- Psoa fPee; IHerolln BrDl-
UnekWnvecadT Hair Tonic and
UIin; Lai mder Water;
SShampmo; ULimamel; Bay
Colg*a't Drushlem Shave
Evng In rParis Pm*wer;
e of all important
Slllem.rwmo. tc.. etc, at

.. p S1NGa|^al
gii Pert-o-Spai
IM1 Wrir^4mm^* f~c----


Going To Michigan

Mr. A. Jagdee (WWftu Mlaut teacher at the Sa Juan R.C.
School and Mr. Mahbl Mahar && druggist at anm Juan who
will won be leaving the Co.ony to begin a preUnaupry two-
year eurue In the Arts and Se lenes at the Emammel MeI-.
ea Colege. Michigan. U.S.A. After graduation from this
school, Mr. MaharaJ will eompl ee training In medicine at the
Lema Linda Unlversity. CIllforn ia. while Mr. Jagdio will study
dentistry at the Univensitv. of Gorftia.


Pass Motor

Vehicle Law
A new motor vehicles and Road
Traffic Ordinance, Inspired In
part by the state of affairs exist-
ing on the North Coast Road. and
aiming at more effective control
of the grantingr of learners' per-
mits, received legislative sanction
yesterday when the House. without
discussion, adopted a resolution of
the Hon'ble H. M. de Comarmond,
the Acting Attorneyv General, urg-
ing final reading and acceptance
of the Bill.
The Ordinance, which amends

'Bus Service Parley
Sought In Arima
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent
ARIMA. Aug. 24- DisMatls-
faction with the transport ser-
vice (f the Arima 'Bus Com-
pany expressed by Councillor
Victor Bryan In motion asking
for a conference of represen-
tatives of the company and
members of the Borough Ccun.-
cil under the chairmanship 3
the Director of Transport, was
supported by a majority at a
meeting of the Borough Coun-
cil here.

the principal motor vehicles Ordin- D saife
ance, empowers the Licensing Of- South Dissatisfied
fleer to satisfy himself as to the Repair
ability of persons undertaking to ih '
teach others to drive, but provides i t UIa R p i
for reference to the Transport Trinidad Guardian CerrPondent
Emergency Board.
it also renders more elastic, regu- SAN FERNANDO. Aug. 24-
latlona governing the fixing of Councillors attending today's meet-
speed limits on the North Coast ing of the Borough Council here
Road. Under the provisions of characterized P letter from Gov-
the new Ordinance, no person ernment reporting on the improve-
would be punished for exceeding ment work to the San Fernando
the speed limit unless the autho- Whairf as unsatisfactory.
ritles were satisfied that that per- Leading the discussion, the
son had been dul, warned by Hon'ble Timothy Roodal, Mayor.,
sltcs which it would be the (III V said they met the Wharf .ngine-
sirT's which it would hr the ltlii .' ut .( 'dicuste wht a to be
if the Diroct r of Public W"ok, er and"discued what was to be
ot hae ert.done and lie expressed surprise
to hae erected. that the matter was dealt with so
The acting Attorney General rapidly.
told the House that the Bill re- Councillor Crawfcrd described
feared to the question of learners' the letter as a make-shift plan
permit. As the law now stood suf- about which they knew nothing.
ficient. provision was not, made to The letter is as follows:
regulate tile matter The pro- "I amr directed to refer to your
posed new Ordinance laid down letter of July 6, 1944, regarding
quite clearly what wild hap- improvements to the San Fernan-
pen before a person could get a do wharf, and to inform you that
learners' permit. the scheme referred to In this office
letter of June 19. 1943 (of which
ILEARNER'S PERMITS .s stated therein the Harbour En-
.tineer was requested to furnish
If a person wanted to learn ti) you with details), Involved the
drive a mniotor vehicle he would clearing of obstructions from the
have to *e granted a learners' sea bed for a width of 30 feet in
permit, and the Licensing Officer front of the wharf wall,
would be able to decide on what "This work was completed to-
road the learner must be able to wards the end of 1943 and shortly
drive, and that he should A wu.te afterwards a facing of planking
a taxi or a motor vehicle cJarn'- fastened laterally to the piles was
Ing passengers. and that when provided to act as a fender for
learning to drive the learner shall prclecting vessels from being dam-
have sitting next to him a 1i r- aged by scraping and bumulngit
son approved by the Ilcensi;ng against the tops of piles at high
Officer and named in the pr- water.
mit. That was he crux of thle "On subsequent inspection of
Bill. the wharf it wa.s found that owing
Up to the present there was no apparently to the absence of con-
deflnite power given to thIe lie- trol over' unloading operations, the
enslng Officer to exercise In the mooring rings on the surface of
choice of the so-called teacher the quay were almost Invariably
and in many cases it wa a mat- covered over with lumber dis-
tnd of the blaieiadin the c argued on the quayv and were thus
ter of the blind leading the rendered inaccessible.
blind If the Bill was passed the "Inonsequeice vessels had been
Licensing Officer would satisfy moored either to the planking or
himself that the person who was to the piles. which had not been
teaching was a person who could intended for this purpose, with the
teac'i. In the very probable cases result that the planking had been
of a licenslig officer being tin- completely torn away and some of
reasonable and refusing to aP- the piles had been torn away from
prove a teacher, there will be the the bolts. Roller fenders were then
tuual reference to the Trinidad tried but these likewise were sosn
Transport, Board. torn away.
Clause 3 was really Inspired by "Steps are now being taken to
the state of affairs obtaining on provide mooring fastenings In the
the North Coast Road. The law face of the wharf wall where they
in Trinidad was that a road was cannot be covered with cargo."
declared to be within a speed _____ _
limit area. and such regulation
may apc.if, the maximum speeds 5 I Molas
for different sections of such 5 Cents In Molasses
road or portion of road. That pro-
vision was Inelastic when one ui t Man $ Fine
considered the condition of the Cost M n $10 i
?TFrth Coast eoad. Whr' was Trinidad Guardian Correspondent
wanted was a more elaltic Ordin- SAN FERNANDO, Aug. 24-For
ane., stealing two bottles of molaossaes
When the present Ordinance was valued at 5 cents. Lewis Cole, a
In force it would be the duty of mason of the Usine Ste. Madeleine
the Director of Public Worts to Sugar Company, was convicted and
erect or cause to be erected road fined $10 or 14 days in Jail by Mr.
signs indicating the sections of A. H. Busby in the Magistrate's
roads and the maximum speed Cturt here today.
fixed In relation thereto. Cole said then molasses was run-
Under the. provisions of the Bill ninlig on thie ground where he
no person would be punished for worked anid he thought, rather
exceeding the speed limit unless than allow It to Ro abegglng. he
the authorities were sati'fled that should help himself to a littl-.
that person was duly warned by He has been with the company
those signs, for 18 years.

The monthly meeting of the
Music As.ociation *akes place in
the Bishop's High Schoolt Hali on
Tw;sday night, August 29. begin-
ning at 8.30 o'clock The pro.
gramme will be a musical quils
Names of guess will not be ac-
cepted after 8.30 pm on Sunday
and membership cards must be
tewnted at the door.

"I'll tale the 14 daysv., I am net
paylni." Jagal Mungaroo', a Union
Village mnan accused of as.xult and
battery on his neighbour, told the
magistrate. Alternative of the fine
was $8.
Katwaroo, a Claxtcn Bayv resi-
dent, and Dandy Cole, both labour-
ers. who were found trespasing in
the resIdential area of Trindad
Leaseholda Ltd. yesterday, were
each ordered to pay a $10 fine or
serve 14 days in prison.

Local Authorities Given

Power To Demolish Buildings

The Letialabtie Cornieut yetefday pamed 3B alinding te
Pube Health OrlnMMnoe gvlng mal AutbOgW power to demolish
blg &r, wru sotd in emataventwoa of the pTovl"som of the
Ordinance. __ t

Moving the seoonad, reading ntf
the Billt, the Hoa'Me de Comar-
mond, theAotUng Attoerney-4Gearal,
amid it Introdtuet a new setien
and filled a ga which had exited
for many years. "The building
operatlona, he polated out, were
subject to permits and conditlona
specifed In the permits.. But if a
person built a boae In eontravea-
tin of hie permit be would be liable
to a fine and the Local Authority
would order that the house or part
of the house be demolished. Ti
poitlon did not obtain in the town
and the proposal contained in tc-
tloa 46 (a) of the Bill was modelled
on the provisions eilatlng In the
Port-of-SnaIn Corporation Ordi-
nance whereby power was given
to order the person contravening
the laws to set the matter right,
otherwise the Local Authority
would do the needful.
The Hnn'hlf Rov Joaeph, senior
member for Victoria, expressed
the view that before the Local
Authority proceeded to tull down,
alter or remove a building, follow-
ing failure of the owner to show
sufficient cause why the building
should not be so removed, altered
or pulled down, the Authority
should first serve a notice on the
owner to do what was required
within a specified time. If the
owner failed to do so then the
Authority should proceed and do
the work.
The Hon'hle T. M. Kelshall (no-
minated), observed that It would
be drastic to ask a poor man who
had constructed a house for him-
salf and family to remove or des-
troy it, especially when they might
not be able to find alternative ac-
The Hon'ble George Fltzpatrick.
junior member for Victoria, sug-
gested that the narticular section
should be amended to permit ef
80 days' notice being given the
Hon'hie Sir Iaennox O'Reilly (no-
minated). expressed the view that
the section was admirable and
that there was no necessity for any
amendment at all.

As Aviation Chief
Following the release of Mr.
Richard White, B.W.I.A, pilot
recently appointed to act as Direc-
tor of Civil Aviation here during
the absence of Mr. A. C. Newark,
Mr. C. Agostlni, Control Officer,
has been appointed, Acting Direc-
tor of Civil Aviation from August
21, according to a "Royal Gazette"
notice issued on Thursday.
The "Gazette" also lists the re-
slgnatlon of Miss M. N. Ba'sh,
second class clerk in the Account-
ant-General's Department.
The free adult education classes
which have been voluntarily Insti-
tuted at Sangre Orande by the
Sangre Grande Cultural Society re-
cently went into a two-week holiday
and will be re-opening on Monday,
September 4.



Printers. Jewellers

Stationers, Furniture

and Watch Dealers.

R 82BVIC:..


13 IT. at oMONS K<



7. Ia, A Ye. COWl

jaLAL &lcewaul... r ^



P"pft '

Child Death Rate
Falls In Jan-Mar.
The Infantile mortality rate for
TrInidad and Tobago during the
quarter Jauary to March, 134,
od f o12. The number of
athi, under one year was M out
of 5,O births compared with 387
out. of 5,151 in the first quarter of
S dhef ath rate fell from 15.4 to
15.IS4, while the births ree to 413
fr:.m nk9.
Chief causes of death were car-
diac and valvular diseases 167. pul-
monary tuberculosis 137, old age
122. malaria 119, diarrhoea and en-
tcritis 116 and. cerebral haemorr-
hage, appoplexy 111.





Petit Valley, Diego
Friday 1st Sept, '44
1.30 p.m.

Instructed bFy Garden City
Development Co., Ltd. (Former L.
V'n'soSt.) we will se1l:
10 Head Grade Holstein
Cows (3) Calves (2) Bulls
(3) and Heifers (2) from 1
to 6 years old. and all in
splendid condition.
A real good ornportunitv to Fe-
cure some valuable Dairy Stock.
Bee us for full particulars or
visit the Pens at anytime from
now on.
Boyd & Hutchinson Ltd.,



12oz. Tins


Per lb.



61b. 14oz. Tins -


(Ice House Grocery)




SONATA No. 2 in A Major
SONATA No. 3 in D Minor
SYMPHONY No. .1 in C Minor
SYMPHONY No. 4 in E Minor




Now flying temporarily a



and the


British West Indian AirW)4

12 Aborcromby St1f4
Fert-oflSpaiO T
*'Pb*.^ ^






p Authority Denounce

Jth Board's Attitude

n the attitude of the i
aWpply more water. In
IDttag a the Local I
a daoded to acknowledge
W form of a resolution, p
health last month, and to
Shad improved coniderabl
w that they were on the
ay further shortage that
i of Councillor O'Connor-
should point out to
t that they were re-
land if a nuisance was
the responsibility was
M bowed mal-adminlstra-
eeolmpetence on the part
musent. because a letter
Sthe Colonial Secretary
!a Pump was lost for
and as a result a situa-
Sated and they were
told to put their house
SHudson Phillips' view
.uAsla the whole of the
,digNted at the Council,
Isowed themselves to be
Iwed by not nutting the
or of the position to
S. He considered it a
tEanlty for doing so now
ghat they ought to nar-
sIr reply to the Central
fcealth, the history of
*tit posture of circum-
n V. Vidale felt that
Sound a body like the
of Health saying
g things to them, it was
Asserted themselves. He
j out that Mr. Howard
| had come here and
that if they could not
Lnt surface water they
Sof underground water,
ted the sinking of wells
Ki-.paIn to alleviate the
gent dug wells themselves
a was telling the Council
p Queen's Park Sayamnah
Sin Port-of-Spain and
where they had another
W not in Port-of-Spain.
i geography, however, he
Mr .en the Savannah In
e-R5iJlt Kumar said:
t at all surprising that
ML, through the Central
g health, Is again trying to
WM on the Council to get
o its previous decision."
the feeling that they
back to the Central
Ssalth telling them that
satisfied with the water
getting and that the
*tmld refer to the letter
ti Government with re-
ithe 800,000 gallons of
w which reference had
Sthe .Central Board of
1,. Mortimer Mitchell,
'I.t that there was noth-
Squarrelling about, drew
|b tohe fact that under a
Naon of the Health Ord-
I Central Board of
t vmeted with powers to
Them if they found
Conditions which need-
lg and if nothing was
could step In and do
JElar ob and make them
ato. The question of re-
"d sying they were not
04 certain things did not
I Vivian Henry stated
15U5B INaNXT CoL.1

Neck Chains
Brooches ...
Pendants ......
Medals .....
Signet Rings

Central Board of Health In calling
the first placa the Port-of-pan
Health Authority on Thursday,
the relevant correspondence sent
Used at a meeting of the Central
SInform that body that the water
Ay. They also decided to let the
Alert and would give considers.
might exist.

City Council

To Give Views

In HealthProbe
Decision to make representa-
tions before the committee set up
for the purpose of Inquiring Into
the Medical and Health Policy of
the Colony was made at Thurs-
day's Local Health Authority
meeting following adoption of a
suggestion by Councillor Charles
Ward. It was also decided to in-
strqct Major Roderick Marcano.
Medical Officer of Health to draw
up a memorandum to be approved
by the City Council.
View expressed by Councilloe
Albert Gomes, who supported
Councillor Ward's suggestion that
the Authority should make repre-
sentations to the committee, was
that they should really give evi-
dence before the committee be-
cause they had often complained
that they were not consulted and
very often they objected and
whenever the occasion was offer-
ed them they never came forward
to represent their views; and he
felt that on this occasion they
should decide to make some at-
tempt to draw up a case and put
it before that committee.
It was decided that the Medical
Officer of Health be Instructed to
draft a memorandum to be pre-
sented at the next statutory meet-
ing of the Council for approval.
that he took the whole thing to
mean that the Central Board of
Health made an attempt to draw
their attention to the seriousness
of the position which existed at
the time of the date of the reso-
lution, and discussing it as they
did was going all over the water
question again.
Councillor Albert Gomes, the
Deputy Mayor, considered it tnt
best thing that they should treat
the resolution with the respect it
deserved and suggested that they
save their ammunition for occa-
sions when the use for their am-
munition was definitely needed.
He stated that he doubted whether
it was the intention of the Board
to bully them and held that they
were assuminr things and going
on the defensive when the occa-
sion did not demand it.
The Mayor moving that they
should reply mildly and let the
Board know that the situation had
improved and they intended con-
sidering any further shortage,
stated that the Central Board of
Health had acted after a number
of persons had sent petitions to
them drawing attention to the
situation that existed at the time
and they had to take some notice
of these petitions. -

Bracelets..... $14.65
..... .... $10.75
...... $ 4.25
...... $ 5.25
.... ...... $12.65
..... ..... $13.65
.... ..... $36.00

s e Straiand Vegetalb
, Uimal, Strahied Soups



I Student

Mis s PiyiU S eneer,
daughter ef Mr. and R
Cleveland Speneer, beth
Tr viadv has been awarded
medical Bhelarahi- in
United State. MJM 8peB
was a graduate of Evaa
ChUilds High Scehool and
pursue her pee-medical stud
at City Coeflege. New YTi
MLb Spencer's uncle h I
Alan Spencer, former Isa
goal-Iteeper and Prefoter
St. Mary's before taking
residence hin Canada. She is
niece o' Mrs. Goerge Rad

25 Cases

For Assizes
Twenty-fiv, cases. 12 of the
the First Court, at*s listed fo
Port-of-Spain Asaizes which
on September 4.
Charged with murder ar
persons, while others are to ap
on accusations of burglary
larceny, public mischief, wou<
with intent, arson, and rape.
Cases to come up for trial it
First Court are: Henry Lewis,
sessing forged banknotes: Fr
Gopaul and Tommy Abdool,
glary and larceny; Israel Ednr
arson: Rahamin Sahadeo, pol
ing incomplete banknote;
Snaggs, larceny; Norman 8
I public mischief; Richard Not
'ham, public mischief; Lena
ille, public mischief; Garti
Whisky and Boysie Gomez.,
Elisha David and Norman H
murder; and Horace Lewis,
The Second Court will deal
cases against Lewis Gomes
Christianan Maharaj, posse
paper for making bankn
Joseph Harewood, burglary
larceny; Gibbs La Fleur, robl
Veronica D'Hereux, throwing
rosive fluid; Roto, wounding
intent; Nicholas Stephen, larc
Stephen Joseph, rape' A
Beard. All Hosein and Jai
All, wounding with Intent; W
Mohammed, wounding with Int
Peter Ricbardson, murder; .
phus James, murder; and
mingh, murder. .
Road Board Moves
For Workers' Gratuit
Decision that the secretary
St. Ann's and Diego Martin I
Road Board write the Col
Secretary for an Intervle to
cuss the question of fratutv
Local Road Board overseers
labourers, was made last '7
day night at the monthly me
of the Board which took placi
108 Henry Street.
Members nominated for thi
terview are Mr. J, B. L. Todd,
A. C. Hale, and Mr. L. Step

Councillors Urge Early Drive

To Clear East Dry River Slums
eclaring that It wuas tihe worst of the city's affected area,
Councillor M. Mitchell. speaking at Thursday's Local Health
Authority meeting. urged prior consideration for the East Dry River
section of Port-of-Spain In the alum clearance drive now on toot.
4. Pointing to the fact that thi
d area topped the lit in Infant
MSC 1G J lal d Tdeaths during l 0t month. Council-
F' M an Jaled ]or Mitchell blamed ?t1 exting
state of affairs on ti :e lap.d~e
o r As s i. and Insanitary condition of Ute
place, and persuaded the Cour.:cL
SA ssaO ult to request the Medical Officer of'
P i ,,,*Health to make inqulr'es into the
matter and forward recommends-
mOn Police 8ations.
Speaking on the question of In-
Edw.a-r Fa ,--u. a cit- ma. fant mortality, Councillor Mitchell
SEdward Farlim. a city m an, id that the reason for the high
who assulted and beat Lance- mortality rate In that district had
S Corporal Demas at the cells where often been sought and they had
Sbeen told by the Medical Officer of
Ir. he was taken when arrested by Health on repeated occasions that
the police for refusing to move des', resulting from infectious de-
S t police for refnew % had been caused by over-
the when told to do so in a crowd croa- g and other condlticns that
lo outside the City Magltrate's were not conducive to the health of
der the people of that district
wi Court, was sent to Jail for two If the recently appointed Slum
dis months by Mr. W. J. Andre In Clearance Committee intended to
ork. the First Police Court yesterday, live up to expectations. it should
Mr. Farnum was also fined $5. with certainly give flrst attentionD 0
and an alternative of serving 14 davs the area where th li u" need of
at in jail, for obstructing the free the people rested and that was de-
up passage of the street, and $10 finitely in toe Southeastern portion
a for resisting the police, of the city.
I F. gu ..ty Councillor H. 0. B Wooding, the
Found guilty on an accusation Mayor, replying. said that as far
of housebreaking and larceny, as he knew there was no intention
James Robinson, a ticket of leave what ever to limit the activities of
man was yesterday sentenced to th Slum Clearance Committee to
12 months' imprisonment with any section of the city. Certain
hard labour and ordered to serve blocks in the city had already been
an unexpired term of 15 months declared slum areas and the plans,
by Mr. A. J. Hamiiton In the which were In the hands of the
m in Second PoliceCourt. TownClerk, showed the geograpi-.
r the cal limits as Park Street. Marine
open Roopniasrne. who pleaded guilty Square. Dry River and Charlctte
to an accusationoffallinStreet. There were considerable
six 14 gacsao of u in to enter lum conditions existing in that
pear gi a l lones of? ruin i tock area, and the Slum Clearance Con,-
ppear book, Was fined $15 or 21 days.
and book was fnd $5 or 1 ay mittee had definitely in mind go-
iding I. ng up to East Dry River. One of
Raynold Savoury was yesterday the considerations which necessari-
n the fined $20 and $7.04 cost$ ly had to exercise their minds, how-
po- by Mr. W. J. Andre in the ever, was the question of sewer-
ancis First Police Court when he pleaded age and whether they caught to pro-
bur- guilty to an accusation of selling ceed with slum clearance in that
found, meat of a nature and substance area which was still unsewered. In
"es*- not demanded by the purchaser. view of that they were considering
Emil Savoury sold 14 ozs. steak and along with the question of slum
w't,- 10oos. stew to a purchaser who clearance, the question of sewerage,
Ach- asked for 1w1bs. of steak, and that was one of the main rea-
home .... sons why' they had not begun east
rape; Convicted on an accusation nf of the Dry River.
loyte, Ill-treating a cat, George Belfon Councillor Mitchell's suggestion
mur- was yesterday fined $20, and got backing from Councillor Albert
ordered to pay 7 costs and corn- Gomes, the Deputy Mayor, whole
with pensation or serve 30 days. pointed out that the problem in
and pefeon her hsne ihbur0 s c ha Southeastern Ward was not
ng whifnch eld his neghbour'eat, simply a question of slum clear-
otes which he said was very trouble- ance, it concerned very definitely
and some 1in water until he drowned the rights of the landlords in the
bery; it. particular area toperpeluate certain
t cot_ ut conditions that were definitely re-
with Pleading cruilty to an acrusation prehenslble and contrary to all ci-
ceny; of careless driving Cyril McKenzie villsed standards in the world as
Ifred was yesterday fined $14. they knew it. It. .seemed tn him.
wabirl __ that the Slum Clearnnce Commit-
lahidR n Bor
itent; tee should direct its attention
Ado Rent Board there.
lo*- uir Sought POST-WAR TOURIST
Enquiry ougnt The "Trinidad Guardian" in-
derstands that at yesterday's meet-
Trinidd Guardian Correspondent ing of the Trinidad and Tobago
ARIMA. Aug. 24.-Motion by Tourist and Exhibtions Board,
tY Councillor Walter Doobay asking consideration was given to revival
of the Council to approach Govern- of the tourist trade after the war,
Local ment with a view to setting up a and recommendations of the Board
onial committee to Inquire Into will be submitted to Government
Is- the oratons of the Rent Assess- In the near future.
for meat d ert was unanimously
and accepted at the regular meeting of 12MONTHS FOR THEFT
hura- the Borough Council last Friday. Ernest Larode was sentenced to
eting Members of the Rent Assess. 12 months' imprisonment with hard
ce at meant Board are Mr, Ralph E. Vig- labour by Mr. A. J. Hamilton for
nale, chairman, Mr. Victor Herdc, stealing a bicycle the property of
i n- Mr. 0. H.'de Cannes, Mr. Joseph Joseph Kennedy. Through Mr. E
SMr. Nelson, Mr. Frank Maingot. and Oaston Johnson, Larode gave no-
ens. Mr. Roger de Verteull. tics of appeal.I.

These Cooks

Are Working

for You!

They are preparing SPAM and other
HORMZL foods in many different
ways, so as to be able to pass on to
you food recipe that are nutritious,
super-tasty, and easily prepared.
HORmZL has achieved another and
extremely important advance-
"flavor-sealed," that is, the flavor is
preserved intact until the contents

are consumed. And all HORMEL
foods-ham, tongue, chicken, etc.-
have an extra-delicious flavor!

Keep asking for HORMEL foods
Naturally, conditions in maritime
transportation being abnormal, we
cannot promise that HORMEL foods
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become acquainted with them now,
and be ready for the day when your
grocer will say to you: "Yes, madam,
now we have the HORMZL foods for
which you have been asking!


Food Products of QUfLty
eNOW SPAM. TsqM, Sm, Wipe.

Spe a PeOt* IHeellAp. -A amp umaus lays
al diced Sgm, thicesisW Opsi&M a Wa ged
is I bu eAdw bM@a dLI. ssmem wit mIt ad
pasw. Add Mit sow thm,1 0 p sow. Csvw
benk Ig e she e ewe (3US P.) mwi i ptes sn
edw-46beu s 5 aM b


- .5





well-known as popular GUEST HOUSE, standing
on 2 rods 27 perches of land, situate on the
Sea Coast, at Worthing, Barbados.
The Dwel OM aOM" ntr. Closed Gallery,
OnyVer~zah to i*%a^rM btlM.ad ohrro
Buttery and Kithe a Uii Bedroom (each with' ,
runningM water and usual nitary conveniences. Electric,
Gas aMd Overamuent water Mservl Installed. 2 Servants'
Roomm, Gre anm Stables in yard.
Inpectio any day on a4pltatlon en the premies.
The property will be et up for ale by public competition
at our office, James Street, Bridgetowu. on Friday 25th
August, Jnst., at 2 pn.m.
G eHtl flHmllrellHef tlHll>BNIBI |f 'i.

Get quick relief


The- III- 'NedfC
pains of xhaauiam a.e,
Nature's waruh tatJ
certaiani TW mCUM an'

t task;- For toe
shama Akoiataaa ana-
6ofetow k wvtMe



Standard Life
Amuranee Co.
Establish I n t e West
Indioe fee ISo r eam
Marine Square . P.O.

Royal NavaI Club




be attendance

ADMISSION .............. I/

SHen. Lady Membea-FMUBI




Saturday, August 26
19At 44 p.m.44
At 2.09ep.m.*

Instructed by John Aboud MS,
we will sell m good and useful
items of FurnIture st h a:--
aimmon Doublm. Bed f and
MattressBdu Table Moed
Lady-'s rmeseg White Qupbwdr.
Crap. ininaf 'ible aoa4 Df&
Room Chair Mirrborsi f un .
China Cabinet, 2lu- e 3
Stove. rots and Panw,..- 5a5e.
China DWne : tT4 b~t
Rocks. TO MotI 1m -
nr Settee, Morra Toble. f-
ware. OGlamware, CIktl 'T"e,
Smokers' Sltan MifWmn Iot
Rack. Chl- lhCl Li

agedb able, and OeMOWG m
Items on view ftre P1W
2:h aj 4 p.m. urd
Boyd & Hutchinson Lm.t.


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am=" mummuen eM &M I

wapgs tU tb L)


^H *4 "to 1441006. W.C. I
a. A a CO. (Ina.) IN OPi Aveo*. N.Y.C.
@V~" IV A W Po ei1"M'v. MeeMr. e UntePresS
?I IOw ifs" oINV"& tl


Skarshal Stalin Gives

Sound Advise To Germans
]qARSHAL STALIN apparently believes
That the Nazi morale front is no long-
ei Invulnerable, and that with constant
alault it will break down as surely as
the enemy military front Is breaking
d~wn under the terrific pounding it. is
getting from the armed forces of the
United Nations. The wily Marshal, telling
the German people to "surrender imme-
diately or go on fighting uselessly on your
own soil," makes a special appeal to the
workers of the Reich to organise a mass
strike and put Hitler's whole military
machine out of action.
There is very little news coming out
of Germany these days, and it is pure
conjecture that Nazi morale is at a low
ebb. Indeed, it would be dangerous to
think that the morale front is disinteg-
rating, for though the Germans have had
S some shattering reverses on the battle-
field and in the inner circles of diploma-
tic endeavour, It could be possible that
the bad news has stiffened their deter-
mination to resist to the bitter end in a
win-all or lose-all spirit. The Germans
i.. are nothing if not pugnacious.
4. But somewhere beneath those skins
made thick by iron discipline and Uto-
plan promises the Germans are ordinary
lop>e, who could think for themselves if
irmtted to do so. Perhaps Marshal
ttalin Is trying them out, and In choos-
M g this particular moment for his ex-
periment he will find whether they are
g incorrigible or not. The Russian armies
OW stand at the frontiers of Germany
in the East as the other Allies approach
tdiem from the West. Germany Is doomed
to swiftly-approaching disaster, and Mar-
shal Stalin asks the people to choose
fhat they will do.
It is not a pretty choice that he offers

ihem, but it does give the German people
& chance to save their country from the
tvages of war, and it shows a magnani-
Mity that is quite foreign to the Nazi
Military mind. On this point the offer will
probably be turned down, for the Nazis,
4ispiclous and superstitious and not
prone to trust even themselves, arc not
likely to place credence in any offer com-
ing from their hated "Bolshevist" mnemy.
Probably the Nazi people want an as-
surance Irom the United Nations that
the status quo will be preserved, that
their frontlcrs will be respected, and the

fate of their leaders left for tleamelves
to decide. After plunging the whle world
into war and getting utterly smashed,
they no doubt want to dictate the terms
of their -aurrende under an armistice
similar to. that which appears to have
been given by the French Irregular
troops to the Naui thugs iln Paris. But
neither Marshal Stalin nor any other ac-
credited leader of the United Nations will
offer terms to the enemy. The expressed
aim is that fighting must go on until the
Nazis, within or without the frontiers of
the Reich, are forced to unconditional
surrender. There is no equivocation on
that point.

Generous Policy Required

For Local Industries
THE West Indies are emerging from the
era when they were regarded mainly
as markets for manufactured pro-
ducts, supplying the raw materials for
processing abroad. Attention is being in-
creasingly directed to the needless eco-
nomic subservience of such a role, which
leaves it to manufacturers in larger coun-
tries to make most of the profits. These
Colonies will always be predominantly
agricultural, yet opportunities exist for
industrial development which should no
longer be neglected if we are to promote
greater social and economic stability.
It is heartening to observe the inter-
est being taken in this question by re-
search scientists and others, with the
blessing of the Anglo-American Commis-
sion which is addressing Itself to a variety
of Caribbean problems. The meeting of
the provisional committee of the Indus-
tries section of the Caribbean Research
Council held In Trinidad this week is a
reminder of the active efforts being made
to explore fresh woods and new pastures.
These preliminary talks, directed to the
question of policy, are to be followed by
others whose results will be considered by
the full Council. Later we may hope to
receive practical advice and support for
projects suited to the respective terri-
It is time we began planning to make
better use of our potentialities and call-
ing part of the economic tune, instead of
remaining forever at the mercy of mar-
kets for raw products which are period-
ically depressed. May we not conceivably
process our own cocoa and sell the partly-
finished product to the confectionery
makers in Britain and America, instead
of shipping it all in the raw state? Could
not. British Guiana use her Kaiteur Falls
to supply cheap electric power for an alu-
minum enterprise? Are there not many
other opportunities large and small
awaiting men with the nructical touch
to work hand in hand with the scientists
and men of vision?
This kind of project would have been
considered heretical years ago. Colonial
Office policy today is more liberal, and it
was possible for the President of the
Trinidad Chamber of Commerce last
month to state that the Development and
Welfare organisation, financed from the
Imperial Exchequer, had agreed to un-
dertake a survey of West Indian indus-
tries, actual and potential. Are the island
Governments going to mark time in the
interval? We hope Trinidad will set the
lead without delay in Initiating a gener-
ous and constructive policy of assistance
for local industries.








Rpace kindly lest by Stephenm a Ltd.

Letters To

For Social Advancement "
Ti Editor,*TtadO ria -- t L2 T Jf

K permit nr express ap- 0 )
pcsUon of our *lal and other
worker their ef to Improve
our social conditions.
While I appreciate their valuable
work, I am of the opinion that a .
grtevil i being overlooked, and
uees that Is attacked and con-
quered, or oven minlmied, the
sueso f our people will be always Ga of Cateh d.
hat evil in rum. Many rimes In France, the Maquis fight German occupation
wed.be ingConuniote hy P.ocle troops Ao the constant anxiety of the Collaborationists.
uinderthenl uenperomtonprs ap.-
Hundreds of homes and f families,
and ive of youths are being ruined r tt
by habitual drinking of spirituousk, n Jenellsl v iiv ,,m l,
quor, and u a result man) t h- .
_atvlupport rofu. i.advance- I Fn tTo Ee ad Ru Us sian Campaing"
meanh, I uest ha scil orerWhen Miller omote^ a They knew that the victorlou
teahers, ministers of religion and.; number of his Nad Ienes=* Allies never would deal with thi
aonr lae ac hemted b f p o Inceluding Rommel. Jodl. and Nai, If they wanted to deal wil
une r theinvlun y prof scng a Die tl, the prod Pr tanx re- the Allies they would have to dlt
Hupalndredsbofthomeulsand ahil-e,

ndre o yo u i arst ing from seted It mlsin no op e run- sociate themselves as much as pal
btrongdrink. .. ity to let thin be known. There sible from Hitler. That was the
Gs.r AZIZ ws persitent plotting aaint only chance of surviving defeat ai
San rnn HMler among the Junkersm whet of rebuilding the army athathh
m. le roadviae wa over-ruled byN ger had done after the defeat of 191
r. on many oemsiams. The reult
Bread Sales Unhygienic ? wa that Hitler's "intuialon" AUies Sought
failed to win battles. The b
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian." writer of this article discusses After this meeting the first en
From personal observation, I some of the misunderstandings issarles of the generals went
have to call attention to the man- between Hitler and the German neutral countries particularly
ner In which the health of he High Command. Sweden and Spain, to seek conta
populace is being endangered, By CURT RIESS with the Allis.
On entering many bakeries, there r r It can be assumed that Himml
Is usually a crowd-all demanding Frequent frictions between Hitler s c ea tt Hi m
bread. The attendant serves six or and some of Germany's most gifted and his Gestapo intelligence kne
more loaves at the same time. The generals were Ironed out In the all this. But for almost a ye.
bread undergoes a thorough exami- early months of the war. But truce reigned between the Na
nation after which the following there can be no doubt that high- party and the generals. The wa
remarks are expressed: "This one ranking officers had been onspir- was going badly for Hitler and 1
too black." "This one Is bent up ing against the Fuehrer for a long could not dispense with the ser
like my face." "This one is too time prior to the recent assault on ices of experienced military lead
white.'" "Change this for me.'" his life. On the other hand, there wer.
On the other hand, there wit
Surely, this entails a brisk ex- Differences between Hitler and almost daily friction between tl
change. Then comes the payment, his army commanders really oc- generals and the high officers
the seller receives cash, gives came serious on October 15, 1941, the SS. The old-time generals d
change, and :he result Is obvious, when military leaders on the not believe the SS men were go<
This system In selling such an eastern front met to discuss the soldiers, and failed to hide the
indispensable commodity Is ex- situation, contempt for them and their lead
tremely unsatisfactory and um- What was this situation? The ers. Himmler resented the genear:.
hygienic, and since it Is a matter Russian army had not been crush- arrogance and even more the
of vital Importance, affecting the ed,. It was becoming stronger habit of putting the SS in partict
health of the people, I suggest each ilday and there was not the larly dangerous spots where grci
strongly that some other measures slightest chance of finishing the numbers of them were killed, Elil
be adopted In the selling of bread. Russian war In 1941 or early in guards represented the entire mill
PHILO 1942. The generals felt that Hit- tary strength of the party- asic
Port-of-Spain ler had betrayed them because the from the Luftwaffe.
-Fuehrer had assured them of the Also during this year *hm Spl
Committee Criticised complete collapse of Russia at an in the ranks of the generals be
Committee Criticisedearly stage of the war. His in- came more visible.
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian," telligence reports, he told them,
h constitution of the Medical me from very reliable sources. Rommel Disliked
Committee of c ttuio n h M a lThe generals decided that the
Committee of Inquiry recently only thing to do was to retire to
appointed by the Government is fortified lines and wage a defen- Hitler had promoted to hig
not quite satisfactory, as the mem- ive war. -hen Hitler appeared at rank a number of offices on whom
bers of that Committce do 10ot tLhe meeting. This was strange for he could depend, among thel
appear to have special knowledge the generals had kept the gathering Field Marshal Rommel and Genera
of hospital administration, which secret The Fiehrer made it clear Jodi and Dletl. The old-time gone
in my opinion i one of the main he wanted no part of a plan to rals did not think much of th
objects of the inquiry. I agree retreat. On the contrary, he de- trio, particularly disliking Romme
with your recent leader en that sanded that the generals attack and missing no opportunity to i
pat an coint.st this be known. On the other ham
Did it occur to Government to at any cost, Dr. Ooebbels missed no opportunill
approach some of our medicos, Generals PeSSIMlstle of playing up the achievementS <
who have held key posts with dis- onimel and the command:
tnction In the medical service of The generals decided to meet friendly to Hitler, while the oth
the Colony for years and are there, again on December 9, 1941. This side got almost no publicity.
fore conversant not only with the time the Fuehrer did not appear. Early in 1943, after the Germs
working of every branch of the Present were, among others, the defeat at Stalingrad. Hitler on<
service but also with l-s deficien- Command-in-Chief, General von more was at the mercy of his ger
cies? Brauchitach, as well as Generals erals He had a nervous break
Surely, the knowledge snl ix- von Runstedt, von Beck, von Leeb down, a nd no longer could gel
perience acquired by Jr. Se.cult, von Kleist, von Reichenau. They orders, let alone lead a retreat.
Dr. Inniss, Dr. de Vertenil or Dr. were pessimistic, for they knew Gen. von Mannstein took ove
Wupperman should have prompted that when the extreme winter cold Gand saved what could be sav
Government to appoint at least one hit an unprepared German army nd et humiliating condbtia
of them on the Committee, their losses in men and material woulaunder the humiliatintereg condter
0 that Hitler should nor interefer
scrvices would have been Invaluable be terrific. Brauchltsch no longer A number of generals who had re
in cleansing the Augean stables, wanted the responsibility. He an- tired, among them Gen. von Halde
A still more glaring blunder was lnounced that he would resign, Bock's successor as chief of t
the omission on the part of the Those present pledged themselves general staff and the form
Government to appoint the Hon'ble that if offered his post, they would commander-in-chief, vaon Brar
herald Wight who has shown a decline It. chtsch as-isted von Mannsten-
keen interest in this matter and A lew weeks later a surprised chitch, m isted v oebbels becanntein-
was instrumental in awakening the world learned that Hitler had whoular In eormany as the ma
Legislative Council to the necessity taken over the command on the olarchieved the miracle of tm
of thWs Inquiry, eastern front himself and would who ev
OBSERVER win the war by his superior "in- Donets."
so Himmler's hands were bound(
Port-of-Spain tuition." Many observers believed no matter how dangerous he .cr
that this, was another victory for no s tere honer ousdh
Hilrover the generals. The sideread the generals, He cold ni
'Bus Service Sets Example Hitlerut ovwethet henthanot heod eliminate them without riskir
t'Busl was that he had not fu complete chaos in Germany.
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian." any prominent general willing to ("New York World Telegram")
Many letters of complaint have take over.
appeared in the Press during recent --i-e
months with respect to the 'bus Tipped Off Hitler
services running to all parts of the
country. The efficiency of the The Nazis did not take this re- C uncil R jects
services has been often criticised. buke lying down. Heilrich Him C-
The ndutof traveling leChief of the Intelu o V te List Change
public as also of those in charge of ice of the party, had kown for VOe L st
the 'buses is another matter, some time that the generals w were ri r onden
These letters could never express planning passive resistance. Trnidad Gurdlan Cerreponden
the tcrtures borne by everybody In fact, it was hne who tipped off
at one time or another. The author. Hitler to thek meeting of October SAN FERNANDO Aug. '24-
ities read these letters and also 15, 1941. He decided to act-now. majority voteby members of ta
know what goes on in the 'buses One of the generals, Reichemau orough eCouncil here who at
yet in my opinion no steps are had been closer to the t t yesterday's meeting rlll(
taken to either remedy or relieve the others; indeed, closer than the a M oti o ng to cthan(
the conditions. Those who suffer, generals liked., Hnmler now the present alphabeticnal basis
condemn, and write about it do so preached Reichenau with the de- the presentalh c bs
with just cause, with the hope that mand that he take over the com- preparing and presenting tr
time may bring changes, mand. and also that he five naes of persons qualified and et
rolled en the burgess list to
We are all prone to find fault, Himmler's own me, the Elite street-by-street form
but when it is the other way Corps and the SS, a more prom-. Presenting his motion. Councr
around, very few take the time or nent role in thle German ArrnWi. tar Mentor stated that he undet
trouble to praise. A little of tham For once Relchenau refused. On stood that the burgess list was
goes a long way in accomplishing Jan. 16, 1942. he died suddenly, copy of the house rate bcok. TIt
ends. Well here's my experience Officially It, as termed apoplexy, house rate book was kept on
with travelling on the Diego Mar- though he was a man known for street-to-street basis, but when
tin 'buses from the start right up his vtllity and health. While the came to preparing the burgess II;
to the present. I ride every day. precise cause of his deatn never the names were then converted i
I have always found the drivers has been established it is known alphabetical order. Councillc
and conductors courteous and members of the Gestapo visited Mentor urged that the chang
helpful. These days when crowds Reichenau and that he was dead would benefit the burgesses.
are heavy and all are burdened when they left. Seconding the motion, th
with heavy ungainly parcels, they The generals were alarmed by Hon'ble George Fitzpatrick de
do their utmost to make us corn- such drastic action. Again they dlared that Councillor Mentc
portable. met, this time on March 10, 1942, should be congirutulated.
The people travelling, too, are in the Army Ministry in Berlin, The Hon'ble Roy Joseph, wh
very sympathetic to each' other. it decide what steps to take. Their opposed the ntation, stated tha
There are mal'ontents as on all the object was twofold. They wanted the burgew list as prepared a
other lines, but they are dealt with to protect themselves against the present would be of far greater
in a good manner-they are left Nails and to find a waY of avisn use to the people of the' borougr
behind. The company who operates Ias much as possible of the army than If prepared as the motibo
this line is very strict as to diel- from disaster. aed.,
p~1,511 I i ivy 6 1 0 (10 5l IU

P lin e.IanId | thy cn ao no mucn
for the welfare of their customers.
why can't the other bmus owners do
the same thing? I am sure the
people who line up here are no dif-
ferent from those of other parts
of the island, why then this differ-
Diego Martin

Notice To Correspondents
If "Sufferer," who complains of
water conditions at Belrade Street,
Port-of-Spain. would submit his
name and full address, his letter
might be considered suitable for
"A Britisher."' commenting on a
"Ouardlan" leader published on
August 18. is asked to send ust his
full name and address, on receipt
of which his letter will be consid-
ered for publication.
TI the writer of the letter
signed "Dwmll House* would sub-
mit him full name and address, not
necessrily for publication his let-
ter might be onAsied tor publiU-











I Tomorrow's Church Servic6

T a.m., The Holy Eucharttl, ; S0 a0m..
Mlainl and $ rsond ; 1 pu., ZIP. oga
and sermon.
ST. JOHN'S CHURCH (Pmtnbroke St.t)
Preacher at 1a .&m .enI4 p.m Rev.
S H. Poole. n r. tLond. BRptie m Mr-
vie$ M the e*vsia.
Rookery Nook. Mirvlt.
Sundayc9 .0 a*m.; P unday Sehio 8.15
a.I.; Wedlesdayl: .30 pm.
U Rlcttm~ attest
Sunedasa: 5.S0 mL. sad. p.m. woMss.
days 7. 00 p-m.
All a" Wetlo0*.
t a a. Preabe: The Rev. uiery
Cootr: I pm. PT-dW: 1%6 PKv. T.
( woOe$Ot Stret i
t11 L.s, il*e xpwilaon .l7. p.me.
iir*5tf* r1 Proae lth 5. Co.

a0 .i., m.ows SerB:e; T p.m..
*vBB 5.f. Pfm*bef; vR. S. T. M.
Robeoetn. M.A.
Nat a. i a.m,. 1 a..
SM 9.~5 KR.nS Devotioun and
tnedidctiot Ie .Mu. .
CINTRAL HALL (LChatitre "r)tl
I* aL .a 7 pm..' AdJutatt osetk
and CaliawlnR,
beLMw T at., Mn*am's. Lat)
S &-n. *an 7 p ,. Na) wGibfts.
t.lir Oiaf. TY a..; U ,.OL
Dokeglt 10 au.M
St..clar Clfe. trh4y. pB m.;

LIS.. Gt. 9.&&


The undermentioned person who. Photograph li
duced Is wanted by the Police for uttlering afor
Marria Register, knowing the same to be ford m

Description:-Joseph .iapislte, native of Dominica Oeema
and Painter, Height: 5' 6, Colou
Medium, Eyeq: Brown. ,
Last known address 9, Fromager atre
(June 1940),
(Sid R. G. N;'
Asst. Superinte


Farm Manager, Stock Farm an
Centre, St. Lucia, Windward Idu
APPLICATIONS are Invited for an appointment of
of the stock )"arm and Dairy Centre to be establls
Windward Islands. The salary of the post is 300 per
annual increments ol 20 to 400. Appointment ma4 E
more than the minimum grade should the qualificami
didate justify it. In addition, the holder of the pot
to free partly furnished quarters at the Dairy Centre,
ling and subsistence allowance of 50 per annum.
The Farm Manager will be primarily engaged In *
ment and management of the Dairy Centre, but he will
to assist with the establishment of stud-centres in othirj
Colony, and to give general assistance with livestock
far as his primary duties permit.
Candidates should have practical experience of
animal husbandry. The selected candidate might be k
undergo, on appointment, a special course in animal M
about 4 months duration, for which all expenses willU
Applications should be addressed to the Direwetor
Department of Agriculture for the Windward j
and should be accompaniedd by copies of at least
The applicant should state his age and whether iM

E. F. T

(Cnlnnirl tCurt

It is notified for the information
of proprietors of cocoa estates, who
desire to take immediate advan-
tage of the proposal for the plant-
ing of areas forming part of
their cocoa estates under the con-
ditions provided in the variations
to the Cocoa Subsidy Scheme in
Council Paper No. l61 of 1940, that
the last date for the submission of
applications, which would involve
the supply of rooted cuttings of
types provided by Government Pro-
pagators during next year (194i1),
as been fixed at the 31st August,
1st August, 1944.


Medical and Health
Policy Committee

It Is notified for general Infor-
mation that individuals and so-
cieties wishing to submit evidence
for the consideration of the above-
named Committee should forward
SIX COPIES of such evidence in
Memorandum Form to the under-
signed c/o the Colonial Secretary,
Port-of-Spain, before September
15th next, after which date no
further representations can be
By order of the Chairman,
Edward W. Daniel,
August 23rd, 1944.

Control Board Notice


With reference to the commuj-
que In the "Royal Gazette" on 18th
May, 1944, it is hereby notified that.
para. 4 (10. includes all types of"
Artisan hand Tools.
Licences will therefore be Issced
for commercial procurement from
Canada of quantities In respect of
which firm offers have been re-
ceived from that source.
Secretary, Control Board.
Old Post Office Building,
7 St. Vincent Street,
22nd August, 1944.

No. 27 of 1942A "
Hornos of
sllle. '
No, 28 of 1942.
GOODS take
Spain ex
port of
T. Proc
at Port
said SJL
i speran5
No. A Of 943.
(iOCDS ex
lanes of

The Proceedsit,
said S.A,
that by irtute of$
of Appraisement &vIl
irom the Pisize "
matters, there will.
sale at Public
doors of the SupleS
of-Spain (facing
Wednesday the It,
tember, 1944, at i
the following s -4 N-
seized in Prize, vis:- -
Cotton and W09I
cotton and :v.
materials, gent
towels, thread, W
cameras, animals
and undressed
other articles a
The said goods
for sale in separate
lot will be sold at
the appraised valiUt.
The said goods
be viewed at the
gistrar and Si5
Court, Red H
on the Monday an
diately preceding
the hours of 9.30
Dated this 12th
1944.S d)
(Std.) A N. -X

Control P>
Importers to
been allotted for
of Crown Corks fri.
hereby notified thalt
tion made to the
t:('.%Il up it wai w
elsewhere. Im
stocks of CrownS
therefore sublis
licences iznmedltt(

Old Post Office
S7 ;t invent BMWB
22nd A..ns.. l, ,-


Orders Relating To The Co
Traffic At The Santa Rosa Race
To Be Held at Arima, on 2nd'
and 16th September, 1
I. Control will be enforced between the hoWs
7 pTn. ON
2. All vehicles shall enter the Race tOW I@ PI
entrance and leave by the east rn e .1. mm
3. All vehicles shall prnceed along HolliS Wg
Joseph Street and Queen Street In an
along the extension of Queen Street,
sAnd Robinson Circular In a sthieriy
along Robinson Circular Road Iin a wt
4. Vehicles will be parked follows:- i
(a) In the Savannah to the anrth m, _
St.ind as directed by any Member .
on duty there.
(b) Prolongation of Queen stret-on f
I south.
(c Woodford Street -On eastern sam
(d) Queen Mar* AvenUe-On WGtern-M
5. No vehicle is permitted It stop nd if fl
Holls Avenue or Robinson C=ra :-"'

A. I. J. Knigh,
uferisundent dl P01U%
Pol Divf i/ion l um .
Artma O* 1;
15th' Angw ^ ,s^



, 1 %IVAV114114 %IuLgn q





*:L~~ 1'


L.Fr fce

Sadt tsr aned bytal
3-df as Wows.

ju ke ilectd. (ed T
SpTwit M -m
.Depot. mt be
-ilact. with their re-

-nd to Gcanml Id

: of evacuation NA
I pgmoiuel to ha deter-
g il w Clere's staff
M-s are nd
l t fitted to the
te force r s that rona-
|twill no logr COme
ats of war. Thoae
I easslnue to fibht
Sof e surlrender will
an signe
ts NINtte to th

Is r tsnks in a
(M rolled into Toyes,
jaeast of Paris and 13
the German border at
Id them Allied armies
M1t out the last sparks
,nrMtanoe south of the
AiL-Ceneral George Pat-
SIs now raMcing toward
to Americans who
I t World War, cut-
k e test German com-
Ilbam to southern Prance
Sfrsh perils to the
IL Doughboys stand 130
iOf the German border
it. 163 miles west of It
Rhine winds northward
Mag and 138 miles eas.
A "News Chronicle"
cMd 1 report reached
ig the Americans at
e northeast of Paris
North of the Marne
do report-unconfirmed
V4-was not given.
advance forces an-
gos upper Seine only 37
SMarne. This was a
From the last re-
N B0 miles east of
btis, the Americans
iad slashed on six
eto link up with the
cuttingg the German
k pocket down to a strip
[C and less than 10
It and fighter-
ed 1M enemy
and 4 tanks and
`1ore inks.
ItLe Luftwaffe came up
ntnegth in an attempt
SWhrmacht's disorder-
Ie Ninth shot down 41
S and probably six
UNaged 21 others with
MOWd without elabora-
ed warships were
inn siege posltions
| which was also under
er and artillery at-

batricans mounted to
V to Germany, the last
l south of the Seine
fast, steadily freeing
!oo for a new push.
B was squeezed down
Law as the British oc-
MHr, five miles across
bMIry from Le Havre,
itans burst across the
ear Bourg Dessus
Stf the German rear-
ia Were caving in so
Likely that they
=t as much as they
p Re across the lower
Me end seemed near.
river crossings were
day-long aerial attack,
u= are airoidy with-
Amuen. S.H.A.B.F. had
r the number of buzz
0ptured as the Allies
i the southsalde of the
M, to Rouen. It how-
i It a district where
"F put them down
frnt from which the
Mto| launched,

! School
ttion Today
OwnUton of the Trip-
L.ego Sunday Sch %
place today i.i
01d5t Church with
t of devotional exer-
and addresses oc-
g session, at the
te business meet-
Ma Mayera will lead
-M"'rkse Teacher's
and Word."
Sfor the new term
Sat the afternoon
t. J. H. Poole, and
Wll hear an ad-
A-'.w Christian ap-
". MKld' by tL.,e Rev.
and another on
S d Social Science"
.C. Macdonald.
Wle ends at 3.30

Alim Blow Up Thm

tt a tt ad M
naval a n nbew up a en
oMt wvaml. a*L a med tri
anMa n -bmoat ad aamant
baMe 1w other eiw .v a
In a IereIs of nmnina tf
,tk M a wuti ,upttm
-M ta L Ram each ted








Hungary Reshuffles
Puppet Government
LONDON, Aug. 25 AP)-Hun-
gary. now Hitler's main bulwark
in the Balkans. reshuffled Its pup-
pet Government today and braced
itself for worse to come. The
Cabinet shake-up was announced
from Berlin and apparently was
designed to concentrate control in
the hands of Hungarians willing
to fight to the last ditch with
For D.N.B. said It was the last
"btnt one of the various measures
whIch had to be taken" as a result
of the Romanian crackup.
The agency presented it as evi-
dence that "internal tensions"
were overcome and unity achieved
in the face of the suddenly aug-
mented threat from the east.
Repercusslans on the Romanian
surrender are felt to the north in
Finland. A Helsinki despatch to
Stockholm's "Aftonbladet" said ru.
rr.ours circulating in the Finnish
capital said "pronounced changes"
in the military and political situ-
ation were Imminent.
The fact that the despatch
passed the Finnish censorship
added weight to its hint of Im-
portant deveolpments. It was
learned authoritatively in London
that consultation between Britain
and the United States on the one
hand and Russia on the other was
one factor delaying a decision in
connection with Bulgaria's plea
for peace. Bulgaria accompanied
the peace bid with certain propo-
sals involving interests of Russia
with which she is not at war and
these presently are under discus-
sion among the Allied powers.
It was learned that the exiled
Governments of Yugoslavia and
Greece. portions of whose terri-
tories Bulgaria got from Hitler
after the Wehrmacht conquered
them, have not yet been called
into consultation but "will be at
the appropriate moment."
Recent reports from Ankara said
Bulgaria sought Russian support
form a territorial settlement involv-
ing the creation of an independent
Macedonia instead of returning the
seized territories of Greece and

Turf Club Ban

Race DayFoodshops
The Trinidad Turf Club, heed-
ing recommendations of the Medi-
cal Officer of Health with regard
to operation of foodahops on the
Queen's Park Savannah on race-
days, have decided to ban these
improvised restaurants, in future.
This disclosure was made at
yesterday's meeting of the City
Council sitting as the Local Sani-
tary Authority when correspond-
ence dealing with the matter dis-
closed that the Turf Club would in
future have nothing to do with
the erection of these shops, ani
In the event of any such booths
being erected, It would not be with
their permission.
Councillor Gomes said that a
lot of people were going to miss
their rotl.
View expressed by Councillor
Ranjit Kumar was that the City
Council was responsible for pre-
venting these people from erecting
the boothM during race meetings
and In Pursuint this course they
had done nothing commendable.
Drawing attention to the fact
that their original Intention was
that these foodshops should be
controlled and not removed entire-
ly, Councillor Kumar stated that
such a move meant putting oer-
takin people out of a means of

City Man Fined
For Wasting Water
Mr. A. J. Hamilton In the Se-
cond Magistrate's Court yesterday
fined Chin Hong $10 and S2.5
costs or one month's Impres tent
for wasting water from a p.! on
his Queen Street premise Mr.
Murchlnscn Rigsby, Acting Town
Clerk prosecuted on behalf of the
City Corporation and Mr. A. Peon
represented Hong. -








-AT -



Tram Porter

Gets 3 Month

rfftMW Cfterftui Clmarrspsi
Ptate-a-P-ier train crash
April las ha 4 ts squal in tt
Magtrate s e@un here today wtt
Stax Ranflel. an acutng railwt
rte, appeared before Mr P.
cmache the Matstrate. accu
W 4gi tyU tiling to chaW
of paMet rs o n the i p.n
train to Slprla.
BaafeId. who was unre-reseutq
wa onvted and sentenced t
three months' prio ent wit
hard labour.
Police evidence distlosed tha
Banleld was directed to chhange th
point from a siding to the matal
to allow the Siparia bound trAL
to to through.
Banfteld, UIt was stated. td h
signalman in charge of the gow
station that he had changed th
point but when the train approach
ed. hough Banfield himself lit
given the engine driver the Mi. ".
that all was clear, the train in
stead of going on the main took t
the siding.
Answenng the accusation. Bar
field said he haa changed th
points and after handing the ke
for same to the signalman re
turned to the point from whili pco
sition he signalled the engine
drtier to go through and to hi
surprise the train went on th
aiding and collided with an enghli
Banfleld told the magistrate I
did not know why the train tIx
to the siding.,
Sentencing Banflelid, the magis
irate said that he did not thin
It was at all safe for an actin
porter to be given so responrlbl
a job t0 do. He told Banfield h
had his sympathy but it was ob
vious that he. Banfleld, did no
change the point a.s he nad said
"You are luck) that tle ltes uo
the ten persons ijiinred are no
resting over your head now Yo
will do three months' Imprison
Mr. A C. Rienazi proecuted fo
the Police.

Heavy Flying
Bomb Casualties
LONDON, Aug. 25 4Reuter'-
Heavy casualties and shocking
damage to property have been
caused In flying bomb attack
agitlnst Britain in the last few
days. declared Mr. Henry Willink
Minister of Health today, when he
warned parents to keep their child
ren out of London. Practically 100
flying bombs a day oa ain average
were launched agaiti 0 Britain
in August, revealed i.,. Willink
adding: "We must expect that
these dangers will continue for
some time."
Mr. Churchill's ,dvice to mothers
and children still in liAmdon to
leave, still stood as strongly as
ever, said Mr. Wlllink.
Nearly 300,000 had been evacuat-
ed front London under the oftlfcia
evacuation scheme, and the num-
ber returning from the reception
areas had been very small in com-
"But any sort of drift back to
London at the present stage is very
wrong" warned Mr. Willink. "The
tremendous amount of damage tc
house property is the biggest of
our flying bomb problems. Since
the Prime Minister's statement on
August 2, when he gave the figures
as 17,1:000 houses de-stroyed, 800,000
damesged and 600,000 made habi-
table again, thle total amount of
destruction and damage luhas. of
course. increased, but the percent-
age of houses made l->tbltable has
increased still more."
While these attacks went on,
however, the standard of repairs
was much lower than we would
wish, admitted Mr, Wlllink. "Manv
thousands ire living in the most
uncomfortable conditions, which
nust be Improved before the wilt-
ter. A vast Job remains for the
local authorities and the building
Industry." he concluded.

South Radio Link
Gets Qouncil Probe

Trinidad Guardian Correspondent
Move to give San Fernando a Radio
Distribution system was pushed
forward by the Borough Council in
session today with the appointment
by the Mayor of a committee t
consider possibility of the plan
following adoption of a mctlon by
the Hon'ble Roy Joseph, Deputy
Committee comprise the Hon'ble
Timothy Rcodal, Mayor. Councillor
E. C, Crawford, Councillor 0. A.
Richards. Councillor V. Ramnaran
and Councillor Dr. D. T. Pitt.

Paris Liberation
Lauded By South
Trinidad Guardian (Correepondent
SAN ?ERNA.DO, Aug. 24-Joy-
'ul news of the liberatUcn of Parts
Called forth decision of the Bor-
ough Council here in sxsion today
to congratulate the French conm-
munity through their Consul In
Trtnidad on the occasion.
Decision was arrived at on mo.
tion of Councillor X. C. Crawford

Why Not Have A.
Lovly Complexion?
;;;a $-


T-s 4m %of a11-. waft"~iH am I0 yt I
Ye. CmA a *v o "-0 j
on fttm '*-G Sre BM-ir gm ow
6a4 g teem ft"' #*
a" "W"W000 Wi a eA



Parisians Mob Allied Troops:

On Entry Into French Capital
*y OK wrmx a rm
PARW, Aug. a1 ,AP).- .Su rftihttg rawo USti the heart
of Pari to a a& Ame na a&" fItC& O*uaM Toe moo t .* dty
tfro the bsuth sreK a tamul-u)a Uete*e fr'm hwdat a e* thot-
sanda of Pwasma. The first Prrea eol1a to eat the Ctty raced
Luxembourg at 10.M am. and tht the Oermana, Fr-wh cllaabrt-
to--.1tu and the PrectM (et*00 polce OrgantfitaM Oned ftrin

WOMEN (*Alm o
UMNso" #owdn#~e
i 0

aiu Lw,"m LMH I
hsPegA e7 1 i I &tl e --I
Itot ( araK puuhbma

Highest Pricei Paid

I Wu H. Kennmmedy & Ce.,, LdkL


FA !mtiyVs of Ouf iNutgi AoftmetWt-
..... Km -14%it Now l
1Ik Rolmlo y ........
1OWKKT ,mpheatm N' > k .......... $
%l ta t ... .- .. .. .. -


N~la 1stetbu1 qws
Igua smur -- ?W elm
41Tv VI"TR~r V Twt 41
8, KHAN,. an 'etrltande.
Me .3or6mg-aj^.afftta^j^

Romania At

War With

Blkana--ln various contam and
(M the Aegma Islatds becauo t
they aweims that it as che(ar to
bold them than attempt the dif-
ficult military opernUon of evacu-

ad with madnen-unak rifles and pistols and the hatute wa on. theu ie T cmalanna *A Jmi H
h An American Infantry oluhma drove to Note Dame at o il I m &_ J
m. In a spectacular ground attack he close In on the tmghosd stl IN im' IS.T of o
Sdezfende b the emvbatted oe ana. Ernest Augustus 1
^ -^_ -so- --'-4' Tri ws so m^ch enfuestoin and
h exlot m a em r the entrance Into Robinson,
Parts that It Is difficult Wgive a e at W*edt. 4 Led"e Itat,
at 0eu0irmiv rte .mleohereni acumnt tf the e ent. that O is te a l h aan,
KRe&AxnyKeep tin~ Ike W-61 :L'Cal~nia,
ie vmo-ved s, sr o swiftl one" the rench 1tb s1 140, p >iA
r~nuourd Column began roalh.iat gAA 44"411. Js
through a heavyvt,#
Pounut when the last enem i l, r o hatng t elati
Rrubieathe.a"o o -demand. .agat t -l ,. tat. 1
m th is h a t o in o n th e t b oxv 1tn t O t- id tc e a s" i
he In Romania dith happine, R A i
h- Allnoaethifssuheortf vies wcflT toby savend pdeclaaes of i
i coNTINUO M50 PR. 1 surged through the people, .tad"tn61ed t Ihe undermntioned
column beg an toroll at ,', %'-,it o i- brforo the31st d
Bucharest. and coursing along to ow lolumnba to *,,,', ' A it ot t
costoftit lalLSe. m.frcnt Long'lunsea. all ~ A~~t' 4
coast of the Black Sea, south of Paris. 1To mile- g1h:t .1 I). ,1 .l.|IKM A (&t.
The Red Army is determinehwd the column halted i oraaid e'e of \N, ;I* & n Mt Yin-
e to make the fall of Romania not mnent had run Into a Ota wm s- ,:'-.,, %ii. it <>tt
v only a political and economic vie- strongpolnt and mines on toe tio,.. %s -o,i Nrietst Rttbinso n
tory but also a means of adminis- General Jacqutes Ie Clet and h.: 1 it' sie e ,lt,w of .he last* i i
lering another crushing, defeat to staff went into a orferwenee. Tit'k'! \v l' of the der'raPl i'
German arms. wheeled and Matarted to c.tfl--ii'- . --....... i
Is '1he Second and Third Ukrainr- poiallton, but after a while itoy it
i dan Armies which captured more turned because they had run it.i.m !
than 47.000 Prisoners five ditvs' the route of an American infanutt D A V- 'I
viin Ince^^^ Romanian and atnhl *W strong otnt
fighting were spari n no efforts advance.
to encircle the remaining Nazi di-' The column began to roll again
visions In Romania and xnnihtl-Thme 8trongpoint was knocked ooi!
ate them. In this aim. King ahead of It tI--I W OLR
Michael's pro-Alled army is now And at 567 ani. my jen rolled
k eisnnite t to make its Influence through the gat.e. of Pat Nevri AI.
felt do I etpect to se the acene 1 W A R-- *- I
le saw on the treoels of Par isIi
Me oscow despatches reported that There was only a narrow lan r f CA
)_ bitter flthtlng had broken out be- through which armour could tll' Dsah ea g e a |
lt Iween German rear garrisons anid Men and women cried They glab- TrdlT. iThe imk7e fy 111e 111 i "1ts1
d Romanlan soldiers. bed the arms and hands of the W Itkeyl r ad of e(rd iMnstad of
SOVIETS NFAR BOIGRAU sOldlers and cheered until thiel Ib k bl*ee IAW le ey am M ei
t voices were hoarse. mW-. yw d**. a ha avywith a
SOne re-pirt placed Soviet troops When the column stopped. I wnntepaleaaN Tael ak.Tim itu"mIr
St thie outtskirts of Bollr5ad 2 was smothered with oft, ar%(ms an-i S M LM li e .s
miles northeast of Galati, and lips giving not onoe kiss, bit he 6 teats e yk nti mm. hloe is rotvel Is
r advances of eight miles, usual Prench double They huged Dda Is Pis t hI d ve e
me and my 1"p driver, piIdner 0-1,1 Liel< Pill ?ik -^ s
Tle Germans are so disorganlised mrench TritcoloIrs i ,.n bt and Itll of *l M" P4 Md" 11
and the pace of the Russian pro- ua exhausted with our bOaims coy- 1l0d is dw y tw bartae dimamn ,
gress is so swift that whole divi- eded with emblems and ribbons. ad er"ee hi ll i is mateedl by retat | A
slones are being separated and r tip. Etnemy armoured forces are and said with tlears Ini his eves I sisMt msN DMd aKeb Oa y.X 0
still fighting fiercely, however. "God blem the American. ou w large bettIe ale alldN mMuta. jn
King Michael has Integrated a have saved France."
force of more than 300,000 men Men and women, the old, aid tI. DI odd's Kidnan Pill i
which Moscow Is hoping will hold young and children stormed thi't W Ig r
Together for the present operation Jeep every time the column sto'peld --
Sagainst the German garrison in and they literally went nmad witll', .... I. .... |
SRomania and further ones their emotion. I FOR S,%LE i
against Hungary, possessor of Crowds banked fionl thie rrntit e
Romania's. northern Transylvanla. of the alteets to the aldewalks | *l ; I n
The Russian front In Poland is a colourful, cheerting throng whh'h l i
Also blazing. Von Hammer stated stretched for miles Tlhitre 'd IeSI.mpt
i that the Germans were forced to to be no end and apparently rIerv- i
Retreat from two to two and one- vne in Paris except the Ortnaites as L 63I. liF
half miles before a malor attack and collaboratllonasts were standing Hn lN'i-1lt it 1 f4th4e riwo3 1
on a broad front northwest, of the there to cheer, shout, rrv amntd Ifeave tiahitlia Room. I satI i0 t '
SWarsaw-Bslvaltok road Thls pnsh lhemselves exhatuated with happl- Stn1'inroim. O Otel (I a Ile:rS
ts directed against Lonis and the hesst 1tl Kltrht. le tt Si.nt --aut'
East Prussian border. Our coltimn moved to a point a Roini prd \VWeitrh timtse
block from tuxembourg., tlhe fan nil r tVrrv f liv (ltirtd t1lilsii
S The Soviet High Command all aides burst machlne-gun adMt 1i, 'q notintlgtil.
Threw in fresh forces The Rut- rifle fire Frem humasetops aid win-. g
slans launched determined attacks dows tins rattled. *|Jj 'sl lv 11.
from their blg Sandomiers bridge- Machlne-11,ns altd tanks opened 164-1 l C Hvl .*
head west of the Vistula, accord- up In reply We leaped froin the ON mainland 1
ing to DNB, throwing ti 12 tank jeep and took cover behind a tank,
and two nechanised cors and l BuUleta rattled through the street. T i A taR n
.divisions In an effort to score a The crowd who a few moment be- Tre nmln1npi hy boat from
1r'eak-through. Sandomlers IN fore had lined the streets., melted Illlti. tuitable for realing
About 120 miles southeast of War- Then the streets were terrible, s11 k, e'',, tot's
y SW. t lonely and barren except for atr- lur P.ithiars Apply toin
e There was no late news on the motir with guns clattering. M)
Sitter battle which, while being driver and I leaped In the Jeep amid P A. F. MocLeod, but t
Overshadowed by the Romlnian raced back down the street, but Het Mark's Oteneda
Scampaigtn, has not lost i.ts Im- another burst of machine-gun fire ar e
portance In the ultimate Invasilon siienit un diving for the curbtin. We C
of Germany. felt bare aid exposed there In he 'l
Iloutheast of Chininau. Reu-stree.t, w
Ur reports. 12 German divisions F.FI. reositanee leaders crouched to g
are trapped. For two days they and ran from door to door, point.g- g
have tried to break the ring Ing to rooftops and windows. Up
withoutt success and the Russians there shooting doWh on uis weewre
have taken 13,000 prisoners. Two French collasborationists who were B i
regiments of Romanian Infantry helping the Oermans In the defence W te
laid down their arms on one c- of the city. One Frenchman ssold
tien of the front.] there were many German snipers
in livlllan clothes. 1
.-- ~--,----- Red Cross aid meat dressed In
rl r nwhlt* ran out of a d otrwav with
1Teachers ToCount treteher, A nurse in starched
Teachers ToCo t white followed them; they picked
up 4 Wounded man and laid him not
W ar Service on the tretcher as they waved
Red Cross flag. i L l
School teachers serving witlh the An PP.. soldier ran tip to m L D AM
forces, or engaged in other ap- and cried In English: "( lve a, 1'
proved war work will have their arnus and ammunition. We wani "tl
pension rights preserved tuns and bullet: that is all we ,ju
The Legislative Council venster- ask. We have not, enough ammu-
day passed a Bill to give effect to r titlon and most ofta a vey only
Onvernment'a desire to preserve pistols."
the rights and remove the hard- Ahneado u. p atrlot nswr l riuthe
ship which would otherwise be e along buildings and answer d the Q
imposed ou teachers siding the lfre and lying there. I was lonely IB
warimosed o tea ers aiding the and lost In a cityv which all of 4
war effort.
Introducing the Bill. which had dreamed of entering as a joy-
amends the School 'reachtiers' Pen- Oti s occasion, ...
lions Ordinance the Attorney (en- .
eral pointed out that the revised Governor's Wife a
section made perfectly clear the
object in view. The object was to 'o O(pen Art Show
preserve the rights of teachers who Mrs. A. 3, Wright w ife of His
served in time of war with the ap- EIcellency the Acting Oovernot
proval cf the Governor, or teachers lwtlloncynthe AtinidGd Ar ocer
who were tomrorarily transferred wxhlblopen the Triniad Art isty's
to some office other than th- of a masterpie at hre itol Vfttao AIways keep r he F
teacher, It also provided for Institute on a trdy, etembert 2 o"r .
teachers who were allowed to do xth ibi ion beLarday, willopen -Myon
other war work, as. for example. , a teacher who worked for the to a p.m. and will tconineuntil
Red Cross and did not receive Stunday, Septmber 10, During the
any salary. The time thus spent other eight days It will be opeored 111
would be Considered for pension from 10 anI to nWon an 3 p a, to 0
purposes. pm, da lly . ..... .. Sm .. ..... 1

with 4", 3" and 1" intakes



cycles, 3 phose, 220 volts, 35 h p., 115 omphi.
1,800 R P.M.

miPt mutr i'HmN PARTICUi|A a P JS ArPIMVi

Charlotte Street 0 'Phone 4M1.

t's too bad

o good
he good times
oming, when
all be oble
t it once mdre.

'J Z


fAbKER i
re 1120 $ill oning tems8





FIT and WEAR. I;

$.6 r




ITonca Be











. .* *' ^ -



PA-.-- I


SMeat Can Be Made Tasty NOW NOW
S Talk Of Trnidad In Spite Of Bad Cuts PLAYING DeOLUEA PLAYING
V" H HUsy a oR FOODZ mro And Continuing Daily *t 4.45 oad 8,45 p.m.
It IS very aslatactZr these days to ame thaat th supply of Vne- 1
is EXCELLENCY the Acting Ocvernor and Mrs. Wright nr Ulned an meat is much improved and I I posibe tobuy a piece ithis
Ms Jesti Mamon. Sir Roberta Robinson, and professor .Simn" marfet withouttqueuing up for about three hours. Unfortunately, how- ITRI I TR M
~Mrs. ever, the way of cookiing this same meat generally leaves much to be
",,* to dinner at Government House on Thursday evening. desed w 7 m e e eraly ea m to j
d e si r e d 1-0 1 A N D Y I
i nda d Most housewives s erve up J ao ut = seoti.t O ANY
* THE dance rectl^ by "Zerlte" at th~e Royal Victors Inatitute on toS oout ^ "^^ ffII^ ^^ 1 Do not le |l Tl**boldOs-l~dl
E dance recital by "Zerte" at the Royal Victoria IflititutstOntough old Joint once or twice a burn but when it is t.hroleh1 hot
1T bma *vnn was exceptionally good; her Indian and wee to eke out the housekeeping, burn but whn it is hroShil ho 1111111142 0. l In^^ M6 I
Thursday evening wa exceptionally good; week to eke out the housekeeping, drop In half a deserts KI of
rhumlb dances particularly ahowinl her grace of movement. announcing with a shrug "that you butter or cooking fat. When the ha Hrd
TheInterpretive dances were. Thought, excellent being a much fat melts and is very hot put in theh l
A Sting a dancing, her expressions showing the actress in her. can't do Anything with that local piece of meat. Leave for one
Estt" has beautiful arm movements, ,stuff" and leave it at that. minute and then turn and cook on
OLente" has^ ^ beuiu ar moeens Io this s ^srtean^***k^
Mi Kthleen Davs, her sster san in betwen and her second the other side for the same length
number in French was dedicated to French people. For this she w Admittedly te meat is some- of time. This must be done as it
encored and sitan "L'mlloUr toujours l'am.ut." tlnes difficult to handle, out once seals the Juices and makes all the ll 1
If time permit. "Zeitte" intends giving a repeat performance you make up your mini that you difference to the taste. Then leave
before her departure, as she is being requested for one. must cook the meat according to to fry slowly for 10. 15 or 320 minutes Of Boym'
0 0 the piece you have managed to buy, according to whether you wish It -cmedyl
ML LE. SLIE F. CALVER. a well-known English organist and coin- the result will ie much more satis- to be rare, medium or well done.
po ser who has frequently given Trinidad the benefit of uili ability, factory. Keep the meat moving in the pan
left terday for &wl-emed two montholdyso that It does not stick, and turn
left- yesterday for a well-earned two months' holidaY in Mexico. MAKE THE BEST OF IT frequently until both sides are
S, E0 RA LUI8 TEOPHILO, the wife of the Venezuelan Minister at First of all become reconciled to firm and brown. Steaks must, of
e Bucenos Aires. is expected to arrive here this morning In transit to the fact that, in all probability you course, be cut Into individual pieces
Caracma, where her husband was recalled by his Government some will not get the piece you want, as before cooking and served straight Er< ,
tnie o. the average butcher merely 49. uu on 'he plate with a decoration of :r7'
l a hacking away at his half carcass lettuce or parsley. ,
ploM, RS.I. OYD WARDThas received a letter from her daughter, Mrs. passing out the meat as it comes %
S Walter Nelson. the wife of Lieut. Nelson, U.S.N., who left some- lAnd making no attempt to cut a .-( -
_timegoto go to the UnitedlStates. Mrs Neltcn, formerly Miss Mar- proper jolit as we understand it. ,,
*."...orle Ward, is in New York at present with her husband and likes It so whetn you get home you must de- L" ,
very much. cide the best way to cook It tW get Chan g n e q
Another of Mrs. Ward' daughters. Miss Joan Ward, Is with the the beat advantage from it. I v
..A S, in Wangtona nd writes that she has just had a lovely week The average so-called "roatIn ou r M en a L. *
., Atlantic City. W hich we get generally has a large
T. 0* lump of bone with meat on either Crab cakes are splendid for a
MI8 MARIE PALMER-CHIZZOLA'S "Dancing Starlets of 1944," side. One piece, the smaller, will change. Here's a recipe for mak-,
which was repeated at the Globe Theatre on Tuesday evening, was be the undercut and it can oe re. ing them. Ie| E M R O N
.lut as murcessful an the first performance. In fact. if anything, the cognised by Its lighter red ;oloar- Into a mixing bowl put one!
'. children seemed more sure of themselves, and, of course, one of the Ing and closer gain. pound of crab inmeat and pick li
"hit" of the evening was the "Small Island" number by the younger That can be cut away and used over carefully for bits of shell Add F H LD N -S a H E
children, for grilling, As It is very tended. The a tea.spoonful (f white pepper a l
The U O has asked M Palmer-Chol to resent the show other side calln either be roa:4.'d on teaspoon and a half of sait, one *"I T R V L
for the entertalinment of the Armed Forces on Tuesa evening next, thle bone or cut off, rolled and tied teaspoonful of dry mustard, a level
and ahe has kindlv consented to do so. lightly with string and put In the teaspoonlul worce,;.ershire au-e, s:t t
She hasi derlded, however, to have only the bigger girls, with the oven that way. The string inttt, egg and a tab'espooliful mayon- *
exception of the acrobatic number with the smaller fnes and the of course, be removed before Per- u eiiep H b MI H AL
"'Sall Islanderx." ving. This lavei.s a large pirc'e uf l'Ilien very Ilniptir'ant a i a. level
Some of the advanced Junlior pupils, inchildlng Nannette bone which can be used for stock tailespoonful of chopped p. ll l'l.,__l'llllllllllllIII__II
de Labastidre, Bety slid Gem m ee l.um, Ada PlclaTen and Jacqueline rato fe ed any animals, ou mu 'i al; e into four balls and es hiiIr,
Ohma. have also been chosen to take part, -Iave, D toflat cakes. Then dip inflo
Sh r. f This Is definitely thlie bet way to. thenn In beaten egg and the'n I) NOW NOW
HI8 friends will be sorry to hear that. Mr, Arthur Mothews, of Pointe- get good results from that partlicu- crumbnis and try In very hot fat. PL Y LE M lP I L X
&-Pierre. i l at present a patient In the staff hospital there, and tar joint, especially for a small Serve., with cold slaw or sliced to- PLAYING I
wfll wth him a speedy return to health. amllhv, as the same old piece of Inmtoes and, Frellch fried potatoes PLAYING
w wihhi d reu th h, meat *is not served up three or fo'A ,,when obtainable).
TEWS has lust been received frm Barbidoi of the prgagement of tim as a cold dLsh which must be -- ICo ilii D il at 4.3 & 8.30 'clcI
-1 Miss Hilda M. Barnes and Mr. J. H. Strand-Jones, beth of whom nihed upi.e o fe o dr " .2-
ate on the tStaffcf Trinidad Leaseholds, Ltd., at Ponltre-a-Pierre The plece of fillet orm sudercut
Miss Bamrnes Is at present on hllday At, her home In Barbados which has been removed should be1 day'sD ia
and Mr. Strand-Jones Is almo spending his leave In "the land of the kept for one day at least after buy- .=
Fish lag to be at Its best. and if proper-I Open rifle competition, Pointe-a-
any p erpli will he eager to offe >ongratulailon and good wishes lv cooked will compare more than Pierse.
to the newlp-1n bre citple on their return to TrInid Rod. wh favorably with the imported tern- Formal month-end dance Pointe-
l l n derloinm which .- so expeishive. The a-Pierre Club, 8 p.m. '
HMNRY QTINTIN'.O and his wife, who irihved he re r.etdtln '(wrect way to cook Ith or any steak Week-end dance at Trinidad 1
hfrom Vn l, re spending a few ds at t Quens Par lthto matter is as follows. Country Club. ,
Hotel t ake a clen lrylng pan andi Week-end dance at Perserverance
place It oin the slove, emplt, lIr 'Club.
1to leave (fr Canada shortlyi tno take their t raniiln .g, ,r l Radie wriramm sch
teyv will il fill' prohabllltv go tn Washington. 'hllrev are Mi N A a i r
Gilf nBd MIs. I M. Kite fronnm P tnrite-a-Plerre.'and Miss M _na________|
Firmer, Mis, Mollv AugustMII ftid Miss Kalv Mlnsin, of Sant Fernindo U S. WVI
(MI.m Mat-on's sister Mimt Georgie Masson. lolnrd the A T S some
time -co and Il1 at present slationed in Enlslatid, finin where she ~ '~.- -4
has broadcast, i the West Indies orograinme' I. fai" t,,"i N'ii NWA.w Aioir Turf s (V s*osi
,i;I.',t [ Sl ,. 'l~ Awe,,,, tl~n "l rf ('Is ,,Ic. Vlia, I Muii lc
1 Ith q tt ,.' i r'ra l | 1 rlpt J I |liv iinn, .ron"Homs
pOTN1T-A-PIFPlr Gi'rl Gulde. are hIolding a hazaar. In laid of lthe ,. r, Ir 1 r- i
British TR ed (ros soclet., a i 15'lit -s-PitrP School oni .Siaturdav. .ii 'w',,,. or,, N..t. at Nih i "er.'r.. de " .
Septernbrr 2, at fou r o' clo k No ite ihs liby c the .iant t td ., "P' d' i;,I Alt Ai A l ."
sweet will be 1 t sal.e, and it ts, hoped ito )rovite special I muse erpnt lt .1 H.,rn I .,,n 'f tv 6<'iit i"
for the children. The adimls',din'ii rlii, will be 24 cents for children 'V, NewI -- News MM
A'd M WI rv, 91 h'" ...t( Rei,ort .. m... eJazl -. .
411d,. _7,n r .. . A romance...tende'r...glorious...heroic...
A' FER .ipr dii a lovely holiday at Tb)Hago., Mr A. J.. Young and m t mg Nnf cnrtnf Ta yeor
Wa i. tamlnlv have returned to PArt-of-pain. Mrs. Attia and t.i B tC.c s.syi.i.y i .u J.1Journalm.us.ic most mognilcent triumph ofM-G-M, makr
4 Hi' MtM* Attlin were guests of the Youngs during their holiday. = ;-- New. Hit Pa a e | of "Mrs. Miniver" and "Random Harvest."
S3 Old Toi H. l Hit Pard Mei ona E
MR 0. C. MARDAIL. Assistant Veneral Manager (Engineering 0 To HII Hi prd. Ntonal r D.nce .
Snd SerIrcea-, of Trinidad Leameholds, ltd. Potnte-.-Plerre. ,w, . '. .. Nw a I
, "- Bnpnled by Mri. Mardall and their two children, Patricia and :o New .i. n Ntwori, Retrt.r N ew i
, ..OtC'gf0, 1tt Trimdntd b, 'plane on Wednesday last to go to Canada 11 .11c'. 'l'lhAtro ore. w ,ll ",* | ,, lon Rhytlhin
Ck gs;lf:rtiddtar'ln-mWd"Amerh-allDanceI ,MltiellDance''ot %... ...e a-
.-for I holiday In the Mumkoko lAkes. 'TIhey will be naav tor about 9 15intertue A...ria i M .a i.. eT ( I
thre i months, and on their homeward journey they hope to be -- -B w
able to spend a month In New York, no - Night Owl 'Chill of D over
s a I N It :.0 - tA t" _"Air- Stree
M aS "TUPPNwC"' PEARCE, daughter of Of o-f-Spat, is at. present .spending a few days In the SQoulth NOT ThI W. i starring IRENE DUNNE
X:, M adW I. atto Newspaper wiii hearilMni t. __th s ing from 6.15 E t .45 ._I
As thie g ue, of Mr.. and Mrr. leonar(i Todd, or Umine St. Madeleine .. or Wattl ,,fealt,1 & i.. ...ttto .id o,5i'.t _ A CLARENCE BROWN PRODUCTION



t4 t6 LOOks LkG A BAD ONE

As "rI'pM cu a


TODAY AT 1.15 p.m.-
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiitiiiiiiii niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHHHiiii miiiiiiiiiiniiiiii




GLOBE- Now Showing 4.

t orn p/at,-



I*M ta. l wire. I NI
Cxtra-"WlKET JAM 4-rieei Muical).with I
Rhythm Boys.

GLOBE-San F'do.
Today, 5 and 8.30
Donald O'Connor and Peggy
Ryan In
Extra-Hit Tune Jamboree.

Today, I and IW
Eddie C Zant. i
Moore In
Extra-Mr. Duck I
British Xm


roday, 9.30 am. IA I
The Whole Serial
Treasureo Island j RO Y
TODAY, at 4.45 and 8.45

Today, 9.30 a.m.

5 p.m.-
21 Days Together
South American Joe

Tonight, .30
Grand Vaudeville Show


SAHA]lA, and
"Today, 5 and 8.30



nlTODAY L. p.r.-MatineeO
TODAY- 430 & 8.30 pm,. eTODAYt 5 & S.30P.,. WEEKEND IN HAVANA
Territfc New Double Sensational Indian Picture CHARLEY'S AUNT
1st Bob Steel in DR. MADHURIKA 44,3." p.m.-M.G.M.'s. Knock-
2nd Gordon Jones In Jsan Pierre AUMONT,.'w L
K *"***"*" "TH ;:WHICH ONE 7? :n ~ s t l
gun. & Mon. GIRL CRAZY ....
____ ___ ____ ___ ____ 0C146 First Street. San
POINT FORTIN * ,ouses. ...
TONIGHT at 8.30 and Continuing 6 Empty Houses, and- OumanM PETERS,
Metro Ooldwyn Mayer Proudly Woodbrook ..... Cheap Jean Pierre AUMONT
Presents % House near Country
Over the Week-end Club. Pomesslon .. $110,M0 0l
0 1 Broome Street.-Re-
SCharles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman n oovated and Vaat ..-
in S Bath Hil-New,
E~mpt~y .............. o
5GASLIGHT lS" Pelham Street.
Posession. 51,610 mat-
Special Added Attraction aw ................. 8,11
-- Pieton -Street.es- PRINCESS
sessio ............IllI
0 Empty Hore. Carles ARIMA
SHIPPING street ............. TODAY 1.15 p.m.-Matinee
5 Ovid Ailey--up OW-
S -------- -I- on St. Rental $11 PINOCCIO (Walt Disney
[.-HISON II ....... 10 Tchneolor) BORDER G-MAN
I nIssu e a m 187 Western Main Road 3 M
90 rw&A t &asnuIms," ob" Emptv ....... I 4."14, P~m.
09 the~ of Was Traosot, iuiw? _*" '' <^^ _
elfate P=andecam 0 = I4 su'o be 3-2nd Avenue. Cas-
| t "woem a U wsM diaoam a sao riti eado. Beauty. PssioeIn
wag "dk NW( Goas, "d m ",...*$2...40I l~~llli
WON 14 0lk Sa vllie Street-sagi--l
to ^ am tsot .... low1
pw toA bfmmusumtgem to 5 a s 2An& Street--Emppty
mass "e. lm0. p. H ilem n a c LTD 37 St. JeJ sph ea ."
TyeIhM u as .Mo owns Qu.. ...... m and
S *gt street ..... 111 ONE
TUC DDITICU A~n iC Cettage-Seett.Bushe BlU^~aatlf
THE BRITISH AND 0 .ter ., n ..m .
illl~n AAFDFMAMT toy .........U....n.- Sl^B iMleelf
.. ................ ,lm
NAVY CLUB : oa. Mae ., I Nm
85 Mau men 14.1oo M "M Imm
NATIONS es bargain Nb1
ST. ANN'S ROAD 1 mbathI *.-.EW Sa]
N e w. mai y .Ur rODAY at .20 am.
50100 U..".WNEW'S KIr EN& DU
SSaturday, August 26 MPG.w e 11 ..1.. 0130 .U & o AND THE CHORU
SBOXIIN I se owon* t ..o.OMEWHE. IN SONf
Srrs sLamw godrat" 0 Izm-4uperSensatior
CON IMS1l p ow 10a, San jean. THIS LAND 18 MINE
s orf Mi M tuin b.owmmt ........... Ut FALLEN SPARROW (John
Roundl of Miss. h, 2* Do VwiuU gat. 10,000 ANONl=llllItWH HiIIIJlIlHI
'MThe manawinwet Invites all MO.whwi tr*. PP- .N
interested wen of the Mer- i t--sOVA. o ntaie o .. 11, 0 'IiiBfiht nitUnmmHroiI twitiMulmmifllUI
Scant Navy to come forward Reos Esstreet. r
and take Part. Names and Rental s ......... om i
welghts may be ulvento tohe N as4e Main Re oadE Miyi PEm
Club Steward.,., ,, ,.,
0 4 Tams taes-Tba. TODAY at 5 &1.45 pi
'PHON 1495 Se Balanc* of Lit at be,
With the permission of tht 31 Csrlotte St -hse WARNi'p PROU
Boxinr Board of ControL if GI-.. n.. AIVENTURES O\
Coblent House. St. Ann's (FREDERIC WMARM. ALuXn
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TODAY 1.15 V.0m4
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m Over 3rd Battalion l With Casuals On Navy Club Card Tonight J **P
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TrMMG-faaI C ~qrdmt-f j 11ICB rfl Frtrnca, Orphoftl nw. ez~r ho c^'iw d :Be Tr.;mdid ,li(ht.- aMS1*!Jg ^^^R CO1tl
I, ha to out T hoird Eftt altn whn th e te~m n cet h kt n 'a P .''&I L rne Aq. tjl cls tll Otf.o "Iao :n the fn ., r,^ato t, ^ ^ th tm t t^~ j ^" W r|^
kMoMU^ ,^ ft Pture at po~n a r, l~ut Anctto legu f^x'^^^S ,r of the X.l at.^ur tountamnt 8.a... by. l,e '.e:tla n. an, t he. n x r-w -------
Heath Scores Five Goals For Apex'ill

fand Col,,te in a duel ore the Club t ;hear eubroom t 8.0 o'crock tonishl. wh'lpped FOR tALEt
corw ae m sto

handed nt cu t taeoI ttiet the team O n T Roy. ollee ?rs h2 t,- sa ron(iU deeeAimw theo tI e -a! 1ih CI t 6e -thteM t4kS I
jak MIdod7 &iSUM4Shield fixture at Point Forti last Association lesqgue f*.NAwes c rii- of the local amateur tournament, *tAged by 1t,.eMe!chanl Na V h ivrfahtrM
and eojtt% in adul atoernit*Ca Club at their clubroom at 8.38 o'clock tonight. O SL
2gllnoutfit played without their sharpshooting forward G rand Stand 2t the. Quer'n's Paik h-botoghewihhreHnySAat F R AL
and felt his absence baly.Savannah. while low~vrning olThv ixoutds tllgethermwinethitre4 p'y Aon
Queens Royal College aem e t. round wl l eett thA Freehold Property
of the game u i~st -tdulle to clash w:h the Plfet Air festher, light. and welteweight
home.onaPsPeBothCasualssldColtsh St ToP amid
grun. sa chances of trig in "TAd. S- Mary's C o e .tte, w o n n I saLit "17 ROA D,1 VIiw,'
thetod-"iDeffive .. t hepoints victory in the p' d ....e .g
the wor -bordcov eted -first D e a h L e a d I n B ri d g e **t ...* .,l M,.W.
,.,." poitsrnIn b...........t while out tonightin turn Leatibis TRINIDAD (att rt m
on tThe d Sup 'a ilod=X S li ffi e d ItMro s .... ... Il a s il the more highlyh % unte fu l n-- ? h4SSRoP e a^da Irls ta
secod half. ay ,,,mO., nors
the f rst oneriieia Aw over Shhamroc 'auatSt irani Tourne11 n for siF SAL1.K Tr 1 as ln
BNrl^r^ W kT^^ Parris. i so the beat WeMoead 30& N& I f ,; wtnd ir t andMn.t
through froi t to collect two lctOmt to make a begC,.lt". ..-u.d a'. ""et.s .. -"y 3gil RO lets, lDick, stft Rosn. a"d eall
ia Hn atrha liiLone oj dof three in all their oWings.. be iii nay-day wl b " iM a A n0u1 mce stttar to n, to
o I n the In d. It i% rather surpr ,i tind hb find h g itlvre h Lui Barra- Piti te-s -P e Po : e : b y | O on t o
the PreMure and --" two such hith class. clubs w, Coli dat, tw hoored a technical knock. winning ther Iat t e m.:.fhet. PFBLIC NOTICa U hrte AW
succeeded InTn Traid al Gu ardian Cwnropadent. eand CasuMals. groping at lthe owl over Hirper in the rtit h. thlartL , t&,m .rr, ^" ACIOMJiQ o O'O' (
soce fnsardaxiuto seroi inoe r hate citllnebd -c rth tFTCK. !IRWo tw
Soliers' defence SAN FRNANDO, A g soer fta e s iet ai to h Parrs, now on 'The comeback fourth ;' e :,,e -lth en exercise ofthetl te ofa
SoldierCtholic Youths $ im a lonesVat clubs pull themItl he t t r n trail. will display his boxing p-loweai Bridgte eaal;j1M 0' l i t t t t
soldier l&dsbegan half goal trounced the highly d lspa the oIotbtll th andtit inmtrvindf't frthe Nat)awelter- ,M-PAJ.ru P\ rC Alrlid' 0ontrldand tm rli inoptn en
and gave their oppo- Sheffield in a S A..A. first le a display thhan football ihst past f ttl Nt- Cl nd halot rncing Ord g tn tl e,
exciting time for fully shield contest at Skinner Par Casuals. however, seemed ,o htVe Rusisel O'Brin. another clever their opupp tis.t P N t-i -lerre Pll of Sale i led l it t st h
[ ialfel.tpd Or^^sa ^ge c-tmr ;nd c^e.rSt1., .ac hPre tenl a *1,("t-!-r~ Pc-q No 1klt~ trS ^ ^ o Motor Launch
yesterday afternoon, leaving the made arnids f-tr a tiry un.'nterAOrphanage-citomer. antlalsed Premden At inte-a.Pftrr Per-
dinide btiht. Thomas. field on-nil viD ton, t opriing i eginilxitt, by whipping is the brs' of hbi rank will be tip leans., rt'qPesi qir' I i n thVB- i, t ,-,erten lONARU T tOSAINT and
hb Sintlii- Carl on f Drayton, the itors or tile fet-r- Pierre Pvranldsarc s,,ui
e led at this st e right-half v% notcd t Lp to ctntre- With aleffr e St)SsweI, back ott tl e Al ittinioship TIn t headt of r : ti a L of h on
With, Jhffresv Sttllhne,%tr back o, part and the said ARLINOnIN
to reduce the lead and. frward and with a iun through their line-, the el e ourtpoied Al Britain i extra FtTZOERALD o H AR opport:n es thrown mid l the rtsessionDray-Mot s are on a. the oneback truil, r,.d, tfttv fight.g to a draw TFA NI.t 1)RFe'I. lT Points the noher part there will be put
result might well ton beat Stewart with a good place-. o tpeco mack Ti over r \ fr.ne., but will b, oe- r forsafeb%.Public Auctio f
tisrent. ment the opening dat of the s itlletuitlg hi s severeft t st ever Pointe-a-Pietre Pi,'.itns M >- r the Auctionr Mart f ihe under
a tl t this stag e tahen o at. rsd be n plPub ie l l the Fee`n1 r,
n to e C0 had be'n playing well all en the held the mht Fleet against 'he rugged O'Brien tonight. At ts lc, Nv thl d ,Signed at 9B. Harris Prtmenade Lengt vro
booing nt long anid ju*T. before they got Air Arm to an honourable draw. -- M -- d r Westu orelnt ear Court Hise. San ernando O l -
vrsucrsfon, d theirgoal Huggi tta missed ape.-t. Sine theni the Belmont B ts Plays oyst "i, I t ") ," lt 01 110 i .... '.**. th .hoursotf adW pmM N "-o'
secure a ilty Sheeld staged intenplttert have deteriorated Ct IJ M rs r I Morton and M, on WDNI carried the whistle. Pidpstud Baste, ton oa g.oornheverres out.e tom. y Ninxo; lo'rt srthogaadA.r d d R D 1944, Al L W .AND SINGULAR tatDepth .........
ra.idtabl't P b alit anpti tea. ,gooa Pr,,Ah ,outto kreran los, t pe'. Cu 2st Tomoro si xon: Mi dMrs.; d c rtainT w' "1oden tenement C ti2
I the Leag quartette and their raids were ll filpe contest i s expected r obeFre stTo Pmortoaw -PieIng '2t-. Pt,', \ 2 -0 feet by 20 ft. comprlinl ('IN 1,11'l
o.tl cleverly repuis.d a"pdnMr (liltesote U1i M,'S }hl Ithree 110t1aIwith a kitchen A
ratnp XThe stecnd'..If, ith Shleffik lel d wit A.,pl. wr t of. 2- 6rteh e^ ^ Hkl";",; \i Alld X! (t! dAv 1rAu 'li
PtT0n Th erdod .11 wioeth T l dlohe PTarIo math d .oh A nit llt tcled meslti I feet tv 12 RORPS. 'ONPT tr t.,
1P 3 0 1 'nane down wa as thrill-a-minute muclh Interest as the Ro: iti s e ludhtin i a powerlz.l souctr XI,l Naf Niehl td l r ''.A fee l a parsotu a|lto tltti tr t 'OI'PItHi ON RO1'r'oM i
- a i 2 01 i t 1 2 f. have 1 it l m r than i. ,ro- hich will cnpruse of itn y all- sot ,I i K'hae mo. h a'-ta hed me StA.ttt f t ot bd l 12
t 2 "Baba" Adams, who played at vr.bihl ot4tr\de I M ot i1i1i of ba,' 'f'u'itlnd pIt u a 'l! JOur'ey to Ml|t''i :, rs K '%tiNl eti'Ml
f1et s,1nd 2 ltp dedch n peofbe t ae a will J ou ney to MMlt,.sMsh;el., A0 f eet Aufillars I'" li ltI
6 0* ac a S.A.u. full back. went between the tilp- in t'he l aval aifrineit.u tlt-.t Rr.'sci tonmorro%, to en- P Pointe-a-l', i.Pi, ott !hTlit0 of ti U B p T. Com- mt-npile at% %ll ptopellri nldd I
ikhts itid Stewart toot l r ,ptiste. Collge teams., a an rat.te ll, 10 gAe tans r -nt f rt Rserve MR. N ro1 Mrl ,Mt in.iia the asid bu ldid gs c overed shaft. !
-place, at right half1 1'1 thSe' knAck if su"rprising thI' teasIeiholds No 2 Chllb li a tF'ries Melot MI M.t Mittds s ailt aitil red f'lt. s itilate l at a0ude A 14
The clittuge bro,.ghtt a emsa lion 'blic Shut'; e''d Q RC Intl well "II indolta:, C&.ltnes and a foot ball anid Ms I tlot'll,!I.n I oupe. Point Irt'lo t'll itile. Ward ti I
Retur ns of CIYaor v ctaorgr raids as Stewart tntlith a traditional surprise thi'.; Iniichi. Poulte-A "Pt'P N Pit 11t i ll oft ita ilt. In tile -- -nd tittTrini-
'.5 e tn s g e defending a lyl kept feeding th e afternoon Te par: led by Mr. B utell Mir mid I ,Na,,; Mt il a ICa tllhe j loitA l I a l i
o rd o urelentle ly bom- p tig Ch'b sud M.aple are Jn .It' I a le I- cit vby fsnad!St kin ti'd. t this 14:1 day of August ,a t tton En l. itteno tel tVe n
eholds X :rded their upponenos' citadel first- place deadlo,'k onl the TAI A tiatn an1d will be tran-ported to Pohtte-itPit.' tluiilds P144 tit
bn eruapndnt Frqunt nddageruswer~hf-first league standintg, aiTh Fleet tie Ified I. ii Stilt Fet~iando by a DrI Sht I tr.ti An,! XI! .H

l bnt Corson deint.n p1'^oit an dagru wr She- bn rrehindl, As c1 l 6 ,, 'bu. Prre,^':";. Ai iipr stl ;Sd I M. H, SHAHS OC
n o p n fields' raids, but they uever wore beh. d sp.c 'ial 'b it. Per', Mr ,'re, t ( . SHAH, Fur es I. 1 t
ANDO, Aug. 2 down the de fenders. and even 'Shy Spotr's' have t)lJ\, d a nl','t. h The lisultin Party will compise e Mr I Ni t i. t ., ti.. 6, 14t)- Auconoleerr
acSe .A.F.A. full when these were beaten Baptiste st "than NMatle, and tIre jIi lt t th flit atig. Poitt- -Pt I tctu ,h C.., Lid, i
l is first soccer proved too nBitich for them U. He lho hlg top bet i i::h w1l0 poinS t o ,i. Jo, ( nsal D stl il"';. I atc'" ... I -
season today when saved, what seemed to be some each to head the 'first ft.e' race. ,d.utl. JC. D-t u3,s ti o And hit i ti t
colorful Lealeholds certain goals and CY., owe the Followintg is the tandihn '.. . t.A . A. Alki ns, B. Harding,s R, r3 BIGe i S. ..... .....
arlton ill a major victory in the maln to Baptiste. Goals ,I lh, P. Cart' B. Thompson. N ii, Fd IE t I' F Pl r. ..
ague game at Skin- Job Ahvii and Auibrey Phillp. P 1 L D F A Pt% Kiltwotr aud C, Hinds. NORIP 4atctiOl ERI
Mr E, A. Dn'ittv carried the Sportintg Club 5 5 0 0 17 1l 10tlug No.. .. M, N't. J.in N"" 'i. 11 0cio Comi T I DuU IUllSi
who suffered two de- ap F le 6 D l i0 $ 4 10 V. Jot;n, G. JohIn, V. Gibbons astd TO PP ,,'L i l . Seil mmunion
wh sferd w d-whi~qle. Mi-, E Prolcope and Mr. FetArAm5 2 l 2 7 6 R I 1,',. p ,, P i t I I to I IASW ICI
are bent on winninurg P. Mike ran the lines., hFleetAlirAim 5 '2 1 '212 .tI 7i'1Ph IAIkW n

N~nhe N^-3l^^ ^ --.'-... | 115. 1451.Wn
t. ThShui' ee tamrockc 6 2 2 '2 i910' f I hlatitd.'t Micke.% Phuillips,' I 11I'1 tPll) "gm~~~ ttrni-si s :) ~ i i

^ is ig T h tai:51 %\-re aC :;,urne,: H^S." G ati VWit Hat 1).,- 01 ^
will line-up at C.Y.O.: 0 Baptiste; E. Betuon, nd St. M rt 's t 2 1 3 t 5 Bridge H l otA .'e, H. tsn aitmoe rhn' g.D..-. i, O filHrntnt otth At "ta-Umit dl l(l
urlton's defendc- Ahwal: A. Phillip M. Billouin. V Notre Diue 6 2 7 l l I Chi't'e, L, Brottce, B. Jonet a C N ...... tt aEl-
in for a lot of 5Woods; J. Ht gls, L. Woods C, Cst s 5 1 3 1 5 10 Best anti R Jordali. 1 ai t'C r ,. :, a r u I unity.
Dray',ouu. I. Leacock anl d 1. Parria. Coltti 4 0 2 2 3 5 2 llb ate preaaton ae behtig p T,! t,.+, a t'.,..to I a V

H fi1" t( g11'*.^ cs aeC.Jm ,P -,.-n ,A .f.1 Msale ,,, ,,. nb,,,, .,, -,- --,,_ _.....-------_ ,at.^^^
I play! Preudhome: SHEFFIELD' A. Adam'; A QR C. 4 0 4 0 1 12 0 made to welcome e nd ellta. l .the .OOF INTEREST ON LOA
ns: Permuy, Hig-Hp olit,. C. Baptiste: 0. 15an J. Itt' .of th lo','- 3--',,,' Cl-b. .SouT,,,, l 2. Y SE CAO Ld O IS ON
Dolly. Cp Seale." K'co^*ynl~l*,, _h -' -^ ( *it pi Mti CU D PSIrlesvt At b h. seC C TWI
Doll', Ca pt. cale. Kennedy. W. Stlwart L. Brewster., -----. o. td a lagte ov4-io 0 ) ollmen is e T,, l a SPECIAL.RUMoit a
Henderson slid S A. Kennedy. N 8, ,ptiste, M.. Orne G irls' r ie-te't t ''"l ito" 't' ,se t e..o . ,i ,, .

"V DIVISIO Ius A) r Inia Uirrn 0,11. oncl tit^ see the 30. r t 1. D 4 1,^^ K
B elected from .C arid N. B onn R. r C i e let in ti-h., whic.l will in md m p the ip t r ItNr4. 4 11 I (a iherm tem 3. oa 11
be selected from : Bot" 5 1P.da 's cl- llg tivitoes, If f^t 11 10 9 4 n A | 3 0
nidna o 0 .. Bea. son A t Pritch Tad t, ll, i i41.t 1 ;I : o 3. A Few Cases Left- O n ans upward. at. I1010 t I
G at. George, 0. Ahsio ue To nrR "'j''"03GnieOll o lans upwardslf.t,,0,,1Sl-q..
CM whn, Thomson, oo theI ' ,,a s ..: 1a 3 a "I gC0 i ,
well, C. Doullin Che rney Trind Guardan Cornderdnt .1x' T 2nf"d C s Mo Te mA w 4, '\1
TR B.riia Gur an 0.tp uo-* re Scotc h/, I Il( tlt1'0 l/a P D rt
PRINCES TOWN,' Av ,24 .- Nap N mods to r"MIMM. Tea md a as
N pnIears End hrttt l it. owsn irt..aicket Cl.ubia Ei aNn 11 'ti a t "111a. '11c. ForW HartlKY11an tas "l-
bynapil ed bv Miss S'tisa Anoia l- PElm in t P nAlt~tP ,I' t "i'1,1"In 1"-101
Ko eSAN FERNANDO, Aug. eu. 2- ated Dianmond Village l'is' C.C Np, Nndel) o v tIt P. -i..it W S I
Knckd Only two more lounds are to be on Siunday in a friendly Rme Eailtitto ganu tist anek
rpla ed in the southern zone of the played at Knolhy's Recreatlou l0t AFg r.AF A. Second Division
island-wide chets champlonahip ground, bfore a large otowd of clsry und of the A. Trophy rcom-I tAr- White H t' ... ..... Taken-
ins Fight journey before the four player sport fans. T...O1 fis-Ttn roudofthed& A...ophorn:- .. Arimao hite. H t' O n -
who have qualified as finalipts con- Princes Ttwtt Girls btttd fhrst petition resulted aa lollows- -N ... ... .
Aug. 25 (CPI- (,t f at the title, and were dismissed for a t of Trinidad Ouardladin won fromd* PHON H 10h H
WestuIndian light- IThe ptouiny will enter its ninth 51 u-lts and Diamond Girls replied Preston by default. Cancelled LO Sl
knockedd down four ,tnd tonight, with 41, Malvern 6; Police 1. nOtL O n & SO
Invincible 3; New Woodford 0. The "White Hat," scheduled d for
out for keeps by lir FrankA Morton, A, MeShine Providentce 4 Indiana 0, Muday, August 27. it the Arim n a The Allies'B arr -- 45 P leie
.T New York, 134- and A. Edoo were Ptuccessfutl inWindor 2; Trinidad Guardi I Tennis Club, has bencancelled
I won the ight da while S. abe. C. Jame a O T dL

htB ^ ^ ^ tt F r ani cvfthe r K "A ivso gare Ro n R Fri Pi k ai o cce L.fTDie MalRv erin R C 5; MBl Bblw 1.^ W

t^ ^ Il an three ti ei doe, flounced Y ESi "oB"r m idngyvrfg^*o- *
Dsgllsh down for Furlonge,' VWorrell, and T. B :d.Close On August
t and three times dr tnounrisd thu ft d" v. ion Fit ies for the Pickfair ..unday eC
I, but became over opponent,. H. nianbakh and I. ft'erot barefoot so a n lr f up
Knocked English outa Sotonh pttayertd to a dratc close wtgh Mr. T. Prggott and MS
rang, ending the sec- 'rhe iinth around fixture for to -George wthnM, 6. Henry ,tr-ee O ns Tomorrow-
V Wa dcitualifed. night it. as f .ow Port-of-Spain, on Thursa dal'adG OuednCorrpond, A
....SOgut3.LA BREA, Aug. 2 After ,i series
^ ' sI)-,. F. MSvwfon v. R. Don1vl'd.s~on. of pos.pollelnents due mainly to A E R
w Cl s s A. M1tlShmne v. R. Warner. THE BAT POLICY 1ufavourabhe weather, the Vande-
M NF bWkund ,, A Brooks. aOhservIng that Randotph Roh~ttm. srgh Cup cricket compnttuonlia
E. Btirnwell v. G. Popplewell. city youth, had already apent ,ddM E A L S ?
one of r'inldad's A. Edo F'. onris. th% p 15years of his life In Jail uoon with tie following fixtures_ __r
Mrto e.Vincent-Brown, at a special Brighton C.C. ves obo on the
o ees who took the sB" alIVISION Assise Court yesterday ordered Brighton Recl'eatilol ground
t fthe one Bad two miles. him to serve another term Acme C.C. va Cruse Ollftelds CC,
lass a t the B Rev. V'. B Walls v. C. tates,. of two yeare' Imrpmrionment %when atParrylands.
Sby 'phalae yater- R. 0. Young v. E. P. 8n'llonge, he pleaded a uilty to acetucatiort Cropouche CC. vs Antilles Oil- Do Ott ftl your eea' weighted not bh onleied PERfrn luSE us
father wan lgo a ,&s- R. MWoktlnd v. T. Beddoe. of ateatlin a ,owl'and advised him felda CC. at Three H d Vith ead and or h d oddin feeln of discomfort, It mv le&
to 'plane. p Wont ll v. T. Pihe. to make an attempt it) live an Mr. Kokeram's XI: a bye, Waft aeal s1 3 ro u c ad n tiffernt frali n fiscomfort, i ya
I m e p l.e ] m b kit h v, M $ n. G t ihp io n h eair twh eu r n,,faldt ur oe nc-e ..d-, .. .. ..
Smith v P. Gboku phonst life when released from feeling of heavlneuas or atumacI ste n iastritli or stomach ulesis.
VACTED ltunias .i lo.- Crb vD pressure? '11isurated' Magnesia gives p10*154 )e Vur fiseturdel All
d Welfr CP lay he chances are that exei a arid- relief from stom ach pain and
Jn WelfareC B. o- B b T ,y which Irritates the delicate soothes the acid Irritatedstomsch an d on.to It,
M.the 144 term and .J.B.enow e-y stomach inning slid caused food lTnin Tro enut normal, healthy
A the lbaCmitee nB bw o yfermenaliton ta .o blamn, A little digestilon there ha I othing like DANCE.
club's CommitteeraeCarlb will play HMA, Berubow Bhtiurated Magnesia after eating 'haurttedrt Magnesia which I sob.
O ..r A -utceman-e this after doo on the Queen-l Park will ne Itralse in a moment It talnablo from all chemists Or m,, ,..
Mr A rbo-iavannath at s o'clock: .harmf,,I itcoes aildli~y whuicth tliotil o tot'a in powder or tablet feels, .
tary, MrI Al:ro:u Mc rd.Jwn, Ncosn a l i
as rammer Dug~als ceapt.), Wardropper, Me-m u
n, n Auditor, Mr. IIIIIIII I IIllllllll Ci'trtney, Milnie, Moulttet, Hamel- a f A L I u vlu
aundt L.awoence, CobnClle
"Be it ever so humble" an ec.gve. qulok sto aoh relie m., v,. T..,. F..d
You know the rest of course, but do you .. .. i-
Iknow that you can bri.1,tsn your home Ittl
immeasurably with MALL S DISTEMPERIIDi l

HALL'S Stre in "ort--Spa by all the Lead"ing " ""L~ Ii[rIBgl~
_____________.____ LIVE STC4 I SALE eMlalF4h
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much* nor" as you the above date, time and pla .- the War Effort. We are glad to give war The 0er. Ik.Tb. Tb.
T/eak0tlei--M Chira with Cushions;; Sntwood needs first claim, but how you'll welcomT
stilllsaul Shejoa buP WwV Rookor and Chairs; Large Sale. L' 1I1
-twicec"'--h'my"uddoferwP: oil Ste: Elcti ,. ,- .
YOUR gaiuia~eubWnsuieght Arnd Oi tven;.otlaotie;CInaIOMb -your favour'ite soap SI-ltrDpeatce wring.dmpsr t ot
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VRP nA ri lfoo eer t"ebggs.0"L. Canv1as Cot: wardrobes. Duwauem.
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the l~h fty at ftptf am@

TIwn ILaUl I
Ban Pwnanto,
IAth AuP*ta, 18.

AS IU36 r.
Ihtructed< hy MU. M Maty"'u
who I letvIng tgts OoWt, I IQ
i6ll by AWllot th folowing MtU
houhold furnitur* -
I t Ai O4ar WVArdob: I C'mr4
Wardrobe; -4ft lims Tal Pot
Med itth ptng, "nd 4 FbI Mvat-
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d f Am l....mourner C C. ftlllett4S, I lent condltl aally now. $10.0S, P,.o. REWARD OnE T"* SY" ft ir g of i sd Cuch Fra-0N1-dsy M e b lh eakNed sSMcE.
Sw rdetoMINIMUM CHARE-J. 1,4110 LBtnee. S atlelI i 5 0 1. Dow, I R.-oAUn l vance. Unr1 8d N e .. .. .. .. t.. letal e atg. (Geao awftpm
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.1yo ( i he losing ratoft loylanu from r at tall.re- centsd"t Agi4_._ sntee 1 Plate-a, wornoh;o K Pll-WAL Plesa We st--y old: Pure w lbred. 3 o a0em r0ou's faert O ee Idotue
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bookkeep.oin aryeoeg. Tean s, PEN I ADV ictim an.d I N. i Whnlam end AMleat 1 einde ishid FRI SH,!? or UNPulI E o AR DPL OU.OC C d thoie lI fe on Auguat 8 .
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Emergtmo to er (wcr. oem bea" momatt Se -A 3 p 4 C t Cptlr o. | .I Canertag. UitO Cora Coa San cr P 1 D u ff e rtor.
y Ut K O *. IMPORTES PLA OU SCour teoue; P- rc.;-A .t rentT moart- lIrsWuar ROed -ept. S olh. O-hn lovinr der 1r. ms pe top)

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eX~c ha nxeku tot the oiy or *ountry Co. 4 South Quay. 'Phone 8401.-Aug. W itd .* lac,*~ I"e Res~oure. hrole Forst~ d~so.'-AUg. 25. Young 0x. Apply "*Overeer," Hanta* Inr meo ry thoag"tB~ t and lov..
-tob-Aug. r 0. with leap. RingIol lS Aug. 30. selrable peope Wro .rParos ueto frdeO Wu-I let. I ....... MATrHEW--In Iloni.g meemory oar
shade O Ur rfta15 's113i e L S DICYCI. -preeral-y. say kind "a BURKETT. I
day- ortwoS..LOCALLY gtbR DEIGNSe 1 STEL DOG K N.L. 'Phone 13. Write Boa -1 "Guardtn."--pt. I attmest-Au.30. ..............teed thiisC stp ncAuI"st 8. 1a41.
dayeoplerrCATAL..A'SPrivate ntra-nce.GiRADo. A- IN- ATLING. 64 Petrarbelovad fathlr, jal Mouar t thew hHo 1a
-I s ............ for Ln datesN. Get and Ck .ld-ree.l l aryl -A .L 80 .. ... ol ,__II__b_ Good ball-bred MIP CEH GOAT. t yoears1 a .. Yourof alft .m behn l he br keea
t I o r4make It---. "GrlEftb'e.--Atgp So. ONE r8'T GRENADA MAHOGANY---- opdWi ug i n iiS-oqu.3. le n .oi g7t atiVtr 0 d....w,
LOLLoYkin MA E o &10-EA.Wht SuG rld i r;P ereciD nndSoWtacpatdtuk f l at O Ags leys .oi ..ncr 1
UueduF. TWO-Ttone. l,00 pairs to1 select Room. furn tur, comprsing t he followng. : Q-- AN- SO AR m2le9pUst, Saddl..Road. SaJ" -1 T v.er did norneveril.l
...from rffth'W. 0 Henry Sleet--Aug. U Flour Morr Chairs w ith fIlbr Cushions R NS., Dor.IB D HOUND PUS ten weeHe old;.
eS" A&& &T WYNOLA rRE REApl COLA DRINK.roneior a b Doa Sette PAN re CushlON a. N. I I' SHIf utD R .OOM .uor buace lor. A"lt Thefblowwaselt hars dthen...Ma ... ... ... .......
Wltls Aug.mi29SSForget oryou, efat er deer. d e dn

EmergeAn cyA T D okn hourm s Tt 5 ,.;T n" o of! % ;'n.? S ept.' 6.*<* 2:,,,, h .: P cal 8 o. ar. P.t Catnu a' *Ie (o U Bh. lessm am .-Tc nd c mokres 'Ph on smr- 3. Sol-. ,0 H W R o N u f G
E l. oo 4 pyl llwtllabmoa Pario re. Be, Clob. RataUrnte. n M2 Occaswonl Table one round cnvenlna Ae. 3 Belmont Cirnulayr Road.- N ..n ro Som..- 2Bt. a.W e never thLou. lt that .ideat m wasl .l
hes ~ ~o-ied elep Hotels t.i are heeby a nck iSeou d tt le g T a*b( F Hle wi th two expansion s avesIIIe WAD.' 37r..N.. ... CAB-TB" aORB;- Tw"o( Sets ah., a bl v nl t mwo heloot Ca n tel..
a'*priw ll beyD agaon mablee4 toe Kt" theirC then eChl, L ma i t wide S I ad Di Aing Saddle Cheir r d l W O Ho CO TyRoo d c Large Unfurn 1n Pony CartO e t 1. The pain flo partinp withou t fa rwell.
daMy. I on. ppy Bom & 44,mt Cor ks (rum\ of' WI *, Cl an a tai I Hors OCart and hotno barr -use omlt. WPtil pay the*yas ren t M tcoy advance. LIVE TOCK FOfRt SLh E To fa tll( y wusev wIsntt o sls. I" n(
obe 1 Al-a. 30l f theg eev,. t.' "r ldebo2rd O, o Iee 0 CnS 1eb.t Bo RO, with WooIvenleeeM eeC locality. Apply Ra (nauth, ta c Joleph drllgon. hAn -ie o vdi n w ifOh Cn Ie dte 1 a .
2* bny a 'Guns trdin."C lan Fe rando -" I, Moderate rent. t, ey Street. Ben i rnndo.--Aug 27,#
I UATIOMS 1 ACAN t. A cou n ey eera.CS.th of0 3 1-ue ngret. S o i 0.. J 'ckn.... .. 6 r e, Irren.-- ROMan.- B,.lo Yon g 't pt l 2I me, R s, Ba.T on o< il 9 ou e r o
a OO theKL regla chrg fortl in th 8O PANTNG al.P. pointedn anyl _Aug. Only 1 2 ( or~h 3 ul UN ,RIS D ROOM w wanted Xc a. Estat. Gash rtv *lo ry Roa ndn B anta Inm orth ought D a nd, ..O love.*
Tlpoeto a i t 0 r r or D.5 gs L ADY' DICYCL. rxerfect condlon t -pURe aI n D R oM. 10 Petra Str .-...............
o-Ame 31 PTItAug.l~t ly0r wih 2111. BIDSl 6739 L.- Akio 30. i AI 1 ru ln- ylaldlr an MATTH W.-I WAS nnOOO ofdo- R 31ut
S AION- VA-ANT 3 FerUando Te lehonC SE ILC- *oepE tI. I Edward3t, Snept. 39. A 3pNa ..Tr A....NU NCEM. o utN
ANO R wateOdnfor .Wllte B ls!. R.ULD'l es NGINEo RIan CAN REPAIR' 3,LdhRdY Funtain Pen Ink. Wholesalet IPPACIOUu AIRY IefRNItHED ROOMbehiAd woLe nA
tBS n? nil ou... Oy .. b So--. e ..D.- ,u- with board.Appy17NO Stre. t. 2. CAOL M C. ;AY : 'nona TO O LA E T C A
WA TD tLowsig ad POneLL S AI. N o. 8 Quen itret. Munk W 54 so iig ad stig _Mod i ccp 4- o uc om le, Ta ovdyug ies

Shaes of wail. an floln ors I A pply N.W.IS ATINTION P UR lrO .R,. Se u. T 2 r opriSgt he. fllow .ing:et m.A L "d".d t'e-.v lniodor n. '.Prwoe BI51
~on tret -A~ 2 h frs Sayo u riCanit'.bHe nrya t w orest As SoFoup MoriA C hEaNDmPANthSFbrCuT hions.,l DNDNL AL. 7Dno A ugd 2941-orgotanoyoth.yfatherl hcnk LOS
so $eoA hall YOL H RA OADINLM Wri 11t hFUR mIS utE'sOO w ralk elfroml L ON UStlkwa&od h lwws ad h hc eee

/ lRVNT AN D orkns our T you upn~illal l~l~l. plelfrmshadeu; Doys' Shoes: Piccadilly S'hoes; Streelhltmnt,' wlk toevm MItna. 1942--The man of tm year--F..J" ktoola- $25,00 REWARD for r~eturn of GOLD
RAN WN a.tto p Apprl wihin Eor- Cianle C. i BnCarltte Stre Ct. Vc.Utele p A 2pnraat. Wholsee o oly. uDuble nd SI nT Rmom w wit Boad. A BO -_lt-. s hool Cials Ring. HIgh e eS}l j**t.metoi
mp. tod paldm.- Apptl o. le t Choar.i rP. Pepper mnt s. utter R N utst Na M a b L. Aa Sons 2 0e1T Street'.- un'Ph one ina Le.nloupe 21.--upt. .n --T man of thp e yeld ar--osp Btli-n. value. Lust hroht vehiale o Autl gst Oth.
SMarv dl-aept. rn Kr l se Bil," Cola rang"Use+. hath-er ini 'Sept. a22 i ACCOMODATIO7Y AVALADL fsA194---The CA ent or Bth year-Carl. 'at San Fernandol P.AP.. os Vcnt e.
WM TED. MiddApleya e:oaea-1o4ed nus "'xa Strown....g Butter Stcs..t e tc.-t IAWN MOS eIR. 'Phone 704.-hAugr o paying guresR MrL. MacKey. 13 oar-dD Brett, oyC ers thO beSt buy im a9cur-1 blghply wurn. witpa large 'i R" o n faee
Ma. t sleap pn. A pln Bo~ 144,. Ag. 30 .ll, NO r AMERICAN 8 AWMILy treet t.--ept 81. *PI tny fr t0 0 coming d0pr I-O. Anon atl word 'RIn WAY" undr 5 "It'1'.
S Jfd treer BARIt,-T-Aug. TRAIN... ...NO.. ,E0.omplteo with abcepOruse; powered by 0 PuUS 2 Q ONIHuD ROOM. Bl-h nelore preI etate 20 crte lous, i anta on one aI de-" on othr. Commn -
COOK puIp. t rbA i 48 le Verteuli Streeot. H...P. Blekatons Diesel Engine. Only freahe. 1 Liii. Street and W-Ihntsom "ad. I Ca-u. wIth.l river, atpiary, abunrdalnt cats with. Mr..Drnaba, V.5.O:. Sa Fr-
of D DeariwoLtd-Aug.30.

e-poymnr n for While y H l UCATIA *l i l 4, y TREDpL En ,, .- u.3 E. M A IN ,-A 31. rut--yledt an B O. I ncorue of l 3,00 anUo.-Aug. 31
to0 by Cmeuste lln Aug. 27 oni a93".-t y our car llt the price youwent ._LIBERTYnc- | 50 Pon Inkro n ehy es Bob be d tEl l wth
tl t'lo'sEnt. Apply Slo F *ishr Avenue.,tnr tot *"" Itt T- 4 llt .Koastr s od E gs Boiler. PMyrex t $3,000 in caB and take or. A lMALE white hody with brown ao d bl ck

**uirlnn- ti lt.-Aug 30 3ui0nv tU TION~ "n~ Wenua (ro l1 ', t ; Itl d k Cam ra. 'Phos 9MP.-I | fi ^ ES A 'U .... ABDS Ln- u in l30 Ipt+n cotrce~ad by Ohfre. .. '~
i ANTED. IXPER ENC D MACplIN- Ag -U 27. -HOUSES FOR6 aENT LOUIn Oe I MAN THOMAS 8ee spt. 1ewar ofr.U
nSTe. Polnle"nopn itt Auba, NW .,[,, TUITION given t. Limited otim oer. Pai-.- CAMElRA Apply Gilbert A Co. 57 ... '.N .. . m ep E.e -ept 1 ........ .
for quoeltied txperiened mechinsLt) for lii Offica Tralnloing c Generll b una o Pl rk 8triet.-Sept U. A l t OR AIX MOaThS r-tom September. OFI CE" o : A C tOWROOM. 31 Cil ARLO'' .; P- P.E CIL on th
AO ATNTOtPRLURnsGfurI ACETAD ATSBUTNS &II-DNONL HA ,~ 7 Undml d 91n Thruman of thetre trr-Ter opbellk LOST

VANow~ T WAh MN t D . Wor inghorst 'I Buy m your Cadis twholesl prima A fr>l m shades Boysn shon eso ; Piccadly B tied W ; Street ha~lt iut' wa lk r om R Novlttes 173.0 Th ma ofT the 1 y ar m iF . 0.ItO110 2 .00 T MtE AItD. Jforr etur Mn ofGOLD
I h p Int 4ed machtnlyIt work. Applanti s nre Ca desCt. 3 1 nal d tna EMPTY 411 C G.AlL. DRurni Ahed o Btr-unel ltusea.. Sn TOBAGu.. peyI Ad Etat m. po yde-on- Pak Aply l. 3Iasi n Ri.n
d c be clpablT of performing i .a-rui ^ I' ern.n tdo.I Au at keeler, 'Trinidad uartln."--Aug. 31. ,ern&iO E eent locality 'hone w40. CoN pete m f00 r tl e A. .d i
alneSB feld mach init work, suiht sa a-. BOARtI Ou iNW at TRIAl c TRAINING KEROSENE INCUMATUIt, lt w k- -Auk.nI. Se.l-a me. af the s fronter Sotlin- al. ME stoitu ve. ic eward Io sreth
eeaep pumps, tr ies.e, ,:omlre.or., Royai Victoria l Institut. The Technical, i Doondition. Apply 222 ACCaOMMO Stree. O r .fo r:o orab1e--. ..agent..athe ypartiCularsa.t0- au. 2

I ^ n*s-")^ ,^Estra;rtn~ Stog Butte surcksi. @to-.^ ^ '^ etc.- PihAAV 0?. or- U. s Bsl*oLpo*M00 ".-* -.
Ic.. or operaAlo y gthea. drl ll pr es anl n Cotln loo3 and Commercial C e1le will -AWugn 26+ room hoRme,, ln l an",) "n ren for h t .oferhe bet a er l i. rn.N i tlrlR n

| ,0 ^ ."^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Pr^ : dn M ,' .^ D.r. j lk+' ;.^ VIRY ATT A I .oee mol, ,pz re- kin+." amou.ar d C..Uo .. Men 'h o,. f "" t< |' ut* .. .. .
eaher onihlne shop equipment. Only men reopen for the new s on on Monday, LAD Y A. TV E -a *the ,. Ap t e no ita t. N m OAGO. lnhem Ktane P1 reo. E TICE.
p 2 nrv ious -A ug. 30. com per with aOces Lar ies newra elymyuth TUI E RO OM# PacIrC Pro. esta t th. In Bents on on iddiao Ilt9ll oherb nIf. Ied that
witU llNE ,rea. n oe wll be" I noalerei. e Btemket 4. e944. The Acting uperin- anle 7 p-.t. et et p 30. ... l. . a. N o...rlm t-. .uprte. l 2a ac res. ST00. a my wire ,Chrictnan Benmn.Is n ot urn.
Apply by slette g$viog full detetie of queil- lendcnt of Classes will beI In attendance EMPTY tOE.L DR.UM Ring Burnett Ia.. ... .. . I MATARO. 04 acres with oil rights and der my care ettace May 31., 1038 amd I do

--A at c ou ardth3,00 a nda.,-Aug."31

iiDUC TI NALyels .ld,*.Apply l ... ..... .. . L III --; kso 31, utiio PaactIstaeqi n 8. yne-- "e 8wte or au rtho i o 0 8

....l HPt-i"s nd +' .1... e to til, tAH weHOek rAendin septembe r at 42015.A'.l.? ro I | nt WaroU.l.-- I ov..r40f. Sea fr_ eonta e. notdahy o Keat 8 r so.nsb for ay d or
*' TEDin."T Y AoRD13Y fur hal. M Dtaly Tutlesda lor C embri sel, somm frol, LANE r ,W I E to R P *otOLE MAl C I E tM I EARAuA 29 Lren 50;i *Mwh.U.L13 d Eindtr ptEi Oc t ... hIe.
C1IIdUTTE t n.a- pa-itie wlon iaitr u I prlte to .1 pm end oner Thucady aun- Com llthlIll rldtotpresr al ipe it m otos I M~aa i '0 0 Apy1 lri ft.A ortl~llng-J 3,500. llGSN llII K~k F oroeN aENJMN n3ild
*MP Ysn. Apply B It Fit, rco venueal Vtn.. rdy fo .0 o9pm-t Ece lectDric g T eoaeter Dintditgg aBole.r; ___ a r.$3,00MARin.cash and wtha houses. M LwitUoyw th cesatViflack

29 tttanine uet. tEntri3n.liar the r lss ai Cmn. Piy c ol e Iarri eroDi- Ahe --Sept 1 R1V B ave I wih
W E XPEN RI ENCED MACHNG AYfro. IrsmAtuctse wl a eeve yl. Rng47. -A 6Z,. 938O LOEeSATACUI.S4GI crMlAN d THO LAS P a ck -spot

lM> | y_ +lt_l|__H*1., lhough _n ,_ ot.' d<(*eM Job I ( 'lollmh, y. r. .A. Cw tl. Inc* o( your tvouritt dtlh, It r obtaln- rhone 44<2t or uJo--AII. a7. i3-2!,.w*" 'trlnl*,1 '' " "'l aalaihStM ,Bc a1nd, paBK? 3 !^& hu? *t pr!w? ^' ^ i."*? rr" 'n1""**P^ dl l*tv" 'Mrvl(2;uoi<. ApyL rtl y1^ ,1,- s' o"h' elllond Ham.lSmAtL KOa.treel Mucu V**1MI ** .
fIre wor.Msition hoenaIn A r t iureb a th a da TIy IrN i vr tien ta aimtpaednmpen Prf.in the EROY .ALppNy" GiLbeLtDY as CYot. 8 HO Eaol.tee.l .1

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cato' etulae rnt house.WReOOMrg~. 3Vppy lCHARChLOTTE.esRod.

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1"40. 28 000T milesD CONdtLUR EtAu et. 26.t FIs. Persons hLat.v'inneg anyr h "Ing- Or LKW, 4Mud BURINHEDUS TAPREMS S orAPeeA n
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Botf e 1r'H. pt..U N .A--,.ro.-,o DES.I cAC.Lol.h- -,S-r 5. San .rando.I SOCIETY LOST
~0~1 M D11 sot ae6f. R~e.-.4 H.P. huda iAll Citeel .'le4,ealoe leases. laits aainl 'Thai IS TO NOTIFY the puhllc Gist;
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I Ut" aD Ihl l SIWtM fr iS-a anm 2 Ar i lialw n sotoretlelt. oSL .n T HU T PUBhIC Is hereby motled tlhat wit h in eam* of
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MeeS I o be J '2 ,oinemi. lans 13J Bathert ireelt, WedIbrook, LargeAiut I 34
-- A01111 ftt* M IO til-Ag.26 a,,i. o10 I' .MM

5008Ga " I066 a'"lol mpt 11aIt onAr -"for hume Rsee. dus. 8 UclaTv T R -N
-4A &bit g4 Q;;54j55ls Of-BItd A ____ -Aug. 2

4 asts.qm p,. t 'Um U
CdI -
1 ..1 . . ... U.

We cn supply a limited quan-
lw Of

(in DOMIJOtu)
ft TJO Perfatun

koW i&ifr Estats Ltd.
48 Both Quay.

Making a start
-thanks to

ss asiaisssss Ig;


-ON -
lEURSDAY, 31st
AUGUST, 1944
AT -
I SeottBusbhe Street
AM 2 P.M.
y Instructions received from
r. M. J. Kirpslani to sell by Pub-
i Auction the following:-

4 Cubic Ft. 02. Refrigerator,
.C.A. Radio and Radio-'Phone
Ith Automatic Changer, 4ft. 6
aimons Beds, 3ft. 6 Simmons
ilds, 41t. SImmonm Bed, 4ft. 6
WWll Pilled Mattresses, 4ft.
Wpng Filled Mattress, 3ft. 6
? Snp. Fibre Mattress, Simmons
awn.r Room Imported Suite,
orIT Suite, Wicker Spring Filled
itle. Wardrobes with and without
Itno D, Drwling Tables with Mir-
re, OIss Chinese Cabinet, Bed-
om Cabinets 1 Dining Suite
id 1 Sideboard, Chinese
lUes, Side Tables. Canadian
lan, Leatherette Chairs. Card
tlbt,. Hand -,, mrte Camel
t Rupi, Dectrie irn Electric
hasten. Sleetri- Rea4&ng Lamps,
Durner Oil Stqve with Oven. Cut-
2y (Spoons, Knive and Porks),
rcelain Ware. Olius Ware, Porce-
In Tea Set, Enamel Bread-Pan,
locks, China Vases. Aluminum
VtU and Pans, Brass Ash Trays.
raUs Bell, Brass Vases, Folding
roning Board. Mosquito Net, Por-
Ible Money Box, Linens. Blankets.
urtains etc.. Kitchen Safe, Step
adder, Dnamel Ware, Pictures.
And other Items would appear
i day of Sale.


If I
I upert

W. C. I
I Price14


Don't We
It Is I


JFor Better
;- tt
Reflecting Sig"S
9 Engraved Num nb
Wooden Let'eg, #
Slides and t~ai
S 'Phone ts 2



Huge Reduw&'


Other House
To Make Room'

SDressing TUE
Chairs, TabI
everything dr
Away Prices.

From Friday 1Id
1944, for One

(Nealr TI.f


Music by the CASTLE ROYAL

JAiudcuit aoiutq

Champs Elysees Members Only -
- . ........... ... .................................. ,i l





Buy Yours N





* AO

I F-H:


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