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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Current issue also available on the Internet.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Full Text

X V. h,

rw ib ab
W" d .

M& A*"ir U wsu FmAW ..s .a


pns 'D~iii%-

ians Fight

For Armistice

W M (AP-T7b Ru5IaiS called upon Rumania to
H atn t u German, "hand in hand with the Red
i latien of Rumania" and ftied this U the price of
| ithe MAN A
*lAtent de-
the .,,.Eighth Army
t the Gra
t"by Draws Nearer
the O ortin .i
Go thic Lie
'00 O's> 000-1 Gjotic Ljue

-Bf Coemissarlat is-
ietatement made by
T April when the
the Prut River
the t the thrust was
B^Hr necesc'ty and
saimd the EMviet
I frms the declare.
t pril U44 that the
I m no Intention of
I part of Rumanian
ehagoe the existing
of Rumania or limit
radio statement was
"1 U connectiOtn with
I ania,. the Soviet
SienHers it not out of
a n the declaration
this year that the
I has no intention of
part of Rumanian
ehangt the existing
T Ruania or to limit
Sthe independence of
Soviet Government
It ntilal to restore
I pendence by liber-
lfrom the German
91t Supreme Coma tnd
ift Rumanian troops
Ik llitary operations
l Army and If they
Sthe obligation tz
Sof liberation against
Sand In hand with
f or the independence
.fr against the Hun-
I liberation of Tran-
Sed Army will help
i out this task.
Red Army can
Tltary operatl:ns on
M Rumania only after
I of German troops
Rch are conductors
and enslavement
people. The assist-
iIatn tro to Red
IH the ta of Iiqui-
troops is the only
^^^ulons Hnuman-
'sB i nat amof


I Home
AUg. 24 AP).-
the Finnish Minlister
et ddenly departed by
his second trip to
two weeks.
1 by Finland's ace
key Stockholm post.
aclneted with efforts
out of the war, but
I isaid: "As far M we
Government had
Directly to eon-
y to Thu.'sday morn-
Be, however, is that
might hasten action
Wi O, according to
fM Is clearing the
lE armistice. HJalmar
aBtame, it taking ad-I
ht Inactivity by push-
propaganda regard-
t to Itnformation from
Germans are spread-
g ,nda that they are
In order to launch
S mash in the east
O .'onalres are fo low-
Mel ent that "we had
aShed their counter-
be In a better
I egot.ate with the

ks Listed
ce Drive
August I over
41t the Hon'Ole trrol
Chairman of the
Oommitee, ap-
yesterday --Royal
r" the area of
si rtated betweenM
a, the north and
I oR the South, by
*an the east an4 by
on the west, to
mIS elearanee, area
Pftenty passed ilum
R housing (Tempr-
Ordinance, 1 4.
Sfittber declares that
S ft area has been de-
ofi2* <* the Plan-
i;"0 Wc aon and
gA 0. 2 _t. Vhncet
PIn andA at the
Por Ft Indoa

t"Y Futile

Sg.24 Reiter)-
* Iufgore. of l-
Wilh^v trled to ecane

Vthe 'itAyP usa
s--aw .'ttaPked thai
"she tlnelrht uniatU
Ang 7heMoe
I Sttike11i F' made
ffWhiha fth ble ef
LZfais t. -k

LONDON, Aug. 24 tReuter)-Th
main news from Italy is of a con
siderable advance In the Uppe
Arno Valley by British and India;
troops of the Eighth Army. The
have drawn nearer the Gothi
Line and have gone forward on bott
sides of the river. There has beer
patrol activity where Poles am
Italians have had clashes with th
West of Florence Fifth Arm
patrols have been active too. Or
the Adriatic centre, Polish ant
Italian troops have established
themselves on the south bank o
the Metours River, and are facing
strong enemy opposiUon on a
length of the bank for 12 miles
At one point Polish forward troop
are -eported to have crossed th
river and pushed on 1,000 yard
Michael Reynolds, the B.B.C. re
porter, says the battle of th
MetOurs has been tougher that
expected. German casualties hay
been heavy, and they Includ(
nearly 800 prisoners in the last 1.

Art Banned

In Germany

LONDON, August 24 (Reuter)-
Dr.. Goeabc!s, who hag the Job 0
stepping up Germany's total wa
effort, has told the German peopi
that all ther.tres, music halls ant
cabarets are to shut down at th
end of this month. Taking lesson
in acting, singing and dancing 1
to be Jettisoned, and orchestra
schools of painting and sculpture
are to close down at once.
The. people released by these
measures would be sent into th
army and munition factories..
Ooebbhat also hopes to sktim a fl
thousand more workers and Msol.
diers by cutting down printini
No books are to te printed li
Germany with the exception of
text books and certain politics
standard works.

Island Queen

Still Missing
Trinidad Guardian Correspoadent
ST. GEORGE'S Grenada, Aug.
24.-The senior Fritish naval of
ficer in Trinidad has informed
the administration that in-
veatigation has shown that the
vessel sighted off Blanqullla. is not
the Grenada auxiliary schooner
Island Queen now missing 20 days
The officer, however, said that
surv. lancee of the atea was con-
tinuing but that In view of the
time that had elapsed and the
very thorough search conducted
the chance of news of the #essel
was now remote..
While coast lines were still be-
ing subjected to close scrutiny
from the air, the officer consid-
ered that additional naval sur-
face craft for this work are not
available without specific infor-

Record Tonnage
Hits Halmahera
Southwest Pacific, Aug. 25 (AP).-
IL was announced today that a
record bomb load of 156 tons was
dropped on Halmahera Island,
southern guardian of the Philip-
pines, by Allied bombers continuing
their heavy attacks.
This brings to more than 490 tons
of explosilves unloaded on Hal-
mahera In at least three raids re-
Liberators smashed and set fire
to ipnly .uemos in the important
Gz.lela area in the northern part of
Halmahera during a record assault
on Wednesday. There was no
Japanese interception.
Genefa!t Dorg'. MacArthur pre-
viously .epodted that the enemy
%as withdrawint their aerial gar-
risons from Halmalmhera to safe
areas farther westward.
On the same day 90 tons of bomb
had Japane positionson
1i ) pnua in northwest-
ern Dutch New Guinea.
In oth-" widespread raids, Allied
aircraft dropiped3 tons of bombs
on Lrt Islindis In Banda Sea and
33 tons on Barmiarea in Dutch
New Guinea,
An additional 1.4 3apanese
were reported killed in fighting In
mine scattered sectors. from the
tasmapor American beachhead at
New Guinea's extreme tip to
Boularvlle in the Solomnons.
Paramuahiro Bombed
By US. 'Planes
WASI GON. Aua. 14 lAP) -
Admnal Chester Mreits announced
isdey that Amerleal b brsx
sosaded again at Parauahishro in
the north helilc, and en. small
Jananess earm i ofeblrtel
'here and scored a number ofi
frect hits on twagcareas at thel
asmy's moat powerful Bortb
*a Ps T4IIb ea
AtdIral Smief ete-ter _thc
soubbag oulsne on Tuesday TeW
Lhremeo u'5Sr antI-ai~rsaf t,,,
a batter bivouac are 2?
*lms ar to tM iw JnM-



& %------%. - -- 11 --* ..-. -a----.--, RSWU^3 X4, wW1_ rmUJ : US L I *

t'ir' .1 ALA The King Pays Tribute
Seventh ArmyToAllied Victories
SLONDON. Aug. 34 (Rsyter)-
ils Majesty the King hais sent
IV, -- J~ 1 J the following message to Oen.
1I~rp I 1111t eral Eisenhower: "To you and
lJUI U t V l to all in the Allied Expeditionary
r ea s Owu Force, I send my warmest con-
---*-- Srot nations on the lortus vie-
SCl,-,oak Of Secr....... tles l"epdv ITined In Prance.'
e Cloak Of Secrec King's meara're goes on:
Covers Northward "nA y peoplesWillj
SAdvIn, lng successes vouchsafed to Al-
v c lied armies.'
n ROME, Aug. 24 (AP)-Brushlng A 1 1 .
d past or gobbling up small enemy IP Air
e units wherever they were encount- ri A ir Fleet J*V
ered, the Seventh Army spread out
Iy rapidly northward in scuhern B t r i
; France today, leaving some French B t r N z
Suits far behind to exterminate
Sdwindling German resistance in O il targets
SAt the same time, Allied engine- .SIG
Users rushed Into Marseilles close on -- ---
I the heels of the French who seized By AUSTIN BEALMEAR
I. France's biggest port and second SUPREME ALLIED HEAD-
a city where pockets of resistance QUARTERS Aug. 24 (AP.-A
e were still holding out. RT Aug. 4 (AP)-
X. It Is their Job to assess the dam- great American skyfleet of more
.age to harbour installations from than 1.300 heavy bombers and
1,000 fighters battered G r a
e bombs and demolitions and to start /'0r "ghters battered German
n restoration of shipping facilltles. wa targets from the Baltic to
e The day's official report brought Czechoslovakia, as R.A.F. Lan-
e no news from the highly mobile casters and Hallfaxes struck at
.American task force which was encmy naval and merchant vessels
", last reported jabbing northward in continuation of the blistering
through Grenoble along roads aEsault on evacuation ports which
which were already largely wrest- opened at midnight.
ed from the enemy control by mill- O1, aircraft and Industrial tar-
tary French patriots. gets were drenched with more
Of this advance the Allied an- than 4,000 tons of explosives
nouncement merely declared: "Fur- hurled down by one of the largest
their advances were made." North- British-based air armadas ever
west of Mars8illes, Seventh Army sent nut on one mission.
]nits striking westward across IThis afternoon, reports Reu-
the Rhone Delta toward Aries ter, R.A.F. tancasters escorted
gained nearly 10 miles bv fighters flew to Holland to
f Combined advances of the Sev- attack German E-boats andt
r enth Army and activities of French their shelters. The Lancasters
I patriots have already definitely cut dropped some of their 12, 000-
4 off whatever German- were re- pourd bombs Hallfaxes attack.
e man ing In southernn France from In. shining at Brest.]
t Nazi. l armies In northern Italy. Meanwhile it was disclosed that
Is Patriots were reported in full allt Allied airmen based In Britair'
i control of the area north of Gren- Fance sho n 2 G-
.1l oble to the Swiss border, a Franc shot down Z'. G,--
L t the Swiss border man 'planes in combat from D-
"e LITTLE RESISTANCE Day' to August 15 and the Amerl-
e Except In and near Toulon where cans destroyed 651 more on the
ethe trapped garrison fought trom ground. The R.A.?. did not an-
well-prepared positions, the only nounce their ground kills.f
German opposition to the swift Allied losses in the same period
W'movemeat of Major-General All, were 2.959 'plane, ...
a|u er P~tc1 I9lll*% IIft was ee" I1Ill~aIAI
sader Patch' ta waa nt -WIDESPARAD RAIDI
I from small motley assortmentto .... ..
n Nazi troops scraped together in These were among 'the targets
I certain localities and thrown piece- smashed by British-based FlyingC
/I meal into the hopeless task of try- Fortretses and Liberators escorted
Ing to hold back the American and bv Mustangs, Lightnings and
French troops. Thunderbolts: Synthetic oil plants
These small units were being at Merseberg, Misburg and Rub-
destroyed or captured as fast as land, an oil refinery at Freltal
they appear and prisoners of war near Dresden, the Querum air-
pens were filling so rapidly that craft engine plant and Waggum
an accurate count of captives was flqhter and bomber asevemblv
impossible. nWant at Brunswick, Kolleda and
Re-entry to Marseilles was a mo- Lanienhaten, German air force
ment of sweet triumph for French stations aear Merseberc and near
I troops. among whom were many Hanover respectively, radio equlo.-
.men *ho sailed from the same ment factory at Weimar and in-
.port to refuge In North Africa dustrial targets at Kiel.i
I when Nazi Panzer hordes crashed .C ..H . BOBE/
.across their homeland four years CZECH FIELDS BOMBED
,ago. Strong forces of 15th Air Forces
SAlthough there were unconfirmed heavy bombers-poSsibly as many
r reports that the Germans had sunk as 750-attacked Czechoslovaklan
some vessels In the approaches to oil refineries at Kolin, 40 miles
t the harbour, the quick seizure of east of Prague, and at Pardubice,
Marseilles was certain to insure 55 miles east of Prague. The air-
*the Seventh Arm)y an adequate field at Pardubice was also
Supply base Into which large yes- bombed.
/sels may be brought to relieve Al- Liberators also bombed a rail.
,lied supply services which of ne- yard at Vinkvici an the main
I cessity are continuing to bring in railSine from Zagreb to Belgrade
thousands of tons of ammunition, and a rail bridge at B ad In
a rail bridge at Szged in
guns, food and other essentials to Huntarvy
the beaches In shallow draught [Reuter states that R Alp.
landi craft. Mosquitoes and Mitchells were
IAdg Genevadespatch reported that[ ~ 't g'Mtc=ls" /
A* in paespach rpore thac out last night attacking road,
'Allier tr. hav reahd the rail and river transport and
wAlsled troor. have reached thel rocket tyhoons struck river
oSwsoeially barges at the mouth of the
confirmed socially. Seine. Fivehundred more Ger-
I.T n .. man vehicles were smashed an4L
'NaZis Report New another 15 blrges sunk. Fiving3
AI T ar):.,F Portresses and Liberators with a
Allied JLanding very strong fighter escort last
LONDON, Aug. 24 (AP) -JLudwig night made a conce-trated at-L
Sertortius, D.N.B. commentator, re- tack on Cologne and GermanE
ported a "small enemy landing targets In the Ruhr. All the]
south of Biarritz." aircraft returned.)I

Stampede Of Nazi Satellites

From The War Imminent

LONDON, Aug. 34 (AP)-The stampede of satellites trying to
Sget out of the war before Germany Itself throws up the sponge
appeared imminent today as the Jittery Nailsd tried to offset the
bold Rumanian capitulation solemnly labelling King Michael's new I
pro-Allied Government as a "Communist regime set up by a clique R
of court sycophants and businessmen. 0
IThe agency tried to tell tho world4--- ...----. --. i
that thp new Wasd-sponsored Na- He addod however that the "nea-
tional Governme nt wo uld re er ture of the measures to b- taken t
tlonal Government would reverse ,sia net lPunmnia cannot yot he re. -
the monarch's "treachery." venled. Develown-rit% In Rumania
Swedish reports said Berlitr-Bu- are still in a luid state." a
eharest communications were cut The British radio In a Bucharest v
last night. despatch said :%umantan troops a
In Hungaryv the Nai pnuppet re- .Started to march into Translyvania i
gImen was abfighed teday and all isat night. Marshal ion Antonesw./
otle. parties-diasolved in ap. the former dictator, was reported e
parent fear of ples Intrigue simijar to M under arrest, .
to Rumaiae's. Admiral Nicthlasl (Renter reports that thee is Ip
Horthy, theeIrent, wa reported still no oeltal eanfmation in I
toe brg called his Cabinet Into per- London that Rumania has as. I
manent session. _apted armistice terms but a di. p
Bulgaria. whose Premier and plomatic correspondent pointed p
Foreign Miniter have already pub- out that the A'Uc had long been R
110Y declared that the country Is prepared for sue- a move. More I
trying to cet out of Uth war, h'u than two months ago they webho IB
bean making repeated pleas to the ed an atreeaunt oB the terms. aI
Aled OovSern tt for an ea-y e- eerrepcndent thinks thea|
tMae. They hae baa told blInt- addluianI of R uaauss wa* I
h' tht the Allieud, not Intenad to tulatluS>Tezplanedbtbensefd ti
'buy Rulwraa artofthe war"- for seeres. Mf the Germans had
In Finland. Rumpia.s bolt has known of hwr intuaties, Hitler 04
tressed peace aetlysty and ceery, would undoubtedly have mdae I

Meen^bfl DM3 reoretwd l s emsmv uttoTufy t is
serea rtla rto in mania andj a -e the BrIitih Aigbaseade' end u
Op~n Irnla Cestht th mss he ssfii
gus^ted by Traweani to hKave lisa to dato whadbe 3~r eUe U
re"lgi- "-- enul'- eLsdswhr hyo b ingv

_.. e ., .. ...l me dj

Fmh Stock3 .

Aiced--pr b -

_ j .I

"? SOL41W -
. ,. ------------- ---K --- 1le

5 Big Towns Fall In Soviet Drive To Galati Gapl

Allies Advance To Join Patriots In Paris

Enemy Resistance Dwindles Inside Toulon-

Troops Close

On Capital

U.S.-French Column
M e ec ts Resistance
From Germans
Allied Expeditionary Forces. Aug.
26 eAP)-Am icman troops and. a
French armoured division fought
to within several miles of Paris
In a drive to Join the patriots,
battling the Germans for the
complete liberation of the capital.
Tne column. moving chiefly
alona the route leading from
Dreux east to Paris through Ver-
sailles, advanced last night to
within 10 miles of the city after
miT.countering some Geman resist-

anhe.svne w fwihwr
a nee e e
Troops wer sle n the move agalr.
early this mtoi nlingr, el iate to-
night there was nothing to con-
firm radio report, that thov had
linked up wi'rn French Resist-
ance f.'.ce>.
Out.de Paris at 5.25 p.m. Brig.-
Genrval Jacques Le Clerc'a French
troops are attacking In two columns
toward Paris-one from the west
in ftoice and the other from the
south--mei. heavy resistance fronm
German artillery today.
While the Allies clamped down
ever tighter on the vice constrict-
ing the German below the Seine,
ando General Patton's tanks fan-
ied out in a broadening Reich-
bound sweep southeast of Parir
other roli nna drove In towards
the c'1 ith self to compete the
liberation which was achieved
only In a limited sense by the
The Supreme Command declared
that Paris was not. yet liberated in
the military meaning of the word.
8.H.A.E.P. reports said at noon that
French resistance forces were still
engaging the Germans In street
fighting after the Nazis had
broken the terms of the armistice
tal to the east.
There was no indication that the
Germans were putting up anything
more than rearguard resistance to
the advances, two of which were
last placed between Ramboulllet,
Stamped and the Capital. North-
west of Paris there were already
signs that the Nazis were preparing
for a fresh withdraswal in their
shrinking below the Seine pocket
from which their efforts to escape
last nirht were unde r a night-long
harassment by British Mosquitoes.
A despatch from a correspondent
with the British Army reported a
sizeable ain almost due est of
Lisieux with the capture of Thibier-
vIlle, about, 10 miles north and
slightly nfot nf Orbec. and the vil-
lage of th Aubin de Scalloan, a
few miles farther north.

Six U.S.eTrained
Doctors Registered
Six Amet ican medical men have
been registered as temporary
members of the Medical Board
under the Medical Practitioners
remporaiy Registration Regula-
tion. They are:-
Lieut.-Colonel Oliver C. Wenger,
M.D., of St. Louis University. St.
Louis, U.S.A.; Major Ralph B.
Hogan. M.D., University of Ne-
braska. M.P.H., Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore, Maryland,
U.S.A.: Captain George A. Ury,
B.S., M.D., Northwestern Univer-
sity. Chicago. Illinois, U.S.A.,
Captain Samuel D. Payne, B.S.,
M.D., Howard University, Wash-
ington, D.C., U.S.A.: Lieut. Mar-
tin J. Cook, BA.., Michigan State
College, M.D., Rush Medical Col-
lege, University of Chicago, U.S.A.,
and Lieut. Abraham H. R asakofi,
B.S, MW.D, Tuft's College, Bos-
ton. U.S.A.

City Magistrate
Resigns Post
The "Trinidad Guardlar" was
ardally informed yesterday that
Hs Worship Z:r. A. H. L. Mason,
;lty Magistrate, has tendered his
esXgnatlon, which has been accepted
IT Government. Reasons for M%.
M5ass=n's resdatUcti. which M ef-
ective from September 1. pould
be ascertained.
With the resignation of air. Mal-
cn. therp are now three magisterial
ioSItialis vacant caused by the re-
lgnation of fr. R. H. Owanlon
ad the prqotion of Mr. Justice
p. M. Boland. to the Beneh.
It was pointed out that while the

French Capital Not

Considered Freed,

Says S.H.A.E.F.

'0Oidt .AlLIUD''lADQUA1"lB, Aug. 24 (AP)-4uprenfl
Headquarters today declared that while Wrench resistance groups held
parts of Paris, the city could not be considered liberated and Allied
troops were fighting Into the capital..a .&------- --
The underground operations in R tjsflT*n
Paris, which Is doomed to fal il Brit 11 A Miles
within a few days anyway, and the I n ur
Subsequent call for help resulted IInsieBurma
the use of Allied troops which KA CD.Y. . Aug. .2
might well be- employed In otherY Reuter rward troops of the
nmcrance f greater mlit sh 14th Army are now 10
I is expected, however, that Sa- inosdBurma,in.their drive
German resistance before the cIt t Use ..t Tiddim Road.
will be of a -rearguard" city Todayr Southeast Asia Corn-
will be o a rearguard" c I_.mand communique says they
te. caught ULQe My te
Supreme Command si.d French ughtup with the retreatia
Underground leaders, after four enemy, and made a succesuu
days' heavy fighting^ had got days' heavy fighting, had negotlat- In the valley British pressure
ed some sort of an armistice in /has foc; dth aae e ,treasr-
which the Gengns agreed to eva-urds to thin out on the tracks
cuate the city, but the Germans running east towards the Chind-
later repudiated the agreement and win area
continued to fight and the resis- '
stance Troup had called on Allied
troops for help.
The Allles were now moving on
the city, but up to a late hour to- lslI 1 l l ,
day no word I-old been received at IU U I
S.TA.E.F. that they actually had C A N I N G I
entered It,
French Underground leaderA en-
gaged in street fighting In Paris, I n aa
after four days neHgotiated an "ar- THE PKEMie
mistice" with the crn-nn garrison .
presumably on the grounds that
the Germans leave the city, Sup-
reme Command said, but the Ger- i
mans apparently repudiated the
at-reement and kept on fighting, II
"Armistice" negotiated by the -
French street fighters in P.ris o P- | .
parenty was done without previous I li
owledwe of Supreme Command, It JK ...
A directive provides that no field .a ""!
commander can negotiate an ar- a. '
mistice with the Germans unles W #" _
with the consent and knowledge of i-
General Dwight Eisenahower. ,r -
The announcement cane as a& .. .
stirprise to French sources In Lon- O it i "%
don who acknowledged that there A I Oof
might be fighting around Paris as 1Kv .1
Allied troops sought to break in it .
but said their best information In-I I '- ...
dictated that the FY.I. was si.l n 1 1 .
control of the centre of the city i f -
and the r-inr buildings. I
The SJI.AX.. statement Mid; I
"An agreement was ade by the ^ -
pP.I. in Paris with the Germans
for some sort of armistice In the
capital. It was Intended to let the
Germans cl:r out. but evidently y
they ehand their minds and ,
thratened to desal n e feryth
"T I In lllAWas hd flir is a
hol n we Are fur t"no ba V
help M nBedNOW. a0110e4 11 -
btgan, Htdov uao i ig soft"
lar who-
WM 10 i Po

Ho have tour
ience. It i was
sat toadherg i

The Pincers Close

in south Fraiwa Allld troops were reported advancing In the
direction of Aries, while other forces, pushing north beyond ire-
noble, were said by some sources to have reached the Swise bor-
der with the aid of the Maquis. In north Franee the Germans
reported that General Patton's thrust In the area of Sons was
preparing to swing north to attack the remaining Germans in
the Paris area from the southeast. C.nadlans, meanwhile, were
making headway alang the north roast In the direction of the
mouth of the Seine. French sources reported Bordeaux as being
In Allied hands.

Uaae vW VUM Tit "A. s. ,N



IH0N14UI So tBtrAl



ffd 6I UW M IMtUPM


I .'

If ~ -- .



I Russian Solce
Take 25.000 Captevuu
In One Day
LON DON, Aug. 24 (AP)-swsep
lIng through hund-eds of towue
and capturing thousands of Oerv
i mans and Ruwr nians In a M8-.lla
otdvance two powerful Ruseil
armies on Wedncstay plunged W
within 58 miles of the GalaU a
last enemy defence line b.rrt
ths way to the heart of capltula.1
RumanIa. Soviet front lin ne
mid the Axis was collapsing aft
desertion of the Rumanian troops
Five uajor strongholds, Ch S .
Snau, the Moldavian capit.'l;
man Bacau, Husland and Barla,
tell In swift succession to the Rue.
sians--and with the seizure of lvr..
lan, put the Red Army lees than S
miles from the Danube River, and
1135 miles from Bucharest.
During Wednesday alone thi
Russian armies took 25,000U prison.
era, said the Moscow bulletin, for &
combined tottil of 47.000 in a whlrl.
wind five-day offensive.
IPaul Winterton of the "Lon- .
don News Chronicle," In a cable
to the B.B.C. says last reports
of the fighting in Rumnania
showed the Germans tq be in
a disastrous position of defeat.
Two powerful Soviet ermy
thrusts in Rumania continuing,
converging lines had practical-
ly closed the gap between
This left enemy forces sa
holding on to part of Chiainsa .
with no chance of escape.
Winterten says be visited liber
ated armis of Rumania a few
weeks ago, and found a strong
pro-Allied feeling among tha
pepeand universal hatred o -
Red %,my c ,ptured ast intmpa
tant Industrial district east of
Krakow, It is around this areas
that the Germans built 150 war
S storiess In an effort to escape
attacks from the R.AJP.1
But It sI still too early to me*
sue the strength of the roIstels
the OGermans Intend to miak to
atumntsa now that the Baboa
State has capitulatedd but It maybe
considerable, The ermarns hav
an army there and vast quantowle
of foodstuffs and other suppes
which If It Is Impeititive may W
taken out to help sustain the war
on other fronts. It seemed that t
vigorous rearguard action may 4i
necessary to save it from the Run-
slans. Oeheral 10. linovsky a
General Tolbukhin know this a i
undoubtedly are sending their moo
bile columns ahead as swiftly aS

& CO., LTD..I

r t-


Iw. gwV t I ZTT" YXI

f(VKTjOFwMAM VRH sAnirflLW.L rIDnAv AwwIgWw, *R r-

t, UM" Am=M_______

-. a wwogeua an~.. urn
*1; eTAMouWfed1 pC^TftMM 1UAiU

lt 4 P NY300FlUqI) A ost )wswp MN
5. *,w4s 511)MKI ~t.U fUI
go LOmsNWM lrCS

^ftM5wm o AmwMIa PuMs Asi W, WVMI Pss
es e~adm ProM.

LRIDAY., AUOUrT 5,. 1944.

%7iarder Blows Await Nazis

I.n East And West Europe
:rHE military eplrLa have been telling
us that once large concentrations of
:perman forces are defeated, as has hap-
: opened in the battle of northwestern
:Trance, the speed of the Allied offensive
:Will be InCreased. On every front the
:Anied armies have the necessary superi-
;itty in men and materials for this. The
2ace of the offensive in southern France
:bears this out, and we are likely to see in
:he coming weeks events more striking
| :thn the fall of Paris (now delayed, it
.eems, for a few days).
H Regrettable "contretemps" such as
3:he unauthorised armistice between the
S:French patriots inside Paris and the
:Derman troops there, necessitating the
: .W eby Esenhower of troops which might
:,ell have been employed in other opera-
Slions of greater military significance,
Sare annoyances which can delay but not
hinder the final collapse of the enemy.
: The victories on the field in east and
Sbwest and the diplomatic stroke which
exulteded in Rumania's defection from the
? Nazia are the beginnings of the co-ordin-
:lted warfare on two fronts which the
"N aal mlitariats have always feared.
Whether Rumania's example will be fol-
:lowed by other Hitler satellites remains
Sto be seen, but the abandonment of
SHitler Is the climax of long-felt dissatis-
1action with the Antonescu dictatorship,
:*nd of weariness with a war which
:everyone knows Germany has already
Jost. It can be little comfort for Hitler
that the symptoms are becoming more
S .jvident in the remaining collaboration-
I t countries. But the greatest danger
Irom the Rumanian capitulation is the
probable loss in the not distant future of
i e Ploesti oilflelds, on which the Ger-
..ans have been depending to a large
1 tent to keep their war machine in
Diflmculties are only now beginning
| or the leadership of the Wehrmacht,
:rho not many months ago were claiming
: Uheir retreat in the East would shorten
eir lines and make them easier to de-
:end. However they have been no more
Puccessful in countering the various Red
rmy drives, and they have met with
ylimilar failure in their encounters in the
Fest with the Anglo-American armies
.,ided by the French Forces of the Interior.
The situation calls for speed and
.Power in striking at the enemy, for If the
.1Allied forces follow up their recent
striking gains the Wehrmacht should be
-completely disorganised In quick time.
The enemy has no chance of recovery,
Sfor he has been so weakened that he is
able only to fight for timn. Outmatched in
every phase of warfare, it is now only a


$2.82 1

question of when he wWMtAMO TheW
Wehrmad 0 "Tow0
to county AW M =trat9 e 4
or went; iey avlo* t- Sde touWC
which in the early p usOf the war pie-
vented them fro& ma."g a Iang move
aasnst the weaker alrmie which faced
them The Germans 'never o united on
meetin a situation of which the Wly
Outcome was ,trtaek efetb. Thus they
can only try to counter It with Improvi-
sations which, at this ,stage of the opera-
lions, are bound to faL

Black Market Problem

Needs Realistic Approach
NOW thai the Government has withdrawn
its rationing scheme it Is highly im-
portant to direct attention to the black
market, which need& constant supervi-
sion if it is to be effectually controlled.
Eternal vigilance is the price of success,
and any gains made van only be kept by
allegiance to that principle. If the
general situation in Trinidad has Im-
proved because of Increased supplies, a
great deal yet remains to be done. Some
of those supplies are not reaching the
people who need them, and things would
be better if the pernicious practices of
many retailers were nipped in the bud.
However sound the reasons given for
not rationing, many people feel it would
have lessened the black market. Armed
with a ration card, the housewife could
demand her proper share at the proper
price and be reasonably sure of getting
it. She could report irregularities with
little fear of being victimized, for her
card would ensure her fresh quantities.
With rationing abandoned people go to
a shop for rice and are told there is none,
or they demand two pounds and get half
a pound. But they hear of others who
receive 10-pound parcels at high prices
through the back door.
This newspaper has previously
appealed to the public for co-operation
in reporting such cases, which rationing
could never entirely eliminate. We re-
peat the appeal today. But we recognize
that conditions exist which make many
people reluctant to give information.
To tell the authorities may or may not
result in the shopkeeper's conviction,
but In either ease the informer is likely
to be marked and penalized. Being de-
pendent on the shops in the vicinity the
housewife considers it prudent to suffer
In silence, since a word out of season may
result in cooking oil, flour, saitfish, and
other things being withheld. It is this
which gives the black market its power.
Cannot the Government make a
realistic approach to this difficulty As
we said on Tuesday a revision of the old
system of distribution is not enough;
rationing is now out of the question, but
new methods must be tried which will
actually meet the people's day-to-day
needs. It is a shameful thing that so
many persons complain of inability to
get enough food in the shops though
others are getting, and that they dare
not tell the authorities about it lest they
get nothing at all. We have often pointed
out the need for more inspection, but
this is not the only thing which can be
devised. If the Food Advisory Commit-
tees are worth their salt they will take up
this problem and try to get something
done about it.


" aqWe $ytem Advcoted
For Soiling Vestls
The Ziler, -Trinidd Gaiadtan."
I *eald with caamlderable tntareat
"upI leading artlclo entitled
*0er Service needed for In-
tereltriala VeslL" The crux of'
the matter is contained in your
last paragraph calling for an In-
vest8io Into prevailing saftey
Qwlg tq wartime regultiens,
acoonear have great diflcuIty in
navigating the Bocas, partieulrly
Sluring the hurricane season when
Swinds are contrary, currents
strong, aid accordingly, the autho-
rities should maintain a towing
service, if even it be available only
on alternate days.
Sailing vessels operating under
the aegis of the West Indies
Schooner Pool undoubtedly played,
and are continuing to play, a
vital paNt in transporting food-
stuffs to the smaller islands, in
particular Grenada and St. Vin-
The sailing vessels maintained
their scheduies during the height
of the enemy submarine campaign
and It Is time the authorities re-
cognise their valuable contribution
to the war effort by facilitating
their work in providing a towage
service during the hurricane sea-
son and improving the hopelessly
inadequate berthing facilities u
at present exist in Port-of-Spain.
In pre-war years, the low freight
rates resulted in many vessels fall-
ing into a state of disrepair; but
now the Schooner Pool hes axed a
tariff which should permit owners
to maintain their vessels in a pro-
per and seaworthy condition. The
authorities should satisfy them-
salves that this is being done be-
fore renewing lilcencee to vessels
carrying passengers.

Woman Candidate Favoured
The Editor, "Trinidad Guard"la."
The news of a woman candi-
date contesting the forthcoming
San Fernando Borough Council
elections, revealed In a recent Issue
of the "Sunday Guardian" certainly
thrilled atl the womenfolk in
South Trinidad.
It is indeed a good move, In view
of the fact that today, women are
taking their equal places with men
in every sphere of life, and doing
their Jobs very well Indeed.
I feel sanguine that the candidate
proposed is, from her past experi-
ence in public life, very capable to
sit around the horseshoe table.
San Fernando.

'Bus Fares Questioned
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
In my opinion, it would be good
if the authorities would compel
the Prihces Town 'Bus Company
to organism a better table of fares
for the various distances.
At present, the fare from Princes

Ald hlate oeamfer In a NeMmady reharM to Platn fresh blows
mgrab the ea?. Left to Vght are Goeral Mongemery,
Gommral 2empsy a"d A r-hmiefmaal r" elqMwBmrw.

Re Vision Of Control Urged

In Col/ny's Food Distribution

The writer a this article
lays that eommodltlea are
cheaper in other colonies than
In Trinidad. He examines the
recent deeisoln at Government
to aLkndon the ratloMing
scheme and seugge t hat
triet control and price revi-
sion are Jeeeeary.
The Government of a country
Is Alke tNe direcorate of a big com-
pany, having the power to collect
revenue and make expenditures on
behalf of the company. 3ometimf.s,
the company's money is spent with
legitimate aimsnu. but failure r'eults.
The sum spent has to be oos3ed up
in the profit and loss account.
Rationing foodstuffs In this Col-
ony i abandomea by Government
after spending a fairly large sum of
money for expert advice, registra-
tion of consumers, printing and all
the incidentals to the scheme. If
rationing was necessary at the time
when Government decided to spend
money on it, and now when it
should be itmrted, conditions have
so changed as to make it unneces-
sary, and that within a period of
four months, then it could not have
been rationing that was required,
but improved control.
Rationing becomes necessary at
any time when there is a scarcely
of any necessity, so that no one in
the community may receive an un-
limited amount while others go
without. For many months past,
and up to now, the distribution by
shop-keepers of rice. edible oil,
onions. salted cod fish. condensed
milk, has been far from propor-
tionate. Sales of these commodi-
ties are often still a matter of
diving under the counter, behind
closed doors, round In the back-
yard and after nightfall.
Reasons Stated

town families to 1
on ground provitio
the price of the I
The average hou
children says tha
pounds of ground
the work of two Do
pounds of rice out!
market" cost 12 ci
of ground provislc
3 and 48 cents.
Poor Peopl
Rice has never t
in tlis country, y
Lown-peopie s pi6
iLe01. Al.vL&a in this
it is tul found to
ie 100a tney gri
meal' or rice. It
people s luooa becat
a price that sui;eq
how these poor
unlearn all about r'
meal and le
make ground
its place tthe
a higher cost l
ii, is often said I
for the people ot h
oe good ,or tne pe
L'fnisa Is a truism tr
plied In evc.'y pa
oe most unreasona
khe case regulating
poor peoples food.
Before the war,
body's lood in En:
ularly the poor p
purchased at two
cents. Since the
from two cents pei
no higner. If peo
encouraged to eat lo
those who do not
should be able to
reasonable price.
Price Revil
In every colony
dis, prices o0 oer
maity are cheaper

Trown to an Fernan to 15 o a nts;
the fare from Princes Town to St. Government gave It 11 reasons tfor ha o.. The conto
Clement junction is 14 cents; and the abandonment of rationing of I Doso superiorI
the fare from t. Cl ement junction rice and flour, nl very good in- nas ratloning been
to San Fernando is eight cents. deed. ut it seems that reason sary i any eof th
If then a passenger, who was number nine is an admission of an,&Moawhere tr
traveling from Princes Town to amateurish handling of the coupon propcilonai istrii
San Fernando got off at St. Cle- books. Government admit& that wommodities among
ment junction and took the next the arrangement has been so com- What is requl,
'bus he would eventually pay 22 plicated that consumers and shop- rationing, sine as
cents for the entire down trip. This keepers alike have been. experoiene- mAd s ured tt
I consider, a ridlculo4a state of ingd dcultle in understandingit. erves are aiequat
affairs. The wonder has been, why the gumented at any tir
SUFFERER. Government did not copy the En. wilAln n AILit. Iss
Ste. Madeleine. g~ish arrangement, although in control on retailo
England, I t has been a matter of of whom still Put
revising the arrangements in the urner ne coutiei
Relief For Caura Residents coupon book from tine to time, large quantity a
The it"Triniddmaking them simpler everytime. puLrchaser.
Iha Editor, "Triln h -d Guardian" Simple as the first arrangement when fixing th
ednaril I t "Guam- was in that country, many persons moditlesa two fact
dian" on August 1' by Mr. Mentor. did not understand it. Therefore, ill the minds of
This article seems to touch the it was to be expected that the grhe first is. the co
ringe or the mere shadow of the same thin would happen here, as- or import plus all
real point at issue. I will relate specially when the arrangement was oe g01the weoes
something here which may 'more complicatV.d. In reason num- together with a re
oaus for r eater complaint. ber seven, Government says: "Lo ior profits.
The acquistion of Caura for wa- cal production of ground provisions The second and
ter purposes has been under con- has increased to a marked degree factor is the con
1sideration for more than three and no undue hardship should be power. esumably
years. Notifications were duly given coasioned to those consumers who of goods were I
residents of Caura that an area are unable to purchase a much there was a boom
at Lopinot had been acquired for rice as they may wish in view of cents a day labot
resettlement. That was about two the adequate supplies of other Im- At the American
years go. ported and locally produced car. an hour. The boo
sine thattbohydrate foodstuffs." tabourer has not
period, the acquired estate (at a It is encouraging to hear of this cents a day, or ev
cost of more than 10,000) has been increased production although there Yet the prices of a
and still is In 'he hands of the is a marked scarcity of ground pro- remain the same
surveyors-two years to survey and visions In the markets for sonie ed. In the case
divide 587 acres of land into a weeks now. But. perhaps, Govern- is not rationingV
village and five and three acre meant is not aware of the fact 'hat but a revision of
plots-and not yet completed. at is easier for the average poor valng at present.
I have been in this district since lt is er f ve vlng at present.
eariy August and have been hear-
ing day after day that the ouOu
veyoa will be here tomorrow. i Food Output Increased In
am now convinced that "tomorrow
never comes." I have not seen any Responding to the demand from+-4
surveyor for the past 14 days. LOLrd uaringdon for a statement on
In the meantime, the acquired the Present and prospective food N .aa
estate, with the exception of the situation In India, the Earl of Mun- N o Lease,
few traces cut here and there, i ster, Under-Secretary of State fcC Af lW .r
effm asi =sri U" =60 ^ After Woul
Ur j~ In the ifotiest w
snakes and wild animals, to the" .The object of His Majestys Gov- WASHINGTON.
detriment of the gardeners of the ernment has been to try to provide STop-ranking memt
district. 'he maximum quantity of Imports late'a Foreign Rela
Meanwhile, Mr. Mentor laments for current consumption. In spite expressed the view
the small sum paid the residents of demands on our shipping, India ala to other corn
of Caura. Three times the sum will receive 00,000 tons of wheat brought to an end
paid cannot afford these people from overseas in tho 12 months the war. Chairman
a shelter for their families and ending next October. Also an vn- mocrat, of Texas
a means of further livelihood of dertaking has been given to the 0Gerg. Democra
which they have been deprived. Government of India that His Shared the belief
They have been forced to adopt Majesty's Government will consider limited strictly to m
other ways of procuring lands for an allotment of further shipping fence measures. E
ardening at a price in my opinion for this pu Pnose in August and 134 e thought th
bordering on seml-indentureshlp. November. President Roosevel
The residents of Caura and o- eu-day submittingi his
pinot urge Government to put this The population of India Is In- lease report to Cc
project into operation with as lit- creasing at a very alarming rate, actly In accordance
tie delay as possible for the inade- about .000,000 yearly, but the re- tantlon."
suat sum s give in return for corded rop output show no eaorn-
the dismoasaon of lands Is fast parable inreae. To meet the needs -
dwindling of the country. Hils Majesty's ov. Temporry
ALFRED BROWN. eminent will bend all their efforts emo rary S
Caura-Loplnot. to securing a permanent policy to r or I
be put into operation throughout F
Community Spirit Wonted d b a of P Si thea i
ty"A plan has been devised by a ftrots. ki s a po
a Rdiltr, "Trtnidad Guardiat" sp a Committee of the Advisory a tm ar IeS
After reading a letter in the Board of the Ilmperls Oouacil foralSmaray w wa
"Trinidad Quardian' by the Rev. Agricultural R esearch (of Indl ala ry of SIS
Reginald T. .0. Mitchell on August with the immediate obJe 0pt oa n- A onw 1r
17, I have got courage to say creasing production by apePr Caot P dt are now bet,
w~ Iwate t fra fttie aflauof not
what I wanted to for a long time in the next 10 years and by,10 par yearsOf a who
I quite agee with him on what he cent in o years. O t a soun d owho
said, but I think that the people The capital. cOa o d ana
of Trinidad will never realise what t, etpiIt. Ost i to be a elkmetorya
value there Is in having a b ett c urr0,ing0annalexpe)ndi wofh pi we,,as u of at
community spirit. Most of us thil recurring annual expnditureO c iW IN P t 0nee of
lltm.islnowni the00. -v!ij ,eAlUPiIWatlcss i-
too much of ourselves, others, too ilono w .it MA Mil Alatasant ns mi
little. is now with the P ovinc1a _ov ern A rtA t not M11
The majority of us suffer tram aeiso wh ave been a d to sate t
an inferOrtty complex, and may their views before It s S to the UVKS'OCK 1X9
never rise above that. I think in Cenural Oovernment.
a tUme like this, there should be "The plan deals ameoif ether '1 001"M
no such thing as class disUnction. thing with rrieation, maunue in-BeaSStO
vey man a Ijust as good aa an- eluding artifcia maonures, lendi i. Sk
othe. We a should try to rid provement. tillage. saed farms, S t aSeaci
ourselves of Wreed, hatred, jealously rading of cattle, some of hfiS 3
and eiflshneis, haveuaradbv een dealt with.aON at a-
(111) SYLVIA tATUWArM. the Grow Mote ms japsWala ft Sib ,Tat o2s2
San Frwnsando r(am. I^^ M ""'

'e puble is hereby notified that
Ue Rochard ROMd I lomed to aUl
tnkfflc.t the l it Me, until tWr
rBpM, 11 Cft"t,;PMW f|

Oommunication ti p9_Wble via
Penal Rock R d, Sah t mnando-
SptraBri. : an4 OClarkse

As. Director of Public Works.
Pub~ic Wdrkh Mpartont(g
21sat Aurdit, l04.


It has been deeed by te Acting
oovernr I~in cpnautaw, n rtb
advisers to set up a suitablMy eon-
stituted Coimmittee whose term& of
reference will be to advise thf Oov-
ernment In regard to the carrying
out of approved public works with
due ret,'rd to the SUppl of ma-
terials, equipment an labont. The
setting Up of this body is. in the

ive on rice than first distance, to be regarded as
ns on account of being In the nature of an expari-
latter, meant subject to review in the light
sewife with many of results achieved.
at it takes six
provisions to do It is hoped that the appointment
funds of rice. Two of the proposed Committee will en-
side of the "black sure an orderly and co-ordlnited
*nts. Six pounds development of approved public
ins vary between works programmes with due regard
to considerations such as the supply
of labour, materials and equipment.
e's Feood It is Intended that the Committee
been a staple cicop should :
et it became e. (a) tbulate and co-ordinate ox-
ncouia d etiar listing plans for the develop-
oteouy dle ciesise, ment of public works by
' at p people ea Government the Municlpali-
oecan peet pao ties and public utility under.
oeca mS e S.nepoor taltingp;
ife it was solu at
* everyone poc- (b) advise the Government on
people have t questions arising out of
peopate hae labour supply, and the sup-
'e as a tprincapa, ply of materials and equip-
iarn how to ment in relations to the
provisions take development of the public
place of rice) at works in the several districts
or an ordinary the colony.
that what is good Having regard to the functions
inglana, may not which the Committee is to perform,
op6e oan't in dad. It is proposed that It should con-
Scannot e ap- sist of the Industrial Adviser as
rticuiar. It would Chairman, the Heads of those
able to apply i in G overnmeint andquasi-Govetrnment
Sthe price of the Departments which are the chief
ptt. es r employers of labour and that the
iland, but p.rti- Mayor of each of the three Munici-
opi s, coul tr Pial Bodies and three Trade Union
peoudsi fotrb representatives should be Invited to
pounds for three s erve. It is lboped to announce the
war, prices v.y appointment of the Committee at
er pound to four. ,n early date.
pie are to be en-
cally grown blood,
grow their own Colonial Secretary's Office,
purchase It at a
[BIe list AUguStt. 1944.
In the West In-
ry cwass oz com-
r Ltsani'tIrml- Temporary Forest
system too s"ans A* v
aat atno tue Supervisor Forest
n thought neces-
s colonies except Department
cre is a form of
DUtion of certain
gat the people. -
rea flare is not
the Government Applicdtions are invited for the
ie public, re- post of temporary rorest Super-
e and can be ir- visor. Forest Department at a salary
ime, if necessary, of $1,50 per annum.
a revision of the
we lar too many Candidates must be not more
their goods away than 40 years of age and of strong
r and pas* on a physique: they must itive a sound
to te nlighese knowledge of elementary land sur-
veying and preferably some know-
e price of comn- ledge of local trees.
tors must operate
rthe price-xeras Oandlietes must also be in pos-
Mat of lfoduction session of. or in a position to pro-
overhead expen- vide themselves with, a motor car
aier and retailer for the performance of their duties.
asonable addition The successful candiceite will be
Smost imports required to pans a medical exam-
umost port ination prior to taking up the
u ers' th uy appointment. He will be required
, when the prices to reside at Ariam.
fixed In Trinidad
r The former All applications should be ad-
basrer wa working dressed to the Colonhil Secretary
bm is over. Th'e and made on the prescribed form,
got back his 40 which may be obtained from the
'en a Jobat ies Secretariat snd should reach this
01 classes of goods Office not later than 80th Septem-
as previously fix- her, 1944.
of foodstuffs, it
that is required, ERROL L. 0o SANTOS.
the prices p.'e. Acting Colonial Secretary.
I ~I



Aug. 24 (AP)-
>ers of the Sen-
tions Committee
That lend-leasf;
entries must be
at the close of
n Connally, De-
, and Senator
t. of Georgia,
that its use was
military and de-
Senattr Oeorge
e implica'lons of
t's message yes-
Is quarterly lend-
ongress was "ex-
3 with my con.

Uing of a vacant
Conservator of
Koed to appoint
t Servisor at a
Ir eArth
the temporary
ig invited from
mt ore than 40
are in poIses lon
dge of ecal trees
lan surveying,
ot eru-er far te
heir dutisa.
Ut reach the
, thanr SpteNM.

Sof tha eiTn-

Ml ting o




culture, Ba,
successful im
requred to smerv
the Colony. I
waie is $1.04 We,
ary war arlowe
allowance. Sei
draw a
per month
craments of
Month, plus
&no* and SE
Forest Ouards
travelling and
afloes. Quarte*i
Forest Guar-.r
promotion to
vacancies ocuri
rie a salary I5
$1,440 per $n
ances, -t
Applleation smU
person at the
Knox Straet, P
12. Victoria
on any Monday.'

Forest Office '.
18. Knox Str'11
(th August, 1944,

Xmas G
For TI

Tt is hereby
the months of
ber 1944,or
granted for OlB
to persons se
Armed Forcest
les other thm
duced in the s
shoes, or ils
exceeding i
must be clearly
addressed to
Majesty's tF
Name of Ad4
tion of unit '

Old Poat oi
T St. Vincent
24th August, |

With refeife
Que in there I,
may, 19".;11K
pars. 4 (10.
Artisan hand
for comeiaMM
Canada of q
which firm
calved from

Old Post Offlos
7 St. Vinomt I
22lnd Aun,1

Importers o
been allotted f
of Crown COW
hereby notilWie
tion made to
taken up It
elsewhere. Inl
stocks of Ca
therefore s-
licences immM N

Old Post
7 St vinve B
Mind AuRt, 8


MeMdial 1
Poney r

It is notUifdJ
mailon that
cetlstiHnX for the c
named 08"'ya
six COPMB d Memorandum i
s c/o ti(M
prt-of-Sp i
15th next, a
further reps
considered. :
By order 0
Ed fi

l~s rd,' +
111I i J-


G- government 4




FELT-$3.07 & $3.28

STRAW- $4.46



The following additional launch service,
as from p.m. Friday 25th instont:- ,

MONDAYT:-Lave Ma es M e 2 em 5 4
and Port-W-Spsn
FRIDA 8:-Leave Prrt-eI-Uel U
Sand Meo& s
SUNDAYg$-iea 8 lest-a.Spln U a.
Leave MeMa 5 nJ" feor ao n UM
Accommodation ii very 1imted and lntdi5A2^
to book in adva-ce at the HarbOur M
0a feall hand package per per+o a
asid be Sent by the regular ana Inch.

Return Pase rome Port-of-pain:-




^ F IOM PAm otr)
i^Efl^ent. broknoi

uv leadr "ih
||ienremoved to
K^ Message from

d their Nu
slI and ws
viatol woa
X ei Abrtors Iho
i i ved to Oar-



"'l Vaslul, 110 mle
an capital
Up. As ready fight

,.una Removalo
S thousands of Ru.
H use in other aec
M* divisions may jourrende
nlU Koi control of i
Jn outhniester on T Poland

bcnofrensive reasent
while east of rnovsky I
a penetrated th170 mile
plaanancapital 01


Rman.y's ex-triate'

e Soviet breakthrough.
Force discovered about
gehop hidden In towns
stretching along thi
Forces oPres Burels
rtd that o the lwates
tMdivision* msyJl
bu NOnleV' drive o01

southern Polandte
som offense hve already be
Sfof9# eaupment front
and penetrated fore tht
Owinsny's ex-pstriated

Soviet beame the rouea
ediscovera Governbou
reported haridden in town battle
S tchinga front, ithi

Soffensve stiln so i
Germa n radio yl.
Sa Fresh Press Burea
e antd the East rth
a~sd Poland, stato
htan ave saready be-
jHaof equipment from

t shortly before thf ww

IS upper Bug and the
w Hercame the sviea

5'o strategic aeomu-.
of zambrow. Te
|,es peceded by waves of
ma Generadto Govermn-
ac reporters and hard
SKev's freckonted with ."
Smsi of wearsaw en- to b
,III% German radio &I'

t day witfresh Rthe fron put

inside the city Ge-s.
h the Polish forces
t% northwest* ofOWtaftsaw

Supported that head
L Here the Sovietween
sot strategic Ooramu.
lItof Zambrow. Their
Ipreceded by waves of

and the German
ta*ontn uoux and hard
k ekndI with."
NIsiege of Warsaw en-
ta with the front
BmI e the city Gen-
[Wuh the Poll&h forces
J&reported that heavy
Continuing 'between
Mmland the German
the old city district.

Ibil Meets

i Cabinet
2, 34 (AP).-It was
oay that Mr. Church-
P rn since Umberto,
ly, u Lleut.-Oeneral of
a luncheon on Wed-
Sir Noel Charles,
er. Later Mr. Church-
.tbe entire Italian Gov-
feeenting all parties
Conversations at the
y. The announce-
the conversation
hurchlll and Premier
eBritish Embassy on
"long and cordial."
S tday given In their
I attended also by Ba-
ftement made no men-
I and Badoglo con-
ly, but the Italian
* published in Rome
today reported they

SAllied Troops

Continue DriDnve

On Paris
The Germans were holding
fairly firm ft the River Toues
from the mo up tmna pa
SPont Leveque to Lisetux.
At pont Leveque a oounter-at-
ta brietofly pushed the A li out
oc the town bu later they re-
turned and found it evacuated
While to either side Allied bridge-
Sheads were deepened by the cap-
turne of the vwuae of Bonnevie,
Blancy and L4 Chateau.
Some of the sutfe lUghting oc-
Scurred near L sieux where the Ca-
Snadins won control of all of the
town but the Nash clung to the
ae around the cathedral.
PUced with the neceMsity of hold-
toc the Touques line In order to
cover their withdrawal across the
Seine the Nai also were faced
i- with the th'ret of having the
*- Allies cut in behind them i they
d held on too long. American troop,
striking northwest along te
r Seine, reached Elbeuf, only 25
Smiles from the River Le Neubourg.
* Somewhere between Conches and
5 Rules United States and British
0 patrol& made contact to form a
I solid wall for the Nazis box.
There were no freah reports on
the progress of General Patton's
tanks southeast of Paris. The Ger-
man radio siid General Pattoc
e was preparing a sweep Into Paris
f from the southeast area of Sens
r and Troyes In an "outflanking
- movement on a great scale."
While Allied forces moved on the
city to make the liberation com-
Splete, a mysterious German call
n was repeated over and over on the
I. 'arl radio wave-length asserting:
d "Attention! Attention! The enemy's
W tank spearheads which have broken
e through are to be wiped out at
d strongpolnts. This is Ungar speak-
h Whether this order was in code
t to German Commanders to resist
s until the e. was not 1lear. Oer-
* man troops In the capital are
greatly outnumbered, though much
U better equipped than the F.P.I. A
t French Underground leader ho
Same to London from Paris a
* month ago said the Germans had
Sat least 10,000 regular troops in
Sthe capital at that time in addi-
t ion to strong forces of the
* Gestapo.
A Berlin broadcast reported
fighting mn the "Yonne sector"
s outheast of Paris and said the
Ssitatton "hae yet to be clarified"
I 1 the RAmlly and Troyes areas,
i indicating American spearheads
my have approached thoso towns.
r [Reter states that the plight
S of the German ground forces
t ow worse the Luftwaffe is
S coming out in Increasing
r tenth. Yesterday in air com-
S bate over the Seine and part
S at southeast PSris 50 Ger-
1 man 'planes were destroyed.
Fifteenof ours are missing.
KIuge's Forces Down
To 10 Divisions
IN FRANCE, Aug. 24 (AP)-Therei
is reason to believe that Field
Marshal General Guenther von
Kluge's forces have been clipped
to about 10 divisions both In th%4
corner in the Seine and in the
Pas de Calais area where the fly-
ing bombs were launched.
There appeared little hope, how-
ever, that Allied troops will be
getting into the robot bomb area
for some days as normal military
practice would call for some re-
grouping at the Seine even If that
barrier was not heavily defended.
British troops made sizeable gains
due east of Lisleux in advancing
Into the pocket. They captured
Thiblerville, 10 miles north and
slightly east of Orbec and only
about seven miles northwest of
Berne. They also capture Stau-
bin de Scallon, two and a half
miles north of Thibiervllle and
Davichones. Patrols are approach-
ing Breteull at the bottom of the
LONDON, Aug. 24 (Reuter).-Mr.
Clement Attlee, Deputy Prime Min-
ister, accompanied by Mr. George
Hall, Foreign Under-Secretary, has
arrived in Algiers.

14pp lies received of


The Wonder Inmeetielde.

lb. 51b. and 251b. Tins


Lf 44 South Quay.





Nazi Plans for Defence
Of Reich Changed
LOW M uL.24 (Reuter)-
Germany's plans for the de-
fence of the Reich have been
changed since the attempt on
Hitler' life. There are lndkig-
S tios that Nail preparations
i for lrge-sale guerrilla warfare
t have been stopped in favour of
Hlmmler's recruiting drive for
a reguar army supplemented
i by a '"total" civil defence call-
I Most outspoken statement of
the new policy is contained In
an editorial of HWtler's "Voel-
kiseher Beobaehter" signed by
Dr. Frits Nlnnenbruch and en-
titled "The German Form of
the Levee ea Masse."

Paris Not

Yet Liberated
Allied forces, called to Paris to
help the French, "were meeting
with resistance on their way into
the city," the B.B.C. added.
N.B.C. monitors said a French
shortwave transmitter using the
Vichy frequency had begun broad-
casting communiques of the French
Forces of the Interior.
The radio said: "The first Ame-
rican tanks entered Paris through
the Alessa gate and established a
Juncture with the French Forces of
the Interior."

General Pierre Koenig's head-
quarters issued the following com-
munique supplementing details of
the liberation of Paris:
"Following orders for a general
uprising on August 19, strikes be-
came general and the Germans
paraded the streets with tanks and
fired into the crowds killing many
"Very soon guerrilla fighting was
going on all over the city. Parti-
cularly heavy fighting took place
in the areas of Hotel de Vllle (City
Hall), the island site between Place
de St. Michaele and Panteon, be-
tween Place D'Enfert, Rocheau
and Gobelins, between Port D'Or-
leans and University City area, be-
tween Place De La Republlque and
Gare De L'Est."
General Koenig's communique
said: "in the first day's fighting
a dozen heavy tanks were des-
troyed and more than 1,000 prison-
ers were taken as well as a large
number of weapons includingg
anti-tank guns.
"During the next night and day
the occupation of public buildings
proceeded rapidly and during Sun-
day the enemy withdrew from cer-
tain positions. The German com-
mander started negotiations for an
armistice and offered to recognize
the French Forces of the Interior
as combatants. In one action dur-
ing Sunday and Monday 400 pa-
triots entrenched In the Boulevard
St. Michaele destroyed 10 tanks,
four armoured vehicles, 21 lorries
and 17 other cars. They Inflicted
heavy losses on the Germans."

T.E.B. Rejects Flat
Rate Suggestion
Suggestion by Councillor Albert
Gomes, Deputy Mayor, at a recent
meeting of the Trinidad Electricity
Board that consideration be given
to the question of charging for cur-
rent at a flat rate Instead of at the
present block rates plus a standing
charge, did not meet with the
board's favour, the "Trinidad Guar-
dian" learned yesterday.
It is stated that Hon'ble Errol dos
Santos, chairman, explained the
reason for the present method of
charge and stated that Inasmuch
as the City Council was taking over
the Port-of-Spain distribution sys-
tem this was not the time to con-
sider such a change.
The secretary was Instructed to
submit for information of the
board classification of consumers
according to their current con-


Huge Reduction In


Other Household Articles
To Make Room for New
Combination Wardrobe and
Dressing Table--$45.00
Chairs, Tables, Beds and
everything else at Give
Away Prices.
From Friday 1st September,
1944, for One Week Only.
(Near T.G.R.)

Spot Newo

Maple Score S

To Whip Fleet
1* _
Maple, without their stalwart
a sumprlse win with a lone goal
time against Fleet Air Am. chan
First League thriller on the As
By this victory, for which Hug
Seal must be chiefly credited
Maple have risen with ton poInU
in six Batches to hold joint the
top berth In the league's standing
with Sporting Club, who also bave
ten po0ts to their credit.
The tmne was fst and exoting
from start to fnish,. and to rail
birds' astonishment, the Maple's
forward line combining with clock-
wise precision were constantly
harassing their opponent' citadel.
This was Fleet Air Arm's second
appeanmnce In the city. thi sea-
son after scoring meritorious vic-
tories on their home ground at
The dangerous Wardlaw and
Wilkes, were at their best in the
concluding stages, and Scaly, the
Maple's custodian, brought off some
graceful .saves in collecting and
pushing the ball over the bar, to
frustrate what appeared 'certain'
goals booted by Wardlaw ond
The first ten minutes of play was
a ding dong tussle, the back line of
both teams overshadowing the for-
wards' movements.
Prior Jones, the victors' pivot-
man was methodically distributing
his posses, and as a result. Maple
dominated the latter 20 minutes of
the first half.
The Maple's forward line. Gan-
teaume. Joseph, Douglin, and
Clarke. In that order on the line
up. was giving fast and accurate
Halftime saw a goalless score.
Maple came back to dominate
the early stages of this second hrilf,
and the forwards constantly fed by
Prior Jones, and Allan Joseph lead-
ing the attack, were giving the
Fleet some very anxious moments.
It was three minutes after the
restart, that Allan Joseph, at cen-
tre forward, sent soccer fans into
ecstacies, when with a beautiful
header, which beat Town, the air-
men's custodian, all the way, was
converted from left winger Clarke's
corner kick.
The Mpipleites continued to
harass their opponents' defences,
but the backs were keeping the
ball well out of their area.
Then Fleet made a late drive
nearing the finish, and Hartley
was delaying no time in putting
his passes to the forwards, but the
Airmen's attacking line was slip-
ping and Scaly gave a real sterling
display between the uprights.
Major M. Grell refereed.
The Teuns:-
MAPLB:-H. Scaly; C. Turton,
H. Emanuel: C. Davis, P. Jones, G.
Cumberbatch: S. de Silva, A. Gan-
teaume. A. Joseph, P. Douglin and
N. Clarke.
F.A.A.:- Town: McMillan, Stone-
hewer; Rouse, Hartley, Edwards:
Thompson, Turner, Wardlaw, Wilkes
(capt.), and Cain.
There will be two Intermediate
matches today, Shamrock will op-
pose Maple on 2nd Class ground,
Mr. E. Almandoz will referee, while
on New ground Casuals will clash
with St. Mary's, Mr. Russell Govia
will be the referee.
The following will represent
Maple:- Valentine; C. Turton, J.
COarr (capt.); V. Rocke, 0. Fenton,
B. Cheek Mooke; L. Wooding, I.
Atherly. C. Burke, V. Joseph and
S. de Silva. Reserve: D. Cowle.
The T.A.FP.A. Council will meet
tonight at the Grand Stand at 8.30

NOTICE is hereby given that
properties in San Fernando in
arrmers of rates and charges up to
and including the yetr 1942 will be
sold by public auction ht the Town
Hall, an Fernando, on Tuesday
the 19th day of September, 1944. at
1.30 p.m.

Town Clerk.
Town Hall,
San Fernando.
l1th August, 1944.



surprise 1-0 Win

In First Leaguer

back John Sampson, turned in
scored three minutes after half.
splons in carrying off the T.A.PF.A.
ioclatlon ground yesterday after-


Games Today
The Ansacs-Remington match
will be the feature game of the
East St. George F.A. trophy fixtures
which get under way this afternoon.
Champion of the East St George.
Anzac- are unbeaten to date in the
tourney, and will take the field
determined to continue their win-
ning streak today.
FPollowing are the fixtures:-
Sheffield vs. Dodgers at Tuna-
puns. Referee: Mr. H. Achong.
All Stars vs. Invaders at St.
Joseph. Referee: Mr. W. Carter.
Anzacs vs. Remington at Orange
Grove. Referee: Mr. A. H. Doyle.
Invaders:--L. Marshall: 0. Jo-
seph, P. Jcseph: N. Worrell icapt.),
H. Johnson, C. Cumberbatch; E.
Moore. T. Martin, R. McLean, S.
Thomas and L. Martin. Reserves:
R. Dookie and R David.
I nzacs:-W. Clifton; M. Bailey.
B. Atwell; H. Bazzard. C, Stanley.
R. Naraynslngh; H. Wilson, F
Springer (capt\, E. Henry, R. Bar-
zard, and L. Hall. Reserves: C.
Fritz, F. Thomas and M. Sanhar.
Representatives of clubs taking
part in the Goodwin Sunday after-
Snoon football cup competition are
reminded of the meeting which
takes place at, 7.30 o'clock tonight
at the residence of Mr. C. "Will"
Joseph, 24 Jerningham Avenue.
The open singles final of the
Marine Square Lawn Tennis Club
tournament between Harold Noth-
nagel and C. Thavenot will be
played off today.
Members are Invited to brina
their friends.

Sale Of Properties At
San Fernando


Freehold Property
Large Dwelling House, opposite
Orphanage. Entrances on both
Belle E&u Road and Franco Lane.
Three (3) Bedrooms, Front and
Side Galleries. Drawing and Dining
Rooms. Back Sitting Room, and all
Out-ofGces under one roof.

Keep out

A a" be" a Mee ad a"
emr ome Iewo we "hSeemq. .. dr-g em"W
t m asc. with 'eum Oe
Tp. IM eveM"e465ia we
"W2l h mt e h e t lem":: t1ee6a- Is
MeetteM Z* 6m WMea
s Sure To $Smer On

-- H rton Jewry Nighe


Tonca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

WuI. -, Kennedy & Co.. Ltd.
8% SUBu = L$MU

on uncomfortable psias. Be Pes-
ried to soothe them with Slosa'se
nimet. Lumbpo, u aralgSi sad
chsscold pains Yield as the mum-
er-irrlniteaiagf powers of Slosa's. Ih
warms sad soothes as it aids Na-
mae's heeiag.
Yew uay avold serlo complies,
does. .,a My a less aPo C aeglece
myounef'wf a bottle W Sloas's
Liaisee is yoMW adi-
else chess. Put one
there- sod"a,
mum ^

Hf yem &am an ase bleedw

NuA A?** "d'a1!^""
w~it lis BMS- iJ eadesee

Sw WNth g aem ePm"od*
dMa Pyreao<~ffi '
wey. "IF,-' e- mui-
olx- mom
Caifa' ek yooF &ad 1: ybl
-r1 es 40

pof /Mw~I fases






I .--~"" -) 1 -e

Yoeur Ki4dies TODAY
Can Be Stalmwrtg TOMOReOW ..;



ENolu s' tralsed Vegetawle


e~ ftstraladl Soup

'IF -un

B om -A


la i



I- -- --------- ---,.--.-,, --

Standard Life
arameroe Co.
Iu lslee te the Wa.
ln" fer NO yoen,
_a mle fuaje . P.O.

_________________________________________________ 1~ ~- w


----DOES '- .

O YO Houe built ofG Si
ry threaten *Tow rssn -w- of Satti. Kitchen ,
t en',se "2'" Th I"..Room snd Waft ch
a .e d T at Help Make Te Reiem' Te Ge Very Realthy Good
More than hall ot unr dlntlgeeo don bel and Sea Bothis
DK? ^*-L\ ~the bedt-io your 2S feet i( bow e So *hen ---
S\ d kee.,t tr eame ntt h. Petite A Calg
' **SL\ tesuto in thostoacwh AND b i b tLe. S-U M
\ WiM you ,--, n I t ..urw o en Matla.
feRt"ol bowel& 20 ACERB
Tske oCarieorsUttleUv, Pllbefte ams Ten minute by be
after meals. Ta. them 7 anxdmsi nddSeienm 2
'Tbeyhelpepwake upalargerflow otheS mami Island. Suitable for
dPiptives uinyourtomachwANDhowelo.- stock, etc.
1^- ***'*Jll~liteuelpE^ hopt udig twhet you haveaten in Na tur' e ,
own way eFor Particulars AplyP
Th- en nct M "tk tl 1oI lthat1 P A. F. MacL
^^H-I^^^K^H-B mnlm you f bette hom'"yo" heed to r" **"C
to-. juta. ba rte y ou get the SmmenB Cart'o St. Mark's C
little L aver Ni. frame vow che^e,,' Price: 30 a
Give them
. and they'll drink more milk.



-AT -


^ 1 ____~_~__.


0 NK A

(I hcw i

* '** ,v



Tal ,3Of TrinidadT

j lt -U lmum~mhsin aem.
-at la wVM* 0a11 1Ma witth aWo Cu htf than UwUl

3HDA J i"I and later in the evening the "Marm, Art wasr
h 1B0t21 buN e French Consul and his wife. and everyone WatO at
t a on hearing tt I t thLt fth Pari ten, who for so long
\ apui S their National Anthem, and I am-sure many felt as I
S4 in the throat. th erwDt .edicteand O allat, h I the
VIWtth IW and atern teeve; Mr. and MtM. Ken Mackenale, Mr.
+ 4 temarimAns. iteouut. Hattonfte. Lieut. Barry Barron, Mg.
tAp thion. Mr. and MrA. nh eehult, Aamt.-Supt. KIray-Tuamer
jS i-3. nT. oted r th e Hon ereM n.Fr Wight and Mrs. Wlht, the
An Drrol dos Sntow and Mr dos Santos;: Mr. Robert Caldwell,
K, Audrey Canning. MiM Jean Canning. Lieut. Pat Reynolds, Capt.
*.owrlng0, Mr. and Mr. John Cater. Aat.-Supt. R. Lucie-Smith and
s.Luce.Snith, Major and Mrs. Mervyn Orell, Mr. and Mrs.Don
5r- -. Mr. Bill Wade, Mr. 1. Kerridge Mr. Edward Meadem. Oonm-
Nande god Mrs. Darlow. with a party of 20; Mr. and Mrs. Z.Mel-
le, oel and Mrs. Seal-Coon, Lieut. 0. 0. Case. Miss Tesle
cnt. Comsnder and Mrs. Dawes. Mr. Ralph Hunte, Miss Mary
roisn Mr. an, d Mrs. Tan Ooldle. Mr. Hayden Oalt, Mr. Sheldon
S{e},6 Major and Mrs. Gerald Liddelow. Miss Nestas Lewis, Mr. and
MI. Msrt de BoebmIer. Mr. and Mrs. "Boy" Dalla Costa, Mr. Dave
SamelSbrith. Major and Mrs. J. ormond Riddel, Mr. Jules Henneguy.
AMOM th dine at the Trinidad Country Club on Wednesday
alm, S h elebrating the deliverance of Paris were Mr. and Mrs. Joe.
X. u A.who had the French Consul and Mme. Oallat as their guests
s weas Captain Bernard Guillaume and his wife, the former Miss
.p+tOulilau s I. on short leave after three and a half years
fl actie service.
Shas been decided to make Leaseholds Auxiliary Ambulance Corps
pe nace-timeU organisatnlon to promote first aid and home nursing.
teM -memnbers of the Corps took a British Red Cross Society exam-
MS{Mj held at No. 2 Clubhouse, G. Onyaca.ra Park, Pointe-a-Plerre,
ta Thuday lMt, August 17, and all passed.
te leading seven were Mr. George G. Nixon, Mr. C. L. Smith,
- .& K N. idler, Mrs. A. B. Ross, Miss 0. 1. Simms second examina-
" M rIa K. Barnes (third examination), and Mrs. R. L. F. Covey
( a eamnatries).
aTe apinSr was Dr. K. P. Beaubrun and Mrs. X. J. Burge, the
saCrettry. Two Boy Scout--James Cummings and Christopher
Od d-Acted a "patients" and bore the spllifting and bandaging
,Tho mlntintlon results must be gratifying to Dr. M. Schwartz.
wt delivered the lectures, and to Mr. R. J. F. Covey, who gave the
pweotcal Instructlon.,
L a-- B over WVDI yesterday at 5.30 p.m. heard a new song, "As
le rie Falls," written by Henry Masie, of H.M.6. Benbow,
t sid of which was the work of his pal, John Downes who san j
S It was written in Trinidad and is dedicated to LThe Lan I
gmnunn Bird," where these ratings have spent the past two
ra hof to have It published In London in the near future.
# 1 *
UO$ ORGE ALLCOCK had a double celebration on Wednesday.
SW besides the news about paris it was his 36th birthday, and he
wan In a large party at the Country Club.
In the party I saw Capt. and Mrs. George. Capt and Mrs. Jack-
SCapt. and Mrs. Murray, Mr. Maynard. Mr. Jack Key, Mr. John
Mr. Caleot, Mr. George Calcott, and Mr. Cole.
TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRIED adnmis ion tickets are being
p1itod for the dance being organized by Mrs. Gerard Scott. to aid
4 Ut, Joseph'a Convent Fund, which is being held at the Prince's
on Friday, September 15.
Mr. Nellie Pnllonais has charge of the buffet-supper. and, know-
ing bht prowess. I can well imagine she will put out something worth-
while; the bar will he in thle rare of Mr. George Cabral, who knows
te Job, while Mrs. R nbert Slier and her band of hulpe-s will be in
chale nf ice.t
Beslde& dqictng, thrre aii! hp cwonut shies,, shooting at Hitler,
Mid other gainea, as well ai ea;ltauiil d, All x-puptpis of S'. Joseph's Convent., their friends and ,
*otlh' friends aa it'Pted to IItIL'- hlg 'h , int n i.Lis hoped they vill
lie fatthlul to thr.r 'Alma Ma'er.'
TrE &atn Fernando Musicians' Society arid the San Fernando Ciil-
l tural Society are both Im vacation during this month. Miss Piper,
S I .his secretary of both sotieues. is spending her b ftlday

WS of the dixastrous hurricane in Jamaica hae boe received
here wit the greatest sympathy. Jan.maica has been partil-
cularly unfortunate, as she has apparently been much harder hit
thu any of the other places visited Iby the sutrm. Sir John and
X HutMins who of course are both well-known in Trinidad, have
V Visiting the devastated areas, and local relief committee have
S t up to care for the thoLsands made homeless In this
eftt ditaiter aine the hurricane of 1903.
My readers are with inp, I know, in solicitude for thoG who
have mifed

YO'U, Me.


1i '

;Wove* OUT Isom'sU
6YU". TAU"!


- w ---------I

SIanty Anchen Apron I

It Is ..Asv to make yourself this dainty apron. Get some material
the same colour as carrots and stitch them around with blanket
stiltch. Material for the tomatoes will, of course be the same as
their natural colour, and you can make pot holders to match like
the large tomato in the picture.

Bread Without Kneading
Batter bread or spoon bread Is delicious and very appetising. It
does not require kneading, which is one of the things many people dis-
like in making their own bread.
There arc countless rules for*
making battbreadou ruspon r broken into bits, and last of all the
making ba)tar bread or spoon bread, )eggs. When all are mixed, pour in-
but here is one of the most pracUti- to the greased baking dish and bake
cal and one to which the beginner for about 40 to 45 minutes In a hot
oven (about 400 to 425 degrees).
In the line art of making spoon Test with a straw or silver knife
bread can turn with assurance: blade.
Have ready o cups o milk Spoon bread takes the place of
Have ready houi cups of milk, potatoes at'any meal.
four eggs, well beaten; two table po y meal
apoons of butter; two level tea-
spoons of salt; one cup of corn
meal either white or v ellow; a well Dna r
greased baking dish holding about ,D aily Ditart
a quarter and a ha;lf-to allow lor '
expansion of the spoon bread in
baking. Forthcoming Events
Using a sauce-pan, bring the
milk to the I, aiding l)oint and then OPen rifle competition, Pointe-a-
stirring steadily, aid slowly the cu Piprre, tomorrow.
of meal and the salt, cooking to a Formal month-end dance Pointe-
"nmuish." Add, non, the butter, a-Pierre Club. 8 p.m., tomorrow.

Radio Programmes




5 (1i Anrnouncr.en;fn eI G.I. N'ni
"l, Il nun Mh : i n s utt Orchetra Quo Pasaa
l) A Mirti Madness Bob Crosby
6:1.)0 De MN, e~P~I a Command Performance
:1"> .-.. Pesr,-n al Album
0 Crmedy Caravan Show 'ime
.14. Nra .. .s,,
:1S- K's-K Report -
;30 Jiu leo West VIr. Rambler
:45 Carnl\l Muil i ... CHl.\Psont
4,00 a Nens Orlt Gildersieenh
spotl|ht lare -
8i0 World Affairs CaltfornlaM Nlodis HeuRw of Charm
:4 Brltish Vir. Ac - -
9 :00Neas- Un. Network Reporter News
:15 - News at Homein Cathoic Hour
;30 Rrahm's R,,it.la Great MeLody oDanr Time
:4S War Reien .- -
00 4)0 'INews Readines News Night Owl Club
IAI Freedonm Fornim - -
10 ;:30 Welts ime-
1 .. --. Noctiine
NOTZ: W.T. A T S g.irl %Ill be heard tonliffbti at 1* o'loci evr W.I. Radio
hN% |a-,. r on Wit'l.
IF I COULO ) Tt ELF t IJO I, < ,KAY ..
-MOWER THE GARAGE f1, ,kble /- AGAIN,'

AND T1416 I"ON I fI
^ Ml WIiGNT. IT'6 1



- e~ss


N O W I .. ...u.......:- ............ ...N O W
,N pDe LUXE p NG E w s 4
Ad Conutisaig Daily at 4.45 and .45 p II nTTTPRTMT :_ ,L _

Thrseomdesenhu 4
bheirl Hardy
h^wk p Od hw
te screen I

Y hm yo
^ comodyl


SContinuing Dally at 4.30 & 8.30 o'clock
= I

8.30 p.m.
Thle Indian Musicil Sensation
Tomorrow-Billy The Kid's Gun
Justice; I Take This Oath

TONIGHT at 8.30:
Grand Indian Picture
Full of Action and Romance
Popular Stars
Tomorrow and continuing -


memo 5 a. f urammm a s u
e te I= t of War THranomt. wilU
operate Paie sd Ccat irnlPem be.
WOO Its ift m ffb aml am sott
twa" th *its ulmeI sad ta um
WoeS ladle. U*hia uiaalw* sad .
or afrta 8sfmaun itam th
Maana. aeaO, U. uN go. LTO
rebeu til u u1.-74 aesgM oae.

h i iiHllllfliilliiiii iHillillmiHlmln iimjinllril



3 Friday, August 25
|8.34 p.m.
Come anld join in singing
your favourite sonR.
SAccommodation available for
i Merchant Navy Offlicers at
Reasonable rates at the
Cablents House, St. Ann'a

PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at s .30 &sp.m.
and -

146 FIrst Street, San
Juan-Half Poeseion
........ $1,950
S2 Houses, Maraval .... f
* Empty Houses,
Woodbrook ...... Cheap
* House near Country
Club. Peseendon .. $1,006
1 Broome Street-Re.
novated and Vacant .. T
5 Bath Hill-New.
Empty .............. KMo
15 Pelham Street.
Posseslon. 1,400 mort-
a "a e $..,.............1 $ ,146
Pcleton Street. Poa-
semion a............ 111,141
Empty Home. Carlod
Street .............', -
5 Ovid Alley-up BasE-
Ion St. Rental $11
187 Western Main' Road
EmKty,............. 1e,S
S* 3-2nd Avenue,. Cas-
eade. Beauty. Poseaion
* SaRckvllle Street-iiuai-
neow Spot .... 56,00
2 Aia Street-Empty
27 St. Joeeph Road ..he
Home-Posue do-
Stone Street ..... $17J
* Cottage-Seott-.Buahe
street .............. 111,
* Rive Rad, near Coon-
try Club ........... 51,06
* A--th Street, Bara-.
taria ..............t..
* 9 Refalive ....... 6
* 35 Matulmen Road .. $4.66
* 4 DeB ue Street, St.
James. Pesseslon ....
Rea: Bargain
* Cumbrabatb Lima--
New. Empt" ...... Mw
*Observatory stnit- w
Dwellbin BI es.. $5.46
* L409 Circular Road-
Mode ouse w ... 811,60
* 2 Islaa U Hsee .-G.-
save and Menoss .....
* _t. UMbOrtR oead,
PeBterg, San Jan.
PBe n .......... .2.,446
*.D teul St.. M6l
aeseeeiBUaneaw .. 66.36
n tberts Stret.
Rental 3S .......
* -6 Kastam Main Read^
* 4 tUawg Etate*-Teao 4
Seea Balance of VLAit t offee,
3 Charlotte Street ho 4
Louis Gilmon Thommr
c. iSell ve r on rty qi
Ip. NoexSale. 3.Cmw~igm


j.5..tor.a.'.L o pl asy rs 1
Icorn to ptau -



Extra-"SWEET JAM (2-reel Musical-with 4
Rhythma Boy.

GLOBE-San F'do.
Today, I and 8.30
Donald O'Connor and Peggy
Ryan In
Extra-Hit Tune Jamboree.

Tonight, .54

Coming Thury A




iin I F ?

SAT. .M--Tbs Whole SeiaTREAgUBIJ

Tonight. 8.10-
The Whole
The Iron


iauHmU miHHin iiilHlnliuniniu

TODAY 4.48, .30 p.m.



Tcdav. 4S0

Tmeght, S.2
11 Ace Artite.



0 OLY!
1' paidMUNK

w ft "COMU

SRaymond MA

At .31 p.P.

-- 0U1 --


IODAY 4.30, gM p.m. Adults

mao -
Preeton FOSTER, Patricia ELUI

TODAY 4.41.J


Starting S-lM

NEW- San Fe
TODAY at 4.45 p.m. ONLY

SAT .30 P.M.- .
.imiMiMU~iiMiffimmmiM~im~aMlr r~*

TODAY at a a 8.4& and Continuing ovwe t I
ISM l czbIwk)

.., ,


vernor Greets W.I

ea _Party Ia London

0ownor of the Colony, now in. London on
W ARM W e lo1M extended to a party of 28 A.T.S.
dMia Colonies entertained to tea at the Colondal
y the Duke of Devonshire, Parliamentary Ltnder-
1W0 f the Colonies. The party included girls from
G0uUa, Doonlca, Grenada, St. Kitts, St. Lucia,
t idMed and Toba.
-The distinguished gathering pre-
sent to welcome the girls Included
o Colonel Oliver Stanley, Secretay of
FState for the Colonies, Sir George
y Gater, Permanent Under-Secretary
of State for the Colonies, Sir Prank
y tockdale. Comptroller, Develop-
ment and Welfare. West Indies;
ILady Davson, Chairman of the
Ladies' Committee of the West. In
Bdim Committee; Senior Controller
Bster FEllas, Deputy-Director,
nor any Ol A.T.S.; Chief Commander Whild-
Slum CleSranes dington and Senior Commander
yth render Turner, at S- Mr. R. F. Williams,
I en a & "-. Jamaica Producers Marketing Com-
gooedby the pany, Limited; Miss Penelope
1Ejterday. Woodhill, Overseas Secretary. Girl
t reads:- uldes' and a number of ofti"ls
Alum Clearance of thR Colonial Office.
iorry Provi- The girls, who were in excellent
Which was health and spirits, were accom-
tUre a short pink d by two of their officers,
Clearance CoMn- Chief Commander D, Potter and
i under tis Or- Junior Commander D. Swan, and
dated Auust by Sgt. Triggis.
S fa taecialty u Both officers spoke highly of
Nof the ot Of the keenness, adaptability and ex-
E the south by dian A.T.S. Similar, Praise was
north, on the east
and on the west given by Sgt. Triggis and--as
p everyone who knows anything
"h been taken oy about the forces will agree-praise
as the result of a from a sergeant is praise Indeedl
Kltlon extending The girls, who are at present un-
which disclosed dergoing training, will be employed
eondltlons In this as stenographers, teleprinters, tele-
us or injurious to phone operators, etc. and some
.welfare of the in- wi'l be destined for Ack-Ack ac-
su > of the state of tion stations.
defects, and over- At the c:ose of the party the
Sgenerally, the bad Duke of Devonshire In a short
if the dwelling houses speech said, "It is a rest pleasure
0is satisfied that to us to have you come to this
cn be effectively
scan be efectively ^country. We greatly appreciate
rg the demolition your patriotism, loyalty and cour-
i may be required by age in coming so far to serve your
p of certain of the King and Empire. It is foolish to
" wholly or in part as prophesy, and I am not going to
M which are unfit for prophesy, but I think there are
plan, by acqulsiticn by good grounds for hoping the war
Lad Housing Commis- may be over before so very long.
rmainder of the lands When it Is, you I Ill have the
0comprised in the area, knowledge of duty well fulfilled."
ec'e1oe of other func- Replying, Private Z. H. Affonso
Wears with which it of British Guiana said, "We feel
eted by the above- vwry happy and honoured to be
ignco. here this afternoon, Most of us
ly at the Instance of have been serving at home in some
a, the area in que- capacity or other, On behalf of
t lefned on a plan on the girls. please accept our sincere
Is clearly Indicated in thanks for your hospitality and
1 any land or building welcome."
0@inlon, sanitary and
Io not exist,'or which = -
*e does not find it
=ouire for the pur- Decision
ng conditions that Decision Reserved
. or injurious to the
fare of the Inhabit- In Jamaica Trial
I known as the exclud-
- Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
In pink colcuring on KINGSTON JAMAICA, Aug. 24
Is the special slum -The trial of Roger Mais, writer.
%# been declared as .ind City Printery, Limited, on a
L innlttee in exercise charge under the Defence Regu-
i;Tdl included build- latlons of endeavouring to preju-
Ithe opinion of the dice the war effort by publication
r in & state of disre- of an article entitled "Now We
iaJent ltnds An r hUtirb.u Vl.nd n nde,4 tn -he mati, W"U

desired to acquire. Tree Magistrate's Court last night.
Is plan can be seen Mr. J. L. Cundall, the n'iglstrate,
M the Planning and reserved his decision.
ILsslon, No. 2. St. Vin- The charges against 0. T. Fair-
Port-of-Spain, at the dclough, managing director of City
Port-of-Spain, and at Printery, Limited, which publishes
kOfloe, San Fernando, the People's National Party dally
*t public inspection newspaper "Public Opinion," in
I ra's, which the article appeared, was ac-
W" under the chair- ouitted at an early stage of the
fti Hcn'ble E. L. dos trial and since has been informed
I., has been selected by the Attorney-General that a
Of and Housing Comn- nolle prosequi has been entered
twe approval of the respecting four charges of alleged
Mt It comprises the seditious libel against him.
a de N4obrtga, Mr. The trial attracted a pIcked
ing, and the Actinq courthouse throughout.
Or, and has under The Hon'ble T. H. Mayers, Attor-
'V the Ordinance co- ney General, prosecuted, while Mr.
el Officer of Health N. W. Manley. K.C., leader of the
m. ~People's Natioril Party, Instructed
d chairman nor any by Mr. H. 0. A. Dayes, appeared
in Cf the committee for the defence.
rmuneration for ser- _

a render as sucn."

Guardian" learned
asub-oomm!ttee of
are Committee yes-
toured Wood-
and the eastern
city and selected
sites for children':
ii in accordance with
of Miss Dora Ibber-
lfar Officer, that
h playgrounds for
x vacation. The Port-
Council recently
large committee to
nM n to discuss ways
to tarry out this

Party Plan
Sof the
a& of the West
SParty is scheduled
*I0ay, August ,26 at
WS Institute when
Nmed Section will be
which is intended to
w2? youth of the Colony
Wmvntry and the ideal of
We community, Is under
of Dr. p. V. Solo-
e president of the
Lo fPOrt-I-Sptin and
If S 11' o b con-
tke part In the con-
t, weh an interesting
as ben arranged.

AR.C. Post
'l'imld d uardlaj" un-
o that Mr. Rae B.3.trls
SStatInt M ter at Queen'
|~l-P l likely to be ap-
Mu.r-taff of the College
lii. an old boy of the
S formnner runner-up
Scholanhip. recent-
london University

edo ard inr p
0u examinatIon.

mm.w NOR..L M inre-
E dBiSiomas of FR.P.P.
JL-CiL J.. LO.C.P..
t,. Ohsoy,, M.BL

Nine Bills Listed
For Legislature
Nine Bills, six resolutions and
supplementary estimates totalling
$272,131.24 are listed for pre-
sentation at the extraordinary
meecing of the Legislative Coun-
cil this morning.
Eight of the Bills are down
for second reading, while the
ninth- a Bill to aniend tile Slul
Clearance Ordinance-will be
taken through all its stages.
Among the resolutions is one by
the Acting FiManclal Secretary
seeking amendment of the First
Schedule to the Customs Ordin-
ance to permit the free entry of
British manufactured railway and
tramway parts Including acres-
sories admitted as such by the
Biggest single item on the list of
,upplementary estimate Is tie
sum of $50,000 to meet addltlo-al
refunds in respect of Income Tax
and Excess Profits Tax.
Sum of $47 100 6I also bng
sought to provide for the el .'-
ficatlon of the Chanachacare LI-
prosrlum, while of $3.,420 re-
quired for the Prison Department.
32,000 wil go towards feeding of
prisoners, the amount otr0ialrY
provided havln proved 1tauff-
dent owing to large increase in
the number of persons admitted
to the institutions.

City Law Courts
Change-Up Planned
Port-of.Spoains Sup Courts
are to undergo extensive alteratils
In the near future to provide for A
Fifth Puisne Jude expected .to10
appointed soon, te "Trinidad Oust.
dian"' learned esterdy .
Plans made by the Chief Justie.
It Is understood, call tor advancing
of the rcStrum in the First Supre-
Court, and putting up of aide '
on each side of i. This will allow
for construction of two chambers
fot the Chief Justice and another
Judge at the back of the rostrumM
The Third Court will be extended
to occupy the clerks' office., while
an a8-hway will be made in theU
wall at present separating the Thi rd
Court from the Law Library, tn
order that practitioners may go
from the Third Court to the library.
The clerks' 0a0 wil oU py one
of the chambers 0W esad a
EffeUve September 1, Ltten-
ant 0. W. Greense haboob
tInsferred to the eere ofI
OMcers, Trin IAcW Y"I 4
.A f c

S -

V ~ lb

City Water Supply
Increase Expected Soon
The city will let an addl-
tlonal g40M gallons of water
from Thnldad Mectrlcity Boud
Well on their Ariaplta Ave-
Due premises shortly after the
Corporation have established
a chlorinatilon plant there.
Mr. C.R. Farrell, City ,n-
gineer, who has been asked to
r.repare a report estimating
the cost of making the neces-
sary connections between the
wes and the city's water
mains a"d cost of the water,
hopes to have It ready for
consideration of the Finance
Committee next week.

20 Killed In


Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
-His Excenency the Governor. Sir
John Huggins, and Lady Huggins
today started a tour of the area
stricken by the disastrous hurri-
cane which swept over the ncrth-
ern parishes of the island on Sun-
Id s Li now estimated that 20 per-
sons were killed and 10,000 more
rendered homeless while damage
to crop., partIcularly coconuts and
bananas, runs well Into $4,800000.
The hurricane. It is stated, w.'s
the worst the island has experi-
eneed since 1903, when another
blast ravaged the parishes on the
northern aide of the Island.
Force of the wind was so violent
that heavy railway wagons were
overturned big sugar factories
damaged and several public build-
ings destroyed.
The 130-year-old Baptist stone
church at Fplmouth, revered as
a memck'ial to emancipatior Knibb,
was blown to the ground.
Local ans central organizations
have been set up to adminir' : re-
lief to the homeless, while a public
subscription fund has been started
by the newspaper, "'Dally Gleaner,"
Mleaner," to aid sufferers.

Shopkeeper Freed
In Corn Meal Case
Upholding submission by (Mr
Edgar Gaston Johnston that the
police could not bring an accusa-
tion of refusing to sell aLiinst hisi
client without the written sanction
of the Competent Authority, Mr.
W. J. Andre, presiding In the First
Police Court yesterday acquitted
lung, a city shopkeeper accused of
refusing to sell corn meal.
Itung, It was alleged, refused to
sell corn meal to a woman al-
though he hi-d been selling It to
many other customers that day.
Norman Bones, a Laventille man,
who pleaded guilty to two accusa-
tlons of throwing missiles to the
danger of persons, was fined ($ on
each cl-,trge, and ordered to pay
$12 costs.
Kxressilng the view, that those
whoSheated others at a time like
this; ,.wre a danger to the well-
being and safety of the community,
Mr. A. J. Hamilton imposed costs
and compensation totalling $129.60
on re.lypsingh, a carter, for steal-
ing an axle and wheel from the
cart of Charles Borde.
Realising that he was being pur-
sued by an American patrol for
having over-stayed his titnsporta-
tlon despatch. Adolphus Emanuel,
a truck driver, raced along Queen
Street, Ignoring all danger signals,
finally running the vehicle on
to a riwement. Found guilty of
dangerous driving he was yesterday
fined $30 or 30 days' Imprisonment
with hard labour.

U.S. Navy Air Arm
Marks 31st Year
The week of August 23 to 30
markLs the 31st anniversary of the
founding of U.S. Naval Aviation.
Lems than three years after the
first aircraft flight from the
deck of a ship, Naval Aviation
was authorised on August 30,
1913. In the Naval Appropriatior
Act of 1911-12, the sum of
$25,000 was allocated for all of
Naval Aviation-leses than It costs
to train one naval pilot today.
Since its founding, Naval Avia-
tion has participated In many
history-making events such as the
famous flight of the NC4 across
the Atlantic in 1919. but today it
It* 31st year, it is writing by far
the most brilliant chapter in Its
history. Throughout the Pacific
mighty carrier task forces are
spearheading the widespread of-
fensive against Japan's island
empire. At Ouain. as at Baiptn
and the Marshalls, fast hard-
hittlnt teams of navy thips and
? lat'es have been leadinl the way
or the occupation of strategic
Islands which are the keys to the
defence of the Japanese home-
land. This offensive will not stop
short of Tokyo.

T.G.R. Seek $43,646
For Tobago Service

Supplementary estimates listed
for approval at today's meeting of
the Legislative Council inolde
sums totalling $43.*6 required in
connection With the Atablishmert
of the TO.R. Tobago 'Bus Ser-
It is proposed to create 31 new
pOt in the department a. an
etlmated cost, for the remaining
months ofthhe ar, of $7,17., It
uals proposed to spend 2,S20
on was 4 of additional mechanics
and assistants; .M50a on stores;
$M0 on insurance of vehicles;:
and $10,000 on pure ihdese of
Workshop and garage accommo-
dation. nw under consideration,
Is likely to cost $12,000, while a
further $6,000 will be expended in
the purchase of workshop

$80 Increase For
Factory Inspector
The Legislative Counc will be
!ad today to vote a um of $i2
to pidefw o a revision of the
salary of the post of Factory
Inspector hfm VWM per month to
$80 Incluv e of all emoluments,
tc the eceondmeft for a further
ter of. one year from June 1,
a t I' .
C f '


Research BodyMeet To Ean

W.I. Industry Development

Owing to unforeseen circumstances, the Comptroller for Develop-
ment and Welfare and the reproestativs from Puerto Rimo wen
unable to be parent at a mating of the provisional oommitte ot
the industries Section of the Caribbean Research Council held In
the Red House yesterday, a statement from the Information Office
discloses. Those present were Mr. 0. 0. Case (British Oulana), Dr.
F. Morton (Trinidad). Mr. T. X. Heesterman (Dutch Guiana), Ir
Robert Rbinson (Colonial Products Research Council). and Pro-
fesaor 3. L. Smonsen, Director of Research, Colonial Products Re-
search Council.
After the Ho'ble. ErrolI L. dos4 -- --- .- _----
Santos. AcUnq Co'onlal Aecrrt-ry,. r ek
had welcomed them. the commlttao |s IS e
considered the general policy to be ra e eek
observed by this project, end this Hf
policy will in due course be con.-
sidered by the Caribbean Research S p u
Council. w C
Purpose of the committee, the
"Trinidad Guardsan" was informed Law Cha l)fa
yesterday, is to coordinate and h
consider the Industrisallsatlon of
the industries of the Caribbean The "Trini'd Ouardlan" was
area. As one member of the corn- officially informed yesterday, that
mittee put it, "It is high time that responsible body of city mer-
the various West Indian colonies chants have sent a petition to
realized that they should endeavour Lilutenant-Colonel Erskins Lindop,
to become self-sUffclienLt." Acting Commissioner of Police, ro-
Explaining what he meant by questing that the Liquor Premises
self-suffmclency, this gentleman said Control Law, for controlling the
that Trinidad for instance, ex- hours of trading of llcenead pretm-
ported her cocoa to the Mother lees, be relaxed, on grounds that
Country where It was refined and there Is no longer necessity for It.
eventually returned in various The mercli .nti point out in their
forms of chocolate and sugar pro- petition that the law had been in-
ducts. British Guiana, on the other produced to curb the outbreak of
hand, exported to the United States lawlesness caused by drunkenness
of America bauxite, sugar and dia- and maintain law and order In the
monds, all of which could be manu- Colony
factored in 4.'itish Guiana if they They emphasis that since this
could obtain the necessary equip- %w came Into effect the elements
meant. However, it is hoped to ob- for which It was particularly in-
tain the machinery after the war tended, have either left the Coloy
to manufacture in the West Indies or taeir spending capacity has been
whatever is possible. appreciably decreased. They also
Men capable of maagiog varl- ablepont out that despite the short
ous industlree were now available o
in England and other countriesthours they are allowed to keep
and many of them whd could not their premises open, no refund had
now return to their country had been made to them and t is t Is-
expressed willingness to come out possible for them adequately to
to the West Indies and work. meet expenses,
Citing an instance, he said that Interviewed. Lieutenant-Colonel
wlheras in the past diamonds oh- Lindop admitted that he had re-
tained from British Guiana were Celved a petilon from a body of
sent to Belgium and other Europ- merchants, but refused to comment
ean countries to be cut and pol- upon it. He s.'ted that he was at
shed, British Guiana was at pro- present considering the petition
sent doing her own cutting and and It was probable he would send
polishing. It on to the Governor with his
--- ----views.
Asked about the holding of pub-
Social Wplfare Officer lic darnce, tt Acting Commission-
Goes o T obe Today r of Police said that It was in-
oes obago oday tended "to relax somewhat on the
Miss Dora Iterson, Social hours'" during which public dances
Welfare Officer, is expected to could'be held He further stated
leave Trinidad for Tobago to a t hat it wK's intended to permit pub-
tend a meeting of the Social lic dances an additional hour dur-
Welfare Committee. She proposes Ing week days. that was u to 12
spending a week there, most of o'clock midnight, Instead of up to
which will be devoted to looking 11 o'clock as at present: and up to
around to see the work that is one o'clock on Saturc'..ys. Instead
being done. of up to midnight.
S Of non-subscription dances, he
stated that as far as he was aware,
E S ~ there was no regulation preventing
private persons keeping these
9 EF WSc,nces through the night.

Younal Woman'. Baclech:
aeond do oSoem Gene
I aa n a *W.N 4 years of agep,"
10, rk Miw- esJses, Marsabds aIy
Rd, MaraMIs P.0,
f l^WA--^ 1 So Fareuds, Trial.^O tt
d4A "Fer dtree ers
I was sudearig with x^
",were heaedhe wad a
pow een mey daw
pVlWNhi *my be dayis
ea y i y, .e ,
^^^^^^--BB^^^H^^^^^^^H I tr* 0 ?^fti.^^k I Ad ^^^se sad

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i lt l.w. Mi jheadath"e
amd h adpa W .e 1 Aa% i 3001

made elmbll to reNHeve 'PERIODIC'

And Its Wh k,
Cranky, Nwm Feell s-
Take hoed It Vow., lke s many
women and girs on such day suffer
trom cramps, headaches. backaso,
wea, nervous feethits, distress ol
"irreulmHtt'.ue to functional
ly disturbances.
start at owes-try Lydia 2. 1ink1 -
ham's Vegetable Compound to re-
suchve such nptomM because this
famsousmin"icale11"s soothing
Effect on oHsorr WOMAN's so" m-. There arn on harmful opiate lai
onrTANT os00a1. Taken regularly PtiMun'sihas Oompound--it Is made
throughnout the month- it helps from Mtur'sr own mroots and hrS
build up ruiatano* against such (1plus VitUaBi t K), me rmns
yndtwome. wondts Uo ttou- Aleo al stmal hic toW i aFltw
as ot women reported label directllose. Worth t#MSagi

Ivpee1&2J "Ifti '= h Lyia IL Ph"kba
IegeaMe Cempemmi, no t M sa goa|in..

Identifktion rcelet....

Identification BroceletsL..

Neck Chains
Brooches -
Pendants .
Medals -
Signet Rings



.-.$ 415

S $536.00
_ a


^1111~~~O Iiii iiiiT


Gmas e
me ft -
yov UMd.*)

Follow these hints
and your Lux will
go further
,L, Alwas measures yor
/ I.u. You'll find that
(I or 1 quart of water
T ou'll need ly I
I ^A^B "I tbw*po' "to
of Lux-or a Ulte
more if the water Is
S very harL
MHeasure the water li
a jug and don't use .
too muob. ',
From tests made re- .
tently. you will
find that. you -, a
can do all your Pj
own idie and l 1
fine things foray J \
week and one child'a
thing as well ini quarts of
wattr sad 2 level tablepoonfuls
of Lux.
To avoid waste, plan your weah.
Do all the undies and
woollies together, once a
e;) ,w Several separate small
It's best to bqusese thi
undies through the Lus
siuds firts Next do the
wJoollic and, last of all the
sto, kings. This way, you got
the very moet out of your Lua.


Habitual Dosing


This Delicious

i Natural Food

Cusp, wndhy AUA4*AM
rellevy emMn wIBe
*Ofase*s easa
oi emw yr M ~iHl
... giveem i urea Med
-M evas laseseeM~p~f
Why Nt Ge as tbfrmis do,.
get lastia relief fr qMMMi
wios(tp hleabteydti aupe'le
AM-UrM M eslyP T0is 4aft M..
smtkialby v -ree'wM the *he k"
pm t diemabea.
ww Gri. uh~,*vwwt ... I*%
delicious with alk cod sup,, a
%it. Ask pFw wfa.i Kaeig
fAI3reu today.





0 ear a asftabo im h-u,
i.Es K W ,meb mams,
mes, sog k b hmam& Awl
it IStU,,a&do m wpb. 3ub is
is WAS of do Ap&
..hmmmwweh UAWm~

your hatr looks hnota g:
.ma d l we., -., *A
,oodpwrm m",m..e aI
4saswe 6sm5v ass




wmAwl wnmmma

N U/-B>. MA. lEAD, uwl. m
Ma1y pOpue 4eut0 w ia alienee t,' OMTe

make up your mind to ask your "Ito mslta what feeast in SI
.onu in the qi am Ptto* e r$l46 tl I
th a,=igitathoa T'= thee. I loft 7 oW t. OW
ban i uh s t eemoa t Gs thstr e ow $1110

hMalttn I tou are a d sufferer. o fte e:-ne
pake up a our mIn r to ask eour w Nit mtth yuhat togai X.n

orednar ointment, but a sePral feal tireWd and depreSed,
paratlion oo U ort thisaes& tel a OL I itaft UM !

plmoe trouble, It i prepared i n a ma r lutM D-(lU.) LI.
special no e qupplick ator tube, ak- e rlvertld sidch Renl i
thelag naddenit nle to use. Son I threeao. They on ain at.5

by chemists everywhere, cixds O neoutndijee acldl aso~rb.'
a nm an &K persred o -rdtce m S _tow 1V a
bba We most serioue form of ise ferotso whih a s..

n ai digestion. Rennies dismoyslb-t
thithe mouth. Th trouble s -
Man Zan Pilo Remedy os o v ,gestif R40010. n
ordinary ointment, but a soscial fedl Ursa and depressed, ty u
preparation solely for those with fo edl young $"gata tm *Wnik -W-
le trouble, It t prepared in a Lnee ,
special nonlo applicator tube. mnak- MW relief Widh peaMUS *11 4i
in, it simple anielean to use. Bold is threo-Sld. TSMY oaten anu -t
by chemists everywhere. selds to netrltnUM acidlg. aborbo '

PIERI ED ended with water ....
amd.dge A ll s*ie Rem d I-

~~~ 1 VITAMINS yes weed
utl th elsig e mout.re ybota
at once, b Feicausae t" eah'aw
sfrs to)ech full Ttength-e relk
PILE R MEDs en wit, wtr
)Al '* ,.ms- sell R, r "m s ,





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... ..4Xi.M ....... .. s ... .. ...

I 1*3W_ V ba+h S m .. II UVU C W u + I OUE 1.- M m."r ++ ..
.I-' A A-S. M . .I
i, *- _55:_*^ ,'/'--3 ?^.* vB,--a. 110M31 Tn _. ,OU-__ SS M M I I ll
--l "T-'' '--. - -'-= -=- _. -. -.c. _

,eL .. . _s -i.._. itj Sat ,, W O iat. ,.35 ",'-- .m.. -gjSi .. .t g '
S 055SF: SaS.^S.^-.SM NOWDOAT M&$ MA^-^ s S a. ^ y og
-,, u. 5ADi~ tT.U(O *ot&r|
moi totas-r ,|eammi t 1 AND oaFOMALrI. I S. amO
tImeleis-A t s *SW ool St at. Sa tA. -. j. SM U 1
,. -S. m ,t M m ..... ..~ It, S L r-mt m -- - w o G l as w--I .i2 .
~ ~~i4Ae-s 15*1 &S S ?3 sDSSM..4I^s^^ss __y^ric^ eJ"''u^:"'i' euta seam lies 051) 0555e-.^ EbS .5 Fn Cow Lt-
te .m Podel_ t .. odel oIn .. ,rn-
-ayli EJ'--C*a<. w.pEoM.. W"Y a Ui. em.-a a--A tl- U uo S 3 8 ho,,
SEUISI *15,5:-;; e rnere 55? tst e ,,,utS ,5S otr. 1,, ,. .o O, , ..
351~aa kS'- M tor biied koa-a11*1u**- -<'?>SSrtem. u U4S-Aa5 2"&O rn*.- SO_______ TweVr.S^r Ests-. 3* 3sfUCt4 I
o em twvo. cgm2Sn f te Aue ous anow roui E t l M o-Agl ow of
"'A,^m^ ^^^ ^S -A&*~ 18= 10 3 .11.uIMptm

."Drr TENeft AUDRNT.LO1iS3 now.tedW9. VE, 1 "s O -se lobs - ter,?* sj

.h w te.o C mi OI... . . a tts.-S VS. S S F isUa. $1 ougs ren a dO S itelo^t i. p o* n*t W- --.S.- e
AN1 u;;a r Dprtw to to P.a *.....? %t S. Ow S *t2 0 Y ears Old

.. . s..... .... ...ss e. Term. CA T U, nd o cm ,E. -- A Ar V" LA R A "Y A IO 1 A D10 andr e atpt t &
IM M ,of ltildttk Street.- 2-1.,1-0,

.. . ... .. .S .....I. GUAM, All I a.l A RE KOS atd 1 lt on. Alyt-u Mr l" i nl lobdr dwly Tor' SeW ---1 PECI,,R.

co. r .-, P. R IN t ,arott St B. -a u .. ,. ,,.on 1. zfe mm act I -twO e z.Ium.U T. .
,b asd by t* M wosl, "- -lt,'0 wl.t ---_ .ted city .o~mt w., 5, Thi, .
~DI '816.tAll a I go to0Ithlo5U5UtG OA Sat' don as s REwARD ONE AR 'SRl o o- y -* 16 A J F LA S0.
Smsohas 3th ~t'orcunr IPR IREPLAS Nth E 4rFslamdencOSl~e.0C3ty. a NT. ElSortI-""me otl. -. a"153wilUe.j ~ slow

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HI ~ i, , .......--- ------- LOC~ Y MADB SlHOM. Wbto uo. rula~ .Al. sTw ~e I~ n lBur Vt mm wrr lt l. # .. h~d ?,m' Aoa^ultw wa I* ibovo 8ddru. t_ Q'mlr lllepbT ol~ Clu j I r .
400 .1 a M4p.toamo LA ~

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Co li oth Qay.Pma ogs 4M5I0tllWd.10L n

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H, -.. 30. Parlour., pN:Ets..^ Cls Rt .au oE, ,DoIs a.. Apor y Eun.,.4. ,u,. with hoar.. Applyt 13, ,Miori Se na. 511,1 at --a, .Ma' R .,oosd^^., AI ANU..--VC .. th Au.. .. .
I C' ..e a l~t + Poneli1, enil@,t A. by ~lrmo-Ilmn oreo rm 'r A KAug.20. Propettm. w+ll l elsl i ono I0e4.-- EIe. emhtlh w S~lervlc to b hel at. at.mm -

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ATTENTION PROE S 12, O iRm. -Aug. uaIn'- 11uee on Sunday tANA 1-A DIANE ,otel
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ANTl) MEN rllCll W~i Teisphone S7.Au..orD."Eurc a xnil urtn -at .~215 t 0 1 .13 'GatIan." to attend.e~
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BONN. 11, mut" agrrom- Park .--.- 39

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ACCOUNTANT t-It UIRP;D for Southern gv i II S L l i~tdeboard, one GIn ue China Cabinet. Boa well iocaled b1ou1etneat tram h0 troliey Cheap. -5'
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3 LADY DESlIRS P1)111TDIN AS NIt-SPE lettlras tlohuan M chooie Sept. 3. MORRISl UITES.i~ Cash ano termed. B6~ TWO CkIATTIEL toOUSEEa at 44 Eul- Jsllaee.--Sept. 14.letcnionary e. 1.5. PO 1M, Hnd -md Cml
by sick or ft Doctoril OffiC e ''pa une y.SMA'alrtngt MJ Fou r A'l(t)U., Personal Frederick Street.--Anig 26. graate IIret. culy. Monthly rental: THE MANAGE ENT of te e Luxe ent 2 o1nd to, Ctly-es. 2pO Tblead d e

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AUTOMOTIVC Rfth e tivon Street. (an Fernando.c-Sep. h. 1 eAertrmnJtoANTiTY EMPTY BAGS wi n u.hu0cl il-hRuousvelt Isgoway. Good view sIatlng September 21. at 5.18 p.m.. and a ST. PAUL gTREitT. Restl $ .-d o s,
y i c ^ ^ : ^ 'SiANp 1 ,:,,NA BOY$, ** HI H SdeoPard oe lasC hin Cabinet.^ ^ ^^ ^ Boxrr 12t Street. San ,Jar
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IIVCoersA Re auLmd .r fe64bleetAugM = ^ ^ all g2.Els for thV entire run of the picture lin Te SeE, anmel Bread-Pan, A I
MOTORS FOR SA1E lt.. ... ..t S' BICNYC Ne p erfetkey a. .n d it .io .Vi. NEW HOUSE, slteet model, with be sold In advsncu. Booklns will be IUIINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS e 4ill r ChIlI Vases, A
MasteUr D n ARCHeR. Cabinet Maker, Neta supplOed by SPO*TING GO D T ItNunapuua, El Loto. Apply Miss Kohl handled st the rn Thetre. Sla lt. LOUIs OILMAN THOMAU etle imr
aOtTor.e" 0,mo Is be3 Ed r S S teept,. furniture at tLRr hotR T hSr of- SOVRIC CENTRE. 22 edward Mtree.-- Philuil, No. a aSTOcRn Main RoaId. PIN Vnaent Street, (Telephone 442A) from property q to ick18 No 1ato m e10. o an an, Brass sh Treys, A.
ty R.C'oCLII toed c t mew nor. 34 ( fauWter L 4dge 21usd, Balm r'* I Mc Immediate -Htaao.- t * September 1, bRete thve h*ou r of SM aM. arm 35 C e -A 2? BrS l Ba V e oli
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'Wp "Y TORi rve In. oixs e3-mode.uu'o lo5 ttio.n-a1 Charlotte Street.chers't, It. heading P A NServnN ael lab.els, Citric Acid c &a lAar a.iwe,'s 'fed," 2 sewerage. Rone of the ree toet picturus ever pouced IA N"T'S IniptdM- Wooden Cot wIth table Iron. BOX. Linens, Bloabkets.
0 EdwaUT d Ixt! epte +r- -.N-..+ OTICE TI,) MOTORISTS. Motorists umnd otiior a~ccesories tn the aerated hinteR I oedrooms hub+ water, ofalwlng room Sin. In Hollywood. It Is Important to note haIrt mttres. Phone So1e1.-Aug. El. t~l "Iego itchena Safe, Step Instructed
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"3H -A I. 2w.IWorks St. JanIes. II Crlttn Avenue, ugar -'Satt LS; .. 48 nSout m Quay. IB64 Pelham Street Belmont. 14,411 lupe '.. .. J _---.-..-._ -AN- A' QU IO, Mattress,
CHVRLEt"Tu d COUPE wth rtm u g hack ut Indi2n Mos.;ne.Sept. Is. ISept. t.calal feet of fiaot buldiM ln t Deo. APULCx 1 NOTICES ROOS AND
Reetl'.- _. cu.e.' aIt etuiti re-... I'iIOTO UOI.,OuJ+uNii Il IC)U'ERT. 14, CR0,W25 CORKER in 10 grocs dart1Ol, 'Martin Main Rusd, 1 minutes' drlv from; W R Oms b Moth cve t rleu.Goo localnt-y, ________________ Autoe ra. Dlnlynr ,frl
S! tnga p lo Iund. tG t fret orI hututt' service, U Frederick Btrcet.+ $16.00 Iseo o. Aply to II Jreery ]orPode UOtO.$,,. 1. e1. | I P.T x OF TWO{IIHI ORe l 'ItHRE Largetl l. UoournlshedAutioeer LCll'sp
BLCKAN PIAN LESN & ^^uks-S I^ ^ fi~ ul*<; now^ attractive 3-ndoo SUN-BANY
A S eST ANTA. h ont...... 0. --m. L Aug. 1. iet MOetW- E Rpth 9 e .4111). u2nett.--Aug. 3.91 W Cotane, late of No. 211 ..l. ont Gi.en.- Moderate rent. II, 1 int, lnRoo-iO
t'O uinw g STANdaRD tio, initite"And.. .. DOLL AND S TATUES REPAIREDC ARE YOU Ar NARO t2A1 t there I S S WILL OFF -RS INVIT. D tot unt ue et, O ng hat Road, Ineune Agpnit glSee. All e Ormaso.-A1dg. Oba rAUGUS A, N19hn
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AIace". l~. sp.ot.lem.,i.t.k. 7, and corn-. PAI RSR~ AND ELECTRICAL Re- recommended for browning steaks, chops. ,rent: 24, cents untll 1ti4. L.gate. Waster. doela~ed are requested. to ued lpatclsts mimr l 0 IOsII At I.I Nigh es~tntlmel shi
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1ueutn -- u rh n n1 Plii am A g ot r 1. p l ea is L d- Ai. 29 4 1 .sepeio b pery,544. at S C ancell r nAnd o PAg $ o sn- 5 I P
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UCOOK WITHG IX R "RECS anh elsi UMBRS LAS MAA"S NEW by ab treo all the leading grolers and its PyrxI. f No. S ekyllkn treet, loelonot ene sdwordla Jun. ppl" on o t. 0 t551 WRzst S In ot land -
g'lE -OINYROLE., OS,], L .,X tlu G.arcia's Umtbrela Kaincoat Factory use is rn. omlcal too. Try a botl~ of MODERN CONCR~g EIUNOAIAW 194 fm Marie leault Outa ..th IO sole neewt Mt.d ra"be" U.Soth, SaneFr-uS -- ---P+I p~ nl nd--, ObfU
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Rlitoe Fofo rt-,nuc k Duncan StrueL Phonr b.mi. 'We rCpoai pose d for the culinary6 ant C) a a.' o u opportunity, wlth one fls t lot ofBlan d en- 5e d. -AuS. a..n ,oChi
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5ilE PLYMOUTH CA r klood working BEWtARE OFi COBBLZR._. Ie .VigsTahe a ed -, Au S dr aw.ng oam'-dnALMO ST O St. a try. Uled p., frWa4 and Tcge, r Ro ad.r N DW LC I HOUSE TSn Lik i, teitn l,
cr. 'Phone 5120.---Aug 2510. rig reco-., I Immended 1 vn.-stov, ReU- ParkSIMMO S E ._ 2 i. Mass bat ha let.0servanlyl. ats q uartlts Own. S T rs .ll$3 ,0, o A o I Inform loep ty. .lORSdO.1. Aepply NO. r, Fo.
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llugmbout. Teleliehne. 4401.+-Aug. 1 i RADIOSi~toP+AI+I D el.h-iently and qtllek- ONE DM20.10 LtIGHT PLAN.'l 80 io watt. ,' 5 11.5.00@,0 Apply IW. Pratag,_ lib ChUIp.I ent st. Parks ... .. u. *m r S- .Ing R1ome, Poettof- MISCELLANEEOUE SA+ 5515" 5.
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MOTORS FOROSALE EDUNDE1). ARCHER,5Cabin.et5. AImrhusban,.E =l"t oo"rt aCl csCh dnsV CURACAO TRIPLEnS
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MAG1"41 OSICRITIONS. IudnllS efent must be sentNI. Me uge % St I.TRTAINM ..NT
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