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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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54, -

push P_ Nazis Quit Allies Develop Two-Way

SlFlorence Threat To Southern France;
Irov's Forces z.' Famous City Of Artot
I Defences Treasures And
fWarsawMonuments Intact ma
WUGH G B. Aey LYNN EINZKLINecapture Morta
;3d W e Br V'' ^ROME, Aug. 12 (AP)-The Ger-
hWhiteRs i ., 'man* withdraw all their forces
Oe sim ilesrtt- Ironat Porence, Italy's most beauti-
ofWanrscawad "*ul city, &idlthe ancient, cradle---g--
of Warsaw and of Italian art and culture was
^^^m Rivermanbhes, & spared from the ravageso batte. French Fear Germans 7
sM eparating the 1-RAllied troops, who have re- rl A r1 1 1 B lIl
sfihenaurlssprd Gieraegeat Mtay Dc AdildtestroyFear (eiias Von Kiuge Throwing
t o ra rained from firing on the north- bed estro Paris
of the MMuran ern part of the city, beyond the I In
East Prussia. Arnoh ride re a on e soutr o pR ILONDON, Aug. 1 2 API-A
r. other power- bank of the stream, but officers ]riench official today expres-ed
are tigh>tening of the military Government fear that thle Ger m|ans Will
civilian o ,. populati ,on o. Shuttle Run lot "" *" '* Tr o s e kl s l
croy 300.000Oer- crossed over to assist thle llhungry u l n attempt to destroy Paris be- Rc le s
against the civilian polrulatlou. fore retr'eating 111 etaiiatiol
femnof these Rus- An official announcement said f'or the bombing of Berlni He A. Bl
rdenly lashed out that it was apparent that the LONDON. Aug. 12 (AP Amerl- also disclosed that General j Aa B Ia
h Memel, rnman t enemy withdrew the bulk Ills ca n F 'orlreses, turningg lile to Charles de Ga le's I'rench |1 Bl w
irhern Up of Ger- ^forces durinrl the night to north their b.se in tland, sin.-eshed ani Counlilittee of National Libera-
of the Mugnone Canal. which airfield near Toulott~e on the final tion y ill delay establishing an
e advance last flows through tile northern out- leg of a three-wA.y shuttle run from adliimnistratkon t i FInranle .ultl I "SRE mE ,.DQUARTR, ALLIED XPEDITIONAY
gpled the Russians President Roosevelt entirer) has an Informal chat with General skirts. The Eighth Army, bringing Britani to 'tissia anid Italy. The hlie ca return to Pails. -PRME HEAD ARTRS ALLIED EXPEDTIONAR
im and put them Douglais MaArthur (left), Southwest Pacific Commander-In-Chlef, u its lines on the west for cross- firce wa. accompanctd by fighters FORCE Aug 12 AP?-TIg Allis by land and ir developd a two
U the railway to on board a cruiser at Pearl Harbour, during his recent visit to Ing the Arno, and assault on the which made the lmctit wi:h them w Rthreatli out A- hern- Franc s la Supreme Headqarpers wnnounc
the capitals Hawaii. At right Is Admiral Chester Nimlta, Commander-lu- German Gothic Line beyond, and joined In hitting he eni.v A A l threat to ou Frce a Sprme Hradqur'er announ
ow mssg~es.cle(o -- ^- wr--oo and orhwest ^ poii!'1.^ agaist.^; P;eAeia .A .A ala da of mystery operation. '.sea of paris 'shich had the GermanS :.
nd Estonian Chief of the Pacific Fleet,-(AP Wirephoto) reached a number of villages west southern France Installations. Aana day of ystey operations "%vst of parls Ahich had the Germs
w "gl.a..norhwes.6( 0 o sev elt11it IWartrnsa"s tat te Aer ''' "' :'*' '* ic9ari
0(lro s s a Reutfr says thatatheeAmericanSso much in the* dark that strictest Secrecy was Of Paramount i11
Germans are t stiffening German resstace. ortresses landed In Britain from o uch h dr th ttst e M o p o l"
oreservesIReuter states that Regin- Italy after a great week of shuttle portance.
g tors in an effort aid Beckwith, B.BC. corres- bob They left Britain l.t r
Russian break-o- As t PostW ar ,pondent Aho wentasd d eNewn ro
jsfgtigfo o s v laan sct ae arc h reat (dtltiiPlti.tttihw8a
i is reported that to the northern part of the Monday and bombed targets n ea Th Amerca were reported to have recaptu M
ri-to-hand battles city, waded acro-s tile great edynia T o 0 N ew Yorkh today aewd are asT"ng iea.ier picturs on Germans t the V
tof d- ground stone darn, dodging bullets and to Russia. Frmni Russia on Tues- today and arc ptihg les. ir ptesure on Germans I the VI.
n1 vilng tes m losing his notebook in the day they hit an oil refinery n ear asaliet. .. .
Sinvllag fur- ,,Aal process. Late O Sar this orrespon- Krakow also in Poland. and nex- t Trinmdad to N.ew York i a lttle Field-Marshal von Klrge I re- 1 tr
-Wet of Narva. der.t went further into the city inday bombed ai t airfield iv1 R over rig h,,ur. ,t i gal e roted to be rcke..l, throwing tE lec ri ty .
'a tankr p aotd -t r sand saw desolate streets lit- itania arid flew on to Italv tued la e $I a U. its part u the butll< boh weilVt w thail fork mwio e
are reported dto tered with broken glass and At least 500 American heavies a ipo.t-war extension petgramme tile ar ea below (.Ha 'l despite the
parallel drive pieces of torn curtains flopping went out today and hammered of Wester-t Hennispee an dlop lt of Allied etcleni r
Stewards the J p s from windows of palaces with rallyards at Metz in norItheast r tatlwhich taAmerl- heat. el ace t sot then, -
uniqe anoucedfamous names. in the court- Franlce. It was% another fl-erve blow Cait Alrway a pioiosed befot ettle France a'.as tilteatened vwith
townsque announced I EE NNA AR...EA.u. 12 ard (of (e palace there was in the campaign against itemv raill Ulited States Ciial Aetm aut. s Aea tel rtt 10 m
l10 towns and vl- BREMERTON NAVY YARD, SEATTLE, Aug. 12 (AP)-PrePq- the partisan headquarters, commuinlcaits.ii with the French Board last week. Ameican arnoulsd thrust I0 milosi MIve tyl nJLL,
aries of Gerem by tn o th Uidust where the Germans had battlefields. This iprograitime provides fur a southward across the Loire Rer. ---
Shalf of them by d.ct Roosevelt returned to the United Statos tonight from an ex- ben a short while axo. Lancaster and Pyving nortres<- """-.op lsev ^\ bile up to 750) United Stflrp ilie 'Sundy Guardian" Ifs,
ar'mies of Gereral bhen a Lambersr from Italy bIortre' B -e-terday r\hat thy 0Trinidad I
Marshal Rokossov- tended tour of the Pacific, and declared that the United States must Godfrey Talbot. another cor- bombers with strong fighter escort Super-Clipperls in hllci( the lying i e avy a bombers from Italy blasted lonlerday thaiL the Trinidad p i tc-I
e paRusan troops. s a respondent, sumis tip the pres- also attacked airfields In n ortherni ttlie Woild be sharply Tcut and pes- Nazi coastal defencep aaiisg the tjictty Board s preparng to hntdl
sny is within ftour o ps ranently be prepared against future Japanese aggression for all ent situation as one in which France sand American Marauders seniger areas wouIld be rediuced tinm Mediterranean. TilTs was the sec- over to the Port-of-Spain Cit
S Warsaw-Bialystok time. M. _...... the Germans have established went for a railway bridge south o the pLiesernt 8 cents per in]1 to 41 ond straight day of air thrusts Councll the portion of the lee-"
fptal aront between +, e .. ....h....... n themselves in the strong Gothic the Loire. Halt of this bridge was cents for tile shorter distanmcs ard against positions guarding tle trick undertaking Which ils to
capital and be- But, e added, "with the end t S. j Line, and the front is shaping a temporary replacement ftor a sec- 3 ts fur long iauls. enemy' as )el unplerced southern to them tinder the Etlecrit
River as the Rus- of the Japanese threat there Is ant.. riaes aid Itself for the battles to come. ti}n destroyed in pre'lous attacks. Pa.sstlgcrs fiomi Port-of-Spain wal. Board Ordinance and that exuti
toward East Prus- excellent otitl':ok for permanent Halmahra ln He adds that if anything were It forms the last remaining span will otilv have to pay $,M tUS.) to Supreie Headquarters an- tivr ofllcers of the board are In-
peace in the whole of the Pacific era" n still needed to proclaim the over the River Seine west of Pails Miami as against the present $200U bounced formally that, the Allied quiring from employee how they
Vtest along both area. GENERAL HEADQUARTERS, importance now of this Medi- anid Is a vital link for the enemy's U.S ), while fltiiig itinte between weep scto ,, northwestern France are going to exercise their optioNf
ytok railway lead- "We have no desire at all for Southwest Pacific, Aug. 13 iAP) terranean war theatre, the movenment of troops and supple. Trinidad and New York will be --la.t officially reported on Wed- with respect to remaining with
l , the southeast- any pos.sessions of the United Na- It was today announced 41 news of Mr. Churchill's arrival to Normandy. 8.09 hotturs as against the present ,nesday to be dining beyntd Le board or going over to the Corpora.,
Zakharov's troops tons. But the United Nations who Japanese 'planes were destroyed in Italy was the very .ntg. A medium-sized force of Light- two days. Mans, 190 ntiles from Paris was lion.
nka. only seven are working so well with us in the or damaged in another vicious It has given the Allied forces nings, Mustangs and Thunderbolts Comperative figures for these dis- calculated so to baffle the Ger- Among the suggestions so far
railway where it winning of the war, will, I am American attack on Halma- a lot of satisfaction.] went strafing enemy rail and road tancts are as follows: mans with Its speed iand extent made about thp future of the unde
River. Kel- mnfldent, be glad to join with us hera Island, southern guar- An official source said that Col. traniprt covering a wide area ii tNtemaintsitng is that the iransporta
only smies If ro3n In Prtcinaa grsion l ^ h^ Fuchs ,h ^ wasthe Gra ger-^ ^ ^ PORT-OF-SPAIN To NEW YORK thil til situation .mis
bod miles from i protection against aression dian of the Philippines. This is Ftchs, who was the German gar- northern France and on the Bel- obsOTO re piht itey fr secunrityu tlan t beaking as a separateuni
fightborder, and In machinery to prevent ag- the fourth large scale attack rion commander in Florence, had ,copn tinder Mr, D. h'rs distinct
glan;^^^^ bode.PrsetPrpoe obsur prer fr l^oldb^ rA. ^ Tie1 ^!,...,. as- a'^^ ^^ *Uwtcte tln
fighting along the greasion." on the Important Island and re- fighting under him parachutists. During thi nbght RoA.d.eran-.'nne: 2325irs .Pro.os8:09eldrs. reasonc..e.
l farther north, are The President docked here e0 suited in the heaviest aircraft engineers and "various Fascist Durrg mashed at the railway Fare: 263 ) $ UtS) ly t.' *lnl h. b.e 1 tr .la rto n.
iof the frontier. days after he left Washington for bag yet at Halmahera, which squads organized by th n notorious sumcats atOvers near L yons on po Fare: P$263 US .ush north$109ard .5o- 0sst.) Ocat ore idrt ontt
i oeuntunhi rtwar tour of the Pacifc pfrt ruh nercr-Pvhnt" thejdtO Pvliunction at Givers near Lyons onlrpl3O us otmr o
ed within 20 miles un- hs rst war tour of the ucfic. h frh t brought under om- PavoUn." eAllM dro Pvo ll a inro between Paris and T MIAMI ward the Channel which might isstted, rt appeit met o
ed wihin 20 mle He pointed out that during h rel ve aack late Juh Muolr's Minster o CtWh , object was to pe areas: .20Q.0 tU.8, 68000 (U.) cut off a gt 't aeOrman conren- Electricty bcto Las A ,
with the capture of absence he had been In constant - -. J who infiltrated Into house south "vent the Germans brngng up re- The apicato also calls for tLe tratio locked in heavy fiphlng the Itwg0 andt ec "Se th Ute
mlflt sibuthe"At of daily eommunieaUon with Wash- of the river as snipers. inftrcenent from those Medlterran-estabishment of srvlce from onew sotoh of ICaen and north of Fa- the ittiee and ex the oalh0-
n stronghold with ington and the frhtn forces in G rav C cThe Allied Command announced eancoast. The attack was Bomber additionalgateway to latin Amner- lIse 42 miles from the reported gading instillatlons both thS
the Wiory railway the European and ar Eastern war that it was now possible for the Command's fifth c French rail- it) teAmeran erhead.
Theatres. O ver i Allies to help civilians i he as in 12 hoursicldng ewYorkChaAd wiliot the city.
troops, spread out The President said In part: "Itc las n he at o t ry o a is the rail- ltampa, Houtto a tad Los [One of the noa satcsfac- At present the board b in ts pe
Ooe pt of te ie Ig o t r yesterday hit t Ani Agela. tory Brit)sh opera tons re- own, installations and tp eaM
t between the Bug just 30 days since I left Washing- under the Germans had been way bridge at Etaples arid others Plans now filed with the Cih centlv stalls a Reuter report, rejects them. Proposl. ar

w are alow h rel atg tone s but IhaernClr beaten ats all ti eOv rGES GREsNA Ag.o le f food wtresre and mouet gnaanlBeerladI r sbc Srleadical cethf slthes O Re ue anrvenpIrt, reetse"*- thlf City osnU Is
are also threat- ton, but I have been at al' times shor o food. water and medical covered flying bomb sites. thus Aeronautics Board reveal that Pan has beell the pirncthing out of the Crpo ratlo'i o'plan will tt
i the bi German In close touch with the work thee norher ar of th wre it w oo aaiac fl ah da ofa
she outhnern bor- and also in daily communication being encountered Inside the city. y American has placed orders for a tle German salient o between Jpect to Ins pectionnby er
a. Dabrowica, 10 with our forces in the European u er o uttred we osti ,0 Allied heavy b mbers on t ar f gren' f ur -n the sin Lase almrt -p i nd i e .fu-nie
of Warsaw and less ani Par Eastern theatres of war. S l ing a TREASURES tNTACT er m Pa ds d Calais to Saar- the two imporreovee wa e ah hv-ein Bni
gAW th e ara- e aitndewc ran si e if tucke and the U-boat pens at caleimprovements whic hav per ibee n aaile hofh bo. Utoa b Z J iiiamls t
fromtheWarsw- I wtnesed argepratic lan- '--While It was too early to make La Pallice and Bordeaux,.eeoe uig h a eid Kingdom troops have advanced Maageroftheboad by I
Way. fell to the Soviet Ing operations on the beach in Sunday Guardian Correspondent. a full assessment. Florence's price- re Mosquitoes attacked Berln Constructo orders for these air- over theor bridgehead across '

N big we eling ove.: S diouthr Caionas b>cets~olwee Los11 ST. reor Mar Moqite attacked~uh'.'.It Berl."^ ^.ing" over t unA ic,0 thei br idgehe*f aadi~ across-* tolnoSvBl'l. attond3tomrro afteni *
sbig wheeling move- southern California between Los ST. GEORGE'S. GRENADA, Aug. less art treasures and monumentslast night and mines wee" laid In craft are atubiect to release by thSi the Orne anid driven Itto nile etilg o the Ctty Cowncll
Ageles and San Diegothe kind 12--Grenada's thoughts for the apparently were virtually Intact, Eiecc Franchise Commtt.
Lfti I (,eney wter. a saient rmthisavne weleetswhave
S erts today s aaid, of warfare which has been so suc. entire week were gravely concerned except for bridges across the Arno. enemy waters. War Production Board as soon as alent from the west, whileii
iter tha mar- cessflly developed by us during as to the whereabouts of the Some of these the Germans des- Some Sp.tfires re now fitte war requirements permit. e d
Se proclaimed the past two years. This a wholly schooner Island Queen and her 57 troyed but spared the most fa-with secondary armament of two While detailed description of the crossed the Lae and pushed G ermans Reported
ovakia and mili- new type, requiring all kinds of passengers, representing a cross ous ona at Ponte Vecchio, merely half-inch ac ineguns instead of new aircraft is prevented by sec- to the salient from the l i
had given a de- new equipment amid new training, secticmt of the community, still blocking it by demolition of build- four .303 gnns. Thi announcement rta' regulates, the plai revealed and the two forces have mow
out a number of and I think I can safely say no missing a-d hoped to be only ings at both end. It is known that today also states that the Spitfires that one tIpe of long-range "Super lLnked up fnd hold a straight ZURICH., Aug. 14 (Router)-Th
Ilhluding revolution- their nation In the world had adrift in the Caribbean. there has been some looting, and can carry three bombs, 5110 pound- Clipper.s' will carry 10i passengers continuots ilne south of Caen.1 Geimari are wglnnlng the evacu.
a 2 n high- speed express service to The Brht.ish and Canadiami ar"mie;s iton, of Bulgaria tlurouvgh Rum a.
ld sabotage of ar wo rked It out as successful as we ne e failed to report on some smaller objects uceh as paint- eras, unler the belly and a 25ell u
Sother services, the have shown within the past few Sunday at St Vincent, all ports ings re believed to hae been ca- pounder tinder each wing. tietieoist ant South Anmerica) )lng this north l er flank scoredvlg 'uy B.S. garrons.
s tire belie th wester;rittany, while tile American capitals. A second type In desi gne d cording to reports from Soft& *"
St f which will be weeks In the capture of Saipan amd a O.' stations% were inIformed ed off.IntBisignededI
and Tinian ard the recapturing of and they have assured the local First reoprts from the officers forces continue to press the at- to carry 60 passengers on mediumm ceived here In usually well-n
Bt? rt of the fighting Guam. result I C in new threats Government that they are prose- from the Artno indicated that the tack against Brest. forces of RAF range." iup to 1.000 miles. Both of Pt.EA E TURN TO PAG E S, COt. S t' formed circles.
. Of. Krakow said that against the Japanese themselves cutinge an intetslve search. His situation ofe the population had Lancasters wth fighter escort at- ese major n ypes o tld be lad _______
e alwere at some and against all their operations In Honour G. C. Green, Administra- been even wcrse than had been tacked the U-boat shelters inthep 'Tan s capable of flying In t e
little more than 20 the Southwest Pacific. tor. h, held dal meetings of the thought. Medical supplies were port early this morning with 12.000 subtratosphere and at speeds of
tie, Sovak rontier. "The cruiser on which went Executive Councl, revealing hortaid the whole of the l lpono bombs, thelsecond attackItnapproximately30 les hr hoaN & W
from San Diego to Hawaii was one members the contents of the lot- population except Fascist com- a week. The weather was clear and The new fleet operating multiple
maf o a number cf what we call the eat official telegrams on the sub- batants, had been confined to the crews reported that thehr bfBambs daily schedules rom a series of
Capture 'post-treaty cruisers.' much larger, Ject and the observations of in' their homes by the Germats. tell in a cluster round the targets. United States gateways would pro- COO
more powerful and faster than pre- coming vessel masters consulted. The Germans withdrew north ________- vide fnr as much as II times the
war cruisers which were limited by The Islarud Queen left on Sat- of the Mugnone Canal which tothl number of pd lState :'s carried
trc"aTown treaty to 10.0Q0 tonls. ibis parti- urdav half an hour before the skirts the northern city, but some brazilthxpsta slid a ir,, tr,, ,lports be- P EM E 6 0 R
cular ship joined the Pacific fleet Providence Mark, which was snipers were letbern ind. In the b razil Expert tweentileb hth cSataqd ictrand LatinT P
Aug. AP less than a year a, but has al- eep a windward course and modern suburbs ol n the easternA rcan the lat pre-war year.
ater one-week ready engaged in 15 operations i lst saw er 10 to 12 miles West- extremity of the city whereere
tilt weather, havet the western and southern Pacific. ward on the north coast of ren- wide trents anda ot parteaperPment wereHReereo0v

L''strate,0-Gic fdte^ ^r* r wid street and separ Coateo.i co anneictn wthB.liston Ipr Mce------: || J
tratofte north Burm- "The voyage was uneventful and ada near midnight, houses, there was macnine-gut 0 Senhor a.altine ocals, e r
Taungni. 17 we arrived at Pearl Harbour t Julyassengers include eight fire from Germars on the roofs.,adviser to the Piesidentof urazil.
6M Of the former Japan- 26. What a change since my visit civil servants, several commercial Neither army shelled Florence. an",'.irt e e ide o ra T_
M 1ung. The British there 1 years ago. Up to that time clerks M. Humphrey Parris. o its railroads ad rtrnm edi y a nrr a ed i the Colony o ril n ri
I wrecked, disease Pearl Harbour naW ards iman- manager, Grand Anse estate, vi ct 'e ome last returning front the U tP'itedl
the stench odeataned a steady grow like most whose wife is in hospital and has vcit were bom ed.
i0 s reat; that Allied other navy yards, but today it is ont been told of her husband's It was announced that Robert states as Brazil's represe ta o-ive at LONDON, Aug. 12 AP)-- Re-
If`meosible to nd e o making repairs t tthe predicament Mrs. Freda Archer. tte oUnder-Secretary fcr the Bretton Woods monr con- ports from Norwa y said Allied air-
]o Taile to er e ras pber neakrly1 ti ea gealt. tor le oped acti.a' head astr of War, and Lieutenant--eneral feir.nce, New lampshire. craft returned to t ack the battle-.. .'" ......
a ai-heaviest ships and employs a force w y Secondary School, and Brehon Somervell, Commander of Senhor Boucas was met on ar- ship 'rirpiti on JiulY1' 1 bombing
4 arm ro lps n erl 1 o t he atepa lhem daughter, Thelma, Mrs. Char- the United States Army service rival by Pan American Airways mid stahiin g th. q::.y a Mrd ba ..
o fe rcda u g h te rwsTh e l meat trPs .r clar a c s b t oina ; n g ,t e o Ii n db l-g d m g .
thSge -l" A of the battlasck ps oan e arll leaving yesterth ea t e.h tesi be for wad hid unde a c\if2
anothe r three.miles. craft which were stink o damn- ice Hughes, wife o Mr. Rusnsell forces, arrived to inspect miitaav official andws guest a t Piarco .rac M the aged in the attack i Pearl Ham- Hughes of Huggi*' Jean nd installations in the Mediterranean ataff house, levn ystoerda y to ill b ttles cse 5he was
t eand have bo on December 7, 1941, have Patsy Fraaser. daughters of Mr theatre. Teormng for Brazil .- hid .tirtdor 5 (lit fi t,,n-
li large village be been raised with the exception of oetc raser of St. Vincent, who mTheior n Cian Governmnt In- b ... 70.
the advanrlley h ine, salvage of her forward u old daughters of Dr. Slinger. Real- sesAllen Fjc,'d and the Luftwaffe put Q IA .1
"'" N ow T akwag P acepHereutirdentwaSurgeontat the hospital, the'
within 10 miles of in her case her main battery of, renitae beingepon ulat phe rson-.al th1 ~-ee u ~pno op5ln
on the Burma heavy guns was removed an d me- areitner bn be N aenP csen. '.,erel .. amdws.......
amount a nd-no fom padrt of their younv, and old Df oerely damaged in-i sm air rat
6UydedSo far the moitdadnwfompr ft ood supplies, stated tbe3001 on April 3,adthere has been ntol
bdeedcounted In coastal defence on the island of galn fwtrad20ptns-officiai report of an attack o~n her
erg Gif'd heAl h o0ther a hisaealotad of vegetables, a half ,sack of flour since,
hfad.the 1h A lly thervcms o fther s his areafoaind ien and a half sack of rice, may be Consultations In connection with Base legislation are in progress .______________
If'nhl othn u ac it cmisin ee already exhausted, here beweor ent Robert Wray AssitantdiganAdvserI
Im~al o tankputbac ino cmmLtonher at There were remarkable list-
~c~t~ Thid Tatical~u~e Soud andall f th m ge t-riute changes in choice of sima~ to the Colonli..l Office, and AtresGnrlfo atu rts ja~
adrinz't iarthin smash-crtlca y improved in fire power'. gaand cancellations and filling of West Indian colonies. it was dacasedat Pres conf.rene. esterdAyent Picked
S Dhal fighting. SFL(OFEEC8- The Colonial Offce doe not in f4ed -___-_________ -
a tend: to hsee"dhouthvanyeeodeld inedtiobittetheihad, however, conferred ,.0 Special ,arrangmets egnet
"Wk tet havte nThey avefi bend ulsedwheractoneii legislation to the various Base with the Attormey General of that facijitate ditsribution of the "stun-,"
tolonofn themy indeed, w they Nevada.n hatsy- es ublt
iuh ocm n o themPcii ande~l sewherNeva -one Fleet chp in olonies for their acceptance, Mr. Col~gony O ntohis Way here and wh as ra o hs"riya Guarata"adis a ."hied pubul U""
SIUen. Wecould ntn taken Patin the bombard-musi Wray told the conference. p nifrito ehdo-0,01tl Tlta uidal'i l ~ &
hitfor YOu." ,esi eto h os fNrad ad Sixliigteiunioeo iitatites. Newfoutndland, he ex- recently beneni completed, w|uth the
kal~t ie dli operJal etions there as~ olt NrasJn. tai Iarcftor ingdforsonictnspast ah nuirno~e o. L tie hrt ~ te ~rsn te etIda sadhv
fhi~rar l battle jn prior to and duringg the landing 'LONDON. Aug. 12 (Reu;e ,.j- visilt here, Mt4r. Wiay stated thma plained, had not been invited 1o ap1)oin~lneft of the Lololwuig
ve Japanese drlna.aotee coniunstatone beca latsee oncene.'ti i("
ae enem y's stre lngth I spent three days on the Isl nd ] in crtt i esa ynaera y a ttackat o e d;t n o a oue o lon es had bee numearir ,t nj e Do~m ult ton s tb att s. e once aown s --S V ic nt r
t'.'-- n sma shed, and, of Oahu and everywhere as at th~e Qerom n shipping y trand shore in domai ii in a co u e etn wire t n. o e C oi t nutat ona started s ev ra Fred ,j --rt. Vri ig c ent: Ba r b.s-
anan..~~~~~~~ steral.ns aloppng t h oe wete n coas t vaito s baes some ton which hat asn. n sepctdt nt
~ High Commpand tiplied almost beyond belief. esl~n ln h etr os ai, esm fwihhd "I%
Cfiwork on 'O"na the ya trnoo ofmwria fNrwy hi niargetsbeenventW thaColnialO- ces h atein oP. athe e dsin w e veral Gre o..rge; s--remn-u Mesrs.-
h -ei 1 pPrioachesney flhlto Jan-cn my Ooldthfrie~dafternneerSI~ m'riaDouglas werefn eorwa..dru over a distance~hi mantagof Ient was nfelt,.t liee said, altatiteat it uld wouldn Taothkin tnsunpart in wee the sut tion t.ueota.tire'n4reaGe:Hg.iF., o;uggio-nra'& Co.; } S---c-r"bo-~
5,,yapg mud Iin the MacArthur arrived by air from some 'id miles between- Aalaund sassist matters if the AttorneysI with Mr, Wray are the Hon'hle E.' rouah-Tobago: Messrs. Mfil~ers .. ,,,,
I 'r 0 milesa to New Guinea and we began a"erie n thr oistian rcund t hangars Geni- rl of the vanioi~s Base coo-] O, Protheroe. Attorney General. Stores, Ltd.J # S i:"
Chinse re o Ineret~nganduseulncnee- A onepoit arcrat poini-i atsoni pont ridt1 Bitih (uiaanate; Ho'bleA.Ron'b"le A.R."-A A 9
~of the town,hne re o ncerets acmpnid usAeifu~l an atorehouces were heavily at- changed ideas. 'rinindad was Cools-Lartipie. Attorney General. Leopold Protest,
ev Dumen their Nimitw and my own of 8ex. serehmiti 110's wfre destroy-' on. lecd e one gronnd tof csei~t c Grn ada: A ttoe Han'rul, 5. P2.( ; Resa Fo B g
'ISmules Admiral Leahy and General th ground mad a seventh as-con s~utiatons. ...Mr. C. D. Ilowel, Sohlcltct Gen- snvm~rut a,. me eases...
asqfsai, ne reRcado.-idro ....... ..

I, mIlte -suburbs -of I Getneral -A'rmy Forces In the nan hr"0- Mor gnpot- ar. Wray said tat eneahclnty ri, ami ca;Yl-. _--'bi _J._H. "i ue mnd Aug. s J epo_'
e northwest af Naw .jan area, and AdIfta _' lions were attam, a rdio sta- would present, quit I ndep e d en AetiB Attorn e "Alonette," QUot a mParte f o
sey. Comniander of the 'Trd tion. and a big oih tank and two their Billsa to their respeeive legis- General, Trinidad: with Mr. Jus- Ktnq Leopold to the B tha:
A"O KNPT leet. to the thm oe dYSwe talked armed vessels were set on fire. latures: and While it was hhit hy lc .Ik annrpeetn h e rha strnglwprothested" to the '-'
%, 1 11 mand the b I!S~ila representing the he "has stronglyv pratesawl" to the I A
A T TaIA Abo at P M i Pro m7 o a 'rw B ritish aircraft are m issi rg., o bable that c lauses w would b e B aham as. G erm ans agiCn t h rem ovalU 3
Aut. u o B t r e d P a ii m n n snn tsof o sopue etn p roe ms, t h e u ous i na tioas R '
S 1a" b etf ptfrom el ium. and added: "I
beet f ro. said ca mpa iqnj~ be W O LSUNK would have liked to shaze.rto CuA
M-"%- ,,- "= ....10tWar uififtHl~l. Tiv te 21111s Woueldh as ImmUe t~k htoorl~s an
DaWel h& Dithesunoerstand uniing si e mu. would 'e WASHMINOTO Av, 1. A1 I.- and you, tria m..a. anxieties..
eoivmt bo' '4Inomw"187t Dy fTh W inwJa'un "kfben
IlGae rmanns dlt 10t s'" afetdl jjn x~tncrn, .~sasenae oe'that courageous and confident, an
aftepordbothems thet00r~tu
t he eal-. epbl' that i a tneea t p ,a bee above alL united. Codwill eebtw
andiin the nm suomye1e" ed totpr
by Ism yugM ethod .it ution. All of e.e.,, ..- towro c. .ue n "Shpeme 7f,
Ina*- M I---'- -. I-I -. .. E 1.1Wa A- A. 0"11 M a .- j616
P%&%" wowTO D" "Wf o ..M s s "


Peicillin Getting, A ., CkeckU V

ampy 0e01ed or
tthe Carbbean Medical Cetr Z, At,
e h atI eck. heft In a few el "wt M o the ". ,.
urnh time, Colonoel 0. C. Wen-

dU .B A d v is r t o U an ,An g l o- -

jlowed by a nulbmje "f ro nllr ---.-- -- -
'rfode Ca ribexalln. opport niyto n l P S li i (.pop- ri n n 1 U C &
ofo V eal- -
Lth eor ed Ui4a l aU .
in inormal ta lk
Chau"M of Commerce members
WiW City others after their touw
of the centre.
(oloie Wenge t ata thatsm ba
= 11:11t Yt i fulswing, and
tea mt tar,
f the Colony's in attut ions were
(afforded the available acil .ies
fhlich It was hoped wouldwIMo r

b/e talind to he gelner tal hube.ad ays igr ilptn hw '(^(dmme o oto. Tusa th hi hun
by O .a Wen0er,
hi Dr. uggins,t d r oi d a l
Sent venereal disease specialist
.They were in timeto e in In-
) of a city latitution getting
INl td e tta am taki ngmats s
.rayoeft I examinations b
Isn of the most modern 35 In.
K-ray machines. P'"
Fe twor of the toutr was the "
alacrity with which the Citty e . "
Xathers and Chamber of Com-
.nerce m embers reaconded to G getting a ble d test at the Caribbean Medica l Cotra is Major Marcane, the City Mesdai Oal ofr
et health chetks. Firs of tri vis- of Health, olieelt. Many of the City Fathers standing arund s well a Chamber of Commerce
ta to0 take a blood test was members who were at the entire the sam time showing keen interest In its activities and equip-
?r f. R. Marcano, Cit y men Iatso got health theeks.-
Oud.. sad his lead was fol- f e3
ho observed that they were atS nn" Se ss
4orded an excellent, opportunity to ( sonia.n aptain CiprianiBi S e s
~CAid For Fund Reported Better ForCocr
~ret a thorough medical exaimina- ePRprc etrB g S c e o
0 At the rnrrustion elOf the tourn'A id ooCined to b-d at his home F Cc
X",lonel Wengd gave thon i atbrief pt C f- a Wrine t apd t hd alh
( 4tdresl into which he packed the th, past i few weeks theongh .e -' c t
irrasons for the campaign and out-! Supporting the PrIncem Tahr.' illness, Captain the Hon'l Belmont Girls' orphanagSchool
ined the progress already achieved HopitalFund leain Arthur A. Cprian, senio scored another outs tanning success
Memorial scoredal anotherinoutlctedamebergfouPort-o{
,He t eld thevtnra that he and calypso singers will pit on a show, elected member for P onon Thursday night when they put
'his American staff were here to st the Prin,-e's 13ltiding late aIls Spain, was reported yesterday on a repeat Performance of the

('""P,*"*, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~o a1'-- re.a pefrac ot' the; ."-. ,." ;,'." ^':.p-'c. fhr euiu .
set, up machinery for carrying oilt month. The n pror'amme .)romine much improved and well on concert programme staged recently.
.- he health drive and that wok in tl be a thriller intrisnersd with the way to reov,. before a large audience that in-
( this dtret~ian had alreatP ben eomompriilns on the fall and rise eluded His Excellency the Acting
Irweti advanced. Re emphasled that of Ethiopia Governor, tLe Hon'ble A. B.
In every department ef the centre A w t fW d rr
were local persons who were heint A fillip wt given to the fi : Re Wright. and His Grace the Arch-
trained to take over from their the entertalnnimit on Augu 2, at Rv d bishop of Port-of-Spain, the Most
Rev. Dr. Plnbar Ryan, on the occa-
A r i can teachers, the Print" S Building "'lic atio of thepresenaion It.e
|Conve t Fund sian of t prsentationot
SThe work. he continued, was fr Memories' organized N Mr. Ralph Kerinaha Shield to the school.f t
the benefit of the entire. Caribbean Cherrie, flebt roceeds of which Kn "taanc Iem d odthe asploue
aIrea ad Mas was to be expected Ws $430M. making tile total con- Each Item earned the applause
,some peoie might their toes tributions t 2,89.5 78. of the large gathering present,
i which Included several Dominican
el'rushed o- feelinlis hurt. but they erl toi h. .,- ,t .w .I : Large donation of $706- the on- Fathers, Mrs. J. Bryan, Councillor
should aivls bear in m ind tha AltRadvG fk, nfdd 1f $2.01;4 71 f tire proceeds derived fr':m the show ry e o r
PStff f *n4 Pim Rf,,.t' H,;l Htgh i -Dancing Starlets of 1944--has George Cabral and Sgt. Winter,
I everything was being done with a5 5~hooi 5.N, ,Aff ,vi'.iaP' Inhld lh ontId Miss V. Perez, headmistress of
view to boosatins, the health of lhe a:r is~-sotPA., r -nqm,1., s,. %otto-rotIildRelteCnetFn t h coldsrst akH.
area. le appealed V, them to take t. ial ftt.ed P ften,'iy r I t 1a ('n Irt $8.8962.. according to the la test te hoesreso tn o
af# 0 If. r dl, I.. A ni l" of Orace the Archbishop, the Most
in n acFiiveIterest Ii- 1'h ~ rer r f.n 1 n a ,.ins, ,r-Rev. Dr. Pinbar Ryan, Miss Dora
ork adt r gi freelyofr TX' .' r, ,tt?, i ,t'r,, Ao, Aeknowledging ths donation the bberson, and all kind merchants
help and d v rer, nq,- 1'. ,',,.t ;, t. ,,,h,,,,,,,, ,i i Coivent authority : stated:br n ad m h
how soon penicillin wild IIe a,.--h4-19 -... s- .. t JoS.eph ackno Iled e with dee and thus brought joy to the or-
rIvng In Gathe ('nirn, CTod r!,e " 'l ga t (t i.- large donation made phans
lWonser said it Was on order and: . %, _I t' _., r + 1wbv Mis Ma rie Palmer-Chizzola itr
he pe, i.ed it here in a fpr so, f .... !, o t. . . I n.aking o'er to the Convent nd IFenale Prison

In rthe s B AtC, r (.irt' I I a l iT.n.i ,* .,. ,.'," .. " ,,.+,, .pt," ,,r. '[r rn- p n.i) is ,3 oA t 1 r s'," [ tile' {' *,, ., _# r of t ier beautiful
Chamber of f-rn-.rc# mcmhet i .-1 j , A "* N,1 t ,h ,e.uo of hrbatftNl o W9nted
Chmbe preri of -M^nre Wrud ,I .... r,,| ..... .lt. f ....... ,w1 "1:ticitg Starlets of 44' Matron Wanted
.Arpis rtln re'j,' C Mr A W lfrid1,1'." ,1 11 "' n t e'' ... '' i Ml n t i 11t al zzla t and the Sditer
ra ls oi. tion "T p Lt: -C.ioit A K v,,n (n t, ," \ ." "- tlIN,, roi l t t 1i& nk a111 w 'ho *Assled Bl'tG overnm enth LR inviting applica-
,Tai'%, Mr. J M, WDoa: Mr Cl.,deC -.e r0ei . ,, , th,,, tu.i 'tu cctxslions for the post of matron at the
;!eo Mr Ra Siow M- N .' '. .F" r ", I' 'aiw n parictl.r Mi Seller Female Prison. carinTJg a salari of
Knles. Mr i.,, (,v era Mr A t.h ,, St 4.l,, ,, r iit ot $8234 at the Ice Cream $796t per ani XS*xcen0o M-' ( cr. n t "t ti r r e m-t ti Hthe rnt.h I ,(,lent issue of tile 'iazette Extra-
)W Gran'. i r J rn .M -r, A 0' ;0 *l< ,' I fl1" "nf I "" ia l the Paren!, who gave oa ny
'I'L-ey. Mr "i K. Fr PK P er MrC "a'"" 10 f", t llles for r tol' starlet ts r inr
M HJnrer M. eoirge 1. r sa rt.' ,,- a. ,:. 2 ,'., (rplada o ll n were $697 I Pref'erence will be given," it. Is
Mr. Itan MBrtde. 1 449 L of V %il w'l as spent n cloth stated "to applicants who have hado
,- City Council membe.r t v:pfor trhe rSisters' 3 -a4its, training as a nurse and insitit onal
Councillor H o0. WIS, Wo ,he- e G L' of I donations up to Friday experience in the handling of staff

"(. y Savh, Tl>,Kni.n ..o --.-. -- .......,.. -_.~ro~ a ra .,..__o... --i --^ -.--.,,,,*I
t = uancllor Alberete 'es r e _es t asow:dlabour, and w|oae age does
ofMay On iPryrCr ubnGe'e e t s -atno s t 2. not, exceed 40 years."
4. M tY."Aldermanrt1eh iincill, S it. PatIie's school, T.- .
l opoli, c e. George Cabral.1"e ;. ited $,I ('Sl, t by M L. R,-hl L AND ACQUISITION
Ad St oleerdBoysAbroadh- $41 at; Cl'ted by r RTislev, With a view to improving the
ward. r Wanuncdb 0(i.Posdwined foa a 3 R P p.u blt.ita 1Wt & View0. Cnlo ictep rng
7"lr Quintin OConnor, Councillor A netisotsiurf greeting from the plif r. Ptke oP Pi'l'e, rnsld* $Vo.10. approaches to a bridge over the
Z. X'dd, Counfllior V F.. enry members -tfhe Trinidad nd "Ir,-, C-fle 't 5r' a ti | lntooh, s G,,ric,, Vistabella River, Government has
AnnA lderman... Vi.l#.Prie-CIOhabe.-.... I1"4 ( t ,I tA lv blo,( Mis acqIuired tho parcels of land on
e.+tL +r nofcer ci S COT.oratlott ta aded r ~t+t;' oo .i'(', i l H tlk t uij r.,t , ('k. o It,'. both b iik.s of the river.
r ent. wersi Nq,%tyit tbderi ( iiiyilu offi et l i wor 5 ',,~ V i t.-o-_______ _____
vart-a 0, bl"tPI~~ fe l t 't of the S So wh I trihi;, I F,,rc' ,s 's N-c At;.ti' tr ,nali $a,
t al 'i : "Mr ) "I+ra t 'e T o o r +"no w ,( ,et i $ 0 ioi I -'SItf ills:r", R e.I a, r,,,.
Clerk; and ir C. R Farrel'l, Cit T'The etn Im e-n Sr-at.' |Hti l r, P'rk.O 5., $2rrsoi,|, $3R2e Blo
Enginee;r".Ctiiirig tti,+tIe+It ntto, ineln i e, t, ;.Ien s',. ti t ih, R ichl",O'h

Politcee Vkl Bad 61Bad S L. Builds W eight
in Band TodPlay '`h"Ih,, .,
1101 k i -I r il rner. ,7-1.4 1,. t;,!.0; ,, s'og T itire Th in, e, have a Pat, ',oi
C el lot ar-- i ttil (J- ir-''I 11.. l ri",,v"'' nflt 3. 1 MU 1limt. e, T dalr l the tinder haveua ndln
thIno,&ic Gardeincl is Today l Itt for" ,;ti R, 1 -6 $'6, 1 M i t: Mita, -s allowCalomleoton, suffer from nSkin
"'s r" l"'1 l M ll Blemishese, irrilsetinder the NYes n
pot at :'ttrt P t f lt lt 0 ',, 0. Si' +h,'nt~ +.s,;-e.,- ,J,- Fr Mi VN t'nrie.Ar lack that mystolrlo inagneti e force
he'r '!iII 11 0l pci Iree ,f-i i ,t i n l, lr called "personstli \'' lare run-down
Ti,11 ith ',I -1l) rdI iu t'' 1'M-11 ma" i, ,. lm- and nrotahrs' need this new discoiers- of
tlf rn 5.30 cloc i U-1k satt11ri l otH lti'; iroIit 1 to i) L e. a buiu'l e ,, a L I o tl. A.'go t ill a i ll.vwo(ot, 'ailfornia, phyfil'an.
.ina followviig( rOiLato m + of rioi t t Sd it iu tirtor Oif ...... ..-----.. This licensed physician. in pre.'ritrling
"I'Pol4io'L i l t1if 'l e1 -watl 1 itA rart in I tlthe of Ifor ltho fatnotis movie stars. han disco'-
,,r' t Oaered lh. qui. k way and the right way
',cex pts front tile(;p Ic Op(rt I!reSaLL tOUi to Increlsn weight to normal andt build
"lip. Ir'.eder aiu it :at,'5 'We t are lookiliz fntiard w ithrich, red blood, strong bones and teeth,
,e.Ot.:ie fi rorS"T"Ie L| i'o0. 4, '. S '-N ,,m to that ha v hetiiithe ,conflict and strength ap energy, avid now gives
D)'ItlP8e silil be no\r Itt the t eatnlite, e this preeeri'ptintolthsl world under the
;I! r k 11)+I" t~atIH,, aP t, i-tll k o~+, ItoI he of good Kname of Surolds. It Is in pleasant,
And-I', Pit" llti'l ic tI i f totastelessa tablet form sld stalls build.
Caprii<,s,''n .\ k"ld zh1 I tll'Re. to hl Ite titte to (;ind and tnl new Energy and Vitality In a few
Excelt,$fi~l'ot 11,le Orel'AJ: flhntrv a-it to remember the -O houro. So auo cessfull t1 Suroids that it
Jdlttt'lll tlttri v' u-<'l mortal at in of lord tel.tit wthen Is offered under the airplay uarantel
hitmidto hcts,, re. Mette tn-t.land x- Y. D. i N to Increaas your weight, strength, and
Cirand Selectilin Merre IF- h adenergyaanddoalle- in ivtry watd, or
land" (;eIlnsS peets evervr man to do his dut' ienery haknd rrnack no enty wauor
money back one, fitern fempty park.
Hvmn._'Ti'he ria' 'that oavest. '"'The Iord i wt, het'rtt Oite e Ask your chemist ti o uroIds to-
r ed 'id lice Mille\r ste i e--d .Theguarantee protects 'ou.o
8'at,itlnsl Anthems .'F, tt0Ioplan" from snothCer.''- (;t-Il.is 31 49.
"(;M vaiec The Kinm" -
'tefollnwlnc at-e the wee,5'FI
band '00"+ Tired W om en
iand eng-IerottTon-c
I Monday,' lariour Caunten, 5 i ctory
rn.;.: Tuesday, ltroute March. Se-I Victory in Sight' e ITo
S~ergeant-s Me-ss. Rl .0 p ill Sattur- The. l~eginnitlg of the end; o Whnyu.ettr l wr u
clday. St. Patilcks'S Chmthi I, 3 p.m. the dawat of a New hay. and I and haen vsno elappetite~trd that' wr-uis. s gol
,Peace and (,oonwiil inwards all your blood i. strsred for atrength a d
-- men--the Wiorld made sore for Wa ivltality restoring iron. and if 'your
..... .............. I flema'racv. .~bloqi is thin and watery from Ia k of

ulai~ utlllln l Hilunlal ll Ul lnlltI11111aIaa t
Tropkal Batteries
La gli Rbuend Youre Omd
WOPKAL er bulM a new OA
tr yur ado eL UIGOTING
We have united quantity
of new 0 Batterie,
Standard Motor
PollllllSpail u Sam rersadn

Ladles, you msat play your
part In winning the peare
by uilng our famno, "E1'tlO-
nice texture, in sun tan and
peach at '.r. per box ;
Madam Alverangt Hair Grow-'
,SOAP. ew.
Do you igree that that eom-
biUnation makes a good beach-
head. ?
Fitz-Clorence Spencer,
"The Boa March# House"
14& Marine Square, Esat-near
.. R- Cathedral-Tel. 46 0




TloFmnn, FMi '.

Making a start
thanks to


Iron you mayy suffer from nervousness,
headaches, yellowish akin, none bleed.
fainting spells, poor leep, weak mem-
ory. cold hands and feet. ehortnesa of
breath after exertion, skin biemrnhes
and I"l of confidence. But now It Is
easy to quickly reinvigorate your
blood with iron through the discovery
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The first dose of Forrane t artaI al-
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reatorlng blood and In Just 4L few days
you can feel new energy and vitality
Invigorating every part of your body.
Foriane must make yoU feel strong,
healthy and vigorous or money back
il uaranteed. et PFrnasno from yoeS
chealst today. Tht *guarantee pro.
Wint ooi




iy dis-
rdla 3L
Oompound helps build up ..P O L- F -O R
u1k. aIlgaMt such sYmpLomU IT
.T isavs. Thoumaud. of women .
i4MA~t Alm as Am W ondstelo lo P -ol- AURI^
amm's low label direcM A anm's VEIFTAILBeOMPOUND
'u 3m- ln etf nr J. Kirton, Ltd., 2 Broadway, Port-of-Spoin
t1 t O > ^i*~jgSIJfsj~c^l~^>.^ 2r^


Service Ph&

For Cie
MEW TOMK. ABE- 12 (Renter).
New plan (or the aeMplte late-
iafl t of se and air selef In
revealed in an exhibit fled with
the Civil Aeronautics Poeard by
the Orace Line In support of Its
application to opwate a airlines
between New York and lNasau In
the BahamaA, Aruba and Ouraca,
Netherlands West Indies. La
Ouira and Maracalbo, Vcnesuela;
Barranquilla, Cp 1mb Ind Bl3a1-
boa. Panama Cald ZonMel and
Kingston. Jamaica.
The air route will run parallel to
the company's steomahip route to
the Caribbean and the north
coast of South America and make
possible the complete co-ordina-
tion of schedules for 'planes and
It is planned to combine steam-
ship and 'plane fares In all sectors
wherever possible, and tickets
will be interchangeable for both
s:rvlces, thus, enabling the tra.
veler to break hi Journey at any
point by any service and continue
at a later date by either service
without Inconvenience or addtloial
With traffic, accounting and of-
fice ataffs serving both the air
and sea, and with advertising and
sales promotion featuring both, a
single company can function for
the benefit of two with the ser-
vice at a little more than the cost
of one.
Such economies would accrue to
the benefit of passengers and ship-
ning in lower fares and towards
the government In decreased sub-
sidies or lower mall rates.

Sunday Schools Plan
1-Day Convention
The annual convention of the
Trinidad and Tobago Sunday
School Association will bring to-
gether again hundreca of Sunday
School worker from many parts of
the Colony, In a one-day pro-
gramme, at Hanover Methodist
Church, on Saturday, August 26.
With the theme "For Christ and
the Child," the two-session pro-
gramme will begin at 9.30 a.m. with
devotional exercises, and will In-
clude the following features: 11.20
a m.- Discussion on "The Teacher's
Witlne.-ss in Life and Word," led by
I.Mr. Horace E. Mayers; 1.35 p.m. -
Installation of officers by Rev. J
H. Poole; 1.50 pm.--Addresm and
discussion on "A New Christian
Approach to the Child," led by
Rev. R. T. 0. Mitchell; 2.45 p.m.
-Address by Rev. J. C, MacDonald,
ion "Sunday School and Social Sr-
The Rev. 8. P. Casey, O.P., editor
of the "Catholic News," will speak
on the history of the Trinidad
education system to the American
Servicemen's Forum at the US.O.
clubroom at 7 p.m. on Thursday.
Wholesale and retail prices of
raw ground nuts move up one cent
per pound from tomorrow accord-
ing to new price schedule Issued
yesterday. Wholesale price become
17 cents 'per lb. and retail s19 cents.


22a Harpe Place, part empty; 209
rarls Boulevard; 132 Second Street;
153 Old St. Joseph Road; Long
Circular Road, St. Ann's, Frederick,
George, Nelson, St. Vincent and
Queen Streets. Several .silding
lots ne.'r Workers' Homea, Laven-
I Large and small loans on mort-
Real Estate Agent,
30 St. Vincent Street.

Fought Rheumatism
For Many Years
Not everyone who suffers from
rheumatiam will be so fortunate as
to obtain relief after only a few
doses of Kruschen. But Mr. F. W.
did, as he tells in his letter.
Kruschen will not fail to help you,
too. If you follow his advice :-
"I suffered rheumatism and lum-
bago for many years, and was re-
commended by a friend to try
Kruschen. I have taken the Salts
for a number of years, and after
the first few doses I found I ob-
tained relift. I am 72 next year.
and feel quite fit. After getting
very wet about a fortnight ago, I
cot a slight return of pain In my
right shoulder, but after my usual
dose the next day I was Quite free
again. I find that an eggapoonful
In hot water each morning before
breakfast has the best effect In my
Rheumatism has one primary
cause Uric Acid in the joints and
muscles, The whole secret of Krus-
ehen is in Its double action. It acts.
upon the kidneys and upon the
bowels at the same time. driving
out the uric acid deposits wherever
they collect, and preventing them
from forming again.-Advt. ,


100 por cent SUCCESS AT

A Hundred per cent Pas es In
Book-keeping and english with
ninety-edght per cent In Pitman's
Tthd (Theory and Speed)
were recorded by the Claxt4n's
Commercial School, now Oxford
Ooamercial School. 2 Coffee Street.
San 7do.. of which Mr. R, N. M.
Donaldson, P.C.T. P.I8P.S., Is Prin-
cipal, at their lat examination held
in February last. The local examin-
ers were Mr. C. 0. Alleyne and
Mr. V. A. Noel

T12OIY-Stage I-Molly Moe,
Zastlyne Joseph, Enid Andrews,
Pearl Maria Watts, Merle Camp-
bell, Uvina Beckles, Cleophie du
Soulet, Joseph Serrette, Rita Chris-
topher. Gerald de Gourville, Nor-
ma Smith. Hugh Elcock, Josephine
Coward, Norva de oGourville.
Stage II- Josephine Coward,
Milton Bartley, Rita Cooper, Mel-'
ville Casiram, Hilda Barrow.
Leoline Yearwood, Cleophie du

ELEMENTARY-lot Clasi- Mil-
ton Bartley, Prank Joseph, Jose-
phine Coward, Rita Christopher,
Cleophie du Boulet. Benjamin
Jagessar, Joseph Serrette.
2nd Claa--Hilda Barrow, Norma
Smith, Eastlyne Joseph, Melville
Caussiram, Molly Moe.
Srd Claos--Enid Andrews, Norva
de Oourville, Herman Lalgee,
Pearl Watts, Gerald de Gourville,
John Dean, Rita Cooper, Merle
Campbell, Norma Smith.
Speed-4* W.P.H.-Melville Cas-
siram, Hilda Barrow.
100 WP.H. Dudley Springer,
Milton Bartley, Benjamin Jages-

Cooper, Eastlyne Joseph, Elvina
Beckles. Pearl Watts, Molly Mor,
Cleophie du Boulet, Lnid Andrews,
Joseph Serrette, Melville Casslram.

Herman Lalgee.

The School preprepes student for
AR Commercial Subjects Ineding
Aecuntancy and Pitman'a Certi-
ficlated Teachers' Examination and
Its next examination will be held
in November,


Zrft. ea x 7ft. beam.
Z7ft. oa x 7ft. Sin, beam
New and In Perfect Condition.
Ideal for Fishing.
Delivery to Neighbouring
Islands Guaranteed.
Por further information Con-
Klngstown, St. Vincent
Thoue* 99.

A wlad SJmul,--eemt m n.
- .e .o..= =lee.. sa

Let Us Fli M Your Rome 1

With Beautiful, Modern FU N

We specialize in the latest Designs+
type to suit the most Fastidiou.,

TOWELLING (for Towels n d
Nopkins) S H +

lllllllIIllliilH HimiHlHlllfBI a~MIH iHoi ||BIHIIIUlHmI|||(IHIIIIIIi||lii|M|a


Lighteroge and Transport Contracti

Dry Cleaners and Launderon
CO., LTD. *
Fire Insurance on Buildings, Stocks, Frun
etc. Relieve your unnecessary worry byl
us carry your risks. ,

Can provide the necessary protection
family, business and old age security, .J,;-


In aid of the

AT -

7 Sweet Briar Road ;.
ON ,' "


ot 2.30 p.m. -
CIwem and buy your CHRISTMAS PIlMENT "
Stalin with Chldren'. and nrflh' rWtws-

SHELTON Artieneve ry. o. W..
Supper will be ered at I p.
THERMITrtnidad'p we -known rtiste.m
There will be mAls throughout
World Ici's Finst Method
of ENTRANCE: Adults
Petmonentt anqg Nurses
S __+__ i Nurses

'PHONE 7740






Sfor Colds, Influenza, Headaches, etc.



-DIBT-O----- --

Plants and SSWI

Lo., during whkeb;
will stage as -
t the evening.

;and ChildrV

Space kindly lent by Scott Furnishing Co.




12oz. Tins


Per lb. -



61b. 14oz. Tins -


(Ice House Groce&l


'if t!N



SUNDAY @UATIAN. ATIOUU? It, 18._IM_________
Pm.For McGillNewC.M. Plan WotiaCandidateToContest-----
For Education Seat For First Time In South
yWins Praise Gsr ia weue
SSAN I P NANDO, AUg. 12 Although election tim i still aboot
"Trnidad hs nmdmif need Seven weeks off, municipal politicians here are already mapping .out
-for h^ = 116t 1 V,4R 441011 DIPplan for what i likely to prove one at ( the biggest Borough Council
BWelfare Oficer. told the "Suday election contests seen here for many a year, the "Sunday Guardian"
!Guardian" yesterday A she ex- learned today.
Pressed high a lppreation q the y= iteoo s
"vision and pum a.bli rit" revealed 'or *h *'me ta the itry ) e
in the Canadian Milssion proramme .. of the borough a
Sodooi H Uf D. WHATON .MAHAI or extension of education! facillt-| candidate
*Bi ^ .pqoeN.-M M. B.^.... W Trin.dad- ties at. the Archibald Institute, at, iys ex etedtoen\
at A Miss a n orm aArchibald institute" 'a"-d 't TO "1 m ten Prna mis -os t1 *"h e t
I" fo r Meeti'Mciasomao tWin are going to e
Se returnlnU from summer holiday home here with Ahibald Intitute si i oent a e
Sii daughter of or. 0. *0odoosingh and Mrs. Boo. Min Ibberson, "is our only resident i ais s Loc l tent aourcare
tor- "" MUSIC. Mr. N y Mahabi', sonM s Dm
esgees- San. ev"':"'.. Is to be1in a4'1y**.ar vi*ian domestic training centre 'and ws. ie vi*C0 J ~ t* *-* clew tI thatse ^ ^ --r
tratO of sans,'. r a WR nd* Mrs.. ah,,,r are glad to am it put forward a view that the
aa & .Mt and I t lins t I.ngland vi. Canada on tiaughtful and comprehensive pro-wI wl topi the peolxp ct
e* nter rae ""tel *choi. HIs brother WinOts gramme with a strong bias i c D a 1, Tht expected I
*f eear, *aced A. withfrst a" n enuriScloy favour of rural community *ork. n-I C newcomer l w.IS Mrs.
tolfareo sO Wt t daund ter of Mr. t . "If edtucahon waits upon an By ALERT GO1 8. Beryl Crichlow.
or Isesd. tis stakingM1 meicine. Of the three Li brothers, array of teachers supplied by Oov. A play a week Is a phenomenal' O r. .
MO W he, ldt d rL.. ernment t ound to be a Drlow ap. i Criclow nd
a.of A tec.om Ob W aee, Mo and Cart ae echolra win- ment,itis bound to be a slow average for Trinidad; yet that hasl .. o
i!efeotdJtentitr wh Mr. Laure tKong,anotWhere process. If It Is to move fast, muth been my averagee during the past* Ma. ^ ., worker of the
rdate at M after egi g. ust be done y the citizens them eght days. Other considerations town who It 1s stat'd, will be
zelvea. A widespread movement for too colour the experience; of thel soonsored by the V'est Indian Na-
left 11.,.- 1.1 0 0- the better care of chl' Iren was two plays.one wAS written.'directed ton r the We nl N ;
started in America by a group of and produced by Trinidadn tetionalParty.
*nd cedb~va Tindadanthe Siter of Mr. RC.C Archbald.
i^women who studied the subject and other Isa play about English life barrister- Ct-law andrhbrmer me-
undertook each In turn to run a from the pen of an Elnglishman. ber of the San Fernando Borouegh
study group in her cwn home, the Both plays revolve upon similar r s Crho ol h t
Member of which would be sil- central characters. In the case of CSundayM Guardian" that sthe w
S larl' I pledged to teach others. This the local play the pivot is a vain u guardian" that he w
he loalply he iltes wvin prepared to stand for election, If it
S is er way to make rapid progress. extravagant, irresponsible, extreme p to tn lecto I It
S; iThere Is a tremendous and Iv coy and fortyish Aidow of the was the wio h of the W t Indian
H X i urgentt need for homecraft teach- type that is so ftal to the luxorius National Prt, t of which o he was,
ing in the villages, and the useful- bachelor whose shadows of resist- and that she would do ll sh S T
nes of the teaching at the Arch- ance have begun to lengthen. The could, If elected, to further the in-
i. bald Institute could be Increased matriarch of the English piece is a teeto te re e I.
a hundredfold if the pupil, deter, tasteless slice of middle-class hum-.erests of the bureses.
k k mined n:t only to use their know- bug who, having reduced her h Outgoing Councillors this year Spec
Sc. LK K. ee KON ledge in their own homes, but band to the servitude of a well-kept are Mr. E. C. Crawford and Mr. V.
each one to form a little group of Pekinese. is determined to divorce C. Ramsaran. both members of
..--. ._ .- friends who would study with them. him In order to crash society with the West Indian National Party.
g' D~l~n lt ^ and undertake in turn to lorm the force of delectable scandal, and the Hon'ble George A. Fitz-
Sells Four Promoted in further groups. The English play, "Passing patrick, who in the by-election
B0 Brompton Road," Is a droll and battle earlier in the year, captured
L o.al Forces VALUABlE. brittle affair, as artificial and In- the Victoria sent rendered vacant L
or mr tr i nd, This cossequentil as a powder-puff. ItI on the Legislative Council bv the
SFour members of the W.I. "The course Includes Hindi This seemed a stupendous waste of ef- appointment of Mr. A. C. Rienzi
Armed Forces have received Is valuable, as it will enable the fort to go to such pains to make to the post of Second Crown
i promotions, according to a re- pupils to pass on their knowledge dramatically presentable a piece Counsel.
O y cent "Gazette Extraordinary," to, those villagers wl.o not only so completely lacking In taste and Both Mr. Crawftrd and Mr.
In the Navy, promotions go have an understanding of English substance. There was nothing for Ramsaran have expressed their In-
to Acting Sub-Lieutenant W. E. ,.'ch is very imperfect, but who the mind In it, so that af.er a while tention to leek re-election and will
I will soon Pe peal- Blades, who is now Acting fe-el a uolte peculiar respect for the vitreous boredom was relieved have the backing of the West In- c IN'
*.tr 1U5 more couples in Lieutenant; Acting Lieutenant a >z,,itg conveyed to them in only by the photogenic Joan Taylor dian Natiotal Party. A n)n.Party IILDRENS
0#s city, according to C. B. Goddard, now Lieutenant Hindi. Women who show them- as the lethal and enterprising Miss member, Mr. Pitzpatrick, It is tin-
with seniority cf November 27, selves ready tIo go out and teach Carruthers, Miss Shells Ball as the derstood, has not yet decided F E L T S
UP last week at the 1941; and Acting Paymaster in Hindi in the villages will be impish and precocious Veronica whether he will again offer him-
Sub-Lieutenant B. L. Moreton, able to render a great service to Sloane, and Mr. Duncan Watson self for another term.
Sas Lieutenant, the community by bringing home who as the human Pekinese, Henry Also c.mlng forward is Mr ,2.33
le are. or onluc- In the Army, Captain A, K. the importance of education and Sloane, was relaxed, and convinc- Hugh Webster, comn.l ssion agent.,
Place. Port-of- .pai. Taitt of the Second Battalion, modern Ideas. in in his part.of Prince of Wales street. who will
3184OO, sptniter o fi1 Trinidad Volunteers, has been "The Trinidad of the future will Mr. Errol Cherrie's "Chamber in contest a seat on an Independent
Bachelor, cleaner, awarded promotion to the rank need resident village welfare work- The Moon," the local play, was ticket If he l is not supported by
street, Woobru. and of Major. era who will make themselves the outstanding In a variety of ways. the Party.
spinster, .seamstress, . ...... -. friends and helpers of the commu- I cannot recall its equal among So far trade unten circle. are AN A
WB' Wooebruok. Offi ia Vii nity In which they live. The hnsti- local productions of the kind. All silent as to the stand they will tak cPANAMA
SMAII, bachelor shatffeiiraA A A
Tobaer, and lII'A nK l tute's programme is a first step In the familiar defects of the local at the elections,
It Belie Kau HRuud, Ofiials Vist the direct-n of training women pilay were there: but, for the third Decisi-n giving the right to F School Wear.
oM mson, of I, fare C for such work, and we congratu. scene, if for no other reason, Mr. women here to sit as municipal
d ?andB 8 hiEyl MOCK.i W elar.C linic late the authors on their vision and Cherrie deserves the highest coin- councillors was made about eight _________
b l iRoad. *public spirit in framing it." mendation. In that scene Mr. years ago on the motion of Coun-
boeluor, laundry man. of Tunapuna Child Welfare Clinic, .-----.__ Cherrie displayed a dramatic skill, clillor Ramsarai, l ze proposal be-
and ALVA WIt AIAM, open to mothers and infants every a dexterity in dialogue and a flair ing appmved In legislation amend.
I'.Sf CUPID. electri.- Tusday romI p.m. to 4 p.m. was SPEECH DAY for humorous characterisation that Ing the Borough Council Qrdin-
i"tt airet. St. James. nd visited last Tuesday afternoon by lifted the piece way above the or- dance.
MORK. spinster, ot 2 Mrs. 0. H. Masson, President cf the Mr. Robert Patrick, Director of diary local fare. It moved-.and ---
ai5Rg. bachelor, mechantc. Child Welfare League, and Mrs. E. Education, will preside E id Mrs. it scintillated. CONTINUED FROM PRevou S COL..]
a Road. St. James, ani Draggett. Superintendent of Infant Patrick will distribute the prizes The opening scene was poor. and -.
TIN. spinster, laandress, Welfare and Maternity Services, and certificates at the annual exoosed the familiar defects in this play. Miss Thelma Cherrie
i ANDER. bachelor, roI- who preferred both advice and as-Ispeech day function of the Arlma bold relief. Tne lines were potn- as the spendthrift widow, Mr. Mills
10 u .Marthy irene. Be. sistance. Boys' Goveriprnt -chool carded derous and bombastic, recitation Olivier as the scheming popinjay,
UDIUNE MONTBSRIN, The visitors were met by Mrs, t:r 4.30 p.m. on Thursday, August rather than speech; and the decor and Mr. Rupert Lynch as the youth
o 33 irthi Road, Bel' Marcano, the Clinic Superinten- 17. tended to be more literary than wllh robust reflexes, all carried
LAS DAVIES. bachelor, dent; Mrs. Crouch, the Assistant ____ _____ real. In the second act and on- their parts with ability and distinc-
Ciprian Boulevard, mnd Superintendent: and many mem- wards towards the finale, the atfflia- tion.
Sjtre., .pinster, clerk. o fbers of the newly formed Child MUSIC ASSOCIATION TO STUDY tus flopped; and for the simple This sudden burgeoning of Inter- l- =--
.PATeL. bachelor, chef. of Welfare Committee. Music Association members are reason that the whimsy of the t n the theatre calls for the _____
mad ADIS RAMAIRAH, reminded of the short Ir'tensve musical comedy was permitted to creation of a dramatic society onI A
dutiea, of 3t Queen [CONTINUEDO e p0M REVIOUS COL.1 course of four lectures on "Form percolate into surroundings where broad and catholic lines. An or-
b.ace, Blmid, ontdur min General and Sonata In Partic- It was obviously do trop. Much as ganlsation similar to the Art society N
bac,,Belont. andu ,ArmtoDor 'te, and 11,S10 eCLE. ular" to be given on Monday and I like and enjoy Bergt. Griffith's and the Music Association suggests
ROnasBlmeonsamstress. SNGE& apinhter, us Abercrony str Wednesday evenings at 8.30 o'clock compositions, I am firm in my con- itself to me. The moment is most
,, bachelor, tailor, of IN SOUTH at the Bishop's High Schcl Hall, viction that they had no place in jopportune, the need for an inter-
Sreet, *ad LILIAN sO-TH ....w -__ change of Ideas and experiee W ELL M A D E
domestic duties, of 9 Two weddings will take place In a tomorrow. fCONTINUZO IN NEXT COLtl being fairly obvious. i V 1. LL ivI1-xui1
tbahelorsPlacue. mth andVarounddSan Fernandos hortlyTFU R N IT U R E
roMt Woodbrook, ant according to notices posted at the
O spinster, seas m-Warden's Office here. I
m treet. The contractin-" nartle. are: ta s S I T
IS AMMY. bachelor, me-- CHOONOO RAJPAUI,. bachelor. Is- at
sB n Street, and ENKHAT hourer, of Erperanee Village, and JANE At $1., 51.44$1,81, $1,75 and
tr, domestic duties, o fRAMIOCIIAN, spinster. of aperance 52,1 ech; sys, PyjamA Suits at Reduced Prices
V[Y, bachelor, Corporal RAMAINGH. bachelor. lbollror, of $2.75 each; Genuine Leather Wal-
H -Borrackpore. and POOKRAJEA. ,pinlter, lets at $3.36 and $3.6M; Tooth t
-N-o INNEXT COL..i dome.ic-dutles,. of CiLrke Road, Penal e '
IN_ . r usthes at 23e. $1e an d 4k .; 0
nannlllAl F Ehl lTll IiillhlU lhimili Anklets at 6e.per10alr. (IuireII A FRESH LO LII
Sfor wholesale rate of these); al at n uO |
.... FOR SALE. I H. P. SIGH f
] ,d on.-- ., -,"--WEDDING
L I ~~Trinidad's Premier 'unrager andW E D N
Oulfitters. b
0hon 5 Kill ants 'u PRESENTS _

sa^ W^^^^^^^ QUEEN 8T~ PORT-O SPAI bugsu~etw B T *
,, inTO
ONE TELLS THE Cut and Etched Glassware, l nf
OTH R |lE.P.N.S., Chinese Carved
I yo Yrar : 2i l y o w pro- SafeguardE the cleanliness and coo- Vases, Jewelry, Candle
G ILMAN THOMAd riht fort of your home. Insist on Flit Sticks, etc., etc.
T :csesolt ci taway If mot before. to kill ants, bugs, and other crowl-
'm ACRABANK,," well known as popular GUEST 7OUSE), NO SALE--
200 PrOertIes1rN For7Saefag insects. Substitutes Are often
jI mthed. and standing on 2 moods 27 perches of nd at 33 over NO opert.e er 5e worthless-sometmes even danger- Your Inspection Invited.
Donsars:fO ClosedO galroe eadh oSt rwn-= ncludina-
g s : JBosed Streey, 2rpdetown ve r bados, B.w.I. 1 Bome St. Renovated ous- and frequently waste your
Dini.___Dng, smaller rooms off dining room, idg I Prtitan .... 1est o THE SALES R
Sand kitchen. = "4Ro1seino at. money. Flit is sold T
Uit'r 6 Bedrooms, eah with running water, usual P Possession ........... S.000 "ny nth eae
conve nince-.Ho I 13 lOW tin with the sol- 1 Henry St. (near T*G.R.)
hI Yard : 2 ServanWs rooms, Crtrage and Stahles. I Valley .............. 2,500 e $O
sctric. usad ad Gvernment waler services Installed.. 44Bathe il o.. Very Cheaph99
S 5.t. Eo5eSion 1st October, 1944. J 5 1S Pelhans Street .. 53.100 it.fthes fo^ir d^it and bla bad
Apply to YEARWOOD S BOYCE, Soliciters, 6 5 Mount Hope. St. Flt fte ode li pywllDtP o e 86 9A
1.Jainc Street, Bridgetown, Babao, BW. James, Rental 840 A
7 House. Mount Coco ... -____ ___-___________________
Rtd., Petit Valley ... $1.800; ________________________
8 76 Piaten -Street.
!W D IRE924 O'Conncr. Posses-
a- y"..,,Saddle0"Road....ew.....
ili L T ME HELP YOUEmty ............Cheap .
t@ mke asuosas o you futre'11 7 Chamo Elysees Road

*i&- tIa sadHo r u to *ar Possession .......... 3,8000

SD.O w, ,,,-u.-15 -.-vi Ale u.n as Fore Any OCcasion of

Distace h 16 197 westernManRsim
Distance Mokft Vacant ........... _.... MAN
no difforoe. 17 Do Luxe Home 3 2nd
B d lwAvenue. p session .. 0.0 0 No Two ike
*et: .-ta a.t.abl. .A I I a PoSelomn, "Good" .. P4,M0
55dj svie. so"" rfeareia 19 52 Observatory Street.
.d .Mai--& Ats, .. *. ogPriced at $3.00 each
g Al. Causee dA Mpa Ceie t4 Rental i22........... *.OO
tI Seat l Msitrteea* 20 211 Belmont Circular
... s .g. fet s,. ,malp .oI.e.d. oRod. Po ssin .. *17,000
had esti ad Ieatilatlo its"op
rI~r b- ."MWi- S lebw Al!tnr'odo* ofle TATKB- fl l %^
sote? of' "*1 ,StetsMl 5.aIMI.UM TOBAGO--Wa) tMysde rtate
-~I ele SAE-Ett
Bh Sr m ShiL&t Metal W k -Sevode-on-4e-70-0 acres.
Moth ," jb "lowSa su T'he futl ,r watering laoe of
tl. S-- steel wr. the BWI.. L half-a-mile an
5ab' e ,e S 'L i. 1frontaw Pm F ull, 'm i E e m
Ulla~ lt Kateslse. 'Ueultr ,t office. tUMiL U I a~
rTe5s f arge.Estate" ".nea I,..n A M A I hb IIaImi neIr. Iu
eel T~ee~ ~ ?e1~ ?eiswashp Plvluottb-Ne At-a v e aq. -' r 5 ,
I *" -** btteae I I- Trepe eft. (e) Tleaiw4 Etate. 'AC C AAIVL'TUD
.4l e,. v we M s t. _'y ............ eao e

E NIINNT O II e 62 Queen Street and

LAmLa M-


rom $2.75

ial Line $2.95

at $2.85 A



Have pleasure in announcing to the Tennis
playing public of the Colony that we have
secured the services of Mr. Clyde Dumas late
of Pereira & Co., Ltd., to take care of the
stringing and repairs of Tennis, Badminton
and Squash Rackets.

Ve guorontee prompt ond efficient service.


^- ^.i.^^' ^ sr^ -r -, wa

sme end me a booklet "Busineso for Building men*" nd
ormnatlon on the subJec:s I have marked below.
Name ..........................................
Address ........................................
City ................. ..
Occupation ............... .... ................ .
Employed Bv ........... ......... ..............
ply onternatCon C1r Schoof v 4
pAi g your low f o. .iAaS_
laim your lover forever?,t

Y uES. yOUr W mly sthst.fo lcra
Ci ti a lM = ful'umaho tour
caims, UnlessARATH t Ie j-*
.fbu love. Rcaelrf7ooute = ba w bd bm md dwO .kaw '
So be arsfuL Use Coipo Del
Ceam. Its pamwsdtaf fo0SO So
Cevim btwm your t.h ,sA wasAe
away om aid Iyii mM lod psid
which MWemm bOad eMth. diauW mi
oft Sam od m&k 6.tAy.
1le d --1 I R
q r p&"" C



",-':* '' ,*

F~R~ mzu

gng':h biq) ftarfttax

'mnum sI'u mmme =o. LiO ,
-1" 1%, O- WI I R *T, WE T PO4.W-aPAIN

ftt4 NIO NebeSM, W&S I 4TiloW"I Helt.N. 5M46)
,,b KOPP a (2I6.) 5 PIf tHS Avene, N.Y.C.
WV1e softib 11V eOeeted Pre, Xetur, United Pree-
en s S ..- Peo.m

AUOUST I5 1.44,

Signs Point To Greater

Allied Effort In Pacific

IBT Allies have made satisfactory pro-
I greenn in the Pacific during the past
ye ..- On the one hand the forces under
SGeneral MacArthur have driven the Jap-
tit away from the Australian main-
lahd and isolated the enemy's garrisons
detailed to cut the lifelines of the Com-
monwealth. On the other the forces based
on Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, under Admiral
Chester Nimitz have driven into Japan's
inner defences and are within striking
distance of the Japanese homeland.
President Roosevelt's visit to Pearl Har-
bohir last week and his conferences there
with General MacArthur and Admiral
NiMiitz Indicate that the time is at hand
fordirect attack on Japan, the Philip-
pizes, and the Chinese mainland.
The next stage of the Pacific war will
be on a faster scale than the operations
which have so far been successfully con-
ducted by General MacArthur and Ad-
miral Ninmta, and will call for the co-
ordinated use of the forces under their
imnumand. The present favourable posl-
tion of the American forces is the result
Of boldness In the conception and execu-
tion of strategy. The Japanese expected
(belr opponents to fight them from island
to island, but no such time-consuming
method has been followed, with the re-
sult that objectives have been attained
Much more rapidly and at much cheaper
cost than would otherwise have bern the
cas. It can be taken for granted that
resid ent Roosevelt, in consultation with
Smyilitary commanders, has laid the
m roundwork for the next phase of
r peratlona, and the capture of Guam last
i eek ensures that Superfortress attacks
uch as that on Nagasaki will be delivered
on Japan from two directions.
In Europe the Allies made good pro-
gress last week both In the East and the
West. In spite of strong German resist-
'i ance the Anglo-American forces were
S ,odrawlng nearer and nearer to Paris, but
what was of greater significance was the
,fact that a large force of German troops
stood in danger of encirclement. If
hitherto the Allied advance in France
has been somewhat slow, their? are now
lndications that important gains are
l tkely in the not distant future.
liEven greater victories appear to be In
the making on the eastern front, where
Sthe Red Army Is once more driving to-
wsrds the East Prussian border and fur-
ther south towards central Poland. Gr-
man resistance has stiffened, particularly
Before East Prussia, but the danger of
Being outflanked and trapped on their
own soil grows for the Wehrmacht, and



Now flying temporarily a




and the


wVith t as lmP a a *M Tmas h b t
wbih I t w IMt natural dfemce line be
fer 0msay proper reached. The
Oame ara already auflerg heavy
loue m what is probably the last battle
bam wmars, *e*auan territory,
a bsattfwt wll.ertainly be won by
the Iq imor powr a=d strategy of the
Red Army. T"e enemy's only hope is to
fight for tim, and th only benefit this
will bring him i postponement of the
day of defeat. The ummer battles on the
eastern and auer finits are only now

Meeting Transport Deficits

Will Be Municipal Problem

THE City Council's decision to acquire
the electricity distribution in Port-of-
Spain and the transportation services
raises some Important problems. The
municipal committee which considered
the question has warned us that the cost
of current may be higher, though it ex-
pects after some years to bring it down
again. Increased costs ar! natural and
should occasion no surprise. They will be
caused by inexperience, by the need to
employ a special staff, technical as well
as clerical, by increased overhead, and
also perhaps by deficits on the transport
system. Under Electricity Board manage-
ment these deficits in 1942 amounted to
$22,699, representing the difference be-
tween a surplus of $25,579 on the opera-
tion of the tramways, and a loss of $48,-
278 on the 'buses and trolleybuses.
In spite of the greater cost of opera-
tion due to the war, the Electricity
Board's policy has been against fare in-
creases. It has blen able to carry out
this policy by making up on the round-
abouts the losses sustained on the swings,
yet it has managed to cut the cost of
current. This has been possible because
of the development of the whole under-
taking under one management free fiom
political interference. When the island
electricity scheme is launched the Elec-
tricity Commission, which is to replace
the Board, will be more than compensat-
ed for the loss of the city distribution
and transport by the wider field in which
It will operate. The City Council, on the
other hand, will be limited to control of
a local circuit, split off from the main
If the Council are bent on exercising
their legal right of acquisition they
should realize that deficits on the trans-
port system will have to be handled
rather differently in these circumstances.
If the lighting and power charges are to
go up, as threatened, this should not be
because of transportation losses. It may
be Impracticable at first to balance th!
transport budget simply by fare in-
creases, but the extra funds needed after
fares are increased should come out of
the Corporation's general revenue, which
will have to be supplemented from new
sources, They should not be obtained
from an extra demand on the electricity
consumer. The ideal should be for the
transport system eventually to stand up
on its own feet, without interfering
meanwhile with the cheap electricity
policy which must be carried out both for
domestic and industrial purposes. We
hope the City Council is not attempting
to bite off more than it can chew, and
that the public will not suffer too severely
in the process.






British West Indian Airways Ltd.

a J Aborcromby Streti ,..
i Port-of-Spoln, Tr'niIod.

'Phone 5, 7548.



25, Chaeon Street,

Tuesday, 15th August, 1944

A tetd by Mrs. Wight,
MI Uritch, we will l much
ld A UMeful item" s asmmom
Nou~ Bed. gh toer motg Sprhn
UM Mattress tanomssSingle Bed
= V M.T. Washstand,
Mrrore i Boy, Cyp and Crap,
ng ig Premes, Cyp Chest of
Drawerm, Wdide Table, Cyp and
Orap. Ditin rTables. 1-Buruer
0 Mtove. Meat Bale, lteenm and
Pantry Ware. Ham Sliler, Scale
ad Weights,. Pood Jar, Morris Set-
tee and Chairs with Cushions,
BenAtwood Rockers and Chairs,
OCrpot Pold. Canvas O hain.
Lady* Writing Desk, Cyp and
Orap. China Cabinets, G Olas and
Oftnaware. Child's Play Pen., High
Cr, Oo-Cart and Bablee' Prams.
mmCrap. Office Desk *and Re-
OChair. Three Iron Safd,
tCar Jack. Adjust. Dexk
M Lady's Sike, Portable
Oo1U Sticks and
Tradle Machine,
B l a TOater, IruSn, Sw-
W W tfa-Watt* .,ron-Pan
Liube KS. K adio te.
TO.onvl.ew from Now, and

.yd (r Hutchinson, Ltd.,

-,_A. .. -- .-

LeAtters To
The, Edicto
TWh ester
't~e omtrus shi OiU emnmm qs aim

,O 4tm zc" I
re w '"luses i Wii line
u.S-sd1550 inS
tot f^MOsIve --M .4P5 t

Trinidad As Tyre Centre
Should Act Accordingly
Tedy Uter, "9nMday Qrlaa.m
The deci~ e siuon n'
Ocafereace in Wselhliftoni.C.,
make Trinidad the hedadarter'
for the recapping of tyros this
part of th Wet Indles has ob-
viously been followed by the de-
livery of materials here for this
Now we read in the "OGuardlan"
that the Trinidad Government is
"now Investigating the extent to
which they will be able to handle
requirements of these Colonies.',
Meanwhile, the factory Is set up
and Trinidad tyreos are being recap-
May I suggest that unless we are
prepared to act a the centre we
eave no right whatever to be using
material which was sent for the
needs of all the Windw.rd and
Leeward Islands.
It may be true that the Xcal
Government was not consulted, but
they do not appear to have banned
the Importation of the material
from Washington, pending their de.
clsalon Many another island would
have welcomed the chance of hav-
ing this industry, but the privilege
came to us.
Privileges bring responsibilities;
just as we have received help from
Washington. so ought we to be glad
to serve the other Islands. Too
often our attitude Is: "Me first,
myself second, and ift there is any-
thing left, I'll take It."
I San Fernanda.

Cosmetics As New Industry
The Editor, "Sunday Gu.rdilan."
Looking around recently at the
large number of locally made cos-
metics and other articles In odr
stores led me to seek the opin-
ion cf some businessmen here as
regards the quality of these goods
compared with those from the big
They spoke highly of them as a
whole, and seemed entirely to agree
with a report which appeared in
these columns a shcr't time ago
suggesting that the Industry be
ercoi 'raged.
This mather, of course, was dealt
with at the recent West Indies
Chambers of Commerce Congress;
but the'e appear to be some facts
which might interest readers and
encourage those already In the job
1o stick to it: even if the going at
first is rough.
Many of th.-se goods, It seems.
not only compare favourably with
what is received here from the big
-onitrie., bi't some of the Jamalca
products, far Instance, are bet:'".
AlthOugh It. must be remembered,
owing to the scarcity of machinety.
packing, and so on, they are made,

To get your buRlnee irted
in the GuardiaWn" gi 1ede
Directory you Wtyt. eHI j -3
tam to at U0422410 V.,
nofo to yoat e < -
from the "O la M" a4nf.
Act now.

at least as far as Trinidad Is con-
cerne(I under great handicaps.
A difficulty whi' h confronts the
local manufacturer Is the lack of
skilled labour. The men employed
show both willingness and ability
to learn, but the job Is new and
they must be properly taught.
Since there appear to be no pe.r-
sons available locally for this pur-
pose, qualified men from abroad
would have to be obtained. This
might reasonably call for a bigger
outlay on the part of Individual
firms than a new market Induces.
Leaving out. a possible set up by
a joint body of firms from various
West Indian Islands of one big fac-
,a-y, Government subsidized let us
nay for the purpose, perhaps firnms
In ea h place could come together
,ind establish one such factory In
their own colony. These factories
could then make articles from mas-
terIais produced locally, and the
owners come to some sales agree-
ment among themselves.
In this way each island's needs
of these Items would be met and.
at the lame time, wcrk provided
lor many in need of It.
W. A. DL
When Growing Plantains
The Fditor. "Sunday Guardian.*
On the advice of "Farm Hand"
we have taken up plantain planting.
We propose putting In about 1,000
plants on 25 acres. We understand
all that he has said about the cul-
tire, etc., except the statement:
"and the heart Is scooped out."
We would be much obliged if your
correspondent would help us by ex-
plaining the reason and benefits
accruing from the "scooping out"
Mt. St. George,
I have endeavoured to reply to
Mr. Vanterpool's query by means
of the" diagramL

T. Plantain me- I. Tranaverme
ker as ebtalned. section of uncker
with ta ) leaves
circularly wrap.
ped to form
pseudeatem, and
(b) apex or
growing point.
If reference #t made to fig. II it
will be aetn that the sucker at
fig. I consists chiefly of leaves which
are folded around the growing
point or auex of the plant.
In order to facilitate rapid growth
the core of leaves or pEeudostem, as
it Is called is removed to permit the
growing point to come to the
s'rftne-. The operation must be
-arrfullv done n as tn avoid dam-
aging the growing tlInt.


"I understand they are prepa
new import permit form

U.S. DemocraticParty

Set To Win Though

It will ony be because the war
goes up and the Republicans are
not in a position to capitalise
on the disunity among their
rivals that this writer feels
the U.S. Democraticbe Party may
come out on top in the Presi-
dential election next November.
The US. Democratic Party seems
to be moving toward a full-fashioned
change as it enters a campaign
which may, for the first time In its
history, give it 16 uninterrupted
years in the White House. Whe-
ther the change will shove the
party to right or left is not yet de-
termined, and the coming election
may have much to do with deter-
mining it.
Thie question Is. can the party
hang together long enough to win
another election? For the Demo-
cratic Party Is a house divided
against itself, or, as has been said.
"a party of incompatibles" In
lifite of the war, it has less unity
loday than at any time since 1932.
The Mainstay

The principal unifying factor In
the party is, of course. President
Franklin D. Roosevelt. He exer-
cises this unifying Influence in a
-'riey 'V 'Y% for.he commands
~vartty of loyalties. He Is chief
executive, eimiander-in-chlef of
the army ar-A navy, spokesman in
world affairs, the founder of the
new deal, and last but by no means
least, the man who, by being elect-
ed, makes patronage and contin-
uance in office possible.
So, the Democratic Party Is still.
to a great exLent, the personal pos-
session of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
That it Is less so than formerly Is
attested by the recent sacrifice by
the President of his long-time aide,
Vice-President Henry A, Wallace, a
bone tossed to the ravening dogs
of part regularity and conserva-
tism. While an evidence of weak-
ness, this move may strengthen
the President's position.
The PresIdent himself Is the ex-
ponent of a vague, disjointed liber-
alism, Just as his legislative pro-
grammes reveal an empirical,
catch-as-catch-can lioeral pattern.
His position on civil liberties is
sound and well-established, and his
approach to national problems nor.
mally progressive, although his
ic'eas have sometimes been ahead
of his concrete achievements.
In foreign policy, Mr. Roosevelt
leads and the entire party follows.
For all practical purposes, the
Democrats are the Internationalist
party In the United States, and
there is no effective Opposition to
the Roosevelt foreign policy with-
in the party ranks,
South Still Solid
This is perhaps more true of the
South than of any other area In
the country, but it is nevertheless
a fact that for his liberalism, the
President parts company with the
second important factor in the De-
mocratic Party, the solid South.
This year, for all the undisguised
dissatisfaction in the South with
the Roosevelt domestic programme.
the South will almost unquestion-
ably remain solid.
And yet this area, since early
new deal days, has been largely ini-
mical to thie President, and, during
the past few years has worked
more than once with the Republi-
can minority In Congress, Its poli-
tical ideas differ from those of the
President, it detests Mrs. Roosevelt,
it wants to be "left alone" to solve
what it considers peculiarly South-
ern problems, such as race rela-
Its political dominance, based on
the narrowest of franchises, is
threatened by elimination of the
poll-tax and by the development
of war industry In the South. This
latter phenomenon means that the
Bourbon Democrats of the South
are, for the first time, challenged
by politically-oontcous organized
So the South finds itself between
two stools-opposition to the Pre-
sident will weaken the party na-
tionally, perhaps disastrously so;
and co-operation with him may
weaken the current political rulers
of the section. The only solution
for the Southerners Is to dominate
the party, and with the Prasident
In the picture, this is quite Impos-
The South has no choice but to
string along with the administra-
tion in the election; it is terribly
unhappy about it. but it must sup-
port the President until the elec-
tion Is over. After that, there will
be no holds barred.
In the North, the strength of
the Democratic Party come lare.
Iv from orgsnised labour, su -le"
mented by wide. if not exception.
ally, numerous support 'om liber-
als and Intellectuals.
Labour goes with the DemocrtU
because the first two jsevelt ad.
ministrations Rv Iube uft Sreast-
4t elnt,. guiaranteeing it colleatin
ftresining in section 7-a at
Had" Rlte"M Act am"J.-

SteaI q rApplications are Invited for the poet of Mate, Go
iSteamer Service.
(-b 'Candidates must be in possession of a Certificate
tas Intercolonial Master issued by the Marine Board of
o ~a higher or corresponding value issued by a competent
'he United Kingdom or In any British Dominion or C
1 The salary of the post is $1,248 96 11.410 l12$..
annum. The selected candidate will be required to eonm
Provident Fund and will be appointed on prooation for t
The appointment will be subject to the Colonial
wring their Local Civil Service Regulations. "
19 The selected candidate will be required to pass a m iedWl
uSe nation prior to taking up the appolntnumi..
All applications together with copies of trUtlmonls At
Appea rs addressed to the Colonial Secretary in &he prescribed form
Atpe rs be obtained from the Secretariat and should rtach his oS
s than 30th August, 1944.

Acting Colonisl

later In the Wagner-Connery Act; WOKMEN
putting a floor under wages andsa NOTICE WRKAIENRI
ceiling over hours in the Fair La- N ORDIN
bour Standards Act; and enforcing ,N
the Wagner Act wi.h regard to '
Government contracts with private The public are hereby no- NOTIfj
firms through the Walsh-Healey t e t vacciat ON10
Act. tifed that vaccination of.
While organised labour has not equines (horses, mules and'
always been satisfied with the ad-.
ministration's attitude duringthe donkeys) against Equine Re-Death of (a) oi
war, particularly on anti-inflation Enclphalomyelitis (Sleeping And (b) 0X .
measures, it knows that attacks on Sickness) will take place in employed wito t
Its bargaining position and against Sicknss) wll take place n employed w
its patriotism have come, In the the County of St. Patrick on O lnield of-I O
main, from Republicans and South- the following dates:- which occuld
ern Democrats. And It recognizes ,9 4 a
the split In the party which came w,) WALCOT' M
Into the open In the Vice-Presid'n- 7th to 12th August man lately e
trial fight at the Convention, and 4t 9 AArcher Coal
seeks to use it. 14th to 19th August which occurredl
No Longer Hungry Notices giving particulars 1d) VICTOR MS
man latelike
cfThe Democrats time e d pbac will te TrinidadLake
coun.The Democrats should be able to psted at the Wardens' Offi- sting Co., Ltd,,
coun, oil solid C.I.O. suppol t
through the new-born and po*er- ces and in other prominent red on 4th Ju
ful Political Action Commiutet, and places and owners of CniPnic era having been d
a better than even split in the ae an owners of animals .ers having been d
American Feueration ol Labour. are strongly advised to con- .nder Section 8 of
Another of tne i einoLrac puiars suIt te .ompensatlun
is the party machinery. Periecte them, endants of the saM
under Jim farley in 1932 and 1936, elementt Roecaste,
this machinery has rustea a bit, R. 0. WILLIAMS, ind Victor McShU
and it sulters from iueitia, but iti ire hereby requil
continues to function. Idealogical Actl.ig Director of Agriculture .ore The Com
differences within a party will not __ _________ he 18th day of g
normally affect the party workers. Transport 'clock in the fo-o
ro them. politics Is a business, ra- Tanspor 'House, Port-of
their than a batlefleld of ideas. Emergency Board Commssionert
Still, 12 years of satiety dulls ap- Ctoei toer
petites. The Democrats were hun- Pr o relati
,ry Indeed in 1932 having suffered Tyres and Tubes are now issued dants to the deef
lamlne since the scandal ridden to Mo.or Trucks subject to the will be required B
days of Warren G. Harding. But strict observation of the rates laid loner to be f
they are not hungry today. The down In the Goods Vehicles Rates .nts at the enqua -i
Republicans are the lean ones now. Regulations 1944, and it is notified n be in the form o
Under a two-party system, this is for the Information of the Public AIrth and of marrgis09
inevitable, for while the psycholo- that a convlctlcn for a breach of cumatances be n
gies of the Ilns and the outs remain these Regulations will auto- n
constant. toe parties are Inter- matlUally result in the forfeiture Dated this 15th dq,
changeable. of all tvres and tubes Issued to the
It should not be thought that the of all tyrs ao d tubes id ssued to the
Democrats enjoy no support what- ersGn conviOct. A.V.N. MjB
ever from so-called big business. Secretary Transort ie Registrar,
Certain segments of large American Secretary, Transport er-
industry looked on the new deal genu y Board ,
with favour, and may still prefer a August 2, 1944.S rt Emr
Democratic victory, for example Transport Emerg
light consumer industry, ever grate- NOTICE
ful for the lift of N.R.A. days. ..
Given a fourth Roosevelt victory,
what does the country lace? RECAPPR I
1I1 Effects The public are hereby notfled .,l
The Democratic Party Is less dy- that vaccination of equines (horses, .
nami0 now than at any time shie mules and donkeys) against Equine All registered
1942. bankrupt of a consisent [0- Encephalomyelitis (Sleeping Sick- owners desirous of.
meastle policy, t; is shot ihrouga ous
with Intra-party scnisms. 'nce of Narlva-Mayaro on the following registered motor
chance for unity and a definitive nessa will take place in the County capped must deal Bl
economic programme, comparable dat es County of te foIlowllo win
to that of li32. Is remote. Pros- te: r
pects are for coninued, and per- Mesam CHA 3W
naps heightened Inteinecine strie. 4th to 7th September & MO'i3
Bickering within the Democratic 11th to 14th September -
Party, combined with inevitable Port-of-Spaie and
RtepLulcan opposition and tWe Pre- Notices giving particulars of time
sluent'a curren- lacii of prestige In land place will be posted at the"------
tonress, could hinoer the adop- Wardens' Oftces and in other TRINIDAD AGIN
tion of a reasonable pos.t-war In- prominent placesand owners of 40 South tuy,
ternatlonal policy, especially should animals are trongly advised to
there be a treaty requiring ratill- consult then
cation by the Senate. '
However, there has been a dis- TYRE SEVi-V1.,l
tinct trend in party primaries tiis R. 0. Williams, 21 Prince Alred It...I
year, the elimination of anti- m* *t
toosevelt Democrats and isolation- Acting Director of Agriculture. ,
ist Republicans. The roll of those Applicants who?.0"A
elimlnaied so far comprises a sub- Control Board applications which
stantial part of the isolationist atppi been returned to th-
group before the war, as well as Notice to comply with thil
cantankerous old-line Democrats. structions.
The President may therefore Spares for Incubators. 0
have increased Congressional sup-
port if again elected) hah would and Brooders
be quite remarkahi, fMisidering Queen's Roy
the time he has had to alienated*
member of CImporters o Poultry png ege Te
members of Congress, and the Equipment are requested to sub- 1ege-T
num be r of interests on w hose toes ,_tr t r s f t e r 10 5 r q i e
he hu stepped over a 12-year pe- mitrtu spasofhr14 uubior Science M
riod.ments of spares for Incubators
od, _and Brooders to the Secretary of
O tlo k Not Briht the Control Board not later than A Temporary
Otloo Not righ 19th August. 1944. Although no required forte
It Is inser ntne that many anti- guarantee can be given that these Apl 9
^Rooe1 v lellt tfon w have been requirements will be made avail- The minimum
knocked off without an overt purge able, efforts will be made to obtain e l the
bY the President, similar to that so an allocation to the Colony for h Certificate
amsltcua_ and unsuccessfully un- ensentlal needs. Salfa will be

tate or influence primary choicesO Secretary Control Board. A-plation-
oen hand in hand with the Presi- Old Post Office Building,te, l
dent's Convention tactics which 7 St. Vincent Street., tobe, lloneor
found him Playing bell, if reluc- Port-of-Spain. the College 05t r
tittly, with tMe party regulars 10th August, 1944. rgust 1944.
The Outlook for the Democratic __ _
PlArty as a party is not bright, It
may have outlived Its usefulness
for this particular stage of the TOBAGO STEAMER SAI
world' affi rs, and I pa pears to be an _i _ _
feeling the stirring of new ideas 1
and interest groups. Recent years -
hi"ave Undecored the differences Notice Is given that the normal sailingS will be reed'
within the party, and it is not rea- instant.
unable to expect conservative "
Southern Dem ocirats to maitain It is regretted that outstanding reservation or
on alitanee With labour orgenk mst silb rgre S acle
Uios set n h labour's must still be r neell

SQSWm.S~f& E.J -n~
Isur gains <"-. *t~t~~ ~l
OTiou a aw situation Applcat May now be made for fUrther
i- -e aataM when the CO.0%POi -ti the Arst place, wMll be allotted strictly in order_ f
Cal Action CiniltteeOft all Out but preferences UW be giyrn to *Aults and dut S
to unhorse such Party stansbys as
Cotton 101. SfthM JOS St~ers, passengers without Mohet will not be Mlowed
sand Martin DIes, ouimafll s one'al.
U; th Democrats continue In P further Information and for came
cower, split as they are It will be osat stemea (xfaMagin) Telofe%10L
l11eotuethe Iar gao en. and be-
causes ar uable

'aI H

i -


Government L 'W



ne Question Papers for the TecheV sad "d
KI ioationa 1944 have arrived In the Celusy
1r=t ntrval btwe i ter arrival and origth
th examina It is propod to ipotpon them i2
Teachers' zamlnamtiounsp will therefore* be held fro.
15th to Friday. August 18th, and the Pupil Teacherj-
will be held on Saturday, August 19th.
R. Pj
Colonial AUV
Ird A gUu



:- wr.B--' "fi^^







s. f ,, *, <* .;,.. . ,**. .. M
Wpm-m Huggini (left) and Asto Eve Anderson (right eentre) were debutantes at a danee
G. eorge Huggins at the Queen's Park Hotel on Saturday. August 5. With Him Hug-
p Bob Kueming, U.8. N., while Mis Anderson's e ort is Cadet McKenzie, of the Trinidad
police.-U.S. Navy photo.)

i \\'ecddinq

le Flew
fV (,andda
i lhle Church of lng-
Reserve was the
Petty wedding on Sat-
I 5 when Miss Alice
Sth daughter of Mr.
STyler, of Montreal,
= ee the bride of Mr.
L t Trafford, pet-
with the Shell
dla. the son of Mr.
1 Merchant Trafford
from Canada by
previouslys, and
iame a little later

L wedding to be
Reserve church
rf th senior staft of
holds, Ltd, or his
OW 41 th ehuads was
pink anthurium
eoralta against a
K Innling asparagus
hitse net bows held
k place at the end
biod tW e humb at
arm of the bride-
r f, gave her
i emee of her own
bO ed radiant in a
ant on classical
"hg veil of brussetls
Sby a coronet made
pdhe carried a white
em concealed in one
was a silver eoin
d there at the spe-
ha' mother.
by a f train-
.M a Bla, who
*dantlt picture In a
ace over pink satin
Slower giris Helen
Kane ;sae were
| gt vasdte dream

D Diary

WA urseo~ Janteen,

o Evento
C bifoaUt A O21 a,
7OWMAY, Augmjt 17,
L~l'of 19u," Olobq
**-.August 22, .M)

Celebrated Jn forest [Reserve

made In the same style as the
bride's. These three attendants all
wore bracelets, which were gifts
from the bridegroom.
The Rev. Montague Banks, the
Rural Dean of oSmth Trinidad, of-
ficiated at the ceremony, while Mr.
Patrick G. Laird acted as best man.
A reception followed at the home
of thle bridegroom's parents, which
is situated in a veritable bower of
tropical foliage and provided an
admirable setting for the occasion.
The rooms were treated with
beautiful floral decorations, chief
being an enormous wedding bell,
beneath which the bride and groom
stood to receive the congratula-
tions and good wishes of their
Mr. and Mrs. Trafford Sr. wel-
comed their guests, and Mrs. Traf-
ford herself looked very nice in a
blue-and-white tailored frock, with
a corsage of orchids.

Mr. Prank Hall. of Pointe-a-
Pierre, proposed the health of the
couple to which the bridegroom
responded. and the bride cut the
Scake in the traditional manner.
During the reception Mr. and
Mrs. E. le Marchant Trafford Jr.,
left for their honeymoon which is
Being spent in Caracas, and the
Sbride looked very attractive in a
pale-blue tailored ensemble
Among the guests present were
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ruthven-Murray,
SDr. and Mrs. Schwartz. Mr. and
Mrs. C. S. McKenzle, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. George
Nixon and Miss Dorothy Miller, of
Pointe-a-Pierre; Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Wilson,
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. 0. Patterson,
of Palo Seco; Mr. and Mrs. J.
Mathison, from Brighton; Mr. and
Mrs. H. Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Prior, Mr. and Mrs. T. Groundwater.

W.L Guest Night At 7 p.m.

P.M.: 1 00 Sporting RecordM 2 30 Pal-
ace of Varieties with Frank O'Brian, Jill
Manners, Hiarry Mooney, asstiad by Vic-
tor King .Janice Hart, Peter Sinclair.
Chairman Bill Stephens: 3.15 Albert
Sandler's Palm Court4 Orchestra-Helentr
HllU. soprano; 4,00 Variety "Watt for I;'
4.SO3 Paramentary aSnummary by Brnest
Atklnson; 4.40 Granophone entertntns;
5.00 Annotincemets: 6.01 Sunday Halt-
hour Community Hymn-Rining by choir
and oongregatlon of St. Andrew's
Church. Nottingham, conducted by Dr.
W. K. Stanton L. Henniker organlst)i;
5.25 Epllogue; 5.30 rlbroy Somers Band;
6.00 Went Country Singers. Clifton String
Orchestra. Ralph Morgan. organ, con-
ducted by Reginald Redman: .46. News;
7.00 West Indian Osuet Night. "Calling
All Students." Talk by [ennth l hagan,
followed by "Think o TeeThi'Mlngs";
7.45 Southera oerenade Orchestnr; 5.00
Meqecby's Weekly Roundup; s.15 Talk-
Books, Plays and Flims; 5.30 Serial
"Framley Parsonage*"-Eplsod S: 9.00
News; 9.10 From Monday's Ln ndo news-
papers; 9.15 Servis from Cramiond
Church, Midlotbian, eonductad by the Rev.
R. Leonard Small, 9.45 News: 9.46 Epl-
logue; 9.51 Interlude; 10.00. News Head-
lines; 10.15 From famous ompo s-
31sel aaddabv (aorno). John Wyata
(tenor). Norman Walker (ta)s, Ulawneth
String Players, Arnold Godleborougbh
P.M.u: 5 00 Announement:; S.01 B.B.CO.
Variety Orchestra, conductor: Charle
Sbadwelt: 5.30 Melville Chritl*e Dance
Orchestra; 6 00 Shilpmates Ashore: S.43
Naws; 7.00 B.BC. Revue Orchetra, oon-
duictor: Charles Groves; 7.45 Talk-4sclenoc
Notebook: 8.00 Current Events--Ta.Ik by
Davtd Raymond4 S.15 Palace ot VarietIes;
9,45 Country Letter by Ralph WlIghtmani;
9.00 News; .10 From Tuesday'as London
Newspapers; 9.30 Reg. Leopold Playlrs:
9.46 Lifea at Home--Talk by leter
Powen; 10.00 News Headllneeli 10.15S
Johnny Oanuak'a Revue.
P.M. 1.00 News;: 2.05 luojakat
COhor; 2.30 TMe Southernalre; 1.00O

e (Or She)Whi

Today Eats Toi
,z0 and once only in human history, did a peoo
was when manna rained down plentifully from
-had their fill when fleeing from Pharaoh. Today I
M Plant-or starve.
i anly people are tired without knowing It. Th
M y and pep so much needed in the Tropics, and t
ddJ d not plant in their bodies certain essential in
Certain vitamins and minerals which their bo
to maintain proper health, strength and energy
West Indian diets are notoriously deficient In vita
salt fish does not improve matters. If everyone
^wffe would be no need for added minerals and vitan
ltI impossibility even among the best-fed people of #t
01rrol Vitamin and Mineral Capsules have been
^IV the lack of these essential vitamins and mind
xmtIn dian diet.
Each Ferrol Vitamin Camiue ec
6 ,W0 International Units of Vitamin A. the antl
60 Internationml Units of Vitamin D
And each Ferrol Mineral Cap"ul
S L 5__ Sulphate 0 Dibasic Calcium Phoepha
Ptaum a Mangano Cpper lodis

iv0riS Vltsmn and Uhmai Oapsule therefore* astdO
S vt Capsules an4 one of ea& taken three tiu
b l W mak* ip for the Vitamin and Mineral gdefcienciles 0
PW, iJ W anIaM for u budding r up eitmm to oughs
Ok Otf.inTMerl and vltanins in West Indian diets. Per
l .'' should be tken r uiariy. Etep uT your peo witl
.--rl Capisules .
ntet"B pim* an
Boteof W t dew 91.9f WI. etier b
Oket o fAem S. Per obettle
*<^blo from:
W. C. Belw & 00, L*. pe!?*
L GeeiW Lod. I
A. ewie Jm LU4 N.P. I
Or She aw"e phmet Td frt 1

FERROL Vitain &I
o amthe ake of jxUZOL -T
fUM^aw--m gl (hMDLTbe W--Mft
L A 6 W, -.tZ Ad

News: I 06 Landl of the Free: .30
Church of the Air; 4 00 News: 4.15
Dunnlnger-tMind Reader; 4.30 American
story; 6.00 Newe;: 6.06 NBC Sym-
phony: O.0c News; 6 06 Army Hour:
6.30 Percy Faith; T.00 News; 7.30
Bandwagon; 7.3 SO Gracle Yields: S.00
News; .05 Untied Network Reporter;
9.15 Showtinme; s 30 Sammy Kaye's er-
enade: 9.00 United Network Reporter;
9.15 The Newa at Home: 9.30 It Payrs
to hbe IIgnorant; 10.00 News: 1.06 Va-
cation Serenade: 10.30 James MeltOn.
P.M, : 5.00 Time Views the News.
5.10 Programme Review; 5.15 Raymond
Scott Archesltra; 5.30 Mirth and Madneas;
S6.00 NewsI; 6.0 aSport Pas;0 S. Per-
sonal Album*. 6.30 Mtnstret Melodies; .700
News; 7.15StocK Market tReport; '1.0
Great VomeNti In Muslic 3.00 News;
5.05 United Network Commentary; 5.15
aSpotllght Hands; 5.30 Guy Lombardo;
9.00 United Network Reporter: 11.15 The
News at Home; 1 .30 BlondlS; 10.00
News: 10.05 Family Hour; 10.30 Norman
Couri presents.
A.M.: 10.10 MusIc for Sunday; 11.,0
Melody Matinee; 11.30 John Charlee
Thomae; 12.00 5.E.C. News.
P.M.: 11.1&Splane Ramblial:p 13.30
Xavier Cuat_ 1.00 comedy Caravan;
1. lo ramy i ot lur; 2. 00 lunforma
Please: 2.30 eammO, 3e1ft.0 CoMmuad
Pertorman e; 3.30 Thleaaume "x;Otre; 4.60
philadelphia Symphony: 5.00 01., News;
5.15 Meet The Boys: 5.20 JackM _enn:_6.00
Sunday Vespers; 6.30 Fred Aule: 7.. An -
dre Kostelanet;" 7.30 Otr e Fields; 0.0
Toil' Radio Theatre' 5.00 Newfy 9.151
e Door: 9.30 DM"'ceTime; 10.00 Su-
penre; 0.30 Contented Hour.
P.M.: 800 o.I. News; 5.15 QuO Pass:
5 30 Village store .00 Mall Call; 6,30
&rat Music : .45 NeW: 7.004& she
Street 7.30 West Vir Ramblers:7.'
Two V'," 00o rffy's Tar, ; 5.30
Telephone ots; 900 News; 9.15 lAtin
Rhythms; 9.10 Dence Tmtm'e1. 0
Owl Club 10 .4 Nocturne

o Plants


)le eat without planting.
Heaven and the Israel-
if one has to eat one has

ey lack the necessary
they do not know why.
gredlents. They did not
dles must have if they
in the Tropics.
imlns and minerals and
e ate a daily ideal diet,
nins. This, however, is
he world.
designed specially to re-
rale that are lacking in

l-infeett Vltamin, and

l contains
ie 0 Sodium
* 0 Quinine

f Petrol Mineral Capsules
is daily, preferably after
f our Tropival diet.
Sand colds, for remedying
rol Vitamin a Ineral
h Ferrol Vitamin and

k's --h^my

Mineral Capsules
4 Is^6, 0V4 t set pemL
- - -

___unbai (iBuarbian




Cinemanews -
War pictures with total mobi
are apparatly out of fashion. Ho
striving ab lighter entertainment w
present -I ght.
Such is the keynote of. this
week-end's cinema bill. Movie-go-
era will gladly accept the change
as they are somewhat tired of pic-
tures which, to a large extent, have
been a noisilly romantic distortion
of the anti-Hitler war.
Up-To-Dote Musical
"Two Girls and a SaUer." o
MetrO-Goldwyn productiMon di-
rected by Richard Thorpe, at the
De Luxe.
Without falling into the habit of
cheap superlatives. I have to say
that this Is the best musical I have
seen in a long while. It is clear-cut
entertainment and mixes even a
few drops of sentimentality taste-
fully into the musical fairy cock-
It Is an attractive, up-to-date
show from start to finish, bringing
together something of everything.
Outstanding musicians such as Jose
Iturbt and Albert Coates, top en-
tertainers such as fascinating" Lena
Home, smart Gracie Allen In her
one-finger piano act, two excellent
bands, and the good old face of
Jimmy Durante coming bac t in
some of his vaudeville shots; they
are all In the show.
The show turns around the story
of two sisters, who after they have
finished their singing act in a
New York night club, round up
lonely soldiers and sailors to en-
tertain them with sandwiches,
sweet drinks and their lovel looks.
One sailor in particular, played
by Van Johnson with all the in-
nocence of his boyish face, gets at-
tracted by the younger sister,
Gloria de Haven. An anonymous
fairy, he sends her orchids every
day, presents her with a warehouse
to open a canteen for servicemen.
It is bound to come out that .he Is
a millionaire and, for the sake of
a sentimental touch, he will marry
the elder sister.
She Is June Allyson and the dis-
eovery of the film. No every-day
beauty, she develops in singing and
acting a strange charm that puts
her straight in the front line of
the screen.
Crooner Turns Priest
"Going My Way," a Paramount
production directed by Lee Me-
Carey, at the Globe.
The crooner is going his way to
the clergy and Bing Crosby ap-
pears, in this picture, under the
guise of a young, dynamic priest
who brings fresh air and prosperity
to a poor parish and Us over-aged
It is a rather unexpected meta-

- By Spotlight On The Home Front By Farm Hand
t'- has1.h been dvocated by die- In goat' milk the fat globules which may Ilnvolve ther
iatlon of gun-fire and romancetitians through t the wor ld u be. Mar seller than in cow's, andtwtaM1,6 he.t
lywood' new of line aems to bane ing one of the few whole foods. By hence the former is more digestible. Ig GOhuLgo
it lywoodrs new line seems to be a .whole is Meant that it contains This makes it particularly useful nrepnts mm, &3
I th only remote connection to the all the essential constituents neces. i- n the feeding of babies.. rther, Part of the water a sb n m
mIorphosi ofl the merry songster, fy f r human life. such as car- tots are not affected by tubercu- and to which a i=1ea --
s but BinT Crosbv knows also how bohYdrates: proteins, fats, vitamins. | o s, so their milk Is free from in- not have boen addS.
to get along this way and you are calcium, phosphorus and so on. fection by the germs responsible DAIlYING ENCOURAOGD
almost tempted to say that he can Unfortunately, however, this is tor this disease. The local Govnm et re.
make a hit tune even out of "Sli- all that the average person knows WST FOR T.B. the importane of milk toSa
Blent Night, Holy Night.', This and about milk, and those who take It Not so with cows which, in view beings, espeally in war ,
I"Ave Maria" are sounding in aim- usually do to chiefly on account of of this danger, when kept in corn- when supp es of so m y MM
pie splendour from the screen, be- the laudable recommendation riven ercial dairy herds should be test- commodities are likely to be1a1
sides some samples of lighter music it by the highest of nutrition ex- ed t least twice year. that the have instituted a number at mN-
without which a Crosby picture is perts rather than from any indi- diseased animals may be removed sure designe at enafca e
no Crosby picture. vidualistic taste developed from the healthy. For this disease increasing the Colony mik v
Altogether, the film Is tactfully The usual kinds of milk utilisedis as contagious among animals in pl V.
handled, with not too many dog- are human milk, cow's milk goat's flock as it wlth human beings. Th., in their vgorous cam"na
matic ornaments. It is an anecdotes milk powdered or dehydrated milk Of the manufactured types of t he rearing of cows and ioitai
with human touches frcm the life; unsweetened condensed mIlk'I.milk which we use in large quanti- been advocated Pe s aren UM
u of clergymen. m sweetened condensed milk, and ties,. dried or Powdered milk is far prohibited from slaughterng f
Such i ngredients make the plc-, evaporated milk. The last four superior to condensed milk. The unless they can prove thS
ture a friendly affar. Barry it:- kinds are generally manufacturedfollowing table gives an Indicatton longer give milk. the poioe wit
gerald, a" the old priest, contri-I irnm cow's milk. I of the composition of dried, sweet- cows, I understand, is the sme
butes a likeable performance anc Whatever the source. It is sur- ened, and unsweetened condensed Furthermore, the Food Oaoh
Rise Stevens. from the Metrolxllt- i'rislng that natural milk is so con-Imilk Department, working n cn..U..
tan Opera, the attraction %f 'istent In l:Vs composition. Truel Pried Cand. Cond. tlon with the Deparim t ofat'
stirring oice, enough, the quantity of any porti- Milk Swtd. t'nswtd culture, are at present prodt i
aA' A=r;l-nH ,;l, c'lar food constituent may vary Waler .... l i. IS'A M&R and distributing a balanced di
An American Family slightly from animal to animal but Protein .... '2T7 10 .o ration for milch cows and m =
"Th. Sullivan," a 20th -Centur- on the average It is fairly constant st........93 6 goats, which may be obtained a
Fo. ... producto d. by l for any given type. Lactose ..... 2 14 nplucation at any nutrketing depot
o ouon ree lySucrose 10 There the procedure to obtain ts
Bacon, at the Empire. MILKS COMPARED S- ration will be explained, and ot
This film ends shorllv after the By comparison, both rc.w' milk Ash .... 2 2 :- angements made teo allow the ap-
war starts fcr the United Sla:es. sladl goat's milk are richer in fat and Dried millkrt made by rb,,moy-vi' "-licant to have his quota as expe.
Five Sullivan brothers have gone to protein than human milk, but the the water lion milk by processes cdlitiously as possible.
fight for their country and the latter is richer in carbohydrates -. ...---____.-
Navy Department in Washington The food constituents ar p re sentt -' ..-
has kept up their unityv in assigning in milk in various forms: in fact. e P pw t
them all to the same battleship. biochemically, milk may be likened t a
Their ship ins sunk in the Pacific. to a true solution mixed with a coti-- -
Together they meet their destiny.I loidal solution, for example, a solu-i
Flashing back to topir childhood lion of common table salt mixed
and youth, the film tells the story with a coloidal solution such as
lof an average American family. starch.
their every-day life with all theI In milk, lactose, citric arid, sodium
j'cya and sorrows In their small-I and potassium salts, and vitamins ..
town home. They are famlltr faces' B and C are present in a state re-t
,taken from the mass of people you presentative of the common table I
can find everywhere, salt solution, while the proteins,
It is a domestic drama leaning albumen and caselum. inorganic
Frequently to the humorous side phosphate, fat, and vitamin A are-
of family life. It might nct be all in colloidal solution similar to
everyone's taste, but, it I well the starch solution of any hypo--
acted. thetical example.
e .. ,.Poorer people may he well ad-
Shipyard With Romance vised to keep goats if they cannot
Safford to keep cows, for goats milk
OMan From Fri'co." a Republic has several advantages over (ows
Sproduction, dirzeted by obert niik. It is reputed to be the near-
Florey, at the Royal. e t simulation to human's milk, al-
Here Is another aspect of Ame- though cow's milk, when appro-
rican life. New rnethcds )f ship- priately diluted with water, with Princess Margaret Rose. vounger daughter of te b Majestes the
building are developed along with the addition of more lactose and King and Queen, poses proudly with "oipry," h"r winning entry
a love story of the young engineer fat, can be made to resemble the In the recent Royal Horne Show. She holds the silver cup won by
advocating new and quicker con- milk of human beings. "(;ipsv" In the harnessclass.
struction methods.
Unable to attend a showing ofatA-A-AMom%
this picture, I pass on the infor-
mation I got about It. The film Is
described to me as a back-ship-
yard story of interest, with reveal.
Ing sidelights on the speedy con-
struction and launching of Ameri-
ca's Liberty ships.
Once again a dynamic perform-
anee points to Michael O'Shea s C #L 0i p
one of Hollywood's leading men,
ance~~~~11 pont t MchelOSha s AZTAi
ai I

And loss of phosphorus leads to nervousness, depression, lack ot
memory, lassitude, inability to stay on the job, and nerve troubles wtt&
all their attendant atlments.

Replace your lost phosphorus by taking PHOSTONK regularly.
PHOSTONr is a concentrated phosphorus preparation, the basis of
which is Cinchonidine, Iron prepared from Iron Wins, Bromine

PHOSTONE can be obtained from all leading chemlst&

PRICE: 3 per bottle


A product of Rectors Ltd.
0'40%014 1'-<- .J. Wiliams Marketing Co. LUd.-Sole Agets. .,>._

"True" Rheumatism Can

Be Cured

Rectors Ltd. have made a special study of "true" rheumatism
which is rheumatism caused by uric acid in the system. As a realt of
this study, ALLEYNE'S RHEUMATIC TABLETS, containing teiftd In-
gredients for the cure of rheumatism caused through exces w e acid,
have been devised, and are now available.

Before ALLEYNE'S RHEUMATIC TABLETS were offered to the
public they were recommended privately to rheuwftle iere ra. The
results were so gratifying that it has now been decided to offer.
ALLEYNE'S RHEUMATIC TABLETS to all who suffer from "true'

ALLEYNE'S RHEUMATIC TABLETS are the curative Wfeatme
for sciatica, neuritis, lumbago, rheumatism and uric acid aorderq
and can be obtained from:


PRICE: $1.08 and $216







(f!VP # ',0

~~~~~made by ctor .Ltd., Lq ad and q i i ,

** tAW ^ .-. w

Cow &Gate ___


____- .forIfants

S These Mw vegetable prepare
tions are Introduced as a valuable
and delightful addition to Baby's
Doctors usually commence to
prescribe them from about 415
months, increasing the quantities
Prepared from selected fresh
vegetables In the form of smooth
delicious purdes. Cow & Gate
Vegetable Fo Pod are easily digested
and assimilated by baby an cm n
be given In conjunction with Cow
* Gate MIlk Pood to advantol



Sfor Infants

Obtainable in the following varieties
COW & GATE Preed Vegetable oep
COW & GATE Pureed flphume
COW & GATE Pureed Carrft
nou -
W. a. mmes a Ca. LmU Tbm ws %i lGee Ltd
A. g~bUak zMkg GeaC,,-
mam blaw & ae
ms &o Uoa. LeL*UL
wab ft X-olm ft.W 6

lmporters-13c. per tim. Non-Impterts-14c. per tin,
-~mmmmm 4.WMMmmoofagh e Woa.I-"de e me~

I I ... ,
















We Must


So Much


to Aid and Send



: +

Our Men will CONTINUE






New Recipe
Ovre prO" oemBand hrts a
alty Sta toNot m a s e the
someth q ferewae songu
.ow at bus bob en otd
y^** fres --cl y Intrte
eOar e Iteperqd for bree.
-WOW ir. MI. Man31"
d1s a theU w.VA C-ook.
a cetme boe ud them oft
in bet fre demMntntGMs, but a
the pubUe ) probay famlar wth
tbem recipes theY MY lik e to try
a few of thon bnaa recie
popular in Jamaica.
At breakfat serve banana por-

I green bananas
3 tablespoons flour
Scup water
dry coconut
I teaspoonful alt
Cut green bananas finely, beat in
the flour and salt. Orate the co-
conut, squsesing out all the milk.'
Add the water and the green bana-
na mixture.
BoUl on a slow are for three
quarters of an hour. Serve with
nutmeg and milk.
At tea serve banana cake:
t cup margarine
II cups sugar
2 eggs
1 cup mashed banana
1 teaspoon baking powder
icup sour milk d
I teaspoon soda
2 cups flour
I teaspoon salt
Cream butter until soft. Add
sugar and beat until light. Beat
eggs and add to first mixture.
Combine with mashed bananas and
sour milk. Sift flour with soda,
baking powder and salt.
Stir into first mixture and beat
until mooth. Bake in loaf pan
about an hour In a moderate oven.
At dinner serv curried bananas:
7 reen bananas
I t.aspoon curry powder

I o. butter C ide
i Pint coconut mi Children l
1 beaten egg.
Fry curry in butter for a few
minute. Peel and slice bananas. If ,h
Lay them In butter and curry and I Mo
brown light lv. Add I teaspoon
Worcester sauce, a pinch of salt
and pepper and the coconut milk.I
Let all sirrmer gently for half an If
hour. then stir In the beaten egg Ti
and serve in well boiled rice.

fi, lntonr a| a n) lo .. A Does your makte-up "snag" on
S rolv hits nf rough dead skin? Give your compleion a heavenly
quirk build-up with a l-MinuteMask of Pond's VanishingCream.

I, (* -' ri,,91i;,,,. 41i, ... Jut cover your checks, chin,
f,-rrhelrad--vervthing except ee.-- with a silky white cost
Pond's Vanihing Cream, After one minute wipe off.

),.o ,Oes-0 o0 I/dpe.,.i v.. 14 wwhat clever
H work the ]-Minute Maik haA done. The cream's
'"LratolYtie" action hias Ir,sened and diAsolved
S little" roughnen e annd dirt particles. Powder goes
I ON 'i o "oftly. ; evenly. I our face seem@ fresher,
%'t, brighter, sweeter
S A ligbfilm of rimaA I'pnihei, ngrrimrm Jmnnehor
en before you make "u helps hold powder fr hours


is the woman who chooses her
clothes with care ..with en eye
to style and colour as well as cut.

That Is why we don't hesitate to
ask you to visit us and see our
new stocks of smart clothes for
every occasion.

ST'erytAing for


LJ^/udrey 'sd-

Port-of-Spoin t Saon Fernando.

Tt is a moot exuperating thing
that even the healthiest of young
children often become faddy sad
flnnirky when It comes to meal-
times, and many Inexperienced
mothers despair because their chil-
dren seem to lack appetite, play
with their food, and are most In-
attentive, and above all refuse to
drink milk.
The child's apparent lack of In-
terest in milk is an old problem,
which Is always a source of worry,
and the mother naturally becomes
anxious as she knows how essen-
tial milk Is to growing children,
and In turn the youngster reacts
to the mother's mood and frets
and fidgets,;' often ending in, tears
and temper, with its milk untasted.
There are. of course, more ways
thanz one of solving this problem,
and a wise mother will find time
to think out and try out Ideas.
Novelty seldom fails to appeal to a
child, and usually there is no age
limit where a sweet tooth is con-
So try these ideas out on the
children the next time they are
troublesome and refuse to drink
A banana and a glass of milk
is rich in nourishment, but the

If you fee like this

Thoussada o people
suffer constipaton,
biliousas d Im U 1
troubles *i#edledly. U
Their eflidclscy k tob-
paired aod happines-
desmroyed. OeeNisaee frequms,
body and mBd diegeesud Theabh
Is awe d byoufnu
the sysM. V-A mim r
with a VI- ||- o0a AmfI Z*uSM
mot w .sambe *afu hta doMtt ilk
which spoelld e N

Mr. |.. Aldrew dean and rafttl
I -M HMReUI su^M
NEXT.. Andrwe wetIs Ute omsnh
and earmecs l
STHIN.. Ad-wem e M f lvpe
and choe bllesnee.


Viii Enjoy Meals

Try Novel Ideas

They Are Disagreeable To Feed
ry These Recipes For Youngsters

children usually want to eat the
banana and leave the milk, so try
them out with this method. Beat
the banana to a thin squash and
add It to the milk, whisk it up with
a fork until It is well mixed, then
if you can put this drink In the
ice-box for a while so much the
better, for its coldness will be an
added attraction In hot weather.
Itsa ingredients are four table-
spoonfuls cocoa, one cup granulated
sugar, one and a half cups water.
Boil these Ingredients together
for five minutes, and when The
syrup Is ready It should be kept
In the Ice box, then it can be used
frequently, and will last some
Every time your children are
given milk, add three teaspoonfuls
to each glass, then just watch
them go for it and ask for more.
One of the sweetmeats you
should always keep in the house
If you have children Is vanilla
fudge. Most children love fudge,
and the home-made variety is
pure, wholesome, and very tempt-
ing to young palates; so try your
hand at this simple and easily
made confection..
Ingredients are: one cup of
milk, halt cup cocoa, one teaspoon
vanilla extract, two cups granu-
lated sugar, three tablespoons but-
Mix the sugar and cocoa in the
milk, and place over the stove un-
til the sugar L9 dissolved, then
cook without stirring until the mix-
ture forms a soft ball when
dropped in cold water.
Remove from stove, and add the
butter and vanilla extract; set
aside until nearly cool. and then
beat until mixture takes shape.
Pour into a buttered pan, and
mark in small sections while soft,
and allow to cool properly.

.. I don't know

what to do

rMnUr.. orwnp ye r e a n ey r
Cliaillnsea, Adrews gently dean | bw thef emws yoenm I s
sel. et wep. swawaytrembl. d ,siri h mar ek a *Jf a
metMng powese rra Cetmetlpe. VilAumiu&Co d ocly.
tien, p---es and mols te bloed. Yes willjfa*d bhe "f"net'
.r [now Comme Vitamin si m Fplisebmams's fiesh
be re with your Yq. Take regularly!
Flelihm'aha.sYeatist a
o" of the richme Su-.
-ral souraes of Ihe
Vitamia B-CMpls. "r
r.ANDREW br bon a i
LIVER' |r mashed lAiT i
LIVEN'SALT ,-,f isic. *ilx. o'*c u

JkbWA^h -

I* hii-n's IY
( 11 -I^ p :I

IQrqc, o eHoiNf

You GCa BeAPerfec

If You Take Enough Tr

To Esmur That Entertaining Is
Make Plans In Advance Wh
Tih r.le We hof t sIs oe that a, women tma t- 0
U.btmas despite the frrtsuent practice which some f
I agreee that the perfect
rame Z IA
*She has the h w knak, of -,-
Makin SUherg`01014ee t make sA
Sthe geisto to Abm*tguesto S taste to
eA one of them t he Imlmpm- able vtot -e-, t
den that IeO s4 e a s a na sant -
na m~euumyw=1 0, Casual GU~h
3thb1frltdel t gThe perfect hofhi
crude or f tulsmMU flat ates to
she swilfully keep theo onrla- te a rsn to
ion ball rlling at all time draw- cndgvenIence
Ite astim ous tot t o t fl ofethme s nUO5t4 wh
nt ht Interest them without I ... op dwWi.a yn
S11 themtoboret. oher, Cause to wis that
and Sat the sametim e keepin a come. even i

She has the Invaluable facult of ^,1i^h should'
mar which maylead to o les ern t
ant -ntroversty oat s scane ough to stay
Or perhapsA We*
ilntosery l eadpaths. But there Je
She has the Ivlal aut fWihsol o
being able to put herself Inthe or in ara ?
place of ou"erl, so that she can man e ere is a
lok at thingsthrough their eyes for c tngin thei,s
anld thus sense it Immediately ithi ise tL
when anything o beg in o w aon. eals oti
a n earlyOpP rt uni%
In such a case she Is quick to unexpced uiestI
counteract the undesirable ilnden- a prior engagement *
cy, so that her entertainingIs ho Your, o arml
never less thoa entirely successful,' any suggestion .
She takes trhe greatest pains in pressing the si h lntL
an unobtrusive w.y. so that her called on a day whe
entertaining always appears to go free. n
smoothly a veritable art in Itself. Then if they have
Por there are so many pitfalls for n sen e Ith le ave b
the unwary, particularly here in yt u sIould pare la
Trinidad,. where domestic service previous en d a gemntn y
nowadays frequently tends to be firmly ask tii,'n o0etu .i
rather unsatisfactory, to put it arrive late we ianyre ,lj
mildly, and often calls for s en- the pitiable, .XC.. thag

gusef away feeling that they have! wh en .. .er --SW MIII
given pleasure Iof no men return or th callers eta.h ,ed YOUaI
part of the harch they havostess. pardonatle.
But the perfect hostess will. any but If ome
waysEntertainingd way to cope wnvith do n stronglyob disohnrage ss
mestic difficulties, so that her Ahmong thie i
uess ar e spared the uncomforts- tor lo e ra
omnY3.om100e4 % elllgrea
decided on nthat they have been over-drcl es Of a hen L
the means of causing A lot of trou-l, I" as her gussM

wome and extra work. he and exper everyoappearance knows lhat

once 88 well -s the young and departed Xue-it.\ v .3
Shefoolish onevs -at ae inclined to this bshade and sne i is aWp
ableave to entertain successfully Any dulgAnd chain all to 5wj
kind of people, In any way. at any peCtiVO Of 'hei oil

put-off withe all-imporut pr details n b ul I
until the very last moment, when hee perfect hPosition.
gutheysts awayr feeling that they haverlookhe chooses her .

altogether. ^
Given pleasure ievn return for the whenever she gi5

lack orlanising ability to such a-----IcierJ[
hospitiable extent thatich the timhave sen-t Ths s.h A
for the arrival oa their uests from the crif fe
fEntertaining tl y Invitaticay den is true ohe agaSa
bven when an entertainment salt to sea alls
Thdeided on in advance so manexcuye for tinuous cokant of tt

thto when Invitationa have been ready to fall fromttc
women those of age and the cleveryo Thne knc. hat to

hostess will always leave ft time the broth and tanhe
margin to awellow foras the minor and returned g UeAss
household eatst are i nclined meathis bad habit isr
variably seemuch to ccur on Uch and to dulgedt Into nsall
othsion so thall-mort they cannot pudetails liable to be quiteI
her outil tho anvy appreiable ext, when the perfect hnOt,"w
They are freque not many hovtees ob. Four or fked
who are able to plan thns ex- be bout right..
There are evep some women who D elicit

actly right for nis n ets staying In to such a U s .
pitiable extent that the time set This stew a hilch04

foher the arrival of their guests from the caoes of yoWe

very well and Is familiar with ripe red omatoetnll H
theirnds them still dashing franifestically i-den is true to be

possible to have such vMsiors with- thickening., Or> "'
about semaking to matters eort to providrtito the mpoxed with a
should have been arranged long with cold water genial entertain- e

ment, unless, of course, they wish Ano hour beforewS B
befto take a complete rest or arend salt Io ed Whe
Thconvalescing froms absolutely no exess, areefor tenuous cO
Othis whe other hand it nations have been ready to fal froi

times very difficult to strike the additions, if tlhe M
unhappy medium advance; and althe clever Then them A chiup or two
otme or rests will andlways leave ation wimethe broth and the, od,
out margin the visito allow for the minor and returned to
wrong kinusehold caof entertarophiesnment, too do no hseparm. ao
variably seem to occur on such and cut Into szns4
occasions, so that they cannot put is returned to the

muchr of it, r to any appreciabttle extent. No all few comenubbins cofu
Theque are not mand the hostesses h ould' n o law against nve I
who are able to plan things ex- be about right.
actly right for guests staying in as Many cups Of
her house, unless she knows them beans. Tomatoes,
very well and Is familiar with ripe red tomatoes ~~
their tastes. it is manifestly im- A few okras a
possible to have such visitors with- thickening. or a
out making some e~ftort to provide mixced with water af
them with congenial entertan_ ulter may be ru~u.
wih An hour before
ment, unless, of course, theywshcuips of cubed raw
to take a complete rest, or are introduced. When b
convalescing from an illness. are tender, the stew i
On the other hand it is some- Of course, there
times very difficult to strike the addition.,, if the
happy medium. and allow sufficient them. A cup or two As.
time for rest and relaxation with- flavour. Nice, 6"
out making the visit dull. The into slices. A few cupS
wrong kind of entertainment, too do no harm. Some
much of it. or too little, Is Rall a few nubbins of
equally bad, and the hostess should' no law against anty o


T'HERE t oodt like sound resto0
' sleep to prepare ye for the w
problems ofa busyday-and there is n"
'Ovialdne' for promoting such healthW 0"
'Ovldim' I especially prepared to ensurenW 5
vwe by the me delicate dig sive system. 3 1
IN isdus 'Ov" l asmim your body tot fsI
r tmlo and quickly help M to induce de '
P4dM the Ispoetat food elemets moot -I
MeelMeo ad rviadew the body while you d50
*Ovalthe' Is entirely free from dreus. 5ts0
nourishmeat Is derived from the ciemtifi '
of Naturme's fist foods.
Por aM dlee moos make defliouso 'v0d1
glar bedtim boomn. will help yo
restomtfe tleep o the bo wIbd aad to oi l=
nmow en sMi ee de wei k o dM new day.


.-- ,4 --
Mr. and Mrs. Josef Admirsa after their marriage held at the Rosaery Church recently. The bride
was formerly Mine Jeethe Pae, daughter of M r. and Mr. t. A. Pazesa of Port-of-Spain. In
the group piture Is the beetaMn, Mr. George V leirn, while the bridesmaid Is Miss Rosita Salasar.
Two Utile flower gir, Monies HalU (left) mad Sheila Day, teceeo of the bride helped to make
the wedding a pretty one.

..................M ....B.......- --- -----eMM

I **^



Of Trinidad
"= -9 TI" NUNlNl i 1"1----
i tt AOUaN Qvvor and Mrs. Wright entertained
aand Mr. Dackati, the Holn'ble Errol doB San-
& s .to4, Mr. and Mrs. wilfrid Alston, Mi Dora
.S -Aleander King to dinner at Oovernment House
Tshe house guests, Sir Robert Robinson, professor
i obert Ray, were also at dinner.
iMDNMDY, of polnte-a-Plerre, left Trinidad last week
tree montu Jn UdImonto, Calgary. Also on leave is
*Hff regor olrestrt Reserve. He has gone to the Tni-
v ew g york, and will be away for three months.
V gtven for Mrs. Willi Norris at the Queen' Park
night after which the guests went to the dance at the
C iun battendaee were Mr. and Mr. Jose Carransa,
CGeorge Carr., LUsut. Tom oyle. Miss Gloria Laughlin,
uiaBMr. Philiip LawaSX and Lieut. Poskus.
i t of M- Moa Downie, the daughter of Mrs. Rose
M BRa Fernando, to Ensign CharleBsraeler, U.S.N., was
snt ursday evening at a small family gathering at Mrs.
in Circular Road.
I ahler is at present stationed at Waller Field and it is
t wedding will take place soe timel next month.
WITWOOD and Miss Kathleen Westwood, of Usine St.
hope -to leave Trinidad by 'plane today to go to Toronto,
gMil Weatwood will go to college. They will remain
Mr. Weatwood's arrival from England (he left quite
B there), when Mrs. Westwood will return with him to
e their daughter will remain at college In Toronto for
Mrs. Weetwood expect 4o be away from Trinidad for

XM OxLEY, of the Oxley Engineering Company, Leeds, Eng-
w, o has been living at Pointe-a-PierrTe for some time, has
i0 wife, together with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hollis and
traghter, who left Trinidad a few weeks ago, have all
jn IZngland. Mr. Oxlty hopos to follow them shortly
)holiday, and when he returns to Trinidad he will
gle beck with hin.
B MfWS, also of the Oxiey Engineering Company, has just
poInte-a-Plerre after spending long leave in Canada.
Nia avy came to the help recently of many parents of
sildren beginning their holidays who were stranded out-.
owing to passage difficulties. By doing so the children
B e sooner than they would otherwise have done.
MUR. W. M. HEMIOTT with their child, and Mr. Nigel
o4 pointe-a-Plerre, have gone to Barbados for a short
Mandant of No. 1 Detachment of the British Red Cioss
Mr Hubah, organised a dance at the Drill Hall, San Fer.
tho who went had a very enjoyable time.
oe present were Mrs. L. C. C. Hobson, Miss Hunte,
in, Staff-Sft. Parkin, Mrs. Crichlow, Mr. Gree.i, M.ss
S1 and Mrs. Hubah, and Mr. Bassoon.
GORING, ol British Guiana, was a recent visitor to
on business. While here he went to the South to pay
m on Mr. Vincent Goring, who lives in San Fernando
o staff of Trinidad Leaseholds, Ltd.
esived a letter from Mrs. Albert Gonsalves, who, with
., left here to spend six weeks in Puerto Rico She
Enjoying their stay immensely.
lves also says the shops are packed with everything
the climate li delightful and the people very hospitable.
rseoent passengers for the United States were Mis Mavis
Yvonne Trestrail. They are, I understand, on their way
Country to offer their services in one of the women's
of the credit of the great success of the dance at the Officer*
Royal Naval Air Station, Piarco, last weekend
len to the excellent playing of the "Scuttle-Buts" orches-
many people comment that It was the best dance yet
*. The garden was gaily illuminated and there was a
in the swimming pool, attractively lit with coloured
,tose in attendance were Commander and Mrs. Mead,
nPd Mrs. Sanderson, OCommander and Mrs. Gibbs, Sur-
Sand Mrs. Cleave, Pay Lleut.-Comdr. and Mrs. Balmer,
land Mrs. Jack crook, Lieut.-Comdr. and Mrs. John
*E and Mrs. Cater, Mr. and Mrs. Findlay, Dr. and Mrs.
Margaret Ryan, Miss "Ding'" Rapsey, Miss Yolanda
t. Doug. Hatton, Lieut.-Condr. and Mrs. Tim Cardew,
ir and Mrs. Hill, Miss Jean and Miss Peggy Ross, Surgeon-
and Mrs. Hilton, Mrs. Devenish, Miss Janet Richards,
Burnett, Lleut.-Comdr. and Mrs. Booth, Lieut.-Comdr.
,Nsiklejohn. and others.
VII be a number of added attractions to "Dancing Starlets
'4 at the repeat petormance at the Olobs Theatre on
B be a ta-daneo by Thora Thomas, a duet by Joan de
's the tune f "'7o Is the Army," and a beach chorus by
I including Jean GOalt, Chloe Olegg, Pansy Kellman, Grace
al Owen Rostant.
# 0VB tickets now or you may be disappointed.
IMKT )UL cocktail party was given by Comdr. Farmer In
etrs at R.N.A.S., Piarco, on Saturday to celebrate the
Of Miss Mary Tudor-Williams, who was the guest of nonour.
those present were Comdr. Mead, Surgeon-Comdr. and Mrs.
1U1t.-Oomdr. Campbell Meiklejohn. Lieut.-Comdr. and Mrs.
`V. and Mrs. Robert Malcolm, Surgeon-Lieut. and Mrs.
& iSsA Patricia Hothersall, Miss Jean McFarlane, Lieut.
U se Betty SliSbury, Lleut. Green, Mrs. Devenish, Mr.
S Bd Mrs. Hugh Arrindell, Sub-Lieut. Liversage, Miss Elenor
0 Bub-Lieut. McKay.

w shipment beautiful 'qulit...

^W shipment beautiful quality

100 JO Rayon


in lovely shades of



* It's 50 Inches wide!

0 Marvelous Velue at .


WeAt ladimN fews

Economist Correds Error In Calculation IC

Of Barbados 1942 National Income Hm

Sunday Guardian Cerre sppead --e
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados. Aug. lI-Correction has been made of FW Sfudiles
an error in the Benham report on the national incomeeo of Barbedo Sumday Guardian Cerees enL I
consequent on attention being drawn to It by the Chamber of -IT. GEORGES, .iORIENADA, Aug.
_e 12.-Mti Paula Jullen, elder
Com erce. D r d 0 daughter of Mr. W. E. Julien and
In his report. Dr. Benham, the M r.%ea1*rdOI L Mrs. Jrliein. form..r pupil of eU
Economic Adviser to the Comp- Sunday GeaaraaM Ceresoi'de Church of ingland High School for
OEORt0ZTO WN, B.0., The Girls here, and of Bishop's High
troller for Development and Wel- Hon'bl F. J. Seford. noainsato School for Girls. Trinidad. and M i
farestated:- member of the Legislative Countcil, Margret Pantin. yot'ngest daugis-
f stwas presented with the insigna of ter of Mr. H. E R. Pantin, former
"If the estimates of this memo- C.B... by His Excellency the GOT- pupil of the Ursuline 'onvent
randum are correct the remaining ernor Just before the Governor left 'arbadot, left for Trinidad today
fS0,000 must have been hoarded or on his trip to London. The pre enn-
saved or investedd in one form or nation took place at the B.G. Air_- en route to Canada for s.rtherl
another or used to pay off debts to ways ramp. Mistu Pandiines.ccomr.anied to
banks. Such evidence as Is avail- The Hon'ble W. L. Heape, Ool- Ms tin accomr.aned t
able tends to support this. The ag.- onial Secretary, is the O"for Ad Trinidad by her mother.
gregate total of loans snd over- ministering the Government dur- I
drafts was reduced from tile 1941I....
lev e l b y ov er 5 00,0 0 0.' lln g th e a b s e n c e o f t h e G o v e r n o r .
level by over 000000."O _ff T. .. Lu
In drawing attention to this n- Ret in Oft To St. LUeln
accuracy, Mr. T.B. Pierce, the R trig Sunday Guardian C rreapndent.
president of the Chamber of Corn- Sunday Guardian Cerrespondent. ST. GEORGES, GRENADA. Auf.
merce, wrote the Colonial Secre- GEORGETOWN. B.O.,--After 22 12.-Mr. John Knight, Assistant:
tary: "It is within the knowledge years' service. Mr. J. A. Veerasaw- Government Secretary. Windward!
of my Chamber that there was no my, magistrate of the West Dem- Islands. Mr. Andre lNertrand, MUs,
such reduction in the average total erara District has gone on three Una Milne. Miss Joyce Husbands and
of loans and overdrafts due to the months' leave prior to retirement. Miss Gemine Buxo. clerks, left for
banks during the period referred, He was the first East Indian to be St i'ela today to join the staff of
but such advanceswere well up to, appointed a magistrate In British Sir Arthur Omble. Governor o
or above, the average in conse- Guiana. the Windward Island,, who is now,
quenco of stocks of fancy molasses In 1937 he had the honour of be- in residence at St. Lucia.
which were awaiting shipment in ing presented to His Majesty the
I9s2. King at Buckingham Palace .
The president hinted that this He was at one time quite popular. N w 311 ra I i
statement In the report would give at cricket, and represented B.G. Llu eral In tG
the Impression that phenomenal in Intercolonial tournaments in Sunday Guardian Cerrespondent.
profits had been made and he aug- 1910. 1921-22. Mr. Veerasawmy Is GEORGETOWN. BG.- A new
Cested "that the commercial banks the founder of the B.G. East Indian and very valuable mineral is re-!
be asked to furnish their actual CC. i1915) and represented B.O. ported to have been discovered
figures for the years 1941 and 1942 Was.t Indians at cricket in Trinidad here by the Geological Survey,
which will show up the discreq- in 1919 and 1925. while engaged in carrying out in-
ancy." vestigationis in the Mazarunt dis-1
SLIGHM INCREASE Police Parley Its value is of strategic Import-
Sunday Guardian Cwrespondmt ance to the war effort, and there-
In reply the Government states KINGSTON, St. Vincent. Aug. 12 fore no inlorniratlon regarding its
that a reply has been received from Major D. S. Cozier, Acting Super- name or the location of the depo-
Dr. Benham stating figures were intendent of Police, has left for sits could be given.
supplied by the Government and St. Lucia to attend a conference of .-------- ----------
there was an error in the figures police olicers of the Vindward and qIlllllinlllllllNlnfiillllmflNlNUlllllllnillllllllinllll
supplied and that In fact there was Leeward Islands.
no reduction but a slight increase. Second Lieutenant W. S. South- PLor
The reply, further, states that well, AclitN Assistant Superlnten- P
the correct figures have now been dent cf Police, Is performing Major So
supplied and an amendment will be Cozialer's duties during his absence. 5
circulated as follows: ---
Paragraph 22. Delete sentence St. VinCept Wedding
beginning, "the aggregate figures waflC4" )Iaw --u-EX -
and ending 50,000." Substitute: Sunday GuardIan orrespondent -
"There was no reducUtion during KINGSTON. St. Vincent, Aug. 12
1942 on the aggregate loans and -A fashionable wedding took place
overdrafts owing to the commer- at St. George's Cathedral on Mon- Ws trea t WM ,St
cial bai.as. But there were sub- day when Miss Kathleen Crulk- a 6lgk, more uproariu, sews
stantial stocks awaiting export; shank, youngest daughter of Mr. O* gl, ious, the he's everhheue
and in fact these were exported and Mrs. Cecil Cruikshank wed Mr. f
and payment for them received George Sherman. leader of the St. ^
from overseas during 1913 and Vincent Philharmonic Orchestra. /
1944." Miss Lenore Marshall was chief
bridesmaid, while Mr. A V. Sprott
acted as bestman and the Rev.
50% Wage a Rise Ke-wn Boyd officiated. Ge
Sunday Guardian Correspondent. A number of Invitees from Gre-
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Aug nada, including relations of the E
12- Sie Commissioners of Health bride, who were travelling by these
for St. Michael have adopted the missing excursion schooner Island E A Wo~, ,fur. wi,..
recommendations of a special corn- Kiieen, were absent from the cere- BIN G CROSBY
mittee appointed to arbitrate wages moiuny. = B N C OS
of the scavenging contractor's em-f t" I*e.ta, Fp.k M.W4 .
ployees. The report recommended Labour Officer P., NeHllH Pelo'nt. ...n. va
a 50 per cent increase on basicSaeRISE 'L1[NS ', f
wages which will entail an addi- Sunday Guardian Correspondent. M RISE STEVENS
tion of $97.57 more per week or BASSET:RRE, ST. KITTS. T'"', O McCAREY
$3,317.38 for the remainder of the Mr. Fred K. Payne has assumed j.. ...o,- V.
financial year. duties a-s Labour Officer for St.. _ii i i i____
Dissatisnfied with the policy Kitts. He arrived here recently
adopted by the Commissioners dur- accompanied by Mrs. Payne and __,_ __ -
Ing the strike of the scavengers, their son, Geoffrey.,
Mr. -Bruce Weatherhead, M.C.P, Mr. Payne was associated with MARIA PALMER CHIZZOLA'S
announced his intention to resign the trade union movement in Eng- MANCING STAR
from the board. Mr. Val Gale land for about eight years and A
however, gave notice of a motion served in Jamaica as a Labour Of- TUESDAY 22nd a
that the Commissioners at their fcer for another three years. T ED 2n
next meeting consider the advisa- He was seconded fi r duty in the Tickets are sold at the GI.OBE
bllity of devising ways and means Casicos Islands as Con~missioner for fres 3.30 to 9.30 p.m. and
of acquiring premises and equip- three years but after .even months 81 Frederick Street.
ment to do the scavenging of the there was requisitioned for tle "
city departmentally. Labour officorship here. GLORE--Sa6
^iiiiiiiniintii~itmiin~nniiitiimllilniiiiinmnIliHHilniiimiiiHNiiiiniHmli HiMuml ,-, .. ....... ...



Why put up with Backache

P cO T Urinary Disorders I
-a. SsrgRIIMumatc Twintw
TkoAnd rektevd by dse k
.Speod Kidney Medicin .

(K DNEY A MN m" e-Uow
a eo, d ll" ew am a"a ofvenmi
ard werry. At such dmes she idn s my,
SOmes de acid and ee ,impudas ae por.
m1U ts ate lead aeM oludlmarm, sad of

P 11hi y 0 10 4imds m aln d adermeid i Wafiqe
n*"M dfols adltOfad eafte lyr ut-mle omy be
lJmae hwEumtle Palm. u dnMy band er dismtds gravel or
Molo& domp,
Ta Dweis lMaclUre dPey Pill. This ,eU kow.ms Mdl&
iaMelW andI naOesm sie dnM me, ed&elpng ham ee* md yu
a Iw"Ir. *wIhaIdse Dm's FilM srf""T-%iwigma
bees r1MdY flt 2msbedW4d 1I hiank Dome's Pils fer my meovety
egnoRhoadle Palms and UdeMs TMeu an, m tyqpi at
Madb.of OiMMais byaBMend wm of allegr& b* so
VON& home ir good-m ishV
W~SM Ask"wbpwwba pf

Continuing Doily at 4.45 end 1.45 'cldeck
M-G-M's Red, White end Blusuel M igel I"
A \hole l A Tome
of a ToP
Show, Tlent




Don't let that "lan-tl" eling
not y7W down. Whem fatigue up
am your stomach. makes yoaw
head miserable, take Alka.
Seltzer. Its alkaliming qualities
help to neutralize excess stomach
acid. Its pai relieving elements
quickly help to ese the misery of
upset stomach or sick headache.
Plssamt smad lfroshda
Drop an Alka-Salt:r tablet or
two in a glass of water. Then
drink it and sea how quickly it
gives you relief. Not a laxative.
Sparkling, pleasant tasting Alka-
Selte r cones in two sim. Look
for the blue and white package.

t-of-Spoin, 4.45 & 8.45
SFernondo, 5.00 & 8.30



Tr. tueguIJl~
SIN s on i-
Situ .J,. iu hs
A 4 of. -M Fsq*gm U<'w

LETS 1944
at 8.30 p.m.
TlEATRE, Port -of-Spaln,

a Juan.

Tmny "",I a--ni Morgan and Jrene Manning in
THE DESERT SONG-Extra; British News.


wmHt 111n



Cemlng .
The Bridge of
St LottIs Key
Showing . .

TODAY and TOMORROW- TODAY. 5 and .30 pm.-
at 4.45 and 8.45 pm LIFEBOAT
LIFEBOAT Monday.-y g.s--
with Wfillm Bendix C'RASH DIVB and
GAIETY lh ill,.f
fm l "l iup SRISEIE^B

M.O.M' Seavmn Sent-
The White Cliffs Of
matn Irenme Duane, Alan
Ilatzo-A et. Smith Specbolty.

TOASR 1 1 & n p. TeTWr
85* pme-


S eolal Ret, AttnmteU and
Mank Of iam

9' U,
U' 5








i03iona UOHAVMIt _"
Iiiiiiii lll llllllllllilllllllllllllll ll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll III llllllillilliiiwllHI# tU tlHIi~ tlilU
lim niiiiiiiiiiim nniiiiitiiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiii riiiim-- -

4.3)o EMPIRE 8.3#
1011IV amd C otlimnlu D.Mll

S- HERNE'SR THE lP-IO4 I t11131 s Il|



The mmv"
drama of
mot glorious
JIW famj


,i : A L..vA:--TIML SVBR 4.NE.
(MARCH or T0um
IHmilliaifliliUiitiiiiii~n fiiiliimliiiinuniHliiluuitiifltiliiNUHiiHimIIu *nimm~iiiimuinHnH~i~ii tiiiiiiiiiii iiii u!iiimiiiiw iuiUm~ium natnnnaB

TODAY 4.45, .V p.m., Al.SOJ

lMN. n lt-''
1=U M JAl

I,, Cm-. Mr.,y Na4
AM OMa -alu S. H.4

TODAY 4.i. L p.m.a AIC
A Cevel-' P
cede *lA t jlIy
heesdwey L'iyi.

TODAY 4.45. &UVA MMih
Rmon**Low m
of o. A-)-k

s10 n-ll


TODAY C44.. 4 L le


SPALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at M gMA p.m.-
Cduiabk Oowmlat.Action Srial:-
Toanusew at &M .m--



-Sam Fwmu
TOOA&T at 6 a &aO ipj. socutalato&'
IWABRM J DX=)gi god_
, min 10 -m, C C c Oin n


sa-.S---s- EMPIRE-s
I iu 7TODAT at I &M pJ a. .
we* Mli, m l .. O ..
Ise Dab, -m IIf
asoIt "We" ^Gmm A "mo


&MA"Subimopw I


-1 m wimkql


Ka /-- Ma- .....-__


PLUS lot^%



P AMt a* wemr,

0P I -,

@ebee lareued e e Papg anw TA~weofC..Mu#
oil Not Not N rEW Re* rO a wt VSew .11k Owi tm u

4gudid Comments By M. e, FFrFWha

S o th o WW "laP ,O PINe ION ,"d. w
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i vwqmat base"s--t ti t had, e Wl tan mtalwyal~ lbrI~~l gemn
sham. $ &,4tVw.tlyS ann be 5UN a M rt W stt* S dles,
l r ^V W kto 14 "OM M Vortlex,
ft..mt* ..=_ a. Wi e,,.njors.astn t Adult suffrage. ,trewnMIntob i sethingortsz.
.s --e %W h., nar vw "n -aoud 5g g n eIstruWme nt of ae v m U M.overe i .

a, = for eplotaio, It achgru mMi
iU1.1M ..e..And 3e ib -ssue nofda Mo odhrdy h r-tothWais op e t
Am!3wnetaoned aduft matng cul ore wonit thwtyrbut .pel
be o bl whisti sdotsl e dhra couldo tia f icpo d selfishmends.
be load no cSlht".itsIsgmDatf ad iean tf the otn d ot s o f adult oo rt peptIs
ecul d n otp p "tly b.rpwt I t had ntat they lack eiate political CI s yset or vpero -
aKI nd : ulgt lnre h n h vo ........ It 1itinthires pect that the Administrator
ash t -t in thi ostnomiwanting. borough Owun-

ueSthi ng, y thew principleof no tas ation with- h been i mo t 2rn t no l it l e, n a-
telo 5 o delyinrindin~ CHO and LOCal Road Boarsrew oo tcl~er

I rsetoo pr my cnapie Iu s omsrlts been dened with vewoltcaeduca etion of
is be fig n sre c uitboutn over-mori the peple. Government by dictation or imposition
beinferred the nt ta has always been conceded easy advantage over that
paropi ety of one clan pof society Admin s ions havefpred einnocence may Ofpreasthe9
= Wtchburden of ra~epenutatim if or sistanee.
110 'l sum upIthen, adult suffrage was Inevitable
inthosme who are not contained merely and could ha~rdly have been rejected without coaxIPro-
priteihebutwhoe oncrn xtndstomising most of the ideals, for which the war is
Sbut who concern tend to -,, principle of democracy would
application adult suffrage for this bing fought n o
-eaQthat ~pnot Without justification-proYrka have lost boih face and eavour. But its Introduction
n--dhatnot Ia mmunhtas the s-lo toh the Colony-Imposes on people and Government a
ao frevt r wat isobviouslyd noe sirbwith fearsomesresponstmli
S an dh ,teadWn rearsithar d A more. lbra and constructlv actem of du-
Od'alsfg I mdulsufto deintroducea before cation cannot now be postponed and the Govern-
m miht he cintoedabtta~ertcomment and meant must offer mare scope for the co-operation.of
w *Sihtnh abvthceted bitter enu ls the moderate elements of society than its present
dr isgvn h ut thismigst hnot beenIonte- plicy of doctrinaire aloofness and remote superior-
Ssr^^A ^'""lit -1 hip" sofe must nott be Inter-
d y thewitdo of itsreconmmendation Yty ,allows.,
S nd e urd the or one thing It informs too little, and gratu-
as^^ forli^ to hve urrumour" an ecourags
would have given birth to other problems t lens ings toid explanations delivered
,serutt. apart from enshrining pusillanimity brood suspicion. Belated en ation s d e
jMeiwg ndfih with an air of injured innocence May impress the
ao, for better or worse, Trinidad no longer Colonial ofce. but do not promote public confidence
a docile and tractable community. It has and undermitne loyalty.
re stl ess an d h as, in sl m e res "ts, g t ut oin a l y, ad ult su ffrag e w ill test G overnm on t and
TMAW" and habe in dsd lotoden, got outtef epto theuttermost and can only achieve success
VOW ^ ''^^ b@Umddalot ey hta heF"l r.h t in the spirit of humble and
air of Intolerant assertlvenin together ifboth prah i nte sii fhml n
oielt of hostile agresplynew e is blatantly prayerful tiust.

Behind The Curtain By Ubiquitous

.- 1 6 sure ha begun to crack. In places. sentiment. It was interesting therefore, to see him
i s conllpte. There are patches where the willing to sacrifice the basic fact in the interest of
ted t 1 fr oA t he protected Agony the glamorous ideal. indeed, this was precisely the
Winter. aSows a certain sausoeptiblitty mort of cw. to which the principle he was entncia-
011111i1g9windst. U It really spring at Is*? ting did not apply.
StheLegfiMlre trshowsm such obvious signed Since the problem was tslum-clearance, grant of

to aimuleteplty< pflr- letion is ltm~l the i m inean'onlyoetijin a fru.trpar tionh of alnthvand th
if % S ringwnter spell, it is only the right of appeal to the property-owner could
iwetle thata tgeera-ltalsativn Isin the mean only onlidtlng -- a frustration of all that the
It that Iunrotiveal adult smuffrage has Ordinance intends. Once that right Is allowed, the
to 1 n eberS the exitence of at new disa- prospect Is a sordid one It means, for the corm-
me that demondfiam the rPoreseitative mittee, having their labouirs bogged in protracted
pe ole great rosrd for pollar likes a nd m nd vexatious litigation.
m~p The Governor's eastirig vote, earning as it did
lea p teme4hrs aft the after an effective dramatic pause, brought applause
1 ind 0hal 3hors after Utoe official from an o"rlowing gallery, composed chiefly of
B arinounrt the intention& of the sec persns who had gathered for the business of the
4dt for the Oilonhd itn the vexed fran- Rent Assessment Board. It was the largest audi-
0414on t had been released, the Legistlature ence within bthe Council Chamber inye ars!
like a flap m preparing to keep a date. Sir Tentlox's use of the term "bureaucrat p ,,e
was bri.Sl, and studied w t.h msrprise. i Even serves some ttidy. Int his remarks he hinted bat
WUp ltl bo difplayed pAtlon and a-lnation, the b tr'eaurat's disregard for the o-rdinery andu

ing Zjn fUiox' Serp~notaryw oAoell y h shown ttr nlntbett ieigcnett
tltr Clatm al Secretary seedling the show ecespted eivillsed rights. My agreement with him
ultimat I lm in the 4kte-it-or-leave-it vein I hsoiite The ea angr does not lie with ,the

ib rahledie produced the desired results. privileges we allow the State: but rather with the
r Lennox O'Reilly and the Acting u olonal l perAs, who cum-pr the State, whether they arena
r. inIL a wassft-nt-arnu; that might have btlreourrios who aie per-11itted perm1,tner~t shelterI
lifted from a Sir Walter Scott inediaesal iro- from the :tnlernencles of the pOlitical weather and,

M Pd ovid the ienteretainm of a hiderthon of mrdere % rig ntsubjecttop larwill: or w r

E uropean Backdch lryr Tennnx rope forth he ae "represetativBy c related by the people
rri ed fulndAtme.ntal principles -if human liberty Rind h )periodical sVrutiny and change.
i t tl- depredotinjl.- of the "hltreaucrat-A" lThere's t~he rub -- %urelv!? We tire ni!ed byll
Sir Len~nox arguM with pa~mnma md a deep b]ireauc'ras;. and morre'.xtile'pity. Being safe slid
11n9tiln t~hat. on ocirmainsT revmiled R faint bush at~cure, the bureaucrat bet'oine siig, supine andi
las~tgr, U more GM~htsi was placed upon the officious at times, even resentful of popular privilege.
MIMg 51ble trend in Go erfdet towards 9, Now, If we were ruled by ministers, ejectttid by
Popular vote, instead of by bureaucrats who are
-- eLAD'i" a Montsware ov'OWY SOU"rtalx- aurlian11d Oft 603180t to altering concepts, then
*M, dsrment$J ,Irk dealing with problems of we should have no fear about dealing with crisis or
i? 0t, SirUtftx is A LUM a reU rlst. /seldom, enwrxoncy situations.
OW does he remit his intellpetul go to be A ti -wl -pra fe lRrLno
tiewd inthe interest of oofltderations of mere Asrigt I el-pehpltralSrLno

,European Backdrop By Fric Bu~rger

With the ht'te ltin approaching Hitler's nerve
aeni'. amrsah'd plot ari becoming !he great
bAM m tin de t aropo. In the fostep of the *atnt-
B eriporal, even little brother France had a hmme-
114a plrt Amashed with tnoalltartan thnrmithnes
IB fltaton to death
Tbe Spnish dictator. t(. wants to pp inp thtte
-ra-O g crowd of his a.,ower *nd warn bWintiv
t nereilna mas of hMl nppon*nt. To reach the
dbuble gnsi, oi is using the samn methods as his
To the iutside world,. It proves that the process
Of datnpoltlon i progreming not only in war-torn,
W-ttred Germany but also in tJhe Spanish-speaking
*tdeemt of anti-democratc nile.
Death. satura.l death has just deprived FPraneo
atth a1,st rmen capahle to act as a liaison officer to
t WAllirs. Though stAndlng for anything else but
-acs. th'a late (Cuant Francisco Jordana had
MU nh common aen.e to recognise that Spain would
be IOted In a HIttler-freed Europe. II* was a kind
at WonaB,% autcinst handling the foreign affairs
co 0aintry with the tact that could build bridges
I ft winning asid.
-a. b.X e h lived to see the Allied victory In Europe,
p 7otdt certainly rnot have saved Franco from
itUer's fateI In the hour of the Naei down-
l At bt, he might have reached for the bloody-
hero of the civil war a supervised residence
a modest life pension. Even that appears to be
auch too generous for the man who acted as
tUer-MNussolini's instrument in giving them a
ance to organize their dress rehearsal for the new
*rid war on Spanish soil, with Spanish blood.
Franco is. no longer a threatening factor in in-
pna*Jml affairs but the question of his future
UW unrolls automatically the question -of Europe
SS demoeratte unit in the post-war world. The
iar victory of demrOneracy can only end In
mocrac for every land a Fascist victory no



seem 5
t RI

Ghdsmft YI"n

VIgur Rmmd

oetywy ob" rotin i ieuM
amE tacta. maaa'm VeIl
tavlteeatr. It ae~ts ,!?rtiv e- leas
toed a 0t prove d rby t
fealld* I.ep ate ww(mt

Amonr ia o n1 mew avsae a t al
uz zr. %=. arm.M1
chemite her. (It VI-Tabe froA yar
cbemist to4%. Put it to the tt. ,
the big lm-Lovemnt. Take the IM
bottle, whis lastse *Ight dys, under
tbhe poIUve Garaetoo that It must
make you full of vigoti, ariwr a"
vitality and ftoot years y9o e, or
money ack oam return of mpty a lk.
afl. A speciaL. ouble-strea= tlWotle
of 40 V.1 Tab Costs little., ud the w-
ant"e prote 7 yo0. VI-.Tabe
Vicour and Vitallty.



(Large Sardines)


In Oil and in Tomato Saucet


doubt. w, :lAd have ended in F3icLsn all over the
Suth i., anyway, the cl,,rnt s. enrav'ed In the
still incomplete ll-,T of ,war ail'S The people shall be
given the gu't 'rniitnt .hev iant, It h;i' been pro-
mised, ard the trend ,f ploiwiltr opinion every-
where ,re,e definitely to tint' dentitratile relme. It
would be tragiht ni.'dake !f !ie nmeni at tle top
overlooked thiat poWrf' t. ]!ernia!]d rven a, tome re-
mole (crnier of Furope or rl.sewihere In case they
should fall, th lie mnin at the bIttx.rm would look
after it and that. of course. would create new con-
!usion and delay the pr> ability that the world will need so badly once the
war Is over.
This applies to pain which sent a Blue DivIsion
to fight the Russilans, as It applies to Poland which
sees her devastated territory freed by the Russians.
In taking a hostile stand against the Polish Oovern-
ment-in.-exlle, the Russians do not boast of +their
military successes in Poland. They merely take the
tide of the man at the bottom who, there, does not
want to see men with a Faxcist past coming back
to the top. London and Washington have ack-
nowledged this state of affairs in hurrying the Pre-
mier to Poland's reactionary government In London
on a flying trip to Moscow.
This Is, altogether, an encouraging sign of unity
In political action between the three leading powers
of the antl-Hltler front, Besloes, it is a clear Indica-
tion that the Western Democracies have abandoned
the fear of Stalin having designs to Instal Soviet
regimes In Poland and other countries,
The essential design of Stalin's foreign policy,
apparently, is to create security from aggression for
Soviet Russia. Since Stalin long ago has embarked
on a purely national policy with the aim of making
Russiala the model country of socallism, he should be
perfectly satisfied once Fe rclist or Fascist satellites
have forcibly withdrawn from the scene.
Fascism means new aggression. Democracy
means peace and security foer the neighbour.

we gym AT @ LV
tamulc %a UP
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result of foitlty Innervatlon of the organ.
This section of the stomach is then subject
10to digestion by the gastric Juice. which. In
these cases, always contains an excessive
Amount of acid. Gastric ulcer l seen
more commonly In women than In men,
and between the ages of 20 and 30. It is
common In those whose Occupation requires
continuous bending forward such as tailors
and shoemakers, in these people the In-
tervertebral poramlna ithosa little windows
between two vertebrae through whtch the
nerve-trunk passes) of the mid-dorsal region
are consequently dim;nisbed In size, on ac-
coutint nf the compression of the interverte-
bral discs, and as a result of the conse-
qient Impingement of the nerve to the
Itomach, which are derived from thi, region.
the nutrition of the lining of the stomach
staffers. Ulcers of the stomach respond
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i I

..........."S ..... 8UNSDAY GUARDIAW, AVO r 1. is, 194."

t Roosevelt Reports

ptTo Pearl Harbour
;= Up I t or- the Aleutian blanAd. From the
W ie ae. point of view of national dee .e,
ldaa sWled to therefore, It is esseattal that our
aamt. We were control of this route shall be ub.
S isr f Guam nor disputed.
ay ,r "Everybody in Siberia and China
e t awaiian knows we have no ambitions to
i a e aw *ue OUT.-acquire land on the continent of
a malor bue- Aia. We, as a people, are utterly
am fronin opposed to aggression or sneaz at-
b n conducted tacks, but we, as a people, Insist
Irlp"ld to make that other nations must not under
tory at OuaM any circumstances in the future
ow Ouinea, the commit such aggresslon against the
SMarions. United States. Therefore, it is
wcll make possbime raselntitd that we are fully prepared
o in China; will to prevent them for all time to
the recapture and come.
o the Plippines- "The word and honour of the
#lblo the carrying of Japanese cannot be trusted. That
the home island is a simple statement from the
laad its capital city, military and naval point of view.
But with the end of the Japanese
m Minutes I want to say threat thcce is an excellent outlook
"bout the future of for permanent peace in the whole
qDuritg the rest of my of the Pacific area. It is therefore
I visited many acti- natural and proper for usa to think
greatt airfields, hos- of the economic and commercial
bami lance 'plane at future.
Ud which had just "it in logical we Should foresee a
Lfhwounded men from great interchange of commerce
s aw a larte army between our shore. and Siberia and
was going through a China, and in this commercial de-
of Jungle warfare development Alaska Pnd the Aleutian
h we nave developed Islands will become automatic step.
ur troops are more ping stones for trade both by water
Sh in the Jungle lor and by cargo 'planes, And this
Swhom we have yet means automatic development of
Shroud of the ba-A transportation to Alaska via British
Senal training oud Columbia and as far north as
at home and over- Yukon.
T "It is as long as 10 years ago I
pj*u ship, we headed talked with Mr. Mackenzie King,
Islands, four days ;he Prime Minister of Canada with
b at Adal, one of the .regard to the development of high-
y Islands of the way, air routes and railways to Al-
again I found in- asks, British Coluimbir. and Yukon.
activity of what might Great interest In both nations was
sMely completed ad- aroused, but, it took a war to get
t i from here that quick action. Today the Alcun
of the expedition for is practically completed and an
Of At'ik and Kiska air route to Fairbanks enables us
ik two years ago was to deliver thousands of 'planes to
SpracUcally uninhabit- our ally Russia by way of Alaska,
hih with the other r "These 'planes are of an impor-
sse emed relatively tant factor in the brilliant and
SIn p for the a" brave advance of the Russian arm-
our own country. Yo -ies on their march to Berlin, And
J-l owalieu the comma- I might observe also that owu c!ose
realise the comma- relations and true friendship with
a it en ipanese o Canada during these years proved
ad tKis taand YOUhf to "be an illustrious example of
t ht that the Chiefs working hand-in-hand with your
1' Washington were not neighbour for the general good.
gh attention to the "It is important we have other
M t Alaska and the oases-forward bases nearer Japan
> h than they lie. The same thing is
of course, that such true with regard to the defence of
threat could become all the American republics from
s unopposed, but We Mexico past the Panama Canal and
1. 0at the Japanese did all the way down to Chile. There
"& naval and air power are hundreds of islands In the
into effect without South Pacific which bear the same
IMacee and a longer time relation to South American and
abzation to throw the the Panama Canal as Hawaii bears
1u there had been laid to North America. These islands
p the Japanese got there are in the possession of the Brit-
t you kInow. It took Ish Empire and the French. They
Mrtlon and heavy flgh.- are important commercially just as
them from Attu, and they are Important from a defence
ghe great expedition to point of view for them to lead to
Ukakg ot there the Jap- Newfoundland, and Australia, the
W that discretion was "Dutch Indies and Southern Phil-
$at of valour; they de- lipims. Witi all these places we
jTrement and retreat shall undoubtedly have a great
or them than hari- trade. We have no desire to aslk
Sandoned the Aleu- for any possessions of the United
| Nations. But the United Nations
a t Adak is nort the who are working so well with us in
S the world, buis t winning the war will, I am con-
4,th wold, ut Ivinced, be glad to Join with us
l wr'of aj;preciatio n the protection of America from
h.J? officers and aggression and in the machinery
ces who built up to prevent aggression. With their
Viether bases in the help I am sure, we can agree com-
i t and I1 such a pl,.iy so that Ccntral and South
I the point where the America will be safe against at-
P aciC coast, of Brit- tack from the South Pacific as
and of Alaska cane.
ety against Japan-
:fcon any large scale. L| |D M ITI ID

Battle Of Fnce Allies Make

Mystery Move

_West Of Paris
_:*- ___ '[iCONTINUED r oo PAOK II
______. new gains, The British advanced
._ ?_ -__ 2.500 y ardsto within 5,000 yards of
tUs enemy bastion at Condt-Sur-
: _______ .Nolreau, 11 miles southwest of
ca rThury-Harcourt and 26 from
---__ ___* **s% e Caen, heightening the peril to the
___-_______ Germans in the Caen poe!:et. The
"" VALAISC enemy, however, recaptured a hill
., "'* 4 further north after bitter fight-
SA '"r ing. The squeeze oh this area was
ST/l ,*'" a *^y *continued by the Americans from
VA. k, 4,* the sou:h, but front despatches said
--W' Lthis United States pressure above
S"per ~' p~' t'*C"' -/ Le Mans was meeting strong re-
'^^^tL 9..~nr ^'\ *yi~s ^. i-.'-, \ */ 3siance.
'"^ to e11 M1N* fslerman reports said the Amerl-
cans have reached Alcncon, 30
..N=.." V .* ., ;' ..., .m,- mIe Amles above Le Mans. Even as the
e_ **"" Allies pressed in on this 30-mile
r -forr.idor extending west of the
r.-1 :. -Orne. the eOcrmans were re-
__ ___ Daported to be pouring in reinforce-
I -- NTIS '* mental despite their crippled
__ __ __ iransDort. Front despatches said
h:ey had orders to withdraw only
tn n suthorisation from Hitler's
C....,, headquarters.
---^ ....miB~ ai~i I A G Allied troops, moving In three main columns around t- Vire- this American operation allows
CaesM-Le Man triangle, are now eonverging to envelop k divl- Iearlv that the Allied High
lonae1 still fighting In this pocket. The Amerlean,. moving north- Command intends to encirc'e
wards from Le Al Mans towards Caen are reported by the Nala to have and destroy in a large scale
reached Alencon, about 9s miles from the Canadian column n rov- enveloping movement all the
Ing southwestwards towards Falaise, while British troops have German troops in Normandy.
made advances towards Thury-Harcourt. Other U.S columns but although the enemy ftily
are reported to have pushed west on the road to Paris, while the realises the danger he ii being
Allied line has been extended south as far as Nantes and east as prevented from dis-enaging
far as St. Male, leaving German pockets of resistance at Brest, Normandy by the coutinti'us
Lorient and St. Nazaire. pressure of the B'ilttih troops.]
The Germanns, launched small
North America Is going to be from must be had betzre we can trust ceunter-attacks from besieged
the North Pacific itself. Japan and before we can classify test. They were apparently re-
Jaoan as a member of the society connalssance to Unked States of-
FRIENDLY COLLABORATION of nations which seek permanent fensi.e positions at the port which
Deace and whose word we can take. was hammered by R.A.F h.'avy
"The self-interest of our Allies "In removing the future menace bombers this morning. IleadquaV-
will be affected by friendly colla- of Japan to us and to our contin- teria said United Slates troopW had
boration with us. They, too, will ent. I hope that cther people in the taken more tian 10.000 prisoners in
gain in national security. They will Par East can be freed from the 48 houzs up to TllurFday midnight.
gain economically. The destinies of same threat as the people of the A break across the Loire of I 1
the people of the whole Pacific will Philippines never wished and never miles into souheri France wa: I
for many years be entwined with will wish to be slaves to Japan. madeon Foi lday silmutaneousli
our own destiny. Already there are "I am g.ad to have the opportu- w;ith suddn raids by a special
stirrings among hundreds of mil- nity of taking this short trip, lorce of tactical bomb,'s e Oon'
lions of them of the desire for the First, for conferences with en- the Mediterranean coast 430 miles
right to work cut their own des- eraml MacArthur, and Admiral to the south ast
tinyand they show no evidence Of Nimitz, and secondly to vkw cer- _I
seeking to rule tile earth--with one tain bases which a' r of vital mno
exception. That exception is, and Doance to ending the war T he Pa r
hast been for many ears, that ofth prevention in future ofa eac rs Parleyan
Japan and the Japanese people- sImilar a"acks. More than 1,00000 0
because the Japanese people them- of our ,ioops overseas are in tle
selves aDprove f what their lords Opens 1 omorrow
have done for nearly a century, Pacific. The war is well in hand
the fact remains that they seem t in this vast ares. but I cannot Annual coniercnce or the Trini-
be giving hearty apnroyal to the ell you If I know when the war dl t and To'Caid o ,'acn~l.rs' Union
Japanese policy of the acquisition will be over either in Europe or opens at the loyal Victoria Ins::-
of their neighbour's lands and mill ill the Far East, or the war again -t le at 10 a.m. Loinorro\\, with an
tarv and economic cont-'lI of as the Japanre. It will be over cddre.s by Mir. l;o;,et Patrick, the
many other nations as they can l.doner if the people of this country ,iecor or ,iiLa ..,
lay their hands on. It is an un-- vll maintain the making of n"ces- l'irora,,,ie of the starting ses-
fortunate fact that other nations sary supp ies, ships and 'p.anes. son wnich goes up to 12 noon, lists
cannot trust Japan. It Is an un- By so doing we will hasten the among other things pre.ntatiun
fortunatee fact that yearn of prooflday of peace. By so doing we will of the annual report and discussion
-- save our own pooictbcoks and on the Pill to amend the Educa-
It7- .---.. those of ot'r children. By so do- tion Ordiaan e. ua
"uto }ing we will save the lives of our h.le:tiona take place during the
) O...... sons, and by -o doing we will run l.1O p.nm.-4.30 pm. session.
i e-- a bhctter chance of substantial At thile night ssslon beginning
i BEyes-. unMy among the United Nations at s o'clock, Mr. Clarence Maloney.
WEAR NUMONT ia laying more securely founda- Trinidad-born U.S. Attorney, will
R IMELESS FLVUE tons of lasting peace.'" ielkverian, address.
L 1', (5


?SACB m i w3
Og and rain we had
ag in at the Dutch
We did stop at Co- SALE
a large Island off the
peninsula. Here 32, QUEEN'S PARK WEST
services had com-
excellent, though THURSDAY, 17IV. AUGUST 1944
1 0PM. [|1
W told that a number of --
ben at this and other Instructed by Mrs. E. Rajnauth
Mi>onaldering settling In we will sell such good and useful
Im after the war is over, items as -
Mo will be so, because the Crap Double Bed, Spring and
of Alaska has only Mattress; Simmons Single Beds,
and it i5 still a coun- Spring and Mattresses; Mahogany
Slo neer. Only a small Bed and Mattress, Iron Double
Mineral resources has Beds and Springs: Linen Press,
anld there, of course, M.T. Tables, Crap. Towel Rail, Ma-
1 elities for agrircul- hogany Night-Chair, Crap Mir-
S! dnot help rememn rored Dressing Table, Cedar Hang-
climate f is not ern ing Press, 3-Mirrored Dressing Ta-
S Sweden and Fin- hble: Oval Dining Table and Chair;
.l peopl' of ts Dinner Service Knives. Forks,
peolts of th eend Carvers, etc.. Tea, Soup, Dessert and
LUte darkness brought Table Spoons, Mirrored Sideboard,
at tdan to a high and Tea Set, Tea Trolley. Silver Bread
lei to hg and Crumb Tray; Silver Cake
return to Washington Stand and Cruet, Cut-glass and
Sto set up a study of other Glassware Blue-Flame Stove,
5(be Aleutians islands- Meat Sale, Mirrored Hat-Stand,
SWleh many veterans of Mahogany Pedestal Table and Up-
.lPeIaly those who do hollered Drawing-Room Suite,
Roots here at home CraP. Morris Settee and Chairs
b come pioneers. It i a with Cushiots, Mahogany Side-
SSmaall population but board, Pictures. Mahogany Book-
B toaviteed, has a great Stand, Morris Rockers and Catras,
atr those who are will Sheets, Pillow Cas, Towels. Blan-
an help build up all kets, Leather Trunk. Roll-Top
Things In new lanu. writing Desk, Mirror on Stand, one
nof the fvtro COhlsterfleld Arm lh.i, Pair io'r
iflc and the quM- 1hae, Waxing Broom, Thermos
Ilts in 'order to Flask4 Elee. Iron, Oreenheart Flanks
on us, you who and one Child's Motor-Car with
liae teallse that a Pneumatic T'yres:; 1 Piano (Ooets).
sad air navigation
"reat circle, drawn Items on view day prior ant
ougnd to Siberia and morning of Sale and Term--OA"A
WOuld pas very LIV..
sAka ccat, then BOYD AHUTCHINBON ...
? the line through Auctioneer;



ton get them at all Banks in Port-of-Spain
MSka Fernando; at the General Post Office,
l-fSpain and all Money Order Offices
'b*,4oet the Colony.

w also get them at Win the War
cton Centr in Port-.o.f-Spain and in
Strict in the Colony.


Sow; ,b7 irt YsEL 3.ft%


Thh Is the Merchant Nvy.i
Club and is open every day
of the week trom 11 aL. tel
11 n.m.
Monday, August 14
835 gm.
1I mjn. Sound Fil s. News-
rqels. Sport md Feature
CobleMnts House, St. Ann's
If'Phse 0.ll





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I. ~





& M

_PHMT .vMamA, Ato A I ML

ardock 4 Down Draw With Fleet 4`4i 'I

Boys Stage Grand 2nd S ffield Sporting Club Whip ple
.0 A ico Thri"r w 7 To Chalk Up Third Victory
Suep.. r golsd. H f1rem inte -tn th n half "spirtoing Club chalked up ia thir d TAJ'A. eatgue ?nc tt h"bt--i pm St W s
out 2-0usth mreeztht l 5
fu ee rm minutes after to eeown nhatilt,,.__.try_._e
T & sow sr atrnoo L shold Swamped a r ytwday afte mnoo Whent they -hammered out a 2 c ot;r -k
Leaseholdsa SwampedSCarter's Little Liver
San dsma sh dom or tos ftoern oesh d Sap ovew the powerful Maple'even betae aapcity crowd on thie sh to dh to am arttoas
Ifat" .1 bowe.or ei
1, m alus h ygound.As go In SA.FA. LtoAue pulaon "din front the stand, TaeeC.a mUerdinu. m .t s.B
tU hs was a aBl--- Gleneaixtuere Maple theml_ hd WonB thtrwakeupa Row. of the3mim c!
VZint *y ]i a llxtuae o.rt two matches, and f putIninNb y o we st t
$=IbY lGfttayed unday G uardian 1 l hard battle in the first half w ea aym ~ ta you -ave-teataus
fiedied In better U o J "ea SAN FERNANDO, Aug. 12.-The they held Sporting Club goaless, l nea T nt yoko etw amyad ot ANot9e. t 1
Brigh ohf4I n -ii at fok,-net athrekin dobos thst
S22 W ard ' j ASt wiyouthitl Sheffield bwatnpd Lgasa- but in the econd period Sports makes you (ee ettez from your hem d t y Au
and Cl one holds with a 7-1 beating when they b%%e home two goals.. a jut bepro t the iuiB t; in
Sand Cain, e" clashed In a S.A.PA. first clan areat, ace Trinidad player, At mLiv P -voro i"w Prteak, a
Brirghi lok tw, rat encounter at Bktlner- Park this lining up for Sporting Club for the --.- ---- t'
tand Sct a S.A.afternoon first time this season, banged home .ndisy Gsuara Crreepdiant 6
USi. t andSl Playing all over the oilmen th re first goal about ten mit B BEDS AND MORE I
In eletarmnthroughout, the Broadway Aide after the start of the second halt RIDETOWN Aug. 12 By
OWL cn sesiot airman ----d-.- went on their goatscoring spree from close range, while Johnnie Cable)BElDSiANDsMte wn t
ths econdle.sion;f tni u araisticao dell within three minutes of play, when Alkins made it two goals when he c am t acs the BEDc
cnl s ivnx LB AAug. 12-Oiv oe RHalls their right,notched himself and headed In the s
lay In this half. of their characteristically blllant with a hot shot from outside the second, from a centre by B.G.'s es today e BEDS
aheadr to notch exhibitions of the finer points of ar.ea. Results were:- =ri
.scntre-halhold, oquckly got the equal- star inside left, Alvin Rodrigues. S. Ann's Handicap-2. High Hat,
SWas the prettiest of the art of soccer, Unitied British Lee, it was att e qul-sai i sieletAlinRarnua. S nninadiap-hicghH tgo ybortyh dtie-l b om leey2utlae Sun he efNwngrLokeve, I w s3.am i w iprotil- .Bu N tielevAri eneenh.h
eight goas yesterday. Sporting Club completely outplayed is' r, when left winger Locke got a 0 a ai n hc ohd-2.SnNtv.21ArlEeeih
a ewer over nams fences ovehadowed the fot ad Garrison Handicap--I. Bclledune, -with Springs to Match -
A& Arm were slh over Brighton on the Mishaica Oval last ln ag shot past Adms
,*'centre, created a scrim- a 4 -0 drubbIng upon them in a again a9l the game developed into John Sampson and Hugo Em- Ellis Memorial Handicap 1. Kopox, Fbre Mattresses
from which Cain converted S.A.F.L.'a Mark Moody-Stuart a cne-slded affair. They took the manuel were very sound in Maple Ringer. 2. Count Cain, 3. Colleen.
in thi session. Shield fixture. lead when their clever centre or- back-line with Prior Jones giving a Castle Grant Handlcao- 1. Col0 and Feather Pillows
g rkware making few and On a wet and slushy field, the ward Selwyn Baptiste dribbled pt splendid display at oentre-half while leen, 2. Examiner, 1 ng1tte. |
bwelraids and missed a redoubtable U.B.O.T. combination the Leaseholds' backs, and got the for Sporting Club, Syl Dopson. Dalkeitn Handicap-1. Gleneagle, _AS News oF
can as Hamel-Smith made rings around the opposing ball out of Reece's reaches. olly Tench, the full-backs, ald 2. Sundial. 3. Maid of Honour AIso Nws Designs f-
5 lh drew Town, the air- defenders. Sheffield scored two more goals centre-half, Hlugo Day, were very Final Handicap-l. Sam Lc'd, 2. I
From the goal, but In the first half. Ubots banged before half time. The score was brilliant and held the bIaple sharp. Belledune,. 3 Popularity.' i Morris Suites I
S spherewas Lulleted, Me- in three goals, Charlie Bain smash- 4-1 at the Intcrval, and having shooters at bay throughout the irst prize in the ptke was
Fleets back, headed out. ing home two beauties, and Lennox things as they wanted Sheffield hour's play. wurth 20,500.
ame Was played at a fast Lumaden netted a oenalty. added three more goals in the Maple never rave up trying and ,
Carlos Lyon netted Ubots fourth second half. staged some dangerous raids in Trinidad Supply
Harin l y never lingered In goal in the Second half. R." Wells scored two. S. Baptiste the closing stages, but Sports' de- COLTS XI FOR TOMORROW
en hinP fwminsurtes Brighton experienced a slice of two. A. Kennedy and Benn one each, fence and goal-keeper Kilgour
ithoa few minutes hard luck in this period when while the other was converted from gColtse team to wplay against St.St s
segoadl, ia beautygfromsalI Augustine Ribeiro struck the cross- a penalty by goalkeeper "Baba"l Mr. E. Almandox refereed the ritt; JSimmonds,D s : I b
~Wk dw P a beauty from aott bar with a high shot with Reoal- Adams.. CE.. A a Nndo refereed I CHRLOITE STREETD. Husbands;
42e'ps.Wihbdmatch,.t V, CHi RLOITE STREET.
diving to inter h p d Scottkeeper Eckel completely beaten Mr. Marache was the referee. CFollowing were the teams. Moore. B. Tnompon Icapt P.
la g t o a no t er Fee t A r r m Iea Th e gam e soon term in a ted w :F lowi ng w er th0te Ms:-oPa e .rs Ton s M o 'e
notheret Ar Arm g U.B.O.T. the victors by four goals PORTING CLUBN. Kilgour; B. Harding., Mooe
ISe aPeeersefore.lemortime, S. Mooone
Yetan ther ls brAmgacks Ban-.l the vteam s brefered rhe goeans RlckA. ~hie~ 'l'enchS. Dopson: A. Alkins. Reserves: C. Hart, L. Joseph,, S.9
wU o before lemon time, as to none. Black And White .Day. C.h s Dopsonre : A. a lktnson, LiReserpoolves: C. art Jp. Cash If You Have It-
ftimar r v a Wardlaw'. paw Mr. Bevon refereed the game and C GolfR Its r^ c Por.; r, Livepool. I f
the back$, anr the teami lined up as follows:-- J. Alins, A. Rodrigues, and E. 311
it ro point blank UB.OT.:J.Eckel; A.tPhillip and CupI UGolRonl4iii.2 11 Credit If You Want
'IH S-A ? b,^ K ^^ .^ ^ CU Gof eS~tS Montel --R sM-^ E j ,r j | n Credit If You Woat It. ,
B ~ .Frank R. Anderson; H. B. Phillip. So MAPLE.-H. Sealy, 3. Sampson,
PrnkR.Aneron H B Plli 6 tawley Stone and Lieut. Jonn- ff. Emmanuel; G. Cumberhatch, P. Di n f r
S && made big shuffle in Ron. J. Lillicrapp and L. Brown: son tied for first place iII the BlackHla
at the resumption. MC- L. Lumsden, A. Christopher, C. Z. and White cup golf competition Jones. J. Carr; A. Ganteaume, A. Hilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllim
raa wa put in the forward line. Bain. C. Lyon and A. Torry. played at St. Andrews gof course Joseph, G. Chambers, P. Douglin FAO R IAL
OOVin on the wng, Ernie Brighton: 'T. C. Gardiner: .p vetercday with the excilelnt neus and N. Clarke. M ilo
r eentre-forward, Mat- Samuel and T. Forbes: C. Brown., .W 7 li- o
back-line, while Wells, George Adams and E. Lee; P. Mc- RG. Hill had 70 and F. 1, Trinidad Place Third lo A L
Serod back to thae left half.. Allister. Joe Wrkeas. A. Ribeiro, E. poison 71. ba S B So 14ies have
Chang, theFleet. Ribeiro, and Hugh Oloudon. sf 1 O A E I
0t Fleet ibero and Hugh Oloudon. In the war saving certificates In Small Bore Shoot b e h v
Arm quad pre se through competition, the 18-noles resulted Trinidad came third In the proved 1 4-Burner Electric Stove.
defnte, and Wardlaw with i as above, while the 9.holes resu r iht m e
uy drbbung, beat put the Sav an nahRunning wer: 1. s. stone 291, Lie u. John. Aperture Sight Small Bore Col-
a r ned homo the four th n a Hill on- ial Rifie Shooting Competitionit is best Large Mahogany Press.
far corner ofethe nets. R e T dal. for 1943, while in the open sightbe
rock started their ace Today section she secured fourth place. for your baby 16 cubic ft. G.E.
after this goalL.LMurrayt Kenya have again won the Aper-eorMuourR ir
Dte ^^ A ^.nVO The Belmont Youth Marathon Rio alaro Indians P!ay tur Sight section with a score
s'hded the fl;.t, and his bro- Club will hold their first annualna lay ture Sight Section w sRefrigerator.
hedet < n-rw d nee r tbwill rold tee uens A an a n rad To y which Is equal to her previous For over 100 years Mothers have given
tat centt-forward converted race twice around the Queens At San Fernando od record, and also has two possibles Dmnneford's to their babies. And it 1 Electric Fn.
crd, '0 ndatrIEldticFan.
M Park Savannah, under the Joint Sunday Guardian Correspondent, to her credit, wonderful worth has been proved in'
soon as the sphere was cen- patronage of Mr. Nelson Betan- SAN PERNANDO, Augl. 11--A Jamaica, who obtained second their contentment and well-being. 150-Egg Oil Incubator.
off, a McLean's header from court and Lieut. Commander Chas. powerful San Fernando eleven will place, has three possibles, which is Dminneford's corrects any tendency to E O n
Admira's kick, rebounded off Hayward for runners 20 years and engage an East Indian team from a record. I acidt.ltnstantlvrelieepainulwind Zsskoa Ikosle Camera
eustodlan and with a last min-under, this morning, starting at 7 Rio Claro in a friendly cricket Followln are the results of the ad keeps the bowels igentlyvssikoakoslex Camera
*Sr aelSihnotchedILocokadkepthbwlsgny cii.
ffoet Hamel-Smoth notched t o'clock. match at Skinne- Park on Sun- two matches:- Ih)tor have dvi-d Dinne.rd'. for ,,,. 100 1 Roman Bath in perfect
.tte. The object of thCaeeventbo rtowaen- ray. The homesters' cutfit, which .ET,, SidHTe SECTION Tre .. jiwa' wor th while --i perfn-ecti
C boysforwardline now courage the Youth of the Colony will include McD. Durity. R. Don- Ken a.TeChallenge Cup mad ue' r your b.y condition.
_bined splendidly with pivot to indulge in athletics aldson. F. Thompson, H. Franklyne eight silver Medals). Equate
Murray, backing them up. The first prize is offered by Can- and A. Durity, is planning to ,,n record1..... 1590
,b ing tes u ,e the r ator aime am ia .tBronze Medals....... 150 1 Lawn Mower.
3. Murray got the third Its he ning & Co., Ltd., while tie firs give the visitors a warm time l
t pest the backs, and Lest Town lap prize has been donated by The visiting side will also play a dazutoland ....... .. ......... 1 4' 6" Spring-filled
te ^ ^;-George !^aX, actprinter a^^ Bla sutoland. .:::::::::::::::: .^- .......... ..................lled
and C9 eorge Bamer, ace sprinter. series of indoor games. Becchuanaland.. ... ....................2
a mot beaUtful M l was About 30 compeUtors will face N.orthern iodlei............................. 1SiS Mattress.
a o 4 ,,a 1 ,the starter.1.e ....... ................. SECTre s
Im 0 -lki hedr The nneral public In aked to Dr. Prasad Cup Cricket c.rou .6" ,4a ;13iiii c 6iioi-iI -
ei Uanda. tElsht silver .Medals) 1.3' 6"4Spring-filled
f masse r u4a assist the club by allowing the Starts TRpode. (111, 1 3 6"
Sners to do the running on the roadStarts Today14. Norther 5n .-- :,
b l M Vft o M 1 1 a 1 111 0 11 1111 111 `1h r1 M , ... ..... ... .. .. .. . . .. ... .... . . ..M a t t r e s s .
boyl o2wadl opne.Su nodayGuardian Coeeendent. bleehuanll.md ....... ..................14,34
bdrtnO h s the ba on CHAGUANA, Aug. 12-Chtagu- Trinidad................... .......... 1407 Mat
Ubringhcorud w ayll...............1 .......... ............. 13991 Columbia Electric
ft ed by the ba h ,. W walking A association nas' 20 clubs. a record numobt will a ........ ......................................... 1393"
a utoldb&the hes. Walking AssociatIon contest the Dr. Prasad Cup Cricket 's t -..*........... i. 1 Gramophone
vihar ol was the .. Says Thanks To Public Competitlion due to commence to- -_"_"_wh-prtsek. ou
T' e tm Sports Editer. "Sunday Guardian." Friendship Hall of Freeport, who it Sea e ou
SXaAMtOCK.-J3. Scott: 3. .Tar- The Trinidad Amateur Walking annexed the trophy last year will SENSATIONAL Speaker.
M. McLean; Montea de Oca., Association wishes to express its have quite a difficult task this year Ser
SMur, 0. De Mttos; J. Ada- rattud to all person who turned to retain the championship as NEW ARRIVALS 1 -8 h.p. Ford Van in good
0rO Murray, E. Ilamel-Smlth, out to cheer the walkers, and to many new clubs with new players R Icondition. T Good).
Govia and M. Wells. those, who followed to express ap- will be throwing down the gaunt- '1,' on n. (yres Go
leet Air Arm.-Town: MeMil- predation for their co-operation in let to them. 4 "e : 1 Morris Sedan 8 h with
a8. tonehewer; Hartshorn, Hart- complying with the president's ap- Because of transport difficulties. IM.S'.l O'5 d'ean 0 h.p. t
lred: Thompson. Turner, peal. "Not to pace or chant for clubs have been arranged In five Allen & anburs Malt O Ii four Nw Tyres and one old
dla Wilkes and Cain. competitors"; to the Police Force dtvifions. Cater Oil 4be,, ;'yresn
--. -- in the Southern Division and Port- ___ __ o *. Chemical / E one.
n f-Spain for maintaining order Food.
D.RamkeeaoonWins 0 ^ b ss=a *, . g^ I .
e ka Ping Pong i throughout: to Radio Distribution Kodkith in Ring 5367.M
htlk Ping Pang TitleiLtd.) for broadcasting the pro. Kondremul with Vitamsin B
id agrem of the race: To those gentle- Be Forte Tablets.Ring 5367.
David Rakeesoon, 16-ver-old men who acted In the capacity of Becol Tablets __________________,.
l of the Rev. Canon J. D. Ram- judges, and country folks who pro- Lokol Drops _
Waslcrowned table tennis vided welcome baths with their Acne Tablets
pion of the Chetniks Club. buckets, and particularly Mr. Infan':ol
defeated Persaud Romper- James Pearce (Couva, for his re- Sul.amul Ointment S R N ATTR S E
4awivincinely in three straight freshing batli of iced sodas; Mr. i8ulfathlamlnt Ophthalmie
tr in the finale. ti J. McDonald Thomas for the use of Ointment BEDS -SPRINGS-MATTRESSES
nthe semi-final edpfeated his van as a first aid ambulance.
SN S -lrar In a hard fought ond all others who helped in any A H-V TERM S
ilath, way to make the event the success TERMS-- ,
mnikeeaoon play the back-hand it was. CALL US UP AT 2S ____________T __.--
type and is very defensive. BERTRAM DUTFONT. W D CALL USer ATm -
TNIDAD AND 'TOBSAGO Hon. Secretary, We. DeliverPrmptlt.
I t the otate of PUARMACY,
melia Martha Thursday, August 17, 1944 RODRIGUEZ CO. 86 Frederick Street 'Phone 5097.
j~ eli Marth a t o Vrn vuFrederick Street-T'dad's _5097
at No. 5 Verdant Avenue, oi Mot Modern Drug Store _ _____--
t C rle .. nMaraval
Ia 41v Clacton-ont-Se In the ______________- __
l of EsaA ex tVtheUnited at 1.15 p. .
,T nstructed by W, F. ryden Me, C'. 3. BORNEO
~~~Esq., Muesrs. DEAJLE LIMITEDI V 0 0 6
Is hereby givein that will sel by Auction his very use-I
e expiraiUon of fourten ful lot of Furniture as follows:- BO RN E 0 SNOE HW S
the date hereof applica- Dinir Table and 4 Chairs, Side-
]abe made in the Registr or, Ocsinl Tbe FACTORY
upeeCutfrtesa-Table Lamp, with Shades, Kitchen k[ H
the probate of thewill of Table and "Chairs, Bedsteads and 1 LIcensed Registered Master in ^ B/'SK S A rf l l^fl
Maa arle, late of Spring Mattresses. Dressin Table. Boots and Shoes. Board of i RH'IlM \!
tonBe. sse.Egln.Sfa^ an wrhis wt ndustrial Training, Trinidad ^l ^ 5 5 ^\ W
dganted by His Ma~ety'sa Clhshons. Hanging Wardrobes, 2 and Tobagro, 1930.
ciouiof Justice at Llandudno, Rush Seated l Chairs. Chest of HlBT U
IlU tlet day d 1 JUly, o U42. ,Drawers, Wardrobe, I Bath Tub, 2 organiser and First President, -IMM IW f -
ib-SSB 2itdyofJnay Oil Stove and Oven, Tables, Card w~f CgrMapi rna OA FOOT- PM mU MUareaes i, .M,* s.fAaAf m~~ si au f s/ Hw
| U()"f DOUPAUD, Table, Towel Rail, 2 Sanaan QA. WEAr BxHiJITION, 1934. ..9/] I
& 1UtL lOC&D, Chairs an4 1 Arm Chair, 2 I Diploma Cit arid Guildt of it
A P T eDL titute in Boots and b Kolyns kees her teeth clean and bea-
Acit in Pub-ic Trustee. *I u nn Comb/une ~d l Writing e 8hoe, attended to. tiol.n.,its Delta llr Saho esai,
""and lBookcases, 8 Cyp Verandah ______ ____nmakinti8uil e.. itS rdrmetk~ fiav, enothi~ng em
Chairs, Mahogay China Cabinet. arbBoots B 8lers, Specialises "na --- rel tk n' r o'rel like o

fc yA ^ 7 B-A? VT ^ 009 R YA H TE Donhac your h Yoourea-i aeadeOfe
w wma ( Chairs 30Green Plant 8tool. I in masking Boys' School Shoes, ocwmeb sn -a ciu
,r : L mi ai lbS O' 6" Cotton Mattress, 1 Hand H alf 80 e and minor repairs SO ALeE ld Dan **-y t &-Wa7 Aetiee
Sewig Machine, 1 Flding Cane a promptly attended to. y s t
el Was TminWglo Chair, I PIANO (Bluthner), Cut-. Football Boots for sale, and---4--- t
Ita Lery, Croker and Glassware. ma to order. Th rpet n am*red _______________________
So* Style Baby' Cri with Mattrss C, R. BORNEO, Toao known as the
Monager RALCough.Your Head Off
znm~~ Our Usual Conditions of Sale. 0 p 54gil 3N 4Cosstn o rehldlndhvig
s at. O eN t i rst AuguiS at 1,1s pJm. CU Thursday, Feet-ef-Spahi, Trinidad, 3.W.L a frontage of 70 feet and a depth W ~
'. m.4 DEARLES LTD., Toe40.of 150 ...t feet. contanng atwo..WU U l3'

Taos ofuwe.

storey buUdbts, the grund floar n eurn tak raha shamk l
A e.... ... .... ....... built of bricks and tet upper floor;7b baJtha ? ,Are rei
you couh an d ecT h7 to t haktY. can't
The__________TONICoat wood and roofed with shinglames smeo aad etrate 8 raiso tan- '
land galvanized ronk..e.Bomaeatt o backs0ou fe ar W uk As'et?" af.t

Building site at Mile End In
the Parish of St. Andrews, Tobago,
containing five acres, three roads
and thirty perches. Well situated
on high land about a mile irom
Offers In writing to be made on
or before the 322nd August, 1944.
and addressed to The Manger,
Barclays Bank (D.C. a 0.). Port-
of-Spain, who does not undertake
to aep the high" Wr sa

work? Are YOUIr~iL doftcooel pog.02 -ure,-rerta' odt ~^J. *afi^' ,
No matter how long yau have suffered or whatyo ~fXl'
have tried, we believe there i ged news and a
n& a youi'&eae~k -..-.
tiv., ho e forlou in & so..Odic niediwb Ww
e~nly -tOros Vr*mlORbutth~atsNo
allble to ouffrweat at ail rug stere S u' 'Ws
a-me of Meadows, 1esm-- TrU AI.'
Moods" m ftialywork$ YerrasttpI
because it oontals11n.1etofre ttt a.b
tended to help nature"MIle ulooen I.I .
semgtunl sexce3S mauu An Ir't
knew from r own expe"Gand 1 v.
Wust m y "I t t 1S
Pool .n J ainISc ro wol ee t 'O'
Cld' f"ka amS etfellke t at m g~an
Was an band r6Wondyw, P~t

'oubl are also cleared up at the am. yeu t|eel' ike a now
tme. Help get rid of your rectal trouble judge and after uta
ad you will know the real joy of vigor- age, If you are not iti
us health and sound nerves every way, simply "&V
New Troeuatom Weks it se package and )your NOW
Chinarold not only etopa the pain and fundd in full. Get Chis
thing In 1& minutes. but contains 1 druggist today for oayi
pecial ingredients which help nature Chinareid mut e th
Both* the sore 'spots and ebhrlnk and Complete aatlkfattif
edues tie swollen blood veasel, and
tiu help restore a normal healthy con. wl-n- o X
iltlea. Chilnarold has a special appllea- lU W
tor which makes It simple and easy -
It use. The very first applicationa w11 P I L I S A #.

Pimples & Bad

Fought in 24 HI
It si o longr necesary for anyone have been needing tu
.ffnd., feplaryursI Vn t thi e on gevayut t
tlo uffer from uly, disustint and dis- skin, a treatment to
fgurin akIn blemishei uch a seema e more attractive, toI hel
le rash, pimplen ringworn, peorialis, Nixoderm hs hlp,

iffoent frc om eny ointmentxo h Iea .Th frt ppie
aecne blackheads eIablei and red halthler skins* to thoa
blothel without the benefit of the Mrs. B. Loucks, To.
modern provn treatment called Nixo- Cenada, who recently "
derm. Don'tlt lta bad akin make you bend uferaed for ym .
feel Inferior and cause you to lose your like condition. He trd
friend. Help clear Your skin this new notn ga'e any but t-
selentfc wy, and don't lt abad skiusn Many, after two or tb
sake people think you are diseased, seemed to aggravate 1
Fghth Trouble 3 Wiyihs t matters n I he armi
Nixederm ts an ointment, probably for Nlxoderm. He p
different from any ointment you have ae. The first applies
ever een or felt. It Is not greasy but in, a fewM nutes d u
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apply it. Itpenetrates rapidly into the mr nd Nixodnth orm toa
poret and fight the cause of surface tro skintl b ouble.-
kin blemishes. NIxoderm 1 contains Mee y-roak
Inp edent which flight skin troubles Nlxoderm metr stLA
erobs or pMlsitnte often naponaslble ton e your co nlplet atI
for akin disrdM. (1) It stops Itching. oorcIromyouet r druNe ls
burning and smanrting In 7 to 10w min- .In the mirror In tM
utes and cools and soothes the skin. win ll hepleaed nt2
( It help natture promote a clear. eot t Thenjust keep onusing
sad velvety smooth kinee week and at the s4
WeeksFus It should have made y"
Because Nixoderm is sclentifically clearer, motherr and go
compounded to fight akin troubles, it or you simply return th"
stop, the Itchlng, burning age and your money wiul
In few minutes then starts to work full. Get Nixodenr firot
iouiedlately, helping to clear and heal
your skin. making It soter, whiter and r to
velvety smooth. In lust a day or two
Smiror wi ea tell you that, here at N ixo d I
iL t a arentfe trosmtyt oyou at







58 Frederick St. 'Phonw

Kidneys Ml

Flush Out

Excess Acids
Or You May Suffer From
Backache, Nervousness
8Getti Up Nights, Feel
Old Before Your Time
Because of
Kidney and Bladder fI
tte your' bask et Mso bad at tiamef that and undermine e
lt flnd it dllulteu to keep going properly and syeewu
S our es dt and r S andewih b
Ai howl to up thee or tothe"
am ashtt e 7 e t.% a% >sss Hpi*yB
aByvtroqunyateoi Fourteen a
.Are you se 4e timo that you feel saled sw s
k gi to VIIo U ple? through Crug stI
u rrn-dow, worn out and Ine
etha you ers troubles tboee
Dqy sue. rmpainste Inlos, ndrhe- L Its diurstie 55tleftL-
esDo yoa reuenly saBor poivesoni
S above, and many other distressing ps.t nlroperl t
_gt may often be caused by kidney bas *t buenaiW
dr tnble. This I i*easy to uir nekar- b
tan I rou 0e. 11.4 v0tetll1y important "Prnry gthea
taskerfp~rmed by k eeidneys in helplngt I |* By he.ping t
bdy a n ealth, energy andvitality, accumulated i
KidayMust Cilm Out A Idds atina l
kn ar eprovded ar nature to sllvnein sn
an l an d to remove mike 1 I
*s^Loos ^^ Meuyses~
e and wtes which tlend
teuta resus trumbles I' flasulyi due
dow I th~e t ernwg e ey
happn. b'sls sa~to un. hwr5: d0
a This euy o e n r weI k a "t

ass th esea m s, or Mtw -
-.5S ,
^^SBSM ,SrA" ,d~.P^^^






ptoine InI

go"XMft Trinidad am 1o
Sfat runrl r", a
ordered to take a two
hiM 1s doctor after hi
bakina three-mile per
Iat 0h Oval on aster
rine 14.47 for the dia-
4eelded to race al
mhe went as a mem.
|M Pemberton Sports
ace he defeated T. An.
poaved himself to be the
Grenada athlete at
'othe 100, 200, and
d was second in the
Smile, which showed
also with the Pern'm-
Sand a prominent run-
to A ntolne in both
|g yards, while Merril
:wa third.
1!i:: 1 T.' Antoli. (Orf n.
3, raor (Pembertoni; U.
I): 1 M. Dookle IPenber-
Antolne (GOl1 adSt4 .
ING: I T. Antoine: 2 V.
eT. Pters IOrenoda'.
((Ol> I T Antolne; 2 V.
.M Goodlns.
St U. Dookle; 2 T. An
prmberton League teair
od Grenada last month
sie on Thursday, after
l three-week tour dur-
h they scored cricket and
Mtories over the All-Oren-
baed teams and club
Wj Ouerra, manager of the
I team. at a meeting of
l rn riday, spoke highly
ml. spirit of the Pember-
1, the fine leadership of
, the cricket team, and of
ltWo the football eleven.
Spoke in glowing terms
ltality of the Grenadl-
did aFll they could for the
r t team played three
insnt All-Grenada, Po-
uaters, and won two, los-
pt game to the Indians.
jOlarke's football team
IX games Including a Col-
1 fid won three, lost one
Stwo. Tom McLean, of
0 'tame, lined up for the
) tam in ono of the
'Hts of the tour were
L Felix Blake, Hylton
iold Hislop. Evril Paul
MIain, Sedley Antoine,
lIghtSa and Vere Greer.

Soccer Aces
Prrest Reserve
'Of footballers, including
.P.A. star players will
PbFrest Reserve on Bun-
O0 to engage the For-
Leaseholds XI in a
war charities.
Vlitors' line-up will be
Geoff Chambers,
Carlton Dove, Reg-
BI Dootin Alkins, John
Prior Jones, Paul Carr
Other well-known
tors will also take down
d table tennis teams to
"' "Foresters" in indoor
W earlier in the day, and
0 the city by first train on
r DLona team will Include
John. Vere Gibbons.
John and Vernon John.
'T2orne will lead a bridge

n B.C. will play their an-
*t match on their ground
00t Valley Road at 1.3(

SWhen'the blood
and sweat' are ov
i'* life will return
I..:again be able to ha


Rookie Wins At' Grenada Sports PEP

I( D yo Hae v Itnal, W
Outruns ColtsSaints Gdes Vignes Nets 3 Goals As'
o Is aiJ IDon't You ?, rIth ist be

Half And Mile o Spitfire Beat Commandos 4-0 us
Tomorrow Chiropracti
one distance runner, won the half SAN unday Guardian Correspondent by a system entirely different
t the GrFnda Dsover Day th- A FERNANDO, Aug. 12 --- Spitfire handed down a convincing from all other methods. adjusts
it the Grenada Disoovery Day ath'-betn ath'-cscd na .FA the cari-le of discs'. and gives
____+ _. _4-0 beating to a Commandos. XT, when they cashed In ,A.F.A. the wtg onlf dae lv
..College XI Figure In rat-cla. encounter at Skinner Park here on Thursday afternoon, )y a n or n life.
SCom p tuition 2 T.A.F.A. Comes George des Vtgnea ramming home three goals in the game YOUR
Thipe ieeknCommandos. turning up without+------T A
This WeekW. Prcv "Mutt',' their regular -cus-
todian. ound an able substitute in OF THIS
Soccer T oday 'The St, Mary's-Colts match will Roy Phillips. who treated the crowd C arl Parris T o
------- 0- start the week's T.A.F.A. firstito some brilliant displays through- "*'-" WONDERFUL
The following is today's fixtures league fixtures agoilng tomorrow on oing on the offensive from the T r Com e back SCIENCE
of the Goodwin soccer league com- the Association ground In front the starting whistle, Spitfire forwards I IVT
tion coete' under the pa- Stand. and wl be clashing again tested Phillp. who rose to the oc S TED
eof the on'ble M. A. Mall- tad a wll b lhn ai castion and held everything that Carl Parrls, one of the most col- +
lard. to be played at 4.45 o'clock with Sporting Club In one of the came his way.
sat the Queen's Park Stannalh, San thrillers of the week on Friday. The Red Army forwards contin- iourful of Trinidad amateur boxers .Ferreir
will nake a return to the ring on Dr. J. e'.Ferra
Juan and St. Joseph. GOonsalves figured prominently ued trying to goal, and got their TThursday, September 14, at the D.C., Ph C. (r' .A.)
for the College as thev scored their first item midway in the first half, Prince's Building to clash with
"A" DIVISION two vt~ctorlea, and will be I force when full back Harold Phillips. Gunner Brathwaite. ace Barbados
'A. DXV re:IO twol- victorie, andT ^Tn willH beDrU. Glo dys Ferreiro, D.C.,
to be reckoned with in goal against failing to head a high shot, left welterweight, now domiciled here.
Portamorith v. Rangers on Colts' the Colts' forwards tomorrow, his brother in goal to DesVignec' Parris will be battling witli
ground; referee, Mr. i. Palmer. Colts have only a draw In the mercy, who rail through and scored Brathwalte on Hamil Yates' all- (Formerly of New York, U.S.A.)
Dover v. Eton on new second oneni n fixture to their credit, and with a well-placed shot star card to be staged in aid of the 114 Frederick Stret P.O.S.
class ground; referee, Mr. A. Trim- and will be gotn all out to make With the score-board reading 1-0 Conventi Relief Fund.
i*iingharn. this their first win. In their favor at half-time, the I George Baker w' previously Oppcsite St. Mar's College)
Guardian War Lords v. Hermit- Shy Sports have turned in fine Red Army resumed their drive, and billed to flight Brathwaite, but due Members. Anglo-West Indies
are on Northern League ground; victories. bet the,' will not hqve Rn netted three more before the final tD utnforeseen c ircumst'nces ha. Chiropractic Assni. (Registered)
referee. Mr. C. Dav-iz. e.,v tasir when tIe" "lash with the blast. found It impossible to do so. '9
All Black v. Academy on Maple's College boys on Pridav. George Des Vignes scored three Parins hat s him c.sme n fil 'Phone i694.
All Blak A ad~vy on Mape' gols in he gam sid vPa rri s has hus- -e a-d-il-
ground, referee, Mr. V. Williams. Another star match will be Notre oal in th game d Everald ed the gap, and a real thriller is -"="
Dome-Shamrock on Wednesday. Jones got the other. expected when he aiid Brathwaite -
S"B" DIVISION both teams are in the same post- Mr. V. Noel refereed, while Mr. meet. Brathwae
*ion. each losing one match. W. Alleyne and Mr. R. Skeete ran Brathwaite scored a sensational .... ........
Craven vs. Vents on New Wood- There will be two second claqn .lls. '2-ijod kayo in the last to, na-
ford rod referee Mr matches tomorrow. Polloo will h- Th teams nent.-, staged o i
ford ground, referee, Mr. Ba lashi"" with Indian- whA'A Wind- COMMANDOS: R. Phillips: H. There willbe two six rounderi l A Bl ood Ton
Mr. Chapman' XI. v. Triumph sor will oppose New Woodford. Phillips, H. Balladiti: F. Jolnes. F. the card ot be stagedoile September
Mr. CJ apman'd XI. F. Triumph Walters, P. Earle; R. Brown, V. 4eing' Lawrene For Farrnslock i
Son Sporting Club ground, referee. Following are the fixtures :- Rudder P. Hubah, C. Maheraj, 0. Assam-C r ancs lhtw ight title
*Mr. J. SimmnOinds. MON. -Cotts vs. at. Msry's. Referee: LumiOping. match.
Strollers v. Lion Hearts at San Mr. Richard OOia Linesmen: Mr. SPITFIRE:-- C. Boyce: A. Rigsby,. Latch ,. c a R
Juan; referee, Mr. 0, F. Bernard Joffre Bart and Mr N. Kliirur. B. Dopson: E. Jones. C Maurice. S. affair wlleAssam In six-rotli't o regainI
a WED. Notre Dame :. shamrock, Referee,;affair wMllrbe rttemptiletOr egan
Spoilers v. I'IghtIng 69th at St. Mr. l. Aimandoz. Linesme, de Labtide. M. D'er, V. Brown ii title o the Orphanage ter-
Joser h: referee. Mr. A. Ferreira. T H John and Mr. Erroi .sten des Vignes, W. "aird. R. Craw- ror. C. Frances, the present light- nU
Officials alte asked to I.e on tnie. TH: Maii t If n, i. R't-rner -: Mr. ford, weIt champion.
-lln nd Mr. H. t n Murrav. r Francis oped the title f
.... us:,.-0.Inec.. .,, r- f.lp. froni ,,oBood Salt
FRI sorin Clb s Mtt''lt e-southipaw. hafI Chinese A'.sslo Lv R
P EMBERTONG AMES fere: r. A. Aguotint. I.;nenr foTl IA 1t Tie flia ouind f, aferB at
Mr. ,Hslthldg and Mr. Hope1|ving
mr*,chNt. eiFtdep r I1u ha',ing son Uincomfortablei to-
The third round matches in the M ilAT i .r ".. *>a e t te prious fiines
Pemoerton 1.ag e .oo.'i coo,- ....-..n..T.ell .-s ir For MIT 1 OBrienTean thei ,r|,l l
Petition ')l.ngs tie powerful I -o, N I.atr,,ne ani Mr i.. .l1 Yeat' pK apitigilist, and one of the best sinmSon
nem anid Slwel l teams together on AT. I; A. Arm I N ',re n me P T e W eek PreS iln the light eight lass %ill
the second clas ground at 8.30 1I eeree; Mr. V r- -Rhs-- be making a return at)pearatince v'.h
o'ct^.c',, triis morning. Catholic Youihs Organisatnm his recent victor L Col. Tom Hope.
The fixture ae : will clash with Chinese In the Hope displaYed good figitlni tac- .f
-.. ...... Ann's N.A. ITU. shamnrock I Nire I-armo 1.. new opening of the Northern LeaRue lics i1- -ain an e de out victorlv.
F.L., 8.20 a.m.; rtferee, Mr. B. ground Referee; Mr. karoml soccer fixtures toncrrow. while oni but O'Brien. who has dropped only
-larding. T,,. Arhonfc. h C i n 2, i Tuesday, the powerful Strollers will two detoiions in his boxing career.
Feordnam v. Siwell-2nd cr iv, Erotund Referee, tMr. t muall be against Siwel. the first to Liengo. will be avil'.ng I-
ground; 8.30; referee, Mr. Joe Wit- firM. Following are the t fixule$; his oppoit:cnt his severest, test rF\er'
llama. FPu,- FI .A. Arm v. Shamrock ion 2nd DIVISION "A" ll1 SPDtPntber, ltl
,leas vz~ l,. Toe"te *e, M,', ht"n Barrada-. the nllerrweig~hl title- IS
? iiurnleyv.hT.GR.-iort C. ,uhli.,". liel v ir tef-ree: Mr. holdtei., will be up tt1 inst lSoiin
ground, referee, Mr. F.. W'ilson-- FRI. Ma"le I R C ,un ner srouli.li. M. H 'O p r-Id be p
8.30. ieelet. Mi. J. Rodirigue. FRI. Aeon 'Vile Egles Referee;sr.. Mr. iognl gise. r
l-erniltae v. E.ssex "A" NA. SECOND DIVISION A J. .,. ....... Follong Is the card:- ACTS MARVELLOUSLY
SF.L., referee, Mr. Cyril Guterra Team r appeariheir cirDIVISION "a-' SiX ROUNDS A SN T
10 a m. M 10 r *. ',0. v. Chinese. Y.fe:,r.I t v. u e r h FO R IN CREPri v.|ASIN G TH E
Academy v. Bradford-Col"is MON. Poite v. Indian (on now gro.unrd. E H. C tst .,i ML YI EL
ground; referee, Mr. R. 0. Huggins. reteire. mtriorir t nne. wi.1 ) ,,e ,,itm sier SriP.Scho. Re- .nit MILKt YIELD
T.I.C. v. M.P.S.A.--2nd class 8.30; MON. SVinrlgor I. New oo.,itfnrdt on flie Mr (;e,. Cu'berbsleh. Law'rr'ice A~sam vs. C. Frlanlis
2nd rim- Krotindl. Referee: Mr. THU. (lnoerrnil.hllin \ S~,iltiturs. Re-, Orp)hanaRe).
referee. Mr. Peiham Stewart. o .Johnson. T erm. OlrL rIlnts yeels. R 'i v cCororl Also for Preparing Animals
Ainer-.lle v. Fssex "B" 2nd class WED. Bennon Pro idence ioun 2nd R. OBrien vs. Lae-Coporal Al f rprn Animals
-lapsr groundi. Reirece.. Mr Canlon e Hoe-mid.FrSa.
10 a.m.:; re'eee, Mr. Alert Trihi- 'h rn e . Mr C.E Ai WHAT 1 Tcv oe .r
minshamr. WED. Malern v. pre All matches must begin on id Referee; mK R. V. c K IF FOUR ROUNDS
schedule. riTHU, -rl'. I (;,ior li ,i en rnew
-- ground). Referee; Mr. A. V. Waild- i you are ctlim o indiltgetilon nu 5errette vs. E. Jardine. --
NAAYNIInH' ire cornoisequoence., afraid of your food ', eret %s. Jalndo e.
NARAYN1NGHl'SCUP THU,. d ,nislble v Windsor ion 2nd a ,wo tablets of ALOCOL taken betora and R. Borde vs. Sgt. Boyce.
T. Narayingh' Sunday soccer around. Referee. Mr. LAO, e l after matlir Will enable you to sat just C. Dixon vs. Len Boyce.
Ti.e Naraynngh Sunday soccer r you without Any painful aLtr.- ,. Sheppard vs E. Nunes. Distributors
ilet unaerway WIta its a -o IRefereesiad lnesmen tnnhim to attend, 554 m0.c dismmtort. *
will et una ierw ay w inen t second e I Exeest d isn i ta. H a acidity an t e o c ret caus aFPe oC. i -e
roun toTnorowv whaen lr yea. sk edI,-) lot i etn-he ry, r,. d de, u. ALOCOi. Absorbist, e exces, sWINDSOR MEET T.ONIGHT eo P. (;IBRS ,Ti.,
cup Thewill po e Stand~I atranpor wi l br ?aran acid leaving in the stoImach the quantity
cup holdersL.ebels, wl poseland at t pm. naturyoriarcorqred for the proeet of digestion. Windsor Club will hold a meet- n (ICIARIOTTE STREET,
Undaunted at St. Jose.h. ALOCOL not only ive@ prompt relief but ing tonight at the residence of the
'"he ollowlng are the fixtures:-g f radmually re-astallshes normal .bealtby captain. 4 Pembroke Street, start- 'PHONE 4772.
Rebels v. Mr idau ied at St. JO- T ALOCUL i thus mnirn superior to bi-. ing at 7.30 o'clock All members
seph; referee, Mr. 1. iarcelle. Mr. W. T. Perkins To arbionate of uda, bismuth. magnsaa or are asked to attend. ___________
Allies vs. Chetniks at Tunaptiuna; their alkaline remedies. which mis )ive ________
Bruce. Oneji '~'~~D Club '~'~ emporary relief from pain but do not ___________________________________
reieree, Mr. Bruce. OpenT.B.G.R. Club Today ."minnite tltl. trouble. but d n
J'itLli.ll'rh V. Invaders at Taca- Commence taking A1,OCOL at once and
rlgus; referee, Mr. S. rLamdass. Mr. W. T. Perkins. acting gen- ',our digstlig' troubles will disappear.
refere, Mr,._ S E icas Mr.l W. f T.Perkins.actin 41,.OCOL Is taitletsa and absolutely harm.
Everton '. Com'nant:os at Taca- eral manager of the Trinidad "a. Any quantity may be taken with ^ "' '-4. -
rigtual-'-ezeree, Mr. L. Murray. Government Railways, and Presi- perfect freedom.
The following, will represent Ever.' dent of the sports club will be Obtainabeain btaottles of so on 120 tablets
opening the new club house on frons ai) ebeomis', or dirt from th.
Iton i,'.C, against Commandos on 44"Its:
Orng Gov goudTaarguSouth Quay this morning. t BOYD a HUTCHINSON, LTD.
Orant .Grove roln Tacaigua Members of the T.G.R. are asked Marine uare, Port-af-pailn. Trinidar

atd (o a nm. ttor attend.^I A.C. 5,r Sn a onig S I .lo
W. Holder, I,. Forde, C. Evelyn, to attend.
V. York, L. l Pe:endre, L. R. H.
Patil. G.. Nicholls, A Griffith. Leon
Wilthhire Icapt,, E. Babb and F. Smart women everywhere
Ci;djoe. Rescrses. R. Wiltshire. C. have learnt to rely on
wellel. Linesmen. Mr. R. Wilt- Evening in Paristoilet
and 2ir. C. H. Pliuil. rersrations. They know
by experience there are
-o substitutes for suck
4 distinguished elegance and
charm. Though local
scarcity may occur, sup-
lies may still be obtained.
and toil and tears l'tis as well to try elhe-
where should your u~ual r Sunday Yo'niug SRI/91. Iour
awo h o dealer be unable to supply Standay L CN1H, avid your Si ltnday
r, the good thingsur favourite Evening
oris freatvouIt gCHCKEN DINNER have all been
and your children arranged.

S IIs D lighted to be Your Holst Today MEMBERS ONLY.
An 11U

The food children thrive on

which sa/ely
.,,o not res d es or men's shirts. Does not irritate skin.
06 wMiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving.
Sltpy s' Penspirstion I to 3 days. Removes odours from
Perspiration, keeps anmpits dry.
A A Pue. white, msseless, stain.
t. nishin, crem. e& / ir
"a has ben ,awarded the 0 i
APlovd Seatl of an Interns.
tional iSticutg of Laundering
foe being harmless to fabric.
Use MArid relgulady,

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soltg bibs lgoe




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Girls are PARTICULAR, so...
let ODEX remove Prsption ACID FILM

IT'S all right to perspire at work;
but all wmr to IMev perspirtio
sid fim onyour akin, afterward,.
Take a bath with Odu Soap
iA*C odnteiis a new odowurfi
a ,Jm ptic. That's why o04dz Soap
sim uaMikemuc a w*ai, mild lather,
doas suds a gkpd job removing,
permpiratoa bad Ab. and helps
",v -80 I I end atchn that
a, ,**.. '* ^ ~ $^'.

; l i N. ADERSEN, Namage,,


P0,T.-O,.sAi .. sAMN A

Tonea Beam

Highest PNices Paid

Wme. H. Kenney vo., L

lwmie in MY ,aw

r /m y PAY -
11- A"D 41..

VITAMIN A C HILDREN like me have been glv,.
A deficiency II vitamin A Vitamins A and D in cod liver oil, for,'
lowers resistance to inlec-
tions. especially Infctionst years-but the older folks never took tI .
of the nose, throat. si.
nuses, and upper respire. until we heard about One-A-Day a3
S tract. Vitamins A and D tablets. '..
An ample supply o Vita. Say! Were we surprised when we *
min O is essential to help into a tablet . i t actually tasted od i
the body use the calcium
and phosphorus in Cu! Mother's mighty glad wo've found tf it
food. In buldang and main-
taining normal bone and pleasant, convenient. es'.r t neical way $p.,
tloth structure.
tach One.A-Day Brand ins.qure a sufficient Intake uf vitamins sA &t a
Vitamin A and D tablet I Give One-A-Day brand A & D tablet, I*
equivalent In Vitamin A &
0 potency to one and a every member of your family every da :.
half teaspoonful% of Cod O
Liver 0I, meeting mini One tablet day is all you take. '
mum U.S. P. Sltndra ards. t

B N E OAT) n AV b




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4ssorted Sies .1Attraellre Prices



7, 7a, 7c, Coffee Street 'Phone 44

Remember 1 3 of Your Life Is
Spent in Bed.




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oday Britain ii in uniform-battle dreM
soldier, dungaree for the munition worker, and austerity i
and dresses for everyone else. What a chans from the vU "
)f materials and colours which were available in moa e F il
days. It was the chemist who made this wosdeuful rmea poe"M.
But in war as in peace the reat British teatils induri rety ade,
the chemist. The raw fibres must be den an d ha tmi oils specially selected for each type of fibrem. If th wee Bi
the complicated machinery through which they must pas
them to shreds. Then the fibres wbethber they am wooL rayoa, i
ora mixture of any of these, must be dyed edi
n almhot more important for battle re aR ia'
'A-A.V64" C raw materials aU N IeM
loaer available, aid so the chemist
e aid invent lew processes. May of
W'il secure themea place in the post-war wor*d it4A
the chemist's privilege thai, in wooing UaMIt r -'.
! f .,Todayheoft=M&tindtsli"Ote $

~5~ffP W'CHEMICAL IND 91," "

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ABRVAMT, Rl IT D Iry *f 1 -lluded, 65 M urray M etret e -Aug. IS. b7 St Vincent Street. Tel. 8591 I na" nu i r i rr By M or I t he with Sao Fernando;
+'B BKVA N T WANTI .D. Wnrkn'" l~ ""' e' e * hem e"i lI. Th Rhlropraellr ,ple+Wl'-'+e*wlum~ l 18 S H'"""" I *' *,*2 1 0 r- lia~ lrp~ .. ~ u^ etm iiMio HUB 91 (ierda aheJ mtTo a.o **" W
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$100IREWARD for--i, Unfrnished.HouseIApply 4 M rray street,.Phone 5709-.-Aug.T13. HIND .- Mrs PhyllisHinds ,IV .b'.

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blC h i dntf pi ttrl o. Highr slond& rtlOl A gti Wet uIn' e h* iroprcti As oeltto ; SEV"J CE TRC 22 Ed%%a Street1- l.H .-. Queen' Paor klV N1 Hotel), lfsoa le rts t fruit, and all fruit* tr eesi..i ,l wi th apna. WAN ED ON COOK and- also One. ths %-o a wr thltes fc- '...
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(If! *.. : IL M N MN P R S Ti r.AnY I SKMAI. COONAn A M Tye riter, Io Gtl .o ' tld. 2 Z rwarors ;I .r fo r V, give ENGNPI-RIN. ASo.crly 5 NT forlwith thme m Intei een eraeen
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Card ant tiir A rruiny, B n ,p on 114 Fr~~li Strop' -oppopl l, St./ l ilts < ';. > A..d i% im ewe a|B,HU fMUI,)11 Ci~fr St reeng~t, Ban Fenado 'hnieo "43i r" La"el w H"ln'' l, rM'orot, lor $60 n die De*H o pm n *a ntir Welfcatr e 1 Con.rail- Ma Som l ,i &M C o.
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I tihen r o+ p Bual.d 1 ,iuln. Cur.,., r P o" l A r l r I HIJ rB3nano o, ,,,,,.,." .IS A,1 2A... i"" e rag,,!, a ftr shrt probation, onthr eet'co te; o JhnW a r W
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it H e, S a ir.., il = -h ,t,,p A. Car. 1MI. Pellima. Aug. i.tlr. Bill, ; 42l1 Cii rt$tht .*1. < SYI ia 0.e I 1 hmnr ot fa epilt felnrl1 14'.

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i -~ g at* alslry Wis Rs 3. FOT TRO UB++ L~ E & hainise~t ... YMN' "4hat- ',dw ,, Aug...U. 4. De 1,';'. xtO Home, 3 2...ndhoos vnt--A

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Onatel, ",NOW aVet-ter- -i ti ale ItlF.RW On N 451+13S 10-+-*STuabM - Hsrd oiP. A. .rH G K nn I D .nd = AM-

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ITt *nd on l rtr, A OC.[r, i r 1i"' crr0' at -- Lt1e PFCKL LF V RN "H,, eoint o l n'rt4. Sm l IlhCu al, n.ne n ,t ,iey . ... obtIn n Sand tn 1o1 r,
LMlT.M n pl( A p i D r e a o i r t rO .' hiL. ed- n A.It 12 I I QUI PMINT "pply jil Duke strcell Atig *I'>( h",, .y S aMo-.l "tUy hion cntn Roy e G n dOKrUL seeks employ- TH B Vwthist 13
P + '' t 1 + . , + Il 1 ln o ", t D o n 't. W i Q E B . .. .. . .. ..

L AC X AI sAI 9 l M 4Oneont Itnon ts. l A I Mrs K A L sta Nd.dI-l Fai ntw d&6 t.o o t etim *da. Vtr f ic at.n A at 'f. ham asse(iethtan da"
,,,,,It c,,,,Farm a Inrtililh.fBook-omeper. Assoiates kX-eAndmilli se ]I.fs in ou memor there

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IF--I---.-.---n--r ,I. +,viri ,ll Rocks....-... ----- *---dpi *" **FO OT g 'l ""1 I ,, .... > 3 ..r. t Road jHle- Oio -il Bkyto-F l".40" loe *lm"O '',' *to nd brthrs
, .1 -t -.-r - ------A P r UBUCoY ,. hiy 44 Acres, I II I on. -Her l oving fattier. io hiter
PetlHE lGl- i -rGi ''l -41-d cot*t*l s"" .....rNS ANI, .. ,d d..... Jr nr. rL t 4.f ....... *lntl not ell I - - _2 a.. 4 ,checker, T Trer. St,,re Keeper Cost
PULA ETC ocei N + eP AN O rn, NOFfi 0 $0 VL ah^0+p m A CoAL prt + ^ cg % -c.101 7,,t can REA L ETA RAsreet. 7onsistdnk 10 8PI
psit e 7 xodSreet -- Aig D;A (In, R m tlg e s, Dai Aly b-4., Office.:TA ,,,AN I a '11- IO, n ygofaourOwbelo"tiledu" whoewerafe,
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f. "rt nl id V. s r 0t 10 0l 4 Red- A 31Ii O NEfl 'P ON:t TW*O11" proton. "' I Hotis" F+SALES ea,' .. P br*t.tp T o .70 A e P. La I* lPrrrbyl notk epet 1poe WAr.nf TO her In s I not
fio[t~ C M IRCA D T& N(.T Ruda nln4eeods aiant. A eoIn tra ed, hg --jt.o~ iVl -p pl 1 ury H~ltt t7h Sre ucs ilg.I
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I Il", 11' i,tn 1,0 til.Apywt hi....ird house, fr S,' o mptH N Y A

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," ++,w t,+ ,.. Io.,. o /O =. ,or ,1t -T.l ... .lr- 4 ...... i+.>.m[,~ uj t. '.,,RR....... to ,lr r ," ,,s,,e t ,h, 1,bl p u;trx m .'*><" M i oi ic lh *> - < t.* ...**
MJ ORL S-4 Pti+ r lli ngy uUA I OEll Io el h M lloyStreet.- 8nJa.Aug. 2, T WO. L IO'NsTO I C N REEe BLOCK. standing+ on ~ly. l t hrtet, a 'e lt frontndola nde(I9 $5 3 halve tet dite odn n r i flo s- norhatsyu e oyIae
"Pholhe 62h4I.- ig 15.e r olI CAl 199 Et WI IAM ALO WNVGR I S[ Ot t*. M KING MACHNEl~ r S ar, 'O ll..t Dvison Mtor rnigteniJanRvr agi.C.-() le rn unao ,Ar hrL ';Og hoocf~ edFl ~d C
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SIAMEllSE MALE KIT EN for ma. as t. 1s n dI )I, p l T wo ,- nt. s uph+ Stil. +' ,+,2
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Pt X liOit. ++,e r,. s t A .- hre e-m n h rPeo Id tlrd G t1 ARK 1,00e'i tel Pl, A WARK iatd A m oanw sreT nrlasil2 i Aeu. hdo ec ol ifrFer
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selit:. .,l v +loltf r tsa Hle .-,u.:1,Gr~. six monthsy lo, OTOR. ,OR F,. I ,c.t p It o tM8 4t ,,it ila mre. 1300,;I.. odto. S550 pd hs te blvd mte, M re h 1
A1I|vlOhiga, Rotg Multtos*, $in ) e ... %,,,,I &
-Augl 0.y ,rlll le~ ~,rr l .. . ~ l; I' p,- I sou.ps+ +-J t iw. 43 Queen''h L b+ .ONg 5n rtbllro ot
V4 S A DA D O RJ,, Phn ad Ii. Inlo i ,nd^ thrheine.o, 4 GCilrn-oye Gacrliswrn s n
,,2:lt Al+ .tird :14 cs. Ot'nar t o ur 8 r lenst TWl, o CHATTE HOUSES at 44.Bl -Herg. aU )
0[ -O I~a''e~e+ slygu~ a HOlJ .MAN MINX eRKDAeV ANItD O G Y T et~euoa 1-... ...g..... .... ........ "+"" ' '"'' '+a: 2. i'" *""D keStet. 'Poe 5'
VID~ h--C LL TIIgoodre A l y M "F NO $ nlathe or~ ot eo. N blt .+... a It, a p +ernoraid o. A~.the appar Knox. 'PhoneMettAN A Grrte 2A. Shirley, 1R"atwht Churchill. r- ...... ....
MANENEtoUIPFNT | ARI. o Owy bm Dw E'L IAo$ HOU SE .tMI-- -of--ey h-ts-,ank t
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', .,Ui,.O rIfila,.rnif,.40eQueen Atnuo pto -'rs ,'; 1 b IodR d, I,.noStt2.0ers 22 amln r-(o, Pr. reeold Prce: $12,)0.
--AF. 0. tooI'Pone.r,81, IFi t n pi, r Ou t od~n sortht b nl. a,+0+0 n$ nive iguhrath loatlw ~d .i.r
C"It r ia l F o l ki On e 13 0- ib od EI N' .... ;'X nr'Aug. r29.--- G AND 141S+--RS lots . ..h
'. ---, T,,,,taucry good I A I .,lot)t f-|end ieuOlut, 1411 119. .TI, 10t o'lue&nil ANNOUNCEMENTheeby nItll
' 1; Mha me,,Prlncip 1." tig.Pn,.ne .',W CA qnVA FOLDINGC-+Ag. W ol "O S JUT R XO Ar

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1938nsIt Vl----.--- u++ttee 0nd mrell!, 10,,00 initial V BU.,:CNa t"utluI
210 Oe 119Ifl'lin dle A 2i -11t~td i c, It tnn o 4 P W M A'110116 p a ,rPE SONA NOTIES Al outr %ghIil, Pnmlucte rf lun renti
IsA M ARA,' r'nlCnASAIlt: ria, r'elp. Seod $..cot l C ,+ffgie Street Ai. $I 14 dTlg, u +e ikS, PU, A Cd i s eoy ntfe htI le hmter agi. Ekl PoedaFil s e
ADAL. ,", I 'WLRK ,JiW THR E UBIr R NWj ale Vig es! 1A NEWUOHOt U SEan 1 l olleHrcetant-noe knld e tu r expny tdebt iI:e r 121 Aut
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..... j"=o^=mPA H I.N....C. 1hOI Re- >1* m ..... "t"stre. Ma e'.ULMATEM RAMKEESOON TWO NAV.At F C f ru all.
,.,....... ......t ....r i+,r..~ d. TWO .OUSB m ll, ant III% land. 64 (,j.... A ,
63^^ flat A Nit r .A u Ir-*lt -'Saint^1hao ^- -Ay 4& Mt Coinoato ot -Sysmal&etcni os Smooth As Velvet .,^
6'rs 36' A S ner irlt.- Aug enlnd. 13,h Tse -' 1"H UHLIC to hereby notified that I| i:es,tr ~f _j j.M"9111eaihlur
sa w M A-- .. ;E. N EWib tN H UA L OW V I ST 0 1 E 'MvMl of'Iit.An M A D E "E W b y Xuu d- ,, ''. 1O
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