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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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ILl 36C.

-| cO., LTD.

Srti *

I No. 8,184. 27TH YEAR


an Reeody Min 5#VPS
-YILOW PwA--M ib ............. ..
SOBEN ?EA- ..1 ............. 14.
PRICE: rotUR CENTS ______


man' Western Normandy

lay And Periers

To Sudden

pA [LzD HEADQUARTERS, July 28 (APJ-Lightning



Budapest 1


Widespread Allied
Air Attacks Made
On West Front
QUARTERS, July 27 (AP).-A
force of 500 Mediterranean Ailed
Air Force 'planes today smannea
at the Mantred Weis Works at
Budapest, the largest Induatrial
plant in Hungary, fighting through
a surprisingly strong force ot the
Luftwaffe which engaged them .in
bitter action alt over the attack
The Allied Air Force based in
Britain and France again had to
buck bad weather to land blows
from the battle lines of Normandy
back in the Low Countries.
American British-based heavy
bombers, in a force up to 250
'planes. plugged through murky
weather to smash at the Luftwaffe's
important supply communications
centres in the Belgian cities of
Brussels and Ghent.
The German radio has recognis-
ed the success of the pounding by
Italy-based 'planes, conceding they
left a trail of great damage and
many fires.
The Manfred Weiss Works pro-
duces guns, ammunition, machine
tools, aircraft engines and other
war essentials, and returning fliers
said the target was well plastered.
The Normandy action was limit-
ed by visibility of one to three
miles and low ceilling with immin-

Hitler A



Ifter Attack On His Life

..... ....

Caption accompanying this photo of German orfiin describes it an owing Ad
the reported attempt to ausasinate him, talking with Hermann Go ring (left), He
(second from left). Benite Mussmolini (righ') and other offers. Offu-- In renere I
as Loerner. This Assoeiated Ireis photo picture was radioed from Stotekh.'" to 1o
New York on July 22, and flown to Trinidad.

a Cle. nA% 1

maomns shlattered te uermans' western Normanny
in a sudden break-through that plunged the enemy
treat, and drove to within five miles of strategic
W fll might trap the entire 84th Corps of seven bat-
loe of tanks sup-
r revealed by
for the first
n divisional -- ae
neatest armoured '
vh' u" mashed all "* 3'Petn%
t the enemy yield- g \ t
st trongpoint of
e west and fled o ei e -
bal of bombs and
M a stand possible e ,2 ?
8. .Co.lfaen5
On the Grmans were a,
rny. their last
SL Lo-Bayeux road b.,
lf and Caumont, "
ar Bradley' In-----.----
I two miles beyond
rwin Rommel N.Z. Forces
ou cracking.

Swas made in the Reach 8 Miles
o thrust south of
through the rm n
f rom which therom Florence
I t three miles
t to capture Le ROME, July 27 (AP).-Limited
gains towards Florence with New
Miles southwest Zealand spearheads less than eight
1 the main high- miles trom the town were report-
Sed from land operations, but only
IL *artillery duelling and patrol ac-
air tions occurred on the Fifth Army
rnce It was officially announced that
Polieb troops of the Eighth Army
27 (Reuter)- have advanced to the Misa River
B ord n the northwat of AMcons. "anla t
,Hfro4 6 of weakening enemy resistance."
Leslie MeNalr. (Router states that Eighth
responsible for Army troops driving through
present United the mountainous country have
SUntil a short made further progress towards
commanding Florence despite stiff opposi-
M Army around tion. South African units are
i him were now fighting less than 10 miles
Something like south of the city. Other Eighth
ia three years. Army forces are approaching
In thre yeMonte Lupo, a rail junction
'0, Washington about 10 miles west of Florence.
l-n given an im- In the centre of the front, Bri-
P-eas and hear- tish troops have made local
B soon after- advances in the upper Tiber
0in Normandy valley against stubborn German
Itf how the men opposition.]
Sto train were -
Skilled by enemy
|Aair -s, The King Sees
fa llput Nazi Gothic Line
ar6t mles from theazG ;c
of the invasion NAPLES, July 27 (Reuter).-His
atsldeate to Brit-Majesty the King has visited the
,Eighth Army front In Italy and
second tank col. looked on the enemy's much talked
iand south to the St. of Gothic Line from an observation
?Cdand cut off thepoe
erier pocket, a field post.
I pe t aI feld fCanadian Press reports
I of prisoners up to that His Majesty stood at an
Than 2,600. observation post before cap-
mid all organized re- turned Arezzo and watched
d and the German British artillery shell the
described by a field Church of Camprlano, 3,0tO
"chtotUc and resls. yards away, while Sherman
ki tanks and Indian infantry
Sflared in the dry- worked their way up the hill-
betWeen the Ay arid side toward the Nazi strong-
e the Americans point basement to the church.
twn from the north The King's face was streaked
i across the Lessay- With dirt and dust from his'
Tiy forced their 70-mile drive through lines of
across the Seves cheering British troops.]
and were smash- Godfrey Talbot. a B.B.C. reporter,
!ntan Road beyond said the fact that the King had
41a.is, northeast of stayed and visited the front and
that he was able to see the Ger-
Mphasised that the man defence line on the horizon
E0gh had carried was a measure of their grip on the
territory in a situation. Talbot said that the King
Movement reached the front after a journey
Uth* infantry follow lasting some hours by road, and
for much of the way passed
K* MOnthrough lines of cheering troops.
There were scenes of tremendous
POWi front was fluid enthusiasm. It was very clear that
1sMtry in on the the King was as delighted and
"t moved in behind proud to be with his famous Elghth
decribed here as a Armv as they were in having him
I2 In their midst.
more towns and His Majesty invested General
1 h firmly. The Leese. the Eighth Army Com-n-
g latis over the manader, with the knighthood
Wa shown In a which had previously been gasetted,
esure that the and pinned the Victoria 'ro's on
/515 the Boohe out the breasts of three of the Eighth
tvan on uncheck- Amy's outstanding fighting men,
Se CenilW y two on of them. Sepoy Ram, of the
farther south. 3lghth Punjab Regiment.
Beyond to Mouf.- -
ta ht the Berlin Cut Off
All "PonIn the
M. othseB&lush
buthre From Outer World
We been un
_-wrd Marsh all LONDON, July 27 (AP)--Berlin
LV_" a partleu. was cut off from the ouitsl world
In mtohbgood during the night undw IcTttu-
Ifts and this smtans much the same as on the
Gahbt orr.w night wefone t0e amnwmionsit of
StW out ofr a theattBmpt to kil tleMr, accord-
*111t line the Ing to a report reaching London.
aw them. thp Shut-down was reported by the
TO and ail "Dail'y Urn-" S** atokholI.
M d&Atrored.l which said there were nt kmi fedl
ate explanatlqif. During recent
a. Ikt Mosquito raids en the Oerman
tt LMAW I capital there has been ,o such
Isolation of Berlin.

tJ Windsor" Not Seeking
Bff'b^?,y t To Buy US. Property
BB igned as NEW YORK. July 3 (CP)-The
eR d. Brttia Inonmation Seva .is-
*Bfthatu i, sued rtes pot t at thye'

gEt~q t urs; SS^S.
B h1*1 isSi cf-ii **

zis Name N
ilty Generi
LDON, July 27
uerman News Ager
a niorea f tl e a ctl, g.


.zne Smashed

'Rilack Thursday'

*Sees Escape Route

From Baltic Cut
LONDON, July 28 (AP)-Rusulan troops Inflicting the war's
most stasgering sertis of de!eats on the Germans, yesterday cut the
enemy's last big escape route out of the Baltic States and toppled tho
major fortress cities of Lwow, Blalystok and Stanlslawow In powerful
surges through Poland toward Germany and Slaultal In Lithuania.l
(The capture of Stanisla- ---r---
wow. Reuter says, means that "- A-
the Red Army have forced one *, A\r.s '
of the main approaches to the i WV ( A "A I
Carpathian passes into Czecno- .\ '
slovakia and Hungary.] If ", .-. ,
Marshal Stalin In an unprece- -
dented Issuance of fAve Orders of V LITHUAN A
the Day announced the fall of six
major German lirongholds, in- ,
cludir'g Dvlnsk tDaugavrils and iKON GS BERt.I- ,
Rezekne in Latvia on this "Black '1 / 'I
Thursday" for thle Germans. With
Germany's peril becoming more
acute hourly, Berlin also an. i "'- I':.' -' J ,
bounced that the Russian armies i '.
have slashed across the Vislula -
River southeast of l4m'rlled '' .. 7
Warsaw. This last Axis natural POL A D *
defence barrier lles only 140 inilhi N --- .
after from German Silesia, Moscow said -WARSAW /,
mmler artillery fire could be heard in
i only Warsaw. | ) fi' o
sor to r),o+sr..+ v +'- -It
Each Order of the b.., ralledl ', 4'n,.X /
for a salute of 20 salvoes from e., \ /
ler, 3224 guns. Radio reception was good
l r in Britain and Moscow's guns were
clearly heard while roaring their *dr,, ,
salvoes. ^ -
StReuter reports that as Mos- .Wo,.o
cow's guns tonight fired salvo ?, ,
after salvo of victory salutes,
W the radios stoQpped their sche-
duled programmes and instead
mingled the news of the vie-
ETON tories with folk bongs and 6 -R
(AP)-M, marches from the areas llber- ... ,
Prime Min- ated by the Red Army, icr places are key pontto Itee C_ t
L Iover. tonI ht five Orders of the Day man defence stem otCIU 'a
r a m n is rS0t.ar l Batalin gava the J" the centr o S ll
compromise Russian people some of the stok we, chlwturtd. It Cover Jll
d a remedy best news of the war. Thn road to Warsaw, lst over 100 htI
relations. Fifth Order was the most im- to the soutihweit and fell to tt
nces may portant of all for it announced troops et OG',n'rl Zak.arov at
ikolajczyk's the capture of Staullat, a key two days' qghtlnr.
and the position controlling all Litlii- iBllystok. Reuter ays, t "
Liberation ania's main roads and rail- one of the few strongholds
he pressure ways. Its fall cuts the railway that have held no the Rus-
running from Riga down to sian advance on Warsaw, .*0
ture came Tilsit In East Prussia and miles from the border. RulsMan
the Soviet means that the German 16th troop have been menacing It
il'itarv and and Nth Armies in Lithuania closely for several days and theU
polish soill and Estonia can only be eva- garrison was putting up a stubr
Army The cuated along minor escape routes, horn fight.]
r with the Tilsit was heavily bombed again Far to the south the encitrcl4
Army to- last night.) stronghold of Lwow alto (0" be
tated the Tonight's Moscow communique fcre the onslaught of MarshU
emont for also reports street fighting in Konev's tanks and Infanlry. S0
vided Erl- Siedlice. about 50 miles away from further south more of Marshal
could ar- the Polish capital. Striking up from Konev's forces too'< StanislaweW
the soUtheast, the Red Army has in the foothills of the OCar*
taken a place called Oarwolin, only pathians.
lor 37 miles from Warsaw. .....- ... ...
lore In the north General Yere-1 7, a Of Th War
S menko's Second Baltic Army 1791St ayO 1 W
S stormed and took the important li, o
railway Junction of Dvinsk and Against e
(Reuter)- Rezeknc. Dviusk is about 1151 n st Hid
icy today miles southeast of Riga and bothn, -..-.---

ve been behind ahe attempt
itlers Iife. They are Uen-
liorecht and Coionei-ieneral
Cer, who commanded the
h German Parser Corps in
i up to the end of 1941,
General Albrecht held a
post In the German Reserve
news agency says that Gen-
Albrecht was court-martiailed
hot, and the other general is
to be under arrest and await-
his trial.
was a so stated that Colonel
ral Beck, one time chief of
German General Staff who
previously been named
e alleged conspiracy, com-
d suicide when he was ar-
The Associated Press cor-
pondent states that Eeck
Been known for years as
anti-Nazi. Albrecht has
n characterized by Goeb-
as a general, "who hither-
distinguished himself only
sabotaging every big deci-
n." The broadcast asserted
it he gave false orders to
)ops on Juty 20. and was
t in a courtyard.)
ath Sentence

ent rain. The Liberators' attack A P nns S
hit the same general area which I U U PrinCCSS Signs
was saturated by explosive and In- o
cyendlrycarrying Thunderbolts late HT eavily 4 A ttack oyao AlAssent
The enemy tried weak air pen,- v iy At c LONDON, July 27 (Reuter)- O
day and Allied 'planes promptly T Royal Assent to new Acts of
bagged three of them. Li UU l P r Parliament read in the House T
R.A.F. Coastal Command Beau- of Lords today, bore for the
fighters so far this month have tiofLorde the sigrature of Prtn-
attacked more than 20 enemy ships By CHARLE8 GRUMICfi t th sgt e r
of which several were sunk in en- ABOARD A BRITISH CRU'ISER cess Elizabeth. The Princess LO
gagements extending from the Fri- SUMATRA. July 27 (AP)-Japa- signed in her new status as Stanl
sian Islands to the south. nese-held Sabang, naval baw In Counsellor of tnte and with stro
% W ^t this evening, the entrano, to trfs;cttteft her signature Was the Q ns aent
Iteu ertrep"ertw: F., heavy, leading to Singapore, was heavily Usually, ta ROyal&,c-ff mfst n to M01
bombers, without loss, struc contains the traditional words
against the flying bomb unch bombarded by major units of the "signed by His Majesty with wfth
Ing sites In northern France. Al'ied Eastern Fleet just after his own hand." for t
Last night a squadron of Mos sun-uo on Tuesday with covering '.... ... Out
quitoes flew through a severe support bY carrier-borne aircraft, come
thunderstorm to attack Ham. and torpedoed, .unned and strafed ," dn Lio'dc
burg.] at point-blank range by a light | I flival
force sweeping boldly inside the VT UdA1 I Comn
Medierrnean'Plnesof the
Mediterranean Planes harbour. Shore batteries were o' Tht
Down 78 Germans silenced, a supply ship sunk and V lll .. S onlvyi
two other ships wrecked by tor- W signed
Bv NOLAND NORGAARD pedoes. civil
ROME July 27 (AP).-Ranging The ships taking part in this LONDON, July 27 (Reuter)-The liberal
over eight European countries In close-range attack sa';: ered very posthumous award of the Victoria Russ*
search of prey, American war- few casualties and only minor Cross to an Indian officer for gal- swift
planes climaxed an intensive three- damage. There were no casualties lantry In the Burma campaign was wards
day onslaught against the Luft- or damage to the ships carrying announced tonight. The officer Polis
waffe by destroying '78 enemy
'planes yesterday. out the main bombardment. was mortally wounded during an Mikolh
The Mediterranean Air Forces [The fleet. Reuter said, prac. attack on a Japanese-held position tats,
stole the show from the slow-mov- tica'ly wrecked the harbour i and, showing complete disregard range
ing Itsllan camoaeirn by intensive s:al;ations. The attack achieved for hs own safety although e had
B~n~t~be~r;n twice^ wondd le th =u^r- Na
operations by American fighters, a complete surprise. At least been twice wounded, led the pur-
bombing and strafing enemy air- 16 salvoes of heavy shells hit suit of the enemy down the other 9.z
fields In Poland, Austria, Rumania side of the hill regardless of the
and France..i oew dockyards, workshops, machIne-gun fire directed against G
[Reuter states that after yen- wharves and warehouses and him. He kept on until he collapsed u
terdav's Amerlcen heavy bomb- another 10 smashed up the and his leadership and great bray- LCNI
er attack on military targets in barracks area. Sabank Is on ery so inspired his men that the The t.
Vlmnn a nd oil plants in Alba- the northwest tip of Sumatra.I position was captured wits con- name
nia, R A.F. heavies from Italy Carrier aircraft Initially dam- alderable loss to the enrmy. Lo ha'
last night bombed the Pump- aged the airdrome and destroyed The V.C. has also been awarded on H
nian oil centre of Ploesti. four grounded 'planes and two to another Indian soldier, a sepoy e.al ,
Twenty-two Allied aircraft are
mnitssing.] l a a more attempting to shadow the of the Eighth Punjab Regiment, Hauzz
fleet, and drove off a formation for gallantry in Italy. He was one l'ourth
--- -trying to attack the withdrawing of a company that went up under Russia
P st Fo o 4t fleet in the evening, destroying enemy machine-gun fire. He at- while
Post For Control three and damagtli two. The only tacked and cleaned out two of the high
r Allied 'plane lost caught fire. The enemy's posts silnglehanded and Army,
Board Secretary Pilot baled out and wn rescued finished off a third post with the Tne
The bombardment lasting 35 help of another soldier. eral A
Mr. L. P. Spenee, Secretary to minutes, and led by Commander .... anda
the Control BoarW, has been aP-- said1
pointed to the post of Prcilp EAl SE TURN TO PAGE COL. Allies Advance ht
Assistant Secretary in the Colonial It 'A* nn
Secretariat, with effect from Jul.I, W ater Ex erts On Tiddim Road e
it was ofilicialy announced yes-W rtO R had
terday. had
Mr. Spence, who recently repre-To A City ALLI HEADQUARTERS I in th
sented the Colony at the Supply The "Trinidad Guardian" undr- KANDY, July 2 (Reunter)- mitted
Ofmcersn' Conference in Washing- stands that Government has o ncen Armyn the roop ill contryinue m rte
ten, has been seconded for dutty agreed to let the City Council to advance in the hill country on
wilhre o"t h iy CuclbothsieofteTdi Rod- rs
with the Control Board, and will have the services of Hydraulic De- b p sides of the Tuddim Roadi has
continue to hold the post of apartment experts towards improv- Japnere rearguards are putting up has
secrtar. Ig Prt-f-Spin' waer uppy. tougher resistance, but tanks and an
secretary, tsn Port-of-pain's water supply, aircraft are helping our men in bee
A j* ^ ATf their forward posh. elsg
Argentine Government Banned b forward -

From Allied Conferences Mr. ds SantosMade
Housing Chairman .ho
By JOHN HIGHTOWER Appointimt of the Hon'ble
nrrol doe Intos, acting Colonial e
WASHINGTON, July 27 (AP)-The Argentine Government, by Its Secretary, as chairman of the
continuing Support of the Axis, is considered in official quarters Planning and Housing Comms- On
Sian was offcially announced yes-
here to have forfeited its right to sit down with the LUnited Nations t olday. Truiy
in Important war and post-war conferences, including whatever Mr. doe Santos succeeds Mr. SAl
Robot Orllnol lWhose resignation, full
peace conference may be lelad, .----- '- --- -----.. -. s announced earlier this week, takes here
This exclusion polcy, already I t Is explained that the talks effect from August ie
..v .. poiy & d which theee delegations will hold. Appolnten4 of the Honble Jtth
invoked at the Bretton Woods and the tentative agreements they Sarrah Teeluckeingh and Council- aa.tlo
Monetary Coaferenoe. was given reaseh, will furnish a basis for fur- lor H. 0. B. Wooding to be l-12.m
new and more permanent bs bye b H' eonversatt/on to be held by tinlm of the Conmtsion for a two b
lut night' tG1Slt0l Unied ate t he llig o ur tio smaller 2.-ear period with effect from of m
declaration denoluncing .Argentina as countrI6fI. j Iy 26 5w i ta e a announced, wtch
a "desearter" from &he Allied cause." The United States is pledged tot, .W T.....no c. h"et
[One ftmodate result e w ti e her help to these maenll con- .r ,n _
that the ArgenUn G Oovenua=Wt tr A: In the Weltern Hemisphere. him I
wil ave no part In the als thms ad the political development of Mrs. V incent-Brownt "
fall. the war Indateat that Brazil will' u,. A In 1Citt d
Plans for a Bi our tOlk are py a lead& 1 role because of her Burie In eilly orimid
nearly completed. Mr. Cordel Hull important part In theherlobpo" e CaI H._d.., ng '.. r -I o t .M.
announced today that Mr. Kdward defence jvstem Captain Hw~tfd Mark. I epn- 24yal
8WtI101, Uder ary 01 Argtinhowever, bcs of n His theActng PAU b
State. 0061d head the. Anywitean her *poAxis-o coanw- eas d ot- C vwPO' the ISM-610 A. a. With h
delegation aed that. Mr. M him-e In the I oal s satmS t fWright. was among the large found
set. as ofillcidhoe. oll d ta1keepeIna@numlber- of follows 4 UeIiltb -awml rquitt
the claosstts, lthtVPP U II to ha ogtuo mM to : s. o. rV.e ne.. tl*O. ... wife ..r.i
Sir Ahenmider rao a w*, W" amddrao ratte or am Age H^* mir Mr. Sonne Via Sth wi
rnent Pn fr lemt y to the VW- AmrIca nDom" r t Brown, niret Pi t judge. that a
ietit u .e j to/, A iti ami. s h toe k place, yAmrelany asttso hdW
ddtMWI. $ It l t DMetlhtM th" i do the en ft war tI t- _. .... ..
t s e of MMe M e B *o/me UMak f M Vie d MMed .*t her alUaie
ee~sl of en pkmtie e s m.

-On swpf te t te t a.t I Bis
Ift AWm E I m how
ob"M we6 o w S w to I m ig.ga 4M S&--
totliS ~ Sta n~ M ef w *m Ik * ** 860 yew._^ n

i, a






~7AwEqL ~%uAh

~iJzqaA. ~ ada~ WaIat




E a l I ewt' ot*l' mbi



CAxNNING &Co, 04.


dad Guardisa Clerreepo aL
N PFRNANDO, July 27-In a
but quiet Asl Court-iom
today, Sinanan, a Williams-
estate wascbman, beard Mr.
e J. L. M.Per pronounce
ace of death on him after a
am Jury, re trg for nearly
bow* had food No1 Nulty
.urdet.ng Seep ad., a ow
man ou the same estate.
JIludl. pa pec, told
an tt the Jury had d
guilty, on perteetly astisfac-
ividenea of what was wtith-
oubt a cruel and mercila
iah, Sinanan's wift, and Raj-
his to"., linkIed by the Crown
him on the accsa.ou,were
not &uilty by the jury and
snar, In his evidence from
itne.s-bcx, bd tool the iury
neither his* wUe nor his sea
truck the dwssMd, and y "-
' they both denIed Crown
lions charging thoiB wi1
patom in the murder.
Mnad. the crown saM. Uk-






I .

I imiMLt3LM _____

5rtnafmi Sttabitan

moo Wum 1 mm mAM
0 VAmUMM eamV .suv-Ow-PAW

tvcy"Wom n)

=--- IJ 1 MmTq.l lmaIg~M- AMW-AN
Up MaM Mam mauMe
m.lm Ull ft* -WAr, IYO

004 AMNd M- We. I (TMmmm ~maIM 5M

MOP@W a .a&e 41" -, vM A~nu tV% uL.v&


;* o AZDATo JULY X, 19M4.

SSops To Germans To Quit

Would Look Suspicious
SSOME people think that the Allied na-
tions should capitalize on the shaky
structure of the Nazi regime by telling
the Oermans exactly what are the terms
of unconditional surrender, and stressing
that the Allies have no desire for terri-
btoial gains. It is suggested that a clear-
cut statement of policy might help the
Germans to make up their minds to get
out of the war quicker than cold steel
and explosives will do, and that now is
the ideal time for the United Nations to
place all their cards on the table. The
matter has been raised in the House of
Commons and in the House of Represent-
atives in the United States, but so far
there has been no authoritative pro-
nouncement, beyond a reiteration that
Germany can have peace only when she
unconditionally surrenders to the victor-
ious forces of the United Nations as a
whole, not to Britain or America, Russia
or China.
But when all Is said and done there
S could be nothing clearer than the words
"unconditional surrender." No terms
S need be specified at all, and at the mo-
ment it is doubtful if 'he Allied leaders
have codified the demands they will make
of on the Axis powers after unconditional
- surrender has been accepted. The longer
the war does on the greater the demand&
will be, bearing in mind this time that
the sweets of victory are not likely to go
the vanquished. For one thing, the
-- -menan, Italian, and Japanese people as
,4 whole may be compelled to contribute
to the Allies' war bill as well as fcot their
Sown; and for another, nice distinctions
Sare not likely to be made between Nazis
anl Junkers, Fascists and Communists.
SHere is where the sins of the fathers will
be visited on the children for many gen-
erations-unless the Allies have to pay
More than their enemies for a war that
was foisted upon them.
On the question of giving the Axis
countries an assurance that there will be
no changes in pre-war territorial bound-
aries, it is well to remember that many
countries are in this war, and while Brit-
ain and America have professed no ter-
S. ritorlal ambitions, Russia might think in
S slightly different terms. It is also con-
ceivable that China would not be unwill-
I.: ing to have Manchukuo back, as well as
Korea and the strategic island of For-
mosa. As a matter of fact, boundaries will
form a ticklish problem of the post-war
Period, particularly in Europe, where
Russia's conquests are peculiarly her
-own. Poland wants more coastline and
Czechoslovakia would be happier with a

dived outlet to the se, wlilheA~rla oand

mmapp q Aft i (* s N@tl es 't
blems b a ftdIributtiM qt thG bouad-
arie,. .o VulyV i u-efut purpose
would be Merwd by telling Germany or
Italy or pompous Japan that they will. be
allowed to keep their pre-war boundaries.
Unnoadtional sumender provides for
all thl and more s may arise, Germany
hould know by now that she has lost the
war, and for the Alles to offer any sops
to her to quit would be looked upon with
suspicion, not by the Nazis, who thrive
on favours, but by the gallant sailors,
soldiers, and airmen who will have
brought about the destruction of the

Government Should Assist
Advance Industrial Planning
IT has often been said that the West
Indies should not over-industrialise.
This Is sound common sense, but we are
a long way yet from such a condition,
and it is important meanwhile not to
miss opportunities to establish new in-
dustries on practicable lines. The Asso-
ciated West Indian Chambers of Com-
merce showed some interest in this ques-
tion at their congress in Barbados last
month, and passed a motion asking De-
velopment and Welfare to sponsor a sur-
vey. The purpose was the ultimate estab-
lishment of an economic federation with
freer intercolonial trade, uniform cus-
toms tariffs, and so on.
When he referred to this subject at
last week's meeting of the Trinidad
Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Wilfred Al-
ston, the President, elaborated the pur-
pose of the proposed survey, which he
said was meant to cover the industries of
each West Indian Colony, both actual
and potential. And he revealed that Sir
Frank Stockdale had agreed that it
should be carried out by his organisation.
The "Trinidad Guardian" has fre-
quently written of the need to investi-
gate this subject, and the survey will un-
doubtedly be very helpful. Little actual
progress will be possible, -.however, unless
West Indian Governments adopt a more
helpful policy towards local industries.
In Trinidad there have been repeated
complaints of a discouraging official re-
sponse to requests for aid to found new
enterprises, and while the war no doubt
is used as an excuse, it is a fact that little
was done even before the war. There is
really no need to allow war-time condi-
tions to upset local planning for post-war
rehabilitation. If helpful priorities on
equipment required for Irdustrial de-
velopment can be secured by a word from
the Government, that word should be
The Government should lose no time
in revising its policy, in order to encour-
age rather than dissuade private enter-
prise bent on new industrial effort. And
in this connection there Is an important
point to be considered. All we now have
in regard to the prospect of excess profits
tax refunds after the war Is an official
promise in the Legislature that they will
be considered. This uncertainty Is a han-
dicap to advance planning, for industrial
expansion programmes cannot be drawn
up without a knowledge of what funds
will be available. We urge the Govern-
nment, therefore, to announce at once
what percentage of the tax will be re-

HEtOLIN .... 32c.
UMACOL '(Mentholatid) .. -

& 84c.


'Shango' Dances Disturb
Peaceful Workera'Slee
The EdItor, 'TrlM-I Guardian'
Since polle station has been
removed 'from Claxton Bay to
quieter surroundings, a spirit of
lawlessness has sprung up and the
peace of reapvtab4e fMt~ots s
oftn disturbed day and night by
the drum-beating, damdin and
shouting of that strange sect known
as "Shango."
By what authority are those su-
perstitious practices allowed to be
carried on? They set back the
clock of civilisation to the pagan
days in the dark continent of
Restrictions have been put on
houeholdeors killing their own WM.
yet here, at least four goats and
two sheep-are cruelly butchered for
the bloody sacrflce. It is illegal
to drink rum in public yet a large
amount of strong drink is con-
sumed in a four days' orgy which
runs Into hundreds of dollars.
Supporters of these orgies are
mostly poor labourers who desire in
their superstition to get rid of
sickness or unemployment, or to
satisfy some craving,.
The promoters are men and wo-
men from as far as Tacarigus and
Orange Valley. They apparently
have no desire to do a decent day's
work for their living. They are
quite aware that their practices
will bring them returns In money,
drink and food.
The poor people Involved should
be saved from themselves. The law
is there, yet the vicious circle goes
on merrily, Shouters' meetings are
mild in comparison. Night rest Is
Impossible after a weary day.
Claxton Bay,

Sanitation At Rail Station
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
The authorities of the Trinidad
Government Railway should provide
more convenient privies for the
travelling public at the Carapl-
chalma railway station. Passen-
gers of first and third class scorn
the idea of using the privy now i
because of iLts dilapidated condition.
I would be glad If the T.G.R.
sent someone to rectify this imme-
Freeport Village.

Health At Fyzabod
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
If we are to raise the standard
of health in this Island we must
start with sanitation, and that
does not exist at Fyzabad Junction.
judging from the appearance of
the vatrlolurt andrt mottt of the bar.

I know of two lots of land with
10 houses on them. This is very
Pysabad Junction.

A.R.P. Equipment Rotting?
The Editor. "Trinidad Guardian"
As a taxpayer of this Colony, I
appeal to the Civil Defence, or
some other authority, to do some-
thing to put a stop to the waste
being caused by the rotting of coils
of rope, lanterns, axes, shovels, cut.
lasses, etc., exposed to the weather,
at many of the sub air raid ward-
ens' posts.
If we now believe that the prob-
ability of air raids in these parts
is remote these valuable articles
should be collected and sold to re-
lieve the present shortage.
San Fernando.

Tenants Suffer Hardships
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian'
I wish to draw your attention
and that of the authorities to the
mischievous practices of certain
landlords against their tenants, It
is difficult to seek redress from
sources provided by the Govern-
ment, because no matter how the
court decides, the tenant is usually
victimised by the landlord.
To summon one's landlord be-
fore the Assessment Board often Is
a sure way of courting trouble. To
make a report of the Insanitary
condition of the premises tI to have
the landlord up In arms against
you. If his livestock damages
any of your household fumiture
you dare not complain. YoU are
subjected to all manner of provo-
cation and life is made very un-
bearable for you.
Under the circumstances. I may
well ask what Is one supposed to do
to keep away from trouble ?

Points From Letters:
CAMAROO DKAN, 1t. Jame,.-
Oovernment should move now to
put an end to the overcharging
done in the sale of ehi es. PO"m-
erly. bundles were sold for one
cent. Bundles of the same sizes are
now being sold for a cents and in
aome cases more. The Food Con-
troller, I think, should tep in
here. u certain non-eaential
articles are controlled, while chive'
are not, though In my opinion
they are esenitial.

The Dought
The Int f gepbtted 14 their l ambs to
tut found that ot&rnliht the Wall$ had
et- dry:
dioury In a ewlr tonedt-ln aeid nearby
iul owed rlver a*ttn n to the brink,
And aotung on at banuk-.iwhlo t he
Of muddy damp and hot Impurity
Out ol the0empy wll.
And thtsir stood ha
T-r master at the old, his ayes &wink
Th*e aalphri himbes lught; N. water,
have we to give our sheep, and yo u hav
Titan you sam need: andW 'uld you DIll
They diea of thirst
Thile getlemen did stir
Your liamb will dile if I my water keel
My on, ,but if you wi h to ell your
chee ...
True Wishes
S wtish that I eauld well eospra
The lthouhtl I have within my bte:t1
And that t i ltouthli emey clearly Saw
And *etar| ikt wetar frem below.
1 1th that VaU lb thre rteumd
Were ti4d toth in be a leaves abound
And thalt *he irds about their bousl
Coiti f *lt em* dwN to dusk taled.
1 wMih tL wewde w*k leav* mv y m
5e Or lt on1e ln bMett .M
KN kL/e.V' kta OTN

* "that one dollar per capital of the ...
Population of the community seamed A C-man Jury after heasin"
Is a reasonable minimum annual medical testimony of Dr, E. f
revenue for a good modern public Mason of the St. Ann's Mental
libInary system." Hospital, pronounced Lynch mute
C anada, the Ontario Public by malice, sane, and able to plead.
Library Act of 1920 provided that Another jury was laer std
a library borrd might cause a tax toaprO theJ tr ial
o be levtsd at a rate that will yield rn wi th tePrice,taccusedtogethtr
0 cents capita of the popula- With lnh of the
ion of he constituency to be Wa t larceny of
.erved. and that the municipal ble, pleaded not guilty.
touncil might increase the rate.
In New Zealand. Mr. Ralph Munm'n 'A AM0
md Mr. John Barr reported in
their 'Survey of IAbrarles' that the 1 a move to relieve trake con.
w largest amount apent by any New Le 119 1 the aresm, t ahect
Zealand library was about two Miouinha er of FaPoli
Sshillngs and sixpence per eamput. Orded that frot m n I
In EngLand, the "Puble Libraries trfle n Richmond Strtbetwm
Committee" ofr 193treported that FUWrer "$et and Aae tet must
expenditure per caput variedIn
I/- to 3/8d as reeds groups only. The order bthat hl-
a ,OPUiau t.on of 30,000 and ovqi.e41 may be a h est
1o also r ,o&WportedtaW t4 we struts acing soWAu


The spectre of death fellows the

GCerman soldier

Proposals For Reorganising

Public Library Outlined
Thbis excerpt from prepoeal no library authority which spent
made by Myi. Carlon Com les than I/- per capital o1 the
Lib ain for eer missing the population ahocld rest satisfied
Trinidad P'tle library, ge with Its position.
detalSf of inereased sort Fopr a municipal library to oper-
reQuested from the Gover eaot ate successfully in Port-of-Spain
and City Coun(lU during the one of the four standards quoted
transition period to a free *er. above could be accepted, which will
viee, as well as of a tax plan. ip'ovide:-
1)t Adequate financial support,
Government's offer of $11,500 to (2) A standard book collection,
the Committee of Management for (3) Suitable b.ailding and equip-
putting the library on a sodnd basis ment,
is 'pre-requislte to tle Municipall'.y (4) Competent and sufficient 11-
taking over full financial respon- brary personnel.
slbllity for the Trinidad Public
From the experience of the past Library Tax
two years, It is realized chat re-
organisation Is an expensive process Because Port-of-Spain with Its
and should ie approached with a presenL population of approximately
full understanding of the problems 100,000 possesses the ability to
involved so as to adjtwt the ser- raise sufficient funds to maintain
vice to the changing crder. a completely self-supporting library,
Most libraries in foreign coun- it would be advisable to recom-
tries, for example, will find it im- men#:-
possible fa do any extensive re- <1) "That a library tax should be
cataloguing and reclassification levied at a rate that will yield
without addllonal staff, the num- 24 cents per capital of the
ber to be added depending on the population, and that the
physical ac"ommodatldns in work- Municipality be given the
lng space, and whether policy de- power to increase the rate to
mands large-scale operations or 48 cents by a sliding scale of
not. (Rudolph GJelaneas on "Re- six cents, whenever the ser-
classlfication".) vice is expanded and war-
In the case of the Trinidad Pub- rants it."
lie Library, a full re-organisation (2) "That the tax should de-
programme sla contemplated affect- rive a minimum library in-
Ing all the departments of the come of not less than $24,000
library, but to be accomplished per annum.'"
with the samr limited saff and on
the same operating budget, and yet fe-hAeahl
without disruption of the normal i"Membrsi
At the same time, the library The categories of persons to
must also be prepared to render an whom borrowers' cards are to be
improved service as the scene issued, subject to the rules and
changes gradually, and a pro- regulations in the proposed free 11-
gramme of publicity must be fos- brary,. ay be summarized as
tered to show that free library follows:--
servic' is so indispensable a part ( ")Rte-payers.
of a well rounded programme of (2) None-residents, with or with-
communinlty lIe that the people out payment.
themselves will demand it, and be (3) Deposit bco-rowers or trans-
prepared to be taxed for it. ents, usually temporary resi-
roe PDlan (4) Teachers and students at
Improvement Plan city schools and colleges,
whether locally resident or
During the past four years, an not.
effort has been made to improve (5) Children.
the services of the library, which Non-residents may be admitted
has resulted in increased member- to use the lending department
ship, and in consequence of this, either gratuitously or upon pay-
an increase In subscriptions and in meant of a subscription to be regu-
the annual expenditure for the lated by the constituted authority.
maintenance of the library. The Deposit borrowers or transients
following figures will bear this without local connection usually
out:-- pay a deposit, to be returned when
bubcrlb. Subscrip. Annual Ex.- membership ceases.
er1 ions penditure The membership planned for In
1940 1,099 $1,738.70 $ 8,368:;87 this proposed service Is 20 per cent
1941- 3,230 2,292.45 9,034.24 to 25 per cent of the population-
1942- 3,040 3,135.08 10,099.27 20,000 to 25000 borrowers.
1943-4,168 4,356.99 11,821.57 Circulation on the average of
In 1943 subscribers contributed about 1 to 3 volumes per capital per
almost 50 pa.- cent of the income annum' of the population,
for that year. the total Income A book stock to be built up to at
being $11,621.57. and that from least 1 volume per capital of the
subscribers, (from all sources) population.
$5,221.57. Their contribution in -- -
this capacity will continue to in-
crease provided a reasonable stan- Teachers Get
dard of service is maintained. To t
It is obvious then that if the -e X
library is to carry on its regular ee X-Ray Test
programme of work, and at the
same time advocate a wider and All male head, assistant and
fuller use of its resources, during pupil teachers are Invited to have
its reorganization programme, addl- a free X-ray examination of the
tional funds for its maintenance chest tomorrow at the Caribbean
will be required. along with the Medical Centre, next door to St.
grant voted for putting,the library Crispin's B.C. School, Woodbrook,
on a sound basis. at 2 M har
This, if forthcoming, will cer- at 2 p.m. sarp.
tainly meet the exigencies of the This Is the first step in the co-
service, and will be of use in de- operation desired of teachers In
monstrating actual costs for the connection with the scheme for
maintenance of an up-to-date and the X-ray examination, not only
free library, of the schools, but of parents and
In the light of the foregoing, It is guardians of the personnel of all
suggested that during the pr'iod institutions, business houses, and
of reorganisattmi (i.e. froin 145 to eventually the entire population of
1949) the Government and the City the Colony.
Council increase their annual ap-
propriation to the anticipated level -
of the total annual subscriptions, City
leading to a deired budget of Council
$24,000 by the end of 1949, as Ge-
tailed below. T
sueib. overn. CyTo Meet Today
,era ment Council
13S-e,000 $ 6,000 S6.00 Regular meeting of the Port-of.
124~4- 6,000 6,000 6000 pain City Council, fixed for yes-
19S47 7.000 7,000 7,000 terday, has been adjourned to 4
124~- 7.000 7,000 7.000 p.m. today as several members in-
1940- 8,000 8,000 5,000 timated their desire to attend the
funeral of Mrs. Vere Vincent
S laintenanee Brown, wife of His Honour. Mr.
Kenneth Vincent Brown, 1st Puisne
The main Income of prteticaliy Judge.
all free public libraries consists of --' -- ----
funds derived from taxation. Thse .
funds may be granted as an appro- Violent Prisoner
priation, made annually by the
derivedfro a direct tax levy, u d F T
accorda.hnce e.with .the method pro-
scribed by the law of the state. Trenidad Guardian Correspondent.
L)we -- on 'Public Library Ad- SAN FeRNANDO, July 27-
mI e United otauesght handcuffed and garbed in
In te Uite Sttesof merca ba4, to the dock of the Assize
and in Great Britain where the Court here today to answer a lar.
direct tax is authorised. the law charge, C Lynce aused
provides that mnvicipalites amay er a e, Clmude Lynch caused
evya tax for the establishment liedt wiomotha thp t of rope to
and maintenance of a public U- l e t- with pisee of rope,
beraiy. Held by two policemen, Lynch
In the United States, the stan- refused oay anything, but klckea
drd. for public libraries adopted in and euffed until he was overpower-
Ocoer 19 33 by the Council of the ed and tied. Re then lay pros-
American Ubrary Association waa trate SHe An. .t


SA 31037
2A 76630
2A 05707
1A 73968
2A 82267
IA 74568

** G.94. OXD
Assistant Detective Supa

[Advertisement of Enquitry]

[Advertisement of


No. 2 of 144
In the Matter of the Application
LIMITED for a Water Licence
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that Antilles Petroleum Company
(Trinidad) Limited of Vesslgny,
La Brea, has made application to
the Oil and Water Board for the
Issue to it of a Water Licence.

No. 2 of 194L
In the Matter of:
of THE Um
cence. ,
that The United t
of Trinidad, Limited,
cromby Street, in to|4
of-Spain, has made
the Oil *nd Water

(1) To abstract 3 to 5 million Issue to It of a Wa
gallons of water annually from the
"Main Trench" or Oodlneau River (1) To abstract fl
and (2) to construct and maintain the Clarke Channel,
a dam and spillway on the Pluck the Oodlneau riUver
Estate in the Ward of Slparia for build a dam or it a
th- purpose of impounding a maxi- .damn or the purple
mum quantity of 3,000,000 gallc 'Ing the water se *t
of water to be so abstracted in a reservoir which will.
reservoir covering 4.2 acres of the mately 10 acres | r'
said Pluck Estate, perches of land situsti
of Siparia.
The said application has been
appointed to be heard at the Coun- The said applcatlo
cil Chamber on Friday, the 4th appointed to be heard
day nf August, 1944 at the hour ot c il Chamber on FrMd
10 A lock a.m.. at whio time and of August, 1944, t
place the Board will hold a public aimn.. at which time
enquiry into the expediency ot Board will hold a pI
granting the said Licence, and at the into the expediency.
enquiry which will be so held any the said Licence, UM
person who is likely to be injuri- quiry which will be
ously affected by the said abstrac. person who is likely
tion or by anything done under ousl,- affected by OtW
the licence applied for will be tion or by anything t
on and subject to the terms and titled to be heard by
conditions contained in the Or:-'ln- and subject to the q
dance and the Rules made there- ditlons contained in '
under, and the Rules madE
Dated this 19th d..y of July, 1944. Dated this 19th day

A reward of $100.00 will be paid to any person who
information leading to the arrest and conviction of any P
sons concerned in the robbery I two men of the pt
of Mr. Henry Burton of the Industrial Oases Ltd. h .
robbed at 1.05 p.m. on 16th June, 1944, at La RetralU t
Please commu.,lcate with the Criminal Investigation IN
the nearest Police Station. ,
19th June, 1944.
In view of the failure of certain merchants and
delivery of goods imported an their behalf by t*.r
resulting In congeston e the Depasrtment's Warebhouj
of-Spain Wharves, I hereby give notice that as from
1934. it will be necessary to charge rent for the ster 1
removed In aeordance with the fulk Irurchasimng
Regulations. 1944.
Owing to the difficultles in obainlng transport, datj
be charged from the expiration of the following pe
from the date of service Of the relative invoice, or theM
whichever Is the later.
Merchants in Port-of-Spain W... Sid
"Merchants outside Port-of-Spain.. T0
Merchants in Tobago ....... ... F






Control Board,
Old Post Office Building,
St. Vincent Street.
15th Julyv, 1944.

G. H. 1
Director, Bulk P






S lt-4te nlon,,, ,
and Car
B84--lTruck t
Coimmil r4A
4M" -_or* les
7 .-Tyre

GO l 2MM

ii n iHiHHiim im nHiiuHn H I N uHjnmHm i n iiii&A .H HHIliii ftuHiiiuiiiiiiiiHiiH

foUowAinq 91RcU4ifAL4 at



A p pl l c a t io n s a s rinn t m t ts o w e 11
rising bet annual IncrtnitS otf P2 to tAR per minn~
the scale of I*0 pe s2nma Wrsig by UumamAsreto
*2,1M per annum. Appom nt Wild I* a
in the rt instance and = Oeet 0 the poling aa MA
Csanh d tea for the lower tgraded otr t should be not
Years of age at, the time of Mating 0 application,'
had a good gneral educatimU n ad have matrcaulated
Senior Oambrildge examinaUon. aid have had ome tte
ueal experience in engineering or an allied profemilont
Candidates for the higher gadid post a0u94 be -t
-ears of age at the time of Mat# the PolIcatlo I
.iad a good general education eid have matricula i
Senior Cambridge examination. In dditn candida
(a) have hod tralninr and practical experience in en
some allied profession or trade t position of r
and control; or
(b) held a position in a technical branch of the Oo j
vice on a salary scale riUing to a maximum 4f t
$1,680 per annum.
The duties of the lower graded post include securis.
vance of a code of factory laws by inspection of premia
moving the health, safety and welfare of factory worked
and masiging a local office in connection with the fI
comprehensive records and files.
The duties of the higher graded post consist of O
above and in addition acting as deputy to the holder oF
post of Factory Inspector.
Applications should be made to the Colonial Secrej
prescribed form to reach the Secretariat not later th
July, 1944.
Acting Colonial


THE attention of the Public Is drawn to the u1
numbers of stolen $10.00 and $20.00 Bank notes stolen
ernment whilst In transit from Pointe-a-Pterre Post Ofl
Spain, or at Port-of-Spain on the 1st June, 1944. Pens
Slon of any of these notes are kindly requested to co-
the C.I.D. or the nearest Police Station.
Numbers of Notes

6A 01862
3A 34769
6A 23006
4A 88847
6A 020M8
3A 36488
3A 75887


Roouvltt's Running Mate

-um g ,


serv the
duties of tthe
t* issue elosag
of Insautmit
to decle

em for pprovl
tewill be
ofd t the PlA-
e#ivon the e4m-
otion machinery
b~y the commission
special slum clear-
hen premises have
ilhe committee will
to erect new buill-
existing ones in
the shortage of
for persons of the
ed Ordinance further
i'ishment of persons
f uS committee's pro-
found in a dwelling-
Sto be unfit for hu-
may be liable on
tl-fto wh100i wite
|lHglmou e, in tcation
S i Is In force,.
MMMethr *an that
vm punished by a
|ad funetoon of 5
S which the ol
If 4Wan City counall
Ulmoo to on-

July 27 (tP)-
Secretary for
ocferwt to-
of Ohe Lh"
of its facolltt
Added that re-
Xur is pro-


27t~r3 (Reuter).-
SPresident of tle
| Uon, emphassed
part technical
Te to play In the
i~-war Britain. He
w without techn ic
gt hall get nowhere."
*-| fCommons was
Sl9M 300 amendments
!lot o Lords to the
Other things to
* o Young Peoples'
| nty colleges.

27 (Reutew)-Mr.
the Seetwary
t of Overseas
In the House of
what steps had
*year to promote
With South Africa.
lttle can be done
IeMr ifion, but the work
.for the poetawar
S being very actively
kilt",I pressed further,
that to detail the whole
bea taken to pre-
,m trade would involve
~to 1, question but i
)ATW~ debate.
E~s" h,,' sy
Jly 27 .AP)-The
old j today tha iwer
Of =440^1fne 110^!-
0 c that w ic

pr'ea tly s .
^ ldWes '

St. Mary's Beat Casuals 1-0

In First Leaguer Upset -

With most of the credit goIaN t Joey Oonsalves, island goal-
keeper, t Mary's gave Casuals -4 beating omn the Association's
round yesterday afternoon to cnato the first upet in the TA.A.A

to& M --"ttion whbch is now

Tran uiity

Win port


tlNot Feo


Italian Tenrr
-Prospect of carrying
wounded over Italy's
mountainous terrain poses
ticularly new terrors for t
litter bearers of the
medical units. Many
were born and raised in
county and all of them h
give turning in Brazil's
These look about the
the Brazilian mountain
Private Sebastion Ferni
fariua, 22-year-old farm I
the state of Rio Santa
Rio Preto. "Carrying the
through hilly country I
an easy job, but at least
ew to us. We had a go
months at it back In Bram
"That's right," agreed
Bras Fontes, 20 and also
boy from Valenca. "How
tug It under Are will be s
else. We are used to n
but won't be used to bat
The two stocky and
litter-bearero were littini
camp speculating with oth
on the old question of
troops-what combat is
Corporal Santos Roche
is serving an interpreter,
to explain that the litter
attitude was not one of
but simply "these mount
so much like Brazil's they
worried about that phase
work." All medical troc
ever, were extremely am
learn au much as possib
battle conditions. This
similar to an American
wetapany which operates
hind the combat line. It
offMeee, slightly more
men, and serves as a first
whieL the wounded were
by the battalion's first-aid

Eden Deplores
Nazi Propagan
LONDON, July 27 (C
Anthony Eden charged t
mans today with attem
confus the Ioue of the
of British war prisoners,
escaped from German cat
"distorted and unfounded
ganda which only discred
who start to use it."
Mr. Eden spoke in rej
question in the House of
of a German bioadcaest
that British soldiers were
to gouge out the eyes of
:enemies, and permit simi
cities. Mr. Eden said tha
troops were ordered to
themselves in accordan
provisions relevant to the
tlonal convention.

Plan To Rebuild
London Area Issm
LONDON, July 27 iC
old London square nmlle
St. Paul's will be purely a
district after the war,
fancy rebuilding over a
Plans put forward todav
officials said tile city woul
leading place of business
world. There will be a
widening of the roads an
aft of the embankme
olackriars to London
Most of the buildings are
than 70 feet, but the p
f a maximum height
Which will mean tall
tags and also more open
,round St. Paul's.


o00 Pairs




Price; $40 P; pair.

f- 6-.-.'-S-


_________________________ I~ole~briliaceand a long.0
strdw earned him the chast-
piolihip at the Tranquillity SchaedN
of Miseuri, recently neminatd Dese O- sports, Olive Letba, 15-year-old
resident pose happy with is wif lft) youngster, romped home with a bo
rd, wh* loeeI- Ued hi to Afn of three wins In the 440 yards, 8b
CeunentI o.--(AP hse). yartM ad _the loig Jump. to mSe
si school gain their sixth and a
half lien on the Cuttertidh hielda
Wi. 27 with 27-1 Points win ver.l-
mout Intermediate, at the anualt
Jamaica Newspaper Z0orts meeting at the Oval yester-
Writer On Libel Charge TI Behmont champion, Carl Os-
in borne, showed supremacy in the
SKINGSTON, July M2 (OCF)- sprints, taking first place In the 100
i Great public interest is shown yards and 220 yards events, but In
aii In the preliminary court pro- the 440 yards, wai beaten into third
ai ceedlngs thlr morning of sedli- berth by Lelba.
tlous and libel suits brought With Mr. Arthur Shield, new 80-
ON by Government against Roger cial Welfare Officer in Trinidad
Mals, author of an article in looking on, short, burly Leiba, ran
L I A N ft recent issue of "Public tI 220 yards, but had to be con-
27 (AP). Opinion," assallin British and tented with third berth, as Belmont
g their Colonial administration, and secured the other places.,
rugged civil and war policies. The This event lett Tranquillity two
not par- managing-director 'and pub- points down. t h leav
the husky lisher of the newspaper are tac- Belmont went ahead, leavingdn
Brazilian ns rt a their rivals four points behind int
of theni artsimilare harges for the ha me the Initial stages, u Osborne car-
mount article. urtherhearingw ed off the 100 yards sprint, but
ad inten postponed toAugust 4. Lelba in convincing fashion, copped
towering - the 80 yards.
Fourr e ~ Tranqullliy went to the fore In
me as the nexit event, F. Omlngue clear-
s"I a the bar t five feet one inch.
andez de Leiba proved that the 440
boy from hired A t a his bet distance.uk
Isabel do FAut off badly then unleashed a ter-
wounded rifle burst of speed in the last 100
is never yards to beat Osborne ia the day's
it Is not ADVANCED ALLIED HEAD- thriller.
>od many QUARTERS, New Guinea, July 28 The long jump event pushed the
nill." (APPI-It was announced this morn- victors five point ahead, 31-16, as
i Private ing that four small Japanese Leilb, with a lone leap, set up a
D a farm alsp, were set on fire or probably mark of 17 feet.
'ever do- sunk in another southwestern P(-d Belmont lost the relay as Thorne
something fie c aerial sweep over Truk. dropped the baton on the last lap
mountains One small freighter and three andn the concluding event, the
tite." other ships were caught by Ameri- mile, Gall of Tranqulllty, won in
can aircraft 160 miles south of Truk ridiculously easy fashion.
on Wednesday. Only one ship of Mr. F. Des Sources presented the
the convoy escaped. Other Alied shield to the Tranquillity champion,
d husky aircraft blasted the Oanokwart eIA .
i around area with 69 tons of bombs on The result* were:-
er medics Wednesday. Large fuel fires were tee YAtRDN: I c. OsbOEm. L. J, i sb
all green started in this region. t 0O. Sono tTanquil- I
like. Japanese forces in the Aitape W ARD1 1 0. Leibs. S 2 Cromwott
Rio, who area continued their attack to (TraquulltUty). I -ervil inisimfet.
hastened envelope the right flank of the o( JumP: r. Ominsuse'.(Tromquilli ty),
2 BrathwaitS (1B*10ott3M 3m, '-
r.bearers' American lines along the Driniu- ard i qu lulit. itt a' i ".
cockiness mor River. One Japanese attack 'TUG-O'WAR' : TrAiquluitr.
tains are wa, repulsed on Tuesday. The 660 YARDS:I lI To 11T1fquttty). 2
r are not Nipponese were encircled by strong oebSf= (3alMOt), 5 lley t'rn-
s of the Allied forces which repeatedly at- tLOW JiUMPt L ib. 5 5orafne,
Dpe, how. tempted to both smash and out- crimweli (Tranqullllty). Diet;: ltt.
nxlous to flank the Driniumor Line. They RELAY: Traaluilll. Trntt.
He about lost 100 men In frultle efforts ONE MILE: 1 ll (Tranlutlt).
unit is thus far. frilseotsto.aNevilee-
oll.ti -e-. Sabang Shelling
ras two C
than" News Sorrts
StoNews Shorts surprises Japs
thnan 1001
brought Trinidad Guardian Cefespondent. lCONTINU.ED PROM PAGE' I
I workers. SAN FyRMNANDO, July 2--Mr. Admiral Sir James Somerville sig-
wresLeslie Algernon Aliahar, son of Mr. nalided a new turn in the Eastern
Patrick Mohamed Hosein Alahar, fpleet operations which In pro-
barrister-at-law here, wes reported vious whacuk at the Japanese were
today to be leaving for England to made by carrier-planes unly.
S study law. (John Nixon, B.B.O. reporter
da Mr. Allahar, who Is a graduate giving an eye-witness account
of Ngparima College, will enter from the bridge of one of the
P)-Mr. Oray's Inn. battleships which took part
the oGer- SOUTH SCHOO'LWINS fJP In the surprised daylight bom-
pting to SOUTH CHOOL W C bardment, Reuter reports, said
i murder Itrini ri. rws was more than a smashing
who had Trinidad Guardian Correspoident. upfaniornteeyh-
ps with San Fernando, July 24--The up of an Import antenemy ar-
nps ith h^-"^'.^" ~o our. It has weakened the
d props- Lady Young Cup offered through
it those the Young Ladies Debating Asso- Japanese old on the western
it citation here for annual ducattion reaches of the Indian Ocean
ply to a test among private schools has and so helped our American
Commons been won this year b y St. Monica's Allies. More tman 380 tons
reporting of which Mrs. Gladys Kelly is of shells were topped on Ja-
e ordered head mistress, panese ships, coastal batteries,
f helpless Five schools participating sent dockyards, wharves, ware-
ar atro- 35 children for the test. houses end bsrracks.i
it British --- -- -- ----
cc with

ed To all Customers and the General Public
a round Our Stores in Port-of-Spain and San Fernando
business will be closed for Annual Stock-taking from 1st
with no
S20-year to 31lt August (inclusive).
iy to city
d be the Accounts will be received as usual at our
in the
general offices.
t(' exten-
ait from
norI.. Hardware & Electric Supplies Ltd.
nlow less
lan sug-
t of 1001 -------------
er build-
a space


R. A. Erskine-Lindop,
Ag. Commisloner of Police.

Police Headquarters,
24th July, 1944.

Peware of d


4 out Iq

If YO um bleed even a little when
you fwh yor teeth, if tw aey d0-
1s0sow06 MoutPforyotHOes lee
thine as warnings of (his heelblq
dhsee wih is softeced ,
Guarsh*s dreed Prortboes A1
seu*d Fotrbm's way. Maea TM
u aWad cdeayu teeth wce de y
with Feohan's Toth Pase-thde e l
detMific eoaaiming Dr. L o. F os'e
spdcia sl nd.-Pyorhos sstanlms.
recent cliaicl smts 95% of Pyimrhos
tre~seoed esses showed smsulysszo a ^^
povemotn stfteonly 30 di
simple tretmaaMM L^^
Sea yew deoodst airlv.foYllow
his avis s AndM sen almsg esh-
Sod"hy W gift% $Pa"

(AyrluwMS V

*elsy oio*^^^^I^^-U f som^^

in its first week.
The college boys turned in a
sterling performance yesterday,
held the Maroons to a goalese first
Ualf, then smashed home their
winning goal somewhere in the
middle of the second period.
The Saints had given the Maroons
many anxious moments in the first
half, and it was only grand defen-.
sive displays by veterans Raffie
Mawlese at centre halft and Jack
Merry at full back that kept the
speedy college front-line five from
soerinsg before.
Louis. Weinberg, Joseph, Hamel.-
Smlth and Innocent bore down on
Casuals' goal at stages sad the
Maroons had a most trying time
keeping them off.
On the other hand the St. Mary't
defence was sound throughout,
"ad any shots that came his way
Consalves held in sure and grace-
ful style.
Midway In the second half the
laintls got their goal. Louis gal-
loped up the right wing, put across
a beauty of a centre and J. Hamel-
Smith was on the spot to put it
well out the reach of the diminu-
tive Kenny Warren, Barbados ace
Coalkeeper, who fielded between
Suprights for the "Reds."
Mr. R. Burnett refereed while
Mr. L. Jardine and Mr. N. Kllgour
were the linesmen.
Following were the teams:
SO Mary's: Gonsalves: Rousseau,
Weeks: Dieffenthaler, Clarke,
Woodlev: Louis, Weinberg, Jo.
seph, Hamel-Smith, Innocent.
eusais: Warren: Warner, Merry;
Nicholson, Knowles, Trestrail;
Rochford. De Labastide, De
Silva, Hunter and V. Stollmeyer.
Trinidad Guardian Coerrespondent
CUREPE, July 27.- -Ernest
Bovell, 50, a P.W D. employee of
M'elnroy Street, died suddenly at
Evansn Street here at about S.46
pom. today.

Uquor in Custody at
Marine Branch
Charge Room to be
Sold by Publi"

16I B9ttles Old Rum.
2 Bottles Providence Rum.
2 Bottles P'erdes Rum.
1% Bottles Rum (no label).
4i Bottles Vat 19 Old Rum.
I Bottle Macaw Rum.
4 Bottles Black lAbel.
1 Bottle Ifaglebranc Rum.
4 Bottles Cocktail Rum.
3 Bottles Joker Barbados Rutm.
4 Bottle Rum (In beer bottle).
I Bottle Caroni Rum.
Vi Bottles Stades.

Staudurd Life
Assuruaee Co.
Established m the West
Indies fter S years.
Marine Squarem P.0O8.

Many people suffer In silence
untold agonies, constant brain-
wearying Irritation and pain caused
by piles, simply because they have
never discussed the trouble with
even such a confidant as their
chemist If you are a sufferer,
make up your mind to a.k your
chemist about the wonderful pre-
paration Man Zan. This clean.
simple-to-use remedy Is just mar-
vellous In the quick way It stoDs
the maddening Irritation. allays
inflammation and, persevered with.
banishes the most serious form ef
this agonising trouble.
Man Zan Pile Remedy Is no
ordinary ointment, but a sveclal
preparation solely for thnse with
pile trouble. It Is prepared In a
special nozzle applicator tube, makl-
ing it simple and clean to use. Bold
by chemists everywhere.


A SUPERStart for

( i Every Dayl

Start the day full of A
of vigour and vitality--A at
nourishing breakfast of '
ciou Quaker Oats every
Q(uaker Oats is a wh6le.
grain food, packed with ee
ments nature requires for,
health and strength.
Quaker Oats is rich in the
ceritial anti-fatigue ritamin
T'hitniin (Vitamin ht), nec-
essary for energy, good diges
tion, and sound nerves.
Quaker Oats is rich in mi}
-rals too-and in carbohyl
'rates and proteins.
No matter what your weviO
-nay be, you can always d44
rend upon Quaker Oats -
tart the day right for yom.

Children Thrive on.
Quaker Oats
Mothers know the value of a Quaker
O(ts breakfast for their growing chil.-
dren. It helps keep them fit and well
and gives them the energy they need
for study and plA)'y.
Give your children the proper*
start-serve them Quaker Oats
every day.

Sp"r Newbhbg SuperDh nW
Super kOemmi *l *T I
S.QskerOats tis more eooomil- teeM dI..
almost any other cereal-m.oe IIIsl.
and more beneficialsi, too. Quick Qusur OW
cooks in 2H minutes, it', ready in a J6 I'
Serve Quaker to all
your family.



ChrIxtian Science
Reading Room
OPEN 430 to 6.30 p.m.
on Tuesday nd Fritday.
52. Riehmond Street.
All Are Welcom.

IMAA 1)li"A ''l
Tf )


m ..




B~~ ,*Bwi.J. ^^ Nardlpg clrk attude
| /JWK QfTreinia

'P IvTbl ieti y ctt a n Wednsa w evening.
|~ On ~ on l M I res sued of the dae" at ree"t Reom" Clb
10411p. 1U 9 am. which Is hel -
|of Wi dandAMA.A.'80 bthi mm

Richtatlthrough out and assadmure e-sro P,
11I anr "oa r And $I rJO tor ilenu o.

0660 those I n"tcu the audience at OL Is Parrack t6
-U.K ~ S.k~wo.S.IIo, Mr. Commander Kam-
and MVoo CLa"dye
0"aod : P=^s1W^^

? s~^,'^
.ag months ta kto C Mr. R nobet Patrick. Capt. and
s.adOlher a op1Mt. hen kWalls, Major Geddes. Major
o, Snt. Winoodock, OtL Stanley dl e ousa, Mi Stel".
I, oo Sit Mrs. D nilys l ush* and her son; W/ 0 George HansO
a 8t tRiSBchardrury and his fiancee Mis Clare akine-Lbndcp
5ar. Oo and5Sr Mawy, Mr. nande. Mis s Rodrigue, Min L.
| fa~as and Major and Mrs. Otral LUddelow.
SOatire ontwhs eWt In Cantada and tihe United State, dur-
r ehpe had a alht operation to his knee. Mr. Victor Out-
uda turned on Sunday. looking remarkably well.
During his visit to the States he went to Lexington and ParU In
UmhwkI'. where he saw a number of racehorse stables. One of the
Sus was the famous Whirlaway.
r s. Owtridge, who left at the same time as her husband. I In
"MIfiral and expects to return next month. Their daughter. MW
Muarart Outrtdge. is at school in Canada but is spending her sum-
v action in a girl%' camp, while Carl their son, whom they have
plsed at Loyola College. is at a boys' holiday camp.
S 0
AX ADDED attraction to the dance at the Trinidad Country Club
on Wednesday evening was the singing of Mr. Lionel Murray.
we of the members of the troupe Irom the United States, which is
here entertaning the LUK. and U.S. troops on the baes. Mr. Murray
has an excellent voice which captured the hearts of all those who
heard him.
Mr. Bobby Morris, the manager of the troupe, who is a conisdian,
was also present and gave a short performance. Members of the club
hope to see and hear to better advantage before the troupe leave
IU about two weeks' time.
Those at the club on Wednesday evening Included Mrs. Dickle
*f4poton, Mr. and Mrs. R. Lucis-Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Pelham Alca-
iA. Mr. and Mrs. Tardleu, Miss Jean Peake, Lieut. Victor youkills,
V Wa Commander A. Paul, Miss Margaret Penman. Mr. and Mrs.
Pr nk Clerk. Lieut. Hatton, Miss Marie Ange Fartan, Mils Carmen
s Calt nnes. Lieut. Smith, MIM Claire Queanel, Capt. Jerry Oomez,
who looks remarkably well after his trip; Miss A.and MkIsM E. An-
thony: Miss Babe Dasent. Mts Oddette Cornillac, Miss P. Ron, Mi
X. Peralra. Commander and Mrs. DarlOw and Lieut. Baddeley.
AMONO passengers by 'plane for Puerto Rico on Wednesday were
a- Mr. and Mrs. Albert ion ,alves. Mr. Goralves, who Is manager
of the Crown Life Iisurati'ce Co. inTrlntdad, has gone on business and
wll be away for about Aix weeks. During their stay there they will
be guests of Mr. and Mrf,. Gabrt'l Oonsalvep.
NHERB have bfen Several departures from Pointo-a-Pierre this
wek for Canada and 'ihe United States. Mr. and Mrs. W. S.Fuiton,
with their small son and di',izhtpr, Hans and Marlene, have gone to
Tont O. via New York.I to pay a vsit, to Mr. snd Mrs,. L. W. Kennedy.
Who are former repdent.s ,! Pointe-a-Irlerre. Later. Mr. and Mrs.
Palton hope to go to lhe Mtiikoka Lake district, Ontario, and to spend
Some time. in New York. 'IT'iv will be away for aboj, three months.
Mr. Reg. Hlixphrrys lf't a' ;iie same 'impe for a tour of Canada,
In the course of whitl h he plain, to viit Vainouver and Halifax, and
be will return to Trinidad in thrie months' time.
Mr. and Mrs. George i-int, iaVe Zotle to their home In Calgary,
I SA that M Iat ,l'n IA.',c"m and Mi.% Frances Preudhomme, of
San ritnndo, are Ipaving Trinidad tomorrow to spend a month's
holiday in Jamaica, and thev are looking forward to it very much.
S S *
S 'A ACH2BLOR dinner was given at the Hotel do Paris on Saturday
C oe Mr. Owen Boyce. whoe marriage to Mis Minnie Seheult
'^. be ooelibrated oen Saturday, July 29. I% was arranged by Mrs.
S' Many speech were made and afterwards the giests went to
I.n Trinidad Coolntr Club.
Amnng thome present were Mr E O'Connor. Mr. LouLs Quesnel.
fT. MI. ThMoma". Mr. W. I. Lepl-rni, Mr. Clarence King, Mr. Harold
e Mr. ~J. F. lhehilt,, Mr. A ihrev Bornv, Mr. Malcolm Barcant,
7 ,. hOdO Himte, Mr. Jim nrton, Mr. Keith PiRgott, Mr. Ar.
thEr Lewis, and Mr. John G.rdrter.

MIL. :. I. JOHNSON. of Forest Re.rrve, Ix at prpienit. a patient in
SPoint6-a-Perre hospital, and 4Hummlng Birdt" Joins with his
friendly In wisning him a quifk recovery.

GovernorAt Co ktail Party

Given For A.T.S. Commander

Commander Massey, A.
omouade. MacCulloch.
Dr. Noman Maclennan, .
Mrs. Wilfred Alwton. Capt.
Capt. Clover, Capt. the
and Mrs. Williams Cai
CoeUnander and Mrs.
Lkeut.-Commander Dayshli
Commander and Mrs.
Commander .id Mrs. Don
say, Commander and M
got, Capt. Collie, Capt
Cat. de Souxa, Capt,
Pefklaa, Capt. FteChe
l.nn, Capt. McDougall, I
Rev. and Mr. Adamson, C
Mrs. Ken Wallis, Mon. a
P. Gallat. Dr. and Geno
Rojas, Sub. Steven, A.T.S
Willie Woodcock, Mis
Smitl.. LiUeut. Lutman, Lie
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lelo
and Mrs. V. Bedford, Dr.
Sankeralli, Mr. and Mr
Hing-King. Mr. and Mr
T*ng Chuan, Mr. Watson
and Mrs. Mandy, Mrs. Fr
Mr. Claud Hall Jnr., M
Ersklne-Lindop and Asat.
Drury. ____

Today's Di
Grand musical evening,
Building, 8.30 p.m.
Dance at lirest Reser
from 8 p.m. to 2 am.
Dance at Perseverance
Danoe at Trinidad

Was A Big Hit
PML Iamf of eta Br W be
MLe*=.- heo at e w hea, UfX." @ a "
0 t.. presented" I the Sla m *t at
m rande t. Jan a. J ame s
001 Seal-
. Major evenngt, having to n all o
Major and another ow, but what I aw was
ajor and excellent, OatI hatdhaving
a, Major xellen t4 t
Laughlln, to leave.
an, Jnr. The show opened with short
+T.S., Jnr,
ATV JS n 'ty 1 t speechbyCap Mae-
at. an .urin. the producer.
Capt. and The first Item was Marehin
Crutches .MoTgether" with four ladles
Reverend and our gentlemen: "Bng of
0.s. 804 Uberty' followed and thencunme
flch "rehoes a Short nd veryM ms-
2, Lieut.- ,L =ketch.
a r 0. Garde was excellent In
aid Lin .. .a aal the Way." the first
s. W part of which was sung and the
M sec ond rete while the tun was
an r.played on the plane.
Dr, Capt. Subaltern Sten,of the A.T.S.,
Capt. the e cuted a beautiful andg ful
Saddance with L/Cl Powe. and
cOa.= there was a sketch $,e "Hot
ra Carlos News," which was very amusing.
. Lieut.
* H -d s aptain Maclaif t exoepttion-
ut. Band, ally good at sleight-of-hand, as
Ong, Capt. wus proved by his card and other
and Mrs. tricks. "One Finger, One Thumb."
re. J, R. sung In the manner in which, as
& Chow youngsters, we sang 'ree Blind
SCapt. Mice," but with action provoked a
ank Bell, great deal of laughter.
ism Clare Here is where I had to leave,
Supt. but I am told the second half was
even better than the first.
S The cast comprised Capt.
Maclaurin, Capt. Laurence, Lieut.
ry^ Cooper, W/O. Oanrlde' S/Sgt.
.a'y Cundy. 8/sgt. Pyke. S/fit. Spen-
.cer, Cpl. Lemmon, L/Cpl. Powe
p e Pte. Woodward. Pred Roche, Sub.
Steven, A.T.S., W/O. H. Ridge.
A.T.S., Conma. Burns, A.T.8., and
ve Club Sgt. Short. A.T.S.
Capt. Maclaurin tis to be con-
Clult. gruatulated on the success of
Country "U.K. Sauce."- (Magazlne Page

Radio Programmes

:1IW Annemuneemenfe I1 T. News Time Views lthe Nfwl
15 r, lewis t Rhow Qtu Pas Ray Scott Orchestra
.o Bob Croehy Mirth & Madnees

nf tIX> ce, Mtlli rCommand Perfr,rmnanr New
-O Personal News
t s Show Time Coomedy Caravam
.5 Now$ N'w8 .. ..
'4 oil Blrd ('n t 115 -t ork Market Report
:30o Texas Otlw Julws
:45 B.B C. orchestraa Calypsonta .
S - Grat tildersleeve N ews
::IB Sp --otlight Bands
:31 Worild AffaIr Hour of Charm C irnrnit Mnodls
~Ca~lfonia MI. odise
.49--- -
;00 Ne' News t'n. Network Reporter
I::tI -- riholi' Hnir The :ws at Home
l:p Recital I)nre Time Orstn Welles

:00 Nwe lilln Nitght Owl Ch'b News
:15 To b4 anolninC .... .... ..
10 : Lower Basiln tret
:4- Nociturne -


4-5L00 U S LIU" 4.45 bL45
D* w,-' DuPll
moe He LWXE ^a
NOW SlOWlowt Cmwn.Ibn& th Wwk-ad

Ift aim vw oMw =Ino IN"iM oi I

Nt, "Tktn /..

Y'iVms'5 I'uIU wtg JPvfe 1


4.30 EMPIRE 8.30

Big Double =
I j 1

iflM~gtZAN Shl IK


Indian Action Attraction I
Hero No. 1
Tomorrow -
Return f tbe Vampre A
Lawl Plaineam.

TONIGHT at 8.0-
special East Indian lm
Rangilo Rajput
Popular Star--MusloyDanclng
Tomorrow for one performance only
Fox's Great Musical Show
in technicolor
Betty Grable

ms vm& fmss m. woulwmi. S In
me s W tu iof War Tassonoh Wig
Wat molm Mamv ON" I 1 mu

M oSs. co, p. HUuiwM a so. Lt"
i" w 1 su se l I.?SO g .
fomme 4 a&n


Friday, July 28

|Oe ani MBi .'aucei
your favourite so.
Aeommodatio avalble r
Merhnt Navw Oeem at
f"Mmmle rate 0t the
CoUm lsemI L. Awft

9t deig I
0 Ipwr



=11.4 1= ffMnsouwmuo- i Dm
ad am kie a a m e a m U n
.... ... I .... .. ............

PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at 4.45 & 8.30 p.m.-
Biggest Double of the Year
and -

a it- I

3 Scott Buahe Street-
-- beauty-see inside
Modern Home "Some-
thing" Cascade, pee-
session? ........... $2
Pie St. possessio
rge Property and
3 aee Sat land, Diego
March ..............
I Champe flyee. Read
-ear Country Club
as Baddie Reead-w-
"t e...... $t

S e .......... ..
Ce lag,-icar ue mn
8I 8MAfc. r' "i


= Aded ttra Parint Iki Air fa M
S.O.S.M-Cradle .a Chaarmg: IAM rPO-Caribbg
=- 6rI*UE-S Juau.
- Tonight, u.-

TODAY at 4.45 and 8.45 and Over the


2Oftmmn.ros ,

Sit C-IISC ll SAU t
ftea uIVNg i-*i6w o rmim i

Today, 8.M pim--
The Girls He
Left Behind
(In Teeluleder)

TOday, 4. a.$

3 riALTO
TODAY 4.41, 8.M pJ.
eorge Brent, rubemft stawyd
- and -
j Humphrey Beganr, M Alry
j "Across
Sthe PaeifiW"


Today, S


TODAY 441,8 |
M sett" SllI

BNM Oitk, Ad!
"Smith. o

ADDAT &M, $A a
HIL *frn- J~

and ~

NEW.S- Fenr

Phantom o1 Tlb Opea
What'. Cookim'

TODAT at I & & MpB. LA#W 110W
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...ite Envisaged F
pwmed usicians" Boi

Society, recently formed
jIMistt, tism ma mbers by providing op
R* '"M< oY#lly Yo. slOllpmSht of their g11
c 'i looking after their Intel
wch they j> hor l t'dd be concerned, will u
u a body C~~~rpila to the Incorporated Society
S musCal profession In England
ttt SS o tO.'h press yesterday by
nJie Qf C' the kBrtish Council in the Br

B schools Bad

Society Mov
1s taomnd' piiort.of-Spaln Dlitrict S
course ond tAS ll- Association in annual
Sourtunite e nation In St. John's Baptist C
o. an We drwday night heard
oft t1eCol, O 0 A D Marshall, seci
tK I usit t taft1r 1943 the group bad
MmberS O f1 ""lars and 131 teacher
9M6ent a1a i whom more than 300 signed
temperance pledge.
Ir Ban Ul O. Covered in the secretary's
SSOciatifh" were activities of eight school
11 and adoptS b", te Free Churches.
of teTriaiad Referring to Mr. J. K. I
S therebyemawl- former president, now at Ja
ct the southen taking a social welfare course
#uU guneld secretary said: "Mr. Lessey
y lastNome = worthy president who never
I ets we himeen- but did all he cot
Sf oweet. n in further the work of the S
now beenIn Schools."
three mo Snths, Feature address was a cab I
ab d lshlhmentS Rev. C H. Trowell for exir
special meet- living among officers and tea
Members hals Officers installed by the
4W 1. atHenry Cooke were:
eient, = rHigh The Rev. C. H. Trowell. prei
i the president, Mr. Mr. 0. Chen. vice-president
S pwi review the 0. A. D. Marshall, secretary
l onslttprogressa- treasurer; Miss L. Humphrey
eomimttee hay- lastant secretary; Mr. G.
labours the first auditor; with Mr. 0. Chen.
co itte wls h e beopC. 0. 0 Nanton, Mr. 0. Adams
rShow frs ov wp W Phifips, Miss M. Cook, anm
broul eht forward for A. Forde, departmental secret
._ ___ Elected members of the e.:(
committee were Mr. K. L
I fe D1 Grant. Mr. E A. Field, Mr.
S PIe ". Mayers, Mr. A. Adams, Mr
"t ore, Mrs. H. 0. Thomas
Tyriss R. Bailey.
orn Tyres __________
; method of obtain, r
league from wrn Residents Move
us e of two on on"e
S devised by For Better Hous
i new method in ajus Trnidad Guardian Corresp
.uMotor~st says: "JUS1triia urinCncp
t e sdewAUYs of one. DIFGO MARTIN, July
e ad tread intact Mo o/ing to relieve the housing
oaer another tyre gta tlon caused by the prol
tbe wo together to ye t-up In tWeir district, memt
nid helt. l~nting the Diego Martin Ratepayer
AndbeatI soclation have appointed fcu
Recommended by theirnumber to interview
^ Jecoinmeded b Hor.ble Gerald Wight 01
claims patisfac-M att Gerald Wight
~~to 10,000miemat.
S to 10000 mi Delegates are Mr. R. M
Rose, president; Mr. P. H. A
--retary: sir. B. J. Saland
MeTr.tHdy B, Srandy
eeT .00 1r _\

ef Issue Police Officer C
l Poor Relief Board Immigration Pos
htted s four-maim
SMiss Dora Ibber- Superintendent T. N. Dral
l' fare .Ofileer, as cently appointed Police OffC,
Sbodslder and report been put In charge cf the
UtinelD of poor -iiae& gratlon Office here. following
fd Jeon. resignation of Mr. R. AS,
of the commit- Chief Immigration Officer
yJeffer, the "Trinidad Guardian" learned
FIL Farquhar, and terday.
ed ,w Appointment of a Chief
ad dow tWo ap- grat~on Officer has not rt
STobago man and made, but it !s reported I kel
Since Town real- Superintendent Drake will be
*.son of the Poor for the post.
f their districts re- Superintendent Drake, who
an their applica- to Trinidad a few months ag
*, ionl. during World War I, an offil
Pal from a blind the R.A.F., following which 1
s the board etpress- In turn a Cadet in the Roya
.,with the case and Constabulary and District I
f Poo'r Ralletr Board tor of the Royal Ulster Con
be Informed of Its lary. In 1924 he was appilni
applicant waa on- officer of the Jamaica Police
from where he came to Trinic
,l~t^t~^aea I^ M..^^^^^^------
"- ""1 ""-i~tii Bowl,^I SB
i .tkh 'S ~fU



., Party

sti Government

Gives the quick relief you want,
plus the a*iklzer you need.

nca Beans

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n. H. Kennedy & Co.. Ltd.'

,l )It UA" SQUAM


b* ejekA ________

i e hamt i tso boSw S
*-S ,y PSiak'tudSS Mmd
e~*qra m 0S~V MA

P1,1a... VEGEhL .caSn

^' sushi and ge?

Thirty-Two Sit

London Exams.
Thirty-two candidates all Triani-
dadians, are writing the London
examinathns now in progress at the
Royal Victoria Institute, Mr. W. D.
Inniss, secretary for External Ex-
aminations told the "Trinidad
Guardian" yesterday.
Of that number. 15 are taking
the Intermediate Arts, while seven
others are writing the Intermediate
Economics subjects.
Five applications, Mr. Inniss said,
had been received from candidates
for the Bachelor of Arts (General).
but only one person was sitting
for the B.A. (Honours) Degree.
In each of the three examina-
tions-Intermediate Science, Inter-
mediate. Divinity and Intermediate
Commerce -only one candidate is
expected to sit.
Supervising the examinations will
be Mr. W. D. Inniss and the Rev.
S. T. M. Robertson.

Customs Officer

of the Customs and Excise Depart-
ment, to the cost of Principal
Officer, Grade II, with effect from
June 12 was officially disclosed
Mr. N.H Lewis and Mr.lB. Ic. L.
Gittens, of the same department.
have been made senior clerk and
1st class clerk respectively.
Also appointed are Mr. T. Carter,
Mr. P. Joseph. Mr. P. Allen, Mr. C.
A, Berkely, and Mr. F. Bacchus to
be chief overseers in the Public
Works Department, and Mr. J. De
Verteull to be Communication and
Signal Supervisor in the Railway.
Acting appointments announced
are of Mr. P. E. Basanta 1st class
clerk, to be Personrel Oficer in the
Railway, and of Mr. S. Hochoy,
senior clerk to be Labour Officer,
Industrial Adviserb Department.
Resignation from the Trinidad
Cadet Corps of Lieutenant Arthur
Wilklnson, former Q.R.C. master,
and Second Lieutenant A. 0. Skin-
ner, with effect from July 1. was
officially announced yesterday.

Sor On Way To England 1

Browsing la fthe TrInilad Public Library yesterday when the
"Giurdian" camenramn fouAd thtun were Mr. P. E. W. Gordon
(left) of ANaigul, anl Mr. Kenneth Ingram (right) of Jamaica,
Itritish CoAniR selctee. fur tr ures in England. They await
'plane pasgwe to the U.K. to begin studies. Mr. Gordon. who ht
a senior school teacher in Antigua, will take a course in education
at a London Institute *"chlelin'- In rural education. Mr. Ingram.
assistant Ubrara at the Inltitute of Jamaica and recently In
charge of the excellent WI. Reference section there, has been
awarded a course In librarlanship at the Manchester Central
LUbrary aa4 at the College of Technology.

uld to.. .
unday Colonial Scholars
by the Complete Course
achers. Nine Colonial Office students
Rev. who have completed their two-
year agricultural courses at
silent: he Imperial College of Tropi-
t; Mr. cal Agriculture recently left
a". for their homes, eight going to
Byam England and the other to
Mr: Jamaica, BW.I.
Miss The students will In the near
SMiss future receive Colonial Officei
itarles. appointments, the "Trinidad
*cutive Guardian" learned yesterday.
H. F
.^ New Officer Gets
s and
Board Greetings
Mr. Arthur E. E. Shields. re-
cently-arrived Probation Officer,
nl paid an informal visit to the Ces-
infl trial Poor Relief Board while It
was in session yesterday morning,.
rndent, and was given a hearty welcome
27.- by the board.
q con- Wishing Mr. Shields all success
hibited in his 'work, Dr. Norman Maclen-
hers of Ian,. the Director of Medical Ser-
s' As- vices, presiding, expressed the hope
ur of that the relations between the
N the Probation Officer and the board
on the and Ithe instltutlons with which
She would be concerned, would be
. Stchill. very interesting.
y, and --
S Police Chef
wets For South Post
St Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
SIPARIA, July 27.-New move in
ke, re- the Police Department here was
er, has made effective last week in the
Immri- transfer of Assistant-Superlnten-
g the dent Reid to this district.
sheton. First police officer to take up
, the residence in one of the recently-
d yes- built Government cottages at Do
Gannes Village here, Assistant-
Imml- Superintendent Reid will have his
been headquarters at the Siparia Police
v that Station In the apartment which
picked previously housed the N.C.O.
As a result of the new set up
came Station-Sergeant Jagblr, the N.C.O.
o, was, here, has taken up residence on
Icer of Lovers' Lane in the Government
he was cottage until recently occupied by
I Irish Mr. E. A. St. Omar, Chief Clerk of
inspec- the Magistracy, who has been
stabu- transferred to Princes Town.


We con assist you in solving your marriage
problems. Select your partner and we'll supply
you with the following:-


eluding lDDS, SPRINGS ad
* PrUFUMERlM ad CoSMuncs


SSan Fnu Jlwenly Btab. and MFftuy.
1t. & Ve Om n aIn o M ,
I '-A

F J-~s~.-~"~ ,f 914-ge ~~::)

Royal Victoria Institute tomorrow
evening. The club will meet at 63
Cipriani Boulevard at 8 o'clock to-
night for a games session under
the direction of Mr. Randolph

Length 138.8ft. Beam 22.4ft.
Depth 14.7ft.
To"nage 281.87 gross 191.67 net.
Main Engines triple expansion
I cylinder 02 NHP.
Boiler one horizontal scotch
type 1801b W.P.
Bunker capacity 126 tons coal.
Steel hull, speed 9 knots.
Hold capacity about 150 tons.
Ship built and engine In
U.S.A. in 1916. Reconditioned In
Canada in 1941.
Ship at present lying in Barba-
Offers to purchase should reich
Da Costa Co.. Ltd., Bridgetown,
Barbados by 12th August.

Soothes Skin


M.| :y. -

WM a

Borough of San Fnuendoi1 ,-


.- ZL

Suffered With Her
D.MOS. Seeks Stomach For Years

Needy Cases C ALWAAT W
TJ Y, *e DT From the day she started taking
lOUSlg POUmicyP mones. t woman has. had no
'Jmore stomach trouble. After i
Years of suffering, no wonder she li
Future of the House of Refuge delighted with this effective remedy
here and in Tobago in relation to She writes:-
bouaing of the destitute, the aged *I have suffered for six years witl
and narm, will be discussed by the my stomach, and had tried every
Central Poor Relief Board at its thing without result. One day' I wv
nest meeting, passing through Drogheda (ouri
This was decided yesterday when nearest place with a cheMoilst's
the board postponed consideration shop), and saw Rennies advertised
of the report of the Social Wel- and purchased a box. From the
fare Officer on the House of Re- day I started using them, I haven
fuge. Tobago, and the question of known what stomach trouble is
accommodation for the aged land They are wonderful. I can always
firm,. eat when I know I have my Rennles
Suggesting the postponement, Dr. after mea e"-(Mrs.) C.
Norman Maclennan exprssedis the Diges.if Rennies contain flfteer
view that a clear-cut policy as to separate ingredients, comprsinll
the future of the two institutions antacids to lauertalae acidity. ab-
needed to be set. sorbenta waich reduce stomach gas
"We have to consider," he said. and digestive torments which ac-
"both Houses of Refuge together tiv aid digestion. Rennies disc c-
ts to their future policy; whether solve dd in the Mouth. They becom
they are going to remain uas they olve In the mounh. They recoh
are tcday or whether we are going actve at once, be they reach
to adopt the policy of having small your stomach full strength- not
Institutions in the districts to take weakened with water.
neceselsitous cases of persons who All Chemists sell Rennles.
are impotent, and keep the Houses "
of Refuge as a sort of infirmary for It
destitute persons."
Dr. Maclennan went on to say
that it was proposed to spend
$SO,000 on House of Refuge sanita- A
tion, but in addition to that there
was the question of nurses and
Mr. McDonald Moses pointed to
the fact that in San Fernando and
at La Brea there were homes for
the poor being run by private en-\
terprlse, and stated that they re- '&
quired some financial assistance. u..
He suggested that an Islani-wi '
examlnatloa should be made with
a view to formulating a ccmpre-
hensive plan.
"The Immediate institution* with LEG SO R ES
which we are concerned," said Dr.
Maclennan. "are Port-of-Spain and
Tobago. We have to apend money So Healed
and I think we will have to have Soon H ale
the policy cleared up. We d, not
want to spend money now if we 0 youseuperwithhlegssermbleealt, o e f'eleoo ,
are goin t c tmear them thickly with Zam-vluk Iand bede
are going to change the policy op. The vluable herbast eil in Zam.Suk ar
next year." lay absorbed into the skin,'thuts oolthI|RIPO
..... _nd = ni r :uleflarmmtlton. Zm.guk drli ev
dilchark make diseased skin healthy $4 beMe
DELEGATES PICKED Wjs a& scar. Sold by all mediine1 d011n,
Six delegates from the Apollo Ba Sure To Smear On
Social Club-Mr. Lisle F. Lashley,
Miss L. Glttens, Miss S. Marcelin,
Mr. Irwin MacMillan and Mr.
Bruce Collymore-will attend the Z eu By v y
Youth Council Congress at the .Ritutarly Every Night.

Nerveaumess, texsexess, MOr.edm
andf/its of depressi m come frtw man,
disturbances of health, o e/ which b
may he a Vitamin B-Complex deficiency.
These "nerve" vitamins are in Fle u cmn's -o
fresh Yeast. Take regular)y. /
Fleischmann's Yeast is one ol the richest nU a
ral sources of the Vitamin B-Complex. Ta-i
twice daily, half hour before meals-plain
or mashed in fruit juice, milk or water.

Fliscm nIYes

Deep-cleansing lather-that
ivea you personal freshness.
Superior mildness that
guard. the complexion. *
SThere's a special ingredient
in Lifebuoy Health Soap that
makes it extra mild and gentle
in action.


L~feuOY ~alt UseIt wisely
difficult toget, K u pI dy |
and with economy. n Paceclo
I wl the ha'n&ds1 rub with 1
,a then ne tI g. yo
t he dry tablet wiat gie a Yohud
0,40gh lather for s*adhns
a L5VER mseo
X-tHt 551 -756-ES_______


Harsh Cathartics



Possession Immediately
$2000STREET, This Delicious
$20o,00 Natural Food

No. 15 (a) MUCURAPO


No. 10 PETRA ST. I Crisp, .,wchy ALL-MAN I
Woodbrmok sev i e.sempe.I
1 -Hanh doinl is Bad the way to
E etolastinfrtheSfrohtttpMtm.1 i
Noy.o5 --your. mbST T
No. 5. SATH STREET, i cu mytttl. I
Ent and of Park Street -Fr na.retfa=nBmo em



,,- ,, -, i .i..

" He won't be hlw tiN he it."
A fratment from slaertr iidft8 which
became on of Pers' beu know

making Pears Transparent
for the WVar Effort, and

SOME of the
special ingredi-
ents used in
Soap are needed
we are glad to

supply them. But that means, of course,
that your old friend Pears Soap will
not be available until after the war.
Then we look forward to supplying your
needs again.


-tht name to look f/or after the wart
i ,. ..a m a sw

&.PT *S-IN

9. MI UNI Xt-a. Lee ONO. INIL>AO



* The srm that cams e colds, cugh, ad mor
thres we ams always present Ia thi mouth.e
Usuwly they cause o luh*m. But when wet chiL
ing wether briap swv vital, it's time o m
tak sanAbk precuadous.
Lissutr, kills hee r.. umm ..A ga uly |
M ic fl. h th-er ".,"

^ ''.*i!* .4* ^

Iation catel AU-s
M~~to^.ha The fnt4 M
dw~ MMOHW Yaw ywot
1=W~wB~lf ia

a,,,, ,~'



San Fernando are hereby notM s Tg S g mRbd' T E.
that in order to prevent their pro- am__b Nit o dKEW, TOig
parties from being put up for aft Mj. t- 5 b5owi ?
all arrears of House and Water iW'te stin^h'tDeM i '
SRates, and Electric Lighting Loaa, wr t ys ay need C a
up to and Including those for the edp to tit
year 194IM2, and charges, must be Titi 'e ijTL
paid before 31st July. 1944 leanrme.Tatm scmod/nsto^
They help wak T up a Irsu Bo o( the8M
_~~ dtfemtve |uic-n your .xUMeb NDbol
It. M. Scott, Iepyoudiest'ltyruhsvetCBmNsttwrf
R. M.* Scot own way
Town Clerk. Then mast folks set th kind A r eitkM
Town Hall, makes you feel better from yV Med to w
San Fernando. _e. Jt t e et th ecu l CMa i
15th July, 1944. 1l Pitru vo nr Pr:,






L_ .,.-qf~


-F-. -" '- "~ --. +

two=" !' UsmOWi ,rn.. m- N
I 'DA "| "* =--'-'-" 'S~fV w t.-m=,+r ^yjSS'i iiiiaSlJb S w^^+^ANOOC~aMBRAN i~i
pia i-5.
ina.3 h % = fu v u

L i- "'- -"Sa'-^''T 4 Tu'-"uc'm gs* aims. &a 1h0ns, --"
SM. 6N1 m, O, W~m +_ai!
Oft or "Mi
SeMISSal aSttlla u.
*B- m X-CiwAi- *nt-^ am SXtiMJi- i M Mr*:x St'u*u^*C* -'** i "-* -* mm tio 11" *Jwudl.-veN w in Dm-i LW I,, H -
7 ,Itol f m o l
BA -i -- --i "*E gas"& ._I_ --. ---- A L

K r= --- + Jr:.S^ 'SS K E^ ^ ^ ES S^ +.vtS ^I'-Sw

olanC a" +-M& L Wan, = I 49M -- -f AVH "M & l ; -, .
ftI IISM o=ni I. m a No. k* iuea No% to lleby rtsa ta J rt is
S-1MI1TS :,"m..' Ium.a. 0aa,& m m ,m A 99.time ~I5&o-" rildred,
WN 1 r m AMEia I~I

^sT^L'^Jl yrBA5 LE 41111 11.-ff Awmaill s~ ss. J1611 *^'^ft '21k apl@ ow U ~s~ w

.5S --.' .-i> 2 ^. aLA' ffis',K^ ISdm *SL ittm, +m',??_*,m **" I ;- A ct^mtmSS ~ %"bf,5S?^-ll"*S~a>S I2 a1." jI1a4Sa oi1t 14S1u+ie B RB
vo7SSIFIE. 's 4M"U8mC s n OWapng 4 amammz z 4"an=01

.. ...'^E & ^ O s .s *T tffa -L-'----- <*"'' g Ud Oass la--'y sy 'S ^ ^FH S s^ A 1^ --% il S(A ~thsil) t FB
N" to, .-a, M_ "a"s, 40 s-mtt .p-t "-..-my .Fanam

_______ '.--.... *S ^ ...lA^.j.. "^ w ee- t SC4Tt+uaPiSS@%B: iwt MIR Bl~mo...nt ZlL .--m -- 1,4 mamgmow* t" mbew ll m Itw M O -l r oili11

I & l o u lsw i l ys "S6 .6C Ut ol b p u-6 y mm p t o" I I r t ar k e e &R a.l I s ilt. .

141.- R "' '' '-" - -I
lapplit dattopa.Frialhum ~~ maraomda Jtew It. JIt".AMOND4=. bfi~ts ~ ISI ko .i.o8 icn tn

.. ..AU. n joa, i M, a-ln "ei tLdecS uut DUSe t0rty-f ive I-3l'u I
an ts 0 4Plane S.oa-.IYIOP t..d M'.Lll'f, r.uSt. r
Cream,--Anat BIS $11TfO FtU

is~yri- --' lO*uB RAD>--O WO -t! i ntd fe tAa)l! ha P O. Pha a g. Apply 1%. O t fr 4 pm.--

o p 'eas OamI 1 H s^K. ^ yaSIti 'olse- waneoirmt. c' cadl 3 "lM. oroe Oseeott. -een. a t. a ess dw st o rt
w________tt._____d__d_____.____heM INS m, t Unr O tIA aud smwVlrme uiw eao on b P R a
a ..... - nt- Sowea |e C
,.._ -.-m l g lilit ltOo m AGtARcIIU FOEa. i ,AL.. t#Vldi~ edg aeae. o .mo--d. 5d. ~ae4b tI.ls ta bm Iounded onth Noartanth. 0058ro

NL pe es St--- ?^^It,^5^^ Curepe.-- dS a nd W^ SPROSo tie es
Mu.'sowlo sm, ny. 1 St ituak on the slandl

poost S CAN 'Citrus 0 sl otir bi softt ITph
rx La MAID -ni .....~ii MAAIN ,U-^at^ 2*m^3&llRiif--K l** *lul~ "*-'S-eli- m?.*am "'H oM~iL A IGT S~^ to S tb~o.u OK nwBne on wthe EIMstr Aelh W*beaj
|WUA C .M .s.+ SODAlla t MDI fA1 I AL l- ......a. 'M ..e im w,... d tlorarvo dlr. iOnsU WeleSooda
'oneret -Wu W . 5 h;g,, t< 'alyJa am S-t -wr;ry--'- "' ---; tE. water. het Im edana a +lte oaa ma. eIU YO IV C N O D -I ol f ande, o l

"Tre D "taeo tsne ...... ... ,OO a.A .l fro vond t floor 1en Ad )it. --v*u;yP -HIi L. pie' ,eyl' .h ....departed H rry e dcng upon w od Llnlle yO ar
(Ol AIl~le rq~e..PY- lWstIN "1HES k ugtm pl iNs. e ,--e U . . I Ri h~ ao. I__ D .IG-IN_.lg_ m t and wio h the sabd ttala Rond Roand.4l t

^ esiaa teean^rnia ^OO DI uj*^: ^ scu Abo as.A L-i a-- 4038. Roriae-Ag *. TUIION
S'--u~y U (. opotn ty otrErIquCe LYArsy. 10 out R16.rdaiGeR tsAUOL 11 50TT MOO 1.rederic 8t 6s. PJu-t-an. -A ll. ,. Fpl Iiontrc~aNl 31 13Srtc Avre. hat I.+v b- e' 'wn ie Voltumae 2up Fof i 623a mand o urhr
--~it- j~DR 135.~ ~Aue KdwadoArgeat cohdair Oa thetbase

ii po-it yCell a gens Ala iy, town o.. h byeOa,,amo. -ui Oy Mh.f Thelr NHg he, r A.ng, Ote moglTa t v "v c Iae dbune:o-te1ot....r.
* ^aao.auom^ ^^ *^ VAAi'w oaS aFrad.-jfh- ceARSPL 4D hrhn o yewttlg ia iL-U H of enour ath rIe Chief Jutie. t... e m,-a'. ofa...I
n ,s as. r' nt". f r 0tree" ot. m e Teteno- n u Id) .~ "z. Coc a, ^.^T2 ad aoarety .o.-A" fIA0 Dted tha 2t day- o, Juy 1 a.
R..de"a is..r.e. nd rr .... -tou-..ATI ...E. n (r a a rD a .ad,. o h oe coceeo the i- A SO O ; V.A. CHAND Ro A.
MIF D tiiNe Oa s-- A -T o lU.-'-fe-d 1 ai tultS Awr1 ..u[y II E 3O

hA-1l *t t rit two 3 y P -- ...DONI a O O. l Iucti3O o A. pi mlsl.e r a_
e __.+:.=+--_....o:: ,l +-An- ".m ., C KT+'+ 'o' :'Juy 0 pl.. C,.. .a no, "..t., forrA= .non),.Bo,. moa--, mO IC

-la- ."-wl-g PA.O ...A...ox- -.. .d oteoly thSTe ,st n. ------- d a r.ON E ..OT.. AN ar ovmnAI. M jt f Ac n or vrMn. pplyt i il

WA..t. COPTN +-.-OR +...gn.lyfni.Wil o fho. Bt*f.ApyCa. Moo.o ..1.. -- +--- b-,-A M-n dally +-':+' B p"m ,oba~t AnI Mfo.d, .1 .t A- PU LI NO IC is here-
~B i lV (or Apply Age c ord BuA- H do, RESORTu sn F ando Br- .-' m M. >t 0 C lo S W d r eS-A M o e of lb Ro1dTn OrUderand t W s l IIuIta

wase, P i_ ....... a'- Ltemor i v ~ tPc A R- A NT 1 O t ; e MAG AIN SUSRlt IDA IRE Chew pe Ea~l- sl Eart au+. Pu.m a. .t r J o td 05i ii.t Ar u 0 R ~bylronnoo thtrweet.-o-eJteasa y 30m
ol rllSpospon Me,.tM t., ti-

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bn64Vv ll etAIitfl.. Choirs I,.be.-+-oo-n a u,n olc.-. ., .,.+ +. ,v -..--July,. +..U#,A FU R NIT U REP
we 6 sSoar. bok. baII nlj I t iitier whsat endfoa DA1.tII NULDGING.___Bachelors____l-cality yu lik 1-P5ay okn ye rtr n in y LIa onMl,2PotbePoorps At ls a

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a e--oee A Point F studentKariApplyS. tduie .uPoa|etySic rtis"tadi"r e R -NSN 'occursell hehn a C ieut M eto S Aeu ce eureAM
I l S OAeu AND tLODGING Idelutotphn ,o 4r -tr uttomS ~n111 ad Spri ngs
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LI S usie eFOR l 5Sat tllIaeAila ioyeSALnd DtUO55, IS isajvr At, UA. 70Peta. Street' Bvaratar~ia, l ateswvsleos e T- abitl. ie W s. cris Cais, G Rde ldedsadstns A H Ma es ige Irn BdT e d y

C1a7 Stfreet co r.-I 8 oc~e e. lul aJlyi ilamir c ,t TO de l nata dn, a ipar e.. m ht ari.n Street. Porto.- F IVE OLIIE A YELLO W I E... .S 3tea Raon Siew itn g d a n LO
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+tubi Writs sOd OR 0 U5, paAuA~o 1L"orelbm'* ul te'Ju a lko lySv 5a 1544. strom ea l tioe. 0l00. ow 1er`and1mkre g ftse.odW IwiSnCRe ET,40. M.ITr.WhoisC e
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.-A-rSingle.l-ieal n .-. .and GlasfroteeftlegrAe- A tiip OROAISD BY HE CATHEDRA ig HOLY
-. e-t -ne -. M-tra-aa -AIA STR1" W2E-A5hO DronRndWhteMaeREO SA LE DoeBrakfatJOSe.Alm.an

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TUMON b~~~~~IA. SAS MTRPUP I 1 011 UFFESo AISIXMUDL1LVOIJ Augu st er,.I (n S.P-7 crAs. Compleraeteeda 7BTO T ET A "O .. a l Tbes5.CarLvnsoG ap .TbeadC
inae npretsc~g ooi A A:iy mli ep A Ull' 1,6ASeauIu Nome. ALFBor e ach u _milelng._F1111_________________o_ ltICreamTO TUE ST. M

MiN s ,oVICE puiap t ,oivastit. Apply; -. Many..#A, 51.m--, SALE "t"aesu .U"ti rtlta" RELIEW'FUND
wC ca ''afte S"c t.VV&MII |nteiMV.w a t. ^1 i FM SALE F o ROPGRAMM-PART 1.
N, a5, any, s a require., any quantity. Ay ASnaM.. UL aODR.N1111.um. a _--NoOB rrol-Bowi insltructionsNDfroe Mr.
SSeMi.Ne -te im, -. sued.---a-Aa'-MDERManufaocturingNBusiness.ly US C .nIawhoIsleavingr
IM XID mveSt C.eot SM-UG tAIEMasauNde tKUAigtSrnAMD r..U Malya anufcturng Bsineby Ave.P V ouage Orchestra, conducted by Fr. Maibl
^iWU SIE O^ w. -L I". S OeLD A MA L 5fse l ein. d arv e cR.aSf. Pies.,; "Ave Mala Boxd 34eimeatS
lBasn, a4ts; m suite. aaesial Ii, e, ta Millet. t. Vianmt gaurxfsa G1ia 2
4u 1;4I . ts &4... ... ... . ...c t .. b e t ., e t .eayewo d.-A e t 05,0 P o t o C on- no' W9th July.t 194 a 12.3 m. a--inb. "n s n- O ,
WD 4wr a %,#;A &W6!O *-*010910 0"",M "" Wlrm 3M -~ oer im wa W 4 CentralLoctio iwell-Pturni u e. as :h r-S OPHONME Z SOW:4: Lmeoe r nelit b by .

^ K~a ansia- ruto wtt oot5. &ws Alsdaiia *ftwfek St. Ja-l s.-Al---- --4' -Sy ^ "'" Dl"*-'
NOT36fGeneral.0"1. t1 j ______ _____-T- AT'Ot: "Ounga Din," by Mrs. A
tO... ... l ass?. A StS e1s. WriteV#* mmvsot4y AND.a e- "Map am& On orr S e, One Cabinet MrO (s 'fsr'. At*5
an -a O i .Aot. Moem a. 4. i A.. I eth xS LAnd B wt Cit I l- Est | MO-V A_ nm. l '. . g. l. m'r m'mb eS by.Jlygtt fwtt, o [d- .Tlc NOY9, 0 i forimiriiiiri iOi by Mr. McDonSla i carpenter .
.-n- - --0-c---eS. _be a. .. . . . . . . . .. OA6 1 14S0 B o xS d B oa1d O e C h in a DninitE OOie S uY b y J i tv, L o ca A rtcs ta c i
- UPBVIAWS NR~NG FOB sALkI-b% AIL%. 110 VoR 0.0. 1NU*44 11stULT ASWIsSand &..AM t5 t duh Re-S Pcatiti o- leet wi ng FveLocl rtits
.,.,,oLi. -a lm, Seww.. y ,,- p m'. "a Jun. walk from- nit- ,a. a ,doGuardian." eosmtNewe-- m--n "QUARTE oTE "by M r. c X
bueinoss Wilabe carriedt0 ateout rost. Table. ne t,-McoL 2Ser ng 3 K ftMWSIW. H_ OueVWraA. A. &
&1dItU oma ig" se90 ers- Anuge. I edfr Dep t .s.twilSeim us aeWsd wt it atherisoise
*on 1061__W.CD sbanMam-ll Your Bs hnT. ribi. ne4 t O Oa 8 -S9ONG: "IMi Be Seeing YOu." by Mr. Chin
t~luS EIlAA sioIIsGaiurili Mw CadignWion iA S NOb-eaker guea tat -ug. ryIWithO..JusOieslC ane- ThsmlgTa On SoeStnd
sa--oI Vroa Cio -JulyO aeTable. One, ols. -DANCE:"The U MSa&i Wl." ors01
as m"aOespy s i r ess i sseaJaesesa-. s ft g a"CePlansLand s W ISHT11OIP MustmreieSell. ~ ll h a ~ E
m0aX aeW eek at d Gcaein 0"oguave-Alls. 0at I sB Street, "an FrsteG. eo n*; reltrienidea ad eusttomabathat effaetive lcas.u tx U a m aw sa
O&ei--r guest t o- MOFFrAT ,-frimm o ,l lr 'ime&1 &-' 1. MI r Ou t hlour. will be8-_-- _-- _-_t woa Uain) tZt.2 .AK--A T IL
te Satowda.., MatO2..to4.3 p.M.dailTaote, 1-GAVOTZTE-trom Sli te inD. b St. Mal'
wi oa ve.iI Cd bII k SANI ARY LAUNDRY CO.. LTD. ( lStl osdUCW =by Maiben, CS
see). Br a m notl.aftOsleerv ber cuts a 0ArE sate &-mote lathe sllsuMed lw.s w* aw2-41ONG: "I Hear you i e Cl
Wrtg--t-.e-B --- --- -, -(,ery- p..-iwce.t.a. a '-docou- by Maibe- C.8
wor kevesM. S" ingle ,-ee.-.ie"Ges--it tm p ~ .t.e,--Aui. 2 CARONI aL.D. wa I', 1___ e I o m ons(mm o-p o).
Is OUP0el 4e S1,LAY. Tom sl nmr na '.Dv r i4a a. Bed. I Vlhfl__
LatE! LIIIA a'le e. m gmee Night-I . 4' SIir' l5m I--PIANO SirOW: "DayoU (leuaan .l
Red4'am be umroe .rm Mtr 1Rbe.
aSeoo Motr = sawCycla 1nul a"t e te.o eRa PERIONAL NOTICS-a
--+" Mulesy for eveSaaleoo tht os S I abll'* b J
'b o R'i=*UI 1.S rA o"A" radwS44,Ier 11161kIa ", __am o Inolaer I pisi tr U'Wf ~a ) i acle not wt 5-Y N SOW: 11SfnCOztO",(0
me F Z-1-00%in a) wits
Sasa.. eletrn *OR. *iOMMsi =Ea`n1Tomas, nor do a&iid myself re-
at1at, M.t I-- byher, a hmrimeale.
mce*, ram i 1 I'M;g Ai 01A 05t30I",CYRIL, T.HOMAS. Apply to the Manager 01Itlo em on vu' Prom 3Mto da, 7t m-iSO LO C shar. g.sar wais I
bM at AN Sho a lseo -+for.W : vf Of.00311
as besge ,, 0.1below.o lal l od. n ol oserof Waterloo Estate. ,9 -D- ww sota : M Artla Marula by Pa
UNIT ,.a atn mi ndi-arerwa Dm roaire 11114 lpop 00w TEUM-2% AS- X as t141 11141 S-4M (C : "Milrthdolenl.e by "/wdvePrett2
Peatoms m .,,a .qV&41111, er ,a",h.im .seI, Caropichoima or the lams. n, Go* 3 o" GO1 iA
-IL.14 SAM "iJi- Iem ooor.a,,.No ....ANIELf 0ad e...V*t,. Manager, Caroni Estate. (Sud) CEAO
"@a IRK,.NJ=of b ellit m (,tCo
ase e ra,-July pp I -Ave. I -wat o I -

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