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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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rijUDH XAQATMRS, July 26 (Reuter)-'n
b ve n hcweZ d the width of their
,il*m stretchln right seros the base of tli
at on* poInt are reported to have brol
l to a depth o some five miles.
tdeor west -
iyui Dunnett. T
w henhet S
t tU.S. Bombed

Attack Tar

In Vienna
ROME, July 26 (ReutA
dreds of American heavy
from the Mediterranean
Austria again today and
targets In the Vienna aj
Sbweather obscured th
and results were not dli
N. eisENHowan3 During the morning
B: t -a. nd formation. bombed Berat
Son themnS Albania and Mustang
a over the Zagreb area.
tCoutanees. RAP. heavy bombers I
-mpe'rn. U75the ta made another boa
In at- tactCk last night on the
a ning they industrial centre of Stutt
ormidable de- on the previous night, th
kJ General Omar was concentrated in 15
j ained ground od by the time the bon
one be- argoe fires had taken h
.d Perieres and were spreading.
i, St. LO. More Bomber Command also
90m have been again last night at C
dwindling oil supplies. On
Front south of force of Halifaxes bomi
sm a day of con- synthetic oil plant in the
troops. The OGer- addition to these two ma
I to interfere by tions squadrons of .
v counter-attacks dropped many 4,0001bs. N
B.B.C. re- Berlin and Budapest. Brez
from this front. Mannheim were also be
tkf been beaten off Heavies attacked flying
r __ launching rl'es In northernn
SyPrereres. Robert and there was the usual
tIM General Brad- ing in enemy waters. F
I 'forward a mile these operations 13 Allied
k light of the are misinR.
Twelve hours after last
big RAF. attack on Stu
wXWMNTS recornaissanee pilot this
1 at Supreme saw big clouds of smoke
t say as part fires still burning in the c
the enemy Is The bomIbrs dropped
up below Caen, 27,000 heavy incendlary I
itii more re- we'l as another great w<
y the 2nd hh exoloslves. The ere
division has e 'd ended their long trip
the west side ______lht
the Germans ---------
ng in heavy
the A Robots Batter
t that thmes 4fffl r a
regain London Area
the village of .ONDON, July 26 (A
of the high Germans battered Lond
.. southern England with
SJ-a not been too bombs at regular interval
SNormandy to- the night. R.A.F. night
'planes have been plastered flying bomb I
l to make the platforms in northern Fr.
gc-bombers and Raid Wardens reported t
gt put in some Ing the raids incondlarte
port of both the ently were dropped as r
Mean forces, In several place in the
W line more air- counties suggesting that t
S0, their attacks were employing a new de,
[Reuter said the 0
tt B.B.C. re- sent more flying bomi
With the United southern England at Ir
Army, says that today and anti-aircraft
and medium les and RA.F. flghtex
IWdreds of sorties a heavy toll of the born
Irom the moment one area this afternoc
enough for them were shooting them d
2k. Most of their the rate of one bomt
XIAn strcnrgpolnts two minutes].
the advancing In- .-
Sthat Germa The Queen Vs
,Wy active hast
At first, lightAmerican ou
ftrtd o1 enemy LONDON, July 26 (Reut
from this are Majesty the Queen today
WT UNCHANGED informal visit to an Ameri,
has been reported tary hospital near the
in the British British University city ol
Osen. Lleut .-Oen. She was, received by the
DeMey's troops, States Deputy Commande
Ida and the United European Theatre of 0
fighting amnio Lieut -General Lee and Cl
t aition of tnhe geol Major-General Holer
SMne and ar e pin- of the wards Her lMaJesty
0Mderable force of with an American soldier
r u artillery and wounded in the Normane
ing. He was Richard
, the Coanadian in. Alvares from New Mexico
Sa German the met 1st Lieut. John 1
t village ", American paratrooper ft
thse re ha. Bronx. New York and al
t1 with shell and him hOw the Bronx got
'thirn. n yster- e admitted that he did n
r b reported Then General Lee sme to
O S' dent says cue and offered $20 to any
iol dentg car- the ward who could tell th
11be faigters aut how the Bronx got i
fighters supprtin There was no answer I
ersy sppoting patients until Capt. T
11mm of nA.?. Bronx man. saved the
sa tonf bombed said he thought It got t
oWtowns 50 from an old Dutch couple
I tonai nd their H tle^s Johannes and Pete
Shot down fr and General Lee nrompt
Which tried to Capt. Tooney the $20.
be R.A.F. aircraft -
thi ak. 1,104 Jap Junk
rhlht en gaeg in
a Pou In Hunan Sunk
|-I. .e troops CHUNGKTNO, July 26
1 nl menti came StUwel's communique ted
, i1. in 111 and that during past months
e ileppe raid In Hunan campaign (China
Bowl province) the United
-t4th Air Force have sunk
Iaged 1,104 Jlnks. 61 mot
sues ches. 24 steamers tad ma
-(Riuter).,-..ir As a result of these
nS aSu w losse I n river craft and N
5,, of Ai. hildes the Japanese mI1
~hdpla m Slywithdraw to points
IlINM their main supply bess

"U.S. Take Part
??%,3- Of Tinian Islan




Jap Fox


Hn-brs U.S. Marines elgn oft
v rto ing a demolition charge to
tacked off any enemy soldiers
targets .

afternoon ,'I-

'"*^S1"^WAMaW~TN. July
UJtLd., the ?l:As-mxcmv s 4Jwy 0o
~ ~ 12 b Aism" im
ssa ,. r.s, forc
,,iM .te K tth eMe northern fe
emm~am tkw 400
-e Tlaa ligatd In the I
ta ad added that the A
*j i B1E' iBnR- tee lin ente ndit beo b i l%. a point on t
eMa oo A4, % A4P a ot

P0W44rA131W WAD3X, THURSDAY, JULY 27, 19


KFall Near

New Zealanders
Spearhead Drive
On City
ItOE, July 26 (AP)-Spea.-
headed by a New Zealand infan-
ty and tank force, Eighth Army
forces today punched strongly to-
ward' Flore..ce which has been de-
elared an open city hy the Ger-I
Inmas and therefore should fall!
without a struggle once Its defences
are breached.
Trhe New Zealanders were
within eight miles of its Mti-
skirts yesterday,
The Nazis. mean.
while, were dol.
!~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~If outm-L-- ----m--J I1 %1' to t hi


Shaw Celebrates
88th Birthday
LONDON, July 26 (AP)-
George Bernard Shaw was 8
years old today.
Asked for his views on cer-
tain post-wai' problems, Shaw
answered the written question
in shorthand with a note say-
ing he lacked time to tran-
scribe it.
"By George Bernard Shaw,
London, special: 'Do I believe
lasting peace can be assured by
a close working and vigorous
post-war alliance of the Big
Four- Britain, the United
States, Russia and China'?
"No. Lasting peace cannot
be assured by any measures at
present possible. Even a post-
war alliance of the Big Four
cannot be assured. People who
clamour for assurances and be-
curity are public nuisances.
Whatever arrangements follow
the war. we must still live dan-
gerously whether we like it or


I.L.O. Future

LONDON, July 26 (Reuter)-
Mr. Ernest Bevin, Labour Minis-
,er, wound up the debate in the
lpuse of Commons today o to
future of the International La-
bour Organisation. He declared:
"As I see it, the I.L.O. is planned
to dovetail into whatever other
international organism that may
He said he could not say whe-
ther the headquarters of the I.L.O
would be moved but it would hav:.
to be brought closer to the people
themselves. He said it was in that
spirit that the British Government
proposed a meeting of Joint com-
Mr. Bsevin said there was going
on at the moment great commer-
cial discussions among the United
Nations, and one of these days
"one of my colleagues will con.e to
the House to report what these
commercial proposals are."
They would have to accept the
agreement on Its merits and the
proposals would ha/e the same ef-
fect as the commercial and diplo-
macic agreements which had al-
ways been accepted, and when that
position was reached, he declared,
the I.L.O. will become an effec-
tive instrument.

Japs On Aitape
Try Break-through
27 (AP)-It was announced this
morning that small Japanese pat-
rols were trying to break through
the American lines across the
Drlnlumor River on the Aitape
front. Fighter 'planes and patrol
torpedo boats attacked the Japanese
base of ManokwarL, damaging
barges, fuel dumps, trucks and
bivouac areas. Manokwari is on
the New Guinea mainland, 50 miles
west of American-occupied Noem-
foor Island. Bombers from the
southwest Pacific area smashed an
airdrome and supply areas on
Woleal Island in the Caroline.
with 27 tons of explosives.

Chinese Moving
Into Loyang
CHUNGKINU, July 26 (Reuter)
-The Chinom High Command re-
ports that in the Province of Hu-
nan, Chinese troops are moving
Into the railway town of Loyang,
captured by Japanese several
weeks ago In their drive beyond

Jap Premier Holds
Important Talks
Tokyo radio said Premier Kunaki
Koiso, after a Aix-hour session on
Tuesday of all the member of the
new Japasm Celinet, held "1m-
portant soesferende" thib morning
at his otein resideace with a
number of t ter S It
Chamber To Hear From

Parley DPa*t"
Meetng of the Chamber of Coo,-
iH-c Friaj.Julyidt, --s ad-
tIe to SanJ. toro-.


YE2lOW PEA-4s pn ..........W....


1 GR~BN?~I;,;;55 phie. *..............*.


Russians Ta

In Estonia:

Key Town



ese foxnole on BIPp MUs an d' vs I ,g, m- tot w e '
eoen the nest, and rifle to pick southern portlor '] ,'
attempt to flee.-(AP photo), of Pisa the fat'
___________________ they promised
Florence shouk b

acros lthe Am 11
Dr. Goebbels '-'--I A-"
D r. jois River enemy gun
continued to pum r
shells into th
Gives Accounte American sections, o t
Aerican sections.,U
apparently in a N. A-XANOER
S~,, P ot ~ an effort to break any possible pre-
O f Pl t paratlons for an American assault
Sto cross the stream.
NEW YORK, July 26 (AP),-- I Correspondents with the
Dr. Joseph Goebbels. giving what Fifth Armvy in Pisa say. ac-
he called a full report of last cording to Reuter, that the
Thursday's bombing of Hitler, de- Germans have fortified the V
dlared tonight he was "convinced city and are using the famous
that there is no disaster and no leaning tower as an observa-
danger which would not In the last tion post. Up to now the Al-
turn to our favour." lies have not fired a single
Goebbels said: 'f the plot had round of artillery against Pisa e
succeeded, the efforts of millions as they want to protect as far
and million would have been as possible Its historic buld-
thrown to nothing. Misfortune ings and monuments.1
would have overcome the Germans
at the hands of the worst king BREAKTIIROUGHI[ 1OOMS
criminal-the small thief who rais-
ed his hand to shut off the dearest A break-through across the
life in our work." Arno to drive the enemy b'ak Into
He acknowledged that all those the Gothic Line loomed as one of (
accused of participating in the al- the major undertakings of tilhe
leged plot had not been arrested Italian campaign, ranking with the
or killed, breakout from the Salerno beach- t
I Six Flying Fortresses have head, the crossing of the Volturno, c
flown over Germany dropping the breaching of the Gustav and I
millions of leaflets telling the Hitler Lines and the smashing *
German people cf the split t- of the Velletrl-Valmontone de- 0
tween the Army and Hitler. fences In front of Rome.
They flew over Kiel, Stettin, For this reason there is someC
Stuttgart and other places
where the first signs of a break- possibility that the mayor on-,
up appeared in 118' during th laugh might be delayed until
last war.l General Sir Harold Alexanders t
Recounting the events of July 20, could mass major forces of the
he said: "in the afternoon the ifth and Eighth Armies along the
conspirators started pulling thetentire river line from the west
threads. The perpetrator of the coast to Florenw..
crime, Count Stauffenberg, camte ( qtetra, reports that the
to Berlin in a courier 'plane be MledUfEaen -Air Forces flew
announce that the Fuehrer was about 1,700 sorties yesterday
dead. for the loss of 28 aircraft.
"The commander of the Berlin Today, American heavy bomb-
garrison, Remer, was faithful, how- ers from Italy attacked mill-
ever, and he got In touch with me tary targets in the Vienna area
and later 'phoned direct to the of Austria. The heavy bombers
Fuehrer and thus the forged orders had an escort of Lightnings t
were circumvented." I and Mustangs.) c]
He charged that Moscow, London b
and Washington "had a hand" in Gubblo Hostages
the plot to kid Hitler, and said the Ret T H m
"expiosivo used was British, and turn To Homes
the moan who made the attempt
was connected with British aria. By LYNN HZINZERLING f
ATITALY, July 26 (AP)--The lost r
AT FUEHRMSE'S FEET hcatages of Gubbio returned s
He said Stauflenberg took the to their homes today as their Oer- c
bomb into Hitler's headquarters in man keepers fled Into the hills t
an attacne case and "in a moment and Father Superior Peter Bap- P
pushed it right under the Fuehrer's tiste Michell of St. Ubaldo Mon-
feet." He said the "explosion was artery, where the hostages were
such that officers were thrown out held for a month, told how the
of a window and their uniforms Nazis had tried to employ him as
torn. General Korten, who stood a spy. I
behind the Fuehrer, wa. seriously Some of the 230 civilians freed
wounded and died on Saturday." from the monastery said the Ger-
Goebbels asserted that three mans warned them they would be K
generals were Included In the at- machine-gunned if they attempted to
leged plot, including one "who so to escape, c,
far had excelled In his conduct of One man. a relative of one of JS
the war only through the charac- the hostages, was shot to death f
teristic that he was wont to sabo- hotto dea
stage every big decision." He did as he was bringing food to the Ii
not name the generals, monastery because he failed to
He said: "They intended to get obey the Germans' Instructions. ni
the whole German Government in During their occupancy of the n
their hands. They intended to de- monastery, the Germans used the a
troy everything, in the meantime upper storey as an observation post 10
and threatened to kill the host -
(PLEASE TURN TO pAGE 3, col.. ages if the Allies attacked. C

U.S. Denounces Farrell Regime t
For Deserting Allied Cause t
WASHINGTON, July 26 (AP)-The United States Government
tonight denounced Argentina for "deserting the Alled cause,"' and at
decisively rejected all suggestions that it negotiates with the Farrell
regime on the re-opening of diplomatic relations. Instead It recom-
mended that the tnLited States and other American nations enforce
diplomatic isolation of Argentina. It also urged that non-recognition P
of Argentina should continue until "there has been a fundamental
change in the Argentine policy in favour of the cause against the fi
Axis, and support of inter-Amerlcan unity and common action."
Mr. Cordell Hull, US. Secretary ---
of State, In a public statement, Indicating that the United n
charged the military Government States could no longer remain In.- c
of. Argentina with having "de- diffMerent to the pro-Nazi acts of
serted the Allied cause." thereby Argentina under Its wartime
striking a powerful blow at the foreign policy, Mr. Hull said that er
whole inter-American orginia- Argentina had taken "spasmodic ri
tion. Mr. Hull stated that Argo- token gestures of co-operation." tl
tina had "opeol and ntoriousaly However. Mr. Hull said thee II
been given affirmative assistance saetse constitute nothing new, de- c
1 the declared t enemies of the cdatrg they "merely demonstrate o
United Natson the futility of any effort to decide I
Announcing the Irrevocable do- the Issue of recognition by refer- to
termination by the United State moe to isolated acts of apparent M
not to recoglise the present re- Implementation of a break In
im of Farrell. M. Hull declared relations,"
at fre republics of this hemi- Mr. Hull discused lengthily the Il
Iphee' AM, win honour bound to course Argentina had taken durtigt>
preerve the Intgrity" of the war years. He said that ex-Pred-
princilPe and orgaisation of in- dent Rami.e broke with the Axis.
ter-Amerlans. but "extremist o-Axisa elements" c
ALIDO VIOLAT1D within hi Oovemmenast forced the
. .lmlnato f Ro kesand d ,hisre
Mr. Hull further charged Ar- a eoliaberataor because of g
gemutna with having -deliber'ately thir 11110101110,tolbush with the aft.
violated the pledge taken o mg t t
t e i e e The Farrell Governmentfrmly-
064against the Ao, i owers. Since -eea&, o.,, a rek with. .
the dsr of ths Allis easode~e t~ Ax~is.^
tagaipnste this lslplsseartt m -_________________iiiiri iin 1111 o

eflatw eeors of action. which Mfi~ l~l
Ies gite. esamtn -o 11w esusisNBll~lIW


Confers With

Polish Premier
By RANDAL NEALE, euter's
Diplomatic Corrspondent.
LONDON, July 2 (Reuter)-
Considerable importance is attach-
ed in political quarters in London
to the conversation which the
Polish Prime Minister had with Mr.
Wins.on O.iurchill. British Prime
Minister, last night. In these quar-
ters attention is centered on Mr.
Mickolajczyk's offer, understood to
be still open, to fly to Moscow and
talk with Stalin.
It is believed the door has not
closed on such a move which is
more and more being looked upon
as affording the best, if not the
only chance of solution. Mean-
while, the Polish Cabinet met this
morning, and again this afternoon.
A correspondent says there is
liltlie doubt that the possibility of a
personal visit to Moscow by the
Polish Primne Minister has been
Polish circles in London say that
recent developments have had no
effect upon resistance In Poland.
The Underground Army continues
to act upon Instructions received
from the Polish Government In
London and relations with the Red
Ariny are unchanged, They were
it war with Germany, Polish cir-
cIca said, and they were fighting
o liberate Poland, get rid of the
Gernians and then ensure a free
and independent Poland.
Tie British Government's posi-
tion wa.s made clear In the House
if Commons today by Mr. Anthony
Eden, the Foreign Secretary. He
aid that the formation in Russia
if a Polish Committee of National
Liberation did not make any
change in the British attitude.
Britain continued to recognize the
Polish Government led by Mr.
Mickolajczyk as the Government of
New Phase Reached
In RusMo-Poli* Relations
LONDON, July 3 (Ruter)-
Mtoacow radio today broadcast this
comment on last night's Kremlin
statement on Soviet-Polish rela-
tions by the Government newspa-
per "Izvestia": "An historic turn-
ing-point has been reached in the
relations between the peoples of
he U.S.R. and Poland. Recipro-
cal conflicts which only harmed
both sides and profited the Ger-
nans, now give way to friendship."
The Communist party organ,
'Pravda" wrote: "Strict non-inter-
erence In the internal affairs of
he Polish people nnd meticulous
respect for their sovereign rights-
uch is the basis of agreement con-
luded concerning the relations be-
ween the Red ATrmy and the
Polish administration.

Ulies Develop
Burma Attack
KANDY, July 26 tReumer)-kour-
senth Army troops are successfully
developing their attack on the main
apanese defences on the road
rom Palel to Tamu, southeast of
Allied forces are now eight or
ine miles beyond Palel busily
mopping up in the hills occupied
stride the road. The Japanese are
losing heavily in men and equip-
ment In proportion to the forces
More news was given today about
he work of the West African divi-
ion in Burma. The division is
iade up of troops from Nigeria,
l3anda, Sierra Leone and the Gold
Coast. Their main Job is to pro-
ect the left flank of the forces in
be Arakan region and for more
han five months they have been
applied entirely by air.
An R.A.. officer has described
ihe West African soldier as incur.
bly cheerful in all circumstances.

housing Chairman
?raised For Services
Resignation of Mr. R. Grinnell
rom the post of chairman of the
planningg and Housing Commission
as been accepted with regret by
His Excellency the Acting Gover-
or. the Information Ofee dia-
losed yesterday,
An official oonmunilque stated:-
"His Excellency the Acting GeC-
mor has with regret awspled th
elignation of M'. I. Orlnnell from
ie post of chairman of th Plan-
in and Housig Commfelo ne-
tesltated by a (am on his health
wing to the vrious duties which
* has been pemormnf in addition
o those of dhairman of the Oom-
"'The Governor has expressed to
r. Orinneli his appreciation of
is services to Oovernment ansd to
Ise general public of this Colony
a chairman.
"Mr. Grinnell will continue u
nsultant and adviser to te Corn-
ilsion and to the Oovernmmnt in
aspect of Such deveuigpnt
hemes as HIs Rxellesov may d-
'lb -Trinldsd
and. that tbhe ~w'bilm




Peace Urged

With Italy
Tt was learned today that the
Bitish have suggested that the
Aleits write s provisional peace
with Italy. It was learned also
that the plan awaits discussion
with Russia and other countries
interested in an Italian settlement.
As now contemplated the peace
treaty would leave aside all terri-
torial questions and probably other
final claims, such as reparations,
for a later decision. Primarily it
would serve to regularise Italy's re-
latlons with the United Nations,
clarify the position of Italian war
prisoners and enable Italian sol-
diers to reform and get into the
front lines of battle in their home-
Also, suoh a treaty would solve
the question of the Italian armis-
tice and give considerable prestige
to the Italian Government which
complained that Its position was
too weak. The Government of
Bonomi asked that the Allied ar-
imiete with Italy be pubohed.
ipreumbly with the Idea that Vub-
lio reaction to Ita terms would
force a revision.

Allied Warships
Bombard Sabang
LONDON, July 26 (Reuter)-A
Japanese communique says that
Allied warhips and carrier-based
aircraft yesterday bombarded sa-
bang on the eastern end of
Sumatra. Stbang was the target
for a heavy attack In April this
year by carrier-borne aircraft and
a strong force of warships under
Admlral Sir James Somerville.
It was announced today that the
Pope would give an audience to the
Commander of the Brasilian troops
on August 2.




Balkan States


,azis Acknowledge
Red Army Withinm
Reach of Riga
MOSCOW. July 26 (euter). -
Opening a new offensive aross the
northeastern frontier Of the Eaton.
ian Republic. Russian troops of the
Leningrad front under Marshal
*O.uvorov today stormed and took
Narva. fortress town seven miles In-
side the Estonian border. Marshal
Stalin announced this newest RusT,
sian colnquest in an Order of th
Day tonight.
The Red Army reached the ap,
preaches of Narva in Marshal Guv.
or0y's great drive on the Leningrad
front last winter. This new ofen.
i'e nimeans thit the Red Army is
now attacking in an unbroken
front from the Gulf o Finland
down to the Carpathians.
n swift succession authoritative
German news sources acknowledged
that the Russians had broken
through to the Vistula River in a
pell-mell push across Poland
straight toward Germany.
A second Order of the DaIy says
that Marshal Rokoss-vsky's tank
and infantry have taken the fort,.
press of Deblin. Deblin lies on the
V'tula, less than 60 miles south-
east of Warsaw.
Tonight's Soviet communique re-
ports advances beyond Pskov and
the capture cf more than 100 places
In the rtanialawow sector of the
Galician front. The German Oorm:
manner of Lublin has been cap*
General Ivan KoueYg move t.
ward the Carpathians l to S tM,
ed in somt quarters ,the
ning of a drive Into cn
It also menaces Rumania and Hunw
gary, and If successful, may go far
towards knocking the Balkan out
of the war.
On the northern and eateM
fronts there are irultl-proEd at*
to" sqw ana gou~(t-f
cut tUp Ote Oinan armi l
cupUtios and advance on 2
Transocean reported a new msjq|
Russian attack with infantry ah
tanks eat and northeast of Kai
nas, pre-war capital 4t CXihuanm
D.N.,'e Hallensleben loontW
acknowledged that the Rusena Wr
within reach of Rigs, and are 1
less than 70 miles from the ov
Troops pushing north trUt O*
middle at Lithuaniak __
Soviet Bomber* 4
Attack Warsaw'
MOSCOW. July 26 (Reuter)-
Soviet bombers attacked Warma
last night and started OevIsN
fires in the railway yard. It f*u
Prussia Tilsit was bombed *sgaa
Soviet bombers destryod ot
German military trains, ilew
ammunition and fuel d=ump U
started about 40 big fires.

Carrinston House Hertford Streak Londe%, W I

%Wh ArL 1am.

The Hen. Manager. Win the War Assoclatien, 19, St. Vincent
Street, Port-o-Spain, Trinidad, British West Indies.
Dear Sir.
We have already written to thank you for the moat
generous donations to our Funds sent to us during the past
few months, but we feel that perhaps the subscribers would
like to know more exactly how their contributions bavee bee
It is estimated that about 38,000 men have been trans-
ferred from Italy to new camps in Germany. About 30 of
these camps are new and have no recreational facilities and the
others are inadequate to cope with the nmoreaud number of
Prisoners of War. It i to help equip these camps with unit
llibrariee, gramophones, games (Indoor and outdoor), musi,
etc, that we are using your generous donations.
Unfortunately, we lost all the capital w& had In IteP
in the way of camo equipment, so that your help comI hut
at the right moment.
Here Is a quotation from one of the vast numbers ft
letters we receive from the prisoners, showing bow much O
work means to these mm In their far-away oron Cmp:--
"A (tosan Udtanks hf rb.um OMm g61 .1bf omt01
and ma that we ai shared In Grmany. U w
m aMd Hife to491b0 e w tawaig fee Mte dv
ef esodeom."
As the war lengthens and Inueaft in htsslt th
Need for our work becomes more and more evident a W
tender our sincere gratitude to AU, 1Wo hT Sha gmmUm
U ubocribed. **

Yours faithfully.

am sbe.,


wak & I at epvplnus Ur"ALsia I

I N. 5,I0, 2TUH YKAK

in view




I dI'MtnMH a-inlt

AAII'IMIVIws gralm, n MP4p4M
S" W4 W"a"% m "$ a. am

* MlP01WS.A9513 aii, 5AU FERU Mk il

0u4 0e ummm w g 4TU 5405g 5

f KWIP$ & 0s. U(s.f )- vMM AVOM. M.iVA

lMaw 4Two AmOOATs" MpaN

ST2r2 l =DAY, JULY 27, 14.

Germans Will Want Peace
Ere Reich Is Laid In Ruins
WHEN the Russians get to Warsaw-
and at their present rate of progress
Sthis great triumph for Marshal Stalin's
S forces should materialise in the very near
future-they will be 330 airline miles
r from Berlin. The distance from Caen in
Normandy to the Reich capital is about
650 miles, and General Alexander's
armies when they reach Florence will
still have 630 miles to travel if they want
S to join the Russians for any projected
victory march to the heart of the Reich.
These figures are approximate, but
they give a good idea of the position of
the various armies today in relation to
the greatest prize of the war-the cap-
Sture of Berlin and the complete subjuga-
tion of an arrogant and cruel nation,
which five times in a century has pro-
voked war of progressively increasing di-
It is possible that the Allies will dic-
State their peace terms in what the R.A.F.
Sand American air forces have left of the
capital, but the end of the fighting will
most likely have been heralded before
: that historic event takes place. The Ger-
r mans themselves will probably see to
That. By now they must have arranged
Their own defeat "according to plan,"
and mad though they he they are not
-- likely to see their cities and towns laid in
ruins as they have laid in ruins the cities
S and towns of the countries on which they
T woave benevolently shed their protection.
S When ever-increasing Allied pressure
-convinces the German people that defeat
Is inevitable-if they are not convinced
of that fact already, but powerless to
combat the intuition of Hitler-peace
S .will come.
S The question exercising Allied minds
today is how will the war end, and where?
Will it come from a knock-out blow at
the vitals of the Nazi war machine, or will
the world wake up one morning to find
that another revolt in the Reich has
brought the overthrow of the Hitler
gang? The next bomb may not miss its
mark. The Nazi leaders are desperate,
and in their desperation they are not like-
ly to spare anyone or anything in a last
frantic effort to save their own lives. Two
days ago Hitler ordered the whole- of the
S Axis resources to be harnessed to the
Naiut war effort, to bring in the unhappy
'; people of the territories he has occupied
'Li -territories now rapidly shrinking-and
to get his own people to rededicate them-
selves to his service. It seems suspiciously
like the gambler's last throw, and if it

- Offices : 2 Broodway,.

does not oem at it hop et
doagf nS~biaal, MK)Sli oS to
Nad it aW .altt .a f
Th a AF' Owtak puity MY MAe
poel ry led W tuir At -AfM-ea qe w

inuiated the attack n Hitler's W but
week. The t an people who will want
a negotiated powe b torhe eUW e" and
towns of OGruay ar laid In uMns, but
the Allies ar not S" l to lorget that the
new purttmn OetutM of today are the
old foul Nazis of yesterday. If there is a
'mgotiated peace" It will not take an
eternity to arrange, ftor already the Allies'
terms are known to the world-uncondl-
tional surrender-and from that there
can be no departure.

Bicycle Tyres And Tubes
Now On Price Co trol List
THERE have been many complaints
About the bicycle tyre situation, and
the regulations issued by the Govern-
ment last week are an attempt to im-
prove conditions. Their main features
are an attack on the black market, the
relaxation of restrictions on unservice-
able tyres, and provision to cancel deal-
ers' licences for offences.
A profitable black market in cycle
tyres and tubes has been operated by
many dealers, and sub rosa transactions
have been plentiful. The new regulations
compel dealers to keep part of their stock
on show, so that they cannot tell custom-
ers who object to excessive charges that
there is nothing to sell. Prices of tyres
and tubes are now controlled, and we
understand the Transport Emergency
Board intends to take strong action
against dealers who overcharge or in-
fringe other provisions.
The position In regard to unservice-
able tyres has also been regularised. The
1942 regulations required the surrender
of used tyres before any other could be
acquired, as a means of preventing hoard-
ing and to provide scrap. This was sound
in principle, but it overlooked the need
to use old tubes and casings for patches
and sleeves. The amended rules still re-
quire the surrender of used tyres, but
only where new ones are needed-which
means that if a cyclist wants an old tyre
to make sleeves he does not have to swap
anything for it. This part of the business
is likely to be handled by the Transport
Emergncy Board, to whom cyclists will
have to apply for old casings and tubes.
Anything which will prolong the liWe
of pedal cycles and keep them on the
road is in harmony with the war effort
and deserves support. Inability to put
sleeves into tyres which were wearing
thin has been a handicap, and so has
the lack of old tubes for patches. With
these difficulties removed cyclists will
have less to worry about, and another
step will have been taken to conserve ex-
isting means of transport. If the author-
ities will see to it that sufficient patching
solution is made available, this will be a
further help.
The pedal cycle today is an important
ass.t. Breaches of the regulations should
be taken seriously, and methods improved
from time to time. We welcome the
changes now introduced, and It will be
all to the good if further useful Innova-
tions can be devised.

uTrliiniidad Motor Ins'murancelii

Trinidad Motor Insurance I

Co., Ltd.

Phems: 4907

W W7 & 1=41 &'.U 'W C a 1
repair damaged wire edgx of
tyres from wnlch most of us &re

Mojor Road Dangers
'su adu..or, irmdadu guardian."
kotor venicles proceeding alo.i5
major roads do not antilipate
nor make allowance for negligence
or Inadvertence on the part of
other traffic or pedestrians cross-
ing, especially the blind and deaf.
Because legally tney have tae
rignig-o-way, tuncy drive recatless-
ly straight through. They ask
too great price for the carlemUese
of the usere of the rqad. Wa ar
nome of us fool-proof.
It is one of the principal rogula-
tiem of the Trinidad Ziectricity
Board that not more than six per-
am be showed to travel sanainpg
In the saloon-way of a trolleybus,
yet, soame members of the Police
ofte perssl. in crowding upon
the platform to the uxasperatlon
of the public and the expeo e of
their dignity and prestige as public

Flour For Stock Feed
B RUtre, "Trinidad Guardian."
"WHs Rat" criticised my re-
sent etter I nneeUtion with
four waMae,. but for his informa-
tion I Would like to point out that
that letter bore fruit, as since then,
all flour is olleeted and put in
pawer Sacks, and, at the comple-
t'o of each shipment, these are
banded over to the Food Con-
trUloUerw. who. If same does not comoi
UP to the athedSrd required bv Nis
department, ands them on to the
Government farm as stock-feed.
St. Anna.

Points From Letters:
VMyY INTBE mTE ( ate. Made-
lne VUIla'o) w Sn# tine ago.
peple of this village needed water.
S the main dilt~i lty from
which villager suffer is the lack nof
lights. Government should do
somethtin tw meet the neela of the
pele a ti wnnectiCUL


Lp~ws T-

,s e nu ~ai.

Public Urged To Avoid ,
Walking Koce Interference
'".M IUw, 'TrisM l G-ardlan-0
i ne e-me annual wailai'
championship aoc from Sa.m )' erm
nando to Port-of.Spaln promoted
by the Trinidad Amateur Walking
Amociatlon Is scheduled to take
place on the morning of Sunday,
August 4.
If this year's epic event Is to be rad -Sb*,
judged by the enthusiasm that pre- l egj ing a
valls among intended competitors "811ai M a
and the puslc saucctess S pe aggarssoan. 1166 tto V* I
thfinitely assured. s ei t t Japoe ft-- 93U1 'if asu .
Th.e nthusiasm is so treat that p_ __t_ ___ 7 -
it baa reached Tobago, which will
berepreseStedledy Phil Hall and
Trheophtins Wicois,
In ad1itosi to the array of youngiChiang Kal-Shek ?IedgS
men who will compete, there st' i T V t o
also the old brigade of diehards "I
laurels pas undOiallenged on to
uyoungersbrown.a aFoiwingioneasthlo h a nof Allied plans for a counter-c
ps l ambition leads to The enemy should have at
gr eater effort, and it appears that4n ab" "g ed t 4. of P e *s to gain con.eol of the
mina. established by B. Ribeiro min t en on n s 162151- deferring the operations un
e34 will be broken.c B hbrs 3n na l-he' ee ag And, thus, we have alireadi
I appeal to the public who, on ",ry of Cbit' war naav vagai
cycles, on foot or otherwise, fol- Japan, on July 7 9, 14T: T overland route of cc
low the walkers, to keep a clear cations which Japan hopes t
distance from their heroes so that We have fought, regardless of all is long. Even If h should
the officials appointed by the Trini- sacrifices, a bettc'-equipped enemy the force she is now emplo:
would not find it possible t
dad Amateur Walking Association for seven years. We have served nate the Peipin-Hankow,
may be afforded all the means
necessary to carry out their onerous as vanguard in the fight for world Hankow and Hunan-Kwanl
wasand link them i
duties with as little Inconvenience peace and spearhead in the anti- hXway leading to the w
as possible; also to refrain from pwLascist war. Our long and bitter French Indo-Chlna,
chantfe a acg hing or in any wayl resistance has shattered Japan's Our troops, with the colla
Interfering with a walkers stride dream of conquering China and has of the people, would give th
and progress. T li lined uo all the anti-aggression no peace. His hold on
The Trinidad Amateur Walking forces against the aggressor nations, would always be contested
Association is exerting every means This war has now reached a stage lessly and his forces
to make the event an historical when victory for the United Na- wherever found.
triumph, but no matter what ef- tions is certain. Although the enemy's hoal
forts the association can make. The battles fought in the Pacific is weak, yet he is cone
success will not be achieved except and on the Asiatic mainland are his available forces on th
with the valuable co-operation of phases of one war, and even mill- front. This will serve as s
the public, tary developments in Europe and lent opportunity not only
NELSON BETANCOURT, Asia are Intimately related one With ing with Indomitable spirit
Prpkident. the other and are Indivisible. In of holding as many of hi
Trinidad Amateur Walking Europe, three outstanding succes- as possible from action el
Association ses have crownedc the efforts of the The day of carrying the
-United Nations In the past 12 Japan proper will be hast
months. holding the Japanese In the
Labour Gangs For T.E.B. They are the collapse of Fascist cam gn I feel confident
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian" Italy, the crushing defeats repeat- mak. a positive contribute
On the front page of the "Sun- e ly Inflicted by the Soviet Army
day Ouat.dian" of July 23 the nion the Nazis. and the opening
chairman of the Trinidad Elec- of the second front Those devel- spiritual Wore
tricity Board is said to have stated opments have deprived Hitler of
that the general manager had tried initiative and placed him In a In fighting a strong enen
to get labour gangs to repair toe tightening ring. inferior equipment for ye
tramway tracks without success* have not relied so much Up
As the tracks are in a very bad Soviet Resistanve terial as upon spiritual fat
state of repair and getting worse willingness on the part of
every day to the detriment of Ir- Events have shown that our pe to die so that Justice anc
replaceable tyres. I should like to British and American Allies had e1usnes may live. I admi
ask how the railway was able to get mapped out a plan for the invasion with no adequate foundali
together large gangs of labourers of Europe with care and thorough- reconstruction, China is hk;
for repairs to the railway tracks nes. heree could be no question pod byI industrial back
at a time when labour was more f success once the plan was put economic difficulties and
scarce than at present ,into effect. The favourable change ciency in war production;
TRANSPORT. it Europe, however, is largely at- of the utmost Importance
Fredric Stet ,,tributable to the magnificent and moral &At* be kept up
Frederick Street. determined Soviet resistance in the fighting spirit be not peri
-- past year. falter as we approach the
Price Togs Prosecutions This gallant nation has not only phase of the war.
Gluarn recovered almost all of its lost ter- While I am aware that fi
Tl's Editor, "*Trinidad Guardian." ritcy, but has also annihilated on fighting will be mccei
Recently a prominent merchant huge Nazi forces and dealt crush- and conditions more diflic
of San Fernando, in business for ing blows to German morale. The should not forget that with
a great many >ears, without a sin- astonishing performance of the er line to defend and mar
gle conviction, was brought before soviet Army is sure of a prominent available to hold it, our
a magistrate charged with five place in the world's war annals. I of replacement and reinfc
counts of failing to have price believe that It will not be long be- would become correspondin:
tags on certain articles on his fore the war in Europe is brought er. Moreover, as the caml
premises. o a successful conclusion. Burma is making progress,
Although this gentleman took good prospect of an early
the pains to explain to the Price aof a China-India land rc
Control Insptorat these r AlliedStrategy transporting a larger supply
cles, some of which were stored materials Into China.
away In boxes, and oth ersrmetd In China we are engaging large Fellow countrymen, I ha
cally sealed in cases, and out of 'Japanese forces, while in India and seen from the beginning i
siat sof the customer w e not for Burma the Chinese, British and enemy would Intensify his
sia at the time, he was still taken American forces are making steady on China as final victory
sale at the progress with our troops In Yunnan United Nations approached.
to court, I am Infhowevermed, coulattacking the enemy simultane- happened subjecting our
The magistrate. hiowever,nd couldn- ously from the east. tionary spirit and moral
ee n e a nt hm, ad c Since the capture of Kamaing a final test. I always hold
aequently dismissed the charges, and Mogaung, the Allied forces that no success is worthy
But the decision was challenged, have continued to advance despite no"i- un'-oS It is achie-ed
Th1e results were tbat after cals- the monsoon rains. Our troops in extreme hardships.
ing the merchant considerable western Yunnan, following the aoere is a sacred duty d
other expenses and waste of time crossing of the Salween River, are upon us, the living, to c
at the appeal court, the appellant driving on Lungling and Teng- the work of our comrades w
voluntarily withdrew th3 appeal. chung hoping to effect a junction died for the cause. In order
Could not Government be in- with t;, Allied troops advancing rv out this duty. it is iit
formed that public opinion Is op- eastward in northern Burma. All hat we should reassert our
oosed to prosecutions of this kind? farts indicate that a part of the ourselves. So let every on
DISGUSTED. A'lled strategy, carefully mapped give all he has and all he 1
San Fernando. oui. is successfully unfolding. fulfilment of the obligation
.Japan has now fully realized that citizenship places upon vs.
her defences both on the sea and to our patriots in enemy
Damaged Tyres in the a'r are weak, her aircraft- areas. Tnev should know th
Tke bA.wor, "artnudad Guardian." producing and shipbuilding plants aton is close at hand and
I notice that the 'L'ransport are unable to meet requirements, prepare for the part they
Emergency Board have advised on and a ,general counter-offtenaiave play. Our actions now wil
the recapping of tyres., fro'n China is Imminent. mine the destiny of our na
But would they " good enough In order to divert the attention the next 100 generations. 0
to wol .. theyd y_- good enug na s er neonl tfrm thi *Kt.l ,ni

inreat to ner nome iront, Japan ce effort in co-ordinatlon with our
cently mustered all available forces Allies to exterminate the enemy.
and made a synchronised attack on I hold myself responsible to the
our troops In Honan and Hrinan. nation, to my fellow countrymen,
The enemy obviously has planned to otv. martyrs and to our Allies, to
the present campaign with great continue the war until victory is
care. and the scale of operations is attained and our lost territory re-
the largest since his assault on covered. I solemnly pledge myself
Hankow and Wuchang in 1938. It eto share with my army and my fel-
ls of no use to ignore the fact that low countrymen the sufferinrs and
the enemy has made rapid advances hardahp which the war will yet
in his new drives and that the entall. In anticipation ol the perce
situation is grave, that is to come. I earneatlv urge
upon you to strive together with
Japan's Alims undaunted eotrrauge to overcome the
difficulties that still lie ahead of IM.

What are the enemy's objectives
in the present campaign ? There
are three. First of all, he alms atf.
reducing our field forces before
our general counter-offenslve
against him takes place. Secondly,
he wants to destroy our air bases
along the Canton-Hankow and the
Hunun-Kwangsl Railways to mini-
mise the danger of an air offensive
against his homeland. Lastly, and
most Important of all, he is anxious
to in control of the Chinese
trunk lines as avenues for event-
Ual retreat for his troop now In
Burma, French Indo-China *'Tha.
land, Malaya and the Sotuthaea
Islands. He has already found it
increasingly G1fflcult to mantawn
a supply line between Japan and
his bases in the South mae. Under
constant attack by Allied naval and
air forces, his sea lane is even in
danger of being completely cut.
The enemy launched his dperate
assaults on the China rontt in thte
vain hope of Improving his position.
Three months have passed sne
the enemy operations against us
began. To date, he has not accom.
plsihed any of the three objectives.
I am confident that in spite t cur
initial reveases China's power of
resistance will in no way suffer.
We are continuing to do our best
to defeat his purposes In this cam-
Enemy's Weaknes
Military operations are generally
designed to gain either space or
Ume. Speaking of space, the ene-
mys a defence line in the Pacific is
full of wide gapa and no local ula
on the Asat. maMinland would be
helpful to him. Speaking of time,
the enemy cannot possibly k
pace with the rapt unltoldin:0

Sugar Industry
Talks Resume
Joint negtatltonM. in regard to
terms and conditions of employ-
ment of field and factory workers
in the sugar industry were resumed
yotrday under the chairmanship
O Mr. A. 0. V. Lindon, Industrial
Disclosing this, the Information
OffMcr stated that the Sugar
Manufacturers' Federation and the
All TrnMad Sugar ftate and
Factory Workers' Trade Unlon
wer rewented at the eonfer-
ence which was conducted in a
mast cordial atmosphere.
The negotlatona ate proceeding
and after a short adjournment the
conference will reassemble.

Canadian Navy
Base For Bermuda
WAMITON. July 1s (CP-It
wa aramd Ofialy yterday that
S *inig base tfar the Royal
Canadian Navy would be comamis.
tomd here ttUy at St Geores
uad. the name ot f CSA.
uODesOM Uem
Thes ame elected is aseoated
w am thear'this
tied b Or Osere
US-isa pub

Government t4

rTE unuftn O ne peot w b,
reproduced oi wanted by he Pu t1On f
(1) Ceroe DroiedMNaval vaBiteli4
of R-ehotd sn4 gaiU#
(2 Fatflng to 4t 5k e 4on t eI
(3) DsertIng Htia MJs 41 '9%Ne 0 t8 o 5th Aj







DESCRIPTION:--Name: Adolphus Barrmes. No-,
years; Height 5' 7"; black, stout build, long fac.,
mouth, native of Barbados. Last known address
Ellerton, St. Georges, Babaldos.
Y. n-
Acting Assistant Detective
20~th ws


It is hereby notified for general information, that.,
'the powers vested in me by Regulation 2 (1) of the 1f
Regulations, 1944, I have made the following appointmaq
MR. C. REECE-Officer In charge, Northern Division
(comprising the Counties of St. George,
and St. David); /
MR. I. BADEN SEMPUt-Officer in charge. Southei
Trinidad (comprising the CountiesW of
Patrick, Caroni, Nariva and Mayaro);
MR. H. A. HARRIS-Officer in charge, Tobago Div
2. In accordance with Regulation 9 2) of the Q
Regulations, 1944, it is hereby notified that Local Distl
and Sub-Offices have been established at the following,

Local Distribution Officea
Office of the Northern Division, Corner of St. Vin0
sury Streets, Port-of-Spain.
Office of the Southern Division, Carnegie Library, e
Office of the Tobago Division, Warden's Office, SO

Local Distribution Sub-Oio
The Court House, Chaguanas
The Court House. Couva
The Court House, Sangre Orande
The Warden's Office, Tunapuna ,
The Post Office, San Juan
The Warden's Office, Siparias
The Warden's Office, Princes Town
The Warden's Office, Rio Claro
The Warden's Office, La Brea
The Warden's Office, Cedros. A

A. C.i
________________Acting ra

stead of
until now.
y won a
immuni- I
to secure
d double
vying she
to dtmi-
iai Rall-
ith the
)rder of
he tnemy
he lines
d relent-
nr.e front
e China
n ex.!el-
of fight-
but also
is troops
e war to
enei. In
we aie

my with
ars, we
pon ma&-
rce a
our peo-
id tight-
nit that,
tion for
but it is
that our
and our
iltted to
rom now
ult, you
a short-
re troopss
'li easi-
Pagin In
there is
cu',', for
y of war
ve fore-
thliat he
s attack
for the
This has
force to
the view
of the
vho have
r to car-
faith in
e of us
Is In the
5s which
A word
at Uliber-
I should
y are to
1 deter-
ation for
,ir army
V 1. tll tI


Re-Death of (a) oa
and (b) P
employed witk
Oilfelds of
which occur
1944, and
(c) WALCOTr ,
man lately j
Archer Coola
which occurrn*
man lately
Trinidad s
sting Co.,*
red on 4th J,
Compensation In
ters having been d
under Section 8 oj
Compensation Or
pendants of the sa
Clement Roeeasth
and Victor McSiN
are hereby require
fore The Cofl1
the 18th d-y of I A
o'clock in the foeem
House, Port-of-5
Commissioner shal
termine the distria
Proof of relatild
dants to the deeM
will be required
doner to be furn
ants at the enq.i
tV be in the form j
birth and of marfi
.umstances be n
Dated this 15Wh
A. V. N-'


A reward of $100.00 wil be paid to any person Wt
information leading to the atrest and conviction of as
sons concerned in the robbery t. two men of the
of Mr. Henry Burton of the Industrial GasU Ltd.
robbed at 1.05 pn. on I1th June, 1944, at La Retr5)
Please commualcate with the Criminal Investigatlon )
the nearest Police Station.



by given
Honours tWO
and Mr. JUA
nan hove c,
ring of tlw !
Tobogo on
July, 194,

sitting of t.t
betheld ftS,

S18th srt

We Have Pleasure in A ummeig

Thmt We Are


Werkme*'s Cmspense(iN Insursnce.


19th June, 1944.




The public are hereby no-
tified that vaccination of
equines (horses, mules and
donkeys) against ,quine
Encephalomyelitis (Sleeping
Sickness) will take place in
the County of St. Patrick on
the following dates:.
7th to 12th August
14th to 19th August
Notices giving particulars
of time and place will be
posted at the Wardens' Offi-
ces and in other prominent
places and owners of animals
are strongly advised to con-
sult them.
Acting Director of Agriculture
Goods Moving Through
U.S. Ports
It is hereby notified that the
directions contained in Notice
dated 19th July, 1944, are appli.
cable to shipments arriving at
Ports Id the United States of
America from such pointe of ori-
gin as India Ceylon, Australia, New
Zealand, South Africa and South
America, and are not applicable
to goods origtnating in Canada.
Secretary, Contrei o ard.
Old Post Office Building,
7 St. Vincent Street,
22nd July. 1944.



0 .1

. Plans
hIw's (r)e.-In

-I -
L~to P=s
~. The lO'd lh
gee'wan to ke
aff plaIs maf the

tattr the textile
w orut hav

aby the BVard of
=-wW be Nrelae

eSecretary o

I I, JIlY'27 (Reouter)-- A

t r Serwary
Bwr^~ineB.Lord, T100-

the possibility
tsainplev. parioul arl-
textile industry wad

to ave the lBoard Oft
uttion Sees

E(BRut government
by the Arch-
saw Mar. An-
th pregn secretary,
the possibility
VWjw in German-
Tey put forward
t~im a an Mr. Edenaa
practical steps
fl sve the largest
li aernment
thr power for an
d roles between
it engagfed toge-
n t a common

tCabinet Holds
S M (Reuter)-Two
O lle Polish Osbiner
eUndon today. The
New of the fact that
hP between Poland
Were severed many
Ithe od offices of a
Uw- cssy to
i alsfor uch a

6to Leave

th, County of St.
a n six months' leave
4d Guardian" under-
Stewart proposes
and New York
duties on Decem-

To Aid In
Rods Safe ....
.28 (Reuter). -
66 Minister for War
tthe House of Lords
Was calling in the aid
t make Britain's
fter the war.
forecast that they
tor-cars doing 120
S and said tat Tots of
""ld be perfectly willing
atapeed. The roads,
ktt be adapted to

College annual prime-
gets under way at
at 320 o'clock to-
f keellency the Acting
O 0tx1onble A. B. Wright,
4i the prismee and cer-

W1I Investigation De-
,oWuld like to get in
Mr. DenlCraig, a
'jbd&'CLigna, whose
elevate O. G. Craig, left
tfa, Bngland i November,

4llanC Oorreapondet
tGANDA, July 25.-
Morvant school
a 4tsene last Thursday,
at 6 o'clock this after-
ial Constable Rook-
Sthe Sangre Grande
;. She was taken to
station here and later
t C.I.D. Headquarters,

Lheward Indas Uphold
WJ. Parley Decisions

tafri gore o U West
ladim Oa~fno rcently held
hI DbSG the LegUiative
Oome ato the Leeward islands
pamd a resobstion mamoating
ftu tth the nferenu del-
a at the samue tme
Indated deare to have such
eosfasneaS held at reasonably
freqant intervals. Announce-
menit to this e fft was made in
a we*t Indies radio newspaper
brwAdsAt heard on. Tuesday
aftemomn ___


Absolves Army
to create haos and then take over.
But they forgot that the Berlin
watek battalion, like all others.
Was oR the watch."
SHe maid: "Total war will now
become a reality."
Albert Speer, the war production
def, he said, had "devised meth-
ods which will Intensify production
for which more workers were need-
ed, especially German.",,
And, he said, "next month" would
how results at the front.
[Then, Reuter says, he came
to the main purpose of his
speech which was designed, (1)
To absolve the German Army
as a whole from blame for the
attempt to kill Hitler; (2) To
give the fighting forces the as-
eurance that they would get
badly needed reinforcements
and supplies; (3) To prepare
German civilians for still more
restrictions and privations and
for yet more demands on them,
and (4) To resuscitate failing
German morale by hopes of
the so-called victory weapons,
the flying bomb and so on. He
told the German civilians they
had got to be prepared to do
everything and put up with
everything to give the soldiers
all they needed. All else must
be sacrificed to this, as Goeb-
bels told them if they did not
succeed in doing this they
would all be lost.]
Concluding, Goebbels said: "The
present difficult times, when aI-
most the entire world is storming
against us, must be overcome. The
enemy will leave nothing undone
and we must leave nothing undone.
There i. only one thought-to fight
and work."
Goebbels Was
Virtual Prisoner
SgTOC=OLM, July 26 (AP).-
Christer Jederlund, "Tidgen's"
Berlin correspondent, reported to.
day that Goebbels was a virtual
prisoner of the rebel generals on
the night of July 20, but was
"master of the situation" through-
He said that In some unexplain-
ed way the propaganda chief man-
aged to countermand the rebels'
mobilisation orders, even though
other Relch ministers were sur-
rounded by troops In Berlin's Gov-
ernment quarters. The troops had
been set to the Government build-
Ing on the rebels' orders Which at
that time were considered authen-
The story seemed to confirm
earlier reports that troops were
rushed to Berlin's Government
buildings on the evening of July
20, mounted machine-guns, posted
guard for several hours and then
mysteriously withdrew.
Just how Goebbels accomplished
the feat of quelling the revolt was
not explained, but Jaederlund re-
ported that the subsequent order
received by the Army garrisons
throughout Germany which, ac-
cording to the rebels' plan would
have set the revolt in full swing,
instead came from Goebbels end
put an end to the uprising.
d'5 a TW *i 1

Chinee Agree

On Communist


-4-- IItor
OUUNOKINO, MS! M (3eutes')
!today of (he dnmae Oowmnunet's
Communist n4o= "Id that
m emens we sign-
d at = jn, a t= My. Oen-
eall 3Ka4-Aekb e said, had
made proposals for a settiment
which Included Arstly., that the
Government rrgn=1 th e al
status of the Cmmist party.
Secondly, the lth Army Group
shal be expanded Into four armie
or 12 divisions psovMtod the bust-
ness of the Politeal Department
conforms to other units of the Na-
tional Army.
Thirdly, In border districts the
Government shall remain, but un-
der direct control of the CabetM
instead of aa previously under the
Shenshi Provisional Government.
Currency and taxation shall con-
form to Government regulations.
Fourthly, all parties shll enoy
equal status after the Convoea Utn
of the Peoples' Congrees shich will
meet within one year of the end
of the war. No formal reply has
been received from Yenan. Chinese
Communist stronghold In the
northwest province of Shenshi
which had presented 17 demands.
Mr. Ling stated that the de-
mands were contrary to the prin-
ciples of the Sian agreement, but
emphasised that efforts were con-
tinuing for an amicable settlement.
He predicted that though a funda-
mental settlement was unlikely a
partial settlement was possible.

Mr. Morrison

LONDON, July 26 (Reuter)-Mr.
Herbert Morrison, Home Secretary
and Minister of Home Security,
who today apologised to the House
of Commons following his disclo-
sure that by an oversight a num-
ber of regulations made under the
"War Servlce Emergency Provi-
sions Act," of 1941, were not laid
before Parliament, Is now consult-
ing the Government legal experts
on the situation which has arisen.
Legally, these regulations would
appear to be non-existent, but it Is
now clear that there haa been a
number of minor convictions under
them, which will make Imperative
the passing of an act of Indem-
ni ty.
Such an act would not be design-
ed to compensate those who had
been, in a sense, Illegally convicted.
It would be to protect Mr. Morri-
son, as a Minister, against claims
for damages by those convicted.
Members of the House of com-
mons are worried by Mr. Morrison's
very candid statement. There have
always been a large number of
them who were critical of his
faults which, of necessity, have
been extensive by reason of the
Tranquillity and Belmont Inter-
mediate will battle today for the
Cutteridge Shield in an athletic
sports meeting to be held at the
Queen's Park Oval starting at 2
The schools will depend chiefly
on Clive Leiba (Tranquillity) and
C. Osborne (Belmont) for points.
-------.-.. . 1. ^ --- -. ..,


Mules for Sale

Apply to the Manager

SOUth HOSpital of Waterloo Estate.
Visitor Jailed Caropichoima or the
TrIidadGuardan Correapont Manager, Caroni Estate.
Trinidad Guardian Coirr-pondfot ............ ._.^. _=_
SAN FERNANDO, July 26,- --s -----=-= =-e-==-^-----g^ B-
Refusing to leave the hospital when
he was asked to do sc brought L'YOBU*iia sea S VaE
Boodoo. a San Fernando man, 14, UBU L VE
days In prison when he was found! B B W OVER
Luilty on a charge of disorderly' | | k
Chatv Io ur.
The police explained to the eourt WIINW
that Boodoo was at the hospital
visiting a friend, and wnen asked M OYw LIM s E le
to take his hat off by a wardsman WhoI
refused and threatened to stick s Iiad iyew1 1 isEd
the wardsman with a knife. ersG i5 5 75Wl *11. is mt
The magistrate described Boodoo Ies." 'U ti m h-55e
as a savage. D, es. tol Temft b sd i "id
----- ----Dhow Film. 11"r V0i16 ad ~* IM
TOBAGO SESSIONS POSTPONED otfeiUT@silaltgslbelraMaset
Supreme Court sessions due to be MBe As i 6l the 6 1b t0 moe
held in Tobago on Monday, July 31, l -mssme. Yee- seW eiU e bw i
will be held instead at Scarborough esl fed elsm oM M
on Monday, September 18. as iMgices. =NI =m1, di Mivb

han ist Din
W dlN U "el 3dm /.
MtWhy & CL T03



36 oz.

;* UU& Sqar. Pregervem, Money

k:7*K*g1 Isn the
14010 Faetgry mU LaboratorZ

22. Esch
lS.4-peiPrice rf fe'Whomlso Buyers.


ROSe Petal Beauty
with New PetFl.Utkb
Here at last Is I depth of Ie -s
clear and s asd smoo,& as a roe"
petaL Tonese's sew PwrAL-.PDM
Upsttdca Kour ant 4ac Pmatwder
combine a softnsms fa moessmoso
of secure never bMewoe sle
Wantgwelt s pelem. Pderfet aw
ing that lasts fo( loner thae pond
belisce po0100




SApfr News

Q.RC. Hold Sporting Club To

Goalless 1st Half But Lose 4.0

Quenk Royal College held Sporting Club goaliesa for nearly
three-quartera of the hour'a piay yesterday in their TA.A. first
league fixture, but crumbled In the cloging 15 minutes and the
sports rammed home four goals and won 4-.
The Initial stages saw Sporting ...-- .
Club having things their own way,.
were" o- goals. bSt M~ Vary's Play
but their forwards lacked finish l
at the war no goals. l T
With a fne Uhibition McMils, C s s Today
the college custodian, held beaut.-
fully 0a BOy Seon tried to convert
I header from a corner kick. Casuals will oppose St. Mary. In
Q.LC. got going once and Ma- a T.A.F.A. league fixture this after.
rice Jone (last year' Maple goal- noon and a keen game is antici-
keeper, ~ow in Sports' line-up), pated.
wa tried with a long range shot The college boys have been
by Kenny Trestrail. Jones fumbled known to turn in some brilliant
with the ball and Q.R.C. were performances, particularly in the
awarded a corner kick, which seev- opening games when the other
ed So purpose, teams are not In the best condition.
Then left-winger Bates, receiving With Joey Gonsalves, Island gWal-
Leacock's pass, drew Jones from keeper, in their line-up, the Saints
the uprights, the ball rebounded will take a lot to be beaten.
off the custodian and travelled Mr. H. Burnett will referee the
across the goal but inner-right, match, while Mr. S. de Silva and
Clarke, bulleted outside. Mr. N. Kllgour will be the lines-
Sporting Club had many Chances men.
in this seagion, leftwinger Alklns The match will start at 4.45 p.m.
booting some very good corner .. -
kicks, and centre-forward Johnnie
Alkins, Seon, Moore and McIntyre Buster Henderson
trying headers in an effort to con- H n ro
vert, but McMillan held safely and P To a
was chiefly responsible for a goal- W
less lemon-time score. Thnted (Mmrdha Oorrepodet
At the resumption play was even. SN CoRnAN O rJl 27
Then about midway Carlton Dore, AN FERNANDO, July 2,T
Buster Henderson, one-time Trini-
with a lone effort, beat his way dad ace centre-forward, will re-
past the backs, drew McMillan from t h s
the uprights, and after driving the turnto the soccer field today when
ball, which bounced off the keeper, ho lines upX for a Colourful thMse.
merely pushed it in the nets forolds XI against Catholic Youths
Sporting Club to take the lead. at Skinner Park. This is a S.A.F.A,
From then on Sporting Club first leaguer and' with easeholds
dominated play and the college having Henderson, Jacob and Rey
full backs-Rtos and Phillipse-who nold Dolly (ex-St. Mary's left wing.
presented a mosat toliwd defence er) on their team, newcometrs
presented a most stolid defence in C.Y.O. will find it a most difficult
the first half, had to give way to CjO wllttr nd c t h oit dinfcult
the harassing forwards. job to trounce the oilmen. Th
Royce Moore booted the second youths suffered a 5-1 defeat at
from a fre kick by Dore. the hands of Spitfire on Saturday
Q-.C. made a changein their and will make a bid to score their
line-up, bringing Bates to centre- initial win over Leaseholds. The
forward and Butler to left wing. game promises to be a keen one.
The shuffle raised some hope as CHINESE WIN -4
from a Leacock pass Bates pushed Chinese "A" team scored an S-C
through the backs but Jones ran ored an
out and stopped him at crucial victory over Modern Secondary in
tae. a Northern League second division
Johnnie Alkins took his shire In match on Monday afternoon.
the goal-scoring, beating McMillan Allan Poon, Ohinese centre for-
with a grounder from a Seon pass, ward, was the star of the came,
Sporting Club notched their last scoring six goals, while Neville
goal right on full time. Dore made Aleong banged home the other
another run through and drove to-,. two.
wards goal. MeMillan tried to col- TODAY'S MATCH
let the sphere but this created a Chinese "B" team will oppose
scrimmage and Seon pushed the Saboteurs today in a N.A.P.L
ball, which appeared already seer- match. They will play:-A. Tong;
ed, further into the nets. R. Shim, Carl Aleong; G. Lee Lum,
Mr. Ken Laughlin refereed the A. Akeung, L. Jenvey; S. Lee, C
match. Chan Pong, H. Young, T. Chin
The teams were as follows: Aleong and V. Shim.
Q.R.C.: K. McMillan; L. Ross, G. F N
Willips; R. Rawlins, K. Lea- FRIENDLY MATCH TODAY
cock, W. Celestain; E. Judd, M. Shamrock will play Notre Dame
Clarke, B. Butler, K. Trestrail a friendly match on the Cafe Boys'
and T. Bates. ground this afternoon.
SPORTING CLUB: M. Jones; R. Shamrock's team will be I Sceott
Tench, S. Dopeon; C. Ahpoy, H. 3. Rignault, G. Jardine. G. Montes
Day, C. Dore; H. McIntyre, R. deOca, L. Murray, M. McLean, G
Moore, J. Alkins, R. Seon and Jardine, Murray, S. Hamel,
A. Alkins. Smith, 0. Govia and M. Wells.


To aoil Customers and the General Public

Our Stores in Port-of-Spain and San Fernando
will be closed for Annual Stock-taking from 1st
to 31st August (inclusive).

SAccounts will be received

as usual at our

SHardware & Electric Supplies Ltd.


Ten Minutes a Day
Apart from the comfort and I
greater enjoyment of life that a
good set of teeth and a healthy
mouth give, there is no doubt
that mouth health contributes
to general health.
It is a very easy and simple thing to preve math hltL.
rlve minutes twice a day rine the mouth with DIOXOGEN,
then brush the teth thoroughly to remove food particles. Your
reward will be irm, healthy gums, ple aant breath and clean5
White teeth.

Tie Detter Oxygea Anlfseptlc
AFI n iFFivi *aRiLIA5I
S m I i I [ I _





Sport and Afternoon

All Sizes


Stand dL Uife
Aaumraee Co.
ZOtaOlMe i the Wet
ftdle tse" years.
MasI ftamuarm . P.O..

IM $Uof f elnem yu

-e usaieirio a Ito-

i 1 Felo lae diree-

fteN LnZNUpmo
Ihs Mett Don't accept a sub-
a eltsue fer Lyda L PiakhaM's
Veieae CemPead. Insist on
t"eru"%al and gWa. jaI










Whe your Clipper's deecendkli
wheels smoothblyW as es e airport
runway, your p1l hb.m' mostly
landed his ship. He has fem-
plowa2esmpkezinmmver -
triedy aewedbg to plam, wor-
ad out MI detail b7 yxpeon. ismt
cover evey fst o lh bb ap~-
- how hbe Zp &K. ld

Military re*(rieiona
ps-evau publtlueim ef
actual da& BiMd I-
s a (yas "aie

Arpvee w X i Ofh ,
tAe same asking -
they we *aSmo p
a|u~ft N{d& ^-


'wbhe lohe i bba. ile b or
dwfsml eiswamof his eappwemmb
Jwets- h k abe. d ep-i .

slemmsdsielhbe sinaft sa
um ,a ama bdo ,. Name

thal explain why pasmmeu-
agree& Pan Amrka* 2n
lions we urs foedr -Ulm
Pan Aqmerhe bsus
eviuly aem uupb


5 Abercromby Strut. iN-Sp ?4i1

**-'' "

___________' TNDAD OVARDMN. 2UPAY, JUL7 3=, 1AT, M




A;Ihma Mucus loosened'

First Day for Thousands
hDo rearrni attakesa e Bren*hie Aisthma ssl Ino t your S a lnM

ak menu ich*ws ertnaeIsI saetp (or phiylo en Ie
ba-d- some nihso a i
that you can't slep? Do you couh end wa an It: inds a

ouh tr Bf te s thick sf t ranging a- out youh vs
nt in ee hesl1., you errptu? F eV yry
usl h to w ?.ou h o r rable lo. o p-to I s an 1W l h ute Ms
o Molrmula on ever1
prwesription but that is now available to that an Iron clad guarante molSSHs~ddmdcn hc uoll~l 3*rltn*l^'""*^ sultrera at alI drug stores under the name medlate refun ad of y Sar ne1. e
f Msda. empty patckag xe unless Youae
i Meedanaturl works vry rapidly be- toM au &nr.this a eaLa
Mus. it noutln w lngrmd you ownt ed to a ou hav t e trythi e test.eOsy
he~lp nature low n thick, strangling exes Ia". SO silk yor rn t( j- s|i
mucus. And yo know from your own expe. today *and Put I~tet thwe Oft O Be .i

L- I



* .

inui. NOTES

.ULY 31; M&

AXalk Of Trinidad

XCOmUaIM? he Acting Governor and MM WINK, u
panted tr two daughter., Mrs. Ua akallN Mo. o1.0 Oast.
Otark, MUter WMhabl Clark and Master. Mi1ael @'mlWk
'id mW s ifgeta d 1o4 1" 10e show produMe r W i3
SId $a V4 t he t. JoMpm'a Omuat Pund -
tftlM~it tt paml T11106113
I55. OOURTEnB a* e Trindad PublushIn Oa, Ltd.. returned to Tridad o -
*veee ing from a buelnes sVist to the Uated Mate and Canada..
l .and amMX& )d. oom=3 returned from the United mta"e left
& S1dAr. nt =IV*weeks thee, re ha ftol hert e b maweft
V* t -do runt l2 M father, Mr. August rntel of NeI
SeeO. Dung aistit 1 oa ew Yok night club when It was foun
a f rftm TnTidsd, aWJ, they were the ceenW
otmO* Interest and had to raewer numIrOiMUa rete.
I PARWXLL dinner part far Mr. Peter Wylie, who expect to
hyA ove o -ait ne to ot go tto the ited Kingdomslortly,.wa
S by Mi s w melsu at sU ladies' hostel on Saturday lst,
L 22. 7le -gaogS ti4 30mBabes to Mr. F. X. ee" Thur-
wa as sawnhestoerd atw the prty. and they received many on,
from their friends. Tri niouy-4Bigagdcouple arn both
the st ofoTrinldad Leaseholds, Ltd. t a Po.t-a-P.lerre, and I
$ 3re plans tera being made for the wedding to take place ina
2Tho0invited to dinner. in addition to the guest of honour and
b1. lurlMnd, were Mr. and Mr... T. Leechman. Mr. and Mrs.eore
A Wany, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Highton, Mls Dorothy Miller. Mi
E IBSSepuolimai5, Mr. David Cook. Mr. Charles Abbott, and Mr. John-
tWrSlim of Point Fortin. After dinner the party adJiourned to
to. Mess, where they were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dolman,
Mr. andMra. Angus Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Charles NIC Mr. and
Ire. W. R. Cook, Lieut. C. Suplee. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leavitt, and
other, sand there wer e more farewellls to Mr. Wylie and ogratiula-
SiUons to Misso alnes and Mr. Thurland.
LARGE crowd oIf members welcomed the opportunity afforded
them by the TrTinidad Country Club on Monday evening of see-
Ing soma o the late.0t invasion scenes AMd techinicolour travelogues
of C~snsda. This movie show was made possible through the courtesy
of the Canadian Trade Commissioner.
Among those who attended. besides His E~xcellency the Acting
Governor and Mrs. Wright (whose presence there I mentioned yester-
day), were the Chief Justice and Mr. Blackall, Mr. Donald McBride,
Mr. and Mrs.. JE. Scheult, Capt. and Mrs. C. W. B. Fitzgerald,
At, and Mrs. R. Joh stone, Major enddes, Lleut. Basil Clarke, Lieut.
W1Aie Woodcock. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Santos Mr. A. 0. BoyS, Mr.e and
Mrs. NI Wade. Mr. Peter Rochford, Mr. Harold Cole, Ml Joan Hug-
gins, Missa 0. Orsinl., Miss M. Coussemlent. Mr. Val Millar, Lleut.
peter Acatos, Miss Jean Peskoe., Mr. Philip Laari, Mr. Andre Couise-
meant and Mr. Johnny Agostini.
'Ll. AJOHN TURNBULL. of Pointe-a-Pierv. left Trinidad recently
Sto go to the United Kingdom via New York for long leave, and
;be epeots to be awav for about three months.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. 0111 of Pointe-a-Pierre., also lef t recently to
d their long leave in Barbados, and they took their child with
Another recent d(eparuire for Barbados was Capt. T. p Penton,
and Mr. A. M. Kemp who left Pointe-a-Pierre to go to Tobago by
boat for ahort leave.
,TTWMM the patronage of His Grace the Archbishop of Port-of-
S epain, the members of the Holy Nune Sopiety (Cathediral are
\ orgataisln a grand musical evening to be held at the Prince's Build-
Ing on Friday. J'ilv 2,, at 830) p.m.
This bif affair 1l supported by leading artistesa, Including Mr. McD.
Olrpeaiter. Mif Amy Oibbons., Mr. N. J. GOriffith, Mr. F. R. Roche,
Mrs. Acham Chen, pupilx of Helen Mary Kesy and 60 others.
i TM T. W. 0. Thnmaon, the general manager of Antilles petroleum
Compa'nv (Tilnidad)l, who went to Montreal on buslness for one
m onth, r.inmr-d to Trinidad a few days ago During hls stay there
She met his daughter, who is at school and who he says looks excep-
t tlinally well
S While nn a visit to the Scenery Club, Mr. Thomson met Raymond
Muw., then moilr artor, and Mrs. Massey, who were staying there.
They ibecamr vrrv groat friends, and as the Mass!'ya have two
rale about the age of Mr. Thomson's daughter, he was pre-
v ied on to l1,c lher with them for h" holidays.
MR. enid MR. FRPF DE TnOHMLER and Mrs. Mark Drmonustler,
ait AL. Joaeph's Village. San Fernando. are spending a holiday at
Marmo. t hear that they are staying at "St. Anne's,' and are hav-
toa ft ela time.
MtR. and MRS. 0. R. D. SHANNOM left Usine Ste. Madeleine this
S week on t'% fi't stage of thPir Journey to St. Lucia where Mr.
S1hannon Is taking irp a new appouitinenti. They expect to spend
About 13 days In I,'nrt-of-Spain to Ae their friends there before
going on to St. LuclA at the end of next week.
MR\ W. J. STRINGER returned from the United states recently.
6.He went on a eombind businessand pleasure trip.
Mrs. Stringer Is, at the moment in Houston, Texas, and has
asked to he remembered to all her friends in Trinidad.


DThwcug ~~tartj4 01944
IMa keBig lit W Tuesday

Ilow UbgE Ws AiSua.

VVIIR, downs Tim

'Zln IIwfdlu ^&a wim .2 ^'*

lazy sarah, ende ds the en awm
a IN ,
t ot bsnthfm
nooe ad halt Hot witlwt oM
t Skies," N a Ino there wer
a"- I~rthe dawn of day,
| rainbow, shadw
sunshier mount arligt an.
ady I the who .wo al took
Pat n ballet dancing.
on thestaed- -It
r~tim bwd isl "~a .iu te -e

fore barmaraetoAtSu.
Michae Gregory, which I kuitsae
next month, and gave of her
but In her two numerous.

A SpanMh folk danee and p
maids followed, and the hit oth
afternoon, whieh wau encored, was
"mall Ulahd," a local dance with
JoelrIn Wrel singing.
The tn1 girls were drbesed as
Martiniquans and after they had
been brought back seemed to qain
confidence and "went to town.,
The finale, "Tropical Ballet,"
with the bigger girls was a delight.
re aoup of girl representing
different-coloured hiblscum flowers
danced and were Joined by three
group of Hummig Birds. Roae
Ooofroy led the Hibhscua and
Thora Thomas the Humming Birds.
I am sure the Convent Fund has
benefited considerably and It Is
hoped that there will be a repeat
performance soon.-Magadine Page
Birthday Cocktail Party
Mr. Maurice Watson wave a cock-
tail party at Mrs. Yvonne Shaw's
home on Monday evening, the
uest of honour being Mi nBar-
bars Johnson, for whose birthday
the party was given. The party,
lasted until almost midnight and
among those present, besides the
names already mentioned, were:
Lieut. Meade-Way, Mrs. C. Atkln-
son, Mrs, Edna Olegg, and Missl
ChIne Olegg; Lieut. Cecil McArt-
ney. Miss M. Johnson, Mr. and
Mrs. William Banfleld, Sgt. Win-
ston Ward, Miss Dulcle and Misl
Yvonne Shaw.

Party Success
Despite Rain

at. oeettf olc oaaaora
=aa e rahether S .

er nernen manay aeteions, In-
lud Ming hoo. l Slame tennos,
horse-rai, a p.merbard. Warden
lel bars, atne.bamspt. Mieha
show and a oter e : al o
whch were well patronlmed and
sened to afford plenty of amuse-
There was a dance in the even-
ing which was vey well-attended,
ad thet dancers thoroughly enjoy-
ed the MuA te of the Melody
Among those present during the
afternoon and evening were Mr.
and Mrs. 0. LaIdlaw, of Forest
Reserve Mr A. J. Bernard. Warden
4of Victora. Alt.-Supt. Michael
Gregory, and Brother Gabriel: and
.therewere many willins helpers,
Including the Matron of St. Bene-
dict' College, the Sistorers of -the
Convent, the convent girls, Mrs. A.
do Vertull, Ms. Albert Sanwon,
Mrs. Andy Krogh, Mr. and Mrs.
I. X. Herrmr. and Mrs. E7ereley,
who told fortunes.

Today's Diary
Meeting of affiliated members of
Coterie of Social Workers Oom-
munity Centre, Martha House,
* pn..
Concert, Bishop's High School,
8.30 p.m/

Grand musical evening, Prince's
Building, 8.30 p.m.

Postponed Indefinitely
Miss Celestine Jardine regrets to
notify her friends that the floor
show and dance in aid of the St.
Joseph's Convent, St. Joseph, fixed
for Saturday, August 12, at the
Prince's Building has been post-
poned Indefinitely due to the cri-
tical condition of her sister, who
is a patient !t the Colonial Hos-

Radio Programmes
" 8BB U i ,T A W V D I--
:00 Aflnuneftnrnta Titm VIews, the NeWe 0T. News
S :1t Navy Mixture Ray Meott' Oreh Qua P>s
:30 -- Mirth and Madnese Muslc
:45 -. Yarns far Yanks
S;00 - New@ O I. Journil
1 Personal Album -
S ;3ri shimmnry Progs. Villagel Store garat Mtui
7 :00 C'lltNg WI. News Pronlinse Thetro
AF:1, .. Stock Report .
S: .8Mal Call Crlbbea Cabard
:.5 Thrtlle -- -
^ *.-**.cr~fht^Ml -- l lt Mlhs
o : -o. -~ i porlight auiJ -
8 :30 World Talk Jua Consert -t, lCroMbr
:45 Cnhopln'l Mudl --
9 00 News 'elm. N at'arit Mporter Netws
:1b Mows at omna Met Tlbhe ory
:30 Starlight Crosby Muio BHal nanes Time
:46 War Review - -
0 S News e Hein eNews Night Owl Club
S :30 .-. Yank owingSoal s -
145 - - Noelturne


~f c5 -

?F *


um. qp +r
MtH mtt t tt t i i iiiiiittnittttiitiitttiin iiiii iiti itiiiimfiiniii iiiintiiittiiiiiiiittiiitiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiini

4.30 EMPIRE 8.30

* iMm~easamm ^ifi^ B I



I with John Gxrfleld

TODAY 4.48 & 8.30 p.m.
Double Attraction!
Brod. Crawford, Dick Foran In
A Grand Slam OGangster Picture
TomorrQw-Indian Night
HKRO NO. 1-Aduts Only

TONIGHT at 8.30-
Super Double Attraction
(lt) QGeer S ander a
Gas Patrick In
(tad) Jmaes Elion a
Virgrina Gilmore in
Tomorrow-Indian Picture


-- mA -H-I
l am 5 Jam. Sarsea, em Oaea
esea. tuwfi a" ano. es N
so~ soPO"of WtKbS& "" m t WWInU
someWig. ewwl"Msabft
uem ima. Wares ajmm. mae nm,

nwei Radi *ia Wlaaa. *Ma au~.

vs name. imn asaS
C.P. MUg euS ac. L Y.
/tt ii 75.74 arabiOa .


Thursday, July 27
6.30 p.m.
A limited number of van t
local cinema theatres available
to merchant seamen on appU-
catiOn to the Club Manager.
Current landing permit to
produced .
Tonight at 8.30
F4t Merchant Navy O eem
at the
CoUts Hleuae, St. An.'.
'Pbhao *1il

-irn-mm -mm


PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at 5 &. 8.30 p.m. -
Himalaya Ka Beti

* A .

S Scott Bushe Street-
i -a beauty-.-e inside
-Best offer.=
Modern Home "Somc- i
thing" Cascade, pea- I
session ? ....... ..$20,0
S Picton St., posseesion
-Bargain .......... $10,00
Large Property and
3 acres flat land, Diego
Martin .............. T
7 Champs Elysees Road
--near Country Club
--Pereseln ........ $12,50
Be Saddle Road-new-
empty ....1566.. $125
Belimnt Valley Read--
cheap .............. $ &Mc
Cettage-Carlons Street,
poession ....... ... I I
5 Ovid Alley, BalsOi
Street-enmt i 1 .. 1,401
197 Wesern Main Road
Extra Large Hew usand
4 eaers land, Santa
Crus .............. -U4
It Qa Btreet. Res. -
SDeN B Street, St.
j osiei*ewl .esie z m$4^

New ugaisbwecasea
S -t erae ae, Be ^e
S sft ........ I
is Gatoe imd Banlw

8 New I
Marv *..........
Q Ne IsBat ux"a
aid as:--- .g

Ifr e............

r 34.45 US&t ,JJ- i& 4.45
Daily Dwb, .A ''I

now "w m om; ",
Tustfary ye eam V* s"b*wI gote twob Imhm

"t. t'Y q tingMad!/...

V.V 2h1 /h id
Yii'U Em',.l llf Eq
vo'n 1+,,imum "I nowt

Y.'U Sim Vp pIod Cher :

L .SC N OP "

l *t4 ^

& 7I "1.
P +lot

GLOBF,-S-an JSn.
Today, 5 and DJ -
lilllluim nlml nnlllnullhhlmnlllmf1iHll i$n$nm nn iiimiilln.


Grand Opening TODAY, 4.45 and 8.45
and ever the week-end




*,)h wmnvvrx'

li Cinki lAiUICE$SAlRA 111I
Aibry Miother
eie~stl Wlo~ 353MMe Prewy Oem u RUTSU

Tonight at .30
Indian Stago Show
iliilliliiiiNiii iiflhIll iiiil lII III i

Today, 4A4 A 1.41
hIIiiH I flll IiIilttll h huiiniiii i

Today, 4

r lliilkl muilllliHiilllHmnmitMR Hiimmmi IHmInIIiM iHHHIIIIIIIIIInu
5 TODAY 4.45, 3.3 p.m. TODAY 4.45, .M3
a 2nid PARTI
R John Payne, Betty Grabl, nd PElAiott, slim
U Carmen MirandaE
-and -
Tru h---
lt .!..e.itu fllll _

I TODAY 4 31 & 8 .36
SThe Colony's Leading Calypnl.
Iana-Lord and Lady lere. Kitch.
enter, Zlegfleld and Pretender
Popular City Orchestra

and -
George Far

TODAY 4,8, &N *A

- and 4




- Io $a
I-----:----- --


NEW- San Ferai
-TODAY at A p.m.-Only


EMPIRE-sa Fers
20DAY at I &.4S pvm. and TOMoltiow-

--- -- I ,,,,, -- _. --L, '

I "

Added Attmera -P-. M t Latet
P.O.S.-Cradle of Chamisnm; SAN


Air Er en Nem

| _____




< + ...


sow, Wrmd

4 LiTit

. -I- "-i- e

w3 ju'

- ~ Uh~P

SVJ). Expert Finds

LurRich Background

r e#W tWO Donald NugMg, Tlinidad Venereal
t, hmoWah the USA. mi CnWad on a 12.000-mUIle
wMtl, getting acquainted with the prorammes mla
t okft veneral 4ime, ii deacribed by him
MIhed offWi a report "an enlightenig and
|Bg providtf a "rich background tfor future

W~ith' Xd4hInad
an, d spent
n the eV.D.
stleay *gay In New
tfUtt cflgers f
ts Fcoundattion.
H a tri torie there
o the senior V.D.
-Wg uq a similar
wass' tt treated to
in to e prcsruction
Sp ita spectacular
Epktour of e anacsian
tulan, incadidang the
At ont of Mour wr
-go Royal Victorian
rctOie auht Labors-
i*,,eule set by Lieut.-
lamas Hwas followed
' ltrip to the West
I the Me:"man border,
to the Middle West.
ls took .a post.gradu-
I0 hot Sprmings, Arkn-
H~ftrmIl lectures, partS-
mayup conference and
oo aRed practical work.
lpof dthe tour were
Io'l to have modern
Mitt out for a Trinlild
Sitfrom his tour find
Wpetices at famous
universities and
hith, Dr. Hugelns re-
tevaluable the ex-
I1 haof making con-
1wV a outstanding pc:-
.a horitles in health

[To Discuss
14tes Today
Nor Relief Board estl-
peldlture for 1945 are
When the board
G 'lock this morning in
Sthe Director of Medi-
IN with Dr. Norman
fl the D.M.O., presiding.
*i for discussion are:
It" of the Pension's
I kChef Inspector, Poor
W* of the Social Wel-
on the House of Re-
ld age pensions ap-
odaton for the


1-1L ved from a number
a friendly societies
week has pushed
hal Memorial Hos-
osored by the local
Sglalelat Committee, a
Wt the $2,000 mark.
a functions organized
fund is the concert
c and Memories'
SMr. Ralph Cherrie
1 lae in the Prince's
V 4 August 2. It Is
S d by some of the
artistes, with the
iand a choir of 75
I anthurst, hon. Sec-
fund organized in
trecant correspondence
committee disclosed
received the foliow-
e Emperor Halle
ad and patronized,
.Be Tsahal as sug-
taccept and convey
"ld thanks for kind
aero ned. Greetings
I Pfor all good luck
eia Majestles."
A now stands includes
: contributions amount-
2W which changed the
tota of $1,703.39 to

%uses Planned
r parations for the
4 moure houses at Mor-
Saccommodation for
evacuees were re-
yesterday, follow-
'Oovernment to
landHousing Comn-
0in addition to
a.000 already voted.


yin, Business.

G noig Con-
Centrol Location.
]itmediotely to
i'4, co "Trioided
-ibm iWIUI

'est Chance-



G.P.O. War

Savings Sales

Net $22,294
Sales of War Savings Certflifl
Gates at the General Post Off Ic
amounted to $2.294.80, of whici
slm the Win the War Associatior
purchased $13,611.80 for re-Sale a
its various centres throughout tb
Colony. Next in order of magni
tude came Port-of-Spain and
suburbs with $7,.35.20.
This week. St. Oeorge took firs
place among the counties, purchase
ing $1,106,.80 out of the remaining
(1,.*44.oO, Mt. Joseph con~rloute
403.0'U towards this fine eliort.
Tabaquite placed County Caron
on the map for i ;cona place amoni
tne counties by putting up 63bW
of the outstanding $432.uo0.
Other purchasers 'vere County
St. Patric& $64.80, towards wnic.
Fysabad helped with a concrlbu
tlon of $46.b0 County St. Andrew,
8St. Davlas figure was $7.20.
Following is tie weekly analyst
of purchabes maoe by oorougns
and count.es. for the week enami
'july 22.
I BtOHtOHS: Port-of-SpaiRs
and suburbs, $889,776.00; San x'er
nando. $115,b2l1.0; A rim a
$14.576.40. St. George, $113,533.20
County Caroni, (-4,46.20; St
Patrick, $(I,869.60; 8$. Andrew
St. David, $9,514.80; Narlva-Mayarc
$3,729.60; County VicLo. la
$7U,275.60; Tobago, 18,993.60; ant
Win the War Association

City Firm Re-opens
In New Building
Housed in tUnporamy premises
during the past 18 months, Messrs
W. C. Ross & Co., Ltd., reopened to
the public yesterday at the cornea
of Frederick and Wucen Strects In
a new modern three-storey struc-
ture, replacing the two-storey build.
ing gutted by fire In January last
As before, the drug store is house.
ed on the ground floor with a spa.
clous storeroom at the back. while
on the first floor are the offices,
photographic department and ad.
dltional storeroom of the fAim;
dental office of Dr. Maillard, aj
well as the office of the British Red
Cross Society.
The second floor, it Is understood,
Is being occupied by aamnufactur.
era' agents and Mr. 59iliot Reece,
architect and builder.
It is also understood that two
City solicitors may take up office

Court Forfeits Car
Illegally Bought
A $1,500 maotor-car acquired by
Kumar Ramjattan without the
necessary buying permit waA
ordered forfeited by Mr. W. J.
Andre In the First Police Court
Shaffikool Mohammed, who dis-
posed of the vehicle, was fined $50.
Prosecuting on behalf of the
Transport Emerpency DBard, Mr.
Victor Stollmever told the mag-
istrate that such sales were causin.
the board a great deal of worry,
the authorities being very often
misled by records that were com-
pletely out of order.
Lance-Ccrporal Brathwaite, who
laid the accusations, was merely
Inquiring about certain tyres on
the car when he got to know that
Ramjattan obtained the vehicle
through -ayment of a debt for
Both men pleaded guilty.

I saL

-----w-~~r 9 fl ., SI

All Admiring

BbWby Mo U. aet-eed of fhim and radio fame. is the
man en whom all eye are ta ned and he Is here. TI hapenedat
St. L4*ln. but U.S. troop at Diekide en Monday night an cla-
gal troops at H.M.q. Benbew the following evening were ogaidg
admiringly In much the same way when programmes were pot en
by Morris and visiting eo4entert4lines new out on a Carlbbean tow
lining U.SJ). amignmentas.

t I-. ....----- -- .-.- .-.-
SMissing Seaman's
g Body Found
The body of Bernard H:nry,
i American seaman who was
& drowned In the Portfof-Bpaln
J harbour on Monday night when
a motor launch in which he
S was travelling with 25 other
seamen overturned, was found
at about 10.30 o'clock yesterday
morning floating in the stream.
All of his companions were
Rescued by another launch at
Sthe time of the accident.

S'Small Island'Dance
SSteals Show
* "Dancing Starlets of 1944," pre-
Ssented by Miss Marie Palmer-
SChizszola, and under the patron-
u age of the Hon'ble A. B. Wright,
SActing Governor, and Mrs. Wright,
drew a capacity audience on Tues-
day afternoon at the Empire
S The programme opened with an
overture by the Polic: Band aug-
mented for the occasion by In-
strumentalists, with Lieut. R. Den-
nison conducting. This orchej.i'a
8 also supplied the mus!' und "c-
Scompaniments for the ,arloui
r dances.
Dozens of young dancers in cos.
tumes of appropriate colou is snd
design moved In graceful and
rhythmic patterns to create the
delightful world of make-believe
in "Farmland." This was fol-
lowed by the Hun&arian danoe,
e "Tango," the spirited "Texas Cow-
boys." a ba'!:t in which Thora
Thomas was olc'lt and a
;military march.
The interpretative ballet. "In
Sthe Skies," opening the second
part pf the program me, proved an
attractive Idea erected wtha ima-
"Small Island" an Interpreta-
tive dance of our West Indian
"small" island, was attractively
executed by the little ones who
although incapa" 'e of te genuine
spirit of such an Int-"iretation
gave to It none the less a quaintly
del!-'.tful touch. A diminutive
"Martiniquan" singing "Small Is-
land." to background of a minta-
ture chorus In typically sensuous
re ythmic movement would create
such a picture.
Altogether it was a worthwhile
experience to follow the young
dancers through their varloq;
movements and n oods and SaPt'
a programme does reflect credit-
ably the excellent work that is
being done for this form of art
In the Colony. It is to be antici-
pated that from this there will re-
sult an even greater popularity
for the dance and a yet hilther
standard of technical and artistic
Col. 0. C. Wenger will speak on
"The Purposes and Activities of
the American Health Service Mis-
slodi" at the American Servlce-
men's Forum In the U.S.O. at 7
o'clock this evening,

- -- *- -- -- ~- -- - --- v ook


W*'lrl. 9



.. . ,I I. ... . ..

scoTT FoRN C ., CLTD.
Thb f74d OW. -1 -ad PeMA sw a$we

New Dredge

Now Operating
The new hydraulic auction
dredge recently purchased by
Governn\nt at a cost of $75,000,
freight expenses included, for re-
reclamation work here, went into
operation yesterday in the vicinity
of the Lighthouse Jetty.
Mr. S. H. R. Beard, Resident
Engineer, considered the solid
discharge very h.g!-
Project of this dredging work.
which forms part of the Laventille
reclamation scheme, is to enable
steamers plying between Venesuela
and Trinidad to discharge at the
The new dredge which arrived
here In Jone, Is equipped with a
500 horsepower d;sel engine,
Mr. Ernest Manoy, sent out from
the U.S. to assemble the dredge
here, Is operating It and training
local crews.

New D.M.O. Does
Special Duty
Dr. J. 8. Cramer who recently
returned to this Colony from his
visit to St. Kits where he spent a
holiday with relatives, has assumed
duties as one of the Island's Medi-
cal Officers of Health.
8,cond-c for duty here from Fiji,
where he was a District Medical
Officer of Health, Dr. Cramer be-
fore taking up work In the district
assigned to him will be temporarily
accommodated at the office of the
Senior Medical Officer of Health
(North) and will be doing special
duties in the Northern Division,
starting in Arlma.
The Chinese Study 'Group will
hold. a specIal meeting at 8 o'clock
tonight in the Chinese School, 88
New Street, to discuss important


Court Praises

South Market

fcamotnending pattern set by
San Fernando vendors in dealing
wita purchasra to avoid conf/ilon
dining sales, Mr. W. J. Andre,
with Lome doubt In his mind a
to waheher a puIcuaser who te
police said lris Ca;ar, a vetdor
of St. Jaes,. reluseod to ael. was
the pers; tie sw I .* next, au-
massld acuacuiu aWd a a.nalst
tnals wou.&n for refining to el,.
aaweeu on dtmanm.
The i&i.a..raLe, expressing ap-
preciatitn oi the method adopted
at ban iwernando, aiated that peo-
pie theit were made to queue up
ietweeu wooden barriers ,o that
others would be unable to force
their way in ur.iwen. ThiL he con-
aidered ioud icsa.
8&tNo-t,pe,eor Harris. prosecut-
ing, told the n i.jist-ate that the
system in St. James shops was so
bad that wnoneuer there was a
release of riLe he wondered whe-
ther there was a not in progress.
Hurt to find that ie was the
type of patron %ho was not wanted
in the San Juuni cinma, Rupert
Brown, a &tw days ago, resented
action of the manager in rejecting
him and showed disapproval by
abusing and being him, bringing
upon himself terms of imprison-
meot totalling 44 days imposed by
Mr. Andre, who convlcetd him on
accusations of disorderly beaRaviour
and assault.
Marajin, pursuing the custom of
sellierg by numbers Instead of
weight despite defence regulations
which seek to displace the old
method, sold four bananas for
eight cents Instead of six cents,
the scheduled price according to
the weight. Convicted, he was
ordered to pay a fine of $10 for
selling above schedule.
The Ccurt was informed that
many of these vendors did not use
scales any more while selling
"A shocking display of barbarism
and wildness" was the description
given bv the magistrate to a per-
formance by Julius William Man-
ning a few days ago when he
abused a number of policemen
and beat one who arrested him.
Convicted on accusations of dis-
orderly behaviour and assault, he
was ordered to pay 15 in fines,
as It was observed that although
he had a record of 26 convictions
for various types of offences he
remained away from Court for the
past 14 years.
"I hope you keep it up," the
magistrate told him as he leard
how he had been behaving.

While Murray Macaulay strug
desperately to overcome a pol
man. Carl Laurie, his bro
seaman, threw a bottle in t
direction to see how he could
sist his friend. Yesterday 1
men appeared in Court as a re
Laurie accused of throwlngi
siles and Macaulsy on accuse
of assault. Fine of $10 was
posed in Laurie's case w
Macaulav was ordered to pa
fine of $25.

The Chinese Community is invited
to attend a mass meeting at the
Kuoming Tang Hall, 19 Charlotte
Street on Tuesday 15th August, 1944
at 8 p.m. sharp, for the purpose of in-
augurating the new Chinese Associa-
tion. The Chinese Consul will preside.

Tonca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

Win. II. Kennedy & Co., Ltd.
.. MARM ..QUA..


Is x 17 PLATE



Pointe-a-Pierre Laundry Service
hove pieosure I announcing that
they hove established depot at

which was opoad to th1 public On
MONDAY, 17th JULY, 1944
4k rPomQ.A4Kum mamS. 4T PA
404 Crb M-k- UK. MA I .WS

I. . . . . . . .I-I- , I L



. I

v.we tie.m

W.I.N. Party
Democratic Government

Skin Itch

Slopped M 7w Mut


About 300 Acres Pul'y Planted
in Tonca Beans, Coffee tRo-
busta and Arabica). Cocoa,
Limes and a variety of Citrus
and other fruit trees, known
as Helvetia Estate. Poole,
Ward of Charuma, County of
Nariva 3 dryinR houses,
sweat box. residence, barracks
all In perfect condition. -
mile from railway. Tabaqulte-
Rio Claro Road runs through
estate which is between the
24 and 25 mile posts. Offers
to be made to V. J. Stauble.
29 Frederick Street, Port-of-
idi~ii iifilllin ii llllllllli llllllllllllii tiii
Borough of Son Fernondo


San Fernando are hereby notified
that In order to prevent their pro-
perties from being out up for sale,
all arrears of Hou'e and Water
Rates, and Electric Lighting Loans,
up to and including those for the
year 1942. and charges, must be
paid before 31st July, 1944

R. M. Scott.
Town Clerk.

Town Hall,
San Flernando.
15th July. 1944.

Heard Trouble

Caused by High

Blood Pressure
If you have lpain round the heart
pt1lptatlon, dissines, hadaehes at to
and ? ak ot hled and above gy,
shortest of bret, feel nervy, or af.
fea frOm gor alp, l memory and
MartiC, nrdiptIton, worry and far-
yeW trouble is probably eause
SIth Blood Prssure. This Is a diseua
that causes more deths thaa eanew,
because the symptoms are so common
and usually mistaken for some simple
ailmnent. If you suffer from any of these
symptoms. you should start tratment
et on(e. The very first doa* of Hynex, a
new medical discovery, tends to reduce
|igh Blood Pressure and Iak you
feel years younger la few day. t
Hynex from your chemist today. It is
guaranteed to make you feel well and
strong or money back an return of
empty packig.



Possession Immediately

No. 15 (a) MUCURAPO ,



No. 10 PETRA ST.

Est end of Perk Street


LAew 4 M.. Us6 st.





Cold Storage Delicacies!



* EGGS (no delivery) ......






72c. per lb.

. 72c:.

84. per doz.

.0c. per lb.

... .. O68C.. ,,

sOc. #

.. .. .. tif **( 68C. .

. 46c.


'Phones: 4120, 4127, 4128, 4129



During the month of August&
from Tuesdaoy I to ThWl
day 31 inclusive, our keweaC
lery department only will be
closed for purposes 6f

S During that period, we suggest that you
visit our assoa.iate business,
where you can rrjke your selection from
their vcred and attractive stock. Watch
repairs will be delivered there also, ot 42,
Frederick Street, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
and until noon on Saturdays.
Your Jeweller.

Y. De LIMA & Co.





a light Comedy by Jevan Brandon-Thomos

Under the Distinguished Patronage of His xwellency thl
Acting Governor, the Hon'ble A. ,. Wright, O.M.G, VJ 1.MA'

at the



, THURSDAY 10ith AUGUST, 1044
at 4 M Md54 MS..
st ~ ~ ~ t4 -.

IN AIDs OF: The Win the War Au6esie*i
General Fund, end ti Trinidod AICStIoq
in alid of the Deaf end DuW b.

w i **. :
Metlne-41.00, 4 ad 2' 2k
Na.-$.50, $100, 72c.s.d... 7

S,"b ,.,"PC


I NL- -

mn mlu m-.

Trepkal Battlfte
Lot Us Beaeds T' OW
ThROPKAL at ebMl a O- -s
for ye soft a me IIGTUG
We have a ahtMeW aet
ef mew U 8atmedes.

StMadard Metw

Gofer -mt








on euas from M m to 5m,0 aIs ow -loa .
O n IeM tnmsrda UM fm to lee sa st a% so m. sa
On deem uwsue* of NAS-.dmll isis.
Fr particular apply tow -




emueg ~ ~ ~ OAd *V A NY aO mo mum OrFERS ARM INVITED tor the Md T Vast No isberm.,thy d ~t ____W_
eII I I Iel.t i i " i s --, F,_ st,, t+a: -, ",, ...... ...... I ..5- 5'o I - o m l
Ad ps wIra a"sCam. sP.igec t1diWon"prpetesm I O4lb to ti m5MMIb la s toA U KII1
--- TH ... to Ioad. t talnln ga w l Lots Ls S 5 pl *M I ot ie l *t I R ,h tr- "
NG a A --r.si M -M o .. riA. F rs `r 6r1t 11, 0i O W .4 nkO r a of IoZ. l L ITt U AM .-. o.f i M e a" .u- H-*- I .. L

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