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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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| Offi

Ith Of

L. By W. I
SJuly 2 (AP)-Ruu
!e e e yesterday split
Siturtn the rail ci
of Warsaw
4nve on erml
'the Day trom
M I.lt by tanks
||cXIw coninunkQm
that more than
Ware killed and cap
he gigantic Sovle
Tloivelv began ea
7s nearly lU0oo
WMe taken prisoner,
I generals. The
2,0 tanks and
to the B.B,0,
ftPaul winterton
N"ews Chron-
up the Red
achievements In the
uthr, said when the
*ook the offensive in
WI ek of June, they
NJOI from ,the Ger-
tBt ^Today they, are
mie from Germany
as"uties were Inflicted
s' l seven now hurl-
itratass on an 0=.
IS7 aO Baltic to the
Mpntains. Oermanvs
hourly as the Rus.
iced wesOtward at better
C mean hur, ilashin OGer-
etrest frontally
lablng numerous strong.
I WMe flanking movement
aSSia ae within 78 miles
Vs River, last Axsle de.
,~ire Germany.
S tosys With the Red
cate of Lublin, Soviet
Also due
SLutIn they have
ni ar B a go-mile
o toope aeal-
S ]se mein w.v
16ahe west

hea rt of the
laUmihst of a
y 600 =2
w and this has
4ree across the
the River Dnlster
taken the railway
$1ne 14 males from
U end of the front,
Offensive is going
on the narrow cor-
the German force in
w"th those in the
"fS'fY, Plumo have been
90 GlMln front betwoon


o~a oy that the Ger
be dr ve u of
Of Lww.
'CSP MM:"Detacbeaesto
t* in Laftth re.
NAME"&t the Germa

O afd boyL
01i"The Ei A-
In? ydmir-thift to *e
Uw~ji Polish popuig,

OfThe War
-ply les


NO. 3,181, 3711T HAR






-- .---------.-.-7 -- -----------.--.------




Hitler Plot Casualties

Launch Front Quiet
pensive In Normandy

Lwow A I I i es Regrouping
___ w TFor Opening of New
Phase of Attack
Allied Expeditionary Forces, July
24 (AP)-The Allied invasion was
stalled along the whole Normandy
front tonight through the com-
bination of contunued !Jad weather
ad the regrouping necessary tC
oe M a new phase of attacks on
both the American and British
tReuter says a correspondent
at Allied Supreme Headquar-
term describes the battlefront
a t the quietest since D-day.l
Throughout the day's lull there
wtere only two actions of signifit
cance. Eight miles east of Caer
the British push into the western
edge of Troarn, but met stiff re-
sistance and fell back to a rail-
way station in the outskirts.
The Americans pushed back tc
the north bank of the river Bevel
after probein the German defencI
arc north of Perters on the west
coast road south to Coutances and
Avranches at the sidtdoor to
Obviously the Allies must un-
cork another offensive to break
the stalemate. The shortness of
the front, now something under IOG
miles long, gives, the eermans the
advantage of extreme density of
defence. Unless General Mont-
gomery breaks the loop on les
flank the front will continue to
W. HEC llHER grow on the American peninsula.
asian troops in a series of cts- And no fanning is poslble on thr
s tros wint a a cres flank unless they reach Avranches,
the battered German armies in at the base of the peninsula.
ty of Lublin, toppled Lukow, only When either of these flanker
t o ubn Itowe pa o ny bursts open. Rommel wll have to
and cr ased the San River In the dip deep into his reserves and
illlss than 10miles away. even then it is unlikely that he
n e t lesI than les pawy. Will be able to have a dense de-.
Marsl stain said that Lublin fence and mhG in ea equate
ea vary and InfantrY. forQu in close ul s
1 ... d oitish Staff Oficere sai J Rone-
RsJo mel's armour was severely mauled
e ito i nge ade w with a total of 593 tanks knocked
R useintc oe out in action on the British front
me of eethat of this number Mr definitely
oil est T o R e were destroyed.
edeanwhile,- earl tod "Alie
Slight bombers harried enemy troop
IFreed and attacked railmovements In a
broad blt behind the enemy line
U -"- t from east of the to the bat-

mynlALttEX oe # tf ro" ato--TiiddOarl theor baot-o
d ALEX INGLEnTON tie area. Supply dumps in Foret
LONON, 'uly 24 (AP)-The de Cinglaia were bombed, Two
-,Allied aircraft are missing,
uneasy Polish Overnment in exile Enemy coastal craft were inter-
today found its authority facing cepted and engaged of f Cr p
an open chalenge from a rival D'Antifer by our naval patrols
&o. openchalengefrom a. early yesterday. Three enemy
group with Soviet support, but sat R-boats were .evereiy damaged
tLht in th? s apparent hope that the and one set on fire.
.Aio-Am ericans would intervene The midnight communique
a help 6o01Vr the Allies' thorny meanwhile made no mention of
diplomatic-p problem. ground activity and ;onfired it-
d Officially, the poles remained self to reports of light-bomber aL-
d silent in the wake of the announce- tacks on enmy troops and rat,
Sent from Mosov that a poisl' movement% from e: t of the Seine
- Committee of National Liberatior river to the battle area.
0is to take over the civil 9dmoinistra-
tion in the liberated area oft ,ir
country, but are p eiva.ply engsee J A ina
a field day of speculat i u ps l F il
ScntriAg chiefly around these al- At Aita p e
y unative. A iape
One: That Russia plans to giv.
f :i support to the Polish National ADVANCED ALLIED HEAD-
Councilinmatters of local ad- QUAR S, New, uine, J
C o u n c i l i J u l y 2
mthistration with gradual Increase (AP)-t was announced today tht
*in recognition the cc**ntry it the Japanese it
STAmerican lines t es f i ha
freed, thus placing the Tre Jaas ese Mfoces,
astong position when ele= again fail.,ed. The Japanes forces,
heia o estimated at i nhigh as 465000men,
;4: That It Was Part Of MAWmo have been pocketed in the Wewak
by the'Soviet Union to fort o a etor between the Australian and
hand of the P olis hadmi n or America n forces for many weeks.
in London to push through It was anounced thatartiner,
in the make- smashed a Combined Japa-
dongsIttissekingi frontal and south. faMk attack on
up the exiled government and Saturday, Isolated detahments
settlement of the touchy which managed to infiltrate nto
rE di4ute before the war's the American lines acrte Drin]-
enumcr are ne~w being liquidated
Neither possibility evoked any- The enemy is sekid..to
thin but alarm from Polis~h Gov- zn nm omM .opush
$ irngbt circls, wo in hoI sh Go westward past Atape In an effort
emientcirles wh inthepas tora the Japanese-held sector
matained that discussion of th In react Ne Ga.
brdw difficulty must wait for Fi htN all alonegth Dnnnor
vct0ory a Insisted that the GOV-'- one shrp. Oeneral Douglas 1ac.
minent could not recognife any Arthur said since the Japanese
territorial changes made without first ,.timk In this area last 'eek
the consent of all parties. "his casuatite have run Into thooei.
Regardless of the long-range out- hands and his fight for survival is
of the dispute. the moe im- becoming more acute.,
we t0 question is whether It
d pr d co-operation be-
1= te Rd Army an the
SPolish underground army which W after Petition Sent
conrt!,p exile To Government
government de .ibed the Libera-
Iti committee as a "body of left, _AUlcouponscollectooy the
Wing rdical ntellet is" nd de-"Trinidad G]uardian" i ato
c'ired It would not reev the With its earpdn petitioning for
mitte woul be headed by E-forwrarded to teClna ei
wad evla .~wk1a cai-tarys office wit an
-hi merth petitio, signed by245re
fallee.-eong hemviedents of the Port.of- ttatieanl
wa Wnd Wslws.i,- prsden
Moewwhich has oin

Polish Army To 3e of .

U dae-lined Womamlrsaw.

been givu zecttve poe iq' supl owtr.
aalsuuariing t indepadenosmT
re~tab~shug he olih sate a~e Iedvi rprsmn~ 1

"High Comma. 1 of the Opposi-
tion" who was caught was thuexe-
cuted Col,-General Ludwig Beck
who was warned arrest and
taken by accident.
Heinrich Himmlr. the Gesta-
po's head executioner. "doegs rot
even know who the members of
the committee are," this account
said, although the committee Is
embracing Catholic and evange-
lical representatives as well as
It as said to have existed for
more than a year.
Hiler set out tl Nazify hit
army completely as Berlin radio
announced that Thursday's bomb
which it reported singed him, had
taken the lives of two high-rank-
ing officers.
Hitler continued his junking of
the Prussian command. r on the
western front in favcur of gradu-
ates of the party school whose
training was more in street brawls
than tactical manoeuvres.
German troops were told over
the military radio tha. Himmler
would show no ercy toward thow
violating the laws of the Reich
whi;e the Oerman people were told
that no one had the right to live
who did not carry arms or help
produce materials of war.
D.N.B. declared Allied lopes for
a Split between ie generals were
"in vain" and the Ger- an forcer
radio said "the small group of
treacherous German generals whe
are now exterminaated" had hoped
to win a concelssion from the
Frontier reorts Vd Germany
was quiet with :I. and Nasl of-
ficers in control.
Advice to the Associated Preo
In Madrid -;id hundreds or "per-
ajn thousands" of tr tar army
fItces at the old Pssioan scboo'
fell before as. firing sftads
t' roughour Germany even before
they eould be reau.ed by the
orders of the revolting general
which they would have obyed.
ler Appeared tradlm*s Staff
College traltln tar ru s Yty.
Y Int Frne in a desperate of-
fott, to khe his arwtn lineW The
latit such replasent to appear
in G"e Jos Dte trlh, Ide=tL -
tied Or A Mie Supreme Headquar.
tears a, a Hlt er-Umai ler stoge
10d a Ran".delate d Khar-
khv war rbinatal oommandr
the 5.5 panes, Corps.
^^^S-VS t,Germ"a
big Oils afteWoOM that two
Oruman generals have died
romi wounds sustained In the
attempt on Mhteir's lt. last
%Wu 'his hrtME 04- Le#IM
tall to t i three, -o aean
are Major-GeNeral Drendt, a
army 6dleftlsi3raff Uzior
0ene0" raa chief of
If tt lR Re had bes
Luftwaffe chief of staff t&
ac4t a Ifarikhad been 0
PiNUAMS TA5W PAae6 5440.is

Takeover Proposed
By a large majority vote, the
Port-of.Spain City C3uncll,
meeting In committee yesterday
morning, decided to recommend
the exercise of Its rights under
'ectlon 10 of the Trinidad Elec-
tricity Board Ordinance which
empowers the Board to transfer
and vest in the Corpratlon
part of or the whcle undertak-
becision was reached after a
lengthy debate covering all as-
pects of the matter.
Recommendations agreed up-
on will ,e considered at the
monthly statutory meeting of
the Council or. Thursday.

Japs Isolated

In Guam Sector
W NtT hSr v2 4 (APF)-
The sN19 M today that Amern-
ca orcee isolated completely
enemy*nv Oa Orote Peninsula on
oua Wad and Improved their
option s elsewhere.
A Pacific Pleet communique. re-
DOMrt the os, of the fight-
Son ousM ad teuflling of air
attaS eei dtoa new
Raw ind,
aerial viito ewiwrs aiKons In
Jaai noter uaie lands,
ma e metiWst of the situation
n TItna a the Maianu
whee Amerca torces waed y-

Allies Make Gains
Around Myitkyina
8S001ML AS mA00j(Z,
Nov OroM (nUM M Tir h
W"* I nto~
a of t town.
ow OMAN. a 'is the
theor. Minor advances have
b made in the southern
nJa~oi zq
On the Manlvwr trout the Alled
troome havio dng h li
'ace. s, a mong the
art 4lo= 4t: iM He Ukiu Ir, The
h0 no re eld4 the mi4teste
mT fls htrn tahal am the
inm edd anl freP ia I
an the villae. of c a t I
lim t the entraneUe"7 wtov KAu
eier dlne. 4. h
LONDON. July 34 (Reuterl-Air
r "0-Ma4uWa J. U. Robb ba boo a

eet'1e *t Ocw ton-r
? ,few 16 tw graltl
thin hhrS

^ ~ ~ MN AWMIVA ,*

ta u3 (mum Pa-e N*. ...............s.... Mg,
GI--- ECANNINGm & A ., LTD. *.,.




Pisa Battle


U.S. Troops Occupy
Portion of City South
Of River Arno

July 24 (Reuterl- Althouvh the
Germans in the sector of Pisa,
south of the River Arno. have been
wined out, American troom of the
Fifth Army are still battling for
the city. Allied troops now hold the
southern bank of the Arno, from
Its mnuth a Marina Dt Pivs. 1n t:
the neighbourhood of qan Miniato.
30 miles inland from the see.
NEast of Pisa the Germans still
hold some strongoints south of
the Arno. but the Fifth Army have
mopped up five towns in the river
plain and crossed the Arno canal
t enter Cascina.
Allied spearheads, driving up
Highway Two, arc novw In the vici-
nity of Strada, only 12 miles from
florence in a direct line, although
Wome 17 miles b, road,
Alonr the whole Pisa front the
Germans are fighting back strong-
ly. Allied units, advancing up the
valley of the Elsa, a tributary cfl
th- A:-no. ae Vtwo miles past Cer-
taldo and have captured Monte-
Tn the upper Arno valley outh
of Florence. Eilhth Army i .ps
have taktn San Giovanni and ..'ht-
ing is now in pcgress on the lower
slopes of the 3700-foot P,.ato Mag-
no, same 20 miles from Plorcnce,
and commanding the Arno valley.
After the capture of Citta Dl
Castello In the Tiber Valley a
spearhead drcve another three
miles north, and the important
communications centre of San Se-
polcro is now threatened.
German rearguards are still re-
sisting on the Monte Santa la-
Mcntercll road, but the Indian
troops are working their way for-
ward. On the Adriatic sector, Polish
troops hay. reached a point eat ol
Ostrat some I( miles south 9t l
h t tm *0* et imtea, earde
tficl Italian troops are advanc-
Vaughan Thofias, B.B.C. report-
er, who is with the Fifth Army,
states today that the city of Pisa
Is sliced in two with the American
force" I" the part on the south
bank of the Arno, while the OGar-
mans hdld the northern part that
contains the cathedral and the
famous leaning tower.
Heo paints on eerie picture of
Pisa. It seemed completely de-
serted when the Americans went
in. The city hao not been mil
like Leghorn and was by no meaus
as badly damaged; it was Just much
more empty.


Raids Smash

Nazi Targets
LONDON, July 24 (Reuter)-
Medium forces of Italy-based heavy
bombers today ranged over south-
ern France, northern laly and
southern Yugoslavia, bombing air-
dromes, industrial Installations,
harbours and troop concentra-
Liberators successfully bombed
landing grounds at Valence. La
Tresorerie. and Lea Chanoines in
southern France.
Genoa harbour and enemy troops
In the area east of Niksicl In south-
ern Yugolavia were also attacked.
Fortresses hit the Obasauno ball-
bearing factory near Turin and a
tank repair shop at Turin.
Enemy aircraft are reported to
have been encountered only in the
Lee Chanolnee region. '
Amerloan fighter 'planes based
In Britain went hunting over
outh-eastem Germany today.
some of the targets they hit were
a railway train, locomotves, gun
emplaeementa, oil tanks, power
bom, tues ., anti-aircraft tower
and airfiela
At one alrftld, Mutan
wre"ked at least 11 aircraft perked
o9 the tarmac asd nearly as many
again wen damaged. Near another
airfield Mustangs mat three Oer-
=VIta M "a- in the air
an v pl a nee ofs down.
AmLeIeaalar Aden 1avocs
have attacked enem fuel and am-
munlim dumped over a wide area
i hF a nve aleo b ed railway
IV.. I
The very heavy bombing attack
on Germany's rest naval base at
K~uIsel obE y a attempt to
tk eK t#lxa V and so reduce
ta AM e*mO f e w t remains,
Of the German Fleet in Its docks
aieto headquarters of the
oewnial avy and a successful at-
teck on the cansl, as for example
the detrction of the dock and
canal maid out the canal
out ot at montha.
..e jrwas ata "da remetl As
the sxth of this oathby strong
forces of Unted tatue heavt
1j>wf lll buna 4a9e
~S a ftAM t for
MOMa forme and 1tc 9f Ouf #8 lo









SJAR- ZfrZ Sod fL9a&A




sw 9



Armies:. .

I -



General Karl Bodensehats (left), aide to Adolf litler, and General
Guen'her Korten, Chief-of-Staff ef the German Air Force, reported
by Berthi,, July te have bee n Injured when a bomb attempt
was made uen Hkier'q life General Korten. according to D.N.B..
has agl* died of his lnuries. The two generals stroll near
German headquarters, according to the caption of this picture,
which reached thin country thr0ewugh a neutral source. Caption
stated picture had been made on September 23, 1943.- (AP Photo).

'Red Leades Anti-it
Revolt Elude Gestapo Net

LONDON, July 24 (AP)-The Nazis still ruled Germany tonight
under the Iron hand of the Gestapo, but advices from the Reich's
frontier declared that the purge wiped out only a few of the leader
among the Army conspirators determined to liquidate Adolf Hitler
and all his regime, .-
A relabls report to Associated ..r.. ,,.. .
Press said the only member of theI(itv Plecetricitv

" ) par V Vi
701CO) -, %.
m au~ uv tii-

His Majesty Makes"

Trip To Inspect

Allied Servicemen
LONDON, July 24 kReuter)-It was announced tonight that His
Majesty the King arrived in Italy yesterday evening. He landed
at an airfield near Napes after a comfortable trip in good weather.
Corresponderts ay that the object of his visit is to inspect m'n of
the three services from Britain, the Dominions and the Allied nations.
Lis Majesty left England on Sat.- ---,
urday evening and the Queen and G
Princess Elisabeth saw him off. He
flew in an R.A.F. 'plane of Trans-. Frelch G ive
port Command with a crew of five.
The first hop was to North A. fril
ca where there was a three-hour C h r hill
halt then the party took off again
for Neuts. Only a few people Bi W el
were allowed at the airfield yester- i W c m
day evening and of these fewer
still knew who the distinguished
visitor was to be. LONDON, July 24 (Reuter)-.
Godfrey Talbot, BB.C. reporter, During his three-day visit to
who was there, says he was merely Normandy which ended yeto.,
told that someone of Interest was day. Mr. Winston Churchill re-
arriving. Then, he says, from the cefved a great welcome from the
blue Italian sky came a big plane People In French towns an vil.
escorted by fighters and from It in ta
P. Field Marshal's uniform there One correspondent tells how In
stepped nie Kinq. Talbot s-vs an one o the streets that wind
smusinq touch as the King's 'plane hrough Cherboag, the prime
taxied in was a tiny Jeep which Minisier's motor-car came to a
went ahead of it guarding the way sudden halt. It took exactly three
went Rhead o t guadig he way seonds for a 'iSn.
across the tarmac that still bore c for P ain workmSlau to
arecogni Mr. Clurchill, rush up
the scars of war. and thrust his hands nto the
MEETS COMMANDERS Prime Minister'a,
In a moment thenaow tre
Correspondents say that the sIn cramomed wnti the le s
King looked fit and well as he other. were baring open windo
s.epped out and smilingly greeted un above. Mr. Church w
the people there to meet him. in, hands left and fight and'i
Among them was General Sir crowd was so thick that eith
Henry Maitland Wilson the i, the American mUltay .p011
reme Allied Commander in the nor ever, te Pees photorephea
Mediterranean; Admiral Sir John could squeese th eir a i
Cunningham, the Commander-in- Suddenly a 1French"n an td
Chief of the Naval Forces. Air that the familiar cl .-hea& luS
Marshal dir Jolin Slessor, the Com- out and the Prime MinAter Was
mander-In-Chief of the R.A.F. in puffng at it ia va n. At one he
the Medlteranean; and Mr. Harold whipped out a Rehter, flicked I
McMillan. and thrust the flame t Mr,
Godfrey Talbot says he had a Churchill. The el'ar wat r Alt "
chat with the crew of the King's the crowd howled w it h t
'plane, looking smart in their tro.- Di. Churchill eald
pical uniforms and ihort. The yu.- dded: ""-'
let wa s aW aLn ao d man ce Iorhe 9
5;mnander Mo. HeIs Tho'"
the King had spent a good deal of and a voice s iwered:
the time In the control cabin dur- l'AmerLtue I"
ing the trip and was particularly ,' ... .
interested In the automatic pilot. Old oundeO r
This tr the fourth time that the Mised, Say Premier
King has visited the battlefronts r
In this war. He went to Ftrance LONDOM July $ CAP)-'T
In 19., North Africa and Malta fighting might come to ia s
last year and agin to Prance sa earlier than we have a ri t to
few weeks ago. The la time he sa. said Mr. Win"t h CuhiL
was In Italy was In 190. the Prime Minister., ,tsthe o c
Before leaving England on Sat- slon of a three-day, tour of th
urday evening, His Majesty asgned Nomandy bate area e .strd ,
a warrant appointing five Ci.m -I Mr. Churchill asrveN' hu
iors of State to act for him in his Britsin afte r moar toet is ,
absence, For the first time Princess he sa w a tank battle IW
Eliabeth is one of these Counsel.- went to--SS5orbo -to
lors. The Princess spent her first 'the dock Pre, spoke to troops
day In her new role informally In airmen. and expericeds"me 0
camp with Girl Guides. 'the miserable weather that hA
The other four Counsellors of 'made this Jilly unique.
State are Her Majesty the Qeen,j He gave the first oMl A11
the Duke of Gloucester, the Prin- word on the crisis In Gwe af.
cess Royal and Prince Arthur PA
of Connaught. I fPLAGl TURN TO PR m l IL

Cof ce Official Reveals GRAND CIEMA
.: S.Vl.% "fj Df LUXE THATi
nI~mm~~~!nbunt'aml" k Immma bg i- mile tl' Setrduy 29th 1944 --1.15*
41 o = 0 aro f a mfta ssitoa Wi"a ft ~M .VsO hethateft w wM

up gPwI"v"r s I aweft"len --1a* -*ae&"-^ H""M^ 11NKi SKAllow"II
MfStrftsS "-"We, ie "! Hag

g' ""-"sKS "^^ % Hostel Plans Bahma Achw- ^ s ssi ^isg ^ iaBB
rLoats, ams.hrv erA Ir.-"

P"lani"aEvacuees Wof
i i...- t!Idh ii s'npo rmw.. aaa ~a u-uk~~e~e
San .~, r. ;S1tpresmoa e10 ". 11tsw. .r. T.o t w ,o

lu s ^ 5a3^ SP L te hS d ho e l & uSF o r Dr.nmm~ m Mre a t M5 Itt 1 ot r WS- U I e. e n tl f -
ttCtotl s njiowU o be m. 8.. Ooarty former iitove~S* o houd t ac noa-o S ho' *" miniS "; SSSy ll % ?'tt ite ws t M rO M TO; ti IliON A~eT m s'r
Ia_ aPd O. U e,"ft.=n.* n report. Mr. ha. been IAnfom ed. e Ie *0 -L LS7 2NV. UND
rbgg wsheSoosIF t or I.e n o: MR. f t% "& g w

prof Lmt, zli KrI Them Renad Mrto a~l hea, erm :r i. siaa t he" I .TYAI R3RTrir7m
e nihom tO ~ n~ a. s t Friday5 hol __________117 SJ5___.__Bt__________ho___t

,mt I5ZB toIac tweI to. S -f th e~~ i ttedSb I t f^ S r ovSmi k thr*igxnef Gay- *i,t afW o ictnti uebcft onb Mrtk M. A.. Wine or forP. ------
1d MtttM Ut t~ Mt oP ere eSeroroMh.tte, land tnm ae e s retvrb7etd t t e tA DMIIaU N P eRC. t: -
iien d f ~~ow r e ymr. -0t wa S t onne to ra that Chares.
.d.m..eo C., S Dol, trs pn-n- booming a$25moa0o 06 Vau "" o. . .n.

te Ite a Mr. W. Df he, aScormer o a 9been submitted to. Como (r n Di is *S r m bmth o pw5u al ia C Onr. C hA u 3d5 in-
""&A% ^.^ s FIe^ o^^.n^,^ NE STATION
<" " ^S^SS^ g ^ '-- On Slum Block" o.-.to .^ unert-.lad'; rlt ...> .I A I.- .. ,IUN,
ii. .A.3 dROUIId~" To~snm id "A urnal the rmle- Ths e istlIIsepanar dSI th th trfesr I .b ii 3 valOh3 cUnferene wr prsoted eteC~~5VS SotPrihn
Fo r slciywtIybawe our th e s lt a ic l, el. W h tdo r Pot-

a'ology for th., i ough fdte: Two Fnund Ded ,,^4^ i^- is eed lths e I t met |
via ts" Jackof s- aI

d estolda e veWgn t Silat.Ita the -aom 0notetoaro- A ofesteem. tomdtlat the s r. cer rt. e -
u l to t tr e dcT0 os t o traoin thMa u=$.itte In Baalso.re&eaodw tHat GM.- _L, a r..t ineo -

FreSl askd f t W~ld t Trlo of whlca ttated d to publta p U n d t be e.Donn la iwte P TtaLhh Prtet Batre 4
o [ot tiee to ev he m el y ,tpepaeio t Tfe Pa g Housing 0 ForG o t n tyW ar.'era l ethHo : "xn wa sto joPll Do not r h your tos awd ymmet
t u to oseet h mubte err eth SlaumtP.n t.S mite and ted--to:cunnwemorae ay ta I en . 'myr l Mmetn by r. A.A quality. er1n PI
expectedA WW^ ^ -^*^^^ m~^ ., tr f o evacuees~ todiy r eTo pro*l epp
S o puptf In thisi lony. tt ie uieltock the se fl5M Slt far bays wa t5. ure members to pursue ChI 3 N 12
the dt wsgie an t tehern~a anardiln'W. Ta host el o mtud. m w t The mtiaime avte a
cm i 0 I 11.1 1W Ila bypMoFrtuitytd a rnay-.ea *asae a dl Jw orking rovided!qendolee withthe cev

loo g p c n the. thng ttnat r th r to the waide eni1n toie ,o te r
f Ue c lomitt In thet Inatnresul~ ts mustlu bhe offthe high- i r h omeI lU bltek eo, o A -No WoartofIt ep s to

IBtt Cl hfree plce*lm to pUp I In p d L.trct oB PTuen y nierhw it *eut to the reenUtI OF AdIsat
isnOfl tOthi0fr e. The of tw h competitive examit- The woman Hied o m coic sion U l. it I 5tftld. bewP of cl ks re thc nt da n
Mn. hiS desreIto-i o w Mid e Dfr to d ryn'7 pupi 'Z RG nd aar b don s ,t Jul- ti s of whichatctedat pli o- oetr^-^ onelL l ate Pa-rh
.avenbeen valueddatu0it tleck s mor i_______i_________ _______________ erie
tI Ii to Drt of the nus, It fre ithP education authtofoltt45 iean d wiso ere oef evwoemd lyior n than10131 arterdm ..ficUtIel dolarise, oft July. 1t44 Arersonalpo
Sonits e ey pla" ed toer TILHthersork alt 0a sat ofac for bode ednIs a npool it blood own11a.'Iagto is unertod ta bqe" v ~n

in l te SM prttary gnhoolg to get a reahond- her havin been struck by b hm l-- wl b aMuiciplLIsal E O rd inaneo M C Mmie9o.
a el 4111vae t mad b t P- r. teductpon adl the aeoA mer. Dr.A. s Aohbyle, tr h gi dF B h oCi d ast at of t o
ene to eaeo n th a Ool n td&l plce bc niu exporterince fd oroer o Wednesday. HO aleso mne o r OT 5 vDO UsoeO AIgoetrec the-- wir A dtoito t
053 A17r., fre ho s t pu in primaor dastr t ho n Tedy nigh .t oter f m e i at pres ent Nominhdated _o btine_
d W very It .ao df Drbt ttt fron. Dthe mary choom i tiho me t the thyu"h gloand, which edoulfccuio uu it!- i staed becrae fi AR lackW ot
MAVIS e O irlYC MMit Tbe d be frequently i nd the beit waaork In the hatove rhae death in ure ad ternI u l sn daw or T WGLTa I v- QI eI S4 eti Arle l.--Ck at 1I e letsu0o

eInto u esis eontict I or the second.I wsshoolp rendered unconciour by e blow. r (eA itea State d Gom tnh).
OSmlae ooft prolSnes con. He pim s choolste to the hate Mr d hae l ing beenm ot stche f h e i t r Ait Ma1Th AL M AI 3I THE tT
Ofm of Colonial b ele a a bredton e a d 8 ian nd e iovre t he boli ne on two ty hoe ow
to tl a t hser eola octo beanr Clrh aon her return at d p.m. Leon d infrii the Bulldalsoo Itlat- | MA f
oCowAl replied o that the Saa s u lthoe rs ta the dhad an. hlard been o tion. They were J. B. Tanker, whor ot n t

aw-efflcll members of tta Col- SUCCESF13L TlAB redvtr.wt e aItr nd.oadBm AU - --- -- '-- --- --- -- ** ^ \ ^ ,.
fredy em it e duhe w 's ed Per0 sonB

in Advtorw Copanttee The report sho fed that *t the scessar y December. e30._ r MVr n.^ grfw ehor De p i pe.^. -b. J. W Oij..Sek o Items !
had btn Ipolntd ma eft *sr eula- 194 exam inationre l for the sc hool s the Inqiry w h adjourned. Mla dr, whonpo te puty o r -s i t S. L i fr

lpth ths BPriament Bpe Conl Cert fr te, even candidates wore nc e h e e Dcll ) La t or WA-T------ F ue FredeStic, Atreeta -e4 ueetn Rad
to loser0contact9for theyscu o nda.c oorenderemeuontslouo Is" I"hs enbleit ttoa blr.o (oPatritedMr.tA tes Four forSt.

of Trade Union enter and h H three p d one -AM Kg mothe ro th ne tehsma the CoityF saCn i took ll To CSt.
iowc n e t w nt with the tia i- a rbt t hrade celflcate aMr s she leth atG o Iarate y tera M onig imos edrfrS
mICnf d tobter, .n r u a m p g t Bi gula-

trhai eto wai We t o lt ? aertwothyrd nod t Tm*M firat weenm' beque n tn iprac- TVery werio view of these eawo es le
Col-ktonel tanefoepled that thefr s ddtoaln wv lu dpd oeemmdt r naes h eeigb

natime ofhBuCC =WSfL Arntoolmsai-herdaghte M oed ,10 nd B ush Al.ADl
ullLaor d Cm ittee Th epotafshowbedtho t at* thoe s tobelast rected tmber. teOens$30.fr a asis ugdmebr t usu

{bad b~ee n e natet conul or- 2exaintion forc edicht ov that tlcl p c wll Lr at the chane rtIt a u y D ty C OLA ToS tE IaER S Ade I
atte010rviw nti o ony."is Victo lu riaIstitte O n Slum pero cks were ----------e he i wel.FI E TAIO

Mi MUon. w I h no B ri .t mm d in crtat see idts were ,, hi,. c ,hhh lrAML Cs SCAECrAN, KETT Ln
tMr. I.fram t h at l fanple, t tt TonC earnk ntiyoernny.rG r wuedneodaFyr Augue rcktt 2 retrom jn r l te re6u4aQeone -N-- ----- -- m tig pn

*M~a tdte~w to Iull w^^re, ^.the w yet Jan 10 ^am. u. am on husay. CHI==_AB
n, o at Tr ta de Ui no e nte rd- an th r. en e a"se d ire.t mir, .t 6 a--hl- For thlaC P t i he.oCuo DtCion
Stit t.ToFond0 cdrng firs grad c .er.i.cat. e, oAu CrLtolT RE NAR FashWAo b E '
OutW acmls sewo- te nstand tesults uertwo, th e ird g ha-es .hefistwesleturumnbear vryseoos tewofthseeaecRIEnt_____________________

ft~l n netlf" hon wth o- atim 4TMrled.inPae o h -NW 1110wt

S Ottit t ki.nd& dein wih ca indidate, entered for Latin ----oN'lU FROM Pl tO.n ^ wi.J P ^ or-o-$a ( n et Let Us Furnish Your Homoi with Our . ,;,*W WW^ ~
lmNeft* ndeUt othpatmMere-twostotareatthe thSchobecmaruse -ve..y-often tlo i t wlasdnl y b yt nCo FFE RATORSv OITERSv andLe
laoario- Detaied repors indicteditha oyl Victoria I t ueat. rE E
ofMto pori lncplegh ldarti clary Wednesday oAugust om e a m. Inringgtsh IregutAlaetions e

Sia tl h oem ulard iete *o. olat oA 10 oae uardni, an ure sdleay, conditions C to it ertl ad ,Mc one.l Paish O
ttrd t h t Onoat e rhunde were te bent et A In s .c.at c in;rg. onun:u"S.e. v C D mtNty oAyWefAapdctor, Port-- EIB
W1 l n b e relied that forot he cIb. e t o I mproved- CAe r B InIi
n. *e"l wrg o ist peiaPl-tachedyTngdl baty ttrta n.r, ola0 Ms florchr ee-rmnm- C. t rIn s.p. i JctiemrDTN EITI--l a Jod TDL A%
together Rike further aked0 howi atlr wno wo n .tiact h01 ol t efsaldon pmddueItdtes rt ig li yiAiC ON Ot attepOUSd wil l
W5 ta no dec." Mr Vepy for for of hisseve pleas noif Mr. J. ~:?0 Sttent Qushe orC-~lMIA&OE EORS-A IU
hihn i Itha t In e Mhra le t, Ish drnclde ass marklGtM and ut- F P ti Beaulc tio Dsina gn s!
Mron aog eu% i hetu e csidnte sc oseth edtt, onew ay H.Jouephd rn. Lt.sPoicerFashionabeetohrid

S IncrH onnection ewith on ailed. -".^ u f^ ^ ? 1^ .0^ ; Che^ff ^ Ipetor Kelly, to thtaWMe ~l. r^ i- -- ^ -
tothatkidPeopleingWthat SIntendidatscentinerted offeror L natih[o me inJtit* N PewI SO .JPrlastect-of-SatIt uC rim GOIeTi- LtUsF Rns YOUrGH OFm AE wYtoth Ourr nda.onc o.ts0

fre ed laplacersoodtnsthtd-to gt ,he.p sIngt f ma rck .Au iosa LARGE aetentheld
beo a r t oe o nlstonef titived t l e etThm.e o ma nteM

ete ith the wulor Of, at n drp et s n c l ..Amocf 1h pcyo h ie nseto r, Porto OM R DO EMPOLADIMES
lm tI n ho ures n At the .otanled. the ao rett. hapaner e rcemiguve.I st ,at dU or rft n s a AI. L tEoSbE -oGnS AINey t
Z s fo the S Jlne cr epethar I n sre foullo wI TinddOsrlW landye or en TE M s
le ol OPaneUla t DrOno red to c nrm eTI b: a n t MhwreScn dD-.SI H w ah F the

.% o, " '""--' "" n' ANNa^ JOUNCEMENVT KRA
I.k, Ctoideri i anytparet ilar o bms e mo eributen hdtoneroW*ne 0i r IR I olsoe- Vdrr au er e A Ns
cV Comm itees, S o I t ryngenPers PORT-OF-SPAIhnel it i *taidR c m tC iJ E E TNeSo NoiaI
" waet lld Rdeialthtfom- hprmy womaiso D epten pwilbeiSCudour. in announcing thtal a

S1'"Of "-'"" S l ly" f l--l-f -l ".- U R-0 Rll I ^ hl wI< Itoca w exers onp tocs u he stea a a ych' rwen wonr T uisn is y DbCCou STRA.UET SesR FReCOrDnRt
S =al t e mT adtlen Hpt ,'ainIn ut: e tl om latM the eolgKO n mth P e ofAt DelfonA PHONn 4ato8 n PHONa
a "s-e whi hmihtes l saset h. Gd c e e a d an sd s f t| homatr. ie HYeaterny. te Woids ,Ladn At .It T
ele Roprmlerdmbws wo daeath ,- o..-. ... MONDAY, 17fr omLY, 1disov tOe r feso o t44h I
nod* c s aomt e Clol flao ur e d. In .tr m.1a 4 ..... ... f.. a ecr ao b omin effti f o

|rie.dlv terms -ih her d n was fined $10 and BuLAGASZ
st-lea mebrEPoRTteUfee" fTrln aslyt thehenDvso SAol- I

AaceallPecAT 14t1 camt..on Auguste1w--i take,;u-JomectorwRA IO-EMPORIUM
Tufhla t hebou estdvi ory ofmitte he rAot sowdtheatIP LfECat theUsnce last D cmber 3..
hadbee 600inM aterC~nUIL- 142 xamnaton or he cho l The nquiry wasadjorntta e d. 0 Mr.)I Muprc iso n RSu by!S. Deputy Now LOpeSIW l' ouseh old Ite s

t. corewih thel ritsh rt. ICan Ce.rtn. FrerOsevenTHEddNDsAwrwhoUwnBCler-Spain.
Guianaf and Trin dad. UMr iohn esteredane there parchhl o nat th e-tCUorporaiand SAdNthe24RNAeerO.kSte ,64Q enSr
00U4MOIn akilId twihtheSce taryofsecrnte afirtheu tesande certificatesPAMC ETRSMgsrt ha h omi okE A E W R
WAS' for thtoolewehr he oasefollows: hir grads._Thfirs_______lecuresn______2_v___seiousiewOthescase

mahs In Laatin And toesch.e what1..u...An onTe
take entthe Mulrt ofrthetCon-estL yetwY.
Ache r: Ted ySa C IAW
Croftunil ftaul w a r s esa simpoedsoi ng PA O l.~ a cea.dtmsfrtremnfL -D I e
tan nvrtcia ubit. Csr ieyfrhrase o tinnaitnstlsZ b id. wasEURO hau;epteaderiring announcingwthat 75 QUEE
wastha th reh d ai n lc se- r e ftg~s a ldp : orfuro i s ee lesa. f r .Qah.i esautiul Dsinesaeota
oft among OvenmbefintAs los c en- P lises asdwt rdioe oAbrtf.JspLd.orP lc o t31
ft~.Sdinc onnetion bewithco: aWled.-_ -,eChief Inspector Nelly, OfWtPHONE 4868 POes
wilelbu toomaieians.that emen w o Cei.t hree p assn makt Dprmnt ilbeatce
hrsd by ftlam tsolady ebe.r o n nvon ald no r* A'n.t ofliceL 13 whichrtes was F ope Mnedtoth ublic on
cbW ~wihethe wrk fthe t On hnde d plab aer etr": n tyCibtgm V.ias:V .Pct fCie npcoPr-
rapOteW'WgstP1nut were#? obtaine, M raiA. .MpeSpi. sfrmA:ut T HE POINTE-A-PIERRELAUNT DRYS ERVICEIE
ColonelyStoansmlayreplieds ht ntioin om11) ~eand ot ain Chace. SMret)nSAV FERCAmps
cnsdaerwinayprthireferenetbo 2 5. modesty t~o ntribued to. AL.tmt' ir~ e
js ~eiintomk I ~0n'Ioi I nWisis .i ,owo'.Rpaighma h rmnl JS FCfK-A3THT-OUA1 n WN
*ft.the ommitee. Intryig oms, 5 Y.W.VaMatliiusK o isIvsiau eatirtwl e M SCO O R1PM
% tatexpentson thoe SbecTsrf ldad rI ic t e..., n wo n dstne- 1enis 0 MrrsTiseto eto ,no4taia

72" ..hS a SM IT th Pem 1W. We k: I tf rm n ana. AAnvleAo uutI iltk u-aoc
A __ %''-cms asly- oth oul iiso
Tunat h usino he PSAU, I ST C RUaaN' 0epr, s CTaotw, AI EMBES REASKDI TOENOTEIWES
ti-l o; A.Oak) n plae ofSue- M IclrBRITISHi
Waiheuomam ofBit~aish Atthe 'wpueq n of te rc o rt~. Ltn jr INpns)*whDlont fr-ffsn.MR QAE OTO-PI

am 9 rS..

.4 1

411L =04-- ^ -

Ample Supplies of-



are available
throughout the colony

**M AU "--
11u 6

Spencer I. Kirtofn, Ltd.1 2 Iroodwap, Port-of-Sp




of the CLUB
Is to beh o ot

I. ll w rI t IrM u lm MT

nURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1944 U

y TOM DURHAM end hi Swing Makers.
Cgs and 8![pjPsj
Soace kindly tent be' Kirpee UOnited.|






row flying temporarily a


and the



British West Indian Airways

12 Abercromby Streets
Pitrt-.f.Spato, -Ti





_____ _________________OWN WADi YAT. JULT 14 L4n0M I

kperts Find No Cause

armIn New Virus Find

F.i. A. Poanett, Gold Coat Department of Agri-
g M premos c of a drus disas e in the leaves of cer-
,at imr a Dte, D10o MartMa, In the Santa Crux
r M yosnna estnt In the Maram VaUlley, while not
e fr Smla, bas started a train of Investigations by
flits of tfl Department of Agrhuclture and of the Im-
. *,t pic Agrtculture, to determine the distribution
t tro- of adns-
had s dy tranein-onu for Identification pur-
SUt~t Of Ev5mby the Iimperial College of
m eTnmPh ike Agriculture.
-qfyW of vir (0) A study of alternative hosts
t Moandf *vectors by the Imperial College
u-- of 1xnlit i Ariculture as soon as
t is p tick to make It.
d ho- .'Atough It Is evident that the
rhe had d41- IW diseaseneed not be regarded
:*not the v Wtith very extreme concern, it
$sN the serious d- B. ly desirable to oret full an
a woen Soo reliaeknowledge about everything
uas tnng the disease as soon as
Sthe discowery and POen It Is also obviously desir-
rw t e able to take full precautions against
lkUonot~ mnc o 5eadl the disease further within
yeterdy %rnldaor outside the Colony. But
issued ye there. is nothing among such facts
h beginnifng of the ab' +, the disease here, or In what
A. Posette. who wa Mr. Posnette had described In con-
m Tinrindd wo section with the virus disease of
SGold Coast De art- co in the Gold Coast, to suggest
1fulture, dmlcvered that planting material, which orl-
a vius disease inginatoes from parts of Trinidad
I Trinidad cacao. He where the disease has not been
T atthe a found, need be regarded as highly
those produced by suspect.
theirsoccrrig SVINCENT NURSERY
tCoha cthe viru rr soommnendatUons as to mea-
et whichthere sures of control must await the re-
iback and deterioa-suits of the survey and Investlga-
iacao. nrl t. tions outlined above', but In the
t. eni covered ra L. anytime a caca0 free zone to the
:rnt ^tmw* lhSdepth of approximately i mile haj
S L wt been established around the La
S disease, and the Pastors nursery. Rigid periodical
hf Ji era oc-. Inspections of the n nursery planta-
asel A r 0ult1ur and tion and propagated stock at La
Alt o fPscultu r s to are betig maintained.
seof thericultuwreno "Arrangements are in progress for
im ste were how-s the opening medistely to initiate Vincent where all the clones which
stilons a to the a"e valued in Trinidad for their
Ie virus and its promise either of high yield, high
Soft spreading about quality or witlchbroom resistance.
y4 of d w1 ,be established as soon as pos-
olvious s"' ptom is a sible. Since St. Vincent has but a
W m veim of the few cacao trees and Is believed to
Smay suffer notice- be entirely tree from the virus (this
2 followed by diaeak wL, of course, be confirmed as soon
remain apparently u. as possible), a nursery there will
Sthe disease has only ensurthe preservation of a stock
Siver Estate, in the of these clones free from the virus
Valley, where there i dease."
it than at River, and
is extent In the Mb- Borough To Consider
S Mr. Poanette, who
Trnidad a reat deal. Brooklyn Housing Plan

Further consideration to a letter
received from the Planning and
Housing Commission in connection
with Brooklyn will be given by the
Arima Borough Council at their
regular meeting which is scheduled
to take place at the Town Hall,
Arlma, at 830 aem. on Saturday,
July 29.
At the meeting members will also
consider the question as to whether
one or two scholarships should be
awarded, and the conditions under
which they should be granted.

All headteachers are invited to
attend a meeting of the head-
teachers' body of the Trinidad and
Tobo Teaschers',Unlon to be held
S the autern 'Boys' School at
9.30 am. on Saturday, JuIly 29. The
agenda will include a discussion
tf theprogramme for coming elec-
ujons, resolutions for conference
and general business.

.I W0%

K t~ny r in the nearby
I no evidence of rapid,
Lfrom pae to
,lwe pread from tree
is, so far as can be
the evidence yet
rate of not more
one or two trees per
i yet no oonclu-
0Mm-I that any strain of the
Is 'tinkidA causes either
i dba* or loss.

m of work which
Iwon by the Im-
STropica Agricul-
;artm t of Api-
ready commenced.

"wr 1 -nr lsampl e areas of
-- t;tbe Meld Officers em-
o e Department of Agri-
urnsGOB areas.
(b) bMraentatlon M to the
iiBof t*9 disease, obeerv-
fato e symnptome, and

BqI Naval Club





wawoM ....iA

L -'M l^a Me-mb.-rUB.





"f off on Monday,
SJuy continuing
w TueIday lt

toih Owners and
that^.there WM be no
LIS-AUMStoeks must be
hk leP 1 and Anl to Ud to P hreb..

"W tt

No Longer Trinidadians

Mrs. Irk Sand.* 1t 1000s u U w Ohr heehenLd, Trimied.ben
Dr. Rupert C. Sanob, who h asjut ha tuhe diutaction f being
the first Chb1m to beesmo a U.S. dUme ilne repeal of the
Exelusin Act. Dr. Sanho w ka of M. KRva Sanehe, Pembreke
Street, and brother of Mrs. GBe Alyn pand Mr. Per Sanmeho
of Standard Drug Stem, a of Pt-e-Spalin, while his tie tIs
sister-in-law of Mr. Robwet Nathanielity, d s lclter. Educated at
Queen's Royal CelleK Dr. Sanche left here In 1i1 and graduated
In medicine at Howard University.

Red Cross Gets

$1,466 Ii May

Tin collection of $'204.38 at the
Country Club was biggest single
contribution in the May total of
$1,466.88 turned in by the Dona-
tions Sub-Committee of the Bri-
tish Red Cross Society branch
here, according to offcial release
List of contributions follows:
PORT-OF.SPAIN-(Mrs. f. Ii. Skinner):
Mrs. Bummner, Long Circular Road
319.80; Mrs. Sumner, St. Jame 00.44 ;
MIs M. Clarke, lxperbeatal Lad;
$,1.00; Mrs. Lambs, Upper At. CiSir West
18.22; Mrs. N. Fi.t., Low r t. Clair
53.40; Mrs. H. A. do 5 ituas. Upper
St. Clair East $9.50; Mrs. Raitmeesoon,
Belmont $12.80; Mrs. 0. H. Simpson
Maraval: Mrs. Weir W5.75, Mrs. Burs-
lenm $28.50. Mrs. F. todart $17.83, Mrs.
Goldie $9.24. Mrs. Brown $18.50,. Mrs.
Wllson $14.70 and 823.72, Mrs. Gordon
$11 and $22.06.
Miss D. Van Burna, Block 1 553.06:
Mrs. Courtney Rooks, Newtown 180.96;
Mrs. Purvis, Frederick Street $108.76;
Mrs. Purvis, Trinidad Tradings Co., Ltd.
$39.04: Mrs. Birch, St. Ann's 3.4; Mrs.
D. Knaggs, Woodbrook $39.T70; Miu
Brodie, Brooms and Havelock Streets $11;
Miss Hart, Coblenta and Bramar Avenue
$71.44; Mrs. Meaden, Sole ot Plants $3;
Employtees West Indian Tobacco Co.
$39 08.
Tin collections (Mrs. M. Kubn): Coun-
try Club $204.35; Kong Nam Restaurant
$3.62;-Plaza Hotel (Mr. Aschendot) 53.07;
Trinidad Dairies $2.46: Caning'l Tea
Room $3.29: Polih-Amerleana Cat $2.23:
United Grocers Ltd. $6.93; H. Govia Ltd.
$5.90; J. T. Johnson (Genmt's Dept.) $1.03;
Mr Mund I1; Stephens Ltd. 6.2S ,Im-
perial Censorshlp's Office $19.39; Aliston's
Hardware $3.44; Grell & Co., Ltd. $3.68.
Total (Port-of-Spain) $1,17LIO.
St. Augustine. Mrs. Dodds (24; St.
Augustine, Mrs. Leonard $1.M4; Curiex,
Mrs. Hutchinson $26.84; Bt. Joseph, Mrs.
Boardman $8.22: Tunapuna, Mr. Vera-
iawmy $.81;: Caronl, Mrs. Knagga $18:
Tacarigua, Mr. Burke $4.b4. Total: 104.817.
CHAQUANAS-Mr. 0. Hutchlnson:
Labourers, Adelam state Section $2.01,
Jernlngham Junction Section $9.81. Per-
severance (Norti) $11.5, Perseverance
(South, $4.76S. Todd's Road $5.9, Wood-
tord Lodgei $.26. Faory $1LM.; Small
and Large FmPar i Os4.t- Staff-Woodford Lodg e tlt* $ 52.71;
Laborers: Chiaguanas Local Road Board
11t.26, Verdant Vale Eitate Sce., Valsayn
12.09, Trinidad Dairies Ltd. $1.20: Real.-
dents and Firm --Chaguanasi Viltage
$14.50. Total: $190.71.
Grand total $1,466.95.


During the month of August,
from Tuesday 1 to Thurs-
day 31 inclusive, our jewel-
lery department only will be
closed for purposes of

During that period, we suggest that you
visit our associate business,
where you can make your selection from
their varied and attractive stock., Watch
repairs will be delivered there also, at 42,
Frederick Street, between 8 a.m'. and 4 p.m.
and until n6on on Saturdays.
Your Jeweller.

Y. De LIMA & Co.

Cold Storage Delicacies!



* EGGS (no delivery) -





..... 72c. par lb.

84c. per doL.

30c. per lb.

.-. 68c, ,

SOC. ,9 t

- -... 68e.


46c. M

?Phones: 4120, 4127, 4129, 4129

Barbados Educationist
To Give London Talk
Mr. H. W. Springer of Bar-
bados, now in England as at
member of the Committee of
Higher Education, will address
the League or Coloured Peo-
ple at a Colonial conference to
be held shortly, according to a
B..C. announcement on Sat-
urday night. It was also dis-
closed that a charter has been
prepared which will be adopted
by the conference.

Show To Aid

Convent Fund




oft ali

a Of~


I i

Sixty Groups

To Meet in
Youth Parley

Slxty organization lany already
responded to the invttatioe to smd
to. the fourth 11mi
erdM for Royal Victoria IneSIie
a Sturday afternoon, J uly5
The eengress opens at o'lok.
Oouss orHa. WeoWedthe

fty Mayoer; Mr. A. prs .id eng et -

"d crown Counsel; and Canon A
Ir. ua hlar ,
Mr. oleorge Dandielad the nthe
glmmalttee clHirman. ""

Openche supporting he from 2 'lock tillMayr's
o4 Will be followed i by a closed
UsS Don Ibberslection. Social w-
tar Officer; Mr. A. C. Rienal, Sec-
ond Crown Counsel; and Canon K.
3. Parquahar,
Resolutions and addreses In the
opening session from 2 o'clock till
4 will be followed by a closed
jesslon for election from 4.M
o'clock till 6.30 and In the eventig
from 8.30 till 10.30 o'clock there
will be a concert for which a 10-
Itemn programme has been ar-
Calls will be made in the btart-
Ing session for establishment of a
Youth Council and setting up of a
provisional council.

Asking for the Youthl Council set
up Mr. Lloyd Brathwalte seconded
by Mr. Denis Mahabir will advance
that there are in existence in this
Wand several Youth Organisations
catering for the spiritual, physical,
social and recreational needs of
youth of the Colony, all of which
organisations, however, in spite of
their admirable alms and asohlev-
ments, still pursue their separate
interests in isolation; that the need
for co-ordinating the activities.
while preserving the identity of the
various groups Is apparent in order
that they might pool their spiritual
and cultural resources and their
organisational experiences to the
benefit of all concerned: that vast
masses of youth remain untouched
by the existing organizations and
there Is, hence, a need for the ex-
tension and development of the
existing facilities in order that
adequate oreanisational provision
may be made for the education,
spiritual nurture and wholesome
recreation of every child and youth:
and that the present crisis demands
of youth clear and practical think-
Inr and calls for bhe utmost de-
velopment of the caoacities of self-
government of youth and the crea-
tion of its own self-governing or-
The Arya Samal Association re-
presentatives for the West Indian
Youth Congress on Saturday,
July 29, are Mr. Mopal-MahalraIJ,
Mr. P. Poonal (D.I.C.T.A.): Mr.
F. Ramnarine. Mr. F. Chocollngo
and Mr. A. J. Siblal.
Mary's College Orchestra. otnduetled
by Fr Malben. C.... Sp.
2.-Song: "I Hear You Calling Me"
(Charles Marshall). by Miss Amy
Gibbons (mezao-soprano).
3.-Piano Soloi "Devotion" (Schumann),
by Mr. F. R Roche.
4.-Comic: "The Spanish Caballero." by
Joe Fortune.
5.-Violin Solo: "Hora Staccato" (Dinleu-
Heltits), by Mr. McDonald Carpe -
*0 .c-ctrv "Pre", S" y I k f01n1I NNOW
conducted by Mr. Brrol Chetrri.
T.-Snw Solo: -"Ave Maria" tclhulbert).
by Mr. Charles.
S.-Dance: 'Martinlquen,"' by Twelve I
Pretty Gilrls.
"Star Spangled Banner"
"God ave the King."

- - - - - - - - -,





VND3O 3ULl1 U1
On Ioam freM to 14M at I% anom.
OB leas upwardas f Um to 08 sat S% W" mS.
On ImsUa upwardb o sN.-ps-prakte.
Vor particulas apply to-
J. F. A"A'M,


Itala th^


,~ dRrEW

stmdaid Ufe
Auaurauee Co.
g ftabnhed In the West
ladesI foe8 yersn.
4adne legate P.O..I.

can be cured
Threm an thousands of men and
women who suffer awful agony day
and nift because of pile trouble.
who do not know that wvary chem-
ist stocks a special remedy that
does most surely and quickly ban-
ish the misery of this wretched
Make a confidant of your chem-
ist. Ask him about Man Zan Pile
Remedy. He will tell you this is
no ordinary ointment, but a sooth-
ing, heael strengthening, balm
that at once stops the intense irri-
tation and clears away Internal.
externaL sore or bleeding piles.
The unique tube in which Man
Zan is sold makes this preparation
so esy and clean to use. 'The big
size supply, with special applicator.
in usually sufficient to clear away
the most difficult ease.
Remember the name of this spe-
cial remedy for pile trouble-


herr's a hint that
mae. your soap
go twice as far!
Instead ol soaping the clothes
all ove as ou usually do,
rub the Sunight bar on the
dirty nart only.

TId win give you emouf
Ithe to wuh the met M th
garmmt without Bmg any
- Map. In ddi way you
mv half the oap you would
Msamly m. And lothm
wte" with Sungbt Soap
bAIt oW b Mthe dmllm
am tha" am =I dauqe
* b"ru bbia% Sm,.dgt
J-MIK your lowh Mad
em love Youmay.
ll- --Bob Jti *---

Wm. H. Kennedy & Co Ltd.

m sg= - - - -- -

V ." y ; p~1'' ) I.
. . .. ... .*C'? '_ ' '
tcI ,*:ic laf-.ci,^.-."

Eighteen-ltem programme bring-
Ing out an array of the Colony's
leading concert artists will be
staged under the patronage of His
Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Pinbar
Ryan. Archbishop of Port-of-Spain,
at the Prince's Building on Friday
night, July 28.
Billed as "A Grand Musical
Evening," the function Is organized
by the Cathedral Holy Name
Society under arrangement to give
entire proceeds to the St. Joseph
Convent Relief Fund.
Full programme follows:-
1.-Concerto--Brndenber No. S In B.
bY Bt. Mary's College Orchestra,
conducted by fr. Maiben. C.8. 8p.
l.-Song: "Ave Maria" ,(Bach-Gounoud).
by Missa Amy Gibbons (mezzo-
.-S-axophons Solo: "ebefretud", by
Mr. N. Griffith.
4.-Recttation: "Gungsa Imn." By Mrs.
Aeham Chen.
$.-Violin solo (prayer) from "Te Deum"
(Handel-Pleach). by Mr. McDonald
6.-Comedy, by Ive Lotcal Artslata.
7.-String Quartette, by Mesur McDonald
Carptentar, B. Picalsen. W. R. Gue-a
vara, A. A. Anansen.
S.-gng: "I r11e bseeln You,." by Mr,
*.-Dane: "Th Male Doll". Sailor girls,
by pupils of Helen Mary Keay.
1.-Gavotte-from Suite In D, by St


I I I -

Tonca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

>r1 *i \ '





L+ .,

ir. ',7
Ufn>/.oo kr i iilite nattf Hii

, eZic* f.-^** ~atM^M~iBfi^^~lf

S- i mi u Mi-

ob am, wm OW', vePam

SI *P a Ot->U O Avon% ILA

uwmuase4p Im minTAmin-ag


Prime Minister Paints
Another Rosy Picture
ment on Sunday that there were
growing signs of weakness in O ermany,
and that no one could measure the ex-
Stat of the revolt In the Nazi army, was
made as reports continued to roll in that
not only generals were involved in the
attempt on Hitler's life. One source went
so far as to say that emn the Gestapo
was not above suspicion. This would sug-
geut that there Is a modicum of reality
in the old saying, "When rogues fall out,
the devil comes Into his own," and that
S elae has not been heard of an amaz-
7ag evnt which may have a vital influ-
= ce the length of the war. Mr.
Churchill hinted as much when he said
That the fighting might come to an end
: eler than we had a right to say."
The Prime Minister made these re-
ks during a three-day visit he has
Just paid to the Normandy battle areas
to afs for himself bow the Allied armies
e faring. He was buoyantly optimlis-
tic, and his cheerfulness infected the men
inu mared degree and was a welcome an-
tidote to the depression caused by the
SwoRst June and July weather for many
=" Since D-Day there has scarcely
mu.. any real summer in Normandy, cer-
tainly nolack of rain and wind, and
: temperatures occasionally more suited to
erl winter. Incessant rain for 48 hours
Z e Thursday and Friday turned streets
SInto rve and fields into bogs; in fact,
the conditions for fighting have been as
bad as they could be, and a great handi-
cap to an all-out offensive.
But despite the weather there has
been steady progress from the beachhead
east and southeast of COen, and a widen-
ing of the line held by the Americans
across the base of the Cherbourg penin-
sula. The battle is going well' for the
Allied armies, and with Cherbourg now
coming more into use as a port for land-
ing supplies it is safe to assume there
S.ill be a quickening of the tempo.
On the other side of the Continent
Marshal Stalin's forces on Sunday cap-
tured Pskov, last Russian city remaining
in Nazi hands. Four great Soviet armies
are now marching on Warsaw, capital of
Poland, other armies are moving towards
the Baltic ports, Lublin has fallen and
Lwow Is doomed. Nowhere on the 1,100-
mlles front do the Germans appear to be
making a stand, and the assumption that
they are fighting for time to establish a
new defence line at the actual frontiers
of the Reich is now discredited. The Nazi
rmies there appear to be a spent force,
napal of halting the Russians' west-
aMr march. It Is significant that by
Sunday the Russians had liquidated 33
Nai generals.
More solid p ress has been made
by the AIned armies in Italy, whose next
big iot M =Mto ence, wh4sU li tttue
" ie than = 10 mle from columns of Gen-

ft kw Pk ol- mi -NF Is

Un M Uam, .m n~ Mmy
em l- ew Iso al S t at I-
Infe Sw hslrft erdsi Wh
s"E m S-a J Tian w -o
W -in Of te aon ei

a-r Hle s theia n f i O m a tg
whidam be a hbbumn a
prod in t Go declared WOOI of
strikntg at Ge-my throNO ber back
In ane ftehe the Amerlcans have
elar" MIN&fl- ` Tmnien Island in
ein M. e m aisniuatlng the
Switin tGum otan wfulbawse
fi wu irOh 0e MaNArthr will be
iei t y ed his gr eatest desiress
-to~ln~ttt~PriS~ppItt The
enemy 9 w tpo ts and a o that Amer-
paimt ou tmh and Trien Iad would
coen aw threat to the Japanese
From a1 fants tUere am abundant
indicatio that tre Axia countries are
being aqPeam and restricted and pushed
back within thedr own fronts, inside
which there are, as Mr. Churchill said of
Germany," powng signs of weakness."
tThe Prhie jester painted another rosy
picture of the war's early drawing to a
close, and as e i s not onem to waste his
colours, his picture will doubtless have
an admiring and grateful international

Tourist Trade Development
Needs Advance Planning
0N" of the lUsons teamed from failures
arising out of the last war is the need
for advance planning if we are not to be
suddenly overtaken by events. The im-
potunce Of the League of Nations and the
weakr es o f the peace treaty sprang In
pa0 fr0m omission to prepare before-
nd This time the, great powers rest on
a firmer basis of predetermined policy,
though there is yet much to be done.
And as it is in international affairs, so in
our local economy the field should be ex-
plored ahead of the occasion.
The revival of tourist traffic will be of
great importance after the war, and
Trinidad should make ready now for new
opportunities. At one period before the
start of hostilities Canada was making
300,000000 a year from tourists and the
United States $1.to,000,000. Hawaii col-
lected $10,000,000 annually. After peace
returns travellers will not find Europe
comfortable for touring, and the West
Indies are sure to attract attention. What
are we doing about it ?
The subject was debated by the
seventh congress of the Associated Cham-
bers of Conmerce in Barbadis last
month, and it was recognized that tour-
ist development could be a strong factor
In post-war rehabilitation. A motion was
passed calling for a special committee to
determine what measures could be taken,
and it was agreed that the various Gov-
ernments should co-ordinate their efforts
abroad through joint information bur-
eaux in the United States and Canada.
while sponsoring their own individual
tourist propaganda. This recommenda-
tion is doubtless now under official con-
sideration, and we hope action on It will
not be delayed. At the same time the
Trinidad Administration has received
from the local Tourist Board a report on
prospects and plans for post-war revival
of the traffic.
As Mr. Wilfred Alston, the President
of the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce,
told last friday's meeting, other Col-
onies have not gone to sleep in this mat-
ter. Barbados is reported to have active
plans on foot, and more than two months
.ago we referred editorially to a meeting
held in Jamaica with the Governor pre-
sent, at which proposals were approved
to raise a large loan for tourist trade ex-
pansion. The Importance attached to this
question Is underlined by these activities
and by the ltoeiet shown in it by the
Anglo-American Caribbean Commission,
and it is time for Trinidad to do some-
thin .

atow4a 9tecaitisa0 at


HEROLIN -- 32c.&7.
UMACOL Mmthoete We.
.CAM 2 .


a~*L' &?. ~
- I

Take the year IUI...... ys8
Lia6;-6undays ........ 62
Holidays ......... 10 i
Tbtal opening days
In one year...... 30
Curtailment of trdite hours
to 6 hours per day. lIi bhan
Ie. from 8 aj. to#pm. w hich
Is equivalent to 1314 days per
year. Taking the 12-hoa we-
Mod of opening as a gde 131
Actual trading days II one
year 5Isi
The number of hour leost it cal-
culated as follows:-
S san. l.60 am. ....2 hbors
2 pm. 4J0 pVm. .... 2i "
630 pR.m. 8.0 p.M. ......II "
Total reduction en trading
haurs inows
Surely It Is not democratic to col-
lect from us:.
L Licence fee for one year-
P.O. 1S.M0 or 11 per month.
Licence fee for one year--an
Fernando 576 or 0 per m ith.
and then Introduce leglaton de-
barring us from opening and with-
out any hope of a refund of our
licence f ees. If it was the desire
of Government to curb hoolIganist,
by all means do so, but not to col-
lect licence fees covering one year
as per the Liquor Licencs Ordinance
and then tell us you must close.
In epite of these Injustices and
IOBees, however. I still appeal to all
owners to contribute willVndy to
show Government that we arm loyal
to His Mam ty's Govenment. I
San Fernando.
B irgesses Boycott Council
The Editor. TrInldad Guardian."
'n your Issue of July 11 a sub-
scribetr bemnons the fact that he
had to sign Britisher to his Invec-
Uive. I
After subjecting his readers to
a tr attse on masladminslatratioU by
the Government. he regales us
with the following: "The fault lies
with a certain class of colonists
who sema to have Lefgottest
]ivie duties are iomben upon
t/.m. Pew are anxious to to
the polls or clamour for municipal
| l-ncurs."
Before making such an Impeach-
im'nt, he should have discovered
Icthat no sel-respeotlUng Ol
w. uld c~re to associate himself
wi h as institution whose deliera-
tion.i are conducted in the at-
mosplhre of a burlesque show.
I.et me further enlightn -1ri-
tisher" by letting him know that
there are countless burgesses who
at every successive election. after
sc ning the names of several
prospective candidates, would not
bestir themselves to go and re-
gtister their votes, if the voting
pl.a happened to be In their
backwards. GCT.
Better Ways In B. Guiaono
2t- /2,00. Ontfln,"
The little town from which I
come, New Amsterdam in British
Guiana, poseises a Town Council
which h"- always been heldo U to
ridicule not only by the "superW*"
city-folk of Georgetown but even
by the townsmen of New Amster-
dam itself.
This Town Council has been re'
nowned for its "In camera" meet-
ings and Its pettif"0ts wrans-
lings over pettilfaogig matters.
But this, at leastI I can sy for It
-that in times of crisis these
silly ,choolboy-mlnde4 euncillors,
do not fail to live up to the
exigency of the 0i0ta .on
Surely. If an tasInlh aut little
Town Council (whieh ruine ever
the destinies of a mere OS PeI-
sons) can Settle Its dUiferences t
time of criU, It ts only reaesale
to expect thetth City OfW eof
Port-of-SpVIa. wile0 aWM eeom
to be co 0 re with he b TWM
Council 'o w A etedis u
find ItseIT capable of saling a
serious aueste lSi ke the jr0sRt
water probmle.
Troansportoftion Hrdsip
Toeso".Uofr. rkidOm."
Pritor to the Mbtasm of
aiered"at's' ler wIth rms to
traawortatlon at M n=aJ.a=4
tnire Ws without a bUs fta ft
a -anB niag.,e tie hardf
se te- n-e leqsehi the
MOBM 410MUle" W
rhip h eiio" li Peeeasac OB
ftt 'buses et be ia the s at
goMbmW waiting far as how

a"" ol? tS be W M "o a
T.E.B. Minimum Charge

TIR geem ow ma any duat a *o
ThiosmW IOI elents l
cwT the am untaow of a eheaie
rteo of Itha, IeU, 612 atn pt
min reen o sa ct!! ur Mete
Ia~:o ~hawt wale 14rtea
lea cnsg t Vea of mW cets 1b
rathe aer unit tate Ip iS
vteut for suits.
A charg of 33 per cent shon
consump i in I eating that wi
should not have to pa,:; and to fla
a minimum of 80) cents when tin
rate per unit Is 11 cents hilates'a
slstent with rem.
Pet-1a H DOa I

L.a. oe

ne ler =W ase h
t Tfi seaika dE stnomwa
R and hme anm 40 1 .-
AM "p h the UM l of ern.
WO~ It SWmld m W.U lo* id
Wmr c ft o me In"sfea na L
22hi b u" mse, I U6S MOW
=m aer. 3a. Ra. fm a hp
each nrunhop owner WMgv 0*1
== Uior iuv w =a- I
'Ut if the owns' my Govern-
went bas taken awe fInam 0
per cint of the best tr=dnc bomu.
SLIs shown in as axaXt e-gf s
Letter which appeared to yn Bcol-
uane mme U- -s what wil Mr.
Boon have to M-Y7

The article y b my
Sunay, July 1. otain se
miseine* llabe to Wring
m.e into disrepute and missed the
pu~. Te moot despicablle Is
hie s~ rttn that I havoeoppMsed
ev attemt that has been made
to have the Cmucil solve the
water pdlus in its own way.
Is fact. I cad ot been a man-
bet of the Cty oamn t W weeks
last Novmer, *w h I pat ftr-
ward certain prepoale by which
the ti could have been g iven
su= e1:1 water tusout ay ap-
preciable expenditure. But my a-
gestion was ignored and tbe Coun-
cil preferred to waste 850,000 on
laying some old pipes up to
Knag's Hill reservoir.
This has proved to be a complete
failUure, and even the Mayor has
admitted In a recent report that:
"It was found that the fecent
scheme for taking up certain water
amin from e Tseo Martin and re-
laying them to 0 nae BIB rese -
vr had not resulted In any appre-
clabi- increase In the amount of
water supplied to nauome as
was expected."
My suggestion at that time was
that more water could be pushed
into the city ift they worked both
the big force pumps at Cocorfte to-
gether, instead of only one at a
time with one always standing
Idle as at present.
SThis suggestion was vigorowusly
condemned by the City Engineer,
and he said that he would not take
the responsibility of working both
pumps at the same time as they
mit break down.
"ut now, after eight months, the
"genuine and well considered pro-
gramme to solve the Council's
water diffculties" according to
L 'iqultous) put forward by the
Water Emergencvy Cammitte an

pumps. Government Is expecting
a mw purmp so on for use Om
wif at StL Jarh I moved t oi
OuncMS Wednesda. July 1
that the a soul ask Ol-
emnem for the loan of thee
pumps, but the Mayer refused to
allow me to speak to explain my
The real truth bi that every
effort that I have made to give
the people more water his been
obstrmtted by the Mayor an4 D -
P[I Mayor. This is not hard t
MBinMd. They are the onam
who. in my opinion, want to glv
e~Wrythig away to the Govern-
SThe attitude of the Duty
Mayor towards the water; prmem
of Port-of-spain has been so qub-
[ie, that Ht parents the humW
side of an other ser lo sitm.
ttim. Lat year he waa the m- -
@4 defender of the city Conis
water rights, and on October In
OK-tc a proposal to buy water
frM Government wellsis the oy
aId the Comcm:
"I am ahWrewhemnITmy that I
I dd Witer die thn .WAort the
usoit -; Xedalo: would
rN oe my wife and my thild-
re thai support mthis mothO-
I think that we should stand
firmly in our support to peere
the rights of the people of the
I have not seen here one ar-
ment that would convince any
irdividual that we should proceed
to buy water from the Governmnat.
No owe has answered my question
y those wells are thee If they
are not Intended to be the toe
hold of an Invading army thS
seeks to absorb the whole of this
But this year he I equally as
strong on The opposite side.
CGvemwme-t C te l

the advice of th ci'ty 'ngineer, I's . ..
actually base on the same pro- Tr Government were to take ever
PooSal toWtr both the force theWater System DoW. it could
pumps together. not make an" 1 1Z proment

suffering for lack of water. tUcodS tmak little Inu PVase-
meat by putting on mare pumps
Wells at Ceerite and throwing in the water from
three wells It has In the city, at
However th do n to Dokite and the Savannah. The
do that yet. First, they tnd to oa cannot afford to buy th*
drill three more wells at Cocarite water from Government, as the
This is another rresposuutiA W price is very high. To buy 2,006,000
= 1A VMwaste me meey. T All B oins a day It would have to pay
UewMM -aft water experts have 9,000 a year. It could find this
fated that It Is unsafe to draw money only by doubling the water
more than .000.000 gallons of water rates.
a day from the Cocorite wells. That is why mv motion In a
e City .nSWMeer has opposed this special meeting, the Council wrote
iew and recently stated In a .-e- to the Colonial Secretary recently
P thatit was safe to draw up aslng Government to sen the
But I.no er reports he has haa yet been received to thl ilet-
n that the present 'eells at ter. yet on July 12 the Mayor
Oocorte are already capable of again tried to persuade the Ooun-
giving nearly 5.000.000 gallons a el to buy the water from these
day. thx-h actually only aboutwells.
3.000,000 gallons are drawn due to Naturally. I had to vote against
lak of pumps, auch a move, and frustrated an
Now he proposes to drl more attempt to sabotage any cOnes
wells to g ve other 2.00.0 gal- the Oouncil might have of getting
Ions a day. makn nearly 7,000.000 control of the wells.
gallons a day to drawn from If Government would sell these
these wells. This Is contrary to his wells to the Council and lad,
own previous view and against the lease or sell it a couple of pumps.
advice of 9at expert,. the whole water shortage could
I ths rc ty eper mnt falls, vanish a week.
not clyWill money be vestd on
drilling the new wells, but an the dtser' Mote The conLra4tnis
wells at Cocorite mA be ruined in Councillor Kumar's article above
st water beg drawn tn from will not esape the wide-awake
am reader. Fwr Instance, in one of atIs
early paragraphs be states that If
Mere ]Pumps Needed .ri p, ,
tfwe Pu- Ne ded PbothPumps at Cocorite were worked
An w\,^.3' .--together as* he viutettd b-s4 No.
All this e 0 en perlmcnlg vember, the public might have been
Is entrely un simey The prob- saved nine months water shortage.
cm Is reitlly quite simple Even1 Yet. in one of his ckcing par&-
Major Rel, ovmwnt's w graphs he asserts that if the Go-.
e xpert. reenIUy told the "Trini- vernment took over the water sys-
d G la" tht the city Is tom It could make only 'a l ttle
no~ ~o t of water. There is Impruvement* by putting on more
ty o water in the lls, but It pumps and giving y s more water
not rech-the p SW homes to Its three wells.
beauM there are not sulcient Finally, Councilor Kumar wantsI
eand the matislek. Usto believe that those same wells
Noh sgCan be donerabout the ada pumps If handed over to the
In a h y. dt It should City o would cause the water
b e so difict to get moreshortage to vanish in a week.

Germans Kill Wounded Maquis
Gman never make wounded naughty man uer is to blame.
Maqus mon pisoners but kill HeM e isonly oseA yof German
theme on the "p,* 7Th only re-u- treatment. told by a former pni-
Isn te do not kill wanumvmi s oner at Montlac:
be fa l into their hands "I was questioned by an officer,
Sthey kep them to seanto but as he could not get from me
t lab e amps i n a I0-r Thuis the BausmatIM heW an he
t9l1sd bye rep-t on athanded me over to the Gestapo. I'
j ation which has reche L"n- was stripped and my wrists tied
nfrom Frarnce. 0o *bar. A torr armed with a
The Germans put tisprotor-heavy amedW blae at .iein
aonstely large forces into action Mbas way that they always fell
t small groups of rest en the sm spo After some o30
the wiemsqun-oathat the minutes, I lost eD~ounescoej.. OWd
of t00 Glmsennow wewater wasthrown ova s. mT1hen

fte smmmm. ^sma Ogt
ts I wa allowed to drum and go beck
"i oumeol. 6 my eIe Ointhe basement rui1a
a e n heral r le, o" th et e-1 nocareAd nof
po*.whena M11414111 ts -1 V i min quesftIoned, but as
te s not the Il speakonce mo

HIM Al G=Sd n 0 dd5e"S of^ UOWub
mhe anwo an e t mse I eware a S n t owarto tha tender
al-a "aof e o. I was beahm
than aM V g the aw then one of my nails wasragMed
aseensly ~ugem~raqu men oftf with phu"& e o.Aan iitc
i l ed meThiswas the last of my I
in ;w Gennam blm befs hy SV f or e msI sospecd

at ther failure to -s- as
they maMt ofa* mre o 1
draw 30ofW the Maulk wto -V^ aSupply 1 r On To

awoafd. A**' fff^LrS3?* 't

t Ie not going to be mc od ie^SSSAS.11^
tryt.s to eonvin much Ieon Msl .iSS
Af an t encounter that tMe empien i timber
rs;,,Pyrormes%.1es Cbo anMr-, t-Splite.&WdMr. A. MCI
w.thd_ ewf'lht a 111111, l'in* agdimpletothre
7M hundred Gasmmp S. __ mat

=M=Uze are aned down"
have bellied the'redsters Uwto01 vie"
It is not going to be much loo4 40 oe OO d.s
after the war that the will e
linimreality are quite 11.cc eopemun
a n ive."a epe tmmd oo t

Government M

npmw hbumated l bhnPs ennf w Who
(1) wm Nsl hkbte T4M a
af ~ta~ ="Od aM &Aflt M8atnt a
(2) nbfgt to w9 t a Mnowr and;
(3) Deasitog His LMstys EmI M UM


DrCR W'P-ON:--Narsn: ~ Barnu we. 1.
ymn; HNht 5' 7; black. ~toa bUild. on j
Mouth, natve of D affar. 1 known a :,
Mlerton, St. George s, Bai bde.
_Aetcb Asitaat Dete ,

'7l attention of te PuiMk dram to the U
number of stolen 1O. and W3jO Umk noto a t.
In mt whirlsIt itn u' basP rBete.--PterPo d afo
pain or at Port-of-pain aon tmhe lt Jame. I4m Pm
eon of any of thes notes ar Ulf requtned to CO
the C.LD. or the naret Poolm Stamn.

Number, of

IA 5475





IA 73M
2A aMel
IA 7485f

a. IL
Amstaft Detective


The p&Ish hesby notified that
the Trnd P100 Loc01Rid f Drom
S MM. is e eoed to an wheel
tirle du to landslides, mntI fur-
ther notice.
for Ag. Diretwr of
|Pubie Works.
Public Works Dprtmakt
July, 14.


Exp6rt Licencea For
Printed Forms
SThe LttenUtm o pinteM and
others concerned is drawn to the
fact that export lcenceare not
normally ranted for the o.porta-
tUon to neighbouring West Indian
Cowle of rml printed locally.
L. avwCE.
Bawr", Oontrol Board.
Old Post O~ff Building,
7 St. Vincent Street,
20th ul), 19"4


Goods Moving Through
U.S. Ports
It is hereby notified that the
directions contained In Notice
dated 1th July, 194, are appU-
cable to shipment arriving at
Ports in the nited States of
America from much points of ori-
in a India. Cylon. Australia, New
Zealand. SouthM Aif and South
America, and are not apolcable
to good orilnainh to Canada.
1 6 ENCC,
Secretary, CMetr Bear.
Old Post Offce Building.
7 St. Vincent Street,
22nd July. 1944.

[duvertUment o Enquiry]

No. 2 of 1944
In the Matter of the Application
LIMIED for a Water Licence
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
that Antilles Petroleum Company
(Trinidad) LmIted of VessSiny,
La Bre@, has made application to
the Oil and Water'Board for the
I=u to It of a Water Licence.
(1) Tb abstract 3 to 5 million
gallons of water annually from the
"Main Trencuh" or Godlneau Rivr
and (2) So nstruct and maintain
a daet and apillwa on the Pluck
MtateIn the Wad of Sipar1a fr
the urpames of dImpounding a mail-
mum quantity of 1S.A00,0 gallosI
of water to be so abstracted In a
ressrvofr e6.2ing 42 acres of the
mid Pck XBoate.
The sid application has been
appotetd to be heard at the Coun-
cl Chamber on Friday. the 4th
day nf Augukt, 1544 at the hour of
10 o*lock aLm.. at wl time and
place tde Bard will hold a pubits
enquiry Into the expediency d I
Vsa the etdleen2osandatthe
equby whidh uS be so held any
pumpa who Is likely to be Injurt-
ouly feted by the aId abetrso
tim or by anything done under
te Booence applied for will be
I -pi oto be ,ei by the SoN i
anouMftOf etto the bwMa" Ia
11 1 coRNtaned In toe Ordba-
asne Mad the Rules made ther-

Return of A-


qusinL l c eseu1
-xcTR A. u




This Examl, nAi
begi on Mandrel.!!
)along all l

Intermediate has
the University t|
B. A. GeneralvIl
question papers ar
just arrived b, er
779s Examination.",
beginaon Mondaly ,
&long: wtth anl fta
lIntermediate Eul

Tariff Codw
The owsert adf
1944 are requested
San FernandoorT
Cardsted In
theMor rt
Trafo (Amendg
UK4. This card 1,
the Inside at t
front seat of the I
position that the
plainvly visible to M
convMed In the
R. A. ErskiM



No. 3 ef 1 04
In the Mattel

that The U
of Trinidad.
cromby Street, I
of-Spain, has mao
the Oil and WC
iems to Itat 4
(1) To abitrm
the Clarke -
the Godineoa d
build a dam Wr
dams for the
ing the water sofj
reservoir which
lately 10 &am
perches of land *t
ot Siparils. ;
The said W"'1
appointed to iS

inb the
the said Icej

Go* whoo

Dated this lth dy July. iWMt ,Dati ll U
C1M jUM = ....



.no EX" ofhdie In-aem"

ouncillor Kumar Explainsm

tand In Water Situation

I *---


"BUBOrr. afEINirO.i llnll 1% V"i

IYW"1 "^TWDWAD n OUABD$IA, %==DAT, JULY 3a 1944 s" M-

Get Germfity'r And Hsrl : Get S. Jap Miniter RusiamsSetUp g1400
Opportmity To Sontc& Powe- ,Administration tS
Sa. .S GoodNow T RuePlnd
wh tie ei Pm smear udtu w ben sao f- 1 g P^ 1. sU a vaI S

ent athe it a r E n _wof te ASarmyA
.fdl-illg- Oej" 5^ WtalI~~do tite xm f -^ *J1 "^^^".^^^ ** 4Ucbtoenkl,. ^^"W'*<** - --- ^
W~fS*-^ WMV im--Genmb See Sni^01 u,- m"^^ ^J*"aw? ,.Jf^l~l^^H mn w-teiM however ..m. .,
MthatI xwffture O don% dus* as *

S.11ut11 g11a11 that t01a in Dter re N i A Uo=ALSt...
= ... r-eted.erAe11wrA .a ee war t a A p r A meate Int A...........e... q.
thO i ti wal f of theU % of wr =Me & mte pM A Ltssve t a em te would be e c ra e to erM Car h *. a ii Itis-u4em Us
I SWM wiftla just ki tcc t he HMa :o n Thr my o thse ntU 4 0 oo* t io l too -----
^ra -- T ~.. epeiedl n ed s eaw 661180.1 will -be shadsmb the ow mrA his "^ "' on IS*1i -- ^ ^^ ^ ^ rd N &o*addpiaett to ~f MM .

---.. ., --,-a sed the wich ea. ewl b=,ookoMaw ima. for. nI' ieul eomaltte Part7 fer Perecen 8te.,b
sita.W d.-T hesn .d vas wichelea t e. -o atee i$ete tiw oeld Nt etWts e
S,, U n cad_.e were _.. bimp ---.:-- Te Berin ,.,,reeionen of b We!9II the afa T,,ekie as.- st"a ,,oICI~. S.Im n.o,, C',, I "S- h "g Sa l
Slm w haSn" overrun ,-ld ..- cabed: -o, 01 the 1 f .o,. stat. ,n ,G..Jl 7 Pt. stL I mn oc U .e P, a f.df, e hrT s .. ....
The se hew, utpo ppyig o Ipotan dtaleIntht er- e e ter-dasy older tinft5e 1I helit i nss Ieeeed bghsad e 1
r em-^ ""ftbP^0 ___"8
-n.ft..fth. oin ..:t tyeat. mo r ..Ut .lo eve the AeMust-
ShodThisquite fatythatvtey aeVsni ~ I le Icit Vesad311
=T, "P=t "--,And. .. ytw .p M.ra letanouned tlli, ts o iff+'"raft to ..a'"+ ava

K ~~yol^^^rro'EsO.^ GE NdRL SPLE T.
.A rs e Indiv"dal leader. p O add Sqar swe 11.f 111 1

'Sffff~~a~~arO.Sm ..nisfft~ui o pooBrfB~l~ hf' eUt Are. DWbon. naan Prmir =to PPr taot ufrna. th .
"K Sin 10 th ey 00 I'"VOS yapL' ^ ied 7hto t" y thoe sta llN 1101red y ty Bf5 t 8 a t he bstON o rs Ne w
theo Glean 3 uD013"tt fo the an .he -mVa mS
.. rn, wr ?- -4t tI a, Governe u ooriGeneral sine ot a "h e Svie n te
have oft thp vrhelb__ oecree wall." Msm* PCP'st1daae d.u of toe ezT-1 sametr _uled _on
v -iea-i Gin s :l ,r i3s om.relrthe a E Ja -l-,-S Ullo. l ot .a Ios.. pes 3doubt,- .1 d or ectw. ,d A.ssit. GEN RASUfLESTa
&Bren Al l3f Ok te rmave orymchto that=fo f the German am' tW YO.jC. 24 (AthtTo- 1 14go ehll Defenc ntion reasoW. Oslen Ca r aeirkin 17 ri;imm use
eIe, hl ft o In W en te ogoetheir i B r a wtmein t ok rm o their f all ilg onlwene radio announced tha Generav slay o, Chief o r onoc ri a
='vnk"4hertne otherPrj::@w

T heim-were wt must still be for itvtory and bea use, far Hros be. Obua Abe haow.n named nanc an t n aneman: EY STR :: 'ON 41. 40 41
BLor a1be uuttMTly B ite .oe low qlhty aont trlpba In teetd, who left that, ptt .,tek to be a levia \

53 1 ~ l*ldM^ c-o aigomriioBl Of utterlyr cnhc LSS 't^~ P wmlte is llll tt rno now" be-:com tjalC eSe Pre Wn ~ler It spp eam thpt i4h 1,artoU the I V J f
mad in rU l rea again. honsn t L tM y twines most KS. men and the or- A bTo .,ra1cst recorded United coviets are wccrne the PoUi-
26. (outr m. M- M rld. em cmlia w.eoo. Ln t. ., 1. % on1 A o^ a C low)
3w sy r es we tn o b l eOnetOf there Iody. T1ec o seo come Jrap ats hiGereroan S t t h t Jl fa dr as the "66
A 1 ad een err duary r.n German eoldlerm Statet d Goveretment Am Londoh G ov er ment doP s not re- ln N I C1rla o
v lrlse mawe" te sure t1 the w ld haeihfy' ,tar to t Trher adnay er n miemer eam of tha Refred FkI
amVl l age applyin g teonerl wod m cothat iyUio kl Iutdo former Secre- p e pr rt Poland an( mlere., vnic-
at uwshe bl a he G ermhard, n o rthmethosinbI- M a :`h Japm. Z 1111640t:,1fatyta l tfhheyus f ees hsbal~haredfrcs will be landuDatum

of th S wi thbla *y lts ea ses heere a d o on of our e Korea Get s N lv aleadmer ved .h othiae nrto m.. LARG
,.. flS^ift Xou.... e e iedoto cal Intmd.i th member off o NEW SHIPM..
em the o ngEah ,om-. re rutin a tdde danger negar.d Juo th rAP Hengyangn Rade "sandw lthy appolt -eNm
ofG em a g sy tin tw, r e. Eeneva," In S a deetp t oBaki CHUNgKINe, July l 4 (Ron ter). -w-* ,---- roaed ab Inleud I oelone l Mi-
Mradc ta badnS hai t Gin-& ci d: th. isGMerma*tenzym- and lklacbe Germa ntoayIncludedo te r Ba w Tra reaei syh ehtki ant roib t ab jut N

; O.-^ ^1 .-* -ov .--- ed lw-t '-- *- .+' "- V IC TOR~n^K.^ | LBM
Japan,, be mOf execut.o. nofflso ^ ,. Jaandyecus e Trap, Sk wo l, a" ee.
tm whc e anto Mr. enm tutheht l ey couslf d p grades" to quell the rebellion out at Henyan .N imptort e ant muy 2s --- ene.ie BorT
ad the o hM* malhke t h a thamoe spirt h i a fr te i t cVtity of theif a c I Y raI di end t en- I aiepoW oatner l M-e,-of Cutuereague A Po .l=shEaNERAL-
as a riS al M e fuiwu t oofoeo e ,ta uhyan acfi nale wa hram. eir V agan kf ie b ecam -e assistant chaier manr ef t"h e V I.6
S oB ury bye re te d m ak e sr powerews b to tris crsed overt I icmude In the ol Ir e in outsIdeag the aity, apo tccr eed ig ejPbc.
wheiamGrm aseI t' Unitadk ato ns L et y aend l to at the ont, Icng to a rommu .nque I asued from Trinidal Guardia Corrtm.ndent. committee which w
See Isn hwie&:tacb o fcotn h n hundreds of ofloera s*t r General C=laire Cennaultm head- CUoPr.n July a4--.CsPht In ruI the aontry. s AotheraInthe
M Frot In th elnc odon the three days quarter today. The airfield, rail- poolice tra eo at r e at t e eating ap romntcrme t Is A li
smation anNdO yards p t3Augustne niemAdamsc WolGe rn predent d a snd o
n.maorityot Tco a rthesid "At o an.ercht t ad b nodings and runways wodere das-b V incent woman, ws RECCor)RsSd
i s tm mart Gsrause anue (two nd olo an dM many alphnese solar R, a B. a W. Celesrln r rhed b omd i otan dn y of Ic Re-f or m.m a
an pmrisons) executions tled.
N ag.at-Ube beml i ssthchai. among binN-isuar PolIce Court to va $120 fine ready commenced oper atio dPo -
ohe q o nhdn owe espersos for the Ps four Warhawks strafed the area be- ands cofts or srn th e b h.The o rmm wile ibeob u
{h ilUfa ,werev sere thd Tre po no our- CmUM eia l ajo
tocalraredwereZA regularly twce a tween Cha ha, capital of HunKn, months In prison On accusatlon of Rma l
Lt OfeFre nchlcopletel eliminate edan er BE Orause Hals. two cel north of Hengyang and Kattow, keep "In a bawdy houtrse.Romb arS
an Polish cen. t m Iaa byt FOLet wOre devoted to chis bloody m and destroyed 50 pJul24(euterupdn
Sohad deer ted foma, G a t h other al su r S wm
WomL a- M DbeD, July 3. (A .-RS voteirellr w o Irk." o af t ian five C le gar rboal Fo r l ha- p Near Parliamentnh
hme sut I RMtrt o dren J" otf the y ekemantaci ths Ai ri Hi tl r.Vityran t tenic It wll H elpoW n daTEST N RE O
Wmna sPin av e walyw.hvain idd== unr egistred tyr sO Anniervot of LONDOf, July 24 AhP) --actLA ST E R ESES
Bt hat the burningorf (rdoB" t aIro i hdu lc iy STunapuna was fined $80 or t hree tat s sa r ntch rombotmb thef uT
itM~eAOSE j rUj but a gain Gacuh aecrro tnhe Th ane nt a com munique ot from rin Guaran Correspo dent. tO k mi theh iausear sis3
m vi.ntote of Owrado as t..iiVatican reace Maquis Forces mPontht,_________ ofaParliamen wasddiscloseduly- MUSICAL
fa nhee dMeewortdemaiotained'a t cltose con- Moath Cn thE et ofe dty Tho a w o spilry byttin AAnoTERr C S
oItr. De !sVich y THNSIIN al today, It bit an empty
eiI o .i eelsa etc st ntolstPn colabl tetonImposein a ome nt s Andr
114- ,, 1-.7o 1= .. ov e ie ,, i.2..a tainan adswr.hkAgutn Ant dm, aSt. Wtopeiet i h fts

ira Renta Fa. B 5. n ra:l adonme ROM,, Jul. y 24 (APiI. --- our not hurt any o the 24 po ieBEs I. IN ALBUMS
Stwumi and hildr the l rr In pole htrr rule RO n t (AP)a--Pritot LNDON, July 24 (AP).--m-thousand Jews and many rank a wd erby. ct. Thonc ot Ito s
Ds w~rslockl ied ermny. reports. llnIinl Arc hbishop Franc s plat. "isolation" of Vichy was re- 'military authorities participated In first bombing more than three
b~eforWt teSeiano Yr otebPope pon Wrtd oaybya n sst a ued tho retat be- the $13rstJwsh haksivngserv e atr a g hnGra ob

S anly w r s AaP with a possible o cr e overture on e urtee of information, vce in captured Rome. were dropped by piots.
w asdaPl shtao-weekAJG i t aslan ed tha pa r o h at, h noht All roads, railways and telephone gaba dyhu.R bt o bFlInuigA
hae waser let,,nedfrm My. 11 oML.OL the Gerapo f evotedN TEfromMtheAh-lioyndaesittsoyed50SaHoaonesePsupp
l au, t lhe ihuthe m a ler21t t and thewhole Na ul a b ws o tht t_ te l a w e reep ot t F o uiynqpuos t w Nar P r li n
ws blown rn Bru ow stand although it w'aJs concededly C AMOPHNE S LTA O
*-ffello s ^ tbst h atln, pleont nedh tn wh suchhs aT ITm f fo rc Bsu
Of1a inst-itch ps- o aweer. Ate r Archb ashop 8el han Pe that the isolation Is essentially a
massartenowas Ge aI s amParemetwa istlend fte bSc harassn g operation and probably
Vlloa i he Rlthe puly tday.Itoit aramre-

.__, _______m_______58 Frederick St. PhOe 5273(.
:e S o"-mp.M ports in the UDnited Stat t he on Ite Vmpoi h HTHS, IIIIIINGofSt Tioii Hsital t i
at l "Ma" by Ihorahd dicbusedt a "PamaolPeaeI
B sm J une VarR O, b..Ju ly24i not with the Holyi Fofte yhn -aION SERnVIC
t bsl, ast -wla ,tent rubatt leoROhE ,uy phe t Rv.D r.Juy24(.o Sou rn- To ual Customers and the Generl Public A BU
16ew teb in ear whdapaet ly aw asn w. rniele, of th Th d log, a s g i
wrinh V iietre U me rl n islae islaiw of the Jul Our ya stores in Port-of-SI bmn en gSon Fem tnd
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let aude sai tht, eG esao r m .eomn lie it he ollabrat toi t A gs (c s iae|
tIhDFRM PAne 1 just overcon the hlast to t o her
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German ea-ditch pwon of pt olcer poA terneert Archbing sh of theLaslative Cound eT.
K thre w= 1W leaeo hen the learnedtoftheiGwam, r ba r i "Accounts will bereceiveid a usualp t urb
thel a w.kzl ole amnes the moment whenofies
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ur__hg that thar Gerou, ip 5 ,o the NasIs hort, Pl any Manufocturing Bu -iness "
27 mile a hv,,e Wl'telaet: 3 b o lttle Profitable GoCo __landte_________Dr._JA.i__
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in5R .- Wha li i ntrpGtwsEht~NERAL T A PO T LTD., h e
Know weendlneaahe oS otreport Write immediately toonuce
scores oferma army reerve. Box A-134, c/ao"Trinidd-
visits." were of t e dnewspa er-"n.m

Onrchs ierathut knowing why a unlv Guardian." rofyerfatigue, s eenp a ed. Lighterage o nd TrA nsport Contractors, I ILL Ct.AM
N ft b y F r nt aW stry, aid hetN d reime ubmited o Goernm nt w.Wil

teP lerOM d e tae1 spoie ads t men It whe lt Your l est Chance--- down n ealth adnowninreutsten o 3 TRINIDAD STgus LAUNDRY LTD.t(inlusiv
stas, t h sp"e eeigto cold and other aznihsis,
*111 oe 10o121,of Politm ic Palnplce) Must Selhau tio

MustSel.It is hth tame forabuild p wtDryhCleanersandLaunderers
Is toVitamin lace hetoniec.whe]- -i--l-he-l-- -o office.

BolshevikaBARGAINS etdyr nerves ad help you to rNTE doIS N
ve0 00csw o~sewrs frm UIEDthe ISRAC

FRA+u'll II(P- N CE, July 24 (AP).-S8hok of sl eep better.
S t the newsha te ir Fuehrer nar- 2m HarHe Plac, part empty 200 It will help you to digest your food ICl., LTD.
tha ist the rowly er s the Ndassas -atofinany Mari uBfeactrd12Scn d f Street adtsean nryadvgo _____
~ army plot is regnt tereng sloai 8Od S.Jsp od Ln

,~ southurlan u. aoagGermn foatlne rcsp InCirular Road, St. Ann's, Fredierki Ask for the new ceon-
@A tb e t brttshe Amrerlin a h George, Ntle o Go itngant and omy sise bottle of Fire Insurance Buildings, Stocks, Furnitures,
In atom_ occupatio~~QuenoStcrn Ceets. Svral cto. ----- 4dlng11110

at bof. ata ti.r W r ite- l me.d atelyv Dr. Ch to'G etc. Relieve your unnecessary worry by lettingW
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aau.a re a ,tbe has dnot yt brepoNRwast--I ONFEDFEIATION JILF ASSOCIATION
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wh at RussaamihyutilBo arofamily, business and old age security.
tier SOkesand thenI t was dtgh o0Sn enad
h aostheret-Youheig htening tN S LEE LUM & CO., LTD.
mseu.ol the leto ol asRussian ARREAMS *I.
z 'nmuguo ~ to-" -mnaperoe "" R"T"" AgeSSt.
rombr Irimanc the aMtsrd e lher ey Igt a
Rates, and eotnie LIlI=e r ndLoeas
.... ITZ BAR AINS staduyourto and Including f th-snd.helyo
FR ANIL CEJl 4 (MMI.-SEo at sleepbe tter.'ko ha h arsslesotneso

ft news that -ar 2HrPlp ep-2 twlman's coupluia--hyoou la with health-rn
visit to aScott, WIn an Paustit.eott "aIn hcm e.nd Sr ; n o g n g ad o
am .M1110111..n .. plot auiracelssowl surely dad ot. Joeh Ra;.L.
410f hrla 0 3#Gima roX...Ua n Cruar Rando, a, nns ped
al"15tht b teAmrcaJUMy. 15 4. 5'sizebtle of FieIInsu ance HereIsuiheingsDaStocks, neem mi W 1s,

H LeTe e yb es e S as by inuay. Da amm ua we f iv
th cttat Govern the Nlo. A.B5. Wr~ht. SOGOOS^LaaBapab~Wf T j td JI. .i l mi Ii B ta M I V
Iag t te Pi e -C's Building maB iae twceM hr beAM a uS
-Lax TelBV repM aTe -- aS "=y ei=a day botJyi gil eOImhWI la. No& b Iw a m
Wedn" y August 2at t mthePrinc, hBudingWago '1ar pn b itm be of, tolive.t andpal oU e emamypf aa taelisiu 6
IA ~~h Artlat. Choralisthec7UTis It o abueawdoa teefro m =yoted ose. i hitek p&Vrow, 6 e"nNAh
SMcomugg wftaona* fd m T kthe LenT O WhhbesOty t0'yOblfim.
SL Sectione S hp "me5 l3 u ga ....
C"W* ~~~ow "e0rbee ad se*ka wa a ma".. r
L 0ALe Ilvsw s-bMe e N yUN ""
o FiIs Toietm See\ dr 7s a h a win# it. hP
A*U g Flat)' Mrt Ralph w*W41 ISCBIE RAJtus Am S" hip y06sk4" yout Y
J" Ikle ^ 2?&5M MnANnS ....
. T'rdd. Poice. Mr. A. Nichols Ae e s T.
^^,i--* "*
..(CW S.O). SOAP
S+lmnia .* .... "HAT a C ca.lga .
4=05 "was I# oKm"IsIf OO ~lIUk.


of TrMnvda
Aw -e

j, Wy 'W* w ** w
A. B. WUBT, wMfe off BO3 BM~ q thd Aciutg QCU5
hiertutdding the Ohiof Jusicte and Ka. JdMrsM. Frnaa 3d
and d Mrs. L O, il ep samdSSaerdm" OWt.
UZ the UM ActiM 06ernor "ad Mrs. W"ft at 0 O
AMIZ- an TtrommW it thnd afterwardsun autB, lybM
bmW~o hedIn aid of Oe S9. Jowpta's OM"VM Pund a$ Lb
Ifte xuding.

%AJOR Landry Salle Gonsalves. Brasilan Direcor of Pots an
WTeleapha and Mr. D. Hasrtkea. U. LiioMn OMr. VOiarr av
ii t ette mal n laSaturday, were week-end ge ms of His acilec
IM Actg Governor and Mrs. Wight.
a a C 0
%ANY HUNDREaD members crowded the Trinidad Country Club a
Saturday eveing for the weekly dance. The US. Navy Band
h made one of its few appearances in civilian circles, was a real
cdar and the musicmand setting were reminlsoent of a New
rm; others I saw there were Rear-Admiral 0. M. Read,. Capt
d4 M. Wilfred Alston. Oapt. ChristiMn. Mrs. Audrey Canning. Mr
id Ca. HI LemoLone with Ueut. and Mrs. Bob Mcowan. Mr. and
IVS. '31 Wade. Mr. Prank Ostrander. Lieult. Herbert Nausbaum. Mrs
3aOW Paget, Commander Philip Osborn, Commander Haycock. Mr
iE7 Preeee,. Lieut. cecti Oonnor. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Lobo. Mr
ostai~n"Joy Shultz. Lieut. Paul MyO,. M110 CWo& le LeotAud-
P. Lams. art W. Rawsuon Duke and his sister. Mr. Sybil Bolton
P 0 o nRu 1"MU-Some. Mr. and Mrs. Wifred Andre. Mr. and Mrs.
K wr., and Mrs. ran ooldle. Capt. C. C. Brooks. Mis. .
LiMit. 'T. Boyle, Min M Anne Spece. Mr. Carn Lyon.
Phi is, Mrs Parian, and others too numerous 4 mention.
F, a10a
)OW haa jut reached their family and friends in Trinidad of
I, U Sa. ffe, the farmer Mise Rita Gomez, and Mrs. I. Frank, the
I for MOa Ad 0aGaunt the daughtas of Mr. and Mrs. Berthe
a SM- "if0. a wo b In Virintit. has but had a baby boy, and
)t Ptsrk4 whose home i ftI North Carnina, had a 1grl.
YVO. N LYNC andMl Mia Jenny MUne arranged a shower
M r en Morrtis, whose marriage to Pt. Ken. Jamaon will
a ftpae ma asturday. It was a complete surprale and was held
as 3E. and Mrs. A. Lynehs home on Sydenham Avenue. St. Ann's.
The gift, which w linen wa ced a batUehp" on which
M wo U Jameson" were dr.td. Ths was the work of Ms
DMrida the meeting. Mrs. Pan] A Caldwell Isang a calypac she
tatf Iguled for the bride-to-be In which she stated that It was
'Iimebiefshe had to thank. as he was responsible for the lease-
E e rmsuwhich brought the couple together.
IWO Joyce M Der. Me h ra Thomas. Miss Claire Kenny. Miss
ebk Ok andl one or two others were called upon to entertain.
VWO they did by singing.
7011 CM OualAe of Trtnidad and Tobago have received the follow-
letter r from Buckingham Palace in reply to their birthday
arest~ne fa Prtnnas Rltzbeth :
The" Lady-In-Waltlne i dtirpd by Princess1 llsabeth to express
Nir floa Ine hsen' ere thanks for your message on her birth-
dM PUM )Mk haM T rn. ed to Trtnidad after a short
beh y in BartS dn. He stayed at OistIns on the Maxwell coast
Md Ud a very enloyabla time.
M I Z0. STIBM3 asutant, Pe:ronnel OffIcer at Trinidad Leawse-
hiaMl. Poat-a-Pierr, w*!h Mrs. Stibbn and their Infant daugh-
hm h M au Trinidad to o to Jamaica for long leavw,
They planMned to go to Myr..e Blank. Kingston, in the firstL In-
ataf. gM then to voiit various places in Jamaica. and they wil' be
Swy for three months
1d U W. K. DYK of Poin-a-Plterre, have just re-
I M to eri ad after spending three months in Canada and
*a VAA.
S I vW it ist to New York. then to Boston, Toronto. Napanee.
Ual. ad bock to New York aain While in Napar., where
SS5s t sx we, they vilited Belleville training camp on various
SlU!lSW t MrsI. Dy kes*' nephew, who is in the R.A.F. and taking
a wan or tnaing in Canada. Mr and Mrs. Dykes are both feel-
lg Inr benedt trom the change of C.imate.
l Ut quarterly meeting of the Canadian Women's Club of "rrni-
dad wi b oa Thrbursday. July 27. at 430 pin. at No a Riverside
"i, Mra"vL All members are cordially invited to attend.

-l.NooK Ti lA'
w0NT jTotWt0#tM
41.'i OM Am

- C

Umir -jAy --lt
,. oiin iii.. ^ ... .-A . ..

" R l "I tIn S Soit J

W WWd a zw -N o w
lie NMie sol 1d

a ot e. ...tm.ab llm es

el .kmSw bnow. qm. to ut Inn !t GW o it Sf^SSA ^^^l i^^
W nd them bow tpig mah d ^" Good tn ~ &saf*at
MA Yel with i da a. s .a a fir mlB
hwedo hi d ianu Soup

g o f I te am pt otd ss'a w,1t Mr s a ie n-O
3 Stablud=poeis dov*uIWandex2'vgl

il i--s^' "s^S r--,1" I!I '; I
to `=e yw I a"n -WuW We mVAt / ,W,-
mwa vter to 10nkar a sanad'pspse
AR tisOfhieto rio Ii and11 supsnely e~
d foam for' a "light, and day. TUG this e
Sa l ib r to Robe thicker .Edcke" Mp p --
p0te. W1& en this has mren It We ltfat tIntop of dowinh bon er
rea dfor use. n This q rtnwi Add'ld n a eal ie chsiv a--H
akeup 21b flour. drc etut edr c vf
aWhen the dough has had Its Anad str until 8111o009. C~uiyadd
1. hidng remove a piece for ne at, nay Aanm cook over baI ing mateIlk&I
tnex .baking. rTh u shrod b wkept aw
W a cod pplace anddwhenruce t=Add aest onla ote.|-
Soak sfervk wtnt onacuompanto | nT metand, swhich ar 1 0", 1.
wr. sItopaste and It and serve, sprinkled Wt .black-.M
is ready for second baking p ep perMakes cupsAsoup.'m m =so

Tea Party Bridge Party/111 aIlNW ..
Jm e mO t pf the KeietermUaM k
ItW JL~tijOUT~t YW. C. A.. of which Miss Julia --- _
Held In South Y~wn= cuitL, J
FTcia-Lau is the .banmundar Is DN'?'- !S52S-2x
A uccessful tea party, organized organising a bride

Mrse Bugap. bridge drive In ai- f
by MA Reena SunMadh. was held the Building Pund. which will be
at Pasture House. San Pernando, held at the Bishop'% High school -
kindly et for the occasion by Mr. on Friday. August 4. promptly at aI
And Mr MRahanu.n P.M. Prl z --will beawsaru
Over 20 people altended and tea highest and lowest points scored.
was served w an accompaniment Tickets, which are partied at $1.31
of music; candies and ices were mar be obtained fro MiM tnIMaam r
alo on !e. and everyone appeared at the Y.W.C.A. Mis sy--U Rawle -
to have h.d a good time. Miss Try Walke. Miss Evelyn mEltM PIRE I
e function was arranged Crooks ad O nd Miss Sylvia Aleong -- - m.m.
aid the Building Fund of the I I
Prince Albert Street Mosque. At 4.3Only-
B.Amo%,Q present were Dr. Diary I A 0 I
S. P n Mr. and Mrs. Tahir oneD Udo' \ a ,*.
Ai. the Rev. Dr. H. F. Kemp iA s ay DANCING STARLETSa.
Mrs. Kemp. the Rev. J. C. McDon- ra l a e
ald, Nwt, Beattie. MissMcDota. 1OiTan r Have Methodist I- .
Dr PIte- Pau. Dr and Mrs M. R.huich, OF 19pr
Ramjyan. Mrs Sultan Khan. Mrs. Dance at U.S. N A,.q e:Vmnseiui, O 1944'
S.A. Sumuiah Mr. Randolph Boba.rt Chaguaramas.
and the MN.'.Se Bobart, Miss Raw- TOMORROW At 8.30 'clofck-
gaMim achansingh, Mr. U. Variety enteatafinment, SL .James .m~~~.
Khan, NrsHda.the Mise Barack, g^opm.1 l t"^1~s~fe!
Roodal, the Mlsses Rabamu'. Mr.,
0. Aziz, Mim Hernandez. Mr andl FORTHCOMING eVET M-6-MS AW I
!Mrs. S. Rahaman. Mr F Rahamani Concert, Bishoos High ScWool \
land the Misses Ra~taman. IThursday. July 27, 8.30 pum. K Hl F

DRadio Programmes c Fo:m

STiB V *^ N G 0 I Nfw
SU u'.,- Si Rav 5<. or be^.a Qke Pan.
5 (": M:rl' r., Ms ,1", Himns from Home
. iandw ago n
t ) S r'j, F, B>T ',''.i J :bliee -
j f : Pn.~, .Y Ho
i Cj ;* -f -n?'r. M~i.,.,): ~ .^t'* ria
7 iV I Mm,-.- I~'.?*t> Nc'C B5. ii
7 Great Moments, MIl. Q;.:,t'o Doilnlea-M
.4C 10 C20 .r' .C d .. .... ..
WO as05 th e S s"I MUSiC from AMerLM
Ali Diary c( a oo lisi l OpCIsist s a s.....
S... .. Guy LmubarIo 'Pn In Rewlei
SLO Cl'g uto- - ......
, ^ ^New I'n, Network Reporter Newo
U :l'> .,'e*p at Home lItir Rhy'hme
/ "J <',r.n P, r.:! P ondH Datn'e TBme
1.I* W~r K' !w - .... .
SA l l .- I I< '1" ii -es NlgI Owl Club
I 1 ( 1 : B .....'*' T, ,.' ..... ....*
I *. ....- V CN.orIm Preserts
:45 .. .- N.turne"

and -

TODAY 4.45 8.30 pm.
1st-The Honey Musical-
Donald O'Connor In
Ui.-Johnny Mack Brown In
Reveille With Beverley
One Dangierou Night

TONIlrHT r at 8.s3
A.Republi Pictures Preent
.with Xam Waye Bina Brnes
with Rieher Fraser. Bren"a
Joyce, lsa Lanehester
Tomorrow -

---1^ 1 Wi WMgwv 1Lpm
no m 6a& ISIlu

2- 0" MI N. U om a
f. MOM"& = M


Amateur Bxing

Under the DisUxuished
Patronage of His ExcelUency
the Actina Governor
Saturday, August 5
Saturday, August 12
Saturday, August 19







__- an<
IN-- -@
r AdpWfe

~ I

with John Garfeld

PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at 5 & 8.30 p.m.
Your Favourite Indian Picture
- --r u-----
wthouEt !
A NOME? ||

3 Scott oahe Street-
--4 beauty-ee Inside
d *-Best ofter.
M.r H.- "Sem.
tiaa Cascade, Pe.
-Mt~m ........... 3M.Al
Pleto St., posemeln
-Bargin .......... $1O.1
large Preperty and
3 acres fat land, Dlege
Martin ..........:... ?
I Champs Elys BRead
-mew Comey Clb

-- te.............112.1-
I taMiU Ta&--eya--^
'es al ............... 11,5

t 11 .. $U
I Wmi u Matl Rad
rim um Hous le a" .
4 Cein t alas Street
Crua ............... 3.5
SOmM A eet, up Baazna
CrUs............. $ 3
4 !to"-streek tt

GLOBE P.Os-Last Showg




INS, iP.

I GL3BE- rio.
_ T ad"l. | m e -- L
and re OMMB4o *
Toswr -- w-0- --

Yokel Boy & I

Starting Thurdsay

NWW DOUDU morGiaas
IeaEu'B FoTrG4'Co

Tonighkt, I.t-- 111ESE P-Kvu,
Tomorrow (W
at 8.45


T"e eMbP dewellI
ut fromutr. !
Amerkem TOW.

WONG--Inadneut te ETO wllclMaI
STATE a4 CoBtretlh tS oe
Sense, the Hyp.i MMStae

Tedny, 4.46 &



Tmight, L

Mld Back
Th Dawn

*uU~UlUUIlNuhhlI.I~U I EUIEUUIUimi~mm

TODAY 4.4,. lM pj.M
Preston Fester, Patrieia Maffha-Bn1

iand -
Bting Ciby, Dwthy Lamwr,


Taday, S:


TODAY 4A p. O4
Ad" 096Oa
Antes Wallhbr.


At &W pm 0 0al-

"Stnd by fori
and -
dma CamK RatW
"Pierre of i

WOWfr Lawns,~

- 'U w t

and - R B ar1in,

-with --
Bette aa Fratart Tea 1e 1
Iun. & Mon.: THE I

NEW iSam Fern,
TODAY at 441 p I. -
MAYTIME (Nelson Edt

GO WEST (Manrx~tIM
rla'i 30TIM M --wl.,

TO DA W & & &0 pm I
MftftQwt Nolwy MaPfet" In aoiwT





Thursday Only
.*E Flo

^Cri1fIt 1




2TMNIDAD OGAUDIA3N AW OA,. JULY 25 1944__ _______

STwo GoalsUp, Held To Draw By Colts

t Team Stage Grand

in Leae Opener

pU, cpiToftm after boOting li two goals wltbin
^ Jplar. were lliod to a two-l *W, by nd
ilayt r GIls. to leave the opennig T .A.P.A.
* dlok on '#$ Queen's Par I va MiA ysterd.y.
tl Clt, with a last-minute drive;
Wi Wlkesn oud gearheaded by B. Thompson. raced
J, but in a grand liwards, but Downes cutUng it:
Swes A"dS phed..1reft to Town, who held
,e each to squallsS *;'ol.'
each whistle' ,. t0Ri4chard Govvia refereed.
the OWnslvWe wi The teams were:
jj a ltfltdIn COLTS: Merritt; Husbands, Sim.
e" the War- monde; Taitt, Evans, Weekes;
Peyson, S. Moore. J. Harding, B.
j right winger, Ward- ThoPpeon and C. Downes.
omne of his I FLEIIT, AIR ARM: Town: Stone-
)dceked a bouat- hewer, McMIllan: Hartahorne,
s front of the goal. Hartley, Peeson; Wardlaw, Cain,
.J06 outaide kby Thompson, Wilkes and Ilbor.

I^ H -owmadeam stmtlar
tWilkes 'headed high
Merritt, the Belmont
limped, but the
his Sfngers and
forwards kept up
c combination and from
SMerritt was left ncn-
Syet another Wilkes'
then changed ides
"t o D ers took charge,
Sby itt started tbelir
.movement. Carlton
placjpg a hitterr" which
g! goalkeeper, Town,
dr a failed to inter-
as forwards displayed
prison and got a tree
the area from a fotulo
meSL Hartley, klcked
qbutthe ball struck the
i rebounded. The effort
.h applause.
I'ns.ew defence lines
dpatikably well. Pierson
,i impressive, but with a
of combination Taitt,
lHarding got past
leaders and from a
S Harding beat Town
s'with a first time
S just before half-
oaiption it *was an even
determined to take the
thrill-packed session Met-
Is some brilliant savesi
flborough, after worw.
From Idaeld, passed
SThompson wo
et the backs and MeO-
i beautifully. hi'
blfline gav thetr
,assistance and once
and caused a
but Merritt left the
jiw collected. The mam-
applauded Merritt as
4eie what appeared a certain
rAMalder of play saw the
e *& a tussle, the airmen
ee daring thrusts,
i m now at his best,
lant tries at goal
isk V eso and Wilkes
cked finish, and

iUllt m~tsnrediate Boys' and
1 )ers' Government will
qMIanual athletic contest
In Cutteridge Shield
d 3i* the Oval, starting

61s have had their pro-
nU ts by holding their
. Spearhead of the
attack Is Clive Leiba,
O1 events In his school
bra is rated to win
P4t410k, the Director
00, "win present the
I victw at 'the close of

: ++OO*/.OT !

*401 Acres pully Planted
. "eans, Coffee (Po-
K WArabica). Coooa,
V a variety of Citrus
'LfrUIt trees, known
Estate, Poole,
lOf Charuma, County of
V. l drying houses,
,. 0 rs4denp. barracks
Oldertct condition. 4
I te. ay. Tabaqulte-
~t odruns through
whih i. between the]
~'~ Ve uosts. Offers
hede to V. J. Stable.
t"arick street, Port-of-

S thatO

In hal
-Che lime

Fleet Scores First Goal!




Colleges Clash
In South Today
Trlnidad ..Ardlan C'-espendant
SAN FERNANDO, July 4-43outh
will ae Its first Collegoe soccer-
clash, when St. Benedict's and Na-
parlma meet In a S...F.A. first
leaguer at Skinner Park tomorrow.
The Saints will go al out to
trounce their Oppoents who sur-
prised ananad sundry by their
one- all win over Oommando and
with Napftia making a bid to
I win their fiwt two engsaments
th4 game pr is" to have much
awe warmth than usually features
college t6usls
NAoUimad will be selected from
E. Frederick A. reeik, L. jag.
gernauth, J. moblnso I West, H.
Seedansng, A. Smith, A, Fred-
erick, I. Seals, C. Beu, B. Gittens
and C. Jones.
Pember-ton Player Feted
For Grenada Today
Meer Hassan, star googly bowler
selected to represent Pemberton
IR their cricket tour of Grenada,
was guest of honour to the .mem-
bers of the Northern Oriental Cric-
ket Club last Saturday night at
the residence of Mr. C. Darsan, at
Ward Street. Tunapuna.
L ss*n was the recipient of a
purSe, coupled with many kind re-
marks in reference to his success
on the tour, .
The Pemberton team with a
string of soccer, cricket end table
tennis. aces left yesterday.
Hassan Is expected to leave by
'plane this morningg.
SThe India Club Table Tennis
quad just flush from their recent
victory over Hurricanes will en-
gage the powerful Indian recrea-
tion squad tonight at their club
rooms, 76 Pembroke Street, at 8
India Club will play:-P. Ram-
PeraTrid (capt.); Yarseen All, F
h R D. amkees and C. Y.

Table tennis clubs Of Beat 81.
George and San Ji" ar asked
to send their three iS players to
participate in an eUJIation eon-
test tonight at 7 qlock at .San
Juan Government S IDhool, so as to
select five players to repsent East
St..George and San Juan ambined
against Chetniks on Friday night.I

For Better Signs-
Engraved rand Painted Sign,
Woden LUmNM "Inema
SUdes, et
17 CHACON ST. (upsran),.
Thom of or 811
AiiIIIh~ilI IIII hlI liNNlihUIJlH l

T. *j4F. A.
Entranee to Stanu for
Leage and Cup
24 cents
Memltrs of Services
in uniform
12 cents
Season Tickets $&00

Tall. Mildy stre-tfewwd Wilkes. M ,Jd a bea fl d hbeaw
past Colt gteMlkepw, I. Morrllt to score Fleet Air Arm's flrt
coal yestertd. D. MN d, Celts' full-beck, and MNoitt ie
while)., wt the ball go into the ists.

Customs (117) Rout Maple

For 55 In Intermediate Final

Tyrell Johnson and Wilfred Perguson two of Trinidad's inter-
colonials, continued their rout of the Maple batsmen in the Bonanma
intermediate final and bundled them all back in the pavilion for 5
runs, giving Customs a 62-run lead on first innings as the match
entered Its second day at the Oval on Sunday.
Overnight Maple batsmen, G:ad- i-a--;- Ft.
stone Clarke and C. Patrick, re- lb. JoP VFrn... ......
fvru L. Wooding bJohnonI.....- a
suing with tone oscor at five runs son stephens ....................... S
for four wickets In reply to Cu- fT Joseph b eerguson ............................
tqms' 117, played crisis knocks, R. Best not out ....................
but after Clarke was dismissed tor extr ...... .........................
11 In the twenties, and Patrick fell
a victim to Ferguson, top-scoring TaOWLIN ..............LYSI I.
with 18, no other batsman offered OWLING ANALYSIS
any appreciable resistance to the T. Johnson ....................... I t 4
bowling. R. Joseph ................. 4 O s a
Tim Joseph went In and banged w. Ferguson ............ 7 0 5 3
up two fours in scoring ten and A. Stephen$ ... . 0 a 1
the side wae all out at 4.10 p.m.- CUsTOMS--nd Inning.s:
T. Johnson (4 for 20), R. Joseph Js Ag rd not 0o ............................ S
It Joseph run out...... S. 1
(2 for 6), and W. Ferguson (3 (. waitie b Aleong ... ........................... 4
for 25). P. Chen not out ...... ....... .......... s
E. Agard, former all-Trinidad Extras ....................- 3
wicket-keeper, carried the batting t I-
on h.s shoulders as Customs went Total for two iclt ek .......... .......... M
to the crease a second timr, and Shamrock-Casuals Play
consolidated his team's position by Friendl Match y'o
scoring 37 not out of 68 for two rendy Match today
wickets. Shamrock and Casuals Will op-
The match will be continued on pose each other in a friendly
Folliowing are the scores: match this afternoon on Casuls
CUSTOM -isInnings...................... ,17 ground, starting at 4.45 o'clock.
MAPLSI-st Innings: Shamrock team will be:-J.
R. V. Clark a Fergulton b Joseph .. Scott; H. Farfai. 0. Jardine; 0.
J. Blackm.s joInoaCha JtoeJo .... o ,Montes de Oca, Lance Murray, M
If, Cheirrie b Johnson...... I cenL
. Ibw.b ............... McLean L. Jardine, E. Murray, S.
A, Holder b Johnson ........... e Hamel-Smith, 0. Govia, and M.
C. Patrick Johnsons b Ferguson ...... IS Wells.

NOW, from the laboratories of the famous Parker Pen Com.
pany comes a etw ink-an ink that actually protects pensl
It's Parker Quixh containing s .lv-x.
This jlv-x in Qui guards a pen's inside parts, prevents the
destruction of metal and rubber caused by highly acid inks. It
deans pens as they write, ends clogging.
Already, thousands of people are giving pens of every make
lasting protection with Parker QuixA. Ask for brilliant QuiR.
fine for steel pens, too.o ...2





Every expectant mother bas two
concerns ... her own health and the
health of her ePted baby. Through
this perio, when one must have
nourigsnent for two. K, i m eIss-
tial because Its easily digsted
nourishment places leI tax on the
systems... .It furnishes the important
f t am ment, arbohydrates, proteins
and calcium, needed "v both mother
and child.

Nourishment-proper nourishment -
Is essential to baby through the
tender month, of infancy. Consult
vour doctor. Ask him now abut the
youraef taodv . and later, for
youredlf today eP- dlster. for
ymCr Chlad.


M. Fernandez

OffTo B.G.
MLkey roraaadex6 Trinidad cycle
Bbaien. oneof etour athletes
Srepreent Trinidad at
the BO. OlymptMad to be held at
Tham Oval on August 7 and 0.
left yterday by 'plan for the
Other athletes cbhon for the
two-day meetng ar C.- Phelps.
champion nternedate cyclst: P.
0. w o0 champions quarter-.mer:
Geand orge Lewis. 100 and 30
yard prints ace.
Laurie Ros rorn Trinidad
kint-pln. wil make the trip as
Imnagr, and will also ride there.
. The Trinidao Amateur Athletic
Club are also sponsoring the trip
01 Victor Chunk, veteran, whio is
abowtt brllliant aorm asain: J.
Brooks, ace "'1', elsa wheelman;
and MCD. Bailey, who has already
left for 3X..
Apart from these, a string of
f"-nidable riders and runners will
be making the trip._____
i1" '' ;*~ur- .. n _U]-


West Indian :

lbe W.I.N. Party i

Join: Don't be


5, Chancery Lane
Wednesday 26th
July '44
l.N 3PM.

Instructed by Mrs. A. Mitchel'
we will soeUl all her good and.u-Wu
Furniture as.- Mahogany = 4
Btd SP. and MattressM
Double Bed with Box Spring Mag*t.
tress, Large Antigue Mahog Press,
Cyp Tall Bay, M.T. Mirrored
Dresser, Single Iron Bed and Mat-
tress, M.T. Bedside Table. 4 Double
Bed springs, Mirrored Wardrobe.
Crap, Dining Table and 4 Charl ,
China Cabinet, B.P. and Brum.'
ware. Combination Sideboard and
Cabinet, Cutlery, Meat Safe, Scale
and Weights, 2 Burner Oil Stove,
Beatrice 'Stove, Kitchen and Pan-
tr: Ware, Oven, Portabl- Ice Box.
Jlrkileld Pilttt ', Morris Chairs and
C Jashions and Tables, eand Print-
ed Plaques. Alarm Clock., Silver
Inlaid Writing Cabinet. Hanging
Mirror, SpriLg Blinds and curtainn
Rocs, Pictures and Prsmes; Pold-
ing Card Table. Books, Hanging
Electric Fixtures, Canadian Chair.
Chess Game. Portable Phonograoh
and Records, Bathroom scale,
Lawn Vower. Electric, Sewing Ma-
chine, Fan, Toaster, Desk Lamp,
Roaster. Waffle Iron r-d Orill, and
6 Tube Phillips Radio.
Items on view day prior to and
morning of Sale and ter Cash.
Auction i.


We can assist 'you in solving your marriage
problems. Select your partner and we'll supply
you Aith the following.-

cluding BEDS, SPRINGS and

~~. --,,m



San Fernando Jewellery


and Printery.


6 remind Kerosene con-

sumers that under section 13

(1) of the Petroleum Ordinance

residents in Port-of-Spain,

San Fernando, Arima, Sangre

Grande and Princes Town

are compelled to secure a

Licence from the Mines Depart-

ment to keep or store more

than 10 gallons of Kerosene

on their premises.





'L :. *
Pmo H CAmIlE




Tenderloin Steak ............................ 72c. per lb.
Sirloin Roast -............................. . 50.



Stow ...

PORK LEGS ................. c. per lb.
CHICKENS end DUCKS 72c. per lb.

(Ice House Grocery) :
W% ^ .....

..................... ...... 56c. per
M.U TO..............................N............... 56 ,


48c. per lb.

PORK~~~~~~.. L .S .......... 6 .prlb


Read down.
Lv. 8.00
Ar. 10.00
Ar. 11.15
Ar. 12.05
Ar. 13.55
Ar. 14.50

St. Thomas
San Juan

Seed up.
Ar. 1420
Lv. 12.15
Lv. 1055
Lv. 10.00
Lv. 8.00
Lv. 7.00

For details of thee and additional aervic tru
the Caribben Arm. oomilt Imu loo M:


it nuon3M .I "n








UXTrA $fh&S.
<1ew..-UI Lr/


. . , -










a"" -Y.



" ~'Wf WH *, "J
W 7 VF .., I .


^ ^S --- S-e----- *ml23'3'- fO4i L01ATE 1 C5SS~t ?; S^ HOTEL Do PARS R GV

0@is N.T- .a~ Spa ~iW at~ 'uwos avno *-^ ^*- Urest, j~ 35mm. A goo cok ,ar.N 200 piwari.SS wo mte-"- a

-S SL1%A"W O

"Je 5 I II ^fIsf i-is^ssg1 '& ^^iiiC* IB^A W sSS wSS I I J^^ ^lim
__rrr VOO -BeLR on prs011st h

I^^^^^?ROU2C-t BSSYU3.JI? 2? Mthd.MA iou v-ltou- cu pisxy.Qs ^ ^ ^^ BAsf -Ju^ ^H j

^^^ 1+ VI' A + | ,. ^ ---I -- L. 2S u. .Isg1. A*SL41S re~. 3 Verdant Ave. Mr.av.x l ..
+ I +P .. . APP W I ... -- ------ - --. . l tratlos14 card. 520.00.f....... ..oomIsII
,,+ a-~m Ispm Sli d. -Jul 5LI 51s4 GEEaL SER ANT ANe D MApply)o, 4arlo ld HzB el
P p U 4 ante. m pl, 1 Norma Sret.

| g V A I .,31. l U5 1 -4U OrdUly Lal n*. o p I\
AH, ,. M --, IS W$g ga. A l tet 'd n~m W- *o Conwt r A reet -July 30 ESTATE m NOK f s- I...Eft,- v -
~~ d5S~shb between P iSan d s F.171e 1 pp ~ Sre

A-_.-.___d-LO_--=W r m ,.--4.2--, ....& --- S *. *,+ U+ t + 1 ""- m,. ee ,...i ........ lSo C .B.lYBR o. o I o Io E *'s tate. Mundo.NuI i Ilt- 0
Is. &S ^ irjued^^i- wageS te." lih peis _____ *" ^ri________ -^^^ H j IHJ*~~ W UIRCAPNES 11By O
asn*i'*" .*n'a sum'^" w iiilO n rrr VOW- aMA fl~iaa.uameas-ofal *-~ "i rf_ ** t*Et G FORA RERNT ANlADd------f----l^ ^ ^^l ^ ^ ^ HI LtBIB

A sIrer gSre ety Contac D2yas at.. Pop- tr-t A t our - 3pp.>a 50+ nlh L 1 0 ,
..... ..^ tre32 _Val e a -bdv m.. s. 4 .ssnM d o-" SIR8 a .... '' " rn I
,^ffiSiane 150155.W AQloY Ri KU-KTs nunefmm s etaU 2 . LNORi?0ALL2.K. 125t L|CL rt AROIcRT .E Pro S usEly ICo., lmug truss rIse ot Itn f Hoiit Inia. l II \ l I

----------- --- I ------ ------.. .e LOO- WOW+, TO.---. ,BB ........ VIKW "^~ oL S ,iJ.52." ^. --m '""xi DoP'* "' L .... .. I"*"-.+ I ...ly IKS ---,------o',-'-' .-- ---. \I+ I
yB~lU^ nf. .-JuW 21. rasi^ a eged avn llioeS ra a t at. *h-ave- Mtl. he 7 ROD MaraS raL W illae. l~l S^ i )"-(rth.IStCaraes Appl B ox Dwe~*;Ml ongad^ OWWDMOW 505 et. OIR.Ln ejrCiabpu
a. rAM S M D G acM teI ,M a 1 ty es. ASP Thnua canO e at n-1 e a.- au 700 u__ . wled. DO "l"-um t* a... pt. hs i Ad I n 8t r l-Jl 27. p I 111051, I Li nx DeaWly SlWSO'S IM y -h I I
1AnMSU wllo rk 51 LaSTS A. Bldor. 235. 34.110 tewMgl. Ifart 1 sway Iraom some. emlam splendhl se-I557 irfer ApplyMrs. Derwet, S aSrva "0-rln-uy,ki w iI MM M ~~ i S i l~t~3r UjW
|M.. . ... ., .eu- p..i .-I juty 5. st Ie -: s,- Bi pup-le. I o.-1 ,*. .... R.oad. ,a.a --Jul *OM AN -O AR.IN to some other dinesU, *lrs c q" i- -
jL. Mm. WB- MOB1M. nATER. a th Se .U mt *ane iisf oPelI f -D t ". s Ae; ceu are _--- "
R__ ,,...o J.o 1 tr-..,.2 ,pa. -u.Ao ,I.XIsO,.O.,B.. .- .,,.- .a. _____________________________ BOAD Domo LODGING, *lngle erd doFblel Islonds, 1Id catoIn ct ,masal, rMe fVer, *( Pfl

m3i U+hL CES Z? I 135 ~ a.. bi o.... dt~. Fiv ro. gAUr .-.. wt IYL .. llA+ B|B 8 Ill 22. room 135. C alot SIAt below Ios-, UE UI.JU IZ tI I W +I+ whoI ng cough Infkl uea dIml I- -
roiscY. Ir ll Antasa *tI s ^us.i -- a.T) H sea; A LAND FOR Ma iendest 5 A eS TO? tea ^S Vta" as .
g I. sa|Mois' ea. Sana Ie eu 1r10 , .m r" LAR BLOC K OI RZBEOL IO. LAND Ot R _,__ trde eO s t o e hear.A m m n ...
j. tz i i c..oo G 'o .... h. Al P hUU t m aS oi. Ioeu.-Au. i c-- t bui d t --"t, .... *'," 2. I AO- W F eO m ntR 2 A.E G A----" in fectI o e" It ma the 51.1 lnl

oi lesh ,I Porma-MplSsao 0 Wers.. 'ame5 iss ; Yhw Ai.liIOptml+bOr ,o,,&4 Mrs ION .0 LAND, nest Govenmen iica.,.., SLE. non,o si_ e 22 ,,o 24,', N, +
'h----- ,YD+^AII 2--s---Ld aBOAR. au.re. LAtND d....... dell Kr pois. -? tiurn st.oo- GAGE, MERCHANDISE, a pneUmonil. T prima
UIV 5e t t sd *Sn sea sie -p- a o n r -ntt ? FeCand Only ts P- T LIVE ANIMALS, etc., tot ,,ev a-laS VB. r.,.

i i mv --|l m ~ v 'o, -. t-e m W nt s.. ts saler ulit a to pa~ mny to t lo os.t_' need PRO_"P'eERTIES-- FORv --SALE Pre.-u-- wing- causes ar- o-z-G i_ ,-
I x.octnl'y-'^~x~~ ad A^^-.iS!-s-21^^ ^l^ t,^s ^tnCr^eA: Antigua, Argentina, Bar. oat oltam ^ MnSl"d a P

"_ ... .......... ,IWo..,+.. ,. .,,,, o + + .. ..,+ ,,m -m0,T. + : ,,,^ -, +- ':'+.'.v.a.riIpter.. -^. bad ba, $eraao,_ an I ... ._ o.r -
J^^y rAs*^ .^ 00ecatS..-i ? 0J CU^i^s. s^ bat ^. ^ fnh urln-ul .^tlpn Ofr ^"H writluc "* -- Do iia Cej Isba, ndsm G "ol ocd pneuo niau 3t these

IO. iA71 m.RIN *,A+E + M l. M ,..N A ,.t. four e .,l,; O+ 'O,-.c5i. I _r..es .s-tbat a1.. m. ..a ,"L.' IL DING S'l'. tS Parrvo R c mt. Powe. St.4 Moors9Ao lI_. 0 ., O. ;nl._Aug.
year Io reasoelabl eolifr eur eg e" ta fia Ut, . 5 lli. Pb oltertl n0 miny tree Appl-A t y Box;: I- t bne .133 Gil S; *1 ---
-w* sxi s ra n t .. 3 5 ) i.7. .a-l an to .*- cd Mere t R T M t.tlhoi I-......- r '. at. I t..,Od,,. Ao,, A E s.F i.ji a..djustmeH . I.. . I .-
d S.te..^.I.r.--' -FO--- 5e rt . Inuatmtl 10 rfts-rme Fi CLASS BUrILDl.N IulSE IL Hans, JamaPlII, Niger ia, 1 U.I ---' Th "rl"iM"
vaai- ep Ama-~t u at. ^* PU2LLPS- CYCLE ^S lr*cal,,.t ApplyWM* U{"J"^ ^m' ~t* 10.000>1 rto Rico St.S'n'3 Kidts." StT At the Chroratl Nea^a*Py' I >

Win ..d, 1 a iDa- IOTIIAYrI J IoCES RUur ~r t jsY H'n' i l 17.ST N+ t',+ B. ar "et 2cns e qae10 ,,en's h ,poull, Ladles' Dree etcl m.+ W IImO n

.,,- ,.- C a.. A.. .....* .. ?*~ us .-w + r oi..- A)B|, ,,m-.- -,m, I ._.I i,, ,, .., *,,, --*o* U ai. ..,,*per part*. to -'ani,.,-, $I~ABM r -- .' -W ^ ... I,. ,*.,.. A .
.._.._. MDo nda y. A ugus4ti.

I k-d LEiEOR l.A MBAL Toao Y"IIIOpIrWhb ~ i to~r. I e

nl-^y ".___________ ___l '>Ml'>lp-^I._;".w.mm _,__T."p ..i-. ....umu A ..- GW._ ! l o ,, Spr^ llm y D, bn urI *o^ m ]+*x TS e **"on0.. Ct c. n~rOR innD.._ l! '*ilf _--" l. i. A'
I-- r- ilL 1---- ----in.- - l-- Isang 'AGUKii .- Sawly. .a n*tar t"a Cun.y* o, d ited C AI A __ V_
.B 0 wg y 0 0U i w .& m eV a a t r b^.-a l u s is l oM

i' --n a -ee a Avnu o er is Charlotte. A Sles vtp +E ROOM w/hbests Ia Prpet,' and' Io n t o roll U MmndI hn 1 I 0 I
C aIH u1I4 k.A '5.,. th "r s+'e.--.r .". sa r"n spare c patt.. |3S AJ Y O UR

*sr' P.. Sos 35. -I. d 11 .t11 App~y OOGl. Barbl or4 e J L'5at.+M ... ..es ..o amli Ob --'a] apl to The DPrIorss Chaenll ,
S T- ^ FUL**L. SoAK' 3.IUAIU TALE P"'ar.*i peotrraosy. Appl MrsU. 1 oo.i a Aflr*n l. d ivt ry Stree Pt Convnt. Aug..J/ o' S 1K po~~ d T*ro^ f < e

.... .......o..a.. in- .., l..anu s t.ua gt.e. has ..e.na .d seol Realden, Carl. , _( a
-4eAL 60

.... ...TI O A. .L .. .. MA' AuilOgjktiIo 3 INA+lo,- AdD LODU ING Ide d c. ic A lley ......o.... atetores. 4. To-t-er od J. c.an
am a April r Mura ^ n Ar D wii e-u Hu. CAuT Sreet Tea Tnrow ole ly. a 2 Teakwood N7 Uvaton. and S AgeXi ON

n n. . ......A e a bond-.ans.. JOS..-S- aun-I ,sie-'_iy Z ,u 5--1c---"1-" Jn.-"- Baet. r---r s tyeM 3ranl l.cd. $7. 15II C AC "

I, I,,,, i..r ,'.*- ,,,. I" .,_ .. .. ..^^ ^' 9 .. - .. . . . . I + ,,--, II.. .V it n A.^liJ2 ^ H. JU2
wag aseon IL VAR. Call --oll.mar p 1 4ox1100017. e aar .i p veJuWo

I sm a.o an-r. t.srn tt. ae.WIll u to53,." Teepos.- )II.L. A..D ,.,N,-L. ,.+ m-4 m .. _ IAT i G EA
s.on oW.'-Jt miss 11110111 w 2..
L- hMS.-6 O RR.5SACO. RW INtOBAGO0M0- 1oies!A Ao A Ue uniy doacdmMj noatc 0 .asB
m~ Wha. n Mx -il. 0 Gusitalso& fo- IWehaorlvssedeveW55.4@Mtt tIS4,av1110?hin

P5)105 gu& Mrs. aa A.1 i doris I hem^ u A 21 n1 "| r*rW '. J1I% U y a
A1SAgCI ThIN~s COi 0.. ha- O000. ^^*^- 7 *l* Kol) i.'.D *MALL.' 67 Dudonad c. ta at, 2 permonth and have. de DUISMOTAT BINS dBL S.r Kechr~eap. SbW e

! 2 vM-iJo U O* PRO Mi LAUGUST. FORNISAUE no us w P fitte euehaMlu ore 5211. July -s tO Uayabe b Tu.each > eveOIOt 555 CieaP. lEAOMK Lou.s Oilma Thms 311 UA RUI -9.: 0 O b a Xti S
Se S ^ S Sr ^ 2t Ca. Aeealn. ate oEOlTOCU1ttDMrf.tmntpee onatorptnaa hrote-uy2 ha i srl d by S M M

A ~ $105.M k*m. ~ REAIi foruu r a ma sinwnfl.e 4 roes ar > -u euler Roa of-jil sol. cocrt Jus 2-- ^^ ^ Charlqtt Street.'~k ji?- Jul 27 ~ o Tin ..... 47. j* A351 aAlt her. good
M^~~~arat St k-roele Street. Daub~sand i.all dress.n teems w.th Ime1at poe-| CHINE, Que B*ra.Mdrnf~hMw w i& ~ t^ ^ ir.-rA.~nnei Moe n a goodrT atn If 'Ic K .| fiterBnlH
jwpp 1. atBM.* SUMgU on, ne lo 5804. -July 5' K er*ni eTS Mattless.

h- am. PLACE ____________________ various pr*ce io Stl aar pacasta Ioao an ew. Larg cite YrlU>(r *fo'[ rs.^ ^ S~ Wne *~tK ^ '"* year Ca Inie albfk n dS Mattress,
esem. IUa Musa ae L= MUCU.-lul HOUSES Fai BI Hats Mattress, 811115
y~i ea w mnu iiu at.tmeTV MaravL-Jury 30 t Y hiv edrl

Wfta 0.5MMM 5.. M.5.. loes~lt yhoo. l~tri* use). Mrs. Iicr n "<^*- -ttw A**T~~ml*1 ^^ t^ **SufInclIr. Colen Road PIUEa DSl 1 CseT~n Ua K haki Dresser Crape..
TFMAS ARCNIRADO. .101Sod el, A *s DOns.~WahtNd
AT PP = WJUNaTIO, Pad t a*mm- moon to_

thiS au&Iu'a". s OARDES Ind-l is r %^ S pi:--------- H J.. a,%!a sash.^ Aity luThe GSOBERY tpes~e Perfeot condhetlrm.b Ecke, Tlephos
-00dW@ -3, #Nomi-chai ange V 1111, prac t4clynw 1O 'Cono
_s76t wun yaeeras. tORIJIl. wt ,5 0re oe srysnsdmrtgSs snm a w so4 okllm, T uit I

ya& 110011154 l'ERPSIRR.'a IGUIIos F*U0**& &; .,a s.Sf ^ ^ W^S 1- --- -- |4 Shrtsod fir ad Glassware .
54 S'atui.a. Soua. oar < FO^ N. aSS.^ ^ ^ ^ - ^ --J~ffiy 26.-'5 s. --nela a" Macn B-ei Sea^ " 1 0EgeilI,.o. nS
^.%-S-- FAVO -UR~c ,A~n... ^1w,S UI; Was 1^^^ Cas Mu^^'^ BB ^ S- Uhirts ^oy & uc
o. poone Mrs. SOS.--.AIIL 4. W MOTORS FOR SALE^ . ~sB^' %^ nw ffl R ---.^-.-.^-_..
---- S ^^ SIso !** : a4lHBB SUKBUm (aph) Pyre
;~ ~ VW W(MI AN!uiciu~ FM^~ fe,? Limr^'f'a. *N% ANMrtnwu ^A. p.- *Bsifr--wriGE CR

5411510. 6152 555 a ru law Us, an mother cpoNd. 110 Pese at"fl^hi -----eg Vet Start.edp soessgff 05t.5 g Quen'
'LEWMiMK ACU4IM a -ORD TRUCK, 'l4215s oftwlR IBoom r..8 C.. Jf55p SinglP A 1IS
.1&sniAN S 'S a c aity.lo 451111 cql*aU 0ff ga55 Glose r-e M 140 FR RE
TWO ongwor ath le9t1 Sasr58 -l2,MRN deale sI MEATS |t PIfg
V~ e ma.Se ersay M- 10?ML ADO PraleOam.'S.oneh l~e.sn susd. lea"t I &rio~ o~b oO E A.Allies"OUSE. th ese orocena, at f ly t aRs gis
to a d al a amJu 6-0. 1 aa& S.tuWday JifRY Cartona
As~3 tb 110 LOT RIT ich a
d~alrIfs do Ash. a T 3 SaAn Moigoom. -day W.4tOA-S 1 AL
-A"s anPICW"LNDa1o5-EggOil40c sto. m nA o seat
II.Cofee ODR4 AMAE Ia~tO Sts aeaca IsEre est.aumtelm. letea-1 teIIIr er a tli og pageRt-4IN S 1 aG nd O
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,,~'hJtS3sia a ilmal Ala-Jlyn5 t ygsideo s fealree DoI Bo-oked tne..5Srs'iusw A P .O. ox ".-uly No. rotm
ealee a.wiO-pes trn t. ap.Jely 5. .psa.- y20 P PROI& S U OPICE STtE der DICE Oe 11.Aret.Wge cod
e -ei'J4aw 31O~. pey-L am Sret mIa.: L imb"a we^s. e odes. Nwha rt- Ja viyasREIALEMA3C t tkeCOa O
L101 Apl .i- JuAMNSy Vs Netta 25M ... A"TLa". m ailba er'sat.Land reag-oduly52
UM 43IU L S 53 ace. edta EL MO SESir. Vtr Rte is~ta&ado ic..= .s= tult, orflgh6-, TRU:LychK r
EIS NES SE VIE S#t11.53 05 m d. mnaovm e ls53. dooalSed ft Rua." crn14.11AStretal.-J nend 27.DR N S R 5 1
So14 qa.11011smm- O g" WXTr4MMlD RADIO, ___f1114_______ A" emi WITHWee, GREATies. CAngrE
PASMY) S Can ss Shtgie _________ CrestSeteri"fo ag mpoe r Taking A 'l
Eigssacm so AlE GiRON Ca UllPM2 91 X M "AI OdRed Prosum" S at.-A eS,11- J 0.teemlcad.$0.0 onhyeqm n
1*13kngatend eat Phdosem. NO S L. le.ISlW htO- eaIBNIg56ee0.ge, satwemalss3terantAveesam eta.ly27
dow 0:00ra t Ap js; e Mym- WLt144ppl. ApMuly g Stret.. 6suFIRM latest Sual oarm. sawu g no %. V .ENRA RVN T ND MAI
Feir)le we s e -sa. MW mg..Ca 5 hde mLAa.t 1&tPs ON Clu~s* -ee -. - -gj- want ed. has J w ith CoarneM EA TStreet.-
tooll"W We .t~g a. as.o gsvattudteft afi"4Ju y 2
AB" asn Pact Vo wasel baetwe en 1 foardeen hoars ASPICEDa HAarlTOMATOES
I n Ued ftoaeos uaem psuacsa ttW~bVACa"JMUILIN(Y &! Factr,16Trtg~ ateS ES ORREN MAces,3000beainthe best ot um

1WA-sw- y, wg- as, e L40",- of + iunI -14,i ,y mS - n un our. the ... SPICED HAM TnTOMATOES
y ma- .4. ,as. LOA g fl-f5.. .* Mrs; mepIa raaan Oa i 9.. 1g P I.f_ .O ur activities bein 16 oz. Tim 61c. 20 oz. Tin
B"Vooskr "^lrW *rt x: "!.UaSALE Zse: S lelI a e gladly directed ex.
A Mre Tu., van Steet St 04$. I -
o waf" I A, ', low.-e Mw n+ W1ih he h has to owed ufaith- rc d
,.. &SNs ft? T -w tho-- mrty y a. He clusIYlyto the HAM LOAF
4. a.-otuasc SWEETt CORaI
W1S W SSS e m. Jsu5 o x152 5 t ma lowIA"I havoi been employed n the sful prosecution 6 Ib. Tin $3.62 i

*1frS.SE *1 *-- u,,- *. IS' .I-Sfi ,, +oS aI^ ,, ,, ,,.-- ,. 335 grm. 6I GREN BEANS -
eia~aa~. 07 ea.S' dl 17 oz.adE Tineb Mchnd.
$L b 5r W M VforC50 ofyear, d lath. he wrW r

go.se M ** N a fo e Th tin ,_ h e - YOB-Kma'I8 LUNCH 61b 5 .- --B
ZOO=- s~m~~NL aatmoeCaeemeeo a I.'~ V ars.Ke. workwast'atribu4te ausages(ii'o A O K W E O

ieD Lin te- ,v W.
0". tbl am Car 3^^ '- Jew^ tWLB B 6 r7P.. ei ay.a12o .Tini 50c. 6B 1 M Tn
.. to, watc. .- k,. .. __+ ,, .. .. but--never dT .._hat tim_

-. 0-- .. t-0"Ia is-o e. -r ,._ ,S m

___, ^.. ..tt IT fe -_ BIj ACON1 STREAKY GOLDEN SWEET
^^ffiB-4217 110, y1 "a*u"a &1MT^1"1I^ U% I% been^^ ~s^ W or~L had alb dmor XXoM (pork-hem)

sVllMIN%*5" A" 011061.11.im XV ay C a1---ft.
"Oakm. aRM & "A Ua II Ip gym teal or c uthe sa GRE N DA N
0" M A R ". #1 4o.. stant fiiiii*%hm~wto uc es up. .Al emIfel
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