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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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............. %. ............
bf6., LTD.* No. 8,1, 3MTH YtAR PORT-Or.SPAIN. T IDAD. B.W.L. JULY 23, 1944. PRICE: SIX CENTS
-- ---.-------- & O., LTD.
,lta !NewGermanRegime Heavy Ras"
tay NewGermanRegimeeavy Rains Soviet Forces Take Panevezys

re Reported As Hitler In Normandy TInide Lithuania In Effort

FCalls For Loyalty CeebGermans 14 Tanks

ty u thelrank andA.oLn.4k To Trap Nazis On Baltic Coasts
...... ..And No Gains"
ruAP)--TbS Ger- LONDON. July 22 (AP) In a frensted bid for friends, Hitler SUPREME NZADQUATRSTai
ttwo iviso V"lttodAy 'Oght to secure from the rank rern m the A L L5 __ D N.____.._
I=- and file"of P lre s t i &missftheFAyLnL 1o2b1) e21111 lr- 0
^ their reftret loyalty denied him by hi. general@. While IDDopw@ ielthd with wild FORCES, July 22 (AP).-Tnere--t
Ot Line and and mild rumours, and.from Moscow caemea second-hand underground tUIl rains and s ix inch.T of mud Difl 1
on assault o report saying Junker generals out of the Fuehrer's favouf had set kept the whole 100-mlle Nor- I ll Rn s f A F i g Bo
l te the city cam up a rival regime mandy battlefront bogged down G erm
to ntheiy me aFrom Algiers celams-e a round.-& J*eand quiet for a third strallght day H L s he
Where Flfth Arm s stout rumour of a revolt by Oer-'LTsw a. elne
wellP t man naval units at Kil and ttet after a. few feeble local 3s..n |tI
Val, 14 tin, and by contrast, from Switzer- counter-attacks which tost 14 T a.t H i
o;de. of thq town land a statement that all we. now Ne a g II os h i
madvnc on te mahn calm in the Nazi capitall.was w tanks and gained no ground. The
on m~l"calmIn he ~ui apial.dcwnpour rounded out hours
No. 2 The whole picture of the situs- this Morning ith signs of possi. Germans
the Eighth Army. tion remained almost as confusedblerslac-lrningwthedaywrReporto
th Ar o Premiere R 1940 Russo. Finnish
,'!rg i o, are in a his faithful tool to the radio to nobut the arest word from Allied Raiders
13 o FloreIntoa hi. saith 414 onkFidy then itlr anbS. 'Enwas theaywMoremeont Border Rn ached In
Siet a seconder v say with sparse details that an areducedt a mit en Over Berlin Northern Drive :
=di qlop brought assault was made on his life. Be- wa--reuentire mint.',
b hron n mw ynd that they offered little more e-nONDO, July 22 (Reuter) W W. HERC
other bat*ered ao to claim that he conalracv NEW YORK, July 22 (AP)-The Berlin radio said the Allies ex- lle h Byo W.Ju Wly HEIW uley2(.uur2
: 1'pecte4 to. launch another big a-tAlired heavy bomijers from the LONDON. Jul" 22 tAP)--
Blry intended or was confined 'to ea small clique of new Government under General fensive in Normandy shortly and Mediterranean attacked the Ploet4 van r n
gener"als and colonels. Baltic Army, racing into th a
4'Bk nnd reoortedl Since then two days have pnssed Kuniski Koioa former Governor- pointed to heavy reinforcements oil installations today Balthc Ania incan efto the htart
Ofeer's diar d-. ingularly free from comment by General of Korea, took office in massing in the beachhead and as. TheGermanradio this evening of Lithuania in an effort to rap
se' iar the commander of the powerful so Kr to oc n erted that the present local reported nuisance raiders over Ber- the 30 German divisions there a.
ot.t aS "'qeIl~ the commanders of, the powerful thoe d alormng dvsin therBati c ast to'
cripplesr class rmies ne which Hitler's intuition has Japan today and official spoies-flhzilng was "obviously probing ot lin. This is the term the Germans chored along the Baltic coast to.
cas decimated in Italy and Russia. men announced that Japanese for- the terrain before making a large- often use at night in reporting day. captured Panevezs oy 3 .
The B.B.C. tonight broadcast the eign policy, especially regarding Ie attack." Mosquito attacks, but It is unusual miles south of the Latvlancaptvli
following statement to Europe: "The Greater East Asia, would remain wive days after the launching of in daylight. of Riga on the Baltic Sea.
P t attltuoe of the Allies la simple and "absolutely unchanged" General zi^ntgomery's power-push Last night a force of R.A.F. Mos- Its fall put the Soviet columll'
r |i t clear. We endorse the judgment of General Hideki Tojo, outgoing toward Paris, the British and Ca- quitoes attacked Berlin. Mines were n within 80 miles of Eat Pril"
the German generals, If not their Prime Minister, previously stripped nadlans remained at a standstill laid In enemy waters. s id within 40 miles of the rai
22 (Reuter)- motivesm We would wer come a mat of half a dozen jots. i w as lly before the German tank line, no This afternoon, R.A.. bombers Juntrion of Slaullai, whos t
In Italy have movement in Germany to en placed on the reserve list even in more than eight miles wst Of with fighter cover again attacked 3 would trap perhaps 300,000 *Ger-
progress O war by capitulation and would act the Army V'ar Ministry, it was an- Caen and fAve suth of it and the flying bomb installations in nor-
twest ret war by capitulationrom and would ea- bounced in a statement broadcast Americans' fortnights drive on to them France. Hla n in or-. wo rm the ing a flying Lithuania.
Son111it Ame- b ept api tula s tion fro m whoever It and was by the Japanese News Agency. he Nazis three-city wsru de- Some outstanding facts bout the bomb from the Regent Pal. e H.tel annex in Londoln where It Ru. Lan troops 300 mil t
*Ivor. Arno, a d prep red tbcarry it out"oThe Dowelandoreorded by the Assa- encemhain w xds recordoeanybo ihses me outtandigefactaaboutthe bmb fro the R gent of&4|a11othe annetIn Lo don whre itRussiaitroopwnoo
ver An an prepared to carry it out," The mela d recorded A s till. M s encouraging iea- Allied air offensive against er- crashed and exploded recently. The hotel suffered blast damage, the south toppled the rail town
ad at one point Foreign Office, however, said no This seemed to be drastic treat- tres on the battlefront we the -any were given today, Inthe last but none of the guests was. killed.-AP photo). Chelm, only 28 miles from the city
Fsur s Tes of the "official attitude" of the Allies to- ment for so young a general as negative facts that 44 days after si x days more than 11,000 'OlanDO ml 2ll2a 0in anotler fowr-u
sa TheEighth ward German developments had Tojo, who is only 59. Koiso a the nvasio. Rommel was not yet have attacked more than 100 tar- A . .. N z drive i nto thheart of Poland
forward ls on both been framed. It suggested that quoted by Tokyo radio as saying able to mount a notable unther- lets e nd dropped 1 6, 000 tons of Nazi"'T sport wn t d -ai The communique announced that

IB ~~t110 the saeetws pan~l~~ rt oflh. a B.B. attealcdkl a^hnd uthat th Invtablem -*vl:,;bmbn Nmassiv wc- ten a Biih M.,lienl1 1 1 nt so"B~w osu
Acona and Bri. statement t was part of a in his first statement recorded by attack and that the inevitable clear bombs. Two hundred and twenty ran r Soviet troops attacking ina

Poles'"* moing om~y n -1"? o the"P B .B.C.o -lns iSnlaeviet"*her troopsr t attackingrFo inompitln*ri gl Finlpaarnrdeule --- hipd eswrdbvRss
g S Alosalndim psychological warfare broadcast. United States Government moni- weather would bring autom i 'hes w%-re lost against German In Freak ( Collision reached the Russo-Finn
S in s ourWth the exception of FleldMar- tors that his aim at home would advantage to the cffensive an1d t he loses of 272. i rycognised Moscow th ter the
d in the -Hills shal von Kluge, a man marked by be to strengthen morale and abroad positive fact gleaned from prison- In tle first ix days of this wek LONDON, July 22 (Ruter).1 n so
n o East Of the the Soviet as a war criminal, with d l er1939-40 winter war and
ivsionhasbeaten itale to g in by severing his 'to strengthen "both spiritual and era boat the oerman Army from Cern-any has d to endrei A mid air collision ov a troos attacking

m c v r w t h t e it e to y o il f g twit h e se c e o ; T o to j~ I n toe b o t to ma w i ctsr t h oro u g h ly-e w e e h i i l pfno t e r Ge t-mng y t o l nd iay h e-m n p i o a m I a c R u s a t r "o p a t tf r o m
Diitoo enemy mm- with the Nazisn ae lle merin i fe. to to tto m was l -lorol retet ;ir assault t the hio af northern n Germany today b- t i northwestern Russia had broke

fewtw ON L litle theSaS unhpp turmoi davt~rh t~ r 0 -Gcrmiti" n masiv co- te a Britis Moqut
sntehendy rgemyc ownm-iwith th r eNaisnda ews, ittle-r mteras olforsuceeds.' nea Hd conscious Of teuhpytroldvitbmi" nnis e ~ ten a Biih M Allit ied F[ iers into Pskov. gateway to suhr
the day. Progress known military leaders, Hitler hasT ooiswhosucceedse Generalresigneddek the homeland. ordInatedbaisslts the united State., bomber and a German three. Estonia and northern Latva
been slow but to had Only silne from the top os tsi ne Th* chief %ointa where the Oer- Ptighth Atr Force from P riltin and Whipped westward by Ruaia
Number of drawer of his military hierarchy, five days o almost simultaneously engined troop carrier resulted

-- havlr and" tanks, the GexA^^mat^^
t our hands. Thus poignancy was lent to his with the first acknowledgment of mas yesterday undertook soor- the th At Force from Italy d' o- in the German 'plane clashing ONDON, July 22 i(A).-The cavalry and tanks, the
the loss tot- w forces ofltte unestrogh1450tns0down on the shores of the Germians disclosed today that, the army charged with the defend of
So has, t s ighow ventto ithe fs pa le little lunges through mire e 14 00 tons of borbs on Ger- Baltic. The Mosquito flew Reich Government has refused to Poland was in full flight behind.
appeal I n his order of the da e y o the loss to American forces of aunl- were between St. Andre su e Orne man indtstrnes aend communications, safely home wth Its tal communicate any further with the their broken Bug River lI
MJ ACTIVE his troops telling how Providence pan. and St. Martin de Fontenay, east lthgtter more than 6400 bmor- damaged, Its pilot C. n Briltish on the killing of 50 British Clouds of Soviet warplane. bombed
e ert lm and hIs General Staff The new 4-year-old Premier waS of the Orne, and four mles due hers went out escorted by mor e Evan, is from Ontario andater oln ba
rfrom murder and concluding with Chief of Staff of the Kwantung south of Caen and cn the PerlerS. than 5.000 f-iters. As many is the navigator I i English. The and Allied fhtrs after breaks from columns as far back as Wa
of the Desert the words: "I know that as Army In Manchuikuo before he be. St Lo road, south of Remilly Stir 15 imnortvit tsr .ets were hit simul- 'paeblnst h aain German prison camps in March. s ,,which 'no Moscow despatel
wtork with the hithe rto you will fight with exem- czme Governor-General of Korea. Lon In the Anercan etor. 'plane belongs to the CanadiGerman ,t os

kee^M~ntvery tlv. plary ofbedi eneradoal y until Koh o was.. Tu Tovr ea MiOL11niste had s~hnrtfotMa al fShenut l tt h rnddt-crct or t~mn list ea i wrepoly "t0M ^ m ilsfo m the
been very active plary obedience and lioyAly until Kot o was overhead Minister IC n A S.H.A.LF. report of these so- tneo'sltv irn assaults which range el city of Edmonton Squadron The statement, broadcast through said was only 0 miles f
n hitting at victory Is otrs in spite of a." Admiral Yona's Cabinet and In tions stated that the Allies lost no froM the Rall-Ans to the Als and which has now destroyed 141 D.N.D", that the said C erman Gobv- fclhtin in ome places northwest
the Kiranuma Cabinet. Yonal ground but nat mentioning any from the Ruhr to Czechoslovakia. German aircraft. erndent "most strongly repudi- f retLov
c* of two GENERALS S LENT served as Comanmder-in-Chief of notable Allied counter-effrt Inl- In their attacks this week.a&Leg -- S .. at the British charges that the BREACH WIDENED
driati coast the hare of the grief and combined Japanese fleet i eating that the German were American l Vin ortreses stru men were murdered." e a t r
Into I et a n t b 133- a v i thwarted mainly by weather at ,a h-avv blow it the eroqn boll. added that in view of the which Marshal Rokossovaky e
U1 w CW I h pve th r fby Ne 1939. Shigemiltu, who Is r m- j I.dbility. bearing industry in the Setwein 3T, D i t d b oftdemeanour" of Mr. leaped across the river
'"ue az.S T nae ans Ln- dG O" "Ret rOf t Re o tM Bomb uds.J rU Gthe British Foreign wa stetadily widening m a
Ah gre at names a stOn- Overoo,.. u Sfe Shtre, t nMm.'Ie Makirng I n. n rcrge t L,
dea na, Busc1h, Rundstedt, Model, East Asia Ministerformerly c heldby e le s H of ommons before erh- ree Iache'tnr t ne ou Ahe ryk who he ai m -ie -nn tt
eoerner, IKasselfing, Manstein, IKaluo Ack. ul yam. wo as lP-makers whorevised lWl-Wrnr lW ths~t a i e ii e Hosein afiCmmnslr e fortefrom B rlte Gra rsRvcnhncto
bo b r a -.report to put the east flan(M thevr hrt a foadts anw o ann o frp lorttomara k they hit a fcu'th. PhotbarrillS .Ctev' t he J no d lof
bomber at- Ke~tek afid Dr UChitach. moved as Army Chief of Stiff last points cf F-quay, Maltot, Noyera show that results were excellent. R ates tfhe ieran Government refused halting to makeg a stand.
'Caechoslovakia ignillcast, too, is the fact that February, succeeds to one of ToJo's and Monts back within German rry every building In the plantmany tercm usa ha zist appeared

Is l Jiwara theS S new^^ "". MunitiS.,n ...............^ ato make..^ ;,-! ,gy further .^ co.unc Th Nai appeared to
igLlht by the the N s have not identified any e. FuJiara, the new Muniti..ns lines and aforimentoned StMar- area uffere severe damaSe d
the first attack generals they claim we'e involved minister, Is one of Japan's leading tin de Fon.tena -o .the borderline.h fa u fif t s t wasa de tion regarding the matter." abandoning the besieged garrison
.......he plot ono th Itrerindustrialistsh Iat wa dats B-.'est-Litovsk and Twow
Important Of yt anr the plto on hItler's life except iuria lis t. llak.. I Reuter says the German at tt snd Lww dot ii
West o we ft T^ 'a *a..'nt l *ethatt hof pC'tsol.-Generaln Hitler's Beck.lf twho ma s a ss It iewash adcknowleddthw a t teA l.. on ud rs lt
wePLEASEye.TURNhatTo CA-GneralBeck.who1- lies had w~thdrswf Ifrom, Esquay East of Schweinfurt, the p*rt- The Trinidad Zeeatricity Board statement claims to be a reply cities 'are almost' envelopd b
aircraft flew ion presumably has been liquidated (PLEAaE TURN TO PAGE 5, COL. 11 he.. . Eq3Bve' ocsadwhnIela
an des 1. 2h nl it eight miles southwest of Caen but ress" utted three-quarters of suffered a ghting and pwer de- to Mr. Eden's statement In the Soviet f orces and when t
ttshoy Palongw thebom.ere were ndicat that this ,anther bali-bearing plant, and licit In revenue Of f ,,I8 for the House of Common&s but in fact central front would sur ofi
the loq of '? pl ntigthiinernbtomb, alwasa deliberate IMPrOsemont of dne tReeer.1berg and at a month of May this year, the Hon'ble differs little from the previous to come abreast of the spered
where in this endervatonml cap1- V the tactical Position rather than Place near Mrnitch were heavily Errol dos Santos, chairman of the German statement which was driven towards Warsaw betwen
a ke al f where theAlie. Gsornmeno J U repUlae.,o stil hold the i as.,tered' In Munich itself the Board, told the "Sunday Guardian" outlined by the Foreign Sec-
a ke e on, ,,Europe thr opuls of ,cmn I mnraeore tac"tiy Iportn l 2, city's aasworks were blown un, yesti'day. retary on June 23. Mr. Eden, West of Ihes, Javeln-spihe
cghalf-mile notheOs t of h twlAP nuotea a U.S. Air Porce Accounting for this, he stated described the German Govern- thrusts are pointed
"a -tedet sokesan s saying that the that the reduction in the rates that ment's explanation son actn- raslwa terminus of lam a "
-- --- -- 0 .0 t rs tte o ic A ir F lo r c e s b a s e d in m o n th w h e n ra tio n in g r e s tr ic tio n so n r a l y t e m u s f
V lages Nazis To (ieT nsRobot Bomb S i e n of an odious crime. Yiroslavl. 60 miles northeast
LONDONs To, iv T s July 22 (Reouter)--RB mBritain and Italy attacked were relaxed was mainly responsible
For Hitler's Escape RA.F. Beauighter of the Coas- ore than 100 targets In Ger- for the loss In revenue. Full benefit h Germans, I n their own Lwow on the road to n
Fmore HitlMMNDstap0. .eu ahedponeomany in the nast week Includina and the effects of the extended statement, reject Mr, Eden's the eastern German fntr.

KS ".d .trp.i, O AN ta. Comn smse up one oase R: .sei -"-^ws* a aort ar u al-stsatr idarss Coo titn ,,,.Doo fT rn en reh/ertS f hn A
KANDY C ey-A LONDON, July 22 (AP)-Thee Ca se u on et o n uepla,-tq makin, let- propelled citing facilities and the remove action. Transocean report acknw
Sl the largest enemy convoys e I the ration restrictions, he said, Earlier in the day "D.N.B." that Soviet troops, probably
Ster)--I northern German radiobroadcast an an- out s for sometime. It con- la definite threat to their supra- hAd not yet been felt. broadcast tribute by toentz Marshal an Konev'a l t

R W *Co t ol ncemen n Stoday homat prayer LO^Pon Cm N DO Nho J muly 2 A -Robot sa defnt thrat *ubto- thironre. hdnto yet been feolt. bron~a dcat atribute byOM Doeitz Ukana Army, ar W Cltt
have captured tWO nouncement today thatt prayers stedOf about40 vessels, nnebombsNDONtnuelyto 2th nder(AP)-Robot mac in rUroean skies. M. do Santos revealed that the L'-boat Captain Werner lenke Ukrainian Army, are closing in
Wt of Moausg, In- otn r i e fair-sized merchantmen and tle t bdThe spokesman said: "We feel Board had recorded a total net de- who he said 'died in an atLempt the city,
e On the Japanes from death are ordered tomor- rest escort ships. The aircatthe sies of southern ngla in- the Jet fihter i a defensive ficit of $1.56 for the month f to escape from a pison camp." LAsE TURN COt.
towienthapanese int all Protestant and located it olf .leligoiand shortly cluding the London area today weon. If we allow it to de- May both in the operation o ,its
eaftetenram- o weaponrdy.an a 'to arags e-ou
et o Catholic churches In Germany after dusk yesterday, and at once ae o since the long dist ance velo i may curtail our front transportation services as well as
Udk s Allied troops a.ttacke. -- ing spteof bar heavye bar- h r 1he o d s 2naction over the Continent." for lighting and power, as against

55'0 i pisaone r t he 'pO~t Nai' Blo ackedf inar spie of e ach.w eaven ly bar- hahzr seln began Attck havebeen i rete e.srlu o the'"!?wk sam perio d blas Il
gins along the network of underground agents,rage of rockets ad flak. Four Reprts of killed an ue aa all havses been of Geandireted a surplus fr the same perid last $8,674.
Down the Tiddim there is strong conviction that the n whly erchlu men were hit trickle in from scattered areas, aircraft Producton which the While a profit of ,8 had been
Is being done in repair- peace if they could get control. were left sinking. Five escort the announcement that more tMan CnO to recoOLtruct"l N IN G &aC0ue$LTD .
O bridges the Js- Simultaneo "y with the misitaryl essels were set ablaze and most 182,000 mothers and children have The weathe practically rounded trolleybuw and a further $171 on
ad in their retreat, stalemate, this belief was not born of the other ships were damaged been moved out of the danger Allied Aircraft on Normandy op-turns for the diesel 'buses had AEAE TERK
the obstacles they of any conception of the Junkers by cannon and procket projectile zone to date. eraticns. but there was neshown a loss of $7,825, he disclosed,
them. as a soft-hearted, peace-loving class fire. nho h tdnewb Asked if he could advance any
i'P, BIC reporter, nor of the opinion that they want An Australian squadron leader night of what theARf to.VA
.ain Of the work the to do ansythimig but save their own said the crews attacked through Bahamas War ILoan Thy ave ado e mort e thant 25000av reducedfolighting dratsh saidtartfrmP K ,R ON ST ,PO -F-A
l1'Invew of the s' ns Rather it Is based on evi- overwhelming flak with cannon O esbci dsoTies oaver Onam a nde nor t- hie thenS,0 Boarc d wasgpaing e.h sinkingt
-b~i upi bridges, the dence that the -"'-- rais realiseah ant rocket projectile, andheswO esb ri dsoisoerGrnyad othwiethBodwapyngikng..
western Prarce. The main tar- fund and interest on money bor-
ak lnd the torrentila inevittability of defeat, but even the torpedo of an Beaufighter whcNASSAU,'JutrponJly 2peneCP)--Then getSre ~tforahothe ttbombersth includeddeat3ln8 roed fotfr pr~r'chases of vehlele, D MN
is, it is surnrising that successful revolt and seizure of make a clear run i.This pilot Bahamas war loan of $120,0 for rail centres, and reconnaissance there were about ten 'buses thatDE /I N f
k' I-tnce oe smnh control by t" 'genetrals would not attacked a minesweeper withdcan- usnpIn pee nrprsso ta h eatto could ntbe t'sed obeainse
ea t l, hrpnecessarily en a immediate non fire and must have hit a et odyws vrusrbd I 24 cue these attacks focdteparts could ntb band pr
4m 'owf p withny frpae iom the ncsiy ofra lst it l ouiona ndwereloe aka h ipslo h rts o' oa
MOfwo, miles.hen say feceror the ncsiy area lstdi fa charce :or there was a terrific cx- hours, The amount is being placed Germans to make ions detours and
topobby n lig run n airrfti whnihe look. bak' h ~pm fth rta o.uel lines and third classa or- r s
tWO mles fromay stand and the plicy would .e he cori' see the vessel on fire, Not emrnent interest free for the dura- roads to bring un reinforcements, si ld A N N
ts Onl a n,,nbe of sm e better trsthan I ,leiieof therwar
II4" traftle avera~in'r Thre was adine speculation In-Trm a T a kO nGm I la dR N S
uelceles 5 (0-v. and that London too that a ,ichnsm-rsh~e o n C n a a D e e o m ntRk HedU ,'-"-
S"1t0'the sanpers' Goearing is holding '.igt ~to the 'iWSI"TN Jl 3(P
Tb -ov 4 rmnnt1o te tuwdyefo ueThe Trinidad Electricity Boardi The Navy reported this morning -
T aey l,'ed < n .m.v 4 riemnnt ofth Luftwafed o r b~ use i- mi -----'-t carry out badly- satisfactory progress" from both O O
ter suply Of20,000tic satementhathe____wffeneeded repairs to atraway tracks their invasion beachheads on
U ~trspl t2.0 i shudtatem orernt ithart e Luf naff in various parts of the city, tie Guam and have captured W'ount
from himself or Cienerat Hans vean .'ana for development of a modern residential area in the Ta "Sunday.Gada"lan e-AifnI h otensco
Nes'Co t l 1 tumpff. tedy.Mount Alifan Is well lndan from
en re port reaching Stockholm Said Horquette Valley at Point Cumana, north of the Western Main R05 Asked What was being Gone to he beachhead. On the north, the *
perhaps 100 geiierals or l~hli off- were reported under study b' the Highland Park Company yester- Improve the conditons of thee Americans captured roads from
avtracks, the Hlonble lD'rol dog San- Ap to Pit Town.
erar have been executed. Travel- day graow nii't of perfdl~hasO to the ompay to lay out th toe.,k Irmaxss of the Board, stated Th Japanese laid down mortar
teaPienlen the reet1 '0prsons h a r enrested section for building purpose. 6 that 'theIeeneralmlanager had tried fire on the ntorthern beachhead
of he Ed caton Ot Frda. et Jalour to do te ne- during the night of Juy -1
toth DiekyUng lots of not less than 7/.000 may~te ii~e an Cutr
t m~d or dm Nazsk Block 0F square feet each, wiil eventually be dsieheftUthetathreattacsk which wats thrown back by
5l'~~d on dms.iss Meanwhile recamt"n w '.o T o G e t M o re 'B u se s, ~ m" Of' an s Am ria ueu udifm "eea"
.5ltdahoe o-Gvrmn ure mdavibl. od ent.

land. along the sea front at Point A As -ogara claim oy Belmont A counter -tt-ck again-t a south- ' 'na*j a.
on"B 4t: ducatonOr- B DRN, July 23 'AP) -The Cumansa Ias progressing ssati .. ith "Snday. Ouardnan" under- resident for an increase In the ern beachhead t the m me
DBerne correspondent of tfactorily s t hat the Trinidad Icricity number of cars on the route on was also buat=ee to with Whneen-
i dto lgive the doe- Bund" said the Government quar- rhe project will be known as Board decided at Its meeting yes- Sunday morning. Mr. dos 8anto. my yvils approtilatoy 217
R boarsat mn: te in WerUn was blocked Jf )f L "Olencoe" and it Is hoped In due terday .to m application to the d this was receiving the atLen- dead. T
iPwr to oobJtje ter ray troops of the alnl rouree, to erect on the sea frontage, T. rd or ion of the generT a ienapr. e nr. d-0 oa _
," tr&aner t9 their pelrand bn 8. for many hou a recreation club fur houelholdeis e tu i --A dditiol 'ues and ----- -
1 11 Who Is nrt presumably to Larry out pnrg with bthmn and boating facile. trucks Ord Kmeredale w.Mm r o ago to Te W \ c M. M on
an=u r* grounds. measures." and that any eff.,'t t Situated only three miles from es "the transportation problem Two W Members Convent Fund 1
tlt be lite to eetwe revolt could be considered to ha'e Port-of-Spain and one and a half here and which are expected to Aid Welfare Fund I v --
L teacher who huas collapsed. miles from the US. Naval Bse. arrive in the Colony shortly. i 1
0 an redikti2u Hi sdsmpatches to the Bwes "Glencoe" Is likely to become one The vehicles. it is sated are In a splendid effort to boos t ,
o reu newspaper were the flist recreU Of Tr niddad's mot modern required by the retitv the uardan War Welfare Fund. d iti na oA eutra r aont'a nltotl
gS Sim to be made here directly from the Reich carl- ride districts, and a model for rimr- 10 replace a number of 'bumes two W.VaS members., Mrs. Edna logo lawinmai rr"tmtotal i tT1 '
m"*1 c_< e 1chwro tal sinee the Germans ann.,ncrd lar projects planned elsewber. now out or coosmuan for wani of Simpson and her sister MinS Satt.eaBL Js-ph clavat Reu e .'
ad echr"nto ic teCran n lar of It Nelson btreet, turned MIn rund up to W.08194 yesterday,."
k"W t ency, am ithe attempted assa on L t naL io O71company owns mote rhan repair parts. Cla S e loSr.tr r u to .313 ioa.y iI
fS I% I Hiatler I f flai d a on both ide of yestr--a0y, a0 to of $.lob, rVV4 Coe-c t.ing to the td ay% |.
[ s_ erv"U. We". the y Wade Main Road, A&V-l -ro i im. thei Sa* Bturday Were:Si9-Sq*M 3SSi ^
Ri:L2Aa TURN TO PAGE 5. COIL- 11 about halt a mile ofsarage. I nsssfIls "Al se4MAN.
it is w however prevent tri e e a e .,.jU.U r .at U r ..
JhW^vtSgati, Do.- TWO U.S. Submarines uuIsing most of it land a: the kaeW Dies AM&BI 1WaUT'
f .2 J S e rSnt. otekeeper tieS f l"l u t 0
ri' t h~ue d ~Lnm$.Tot an accutoh o-I~f Ao
$s 5on a T m s Navy communiquetodaylsaid daMf. .rt l ... .
n'b ttl'lisof thp t ieguUIsDuIeS I..Tou ldIRoosevelt Highway rMadog yesrl-,
.tdto have been u.S.a, TvIJU wwo overdue from Piiv'cvar DAY flixD dymciwle-dy
4" ^^ ^ ^'^ 00 17-.N ^ r day1^ OwigWie"dtIePo-( N
nuns" m5 Wstd "IW ad must be prsisNm1d 01t. fliteovsr Day this year wi ..beIseM. migasiInr2
Bl_ .gs a^ ^ ".^ ... .1j^" _-. .-.. Sjgjus,.g_' J~^ l. ....r .-~ii. ._ j 1 |i ,
vu ~~Ee~lfkn of., ticas..01 M ( @1rU55guT Leainse
2wan hm on Ie 0 d o -= W" ask ,
dom eft 2M9dy Agst7
, - _. V !
I L n. > =P~i" n *4i H-. ', n .- ^ -^ m -/^ qn' n*'n


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rend m1ouA"cadicrigof a 349of

3bat am a --_ LM
ne am afo by ru,,0Wrkn-w

MM . 0 ad-',n 1 -- -- --- "S-- 1i I30. f...... 0 l5
..____ SL,,nED .au. -?-Y . .-f-.

&?%.% ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c tossts such an^t eaeo th.t 11e~i C acsHIate^ s tS &^s^
^*"a~ffssssri^S ^whave fflft. 5eM.^a s s^srpiS \ait<

s!S^ ^i drT S^ -- m3E^ % ^^ fc 114 Circular Roa-d-
.-,,. --ay .- erm- ra- .r-- dIU.-. @85 fZ S3 3) "SSl1! #5 th^ D)"LSt m 5001,I MI. BsI '1tl
~ Z. magmas. Saturday29th

S~ ^ post~ fn it h p int c1 t t io Uin itob t ing /en uemaein plassaun plan nation July '44
Iubke3tIefmne7tomh I ad N 4U n~a g -r Il l oM to la __ l .,o mo t be. s _-pping p.an.ain. N pI .
Wunt Iw w\ Tir o itb BO m a to bovebn ot~ -v fa w If b __. ,-- I ......hret~ -n.-TL -- -- yer bu It
;wainw, say U.-n um !-- ,,.
m~t =,,,. cn b ,wr-., tu rwrn. ro,.- T l trp. hn.a p .an; 1.s , 8 U l. i. Le ._.......r .H .... hr gd B o wtui P

... e. . .. .r.- w lt aket touan LA taed._ .ore Ter

hI l~ts .ord U t vi-v e -nzpfdio 131 wa andc0siweo.ell. iI '.I- .. export fMures reached 6Ae 1"W.tor tnstrutetd by Mrs. H. Johnin_

iityto f ; t"ll wt. theM t"S fl"a.I 'I syFliV iga l a Io ii.seo are ihI -. ---- y l alle go 8amnd usefU our-e
f acrife prit~e ....' .. I" l th-e lkueAm a k at =0hoolt A6 rag B n 'ii"ao y toward san" f n1e!- Art Society To DiSCpSl neture s ,h as Spmmons ouble
1uannot e 1 to n ed purpo are a- o, i Mts A.elt n- . 70111%otatu M"ttreL. aR Iron Bed
Znte ITIi~ S Fl W]IN, T. k obw rp rrl

.Itai. e T hundden r, wn t o .aet ol o w y t lU in eds trt e ap th e j M modern t ren ch P ainters o h . .. S .. _
'ldo" sem lc ,arvslt I' pet. hi;s iat se~lence, 16, Cot.oa. )Iu .mau Y unr rmes and women = 1 at Te pr~ate~ ...n.dad Ar 8cty whh will be ..,,, ,, .L.mru. ..
ae tcovered. ara4J on snuraay siilit,.. over uc oo ih ele- school at dad L lgoidsh a hWastand,2anextentthat
m i'n~sa I TE SOT 'Inc inerd_ w ~ si 581, l etr ~c~ pacz~~mLd Pit--ir Tue.day night at 8.15 o'cloc. Mr a. IlII Table an *i Chairs,
TarrcI TTo, atoond so, too pia'e on ,r'r ci IhatntcliudeS hlish. historv. gee- Her poat a. the Bishop's H Ighw ll.j talk on ModernFrenchra ideoard "Wag'oet -,E
Sf t.e.i. ,i tg no Rvt, then an imprta^lte ,' ; graphy. civic, hvylene, Snlta- School wll be f iled by MLF Ida: Paiters"- n 8d. BreakI Rble ., nd
"The ^^ 9^^ gWLpO^ fleaol'f h'i ^ a c~ondt,^i ed at liie h(ust of lion, 'sr4 mausic. Catering In thsj Daunt on an acting appoicntent,, En .. tamel Pets and Pans, Cutler
oneto include IaIgr'lcltujal .. .a...oxun f rtaonl, alter whi ch the cortele Iof 7/42, Ean Penando's alnle cerise" ....W AKEU U. Settee, Cha Iir an bbe Carpet.
s a otiue as. Tnpuna 115,M chaofuOft'I*V IL T. and ciEow U aO bles ,
Ot tB IaT0ai Here a ga in the pro-i nwre tne c ylt:rt ,nl < t, k p.ace. .2 u darn 66, an d- S r ro s Icri "r C ok W 'a e
Comemaion matde a speclfle recoin-1 errle, Aberdeoenisire, toclanc, 1.than3- to bhee#dueation a has ti' LIt I DIL Heater Sinle otPae
M t l on this potrt; our work- 74 .-,r* ago, a,>a ,.ducate a; a por' .A I3r i su a le e u s thn"h ade' _e Ji _,m .. Cm.. ,a- -Alarm p oclck 5.M p .atutah
00'I oppenaaion~ laws should b& (,'.:o .n Cullege, Aberaern, andl ."1 ev tmn h dcd l~,A r- -*''"' "P O c ~t n'0
ersasped and brought tr"f linfia~rj.. an apprcrn.iresuflp in a Scocn Official souces report tha~t thelc'aslel at Q R C to improi-e; .I J d. V" nd aig t.. Lamp. Hanging Mirrors. Garden
with lurdlter le(Uiaatrln An au cis:. OTI hei joinei itoe t '.a. ) l~nk:a:Raisr-H term now closing has 8hownt e~pflpmnt proyi'le~d fcy the "'.r!f' i Yo id,;..-rt oeipnBtropsisintolqaid Tol afnd Nose, 25 Volm~es, ccl-
ied countrKie. ;, LMI,., r n, A:(ur r,;,o, :fr a the claaars enjoy a popularity farthieh an ol from which she grad-i tx ,.;-,y'r .ebls. y Kihlimefsxot lecied work of recognized authons
"Though I a m Ivtei. on -c-, s h r t om ,uoncdi epectation, with demand I t ted.l an ot e r l books. wcy ol ahl1'
aiaa a tr t 5M' .to o tme t-at whenever w he ,.hl , 1'i: d ih, t..s sr'-. tha, or evblishment ci centres min t 11 reportel..h, have b n .o limited TtwU s, e S I t u atued '.uotleo, Rslo t.
Rnd leglalatlon be'lr.g rofle'rd y ui'ai ur- ,n 9i; vir'r .Kc' *-e",sgren man-. rvra; dnisr~c'tAe rot ,,el served. fo tt h e forthcomin' campaign is Hivwonedan i'o u ccpmr 1 Tlub Pilo t RadiroRdod PStatic
onth os- s e td S pU*Ei i a r, nd r o d ot bl

Gitlrected at the r .eta"- nr. o ri r.t7a:;d- ',i.* *;. P.',y'a i H;Ar t rWS 'Mthe CC.,,n' oe.A a thousand u agai. nt .liiera;y. They have bi en A nu t tc tmwe. A m.e aint ev aen40 th Typewriter and Piano by Landay
ItandI t ocg cii ard economic mala- covaia'ia. Hi" r;'"''.r l,', 'te rr;;.reIr a---- e aicd :o prepare Iupplementem ry .* it a.i.. .. ll... ,, i '* Bros., also E. Fridge.r
d.es, we otain' ,e.. ou, ,or10,- o4f ." S, .K.:t *. .,'s i .; Ct 'iNtjo N -? CoLU.'I rM ading n..t..r for the drive. .".'tril dwrt .interafer preaoth l Itemag on view a Swcrr to and
*U Mrh eftfta ttortseye i m eiI n li"u lr n et dI nOoedr .
ta-, inno-,-o ,us and unO tob r.d nup rgints--k i J uly i'4 4
"h irouK Ji e^^ "onsen -.5 oide''t '" *'*". 's *er a Bj- *T *^ 'J I tL'^'; ^S. ^^1" aii*ine" oyd & Hutchinsoti, Ltd.
Pith an VNi-.itre-flut pe' ./ty m ld-ise=n mghtln toe shipn
td In bin il s*uch 1e.slatioui upi Anriw od'-r.e';' ,,' '.', *', ".,;) _________________________________________
to v fmndard. his :' .- ifr we 1 n .tr.zzi *:a4r f ymalvr, b'ti i
"It will "e a aOrtoum teaS of thec'on.i r. r A wu ta/k some time before We
-iUe of out prevent Lgiasiuretl.up'. lan e wem* 'r 0 t rf ,JoW.d Cb-MAs .. Jo
Aw g our repraesenntlaIve ts Or toi re- PotIe, and a younger *o., L;ut. | .Ksl hg u Lsfu p
=u Io Inted ed to bwtowi Bes':1er at ni uaeSr'l wab Mr & r .W [^ __
bee Iflt upt t e U s?" Prank aMutgr,. Mr c.Ft' M',irray, V i \' 1111E B wt Co e
A"It istlr fo a sfusgoetun that' Mr I_ .'p. Orl'R, Mr John Knox. I-IHO 'A, te' tBth A i RMI5Be
ntt^^^ mih efrhr nrac.M mrah eewe vtepcI PHOSPHATES ^liN e
in _the ev t ofadith Ia onadeu$bta T W. Clr ,em
OOeeMd. "We cannot have den; .f The comrni't~e aJnti m~m'io
both Wiyl Being tha: th, RilT;n "-S of thne :l a iiniadn t neortein i / IeBrK ? on
brings nore person wlth.n th Rugbv and loo.teal clb. Mr and 0 -- U LILA I BBL Crp a P
IOio of lWe appitcatlon ard wiih 1 Mrc DaunCptM dianTbe_ Major and 1.s Hora'_e __________ ___________ _ _ _r_ _q;_Chaim,
W the vexlab quer toot tf ar:' Rat l u',, Misi B<)vfhi .ti-d l,di'i, -. hsr ge C S W o .P
_t e Ired osetatt A ,*'B Cso'e s H''t hnd K;.u;? wlfa khe -uik /odem 4 andIlssar, Brnr il
nothing to quarel iby-iu *" Puict ; ; u',n;n'tr. ..,t .Mr. and -*''
1Mrs 1H tn an.ip.;n. 3liba. : tJeie g h c *yEKBIne, iiBIta^R Yotill SOy its amazing the
th ic waxnder d dt e TuriOni 'n Mic CtergnB way Petal-Finsh bring new
oUfIC tAheorIATION )ILET Po.a"e Pt- g.em C nmtsPsAer se.Ctr
fTfl't' m ...... t'r of the 'It-inidad Poilce te a Iharmonious color, smooth-
the O r 2u-'i l flDs^- OW! flo oleralcteersh th ,coMte-ger7 ndta Ie s t ll and softne. to your
Ofthe la ff He' areait 1 p r o- % Mr tn o Mr C'arknev o rgae, f, 0kjiaC I om pleM. on. Exclusive with
k 'esd fu, ndamentl Te' -- e lufin"'"p t it sr,6 6rfn Sne'r foroghn, Tanle trLipsticks, RougeWand
^with U('Psarj ^ ^^ I'd. oily 'sir anW ,an and M'L H B."<
wth Inr'ndiiig n and 'o, v1* Wa, f. .r. ad Mr*. H B, __ -. Face Powder, Petal-Finish is
oy mea.r. wonn wa taiTa3hkh. t atr ea aw L E BL 41 a new teHture that gives a
fteIUL19M mae A ~ill recm- erLrle Aerdeanlrse (.ktrl. tand

ontispint:our- ork---- 14.nd Verl wago. Mran aAf h Mrs 4. Lad eptmC o Etric, Ste ec
m estilwshudf. lA.ton Malcoulegm and lavender a tn d o mHsadll e rI

eo^?ABTO~~ooin tht' a^t ^^ flaDAL BATYB Tt Erin
loee Iandy Dht r )ti ht.er o dan r s Inc- trautoel. to nou fN X ror hours Gnde
W.1th studl-- l-, i- n i...... ..... ,n w in) k !,, sd'_er r io D4L k ia.d M olle. I houri. JRd" t irTa H 2 lm l
loh Contres.: iI Atr BiriniThasthe Islisejyapplrt al ihSh0drmwihse ~d fhlbiito epted ofrtone, aec perfec tho

bghi Iai.a.. . cA r-t M a nd 1 Trd :red ,bn' Har.iand oe etih s with the exclusive
Iz Tieatvof Bri Mrt, Kno4 t .t r hed, ianbm an l ) o u rs.-Reube Rai.
SAN I JUA U Losi ng son aad daughter, and ]I ,
Itseeastom thatd wpe tr w tapw'kltled !%bout srrr.' THE tht oreAobl....f e~ri na.. epre^,haebrn zoiHdYo etcnep Vow wbol 13 Tub Plot Ra io, RaiSai
find legisatio brig to us9 cr Teopohildren Mr and Mrs. L i Ho| le . U r
17t Jail-, 14 3.36.- e. ~iI pe o,. Fra.k H ,o,,l an Ei l ,,,..i,,_,
drce atlama, JOhn. Ruth and children, ieT plhvV t a Tn n y
5Salcolsyg SM ( Mi- and Mrs 1 A Urant and
Manager, -llr-rey'1 DeoobniMrr arid i ,doi
_.._ _eevv it or n, ei .,em.1.t-hti,

reflected"il-,aT. aDAI "

,o#ppa #1,.

-- ,.., "- ~ AAVr
Ie ati ounto e O L s now & p b u-
Col.afte ofWar n T~ialacd

"spmaiha r '7 MM sel wI fro
',"llll a 4b O.Tr t %I"LlMlM dl W^ p ws I4890 ,La
00fts~lil highbaLOW I m p o edm o
alm UT s ralght to Inal'die
pNMALe Ifu agnifenanflavat. 'A J ust

. utSoo& &s moke" & m. wo K IP THAT LOVIm T,
miewmwba go No 8iIm oif i lip L.

b.y CiMp u.t~Lsurt

( s., u : L*l
ire in on gce 1 & I 0Id StOcb, Fu
w1C. Idle's w cMCery wOnry >
*M PAM low M WO*a W60YJ
a awry, iidrS,&
Can prvOiTd lbth Mecoery protection
family, business ad old age security.



We con assist you in solving your I
problems. Select your partner and we!
you with the following:-

eludtg BSS. PRINGS and




San Femando Jewellery Estab. and
7. 7& a ?c COFMTE TREET 1.

Now flying temporarily a


and the


British West Indian 'Airways

12 Abercromby Street, '-
Port-of-Spoin, TrA
'Phone i


ODAY a man's conception of a woman's beauty is be.
Sover..a from head to toe. So be up to date inl
esa. Keep not only your complexion smooth ... cat
id radiant, but also your all-over daintiness fresh
'ou s. I
ere is the way. Daily-morning, noon and before goj
ed-wash your face gently with Palmolive Soap. Alo
daily beauty tbath. Padmolive is made from a secret MW
Solive and palb o ilsknown for ages as nature's finest i
sautifir. Itsl rich, creamy, beautifying lather, df
'om any other, deans"e deep into the pores and l
ithb, youth and beauty to you: skip.
my a cake today Start ,iii
sing it in your daily beauty
%th to keep your skin
ouna ao koulx.nfIl


-.& w:7--

i - - mmmmommum-"o

" N


trmmAT nAIUMWtAV. ]ffLT UI t"


Iorl Naval Club



b attedausM

t No .......... I/.

sl*1d llember.-FML


*,Od._. Prices


I L in
:1 ', h-I
EtdCd Glassware,
SChinms Corv
SJewelry, Candle
etc., etc.

,,Ipcti.lon Ivit .






! Hosiery .......................................c....... to $1.20 per pr.
Panties .......................................... 85c. and $1.15 each
Handkerchiefs .................................. 15c. & 20c. each
Hair Nets .............................................. 4c. each (brown)
Maiden Form Brassieres all sizes
Also for Nursing Mothers
.......... from $1.50 to $2.25 per pr.
Coloured Artsyl Threads .......................... 6c. reel

62 Queen Street and The Newmarket.


Tenderroin Steak ............... .... 72c. per lb.
Sirloin Roost ............................ ....... 50c. .



56c. per

Legs --.....-- 48c. per
Chops 4.----. c. ,
Stew ..... 36c. .
PORK LEGS .. 60c. per
CHICKENS and DUCKS 72c. per

(ice Hous Gocery)

Yard Brooms, Ash Trays, Pottery,
Slazol Insecticide, Etc., Etc.
Prices to Suit Everyone.
'Phone 5764

Corner of Park and Pembroke Streets.


AVAILABLE it me ansthat your deder is
out of stock-te praril7, because of the war.
You may be assured that we are doing all
that is possible to replenish his stocks as
well as the stocks of all dealers. Will you
please keep this in mind? If you cannot get
your Pro-phy.lac.tic Tooth Brush tody

you might get it ftboiw.
When you need a tooth brush-mH fo

-the- n my wow w I,.,



caul. i constipation, sick. 1. adaohes,
:11_. (*Uaa -malco navy
ard" 'depreued. Keep brisk and
alert by taking BILAX. These
vegetAble laxative liver pills regu-
late both the liver and the bowels.
Fifty Sucar-coated Pils.
n9119NlH| IHIfIN~lilIHII IHIIul|Hi*IN
This Is the Merchant Navy
Club and is *pB every day|
of the week from 11 a.m. to j
U ,. -. | .
BEER, et l
Monday, July 24
830 *DA.
16 m.m. Sound Films. News-
reels. Sport and Feature
Coblents House,. 8t. Ann's
'Phone 8107.


5, Chancery Lane
Wednesday 26th
July '44
1M P.M.

Instructed b Mrs.
'i WUl S" aU her a
Furniture aU- Ma-
Bed ftl ad w MaI
Double IMb witox
Irm Laj Aatigu h
v&p sa1 By. M.1
pr-Mr. Owal* Iron a
traM, M.T.Bedolde fT
Bed SUrinps Mirrori
CrOp. bnk-f Ta e a
Obu bas art. 3.P
w1n, Oom uia I
Cabbles, quatwy, m"
"ad -dita4 j 3-PA



Tonca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

Win. Kennedy & Co., Ltd.


.A. latehel
9 and ..E..I

MI, N. A

West Indian T

In U.S. On Way
O the ever te have a erk at the --l-.-
oemy W. L ,nMIer eys have opped off
OW flaidh realstle trasbwl som sm-
whee t the U.SA. flom who they 0 a
presented w "Sunday G'saaM~ M ders on
tM dsi. rPurea. Cnwma (below) me s*
othe W marh art sa E mpir Day a"n
Mrade fo r imspectieo bu tlwt.-Geoeral
a. N. Mlacwddy (cap on at right with
tlho ow CeL D. WlUin Is steel helmet
bide him). Jut back In Trlnidad Itram
|O9t Um troops in their U.S. emp-.
IrisdXw A. 1. tktem-Rberts. 8. C. Y.
Commander, avg they are at aa bamy,
t wed they might be with reeseatios
ad relaxatlo n owa on thid page helping
nmake them n. s
I,'M *^--' tl -*- _' q I^H ^H

, % .Ow""AMR NXVL


. ^

?'- -T **
_win kM--

?2 04 SA

U uiuea.~~ -~ F~OE

,, IP swv Wia4 A. m,

a ow u W4 AS4 M P

Axis Have Dark Das
SOn The Field And At Ho
THU are dark dKys for the Axis,
atop of defeat on the battlefield h
come an attempt to a.amhinate Hi
S M the displacelm t of General Toj
S the Prwler of Japan. Thus at one
S of the Axis there is a .ymptcm of d
dian at the crucial period, at the ot
S of uncertainty of being able to cope w
S fast developing Allied strategy. Sig
flcantly, both Germany and Japan
suffering setbacks at their very dc
Which not only bring. damage near
the prospect of still greater defeats.
S In the case of Germany the situat
disclowd gives cause for the alarm wh
Hitler has shown by playing more poi
i n the hands of the dreaded Gest,
chief, Himm-ler, but this step Is not hik
to atop the disintegration which
denUtly Is growing apace It is still to
told what the dissidents were aiming
whether merely to get hitler out of
way and continue the fight under ort
Sdox military leadership, .;r to 5,Pek
peace which is open to thim by uncor
tional surrender It is certain, howe'
that the disease which th- incident
clod is not confined to the Junkers
whom Hitler heaped so rruch abuse
Thursday night. The Prussian mrlit
clique have been willing to go along w
Hitler though they never ceased to reg
Shim as an upstart, but it is natural t
they should be dissatLied with a lea"
ship which, beAlsides being contrary to
traditionsu of their class, i.: leading th
to dhaster.
S Hitler's speech was calculated
arouse sympathy from the Gerr
nmaues and at the same timer ir
greater fear in their hearts Bul, they
surely know wherr to place the bla
* for the Inability to stop the R~d Ar
Sfast approaching their bord'r.s, the
* tractionn of their cities, Knd the Invas
S of what they were told wa.s a fortr
SAnd they will certainly isk why the g
erals, who should know how to wage
should turn against the Fuehr"r wh
ihey hitherto faithfully served. If t
V im allowed to know the uhill signiflca
S of Allied succeses last week in Normar
Son the eastern front, in Italy, and In
Pacific, they cannot but lose all hop
With only a part of Allied poter
strength yet applied against the W
mi Mcht, the Russians have tade subs
l ti gaIas with fresh offeolea;
Anulo-Americaaamies are ortfop in
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Shere agamn ABkE power, strikoiy des)- ----'--- yx _^ tl M// W WIJ^
I Ideal, wdhalnd
u ud In t ew17 daye ba ftofalli (d 111101one
Uze Naai, wiliprorall. cc Tjil Waewiri SwI Tempsa^ __\vj~
The e"at of lat week an t Axis -- ,. 1
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1 ,fft lmits -uanthe batt Ulefm wa moma i/0 -
the GOeMai tat uduater Ise rand the Q ^ -G^ B ,4i /7 egj
conerandthe Japane that their tumrn lwtthemts w orm lea for a psr L- 222.
S Is not far bebi. |b&aaIm r te --'-m---i ms
lNft s k 9"0* =0 00 A~ ~ s Ten onelm
Plllu W ~MIrrkttP 1" swt-ll sw*o ,r a r< Tenders1 to
Public Opinion Cryst s esI awa hw t 4 U 1, ft
S I & ,r j. ,, aft depnaet t, J { I % &l-t-pl, N
In Demand For More Water,,.,." ". -uW cU S" 4 W Of Sft
-ite to eunablrase On it me. I sonswaKs".^ I*?*~u
is ga~ianwahUM ors Tmii.a wio
THE "Guardan" campaign for igna- Isom .40 sis U. SA raw" ow Ew 701 JIM
tures to a water supply petton has i wos a e tr- ... a t tur nI.1
IbewM sisave the presec
me focused public attention on the problem I t _jb: what then" Wel. l W IIiIt. 'f
to a marked extent. We do not iet much i s to .-.o t re evers wow N- .. ..
for store by the City Council'es Improved at- '! "1117 'amt fa- S54, -n e
nrants as a mslcaindwbodo. Blame the nDepubicmIsk
lave titude, reflected in a gmter willingness "i _____ __he ___bwlu_.._i________ ____1_
. ._ atsa s'"-ft ,_r al .the *WPO
iter to work with the Government and a ;tihe.r uwy-reatad.dauc d- --- .. the I s MJ. -
D as majority desire to go back on a previous iu, WS oZ; Private Doctors Should Aid ic due to i.
end unco-operative decision, forthis was-! l i rt.Iv. ule. ther Doue.
fi- dictated by the rise in temperature and 1 Colony's V.D. Cam paign
hr may disappear when public opinion is men wi ha"ve tmporaty f -
vith I rouje. But d taed e ..r seploiy0t. By 0. C. WENG LLt.-CoL, clans will bring to lihlit many hid-
i s roae ed. But wde a lnd soe ncourt- a f te be"bef at the Tr-. U.A Adviser, Va Dee den cases and by bringing thee
;ni- agement In the debate at last Wednes- Inlo Ooranenft as the mare CoaaaL seaes under therapeutic care, wi 1 Public Works I
eontsne, body should aot. e mlt I wish to usure my Brtiush coi- not only tender them non-tnfec-- July 1144
are day's Central Board of Health meeting, i nmerse-. nercede in Pely = tt atteotro of vereal rminfction, butw protect thel
crs when the dangers to public health in- IstSed b od ftBemsUbproofmasI ft infectionu t iles rot Trim
bII it CI s1s. jo n ubi Health: patients themsle andi ,p Trin
but herent in the present situation were dis- ) 1s B^U5 thea Pfllbiel 115 ts ieers' of tiY^ Trnn
u sherent n the parent situation were dis- CRIS Y" Oo 1 igin !n the expression of later incapacitating sequelse that
int -of-sn a strong biologic Instint may require attention I n.public
cussed, and a motion passed calling on a Bort-on-d i., a mmg biIns, tmttmt ta dtubamm.
Lion the City Council as Local Health Au- 2nd:I nSemstheThe mItrleuplayed.by private physi-
th osiBoard ofrControl Proposed I __ t he umanrace,,. c in this aspect of t.e pro- On and
S thority to ri to Its responsibities. And;ommunit toward-gramme is so important uthati Pr-
iTc BOW, mir Gaswsa. themediseases, either nazu- all heath de 'n in the until T-iU
wer the Chamb r of Commerce has strength- bPFo days I iwcrdly de-( ra, acqUired, or artificial. U=. d States of AmeritC have
bated whether or not to sign, People wil continue to ez=o found it expedien- to estabish free Port-of-S.
apo ened the hands Cf all who seek an im- =your Wter Supply Petiton. Mithemselves until the end of lame. boratory seice for private physi- -
ely proved supply lby its resolution on Fday, {hemcy hu not been duet W All we can do is try to teach them CM who co-operate in the p. o- to Tunai
Y pro supply ty resolution on day, doubt to Uw. necessity for re- continence, and to uncover and .. .
v;. urging the Gove-nment to take prompt nemodil s.. What I f arIsoft the ery, eo cases to uch laboratory should be or- 10.0 3 a.mr
Stchaie from dynamic bnbble.ent red ce the danger of contaAll., .a.i srd with the ost ,
be action. A ccpy of this is to be forwarded ito* t complacence. AM this takes time.. sci. od-enrted w t"htue -ods The t
at. if the teea.d of public o opinion Is .organised Andso ,he'reduc- ri i one of thel
at to the Secretary of State.s av emandfort plcIo of T,'t)ofn bencewl gradual uon services" whereby their Jose a
water y of the Cony in theta ony, not spectacul or abrupt. work Is checked from time tby melJosep
the The 3,200 sinatures which we have "ter^ % 90a work^ Ise cShecke fro tie oim
tho- secured for00 ou ateres whihcertavI hand o5 dystted with visionC ithehand that these with 'he authors of the tests used stituted b
ho- secured for our water petition certainly Inteenceand ergy, then I am disease, can be ontollhsben. or their ree-entatve. Reports .
In the samc stream as -ur st,"a- !demonstrated time and tae again. io.d be returned within 24 hours, 10.13 a
the stand for something, especially when we tites and look forward to a whnt:er we will be succesnsful In The -n of couret monld m
ndi- recognize how difficult t is to get Tri- Bod of O.ntrol which would Trinidad, depends upon the efforts aes lm lf ai famliar wih the The an
f uuy represent the various m- of the medal group, more a most. approved, modern techniques
.r.'r, nidad people to vo:e for what they want .my humble.op., i ain h i'Anothr fal '.e conell wecting speymens and making
G r t n f In b y w hubld e opsnloat, ir h a rer othr false concep. wich *I thorough physical examinationr.,
ds- The Government cannot fail to be im- ,body would be astWctjrlhy repre- have heard on a few occasions I and it should never be forgotten
sentatv.. It selected U "foitow: .h.t the V.D. Control Programme that diagnosis, In the lut analysis.
on pressed thereby, and by the manifesta- The Mayor if Port-cf-Spain tne .shotl .sart at once and the pro- rests with the physician and not
Medical Officer of Health, a, gr"na announced in Ults. It with the lab oratory. Al, he-lth
on tions of public'anxiety which have crys-member of the Chamber o t true that there -e certain funds- dep et} tetfurnish the.necessar
arv taillsed in the past two weeks. A great mere, a member ofh mental pnnct l"s ong which allItsant aerwithre-
tural Society of Trinidad and Control ammes canobe .. to the collecting laboratory
vith many people who urgently need water bago, a representative of "Orow developed. It is-- so t rue, however, specimens.
SM~Mr Food."f the engineer. D W t th ese prOgtrmo jUSt oc' "
ard have not signed the petition because the eglneer. cit council, t- do td to ilt focal conduit A Eal, yD agn1sis4
nrsnuave 0 t W. plan that would be efiecv i n the 3. y ..... 19th July,1944.
hat they favour a compromise solution, while pr- tAn- t d r, S I United States. for en o, might In the second ptace. the physician -
aerate ig.failhers and vim ees ae. Therefore, who Riakes adigos of ear'IY
ler- this newspaper stands uncompromising- -.. 1 er erao draeEomse as tene ft W ...
the ly for a Government take-over. We re- S a SB ? uia tls owisep & yfomp who m thel
dense si-mm o ta in -.-in- pracalc or wi It enamn a eat{ trin n aseti fr.om whos the
dons shoersan br an=S ndrid roogt &&UMtisume. patient conk*Ctted his infection and
hem spect their views, which are represented -*.- B in a 'am agt b t o tPakent contracted hi infection an Goods
In our letter column today, but cannot WWthan & -.e i and .ockn ... .. of fa ts Wh this i ,extremelydelicate
private taps, you cannot call On and x do not have these facts In matter, it s one which th. )rivae
to subscribe to them. Experience has taught Provideneforfoo. healthA "e'ilt .. t nh.in tb : R o.
iian thefoly o exectig te Crpoatin ftadIIinor fai o colheacth ii ada ment, physicians Is n the beaPosiblep 0- Rftgulstli
n the folly of expecting the Corporation s-fety it t fair to co, ct ,,- -- -. sition to perform if hpe tabhe. quire export lk
tr to do anything or agree to anything, and fr citizens taxes for serviceTLetPrivatew os t er I treo propernrelationship between his UnitedmStates I
Sto do anything or'agree to anything, and which whn os eededi ut^ u^J ^ '.p ~f -
fletdtdtisereo Let us now consider the role o patient; and himself. and may panu s
will we remain convinced that nothing short Whn those who erve the pu- the private physician. He has To secure co-operation, It s1 been unable to
S a em t chn ed o cntolil sre fully toappreciate in thdci te and Important place inf necesatrv to explain to the patient Supply Mion
ame of a complentethe mean eery change of control will re medical phase of the pro- that the information is desired for party In repec
m ove the bottleneck, of "Your obedient servanr anm 11 gamm "e fr the protection of others concerned, shiper sth
move the everyncitiren thinks In terms of One of- M efirst.steps In a vene- not with anv intent to Penalize Supply Mthaton
B yrt hsaw eye a n f c o u e a c h a n e _e w e m a y l o. k f w~a r e tao l d is e a se o nt- o l p & a m e s t e m ; a n d th a t th p ie n t 's O w n p ly M is so n
des- Bythisemean.s of course, a changeaervewe y I to Identity, and that of his possible licence fr al
alan Cf control in regard to th.e water supply, t much advertd "better andring them under treatment contacts will be respected and pro- transiilo
and not the extinction of the City Coun- '- H, to stop or at least reduce the spread terta.
and not the extinction of the City Coun AMBROIS BROWN. ton Thisnvoestwo -The bet plan, usually is to ask
Sil as a municipal body As we have said Maraval. ments: Correct diagnosis of ptients the patient to persuade the'e sour-
with actual obchtive symapto s-a and ces of infection or contact to go to Old Post Office
S before, there is much for the Council to Need For Co-operation organized effort to sar(h out early tneir own physician or come Ino 7 St. Vincent 8
SMany people have expressed symptomatle cases, the patients physicians offie forPort-of-Spain.
ar, do in the way of civic improvement, atoni nt he lukew- re The private physlclrn is pre- a check-u. .
r minentl fitted to co-operate in In the case of indigent persons 19th July,
h including housing, and it should better pose whr.h ha bcn given the iart of the prnogranme He can or public women, they may bre-
get-ancre water" paigmn, Dut It "- SO by-
be able to attend to these matters If has occurred to me that t ofdoo by making a routine serologic ferred to the health de imrtm ent if
tricethe p .o* of P-rt of-..... latest and examination for venereal the physician so desires. In any
e freed from its water responsibilities, in t tsffer the mant unId diseaseon every patient who enters event, the physician should follow
y-o .suer. n- u.-nto. h office through until It is definitely esta-
regard to which it has shown itself ngu- h, an Iconvetns When this was nrst heated in bashed that. the alleged contacts
the which have been forced upon them the t .. tes, n y....c.sm .have been reported to some com-
he larly inept. In our view it is, in fact, the water sortae rher th d Iy tnt ency for examination
factee the w atb atlm ir sveo ra -Ig is thn d t
I inescapable duty of the Government to -ent Im d trmed that they v It- etphysican's dut y
itial I~~~~~n ham itilrlciedt ii h old ot jU5liy request the patient to, bring all
see to It at once thgt the water problem am than wer me iteh th relaupected of having &rft dwi.nmembers of his family In for ex-
ehr- tsmajortytanwththesre. s e.As time went on, however, aminatlon. The patient and Ii i
Is settled, and we can conceive of no lively. n minority which hhas what a il experienced investigators family must further be advised how
tan- other l to have Mie powers of the know became increasingly apparent.to protect themselves during the
t theory of doing so than a complete City Council transferred to oovern- This is: Venereal D ss infec-patient's period of infectivity. if
the ke-er. All other solutions will be hall- ent, because It Is my personal ton& are found iit all strata of so- this is not done. innocent infection
Wetntate swayhnd o n i ould not be betterciety and often are uncovered whereof wife or husband or taccid,,al in- Mn
e wRy measures doomed to disappoint.- It the government were to take one would least suspect them. The fections of other members of t'.e
Metst n et. vr the. water supply. I number of cases with late mani- household may result.
we are all Indebted to the fetations, the collapse of men and
-...... .apaia _the ondu a"Wewomen, of hih standing in the Free Drugs
-*-ar~l-- _S1,they congrteited uct n middle years of adult life, blindness As soon as the physician reports a
they- ,to h conaratul, for|"a deafness developing In children, case of syphilis, or example to the
_heleffczt&.. all pointed to the fact that private health department, the co-operative
SI o not wish convey the Ian- physicians'"Index of susplcion" for maclunaer is se- in moton Free
1reestla that lt odO ft the early cass of syphilis was too low, drugs, sufficient for one month's
~e ta ofa the City Council,-far amination for venereal disease -eatment, are supplied free of
m "it. w e want water-but It should cast no reflection upon the charge, regrdleas of whether or no.
s to me at the solution Of character of any patientmstmen the patient reimburses the physti-
Vthi grave problem lBes In 00- run the risk of contain at some clan for his services. The only
JO s dia. iOf f ffort and the ma I- time durn their lives and the requirement Is that the physician
us fI e o-9Peratln between thewives and chren of such me be- failria himself with modern
oem and the City Council.oe, innocent r sk of p ible in- technique of administering anti.
..IfI not until this has been tikufad a
ac hieved that all our dieffclties It is only necessary to recall how u, ilii ... u. "-,ha i f.b
H aL Va -" ..W T-- ,i-ewnt reasOnable in roportioo
Latest wl alviatd. many other d-sst* sy phl*s 'jl -1 the parent's Incom 'Te phym- FOOD
L... v,. .a at a'at~tatates or is imitated by to re'ealse the' clant may,-refer Indigent cass to "the

.--- r W ..... nro -.S s ..... ......
^^^ ^*'I ~f^ <1C wa y M *m Iportane Heal **" th bepaiti pnen clinic ithe smor euatn,
ct# i lb cmmon ailments toe phy-j If a pUatet with early, syhiis itisheeb
Ilcian ace InC his cosisultiog rom d 1no? treatment without ten t p hre bv
D Saily, permission the physician Is th-Reptiowers 1L
trm ot ^ ^ u, It o itatl importance to re- questte to notiy th Helth Dre-to
Whoe mum, set ,sms ,tm, member that It is the early ap-no q oate tif a thne b ealethi Deup- R*C.R
at thy r et eta loe aentl- "-, aniatomat (latent. case_ = O patents must be kept under con-

^^i^^^INk D-A Wf eai o -n sth i> mait e of,- some0]^ ubfl*etnatittonea o a medical of ttna reatmn H. A.
^^ ^HANDBA "S^^^^gSsi
__lefS ~Of s.hii..o.peas.......adqut mdia car if
Aed s t 4eathI.. tru and oten progresses to the Incur- the apeao i) nfetio~n Isto be re.- IE. A
'~t t wettan m.. ajint. al atrsa an~ becomes an mu~ and lae manifestations of

the t'lyea eaxle.n^^e to. ap. Wl rch.s alaa pseoftret ment
Its sin as,t.., ne e, ms ram date the neesty for noei. rem'dalealth Depten. ..
eAsd Irt suchls't me Iaonfmection bya Sinipi, follw-up worker vi.sits the patient, 2. In accol
LARGEroutine= serologic test at the. earUsat tO jm upon him the import. Regulations, 13
S5~ hatIn m a rwe eai/I. Officer Cannot torce theL
ay Wers, islt.. t.',tt,,y fameS, Thepnhyaliais who fails to look patient to return to his physicians
$ _.59 each --ee. "-f'"fr yhii on =s a-s=po thtIftepain is dsaife
PeS, t VestS jts the. clt, ,,i p,a tr. .his patents couldd not possbl th care he is receiving, The choice Omo. of Lh
Wheta eomea my ta'rtt to be h~~~~a~ve I t" does hims.elfanthm5oameil tenstrs ih
W mthta loo'at de, with kavolt '1at inJus'ce in case they do har- til atient and hre has the right toi Offce of tI
sw~t~rt me.m hour infection. There Is nathnchan e i f he faeel he can secure: o
Swwe.t d t,. *more damning to a phtysicianse pro- beter treatment elsewhere, Thel
iff e'er I did flout the Law ressional reputation or more tragic mai point is that the patienti Lo
with- heat,mt I~tosat or= "~ Ormb o to the patient than to have a con- .urge to continue treatmn, and,
e( ,lat. tood IAOI! :rnlal y:htit child bern tosifat t is o so in0 the early{
U 8efba l~ or tnU'ttna if esar eain. lisa mote e. plce hn Ietuaa ti
AnA Set *tide htttet Boon: I, .,.. ,ht ,. ,, ..... ... .. .o . p I i tn

A'- oe,-,~*- "~'-~U ai.w~. S beome awre of Ihis The
se i amanYmyeaY~rstttrtast~ding ommitted tot0 e t to te ubilo If ot m
II~ftAI A E I' a mental Institution or have to 7%s
ao Its vtt s may I % o 4- reUre trf wo-k 14C as of an in. At the end of one month an in hi
The TriM that eomforts a -e- curable cardiac eondtio, due to the q is fa f to the M L' Th
sOw. I tar vc 0tor" u? 0 G %*. fact that his ayphilltic Infection whehe nts
wqs not disco, eTed early enough to u *d bbi ca n, sk, an i4 a"1
vast ...l? t % "pt tet te f tln t ? have prevented these developm ents, i I y O r M is M L If tM ,the
T O I ,"ml .tt"h', '. ) : W erl tttn9, wb yt.n ent a t le r w l
= ,SIM30 715Sttev 9qIGI.eAN~iiC, lnsfir ven'erexI Ed. qrxes wneach' ha=ssato a ral 1. f

ma*atmmob m

INa low_-- OON~kAM

in m $1 Sip

r.ms m jf tt %


Id Mwa Bad
sri faled Noe1

aea -lw to enmb.


for Ag. Dbredw of
uhee e d thatW
eLal ReMd ftOU
losed to anl whod
indaildea. uatfl fur-

bor Ag. Director of
Public Weska

atks In
"a -M

- tbe dyl
Ptof of relaUa
lea~t to the 4Wfet
wll be requiredfI
koer to be ter
ant at the e au
tn be ig the for
bMrth and of ma i
sumedauces be ueci
Dated th" "mth ^
a. V. N.
I e-'t;

idad Government Railw
I from Saturday July
her notice, the 9.30 a.m.1
pain to St. Joseph will be-
puna, and will arrive I
I. **
Lin which at present 1
S10.00 am. is cancelled, .
by a train leaving Tu
ended time table is as fo0
Tunapmun de 20.13 a **S
St. AugUtba e 1016-17 .'
Curepe SOX-21
St. ~eph10.25-N '"
Buaie Street 10.- .
San Juan 10.334
Bmrttarts 1?037-
LaventUe Ie.43-44 A
Port-of-Spain ur. 10.0 an -n
W. T. P. P4x
Ag. Oenerw! ln-


SMoving Through U.S. |
an force m a the VA. aa nu WPAJ
oiices to be obtained for goodr mortar
ort although sueh pods mawy be a is
through the United States only because
ship on tbrowb Bills of Lading The
has exeWMd Its wvllninnesn to adt 0*
t of such goods and Itmporters are n
iUls of Lading should state that the
in Washington must be notified. C gJ
such goods should be submitted to the 0
z to the Britis Colonies Supply Ulfl..
Secretary. Ocoo





A cable has oif t,
the University t
B.A. General
question papers for
just arrived, be
This ExamInation WI
begin on Monda,).
alonm witth all the m
Intermediate ExauM0I11


Colonial Secrot&t
20th Jul

W notified for general intormation, that,)
Led n me by RegttUation 2 (1) of the
M4C I have made the following appoifl-
3C3-Officer in chape. Northern Divi
(comprn the ountie of St. O
an.t. SLDavid); .3
3W aMPM -Oeer In charge. Soum
Trinidad (oimprtttx the Oounuti 41"
Patrick, Caron, tariva aad Mlg.aro";A
HARRI-O-icer ian chrgs, Tobwo rom
dance with Regulation tmT 0() of t
144. It ishereby nostfed that LMi
i have baen etabdd at the foUoW.
local Distrilbution Ofi6
e Northern DvlIom, Corner .of t. .OM
sury Street. Port-ot8 pJsta. .
he Southern Divigemlmr uegV t teUa
le D.bbTO Omton, Wardt's eo -k I
cal Diataibution Sub-Of
Court RmIM. Ch z *
omt nM oft
'tU1E rntie.iciu wOrsde
Poaietb O~f .M < ab w **
Swa"sr' jm

I^Uy Tb dT

W4e0a n M
moan f
602 dom t

- I - T- --'r- -

1 "


es Blue
BmWMa. the
01%U. mid Mrs.
S. Minors, made a
yesterday for her
S Ale Darrel Jar-
go f Mr. and Mrs. Alse
8 wa" owned In a
-' gives away By her
r o
em ehl~e of flowers, which
Is aee and carred
||i c ~and stepbsha-
Ma other onlyb
lovely Ja blue orepI
In her hair and
took place t
cOuade, aod M.
brothr of the
ed the dutise
Sl wu held at Mr.
1' *- home an BluS-
when the bride
w.aing & flowered
WtT"x co600 hope to
Inll tvited wwo M&.
B~lfr.Sarck, M. and

j~ialJ't.and Mn.
I 11 lka .'ndi

Air. .t. 8 id10
-e a I& iJwlli

iMM, Dosald Fttirsne
s Wm t Mr. John
!i.and Mr-s John
mI tawillam Mr
it w. Yftrenco Heal
80. u-Ltout. Sidney
*e M U. 0. Herrer.

avS Diary
4 Mtrtakte eoentry
igHanover Methodist
myk. Ittliw 25 a


MeGeachy Commentary 8p. m.
300 TODAY 3M Land 3f the rre; 8.50 Church of
rM--.e spart.t or .0 P.alace the Air; 4.0 News= : 4S,*D.05 un'
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summary by Atkison; .16 Alberit News; 8.056 United Netwok Commetary;
lend PIM nCourt orche-tra-Gwen S. ow15 TI-me; 5.30 Smn Kay e-as-
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eemspor---ille All= sopranoo) Blech ehestra; 6.30 MIrth and Mdneqs ; .00
s trying Players, Arnold Gladeborough (or- News: 6.06 Sport Page: .1 f PeseOnal
0a): 6.45 Nwm; T,00 West India aluest Album: 6.30 Comedy Caravan; 7.00 News;
I "lnk of 'T Tbin;" '7. 6 LIAghtt l.15S Stock Report: 7.30 Jubilee; 1.00
Talk by PWtp sherlock followed New.; 8.06 Wastiaton Reporter-Alk-
M ta; 8.00 McGeOchy's weekly commen- man; 5.15 8potUlgt Bends; 8.0 Catllfornla
try; &.15 Talk: Book, Play 5ims; 8.30 Melodiles; 9.00 _Unted Ntwork R.tf twl
socal "Pmanley PsragnO eptsod* ive; 9.15 New. at Rai e; 0.30 Great MlOdyl
9.00 New; -.10 From Monday's London 10.00 News; 10.05 John CI. Thomas;
Nwqpapers; 9.15 Service Coaducted by the 10.30 Wallt Time.
R",. Prof. H. ILoHwley: 2.4 ptloue: WVDI-TOOAY
.1 Otchstr.l Sramophoe record' m 10.00o P.M.: 2.00 Information PIlease: .30
News .eadlnes.; 10.15 i C Symphonyr Manm'y Kaye; 3. 00 Commsad Performance:
Oreheetra. conductor Sir Adrian Moult. 3.30 rrontllne Theatre; 4.00 Phladelphia
ao0 TOMORROW Symphony; 5.00O G.I. News; 6.15 Meet
P.M.-S.6O Ananuncemeotl: 5.01 Inter- the Boy: S.30 Jack Benny; t.00 Sunday
uhide; .14 Dance Mulesic: 6.00 ShIpmnate Vapers; 6.30 FrPd AlIen; 1.00 Andre Kao-
ashore; 6.46 Nw;. 7.00 Fred Hartley'*s telant: 7.30 CharU*e McCarthy; 3.00 Your
Mule; T.4S Talk: Sclenoe Notebook; 3.00 RAdlo Theatre; 9.00 New$: 2.15 Open
Current iventa: talk. Vernon Bartlett, .15 Poor 0.30 Dance Time; 10.00 Suplnem ;
Ptluace Of VarietIes; 8.45 RaLlph Wight- 10.30 Contented Hour.
man'e Comtry Letter; 9.00 News: 2.10 WVoDI-TOMORROW
Yrom Tue're ys London Nwsaaelrs; 2 30 P.M.: 5.00 0.T. News, 5.15 Que Paea:
Starlight: Ravoles and Landauer Itwo 630 Village Store: .00 Mall CallU. .30
PlaSmI); 2.46 LIfe at Hotme. Talk by Lees.(rest Muds; e.45 News; ?.Go wain
tor Pow ll; 10.00 News Headlines; 10.1. 7.30 Teza. Ou.tltws; .4 B Ti Tw B'et
J. Csuk' l Revu*. 8.00 Duffy's Tavern:; .30 Jk'8 Half
U.S.A. TODAY hour; 2.00 News; .15 Latin Rhythms;
P.M.--.00 W*ew: 2.06 BlueJscketl 930 Dance Time; 10.00 Night Owl Club;
mhet2; .M KThe Southernares; 1.00 News; 10 48 Nocturne.

South Concert WellAttended

A concert arranged by the Rev.
and Mrs K. 3J. Payne, in aid of
the Methodist Misionary Fund,
was held at the Victoria Hall Sman
Frnando, and war very well at-
teaded. The firt part of the
procrame consisted of mieellane-
pi Items which were very much
d ode by an appreciative au-
During the Intermission leto-
reame were on ale, and then the
second part of the programme be-
gan, whieh onslated of a three-act
play. "The Lost Christmas," by
Myra Lovett. It was a modern
version of a pilgrimage to Bethle-
hem undertaken by seven women
of differing charactere.who had at
least two things In common besides
their sax-they had all forgotten
the true significance of Christmas
and they had all seen a star-the
star of Bethlehem- which urged
them to emulate thq wise men of
1a r. ment..*In Ct. ,..annor o f

travelling. They went by train In-
stead of camel."
The play received an enthusiastic
reception, and the producer, Mr.
X. J. Payne, aW the players are
to he congratulated on Its presen-
Answers To Quiz By Feste
The following are the answer to
the sla on page 23.
1. Atm ll
2. Sohicklgruber
&. The party 'blood purge'
4. My Struggle
5. Sturm Abelung
. Lebeiwaum
7. (a) Julius Stretcher
(b) Ooebbels
(c) Hitler
8. Alfred Rosenberg
9 Wagner
10 (a) Austria
(b) Czechoslovakia
(l) Poland

Sunbay (uarbianu


Cinemanews By Spotlight
Thh efl a b'te We, tM he U lh News make good, tiUs wo
04. w"h a rWlly seutng yagunlm of picture showing Ut Inag&
Wmmam ouhtim, and Oauewl chaolt doe Gaule on their tts
to UrMdy. The emmramm have caught some braat shot
hile te prominent viilto man teing for themelve the fltt

Mut of the "second fromit."
Paftoularly moving are the
fk.*ss of General de Oaulo in
Se moment he sets toot ea
sbeh soil for the first time sance
theboM fatal da of June 1M. Thi
eanMrs folnws him to Bayou.:,
flt liberated Preach town where
ho appers among the enthuelsa-
do population.
Convicts And Patriots
mige toe Maxerei"' a Warew
rmisam direetad by Mkcae
Cta tthe De 1*55
Whebnever Humphrey Bogart
T''lka through a picture, you can
expect aitjon. fight. suspense. All
of that Is paeknd into th Mnm in
which, moreovr, the tough tI0
serves a worthy cause.
H#. Humphrey Boart, is one of
those men who dared swim
against the tide In pre-wI" days.
As a journalist and passionate
anti-Fascist, he gets Into trouble
after Mulnich and for a crime he
has never committed, he is deport-
ed to Devil's Island.
The"e, he becomes the leader of
a bunch of convicts who. like him-
self, want to fight for their c .n-
try when war is declared. It is a
mixed company of pickpockets,
deserters, murderers gathering In
the jungle for patriotic purposes.
No wonder that their escape and
their adventures at sea give an al-
most In.xhaustible supply of ex-
citement and surprise.
Half dead, they are'taken aboard
an old French freighter sailing for
Marslea with, again, a mixed
ompny of passengers. Each of
them has to take sides when the
news comes through that France
has surrendered. There they are,
patriots wha want to continue the
flght, and collaborators who wil-
lingly join the "New Order."
Patriots and convicts keep the
banner of France flying on the
high sea. After a tumultuous fight
with the collaborators, leaving
dead and broken legs, they become
masters on board and sal for Eng-
land where they join a Fighting
French bomber squadron.
It is quite a story with rather
divergent elements but a brilliant
director. Michael Curtis, ties them
together to a thriller with atmo-
sphere and dramatic Impulse,
Another Convice Patriot
"Ti Impostor," a Universal pro-
duction directed by Jullen DO-
vivier, at the Globe
This Is another story of a con-
vict who turns patriot. I could not
see the picture for myself as It
opened too late to reachi the dead-

amphry gdart
In "P sans to Mar

,la thisf a column. I simply pass
on the Information I could ge
about It.
It i the tale of a criminal U-.
eating execution when the prim
Momewhere in Prance 1s bombed by
the Nua He its away in the
Mn1fution and sUp Into the iden-
tty of another fellow whose unl-
o and papers he picks up along-
side the roa&
This opens to him the way to
*ome' heroic exploits which, after
the fall of Prance. he accomplishes
with the Free French army in
Africa. The impostvt, however, ls
unmasked. court-martlalled. de-
moted and sent on the most
dangerous mission. Pighting, he
The protagonist of the film is
Jean Cabin, the great Prench
actor landed ir Hollywood which
he has left again to join the fight-
Ing forces.
Singing Cowboy
"Hands Act oss The Border." a Be-
POlie production directed by
Xmeph Kane: together with "A
Scream in The Dark." at the
The singing cowboy Is bringing
some new life Into the old-style
pictures of the "Wild West." oy
Rogers is the tough knight with
songs and hia adventures are
quite entertaining
The fi is teamed to a double
programme with "A Scream in the
Dark," a full-size mystery drama
with screen-smart detectives dis-
covering a couple or more murders
for the benefit of the audience.
Trinidad's priests and nuns
were invited by Paramount to see
yesterday morning, in a preview at
the Globe, the film "Going My
Way" that will be publicly released
next month. There was a special
reason for the invitation: BDing
Crosby, in this picture, In taking
the part of a priest.
To eouie to town this week: to
the Do Luxe. Darryl F. Zanuck's
production "The Purple Heart";
to the Globe, "And the Angels
Sing" with Dorothy Lamour and
Pred MacUMurray: and to the
Royal, "The Lodger', with Merle
Re-release of Metro-Goldwyn's
"Song of Rusia" at the mnplre
completes this week-end's list. It%
romance between a very romantic
Yankee and a half-romantic Rus-
sian girl, with Robert Taylor and
Susan Peters,

Sthe wlk-aund
the week-rend

(lieft) Mni=
at the DoLS i

WuoW B



On The Home Front By Farm Hand '4

To article Harris explains from its oar. I could be resonab tROWN
Blow ythme mptos In rabbit dia- certain It had ar th lat
s om m little known to many Dillj bei a n-
bres HARRMS: Yn-andno. me,
MD ROWN: YTs and No? Ca't nt a I
7th Is part of a radio brood- waft U ymo IN = a
et n rabbit given over the HAR S: You se Dave. thee U the
ast 9ewRadio paper. are still other mlS3 .such ast
BROWN: Bill this is the even-shatakingthe head and fapptng the a
In" you promised to tell us how ears.Te Infection Ibcom M when dryi
we ca recognise the symptoms ot itchy that the rabbit tries to litm e a.
some of those common rabbit dis- scratch uktibe hits ear with his BROWN
easM. hind feet. litle differ
HARIS: Why, David, I am M.OWNW What canbe dons sad a aS
_..' .you remembered that. I treat thi disease ? l AStS
tbOUght you were becoming quite HARRIS: First of lltheIob- -about the
bored with the subject of rabbits. fected ear should b7-,clee-ised =up o "m
DROWN: We don't go Into that thoroughly withn chayd r togen P dS niad to
now that I have listened t and all lone" caked diech and splee toI
hscwab carefully removed. ILenaeasndI
long, T want to hear all. What solution of twenty part ol oil BROWN:
I want to know is-what is this and one part carbolic acid Is a p- tagou as
ear mange, 9ou upoke of and plied. HAPI
what causes it, Bill? BROWN: How often? much so, I h
HARRIS: It's caused by a mite. HARRIS: That depends. It must to underte
BROWN: A mite? be repeated until the scab has comi- aune.
HARRIS: Yeah, you know,-pletely taiappeared. Several treat- BROWN
louse I menti may be necessary to effect a hec_ this
BROWN. Don't call me a louse, cure. HARRIS
you ...... BROWN: Is that treatment al- kql the Inti
HARRIS: Oh, don't be so wn-: ways successful In affecting a cure. better ber
sitlye. David,---anyway T wasn't Bill? are burned
A you a louse. I merely sald HARRIS : It's quite reliable there is toe
a mite Is also a louse. Dave. Ttio're are other succmful the disease
BROWN : Oh, a mite iq a lols!d solutions on the market also. WellI HARRIS
HARRIS: Yes, David. And these be glad to send them to anyorme timet ge
mites produce intense irritation who may be InterestSd in having be able to
and Itching which usually causes more complete information. bits dseas
Inflam nation. __. .... ...
BROWN: Kinda like the itch,
"HAPRI Only much more con- New Sports Field
tagli'j and the effects are more
BROWs N: How serious? A neo sports field, Conoord .at. son were
HARRIS: Well, this Inflamation Pointe-a-Pierre. has just been follow.
May spread to the coverings of thei opened and principally due to the Captain.
brain. And it sometimes causes a -vi.c.pt. i-
catarrhal condition In the ear. efforts of Mrs. J. B. Christian, a on. secret
BROWN: How is It recognized? long felt want has been supplied by After m
HARRIS: There's a discharge n to arrange
from the ear that looks brownish hefrmation of a juvenile sports the meaiti
In colour and it has a distinct section, open to all Polnte-a-Pierre assistedby
odour. youngsters between 7 and 16. R .1.me
dROWNc You mean an odour of The young people are all very cook r.
distinction ?,
HARRIS : Certainly not r mean keen and they are making the most W. Watso
exactly what I said- distinct orot the opportunities presented to aspiring fo
individual odour them und taking full advantage of When t-
]ROWN: All that Is necomary the coaching offered by Interestled rrangem
then is to keep an open nos'. adults. cricket d
HARRIS: As I tas saying-- t.'t Tuesday, asoout 30 enthusl- The irl
when Interrupted-this discharge astic boys had a meeting at their netball. wi
often becomes caked inside th? ear. headquarters. Concord Park, when M rs. J, B.
BROWN: Uhhuh. Then if I weieit wa& unanimously decided to form B. Ros. i
to see a rabbit with inflainmed ears'the .-easeholds Colts Football ( ub. and when
and a browning discharge running! and office-bearers for the 1944 sea- they Intent

: Amu rn M e o-

a a*m am
Abwich cow== T5s -

IYn Ith e at to aM
fwth l ips chi etn r

Kver btDave.t So .
: AWhat, then der os

: All ote can do i t
ectsd animal sad ou'
xn S that the p t UM
I their than buried o
tM a risk oft spretadl
iear MMaC 7
iverdy t, We. eo

In Weli. & sI did wo',
fi our talk on rtab-
is today ,,t

ectAll one can do t

Jimmie Cunlg Jnr4';
ore pracie mrh Ped
otme nmalstch, and youd
sMr. that the carcana

lean, Mr. .7. T. Hadden,
Ctnmitmns. Mr. W. R
A. t. Ger thy and Mred. fW.
, a busy coachf prg then

c ricket season opens,
ts wil, Dbe made to form
ttnglub fabor the boys.and won't

a at's learning to playt
Ilth the stalk on rab-e
A" today. ____


wected by- the by SO
Jimmie CunMUnig Jnr,;

n, Christophian end Mrs. A
ar, David Mabigot.

who are cotice t Ihem
the soma comas arond
SMi takore hockeyN,
ar J Christian, M.
,lean. Mr. J. T. Ha don.
cununings. Mr. W. X.
A. Z, Clerty and Mr. W.
m, Is busy coaching the
,b irickt season oe*
Mts wi, W3e made t= or
olub for the boyL
-i sre learning Lto P1a
rith the assitance r
1. Christian and Umr At
who are coaching them.
the wason comes aroun
id to take up hockey.

a Vadit COPn fA30L Jo WL (0w fRWLU t 6%k.


with strong canvas top and genuine rubber soles

Can be used for all running and walking
purposes, tennis and all athletic games.

Only a limited supply available

Price $3.07 per pair



Now you can satisfy your Hunger

for Minerals and Vitamins

Without IIdly realizing it, tropical residents suffer from a lack of essential minerals and vita.
mis. TThey are tired without knowing why they lack he necessary pep and energy in the Tropics,
and although they eat what they consider to be healthy, nourishing fooas, they do not always seem
to get the utmost nourishment, energy and strenth from the foods #atex.

Added Minerals and Vitamins are eussential for persona who
liT ve in the Tropics, and that is because natural vegetables
wh, ich grow In the tropics, *M not as rich in Vitamins and
- interns as they should be.
The British and American Armies, the best fed Armies in the
world, get their regular quota of minerals and vitamins to
OUpplemient their diet, and throughout the world emphasis is
910 only n food, but on eummtlal minerals and vltaminhs.
L*t us face the tt that the greater part of our population
Rd*$from mal.nutrition, and let us fac the fact also, that
kten f trs m mal-nutritkmn do not all come from the poorer
Clau*. They come tram every section of the community,
largely to the fact that tropical diets lack essential min.
mu and vitamins.
T l.MaJ up for this lack of mineral and vitamins In our
"5 YWeay dlets Reton Ltd., manufacturers of rrol, have
'nto t"D bottles, ome contaningf Ferrol Vitamins a44 the other
-jug Mkrol Minia Ferr Mine calpsules Oa-
n oa Sulphate. Doesic Calcium Pbophak Sodium.
rm,.I.M. Maemm, and Copper, with Iodine, Quinine and
WaMMIM.e Mu porarol Orf Ferol Minera capsules was
V ped cally to remedy the tack of uenthatl mlnwral
W t Indian dt Iodine definitely lacking in tht aod
hw t m thi pa o th3e world, and quinine added
betaufe a mnanl dg mink an oeellomt tonL.

Each Ferol Vitamin Capsule contains 6,000 International
Units of Vtamin A, the anti-infective Vitamin, and 600 Inter.
national Unit of Vitamin D.
consist of Ferrol Mineral Capsules and Ferrol Vitamin Cap-
sules and one of each taken three times dally, preferably after
meals, will make up for the deflcienciaes of our tropical diet.
For simple anaemia, for building up resistance to coughs and
colds, for remedying the lack of minerals and vitamins in
West Indian diets, Ferrol Vitamin and Mineral Capsules
should be taken regularly.
Ferrol Vltamin and Mineral Capsules put pep and energy into
those who take them regularly.

Step up your pep with
Mineral Capsules.

Ferrol Vitamin and

Retail Perim iI
Bottle of 25 do. 11.32 per bottle
So*"es of M do. 2.49 pa bo#10
W. C. RON &f Co., Ltd.
A. LwIu Inmis Ltd.
Pinek.'. fluuarcy.
deyni Phammmy, Ban Fiumia
31 K. 'F S Pamsaef

STr mI MI i
" wdait7
rak Weeft-.

but tftDBMre

Hp rivately aduktu

bu .D3MAIWt0O~

t ,"' : " . ,,. 5
4 "i" %_, ,' q .*
k_ ^^ *- L W.,. .tt

lerrol Vitamin' Mineral


~ &II ~lama&tiisud

mi m too n o bmem f Ueethe BDriash Re Cree nodiety tak* their stea tesub
e P isek SiMeek Sri uhsppe are aked, "Aar sPoa nes" for the Rd crew?"
jiniiril *tew ls rea reestoehs The pbekgralnr caught two Of them
Msmtlt wtMetwe -Infsres se drep their eesitributi~n the t box. _

!73Aride ,u Christ ChurcA


* ., ,

. I

, - U w-

Persua& Lettaes
JDesPite The Wet- I

m- wa mmiss

- at -






- on

S- eat -

8.45 p.m,






Organised by
Miss Frances M. Punnett,
Imperial Censorship.


i ho W, @ No aM


Ill I SISGY, poweriui burner flames assure even a .f n pissi.. .a; I I DRESSES
|m hotdtribution under all cooking utensils, I ontaler I
W ith Improved cooking results. Chimneys L'___. .I None exceding $12.0
| 0r8y removed for cleaning. Two quart exceeding $1200
| lU fi tank for vibillty. I .T ITyH jm, ,, .,
fa. pm ee.... AT elaM I"

SOLI DISTWhIUTORS. | lSai .i4 .o,.

Qd "ho


"Wa atM-e< t Men f~ytSLlt E^~'-ySS^i!;pt vow ab i
Ib's I I l e
S fltrolIa is am w6 dd aUl

a-".Um b s W -ae 1111o"we an-- ab ao
i i iIM~ nu

l n_ Marv l-l-- a"mItom t l,,,is yell id at IM tog nn0ft- 0 - OW 3111

you be bu-o mr to oa tye
af ano so* de "Miss- 0-se- yom ay haer thi swu aBte b --------------------mnotoe n poal only we-ce ewe tT l

n*a ww ** ."= --t Mn to et yorf ut:i-r. =, ^T X^ j .MT I f n r rid t i oM e vr-i s ._tb p its
w ,aI 1mmort | I &a ao a m

_ "^''"S*.* to tlt - Vnfo- tun atm r me ye do o c A f^** O[ f T'e Is lrto ie t Too I rna f S : norhe -e .h n ou

9m m L ti^ T I ?ww Jo to ,"ke t* an i. lao f my oMd B erlin i a Ad th er te Is no dloibt th st every dto e m ean that the zt k p i L^ r'-a P t. _.? ~r andl' ^S1tp.'1th alttml* l,1' ,, Hedt- r |o during~ the dar. Bt now Poulbly a .alrfatory permn t In the meta
dob oo," ats- am

as il*i Milkmewr l. Il..
0!bQwatem = ='or t, kill=e

a) putr;taL^,el I T ^ n, arua gavi ^2'^'wsd" ^! ^
l^waa auayi OSS~ lbS fee spr u^
ftk.- Tr a m m J--------e----a"----- to a dndb br wwt a mba IL frit. 1 1nw o a t a

NW a m* ly y.... ae eru-- st ot o ey upe am o oes atot en tup k on frmegodf.. . u Ohy
5a L h ten opan t an =o tan-di ms i-pota -be, plne & tu yr a
papeftuti J^SQ~ ec> Mr fruits pahket art ell aroay taiUaea will exrtelmnueoe* o the minutm bec wll
SS SSta34 sg ehep wy batlW Brownl yourt arc thank be ffeced NO aUm hiti TIhFRuht O n aera
so ONLY, is R WhenI maetknotop odboin a lis a at"ir e Or
I it ll K ER ad o ftheend Ano tWna l ^y .a its om'if s a jt

.. ..,|,, .t n Z | |l --"___ f^S ^ t^l ^^ n r ---- r- -
I"aT111111 1te AoCup Of T ea?. btln sny t ey bt lon si o n e
I-:L I I g oIophe born AtI -." good cup o f tean Isl rershn.m gi bd. mor s att o r tctsv--n thealttwoman 'u -e tallg, timp

l ii ii b r a". I bI lJW Ismh v 0Sna .r .ff r
Ibe U e d Th Atarlatotsln. a erm d th i for the n.t welr a d p ersd the toou l ae d upc and t
mea n s so notyonwatmIerItruhatshatae ISVato t asael a wt to" foo,
Toma n muet Jui o N pawl bi avariaand t, Zz M ,75 ` andIn o wbnche s asthey amol, -bft gandIntenweem

'do&% bisl l l reOeam othe agai- fa1ouit re d he Anai ph h. I t does m ean.th the sounis k lepoaf yours Iuelf wIh a

for aajwh my a Ib hdUd B. o t y.or a youe nt M e; t e cheerunn to j a nd bye puo n whia
Ta a rpe o r anu t sa mr Spe rt ret Ball teideoef aol woo"abeenj odsa dntmn loino m ate at poentl e n i aol-ou ad ke

MAJuINO SOHV.X IN PAMK o m P/lrI I --- .... _- .... -- L ...... ikwl kVp you ar iok ^ If^-0 5^pl fol^ t
p~bow~ 10 gmmonsathe lraineb as a

...AN.... ....K, o|To OmanN W i el-| U I t draw nor ma nkOtfa aes t bubanv TV* re poopna w you b. e Is "d-r-= a s very
th ae .t- acpn pe a talumaydha mtoudoathaU mm ur w c u i t mdabo athsra torableony p eroan enthe en

In t c awx ithat mae5t P,, P g.ky, s epara dihe v wila v n w otit o uler ple bu I "U In ar E I thate u bls fl
1ate" pin 00of m for sheadbyoougaro "amd a "howl 7" 'w amo~~uit aotteahpHrls wih fCt I av rte oto aor which In a ardn
fet r wof ic0xn1 getallt sadd i l treie uhfle ~~~ lc'--Quiz, ot.,CannYotual ohnMakte oldbey* old omoldt ofurbs.syourtaedhran

PoW,..,^ ^ f^ ^ co~tA benogi >

b uOM bringing to e 5ta ad Unfort ust rs d o" ns,. .. I k st an d run--ttoy uever.y o d"y
l te.opd tho n n ..to.nothr p. e fo ro athe ear m lffa yNyh tA pO fTe? vi. m ow h ca hu bi.eos u p r d e te lsupbyoisu
opnup l -.themsin hea d add =tI ,t-. -dryinga.,ewd, m"st bo p eeb tt yo, wil nee r i al g o-
puns--teed Iony af ,--a acrtu t A vn t m rastiae ptatclok. thm I .b*ylp.otietst ibeut 'i fe pot and Ibe contents warm, the pan be borsig, but It you must to p a o t
derinavllbl i anK ternpf ppe.OCI nite riWnastoreIrAgod wi ofth a is rdearesinght ed. 71br and o rothis the a ucssi.neh back oney

Ge ,tl ,,, ....... My S trugg L^ lea "cosy" help the ft pro- ary ou are e tyo if unwl, ay U wel
whic yeoftMe k ltchei",,Aorripan rtryI hn oe nedrves ms.hpr tb
499*-OrC*0ftu cram.I ttrk sin eceCoftMypo Countr ak, NWacketArus rmathicn uagte will e mtra pelrsmanrd eds.te ogurmuddu n t
ONLY PARKERa intIbunches asAthe shoaldi buteataotsiareeapweeo

YOU a u she ...ow to. Th ees tils Iac t oa the tea deably. e ane mh eertul tineg to h ldhrour m d s.
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Oss bue has. wkl~ssoil sovesare s~t lntlryrck~pip.. V=U1ylasKIe at ba56mss of NWsAMRICA
-. Soy "tgvervun~g e ak
th most opular o .1disowlnarf uths.Prostatees Gland (af I}, n'

we"Nes o

win? lhtiti Gruan li~gislors Hold Deite^
VAM tatas. Wgtatt*en On Franhif Commision's Report
S- aana St ftir home of pary
attheir home on Friday

and MRS. KR 1tH-LINDOP were guests of Hs
ty the Acting Governor and Mrs. Wright at dinner at
aoe on 7=unday evening, and afterwards His excel-
ISI~ o h r lug" VA r Edward OuORM1 atteaded
ow at the Prince's Building in aid of St. Joseph's Con-

M'WBADDELT. who hbad been in England on business for
waft n Ol m 4Daiy eventog by all via the
Damii 61 s1d MI sn, Davd, wee in

cnat 1rs. Edn a mpthey at her home ad-g.
BiBAN *w be clo'-
H~brti *igigg-i'M *]^ dy. Kr =tU Mwday,

i~maRe^ with NW4r to d*- *.VAB. notice
K iui ttANoday by JULM *. ttof Bmfos. &I* cannot und..r-
*rafl _*And Woi Wof ad VA up for mending overseas will
Bf~il~ben cntat Mrs. B~dnA Simpo St heM home ad-

l l Dwill be sorry to learn that Mis Joan"Watt who lives
ie Ladles' Hostel, Polnte-a-Plerre, is at present a patient in
4ktere Hospital. She I llsUowed to have visitors, and her
i satisfactory. *hHuNmn o-rd" wihes her a speedy return
M are being made for performances of the Trinidad
comb'w carnival rWvue, "Land .t the Calypso," at United
m and Naval Pael inTrliaAr A meeting of the cast
pigued for this morning (a ) at 9 o'clock at the Trini-
"lub. 10, Abereron*y Stre, 0 discus details. Members of
asked to bring all their costume.
',,,* C
i. Olrsl" of the BlsbopI High Scbool are reminded of the
Neral meeting to be held at the School ll tomorrow night at

WALTBR NELSON, formerly Mlss Marjorie Ward, left by air
i' Wednesday morning for the United Staxes to Join her nus-
lIJ L. Walter L. Nelson, UN.R. Her sister, Miss Joan Ward,
of the A.T.S. in Washington.
it'L C C 5
'I= LAUOHLIN informs me that the Casuals dance will take
Sat the Prince's Building on Saturday night, September
h*i -, 'Outintes who usually make their debut at this dance are
th committee to bear the date In, mind. It is an ideal one,
H H belng the end of the month, It is also the opening of
football tournament between Trinidad, Barbados and
E>ppAD SHANNON, Who had been In Canada on business for
pe4 three months returned to Trinidad last week, accom-
his bride and her pretty little five-year-old daughter,
Mrs. Shannon were marriTed on June 3 In Toronto, Canada,
m'sIon was held at Mrs. Shannon's mother's home !n Rose.-
at which Mr. Ralph Lloyd Watkins, the assistant man-
clays Bank, was a guest. Mrs. Shannon was formerly
1-lews from British Guiana Indicate that Mazuras All, local
Idulan baritone, has scored an exciting success with the
Vblic and musicians alike.
tlcs lay stress upon Ali's natural beauty of voice and regard
Possessing the makings of a distinguished concert artist,
j tbhe recitals to capacity audiences at the Metropole
5, Georgetown.
,'Al will probably return here In the near future and Is
Ut proceed to New York, where he has been accepted as
of the Julllard School of Music for a course of study before
upon a professional concert career.
Show, organised by MrW. L. C. C. Hobson at the
&Theatre. San Fernando, in aid of the Invasion appeal
R.ed Cross Society. was a great success in every way.
,io00 has been realized for the Invasion appeal -which
g to all concerned. Mrs. Hobaon wishes to thank
a. Arthutr Wight. Mrs. Freakley, Mrs. Frank Hobson.
Kelly. m OichIpw o and Mi Ab"dool as well as
oaDt"d em fUlab ied Cros Society
If p h) fr is the success of the,
o C
i ogrramme organized by Miss Thelma Nurse, was
tSlyt by the 8an Ferhando Oborl Party- at Grant
wi6de, under the asoa aof us. R. I Scott and
seeded to be very apwreeatirve of the singing ot the
ly "Comrades In Arms,', conducted by Mr. H.
ae also Included ommunlty singing in which everyone
W ho appreciate the unu0l4 In Music, there Is treat In
at tho classical concert at the Bishop's Hlgh School en
July 27. Lieut. Dennlson is taking part In and directing
Squartette, a unique instrumental combination. They will
B -2 or Fou l Oiariets" one of the few pieces of music writ-
U t' a quartette.
_gJuet artistes will be Mr. McD. Carpenter and Major 0.
'Teget are priced at $1. and 50 cents and may be obtained at
rff rom any of the pupils or staff. They will also be on
d.oor on the evening of the concert.
ments will be obtained during the Interval and the pro-
i be for the school's Music Fund.

WJJI i,,. --.- LJUJ ? :::" 111 i ,I,. 1,, sss ss.

are NEWS





SCotton and





ElSS sH", LT .


OORIOWkOO W. .0,-4b Lelative Council recently debatd
the report of* thePrC1ebb oMMI inR o a motion designed to
elici the vTw m t mASIM tor pres ntaton to the Secretary of Btat
tor the CmOalmlM.
'he majority poke spiua the
Introduction C, adult lAb~em for US.
which Van rejseehto is Ia majority Sw a ute ow"lan CMTWepMt
report but wch vn the stron i .[WL, Barbados July
Approval aMnortyMf 0oe m lakourenr will 6 re-
W r'9lo to yah Isesn-hortly for' the United
bIn of the awommisiMlon. o note Nt of America. It Is announced
was taken. that two more contingent's of awme
Te Governr of Brth Guiana 1,00 men In all will be selected for
aid he would discuss the franchise work organized by the War Man-
uestlon with the Secretary of State power Commission. Already 1.800
or the Colonies when he goes to men hav been sent to the U.8..
England at the end of July. for the Commnslon and War FOod
Members who spoke In support of administration.
Adult uftage re the. Hon'btle Government announces that men
Dr. .Sng (elected wthe will be picked by lot from only
Hon'bil C. I. Jacob (elected), the those who rgthaly registered. No
Hon'ble Peer Bacchus (elected), the opportunity for the employmet of
Hon'bl A. M. Edun (nominated, men who did not register Is likely
representing siar estate labour), to arise as 5,800 men who registered
and the obl H.N. Crchlow have not yet been called in.
(nominated, representing dock and In order that there should be as
general labour), little dislocation of work In the Is-
On the other side were the land as possible Government has
Hon'ble M. B. 0. Austin (nomi- appealed to all, except those who
nated), the Hon'ble J. I. D'Agular have actually received call-in, no-
(eleced), the Honble J. A. Luck- ties to continue their normal
hoo (elected), the Hon'bl B. A. business.
Luckhoo (elected) the Honis J. ---
Gonsalves electeded, the Hon'bleFor Detter Road
J. W. Jackson (nominated), the F r on
Hon'ble Vincent Roth (nominated, Sunday Guardian Correspondent
representing the interior and mnm-. BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, July
Ing Industries), the Hon'ble F. J. 22.- The House of Assembly on
Seaford (elected), the Hon'ble C. V. Tuesday agreed to the forwarding
Wight (elected) and the Hon'ble of an applcatlin for a free grant
E. G. WOolford (elected), of $28,000 under the Colonial De-
Introducing the debate, Mr. Wool- velopment and Welfare act in re-
ford, deputy president of the Coun. spect of a road development scheme.
cil and chairman of the Franchise The scheme Includes the Improve-
Commislsinm, referred to the fact ment of certain arterial roads, the
that Baroados had not appointed a construction of a cycle and riding
Franchise Commission but had pro- track alo: a portion of the wind-
ceeded directly to legislation on a ward coast of the island and the
Bill presented In the Assembly. construction of four miles of new
He then turned to the question of road.
Jamaica's new constitution and the The House, however, suggested
Introduction of universal adult auf- that before the work on the four
frage In that island, miles of new road from Bellevista
to Belleplaine via Lakes Bridge is
started Government should con-
sider the advisability of introduc-
Bill Defeated ing legislation by which the Gov-
ill Defeat ernment will derive as much bene-
Sunday Gardian Cerrespondent. fit as possible from the Improve.
KINGSTON. JAMAICA. July 18- ent of land values which sould
An Important constitutional prin- arise as a consequence there.
ciple was debated in tWe Legisla-
tive Council this week when the Food Subsidies
Hon'ble E. E. A. Oampbell, mem- th a Go ubrdia oesnnt
ber for Kingston, introduced, on Sday Guardian Correspondent
behalf of the Jamaica Imperial As- BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, July
soclation and other Influential quar- 22.-The House of Assembly on
ters a private Bill to permit o, the Tuesday passed a resolution au-
legality of actions of the Govern- thorisdng the expenditure of the
meht being tested In the SupremeSUM of $266800 to meet the cost
Court without the necessity of get- of subsidisinb certain commodities
tine the fiat of the Attorney-Gen- from the period July to Dc
erajt etngGvrmns cember 31.
After tUng Government's per- The Government has warned,
mission* reintroduction of the il however, that although this subsal-
ission for nou ionof the disatlon will continue with the view
and paying $240 required in stamp keeping pwicee at te lowest poe-
duty on It, its supporters were in- sible level itis psble that Ion-
formed that the Bill was unaccept- creased importations eind increased
able to Government, the chief ar- costs of certain items will necesi-
gument being that In Britain the tale small advances in the cost of
fiat of the Attorney-General has these subsidized Items to the
to be obtained before such actions consumer.
can be filed.
Eventually, after a debate which Bar Associaton
skated over the Issue which really r As ato
caused the SW to be brought-the SUna"y Guardian Cerrespondent.
sale by the former Governor, Sir KINOSTON, Jamaica, July l3e-
Arthur iehUads of tbhq M40,00 A Bar Asoclation has been form-
te the ed her tt arA good conduct
Se te for, WOOD and mat in e among bar-
-bMe Goveurnment' defeated the ritersin the Island,
measure by 16 votes to i, all the It has decided that the Attorney-
elected members but one, the General is to be president ex officio
Hon'ble A. MoNeillU. t Roman and Mr. N. W. Manley, K.C., 1is Its
CathoUlic, tng for It. first chairman.
- - -


During the month of August,
from Tuesday 1 to Thurs-
day 31 inclusive, our jewel-
lery department only will be
closed for purposes of


During that period, we suggest that you
visit our associate business,
where you can make your selection from
their varied and attractive stock. Watch
repairs will be delivered there also, oat 42,
Frederick Street, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
and until noon on Saturdays.
Your Jewellcr.


Y. De LIMA &





so. ektg .1 *oday's war.
do@r coodideouf
We *re doia ur best to
keepa ,nwiwu.ied ,ith
Limeln ToAs Pas e tm
w Asw bdw m6 yemappn.
cfas.the l~burM~mqaUdeso .1
isisIsijMrd^ilba*Pmbear i
wih M gadfit"h toat if 1

---- 1 FMNANDO
S* I (r HIsk 4


I myS.NIO st ,,,iCirij -n
ICharg m" w H
I '^
E hunwa &"won)~


a sm-AV. AkZT IL

4.45 De LUXE THEATRE -.45

As viuruaimmuam.

Quarantlie Chief m i-
awmay Gurdtea eee m J lM I a I r
BRIDGETQWN. Barbados, July
n.-At a special meeting of the r
Quarantine Board on Wednesday
the chief medical officer was homi-
nated the Quarantine Authority U a "
suggested in the draft ordinance W
apended to the report of the Brit- 0
tAh West Indian Quarantine Con.
ference held in Trinidad4 last year.
A motion to appoint the chief
medical officer together with an
Advisory Board of three persons
nIominted by the Governor to as-
sht him, was out forward but failed
to get a seconder. m Ys
S Wen your heed Ii fassy
and -t awit s notsoIgood.I
Flour Appeal retch forthat old reliable tamdby-Alka
Sunday Guardian Correspondent. ieltt. It ently to giv yu thel
GEORGETOWN (By Air). -The ,ulalrelelyouwantplheAlkalie
bCOmmodity Control Organiation in ou ne d.AlkaSeltwer's."two-way"relai
British Guiana Is appealing to the for ad indigesti hasiade it the aver.
--~'l~lGin sapain g to it
public general, and in particular It with llo.
to the promoters of functions-- 'T Alky.Sltz today... takes a rkHiI
dances, fetes, festivals and picnics- gle sight or moving or both. h an
to use less flour, quick its "two-way" action gives lt(
Canada cannot Increase the Col- Not a lazntive.
ony's quota of flour. But that quota
is more than they received In pre- __________
war days, and there will be no dan. '
ger of a shortage( if the people do \ Im I
not eat more flour than they us. K K y
ally eat.
The C.C.O. Is tightening up con- ri
trcl by refusing applications to pro.\
voters who apply for flour for A K A I
functions of any sort. Flour, how- h
ever. is still being sold over the
counter. Recently Immoderate de-.
mands made on grocers and bakers
during -ne month created short-
ages of flour ana bread which for-
tunately lasted only a few days un-
Utl the next distribution. A

Continuing Daily a*
4.t and 8.14 o'clock.

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GLOBE-San Juan
Today, 5 and 8.30 p.m.-
Danny Kaye & Dina Shere tin

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Today, I O 8.3
Lady of
Monday, 58

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^- -i..grji^^ fmM

AIMA TODAY 4.4&$, *1V A
To Greater Lovel


Today, 4.45 & 845
Te Tuesday



witb *nae WeASS

olum"aI's M Ideal Maiuhnbow
x" M Eatwrh Gene KeOy COVKA GiRL
Tram.:- What's Conkia' *
Tom. anms c""m
a I of sag-Tew MesN


Teday. I & 8$.

Monday. S 1.9
with eo. Sand
wIth Tyr"@e Pee


ofD --M am mm.
A&r / -



_________I ~rnrn

PALACE-San Fernmb
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TODAY at 5 so p-. Monday at
S.M'frma*k- *a---wl- U-

A^o> ^ ttrf)~au.y*lNef M S S llS- es

4 kis ~ u E h e n

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DEVIL BAT (Bela Lugoai)


AN (Jame Dsm,)

E'MPIBEmS" Form""t
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Mf t iMU.T.-je l:. ,,O

I -- NMI


Claude RAINS-Michele MORGAN-Peter LORRE
Sydney (Fat Man) GREENSTREET Philip DORN

-9-om faqb so

66! jfidajx RA04LAA

~'~mm m ~ ~~rnw -

3 .Do Naot -f 9brb Resi kwa .1 ohe

itandid GCm mets w BY M. eN

misib adtorsitwe w
l-the evb wmi
ah ao the uasperso hrrrs of s UN
'sn osth murter. togetMsr -tin hes
oeod itrrB of tual~t ,w warfare W.a
t hMfi g of thsl a d out onm maevssirw
*6Seft5tam a" f 1141 F *1*V S
Fi efEhot W wM mi MpewsPrivate
fortose sad prow cities we rea a then be-
00%0 e- woe the eimelpatloui of the lsaw. Tin
-- an for!dinar"y ChMsaduty tarda-l- Prtfod
uen s fvrUWg ool d tn Isy biowtd .Iot Is r
at Itoutcomewaa dueS oly to the bOw aiae-
weucefxil ouraeW rof a few,
At its aceaptleruOTt the Cristista n o60-
rtenie relaxed nto smug Contentment. but for the
plavoo freedom bTrought tragedy we welL. e char-
jer wht repsireA the benour of eiviltltlof1 Save
freedom l ded to th persons of th slavew, hut
c5M net undo the hT.armto their Inner selvps.
7t *Bonthing. they waet no longer a People
but fragmented individuals united onty by i*e ties
id bloo and suffering. Human soelety. hboerwe,
pritiufve, has always been nourished on the rr)n-
epi. of family or tribal assoclattoam. This a well.
UdM be nforfepfti They mod degpneated into fo-od
producing a"d food eating animtlm with few other

Behind The Curtain

It hae become a habit to speak lonsly of West
dletn federatUot. MAny regard itA advent ua
= t land tnaevltble; others take It for granted
410 oa does the obvious and accepted thing. As a
relt there Is a touch of the anti-cUmhnax about It.
The Urnm has corn when we must resurrect the
eubject ad do our utmost to iniatil life and buoyancy
WA it. We have reached a stage where we must
do much more than merely admit that we need
eirtai thins; our deaires should he accompanied
by a clear dellttlon of ,ur objective.
At present the tendency is to suhbscribe to a
formal patters of itemu required We seem to fojrgt
that it is neciesory to revis the list from time to
#na. in keept g wt'h the wiftly-'hanging horizon
of our future.
As I se tM14 Is the creatl.e impulse that we
lack; Ad, a a rault, we consume ourselves in the
hletSarianl of an lrnplai'.bie delanre that paralyzes
orW Own lt iUativt. even though we intend it am a
violet wnr. o f the forces we consider to rt con-
Altotod in a ctv hostility acganxt us.
I have ren concentrating for a long tUme on
eo.tin peihotooeml symy tovi tr,at re arr:rort
Universe; in TTrnidd. As the rr.ortr.A ro l 'in. *h,*-
eyaptoms ate bocoryrng more apperl-nt, and lt a
mueh easr to trwe* their 54'it('. an'd ri,,gin,
W4 la IndaOnger of dejtoyirgX ci;rves. We
ar h ehavng tk tr.o4 neturoti ..r o, en attempt
i o hurt tho" who hturt them, curi it .)n thei cocoon
ofV thbtr Me of grtevsnc and igrow a hard c,,,*-
of bitterness anA i ulle ,',sentment.
SThough et o mcBa.ly d4iaried, the po':y of non-
1inn r to aiveo in Trtlidad; and it s delstined
tbeo f oe iAeoGsl lvely worse. The forc w tUat
l am relax; 40 thtt Its ea-e of
45M15 daftlr. Us "Se is hwrd"
I e a eoodit4oas that nO government should
S lore; Ind ed. t it ls symptomat.ie of s-rious deferts
aIn the body politle and should be carrfuilyv tA'dfd
o lo g as a wide grilf separates the -np,; and
tfhsr Mlitons ftron the irn and obje+Tive* rf
th e otmat hierarchy, so long will thre Nympt- ms
t esob thew eis tUeneeoa o Trnidad at Othe ;.rI

European Backdrop
O hitotry "a organia! a pungent ;oke u.rch
Z 'tA Pro lrhaxblFy being the first piece of
qWn tEwtUtEM to se Ailld penetration It it
Eh td of th Jutnkrs and that it will he Just
M i n mAssie to steal that part of the show, gies
ft the Joke a perfect "restie grain.
7 oortner of Germany along the ;ti .sea
he be for owturies the undisputed domain of a
:WageId clase who, viiblty or invmihly. ruled the
S B and I ts machinery. They are the big land-
owne e, who, from thb.- Vast esitatP looked with
deepest contempt nn everything that smelt of the
Sworlu p anple. Wha they met tfor drinking partie
in the drwing room of their minors, they decided
upon vwtl political stue.
Ypo w h parvenu Hitler, too, they had nothing
but contempt as he did not rti from their own
sfuperitr rtakma. It was their clique backing old
Haidnburg In his letrp-lnting refusal to put the
OTl c It fror. Braunau tiento commannd of the State.
O ut wUnemployment end growing dicontent
beeB a serious threat to their prtvilese did they
commit thenselve to an emergency a lianln wig
the corporal's mob. It was an opportunist solution
all the noe r sefuL apparently, uas Hitler's most
violent battle ery, lke theirs, was egainrt the bad
Bolshviks Who t' now Iknocking *0o Irretitlibly
at the gates of thei- realm.
It was not the antid-Bolahevik tu alone that
asdetined them for th* Hitler chorus. Long
before the Naze had tbey proclaimed the superior-
ity of the Nordite race as a outlet of their lust for
wer. Long before Hitler built up the humbug
a doctrine. had they preached the faith of
anmd soil, but It was otly the blood of those
they ad tr for f Vthr bad exploded. loa be-
fof tbe ptilence bMcame a law of the Third Reich,
bad hy pratid antlemnltlsm whIch at all times
has bee tM Matriotis of th dull.
hter their Interests behind the ehiet of
the aI tribe,. the Jtunkows wanted to remain the
miMTs of the master race. Hitkr did not mas
n IMke that They wanted to trip him ald wwere
traped themselves. They wanted to wrap the us.
elPiied follow with their milky tradltioa and were
npped by him wit his rough-toug nmarnne. They

- I 2 I 'O
a "MHe-,ha eff V d -ON O
be, __ *i--.wamt
t --- ---- a
4b mllad otSS s Et -d -ar I I

-Wfl w^fb .Wh ft.atIt. ___..~b
Vona am0Ibef tmen~r lf ehm dmon --- Ao
ei I tae Vonatm et ha m aoa pnn- aofM d
low *SNoO R4oeesE Mp

ha-O &s, Ci W etoeSOW twe C MiM $a

dh V *6 (ta pnicr 41*j OmuuaO *6icio
were sun ioeb,. -f'tmw se, WU'w
We mess imec hn g f

ak u"beren a y op wte Kpd% ove Iemsatl o taw
beM thspo wt" pemr *t, anto e Ofm
am awt6uefad Vm kbo o *apOf SO
an m ~a "ia 6 aw hM~e. tmS h
-- yesesmm- ,-, of sae Pubo e
-anu toga gasuy ber be ls enryadladls.th
OItO wlb the rore a etr df oele tha r
beebillW" mhhe wor triek" a"didneaber~d Cse.Eoe

metrt say y ii tam wIt Td m hec yachtahrin
wts to mdrg thehas e to the mp0biM ofljme o s.
atoia Cincp eo paomame a ysr tht h tumau Pa Prn OO

atuu ledi- t ex t ventlre, al yp porp-s S raxol
)u tht thoM eoae~rned avoid the mistake Off ri4
13their hprtory bktekthCrdo. ----
ar headicpa 8re nmoq *an peeo~ltar, but not
bmearle. la "rimby4 mmc frydaae thte twe
T kd up rugr d o witM p i, u w,,, wonitabeni I NEKO G erauw d

atht" o Ther fort main to *their ba ser b rliai.

tm pet15t craving for w wjitb nc te of 8ar r U D O UC R TB rrT
quritloa of ml~rlt. Oa yoti *r remarrtkb for w ^ ^^. o ..
thIr therefore aol at-ter of bp o fe the rapn -ig j B
haereA M ot the youth of the wet-lardi for the *
pwish to *peru themselves to the rpioslbty. ilitl.s of .
A yo'Pth eoagrn whicuth oo eseI the toi of
hsr dldlplhfea, of stentwuolvs, always pheStoiOx O-__
deevaur, will pcta theConcerned avoid to tMister ot oresa
log their history backwards.
7WOe1headi "a"wre nyand peenlisr but not
laupershie. Tz Trinidad msany fuudamemtais are
stood upside down with emphastsl anthewWrong
thns.7.e t orhstne a nean ad Trinidad rharmay
tmPmttent craving for wWeath regardle ss'*~~vxiac m
acquisition of Merit. Our Y~ arWVremaWeIe forI.
t~h4Jrgaieyand frivolity- perhaps of the reekt- 7bm e
less sin of the Carnival spirit-hardly for the
patient performance of drab responsibtility._____________
A youth congr-ss which sounds the tocsin of
hard discipline, of strrnuouvi living and heroic en4-(
deavour, will pcint the way to a greeter Wept Indies.

-By Ubiquitous

sent time. and what do we find there' A grave and
disquieting mistrust of those who govern the island,
the Executive as well as the Legislative Council
The lack of confidence has reached the point
of studied contempt end indifference.
This attitude of extreme mistrut and suspicion
ih a preponderating factor in every sphere of our
island ife. In the other islands It is not quite sc
marked. Indeed, in little Grenada, the people peak
of the:r Governor with respet and admiration, and
In British Guiana, Sir Gordon Letheim' popularity
is mhn more than a sentiment created by the
arwx;apers and other publicity agenc.iem.
Am<,ng the G>.ianese working class I have heard
ezpre.-sions of warm admiration for Sir Gordon,
and in; v:;it ?o Go, eminent House in British Guiana
WsM a revelation.
A study ,; puhlie opinion ia Trinidad conveys
a very different impression. The gulf between the
Government and thi- people appeals to to expand-.
ilg, and the #inris are everywhere.
The hebvioet ir.den fails upon the chouldera
of respon.'itle i-ad-ranhp. Since the prevailing im-
premion is* 'hat in. impjsible fur anyone to
onci:ei.e a.'th G(;,'-,ernrnent and .'liil continue to
s,' r-e the people. padsiornate deflan's is the only;
quality. in l adership that receiv',es a spontaneous.=
andl pas:',nate approbation from the pVopi.e.
Th:s, tua'ion )a an irlZipossible one Govrnment
p it'sei iut ancient and unbending course; and the
p-)ple tcome more and more fortified in their re-
sentnent. There is no atbatement; on the contrary,
more fue! is being added to the flanmes.
it i weeks now that I have been listening to
stern criticisms of the Administration because of.
the pr-eMe of a eertaia eatlia-ae the heaetUfwe
and L falsative Coumil, even thougth this getlekama
is employed with what is generally considered to be,
t( all intent and purposes, a government project
The isubtleties do not matter; the fact remains
that the arRangemient a, in the opinion of many.
an anomalous one whi'h should no.,t be permitted to
ctn tin' i
Is it that fear rules the Grivernment and con-
tempt the Tp'ord.-

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- By Eric Burger

and the ig !od, striahiAta had heip-4d him into power
with their influence and their money; they could
go now.
That's Y.w 'he Junkers lost control over the
tate they had doroinated for o long. They retired
again to .th ir -teuate in elst Prustsa enjoying at
least the material priviiega shitler had left, them
In rpeognition of e ervien s rendered. There, they
should be trapped pretty mon by those P ld Army
whose leaders will deal with them In a much lefs
generous way.
Even their influence In the Army who"e general
staff has always been stuffed with descendants of 1iPNUMONIA
their caste, has gone down since Hittler e ubstituted INlPLtAMMATION OfI th mO lung
his owan vihsionsa for regular military strategy. On the 4Puelmontlat Drolpu euMonau
eastser front particularly, the explanation between Lobar Pndeumona o teoupoUs nPe-
the competing elements eremq tI- have reached a mOrilo, Lung Fever). CInahoPM-
climax. Hitler, accusing the Junkers of conspiracy monms is nearly always secondary
against his life. makes a splendid backg-unu or thto some other dlsese e" a Comph-
family quarrel. CatUon Of les,. scarlet feer,
In the confusion ofh ap prtochin defeat the whooping cough, influenza. .dj-
Junkers certainly do not dirlike seeing their co- ideria, and bronchitis. It may also
Junkers withdraw from the military scene. They omtplicate Brght's distas, valv-
have been ready to take over the destiny of the Jar diseases of the heart, and all
Fatherland whenever it served their and their caste's lnfectasi fivers It ma also be
purposes. But they have always evaded the open rodtead by drawn food
light when it came to accept responsibility for a Into th lung, or by In ?ttia
disaster. So it happened at the end of the last wtar dust.
when tbey disappeared and returned to the surface tba&r pneulonA. 7The prtliM
only when they felt the time ripe for another ehae. antd Intireft cause is diminished
There will be no other chance for them this esitance, due to fulty tnerva-
time. The blmessings they Tavy In storelfor human- U. h tex .utis ann x-
Ity. will again be brought home to everyone's mi tion. Predisposing causes are
through the name of a city which the storming Red pos.re to cold. trama an 8da
Army might reach even before they cross the frotier themo attack Thael ret use di,
to ISeAPrussia.nhe sam.s of the city he BrassWa ethenU cr U aor -
Litovak I1ooon pneumonia. Bththese
It was n ths city that the Germans dictated forms of e1n1e001 respond readily
their peses to the Russians in the last war. It was to Chirop!rtle Sdjustments.
a charmuinl poace and the Treaty of Versailles bas DiR JAWME LOVUL4 D.CPIhC.
beena geoUe Instrument as compared to this sample U.S.A.) The Chiredrile 5peeAUlt
of Cerman generosity for the vanquilsed. Therse At the Ch lrosetel. Health Studio.
was no Hitler yet t6 dictate. Th* Junkers did It. Member, AB1glo-Wet Indiec Chlro-
iputure generations are warased of Hitlers and oectle AssOedetlon (Registered)
Juankers uas well. 1 rderek Seet ?ione 524.



Central Board Of


xaMminatlons for the Oertlflcatt
of the Rwa Stary Institute r
01P MEAT *a JKm 1000,!
(0) "OmIOAL BYmIBX-m (4)
NW6 wWill be held at British
Oulana fream omoday mth Ostober
to tuda y4th NoYag 19d4.w
CWWWUdww ad m-.
munleate their mtIeta to beit asy
of then 2elnatlom be the
alretoraof Medics OWrste, Bart
SMrt. Port-o-SpaIn, oa or before
lit AugSt. I1t
Director of Madical ServIce.
VoCal, ImStmestMl
andM Singnlg TM ruM

I mren (8--14)obly. ofe-
Adults Entrance fso-ulgm jaano*

The roly schol ofIs kind se the
The Halleluah Chorister'
Music School
CARIN 8TREET, a ierkuada
ted N. nmosg

Iormo of SeaM Feamedo


owxa Or WmOPRRTme bI
a IFunmmi are boereby noUtfed
tlMt W rdo to prewnt their pro-
pert'e ftrm beiWg out up for ase.
al arrt A{of House and Water
Ratu. and BUetrie Ugfhtfnt Lam
so aInand ncding Lbom for the
Yeaw I42. aWd charges mus be
paid before lt July. 1944

It. M. Scott,
Town Clerk.
Town a.ll
San Pfternado.
1th July. 1t4.



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.... AT AVAMUN, JLTIt, 1waoloiw.

..FrmnziedAttempts l Russians Race He stted T. ,g;
eTurkic Shipping, Kruschen in 1912
bGrip On Germany To1r11'Intor Sopped iRBtackSea I H r DIINTUVYST
lK tkl m p 1 n'* j j Qf j r uU Ab'KARA, July a (floute) ,fi IlgTIri IN T "r VERY JIT
*. . I ', -Tiie. rtdto ath bounced t. .ay ,nta.f I EALTU It
toAmatfi" uua.o u For ifty -il me P gfbti0 bt"
U' *.1v h- muptat all Tufti& 0p' J llUa worked hari-often tfteii hours
e m m l m d r e m d l i o l . .. Mr tn e 8 ft & 1 5 01 l o w r C 0 N T .% 1 U Sl, ., P O M ,A C K I J
l ivtoin. was cap- g*e a b.ayw blow- t tcT t..U 0 dar-and he s Uil in the bet
MM. of ired at 7 pn. yesterday near - II TIrasoce S 5 ofhlth. s recip e a
t s on"J oC ".. t!ore d th" towardaton etrftoneofw hiarrdtyt w he has
~ i O Cou rose the whole thing may CaCAQO. jiy (AtB-.tbwI allies of the submarines which arosalaw" *The fightlnqgat Low full oor oote thirty e.
B em or was- b a,%twhip uPtheSympathy eratc aty aile0 1 vi attacked the Turtish ships are is of a ver i rou crtr a r"a te --
~a~a. I al. the &nan people for Hitler. pract politician Mr. H0rry Tu. not known but Investigations spokesman sli d. "I have been employed in the
the pokesman s&Id.T '1 have been employed In the
o.of Our us a it to man of ur It sPew vice.- ar being mule. D All alongtt front f More Dytrade or 50 yen.sod strln'f
fIvn n r a n o tef i but when tohl pyhttoeth lutt 5to o ew the than 0c mies the situation t2I >have taken Kr uachen ats
hsu a eatho teheaer warroutwhey tewapres&efigh Lin ogawyu~a- Soitte rstrmoeDar ta fr50y ars ada
heath e r nrr Whely ll th leadere ....." ,,,to the 1uimn-s n ter- looked black for the Wehrmacht, regularly. My work was from 4
.,wills o ,y: What u .,canpa ls'eor t9 f o .. Ath White t on v facn, the ,greatest R. n. .Ull 6 or 7 p.m.. Seven day a
to sack our poor d4r House trm for President ROosevelt. Ann l fPetition offensive of the war but week. but never during that time
n t ator Truma %beat ayl Wal- Pt with an embltt.red hW.nela*d he- have I been ill or had a doctor.
Aftnace, h who to eondI Filedn h Ia Vincent i" thM chaos In the High My little Spot of Kruscher oon
4.ff seso o t ht-cr eloI Comman.d. used to buck me up, ever I felt
Si0n on the decorate naiol MNACE GROWING a bit roggy, I am now nearly 87
S(ROUt) nvention yesterday. He has In. Sunday Guardiaa Cecesseadmll The menace to the frontiers r.a sl in Uthe very .est of health.
1 n "Jy 3(Router) tetotvs.dy ehs i mdyOada e
.f f1 atn-*. dealOf herited the task of conductng a KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT. Germany proper was gro.ni When asked to what I attribute
*resent poSS of campaign for which the President July 22,-Petiton for leave to ap- rapidly and if the present speed my good heal.h. alwL/s answer,
ds aid he 'who was Ch h htd Utle time pea to the Judicial Comniatie. of of the advance is ralntalned the 'Just a little pinch of Kiuschen Is
.'Io theceqat stwff only a few Just as President Roosevelf' re- the Privy Counc lugatost the 3udi- 'Red Armyv will be within striking all I ever take.'"-EA.
the^^ ^^ a," ,^ S Fwnrden Rooseelt' re- all I ever take.'^r^.A
heI a as Voever been election for the fourth term was ment delivered by His Honour distance of such ortes as Bresa) u Whether you aft still in your
m 5veItrainy r t o his post kept from being unanimous by 89 Clement Malone, Chief Justice of are Ornveln within another month. 'teens or vast your rime It 1s
and the Germam radio today put votes for Senator Harry Byrd and the WIndyV Imisads and Leeward Marshal Jose!h Stalin's summers neither too early nor too late to
out a caiqful worded statement one for Mr. James Parley, so the Islands, lot Saturday in the su t Offensve Is St 10 days old to- stat o. the 'lttle daily dosat."
'for&A ir n saying- Vitt oer is suffering nomination of Mr. Truman went of Hilda Richards vs F. A. Ca dav. In that time arainat Just a tiny, tasteless I of
r n 11l tc haf e nt into the records with this count: was filed today by Mr. J. A. Pro- 11.000.000 Germans-the armies
ld saying at zaxier Is su'end ohat orf rIdaomfcu eal o ur!morning
r ipf a w -. '0 hs pow- e Truman 1,031; Wallace 106; cope, solicitor for Mrs. Richards. 000.00e0 GrOman-lea. o r mni
Ned: Irm ws, s ch addeegteds thhiodswtsti ont a fldtda yM. .ApPoowv-ed11 o.0mls
pi"dee w Justice William Doug, of the The hearing of the petitiosi ha Following the capture of Ostr"v cup of tea or coffee!vThat's the
Norman Mt ns M theBB^ Justice Wiliam Douenras. of the The heari o the petto a 1 al Mailonikov's troos Kruschen rule 'or co nplete and
IISl rtd5 re- en. Norman M-cDonl, the B, Supreme Court 4; Mr. Prentice been set down for July 1. yesterday, the German 11ne on constant fitness. Advt.)
ie ltrZ' of' yeity. -reprter In I t r ocolm says thi Cooper, Governor of Tennessee 2; The Chif Justice dismissed Mrs. Vtey, t ea o _-
Up d/f on o'" 'fsnoo t ,is thought that Zetss- Senator Alben Barkley, of ken- ichards claim to have cerithe northern tip of the front be- __
BF ^ SssfteRic hasrdsr.Tlas re R as ito have Certai nert' m tween u cdO h
poterle is a tht ther nabe tucky s: and Mr. Paul McNutt, agreements under the Agricultural Ingeen kOstrov and Osochka is
of top te-army port Says that another ntbeManpower Commissioner, 1. Three Advances Ordinance set aside and wign back Transceen xw"'r-+ed
a ru German. the commander of the of the 1,176 delegates were absent, awarded Mr. Casson judgment on sector." H E
,thk od'ge 410 ediby,,lXimleraind thrown into President Roosevelt today sent his counter-Claim to the tune of seceIntors lsseo -
exdt ae. prison. on -a charge of neglecting his cong.tulations to Mr. H.L'ry $100000., war Russian territor still held by t
rntIphie .ash o rI his des. r tenTruman on his nomination for hetedN Army broke ro,,the
t ..o Ift -3:.C. correspondent says It Ve-Presid.licy. The message read: I~od which O W S
lcq~ ha an f h la-'"I send you my heartiest congratu- trul h ,
l eias .be" d that' many orreslesad nations; on your victory. I am, of St. Joseph Parish ,itlao",ured RiPa thserulda"O LLO W iiS
Toth laboured s ix mortha to build
Chief ers of tthe revolt are at the moment tconrse.ony apytour avictoy. aof rurn sco ak ohArs i
C ashes out of reach of the Gestapo nd course vez happy to have you run from Pskov Lake outhwers.
Si supportersorans Priest BuriedNeaBrody. northeast Uf Lwow, Chiropractic corrects
etIce Nobility are in contt with I shall see you very soon. franklin
sh.various b~ttlcront. They are llose velt son.the Russians were pressing grimly
i5Uly 22 ( hi 1* various been t klnl plare D. Roosevelt." The Rev. Father James .1cDon- In on'the Possibly 60,000 Oerm n pressure on spinal nerves
~faairLabour Chief. Ip said to have been n oakfng0plans The message came by telegraph. nell, 'or more than 40 yeirs Parish troops encircled now for three
e several thousand fOr a long thime and to have organ.nofrthe
Priest cf bt. Joseph. died at the days and roarninx through dese in diseases of the fol-
IWrkers in ,a factory .ed the revolt very thoroughly. district presbytery early yesterday forests under constant artillery i OWig
ISMGeman, asi-dou _merring. lire and bombing. 11lowing organs :
Nobility that has Black e e The Rev. Father McDonnell who Latest desoatches from Moscow
ie to do than po n ll A Pepper wa had retired from active state valuable hildhway junctions E Kars.- Nose.
a" O TN o d ing B ellor C o ministry two years ao but con- en route,;., Prussia are now in
blasphemed the tiSued to live F. Ft. Joseph where Soviet hids. Head Eye,.
ad fore~gsrls, a b hot rs
H e fottemprei asas Th bc ppe ot hase had "aboured since January --- ----- Throat, Arm,
To1 o__g e ortThe blackpepperJShorts.aaf h onem S sal H t L
itler. Headed: "The g been reSelieved y re ,, t ordination inoGovernmentStudies
c does not mea ton shipment irom India, but the Paris in October 189) he arrivedL r pi liver, Stomach.
is n. teueprlbwoeae npcaesae ih'S.Mr'eClee
tIs Won." cie to e price has risen from 21 cents to 52 in Trinidid and became ast-ol-4t Jud Panrreas, Kldne,
m taird aeto"lv ** J~lIOcent& per Iti wholesale In pacicages ated with gt. Mary's College as Goenet hrasv une cuponsde- Bowelsr, nian'ii
& i mlrenades- Every. -_ of not less than 201o, according to Dean of 'Disciplne until 1903. The government has under consider- Bowels. Lower .imbs.
Sg rnds Ever- ', Twenty-one weddings are listed the price schedule changes Issue c Colden Jubilee of his elevation to Rtiol a recommendation of His!
or to taue pace in anu around tie yesterday. the priesthood was flittingly cele- Honour H. W. Blackall. Chief Jus-
toty soon, according to notices Retail prices have risen from 21 brated in 1941 when he was the re- twice of the Colony, for the appoint-
ratm posted in the City Reglsttry yester- cents per ounce to 41 cents ground, clolent of congratulations from the Ilent of a fourth r itne Judge,
S Jul 22 (AP)- I "y. and from 2 cents to 4 cents un- clergy and Catholic community n:t the "Sunday Ouird' 4 was relia. The CHIROPRACTOR Re-
la said tht ontractng parties are: ground, only of Trinidad but :.'om many bly Informed yesterday. stores tile b:dily order that
cat sha t anl" VANt LL.,.t bacrtelrs reo:c. U. Difficulty was encountered in get- of the other West Indian Islands For some ears. i .ovlsion has means, HEALTH Keeping
to ha Armay,. Dockaite, and LIN)A MAI'Y ting the necessary export. licence as well. been made In the estimates for the SPINE Flexible ard in
kHitler conatat. DANLSRADi, pilnster, ofe wr o trol India. but tue T lnitad 'on- Some months ago his health be- four Puisne Judges for the Colony proper mchanical condition to
His es ca.BARTHOcoMW RODRImUti toi s trol BoarRd and the Colonlal Oflce an to fall and he had recently to but ihe tourt.i judge has neverbeen i deliver 100' in'rtal impulses
manufacturer, o( 43 Piccadiiy Sret, au" Ind terceded with the Indian Gov. -be confined to bed. appointed. In 1939 His Honour i" to a'l ogans is the surest way
ready to bear and Iv.cA spir eminent which fixed a prIt e 60 pel The funeral took place yester- Mr. Justice Gerahty tnade a simi- :to HEALTH
Opresere Hitlerw' for r Top.. cent hgh: than the N or iginal quo- day afternoon at St. Joseph. lar recommendation but because of t E
oS~CAR CERISTOPSUR MAUIZAn, be- nation based cI.!. New York instead __________the war the recommendation was
"mine of chelor, soldier of 1 5 Albert Lanl., Bel of c.i.f. Trinidad. th wa
ah aAt, ald ofsA Lwi .8,41U, Four other changes to come into not put into effic..
type imported from ,tre. o te, ame Headmadress.ster Made appomen 0 R..
iii ho ssa~t- 011t15s'OiiH THMAS Scbaieior, affect from tomorrow have b een vae rl ugcvlma~tslta-3 ERI
ftfttrileana, t *Batmon Piee, and ELI. made on the price control schedule. Hed atrM d owtiJde ii atr I ,-DR.J.R, PhERREI.RA, )
S/ ZA PrITROLEN. spistir, as e same m Wholesale price of smoked bloat-P a rears will be given primary con- D.C., Ph. C. 1.S.A.)
TO adde. era whach was g3.20sDer box of 181b sideration, the "Sunday Uuardian' DR. GLADYS FERREIRA, D,C,.
McDONALD WILLIAM, bachelor, ea. in P o f-Spain, and $3.25 else was told. Formerly of New York U.SA)
Hitleri"ertial artist, of 5 L iaptIie Lsne, where other than Tobago, has risen Sunday Guardian Correspondent 1 ee
GREENE u adLAN G. I winter, to $3.28 and $3.33; while lckled BRIDGETOWN, July 22.- Mr.' LEFT FOR BARBADOS 11 Frederick Street P.O.S
(P- ... REGINALD TAYLOR, bachelor, tailor, herring which were similarly sold Herbert Talma, barrister-at-law. f Miss Dora Ibberson, Social Wel- Oppcslte St. Mary's College)
prisoners, cor. of 24 Prescott Alley. and SYLVIA WIL,. wholesale at $23.50 and $23. 0 per now headmaster of Christ Church fare Officer; left the Colony on Sat- M
ttempted asassi- ON. samsren. t 6 Piim. n Laos, MBells barrel o f 2001b will be sold at /24.50 Boys' Foundation School, has been urday for Barbados, the "Sunday Mi embers, Anglo-West Indies
se ld they Eal u Ro d, ad 2.8.h'iropracti,, Assn. (Registered)
on eOHNyDlVoNimH, baehe.r, rieat. al 24.80. a pointed Police Magistrate of Guardian* learned yesterday. Chiroprac Assn. Regiseed)
hitter quarrel be- .southN cEribany borf. aSBell*eaiu Additions to the schedule are, Barbados. Miss Ibberson's visit to the nelih.
and the German ead, andX IMELDA OYNTHIA BAP- poultry feed, all kinds, priced re- Mr. Talma's appointment fol- bouring colony is not official, *it Is "hone 8694.
.dTL. 4ia14t21,0t yictora AAro- tall In quanUtties exceeding lOlb lows promtiorn of Mr. Laughton stated. =----=-:'
a t g to t at I catis peW lb and not eaced. Tay or, Police Magistrate now on
101161, A) a' x 4i.oL !babees".nr l01b at GSA C tA Per lb .ndti
memberr of an oMMo, *piati, of 1e Sane addre.' sweets-s.t retail price f 19 Mr. ne Wrd Jud Of the
--AUITON rY CaMPBEL mene. cents per 7o earto. A10ellate Court.
f(r eror, ,old1r. o Juc mtreet.*s, ..E. 1 $ RT L
t| C3LVIN CHUNO, bchetlor, typlt, 41 .m u. l
F om d 7Ifenry itracta nd THELMA oL.L1-I
SFROM PAGE 1] VMRX.. IpmeIt4r, es rk. Oa & tlcnd b.., 0
itw s an noun ed Baratarla, Ward of St. Ana's. TN E
N0omur9 hias been bacheloor, carpenter. of 18 Ba0dhurelo I1 V
ember of the Ja- treet and MARTINZ PERR. s pin.
e War Council. te.., o if54 Hermitage Roa d. lln a
er Navy Minis. KELVIN JOSEPH IJiN, bachelor, oer i
.^CIeC, Of 51 Edward Street, and MARTMA Of T0. Mo nth
ador to Wash- ANN CYRUS spinster, tenotypcst, eo ra
thte of the attack neomont Circular Road. D ohu seutpdie dlstur1aneai
) rboSre uGODWIN GODFRSK LEE, bachelor, lmak s lyourl ed nervous, Irritable,
3m16iaa Yon be" slerk, Ot f6 Park Street, andtYIN AO I dety, Sired i and &&Sda
IBB ter, heading the 0OLIV CHY QUENE, spinsUter, erk, t t" sc tes
enJ ns oe Prin a stree nt. OU"-.f suc h lI
Japan si UJohN JOaSPiJS t PH oFRIITAN, bachelor, Ta' Veg s table I6 o poI I |
00 Pearl Harbour. U.s. Naval Guard, of I4 Jubilee street, ilIM l'8V V ble to
lbinet their are two Gonzales Place. Belmont, and AUDREY1,0 re Ieh I Syptome epeIa ll pound o pthes It Bislua nom
the Tojo Cabinet. WTa PALDING, spinster, 01 15 Aber- O c8npoIs made m 1or harmful optstIsni"from
aeromby Dtret. wm Taken Ireullarly-4t bis naturt'e own roots and berbs (plus
d Yona i nmthe broad- AN r CLYDE sO. bDDIso,. UTp a .rII uatousVd s In w r 'm id to
there other Cabinet mechanic. of 10 Duke Street, and AN- uild 1tip Mistm ead s WUMsuchIVitamin 3,).aHere's a product that
GELA FARIUER. splnster, seamatress, of I-. 4i. %11wo0enhvrpotOrtedbft5 tb l buyi Also a fine to tekio tonel
lateroandGre ateri Vda, Terrace, aBelmont. C C- i iId a e rp r td b*t bolso An LsroiUo E.lotu
rr, Mamoru Sh- GEORO PAYNE, bachelor. tallor, oat A gr andtngaboutPkms ollow label directionsWorthIri.
d.1Marshal TO Trassrete Road and MILLICEIT
..A LnEXrAl spinster. seamstress o" PERSEVERA NCE CL IUB Lydia am VG LE COMPOUND

MH ALB CnA'L' U, RGORY, bachelor, civil _ ___ __Pin
A' be""- v serat. of Mon ReOD", 8s epa enado, .,~3V'~KM
t~t and ROBIN GEOFROY. spinster, steno- Our ERegular zwSundaye CHICENE~UU
Shi tda; Trans- it, tpie at of 41a Belmont circular Rod
f 'ounichatlons Yo- WALTEiR LEON FMIri bachelor, aOt- DIMNNER aNne U DANCE-
r Mtstars Af State T4i6r, U.SN. Armyd, Dockaite. and A w IIIAUDREYn
N ioia W~To"csIA BAN ILD, s st ar, d steo Ugrapher

^^fn'i'*f1 tt~ dd*.____________ Id no^^^^^^^^^^'._^_,_^. yU s Must *tIltj~rH
oga Y1 6+ $42 mrravRea d.1i u. 2 N BSl'O CL be -

=pl.++. M oonli.. _,o.,r XMv,,i erTei c
+ ISAAC POWDHAR, labourer, 2 Mount
TODAY ties, of 5s Piccadilly 5sreet.uiI n nlu n lnu ;h s
Liv er. ALVIN ABERDEEN, bachelor,carp-
a terrofrMe RaosAN lEAaNT nlEATRICEO
AMUXU.spinster, M ar eus duties.. C
orOol8VisadOLGA JAMES, j A IiII
IE D HEAD- BALKARAN. bachelor, labouret, of It V h S fe
(]t)Npl llyVista. Bells, sad V1OL?'T MlOlAMleD, F r sYouvM yS ufe Fo
Ju ly winterr. don3est,c 11'sn,%11+ Of ii Uer1LatIoo I
anounced today tet.san, Fernsndo. *eneIdI~ N eemo mn
Iasobomb- of 65 CIpero Street, San Fsrnaado, and W ENu EU re abric tng w Ps l lfl [V 15
,tern Air JForce WINIFRED REDHEAD, Ip~later," at I
Intercpt~ng AMAMUT ALLY. bacellOr, cha~ufeur,. -
Libera.tors t Thomas ,tree,Drw e.. ,. so Frod~rick Street :: 'Phone 5097. O llIU ihs e
air base with 80 ]Fernalndo, and IJAMIDAN pate, S~t~
Old Ieis Your Time

rosMoonlight" 0y3116"&hiS Tob!s
bwlifin 24 Hours
has. a55IsoI te hmr eleas
.a- r Stthl.e, be rmva k.s a.rdha.Icbn to j.al~iFou Wll .'kd I. 515' 5~,tids t wfd4
'.' ',-. .." : EIee Umimi .U l.- Ii'm, umu e, mw. sj J s,,, L3' e aimlu

motemoe 9 cm tsfl d 5'05which Sol
~~2it~'given'.uniddter Ditinguisrled 404-s
,%tigioge of H.E; the Acting Governor 01_. 111115noukm,11,t ""ur.mm
nd Mrs. Wright,=Cl f.a.
9o, aC5a IAS,, it Bohm to
AT THEU mtamV.rm h

bafti 94ayAgmu tat 8L45 pae OF e m r1
re iwillhwarwbw ovtum w0111e
A5isL 1V wD At l Son"atomUIEL






- --------- ----------------

Large Shipment-

B -
Alvino Rey,
Benny Goodmon, Bob Chester,
Coleman Howkins, Chorlie Barnet
Duke Ellington, Dinah .<,,
Earl Hinds, etc.,
Four King Sisters, Freddy Martin.


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lam .d ah Nusau6dsteI
din M= smyW fsn R ho Am&
far. ur tuspasm .iilmdelq fiuft

* l ky Slow, S '

v I

Trvndad. Beat. ",,Roet 5=0 In T.A.F.A. Opener

IBrbados Tour XI Completely Spitfire W Maple Lose 4 For 5 In Reply
Overshadow Opponents 5o0 In South To Customs' 117 In Cup Final

Sm UUB o = t at ammatb-WI*ilmg frnsU that etchedg them Ty3 Johnson. fomer wiwn eMl bowler, playing foar Outom
uMesar buon la D a*bedoS the tr tuipban Trinidad gootbll eIme Geo. des Vignes Nets 1 the DU1Bcu Intermediate al at the Oval yesteay afternoon.
Md t T PA. VU sm i a blat gy o th Gr 4 grand two-enonaod 1 4 mskitUed out two UMape bWtam=
Im4~~~ ~~ Goals To Smash, for two runst~oon t~
am" as e Qum's. ams savannah yesterday afote oa as 'ty s oal To Syh o tw rTm Roy Joseph bowled two for hwen, aw Maple wer
Las at I- a k uee a rk W ls ang< a Iteoam o w C. Y 0. 69Y In Leaguer five far four In rey to Custom' 117.
;7mms e 4 v S l Ga e toor Ce "m Thee etwo Customs speed megv- -
f'h B--,-SAN PR-NAWDO, July 22- chants in the eloelng sta&e of I
inj.tmn mlteters reA II ,h th rwrd netted four goals as apit- the pavo ba an aer bat l
Vi c taercetntr..ied ththet yesterday 8 lbay tmare e blat T' 4 Mi Wa
eed off the d Ulin t mt h Itk ffi withaA bnillt f se ire cored a 6-1 triumph over 1,an to put their tans In a prol.
ntif p of w ill jutl t Inside ft pealty area C.T0, In a S.A.F.A. First League |nent poslUon. j'% A ,'
Amamdevoto t athenwBt crond. tedslat etfiner l.andrlftthe d. ame at Skinner Park today. The game continues today. 1JI 1U l5U L 0
Ahe jpa int houa n dsof Downes deputised for him and The ame opened fast hut dwin- W &th a grand knock displayed
Igt itead. gaE the precnt ined the applause of the crowdby iukly lnte a tame affair as bylntereolosial Wilfred erguonThis -caioship we*-
o ta b rd fmied, touhe reint ba rlntave the victo literally toyed withlfor27, andarallyi ng m o o
hf the rtayig fild, to usnher so rht a d sonafter j W their ooponent. '22 turned I. byr Peter Chen, Cue- lg race from Ban Fernando to
TTnlda premier football series The me ended oonth score. wh ud Mattrice at centre-half tome boosted up a total of 117 Port-of-Span on Augusit 9 Is cre-I
In a bit way. -ovfurr chan en te se *a ul h display for Snitfire. j K. AlSSgo and C. Patrick opened -tIng great public Interest and the
Obviouly benefting from their T "- .. The inly T.Y 0. Roal came from a 'the Maple bow.e attack, and c- present-dayr aces like Ache, Mur-
lamaiw e tour, the Trinidad con- TRINIDAD:-J. GOns lves; K-. w ltv kkd y o hr -.v Pil!min. counted for four for 30. and three phy, .Atonso. Richardson, JaJ on,
batation under the captaincy of Warner, J. Sampson: R. KnowlesM. Dyer scored the fifth Spitfire for 26 reapectively. Srown. Niles, Rousseau LSid Aleyne
Maples big pivot, Prior Jones. P. Jones Icapt.). 8. Nicholsoni; MK LI. Following are the scores 'are all likely winnerna while Tobago
showed throughout the 60 minutes McClean. B. Thompson, A. Charles, Mir. ,. A. Prtv' refereed. CUSTOMS--lt inningi.s confident that Hall and Nicholsl
of play that they were superior to R. Burnett, N. Sealy. i ---- --.-- u Ager run .ut .. ................... ,will set new records.
isftis -s ru ot .... .....re-.f....
the "Rest." "T iL ErT"-":-R. merr.tt... ........ r "pr I *1The old brigade Is also well re-
Accurate pasMing, smooth and K. Cook. D. Husbands; C. Tatt. H. rinn i k t W ib wt' k ........... 2 .pre(nted.
cook., .Dr et. C en c .I;LPrk h Holder ..... 22 presented.
eas cobiatin.andclck-1 UM Frendy ric et W. F.rgUsLl1 c Clarke b Alsien 2
easy combination, and clock-like Murry (capt.), C. Dore: B. Hard" lA.. lernt, '; C Patrick b o ....... 7 Among the old-timers to attempt
sn"o.Ing,,W.,Douglas, R .. Ma he n. yC. a"Ts. oblai. .... ...,,, .. .......:,
pwerecision of acer oal mre ns for DowneR..C en.C', 1 A L. bAi- the walk this year will be Bertram
were the fctr rponble or Downe. IiailS UUay I Murphy c Clar. it A;s on '10 Dufont, one of the game's pioneers,
the Colony side's victory. Mr. R. Govia refereed the game. An eleven will be .elected from wina no out ., i and one of the most consten,*
Bertie Thompson at Inner-rlot i Wila Along Patric h e s s
an hMe Trinidad eleven. thrlled.Uhe following to represent the un- Ri Charles b Patrick...................... prize bwinnerspIn his day.
the crowd at times with clever p beaten Llortiant CC., against tie tas .............................t ning.1
dribbUng, and nearly always played LOOKie Un1eaM ror powerful Mount Vainiount C.C. Total. .. .............. ....... n athlete's career generally closes
Smaor.part in the goals scared. o Careae, at Moant in a COWLING ANALYSIS aoinmed to be at his pinnacle at
Ahamad OCharles, who netted two p.m.:- K. Alnng .. ....... .......... 13 a 3 I th f ir waters whn hat te vsi
oals, and inner-left Rex Burnett. IDookle is a hrillant centre-half C.A. Paul (capt.); J. Albner, H. Paric ..... be four walkers who have passed
A. ol,r .... 3 the a ,e of 40, apart from Roberts
he formed a trio which gave Colts' and will fill that role on the soccer ones, A. Wilson, G. Sunday, A. i.: .e ..a... ....... S t i s ho Is now4. a
Merritt. In goal for the "Rest," team. Frederick, N. Scott, E. Serrette C .Bet ...... 1 The voung stars are warned not
and his full-backs. Cook and Ht- Also on the team is Nat Mahadeo, Lopez. J. Fyfe, B. Elliott, and C. MAP-t Innn to underrate the old horses as
bad oend of troublectano th Inin f..ad avy APLE..--lt iarena,: to underrate the old horses, as
bands, no end of trouble captain of the Indian R.C. and HarveyRV Clrke Ferguson b Joseph .... 'hose who sw them on the coun-
Joey Gonsalves, who kept goal Bata cricket teams. The Hill Site recreation club .J Blackman c CharlesI b Joseph ........ 0 try road last Sunday think .them
for the winners, admirably lived grand reputton he s- Mannie Dookie noted long dis- will be playing the Unit,!d C.C, 0o 11.Cherr b T. John.on................ tr. o ad last Sd think m
for the winners, admirably lived es- n n*i. note long dis- A. Holder H T.b -; till capable of causing many pro-
tn.. .. .. .e- Preysal Village, Couv a friendly Cake not ou .................... .
tablished for himself on the Bar-YGn2 runner, w be o he m- n ut 2 TblePs to their plans
bados tour. Ho saved In masterly herton team that will leave here to-g Te Police rorce will be well re-r
style, anticipating and thwarting[ morrow playing cricket, football, grTeond.wl re H l
the best efforts of the opposingiand table tennis in Grenada. The following will represent illcapt): owIo ANA.YI T3.e race will stchardt and at am. atKeith.
Flits, rt'crention:-R. Khan (capti: DOWLING ANALYSIS The race will start at 6 am, a
forwards, In an unruffled way. ATODAY S. Kbar. A. Khan. D. Khan. w IT hnon ............can Fernando and conclud near
SEMI-FINAlS TODAY All. 'C All ,E Al. S All. T ...... AL .. 2 2 .rnan and onC n ar

THE GAMEI An eleven from the following F.. All, R. Philip, and D. Dewan -..... Port-of-Spain.
Hi Excellency had scarcely wll represent Esex against Brad- .l.th mWnll). T u n D e M r n l
kicked off the sphere when Trini-lI ford in the Pemberton KO. semi- The following will represent
dad went on the offensive, but final on St. Mary's ground at 3.30 United C.:--A. Al (cent .arim,
-k. IMAe M TDiego Martin Club
Cook broke up a dangerous right-.sam. sharp. Rh.hFrd A, Sadeck 5 Nt. 54ri Hm G olf To ri
aide movement coming from Mal- W. McKen .", a n.l.- kA. ,. adh,.lM f. andB ind
colim McClean with a timely Inter- (vicf-capt..): H. Hislop, C. Price, M. Sadeek (12th man, a
a Sio men Ma M-c K L Ch anF. rC hapri a-a --- To Aid B ind To Discuss Sports
It serious raid by the .Rest m all L. Chapman ,, ( C hap-. ..Diego Martin Recreation Club
seiu adb h Re"man F. Chapman, R, Ch~apman, H.. ---will meet at the rsdnea hf
came when energy tic. left-half Fonrose. FR. Thor-ne. A Fills, G..A eepti.. GA'meet t th residence of their
Caset Dare, egotpsssio andt- cif n d. ah, Players are .E a za 'A W in competlton In aid of St. Dun-p resident. Mr. R. M. St. Rose, to-
Carlton Dore, got possession and .and R.Pp. .'A'ayersnare stan's Association for the Blind, day to discuss matters relating to
whiged aros alvsC lt mhigh hot aed to be ow tme.- Volle all CUn ill be spo.".cred by the 8 their annual cycle and athletic
which Gonsalv's had much dliii- v!iy aiAde' ol lb ob lydsports meeting, scheduled toncme~
culty In collecting. This effort Vo y bal l Cu1 Andrew's Golf Club, to be played sports meeting, scheduled to c me|
cutw wencoll-ecting.e Thisa effrt CupA ,on Saurday,. August. 5 and Mon- off on Sunday, October 1. on the
drew well-deserved applause from K I B Ie EsperanzaAih.ve gone day, August 7 at the club links, club grounds, Diego Martin.
the tpecttor PrioreJonesK.oSingh5For8 euve a,, Mrval. There will be the usual seven-
only to see his right-wingrr muff I Lo Lomas Game T'le champlio..s played unbeaten pionship, hich has had to be Quarry street through St. Lucienn o
a nice run through with a feel on th compete uarrySre.truhS.Len___
shot to Merritt. und uo Lot h ic t s competition, winning te susnded for the duration of the Road. Petit Valley, Four Roads
shottoMrritt. uda yGariatrophy by a clar margin, whle war. T here will be stroke play and back to the starting rint.
A backline clearance by Kenny PIAICO, July 17- K. Singh, of the tearn securing becoid posluu.i an, Rg,oss returns, over 36 holes. New features of this yet 6 pro-
Warner to Rex Burnett saw the Utnited Ct'., bagged five wickets on the standing with 19 points, 18 h-les each day, in both senior gramme will be cycling and run-
inntr-left flicking over to Btrtie for eitlt runs, to help march back egiht less than the champions were and junior sections. nin events for ladies and school-
Thompson. who surprised Merritt to the pavilion Sunri.se "A" for 1142 cupholders, Aryans. Members with handicaps u to. en t o s h
with a low shot that scarcely left f o ea it on o clu fw ll metecildren
the round. Merrtt dived low at a meagre score of 25, in the third Ihe vopeyoal associationn 1 and inclusive Cf 13, will compete
the eleventh hour, r ad t hied l round of the LAs Lomas cricket which Mr. A. 261. Khan is presi- in the senior section while those
re gle ourt of ai pu itad he It was ap games Sundait. dtat. will present the trophy, on over 13 handicap wiji play in the "
a ery fine e. United C.C. in their venture oem-August- C when a match between junior semot ien
Soon after with Trinidad still piled 60 runs. the champion, Espersnta "A" and Ant e n u itl be al m tte Play At St. Joseh
pressing. Bertie Thompson tested The Sunrise "A" batsmen fell "The Rest" will take place, the club houme, and cll members
Merritt once more, this time It was easy prey to Sin zh's howling, none The "nest" wQuid be captained names tltereon. St. Joseph to play against Corin-
another slasling grounder from out- reacbing double figu res. by Mr. Pr. Cldoo, Axcelsior's ace Entries close on Thursday, thians this af'rnc,Pn in a friendly
sido "ie penalty territory The L.as Lomns "A" u'ored 120 for 6 slanmmer, August 3. at 6 u.m.. when the draw game of soccer.
Coli custodialr again drew ap- agal .Vt Mahaica. F.speranza "A" will pla: the will take place. -Guardian' team will be:-L.
plau, whenli he gathered nicevh' _____ followlng:--G. W. Sianan (capt): AUGUST MONTHLY GOLF Mel; J. Tull, W. Reece (capt); J.
Bertie Harding relieved the H. Sinanan. J. Sinanan, namsingh, The August McnthI.v Medal Davilar. v. Critchlow, L. Gitten.;
monntony in the "Rest" area. when v' e eluck, Kaffelk. Simon ,anicha- competition will be played on A. Browne, K. Jaggernauth, C. Lau,
he brought back a very difficult, Inter-Scnolol S rts ran and Cabid Allie. Saturday. July 29 at 2 p.m. at the j Clarke. E. Somara, C. Browne.
touch-line ball, and the crowd .. St Andrew's Golf Club. Maraval. li mllUimfun ilin
roared as Olonsalves held It firmly. At Ov l Au t 4 Indians Beaten 3-2 By All members are req,..'--' llllllllllllllllllllllllllnM
Trinidad renewed theiO attack. t Oval A u us t 'e note of the date, and It is
and left-winger NattilIe Sealy spoiled A u t Craven At Ping-Pong hornd that tiere will be .A g
two excellent goal movements by Under the distia;uished pat- rven t P -ntry.h 21 w e .
running off-side. The same for- roniage of the Ma.or of Port-of- Before a big gathering of table -e LL /I T. \
ward gave Merritt something to Spain, Mr. 0. B. Wooding, the tennis fans on Friday, the Craven
think about when he cut int and inter school athletic sport-s, which Sports Club captained by Wifred
put a bullet goalwards. were carded for Frisy, July 28, Pantin slammed and slashed their Tropi ac Ii I9
Neat forward combination brought have been extended to Friday, way to 3-2 victory over the pow.
Trinidad their first goal which was August 4. to be held at the Queen's erful Indian team. The Indian T o ic l L v
Charles. The sports sponsored by the Sarkar. Tun
Inspired by their success. Trini- Teachers' union will only allow In an exhibition match Noble Sar- E e llW
dad olied their second I i'm cit primary schools to particl- kar the Indian ace player was de. Nearlm sEvryes whio llv o in the Made from ol(
which was a one-timer coming from e heated by Herman Pantin, a young topcsuffrfrom liver trouble which
the boot of Malcolm McOlean. Entries close on Saturday, player, who has makings of a cauesIndigestion constipationinternationally k
McClean shot straight between July 29. champion. 21 -16, 20-21, 21-18. headaches. dissinoss. bilousun o
Merritt and an upright. loss of energy. iftthe white of your bring the j oy iN
Half .time whistle found the are yellowish that Is a certain a
Half -time whistle found the that yourLivelar Is tadfn ashw.J Z a price everyone
score rctading Trinidad 2; "The // / Ame..rican phyieisan hal re y tl-. rce every e
Rest" 0. < "/^ M ICcovered a liver tonic called "lost"
the resumpton Carltonthat ?estoreshealthysactiea to your
On the resumption Carlton LI.. A. IAh'..y BR "InK 1 t t SW. * Tt A
Downes ot mprevely acr ver In ust few days that YOUto
Down ia d got impreassvely across ff H Lf wd ' well, strong and rid of vour liver mWO- We u w to TrIaUlds
the Trinidad goal, but hi effort l bo. Get igaton from your cheol'tIt
ust graed the cross-bar. today under guaranteethat It mut Od Coffee Liqueur,. Gin L
John Sampson thwarted a good MA o ir hf h %.~If ~,yu ivrtoblso ong ak
o___p__twarte __o"_ _ Cognac, Allosh-Kummel.
movement by Nettle Sealy and
tackle Govia. Downees, who was
playing wtU.ell, centered acroe, and Children bum up energy twice as fe d \ Try for yourself You,
5oy aeon, centre-forward, tumbled us yeuI ... Active, lively children need
before the Trinidad goal Ask for them in your g
From this stage onwards.,It Was enryelig foods to keep them that
nearly all Trinidad. Goal No. 38 wayl And how children love tasty, toaety ,Ar r Club, your restauron
pame from Nattle Sealy, who al- i Kofb 'e Ca C almaluml A bowlfUl with l
most ran inside the "Rest" goal milk end ugar gives them more energy W s
with the ball. A kick across his than 3 eggs. remember, in proportim to r We In n
own g byDre. was theori in weight. yw chdd uswe up tt th, i The Drink oi
of the fourth goal. Scothise Nichol- weIght, yoW d uses ti'eat The Drink of
Sen receiving and passing to Rex eyydo.Kelel's at all s _____V__
llrunett. who placed neatly away
from Merritt.
Trinidad continued to dominate ;|],.,. THE SATURN COMPC
am II11111" Vautt~
ssm 89 Duke Street

The West Indies c +"

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wm agu; ruw aniseTteee, oanin
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uildina area noesbiliute nea

3hm. & Seis

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aninwef- smamabeebs
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71b-. ' ^--
Et***) .Lwec ^the bei yf
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-T- f

." 1


g. Sumner Races

dealt wIt ti" aNo "n bred ere. ass Tiffar
& j| fotlm pions o I past meeting, I fancy Sugar
K|)|X laorwrof mertL

-041iftSto i -P U convened me thavt v'
"dp mb t ra cid h preparation on slushy
SSJ ffor her Decembm r k -4e was not n1 to be
S-"efail" to earn | r acing on a dry track.
berlL IZ n t now history that he finlshc.
W6s .been absolutely torth, and duplicated that per.
I I o aw fomnne when up against the Bs
,heuery s Ieriou n-| i O the second day but waterr that
s some yars go aternoon, when asked to come ,it
K S2Srratf~it of/ th 4 /9 chute with the "A"
bas 61 ci 4'-a lot, he put In an .amazngly
,sbtd" a ahalf am oOd run, which completely re-
i .301 Al vtoaa the placings of the open.
improved Rs Taf.ifl A"cla mlue.
-. dltarc3 at weight' *e did not' once thereafter,
| a ..~ and his few admirers thought it
,jh an them both fit to think of him In terms, not
,i )Dezn'er, settlUng by any means applicable to the
isat only honest lDoestdto gooIness type o tho-
mMurlng stride for roughbred.
K .. II am not prepared to pas i judg-
lt that this colt let "sticky wicket." but should such
^ ly,-It seemed one inconsistency te repeated, rI am
"wio the pra.hute a .,ld I shall Join those who are
-C I and you drop '(fin- of opinion that despite beinw black
e :wll') with a bang on the outside, he may well be
uS.er last, thi horse a f- ellow" internally.
'*a birds" some amusement ortora was unlucky to have
Lis exercises gallops, as he .had his preparation interrupted
;p "tied up in ,nots, ow- when about nine days before race-
Slax lay-off from rac- day, he ".hrew Chappelin and
lo quise naturally had made back for the paddock at
K his action as far as fas top pace, arriving there minus the
p concerned. saIn on the bulbs of his l gs, which
.tbos, he raced surprising- were erased when he suddenly at-
his; next outing was telhpted ', stop on the driveway
,',s.ked forward to by leadinZ to the grand stand.
"" "- *" He had been going great guns
ec .t failure at Union up tc. that period, but as there was
tbuted to his dislike precious little time left for even
a gon, a h, n kept partial recovery he must have
jsA teet rin the races, suffered some discomfort wnen
Ski nl'r thef racest^ th
.W th flint--ke track, His failure to leave the start-
FmIt of mud durl pre. fl:t. gate with the rest of the
K!~ i ,past meeting, Sun. field remains his greatest draw
w ct I impressive i h* back, as this colt can match any-
t sand allowed withthing in our Idst for pace while
and power, that hea mile and_. distance Is not be-
-7ughly convinced that yond his getting.
M --ighty hard horse to Pippin was made favourable in
mihth. ard hos the "B' class mile, and did not
ii,, ,t to post Tallop five let his backers down, .ut I fanc'
S res, was Indeed a the game and popular midget has
aftnot only from time b b robbed -': some .dhg, ind T
l, way i which be believe that six races in three
<tn" easy to Skylark, days at Easter, have been respon-
In over the final five lsible for that.-it was asking too
S*which was run In 1.C much of too little a horsec with
t big a heart, as he carried
,that if this horse plenty of lead in those starts,
,O'vincingly after such against tough enough opposition.
e exercise work sr '-n| .oay, six furlongs In this
She was due to run company impress me as LeinT too
his opponents tinls short for him. as his palpable
V with the flylni loss of early pace demands hard
the field. ri.Lir.g th. :ghout, which is cer-
Sno secret that the tain to take toll, especially when
id t a fei days ,-.:ore the leaders are iot likely to
iexert advice from ICONTINUSD IN NEXT COLUMN]I

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Ponte-a-Pierre Laundry Service
have pleasure in announcing that
thy hove established a depot ot
WE9 oSE OWmm tW fE tUmLIC Asl rsoM
4r, 17th JULY, 1944
:' O3 E-A- eP~3 ~ROAD, ISeier, P.A.r. 1 4
1 Chacen Street) SAN nNA MDO.
te-a. & pler-, epet, La F'd:a-lgj
IIW^ 'iuiii~wiii~uffiiwMimiHIniiin IIn t HSw



for Colds, Inflweza, Headaches,



oblige, bY 'mlng back to him
any part of the ground.
f was pleasantly surprise to see
E,*.nette win, as I thought before
the race that either Scarva or Sun-
shaft would have bemn capable of
collaring her before hailf-a-mlle
was traversed, but Edgar Crosaley
rod4 a clever race and at-no time
rultted the still speedy mare
more then a two-length lead,
thereby maintaining reservatlcn 1
"slacken but" in case a challenge
had been forthcoming There was
no serious challenge however, a! d
Croasley got her safely home.

The Chinese Community is invited
to attend a mass meeting at the
Kuoming Tang Hall, 19 Charlotte
Street on Tuesday 15th August, 1944
at 8 p.m. sharp, for the purpose of in-
augurating the new Chinese Associa-
tion. The Chinese Consul will preside.




From pmeemt.day synthetic rubber tires, it
is imperant to observe thee two, simple,
driving rules:
1. Drive slowly t all tin*- stop
mend ert slowly.
2.Keep tires properly In-
bld, end do not over-

Aid to be sur. you
Pet the fnt synthetic
mublb tire that ean be
built today make
an Aketre youMa& !
Ja e" do name




lfe ,.><*. *, -.


SWA de Verteuei e k
Wins te Fleet-Colts To Open T.A.F.A.

Chess TiHe' 1st League Series Tomorrow
Climaxi-g %t Bne rn of ucsses F1le0t Air Arm. 1944 T.A.P.A. champions, vill clash with the power.
sin last year, F. W. de Verteull C Olts team in the opening first league match on the Association
W p i the Ot rOiDnWClub chase ground in front the stand.
PionshiP tourliausesjt and became
the frst layer to register a liesn Fleet just got in the "first five",...---- --...
on the beautiful Aschendorf silver last Year then proved themselves Gerald Remy. ace full-back, Ran-
S UP. almost unbeatable and took the dolph halls and Sonny Thomson,
le i tert l Op.nd win, 4 1ponshp forwards and Oswald Branker, out
Tiss Lest year in Vie opener colts Dicky Thomson Will fill Remy's
1of the asm Club championship, beat t place opner Col e Anthony Haynes,
Sthe last one occurring 1 Q.R.C. will play Sporting Clubieadg Soul centre-half; Gordon
His core was seven points out on 'dnescay, casuals meet St. Beson and Winston Clarke will
of a possible nine, and he was Mar. on Thursday, while Notre till up lor the other three vacan-
closely followed by M. MeGarnon. Dame and Maple will come to grips cl: s.
$1/ points and C. Kernkraut 6 on Saturday. I$hetield, on the other hand,
points. Following are the fixtures for the h.%ve an improved from line and
J. 8. Quashie. the former cham- week:- with Hall assisting Baptiste and
plon, was placed fourth with 6 M First League Kennedy the tussle on the whole
points. Mon.-.A. Arm vs. Colts. Re- promises to be nothing short of a
SThe Aschendorf cup offered for feree, Mr. Eric Almandoz; lines- real thrill r.
competition by Mr. Aschendcrf, a men, Mr. Carlton John and Mr. South will see their first college
city merchant. will become the Russell Govia. Clash oni Tuesday whi n St. Bene-
personal property of the chess Wed.-Q.R.C. vs. Sporting Club, dics meet Naparlma.
player who succeeds in registering referee, Mr. K. Rambert; linesmen, For the first time In years Na-
two liens upon It and is Intended Mr. Sonny Moore and Mr. L. Jar- parima won their initial engage-
to stimulate the quality of chess dine. .. ment and as a result will go out
play in the Colony. Thup.- Casuals vs. St. Mary's; full of hopes. The Saints suffered
The early tournament struggle referee. Mr. H. Burnett: linesmen, a 4-3 defeat at the hands of Lease-
was very keen, C. Kernkraut had Mr. S. De Silva and Mr. N. Kll- holds last week anld will go all out
the lead most of the way in the gSour. to s.op Naparima,
early stages. Then de Verteull Sat. Notre Dame vs. Maple: re- The full fixture list is as follows:
smashed his chances with a decil- free. Mr. Meryvyn Grell: linesmen, Mon. Commandos vs. LanIes
sive defeat. Mr. N. Laurayne and Mr. George Tues.--t. Benedict's vs. Napa-
Nevertheless Kernkraut deserves De Mattos. rilna.s
credit for defeating both J. S. Match starts punctually at 4.45 Thur. Leaseholds v Victoria
Quashle and George Stanford in p.m. Sat. Carlton vs. Sheffield.
his encounters. Referees and linesmen who are
Most steacsy player in the tour- unable to attend are asked to no- --
nament was M. McGarnon. tify the hon. secretary at an early
Tomorrow evening there will be date. 1 T
junior players. dThe following will play for Colts T l G t BL i
F. W de Verituli Pr.w witvl'N Carl bnd F.c. vs. Fleet Air Arm:- For
o. Mxrtn won from C Kernkraut R. Merritt: D. Husbands, K. '
.4.. iabd wn y dfaut"ro,, vFrot'D Hsbns z r~r llmJ ~ ~ l
T Ayb 1*" I Cook C. Taitt, N. Evans icapt.), v J --
M. McOarnon won from R. Ronaln. J. Simmonds P. Peterson. S. -----
J. p. O .nrahi wo. by de .LmIt frwmI Moore. J. Harding. B. Thompson, Sunday Guardian Correspondent
oo. Stanford. C. Dowries. Reserves: C. Weekes, SAN FERNANDO- Toll Gate,
FINAL *COMEs N. Winin. 1944 Raiamut Cup First Class
Players Played Won N.A.F.L. GAMES cricket champions, will make a bid
i F. w daeverieull ............... 9 Northern League'gamnes for the to defca Maiple, and capture the
2- M. Mc<,rnon ............. weirk to be played on the league's Ell-Ja v Crickei Cup today when
3--..C. Kornfrawit .................S 4
4 -o A '. Qut........... i ground, near the All Saints' Church, the tennis citin.ue the final tfor
0 (K 0 Martin ... ............: I 5 are as follows : thiq '1o'.1v
7:. Bnnon .. ..... .t................ -1 Division "A" Map lima\e been able to muster

referee, Mr. Ken Lauhlin. pavilion for oili three v u ts.
Mon. Chlnfse vs. Modern Sec- teresti -i' %ag, pronsis.in to haiIe a
Arouca School Sports ondary School; referee, Mr. H. h"a'r-raii, -i ".n.
Ward. The.'o', .
Carded For August 7 wed. Essex vs. CY.O.; referee, Mall 97. .
The sixth annual sports meet- Mr. Geo. Cumberbatch. 1 Toll U', tw" io ik'Ls for three
ins of the Arouca Government Thur Saboteurs vs. Chinese r..s,
School will take place on the "B'; referee, Mr. J. Blackmailn.
school grounds on Discovery Day, B.. ,SPORTS S ORTS
Monday. August 7. S.A.F.L. FIXTURES Sunda The programme will start with Sheftield and Carlto" -'"ill oppose OEOR(T'iOWN iBv MailI
a walklni race open to residents each other in this we; SA.F.A.I Tw(nt-six lhores have been en-
of the district, and 4'll conclude spotlight game. They in ,*t on Sat-h iird ,for t!c Dnmerara Turf
In the afternoon with a dance in urday and their elasn should be a club's C o'.n-dv -'"it to loe held
aid of the school funds, flerv one. on W('dnlesda.%. Auigust 2 and Satur-
Carlton's team will be without t v Aln,.ilst 5,
1 II--I

AiulOUgSI -Supplies will be short
for a long time.

Every Pair

SMade to Wear





For Men





C'. L. LtCKY
rJijM.CI VAo.A. i.o.
Ophthalmic Optician
1 Park SWret. r.O.s.
US Coffee Street. San rae.


S e 1 ,-- Ada EN-
Spencer J. Kirton, Ltd.. 2 Broadway, Port-of-Spain

I suffer from...



1T haeirri, th is. our, r it rnr l. (or your car'l m r. rdioi.l7
anil rmli f hrt el.l, i tl i r i l istrm. Sometliml Iiamitd driving
dol.r'i git i hr haitry ) Ai flilt, cha rit. That's why h's so impormle
in *thrk.up iht he rr *evrry, iwo cwt. %'*ir Ford D dler will bj
gl il 1( it ihis lor 3m mAs parip o hii reular nmia nintenance snice.

i0-flPiOTnCTIVl' 1RVICI... FOR Allt MAKIS'O CAlli

When you buy

a Catierpillar

Tric you buy

When you buy a CatenrpillaTr
tor you buy not only tlhe fine
tractor mad-And If you dout
that ask M Army. Narvy WA
eMarines from the Oactnva m W
Admirals down to the bucpk Pprco
and ratinp whose every mov e 0
eludes We useof thousands of be-
loved "Cats" on evry front-but m ou Woi b
an assurance of a evic t the igestae qutt uI
1ore in Triidad there Is a stock of over Tl,00a Worth of CaterlaIr p ae artm
Maintained and andd ,by men who have had yeRrs of experience i teen the
eeoad of Cat4rpllUr owners in Trinidad. Tralped mechanics under expert sperlto
m avaable for crrIfg olut repais and ovfthauls, Technical adv-i e bum don
experience is available from men who have sold and serviced tArlta tOr e
ebe the first tractor--a Caterpillar-was imported Into the colony,
this reputation of Caterpillar Tractors In Trinidad has been built on the mom behow
the* and evidence of the oRtisfaction of Caterpnilar owners 1i me la tI faIs"
tUerare more Caterpillar Tractors itoTrinidad than blI other makes combiae 04
In the repeat orders which have been placed by reuanbsibe conce*r such a og
00mpaniM l sugar estates, Goveftment deprtment ate,.

Caterpillar Tractors & Engines
,. a... u M ,-Imr S. ib.l








-mL m I- ,-l ,IWm Be TO . J. o0i ,"02 i I -".I- t a-MmIw

Litma Taw1 41W
ageta. 42. II a l- un
Also 4u US viAmsa aBTSbmq

-I ____ .. lu. ,n-----ii g i n pwa f L '__. f -n. --
_ Yn M OST=. d Y" ... W i" S-

"A I, Bigvall 11010 suam C LWL g?-
lod;WDO aw Oisi t Ammon A~Of~te k -~
Folom oo.Arm a g Ialy Lsma 'ISe em-rn red.11041W. ,*JodyeI&
1= 4aIS--anne
N' m -ora .I" .I arm eS oSo6A COVE' Ne

1! IS Bfefi^^^ ^%^^wbResort
,-, ^r B^ f^^^^-^^^ ,^ ,, W .-- ,,H^ H m -l- j?*3St-- .k ,-^->..m i.*.- +,+ *.- ~-I ...... .+- '-t + __, W --.! +m,,,,t~ _to _ TVf it .....^' _
Sc.e6. nd-1.Soid 3 e A I e iatd-
for im asc almSw.1mi ie q~pM~ NiI~Vedli.

uBs -I" -7 ^ i f - Mi- e~* > i o.* M- B O N bswanW P- C '*P -. - Bs, '"Sr Sl win F Ht AOS -M 01 *
-, .A .. ..,L. . Ld ,..., --,,.4 a A oW o
I L.a JO -g Od eeT teon- OwesRd& 0S.1 i I 504 o
of loom Me4 r! NwrKW. 0 i.

- __l.,_ ~ a~i. M fi lif' rfi- " __ _ nsa *--en P_ .. n o- +.---, ohs "p_ t.-an ,,_. S t 2, 5I io .

/ -,,. S __fi _B^^ ar S_ fco J.^S _,Sa__' S2 ?; ,i ..... ..... y.^,__.^ S rM.:+ l w m _._ u .mrvr,' l.lw "n, i".X .m.. .-. mm w knw I -BB cova .
etWmI sesame. omo1i. an I lio-bodw OVA o

A;INNON-9 : wooer. VMUtmi MbBw "Sunam ILo Sr Re.d
L how,,umea, P!-. etc @pTd vowO.
MOT JV6-nMado- 3!:My.aVtniolt &bowt# -oost. ebjn* You = M2.60; blo
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-A beauty-m.. .
Modem HreM b
thing" Cascade.
picton St.. poUl
-Barpan ....
Large Propet y
2 aeres flat land,1I
7 Champs Elysees |
-neat Cauntmrr1
-Fmers to Saddle Read-
eM pty ........
Bf'mont Vailry ii
Cottage-(aris m
Pameswio .
5 OvM Alley, up
I S'e.t--Rentl I
W19 Wetern MaI!|
-pomelon ..b
Extra Large HB
S a4 rem land, f
I19 Quary Street,
I m--u3L .... ';
I 4 6se"e 9uw(
I Jme new.
S Cumberbateb I
Belmnet-New 4,
New Bungalew-.i
4 Eat 5Hil ..l
If Gataere and i
8 s'. omrr-e
SIM *S Home

Sand Meral ....
3 New Rungul
* Dig Erate*-TMJ
Ask 'fo
= MO e-31 Cha
IN.D.-L.G.T. Is
Syomr lproCn3
Stale: No M

Tab'e Tennis'
oysterr Cocktails|
. DINNER this"|
NCING to the

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17 oz.Tin *
29 ox. 10;

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YORK'S LUNCH 61b. 5 a:
12 ON.Tht.. T 61b. 10ox.
SIc,. per b 0o. 125.aW

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