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Trinidad guardian


Material Information

Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Full Text

-L as

iANmI m A 4M,, LA.



*- ."., % ut r ,
* i ^ .;...

.'^*f ?
-, ra S l'P
." ..^ . ,

:i ** I .. .* ,> "- '
" "IL' y .^ 4' .

i i.f

epping Stone

* !' .. -S -"^
S ." \ ,-.,.

to .e ... .. .*.
l.U ^,. .- fc

l 4.-^. ..'

-the southeast with Increas- |.> . ; .. .'
rtllerfe across the river j U V, "
Red Army advance 0"
.K the middle of Lithuania .
t -nams, And MarthalI.
H First Ukrainian Army '.. '
clavelopsgentof the Nat Na *
at Lwow. Like the north- G.-ita
o bastion at Brest-! ;tovsk,
M is on the verge of falling .
several da with the
onl five miles away.) M
announces more Soviet "WS
between Brest-Utovsk ,,^^ ^ ^ ^^- kf M **....*'* M
and the Russians have
theRiver Bug on a front
r 40 miles. In the same.Z
* t have cut the German
Oi route and railway running
From Brest-Lltovsk to Kolmhn
the offensive has also i Unit ed State troops in the South lP fole In another thrust at
progress. Japan's rintg of outer defenses, invladed iGuam, in the Maraas.
_----, a little momre than 100 m1lies south of captured Salpan In the
*Ali TURN TO PAOE I COL. 6l amTe group. Guam, a former United Stastesa base, ws oapiured
._________________ by the Japanese In 194It.

SesIn Aitape Americans Secure
'pDesperate Am rcn
W OGUNEA. July 21 (Reuter)
Was announced today that
Amrcnso tl firmly held
---New o-ft s Many Beachheads
k after sharp repulsing an
ft The asault
msde on Wdnsd ItM
"Of'%70n1wOn Guam Island
L. This southwest end of the
Mican N along the Driniumor.
.is 21 mie east of Aitape.
s3 o1m m thesto By CHARLES MOMUTRYT
lCtanto omN soth PEARL HARBOUR, July 21 (AP) Under powerful air and sea
s'10 B'.t t BC. anAOn-the-spot Support. American assault forces Invaded Guam yesterday, secured
~ fthe fighting in the
IW 'fi the north hew multiple beachheads and today slashed their way inland against
da g j .moderate Japanese resistance.
W .eak*SV tng d" Thi sbid to recapture theaftr t
-Wbythe lIlan an bit oft Amerleaa ir d seled b ,co d
River, Jufli ft, Japaues was no, Vw r oiir L
on< In beore dawn by Admiral Choitr
east, In Washingto
so4 eguntry parctTly N IXin I tsPacific
it mle east of Aitape, a Commander in- W as n t
.Wn which Allied troops hold. Chief, In a terse W a h n t
Wt Was told that the Japanm- communique. -----.
Oat If only they could iet Admiral Nimitz LONDON, July 21 (Router) -
~e they .Would find t did not mention
4 Na9vy waitlng to take a asi a t ei t Lord Beaverbrook, the Lord Privy
Sback to Japan. He gave but ew Seal, arrived in Washington today
___. ____ __, details of th e
amphibious opa- after one of the Outatamding
Srkers Ur aetdlon ? that find flhts of the war. He lft Lon-
iw r rsUrg0the America0ns don soon after lunch tcday and
Un at"ed Msts tes- the 1,150-mile journey Was
SJoin Revolt uif' tfo th^is ^ I^2'n?^ i uao first time ince non-stop 19% hours.
*00. July 22 4 am. (AP)- their reca Ursr lord Beaverbrook6 who Is head-
vea of inter tloal of Kiaka and At- r Ig the British delao to the
aims have broadcast an tu In the -Aleu- on talks, was P a sseng I a
l f the B.B.C. to Gleman tians. ? famous A.P. Transport om-
tiIn workers in Germany A Fleet spokes mand Liberator.
6M the revolt against Hitler. m an, however, Adm. SPRUANCK The Liberatcr left Montreal for
cadeast said in part: "The said: "All the landings were Of- Britain on Tuesday afternoon. It
111 generals have challenged fected In all areas as pro- was this particular Liberator
l power. A rival centre of crammed." This suggested that aircraft which took Lord Swinton
lytolhas been created in op- Guam's d fences had been more and Colonel Oliver Stanley on a
n to the NaZi regime. The thoroughly neutralized by non-stop journey of 3,10 miles
04 people have been given ay of unprecedented o mbings from London to BathuratIn just
I tIlat the military leaders have nd shelling than on bloodSAlinder 16 hors. It was also used
a every hope of victory." pan 1 Amer northward, won thee by Admiral Mountbatten when he
I broadcast urged the workers man. American fell on lthe ew to india to take up his
rto to t put their mess As the ground forces swept over command.
_ttito the fight to upset Hit- ou..n s a nores, battleships and .. -
On clique and end the war. other units of Admiral tymo.a S NAZIS DOWNED
than .500 German officers Spruance's mighty Fifth Fleet
Been arrested, including manly hammered the enemy defences at LONDON, July 21 (Router).- It
k trusted S.. divisions.' close range. Overhead, hundreds w.5 announced tonight that air-
--- of carrier 'planes of the speedy craft of R.A.F. Coastal Command
task force commanded by Vice- anna Canadian squadron of the
te Flashdes Admiral Marck Mltacher, flew in Air Defence of Oreat Britain be-
------- co-ordinated sport, bombing and tween then destroyed five enemy
W aly 2% (AP)I strafing qvry i-et in sight, bombers while on patrol off Brest
W J-this afternoon, All the aircraft re-
14 N.3A4ttm QUICK OLLOW-U? I turned ately.
An karatnpt _
14 *"*dw e reHwids -d Thus, for the second time with.-
4S1"1 weewidsread in ve weeks, American marines G ov
akaen __ and Infantry drove their way Into
w YO4 Jy u (Ay ) Japan's i nner island defences-the v e m n
e tYORK, Jul Ma(3).- rlana. cm esta w
&S*AdJL!^ a dThe invasion came led than twoy, R m d
nbd ,staSeS Sr weeks after organized resistance
L r-essg "et -w ,,ended on Bsipan a nd n ay wee -- j
Bapil e of Sying l. = after Admiral Nimitz had said his
stiS dLJ -V * tA forces would capitalise on Salipan
u 6IAfB 1 "with all the means available." The Trinidad Ohamber of CO
of eJr.InMsd.. In command of the amphibious . p
i22? L "I"10 U Ull lt K thrust was Rear-Admiral Conolly. of Mr. R. Lange, undnmouy Pa
a, P"'9 fg A to le, veteran of many invasions, Includ- to take Ilmedlate steps to remed
o"rv *r f least In get- Ing Sicily and Salerno in the Imdae p t reet
FInp..l -readies for Italian campaign and the tGilberts i Mr. Lange accepted a uggestiuNUan,
_[0vt em"l'geny." 'teN and Mareshall In the central Pact- Iby Mr. Cecil Hope Ro a de-
'to he same oerft an Bc. I leted a claue which read "and
*b i&" year tkw a -w A veteran of Guadalcanal and if necessarM y to invoke the fullest
I* sipaa. Bougainville-Major-General Roy powers of the Defence Regula-
------- Geiger. of the Mrine Corps--om- UOa "
2. (3 w ) .mended all the expeditionary A the members who spoke on
-- ie tor. the relution said ey did not
0-=& ad' Guam. with* Its e~lt et Apra Iitend that Government should
sieg the lv es Harbour on the western site. will take over the right of the City
Of Ge wamwl i afford ananchorage and base ft- o nncil. but felt that,having re .
EP~ --^ ^tel Wasie not possible on Salpan. It icrd to UMhecrirouciie of the
Bf a WalIewM 1will be a potential springboard for situation. Governmit should co-
a"S 1 Gm ewn further thrusts westward Into the operatefu withthe Ct COM-
"Puta poesI. n atmil aw.y ,oor I t'wm h
2 eue" ta PhlippHlea, 1.500 miles away, or CU so that an sdequite water
Crolkade -Mcra t to China coast. It will u pv could be obtainedt
oil *S ei strengthen the aian bae t fra rinn= thediscussion.,MrA owe.
which user-fortress raidi can be D ie suited the appointment
made oa Japan. oI
0The^ mfoes~t devastating airadfgullpo s to do whatevrwas
9% 4A 86M @fse bombardment of the PpelIr 96 JS M" d Wt er.
epeefkma wariL*'8*'"^1* semj'4e the incursion of l toprovdewtr
'ga g- Sr.y th Ouasa 7r 1? consecutive *ay stIG1onbatted read:-
etSsy No-ft" aee ymult t taret on the island ai sis o
WSaehe ii* smw., was* plastered with bombed 37 car'- :ZxSeiaSLasn.etieonsof
-umor no nteet shelled
t o," t ster.'pFanes, Pm nine days war-- as,
*Mb l Iely. ~ bl "d l": *^ fittfBi and
hl--d-- am betlipe, Packin Ub w R sch iweitafs h an.ever
^ U SSS A "* ei vdi'a S. in ^ t in 'Mthe java7e oft
Ouman* ae" -a 'on &": 1
'stohwsbejes- M~eaning up, blm55tig Ire be in thin6
NNW andin veforI edas raiunnn. -bIf rdm sa

WI3A55 'inum~~;";z~ag ~ ma., 'U



nMeroe yesterday, on the motion
ed a resolution urging Government
the water saltuation in the city.

In The Cdamber
() Reeolutlon urging Gov.
ernment action to remedy
city Water situaUon uaial-
mously adopted.
(2) Oovernment critlcised
over Control Bod Inqulry
(31 PrIdS L e uU-on

"arb Cham ber p Omngd lri.
r(41 T7ht~padtg & o taelate
Mr N. A.Rbom
(5) Upeed-Mv of shipping
Claims svettl--met re-wita
I likely In near fstuwv
1 A (1Chambe r p ped its qt
U.S. surplus stom prior to
f1i War risk ismUrnce pre-
mIum cut welcomed.

Bombing Reduces
Nazi Oil Smun in

Nazis Claim Collapse Of Ploti,

Against Hitler And Wiping Out

Of 'Clique' Of Conspirators
.^ M 1 iii .1- l a11 O n r i. 1 111 .ii ii n i 1 1 i * i 1 11 1 i. ~ ..1.ini i ^ ~ r ^^ - ^


Allies Push

On In Italy

Nazis Put Up Suicide
Resistance Across Arno
River Banks
:WMX, July t1 (AP) A-Mi-
san Infantry and armour ;
ed out new gainu SaLong a L--
iront, but ran into trouble en the
north banks of the ArMno IrVW,
whae strong reaarud aWNWlde
detachments bitterly contested t
river's crossing. ad poured a tar-
rent of mortar aand nti-tak au-
tomaWlc arms fire. Patrols which
succeeded in fording the stream
l attempted to probe the German
defences. The Germans had the
Advantage of stLrong pillboxes and
extensive nminefields, and utilised
the terrain for defensive purposes
with exasperating Teutoni eM-
North of the battered city of LA-
vorno troops pushed rapidly for-
ward, but the city itself was still
under harassing fire of heavy
enemy artillery from high ground
above Pisa, and engineers found
themmeves confronted with the
harbour which was blocked by
herculean task of reclaiming tile
hulks and at least 16 sunkn ships.
The Poles crossed the Esino
River along a 15-mile front, and
swept rapidly up the .tdriatic in
pursuit of the retreating Ger.
mans. In some sectors they made
gains of several miles In depth.
notably near Areuo and west of
the upper Arno valley. Further
inland Eighth Army troops found
Citta Dl Castello strongly held by
the enemy, and at once began an
encircling movement which would
cut off the defenders, or compel an
early evacuation.

Truman Ousts

Henry Wallace
tAP).--Senator Harry Tguman was
nominated tonight for the vice-
1.'esildency of the United States on
the second ballot by the Democra-
tic Convention.
Truman thus replaces Henry
Wallace as a running mate for
Roosevelt's unprecedented fourth
term bid.
Wallace led on the ballot by 4201
to 3190 but one after another of the
itatss supporting other candidates
threw in their lot on the side of
Trunwn on the second eount.
The final official tabulation was:
-IUmna 1,100; Wallace, o William
Douglas; 4. a"sent v: owa iia2L-

fore t e on nl by Richard
Mitohell of Iowa.
Senator Pepper. In seconding
Wallace's nomination, xtailed Wal-
Ae, tha tnhip of the Good
-ehubour Polio,
e nuame o tor Scott Lucas
if Illinois was also placed before
the convention, followed by that of
Paul V. McNutt, of the War Man.
power ou0mm11on. -enatce Albea
Sy'seR name was an entered
bdore W _u wvUGim
& When the 9000if M- opened
th% nm of Senator Joai IaN*-
head of Alabema wu fistl~aedin
the nomination fory vi E .
As the session o vkice.
president Henry a Iowa
ad Senator Harry Truman of Mis-
souri were connected to be thelead-
lng contenders for the post as
Roosevelt's running mae.
Truman after his vlce-presiden.
tial nomination told the convention:
"You do not know how very much
I apIreclate this very great honour
which has come to the great State
of Missourt. There a also connected
with it a great responsibility which
I am perfectlv willing to sssvme. I
expect to continue the effort which
I had been making as a senator to
help shorten the war and win the
peace under our great leader,
Roosevelt. I accept the honour with
all the humanity a citizen of the
United States can assume In this
Mr. Wallace said "the cause of
liberalism has ueen further ad-
vancedt by the development at the
democratic convention" and an-
nounced he would heartily support
Roosevealtl'Truman ticket.

action Urged

rave Situation

Allied Infantry

Cement Positions

Below Caen

ARY FORCE, July 21 (AP)--lTtisth and Canadian infantry cemented
their positions below Caten to a depth of five miles and smashed back
heavy counter-attacks as the Germans struck through ra:n and mud
that mird ihe main Allied drive toward Paris.

I- Enemy coun-4 -
1ter-att.,cks d'" R a
'veloped near st
Martin de fonte-1 Radio Voice
nay, five miles
lujr...,So o.. south ot Caen m
which was cap- Ur Germa
w,'/ ured in a b1and-p:
t ig rainstorm btl | 0fl
the Cansdlan. R evolt
%W The communique .
mt.., 1 said the Gern'ans' LONDON, July 22 ,. an,. AP,
threw tanks into, A raoiu .%pkAer walo %as igcitli-
the bitter strug-1 liru as a ICinan oj.,:(, purpoA,-
glebut werehurl- I W using ranicurt striUon, ap-
ed back wit.-i p.'ae to hi.% lellow oincera' nlot o
i L losses. i sLcn toi HilI rs oroier s but t"O-
tUn. MONTGOMkV V Nearby St. An- li'vei Germany ol the Nata systenh."
dre-sur-Orne was captured by the Normally Frankfurt satloi" would
Allies in the day's most significant be closed at that time.
gains. Tlhe Germans were also| AItr the talk, however, the *a-
Sforced into a slow retreat west of ,ton cont0'alued to play inusic.
I Caen. Uroadcastlnig on the Frankfurt ra-
General Montgomery's forces dio wavelength shortly after 2 in.,
captured the village of Monts, til speaker declared "Action on-i-
only three and a half miles north- tinues in spite ot the death of
east of the highway centre, Lount Von Staufletherg." The
Villers Bocage. but the Germans announcer introdiicd the ioadcabt
still held out In Noyers, two miles by saying. 'Achtung, comrades If
Seat of Monts. First reports said Achtung, soldiers Achtung. lis-
the British had captured Noyers teners In (lermany! Stand by for
but headquarters later made an an announcement of thle utmost
official correction. Importance. Do not leave your
S Headquarters said there was no, radio sets." Then the speaker said:
fighting inside this sector of the "My comrades, by order of the
i enemy stronghold of Evrecy as re- Commancer of the Army Oroup of
ported previously but the British Resistance, I announce that Col-
a hrld the railway station Just north onel Oraf Von Stauffenberg obeyed
of the town. our orders and dealt ;ie fl'st blow
SDespite the breach In his de- against tile Nazi Government.'
Sftce line. Roinmel appeared to The si aker continued. "The|
*tv1 0 heked the onslaught in the initial action ptaga'nlt Hit-.
#|onM withoumkut o tt nM i Pn 1- le 1 (l*e vtoe. 00461on Yon taut.
UP divisions whih he a ..l rI dead but general aeti s
hoarding for a counter-attack or a continues. WP German officers
Future decisive tcrt of strength. A are- waiting a battle agAinst Hitlor
36-hour downpour which turned land his clique,. -elentlesaly. and
a th,- farmlands to mudifelds helped unhesitatingly and shall fight un-
"The weather fa the first tin Util this criminal regime has bees
a since the Invasion'was bad enough finally eztermbiated. It I nottrue
to Interfere with the ground. opera. that the revolt and rei tance
lion," S..AZ. sokemanmovement has colsa Ged.urffan
tion." B..A.Y. ook~stillaftcers and soldiers should stand
I mle- "ft ham been a R eriouS Obwtogether now to wipe out the rotten
stacle to a etylish armoured opera- Oatapo stem, and the Nael clique
. .. ... who are leading Germany to in-
But even before the fields were evitable ruin and disaster. Now
softened, Rommel's mobile defence Is the time to act swiftly and
SOf anti-tank iuns-studded with energetically."
SI's which are deadly against tanks The German officer said: "Every
at over a mile range-hsd forced officer has a duty to offer armed
the tommies to take over the as- resistance to Gestapo arrest. Let
Ialit. Hitler look out and not take too
The Canadians slammed back a much for certain there Is more
Oermon counter-attack In moder- than one Stauffenberg. There ae
ate strength on their sector and Stauffenberghs here in thousands."
slolged through St. Andre-sur-Orne At this point. the talk ended
Intt St. Meatin de Fontenay, five abruptly.
mil-s from Caen. ____ _______
Two miles to tho fast. tommle's
held firm at, Rourgitebus. Eitht
'triles east of Caen they outflanked T TTR
Troarn tn the north and south II I1
against stiff resistance. CA iNiNU

man Sudetenland.
The targets attacked were at
Brux, Suoetenland. The enemy
threw up a defensive smoke screen
compelling the Fortresses and Li-
berators to use instruments for
aiming and the damage was difi-
cult to estimate.
The air lorce did not identify
the targets for which the bombers
made the 1,400-mile round trip.
srux, northwest of praha, is
southwest of Dresden.
The bombers, and their Mustang
and Lighting escorts, encountered
heavy flak and many enemy fight-
ers some of which were shot down.
Other aerial battles occurred when
Liberators, with Lightning es-
cort, bombed rallyards at Mestre,
four miles west of Venice.
1,900 U S. 'Planes
Over Germany
LONDON, July 21 (Reuter)
In spite of bad flying weather
yesterday, Allieo aircrai maae a
number of attacks on enemy troop
concentrations, positions and trans-
port round and far behind tWe
battlefront. Even worse weather
today virtually stopped al air ac-
tivity but the Americans had some
100 aircraft over Germany. 1,100
of them heavy bombers. They wer
escorted by the iargst number ol
Eighth Air Porce fighters to take
the air at one time.
The bombers attacked war plants
inside Germany. A was tte
hilrd day running that more thin
10W aTr b had been t
00slaa. -,r they struck at
Wowato~ an c bat>4 i
works In tautof Qra.l
was ood e eover ome of the
targts which allowed the bomb.
aig'n tto se their objectives but
otherS hadto attack their t let
through od. According to the
eaenv radio Allied bombers have
also flown into Oermany from the
south today.
RAP. LanasterM and Raiatel
last night bombed two of the ar1g-
t oil plan t sit l working U1e
Ruhr. Two other force of bomb'
era heavily attacked Ooutral, a rail
centre in Belgium. where all three
main northern routes to France
In northern, France flying bomb
installations were attacked twice
yesterday by RAY. Lancasters and
afa esx cworted by Spitflres. One
of their target was a site thought
to be connected with the enemy's
threat to use long-range rockets.
Mines were also laid in enemy wa-
ter and from all these operations
40 R.A.F. bombers are missing.
The Luftwaffe tried to Interfere
with the bombers flying from Bri-
tain today, but a screen, of nearly
800 American fighters put In such
ood work that on*y one bomber
formation eame i for trouble on
any scale. The bombers shot dowr
10 enemy flghters and the escort
added dl more. German anti-
aircraft batteries did all they could
to make up for the Luftwaffe's
comparative failure end the Ameri-
can pilots described the flak as
American losses In this British-
based attack were 35 bombers and
11 fighters. Today's daylight at-
tacks followed an extremely busy
12 hours over Germany and Ger-
men-oeoupled Europe by the R A.P.
In that time Allied bombers
dropped more than 4,500 tons.

London B.A. Exam.
Not Cancelled
kamin1aaLon for the London
UnieSity BA. (General degree
delayed through non-arrival oi
the utmmon papers will begin on
Ma, July K the Information
OIeannounced yesterday.
Due to the early arrival of the
paper in British Guiana, permit.
1# the examinatIon to be held
there aecordln to schedule,
it was feared that the examination
might have been cancelled here.
A eable received from the unl-
venlity pstrday, however, asked
that te examination he held so
amiagad and aot eanefled.
,Tin amanaso, an well as as
ether e10atSaMNa for which on-
try asee mad i by Iseal eanu-
dat will oommene at the
ReBalV isctouiaInsttute at C..
asm, on boday.

Chinese A Mile
From Hengyang
aUNOI mMs my i (A1-)-
*^*iyBa- 15fum have



Targets Hit

Forts and Liberators
Strike At Objectives
Through Smoke
ROME, July 21 Ruterl Unl-
ted States l1th Air Force bombers
today attacked targets within Oer-




ywasiz Ola( SndL'. W,&LA









~-,-~'a-ia~:'L'* -.

1U Uam ..P.W *....... ....

pates-a JC CKNT8 CAIVN4 & C0 19S LIM,

Events Show

Unrest Exists

Civil War State
Inside Germany
TOi DON, July 21 (AP)--With
rut.hles tac1,cs to protect 'hel?
rule of terror. Germany's Nal
Rang today claimed the collapse
of the cznapiracy to usorp' Its
power through the assainAtion
of Hitler and civil war and said
tl.e ploters-"a small clique ot
Renorals and colonels" had beGIl
"'exterminated" while tie world
wondered whether It was beln
furnished -by Nan sources--."
backgro' .id for another 'Relichs.t
fire purge or a partial account
of a milltaliy coup which mifre:L
There drama on either count
showed thnt unrest exstst "'thin
Germany, that at least some of
the militarv hierarchy are worried
over Gocrnm.any's fate and that
stern iteps are necessary to keep
the country's uneasy millions in
AsI hainguan Heinrich Himmler
look over his new role as virtual
dictator inside Germany with the
help of his blood-drenched Oe.
tap,), the B.B.C. broadcast a%
uiionni.rmlcd report that a state of
civil war existed within Germnany
and Stockihlm quoted a traveller
from jer-.lany as saying that a
revolt of two German divisions in
East Prussia touched off the
movement which climaxed in the
attack on the Fuehrer; but official
German sources poured out the
e:nst"nt claim that the conspiracy
had been snuffed out at its ncap-
tir.n and that the Na&I regine "15
so stable" as Transooean's
Schroeder put It-"that all cnemy
niteimpts ot this kind are doome
to failure.'
S an a order oa the &r W tI t.
troop In the ionvetC aa, ,
Y1TUI a rKlugebeeasne rMa
flr.t Important general to step
with other Hitle followers an he
i4 dled for "unconditional loy0-ty
t, the Fuehrer" and described the
a tempted assasslnatilon at "mean.*
Re'chismarshal Ocering Admiral
Doenlta and party leaders aois
went to tho microphone on Hit.
rs' heels to rejoice with him In
Ia deiverance from death and to
renew their pledgof loyalty.
But those waiting and w atch
for further detail pin their 2hl
hope that the er"uis and oorfusiftlo
cnuird by the plot still eltists a N
will hein ,qateriall to -ortm the
war. For with the people poInt
crie. under the guard of tO
Gestapo, At obvious that t%
Junker generals, who helped N
make Hitler Is the only Irou
strong enough to unseat hs7.

& CO., LTD.



Sugar Bodies

Breach Healed
Recent breach in the jcint re-
lationship between the Sugar
Manufacturers' Federation and
the All Trinidad Sugar Ertates
and Factories Workers' Trade
Union was officially reported
healed yesterday.
Joint negotiations, suspended
edg reconciliation talks, will
ed on July 2.
An oMfficial stament signed by
Mr. George Rochford, President.
and Mr. L. H. Palmer. Secretary.
or the Sugar Manufacturers'
Federation, and Mr. McDonald
IMee, Preadent-Oenral. and Mr.
Jeph Ails. General Secretary, of
he AH-Tlrinidad Suar Eitates
and Factortea Workers' Trade
Union. was released through the
Information Office yesterday.
The statement. dated July 14.
"As a result of Informal W nef-
satlona between & Medat n
the secretary of the a M -an-
' Pederah and the

ann ulyplae wM uan
re' M oednita m td

MiUMA, =i Jnbr. Mh a5*,
--* Alltrldd ic
Uf an iretmrt mt
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to me Ughtaim.
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lT aI X H oa-t tor watd S ew u ainw bo ft t 1 'JR4 'f the & f sO C, << AuWO
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t-.1 't ap"--" atl- de x i.- -lo tM p^ti IIJIM t{ *-ltoGwoiK *j. Laawy tbkta uM~i Net Of Ma mi I Orm e1 tOin ml l et o e. e
f s.asin :d t*t O3 Ooe:nm1t *are the "K &o a| t o f. o ne cIoe.-"swem-o at oft IS toa b W r IS to $aia
B I se i9 M +al m t ou raS O ,-t..m-e t S ee & Peitaie ofif ST ro uts*i U 1Kd p'ea to dte m F asmd.
,,, Sh.e,... wt. __ ^ ^ ....a .e ? .. ...eSadt 5 .w Is a te: 1I Ws y en- 0i r ssed am o t .. o rt ec ai to w
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SmSSitt.Is W"+Wk dt d Ia t. am n r"at y omim'm t Usrb ut to 9i. 1 t1 a, tmagl s
mSSS se4ee SfS 'tjri.T tni the. Peit i aTtce.wt j ^ the pr VStr I S t h"- : Make t1o 1. t,.' Mae S l..mi tPot t h . .. .eet?,1s. ," -* tra gt'n wl to S. -
IIB --B tsh to show Ihew ao Wthai chd to *,nsn ikht AM: 0 r As 0=0 a" to f I* Windb- 'a ie t" s *us uetirel ndo clat o

wlbds world *on har~lg ..a hap- + -+m+ thi :~ ":.+ ;-j-. :.+.+ P~ ',d *+ Ooe'rpe Dot a *m~ my-ioUpir- ud,+ -.a ie tw at th men pow maeu a J of S ..
Ils b = a e S te a UO enj t oahi O Ond of the 'C .4 ~s, ttehe decS-0 ed. ad w= a loc g I m T h betwae thez prto-
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... n+r Jn!- de--. . Ms Oe tran.th -' ... ...s.. to ' alta per-s I m i tat on betaeitt ,d ',it"U -W
g l M nup toetr ,ag a rta tand -e t hee kttion 0( aS i' hO Vutit 00. 'tAh :; u neso

-*M INI-u ow the r 1W 19 a o i- h -re IM rjik" -'a g ut. tat V"S. .. an d ated : -1 fullyBe n u RoW" Is to be .m f.

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A. t tO CU, ... Mr I lid.. r, c., In T.o .4t .-*1, .d ,U.i d Caan aie Mss W t to nuNoe t&,i m. Pl ,. o e,
ram.o "LSy. Jss s^ i ... . .Ltftef ,,-al+,. profo- d I r>ln tf ,t .,'.-,, Misdirection Plea
.... +I .. a,, Yu. n H, e w. t, *+ :t^ to do ato" et tohia sr W t The Court of Cr4.eitia 2 Aptpw.
SU+p omesM a hs .: ., o1 s ato con .ider or to is Aa 011 e at.ij r W. i
ar;ha'-*.onth ""B '+ ... ... e* ",ta,. c1' 111oca1 *miw ,.. ..v r ,tSmde -rof th t a.k, wa yot AC or A? a lr d rU"w e H Ho ww .-
ttm .. .. ... *Ilm o j k Ie aot h 'thi is th rig h t S o t he C St .... ... .. C O i e i d teds e beI ton
hM vM ae c" Xte ABC_8011_r-9 cooJeo ueo v Ris1 pemium Cat i -twohea.rUl 0i

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of alls vy ba"! beeni s*SiofsMrt-Laee, esua-v0W W Ul Aa

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w++ls41' +-: ,^ .- l^ -.-, ,^^ +m +m ,_,^ J ^ ,l +, -z+ r.-' +m;jfl-'I^ .J^C IIlIIII&;t
ta. ^ ^^ ^ ^ 5006 f-^r t^ iira ^ -*^ ''^^ .^

S^i ?*r- te- l WW,) 0V' I to I **l)t r t *-' l the fact th.C y o- -----o----- nc:I *nd re-i b... tl t to
SNtha t W, t hat ap- i r ,Aw e'^ Tnrs ,tr-:9" am .=Tau eamb l O Hai l on W*e tat hjurh Uao b us o ef, nrtM
Quf. evur~l+ taui .o. MW ter e- G.. mrcteo t rol atntezlt hie i Cueaiso _h-prnW_ m_ m waS by jdata ltIbing 1XIs&

thb m +a ret n a W ; S *-hl 9 Pa t- orh- togoo. Rit d t -t h tCile V a w % bef mam-t

or bo-decared. -ad.we aft ookxa Setlbithwomthe ps I
I+ heg a eIoweSn T h ormd-. a t .:.n yt eesreOlve.fn aetl lude t b I A
&ii tw a n d- .-a lo t. af-- tot . Ia1 .. .,-Ir._ .. G ua.. . .... ..

m ,tau wa cmiw. tr t ei b ow Wof m l'Ol s osthe, u' h e n ;m L.lore.*'nnn haveof e i ad rh M l -isrNet"r ana by & &I t at-c prmi t tew.

tamat r. Veie w c- ..d ye.,UV'-- C..t ,rtp ,l fr tha tn A t t a rayb r arecot", t Go
Ssm lUOih < t2Jt; asri a ny eo stph f. rf I W uld ] to ti CIta i!ni t a o yg-.,. 4 zm n t
WT5 ~ ...I S~2 ^ d :C:u. .T^ :l itde an aie U i su a 0! w- W*dtV i10. a:- :lw U.e pbrtoI-pt gbrtla
ay ?B2 .I"i^'aJ U" in .tthi. ( e'-cy :rA- ;r -JM 1M Mtla MM *"* madeo He W.fr4 Altu tht as
1 0S o l casUrt-fe- tha *Meo a(e tet a t y te:.t1.,+ ,n th v o !atIC uiftpISdC /ai h*.' y sb t pMt --- the,,-a
.- .. Mt C .-. o-' I tn.t lot to de s Bnd tShar
iI ',heMSe r aw au4t ** h(.. ; I t ;, i e m b uttherAn It aw y t hu e ri ght' s VI e U :I ro < d :i r : D f tf h e ut i:
lbst bays 50 110 Ln.'x ( ^ '.. -- ". is I ,F o rfe V A is to ateoCU M a o. w t 8. -'0 l'ot e Aecsl

Sft~ika ; rd& *;t.flAe k o.j r. at!&. m c* *r in ...n t. P e ir he C C .u- U av d a rti. wr e ni
"*IW 4 o-ao w er al a -r, .- -i.. t. dV 1 . . ...Jr. .. .. d IrI m -. f
of day cort-U.S.ieNavyeToxIssue, to 14 taty : Intft 4 =to=-
Iwe wo~l be11 WOW I..16 MbMOfrU)%Mste onPle
;96 r or ta to d o any,

im~lls. ofth-n e a t o flr l Wa tO4 4A5IIJ

CtcoLU ar. I A~ -.. *-. *: a off af 5k. ; :- r*'* A' '* C dj-.orn :c un f et*i~ oo ~fr f^ ~ ofi. Ui Nay Mie c :her was tho e dnbte uAiu *- gte
a" cmdca' ta v sm io' s a' "Or. tim e m ter at L Irig ehts otf 0101104. Aturnan se -e. he r.p r- tesdUlY odov iar e p" on our t3
typo 10f -,. t or ti 0f 0.S&I)1t -' g o',' *; m a that thde y atrl 6 *;. as "St C e n.rapu utaote To oineI itis !oW iraa;a L Cifat. J r u te -
WA trle1 or bolt, oethelz twler Tba 19me
me ofdeeeb"110- 0204Siy sas.4'd- agriy at in he Srttn04 iOfobSM

a" thollr of ,*;\ 011411Si A" 4*" 400 waA be -natn would tt beic 2Mort;M w .^ '*e conv*ticted by auly on N-(r
so aam ttll JSsrhtt a1sowf- t lql firs" # taps 1' m w th ~at y* tAP-m. ;&.tthhe ad ben i

alr = Water a a '- ., w Cut c ; l* i -Iin w at p
t so Oldvspoeftb that W ^ vz -,,_ Pnc 'wit WUDKDF lirAt a d Is rV me-a"autiaat
tmc aT to reo isnk Lcf P mC'r C ut 1 wt wa found ray &,01111
fit Sow tod amt nmw mu V. I% CAt 1"o iT eB ,, hMd to with teo wncl
as.u P.;d P

ig 00 Vnes a n T r a 1 : ;,. h sU t t t iI'ove.( i *.'i pr -** nr 'l War rs Ha d T o N o T IC Ei nte
4110" Poll am row Or yowwg. m; ie P ita exten 4, Wan Amfttan ; r o
to" wtieUK all do V uiu. ^ ** w^! ^^"i' '"*'* tr a-a W u hj ',ag h t a UM p ru'to1zt.i Prizes At~il1A, halb_

PA t" .' 5.,.l-!.'h e 1. *4ibl*ne111 Nary. of Of efour 0i'vy the __
tha W ol, n-v.- cesar t eable thm s oresoc- -a. *,'t is as-8P1jea oia
hK MMK~tUIAIL 03-+f 80 fut ---? tn 1e i rze effecan thatttin=tly oeveowt of t"ltto thutlency.ontvs:eAa,,zts

10 1M 4 ada/a;. o ill* deuncil das t made by Mre C-i but tht the! cu to wtentsb pF y'_-

in raf irs jialue u -~t r.i '* ;2r~ ..~l .t pr .~e ..o cmiV tn4 .hailie wactUtl M ty* oMyf htt liT eot*oU
M., an Uies ,t th i, tw n. it, w tr ink t soom Sews frt.
of thke ute wonr.aac t st -wto !Ir rt*w'u 5r w ptpur4tn a eittd ito a asmen!t rom at-- a twe n
m m ea mae i ::. enie in fau -- --> lNW il.J m.
JWel as :t twettrtl tr Lt PPr*. ,e-.L:1 waass ow inth in hWlt-

r*row the" Cia-,-y C-, ;!us and'r' h"d 7.' "li In

am* I" Zinc! .1.1Mt -I:. V-% ,Am'U H te aid SN v T o effec hat eOu a
Mg top n be * h ,I, et~A Unt' to ethe ne by coul d haveereNtOTr
itur oi ut ezr a rc ':4 'toc V-. ImnHt. owty .n od, 1,11p s,ipl im madeqU848 n I S rpusStre L s

m fw it leTh 51turau toe ma Tet fi-d p rt y te Q ont; tha t
f A!,&'. r'oA-rdmtn-; Is to

A *Sklatw Wotn % s* sjb5ant. amount 4! Of.^ way dailytw a"**
fig rd ~6 -rA' -Nns buta thatd there te teSl se a^ 2SIG wTtw S g of W* at l ah
is L tune.th, pr~o ir ur ai tnta;itoncolo l ntialor. posw ic.to a tf aew q'ut w~tt h iifeV wthth CtyAquswl oIh

we 5he -Iw4. at 9:1 ',lines Ondt SHAXT IAB American. suosohrx Mr.nw Wil. tha jr y cud qv foII

eptfl ic cnu", t (6 V-ff iw ;.e. Ve.d b _n rhled rom w ft t, 0 f t dC C p n t r aellhe
a. o t~r tO noti' n fLy ta the tdon d.441t a tod. Othatthey sh M uld ,Wate t rflw O fw i. To wn. Ra4 n'thi
ar ~ ~ ~ ~ b tnwe A.c ya mgc~ he tTlDaw SttAA prs&t I m amll ~5gwel watb
X01 9opaiVR r9dre rhesulathey e Wo S e pussible.thq io ofthe CRY las"a cdno ihte rv~p o h oaulk" the Colporalon fed
tarptim o n lp ANI ea`
"TUDod ep onty onsk e tn"bd enort ntsa mrd d wusmn ate oWM 9 o .
the dugnaetuff&V because be narltod tha
bar soe 1 o .A C hieltt eogi it'c IERSn S 7 OKCUVIWSW4 an rnsPper min or.elnwt qane rmss
LW1 ost W cV ortrck ef Vn wdould SidedtgsInthdis fact. wst t t m
cause beforeIt* will befInspecwidh 5 acqwrfttheom. SuUalt andm If of inter"-. par. H.Of To Disi ~ t
Thu :tlem airoybeighmeed 4.t tkeUevrya.p Intllusae 1as eruday wheat -eha ve Sl o civda et P iesA WIC
'WUtwe n pay t hrough t trueoor rom the V._%. Mr vL Suppsyggest..
fee'y w" WJW be orwardeefor iQ willdist~bue prim p4 sj
bus~ne leas- I~bT;e made tri e rttin. efiifte ":
that P14r,__n_ l 1e Wswe ae, dded -Ths.g V --r ispopi e"C.riR.on F akmC5e"lk,
am to on Qt ~t uwt-noe water bforeAA..b S atifatorlyVIA t* -it"o.n. ofCity liHaipeer.I
a fir-etruble noannonfirmtat Ii tl jon Iof wha t ls emAW-
__________at __the ________SHORTAGE___or__has_____________Port-of-Spain_____City__Council*


Tue*, 2th July., *44,
27 Cha StretI
AT ? LUP1.
I balwes btr" t"W
stuwcUa ir. Mr .A. G
t& Mw by PUbis AmeUta th" lt-
136 Cartons Soap
40 Cartons Men's Felt i
1 Case Military Khaki
2 Coses Military Khaki
1 Cose Militory Shirts.
1 Case Men's Ties.
1 Cose Gent's White
1 Case Ladies' Stockings.
8 Cartons Ladies' Strowj
I Carton Kitchen Towels.
1 Reflex Comero with

p4 AKUMJir.

p-'*' a.)'

Large. Shipm.-t L


AMe Rey.
iMvr Gedm.i lob Chel.
Comleus eoukmws, Ch14ie C
DWuke mngton., Din Shore
Eari Hinds, etc.
Four Kig Sistsm, Freddy Mlg



S's t, bist of s s O

o pemme uemiw n my

Sow w- I|(a"
*tM~tt~obut~~bt4,iM9frl~lwb. C^^
um a.b ""a "m
o=*d d afW -w H
aimu conplm ii MIri oou- ib
of pwmnu t fan"" a"r- !&ul^j
bridfc now, caacm, uk*, afg. ^^

^^^^^ ~ 4 Nowd t cuu too

RAWLPLUG SCUAMt A eow ~, m, sw
-met eamt m ,l amp~fh ar wc4 pwa a inaek hashkhit daw..,
ganeS I Aft +AAnO f. -< n liM..a ammm .lh

m am
-sm..r i. TF f
l~ so& C*Mpletf
- w -w o
6am OWL
- -*m .-,i,, --' lijgdi

Mr. WATSON SrTIX. PA au 1n, ?vS-".
TrilUtA. W"WI

'y .r, *^
AN i .

When there is SPAM

There are many kinds of dishes
SPAM tle HOO4XL, meat that can be pre-
pard in a great variety of ways... for luncheon,
supper, Iafmtcks... in sandwiches, salads...
with fried eggs or rolled in a stuffing of your
favorite vegetables and baked in the oven. It
can be eaten hot or cold with mayonnale or
plain--lway iWre to delight your palat.
Wbht is SrAM? SIpAm ib chicm pork mat,
pecially prepared and peeked "ffavor-esled'
by a specal HOmXL pFinoem.
,Iti not always easy to buy HoaXL foow f
beceMW sime1ta arM e infrequent and army
"04ed. tOU greWt. 1w ver, Inquire at your (re
N Um Old thon. Oe of thma.days the grocer
WW Ile bek at y7uW d ay; "Yen. m*da
the "4O09"x produebe are now coming
heg iI AAM far you"'

\ ^W PW4mb of (Mfty
Fweiab Pwmu @1 buy^J^

9", +-e _,h_-. ,-i
1tv IS'g VMS #Odo"

-' u'we amamu



4 33 ............V
IuuxW.K, 9daIu

.ei *ole




- P-mm


~IUwAft atFh M9*AW UACA

, s-made by Mr. WMib
L sMr.ad al M r.I

Jb iK b" wIsmbem eat-
1w dwftwn at hai5
S s estf O B OL

willbe r n
S urttw recive < leter ro
6 teor eos

inOf Modem

HRFNJuly 30.-Ad-
=a de eels night, r
Mtick. toll of BUn-
Mwhils exp"4-10C satisfaction
beeonthlualwrm on the teah-
SstMed up the amts of modsa
fas: *'CuIltVUon of idll
M and uein later
i I tlig m Inship ad
teaching of subjects which
b for happiness.
ea the Mfinsl nne up of
sinhiM>_tne| aowmneftio

then with Mr Frank RwOrth,
l Advisr to the British Moun-
NAe. 80 =0 1unce, and Mr.
Mr. V. acott a wd Mr.
hprooldent h
~begoTeac Association
E MS those present.
rUCUU* Anuoft X.C..
ruiing. ArouasI
Govro. and Taeartsua
hi dresigthe gathering
*strs the need for

weeMle ifilta MeShine,
w *was cha an f tea
peeted the trophy to

30ims Settlement
peed-Up Likely
(^ t arovement In the sette.
gseamshUp claims was re.
~eY ystraybyM. Wul-
I vt~lprsdn of the
Pf. Alston tod!members: "We
re now received a letter from
r. Z 0. reU advising that a
1)as be pasd by tIeUzltei
$e;idal Legislature em-
UM War Shipping Adniln-
f~aa o promise or settle
sttailous claims for loss of, or
ftoeagomla certain case,
In tis claimants have
IM OMkftft suit within the
as provudd hr tow."
PA2hI I, (CP)-Officlal
WLrs ,bdos5 that cholera epi-
sic had taken a toll of 34,580
northern ihar since* the out-
ak three months ago.
OMN(U.8212 P.aM)
lb.' Oose0 8- i I


1W CO-S'MPMAJ la ssd m *r
rladn WM.H.
,- m .h.empei. Was. I!
,I L4



Kennedy & Co., Ltd.

:1 "& f mothers M oare feeding their babies
ea Lactoge., the neamt epproech to brast
U eB Bing Nestle product its high
mandrd of quality never vaori, eand it is 0
Prepared that it can elaiy be digested by bay's
deficato stomOch. Ask you, rDctor r Nurm



T.LZL Ladies



80 000149 scut a aI po ti ,
Markal sod utm r tb

01. Mavm. tA. R- ,sw
p e ar their e ax n form
_4... t" Mt i nnN1 = re

alma ei of appree m of tl
Wane o a me fo the rgee-. N
Pta I==ol c U obM xlMa* unt
IiAsts,- Dr. D.t I. inayo.

p nroed to ri t son n of r enn

It euu Kthr, eseetaoquewae.t
pnlw o eqtlmei i aa eeuarre
an" from me ldg 9Dr
Dr. B6L C. Doll an Mrs. X. j
oof0.noned ot thennelof Trint,
4dad Leaehodn Ltd, uh compete
ton wfll be beld annuamy for I
cue and prte iprented by Mlt
as tokle of appreciation f th

_l~herngof lx~atrniewhe
d work of the murescue ew o
Leasehold Safety Department
cularly ot In two cah of else.
oution unagh electoral weld.
ta equipment which occurred al
-Perre towards the end
rof 19w0. In one of those accidents
Mt. Oxisy's son, Jack, unfortunate-
ly, lot his life.
Th competition was extremely
keen and the performances brough-
well-merited applause from th<
tbelmertin of spectators, whicl
In9 &ed Mr. 0. Norman Smith
centre secretary (Trinidad and
9 =) of the St. John Ambulance
Wr HarBry Luke, upecrtwr Gen-
eral of the st. John Ambulance
AmOciatlon for the Caribbean
Area, who is now out of the Colony,
snt his personal Knight of St
John flatg to be down over the
Competing teams were required
to treat four cames in need of arti-
iclal resustaton-a case of hang-
t, one of aphyxiation by carbon
monoxide gas, electrocution and
finally crushing caused by a house
The ladiesM tam emergn ed victori-
ou0 after a clo struggle, *beating
their nearest rival by te small
margin of 10 points.
The Port-of-Spain Fire Brigade
team entered by the Trinidad Po-
lioe Force eomprin Mr. Grant,
Mr. Walcott and Mr. Clarke under
the captaincy of Mr. Gibbons, se-
mured 162 marks, but under the
conditions governing theM competi-
tion they were not eligible for sec-
ond place, so they were awarded
special prim.
Second place went to PoInte-a-
Prre Research Laboratory team-
Mr. Dobey (captain); Mr. Medford,
Mr. Dwarka and Mr. Ramjohn-
with 1a0 points. They received
prices donated by Mr. A. J. Ruth-
den-Murray, General Manager of
Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd.
.Third place was awarded to the
Forest Reserve safety team-Mr.
Dobson (captain); Mr. Mahomet,
Mr. Maul and Mr. Thomas-with
143 marks. They won the primes
donated by Mr. George 0. Nixon,
the Commandant of die Lease-
holds' Auxiliary Ambulance Corps.
A taxi-cab driven by Gabriel
Durity along South Quay, caught
fire about midnight on Thuralay.
Durity was warded at the City
0r= Hospital, suffering from
bumr abowA the body. ____





Ol Wings Decision
L ** Reserved I%

Samiani b Mr. a. p. iruy
Is..i.g counsel foro sa Lsantse
n ha1 thk afnor M a-

ta5Z h.^ Zl g'**' giud dmd ourlnt tMj=y o
II a mIa Ia ut s emde e
uW! Sothme o sentenced toideath

I at the last sitting of the San
IFlando t As n, presited over by

I 1 j p rder, or misdremn eaM ur o/
II bat imt u ldt esho ta thea

KjlU~ri J.V1heverductwab neasonal"'e evi-g
I 1den7e.c toar the eI the lle

V~lU~r 1 U31% Mr.se jutor IMaplats that
wit, nessmof thet Womoft

Iamlswor t mestooofethewthwoness
I= 1 his u g wo sIment to the
nlP, he sad theeidence was o
A n WOach masnatuere thatIt sho"u he
,_et i. bee nto ldered prejudicial to he
Sai = .Ftera r the trial J udge
haed failed 1W direct the Jury that

.... o-the alleged o utt of catlono
St relevant article ofloting wo .
slet aro ....rerb the aecculed, Raattan, was

tt nD dwelling at length upon o i'
evidence, Mr. B 6uy ing ted
.D.mn bey t two payaddW t % ordrout that his evideeon ce ral-

DeI t theeu. Armed weth je l eu a erdiat-
tg uestse amonrl oesad ga a net -tand ealehyeeI

he' u meu/ t to the t he learned
ndid w the u owthebu
I ahe pg inO esad fIor ev u11te his evidSence.
gI t toed am sem oer whid e in oreplyMr.c.T.W. I. Woniel
a som-- e1

reeied, aond the maou ar ato exr-la isOr~tn mne.
in thraneengU out tat thhe Cur riminltpt s
re. ad t hre nt tre as c which
rn W. been properly te by a
Rent ent erunless it cou be e ntha the

Ihen thoue n Ki s e ot a urnt cde sonee mthainte
mine ime 41o e~tot brdc regad pe t oul bevidencme.,t, a
Dealing with observations by
counsel for the appellants 'that
Cour fo hisbuan~ jr ~ atotllydifferent story. Mr. Wor-

cour fret su sine ssto fourtalittler./ 2hatcou "el1 In
whileCharles Borde, a city land- relWh h
lrcollected four moth' en been able to Show, by any reference
In the presence of Mr. W. J. to the Judges s8wury ny ta

de mge istrate, who reacine he had misled th Weur inanY
=et Mt r made a few days as to how Badal's evidence should

ago against H. Herrera. his be treated.
tenant, on ground that he was In Unless the court could say, he

arn. cont rinued, that the evidence could
When the order was made not support the con"cio, theuap-
some time&SoHerreraI indicted peal should be dismie because
that he had only half of the so long as evidence capable of sup-
money to pay, and the order pohrtnx a conviction had properly
went through. Armed With been led to the jury the verdict
the entire amount on Thur-day must stand.
he returned.to cout, d Mr.I
LoA. NJad.his solicto, re- ADT"EACHU ILL
furred the magistrate to a parti- the absencenleave
cular section of the relevant DuringdtoebstheonNicklea
Ordinance which gave magistrates Of Nan Virginia Daniel, Miss Vdith
the power to revoke any such order Cailinder is acoing as headmis-.
When he was satisfied that con.tesins of the Maravil Gorlse R.C
ditlonh causing the order hadb le nSchool. Senior girls of the school,
remedied,.and the magistrate, exer- led by Miss Christine 3nanuel. as-
cuing this power, recalled the or. sistant teacher, are raisng funds
der, andhHerrera, promptly = to purchase a sewing machine and
up t here and then w-as ie hope to start a seWing ClA" soon.
o antinued tbe in occupation am h e
the Parti ca house.I(.G W f W 3i0100
IShoat win aety on 'Tbursday to -
have the man leave his place at all the rent due iftheo magistrate
costs Dorde told the M&magsrte were inclined to still order Merrero
that he would prefer to lose All out. He was made to receive it,
however, and Herrera will still be
(continued he nestcoleMan.) his tenant.

= ..





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se sf Mr. IL k synee, atip.
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S the brothers ny Mhave bee In
*Menthl. e vwh is nMew erwl
terCmmend has a eadyb heen I
t. Qinft kam neve the astatam"
Trinidad Student Scores
At Toronto University
S Mr. R. X La TrInUdad
Student now attending the Unl-
veralty of Toronto, pmsed with
honours in his flint year sub-
Ject in the Faculty of Medi-
cine, according to in Inform&-
tion Ofce release yesterday.
Mr. Lau. the release states.
Swas ecod in a &clau of 14

Friendly Aid

Brings $5 Fine
Hypolite GOuevara proceeded
aboard a ship in the harbour
with a letter to someone resid-
ing outside, but Police Constable
Lewis held him before he had an
opportunity of obliging the per on
he undertook to amist and he
got for his trouble a 5 fine Im-
posed by Mr W. J.Andre In the
Fist Police Court Ie he was con-
victed on accusation of takn a
letter out of the Olony oIther
than by pot.
Mt. IL. 3.Anntsette,
guity on his behalf.
tat while it was true that Iinor-
anee of the law wu not an ex-
cuse, yet he was bound to let the
magistrate know that Ouevara
had no knowledge of the existence
of such a law.




TliMWntl- -tAM* W INAI M MY`V [. 2LIML

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'~~~~A 0__ .11. I NJTL
Inm Pomr-J~ pdu %sS ^ESS iwvi"- IS a maJoB the) Ame.B t
iIAlyno to th: 'IU I oeTWt.? k.. I ," WATERWORKS AND WATER CONSER
t -. A, tttl K Pbft 18 ^ ~ All dotsamere 'Va^M Jjy*i^ BI B ^ f ORDINANCE-^^^-
SM l the amW JapnMese k ecmplb t tal Wh the 1 1 -to tor y seeo- -a "w--
__ tmatoutaPrwuwaLth.Afled adwnce Mow lek To The TowneTu B Sf ou am ateamatom o > up. 1 wr UmrrSS I
Ik--ummm. w. ermmm in Italy, dW the ucem ofO the Anglo-Dug To Wr=ii CJKctI -? adAl s t 34 s 'U ano be lar"1Mo--
M0@10WA6 hNIGM81M84) Amrcanc drive In Irmee, vWu not fur- {1 i bM- efM- m (at- to^^^^^~ ami^^^ sayi~l Wrao itt aMoo of ato 4 NJ fttZ^^^^Hi
"W VUOM pHWMTATIV nish the crub of eoatert of which the OaI umnoSm w of t asm2t ats
oft Itew t m. m 0m^ 1uVA G(ermanpeople are nmow o desperately in s va a twi arnU tSft &ILI
need. b Can 661Sfi^ltraudon of w- Mr Sir "t 4" woi a Of
good 040411'MoMa t wee, e to amr! "Wa "ft 6st sa yI
u Quu TM USAM I33 P"10 bmhS fn ko ofo fear Killuser any for iwo o-ptratuaf
=out on ha DS--b inW% IW tereis inaft
-Trinidad Airport Planningo'"M ra N wt soT L
aATODAT OLT 2, W aw dcret appoc to a (M --------*---------- ~an*-"S*1^ 6"NofH ar 101"eMJJ^^
ATUKX, JULY V" ew ofthe veri al 0 m" an. compiled w
--- Needs Vision And Foresight ofthis eryr es wy(b)t oW e fo W.,
whether ote o' ,Chamber i New Spiritafo
sietype, hud ftducky In.t f. jofsn erar rtoueifor thfe aNK
Nazis Face Bleak Prospect *T= Government has not yet revealed if t .h'ey vete At W ohrk WatW I Pratt Caseoft suer
it intends to invite Mr. B. H. C. Cross,- d o tw At' W or k thort Iy o hubg ei ha r w-toi
al ae be et Of owitsat4&0 0* OMAwtNls ratstpe"ue thleD orecf
On Every Battle Front the Secretary of State's Air Adviser, to dom want have 5n M ASadtt mH-" inur that ir lra t
all agesben ""_IsWsWt h "Adpaur
s in- being _aktU ad etjj f ebr attdSt m l" t01 fb rvddot qt
w a t w h visit Trinidad during his stay in the m abe ts S s I nhat e m
THE news that the world has been Caribbean. A despatch which we recent- s 'ordosf g sb t h UUK 11i6 01 N@1s ad a*cumheWill00sitof adwhIsthan s"d Sotb
is about to break. Within a vIn or of 1o-niound Wter car thedspsl of saIMl ,
waiting for is about to break. Within ly published from our Jamaica corre- ,t.. totheir em'y t rt1 fusonw etanamtshela-othradt e to o e dthedsss al
briefperio the ussias wil be fghtig nowthe tverg 9=16m t nwea "a"" thtete ma-ydotherToo fsthaeanotbe equire unti dw titienof on sta
brief period t1e Russi/ans will be fighting ap< st stated, however, that Mr. Crossnwth 00 i A- S< S rW w sbm Tloot b hs e not b N whales H
the slumo and slatg of twnepot d hPrusianste s luman piOf, ret& We nes" diaE0atheo7 atnVe ofares o.U a 4teati Is me.an i
on German soil to give the proud PrusSian would be going to Port-of-Spain in this not due e s to a s*at W M S at fhem- ot OW. p eas.o' wijhoutsto C until thetou SPO t h
education or to the pbysasd of&beMisA. e A.to en how this =at be
warlords the most Ignominious hour in September, which Ampls that he will mental cleter to Uon u ar o at a outSi t cSSes sn i athit&MIthik that this tAppln for pmits and liesoSe sh wMbe u
by our false economy, as1 tedby he eatencled asm propose aurvey by Developcueut tothe @f S Pa 1a ft N edderk street.
their history. But it w!ll be a great look over our airport plans in the same r. MceKens.e-Mav a? Hl gh Spiri nd e e datrul lSdd e ERO LT d
What do we wh to ve t operationwhich permeated pro ha k the
moment for the Allies, whose mighty way as he Is doing in Jamaica and in- Ieeiugs oft o the ? o congress wa sIurd- OR O N ERROL L.AdoSAc
effort to bring the war to a close is fast tends to do in British Guiana.dslums andr y chWdn udthe oe Mr, Alton. I n porutin m "As tUhe sponsor of this resolu- ---
reaching the crescendo which will crush This is good news if the Inference iswe o h onedr chlde as oh nsirs he n Unf th sr l gtw Trl.d -Uet a
reatingthe? To ~agrewt hs t "I could not believe myself," he 3usd that the suggestion met with
the life out of the foul Nazi creation and correct, and we hope the Trinidad Gov- ouav tsaid."tat 20 odd peoplefm Uy :ap aprov.Allthe dte-
ermient wilwillf teirke thdec lmoistrunof aMr.ad areuestioen ShO-ddOhe into a NOT IC B
give the whole world the chance to be ewill make the most of Mr.must andbewll, ifther pm s and Couldat itf ar ndtableandas etons feltethate saentoa NI
orni anew. Cross's visit to have the Laventille air- exhortations are worthanything, not,o todisagree.. It reminded me stronghatw active organsation so
bom anew. he in W' of a crowd o men in advesty, that we evld weak pith one .oroew Week-End Fr eit &wldg
Just now the Russians arc perform- port plans carefully examined. We have hel WAND T. wFAWAN because really we di hag on to- on our economic o e E Fre t
Ing the most amazing icats, and no had no indication o far that expert Port-of-Spain gether." He PAded: "I think ft are particularly fortunate In ha-V
Ing the most amazing feats, and no had no Indication so far that expert F"-10';_augurs well for the future of the Ing a -man like Mr. R. W. -Young- From stawo, am J~dyo 9 n 1016 ^*^ *W91101
new constitution that the mem- mail to be our at president, Statearom Sst vJ+rmeraaiN cefor $11100a10%wlbe
praise is too high for th! brilliant gen- advice on these plans has been consult- Flour 'Waste' Explained hers were so unanimous in getting be name fthe newas te regular ena Geet l
ertlship that has brought their armies to rM ura tot o e different po t wul be ,The Incorporated W TP
% and while we ave, ~^ supported the The. Editor. _W. T. P. PEI
the Prussian frontiers, or for the inspir- ed, and while we have supported the The rEditor.Har "Tilnldd Guetsnlan."togetheri on t hedidifferdnt poltaetm ilber ofCmec"The Incorpor'atedO h Em
th rsinfotes rfrteisi-Mr. Harry Williams ventures to discussed.". Chambers of Commerce of the ~ ees sae
Ing leadership that has distinguished building of the airport in principle it is state that in hti opinion, the Port- Led by Mr. George Rochford. British Caribbean," and there Will .,Gmal ln
Marhale Josef Stalin. The spectacular highly important that nothing should f-spain Wharves D e the meeting sd deep ga te ic r em c- Trinidad Government Rail
rtorrad ee of the Russian armies have be left to chance. We want Trinidad to r g na pts lows; Jamaica, Barbados. nr TEad a l
advancs of the Russian armies have be left to chance. We want Trinidad to sometime ago, he made .wntio for "their excellent job." and British Guiana, 2 directors N
in the Press about flour wastage. Teling of tie activities of the each; Windward Group. 2 Direc- NnanC2
captured the imagination of the free got off to the best possible start In the He said the,. he had seen good flour Congress. Mr. Alston stated that tors; L e ad Gro. 2 diretors;
infrafro t fo Finld i plae iuping. The some hard work was putIn by the British nduras, 1 director; and and from Saturday July 2
wo n a ft hfrom Finland in coming era of accelerated eir travel, and lour in question was the sweeping delegates both in committee and the Bahamas, 1 director; king ,until further notice, the 9.30 a.m.t
the north to the Black Sea in the It will be unwise to go ahead with any fromn a few damaged bags covering general meeting. He added In a total of 14.Tp n t S ah wl
mouth there is a solid phalanx of Soviet a shipment received of tmany thbus- part: "As regards the appointment of Port-f-Sain to St Josehwill e
strength, always moving westward and scheme which has not been checked by ani bngR; some spilled on the floor "Originally there wre thirty- thetwo directorsIr rdad o or-o-pan w a. rosep r wi e
'~enin.tliw~ysniovg *eiiidiu anjin the course of transportation and one resolutions but them were to hold office until December 31,. t Tnauna, and will arrive i
afill the sldli that the Germans can range competent advisers, wa swept up. surely, Mr. Williams eventually amended to the n re- 1945 tIs suggested that the e o unapuna, an will arrive
against these mighty forces is apparently In a recent article in the "Strand does not expect that that should be solutions which were unanimously election of theme member to be 10 03 a.m.
i ty forc is appty In a recent article In te "ran ide available for public n p- p=ased and have since been circu- left to the management commit- 1
Incapable of halting the relentless ad- Magazine" Sir Alan Cobham, one of ion- laed to all the members of the tee, anld that any member of the The train which at present l-
vance.eIt is anhamazingtchangerin theIA" Britain'sflayin g pioAneob, pointed ot ot-fSRFpAT.. Chamber. Perhaps I may betal- Chamber shall be eugible for ap-
'flying pioneers, pointed out orto-Spa.lowed to touch on some of the potment regardless o Joseph a 0. m.s
fortunes of war, the slver lining to the ... more important subjects dealt the management clolmittse or not. Jost eph -aatra iscancelled,
dark clouds under which, up to less than that it was Jinportant In planning air- Bread Exposed To Germs with. W. shall deal with this rtter a stit.ted by a train leaving Tun
two years ago, the Allies were feverishly ports to look years ahead and imagine The Editor. "Trinldad Guardian." TOURIST TRADE little later on in the meeting
wish to bring to the notice of "The question of tourist develop- Pieily may I sy a word of 10.13 a.m.
building up strength to mint a threat the shape of aircraft to come. "We must ........ .. thanks to BrigadierMs ordato
Government the congestion which meat was one which predomind and Mr. Harold Robinsonfor all The amended time table is as fo
that challenged the free peopls of both have the vision and foresight," he said, takes place at Sangre Orande, es- in the mins of all the delegates haended time table is as o
.h t ,o .. tm ..I ed the assIstsnce that they gave me, Tu a u s, d p 1 A m
hemispheres.f t i .ally on Saturdays. Vendors put and it was unanimou.sly agreed for so kindly givia u of t dep. 10.11
nahemispheres. wa ,, s of the men who built the Liverpool and thlr goods on the pavements, the that the Governments of the West their time to attend th Conr, St. Aufuetirn 10.1-1
thless Alea r in ars only place for pedestrians to walk. Indian Colonies while sp... eso .g ence on behal. r this Cmruree 020-21
relentlessly spthe Allies in France are Southampton docks, capable of taking Another practice which Is being their own individual tour I tvro.. Iecn- sa we .. .e.^ w ,ate Josph 102-0"26
moving forward and outward-forward giant ships like the Queen Mary and adopted by breadsellers is to ex- pe ganda, should co-ordinatet= their a s Iantamwor e, ,hp twe-Bushe $brea k10I4
pose their bread on trays in the afrsbodbyhejint estab- ,as a Waco, AdI oe htwe n ua 1,34
to secure the Channel ports, and out- Queen Elinabeth." Sir Alan envisaged: open air without covering. Their u ment ot a oroad t on bureau opelyitepreted the-views o(f Barata.ria ..-3.
.......... .. .-"---- .... Bs~ar .. I031- I
oreadI therefore, being ed of .r w o f e ma t aond ba x this Chamber and generally helped Letfle 10.43-44
ward to get more elbow room for runways two or three miles long, de- Bcreudt i ter b eo"eid "te ", o _th t o acbute to the scc of the Port-o-Sn r. 1.
to dust and germs. I 5MW0' Mr. Du0Bois MA Mr. C onfeCrencecesrto-pi r. 1-9Sx
the huge masses of Britsh and AmerT- signed in the forri of a triangle to per- a place be provided fory put -r- have, I _oe*I musat a a wr of thanks onP
rba-pose of bread Sellng reports calling. r. O d. T. o. t. .T.P.
cantroops who have yet to get their vh ap- mit aircraft to head I to th ewdin ar th eCnse uM nDEZ and It la a ot .U heat re ...for Ikf '*y the as quyi. e 4 Agt. general tNW s 1
tLsm of fire In what may well be the i m agre Grande real live Interest will be taken ietsf .r so wkin e .t u s July. Ia.
decisive theatre of the war. General nearly all conditions, within three or four -the Government concerned with- on.r ....... retary to -oramstion =as u e
Montgomery and General Bradley, who runways for each main wind direction.h Schedule o .ForTri Trucksoe n. thed owvrme ts on r ned e the Pagsdecletary to t hs ayescton NOTICE theT
out further procrastination. I do Orlthepast F yea r Gran to quth e NOTICE TO IMPORTa
The ditr, TriidadGuad~ln"notknowwha plns ur o 'a l te redt o WGerant who since
have won the opening rounds of the They should, in his view, be built to take T think private truck-owners Tnourist Board tis ma ouir to d l hacsesa d nt of ..ir. Goeorg ugasd p..
fight against the Nazis in Normandy, airplanes weighing up to 224,0001b. should always carry a schedule with now, Withstomorrow's probl ms;tsocdatedCas.presient o..... the"Ar ug
them, so that they mAy be called but can tell you tha pot Bar bdos ..ter. p Goods Mov Through
are now jockeying for positions from Sir Alan was writing of national air- up(n hby ahy authority for examlna-e beai can e you t WONDERF UL AUGURY
which tolauncha big attack. Forwhile tion. Hundredsof people are over- slean aon then matter, n t o ver Mr.George Rochf d expresfede ebong in force In the US.A. under WWA.
ene ve it y the ports for Britain, intended to receive charged by these trucks not having active plans are afoot to haVedeepappreciation tothe delegates quire export loencee to be obtained for ods moving
the enemyviewa w i t usian the r a freight schedule, something to offer in fact, instead for having done what he felt Was United States Ports although such goods mAy Mbe I

S h~ lce~r^^SnK u .... 'ne-hmh cetr cern airoev n1^ co~i^~nrx op^^ r^-suon-
reat threat from the Russians in tranoceanc air liners arrivingfrom aI vendor going to and from of just on paper. I am sure t an excellent ob in co-operation and may pan through the United Stes only becm us
the East, they are banking all their 2,000 or 3,000 miles distant. It might be Port-of-Spain very often. I am tired Chamber will endorse the sugges- with the delegates from the other been unable to &hip on through Bills Lding. The
paying overcharges for freight for tion that Immediate attention West Indian islands. "It is quite Supply Mission has expressed its willingness toa44
hopes on Rommel's ability to smash said that Trinidad should not plan on Ea4s containing plantain, tanlas, should be given by this Colony toos beinous bunesaid,"thata u newspt In-shtyin respect of such goods and I mportel stre t ralh
the Anglo-American forces, drive themin equestvon of post war tourist sbdie wicnut are IncWe sto dIn-o suhpplr that Bills of dingWshould state that the c
c acras tthisgrandiose. scale but It would be a TOCO SFER- develop dewhc art wicne to should be ain ionin Wasingto theus tueetiofiof
back across tile Channel, and then profound mistake to entertains p-etty To CO-OPERAION .away with all the insular p reju- licence for ll such goods should be submitted to the
turn theirfull trengh_-.-- ,orwhat'10 th.....edisussinofthdices that had been existing., fo transmission to the Briti sholonle Supply Mi
"Eoth On the discussion of thte Recalling the .ealou whicht ,.fIn a's~ol ote]rts l l Ik
is left of It-on Marshal Stalln's onrush- and limited concepts of the facilities an Employment Of Seamen resolution dealing with represen- his boyhood days, used to e L. SPE
In1 millions. But it is a vain hope, airport in this Colony should provide. The Editor. "Trinidad Guardian." tation in the Legislature and the manifested between Barbados and L.SEry
redee eve les attinl b The statements of the U.S. one dealing with Control Mes-Trinidad, Mr. Rochford arded id o ietaryd
rendered even less attainable by the Trinidad Is not only an inter-American War Shipping Adminrls t a certain e tra- ures, there emerged certain very It Xw auguryfor e OldPostOfce Build,
tion official i n the "Trlnidat Guar- Interesting information which leads relations between the colonies that 7OSt. Vlasnt Street,
faihure of Kessering's armies in Italy. but an inter-hemlapheric centre for air dian" of July 8 is correct only in one to believe that any exist ing the Con.. ress should have been. rt-op.
f Where the Nazis are being chased traffic, and we must be ready for bigger so far as his kilcwledge goes. In prejudice against full co-operation heli am d such a fine atmosphere. 19th July, 194.
wh ere AlexA ndrsAl oop Ifairness to that official, every sea- with the commercial communities He concluded by asking for the
by n ber Alexander's ue t post-war developments. We, too, will man will sy lie did a job of selec- and their orgaisatio Is not ati- concurrence of the meeting in a
who now, by the way, number the tion and signing on seamen that butable to any direction s from the resolution "that the Trinidad
Brmzln Expeditionary Force with the have to accommodate transoceanic air brought admiration fromI allcon- Colonial Oaffice, but can be traced Chamber in general meeting here-
S- u I u avi t p because to the particular policy of the by formally ratify all the rwolu- TRINIDAD TURF CLL
British, American, French, Indian, and liners in increasing numbers and of the pig-headedness of one sea- administration concerned. ons impasse a at the seventh con-
Polish legions already flghtinZ there, growing size and weight, and it will be man One has heard nothing but "When one compares the degree grews of the Associated Chambers
W em v t ar complaints since, of oo-operation that exists in the of Commerce."
Where er the orNazifar, fighting theY folly to provide a toy airport incompetent RSAMAN. Irr olonies, we find Jamaica Mr. a.H..Bannng inormed the Provisional Claificatio ForSa
anre~n the worst ofit and news of ^- etth etus h Port-of-Spain. I OTWe"fndJmle r .Bnnn nore h
getting imeethe challenge. Wetrust-hef= Barbados standing in a cass _meeting that sme weeks a go the
the situaton must surely be getting back rnetisakeothdmndfra CarTes utby themselves en1d enoying that TOUriSt Board had, met to consider 1944. 'i
to Grmay. rnmr~tIs waktothe emad fr aCedr Teesonfi mdenc of Go ernet which what should be done to revive the
The Editor. "Trinidad Guardian" tunfortnately appears to be lack- alony'1 post-war tourist activities. __ ________
In their dismay the Nazis cannot looit bold, big, and expertly-devised project. on a recent visit to the Mentll lUg in many of the other colonies. A report, he sad had been sent
-Hospital, I observed with regret',Sir Frank Stockdale who both offi- to the Gover-nment giving the n s Cniud
....that, three large cedar trees' hadlolally and unoffcially must be well board's, ideas as regrd the lines >"DL- 1111 1
been hewn down and apparently aware of the strong resentment on whch deve t might take
chopped up fine Inor firewood for-felt in certain colonies, and who place In the pot-war perio'd >ae Colonial Ca)tai
tebk.... has proclaImed his belief in the Replyingd to mueeton thepel- thei~
.From time tO .time. I read of the, closest possible co-Dperation be- dentassued te metin tha th
shortageO O M N Y ,,,. of building materials. but tween Governments and commer-sresoutios wold al be ttened A Frit Jiztlo 5s Jo
somehow or other, Governnestesatia institutions, is now in J.,on- to, anld that at the first Pad H gheHa
do'es trot mind wasting such don aMd I hop lhe wall interpret of the'director, of the Incon Ara ,CUPP.I .... i n.reainon ituss
RUM ~~ ~~~~~~thngns. to the Colonial Offce the unanl- Chamber. probabldyta.o uc _In Os ppe uka~v~ 8 'HM0a' --

4vTyPA~t KUJl feeling of-w1" th^e^' Congress on next, a revewofth
....t-of--Span. 'this subject. would be made. He discoe tha m
"When dealing With the qu~Mr. YUenvuan ofJafsa had en- ~TaeD hei
Pigs Damage Gardens ,on of closer trade relations bPessmed determination to have the 5 Lad Mine weeper
Tl4 Editor "Trinia Guarian." tween the different units com- various matters attended to btt Nylo
~lachasaeseareacm- (frg te BWI.C~lopes.weauthorities concerned, and to ol Nepun
tims *t, dan dtreed at Wine- ttIt would be wll-nih low up correspondence on th sub-
There are in the island of Trinidad Servd ce c' 4 Rllgh
mmv m' b ~ i5leilI ~ ~ ~- h-~Asto nthlnem aun~til RokSoollnt
WIte ethe Indutres, bot actual n t plrten.h suv w a ndone M aid ofHnu orpion SnOdn
3lanchlsseuse. ~ aZ foren f eltf thatI ole bestitodmanaeetln~ ~ ~ Rdac u a
7Jinvoke the aid of Sir Fr'ank S k. two*,, -' ,---- Wet Bprlnthi
Build A letter Trrinidad wit,_ Ll--T----. mnj to serve as dirctr of Pmpnn -- "
IF wANOWUrrymetterutiinldthmustebebuilt. ervice uemoy
ThIesv l e Berprao ledun l.pp r arAlU

$40 ,70I oo =p-Te-r' --~-m--
e eorIm=6ANGUICAN .PRES1TERLAre Strea mline TransitterT
W our shool ae h Aid O. .. ..... OL. .... R RA C R
be trained to C be good eliUam Rm N ALO fi T a BrownBr ,, e e dB Mo
AI ON SCOTLAND T 6 aeft Roer
co.si0er CH R C hfa;9 ,! --S CHURCH /pr.T

I fA 1 ine? Some years ago4 one OIVf our M n10 ASO 8a o .... 43t Skla -
rf yQlm JVU V~JU*.~ uvlnrA hicf needs wa water on the "- WW^Mmyu :t ma* -' oSsams1 ABMT M .ro CK
K tree. but .now we have water *s~a '~w.R.P.*. sores 0, e --d f ,eT m. "e."
for, file Lights 1F e~ f S413t onil the t' atgamtheCL Iayht
I; Gr as the main roads are con- i c.a .. d e .. a0 ft" i-
is theAdertheFIR TC H C087 I)T l'u r-Sin ai.B
e. aned, Our outstading need now A .a"*^,,: u. *. . ....liner .- A 5 Li i S 3 K
W IF YOU CAN SPAR! MORE, SEND ITIF? LESS, STII.L SEN IT' die." Iladebsin ^gJA 'et~f~ Mfl"^ U.U WICEU: 0s-a Fus ispe
To) Es m15, 3 Paint From Let ers .of;ouSunday$ 7-30:8 "' 6m. : ,_., ,.hM L s h i jDOW&toan* a
REDrq SOff Awmr, 3.1Sn -visa o t &TLOWLITAN .Me. CHURoCH NIAMU, S ,
______ ~/' < 13&f Lrtd. casl thenaonto-tSuesoverod. 1 aa. Sb's..: T.s. u.s.a',-'- S C, 4ao
ha w~i ng which* flests ttre s _nn.is?,ri P1_th b,?Si mt affle'',,:".", / ... 1
5 t e tt n the a l ea d e I n 'a i t j.C d . .. 0 ,
>If YOU 111,11 i i, Mtll LIU, S i VIM IN RUM. ^'- MONO

'" ', ",7


Smf~y^e Ge"man by

NW-.VX ?di,. MWy 1i (AP) -
|^|;ftl^MI~t Ifite gets amlit, *Berrner
attack5 onre

gas, = U.

Side amy Mo-

-P out"

orimnised the at.-
had been,
!s keYPiAnt$ of the
saud hW t
TM tauff
bt hs mANkft,
MttspteWt to
l i owbaw,
Ii n this at-
bloOd of the eas-
the jxeptlo of that
I C ooullabora Bermer,
fiTlied.h Te German
Iti h_ Nen. cleaned of

V@8 ^ tot toased ywar tflet
I on ed "mot perutx.
attemptinlg to deter-
the "assinatlon"

II I'Io rere thinl eenre
ftactthat it e= .
a affaIr-at l
as *o~y scientific
,.men are rate

!r ".n-a sid he WJ!
rwo ds aware b

Ijia genae t h -O&S-h
'l iislfAftondldnlflqer"'' d-
0i e"plan. i s-Watlo ne
was caused by a time
an afternoon conference
s.eatit d ntojury Lecause
enmi the room-

l other deweloptneltb
X chi s ,meats:
>jain. the moeient ldo

radio, quoedsal, +Mlthtl
tan e Gertan"
caused by a revolt
TJunkers or by a
wfith Htler's *ol-
I.- ly undisputed Nl ooft*
0.ftk rcrodltod SwISS
ltog there wasstill
s many Oerman
s The Nadis n44 l-
tookho w Wa ON$ee-
0pwas wrpos
o abeaeded
wl tv aetUm f o Berlin
t^i^^been stapended.

Wdent osus e
is : "act witAtI
th._o=e o and
last moment."
'5~ "Alleh5idar" e-
German Legation
lia ~message saying
oGermany as well
K is absolutely firmly
of the legal German
*# eoman wores to
0 he defeat In the foe-
555 the German gen-
sittlok a fatal blow
?wr.', was broad-
C. European ser-
said that aI-
4 expects permanent
"the movement led
generals, "all that
Ii that the generals
action that can mean
Ig eamtlon for Germany."
military radio said
of u an attempt by
S a of the High Command
to get possession of the
St quWters of Berlin.
Said a battalion of the
OW11t11211d" Division re-
io ocUpy the GoV.
Tlie broadnest
beAatalon was commanded
w411 accustomed soldier-
no carried out these
said: -Te Pudffu
akh a fatal ocldeit.
' Reich are repoTt-
power has passed

LiUcences For
li~aR'* Of orPrinters and
egc^gd Is drawn to this
H~w'fl k~i wce eeia not
B-~iB ~sE' WesO mt XDW"ci*


fbe the hautB 0 10 wehruacht.'
b. t ltif satioti natually caled
SW - i* r tkinhW Wnmer Issued
*, $ ik stSi, to all his ocers
d I to the effect that his or-
a" to we to be obeyed
Ws onlyen Vtabltfed contact
l&:iiih tllntr Goebbels, who,
4sws5n a City Preident
of eadf the municipal
admunjistratlon. Ooebbels Immedi-
ately sumw med Remer to report
to him ald peironally told him the
PI hlhrr v.sU unhurt.
^' t atw that Remer spoke to
o ve the telephone
04 reelftd r 8 for his bat-
talion hrc -1 tier himself. (oeb-
bWla then addressed Renmer's battal-
Il, assuring them the Fuehrer was
well and Indicating the most urgent
tasks of the moment."
STransocean identified the assassi-
nation weapon as a "time incen-
diary bomb" which the Agency said
von Stauffeaberg "placed In the
vicinity of Hitler."
The acoount said Stauffenberg
carWld out the assassination at-
tempt "slinle-handesly, acting as
the =Odium of % sI8 1 clique whose
'wes eommeotmon with an enemy
power was proved by the discovery
of papers ad documents."
The broadcast said Stauffenberg
af, others confessed that the In-
st0gats of the plot were a "num-
ber Of retired generals who made
common cause with a handful of
officers in important positions In
the German reserve army and
Swho had been in contact with an
enemy power for some time.
RuWl4 Break News
To German Soldiers
MOSCOW, July q1 (AP).-The
Russians broke the news to the
German front lines and troops In
occupied 2014 near the front of
the attempt oa Hitler's life. The
Rd Air More dropped leaflets
d0eerlblai the conditions at home
to German sodiers and officers on
all sectors of the front, while
frat line loud-speakers and radios
repea0ed the news over again.
1,W0O Berlin Workers
ROrtd Arrested
8TOCODMOL3 July 22 (AP).-
First eye-wltAes accounts said
More than 1,000 Berllners were ar-
rested-prlncIpally from workers'
distrilts-sa the Gestapo made
widespread raids following the at-
tempt on Htter's life.
All communication Insilde Ger-
many-tralns, 'planes and telephone
+-W cut off completely, beginning
late on Thursday afternoon, the
first air passengers from Berlin
declared on arrival In Stockholm.
Beaetil transportation and com-
munication services were resumed
at &N p.m. on Friday.
A Swedish traveller said: "When
I lft Berlin at about 6 p.m. today
my Impression was the German
Government has the situation un-
der full control. There was
absolutely no enthusiasm among
Berliners over the announcement
of the attempt to kill Hitler and
the speech of the Fuehrer made
"The people just said: "'Well we
do not care. The war will still go
oA.' Another said: 'I counted more
than 100 Gestapo cars patrolling
Berlin between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.
today. They were packed with
prisoners.' "
Later in the day until the time
they left the German capital, the
passengers declared everything ap-
peared normal in Berlin, also some
testapo cars continued to speed
through the streets apparently on
Norman McDonald, B.B.C. report.
tar in StocllholnM, says that accord-
ing to these travellers, the
Getapo, armed with machine-guns,
Were patrolling the streets of Ber-
110 this morning. They described
Berlin as looking like a city in a
state of siege but said that owing
to the Intensified Gestapo Guards
.there was no open sign of revolt.
The people of Berlin are reported
to be shocked by recent events
and many rumours are said to be
Eden Besieged
With Questions
LONDON, July 21 (AP).- Mr.
Anthony Eaen, the Foreign Secre-
tary, was besieged with questions
aiboat. tWe situation in Germany
when the House of Commons con-
vened today, but he replied that he
had "no Iformation at the present
time which extends beyond that
ih Is in possession of all mem-
Sand added: "If and when I
14 In a position to make a state-
fCOftTlftigU IN NEXT COL.)



I' *' '^ e-

A..eeeg,1g1 i R

I~.12ZE 'ch


LLyitR *


newly appointed Chief of Staff,
Colonel-General Heins Ouderlan.
Hull Calls Himmler
Hitler's Chief Executioner
Mr. Cordell Hull. Secretary of
State, said that Heinrleh Himmler
would not now be able to "conceal
frre,m the German people the fact
that many German generals believe
Germany has lost the war."
Mr. Hull described HImnmler. to
whom Hit'er delegated supreme
authority within Germany, as Hit-
ler's "chief executioner" and said
efforts to restore appearance of
unity in the High Command were
at this stage "frantic attempts."



Present stcks r saree and
until the war Is *ver.Wdight's
Coal Tar Soeep wIn hje eifl
te. aIst good pg that
easet alwy e timbbLe
We' say but dutt i be
way ait. VW leek flewXd
muk ye thte day
whke Wugkt' wll be bak
agia i n plenty. Ad mso.
toewwe premise 08i lsmovisd
used-4 mwaofPlm
e -e ft we&.

WIIINII TZV/lllllj.[

whser.- tAVM1M 4 --- LW,_
W404 100LtAND




(A Musical Review and
Under the Distinguished
Patronage of His Excel-
leney the Acting Governor
Master Boris Fistein
-Popular Young Pianist
Mr. McDonold Carpenter
--Leading Violinist
Mrs. E. De La Rosa
Miss Isabel Fox
Supported by
The Now Progressive
Circle (N.P.C.) Choral
Section-Conducted by
Mr. Ralph Cherrie.
The Trinidad Police Band
-Conducted by Lieut.
Dste; Weedaem-y,
AugMt 2
Twie: 0PrP.Mm.

$1.50 6L $1.00

ST. O9NON1' 0ema = 1re
opus aftk9n* est


'Mad JaCk' CadmaApprove

-Churchill .fTA WAJI1IY
EA Change In t0e iqo1m0
S-.- .am.- $ 01 xesps ta Ta CM
D ecOratedI w- e approved yesterday b
D eJL ,, Parliament. Progressive Oon-
--*> "- i Ym ee oematon im ibem
LoNANr. ..I,- 1 ,-=ete) t =a hard amore erou
"Mad J 10" z" tretmet of taxpayers and
given" .. j^ l more libeiri provision for tax
gi v e n L A. C o l .wJo b s 5 i an t h e f u n d s I n -
earned t r u an bk ^ a prospecting.I
--C - '--. t ---be Nsm d firm
ore of the we apam oted WOL, te
0B10awat OLO -
is** health a salbbd force of 9.** irT
Ommsnd mae Aeras oper- A-llIp KU i
Gim Carps I an atackon the A IS V I
German o oa ra an tI -^ --I
land oN the a, otIm niau e Tst I ni "n., PIhafI ,C I
landed Ia the darkness and silent- C aen Progress
ly surrounded the town where the
Germans lay.
While waltnlg for a air boiabing [CONTINUED POM PAsGE 1
attack to give the al tor the The Britis advanced 100 yevds
assault, Ug-Cl. Ohhuhl a ht- on a two-mile front soutwst of
angued the German0 th r a Croix des Laues, eUarllncma
loud speaker whih worrit e of the Casn-Vulers n oue 3 .
enemy iteatopeni rire. One Shell on their front the Aartlcal
exploded naw a tree above tlahtened t e01 f.re-pWer aeutrol
Ipsker nd a ad e-giun- m o the St. Lo-perlera road and
hit the Instrnment, but beb ot soVan an actual foothold' ao t
his broadcast and so to Uindated suth of s 4emilysur-toiMa,.
bv his pensteatme were the ene=y, Doughboys were steadily tsebew-
that some of them gave themselves lnagpressure on Pirlers danm the
up narrow firm ground of the ql Wdo
Then the bombing M attak to k northeast of the town'. T
place and the Comaindos with s ashed a German count-atae_ tk
fixed bayonets entered tohe town. ag Inst their positions In te town
Led by Lt.-p.cKbehUl.th andmade a $1r1il they
clere u.'t-ot Med madeaslih local gai .
cleared the *"str and -he-- The weather over the bttlefeld
every hom e g the fade ofth.w practical wrote off Allied ir-
fire and hand g_ de p thrown r a far as th Norandy
fromm wiadows a ...om I onatrle support & o wBanemd.
The entire German garison cn",- r1WithI n, &c -foot cetne and
praising an omer and 10 men0 w vle UtvWunder a rtf-ftl not a
either killed or Captured.single direct support flight tok off
._ ---- ____from England and operations from
Sthe beachhead bases were believed
Turkish Ships almost "thoroughly curtaled.
OrderedToHarbour RanyWeather Give
LONDON, July 21 (AP),-45lfnsf LONDON, July 21 (Reuter).-It
Incireasd today that Turkey m aig sd f p
soon swing from her neutral pv%- wharsb of 36 hours and progress
Uon to possible declaration of war wards of roarss
aganstth A~s.onesuc j~ic~~has been limited. The roads have
aainst the Axis onea such dlca- been turned into rivers and fields
tion was a broadest by tbs Vichy into swamps and everywhere there
radio that all Turkish ships had i smud.
been ordered into Turkish harbours mcorrespondents at Supreme
without delay and that all navlg&- Headuaters tonight s ay the Ger-
Uon in Turkish waters in the Black Hmans can thank the weather for
Sea be suspended. the greatest respite they have had
There is a growing belief in Lon- since "D-Day."
don that Turkey may attempt to What fighting there has been
hold a position at the Allied peace today has been mainly an infantry
table by handing Axis diplomats job, Canadian troops particularly
their passports. -xpuilsion uL 44t -oing fine work.
agents has been at the top of the west of Borquebus more close-in
Allied request to the Turks ever fighting is reported tonight for an
since they agreed to end the ship- overlooking ridge on very useful
ping of chrome to Germany with high ground. .
the acknowledged belief of the lrther west still, the Canadians
parties involved that this would have cleared the coast bank of
mean a tprmal break In relations the Orne for five miles of its
and possibly war. length below Caen. At the Amerl-
---. ----can end of the front General
Warship Resc ues Bradley'a men have gained a little
Rers cu v es ground west of St. Lo. Northwest
280 In Indian Ocean of Periers they have thrown back
oNO j July 21 tReur I a counter4-attack in some strength.
LONDON, July 21 (R e r) With clouds today down to S00
It was revealed tonight that HM.8. feet and visibility only half a mile,
car, of the Royal Indiman Navy, air operations over Normandy have
recently rescued more than ;"0 been almost washed right out.
Europeans and Indians, men and
women and one child, when a snip EVEBY HAMLET DEFENDED
sank at night in the Indian Ocean.
Though it was dangerous to ltow Howard Marshall, B.B.C. repor-
down In the Area of the inking ter, said in a despatch this after-
the Blhar steamed slowly about, noon that the rain has been pelting
croling among the wreckaeD pick- down on the battlefront ilI day
g up survivors while & Royal and the roads and lands which
Navy ship which hbad ben sum- yesterday were inches thick in
monaed circled round in protection, dust have been turned into mount-
The last survivor to be picked up Ing torrents this morning. The
was the master of the sunken ship, rain, he said, was falling in such
Captain Mil0, of Sydney, who was a dismal grIey curtain that visibil-
found at dawn sitting astride an try and artillery, all round the
upturned lifeboat the felds themsel"' are nothing
..._ ......... .____ but ewamps.
ment, of course, I will teli the house B a0rA VUS RBTAKEN
at once."
The Canadian forces again dis-
Army Paper To Issue tinguished themselves In recaptur-
Specia Hitler Editn h lag the little town of Borquebus,
Special Hitler Edton They entered this place yesterdayI
afternoon but had to pull out last:
NEW YORK. July 21 (AP).-Th* night in the face of a heavy coun-
German radio Instructed editors of ter-sttack. Then they launched
the German army newspapers to a two-pronged attack with in-
Insure a special edition on Hitler, fantry storming down from the
stressing the "unshakable faith- north. while tanks drove in
fulnems of all men" to Hitler. from the east.
United States Government Moni- On the American sector the
tors heard the broadcast order a Germans continue to bombard St.
picture layout to Include photo- Lo from the high ground to the
graphs of Hitler, Himmler, and the south.

WO mm 1

Red Advances


Polish Cities
Marshal KIater= o* tI
the oerman out or oeI
than 208 towns and vmltW todaS.
The battle to wipe out the Oe-
man divisions trapped in the
Russian rear Is going on. and
Ruaslan troops today have taken
more than 2,000 pruo .
atill further south the com-
munique ay that German realt-
ae ben broken beyond Tar-
e tpol, and aswy up on the Finnish
front the Rusans have resumed
the offensive on the Karelian sec-
tor aid fo'ight their way through
more than 40 places. Altogethw the I
Rusians captured more than 001
Elaces today.~ laa
Th, nmain weight of the Russanl
drive alc" the NO miles of Hit-
ler's crUmbing eastern front, now
seems to be through the Rreat
Capa torn In tha enemy's lines be-
tween Brest-Ltovak and Lwow.
From Kovel, Red Army troops have
Plunged forward right up to the
Polish River Bug, and artilery are
reported to befiring across it.
Latet despatches say that thou-
sands of Soviet engineers are rush-
in= up pontoon and prefabricated
idgem unite for a wholesale
crossing of the Bug. such a cross-
ing would bring the Red Army
southeut of the capital city of
Apart from the big push from
Fovel, other Russian forces have
swept around above Lwow to
poWn s more than 20 miles beyond
the Bug, the battle for Lwow it-
Self appears to be reachingl its
climax. The Oermans af reported
to be putting up barricades to meet
the Red Army's street storming
parties. In the battle for East
Pussia, a crack German ?Bnser
division is reported to have moved
up to Join the key forces fighting
near the Reich border, and up on
the Baltic, Red Army troops fight-
In west OfDvinsk have ct. the
raiway which runs to Memnel and
the coast.

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7A etki 64 A


F.A.A. Officer
Fined $120
Lieut. Graham Mortimer, Fleet
Air Arm officer, stationed at
Piarco described by his counsel,
Mr. Malcolm Butt, as a man with
an excellent record and one who
had already rendered appreciable
service in this war, got the Crown
to accept a plea of guilty on
dangerous driving Instead, when
he appeared on an accusation of
manslaughter at a special Assiue
Court yesterday and Mr. Justice
J. L. M. Perez, presiding, or-
dered Lieut. Mortimer to pay a
fine of $120 with the alternative
of three months' Imprisonment.
Trial yesterday was the out-
come of a motor-car accident
occurring on the Churchill
Roosevelt Highway on the night
of April 29 when Kali Khan.
middle aged man. came into
contact with Lleut. Mortimer's
car and was killed.

Allies Bypass
Jap Rearguards
TEBRS, July 21 (Reuter) Allied
raiding forces have by-pasued the
Japanese rearguards and attacked
a camp M miles south of Utlhrul,
inflicted casualties on the enemy
and captured much equipment.
British troops advancing down the
Tiddim Road are now beyond &Mel-.
rang and have seized more enemy
equipment including two tanks.
Heavy rains as well s Japanese d-
molitions are hampering their pro-
i Is Me len *siesaryIV to o wttbe
ioohd iIs afessaryi to ye0 ealth to
renodr alatotl- or ssmls seidity.
aLOOLtsas e tive reedY ftlr the
a" Waillru tWNe aM Is leMnoe*
by Denture everywhere.
aLOCOL neutraltas gleam adblty-.
M uaof iso much dypal.-B ma
the steumaeh. Two tabletsat ALOOOL
'sto bobe aud sfter msae wIS'l t
a wpan8 sad utable you to aW4 yeour
1a3egItadishUes without fara of dIatrasis
rseia. ALOCOL Is perbetly barklam kt
saet dem.
AL40OL is Mftlor uan tar m po e f
tka beatsbeeta Mo sa", Mamutm. loe
seas 0 eth ar stalls reeks"a 'Ta
may 0t" mmaotar reoli efr a. -bt
have M PnsaUsI vmala tm a
aLOOOI gVm m eopt remlwe 6 t0mi
m a w balthyr diatimli. It neatgsa
only the eam *Cto i the tomseh. leasi
the sIwamay quasisty (*t the MI-i
psocass of dseUtM..
Ok bluMe ht eal tla le e -l tablets
rols11 ahudth*a or*rc n the
tram n
t. Marls. e ,. Port-l-SeawB T"r0nldU4
a.0. I


*** *cim i 1

.L1 *4v a

flItdlt to *..-.vall.
able to ye who they t

aIale- Big Enal ............ lM L

NW Usfr relsa-ifg twift
P Males AsmeelMll
Pas18 he' Pefsa 8tovea,
Cbimneys--(blg and low)
Calln fMhkb -sd lew1
WJk To andes (hlh and ow)
MIrrors-.O. and Square .... 15.83 & 117.1I
> 52xa15.

M, HENRY STREET :: THONX 41K4 41. as


...You can spot it
every time
VB sgera In Ara wre
E -how, much he Now
meetdgw dieM- downtown to -{
2 C ola Osa. Coke* ia as
ftehlagrmmbauc f hamsMai
cherois to Uste andM rfreseluMa,
The ewsppers have beem 0,3
domelt Inlow$an
af tUtheiamremebtmw
somdthin sualy Z dit
bae a"d M 1omsthhj
to drink. Tok miw
eking ulhm Co-m.fhtI
0 C-urC. f M


. :,, <



IfTalkt 'OrTriniad

Wilmglmmll-tf ,,ii- t- g, n lufte -qWg niB~ M-
W 0 A-as 1. Mu. UlaI
Bd. be M i be V Ow.
ISM he Of AtlImbe i MAP am e b o mb r g
M -MM-31utrs arvowese iMa"M n' to2"S C;:8m
WM be W e to to b srlab d -aito *d5. i bom
ri..wm be sab less be ~md isorly ha 51

q4NOOM the courtesy of the CoeMander, Uj. Hav ld OperaUng
-A T Mf O -AdflW 0. X Anthe U4. Navalud will be
tio Suoe at the does a tlMe Trundad lry C eb tb ~ht.

am. el 3. & WUn of San hrnando, Wesofved a
4tsrble SoIM when thdr to yungwees children were swer*
t at their hbmae the remiult of an accident. They re both
b and the oerI onlr a year old. while the elder is about
aNdA half. Tbey are patients in Poant-a-Plerre Hospital at
pwml. eod "Bumming Bird"jotan with all the friends and relatives
af the parents, both in Trinidad and Barbados,. i wishing a speedy
MMry for the UIttle ones.

S TMMZ will be a garden party at St. Benedct's college tlU after-
Snoon. at 4 o'clock, organized by father Boniftace in Said of the
3my Scout troop.
AdetbSon will be six cents for children and 12 cents for adults.
table tenoBs, horse-racing, a punchboard. parallel bars.
*ane Tm-atWC~h and a cinema show are among the attractions
Ina te evonta there wiu be dancing, ommencing at 'clock.
I to the mude of the Melody Makes, and the charge for this will
be M cents for ladles and 80 cents for gentlemen.
Refreshtuent will be on sale throughout the afternoon and even-
Iag, and It to hoped that this effort will be well supported by rei-
dents in the South.
> Wl3 -AO-PlR-A-P CLUB held Its usual mid-month Informal
S dance after dinner on Saturday last and music was furnished
b' the T.L.L. dance band.
Among those present I noticed Dr. and Mrs. M. Schwartz, Mr.
and VM. Joan Nethersole. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Mann, Mr. and Mrs.
J. L. Leotaud. MLiss Elizabeth Stampfil, 8Bt.-Major Peacock, Mrs. A.
2 2'. 0. Cooke. Capt. Oriffiths, Mr. and Mrs. Dick McClean, Mr. and
Mrs. 0. Peretra. Mr. and Mrs. R B. Macmillan. Miss Sheelagh
Tvad, Mis Mendes, Mr. Angus Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Orainger,
S Mr. Steve Bennett, Miss Prancis Preudhommne, Miss Doreen Laing,
a. It. louplee, Mr. and Mrs. Bevan Clark, Miss Jackle BSlimms, Missl
DolOthy Kite, Miss ElVas Aostinl, Mr. Pat O'Connor, Mr. A. W.
Kmp, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Gray and many others.
.* 0 0
V HE Informal cocktail dance held at Naparima Club last
S Saturday evening was a very gay affair, and everybody semedl
to be in party mood. Fortunately the weather was fine, tables and
chairs were set out In the garden, and club members and guests took
full advantage of the fact. The bar was located In the new card-
room, which was very convenient, and the service was good. Als
Jtv*O C chestra supplied the music and dancing went on until the
early hours of the morning.
Among those pewnt I noticed Mr. and Mrs. R. B. McKenzie, Miss
Cynthia McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boom, Capt. and Mrs.
Lauries Trestrall. Dr. Peter Rostant, Miss Joan Rostant, Mr. Z. B.
Msegt, Misa Helen Evelyn, Min K. Westwood, Miss E. Pearson,
NiU Joyce Dean, Mr. W. and Mr. E. Wooding-Deane, Mr. T. Herrelra,
Mr. L. V. Stoute. Mr. Jack de Verteuil, Mr. 0. Rostant from Porest
Piverve, Mr. R. Trestrail and Mr. G. Bovell fron Port-of-Spailn, Mr.
and Mrs. L. C. C. Hobson, Miss Zita de GaiLnnes, Mr. Jock Pake from
Apex, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jack, Mr. and Mrs, Maurice Lucle-Smlth,
Miss Sheila Taylor, Miss Y. Sanson, Mis J Agostini, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Tuirel, who have recently returned gorn a trip to Canada
and the U.SA., and many others.
A MONO the guests at the party given by Mr. and Mrs.
SJoe Oatranlto on Tuesday eveniig for Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Ooddard were Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Marquez. Mr. and Mrs.
Phllllp O loanetti sad Mr. Vie Gloanetti, Mr. Harold Cole. MI4-
Patsy and Mr. Terrence 0'rien: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nievcs and
Miss Rita and Mr. Ceorge Nleves: Mr. Mark Couyers, Mr. and Mrs.
Cyril Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. M.
Camsacho, Capt. H. Thliorne, Mr, Harry Parinha, Mr. and Mrs. Her-
man Marqgue. Mr. and Mrs. J.. F. Gomez and Miss Zena and Mlan
Elaine Oqmps: Mr. Clayton Oreenidge, Mr. George an$ Miss Isabel
abral, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gonsalves. Mr. and Mrs. John PTtreirli, Mr.
and Ms. George Farah. Mr. and Mrs. Bertle Shephard and Mr.
John Oar"nto.
MISS LfETTE ORAYSON, who Is to be the vocalist at Mr. P.
-- Lesie Calver'e organ recital at Hanover Methodist Church on
Tuesday, July 25, beginning at 8 p.m., tells an amusing story of one
of her London concerts.
te we engaged to sIng at short notice and wuas obliged to leave
M to her agent to secure an accompanist who could play at sight,
sin thersoe would be no time for rehearal. Unfortunately the ac-
eompanlst's performance fell far short of the required standard,
wit the result that Misi Orayson thus upbraided him after the
coonrt: 1* understood you could play at iightl.' So I can,. was
the reply, "but not necfarly at first sight.,









eloMtya--p d trimids. It Use-
faltk eud a8 d omifl *ad
a" us a da M eel a- brw
nay17 blue ,ryal UiM, Have
evernl btoses In patel shale
aud white. .It Is very smat for
ffilee wear, or for shOpplng for
yowr hem.

Today's Diary
Dance Portuguese Club, 830 pL.
Dance at Perseverance Club.
Dance at Trinidad Country Club.
Forthcoming Events
Cinema Show, Trinidad Country
Club, Monday, July 24, 9 pm.
Organ Recital, Hanover Methodist
Church, Tuesday, July 25, 8 p.m.
"Music and Memories," Prince's
Building, Wedr-esday, Augun 2,
8.30 p.m.

Noparima Dance
Naparlia Club is going to have
informal dancn again tomorrow,
and a pianist, Mr. Ale. has again
been engaged to play from 7 pmn.
Club members who attend with
their guests, may expect to have
an enjoyable time.

How To Peln-

The Wardrobe

a Wa p m or t em MIg, -1
mWr=s eri odm % I -:
- m axwl Ibm zn -venis
-ator me n th-l ta blar D aI-

haBm tare f dv= =-to
a U g p ousty or -adm Way L
It will A w Ik t t nos ut IA

down -tut the tie o t No your-
wseldrob ed in a few =m ha
anuiersm adin t todam wil&t

Wtenr that,6 on
chefol.owatr ane thw e- ul
mean of I vlnxa joof uw-eb.

thethn you haveJeM itm
need aow emelothe open popor
board and dra er widely o ieu
MWyour closing and ot wit it.
things which you canst .in. Tld
wUl tell you exae y what you hav.
Make a itot of tS U e
Make anotherlst of the things you
need- tuM, shoes, batse, down to
the tiniest aewy. Then aU-
mate thbe oo f eh to see you
have kept within your eemas.
Ask yourself: y ave I aa tg
to wier for any ot a at Write
down the time you can allow your-
self for shopping end sewing. bis
sares many an unpleasant Incident
for your dreaimaker or you.
After that, decide on a color
chetne. What are the colours of
the things you have?
Choose a baskc colow, something
that is becoming to you, and three
co rs that will With It.
These will never fail you; g. black
for a baic colour goes well with
red. turquoe e blue, pale lemon
LookC earrefully through a good
fashion book, and select the styles
you prefer.
Shop for your materials with
sketches or clippings of the styles. -
You will find this most helpful,
especially when selecting buttons,
threads, and other trimmings.
Make first the garment which
you need most, and complete it in
every detail.

Tips On Ironing
Never use too hot an Iron for I
rayons. Test iron by standing It on !
a pad of paper. If a scorch mark j
shows in 15 or 30 seconds the Iron'
is too hot. IN
Always Iron rayon on the wrong i
side and iron only one thickness at =
a time.
Carefully pull the garment Into
shape before starting to iron. -
Make sure seams are pressed I
quite dry or they may contract and!
pull the garment out of shape.
Never iron stockings. _

Radio Programmes
00 Annrun*'ementsl News G.I. News
.15 BC ltght Orch Ted Hislng. Sports Visit. Musical
30 ...... let Piano Quanrtet Hymns from Honme
S :45 Mi... Music we Love
;00 Dnc- Muls News Yarn for Tanks
..... Personal Album
:30 ... arn Dane* rry James
:43 New .... ... News
7 a Io WI et. Diu e coo Jo
it .... o k It .... ....
7 :6 0.1. Joun.) Saturday Mgb eos
:t BBC T?phon .,......... .....
00 News Hit PParade
:As .porr Mill B R
:30 04 Town Nall Hit Parade Natioea'al BarsDane
:4 .... ....
., uw,,ea asiwoa-3..NW

y 1. ,. ..; UOIted rfiwora M7p. Vews
S:15 News of Colonles Ne's at Mome Itlm M.ythms
S ;30 Star lKtM Orso Welles Dance Muslie
:46 Or.hestral Musi .... ....
o :00 Nowsetitd!infis Ne wNight Owl Club
|f 'an.s Muli .
I/:i0 ...... Lower Mas lt t .re
4__ 5 Nocturne


,C* Bum tNJ~e^
c<^ g !* &^T^U W * *l -ajfl-ji K' iW

II -
~. U *5



I Ittgj

Claude RAINS-Michele MORGAN-Peter LORRE
Sydney (Fat Man) GREENSTREET Philip DORN

GLBIz3Su ri AM -Srm
T2WAY, & M PA- ib I a -It*
FfId Mdemy al
r-mtot Geiu rlda In Kay. wS
Standing Room Only j P i An
- -mmat i j --- ----- -- .i-i


A^.. /)tIf., -- II TODAY and or the Week-LEu

244 9~opude& RaqueAaL

__,,__4 0-.u,.,,uA --
C-." a Us EEWO O
----- SOIAEltAE VIs u L-0

1 fPredWUWk b) JOM PMOiMK

iI f THE LADY-U Msual .1 Pnrice

TODAY 4.45 A 34 p.m.-
Sonsational Doable!
Basil Rathbone, Nigel Brce In:-
And lons Maoey Wn:-

TONIGHT at 5*-
th CeMtAry Fx RPresents:-
with: D n Am obe, FrnmAe Dee,
Harry Carey, Ann utherford
Extra Special AMoJd Attaetle n
Mareh eol Tie's UPBEAII IN
TeumeW & Sunday:- GUADAL-

Wta isma. masam. m W"eas

usmlb ~S5 g~s, 65- mis
W.nldism~ms am, adS.
am e m u w low to
wrT e xioft- c" as moo

aseem "seeiue a S& L"v
yowft Col. is ts& am amj.



5 0 X I N 6
Saturday, July 22
I ReOd of I Min. aEach,
The manamsment invites %U
interested men of the M'-
chant Navy to come forward
and take par N. ames
weights may be given to
Club Steward.
With the permision of the
tn Boutard of Control.
[Cie"ts Ho #e, St. L A

PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at B a tI p.m.i-
Sensatlnal Indian Picture:-

Sister or Bahin

Look I
L Celuldta Set Wood- IW

So Water Machine
slauel faw. detla
Baw.Skar, it SSW,

wUhd tor Meter .... $1$3,
L. go" Water Machine |
and lixter Motor .... $1,?N
4. Crown Cork Machine
(large) .. .......... !17
I. Retaurast Cafe--
emplete--central ... $3,0
A.S r. 1e acre land--
ta for building
or Farm, with vacant
hoome, Petit Valley,.
Inege Martin .... sargain
B. DI's Empty-Painted
and Renvated (near
Troly 'Bu)-4, Al-
frede Street-It's good
-Pay S3A cash, bal-
ance e0 mortgage.
C. 4 Deae Street,
St. Jame. new, peia
se"I" .............. $ M
D. C Cuberbath Lane,
Beheent-New, free-
X. SB-b a Dwelling
(Mmpty)-I- Gatere
Street-quick ....... 5
r. I Lovely E"ates-Te.
ift" ....... I....... T
a 3 New suagalowo-

L =%= asMANs
iareelM e .......... t

taft z -ad..?
I.l tIila-Hi, Ga*-
5. 35 Belot Cel^Cremlar

oad 4gbaw h oM

Santa CmOres River at
b .o.......... S, '
,a,4est Bee

now* .;. ...... WinM

0.Long h a

lot B Sell Tipopme

a mb-s cmis-S
""o"*- fi meC~iet
JtW.lo *atb-lto eenunhh

Now Deo

.2 Mdob

TODAY, 1t-
Tumorrow, I A M,

Lady of

Barbara Stanwyek

Today, 145 *.--
be Whole Serid
Adventures of
Red Rider

Today, US & 4-
hK iKm
KI c K



The wbie-


AI4, &M PA1-

I -- ag -
iPat O'BRIEN, George UMTu




TODAY 4.1 4 1 -
An K.K.O.
special! I

Hsumai *nass? mI uwr
SOn. & MeOn- 1TM Wi

NEW- Sau FernU
TODAY AT &W AJL- The Wh ls .:-
Tw HADOW w" h Vii. ief
AT C & LU P.M.-. l A 6"ofmb rMA"-
TIn EmT rnxy fOWAM.,
asOmsMI~t^ mtY gsrre ^SMU^

TODAY AT 5 Msa t o. .o n

M ta SWM a1w, io6a IWB.-

fumry AM% <" mT, al"I

IL -:7,1 1 -,

U16, L3 PM.-


4A, $Ae PJ

n* FLYrNN, Ai

OmmD DA D-Dqa

t- . ,_ ..I ... *


Z._- ml


II i i

lUnmAU 7UAMi

54aWMAX JLy "4I

44 U

.dRest Opens TA. Ses Tod CYCS las

Cy ITo Kick Off South Key Government Criticised Over .4S1

l t Fd MaMatch atchToday Control Board Inquiry
0"01w"ma i b febeths w tet emniltw apo.aote4 to I*.a I- n
si n Rs O'8rs.a To 1* #& tO I atteri s relatig t to the O MUIA 90Wg w I eve d alle da C ioy".
tie raoJls Hi 2" tW. a mel- For bplair. XI VS. yMt rrA. A 0. alem duri $t A Atlg of te Chamberwe
Hflght, klcklng-og t 44 clock. 0* la League aisa th0 *Mrtitv on tlc5--
TM u Q U e9UM CaMeWtheir meeti S m .ngwMarc "t ate I V #. o fW t the lnvtts.s tten. w ts, W JA
a rsoltin ad s achitW estiat,t i tton. ok
on AtWAih&% esvernmntnwouldn h eI Now
Leaseholds a n tmber passed a r eaoiumad d5A es
agek powlerfWS sia Wl. 1 waf r heu". O A tow ater he teir ethig tN t m on 4 t
H K PF rl f n o r ^ they were erore less a uto pet ce.t tbWskr t. i ,n. b2debi i M
Goaes te opo. C. Ia the as. trim f n ajnoqjiiet that men woulDo n hwe tekoR acon. pposhela' se r h i iI aw to
if Prt-aP m Watch at te w woo intemumr >fh oovenment bad tenld t" Thte% ware a tw wi from the
ma tch. a f a totel aplea ewiMtsee of U trt thought Gsvwaer meat w as t ---'
changes taBC tu*te l Saints 3 0' own t eased f Sa5 eta tola keany action. Tnil
W __their daaM italdq'4etd, an4 of hope tlhat CVoIw ft hiad realy were many toes. Trew*
Mike}, MlkotnI. f whome are de~dt aecrAin 0 t. were WPer tcal. viahoughi e t.t
Siteh etthO e" tad. themat'k *wt tecetrai on. e BD S
a too U, and sitCorrespondlentontenmot 01omtemle.Nwa fo ptOfieQ1110-06wvd
th UN SM NANDO, July 21.- Ln = ithat pw v be pigaooo-holW.
MW hsf u l n S M art9T1 th h. He sud il like tW make fine Ault
UW sh put 49 104T00143swiped off on ealy two esInscwe left, and -- to oae
wid1&coJones, cT.0 ett e- 5heP to the rervoll. 410,
been d n.t 1W de11"4 to score a timely 4-3 Jourru 7 0 2 c'Ue t. by [fs f t1t t 1ba5 k "$ tor the adu it ga of th ci' j9
'win over S. Benedicte in a .AP.Aaeeble m JM tofhtne. n h#HW The warl e a a%; Isth y
nothing he could do. The commer- people in r.s"epon'a.e pabi!'1, tla.sI Wi
Matr'd b fcl-i frt leaguer at Skinner Park on The0t610111 I -s (ll community w g,lit to t he t they would not h&t .r czt'Ae. In
Air Arm onl T uy. C Y.O. wCllplsy: 3 Shud; K. chamber for helpta Ithe matter a4d tp of peaceO. He n.,4 a& ,: tle4
t Bean. I. Botnn: C. r.o., M. hoped that the Chmmba would net PWeM U to reflect and us he.r
HB Rirtde Hda t g full advantage of tOnuinel A. W)W'A. J. Roe. J. let the matter drop. owere to tho aftil iti ih. tn t t-- ifl -
)0W~~r. Xto the um l tvai h iners
B J 'ten-marn team With which Leas. Ahwat, L. Leadok J. g o the cunm.i. r
to presated to holds o.,ened, the saints with some *i DELAAYINGO TACTICe They shotId ao.. Govirwment to
M rhe .i:k -oa Ofine n orwaidmovem t s co two A.S w i rien; had pointedout Ubt eback upe ann ore fud sacrfie rot
A.:- ii .e le X. D, Lon S.d oeLA-Ofheanhe ngyfro They
teams- quick goa bsrtdw. Mirl M ao* e SLJ pr.es nt .fe wiyh emitte by doing th0 dut'' on then> ho
T erd)-J. 0.0- Saeked up by a stout-hearted Crawfo.rd. WBa.ed~..Brown,. M. h o rnwhc hAmitall ithdotrmno. ner Ilgy
I~yer and,# 6 -ass". .. op.. s.. f. . .f fo d Justice.
211111 0 .0"'set of defonders, their forwards I In t Mr. Wlr Alsron, ah. prao"i ad usie
,J008(Capt.), 1 drytod_- food and gave that partm sole Mr. Wilrid Alaton. the president,
B tl moved dangerWy towards Lease-- power of purcht an tillottin g stated that l Burs le'sC o n-
Owlo B-. B Bur- holds' goal area and in a flash had to Mailliontt o* m*ent was a rather lotg one, but
eI was unjust, uneuttW .l s ihe felt that the temper of the
B u-R. Merritt; in two g "Tlealy a l at euc Carlton Beat n 'ar That weas e tatt Chamber was such that he could
r tt, af t ehr late-comor got'. VOC *a5; hGovernment had employed ttehardly sto Mr. ito.sl from sT"y.
p.ictoriaU ths.lyu4what he had In mind, because
0, ?Uses11:, H' Se 8eale took the field. He nettee S lcnt 1d lythe. hecouldno pSayingttaj Or ---
Govia. Roy with a good placement on receiv- Y S ctondly. the Pwrel. of 11 eoln had sa nsyo thei I ay ri *
Res'arMver. T. Inl a pas from the left-winger. T I committee appointed hbyOvarnMMt se whaih many of them wIr
es T. to! ,I v^ A^ Ra~r SeS w'^ IDAlDl0
Cs 'a onsisted etiely of members 69 c Tbkit. hycudd ohn
e score re minedoat 2-4 with d aaee.0mdeat the Executive Council, the Ananl-ou rer, howv-r, beca e the o"w-
L-^ =1 se the S t URNITURE
rcess but the oilmen SAN PSANANDO, July .21-thoriltyof the Governst Of itteehwasr howe nveatleating.
soon af ter play was reatr~ anporting Tony atno a ace .A.F.A. Trinidad. The parent s1* o M Mr. oHe-Ro als lSgeted that the
rf qJi''n to find the Saints taking the lead piv mn. and Wutoo Clarke. control mt t have been ane0on1 decrtary hui submit the ,ist of
cu 8 li e gain. J both ex-players of the Heavy Anti- by the Executive Countel dan W rBurslemssremarks to the Col- FU R ,
| This time the lead was Ohort- Aircraft Battery, Oarlton mored it likely that the personnel o t t lal 8e etIB n my
lived, and Les clholdl after a series an eay ave-one win ver Victoria. same xeoUlive Council wvas aol The pildent aid he thou2htI
of raids gotthe witing goIal when t1943 intermediate champions, who to find any tremendous fault wtth ar. H1pe-osss suggestion was prr-
To da Sennett netted with a lobber frum made their debut In Arst-clas ams- their own organisatlon? feotly order and added that ;hey
R? : out on the wig. cer at kinner Park ytte vay at- Thirdly. it seemed as thouib sthoam point out that the matter
fil nals, intermediate The goalorers were: ternoon, Oovernam:t illntended to 4 as of very great Importance to tihe
B will got under. Le ipCapt. Se ol, Pet&- The game was a first.leaguer and laying as. Tha y ppolnt .d air meltantile community. S A
homme. Hernatdez rand Beniett. though the vict r had their own Lemnox O'eilly on the 0onIttst. AT-
i Maple will elai In at. Be-lcte--KhAlw, Smith id way all along they were not very Sir Lennox wa bY far itfort t WOiFORD LODgE LSiTATK
fnal at the Turtin. impressive. Their forward line was n I n Trinidad. e had en tX4- CHAGUANAS
val with Mr. J, Mr. L. JMIgernath ert4d the without Sonny Thomson and Ran. svy practice andbe hde hato a rl FURNlITUL'RE SALE CHiUANA ag
!r, T. Grfen u whistle, Mr. W. Alleyrne And Mr. dolph Halls. who Is now playing colony to the other in the tloAt USINNSm. MADELgINE,0;"t o- ,
a Iend Invincible R. Hels werf the linemen, fo the field. and it lacked the fire of his clients. Therefore the Otoe USaNg S.nanDoL ,
tSSIseand.class a W"here:dhdtaenotenFn.e:dSaturday, 22nd ropi,
of the hitherto Caton forw he had to attend to the comm SATURDAY, JULY .!, 1944
ieso, 0. LeaseheLds:-)Reece; Oddard, lItllne. m. ust be limited out th.t th At 1.4W5 .. y 44 radio
IrolnIa!I Tyr- Carter; Knowles, Higgins, Dilek The 1osf-sea'ere In the matches AMtinr mor wen oit otat the h
kt^unaer Lock., Capt. S1 HsrnB, ire as tfollows--W. Clarke, A. St. a mnetins of the Cham1er when act- lltrtctedd I Mr, C. R. D. 1structed by Gordon J.imas &sq ial
Prou.E wm e Ptom, and BA.t Georg,?O e.. w1 iC.,'g In the same capclty somi time Shautwilo will con be leaving who is leaving the Oolonv we wi l rinc
at.d B nedIe0bu-'--0. Johnon; A. Hayies one each for Carlton. ago, stated that he would liket th Caonty. I will sell all his sell all his nicely kept Purnlture weather
wM'a J. Paul, C. Phllip; M. Maingot D. Michael w aed Vitorias In" among ether things, hspy relatian valuable and well-kepi furniture etc., compising:- the pa
1a d oCare. Pierre; K. Smith goalfrom a penalty. *estahed between he n oewn- otiitrti;- Cyp BedrooM Suite, Carved typof I
,~g urs. Ti.~ do vrt.L p.r Kh.i The teams were: nent and the comnimerclalt eor- Oist orris Suite (4 pieces) Chinesye Camphor limad Teak Crhest. a%
be contillued Nurse, A do Verteull, p K Alu OARLTON: 0 Roberts: D. Thom- munity. If ever there wait a eharm with Ouhnions complete, two laroo Clothes Pres Electrically Lt warP
d teyr. t1 Un. s- aidF.Turtn. ,O, P. geales A. 6t, OGorge, A. o justifylna his words now was the pe, one Standinar Electrtc Child'sCloes Press, "Ocrn Theree sad t
ad Saxt atur- __.______ HIynes, C. Dooalin, F. ThOaons, opportunil'y. Lamp, one Lady' Writing Desk, Burner Oil Stove, and Iron Stove,
AIPIopplewell, Harewed Band W. n me tt of thr tab)", one gxtn- Kitchen Utensils. eat Safe,
b seleter from ra Cla rke. PUrFLIC OPINION slon Dining Table, one BreakfMa Waterproof Travel ag, Gol f Clubs
C. atr* StrollersJ Draw RiA-. 1 ?0n; v e iyW Table wilth our Chln irsaix Din- and Bag, Garden Tools, Step Lad
1, TD M Ael, J 1. .G Oovernment said they not/las h tsOna n.China e SCidet der, Cyp
r', ^. With r nt 1-1 h ,ih e lW ano inore public opinion, but a one Diner iton one Side-Made Chinese Rugs, Book Shelf, L
Wit h Cre qent 1-1 bnot only mrentLos O, 1t *adio, two eo- Electric Lamps and ShadeJrea.-
1ihl a: T. Bringilng down the curtain on di _I_____i__. (03.0 l",bDaide s). o nead ware, Rubber Field Boots azla 8,
Jp (Vice,- thist' 5ksf ,.t" iu .h Nunieiphl rn mem Ordinncea E t Orince, Ch. 39, No. 12 w l rI ,ne s-mall Iron R
SW1 or ;a *,1-t, wp06- ;--- ot, two n Tables, one 3ultofsettev, C'lrs tandTables,
It,. Joseph, tlon, Crecent played 8tronler to A AT. F r RI. A Mirrored Wardlrobe. one large Child's MgalMeshCat and Mat-
L.^ T Murphy, X, Ione-all draw on the qustn'r Park 1 J0u OF A uiA Wickerr Armchair, one Clothes tress.4 Wheeled Chair, Wtagon,
Murhy, Savannah yesterday,o eeten*_s .*t.. *... ,w a e (Lare),d na, Towel Rail, Tricycle anci Wooden BdandMat-
It wea n even tussle In the first TIh e owl ema Mlna'A fr election et M an 0 0e oe odn0 Lamp, one Tehavi Tric, leca tovde, Toster and ra
Te ^half, but trollers inner-riglht, cltJo (forutoh e rM f toAr. to e. ebold en Saturday. t&e CA, Qabire oae Coat and Iron, and Kelvinator 'ridge--all
imFor Dnawa, foun the net after some twfh day of Aslgtgs *14, 14, tIs lm. It hedtofibm with th1 h4at Rack. one Lawn Mower, .0 Voltage, One R.O.A.. a Tube
amp F Calihr fnne combination. mujents f Sectio Lsub-sosal 4 of th NMufi.pl 15"4106& one Raleigh Bioyele (Olrs'), one @.lo with New BAttery 1d#
0 M It was not long after, however, Orditnaf (C. 3, % t3. ounter Scale with Weights, one Olases in Case and =ortW*
yin aV that the Crescent outit, undaunted Marbl Top Wahtoand, oe nger Sewing Mschine g.
On ttW by their burden, saw left-winger Person Nominated Doll's Perambulator. two setsa of Train leaves Pnrt-a-Sptaln at 2 11
t represent the Lcorish cutting In and brought the Golf luh with IBallas one Port. and arrives at Ohaguaris at 110 W.
t League In Oren- ctre equal, uT bOOAV, WA<E-4X, ]ro. Queen NooLt. Arlti..-.Ork. Fort std. I4ls H.,V. OrR.t o DMe with and one leaves San. lernando at 004
U note that the Ifto-'the Interval, Straolers bat. (United States Goeveaent). Ri etoe, thvo Foln fcBridge 11.40 and arrives at Chagv.enaet w
yfJ Monday, tJul t; tortd their ponnte' delnss SALMAT A.I,- T Clek TT"t AW 9 asth r undries 1.40, and the sale starts at 130. assi
i t TMeIdy as planned, very frequently, heading and ahoot. ,as may apper. X*tance from Station to hou Mse
l of this the ricli- Ing at all angles, but goal-keeper I. tema en view on day Priort o 400 yards only. . .
S threpreit- Wills showed his ability as a cu- and morning o daOe. Items on view day prior to and
i.t e Ue I h todian. H IN ITA w YuRMM-AABH. morpline of Rle t end terms- Oaal.
Asked to get In touch hard at It, but the opposing backs AucUtioneer. Auctloneers.
Ouerra, manager o, prevented further scoring. .. V T. ... ..
Ite Sunday. Mr. Ward carried the whistle. MEMBERS ARE ASKED TO NOTE Dtp e .* man ,.
LiRN A BOLT eOUT OF THO BLUX THAT D ig stion Frocs. of Lifo -
4cue Idlgetins ayarlse from ovrea.
VE R ANCE q,"l r. U-Btialo be u oodof Whicis diffEl
Weoeut tleadtion ,,y" with oee
of the CLUB ",-- "0e h
W Result of to;p d i~e adcn
fiB4t* .7II few o diat ion i hold
s to be held at 47ttp tnebaypadbyteeumlsted.
wa~te matter,
I= NDA CUS OON 9 2 theV"agof Dr'.Chase's Kitlwy4Jver
"iEI^ 1N A LU O Sishpto arouse the torpid i ver to
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*.' 'aW't'x WacST ta.'.tsamu.th thee. oga, and soon every-
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emoy O o eond fe/1 that there wiil be

aSl fee-i that reeretien [nt Trinidad wa demed~
w, em I ~~USIC by TOM DURHAM end his Swing Mgkers. -........ .... .,........
T- C l.,. NE, .. D4uCE,,a

D in um -mm Spae. kidl let by Klnn 'Untai,

"K ALSO IL G*R .... .. 3 .-13. YES, you're misshig your
, ihr , AeI C 1d TmnmPort Controcton. un-i old friend Pears Traiis-
5. IU p jv. Aid So Ueful LighPDTEr enidTmd naot Co e th. __lo
---- Dr y C5 LaundUT LT S'.see parent Soap, The rpion
Drv Cleener end Laundee.m. i I*v, is that some of the special

%must hove noticed the disagreeable odour inMI S I1S INSURANCE ingredients that make it are wanted for
A, comes from your fowl-run, these wet doys. COL ... M i the War Effort. We are glad to give war S
Y not try a bog of Kolsoil today and see LI needs firt claim, but how you'll Wl.o.e
hot magic it will peIrform Just sprinkle it Fire luenewen on Buildings, Stecks, Furnitures, your favourite soap when peace brinlp
kfIly in the fowl house--nd away with oal e u w y t it su
W.mells. ek. Ulm your unweF worry by jlett unlimited supplin again.
a R^a ig Bag. w cern vw risjs
ve. ,~n: 00e gmWSRATI@N iVyg ASSCIATIWN "
g o._LTD.
DAID S52S'TS= Cn P"461M aftom W Proati~es for vow | L Q ^ ^ ^
SCo, ,LTD. Wetily, ORmry.
I uTe. y. lin. *d a agesecurity. MGNAL
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BL-lttSS'Si-'Eh ue^ Iec>* q^ Swe Ie* /ri f ^ t<^'ir

flying temporarily a




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itish West

Indian Airways

12 Abercromby Street,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.
'Phone 6885, 7541.


vW it nedle of *
This now RCA Llec-'
Sewiag Machine d'
ltra- high-trequency 1 &O
current to ufile to- .
thermoplastic mate-
uck as are used in
iat, parachutel,
t balloons. and in
ckajtiag of many th
i food and oils. Now
on United Nations'
mductlan, RCA's uoatinued research pmollme betue
itr products for the piOatwar world

Ri keen? No-letree spet
9wRCA Spt Glwe "paBs"
woc pwer .Rob v"fee
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seuwABax besems taM
$& Pr-est M~le. Ca
o tte PwlMT s 1
1 Jaiy 22.

3., of 50 F~


L M. Scott,
Twa Clet


About 30 Acres Puly Plantsd1
in TauOf Bu.anL Coffee :Rno-

dxUJ S-am
nUAu! OB"


Don't Wlt
It Is FiW


bmUt and Arablle). Eo, C A
Lmes and a variety of Citrul C BAL. U
and other fruit trem, known AT REUDE I
as Helvetia senate, Pole, For Iw We&
Ward of Cbaruma County of AserafI Striped SUif
allIva. 3 drying MoaMa. i1dSU Shirtms at
let boi. residence, barracks Slgt limS g Si brts
*a in perfeet condition, .4 Yr" n.a i
ile rom railway. Tabque W--"ite
Rio Claro Road nm through at S roli X. ie;
-itate which is Wt- betweenPIK t e : /lil
24 and 2i mile not. Offer
to be made to V. J. Stauble, H. p
Frederick Street. Por' RINt-AP-'
- 91 Quten ttreNt


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p am. Yasse messes. i's. 'us dem sSamS 'IOM XEBO lm e taste M > l i~n- wi VA.M pa L~' *t te c- SaL iCL iat&.4 t e 5in53 ma t W
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Wilson Strt
Saturday 22n.
IN F.M. ^
Instructed by Mr. 0.
will sell U hr ej
useful Furniture com
Two Cyp Single Beds
and mattresses Crap.
with Cou Spring wis
Simmons Single Bed
and Mattress: Chlldll E
Locust Linen Prem,
Sheets and Waterprod
Child's Pre.s with
Crap. Tall Chest of D
Combination Pre I.
Three Mrored Cra
I Stool. Crap G :U I
SDresser with Round
Carpet, Morris Tablw
and Cushlom,
Stands. Folding Cut
Settee, Centre Table
with Cushions. Ozp. I
Rockers and T7able,
Rods, China Ware,
Dining Table andI
Driing Table and 4
Cabinet and Bide
Royal Dalton Wai R
3 Npode Dishews. BcI
waire. TOWl

Lkmp. O!q Bi
Sawing IUachtac. Osiq
fee Pere6to. -
Spoons. fnmMM ad-
Pans, 2 OMfce DOtW'
rips and Tra'v.
came and Noolts, M
Pram, x Burner Sto,
compete. and Oara*
Items on vi w d
morningt ofwle ad 1

C0onqghts iprs


' a -I


Trinidad Country Cli
Champs Elysees Members Only -



16 oz. Tin,
61 b. Tin -
12 oz. Tin


- 61 c.

- $3.62

5-0 5c

20 oz. Tin
17 oz. Tin
29 ox. Tin

PORKAM (pork-haom)
335 grms. 60C. GREEN BEANS
12 oz. Tin... 57c. 61b.10 *.T,
SicPe, per Ikb.-. c. 6lb. l2ox. F

'Ph-.4U7 tt -St.

UVClar Mte
Sp1.' ^

*a fc^ r ''-.' .. 1mef
"^I^B ^^^^- ^ ^me ii

Through the courtesy of the
Commander, U.S. Naval Operat-
ing Base, Rear Admiral 0. M.
Reid, the U.S., NAVY BAND willI
moke its first appearance oat the'
Country Club. Dancing from
8.30 to 12 midnight.

For Sale





1939 MODEL

H 9718
Licensed, Insured
Zoned for .1944
Rofer .
I.L. Whiteman
T. E. & B. Co.
I Henry St. (near T.G.R.)

I aa&

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