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Trinidad guardian


Material Information

Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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ltuf - ABZ3083
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Full Text

^ 'w\r *
ue, s^l a-- CO. m t '

.... I... .. .....I.,
Iu..,No. 8,17 r uttbubrAlRM


Sid.SSD5. V
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L a ......................... .
7(ciW43 (~3MT CANNING & cO., 11Th





[im And Prepare Germany




Defeat By






ssian Forces Havocs Bomb Liberate Caen In Ruins Allies Cross Nazi Fuehrer Makes
wo Hours March Rail Yards Aor A Valley Escape With Slight
rom ast Pru sia Heavy'DamagDoe I Advance On 25-Mile
m E s Prsi. As Bombers Wreck Front Between Piausn n B us
rom Tast urrussna Burs And Bruises
37W .NRTCracks And WsgoUns And Florence
B yr W W H Z X C H E Z y J D O I U N
WO,. July 20 (AP) Russian troops, smashing 32 miles LONDON. July 20 (Router) By GEORGE TUCKrB By DON O'QUINN
In s~pite of more bad flying wea- B ERETCr LONDON', July 21 (AP)- Hitler, bulrned an'd bruise by
fi the tottering Oerman lines in their eighth major offensive herthO m H&vorSe el1181`g wROME. July 20 'AP) Amer-L
day today reached the central Bug River, only 50 mles from by Thtnderbotseffectivelyboia- H can troops today battered their explosion, told the world last night that a group of German W
if rail city of Lublin In the heart of Poland, and other Soviet ed railway yards in northern way acio the A nolv a oaer (Junkers) ttempted to a"Mdnat him yesterday to prepao
were~~~~~~~~~ ony at ohu ac em n zs irance ay yaBefinreotheratac way Across the AMnC River Valley o, a cerm (Junkers) attempted to Assassinate him yesterday to pr ae
f o rS France. Before the attack on a .3-mile front between Pia
Were only a two-hour march from German Wat Prusia. great activity waswu observed in the and Florence as Oerman forces fur a surrender as"u In 18," but asserted the conspiracy was nipped
I Amy troop for the flrst--- yards. The bombers did heavy bewildered by the sudden break- by speedy and ruthless action.
hi Ywar taepef ready to Jdm et l p the rstaks and thr, g h, retreated -across the Arno ShrlafewdiwitnoucdOiilytathert
oS S" S ot mn- N e w co m er o +,,, into the mountain defenses of Shortly arwlrd, It wu announced officially that the 'ringlad-
cr to theuol0 whoerYe desThiratkollowods w3de. into their Gothic Line. ers were either shot or committed suicide." Among the executed wa
"nEs r ssaweriuNewacomiers Thisaget cfollow'ed aieut. General Mark Clark'2 the man accused by Hitler of planting the bomb colonel Oin
*s, asu"l A t lf t night and yesterday doughboys held complete control
O'f sM W in a te rno n o Rnaotr etd osa l ad 1 of the hill mas es overlooking the on Stauffenrberg.
wsthlheW 5 w Spitfr hunderbolte ae I Liut-o Arno from the south and Amn Htler called It (he work of a 4--
Win 5ear Roads + thm destroye or ~o,,o+.:, .. b..;+ to"'" Impli'=ed " ',, oo.o,+West Indian
uwe B Gp mng them -troyed or ltsa ight- can artlklery rakid the entire val- "small clique of stupid officers,"
thn co" o d S eatsan da s ome 00 2oodt wafeon e and w r f m d t r twof(aen, unitsprotecti ng the withdrawalofstrongly that itW est Indiarl
brok and It7 nocomotives ht Nmdy, whieh was elad frm the Germans bv British
aa2ns boe- - nce Bunday Amove.wn heavy a"d Cpntden troopte 8taio eb tky lehmund is the the main body of enemy forces to th
Since Sunday American heavy aridtreeps. Stassd gig a thehekrndI Church actually was
oaru S ats bdmageds goomBianndsItaggnly nnsag 3t~ ei.th rnhct the north of the stream.
by-pNased Newcomers, with five seats to have been waging a campai fit. whkleh was blt Ins 'he 14th century.-- (AP photo.) roman resistance was confined wide open split in C Union
bombern from Erctain and ty ._Z-almost entirely t these small the German
the ra their credit, carried the day in the against Germany, rivaling thealmost entirely to thee mll the
l of RAW& iland-wide Lccal Road Board elec- smashed the groups armed with automtcscussed Army and he ou
tal e00cgreathbldlowic.Luftwaffe factorisbetween eu.weapons similar tactics to those lined the broad
o Got ry.20 and February 26. [i2L IlKr 1 U2 which delayed the entry of Gen- and ruthless pro-. s s
atnd Keen voting marked the contests Today's operations have again B it a u eral Clark* troops Into Rome an ramme to outhe n ,,. ..
miles for theSt. Ann's-Diego Martin, been on a massive sonle. In th 0 0 S n question oclser union be-
twe MARSHALa-ST AI--anN a z iOne American column s firm-ly ciPpent revolt.a The question oe clWes r un di-
Gr oe1M.m20 eTAaN T U eats a 0 heavies from Britain and established on the south bank of He appointed tween tne Wet Indoes wo o -
e along the WAl AIVi large number of voters goins to medium forces from I ritaly a ntdke the Arno at Pontedera. 12 miles Heinrich Him- cussedIn the House ofCHI
a tor a a at ec 5 N azi D ivisions today::: byCoonl lie
h ile s polls In each area. aircraft factories, oil plants andAnlend from P asa.i rler- Chief of the oiTLERcolonial Secretary."Outr y
k Army now hagrother war industries as well as ,IIAn rIsponesircae haid Ceo-mGestapo,nto fe
more than I ,0,000 troops At St. Ann's, Mr. J. Haynes- airfields in central and southern man prisoner declared they had Commander-in-Chlef of the om he tad, "is tat thee oWatit
teOatily against the enemy Clarke, an outgoing candidate, Germany. been -'bwUidered cnapletely by kront to exterminate all opposl- integration that theempooll t
aist u tLewow n Mr. red V. Herrera, new- Most of the bombers met little Iaa G y 1 T a AhII e sudden breakthrough and said tion "ruthlessly." How much the themselvess"
* ba th tooetnumerous isolated units had been apparent extensive conspiracy He thought that a great deal of
tM .Apprach"toteCa-_carie,_emrgedvicouldu afbe abrokenfeoupoiIno suchwo shortdrgprorokreupsn sahdsbeenropmadea ben madOet
s.appro cheh to the car- comer, emerged victorious afte, Fortre winge from Britain w pe oount."
Soutains, very close st-uggle. were attacked by a large force of By JAMS LONG As General Clark's armour swept order, as a subsequent German dec lonsulpnan dl-Sla
IRR GANS arg ofJAMS LNG n byon Lehor inpuruitofradio announcement claimed, Was all-Caribbean, basis. Thtwa
MG GAIN Vacan t Tacargu seats went to fighters. The bombers, with their SUPREME HEADQUARTRS OF THE ALLIED EXPEDITION- on beyon Leghorn in Pursuit fnotclear. cmenthe beginning o any schem
WWJsp wnwoesas,1r .A ihe lcr.so onthe Nazis. Ant~rican engineers set political union.
SJtsep Stalin in two twn newcomer also, r. A. fhter escort, shot down at least h ARY DORCu July 20 (AP) Britioh tanks rumbled Into open coun about repairing the shattered Relchsmarsha Herman Goering Colonel tanley sid there would
rsofth Diy announced Darmante, who polled 320 votes, 13 German aircraft. Nineteen of ClnlSalysi h
yuharbour And big port, and It or- went on the air immediately after be two oppori~unities mn oc
m...htussian gains and Mr. C. U. Ltique with 22, the bombers from Britain And try In three drives tonight along a 10-mile front below Caen aft ng entia vies in the ty e Fuehrer de2laring that the how the sentiment of th v arioS
i.:pt any in her gray- M. AMine-Homeone of the nine of their escorting fighter are badly mauling five or 15 Nai divisions guarding the road to PariP. w ns O Wet Inian Colonies wour te
su sie the war. outgoing candidates, secured 103 missing.a Reuter reports that Vaugn Fu"plt wby a del, out vou pW t otof closer
k W eday, Russian troops votes. while the other retlnrin This afternoon R.A.P. heavy One British column, vicious In fluid fighting, broke Into Troarn, eight Thomas, the B.B.C. reporter who Stauffenber at the order of a union. "tHe Shad skedl ie
went into Leghorn w'ttii the miserable clique of former gen- Goverements to diScuus the queso
te BgunewrSokail, member Mr. Cory-Davies, did not bombers again attacked flying miles east, after seizing the railway station, and pressed the Germans troops yesterday, said he foundierablelwh ormed beau oerncents appicalet
f German-oct ied Aand fo etioha hn, bombhinnstallations in northern bAk ysra tal tida rie o t f erals who were dvsmiew td because tiesyfocurrency U A t
N a on June 2,Bard ng nted Cohan Face. ga m comla rat tvely untouc herd outer l crln b
22n tnldt resulted from the Esm a biloodthecoaslroute l t Lavre.T e was omte o hedship. The Fuehrer was saved Ye st ande plaals olteran
Sthelow er*' a ontestw the outgoingandi.so- outhern tv gnts I dinsg theo l to v T y suburbs where elighted Itallrs Providence. These criminals try tion for a university for e W
thelower tuthern counties, including the hheavy0 and hrc r sugnoa nw Rih r was also theco
in RD- datei, Mr. Harold Robinson pad London area, continued during last fightng ton ght in the-Iottomclapped and cheered. shouting. now, as a new eih cuGovernment 5Indiea.
reann night nd te tep XWUWS b lt tt to A secnsS column nW
Often-stheironobs"" ... ...t. Oa.ol Wt ham been sosincet th T ,t I5 a t. to S
o wa ard nidt Mr. Shorab Ean mustered t Ath v ae little Adoio of the church German Navy, who intimated economic and political oo- t0io n
v e t o w a d; A d-Mr .h eo rsb K a n m u s t
W votrsawg. ga and Eys ot he Mrs. e pmil A ensng of the isha o en sive
Roabinse. ond otMr.ptitoeedy. o 1etsM oensiv0e LONDON, July 20 (Reuter) of the Egnlish communIty with that the revolt may havo Ipread than today," he said, "t o
Briti *-Goerig W44 olloMr
40 towns and V iUe. Wth twt. of leoutgbitha andh ant o It an hdIt was announced In the Ho bomb craters all round. T o to his arm of the service declar- thlng which feel might
"_Imperledd oLwowth ana _F~l "mlel lgk southeuldIfatYo C~j l adMlU~ehl of CO~OInM ody thl Mr thrswee on, s weriedad n tONywolo, llpl:dlryth rsec 41 0
bred tonks this ronnfant Prr sixno and d.doors were onlycracked ain Ied the Navy would oe t Accept destroy that prospect Is

captured"1 on '-Sr^ this friiluat tealnor ofMInte lr yt swuttmD B om-prgrm ogeerl cottodayndCl that.er.i Mra.M-igtaA
LSk rail junctions o dent In te. ditrit a&n ree -orel46 Be t l aa p teeor, wo uldm. a statement on yo h -
th son noJD 1USthe enm antiotank scenain Wntn ehlPro rn- uhppand btteeeerswoen-he dits own commandW, th.cre.....lldwih.avi el eltFlse
routes to Warsaw and net eligible for election there wastl to be the stoutes rrnt. pod-. the war uituatlos on Irn In -__iutaoidbeing.

tillan GUMMY 5mle f ;,Crta, no ots o rthe tr cnlae a h ot aeen trn toee broe y~edv PoS SS^'j A)Aldtheuh^Sa1 ~e ot stuts tfalse N OPAI COwL ivw mrlomlr___
s no cont fr the three ,acant ADY, ow July tion In the entire ar. Tihe Rm would tine Cooru nt vLVm aTI5T.fN bng wasJu l y-L
Order, announcesdthe Outs o the U m pogrd. sthe Mmnan I Auswe e (P). no IOWA 5
mr n. Odranuc thee otar, tr)--f the inao-immiee frontier EA 13A., war repobtir with sCtoammerreces on, August Eutmu e -. Jl
fhail junctionof o- I&James RJeamd.s, the other Britm tp e pr l on aCter the Canadas says that Ger- until September A, but M.P.l alvati, seven miesnot d of therg so R M OOSA
mus mlssouthwest i member was re-elected- theJaanesewhoo or. nraa have beend arne dth atathe ydaehorncal wa sIl o F er doea Staesno ~r adiolmimat u
,a n d R a ww a R u s k 25 m ile s "n e w c o m e rs M r. th e Je.nds e -WTo d a yws iswa w m n o tmac h in e u io odg ao m i g t h w a rn se mlet bth e y L esh o r n sl i d It A lle db 1d .nf3 ler no t g i e o bn j rs t wngat.nmeatthett d
Lwof A1"*0 'o1 STe tr, down-. h e = d of-trouble but-now- De=might have to msoembo obe- ainltle opodl ofa e td o .V*Watley, ff' o W-t--. Hita-N/, ffo
mRaunab Psaie yl,'e m or o fody the las"Portnt ,a, a hnotra sinal 4=r AN'G,
e ft iog hee t In thenorte n hear d ------ totIv eod th t 2nP'hndsd Han0, 2. The S htauffoen-a
hub for ten railways bor u Mr. Juteram and Mr. t oad usads -T e I)5ne J7 *a wetr. o y in thoburb then i ior sa sorted A coumn spd inland bergs' sister Countess bleh k No mtrb bmL

^ lland t Moscow^pa deptoe 0. service on th the bo)^ thre has bee morvehard Igh- a?. ^ha ove Staffnler hasH~ been aNK ledI eunn I h
hl d of Lww Iselj u y Bckt are on for the first time, om a up every b r and siii ers enoa rn Teh in s ol d t onve r tfs th Geri l adA
orrhvetarlii leftbehid ouortes r.eono.
W i as dhooedr a Un.ed .th reports n witl demolitaton. 11 oiattnus beomanb eryoondmae -.wy OrefuoIeOt or 0 -e Forc s th otra o w lLa
k Mawa Rusks repre- he cty last nght announced t gres, L htws Nanialras.toler rdedrv th n Cros
31-msleWivn .s inhelectlon t the payivn ma Inm O northern Burm Bt itash troops tlant therhteo cono h w oarenhuon osieh rNld *ngo wr.b wA
ndthe ermas'o L in Board of the retiring members h ave made moreo s in the firmly to 1 square ml proes w general acrosse the Sc n Cla, last year. m Cunen a am bet aeS 1

^ O ran= ends umsitto today. In the rna^ ^" ber whm ed Inlada 9b flur^ *^ t (t
S ri a ytohe Mr. d.b. Carter. ht and Mr. Myithyina and lines in into which M e no_ ROME, July 20 (,P)-bAulled nrmyroo3110uht1111 w
Il n uit n a45 miles of B. C are teau n o there candidates the south have been strengthened, broke yesterday, a re t oUh R 12 ile north of ple 'URN O A C O
n dotmedrilUtnthefacing the dpotlls Ar tillery and Amerian fl hter- p sltow awe they a e th proinv or oe1 the he rgna and 2 timieatle faot in pohre
nkrtf railcast: onghtance d tth andw a stiatff battle we asconsto in since the outbrea of war. progressJuy K 8 &A
a ow-Brealau trunk line n Resul of voting n the various bombers are o effective work very dete ruined oppoati on from iuy, nn tae provanues of
e iS from erma are are as follow:- In Jupp ort of the gn mnd troops, strong nuts of big anti-tank none an trtr wil be wd r S tMontevarchi on the Aih i
tan~In 24 to~~evr Augustn on ndta the pravi ncithtr B aeespit tre ra toess Aearid l a are he th Io Co tr -
said the Red Armies Lubin.Bo arder a nd Mr.m mre h OaveTS Je T ALSp ) baeslI tteries. l ust aer of ficer tou lds h a oet one cd sami
611WrS. A a nn'p-D weset goMr Martwr ight ndMr. P'crrten dy h t tff t tat o SUe .'
hadwo reachedd Ag tw. TcaOtrgua:--Mr. C. A. rq r-i Foreign Offie today announced garrison, is being defended to AV0emno za qd, except the this Elsa valley were reported N N ~ LD
Uotth. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rs atakn eto er.MSOJl2 An)d--theirlles Ittleclustery nof wWhoue afroo ugaCipbssBn nto, Fifth Army troops fou'ighup
Swohar ruma~nrch" fromA t Oer- iianle and Mr. C. M. Lastlque. Soviet participation in a prelimin, the bitter end, and in every commune" of Mzm'aples, weroeneeniracas, within~lt threeArmy mhtPofad i'thle import-u e
bat Pru n "<* the a guvan:-Mr. H, E. Robinson ary ial disio hous Is n a gunerthaians today, ap roa jntio o Casl- Ao B'""9
Mur ad at an le ofte anpnhr oatheraie the United httes and Britain early which holds our armour until imt The annoul ement sale: The rentnS whe h is eigt miles from
nanS c w w t fesmnAu g t W on fo n ntewr- i tcu .of a transfer of territory has been made l. o n th e Arn0. DTLW RK
-t have captured a dlMrn.te lftg has antn and Mr. tionl orandat merinton f io ter- Isslow eu set heyarti
iny five miles away. amue peace .e sie temn edo'PA Ei i, cot. e eo froud an ed 'planes tf.bnat nued their PARK & RICHMO ND STS., PORT-OF-SPAIN
fsour or fv (Germa-n dlviarm- _Nsolos:nuporfheg of the Alied armies I Ital. mehoiltoe,,
b:' ae P tto e ort~ m~attres.Asafofietolda ver to gItalan .o onmnton River,1 milsno.twest o
I n th i s t orem adA e D e cla r g t h a t o n l y t woem o n t hsNT L KC o rv flri u ,4cntiha t e throPoueall' e yr-
north atakn--t Herrera. DEMAND July 20 (AP).l l

hlRadreahe Augufw Tauirgg g:IioiC. A. r o; pOfc tod~gay Mudg arison ^!is a ^Z being defended, Beeeno F~~ifth Arm troop TaiPBncirS upM~ IN0 1L
.,,-. dn other intors thtwtree] satetilt import-

(tuk out Pbut they r Pet ossia mhA att: Hr repoition1Demtwn bittereodeverhaelpsdsceOf e Gustav line y 0 Aoriestra
ratehatIthe orA 'p lanhe sati w5aou a noutawr r-k ge totejotflr Snstoa.stresr dinestred .e .l
United StatesrandsBritainearlywhichholdsour. are thus fu g D
tafttnLoitsefho 8111114-Gurdi Jancmpaes Rorm. CInCAugOJust at W as)hington Iner.Isout OtofNaction.lIonlits o n d omomr en.t, saa:"Theman.ti~ne which Iars eigt aikdesnfrom,'-ERATD WTRINTTINKSR
Umri hvecatueda101,Mr. wt.er supply andorPr-o. nt~ionloghgt n oinate for, p Rovett w ar l te orth ger fterr witoryhas nwbeen noMe"1111ol Y On A enone.,

New|^^f i- ; Cale o, .., ...o.o,.., .. ow.o.. g .. g., y y.ym ..... i
trappedIt, this now made D n t hse Mtldnii icrf wie e lo t an lolay MA N
ItYORI atte m (pts -- otelpoodooeso's U plintfyihe1,00,ortse hark.-eser
Toout but ethe Jre inltbuai drlnoiov-easr Vaylll~ru f M. MDwyGvrnro ew laU l hO4U, 1 addOTe a, O p~NI & r ainT wel t for 1v O dlpM I
d~ ront the L ZUSSis alc' wuha d (Besides an attack by ttAliais
he no i a no otdDriveulosaents h For FourthPresidentialTerm people; e -ilbegi ven the eaorlimt ubamdaiat on Muno Ws.r Ad -
a95t a a o01~ t111 tar their M M te eots.rlidV n trc A N N
Mor tan5W ouon wee e-to enjoy Ilefrinsatutionswh" ichl4stores InTrolote, Other'planes
Mor'yesterthan lolstedn cu o fCns wr reu21(Ath -doDmcratic.. .t. areanann.,part uoO fPl011fromItalianbasAattackedGar-
h elve ysra the lasition dycamCnH rCAoO, July 21 -h e Dem ocratic Natlonal c convention demooracl. ot wean communications in the
better water supply for port-or tonight nominated Mr. Franklin Roosevelt as candidate for a fourth Temit"Y i'hich has now been north of Yugoslavia anW one for- DRINKS
New Cabinet Spain, to bring the total number term to the Ptrwewsi In the elctionoNovembr 7. TheRepubll-corisres tomie quareJ u isd mines.Lesty WnghtwRA0,1bom
YO Jly39(A)_of Coupons Past the 2,000 mark. Ftilan "M aIoMsqu a~aremuge11111er. aswenigt RYob
Jl (AP)-e Final tabulation will not bepo cans recently n..n.ted ..r..Thomas .. Dewey, Governor of New Wit for An oil plant at
T- oo, whoW l the Jap ----e until the coupons in the York, a their Candidat. r prown 'O Fiume on the northern Adriatic.)o y
agDainst the United hands of "lumtdIan" agents have Delegates letedmcatc- .prueto 11laadClulaOifI~
O. .-_+.= -. -.-- F hedmcaicl ateaeo wniadOl orimabe
lfbo4 ott a ain -: lt 5Omanall been sent in.
we afo.tw. DarhaftqwMe petitionstallintuask Gov-inational conventm nagsed bedlam national soeanomywhih would and the 1019Wd of Sicily were ra-
maln! wit hi enai ement to take over the city's in the Chicage s tadium ijWB6. sa-provide every, cities in tire Stored to the Itailians oft Februaryciyw
fale w thieontmretCityoWater Moto.hC d
hAnTOsiordiered on- supply will be anzt In. to r las aUsy fK n ieSteswtuhkya doc Tent don~s~Fo hmbr~ ~lq
vibt; hew "oder w An. starl ton. frakley. e'ofKnukstWandardEofliving. The preovlutiesb at.R Lang
a0-01ad1A tr"t ajr, ed m 0 "&*@, , Let"... , o. r m ....a. ACeEPT
oilutewa gZDraft Consti'tutiion M.fin alikinal os ter owswuc uttivleprsgat Wllae ~ tlU ynelai oteug
of K ore.Ad dia Acceptance Likely lum Into X raidemey. for soemimtou" as fBoovltstm. t' aim" oof the cia-Party311111111onemient to iey se
KINGS pratt JAleAiA, July 20. sing% C nd ahalfG ".I Watheasnogocs halt AmaE PTNtsftory wale
the, Powerul uly20.N elitimed=1a46taradtheowtadetoacity,IsoeteNv
pghtltig greespsint on the draft conso t0- 2 he to ctyeicrm H oe eW Aor u tone at C

mOk~hlo earl tofst r CUhsecddt cet thepo jj banes Itgi D a' ftedso 1tegats p~ h et
___is a r'tlogecl tha "~e ~~s~b '- 'HE BE
-fmia~~~e~h oni ut s---
Tonl avetils.Boh se byth SerearyofStae n w, mselce OSW 1Mt. br lfaea, Jn heUie -O

Comui-Tes ea -car amotow __a' ..dnsn

...l. ... II i I


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dif. -I
M=WiM M1 6 PMain
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MUMT. J7T a. L 2s

HitKer Rsae Deodt
As T*j. Cabhet F ls
I= AI at the -spnm Ckbint a-a
cuand SIMM t athe wI CBEW 25 SU
so bda mae im WOWS wlie
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*iorai .cg ied by the SFIKWh 0o
pfo to thbe Japaoese bometdd
uwvtr, of the aereC: so me peok
led t 9 winZa tn dim=aster n the bere-

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ftmpt -w mo by dimurcnmied mi
toy eimen or to bow tbl%: aL A
not B wlIn the zi hiS h coilmand and
the oMtemmi at oi m as com-
BM~d'rWAlef 1o the bhomeand tront
manU as 0m chkef vta di&aor
1 0kMoyw l vJ0 powers as fg t aw If
not puter a, tan the roe tu? Lmsdi.
ffilier has aars tad aLM pdza.^c
to to She Belch and now n cs thae
BUe# hi a lat davperme effor to mat
Ute AMOSr wttkh ksc so ck, has
gluea may to the areb-a=r1"a HIv the
UB mkve 2 o ta st-io be
mo, bmt a hlil% af L-t emrzc a &town
fIs Bkat~er' f5AaeE *has te "cJQ-i 0*
a M ueb sa c s v sA sse iy exi '.*x. .:- zC io
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01C~e &a. B.ES wta w&s s'ae 01PTT
Tbe he4 ie&i m .t r
Cabme has --=lKrtrt -r o
1 a~-y to f o 2g to lway f the
*aaiy raO OT" by ib,! L:,- .e
t~ehe aeriss low jCS Ksfe' Zai ST*e .;
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CC *B =:.:ze oe ceW daT
tlew~r&i~ i tswt &. !;L reLaq-uhzite
0M m cil ckes 'Va -rmdt.,ed -'s
Sthe puriiam uata: He wed
Qw S3eMUJOM vo--t Le maem7 vu ec~r
Wthdeaso 3d m whe t.& Mv ed
abe to keep *w fr I e c.p=t
| thrixido. he ==saka way tIr sanciti.
Titt effon hii^- JaptanbM BaM&
The e to a.,
bas 9 Dfr upetv" ieqyil* to Uh needs
Ot thet =On t The tas- -, General
Junma*X KcZMo arid Alur~a Mzsu-
Im Tbow ; to opaa? the nuato an
a t8tal war oWit.ng. .f iaty for
wbi&chV oww graWer aS *e Alia drvte
ehow toJapwa aM noaa still mn"tler
atkhig poWsr thbm they bave ready
pilMed. U is nIt d iscuntign the
*mob of Jpan and her abUlty to r-
"it toMy thatibe wi& be unale to
WP t"wa"r Ithere hale bn no signs
Ltn( the asevn lang yers ofI Japan's
Va fa Chia that she can exploit or



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The *a s ua be. tonu Sta aN SM f a ra s g wd ta m own Unz a 4hem
IAMUOO -. 72s. "mtaii SiS 8 so P Note: b
f.M 7c.k I oommy lwt- lbe US ft* wu wtj ___~ M- o
-ews a-o- -a o a tn
I a .s* an* 0 w0 .am-- -m -a" a$*a-* pam is ah m
7 & P M -M D A G M A i mf tW M Of 1 1 s o ft s i v a 9 I MS& 0 & A ftb e
__ - i 0. i SuMdqr? S aWt o w"atam : tSSmoe Sa*y to;
=Vd demft w it d* a*sno ef
PO~~wl -00hhb~.s 3 he *l U~ maw'06TAW 3w"
Di u s d e a a 5 1 uhi Z ume a..5'' '- ~ client hut- '- -* a- - -gt ~ir
-ff -L Se say LyS? bd t%& I Jew as_-,%*a_"o_&M
27C. vft is O-* wkig ?* s w Ua A am "wp M

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Ki45. r. rvm tns pwmm" to pwt-a- Afct.ow" 40o*af
- &ftaw* LTPMf:.7 Aurst CSrn sp aaft mum* aM m
"AMC @ I so-e3'a UWf wduc#M it go S --U
~ sinIt.pousigand p"
I m a m o s w 1 O 40 0%=rU3e1sGR W n

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""^~ a2 ~a m lb. p- VR -^^ f^ B~iiesyxe ii ^i ^ sT
bbinx b t^a inM -a flo LuxeL~_ -S^^~l^""*""^L^ ^'^L St
1% Ubsw bn~
1 um~rm dbsw~, ubm-OWL

u^ ont ,c "'t jwwisas was- OW mamma

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the I tSM^^ |r Sirtb H~y~r In ^S4 ___^ 2 ^ -- StheS TH RESTRICION 0(
__^^^ *^~e.ti^^ ^ ^^ ^y ^1 DEELPMN ORDINA aLth adm u
_1 40 te O an ft be Wi
aM um-ft- Wa M a vw, as aW "" a Sam o- &S art itR
S^- -------^ ..1-2^*^ =as^^^S -^ ^ u^- ^J-

____e ____ beIa -h Onmneh* oB;.*^ *wf^ wA _____ja ___w ?-* giB~. 5a wS thec^ or luitMnmis eb.. O ~ itrni f
b~~ ~ icr mini t~~wo Sso wIa mammas am he z kt1 m- vi a !rn

__ it mft I bma AlAdo
-K9 oh r W Is : d aid w~a Iwgo lumaWEd s1mk w AMW alir llofslawsf alv
ft 40610Y hoog" ub %!awmMP" t a taffu
ty ar~ c'iai~e soft I -Ii 1 0k G I ZWW w

broogtzt any *inhazit~a1 beaefita. bet g gtac^? f^^ ..* tt" andi ^-- stmYr*H~ltle' Ht Iiiir punal a"" d ma^ e*- hete4y Ea**t"u ptlatyi-f& it rtt e
Ji ma eoforqa cia pwenkOlaha t tm C 2 ic- z1dkltbeUS Iae N0T I C 19 arep~
li~ra *t a agil.rt)U Y, S cr WM 1100

-~~~~~~~~ ~ e*" ~/*-" **-- *jav nan& v to**3 Sfw Gi &.e I~K une^ aN fzl wt***-MeD f^T nhc h be td cg at his 1-ctisi- i *Ufe&S~ *M *
benor it -e e sow. fOr 0CB the al P a i ' ^ .k dB
7 b;:t$ WVSBI beewtpu in, 3aM5I Ww Isb am. so zasysfW uI5 -a&itIta

t*.^*^l 1a^i' iu mt, l. r&.^-^ ?'*- a;< be"a' c SIK B a l -1.-' *es- ^ - Zae Ii - fl h pct iot rtMtt -~ ... en- ,it..tft
P" or JOBas b i:iiatMfitd ?ibabe PaW It s boo"e Wthft BooU m

to -a wBe .f n m.t. hm a o rkim MlHs ,G O TKS LU3IE he puw yrand f pAua (fa t saw aMmai
biim vu inh f Te1afUm b~ j f heaM a. h tes ,h S %,be

ads Lt l arg e b" it M f t m t &10 n csat of the Pbntaal sad iX
Wt!av coafde 2h010 cu wie jI is & vx aed at a O2 atl so ma ica *a te Aeo x n, be. ift an i had :ks a m & *bai51
wer* .a~d and Ow oullot Ua b im a oata wched ufeuyhwet eo

:Uey. wr r. to inpa the bn. A ras n, s a*C coa aa n a Y s5n a tha Usem >b w- & Gtr-
&s moo pa rmht tba tws Kan s 3d an a m5 i aeGrm bn uk' 'I'.1 in a
11=1 w tnf vanO EM& A W pCyvhEh t WL-5 L.am .t oft$ vow nowl thee U UA.MaW 0tiw usesCHEDUL

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3. pro"de 1 sid te JH2 i demand. 2 p I he ix AIbeuA- zrl"U.ft.ft at711 W m wmax saw Ehla ma e W
ME-ft80Wira prdftft balft JWU =u. I^--^ as *m cae by^^ 2 bpwr. bo "no lai^rA&nftw of ywsoda
P ium m MW he wa" Oa % am 111-am *~ L 0wmllav Sm tgas WK hen WSW at ti was ift fttthe& con~~:~ ad w b

fstr la of Y nls c^t JK, it s JAW boo"" of low"tIs ti t 'u p 4 I W M S
b; oe m 2. s ^y 1si f ates-m s&aiwwrit m tQ,, 101e mom Is Pu blie eq p-u-- wm b
Ir. zl *-I baf f" pa toa nnam"bftowun dlwhib th"a-1 ju itUAST.

la t- w wn ta tA meat: Thg Wwy. mrdaU Robody In Gei-s <*
U 11uzCUBU .T. .iandSthe sad gye.. 1gr~ as 1b sAlt dhs a*n wito 1100"== athaft
__d__ UcMBd b1xftt Lorth mZsD SS~t CM agw|^ S "ld elany SnSt liMN Wine the l ..-
__ ebst has inwed UMStaM an z A w Pk"bw a. ^uh^aatsfn tlm
ahetab U~y it o~pm wtqmbl swuoIas %uft' Ws~ ad 3 e uS dbyUS-UU
amR" S amfuraU n% Prao adWe e aM am
as heyhav no dm an akwaf z amzd ow vw EVEOPaNTre-I

7nd be bt^ O* wint ation ^? ? 0 r a rs a. so s in bt o Pat SC S&EIIas
tefaa^tbw aa~abrmby of thof'^ cwma xSopke^ -2 n Jybl^ a umWoofet

^.g to the^ 'rn~ aour gtu^. I ud'gsie Gymd Gfled flx^ S^ S l^S uini^il. T.-- abe ph my3 .es ze
peele deiamf f *aedcN
04" 'W~aS I" d .. r. bf iel bi s~,aan Umvefon4as 11

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WtM9fit, n %=f f o. 0 oa n wS satw t Id thatuIu e mtta
^op peote froe :1mm UAWe wit&u Vt_- 1-0d Wo X-3oo ZMte -ba w^n ow- ^ ^w gSal mMma g o wen

ptOper ao There *u encxh in- Rssai m y 5 iote Jt Il a in M* is i or W em" by
tr %anty aheady and me hae"wh Uo. !-5 Z*^A Germs= ~ term =I df"L^aLf-
mat*.fsmer aU eithteri m UhleU oraa it epnt thelaS alnp i^S rsh ^Sit k b. ^ ^ j gine an
an Lanydr be wtah toe bueWn tp ma tme ilNs i. bess Fa b h a 5* -wM. a P00n. be,"o = WT 'I
4b21 cmvcumitM 49 W 35Tt requhhn that esd b for a* Si211100v b*I mnea. tit iai igata u~terMi a S"a

rkMxoZ.7 oeamw T haan i ?un a id Br afl Sf urA ue gady u a
!etteeta here wh may be U e to become ed be *S mblat aS e hw StS. w -aft to
fiania o Sirlcareo heCt US ^ llosij? u^ H~-S^ paimusad atS ae Se CONTR~OL BOARD NO
4OXl tayi lea v niance rt h ) to LSalgraL v W :. N"Sat =a& a be -e abS _^ fribe 5 aOw pb wat4Mwsai
to be Illepi calers=t6& htlpmyubetat "'..r, f 1m tAt LbgCra1 kaw ie ooTU Sa p t-A tneM e sad"*pra t()atOta

pont If at the -amne time It e ble&- a c t.i. u stm a* b e ty anMr ot my tfie ow. enazl fat- stIdW.e
11t Of the lw-brkego tbe comhaLs4 '%ne S& S we'ived [,pnsy mafe d beaTegsdut umitran te d () ol tolam duc sagS. isa y hatter ceS e
bew ** r "-~ ft IS I'P^ nr- -L. -*a.-cu F*&4rZJ. -O:-*=M rby ctW) wT W:-"=*..ITpe as M-.,-m wno 't" As rtWif did pcn Brits SMU Toag tohm avot or) tog0 m*lf wW bmnw a

:hd U a ad be 4 infrrj*- "ew wvammebw M~m" etaS T? c&U0110% anlebe1,IM.So &a-be v LbeSr
locofs, with o ie to aay n d I =(h "ad oy f taf .1 be20 "he 1km it t a.a!savemt h thejtuS gtob mes & c i
action bein0 tahem. ont.
C-v _M am an a I. A -Cc* f m alg.-j mm it v US aiaed am in -Ry e, a V l 01 aM mt CR
is. Bt Mpi t (y slut ttetre the haole th ban sr iK a u J N .jL
v, flf th. em whe led UstI coianuhV- ttall I. 2 =et a u ay I hmrea Law S ntrmt through CemB ,IR
rx% w, ax T~f- to wiic-M-tMraTaa c. US wbt.o m Imo ad been shou t in1 t o t"o m
_" 0010011:& ma's"I

lL M IM| 7te Ordmazwe, wh,;ch vu ;" d t atu atI Ger sesne UM ahe WT Le ry w wax gives th eint 31 go 10 h S
Huber with cagmS S camf he e beaty. The Motor Vobies And Ra

!A's.W d i f Diar y a E-k wary b e e lw-tas wt s

ywNI N G 'S /tuauu-f Ganher Kmet&m0.l ramPs-St In 5 r_ I e u wlt 1 4. R UWM
Hr iditt tolt racclak eu ta 3ina KasU* wfb,"re manyu1 vlfw daftn no law w-SS kftb a---
the MU' IZ S~r h G" U 20dl. theilr A T. U6U" l" utefg VC ft* Wm 3 UM te
8Num ono Rad"t"it Asanown.WOM Distance:

lAM rOO b4o w inSth Same 4 ltiMoiL ii' 'WI US I adow 0 ,a00am l
- - S. Gvuellm *db ar -a mey uuuiui, s a& teo ml G is me
- bin US thno bwofw softR'aFre W.I.VJ.
4kbe ors I mthe;Comism kpi teWl ab. a* rnwami umS beb webeliUad pm awbd

S b l i W i a1 a a U >tu a i un n l t i me tw y ma e a5 l l am iak diU Mi F1
1 _w* 0 htealear TafFCA Viis-"uws. afsr b Timle:
?tt At~g Opmar pr~cjknvt~w a, emmmm y,,=tromow I OO= -i- sprmdm pl-s pm hooigs 411-.

is USW so&
ifqLt frame- e

~the 3 Nuropean Servie
lght informinf her of her
jaSband's death.

British Fight

(f Suburbs

g owaIt Mahel says: "We

I 9 usi mat a number of
^ talte weapons but we are
It anti-tank country
for T ,mour."l
Sr column, spearheaded by
nli, drove dUe south o1
and overran a village and
*D tUt the streets -of
r b, five m se south of
S on the railway to la.
S t yt clar whether Mar-
al mel Ia ready to rik a
] battle on the southeast or
Un a f withdrawal
nh al. But no-
her hu he- been able to stern
e advance.
OGenmeral Montomer protected
right flank. In three.
ed attack by sending forces
L down the south bank of
iS %rneRier. Then Units
N un and pred on
000th to the high ground which
limmanded the enemy strong-
t at Maltot across the river.
n more towns and villages In
ar were swept up, driving
ySGermans back from the p05l-
where their gunaUght in-
with the fiee Allied use of
great river port of Oaen.
four lmae captured b
on the southern front
Sthroie by Americans between
Pead erie, this brought to
n m .the number of 1wall-
B ltated In eight day.
%tWMk Olard. another B..C.
eWt, eail n a despatch
%&ti at now
to that it wh pOW
"WON"l to Mtclearly the Pat.
ithej the M ob attack. In the
fit attack they broke Into the
tm!' position and formed a
sallen. Throughout Tusrisy
ightand the greaterpatnof
yfa.thev Iture that
=: =~nt alr M otl The
a now waslo mato the
Samy #hW himself No was In
every ,vp farmatead. am
owl Ger/ fr of tree. He won
fre a patrols became that
would gives positions away.)
Most of the American tton
tbe .MIll dof the front re-
ittes mniss during the day
limited aerial acti-
Local advances were scored
t rn Plrers and St. Lo where
Hdoibboy captured the villages
Lee Thlebote and
SIn a half-mile gapin.
A communique from OGen-
Ser's headquarters re-
d extensive French under-
IdcUvity had been Joined by
underground revolt in .
SFrench reported th d e-
of 2 britdgein te da ad
attacks on the 0 ermans,
to abandon three towns
the An department. A complete
caryting flying bombs "o east-
rafce wasdeetroyed by the



* ________________________________________________ ------- ------

Himmler Made

Nazi Home

Front Chief
ela IXMh deter Himm-
itO Iw' e *the army
s -- ( ea ). Into the
Oa taff I have called CoL-
W Ouderias to roote the
SO of the General $*& who
34 to retire foIr health reons
M I hove Ws e aned other
V leader the eastern front
ebeh1 asle otat. Ia all other
ich authorities there s no
-" am convinced that by stap-
lag out ta very Small clique of
traitors M and o1pratore we will
mew at lt oreate hat amosphere
in the rear at home whieh the
ightl fti9 t eeds, for it is tim-
lsbiln that I the frent line hun-
= mithousaids ad millions
of honest Aea offer their utmost
while at home a very small clique
of misera l. ambitious types con-
stantly attempt sabotage.
"This time w will' aettlU a-
counts In such a manner as we
National SIcallst, are wont to. I
am eonavlasd that every decent
offer ad every brave soldier will
understand that at this hour what
fate would Whave overtaken Ger-
may If tWe attempt today had
sueeeedd. Only a very few er-
hap are capable of visuialising the
"I myself thank Providence and
the Lord, not because I hav been
spared-my life is only to care and
work for my people-I thank Him
that I shall be allowed in future
also to carry this burden and to
carry on with my work to the
best of my abflities as I have to
answer for It with my conscience
and before my eonscienee.
uTherefore, every German, who-
ever he may be, has a duty to
counter these elements at once
and with ruthless determination
and either to arrest them at once
or-should they offer resistance
auywhere-to wipe them out at
"Appropriate orders have been
Issued to all troops. They are be.
Ing strictly carried out with the
obedience typical of the German
"Once more I greet with joy,
especially you my old fighting
comrad>, now that I have been
again spared a fate which did not
contain horrors for me personally
but which would have brought
horror over the German people
that we also s here a clear sign
of Providende that I must carry
on with my work and that I shall
carry on with it."_

London Exams.
Start Monday

Question papers for the London
University 1944 examinations, due
here since early June, have now
been received and all examinations,
with the exception of the B.A.
General, will commence at the
Royal Victoria Institute at 830
a.m. on Monday, July 24, Mr. W. D.
Inniss, Secretary for External Ex-
aminations, told the "Trinidad
Oueacnan yesterday.
scheduled for June 1i and July
I respectively, both the final de-
gree examinations and the inter-
mediate examinations had to be
postponed through non-arrival of
the question papers. Meanwhile.
tn British Guiana the B.A. Gen-
eral examination has been held
and enquiries are now being made
to ascertain the position of local
candidates for the same examina-
Commissions ta justices of the
peaoe dated May 26 and June 20,
respectively, have been Issued to
Mr. Pilar Antonio Alcala for the
County of St. George uast and to
Mr. Arthur Leslie Knaggs for the
Counties of St. George East and

Trinidad Government Railways
On and from Saturday July 22hd, and
until further notice, the 9.30 a.m. train ex
Port-of-Spain to St Joseph will be extended
to Tunapuna, and will arrive there at
10.03 a.m.
The train which at present leaves St.
Joseph at 10.00 a.m. is cancelled, and sub-
stituted by a train leaving Tunapuna at
10.13 a.m.
The amended time table is as follows:
Tunapuna dep, 10.1 aSm,
StAgtne 10.1-17-
Cltepe I0.20-31
St. Jseph 10.25-U
Bushe Street 10.2-30
Lavntflle 10.43-44
Port-of-pain arr. 10.40 a.m.
W. T. P. Perkins,
.Ag. General Manager of Railways.


Satdi~e fer Sf.riM
Milk, Iugam, Prow-rvw, Eoney
A Veesggy in. t
oe, Fafetory and Lberatry

i I b 2< ch
N..-Spec Price for W. ,ele 9ym.


Graziani Wants
To Resign Post
NEW TONEY Jjb 3 (Ap)
-The 8wlasradl., eucelne *hi
Fasciat Press. said Nanba
Rodolfot OrulaII, the puppet
Italian War MWen/l aak1-to
be relieved of his poi be-
camse of Marshal Ke-ift'e
Odecisou to vhrtMs
Itaian Retpublican ulilistt
the oerman co" B eao'w

B.G. Expects

Big Rubber

TradMM Ourtea s 6seeepme.
Br]tlb ouiana should export this
Year enouh rtzhetto Pro=d
when mixed whgy nthetlre mbr,
30.O0 avera glned motor oar
each with four brand new tyre
The colony's contriltbuton tto a
war effort could be much moe
than would make 12000 tye
year If the supply of labour met
the demand. Hundred o f rubber
trees are still untapped tfor want
of rubber bleeder, for many
of the Colory s rubber plan-
tations ranging from s tree
to laooo00 tree are remote fem
the towns and their labour pmb-
lem is sometimes acute. Planta-
tions close to the Ataitlo coast-
Tuachen, 1Owa providence-are
fairly well t for latourthoiwh
they do aufer seaftoal ortages
in the rice planting and reaping
periods. But even the prospeet of
earning 81.30 and $2.00 a day is
not enough to lure labourers to
distant plantations away from
family, friends, and modern ameni-

Sugar Crop Halted
At 74,344 Tons
Following upon the advent of
the rainy season, grinding opera-
tions at all factories had pre-
maturely terminated by the end
of June with an Island uar
production of 74,344 tons. This
production is slightly higher
than the 1943 sugar production of
70,920 tons but still less than half
of the output of 154,569 tons
achieved in the peak year of
1936, the "Trinidad Guardian"
learned from an official source
Farmers, it was disclosed, fared
better than estates in the reap-
ing of their canes having only
2,750 tons left uncut at the cloee
of the crop as compared with
98,800 tons of estates canes.
In view of Oovernment's re-
Santing subsidy, it was stated, It
hoped "that all cane growers
will make every effort to replant
the maximum possible acreage In
canes with a view to achieving as
soon as possible the production
target fixed by the Ministry of
Pood which, Including local con-
sumption sugar, calls for an an-
nual sugar output of approxl-
mately 170,000 to 10,000 tons.
Earnings of labour were of a
definitely higher level a attend-
ance/outut bonus wre paid on
most estates and this should prove
Ian attraction to those workmen
who have been laid off from the

scuff earpl from the maddening
ent pain eased sm pile.- do not
wait until pioer (aiamorrhoidn)
reach such a terrible state that a
serious operation mn be neces-
sary. Ask your cheomet all about
this peciat remedy. He knows the
Ingredients from which this inex-
alanve and solentific remedy Its
made. He can show you, too, the
*o[jW Ijodia ovtqi linsox Kutu.
special applicator fixed to each
tube of Man Zan which make the
use of this sootIng. healing un-
guent so clean and simple.
Man Zan is no ordinary oint-
ment It Is prepared for the pur-
pose only-to end the Irritation,
allay the Inflammation and defo&
nitely banish piles. From the very
firat application you feel the irri-
tation and inflamation ending, end
If you will only persevere, never
more will you be tortured with the
aaony of piles.
Wan Zan Pile Remedy to sold by hem-
lots everywhfrO, Includtig special nouzl
aprilctor. Remember the aime* o thui
oplt did remetdy-


If it's washable-


Wah your clothes pudy-4b
Rim wy. With lion then
it no ae d fr harmful mbbinf
and beating Rino don the
whe by telL It i"ply
9Mk out the din- d iuse
thwoughly-sewe your dotb
Wash MM cusher is fiat
tb with Rkaw SaH a
th fefabriansthric hm&s .

C, Leiba Wins Championship

At Tranquillity Boys' Sports

Bavrg Inclement weather. OUve Leba through slush and mud.
equalled tbe re od set up by Arthur PascaL in 1943, in eqarryilg
all .the e$vnt from 100 yards to 1ne mile In easy fashion, at the
annual Tranquillity Boys, School sport, held at the t. Clair Oval
'With Mrv. Robert Patrik, Dne*C- --------
S rf euatlua I a0_MM CYCLER. I ACE: IAi i Iat
"reeve: h F S mall.
wSUC WO MM B~t~r -M~fWTU44a`-WAR:' Was kfrf -
Ififruntaers-a 'beth for tw pw ieus Is y.of' & R OW:*y--_
1IW51Wi fO5f, w Pe te ABH5~ lw ^ s*e- K.- mew:-1
Paacall. Who muOw out I tobool. 3M TARDS: i xL scwi 2 oss ie
had wreted the trophy. Ieus w a
The5e was ke -i to f i th4 YARt ST I I IIaw; I Jeose.;
m .or "eWon i whIh Kelvin Me roe: i x. -Me; ae Jenn 3o.
iiiw reIstered bU A r e-g-avi ---
o the ftor tIs eV Iil. G1 pI AuIton Poets, 5 nuef
Oive Lema, ehort. t JUNIOR SAcW
yowungr ad full of if TARDI is e a rs- ai duitr)lt I
m ostn ln ets Te,-iar- W.-: Ieser?; 58Smpams,.
tagl nhisTsARDe (Dt S ye8. a Und 'i 1 M.
tory in the one 1"t NZ; 5S a. prIr; & w. Pe -
=naeared the Imminent winner, lut mwre.
put aburst of tire In h ti long LIVEM RACI (Daes ears ei)l I
R_ Man; 3 M. Toeme;"a salmo..
istrife andhoutran himonnthe h1014 iceYARDS (Says 1yea s a uinwegIt I
Stretch into second bejrt. X. Mlatoo a C. Andrews; 5 a,
Tot. Slor champion did not Cole.
ly winfthe 106;yam tofon 11Uca nIR I huDIL
ils evet. but took th cla Wan UM RAC (Noy 11 and under; I
d isprt and Plrs figured ma- Pril*; a l l; a orn
as"t aitcoppig the whbeol ww -
race with his partner, PreSto, thus
mains a fin bag of se,,Ve W -
t in as many events, Map -Customs
Last yoars Jnior champoon,
Oliver w ,I Final Tomorrow
bm ofrhisevents, Sor Isisnq
matc for Lelba. oano cfoned Maple who, aided by a brilliant
his only win in the long Jump, and bowling Prior Jones' performance,
earned third puls In the 100 yards- beat San Juan in the Bonana In.
H. Cromwell Lbal nearest teimedlate semi-final on Sunday.
rival running second in most wilt oppose Customs in th final
events. starting tomorrow.
Kelvin Mhaw In annexing the Customs have a string of top.
junior championship secured first notchers In their line-up.
prize mn the 220 yards, 440 and 880
yards events, while Slomon. h1is Ladies' Four-Ball Golf
mkeenest opponent, edged him out to_
second position in the 100-yard At St. Andrew's Today
sprints. Solomon was beaten to The Ladles' Four-ba!l Golf corn.
second place in the 20 yards, petition will be played off this
Max Bernard leapt over the bar afternoon at the St. Andrew's Golf
at 4ft. llins. to win the high jump Club at Maraval.
while he headed his team to vic- Following is the result of the
tory in the tug-o'-war. draw:
Mrs. H. 0. B. Wooding and Mrs. Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Wss play
Annisette distributed the prices. Mrs, Hill and Mrs. Ward.
The results were as follows ----,
STANDARD 1: 1 Soio5on; 2 Hlteitdef s O0 Entrants For Local
Padmore" 4 Yoing.
STANDARD : H. Titu.: a ranc.is; Forces Rifle Shoot
Farinah: 4 Roisseau
STANDARD IIII A): 1. s0-oombe; I There are more than 50 entrants
3 Botssierre; 4 H. Bapti.st In the Local Forces Rifle Club comn-
STANDARD II1 (B,: 1 paring; a Law- petition to determine who shall be
T nANDA D V A .Griff-th, the Small l rs champion for 1944,
91ANA IV :;(A 1: 1- Yerwod 2 me-
habir:D (. .Samuel. and the holder of the cup
STANDARD iv (H: I C. Laurence; 1 I. Cards have been distributed to
Brown: 3 1.. Bourne. the compeltitors who are- reminded
STANDARD V (Al Juniors :I'lelba; that they must be returned by
Doughlin: 3 Farrell; 4 meVorran.
STANDARD V Seniors: 1 Storey; IJuly 31,
Msnkar; 3 i. inker. Those who qualify for the next
STANDARD V ,B): i R. Millington; 3 round of the shoot, that Is, those
B. Duprey: 3 J. Nlowee. who score a total of 291, will be
STANDARD VI: 1IR. Millington; I W.
wDeyR s 1 BSorano. notified and fresh cards Issued to
STANDARD VII (B,: I C. Leih:; 2 Cram- them.
well: 3 McClean: 4 Pirston. In the meantime speculation Is
STANDARD VI(A)!I: 1 Max Seruard; r
Cromwell: 3 Stewart. rife to who, among the con-
SeNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP RACES petitors. is going to win the tr-ophy.
100 YARDS: I C. Lelba; 2 Cromwell; 3 0. --
3o YARDS: 10. Letba; 2 H. Cromwell; LEN McKELL WINS
3 s ampson. Len McKell recaptured the
440o YARDs: 1 C. Lelba; 2 B. Duprey; featherweight championship last
3 H. Cromwell, night when he defeated Len
S30 YARDS: 1 C. Leib&; 2 H. Cromwell" Serrette on points in the chief
3 E. Gail; 4 Fraser.
ONE-MILE: I C. Leiba; l r Gail; t bout of the amateur card staged at
T. Wiliumin. the Prince's Building in aid of
HIOH JUMP: I Max Bernard: 2 H. Ores- the Convent Fund.
well; 5 C, Gall. Height: 4' 11"
Go nUM 10 o. Sorsano; 2 LO rs George B aker won from Louis
well* a. Mapp. Barradas over six rounds, while
DRWN* RACB: X X. Halfihid; s o. tfwrance Assam lost his light-
WHtekL ARROW RACE: 1 0Ay elbawe.lht title to C. Francis bh
WHCTiaL BAKROW HqA i: 1 0. Lolb* a,-, 1fou/*- h/ n th/ sixth, romd.
Preston: 2 H. Cromwell-W. Blameer; fouling him In th sixth round.
S Almei.Benit; 4 ChambeniRoaly. ----A MAi
row: S Atminchi-C. Andrew#; 3 Defiance, powerful netball outfit
Vendor-flllington. of the city. will journey to San
Juan on Sunday morning to oppose
ItSEdepen.t Netball Club team in
S PAKa friendly game.


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=r tbi4 tit UM am tb cc Jr. a. JL wM. u-
T* hwe aiaT PT1o- and bu mwfiitow th usf be
MM atO a. (kb s. MdadAY. MY 24, A 0 V.
El vvegrr wil zwI-afa -The In'vaml of MWWv, 14.f
S i Cuo&w-T W r Qof -he A. Wd AsNe bt We 3Be." -end an
fati t"6 1* UN AMUww h"1f of anoem r te.
*a Rf wl'Mey ta. Aai:A GoMAO aMM AM ViISLM baic P-
t oaeoC arid W Mr. bealt mad UJ9 -thsusow a be
bav m lw-e .W* Mmt*.
0 M f a R4 Ow
IX TMATMSa ary e B lwd try u s~.esober, a a. Stg 8c^t
sof NftairT-ATT Mouth Cftftlhb AM&. (or LbM *641L di
OM b ea2nthe IMMd a< Toa.rv" eBmu~ttaB*I lssat Wdf -. Ve.
l7ners u*S be lto pertomafmno. OB Taay. Ja7 2,. A" We-
embi. J-,y 2, &B 'f 10 zto .c
lB naS psr!tmaemss a.. take p-e in Ua. 5W3A*A.Uat DL
Vf 1. U" *S J&%fSM&Un "
OATWM afte -B btwrD4 B ". U4 Ma. ar
Pal= ob 0" 4t tbo tew-. MaU: rwsk sam,. Tim
Hliwd ibb Cad a MtOIf Va-rfWy in Ca C a. %"=g stmd PAC&

AM ^ tdo" I basom"d t% couty C" M* on awieAday eve4
m ww C w Rtri W]L Bsbar= a W ndMr sN Ma. 8i-Rbobe.t
t C a Mm MAft CiSawader en Mr. I&& a d Lcq.
UsraW M rKmfr4 0ef K.txA d K az4 Mpi M. de Q Mamc4d
M'3 oanB Ait 4M Cv=a-=a.e NMi* XtAoe Ppt" C" .na ll
1 3~ I ftlar d il'iLAcm- 'Maale" G-&'a, r-.3 ''.. Gs-knmyis 3C,V
la M4 MfX I-t G& Mr. sMn. I Nai e-- I D% O4ILsB-.
LAW- 'ts oat e Mr aw fy t tf. ** M-T .0 W-
-nw Mn. DMtra-. Mr. 524k 11. ^4 P -v. w. 7".'AX-an d MKia
C1W^*dk Da~idM*WMt UM SaL--V-a~f LV;-.' 1A.-? P-e-LS, L
wltr tUy L fts. Mbe GiA !,-.g- L0 ... 7-=. M- Wr. U- Ml.
SIft" Itf0c MAS 7t -w4^, X-.a ': tt-. -;-^ -- ;,
fy. was D V &- w. aZ Mr 'e- ; C.
kul Same
MU a~n d M Ptr.5 G.ZF-C-J? B7 *.-'-S.:; s-' 31^ ;t--i -. K~-

P:Lm it- z.-' ~ ac-
02 2M 2T !it. ^ A 's iM- .-S
*I Kr L- er. Es.s !z.- M. 7 . L~c *t' **.): ?tf .''" B* 4' I

ep-V .

tm MAI.-r WL MLw ititM MM InM
!rb I t-v nor S 0m--A

fe M S C

'AxkjFN u"-Lr4 %a I ffL% *4 I- --.~
'ArCtl Sie ^ Rae rr' . ;. t.'.-Z r- i; -* ww*'-
*AUS S t c C!*- -1-- ,'- r tw r-'.- =4c '- vle-*/ -w WTI "'
P5 ~. .Lf%=* '-.I Z$ vA
UIts CLrft *i I is ~ 4 5- *.* ;' *'' '
'kpcs~ '4 i!t? 7 a *S^ t- ;*yrw*''1' '"'




r ralk ofTrijd (m*Righkt Ut TeSneMliute
I _-winm,, ioJ Ar Wn, r Mrhu Year's Face

Com ONO__

S^i^ S'Ma." ax W OLv a ''- i f, lae 6iMrla a"b imof am ft s"
-S iw ---- A 0 ,,M. I, _-n--- M--o1w s aowt
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1 a. W -m C 0 .aim -~ gui,. Is w.w. ol

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ins GW ACmUM oft.Mr. to~

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'I th-li-V theaf KmT to lfc Is OfD- ^|
*T&OWB "ds =Vwxy. an V=Cf ato IMf^' 0)>
U e3S Kwa fDov }WB s your Daily M ary I
58 00 = M UTT = 4 Y k IN~ t _ w
'30d" ue ofLate IX LASM ;
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bs fivuwen ,s tot *-kwa s at SL HANY% in am o
be back io *A .- me. z" or ,L *'.fc Tr-! TInWaU. J20y 7f.
the Wp td Jbe tes F 5 *and MI P wm Priam,*'
R-Bas. Wetvar. Ahug 2.
mIraL MAKEUP xx P8iAL -
W1Ake-p taaxdst be Lgd-,.k' r
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MY da-r*-xf. ed fa" a1W.^. ILAST T'infsnd It VI1 t ta I
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Radio Programmes

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Sydey (Fat Men) GREENSTREET Phlip DO0N V AI

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Shepherd of
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Week-End ...


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Friday, July 21

Slad Jbe $OVAL
'lft*Wmyrt -.m a

c- NKa Okus
-"asmbl -wi ,t ih
wmmva .UAWB

PALACE-San Fernando
TnDAT 1 S & & i.-
tenMiM Dsc:--
(Robo Taytar A

Look !

L C 8te et W.d-
BfM Saw. Cior
sJT, OMuMr. ,ljsM>,
with mo etc .... ,,tiN

Softe Water Maebit..
&an LA' Mtre .... (12Wj
CnWa C-s Maetblue
)bire .. .......... 17
& Best-at Cafe-
uumL -m.' ... 53*6
AA. A.I ae laWl-
SMtoik for beading
or Furms. WKHh TSa=
bow*. wit vacay.
Dieg Iart .... artipmto
id Rn sate l (er
fe gel.s.t-t', -M
-tW $AN W enh. b-
so m-t-w.
C.4 Pm Saint,


1|^_^ il'-i
4L ss- 3^ no bipoo

s_ ^^~ ,i^ ." *
A. M s h& u-ab.-
LlK bilim 1 0 .
--mi ............ SAM
am aa Rip a, a
11o k ...... ....

ea. So- 6- ,
~63-I ownCmid.
^E^BWM.k E $1^f
3.8 DI~ gu -


ITODATY .4^ 5* m.-

so=t CONgWAY
a=d -Ju coIXM


TODAY 4 & &U-

I the NIGHT'
with Prhbus LANK
am -

YOU'RE imn the -
vftwvRm "C"
Lzl-- in1L A MIE INM M

NEWS"- Fer
EOD. AT 44e...1aZ i lu l Pu -

-PE B* M J..


^^4lIi^. I^ R L' *mK







'i' mmnm~m~m..AL


-OU Alf It



* Ta





1n m".
Wam fl I


xiriver Loses Round 1

-Fight To Save Licence

avowe &ichardtf g. $ utoUess ta zL.&e. suitao ft"
&of WIg Jali a moimi Vy th ommissiar f police
u,"m- Court ywta, to et s justice o tne aRl-
Us""'won rchtbltIR a- t (be Comilone as the
^'Li Ski WIIMU.

a mobtoer-cardan-
S tat the Malte-car was
$ad that Richard
to stop when required to do
WaO letter called on Richards
i WMI e u wy him oeonm
d not e anelled under
91O 6 (Control of Taxi
R) regulation. 1942, Pro-
o April U17 the police had
pn0*ie of intended
bfi en o dangerous driving,
x M and failing to
proceedings were
n not purosu.

r *stioe Nallinan held that
ftaled to show that
r of Police had
o r e to act in excess
is or in oontraven-
ofany tautes or the princl-
f the Omasn Law in callin
him to show 'cause why his
should not be cancelled in
metof the allegations.
argued," he stated in the
n of his judgment, "that the
of Police is acting
WIW of jurisdiction by virtual-
trU7ng the applicant for these
M, and thus the Commis-
f Police is ousting the Ju-
of the appropriate court.
Appears to me that this argu-
is fallacious because it falls
distinguish between the grounds
r adjudicatlon and the adju-
Itself. The question which
I Commissioner of Police has to
Isde whether the applicant
Scesed to be a ft and proper
Sto hold a taxi-driver's 11-
c. True, for this purpose, the
mmi er of Police must con-
Sthe applicant's conduct, but
forming his opinion as to whe-
:the a plisnt committed the
t alle against him, the Comn-
llonar of Police does not In any
ie I adjudfe the applicant
O f any offense under the
Vehicles and Road Traffic
mnce or say other law: nor
b, oM l the Jurisdiction of
OeULV which can try such of-

" ude d r. Wharton to
*hat a licence can only be
under Regulation a when
WhA been convicted of
againet the Regulations
the Motor Vehicle and
Odnaoe or has ob-
i *M lene by a false repre-
Smyr opinion, the Conm.
Pol nIsnot so re-
ua he might con-
We n ai a pltand
,he used hi taxi
or otherwise
t to drive a

'"trtfar;^"OWe Commissionter
f Police I stisfied that the hold-
ru hlas c o dstets which show
Is no oWger a fit and proper
to drive a taxi, the mere
|st that su acts are in law of-
|In fur which the holder has
o e prosecuted or convicted,
ee not prechude the Commissioner
M Mie from deciding on these
that the holder has ceased
e ta t and proper person.
Ibe applicant h failed to show
the Commlmioner of Police
cited or proposes to act In ex-
f hi jurisdiction or in con-
I of any statut er or the
i of te Common Law.
IipilUcaton must therefore be
with ots.,
was represented by Mr.
While Mr. C. T. W.
,atung Solicitor Gen-
a on behalf of the

Anglo-U.S. Meet
siBakug Ifchadm eri
ioe- &Wd NOirY Vftacls and
Sta10oned In Trinidad met
afternoon aV Colonel
| IM IAt Arapita Avenue
Ie ways and means to comn-
th_ read of venereal disease
.A present at the meeting was
G.. ilmour, tuberculosis spe-
Ist ow In Trinidad.
put forward by Col-
SWenger wre unanimously
to and will be put into ef-
I Immediately.

Mn OrespeOenMt.
O- July i-For
Idagistrate's Court
Wr court had been
uspt warning by
lo Daniel was ar-
derly be"avioAr

City Seeks


Malaria Plans

Discussing the Incidence of ma-
Slaria within the city and its envi-
rons, the Port-of-Spain City
Council decided yesterday evening
to ask Government for an outline
of the control-.measures that have
been and will be taken by them to
rid suburban districts of the dis-
Decision followed adoption in
part of a resolution on the matter
moved -by Aldermnan a W, Harris.
The Council rejected on a majority
vo.e the fir't part of the resolution
Which urged the Council to obtain
from Uovernment copies of the
report of the Malaria Bureau of
the Rockefeller Poundation'in con-
nection with the recent survey of
the Colony conducted by three of
the bureau's doctors and the Health
Leading the Council to reject the
suggestion was disclosure that the
Director of Medical Services had
sent the Medical Officer of Health
a co of the report.
While some members expressed
the view that all members should
have been furnished with copies of
the document, others contended
that it could not be expected that
Government would furnish 20 co-
pies of the particular report or any
other Government report to the
Attention of the Council was
drawn to the final paragraph in
the report which indicated that the
incidence of malaria in the city
was almost nil, compared with the
alarming state of affairs in other
Councillor Vivian Henry, speaking
on the suggestion for getting a
programme of the control measures,
asked the Council to bear in mind
that the most malarial part of the
Cocorite area was the property of
the Council and that as a breeding
ground the area was a wide one.
"If you ask Government what they
are doing," he said, "they might
write back and tell usI 'this Is your
Sprperty Immediately next door to
the boundary of Port-of-Spain.'
They will probably tell us we must
put our house In order in the west
and we will continue in the east
what we are now engaged in doing."
Summing up the debate, the
Mayor expressed the opinion that
they could not reasonably ask OGv-
ernment to furnish the Council
with several copies of the report,
but aid he saw no harm In ask-
ing the Government to inform the
Council of the control measure
being taken to rid of malaria tin
areas now affected. "It is well tr
remember at the same time what
Councillor Henry has said about
Ooo'alt," wernt on, '"but I mi-ht
mention that the city improvement
sub-committee has Included hat
in its programme of work to be
undertaken as one of the' things to
be done as soon as possible."

Sell-Outs To Meet
South Tax Arrears
Trinidad Guardlan Cerreepeaele
San Feornando Blwough Council will
sell all properties for which all
arrears of house and water rates
and electric lighting loans up to
and Including those for 1942, are
nhot paid before July 51.
In a circular posted in the Town
Hall here, the Town Clerk has noti-
fied owners of properties that in
order to prevent their properties
from being put up for sale such
rates must be paid.

Payment For
Volunteer Firemen
Provision is made in regulations
amending the Fire Brigade
(Volunteer Sections) Regulations,
1942, published in yesterday's
"Royal Gazette" for payment of
members of the Volunteer Fire
Brigade when called out for ser-
vice in case of an alarm of tire or
an air raid. and for attendance at
a parade or a lecture.
The regulation, made by the
Acting Governor on July 18, has
been made effective as from
May 1.

Party Member
For Arima Seat

Si Trinidad Guardla Correspeadent.
ARIMA. July 19.- I'olawIng the
reilntlon "of Councillor Sam
Po4rtamSlngh from the Arima
______ __ _DAY Borough Council, Mr. WaltOr Dao-
S a.. vice-preIdent of the West Is-
VITAMIN ia National Party here. was
< &l>HAo I-- returned unopposed In. the by-
SAThM electionn today.
6 He will be officially elected on
1August 9.
f I 0 ]kBody ot a man washabd up e
W ISO the Cocorite beach on Wedoesday
g?^i *afternoon was still lying unmiden-
VI tied in the morgue of the Colonial
,piL& | tpaleterday.
It is believed that this man was
,.H I drowned on Monday while bathing
L. 1 ..- with two other men near the 'buIs

Not aQO- A eas- *a
d adrdMd via and V410

Model Townihip
For Arima Planned

ARIMA, July l>-Develop-
meat of rooklyn Into a model
township will be considered In
the 164 Oovernment estimates.
it was discdoed at the last gon-
erae keeting of We Corporation
Plb Manning and Homing
Codi-ion, walls empialslsng
the urgent neoefty of the pro-
jet, regretted they weat un-
able to undertake say turher
work this year.
Disclosure was Uade toe,
that, In connection wth recent
query by the Council. ArBia
will not have Police Batd per-
formance for some time, owing
to transport difficulties and
lack of proper sleeping accom-
modatilon for the men.
A reply from Police Headquar-
ters to the query stated that
the band ronoerts would be re-
sumed as soon as it Is practi-

New Rules For

Cycle Tyres

And Tubes

New regulations relating to the
sale of tyre and tubes for pedal
cycles, push bicycles and tri-
cycles are published in yesterday's
"Royal Gazette."
One of the provisions prohibits
sale by dealers of tyres and tubes
unless an unserviceable tyre or
tube of the same sie as that
which is to be sold, Is delivered to
the dealer.
Another makes it unlawful for
any person other than a dealer
to have more serviceable tyres or
tubes than those actually in use
on his cycle.
Dealers must, at all times during
business hours, expose for sale at
least one new cycle tyre and one
new cycle tube of each type of
cycle tyre and cycle tube held by
him or at his disposal.
Power is given to the Transport
Emergency Board to cancel the
licence of any dealer at any
time after the commencement of
the regulations, for any offence
against the principal regulations
as amended by these regulations.
When a dealer's licence is can-
e*lled ha, mtt deliver tn the sec-

Tyre Board

Gift Charge

Without calling upon the de-
fence, Mr. W. J. Andre, presiding
in the lint Polie Court, a-
quitted Joseph lung, accused of
corrpty o Jfering a gift to Coatai
J. Sharps of the Transport Bae-
gency Board with a view to Mew-
t the granting of hise applicattam
for tires.
Captain Sharpe told the sourt
that lung came to him at the
Tansport nmerrency Bosrm office
inakiM an appllctlon for tire.
h~m that he would maks
him all right.' Shortly aer Pung
left, he had occulon to gt up
from his chair and as he w about
to sit down again, he saw a roll
of notes totalling 4s on the hair.
In reply to a question by Mr.
O. 0. B. Wooding, counsel for
ung., Captain Sharpe said that
he could not say definitely that
Fung had put the money there
although he had a strong suspicion
that he did.
Declaring that there was same
doubt in his mind as to whether
SPung had put the money there.
Mr. Andre said he was bound to
give the benefit of the doubt to "ie

Liquor Law
Changes Planned
Government issued with yester-
day's "Royal Gazette" a draft
Bill for an Ordinance to amend the
Liquor Licences Ordinance, Ch.
32, No. 11, by providing that
licensees shall supply to the ap-
propriate officer in duplicate an
entry containing particulars of the
rooms and receptacles used by him
in connection with their business.
The change is proposed to make
surprise visits more effective.
The licensee wil retain one copy
which he shall produce on demand
to the Comptroller of Customs or
any officer authorized by him.
The duties formerly performed by
the Comptroller and byv the 'Iresa-
surer and Sub-Treasurer are to be
transferred to the Commissioner
of Inland Revenue In relation to
the grant of licences and the
Commissioner of Police is tO be
given the duty of certifying the
tness of hotel premises in respect
of which a hotel spirit licence is

retary of the board his licence Ch Recued
and every tyre and tube held by OIc oolboyRe c J u d
him for which he will be com-- *
pensated at the landed cost of From FloOded Drain
every new tyre and tuboe, From Flooded Drain
A new form of icence for deal- Trinidad Guardia Correspondent
era ipreascribd.-- TUNAPUNA, July 20.-Bugene
.. | Payne, an 8-year-old schoolboy,
X^kJ .... &d.nearly met his death by drowning
Many Alttendl at about 11.30 a.m. on T'hursday.
- o I Due to heavy showers of ran
.( l-h i~rkr~rlPlinnll the streets and drains overflowed
iSou hVm ote"rieD nnerwith water. Payne on his way to
Trinidad I G dla Correopondent. lunch, slipped and fell into one of
SAN - RNANDO. July .- the side drains. His body was
More than 50 poor and blind per- carried along into the main rain
sC* ww guests here at the an- on the Eastern Main Road, Whenl
nal diner for the poor given by Conrad Kewley, a carpenter 0con-
the Cotetri of Social Workers. tractor, with the aid of aeshty
Acordg welcome to the guests, persons succeeded In rescuing him.
MNh Umttfc p r t of the o ~-,
Coterie branch -ere, thanked Mi. --OMOT CAlTAIN
Lystra Newallo and helpers for His Excellency tWe Acting Oov-
preparing the meals. ernor has approved the promotiont
Tables were b eased by the Rev.lof Lieutenant A. Maillie, 2nd Bat-
Fr. Mauru Mailngot. talon, Trinidad Volunteers, to the
Added entertainment for theirank of captain as from June L
9up a was provided ba the Choral
a undAer Miss t Telma Nurse. --
ufflT TO 3 BCt OKC.BOr j9iifIW~i
the Wirestor of uk PIurchai4
in$ has notified that after August
1, rent will be emarad for sthe II
storage of goods not removed from I 4
the warehouse Rents will be
charged at the expiration of six
days after service of notice for
merchants in Port-of-Spain, 10 days f ACID
for merchants outside Port-of-I tTA I U
Spain and It days for merchants STIWA j
in Tobago. Or from August 1, w | e rl
ever is the later. I ft *IW

Bah Skim

A&4^ Z"4t4&t^

Deep htha
fie you -i freahea.
Superior mildesll -- that
-u she d euMplutm *
'There's a spekl ingredient
in Liebuoy Health Soap that
makes it exta mild and gentle



OWivth 0= MW eleb

R34mg weames


IuWp -a

I ~


New audMrwr I
Cream Deodorant

Stops Perspiration

1. Dans m o dom or 'a
skm. Oow rM imm AMe.
L Nouiltia|to 4W. Cam be said
fitht am ahiavoig.
S. Stly mop panpirsloi foe I
to dil iPrvem u odew.
4. A Pon, aiTM. aeuls, ais.
Im ambis en..
IL Fwde -- I, of ddan


U =lP
10 aI1


Highest Prices Paid



The Timak-taUe advertid a frem 14th Febeary
lat Ibs mew maendeL
A revised sheo w0 be etraUve to Tebe,
MarkadMs adW the Windward sadLerd h I5Il
Al pl a piegr kidly apply so er odes fee
reesratlo re-alletment.
British West IlianI Airwayi, Ltd.


Pointe-a-Pierre Laundry Servike


hove pleasure in announcing that
they have established a depot at


MONDAY, 17th JULY, 1944

4, POINTE-A-PIERRE ROAD. eiomwer P.A.P. Rad
and Chaces Street) SAN FERNANDO.

Head OIee: Pointe-a-Pierre-4M :: Depot, aa F'd.n-164-. 1

Port-of-Spain City Council




OWING to Shortage of Water at this time all users of water are
requested to co-operate with the City Authorities in the prevention
of waste in any form. Where waste is observed a report should be
made immediately to the Water Department at the Town Hall (Tele.
phone 4060.)
Attention Is aso called to resolutions of the City Council in
accordance with the provisions of the Port-of-Spain corporation Or-
dinance, Ch. 39 No. 1, whereby the use is prohibited of the following:-
1. Cirden T'raps.
2. Swimming Baths
3. Fountains.
4. Hose Pipes in connection with business premises.,
6. Sprinklers.
Anyone contravening any of thnse Regulations Is liable to a
penalty of $t48.00.
These resolutions take effect forthwith and until further

Town Hall Port-of-Spain,
12th July, 194.

C. R. Farrell,
City EnIgineer.

Yo WoMrn Who Suffer Fr"


W Axel
If'vos-Iike msan women |^ Bi
tween the ages of 3 and 12--
suffer from hot flashes, weaxk jlllllk- ---
din naros I*destnlln M dist
lnegularltlss. are urs t ties B^ll-
duwet the functional middle i
la Cop ound eua to ireliee ou-ch^ ^
pOmpiou& dWnea*e 3 ll^^_
Taken regularly -k Plnkiamns tonic effect Thousandm & on

aa what motors call a stoe o Compound isrs t pmg.
Io'tSea etefwrLydimas
V =gtaleIepeu Jdson "she e dgisal sa Ngeo- I

Thi Uid efrehnin -- b Nofu e qi.
king flvoew... dolidA fter e e hety
1, 1l. Rsyau Qelum bs pia, whulsem" .
and m eomy ismwto Mi" Soeho M. p
WA e Wn 4 ,,c I, Mop.
b&W, WO. er. s

essu "I herN'sa'se mm. hee
%m km.on f t W"iw U

- W __...

'h*AMces Staldl-d kme, Inc., Dept. 754
L. 2t1o PtfSi.

Yard Brooms, Ash Trays, Pottray,
Sloazol Insecticide, Etc., Etc.
Prices to Suit Eer .onu
'Phone 5764

Corner of Park and Pembroke Street.
,m~----- -------

Uhs cWditiw y16e dxie ta
Viamis B-Caplex dAicieUcy.
Tbhmeste v risewidm wbbelvre
Usafuwlpy sW ep bey FkediauaM's
frcsh Yeat, TaT at Hpbrlj.

Fleischnann'e Yeast Is one of the richest
plasn o m oasfed In eVit juice, f ou le.--
Ta-ke twceddiy, hg balf ou bfoom mes-
plainaormasshed in frok Juice, .aft or wwae.

Flichm nsYas


During the month of August.
from Tuesday 1 to Thums".
day 31 inclusive, e m'm"
bry epWtaMw "IF VA "..
dm1 for purpow Of
stock-taking i

During that period, we uaiggest that you
visit our associate businus
wherm you con mome yo
their vartred and ottrowe
ePeIM wiH be duteid-irhow
Frederick itrt, iM !
and unti a noo in P


Wis s. Kennedy a com tdI

.... II

-- - - - - - - - - - - - I kwmoo


I' *V'




.~ -7,.
~ I

Us 1SO-
- e

F r=I e -:_- --- l -W -m mm -
--bees -- -

mm Jam-,- m a am. m mS n W 3"
+ ,., be- F.- ,,_. ,_m
44=0= am OWL L w-w

_ -- - _ _* U. ._m
m um-- mm _m Ram- 3w -

." *,.- + ,,= km +.-,- -.lA4 .- -- Jm +- ,, .+- 51-"4*.- -- -___ --. .. -'. T
-21 *so& amUs .theAL
-M AM MW-__ 145*., *w M APGW MMVf 6 tMWAM OE0NWJe We st b

SAW -71--~ t

ftft I.. .. ..... ..Is mw
flow"_ Si) MI ."*mMe 7 ~,atm--an. . *, -Is
--n- 2* Low3w A LeW t ?fcs-wsow & 1(- CLL fes W L Oft PU __

A& -11*A __ F4i* - -_ _--
cr:.O &, W W0 M 7 W P Il. oo
x awwI ff~L-W gv a -.3UPIRMIMClz 7 .74____ 1 r
*i LA3I '~ y ~'0ww`*ft` --low I
4d VSIONJr ^ ^ ^,J^ '. = Ou- A 0^ T ^ I mor U. 7J N-x rbf ^ "SW SM'^ ^ : llt a
B~y -tXT* 6W if a?"-_, .aerfx -t -,Z',t irj>.- '--r, m-__or- o^ ^ -~ > r r -- *r -- _..- wr "M or p*

.1cw rA W41MO.a -t > *ifts 7 __ --I
3RE; NX *- t-*-'- -- - - - - -- --- k_ __ Boro"wh of So. Feioud.
fl *IU. .~ *I1! O7vgp~pIdr AA-L 4 I No 019-041saft op 5m..4 -4 MOW
'Mr A nf__ n = %)a T io-moow W 1Wtvioog fl .'ra 7!. rm Wwwwwi 3

*- lfliB- r ruf K -,^ Z.YI i51W 4- i- w 1ri 1S iz. 1 -vri *Iv i..w i*i -*..*- 3ti 4. P Jf*j&m IUW7 --- ~ -. m
ow iWW amM 2NW o A-UN -3,-~ .~ r T1~ ~ t~Ii* ~A R A S S

*'* '- frr --~fi S- --KPT -. -u $~"-iB -!a. a31 -LK~a &I-.A *-*< ^t. I.IC Uor WtaL :Atr
'7um 32~~ -

frI-- A NWt 2.*A -f -~ liN ^,.. -. -~.'l .me < ..w let-'<* ^*jT 4 M' 1 -- *- 1t.175'? *w M S9- t CU S W t4V-VT '^-r
S r n. A -3!* t B - Mo m .- .; .2--t-P **o-" a 1
V ,ZtE.4j 2L. 'LmozowL .0' 'r- o? ", -: __ ___ ___ __ _____am*
VAX=%*. i=Zt M CrOC

MM (4- B'cin. ***; --:. a 5.-Wt- fMw w-.:--- -- 4 -. k'utm *Hlii iEa "t iE1 rUB tas ..- M -;* 'U* Lah' I
-M I P & JrAtt0.4i

W< i* j. LXB Z1. r.- u- a* -'^ --< t*_ ...js K -V^ W H H lou j - r t ... .i.-- llv 'V DI 'T,* ._- 4 *. .. "**SW 4 ^L". .*. 2'-1-4 p: W.4*w r 3s.s". .4
_4 O 5'm ^ ," L &Al mdeWw1. ."
M is :r 11) '-- stu-.' 1 Aa OWNw Wa za wfv I

te4 a i r *' an ? *-ui- "i *> W - I*- 'i A* __r (..h 'r-. . * 13. csw L**" - ~ t*a J- .- ft. I S.ES.K.SLSIJV. i, -sa Ur rK r Xjq
4tV7 V WLti 4 W It'
COON-C c"AA I, f __ __. ...- MM7c.-& 4_Sff ..%Lf" OF J i

b" CC A _____ W, #-V L, ub#Mm______tONIS_____________va
madow" am soc-. oz ;a = tkbx pw L ump Exer-s.-_t

*AI*Td tA J~?. *'-**' "i^ <. ***.v,' M ** Lrp ~ ~' -.ne -,s J :.*w -:. -I.i: ^ iAT as &e.' ____ :^tt 5*g^ Stand ard Lif s.""
&~9 O&WIM- 44, 4.:c X* __
on '"* Ow <.twer -w A Ism UVIM -11, vol ircf. 'C. Uam a OL t wM E> 12 ho^ ap-- 0-vw 9" *t .'** ,* ; r *- r< w n -2 2115E , jr-'.'^ 19.S^~ ^- r -, IW_ 10X= OF3 PR-,^R<^. ^ aIt
1kP 1' 1 agt, r .. .W 000 0104% *-.,AW_ ; UW .** II..TWB 0 &"i^l JPA_-, ci r-.%:rv *w saw cilpnri *a sCO aw-, ** -r '-m^' ate !26- l-.1-i* e-c San v tman a litr~eby Doug"
;*v **; *-*-*~ 4 O=W ..'-- At *"*VOW -A `*4 tba -n a a tor per er pro-,- 2

H MALP-D, CVW *** FLY- a, I --. -*m -OmH bnt. -s*wf# os m

.44, t 1447,-.S-40-ebCp CC
0Aofa-rw It kL'L3 4J, 4 -" --,*. e.W -.' ...M i < J inA* V'_ NOW 0- *s o - A of r a W

SOCUCiAL 2, VI &LIC Wt--* h&tI2t Rater. and Elive k Ladulng Usm
taw- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -------~ PLr f i M ., -.., ,a.-,. , B i*S"---------- *-, ""-" 144^ bAcS~aUp. te 5M**> 1, < pc .T& .t .js -.M co
*----- It *A VO a ." 4 -sT..... -4t -*.1 -*- .-"s s ^ A. a %a T n c f U

U n' 21I f. -' **'* ".' ". -<' a.- $ 'l **. .* -* a-772 *- *t---- A __ I K.ZI~S A E m
1t4.It. Th X Y *'3n a> 3;.*' V : -. "* .4E3r "' "'t .*'---*1 '~tv *--** 41< E.ft ,- TA~f-iiC Ck-f t wr.i- '. T -----------------
*" t-... -se." <.-' -,.-tT *m'i" 47 '~ 4'*^''J43 *&74 4 a7 ?, j. ?:- 3wlI30. \ *"" *- lme Cwn.s. 11y~ a1 -o -;* .r. t- A l L fB!|
30 1-9I 4A< 7I..'I itP19 4V be

U)VCA^O*(*L *- .' 71-^J^--^ 5 -p ^^f^L^ ^^ ^sh^^s1- iffT*Af**,'"*h ,1 J~.'UN ~~
Wt'v2.t V 7 X.WAy.A- -,. .: it 4. ,. L -'U < 4 S m P-amaK & 1 P*pw e ti 3iin I
AIVIsw i4* 1" t *- *.-- 6 u .WTO ; boo m s~n = OW.W Pt' ---- I
009-t"&pm & t r XA-t escm" 7Ir*4 -;OI

MAINT Jsafth' -usfu jR A~ SALE a

4 .A" ^ ^ 41p 5T --------------------US-_________________ I-^ ^ ^ ^ ^ --- ^ .
'wee' AJLMH ..-c tW. 7L Mgmuoctrnm .mam.-W. ^"' -.l "l'*,,., ^^ ^*^ ^ r *-^. -, A J
~aU~se Sss4 SI4**So.12:-y-A 71-TlT Mgt,.xW :!V>%PL __

'a >*- ,srt>** .. r '3 37M i- ..' *. t3 N. *1-5- ^"*A \t~ ''' *an 'LOST ^ i^ eaw*;~ irndg
11*. fC P M *.az. ^-t frM- Ca j- ab ee C I U .* b 7 --I

km.r? iT ^ *u *s c' i ^ A4 L.. 3--,~'l tIN. i -Ua *a.. Oam - ** *- w .-, Mris:. P4*47 S8~ m 16W1-, -.p alaU.-,4
P^^.:^ ^ -J*'^*; 4**-t-g w> 1w 4 w Lra. 4* IL. J$ 47 U ^ ^, 1

Soo"m 400 miwow a.51b We% B-oo-. 5
wr -AL Mo La obdo"Niv 3W. m410-1m.-am*AL w Ov.
*Wt L &tVWMec 22 VPw w IAe --- -
WWI a fat OLm
Va "M0111, Lo'o n" i 8o
*wo-e* I L3 lain mm A___ _____SM_ _X"
ci"OZl. ** . - **-. :i J0, fw u' a xt *-*** *t4;S". fat... .-N 7W^ a r.- ,. ... K ,,n j''*- -*i E .Ti^. ^ ^^ p^

A -4- 01"A3* ?._- ue s

--n D ,- ISAAB~."2
-- -- -_-: -L.- ft -o-pk ^ uhmz s I,6

am ;;-t - t r wt W 2, -
ZDUCAW KU 40-4.,7^ t> .U YK" CL01 k*-.*11 71~-.- .;.* (.-~..-n it _^- i IL..:,. 1- ~ &I LC r .'- v-*[ \ W S l' Io wa

cx ftwz& 1. tn er V-:- 4;::-.- CAst" 4rr ~ '''' n ^ PM4 ^.."w" *;p I ^s T^ --he W orld's Finest
00: X ____ > ^^ ^^ ^- xms-1. ..- ...1 -1K _1__. 'SKIN REMEDY 4'
4f t i -uI t 1 !1 S LO 7 is *km*q go l 1 e."m-

AMPMMtwa WN tSELA% 'S `01 LlAKOS a UwA, Ia rvabe W1 1taToo e Urn 3dobour clo Wun@* O.hu"
VIM arass0`0- 64*t -A. t ct b "waft4 A

aiMk t~ kt <* 3 --xro* ;<^-l~ . '- S ~ft~l'lSL*. ~r'D elf__alg -| ar _a itrS L--i4cen sed,tr P!
""A #,w weokedfo r t4
s: J- W , "-irt"I,2 -.1*? 91 M3;- zaag^f_ i a5^ -aw, awwwazr am iSm -~ -S I^ B-*1" co C n an so.* Whi soI 0 bo Irw vow
146"g^ tawls rjv*sr 0*06 o *-s. Cox ULUOA-.^ i^S & ^Swum %we tral4; Locatin.^ **MD 1

J u.-I 41"'V44409 I.- f
an r%* pawt404-V- is I -S-, 4 SS6 s G -N Dm i
F.,4. .b, J" C--fftw ;1 114006,80wo,
f IV Mte t 4111 1iu TIMt Jim!* Ovx"-Sl to W-__T~li ~ do 11010110 64w .^**g *-' ""_-5 U,** 111. 50 tA-14,C/ t-M ___i*rn
a TVZ A^ S S^aaSgS" -i!J*-we 0,4i.0llH.. vamtoAlwiA W'is totCWU"-m

IS88 t0 ftor* -Z 'A~s~fS paw owrE^a~ A10111110, 11004.*^ VI rIO iilI M ein
WWI S 4"W, s-^ ff ~ ." ^ 36?^ ".,w .^ I *oft- immown& 'm f alo swome, Sta va "1WA ma
*SHS~fcCfli X C1 *J r7SK qW/ -.. o!^ lift = So WAW-i nsine. Mii-**--A ~ 79-7___

110114ift me sm LSO.- ^ ^s ^ ^ Now^ ir ft slot
^^V.dg6* 31141r (% a ^^ iAa u^^ss ff-2 ^%l^% ^R iin
yat s~w^ VIMs d^^a i MILO^ yS ^s^j ^^ s .12^^^ *10r-r
1 nf'v^*~yj~r ^ _maxcw**n *maA .0% MAN^^1^'?',^ aL srt'wefts Is? iCf ^wom?1."'1'0 ~ ^
gIt In tj s icm>B iiSicMs^ ^f B S* TVfg*a^?'"S am S 4=2F* 1 ^ -^S?1^11"". ^ .1JAAf~

0 w,., ;40 show" Ii106 Wi1939 M O D EL t
dis^^ at^5 < 3Lln^^ ^ AUT< TOM vwma^ MOVIT^ 40 ."."l neI
1^ ^^ !00=6A 22^ ' 1^SJ Z 1 xydu ,^.uc^ .g UcjW-ud
Somme owawat "r^ ^ A3d"g^ Ones" Zond fr 194 AM
HH ^ii^t Sa adml 111*II** <*x*m J*< SLyi~i~pg- ="Joel=np "ja i^.^ _^if.S'^Si*10'^rti ^S *
^^^^B^^^^^^^*^^^'11*^cyABmi^^i am* ft vloms iBB^^^^-1^1^^S^*iBr^ M :HWSs^ ^Satu rd5S~? 22nd Julyoe j t U r

w a maw'-., ramw an mad -- ---
p *aM --i lOMB ta at- j W3O2TOX3,
3a E :.e Ael. g> _ U I
st. Vat Smtr --


Assorted 674e rl


Frozen PLAN


-, ; The Pei(
72 .... lb.



S th Jmlev '4d4,1 -oi
. AT Saturdayai
7 M enSteeet, Jul
AT L rP.M. Ju
av he- tweM Tom ft- b- S
tM m t. M. A- G901G" J t4UtWlW IV
* by PwAig Augein g 3110 13 Iting
Cartoms Soap ^y SScam~
(Damoaged) s crm
mc- I Prml
Cartons Men's Felt ciMI acofat
Hats. J xc
Case Military Khaki --,
Pants.d, 1 I m MagJ
Cases Military Khaki el .k Lam
Ahirt. me, 1 itber I
Case Military Shifts. m of
Case Men's Ties. rz ^mWbe
Case Gent's White USN fte^Jf
Kerchiefs. vn aw I

.--, v -- I j. -&M "W.
Case Ladies' Stockings. ia
Cartons Ladies' Strawa msea"""
Hats. o ltas. WVw
Carton Kitchen =wa ame1mm
Reflex COmera With U tad S
Tripod & Accessories. D b.an
50-Egg Oil lacuator. nan --

*RELL'S (Cash) GR4


16 oz. Tim
6 Tin -.
12 o. Tim



20 ox. I
17.. Tiz
29 gm

RKAM (por,..km) 4 --.
gs.l 1c. GREEN IA

12 McL. 5,7c.1 Sk 0<
+ .,, l l.t "*' -- 'il 21 1.'
pw IL siiiiii
Go 8L vb"i





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