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Trinidad guardian

pohaplo) think you are diselasd seemed to agiavater ahr than hots
Nabee I be 3 Wey matters. Thenbie. chanced to seeth*. S
WiM*rhelte aint ". mneni, probably for Niseder. He* Purchased one park-
ener-at frts any lintmet you bio ac. The fiest application bnrgirht relief
over en or fell. It to ne t resy but In a tow rninutes and doe package Bli4
"Oh almost like a powder when you UP 115 t condition. I cortsinty recon-
apy it. Ittetrates rapidly Into the 1"0-d N tv o m t aaBone eufweel
ese and fcits the Cause of surface from akinu' ouBIe.'
9 OS3 bieiebef. t eludem conta1ns5 Ag.tie-g
Le"Otled aPwhich fight skin trvublees NisederOM co. b Urtely MOOR
Fmbssaways: (1) It fights the 1. is"abnolealyit helps
p~tette ofen i "ne uneion you elpsclear Vr ki eait I
pa l~te Itoftoen i3tcionsf, a oueampldftesat factions, (Myet1166b.
"LL) = l It 1to* { i 411M (from Youruie. today. Lek
o ad aar n IN I tattoit n the mirror in the morning ands ea
00611a5 e and soote %*theki,, will be Pleased at the nimrovernalot
Snoature rmote a sle, srft The
M "n wek id at lh a end of that time
: Wef.ts re It should have made your sIn soft.
some"au "d'hade.m in cletiaifto cl.rer. smoother nd more attenotive
1M.e14e fe fight tkin teoubis H or You eImply return the empty pk-
41 ae, an your money will be renusilr Ii
Llphuw, to tles and heel *'ul- Get Ni froday. Tho
Iitsofter. whiter and 7
P" W I N AI gee I




ar sis with Yerdley Boad Street Powde ind your
ow *ch levbler youa ilookI Tones M btip. taturetan,
Ine,. blend artfully with your natural colouring, givt Ii

If ^ st^yff *wii. s1ad sueplUa qf i'erdl
md L.esim Teima. .15 n*a is
tO4 0 3 N so y ewgiad
L D 2 0 P D 6 T 2 2 9 V L a 1

9Fa #mE.0

>-ro-no Stops Perspirati

Odorono is an odourless liquid vh
leaves your undrm soft, fresh, tn4d
for & week or e 0M
Establish for yourself the length of
Odorono protects you (foix physical
trol varies with the person) then m
about perspiration the rest of the t
Regularity of use establishes the im
lible protection. Isn't this freedom wC
tho little time a liquid requires' Iw d
Odoulno isa d ctior'i l piertiaoi .


Som he de-
ngkt ion 17y
W4 StnW.L

() A a

IN times of teAlise -4
Heavy demands up
nervous system which
always adequately met W,
private nerve.restoring noud
In your everyday meea.-
cases it is important to f
your dietary in nerve.I
food elements.
Deliciouse Ovoldine' meet this
Ideally. It i scientifically prOPp
Nature's best foods-milk, melt
Thlb ee provide lecithit
phoephorus), a valuable A
building up and restoring the -
Poe twoi reason make 'OaA
rtgular daytime and bedithnfme
will help to keep up y~ ma"'*j
all day, and to ive yo m s
sleep at,. igi therebyr t
cheerful iand con6fidemt out"lo

BuM"4 UP B., a& & No





.J 1 J '. -" ....

Anlo-US. He a

Soldier Boys Take Check-Up "

As Opening Shots Are Fired |

m bIg An.lo-American health offensive was launched Ia the
OSu area on Monday morning, July 3, wben the firstM phae
of the campaign aaiast social diseases wae started on Instructlions
o f i, Hermoan Maclennan, Director of Medical services.
b l U e' the form of man 4 -
te-zaslntlon by & a mm. erae, their common enemy, out of
5. machine, the moat modern his pillboxes and destroy him.
k u* nt in the field of radiology. ORDER TO ATTACK
ic Own deal with about 250 men By order of Dr. Maclennan. Col-
,SBurt. The campanlt Ia one of onel Wenger, American Adviser to
#*r frudts of effective co- the Anglo-American Caribbean
tiion in this area between Commission on the Control of
two great igUlat-iSpeaking Venereal Discae. who for some
*tims. time now huas been collaborating
IWe frt shot fired from the with the local Government in
ind IUstitute building on Aria- gathering data and ammunition
4w ',p.
I^aT. g^ ,f


kIth (


.-I q~Lm '


Li' Aa1tfc r*'siwK
OV-A% l *^f

, s7')~


Pit& AmAIit, recently vacated by
he United State iglnsinecrs, will
an due course travel all over the
Warbbmen from which raw students
wril cme here from time to time
ad leave as well-trained person-
dl caphe of win the latest
o to earry on total warfare
The Anglo-American medical
t0M Hlike the Anglo-Americn
amod fores on Suropean battle.
haute, Jpvwbut one aim In this
6ltst caMpOAe, competO
ro"t a dd eat of the common
mnsmy. TIhtr task lis to force dis-

emUO OnStlpatlon, sick headaches,
lets 7lMtIon and makes you nervy
ad d 4Dreed. Keep brisk and
Ai l taking BILAX. ThesM
lt) laxaU live rve pltO r.i-
I the liver and the bowel.
y Suar-eeate8 lk5
NbOeWe A Masg-a
DMPjeeks and Itatfeay.
2 Pfite--Plerr Road. 8an
femando Prine, Town.

We can now offer
the following
Items to the

Cascara Evacuant
Palatol Compound
NEKO Germiridal

Trinidd Pharmacy

Thbe 6 29.,



Iknics - 54c.


icA - 40c.



1M5eg~~< s Mt aMiU


LOi 0

1^^^^ 1 -^^M^^^^
for the present campaign, gave first to avail themselves of this co-
hli American and loctl staff the oerative service..
... The methods which are being In-
signal to start operations on Mon. 'oduced here by Colonel Wengei
day morning, in consequence of were successfully used in the Chl-
which there was great activity in cago V.D. campaign which he plan-
the Blind Institute building when ned and directed.
hundreds of men of t/? South TEAM OF EXPERTS
Caribbean FPorces, stationed here, The expeditious manner In which
underwent mae chest-examina- the chest examinations were con-
ution. ducted bore eloquent testimony to
The British Military authorities the thoroughness of the prepara-
here, fully alive to the benefits of tions that were pushed from the
the facilities offered by this mod- time the Americans arrived here.
ern X-ray technique which detects and to the efficiency of the team of
early symptoms of disease, were local and American experts.

SShe knows the value of a brilliant smile
S.. bow it wins hearets by the minutes Try
the famous 3-Way Action of Kolyaos to s e
how much better it cleans, beautifies,
efiwh. Kolynos' penetrating foam
helps clean even in between your teeth! 'r-.

me NgB; s8vd4 eg^=~g?-=p ~ asmm=

On the health front ope ed last Mon.
day at the Caribbean Medical ctntra.
Port.ot.-paln, soldier boys turned up
In mass, not as patients, but Just
ainling over the chance to start tli
battle going by having a check on
their choate with the X-ray camera
In top picture capable of taking on
1,000 every four hours. MiddleO row
at pictures from left to right shows
waiting line-up ready te go Into the
operating room, staff taking the re-
gister and necessary formal being
illed out. in bottom row at left
while there Is queuelng up for reglls.
traction the lady operator preeee a
button for the X-ray, and at right
although the wny in is quite clear it
Is equally clear that keeping ito line
is Important.

One of the several benefits to be
derived frtm this X-ray machine
is its ability to disclose early signs
of distse. Even when no disease
is found it establishes a valt Able
health record?one of various re-
cords which enable a complete pic-
ture of individual health to be ob-
Trinidad has been selected head-
auarters for this htulth-tralning
.programme and the official name
for this organisation which will be
set up on Arlapita Avenue. is the
SCaribbean Medical Centre. It will

Don't CouI

with As
Do recurring attacks of
Sou choke, strangle and g
bothered o bad some nilgr
Do you cough and cough tr
Slnag mucua, and Strain so
re some attacks *o ba4
work ?Are you afraid of col
No matter how long you 1
have tried, we believe there
tlv hope for you In a splei
originally a doctor' priest
available to sufferers at a
aamo of MUwdee.
Mddeee usually works v
because It eoatalns lagri
tnded to help nature 1oi
ttangllng exceSu mucus.
know from your own expeli
can Just raise that stranlI
ou can lep well. broathi
60od' fresh air and not tfee'
wa an Iron band around
eruhlng out your life.
Me.do. In not a dope, nM
tlon or ,pray, but Is In pL ta
* tablet. Formula on eva

Portrait' of a Lady in a Diana Hunt dress

Such poise, composure, self-ossuron'e con be yours too with o dresss
from DIANA HUNT. Personal attention to ensure correct fit and
to assist you in selecting styles to emphasis your own personality
guarantees that you will always feel "just right" in a Diana Hunt dress.

Evening gowns; cocktail dresses; afternoon and informal dresses,
both single and two-piece; shirts and blouses; and shorts and shirts
always carried in stock and fresh shipments ore regularly' received.



wreM miart s woeo"ibe thes r dreei hn
Omll, "Wftw 114ab5 f inWeRMi


*hYour Head Off

thma ,
Bronchial Athna make
aap for breath? An you
intl that you can't elospr "'y%, ik
ying to raise thick tran- <,
o hard you fear rupture? 1'%.LL,
eOu fee! weak, unable to %J*
0, exDoeure, ertaln food!? *? iSC
have suffered or whtyou
- 0 good news and pallia-
ndidmedlclne which was ( 'II
riptlon but that is now
al drug stores under the
Iuarmnteed TrHil Offr
r7 rapidly Ina fact Meodes has proved such a groe
edlnts It. palliative sucoesa for thousands suf.
Sen thick, tering recurring choking, stranglin|
And you symptoms of Bronchial Asthma that am
tne ift you Iron-clad guarantee Insures an Immo-
lg ph911gm dfats refund of your money on return
* aeepiw of
I lik there of empty package unless you are corn-
our t leelyted. Under ths money bua
or io uarante you have everything to gai
oke, Injec-. and nothing to lose, so aek your drug
ant taste- gist for Mo de" today and put it 5
packae. test. r doe.

Tacarigua Local
Road Board

In accordance with Sectin 50
(1.) and 55 of the Roads Ordinance
Chapter 16 Nc 1, It Is hereby noti-
fled that the ANNUAL ELECTION
of the above board will be held be-
tween the hours of 9 .tni, and 12
noon and between 2 pm and 5 p.m
of Thursday 20th July, 1944 at the
following stations
The Warden's Office, -Tuna puna
The Warden's Office. Arouca
The Government School, St.
for the purpose of filling the seats
iof two Members going out of Office.
Candidates for Election mniust
give at least seven 17) ellir days
notice In writing to the Chalrma'.
of the Board before the day of
iZlec' -n.

Assistant Warden, St. George,
Returning Officer.
Warden's Office,
5th July, 1944.

Choguonos Local Road

In accordance with section 50 of
the Roads Ordinance Cap. 16 No.
1, the Annual Election of the
above Board will be held on
Thursday, the 20th of July. 1944.
between the hours of 9 a.m. and
12 noon and 2 p.m. and 5 pm..
at the following Polling Stations:
Warden's Office. Chaguanas-
For Real Property-owners.
Magistrate'a Court--For tenants
01 Sub-return.
Todd'l Road, Health OffIce Por
Real Property owners and tenants
on Stub-retuns in the Todd's Road
(prOper) Ravtine Sable and Ma-
moral Dbrtt.
oadldates for election must
ive at last seven <7) clear day
noUtIe in writing to the Chailrnma
before the day of Eleetion.
(f.)" M. Be VEBTIKtL,
Returning Officer.
Warden Office. *
0 S-.


W(i& ShiihfA...

Police Band

To Give Navy

Joinilng In the Empire-wide tri-
bute to the Royal and Merchant
Navies, the Police Band will ren.-
der the following special pro-
gramrne of appropriate items at
he Botanic Gardens at 5.30 p. im.
March 1 O the Quarter t erk .il.r,.
Overlre ., ,WiltliN i Ifi'e ... 111.iii
1i) it4lu t e
Melodlee frootm:
"M.MWi. Pinsfatu." air 0,iltrey.
Qlard l from:
The ht9ll I tht Wieol.*
.. ..... an"nia n
S Cai Me a &d na ppyli 1 "'V ) ag tr "
.. M-Alendhrlsaoin.
I "Ha:'Hrte of Oak,"
Ib, "l' 'D t 4 t, r ItIP lhe Ship "
Potpourri Naul lolt Montrt.." I
l ......: arr i'tInte'r
Hylni "e p '", o mal, Xi.ve 1a1, r
AIlII;n "
Anthem; U.il Save The Kin "
The band will perform at the
ijarbo',r Canteen toinmoirow evcnlinq
from 8.15 p.m.

be sponsored by the Anglo-AnmerI-
can Caribbean Cominmission.
Decision to l'itve a central insti-
tuelon was arrived at whten it watt
realized that few of the Colonies
In this area would be financially
able to sfrt up modern establllsi-
ments to carry out the necessary
work, even if trained )trstuincl
were available.
Selected personnel from the Ca-
ribbean, Including physicians,
nurses, radiologists, laboratory tcch-
nicians. and staticians, will get
their basic training in V.D control
measures at this centre whirlch will
consist of a centi .lil diagnostic cli.
nic and a 200-bed hospital inI tei
near future. Later, Inobile clhimcs
will be established %khwlchi ill
soeed the defeat of (ltista.'se iy
operating far from their baIse, In
the most distant parts of tile Col-
The X-1-av or nr..,s lheist examl-
nation of last week will be followed
by mass blood-testing as soon as
the geological laboratory lia beern
Local persons are already em-
ployed In every del ,rtnIr'Int lor
trainlngr and later will take over
from the American personnel, a.
soon as they are prollcient ThlIe
Americans' stay here will bh re-
stricted to the Wime it takes to
train successors.
A Mintern lecture on the "Life ef
Christ" will be given by the Rev
J. A. Ramjit under the auspices of
the Susamachar Christian Endvav-
our Society at Grant Hall, Coffee
Street, San Fernando. on Mondiv',
July 10. at 7 p.M. A silver collec-
tion will be taken it the door and
the proceeds will go towards the
Marabella Church organ fund. All
Interested are Invited to attend.


t. -,. LUI' MI
F..M.C. FB.O A. .-.o.
Ophthalmic Optician
37 Park rest, P.0.1.
39 Coffee Street. Ban rde.

IllIIIllllllIIIlIIIIllllllIilllllllllII tllIIIIIIIIIIIIII

140 Alfredo SEir. EMPTY-q uilet
9 locality near Trolley %p.,
STram. Market. Church, Cini-
ma, Cemetery. A real bargain
The keys await you --
= Empty Cottage & Appr.. Aere
SLand Peti t Valley, Diego
Martin near Garden City
= Farm .............. .96 .00O
EN5 Cinriani Boulevard. Large
Dwelling. 7 Bedrooms $24.500.A
-4 Lovely New Bunwalows
Near the Golf Course Mara-
val .................. Cheap
SNew flome (near Coblents)
S . .. ..... .... ... !690.1M .
s o Belmont Cir. Read- Pree-
hold ................ 1 0lJi0.M
:Shop & Dwelling Bargain
S'Possession of dwelling, house)
I TOBAGO. Speyside Estate &I
I Speyside -on-Sea -Complete.
Pull narticulara at office.
STOBAGO Bloody Bay- apprx
: 455 acres ..........Bargain
B TOBAGO. Louis d'Or arnr. 800
acres .............. Bargain
TOBAGO. Blenheim Estate
I 11 acres ............Bargai.
5-8th Avenue. Possession ,
...... ........ U111 1 M
52 Observatory 8tr. Rental
$ 22 ................
I are land 'Abad.s (adjohtn-
Ing station) ........ l
144 Flrst Street-San J1m
........ ........ U -J-
Toland Housem at Gasparee Na
Monn I ...... ... ......
I1 Ooarr T street .... lK.I .Sl
1< Lull o Sreet ..... M1.411Hi
Lovely i m-e----es .
113 'Tong Circular
Road ............ lJ3MWl
1 5 1I. Itanslan Paee
-own"r leavinf Caleov-
-Beet Offer
Vrseent Crla(a-O'Cesnne
Ste t ........... .. Cheap
Ag d, Vrtpui Stereet-
Peowel.n ....... Cheap.
Is fade RMad-New-
,aaute...DsBgfln .. (tUW.M
ISPsYat-.eLlh M. Il JPlSil
to noe Vo t wU fil tr^ .,
I Ana lreeoot-umt been
large ........ 11 -M
r4Dff MauSed) 52146100t
I Alfred setroe-ew It 011
Sec mtniest. W, at fl05.eim
Louis Gilman Thomus,
Can 9ell Tewr Prtpotr guabllyI
e N alo -N. C= --lsa

-21-passeng Doqias EC3A
luxury ships, now serve CumL
daily. Connection from Port of
Spain via La GuaN, Venoemdu -
Residents of Trinidad hiavkb Imb

iness In the NotherhndgiW
Indies my seure fu dmaib
fares and frequents ehedalm fmu m ,

our teml offaid ( "I 4

5 Aborcromby Street, Port-of-SMois :: 'FW 4141)


- - - - - - - - - - - -


1 .' .1


, 4.1V

0 A,

Aw. M6

"^IL' *'-' j*nu ewruumin af fcSew~a

-i im2 nm" m -mie o. TiL
4 *- em v IM TamasT "WPr.wnp


P 4 No "aw% l, WAI. S ft09 08 Hea I N a)
^^ ^WB^f^Ma~w ^ _- WMW V I K *MniNlA5V

a JTLYT S. 144

yAed Army Successes

1 Toreshadow Nazi Disaster
1THE Red Army's successes on the eat-
e- sm front overshadowed all Allied
-progrea in the global war last week, but
it Is probable that still greater defeats
S4are In store for the Nazis in the East In
-Ii thnear future. After the fall of Minsk
;IIt was stated that the Germans were
Living up on a scale not seen since the
S8llngrad disaster, and Moscow warned
the German people that a frightful de-
-bacle would overtake their nation unless
something was done about it at once.
As foreseen the Red Army's westward
Drive has continued, and now our Allies
are approaching the borders of the Bal-
tic States and there are signs that a new
offensive may be touched off by the cap-
ture of Kowel.
There has been little news of fight-
Ing in this region in recent weeks, and it
now seems probable that our Allies will
soon be making a drive there towards
Sthe heart of Poland. The Germans are
faced here with new disaster which they
can avoid only by abandoning territory,
but the next few days may see import-
Sant developments having damaging re-
percussions on the Wchrmacht's fighting
capacity. The soviet forces have exacted
Sa heavy toll from the Hitlerites In the
l White Russian offensive, and the indica-
tions are that still heavier damage will
be inflicted as the offensive is extended
Sand the long front flames from the
X Karelian Isthmus to the Black Sea.
Allied progress has continued in the
r Brilttany fighting, though conditions
S did not permit the best use of available
L power. Unfavourable flying weather has
prevented our aircraft from participat-
Ing fully in the operations, but our
f forces nevertheless have made sstis-
Sfactory gains. Allied efforts appear to
|| have been directed towards widening the
Z bridgehead, for while the British struck
hard In the East the Americans have
S been driving westward, and have since
started an offensive which has won them
* a bridgehead across the Vire. There are
,' : Indications that a stern struggle is in the
; making with the Germans trying to seal
S off the bridgehead, but Allied air
g. ,^ superiority is expected to play the de-
ciding part.
. : Mr. Churchill's statement in the
1 Houe of Commons on Thursday threw
L new light on the German flying bomb.
SThe effect of the weapon has not been
S as great as the Germans hoped, and the
S account which the Prime Minister gave
; of the discovery of the enemy's Intentions
and the measures taken to foij them


- 'F



indicates tta ,ft of the Brri
e e jerribat for wbich, as
3dr. Chrctsd. London Would
have returned to frontline long be-
fore this. 1"prn teaches that we
can pla ne s our f l I the Prime Minis-
Uf t od ha0 ewltbtag humanly pos-
lde is being doe to stop the boubwbig
In Italy tOem oans are now offer-
bthe stiffet oppositioneIn order to
an time to sktngthertheheir Gothic
e but here as further south the
enemy's r dtomance will be temporary.
While te tGermans were hard pressed
In Europe their Japanese partners were
being warned of the wrath to come, not
only by -setbackr in Burma and In the
Pacific, but aiso by a Superfortress at-
tack on their Sasebo naval base only
three weeks after the Yawata attack.

Increased Insurance Rates
May Follow Water Shortage
THE water shortage in Port-of-Spain,
about which we write on our front
page today, can be viewed from more
than one angle. Personal inconvenience,
the effect on health, injury to the Col-
ony's good name with visitors, the in-
creased fire hazard these are some of
the aspects dealt with. In regard to the
last-named, one or two points are worth
Fire insurance companies contribute
to the upkeep cost of the Fire Brigade as
a means of keeping risks low. An efficient
brigade means a lot to these companies,
who take its status into account in fixing
premiums. Insurance rates are also
determined by the physical risks im-
plicit in the type of construction used
and the nature of the occupancy of a
building, but another factor is the loss
ratio and whether or not there is an
adequate water supply. It is obvious
that the most efficient brigade cannot
function properly without enough water,
as the recent convent fire proved.
In Port-of-Spain, where water mains I
arid hydrants exist the insurance rate
on the average house of concrete con-
struction is $1 per 100. The difference
between this premium and that on
buildings of the same type in the
country illustrates the point we are
trying to make. Where $1 is charged in
the city, the country resident pays $4.20
per 100 because he has no hydrants
in his streets. He knows that the risks
are greater, and is forced to accept the
higher rate as part of the price of living
out of town. With the Port-of-Spain
water supply in its present state, it
seems evident that increased fire insur-
ance rates will be levied in the near
future, unless the companies can be
reassured by the institution of practical
measures of improvement.
This is one of the penalties with
which we are threatened through the
City Council's default. It Indicates the
far-reaching effects which the water
situation l1 having, and undermines the
urgent need to put things straight. And
there is another little point-concerning
health !this time-which Is bothering
many citizens. Because of the shortage
householders make it a practice to col-
lect water in barrels and tanks whenever
they can get it. May not this be partly re-
sponsible for the increased number of
mosquitoes now evident in the city? It is
at any rate a potential danger, one of the
many to which we have so long been
forced to submit because of the City
Council's failure to gi/e us water,


- E- Un-ai-ii,. _______________L_____ .,.______________ _..__ _








Phos :5302


Letter* TO
The Editir

1MmIf tow tom~e

mor e has beein en sreat deal
eis.uYo on this island "s to
why there rest o tyroS little
tea alm aited pptng space. eec
nd the pred r yaonu e y a pound

en ther e y a en tyre s ppi

to ltede Sha ind has plenty, t
adhe we are Just w aitinge or
e government or City Council to
ecie when they will stop bark n

Ac 'ouristIs water-wate Tritha ela ooerto fe h a
teach waother cease theirs nt
ntsand givre ust watering
e Govrnmen or itConcil to

0ci dife ?' whenon tapheygs wierl stop barkningotofcmpttinwlI .I
ens n gii.i.ve u watove-rp Ins elomnstkn lc ara opewryasdI a en y
news of what they will do some
me !a the future.
The guests at the Queen's Park
otel pay what is asked of them
- their accommodation.
When the day's work is over,
e return to the hotel and pray
at we will be blessed with some
iter with which to wash up.
We complain to the manager
nd he advises that he is also
rating for water, as he is a vic-
m of circumstances just like his
rests. Your next move is to
wi out your maid, who goess of he Admiralty anstmped ee Br Itly the appln im eat lVicte-
Sthe deep end about anyone Admirenal ir Henry R. Moore (elove)ly emader of the
search of a little water. She British Home Fleet. Sir Henry, riven the temporary rank Of
ms to please the guests, but It is Admiral, mTeeeds Admiral Sir Bruce father. The appointee has
tough job. t ved 4" years In fighting sh pi and has been decorated many
By this time you are in a bad time.
oper, and as you leave the room
u no doubt leave the fauceteg
en. When you return from
Iner late that evenmi ng you lhd British Trade Reviveal
flood in your room.
The guest above had alo left'
Isfaucets open and the water.
ennot expeted, Ais turned on, Tolersance And Goodwill
.us overflowing the bathroom.
ster leaks down through tNe ent r os ar a
fling, wetting your bed andNm
others. Tpe manager 14 called, butu n otar a
ui suffer a loss that is not collect-
ie. By GEORGc ERICSON That there will be competition as
A tourist's guide of Trinidad well as co-operation after the wAr
res it the "Paradise of the Ca- While Americans are preoccupied goes without saying. America has
ean. intransit paeners here with thle thousand and one exciting had keen competition ftom British
bea. plntevents of the present conflict and firms In the past and both nations
their way to Miami, New York. of their own political and economic have thrived. The point is what
)o De Janeiro. or even London. happenings, there are certain de- sort of competition will it be. In
01 it differently. velopments taking place abroad to pre-war years, It has been, by-and-
QUEEN'S PARK GEST.which their attention from now on large, clean, honest competition and
rt-of-Spaln. will increasingly be drawn., not the sort that In South America
One of these is the post-war pro- left hundreds of exporters with
.S. Borocks For Public gramme by which C Leat Britain drawers full of worthless marks.
'he Editor, "Sunday Guardian." plans to embark on an expansionist United States, while avid for
fmiciais express surprise at tile policy a` home and abroad one world trade and aware that many
scoverv made of over 90 per- that aims at full employment and of Its industries are to depend
is lu.'ed in one building. This an Increase in foreign trade of heavily u pon exports, must realise
n0o strange to the public, as about 60 per cent beyond pre-war that it can only acquire its fair
ere are many more buildings m volume, share of the world market. Any
d around the city holding a This vital decision, Imminent and other course would injure the world
any peoplee o wi a pro-rata basis. as good as taken, looks to the Brit- comity and prosperity which the
Picture the siate of affairs when fisher as a natural one, but its Im- United Nations now hope to bring
ere is no water after 9 o'clock il plementation breaks drastically to pass after the wao.
e morning to remove waste mrat- with the past. The bringing of it to The individual members of the
Sfroin the sewerage on lthe sc- pass will require more than Britash United Natons will need all their
d flour, resolution, tolerance, goodwill and the under-
Would it not be a move in the It will require an understanding standing brought about by their
lit direction if Government were policy by the United States, one common fight for decency and lib-
take over the American buildings that recognizes that after a holo- erty. to maintain a jud cial and
l Mucurapo Road anld. conver. caust, unusual means have to be common- sense view of trade rela-
em immediately i nto apartments taken to recoup. tions after the war.
Sthe pea le? America Will come out of this There are those who apparently
This, inpidenta7ly would be Aulthe robabily the strou.et fna- have little faith that "let live" poli-
at practical step In soia wel- e tio nm te tiiesn iwillevail amol n nations, but
are in the city. The people are bombed. its manpower relatively that "dog-eat-dog" rules will apply.
red of the talking that is done intact, its industries more produc- Hear what Prof. Robert S. Iynd.
ith nothing behind it. lve than ever. Better than any of Columbia University, said in an
What they need is a comfortab le address In New York in March
*nre, plenty of fresh air, lawns, under the auspices of the Re arcl
reationgrnBureau of Post-war Economics.
cTat grounme halls where the The "Sunday Guardian" will "As I look ahead to the post-war
leading andtexchangin the ebinsr e gd to consider for publica- world, I expect a raw. naked battle-
rt-of-Spain. CITIZEN tion well-informled artic les from royal among four of five national
Sandy of its readers on subject I economic empires, slugging it out
lorse Carts Overloaded e public Interest.. Length with bare fists for trade, security
ano Crt O verloae sshoauld not as a ruleexceed andi survival .... We shall be force
The Editor, "Sunday Guardian." 1,00 words, and payment for I to get in there and fight for export
Mdv I ask through your columns, articles used will be made at markets in the effort to prevent
-it has become of the T.S.P.C.A.? our usual rates. Stamped, self- that sort of reckless upping of ca-
notice daily the outrageous over- addressed envelope should be pclty in industry after industry
adiig of horse and other animal- enclosed for return of unused from meaning disaster again, after,
rawn carts aboup thle city. There manuscripts, say. 19418."
eems to me to be no lilit to the
amount of load which a driver canl, C n.pet iton eo r
ut on these carts, other country, It can set out to lead, it r

ir orses av gth'e doub e csted Inte Atlntic C~nn.b teni Co-op erayatiect th ?tbliyo
I do not know If since the war the world toward the blals env- Co-o eatio
ur ho,.ses have gathe,'ed double stoned in the Atlantic Charter.
rength, with legs oats, corn, pol- This may mean a lowering of The foregoing is not the sort of
rd and bran. etc. tariffs, a reduction of excess pro- realism to which the Ch istian
Before the war, 6 bags of flour of ductive capacity, and an abandon- world cares to subscribe. It is not
4Ib each used to be a load. To- ment of unrestricted competition. the sort of world which the "blood,
y 24 bags of flour of Plbs. each, Will It mean also more state direc- sweat and tears" of a stricken h-
a load. tion, a 'division of markets, the manlty Is payingits heavy price
Formerly 12 'i-bags of sugar of temporary establishment of quotas? for. When brought face to face
40,b used to be a ulod. Today, 24 Such things are restrictions, Of around a table, mencan be made
-bags of sugar of 1121b each make course. But restrictions ad cor- to see that while a nation must

LKO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~n J-KP tASO see.&* that whiwe at naotonpltion! mestae
load, and a similar thing is true putsions are the crul beyond tile have the wherewithal to live, its
o various other commodities too 12-mile limitwell-being should not be at the
Imerous to mention A price of another's misery.
PRO BONa ANIMALIA- A Move The nations surely have learned
Port-of-Spain. something from the two World
S whngs" t war- eed d anTo The Laft Wars, one so close upon the heeo l
English Expert Needed? of the other. The "battle-royal"
'Ihe Editor, "Sunday Guardian.' Last fall Mr. Winston Churchill, mant0lng In the preceding pars-
It is a pity that the instructive the Prime Minister of Great Berlt. 'grph Is the epitome of savagery.
'cture delivered by Mr. Stannard, sin, gave a formula for security, lriedly competition inside of an
Inthe British Council, to friendly "Pod, work and homs far all," all-edlbracige co-operative frame-
ocleties some time ago, has not since outlined in detail by various work Is a truer picture of man's
ceen made available to the public White Paue n~.T Xotf th future. Technology will see to it
and to Government.', is that ] ,ltiin has made up tt that the world needs no longer to
There is grove need far an English mind that nmas unmeployment can maim and slay for Its bread.
expert on friendly society matters and will be banislhed the na- The American people, then, can
o come to these parts with the tonal scene, that foreign tred afford to look symnpathtcly upan
express purpose of giving authori- must be expanded sharply If the thle British experiment to banish
ative views and guidance in origin- nation is .to active or malntain ant uetnploy'ment and improve its
tting a proper Regisrar of adeqttate standard of living, and tade position. Of course, the
friendlyy Societies' establshment that theseo two main objoectivesan Keynes pump-primflig technique
or the furtherance of this great' best be attained under 8tate- which Britain appears reads' t
movement, directed ecn i planning by tl adopt may affec the stability of Its
One other aspect that the oX. fosternng of a sterlinlg bloc,., currency.
ertcoud dal ith te fam- It is easy to read in sucht a pro- This can well be a question for
ier oul da l wictho is the Ordiam-e gam ~e tm l~ tde- the Bretton Woods, iNooH, confer-
ng o a sctio of he Odin ncerm~etme aplc t. that4 eanin s enc0 which Is to lo noa
to assist these societies that did nilytion them letAd theqa- e
usiessundr te cmpaiesor-tio arse: Will the United Sas,$ 00c,000 international stabili-
ilnance.uinsunete opneor where the ten now apzr to bel fto und to which United States
This came to grief by a stroke of toward the riht. be able to 1 'will be the largest contributor.,
Lhepe an to emad facile it m~~~m trade poI It would be a trager1, if the
hepn n tedead f~ with the blnlt? United Sttest and GetBrittain,
40),000 deposit. JO4 cannot be. t ame0 that there with 5 co nmon pol ia heritage,
LEO JSEPH A5SO are shr diffarene of oPninon In partners on the battefield, and!
Por..f-pan.the two eon~ on foreign drk Lawn more closely toether in a
t an Md Ih moom fo a sterling hrtemndous Lend-Lease expermet,!
Improvement atWharves rmadint~u.swl mat with atr O refltanP to a, 070-10-e~e in
The Editor, Mondayy ouw~hm. oppoeican yBporth metler or bow e'achoIsl torn-e
About a year ago we were inform- aadMitiPotIslInnontoa rde
'd, that an Advisory Board had ReWeTmr, 3,1t1h pu fowr It 15 not a matter ofclsdr
senappointedflor the Port-of-Spain te prpos as a tem~porary ply_ Open w'ld Caniier~ce, of adopting
Wharves, which it was claimed and one whose main outlines thypolicies which are exclusive or i-
WOuld be a cure for all its lila. would dics with the Units"ed clualve, but, rather of moving to
In y p~non Ineed o po~~5110_ I inin its approval. .friendly aglreement to achieve the
Ireesing, the majority of the de-i -ny_ reesolseLn' as ind~ctedt bty long-term ngod of eachu. prom
artesents are retrom adlit, which thne lmtifiiO!t.a LodnEonomist, the Christian Science Monitor.)

tement i s aolle the or s. e aesirablity of the restoration ----
hmen colder the Tansport of universal reciprocal trade, but
and Sanitaryv Departments. feel that the United ingdAm todayN W A nm n
I am suggesting to Government, Is at a tremendous disadvana ss nmens
n view of the .act that the U.S. having liqidated most of Its for- r -.--
Frnvetenga"b inin nOo rMagistrates
Engineers have made such an en- utn nto compete nente in no O
tire success with. the roling stoc k mt noe to W mnete on even terms
aer-owith the tremendously Augmnted Mr W.
of the T.O. RaiWay, that the ser- uAer. Wt J, Andre. Chief Magis-
vie of the pariUesa be sought for shipping of America. trt. Trinidad and Tobago has
iesofn these Psrt oSa be 8, been temporarily assigned for duty
'har ta g th Port-of-Spi C p tlo to the magLterial district of V"
I am rvbecig the opportunityC. toria.Et. Patrick with effect from
Of sktng the embers of the Ad-To Re aiu July inaction to his present
visoy Board at their next weekly a o Mr present
met096 to MSUMthe ARP. au- Irheir scheme, ther A.aagu istone3- MWMr. x, I4 g or.
h r *fwuptheir g which Drian se sAi n e It l maddTo.
WOrk commencedin ourpubelic attitude on po1rt of Am1er to- Of St. o the withe-
.arks-b allin. Up the ditceP bdligard ad trade poartc calculated to0 _,Statam Jul, 1,. w In additior
In the P.O.S.W's area for a Similar bring te former country mSore ths pMWrelent aIlW t4 ion
purpose, and thus put to an end quickly n Its economic feet. ,In e .Mm.ts
the best and most succrmt'l ncu- sense. America would stay In a RQ -t-E M- I -A --
pater for mosquito larvae that I neutral trade corner, or hold up on A Requlm_ Mess will be said for
ave known In my life.....the rtigoursl full sta-war cmete lateScauter v an ,at toe
..AR"w& t.t until termaS of t iga1
P~~trLI "amfa O IE1 '1s ailge Chape "' TM









Under the Distinguished r

of His Excellency the

Governor, the Honourable



W 00MALT 0 Notic Toe
LedS babes.toto. I,_
01 PiM.
GOODS &W anken at P'^t-f l IDAt A "ft,
from hi3p SJ "W7NNIPO"

PUBLIC NOTIC is hereby gie r'uO1 NOTIa .1
that in pursuM O at if Iteo s'given that On. of th
calved from theA Mdaalt yS up m Court will
shal, London, Zngland. there will -1
be put up for sale by Public AUw be tthe ta"
ion on Monday the 10th day of Fernando on Monday t
July, 1944, at the hour of p.m., 0 of July 1944 at 9.15 o'd
at the Contraband Control Were-
ioum H. M Customs, Port-of- forenoon for the purp'
Spain, the undermentioned goods In' applications by pmlI
and articles seized in Prie, name- emption from serving t
ly:- theuSsson.. to be heli
Large quantities of ene th s eMlon to b he
Xwential Oils, Perfume Bases Fernando on Mondiy th
and Eatracts etc, and smundries ( July, 144.
as will appear.
The Maid goods will be offered for And Notice to also g T
sole In sepam lots at a price not
below the appraised value. Lists of such application will
the mid goods together with the trained after the said', 3
upet prices mnay be obtained from July 1944.
the Dep'ty Registrar, Supreme
Court. Permission to view afia In-
spect the said goods will be arrang- A. V. N. MeMC
'ed by appointment.
All further Information may be
obtained from the aforementioned
Deputy Registrar. Supreme Court.
Dated this 6th day of June, 194i. M IL IT At
Substitute for Admiralty Marshal NOTICE
Trinidad and Tobago
Canadian Cotton In connection with
coming Annual Camp.a
Piece Goods Quota of th2nd Bn. T.V. ar
dared to attend a P1
For 1944 held at St. James D*
of-Spain on Frday, 24
With reference to provisional 1700 hrs.
quota for Cotton Piece Ooods from
Canada issued on 27th May 1944. Dress Waklng
importers are asked to note that e Wlfv
amounts shown therein should read" ,
"LINEAR YARDS" and not Square F. L,
Yard& IVAN S. MINORS, Adutnt
Acting Secretary, Control Board. Adjutant;
Old Post Office Bulldings,
7T St. Vincent Street, St. James Barracks,
Port-of-Spain. 8/7/44.
Sth July, 1944.[

Would any person who can give an y Information inI
with the robbery by two men of Mr. Henry Burton of thel
Oases Ltd., at 1.05 p.m. on 16th June, 1944, at La Retr
Guapo, please communicate with the Criminal Investigati
ment or the nearest Police Station.
LH. K. BOW 4
Asst. Supt. for Superintend-I
TAKE NOTICE that the undermentioned Buildings dm
on Manacal Estate, Caura, will be gut up for sale by pu
on the said Estate on Friday the 14th day of July, 1944, at
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
Overseers Quarters
I Cocoa house with seven rooms
1 Cocoa house with two oou
1 S 'weat Box contalaig ou 01 4
1 Coffee Pulping shed.
Dated this 8th day of Jul, 14. 194
0. A. F
L_ BSub-Inteodant of





- *goose thw LIomb1 ZL, for wooing upofot-w Val"
Vim& onw suit.AWhaftas a .a, Ik -PMto' gleesonas sumby vemkg byuM. A.U&
the gek d maw gor the ipy, um .Al Murray, a t ,eir ugigm, -

Beauty rdIe At eCristckurck


Bridesmaids His Excellency Sees Plays

In Turquoise At Pt. Fortin Last Week-end
S H BLEAKLY. the 71 " the Acting Governor and Mr. Wright. com.
m t = 4 terf Mr. John Bleak- pn'd by Mr. and Mrs. P. Marriott and Capt. H. Clart were pre-
at I& MScheter, nsgland. and sent on Saturday, July 1, at the performance of the 011filelds Ama.
late Mrs. Bleakley. look-i teur Dramatic SocKety's three one-act plays. The plays were staged
g teagtiful yesterday afternoon on Friday as well. r4---u--s-----u------at--n
Thi Wasii the thr prdcto rustic passion and death In th4
Vh8 she entered Christ Church) This was the third production darkness, is not an easv play fo
^.- mArrtiage to Lieut. Harry I of te society ad the Rev. Banks. amateurs, the lart of Sarah, th
.son of Mr. andi Mrs. C. the president.. made a curtain faithless and heming wife, being
....... .'. ad speech In which he explained that particularly exacting.
Au Sa. the main object of the society in
S--presenting-three playsonthis oc- Margaret PtemTng portrayed tht
S9 bride., who was given away csnwas to vensage expriencei part very strongly, and exception&
ft- Roy Werne, wore a gown to as many members as possible, performances were also given b
"IN .Margaret Bevan and Lorna Scott
W mom" taffeta. Her short veil and to endeavour to uncover mresn conied limi
4( eL c ,.u..v talent. who may be- considered deflnit4
a"g to her byla friend in New t I-l Mn B finds. as far as the society is con
ya ad it was held on her the Man in the Bowler lt." erned. Mr. 0. W. orenacre an(
Srmcwh orange blossoms and that well-known piece of whims- Mr. N. W. Bevan gave excellent
Si.m cal slapsteick by A. A. MWine. ,ano- support, while Mr. T. B. Brown. th
carried a shower bouquet of ed Joyce Paterson and T. S.Row-e producer, had obvioslIy given mucd
ea A eilace and tube roses. rle D to .dvatae as the iPle thought and attention to a difficul
piggy Ross and Miss June minded suburban pair who have production,
i .nt her bridesmaids, were amusn adventures with the per- Th Ugl Duckling" is a brig
St As t uose crepe .nd car- fa-h users engaged In a aim rehear- T huorgus fuc ,also b ig A
dM p e carnations. They al A. Milne, with a colourful aettin
S. Wumb of the same colour s A. 8. Hunt was extremely vll i- n the "once upon a time" period
dresses tn their hair, with lainous In the part of the "Ch!i't The opening scene between J. B
aS on either side. Villain," and J. Facer was very Scott as the "King," J. W. Pater
higaeomn Doorly performed the good as "The Bad Man." Nickic son as the "Chancellor" and Ev
nT mid Lieut. Austin .%a the Hickling and F. W. Paterson as Berry as the "Queen" was particu
ad euAtthe heroine and the hero provided larly'good and drew roars of laugh
reception was heI at Mr. the right romantic note, and J. E. er front the audiences, as did th
A VW. osmW home in Cascade, Smith proudcer, both on and off scene between Dorothy McDermot
, m euuple later went to Blan- the stage, was thoroughly efficient, as "Dulcibelia" the waiting maid
the bride In a green suit "The Bridge," by Joe Corrie, a and the "King."
Wr accessories. sstrong drama which deals with June Johnson a "Princess Ca

Talk By Rev. A. R. Richards

Over BBC At
PM.: .411* Stling Reord; 1.30 Pal
0, S. mewth Paddy O'NelI. ar
iB-B.Ut yta, Leab Brokl, C.
;ii .. klatra.n Bal leba; S.O

M ; usht .Oriesatra,
r oS.no Prcneamme
t51 l.45 News; 7.00 Wet
gi SLt. [Talk by the Rev. A.
ts wed b' "hlnk ot The.
I.B.C. Orhebstra eon
I 0. PArbould: S.15 Talk o0
J4 Slau; a.30 Serial-
FiWpz -Dl a S9; 9.00 News
EldgiBo Mendayr's newsseapen
P tM*9 Newark Obureb.F Pon
PjIpSSM aby the Revd. Job
fI I lofoI_ : 0."o rchetrna
I.- New eam e 10.15 air
d's JubUee season Proemuadi
(SMsandt for all subsequent
S LaBdoa Symphony Orchestra
Od-bscr Banil Cameron, Nma
01m): CW ranck'a ym
NEfirpM ne orches tra. (TM

7 Tonight
"Life at Hon"; 1*000 Nwews HeadlW.
10.15 Johnny Canuck's Revue.
P M.: 2.00 Bluejacket Choir: 2.0 5 The
SSoutheralree; 3.00 News: 3.06 Lands of
the F'ree; 3.30 Church of the Air. 4 00
News; 4.05 Dunolnger (Mind Reade);
4.30 American Story; 5.00 News; 05
-NBC Symphony; .00 News: 0.05 Array
Hour; 6.30 Percy 7 FIth; 7.00 News; 7.15
oandwapon: 7.30 Oracle Flields; 8.00
SNew; .06 United Network Commentary:
5 .15 Show Time; 8.30 Satmmy Kaye'
SSerenade; 9.00 United Network Reporter:
9.1S News at Home; 9.38 It Paiv to be
Isnorant; 10.00 News; 10.06 Vacation
s erenade; 1083@ James Melton.
P.M.: 5.00 Time Views the News; 5.10
= Proramme Review: 5.11 0.I. Battle
= Backround; 5.30 Mirth and Madneu; .00
a News; 6.05 sport Page; 6.15 Personal
* Album: 6.30 Hour of Charm; 7.00 bews;
7.15 Stock Market ReportM: 7.30 Nitwit
Court; S.00 News; S.15 Spotitt Baads;
8,0 Downbeat: 9.00 United Network Re-
Sporter; 9.1I The News at HoNme; .S0
a ere'e to Roomance* 1000 News; 10.05
SContented Hour; 10.11 6 o Croeby.

P.M.: 2.00 InfoMatIa Please: 2.30
Samimy Kaye; 1.00 Comlman Perform-
aaes; 30 rronUaue Tbeatre; 4.00 NW
lymphoily; 5.00 G.L News; .8l Meet the
Boy: .80 Jack Beaye; 4.06 uunday vee-
e! "M edAltie; T..0 AndreM nts.
r 1e .30 Chubsl 11uty .00 low
Radio Tba ; .r New9 : 1S 0.sOpen
Door; 9.30 Daos Time; 10.0S 5upean;
10.30 Contented mour.

ny-s weekly toRiUdUp; 7.45 WVDI-TOMORROW
a Notebook: .00 Current P.M.: LO .L Newas; .15 Quoe Pasa;
Sby V. Bartlett; 8.1S Palace S.00 Mail Call; .S30 Great Musle; 6.45
(as sunday); 8.45 Comuntry News; 7.00 Badn Street; 7.30 Texa Out-
by A. C. Street; .00 w:; laws; 7.45 Monday Muscale; 6.00 Duffy's
Nmay'a London Paper; .1s Tavern; 8.30 Jack'1 Hafliour;.0 News'n
fUy;. 3.30 Stariltht: Carroll 9.15 iatt URhythmI: 9.30 Dae? Tne"
apowr-paalaVt; 9.4S Talk: 10.00 Night Owl Club; Na t ume,.m

9AuaoL y f(jUMA

millia" and A. J. ftote as "Princ
Simon" were romantic in a pretty:
little love scene, and E. V. C
Strevens, the serving man, was at
admirable" counterpart to "Dulci
The fairy-tale atmosphere of thi
play gave plenty of scope to th
producer, Mary Piror. and she tool
the fullest advantage o. this fact
the costumes being exceptionally;
colorful and apporpriate.
The whole production called fo
three different sets and this neces
stated a very large body of back
stage w Jrker.. 'hne complete or
ganisatlon, both bacd: and fron
stage, was delightfully smooth, anc
great credit reflects on the stag
manager, Mr. W. H. Berry, hi
assistant, Mr. J. Prior, and tb
business manager, Mr. S. J. Iresor
A delightful programme, designed
by .. J. Ireso nand M. J. Olerut
depicts a "man in a bowler hat
looking from a bridge into a stream
where an "ugly duckling" is swim
ming, and this makes a delightful
souvenir for the castes, stage hand
and audiences.
The society gratefully acknow
ledges help from Mrs. Ruth Ground
water, Mrs. Rosina Ireson, Mrs
Eve/,Berry, Mrs. Aa McLellan
Mrs. June Johnson, Mrs. Mary
Prio, Mrs. Rita Brown, Mrs. Bar.
bar* Rose. Mrs. E. Pocock, Mr. M
J. Glexrum, Mr. J. M Fisher. Mr
J. Facer, Mr. & L. Johnson, Mr
H. Rogers (Forest Reserve), Mr. R
McLean. Lieut. Messenger. Mr. D
Paterson, Mr. W. W. Dutton and
Mr. T. Oroundwater.
The proceeds of the performan.
ces of the plays amounted to $472
and this sum has been given to
the Special Invasion Appeal of the
British Red Cross Society.




Ontbaj (Suarban


Cinemanew By Spotlight
N etu"d Je=m n is pUa g ahead ad Ut
latest dia ah of TM apearig this week-
.iad. sets a gqed x pe for that. Its topic is -Post-
war MJ aC, S develops sa of the irob^ems
that have to be tacddled when Americt and the
wla wr ld Wil Mtu m to normal life.
The film itrvMewer has brought to the s.reen
omtantfi pemmaiaute0 such as Wendell WUk..
9a= 16 no "ad particula Y the er. a
vmenetr offctal, puts it into a :bctl phe aIs.
hWe were "t prepared for peace,' he say. "wa'
msint be prepared$ w peao.."
ollowa pe dtical teyondt ous t -. - --thg-- -
Of w iat problems industry andof shipwecked lighting for their
btoinm wii have toM ce whenn& wr lie
factorleeapst be switched over to They come from difftreat strata
productioa for civil nfteeds& in-. of society and react according to
crese eCoMumption. new loU- their different blckground. The
tries, finding of new jobs, eatet- mundane -omaa-novelist calls
prsia. initiative are shown as the everybody darling, never abandons
best precautions against u nemploy- her lipstick. rapes a kiss from a
me'it and other symptoms of any rough sweetheart while beev ltt
economical failure In the atermath storm drives them almost to bottom
of victory. a little too far-fetched, I believe i.
Altogether, it con nais the film The sailor from Brooklyn ets his
as an educational Instrument in lee u"nputajtpd and can onl think
putting before widest audiences what Rosle. his gal at home will
everywhere tomorrow's Ide, and think about it. They and the restl
problem. Thus it becomes a valu- have something on their chest
able supplement on this week-end's Rather a problematic per.cowae
cinema bill headed by Alfred Hitch- is tte captain of the Nai submar-
cock's l I.teboatt" with "Cobra In that has torpedoed their
Woman"' and two double pro- freighter sand was sunk ter He
grammes in the competitiUUor becomes almost the hero before
Draan A I:Lf thev throw uhi overboard ahen
ramo In A Lifeboat realisinc he h. iolated their -s-
"Lifeboat." a T.wenUeth Century- cred aolidarit.
Fex produrton directed by Al. Actors of the drama are Tallulah
fred itchcok, at the De Laxe. Bankhrad. William Bendix, Walter
There is a saying that some art- Slezak, John Hodisk. Each of them
stes failures can be more exciting creates a character but behind them
le's failures can be more exciting can be felt the inspiring force of
Hitchcock who produces the tense

I. s atmospiphere in arresting close-ups
Ce fand- some master shots of the mov-
I- ine camera
Behind the stars he is the in'L't-i
it ble star of tl, f.lm,
b Adventure In Technicolor
it I "Cobra Woman," a Universal
r production directed by Robert
SSSiodt tak, at the Globe.
This picture takes you straight
g *iway to the goldien ores of al
fairyland in the nowh- ,. There,
the passion\ are growing as wild
"r- 1as the artificial flowers in show-
window. TIlc good are always very
good, the bad always ver t id, aon
k they are all knitted toget.her in
ie glorious technicolor.
tt Maria Montez carries her beauty
*through an adventurous all- bring-
Sin,? to the screen a well-assorted
selection of tyrant princesses, cun-
e ning foreign ministers, sweet sam-
Y ples of virtue. tuid heroic lovers. It
so happens in a charmingly savage
a Island somewhere in the South Sea
where even a rebellion is quite a
romantic affair.
Is ^ But this kind of show wants to
Le be otl.y fodder for the eyes and this
4 6 aim. eert.inly, it reaches with its
S ALFRED HITXCktUmmK colourful scenery and blunt un-
y Entlish-been direoer, adopted reality. There are lota of people
by Hollywood. Origi l film who care for that
r mind with pictures such as John Hall. lon Chancy and Sabu
- "S Steps," "Suspicion." "Sha- are with Maria Monte: in the caost
S dew of a Doubt" to his credit, and st.'ud up to what is expected
i Even his failures are interest, from them, Thp\' are idolising thb
A Inc. His latest film, "Lifeboat'," good or the bad respectively.
e now playing at the Do Luxe, is Potscript
failure. Srilpt$
no failureLast-minute openings prevented
e than another's success. In the me from seeing the two double pro-
0" picture field. t ihis has always applied gramimes completing this week-end's
4 to Alfred Hitchcock who never list for for movie-goers.
' trots along the muddy track of At the Empire, Twentieth Cen-
Splatitudes. tury-Fox supplies "Uncensored"
S"Lifeboat," his latest, may not be produced In gland under An-
,1 his beat picture, but it is anything thonv Asquith's direction, and
gbut a failure. It hi all the intense "Over My Dead Body." (What a
effect that springs from the screen tltle! i
.over to the audience when an un- At the Royal. United Artists hold
. usual theme is dealt with In an the screen with "The Crystal tll'"
unusual way. featuring Paulette Goddard, ana'
Hitchcock is true to himself in "The Kansan."
Schoing again a strange subject. # ,
[The story ia uthored by John One of the talkies' pioneer stars
Steinbeck and located on a lifeboat has turned producer. He is Al
In which a group of survivors drive Jolson (the Janz singer, you remem-
to an unknown destination. On her?) and he will produce for Co.
this tiny spot floating somewhere lumbia "Burlesque." after the fim-
in the Atlantic Is Hitchcock plant- ous play, with Rita Hayworth.
I in the elements of moving drama, {
There alre courage and anxiety, Coming to town this week, to the
* strength and weakness, love and De Luxe and Empire simultane-
Nhtred, tragedy and comedy. The ously Metro-Ooldwyn's musical
Whole scale of human passion and "Thousand Cheer" in technicolor;
*desire, Is loaded into the small to the Globe. R.K.O's. "Tender
craft that sees a mixed company Comrade" with Ginger Rogers.

3Aop~L lW L 101t1!.ith


Ths group of RECTORS HOUSEHOLD REMEDIES for common fron;cal atlmcnts has hben ,rgc;nl,/, ,it.,,,.ri (ntr i.nt in fho Trv,,,, '.,.

rwmed hm itf# dflnite purpose, and in using any RECTORS, HOUSEHOLD REMEDY you ran .' >,.,l
IOUSEMOLD REMEDIES are sold by all drug *toe. Here are som of them.

feal your cuts and bruises Your Brain

Soothe your aches and pains and Nerve

Sby using need a Tonic

Your brain and nerve need a
/ L .2 &tonic aometiMm, especially
,VlZAA in the Tronics where vmou

The Family Liniment.

Harmless, Safe, Soothing,
for the everyday cuts and
aches of all the family.

A& Heal-Ol
t! M Pe bottewm aU Chmot.

perspire freely and drain
your system of vital phos-
PHIOSTONE replaces lost
phosphorus and lack of phos-
phorus leads to general ner-
vous conditions. For those
who are mentally and physi-
cally fatigued, a course of
Tone up with PHOSTONg-
the brain and nerve bonic.

Price: Ev w iA
'rem an amluGo

in Its.. r .. -..r. s. "I, RECTORS
f,""t"^',**e in ilf, result. RE(CTORS



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life's fluid, it is vital when
harmful toxins are absorbed
that they be eliminated In
the proper way. This is best
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lous specify o cleans the blood
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Purifie r
P ur...4...... r...
a& pa

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L 5. UNOWS& sin 0@5.Us.'iA





July 5 Pa rtyr--_1
WIN&Kms "Is Exe t '11W
IM g overro aiud MO
awlednesda..f lvi, by
Roja Mon the roof of Mt
Pamt Hotel In hoolr oma
it's independence the i
OPg er lvttd:D1
Assmt.APL i d and '
Sla ir dwarld CuMUA. Neat
0. M. Re#edA. Leut, X .
S--on' dosl SmmVandMs Anl
nar ts tU. the Chi e JUN
Mix. MIL a Mrfaca. oamcitt
SMrs. nr-sktun LAUdo M tr.
J. aO'Brtenm, Mr. and
Mminnor, Ma.or and Mr; .
Stddelow perr. rand
Patrick, Lieut-...ol. Seel-Oo,
LA,fredo Peres Casta'tl1o. WI. S
the Archbishop of Port- 4polas-
His Orac the Arh.bsho. of P
West Indies.
h. l Mr. R, Ahto C M i C hall ltb
Ur. AAirtur flyn and rmM. 3
L Mr. T. C. Chow and M 0W.
Mr. J. W t,w viai.. or and Mrs. tAvw
+ A tRdop, Dr. W. A. .A ond sAd M rN
Lyon. Dr 0, A. 14on6 an4 MM
Sn\ CtLyon. Mr. A, .1 Sieert tl& MI
Sietert, Mr. Antonil Navarreo-A
i wMrs. Navaroe, Mr. W. D. KrwAI.'
son and Mt's. Hnderesn. M it
P e rn a d "G all set an d MN d1 me G el-
lat. Captain H. V, M. Metivier.
Swrd and Mrs Haytward, Major 0
A r F. Resahi, Major and Mrs. T.01,
Iold Agw owreCaltaint Mrorge Kel4% CaPelin
I AM am rs, Ot Agln-w, who tw-or# marrIM at, ry- 1 Brarnlet, Mr and Mrs. Nelsona 3.
trim leCh en S an aturday, July 1. Mrs. Agnew we, 'IoW'rly t 'arcourt, Lieut-Comdr and lir
Mils IMax y 'at, thi daughter of Ms.n Mar- Ca(lier and the leat* Bealust, Major and Mrs.
Mr. A. J. Collier. After the eemeony a T veeeption to which reta. C. Oe'enwood, Mr. azid Mrs
the wand falced of the couple were tnv*td. va held at Mr. and Char'es Pereh'a. Mr. and Mrs. Ra-
MrI KL I. Me(ermlek's bormne-Photo by liee Sludio. foe! Maehado, Mr. and Mrs. tLet
Vanasoste, Mr and Mrs Angel V.
Answers to Quiz ( c1'i''ihthhr0ctre;(as-tr'O.Mv and Mm.A. H. Hailneta
S(10) hAth litr vicorles Smith, Mix. Ulksa do tam., MIAN
By tFrTS. no leas renowned than war ,t ohnwiClaritM
Tho following are the answers -lldtonUn 1 l dir t ets. Mr. and Mrs.
to the quiz on page 2h: b 'For fools rush In where iiWlpr re'd Mm sM R Dr. ROJas and MISS
4Il It is the story of the %ar at' angels fear to trend c Aioxaddpr ,Or,
Ilium. Pope I ai)r lotm;et'1 J M is Yola il
i2) A rogue takes a leading Te11r A Aets\ In Come down Cariaja, Mt. and Mrs. A. P. Plli,.
peal. hI the, \nlf or.' the fold lod Mr And Mrs Alfon do Li
13; Obvioustly, Booker T, \\ash. lyon'. ,Mr. d Mrs A tien igt i
In~ton !ma, Mr. And MMs C. DoMtnin98~
14)n lo qn w piety. sod tli< Mimmem Nini and CeciliA
(S) Fill] of wite sa t q I Don1312ne.. Mr. and %M's. Alfredo
5t1 Are' Winston ('1111Z00lt's I a s D iarvl d e z, Mr. and Mrs. Raffal
christiar. names ., Brmnlcz. Mredes( BAngelrmu ees,*M
07) Queen Victorlia, b\ Rtd.yrd Cocktail dane, at 'etscv' .MissO, dc, .Mert. esWriunel t it-
Kipling Club. with chicken dinnor-s AA Le L IAlotlpe, Mr. andU Mrs. A. J.
(A) Mark Anthony. Cocktail danc at Trinidad C,,n- Or'irti and Miss Teresita and Miss
(0) a-4-1)esdemona try Club, with broadcast overly (iareela Orsl It Mr and MMrs.C
b-Isolde WVDI. A. Orsini. Mr. henrique Pe ic.

1 .1111111 .............................................. ............... .............. ........ .. .. ... .... ... .-.. ..... -......
a &c codL atL Who &un. O. Walk.


with strong canvas top and genuine rubber soles

Can be used for all running and walking

purposes, tennis and all

athletic games.

Only a limited supply available

?rice $3'07 per pair

Salvatori, Scott & Co., Ltd.
llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllolllllllllllllmilll I IoHH UM I -



'A' in

Glucose A.D.

is important

It is essential to ask for Glucose-A.D. In order to get Cow & Gate
Glucose-A.D. containing the additional Vitamin A, the anti-infective
Vitamin which builds up resistance to coughs, colds and other
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D in Cow & Gate Glucose are NATURAL Vitamins, not synthetic.
Glucose-A.D is also fortified with Calcium Glycero-phosphate.
In these days you need Glucose, and you need Cow A Gate
Glucose-A.D specially. It braces up the system to meet abumaal
conditions caused by strenuous exertion and mental strain.
Glucose-A.D. can be used in tea, coffee, lemonade and other
beverages in place of sugar. It is immediately assimilated into the
blood stream, is non-fattening, and it is a quick source of energy.


Suppfl & in be had e ,-
W. 0. Row & Oo, Ltd.
H. Oela, Lttd.
A. Lcwis tIm*i Ltd.
Albrt H. JO, oi, Ltd.
DdhMry & cott, Ltd.
Standard Dru Store.
St. Mlary's Pbarums
Pretra's Pharmacy.
Woodbrook tispensar.
Ruseme A. Puwig Co.
FPrench Phaema.
tiehl' ODrur Storn
vis! Pharmsey
lew f' Zt"m tom.
Natimal Pratmee.
Whift Hall Ptsuuey.
M. Lted Uhms-maq.
IL Uwd SW-%"

~: 4~ ~


H household





we offer






' I



S throul




| und

"Give That Others

Might Live"


* SHEETS-white PA"
nom $6.69 TO $9.72

* SHEETS-.Unbleached
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Kl p-mquickly- fiW
tkah it t








Fm, dcea, whift tee
*ad healthy gums.
Gi' cawaim no
aqspgIk orblea H
ltmat. ab

The internal tisepti
dot ho been ecom-
mended by doctons
fg over twenty-iwA
.yw*M A

v a-hiinmp- so;D4d Ada
bow" ms w.a. oa Sc.
u. P v. d> 5i. h- pri
3amm- Ltu, LaWtxavte, ate R

lain,, i dy nMu --m m
wowaa m %ecd il a
musek* To tam tkitrplc OOTGu
pWA 0 WfdW WAM~be df il
1-1,^9 1wto amt Mm so
b. blMnd. St. Dumma's,
youhelp1 a w thm
tnsi( abd me ppofnmMom
thse ned. AR mma ad wmm
ft i Hom, DoamWim. bd
amd Calal ua o ,n*% bdn
e m w emr3c, m eSlible fo
StL Darn' lhp.
% AN '10 -II f-W
5Mm. CoMlo" Sir .A m m
C.Booie ., d. OMU-O.
*Im ilFw'ri Uadsn J WI.
for O w.SUed. A *II.V far

Makers of, I
for every purp

r og

Net luy I ipm oft the Merch5a
ad the Royal Navy anm the lp
Ritish Ropet U, OWtol feria|
-rVeita the ARlMla 11 U
SM dewkard6teu wwkdm"kh -
faw ow mamufamvea-the I"
~f an tatbfutng tisbte Smt
ieAttS. te in : at eUO
suisnta emant be fNtu ft "
Vieteby n D n. That vea
etodems that u the quwi a t I
and tmhe alue at* .
a Many me rie i.


-, ~ ~ ~ LW. DONC&STZR

NWv. AMT I 19 !!LW wmus -

- at -




has reached



igh the splendid effort of
J. B. Scott, Chairman, District

Fighting Forces & Prisoners
of War


S a more urgently required
very minutft

~ ....... aied be.-...9.
i Hr turepp O Are Useful I1 n'tJam s G1 'eiA
)=0ominL To thetheahOBudding hAs ma0 aat? Aa.
ccf a cabbageLeld t"

wen. rm mr, ^ ^H-^=1= Y awtoST
(b) !ko m of tun out of It. 'a '. aeitm ce t Is o not wr i
& !;:I know bee n ,m ofa hotfoi.=i met o 8us ea, k one e
mr.Whanoyay at 0, and Withm of s .n e ountin In
(a)T he print sIsta I ya do not Wat1 to do wio I
po A Wanted to head-ward t? n o ethe urge to hpe normin cbhe r- h let,0 1 e may a
pt. ll al. no w mam fors alot longer rlmt, h an rab-aa t
gW Naae roIe s n t n season there happn to be Perhaps t Is an d5a'tm* thato be recommended.
)the storI pais o l ersos: feprnchve -a--some mathuce slurg Yhou bwll b e s ied In S Luh.Theorel
(0) The story Is n mfle, o. Of s~h~t ln ts 4Mmte gheaIl m ey 40__ () aat
Latin, piscult u. Cn d leaves which can be Vbnc d off. wel l tsdramatics rather tho bed uped to paue at
(3) Who wrote 'Up from w avk w Sarel on the wpay a" we Wii m.ged up with tovWrydA o f. Ss- 8 sion of a ua
Slooaker T. Wuhinton' autobI tat our Victoryost G e = ro don 7 worry too much bout tte audience. By doing s

S th a n w ar .oa d A t x tf or o u h y e t ( t I e h p th e n e xts t du t e n x on 't w orry o m c a bo u t th e
lmphy? food it for the t convictions of those people who n the audience's iy
(Waon ie te co neJ St dd ff about a d do= cn er your stage appearance ( I so n funny
One ofof those idab e ofge leaves a, d let
eyof Efromrro Thot sde t weve e dl nto hope there will be many of them) dan tdi its members v
( io The twin dwatrves in Comn. tin the remainder be on e r sn of wetincery mor s tha.. t neis
WeIhavee&I you will discover manyadntgishtoe,
edy of Errors." way. Those twelve we dip into Ip n expecl on tie goev on- m str-n lfne id v
) boiling water for a few inutal Oe ris than t reh tiesaalse los. iprcieher ar dha's
g an softnthem sup.one We ave sth e mr ae al lote 'laugc. I said t,

I o .iArB', ele y to mW 0e smpthss it tewrtewol nvtaby oktit llpa ets e oewe n hnet ( br utn teid-
Sready gathered in and ooked an* orange unthan the actual sow. in practice there aredl
(e) A Shw play. chopped fine about half a peck ofI tr h at the tedious wai tg Pearls of wi l he
5 Y) A man in the fifth age of life spinach. And this n to spinach about a large bare room, with e a r is betiv you son
sas Shakpeare fist ~e s owe spread ta on the ma-le lea b, j and ends of boxes, chairs etc, to be received in US
says Shakespeare Is nen on top of the cbbal loaves roughly indicating positions of thesmaytn leader in an unep.
(a) Jealous in honour. spread W ith the spinach, spread future furnishing. is to be preferred heaven help you!

S b ytFull^ mS trpfs bute th aniida laoulr ofida tho-- ie weind futurewfurnishinguis to bhe prfrredin may ^ ?7< ledtoa"ryu
ib)ncull of whd saws. Ias, er of chopped left-ove meat-- (at lemt. in retrospect) to thehe
) Speaking in a childish a beef. chicken or what we speed and reality on iThe Night The Press May Be G
Streble. h extih pepper and Three Bugbears t Is amazing how,
) Winston Leonard Spencer salt. Roll each leaf up into a cigar- te s ittge s e o of rehearsal, a line which
iS a Are Winston Churchill's shaped comestible and tie or fasten wi leaves an F t dinner
christian names?' with toothpicks. Then into a cas- find that the part that you thought amusing eandvyeta '
(b) Is author of these line; serolc, add some broth or hot water you read with plenty of expression pensive, ll e that a_
Too late I stayed,-forgive the And bake abni t hllm-and ho v Here at the first rehearsal, steadily, be- a man will pf preciate
Crime I, ist a nice meat t haand vegetable dish comes meaningless drivel as the a whisper froms the prt
Unheeded flew the hours; to serve with baked pottoea play progresses. It is sill more or a broke n suspender,
How noisel"s falls the foot of time disconcerting to find that l the Finally-Criticsm. ls
That only treads on lowers.a C Patties shade. of interpretation which you too seriously the i
tc) Wrote "The Facrie Queen." C Urr Pat ties had In mind go for nought when thin with a walk-on
(7) Who was calt'd "the widow dave you ever tried curry patties. you in in to f o he sae nl
you first get on the stage. Unless tning wlhyue at lk-on
of Windsor" and by what famous They are simple and quick to make Ms. A. B. riLht, the wife of h Excellency the Acting GovErnor, you are one of those forutnate were "marvell ous in s
poetand if eaten hot are most delicious, who arrived In Trinidad receently, pose for the *Guardian" photo- people who have unquenchable Y were "haello s '
(8) Who wanted to borrow peo- 2 cup# soft, stale bread crumbsYowrntShma
ears? 2 cups ground, cooked meat grapher with their three ehildreu--i14,a Jill, Mias Joanna and voices, your producer will immedi- Ao'lv weave saideso
l(9) Name the second party in teaspoons chopped onion or Mater Phdillp Wright. ately tell you to speak up and eally weren't too bad
the folowiuSg pairs. of lrs; chive much slowly. You will then quite would like to bathe 1
i) Othello and I teaspoon curry powder mistakenly shout for a whole act flected glory a little.A
(b) Tristan and- & cup gravy If) O n '-7' that is. if you da not immediately But, far more p
Ic)--and Juliet. 1 eg s-"nS_ J' or all y ourwords and move- But f e
(10) Complete these well-known Salt md pepper to taste merts under the tress ofo such U wonaglik e s bit ofht|

quo *tations^^ *h~pyt andr nam toui authura.ea 2ui tablespooons fat mentas Y u nder"" the. tress O't*b su he Ufl-n lik wwa r bi t o f wd~
fata tio, uo .Says I terest ed R e dr forseencircumastnces. knows that theatdot
(a t Peace hath her no less- Ccmbine all ingredients except fatSIsead However, not In this show, nor kle your va,,tty a littC'.
than war and mix thoroughly. Melt tat perhaps the next, but, the next pDon't worryabout
b) For Fool. hre fear frying pan. Drop mixture to hot I an to rte w a d e after that, you will probably have Do tro worrth P s
p to-.,Pan by spoonfuls. Flatten slightly nW en Page cultivated a stage voice andl-who m acco

frying pan.nDrop mixture 'ito hoh In anwe-_ an----which -app-- on-th-W'-Page-after that, yourwill probably havecintthe Pres
J! () The--came down like the and brown on both ide on unday. June 25. under the headline. Women can aid foo up still have retained unless it is lly b ,,i
landbron o boh ades Si sev- n sppl knwsyoumaystil hve etanedthat you are lmentl
wolf on the -.. ings. If given more Information," the following was sent by a reader In St. knpps?~ eou that yu a moti
wolf__________on_______the__________________ lnen.anlappearance of sincerity, means quite a lot. onI
Vincent. I should say you find three Ladb upcosof
Your article on the above subject xer-sise oawyer Oot y ef en ad e andt eyuspici ous of
Was a genuine complaint that all healthy fowls or whatever It aychief bugbears It audibility,'2)
amateurs and not a few exlj, iencMd be.I hands an~d feet, (3) laughs, admit- sue reade"ing"...."

I:e render.d~u ^ ^^ .J ^S ^ ^ y'^Ping."
stockkeepers have felt at some Thre ar verye few diseases, tedly, if we were professionals we .looked her part," etc.a
Stage in their careers" and the animal or human for which an should take it for granted that i d not alwad
iG subject is one that needs airing. invariable specific exists which these were well under control, but the criticism wa,'s wr'ttd
SAFEGUARD One svmpathises with the writer, will inevitablv work with all pa- let's be modest and honest! tl0 bar during the middle
who. judging by the whimsical tone tents under all circumstances. Audibility.. Until your producer can act, and that the criti,
nf her tici-.' Is not merely a carp- One further point: Some of th, hear you with ease at all stage re- safe. More llk..ly he
Y.YO U R I EN ing critic but a distress searcher information asked for is such as hear.als, and until the happy time and is letting you d *
after the truth can often be better supplied by arrives when the thought never en- With all good
afters tth. With your he td lk my n
Ther? Is no doubt that much small-.scale stnckkeepers than by te your head that you may notIN
rwoan'h is nerescsaryon all aspects the experts. Sbe heard, you are in dangerous
of stock and poultry keeping in th~e The remedy here Is for the In- waters. Beware of the hearty man
tropics, but the individual should dividual to make friends with who comes round to the dressing p i kl
P R E QU N I -not overlook the fact that he or others similarly engaged, and room at the end of the first act r
PARKER QU/IN she riav b In a Position to pass eventuallyL if possible, to start and says u .re doing fhne,
on expe-ience to others. small cliths wl:ich .could later sellers; I'm siting three rows from
For instance, the writer has amalgamate with other clubs)and the back and i can hear every 5N L, n
Sgivenac news. viz, that iod orinvite the experts to pay visits word. You don't have to worry."I n
N .opper sulphate are quick (ures and give lectures, answ'rin q ues- t This Is thoe sron IS
for fowl pox. I wish she had given tions rs the y arise and so forth. Swh? n young mohers

tiri As th, arise ,and?^ so fo i W th ForTr Crtiis
the strength. howev:'r, since both FELLOW SUFFERER i1 eis lulling you into a false anxio'is times as o
chemicals are poisonous in excess sence of security. it only makes bleat and extreme dam~
This incidentally points a double the Inevitable blow harder when weather their babies m.
9 moral. First, that the experts whoi his counterpart a thin. miserable from prickly beat.
writ' pamphlets cannot know itJb man sitting in tile middle of the Prickly heat is except
everything or impart all their ex- house arrives before the beginning Ien.atlthis time oftl
p rience in cold p;int. One has to oftels. p (ee ale! robably looks wors' on
ere 7of the last a1t (never earlier l P F. . .. .
arn by one's own experience even Milk should always be slowly sip- with: "t'ts g.ig all right, but. i rcay Is and t is
when one has access 'as I have, ped. never ha~sti" drunk in big you'll have to speak up a bit.. y sufeeding errors, but a
to a considerable volume of well- draughts, if ..t is to be digestible, we coul ha a of it but .'weather, ordinarily it is
informed literature. Secondly, You may find, also. that hot milk owemcould ear a lt ofi, butit oe babies seem to
that the experts tend fellows in Is ear to digest than cold, was a strain, and we mlmad tht from the inflammationI
distre., too,) are always most clafly U eombir.ed with one ofthSe scene on the couch In the lug of the rash, but
J kasrou oroterwsefro wichnee no drnkallthemil, ut way,. Your mak~e-up isn't quite| comfort.
happy to hear of our experiences, malt preparations or cocoa. You middle of the second act. ...by the|give no outward avid
disastrous or othimrise, from which need not drink all the milk but wy ormk-p intqieiof
t devise theeirdeas about, say, the use some of it in custardspuddings right .... that business With the Prickly heat occu
Health and treatment of un-n and sauces. hat-were you meant to drop it 1a too warm. This
E_ SOLV-X IN aUmic IROTIMl ALL PIN$Sel -n retetofu-ad acs I wasn't sure ...... "i too much clothl ng
(A2AINST)|RIAK-D WN Used To Be Bilious )-- Hands and feet. We should lsleeplr.g quarters cl: p
AGISSI BurUsd Tee Bresall be first-rate if plays were so it is most Likely to
sit behind a table with our hands Durin-t this spel of
ThaZ's why Parker Qwn is so important. For Qui' contains MOTHER OF TFN PPAISES gister at Town Hall and clasped in front of us. Unfortu- baby may be gieen
"LITTL.." [DA Y DOSE" lately we nave to walk If onl? to =ool bath a day.
V.".x--prot,-1s all pens against metal corrosion and rubber tor: Bilious attacks, headaches and exercise the power of get cn the stage, and we don't al- careful in your choice
-ns n..estconstipation ndelife urdento ways have pockets in our trousers, and ne-ver irritate the
Scpthis mother of ten children. Then your vote If we fumble with our coats we way by applying
this mott e uo eiho snhe rofar ted npchldren.thenhabare labelled 4rlghtly!, AS nervous direct to it, but Just
Keep your funtain pen out of the repair shop by using Pwrket she started a simple little habit cases: we even may be complimnent- Ilamed parts with
hihe tells in this letter:- a LAST DAY FOR REGISTRA- ed (wrongly!) on our capable ren- Just a diaper for
anIl stiha se tdering of the nervous thief, the shy os quatie acceptable ii.s
"I have been taking Kruschen TION 15TH JULY lover, or the foolish curate, this weather, and if
Salts for at ">-st ten ears. and I Only family butlers have the pIr- cool thl rash will us
dar not be without 'he-n. I used vilege of staiiding to attention with without much treat
t,,)suffer with nasty bilious bouts, W. fl. .sti more, or less clenched at their Light dusting with
heidaches nd constipation, Iwish sides: only newspaper repcrters can powder is very soo
I had taken Kruschen sooner. I am lounge about with their hands in baby, and it is also
THR ONLY INK CONTAINING PIN-PIOTICTING SOLV-X now 16 yeais old and have had tenloneaulwt their hay nsp in ba ad talso
children. Thanks to my little dily their pockets. (Happy newspaper In ad case ofi
.... 'r e p o r t e r s !s o e c l m n o i r
dc.~e of Kruschen my bowels are oeclmn
do~e f Kruchen yybowlshaa Therouto march fromthe wingsitwo or tlhr-'e times&
regular, and I am practically fit allT
round. When I was bonmbed out I
thought of giving it up. 't my
doctor said, 'No! keep on taking
It.- so I have done.,slid I feel fine.",
--(Mrs.) C. H.. Coventry. I a S ath, loon teeth ZMRA t6a
It is reasonable to ask why this boledar ot I6 4110 but m yf-
woman's headaches, constipation, sonin fa Gus h teetbeoe your u ad tteethe
and biliousness all yielded so com- I annoaemn of bed breath. If tou are a vietim
Ipletely to Kruschell. The secet is 'PYorrhee sQaofGiATIa. 'ou ii be gla.d to
,n -- .._ .. ,.,. ,i_ mw that Am6ea arres tsrhentrou os in
revfealed in the anaa'sisoan the a new. qte Wayyby rebouomm bl
Bottle. Sft va& mine 6 a IL ohanA esonMouh.he lpn
Each of theme sixj t has an W- ,I..ivetig nthe teeth.. Aoear, 0.1
tion of its own. Where onk cannot| om J --, ......
ntano anot.r can-sntdoe.. ..frinyturndr
L!!mac n liver, kidneys and di- on A eje agree-
/1 festive tract are alt-benefited. Your I rSm-=-a s
-' f elh ucl mrvs.-dt .. -"' ... -.. .

I- -.. I





S 'Of Trinidad
-- 3 1- 1V T HUNMUW R -- -----
BLLKCY the Acting Governor and M. Wright enter-
CBnapader and Mrs. H.L V. Lav ngton and Commander
o- to dinner at Overnment House on Friday evening.
an U Mrs. Lavlngton, wh6 re guests at Government House
e eon, 400 paanled His hxoellency and Mrs. Wright to the
yseday aIenon
dwrd Cunard and Capt. X. Harding Clark Im went with
'_i A 100 of Dfr dancing pupils will e taking purt In
SStarlots of 1944" to be produced by Miss Marie Palmer-Chissola,
M& na* manee on Tuesday, July 25. the entire proceeds of which will
ye n lvn to the St. Joseph's Convent Fund.
S first half of the programme will c- "Farm Land." depleting
Gardening In ThinTdad. and Included in this scem will be
S f ballet, "cauliflower" and "heads of lettuce", ballets, u
S millkmalds, farmers, etc. A novel Item will be the "Ballet
ilt lal" in which hiblac us flowers, and humling br4id will be seen.
* il Oeofroy, Trnidadhl premiere baUelna, will star in this.
-"isom Dawn To Dusk," will be the meaI item ian the Wrogramme.
'I wl be seen the sun rising the light of day, and sundown, when
| I Moon" and her "moonbeams' come out.
S'. LUON LEWIS DAANN, only son of Mr. Louis Daeane, oil driller
em0 played with the T.P.D. Co., at Palo Seco, and Mrs. Dane,. left
Ui W last weekend for Canada to join up. Mr. asne, who will attain
is il t1 birttida.y on July is enlisting with the R.C.AP. The
| igat' has just left school in Barbados, where he was a student'
t Hafrnon CoUege.
MyIWby telegram has just reched Trinidad to the effect that Mr.
fietminw Strother, oilfleld engineer, engaged with the Trinidad Pe-
| o4 Development Co.. Ltd., on their Coora field, was married on.
thursday. June 29, in Ireland, to Miss Maureen Anderson.
The wedding took place at Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Mr. Stro-
*' left Trinidad about two months ago on a holiday. He exgecta
to return some time In August accompanied by his wife. I under-
S: a that the' members of the T.P.D. (Palo Seco) Tennis Club, of
Swluch Mr. Strother is a member, are planninR to present the couple
wih a wedding gift on their arrival at Palo Seco.
Mr. Strother, who is an Englishman, has been residing in Trinl-
dad for tht past six years, but this will be thle first occasion on which
[jj wife wll be visltine the West Indies
TI Portuguese Association, Richmond Street, will be giving a dance
on Saturday, July 15. to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the
founding of the association The Moderneers Orchestra will be in
attedancee and dancing will begin at 8.30 p.m. Admission will be
trictl by tickets, so members and friends wttiing to attend are ad-
vised to obtain theirs as early as possible.
STE amount, after deducting expenses, collected by Miss Thora
S Thomas for "Something to Remember," the show she organised
for the St. Joseph's Convent Fund, totalled $2,122 and a cheque for
this amount has been forwarded to the Rev. Mother Superior.
In a letter to Miss Thomas, Colonel R. B. Lewis.," who was present
at the performance with Major-General Shedd and Brigadler-General
Doollo, commented on the excellence of the show and expressed re-
g ot at the absence of Colonel Win. Rattan, who was unable to be

I ? fPED will be a table tennis tournament at the Trinidad Country
it Okb tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock, between a team from the club
nd a Pan-American Airways team.
"liPhting for the laurels of the club will be Felix Flook, Philip
C 'lM- ison, Jeffrey Stolimeyer, Dick Trestrail, and Maurice Ques-
aI a MSi1. on the other silde will be David Wilde, Bob Jackson, Geoffrey
ketle i)ldll, Clayton Creenidge and Wlle Thompson.
an R"J g. T il
kH^B T Conmanding Offloer and enlisted men of Monos Island have
ss lIed Invitations for a delightful day's outing today, attractions
b eitg fwixnming, dining, fishing and dancing. The boat will leave
Pe lT..,Spatn at 10.15 sharp, and the part" will return via Teteron
El^malboste preparations are being made to make the day unforget-
i table, etd those who have already attended these functions are well
Sa w ar' o h a t Is I n sto re fo r t ihem .
M8. ASRIAN DATE, wife of His Honour the Acting Administrator
S" at. Vincent, was among the passengers who arrived here
in by plsne ast Monday. Mrs. Deste has been unwell for the past few
nII mwue and has come here on holiday for the benefit of her health.
In| -' I Port-of apain she will be the guest of M rs. Louis Spence.
b e eS

i[] o >f song win have an entertaining evening on Sunday, July
-a .S .at8.45 o'clock, when Miss Amy Gibbons mezo-soprano, gives
SJr he recitsl at the Royal Victoria Institute. Miss WInifred Atwell,
wel.own pianist, and Mr., McD. Caxpenter will be guest artistes
S[okin begin at Davldson and Todd's tomorrow.
via I e e1a

A.il.l -p RUTIIVEN MURRAY. the general manager of Trinidad
I a sehds Ltd.. and Mrs. Ruthven Murray gave an informal
0 i a -ltyZ" at their bung1alow in Polnte-a-Plerre 'ist Monday
In A IRI A Ti which the principal guests were Dubbs' operators and
o n f. psmunel concerned In setting-up the new world record on a
I n s h ? iose present were Mr. and Mrs. B 0 Banks, Mr. and
1r. &8 .4. 'clhristlan, Mr. H. W. Macnaughton-onnes, Mr. and Mrs.
I R r0 Ooddrd, Mr. and Mrs. H Towrirow, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cook,
U J MR. W. C. Best, Mr. and Mrs W. p. parsons, Mr. g d Mrs.
Si 0,o V_ Mani Mr. and Mrs. prank Parker, Mr. and Mrs. E. Talt, Mr.
is V M Aente. Mr. D. R O'Connor. Mr. and Mrs. N. T. S. Paterson,
n r n W. alord Mr. and Mrs. B M Harries, Mr. A. R. E. chielfer,
OW 11, W. Iumphreys Mr Reg Humphreys., Mr. H. D. 0. Bruce. Mr.
I ). D.SarJmant, Mr. C. de Silva, Mr. F E. Chandler, Mr. and Mrs.
ni Et, .sMr L. F. Locke, Mr. J Milned Mr. J. M. Nicholson, Mr.
I .n iH enn y Mi wen HainesMs n ae,. Miss Claire de Preitas, Miss
i V H!6,bons, Miss Gooding, Miss Dorothy Miller, and Miss

* d *
Sand IR. KEN FLTrCHER kindly lent their home on Friday
ung for an "At Home given by members of Casuals Club.
Bg those present were Mr. and Mrs. Evan Lauhlln. Mr. and
ert Gonsalves, Miss Yvonne Mendes. Mr. and Mrs. Andre
Wer. r. and Mrs. Cyril Fletcher, Miss V. Oomes, Mr. Nestor
Mr. Jakie de Lima. Miss Thora Thomas, Mr. Alvin Thomas,
Pa errarl, Mr. Mark Conyers,. Mr. Maurice Quesncl. Mr.
t Mrhall, Miss Eelaine Gomes, Miss Elma Marqul.a, Mr. and
rmnna Marquez, Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Marquez, Miss Isabel
Mr. 7incent Lewis. Miss Plo Sheppard, Miss Sara Hutchinson,
Stdlmeyer, Mr. Sean Hamel-Smith and Mr. Donald Hodge,
Id Mra Winfleld Scott, Mr. D. Trestrall, Mr. D'Abreu, Miss I.
p., Mr, and Mrs. J. Garanito.

to announce the arr



See them at our
Premises at



ivol of







Wedt Iiam NOW

Grenada TeachKers Seek Clarification

Of Representative's Status On Boardi
Sunday Guardian CorTespondent to him by school managers in re-
ST. GOOROE'S, Grenada, July --Opinion of Government Is to be ,_. m managers, suspense i and
sought by the Grenada Union of Teachers concerning the status of before maidlng reco n-
Mr. A. tA. L Miller, one of the two representatives of the Union oendatlOns to the, Governor. As
soo asl th ill becomes law the!
selected by Government for appointment on the Board of Education. onset hr pneBol besomcl a w thee
This ia the result of an ImpasseD-irecor---- -- Proposes to call meet-
created at a special general meet- mltted as desirable representative. I g of the chairmen of the boards!
lag of te union last saturday when Mr. Pitt has been Il for a consild- of management to disUu sthe ad-I
Mr. Miller's acton at the board de-. erable period. mlow ratvedproceduredto.be fol.
tts on the question of State coln-
trol vs. the denom/naoal sy The Hon'ble W. B. H. Messiah
... ....tht. .yse Heads Exam List thought that the time had come
in .votingsfor the for merwas hai-e adcm
lotng bv, certain head tea chers. S unday Guardian Correspondent. when education should be divorced
here w b eren members of the ST GEORGE'S, GRENADA July from politics. "For a long time,"
union present. ,including. Mr. Miller. S. MiS Jocelyn Johnson, daugh- hc said, "education now has been
1st vice-president, and Mr. Mark ter o Mrs. A.agela Johnson, of St. subject In some mcpsures to the
2nd vice-president, who preside. d Andrew's recently topped the list evil Influence of politics in this
at the opening stage of the meet of second year passes of student country, and I think t'.e time has,
Ing pending Mr. Miller's arivaL nurses at the Ontario hospital come when a high authority should
S "I ..... .... fl a >where roe is receiving h training take it away and make It imimmnie
VOTE DEFEATED repeating her first year perform- from such disadvantagess"
Greater part of the discussion Her sister, 'iss Winnie Johnson, i .
arose outof minutes of a previous also secured first place in the re- 1"tures End
meeting when a motion of censure cent nursing inals nat the Colony Sunday Guardian Correspondent
against Mr. Miller was defeated Hospital. S GEORGE'S GRENADA ,uly
b the casing V ata of the censured Both are former pupils of the .-Visiting delegates from st Vin-
tvice-pr'rles"en of the, union himself. St "-, ""- -"- -, letr sere on incom ta... work-.--
whoS ha'da'e"'e e''.n orinS Joseph's Convent High School cent, St. Lucia and Dominica to a
whlo ha *exercAised an oiginllalI l ect.ure series on income tax work:
vote. delivered by Mr. Harold Howie at
Mr. M. Z. Mark held tlat a grave IncOl ie TaX Chief the instance of the Stockdale Con-'
principle was Involved In Mr. Mil- Sunday Gu..rdiuan Correspondent. mittee. returned to their respective
ler's not voting at the board In ST. GEORGE'S, RENADA July homes on Wednesday. I
accordance with a majority decision a_-dis Excellency the Governor Joining with members of the local
of the union supporting dual con- has appointed Mr. Iri C. Bain to Treasury and Audit staffs in at-I
trol. Whether anyone was dissat- be Comptroller of Income Tiix with tending the lectures, the visitors
Isfled with the manner that &ect- effect from Janua-ry 1 1944. were the Hon'ble Cools-lartigue
slon was arrivedd at or not It was Mr Bai, joining the Govern- Treasurer of Dominica: Mr. J. P
valid, constitutional and legal. He nment strice In' 1915 has served In Martial, clerk to the Income Tax
was not challenging Mr. Miller's various departments but has all Commissioner, St. Lucia; and Mr]
contribution to the debate as a along shown a special flair for fs-. V. D. Archer, Deputy Treasurer, St
man. He took It that he acted cal duties and after ,mny years In Vincent.
quite conscientiously, but that was the Treasury Department ending The opportunity was also taken
not representation. He should un as chief clerk was in 1943 sec- by iemberas of the Grenada Civil
have acted Irrespective of his uwn'!onded to the ihen newly-created Service Asciation when thev en-I
personal views. Income Tax branch ^of the Tr.ea- tera ed the vilp ti delegateis.c i
NO REPN SIILT ll~nl iillln isury."a ocktal u party t ixUscu~ss WIth
NO RESPONSIBILITY u"ry them various matters of common;
In 1938. while on vacation leave interest to '.he service in the Wind-
Mr. Miller, answering the charge, he took a diplor, in acc untancywersa e service the W d-
disputed responsibility to the union at Atlantic City Business College wrd Island._____________
for his action at the board debate. where he gained high credits in
He had had no mandate f rom the the various subjects covered.
union, who ought to be -:y aware lllll H lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
thast the Assistant Teachers' Asso- io=a Out lined
ciation had In no uncertain voice Policy Out lined
supported State control. Discus- Sunday Guardian Correspondent
alon in the union had never reached BRIDGETOWN. Barbados, July L
any satisfactory conclusion. J -8- Taking the opportunity to reply g . . ... ..
As a member of the Board he to critics of the Bill to transfer to a PORT-OF-SPAIN and
had been presented with two mem- the Governor the power to appoint, S ...
oranda, one from the union and dismiss or transfer elementary 6g a u
one from the assistant teachers, school tee:he.., the Colonial Sec- Z .,&A WS
The assistants' memorandum was retary set the minds of many at = A _" s ?
approved by the Grenada Union ofl rest as lie outlined the policy of S9 ,Wgi llW-I t lW"
Teachers despite Its containing a Government on this measure In '"e S J' W -- .
clause faivouring State control, Legislative Council on Tuesday. Y'- --- a 0 temple
while tl G.U.T.'s made r.o mcn- The Bill had reached the Coun- F l e"m "--d ,
t'1-. whatever of this controversial lcil for final consideration and the Sra r E E rror..,untamed ,
issue, so that it could be held that Colonial Secretary, in moving Its /F .. itUWed
he had a mandate on the matter, second reading, said: ub''"
He had presented both views tothe "In view of Lertain misunder- .*.-
board, giving, his comments on standings and misrepresentations
them. regarding the Bill, I would make It i -
When the union vote referred to perfectly clear that no criticism I al
was taken t' Vre were about 18 whatever ,vis implied of the con- t | IU |
teachers In attendance of whom duct of boards of n-'inagement in aili jflUIl1
about 15 participated in the voting relation to school teachers. Still -- I- *i
and of those :2 were Roman Cath- less does the Bill carry any ImpU- S ll
olics. He could have told the board cation of any desire of Government Il
all that but did not want to let to cease to enjoy the full co-opera- I f --i
down the profession. tlon of the churches through the l $RIu
It was flrt'lly decided to refer boards of management." u v
the question of Mr. Miller's status The Colonial Secretary further
to the Government. intimated that the Directc- of Ed- *I kl
Mr. Miller and Mr. C. S. L. Pitt, ucation would at all times give J
union president, were selected by sympathetic consideration to any n
Government from six name. sub- representations that might be .tde [ .



S* Situal
0. Sea-bi
American plan, i
$4.00 & $5.00 pe
$6.00 per person

MR. J. N. AP
tand I




er p




*Oirwy b
trove b
ithe hack teo
'surface ef e
reach ald e-
freat sad ha

^^*(fre a.- i

Pires k 'r ia hCaisedRimmA

GLB f eaturing "SHOO, SHOO BABY

WOS. I GLOBE-San Juan. I

and Glades TTHE UNINVITED. :: Extra-British News.
in 15 Acres Of | Todar. S and 3.50-Ray Milinsi and Ruth Hus'tey In J' ^^ 1^^l :1^^ ^
.. ... ...._ T l P Tomoerrow-DESPERADOES and OVER I AND TO DEAD WOOD lA O6hi ConihWytse i- owe

ing for Adults and h y A I nID RIALTO |.OLYMPIC I
Two minutes from !11 K U L I *SODAY ,.4. ,.9 p._,-Aso IToDAY, pL86 ,AL-b e
Tw mie fo J I MONDAY-.. MONDAY-
GUESTS Ray MILLAND vuat 4.45 and 8.45 pHm.

All, inclusi.huleteGODDARD nil h
person-Rooms without

Rooms with both *-'N! !K'-111iU A
.0010..U... OOLOWYN Ot1ll
be made through: W ClsysGearge and WILLIAM Iloa ied through tKO l odio cliretwla
IERSEN, Manager A wrccigwnP BENDIX onuese rf lpyDon
HOT=, PORT-OF-SPAIN Ok- &Mmplly nw &l-. t Producr os Ha a jk VU"
IY LTD. ROXY-Today and Tomorrow-4.45 and 8.45 p.m. PRINCESS l
-- -" i0AmEC TODAY & MONDAY Kr 0 & Ot uiger, Aies LANA
_____________________________________________ 1.3L0 pm. Daily LOND

RITZ nIj TTV- TODAY 4.48, #00 IPA-ke
ysIfIS S III"* "i'"''*"' "'"- ^- 1 *S '".>
TODAY. l and T.3#--Last S1how TODAY, S-and--.30- MO ND Y.
EAPPY LAND The Monter And
.MONDAY,_. W.y- The LadyLE B-HIND"n
S Of Fury .. ith Richard Arlen ond (In Technilour)
0ew6 rqybol Cnand -
II*lP Coney Imland Vero Hruba L -COBRA WOMAN
U iP l I *U the bek teeth" | i HUHUlUI BIUIII lllHhI IIIH IHIhIIU IIuINIIUlIIIIIIH III&IIn|m t- m-..
~Only a bma wits si- --
\ MONARCH PALACE-San Ferunndo NEW -Sn Feran do
TODAY ATOaWrrow 4.45 A .30 TODAY at 5 & .30 pjm. TODAY AT I A am 1J31 DAIL-..-
k ,-,,, ,, ,' MOM. Fen aft- Sensational USabaDouble In ,,WII ?I CJesw
1I'4hAfel romtesentssa LFone torGlorious Techniolor T"XWO PCIM11
F"Mft tus-a Pront^^ ARABIA .^ "ss' NtO T
insubee eacsad iSONGOF IAS (SbSn andMar kMe"") CALLING DR. DEATH
&. The bis end-suit sd a aele starring Bobe'.Tayler.,~I II (os
P~re'py-lae'de Perae.GIppeeals. itsto Swan Wt f lU SVAE (3 )(RO I~e mRSI Am
ighly. lehan in and eareand jfr""- --g %be- Is_ S.- D" SPIDER WOMAN
I&- .si a"d .a.. I ,.Tuesday, -.einyig A """"n 11 .... "eJ
.6k uow* P.s I, s talevethehowh e a s mBrsoadway I-,
4"i &&U* 40es d Rhl". ndeto
OIU51~SIu TOD5AY Is b&se pM 1-1 _WNI
p^ ^ . P .. eMf u *eb p h m e ,e 8 3 rIVA-l l _ M 5 A 3 4 5 1 3 -
^ggg^ w76 'g sa 'g o-bw,. NAK1 ELME lii
9 we ~m Ififeii *m *~ .nMBtw U ~ia ko R aBBoN UI II OOAI ...... rl PJ& *'^SM
________ ,.h. eBL M,,, ,, .AIn UNJ .TA nattAY *'1WA3IU=
____________9604 _-_ UNCERTAIN GLO'IY
I R B ax in A v^^o a fI'4- -a
^^MI^^H^^^^^^^^^^y _^__ 1 1"11 -M -*-__(Miyf**r _Mp .*, -m~
^*I^^^^B^^^TT Bigl-l| I;-U m~ io fSi f I "^^L^1!^1!^ "l/ S

_________________ ___A02 1 163A1T. UUL Tm T %U ssMV

S AlIl

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sour or gassy stomach, indiges-
tion, heartburn or sick headache,
get quick relief the Alka-Soltser
way. Alka-Seltrer is a combina-
tion of pain-relieving and alka-
lizing ingredients. So it quickly
helps to ease the discomfort of
indigestion. Also helps to correct
the cause of the trouble by neu-
tralizing excess gastric acidity. I
Quick, Pleasant Relief
Drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet or two Ian
* loIss of water. Drink it when effor*
vyecing stops. It is not a laxntive.
Pleasant-tasting, quick-a-ting Alka.
Selttrr conme in two liiel. Look for
the blue-and-white package.



I MAa .04 ?

itthl'ostidSEhow .

IExtras... I
i (1) FOX' MOVIETONE NEWS-First Pictures Rhowing Weird
S German Robot 'Planes-A Nazi Secret Weapon Is DM
S With In a Derihive Manner. .
S (2) POST WAR JOBS? March of Time).
r4JijiM H~ii~ii i~i]iiuiii iintiiii~iiiiiniiniiiuiiiiniiil~~ i li iiil ii~iui~iiiiiiiiiiiimiiniuiii ittHM J

I 430&8.30 EMPIRE
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4.30 & 8.30
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IT Jamm


Dilly I-i I I ... !
4.45 & 145I Ie LUXED 4.4 Mi
Watch Ther LeveeM, Mstee t Ciele in a Se*;e



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. lj | ili.,-,E. MB Mfl^I' .^^T .

. s .... 4 ".
A"W 4 40 -- A
t A.G. <*fc-^ -
4- A. ^tr 4 r A( .* 45 -' 4 4' *'

-f aB^ uI*** -- a.' .e*Oa a t*l- l- .f
.,*4.4.. .d4'.4' ..4' 444. *

.4.. W,4l**, da'.-a1-..d-...M' 4* 4"** 'll
4,' .*^ ;- a 44***- ,.4'4**' t^ T" 1
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4, e. 4p. 4 A *
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gF~~~~- -9* 'h4.* 4 y >^ .. .- *4/^ .4. 4.rfA <*4 t-* '*r*: "
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.4' / . -.4 .4. -* -


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f ll i < - #' <. -. a :
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*AfW ~ |>- iwft f Jie. **.A
.,' .... ,...,. ,....
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IM J6 '4* 4 5 . 1*0- .i...-
Al A AMwv/'4 *h4 mf-V

S,'M ,, .h.d 4 4 t4. 4. 'A -- V a.
Atil -4 *' "* .' "- i *. i>
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Military Leaders Nazi Forces Expected To Put 154 Lives Lost
Consultations Ad V red p In U.S. Circus Fire
Oi Ayed aP)-OWOMB oi the (AP>.-The oice of Mr. William
t Aadvflae srn Up Stubbon rijh For*^. Caen., AR..,.,,;necict'
Greek W -puet Oeernnmea em- IGONTINUin FROM PASlS I1Mortensen. the MaYor, announced
si ICUAM K"ASIC RNuque which had ta t an official rev t phace at
r aan consNunutation he Nson un nests, as they wo their oh- of the town what mast beareco 4th number of dead in the a-
a en ulauhtered more the n 1,00 ctkV fltening up o4 f Ikond. uaw greatest fire disaster with
mIltaIr laderafcearly this week and Moscow re- realdents of the Greek village of Report ept coming back "thlinp washivymulnt be, n of whc 25,000 injured and till in a critical
.MId has takus ovei 41Itoti of operations In the west Distono In cold blood In a re- are going Jbetter than according 1t sky to pump 2,30tons of nigh suffered when the Are levelledh
prIsal comparable to that oar- plan" and that the situation Was etplopivesuinto the target area. Big Top of Ringlveg Brother. and
thvter eld-Mlarihal General Karl Rudolf rted out at the CeCechoslovak good. In places the advance by- Hundreds of Allied guns then took the rnum an Brey circus.
town of Lidice. passed strongpoin's which the ue of Allied gun then ook the Barnum and Bailey circ.
St The communique said not troops had left to be dealt with up the bombardment with the war-
From the Gc onseredtrontier cam even babies In arms were pared later. The bulk of Rommel's arm- soirsondent says he has hoi
dInformation considered t andthe massacre -We crowned oured strength Is concentrated on corespondnt "DayWhehash'LeEa
that likened the serious discussions by, the burning of the village, this part of the front, but so far the earlyke rtsince "D-Da ." tai rn
Finnish Army among Hitler and his military lead- NLe killing s as raved out by there has been no major tank battl
era to the Kaiser's f yolean d craft were back on the job and
)LM, July 8 (AP).-- the Nazs Iasl revenge for the battle,.crhet were fol wdbyack on the rb nd
Coucaprn Au Jsl 191when the death of 30 German soldiers they were followed by rocket-firing
i r f sapd Sweden rerman leaders decided that the in a battle with the AM. and From 40 to 50 German tanks Typhoons ca" they were succeeded Sufferers from the maddening a
torhalt the flow of wraarantnt reals In groups near hwe upon th tern'f by American Maraudern and Ha- irritation, the exhausting, agonlaln
wnbti geewar aainet the Alies could not be showed up on the western aflankbye k arauer n pain caused by piles-do not wait
oltertfor hl the Fin- l woft poue an acoephaet Tealg r na operating in small groups, and it Is cs, which have also been giving until piles (haemorrhoide) reach
oimnYebtableaegnth prolonged and -. believe a hed that the gumlnners have a hand both in the battle area and such a terrible state that a serious
aracter of the Fin-bitt.eir U knocked out or destroyed up to 20 well behind it. operation may be ncessary. Ask
tinrcefsnadhaor ted Yakor Vot k-e newtoa Ca en ishas t ala known now that Rm-yourhet all about this special
of a psn msor fdm toroe Corredent of the news- to be taken. Next to Cherbourg mel': supply routes north of Caen remedy. He knows the ingredienta
s o cro r- paper, "Pravda" as saying thaFire

*Cin5 no "This Is In Itself an porter, said when he radioed from bridgei over and several keypointssoothing, wheli unuent sio clan
admission of failure" Vktoro t s the important objective took a gwereatack weight when Allied n.afromw
JuIa ae dAP)-The al ans av Associated Press reports that airmen yesterday attacked German scientific remedy Is made. Hcan
oncmlitaryo wse will be Geneeral ouente vaon Kluge ass at o o the greatest batthedles odf Rome inow hs o tbr one lt o r far edt o the pclltuoe ofnla
pllnof aneri ueas r to the eclipsed Marshal vonOrase h unndas Howard Marshall, BBC re-0 mons tl across the River Orne. The sa.erwicom thea vetuaof isa
Inonainfleigoto e. laasorprssi atsnehsd-slI h ansco catn, youc faee the urrtaton ands
moannla ithg eraio fRundotedt."Thris isin e raItselfana porter, said when he radioed fr u bridges over and several key points thingn, healing unguent is cnI
i nsiot othe eas, wa n too Tues tTiAN wNTI Caen the battle was going well. were attacked. one correspondent, y e th
IDOu July 8 (Reuters- pwer cieonc tir ig rogthe I a Aoieatd Press reports that says It was already knowethatk Man Zan is no ordinary ointment.
thedr Julyquiredenpthhs sating the mill ainty ofvore. oo t nhes were take ttn si hRemtelhs afnoo bridges lth it is prepared for the purpose only
a "Tas" d spatcans ayin that agaisttdokworers' quartrsikeasfe houssfobMars all om-An-berMosc w brodcas quotd tunedsheirlortau-s ao carrthywareayvdvelop with ncto carry heavdtrafic.itoredttteirriation lally tth

Forces of the Interior, conference A complete re- ndsath said ne ianls hours b teSecod m ,te h rosd tInflammation and definitely banish
aqua who are fhting Vision of the deoufence plans may bcreased throughout nothe Italy. p perhaps 1,500 tanks at AMERICANS ADVANCie piles l FromS the very first appl
a is ae n foreotheeindoftem hsinehe Lerin ctal ,his disposal In the Caen d sector cation you feel the Irritation and
manylsat d the mijorpoint of cons began a general attack On.athe ,and is known for his quick isnrnfenflamation ending, andfo

*the ? batleround.. IH.W* Geoaafe. the k ll 0fsevnwti atot hre ml ac n southandsouthwest towrd Z an
t h y re e n t s p e U of. b a d N W A W T H R A LG r a s o r sa b t Can F i e ld.. . d e s p a t c h e s S tB a? t o A ^K; T h e m n s b o gt u p E W i
troversy among the termantCOM- Wehrmacht he municateons lines addeditwonmreactionso at gankor ntthe will onr persevere, never mOrewill
V ( mandners in the east, west and on Tuesday. Strc .t fighting was in tacks. Caen guards the road oft e rnt a d C aer Wl n. you be tortured with tbI agny

' south concerned their vary ing man- os the important port to Paris. Headquarters said of Ile.
gpogra railwaysand bw Reuperp w, rewheteri it wole wilr- cthe porbatre against weseighwst akenn i bo mng ant an Pile Remedyiss R l t bye E Dm.
L I Toeulates t ofeI eriaor e rtwith d rawy Gonermen trAop fomple quarter- anfi e vr al.satvwothere thisafternoon, said that one I ,everywhere.Inhd pe o le
forI estufthe nwhoreftirvso of th e r dhe Blkans, hmereby A Turin despatch sandchhe Nazis hours by the Second Army- sLaLVrhend has crossed phe Vine Ri- epp cator. RPMnmber the nametthi
and wmmunit efightionglie u deGeranyieplfandmavyturned ferociousti against the w or- Gruhy, Baron St. Contest ter and occupied the village of Stk splendid remedy-

Sthe erman lines are now made before the end of the month, krs in the LioerLan capital of ron, Leiseynd Hrouville Jan de ay and was now thrust
mywtan2nilstisIfrmto si.I rot nlsead an ave o h a ie hv led
teene homan b Genoa after the killing of seven wthin atwonto three n south and southwest toward
EveNormandy battleground t German soldiers d about Caen. Field despatches StaUt t The Germans broughtan
the recent spell of bad NORWAY WhTHDtAWAL The despatches said the 0 r. added two more, La Didade and a few tanks to challenge their ad- M an an
orthe muua tookers omn ot o r manma n "lost their heads." turned Ganche, making the total vance and th,.te were knocked outo
t hbe w r o f t e b m e s b o n i m o t n p o n b r u h u p t h e p r t ba t te r ie s a g a i ns t w o r k e r s e ig h t 81 npie e r tE Rbe n| M E DYge a
eksng railways and blowing up w whether it would oe wiser to quartrsearsfiredvevebeenalvoe.nP I L E REeat

Te* Na withdraw Gn" aed at creating Aroopsf r l verLng aie cro We V ive withdraw in this area In he rtace
T he I i e t o f c a reA n Italian resista n ce co rn mu- B A "ireGINUWndewrk t h ewin ride. sA# o ner p oint

tI tnioft over-confidence In Atled countries, t Ahreb y ilasq aoed hve pLindd beyond the little of whatnthey call American ma s
men. They are fighting ithstrengthening the core of resistanceasvg ttr AI Tonight'soOfiSt.lea ommunaqethe bofenand terial
s11 and ammunition supplied by around Germany Itself and avoid- rag aing i thonoandstreet igh It 44 lt heg s;o.ca ws oimng wellCaat adhad broke down the banks if

UA, Jlgy inCP)-nslng the risk of having those idle LON l ea t t i n to make causeway for th
oi ounsg m aod Aemydid oe:ilofn -t-o o thchiefs have left the town." op n racve sectors of ame -otankstot across. The Americ
%M usa llo rnt e frnardoes. nor, upatientryoha s been frmad, th r-heei nd-rree rnte, are sty riv ng adto c" ckthe a mygin ae
S thomeladte totodcen as beves are ga e on the Cfar side hange Foalready ot
Even taking Into consideration d hbTJn eednaico te. Vo ier but n o ONtrongeonsacrossalong a front

en S' eie o raiete-I an effort ^ tb oInflc tehavet tl inr the northerTn o tsirt onter-ttak ^has f ytGr dnuts Only ^ ^ff
ivrms under the name of the eoa- psb sntAidr ps ou vilg an fir ce fig htin he Amean tUradleyl of apt th.ee molnge. The Germans
]ua Wrkme' AsOit~ w'Mrhlto dtd Asteareun Uharasin enmytrop
teSfameeing a s tooe helfGe. Iy go n o. T e Utroopsh ave a ink up their con- admit that they h be had to
spUd np oat oe tning heptictr e an s the iat hw n ergirnn rrmecro inse nte Ve Riven t withdraw in this area In the face
Noert "rne e ain ted nainthing rad Ukhrul o ia. have p u sned bey ond the ttle ofwhat they call American m es
g a ps th'ese oy for eref to bvsion to cm rustwla orcTh tapo o.sJre o ean ea e Daye on the of meu and material. f tn
eiomnt rwa c codngteA- review of the a d ievelopmentadia lulif c -ro adow to St. L.,o deep In the
N Av July BaCe to cu Aeydid one: While no final decision sp.ter)-n-urteenth Army troops on German rear. The germans are -- Is .......

e which wile mer overnor pin rently has been e ma de, the er tndo- ontf the aree fterare strevi aend tphe boneck the Amerlf etea
Siollys, ithe hnt toe Introduc marn probably wl ofel throw reserves moppg up the Jap anese position cans, who are advancing raply Price Cha nge For
tril union legislation, local work- Into the Normandy front In .rance round Ukhrul m, h Japanese a tro the leste end oft bat ool chu aet p

Jesy' Dokyrd, ^ h s benorerly Thre: Thelan aned i aintainin toop adanin dw the Mnm nuso- tIeneo k La Hay0 du Puits. was----- pondinbgsofno es tan
It wsgiven toganimpetusby them-in an effort to Inflict the heaviest stillein the northern outskirts of cr ousrtt, bt thadev quee e lb.nd cnutsp

on hav eratie Base tor utthem'trpossible losses on the Allied troops Ukhrul village and fierce fighting onthe Americans haveGlonet etaroundu isOn l

^ W .*'notT~oS. y, ^^u~c.^.yea^ Indians HThe Amerian ft~ troops arled $'alon Mahe s itr nIay--
Toeet n Athe section dthe B ere. Is going on. To the aouthwent, Vere Canal throughout It&nwhole Ju ly 8 bought

Tewo lineInabAn e dTwAo- Marshal on Rumandstedt has they are hara ssing enemy troops h tfo ad Woth e r a ouhg gn o a dtISnts h ac n pe pOu

wages which et ae. wererntI oridbyte togponsuteofnsv aapln a utie tngt huh ^^i /
so m meeting es to be held on steppady out of the picture as the withdrawing from positions as tre thertha and pusow ac ho tree cents les e per pounds
id hre he a robay bee ind the Wiaso theai- Mpuro a fromU ha are advancing along the line Of throughout the Island from tomor-

suutundel eavyt penatoer moadn "s in the Bak Inva io n th soad er f rom kheultoIphig then h highway tt h at r unobs dond fato dac ntehsoyofBiih ^ W -- ^
e sent of the new body, for refusing to commit la rger force Th an 0ne dare also getting out he Ri laseeht nscd boae n ako row, according to official publica-t
which will take in men working in Normandy. He had been reported Of the are est ofh the iroad be tipeoferb om the A lea o ties yesterday.

the se wage t scaewhihi l? Grmaln clvii servantls voutaiyw odlc egand aIng March AIRpndn FORCn OT INe STgENGTH Aermano ounred Dvisyingfomlanto MV I
With vlian employers, the two holding ofv f f or fear of new Allied teen Imphal and Kohima.dteebgpnnua Instead of being on the price
thite Stacesylbsisanot ienghda Hugs aothcs. e e c I neat-Idwia tere At the western end of this bet. c control schedule at 19 cents pera
Uoie Satles objecind M lndnsesere lo theem at, In northern Bum, Chinese tleneck, La Hays du Puiweets was rnd on avt tis h orn- e
je tys Docky ard, has ben oteenerl : The need for maintaining troops advancing down ther M rs hao e bne ou, bu ot Inestrent ta,5t1 Jely a poeuten re
t wsM given an ilnpetus by the crack dvsions in the west will gaung Valley arre now 12 miled o rmand thoo, bAtteri es ae one ai vis oon ce n teIaan cr ad e
decaton O the United S tates make it extremely dicul w t to sende from Mogaunbr itself. h st on pondts he oensive wn asa this wout ine stonigh thug
Naval operating Base to out god troops In th e eastern arena, sol [ e amehel at chotfor S ward on the high ground o n at 16 cents and 18 cents per pound
wagme ichswith out oe in bultywcad bi the ean h of en mantdefe Inders of Imphal In the their flank and pushed back crack wholesale and retail res pe actively. I
sea 5e ewihethe bi ardbDly Gema nd C oa d thetrS oManipurState y have kired German troops. American fire cn N o o their changes are noted.h
Ghetres re w i Filan pyrobain bly P Isan othe more than 11,000 Japanese trols the last escape route back

The sir t tpeveds wi t ofthue ivisandfilies of since the enemy incursion into from La Hay du Pui ts.
the goe t iat e n resyitalae sblivGomcivilanservatnts volt uM tarily icl a began in March1 O i
.the atesale C, hicaef n ich Comn evacaigPand. dinad wt the Fc riaal FORCES OUT IN STR ENGTH Armoured Divisionm s l.
tbs Gkuard inspeotr Gena Dh ece. dHIoerettThe Hese fca hAemb the PPasneadntheL o ireas't- lean

IC anEOdeOUby Jt u A -encinnsts crying tGermelil fdgpast ve arm sy Ales d of Normaen It was bied sqagMaknst tHeistar line standi
Tetr thpoblco the ie--ea and a n wstherne ouate pom tohav ee Indrianf s Heya frote have been out instreng th LONDON, Juy 8 (Rkeiter)--he-
mt Labour Boardis sendI ha Out been ordered to house them he Pa sweeping down in low-el attacks record ofa vetern Britih

q waditlre s etoscvlian employ- w rveae he 'leCommander -on the Frenc Pt riots on Gea a rmo an troops batteries ant mourned divinon in the Italian cam
o t iethter Wti present wages. A RulIs a front is worried by the fo a onIPon a points. The offensvetwp Gas was otheHd tonshctter
o0ftilolthL aDefence Regulation t1ady Ni weth ondrawas in Italy LONDON, July I ug the r' e- Re- oiged by itish rocke Brthng th5 d 2visaonIs not named. The i--
will L pite11 to be made ac- because of the danger of their rt Afrom.Switzerllnd say that 'Pltaes wnd American methug vision made the longest continuous
W under levy penalties. holdings In the Balkans.Mindn solditersam helpingFenchIbombertsa. AhWerav mbers anfrht- advance in the history of British

Nelo uw esThen death I Generapatrotsinondstrctaee R. ket and bombcrryn I rmour lnaEuopeanountrylt
l oIEduard Detl, German Coandr They are coand b their own Typhoons of the R.A.F. fLew more has travelled more thn 200 mles
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To reah ndum nI&lJohn Persh'ing. 83, Unitedtaft ACRiAderNn the(wrlt Fl soun a.sopopul.ar. GEoST.I o ),SE),
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SCpionship Walk On August 6 Via

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R. Matn Rr-F !:--L o o ae T R c rot.inforced concrete hroughoutr. an Matues DoubleB While we are I O sLIFE ASSOCusto
,G. Sta~niord r-.As AVi Sanirs w-=. 2 0 n. age,, ame 11b t7 ec; eros arelvna Sprin Mtrss wn Mirrored ____________________
,F.W.de ercoi fa~ao 'I~ Hurzzrcanes agar-nst !RC. a-tn 4 ROUNDS .Te i e sf:w - dining broom sJud largen atrooHng g press. Mirrored Lakdy's

e| Joe f_ m+ VP on ; m may obtain their supplies and t
F o0 ja ran;Itl lost to H. Stecht-: Le.al va E. Jardine .J hj Over 50.000 31. F reeold lA10d Baby$a Crib and M attre tss play f m l ,b s n s n l g e u i y
rI H_ Aka'.lost to 7, Reid 0-214 rI Boyce s' Wilson.All Foum S. MII All Ca&Pt.1: V b leadng m ldg e a ,ac- I oe-rertrPnans,
Q...E 'd' ro Sari a:nwon frMW."Nat ... ... K --at.....li1criptionLESE f mLUM & COB LTDr

e O aree oodrm. N.. Asgac-Bahing Gen-ron Weldi b,| et. '. "

BOOT POLISH 1, ,,+ See th<.Speciolst| . .o.. a s, | -herel?^ ^?j ;w accounts due to the FirmnD
e, .. .BGAN.MLKOLS G"AR E| Apa Wr a WSu oe

are available ,,i c.,. ^y ..^ ,^ TA DNE Cn eia ^ To 'r n asuals- .Shmrock ali Id M S T
S1throughou the colony ,at' hadeoatmet Concrete S d Rattansuit. Wicker Chain and e C LT
. ombinc-d "11 M" H ULY 13dsh Reia- -pne 41a7. M, H. Coaer oS ov.IerecCe & QuWatel

,un ,,euPlayFlee Toa r.R -ral.THos De I +rPrice-DSke TzblWr i tand ai 2Burner OGa_ -------

a fu RN" n ---- -e'-e S t R' f" rn/ Sto e Hot Plate.Toyi seli Toy Trai
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Potbl 4 Jeni'gnm Aeue h a n:: 4a. o OBt n'Fa-r ~re t34 m ac ric e ai er s'ha. benofBe.adtoraice Stoe.Ing Mc hinbea.Watroa

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I In II tk warnere i Hfnaut| -- tourney,, t he W. i TO BUOi, 1N *
)N w cuievonK LSaz. n f -M"4 V .evn i lt yrun. i L-s a.-' M v r"e -siiuofMi ncwew r. aigBom onoonp rp se ofae ovldo

AmpLe mmnesupp-, esof -- theaC Fromt 1st Ju
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'Air Arm m.a l len-- i game,0--+ ot-,; pre ses__ _d fo-_ ct okI"
de:". but w'1 goIrixr.uStoveadHo t Plate. ToyT .i
'Me _R ______ rn.1CRr% SOv
meP=ea,93 mro&.a t`eU OrvC _,&- o Sta e Boxntet tgeomn X hl
Modne fM- Cel W; c -r~ FAMX adiin- te residence ofM~r 'Ligi"t Sn.d 12,metReading__ LAMP.__Clock ___and Pan, we arel our
A%.. x954;th i-e r na o upt.s havemayeobtain-their suppliesGand '
ase osn.darpeNU G Ge'At1 epzET soae &;d ly Des0.nptofs from soureBranch Store
The cl.?Tnoled X1 I..,: e K lghtweih:theancornerps ofanPark and StRUSHBVinc
1W .&rGenKWaneral SXpeciLanalist in ~rnYob- ed HIS CALOwheEaconsDueTO th Fim T
Lean Motor th3.E 31 rA` 5 ,h Q!Ierhr .AA:IU N aY-Y lAuT also bepaid
AmreeSuvailles f Gcia'S.L HS GR W aGE-. 'ITEAoDANCEJuy.tSong5tRecitaln
SN FR% D o n -;II W5.1 8O1
I Streets.i rT C.ROSS& COaLd
thogot te cln' h U 6in ROfeot SDAY -Aucioeer. Pholenes a SS Crnerlos edeorick ueesl

AGon ATus- 5hnd 12 wAuMeetaA
Hel Lve~ WNWRDATWLL~ thelcrnr o akaneI SLaeN
Spener KrtonLtFe2nroawayRPorpofSpangi oma PabItch #ifl'* I1I

pulet. SeeuthedSeilst werIccutsduao h'Fr
You? I iVU GAR -AGE DISIN. 1-li
Catonsr arrs a di .:Holirnlown issl ia ~ v
SE a TH SOAP 'le tijela TEA DANC_ S I W r ACE sele4^grT

If UtMV^ ,W t4OS I
Ssurest wwa to uafeguard personal daintines
is to us Odex (dorant) Bath Soap.
Odex reovM very last trace of oeaive akin odor
.iwyity .. because it contains an xclusive Mow
4 ddonamt. No ofler-odor with OdL
'A .,Feel refreshed and relaxed
after'yourOdex-batho0 You
j an .assured -a.t-L-s-
rpe~oPnl dain jwms
,,A !

and is guaat.4 to make you to"
mew Wtki"1""0a sa d w

WBid Discvery
Yolthful Vlipr

SuslweIs im St vm as m
W. wek bt. ta wif-.n -
IW mey, and ink. aw* eM botre
tim- ti. vii bo as4to< Smr NMt
UwisC eabtir-lfy 1 urf
is~n se1 f- Be *t te o._*
*taM-t. ~ SW Ia-l-lk t act. thisl
itasewy whisk IS ha--^ b 1m ^ me ^W~ate
pimNm-te-0ta ta>bg-*le --**

. I


* lASIET TO l11

K lttwm g
with RJT ^
Save o telrif fr er- .

amy M ist sold Osy in
do Now peohow us Me&
SeVaellW $mmA

I~~l$ki b so a mi

SEngogement ond Wed
SGifts of Jewellery
SWristwatch & Brocele
Printing & Stationery.
* Household Furniture,
& Mattresse.
SRadio, Gramophone
* Perfumery & Cosmetic
* Simmons Folding Chai
SA Honeymoon Resort
Enquiries invited :-

7.7 7t Coffee Stret

ding Rings,


Including beds,
ond Gromopho

"S and
at Mayorc.


ti;) 'j












v w"

i I


or Lord Emrges Cha

bcces End hi Blaze Of(

Oleneagl and Ms Taffart fought out a dx WurtoN
mf MB be remembered in. turfdom'' history. I
R aosing out the gallant son of Tom Peamon for flr
ST.T.C. Summer meeting ended In base of-glory
g savannah yesterday afternoon.
urfites sent up thunderous ...
jps when V.e two creoles shot nishthus far for
tin stand locked in a neck With Stisbft 14
.epk struggle for first position.theother horses.
MaeUl on" the inside was ad_ splendid start. Ti
the winner by tbM narrow, cuenefule polre
at margins. Taffare and Sunsha
r. C. Lloyd Trestrail's three- 10 lengths behind.
Old jeldfig, War Lord, em- rai plnette carried
c hanmpion horse of the heet. Carthy's bend, at
with a total of 18 points, Se Gleneatle took ovi
t from three frstasand two see- Portora gave, way
while Pr..t Donna ran see- who chased and c
BJefamn l. tabtl a nd Mine- the Eag.e in the at
rflnU t third from the But Oleneagle beat
3 on the box In a gr
rris, vK4 Aenselan jockey,
exciiflt 'form yesterday. MACE 22-St. An
thrte-. 'rasts, two seconds About six furlongs.
two third. 2nd pr $216;I 3rd
[ o ~ ~ nq thft .. =_ .. .+.l

etrack wa Ufast, fine weather
ed, and-the starting of Mr.
hi Newman was all that could
res'Ilts follow.
AC1 20-Port-of-Spain Handl-
,.-.About six furlongs. lat p"rlze
M; 2nd prize $270; 3rd prize $135;
i prize $100. A handicap open
;.hors s in Class E and lower.
&trance $24.
.Mr Wililam B. Scott's LEAP
YEAR. b.m. O.T.C.-Scrap II,
S4-119, Fletcher.
-Mr. Lionel E. Gittens' WHISTA-
BLE, gr.g. Young Native-Heron,
4-129. Padilla.
.1. Win-Zar-Field's SEA RO-
'VER. hb.ch.c. Sunwave-Coro-
Slette, 4-114, Ramirez.
5U. C. Lloyd Trestrail's WAR
LORD, bg. O.T.C.-P ', "-129,
Ilnne. 1.163-5. Winner trained
I. E Marcelle.
ran: Maiden's Choice, (112-
ilernauth). Skylark (l'8-Thlrk-
V, Anemone i 119-Crossiey), Cap-
(106-James), Chinkara i122-
oer), and Sahtb (134-Peraza).
niden's Choice with only 112
dKa on her back and handled
laagernauth made the early
l g extremely hot. but Leap
t with Fletcher up was able to
op c consistent length behind
Siaclng leader until the bend
u negotiated,
At this stage Leap Year wrest-
Sleadership and Maiden's Choice
- quickly overtaken by Whista-
, War Lord, Captain (on the
llt), ad Sea Rover. Fietcher
ove the Lord home nicely, but
Isttabl' gave him some anxious
omenti in front of the stands
re the gray made a determined
Sto wrest the No. I position.
aRVer on the Inside, caught
e judw eyes a short head before
r Lord for third money.
RIAC' ll-Trinidad Turf Club
.ap-About six furlongs. l1st
$e 1.-200: t2nd prize $400; Srd
ise $150; 4th prize $150. A han-
open to hones In Class A ani
w. trance $36.
-Mr., A. C. O'Dowd's GLEN-
EAILE. b.m. Bachelor's Tut-
Ory OGlen, 5-131, Thirkell.
Dr.tH. de Gannes' RAS TAP-
P*j, ch.b. T=m Pearson-Halo,
A"tt Crossley.
-Mr. C. E. Hipe's EPINEITTE,
Ch*Z4 Epinard-Tinkle, A-Ilq,
T .e 1.152-5. Winner trained
' B I. Murray.
Also ran: Suishaft (131-Holder),
'rtora (125-Fletcher).
he .tand crowd let loose a
mUj rear as Gleneagle and
'Tatre, taced neck and neck
I each" other the last furlong
iwe home, end right on the
iW* xt. Oleneagle beat her
V.etel rival by the proverbial
1fbth. It was the grandest



l ze sm., A rian
horses in Clas 0. '
1-Mr. Oeo. W,
Tut-C;ean 8wee
2-Mrs. N. 8. Embi
II, hb.ch.f. Ty
4-118, Harris.
3-Mrs. M. M. Mar
DONNA. hb. b.rr
Bellsa Dnna, 4
Time: 1.1 2-5.
by Donald Camp'e
Also ran: My Boy
Experiment (100-
Luck (113-Padtila),
Edwards), Whirlwin
Silver Native (11
Darling t 124-Thflrki
Leading from fla
Minesweeper, nicely
mixez, scored anothi
for the meeting,
Class sprint from
cied Prima Donna
haa to 'be content
Ramirez put Mr
gins' ha f-bred ma
after Mr. Chris Nei
the lowest classed
a beautiful start.
mare there until
serious challenge c
leen II, who ma
nearing home5 bi
shook her off. b01
by its Impost of 14(
Ila could not get uj
ers, but was always
RACE 22,-Manr
About one mile and
prize $900; 2nd p
prize $160; 4th priz
dicap open to hor
and lower. Entrai
1-Mr. J. R. Edwar
b.g. Plant-Pique
2-Mrs. Rita Sc
BREAD. br.h.
Betty, 4-130, R
3--Mr. Lionel E.
TAIRE, b.m. Yo
laire, 4-114, Pad
4-Mr. A. C. O'Do
b.h. Restigouch
A-117, Holder.
Time: .504-5.
by E. S. Massqah.
Also ran: Lazy D
ley), Kingsway (113
Plying (121-Fetche
After Brown Bere
rez up, led this ne
mals for more thai
of the mile route, 8
ria up) beat Mrs. R
didate in a thrill
near home. Harris
played better horse
this was the majoi
piloting 8am LordP
box first.
Harris thrilled t
his saddle and cll n
top Sam Lords ne



ck to orive nsu



Is the Ideal place, situated as It is right on
Sea, combined with the excellent service,
Cuisine, and Simmons Twin Beds.

For Reservations, write or cable the Manager.

i, Red Blood

lids Weight
sO Wae'lhutnd"eweight1 Losing*
'O "' #g" '-s'"W
', Cie althetim"e, phlcaPalo

s ye Bhirlclnd th Eyeacand
h 'it 'Fay t ld man h4 e.
pernonit" yuaeridw
physlie~u In recrbtng
equickway.and the right wa
e Od bodatrong a Ion and teth
rntho., e '.ry and t .oal
er~r ptionnto.h ol tne h
af SUrids. It Is in Pleasant,
'ol toblt Iturn sod starts build
So taceef li It n a faw
.' 1u1o that it
r un er the fairIrplYgtag
mad la n w ~elt, way, or
bac itOn rouf epty ak
Lek your chemistfo ulste
.1e guarantee protecttao


Chiropractic corrects
pressure on spinal nerves
in diseases of the fol-
lowing organs :-
Fara. Now@,
Head Eye'%
Throat, Arms
Heart, Lungs.
Lier, Stomach,.
Panerem. Kidneys.
Bowels, Lower Limbs.

stores the bWdily order that
means HEALTH . Keeping
the SPINE Flexible and in
proper nvchanical.-condition to
deliver 100'- metal impulses
to all oraant is the surest way

D.C., P. C. (U.S.A.)
(Pormerlv of New York U.S.A.)
114 VmdweL tnroet dP.0..
Opposite St Mary's College)
Members,. Anglo-West Indies
Chiropractic Man. (Registered)
?M111019 SO

The beginning of the end:
the dawn of a New Day and
Peace and Goodwill towards all
men-the World made safe for
Ladies, you must play your
part in winning the peace
by using our famous "EUOO-
nice texture, in sun tan and
peach at 15c. per box
I Madam Alveranga lair Grow-
SOAP, etc.
Do you agree that that com-
bination makes a good beach-
head ?
Fitz-Clarence Spencer,
"The Bon March* House" i
14. Marine Square, East-near
S R.C. Cathedral-Tel. 4670 1




Reduced Prices



Cut and Etched Glassware,
E.P.N.S., Chinese Carved
Vises, Jewelry, Candle
Stkks, etc., etc.

Your Inspection Invited.

I Henry St. (near T.G.R.)

Phoe 8699

5 St. Vincent street, i
Port-of-Spain. (
* -Ir

New wider-arm
Cream Deodorant
Isa tely
Stops Perspiration

1. Doesl not rot dresses or men's
Shirts. Does not irrinate skin.
2. No waiting to dry. Can be used
right alter shaving.
a. Safely stops perspiration for I
to 3 d3ay. Pevets odour.
4. A pure, white, retleu, stain-
leu vaniALISt Ceanm.
8. A*atrded Approest Seal of xn
loewmutionil Institute of Latin.
deting-harmless tofabic. Use
AnKl udSfay.

II 7m- =7
SAiRM0 A*h> *


Piles Ruin Yi

Relieve Pain & Wilhli
No matter how long you have nf- t r
*red from the phin of lIt-hlng. bleeding. he
Internal or protridin'It Plles, nor what be,
yViu have tried, here at last is a treat- a f
metit that st'.p the pain and itching in Ilk
1.5 mInute, so that you rcn ait or walk, We
rids, work end enjoy life In comfort, re-
Not only tloes It atop the pain but it w11
Immediately aids ,Nat ure to soothe the or
more tender part and quinklv ]shilnl,* Aot
the swollen tutniotrn and helt restore uto
normal fuoetionni to the lei-t'im. sta
Ailments Caused by Plies ham
TiundredsI of tiny nerves' cnlre In the 3)O
rectum and radlate from thzi point to say
ll partsof the body.When these ceiven inc
are irritated by lore, swollen Piles they hae
carry measageA of paIn, not only from the
the rettum tbnt also froti tarlmis other COt
parts of the body. l'or instance, Irrita-
tion of these nerves by Piles may cause a
sever. headaches, ne-noitness, back- .dA
ache. coatipotlon, week aildneys, pains Ohs
in th l~e., Aulty memory, stomach pal
'nd liver trouble. When people get rid ths
of their PileI they find that many other Ke,
troubles are also cleared up at the osrne you
time. Help get rid of your ret-tl trouble Jitu
and you will know the reol joy of vigor- age
ous health *ad sound nerves, eve
Now Trestene Weike Post pa
Chinarold not only stops the pain and riu
Itching in 16 minutes. but contain' 1 drt
special Ingnedients which help nature Ch
soothe the sore spots and shrink and cON
reduce the swollen blood vessels, and
thus help restore a normal healthy con-
ditlon. Chlnareld has a special appiec- C
tor which makes It simple and ay
to use. The very first application wirt P

use 8110Z SOLE PRUMVA..

oss Out Ras In 6-FurTongM, = w
S1an S e12 & Vic., c.l'd Towels 9 59c.,4
[ Tgou p "lutl toilnh, Brown ......- Mtn's.Under-shorts o Ole. Merl-
t 'ip le/b. W )ltll% j mlly &%lest the ; Iff.r$1r HIrQ Linen Sultin h m :^
rnp As place oppo- Stead to i Bonanza Final LIsU Stnafi SSpryAll
red I Stand two-shiatingtswepstake rt. ora wool Pinhead Striped Suitln at
v Ml r t >n I nltoa enitce t 'wl.ay l'a*a" re lv$7.00 per .vd.. and a fine assortment
M 2M ayEndToday of jewelry are offers at
JIUV~ RACA 24 Savannah Handicap 2nd G39 S."'
About six furlongs lIt prize 3rd AASS4H B,1. .. ..0.
"8 2"prie870rd 3 0 >her n "CS. DO:"e0 2tle Queen's Park "A" are in a cornm-Tdad'as Premier TailersOnuttter.
800; 2nd prble $270" 3rd prm 135;" te nmer: i,%; V14 : ; an8n1s5.1
no sprint raell4th prite;$100. A hanweap open S6 (' G204F236; A239; V29; 11340o;Mnding position to carry off the 9t Queen Street .....Phone. .472
&W loer CHI b3. A3 final of the Bonanza first class
wirth Oleneag)to horses in Class Padw cricket from Invincible, which may '7
ft enpgiEntrance $jt4 RACE9:
.. -M, C. Lloyd Tres.tral's -WAR lot84...4 .. .... S conclude at the Queen's Park Oval .:
r Pos as2nd P77.......... ........... .$24. .today.
LORD. bg. O.TC.-Pique, 3-129, 3rd C319 ....$125
at tn. Queens s eats A Other nuPbe"s: HIM: C52:** SD,419:349; Sores are Invincible 62; Queen's ursri
2-Mr. Lionel OGittens' WHIS- Co200; B346; D465; A.: iss; 11a. Parls 275 for 7. LIPSTICR K H
TABLE, r.g. Youn Native ACE 22 Slazen,,er finial should end today
#r.... Yung Ntive- PACE 22:atRCr
th.e meeting. Haven, 4-!35, Padirl'a. I,, ( .5 ..... ................ 3 at Q.R.C. ground If so Mr. Charles,- T AT .'" g&
eft at the gates 3-Dr. K. H. Henry's SUNRAY. ch 2nd 262 ............... s............... ni Perelra will present the cup to the ,--' "
were off ,a 9 ...Sunwave-5-mo But Comely, t G' n 3 .: ........ F 1 winners., scores are Saavnna b 132
me order at the 3-113, Rmre:. U103; 03:12; A341: D24. A527: AI4t: arid 78; Belmont 28. STAYS /
was Pinette. 4--Dr. J. H. de annle's MENNEN, I NOS: 8; rs; C491; 'M n.17; 1.2]; The Bonanza second class semi-' :, 3 a :
9. Pip :,-jn bf. Tom Pelrson-Halo, 3-118, Ifi flnal will g under way today on [ l V
&it tra- g ,some Edwa-ds. RACE 23: Chinese ground between Invincible
Time. : 1.173-5. Winner trained l,,t F19.......................... $,49 and East Indian. I: .. L i..0 *Il,
the field to Me- b'"y E S .'lh 2nd F4t14 ............ .... TI7e following will represent In- y ortl.oftio.vs 8 V.. ^ B ".
thec mieldtMe Also ran: Transmitter (108- 3rd HW53 .. $121tinofoaysh.
which mile patO Ah ran rntter 0-Oher number," "v1 ,; 41. A25." vincible: Abdul Rahaman Capt)lf .o.;,.o.... on L.
er the runnTn. James), Captain (llOCrosite3), R20,; F375; B273, F14; 417;E42; N. Sooklal. Bob All. C. Smith, Ned o...n b ,cause i s*
to Ra Tafflare Stony Broke (10-Sa a N), Pic- c2.5. Shuffler, Fred Shuffler. Eric Mor- \ . f r i -- / -
caught up with ton (110-Peraza), ChinLk. 130- RACE 24: gan. Yaroh Khan, namroop, Edwin S tays onor burs- j /aotd low.. Down gors )your ap
retch-run home. Holder), Saracen (118-Jagge r- I A 01 .............. 161 Asgaralll. M.Maraj. C. L. Sookram.ri, t ic cary ,uughnes make your kin seem ccoars
tim by a mn o no u th ). 2nd R tAM .... . 4 l, .J on e s s n d I. G a rcia ... -- iv e s s o ft n aL t ura l m a y ...g. i r fa c a d ra ba ,ey o re emlarg .
rand A hh1s. The early pacing was done by 3rd A212 Z / fl ma"!- r| ,y give your face dr ab. h.a leneI loo
i Other rnmbrr.m, S215: AA .,,Fi']42; V42: SM TH C' .,lookigl ifts.
Sunray and surprisingly the late 8. 42219.F24 .G1,C: T t Cup s -n I p 1
ii ..Hnia-.oi .Sanci .be th lae Ot,0er D'mbr. P'21 -. .t Ft;('4t, 2:. The : n" 11'5 Cup semi-final will ]" |( l 1 f .
nn's Handicap- coming Saracen. When two fur- R250,o A2.3; Bo04, P7:, 8 Bi (267: also he paved o S rtinp t Ci h I 2. Creami...inoil _he \ .-'Ln I lc ... (
t prize $W; longs .were covered War Lord .COt A M B342; D23, 303;4 35; roundhetwen MortiesXI "A s'- A
! rize $110; 4th lared the front runners, and ran G "85.a6y1Re lont.toda y a l, pc ara ;nce. l/ _ r o chin .
tiot~x CI ,'a, s itin a yl(l mlas of P ond'
dicap open to away from the field. Whistable RACE 25: k Eh T .'r FORGE 1 I illnotdyorc.ha.llpips. e/ ver.silh.n"uymaskof-onds
Entrance $19.O. came from the bunch and cha'- 2: ..... .4 Sndav .nardian Correnonden \ o Aloemin, off-and
Huggins' MINE lenged War Lord, but Harris ade d 2nd F61t2 ........ :, ;t TACAriGiA ulv (n Then e m ,
b.m. Pechelor's no mistake to keep War Lord in. kl olher m....9o ,:>. ,4', 52, Ds; i ,Oran"e Crov,'' A an" d "B" teams, nw. ,w, ll-p' lio .( iij4 oo JOBd,, i. / I.
ep, 4-1286, Rami- t'e lead until the end. Whistable B466: :436; AiS. F31i D365; H65. will he ,hore to Atizon'lle Cp joiner ac an ..dionoleond .ani, hin
ran impressivelv, packlig J135 RACC 92 :and Ei:t ;t'nrtinrC hlubh revnectlvelv "~l\ / ^ ..^ ^^..^,R ..,.. .. '
rico's COLLEEN pounds, top weight. 1t ..................... 7 todav in a friendllV cnriett fixtutre.an s f H s .. r
yrrelese-Chlquita, 2nd A 44: ie...... i mT"ts >.i. at 1 .15 p r.. " /n lu ,r complexion.n our far
-.RACE A.i .on.. i ze 4 tea a' T7 Don J'...n 1t ,>,l, I "nt 'S lirhl M-IakW3rup smoolnhs.
r..| .. ....I ..: ... .... .. 1 ; Oher ..... tarv" R 2.7, G 4.7412:' elected for the ,'ltearm are: .1...laP,+l, | [ i gh-herl Make-up smoolhisI
rcelin's PRIMA About six furlongs. t Prize. : Try Don 2' ..1 Selected 'Or tI,
-.Tom PelVsOn- 1,u000; 2nd prize 1 330: 3rd prize G(12:. A .,' tn m 0. .A..F .. .. "tin o ....a.... Ai .o. . ATOMIZED bo r *xra S ,,.,",.. r so oa
-40, Peraza. $165; 4th prize $125. A handicap tin, Vn. ,.t(moe. p |plly. C. Samn- intes to sik. ,ln y r. l-,r A n uw'klar e<-.up, alwey. us
Winner trained open to horses in class B and so.n. F. r'. Il' P' ee, p. F. Pha-an, l -@.mo,, lo,,,nt. At.o l/ prn us-snowfil af' *'nni tii
11 lower. Entrance 30. C. Stalv nd N Cudtoe. I)oJn Ro,.. ..II, - beforeI* powder
~ ^-~ lowe..n Entr; ancO~e A3.r ... .. InA ^rj .. .,oml/lnltf =-- .rrr "--
(114-Crossley), i-Mr. K. Fletoher's EPINETTE.] ( Is .--. t, hades tat tl,lrnJ
Ho'dert, Hard ch.m. Epinard-Tinkle, A-1"23, / ri A ,T,- FO~k M 'Y C t' T iDAY with Don.Juan Li__ti,__._l_............. .....
Dusty (112- Crossley. W and par t-mutuel s returns w, ere as "fi "Guard nin" All Fo tr t quad will- - --..- - - - - -
nd (104-Joseph). 2--Mr. Lionel E. Gittens' SCARVA,! -o. m eet Anchor Fat'torv i n a friendly ll---.---
11-Jagger-" th), b.m Museum-Lady Town A-112 rACE 20o: game of All Fours at Belle Eau l111N IIIAI Iil ,. .. o p 4
ell). 1Mueu Anfl Town 126 %in^,^^ 7, 24) ,.)c. aosd thil al..-rnooi>. 1111 A Il ^ --- id o>f St. Joseph
0gfllto finish, RW 3-sMr.$ Edwards SAM LORD, itst, S"' s".',",oer ,60 to The f u ,owin ,will play forO NUJUAN
hustld by R.- bg. Sun Plant-Pique, 5-115 RACE e: '"Guar i n G..Springer, .
her upsen $victory Harris." 'I,Ie $2 -2 ,t e 6 piec. Stephen ". o.nt, D E ,'oeko|, F M s urie P a eal m er
upse vitor Haris Ii, ~ a$321 I p1 c.Knight, S Josteph. G. Victor. J.1
to take til Gs G 4-M r. J. Herrera's PIPPIN ch.h RAL E 22.:' K n ot 8 :0 an B .. Vi t I /! .. .
the highly fa- Sunwave-NewtonPippin. Knott4 N. l-Jin nd .n Augustine.
wt140 ltls),ird pc w io Padilla.0i'5d .,ri .. i 4 TFNNS TOMOIRROW ]I I 31 4Presents
with third Place Time: 1.154-5. Winner trained iMA E 23:; Qtirrl''r-fnals in th Me en's< open *.I I t
eo. W. Hug- by Kenneth G. Fletcher. . IMnl,ry % :. :S,, ,a, i ,,2 ii,'.' ainiles Wil he plaved at te
reto. t He ufront s3 ran: Forerunner (1l0U.- ra- Pritun l ireadi 1 a'.,t > ..Iisre i t 61) R i nes wi ll hel ,t i it tile
Ire to the front ..... ... w,,,p. %, ,tl : ar....e colts tom'orrow .s l ~ I r J .
ewman had sent z. Sunshaft 1129-Holder'). RACE 2. ,follows: ,
animal of o Epinette, after running impres- %wt ,%i ,, 4 t, p la ........ F no ,, Dr~ uN:'A) a n' g t drlle t
d kept the sively among the A class giants$ .tiia 1i. i.a .n.ng. ySto..r1et<
Epintte alte.-' r'.; runin i*rs- ViKt.'.r *"2r :;.*.; io I 4 I, ile F. For rtlel 17.Dr. an: (,A., i wf ~ d u g M n
andm kept o hr to... -- .. Iaie I ur to H. Nitllin l v A.B u usfotd (a)
the end. Only over this siame distance, came back MAC- 25: .... ) l
came from Col- to her own class to show them the :,,,,'ete $i 91 io-,n o,,r$3 "toPacre. CLEiItANCE SALE inderthe,, igu,.hed, .atro.. nage of His
de A bold bid w ay ho r in con vincin g fash ion "13 l .. ..Io"t.. ..r .r... ... .... A. .. .r'
ut Minesweeper The Epinard-Tinkle mare dis- ----- -_ of o- ,l,,l-'-v, ,250 nails Brace- ano Mvernor,. lieut.-Colonl A. B. Wriht.,
obviously troubled played plenty of her old fire and le* ; i0 0 'k',ces. 300 ln-s. etc., r7 -UlX and M'.% wright
)lbs, Prima Don- made ever,, post a winning z one. Ho oahfvat-ri W;' I om Ee,, F" .Selectll-o n l0ll0ls .AT -
p with the lead- Pippin disappointed her backers He 'Uav Ula ,- Iin HINIDOO BAZA R.R A .-
s easy in third badly, while Sam Lord, who had i, 1 ( 'If 34 Fred S' O .
S raced successfully in tlhe C class lUDOrfg CUD p.GolfI ---- -. T K ID T
mile two races befor-, did well to i 1r 1-- tiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllt IH '.^ I-/.....l 1 / 1--1 T/HIr l E T /
aval Handicap-- earn third money. Scarva was H-lenry Suivatori won the Tuborgp- l.nr ,nliirlil alll- THE EMPI R'E T
d 130 yards. 1st always easy in second place, golf cup competition played at tie 1THE BRITISH ANUD J M N
prize $300; 3rd M. Anrew s Loure a lrat-ai ves- E "A T. I N E
ze $115. A han- RACE 26 Final Handicap Leraay, returning the exc.leiin l-AlI/ I22CDHAN1- -
,es in Clas C About six furlongs. 1st prize $900; score of 64 nettL. I LIL lL i ,, "" = L E i ....
nce $27. 2nd prize $300; 3rd prize $150: 4th Salvaton's rounds were 37 and 32 i 5 .11 n I, \ ,l 2t a
-is SAM LORD, prize $115. A handicap open to gross 69, less a handicap orf live = NAVY CLUB 121% July 25th 1944 at
5, -126, Harrils. horses in Class D and lower. En- making his score nett 64, one of tine a .. iJ
;ott's BROWN trance $27.. b:st for some time. FOR MRCHANT aFAMEN / \ PRI Ault-
Mill End-Prown 1-Mr. A Eoyack's HAPPY DAYS, ( M. McIntyre was second with = ,OR TM E NTS ITE / /l PRICES-Adults -
a mirez. hb. br.. O.T.C.-Agerine, 5-25, a nett 68 and other proinent nett NATIONS, f Children -
Gittens' SOLI- Haris.oes we J. D Dicke 69
young Native-So- 2-Mr. Lionel C. Gittens' SOLI- sill wrJ... . -- T 1S oA1 / S. (n
(69): 0. B l orritIn (70); and
dihla. TIRE, b.m. Yltng Native- (Over .00 Perlor
wd's High Hat, olalre. 4-130, Padaila. WAR SAVINGS TOURNEY w -H e O T S
ie-Fanny Oliver, 3--Mr. William S, Scott's LEAP t .", ,..., .. .e.......E ThiswandenuI eling f FOR TICKE.TS 'PHON1
-Fanny Olvr, 3-Mr. William B. Scotts LEAP 18 hole.s:-1. H. Salvatori 64; 2. 1 This i tnle Merchant Navy! Oil used ea.ter-ll .gives.
YEAR, bin. O.T.C.-Scrap III C. McIntyre 65; 3. J. D. IDickie 69 ,--Club and Is open every day- complete allyron, aid i eae o
Winner trained 4-115 Pletcher.E comp ^lhoeele .. ... = .. fr m "" am e"- ou .. in c.e.. of
W4nMr Norman W. raan's -AIFtB holes ..:----1. I. SalvaOri 29.: 2. of the week from i r- cuts, burns. bruises, sore and strained Sparce by courtesy of A. A.
lay4-Mr. Norman W. Bache Tang' uSAHIB0, B. Morr4 31; 3. J. D. Dickie I 11 n.m. muscles. Soothbig. healing, antiseptic.
aRisy (100-Cross- hb. oh.g. Bachelor'.s Tut-Pretty 31 1BOS STE -aainHeln i sigad
-James), lpally Potly. 5-119, Holder. - BOOKS OCANTEEN -Canadian Healing Oil safegluardsr.
*ri, Forerunner Time: 1.16. Winner trained by BEER. etc. | your tamily--ain-t danger of ie- --
S A .'An'lndell w,.,,rr ,rai ea vy - -- -t L=:71. S t-ion. Used internally it t efficacious. 'iIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi I
S. A. Arnindell. Su affT N =j
,d. with Rami- =ra Skylark (108-Holder). SP R0ST0 S for coughs, colds, bronchial afflictions --
ad, with Ramt Ziso ran: Skalark (108-Holder), n P '1 T- ..d simple sore throat. --.M EN F
of eingt an-Anemone l03-Crossley), Carnival LIMITED Monday JulyI 1 GC. n l ..fro == l B M DE
nthree-quarters (I15P.. z.).. ... tm mJ I=# nvE Got Cnadian Holinil Oi r~om olI-- Yaw-erzaE B=.,Ur- MODE g llrN F U
Sam Lora (Har- Happy Days, brll;iantlv ridden by Acting on behalf of the 8 30-.. a le= t
lita Scott's can- Harris.,burnt up the track in la- Ministry aofWarTransport = INE A W NORTHROP & CYMAN CO. rl
I-p= d finish cing the D's over this six furlongs General Cars Steamer Set. [ 16..m Sun Flm. Nw-_____CA__ _Ik
s enitely dis- sprint. Har put an Dy s to i1 tw6 dn o = rs m.m. Sound Fms.Newa-t.-
raofohititHeandrnvris p ttinHanpy reayst lS betee Tinda l, lo admeaur
eznanship, and the front and kept him there un- Rr'b GuiPicturees
Reason for his tll the end neverrt.,ting- any, reali (= Pictures.m "I,!III ~ [
Past the judges' challenge 6r his leadership. Lor further pariulaz plea" i OFFICERS' QUARTERS.'" "l
----he crowd, left contact _ aCoblenti Houe't. Ann' o ne 817
ibd amt.......... L ........... ....................
nbrd almost on I~ SPR.....--- --- I1 IlOSTON1, LIMIXTED 'Ph.one $1o7. 11 '1,illl l F

Convent Funl:I


s of -344
s. xrellency the Actl
C.M (i. fc.B.E, MA,


4.45 pm.




our Nerves 'I

I:toYvetr mPltr a llea'snf !ln that BABY ROCKERS & CHAIRS
e* at lst a the treatn t a 11ave
>n searching fnr-then tiitt nintlni *
few day Innger, ant Notl will feel -
itnliv wrot-: 'tlls~n E 'I n tgbeeinin S VEtc.,Etc.
*h blind and It n pilotgnlet f, '0 N cars
no:'e I thought I i, l I rv Chinaroid,
ur fine pill rern0id,. I h-.iv fa irwid It
-oi the pain anil Itchlg nlmot In- 3
inily. I periotaiei an rid tin who 5
l bie troublee] with pilemi for nvor An 9 5"
irso u tr- Chinaroud, he di'l n nrtd h 5
is one IS day i ru'mnent. ral him "AfW IA -I/ FVERVONE
re relief than sny other r.ned'v hP = I IlCSIl- O SU IT iE E Y N Vl
a ever tried. He was trniihledt with
a large protrudilnI pilfe and at tUmrul
uid not sit down." 'Phone 5764
Moosey-kek Agroomeant on /t
Get Chlnarold front ynour druggaist to- =
Y. Put It to the test See for yourself
at the veryfirstapplicationstopsth m TT FIR I INI CO ITD
in in 1.5 111 1 tes. Sea for yournall q/ II llill~M lll iI 1
.t It quickly relieves the more spots. 1 SCOTT FURN I ING C O... lain
y oryurself that it fitii'kly mrakesl =-- -
Sfeel !tka new aer nn. You he the i CORNER OF PARK & PEMBROKE ST1BET8
go nod afner udIlni yeI enltre p ck-
s, If 'o-i are nuot entirely saltfl edint;
try way, simply reitirn the empty
ckage and Yurn-onc, will here.

d in fullO. Gt Chlnarold from your
tigf t today for only 3ie. iReimember
Inarmsd mUt dO thle work to your
Iplete astisfaotiot or cost nothing.
-- --^ M o na y I
"hinaroid 1.
S L I A A m nt pro-
il 5I L Mtectsios.

What can I do about I

Com1oW COHSttp t can I/te
traced 1oa shortage of B vitamins
m tho diet. So try Fleischinmm'sJresb
Yeast which ich il B-Cmp lx
Vitamis, TaAe nrearly.

FleIciaaaom 's Yoeat is one of
t he tichw mamsral SMurcs of the "l,
Vitasil s Complez Take twice /
balhlf host befo re eas-plain, or/,
In b alit We*. wilky of water.


Noun** ePalm ---E.
Urinary Troubler e^MKL ^*s^
Mnd Lumbag /

may be due to o ,.
1NIYI (fK *

Tr" UP TO YOU. m I! You.. t s"
P nn i m eM h d n- Wood. ah add oei d Su
Mt"doew wi mas Due..Nuiaha
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#ftwd diubed n% or m ssd" smo ds jis=
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acid sad by eIuh min e e of should -2,.'
baewdawesy Sg"INsd. 1Ip mI Sb -I

Ak M WINI whiRON" IND ad .M .
P.0-0 msemd aimp I

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'in. cs


--=-- I


...... T.T4. KAGM

peal when ca lytt!
..when specks of did

;ets results in 60
forrbhad-all except
s \ anishing Cream.
w anifrel bthe difference'
SThe "keratolvtic"
SCream has loosened
ngs that coarsened
e look softer-evena
on happily-clings!
i a thin
I (aream


*I a rVi O, ?T ll<*Wawlwim--- -m it Un NBC ~ mB .-
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l& f I f I T g BL S^,Sa "*^ ^ ^ m N:i.. u -_-, ....* ....... fi' ^SI,., ,,-,, **.^ '-.--...--- .. .- xui ^, ^ I5^P ^ N ,\ o ux
B. NMA0W=& V==& r-- A- S. A ** ft= 4k i WAVS ---"` I I 11 ,, I % ~
.r -, I 1 --"-- 1.
?w b .^ut all stm ._-^Loom--As- "ter ";"al- w s sui t ; . Ti ll,

... it Q*Vie List.3 a^R ll* Cr i- sason A_,sw~ loens Pa opndxus o I -JM 11 ..
IE" I -IA; PI; IWS it Mss614,1 Saivilr-i W adNim I U 344 d'

arsoeoo MAMFew. at&1 .1 ol July^ 4,^ ^ imW "^S soW^ Jul: 1^*6 ftst..-I I 4iH wo""TR
.. = Xft iA9&. 1.e I. S-. RAM otT.m i . ......... TAN tamoo.0 NON slump-& go am B \ t P fts 'i a 4-0'ri

*-M i"*1"1' --"*1^',- ^f^ ?Pa lair*P 1 i *8T IlMU II IA i -- aS. ;" fS!'M-o! wl~l Jul y j. n- l uj i AuL Uil-.li HUB HII II^^ nltS L."8
... ._ N J S u~e + l n st . .Sem i te s I .... ... r E -14. n d I l t . . . . .
M t"Zlzl-lt Oii t~lio Io oi iI it nveula -rlm".111 ire"4 oot IWAY-T Mtil dd. a" lllW19 LPerMy "lsk.I.N ens*,"M O G iAN aW&
4 L~- .1.g % 4. N.atslw-selsarto m tsk liaillastlaf Bu I 4 AMPqr

-Isyl mn0ll. OL r rd --'i --- 3 O t.-.--- "-"---" "'""B '"a lWt. ^ ^ Pc -. ? FI n to rrour --a f I % P
i l i : W d l l t I g z e~ o .I S ) : -- -- -' -- I I I a n it t .. . . = ._ I 6 al

bEog N ssmsAu* AIL a atd M M= g=-. *- -.ON a L i e, aga t 0AILOA--PiP00 V isa "b age Ul *w% G UAM Y ,Bnna ,f 0--r

^^^K Cw I~iw~r~ W~i^ *" "" ---- ***" 1 ''""-- *4 c"ll~ n t' Oni.Vlll, im "" P' I O, ItM wt~dTV (ricwll i tar Oll'-f ck.i U/ldy e~t IE 1^ Kdarlll~ "*' i-,.en.'l ,S. Blohald A ll,*Ok r- H el r t-~p-
.l' I l l I Illl a Ai. te toss o ._ 6 of H .A L gamm';ll "w a] P" 09

^KB gjg -IS* |XBMT MfO VM,-BO ^.oI I.lU1 l M- vl o l llr. ow Ut^ C Ir K~l lir.Ici, to -Of-ielln. W lulw im;l <""-'wil. l~ AI, UOn m-ltl~. HUB fAVlIA l
VERT IS 1 M INTS 7n. cem ..... blllmng s:Ainip. "Is. .N o T ,, furS I a at.U.-Ita l larks ,.mm e l a s s ar 0I
__ Inste ad. T rt s St ory. AIL 9 ;r l. XrLL fsos Juan *A___ I Mwerblo tfil40 'SLt .a *i0se slear a ^tJS1 dfi w i
..l,.i USm ."A2 foom a I, g4. I 'ell, ther s fair Tlle ia and No":' s imm ."LWb. o .I 0.; J" ,, TOi B, Y --- *& ': -----and -
-- l-Itsums01 t Lo.o ti.me dortro orAlion8 aiono A- iiiuprii-pA.--16 1

I MOS *.* ."'"1 S SK S' ^ C 1A *.*. u. .. ........... Wir*l ler-p... carrier.". G.TRAIGHT GUIAR ot* .'OS I-t. i*i ,!~ """" ^iffl
in-IlR i "O- tr0-ie C .. Bclmn. I A iuri,;tllta, .imat, IE .
aI.n A TOurt 11121 1 *-i -i- i" VilM. .ad'- p Ur*I. oi>r POl thu Liv l I 1r E.C h.lTmdgariots AOU -SAEB, ,. \|. "Suie- C a I I ALI
_1z-5__ 11"t "a 'm we I > ft V" & *~" July S. ..I O l t, ccppi. $ ot WANTED TO Me. 26N Stall limt 4. a
(Plu m" ). conta tffice. it 69oephiel gIsiuAnl. dealtne %u useI ssued aft,. bases .E tor aio hlr as L b "

ftl tl x C pl. .111. 4. J tl end b ottle it r. A ."li ooa W po."Pii-;"mm is I "Ye as N. C .m Ad am B o .th Ib
= 1 II 1 :-64 ol % IGR TR O*LreF ig i d/tr .1 $4tM l0I Jui81O ly b-4 STlUrL,. d, itV!I.l ..
,, ,e I.,AM,.--Ill). W ioduok, ,t..c....44 o, u+ .,-.Also- 0WI
AC, o utgo" ampabo~~~~~~~mb mpgM -.ifO* 111 l t i alr o+ra0" A" Rfill. Pm o ty IS rcnlyo. t i rm llclhl- 1Y ur "T R
qua_- to=- omen nor a Jas ii Ing
"l+ """- .. .....4.. .. ?M "- $ m $" tee. fAN U H.- adom al l ll U"tli.,IIO alrhad O~ ~o

aIitt o3MUr tE;"'".0*,A "- *", "r1 INW "------------ 3 A....IO ~. v... Vaatt3a "* '*" "'1" "'y"1"nt au .,>iB. .n Ur.n- -- v' " y, w n uniue lha
0 16 a a a t"m 0 7%Fernan o rlihObed awayiaethe oni l ., .. -"J y ,

En. Aixeai rr n oT p t, ? -ly -Ju J ~ mll yllllic ll i~--------- __ il I|IB(l lllllu tRn'ULKi fir thie re ,e o tnth ou .': i-+, or RADIcii r AcMn (. 'r ne T B rL b T & uniue* s -
10T O 'AUNTI Jr 4 t t.- "-- st. .: at. t imn- c u Road. O orut L- *PB:?r 63 4 tal Porth o f-Spain on l y r. &: . ..a irril'Aly I!diq e"d J lio us s l ub J s" 1et c. we oi m, se alta" qu r + iay. f lUt"av pr tis. --Succe s om eri a

a DU&WA WAApllU A MPAy t A vu-p ..l-- uiy -. UIliA. V Tholrpe'i .oe, l t prp ieteo us. l" .. t-ai A 6-,oet- N("les st To'o. till tihel d St S ar -tlC .sii 1 S H O E :t Ol AI a

At n ,o .t*.-^iy ".. .. o.i _..-... A *[ M dnOTI p ftl ML W. 1L. O., IA. r im Wi.. er E.p'^^ lS. r, B iuH r d, ta moir.tog.d forC i re eour B ed" aof Albion 3 hin oiof e. n uF i.nto, pii .,--.JT uelylg- AtlUpoa i a, ntdr i
5taolN Ap. _lI_""_1 V n K l Aw+,r I m ..c...... $1,101 u-
I qul m ell p iYw .tIill ii,Iiiiiirii, IS LN O Dl ky N O+I~o e t | cile.IN S rNA O S 2 Cl- ar tr e a M ne akriir l l x let e c r ie ,,P lt,r H O UI v i U i D~,r eceN I y M "lC 911111,
rl 'T ; gIl K .- 1 o T O t f!ind utvr t a l t 't~e l~ Ir f rter*6 plrict - M S. fit ed w ithr dOeO efr gert or f t e l te J W r el i t e d +16 1 r k i w t Sa

^ AURANuANDPolo" i" :,.^'i li\;r-Lja.^"^ andi"ensattul sea.lOul*ier. t Cs te.acher.NOWIeL D dy M ENTS f ,al.ICl;O 4. 11S, tie ."l-a

*wi i i.. l. i~ ifcht 5 U"" |/W ;^* 11. ,. I&ill gOlldtll;'l Inro*'" ,? !'"u,-- ^Iu 't~ ; I----1 ilgii~l------- -- P oroiunm i il t i'nptia. d e,rp. !otl n-iiOr n y,; .. .' ui v ^ AT 2A oKA MA ST.KEE.. I lE.b Pedab Ex.ienr
ll~ ~ U l o 0 l L i ti l I 31 M U IL A L 1 .-- RE NlOU t yl T 33 DL 3 1 aJ U mO L'AN D B O A r t ba e -0 1- e at Io ep M ilc n F e al W N E TORE N T E L oVWL l
41. Nz TseINDIAN ate NCeSSAL "rI4T r--L Alreatt 103 Tagarrit, e" ISiGIL ANnd oMnSI fet re-l--, i ~ l O UP ~ LE ino c|h if ldr eni ,

__dtlrf Strea Tu a 'Phone"^ ^^ ^ is;l"; 39 Charl.ot-te, 6~^. le'^ ,,^^. VL N t4 3 ^.td y fo o s fm un ,U .m aoz,^** ,us. bt.;L f"le* nr' Fort A NS AT 1T . I nd^ t
S^SSAbe" it Ma Strt J Bi.--NST Ns i intV& rP.Ar--^^l G T-r.re

Uili .ORD 8to~lr AMHn Bo Goo r""iwi i u O oung r'A----- ^ ---.--- T=J MEM: pl O RIA Le ry UEVpe r !,ui am ndtllutt do~i ol ln, dlhdu li Ho,' . t .le 12* V- x rtro -Jl .ape t l C ;O lamps J phxip t'ears eve A
_k t Oi in tf i>ii Ri l tr' lo,,.o .,.- .-,..jl ,.-um roir wrf. -fhu, .l.a.1-. J ly1, |.-. .:,, ,.. .. ..... >.oo...... ,,O si. 1 i n..... ... .. ,h ....r c, ur e 11. ahle ilhYou ihe ,, M.,,.,: '.* & '! .'t+"B.'T 11.^" i '" . Tti .,. u co ...T1 O"*,; *,: ,... ,i,. = **11" A.i io..,.+orn, ,, G OoB D O N.r ny G RsA NTo'n< ^ *-",, 111
,tJ~lW li.A~p l url zMmn Litrdot. e ~oblead iauft i. or U oadprore to Il. Ir

WA.1 t> B AU IKMUD Rr.O. ON; 1 MI-BO~R tltUl~l;.Ig I. 1ou .i ^ll 1 li,++ ,u i> A :l..eiu kuulr L+,,.ii .. ...... 5 00 Niing aRoiled lieim n.ur i lfl henni o i" ill" i(l Mninanc JFOR 2LFL0K,1 C d r Ln S i~ n a 0 B i n ii _r K
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Wanted A" I1'oiH wIorkin c i e r,, Adly mI"-. Po...;I, 1i tHv;m nthei r bereIIeme nth l.U, *o j.A J.,C k-p-- Ju ly 2 -laho la.ny Hanging

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mlim v sTmAuM" MLT 9 .IM4


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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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r -, s 194 fc "
b. Tiro 7 .2 -;.



ram--, .. ....... .;.. a |
P E P T ONfA ,
M fi .w *....... '"" 0


rater From The Government B

ie "Sunday Guardian" first with the convent fire, -"- "---- -- ^ -<---^ ---------------- ----- --- - ------------
lnvinced that nothing bolt b*t:cwale of the water short. T *_- ^_* W T *i
)replete take-over by the age, and we all know that. {
ernment of the water four nuns wv-re killed in tha' ji g
ply will ever eureaa-In Vn
holcaut.We should not b".
r and sufficient wervice sturprisqed I f a charge of
rt'f-Spain" Weourcvedcriminal negligence werel) g h rh w it~ m z ..H t
corse a littlernore thanmfniid' to ale against a n w cz F e hr Vi im" o" mr-
rl, h ago. Today we n- City Council ,as a result. .. ... "nnfmW r V c .im
our readr irs to|ioln us The Counl a watr al- M o 'g. e,>ry i
lging th le Govern- thoritv Is responsible for :,. ,A"
' notice the dire need meeting the t's waterTremendous Blow
Such action. needs, and UtP failure to do Ca tu e Ta e2T wn,'een o s B
at story on this page so can no longer be tol,,rated.,' Y, :-----
,.urjarur t operations at --4"-''[ Allied Troops Win A a i Df n e
^Colon l Hosp~ta ar VWe hope our-readers will Rokossovsky Screens i l, L
g postponed through lose no time in filling out the Advance With Heavy Hi leavy Engagements
of water A letter be- form below, and returning, It Air Blow; Below Livorno
tells the depressing tale to us. We wish to eive the
a household receiving Government a strong man- LONDON, July 8 (Reuter),-.1 "- By NOLAND NORGAARD SUPREME HEADQUARTERS OP THE ALLIED EXPEDTONARY
about two e gallons per 6ate to tak oer the water' a'P of Marshal Rokossovsky'.h ,-" o" ROME, July 8AP)- Two mouno- FORCE, July 8 tReuter) The British Second Army h brokehe
on per day, instead cf supply, and the sooner the First White Russian Armies have :.d talcSy charging UiSta>e through to Caen *nd its sperhead troops were tonight fighting the
60 gallons per capita form is sent in the brighter stormed their way into Vilna, I troops who today pressed to with- battle of Caen in the western and northern outeklrtg along te bank8
h two municipal coun- will be the hope of getting southern key to the Baltic sta;e. H fel m iles of that gr^leato rt on the Orne Rivoer on wh'ch the Port of Caen stands. They a fi
r recent alegd tat otin In tha near future, rncth 'e Rs s i "- fight established on rising ground overlooking the factory dcmtric.
-of-Spain was enjoving: No self-resueetircitizen can thrusting to the fronter of thetoy'sfoIa bhle---n rs re o Flo R R 7en'a Montgomery's s
:Lihtmnan Rpublc, hve ct th ,. ,,, ence and Pisa. hch began lit 4.30 this monll
this is not an isolated fail to see thf need for ait road and railway running norh t After a three-day battle In oil the. main pivot of Ronuel'l
road and-allw y ru ning nor towhich they fired 21,447 artillery whole defence l Ie ,;a e d o
On the leader page a drastic step. DMnsk. One hundred miles softh B' ..hells 2 4 hrs obot bet om s h '
'7 of Vllna the left flank of the Rus- s', s e hells In 24 hours and beat off shele All day taBks and in
or writes to say what We want water, and .ve sian advance has turned the rail- &. at least three slokt counter- at-, A d Storeslen f o""1 B n
lins of at Colany where 3want it quickly. The GOV- waycentre of Baranowicz. Between .A. tacks, United e.ates troops seized Canada hve been batthn tor-
hotels cannot provide ernment must give it to us, captured more than 650 places, arid"1'0,arid Castell tif, six miles east ra toward,, %their objectl
r for their guests, since the City Council will tonight's communique said that the of Roslgnano, yesterday and' t o nding lav yrder a thick pall ofdu h
,= g et d Vilna-Dangavapils eat'kroad had .plunged norta toward the* moto-I fog of "war.
>e Government admit-.not. Readers of the-"Guard- been cut. tai n ranges capped by ,0-oo A r
In Friday that the Fire ian" can help to press this -Stalinannd cpuopeaks. LONDON, July A 1Ar --pdPv. Jry I ,Ap,.n,. reor
day Backs M ove nearly' midwayvbetween U OuatiMs Were hllh oil b,, th type of aircraft at t!-,(,c,jjjnvnd "everrespndenat rlo r ther at
ide could not cope at point home. Berlin and Moscow in an order of sides lor the Gothic Lint, be"ore ol the Allifs %,is hurled at the[ t--rrd hil'96oCityMayfa s .
,- l I the day addressed to Marshal Rokos- ^ R---^ J '^ K-ll all Its fotificatio ar opeelhe Ger1^clymans faR p are n
J a S t"li u rp--' --V ,tlle day addres stky. rH e said the town was taken -- Thelall ltS~ ermanB or The G crm ans need (li e t to pre- Nazi war m machine n the west to- sha ower tan s a pars nt y fore.
day Guard ian Back M ov by an outflanking manoevre by pare strong line as they have cy insitawesome display ofsu-sdedt1onofne 'en
cWi Betr W ey and tank formations to'-beenWrhtingthatIt will be an-premacyi blows at robot bomber ySt
fantr.H e e xr w ith af r nontl tt ck y is 4 ." lied largely; by Fascist troops, free- ranips and storage places and hit- Weber, reporting from Vl
W ily better W arereuppBy an|3nt railayjnction,"islng tiee Germans for duty elsewhere Ling savagely in support ot (ieft-
an "mnoran ailw y Ju ctio ," "KIluge'.s headquarters, sat, d i
Marshal Rokossovsky is screen- WA 2 t A; o,.-. i -orat least making it unnecessary elrai Moingomery s troops, who
artling evidence of not only personal inconvenience to residents ng his advance with smashing t -ay o re tr'oops t a w "-oerht he rwble ws probable til e ri n
blows at German cenlres west of theatre which already hah cost preachres to Cp_: In Normanay. front, r e by taking backte
I by the lack of an adequate and regular water supply In Port- the battlefield. Last nl5;n the Rus- them heavily. The ,,resa blous at tWe robot Germrn lines at Chei" l nd
ain, but of extremely dangerous situations caused in public sian air force carried out mass .. k ..l Only Volterra, Inlard to tie enstbombs coin, ide l h th longtst continued n typical Nai
bombings of the rail junlctionsq of ..." ,." remained As an anchor for the assault on southern England Irom Lorlots defensive" fashto ta
ttlona Ule the hospital, Is revea ed in correspondence to WO Leda, and Brest-Litovsk. Train ..... *enemv positions below I ivorno. It theas weapons since "lose attacks "it, In stressed at Hedur-
loads of supplies blew up and fuel This 10-year-old French chur h, St. Jarquet de Montebourg, In is being pressed cluselv from the began. Th Allied bnws were terse that the rverun\'su or
of the "Guardian" last week. wagons were sMt ablaze. Some 80 the city on the road to Cherbourg, was wrecked durin- the bot- southwest, and it.s lateral reads opened b%- an earthqi ,ke att recapture of the destroyed
correspondent states that ta--^nogrnerr wte miles inside the Russian line mop- tie for Montebourg In the drive for the port COty. It wa. used by have been cut. by LAncasters which dropped six vilage or tawnt not d-
ft water at the hospital had take to uarate g ping up continues of the Go'mans the Germans a" an artillery observation post, and its tower was It was in advance In general all tons of bombs on the Gerst lIme- via or twft, i wt
in In the delaying ot an supply to mue hospitl crut off in .he forest east of Minsk. knocked off by direct shelf fire. marlan combat entrlneers, with along the front, the ia'sch captur- sSone ve at 8t. Len esscrent, 20 matters Kra the
,ncy operation lor six hours. NiY. George Rocnford, wrote; Moscow estimates that in three the aid of a bulldozer, clear up the wreckage outside the church. ing Colle di Val Belsa and filhtin'm milh's north of Paris, collapsing one lose."]
ft writer reveals that the ."ror over Iwo years I hlimelri- days, flghthl; 15,000 Oermanl, in- (AP photo.) within less than three mlp-i of o the caves which serve ; ro- 1
Mer Authority had failed odical vtry foir complinUmed eluding three generals, have been Pogolboll t, 21 miles -suuth of bot bomb supply drpot. This was TROOPS IN GREAT HEART
ids him with a contrac- to tie GCity' Cotm ku"oorues As captured and more than 28,0W0 dead Florence. Iollowed latcr by assaults on unch-
40O gallon, per quarter lw te atu tibisactory waier ser-h ave been counted. ing rips by Aen-r" ll heavy Thie tronp% were il gra
o stt ttour quarters, li cev ehg gi ve to ly' premlsI. I In this fighting the Russians Food Control British Air Minister BRITISH ADVAKN(' bombers a.s thry puslhed f(,,fard at first
r*Ing th period being as iolueoll1 ;AlAL, ,WesM. have destroyed or taken nearly 100i TeBiih d~nlgolFo-American a'e ondBiis ih e n arl raelro u
100 per quarter according -4.0 eacn o:atiore n I have had tanks, some 500 gv uns 1,11110 machine VisitsN orm andy In Brad piotish dsgncnng mo up In- In a ew all-out d vnno th c o nd 11
^ ~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ec fromeeay the^ othas drove^11 e~a~c1 w eatmnso h od"-Hw. eoo.p~. 0 ^^ toTml^ in a new! all-u rv drtd ^^t th -Secn
o t s ever r l m o n t h s o n e s s u p p l y w o u ia s h o w a m arpe av o v e h i c l e s L O N D O N J u l y 8 "eube ro. - w ith n d sri m ile s o f tr e mn otn- t abe n bo r ig'a n se a d o t u l t hel et y v-ho se cu rtn o f bvm w r I
o o hi Prem ises he has fa rv e cn t wi in a ,ort U sing._ T he erm s ne fou ght bk ter ly to S iSr Fixed r Archibald 819incla lrthe B rit s n th e astrof flo rene P ,li.nes bner f re ptheledity w hose a r a oft r bome b s th If ,
V i l r for 22 h ours per day, ia rom any un piovem en t.,,14 r-ho kld ;4s ran owi ez an! It en. sek g t l or A r ,h a Ie n t ~ the u p r T b r Vlgl~ oey f r fed u e0 rts of ere p nlo i e d w itRhA h ouronafter h eourb ythlf e w r o tl e
In&albe bew e ''Lg p rate, co~mitiosis aveo become Panizer division and a ne~wl-arrie M r e r Fxed Ih S t y o, Axb s bee ~ n -t d mp0d ton-s o f e ys late vestbyrW.' to set Thl e obtalY e s r ed toiod
of AM. and 6 a.m., while o'"u'itanu wore mr, o~er ois l ta nk dvs ionminut t othemp at I visiting 'rfielc is n Normand y. ..s thre ays th re as "'r11a1y)cn Inou-y or te ast mi ute ateme t 8ve he----4-- -d Mtoon.sietmlettheh stgefo a aw eslltamo he itle Nor an y 1;g
o ater on the premises. eral mon~ah past mere has not town. Far behind the advance of Two departments of the Food lie flew in a Decoto 'plant. north. and caPtilred Carpini. four American heavy born be, Is also at I Biud farmsteads. Across onIf h
these a nid a number oee n anily %at," *,pPjy availole oil the Russian spearheads extensive COntiol iwepartment, .-Local. Fools c o#.ted by -members of a Consa- and one-half aliles to the north. tacked, three oil refineries in the- roads itno Caen opn poeain r tl o o ~c~(,o hc r was nnan t- n
m y p e n o s b t e n d A m oppan1ru p r t o s a e s i l g z' a c ,i # f i h M .H a ro w t d ia n S p itfire sq u a d ro n T h e e a s t. V h~ n n a o il re sin a r ea a n d th re el d itc h 64 0 y a r d sl o ncr g E ve t w o
of ort-of-Spaljn, the "Sun- It P-111-ually Oiltile lrounct frecutingChief of Air Staff. Marshpl of O h dit, fot )lheeyfgtrbsspoetn h a t oeig pst
a t ody n otS pein ithe nun- ua rom a on 6". Here Red Army mn are cutti l wnlch Mr. A t,..romn is heao the R.A.F,, Sir Chra Portal, troops cleared the last of the some area today which the Germars bombarded th0
a m" th enc letednde deWnam. nto e r-a y e atns? a ?sbe.comon d as trom Octob er also went. They were flown by enemy frontO ,-'mo. 10 miles south Up to 750 Fortresses and Libera- advancing troops and as
c p aig n i nt e n sd a. oya d ste dily w ip in g th em. . a n d r to th e D p r A V e a l B r a h r t O f A n co n a fin ?p f
t er n otic e o f G o v e rn onu t I n th e la te s t fi g ht' in g th e y h a v e meaen t rOA g eric l t t h e Dasr.o m an uv e -da ry f oll o wi n g t o A oan a nd s we t f o u r g htle to to rs p a t e d. c7 ^ '" "An o th e r fo r m a m a ns f ell b a c k f to hItin wi t sku
e eed,for prompt mea- "Ior the last 72 hours we have killed up to 4,000 and taken mres meat oultureroCommandings Fghter Group of the northwest Ill an enveloping Con of Liberators bombed Vesz- and fury, they kept u tr
vd a tonro h wae r 1,1a,'er cov To and fnror- tn 3,00 0ak l a in g r e mou ee n tat priteudorfg t, In h pre P airdrome in Rumania, 6ofroml wood to wood andt ro wit ....
ArY 1, 944, acordin to an nfor- he Secnd ToeIAirouthwemovtonfthauprize Port,.iles sothwestiflageipewteto nilsthewweepin
t d pu p nde tho co t ro n ha no w er whoa eu r wend or t hn T T,0 p i o e n l I m on uni que to folloo; G l communique W uea and m et 1deut ,-Col. Hancock, lcm e of the bilterest figdhtng oIt anld wi th h e -gul
supply by following the coostng p oe s #w nar. H. N.of then oeyrRoyal Engneers who box si nce s nc the br y io enslve bega nlprs. ^ In expOala d wth m
ion made by the Hon'blesse ak a wafo r o X tbucket r twol -- we cThe communique announcedthat in/shed two &elGa andL now marked the capture of Rosignano the largestn"rude olt dsllt i fire. Neithe the strng fnh
andit. to Government r 3 o t e Fackheywoul be resigning from Setting ready third. In the and Caellna. An Allied pokewplantoin Vienna's northernsub urbaGerman fSre.s E >ltlono t n orm I dhe a tdes"
havee gonefeneio oures relalaiona tf or metn.his *present post arid the combined filst I've dwis following "D- man said the enemy "fought to wer" enoumterd. Thiseremyfighers cold hqfieolftheiBr alltihte

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Defence Regulartis 'y premises arenub enteredd and n dow~tri department would be trandler. Day" hs men worked 15 hours the lst house." n
otr teora ths sur -os w e our quryers my t ax l u wilrotman, as executive.rdailymaking landin rounds. There wa bitter fighting In tile producesdov er 100.000 tons Of oo Tark an A went I o11
a delowu c opoe n the ar ltices have read as lolios..:- TIhe communique is as follows: ,st ...- ,reets With grenade and Iall Pros and e xpl. oson T lo f many ade, th eIt ankir $ tang
asdcidetwho fenli t that Wuch o ueb entity oI water solhlmd InU S R aid "Mr. H. N. Fuahey. officer in arms exchange,% at closs. qtarfers. 11 r on th ou II 11 Oi the LI Uo S
e eoall burgessest ine y anno water a sper motor card ","i8 ia ot the charge c wo fnloal oprod Ticket 5950lPatrols reported that the rel M ofr ,.rbom b edn the 1eftkh Ven andi mo pping uant cand
cue fen ahity shou l .43 P,,rku 6 est. 3,I0 0 WASHINGTON, July sReuer) dod Control gprtaeptoSao, b4" 3weerm at.r 16th k S E. bd to
ce t a or t h uld u, f- I as itlO~ l e t d y th t i or som e tim e pa s,, bern con sid erl- D vision on ly ca p reqlm en t o f (PLlo f S o e P EASE TU RN TO-- ACE-
thes anty au ndl Rut ther ar.e. ....d uo h It wastanknounci t n 8uyertin whicoopetnrevionsv had been 1et I,,000 feet above th target. DPASF UI n ,..

thmedCiatey tclof the Tii-1ro j ihi 43 n nete o *,dc Igm til question notfie r oetrement fro ol^.Li ilr *wf *h--cncshn~met,6 Km^K URL
uibriaies for supplying water i.ap.44 r, no car the attack by A Super t t ost is order to ereire him W n twep ow s t n i n positions
residents, in view of their My holusehold, including domes- Fortresses on the Japanese home- toevteha s timrerto his own Per-bemTheFrownentoch were lt len

landtont~ t lwl~ce yesteeo ~ l htth i e rdy thre of thefne tn rge tstln .,.pl ~ ^^^P ^ : ^ ^ A
oiblity to shoulder this re- tie help, numbers 17. ladysera.tre fte ttre l onal affairs. He hes, however. -aged arid krnocied out, two o' six
ility, For thes ptoent eOn inqoesterdayfor the lwereonthe main island and other 05 dO rewWral Lord, ho e tanks tha tried to block
iyr o sp rew e" reacxlisIwsi-targe. ..sattck edincluded.the Chn-nbeen unwilling to retire ntil lie Ticket5 d Wror m letn htre t bo A
|below a coupon which all Bet m r 'insIwa -"could feel satisfied that local food thiee-5-a,-oici r class bay 911Gang them.

o^ ^ t~ h ese^yS costal port of1 Hankow 4,50 %---; r l l
dents, who feel that such i orned by the C ty Councill that ese -atlp _af .Hankre 4 Thproducteio Alliced tayd forct thr force tonw its JK

IT-O 'KAE mover tnlan wate thele oantf Rte prdcto had.~l~S^^ l rea'i~ed Produtionge paa it or ms HaoinyDs 8 t "hne nwllmv Re J
urge shoul, dbe followed ',hey no rnge ktr e a meter card w l an on t Yh R i service wl t re s p ont* e quarter, o tie Aile. Mo ntro CNO
for 1, Que ssalt o I ae Ev ry one of the American 'pne ed. He -aneis ofte oas reealed ll the final of swep o tun k aswllas baresler
CUL out, Ysign (giving toet siurn ned theo 1e, rl e-' drawPrWeapr-. Ad vsoatry rilways, blrnco
res and addres.op)e and sume thav t they paree d t Of Iltr rr ned'fertse'elh I portheis state has now'bet r3c8ed ea Rever, f fuel uoll. in rtheItl ae dy, the

icltiuwt o b p rt o rnn Wo ealvt manyltter whichy Ft "atrotm Ne DehiI was repote 11 ^Pdcd that c~seo the5 lra'Bst" Pr-ace Pnnuncmen GRdOCERS, ,,
immediately to the wTriat i fe oing e sanytt ers Bio ... he has notified Governmentwhicl oE tte l a r ace, Retur fi hter-b Imbtrla hGmmer T mt
_a. at of f ....... 22, have Appeared C I the Press I amthat by a curious coincidence theis witt etire Holder of ticket Oaf w will re- ower'o, lellon, Find gun positions

uarhad not meen ruolclest "zi suges tha you prv= -~Tr ? Y13t itew irad hS inotio torthe an d that p positions
cent Street, P/ort-of-Spain.lsatisfie u tht the water shtortage super Fortresses were over JapanonSpemr30Gvrmntha ie$1,otrl rzenteinhebteae.
te "WaerSunoy pa. A no t confined to any sall area ,Iour hours after Tokyo had n -on1 eptem br 3. tgd h rntmenti to re- bSetep.ki rn t A7 zer th e ien tna tleara
. ..n returnedawill.. be tho s o fairly generall nounced a complete reorganization t r 'ai IetcAeyed a derere s Gm Pt 8onn6 I3g dT
Bed t rothe Coloninal 1ece "I0 t therefore feel that the time of J ap an's air. deefences. Appar-tirnof han' eonveypdrciation t W s ore d 11 A and M
id -- t" atte .. ..i otf has come when the many-cit ens gently th ere h od been ao rs tntehiroeon meet nem and %oen 3 resnufe er w h get, 67,57. H ere; A gain o
Ien, Tha is remet r a ny or fwhcae con tretualrl ghe sto an-itthe cn tral.e a ir efenee head- hlbeorvics to nhis Corktanc c Mo r Lod t ree fir, s two secy ondh
I reasons, Is;limited to oorest-vequate water supply ore Inghas,$J m on neces to tnd O scre d three ft and two Ilon AV
entirely win g the City t o or f....................... .. .. ... lo,s. For Rome eat
f Port-of-Spapieand "S .. pettoThenVice -Mliter of....e .in MERGER IN OCTOweER Lan g poe r at the

Norma Malna, ie--Takn ou l ntcptino -*'*"*<' ^ a Mt p~l sidn r tl-.t tes|n pott-meer tt thetn ^ ^. 1;'!. "K"'-^ -- Ikm -D
eg subervan areas served- ,.hou -e t g together in anap- race twoe re .......... i nt QRm e Seat
conncty w ter whorit ths brn te oeexnt.ngadeplowable ditoat RES b .r.....o h isa- t"Govermcnt has been carefully Prima Donna, 11 points; Jetsm, 10
subit rot morer tan o ney.who ov ttoIrvend. ...u.l 8 AP- e ap efar|considering the problems Iuatised pl Poims; Minesweeper, 10 polnt S,;
soubnr, m than t o nse to supporgthe prepyrtion ofenyortDe fence -ad uarers, endely attk Mr.Fahey'd projected relvrentt Whistble. 10 points. Sam Lord, 9 ROME, July a (AP)-.-.-t was an-
p bcouphtlumne to the prseparaton e. o tef Jaatese poltm.ehase.e n mad'.ann d t Ithas b een decided that, the po,n4; Ras Tadare, 9 points; Glen- nouncedStoday that the Bonomi

'"'n"'"1-tti o tow Gove rnmen t ths out t ake The Japago n es Aroep p An s a Dir dy Pr ta afo te d ucat iont eagle, 9~ pai~nts;I S d lre a tr t m du -lt l B-'' w
DreO DAddED tt over the water service of t'e reaco about "ho o Jul W- Dpartment of Poo Prctnee." pnt 1appy DaysgGovernment will move to Rome 6*D
orrestatpsowerendgient aboutty com ory al c- T the nprttweer th of ths wy Marketing4 all be combined points;Solitaire., SAonts; Erownfrom Salerno on July 15. Head-

ciyAyTomulor SUPPnY PE ITION ec ItT;: C ines pretty clea that the fis qurtr of the AlidCoto
sould like to draw attention tire of whatever Interference with.with effect from October 1. next, Liead, Ipoints,
existing state of affairs at the righ,s and/or privilDegsof the ... "c...ra ...three ? k .ao with the marketing ofcer as exe- Pollowhn Is the result of the Commission as well as the Allied
nilHospital. Yesterday. Cou,.cil are involved, the Council I . cu'tive hWild of the combined de- filial draw:-- Advisory Council also will function
T[ he ausnese decided not to re- partments, Y3852 Portora, D3812 es Rover, from Rome on the Rome day$ the
Onl oe .operation out of having amply proved Its Inabili'l build the area In ";'waris attacked "It has also been decided that V0854 Tom, =5679 Marny Glow,1 announcement Raid.
placebeasetepaerlr fed nth e saniwtl at ion and af- treewee,,o n d Ihn ttheheDepartment of Local Produc- K,7F75 Coquette, 07292 Oofareete jReturn of the Italian Govern- Recommended for the
wse pcute off t 7 amandthe waerfec gthe C aity. o adsaeyreeson w ack of building 11110- tion and Marketing will. with ef- DD1229 Simple Simon, X8406 Dar-Iment, to the capital, however, will
had cunoft been sunn h fficienCt y terilsls Prnd lobwi" beelnus- Tokyo's fect from January 1,.1045, be trans- ling, Y9133 brown Bread. W4655 not mean that the Rome region
Other tlemergenc.yno bntank.S t~tnA ^ou- form'i lletn youtrthatperY tol l be dlanl lu ~edrilmlt.. A.dtlA 6U fel. -0 vtn t"-erdt leDprteto rr-,knit %Al6 ~e il ilbeIie oIl~a dllta ik-Ro n o h

Add ............... .... do ;Clar r 4 ADi
str"t PIVId the f= fgj 111111 0 ?NONE 4111
400 =ft 0 anm alral - I &,,-nr -aOmmm to=
__ MMM Vjj JWa C:9 SWA WM Vftdow- M 1
**of 11 U% M
O-Vt ic

No. 8,168, 27TH YEAR______POltT-OF-SPIPIN. TRINIOAD, B.W.I., JULY S. 1944.





100 UB- KWE -'----- MNAT O.ANDIM, JULT 9, 1M. ,

L' LM Strtes Thank, ad To Pay $M RM ijou

S ces Town Are Clean Customs Duty r\
D heh s sold ee eslfeinstead wh en tried to sil a 11eerul
pto S qusto put t r lu mbi fWatches which bad not'been duty pod,. wa made by Wai of appeti and feoiitt
t er for V"t@ore. In the 111 1 03 1 s,011111111111116 too uo e. ftue o yeto i rd or el. n
tertAL- "Jtq O" ourWall ethis may lead to
an s we layi tht M w of rincTwn o n r ths in ptnlton oe 3olWn lataingeplls. noseb..od .-
yt to a snitary condition. 4 evain CraM "u duties. eat, "
e oetmS nt t o me r Ooh- vl i C d wtab een .og o o f s c o n fi d e n c e .
i Mr. Josp .ed: "ts ,overl. Mr. J. T.' Pa iott o. woetve o -.. f'
I a r that the mo st solicior, asstr for: penay eatt"J a It%
? trlncTown amne kept In a most .jt Ljd& the^ re..., f C Hwould ctr, ,* 00- ;:re to other -fto- ,orato row blood'with
: B atty condlttonano it-oYl wer ?1 0a ^ i "< tier oa c. aU who ,tre Ot..i tae opinion by ea Amelitcan $gsaieinr raee
__ts Townankeepn anksClerks, ther tio r:XgItm det o hn
5- t at it was *qmpMyvey easy to oiin ad? a s sera dtof i*
teSto b r ei t or v ,, s e t-bsthen alW1 reat opinio ":tlrr

--[ tn in the negativee un ov00vr0oa an m ickMs os" f icers."y o and .ehe W,..,,W. 1% of t.,. .
*"T the anwer n e Weeld I 0eU S.. 1, ofavoidpaymelnt. of Cisto ms duties. sstaiitlyto buclri hedatda= d
U Gwermen' make enquiries E M a 1naxcu B se put forwrrd on Satana's vilour building bleed. rrai tero also
", it irrnn nd r 0 l'h t, ,matdhe ens tern be fB.Wyouner.sloveerdand ohealth. I
; the atter? Atd wf t o WeC j, m behalf by Mr. Viviannmt n'.en t
eamrmative will Government I- |u fe yone. du .s l o ina' hf hn etr n than In yeacs, oT your money baD k he/t
0 ;tuttedepartment cocernehid t 5sJpi th employed:-Wthe-ichscame igarn sd e es.from yew r l
41 a onBoc~t ----do-- 'Ch^*ina's~ebirth W n.^ ^ ?sfia~? ss r/
some attention to the streets? or e inlof thi ioseession e ar ew of them cheinjretto"ar P -asia0 Taitt
"TSe ..erntment is hifo.. .ed," Mr. Owean O B tr a earbad, ..we. t n. working rder and he
States the reply. that the vili employedwith o wnt '' ityWNa rrn a IBet ornt Chiese y n antogo theg r R Oahew or an r.e __ _ O yo
S~r^^^ ^e~nt^awn &0*C the to.t ar^^ ^ S"^U ^^ S Jewle for rearSnir,~l
et n. tls t owne ka.. e p 1 s l t rin: an o ete h o rb m Ma Pe ot ntog hoevr
ndhs intioianle dle in amfaiywedR; beu host ee d acntrb. ts the ire I -shouldthaUtothe nthad ome when thatet hO t iter. OF O
h h e eparteiin t a clerkofthe saie b,d cmeel.t iow n of. t e rsD Satsnntan d oec et rs Mr, y inb A
t e of repair. pat, o fh department F to oelp Chinaafter en v1 h g "ng

;ln~~~~~~~~&13 Adul Vincens i^ Street, Fco r ovn udtndS.1 'nn" ,.^ %t ^ y^ ^ ee H^

soon i im foe r c tv h le mtriey ae o -rl"a of. & ... ......Pa h n e to t e a o el ig neterr in r h Daatr!r. S S io an and ot.hMrs l .P.rl A F R M 1F lllO O D l
tew stroets I sforo dte aitlnwitha in's t& Vince post e 7h aerPan OfSan Fernando told a ined should know that itswas In

Mn u ll revwg claie t h a no epST d wch ri a Thera. ga mswh po- large gathering - elon oC in a are tme ..cottth ee-s nodc -a -a-
Itegistry yesterdW. dueled and took a leading be r a n t Kuo inntang, oIt Charlo'to Street easy matter to put over ruses on Iran mod, so *as *leti e o f you

rproramm of Irtnraveent oalrt m. oiueer wa ddreei "dur listed ato the grandiO d dkre l o.Jne2,l orvd. n h f ,ur Sae lo t eC t M rs R O
towd t men e tce tei g neelds a ... IB Olal obaad th.cnthsor, i"ne r the RedmstWn u nisd tp thenSeventhaannlv wrcav of Ja pan- Lettingte o tnantknow thatmitwasit ont oha Mr Rd
t~wn. o d shortly. ted .,23 fair3 the Convent Fvi d. c 3 aggression agaiud rit Cs t ina. rin offence that was viewed d w Ogito,.-el

lS~ s ca .n .nt o m t n o(T.ON .T. R.NI.eseater, ot e B t M, :c .ncvthe Ac tn Gv e- Trouldae av e sv e t a me (andicalI 1 IN
,'r Ie nte caln t er" We. h.ryr #t oiard, on e en ratandal hn trtconsiderablea1hiount of seriousness. a no-e ...
^ ^ uH, 81, nnho, ;o LaSll TrIoIf.h11111^ wa r the -S~l mh r B.nh B Aa te M-BIN0N TD 10
;' 1 ,uxp n d 6 5 ,Enr dctln a rt ies arn aed e a till r i o ur h nopesdtha e h. ,f _h.agistrate m ade h im aw are o f n di estve reig u eheer R p r a i al ds Tr r
" -t U.he i k ae H1 % TschoI Aa bachl rtLor. e r. ibeld o u ...o.. aed e d f ctnth a t h ie w a san tfo rtu n a te sac s P o r e t orovesnr thot A Ldo n hO L g a th (a
S" l, n 1,56 E nrollhe onl t ch mo Revt a t.An o 1Re ue Nets Cvent ,r$2,122 Dr. A ti no n otn Icar e oo m Cise an today in that K Ordirince
In Adut Clas es tyist. a is Wrner sreetallowed a its'...tion now,whra give momeoti? renat bet Daily aaeif

n Adur l tCla sses thcanth .nt Ann nv n Fun d t he winning I rthe wlnbereh wohae. Chi nes e Gvrne he ordy head M r. Tthe orn ditio a lo ee ra
J~li VXA. ahlr l F orC il bfr ae n LGLattele 05teec

al 10 ctre s now esta bli. ooon A',R. ( .O rN the "a A t h et a rlish jus o t wthebg n g of a fd aci isr' Maigncsa dig*@.
Withe a stient rof lla r of Inrt nt SI !nc .Pr ( Arit. vener. o. an.>ev eryhinot .o China, The ed nt i, rktng twthe thre m oaly omng o es: tahin- L. 'ra nt s LaW, Mrot wh ob m and ueo Cd
I t wus ttjr, HY th e b egin ie st .0cstipulated. for this type o live rh
all pocentres now eatablCAYOther C. A A2 iba O ci. c. H o Outstanding success of Wigis China. The Oroblem, of recota nstrue toffenc,611 9e acid meeeIor13the Hoat

,,!la evening" h cl sta rted s omeoffence ,AT bTesaidMI L. bchor, of ,, 'ii .... th...... Me K.e i--nt,: uran i sou b a th ems el v oes nto al e dcal o trhen L C y -.t .
d.veeka nng 3!i't,,H OL K i, aHgo w r I elot. sotli T ;ora Thomas's grandomusical re- tion of Chinao i far more ImpCortant f bt a nese C n u attdualie re-esatablsbt

st @ MIat tam nrmal gastic o ratos
.ee Mr- sporte d yt .sd, .(e n tcli h atAh rest a ndO BHA h u, ;,,' i ,, .,,,( : A p tr. tn the ome Chinese intudyd a__ _omah
tobe progi"esing satisfactorily, veryI rc A A Uspenster. dse suress.u oko Remember," than the winning of the war 'lot- Takyou tabletsbefresafro to der st

"good a ,tt nn tt being ". ntai lel"" same address. sae"" at the Empire on June 2 have obi e r vntp ed the fundamental Irnnds t e sirw ilA Locumaefrng Talln s horitt
t-a e anand VXWX MANANING MAYER1111 bachtlor, under the distinguished patronage changes which have taken plc*n .. .Br n hurx. AOCLotacomnobef

pverywher. mechanic , ,,, ',tO,, of th TftN.V:,,, of 4 fo ,..,. :rds .' pl ''... .''.. ....I rt hn. T achrs la fute ntbtostohe Obtan-ob. .. *,be .l or 20t Obisi
S riean he rnandoh re carrti es ,t st et.;,e.d At'',"r.'.., o'. fi s E..... l of ,i cy the ,.rActing Gov-T rini dad andl t e e aoun d icsffect sditran Co t wa 0. .. .. .ea kind h b
*e of thet r #am addess e Uthe Hon'be A. B. Wright. Mental changes can be carried out Obtcernab ino ba a Cas Of T12M

an Fer nando cnt r carries the attra ctn'MAIA"'i ^VI ,.AI m snn- le ga o same te Sud u
ifsgest roll with 259 students, while piONEL CAMVDLi., bacelori. r.cit and Colonel W. V. Rattan, Corn- In China. You can assi inte c k fur he r rolr-s to the C namisth o r d rect fo tat,
he Q ueen's R oyal college clasi e an te, of 9 i Lockhart Lae.s ands ('kiR F. s n t e reEg n s
TIT OABA mandin.ser ar. t aPort-ofer of U..-rm dpaitr cton cf Ch na eihe DIen- Po t- f- pan ha vTD.~ic
dn c studen roa n secodi "rington street. forces here, has made possible a M a.ly or with your knowledge, Pin- of the Civil omervic& AndccaHn 00 M nl a ef lia LT. inda
With a totali 1 250. ANT0141A aGARCIA,. bactielor, seaman. evc soito a ae ose o~ l Tiia
*~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a To rrbtt h o d ci g o f4 ih od iiei o ome contribution of 62 ,122.60 ancial aid need not be In the form elected officers on Friday nightPsain.

S t,' n ' ; ;seamstress towirds the St. Joseph Convent f contribution butar e In the foin.truc-m of send them to the Consul or to moments pa and discomfort
he. ca este Tiia Elcrct same address. inr. fvestm-nts. W ith Your knowledge Mr R Oj c aim n M._ _ _ as o

t". s.or l wh rtev^iuls tha L'lrut *u' Insta l'e ......I. ,ightsin ..,...." F,,' t d. men t home Chinese.B licMr. Paon Yt l Chairman of the' will R a DeR W itt'S Antard
S h. i n.tl l ed l.tN inmany r',.1,1A, ,Brun on. ,,s.tee.,t it t aier, .Cheue for this amount, repre- y' C ldln Dr. Pau told the sesGovern- chine.se Patriotic Relief Fund por, w r St. .nii c h
:ShorthanWrriitertbe hae eh some dr~es.a he t Rev. Mothe, "Chinese born here can startMr. S. Sh al"I-FookI Mr. L. Rodri- t
rrcei edmhave be ehar ote a hro te. ..t . estinz hom e Chinese dom iciled In Patterson, mem bears ofIcom mittee
"r'7. yth* ...... ~ in ... chool HJUU N f T~'rNsinte homoeke .r 'o i ,rwhleon F rida rontributi rs t ,I nw in hloo ng Ch ina by a Iue M r and M. L

Mby the EIcstn eartment f Is aA lr e l tri, f sof e a t Cl o n a0re alis i h l f m em M R R
th,.?. ntly p ntin RANDO, PH GOORtD,,,E received ,during V .eperiod July ofeiolycetaaearisi a, byopaastemeint;gMr cod' M ... O snrtstt But you get thei.
the~~~~~~ oei-osilaceteinsbiiict-maitke Of 4 A gelca 'street, eId to .11lv .5,crredthfudiptetalhngctas with them and'chairman,;MrL.RdiuzM.

,hhorthiwid wriipr.., n'-:.tll ri oitlrli., H,(l',;,%', K, ';1" ,!,^', h,. h,., ,-ir, A.I) V' ,,a .U'll,' ,ik Ml, lU, .i(" w .id Mr, J E Lal Fo:ik, who WRll"t c.i~om..e A. 1her d district. It is stated, hbut It kII r.Y ,RNT ....A In APP Ti $60,88552 working with them along certain S Lae-Fook, Mr. D. Cobham, ad
a st r. ts l lines. A health Programme for h eMr. Ciprini. staff side of de-

-t s,,.' r f '* ll ..t'. .,,'i.,. ',' ", l oh' f/ \ t f \ ~ A 'O i M ,.s .C h io w a d d re s si ng h e r re m a rk .? ... V r iv tr ~i, ouid p.. r ou t iw o r ta t o liq uid t,. ,- ^,'B f
M~r. Brutno u ,i fiit-m, lv att,li!le0a i.i.nr,,,. ,,AMtv.I. ,-n r~ iT" b(-,.!' V ~l lH/ W a / "It.Jl ^^f parlirn.uh'l\, ti the w31nen present,I I"'* mtoyiir bowel d.tily lf thuhi~lennot Jl I IA.ltf fAo-t.an ..... om~eyyu o st e~ lt *u.I >/$i'in
. ..po inte d.. o t the e-I, ,,,f t ... L o a ISr Bne stsry ot the part Roa., Bel t no
A.nlv ,oda Press .f A"* 0 (1l~ ).' slhln l* ,, t--~ -- ua lric ^ .!:e h 1 ,,^ .tgh lr l'.ya" In^ lha we^^ (,1) r UW9 your
lassertcan he opened.rntil c Am AtONDO TURih.L bachelor oft ile s Ars uh ,en d I the r"ig, h Chinese culd be started. There partmental committee. Like w
xpe.rie alisr, ..n ye fromM Ktr. ,n iwint -11io of Aie o fo s ld.bC, , h l, d. be Ibenevolent bmedicalL
) .o v e r n m n t n r r t al m w r i t r A wB,| LD A 14 s piVs te. r, Ero p e t he1), B r I; t sn h n V 0,e dCr os s p e t n s re s e r l t o p t t O S

heVPI, r e lme nt, o pnolntmeet h re- KpNARihtoRALAm, harnnN,,r. .. morn than $8,700 higher than at .w thetr courage M, stength an avWeruP 16-; P he e''- .. .ld kxifEdupt~n, old the '"ttnditvr diteit, imleer, of 142 LavintIle Ret. Si4hl $1411, 1' I l,11 $24 A Poir.lion, cannot afford to go to R doc- meeting of the Chinese Study e sore

rte for i on lant ily. Julnd 7 t Cr, o Mr l.h ..n tn% l -- A.-OO KN the lt veckonnWn tSKi A n ou twitting tak e e nemy be- iGrou in the Kuominta bg Hall, r G tr ituye

1it hl been teimitheor callv sicondedi V-s i Ter ie PA;n.CK l N"s ri 'G :F1"n ll' eve(" thn ('o'""v dons hind the line. There Is the Old 2 r
for daliy lit 'lie( ?TInePs Dc' rtunnt. ,.hel~i, ,,giir-niiir, otu ( ri iin ilrnirtd(;] 'ion.' ianncin from 24 cents tud Lady Cl iw, 65, who lead a group .. . .--- -------------- jM
fn Fern. vhere h ad ee i NA lPHANI I'I $1.101. L tritgG teo r e in.a do guerrilla. r. sro uled headquarters Inight was Mr. George eadb
la-pin-t,, I ,l i t 'rl,-et par~t of = VIP U. Rl -, OI' E enbacahelr cer k IS, 3ot .. dct n o u ti

e.--;ltly nL~tt-lici0l BS1 dAl st. MAJ'r lt fW a ctle N red er"g f li nd M14 lathn a od mou. |
:1,ofrd t ie I.AWRI.NCI. chKKHAKAN i,, .." tinttt 1. n ion t w h f orm. t hem selves into a. lgrea ly com terday, th "S n aru r s y u o r

.. .. -- -*- -- -- ) '>JIncr, ,,( 40 I~r\t~n trr'''t.,~I IrKAli j re '"tld total. sponsible f tlie present new posl- ^^ ^^ gd l1 1
43arancis-Lamofromrewhomaadcause of

f outrin r ,Pnil C o~ln re 0test .r si,"le resm kt so .r \^ ^ ^w ^e t omf 1 \
-- IAhAN lro"rxI L................ Int ion o he-po the homSunhdaysGiuardmian isacid stomach
rn sh r' ,r Mr M .p lbra fint traw l n newO riacsnd O persons destrousn of making Take De itt'stAntao-id Pow.

,.v- v t"YR .to the Consu o, .t rndav (iuardlan .orrre) dent nte New Life Movement In t tl o moments pa in and discomfort

knflf Rnflrfl / ~ n" Plf FII.;2 ,NOBK]EY, "",he"", me,"'" hah CARBOtI)UUH. ,ln;, 8 11, i. whichi a ta liaini department ha, e r^ ^ | SU' | jI F.J \ k -a /il" H
,Ji.UlgkU DOUrUJI OCk l t gL ^oS^A^;, ANNIE inld-tood here thae Mr, Hugh) benseu ,'nd houad ofgrs ^ ,fQ L Itl F *Vi- '
Sunday 4 G guardian Ctorre s (n-nen. Evelyn, Ciet Cdlerk in the War- a'e workmn, for the beneft of teir s THEnd I- 51l "- \ -V'.*? I M /
OHA UANA ,Iuly ourcan- ST. ANN'R &-1 DIEOf MA', IN dCa'm Office. Coo t. has been ap- h'ol countrymen", i he'Will go I De itt's Antacid
ded andw reirs 'Rkely io ,- LocADrPu R.o BO,.R .. aon Pii o r. .is t o, ,c led ithAs C".riotic Relief Fun d Powder acts so quickly be

test llhr ;two Mc', I;S tii te Cha-! -- Adnluni-,lra~ion Kcarboriugh, In ,ou.'tinz appeal f.-r ft rallvinB to- !& AKIr .sUl ""..a^V v,-S-- 7 /BC *I la
Ruanat. IL aia Hoac- Board soon to'- OFFIJE M AIV HENRy ST A1-1 t of ihe lU '1,, R *E J.n P:. er- '-' Chinese "orier in the hr shou ld ,O, o .. m'/mi t-t
lccome var, ln: | PORT-'P-SPAIN. I Mr, Kvewtlvt, is <':|),i4ed tn take I ion's nA tlteru t he A goa t" I, o ChinaR the
S h ot h al nd W rict ak la---oer ri J I s p t Maho ;rrmmedanq go to the Mecca andeala use itu i, oe ani dK e c s

S1 horthand \ui ri M.the Auttt'.h erTtli~r. i l ICa1 j'rj'j, s- ICO tic the wIr goXTo ChiUna -k p\\t YOUR the inflam^ed1 stmc lining;

M r H T. P, ,iick wtll, It Is under- ------------ ~. V2 -, -,.. . .. 1_l,_I__2_"1 z- '.,
l io p o2horab cr. wiY. t ......wi.. T I SI G R N E D4IC INwth a new spirit -With-
A -u te" ,tcehaptrr 1. No. l, Notice i t e ebyit'tal rejuvenation ,W K U Po t he inl d lstom c V-n
Assumes Duties IM Alo h~~r-)I,I,r a I f,-Sp(,'eche~sexpr'essive of clitn'i'I ERDiE naltestodet

MJune Ends r t rr (tn ta t he s Annuai Eeeion of ofd ePly to rtheiiVae lERIODIC' i por .e.At 'ets"t V

Of Sleeping "'KSitekneV tl h 1 hour ho!loc rn he .i out.look i d I 1 1 1 thesp rit \,
No caci of equin e encVphdome- forenoon and 12 noon, and i tween On^ wr ip e r nwe also made by MI W d Vyour food. Sounds s i
lit( were rep ted during the 2 o'clock End 8 o'clock Ii the after- r I 5 iE Conu. I doe -sn't it? But You get the A
hr dand Mr,.J F tLai Fwok. wI Without C l=I A You'flljump Oat amazing benefit Only from-

imonth of JunA. the In2ornaton t noon. o n Thurs', v 0th Julyo 194 t e Bed Full e1 Vim a vig ..

Ofnc, discl,,sed .yesterday, at the following Polling Stattnn -" I- |.. .L .._,. :^ I &' E1 ,, _.. i "1'* BA af t tL '*
*l v t~iclatron wprog rra e l t r a. '. ...' ... i /iir nkiolvn s Liv Ir sh udn,-,A. _t,'d, vot w.o. \dLq
-eat'. Climbs's $43,943'i, Mis

CIeimb; kI. lirde Io l rbow't 4 i i ol Ithis bite ts not
Mr.^ ^^ Brurinno Vi' ft t.n.o^ tl ttIi'e i.lt .1.. AN1i 1.1. t^^i6l t^t bitS Ce \
u the staff o mof thi po g-t- -spal, .. ,it, 'c i. l_ I. I c C o I, i he 1_rem i'k ltor t.rttw pis u

SeCg DAl avtt ,' the inecon platot,'" o I r- ,,rt. _'',,i T.i'_.u_ i bt,.'_ s I of theI r 'oo I ..,,, t"t ,ChineseC onsul-at the
Gazetteo"' : A. Nii'NApPnlA lollafi u tie o i lint e et '.rrin.a.ry oftie part igrevY.yurood.. .t. w tb-tIju t bo up yo-r
"Mr. Darlev Jordan Press Of- Ctre. nLem tber oin el J ., d upwat v, the-rising AuihChint wotne replaying u," In t; h uetbowelt"'s b" 'oatr upyour

asim u t.i uy1 I k ssrncvajICS O elrheone etc.'. I.r eonthey Brtis h r edCrsnprt sharing t" ee CI m I tae heslmu ar .tee W e t
ATrer attl each d to the I information SAN IftNANDO t ide of Cavnynwspuhle int't-o in thi great s hm Vegttruggle.abe Compound to re- nd te ,sour \ w
tifcell, (a so a newly appointed RA D~ hri t abousn~rer. ef V1,. eat, heightened by the stirring ox' "The women in China,"- sh wild the world books punk

t ,lvernmt short and writs hll an rate o an the d ay of U INRA ectonster, ploites Of Allied invablo forces i saidtare vry- big Aobardboveme-nt dooImt gett t

taIke .pl],e, on WpdntidJy. July 12, J. H MA'NGOT p / ,tet o Brit o R edCrosspa rt'* in" _M ,.rr tno har mfl oo f lc auseIt, l akes m2
Mr. CRoomlt' Patricka, Daector otIb n Warct n. St, George, oA NTy O special Invasion Apcarly Pna n's str ompound-4t te- made I fe" i *
LAKN o tistr tNICh istayestidny 43,93.64 notfeel upan u" P W E

IdtAtlonA will AprKFeside, atd M's39 tr.4-nona itncer /td *oalol'.d ath roth -It h l f o tntal' over r own le,-aI a sn yrR i ginA m a I ng t \

Veatrick will pnotrinute nt. e ct.irt.-Warden- A 9oncAl AI. ,lr o ,th $u,7r00higarnc th at, o rh ter.orae, trenth I Ftl(rr i LA f on-e o.c d acl \
ortr'd for rdt i- nFriday.July 7 ttar.of Mrafo thhel t ic ho ndng pill ino o twttn t hc en emy be-vciarIhe llo Coy, b n, a t A tcd t A .

Iconcrt p rogramme. 3'd V pt1 July, s Ii ofMara. etIn c l c w .s l ,Itet- 1,0 .
fo P-s . A'iRIilFNit Lyda niove-tnkh amsolovona hVEETABLE COMPOUND li5Sn J riiF Isthe / O
o dtI 1US aiA rri A at IIIT Ta.of- la Ta son lo'ncc ,.oiL ..ing from 24 events to Lady Clw,.5I, who leads a group 1
f11 i Aru -rAtt, M J U I/U N / v.its. he hid I't I n l etiA ite Ai I s f ntit t i pi i..o..f guerril. from headquarters in li
irias cillst' rt i.ItI IIie rsee AIv g ll ind nts-oo-ifa olid the mountains,

S DOUBLE VSINGLE & ARAN, dtimtiiontill the fund to "Madame Chiang Is gr r -
l m ples sponsiBe lepreseit new pos -
J',our To Contest WRtstt.IiSAA AVI I '4.IA. ~, s,(FIs lt 'TOBAGO --------------ion of women in China. With her,
4'~ r iu~.UiL~L I thth,I m SlE tcameI., t.. dPOTthe reotgari~sattioti of the
6F,5P~ntet,, o suna ( uardian 4'urre%piindent. entire New Life Movement in
g o a d B o a rd S e a s F11c Rihm rt 1.i SC A R BO R O U0 1-f. J i.. 8 It It ir a iai ng d ar ett h i
hudyGada oraodn.Evelyn, Chief Clerk tn the War- are working for the benefit. of their RULE fl
ONAIUANAN., July '1-Four can-.S871, ANN'S & DIEGO MA ",ISN den'.i Offief., Colii. has been at)- fellow cittyrn'ueEI
didatens aeerepirlro likely to tt'Jt2 LOCAL ROAD 3055RD. PO'niled Pritlipat; offieft P istril-t M~.chowntrivltiTHEdAwithim
Rings L-cl Road Bo a'r. boon the OCh I CE-'.HERYAdinltnit'a tOil Scarhlot tlhIth in FiLISitig appeal fhr a tallying thea ARggtg*,g oe ',
beom a d Ot! saidxrhoon t if I,(,' li'a:(--i4- tn F, 1 ii. P~I g'hr r htre w t
occme'aon ,wihtaepic PORT-OFs-sPAIN. Mi. Evelt tl is c:pi' ted to takk~ 9;iiitrtto Chinese women in the vA tol
At heek tlitSiihth tkeplceover dtttties it ills'I, itw 1p,,t OI i .1 a eaod.r he aSel,.n
o l T u s a j u i% 20 ,. th e o u tg o in g J l 7 C N t V A N N A T C L M j.1 ~ ~ j ~ W "
nime,.NjH F Robinson anldNO I EJl 1.1 C INU )IN EX CLMI -0 f it,.1tt: N
N t It T P atilek w ill, it i lls u n d r- 1AE ~ m l ~ 3 a h 4 ~ 9 l t OC0 ot jO'A -
WO 1,b pporiellby Mr. Shorab In &codmne wih Icnter-G K UL U cI
Kh l ld M r. 4. R. Ohoon. In aof dath eRe i thsedcOr ina nc s, 5P0- to ( lst I ~~ ai
C chapterr 16, No. I Notice is hereby in,~ ,1
JlenPds 1irce given ll'ai the Annual Election of maeest ttoev 'EID
O S l ep i tgtS ec k n r h l mes sf o e n o n a d 1 n o o a d wt o 5re l i e v e Ej o i l l l xa s v l e
Nocsesfequineg Sicknames tween the, hours of 9 O'clock in the FO SE
rpied during the 2 O'clock and 5 O'clock in the after- 0 LP
Mot fJul)('. tileInfornsatiotu' no on. inThurs'eoy'v20th July, 1944 iALL P INjal1 tt, 6
diclse&ystrdy.atth flowing Polling Station --And Its Weak, -,i t.e%0
10t An'iot~~-


86 Frederick St.

- 'Phone 5097





Enough fwin 24 Hours,!
It 1so ~lone Bece sary for intone have besn -ed- to beip eier -
so .uffer fro~m ulydisuetiMn and die- ekin. a t rItreamnt to make5 o ok
Caurin skinblemse suchaas ecsoma-morne attratvt hl o infina
lik nai. pples "W411- 1 Nixedm ho e hlwed bring r neer.
a en a bfaekkeada. *abvilee and red healthrer shine1 thouteussds ouch ae
bloteh* without the benefit of the Mrs. 3I IIt=. T~o Rivers BC
uno4 proven treatment( flt dl Nixe. Canada, who rocetly wrote: -Siyhu.-i
eem. on't bet a hakin make yon band suffered foryre th"n fee Interlr and cause you to l1ee your lit. coadH1lon. di tritd manyalvebut
frlse. Nip l-ar your akin thia new none ive aen but tnmporary r-lisf.
aoitrl).wa'. and Ion't l t a bad akin Many, af
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