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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Current issue also available on the Internet.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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b. Tins
. Tins



No. 8,167, 27TH YEAR


W % 191L

Ns1^ S\ 01

?31~ iou c~wrs

Shattered Gateway For Freedom Forces

Opens Way To Hitler's Europe mM

rastated by Allied sh Are ad Ned demelitin squads, the v1i ta pert f Chwbe Mpresents a
rry picture Of detuetet aIdlaMSlY after 1t capture by the in adint fese m at Mdem., e-
mshtrut*n work is already eW uNder wa and iM wen ut e e i fere the tirsatolie rt it fully
stored, Its quaysde bustlg w ith activity as the Allied liberators p er a *esltat atoam of milli-
ry supplies threunh thi gateway to Hitle's urepe. Then the wd-eMtabHl-o ..1, waniyse 1
Ip illustrated In the map ea the right wil eNexand to embrace tOe entire ad strangle
e Nai beast In his remtet lair. The present pelitie can be een ff a gafte at the map:
ie tewn of L HMay d 'I 't eneitced and belied; troops ftronm captured AreS, In a drive on
L Jean de Daye, cesn0 (the Liver V ire from beth sidee of the threatened towa; and every-
.wUere Allied poeltiens maintained or advanced.

Super-Fortresses Bomb Jap:

Homeland As Nazis Lose 1141

'Planes In Battles Over Reich

V *,
inq~' '

izis Stiffen American

Assistance And Est
- --- -- .-----9
American Troops -.
Within 10 Miles Explosives Unearthed
Of Livorno In Nazi Embassy
1y OLAND NORGAARD LONDI N. July 7 (Reuter)-
uy (P) Massed Allied officials in Rome have
i ly 7 (AP) Massed discovered a larI number of
Its of 24 German divisions, explosives in the Germa erm-
trced by hundreds of new basy. Most of the ex osives
mortars and other weapons,, were In a cellar in the embassy
fought savagely to halt the garden and some were made
i offensive against northern up to resemble lumps of cnal.
while Nazi engineers and A search was made in the
r battalions sped completion presence of the Swiss minister,
e def'nce. of the so-called and after the explosives had
o Line been removed the embassy was
Determination to forestall returned to Swiss protection.
mnmner offensive against tie , ......-......
Gothic Line, of which the
it battlefield form only the
bore some fruit.
w est coast, the American De Gaulle Sees
agint IVMGWas broug~
11 3 ftis.short Of
and the enemy still fo4ht ia C 1 1
close quarters in the ravaged
Sof Roignano, although the his a
tant high ground just In front
positions clear to the Adriatic
substantially unchanged at. WASHINOTON. July 7 (AP)-
sterday's Allied attacks. General de Gaulle declared today
some Fifth Army localities, "the year 1944 would not pass
aemy even attempted to gain without the last German In
iltiative by efforts at Infiltra- France being killed, captured or
chased from our soil."
eruption of the Allied march Speaking to the staff of the
ad likely to be only moment- French delegation, General de
ut It was evident that-the Gaulle declared that France must
toward the main bas- make Itself "great, strong and
t the Gothic Line in the free." France knows that Fra le
Appenines would be slow must be great or disappear."
dnous. De Gaulle spoke of the cult of
nnaissance disclosed for ex- greatness and stressed his idea
that the Germans are work- that France must unify herself
erishly on the fortifications and rebuild herself by her own
Puta Pass area, 20 miles efforts. He stressed confidence
of Florence., that she would soon secure a poll-
Fifth Army is still more tical reunion that would be strong
10 miles south of Florence and profoundly democratic, and re-
the intervening ground is make herself from the point of
and well-defended. In ad- view of social progress.
the enemy was reported for- The general emphasised t h e
Sthe outer line along the need for closer relations between
river which flows northwest- Metropolitan France and her col-
from AjEzzo which Is already oriles, declaring the empire is "one
ended by the Allied thrusts to of the most direct evidences of our
ice, thence westward through greatness." He stressed the solid-
Sthe sea. arity among the Allies, praised the
hdrawal to the Gothic Line progress of the Invasion forces
able the Germans to short- and promised that "soo our own
teir lines by more than 40 armies will return to France."
sville radio said the Ger- UNDERGROUND TALKS
ave evacuated Florence after President Roosevelt at a Press
nI t an open city and the conference today said that his
Snow under Italian admin talks with General de Oaulle
ter states that in the Addi- would not include any discussion
figtohd cover a great many things, but
tor, forward troops have on the possible recognition of the
off several counter-attacks French National Committee. He
PGermans ih toho said today's talks probably would
iapproache to Anccu ie A. deal with the underground move-
Stroops have occupied Oi- ment within France, particularly
wven toffee south of Ancona ) ""L^11_*>._"tclr
..ven miles.South of Anco.a in Southern France. He also said
S nh t that e U.S8. Government had a
leicans Keep deal of information fits
own on the subject.
Sai an AdPresident Roosevelt said the
Saipan Advance conference would deal in a general
Sway with questions of civil admi tn-
JIUNOTON, June 7 (AP)- istration in the liberated area.
leto Amuesican nmc, When people come down to t

domuiue anoune-^WS
Yr thaotln ertc a "n question of t civil adml-nto he
"are continuingtoi aneon sal they must remember that the
Strong opposition oan Mal. part of France which ceases to be
bile to soutn of that Marl-a military zone and becomes a
d, fast carrier task forces civilian wne is the only thing e sUb-
tacked Guam and Bo'A. Ject to civil administrator.
MUniquesaid Inuthe A reporter asked what the de

attyc maner oneat- to -i-- adinitr-ion
ground fighting United Gaullist representative now are
Troops have reached a point g in France. and President
two miles from the no Roosevelt said they.-were serving I
0. Span and that the liaison officers and that allt
troops had buried 8,914 forces were working In Perfectly
reports that the Anmel- friendly co -operation.
commander on Sa l-
lwled u thousands r Chinese Open We n
give themselves Up. A pen M %eA
W" theUnm states Of Burma Road
i' spn says; that the
_n l udg Gover nment CHUNGK1NO, July 7 (Reuter)
are hidngw In 'heane- --Chinese troo ns, advsoc nan1
of north at e It Is the rntier eaernarma.
Cited that thme"arem o"r eh a v W now INV about a -olof t
1.000 of them. Another the Mu nw oad down to Tfng._-I
ve already been interned.) chu. to
A Chnaki spoowa said J
Clerk Jailed In .sM fInot e of
&e Case Sequel utwe China the c MleIr

C fa e arraspent. = t. One yl Staff pt

mf Sti at somewhere about ln
tANAS, July .awl dAY ,o ..*h daltthe mt apae
clerk.wasSenced by roundteo and n
5h(Jordon at the Vaglas- wto ithO the defense
~ut here onn ady n an announcement marking
mns'hard labour for lb start of the edghth year of thea
40ato Afasaffidavit. aOwar aeeGnerhaltaefChit
~followed Anpoeal Cin"oenrlara u
of at Inmthers teso t If$,
~ ~mig ~ a~ ~ewewtl0

s Cross

ablish B

Foot Patrols

Sent Into La

Haye du Puits
FORCES, July 7 (AP).- America
troops In Normandy in a new at
tack at the base of the Cherboul
Peninsula today advanced to wide
their 30-mile battlefront and sen
foot patrols into besieged La Hay
du Pults, crossing the marshe
south of Carentan in the face 0
h'avy fire with several thousand
IMM fraotth Vise Rlvr.
An advance of several thousan
yar across the Vire was score
in an American attack *hic
opened toward the west In the d
r ctlon of St. Jean de Daye at daw
and took the village of Airel in th
first hour. Headquarters said tc
night that the advance to St. Jea
de Days is being strongly opposed
I Reuter says the Americans es-
tablishid a bridgehead on the
west side. Allied fighter-bombers
roared ahead to blast the German
positions wnlch have also been
pounded since before dawn by
American gun-fire that so Im-
pressed the enemy earlier In
The Germans rushed up artillery
reinforcements. including new
heavy 170-millmeter guns an

Montgomery Pays Visit
To American Front
FORCES, July 7 (Reuter).-
,While the new American at-
tack was going on today
southeast of Carentan Gen-
eral Montgomery paid a visit
to part of the American front.
In the field he pinned high
British military decorations on
the tunics of a number of
American soldiers.
threw In other forces who counter
attacked from the western coast t
the Carentan marshes. But th
Americans hurled back thea
scattered counter-blows and pusne
forward tn every sector,
[An American correspondent,
speaking trom Normandy this
afternoon according to Reuter,
says that General Bradley is al-
ready across the Vire and his
troooe now have to face the Job
of forcing the two coridors of
dry land covered by the enemy's
gunfire. The Germans are using
rocket shells electrically fired.
Some of the burst into flames
on Impact. The first men to get

Tito's Men Gel

Cabinet Posts
LONDON, July 7 (AP)-Klng
Peter today announced the forma-
tion of a coalition Cabinet headed
by Dr. Ivan Subasic as Primi
Minister, Foreign Minister and
Minister for War,. and Including
two of Marsha it's men who
came to London km Yugoslavia
to represent the guerrilla chief.
tain's liberation movement.
General Drala ilhailovlch
former Minister for War. whom
ITto denounceed as a l"traitor and
Nagi collaborator," was not include*
In the new unity Cabinet which
Was the result of conferences be-
tween Dr. Subasic ani Marshal
Marshal Tito's Ministers are
Breten- Vukosavl. a Serb, named
Minister for Agriculture. Food and
Supply, and Minister for forest
md mnes: and Dr. Drao Mans-
mc, a lovene, named Minister of
Oommuncatlons and Justice.,
Other Ministers include Dr.
:u= fhuttj, appointed Minter
of rsanee sad Minister of o0n.
121 and idustry: Oav orman-
4e. o fef%. with a @Ipt porto
lIo-fntesal Affair Social
Wear and Health Za Ministe
f oatructon: lbder Oskar. 5
e0nes. naNle tor ot du


2-Way Blow

Air Forces Attack
O i I Installations
And Other Targets
LONDON, July 7 I AP)-More
than 1,100 American heavy
bombers with strong fighter escort
saot down 114 uerman 'planes
over Giermany today with the loss
of 36 bombers and six fighters.
United States airmen, flying
from base in Britain and Italy,
? 0 .,, t hurled 5,000 tons of bombs on oil
Enem ".pn 1 W t '"' M, Installations and aircraft plants In
i .'. A etGermany,
d Ea. arcraThe day's big battle was over
ite Leipzig area where 3000 tons
of boms were unloaded on oilh
refineries and synthetic oil olanta
Gree R Soviet Cloat Littvendof and Bohlen, fighter
dgehe dlln n Vila plane assembly plants at Mockau
r i and bomber factories at Bernbcr,
Hable and Aschlersleben.
S bAt the same time 500 bombers
I rev ed d ay tt s aOng t -lna flew from Italy, attacked oil Ili-
stallations at Obertal in Silesla,
R d Ar Sw and an airdrome and rail yards at
..... av fo oRed Army Swbe SuZagreb in Yugoslavia. it
The bombers participated wita
Enemy Shipping To Within 100o Miles Mustangs and Lightning escort
In Aegean Hit Of East Prussia and a number of enemy intercep-
tors were shot down by the fighters
LONDON, July 7 (Reuter).- and bombers.
Middle East aircraft are keep- By RUSSE EI, LANDSTROM Intense anti-aircraft fire was
Ing up their attacks over ship- LONDON, July 7 (API -- Rus- encountered.
ping and harbours In the l San troops closed tightly around Pilots of a Liberatort which
Aegean. Off the coast of the outer perimeter of Vilna. that bombed the Odertar Oil and cokeih
Greece three supply vessels ancient city less than 100 miles bmethererthrc0li and o t
have been sent to the bottom, from east Prussiat today with the plants where synthetic oil Is mau-
and several others have been aid of artillery and air bjmbard- featured said explosions followedI
Y badly damaged. meant and continued their we rd the bombing. Results on the other
S It is revealed today that BrE sweep all aiong the 350-mile cen- targets have not yet been re-
Ln tish and Greek raiding forces trial front. ported.
t- have for some months been South of Vilia the Red Army Reuter reports that R.A.F.
rg striking at the Germans In the probed to within four miles of the Mosquitoes last night flew I
Wn Aegean islands, One of the important railway junction of through thunder and lightning
id biggest feats was the destruc- Baranowicze and in the area of storms to attack trains and
ye tion of the supplies for the the Pripet marshes, oviet forces other German transport in
s German garrison on one island, captured a district centre. France and tht sorties were
of One detachment made 20 Ft of Viltna threatened to shat- continued throughout the night.
d raid in the pEt two months. t yet rmi German maintay, Despite the weather, I e a
ThenS r JM l ne SGermans to keep thousands oft effect ual resistance along t least the enemy or the elements,
S men on guard in the Aegean. that part of the line from Dvinsk he Air Ministry says Some

h r sd u f t e S p em c g t a 0 ml s t he s t ea t he Airp M[inistr say om
3- to Brest-Litovsk. more Mosquitoes bombed in-
ci e With its fortifications already dustrial targets in western
itie s ar e ro under heGavyartillery bombardment. Germany]
D.- D eclar stand aerial attack a.nd SoviA tanks Reconnaissance photos show
Sand infantry so close to its outer that nearly 400 rail cars were
M. a ti defa ences they could close the gap damaged ith n the0 American Libera-
a ta a w In perhaps a single day. Vilna tor raid on the rallyards at Be-I
Mar ta l a La reported to be placed under mar- iers idn southern France on
gur'- V V ilnp trial law. There are reports of ris-Wednesday. It was announced that
In v~na Ings and mass arrests. Earlier re-artin of crowded Ger
sports said the Germans had begun ma ooce ains wo groued oe-
__. f h r o t n the evacuation of Vilna. mntroop trains wax ready to de
(Reuter states that converging part fo r northem France when
By EDDIE Ge LMORE Russian armies are within 26 they were shattered ly the air
MOSCOW, July 7 (AP)-The miles of Vilna. raid.
SGearmas today declared martial Even more imminently endanger- The photos showed at least 1I0
IN law in Vilna as the Red ed was Baranowicze, guardian for- cars were destroyed. One expio-
draclhed a the o rp e rme Army o t tress before theVilna-Warsaw rail- sion destroyed a train of 25 oil
reached the outer perimeter of the road. Here Marshal Rokomovsky's tankers.
!!enst, s chi n powerful guard units are driving
Yustas Waletakis, chairman eof through the German deence lines
the Presidium of the 'taSupreme less than 10 miles to the southeast, F ie
soviet of Lithuania, from Informa- while other Rikstan units are
tion from underground sources, jockeyin to outflank the town and aps Fired O n
made the announcement in Moe- veral rail line- linking it with
cow with the additional fact that Vilna. Another huge column men-
citizens are barred from the streGt aces the German% s Marshal Ro-Eytwn Gs
from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. and are kossovsky noises to lash out from -
not allowed to walk in streets in the Esranowicze-Kowel bulre m to- ftANDY July 7 (Reuterl.-A re-
groups larger than two. ward RreA-Lt.itovsk. Should the lief party of some 500 Jap*ajese
M. Paletskis revealed that upris- jaws of his nincers, now about 1 e0 with mules who entered Ukhrul
Ings have taken place In Kaunas, mile. P anprt, spnartl. y'e nmv for- from the nordLwest on Wedne8dly,
Mariampole and Vilnaus. Great ces will be trapped in the sp1awl- were aired on bv their own guns.
guerrilla groups are gathering in Iny Pripet marshes as well as in Chinese forces in northern Bur.
many sectors as the Russians drive Pinsk.t ma have gained more ground in
for the borders of Lithuania. (Reuter states that with thi their half of Myitkyina. Allied
M. Paletskis said that during Russian armies batt'inr towards fihter bomo 2rs are keeping up their
*the German occupation of Lithu- Baranowirez today, they took a attacks on Japanese Positions
o ania 30,000 Germans settled there ple, within four mile of it.predsn
e in addition to "thousands of Dutch Between these speariheadwi h bombing and strafing trenches and
e Fascists." The country's entire in-Rl ns have killed or cant ,,red maohine-gun posts.
d dustry was Tlseundy said, and -7.000 more of the encircled Ge- Cochin levies. opetalting with
mtrn forces east of Minnhe f Chindit forces, shot up a party of
the republic's largest rubber fac- the south Marshl Rokoovky s Ja nesea trying to croas the river
Stry, "Inkarasl wa destroyed "s southwest of the former Japanese
Well a the textile factory at ,P EAs TURN TO PAGo E, cOL. l base ofMogaung.

.,,,, w f*tln...,rd .no" W-a*tterang Sc he mea Can Gi-Wve Cictwudhty
Special shops and a market "for
Germans Only" were set up and1
fthe Germans' ration wa, twicesW a te hse a G v C
high as the Lithuanlang'. w,
I U PaletakisAssnerted that 0.i la
atKua,1,00a keg,. Million Gallons Extra
000 had been killed at Vilna, 35,ooo
atKena,12,000 at Ukmerge, a
t 9.000 at Untera, and 4.000 at Kre-
With the deaths In other nlaces, OffICal disclosure was made yesterday that Government is in a
he said "no doubt the oermans position to supply Port-of-Spain ith an exta 800,000 a s
h killed 200,000., e a eta 8
Re said a new *ap of dea water a day at a fortnight's notice and a further 700,000 gallons a
portatln to G oermany began in day within the next month. This revelaton is made in O ovenment's

Mac this^ yeart whenty' 1 0 rOw w sathta iutnhem Sf to
March this year when d 00n00-- reply to questions by the Hon'ble Gerald Wight, calling attention fol-
males between 16 and ndre- lowing the recent convent fire to grave fir hzards In the city be
roundedup. cause of inadequate water supply -:--- tT___'_
s uppo -to the watder manst In
Mr. Wight had asked ; city of Pot-cf-aSain have to be
Att Is. Uover nme aware. e o rft ,eclse tr wo --. ,
H.E. To Attend fa that the M Brigade had to 2 Our in order to conserve
turnout, fortfire calls 7ttumes dur- water in the reservoirs?
' Navy Day Services In.,,aanav orone ge6. IsGovernment Also awar
o _4Fdd it everrAvedays? othone III onea 'd a half ail n to'
It. i, wit. the t. of the 2.# Government r two million ,allons ofcetra water
. it owmper il cInmorate the11111411 OftUN f te officer in charge were made avatilab to the city pear
remembranrow as a* ab s nanutl of the F3Lre Uia1. do not .consis d v the valves could remal1 t
rememb.ance to bu the Rtoyal ah Of aedn Li call but that and a pressure of 401b5. to It.
Nav and. Mercnmjt wy for their hs tinme should be fully ta" en nl ma,.nt-i.,, in the insiO eve iii
,vauahi .. t.... ....o to a d m ain- v-J th e t rai in of th me., ail- Belmont, which would give the lire
tamingbte deoctration towey o ....p. .. ...f....,.n. .- rgae bterOp~tifltV O

ma serve at oyTrnty at 9.- 1 the answer Is in thae Of-.IM? ORTANII

the-A.c.... .o th mau a les to 0101) mll ou~te ss~ppv of water to attack a

ste wll7 de..ve the addres at becle m upo to perform the du- win o~vunment agre that
- a llo ae to Hs Matasty's spa- 4., is Go e a m a aw are that Satlresult Se the Or sps~ m d n ohe
'gal.fnd .or ditese se en the remit esvea E.rg the w~ later dtoni nearby (as nerl ha-
Roa shle Ca r. g- of m~m je~the & s twe lah5 tens ue oe f ting ~ n
m~m cgm mu. I per mT and heefr Islm.ayI
Spe. a unes for members ftally in eat to due with thisef ..,,,,,..d_'o..n probleme

the m isus e ocsn. ke lam the ei l smeellagl tha tm.Steg uSM P a 5. 4ek. U

Danish Pilot Steals q
German 'Piano
STOCKHOLM, July 6 6Reu- 1
ter)-A German fighter, a
Helnkel I111, made a forced
landing in Sweden today after
being fired at by anti-aircraft
guns. Out came, not a Luft-
waffe pilot, but a 19-year-old
Dane who said he had stolen
the Heinkel 4rom an airfielL
In Copenhagen., His idea had
been to get away to Britain.


To Argentina |

LONDON, July '1 (AP) -An rti- t
cle in the Libtral weekly, "New 1
bmateoinan and aN tlun" asid that
thq recall olt tihe Bnlash anu Unit-o
ed btatcs .,miassadors from due-
nos Aires and hints of sanctions
a',A.lns. Argentina, inulcate that
the thata. ol American security
has become so great triat here, too
appeasement must be abandoned."
The news,,per said: "Argenina
i remains a danger spot on the under-
belly of the new world."
At the same time the Conserva-
tive weekly, the "Economist," ex-
pressed ooubt that relly's recall,
"has any effect on an obstreperous
Government other than to stiffen
its intransigence." The "Econo-
mist,', added, however, that Anglo-
United States solidarity wis suffi-
ciently Important to overcome Bri-
tain's reluctance to follow Wash-
ington's lead.
A statement by Sir John Ander-
son. Chancellor of the Exchl.,u ,
said that the British ( government
fully supported justified complaints
by British in estors against unfair
treatment in Argentina.
Sir David Kelly
Ln Rouie For U.S.
'WAIiyftNTOl. July 7 (AP)-
Cabled advices from Buenos Aires
ro.chlng private quarers disclosed
that bir David Kelly. British Am-
bassador to Argentina, Is ea route
for Washington. The State De-
partmen, declined to comment on
a report. The British Embassy's
spokeanan confirmed that sir David
Is on his way here but de-
clined further comment.
Sir David vala ordered to return
to London for consultations short-
ly after the United States had givenn
Instructions to Mr. Norman Armour,
Its Ambassador to Argentina, to
return to Washington, also for con-
sulti'tons. Mr. Armour arrived In
Washington during the first part of
tis week and immeditely began a
series of conferences wigh Mr.
Cordell Hull, Secretary of State,
and other high State Department
officials on the delicate state of
relations between the two Govern-



I.--A -

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2"WA 'OW
.a* 00*

[ 4S >U s Ta2m k.............. .... booo

P2"'MUBR com- CAINN & CO"

Sasebo Naval

Base Raided

Yawata Also Gets
Bombing From Huge
US. 'Planes
The Army announced today tha$
in aerial task force of B-29 Super
Fortresses has carried out a dar<
int assault at one of the fountain
heads of Japan's waning seapower,
the great naval base of Sasebo I4
the Nipponese homeland.
The gigantic new air dread.
noughts based in China also paid
thelr second visit to Yawata where
'hey unloosed explosives and in-
ncendiariles an that industrial
:entre- source of one-fifth of the
enemy's steel production.
A terse communique from Gen-
eral Henry Arnold, Commanding
General of the Army Air Forces
revealedd that the twin attack took
place on Friday night. July 7,
iTokyo time), the seventh sanml
versary of the Marco Polo bridge
incident which started Japan's war
in China.
Sasebo is one of the three great
naval constructions In Japan
proper. It I on the Island of
Kyushu. Sasebo, just north of the
important port and industrial eity
of Nagasaki, contains an arsenal
and marine corps establishment as
well as a naval air service base aIn
addition to the sprawling navy yard
No drills of the attack were
available at once, but the phrasntg
of the communique Indicated that
like the mission three weeks ag
against Yawata, this was another
night attack by the hIgh-altitude,
hikh-speed bombers.
In returning to Yawata alter .
three-week Interval the great
bombers appeared to be following
the strategic bombing pattern
over bl~ ytheipnb
rorf, 1= 1"M
the enemy hnsHa te to .5
repairs under way Is followed b
another blow which wrecks recon-
struction and keeps the Inrdustril
plant out of production
The blows at both Yawata and
Sasebo were aimed directly at the
heart of Japan's war potential.
Only two other big naval base
complete with building and repair
facilities to shelter the largest
warships are believed toexit
In the homeland. Yokosuka and
Kure, which, like Sasebo. an

1771st Day Of The War
Against Hitlerisma

S1 1

Parloey C

Booost Cari

i F tIng amoss for trSd d0

ad up bmrnem with Canada a
T2 f.h e rmeof the we ow

K- br lwaAm~ean Carfl|)it

o tlr has, be n oued in Um
atlo a which also bar posrt-
t pt the Os ktkw to a stevpig up

be "eabrogated as a result '8! Cluse
of b"teAtlantic Chrter which a
t tets lck ofiatlppre-
ciUtn of the recolpruto naure ow:
*taulas It be; stated In
C k 'O~fcato shi av *peare
y o heUnitWd tat ad Now "M
SM thee Ottawat reB t of
.' 4#d the Atlantic ChmUr, which

Inl1es Tran mn o
{ pmentis how a ackt ofaprefer-
Whm res the reciprocal nand r on.
S h thefere abr on l stor thnd
US \ ~ 0T Utar Ap*nt would .have

-effect en other minor-W
M' noles rTade Airffemelnt ad on
I th thprtacilpr o Izapero rfr
tf ense
'$ Whereas the Cmumten wa ndB-
shalih Preference on sugar and
*r baanami &3 well other minor
S eztrW Is of vital Importance to
th" West Indies and Britlh
B1e it resolved: That this Con-
ges strongly urge on His Majesty's
ovcrnmenta In the United King-
dom and Canada the necessity for
consultation with the Governments
of the British West Indian Coleoies
iand of British Guiana and British
Honduras before arriving at any
Decision as to the abrogation or
modification of the Ottawa Agree-
ments or any alteration or remov-
al of preference granted to the
products of Canada and these
Whereas It is Impossible to de-
termine to what extent the post-
war trade between Canada and the
islands of the British West Indties
and British Guiana and British
Honduras may be affected;
Whereas the terms and condi-
tions )f the renewal of the Canada.
West Indies Trade Agreemen: will
have to be negotiated; and
Where it is most esential that
trade relations be firmly re-ehtab-
liShed afterr The war;
Be it resolved: 'hat this Con-
grss take the necesary w'ep s to
bing *to the notice of the Can-
dian Oovernment the dstirabUlity
**. of convening a conference of dele-
gates of the Dominion and of the
Islands of the West Indies and
7 British Guiana and British Hon.
i duras at an ear'v date, with a view
S to discussitng the further develop.
Sment of busie&s relations a ter the
L war.

Whereas the Importance ".f the
Scontinumed maintenance and ex-
pw lo, of the steamship service
bnween Canada and the British
West Indies and British Guiana
and particularly the provision of
refrigerated space for the carriage
S of banana and other peiaha4ble
n p-oduoe, cannot be overstated;
be It resolved- .That this Con-
es s strongly urge on the Cana-
Sdian Govevnment. the vital neces-
sty to make plans well In advance
f or the continuation and improve-
ment at the earliest possible date of
the steamship service between
SCanada and the British West In-
dies and British Guilana; and
Be It further resolved: That thh
Sassocietion get Into touch am quick-
a Isa possible Rwith the Canadian
7i Chamber of C'mmerce and the
S Canadian Manufacturers' Associa-
tion with a view to securing their
active Interes' in the continuation
and imnprovem iw of the steamship
service between Canada and these
Colonies, and. further. 'hat a copy
,f this resolution bA forwarded to
the M lonler of Trade gId Corn-
n mercer. Ottawa.
Whereas despite lne ..... "i ot
Article X t32) ol the Canada-West
Indtes Trade Arreement of 1925
great disparity exists between the
freight rates charged to the
,., asaller Islands as compared with
tUl larger Colonies situated at
greater distances from the port of
a]ilpmen*t In respect to the same
S class of merchandise, the excess in
some cases hein; as high as 50 per
*Cnt or more; and
Wheres.w this c'#criminatlon in-
crea.ses the coat of living of the
hard-pressed people of these smal-
Uw Islands;
.Be it resolved: That this Con-
ptess urge that whvin the time
comes for the renewal of the
Canada-West Indies Steamship
Agreement provision be made loc
the rate to the anall'r iLslands not
to exceed the rate to the larger
A islands In the same area by more
than 10 per cent.
S Be It resolved: That as In the
Interests of trade with the Mother
0 ouontry It is essential that ade-
qulate and regular passenger and
eight services with refrigerated
sace by British Lines between ihe
unIted Kingdom and the British
west Indies and British Guiana be
provided as soon as practicable
after th? essation of hostilities,
S this Congress urge that early at-
S MntUon be liven to Uthis md.
FT i *"
SWhereas it is the avowed purpose
Of His Majesty's Government to
, Improve the standards of living in
the British West Indian 0olonles;
r'" -td
Whereas In order to achieve this
Ift will be 1neocsary not only to in-
erese our sent agricultural ex-
S3orts but ao to establish new in.
eutrie; sad
Whereas w "are in general agree-
J k t with time report of 'the West
adan Conference held In Bar.
in March, 1944 an Industrial
..lop.sent, advocating the m-
tablshment of .eonomteully sound
usttria in order to diversify our
r-eent economy and provide a
ider range of occupations for our
**,*nwagpopula tiots;
,t 1 rmolved: That His Msa.
yi Government In the United
S-and thi overumment of
smka a ed to provide for
Wdi'.+41 industrial ex-k a.
dr ll~mueoonsid-
B of each

*-Ki1 'W~iMta tMm l of the




P,$240 Fin
bbe Economy'+r SM1

- oetI h rulbcrbsm,6Condritioi
a111iing to yarg ; TWr k e 110 Delerthanyd eo no
Id te UIL S W 011 4 1a])M40her p IduaI

uWcdtt con lto"ai
i go to jail. far all
rl sapl urop s o .ta m Pse t PAi a fine
ieadt-w M mom, po a.9(esed byeMr.W Ane
cularlye her fo r Ba RnapuL.ta he d nd a
DW H E Majety's aDespite the fuct od
G ,overnment^ T~ Q... tS r adpn ae oehemd
do= ih Wes nd B hert hindat ew
Guimamna e e toda a up We that she did not mt
tIn he ye In ; eplani wc e a G io ed with any of lhelr p
Bz rr~ORWLVZD: TM tHisgab""t r entty, piesw fer a pg t en ReadPing from t re t an TAAd J. t nt went with
Majga -~e (ep i Csaa-W.e 1 League). T. LGik (.e111 n. Trade Ceony.o es at Imle). F. W. Tt She denied polka
urged to consider guaranteeing over ysterd &ty..uLgt
a period of earsthe puredmt of i.tL.o C. I Wael (Itserrt). W. C. Reanle u(rialad). R. Di (. K ). F. CaeteiSt. beeve that tew
all staple uW craps of thte r es..e Lu *W te WO. 3. C. D ksoit e Saaer foa ete d eroduer A.S.Naweodato refused to do onthat
d adBi Sh *eat t Air Guiana. pe Harr Kison sesilesa ). G. S. W. SmlitGrenada). 111. 0. Sesird (ILO.), T. sell the poicensx
cularly where producetion at uch B. Prok(ft adi R. W. TIfmogusan iaaless), D. G. Lomase& (Darbadis), A. deU lambs(that- he demanded. as she
relps bua been expended during bades), W. I.. Alien (TrIuMad) and J. L jeaye (Antieg). session of eight panid
war-Umo aS t the u 1 e Ge n of a- a and a customers had
Majesty's Government; Carib n tnthe iu p refpecv governments in the vance foat four.
AND BE IT PR T Caribeian Vlof then drawinSuu entsUrged-
WSOLVEApD: Tsehat Iv enn order to t of ans for ctional SAdoptbg & s ic
lVDh oedep roe tm n and to teach adolescents S cities To SeekTo i Food Drive remo,=
ducias the Iptt We aisoroanr t adults crafts and occupations ou h
duc- HtI na Gv tropical agriculture, n- reet Audit Service wo oithouth dceWri' dhisnf.
ernmenta be urged to undertake yan stinheg arpentry.canbiet rbn ak-F e A Sriiag d G udianCarrede eirt et of -iv es
Investiga tio n ollaboradba w it e t lm l nty a le-m k iT a 41G ada several feet of lumbe
thse o tra orDe velopet ,watch-rspalring, draughtsman- Pointing out that more than TACARIOUA, July G.- Pointing nie before hewas ea
an dte ndsltr y "eonl-s e paI ndo ting, etc. 80.000 persons in the Colony r out that the chlldrrn of 300 TtM-n evicted on an hicmt
and Welfare and the Industry con- 1V That His Malestv's Secretary members of over 243 friendly Idad schools could, in a determined he w#Asyesty lnwi
cear tRled into the production ct r of for the Colonies be r- societies which cater for tWeir effort, produce $a0,000 worth of nde etea in
data will be avaitrlable o assist e i pectfullv requested to convey to the social and financial uplift by yams and .000 In eddoes. Mr. arat had already
Mats be rentt to ariet at appropriate Naval. Military aa way of loans, funeral benefits, Arthur S. Kalloo, sppeakig at a tultat thehome of
Majesty Government to arrive at Airt Pore authorities the nei fr etc a resolutio to be moved food production drive meeting at ca st when he
fair marketmsuch training to be given to svin at tomor-ow morng s meeting the Targm E.C. School yester- to remove It heto a pltha
personnel from the BrOttAh West o the Union of Friendly So day. courted the support of about intended erecting so
AI TRANSPORTIndies and Britil Gulm prcr to ties of Trinidad and Tobago. L0 pupils to help boost local ood shelter.
WIee S Air Transport be- their demobls:n. urges that Government which produ ton. He tot to know fro
of paramount Isportance aft iesary the, APECIATIO T nw PS pf, aboe asked tollows: pay Ephing that increased food kno trot
Ing rapidly developed and will bef laow pays h af, be asked to pay e n ofatheatincrasildfo trate that, having re
Sof paramount Importance after the EI OLVED: The AsSO- the full fees for auditing theeinvading fight seriousness with whi
wareand the po o t eted West Indian Chambers of societies books. ing forces must mean a cut in the viewed the stealing

WHEREAtSr the prxUimso of telated ^ Wes Inia Chmbr Blof s SCNA BOn OG *a Imprte food^ .
Briish West Indi sad Briti Commerce. assembled for the At the meeting which takes aondrminds im red fo ese articles such as tievse.
Guiana have been i ncrdieaned by the Seventh Congress at Barbados. plce at 9 lock at the Co- perencesofd943. Mr. Kalloo told clean record could
luac of phrape facilities fo- h offer sincere ocngratulatlons toI operative Bank Hail. Lharlotte them tt was their duty, now. mn-e Into considerRtion a!
ckmnulal c o thbet e ent o 1 rank Stockdale, Mr. Charles iStreet,. a group photosaph of than ever, to help in the food cam- cse deserving of pea
Ceommues nitca th Ibetween ther Ts g and their associates on the union's executive will be paign, to meet the inevitable food prisonnient.
selves and with the outsidenworl theff n C |aken. se
and 2, Intermal transport in the herAnglo-American CaribbeanItakeO. shortage by "surrender of their
case of British Guiana and British Commission for the good work. SI- play time to clean up their back Previous clean o .eco1
ceHondurast. G t nd Brits ready done and planned fr acxe-. .... yards and around thlr homes antd Texiera satied him fr
odBEa IT REOLVED: fo at p cution in a wide field for the im- j uivaUte every available spot, ment yesterday when
Majesty's secretary of St ate for the provement of conditions genera lly planting eddoe', all varieties of evicted bv Mr. A. J.
Coloiaes be respectfully uf ed- ein the Carian area,w hich m et cALE B AC IO assasa, yam, pigeon' p o.n, -., the Second Police C
(a In any International Agree- have involved much detailedi- in etue and to rear more poury ccusation of assaultin
,,men tI may, nternoiralee uvese attention, hard and unremitting QUEEN STREET and rabbits." rlngton occasioning a
O- irnme.t may enter for the, use attentIon. 2 onspicuouIn a re-A. C At the close of th address the was ordered to pao
of civilian aIrzraft of foreign coun- markable degree for its svmpathe- RIDAY JULY children promised a ready response compensation and 1

s'ee oh' h ntdKn-Ofc fWrInon Snl eSrn n ates a nchiden rmsearyetady t respos choldr en~ to and $1
tries of landing bases In the tmpre u~Iostracted by Col. de BoLssiere. to do their part "to share more serve three months'

tresoflnoding bederaion otthe Wem st fmrcr a oeb rts n Ro d y~es Colecr dev TRaolm col ___ --
to include the Britith West Indian (CONTINUED ON PACE 4.) Messrs, Rodriguez, Kenny and lully. in the joys" of an Allied w.th hard labour.

ito inlue GoheBrietish wn epes Covite also forur opa!ihAercnSaig l~i
Islands. British Guiana and British+ Brts Chati, bers. victory, Convicted also for s
Honuas tuhe reeo o ements h-idMESSRS. DEARLES LtD. t beating the woman,
Hondurasin such agreement wher.i i ar O very T Texier ,w ordered
ever possible. wl sell I)-,- Auctiooraservey21sdayl
bn To m ake arrangement. by ii lot of Furasture, Tools etc., on the oss or serve 21 daysv r
financial assistance if necessarY, for t Premises "above as follows 'T o beea toh on for t
an improved and extendiedinteri 0 Dining Table and Chairs, 9 Pc. M ep the Peae for al
colonmiSo n service fulley Hear d cation Talk ep ec_,r
colonial service fully adequate e toaSuite of Drawing Room hairs, ar lo n at Accused bv Sub-lin
meet the needs of the Csrlbbean Flm iSoon Dutchess Vanity, Sideoard with e 'f tir it
area in the PoSt-war period .. Mirror, China Cabinet, Holland Trinidad Guardian Correspondent y of sre. aind s a muo
ci To foster the extensl.on of sir s P als l of h o W SCARBOROUGH, Julyc-Md tere, and tube. NichS
communications within BritLsh' PtAicoan ar torv of the slnce.v ot Blinds. SCARBORHe Jul y are: r. A a
SHamilton Maurice, Ren silent In- was yesterday commit
Guiana and British Honduras at i arwms in ouste waer the WEST.INGl O1USE FRIGIDAIREd J. Hamilton in thein n-

Oulu ande Brtsli Hondura a!V ^ I Alliedu~ arm in4 Tunisia' ector of S l,3 addesse tar.h.- eB~
essential thtlo ig.f teot combined atilesa o IMusic Cbint ad lot of Records. spector of Snools, addressed teachton ta
a e development otoPictureBooks.2 Spring seat anae:s at the carborough Boys' EC.s Cot to A tad trial
resources of the Interior of these RommIantid tn Ari g Pr2 rg adSchool on Saturday morning Arona
Colonies, and a new film "Tunisia n Victory" back Morris Chairs. 2 other Morris the subject of Post-Pri mary Classes
td To promote a Brttish Tranl- which will be shown t Trid Chai Rd Leather Pouf the Mr. Maurlce pointed out Cthat in l. WEST IN U.S.
Atlantic Air service between o t ne soo, Tabls Special thermal. the scheme issued by the Director News was received
United Kingdom on the one stdeh Succe.sor to 'i.e best-seller, HANDSOME ORIENTAL CARPET of Education it was made quite Mr. Malcom .. .at
Aied the British West Indian Is-Desert Victor nn (iepctedthe Steel Spring GLIDER, leather clear that teachers were not ex-in the Educstion De

aBrh rtsh W s nin Is-"D ser Vic mtory lut "Atfrica s fedt e ^ i m ^
lands, British Guiana and British achievements of Ge funeral .ir Ber- Cushions Useful lot of Mechanics' pectedto attempt ev:ry thing sug- secretary of the Civil

standard~pere serear ofin tof Ci epe o. ieaighst r nte w T rl~st,T H I-- H~
Honduras cO the otsh so is to nard Montgomery and is all-con- and Agriculturl TOOLS, Garden heated there but to do what they elation, has arrived
Bavoidt GIon detour for ptlongershqong hath Army; "Tunals i Pump and H e, MM .e iUnited'Stae. Mr.
In both directions. Victory" wva prepared by the Gay- Wterinu an, L r j of u httS .
ernments of alreat Britain and the each with a Mirrors, 2 China Oabl- Mauric-. id, was very keen on the ard University. Was
ECONOMIC FEDERATION United States and is being distri- nets. Handsome Raman Sideboard, work of 'he post-primary classes, to study medicine.
buued through the Ministry of In. 2 Washstands. Brasware, China as It affected the childr-en W ho
WHEREAS it is generally can- formation and the United rates and Glassware. Lot Office CTars, were about to leave school and it
sideread both n the United King- Office of War Intormation. Single Bed, Spring and Mattres, was ncesary that these children
dwm and the West Indies that the Actual production of this official Goose Neck Readin t Lamp. 2 2cc- shoutdeprpared for life after _
economic federation of the West film record was done by British and tro IIers, Electric To Train corn- school.
Indian Colonies might be of benefit American Setr cc film units. olete oil Table, I Flit Gun, Wall
to the Governments and people of The picture opens with American Sharing Glass.
those Colonies: and and British narrations giving the, Sale on Friday,,th July C uva Group StaR em em
I REAS it is further consid- background to the news of then at 1.13 t Jp.. ----
ered that the freedom of movement landing of the, to then, greatest a .5pm
and uniformity of practice result- armac,. in history which carried Our 'sil conditions of Sale XW omen's Institute
ing therefron would bring ea d United Nations troops to their first Goods o view from Wednesday, Wh
prosperity to those Colonies:, bi rendezvous with littler's hordes 12th. A women's Institute to carry on
BE IT RESOLVED: That the In North Africa. Interspersed with I)EARLES LT.D. welfare work on lines of the Wo-
Comptroller for Developmuent andmusic and the personal experiences Auctioneers. men's Institute Movement in Great Present stocks sre
Welfare.In the West Indies be&askd of British and American service- Britain was formed at Couva on
to ins-titute a survey withth least _______eBianna omd tCuao
... ....i...Leeayhn its obtect- men, the film moves over the whole Wednesday. until the war is ov
possibt panorama of General IkeEisenChosen president is Nurse Mil-
ive the ultimateieconomic federa- peweram blinerflItsen- New Star Theatre dred Boyce who convened the meet- Coal Tar Soap wil
t .onof.te.W.t.I.ia cone or hower s assembling of his Nortl'(odTMSa f

ins o.cr are Mr' A. ^ ^ tMOKSG SS a
ton of thoe West Inian oie r African army, through the convoy ('ARAPICHAIMA) g. Other officers are: Mr. A.

o a rhfs, orde toe th whecu ndelhi-c"--M-N MARS Ma.. na,.. LEw Of..t. We I.
Sthoe lon oich -s ,rouh thea uValley.vce-presidit; Mrs. D. Cole the st at god
...ndr asonad s.thuu e gthi ten watersana and RO-IIINE BAHRA presentstoyo treasurer; and Mis, P. King,veram '
tur hems enItve constneration. t o- n Atnthe c odacroducton"t
(a) Thefosteliinaftin of. la-Intcman edMedrterranesan tht E PonuSat.,PJulyueth,r1wl44, at e.30p.m.toretha nersammc alys I

tio ns whichte ndg to cnre- t th evnua olas anMotlof e th Gand Rivierber a.C. Scol- we rih'
Jainte."dfilion heavtir ton of gtheh Indian Stoge Show" ready enrolled. We'reJs.rreebut
Ab- f-e unioiaatwlnlorciustom s Iotalin mainlandoGeneral emptton's
entry ftouristin order to the tnes under his coan MANNO MARA$, Manager Fetg s.t.. eweano it
ATariO.NAL TAIINGblomand. zero hour, the actual lah t -REwaygod-it
'e" The r"pletio'n of su"ch Lawns, h ihiga Csbac n Mr. J. Thomas, Government
.... .. ....... ....nd rigM IteAtish-nar"ator s Afi cas
themslves th urination al the intermedfary stages right Prfruce-urchaser,wll lecture on as ove as,
sadard eoflimination-of-te pe. on to the capture of Biserte oend CacaoProduciton" to the pupils wh
tIoft which tend to create the eventual collapse and total of the Grande RivieratE.C, School
B nnecesh G anadepen i n the elioonthouldhav fhee nae-fameysagainplenty.
entry of touristiInn the i no cAfor tK or al on dCap will also receive prizes from the
vasue ctio e Coloniest NToerima occupiesuelgantodull.reetia E lectueerWforuan-easyonthepo imewepromiseit

ofcatmasionrefcec inctVICHY LAWSn esayIoENpED
many trdsadocptosd LIntrig uln taey '711euteerl..- Cngsystem
VOCATIONAL TRAINING blooded warfare ending thaOURthe rh ... .good--ifOnot

withndthose Itvngothrprso the Regolo. Commist ioner noft Omeon hstOOreeN~______________
wBrldsh susdpni tishou arratoe aiemdiAtfric lawisfnde 1 1 _
BEn IT treSOLVD teir Tht other measures passedo by Vichy th &. gI

__u_______commn _ty ___No__dveninulaody quds I b(mlye" om Iy j- i F rDetl im

representations be made to the four yeAPPLs Soa

mlmidl eilmdlmlml 17 CHACON STRUET w~iMT.' LAYMAN 5
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to pay $10.50
and teo sim f
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Spector Lash-
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olag Stephens
ted by Mr A.
Second Police
at the next

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former clerk
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safely in the
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.pp* Officials Deny

iscri ation Allegations
TnUTim or racial prejudice does "ot Wln laVa s adtita
Imm bwe but It has been necessary Ina obtain eam to ip
rne to forewn sailors, who by asome WAy or other, found itbe-
a stranded in Tinidad a" had to be got bhone, the Tidad
iUa" learned yesterday, on Investigating report that many West
S&eamen desperately In need of work and seeking it were le
while dilps went undermanned.
Is only natural, one official
I, to put an American seaman shore work special forms had been
ded here on an American ship prepared. whch would entitle ea-
rference to a local sailor, men to Mobtain such employment..
other acaes where a West In.- Anwerlng a question, this mine
ailUor might have entered the offlelal said that seamen who lft
y illegally, that man would be hen for the U.S. and who were
n a ship going to hist country signed off there, were asked to join
Smaster of tie ship only the seamen's pool In that country
id a man to make the run to with the understanding that un-
Scountry. less they Joined this pool they would
uting the allegation that cer- not be entitled to payment during
ships were plying under- the period In which Vtie might be
ed between the U.S.A.. COan- without employment.
nd England when hundreds One of the provisoes la joining
se-eamen were Idle here, one this pool. he remarked, was that
Sof the US. War Shipping a eaman would be forced to go
stration stated that no yes- on any ship to any part of the
aled from U.S. ports for any world. To this they objected and
of the orld undermanned, did not join the pool.
uela leng V~~US. ports," he He said that only seamen sined
oued. "are Invariably more o,. in the United States were ell.'
anned than undermanned due gible to Join this pool. they
tato of war existing." were signed off after returning to
iacements, he said, were made their home port they could not
s port with West Indian sea- Join.
provided vaVancies existed --
no American seaman was T i
ded here. Preference mustbe
to American seamen at thisillicit Rum
who must get back home. H t e
akin for the U.. War Ship
Ad tion. this oal Trade Halted
"We are glad to hire seamen
v Allied nation locally, when Turning off from growing more
Scall here requesting crews. foodto sling more rum, Augustine
ent. quite a number of local Pierre. a Maraval gardener, be -ame
n are employed o0 vessels of entangled in a police trap on Thu---
J.8A. assigned to this area. day and vesyMtrday was ordered to
E JOBS Pay a fine of $300 when she was
ce at the p en he convicted by r. W. J. Andre in th
e at the present time," he First Police Court on accusation of
tded, thquantity of shlp- ling rum without a Ucece.
rasin tro ug Trinidad ha. Police indicated that with her
greatly decreased due to other capture they have sto a racket
al areas In world re- which, It was stated, was In opera.
ig more ships, the opportunities tion for yeas, and which they were
ing themselves for jobs for h lesss to counteract tlthc
Indian seamen are fewer thanth new of te tence, because
Trinidad was at its peak In they kne of its existence, because
Trinidad W at I peak in of the positlor of the place where
rdng. the statement tthe illegal lIquor dealers operat-d.
arding th s n that Pleading guilty on the woman's
stmen could not obtain emr- behalf, Mr. John Prescc solicit'
ent on shore, a Trinidad Gov- admitted that the task o excusing
t Gficial said 'iat while a her conduct was a difficult one. but
ce Law had been instituted nevertheless urged upon the nmgis-
bv seamen could not accept rate that her youth be taken Into
consideration, and drew attention
fare Studento the fact that she was not the
Iare Su d t beneficiary but merely a toot of a
tsuerior brain.
tsW fr S nd"Off Eforts of Police Conrtable Ser-
rieS, who raided the place, were
Had Guardian Correspondent commended by Sub-Inspector Har-
PRBOR' TOH, July 5.-Mr. C. ris, Court Prosecutcr, who told the
,tley, of the waden's ulfflce, magistrate that it was really a
lven a rousing send-off on his wonderful Job done by the police-
rure last SunCxy on the first rian, as for years the police had
f his urney to Jamaica been trying to get at these traders
he oes as a selectee for who carried on the illicit bu.ilnss.
of training In social welfare -
rt from his jffl il duties as En ieer Leave
pondence clerk to he Ward- Engi1ne To L a
SOttley was president of the an d
students' Assoclatio i of the F a a
a's High School, honorary
ry of the Tobago Libr ry Mr. 0. D. Barton, Distribution
ittee. .onorarv secretary ql Engineer of the Trinidad Elec-
cal branch of the Civil Ser- .trity Board, whose contract with
violation. and honorary ec- the Board expires on July 31, in-
of the -al brain h of the tends to go to Canada, the '"Trini-
CA. dad Guardian" learned yesterday.
S F. W. Ross has been ap. He will spend some time there
,d secretary of the Lib:ry with his brother. Mr. K. Seheult
hitter and Mr. Hugh I -rrls succeeds him as Distribution
e vacancy created by Mr. Ot-. Engineer.

rvous, Restless
PaMt"@ elhi rFINE STA
7f (Mled ru. aso,. h *-4

g. rinuemll er ia-p
temtl Don't acepta smub.
,Oe Lyd L Plebam's
t hleCoame s.L Imist on
euslnl mad gemlhme.






min 10 Kilo Tins

own Corks



-10L & joz. Sizes


yoRT-o- pmw

China Fights On Council Settle

SCity Water
'Meter Cames

The Port-of-Spain City Counl
at their last statutory Meeting .p-
rvled two recommenwdatles of
rWaterworks and Sewerage
ommitte e with respect to two
cf -?- metered city premises, oes
r sting an allow ance of 1periga.
Sphere water had been wasted
the wholW night, the other re-
commending an allowance as ax-
n g t sve consumption was due to a
I defective tank which could not be
i discovered while It was syphon-
aI.n one night became no one was
cn the premises.
SIn the first case, the commit-
tee made their recommendation
U'. Ioafter considering a letter from
SMr. C de Silva on behalf of the
owner of No. 113 Queen Street or
edeked with flag of the United Nationsthe u intang a No.S Edward Street. stating that
was headquarters for yeteda'ys celebration marking the seventh at 630 o'clock on v the n iht of
anniversary f hina' ga- -. The last April 17, the serviceppeinn
annalve ry of Chin~asa tgaCinstJapanese 4m 9 all alk Tof l the liquor shop on the pre miex
banner strethed over C ieinnisters reads: Double even -- the ote rem ien.
entb War Anniversary. At riht, Miss Attong receives cash while burst, and despite attempts by the
Miss ro Wah pins n of the flap on Mr. La.ut Yuksang, In the turncock who was sent for for the
rand tg sales drive In aid of the Chinse Soldiers comfort Fund. purpose of locking off the water
Ieieal Mentulo Is made of the e two ladles who rchaeled the this was not accomplished until
highest total, electing approximately 4M. 9.15 o'clock the following morn-
Ing. with the result that the water
n ,.II si flowed to waste the whole night.
rh e sy ola n y Mr. DefSilva also asked that some
Tobago 'Bus Service reduction be made in the amount
of water used on the premises
Tn i s Guardian CorresponentThe letter was accompanied by
Inldhad Guardian Correpondaent Mothe Itua recommendation by Mr. C. R.
SCARP ROUGH, July 7.r Farrell, favouring allowance of
Inauguration of the proposed YLOW0 gallons in respect of the re-

pnuuat iorn. oft the pneratop osed fot o iefnsad onv e nnlI rndd
G e e 's rc elevart quarter.
Government 'bus service here -n> set With respect to the second re-
was stated yesterday to be Yesterday morning the white sun commendation, the committee ar-
awaiting completion of gear- in the blue sky on the red field-the rived at their decision after con-
S teesidering a letter from Mr. A.
age to house the eet c 'buses. Chinese Flag-fluttered over all Claylon Smith asking whetheras
Meanwhile, transportation dif- Chinese homes and business places a result of the inspection, at his
ficultles are reported to be as the Chinese community in the request, of the water service at
Colony commemorated the seventh No. 13. Abercromby Street, it was
steadily Increasing, with more anniversary of the Sinn-Japanese proposed to grant any rebate
buses going off the road for war, or "Double Seven" as they in respect of the charges for
lack of tyres and want df major call It. water at the premises during the
Girls paraded the streets offering three quarters ended December
repairs, paper ags for sale, doing quite 31 1943. and a report by the City
.. well everywhere. Engineer on the matter favouring
Chinese from all walks of life, the granting of "the usual allow-
many of them from the country ance."
Trinida d us est g districts who had come down for pThe committee recommended,
--the occasion, were about the in this instance, that the charge
streets with clerks, businessmen for metered supplies be made in
and those merchants and others accordance with the provisions of
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent. who had closed their business Section 329 (4) of the Port-of-
places in honour of the day. Spain Corporation Ordinance, and
ARIMA, July 7-Suggestion that The whole of Charlotte Street that a rebate based upon these
Trinidad should be the leadtin is- and many other city business dis-ttr ebotebasedupo n
tricts looked like Chinatown with provisions of the amount paid in
land at this end of the Caribbean all its colourful display, while in excess be made to the applicant]
in matters of social wel.,lre was the Kuomintang hall itself, the
building was hardly recognisable
thrown out by Miss Dora Ibberson, un..er the array of flags and otherU Nava Base
Coclal Welfare officer. as she aSi- decorations. "
dressed members of the East Indian China's determination to fight
Welfare Association at the race on to victory over the Jap ag- --o RunNewspaper
stand here on Wednesday. gressor was expressed by Mr. T.
Tr,icing the growth of philan- C. Chow, Chinese Consul herein The United States naval base in
thropic activities during the 19th an interview 7ith the "Trinidad Trinidad will soon have its own
century Miss 'bberson pointed out Guardian." newspaper, This periodical, yet
that England was the centre of "We Chinese here in Trinidad," unnamed, will be tinder the direc-
tion of Lieut. W. L. Sheppard,
social welfare work. said Mr. Chow. "while far away Educational Services Officer of the
In the West Indies, she said. Ja- from our home can help our U.S. Naval Operating Base here,
maic % had set up a commendable Mother Country im- easurably by and will be distributed free to all
pattern. With the integration of our efforts to mise funds and to navy personnel in Trinidad,
the movement here Trlni',d should foster better relations between Intended to serve the entire na-
be the leading island at this end Trinidad and China. Therefore, it val base here, it wilt supplement
of the Caribbean. behoves every Chinese man, we- the work already belong done by
Mi:- Ibberson stressed, too, the man and child domiciled in the section periodicals like "The
Importance of the spirit of co- Colony to do their utmost in the X-Isle", the official organ of the
operation and self-help, and re- pursuance of bringing about better maintenance unit of the Seabees
herring to the aim of social 'welfare relations and understanding. (U.S. construction battalion) in
work, she added: "China has undergone many de-..TrU 1d1 of which Litut. A .
"Outr Job I. to develop In the privations and has suffered man : V lllard Is publisher, and r. .
people the will to live better lives." setbacks, but these nave not sue- Crehan, BM2C, I editor.
Among the ose vebenttcerded in crushing her spirit of "The X-Iale," contains a number
Among those present were Mr. independence. On the contrary, of novel and Interesting features
St. Clair Ash0by. Deputy Mayor, Mr. each setback she has suffered has like "The Fact and Fancy" edito.
F.-lamat Ali. and Mr. J. B. Sam- bewn an impetus for her to make rial column, "Our Prying Photog,"
~rgo. greater efforts.', aand "Platoon Pickings."
I . .. -.



Do not lose your taste and yearning for

quality. A good personal note poper is a

joy to the writer and a tonic to its recipient.


obtainable at


24 Frederick Street, 64 Queen Street.



Wiener Style '(Skinless) Sausages
Beef Sandwich Spread
Corned Beef Hash
Pate de Foie
Beef Stew
Spiced Beef
Beef Sausages


Lunch Tongue






are here. Come and see t
new premises at 23 Fredp

hem at our
'rick Street

which we ore proud to soy w"ill be cpenn
from July 10,




Large Shipment-


By -

Alvino Rey,
Benny Goodman, Bob Chester,
Coleman Hawkins, Charlie larnet
Duke Ellington, Dinah Shore,
Earl Hinds, etc.,
Four King Sisters, Freddy Martin.


Wuite. 3/hfAi.





Only a limited number of dim available.

PHONE: 4164-5 :- IDENB 8Tt

4w-ww w o ww w -- - -- -- A A






"r^ up.*



Sims 5-1i




Stands"; ULif
Ainuraee Co.
etasblshed n tahe West
Indies for years.
Matmn ~Square P.0.@.

Roiel Naval Club



tI a edanmO

SADMUSSION ............ /- '
sen. ILay Members-FER.


S25, Chacon Street

tuesday 1 lth
July '44
L. P.M.
Instructed by Mrs. 'Ai'bf.4,
Mrs. d Laesds Mrs. bmart ina
other, we will sea suct n ooa ac
useful items as- Simmons Double
ed. Coi pring Oad Mattre,
Mahog, Double Bed with Box
Spring Mattrues. Cyp m Bed
Spring and Mattress. a i
Sprin Mattress, Twin 30frow
Bang. Press, Mirrored
Diwuer, Mirrored Dronsing
Ohest of Drawes, Wsb hShad.
Baby's b and Mattreu, v Play
Po., OanvetsbUe o-OM rtoamn,
ch Chair, Mecano B ing'Set
Dining Table and Chairs, Side
Board. Chl* Cta bnet. I.P.
Ware. lasware. Morris Suits,
Rattan ulte. Wicker Chain and
Table, Writing Does, 2 Burner Ous
tove, 2 and I Burner Ol stove.
Beatrice Stove, le Chet. Water
Cooler, Kitchen sad Pantr; Wwire.
m-erL tooer. Waxing Broom,
Trt Ctonti wBflu, lr'rm Alarm Oolok ett
Irns, 0tov4 Mot Plate, Toy vTra*0
Reading U Ml ok and IWAL

Items oin iew frem noO and
*oy *wsw~s u ro





'"' III [J I


- - - - - - -





SM gm a. ai

SO- mbl SA Ii Germwny. Sow

*pfB az m.r-aeu~ riaa th
am a o W Mraam="a^M&n

l M i allwa. f JU LYm aa D

l' l Not Wean ir wi nh N i
an evaoincreaskpg sigs that
a llaniw well In thmea Ma al r. Oer
rumblings T eme b Geo n omM
A Nutia b w de Wofan e

< ] ette ru x modf a German prtooer.
: mpwr ( -rta A m Sat f ay

es ..am. O as.e Cc pug. o=a .er

: ahth haedn thepir wnmlbe1to
I i : c Is ted Ira I M." s ,Ce OM. ow-
c- .liersan owrte ageMn radrOa-
: WenerTu-'toe tan pso b the nhoth
jhzx yew am aIeae o Mchr UN&
deusnatn frot have fallenhinU eto
giAed ham&4 e In ItalY lAstk We uWbme

s letter was found ar eMant er.

ar not immun3er from deth a on Srthe bale-,
,Plao tet ueat ithia sea wtpfpmy

*J teonEte t the cSi.atir of theal hldk
Tn.e Thery (he AMOr) aM d PIXYtngw a
I; t&Dear.Dd-fe game MU it The of t- f

j' canm do e gus as .bey .e.
^ ~ YM II e R=u.al of"V-e2;aS;:r~;?

eoir, thtShe G'-ti~an :de KJor rehemr
th Futh Rtzeen thfreuent practtes
ce. f Gem l ers t r b uor. atgn to
contend r.Zi'.i to.Sie wthe start o t
gnra of t?1e -,-n 2wi wokh in
i aepng ithe Gefrm =a. ton- t Cph -.

fieldb the nmber Mos U~aee gdsrp
th owtrre of the abSalica.e rs thean
Pi zgfted !n thleir Tina~bCC. heyrv.
k .They know tes o har of d9c aring h

North anr=a. and a did he Nazi gerra

U the teato of a!ao
tn Rumsja, there .g:3 ti1 cnarce 0ofhe
Pr.es, the 0r-eks, :he Czerh,!-s. or 'h~e
--c bLg *-Per. And the Saz4
leader's wfll have their cwn armles to
contend ,r,-.h too. Since he start ol the,
co-ordna~ed of.Fensive :,n Normandy and
Rumiaa the Oernnarns have lost nearly 30
genera's. more than 2.1 of them on the
Russiwi front. Th.cr: :-zcne~htrg very
siniter !nl thts news. !or while generals
are not immune from deith on the battle-.
hield, the number "ot seems dlsmropor-
tsh tinatee to the casualties of the rank and
file. There Is no way of discoering bow
sU thase genera's died. It may be. how-
cv'~r, that the Gerr.;an nd~er remembers
that it has been the frequent practice
of his leaders to abandon h~m when
th~ng go wrong. Rarn-mel cdA that. in
S North Af.r-a. and so did the Nazi geneal
at Sematopwit


In any came the loss of 30 Nazi gen-
erals in a month wU:l cause r.n sorrow min
the Allied camp. And neither will Hit-
ler's sacking of Marshal von Runstedt,
-announced this week. It has for some
time been a question of who should go.
von Runstedt or Rommel. The latter Ui
a passionate Nazi, but von Runstedt be-
longs to that aristocratic German school
which has long realized that Nazism Is
not Infallible. So out he has gone,. ap-
parently due to "ill health." Had the
,list of Nazi generals killed not been so
.high, he might, however, have "died in
-action," as other unwanted officers have
Von Kluge is the now supreme cornm-
:mander of the Nazi anti-invasion forces;
and as he ha& a splendid record of de-

f-,-- - ..- --









l^'-~__ Ia,. .

moomima mim .mmL U? 3= &m

S21" 11a Government N
3V= h4C1WnM mum ciotm=lr M
&oft at sof^to a* i^^^ Wgft e *am at-fc W^^^fB "I *,&*I weS \ I Asws I slgyms^_ ^_ ,
sS^mIimw % S ^ g railB rl Imm ,> --o-..... ..w 1
mi~plfmf. tuimB dmoio -- o> i Notice- _-To_.,

atUthe r apann Ri~kU p.p COtr MWae r-S a- ^ 3 ^-I cu ori t m
unn n ft nf*Jse umJftS

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-et.h.. te ~',, .. mem eThI ,l .. ,.-_m J .', . -,' __ ? m n m i i I ttl uQWS u!. m 134 t.
i* wwceut=10tft age1Wf"We me-

-=; **. <- .' 1 file *n Ai ;i ojlg.+ r', -- .> M I it m~f Jei\ Hi ton of mi GV~nrapgilUaI&
TndA d Fnendly Societies jMrs"^ay' atlK (T day^ of^S 2^^-

an TBuany the"atnIvy d qme ow qu it iv e.f ia *S f4 u: 2 goes ft, ode

In mrbn un VwA h amaatoaatical dei' utrui I%*ymboo a Is feso ik*Cut
e wne L Tbhe --e'I egotes w M . .. .... ia B n a of July. IM 4 at 913

uu~rlio d the need for a ught rlm by Ieg ng w hs. uglIli ,, ... ... .I e itrlld: "h thsOd Ot#
a, wi ltv tm ee ir i ew -e -- .o. . ..,vi ew t o iM .M -n, m e eu a m W A d .a d r ift -. . J .. 3
b on_ y, _eh a __c i o t i o hat l ta r M - e m _ he-i -s.e_ __.__, _-- .U .S A aW r. a pt c B

.-- ... -- ". Cngres s...i.---! W :~ ly l^ recmmnd eoatosuloni r~iu .
Ic's 0intoWilkwe s t h a s 'll 0a e W nf t top e wort wamn I V..... .. .. ....'V" 4# V n j ,,ufs w.,
rS o.stetsesn others e-h 1 re Chambers Of Commerce Mi seSyag A e j.oos tG-sfe
te ~ ~ f utb aw. ae c rto h s n t * 3 a i ( w I 40M SUNwW~ lu aLnn IMW~ ~ w at^ a lpif vA^y -^" on 4 N0ofti to btea

anM 4 theM post lon aterItwas ov- rr rleu l- . P est.fw o Tir e StPN-U. .o arvie AN maen a

oabus thatthe er bliqe they IM Srf.t,. .Toma n., w & h W the am Podso _woWme_ etr uw itis aw m m m m~ i ll l
gazs mn to myd, ae d1itL hm C. jaw, Ise&
fdw wh teet zntervertun of has Wmt_ ._, A.tM- wstwo"4, am. .. l < Jm p^ aofeCmma e rte ItMtfc J ti frL.d 19 l

Adeali on=. toiha"d ~l~unp h acnd- [ -wmant w prieuma to h esaw rl us e m ent VMS aie ha te not e am 800ft we be arraso tic appi atma w
l a n d I mt * Mis- v e ohteOr " r el x m an y s c l tOw m r m a e v l p o r n l p e n o e c a d s n t ef i r t tb a n c e a n d Msu bj e t ato t e d a f t e r t o
kkd wounded ueard bas done liue ft tw oponoa v. meean CV2 V p eXV-urne oVn lbtai kfoth e atmoti taic Tor th 1
ManvmCD Re~t ckazaRr, suapreme Comm.
good ii. .w ur -atw 3a s athin m t. ir e pona oy omz- an. aanudener :or .he wermsts etC lso. a d G. 6&COWL
Corrutobtain ets hhme"rit; P^ -T -r-mm w. l, ', 1fl
hws IIs netpper allbout a nruonad te .. ng'-,M ri.nenti" g a .
-,==i, mt wV rt; d WW = '9''S8 oMOL- OfZ"-- 6ofa d- Tobagoi u e,
and 1her e m7 fltwh. t1 ms no3t -*"o^e ttmt . ,>' i "i--CONTROL BOARD NOTI,
mf hit t h ate Sens of t-.-nd.1 Scv mies B aw s B -- V tog _-.p __ ,w ^ i e l *
d aa -. I^ i^ w^y ^ re^y 1 1WM ........ SPORTS EQUIPMENTI _w1.. ..

r --e rf jl *fa^ C~tCW ma ,w. --B|( Ijc[ha-By O Ipiii w -ri 0;2 "* l 'as ?aa u Sfa -_ ,~ii r th nrl*
It .- r berlin f~
t e t f radf. Bwt 1' Co e ;. t i ; t U r y ren B. tcah ThBe ai S- f. r aS a thlis
umcf tfcers do ao ta~r'c bs-" es -d ,MB. 'touit. mBm a* airraaaw as ___ rwB~r so *c~p A~i __a~r-t ?uak^613 3SS)q

M t r .U I n D0 0 m E t J n u IG a j u l rll i. m a -, e c n w i . . .. . .
i the m ss of tz::o *;u-*lWlCt a, lit w a *femiew1" u'Tbw -AS w[ 'to.a .w BCON TRl BADNT
,,^> o _ 7 C,...... -_Is )M -tIM "i.iu* UIM a*~at a w a rHt + {a, s J
-aef tGC S wi a t a7 a ... C*

Iteol ce cofiene n retr t i ven. "g. O swwin zn armpec il -p' - t.o s.he bectVenUV ae b-
CT W~r.7 ff pelitni Creonu aem rUn ha- S ml P 1 B a S EQUIdePSMEN-T *- f 1 Te 1 h he r iin
we aw. b* e-n ?uzz.z. 'wtch eo:..- osasisso naayuto' wg^ e~eit ^ wsv caSSadm %1 tMe 5uW Stu C Str 5%&m miDS& m
ir r a jz c!;- S.as^ ^ tS f i2e ; :e:~d. the propcs1 is r':-t :^ , :. i.4a ^ oporte t alnBl tor nract ad Le x "hbV . ..t G "" .1 ..C flo-l 1s atIey cnit in dt at M d : tha t An a t t e a ove
SI; mi be3 arSoued thae bsocietCps whr MT,her% hardly atoe ry"' 1 W1L4 o." hC re5 ofSt*Ile7 wJKA, Aitn s Au mjib ta49s to a Btuew J fthe
lftr im 'if aawmCg cC cuct- %Wri o packa ges and dCoqI3eIAa
am=ot he"e d Me tr.V*rtyw-.-4troeeatical dio. of pcn a! suit c, h dl v
wtlhO'edt the need fovr a becna1 rulseg by p^o c. i d n t were a- itnt l ao u,, 1 Cn, =re ma. e T eresled Tt tao 7l St- 12111 Ac Iar
the Gernment. But tho5 has not always reous bn p"iMaet een mter o e- =-n0et-lcntln A os mhaMret A*wstslofs tO 7mt.
riu' tIr d oer, erd I wfyinWafe the Wonusion heEprt h-alo3 1W if Pot.fSpikl
prn'ed t0 b e thr case in practllce. tn the ;sr witi ou i mucel f o a r ... i _eh. Uite. rtte ahdw C anaoa wthe ait July. ----4f
contrary, we have had complaints of ... ..ii.t. --I E -tT-- emhath W- to:mro vnmg. ------theH
treasurers. sW cretaries, and Others re- t d cse s rM the woTr s t oA (amon C grt .t ... rec o e. o nm d pemiti 500 .( i
such so~~(aa tat tefrspetive Govrn- estermt. nwf htth owseeu
V%c a=. ApplM"sea lions ar miued forapportaft mewstto tu1P sl

taimnen their posts long after it was Obvl- There are parsllel cues In Bars- UnClt. of these West Indian Col- TRAWLSMIPMENT Apcto r nie o poe~n otr asa
oust hatu i~they u we re obique in their tans, i Tlinap'-na. where I have onle be urged to closely consult Whereas as a result of the of Factory Inapeltor; oa *OB the toery mle at $1.46
Zha. t live, and where I hae ee n with commerce respectng control Jamaica Supply Conference rt a risanO by annual Incrementa of S2 to 3l.00 per aaan a d
dealingfs. It is hard to explain such a con- Insanitary pigatles used to house measureu during the emergency. arranged that the port of Bridge the scale of $1,61 per annum riling by sannuai tueaMta I
d,itn but humano nature I in> itself hard what, alter all. sv human beingsa; ba that such consultation wvm Barbados, was to be the port 62.160 per annum. Appointment wosld be an protatk. G.
taa nd. I suppoe there are many such would be more fully developed oy trana 'pment for merchandise In the first instance and subject to the passing ofa edical
toae explain, and common sense Is not al- in .veral other districts the rc of.. ... r i nto f rom Canada and the United thon.o
found Where we should like to -e- Tunapuna -- pec-timeoperatio ns ..tso. America for the er Cd a r te le ge ould be
Gesttn h esmto ycr-lilAnmsb"be rg n*uad9MSdw~ & esba*tdf iesi

it. Patronage in one form or another Water Wasted In City merce ofl .its ustmar functions whereas this arrangement vears of age at the tie of BMsKIng Vas application, sad s
sometimes obtains reseLts which merit The ditr, $UMS4 Gurdia." andgu ard as the ri s hat s ieen pertion te past ha g e d t anwd, Se ai tdo
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alone would not countenance. wtaaco in Triidd eel control Was thsd arangement ds ta enenis e rat sdt ms
Rotation in office is democratic, and Gua0rdigan" t^hiIdng tom ta tinhuu Atisatoro to the Leeward a
where it Is not pvntlad to a fatinable pTos^ bewi th odw to t a andxwg inter Islads: g Canddaeslthied? mt la
thMT b r e h l sa k i s w o n T ev 4 had1 n a w v r %E rM&an an aronlyssuc nW ee this coonage ;nthestdeuof a king th appisata an

extent safgnation, petty dlctatortiip. wasty e taking '5. retaie as areneeasry fr h Associate we~t XInian Chamber' g d uenra?'* eaustk s^ heve f mt"Ji
and other evils may flourlish It to not Uore hrn S)b' mnn ago. the r~hablltataon*of world trade eon- Of Commlierce now assembled me..~t- Cabtf eiSaBBMtl01. In addstlon candudatca
the atni hg cit y I l engineer made a4 Stto n commend that arrangements be a hahe bad teriick and pracas expet t B
f nothing that the tern-s Of Office Of s~tament connected with the d that His Majesty's c er- made for AnU"a to be Uw e ine alted WofSslo or fde 'a pstica of
meavors have been limited by statute. Mb lern men Ptfbvelnw mont be RA to take I h s tpor o n e f oppramtn- andl coiStrol, oar
The.re :s nothiing to prevent a ~~. hclr~~asi necesar togS ensw' chandu for the^ Leewad sf^ o* ^ ia ttachiucl braich of^eGo
comput Vi en e -bearer from bp tl ic eye la es gis isgmachmor tse lieh ood of te crAIndbec .1 itfresod ved: That u c*l Pon O ff ace Bnm nei-
the Gted agirn, t.But the prohas o on i G~ v"'utlzons a l ae cosntrol in acm em 5C pyofges mkereresenain o I Ste caVinc entSreannu

prr' h to b e t hacseinlp racie.. bed lao* the of het d S.f ge a t c o m w q t q t %r Ao
pO.t.S hm 'n step as ie after so many H I. Ma FRETYAJS. StWIrt TB : SmAt m Kew Yotk a ot i"s
years' service i descrab ml a It g:ws ot fi'rs p --aoh. s oua: p* . BE IT ESOLVDfa de 'Maitso Iawvbe itsperivig o f heexriestin
Iachance tfl show what they ean 4.o an-I -- v.^. of tNS C'ompier of;. TonCESS TRADE 305inthe ne'*ti ^s fc a 51Ido wlfnreo ow toB wsw therf
leads to a isre santsfiod threwbersh:D. S b I Osn Dch o ngs t Ca04 Wegr strong l ir a oemed:ondtifns as facti sooessard and El, t
sereares ad thrsreWZ.ea)thnat ea respec wtiv eG pern-. ha tes p eermi t. e ufte ei

Tta u inheicreast confidence and restrItt th 3as(54' Ti'Taer ae GpaIrall selica sf eis inm at te cr-clu- mt-t Tid1- :a :.t-e se'fs -! 'e; The duties of the W s Inir graded poul nf of t
s what awra e o blique inazin ; w he re nt I o o ^ hava rS Wsts Inabeug atd Eoloe-aly Gui c abov a n S ni adAitpscticn r e .c asdeputr yto t he t older
oufor teaepractlce the .e a'sar as J're a ; pa a-.L.- mechaxu-i wiru of a stra w o:onooth: Isacto pc gaeaf Factory Inhpe rc:.w
ri endlh Iocieties ha'me r big oppo- repci g"c'n'J '*wltJi "maiicaa Conerern.ert; 11rsnTy foE *thenn tae.. reoa2bif$is t P0 afterr '
dealings. I t is e toexplain such a p. con- insanitary pigs iesusedto house measures duripn g- t he emergent; arra nged that wthe poAtat ofoBrdged b- tha e o the Clon"al p1
i ty. whih it needs vuion t0 perceive. wPataer- an all. b An Ra.hum an ; W( bdtas aucd Bnsu B? ?! ri,:ifd T- prescribed form ton r coca nlai aecnnumrb t matterr t
and tracti al w wisdom to im pro e M anT i Baky se sh kuowd bhe mo 5e uly evloh ed ofsrt-a .ncf ter merchtter- Cos is thefi sti stne ap-. ;u i. ho44. ok
toa explain.and common senseI n otal. v Inj ^ "ea other. districts. in; 3the prtc-so cnrevr s to ptofrioemCn of a d pecand CoctmeUteed
Of them o operate What amounts te danaunat (j, eCSucattononal, -som' shou.d ploikati ns ;eac be t re-sm i eximbya trito fm r qcestior th e EL gaKd
Phtty" for financial members, who at h expert t.- pupIos to ) tiU q-, t o f I adaae piafo ard the dltowemrrae gtradcea pm should beW&
tne end Of the year rfceit-e bonuses out ScoolchiWadren were Wheerra ettehI r an( ean yeaara oagat She at fofrs Tade d t Ue -- i
uce thh: oi!ta!nl obsects w hc mrtae erwt : Aee ritfdst Tdea dgur in_ ______________
Aeti ,otte Howe metosttetatItot s*Ma dveopI a osickpot hasben n peatonfo the past hadWC a good^e 9"MVS? EX4WI MA0 M id haeatic W o

aone. wouldal no countenne how. wa^^r nimakttyer;ndISi authoritg Cltd hO.N" __al__
withteninmgh elbetre to ifat~ In"0 the KH~l-Tr *ad (C) w tht 8ver~tu Whereas th .is araneenti t~ xe m negne~ga so^ &Wd---me arI

Opening community ic Iant G -ar tin We't Innian CoLecontrolteS
a generous provision Ot cultural O~ppm- Compulsory Subject o f n comial tranesctions shou unsatic tog y the tawarer
tunities. Water tend s tc put [edudty wtr Pro Gadam-be. 'ciuod to a min*mum afer s l Catdidtes or th e h higher Lriga t he mont o"f
Soetentt in a positionr ope o forward to I ta a send awrviy ews e. in O thwrodc onir o su a h restri ct o nsadei re eso l ved: Tht to
Vt17fio quaet" pat. rt saenecssr fr th~e Associated ofWe ek Indian e ratbes aof gicatsaith5e ty iimeo thb e &Mad e to r.W.

broader avenusa Of service is to be sp inot t Sutle. ti'.s u a 'ritem. 'iw ty e .a d for eettes and pra. far Externta Etamnations, P.O. Bos 154 PIt-Oata,
awlrcnTed 3 s-httr.s prinn~pi wtUhic S W 5 PMoe MTAT1'0 01tagto muhe a yew oft rh5 re-ad- acclpanioed by a geRtti eate g0 Ind character, sficnd id a
_________________________ _________ tyn. thte South aopti, -f WEtEASq au 'gf ,cithengenetrrm-e ttana of sh omras on a re-nei
f -- notino bthat a.th 'e-^npeoed :o taeothee sa o f t, cm e d a taome c baged WO e to el the C ate f over the ag of 18
S.'nlo ut cnneted winth 1the W(d) that i aes adBty'sh Goven.mad fr Antited to be oW Csl (a) hyave orbad tai ummg e r -wor& ~pjneafidait

-. -have beenlimit ed bysctat ute.wate r'tnin aa aly rendeP tr dhimn fo ifw nos meyi t. toor trd51 0 o
5 33I--- p m ent f such twiant lP b gEeurot WiT Pt'ec s fo ntdlaa or

DrROn, S-So Tr hnsfena Expeined with; as nSeessaryq to chandise for the Lee wae .: :d -
reP ohngt rvn aV e ;w vews a4sIt* %eaudianyunua u be ensuare potae teIsolazrneds

cIa*! mesHtf g h e tod Cany It '! te at&6ie cf 10< eaaemsten A-' Aan I Tha. ............. a8 S r o
ternr to t"dbae4;, fturh ee r 1nS0C that a fpl, t-ne-
e d again, but Une v n Io- LA pa rL ets aref a he com andt re ;emrd- a. ^ .' b' thi ra be ca. 1 An P
P !. r e L_ ea k m ta pe Z31 ^ ^ L ^ & iforrato c y re l i d b le ^ ^ p r ~ x K o ', e C hi r ma n o f theU~ s up U u r n r l h a p p l t o s w f a t m

z hfSLtD S tep asidet afterB f somany Ites Iaid t. adaputionf Mcy MW W. Te t d
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WHZA c resa t- EI Tmidr-an" a oW Thati
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III Irm V K^~^trinisr Qfomorrow's Church Servwcea
opot untiesfrT V rctc a -apr s. 3 _8r ri es adL -_a ehm ,L o t-i t C fFcmIse z
PrieVd y Societies ha, ..er the

*F VJ jJ 5 ** fc^ ^.^r.c A GLKAN i1U1 Wm any person who can g uft aftoruatb
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"-1^1*''***~~~~~~-iic OMM06^t wai^ a O <' "^" Pies"|01^ Wlt M< wa katea With &W CvWAWallvl-
ow toa n N wt 0 h-rWB 4 in 55u5!. . m a 5 5. 'Br t or te nDearmt PPolik Staton. *
utw" 4 4 jw Wb.4 wW'?NO P*- MIF
WI-! A es Mte t bemefW 1W new aW -- pCA .a'-fE AL W JKCA &A~
UT DONATIONS wt ntis acr p erubsif beau WIL- s IL 5g^ a.q l,1p
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Lt UVfat kei- '"-ii aMW ..t, erra Otuec. *** tfluxta IMB Sit --- ne _.________________ ____ for ^
**kl& j< * IIW* NoW Tht Stvit.nr -- i, i; O-., 44 IL 204 11 AL, SM""- 4" UM ^,
I S~rsh~s Tt. I~tP 1 is ?tf &ad .Weft, r~'0
NEEDED~s!" j C Careless T
I~~~~~~ ~o"m Coro,~b -.g^'VA^:-^.lt-^22- *ft TIP
N E E DLI-tal aM so^ w mai"Auv",B** Ma~ft- -*"* "* .In#- eftm" WOO w SAi?^ "** ^ -
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lw mlmwftq

____^________________________,^___________ TRINIDAD GUARDIAU, MSAT A.y JUTLY I, 1 44

Majolty At Council Meet

Censure City Engineers

Acepftifg reomamadatonas of Its committee of Inquiry with ree-
pet to delivery of metal and boulder-ste, Olty Council by a major-
t vote yesterday evening em6 d t= e O.ftft eata t1he ao6.-
a AMsstaO Abglner foa tor -r se"ming Itfef me. l e vi the
rep of Mr. Robnao" who 'lled their attiat to ertela t e"-
lan a m t ket s laeutad fo delivery at 10boulden, which we daewbed
a "attempts at fraud oa the Corporation."
Adopting other reocmmet-datoe----
the committee the C ouil N ifMr or not, and, in these
edd to dismissA Surose a circumstances, it temed o him
eker from a -y -a3l eat that they would have to a ept
taoever by the 1 Uap ta; the City Zngioeer's worend, as mo
sease all ooatraetua itlong being contradioted or eotroverted
tween the Corporato eon- Inany wa. That waseMt the
ator Buegan niuata and tor wIth Mr. Wilson, the attlag
pay contu or .B8*W0la w. l He was sh*a
r boulder aup i cIcorite all. the ticket.
iL, for the peo 4 to 'pl M4ayor said he had pointed
pril 1 1%41 that awong the out th fads so that when they
ount rnopeeeated by the rele- come to exercise their feeliagsa n
t tikots lees the aum at $67.20 the matter they would be ~letr to
rouantity o to be short then ....
Ilv=rad by actual sheck.
OURIUla up the debate n
.hthMayor e ties Alies Widen
Sthat i al those tickets we "Battlefront
*a totS anY repouble ola t
00"porpatioa-tose tickotl
r the state cf affairs N
Sn knzw--4bat officer Id
be lakin his duty i t I orm al
hve tematterdealt with in NTINUS FROM PASI
ch a way to prevent any con across the rivet coox the O a
uatlon of that schems which by surprise, but when they found
parently waa in practice, what had happened they began
The City agneer had, how- to e5wp the area with small arms
er, said that he was coly shown fire, By the time that American
o or three of those tickets and eginers had got to the bridge
arently that point wa& not they had to face a good deal of
ly threshed out whfa the oub he A)
ittee met. Nothiugapp(.ared in Proes was made in the vicinity
e notes from Mr. Wilson or Mr. of La "aye, the western Nai
uchet, who alson ad smOhing stronghold which the AmericaDa
do with it, as to whether all have been enveloping for four day.
StieUckete were shown to the City After flanking It from both Sides,
...- '--American foot troops moved In to
cleSn out entrenched Nails Who
fought as fiercely aa they did two
ayor To Query days ao at the railroad yards on
It northrn outsltrts ot the town.
elmont 1rams Along the new or eastern side of
e n ams this attack arc Americans are still
Councillor H. 0. W.oodi ploughing through knee-deep
O City Mayor, at yesterday marshea and cleaning out hedgerow
tesnoon adjourned statutory strongpoints.
n meeting, promied to place Most spectacular work was done
ore thlbi mornling'a beetlng- of by combat engineers in this oflten-
e Trinidad Electricity Board lIve. They ferried waves of dough-
plaint by CouncIllor Louis' B lw across thl 100-foot wide Vire
omas that the tramcar servl W tt ber assault boats and put
that populous Belmont district m in a Position for an assault
Sunday morning i inadeqfuate on the St. Jean de Daye road juneo-
Co Tho tate at tion.
ere wa only an* tumar serv. 'Then, as the Infantry bayoneted
SBelmont on Sunlday mornings the fist line of Germans they met
d this "Inadequate service' In and swept onward, the engineers
.great hardship on people braved withering mortar 0M 2 a3d
0 brA to go to maret Ad blasts from 88-miimeter guns in
aer par of tof CyHe felt order to knock up a number of
at ino o t ,e "oniU, whtao ,%0%bd Wacross the stream. The In-
re on the boad should do their fmtmen thrust their spearhead
t to 16 that this district t oth sides of the St. Jean de
least two tramcar on 8 undsy e virtually olating It.
rnings. I b no chane to report in
The Mayor stated that there the fighting round Ca The strong
uld be a meetingof the boet r an t counter-attacks yestday
y D nd hew.ould bring up the rained them a little pound inl
tter thr p the village of Verson. A lItQ to the
Councillor George oabral, re. north the Geruan counter-attacSl
n to a story publish ed failed to dislodge the Canadiats
ly in th "SundayGuardian fighting"in the northern fringe of
the Electricity Board's Carpiquet airfield.
depr f A reerveank Gillard, BBO reporter,
t he was hopnlg 0he at morning, Reuter lays, del-
resentativee wOl g ive the orlbed the tflald battle as one
ting some official nformati ofguns and mortars and the Ger-
some official inormatipiMan are said to have mustered
1hte Mayor stated that they had the strongeSt oonoentratlo yet
celved a letter from Govern- of their notorious multiple mot-
ent in connection with the mt- taM, but Gilard sayS that our
and the committee would own s and mortars tll out-
ve to Meet again.t He promised number the enei"my's by far.]
refer to this matter when the A dispatch from Normandy sagsy
uno tt on re y after-that the R.A.F. tonight battered the
uon.efl on Tuesday after German defencea of CaeM with one
on. J 11. of the heaviest bombing attack.
Perhaps the heavier since the land-
Sng. A reporter who b aw hund
of British heavy -ombent roarin
ast Airbase On Inland just before dark, u -
witnessed one of the most
U4AA~fd'u'h. i'a1a lar events of the Nor m :
mfoor Falls the buratm hells of the
AVANCD e= an defencea filled the sky over
OW LTAD HADn,&Mbut no a.w
ER New Guinea, Jyn8 seen to challen tha ctwas
c, =9adu AnnOw dto- and their fiht* eover."
a te oNamber airfield Ther er d that the Ger.
s 0 giving the Yanksall man defences round Caen must
on that island off the north have been very heavily battered.
at of Dutch New Guinea. This mom
umph conclude?' the campaign ...
ir Noemfoor, which was invaded
July 7. One of the three air.M oreF ng mbs
ld at Km was ut Into opera.lying Bombs
for Allieda lanes on July 6, OL
s s adOver London
Tethree airfields an all within
0 miles of the Philippines. LONDON, July 7 (Router),-
-- ------ More flying bombs came over Lon-
ron and the southern counties
oncmirliiTnC, ,t c, during the niglit and others fell
usncil T Con5S idu er ir. southern England today.
l. The Government has appointed
Vater Situation Mi llen Wilkinson a special
te Situation linlter to consult with Members
A report by a committee *aled of Parliament who represent con-
gether at -he instance of B stituencies affected by the flying
vi Defence CommIsn&tso deo h bombs. They will meet the Air
w With the c itys .watoer. u el. Minister and the Home Secretary
d owardedd to t" e Cty s. and other Cabinet Ministersnsty
eA by Government.w i de0rid. The Government's plan to eva-
*d atthe Con uncil's adjourned cuate children f rom London
meeting on Tuesday, July 11, at on e
1P.M.* "O a, VO untar7 basis is~o
tuso w ahead. Today wa
The Mayor, who made this an- first time that any large num-
uncement atyesterday after- ber waalie.ted and trains carry.
on, meeting of the Council, in loftLondon
... ...... .. ing15,000 cehildren letonn
d ',,t this report would be on- railway statol bound for eafe
daered along with the Council' arem as They were minors between
ater Emergency Committee re- the ages of five and 16 and their
rt whi c .ass for 640,0 to teachers went witlt them.
ry out certain works to Improve Photographs taken during the
e city' water supply, bombing of the Pag de Catas area
th Mayor Said that ..a lette yesterday by Ameriean FortreSees
te Lon'ble the ACting 01- and IUberatMor indicate that con-
lalSee.tary was attahed to the enotrations ot high Oupissives bit
dt wmh he wil ave clreu- 1flg bomb lauisehin8 ites.
ad-to memer,,,.t, irf

,,*~' '^ ^^^^SB HHII

Assorted relounr-
Sizes 'i11 to I%"


Allied Corn

Two elvfllMal sato so AMlIe
bomb- shotered sad eMe-tMm
captured. In the AMeM lavaml

B.G. Governor
For London Talks
His Excellency Sir Gordon
Lethem, Governor of British
Guiana, is scheduled to leave
the Colony towards the end of
this month for London where,
aeording to a ZFY broadcast
yesterday, he will disouss Im-
portant matters.
He will also try, said the an-
nouncement, to contact Sir
Prank Stockdale, the comptrol-
ler for Development and Wel-
fare in the West Indies. The
Hon'ble W. L. Heape, Colonial
Secretary, will administer the
Government during the Gov-
ernor's absence,

Russian Troops

Surround Vilna
men have stepped up their threat
to the German forces In the
Pripet valley by capturing the
railway town 35 miles southeast
of Pifisk.)
The Germans admitted precsri-
ousness of their positions in those
regions and Berlin radio said also
that the Russans were Intensify-
ing their push toward Dvinsk and
had eatabltshed a brldghead on the
northern bank of the Dvina and
were trying to gain others.
The German radio analyst, von
Hammer, said the fighting in the
south spread to the areas of Tar-
hapol and I usk, adding: "The Rus-
slans here attacked the German
lines at numerous points throwing
In particularly/ powerful formations
backed by tanks."
Tarnapol f 75 miles east of
Lwow, chief German baUse on this
front and the Inevitabe objective
of the expected major offensive by
General Zhukov. Tarnapol wa
captured by the Rusasas last
spring after a long and stubborn
defence and the entire sector has
been relatively quiet since. Luck
is about 80 mles north of Tarnapol
and some 3S miles southeaet of
Kowel where the Russlans are cloa-
eat to Warsaw, 170 miles away.
(Paul Winterton of the Lon-
don "News Chronicle," Reuter
states, In a despatch to the 3J.0.
from Moscow says that with
tb4 speed of the White Rusalaz
offensive It Is not an eaj Job
to pick out the highlgats, but
two things that stand out art
the continued destruction of the
encircled Germans at Minak and
the capture of Kowel at the
southern end of the line. The
news of the capture of Kowel
came as a surprise m Moscow
where there had been very little
Information about that part of
the front. Winterton comment
that even now It is by no means
clear whether the taking of the
city Is really the end of the
whole operation.)

B.G. Leg. Co. Hear
Franchise Report
With four of the elected members
of the Coancil absent as well as the
Attorne,-General, and with a lis-
tening a -dlence of five in the spec-
tators' gallery. British Guiana's
Franchise Oon ualsslon's -eport was
debated y the Legislature of that
Colon yesterday, according to a
ZFY broadcast.
His Excellency the Governor pre-
sided over the meeting and the
debate was opened by the Hon'ble
l G. Woolord, K.C., It was dis-

Vd_ e S Amov. AND .& aD I NLAm N
HAND A5Ut% LTD.. P.s. sS. PS, 0ay SePAIN
w m I --. ..-

The Swift lal &th Amra
dL -,- *,. --'-- m qk *LB I^^ iir ^
haveb om. -- w ,ik pi 4 9 Pd9W
dam the -a ea. M m e .
pleaC =.r m
pm jud nsoms on d*4"esbbw I
.0 .s ..mm I .
-11 h A- of * lhH a

*'"'^ F.. .. bum .,sst *f t* >



oy At Isigny Government

JU& iCan ISupply

-More Water
^ .^ ^ IL WAb Government amune that
Sman" s hgalm t to twa oul t a
Pimtaue aglt m ofv waPerae tme
Wto" be 5 t now y k or ola.
ito tho city Aof Port-oftp aln?
1I. If thO a swer is Ina the ,.
[Atlative. in view at the Vey tmve
&6 hama e of Po,,-otNIGHT INDIGESTION
Swin Over nmenl ts o take iM
M.eOIate stos to Ma thise amet toe Pawan eatightwebahdelisgu
faiefr he use ot the Moire fbern eor boavililg? Doe yut
Brade, Invoking the powers pea two for samd ? t o you h a o. y t tro yed
Named by Governmenteunder t In horuke a= gtra theI aeid
efenoe Regulatios should this Sc4 = ra athstomah
Prove to be necessary ? "t#A 11*a sad e tcle t she. outhml
suesoeVatuSue 166Mis peobably toeWarns.
GO I RNMENT AWARE Tis k iliatim upeoos year atiroaervewe
Government replied as follows: i system and o you rema maes a
1. The reply Is i the atrrma- r lss madae kept&wakeWlfthoe igh3
Utve. A ) A tle Missated 'aeftiatesM

*- ~ ~~ ~ tti -^ n r ou.do tattt
2. RegUUation 3B of the on- before goag to bed will stralis this
atabulary Regulations, 1932, pre. awsc ssscidty in f eat, ettls ytys
scribes that the Superintendent In et.o k wad imsate the irritatedia eae.
charge of the Port-of-SPit FireO. o oRemon twillUemjoy rott
oseonrvey o tfteh a Brigade shall perform such police s esDom all ever th m world m
seemt i Ilor Froe town duties as may be directed by the riboadd m w mme ad' isurated'
Sf aa .-(AP o hee) O miDoner, and that these du- aMs whisk kba brogt 1 to million
otie s shall not under ana circus- Of ssufena ckorn sartbera, dsatsm
P T atnces interfere, with his duties "d ether forms of iadlgeebt. fag.0.
with the Fire Brliutd. ihomm atoresaisp derOrtabl"
nm coa To a L The Government i consider-me Ut r I o lm.
'I"ga recommendation that the Ipoet
of Superintendent of the Fire Bri-
H housing aa n d should be on a v hole -time ,
buasi and that the duties of the
post should Include periodicall In---
spectlon of all fire-fighting equip- On Instructions from
nment In the Colony. SENIOR IRITISH NAVAL
4. The answer is in the ,fflrmm- OFFICER. Trinidad
Consideration of a housing t *ve. SL
scheme for Princes Town willhave Am far as the Government t WE OFl R FoR ALB
to await completion of the survey ware the honbIe member's state- R.M.S. "REDIICAP"
of the Williamsville area, Govern- ment is correct.
ment disclosed yesterday In a 6. The Government is informed Ise.t tlo I3.4ft. b eam a
reply, released through the Infor- that the hon'ble member's state- 14.Sft. depth.
nation Office, to a question tabled ent is correct. (Formerly deepI sea steam
by the Hon'ble Roy Joseph in the '7. The answer Is in the affirm- Trawler)
Legisplative ouncell on April 12. tv. Gross tonnage about 31 tont.
Mr. Joseph had asked o whether A The an- or Ia in the affirma- Net tonnage 192 tons.
In view of the acute housing s it- kn S teel hull.
nation in Princes Town, Govern- lEADY TO H nLP Scotch type Boiler. 1ilba.
mont would request the PlanniAdll Approximately 00.000 gallons W.P.
and Housing anntielon to con a d Egns tt esasl- Ap imal 0.0 os WP .
salder the advisabity of building on water per day can be supplied Main Engines. trIple expaion
at least 100 houses in that diaot t a' a fortnlght'L notice. On Instil- HoldsN.at.present divided 1-p
I The reply was a follows:- lation of new pumps which are ex- for carrying fish. caacity
The Planning and Houslt 's"eted to arrive within the next about 150 tons
Commission have under con&Wd- month in additional 700,000 pl- Bunkers. CapacIty about 126
eration a scheme for the provision tons per day could be pro 'ed, Ons coal.
of a rural housing settlement at thus nAking a total of one and a This vessel was built and
Wllliamsvilio which, it is consid- lf million gallons per day. engined ill the U.SA. in 1910

I0 Thvned Government ts be "edr in bcar.ltd
ered, is In more urgent need of 10 The Government Is in r- n was reconditioned in 1A42
increased housing aeeooInlda at resuondence with the City Coa"' ani has since been used in the
than Prince Town. The oamil5 as to ways and mean- of ensuring Gulf of Paris as a mine-
sion are unable to coUNidr both that an i dpnuate water st..)ply is sweeper.
areas at the same time OWinl to a made available at all times tno meet t I m
shortage of qualified Surveyors and the rsve iore harrd In the city Permission fto inspect Isame
consideration of h ol a te o f Port-of-poiln. 'he ho nble may be obtained fro m O. o. t Fo.W
for Princes TOwn willth of Orf, member's suggestion that to t, Huouins & Co.. Ltd. to whom
have to swat eof eend the foower nider fti Defencea offers to purchase a to ae s
survey of the WlaiMN e aros Reiliatfons shm-ld if necessarv, addressed
'f :S h... ehw Invoked b,. Government w i l' be Tendon tll be reeled
Circ s Deat TolIn e minde. to the 7th day of July, 16 o"
Circus Death Toil .Tky ________________^
Rises To 159 Su ner-Fortresses AUCTION SALE
HART FORD, U ., .-Bo July 7 4mb apHomeland ..N,, JUbY 8Hl
Death tolleof the fire which 7 dao ON MONDAY, 0roH JULY, 1
troyed the main top of tih Rlnlis g (CONTINUE O FROM PAGE I) AT iA BRAnMAR STaREET.
Brothers circus yesterday, t p4 headquarters of their naval dis- ST. ANN'S, AT aIb 2.M
to 159 as investigators prOsed ilueir tricts. I have been favoured wt' in-
Inquiries Into the origin of the Steel, the product of Yawata, has st'uctions from Mr., M. Oransaull
blaze and held In atifive 000a" been the most critical item in Jap- who left, the Col to sell by
of the coaane trot n's armament and ship construec- Public Auction the following:
The o ia il nathe three llartfOrd tion programme. a Wooden Bedstead:, 5 Coll
cuspitalernrm ee d ot0.e No let a Kyarr- Springs, 3 Sprin$-filled M ttresat,
Cur poasen s ltr.Tued t aTse I B firon Foldwin lot, compaetean ),
preliminary investigation n establish Announcement a them Maple Leaf Ohest G
d the huges nVeS tent was coated NEW YORK, July 7 (AP) Tokyo Drawers, I Baby Scale (complete).
with wateroof solution of gaioene radio, referring to the second Ia Large Bevel-Edge Mirror. I Ber-
and para& n before tha circus left United States 3-29 long-range blce Chair, 1 Irongr. Board with
its winter quarters at Sarasota, bomber raid on Japan, broadcast Legs, 1 Bedroom Table, 2 Alarm
Florida, early in the year. that Imperial headquarters an- Clocks, 1 Cedar Chest (moth and
Many witnesses commented on noun d that ,more than 10 enemy moisture-proof): 1 Antique Folding
the thick oily nature of the billOW- lanes penetrated western and Rocking ChlIr. 4 Bedro. Pictures,
ing flanes and smOk It consuming northern IKyushu from continental BElectrlc Singer Sewing oot Ma-
th. tent. bases." chine with motor part sad stool;
aIn contrast the test imony Of The announcement made no (to match), 1 2 trickc stove with
soore of person present When the mention of the targets and came BI era; 1 Steam y l t'- Ovn
fire broke out aid that it t eW nearly five hours after Washing- aiklng and Bruilie), 2 rawere,b
low in the tent. Hale Oliver, Cir- ton announced that new operk- T ctric Hot Plate, I Electric Baby
cue Pres reP mttve, sd the Fortrmess made a drng f attack Warmer, I Electric Iron, I Electric
"fire definitely started at the roof so, a nval b and palI R.C.A. com tion Radio alnd
of the tent. He said he had Aa second call on the bigateel Pickup,-. ot an, ectric adt

theryoss t0rtheeueoti ffi recae t o h |DblAU 7 vat onl P ick Ba, y O~rie ,and l Baby
theory as to the cause of the r, ml lOf Yawata and Wawa. It roster, 1 Electri. Map' Reaiding
but was not making It public now. said "Our air force promptly In- Lmp, 2 Electric Gis Antque
He said "abolutely no crdonce tereptd and repu them. We R'adtn LamP, I Electric e
can be given to ay theory of CaIn- suffered hardly any loses." Iron, I Ordirmary Tray, 1 Lad Car
cendlarism or sabotage." uCushion, 2 Baby Car Seats. 2 Baby
p e Chairs, 2 Baby Rockers. 1 ae by
C mbination Walker and Swing,1
Work Starts On Airports_ Baby Table, 1 Baby Folding ('lair.
Acorksstonrtsen Afriat t2 Baby Go-Carts. I Baby Steel
Across North Africa AV,agon, I Baby Crib and 1 Baby
Peedinrif Jh -2 1 Iom Scatter
LONDON', July 7 (Reuter)-Plans THJI5 Rugs. 61 x 9 ft. Am.. Machine

to build a strain of airports across Hook Rug with Ozite wad, 1 9 X 12
North Africa from the Atlantic ft. Eng. Hand Hook RWith COlta
Coast to the Suezs Cao l are re- wil Pad, 13 x 5ft. Eng. and Hook
ported from Cairo. with Ozite Pad, I "lox CameM,0
A correspondent says that the stOp Modern Records. I ExtJislo od-
construction of some of the fields Inl Dining Table, 4 MiangRO
is already well under way, On the thatP irns Tanes okCabine R
Atlantic coast South African en- .hrC. End Tables,I LI ai, *Rom
of an all-weather runway Four l r .mnchairs, 1 Settee and 1 CEntre
hundred miles to the east work is L _.a...a Table, l Steel Gardening Chirs,
well advanced on a similar airfield. Tae l rdentun QEIwI
LONDON, July 7 (AP> Paris
radio said today that the son of
ex-President Lebrun was killed in
a recent air raid on Selne-et-

m& ~s ewhemdos Ollemow Lsadey. newsodrh
(Wl vibratiase by vans movie peoioaeno*
RCA w M ICAeeees corded 4o
ere IW alee RCiA on RCA T
ln seexpaoousl. "Of u l=ado am lRCA Mdiseew d a aaa

A~~~~a w~ Wwo" X^

Get quick relief e i


--i~a^^ umude scf^^^ M A^
Is k. WN*. o te



Si ,sM 1t. 11u. n.

E lch

iue'~ e



Op "atlfire omi V brJw y 14td. 4--
A N 7 1 sa I l w v i
LOCAL TiMKA iaOv "M'Si'f'T'fii PIM v iiai
Office: 12. Abereromby Street. Port-o.-.pa .
'Phones SUB and 7548
MONDAY 76.0 a4 s6AAA

TUSDAY Oa.,A .,d,-,bas

WEDNESDAY: 6.3 aim. & TrTfdOre&6 ala isa. .4% bn
a. a".I0 IA".. .!
I.0 am,) "tsua 3"buf
l.24 p..)
.45 pJ. TthdMadM-Thob .
THURSDAY: 6.6 aim. Tfhadd...Oum 8L ThM
st. cvIn MLaj it
8.3 pcm. Trtnlda--Tolate.
ATRDAY: .M a.m. T lad-.arb -Anttde
I1M pis.)
4.45 p-m. ?,inisad-Tosbare
SATuRDAY: 6cooaLn. Tninldalkrbadoe-Aftt
BSt. KItt.
9.0 a.m. Trtddad-Tebage.
10.45 am. Tralda-lreaadaa.
SUNDAY: .M aam. Trinidal-Barade-St. L, L
11.20 a.m. Trinldad-Baltadoe
4.% "pm. |T r al
46 P.m.n

;" MmtuM UA L> 8A^A ^^, gATP T I~mttU I--- ^_, ----

~d MI.. ~sy A1d~. Mr and MIt. i. v. ua~ wa
~ the OhilSIO
Weinta tate

W$ sa SS will W h *a opportunity of adMstn the UJL.
Weis Pmld and. t the sawe time enjoying an after-
val nat m, Uts y att~td te fete and dance at the
so aw VUmio today. T 1 eneraloCamee, Sri
SC SoUterWn lada, h hvepl-anMd everything to enable
I to have I. roUll'i2el tim
*stos ow Oere will be a treasure island, hoop-la.
MWa a Ahoo gallery. punch boards, merry-
'ARHLand obtmM
S ttoit wi be pen by His Wor hip te Mayor of San PTe r
f. t the aobl Timothy Roodal. at 3 pJB. The dance, which will
Afidr #A PzmL. In open to acwyone and ther* will be damce conitests
^fn- tS NtlM awd Sand iUt be makldnr their first appearan In

aub nfow as pltry farm with bout 600 chickens.
An~Wk mvidon 6 being made for those whto want to dtne,ad
dwn tU lklheltavd tents, etc.. in case of rpin.
10mm Sem~Uryfaviagm of Verseverance Club informs me .that.
.J-a'ttarjnf tomorcrow. special chicken dinners will be served every
Dattdaf eventng fnxn 7 oWcock. This. he Bays. is poSsible as the
elu wow bas a poultry farm with about 60 chickens.
NpM M PROCEEDS of the dance held last week at the Trinidad
L Country Club in aid of the Red Cresm pecia! Invasion FPund
amounted to $1,703,. nd the show at Perseserance Club in a4d of
-Me same fund netted $1.11450
Oongratulations on these succe.s.s, go to both managements and
*yta assistants.
f P-IA34AAB= have been added bt the fare on Sunday mornings at
1 tho Tridad Country Club, which becomes more and more
cjlar Ma week. O-yster cocktails are alo st-tl obtainable at the
tib anOBuandays.

0IWU qJ 0 0
S A &MONO pae snger. from Rarbhadis recency were Mr. and Mrs.
a',"m Jame Tait and their frni.. Tlheyv staved a month at St.
'ItIwmoo mnd had with tem their daughter. Miss Margar.,t Taitt,
w ho, for the pas year. han been attending college in Canada
I s. c Ba" oome to spend netr summer vacation with her parents
Sand is retiring to Canada In September.
HP .AIN AW and MWe Ant' Antlony, MM-i June Cahfent and
l '.t MU& Pe gv Rosa arranged a '.hover on Monday afternoon at
WaIs't Anthony's home for ?'is HFlen Bli:ikle-. whase tnarIite to
LiMt. HarrT Ro t will hb' crich:-ii'ed tornorr,,w sftirmoon
She was presented with a se! of pantr', ware and s fte tout.d the
Artelom by follovmini a lont str';,g a"'. asiuid tme house and garden,
bi a sort of utreasn.e hiint
Among thtw'a who att' :,dcd *' M;- ti'a'i iri Ms.s Niti: de
Utle, N0 Smythe, Mi:.s :',:..; (.;';'.<-Wi~li,i' Miss Marie
Anthony. Mi Mary r Pt'' Mr !'" >'. ,'son, Mi Degc'n, Miss
Pat Hothersa!l, and M:- ''" '. :,,'.
L "T A. 0. B 'ITIT' .MA.',\N * ....,f Tf : V -ild. NI:-. 1). A.
Ma.lanl w'h h n ; 's C i 'r.'n i, ai;'l' ;i*'ii.,ld
a few daZ's ago to jay a 'IlT '- 01. 1O i W p,'" ',.s.
SA N LM PRO L.P'i'J PA'' Y t:o:i, nip!ti;i>ii o R ,:,e'n'i'r (i.p-
eroned bv \I r. anid M:s ',. U T':o'iia "ere ai';ig ti ,,'e ci.ning
a' alt "B BaL.l" n Thtir.<..v o.iig "l(n'I B>'t'a'endlit included
%Om Thora and Mis. iw I.i Sde LAbeasttde, rpL ard MN"W B..)h C I!l -'s'. Pete Bte :(a<, M:. G'wen
Kelman, Mr. Nes'_or piiz, aRnl Cpl. B7 ') ik.
I .A.'MONG'" th' '-,i-I'l< :-.', r '. "-aP :l' te'101,r 'ea 'e lvn; were
.AMONG !h~v 0o pf !vo' PRwer
Mr. and % M"-' A F'.' .t' O he' t i' irlne to ;ei rg,'to''wn fot
Sabeit t, hree Ti,-ni'l'., '.i : I: d S, 'A ho 1.lis een t..' St.
r H S' E rcn B ern '.n' t!.' .ar C'anrtd.iri Cll' ii t1 e a oetln'.
&.!" afternoon ain iit i tip ': 0,i! .T Mis 7 J p'lrdt., pointe-
a-Plierre. on S&ttuday ai no-r''r ;!'. I Th f'inction wa.s -'cI:aly
arranged foi tlhe purp'i'ep n,: ir'n'-duti.'n; rew members to ihe cih. Pnd
t among those present, were Mrs F. J. Burge president, Mrs. E.
FA Ih (vle-president), Mrs. C. Green (secretary aMn tesurer), rM .
v J. Ormen., Mrs. Patton, MrB H. Tylkw, Mrs. Harry Sopr. Mrs.
i Moore, Mrs Sandberg, Mrs, W C. Best, and Mrs. B. J. Clark. while
SMrs. J. C. MCDnI.td Mrs ,V. B Walls, Mrs. H. F. Kemp and Miss
Natty %re also t,htcre fronm San Fernando.
l2EtBF1, ,8f 0-'," TP ID. ('tib a' T,6o 1ero haltd an enjoypbls "Card
S E'e '," et ",c i; ih lact ',Vorliii'tiv Tlie' plavm d'lplicale
Sbrtidge Irtt ,.td tp itm',i, a' a:,,.i ieti' \ P pre '-'ti were Mr. and
Mrs. li;ri *''"I M' I'.,I "' I }< \W'ite. MI- and Mrs. 1J. A
T Bea'-ne!.'. Mi'. .ti .' I '0, 'r-'e:dno,'rnte. Mr. Sntid MNrs Sandy
SMAckie. Mr Ild ..-. -Mr i ''1 '>Ir'r 'r, \!t and Mrs Denti; Di.r-
SWent Mr. T smond 0 I `i Rni- -ah ;i. Nrol de Verleutil Mr.
s" $i M .d M L;'. Li(it' dc !; ;iT Mr anrid M's A. Hodgson. Mr anid Mrs
*." J,-hn C'olot.t, .. ';T \ ..,. .~' iw t Reserve: Dr Cathcrine
? Morrah and \I,' .. 'rr,. n: Mr. nird Mrs. Collins,

1..'*,"- / NOW' LVEKE W ?f"EIr OUSEl
|^"i '< \h >'ss TWAT;y^ ^>Y ^


p5,?'"r^ ^ S

wo x -7 1'


(N ,N
:1,% Old T
r, [Aisht
:t. . .

1% f~fi h
I Bi in
0I ";', .
.. . . . .

im HAVtE
" $wodM

E q__
YMtU ~HMI 1--am L'T NWNOW,^
f *L0 OLAMS TO, r9 A
.ij&k iA4~v Se" u yu W!

ass,.. 5

had ae

A* g

I .

'magic nut
. .
tht Cat ji
"01 fmd1


Entro !

13PEw - W--'

featuring "SHOO,



L To omber: stand with feet high and lowly b" Afwrd |
MWt- port Pull abdomen In, rom the Wat. peitting your
armsdWirhIn t irhigthaunt and be"t hantt lily foer

S totSeh yat"peft le tS rIt takes etc bP t Pt wyos s
theadu'a moment or two. Ten, wy,
J10a Repeat. Then sit on slowly raie the upper part or your
fleowr with stretched as far as body to good posture. One wte-
g*Mii. Pul inabdomen, drop bra after another should be fore-d
shoulers and with a rh thmic into corret position as you ris#.
Swtox touch your left log with your 7bis takes practice but It is an
rt hand a thenyoureght l excellent "rever If you are i a.-
th left hand. The upper tigued.
art of your body should wing in _________
a wide circle and rapidly. Relax ---- ----
for a moment and then repeat. Feedi Yo
2. To firm midriff: Kneel onF d ng Yo u
floor, clasp arms in back of body
and sitrched high In back. chin i
In. Now pull abdomen in and up and t ldren
arch bsct as you try co touch floor
with chin. This you must do grad- The mother who Is having meal-
usllv for otherwise you will strain time difflculties with children would
your muscles. Practice each day do well to sit back quietly for a
one more time until you are able few minutes and consider how far
to do It with ease at least aix or the simple process of feeling hun-
seven times a day. ger. and eating to satisfy it. is be-
3. Arm stretching' Stand up- Ing complicated by her own over-
right, one hand on hip, the other anxiety, or bv a system of threats
cirse to side of body Tilt upper or rewards. and discussion of the
part of body slightly forward and child's appetite in his hearing. 5
sulngfree arm forward, then .Ip If I child is gaining In weight. 5
and back in wide circle. 15 or 0 however slowly (though round about
times. Reverse posiUons and exer- four years old the weight mav be
cise other arm practically stationary for a tinel;
4 Hip whittler: Sit on floor if he is bright and active ands'aleep-
with hands placed In back of hips. .. well, there is no need to worry
Pull both knes up to chest and because he has little interest in
suing them to right side then lft food.
side touching the floor each side
If possible, Permit yourself to Very small helpings should be
travel down the rug as you swing offered, and if anything is left the
Relax after ten tines. Rep-at 30 plate should be removed without
times In all, comment. One tablespoonful of po-
5, Spine limberinK: Lie on right tatoeS and two of vegetables, with i
.ide with right arm under head. one wall slice of meat. is sufficient Q111
Place left hand in front of body to at dinner-time, and even smaller
hold balance. Pull right knee up helpings can be offered until tile
to chest As you push right leg appetite improves.
downward pull left knee up to _______ _____ i
chest. Do this "up and down" *
movement swiftly ten times. Then i
turn over on left side and repeat. d s D iary
Repeat entire exercise 3 times. o- s' ry
6. Shoulder exercise: Hunch your Last day of races at Queen'.'
;houlders hitgh and then force them Park Savannan, beginning at TI0
down and back You should feel a P n
circular movement if vuu do this Danc.' at T'inidad Country Club.
exercise correctly ThLs if to re- Datce at Perseverance Club.
li-ve nslhoul.ler tension and must be Grand Ft,te, Drill Hall, Sapi Per-
doie before following exercises. nando, today.
t. Ne'k limbering. Throw your
iead far bick and -awn frelv five
i Fire the yawns If they do Forthcoming Events
,t (nie tatitallv. Then slowly
''nid oi-r Ihead driwn to right ablh tennis tournament at Tri,-
iiiouilder ;iiir shoiilder does not Idad L'ountry Club, Monday, Jul, !
,nio'e up,. t'd then down tlo left 10. !
shoulder Repeat performance of "LAnd of!-
R Fni'h ex 'rcie period by stand- the Calypso U.S.O0, P.OS., The.-
Ing in good poas're, raising arnqs day, July 11. -

Radio Programmes
,0 *< nn,inrt-emr' Time View. the NW G 1. I N WI
I i _.r r ,. 'f \'.' Ted i:a!nK.s irti ''.!' M.'_s
( J ''.Ttl* Firpt Piano ierr't H nm',,' frr Homoe
', ia'.-, r. ] .. .Yar- Y r Yanks
1 1,, I''m Mu",c Now$ M, 'ti Ws I V 0
I.I Prno *lhi 4 r
SIi) Pr,, r Ann mnti BArn Daone#l Harry James
:S NO ..... Now@ _o
4WW..-":9t.t. Wufi a" iin -i~son -~
/ :1 ... . Mock. Re-.pot.....

,VlbW ' ..s.

i.1. JOUTUSnal Saturday5Ries-Bons
rowit Hall
Ne., Bit Pared* Rolm a]
Mu04.o N Nis>t Uo1 a I Thda, 44 5.4 --. efha
Hit Parade atinnA 1L.rt4.Dakn Eo i a
___ __ __ ___ __ __ __Sharliff Toomeeted
Swe at Horn. Latin Rbvthtr ,o k NA
Atia 20son Weiira X)" e.irim.31 Sainday i& bM ian LA
.-.;.,,,,.o.~ ~ .... o... -- R-Today, 1.15 p.m. tn o .O D = n n 'gh ug
5 Satiy 1.15 p.m. FLOWING GOLD, and I Th *ghtiag ,
Lor ....... trt NANCV DREW AND THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE | Seabees 3h
.. dlll.nr ,,:n dliA, PAIifT-o, FIiiiiifhiiiiai idiiHifiiHhmIHfIUIfh hiiiN

N P MONARCH PALACE-San Fernando ,iii.,,fl l
l TODAY 415 & .15 m TODAY at S & 8* p.m.- mI.A L TO E:
DlavY O'tRIEN, Dorothy SHORT in The Sensatlonal Indian Muskcal:- = GOLD DIGGERS IN PARIS
L The Whole Serial:;- & KID COMES BACK
lJhoola 54.46, 1 ."P.M.-
SCaptain Midnight ______ car BOtER. Joan
_ _ _ I tlT---= Carl_ DO ,JFONTAINE


H & s- = J -----------;C REMEMBER | ^ rtx fji
B y 'Z^, | ~ ~POINT FORTIN ^ ,- i^ii
POINT FORTI Con- 40 Alfredsl Sir. dPTY-~qutet= V
SSTARTING TONIGHT And Con- localty near Trolley 'Bus,=f
-*'-^^JS ^Bi^r..-""" -; *I tinulrOe h Week-end ITrami_ Market. Church, Cine-= 3 ^
>r..-..-tlnuing Over the We k-end ma. Cemetery. A real bargain= 53
I Warner Bros. Proudly Present:- SETh keys await you. -_ --and-
Empty Cettae A Appr., Acre1 Errol FLYNN, Ann SHERIDAN
r nE S140T VEf01C^ DESERT SONG S~Lfnd Petite Valley. Diego t
-- DEf'ERT gONG^ EMartin near OGarden City ",EDGE of
I -- LStarring:- Dennis Morgan, Irene- .............. So.Mme DA K E
395 priani Boulevard. Large-
Manning, Bruce Cabot., Lynn towml~' edom
rn.?,,- eiing. ", Bedrooms24,5,,- 1' DARKNESS
^ r 8 Overman 4 Lovely New Buniralow 5 g
Sei Added At.r.ctions .near the Golf Course Mar&-5 -_
Special Added Attraction ................ cheap
New Home (nea rCobentu) =SO PRINCESS
Nn i arlr.rrJ. lN jr i< t r. ese--ee-i SARIMA
P G |hold ................ aNM DODAY, SUN. a MON.
=,Shop & Dwelling .. Basran
lHARRESON LI M (Possession of dwelling house) L11 1 & 3p.m. Dany:_
l"* M T 1ITOBAGO, Speyside Etto & ,MR ..
Of we 111 1 h .m" j otw Spe~yside-on-8s-c"l.Bpide. I
Ie ato PaMMM & ad caum o mel II &. Full particulars at office.
tw. t- e 11ewated -,l- o andme t- -al TOBAGO Blody Bay-- app
West Ladlog, Shise" TO.Gsaodea-s &V
PtHIM CaAR t en ateraeg sual GP "s. TOBAGO. Louis d'Or ppr. N
y^ ^y~ T^ "whfa.BS; .THE GIRLS HE
Me Ts. 05A. P aTOBAGO. Bkmhmem t
?aAG e ..on .. ?&".,. GommA st -113 are ............aI n "THE GIRLS HE
-. ~5-5th Avenue.Peewlnow
5hn mm H lg i o oet. .,RentalLEFT BEHIND"
THE BRITISH AND 2 a e................ ( hu),
sr- ..,.s ........ .P ,,

ALLIED MERCHANT I t ftfrascss4 I. pe ,Uly Selta
NAVY CLUB Men ..... ...........
THE MERCHANT NAVT Y in rua ar ea am.".lmm
OF ALL THE UNITED 'a d Stei ...... AAN W
NATIONS3Lovely Hem-jopse-"m n LIs
NAIOS 1 ,ea areusla TODDAY A? 5*.1. OIP

VCONTESTS Vcanft e stto-'l e AT 4& *$.smP.MSSUr Se
CONESS-I trCl .eap... .KING'S ROW (Ann
Saturday, July 8 roo m*"......- -
3 *es& of 2 Mina. igL S t.-I I S .. IM.M6
1The manawment Invites all u Do Vortewl Stroat.. .M.,
interested men of the Met- 2AS AbnStre b Ii--ets--st be----i---MM
[chantan t Navy to come #r.Hmforwardd ....$1IMiE P R
aand take Part. Namesanild ....PIK .
weights, may be Itvento the S ia0 w xsl "am
CIYlb Steward, gtregeNM-d" st"I g E PIRE
ON7430 7MI -Sa* *mft ODATr AT I5 P.M. AND
With the permission of thee T WAWM v B
Bolt Board of Control. L o Oi6 UNCERTA
C'Pben amHurne, SPAUL KA
_1 11-IIHAosse, selA, !AI III _. (PAU L L KAI

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TODAY 1.1 P.M. MA'
L IA. 8 P.M.-
GHANA, George Si
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3M.16 P.M.-

Hall cI

an Fernan
uWUua DDI" -
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bit Goas. Rft)

=San Ferna

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Tr Den De LUNE Doy'
'4.45 6 8.45 4.45 6 8.45
| 4r k7 Qf .dd ef eYon Your Figure 1 & 8e LUXE .45
t I" I..'. By Taking These Exercises M M,, ,-TgUO ,C-,I....
P# lW Ahmm_ eO to NSA. 11gw.. m flaws to w ahe .i-m -T m 31o"pen
binua61, VIS bW for fuhsin
S rPUs'uuuSW1* t MI jm l MOMly Botthai n and CA R r SW
ISsMt Mciw rouUne to which they 3* in.1
i ^ Mu Oemwa0. iw m Ur.&tairi o M. id dsib leat UR haWt. At the MY eTt-U minute..
.^ Jh .* J Inoitam a ft ytaan not. Pleased With f j

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0.30 a.m. To
S and IM v
Coney 1
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'Ta J-J |an.
Extras... =tGLOI luna.
I' = Todny S and 13<-Ray Mt= Ruth Ho It
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German Robot 'Planes-A Nasi Secret Weapon is Dealt THE UNINVITED. :: Extra--British No
With in a Derisive Manner. = f|||IIfHhI iiiUIIINfiiiIHIlUHm UIU UUIi HIIIInHIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIfI
421 POST WAR JOBS? fMarch of Time).u- ----
iulmering- DIi- VAIt )nuh ig- o

-'-" i THE WIND- IROY b AL H %-
4.30 & 8.30 EMPIRE 4.30 & 8.30 TODAY, .3 ..-l IS.LAND OF L]OST MENAG
TODAY, and Cotrltnuing AUCK Bt Ny RTDA AGAIN
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MAuled 051UNICE A051 S a", .f
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SUOLd *raW'U
AlNTet*MMa f -witks w" lead
sperttag Cie Outh Year.

portingg Club

ifect Officers

Pries in the form of War Say-
Scertificate, won during the
cricket season, were presented
the 25th annual general .neet-
g of the Trinidad Sporting Club
the Trinidad Public Library
The following officers were
ctad:--Mr. G. Sankar, presl.
et; Mr. 0. .aymond, vice-
ealdent; Mr. H. Jackson, secre-
ry; Mr. H. McIntyre. asst. secy.;
r. Raymond and Mr. Gibson
editors : R. Tench, captain of 1ist
am; H. Day, vice-captain: J
arquula, captain of Intermediate
AM; E. Robertson, vice-captain;
r. 0. Raymond, representative or
A.F.A. Council.
The Management Committee will
mprise the president, vice-
esident: secretary, together with
r. Sanguineau. Mr. Fernandes
r. McIntyre, Mr. E. Yeates, Mr
onteil and Mr. Tench.

' Gleneagle Favoured To Carry Off 'A' Class 6-Furlong g-.

'Lightweights' May Upset Uganda Sets F. Caesar Bowls Antilles XI R. Lillicrapp

Betting On Closing Day Races oot Record Near Ghouralal Cup Final Win To Captain II uwa Sam..wa s

RT|ranSgadhvnlte n Trida Ubots In 1944 2nd _dw
Si.-l WWI R" TPSOn and Bum Ilad ba.Mng t cmw. dl b-]ca uM.... n i-_ TrISM8 o a Ourtl. c n..,.. utl-^- /-- Si AliBr~H

ot the bhmy weight, they carry to the barrier this afternoon In the
"A class six furlong, expert see back-to-form oGleneagle standing the
best chance of catching the Judges' eyes In the feature event of the
cieing day T.T.O. races.
Ras Taffare and Sugar Lady 4...'
have never been credited With Glow, 105b.; Brown bread, Illlb;
much early pd tw RasTaffare, 121b.; Portora, 1251b.
much early speedSt. Ann's, Handjcap-* Furlongs:
up to one of the nghtweigtita to My Boy, i141b.; Cinderella, 981b.;
give Oleneagle a battle. Colleen, ll81b.; Resentment, 91b.;
Any and everything happens on Experiment, 10Olb.: Mine Sweeper
handicap day, however, and it is 12Mb.; Hard Luck, Nib.: Dusty,
quite within the realm of- possi- llfb.: Democracy, 106lb.; Air
ability that the little fancied C Girl, 881b.: Patience 841b.; Whirl-
class Scarva with 106 pounds, or wind, 1041b. Silver. Native, 108lb.;
Pearly Glow with 105, may scoff Plower Girl, lOOlb.; Coquette, Il01b.
at the handicappers and give their Easter Morn, 41b.; Prima. Donna,
backers plentiful odds. 1401b,; Darling 1241b.
Prima Donna, despite her defeat
on Thursday, will carry topwelght "
-140 pounds-in the G class St. F
Ann's Handicap over six furlongs, rt core
h Freport XI Score
while Minesweeper, who beat her
will take along 12 pounds. Vit r h
War Lord beat the E's onVICOry ou
Thursday with 116 pounds and to-
Sday the handicappers have bur- Freeport C.C. journeyed to San
dened him with 129, but lie will Fernando and handoo out a four-
be favourite In the betting wicket and 14 runs drubbing to
against Chinkara, 122; Whitstable Palmiste C.C., in a friendly fixture
121, Skylark 118 and others, on Sunday.
This race will be' today's first Palmiste C.C. took the middle
event and will start at 1.30 o'clock, first, and were bundled back to
Following are the weights for the the pavilion for 70 runs. B. Ron-
three races: tant 15, and Ramkalawan 14, while
Port-of-Spain Handicap -- Six B. Pragg's and C. Sampson's bowl-
Furlongs; Maiden's Choice, 1061b.; Ing acounted for five for 20, and
four for 12 respectively.
Thumbs Up, 901b.; Whitsablee In reply, the visitors compiled
1l291b.; Skylark 1181b.; Anemone, 84 for seven. B. Pragg contrlbu-
S1191b.; Sonny Jim, 901b.: Captain, ting 14, a. Singh 16, and B, Naran.
106l1b.; Sea Rover, 1131b.; Leap ,it 13.
Year, 1191b.; War Lord, 1291b.; -- -
Chinkara, 1221b.; Tornado, 121b.; ELLJAY SEMI-FINAL
Sahib. 1341b. Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
T.T.C. Handicap-Six Furlongs: SAN FERNANDO, July 5.-Police
l Pippin, 1221b.; Sunshaft, 1311b.; and Maple will battle for honours
s, Sugar Lady, 1281b.: iThe Abbess, as the Ell-Jay Cricket competition
r. 1051b.; Scarva, 1061b;. Ephinetle, semi-final gets under way at Skin-
117Tlb.; Gleneagle. 1311b.; Pearly ner's Park on Sunday.

a i sllnslUrM A -j-vO a-. .w
And Fourth In Colonial
LONDON, July 7 (CP).-Record
score for the 1943 Colonial
matches competition organized by
the Society of Miniature Rifle
Clubs was made In the open sights
section by Uganda team In the
first year of entry.
Uganda's score of 1,468 was 84
points higher than the record set
up by Jamaica in 1941.
Despite war-time difficulties It
was announced here, that 17 of the
19 Colonial teams entered.
Kenya woa the Aperture Sights
section with 1,530, ten more the
the secondd iacd Jamaica entry.
Trinidad was placed third With
1,554 points.
Trinidad team also placed fourth

In the Open Sights section.

Strollers S.C. Play
Sports Series
Strollers Sports Club of San
Juan will be at home on
Sunday to a strong table
tennis and football team from
"Bulk Purchasing" Sports Club of
the City and similar teams from
Springboks Club of St. Joseph.
Ther2 are many good players on
the visiting teams who are deter-
mined to bring home victory.
S The ping pong grimes will be
- played off at the St. John's Hall at
- 9 a.m. and the football l match
against Bulk Purchasing at the
Araajuez Savanntuth at 4.30 pin.
The soccer game against Spring
Sboks will be played off immediately
After the ping pong series.
. Springboks will select their ping-
Spong team from E. Akan (capt.),
Philip, S. Flores, L. Spencer, A.
Flores, W. Carter.

LA BREA, July 7 Francis Caesar, lt-arm spin bowler 4, An-
tilles Olfields Cricket Club, performed the "hat trick" at the Mahaica
Oval in Point Fortin on Sunday afternoon, when his tem resumed
their engagement with Acme C.C. In the final game for posMessilftn of
the Ohouralal Trophy.......
On a perfect wicket and in the4- ---------
presence of a large number of The game will be concluded to-
cricket fans, this brilliant young morrow and Acme C.C. with 24
bowler dismissed three of the op- runs to wipe off, will have to 1ut
posing batsmen with successive de- their best efforts forward to avoid
iveries, Ian innings lacing.
In a spell of five overs, two of
which were maidens, Caesar d7. r
ba ged four wickets for five runs, n u
an put his team In a o poivan-eburgh Cup
tion to annex the Ghouralal Cup. Gam
On the opening day of the gamenJuly 16
the Acme XI crumbled for the
meagre total of 59 runs, and at Trnidad Gulda Owe ompondeat.
the drawing of stumps, Antillem LA BREA, July.-All clubs in
had replied with 34 runs for the the County of St. Patrick, that are
loss of one wicket. desirous of participating in the
Resuming their Innings on Sun- Vandeburgh Cup cricket compete.
day last, the Antilles players car- tion, are hereby requested to send
ried their score to 107 before the two delegates to attend s special
last wicket fell, thereby establish- meeting of the association, sche-
ing a lead of 48 runs on first in- duled to take place at New Jer-
nings. sey. La Brea, on Monday, beginning
Carl Davies top-seored with 21 at 7 p.m.
runs to his credit, G. Thomas 18 The competition is scheduled
A. Sylvan 14, Erice de Freitas 1i to begin on Sunday, July 16, and
and F. Caesar 10. the first round of fixtures will be
C. B. Khahay bowled in very drawn up on Monday.
fine form to capture five wickets -* -
for 41 runs in 13 over,, Leslie M rn
Brown took three for 18 In 0
overs, and E. Johun secured one Marine Square
one for 23 in 12 avers, four of Reut
which were maidens.2 our Tennis Results
In their second knock, the Acme
players crumbled disastrouisly be- Results of the Marine Square
fore the irrepressible bowling of Tennis Club Tournament are as
F. Caesar, and when play con, follows;--
eluded they had lost six wickets OPEN SINGLES
for the paltry total of 24 runs. C. Thavenot won from N. Noth-
Caesar garnerr.d four wickets inagel 6-1. 6-3.
for five runs, and performed the OPEN SINGLES
"hat trick" In a devastating spell W.Somerville eeatrd Daven-
or-nW. Somen.\iile defeated Dave.-i-
of five overs. E. Brown took one port by default.
for seven runs and G. Thomas one or
for eight in six overs. Fixtures.. or Monday. -



TIRES-at Salerno, at Guadalcanal, at Tarawa.
TIRES-cushioning the take-ofti of giant bombers and
speedy fighter planes.
TIRES-on the wheels of combat cars, j'ep
guns-leading the attack.
TIRES-keeping the lumbering supply trucks rolling
up behind the lines with ammunition and food and
TIRES-doing their job where there were runways
for our planes. TIRES-doing their job ayway when
there were no runways, over the roughest terrain.
TIRES-carrying the army forward over deserts,
through jungles, rocks, ruts, and shell holes. TIRES-
doing the toughest job they've ever been called on to
do-and doing it well.
Never was there a tire test like this beforeI A test of
new materials, of new methods, of synthetic rubber,
of tires built to keep on rolling even when torn with
enemy gunfire.
Such performance is a testimonial to the vision Ot uwe
leaders of our Armed Forces. Under their leadership,
and profiting from their experience on combat, Ameri.
can tire engineers are constantly building better and
stronger tires.
They are buildingfightin tires.,

to build a better world

Tires on combat carn must keep on rolling even when
r: Idled with gunfire. Special combat tires, like those on
t tank destroyer, can take that kind of punishment.
.'i 'cy are built so strong that even when pierced with
1 diets they won't So Bat for Imney, at mile.

Tires for many of the Army trucks must be made with
only 30 % or les natural rubber. To use every ounce to
the beat advantage, "U.S." developed "the inlaid car.
cam:'Throuri this development the rubber is placed
dicty adet the tued where It is sidd most.

Today, thanks to those"who are -rvin through
acidecl through enginaering and through production m
then is aynthetic ubbe in plenty aad in quality to
meet theneds of or Aimimo d B4t it tks a lWt
d mblbbr 1to ht o ad wla s b-a Ga eww i M

WNMMJt .AVUVI tIelIsU Si1 e*8 1 NIW VOtE I & S. 0A c A. eS 0 UeI I sML*t

F. Devaux plays E. Forjonel
and A. Basford plays H Noth-


ikldad Gurudian Conreepadesit
'LA BUZA, July 7.-AU clubs Ja
rn Olub. winners ot the Mak
fow -Mtart Shield tM Ol Will
Supply CU.the Du=ia Q the
Gowden, ChiA blI CupB the
F0otbell Association Trophy last
Maun, opened their grounds for
actice on Monday last and, Judt-
Inm from the diligent manner m
which the players have been going
about their work of preparation, an
equally successful 1944 soocer sea-
son ought to bW the result of their
Ronald J. Lillicrapp one of the
leading pivot men in Trinidad has
been called upon to lead the team
with Prank Anderson, a tried eam.
Daftner as his vice-captain.
Anderson will appe ar In his cus-
tomary position in the back lin!,
while OGiorge Edwards. who still
ranks among the leading full-backs
in the Colony. will partner him to
form a particularly formidable de-
fence line.
As wing-halves, Harry Phillips
and Cnarle Bain will be called up-
on to assist hard-werking Lillicrapp
In checking th2 raids of the oppos-
ing! forwards.
Lennox Lumaden, that speedy
forward will galn appear on the
right flank of this powerful combi-
nation. Two of the Colony's most
brilliant inside forwards Neville
Douglas and "John Bull" Suther-
land will once more be seen In ac-
tion with C Durrant, a clever little
-ngllsh player supporting them on
the left wing. And hard-kicking
Arthur Christopher in the centre-
forwaid poasitilon. Bob Valentine,
their tall. minky custodian will ap-
pear between thle uprights.

Six r~w wluus have been admitted
to play i the Pemberton League
1944 Football competitions. They
are: Malvern, Crescent, Triumph.
Fton, ;.RC., and Chetniks. The
other teams, Slwel, Fordhana. Emex,
Ashton Villa, Defiance, Spoilers,
Cosnmo, i-entigton, Bradford. Am-
meiville and New Oxford are asked
to send in applications to the sec-
retary of the League before July 12.

Also drawn: 6C ; D, i T5
:44; D40; DMa; BI6m
A610; D40; A435; C2* iM '-
st Prize Ae ? ia 1
2nd Prim 31 ..ze
3rd Prise 0 .......
Also drawn: 4W.0; 36f; i
A3415 Do156 DIM D=7=U5
0663; B8m: B39: ObS DU& -^
704; D776; DI382; A300; AdII
ldt Prize A31 ......$
2nd Prize 4T ......
3rd Prize F730 ....... -
Also drawn: D3I10: AV$:.
A556; G74; 3231; .lCM;. 6.
1st Prise 0507 670 "
2nd Prize D25 -... $185
3rd Prize A616 .......$.... t.
Also drawn: C350: 1%9; B"
D34; E685; E480; F0M.
l1st Prize 072 ........ 610.
2nd Prize D372 ............ $120
3rd Prise D512 .......... .
Also drawn: A624: 0125; D M
C427: D215; F318; DIOA: IPM1:
Z396; F621: C271: E411: 766; 18;N I
7449: A602; E502; C502; A61;
G262; D114; E625.
lst Prize C585 ......... M *
2nd Prize B495 ......... 1 .5
3rd Prize E169 ........ ...:'.
Alsa drawn: F652260,
D221; D263; C444: l'l5i;
B358; li53: D43; OGUT.

Results of the OrouW Oelt
tion six-penny sweepeo ae
was drawn on Thursday Me
1st Prize P1068 and
2nd Prize B1687 and Bd 1
3rd Prize B37t81 and Al I
4th Prize E355 an 1 Cd1S6-
5th Prise D26W8M and 64-
6th Prise B29M an

I Crapeau Dining Room Suites, IrT.prn W f
Extension Round-Top Table. N OXING-- AMATEUR4-- BO( G
Chairs, i Cabinet Buffet. 1 Tea B XN A AILE I N
Trolly, 1 Crapeau Drawing Room I rHREE TITLE@ AT rTAK
Suite, 1 Settee. Morris Chairs, 1I j H T T
Modernmistic Sq. Top Table. cra. at the PRINCE'S BUILDING, Port-of-Spain,
peau Bed Room Suit, I Bed with
Green Point Spring and n Thursday, 20th July, 1944, at 8 p.m. shorp
Mattress, I Dressing Table with Part of the P-weeds to the St. oseph Convent rund.
Bevel-edge Round Mirror, 1 Bed i LiE SERRETT v LEN McKELL
Uich Table, 1 IUnen Chest Robe, 1 L SjRT MKL
Cyp Wardrobe. I Three Burner 'i'dad keatherwelght Champ. Golden Glovee ,1
Florence Empire Stove, 1-i Roll 1ROUNDS For Title
Chicken Mesh Wire. S Sheets Plain L BARRADASS V. GEO. BAKfA
Gal,. Iron Bargains All like
New. 'A dad Welterwe'a1t Champ. T'dad Ace Runner A111W
ROUNDS For Title
Apply lIsa Abercrombv Street, Lt. 1. ASSAM v. C. FRANCIS
'Phone: 7353 or 591. T'dad Lightweight tChamp. B oenit OrrlPt
l ~ ROSUND$ for lltto 'A-^.

FURNITURE SALE | u- A; 6 U .N Pe Ti211tl
1I, MURRAY i'K.:EiT, ROUNDS (no title)
SATURDAY, 15TH JULY, 1944. I S. A B.C. Barbados.
1.30 P.M. ROUNDS

Inastructea y Mrs. v. Longwortn
we will sell all her good na useful
furniture such as:-
Crap. Double 9Bed with 1 spring
and mattress; Simmons Single Bed
with coil spring and mattress, Linen
and Bedspreads, several iron Cots
with mattresses; sever itnunoens
OoU Springs, L.mons 0ay &.
and Mattress. Crap. Ladys Dresser
Combination Chest of Drawers and
Cupboard, Cedar Hanging -ess,
Three-Mirrored Lady's iJresser;
Mahogany Hanging Press, Mirror.
Oak Hanging Press; Han, ig Mir-
ror, Dedroom Mats, Toll' Ware.
Ptby's Press, Extension Diningg
Table and 6 Chairs, Linoleum I
Square Dinner Waggon, China 'IAn
ner Set, Sewing Table, lass and
China Ware, Tea Trolley, Break-
fast 'Kable, Citlery, oyp Morris
Settee, ( and Table, Brass-
ware, Crap. Morris Settee and
Chtl; Elec. Standing nd Table
Lamps, Jpholste'red Arnnchtir 3
silf-Round Tables. Po!dng Card
Table, Carpet Divan and Mattress,
Fibre Carpet, 2 bun Flame Gas
Stoves, 'antry Dresser, Iron, En-
amel ane' Alum. Pots and Pans,
Alum. Steame Elec. Broiler, Sin-
gle Hot PI ,, 'hermos Set glec.
Iron and Bourd, Elec. Toaster,
v'-ffle Iron, Carpet Sweep, Brooms
and Prushes and Waxer: Writing
Desk, Books nd Matazines. Phono-
graph and Record, Lady's and
Gent's Bicycles. Child's Tricycle,
Travel "W 4, Plants. Lady's
Gold = wstlO ConOcert rand
Pikno b Collard & Oc" .rd, and
one PRiDGE Me.
Items on view day prior to and
morning of Sale mind TBRMS-


Burgess-LTst 1944
Notice Is hereb Ivmnd that epes
o: Burgess List of the cty f Pet
of-r tin for the ye7ar 194 have
been afixed on t'V aS eatanee
of ths Town Rail. Knox Stet. for
inspection by the Pue untie l t t
loth July, 1944.
All cla&U, to be entered lia the
List by persons whose names a--@
been omitted well as ll '-.,
tUon. to the namis of peaons ap-
pearing in the ULst, must be i"-de
to the Town Clerk in the Statutory
oam not later than the lath May
of July, 1 The qured forms
may be a n applicatiou at tU
Town Cork'ts Oae
Copaeof Sher in-p Mt

Woormeft atats cowl.
maste Warket.
Public Library.


SL Mairys ez-ab&WP*,


S.A.BC. st, Marys 41Au
North North.
South Caribbean Fores Noth
We Guarantee Yeu-No Chans of Proernm 4m
RINGSIDE $2.00 :: CIRCLE $1.00
With the kind permission of the Boxinr keard of CoatreL.
iitiiliiitiiiiiiiHiiisiiiNiHutitHiiiisitiimnnW # miiiinmiM Nnnm iB oM~i

...You can spot it

every time

JET! how asb r he I
ineets &e ppegdowmos aje
AL 00406~ OWerssa Cabe isaI
&e.blmgeemb..sealien. o hedsib Its eteand reftesbia
N The aewsopaped Be
-at suc-T man, ideamie. fh
T6" Monm. Nl INevInehm
&mad In &Ohe14cmbaiem
dl As ed"Ateme as
^& cuto ash&Imh A
^^ a~lhe ift, ,1 ew
W- res ip qA

e medU. Yes.





- ~VM5 UA3~I*N, 3&TU3DAY, IULY 6. l~L -

1~ ~

M asfboilth the 86dl sad &01 tc u amft""I lD0C M en serW a es8 1e e W beW M M'.1
F^^. Sw 'sdo A % mim t city. Wb Re9dAs 6 mie r iCI, and that I do sAt b2ld my
Chareis iS'Uthr inliag j, rin es .UM WAom,.h., _1.W mpsiblo a. MW 4M or PISH
11" Avis ao -k DJulyOUengih hlip Raodlogusad FISH
__J%4 4 j M PIAJuss CARON, n July It aeadwelUb V debtsn u
tk tS5 tp x. MEe. S, Jehafta6 0- St. X"e"' iee. s-ore ad Ax31m I fti I Be. Sb,. atnd eof28&
*IPSS 45 P110" __U1 P1 v; ejCO AC.P r.uceZc. tFoo.t-.ttilr 12 No Msa a J LL' YOU PrI: Sewnfot uMaci;
ECORtPION. Ceetaist SI0 WObi ICC Asi6 modAl n e1,0 VOseaUC IIC 13 wia TUN PVBUC I hereby 01" that I Radi
%W (f mI m a'"L et. eaeses- hess. Twro Ljs&Maiso longr n64#r thecl aa pmV2 hSkEdboaria ls: ufeu. Rm ab FS

5'E^ ^^ ^s WS.de 5. u 2?" Chs- ~aMeeo.er Fernnd Sleet so- t! U-a^^.& ^^S" 1 .' -..L^
L eUAWgTMofemty-WTLead. c Raa. C-muom tre Sw$to e. isoOf my husnand CLeox.!Nept BMW gNd IfLUand chairs;
as01fW pm W mexW i Fes*oat" mt I Sto N bold qmyelf rmeGaggiee for
tU tlhe jm gI TLt. 1_tojdod AJ7* s- = 1 4.o etscaniweted .1
M ^ B '^J ut*^ A M P wt ---- fi n" 11 A Of n or 1 0 d eb t or> C L M m R OUS- S t o 'ft S af e L iq u u r n ot
44L sad J.-Y M taw,"i. JoeM- ne p a"pg o"Ifh s see s harvingr. A" leftubssMhome a Bueau l' Waialmi*
10O19 S FOR 5 MR SALT Ss Go Tew V M t Meat Safe U 25A
A-Jo L MO aeree asI 421al 55VIL (' OLIUi __ 50 sS ?e kiU Wainet 2Chn-ane
AW a Maet ileet -4%11 10S VUy R S INWASAVAL Ct~m. -JQly 12 ~v akWaeI%. o a am ilom *' r Sprnd: anILCI

held,.~uBoW Psteaea Iw^ ?E^ I* ^ llrseese *e' the beti-e AMR014ITID t for mevMn Lrsk mt T o CLASSIFY *oluminu VhCAmN A-v""h t' T2llanM c ots: UM aa oC U
I M O I IMAGAM eMi Seesel Ie.f. moeIs Wl SIee do eor* _ __W- L foS r owlel S' mt now - true:
01* iee eq L s ~ ~ IfIJ*aiO 07 - M it as le Pato gu, need pti
Man bpoo" e. 00 mft. 4t'tes Red;twa -jaly 13. 101 1011" sofroateeweb.l n
em*4- bvk tt04am 9MSateier The, 2read tin:oEnameq wa re MACI
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-I5 593.-Jul) rlosl t'actloa.-J.yForest it *ecto-Jirily tlul Mw WANTE limut cont^JT ? M^'acelnsm -eIeedp. Pon 4013.- Jly 21. -"th *idy 1944.^^ J ^ ^ ^Hl"I
010 14 B D per Carlo. to 0r, Cartonm It. WANTED. t1 G ERkM LEASE oe ; ',1)n5s n at of napl aa&12* f ", Wcats TOu d liriotetitOf HUE FO SALEe a
b l '' MT a.b MATURED Appn BA lfTb D -yU IBy t hre eroo aonna. en, t-ramtis ola MariA 2, 15. ar* HOSSE aB I iS - t v uuinten nurn o Mto remarry after___

I* S o r*.CokeI'le. B0 CbtniBro~e. I twa.iEZ4T' L)IMi O f 1112611tt l* ioowo g roteid u delasna res i.--tAla area * f";~*. Or-SNY OEH Aitly wtdditp *Pkolice e Fernand.5 ^ B ^ __1 ____I ______________
eter S. L eg-I ac-a ;. "pre 5cgie I. AII,.I-UA Z AIF. t o curan B td u It m. U ar it er e tl e Contact uf.._ PU. lIC s' hereby nt S *t t- -hat r" HOUSE tAb e-to s
l.O 4 It i iAn'py Clu WP ; PIA I In eune gg-Bred | rOM Cly. 1 e1 UO S Tng x i tur er-July Jl lln sumutt airmop dbt V rem roll- erald. Phone 5 3 c. l-July1.

mo1 Ori CIr~n Blue ibbon IA ( *n. s Fernando.|or Osise roe Pang. &~' BBl~m -Jul aINOO CORA U-S'.-ne1- 1 ON PE(OT L.r5fiit et iw ae eel a IPrte-p*lSlyT. TT utniu IrSMITUO 94i T~f -et D______________
t ay. .s, w ey'.cirDu-e A ," 1. )1ui lalStF.. f 11 A V ;ST* -A LKlt *, II Sb.- r I trlled t P natnK uA9E
= 11c6 t rI t'- p 3 ON P UM P- gd r p (:.%I i i. I5KI APlY.R'lia._t S liS ahJr. ioint Fri ton, w btlinm hon et Secio2s5 -t
LOT PIEONkCeap aRolndPoyno.r2 Hary ifrt. Jot Il - a1nolokeruner lnecae70d4ro-c-Jelano uly.,

ree -J. ay 1.F 5'tALADksITa r.fK I 'tWitibT.l- ,^t D BR. OponAol myS CusLANE OU S ASLESS7Sof the W 1940,
Ctmidt t.SSDAaSi-meege 114thAeirit a.e edoth.eose-anyove o dbtoardratedbyhills- be helAd.0O Lrg F gdare

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W" W "K li6adit, 701n Wbe AN=hioO Io Hom eS uaU. at It adA itey asila r -Juy M 1EN.'RILL. Jly 12. 46P drt rif.- y1
w itchestun 110ts toPhne P Iat. at rI. u r.' hame'1 M ATTRf ot i ehV MoilS o TaohSIINIA P R sm.T- z mit a unde r rgen c -se. AWOMSX CAMLPtln, UM 163 o od iPg4ft U ouso 9oclc n h odl n
SprayicngGatlso' Su t ie epscse t s Mdanem Ett. Now of usra.nd AT RJ IUNTUCT11 D DWPintliattm-Ot CL& NTRARINME NTSIS2E1A. POU TRY nokanSUPPLIitESy.
SB1I0PLL GR WN4OSTIN ---Jill) 1prtvuor. rieand eliery s I. rsce,"a ble threeb Drugesar. de-is I iueO tret P LLEP AMOC sRLPm W a MP

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DRIVERs C o with it b yas teei. ra- hoot 6. ly r M u y | ota c p euet e. ass Icr* M oUtraCyrlo n#*onwife. Sobil cirrs. Oxod- re-J--- 1.
P ell."edIM'~let oto-pi .- July IL 1U. it mUMcart andlpritect Juan WaLden'sOCR. .GEdalAL I
I ASI0= kt. I Pti n'n hired SIt ,nlAIIs 1 Ur(N alco~e SotCoiaui.tl. 11)Wid~t.IWF MAT N oA. I att O es. d Ut Alt CntStee poaioo Md ifnery 1gt 4--July OW 14i
rABB;tre iltatluiis te ge reey (3~e Cp.CtlerJ,;, h--sobiulluing. aPSIUL S. JChucuaSree..LS.O3'QueneS A & tS gilns
of Us aI) -l,,4-Ju t .I) `,,!, MticilFlmat ibParticu0. .I l at Ph s 6 1Co J t cune a le H MA IE R BU L M State" 5 ho e 44 6
S-aeOple N'- i ~Lo 2,k A 1reet Ju 5. lh E nTOUues Ls u dre- P- on r Sra gasstae S esa.? 1* 55 d M Ju ya~t. ssp sla fIItE l "Ig At. ulyPet.r A JS ld
WO LyP S il tg eae g Ius Rael Sot ee ae iCln `suR ftt &HLDtrDWELLING HOU SE at PIUE~U ED d hrb b SROERTEt OuSLlIy 14Matn..dotdet
D r e oa.' A ela'trett.AQ11- n IVN S UA E 0X t L~ dTelhl E m ay e bt o,)r deb t he InTc e an-R OMS AND 5O RDING a d r f r th R ~ e f fli g h e t
gUATOALwt,_u ~ too ~Ietan-u ry SAT Or.L-J 1 AN ahR11cre f las~ tfei -6 htlzteet and tetl.eas11AeromytrtPon
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MUTOM ~~S I dtn Sane--JulynMan Ioa Ju) 1a thhlo XeitSt-ol. ardolC aum
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iRON CIIRST. ilK LUXE- Lonlaiii-4.Iurai mIl. IER RE Wlra Street. Ram &or- Th" resC i hrbY ntiet ua CC M OAii T IONbarr ack il i efc a n.! o
DM95ad OREShid ~ed S~s S ik ~tS-uyIi. bedroo, 3-nAtUr6 C tied mrtIC N~ otIay e bt r dbtseo I ie fo- - y ua t, a fte c tles ee
FOL OXA MSbyQaIXED F E)Rigl.,IaBO5E1nTR aCH ROLID N pd coL- wocr aag.AMN8EDRrnsuaers DEtC~. DROHYbe 50! *0 basng ~ 01 lef ycr araETOREa rnsthruhOiae C 7 asbfoetedyo leto.Tw I
teachrs Jliuloe an Siners. lc~sol dliust ~Ph~t TPS--Jly1.sAitabPledfar lhrge fm6y.Apl6 -t~ AdAug. 4. ~ropeetseooa macael.sa 2 I htoRWRfrUfundoie

* 53sice t.K-S6-J 'Is19 MICE.ANE US4OR A.Rdo Apy o at SeLE r No 75 FNfhUStreet 3 Ma ralan s. havin fuV yo u.a whlb ite may otra I tet or o-18.1 Al.I
3 ~arse a or tuio dy nd gt.gts~ Cuep -u~ 1. 4 etrunning% star. Jsoatif ls re m ss c ags. I JULESBEDROOM CONCARET RU.TAY3 FURN tU en S A.Leore
PZ4 DUCKShome I F ISth Cay etAp ~ C A g M RSI 4 VLX Ln otfe o 5 ya. ttsoe-;r ULC ~S.iex ttlo II L ee.onrland isth erut fr@&atnd
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-R L~ C4X-Keedy .?4 Ia ha pr i d Ib ,eUT 30 UCK13.t~~s'RPRIS O M aI B heft my hotifem.ha 1O rov fbme Itronea. WOe-vL poe~t Warden's oince
9'rogw m onh, nt cni ion p,) r.M usC EayRITSATMU. anw id.nTdo brigee. t n CXh e
Le h paobin e no eWill.Ci!ICy ~t; OR ROM CTAiSa 5thr et7 II Oll to potAi Se111-ms. Fu 2oo etavs: om &.SAre t U AYT E T JL.
3.5' Jes is lopP tIgoaCm ati TU5ad VChI laCa et Ros ng e. t1 ~,astWANTaED. Mal aa.. ee1 &P"1CUhely5S d It Or Phon e f4013g-Jug 21. Pr1.of- pai M.
_] O EL ANDV rit. Th Sc retay. l IC W DECRKA I)lt tiS R5 513-eyS 30erossout .It-oc ?teu Im y wits m i raTn* J N S ad c esea. Ontjar cton eciv d fr
Street bumly IL 1650 r C' Is Ih, to h. Staol f WANT5sED. geNeesg E RMa L seth- L aILs el fsu e a~ wt tifo cr s a nda V dte aw OU ES m teR SAL tE ldJ ly. 19 C
3UOG1NS~Ha~l. A C.I.A. -o1p- reetND U MtS. h otels sad ils toes desira bleresidetoiavewl vig at*etd be.&.baigefta- SUrNYt-AuEPH. ash the hughl and CHolceCSn Fenado.
We, Thro0asent a Ele___ t I w.Aplyke, %e O~ri' 'st~l i nt. : Ps e lato aon S A o ttr.Weillus s-PYm oni e ar JU~y S t IFia ecg O S July. Une id21
1W A~y2auls RoSIS.- aly I s iwpsial,""e.P.ET oAE saleD aWATE te-n.,s ans.Csm
WX &XCLLIS to ertlasijrm Ully Nz Xwea; Tng estaran tem Arway. 7it f l IIIimautt &noioranydebtor ebt Con, Gral.:pone 'n- II 3L

its of Sn Pernando ae
co-operte i the U -


am* inUA

W. C. t.uJ

Your "TIRE"
Dr. Sebs K
Athiete WeM: :
Cw%. wBaMl *
Vft eso" an P"
-a Calo .I

MOST Redtble I


Indigo Bona.. Serge M
Pants-t3 0;: All VOd
soun Panec worsted ,
Pants--4300: Ace.-A-
Hudson. Singhw.ir nd
shirts- Linen hirt andI
'' "'le cards: wadj
hair loth an- buttons
this week's offer at-
H. P. S1N
Trinidad's Premier 3U
91 Queen Str t -- I





Reduced PM


of 1



ig Recital
- Yv -

Mem Soprano)
Guem Artbht :
. CAXRENTER-Viollnit
. . t i

Victoria Institute
o tn o
y, July 16th, 1944
at 3.43 pjm.
ON SIM 4 & $1.N
at David-m & Todd's.
m Monday, July 10tb.
ansmuuummamwmm nuum

a Wttwr way of ,log Mher
ar-e. fulnees *fto st Mtl
Shaa bb eyattiU doWN you
A=L. the acle itit eMedly-
d by Domom *i*erywbaro-
basihes thesa *W4 kfltl
adlaty. tme eiet @ am"*I
I qutitckly remedied by ALOCOL
. taken borie ad fter mafl
you to f At justr wit you (tSa
ir of Pa i drimeortn i
a ol ALOCOL to abe oworty
atcid. levts the | -MbMac
- utd th. e aJmrow pew
t Heul mtm e the oalfe
ld bathe up a healty dup-
balm tl efeeta ai mame be
hatevo the def.
Is tar mfamwr to mama
of Mdal b Mtm may
CM nmf bat mom raMir t<
the ilerde, teassto ae ILU
ALOCOL aw sad eajoy pear
I le ittte" W ofMG Owtn
abmm* awe t trm met
quaw, Pe-tefw-fw. Tirmal

rgess List 1944

7 4 -, 'tW7 .

bee odid ii .
l~e or far". oan~
iiatoft out their SsitS-

'" Claims must be pre-
between the first and
day of July next.
a. M. SCOTT.
Town Clerk



You, Inspection

1 Henry St. (nee

Phone i


Music by the Co)
Royol Orchestra
your favourite sin
-Irma Jarrett.

imps Elysees Members Only Dial

tr (CAS GRtOC.



4x Tie -, 47#

4g. Tin 6WO


xIZ. Tin

ox. Tm

on. Tin


--- 3345


22S Grmn. -

14o?. Tin-~

Cubpo SA"$Do
iPeamnto 1S
Gem. --d
.J50 Grms. -.
Cielmor SARDIM
in Oil 190 Gr

s*427 S S -It.Vtu

/^. .4

Cut and Etched Gl
E.P.N.S., Cuae
Vam, Jewty,
< afti&k a*d.. .



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