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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Full Text

*bulia. 1. 1%4M

F New Shipm
`#W ,(AKFA
lb. Tins _
lb. Tins _

Enemy Lose
In U.S. Carrie
Raid Heavy
St (AP)-The Navy said tod
ted States carrier 'planes ga
SJapanese ships, probably s
and damaged at least 21 v
in their July 4 strike on V
Sand Bonin Jslands.
dmiral Chester Nimitz rala
totals todav in a communii
Cg additional information
results of the fast carrier t
e'a bombing and bombardme
iCh"i Jina and H..sa Jima
ionins and Iwo Jima in t
IVn (volcano) Islands.
* f e Admiral added nine 'pla
the number previously report
troyed in the enemy's weak d
ce of these bases. That mi
Total 34 plus an undetermin
ber damaged on the ground.
dmiral Nimitz said the pl
two destroyer escorts a
ed one medium cargo sa
a convoy of "several ene
discovered g0 miles nor
t of Chichi Jima.
Addition, these other vest
e sunk or damaged in Chi
unk-one small oiler, one me
Ammunition ship, and one a
_cargo ship. Probably sun

mmine-mayer, one trnawier I
luggers. Damawed-one la
o ship, three medium car
s, one small cargo ship, t
11 oilers, one minelayer ando
royer, Several of these w
wo small cargo ships and n
ens were damaged at -i
his raises U.S. carrier pilli
a of Japanese shipping fr
e 10, the start of the west
flo operation, through to J
S41 sunk, four probably sui
62. damaged. Seventeen m
t also had been sunk and
)ably miunk or damaged.
nerican losses remain t
* superfilcally damaged.
e destruction of nine Japan
nee raises that total to g8 sin
S10 plus 35 probably destroyed

[anlim Island

haTERS' New Guinea, July
ZO- Snited Kates troops U
isl K~lan ljUa otfkL~i
> erm Noemfoor
Island was occup led
without opposition.
a Occupation provieas& a l
position for the one remi
Ja se ardrome an Noon
ha airdrome, Nambor.
present objective aof the f
*s driving across Noemfoor
h Dutch New Guinea. T
other Noemfoor airdromes
sid and Kornaaoran are
In American hands.
An0 air raided aak three *o

tnminrle c asn atue
Ve vessels and damaged

p'nsa.e. The Noemfoor inm
'began on Sunday when An
afrce havded alte biz an
dnhcln reefs.

pa augmented the original
ng forces and Kornasoran s
>was taken on July 4.
panese Cleared
om Ukhrul Area
IRT eRS, July 6 (Router)
rteenth Army troops are
on with the job of cleai
Japanes from the Ukhrul ar
r ke Japaneo base or t
*u ils.
act Japanese rem aining nor
* place hold as road block,
West of It, but today's co
llque says that operations
Them out are going ahe
tat of the road between K
a and Imphal, fighting is
on 'against isolated Japan"
sants who still hold some
rcraft of the Third Tacti
Porce destroyed three spa
River bridge southeast
mu over which the Japani
aght much of their supplies.
Wr thJ battle area, money
0 make flying very dificu
Sdespite this Allied troops
forward areas are still getti
r SuppUes by air.
senhower Praise
!hting Spirit
)NDON, July 6 (Router) .-Ge
Eisenhower, Supreme All
wander, Issued a statement
t at S.H.ARP. about his rece
to the battle area in No
iy. He says on returning
d he read in the Britis
pars of July 4. many gemne
ad understanding commei
e American forces in t
Sof war.
'e spirit that Inspired t.
rican Initiative and the sen
ti in the British Press and r
he says, "are no different frt
on the fghting front and tha
similar admiration for t
ant exploits of the Red Am
the gallantry of the Fren
a of the interior by us a
re are waging this campa4
singi' combat team," a&
ural Elsenhower, '"and
It for every bit of ground
and every advantage we o
over the enemy is justly abha

Oth Day Of The War
AgaW Hitrism

Cft Iw
I W (b Y I -lka"
LST COCOA i M, lm M- '.......... .
33c. I I T *NAJ.
...............1111..."-1 CA 1NG & C LT0l ..
8,1 66 N .o l 7T, zWH aYEAR PORT.oF-PAUN. TRINIDAD, B.W.I.# FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1944. PRICK IYo CuNT 6,

Son' Remov----s StingTogGi

700IToui Going South Poland Town Of Kowe
": 'To L]vo~rno

CS ..Fals To Red Army Troop

er 1 1Resistance Slow1
"""~'-i '^ "I '"NFifth' Armyi
,- . .O.H.N CWVJTEiDjriving Across Pripet Marshet
(kerwman resistance at, leaiito ___________________________________________________
knit rarily hated the prugeas of the 0
"American FiftheArmy LZLi8 G
; ::rlaia:ista: Germans Hit American Troops Soviets Near
lard 01^^ ^ L* ^ w ;iui.^> .0 IM L.bu~ufu.; UU1 '.J._ - ,_ v'* kJA<
on UAI~ei Lo th A asL ii a une of.i,
kie)oU ; Le .ardfoA Closing Ring Round Baltic State
^~~lua to~j eloieiice.a d i
ien This Britishb .Tthh. oth^i 1: It'i Robot etj111lSjof
tri Th s fl tank, called a "scorpion,' bets the groan with 4" .e t -- i 0 ,B I~
in l haala to CeM t a patk through a aGerman n ed i Nonndy. Itid tBAiy JXE O5N At Mn.
the Lengths of chain are attached to a rotating dyner mounted o -tI A l r I loi ..
a bom in front of the tank to lsh the ground, exploding anti- OVswnu, a 1w miles in from tue; Kie, Robot Nests Or 5 N
roxtn~ocoast,, bui, thee troops rep'jI Ad .: 1 a e d u t
ne1" personnel mlnesl This is a Britikh oftll pb released through AndAire l s GetLO er
o T Assa Pe 'sireed Prs a esd. te s vy0 ls to o te pp
de- ___ and ont ua. to cling to half 0 Battering I ... dr. Kled. co...
nde -he town. T tNazis o t.M i, By JAMESLONG At Minsk
ne .___ -altl availableefirepoWeragainsd the LONDON, July. (AP)-More LREME ALLIED HEADQUARTERS July 7 (AP-United by RS SELLOGAtDMn
Z C h u rch ill S ay s utiir Aarericali ouiiffts hiigthan 3 Ju l'ohay b6 b UPEKADURESJl ts Uie y SL
iot hem Socuth of te o oUtskirt a Oiin s the great.st Af heay m bers Sure la ates troops are closing the rng around the enemy anchor o T La LONDON July try (AP)
Cnd OyuaCu tM te own of Ca tigiloncla). h r, .at nu e ever urlef at LONDON Jl y l tAP -
hne Indicave of the tenor of the M1'U01 ag1 a ct b- e n ay, truc i ne- a Haye du Putfs to the edge of Foret de Mt. Castre -Bwhere strong Army troops. stretching thir fp g
en German resistance was the jitwer my ii pn ,u, cu iai ,1 e lemy forces lie in wait against the threat to the last wooded in front across the Priet mar
ytlig hting engaged in by the Fifth rant" ai. l i- iuta ii two lI Tc-he rights dominating e tow, e. ea, nearly 200 miles below
,L on d o ee A g aeAmy in the outskhits of Castehiguos w mua0, ,m % ,l0h lI A lle d . erupting battle zoneAIn White r.,
ge ls n a a n d th ~e fa c t th a t ta n k LO r.I s P la ll sn ,ts M % i% o 1t 11tn 11 1 4 I,11 1.11% t ro n t it- d e s p a tc h e s sa id th e+ e.. . ... .. ... si S .t h
o l r the s usme arm y gained onlny t ano c s.psoeter ng d xitile uu ,q -arce, onl osc e rou m t day T vr '. a Poa n to d a oe r '
[ch onyo!%cteiouteouCoity ma' .lad.tday asoter.... 1
aimhiml n gine only a e wt ua,'ilndat otr tutnde cdetedard old raai ro..te ou t ft odITHitlellr Dismisses r ces drove steadily closer to
mile nd half northeast, Of miliAie dgic L)LIW tie JiUr~AlIdItI'
Monte Cateno and 1,500 yards north. A r and rail junction on the south is Ov .I--stsBaltic States on the north.
Sland defence line. The Iah o ow, aai pn es t savage flg tlng toward the heights LONDON, Ju (Reuter).- stronghold southwest of W
of Ca aom e m eanwh le o mre s d to w i s t he A o 'ple ee U d ati n d ta
and Russia which the Russians near
AgDyTO UG rmy meanile, o vArez and towhre as t- e ,u tu iitc e. sic, wit of the forest tinee miles eat, ofl An anounceznent frim Hitler's reached in their spring offensive
W ife By TO W ARBRO UG H three ndio. s O f Arezzo and threat- j.oi -ury ,I sa n FHu, PAT IOT 9'.e M Pi-, 1ALN thr m miles eas of
re .n al T B H *tened to cut one of the main roads attacks kiill unsuadcu Imore tlain eLa Haye.w hose capture wold un- Headq 'ea terms this evening says The Germans said yesterday t
wrg LONDON July 6 (AP)-Mr Winston Churchill, the Prime Minis- tothe west at a pointe ot nly 30air UJons rot siexpiotvesr intllt'r hinge the nem defences resting ta t Field-Marshal Von Kluge rto save withmanpower omI t the t

two s maielyb ^smna icehdcm veyagto wense f adhro Florence 'ii doa hnteGr~~ilucigpae itncb e fne Nalcnres ting the at. l o( eld-Mas a rl Vo n Klu e sad ot tot <
n ter, revealed today that London was .again a front-lne city scarred mea con alirtiel The troops bomb ro.ts l ous o AEUL dbearpeUsi on La Have dtn the we and Bog' has taken over the SuprGe thest west of any point
on traeevetn malypsble avace dthea ce the Ptsts bo he Upper ono LaalH avul is e o the eney valdraken ov er tile ia so Wtest Of n 3 poi
r and shaken where Hitler's frightful and aimless flying bombs were Tiber road jtulcti on town of Urn- in tnprovesa weather pouueu one- Marai s sde Georges on the east Command in the west in place rached in the new Soviet offe

., se o ertssini hc pt o coplhdayo obert.d whic Istd an outt 42 eOmuf axahv nele w I'- Amen ricns>weetetop cape andd* c ity out abuta B d u so mun
Killing and wounding civilians on a big scale night and day for thr bertide which i about 42 miles thmy lnaioie.% I loiget clnee Te American. retained the l od Field-M rs al Von Rund- ie nis st about due 0ula
kInc ato in ld 5mlssuh of FedMrsaRo Rn- o ige. Its capture. outtl~an!
5 tsa weeks. Mr. Churchill told the story in the House of Commons trying east of Florence. coast to Iermick3li odai, ,i hold on the railway station In the stedt. who L said to be suffering the German forces falling a t
oC.American heavy' ioinbs amiing a north Part of La Hay e. fromI health. The announce- from White R towaP
Ots no longer to hide the details behind the obscure 'southern England" tDennis Johnston, theB. traipse-hraeoer assault an acLa l the brightest nand hlest das i ll a l that Hitler han iS t
reporter with the Eighth Army -hintH Normandy sin ce "D-Day,"r an- w tt A l r h r e Pinsk.
rom which until today, was mandatory under censorship designed to keep says that British troops attached units moving ,utspiadmuppor othrmn in e d written Marshal Runstedtx In a despatch fro MOSCOW u

m;decwedb. rtlhreonas A Cl~~lO he ast Brno(et e *tote s t,,ot ...... .Is a fogh p edokwt h reat Cs Jlng hi gratiude fr) hei htsrorwlt~M
ern the Germans in the dark. +..... to an Indian Division have ac- O S tfht iiV. ilii.' ot rcountt i coming around e P'singhis gratitude for his Gilmore. AssociatedPre"s co
SUApproxinately ,000 American rt b in theast fought down past services and promising hoim re o
uly tuallv entered Umbertide.) -... tn, road southwest from Carentiana pondent called the captureoOf
unk He said over 10.000 persons Chiang Urges Polish troops on the Adriatic Ply~ging orft'vS, ad Lioeraturs, th .oid eninthis nar from setr iazh employment Ili special tas wl the commencement of a
were ki l ld or A ri os wouidedmFg hdtto Portan- participate ill a S masl aS a am t[ w ideni ng t s narrow of the fut u oe nl the ca ree of
o- Sh sm AVmor of nt the hside e Uermae t o ts big Bal.ic naf t base at whole m Normandy t an front in an ad. The new o ae new Red Arm thrust In the
were kinlledl orsoeAeriuly wondS~erdFgtT.icoytn.bu h anadac edtion of Pinskslid B~rest Litoval

i1? B~wl hura(rf& ntnibom ..anlnorBnrco ~riet he 11 nimbc ottheermasnyr'.bur Pelngk tBa h tenona\,d base atrma oitin n EM The new German commander"-,bt "Ph-ae
Slwere iledrseriouslywoundedto a small gain against an all-out Kiel, fyWing bunio nlsts and ot.er Vance of more than a mile despite in the west directed the abor- More than 550 other places
A total of 2,752 was killed up to CHUNGKING, July 6 (Reu- defence of Osima to the soAthward. objectives h I iPastue calais and enemy counter-attacks. tlve German offensive against Mta n55otherpas
anni' g ad u 80 ersy o eyn s bringing rto. 87the nnberoLut- Both the ritish and Germans the Russians in Kursk a year take during the day as So
thies ter)-To forrowis t pe seventh wait oases in northwest Eu poured armour and infantry into ago, and I reported to have troops mashed west dll
Paand in p battle raging for Carpiquet been wounded in the Soviet the front and Moscow mm
nee badly enoug message to theChinese nation a sbombedby the Allies since the In- airfield, only three miles east of attacks in White Rua last said more than 5000 erm s
do n saGeneralissimo Chiang Kai-Se lvasionb a Caen on the road to Paris, and tIe autumn, killed as the Russians oontIr
in hospatitsdal.,hate ntine sarl theyr housldm o ntianueth Flyn stress R.A.F.Lancasters and Halifaxes night communique said a num- Like the Marshal he super- their methodica! mopping up of
SOS casualtis daily, nkt counting said they should continue the furalso Ilnueren w kas oe .aai ber of enemy talks were destroyed. sees, he comes of T German area east of Minxk. General
cuts a d bruises for which first war until victory had been won in the forenoon to attack miit- militarynfamilk. Beforerhedw a ra Minakdri e no r al
and their lost territory re- in the foreno on ro n ill- milit aryafamil. efeaethofwLHa e.nw
aid wua sufficient, and London covered. rLONDON, July (Reut2r. tary nstallatlons." Rai P.RT OR n th o Vn Ku e-s romksdiv rea w
bore the brunt of it all. He said though the present Princes a Elizabeth today chilrisatened l isclosure that Ameri .n bomb- FREN PATRIOTS SCORE on the staf of Von Kuk, de- from Polotak Is already witht
sent .,Intested at the Marne in 1914, few miles of the borders of 0a
Mr. Churchill stated plaLily: Japanese drive in Hunan Pro- a Flying Fortress "Rose of York" era were striking other installations The rising stoim of 1rench re- and he himself was wounded at and Lithuania..
"This battle may be somewhat vince had come five years too when she paid her first visit to an than the Gern2., launching places slstance broke Nazi control of five the Battle of Verdun. Early in West and northwest of Mi
lenthy affair," and promised only late, the enemy had made rapid American airfield in Britain. for the flying oombs aroused addi- wicle districts and choked :)i this war lie commanded the General Chernlakhwvsky's
thaT everything humanly possible advances and the situation was The Princess broke a bottle of t: sl speculation over the mystery some of the enemy's vital troop Orman army IIn the invasion captured more than 300 pih
Swas beinf done to stop them. grave but the Japanese had not Br!tish cider on the nos of the targets, which may mean that tWe lines south of the Normandy inca- of Poland aiid later fought i rath drives dtrectly threatened
Asked r a secret session in which up to now accomplished any of bomber, She stood in front of the Germans altn have a new wea- sion Lron where the troops cap- Flanders. city of Vulwa a ndthe
till moreacould t be told, l eaid their objectives and Allied pro- p and Qtue Wo wM t ithraon. turin three more towen8 an a- 0" ,

the London .011 al who hve d,%Vsid fnria laMaurt Wark battenin t Ieu -GenatonlArpod can7ihmet eoraie o r'o 2an uy3^ ^ Ki^
luthe pepemight thkhe s r e t r loa urinala o f heatend ing Liud o th,- enderlo h tt, a At In. the Qerman radio vance steadily en"gulfingU LH oal
frano. Then he boomed: "t am .e reopening of the land sup- der of t t he wla ne o r the ecunde tm today du P aots.k Greek Pa tisans
S frnk. London's oxtra- ply rout e from India. Army Air that raiders were approaching, the On their flank, the British amid e r nsoadedbT direct i
k eep shelters are going to bre used Th3 newly christened bomber, Reich. Canacians facing larger um- Rem i wHitler, German troops evid

n!S of1tei .*on are nowrtin (t e Thretd ................ .... "ate- oine ~r k," has aw lready ara, "tff Anmra Enes pig Aon ----tl--o- ma nf ie. e^^o
Lin- for- ratin o time. "Res of York,, has already car- P.obably 6,000 sorties will be ber cf Nazis than the Americans;ainAloof already reinforced. showed I
0 dc of the r.o" b mst was ri o o 1m ,theinrst Of chalked up for the days. but on more favourable ground- fight. today, but Mosow ash
Is discoere by D h ecam them was to Berlin. Des erted Bot t e \reat
S.Thenamingceremony was th euter states tt there is a fosight a deadlock with the great- CAIRo, July (Reuter).-- The that flroer resistance file
a m d: a ing.w erOyearsntago.Mr. fN aplesMasterd oSrgeanthJohn nGregory,oft ing in Normandy today--the note ofrthis or the last world war.wI sued Odav says that the Z.A M thunder from Karelia to theoN

s-au *dw hel ta weure r__ 1 idea_ ofoe ofeher, growundicrtew newnt re oineatirorthe ightM- e at conntrtoofGmal n t rop Gree (3vrmni taeethlWh ffniewihso
S whiti n want thatO, MSatLake City. He dhe thought of Allied aero-enginnes. Correspond- Americanpogre washard Party, the Nataona isbe,'atn
O-- hllsi: wan toa Sat City h, progress lan
ta.ill be any misunderstanding 8ofI when he. tofthe 18th ents speaking from the fro o won miles along the Wholet -on, has refused to take Part in The Russians said the oerm
Of this Point;we all not al S birthday of th e Princss.H d is day say that fine summer is there wst of Carentan. new admnistratinapp ny strengthened by
battle Operations inshNormand nor conpassedontheidea to at last and thousands of Allied ost significant progres was Tiestatement says that new t eetrere orered
11 Re signs sthatedethOfethesetr siereres t heI
t we are making alint hamPl and to his grat d 'lanes soft"dthe chance they the steady push approaching the tbrmsoasi nts d b agEeA.M. up bat et .oo mtero.atto repa
Stargets In Germany to was curred out. bad been waiting for. A corrcs. h of Foret do bt. Came, of teLeannAId. u -0oownt jut t repas
a guffer."VATICANCITYJuly (AP) The Prin shook hands with nondent speaking from the Oer three tiles azutheast of Ie La& e, oI ore unity. The Greek Govern., In the Baranowlc3 area and
Several hours.oat flyingbomb r i lloal. of the all 18 members of tho Fortress crew bourg PikuSlr this afternoon re control of the crests Wo- mont hope that the 1Paders of( thbe Molodechno, but emphased I
lull m r, ohurepot 'sa lboenb yob VatiCan Ne rstooSrvic, nt atr-b. before she left, bombers have been thundering thins flan" untenable, and enter ahe national family and The Genia.themselves
.1 omn ~ Pitdit wa udrsod nVaombers____saswaeafe wvhoaeduve bteeateena oston nthuAnd0eherderiongAn~ ee ichc
va- Ca circles hatbCardnal Aby The twin village fs orn d
tan alertIn niduringtrles that Cardial A lesi over from Britain to unload their twind village ofScoirma that in any case the Government saY little more. The Ifth 0
Ing night. The new attack cam e w has submitted his resignation to cargoes on the Germins. 1 and A tigny, just Inland from the will put into force the litia mend communiquestatdIIo
rescuers were still digging for vc- the Pepe as Archbishop of N les.e de'rbed how thi carnvas. bil d coast asothwest of I& Haye, were charter drawn up in Lebnon. struggle conitines."
tiso hrdvmrhsbr g.Pclsblei aid Cr e rdhwhscavsbloe taken. E.A.M. was asking amogo_~r (In a radio despatch fr
bin in the breeze Lstirred up by the Fierce street fighting continued things for an increase in the
tme rage.TheuAr Mnstry mirgdbaondMgr. Pucol'sibuletinchbisho"p o aple, f RwadsM.et wacsof aslo-fyintamong u" ~Moscow," Roter l ~a.". Paul i
Thursday there were "casualtesisstil in Rome and w arisin ew s force of le low-fpn in the northern half of La Haye, ber of cabinet posts to be given to
in' ag. TeArMnsr ssl nRm n ot s bombers. while the ground shud- where the Americans bayoneted the par',.,ftll '*111!VOAI 0,
but lees damage," with Allied circulation that he will not return LONDON. July 6 Reuter).- Mr. dered within the gImpactrofbombund shod- wr ,th Amr bo net e a p ar- PLA URN PA...6...
hev bmer asig oo to Naples. It IS said he is Lnder- Winston Churchill, Prime Minister, drdwt the ipc fbm nir way so'ith from thc captur- ._______-_______
heavy bombers Pasting robot t als ti ei ~dr iso hrh]rm iitr explosions ahead.) ed railway station against sur- 11il i tiH H w
launching rounds. The British stood to have submitted his resig- in a message to Oeneraissimo On their outward fl.ght. some of prisingly determined last-ditch
defenders had one of their be,t nation as Archbi3hop of Naples Chiang Kal-Shek said when victory the heavy bombers passed over the resistance tmtie heart of theh
defny rss a oenfdheisaid t"bate lavabmbrspaee oerohereisane i he eatto heaybadcsid"alageprprodinal of Crdn thofthe' Romain te ins on "w studerckt oms hih he eranstwnwon
Curiacoat anradiea f Rmmi h #s swnce"We should rocket bombs which the Germans town.
was knocked down. him by n accorded bring our whole weight to bear olve been firing into southern Eng- The village of La Butte. six and'
thcopneton June 22s s the Japanese. I am confident that land. including L -don, from north- a hali miles east of La Ha~e. wa
Churchill Reveals "In Connection with this ren ig- the long Period of suffering which ern France a -!e June is. also taken Il hard fighting. D
nation, reports are rIn circulation your people have endured with Obviously v.,tint for such a time
.D- London's Secret that it was caused by the fact that such steadfast courage will ,mSo Its as this, the Germans Immediately BITTER FIGHT
).1- he is regarded as pro-Fascist by the rewards."
et- LONDON. July 6 (Reuter) A Allied military authorities. Tlese Mr. Churchill said China will declare that he Americsn air fhw deo
rg single headline was flung acros reports are false as the Cardinal again be able to play her part as force was using winged bombs-- Anoth.r bitter fiht was develop- Saturday = July Oda
Ba, I s gan e.be.o la.erpat sIng s,,ut~hwest, of Garentan an tie
the London "Evening standard's" always worked for the welfare of a leader in the civilised develop- lOa stoPeest. Ten on tlen
ledr pge rtileroad to Perieres. The American,'
it read: "Mr. his diocese in his pastoral minis- merit of the world. [PLEASE TURN TO PAO 5. COL. 01 thrus to Culot. four and a hail
Chsdhlia tae onto the.,k~y- try. It is however a-fact that the _________________________________- ulstfo aetal arl
i Bone." In this statemsnMr. Allied authorities hold him in sus- moved intothe vlare, Putrols
D Ga lie Arrives In UO Se Thmo e ricnto th e ilge, jeuote theLU ) (fh Lt
to thudl~r hid known only too well t Rome to vit th Poe. De Germans lashed back in strength.
tpast two weeks, that thte Sri- Under the Mussolini regime, laThe yeserday,s hweere tepobe'
adtish .capital has been the target Cardinal Ascalesi participated in a lateyeserdy, owsrtlon jbe~
f or threnow German offensive. An number of Fascist public eremo-For1 Talk .. W it holding ,+, firmly to p..tos js ,],
K-ideal target, an area of about 1 a8 nies inldn h ec meiren outside teovillage
mfe y 2, idaltha k fr m reurn f toup fro 80~n.The air forces announced the
ndsrnn w that Is~ fo a 1n the r lletur ftoops fromoSain. destruction on Wednesday mnl uP.
flying Naples hesteraykof 0 OernL
of ng s nacuracy a lythe ale. oweve, h collaborated WASHINGT'ON, Jul 6 (AP) General Charles de Gaulle reached aicat o r thelosdo
with the Allied 'military authorities arrf o h oso 8
cal The "veninhg Standard" pays a in a number of matters anid at the Washington today for talks with President Roose velt on Franca- In a communique on French~
,nso tribute and this is how it is ad- reuest of A.M.G. officials, partici- American relations, unerre oumnd achievemen ts, t
ofe dressed: "To all those who have pl~ed in "Clean Up Week" insti- ptrerie Commae.ndianoncedb tha
maintained the normal, life of ttied there three months ago. Lieut.- .A 17-gun 55101 roared Out from - urngt--ee-nd-- U5O
unLondon and all who have cleaned General Mark. Clark vhted the theNational Airport' cannon as the have to be organised for fre?dora 22 and July a Frenchmenilenatec~
lt, up the mess in the attests, no less Cardinal on his entry into Nalea h.ead of the French National 'Coin- and peace." Vercors, near the French fr'ttointier
lo:to our American visitors and Allies and various other hiholeI mittee stepped from the 'plane General de Gaulle was greeted part of Garonne, between Eon- _
hoare sharing in Londoners' or- attended the ceremony of the Ii- "after his Journey from Algiere to be when he stepped from the four- deaux and Toulouse, Douiba, near,,
ngdes and Londoners' heroism.", The qu~ification of th~e blood of St. JanU. a[tr by the High Comn of engin~d 'plane by the commanders Gijon; Ardeche, on the west sloe
people," it adds, '"\:ill do their jobs &riVi in Napks Cathedral as the =s United SttsArmy a~nd NIavy, of the American fighting forces -- of the southern Rhons; and Amn,'
in the knowledge that the bravest Cardinal's guss The salute asa In accord with General George Marshall, Chief of near the Swiss frontier.
'Ger de Gaulle's mitrra, Staff' Admiral Ernest King, Corn L -_________ ..__
oteir stons are now fl~hting the There has been no nublice state- ramitryanmander-in-Chlef of the Fleet; Gen.
c am ? o the war." .ment from Allied authorities to hon our M~t het 21-pin DesetdB a Tes
indcae hatanhsnctonw re 5410 theea. of a a. eral Henry Arnold, Chief of the Air
TEXT OF SPEECndicabe thake agy ai cnst th e C rdi e welcome thus ungisrseorei F~orces; and Lieut.-Genseal A lax- ere Bo tT ll
and notin eoowt m Th: w ngo, decii.. noto . ,,drVadrgt, Commandant. iij
en- IMr. Ohiurchill said : I consider learned in army circes concernin use Gentieral de Ga~ull's Marine Cop.fS *w
lesd the Government was right in not ME Pucci's statement that the as the Oovernmnent until the F'ench M. Henri Ho ppenot, head of the 115ifgM
tnt u~in bomb util it.knew Apeop ueehave had an opporunity to French dele at n, mani on octalTUs. owaar'dad (wemsdolt
to" 8ivhw t pubicamoreaou theAlies o Romsre. h Car'iinal's texg m t eltves of various lrnhmsiob s alsJlo6-O
u t a n d w a s a b l e t o m a s u r e _ _ _ _ _ _ _e v e r it w a s in d i ca te d th a t w .1 re a t t h e a ir p o r t,.~t c n a n n S 4
andwea ale O easreGeneral de Gatulle hadj written off The guard-of-honour consisted of flshin h,-ia t h aontains
admirable w'tner, helped the u- Dra e unces reont nni areshre u lrmisescu tahit fet.Mmeshae i u. fobanngudoo n h Am isneieeagn oe t
mla,.. ._ov .. cken ... .im, .it is said, was to Imlp'ove Pree band in,a ca of Tobago-born I) inglh chldrn. on to se

hto --;. h, faiiL Ienermn Krul v lu -mnerslly. on de GamDe's I 4er-old reideot Of vowiyi
cched-le Is a P-esm e100i l oni General tie Gaulle and President Vie -
scount is required and a wider field Roosevet clasped hands at the aee.this Walt itieeasePtc. A,
i of discusion should be opened In IcDOFr, JulyS a ( and ttheth.e White i isseymyeriaeces a Ae I ; i i a o
sa14 AM ts D*W~tnmnt dimetWhite House adecagdwr t5oclock athus m-;.
my view such a discussion can n oGermn brutalies against thertonighdtres ndexchanged w rm at 5 a t mpurniiiirsewr-,inines
.a., JU' i ccniiln~'~- -- ,.Igeeins t mein ~elmiarfin g ad.ryo. to.1* -nj mnnmmn~bcr',Sinnir&A

fu- Knger.1 oe >mpere o* us e w *etnir a ---v' --b*zu -*>m u-
pr Utert. .day denounced, p r. orend; n
S"I would at the same time en. B % shl gMinister of In-
We tion.as &&the bggslt scanda
Iny jotin upon the House and upon the is theo0f m andl
I public outside to be on the wafth history of human .rtne.
--usd o t akingat a memorial m.t
PEASETUIRNTO PASoCOL.1 fora Jewish brigsde who as
tme in North Afriea while serv-
Sn "n" Tw civU engineer with the
l Allied. Sink Two SS 'A4 he WIdthe ree!
the !I, or outragegawn st ~s
we German R-boats otrS
I .. &&n j, COWeteha- ou .aA.. MA. han

isw'nu. va swr~a Imp
tia fratu HcrY tried to bro
through Allied patrols to attat
th sIt ie ^Snad

Mr. m1epnen Miwly. Preeumiai to the private conferences aimed at
Seeetary.said President Ro elt smoothing out frictions in Franco-
End the General would confer "In- American relations
termittently through Saturday," "I am glad to see you," was Prsi-
I _<_ Jdent Roosevelt's welcome.
[W T DEIED ]8peacmig la French, General de
Geea o. .. .r4 Oaul pked PresideWnt Roosevelt
_.fs e oe as defnt 'Cho bown hewas D te ing and the frol.
ardent deso Is that theIs dent repoled that he was feeling

boat to BAs "wa BMa "TO
by 6 p.m. a Search rty wal
gaenind, wbeb toaMd the boat
hour later a tew hundred y
off Coon'S Tow ay.
No trace o of the ty has
fouad. __,_
Radio 'Phone Service
Sought For B.G.
* Po.Ihllty of ,.itabllshin

I a- I

by the;U1 IIaId IUlf IIIUIeICIVt JiesI oWike
by the Ladies' Charities Committe.

___ ,_______1-~~- i-L -~-J~l -- *1


bus ~






tn at

t. -
d t-




J a




'5 **



.. -
pi i. LoOM NWEw

Canada Makes

War Vehicles

CO da produced the record of
f MblDam t war vhbkle up to Junime
S oMta to Wa butlleUn reteaud
1V thO War 2ofmation Bad at
j Jstsd a8 the biggest singe po-
d.w ction job sn thehlstor f-e
; GOrat Domin uNarot the out-
ePut Includes vlwea m car-
n Qs1 0n 0rot O f the btn
fa- t he* rate of morethnT
per month duing the Iast four
S months; and 6,0 armoured0 we-
Cldes sach a scout and reounasle-
Idnce cas, anaraud ear aOd
snowmobiles. Thl grand total ia
chides AN0 tanks and self-p. -
polled gun nounts. Of ite lter
nearly ISO a month are being made.
SAlready many thousands of the
various units ha seen active ser-
vice on the ores of "manyce on
the sands of Afterica, in taan hills,
pand in the jung of Burma and
nthe South Pacific.
eIn addition to the 650.000 war
vehicles. Canada Is also providing
substantial equantites of railroad
upment or the United Nations
under the MuaU Aid Agrlmaat
Two thousand flat cars wil be made
fo- Russia, and for that country
Canada has already rolled 40,009
tons of rails. An order for 14 loco-
mnotve& for India has been comn-
ete, band a second contract calls
delivery of many more of
the same type. Orders have been
placed with Canadian car and loco-
motive builders by the Indian Gov-
eminent for some thousands of
other items of rolling stock. Other
ile India contracts call for
15w o components such as axle
boxes, buffers, draft casings and

BuUines' HoUse

S 5-oz. tins -


Destroyetd J .By F

^Ewl^lH~l~^l~r (, ll/l '^^^B!^^PWB-

Pictur show seWnes in fire ef June 2 &in St. Jeh Antigua. which destroyed the bushinessPfrtmiseof Bennett B3ryses & C, Ltd..
Top pkture shews hardwam storehouse and offlees of Bennett Bryson. on Churcnh Sktw, In"ame with pOem__.cen adethers fighting
fire on roof of nearby dwelUng house which they eventually saved., la ottom left piture embers of Voluteer Fi -Brigd .aresen
ennecting bose eand oneze and at right Bremen using hose attached to sea wamerpmptr Navy boa, directing water sU
the vault of the Bennett Bryson premises. At extreme right of picture' America In charge of party is looking at his watch.

'Matric' Fntrie-a

Recruiting for the RCA., in I" -- 1T .
which many Trinidad boys are now Close July 31
In trinin, has been suspended
until October 1, states the oulletin. Entries for the London Mat-
MThis announcement, made by riculation examination to be
Major Power, the Minister for Air, held as usual, it Is expected.
adds that the length of pilo trani- next January. are due to close
fng courses at service, lying traln- on July 31.
Ing schools In Canada has been A lIon for entry should
extended by eight week. be made to Mr. W. D. InnLs.
Major Power recalls an earlier secretary for External Exami-
announcement he made In Febru- nations, sccompanI-d by a cer-
;S?^ S^ he, ^ ri~ns~ the icate of good character signed
ary of changes and reductions In the tificate ofpgood coaracterssigned
BritiSh Commonwealth Air Tr,in- d by a responsible person, and
Isng Plan. "1 am happy to state documentary proof given that
now,." he adds "that the optimism the candlda'e is over 16 years
which prevailed at that time re- of age.
ardilng the diminishing strength of The fees totalling $19.80 must
he Gemana force has been be paid Into the TrVasury and
the Gehan fore ndthat durben the receipt sent to the secretary
more than justified and that dur- for External Examinations.
ing the last few months, and es-
pe islly In the early phase of the -... .. ...
invasion, the numberof casualties
has been even less than was then
envisaged. While this is generally $ 0 H
true for all categories of aircrew,
It applies particularly to fighter
supply o fulytaie piol'"o"W1 ater A attack
pilots. We now have in reserve a
supply of fully-trelned pilot-', more W ater A tt ack
than aufflcient to meet all antici- I .
pated requirements !'Tr a consider- "Perhaps iL is because you have
able period of time', not been severelv punished in the
Elementary schools will, fir the past that yuu have not stopped
next few months. be used as ad- conmumting these offences." Mr.
vanced pilot selection centres. Men A. J. Hamilton told Gwendolyn
selected for pilot traIning will I):Morris, a woman with 17 previous
sent to thlese schools lor a short convictions, when he convicted and
course of Instruction and testLing fined her $25 and $75 compensation
sufficient to enable the succesIl for saulting Rito Mason, oca-
candldate to fly solo. Only those atoning bodily harm.
who show the greatest aptitude will warning her that this was the
continue their training as pilots, last chance she wou'-4 get, Mr
The remainder will be selected for Hamilton told her that U she ever
other aircrew duties In accordance came back to court for assaultli.
with their qualifications and apti- persons again she would be sent 1-
tudes. "The result will be," says p in h oul b n
Major Power, "that the P.C.A.F. prison without the option of a fine
willo b e producn ltb et qu Annoved with Mrson, because shi
will be producing plota better qua- rc 'eved a summons for assaultinl
life and bett trained t han ally and beautng him, Morris, it wa
in the history of flying." stted threw hot water on him
... occasioning second degree bilrn
o ld 0on his face and third degree burn
+.on his bak.
Methodists To Holdon his back.
Mr. Hudson Phillips, who ap,
Devotions For Navy pcre for Morris, asked the
D I r's-te to believe that she was
servicemen from Parco will n- yoked and to give her the op
servicemen from Plarco will ad- tlnn of paying a fine.
dress congregations in Hanover tinn of paying a fine.
and Trenquillity on Sunday even- "This is a very serious offence
ing July u. on "the programme of but I believe e that you ',.ere some
services arranged by Methodist what provoked, although not toth
cehurchaes in thankful remem- extent that your witnesses claim,
brance for the work of the Royal and in view of t'.tt I will giv you
Navy and the Merchant Navy. one last chance," Mr. Hamiltoi
The United Free Church will told Morris.
a1-so M noialap e a wn-iAfo

City Man Convicted Of Assault

Told To End 'Robust' Habits

Observing that Leo Royer with eight previous convictions for
violence, was fast acquiring qualifications fitting him for the title of
"robust man," Mr. W. J. Andre in the First Police Court yesterday
savised him to halt there, as he convicted him on accusations of
throwing missiles, assaulting a woman and fighting. Fines, costs and
compensation totalling $38 were Imposed.
He Interfered wlrh what another -







i U
La A


also. nhold special a e wvotn ioC
these navies in Tranquillity at Mackie lawrence, who pleaded
8.30 o'clock the same evening, guilty to an accusation of sealing
a bicycle from the Eastern Market.
RENT BOARD CHAIRMAN was yesterday sentenced to two
His Excellency the Acting Gov. years' imprisonment by Mr. A. J.
erno. has appointed R C. Hamilton In the Second Police
Archbald to act as chairman of the Court.
San Fernando Rent Assessment
Board for July 20 in place of Mr. Twenty persons, accused by the
V. 0. Lessey who h, s been granted City Council of breaches of the
leave of absence from the duties building regulations, were yesterday
of chsairmansn until October 19. Mr. convicted by Mr. A. J. Hamilton in
Arolibald has also been appointed the Second Police Court. Fines
to act as chairman of the Agrloul- ranging from $17.50 to $15 were im-
turil Bank Board for the Counties posed on several of them while
of Victor!,t and St. Patrick during others were reprimanded and dis-
the snme period., charged.




Only a limited number of die available.

THONE: 4164-S -1- U3 HeN Y IT-K


A small shipment of Fire Extinguishers end
Recharges (not Refills) has been received and is
offered for sale ex store, os follows :-
"Fostfome" Fire Extinguishers (Foam Type)
2 14 vals.
'Pyrge" ,, ,. '(lIquW type)
"FL tfe Rechorgee--2, gels)o
,, j R eis xe 1 qt. are expected to arrive later.Y
Farm ies aM awpay to A~ey D@P.

Whitley Council
Members Named
The "Royal Gazette'" Man-
nounced yesterday the composi-
tion of the Civil Service Whit-
icy Council.
Memiirs appointed by His
Excellency the Governor to re-
present the official side are the
IIon'ble the Colonial Secretary,
chairman: thz Hon'ble the Fin-
ancial Scretary, the Director of
Medical Services, the Director
of Agriculture, the Accountant-
General and the Postmaster-
General with Mr. W. R. T.

(rson considered his own business, o 1 1)oa J d% Milne. extra assistant Colonial
became annoyed when he was told Locftl KOad Boar Secretary asu secretary ot the
o mind his own. and started a official side.
ght with Ivan Guy, the person Electio Is hy 7fl Members appoInted by the
ho admonished him. Dissatisfied ElecLions JulU 0 V Civil Ser,'ice Association to re-
ver the results of the fight wlilh present the staff side are Mr.
ended unfavourablv so far as lhe Annual elections of the Local c. T. W. E. Worrell, vice-chair-
as concerned, he uoroceeded ;o at- Road Board will be held on Thurs- man; M.'. C. K. Hutchinson, Dr.
ick the mans bLster Ahoni he gave day. July 20. according to yesier- A. G. Francis. Mr. A. A. Thomp-
bVating. As a precautionary inea- day s "Royal Gazette." son and Mr. A. H. Masson with
uire against cointer-a'tacks hlie The returning officers will be a Mr. J. L. Superville, 1st class
hased them away with stones sub- follows: The Warden. St. George. cle,k. as secretary of the staff
equently. for the St. Ann's-Diego Martin side.
Board; the Warden, Caroni, for the ...
New tactics adopted by Anna Chaguanias Board; the Warden,
oseph ill street ightuig uund ther Eastern Counties, for the Manza- APPEAL DISMISSED
Ioseh in.tret lgh~g fund iernlla Board; the Warden, Victoria-
ngaglng a taxi from which shie Acting on intimation by Mr.
ragged at her prospective' oppo- St Patrick, for the Nalparima H.O.B, Wooding that he did not
lent, as It got alongside and closed Board, and the Assistant Warden, propose to argue the matter, the
loh eyes with fisticuffs before she St. Gorge, for the Tacar iau Court of Appeal yesterday dismissed
iad an opportunity of retaliating. Board, with costs the appeal of Mrs.
ionvlcted on accusations o Iassa --t Muriel MulloW4 o Port-of-Spain
rid figbtlnBg ue was orderedto bKP'astthe decision of Mr. W. *.
y *no$ ton Sm. l A L. :A se ctxy agistate, who dig.
t was avery disgraceful mauling StUdentS riedge A missed eently a charge brought
he magistrate found she had given by her against James Wallace for
Sgirl who, until the incident, was F ood C m eher. tspas on lands owned by
really considered a friend of hers. o Campain hees ,
i Miss Mona Rigsby appeared on
More than 100 adult atudenthe behalf of Wallace.
Having succeeded in getting the attending evening clause at the
magistrate to accept their excuses an Juan R.C. School, in enthu-
that they had other matters to look siast Jresponse to a moving ap-
after and could not have thought peal by Mr. C. W. Felix, clam
of loitering. Elsa Harraigin, Winni- organizer, unanimously pledged all-
fred Mohipat and Doris Ramoutar out support for the Colony-wide C* .
were acquitted by Mr. Andre before grow more food campaign npon-
whom they appeared accused ol cored by the Food Department,
loitering, out were warned by the Quoting from a circular released
magistrate to keep awav from taxi through the Department of Edu-
stands In future as he let them cation, Mr. Felix told the students f
know that it was must unlikely that that war operations in Europe had
such an excuse would be accepted quickened the food demands of the
again. Allied forces, pressed Into service
Harraigin said the gi'ls were a greater number of ships and I
strangers to the city and she was men, and left available for civilian
piloting them through Wrightson purposes a much-reduced supply of
Road where they were on a parti- foodstuffs.
cular mission. Ramoutar explained In the circumstances, he con-
that she was in search of a new eluded, the only course open to the
boy friend with whom she recently Colony was to stimulate local pro-
became associated, while Mohipatl duct ion in order that the normal
told the magistrate that Ramoutar food requirements might be satie-
asked for company and she was fled. h
rmerely accompanying her around. Rallying to the call, the students
signified their intention to lend
their full co-operation to the move-
William Simmons was sent to jail ment and, at their request, Mr.I
for 12 months for theft of a wrist Felix undertook to ask the Food
watch, two razors, a wallet and Production Officer to address them B
seaman's papers. at an early date._





LUNCH TONGUfS-12-oz. tins





,4 of 5 MAY GET IT
N* MT- -B lead 7 IIisr ed
whe you beak rw Muak-wsecb !
Fo n wem dies spps- ?,.e-

70m's wa. Mscup = ue os smd
dam rms wash twice a daya wiTh fop
Paoo ss die only adisic
irir Dr. IL J. F=aui' sedal
ben Rodoi-<
=I as peawhatw 95% of hwh&s the-
ado wut Pyhoes Show ieaa
mpumeas Mis omy 3N days by folow-
ifl vow* demtwpk wd dwd
See ,Osw danuw erguleriy sod follow
his dwic& Aad sN ustiag Foams's
soday folee eth that spszle widiis-

"S^sn ye weNo* wb& i"


_ 17c.
ES-per lb. 60c.

SWEET CORN-20-oz. tins



United Grocers Ltd.


Mr. Blache-Fraser
Gets Acting Post
Appointment of Mr. L. Blache-
Fraser, Principal Officer, Secreta-
riat, to act as 2nd Assistant Colo-
nial Secretary was officially
notified yesterday. The appoint-
ment dates from May 1.
Other acting appointments noti-
fled include Mr. B. 0. Montserin
As Cacao Agronomist from July 1.
Appointed Scientific Assistant,
Government Chemists, Is Mr. J.
Francis, while Mr. P. Shah has
been chosen 2nd Class Clerk, Pub-
lic Works, and Mr S. M. All, ind
class clerk, District Administration
Victoria-St. Patrick.
Among officers on leave are Mr.
H. W. MacAlister, Acting Inspector
of Schools, 180 days; Mr. R,
Smeathers, Assistant Conservator
of Forests, 180 days; Mr. W. Z.
Gocking. Principal Officer, Secre-
tariat, 92 days; Mr. A. Green,
Steward, Colonial Hospital, 21 days;
and Mr. H. Deeble, Senior Clerk,
Registrar-General's. 90 days.
Resignation of Mr. J. L. Adam-
son, General Manager of Railways,
is announced as being effective
from July 1.
Resigned also are Mr. C. X.
McCowan, District Officer, Public
Works, who Is reported to have
taken up a post with West Indies
Development and Welfare at Bar-
bados: and Miss H. Mitchell, nurse,
Colonial Hospital. Port-ot-Spain.
Two Warded At
South Hospital
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent
Warded at the Colonial Hosptal
here yesterday for treatment are
Kelvin Butler, 15. of Siparia and
Stephen Buckmir, 51, of Las 'lbsjo
Butler is suffering kum red
Left leg sustained when be fell from
a mango tree yesterday afternoon,
while Buckmir, who was involved
In a truck accident, sustained slight
bruises to the forehead and upper


SWe will be cldo

sed, iue to



Wife: Fined

For Assault

'Moing to esue taty his aag

her boadyeff tM" he'r chest
wife was ordered by hum Wb

Andra to pay t0 tn fine. eo ndto
osald @a h emdt

aJohn's wiae bel matc fo Wt
hsr tXed neighbour J.who she
awing b qam. City Nfitt'

thought dyrd not ehercwise pAwayper
an triyn a one-sided battle hoe
sueand hadbetween himself aowd the t

Seal atof eopwhch w\UtU
lag abodyut and wcuffsitout wr ctor

an expla-ttoa,. wheh she herself
demanded ttcdred by Mr. W
Andre to pay W6 in fine, costs amd

wompean, stiag her accuse a t
John's wife becamineSAngr with

which prov ged neitoughebour who she
thought did noot *Xercife p rope
cars over her child which had

straypeted. It wt whe wo tsy were

locked together that Jelm Inter.
yesterday Johben asoweht to make aon-
meal of soep which was MeftIt-
in bu without waiting for
an xpanaio, whiok $be herself

vdmince the magistrate that one of
woman, engaging her In a fight

his fet came intougher contact with
supeted, It was while they were
lokdtogether that John Inter-
Yesterday John sought to con-
vince the magistrate that one of
his feet came into contact with
the woman's body accidentally, as
he tried to stop the fight.



where our new stocks will 1

on display from Monday July lOt




BBECAUSE of the was
you dirv ,i" we have to forego In
TM w ll-k"w, Par-
S~Ipture W25 OK.
<., I"the wi *,.- Dpleasant things, ani
kltl4 ra tam Pfi- i
h sk,,. e among them is PeK
Transparent Soap. Some of the spedl
ingredients used in making it are want

urgently for war purposes, and we glad
give them up. But when peace comes, u
shall be happy to give you your old friew
Pears Soap again in plenty.



-the name to look for aft/r thi u



- ^ '"^ fi 9

0 Dangerous germs, carrying
disease and infection, are ever
present in the air. Listerine,
the safe antiseptic, kilb these
germs. Used as a gargle, it
helps you avoid coughs, colds,


A-CCi su MS OM Mw Mem i
misvfDon's v wait for ie tdm
WIeN Mmaysmaeed Sloes qWcl
-pw a bottle oyeaur M@dicae
shelftoday. Sloa's e sestweako
muscular pesas quickly, reoeso
normal tcwlsadoa, mskes eoap.
ol, ifa. S and s onmess sMbid
You'reMp s M aesea caeri fe
troubleom brm uises ifSloa's LiU
useis sabe*hand.Ges
hoed. for yer wmdi. Pt
cia. shelf sod&y.

sore throat. Applied
burns or bruised #
perfect cleanliness; M
infection. Ideal fot
lief of prickly heat
sect bites too.
You will

terine useful
ways. Keep
in your hog
times-use itI

llMarriage Mflade 8g1

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Engagement aond Wedding Rings.
Gifts of Jewellery
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Radio, Gramophone and Gromophonr
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Simmons Folding Choirs and
A Honeymoon Resort at Mayaro. '

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Sultan Khanz

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fact that we are removing to

new premises at.,,






rinida Cocoa Areas Shrink Mayor Agrees Died Victory

20,OOAcres In Few Years Wastage Main Players Score ..h

Dicou. lir Water Trouble. Big Success
re considered suitable for cocoa planqouonk, had ropped ion 0i r0
000 acre. to approximately 80,000 aera 1.4 ade by Mr. IL 0. WU- The technical advisers of th SY ALBERdT OOM a
m, the Acting Director of Agriculture, In an Interview with the Port-of-spain Corporation have allPeranent residence In th W t
lnidad Guardian." Alongming taked that the city's, e'taus for than who
amain wat trouble Is due to.lea-Mentally live enforced Abstinence
S this 80,00o scres, he stated, and wastage, Ootrillor EH. 0.1 fonin of Culturalin
0A at the ocoa Boardas dls-j gan asmgGucio .0
d provided for approximately i 0N1* a =01 -aes
Ler cent to be re-allocated over j .n lnPQP In o t Theeis, to begin with, no te
ertod of ten years. C hi nese aT,%V" 1 Uityw M "y. sttme e i'" ""]' TH t, to .0^' with, no ta- OI
tinuing Mr Williams aimd 61 Asked to make a statement re- tre; and to ose accustomed to
progti on of ciloa ins La d-- 1 M W ar- ltUve to Major RIdlel's views -,4 -Yhe 0iate fare, thenove i&
owas taking place in ever 1rk Ja a boutthe ty'waterupply 1tu-I r d unpalatable erata You
easing quantity now that cut-99Fnan Interview In.Eed yurelf to themelintgo
1W ;tht t o ateV lImlr
and labour were available i. "an r 'sn"Gualma"yW t 1 W thgafh afyo l |.||-
scheme of demonstration A na*T-orecalled that earlier this year Mr. y u iperetasor tr ltoputeI f
scheme f deeonsarage adVersa y Howard Humphreys, of Meom. acquiescen c nosttalgia for the
titng_ has been arranged and A nniversary hydil to ti
Swill be laid down on typical -Howard Humpeys and Sons con- 11101210-14ade product ntili pents.
wilb addown o yial7W t"oatt
Ssoils of the Colony. These sulting engineers to the brown I l t ta e ly S e "O d
i t is hoped, will be planted Chinese throughout thin Colony Agents, had given him similar ad- tf tag ve cs Plty.a m* ecnt good ly
during the current year. will today mark the seventh annl- vice. In consequence of. which he ttem m have coma to ut recently
IDY PLAN verary of Chinta's war of ret- immlnunedlately asked Major J.0. M the radio; but the ba t
herring to the $4,000,000 sub- ance against Jap aggression. Riddell, Director of Hydraulics, to exc ly to s ountid ad to what-
p-a recently approved Unlike previous year., there will use his priorities to get here or h i ver ls th cs nHreativedns of thot
rehabilitation of the Wil and'st Unlik es or __ meretwilltheCouncil one of the same5litho-tener Ise ablcreativeslnm of the -i
undustrelMr. Williamsstated'but pa carried through a scope leakage detectors which he thsens a be o i ntrimute. oita
procedure for planting for u hr ilb are hog a isl ree o i e s h es fssca
underthis achemn programme of simple functions to had hmsef ordered or his de tion with the tout ensemble that
under...... ......hpumethwatamasf ndelble njoy
:which all Chinese are invited. He disclosed that the city's tech- THE LATE REV.FF. H H Puts the stamn of Indelible enjoy.
**ay^ Tny& ^ ^ i a . ^""oo.etsid distintio upon the ex-
The proprietor should apply All C.;Inese b1usie. s will nical advisers have recently been peri. en oa dit ncUon esonnted pla.
e Board for subsidy and ask be closed and flag will be sold by Assigned to a complete checkup o1 L 1l 6_ Leer. Only in the theatre
the site which he has select- Chinese girls throughout the Co0 the entire distribution system to Ith rrke,, get the rare, piquant flavour
approved, h ocy in aadof the Chinese Soldiers discover leaks and to take anyI C P e eg. ethdesrre p
if the report by the Board's Comfort Fund. steps necessary to avoid waste, 9, 1 O 1 V jqe1 i had not had this for years, so
actor upon the site is favour- In the afternoon at 2 o'clock, A "am not myself aware of theIl ul a I i r it T that my appreciation of Th AP-

th or ilmk a ^"ricn'1'. at''S ^ ^ St^ams C to whichsi?^ S3r]; Buried In Cit t^
the BOard will make a pro- memorial service for the soldiers incident at St. James to which Mr.! .l JA [ w ir h a I. ple Cart" was bound to be col-
1 allocation of plants ad and war orphans will be held in Rtiddel refer," the Mayor went oon. t I.oured s somewhat by personal mis-

advoise the 10ppericant atof the the Ru-nnt Hall._, an a1t~ y 4.30o.cto.wthHsaaeteAc-tiao srnetwtan iai ^ h ^ ^
advise the applicant as to the the Ku.- ninta n ll, and at 4.30 "and have had no opportunity sou The Rev. Fr Mar In Hughes, fortune. The Victory Players have
able d aate of delivery. Plants o'olok, the Chinese1 Youth Ath- far of making Inquiry about it, but OP ars P e t of chiatin s n a dr n j it thinJs
then be allocated on the letic Club from San Fernando will a on t Prishpl e t of Blanc a Lpeadone an excellent ob with this
I Intend t o0do soright Away. I do- arn M a .reportdI n tristiepolitical exttravaganza, fromi the
Said down in paragraph 4,Ojf"o s the Guerrilla Athletic Club not wish to say any more at this cimt e for theepast fe wlek3, ied potilixtv a ynlaro ther

ited ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~ct ftaytm n oa "t" S-r cmigM .tedflut namne o r- thev p ast Hg re wa s e dica ed pen on tame brilliranatt playful and
lId Paper No. 61 of 1940 o the Qusn's Park Savannah, juncture ans a fairly comprehensive aon Wednesday :rghte I iis Mr. 3haw.
reads as follows: in a "olleyball gamne for A trophy report is being made by the water Funeral services were held t 4.0 A lesser jewel of the Shavian I
re funds aten the oaroedin Tomorowered by llbert dancepro-at
I funds at the Boahf dis offer ed by Mr. i Moyou, pro-d emergency, committee to the Couin- 'clock yesterday afternoon at the diadem. "The Apple Cart" displays
Based on fgus reasui- ed of whioh wll go towards the cil at its adjourned meeting on Cathedral of the Immaculate Con- in bold configuration these quall-
tpproximately 10 per cent of Friday afternoon. cotton, with His Grace the Arch- ties of astringent wit and didatic
areas suitable for cocoa with Closing cmmemoraton meet- "his report will disclose some bishop of Port-of-Spain, the Rev. legerdemain that have lifted Mr.
Co Allocation of plants Ing for the day will be held by the of the difficulties under which the Dr. Finbar Ryan. officiating, and Shaw during his lifetime to an
therefore be restricted to this Chinese Study Group in English Council I labouring, but more im- burial took place at Lapeyrouse almost legendary fame: but which
portion on an estate, subject at the Kumint Hal Al At p.m. ortant still, the practical steps Cemetery. however would appear to be the
minimum of quarter acre re- Mr. J. Edward LaF ook will pre- which are being proposed to meet Brn i Dublin. Ere, in 1909, the main obstacles in his path to last-
ted at any time and a total side and speakers including Mr. T. the diculties in a manner con- Rev. Frt. Hughes was educated by in, fame as a dramatist.
imum of 50 acres; provided C. Chow, Chinese Consl, and Mrs. sistent with the decision of the the Christian Brothers under the It has always seemed to me that
the maximum may be reviewed Chow and 'r. Peter Pau. Council-not to purchase water Dominican Order a Tallaght, Erethe man who elects to mount the
i Board when the approved Tomorrow, there will be a dance from Governmet's wells at Dock and was ordaineed priest in 1935. Olympian pedestal and from that
has oeen completed' In the Kuomintang Hall, In aid of site, but rather to Insist upon thePrior to coming to Trinidad, ih eminence muses audibly upon the
Ir o ACRIt oe tI the Comfort Fund. transfer of the wells themselves." a ent so metime on the staff Of foibles and simian absurdities of
dThreP oftha d before this the Dominican CollegeNewbridgethe poor crawling creatures at his
,. date of delivery, the pro- As e Eid Eire. fcet has perforce to face the par-
will consrm that the lands ugh e Arriving here in 1939, he spent adox of brutal self-abasement. Ob-
cleaned-felled an d not oEn ineer ousoin Shortage. about two years at the Cathedral jectivity, carried to certain
A'na that it has been pbre- iroug Oin g of il 1 Immaculate Conception, and lengths, easily becomes t eoo fa-- 1
Sand that ground cover has $8n owthen took up appointment as par- ile method of escape or A brutal
established to the require- o Pa Rent yi t s Po lce ish priest of Blanchisseuse and intellectual arrogance. He who as- ze- to 1
ofteBadsofcrsad T a 0V et Matelot, which post he held up to smstepsueo

of;.d4 ceti B oard ec e hual el offtirmcers*w'""*wrerte te 16,00 ha ig sues th posture Fowl nd nMsis
10 per acre cle aring subsidy Disclosure that members f the the time of his death. continue to be a man or ee hi
become payable. Trinidad Guardian Correqendent. Trinidad and Tobago Police Force, Several priests and nuns were In imposture ceases to convince.
~If the report of the Board's SAN FERNANDO, July 6 Ren-' stationed in the City, were expe. the procession, running into many Mr. Shaw has turned his face
ir favourable the tal of Borough promises occupied rienein much difficult in obtain- hundreds, at the funeral service In one direction and must keep it
letor i be given advice of by Mr. R. V. S. Aleong, Town En- ing living T nacmodat ron for their yesterday afternoon. fi xed there In order to be able .to E
families wes made yied toe O _C
cryof plants one week In ad-I gineer, here on Carib Street, has families was made yesterday to a make us laugh; but laughter is not A
e. been fixed by the Rent Assessment "Trinidad W Guardian" represents- J i S d enough. The great dramatists --
sTe sot of the plants Vill be Board at $65 per month for 10 Ca- tive by an official of that body. "ama ca en s .S. notably, Shakespeare-tra7nsnuted
ged against the popripetr or rib Street, and $15 per month for Tis official stated hat In many le Into overtones that w:re
n advance ainst the sub- lo Carib Street. instances policemen wh ordinarily armn s sometimes gay but, more often,
which will accrue to him w uolde be dn t p r i 1t, sin olve .. tragi.c.Mr.Sa never seems
Three years after Isse of the Monthly rental of two rooms oe. Would be raed permission to live Trinidad Guardian Correspondentr le to get deep enough.
his feldwillbeecheckedcupied by Bhurajla at Conrad Out Of b a were obliged to re- KINGSTON. Jamaica,.By Mail) ThVcoy
sibe iven subsidy of he Street, aMbella, was fi xed At main in barracks because of the T he Victory P l aters, with U ast
relawlinhbe iven asubsid of pr mont. it ws orign&Uy,$0 Impssibiltynofwbtainine_ Jmaica ow0hasnearly17,000in thamainrmateurcsuccededii
enth mor each well-grownlivingfarmwoe rho mU of o pthisingoA i 20mStayedceflec aus eof utading
-year old plant; 55 cents for per month, quarters, while their families f America, 2,000 n theo Unitedm States
c n f r ach well -grown par month. It was o^anrgalay Splicati ow imp osi l of ob ata i lvin m c o a e yef lyfbectn a ucred ofitta tlulSA___ 3RF
friend or relatives, over from last year's contract performances by two members oT
/ a:'d 45 cents for each one- BhuraJila rental of two rooms workers, the other 16,000 having the cast, Lt. Alec Powis and Mis6
old supply on the same area forming the eastern portion of the been rushed over since farm work Helen Bleakley. .. . .......................
0 a maximum ofw$323 per me buildingwasRinedr $8 per Face got under way during laeospring As the humane and worldly-.
Fem thiv s total will be do- month. Callender brought Ga- U ues and early summer. Present plars wise (and a bit wrldly-weary)
he advances made to m g an t hyJal l e b before tiue gbar anut are to send a further 3,000 across. King Magum, Lt. Powis revealed a ____
l l 20ce the ren tw o aro fandhouseFrie dly Societies Recruitment has no been affect- sensitive and skilful appreciation r
forthe cash advance of 30 he rent of two rooms of ahouse.Frendi es d by nasty stories brought home of a pivotal role, while to the fast- BOROUGH Of
In the case of home-grown at Corinth reduced from $3.73 to by some 58 workers who have come moving interlude scene Mis
les an allowance up to I2. Revealing that books of Tobago back out of this year's batches.,lleakley brought a buoya nd FFJNA []I
ent foreplts which Is#- Board aemprbed M I tT. 0. Friendly Societies have not been Most of these report havi found an t thuoya cy mand EAO TOC
,0 on d Animation that, Assisted by a
more in special cases. Lessey. chairman, Mr. F. J. Lange audited during the past three years conditions In Florida into orhble natural, personal charm, made
e'he board in to have the And Mr. J. C. Augustus. with Mr. by the auditor appointed by Gov- particularly because of foul water her contribution to the entire Burgess List
,0 take budwood or cuttings W. F. a Paul as secretary. ernment and that Scarborough has which made them Ill; and they play distinctive and memorable, WE HAVE RE OVE TO B
subsidised areas under this a number of qualified but unli- also complained that when they As an tctor Lt. Powil has talent b h
if the owners do not re- aensed,-auditors who are prepared Objected to conditions thiy were and, obviously, some experience. ED W AR D REET
*e material for their own W h W Ma to do the work, a resolution to be imprisoned on the gronti that Seeing that he directed the play Rn'sidents of S Fernando sr
sos.__________ W he 'vle "Marks ng moved at riSunday morning's meet- theyhad broken their contract, and carried the most difficult role, 7 E WR"T E Tasked tocoetn th pr
s' .- e es Ing of the Trinidad and Tobago R f lvrini htwr-it nobe ucs ost i asked to co-operate Inth pri
T INSTALLED Union of Friendly Societies In ti e are put version Is that work- Its undoubted success goes to his aeration of the Burgess Lit bi
Co-operative Bank Hall, Charlote nra oare put In jails only when ac-scredit. AND HAVE OPENED UP AN ASSORTMENT OF giving information as to thol
BraaiRCChplhsB ig$ Fiecommodation open to Negron in A repeat performance auggests amstbenrld
br. aia ndO equha p rin $5 nl treet, at 9 am. u- :e0 hat the Re- Mirml always very lmr:tet!, Is not itself to my mind; and I am con- AUTO SUPPLIES claims to be enrolledras
y been painted and equip gistrar of Friendly Societies be avable. In reard to t water evinced that the need fr It or forms
thfelectricnlights. oIt is now Triniad Guardian orioesendet ased to appoint one of these men Avat'ina the oIn l rL'.ese de- w ear l indtcat by the n ee o diLodgers can et out their l -
Isfor evening devotions o SAN FURNANDO, July 6.- For to do the Mog overdue auditing. 3..'on h ~Wres e lalIdctdb h
ducted in the chapelyto.thethavinge-ho w hoee Marksutini.U la that although the water was the initial presentation. Is It too cations.
bdenef intheof resien ts ithe session.whJose nr Tnlh I he Smne resolution IBM that in sulppurlo and somewitat fae, d to much to hope for "-Haml~e~t1t" wtoh0
benefit of residents In the5eession, Kingstonwa t d lf the interest of friendly societies in smee, It was germ-free slce it Lt. Powho in the title role? t hLoders' Clahs must be
Ma.istrat's Court Chmerho In ithe Tobgothe Registrar be requested wa cworinated.rIt was ce idtLt.towlsnth title r
c orinate Itourt h a s today.i fteente d a oallu neet .
,O ET Otrpeedsgui todlt tc on their secretaries a1d the iren should buy bo'ttled water ANNUAL 3AZAAR GEO.ATTIN AUr & ELECr ICAL fifteenthe dybtw fJuentefi a
),CONCERT TODAY le pleaded guilty, treasurers who have been holding fro.-' commissaries. Annual basar in aid of the On0
c Se a ynd will perform at In addition Kingston was ordered such offices for a long period and The labour reply was Phat the Juan R.C. Church takes place on SUPPLIES M. SOT,
word square today from 5.15 to sign a $25 goodrbehaviour bond who have been constantly entrust- .provion of ordinarily .n' drink- i-Sunday, July 30. Stall holders are IEDWARD ITREET RE2Town Ca
Will render.a select pro- f or m si rnnt nn tabltnPlorre ed with large sums of money to be ing water should be part of theIdoing everything possible to make -_-_'PHON___7 T H
l t.' t required to enter bonds, employer's responsibility. /the occasion a success. -1 Town Hall.
0 I San Fernando.
A lr Tlk 9 A 1IM A rXN .-% .-- --.r ,__













CLASI istance

SMaiden f lurs.
D & lower e lura.
F & Lower .S l ure.
C & Sower 4 Furs.
G0 Furs.
A & Lower 11%Pure.
z & LowerT l rurs.

let 2nd Ar.

* 440


Allot. Wtsl.

H 'Cap

H Cap

B & Lower
D a "Lower
A A Lower
C & Lower
I & Lower

S luIrel.
5 Fur.
AI Furs.
S Fure.
8 Furs.
a Furs.

* 60

v & Low" S rur. "a
F & Lower S purs. 470
Nurery 8 urs. 375
o a run. 37B
A & Lower" 1 ur. O
D & Lower iiru.
C a Lower 6Slurs.se

) & iLowr SlFurs.
F & Lower urs. 470
A & Lower 6ure. 4MO
0 & Lower anurs.
a S u. 375
b & Lower Fur. Mo
A a Lowerw 8ue 0

8151 545
$to SAS
120 so
96 SO
511 50
140 70
40o To

$140 (TO
1w so
1* $6
148 W70
00 so
140 70
1"e M

Fourth Prna.e ill be Paid in every rse when seven (7) or mor horses tat.

I 4


- t- Ind 3rd Cht Tnlal E entry lot nd rfr Tot


$ 975



$13 20

IA. .s
is 7b

it. w
Ill PA
rs. so

II. me

I90 1 s4t
75 W5
100 Is)

$125 S I 1440

Tntil S(ake ............ 2,1 00
Brederse' Prelmiums .,... 1.o.O0

Plus ailcaltk Irom anla Rosa
BwOpetake. 1944.

lntri koe on Weldnesday, 1thi Augst, 144. at p.m. at the TrinldPd Turf Club Office. 31 Marine o1uar1. Port-ot-141pa.
ors,. racing in elaes higher than their own hall be allowed their 5ub-clas aliownICe of inb. I addition te th 81ib 1 fo each higher etla..
in the e'ent of Ilss than four (4) horse entering i maynase., it may be declared null and vod by the meewards,, whe at their option may tram* a new ram.
'. icition tllnuance shall only be granted wh% meeting a hbor of a bieer hslam Und shallU net be eumflatlve it the extent e moeo nthan 51b.
ltrs9 and 17 are oMen only to two-year.old crealee I Class and lower.
Tr, e I Cotxtand Geldinga to carry 1a11bn llte 111. aiglf.brode anlowed 71b. (No iela allowance).
,, ra in tendng t Io Start in a race must be In the tddo h at l I w en. how before the t $ie apsI o ht p for the ae and 'm must be Iti the ihldaddling tll im meal m ediately Stier tel prevI ous iee 110 1ees m
.1' Ar "ho with to a plyP for claslscatio n mu sr donso to the Trildad Turf C .lu se M ari lua Port.of-lpala, at leat e wenk bleof re the dl ing "11 6L etls a
entry of any gelding Imported Into the Woo! Indies atls lNlb June, 15M will net be aee"pt
It horses are entered ubjlect to the Rule. said Riaelatieta ef lbs fTialda iTurfCl.
nrase entered and not Starting wf go balt entry retmded.
h cea of toe-gripei on aboas e raue Ien wil lA be allowed.
opite of this pro sromvs o Ia Sbe 4 se11621 w 1eo Seestip, Afima Uses beb, 6o SetAm Tehejad Yaf -
I uawmI3, EL 48086M


So many little mites de
and eften their very liv

Time ond again, when everything else
has failed, Nestle's Milk has built a
bonny child from a tiny, wasting baby.
The most delicate little stomach so
weak that ordinary milk is out of the
question-can absorb the some nourish-
ment in this richer, oentler form ....
And so. while sunolies ore restricted,
please do not ask your grocer for

Ppend for their health-

Nestle's Milk unless ,ou need It for a
There is no substitute for milk in th*
food of o baby, and Nestle's Mlk Is
milk at its best. All the creom In It g
the vitamins I Nothing but water
from itI Rich farm milk so '
that even a froit 'hob y svste
sorb It and get all the goli !ir'n

-V&-'we- ip




lamed Dy Neetle A AagI.4whs 311k W~



,,. .. I.---- 't~w^vl


.1 7
MIX 4t L A3WsS *RimnC

-Srtntiiabi GSartitan

r~Iu e'emma G
mL AD VUU Gi GO.. bI
am m. V'NMsmv (urausi. mtPO~~wuff


4 g~wt We S mm mm) ~m
M4S4 St "61100% AL I (TOWNSON III HW --s
1 as ca f to. tam.) 0Pu. AVNS N.A

Mameca oP rpl AaSSoiATa maM



I y





significae thamt u force g in the Pad-
fie an dnwing clsr t the Chinese
mliand. land i t I Sreasmon to ezpet
tat so mor pmes 4 the enemy will
increase i svsa3 i e 42 ad in the
Sir. The no ow fr the eap r of aapan
W aO ha already panitted American
t and MtU craft to Utrke farther
wtward, ad when the island tIS corn-
pie uy enip vd It wvl be possible to
drive far japm's heart. China has borne
the buren wI, and It Is our hope that
rtef wIUl son be brought her.

Aid For Chinese Nearer
In Eighth Year Of War
THE seventh anniversary of the begin.
ning of the blno-Japaneae war finds
China the only battlefront in the global
,i war of the anti-Axis collection In which
the enemy 4s not on the defenWve. It is
a tribute to China's power of resistance
that she should have survived seven years
o f war with limited resources, and with
a minimum of help from her Allies and
sympathisers. However, as she observes
this seventh anniversary, the time Is
drawing near when she will have maxi-
mum aid to overthrow an enemy who
f has ravaged her lands and destroyed
S millions of her people. If In seven years
Japan has not conquered China, she can-
not do so In the relatively short period
S that remains before HilIcr is crushed
S and Europe freed, and the gigantic
S Allied power in the W'e< Is transfTred
, to the eastern v.tr t e. -v
The recent heavy .%%s- at Jap.;n by
Arnericcan r B-29 Su..r.!'" .'. bombers
; bastd In China ha.s g"cn a new iripetu.
to Japanese efforts in China. for the
enemy realises thba the po,-.essicn of
S airfieds by the Ali'.-, '-1 cnace to h:s
S survival Tle trend of Al.ied rfTort in the
r Pacific : toward. a i.;nctici of forces
between tIe P,"''1,1: ,"if t and the c.n-
: tne-nlal front, in A,,a, by ;ecur;ng bases
o n ',:hc Ci:;ina 'oast for op r":tions azain;st
the Japanese hr-,mla:: T'iiC aim of the
Japllnece in driving for the Hankow
railway is to prevent this, and to they
S are now carrying out their only major
S operation in any thbeah'e this year.
V The debt which the United Nations
owe to China is immens. as but for
Chinese endurance Japan would long ago
& have triumphed, and been able to divert
S her strength to other tieatres where .she
lis t the defensive. The Chinese adven-
ture continues to (ran Japanese re-
source,, and it has also eypred the lim-
itattions of the 3apansc' army engaged
-though At is with ;.n encnmy who, for-
tunately for Japanr, s nat exploiting its
reserves to the luli. Ihe differences be-
tween the Government of Generalissimo
Chiang Kai-Shek and the Communist
-armies, who have been vei y successful in
S the struggle with Japan. have resulted
S In a policy of detailing Government
I, forces to keep watch over them. If all
these troops could be released for action
It would make a great difference to the
situation in the critical Chinese theatre.
However, the necessity for Allied
S action to relieve China remains., and It
S can best be met by Intensifying Allied
operations In Burma. It is not without





SIZES: 6 5-8 to 7j

Only $3.95



Leolers To

Thb *Boo
The K~-I ewvt d1^ tfl WI
godo so 1111411**& 04
Isom ovoogn&:


Realistic Survey Made
Of Flying Bomb Situation
MR. CHUBUIMLS speech in Parlia-
ment yesterday on the flying bomb
situation clears the air. It Is an advan-
tap to know where we stand, and the
tatment he made, though sombre in
many respects, disposes of any sugges-
tion that this new Oerman device can
alter the war's course. It puts the flying
menace In perspective s neither to be
exaggerated nor underrated, and shows
that the Oovernment is wide awake to
the problem. British intelligence, in fact,
was aware for a considerable time of Ger-
man preparations for a new type of at-
tack on London; and th! raids by Bri-
tish and American aircraft on launching
platforms on the French coast during
the past year greatly delayed the start of
the Nazi terror and reduced its effective-
Even so. the loss of life and injury
caused in London have been consider-
able. and the Prime Minister could give
no hope of relief tomorrow or next week.
On the contrary, he said it was likely to
be a long siege. He even hinted that the
full fury of the enemy against the civilian
population m;ght not. yet h:ac been un-
leashed: the Nazis might ue rocket
bombs with gr(.tcr rang'. higit: speed,
and more explosive power. Bu: he was
supremely confident of the ab;:t c.f the
13ritish people to sand ti;i m ag'..ast every
devilish device.
The flying bomb is meant to spread
ttrror and Irwer,' ,or .ra'. It .; also in-
tended to give th Germans omenrthin"
to boast about, and dstract attention
from defeats on the war fiouts and the
Russian steam-roller coming ever closer.
But Britons who went undaunted
through the 1940-41 blitz will not
crumble under today's ordeal, nor will
flying bombs or any other deviltry avert
the doom of the Nazi-Fascists. The writ-
ing is on the wall of Hitler's fortress,
and no invention of evil can palsy or turn
aside the hand of Nemesis.
Mr. Churchill made it clear that while
everything in human pewer would be
done to counter the flying peril, thete
could be no question of weakening the
battle in Europe in order to diminish
the suffering imposed en Britons at
home. A committee had been appointed
to devise defensive and offensive counteir-
measures, but this problem he said would
never be allowed to stand between the
British nation and their duty in the van
of a victorious, avenging world. No more
glorious chapter In England's history
has been written than this war Is in-
scribing on the roll of famous deeds and
suffering nobly borne. "Our triumph
over every ordeal," the Prime Minister
assured Parliament, "will long shine
among men."

IStem Mheonnet Femod
For Some Tyre Deelen
T"e s wMer. Trkim @al,
I am mtd toia it afi t. U
bicycles anecs 14li
ane ot.sIf tOat 9 10 1 e a
dtaer have ta e h0 t ato p
tiwt are doine.
fact that thate ta h wh V110q
1"rk In the Chi.a Fig t Vara12
other mantaocturftg in t4a-.
tribute to the war effot does not Pler h Weeamof ,t M SISO W"ei Stw, Untled
appeal to them it Seams. it wold le o sMOe Ine wis reta. ied t tint eatie ahnuet
apai r that hy look upa thi TaymW ags ev wr maw amao, Gien e4ua eari and ep 1 C4
f ae this e e IN03CtoI the AS a s.. fsseM *as peemd Ju apa gmep. % =
stiampmte-sro. the hsK blam abewa Is rie emsmct with the
pn r ~atof facet, thtey have under- jm n, u im, ,ese. A m e Ist m halve a big Prt
mmied te nauont to such an x- ut, cai w6it to tp gra ele.
tent that thenIs Ma; very dp-b _Pe Aa
Seated cause faor smoulder ng di g

arhA4nw bidnee yolulwllFights Vanwm liantl.y
S on d o ina as cedue ise
S but you m t an addl-
tiortsl 50In tome -18 even be-
fore .ou.nF ..i. Against 7-Year-Ol d Attack
Some dealftur. will tell you that
they can seU bicyen by pamrt f ad TBNIDAD CIINESE retained the initiative throughout
obtain tha n 0. h Today., sevenyears ago, Jan tn e stn years and kept victory
the priem at w i n soe of the mfslens ever beyond Japanes grsp.
parts ar c sold. F rm tba attac Ted Chins. Japanese 1 h ver Chinesehave also utildL
whei $1: front whel 14;'handle a manoeuvres,' claed with t.l time gained in increuing their
Il: ome par tyres ; one pair Otf Chinese troops by the Marco Polo own strentth. At the outbreak of
tubes $14; valye rubber at 10et5el hstilitles, China had onl an army
per I Inch, and th! other parts to 'rldge at Wanping, near Peking o til0e000 S he now han i000 000r

matte l % : .n birnuw ,(i lnl ofelg 1,70,00 Sals W e nu he 'lnow h i 6nd 00,000 a
mahe u.' a bitcle Ia vary high1 And from wltt a Japalne spokes- regular troopse. over 11,000.000 re-
prices. '. e attitude some eycle
dealers nd e p ditlorle nowi man termed the China cident serlvists under training, and s,000
I g|uerill~t organised for behInd-the-
that a war is on anid everyone was born a war, a horrible war, enemy fighting.e r i
should play his wara, teemy aig whting
ill theplont rol d com e al wanted unremittingly for four and China's need for heavy arfna-
the rescue? Nothing ot the ten- a half years until it merged into ments is urgent, guns, tanks and
ectl measures will, in my opinion the larger pttern oLf the present planes, particularly planes- of
meet the came. world-wide conflict. every sort, bombers, fighters and
o ALM e CANDIDIP dFor 450 million, it has meant transports. Japanese ar suprem-
A LPIE CAofS seven years of suffering and of ac over 7hina means continue
Princes Town want; seven years of torture at drain on China's fighting strength.
the hands of a ruthless enemy; China needs all he co-operation
Friendly Society Methods seven years of steeled nerv I a the United Nations can give her.
seemingly hopelessght against a When enough 'planes and tanks
The Editort,, OTrtnAW teardian." more highly armed and trained foe. ,- o supplied and when concerted
Thi letter by "Auditor" entitled! But Ohirt. wondrostlv vast and Allied action against Japan is
friendly Society Officers" Mu- alarmingly absorbing, refuse to be launched, the Chinese Army will
lished In the "Trinidad OGuardlan," conquered. What t ie Nlppoanese prepare the ground for offensive
on June 25, should, I Ink forgot is that centuries before, the campaigns which will lessen the
be sufficient spur to the Regis- Tartars and the Mongols had tried chances of protracted warfare and
trar and the Union of FrieOdlyt the same ic me to no avail. What huee sacriflces on the pirt of the
Societies to adopt strict measu rle they overlooked t that even though United Natilons.
to limit the terms of the offices of the-y bombed a few hundred cltes DUAL PROGRA"MIMt
not only the preildrints and the aind destroyed some millions of
Secretasics of friendly societies.! lives, hev could never exterminate Meanwhile, China continues to
but also th(os Ot the atlstbant ec-_ the millions of villages throughout work at Its dual wartime programme
retaries. This will be Seen 's the length and breadth of China of "Resistance and Reconstruction."
iiee#S.rV since Secretaries often whichh produce her teeming mil. Today Oghi a is a meltring pot of
take the offices of assistant se-Il:n.s changing ideas. Old and new rub
Here i a nos well. di'ch o Like a child eating a cake bigger along side by side. In the field of
Here are some farts which should't than itself. Japan is beginning to transport, for example, You still
demand the special attention of-
th. tfuuialnhead of all friendly realise that even if she succeeds in find camel vi.-avans along railway
sfweleirs in the island. swallowing the cake. she may niot lines, a coolie-drawn ricksthaw
IIn a certain 8outh society. I be able to stomach it. takes you to the airport, bullock-
know of a well-knmown and re- For seven years Japan haw been carts and wheelbarrows jostle in
;pertabh.l young nan who wsex-ii bgged in China like a fly on fI the streets with cars and motor
Ul:e.d for inatinag into the c. rtper and her campaign to con- 'buses
I ,t'S And ,thI Wo.kin The matter, I quer China in order to conquer the In the face of tremendous diff-
*.';er.' . is receiving the atten- world remains today unfinished culties, thl e Cinese people haPe
ad ,,f 'ul R, mstrsr. China's Importance to the Unitedn built higbw".s and railroads and
tehiab, in formation disloases Nations front lies not only in the pioneered in the west: they have
tt toe secretary of that society fact that she was the first to take moved and re-assemrbled factories
besides hoding his post for more up arms against international a-, and laid the foundation of post-war
Whan ithe past 10 years, used to aresion, but ralso in the rertarlolinrutwillltoln: they have ra-
keep, and is still repeng the Itra- mknowlede tha e te will playi a claimedtl watlandsl and Inmproveed
sume's back. isnesontrary to eenIa1ow in the fialAl Mlded Crolis onttheir age-old farms.
te R eaft"tot PIesdly o"k- offeaven heat ,jeantv.oelpel
i m itnolt .The fact that in spite of her me- democracy lias been made through
I heard this secretary read out ehancal advantagos iin spite of the the establshment of new ttItu.
the 1I4 annual report., and he fury of her attack, J^pan hsi not tOnsSsucha14the nationalWW Wnd o-
sa In par that this S. ocietysuoceeded Itn Smashing China's re- vimal peop's Political Councils
made nearly wso many dolls pro- si tEnce is the measure of China's and the new county system of local
fit. The wrd nearly" features achievement. government t.
prominently, in other reports which teA defl Cini t o t' eisV no been met
I theard. The conduct of the AZIRICAN HELP for the calling of a People's Con-
meetings is often rotten to the Alr:dy .the ceaseless resistancewresS, representing the entire na-
core. of the Chinese Army has given tion and all pfliW a currents, with-
I mnon tne r that's Amta enouh time n which to In a year ao t r the eand of the war.
the autthoritil in charge will be carry out her Prodauction pro- Thi C ongre s will bring about a
more alive and in order that It ram es. The continued bogging consFtitutonal government which i s
misht not be said that they have own of 1,000,000 soldiers in China th le ultimate atim of Dr. Sun Yat
eyes andi see not. has enabled Great Britain and the Sen. the athe. of the Chinese Re-
F-,S. United States to concentrate on public.
,itdh STrinidad. the European theatre of war and 'elous of her rights Iand proud
rs.. turn 1941 into l ear of increasing of her place in the family of na-
successes against Hitler. tions. China hopes to e -erge from
Changes Favoured First to fight, China has pro- this war an asset to the world. aFor
Claimed to the world that this is a deow down In the hpart ocf the
r#e n detor.-TrinidadGuardian." struggle between good and evil ebe- Chinese people Is an innate love otf
I read with considerable interest tween right and wrong. between .r oce. resnect for reason, and de-
Slett.er written by 'Auditor- Justice and brute force or which sire for thedrealisatlon of unI er-
t TrinidadGuardian"with 'the decision can never be In doubt. nal understanding.

rdy Tobstae Ien the wyof thM e inai~ lnn n T ~ ^ i
inrd ton te tenure of office in The Chinese strategy has its Her war effort is inspired not
iendlt' Societies held by not only basisin China's iist territory, rich only by determination to defend
rsderits and secretaries, but o ther resources, huge manpower and the the cause of freedom, but also by
officers as well
I must congratulate your corres- numerous native hacteri tlc of her desire to play her part. once
pondent and I also agree entirely the Chinese people. Through i n- victor i won in the great tksic
with the views expressed and hope ferior in eouirlment. the Chinese of huIldng a new and better
that Government will not allow the troops by dingS apace for lie. w world.
Union of Friendly Societies, to p I
any obstacle in the way of t e

SothTrnlld *"*"~a**" p~t (Invasion, Poeod ola n ned in otoerap Teei
introduction of the proposed rules nvast on n Qu et
barring officers from holding office B J PUDNET pencil and eoontir-signed by the
year in and year out.B JH wu p i an K it wtha
T i : am. a membe of eea sr one ord "Roosevelt" in Ink 'It is
S am a member of several socle- aFor at least halt a day. on my the original messaGe which an-
ties and I can say definitely that msar wiha-
the advantage taken by some of appointment as R.AIP. official ob- none r is nhowr's s nppoitmCent
these offers is rat her s acoe server, I imagined that 8EH.A.F. to the su preme command
and it Is high time for Government S i;UEIR
to look Into this matter with th was the name of an American gen- DISTINGUISHED SOUVENIRS
least possible delay.eral wielding phtnonienaa power be- Upon the other walls of 'he rorr
INTERESTED. |hind the scenes. Discussing any as- Ian be traced the *curse of events
SoIth Trinidad.D pct of invasion, somebody would In signed photor-aphs There is
say "S.HA,..F. says this ought to King Gteorzge VI; there is Gefnral-
be done" and somebody else would is". o Chang Kai-Shek with an
say "We had better refer that to impressive signature running verti-
Transportotion For Mo1 ant' 8i.A.EF. to get a ruling...." 8g ally Uon the General's dsk is
The r.ditr. "Trividad G S.A.E F. was the character to a brims ash-e'av manufactured by'
Please grant me space in your meet, I imagined. Every:hbng ori- men of the Royal Navv from the
newspaper to brin, tn the. n I e ofl inated fromi RHAX Y. First h.Ii fi nt-,i 1. 1h ..s ^_

Acting Colonial W

TAKE NOTICE that the undf
tioned Buildings and Articles o01
Florida" and "Concordia" Estates, I
Will be put up for sale by public auct
the said Estates on Friday the 7th
1944, at the hour of 10 o'clock in th
1 Barrack 80 x 12' containing 8 rooms and it
Pasea Barras ks) with corrugated iron.
1 Cocoa House 4o0' x 20' r:ontaining 4 rooms 10' 1
20' x 4'. Hood 24' x 4'.
I Cocoa House 55' x 20' containing 5 roomt 20't
gallery 55' x 6', Hcld 26' x 4', Kitch

......4 %--U.. .... e .. m.... -- 44.. ..... ..- .. .. .. -. b -111 iirea in e aaute for I weat box 8' X 6'.
those in authority the plight of A world conditioned by war to Independence Devay ordered by Ad-. I Sweat box 17' x 10' containing 4 boxes
the people of Morvant. We all know assimilate combinations of initials miral Cunningham in the Mediter. Sw t box 17' x 0' ontaning 4 bo .
that tranportaUon i difficult due Is rapidly tumbling to the fazt that ranean. 1 Coffee Aulplng 19' x '.
;to the war, and ar prepared to S.H.A.EFP stands for Supreme 8.HA.EFP. is matter-of-fact in Itas .N'
make sacrtfles accordingly. Headquarters AlII'd Expeditionary layout. There is no grandeur any- "CONCORDIA"
But the service run by the con- Forces-the source indeed from where in the encampment The
Scessloinaires is in my opinion by which everything originates rather dark, narrow passage which Stables, nmiin build 90' x Is' containing 10 stIals.
far the worst of those run anywhere Prom an encampment of a few I shared by the mixed American Ing Cowshed 43' x 31' containing 4 stills, the 10
by the sa company. Ninety P acres in Britain emanated the or- and British staffs of General Eisen- wall in corrugated iron, top 1101
cent of the population of this ds- ders whkh set every tank in mo- bowe and Air' Chif Marshal Ted-1 nettingI
Itrict are employed In the City. Oft kon. which direct the mission of dcrI' s less impressive than an1 I open Cow Shed 12' X 1I'
th amount, 25 Per cent niutbe at evry alraaft which control the executive corridor in any small s
r at m a. yet, the first trip courses of navies, and which exe- townt office block. 1 shed 15' x 7' covered in corrugated iron.
newr leaves here until 645 a.m, cute the agreed policies of th, In Air Chief Marshal Tedder's Dated this let de of July. 1944.
so that even If yo are lucky to tAlli ed nations. e th oace there are no flags; but th're
into the ft trip and workman Withi this enca ent are the one oil painting,whihhangs over C. G. FAN
tance awy f om the 'b U brains which control the manifold the brick fireplace It is by an RA.P. Sub-Intendant of Ca
you must be late. limbs of war, It is a quiet place. atcraftman and It shows Typhoons
In the evening we haTve no t r-moved from the thunder of the in flight along the uth coast of
after six 'lwok. On many days W air limb striking across the sees.. gland. U, que to Tedder's room.
a, left Without any .s at Al. The only mmPent in this head- Is a frmidable sprig of African
S hope that on arrival of the Quarters is one of paper and the ithrn wheleh aits on the desk in
'bu-eg consigned to the Governmelitpaper which mores is the most f' tt of the visitor to this office.
they will take oer the route and potent and secret component of ts i object s to event the viaitor's
run a proper Service. wor. The design It. makes inthe fist rom banging the deW
KjmMcNT. ,wy patter of European fber-. Since 81H.A.L. governs Its
Mtio gret on. grea war potentials by paper, ce-
Very decisive paper without a cial comidertion has bee given
doubt will be carried into the spa- to quick and easy appwistion of
cwmu office of the Supreme Coans--paper work.4 The Chie of Staff,
Overcrowding In City al ouder Ge a ih ower. T re C- neral Walt e r1B. & W epl o ys
Carele ss Ta1
Pw utw. -Trirtm Cmrotisa- I il "we~nrads I* "' soe-asertr i^^ time WtaoS in too sa in.
Though the public is led to be- side theGenerals desk. making an ject the pe-1 -with vitalty. move. -a re le ss Ia
IeWt tbt N-. to0 Uru tM qare Ishermas pattern a1t the wall mnt and at-s-glanm intelligibility
the worst place where pe Thy are the Star nmd trip, The aseretartat whi i ndertak
i. l wi21 be a Ithe Uniont Jack. and the four white this work, lvn in alargenot-so-
fnr the Mayor and thea non a scarlet field which is tidy room clee tn the Oenertl, and
ial who went to ) Man the oenerl*'s persal standa. it is one of the Uliveea t Inlatrm
ew he t to ly a t ae a n1 TherenIs a very Dgs fii fre te headquartesAteaU o St pow
other "We. &w this ,ffift rom on r im la a t wen t
If a evan coM lbe take of f1-&W' 6and MI t tebto1 he 1 i' ris a ef "ha m Ww MoeC o st
Bvrcrowd,4dbatoniCtowaeLvtrn- ved to theleisMr of cateuIIat- ofthem t Iu l v e s .
ment will thae a 0Bod0 t hfe tog hi oa s*urrut t here a"a-aamnd aa M L: am^ bet
eonditien that exist a to wb tS- o0040-r1 of much recent histy deal atU iU M~fl"a'O he
ul tt cit, where so, Meay 'Ul3a atins t e utd. ww" Eupon a W"whie ala.so tandiig byte
&a"i Is spent frvanvyew to MoI"takeedelicate and lnrr% sta
t eet oter tn a j dto for exnm theae tIs at s dort rtie. s teirf
e ce. vry rgh d-aft a sgnal rin a i .sar lice. ,their
SAL L1 M tim en' of the United Palmtht;rObe tto ives e I_
Va t ap AM I A" OR b oi m ai m e., m MO 4WA& d ,

A limited supply of equipment for the fnllowire Mrmmi
able in the Unlted Kinidotm for alloCition to this Colony;
Football Boxing
Netball Rounders
Cricket GOymnwatics
Hockey Athletics
In order that the Colony'a essential requirements of tha
supplies si y oe ascertained, porters entitled to Import
hereby requested to submilt to the Secretary of the COcl
ae Iotater adn1 Ut July,l M,4 returns of their minimum
quirementa in respect of each of the bove-mentioned Itm
12 months' period beginning 1st iaptebei, 144K
Importers will be advised as to method of procurem
course and indents should NOT be submitted for licensing
Intimation lhs been given by the Control Board,
A warning is issued that supplies of the above equpmne
be made available to any importer who does not con orm to I
going conditions. Ivan S. Min
Acting 8ecrcta'ry, Contral
Old Poet Office Buildings,
7 St Vincent street,
lot July, 1944.

C)lonWi Secretary'a'
30th June, U
Applications are invited for appointment to two penfBtac
of Factory Inspector; one on the salary scale of 1,4.0 Pq
rising by annual increments of $120 to $1,60 per annum a
the scale of 1l.80 per annum ring by annual increments
$2,160 per annum. Appointment would be on probation fW
in the first Instance anid subject to the pasiling uof a midlcal 4
Candidates for the lower graded pos t should be not less
years of age at the time of rmiking Ute application, and mI
had a good general education and have matriculated or pa
Senior Cambridge examination, and have had some training
tical experience in engineering or aa allied profesiog ge rV
Candidates for the higher grade 1oat ambd be not It
yasn of Age at the time of ink g I al1,ation. nd *
had a good general education A4 ha e" aa tnlatd or M
Senior Cambridge eamnatit. In Itiflott candidates mul
(a) have had training and practical experience I en,
ame allied prodedsion or trade in position of rl
and control; or
(b) held a position in a technical branch of the Onveil
vice on a salary scale risruing to a maximum of not0
$1,60 per annum. a
The duties of the lower graded post include securing/
vance of a code of factory laws by inspection )f premises
moving the health. safety and welfare of factory wo*er J
and manging a local office in connection with th for
comprehensive records and files.
The duties of the hither graded post conalas of ho
above and in addition acting as deputy to the holder of
post of Factory Inspector.
Applications should be mrde to the Colonial secrete
prescribe form to reach the Sccrc:ariat not later thai
July, 19t.

Government No*

1Ca NotaceTo

1.-De kath ta(5V~OI SGM= 14
.LtdwitocCUrred000 wt
fitt. ~ ~ TU S~eeM 8 0_ ;.H UPREXK
11th day of May. 1944. TRINIDAD AND
(b) 899MUNGALt. workman
latrly employed with Trinidad "-
gar itat t LAd., wid. oc-
curre at 2th day of PTY MOTXCU
FeitrT. 1m. given that one of the 'J,
Compensation In the above mt- r o l t
Ite having been d:pealLed with .MIS OO MinWill gs
mid s na o S ef the wol 'S. but at the urt H
ompentio OndlnaOine. the d e- rnmando on Monday v
pendants of the said 1a) oopusingh July, 1944 at
and (bV lemnamaehereby ly. 1 9 a 9.15
=tod ap pear ber The Oo f foreMoon for the pVap
ldsloner on FridaMy the 7th day of t M appitcations by p
July 14. at w.3 o'clock in the
orlo at the Ourt House, ort- erupton from servingeg
of. ta. when the Oommissioner the Semslons to be hli
slPocee to detFtin the w Fernando on MouAny tf
trbuon thr on. lp of epe- c July, 144.
lass to the dosans workuml il ...i
be reutred by he ominlsaIe And Noticetos also gea
to be fumiihed by elaitmmti at such application will
he fam of ctticates of birth tamned after the said if
mnd of nmartia. as in the circul- July. 1944.
stancs bW necessary.
Dated this Tith day oft June. 14m A. V. N. MCI
L. A. GOMD*. I
Deputy Reuistrar. Supreme Court.

PrimeinisterGivesCommons Ynks Fight On Saipan Allied Aerial Armada Mauls y9
Full Story Of Robot Bombs Normandy Battle Triangle
htrareleafore" toeirsoorb thatdthe
Sy da a diminutionin the c Troop In France small gidel dropped om
tg hhmg otsrie ofe thela andf dmution lha we an I now ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ H Alo "** releassf that *ttder-bosubl dw t K W n- A *o is 0 |W
eMn attm ot aa, n t e atta to wteih aren w CGet Mail Service radio which had made no isiftWI
rbch o bo to h n ad runtnl f LONDON. July (Reuter) oft new type of All wepon p
leh would be of tous to nd Starting thi, morning, mail viously, said the Amerltca boamienI
Letrtmental to e outset, i t)W PODI TS TAIMACD- lt fr British troo.-a in France, released these .ider-bombe dur-
Ld e say ast the out-t It .,B '. .- ItnehU~di the Army and Air Ings attacks on Cologne on May 2g
ould be a mt ito underrate ,o e a of' Mee. will be flown across the and Hamnabur on June .
e sou natureofsthispartiuldri Mo hs it.m the 0"A". e e Channel every day before R.A.F. Albacowes, Beaulghters
n of attack. Certainly it asa po"la lae the .flwt,. lO S breakfast. Letters from ser- of Coastal Command and Swordfigst
everbeen underrated in at aiyan o Atce
ifr be Geund m ent, iTV t o for "I'llra .S ASa0 1 0 ill be fnn of th o ao O b bc ofhe Flet Air Arm d & at.
81110111 ofe the Oozeiwielteachiterlnoontacksl on German K-baait~aand It-
Spresent t e the vieWSt we 0 1111 ........ .. ......-- .boats in the Channel this moral ing.
he pr~danger wteorec altabliv, an repat WourI t is 4e .Pour epemy craft operting
"aofwhat dage wre "W= to.= thestrcturflTake Ostend, sailBoulagne
een of wdater awteare O Iv ,tray the structure and also I~ a~"sve~wi probably sunk and nine
a rbbiiyo sbwatakt tewkngpris and ERusiasTake od' Tonea Beals
--A"t?.Ci~ &'~~'s^ ^'; ^ y^ ^ a B Kowel;Near a "?7.ij. 1
e probafblit" of stich sr attack tconcer ned others possibly dasmged wlitho-ut - ..... ,
tea, a ongth a w .t Baltic States -h'IO"sof a 'lant.
~rte otiul n lisls ay alit The 1114 we have s- far N 4 Location of the air bases ham-
day demonstration.Durft heN. tnyn and n tlO Ko NWme Allred todactical wasir fore were
S month of 14 received r n tha bter able to devote t bulk of their

kney tier oelufweapo t~hMp ha~g obgie tl~ts ,Pr- 'f> M ^~ ~ ^ f^ ,^ .^trtilho developlng oc thie wa fort against communk "tona and [ M MA11INBl aUARE
ough t our a yeari e o tdge hn an other taeise Te S A.. disclosed tthest-
G er a nw rpod s t it m has N w, ti o e on ealtiUce states r tacks on M nrairfields were driving
mme min fwi .g a ue no oeualmlahouands.ted c ayR ta e did wGerman aier units b u ckat lea 100
lohfoh r ta i many inerhuprmie-aioi4 wNTIN OPiles from the coast. mediumdano
=prop to bobard Loom.tdy otton s of ou tho usands ofa I I en- n on te oudo dNe Alliedhtacticaltair forces uwepe

o,,.,o,, ..oT..." -"*"'lfeK'"^ ".7 A^V "" A!' 'K-S. BUY MODERN FURNITURE
As wit ourdInfo b led r O f th monthoua fr whroi e thean boiters able tordevote the, bulk of theiront

sr the ler of aff and the acrlfl a iood deal l is developing onof their nu l ean way fort against communic MARINrnQUAR fuel stocks.
uefsedftA prooed to me, thata w, t*so ffortsthave beenauedo- to Baranowicze. The Germans other objectives in immedblte Sup-
Tne o t& roo te o ea m a eacln to both siedeas friend nI have brought. up strong areves port of General Sir Bernard Mont- '- *
JointoPaallamentary secretary 0, = Sqet wt hughte y Mar a Idlroughout yeaterr The samerys troops. Ili is-hat theyitII I ItUN fl m II
thi dutyGofmstudyindtiuffeofdourrflying erAhaLeIbe. .iA'aED
mincis hmof upplyshould bet o qo ou r derngown lhe bee p 1 cotnter-attacked wieiLanksaand did when American medium and

anslie c it M c am? etl ttm in re- d iverte f or mon tehs fr om ha ______h )hr~ nl ( r p cu^_____a k in g a ldlnf r rou l ft l totri e 370-gat bo b rs co bnkcentrae o nsu.'a r r/ D \ A C A A C r r l*i c
Iesnte oie refre was i t caersor st anct -on. Te wedges into the R Soviet fors- Ply routes behind t hi battlefrontt YMODERN FURN ITU RE
w1hothe tre wafs t rh fe or o rmithortheire arct, at to e tio Winter ton Says that all and similar units of the British
any ofg their n reportshaend o- ot e ficenrono, of hes irwe fa s T reports from the front tell how Seond Teotical Air Force ripped
g the Chiefs of Stff a ndt sacT rinegSt a bgooddue h o l thI r en g d o l th e r Mr tr-ettacks Into German fuel stocks. bo

gst (lstngho oin^enrfled propv and~ have been soleamnrInuisdlnitgttis ii oetigt miltar commentator) Ms-, sic "D a y." Miem ade Bo0 o =eA-
ar Cabinet as to counter-e ina faveincrasedthength fight coul O t were smasi and how after the
haaeveinrntense teher wgrht resro ar Germtep ans had suffered crushing t AILLINES MASHEDaii
.tes foe ar isteomeS pc bomb oer f ores for e t wetork In con aic-I loses t we R sia wst in m or-t ed _
longpt tefor thist n the H s tn their hard-press ed armies lo wsar e astomvagledy asndo3 for Cen. ir
letry, whof e viglances h as beaU- n otd euront l s, u ., d to so. ermn vmllags w at ore than30u'inu flak ar-
tstre, hla g trs gengr t bloort mroceose sthe g parea ts tr Iay mr ema pa hv b Ina Berlin,"W nMartinHallenlebe In ne of their heaviest blowsn I
th ne owlter t maari obrrm e ae tep uIt can be anticipated that Ger- ate attacks on fiv e trail lines two of-
ATONs sOhTE tario means thtre o the ple tt an Itt thheIr mwaan forcp wl e a wilin molretre leading insidCe embattled
-adapted to withstand the blas sat~elltes there has been aoded Lnegie a
c t O f the bombs at re hese present.omsarrcndbu.ed pejn at Meeda It5desi j
uThs wl ele a t ie Iv~edalte ~,ieth surtausb tnthe st r n do so.The rman army is play.r tWghile one Wrt-aider formation RI SIE 3 T
weea hp ottne o r a otnhe frstn itimoe the neor et Inre te sped, Aen mte and- of At.r,. hn plowed t ou gh a fu ious flak bar S
wne Lo wiTl miEnims not hassgure ng ponth* M ou s e rany; but t Wina in rage to attack the two bi Idges in- X
lt t corrcta theseabsu dettn hh h Itth o opin pr ts nw had C e roehst hr A Stan. Tean of the ale btosnrsseos struck the T r10-spa n h
t of searchinginvestigations ".It is yet to be tested who has the baxaigroond-pAllP photo). tank guns and Infantryo rlisin o -m the 3 A0-yard all embankment nearly + --
t of air reconnaisthatince, we suffered and will suffer most in ward the Reich frontiiers .l. riutt20 mlanesnouke, l o mROCi ERY, GLe SSWARElENAME
1942 succeeded in locating on that press. In my opimon, and nemT are m,.re harmful than the are always spying about to tn t Red Army columns are clofn| inl-oDeu\. t
eBaltic te mair experiment in the opinion of Advisers, between facts. The total number of injured ind out h anTey on DvnSk on the road to Riga. 1pn DAle oie nt Clk entered, s
ongeal h o b cs e goin o 100mandot e1 t eing bombs, each detained hospital n about ,00o lhavea ae arg e industry of this kind i ).... eaw x t nde Placesd all the bombeaa y1

ltl no"tlst..ndin1. this 'x~tae. ail rp wito hi veyaitlmgo ponortnsy whai c u p iedsevt oteen-eigthpofvemepn.Ttia is Inr cu tw 4. bulge twaie rdsro V i inamse myt 'trhanospsore.;id msvhits down17^ f Ct C\
hwe. ioh welnlg about b ton binedi h is does not include those rwithsd really we should tleavehthemh... 'r t Pahr rtling flg0mbtl ro tuthce.
,thof aill strength of Bomb- charge u dale and b ad been so dis- minor Injuries dealt with at t rst ,ti st gn omething to do. tLathtr.)I tk g an.d nAtA.Fro l o M itchell and Boston a = CR Er G E
ommsnd wu sent against theseclk rd in mtytfortn gh ot i o f e dete harlfulvthn hoe r Iy m lun erel y.in bu oty e ryclm are l o ni leu\. a new slice out. of tthe E
Balticrg the laneprfin h pno fadvsefrsbtwenigt facots. Ofthoe totalumeofin jued in h o utse-hn +ycn Te nDis nteradt i~. Dsri iletfa hr'ztrc

Comad a set againt th. 5 ~%charged dalran had been sho dow mn orth injuries dealt with a rs .Id somthng to" do, (Larghter.e tha An .F.^SHW Mithom etl r arid notuca ran,^^ -- P & H
allatio and very great dam-s from firing points In France. pital a large proportion as In fact C'OMMITTEX APIPOINTED Cra ( Oernit- nin tilupply b smashing
was done to the enemy tnConsidering the niodest weight se dichare after a few days. A special committee has been set o orant IRe d numps wiat chartre,. Arge.tn PRIC S O SIT E ERYON
r oal cetls, including the these bombs, the damage they hay tlon ws concerned, we were pre- both offensive and defensive to Allthese ) berm returned s

aaisand Cal numbe soewthe all pnoel rbtm o h rd!too u: ao bl a enrnylbrating power of* ^^ So ar asti~ Os lttac accnimda uaa to^ l adis uoncontr-eaHrssysld errie
scientist who were all dwell- done by blast effect, though pared for so many more casualties deal with the flying bomb. This StopD Perspiration their escortingSpitfieshot down'he 4
tgeditherd at so-caled strnwthr extensive, cannot. of course, be at in the battle of Normandy than ac- committee consists of the joint- I eight ojf more than 20 German 'Phore 5764
rough joy' establishment, Were all compared to the terriltfc dstruc- tually occurred so far, that we Parliamentary Stcretary to the / fighters near Chi rtres.
led. tion by the fire of high explosives have for the present a considerable Ministry of sunply aso chairman. l i ghlters that tried interception
'These rmlds delayed by Many with which ave assaulted Ber- i. immediate rrirn of reserve to an!t he is a sslsted by Air Marshal (The Torralne Squadron of the =
ntis the development and b~ ing- liri, Hamburg, Colo~ne and scores which to disperse Patient'. Hill in charge, General Pile, our ihtn 'ehAr rc tok.
Into action of both es w of oth er erman c ti es the war "The injured are tsedlytran.- competent Commndrr oT Anti. part i en oe of the attacks FR ON C I
about this time, We also 10,-manufacturing points of Germany. erred to hospitals InSpafeeditricas craft Command sinoe Athe i-inn- etherwithioe tihe rttacks to-n,
tEd a station in Pia de G dals, This form of attack is no doubt of and I am glad to say thatPeniclM of the war, by the deputy hle of ofF bm-ntreports Reter,. They saw their fuly-u ifl lfd R Ylf l
t of the Paris area, which ap a trying character because it Is which up to now had to be restrict- Air Staff and representativesof the bombs go right into the aiming
red to be connected with ring Ing spread out over the whole 24 eOd to military use, will be avaIl- Deputy Allied Commander, Air 1. Does not rot dre.e, omen's point. At another dump huge 0 A'0
-range rockets. This site W114 hours and people btve just got to oible for the treatment on all flying Marshal Tedder. ,burts. Does notirrictate kin. columns of black smoke billowed
heavily attacked as long ago get used to that. bomb casualties. "ThIs committee la at It dis- 2. No wing to dry Canobeused l npt
"Tthis treatmentesinsetthen bund MPer ED ,EAwHERntrtodry thenasltis arer h sROY 4 I0o
September sand halt en under "Tassert that a very high pro- posal .t great -umber of able scient- right alter shaving. 17 NAZIt I)O1% NED
nphteav e nsarr i t W b MEtMne i the portion of these casualties are se- Iflsud engineers who are studyi.Afely spperpiraion foo 1 Mustangs, Lightnlngs and hunt-
t Lheav estrweaponsecarriede Y WemaMethe r D n rAte nd rl veret Veor mortal and havp fallen upon from the technical standpoint the to 3 days. Ptevents odour. derbults bombed and strafed t-ne-
S ansdo Amricn o r f morc res. e irate.Inh, ap toes am. London tha t wihesents to the ene- improvement of our counter- .A pure, white, relless, stain, my transport and shot down 17M
e n ta sk wanoe a thoem. launching stations along the French pases out of currency- target 18 Improved explosives come with InMernttionalinstiuteo t An.o U p 11 locomotives. 40 ruilwayM
eImmens re tsk ltwa &s ntwilov-. coast. A very large portion Of miles wide and over 20 ilies deep. greater ranges, vaster speeds 60 ,derms--surm lesstowlalimc. Use cars, eight, trucks, a barracks, tlaicP OB U
stl mt on in s aouta orsl f lwg Io" therefore, a tia que targethrut Wn thes comoie up tce I llh l. ter anp ae n cmt or th e
reo, nnaissanceof? the ~ thee omither have el erothe iroe are t eln entgnd Wll therock o m om mesupt Will Ar|d e ApoaiS.B ato lsrs oa nfi n vaeof thrA o Tr aends
strutur of ortan dhnestroyedbyhareiousmehotds, roe inaccuracy. Thae flying of these evils will be entirely pro- storage building and a flak tower
other structure sind raterl shotestroyedlytearloysametho-s,
were bohl i erected all Includingth grM deployment ofo is ta vened before the time mes, behind the enemy lines.
Iensi thand c thatnals.Itsomwn he e sponrotb fo w the production of sua wch weapon obvi has been finally libter at ed from i Franoed o ata d t uck he railway
heitrtue sendrotd e p tim blev ro mtheously, raises some rave questions the enema grip. Meanwhile, I ar shallenmg yards at Dijon, ore
hoitsateh te sater changing proJotU lo s found a uoon which I do not propose i to an only esay that when I vfomtd. tti, 20 miles from the nearest

ntea oF rench ccatbetwe btut eries of amondti-aicaft b arage tur- purpose and effect ThonwihthersaereenwK ^^ stak are lance U st-ics k\\\~ lii^i fle across""' ^"" "*w^*W
vre anud Q apl ais. emble air freicnrned whnsmt iteag h sa trewdcdaon .ofruc wapost d bi a be ally ad. he n lJiberte fro Fran Iss^ attack? the railwa
wel cmeditateda t e tiecly wh theranigpoectile hIsr n ound of dead W c raises somen grve qusonth emagrpMawil.x4 aar neacesasari yard at. Dijon Lhhniorei^^' ^ ^ *1 "1* ------- --
hould make a statement the n u e i new method. t I amvery careful to to ch today. various scenes of bomb explosions, Also in point on the coast. They dropped
reht sio rom thetsuect. be vee aboutares h we t I on ,tturday, there was only one I&I w great weight of high explosive
sht I might cause need~ is their. however, during the month ALL MV'T STAY PUZ nMm of many hundreds I saw who, bombs and returned without loss.

nWmd.Wa stesaeo rnmesInZuedandtay inob Other Britipedshrygea "" r veavue '"^ ,';--=-/-- i bombersl out________________
iatta. e unded of June has been ueavotrable for "Am to evacuation, as I have said, asked the question. The question I r t er 0 o
Au whc w sor eved purpose. In Nor evAery one m, main at hs post was: 'What are you going to l do.....I.n strength too. attacked the fly-
denem pd ict robof 11 Ain el p t -t l and dIischargle hs dul dutie. Thisy about It ?"' repled- 'everything n Ini bomb i installations and other R Y
n rue.conn a vne wearred ao bu inmatt lesn orty. House would be affronted If ayhu-ian power and we have never military iar s In norhep
Wasan Ientaedsk, but very I n to e hn"t powr trm ad eeoever h atr- i no
The ronnaissanceowaey T tt wre sugg"e s o dtion were made to it that it failed yet.' He accepted my reply Prance. Squadrons of R.A.P.
nt In gathering Informa- tht eao b change its venue from on- and that is the only promise I can Mosquitoes last night bombed the
Wito u' about tnan elmnnly don. Here we began the war and make. synthetic oil plant at Gelsenkir-
We found ve inturhly Ibt and exceptional uaM otheSva. ai here we will see It ended. (Oheer.

yjttof rther Bmlr itis and smei-xgen a te chenre andme othe tartet InB~~ th-eJ^ f j ^ V *L f 2
of rather smaller sites all along force we collectge for the purpo. We are not, however, discouraging POSITION MADE PLAIN

Frnh upsege r ot owvr disourgin P^^ ^ fr e~M ~ 4 InadohrtresI h
Cren ow' between Ircre butwwhen the weath.r Improves people who are here with no essen- "I must, however, make it per-
Calais being erected and ,We tiusegreat new reinforcements trial work to do from leaving Lon- fectl plain. I do not veant therer-
cluded they would be inwll come into play. In Britain, don. EVACATION PREPARE
fs fora jet-propelled projectile weather made mare difficUlt to be any misunderstand] ig on this LONDON. July 6, d euIerI.-
th ese llerothan-frockets were"spoint--that we shall not allow the London's official evacuation scheme
tehest hantawretthe work of the batteries against engaged in war work who wished battle or operations In Normandy weather arto o drend
tinually bombed since last De- aircraft. It also reduced the blows to leave registers have bn opened nor the attacks we are making INthe frst party of school children
er and many of them des- we are s t e very available and arrangements have been made against special trgets in Germany OPC0loitstban# left on Monday for safe areas.
bed. On m o h e opportunity at4 la1tnh1 g aStations for their transfer as speedilyv as to suferheycome firW
ord Or stIcious points onthe other psletotousar.eTheyeame -.St. We must ta.Parents aere free to decide whether
If it had not been fc:" those uso poible to safe areas, fitin our own domestic arrant- to let their children or send Rsperry, strawberry,
bing operations in France and aideOf the Channel, nevertheless "Children already are being sent, ments into the general scheme of *Low In con them pwav.The Government al-
many and the counter-pre a. the House will be favourably sur-.if the parents wish, out of the dan- war operations. here can be no so decided to op-n th. deep tube lemon and ovangel Ioa ch polbchllft
a in which we indulgedparth prised to learn that the total num- ger areas which are by no means question of allowing ihe slightest shelters constructed sometime ago. fresh fruit flavour itelf. Roa Oer
bardmentn of London would no ber of flying bomb launched from exclusively confined to the metro- weilkening in the battle in order tol hlesomfraierfour cItlf R noya l .
bt have started perhaps six the enemy's stations have killed Polis which is the bomb highway diminish in scale the inJuries which' = -".
nths earlier and on a very muhp exaet one person per bonb- over which all the robots pass be- though they may inflict gri
vier scale. Under the preasure very remarkable fact and It has fore reachingthat point in southern suffering n many ople nd"loo
vietrlscle. Und o erythe ureesufferingonamanyapeoplehan
our counter-measures, ti e ene Z kept pace roughly week by week. ngiland which I ventured to pr- change to Some extent the normal
who...edfeltf amonsavingothersmethigimusto th morning were 2,754 bombs sent at parents' wishes t of the will never stand between the British
-'edofsvngsmthuwno ed and 2,752 calsualties susl- danger areas. We do not con.rIder nation and their duty in the ,an of... TOr '!
nerves In order to stedUy and tained, that the scale of attack under which a victorious avenging world. FE',Brand-ne Tefebeqekhsmto Pew Iw
ltralise the assaults on his own we are threatened, Justifies Gov- tChe'ers.) Geai'ndPdig Se/, ew~Idy
Ic/ opinion, developed a new 8.000 IN HOSPITAL ernanental cozn'placency, All these "It may be a comfort to some to N / Geain__d~JIJf og ~W1dy
tes of p re-fabricated structures "I em bound to say I was sun- matters and Imtny others are re- know they are sharing in no small "/:
cih could '*e rapidly assembled prised when some time ago I saw viewed daily or almost daily, and wiy the perils of our soldiers over- .~: ,.....
Ing the periods of cloudy yea- will be somewhat increased nby the C..il Defence Committee over them diminish others which in YOU DON'T NEED _ ,....
r. It is from these compara- those who die In hospital from i- which the Minister of Home Be- other forms would bave smitten IT TO KEEP THIl MILK F'RgII'
ely light and very rapidly-erc t- jutries received. Beside these, currty has long presided. our fighting men and their allies, vi.ii...t
ng timide. What is the scale of er numbers Injured and zr.any minor the very greatest speed. Very great we will never be conquered, w~Il ,Pneia tnor rns n. et 55
attack ? The hundred firing injuries caused by sphlteA~g an power is aiven to this committee, never fail an,, our triumph over Pf"fSJDbodr rnl n. et 55
as which were destroyed, asum- glass. After all the Germans keep A very every ordeal will long shine among -' /
enemy production of missiles "As this battle--for such it Is-- large intelligence service. They1 men." .. o-7, otofSan
aty greater discharge of high I do not propose to withhold th~e I_______________________________
lo0sives on1 London then those nlumbe of casUalies. TI wll glive ... ,i OP o o r i eIe lY u m l
yjust to the British and Amend-'exaggerated figures claimed by ., B AH SA e ou is b s S ee s Y u m l

T.,e suroOest (dodoat safe pero, daniesI, S ATh role your kisses oE endcMam ,i
PLA [IN AND FAC dKremoves every last trace of offensive skin odor aM 7os t now is. umens dee!isis sa+
t.m Nn ~mcr t~a.., because it contains an exclusive mewo' ne V m a +

$.4f..-.Feel refreehed and relaxed COLANCM-HI',UM
I 1-44 ,,~fte your Odex bath. You "CF~I !
are assred .a.8-i.4-n-g .. A
Eleh personal daintine.s
13*be mca sLUse ColigatDm1 Cums.INhsPw
atb M wea f be. bigvine eeusym W6ee
Asserted0 $elM&dee. Cl,' *lam dw rwe&*ow

Sime114 12%t '


* -, ~iv~~' "seilty- "~7~



i Talk Of Trinidad I
as Tut fUUhM m --Mamas
H '5 nC tr AcUIg Ooenor &M Md Wd2K ON=-
^I= kpmld by sli tuwa Ounsad and CaM. RUWA CRM. att&mi0
a bs acek Xt imn by the Venewlema OmAl an tba
PSB f ot n B Wed, d .v*mszg to oe1in July 5. Vm-
*'JI^HH ZMlIdpaidece Day. .,
Hi) Exceuocy and Sir KdWrd afterwards w"mt to the pmraM-
of '-The Appe Ca bF the VICxrY Play%.s as t Z NPr
IF HONOUI of the VeneLwan Independence IXDay Wed day
S V= Venesueiaa tocal AntAhem wasu broadem trm theU
rL Oouvy Club.
A large party of the Venueasn Conmla Ou t h U* Ocfl
Party We prmnmt and the club W 2 .041W&
Aucang those I bnotied a" the rcuf wet *Aft~ WIN and"
efiars Ro"i ; Mr. and Mn Machado VeLqueLa MaAW GedMde Mr.
and Mr. A- P. P1immew, Lwut.-ColiBnel and Mrs. Tracey Houne.
m MArCumtO Penmg,. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lyder and Mr. Lyder. the
eep-sklnt of the Georetown FPootball Club. Mr. Prank
ar-nde. Mzs P8 Pantin. Mr. Desond Vybhus, MNU MoyfI
SPanttn, Leut Paul F lnn, ULult Dl.xie Dean and his flance. Mms
Ju. n Alexander. Cap; C C B.-ok, Lieut.-Coonel Seal-OW, Dr.
and Mrs. Bernabe Pe. Mr. V _tw Negronm. IUt ad Mrs.
Peter GCoidir.g. Mr. Jerry Goldstcia. Mr. Daid WiMe, Mrs. Pearl
Austin. Mrs Bob Chrm. MWies Pauline Crabtree. Mr nd Mrs Daunirel
do Unms, Mr. and Mm Haroid Mxliwan. Mr. and Mrs. pelham
Aleasr. Mr. Adigard de Gau;iei, Mma Clarnta de Lman, and Mr.
Jack Huuton.
AMONO r"cert arrvals in Trindad from Caracas was Miss Clarita
de Lma Miss de Lira. Vwho :Ves in Venezauela now. where she
is studying music, is here for a fortnight. She tells me that her
sser, Miss Meredesd de LAMi, U very weli but does not know when
she wMll be comIng here
.% OUNEL JOHN 0 ERIKSEN commanding oWf..er of Waler
o teld. was presW.d ae *'; t'r Can balls ha:d t 'haet Waie
Pield Treare on Mondv," fvae :-. w and hundreds of ladspt o.C.ended
from Po1-of-spn, San Fern .1.... Poite.,a-Plerre and Forest
SU-du.ed -ghating of the thesri e was employed wi'h t ood: effc4
and eved ua-, emohanie the hgshiighr of the decaar.ions. which
as la arg s0rier .ta-chbow. hanngTp froa n the centre of *ahe e '.ing
Saeinet.,* a paraehire background. Tne wich bowl was kept rotating,
J0 thah' it -' riw*rl a the ligh'- in % En-t attactie way.
aCo-rpr Bb C'.ra' ., whto wa' x have acted as Maer of Core-
Sioniw" -at i.for'utelv un'I;. "o appear, owing to lne.o, to
(Oene Ran.OW took his pare M." Georgetra Kalamaras sang. M.S
Juanrsa ry,-,,f,z danced. and. Tlipr and Attila sang caliyp.oe., wL.e
V Gme Rand',,- tol somie ftori'P5 Then there was a Jtterbug contest
wbich wait wr)n v, Vnr,'r.Tra) Bernardi and Mi.- Audrey Hutchin)n,
and 'hp Wa:'*z 7irao wc:' *, e' 1, ard and Ws KatLx Mas.%on
Door pr-;/< wp-r dr-aw.-; Io. ,'n '."he lutky winners being MIA.
jKth^epn Tcwvf. M.vs Ba:,:a'; Tappm, Mrs Anton, and Miss Kaplan.
f ^ '^M's." *--':i<:'i ;-.-.: .or :;he eve!.ing was -IP;pi-d 6) the 1
JmgBee.-s dare., hA,.:':d.
"EPTISTED -n and r:.'- ho hi ave bfrn atskmg ab- L'.SO did
'no* V '. : *f ;'cs w.; 'TnId I~' O atIswer tI Itis q.ieStion
In tSs op -rr '.- p:At *o h:. C a v)'f r. itic S .:d'v. July 16.
iPlans ha'.p a-raVi erF, mile ., :-" 'c dancing,. svimmln plc-
knicdng nd a "os: -;.e. FoW' member f the -r)inular Moderneers
Orchestra wi' arcona'n: *I ,, t- to furni.h un,.vic ?or dancing.
!'' Enlxied men w-vha. t, I'.' n : n. p'.iirnc are advised 'o register
*l tthe Wrirleh,.on Road ihj<, ".." <'. Ori v ..7is hold:na US 0m
V cds will hp a cepfd n'r ..1: s A.. he *-. i, up at their
S homBesl r X O. At A r :..' .: c' he. prilcr.
ti B Ear;lv rerist !lnn '..a 1 '4 ',,; "I. t :::,.'.: I; Y!,b r :r ;p
-.30 to 44--*,an bo, q :,d* .) 'L ,,'I
[ 4 a"R 'fR.'I *T ,! F C r:;T !'"1t ",". ', ]: .*"' h. RIt a ..,idi>K
All tu t w': T;ifv : t 1 H e I- ':ence H,',er and
i ~ hbave bWh a'ritlred a !v-lv tAn
~ MR 3B'* t11 AITRICT PO)RTIER. wpi-Urs^<,.* --"' >- isa
^6;,, -*'*a pa'liont in -tip Criil'.ia: no- ',<''r o- -l-nt'-!. *c 'f-r'inr
i tmot wel ta-in And ha* + ', I,- A- no h er.
Return to work intil the rnl n' o ,In.'.
MRX DAN MI4AVWY was 7- a a ";- u, ';::-dav ''-t %eek
S given a*t hix bh! .I'a ,v a :.'; -,,-P;Ai, p t. 'e!:a< '.is b:rtih-
;^ f day. ThP pa'-'" W.rlr' W"11 A> -A" '%,1 ;" *lr ** 'i -l ir verv-
thing wwt efr' 'd 'ae l ''&m:l .mnaA t. cx C'.e.- h'tffr!
supper wn sra&l. ir'tl d in.' "*h Peye ;..* p ,f, .. 'a Khan
ijililfmoi st, -rn*et. ''d t'V. U .' .1', ; --
Amvnz th',e r-sn' w'ere M- "i' \t"'d W R r-Nik. M' aild
Mrs. Anrs ArxtarTder. Mr artd Mr.'- ,T C mni;!'c. M' Jad Mrs Lante
i Oodds. Mr. anId Mrs. L. Shnrurx;all: MW. Sidney Rudin, Mrs. J.
Lynn, Mr. Cvril Johnrton. Mr Jock BRkle. Mr. Jake Oordon, Mr.
e Sam Oge. Mr. Autin Mr Charles F. orant, Mr. S. J. Murray, and
Mr. and Mrs. Charle Nichnl.s
) B=TUMM o BIRITU)" Y -grt- to learn "Tha Mr S McEachrane,
|officer in charge e, (N. r'-nt and Ex\t'-. S.tn Fernando, is sri-
S usly iIl In Por..-lf-Srprin and ':i-eni to wi-h nm a speedy removery.
IV.' McEchrano ti R bro-i of .. Rev. ("i p MMc.Eachran,, of

T RAVWQ Trtnieid h,.:tlh,- .;:' Af:-'(,i, wh-re he has bltn
B trltnerred. Is Mr. M."'.vr:," S!!at-ti;k. o! Pan American A'rwanvs
i3r. hattuck tnoka ioirpeths likr Htin" Fonda. -he movie star, and
friend think hi nrf" ti'op> %0i! he Holl.vwood.






;K d\ u I u r r u ti i a in in c 3f
5 ) Acnnctiicren ,-,' Trme V\ -'., 'he t N- G I Ne
I lt M ;c R. h'lra d .i PaF.<
Ml .e-h & MA.e-r' Hot, l'l t
6 "-' Ie M ipS Nel Cnmmand Ptrlormatice
,l PPrA(nal A h.t i
"P?09 Annc'r.f Coma-pi, C414iti St."- Time
'*5 Ne.a . 8w
700 Us:tt-OTdL-M&ic Ntw Woltl Time-,
:1S .... ... stock Reports .... ...
:'3 Jubilee Txasi Outwitw
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If You Want Best Results De L UNXE *
0i1 Your Sewing Machine I fOA w4 S 4
No usom a u& sio ld er dleamw ten at m xt a chidndB-
gMn 1 Fe a an mom to m Ue ext iotah hr tin .

an Mk Do,.' -- -wl-- itxh ie . ae ben noie t at aarc udm B B^B BB|'B ^^^^^^B B
a nstant aw many fmra is" coeoed p=ri o du wfthe u
crect lubricathis an iporania

to oeft i or machine h to

ths m ei It i wisfet to neef tt apne csad rwa everrawo -- .^^ iB r B H
theratem wwellieworth
mYlm our mey te sne Young Peoplet
sad iseget nalI fo r ,s long.c peerbeninaedta i iepdn
acoi at eh as sle f Can Be F addy'
MW froquelony withy W ebe7011

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a lt -wingubreto imn eviryaew nte s aery much to a child aned a
Wee wil be vuffic*eu to af1 tp i1litl extra thought in the prepare.
t.ruaming uleely. but In these "ys-Unawlwot

e ouEr Vktw you ia ony ine i w relsModwhil. It h a Iold s
d Make DO.'it sewing-machines a been noticed that Uo Rice p r uddDlt
in constant uhse by m mny membe r Is cooured pink, double theua

Yor .-entchark es n ot y repa uimre ae Utle, sedweaplehan cut o rdt t = :* nR~n"" B-
of the foailly and the matter of Uty is eaten-and the same p ,=n

cor n each of thon e i an Imporstant cile can be applied to my tb e r
one Even if ysnt machine is lying dishes. it i ts a good1t ol a ar F

Idl OUwh ch It soul n" o e ln the round orf milk pudg y W.hiE l .A6 O O
these ntimes',Itis wise to give It aan egg custard or vhaevzr raw r C
thorough oiling j tom time to t dme. serwn t is avriuate

Your mi'achintoea do tes e n ot fod Ite isandwichs cu gout pin!i SF,~ i **
much oil at each oiling; = u ImiyFor ea.sanwill e elomed. ~~

thed best quality of sewing-machin even though it consists only of cake: .B e 20 i
oil as advertised by the comp any or breadcrumb with a dab of janG .-- i Plae* -" e ra
or agent marketing your partila a little stewed apple, and cus ardi Ia e
type of machine, as oil of an in- on top.n eST O
faior quality will, in time, clog the If vei, tables are disliked they: -= ,,,
mechanism., may be tiven in broth. Mos .B chil-l:I
SYou will find oiling holes at, den lik. ni bbling at a raw'carrot, -
various, spots all onr your mach-! and the vitamins found in iegt-L '-
ne. and each of these leads almost! tables can als be supplied i the A MAt ANDtON JOHN HOD- HEN hU EATI t ANGE
Sdirecty to a part of the delicate form a of orange juice.s E JH 5 H
internal mechaninm which must! In the anxiety to give sufficient -' t Bce oviNYN CANADA LEDr*oted by ALRtD HIrCHCOC
always be coated with a thin filmimilk, some mothers literally i,. = MA*C4 by 10,j So ft'k.4-4N
of o0i. so just insert the nozzle of -'drown" a child's appetite for solid .
Sour oi'an Intoeachaofnthese hol'$wfood. It is always a good princi- E x r a ...
iand lanjt a drop of ofil. ppl to eat first and drink after; ) FOX' OVIEONE NEW-Firt Pictures Showing erd -
i It Is errv important: that the. aind while water r fruit juie mayIGean Robot 'Plane-A Nai Secret Weapon is Dealt
actual stch-making ni echanism- ibe freely gien between meals. 'ih In a De se Manner.
that is, tbe part where the bobbings5nacks r see should not W B Ia f ei
absolutely clean, free from fluff., alr'adv has little aporietite. Falll MIUNU U l CMl O B lOI Ic
and also w-11 oiled. iIf measI are not dra-matised with iiu~lllmmWu~nlfi~lulIhllNlgm~~lu~h~i~lw '
Fluff and very fine minute par-the 'reluctant diner" as the enre
tl' of cotton, narally collect, of interest, he will be more inclined -it -
at thL. part of your machine quick-1 to cat up without fu,', what Is =
1l%', and the bobbin and bobbin- given to him, provided he has the- L 1Wl 1 4
itolderh .,tuld occasionally be re-t example of grown-ups who enjoy- 9E M P I R-
i Moved and the whole outfit cleaned their food and strictly refrain fromr =
and well lubricated with oil. I airing their food-fads In his =.-
I t our machine has been out of, presence. EfOD A l-last Showings .. .
u.e for some time, ordinary oilingi of 3
will not be sufficient to pui things Th ers...
in order In a case like this, ben- Th" e Best Loved of Bast-Selle=
ie or kerosene should be usede oaay s D iary f
first of all, instead of ordinary B
S -wing-machilne oil. I Concert by 13th T 7inidad Sea And Best of All... =
Allow the benzine or kerosene to' ScouuLs, St. John's Hall, Pembrcke==
penetrate and work it tlwough "ihei Street, 8 pm. S
hearings by running your machine! Informal talk by Miss Alice Me- E
enipty for a time; this will clean Gee, Y.W C A
i-trm up w.ll, and afterwards ,u,.
,a, 1ibricte te achreing-tahen
S annerwith sewing-machine Forthcoming Events
So. vc'u women wlto are (hu',g"t-1 Grand Fete. Drill Hall, San Fer-
:e.& and neglectful as tn l.he con-1 nando. Saturday. July 8. ]
1it trni g of your sewing-machines.! Repeat performance of "Land of
:. bux, don'. hesitate or procras-1 the Calyps'o." U.S 0., P.O.S., Tues-
but :ust lubricate.J. I d :,o Ju, l'- 11
DR a Ai DnnvP r mmn n IrIa

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SHIPP NG =a .................. ,N.I.
= hold ............... $M1111111.46
=Shop & Dwelling .. BarlgalI THE PLANE 'iHAI
HARRISO fL, --_- 'IPossession of dwelling g house) = I I Ul
_AN- i... M TOBAGO, Speyside Estate | |T [ UAST iN BLITZ
PC0 of b hmiyofWar l~aoonw W pyie-o Sa-Copee-
: =aft boa. 0- U -..Full articulars at office. S = mo Ma o
turn__ aoeaaosiagaSa ra afti =TOBAGOBlMoody Bay- appr! I UnIL
.o-Im a --= 487 s acres .......... Bargalna Z U il 3WYN
IAe,.TO m n = TOBAGO. Loais dOr appr. 4W OS UW
jWAKCEUP, aa. TOBAGO. Blheim Estat l
WAKL~w MUI is M1 seoism0o tft,~ maway 113 afrt ......... argai4
.- _________ II 54thAvenve. ?eeao
......' ... .....
'C SHUUNN l NIB tl2ll!l m'l i Observatoy Sir. Rental l
22 g ................ 5,MUS
THE BRITISH ANDI a la -nd A..di .a.
lEC A o t elation, .... ... S A. o,,.ad- ow
S ALLIED M rCAN. ,,14FIrMt Street an a... .
NAVY CLUB ,,IA. s, ar ..-.. .. a-r SCREMTCOD
I L'NEW-m-San FernaTd
113 LoC icua
or.eA.LL O & TI 11E 16 Read ............ 1UM.N E tODAY AT 5 A* P .M,-.
4 .--.., s --_VALJ. ~tc.IM,--SERTCD
v-. "Aet e ti. ANN'S ROAD offer S E
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x---- ,tet ........... .. chep I AM THE LAW
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Friday, July T7 HiE ........ cW WAR BOB0)
,| Saddle Road-New- r .._ ---- w:,---'DI
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(-a"gets Hevs. St. Ans. Vm690 1m01-m. AT I.DAI t. ,m)



b'-I -0 DO A TAING'f-


ns ^- _uIrLL







Amateur Athletic :(1943) Club
ORCHESTRA at A ,o10n
Us Flm.

SENTS o $M :: w itsE o $1o

If t's
..' I


16!- JSSM*16Torg Golf
la Taffare Wins 'A' Class Me
^as' ---- are. 'A' j-i----Cup Draw CIOF
etsam Scores First Victory Whilwind OsborneWin s t 14
wlgoulf co
Song 'C' Class Animals Da Uft IBelmont Boys' w''-.o -"1,
P7- ays$ 0Championship A "IB Draw" te S.-tr14
Clatdo m.i~.tos An rmal r s$40 ----.resulted
Ms Members' Handicap over a mile ansd IW yrd M d socl*roa a W n F "T i d tfr of Mucetion, looking on. 1- Mclntyre.o Inspf the ToWn Halb t nox Streut, ftr
2.06^SJ who owe h. ora Place HOV.Sa tnit- tk b i on T b a a trance
Myer-rg Hadica soeorne m, wle and 30ke M.Von. ... ..)Osbrne.bya- J. D. Dickle v P. Po t ton.
lbl2.20 thm.fl.tJohnston.coP.in.
Wherlwcf w r d Grn plc r.eu rat h place honours in all three wr l20iep R. Johnston* v P. U.
e_ 4-year chestnUt mare, grOHe brcu open races--t i l yrds l.225-- p.m.-L. H. Palmer T UAN ela.,to be entered in t
he race brought an ynd to thd et upset t r yee y by yards, and 440 yrd flat rae; Abbott. L e o w o e
rd day's .bria ormme Girl, 103 Samao; t Mor, placing t W t h B n wentron to ln t-W. h ead his relay team 230 p.m-W. iJ..Lea by
he day's s i er i 90+ s ,Lutchnan; Darling, 12, lcap and paying be backers $40 to with a convincing win over a 440-[ 0pEW .lcn tido v.g w.ve a40 m-bLsen omittedrAsll wel a allel 1'
Sthe T.T. S p ur-day Chappln. I ticket yard distance, to annex the Victor Starting at the 10th tee:- U been omteam we J:
ting wlt a teitow. Winner trained by Donald Camp- This the bItMge t paym t Ldorum championship for 4 2 p.m.-- B. Morrin v M W. ti Uo to the names of peros cp-
was a stri forro le bell. the meeting as far. at the Belmont Boys' annual cycleiDolman.
at ws a wtluph 'or creole Time-i:044-. Mlneewper :w the Belmont and athletic spo-'s meeting at the la2.05 p SACKACNI hearing in the List, must be ed
"bys whoiflorld & Ca "pesin Minesweeper, always prominent, Handicap andllPal 46.42. Whltatable Queen's Park Oval yesterday. o.05t m.-Wn Ware IHIAO to the Town Clerk In the Statutory
?ar 2a tnd arao Sowne ae intoa the straight in frnt, Paid $7i and-m Ttaffare for his This was Osborne's first lie on Ol2.10 Rbero v L. Taure NXM Form not later than the 15th day
trrih.bo o withstood challenge from Prima rnd victory #a* punter 6$.12. the trophy, and he showed com- 2.15 p.m.-W. B. McCulloughrW. of July, 1944. The required forms
m lw ( apd, thorough hbred) Donna, who was taking along 142 plete supremacy in his event, p C. B.Nor. Mc.anom. gupaa may be bly d on application at the
to 4M It Place. in the Poude,,Whrwiand Won.and SliverC. Native, w
r nd an Si pounds and won PARI-ODD In the junior division, the chain 2.20 B. apt.H. F. Hn ber id oB yTown C"rk'a Offic.
finsy Glen-e Whirlwind and Siver Native, Par paid $3.8 on War Lord to plonship went to D. Perry. wrt. R .--Capt. w. t. Hans v N T "
S hrIn finish. Glen- who alas were well up all tWe time, win, $1.7 toplce 4. on ky- lgthis cup by a narrow have, 0 .
Se andm at one took third andfourth respectively, l t2 aingt frs c e n. the 440 2.25 p.-. Grell v 8. B. Copies of the Burgess List have
h [gttl ad t netok ltrdan f~l elp~ lary ]:k to place; VT _&a* itbe ars nerelvn. unbeaten Schnitter. Ou A also been fixed for inspectiornby
ae o ive rynh a winner Whirlwind paying her backers $1 to lae. yards under eleven, but beaten Shtter n v Mrrn the public t the fouow places.
could not wi the chal- to place m Solitaire to win lto into second berth by K. Harris 2.30 pm.-D. Las vaJ. x. Morredn. h t forloinsgt bycs
a of Dr. J H. de am$es' St. lairtHandcap.,wAbot$six $t2
e of D3. J. H. de anfleS' St. Clair Handicap. About *x .$2.06 to place $1.78 on Prima and Licorlish in the 100 yards and 2.35 ).m.-Dr. E. Campbell v K. ---
Tomn Pearson's son. who did furlongs. Frt prize $900, 2a Donr, in d 0 n WhIrlwid. 220 yards flat events respectively. Goldamth.= Woodbrook Estate Offict
d"ta in the fast time of prize f300, 3rd prize $150, 4th prite $ A n SoUk e to witn. $1.34 to G. Stewart took with an Impres- PH-4-PP rueSos B R A N Eastern Market.
S$115. A handicap open tohorses place; $1.0 on Brown Erad to sive finish, both the 980 yards and Andrew's golf course, Maraval on Public Library.
leeile. rowing a lot of old in C "C" and lower. Entrance place 'and $1 on Sam ord. one mile open, while 0. Luke 22a Harpe Place. pert empty: 20
off, nteg d the he strctc M. Amoroso Cente o' $2.9 on SalItaire to win, $1.34 to carried off two of the three cycle Parts Boulevard; 132 Second Street: w. A zEU
toff, lnred the home stretch n -Mr. M. Amoroso-Centeno'sa- J place; $2.30 n Chlntkaras to place events, and Urqhart tht other. The .GONTINUED FOM pIviOut co.j 158 Old St. Joph Ro.dr Long Town Clerk.
the lead but Thirkell could not SAM, 3-year ch.c. Sher there, Hope In the Valley), 12, Chap .12 on W ttable to win, end one of the most spectacular per- 440 Yards Relay (Open): 1. C. George, Nelson. St. Vincent and 1t July, t44.
t was a blistering pace, all 2pelnr. Rita Scott's B R OWN .24 to place; $1.6 on War Lord formances by leading the field from Osborne's team. Time: 53 1/5 ecs. Queen Streets. Several building
udaI Sugar Lacy, who oil _______RitScottsBROW_$24__
peinda y ha whoon the B READ yar r. E-to place; $2.S50 ont Rosewood. start to 'finish in the 440 yards 440 Yards Flat (11 years and un- I near Workers' H4omes, Laven-
.pening day htd won the BREAD, 4-yetar br.h, (Mill End- r $z 12 on Rs Taffare to win and event under 11. der): 1. D. Perry; 2. D,. Browne; tille. 'mil "
7.C. Plate over the same routes Brown Betty), 131, Ramirez. 1.54 to plaqe $.06 on pippin to In the girls' department, P. i Mile Flat (open): 1. R. Large and small loans on mort-
erwa aleto etuptothe-Y~. R Ewads A LRD !.54topl;$2. n ip in t he gil'dprmn, Mile Flat (Open): 1, N. LargeIand
er was able to get up to the ta J.-R. EdwardSAM placeRD and $160 on Oleneagle. Gooding ruled the roost in the Stewart: 2. R. LaBorde; 3. G. Pan- ga-es. s lsr-
ders, while Portora was again 'i-year b.g. (Sun Plant-Pique)rsaeO 1 o junior events, carrying off both tin; 4. C. Manswell. Time: 5 min., Mh D IF
5y left. i33, Harris. the 71 yards and 100 yards flat, 39 seec. NO MA D/I ID-FEVECK
Ilyrtora made a grand bid to re- 4-Mr. GLonfeiE. GOittens' SCARVA, S w but earned second prize in the 100 1 Mile Cycle Girls (Open): 1. Real e E a t. Jonltin Pur ti e
n lost ground and did get In aged bm. (Museum-Lady Town) C4q S WI yards needle and thread event, as A. Williams; 2. B. Joel; C. Har- St. Vincent. Street.Jotin urgativ S
bunch, bit with the race run 1, lPdilla. S t SU eep Gittens, who was beaten by E. per. Time: 4 min. 13 3/5 seen. ______ ___________
such a rate he faded in the Also ran: The Abbess, 128, Cross- Louis to that position, was dis- 440 Yards Flat (Old Boys): 1 .
ley; Greenwood, 131, Thirkel,: qRe sfiedts. o war ; .L l re 3.H.;
ck stretch.D ealay e, 10 e James; Pearly V. Boland was the winner of the Oreenidge. Time: 56 3/5 secs.
Before a start was effected the LeZ Laiy 1$I-.JaeRearyults q1i3d.3 oar .L Per
e threP erorssley at the ga Glow, .128, Holder; Forerunner, 112, senior girls 100 yards flat, while 2 Mile Cycle (Open): 1. D. Luke;
thew Egrls a stoh gake s, Ae.aa A, Williams out-rode her opponents 2. A. Blake; 3. A. Norman.
the nglh t ockey was bac inner trained by owner. Stand two- shilling sweepstake to claim a meritorious victory In
pite this to plot the cree to Time--1:153-5. run in connection with yesterday's the one mile cycle event, and then
rimh yesterday Jetsam won a beautiful race by races resulted as follows: captained Lily House with accu-
mother great triumph yesterday more than two lengths goi ng away. EOURTIZNTH RACE: rate and fast passes, to annex
i that of Jetsam, Mikey Aod- In the early stages The Abbess l1st Prize F .........$..... 347 the inter-house cup for this event. PL
SCeteno's three-year old colt. showed her colours, but suddenly 2nd Prize A134 ............ $174 Mr. Robert Patrick and Mr.
Swas Jetsal's first win in C faded as she reached the palms 3rd Prize F25 .......$... 87 Thomas Hutchison, principal of
and he ecoted it In very im- and Jetsam took over. Other numbers drawn: C427; Queen's Royal College, distributed
e style, by more than wo Jetsam was closely followed by E107; A470; C352: B298: C466 the prize. A IW A:
going way Scarva, and entered the straight G169; A172; C145; E6; B186; D253; The results were: There is no need for us to tell
etsam who was beaten into with Mr. L. E. Kittens' aged mare C42. i Mile Cycle (14 years and tin- you of the maddening irritation,
nd place by Brown Bread in at her heels. der);: 1. V Urghart; 2. H. Govard; the day and light t torture caused AW
Smile on Saturday came back From here, however, Jetsam FIITE]UNTH RACKi 3. A. Romano. Time: 1.35 3/5 sec. by pile trouble. We tell you that If
whip the 4-year old son of Mill bolted away and won easily while 1st Prize D126. ......... $338 75 Yards Flat (8 years and un- you only start using Man Zan at Co
'-Brown Betty and Sam Lord Brown Bread and Sam Lord re- 2nd Prize E8 ............... $169 der): 1. H. Blaize; 2 E. Joseph; 3. once it will stop the terrible pin This Delicous
that order and a string of im-paced Scatrva, who fa ded out of 3rd Prize C166 ............ $5 C Williams. Time: 10.2 see. soothe and completely heal blind or orld Famed I
rt thoroughbreds. T he picture. Other numbers drawn: C29; C5; 75 Yards Flat (6 years and un- bleeding piles. Read just then h W o -a e Natural Foo
ar Lord, Mr. Lloyd Tres- Weut Indian Handicap, About D31; B62; D479: A464; G24t6; D297; der): 1. 0. Harding; 2. L Tan Yuk. two from a host of letters. N ur l r
ill's Derby hope, showed his one mile and 130 yards. First A334; D490; F273; E379; C208; Time: 11 secs. Mrs. M. A.. Ntmeaton, writes.-" KI N C U R E
eatnes yesterday, when he was prize $90, 2nd prize $300, 3rd prize A266; B29; 1104; D225; D131; 100 Yards (Open): 1. C. Osborne; over a ear I suffered wth terrible, burn- I C
Sadly at the start and come /150, 4th prize $115. A handicap D242; B181. 02. L. Joseph; 3. R. Riley. Time: ..I ong ple. F entateon and orr ment a
b"k ve ntonly temporary relief. Then s pf 1, *4tettot~
a fromn fn almost impossible open to horses in Class "D" and 11 2/5 secs. ard of Man Zan. and decided to try oweudratre e e eem sie -ICO"
ton to take second lower Entrance SIXTEENTH RACE: 100 Yards Flat (14 years and un,- It. Now. In le than three weeks, Iam usrl .ubl.eitsui
sitio2 toLeo take second mey, loer Entrance $s dreadfulcon so* f e
hitstable lust headinghim in Isx" 1-Mr. Lionel Gittens' SOLITAIRE, t 1 Prime A401........... $421 der): 1. J. BautiateI 2. K.Ieotaud; completely cured of this eb&u le" |sored Into the hin. tt, tIshi
long p lass Woodbrook Handl- 4-year bim. (Young Native- 24d Prize G206 ............ $211 3. I. Oxley. Time: 12 3/5 secs. to.ri 'T., Penrth. eayl:-gtesod ando1. 18 .
D. B Solitaire), 8 P ri .. 354 .......... $105 76 Yards Flat (Glrl Junior): 1. biedinK pile worried me fot over two orm-Sum o..rOmet oion g" eS"SeWtnh"
bad start robbed him of the 2- Mr H 18, Padillas. Other numbers drawn: A338; P. Gooding; 2, A. Gittens; 3. C ears, and I could not obtsin any relief, without ear. All melic' d" lr
b~~~~~~dof ~~~~RN irI"obe'rbeahmerirftemg-r .H.Mhme' CHN- ITl& L1 ;FW6; r1195; Eno:0;Harpierl. fwam recommended to try man Zan. and gm-luk.
our of aLdouble', as earlier A M me'sCIN- 0171; 26 74I;0Harrimmediately I found relief Now am Be Sure To Swear 00
day the O.TCs5-year old n KAA, 3-year b.f. (K.P.-Parnny C17 ; A354. Mile Cycle (Open): 1. 13D, Luke; quitt fre of the terrible gony."'< 0T
Sdayn the five fuClong. O2. H. Constance. Time: 1 min., 26
nehweePer won e Be !mon 3-Dr. S. E. Ammon's ANEMONE, SEVENTEENTH RACE: see. Don't suffer longer the nerve-
bnetteer th 'weond wthe toi7. rette,1 ,Cro~m Sunlaey, M -etPizbUK....... $0
ndlcap, Prima Donna failing 1 4-year chin. (Sunwave-Fleu- 1st Prize E15.......$400 100 Yards Fit (under 11) 1. It. destroying, weakening misery of
r n second withtoP rett, 113, Cro.sley 2nd Prize E381 ............ $200 .* Harris: 2. D. Perry; 3. H. Green-pile trouble. Man Zan will mostCrnchyA BRA
ehttrf 142 pounds. 4--Mr, A. C. O'Dowd's HIGH HAT, 3rd Prie 8 ......... $1Q ide, Time: 13 sees. surely give you instant relief. R.uar yruncy ALL-BRAN
to4aw.eper won the Belmont aged b.h. (Restigouche-FaTy ard Pumbers ra : 120 n 8ards Flat (under 8): 1. Sold in easy, cleant-to-use tube Resay ry relieves common constipation
nma eper wonna the Belin g Oliver), d b.h. (Restigouchlder. B41-;y ers numbers drawn; F: B44; G120 laze; 2. E. Joseph; 3. H. La with special nozzle applicator, from l| T
ao s aiing Oie) 133, Holder. 3415; B451; 710; 7180; B464; 0120. Boide. all chemists. *_ Harsh purgative thstt"fm'oce~'your
do bettet than eOwond with toP Also ran: Thumbs Up, 90+7, ie all chemist. Harh purtivs that rc" your
hto142 potuntds Lutchman; Sea Rover 1084 6, Ra EIG7HTEEN'TH R ACi i Mile Fat (Open): 1. G. ER nn F UR NI TUR E
LAl -~. -h~b syte intod ecic giy i^ti^ fat that;^p00^f, ^ -^^n
oof 1 Prize vO84 ...... ....... $5 Stewart; 2. C. Serville; 3. U. Riley. -sre, eyinto ActionTgvrdiathati
s race Whirlwind., S irezCarnival, 114, Persia; l 1appy6TeP Yad atn. (7 years end. ...U.T e2mn27/see
end paid 10Daysi, 122, Harris. 2nd Prize C105 .......$IO1 tn ,hrwn80re osisin
ace.dUidrre...;..Time:. 20 mYar 27 / eers.andus- harm, even inoeaJeuonltlp4tioe.
Winnertrained 3rd PrOze B431 ............ $90e dr aaw la t (64 ya a
S1ticket.A byJoepyear Winn erl Otrine bybeJo sehA.rdra.......$90 der): 21. K. Barnes; 2. A. Donawa. MD R y l In M ssd b
oltaire beat -hInkara 2 o Herrera. Oth0 r 1u48 r Wa wnT 4 Time: 7 3/5 scs. Common constipation is often
late;drive,0i1 1; i0; 3107.: 7 3/arsF Gs u
e with another late drive, In 0me--- SY d.(310; 0119; o P251; 7D234: 3 1851; N rs Floon ; 2 .Gitlt ia ii catackof"buk" in yr
D class inle, Whitstable pad Solitaire.scoredafine3200- 19;E 51 (F2; 394; w322 3. .Gooding; 2. A. Gitten; 3. C. diet. Kellogg's All-Bran, eaten every
victory B w OleY Ha0:na, D0De; CI B4: G322; Harper, Time: 3/5 sep rovides this needed "bulk,"
to win. t o Sover the "D's" In the West Indian A386; "J3;9 B I; A31,; G257. 100 Yards Flat (Secia Classn): l idre, es ei n Ik,
C.Pdlw haelony okeHandwithcappy 10Drs Fl.atenie Time 1ia2/ sclas.
score two victories, while Carnival did the earlyI pacing NINET N ACIE I Phelps; 2. M. Gormandy; 3. E.id c real a, dd ei iou w i enjo
asmre z chro ea ne gand bt a chn d Priz A314 $ H.18reenidge. Time 11 2/3 s5bsn.e2A E And this crimp,2runchy, nutrition
S mire, with Happy Days near up. It was a lot Prize 25 .... ...... $370 220 Yards Flat (Open):1. C. Os- thi
l~ley, each rode a wirner, grand battle down the final stretch 2nd Prize D154 ............ $185 bon:2L.Jsh cereal is g delicious, you will enjoy
OIr-of-Span stakes. About five Solitaire winning from Chlnkars, 3rd Prize 9 ........ T : r. or; Chacon Street c e o r

^w~~h^ A -A4. NK^ db p^ g ^A Parknso Time- ^ = g--i: 26"^^^ stees.ti eey sinl da.pp Kloggte
Frst prize nt 00. 2ridwho came from nowhere to take Other numbers drawn: A; C; 220 Yards at (8 years and un-. A eranGe da ou
~e $270, 3rd prize $125, 4th Prize~ second place. Anemone tried in the C417; C63; G238:,1)254; 29 e) .3.Jsp; 2. C. Black-sigedyTrKlog'
iOpen to horses in Clas 'T' Cl tages and displaced High A447; D9I; S7; B,12. man; K. de Pe). . H. aik. g d 1 rocer'soday
lower. Weight for age. En- or third place. Time: 32 3/5 sase'l t4HuuTues.day 11th o od.
ce $24. Woodbrook Handicap. About six STAND CONSOLATION 880 Yards Fiat (14 years and un- h I C Ju l '4 ________
Mr. 0. Lloyd Tr~btr#03 sWAR .Wfurlongs, adiA1p722ou.....uly
S',furlogs First prize *800. 2nd A ...................$351 der): 1. C. Manswell; 2. B. Ible:-
i.o, -year b.g. (O1.T.h prize $270,n rsd prize $n, 4th prize Sl ................ ...... e16H 3. A. Blake. Time: 2 min., 31 3/5 R aL.n P.M, C a an
i ), 11A Hand lca .o.....e. -. $281 sacs. B&R
e Hon'nle $5.de Nobrdgas 100. A hoaendap oer to horses ..re ....... Bl3 P e6 ... For the purpose on
h LeR 4earbin rsi-M In Clas m "" and lower. Entrance A27= ..... Y...............$246 100 Yards Needle and Thread
HKYdLAer.,o4-yenebl.n(Resti-W24.AB1548............. $211 (Girls Junior): 1. E1. Louis;T2. P.Instructed byYMrs. d'Aba6e', premises and
gouche-SkYlaw), 123, 1lde. --Mr.LinlGtes WHT A10124_. 176iGo2-5 g;a3.. Thornea. Time: 15 i ~ Mrs. do laitstatide, Mrs. Smart and po ie n
Mr. Lionel E. Gittens' WHIT- STABLE,A1o4-25year tnegr.g. ,(Youn 147 $ Mil yer u-others, we wild sel sucli good and
STABLE, 4-year gr.g. (Young Native or Nell Sweep-H ayn), C3441. ...... Mile Cycle (11 years and un-useful items an Simmons Double we W
e< t di r N ell se tchWn ne C3 e der): 1. K. Joseph; L. Jack; 3 Bed, Coil Spring and Mattress,
Native or Nell Sweep-Haven), 130, Padilla. 3- Harris. Time: 3 mins. 37 sacs. 'o. ou x wt--
'Mr.t WP-ardi elds'SE.RO- -Mr. C. Lloyd Trestraill'sars-Tm:3 WAR7 es Mhg oul e wt o
r., PadirllaM. ld ROV- L-R. fyear bg Os W R Chetniks Table Tennis o rLong Jump (Open): 1. C. de SprinAMattress, Cyp Single Bed C O
IRL, Dn-aryse' E P e, -ear b.g. (O.T.C.- Four; 2. S. Manswell: S. H. Con- Spring andMatesDobeBx
NIe, 4-year hb.ch.h (Sungwave Pique), 10, aris. Club Dance Tonight stance. Distance: 17' 9". Spring n Mattres, ouXi iroxr
3-r .E ihe' O1WO,220 Yards Flat Q Maa Ca : pin ttress, Twin MirroredL
Corolete) 126, re. ,3-Mr. L. Fisher' ROS OOD, Chetnliks Table Tennis Club will 1. L. Leslie: 2. E. Ed-hill; 3. C.Hag Prs Mirrored Drei gat bl til
220 YardsMerFnat0 dad; yi Cl chss. (R:uh e-R o re-:eHang. Press. Mirrored Lady's Frlu *L till
LIso ran: Menn d wr3-yar ch.g. (Restigoache-Rose- stage their first anniversary dance Fabien. Time: 38 secs. Dresser, Mirrored Dressing Table,
aiden's Cholice, 123, Crossley; umary), 108+9, happelinU, t the Prince's Building tonight. 100 Yards Flat (Girl Senior): Chelt of Drawers, Wash Std,
ap Year, 123. James; 4-Mr. Sydney C. Aqul's CAPTAIN,
ime: 1.024-53. Ma 4- ear b.g (enr PPearson-e-p RT 1 e.V. Boland; 2, A, George; 3. E. Baby's Crib and Mattress, Play While we are clo
inner trained by E. S. Mangle. eb.(S ard)New1r-Pp9 TSOl54 CCER Lewis. Pen, Convertable Go-Cart, Pram,
War Lord came with a grand aid), 115, Crossley. The clubs intending to take part 440 Yards Fiat (14 years and un- High Chair, Meecano Buildins'Set may obtain their
ye in the .hnt 2h ardsn al amaindQens 8+2der ~ .- ):iy .CHg1Carern Bidn e ay oti hi
last 220 yards and Aiso ran: Trammsltter 114, In the Pemn, .,ton League and der): 1. Oxley; 2. C. Manswell:
tt Skylark, whob done all James; Fairy Queene, +12,i oDining Table and Chairs, Side r
drO. 0o mpeii ( C ron ,1,Rid must apply in 3. B. Ible. Time: I min 2 4/5 sees. Board, Chl,,.Cabinet, Z.P. scriptions from ou
running in a driving finish to d Iron Cross, 118, sr writing to the honorary secretary, Obstacle Race (8 years and un ar re Si I
ae the Port-of-Spai 1Stakes over Ston, Broke, 114, Th13'kellPictonM er B. R. Jones, c/o 'Guardian,' der): 1. D. Bonnaire; 2. R. Grif- Rattane uita, Wicker Chairs and the corner of Par
furlark was1o8,aPeraia; Saracen--130, Edwar durid th ewe ek. faith; 3. 0. Hoking. Table W writing Dea, 2 Burner G ast e
skylark was off as the barrier Tme-1:172-5,I e uolttion Is ex- 220Yards Flat (11 years and un. T t 2 d 3 Burner Oil Stoves,GStreeopposite
with Maiden's Choice at his Winner trained by JoseA i pected toIgin anunday, July 23. der): 1. C. Licorlsh; 2. D. Perry;
kylark came into the straight This race was featured by a 'Cot d from Ievs colmn-) 440YardsFlat(Oper3.E.Harris. Time 30 sees.re accounts du
I4to teafronFbutta(rOaenngret.Beatice Sover K itchen ChesPt", Wtereh
toi Whthtbe tookthir b etH rthrisonreld run by War Lord, who bad- 4--Mrs8. Rilta Soott's BJRO'TN borne' 2. 31. Thorne; 3. (2 Parkin- WAKE UP OUu GreerMnt's, Waxing Broom, a]ob p id
rLord, lion a well-Judged race0 ly left at the start, cut down the BREAD, 4-year br.h. (Mill Egnd- son. Tilrne: 58 3/5 sacs.Tvein Trk, trpCae,
lea Rovsaber foukthir andt plcdScn oWi- BonBty,167 ~rs 1 Mile Cycle (14 years and un- Oets ke, Alarm Clock. Electric
lelontHadicp. bo t aiv e .Also Suan ur Lady, 130, Han- 3. H. GovarL Time: 3 min. 43 ses Reading Lamp, Clock and Fan.
longs. First prize $650, 2nd ansWOd ran beautifulynb t ehiaralyin, 1068ntf, Fletchoer;. P Rtoa 2eall s Tu-Wr(Oeem. ra Radiogram, SeWing Machine, Iron
$mont Handicp.l Abouth frive Roan od wu. be rotifueynt Whttbearlyina 1Sunhf, 122, Noer;. PtReaIwlly 8 tu-wa(Oe n)am. Cag C~ a A 0 ,fe and BRIDGE, Etc. W C 0S
,Se $25 hndcp opren $10tohore pin beat tier dqw the stretch and War! .Ohappelin; Kingsway, 105+4, Inter-House Bean Bat, (Gilsb): Ctmenve ro onad
hntandcap to0 h orse di also overtook her with hl James; Forerunner, 128, Periau. 1. Lily House, A. Wilflams lcapt). i PdeV.saVis.Iterms-Ch onve rm no n
,Mr. 0. W. Huggins' MINE grand run. Thlne--l:49l-5. Mile Cycle (11 years and un- ienoofessuJthbllao
SWEEPER, 4-year hb.b.m. (Ba- Itwsahraih ntesrtc inrtandb r erde): 1, K, Joseph; 2. L. Jack; 3. folg-- fodssdsn. ~ DY ETHNO T.Poe 17 ,, Cre
chelor's Trut-Clean Sweep), 124, with Captain catchin Sunra,v, who Gannes. K. H~arris, Time 49 45,ses,..uy II ISm~wISGeblos( u ms up -. utoers ----
Remires. had run well up, on the winrg Rps Trfftr sent thousnds of .High JumJp (Open): 1. H.Cn Ac ioneers.,
Mr. Marcelin's P RI!MA pole to iake~i! Ir fourt ee tie raceoers into .ecstasy with aMfV2 .3'fhat;8 .G M. fdyufe ~i.Sa
DONA, 4-year hb.b.nm. (Tom Members' andleap. Ahu one hrllrbig run down the home B'O4" and 8S. Maneweil, Height: "~esw nvaetdentsta h
Peesoln-Bella Donna), 142, pc- mile and 13m,,.,.rsrds. ]Pit't prim stretch beating Oleneegle in con- 8' 4" sA_,It t'ea thorn tdsamm~sCtletr'tthe
raxa. 120 n rz 40 r r lcn ulnt aete"" 220 Yards Flat (14' years and Lavulfetou he etwopantsotIatt .
*120,2d rze$00 rdn*vicngfhhntotkete A'under): I. F, Oliver, 2. L. Oxiey, .m_., mlemf~luadp.
Mr. John Hercules' WHIRL- $200, 4th prize $150. A handie Cs me and 130 yards in one S. C. Brooks. Time: 27 1/5'sacs. gefntle, yet Solaingin 'tnl~e
WIN'D, 4-year hb.b.g. (Young open to horses In Class "A" ,m minute 49 1-5 seconds.10Yrs(eces .C n.&~,s
Nqatlve-H.B, mare), 100+r4, Jo- lower. Entrance $88, Gleneagle ra at ilendbg race 101; 2. d J TSamp eson; 3. C. GuAnn. "'~nL//// ----'l rel m sar w.rsitl
Mr. Peter Hackett's SILVEfR 1--Dr. J7. H. de Clannes' RAS TAP- end at stages looked llk a winner, eat. .
NATIVEg, 3-year hb.b.c (Younmg FAR.E. aged chh. (Tom Pearson but Croesley, on the Rae judged LOtNE IN NIXr OGL.UMN)
Native-Silver Shot), 105+7 J -a lo__z1), 128, 0ruaey., his rac beautifully and won. --'
irelut, 12, Flthruolhgan us to ear.thrd REM EM BER J L 1 t
Gl,90+23, Mahommed; 3 --K. 3,. Herrera's..PIPPN,_4-year stretch and eame into the streth
iment, 106+7, Padilla; My By, ch.h (unwave-Newton Pippin) still in the lead, but Rtae Taffatreo
,Crosiey: Resentment, 120S ,, Pedila. l OVe~rtook her, while Pippfs cmse -.
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Apply. 46o USurrly.Street.lyh.---J2- Milk 213114016 fr U-- Estatd e tactia l I Andn took o MurR u by aoreto e en
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VU'M!IyEU ( A1'9.I 34 m.od l. m lerhaicsIt3 S ie Sou^lnd, mo' llrl s t ;appi. .) PeterrRet J I Ioe+ant, an wr, oo u tae .oai r. rsL*M JulyY 0 1 paT2.

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Agoeu to fowad po~arpa X, 3 curh 111t.St.-- 34Cn~tlit. IIIII -"W Or Ifvlg husband & chladren. Forwrdhinlg Agent.

] c P r E !rBE P D C O O K , R ~ tr h m o n t ; .-I , + l ) P ., n + 4 1 0 9 -J u l y M U E S f I T u 9 i p . o ) . . . t u t . M ) a . . . . ..t p t r 1 6 N I t h t e y o l
iml", J to B .. A- rhoGu Wardem,, Tly ChuIch e0.. Ait oe AT P e Ri) u JUt1 O .o o !t oo" clrsiat R 1 ;, Pat-i ,o ma ..l.. t Bus.. itnereete ) No o
wIths ~ 'ut i ONE FORD A H IoAd i irtri t"#' li btcuau iaa.'Pues cie hnS.Ba A 41-11 ARCNKA.I tainiig memory of my'
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CO"Afa r refused. A)9'rr e'rce .A...t t,,t, .. fttlnirf ot Large .S oLob ...t ..n u .i.m c ppnl A:!a "i..I I atcu .? & O ntl y dc#.t &,TU 1 .ON. VAANT aW the hou o jr and" 1
WAIrT6 D-A COMPETENT COOK. .p .14S O QueS. street Pl',ie e4 -111 14 -) *- can. fiactrl y optalo.d.-July td a-rua. i"e*ti JrsH w034I n )OO 16 2 HACON pT E.
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NlG jMA N In tr a x n cc Vtriofle W A NT EDhopesnds Past *I. abuwba ilot.L'e

tord.mnerni ,next.. App. B,- A- t,,u ,."'NICEAZIRY ROOMtfor American.U l A NOUN ACEM-eTS rr otttn 'h-t puo O.t ltSOetwnlN ..Io1ni:n i
InP or~dt-Sr" 'al TI t Intowes handwrlt WANTED TO BUatea tapalie entaat). esa 09505

I-WANTED TO RN .'Hamilton StrtT Woo i LOST ACCO.I-JNTINulyCLERK REQUIRED I ThJ Wurden'l Ofacer-Arouc
Rot~~f Abtught.m alttati' J tPuaaeaaua 84. on Juy 1J.m1A44
CASHIER WANTED oat V Col 47 ParkAIl Charit SitreetA-JulyA 5.6Otal, MArei ... Gree l e of Asdnaaarstill come.
fstreeit 9 l ee a rieniTica Sireet Jmay 24 1I0ON X ,IJRNISHIID SINGLE ROOMU ;6 MetuutG &*llac. tRadtal 129 12 430.4ou But Dow he'e laid aasidle hagmet O T C

POSI.TON WANT r I Iw i Ibah COTTAl,; or fulAR]:Qu r,,y; loss ...: N SA $.44;111 wt hopa'. rtobelat or nu, r Thao! Government School,-.ro u at.
S~ RVANW i;E l R lONSt "Aw M I,.r. i t o rtithtut lo e -, o n e o d y Pl r , 6 v: 7 - Ju ly 9 kt h t ts T l 5o F u ll to ld A b ov e LaTtim

D It B nt | yAr I.4 ,'.6Mrr. ol e un ig r written.r.r,,t, LA ow r ,,,r.R E nr Conc te, I .I.i ,- pa t + o ; rhns bill,, B- 1 Pimet allic Our n h d riting e'os AI
Avml1^, /.1 pl 33 M r y w t flubroa d, .),- !' v' "t d eadt o t se lh,,,l dIt h e fweo hi bt'. e Ar r t R n e o m,- > n op e f t t n O er th p posep
dOR VAN+t' II)r Sir..'--Jtuye:avl furr l board.t 'leo :iv.>m,it u.1,iio, Mo..Ta .-uya ,. Borntatpurpourof rlonu tcare.t
T 0'00 ny i ,.? ..... ,, t point Fur@ L .-July i Aabe end of Y Phone 731--July1- - TO ELECTR.ICI5AN CINEMA Voan two Members eooi ng out ou Office.
A]Ifre tStr't-J"'V I'I BABY Ft i~tt alto nllCd lCOMFORJ~TABLE LARSGE FURNISHEDLa newspaper$_please_______-
WAt ED WAII n ororitFoR FMr rI Juy ii.k.a 10 yilO io.~lt Bdom poe73-tl 2WSTI tL'IAN AGENCY-RCAL IhlATE -__-_-_-_- __-_-_-_- __-_-_-_-_-
2|nari e t t. rl ,u July .5r ,,7 l: r W iel U NSE DOUI,,k ROOM. All 1Sh rLL64* pftfkST SOW B oard
RhIt'ar, f('acode 11, I V -1. 1441 l3Y 'llYWl'mtnodern tonvenatiorica. 36 Clandoa tet hb. at P eSl 0 A E T L S IYR a
EXPUUNW(tEA COOK .1140 NL'ltsE. 4,2 1' tt-lleq et1, A, CIt Lit 31 Aziy time after 4.30 p mu-JulY S.434R a Bo r

Pre r, 'Knr cooly I;, 'a o l (tINK I, l-stit. f l^il n rt, -'St..... S ClairAeT NTnTA-JulyNMN a rn.ATORnoLA AORtt rn A l ndldte. t- ecton- must
Grind salary. Arpnye14 Herber' 1. : .,- Uutiam- 10I in C.vd condition Mike 0olyi. Ii.e bt l.t A
.CoTI11 TrtAer fil' Al \Co.s &__o ill __ __ _o .Swaa 5tl\ Princ. S restS ^ ..e LOST In accordance with Section 10

stm? -July-a-WAN--l)it-+- -II t CAMI RAIiANDIOUEE ..S FOR ET. .raval ubs ,,,s . .on6 ..... .... :, ,,Tras. Toda 2;, Address..rtoiuse d,-- i'apter 16 No 1.. it is hereby noti

VEW GIR ..... th,,oua .........,, ,. tfn EXAKTI, tin. fie- i9 Nl. i" mh Ho m e a "ae on c >Ue I II W,+ t, + ,1 o, Fr or In rf l o od& Ls- +- r tlon.
PO LT Y P----+ ) [ILA--' 0 A .: ,.+,sln,,i aui.t uui .lh con]iiet ir,-ttiuii ill] ^..i."e ;,it unlinlehe tu,.ie:b.>. +h.r ,-ultritOr. Pointli-.telrr< ThoM|-' -'** '
*nitiB- ii k n s]0 Mz ri2 1 :kit e .1 i .1i.,y du t .,32tc. K ie t.a ;n e l :tert s. Bh iRErr L letlJp ymi IaOn pnrin m ou ld b r e UtIr l" R a I t'A B A D I

'OL R a SU\ltE ^y Mn|(nIts -I'r't, ,nn. m +n m , + 'ek +n Kt +ri i. n..nv, ,.. l + n...d ,.,. t.< a' 2 n Kebr.itr> 141 All C'ou~uti Ret ,day. 3 ,311 rN rrEt' .... n,,,* I, r p: AII. P.; '' Photi n 792 A- ,011.l. A, uitabf. ;lte tr sI t -JulV 1t metces r it >ny 1f altent onu .h ni ,.o WAN D. qU LIKD LAD 8TE O t n Ad e O ,

T .' L., [,r&1 Sil aco Jmo;a ,t 'u n A t r,h ark .uopl>, Jy;a Ac. Irei, >l tL in m- GKssRr rnd 8 utame f Mlnlmum Retur ng O .cer.
WAT ED CIOVKIINF.E'M or W4RN I'. l )LtingENacouaitIt aL A10.1 4t 0, 1Vll i nt y oftheabove ard will be held be-
PuldllII 1,0or.-Juy ueteVale, en lli vlmla a3.305" SITUATIONS VACANT tween the hours of 9 R~m. and 12

C ,o I lr .I ... -T. ...arri',1 L ... ltl lA L EfA T d .o..-...ulS IO w0tnSt,.- ed in. noon and between2-p.m .and- p.m ,
alnI' o Ie me o I tali I. y et"l,,, .', t -,'''."" .. -ol"r y: ..Mar,.l. -Ir l i . .' . i -T.312 0ur I i-t ta h e-r I

u,> 17 --.n ru tbi. rln .wr w. ,,,- "'^ ,.,..A^ ll B ^ i, , ^81 N ^ S
it lenrglantt ext mes s, Ar. lA i; A I -,, ii',A! , hr., ',, Wfle.,.I I .,- m a.-. I ni.'.a ,,,,ust-btan trof. c h I Uraday 20th July,,1944 at the

J..r..li-l~ .d~'Fr^l. uy ^fi1 ctilt UM 'Vi~l,*.^B--u liULL ertURNca E. Apply EC: LOrA ncipal-KD
B(Jrsl>,. ib N 5 K wl. C',eroiU ti l i ritJu r d.l-0i o Ju l II.'.lINHOUSE:0 -.JAN NOUN EM Nr -----uction -pupilN s 1 CEM i P folowin . ..S---

,^'^; ?.^ 1 ,^ :; ,^ K S ^ c...++, ,, ,+,,,.,, -.. -- I*"1 .......:^ .01".- l0, M ?% ^ *..-~ .Ky 'P R ^ AK
ary '-July- f R e-nt-a l$ V ,& -,I aA-util *uar- -lboc at night-July Id 'n N OT CE

PS ?ITO ,N.-h +, ... 'R ^ WANTED TO RENT J', .. .>O lOUl V tO.-A F I AART pU t, rIC . 'R ln' s DIEG M T-n-i-
P O SITI O N W A N T S"'I C O 'TT A G E or NT lA R A Kt : 1- n7' o .t e'1 A (" t N' R (IVi KF A T V Im A R J L O ST I A C C O IIN T IN G .C L E R K R E Q U IR E D IT e W a dnmOc ,- r t~
AVE R "Tl. *ulnrensouiaci n I or PAIB 3R l: SSADES. Green Lealther Ic.la. ly",Onl. experienced personsVote d h a neearlen c e c-A onu M
D R V R lh 14 Y a s'l 'n% ~a il il, icase. til' r1 Ii~fimirk lte iauira ni le *'*. n their OW n h anidw rlt mng. auction T he G overnm ent School,-- St.

iiu++. =,,'J . ; WWII Isn' t Carl to, K l- tll I
r-o r req-7oi a ry i k o .i- n i)es t Al 0 i t rownloer10aI '. 1 1Jre .'1 |plf..e r tu rsnd IA- i CoOi-If. / if" sle c Coleman. Joai l | i.l or et nal. o. fferseto oJoseph
Is13.,uyR WA D fr Ktlo o aI... .' cO IiaJ lt 1 a l Apply Au trtre

ItVESTtOC AO SAtRsn.i ow" .nr, Uu rry -July J a. Harris nDo iurtoet. aa a O l, m e i pl t u.tl. .el.t. t.-J.I NO.I A'-u, -11, uardloan. ] -Ju i y ,o t urp Of i Ol in the.s.t
&h OI, -orn (sto Are t lyI E S t r WA. Iu.r --ii AL .T PA-- L- t O un ELECTRICIANSr CIN EAt, o c two Mem bers going out of O fice.
0 X t1; l r ~IA T O d eal m e ; ti. T l i. i. M o~l l' R W A o r l r I t, 0 .t M E l A I R.E T I aO E NT E R T A IN M E N T S 0 V rL A T O R :,, L A B O R A T O R Y A SS IPl-
T~fKk.CATU. ILAMC Al( IA INfil Cinema operatorsm cR0014 be Candidate& for Election must

A.InOIl TP -a< n *O r ."- Ji; ,at r U tl n' Pr--n,.--t o W rn BIt) lr o 1 O i v n~ aJt fu iA M ai,'+l .,- ,'l 'l 1 e n d J le o. p NNY "1114" . )' ) wnnoi, l. &-pIB "Mldl ."-r li tie F I '. "- OU WU B r '"
~' Nl -- ~ l i liC o~ C U~ulit~.'h ,t., I 551 Lbc~ r give at least seven (7)clcear days
ill hu t I LU EASKi il bTtuo L bo at ry A ssistants w ho

LI E TO AtI I +.,l .ii .. .1" :, I ii J -elioC t * Lt.'ut Ar ly. 0u ,i r .rcli ve 4 :ill 11i. *,, h t l kil Certi,. oicat tb chemtJ. notice in writing to the hbrtflm,.
oMrlasl tA- tl.il M (nem t.m a- area.tsl-tB .I 2 1941,tU D like ni onrhi T heApp, o 1. .. I lt) s ec or I *l-en.t o . 1L y" t of he Boad eftr the dao t
OL*'uy R t.a SU ri i~ MIt I LANLUUzi FOR SAy ult. i-.ti ictiertltiiy ott i Cvli CoMtA Ntti unl %u -ilIl..iv r i ti.Or loOt Iifil. bi, It.r --r-Or S ieA- e re T .e

MX Itir l IdHy H.i'%' l ritn .r mid, Nht ," ... l d ul .. .. C lnttrt. |a.t hnl"l r tli.m ,.li I Clitet AOROTHY ienl J.-i i o r ntli. ci 0n- 'lid' tyg Ie. relt Aooul nri meIrrva r n dwtADIto .
lI tiion 1411. I. Ii itre "on t w, i h AM.;rA, ly4;644 li -July I. members ti il r toatr.o l lndo-Ju lnl . .. u, t r ti d PN QUALII. D LADY STENO .- Assita i nt Warden. St. George,
T c11 L, tal- f 0.a-j ulyit 1r Pr dItm tr Pluol y Jul,'. 1 t P11. Nu41KR Nu B3 lythA, t N l WR APH ..and socr ta..a. minimum i Officer. -
"AWI, .1 Pl i.ollAshI 3 8 t-J ry --- a---; ' A') ) ..ASa--n Si p Sit JII., at 9 30 salary 0 monthly rplug 5o0 ,. r b orus. R et during
Pslmh! 3 irysie''U '. ta -- -- Aron lili he lie uibniabed agendla is the findilldusla wIth eprac n od W re' 41

B. n,,..26i tov, o r$ ,ll C t c.I- Jul ,,. tlio i .t li r mul u cu t their a i ctote ep in A
N a t Ia sing wtho sslulldetail.t s a a- Tun3PI~S
MAI NDP &FINSETTEFRSLEa tI~n BAAknL- 2' nuit. gl.i theirA :pph 0" Warden's Ofce ,_tC

at. Auto~et le- .--- l s I*p t a l t li ,-July ISa a ht n u --ro, rl rn . . a h ...d .. l3. ,cd1. 1 i thl ul y. t94iann .o n
PEIN.. . . ". . O PUM ot ln d. I... tro tJri or,. l.r 6,Uhotldi. gA. lt o ,IIM peos 5 ., AONA R', tn.Tt o siprT pdo ateC aCov y willse sac teld,_ _-

TlUI.'ION',,r .I. Ir< wr, T;> i)i~a+lntio ',ih.'xni T cl ri' ,n., i:.i!, Aiii PJtla '+r~ii *P on w::i^--AUg. 4.i ,al~+Prl.e~):+ebiu:; ,aa u, NARIyI^ KIW .T MAC iNB. i ,i )mdondtr ci tb r t od +/ d tarbloure thO dyool:? iwelen
.PEI AN OlIVE. L o- Ac A x "1e4 '.t, s ts h 'oe .. F..P -. pxu 1 4 FOPTS SA Kl --J s y 1*. ... ,,,.3, ,J .... ...,, ,+ ot O o' lo oh

--i r sa1y ,1i i -Jl -n ucli edn I i hi n lr d. BJr erN Miri I Be. Ntre urio nSePL USHt eA CNH rIRlSy t ldl9Ml l r i t._Vi nc ntI t-rt t to'dom, | USE .O C. t. [ ANN'S l DIEG MA 7-nt.
DA t RED DL.M 8tI GIAN :I IELS BO ARD R y J -e1 y lSlA. n dtio.p MAnt. M O. 9aCo3feMPuonraet IRoad,Jon.- elkc.ar' 3D OhutS teeUt.- FUI. FU3N ISHE Rl. oI I N C>K R3 ~'LJAe "..r StreOe
D...l.l.cii....... t i.. t IaXrmr .... I 'Au"l dI I A u L ',tdsposal. oy'er20Fourn t 'Street.Dive iver VtlN. oS oa l t JaMme-Aug 4., C asa.de W Italfor l re fmloi1. AyipI LeU ng

Irtlill. 1111 I,1 i(..,u OW Cu M-17.Jl o< Arviura PrDr 554.0in. Cott~ S ImOBpa.tl, "1 0'6*.1'"1 MODER Ttl B tJNAGLo. -3o~ hetS-joo, OFIC *. H N Y i nr
MXATl THY Xiu BITINi MATI. ) f l re a t Cown p r y1cr, e. 2 Pr Stret. tP u 4 .u Me JI -O ALEn A o C; O nGuad A Wn.-J ruuly 13.O
EDhoUm AT O *shn In Ml c:,ilri. i E PA 1il XCa. O. Au- o y.lMrs. o l oiM Murray. B Iy -ungalowaa 21,Trtial-aI e-t ...I-ORi I Pt0.fminettfiy40
w--1 8lI.. ea-e'hdc l .res i-.-July A PrOo. ETIE FOR le is.Hat) II I a ti Srle nWELL-.STOCK PARLOUR. a: Ib eImoonn a ea-ul "i.....r ., C- M U

J VC o u .I a o tr T h t l uinn t r E le c tr ic ntor -l r e nn Trom .n a sn w a te r t r ~ ~ S V t ~ V i " n *l " ' < . B loply t U A Mit n S u r u s I i-- A T *
U iiOW t LnRKS in 50 I;i oCarmto c r 3 ii rm-ertrofrti am e street 'l S... 1 ONe ComPETE Aof PORT-OF-.. .I. .

AtI T IO Nw .oa, To, Ta e la r F a 'l I .Carton In l PtI .LKt Al t 1)5 SE a d S a TI rno Jltl lll b l muai ppy Mnlt. Iybl t)n ar l s LK os-^t ". R st ;"A i 1 y o C
QoErpA..- nX (r K y. (

1>. B +tety --lJr; all2 g cir pod r en- UO n ml Y lOT h ;Rindr0 I 2 1 o0 Af 7 P oi t I F o Aisn l : l '1 -AI D I A M O J u l y 1 3 1 J u y 1 j I
WE .O'EIA :~i itlon In, k ine.) iIKMOL IIIA UNI) iaiil $300 At) R,-,MOTORS FrOR SALE

DAortin L D,ta prel. .d hORIr ll. it ll ,,tB t x riVKIa r adlI -July ri t .HMODR MtLon ZltA AP ARnT t- rO,.T ICE T r*-- -- h g nO 0 1 rO
Oreed'-. C IS -Ae 1)21) coinrer 1),ie S L All'- BiamQA TT t% rl ,StsI f:-d I %oal ossino n tPUBLW. 4071CES MORRIS MINOR 2 SLATER. your

todalt 11 L utvh p na y l. ner I lO Boardsn r 0 Air-. t ae, bi pp rticoasai s"Ilat Jlliiu nt.en t DOROTHY BENJAMI I I g d tt tres veiry economical. 0 nor I t a r anc e wih S n
sr-kItritS tlv toruon Choy, New Kw Iit ITugoode q InlSaccordance withWhl sectt.ionsael. Se

lMAIL LOT H l otl; Iv h S Bp. 5 1 Vd |n ad 'PAlue 3 C-- July Ut in App7ly .i ,r t s o .A.p Vulca ,t act l l you an A _t'l" U 1- *o #. 4 5r JlutI Mo tv Ord-,3 --"-1940
Iredr. 1t orl net.eet-J y ul 2Put-O-, i paWoKr lr l et -ly m. T AtlT -.imtrect. Jo-i ukto meb ,ytela.otehAtiol | oo I L ced I'Phone. 59n47.July5 Of3R.ld Ord naces 1 .
arI ith l 3Co..kil HFernando.or t silier ,IIontPan. NAI-8 .TRt'CTLe DWELL "NG n 1o P1NC you. Willie -July a". Chapter 16, No. 1. Notice ilr l hereby
_ON_..1;nn "lIht li tr. -ely 1 pdl 1une--Jtiy l HUtIP P vacant, FOtre. t-+eroonsco, .risa c. --.. . venrt-at tne Annual Electiontof

Lwalonl. PolntFort'n ;,,dent 'rl ON t. 'PtM land ro t-. r + ,fl. A o.b u a-, ___ _t Iaile, ? .hwS?,li.. ..ei., te eg,,,nos OdEa c l apA 1OUot
OM.l Iv" t thS p lao Bred r Hnet. Ft Iy '11 VA"'MLsI.N".. J Ttfrolnt a i 3 l rIll ' r'i Het 'airnluS. teooea A -pp a.,- l'U I OUre. t-oli t -aS lis I ^ -A .. d i
III VuIJrAJlt; rIV k ndAs, h under y.nAppApypuly I Dukinlonald Street.-.Atweer, the hours of 9 o'clock in the

DOhna* torGS. trePro-I y 2, ,r. . irlBW .j, ,A c.ply R o 3/l oaand. Sit, l tin. Aff ect&.ply Tub PUIIC to hcreN Anw I that hmbr Itrort 1 In acordnc wilh helO on
Tartm Bots.e5. 52- N 0 e., i. Phi. t4 H di. reet. -July 23- o, cln e .Ottlul y21 120 e sFlms till loVet- to o l torlstI lrlan ) o l t2o'lh
ON.4tltiTlR E.y ~~l-I.IC 1EVROtIET SE AN rilsoroser t1941 1 ucoo-u li Y(14 ittAt. lI foryewileIrend t2 nioonLIVnST CK.F-RwSAL
Ahatlaim One yearold 'N iloi. Mdel. lo td rimer.1 1,;-.( ikiltioty set 13D3 W~mlinIN MAIN I ROAD n.wodlt hvig el tl tte S l pvteLiis ix RBBT#ndoWO iilit ornon on Thrc&y 0hlul.194
A-I, UDos, Ono rdoo. ..%,"Rdi, seven tube,' J'uh.NIron Horse eas, buWlhlig approx. ;Lxlit. c% vete with 2.Iil.SI2.

"1^t. Ant^mR + +d.. .t, .PmeInt. ,. m ,0 + 1-,-- ^? ,* I Jm o .. w.L e P iUPS ....- V. at the tolRowing Polling Stat.. .
'-101,C-Quardlab..." Li SitOing Plant WrIe i1.mO. t 1 31 01 0 e galvanmzed heet. Purchaser lmot, r SUNNY JOSEPH, tlr, t ,mailt N-'. I Lur e i l ito att e fo wng Poleing ttont -

BRZD VFL't1L IRW-" R01 .81-- IN t om u.ulz"---Julm oe fame t sloin- I. Pdays.Cy Iot a bs latM.et P 0.es -d w S.t W ardn ll heemale d.
Cssi a C? M ac. : u-a nS ,n d r k t ,.A-l AT1 n I HOs A Applyo m A.h oty 14 a to 2ssher tir f t ki 0 ,-ll Street. J 9. an Juan Warden's Office ^ -

16, sto^ ett iifedt ^ ^ 4110,4-- so---~, $pedctan,ug
V"I'%0 1. MISmI .... .. ... l iN.Crntonbi iit" snili L yedre. dt MARif S A Not rec yelabtd IO .. c,a n ti t Tr niI m ll.eir-----t R-u.e_ a Stu.r y, the T. do d
ti FLEPM II,.-.-- GIA'f'! or sI ll' miotde l Nenlyt i',rlrin. led and painted.141 6trrefriled. hon e 70.ll s, 4ia A rro-I ialrki. l 10 lig any debt or debts os-s I ,.LS SALE. M't. Anan' sh do

oti -t-- nes- ASit 10t1 Street-Bs.ili kperfectod* uer with ci tran cleanIng gtar. fly,- S treet-J uly 13 s on .oera)tu 11 MIrL. lOU SA S r ,av Md
b~rIe, W-est of Oval luly 11. Patent egg iaras le Prrice; 5490 000 Can PMODERN BUNGALOW with Ln lttli. ni CONRAD WALK R. Eu;(Ids.PiIAIAL)ERED EGO YOLKA In Diego Martin.... do
RAB 1TS. 41 Pi5l'oi Atred -July Ia. e Inspected atCEachaniesEstate. Ciuva. Road. St. Augustine. SplendID bargain. Jultn8U1 .barrels of 173 the, each. Suitable f o

------IkUBLICI It -R..NR Acl. a making res iltaurants hotels and t for thile pupos of falling the seats
.-Jul.).. hone 24.-julyVa '. I I. Oeynotiiei De r en l f.t detes goigot o O.
AA -i "AMOHON F ,REColitt elettienti OP S S ARE INVITED tor newly. -l am u00 logerclonk u La toe ycare and Prot tAlike. 2 9 1cl rae. StIs

EDUtCIi AErI irSU c C k.cOi t s beautiful h oe, uro o an tl Aford O'Rl O. and J. R P2e.rryderloStreet.e.phone1tton .m
sol u r htree L . l n ib e l, tAr rau 1 ,,lle t n Av t enu e a ndi S a dd letRo ad. 0nd thferIeir d a tle a stoam est

4 q U X S 1 01- o t 76 3, Ju ly 1 5 K'ill e d... . -- - ITt o t h a t I. d o o t ll .my s e l -e x . -- l s o t N o-- .I -w i t -a.... "- I w ~ v
EDUC TION L4 Pfm. 9111 Julylii ncluing shr'teiroorns, 3 bathrooms, tiled courtyard, JenrySdet or debtsc conracted My tftbinhay-dln. Rn 94.-Juy 1. AE m n-
T U IT I N -H O US-t tiLL D I PUF Fr .T s iig o r eMG Em uNc ar.g a r a gl e.is e r v a n t s q u a r t e r s.=e et l a u f tslao h i s So as e sc J u n eM g M. O N E C O M LE T E3-F ineg v.. .
T Iowels. Tablecloths, TV rt i 01 .DRO tK'.Me Al)lh Praila one694i-'-A g,4. JiMARIEII)% tLLV. M CHINcT a palEDoWATda

S11tA e IIS et 2R 'IC k n cutlery. O: Km l 4 ROBERTS .STREET.seuitable for-t
on U l neeL.^ ee Inaies.5Burner S tream Sl-ne i- m-omn. t l r la, os. Bargain I a s eet Apply i thll& Co iifsr a t. T *t 2 otharp o h.tten.g.
D IUD -in) BOARDERS taif.t line Enamel. tte. Meu' sal.- Rdsto. Pa ps s sioneaao. Inspection tInvited.-. J M a looser p e -the-care&Stid .p..te...tIly Mithel.,- arer.- -o Geore..
smdal r'lcei ti Oislfid in to Gr-I ll.'r~ ieiull ilIt I C at C July It tiu f orMy husband. Laovelt Slaseer, and Sre JUST RCEVD PLYN CRS.1trnn3.fc
ei-ratick henal Jutilill and callors. Sco- Drmer Hi-use. Austin street. litAugue- FOUR ROOM 1HOUS7.Emas Petit valley ha Ldeb ntor hold myself reapsyoulbaihett!u. Oesle.JUT Ha *Mse.0PLAYJING 0.Wad ,St er .
Certific ateuIlInlts ailil Slob i r us m& oie u me. 'P IO-Jkly9oiIAp nrml t 1 ."M. lsn dbttnnsOfcra b i --- --
beutfu siu~l tli-'rtr litue Feel RADY'a PRAM. pror~a ltieai ia.. 42 July 3. Ingleft Sle hbD*oesne* rt Yhith 1144. 46 BARSFsTC.'PoeD I .-JulyPIa s C adn fi
ISCltSIVO if allIIo +r b ootielr,.boar-d. WoodfordhStre1t0-July114, _______W_-,_._
latundry. etc Po "' 0 1,)111114.MS ivul End I PLATFORM SICAILE Hommel. Applyi6Qee Sret W RIO contact Do NObriga. Mg-. Port-o f--spainl,
KOO" Bt1.AnnaI's 1hll nine 19h.-JAIIY 31 t RUdin LSane -July' 5 PROPERTIIES FOR SALE --July 142Qee Sreet EnA~r 3ey ~ fSan orsum ak emty Jly..944
C~ lO *JAZZ LLItAPONSI hres-Month IRON CHIEST sE I E .fc ll HUE Cma na ngla h T HE U.LC t tee antified that a Cut~E RgA for at..UZn23 ide x 3Juy, 1944
techrl~ftO And niSit. men Thromas. Jitio ll. ul )1402N I Araolelha;HOUSE. Victoria Viacl:ti nJut*. Sbi Pere.Pe ter Pup C. a"d*23". wid*
to tharei"ttmC e 6 ue rc.a 5CtuRd pyJN Moam

Les AII Pomnt Porly cslInlidt rts dltliitr, I ht)Iwa 7708 Jl y 12a 's|July~ l_ 7_E l~ uL m m I ._ P IERRE.ota tt-pt t..o stet Jul n an s o+ oo
P.ors adi "llepeedn Evanltrll tiee. JUST f.mlECEIVESI R EPEa IeUI t.I4E THRE._U_ E m Sevee-.1! Lot Lau __-July --5.-. m m SOl ga ..I--ma.mlB
it nurI lly l +iPIt. l~tll.g~ ei CO 'Phone. 71i".3It -.JuI t31 cal~lll lq ItW _4. Apply cdr. sla. Mg In notify- m m te Pulic tha I a n c111er .IaP ACl C Board.-- .- .
Dc.. Vs T vie eieceey c '1 4t 75R -c ltcele- 'lldStee. Phne42.-ui' tmuespf l rany debtl or de..c.-D 3 5w, 73RUR DR,.IY
-cce ~ h fge cvsnigRo-GOS AE $50. Noa 2 a lllld3 Sret. Brtl Mal aet ,Jii -- S r-o-Sa-- tel.erd.Aue
,5.epi.ci Sotad adP11 Fl od.. uth. Ar Studio 3 oaI- n. R=g51.- July .TL UU he.. b sotan tht.. ...........____________




In The Palm Garde. f



1.3C p.M.
On Instructions received from Mr
Antrudsingh, the undersitgned will
sell the household furniture and
effect- on the above date, time and
plaoe Including:-
Upholstered drawing room suite,
Portable eramophone
English Philip Radiogram (in
excellent condition )
Elec. Stove and oven
Pride; Sewisg FPoot Machine;.
2 Sideboards; Dining Room iab~e
and chairs:
Roll top Miat Safe. Liqueur-
cabinet; 2 China-Cabinet
$-Wing Bureau; Wardrobe;
4' 6" Bed; Spring and Mattress;
2 Iron cots:
Tall Post Bed; Spring and Mat-'
Bread tin: Enamel nd ware I
dishes; Garden howe;
Gallery chairs &c, &c.
itims on view on day prior to and
morning of sale.
iermE: Cash on the fall of the
Dated thLi 28th day of June. 1044.
G 9O0. L 6 IRAIM ,
.... I ULIN)

I have been favoured w' in-
sM uctions from Mr. M. OransauUll
who left the Col 13 to sell bW
Public Auction the following :-
3 Wooden Bedstead :, 5 Col
Springs, I Spring-filled M ttresaes,
1 Iron Folding Jot complete). 2
N. them staple Leaf Chest of
Drawers, l Baby Scale (complete),
1 Large Bevel-Edge Mirror, 1 Ber-
bice Chair, 1 Ironir- Board with
Legs. 1 Bedroom Table, 2 Alarm
Clocks, 1 Cedar Chest (moth ana
molsture-proof): I Antique Folding
Rocking Char. 4 Bedro. Pictures,
SElectric Ringer Sewing Foot Ma-
chine with motor part and stool;
(to match), Il 3 .tric Stove with S
Bu. .erS; 1 Steam BSt- 1 Oven
lkinkmg and Broiling), 3 Drawers, I
r ctric Hot Plate, I Electric Baby
Warmer, I Electric Iron. 1 Ilectric
R.C.A. Corn stion Radio and
Pickup. 1 Electric an. Electric
router i Eectrl. Mart Reading
Launp. 2 Mectric OGlassU Antique
R*daMlg Lamps. I Electric N _
Iron. I OrdirAry ray, 1 Lad Oar
Cushilon, 2 Baby Car Seats. 2 Baby
Chairs, 2 Baoy Rockers, I Baby
r mbua.tUon Walker and SwtIng 1
Bb, Table, I Baby Polding (natr,
2 Daby Go-Carts, I Baby teel
v. aon, I Baby Crib and I Baby
FPeedting eAir: 2 I room Scatter
Rugs. 1 6 x 9 ft. Am.. Machine
Hook Rug with Osite *ad, 1 9 x 12
ft. ng. Hand Hook Rug with Ouite
Pad, 1 3 x 5ft. En. Hand Hook
with Oite Pad, 1 3ox Cameroa, 0
Modern Records, 1 Bxt *slon pold.-
ing Dining Table, 4 Dining Room
Chal"Irs, 1 Maple Book Cabinet, 2
C.p nd Tables, 1 LI "s Room
Reed Suite comprising 2 iockers,
2 ..rehAlchr. I Settee and iCaUte
Table.. Steel Oardening Cfbin.
A. '. QU INO,


*e CAIamiL
* 130NA
* inZUM
* D~SJV3



C. Rnow

Aetlag s Mem'
Gawn"MW OW"e

for further artkul
3U 8Ot. Vienet




Reduced P



in I
Cut and Etched G
E.P.N.S, Chinese -
Vases, Jewelry,
Sticks, etc., etc.

Your Inspection M

1 Henry St. (mr 1









by the









1l4oz. Tin .___ 470

28oz. Tin 600

28oz. Tin...

loz. Tir .__

ISox. Tin



ofAe SlaI of

67he tropicss




225 Grms. -

14oz. Tin .-
Cubagua SARDI1
in Pemento 151
Grm. ...
150 Grms.
is Oil 190

4W7 a -6t.


I .- 0

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