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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Current issue also available on the Internet.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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ON. June 30
*, a4nounseo tool
atwes bub brol
W rinbamd fol
anew airesmer
A~ Lb
A State Departm
says that b
Finland hias et
fast military part
for the purl
*,a the
Dep rset so,
pbfene leal., fot the
:(' eotioa mu
an the-- ilh Oov
mwas reduced to the p
a puppet of Naei Germs

B TON, June 30
.tate Department an
at of the beverage of dip
tonss with Finland read
ri the note ,today de
Alexander Tbesleff,
Wfaires for Finland: J
I, Sir, on June 97, 1944, t
a Government made the
announcement: 'Von I
,N oerman Foreign MMnis
his visit to the I

!Vfui ex* d1squssW

POT-r4-1 DAD, LW.I$

'Germans Throw All

Into Bid To Hold

British Near Caen
sa that FORMES, July I (AP)-A great armoured battle raged mouth 41 Oaen
llowlng last night as the British drove toward the OMe river and the
ant wihGermans threw In veteran troops as soon as they reached the
r titl front In a reckless attempt to stop the Allied advance. T 0e com-
agrghip munique said the Allied drive, pressing the Germans back to-
imoai Of ward the Cqw, "compelled the enemy to throw In armoured
namles reserves.' +


1*I. 3M.

k AlT ~s0A

-, .- 6c.

* (4, l[" No. 8,11, TH TYEAR

re that

I: "Fol-
une 30,
he Fin-
Ier, has
i visit
d. esOeN

3044anF roreiga Mister,
SW sustained the
an + roots I i the
ratl In arm between the
'ml th exist ar friendship
teete two people. Complete
a uadeintadn was
all points between the
e inaet and the Ger-
rl nt.o'
*ant Waus
ae t tb* orld
r i -vuSS a" and faast
with Na"
imm throughout

, ation was tal without

amertea Oov-

deprtpd: ~ilii-0
I.!SI red iol
e atof tahe ublfo o
ditjon f a pupn

Hg n .Sats up to tMep

it.' taken every oppor
tidy and through dip
euatlons to warn teI
eomrnent of the inevitable eo-
Whebs of continuing its amocis-
th Nari Oermany. TheI
anif were Ignored and te
tritnera'fp is now omplete.
Rhe vernmentfte "United
rtes must take rto acounat the
,that at this *fmtaive stage In
mebnlnnes ol ttions of the
y naval and air forces of
K n'ted States and the othl
tWatlona, Finnish operations
S ect bearing on the suc-
ethe Allied effort.
otwithstanding the esteem In
Wcth he American people have
N" te people of Finlandl farther
"!y iestween the Govytment
tthe ite States "Odv GOoV-
" lwe Inland a Iwm.
*Mle. W
qasible Finnish
"ibig Averted y
resg deapatolie saN a possible
rise faew he Finnish GoCvern
lnwasB when Social Del
tic of the Helslnki
W;;*. the arty' five
g the Cabinet not
a o rthe Social Demo-
d's leading political
Sthe earlier sltua-
Sby disagreement
mrament's acceptance
e ry collaboration with
rty had tentatively direct-
Tanner Minister of Fin-
d our ofi his colleagues to
their restnatlow to Edwin
mes, the Prime Minister, but
had not as yet acted.
nr|s Government
|. Repreent U.S.
ONDON, June 30 (AP).-Trans.
M reported a Helsinki commu-
as .sying: "The American
teg d'ffAairee in z.Helsinkl called
SFinnish Fteign Minister
Sp.m. today an informed him
2the American Government has
to bresi diplomatic roa-+
.s with Finlgl, and ate Swiss
yrcament has been requested to
fl t American" interests in

mfway Manager
Ssibnl Post
Jmames Lister Adamson, Scot-
enginer,+ who arrived from
A5,-d took 'ver the duties of
at_ mana e of Ie. Trinidad
mernaent Ruwe last April,
s riteded terday to have
the post, and It Is under.
will be leaving the Colony
W T. PeikinsI ha been ap.
Sact Vs g. nerl inasiu
T.ead GuardIan-
BiTOKmh uit. Mi. RS. lllkii-
tey Inspector Of Mines
been pointed Rail nCo-Ordn-
r Col. F. T. Lei
Ar.. a y
relr'railv o6sial Vho re-
aaian who took
laIsN MA chs

Frontline despatches said these
included every armoured division
the Germans have In Normandy.
As the clouds lifted over the tfunm-
hnf battlefront Allied war 'planes
bombed and strafed enemy posi-
tions and communications and by
mid-afternoon had made 1,000 in-
dividmil nights.
German broadcasts said a United
States tank division had entered
the battle southwest of Caen while
United States troops north bf ,aIint
Lo had dented the German lines
and a "new large-scale American
offensivel'was imminent."
The British steadily widened
their bridgehead across the Odon
River and were .vlthin 11 miles of
having Caen encircled. It was pro-
bable that Allied artillery now
oommMnded the last, four German-
he'd rtmids Into that communica-
tions hub.
A senior British Staff Officer dim.
closed today that every Germai
armoured 1% 'ilon in Normandy
was thrown into a desperate a:t'on
slUnAt the steadily widening Brit-
I* wedge across the Odon, south
of Caen. In the greatest battle in
teims of force yet fought In
The SUta 3fflcer, of the 21st
Army Group Headquarters, while
at S.HEAJ'. announced that de-
spIte the use of fresh fqres not
previously engaged, Marshal Rom-
mel was still unable to budge the
British bridgehead or wrest the Im-
petus of the attack front Mont-
German me of these troops u
described as relenUteas by the Brit-
Sofficer n w o said it was a sign
t whatever he na b-en min it
t s-,Rmnmel was a n commanding
emost despeiofel, defence .nee
the Americans cu the Cherbourg
peninsula. quality of the Ger-
man troops being us: was
regarded a ..er than any met
herotofore-400 $t them veterans
The Aljuad cleaning

"tr-atacks l H a"rIii d where
thle Oermans brought in tanks in
Wi effort to Ipk the troops from
the objecttvsithey took yesterday.
Sica "D-Day the British des-
troyed 206 German tanks and dam-
a another 192. This loss of
t representi a serious blow to
the Qnlans because they do not
have tank replace pool which
h A ale.
In an effort to contain the Allied
drive eld Marshal Rommel is
m tsing his reserve piecemeal
ln ea ( amembf tIbsm tfor one
sat4 blow: this ha given the Al-
= a big advantage ad they have
never lost the initiative since the
drive began.
On Cap de Ia Hague Allied troops
drove the Germnms out of Greville
and Beaugot Hague and shoved
the defenders back until they are
now fighting literally with their
backs to the sea.
In the closing fighting on the
Caumont are. Americn artillery
observers at some pieces are not
more than 300 yards from enemy
positions. Yesterday a battery Of
GerAIn 88's raised theirft brrels to
fire at a flight of B26 bombers. In
a short time the observers had
grven artillery co-ordinates and a
concentration of guns knocked out
the enemy guns.

Japs Capture U.S.
Air Base In China
CHUNOKING, June 30 Reuter)
--The American alrbase at Heng-
yang, on the Canton Hankow
railway in southeast Chym, has
been captured by tht Japanese.
This was announced in General
Joseph Stilwell's communique re-
porting the latest series of itr
actions against the Japanese in
l. The base, lost on Monday,
iqlready been attacked by P40,
which dropped l,000-p-und bombs
on it, ooaplOtely destroying the
Hengyang itself i 'still in Chi-
nese bands and the fighting round
the city into which the Japanese
have thrown further reinforce-
mentd and large quantities oi
armaments has Involved heavy
casualties on both sides.
Two Chinese groups are counter-
attacking the Japanese in the
area between Changsha and
Hengyang. One wroup has recap
tured Pinglang, a town in Kiangsi
province, about 100 miles northeast
of Hengyang The other has
slashed its way to the outskirts I
the important town of Slang-siang,
about 60 miles north of Heng-
Major-General Claire Chen-
nault's 14th Air Force Is doing its
Utmost to arrest the Japanese drive
oah Punan. All the strength which
can be Spared from other fronts
is being put into attacks on Japa-
nese troops columns and other
strategic target particularly ship-
g Slang Over which, in
thl a v Mran and road comi-
utelUons deetroayd by the Chli-
nes, i te Na route of supply
t1 the r Ina*4e

Allies Smash

Nazi Bases

In France
Allied Expedlitionary Forces. Jat
80 (AP)-AmericaM Fortresses, p.
tinuing to drive the Luftwaffe Uck
from the Normandy battle Zone
smashed at four bases in France
and Belgium today while British
Lancasters struck new blows at
launching ramps for the Germans'
flying bombs in northern France.
Medium bombers and fighter-
bombers of the Allied Air Force
ranged over a wide area behind
the fighting front, ripping new
holes in roads to block the move-
ment of German reinforcements.
From the Germans came reports
that Italian-based Allied 'planes
thundered into the Balkans again
bombing the vicinity of both
Vienna and Zagreb.
Waves of medium fighter bomb-
ers were still shuttling acrossam the
Channel during the evening and
R.A.F. fighters were shooting
down pilotless 'planes over south-
ern England. The British inter-
ceptors, working in close co-ordina-
tion with ground batteries along
the southern coast, kept up a con-
stant patrol against the winged
projectiles, and blasted many of
them out of the sites before they
reached populated areas.
In a 15-minutes period this
afternoon, R.A.F. fighters downed
three flying bombs. Three others
were brought down by fighter
pilots on reconnaissance.
A force of up to 250 heavy
bombers attacked airfields in north-
ern France and Belgium under a
Mustan escort of a similar size,
bombing through clouds without
encountering a single German
fighter. All the bombers and es-
cortin fighter returned. 4
Mustangs e4ortlif the Amerl ia
Hheavies also dive-bombed and
strafed one airfield, six railway
Yvard mid thi ratilroadib ncfmonttlyt".

two barges, a canal lock and"- By LIESW kt MIKSON
concentration of 40 to 50 barracks. UNI'MAJ j.TA'iS PACIFIC
Pushing the German Air Force ?Lxr kiEALQUARTBRS, PEARL
hack 100 miles from the coast put HARBOUR. June 30 (AP--Adinl-
the Allied bases In Normandy much ratl Chester Nimlts announced to-
closer to the front lines than those (,y the heaviest American casual.-
of the enemy.ties in any ground action to date
t eney. in the Pacific war is 9,752 killed,
2nd Tactical Air Force wounded and missing, results
Up Over Beadhiead from a fortnight of hitter fgting
O. n 8pao"n Island the A! .
LONDON. June W0 (Reuter)-The Nimltza announcement emphassed
Second Tactical Air Force was up the fierce fighting on Saipan. key
over the beachhead again today to the approaches to Japin China
and It was reported this afternoon and the P1' 'ines.
that Wins Commander Johnny Nimits i d the Saipan ejas-
Johnson, the R.A.F. ace who kilties in communique which
leads one of the Cmanadian fpit- said that An.rican fighting on that
fire wings in France has shot down Island ad made new gains both
another enemy aircraft, bringing in the centre and on the" right
his total up to 33, one more than flank. Forsard lines were pushing
the record he shared with Group hard despite "difficult terrain and
Captain Malan. intensified enem) resistance." He
These Canadian Spitfires did said that th- mericansa had occu-
good work yesterday and on piled high ground near a comns.ind-
Wednesday they bagged all 6 air- ming position held by enemy forces.
craft shot down over the Normandy Naval surface vessels as well as
battlefront during the day. Wing American aircraft were jctningr In
Commander Johnson got two of the battle for Etiipan, shelling a
them that day. strong position In the Tanpag area
Allied medium bombers attached where the Japs had apparently dug
coastal batteries yesterday north- in. Aerial atkicks and r val born-
west of Cherbourg where mopping barCment were continuing against
up continues. The forts in the the Japs' defences on Inlan Is-
Cherbourg breakwaters have sur- land to knock out ,ill support from
rendered. Cherbourg is reported this point for Jans on Sair'in. Ni-
to be still without lights, tas and mitz reported that aircraft from
water supplies but repair work is. carriers attacked Rota Island
in hand. smin.

United Nations Money Experts

Start Work On Post-War Plans

WASHINGTON, June 30 (AP)-Two special trainloads of master
money mechanics headed northward for tomorrow'& opening of the
United Nations Monetary Conference at Bretton Woods, New Hamp-
shire. They will work on a model $8,00,000,000 machine designed to
hold international finance on an even keel after the war.
Work, too will be done on a -
$10,000,000,000 companion machine tand alone and advancing money
intended to stimulate the flow of tself when other loans were not
the long-term credit that will be available
needed to repair the ravages of The broad outline for both pro-
war and speed the world's peace- e drafted-those for the mone-
time industrial development. Forty- fund by the financial ex-
four United and associated Nations portof over 30 countries and for
will be represented at the sessions, t World Bank by the United
Generally regardedin diplomatic States treasury temiAn.Tho-
quarters as second in importance ny problems remain, however:
only to the Peace Confer- .ic4. the determination of operifi
Deliberations will be consultant' cQuotas; means for fixbn., opera-
only. each government, including tional procedures to safeguard both
the Lhited States must act upon exporting and Importing countries:
Its recommendations. and the basis for fixinx the proper
Specific -proposal are to be valuesfor money of c:th member
considered at B:etton Woods for country. ta t pn
an International Monetary Fund IReuter adds that two plans
designed to total Sl0,000.000 are being submitted tO the con-
when it Is opened to be rented ference-oae by Brtln the
to neutral and 'nemy nations Keynfes l and the oher by
and for a United Nations' n America, by Mr Hwarry Whle.
for reconstruction and develop- the Financial Advi" s to Mr.
ment ary Morlenthau, the United
A a basl for monetary eon Stt SeMtary of the Tres-.
trol, it is proposed t. fit all &U', .)
values a related to gold for
moneys of an member Countries. War Welharc Fund
The monetary ,. fund, by b Cyin rose $19,(-ei JW A n,
and seing foreign e ne. o M $19,000 ne
ainl at mailn-ilime to efch The O- -- Jan War
nation ea* for iqeUrbll tat Fund went past the tujt
poiueaniEpodst. prma WIfrom the (t (th
,T hn ol pnPit Asphalt Co.a gttbw ad
9U"y a TmoWeS XM* at fte e* lalp.
C, & thil eBd S

Nazis Flee

In Disorder

Enemy Forces continue
Heading lMight Along
West Coast of Italy
ITALY, June M0 (Reuter)-The
Germans, who yesterday broke off
contact with the Allied forces to
continue their diosganled with-
drawal. are In headlong flight up
the west coast of Italy. Fifth
Army columns-meln swiftly on
a broad front as Field Marhal
Albert von Kessellngs holding
line crumbles, are today les than
a n-wile from the town of OGiena,
on the coast leas than 20 miles
from Livorco (Leghorn). French
forces are within "seven miles of
Siena. The Germans are also pull-
ing out of the whole area west of
Lake Trasimeno.
The Eighth Army, in the face
of stubborn resistance, has cap-
tured' the stronghold and one time
German seaplane base of Casti-
itUoce Del Lago, western anchor
of the German holding line on
Lake Trasimeno. British columns
are driving rapidly up the Chlaua
Valley towards Abreuso.
Fifth Army tank spearheads,
thrusting forward through heavy
artillaty fire ha/e reached the
neighbourhood of Castelnuovo and
Radicondoli. 14 miles west-south-
west of Siena.
On the main Rome-Florence
Road, a French column has taken
Buonconvento, and the village of
Murlo. 13 miles from Siena.
Eighth Army %patrols have also
pushed about the same distance
up the eastern shore of the lake
and more progress has be.n made
north of Perugia.
It was disclosed today that
the British 78th Division which
did Rood work in North Africa and
Sicily rejoined the Eighth Army
at the beginning of the present
campaign. It has Played a prom-
inent part In the Eighth's 270 mile
advance in the past six weeks.
The Mediterranean Air Frorces
flew about 1,400 sorties yesterday.
Their attacks were mainly directed
against transport targets in north-
ern Italy. Last night R.A.F.
heavy bombers made a moonlight
attack on an airfield 30 miles
northwest of Vienna which the
Luftwaffe has been using as a
fighter base for protection against
daylight assaults.
Today the Germans say that
Allied bombers have been over thie
outskirts of Vienna this morning.

U.S. SavpII Losses
heaviest In Pacific



M raa ie .......ee.Ni

RIed Army Hurling Nazis a

On Road To Strategic Mini

Report Huge Enemy Loss(

obot Bomb

3 Ii

sPill .eli.^ ^.^,
p -,--SS .,..-*"^ V
.* .. "., <*... .. ... -

Tbis is a diagrammatic sketch of the German robot bomb, or
rocket 'plane, which has been 'sllin on southern England re-
cently. This Is a British official photo (AP).

Locomotive Mishap
Injures Attendant
Manoel Joseph. a T.GJL fireman.
offered burns and sc" a when the
boler of a U.S.B.D. locomotive,
No. 571, on which he was working
exploded at Cunauipia on Thursday
Joeph was examined by the
District Medical Officer at Cunupla
and discharged,
The locomotive, It is reported,
was hauling a freight train and
biNd just pulled out of Warren Halt
wheat the explosion took place.
t M I Abeing m eadIearty

~awainI my ltkvam.
laDO~fu (Rutwv6

a me Z extedws

Eisenhower Greets
Canada on Anniversary
LONDON, June 30SO (Reuter)
--On the eve of the 77th an-
niversary or the foundation of
the Dominion of Canada. Oen-
eral Dwight Eisenhower has
sent a message to all Cais-
dian forces under his com-
mand. He says: "We are proud
of the fighting record that
you are every day establishing
by land, by sea and by air.
You are adding new glories to
the name of Canad and stand-
ing true to the plitncipleS that
have made her gret."

W.I. Congress

Team Spirit

Mr. Wilfrid L. Aistoa. president
of thz Trinidad Chamber of Com.
ct, who with Brigadier A. 8.
i gordato and Mr. Harold 1.
ion, other Chamber duleoates
# the recently concluded vn
congress ot the Associated West
Indian Chambers of Commnerce, r-
turn-d here on Thursday evening
from Barbados, at a Pre m onfer-
ence yesterday stressed the entire
success of the cont rence and the
spirit of co-operation that always
He said that the feifaes
which started on Jwm i1 eoi Atd
of 21 delegates fromd e; th Wst
Indian colonies and ritih Opam
and in addition uier were I at.
tendance Sir Prank StoedGo,
Iomptroller for Development nd
Welfare in British West Indie, Mr.
F J. Oick, His Majestyj T adI
Commissioner In Jamaica and Mr.
W D. Lamble. His Majesty's T'ade
Commissioner In Trinidad, Mr. F.
W. Fraser, Canadian Oovernment
Trade Commissioner in Jamaicas
and Mr. H. J. Hobbin. D-puty
Canadian Sugar Administrator
(representing the Canadian-West
Indian League, whose head offices
are min Monreal.)
During the proceedings, siold Mr.
Alston, :he chair was occupied by
Mr. R. W Youngman. president
of the Jamaica Chamber of Com-
merce under whose able chairman-
sh'p complete! unanimity was
achieved and the 32 resolutions
were unanimously adopted. While
all of the resolutions were of
impontanc?. went on Mr. Aiton,
the most important was the deci-
sion to unify all the chambers of
the west Indies into an Incorpora-
ted body with the proper board atof
directors under th3 titlt of Insoerp-
orated Chamber of Commerce of
the British Caribbean,
He added- "It s hoped that the
colonies of British Honduras and
th: Bahamas will become menbean
of this association which will then,
with the exception of Sermuda,
include all the British colonies in
the Caribbean. Mr. Youngman
was nominated as first president of
this Incorporatd Association with
Mi. R. H. 0. Seafood of Jamaica
as vice-president."
Mr. Aliston also id that all the
delegates were unanimous in their
expressions of appreciation of the
very generous hospitality extended
to them by the president and mem-
b'rs of the Barbados Chamber of
"Outstanding feature of the Con-
gress," he said, "was the spint of
co-operation in spite of local dif-
ferences of opinion which resulted
in all the resolutions being passed
without opposition, This aNurs
well for the future of the Incorp-
orated body If the sam spirit c an
be fostered.'

Maracas Road
Gets Safety Rail
Clearing up landides on the
n-^Marasas Rowd was reported
L do 0 ft to be progre-

Itake-up Of R



p' *~'..


1764th Day Of ThT War
4~t itlcrima

to w TOO I


Flying Bombs

Hit Nursery,

And Kill Babes
-y E. D. DALL
LONDON, June 30 (AP). -Hit-
ler's blindly aimed vengeance bombs
were thrown across southern En-
gland In a deadly procession
throughout th" day, killing a num-
ber of people including babies in a
rural nursery home.
The sinister flying bombs came
ove.: in Increased numbers by day-
light, leaving dreadful scenes at
widely-scattered place, but none
is poignant as the demolished
nursery where begrimed r-'scue
squadI still tolled late today seek-
mi nfants in the debris.
Twenty-six babLe-mosty or.
KbANof bombed families and
cliMen. of expectant mothers and
IA ander two-wore billeted in the
Some with a stiff of 12 nurses
many of whom are unaccount-d for.
Some children were found on
I slightly injured by rescue crews
The deAd were ind-ntlfied by discs
on thelt ankles.
Bombs in other localities hit
hotels, shops, dwellings, office
buildings and 'buses, leaving man-
gled dead and Injured in littered
glas and debris. Some streets we're
Inches d.p in qlais.
Everywhere Britain's rescue and
relief agencies worked with calm
efficiency, Civilians for the most
pert were victims of the Nazi
scatter-bomb terror.
Counter-meaaures, In the mean.
while, were nullifying much of the
eftetiveness of the bombs. Lan-
easters plastered launching campa
In northern France in an early
morning assault. R.AF. fighters
scored kills both by day and night
and a "good percentage, was
knocked down by ground batteries.
Official tabulation showed that
five babies and five members of
the nursery staff were rescued aliva
during the dsy and another five
babies and three nurses ware mis-

Vichy In Trouble
With News Service
LONLON, June S0 (Reuter).-
Vicny racok has some trouble with
its news service today. 'Ihose peo-
ple who tuned in Ior th-, usual
news broadcast at 6.30o were told
that the stamon was unable to
broadcast the news and a concert
was given Instead. A& 7.30 and .30
they again apologils- io r iaca of
a news broadcast. The same thing
happened at 12.30 and the rauio
saia the news bulletin had been
posbltAed for an hour.
Wn-n It was finally broadcast, It
contained only two Items, one about
the funeral cticemonles for the late
Propaganda minister lHehrlot and
the otn.r about military operations.
There has been n@ explanation
about all thits, but i. is noted tnt
the Germans yestut'day reported
what th-y called a specially im-
portant meeting of the Laval Cab-
inet and they nave been ninting It
negotiations for a new agreement
between GermAny and the Laval

I ..


't *P~
'm4, 1. 1,

Pincers Movemen

Lands Soviets 30

Miles From City

LONDON, June 30 (AP)-The Russian rout of 4 feMantml
White Russia mounted to historic proportions, as Moe0ow 1 b0,11=
tliat Germans losses in the first week of the Soviet summer 1 g-r
sive were 18.930 killed or captured and the ihntin g was OrW
all the way from Inside the former border of Poland on tOe n 0.hi
to the centre of the Pripet marshes on the sooth.
The Russians broke into the key ---..-
railway town of Borisov. on the
direct route to Minsk, captured
Dslna, frontier town just Inside old 4r
Poland, took Slutsk. Important rail 0
head far to the south, and took
over 430 other populated places, MIN
in the 350 miles of the White Rus-
slan frort, said the communique.
In at least one sector the Rus- S
Plans are less than 30 miles from ror
Minsk. and the communique an-
nounced the capture of Novoselki v k
on the railway 32 miles southeast
of the White Russian capital. %
Eddy Gilmore, Assoclated Pr'e .- -- -. ..
correspondent, said In a dispatch ,
from Moscow that huge forces of Alie l
Red infantry, tanks and cavalry ,s Di4.
are already converging on the out- t.
Elrts of the White Russian capi-J Rem m .L '
tal. These forces were under the R ..
continuous cover of Russian fighters SOUTHEAST AMIA fm 4
and Stormovik 'planes and the TRSi Kandy, Juane 3 ( Ret
troops were preparing for a smash TR, K J
through the outer approaches to Air and round aion is
the ancient city. Manpur i
A Reuter's message states tao .r Hi l efigM
that the Germans are falling to dislodge w t hat
back on the city of Minsk in Japanese forc es
disorder as the Russian outpace ma- rtmphaLr Bu. ,r
the enemy in their drives to In northern Burnm inory
the north and scfth of Mir.k. orMkess has been ma
The nearest arm of this en- former enemy bass lan
circling movement has forced a fm e bas i mth
crossing of the Berezsina River, still held by the Ja '
and the leading Russlan units 050 troops have
are misting stiff German 'ther E O ,
viM th~e SUS w~fi
cam of We itSI ,
lay vulnerble ai l B Id SS
hordes of onrushingt i-resin,I ailmo th ba'
swarming across the "resina i QY the
River, nature's last. barrier north- attention to Japanees l
eusa* f the city. inunicatois.
a Richard -# arpe Bi.'
RESUISTANCE STIFFENED p rter poin out len'l4 "
Irom Sg.NA.W.
SMoscow reported the Germans day that wthth
stiffened their resistance on the the roads impnM ,abl and
west bank of the river, but there the river supnl M route
seemed little likelihood of a pro-i ng tttP'.nts e. t a
longed stand. The German rout enemy's rail-wayS
at Brobuisk removed the last Importance than ver
major obstacle on the principal his supply movetne10,Y ,S.S
routes to Minsk, and the Russians [An Associated M
are Plunging, *head. precipitating Sa&P the Obb2@1110 h B^
what Ruspian d British military mf J12d an6o01n10 tha
experts consider the greatest mill- troops on 0 M lweesI i'
tary feat the German forces have captured Metschlng b
t witnessed on tne Eastern narrowing to mnes
Front. isepaf tinr them from I r
..... IJoseph 5tilwitoe ilta
[PLEASI TURN 1T PAQC 7 COt.. mI lt*na.l] .

Win The War Association Of
Trinidad And Tobago


The continued stream of complaints voiced In letters
in the Press has prompted the following from d"a Nllares

"You *say you have lost*'..." "

You say you have lost so mu o
That the future is shrouded andd '
I say get down o# yo er ie ..m
And make this prayer o 'XI'

I thank you Lord to-day, 0[
For the life ttt yeU Ive to me;
For my roof unombfbI t alien to,
For the frict that I am free. o

Though my lot seems pretty tough,
My everything 1not gone; ;
My house still stands and ii foed eoUg,
I can sleep when the day is done. .
C C *S
I do not hear with dread,.
An meroplane passing by;
Transfixed with far-wlIJollthej oind m4
Shall I be the next to didI .

I must see that I u itweill,
This lte you have spared a man:
In the cause of human kind.
Man's humanity to ama. en
5** I"<
You sa you have los t much, i SiO
That the future is mhrouded and an JXI
Iesy'get down on your bandedlir *ij i
And say this aer to im"',...

...du the following from Lieutenant'B *lw a ll| j H
What did you do to-day. vfm HM.U , ,* i
To help us wth the twi T ' :*" 'i
_Ma., uw or ard _+ .a m lowir. i"| L .'i+ '; ^|
OrP is that too mic to **? IP 'T:;
wot.t e vel -I-
Maybe now youwi wfl H 'u n I'* .... pIi

Ipaee bImll 11 Iy eIe.t ll|t '|VM

,~- ,



SHears Teacher Tell E. Gwrtu Winners. Jury Mercy Plea Saves Police 1

Outlook For Schools Corporal From Jail Sentence gjg

g eli in Ofpet d S oS 0" exa0inat are In & h Strong recommendaUo for mercy by the jury backed w by The T s T l tood tisead d vfiue (a u
b"- --D ro h bur ta O $1110111rthe ft soma excellent mrvle record of tel yl aI in the Police Pore of Wbhie and w ran M r. Aid
iFtr1 aSe Day ezeircla a- otr 3M p'N High school 5 be was a crporal. saved Denzil Gofal frm aiflng a jaiu tern good it does is n .
m tnon. while she discussed t duty of schob j when he weaM victed yesterday In the al of Justice before Mr. gohdes
NO w reor tra eBft tsk that lU.e aheaAd. I L KV s ic ete Brown an accusation of attespted mdUiddle.
I m -- an d l DI"" Splay of fire-h Described one of the most Whe the I,1A 4
the m e A. Xing m at e the n meent and useful members of the see ocledr ns daron nd lat IM ealth o emn ails h
c.tin erUor." I Detecte. De.Wti t, tw ald w able work doe In puratoft.
t ictr t ho V im. a w dowtas noE O" the o allegldC a bIt hl tiee duties as detective. I ag n aSureaj ImE 1-aran
tos di strebp the m, en d "-Win the oe ed w ith aal Mp46 service ph Your H onour t t therai l Oyw Se tTiak e. ra mo
theMa We. .aW g-. e.I motone night at his Duke Street dation of the jury wi. met wtth the bodyall the l hium tse
:ot e four g l sat for H igh er c P U hom e, w as put ,on a XS good be- the fullest approval of the superiorT er othe mo a lab e
h cate examination and three passed, haviur hnd to keep the pace oecers of the Police Frce. Merl Food th e vo s ed
tee and examines mking 75 per cent pasm; 8 2gl for 12 morth Be was further Th jie toln d 'onale he ,for Btter Health Kailzan benefits e c
o afor the School Certificate ordered towkeePrthe poc for 18 would ar r the
h l a ." 5 14 t aY- aiination an-253 1 6*3pa s d.f0ki49o t s to a ds h s i w lt w o, j recom im endationi and the tissue, rebufl di g vgc, sr s
'im 90.6 percent pasestheekes the Judge warned him, was no Solicitor-General's tribute, During einnerves.
thtlcmeto us sad entered foir examinations of ho longer his lawful wife, the many years he spent on thecunnees
writ the Aoc d rd the Rolonals. who medical testimony bench i the Police C"100 outn '- r
Wi ac nc eIe woo of Music and all pssed, disclosed, has lot the oft ( hIs sales had certainly always im-

fe ^ ^1g0tlSE- ^ a~g s coner ~--u-a schols o musc an a
fthu Students and hig "The tf commerm t l class takes therm right eye and slJloi n t attacks proved him as a mans whoT is- ForVm nm int
t1 shrents"b work a the examinations of thedRoyal 1Sogioeety alssHdo of apoplexy. was stated t o ae charged bs duties In a a oper an e at the very first
wteofAos 31 nthe typing exvimlo e *hriri been Annoyed at folding a man straightforward WayT. The reason ukna h
01o Pa te fg tWW"o M ofdtin Royal WoI.Aly
Governor. dw% SLeuiiu 0 WAY"uerance at alldvL Baishoedps.at his for his act seemed l to he that he threat, or ~hnvtp4
Isn oe al s evat gsrls entered and Governor, ee Day eesrvae at t h s wife's home st Pre"n Stet one sti had certain feeing and e- Faout athr
herp ra al ed; in Shorthand six entered a fems oen in ete he l gard for t ai fe, h otatnd ore- pi
dhl oUb thsareW e passed; in book- keeping Young. Be marhind be A k ie Dr eare T eC w n msidhee mbereust.ugstif hif o iu reany b werla hdo nl
Timn swhen d evy thi e s four entered ant one passed. I Theer n ssimilt are u Crown said he ro treated justify h i to injureAnydy or Mdx, l
< an togeroaed us frm 4-r t ho duld. perhaps explain tht our with Hospedales who ran Out of himself. His wife obtained a divorce prevti infectiousd
da ent h that eho ght girls generally get pots before; they the yard and was pursued by Ga. decree which was made absolute The Germ-Khing Throat Tablets / sns naand
Ura has been swept a0", and sit the examinations, so that they-and I Say sales with a smaller automatic on October 25, 1943 and she then
^wS evqrytblat Is being weighed are rather out of practice befQre ery ofe n t wed (G o pistol. The pistol was taken away ceased w be his wife.pnargli,
the examination comes round. ve
111 etd colsadoua h xmiaincmsrud We far. Just when I thought IbtheallTW ar Sav ngsWh Lance-Corporal Cyril Phillips Gonzales was unrepresented. irritate the throt
Ay nc luded, People are do not ,# at giving at.eh ogt had Joe well, thtt th he p ine Oonale tok e

W aunid t ~of hr t n n w e g o o o r 3 o a g a an d go e We l that the W k p h~"? r' ( lases whor ie p o tnvite by 0o nsatt emp i to dine B ok C ef am W a en .e ^ e
consie different types of keeping, as most employers saywtwei, rhaded, the high otel rwith h im d arrivediat Duc k.e UC f re.dieu ao ...avema cs~d
lachoons and examinations, and try- that they prefer to teach their own WreWached and Paed, c thecoinotesptrein lae tin d heuyar o m adw ui by weP
VBn to decide what features in Them system to their employees, but we rah an u n g lavet e ntheuy r d.e, 0 h o nSho ti Ba
lo la kp, counterpoint unimpaired-just *hI a followed ing an alterca tion' t f h o Ui r
hoUld be keptv and What sup- ike them to know few rudiments ewhref$,1.0wt, p6h o his C e -Arlwinnfe.aniet al peae the o er raecs
i. e t lve o y t t e rt, The l et o ano r ri thought we should be allowed to An ouete sote of ,. wt ls e-lectasing ttm idtl
s o tdrtihnot yet certain wha th a relk be cmmon ao to c thease bt ucha wa naonl Wtar ints toi t eca e to his home att Duke Strt ohe /y o T
Will e nerge from all t r ce thM. r o t t P er t e $his, exc, 0. t s ex a d eptds ue a t te I systems. .ead In t rTo ady m owe /a Vl l /T h
hamw e look forward to big "For the second time gS r sat for ndhatsk Rose"-is ust then I at the General Post Office for the was accompanied there by Pl'lips Moving to meet eomplaintsof e eed ePerivala roefod
-.1wns e i o w due course, a the in- yal Drawing Seociety hen found that n was ner staknmcat week ended June S24. and made to take off his clothes rloe-growers in the Nariva district patient h yo w cha ist or store wh e
r hee certain fun- nations. The first time the papers t the nearer and much better Of th amount, sttes the Infor- and to remain in bed. that damase is being caused to dteeir uf nwootoe l ividIW Middles o. nand
bet th tehwtev e o no twetrt sltned ear of Mrs. Robert John- maton O Moer, P ort-of Spain and The jury were told bv Mr. C. T. rice nurseries by flocks of wild StSufairty. Mid. M 31. i I
a s ntl* e l d t h a ti n s tae oul n oth ere- bst thiougw hene M w r m y r e a
nyge. Alnd that we should, there- but this time we were more fort u- stone had detected soe flaw d suburbs put up $3,265.20 and the W. E. Worrell, acting Solicitor ducks, the Governor in Council, on
_tcre, concentrate on in schools. The nate. S ventv girls sat, 23 got] back we went to "Linden Idea,"WnteWrAscainIvse eeata ozlsto h i))o r .L _______________________
h elo e t wi h s 2 e go t b k w endt to Lind enW in the War A oci ation invested o general, that Gonzales toolk, th te req ed ato ob a .
,Iwcault of truth and knowledge for honours. 24 got passes and 23 This was a weekly pleasure and it s for re-s ale, opportunity y of attempting to take re ChiO e aonme of R
I -wy n s s a l reauty, t ted pIs a kild of personal truph for County St. Patrick contributed his own life by getting Phillips to made reulatio by which the RCA PRESENTS

)Vf Oi eul cua t atlv e isav go dte teachingsong th memb r that lIo shyoul have b ueen dedrel w n s t e w~ k v a ayi n w r e i el s b m ade re uain by whc th R C / A a PR ESEN TS--
aChrise owia sakty-tesloe uti are o end fs." K me that I shouldA have breen here $16.0 for the week. Of this sum, leave the house, requesting him to shooting of Wild ducks of every
et. hals t oi andy ohn r eeag E today when tho e final performance the Brighton-La Brea district put fetch a parcel he had left at the description in the Ward of Cocal
oent values, and from age to agent came of so well. $8280 enabad $68 e he Of s wife. Is now p .
*o00 d live" by them. The Acting Governor .said: "I was glad to learn from Miss up $82.80 and Pyzabad $46.80 home of his wife. is now permitted.
Suatdonawl systems v ery from ` bMias Shrewssfbury children of t tShrewtbury's speech that too much $W O' $111.60, the southern bor- Gonzales, electing to give evi- These regulations do not apply
beeftutoetury ss, a nd to dy.th i d shoul, rwLrd eo n my bis h at-torew ssin eeho t oh to hugh of San uFernando took its to- dene on oath denied attempting to other parts of the Colony su
tto country, ad tra m co n- this school, Mr. Lat ord Archbsien p, a attention is not paid here to ex- tel purchases well beyond $115,000. to shoot Hospedales, and disputed as the Caroni Swamp, where wid 11
r country, but a chapter n- ladies and gentlemen -It has been ato nations and certf cates, I would County St. Geore put, up 104.40 (that Lance-Corporal Phillips, who ducks may be shot only during
Ire by the e permanent values a rea pleasure to ome here to- like to add to what she sa on for the week. Of this amount, St. had been accompanyine him, held the open season from November I
4hs ftellow-en, in any country, i n behalf and myself, to thank M. Rof you who are still at school- $35 each and Tacirigua $28.It0. pistol away from' him. He told Huntsment i search of ducks hI
any age, All activities, therefore. In Wight or the very kind words of that you have come here to learn C pichalma was the week'ssole the Court that he had the pistol Crown Lands or Foret Reselve
addition to lemons, through which welcome with which he received to think and to learn to live; that contributor in County Caroni. In his right trousers pocket and are requrLd to obtain a untine e

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :^tr ths thrcontributor ine Countyr~ Carni nll his~i"1 rig'rnda urt"udr 87,6.0 h t .45 reouseraths pocetie a tnd aereurd to obtai a- hunti~ngd ^ ^ ^ *^ ^ ^^
these valued ,'an be imparted. are us. I was here for this annual oertificates and examinations are Carapiclmsma put up $36.00 and that Phillips, on seeing that he licence obtainable from any War-
Wf Itcalculable worth, and that L occasion one year ago, and I bat only land-marks and guiding posts took Its total purchases to $12,- was angry over meeting Hospedales den's Offce on payment of $130.
s hy, in my annual reports, the then in what perhaps I may rcal o the road, and that those of 877. 20. a hi m hispok
trT-currlcular activities have the cloisters among the members yo r who many not have succeeded i Following s the weekly nalys ts wife's home felt his pockets '

U& -nlw ofs the school ansJ ';~l d wa~l s qlu ite u n-"^ themf mo hadvis e siluccee ine? FollVowigIh weekl analyis gild wrnedeber aftere bh~sringing^ f^^L ^^ ^
s qual ple wlth scholastic anchieve- ko the school and was quite un- lln them may have succeeded n of purchases made by boroughsand himself in trouble. He stated thaLt Caura Residents
erUit& They provide exercise h known-; and I should like to tetl other and more important ways. counties for the week ended June he voluntarily gave up the pistol
e. vktuea WhichH alond with "ou that, from that position of I should like to stress that part 24 -- to Phillip, and they both then le Removal Planf
sound lealr will be necessary ini great advantage, I formed a ver' of her imessae to you and to wish Port I of paln Dond suburbs, eor Duke street. On reach n ge Ri a

1Ah meB n atndwomn. wh il >av aourab.leimrssioen ofre bll Ih ',d o r then futureall. sucess,,, Port of Spainer vd suurs fPo r1 Duk Streelln ecing hisie Ipet R e ml o vayKclv Plan'S9 fl~l- ^ -L ^ ^^ ^-
o. theace men and tcwmen askh ithave avourable imprsin of all the:r t ed for the future all success," $85,700.40: Arimns, $14,565.60: Sant home he realized that he had for.- L8 work i connection with
ftructlng Our civilcsationk o was going on and of all who re naFernando, $115484.40; St. George, gotten a parcel at Prince Street ttlement scheme at Lopinot,
mrut shere. Thv e en platform waso then al- -s $112,032.00: County Caroni, $43.- and requested Phillips to return for R ierslen ansc Pee aco Imot,
'GIRLS PREPAREmOst enely occupied b iho,; P 592.40: St. Patrick $193.604.40: it for him completed, And Ca resident
,",'LSIthin ,M xpert resentsFet.iAarsew-St. David. $9.800 completed. and Caur residen
in e d It t hi n k m ye .r a ct Mr A dt Andeww -o.nats $ 9, 4 6 8O LC.0 w h o d e sir e la n dw h o ld in g s In a n y fiIgb ea u es eus b s e iT o m a k e
Eleven graduates of the school Wight raste on e eptin to Nariva-M aro $3722 one of these districts may apply to po4bl ean ccur ae st udy or Bf P N v-a0: N CO LE TON h Mr land h n n a 0r k
are now at univermtier and other a tha ctarutl ie. And sR r t Vs n ow In am yfh d of .i tmrt Victorl pa $A 9,97, 20 Toblgo t 18 -
ntitutesf or professional trsning, ln the platformtfor his reas e 486.00: Win the War Assocmition Gonzales claimed that he had the Sub-intenida mt's oUn ce the av on wdo d dilne a d-
"reported Miss h yewbu. These,,, th I hou i to h o hN 0 'Trindaaa uardin" under- $872,265.60. the .45 revolver at his premises "Trindad uerin" wa informed nd, RCA pefete ths aid .
'E. Smith. and Mi G. innis, M that I should ske to Ri ssuar-stand that he tuberculosis vey the and as far as he could remember yesterday liorning. ad chamber which reproduces
Smith, and Miss C. Allur'Peon f tribute to the' reaw ork whi'li of Barbados which was conducted it was under his illow. He could While a ntmuert of Caura resi- altitude pressures as high as
At T t niversity;N 'S i the ^e sibio l.sd oe il, br Ru ho l wo is out vnot ee s how he got shot. All he den ts have already settled at L 40,00 f-CpM
,Paw tin,,MinD. Whartonand Mi." said that t lhe demand tI' Dr.s Noll mn Ms fhe Britishr West Indian 1939, left w r e that he found himself that re are mn other, wio b
Toronto, ro At. ris .hod has d*oe ii gi! by Dlr.. I Saehere" tadoue Wth V Ious outter ny S e a ini could remember after Phillips Pastora, Snta crus, It is reported
Inn at M ill I.te ; chool was ere already hnticr p luof l n the B di1a S t the Colonial Hospital several although they have received pay.
d hIn aoo wasthere lreadl a hrn coln- W onM tackling the disease, u Byat the wlea H several

;;n~e.' L o '1 n~ueorpUnim ok oa aldt d sn irpemssfrImrl vfi. ENdTOR ob t meAF h "^ ovce o r ite forJ ter proprtes conftinuek~. M^~t *iliILJ-ii
Iss 0. Hannlays and Miss C Dhein catie and that, had hetnot ( $m'. has been aubmnitted to 8a Rupert days after the occurrence. He ent fora their properties, continue
S Mconal an L *this school would by now have Briercliffe Medical Adviser to Sr MIAMI. Fla.,-Sir Donald St. declared he had no ge6lleton to reside there. Oters who have
in t.iDona le M A. one the less been here btul' I o(1 Frank Stokdale, Comptroller of Clair Gainer, newly- appointed of telling Chief Inspector Kelly not yet received payment M re a lo
I.not think so. It is true thera might Development an Welfare In the British Ambassador to Brazi l Who at the hospital that the injuries living there, and It is with the Ide
l, 7A3 WORK have been a school something like British West Indito. left here on June 22 aboard a Pan he received were the result of a of accommodating these residents
~ l Mtalthis, but i t is the character of It is understood that a draft re- American Airways Clipper for his fall. that survey work wr started.
Telling of sar and charity ef- the School that I am thinking of, port of the Leeward Islands tuber- new post, said that the Nazis' Under cross-examination b? Mr. Persons who have homes at
trits of the school, the principal and the character which this culosis survey is now in course of p'fWtless 'planes which have caused Worrelt. the accused said he had Caurv, will be pernotted to trans-
ad: "iThe Talent Club whict was school has was Oiven to by hnim. separation and will be submitted deaths and property damage In been drinking and believed he was fear their houses to any one of the
founded and is directed by Ms PRAISE FO t SINGING to Dr, Gilmnour for his approval England will not shatter the somewhat drunk. He remembered areas now being surveyed. It is ted RCA
'y, and which works for the Red "I should like to say a- nd I when he returns here over the morale of Britishers. Tye h ft Eng- everything that took place from also proposed to give them similar aet witoSNow-ian Some troa Microscoo.5 dimo
,Cross, made $2.400 for the Red hope I speak for everyone here-- week-end before it is delivered to land during the previous week after the time he left the C.I.D. to acreages of land to what theyincnw
pron at a fair held in Octob ., how much I appreciated the smun-gSir Rupert who is due to arrive in what had been his first visit to the the time he asked Phillips to re- owned at Caam for cultivationonavss loas tneler ic, nisolpoeMRftical
~ ha Mdt $3,312.82of the w, inh that we heard this afternoon n ,Trinidad tomorrow to discuss with homeland since the outbreak of turn for the parcel at Prince 25Tyeaseanlt se, llbei tue Alnyourthomedio .times or more-gnsa e
hau made $3,312.82 for t' I have a personal iner'st in th Dr. Normaan Mtclennan, Director war in 1939. Street, but remembered nothing leases, wi ms ongea, w ll oais the RCA loi igneericg beag nfiesin e
Cross.,As each child starts voices, which I may explain. I live of Medical Services, matters relat- rSir Donald called at Trinidad else after that, be on a nominal basis. esdlliad exherienaets.enCA ha Nowsefrtinelg d
With a capital of one shilling, you in normal times in Mary street Ing to his department on his way to Brazil and was a He called no witnesses and de- useedin the perfection of theEllec- war needs, RCA looGka d
ean see that this sum represents a where,.Just acros. the road from: guest of His Excellency thll Acting lined to address the jury. Mo on d T ies area Microscope and aiation buildingbeferirdcsbesbel
cbriaderablt amount of effort and my house, the r'hearsal.s were Governor until leaving for his new Mr. Boland Tries radio. world-when
fuinpenuy. held: and every Saturday after- post on Thursday of last weekly MERCY PLEA Fraud
'In addition tiLe usual eontribu- noon when I was tr ing to corn- WOMAN FINED --
t wons ere given to the Insitute for plete the work I had failed to do Using her premises for immoral The jury convicted Gonzales B. .Fra Case
Blind and to the Orphanage at during the week, my attention was Purposes cost Marie Alexander FRENCU SENATOR ESCAPES after deliberating for a short while, Trial of 11 persons for alleged
-910r48 a_ and the girls sold pop- very pleasantly diverted to the $96 with an alteration of 3 months ALGIERS. June 30) Reuter.-- and recommended him for mercy. conspiracy to defraud InvolvingWC
ovember 11. singing of the ,erv songs te which when she a-as convicted by Mr. Alexander Musslo, French Senator Mr. Worrell told the judge that British Guiana Public Works funds it
'The school fire-parlies, made voil have listenedi here today'. I d, W J JAndre Yesterday. fur Corsica. wlo was deported by accused was one of the most eM- continued before Mr. Justice F. M
UP of nmstresses and some older not pretend to have takenip art Tnformation was laid by C the Axis to Italy and recently man- I
tomoegodhsesaehscient and useful members of the Boland, it was announced In a ZFYI
IrIs, completed their course ,!f with the singers, but imy syrmpathyB pral James who raided the pre- age to make good his escape, has detective force. He joined the broadcast yesterday. RtCA Visser III Camie.d.mp U.5b
ude r.JohnstowoIewdaralwarivehit force In 1932 and curing hat The case has already lasted three
rainingunderdrsiliwith theml, and awhenrisest St James and found two
qualified A.R.P. Instructor, and Ittcame to the beautiful hilt ad- American sailors and two men *- period and until sometime i e 1943 weeks, with six lawyers for She
to .of the parties took part in the Imittedly difficult 'tinden Lea," we there. ___________previous to this incident, he re- defence.
I_-----_-_I_._-_....................... ......._. previo..s........_._._._._._................_.__._._.._= :_....._-_









- ---------.-- -,~ Al



So many), little mites depend for their health-
and often their very lives-on NESTLE'S MILK.

Time and again, when everything else
hdi failed, Nestle's Milk has built a
_lonny child Ifrom a tiny, wasting baby.
The most delicate little stomach so
j#ak that ordinary milk is out of the
uestion-can absorb the some nourish-
A nt in this richer, gentler form . .
n so, while suonlies ore restricted,
rpteose do not ask your grocer for

Nestle's Milk unte~s )ou need it for a
There is no'substitute for milk in the
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from it Rith farm milk so prepared
that even a frail baby system con ab-
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NY4 Dy *Nestle & Amgiowih Milk Prnduets Ld.
iiia;-, m 6fA ^,',n n__________

1,S.6i A 1 P.O So. eBox 1 ,P a Sp aun aiNiD
-, .0
AT. &NN'S, AT 1.30 P.M.
I have been favoured with in-
structlons from Mr.. M. Oranaaull =
who left the Colony to sell by =
Public Auction the following :- "
3 Wooden Bedsteads, % Coil --
Springs. S SIring-filled M:ttresaes,
1 Iron Folding Cot complete), 2
Northern Maple LitAf Chest of
Drawers. I Baby Scale (complete), -
I LArge Bevel.Edge Mirror, 1 Ber- =
bice Chair, 1 Ironing Board with a
Lop. 1 Bedroom Table, 2 Alarm
Clocks. 1 Cedar Chest (moth and
moisture-proof); 1 Antique Folding
Rocking Cltr. 4 Bedroo--. Pictures,
1 Electric Singer Sewing Foot Ma-
chine with motor part and stool;
(to match). I Ilttric Stove with 3
Burnere; 1 Steam Burr., 1 Oven
(Baking and Broiling), s Drawf's, I
l.:o Muff ot Plate, 1 Electric Baby
Warmer. 1 Electric Iron, i Electric
R.O.A. Comb'-atlon Radio and
Pickup. I aectrie -an, Electric
Touter. I Electric Mapli Reading
-a 2 Electric Glass Antique
ReamfU Lamps. 1 ectric W.-'..e
Iron. 1 Orditkry Tray. 1 Ladi Car
Cushion, 2 Baby Car Seats, :i Baby
Chalra. 2 Baby Rockers, i Baby
Combination Walker And Swing, I
Baby Table, I Baby Folding Chair.
2 Baby GO-Carts. I Baby Steel
Wgon. I Baby Crib nd 1 Baby
Feeding Chair: 2 Edroom Scatter
Rugs. 1 6 x 9 ft. Am.. Machine
Hook Rut with ORite Pad. 1 9 x 12
ft. Bog. Hand Hook Rug with Ozite6
Pad. I S x 5ft. Eng. Hand Hook
Modern Records. 1 Exteision Fold-
Ing Dining Table, 4 Dining Room
Chairs. I Maple Book Cabinet, 2
Cyp End Tables. 1 UI In Room
Reed Suite comprising 2 Rockers,
! Armchairs. I1 Settee and i Centre
Table. 1 Steel OGardenlng Cl'rs, pC
A. :t QtERINO,
Auoomm. L

,voif. woman,D...

who values her appearance
will be interested to learn
that we ore planning to
open our new dress shop
next week. ,

IT IS with pride that we
ask you to visit these spa-
cious and comfortable pre-
mises, at 23, Frederick
Street, (upstairs). .





. . - - - - - - -






$3.65 up..



ohes *-11.



Wn 3aNuI AU. ovn TmnI As a TOtA0S.






,, 1~


I 7.1

-Am-r- ---

City Y uths Win Acquittal

GP.W). Truck Theft Charge

Without uttering a single word on their' own behalf either by
wo a defence or address to the jury, denying nothing and wth
a an-examnatlon limited to a mere handful of questions, Sylvestre
Aqul and Aubrey Daniel unrepresented by counsel got a Second AAso
ON! jury to return a verdict of ,not guilty," against thba on the
gmuad that they really never Intended to assume permanent owner-
ship Ot a $2,500 P W.D. truck which the Police alleged they removed

from the Laventlle garage.
Their attitude in refraining
from saying anything at all, in
their defence, drew comment from
Mr., Justice Erie Hallinan, the
trial judge, that had they been
represented by counsel they could
not have made a wiser decision.
The Judge In his charge to the
M pointed out that even though
y may be satisfied that the
.en took the truck away they
still had to consider whether they
were convinced that the men In-
tdedto deprive the owners of
the truck permanently.
Allegations by the police were
Aqul and Daniel removed
C truck from Laventille on the
*ornin of November 22 last year,
ravelled to the beaches of Los
Job and Palo Seco with friends.
sent some time sea bathing and
em went on to Siparia and
eLos D- touring the country
6id. They took a Job at Los Bajos
to convey loads of lumber to cer-
tain places earned $24 and were
gaily moving again when they ran
into a drain damaging the truck.
and left it there.
Warning the jury of the respon-
sibility that was theirs to consider
whether they believed the men in-
tended permanently to deprive the
owner, the Judge cited a case in
Which two men took three horses
out of a stable and after riding
Salce left them at the side of
Sroad saying that they were
Og to walk. They were -Qht
4 miles away. The jury found
the prisoners guilty. It was also
found that they merely wanted to
ride 13 miles and cive the horses
there. There was an appeal and
It was found that there was no
intention on the part of the
prisoners to change the property
or to keep them as their own.
The judge's concluding Instruc-
tios were "The question Is. did
the accused wish to change the
property and make It their own.
If you have any reasonable doubt
you mt t give the prisoners the
beneit of that doubt."
The jury retired for about 15
minutes and returned with a ver-
dict In favour of the accused.
Mr. A. C. Riensi appeared on
behalf of the Crown.

Three Appointed
To Civil Service
Three OCivil Service appointments,
One to a scientific assistant, an-
other A 4so00d class clerk, the
third a drawing office assistant in
the Survey Branch, have been re-
cently announced In the latest issue
of the "Trinidad Royal Gazette."
Thoe taking up appointment
are Mr. W. C. Dindlal, Mr. J. A.
ChN8a and Miss C. Debysingh.
-_' s listed iB the "Gazette"
S= C. A. Chen, former
1 clas clerk In the Agricul-
=M IDeprtmient who has been
shoAted to the Public Works Depart-
ment tIn place of Miss M. Perkins
who has been transferred from
the Public Works Department to
the Department of Agriculture.
Included in the list of those who
have left the Service are Miss B.
MinorS, Mr. N. A. Brown, Miss J.
iRmith, MiSs H. Boland, Mr. S.
James and Mr. W. P. Charles.

$59,654 Decrease
Dropping $59,654 below the
$1,482,362 total for the correspond-
ing period of last year, 'xelse reve-
nue on rum for the first five
months of the year, to May 31,
fell $138,957 short of the tar. t of
hCustoms and Excise receipts un-
r all heads, however, amounted
5.044,79, being $48,567 above
16 estimate, although $140,039
ess than the corresponding period
Biggest yields were Import
lute, (2.980,347; rum and spirits,
1,402.708; and petroleum spirit,


AOt -

Favoured with instructions from
O administrator of the Estate ol
I. G. W. Payne, Messrs. M.
PMs, V. Es1inet, M. St. Hill, E.
iNuel. M. Edwards, it. De Cost
Id others, we will sell the fol-
I abys Perambulator, I Baby's
hdlo, I Child's Bicycle, Infant's
BooUes and other garments;
1 Mandolin, 1 Eukelele
S Flat Flute S t.C.A.
M ical Pickups, I G.E. 11-Tube
4f1. 1 O 7-Tube Radio. :
nTer I -Burner Hot Plate,
s 04 L4.p, 2 ElectrlR. ding
ps, 2 BElectric T)asters, 1 2-
ser Perfection Oil Stove, 3 3-
Ber Oil Stove, 1 large Wall Clock
teel Frame derrical implement
wit.- plate-glass helves,
'a Telescope, 1 Waxing Broom
Portable Gramophone, and
Portable Gramophones, 2
Travell- Bags 1 Shoe-
Arm Machine, I Treadle
tr Machine, I Ensign Cam-
(1:0); 1 Brownie Camera, 1
Camera, 1 Bathroom Scale,
elghtnn. Machine,
ee Piano, Croci ', ing
NS, G01 s a nd Brass -are. 2
.Simmons Bed and SprinSx;
uI TTU.Post Bed Bedroom
ROM Sitting Room an&

L L. WmT-'MAN..
~At~UdC er

Magistrate And

Lawyer Differ

On Legal Point
The view that magistrate made
an error In the past In taking Into
consideration only convictions re-
corded against delinquents for of-
fencei committed prior to the par-
ticular one they were dealing with
at the time in considering what
punishment they should impose
was expressed In the First Police
Court by Mr. W. J. Andre.
Told by Mr. 0. R. Annisette that
magistrates did it and he agreed
with such a practice, Mr. Andre
refused to accede to a request by
the solicitor that he refrain from
asking about convictions for of-
fences that took place after a
charge on which Herbert Nicholls
appeared on Thursday had been
laid, and he proceeded to deal
with him as a former offender.
Nicholls was held some time ago
on accusation of selling a bottle of
rum without a licence and the
case was only heard on Thursday.
While the hearing of this charge
was pending he went and sold
again and was fined $240. Mr.
Annisette told the magistrate that
In his opinion this conviction re-
corded against him since the
present charge was laid ought t
to be taken Into consideration on

"That is a mistake a lot of peo-
ple make," said the magistrate.
Mr. Annisette remarked, that it
was unfortunate, because many
magistrates had held that any ace
committed subsequent to the act
for which a person was charged
could not be taken into considera-
"It is whether anything is re-
corded against him," said Mr.
Andre, "not If It was recorded be-
fore the present charge was laid.
It is a conviction previous to the
conviction on the jay in question,
not previous to the laying of this
charge. It does not matter when
Syou were convicted."
Nicholls, who said that he stub-
bornly refUk to Msell a bottle of
runm he was taking home for his
own use to a man -who pleaded
that he was badly In need f a
drink, was seat to Jail for one
year on an accusation of trading
without a licence.
A fine of $240 had previously
imposed on him for a similar of-
fence, court record disclosed.



Lord WavellU Refum
To Meet Mr. Gandhi
MW D=tJu Jun s O U-
ter)-L4A4 WSwt the Viet-
r reported a fu".J to m t
MobsindA aGanb has cauid
no msurprftM hem where it i
rq dm Onmbentwith A t
warei*la two of theo Vloises
eponaeno inamlta the y
eould bafe no ueul duisus-
Sion While 3s attitude
remains aacb-get
Regarding Lod Wavel's r-
fusal to eult andhi to
meet members ao tbe 0n0
Working rCo ittee, us U i fd
that hi claim to meet tem
is baLd on what Is officially
regarded a a technIcality-
that the Oomauitee and not
Ood1T control Congress.
It Is undestood that Oandhi
IS unwilling Jo give any under-

mitte. _.

Invasion Fund

Gets $1,000

Proceeds from a Pantry Sale at
"Hillcote" and a Fete at the St.
Augustine Recreation Club have
brought in $1,000 to help lift the
British Red Croe Society's Inva-
sion Appeal Fund from an already
acknowledged sum of $31,870.77 to
37,225.30. Latest list of contribu-
tions in as follows:-
Alreedy acknowledged .......... $31,70.77
Daliirock Covaliescent Home 200.00
Y. d m Lima C ....................... 100.00
Red Cross Workers, Ebeneser
ospel Hall I........................... .. 22.5
M rs. ynu ......................... 0.0
Mr. Mrs. V. L. ............... 20.00
standard Oil Co., of T'dad Itdl. *0.0
lady Dorothy do Verteull-Col. .43
Mr. Drak-CoL ................ 2.I1
T.P.D. (Palo Seco, Tennis Club 04.00
Staff, Hand, Arnold Ltd ........ 4.00
Crew. Tug "St. OGeoritge" ......... 9.
San Juan Sub-Commlttee-Pro.
emds from Cinema Show ... 11 ,9
Mrs. Ray LanKe-Col. at Trini-
dad Ag neles ................... 1
Mrs. Leslie Knaggs--Proceeds
from Jumble sale, Caroni 7.14
Mrs. Leslie Knaggs-DonsaUtlons
Caroni Reltat Staff ............ 4.00
Proceeds from Pantry Isale at
"Hilicote" and Fete at St.
Aulustine Recreation Club .... 1,000.00
The United Grocers Ltd. ....... 250.00
M arons Ltd .... .......................... 200.00
Albert Luclen & Co. ... .. 100.00
Angostura (Dr. J. G. Stegert
& Sons) Ltd .................... S00.00
A. W. Kraft-sgert .............. 100.00
William Fogarty Ltd. ...... 500.00
Trinidad Publishing Co., Ltd ... 500.00
Marlay Co., Ltd. .. ............ 200.00
Trinidad Ageneles Ltd ....... 300.00
J1. 0. Henrlques & Co., Ltd. .,. 100.00
David Morrin Sons, Ltd .... 120.00
Leon Mathleu & Co . 150.00
Gloria Stone-Collection from
her Schoolmates ..... .. 4.30
Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo G. *estgrt 100.00
r. W. Milling & Co. .......... 50.00
General Supplles Ltd. 0.., .... O.00

MADRID, June 30 (AP)-Re-
ports that could not be confirmed
were circulated today that General
Maxime Weygand, former Com-
mander-in-Chief of the French
Armies escaped German Imprison-
ment and is now somewhere in
France helping to organise the re-
sistance movement In greater
LONDON. June SO (Reuter)-
Kenrick Stephenson, B.B.C. re-
porter, is posted as missing from
a bombing mission over Germany.
Stephenon came from Canada
earlier In the war and his voice
was known to many of the B..C.
listeners as a news reel narrator,
reporter and news reader.





for home or office

Boeclally selected bv our repr-o.
sentatvUwe. Mr. Jack de Lima,
in the VA. and Canada.
kOWO0% O%0%w0

D Lourim eweller

Y. Do Lima & Co.





. . ....... THE MOLDAU



58 Fredick St.

'hoMe 5273












strument for the settlement of
civil disputes. However the Crown
has no objection to the application
which was made and In the cir-
cumstances I order that you enter
into a recognisance in $2,000 with
two sureties of 2960 each to be of
good behaviour for one year."

'No Radios On Cars'
Warning Issued
Warning against the use of
wireless receivln2 sets attached to
motor vehicles in the Colony has
recently been Issued by the Gov-
ernment Wireless OffMoer. Mr. P.
R. Sullivan.
Offenders are warned that in!esa
such sets are rendered useless,
they will be liable to prosecution.
The restriction does not. how-
ever, apply to the use of any
such sets on Government business.

SisL. m 1,., I*..--I... ** ..

months by Mr. A. J. Hamilton in
the Sccjnd Police Court yester-

Lewis Savoury was ordered to
.pay $50 or serve 30 days when he
pleaded guilty to an accusation of
unlawfully receiving two bott ; of
rum from the Baltimore Recrea-
tion Club.
Savoury said he went to the
club with another man who pur-
chased the rum for him.
Convicted on an accusation of
selling rum without having a
licence, Conrad Douglas was sent
to Jail for six minonths.
Douglas, who pleaded guilty,
sold one bottle of rum to Special
Constable Hernandea on St. Vin-
cent Street for $4.
Bertie Douglas, Conrad Douglas
and George Stanley, who were
accused of assaulting Constable
Hernandez when he arrested Con-
rad Douglas. were sentenced to
six months' Imprisonnient each.

i-s 5 -s av uvigj wy to spend an evening.



The Ladies' Charities Committee Invite you to the


at the


Saturday, July 1st from 8 p.m. to midnight



Space kindly lent by United Grocers.





*& it **because of today's war. ,1
time conditions.
We are doing our best to
kepT dealer supplied with
Lierin "* Tooth Pu because
we kw how mch you appr. .
da. the dlagquaUties of a
thi f deace. Plers bear
wh u and remember twif
you are unable tov your tube
of Listerine today-possibly
you can ge it tomorrow.
So-0evrytimeyoubuybo th o o&
fses, *h for Liscerie Tootb
'OrE*/ Sw


WmZ iWAARA. 0 0

WiL4 anl accwd OR ComnAtd

City Merchant Profiteered

And Obstructed: Fined $974,

Traped by Corporal Nicholls and Constable Bakah into selling
two biap of potatoe and 12 pound of split peas above the.
schedule price, Uevlkanandad Rampersaud, a Henry Street merchant,:
we yesterday ordered by Mr. W. J. Andre in the Firsnt Police Court,'
to pay $M0 fine on each of three charges of profiteering, and a
allar fine for obstructing the police. He was also ordered to pay'
"$4.0 eOats.
14.0-4 Corporal Nicholls marked two!
a--, e i20 notes and gave them tc a eil-
C hli'x .< dl ra IMan who went to Rampersaud1s
C ity Saialllean grocery and purchased two bags ofi
t t potatoes Pend 1.2 pounds -. split'
Pleatn f ie llasee." He tendered the two nstes,
PJritlL~h.V ,' l NIu au and Rampersaud took $12 for each
_of the two bags of potatoes which
It Mi il fl i x weighed 1621b. and 157ib., respee-'
In Fraudt ViS tlvely and valued according to the,
schedule price $9.42 and $3.28. He
Stating that he had no desire to alsotook $3.60 fo the Peas I ln-
stead of $2.40.
see the Criminal Court used as a mpersaud It was further
lever or instrument for th. settle- stated obstructed C.-rporal Ni-
nent of civil disputes, Mr. JUSt'; ,cholls by erasing from a slate,4
Hallinan dealing with Jack Hen- figures used n calculatin the
wood A city salesman accused of iuesue n l
the fraudulent conversion of 1.100 prices of the good-. 4
ntlmated to all concerned that $ Ramperaud denied chargir, the,
intimated to all concerned that hI prioes alleged, but the magistrate.
was with great reluctance that he rejecting his storv, observed that',
was acceding to counsel's request rjecti h toryl,a wbs r v tha,
hat he be placed on a bond, prin- Corporal Nchlls, as well a the
:Ipally on the ground th-, he had decoy, had given evidence with
made restitution. great exactitude.
Henwood was put on his own Sub-Inspector Harris. prcsecut-
tond in $2,000 with two sureties of Ing, asked the magistrate to Im-
960 each, to be of gooC behaviour pose the maximum penalty. Ram-
or one year. persaud was not a poor shop-
Mr. E. P. Bruyning on whose keeper who was trying to strug-
dvice he pleaded guilty, told the gle, he said. He was a wealthy.
1 .Jge tbht the incident was really man who was fleecing the poorer
he result of a dispute over com- class of people, a man ,'ho owned
issilon that Henwood was to have property and not the type of man
ecelved after selling a car and to whom mercy sho Id be al .n.
their things for the virtual com- Mr. Louis Wharton. who ap-
iliinant Ferdinand Penco. Resti- peared for Rampersau told the
utlon had been made he said and magistrate that he could show hia
everything had now been settled displeasure without going to the
between them, and an agreement degree of severity suggested by
iad been reached between Hen- Sub-Inspector Harris.
wood and the other man. I
When Mr. Bruyning asked that Cecil Romini pleaded guilty to
tenwood be placed on a bond, Mr. an accusation of buying three
k. C.Rlenzl, Counsel for the Crown motor car tyres without permission
hinted that he had no objection to of the Transport Emergency Board
he imposition of such a penalty, and was fined $120 or 'three
Mr. Justice Hillinan told Hen- months.
wood: "I have decided somewhat ---
eluctantly to accede to your coun- Dissatisfied because Arthur St.
el's request that you be permitted Clair did not lend him $10 which
o enter into recognisance with he wanted to borrow, Ooderick
uretles to keep the peace and be Colzack began to argue with him
f good behaviour. It is a very un- and subsequently broke a bottle
isual form of sentence which I and cut him on the left check.
>isS with particular reluctance be- Convicted on a charge of a.'-
ause I do not wish a criminal sault occasioning a wound, Col-
ourt to be -rrtde a lever or an In- Zack was scnt 'o jail for 12'

any bedroom, the)

s to fit almost any b
designed to keep the
I out-lost many a n
and see them-and

. 1

y're made in oa
ed. Cool, corn-
ir shape, these
nore expensive
try them.



Standard Life
'Asmaranee Co.
Establish l tn the Wet
diad fter 5 years.
Marine Square P.0.8.

Royal Naval Club





is ~a~misass

ADMISSION I.............. I/-
Hen. Lady Membero-4EL




EDNE8D!,Y, sTH JULY 1it44
1o sP..
Instructed by Archlba Young,
Esq., we will sell all is well-kept
Furniture, etc., aomiprh-Ij .. -
Bros Bedoutd with Mattress,
Pillows and Net; hitsts Enamelled
Bedstead V.,t Matt. Pillows
and Net, Mirrored ..ardrobE, Cyp
Dressing Table, orap.1 r-essaing T
ble. Waxed p ompAesctum, Wash-
stand and Toot Ware. Towel Rail.
Chest of Drawers, edroom Clock,
Ca ). Writing TaMe, .' Iroom
Obair. Wall-Mirror, Jost tand.
Linen Press, Sewing Machn, Ta-
Mble, Mirror on Stand and Ranging
Mirror, Mahogany Dinig Ta-e,
and Sx r ip. Chairs, labogany
Sideboard a-iu DMln-erW.-onerv-
w Tab a Dinner Service, Din-
toC Roi Clk. Mahogany Ohins
bafisOh 0 -eas t, Inlaid Ma-
hopany Centre Tsble,. t.P Ware,
Brass-top Table, and BrSaware,
Ese. Table Lamp. Dee. Kettle.
Book Case and Books, .rmsrorth
Meypedk In 10 Volutnus, Tanta-
s Ohm an yrex Ware, Taer-
m PFlask Meat ak, Pantry
Ware, M a3 and Weights. Oil
St Dover Stove, Alum. Pot& and
s,,maMtnchsg M i lne, Step Lad-
der, Oa1v Bath par Garden Itab,
Oarpenters' Took, Wardsn UJt
O boy Chairs with
to match. Wicker at an
Contrea Table, Plants tIn Pet. and
as % e rdge.
nein fr vim 0t" Mto .to and
Sono &. wncominoImm



On loans from $3.000 to $10,000 at 6% per annum.
On loans upwards of $10,000 to $20,000 at 5% per anSm.
On loans upwards atf $20.00-special rates
For particulars apply to-

DeWitt's Pills

quickly relieve

joint pains and backache
warn you that your kidneys
are out of order. They are
getting sluggish and allow.
ing impurities and poisons
to escape from the blood.
stream and lodge in the
muscles and joints. These TH FUNCTIO
poisons (especially excess OF TH1 KINMI
uric adid) may briaong ^ *.. ... *.
painful rheumatic wl L ti M 1
~Itf Vtheare not
qurdily Cleared out of Hi-- ssrf I
m te yem. The way clm
to tackle the trouble f
istogoatronceto the
root cause-- sh
the unhealthy
condition of
you kidny.^^^^aTefi( sl
ame especially prp do|wrrtssa B J
to Correct 7inT ot .L W J|
Tbat's w Proed
. such an m itt o
forJoint Pa Rheumati won erfl I
and Uackacbe. De Witt' septic Is ettIng i
Pill, 4et only clear a the my MUM
ckoata impurities a"= in the .l . .i .h. h.
potsona-they actually tone Once your
up and M u e the kid. stored tom
ney You eteIdencofthe those llatpl
dMewacti.Vo Da Witta twine and i
Pills within 2 hours of backaches
Uta the "doL. This plaetg


4 4


To" lw-ko-low wpw

M IM IC-.--

AN asset t
variety of sizes
fortoble and de
mattresses will
brand. Come c



I '-



4r-- - - l - - - - - - - - - - --S l








16 1

~i 5rhba uurbta uf'WM
uwam ,smuin e. a ass

mm Y om Aw
Kp &I si -ino MA .P M *w I LA16
*> KW u, Msfr -- ee i Me *

SUOMa vi IIO1MAmsAum massP

ATUMAY. t I. 20N,4

Executive Authority Needed
To Hold Rilay Together
WHAT is to be the future of the railway?
The queions to be asked now that
Colonel Letleh has gonse and a Govern-
ment official, In the person of the Inspec-
tor of mtines and Petroleum Technologist,
has been appointed to act in his place.
Is the railway to revert to its original
status as a Government department run
by Civil Service methods? Or will steps
be taken to put It on a footing which will
guarantee continued progress?
It is no slur at all on the Inspector of
Mines to say that, no matter how useful
he has proved as a member of the Advis-
ory Board, he can hardly be expected to
shoulder the funll responsibilities accepted
by his predecessor. Colonel Lellich was
well equipped by circumstances, training,
and experience for the special task he
successfully undertook by virtue of his
executive powers. It must be assumed
that the Inspector of Mines' appointment
Is temporary and not permanent, but
the danger is that the Government may
let things remain too long as they are,
with resultant dissatisfaction and decay.
This would be no fault of the temporary
chairman as an individual; it wvuld re-
"slt from the Government's failure to
act quickly and positively to meet the
new situation.
What we need to keep the railway
moving forward Is an executive rather
than an advisory board-a statutory body
operating through the General Manager
on lines similar to those of the Tnnidad
Electricity Board. We have been urging
this ever since the advisory authority was
created in June, 1943, and a question was
asked in the L.gislative Council about it
a few months later, to which the Govern-
ment replied that it did not then con-
sider such a move advisable. If there
seemed no reason at the time for such an
attitude, there is less cause than ever to-
day to shelve the matter and continue to
let things slide. Arrangement's for con-
t rol by an executive board should have
been made in advance, in order to be
available as soon as Colonel Leilich left
Trinidad. But It is not too late to repair
the omission, provided steps are taken
now in the right direction.
The "Trinidad Guardian" strongly
advised against letting Colonel Lellich
leave Trinidad If he could be kept. and
we understand that unsuccessful efforts
were made to retain his services. We felt
and still feel that he would be able to
help us In other problems besides those
of the railway, and his return will be
most welcome if It can be arranged with
the authorities in Washington, as per-
Shaps there may be some hope of doing.


0e7 Eli

Won 0e Gmmt ni esbw my
e amof t nS kind to keep It fm M
orgaulian te Atdvisry NOdW fton*-
tim. o the tIme we bBe b dated dand
Which the beard Itself ib maXi to
7dC We do no t tie ablMty of any
of the key m now at the railway, bu,
epurece of Ie nW dln effect of COva
Service procedure has dwn that abilt
sloa Is no guarantee of abeem in men
cases. It wiln he rawvely to the Oover-
munt' disemdit f the rafl services are
allowed to deteriorate through failure to
place them at once under the direction
of a statutory executive board. This is a
critical moment in railway affairs, and
the problem must be taken seriously and
ettled promptly.

China's Resistance Helped
European Invasion Plan
NPW thaUt the United States Air Force
bave had to abandon Dneu zepat new
ahreld at Hongyang in the Chine.e pro-
rince of Hutmn was not in the least sur-
priing, for the town was practically sur-
rounded by large Japalese forces which
had made the place untenabi?. BWfore
they left the airfield the Americans made
sure of its not being of use to the energy
by plastering it with l.Ol0001b bombs drop-
ped by the departing P51s. They are. of
course, many new airfields available for
the use of the Americans. who will doubt-
less keep a close eye on any effort by the
Japs to put the abandoned and battered
area into commission again-
However, the situation at Henrg'ang
and in the surrounding district is one of
considerable concern to the United Na-
tions, for the town was cne of the prin-
cipal forward bases in China, and its
gain by the enemy gives them a valuable
position which they will doub',less ex-
ploit in an endeavour to cut China into
several battle areas, and so weaken the
main strategic- plan. This has been the
object of the Japanese for more than
seven years. First they tried to cut north
from south and failed, and o,,yV recently
met with a similar fate in trying to sep-
arate the east from the west.
It is. perhaps onlv natural! that the
tremendous even's occurring every day
on the Continent of Europ) shOUld over-
shadow the (-ar beliit !,'ught with equal
fury in 'he Far East. But people should
pause a r-.Pr-,cn' t reflect that. but for
the hero:c stand made bv the Chinese
armies under thie command of General-
issimo Ch:ang hai-Shek, the present of-
fensive against Hitler's fortress might
well have had to be postponed. The fact
that China has contained a 'arge portion
of the Japarine-se army has helped the
United Nations to push forward their
plans against the major enemy in Eur-
ope; and so long as the forces led by
Chliang can hold the Japs until Hitler has
been overthrown, they will have rendered
inestimable service to the cause of de-
mocracy. But China is doing more than
that. Against the loss of Hengyang the
Chinese have captured Mogaung and still
hold a big wlice of the important railway
system of central China.
Chiang Kai-Shek and Major-General
Stilwell, of the Combined Chinese and
American forces, are doing wonderful
work to hold the Japanese fully occupied
while in Burma Lord Louis Mountbat-
ten's troops are making progress in their,
plan to push the invader from British
territory. Further south General Dou;,las
MacArthur is meeting with steady 'uc-
cess. Already the extreme outer ring of
defences created by the Japs in the Paci-
fic has been penetrated and destroyed
and now General MacArthur is creeping
towards Tokyo, though his original as-
signment was simply to halt the Japan-
ese drive to the south, and hold it until
the United Nations could finish off Hitler
In Europe and come to his aid for the
assault on Japan proper.
Chiang Kai-Shek, MacArthur, Mount
batten, and Stilwell and the forces under'
their command are doing glorious work
for the United Nations.


LetaUe TO
Tmh L ==w


21M Itiw. w Smtoa .r

? misat*ttl lim wum wrbre-_________
026 r.: WillZ I A1" .0800 Mal
i r as usJe ti th o I I I
n et tw heMbrUOhem m V
Tl'he taket 011t11101e antp

Capia w rtal f h* ir-f! ~ Lo nado Sam ThomasBowr t x m uc, troubled x,"d m' i cm
i doar aml, t a am-
an holdeAsmonsbtom 9rof

Ltleatlv m S m mmsh *jee __
rrwW~f of, tft ptoupluea done-
,,_s~v ... . .. ...M :,wa h doh or .arbuMstpth fr.
Jof gettingwrongs W i d. toW has -d ts s Mar ad an him
Frmm y oaiwafs.we have AN b wRoa

e M--o and hoarse maz a1-,Mted a- y tM te" uwM 1d,1 no1oses. but to pu a down belo1
ame msev nt aiia ti thea,- yo
t, ot -a w we f oee our W the r a e dM r m ge tWauIngd

Shew rd w1c ot eds A iLndon And Portof.Spa n I t
his. ...... ...hisnek T t* inDs b= h
in t =ga :a v ocniti is
7 i.y t*holuttath o hare 'g^fire Conditions Compared

tsh! 51;. dOoue her o t s c 3r OUt waterO oh s to be pIuled oW". nothing
In the v'ear 10a the Lord Waror couldstp thefir. Tbhey 5"'m
Capaz wtsl I "Zg hs ft atlaf LononSt' Thaimu Btudww'th. much = ubeand the King em-
MWan t~n d HOV informed the do rtuein sCad mS t sanVed to g" to ny Lzrd

"M P D Tv ii Lond^ town -Gthonwa ete its ao awr. not obey com e. Ind haim to a
ot ne t 2se sd a Pns m e n iyee. d a It" by ma nrtty te w of pnohg down hes oes but the for
Mt of iaiWE dOft fel 1 I and tho The bringnli of the jusater the fire Iun ever than we cy. n
t o relmu ch e ht o1. s ci 1t4y the Cz ItyaboveO N '
to beong to St. a trick's. and Im-aencle. sdhel hr mut p aad there an
the lAs" lme I new and heard our 1 tothe questioning diarMtSarmuel OU bE Old~&d* ehve ry aa

e'e rof he LAi oi t ad o at Let uh rase these curtain on the lf having bwithen up ol nlht Sa
In ta d tric t a daw thdt our h od next acp th i t whh drama. On the he icft me l I him, e et a
wchi i rand. when oes do kIgt o b t. Joseph Convent people dtAt ctd and no meY

not open urnl 10 o'loc In the fie, *I Port-of-Speln wM *wak- ted to quench the fire. Bo hef
ron, Th are nny across the s re fo wheew I but with ta handkercer about
'her hlos we can ten h. In the year of our Loried 1944my own the his neck. To thfire Kin' my s rt ah

y eto see what resource would be at tokuitterrte Peapl do ryw
ac omianied Liad Cfford i er v command n aCa th e fire of th a fainting woman. tro
elsitciring her WN.S.. campaign dC~s'ebte nmorewater" George what hall 16o? 1 am sp~nt. People
bu ddno eehn.1 11 Ge oe- aer oto. ntobym. I have been
burtl wa dthere, bn.Peiih~p b reject-d it: by a majority vote of pulling down houses but the fin

How ds thi tl think reached s implies that just as i overtakes us fasterl, an we an d
S of hao onat hud eortwfhen hot ung ls-nothin 1944. the City Fathers I
.o Sn Ferno an'dot tt him that aforsatisfied that the water lay tt allhe needed no more soldier.

nS'. geneml election? I ju~t hope 'Fire Limited "The house too he naSt th D letter w l catch his iles are adequate to cpwith to help him, nd for burning,
to t1~)&ifour road& from La Brea emergencies,.efh utg adrfehhn
!to Gonzales, that Nuenos Aires sl ems oadrfehhm

need helthoffiaESPInED a Let us raise the curtain on the selfhand tar, olen u allnd brandyight. WS
La Bwea y .a tatus next act of this drama. On, the e loft th andi of the einty gi
which sellrum anddrygoodsdonight of theat. Joseph's Convent people distracted nd nts mien
not open urstl l e0o'clock in jthefire, all Port-of-Spsin was &wai- used to quench the fire. gohere

!"Jane called us tabout A thr^ hn ulde.
Thmorning and close a"Tril4lo GurdV."', ened byg, to the crackling of flames Ito bed only my drawer
Ythe r correspon.denT "Crioua aire mo the citsqu are from where a I but still both eep and wakin
; other.htin;s we very fi i p on mastily I tried my own, and went Watr of fire In yat
ortly we can see Wem i.,r 'te Gn te ere whatiresources would bet took little rst. People do cryOn

erai Mor.gmv comm bornand oin- "athe afire of the simplicity ofmy sud
How does t such is variety of con. breached unus. The response was a Mayor in general more pnart
lctmg birthplaces c if or when hemfollowed I thouing at t fall! cularly in this business of ppthe fir,

**hfle to him oft.s an o vW t to bed e4again d ^ l. to ;6S to ort~ree S k
EnIland's pro coesent foth e seat forn- the Ilaying it all upon b.

erate w la san prblt North ef "B~y antd by, Jahe comes end telsthe i af was to T~r 4hetrk
Ireland or AngUctiond Ijusrthe M that sFire hears that ovLimited "The houses too so very thic.i
thand eight, therefore, under -wi catch his eye andare full of matters away So burning a
Lucilsfr or-lEf-pan, th ptch and tar, ofls and brandy. We

ant cBrcumsaces, be somewhat te are he w and that It i nOW of thsee thci hill of there ientiren
lath to ow e ritual f- bning down all b the people t by withoutrrid malicious blood flamX
I rish L leaders Praised to what Samuel Pepy had down with my needed noise the la
brethren i re. Janet fulled of trouble to there In m .
Howevr, Irland's monopoly o emorningt of the Tower who tell us of a great ot in
Yh.r top pcoritiespons en Brtai's war t"tban early thishe city. So I arose and
w leadersh.tinp es by no means ery diffino- thei on my nightgown. and went Water A 3aes

menon o( this war only. In the last dine Lane. *awl~,SJL P T?
,t war.o herace wer General Sir John "So her windown to thought it toer-ide and ept
eral Mor.!gonierv was born, bectatiebe on the backsid! of Marke Lane, Thefireftburned from Sunday

Trenchr ch a variety of cnd betty being unused to suchaw a laments as till Friday., spite of the bopste
to mention two; and to go further able followed. EverybI thought it dy endeavourgh adequacy ofn the wrMw, anpi
baclves I am nt at sure that the to remove goods, ant to bed flaging and being to ed hoflir tree thanks I
England's present f ourrbeetrng tosleep. pipo e the only ethwod of reaCke

eraltas w ellina ton p wabnlity ot o4 i'by and by, Jane cot e pand tpeopll wa w a fita soee the thuk
Ireland or Angilscaed prshvenW e that she hbe a that above S3 and a tl the heater y an of it
and vitght, therefore. under pr.%- houses are burned down tonight by flown"tis*le& Way. SO"e Pam

Sent thc ircumstan of slcs an e somewhat the v fire she sawand touched them and wae ofl sm here, we re enr
Vth ctoracknowledges, tphit this the- burning down all Fish Street by wclam t wastoer when to ewas ma
nitv with their neutral Gaelic London klidge.--So down with my needed.

brethrenoin Mire. he full of trouble oe air o airs to othe Ueut- t
However tireland's h monopoly of en ant of the Tower. whother thlls me Most of the buildings were ma
the top positionsin Britains war that bigan early tieons modern of wood, 4 clloathose to London learned Ither, and IT
leadership is by no means a phene- evthe tKing' s Bakers, bu hovered new city waeis rebulr ing six yea

-im abotutn reaido S- the win-dow*s and balconies, according to a plan; fire ian
ime non of this war only. In the last din tLanbure d the.r w s and wen et in ths wrter i
war, there werol General Sir John So I down to the water-side and a dreadful plague had swept awI

ai wn-ipnnf ~iifiou an noi- '" dwn-fellowship of carmen underiook
Taenc woleandf AmelLors aty -there got a boatid and sain alamen hour's lean the streets. Whenof the populi

TrNew YorknAPolicm lore and B .heatty. We read the h p es wt
Sword's h-eavyweight boxingl cham- way and nobody to v'y> sight ende- actually came out, and lthoml
Smenion two; and to go further able i quench it but to re- they were never very kee e
back. si amis at all sure that the to remove their goods, and eus l to sd their entire bodies theo watU
Irm ortal Wellington was not an the river, nd th wind the ty I t lert theny were not event
Iris hman. ll ighters that Idvny off; poor pepcty from doing a o by lack ofund that has'
Sss ote t responsible e co-and everything after so long and that the only remedy used
hvti-' list of selec' and brave till th ve" fire touched them and wr f vlsel rsn r

Vicr toriabuto ,ss winne that this then runoving into boats, or lm garbage was to hold to the o
Imonopoly by the Irhis by no being from one pair of s o an orange into which a clove bki

an ETRoeD. Wt DDo P te ne Wanther. And among other thingsere th-en my stuck.rndad Guardian."

Staff the poor pi onswere lFor t nvasLodon learned Its lesson. Ti
et rale eve Teir ous's, but hovered new city was rebuilt in six ye

different parts of the city after one Y-nI 8CLC .taty_ excnange Intormati'
o'ttkl y p about the windows and blcond es, a according to a plan; f airborne phabi
If thime rCity Council continue bu- toill they burope d their wings and were etlt It water pipesOandl
loan other month to beautiful horst" mo c fell down. fellowship of carimen undertook
and women, 4 religious and poll-ll .Having staid and in an hour's clean the streets. When the 1,0,
tlcal Intolerance, of emigrants to time seenth, fire rage in every doners *'op-Ined their p1 .wa
ew yorkd's heaywight Forigchaind-hewy and nobody to my sight endea- actually came out, and although)
word'sheaywigh boingchin-voiingtoquench It. but to re- they were never very keen an ex.
pionship, of occasional ancient ove gtheitr goods, and leave all to posing their entire bodies to water
gretrlins like George Bernard Shaw, the fire, and th wind mighty at least th-ry were nut prevented
is am to make people forget Ire- high, and driving it into the city, from doing so by lack of that ele
land's other more responsible con.l and everything after so long a ment.
r tributions. drought proving combustible. As I read my history book ano
e PETER D. WIDDI'? "I to W-titeriall and there th~n my"rinidtad Guardian."
Point-a-Pierre. up to the Kingt's closet In the often as myself precisely In whIet
-Chapel, and did tell the King that period am 1 11%ing.
rCity Council Criticised Pa e sd F rC sate
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian." w
k Despite heavy rains, water is not P a es U ed F r Invasionf auate
yet available for several hours in
different parts of the city aferoe b y LflTTA SIUNLRY sAir exchanged lnonnstle'

Government Ntices

-Co-trol Boar
Aso e of CottCA Piece Goods
to W m bda a ua for period
jul gteabW IM bea now been
mde by the Unitd Kingdom ad
I p en who hold V'a IleeMeM
shiOM tmefore plae ordu w th
U. K. sLpUer l edIately.
IVAIN 5.XI'535Rg
Aetn Smeretar7. C- r DOW&.
OC oak Oee t lSdnMO,
SSt, Vincent Street,
lidS jm, iW_____
COrrt C a3 I D zioiC

It hereby notified that for the
tem beimt .' pot of Beer frotm
the UBWW Kingdonm for .tvilian
w"unMt Ucenmn will, however, be
er.nted for a Umited quanutity of
Beer for N.M. Services and Ships'
StorVs Shipm ts in al ; a are
to be coniMgd direct to the pUr-
cb"ses IVAN F. MINOLtS.
Actn Secreuutry Control Bsird.
^LJ P** canee* Bujil~ni&i

1' Y




* |













St. Vincent Street.


no-Dea h of (a) MOOM Ia
workman lately am* ei
Ste. iadeletne 4
I"L. whieh occurred
Uth day of Ms, 14.4 .
(b) oUGOAL, w"
-lately ploye vth i
Sugar btate Ud., wt&
cured on te 2Sth q
February, IM4.
Compensation in tfhe above i
ter having been deported Wth
under Section s of the Woraim
Cooipensation Ordinance, the
pendants of the said (a) aoops
and (b) eemungal are 1u
iuired to appear before i
misaioner on Friday the fth 9
July 194.. at 93J o'clock -i
forenoon at the Court Howe, P. 14
of-Spain, when the ComU1l
shall proceed to determine ths
tributl on thereof.
Proof of relationship of A
dants to the deceased worksa
be rquited by the Comml
to be furnished by clataaf
the enquiry. Such proof to i
the form of certificates of M
snd of marrian. as In the elm
stances be necessary.
Dated this 7th day of June. 11
Deputy Registrar. Spreme Ce

Careless Talk

Costs Lives

There is a Highland stream flowing "somewhere
in Scotland," the waters of which usually go
into the making of your



om 1820 Still going Strong

We aloil agree that it's too bad we can't *
get it now-
But rememWber


Lighteroge and Transport Contractors.

Dry Cleaners and Launderers.
Fire Insurance on Buildings, Stocks, Furnitures,
etc. Relieve your unnecessary worry by letting
us carry your risks.

Can nrnvia t

ji family, businei
wm I
) ,
,,- It' ".^ii.:'-^..^ -7*'a L ;.

manner with tue questton of aljor strategy t minor details lke enemy whose fortifications begin
tImproved wa'er uiuply, which is l", conmentz of a first aid box. Jon the w's ead is a dilcult one, "
ont of their chief ttutory duties When Air Marshal S Harold which il prolbly not be eased
th+n they ought not to be surprised Whittingham. rectorr GCLe-mral of when Allied trocpa drive the enemy
If the Governor. appre-latin- the ":el a sertces. ;-oyal Air Por"e, aL. hUospittal. and the materials
dBsa?f action of aggrieved ctk.ens, land Brig'Wtdler general Oro. chie to bufld and equip them cannot be
i finds hi rsel consutrained to abotish Surge n of U S. Strategical Air trnsported fia Britain. It I n- is
the City Coun.ril and appoint the Porce in Britain, paid a joint visit kely that many will1 be found in
City Wator and -hr eenuntedBB- t9 an abeld in the South of n- Heated territory In a fit t
era tn dischargethie duties of the gind. before th start of operations to receive numbers of wounded.
Ci'y Cour.ri a% pcwM d to ma this o- A cer tain number of tranrt
DISGUISTED CITIZEi operation In one of it most in- aircraft nave therefore been fitted
Pt-of-S -tring forms. M that they can be converted in-
A: h.. alrfled. Wiomn's Auil- to airborne ambulances as ocn as
,iary Air Porce nurstng ordertles their freight Is unloeded. large
Call For Action ;%ef being turned 9Wr dutie s transport aircraft, such as SWpr
e ri "Yrtd Gu-h.*" txanr. aircraft fing to conU- row and Dakota, are being ed
T! hEdito. 'Trl- Gal,. Ontal little area. Tm ma- fort journey s between bases in EV-
I read wfth gre'astconcern otfa'slne carry U-gning a or aSUMand the Continent. smaler
piht of the poor... .. .e_ opmanetU in mne
plightofthe pe --i--t.&Wrtn- and rer, loaded wiMt pe. rinepay Ans aM c-iect Operative I
the garret and Z "s? 'WkeA to cle7t- sation In csuatltles in the forwad battle A
bruse recently visited w the May- r T* Air Maral and 'bhe eaw, and tke themS to the main LOCA TIN
or slid others ad mam!tke t h AAb
Well wnht ...an. pera i watened the training of b where they are dressed and oL AL, OTHER
Well. what is rmil toJ happen FOR AoLL OTHE
I ~ ~ -t Isths oig o e 44Wom en. e the Vltready to b -taken to Britain In o 2
wonder andar I a, -- w.. .. they y, and C4__MONDAY:
q yS my, stosw1rlomorrowos Churcth Serwce s i
We at getting tired of an tatS ANGLICAN I PRE ITERIAN
is happeIwng arwmd us and pent- CAP',EO"A^L op Tvms .oLy ThINIT I'v SUINiAN C#NmUCS4 or ScolANoo
up steam Is a my b ted ti. Oe- I Ia. Twia*Mr I 3. .s *-m. 5.2 .m... oo-- SW"-4_ u45 TUESDAY:
and+" orakMA.hanasm, I p u+. a a.m. h m. 5p. m.
B5.eae~ .^ wit ftatAt*1" ~-' _._* ,"-- __.^~ eSLI-.".!.^"; _lBI~T 1
wA a m W k. bu t w ha t is b m g seaw l ---- C S -, S -- .t + . . " "
aont f BIT ----- WEDNESDATI,
w S We., for -weeb without; an je a ant a 7 IA P PI'm 4 : Mow 4AT U9 0 RA L ,,,T W m actAC ULA ,
to mek of thi may otherI tta M, om m mn '- ,',' c ,,op .
somp at w have 1 to re oray l u __ yin; &., aL.4-.. Ts a.".. I m.
MarltRL 'm-* ow FT 0i r0r, iMMML -- TRbAY I
vmzS m b"UA*Wa k**."mo.. SALVATION ARM
r -- a "S ,0 ILS 00000 1, 1s*W 11 S fAl S. *,0
Healthier Hom< Needed ,, m-.a- t, TA. .ALL.." P as"
Tlw fMta. 'i*60" OMIfa-*| IL n ftaft". a 10t" sof"t IN > i.MWMNT ATo
h mad w*h .tut fTatr oniw..-O m P -Bri
paw tOT.aattow an Mandte AL Aan" *- __"
q w Tink "te Myr," r
Iss o s-a onmak s e at.thaf a, Ia '4 ..91 V--101.' aCo ." 20
l- te bowM 0 3, Is -V a .. ... = so u a.. .
=0= 4nfwf 0 an erytaIt MkW 0 *mwrn~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~1 %amXtnenfta ''^'' S^ )^. US.O. DmkdW!?^ U ILA* TOA
wB~rails fo tr hiaJthlsm ebda -rise .? , weiaiT
-C~r.. IF,. D. GW 44 t'm k.e"'*W0 .30 qse 4.m. ic>M...
*MrmX^ aoVSS"1?" VM" P8**W Am." SW; Of) to 4BOa ONiiiii Le .0

the necessary protection for y"
is and old age security.

UM & CO., LTD.





I -



The Victory Players


'j31L -I-*L CaoC


XX Tu Aumi oovwOn.


-- W-

AT ri b

AU Puo&ta f Ud WM mg Cbmrldti

kbieway bey 1e e0l1M9d figs Midse& Todd, Ltd.

spa bbL, by q l~hos 14

From February 14th, 1944
'Planes return by same reute.
Abercromby Street. Port-Of-Spait,
'Phones 6U and 7M48
L" a.m. Trlidad-Gremad--St. Vin-t
10-45 a-IL uah5=s&-.hv=K#*D8--ba
L.4 am.)
US, an.L) Trbaiad-Barade.L
1.2 p.m.)
Los ALm. Trismad-seau W4s UV
St. Raee-Aut. us-st f
gLm JTriMsad-GOemds--a nmm
IM. L)m) B-A.r--Dds.
*4.4 pA. ThrtMa--T.bsc.
6Na nm. a-raSWW" i Vine
S. Ueb-AU Toa-"t. iUla
tUS H. Ttt~hadaA3arbSadss.
L49 piL TrImidad.-hartaed
Use aLm
3,48 num) Teldda-.hwbedu.

e IBha-^.mo

II* TrtMa-fMw
GM 0A.I, --_'-"4 eS.
9L 113"L

8* m. Trtai.Ia4 Tbdaji a
LU p. baLy




tsh Press Comments On on The Road To Cherbourg

LS. Elections Shows No Bias

WHDON, June 30 (Reuter)-British Press comment an the nomi-
tis of IM. Thomas A Dewey, Governor of New York, as RepvUfca
to feo Whe United states Presidency i non-pertIeft But sm
lime s'O observes: o expect the British public to tabs
nterest In the election of th. Commander-in-fhtef of th ASXWIftM
and Navy would be askin too much.
t*h interest will be 4*e wide, aftd gnr It will Oeta
ift the result with a sincere detmsination to eocarAtulatse 0
Oetar And to wish him we.

"The Tunes" suy that Mr.
aewey's pledge of WOW14te do-
tion to he single t of victory
d the establislMent of a fm
Saluting peace is the osmmo
e of both sides of the At-
1-t the presidential campaign
S at the high level on which
Dewey has begun It, the cause
free peoples will gain, not
the constitutional neces-
,falt tng the American people
ion. in a great national poll,
leader In victory and in the
dawn of peace."
"The Tiam assumes that "'Open
yveoants Openly Arrived at' may
Sbe a Republican slogan bor-
from a Democratic Pres-
he "Dally Teleg.aph" declares:
T ere can be no dispute that the
publican post-war foreign policy
Bears a close resemblance to
it. Roosevelt's statement two
e am of the outlines of the
b he bad under consideration.
"he decree of concord now at-
ed between the American
artes and their leaders promises
for the development of a pol-
'y" based on "the organised con-
erted action of free nations."
The "Manchester Guardian" says
Sforeign affairs plank of the
is "still a very cautious
actlioon. It is good as far as it
Vagueness too hangs over
heir brade policy. On domestic
construction there is no certainty,
though It is negative-less Gov-
iment intervention and the early
of rationing and price fixing.
"So far as can be Judged it is a
tnctly conservative programme
l through. Mr. Dewey has put
spirit Into it but hardly al-
its character. By British
standards of what a reconstruction
ammne should be, most of us
d probably find it disappoint-

Poles Plan Army
1,000,000 Strong
MOSOW, June $0 (Reuter),-
Lleut.-Oeneral tigmund Berling,
commander of the Polish forces in
Rusia, hopes to have 1,000,000 men
hin is Polish army by the end of
the war, according to the latest
of "Wolna Polaska", organ
f the Polish Comminttee In Mos-
.The Polish army in the Union of
th Soviet Socialist Republics al-
ready has a greater fire power than
the pe-war Polish army, the news-

US Mission
or Ecuador
WASHINGTON June 30 (Router)
-Appointment of a United States
Maix Mission to Ecuador was
announced today by the State De-
nt. An agreement, provid-
f t details of the mission, was
today by Mr. Cordell Hull,
of State, and Dr.
SCorra, Ecuadorian Charge
SThe agreement, which Is made at
e request of the Government of
euador, will continue in force
four years and may be extended
t the request of the Government
[. The agreement contains provl-
Shullar to the provisions con-
ned in agreement between he
nited states Army or Navy mis-
ions to advise the armed forces of

ake Policeman
ets Three Months
"Stand by for action, stay right
here you are, you are under
rel, the squad car will be here
y minute," were the words used
Oscasr Brathwalite when he en-
ared the dwelllnghouse of Hilda
"homas at Laventlle and began to
red a warrant which he had to
the plaoe for rum and cig-
te also took statements
rem nall whom he found on the
ene and entered them in his
Before Mr. A. J. Hamilton In
he Second Police Court yesterday,
rathwaite denied that he pre-
ended to be a member of the
lice Porce, saying that on the
iht in question he was In San
mrnando where he had been from
he beginning of the year. He was
etenced to three months' hard
SLONDON, June 30 (Reuer).-
h Grand Hotel at Saint Moritz,
known to skiers and one of
e largest in Switzerland, was
urt down last night, said the
aJrman Tranaocean news agency.

De Gaulle

Pays Visit

To The Pope
---41--t a ^****B^IIIIIIIIIIIIII
ROME. Ane 9 (AP)--eaeial
Charles de GOaue,. m his returnama at ite (wn.t
from his visit to the frost, wemt C t Semr nSlfo ed teaSr away
to the Vatican where he was re- bo ara fFmes, c hbir IS
celved by the Pope In private P7r r
audience. b WYM = itr mw
The General after a conversa-
tlon with the Pontiff presented sv- ,- -
eral of his retinue, include. oen- B ,XT
eral Bethouart and M. do Beson se f
to the Holy Father. M. d lesson. 100 Nazis Killed
Councillor in the French Embassy Partia n
to the Holy See. who resided vr
Vichy connections when ot he F r u 0 (1eute) n N
enteed ome anouned is d- ZURICH June 30 (Router).-
entered Rome, announced hisad- Carrying out their threat to kill f JP
herence to General de oGaulle. 10 erman soldiers for eao I I
The Vichy Minister to the Vati- Italian hostage murdered. a &
can remains in office, but the partisan group attacked three
French in Rome regard the action Merman posts and captumd
of the Pope in according an audi- about 100 soldiers, who wire L18
ence to General de Gaulle as vir- afterwards found shot in a field, long i
tual Vatican recognition .of his states the Berne newspaper ldis
Committee of National Liberation "Der Bund," quoting a O& = dtio pi)
as the Government of France. report. S hlkin
After calling on the Pope, Go000 some
eral de Gaulle conferred with Car- t r again
dinal Maglione, Papal Secretary of r ii, now
State, then descended to the crypt itiV 5M IIg 1' rO across
of St. Peter's where he prayed be- Cherb
fore the tomb of the Apostle. hCen r rged
General de Gaulle visited the L nsure Urged PlyinG
Vatican without great ceremony, In h i
but as head of a state. He wore 0 Bis
his customary uniform of a two. Mr. 0 C Farrell, the City ua- maici
star French General without de- gnser, and Mr. R. Wilson, acting lag
corations. second assistant engineer, have th ege
His staff at Farnese Palace, the been recommended for censure "for hit
old French Embassy in Rome, Coun cI mmi ee recenCty a p i
whic agin as ecoe te a Coucilcommittee recently Cityplaioo
which again has become the centre pointe to i nquire Into matters on d
of French official life in the Eter- neoted with delivery of metal and Franc
nal City, issued a communique boulders to one of the Council's fiht.f
after the visit, saying: departments.
"The President of the Provi- Tbe committee, of which Coun- own I
siona'l Government of the Republic cillior Albert Gomes, the Deputy the An
was enthusiastically acclaimed on Mayor, was chairman, and the NAZIS
his trip between the Vatican and other members Oouncillor V. E.
Farnesse Palace. Henry, Councillor H. Hudson-.Pn"
bThere was a French urd of hillsP, recommended that the "
honour in oront o( g t alae Cite yo. a eeinr and those cond as-This
honour n. Gtindo aIt e oninat eer be onaure for Swmoi1
his return. Oeneal de w Gule their seemn tod"l 'o w
greeted the French colony In R0me ar"eort me toth em ne folo f who, ytr
-copoed~ h.F~e mainy o we them by yne ste'
--composedsmainly Of onncwh the Corporation's euria, which The
men married to Italians. There eventually led to the Inquiry. om
were also many French priests a The eommitte also recommend- of anI
nuns and others recently liberated ed that one of the Corporation's Ang
after years of internment. checkers be dismissed from eon,- Is not
General deo Gaulle also received iployment; and that there be imme- great
correspondents at Farnoee. He said dLte essation of all contractual te I
the French bad fought magnll- relTleMons between the Corporation costly
cently in Italy and the co-opera- and one contractor. but a
tion of both the American andl rn- photo
British armies was splendid, es- r m -- rlcan
claily within the th Army O.Y.U TO StaSie
to which the French were ;at- a v-ery wii
tached. I (nne Tnn;dh t. o,.

M.P's End Finance
Bill Discussion
LONDON, June 30 (Reuter).-
The House of Commons today com-
Spleted examination of the Finance
ill and the budget. The third
reading was passed without voting.
The budget makes no alteration
in the taxes Britons have to pay
and it is a Bill which means that
they are financing Britain's share
In the war successfully. It received
favourable comment from every
part of the House.
Sir John Andetson, Chancellor of
the Exchequer, defended his action
In providing taxes for scientific re-
search, and said in the long run
it will be of Immense benefit to in-
dustry in maintaining employment
after the war.

Mr. Starck Acting
During the absence from the
Colony of Mr. W. D. Lamnbie. His
Majesty's Trade Commistioner for
the British West Indies, Mr. A. R.
Starck is acting In his stead, ac-
cording to yesterday's Issue of the
"Royal Gazette."
The HIon'ble F. 0. Grant and
Di. Charles G. Deane have been
re-appointed by His EXcellency the
Acting Governor trustees of the
Bruce Stephens' Trust for a fur-
ther period not exceeding three
years, with effect from June 9.
Captain E. J. Johnon, 2nd B..-
talion Trinidad Volunteers, has
been officially transferred to the
Reserve of Officers with effect
from June 1.
Reo;gnation is disclosed of 2nd.
Lieut. A. B. Laraon from the Re-
serve of Officers, Trinidad Local
i Forces.

iimmHHHilm0flmnHlmmHim inlnutfligll111HHituiimiiiiiiiiHllllllllllllllll Hllltlll i im~imffliiu

Something New!




ond dry
Keep you--

Prie s"4.S eaek



o Pent L'Abbe, In the
wceska and rubble
'a~tiuIag With the

izis Using

w Methods

ION. June (Reuter).-The
deserted German propaganda
Which latterly have turned
culttSral" matters-hospita5,
and humperdeck, have be-
more warlike, and so ar.
attracting the crowds They
show fylng bombs hurtling
the Channel even from
ourg, with Folkestone, BUt-
e, Portsmouth, Southampton.
south and London Itself burat-
ilto flames.
ack magic against the black
ian," runs the legend, quot-
Portuguese proverb which has
une of the engineer hoist with
mwn petard. It goes On to ,X-
that Britain. "which was 0
at getting India, China, Pol-
Norway, Holland. Belu=m,
e, Greece and Yugoslavia to
for her. now has to shed her
blood for Joseph Stalin and
adds that new "secret wea-
are being held In reserve.
hardly tallies with the frank
aion of a German 'offlclal
on landing at a Lisbon airport
day from Germany, said:
end is near. Everyone In
my feels it. No one thinks
thing but peace."
lo-American propaganda here
Snow at its most effective. A
chance has been missed at
Lisbon summer fair, where s
display consists of nothing
score of over-enlarged static
graphs of British and Ame-
scenery-unlabelled, to pro.
the Portuguese with the not
Interesting pusle of deciding
lich side of the Atlantic each
V&uus Worm. Tnflu u,, t th@ffl

I '.avu", i. a. UIIIIIL American views the Statue of Lib.
Th Catholic Youth Organisation "rty looks as though it was toppling
will r' jc a variety concert tonight over. The German pavilion, in
at 7 o'clock at their clubrooms, Ca contrast, is full of colour, move-
Frederick Street, in aid of their meht and music, and skilfully gives
library fund. the impression of a Europe, ex-
A very attractive programme has eluding British, consisting of one
been arranged and several popular happy family of folklore loving
and talented local tae and radio peasants.
performers are included on the
bonny Chin Aleong. well known 'ldr
,oentia, mw a Task Force Sinks
sentimental sigr, wll render

c! Jap Fishing Fleets
in arian heart over ft ad/ ttri-
butlon loud speaker, is also s By NORMAN BELL
on the night'sa ,vOramms, WITH US. NAVY TASK FORCE
Rudy La Borde, 13, consIdered a IN NORTH PACIFIC June 20 (de-
most talented boy singer, will ren- played) (AP)-Guns of the prowling
der many Items, task force blazed in a new attack
--- -.'he second in two weeks-on the
Vichy Officer Japanese Kurile Islands today. The
Vicy O cer targets were enemy shipping and
Sentenced to Death Kuribu Zaki airdrome at the south-
ALGIERS.Juno 0 (A&. -Aen e.r d of Paramuahiro Island.
military tribunal toda0 convicted While the larger ships bombarded
General Pierre Blanc and Colonel st 'c a t enemy fishing boats near
Jun Magnin, Foreign Legion ic at enemy shg boats near
leaders, of treason and sentenced Kuralbu. uribachi and Sulibanelsh,
Magnin to death and Blanc to 20 off the eastern Paramushiro coast.
years' imprisonment at the conclu- A fishing boat fleet, possibly mak-
sion of another purge trial, ing catch-.s for Suribachi canneries,
They were accused of recruiting was virtually run down by a task
North African Frenchmen to serve force, This was a direct blow at
with the German armies on the the major enemy food supply, as
eastern front before November 1, fl.'I and rice form the principal
1942. items of Japane.'e diet.

U.S. Chaplain Advises Women

On Letter-Writing To Forces

euter)-* small ees1 wee made today to s wms of AmericaMS
by Lieuteam _03101 W041waf tDudwk, of W V1 oc, Virginla,
Senior Caplain to thse bN headquarters to 0"dl before they
--- "A great deal of aeeeary e
hapglness Is being eawed to our
sT ^Where." he said. "Iy letters they
Nazis Make "om oa ome
171 Mget from home. W om do not
N a isM a e l~lrealise that a mau atw n rut-
nd war does not wat hear
what a good time gir were havia
Strong Bl with somebody else, eve if it
an innocent friendship. If women
Should only read their letter over
4l hours after writlan th --their
Arou n C n men-folk would bneht.
q ^"Colonel Bruadick told Ie that
ICONTINUED PROM PAGE 1) many of the American boys who
have married over here have done
Caumont Is a site on the heights so because they have lost conf4-
overlooking the enemy lines giving qace in the women at home.
the troops a strong defence position "The boys who have been away
as well as a good Jumping off place from home for two years can tell
for an attack, from the tome of letters that the
girls are impatient," he added.
SIX German Divisions "'The men themselves are of the
Out Since Invasion age when they would be thinking
ot settling down. They are home-
By DON T"HITEHEAD sick, so they take up with girls
WITH A.MERCAN Pz.ORCS, over here. Despite the carg and
FRANCE. June 30 (AP)- An the regulations taken over Allied
American staff Ofe ud marriages, many of them will, 1
Aerican Staff Oficer id today fear, turn out failures and there I
A'd formc had killed or1 CaP" will have to be a grtat deal of ad-
turid the equivalent of six lull justment
German divisions single the inva- "I have found in mv experience,"
lon started. The Americans alone said the Chaplain, "that the aver-
hava captured over 38,000 and slain age American soldier is c.ean cut.
an estimated 10,000 with the great- He has a fine background but he
est number of these bagged In the is young and full of fire. He is not
s 'ift drive upon Cherbourg. out to 'kick over the traces,' and
The total of prisoners captured when he does I do not blame him
likely will run to more than 40,j0 until1 I find out why. It it usually
when the Cape de Ila Hague arts because of something he has learn-
wet of Cherbourg, Is cleared oi ed from home.
all Germans. d
The German divisions destroyed NOT 'HELL BAISKl'
were named the 152nd. 7TO9th, "Our men are not a wild bunch,"
7lth, 243rd and the 91st which with he continued, "for every 'hell rais-
the killed rind captured from other or' we have another who is quiet
enemy units make up the equlva- but gets into trouble because he
ent of another norms' division, has been disillusioned."
The enemy's wounded was stimat- The Chaplain told me of one boy
ed conservatively at three for every who has been away from home for
man killed. The officer said Allied two years and before leaving mar-
lles In contrast were 'teldtvely ried. against his own judgment, a
oinght. girl he had known In hign school.
light. 'The boy told me," said the Chap-
;South France lain, "her parents agreed to the
Sout F ~. marriage, and she wanted It, but
Invasion Predicted i had seen 'Gone With the Wind'
and I always thought that Scarlet
LONDON. June 30 (AP)--. A O'Hara was not to blame because
Paris radio commentator predicted she had been married and widowed
the invasion .f southern France. too young. I did not want that to
He said, t' e harbourss of Corsica happen to my girl.
would be a starting poll.. for land- "Now my wife is always writing
Wings expected in the region of &te. of the parties she soes to and
Rumours that the operations had know that I would not approve of
already started were not confirmed the crowd she goes with. I will
at 11 p.m. at 8.H.A.E.F. never feel the same and nothing
- > --s._ he can say will make v"- feel
I a e -' ,"It does not help a n.a to 'g.
CL, l over' with something on his mind."
said Colonel Brundick, "there are
F o p ie going to be a lot of boys who are
Snot going to come back- and they
Fro Em pie won't be the over-cautious ones."
LONDON, June 30 (Beuter).- 59 00 Immigrants
Nations of the British Common- W I m ga t
Wealth gave Lease-Lend aid Ao the Ad itted
United States in the first three Admitted o U. .
months of this year well in excess
Of $59500000. The United Kng- t WASHINGTON ,Jun 30 tReu-
dom's share amountedt0l^WiSoo) te.-The Department of JU-tlce
000 and Australia and New announced today that more ttan
land t uothra ontibtd Ne Ze- 5,0008 aliens were admitted, to the
ndtuother tontrbidabout a United States In the period July'
quarter of the total,
evealingo these figures Mr LeoDecember 194. Of these 15,108
Rev n the f eS M. Lo were quota immigrants, while 44,446
T. Crowley. United States Foreign non-quota Immigrants. Total re-
.Eonctnic Adnministrator points out presents an increase of more than
that they include only the aid ,000oo over the preceding period.
furnished to the United States Immigration was heaviest from
forces and to united shipping over- Germany. Poland, England and
sees and did not cover strategic Russia, while immigration frpm
war materials and foodstuffs sent non-quota countries was heaviest
to the United States. from Canada.
Mr. Crowley's report shows that S'
the volume of reverse Lease-Lend W gand ai Have
of supplies and services has risen ygan ave
steadily In the past nine Months Escaped From Nazis
and this aid played a vital part in
th. reparations for operations for JADM, June *0 (OP).-A re-
the liberation of Europe. port, which could not be confirmed
One of the biggest rush Jobs done was circulated today that Genr
for the United states forces in MAXI. Weygand., orar om-
Britain was the weather roo mender-in-chief of the French
of many hundreds of tanl, Tc armies, had escaped from German
and other mechanized equipment Imprisonment and was now asme.
so that they would reach the in- where in France helping to organ-
vasion beeches in fighting condi- is the resistance movement. A
tion it for passing through the Reuter's despatch on June 13 from
surf. Many other jobs were done Switzerland said that French of-
t have tLe invasion forces pre- ficers at Koenigsberg were told by
pared, including thp provision of the Germans that he had been shpt
more than 100 airfields and 1,100 while trying to escape.
Spitfires and other British and Al- .'
lied 'planes. Supply items ranged Antigua Fire Damage
from 25,000 miles of steel landing A
mats to millions of pairs of woollen Estimated At $1632M
socks. Britain paid all the heat, ST. JOHN'S. Anilgua, June 29
light and water bills for the United (CP).-- A coroner's Inquiry yester-
States barracks over here. Austra- day found that the fire on June
lla and New Zealand have proved 23 was the result of an accident
huse quantities of food for the and disclosed that the resulting
United States forces In the Pacific damage is estimated at 11,00
and have arranged to increase and not $4,000,000 as previously re-
these supplies, ported.



Arrangements have been made for animalss (horses, mules and donkeys) to be
vaccinated at the. undermentioned centres in the Island of Tobago, as follows:-




St. John
St. indrews
St. Patriot
St. .Lavid
L George

St. Mary's

' 11


King's ay (St. Paul)
Speyside Villae
Oovernmenta PFam
Lowlands Oap
Prtendsdlp stato
Boa Accord Bstate
Or. Buccoo end Mt. Irvin Roads
Orafton tstte
Plymouth Health Oeffict
Les 0oteaux
Mount Orace
Morw Broad Pla-
Mason Hea
Bacoklet Pasture
ope 1.C. School
Mt. St. George Pasture
Goldaborough Estate
Pembroke Fermentari
XeMetOa4h P.W.D.
w Ret ousee
Rh.o School

MoodLy May. sN.C. lhood___

I M $inoulatfts

10 a.m. Mon. 26th J'mne,
11 a.m. ,
1 p.m.
S a.m. Tues. 27th
a .m. ,
1a.m. L
a .m.
1 p.m.
2 1.m..
a a.m. Wed. 20th
10 .m..
11 a.m.
1 p.m.
I p.m ,,
* nm. Theus. Seth
ear. M t- k

Sa.m. .0

2 .m.
8 SS
1A 0.B
2 Jp.AL 0fo t uy
clwVW '


2" inesmaties

10 A.m. Mon. 3rd
11 n.m. -
8 a.m Tues. 4th
S a.m.

1p s, "
s a.m.We ,
11 *.. ,
1 a.m.
2sp.m. -
I S.m. Thurs, eth
10 a.m.
It A.M.
'I .B. .
if p.lL ,

10 .m. e.
It M.. to
1 P.M. a

*~m 'B* es. 10Gb



luiws List 1944

Riidents of San Fernando are
kd to ea-operate in the pr-
atSU of the BMurgess List by1
yibng information as to their
:lama to be enrolled as Burgesseu
r by asking for forms on which
Aodera -can set out their quaUfl.
Lodiers' Claims must be pre-
entod between the first and
ifteenth day of July next.
Town Clerk.
Town Hall.
San Fernando.

What Does ouA'

Stoniac Saq ?
Yes, you would love to go out to
dinner, but will your stomach let you
'Why let stomach pain mar a delightful
evening ?
If you uIffer from digestive troubles
such as heartburn, flatulence or acidl
nsings, take a doe of Bisurated *
Magnesia powder or a lew Bisurated
Magnesia taiblets atter vour mr;ils.
and notice the dfifrence
By neutralizing the ex, es acidity.
which is the chte caust of all digestive
ailments, Bisurated Magnesia dis-
solves away the source of the pain, and
you are able once again to have a
normal c~reree digsetion.
Ask your chemist or stores today
for Bisurated MagutIMia in powder
or tablet form.

Obtilnable is bonttles .1 U ee
l--[WW'iW -t"o oo

B.G. -

For Better g
| l mA Im&M I&






For the purpose of removal to our new
premises and for Stocktaking
we will be


From 1st July till 15th July nclusiev)
While we are closed our customer
may obtain their supplies and pre-
scriptions from our Branch Store at
the corner of Park and St. Vincent
Streets, opposite the Globe Theatre,
where accounts due to the Firm may
also be paid.

W. C. ROSS & CO., LTD.
Phones 4187, A, 9. Corner of Frederick & Queea *U0eH.

--.--------------------i~ i,^:

...You can s. t it
every time
PpIElY'LL toll you at Ship's Service
Departments how much Icoeold
Coca-.Cola means to the men In
efreshment in enjoyment and in
morale. You read and hear similar
things every day.
When people feel about a soft drink
that way It's got s omething espe-
daL xCocaCola has. A tase all I
own. A drink that sdde refr*sh
meat to thlr-quenching.
Truly, the only thing like
Coca-Cola Is Coca-Cola Itself 4
...the tademarked product
f The Coos ela Cmpan.

3eb~ *7~'

TNIpAD GAuDMAN. s&TVmAT. JLT 1, -u1t9 wo4

agO"Mc ans "S d to be punctml at thsei U ee oobv e % < 3sd TMOIMM of hMo
b the lidewo f to inform parents through --Roi i


1 6 - --- - -

I ..... d III 11 I .. ... Illi . .... .







IL 0. 1
*A "_^ Ol-BBk J ____^__

.- -


.y.Talk a Of Trinidad

An FAN I OBm Tfcu *g w woe O .u M 3 nwam. win
0-wag CO 1 3-. Dr. abd Wa. hAJ. LhBIWX
3obmr* u Cp DL wl-g.LwiLA)OO~. Droii', m
8N&4000i16 Ac ahd MW. J. I3. M

MLE m xinr* A Bao g wO dM Sm and MWI
I s e.. Mr. Ead L.. Rats ?mx. Mr. oni M rrak 01w.
C AMOxte= =- ft X. M SMis Mr am G SB. Mr. 6ad M
dftso";Mr. and~ Mrs, and 8UW-Mr. F F L. 1rw? wo
= CUT%=~jo e srrin Uw-A Bmue 0404ad 2 i~~. Mr T. febbdciaaM. Wr t WIS. Y P, L Denlofist, UMa
B. 0 3 WrdgD. Or. amn Mr. L. U A =Au. Mr. aUd Mn Girt-
| M AKMmaf &4 DOW. aMd Ma. tJaut M
Tl1 *C1 Ck 4 te Whsbe-w u kind4 W ratt-wow* ou T-s-nvdiq,
STliW# Vau t-Aza Van osk*tZ d airT- 8 aaa`Hs *>. W V
=a. m'y p@Gje M&LU5rAlE Va bw e as **m e %be
f c~j vu ke*a.
Wl itw a* tfd Thce-at2 wo Vert e "-t&p, a* :z wy w" s
nsa 43a t '3sM et. w'a U&wa ad i Aw 4 a :he -
*. b"zI w" beft lad ora.& i= VS *oead by lhe vwa
r Tim tfw two aeddtEwg Oc'-w-co -:7e- Saewv Cbaegwi- nfca
>V GCal. and YmOMt OB oGre4-a< #0 Ga- apbeift re.=; aW 4 .e-Odt 6ir-r;Dj =a ae If-= -w.
mn 1Mm In Maw s x uTfT ~ sE~oneICJw.e
tbowa tfair the is%*.d ve: M-s HmoceA 3V- r-jw a.I LM Mwaz. *andMWI. Ma Cic PntwrE.vsaIL-a M. DasA L-=*-
MY. MW. a&W M,. Doe Masck,: Pr: aa4 = i )lyFa# Ma=ss). Mr
Tam Veake Mr, orwal P rem m. M: r' %!a.x s, wa,. Gs'adun M.-e-
V o.Z le. Mr. Ga PMu.aX -_ lacH H a -a.
S toetBP, MUt. Aa~iBe v Gnaas Prt 3 !7-- W i a a. 3L-v 5--.
AwRtOdeS. Mr. &a= Mi-i -Ar LA-.'---X.,- in: 3 G-.":r.7 K.i-^r,!
( Ma nfd UM AuiB. BcrA". M: &L-. Mua M- BL: a. A*Xza..-
d ef. Stfab CW';% R3AS, X. M ~r- im YUr-s<" C. ? S.rT-_ x:.-
Iaek. LWAM 'X, Jf y Lao.l Mr ya. T ltU 3 r. I C .
MW a I M a'dr&: Mt aa M.- F P M F C----Szv'--L
MAWr ane M IL Rw.- MCa. & Sd ', S- H& -s i w.t-,i
7 Mr A. H A a F ee W &_: Mr Wn -'- M
3L Ki~ws"&< MW -.:r _- w-.Ai zt hr i-i: -* M-.A
clAs Y .C -Va' a&: M:- Srinz- BTOK t*.

Vt T,!*PdT-':R M -= tsW.
M MetS -' v. *-P- kr-. a- *r
r.ztT zCT --i F ,fw! -T.^'-^i1 '.'-*'* a'-t". *.*-*
Cy '^ bv.'- aw CS -
A'~~~~ ~~~~ v. y>'s **'>..ct" '-i *- *') t'"5

"t as~ i" '> -,*- v -:"j a ",? r.*;.-. -. ., :- **-.,

i ?.ad *' ru'"'-' d* - .--
S ** .f r rf-d:a ;,i a. C.. 4 * C. . A: .,!

.a-a r.ar RnAa an' .. a. .h -.
L A. Orisni, M~q T ,M:~1.%4 H Ws V and MR. ROrsmi, Mx. And
:: '- 6 1JA "'li::'".' aaa ~.L * N .-a ?errran- r '-* 'ia': M'a 2-;* *. Or.. .a *-

~Mrs J. X.Seheult, Mrs.H, Romero. Mrs. E, Pitts, Mr. arcd Mrs. Leof
-JT.aor'ewle ,Pfr ard Sefio:a% Car54' Ri-a 53 Mr sand Mm-R. Machado,
I ..'h *yArian a;"r-j '".I.1 *a T'a;*. V->' Ar ii: V .daa*c:p~ ra
I 7'I'd *1? 8~Ur.y i: ;<* R .I ,. M a D ia *i :' \I a, S A
& n. MWs. R S 'iaah".t. M-In.d M Aibert He'nd.erson, Mrs L
P Cip riani, hrd T ('! An, M:VH uw M n M-Ap R. C Oi-s'ln.- Mr. 'A.-t

j4-W- Mrs WJ. W S.-rrr. Mr. v i M II E PiY~ ll C-. Mra. M an d Mrs,
R P-arik M ""r a n S o:V C ? 1FM7.I'a:. r S Mi. WA C,(,:t, a o.ea
WW i, Manla Cwvnd nA r! \Ni :.A MI- f'.-I .. r 'p.Mr M: andN!
IL.Aln'g. aI: RN1n. R -ai .'Ae# ibA, M- M;-. *V& M; V) -
C il d Mr. PI'.>" 7,da. Mr. a ,'- iz. Ml- \arLd s,
I Damtrwf ez, !A. Crcit, CC-nn -. Mr H.Mi-o'd T-:'.. *-a' Ma' Mar'r'ne
S- Mim Joan Vi Ia-. M:-4 H. NIAlan. M'r Ri-- o'- d M. G:-)7-a
i ( lltgh aei'lt Tira _pAV>.P M'.k RA, Vf Mr 7:- MAT'.
i.HA d CiP r. t a- in, fnin-r and Mr P.>-?r P-Lf `.aa-a

rr *'a. r.;a '' .
RvaFi1 *ii a- i 'r a ;,, ~ p sif B a-i.. -".' cvni'flaa g :.
4LL O YO, A -:O1 TAwE $vR
w l t i- fI WAMT TO GET)}, : .1 IN T NE9ZE 01_>It-i
K S4 AT W.,-





4tE 3. LU4XE

^w" IK MftJl


<; K



*"*f at zgr^e:. S'Aii- HS1C 'WEa
i~afi--aja ara- :r .!-:Acazw'B
*"5 S 2-1M hr..: 1.1 S.S -.-I af| '-
T%* Z 2 e -IZ tt -;b &3
bem-m *Wi'. W-k>' 3I:)TAA -
u-z -Lrr ae :.Bi a k -W.i tt

i; >" ~ av'i".z a? '^;: ''*

a~~~~ SMIr~ > ~ ~a~
3 * '1 & .
-., :*. -, sa-.a f .-*-. 1ar j -

f- A ,,
I:.S -- *-. a-ff !a "-A t.k^i

a-i ,';-.1 .;"--. I.
aw if:; -s; -w tc' 'am '

Today's Diary
~ *t.'- ti ?..- ~r>ee A~sccaal i'-
Di-:n;( t.; r-:,7--7eAiid aas C-'A
a->* ?..* a* p '.i-.aor.t Crb.
.7.--' z'r-.*- 1 P'? .7 .!-f i. CrW Spe-
:.tL ad-'. Br.:. i'C .
Forthcoming Events .
*Z. .: ia- SM-r-
.' ~~ -aa: r. ,i '.A WecafsdA.ay
C;- I:-. '-*a 3a'r--'. H : ?A <**
""5";.* i-"^-.- MAC'a.-.fe
C -.5 --- -* a .- 3

Radio Programmes __

0 ea c .1 M "g, W5. S W,

:15 at-, a.kr ia.
5 p J. c-,- a: S
A -- 4 v r :t C

1_ _leU

/ c Nw' CL"& 4, W.
S.' tt tSa
i O S -- PTih.rt ~A~lUM-
45* - )4 .i a XBUTJa
:) - *-*
9 :l (lx ifr'a '- P"a
1 / W 3- 01.~ ,.r.a 1-'-, g -^r -~ ?> f
45 ~.

I -.Prl .-

^~' Ai "*- - *
' ~ ~ ~ ~ ei no) ' 'I!.t'<* Ri'4^ "i

Q~~~~~ ~ :* Vtw ('WA.WixAH-Y :>* ..-

p5hsA iE




mdI*am man s.d
asI **^* -fl
C" Oa^A



1+ EM

4.30 & 8.34




______K-< SMB*n

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om fdhem tV*6
bw Dsobgw b
0 bd U MGU






I -ARM= y


LSw. gMai.i 0gaSe Air m l U4ro 3.bainb Daa
C USU M WLD -,e *Ti HbWOtHw MM

I bo t|_ owarftBO Oft* & Juan B0 &bu,,,E mSS*& D&D
LUU0 t,,wmA* Ezpr~m larasinm Ntu

i TODAY$&3 TODAY & & 84
LA! W)WAAD ) a" ftfl UA RYWOReekAnd
N i NID WN iTn ~ climKELLY In
51L-aam: DOG ONEDiENCKa 1 La" Srs ZIow NEWS

1I o !.cl "RONN PICIFI
__9 __,,,,,R YAL __tosin&#

TODAY 4.45 & 8.45
(j 4) uIhuF and over the weekes-d

i~ SI ~'I



Irese Ua,

Today 1 15 Maline*-YOt'-E IN THE A"My NOW |
.-i. I~aiit, ,"-i J~amit monU

MONMAt 41 4. 90 *ip ..es No SwW In 4 PWu


Rabina In Aims a" ADVE'lrTURE 0r
A* S. BIA US&U re AT1 a iT= am
i m Tr^^ KISMET i Aj E
Vkh Franginew Tom: I MY NiEE
sa"d I awilake bS inde&Asmg (A New ao t

DAY L-S W.-Malbn

lMog5ai'*t New Reifta
'\"VA a w3om

)DAY 1S .15-Matf
NX. couui
4k J fp. __-

* Fermand
tO"DLY PR Sw(m


ND A GIU. afd 103
Wale A
Wa"in n fisM f

- I V..

GD.AY,&* 5 & -O i RIALTO
AMta-->a uor^ pt --'ft j TODA- 47 fp -E ti--Xaf TO
l (Irt Gab e a Tr, S -nda Csie S WING YOUR LADY *
i ROOM LOWN D 1 &AS I p---
Oreheura n RmMMMHMMIMMM a~~rbe Smeftt. tflf
REST FOOT FORWARD 5 r ROyasosd 1 Ba,
l &E -x :g I"ACTION in the
.%R~'G TODY ard CXIL.-. la S Tra-m M~j. c-aa-- C I :ch Ctzaend
M ?"?**- f.,*' _n |itl = e vis Dof Bartlitat^ Il
t'e r-a-' 5 a< pet; I r&Bey. D-tf= 5 K
________ ________I
|;ai' -~a a - G .- C it y 3 U F ~ i R I E r H

~&ag-A,~,I iitr aarsdL-a __________________-,:.. .. kai; ^-W1r|l
v4" Ca m A A TOA a- N"U


am. T.- a & MINO g s o- TOBAcro. .ipr Eatate ji.- wF U.
4t 5a a S Speyvde -4m-See-C tett-|
Sa" CawsiWs ow Z |z t-'-lar p anfiI
-amom m at Y mB lIody Bar-n a.r
'as vro ** wm is TOUAGO. Louis Or ppr. SME
WasawS.L afs a 90.LT arft ... Bar "KING of the
1133 acres ,*AUI.- tgi's It
-w^wM~w~wm'miv S--la *A.mur. reewea 1TEXfAS 6AM--<" n
'THE BRiTISH ANDI s osnwf sat IF "now Bm

1Wi bad dA~ndle* Jw in A|| IU 1BA 14
RAVY Cwt .W..a.... sS UP_ IN_ AMIS_ _

"LAU nu t.~t &A M sun" ...... MM f ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
SATIOLo I Ia.m a pi 11im.
ST Ar RMlIs SS^"0 u6M JB*W~rtlSS
intacciami EMPIREomsa.
--- & it *M^mawws rSwe tl3CW ft 6 A(.4 p.m. OaW C0ttum
0 X I N 6 11 U04' xr1'"mo oowwy MAR WI
Soturd"y, Jskfy I WAK MAMORU& =A
It 3~-i~B d Ns Eeh r^ ,IzmS..*'*" --r W ^ ^ i
BSm a"Wo 2 l tbM M, S S
aaw 4E I*- So
a* Ko-smd* Nb5.
bw E tRi -- iv _moo t WA ME w

j9t* ~yo pea * ,r uw {Jtiti ThSi.tMmam R RIN Dt*

*' to-so .-~ -5wf 4 -6a-hM ^^^Sm
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j *A ;Slam Iam MA ^S^ ^ MA~af o

b~e ba pwfsommMWO w4ar svU. w a "m vith- 1

F# be at i~ Ahi l son* 11m a can;- w, a m f-os r *-a w "* 1 in ^ ,,
-nvictl No-on MIs en

11'omen Ha ve -NO E-vuse C .WW

If Th ey Ha ve Dra b Ho mes

(.ait, k ada,5 4e :. ; -e~ u T-t
..zi. i-.& I%:Ant."" .,* & d e s? E THE Voice That Thrilled The World
pFtm^. fc .*'t t'".r p ^t" *f-s' 10 1 w- "'o- In 1& w F-n -s- - r



: "*



WVV, z "M=;



I owlw*a" !T-- t"Isfieft i



r'ons 6A Win Ladies' Six-a-Side Hockey Series

(anderers 'A' Beaten 2-1 ISrColind Dav oe Roach (16 For 75).Bowls AacmeHit54

rhrill-Packed Final Game

In falling light, Maroons "A" bwuht Wanderers A" trophy
inng streak to a standstill, by gaining a narrow margin S-1
tory over the champion in the sigoa-sde knockout final, to bring
e 1944 Northern Ladies' Hockey Lague easuol to a grand close at
James yesterday.
By this victory, Maroons, run- 2B of the -lr fr a fewhad nob r
rs up in the league for lmy s a receive a shot from the
ra, hav, registered their first iroon her turned in Me
.I Lroons tflt turned so me
n on the six-a-alde K Cup. jlenCid hoek.ey and dominated
ie fnal was the most thrill- :-,LyInth el M. Wau, Me.
ked game of th, day, and Msa- alfhtidnd Mr. Farrell.
m De reltaes, with some spec. The results *re:
ular hockey tactics, notched Venturp 'B' won from Wander-
O 'r.'
h goals, while Pa -t. scored the aroon 'A' defeated Chine A."
eaodd goal. Wanderers 'A' won from MasooA
U the conclusion of the game SEMI-FINAL
'. H. W. Farrell. Town Clerk, Maroons 'A' defeated Ventures
ssed his thanks to the H.M.S. an A- won from Ven-
Wandrrs 'A'. wonfrmV -
bow and the St. James Bar- tures 'A,'
kb for giving them good grounds M aro s e FINAL
wd Maroons'Adefeated Wander-
Which to play. ers 'A.'
IHe added that although this -
r's hockey season w not a very T o
sy one, yet he was pleased with
e standard of the games yester- c
sy afternoon, and expressed that A T
ough many of the players are o
having the game due to marriage,
ere are still many promisingRace In South
i leut.-Cemmander Charles Hay-
ard before oresentin. the tro- om or ow

hies, thanked thone who offered
eir assistance to the League, and
his interest, particularly
ladles' hockey at preant.
Then like Mr. Parrell, he also
parrtulated Maroons for hein?
nan up in the League, and win-
era of th Six-a-side K.O. Cup.
The Commander then presented
COhampiondship and the Knock-
Ut Cups to A. Spence, skipper of
Vanderere 'A,' and the 8lx-a-slde
.0. Cup to Anna Camacho, cap-
in of Maroons.
All the teams adopted the same
method in their line up: a kicking
k, two halves, and three for-
ards: but with the exception of
hinese, whose arrangement was:
goalkeeper, three halves, and two
In the opening fixture of ...e
ay, Ventures 'B" eliminated Wan-
lrers 'B' on a 5-2 points basis.
Ventures had the better of the
.me throughout, allowing the los-
ers to gain their two points from
hoot corners in the second session.
Maroons 'A' defeated Chinese by
a narrow 1-0 shave: the victors' 0.
Gomez ;coring with a flick shot
after beating past the backs.
Chinese MOyou turned in ome
brilliant saves in this game, stop-
oping what appeared many certain
SPresh from this victory, Maroons
'A' with Gomez and De Frelta re-
gistcring one each in the van,
whipped their co-semi -finalists
Vlintures 'B' 2-0.

Darrington Barlowe, Mikey Fer-
nandez, Thomas O'Connor, George
Terry, Victor Chung E. Bolden,
James Mulrain, and a string of
other top-notch wheelsmen, will
be seen in action t( morrow after-
noon at Skinner Park on the oc-
caslon of the cycle and athletic
ports promoted ty V. Moore anca
Geo. Terry.
Darrington Barlowe has been
carrying all before him at recent
meetings and is out to keep Up his
winning streak, although Mikeyl
Fernandez, who covered himself
with glory at the T.A.A.C. sport in
May will try to lower his colours.
Veteran Victor Chung is riding
top form and all in all the "A"
class cycle races will be keenly
contested tomorrow.
R. Medforc, Caroni champion
athlete, who showed up brilliantly
at the Couv Sports last Sunday,
and was second to P. 6. Wilson In
the quarter mile will again throw
down the gauntlet to the Trinidad
Medford, in placing second to
Ilaoron n Runda3 whipped H. 3ra.
ham, he Southern top-notcher,
but It was tWne consensus of opinion
that with all the County events
at.d open events. : ed2ord had too
much running to do and could not
give of his best against Wilson.
The sprints will also see top-
notchers in action.

i.te fate, and were beaten out
-0 by he champions, Wanderers t. iorge Clubs
A.' in their first engagement of Off
the day. The agile Anna Spence ect O fi s
ntting all four goals in this match. et O
Ventures 'A' played only one rrinidad Guardian Correspondent.
duel, the semi-final agalns, Wan- CUR..PE, June 30- Thomas
derers 'A,' and wer, eliminated Bruce, last year's captain of Corin-
with 2-1 decision, thlans F.C.. one of tne most power-
The game ended in a one-all mul combinations in l;ast St. George
draw. Wanderers' Ida Daunt sc'r- was re-elected "skipper" for toe
Ing from a Spence pass, and Ven- 1944 season at their general meet-
turers' Hamel-Smith, notching ing.
what was then the equaliser, by 'he following were the officers
outrunning Schuler, th, o~pesing elected: Mr. henry Clarke, presi-
back. dent; Mr. Thonmts Bruce, vioe-pre-
An extra five minutes was d- sident; Mr. Philip Massey, secre-
lowed to fore a decision, and Pain, tary; Mr. Hugh Anderson, Ait.
ho figured brilliantly in Spepce's secretary; Mr. 0. McColman, trea-
r goals against Maroons B,' surer Mr. Thomas Bruce captain;
on the seml-final for her team, Mr Winston Hickson, vice-captain.
:" flicking from an Iris Daunt On the selection committee are:
4,ntre.rMr. a. carke,.Mr. T. Bruce and
"hua the mammoth crowd saw a Mr Bruce nd
ee-saw affair, as the champlofsl. Mr. N. Belle Smythe.
anderers 'A' .'d Maroons clashed BAREFOOT LEAGUE
the final. At the general meeting of the
Maroons tcok the field bent on Naraynsingh Darefoot League held
beating their opponents' trophy- at the home of Mr. Naraynsingh
winning rampage-and did do it. recently, the following officers were
Wanderers' Schuler gave 1 good elected for the 1944 season. Mr.
account of herself in the defence, Lance Murray, president; Mr.
and aided Pain to earn an early Eddie C. Henry, vice-president;
goal. Mr. A. Brown, secretary; Mr. Roop
Maroo i., with whirlwind drive Narsynsingh, asst. secretary; Mr.
In the second session, saw De Frei- Sankar Ramdass, treasurer.
teas with a solo effort equalii-.q Entries close with Mr. A. Browne,
immediately the bail was bullied off.Agoatini. Street, Curepe, Mr. R.
en came and notched the win-
al gcain similar fashion mere araynsingh, Eatern Main Road;
seconds to th finish. TunaMah or Mr. S. Ramdas
The neck and neck tussle had I.C.T.A.
the crowd ,hutln40 eers. and A. IMPERIAL SPORTS CLUB
Bpencefroi del VeV shot by Dudley Prescott was re-elected
_pn__1 ~captain of the foott.ll section of
-- the Imperial Sports Club for the
S 1 1944 season at an Annual General
d A rmy meeting on Tuesday night.
JLV n i Following are the officers:-Pre-
~ K "- -sident, Mr. A. M. Mills; 1st vice-
a r president. Mr. C. Greenidge; 2nd
N eari 11111nsk' vice-president, Mr. A. Browne; sec-
Sretary-tremurer, Mr. R. Bruce, and
[ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 assistant secretary, Mr. H. Browne.
oThe management committee: Mr.
he pincer movement against C. Greenidge. R. Bruce, H. Pres-
continued with accelerated cott. C. Browne and B. Browne;
e while a new attack toward captain, H. Prescott and vice-cap-
Polotsk represents a thrust of 33 lain, C. Browne.
nillM. This advance cut the Po- --
lotkK*War-w rauUroad, a td If an-
other Russian attack shouldr de-
velop from the north as is thought f ^ T1
probable, other large number Of THE
Germans would be caught la a THE
Air support is now what one
MWsow commentator describe i as on
an unexampled round-the-clock
cale. with thouwnds of aortiee
not only roteslng swiftly sOving
groud forore, but striking repeat-
edly at concentrations behind the
enemy lines.
Moeow broadcasts asserted that ,m
Oeracm losses in men and war
MWM were increasing hourly. ,
*-SW a eSussi *Bt 3gy paid0,
anyd on the northern fronts.
bad Wehiton's break with Pin-
,lad Oot dtmuilt that k natints pol l-
ileal isolation and left Helsinki
hireblgmilitarily with no more
than fken aid from Germany.
S crashing were the reports
from bBatmeelde, and so clear the
Implication$ of the Rusaian' un-
broken train of Victoriee, that 1m- B
povenished Gernbn neopagandca
merely repeated f i drabamlr
bodges of elastic defense qstil
*dvantages and macbrs: 5mma
on the home front to jtoad firm
in darkness and the twvlit ot
Xal rule.

MADRID, JUne 30 tCP).-Tra el-
esof arriving from tha Reich d.
elare that I nume rafdefe t -
ans s fxd refusing to Woet
of Oenuany
B~iM~fiKoneptii~ u ~ ^^^R

Races Today

ZoI .,' Absence'
Make SixfurlIong
Problem Race
Wittl the might Iyperion colt,
zosa, scrtoed, e Members'
Stakes, sl fiurlasa for "A" class,
tlib future eveat for th, second
day's rae this afternoon; i l be.
come a 'wbama nrce for the ex-
perts. .
Grand old ae Sugar Lady,
who wo the mile and 130 yards
on Thursday, is not by any mea.is
an outstanding sprinter, and so is
Ras Taffare, who came in second
in that event, so it is fairly safe
to predict that these twc horses
who held the spotlight on Thursday,
nAy not be among the winners.
Portora was one of the favourites
for t.'e mile on Thursday, but was
badly away, but should the clever
Venezuelan Jockey Chapellin get
him off he stands a real fin, chance
of copping honours.
Popular Gleneagle who after her
lal.of, ran a briWiant third on
Thursday, will be a favourite with
the punters for today, whill sun-
shaft, Epinette and Linseed will
a'so be highly considered.
"C" class Pearly Glow will be
trying her lot with the top-nttch-
erb and the light weight will give
he- more than an outsider's chance.
Jetsam, brilliant three year-old
creole, who will run with tbh "0"
class ounch for the first tiihe, is
certain to find the low .-st imported
thI'oughbred opposition quite dif-
ferent to the company which she
made hash of in the past.
There will be seven races for this
afternoon and the first race, the
Creole Maide'. five furlong, will
start at 1.30 o'clock with Captain,
T..unibs Up and Mennen well
backed to win.

Whirlabout Wins
49th $10,000 Stakes
NEW YORK, June 22.- Louis
B. Mayer's Whirlabout led from
start to finish on Wednesday to
score an easy four-length victory
over Good Thing in the 49th run-
ning of the $10,000 added Gazelle
Stakes at Aqueduct, before a crowd
of 19,87 fans, writes Alfred Jonas
In the "Miami Herald."
The daughter of Pompey, ridden!
by Johny Longden, was clockedI
in 1:433-5 for a mile and a six-
teenth in the fixture for 3-year-old
fillies. Second choice in the event,
she paid $9.50, $5 and $3.80. 1
Good Thing, third most of the
way, moved up to second going to
the stretch turn and placed six
lengths In front of Leaving. The
Alfred Vandlrbilt filly returned
$5.90 and $44.10 for second while
leaving netted $6 for third. The
favured Boojiana forced the early
pace, but dropped back tO finish
fifth behind CattachiptUco.
Longden, Oerril Zufelt and Ted
Atkinson shared riding honours on
the eight-race card with two win-
ners each.
John Marsch's Free For All gal-
loped to his second success in as
many starts in the 32nd running
of the $10,000 added Hyde Park
Stakes at Arlington Park. Needing
1:04 3-5 for five and a half furlongs
in the 2-year-old fixture, the son
of Questionnaire yielded $3.40, $2.40
and $2.20. Sir Blm, $4 and $3 ,and
Icangetit, $3.60, were second and
R'lpaca Farm's Layaway went
six furlongs in 1:11 flat to capture
the $3,750 Winterthur Handicap at
Delaware Park. The chestnut a-
year-old son of Whiakaway paid
$4.70, $2.70 and $2.40 for his sec-
ond straight success, while Restips
brought $3.10 and $2.70 for sec-
ond and Abrasion netted $2.80 for
third In the five horse field.
Irving White's game Little Hoops
headed a band of thoroughbreds in
the $2,500 State House purse at
Suffolk Downs, going six furlongs
in 1:152-5 and paying $12.80, $6
and $2.60. Chicago. Dr. yielded
$11 and $320 for second and Undu-
lator paid $2.20 for third.
Pemberton Sunday
Soccer To Start Soop
All clubs Intending to take part
In the Pemberton Football League
and K.O. Cup Oomr t" ions are
asked to apply in writing to the
secretary, Mr. Brunnell Jones, 3
Bedford Lane, before July 4, as the
date for the closing of entrance
fees will be July 8.
Due to the unfit condition of
cricket pitches on the Qt.een's Park
Savannah, t1he final and semi-final
fixtures of the Cricket Competi-
tions of the LIague, have been de-
ferred to a to to be fixed by the

Uruse To Outright Victory

Trialad G artB CiWWItSt
PYZABAD, June 30 Oe RoaMeh, brilliant O ue bowler, ktld
out eight Apex beaten for ten rune to help b la team to an iniO

victory in a St. Patrick County cricket match.
The maech was played on a rain- -
soaked ground and all in all Roach ...
claimed 1B wickets for 75 runs as Guardia
in the Apex first innings he had Table
bowled fight for 85.
In thL second innings he prob- Ouardi
ably missed the honour of taking will opP
all ten wickets because the two In reti
Other Aoex batsmen whom he was broke St
not responsible for dismissing were The Ine
tun out. first mat
Taking first knock, the homesters out to a
reached the fair total of 142 runs Pollowi
to which C. Daniel contributed 42, "Ouardia
A. W. Heath 37 and A. M. Agar- H. Mo
rat 19. yenr, R,
In reply. Oruse declared at 185 V. Gibb
runs for six wickets anrid then fol- Field A.
loved a veritableo procession of the B. R. Jc
Apex batamen, all of whom were
bundled btck to the pavilion for
the meagre wore of 41 runs.
Following are the detailed scores: Paul

APEX-lIt Innings
3. A, Daniel b Roach .. .............. 4S
8t.C. slake o C eoeWe b Roach ............ 7
A. M, Agarrat b Reid .... ............ 1
A. W, Heath c & b Roach ........... 37
KX V. Gklt c Celestine b Roacht ........... I
H. C. RItleharde b Roach .......0.....
T. R,. Nathaniel b Reid ................... 5
R. C. Brown Ibw. Roach ..............
A. sirkissoon not OUt .........
J. sheppard c Caeallint b Roach ........
R. Joseph b Roach .... ..........
E xtra& ....... ....... I I ......... ::..........
Total ... . .....-......................... 142
Runs at the fall of wlckels:l for 14;
2 for tO: 3 for 92: 4 for 944 ft for 112;
6 for 112 7 for 124, 8 for 128; 9 for 125;
10 lor 142.
0 M W
L,. Celesine ...... ....... 3 0 S 0
0. Roach ........................ 14.5 0 8
X;. George .. ................ 6 0 19 0
0 R id ............20......... 1
C. Hurrlcharan .... ........ 2 0 14 0
H. Daniel ... . ... 1. 0 9 0

in-Indians At
tennis Tonight
an tabl tennis team
xMe Ufitn Recreation
Irn WAktch at 74 Perm-
treet tonight.
idias won easily in the
tch, but Quardan ra
venge this defeat.
dng Wa. represent
rris (capt.), M. Con.
Keane, 0. R. John,
ons, R. Debysingh. R.

Carr To

Lead Malvern
Paul Carr has been selected to
captain the Malvern Boys' Sports
Club which will be comralgning in
the T.A.P.A. Second Division this
season for the first time. Lance
Pierre wa& chosen to be vice-cap-
tain and these two players with
Jimmy Orosvenor will comprise
the selection committee.
Management Committee of the
club for the 1943-44 year are as
follows:--- Mr. J. E. Grosvenor,
president; Mr. Lance Pierre, vice-
president: Mr. ,0. R. John, secre-
tary: Mr. H. B. Henley and Mr. E.
A. John.

-- Brighton Prepare
LHRUS[--i t I~nnlni* \
S. Saruo hpard b Het ........ 12 For 19'44 Soccer
A. Reid c Agarrat b Rlchard 54
V. Harcharan c Sheppard h Richards 17
0. Roach c wkpr. be Heathi ........... 29 Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
H. Daniel b Rihrds ..............48 LA BREBA, June 30-Soccer fans
J. Rostant hit wirkt b ..GA.I.t 13 here are highly enthusiastic over
L. McCree not out .
SGeorge not out .................... 3 the prospects of the Brighton Foot.-
Extras ... ....... .............. 6 ball Club In their 1944 ctnipaign,
Total for 6 wkta. declared ............ scheduled to begin within the next
couple of weeks.
TRun at the fall of wickets: 1 for IS:
2 for 54 3 for 99; 4 for 1335; & lr 17a; ,e .-lb, along with U.B.O.T.,
S for 1s. Apex Sporting Club, Fc Reser.
BOWLING ANALYSIS and two Volunteer teams, have
0 M taken entry In the Southern Ama-
A. w ath ..................... it 1 2 teur Football League, and will
H C, Richards .................... 12 0 70 a compete for the Mark Moody.
i Joseph. ...................4 3 0 Stvrt Shield, e Oil Well Supply
St.C Slake .......................o2 0 1 C 0 u, t he lde hen'.
J. Sheppnrd ...................... 2 0 20 o Cup, tie Stephen's Charity Cup,
K. v. Galt ......................... 2 0 1 the Duckham Cup and the Foot-
APEX--2nd Innings ball Association Trophy.
.. Daniel lbw Roach .......... 0 With Mr. 'lyde L. Vandeburgh,
St.'. Blake c Reid b *Roach.._ 7 General Manager of the Trinidad
H. C. Richards run out ................
A. S. Agarrat Ib.. Roach ................. Lake Asphrilt Operating Company
A. w th h Roch ................ a patron of :he club, Mr. John
5.V. GelS>. H archacan b Roach.~..
K _. (o3t c Roa rch a S Rm ich Sm ith as president, and M r. H ubert
T. V. R. Nathanie ac 1.Roa. ;:..... 0 Oloudon as secretary, the team
J. .htnr&r .out ... .............. .... i ouht to enjoy a highly successful
A. Irkitsoon run outG.................. season, while 7'. C. Gardiner will
H. C' Brown lbw. Roach ...................
Extras .......................................:. 0 be called upon to skipper the t:am
during the season's games.
Total .With such players as MacShep-
ins at othe fall of wickets: I for i: pard. S. Samuel, Garrick Warner,
2 for 3: 3 for 10: 4 for 10: 5 for 14; C LnhM.
s for 20:!7 for 29'; for 29; 9 for 29; Lynch, M. Greaves, E. Jeffer-
10 for 41. son, G. Phillips G. Adams, Joe
BOWLIN ANAI.i Weekes, E. Ribeiro "Doc" H,.ickett,
BOWLIN ANALVSI t C. Brown, H. Mclj. J"seph and F.
o. Roach ............ .......... .4 10 McAlllster from which to select
ia:. George ......................... g 2 1 B their First XI, a highly successful
A. Reid ............................... 0 iS 3 0 tourney is anticipated.
,Apart from the regular S.A.P.L.
games, the team will also partici-
pate in the F lmer Cup Sunday
Smith upl Cr Competition.
Smith Cup Cricket The Brighton grounds will be
S i -ri 1asis 'Today^ opened for practice from Wedn-.-
Semi-Finals Today eday next.
SThe rain on Sunday last washed
out the Smith's cup eml-flnals, SPORTN MEET ON JULY 1
and the committee have decided to Sporting Club generaleeting
complete the 1944 cricket season, wpirtc n wasut en herl" aetn
by allowing the fixtures urded lor which Was to-have been held at
Sundlowb the sfoix s:ard for the Public Library last night, has
Snday to be as follows: been postponed until Wednesday,
Oddfellows vs Jewellers XI n July 5.
Stingo grounds; Mortimers XI vs
Belmont S.T. on Sporting Club
grounds. /
A team will La selected to repre-
sent Cddfcllows C.C.:-Irvine W'- A
liams (capt.), R. E. Baird, V. Sey-
inour, C. Rocke, C. Scale T JI fC
Audain, H. 4andy, C. Awai, R ,y A6
Seymour. W. D. Worrell, R. cWr-
ter, H. Se. mour, L. Green and G -
Lewis. Childi


Today's Golf
Members of St. Andrew's Gol1
Club are reminded that the July
Monthly Medal Competition wi.l
be played today starting' at 2
p.m. At the conclusion of pla'
Mr. Charles Pereira will show some
of his motion pictures of the
course. It is hoped that there will
be a good turn-out.


lies in your kiss!

WT HEN your lips meet his inthat
W fif lingering kiss.., don't let
BAD BREATH deny you the thrill of
a second carems, R embner, 7 out of 10
penros have bed breahs end don't
know iLk.
So be careful. Use Colgate Dental
Crem. Ia penetrating foam gets iom
crevices between your tech and washes
away erms and decaying food particles
which cause mot bed breath, diangy teth.
oft pumrs and toota decay. Colgate's
kavmes the teemahth roughly and beauti-
fully clem-the gums healthy and the
%Weech SwL


De-MU taj -^^

Aftuse case"

T a^ .

In Ghouralal

Cricket Final

TrsiIdad Guariass Cen imi
LA RA, June fa
-in W.rPo Of %t "MW
ful hourilal Cup hadH booto
ning on Sunday afteruoast at
the Mahaica Orl Point Portiam
Acme In a = 100te stay at the
wicket wer bowled or
Leslie Brown who "on" the in.
nlng gave a grand tfilve exgi.
bit/on in top- oring ~wth. t ru
to his credit with C. 00. ea -
tributing 10 and U. mRure
nine not out.
With his slow left-am dtive-
ries, W. Pierre kept the Acn bite.
men nonphmssed throughout and
captured three wickets for 12 rum.
F. Caesar, with hi. ipnning latl
arm offerings. secured two wick
for 13 runs, 0. Thomas one to
seven and R. Roberts one for five
runs. Three players were run out.
In their turn at the wicket,
Antilles reached the respectable
total of 34 runs for the loss of onme
wicket. Carl Davies, who opened
the batting, contributed 19 rung in
brilliant style and remained unde-
feated, W. Singh made seven and
F. caesar four not out.
C. Khabay captured the only
wicket which fell at a cost of 13
This match which will be played
to ,i finish will be continued on

Presentation Of
Dodge Cup, July 5
Presentation of the Dodge
Cricket Cup will take place on
Wednesday, July b at Trinidad
Agencies showrooms, 40 South
The Trinidad Agencies C.C. will
receive the cup which they won
for the first time.
Other prizes won by Individuals
for outstanding performances
would also be presented.
Secretaries and captains of clubs,
who took part in the Dodge cricket
competition are again asked to
send in their score books to the
secretary, Mr. S. J. Liverpool c/o
Trinidad Agencies, 40 South Quay,
as early is possible, so as to deter-
mine the winners of the batting
and bowling averages.

General Strike
In Copenhagen
STOCKHOLM. June 30 (AP).-
The frea Danish Preps Service re-
p)orted today that a general strike
started in Copenhagen today shut
down traffic from the main pas-
senger freight stations, suspended
street car service and closed all
shops and banks.
A train carrying German troops
which left the main etito Just
before the stoppage was said to
have bettn wrecked by explosives
shortly after.
Latest reports of demonstrations
by patriots last night said street
cars were turned over and used as
a barricade against an effort to
e --0
Panamanian Ship
Sunk in Caribbean
WASHINGTON, June 30 (AP).-
The Navy announced today that a
small Panamanian merchant vessel
was sunk in the Oaribbean rly
this month, as a result of two un-
derwater explosions of udtr
mined origin, survivors were landeG
at San Juan, Miami and 1New
LONDON. June 80 (Reutr).-
About 1,%0 Allied civilians in Axie
countries, are expected to cross the
frontier at Irun on or about July
20 on their way to Lisbon where
th j will be exchanged for a similar
number of Germans.

^//you~ 9,v~er


ren burn up energy
Mas fast as you 1

School children go through half the
day on breakfast-use up twice the
energy in proportion to weight that you
do before noonil So give them a hidh-
enerdy breakfast of crisp, crunchy
Kellogf's Corn Flakes-with milk sd
sugar it has more energy value than 3
eus. Children love Ke/flog's.

2 am .
eq -SLSS

I lma of tWU NImW bs tUtft, I lAt IUNDAT, JULT Ul a

1 l pandoladay a de, rM m ump cre wSwint, si n a
41svl. rm O=4 anMI AnM, Mt Mvy utb t- U atO
fteJ? Ma5nS5?S WidMSwAN "aidle.o om4s is T"af tc-%a
Ewetm.I. asB rnt.f Lima m& tie wea. 'h &

u-. aeee &, eIMU& b, .. Cw, *W WV
09., Lee.. e. Wim ~


Highest Prics PA

Win. IL KauMmey C..l





OWa ma n
WUONIM 1644 .:s I ,






Copies of the Annual Report
obtained on application to :

for 1943 may b1

Union Club Building,
Port-of-Bp1lna in



A small shipment of Fire Extinguishers and
Recharges (not Refills) has been received and b
offered for sale ox store, as follows :--
"Fastfome" Fire Extinguishers (Foam Type)
2V gals.
"Pyrene" ,, ,, ,, (liquid type)
1 qt.
'(Refills size 1 qt. ore expected to arrive ahtuy
per uisoe phase api4y to Agesey Diesf,
gout qpT.





Per jIb

Per 1 lb

- 33C.








Do Anot M yoer weuto Ml l

quality. A prmeol fots pmwj


htolnabl ot


24 PoodsrkklSt4i




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Oft- SMQ0.9ll

=a lw F-LOORS

---. =Ifor
wewsaf I"s%?No."M I LiR

if B* lalk, '- - -sia lap a. Joo i _i_
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LegI, 4Samame. aum II-01Mas oem AXs WW ____ __

_41* ani ---5 f S? 3 *U. i -Jhaf *i Sam - ainsi r 9 Sw a bor a m &Mo.
uin ~ r ~~ gwaSa so slsaw* 'I A tL VuM esNM S825.
on"" nowsL SMXNAW- f. MAI M.IJodya-
= : in""wo L atm s Ca 49& w a.a* O in. ilL~tX# ff1 1 A110 1804fM t.
40 XWsW MCNO -40100 UV" a smSOL2

flatotgM-- EACART "*Jtr __to_ J v l. a G- .a. U IF ahia5 16 ag
&r m 5. a. Fil e"_______%aseam_&weftas___"_a I
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asW~LL~ AB.iym. amIsi? ss. qma .as- ou
SMIL.4la" 4 naeget- om Umem rhek'fAIr smoi* sh-
I T m ARso if man 11121'v .M O% 000 RMd 3 s e. coen rmmd ue Irn T bsms p o -- - m A101 W~

RUM ^a -r eoi .00'a r s S ? a S!S a agenda tuol m a on"__ _ __am
an" E, rr mi Sf tt am Rum LsS 'MO 1U TO a BOW 4
T t~ l l 'n into CO t Md .5 *N ^ ^' m r r i J Uw r Itae i not. iso 14- A*a*MC .._neg gg t *t OJ into R .. A:. Nff f Ms*.-
swag&am sa do Sam Eio LIND ift 6:4mm aaamaEegan
Isooe. ap- I sm w JC. ESTATE 'Outza nmeanasteeums Le uRUN.K~ui-MU bts VS

AKS3 llAM MS3 *- oo") m d M ------------- ------O r mr am& task Boo a" lj u d.s
m'.et.-.u s --" .0'soPE"'; aS. PerSect guTy~a*s g ao'. FTw". lt*5. r05aW 5 L*51.1 MISCELANJIALS^ Su.
..B~*-1. .pT* isffB aS^'.gpy u~acge 0mM Cr1BCTI -r.a i~. p>Wet. P.Wnu PLUS MaiK S-t CAMf 0- setal ~
vms. ~ ~ 075 AZIAClCE. Apl. 1Chst.,p, w agon -p- sody02 Cnrembir Z mm wilt=ngJ ..IL .

Bf toaul a SAM V-", Lw 54 ,. Apply: 3. 1 11AK Memlia Cug" Im-. I
MM JIM a !.ew Same.to Stream.IS OIL 4""'L j t
us .P #O knomAOXA bt A X1I m Ca _g __Id S T -
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Sae&?* c -c? LA~ta _s X6400"d Tk&oM.wS- eed saT Oma i S Ait n irse a Utra
Bl-S o JP r 'J r~ f ^ *ir H^.iiiuanm Sm 1935n BABY 1030, Ike so w. U.-
s- aa onC am -- TrEfL-a V C---- si Ea Iu f Om ms M 4 I t. Ap ly: Att l y: I 7. oift.
1B._I|H ALTO-hiKE U 5wtd -- ---- ..ao aeOS so o loswt dtt.L AR BRAT? C i. f A>* -Jnmda 14 NU.Ai
WaJVED LaD14" m& pay OW.ire Cs ate*"&wtpt*,a. .Pilot d a. rC Va at.vocs atat. I

OLILI.j^3~y ldD ^ oix 5O OO^tlO ^, ^ nO. ..t"fS. 04* V41 -- tc~ir OMATfTiy s^^aut: SEASID 1RESORTS*
1 .,t st a kewwos..5a5 506 1- LA a7 LOSCA"01 ot el N
La reop s O N& i a leO, PiRD v" t 1 A- '.ucea.Epoet-' i ms maws a ft1rn&3" uox46 rl.Tor. App 0y woo ).
V^y gr '^g *1**" -'** 500 e*0t*w P>0m 641 if iKit.LWA *-r TOSAUO .1 wetneis $948.8.c j.ss.-jur7
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goodnts Us@= -Ja"Ji 0.U) .AuS oTbz"u.-R~u ?,,esla.f otg. b ,Cied St- s J o- Nausfa FOR SALE

______________II______________-----------MiLL .Lm... .^"lc in Itting a:*.r 1es s s tacXT an qn=@ "aw etOORDMam
and Ming rGAIN TAl P -'T n A *"arAan a4 K tA Cytwo r 0.1. mao. insption rvltd-Jty 31
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b"Ca NTEB TO ENET POW Ca molt. in-"I 1>ni*B5 aM -- E A rO EUANDS. AGNCY. SS Mnb f
Rho ( V M -i.S i t Ct furs tt%6 6 Us. 4 tano *sf co 44IA --July 0 U G RoaI d 04-4 A01 T:4 -as Jul.yOB
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US40 LT SUP.UoES i..ataests --r e'j to --- TasoeU.A. LIRA. r.OPU MPW1 Juc n. tal si d sle^ bo bs nsi.-Jiuy(<
07 CS1 t ISd- *Lm o sas at IAa1, 0.Ars Apply: T M5 Ab
slaass. 1; rn.4 91-, tt'teL n ep.. ss, WGDL fA." A'.uA.lL at euil fo rcstrelto is I' "one s 7 a044, 5 La1-56 53 Sret. 1JUly FR7AL

-Juesy st ;?au yt-----s t ..;^.ott- R OPPORTUI
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o a urE nal or Z VElzks~.mt xknels .ae004s e.r& .Ltas- 8erl are. 6 4t, 1-1) At LamANAs.TWO MODER $ bed rooms. APAsnrT- 1
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qZ 1W91ADO RONI MK2B St711L I '.' -J 2 B H t TiE PUBUC s hteeby z :8 tha 1 ELECRC STOVE. OT I*0 B PAR. 4

S B ^.t A ~ ~ w S ~ S ^ g-aM *aC 04000. Al 50 .lc~ia4 l candluoS. *~ 6 .... > t..> era in a. , 01 .0 Mw l te LaacSSana *5 1 1, a d t u S a V ti nnd.-.* 1--J' w 'w *
V--JW s.,.p..>. I *rtaT aiteet.-Jut s fcoe. a-,a i i..iaim. ,ifo a* 51... not~ 51, 1mysel r onfaubl'B kt myK dot PORTABLE TIPUwRlTKr painted, e
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*JM M m o & Xe`P 'nulUn't CIL*y44 -a i i f" 1 B 'n >!oi f ) o l. rt > - A , 1 ;C l. .. Ch eap l t o fw apply; W al o t s-J L Vn cen

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S a'aeara. ".4 (lefo d reetj y I 1116eEiLaN.....FOR jm1VU4L July is "n. p r. s~ It AM,14&oilMoionye~e

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or e-A-aa AowoS m Ie 6go&-sappy Ma ach 8 s Set m aw Whle
xt. Consent %,464w, 'a~ivmn" &.,I MS -OMO&O ONAEf -AS.euTLR f AL T1D-IQsgnA J 11
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damage A"** pear" tr SAW A-a*4 -4 0 I

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--. SAaeawf rWnrbtPl:"re.ot ltlco a-am5 C me t Mm ll S1 *. d t i
**MOIL -- in--y i -- e


*m w nwaqinRE ^to

by the






Dtoyd& HutdbimUd.

n a ed with the dependent
tluted Order of Mechaft Carl-
ble. Zgland. which wai reistered
U No. 5 3 on May 5, 19". ,as
dedicated at an impreaive eere-
006y hekt on SunCsy afternoon.
May 3, 1%4, at Edward Street,
The ceremorv was performed
Mr. Alfrer James, the Grand Mas-
er, who vaS Iasted by Hs .-
ience ArchbUshop M. Jack of
ftmley Week Orthodox Ca. Aral,
Country Road, Barbadce. Mr. F.
H. Wood, Mater of -ceslio
Lodge, No. 152 who preskded was
irorted by Broth2r P. A. GJreen.
vice-praident of Goden Cite No.

The Very pi&lj't function was
atteadgd by Mastg.s and Past Mas-
tr Of Ar mhiw and m kboued theI
amd the pmo tetoeam" about
IH. o l Zd" b ftr te mutual
god d"l attalm b*oyeitof
ves nimpmimt valued Order of
-enia thmuagbout the wrld.


O"R T&"a OH No. IS
From 5663
To 6586
5 Fredtcf Sawn.


Buried In City
Uh death o Mi Wi iftil Gwm-yt
Mias.. DNga Mner. Tess. wtw *e-
or i fldmtli tn U Se amty hours ao
WelosY. AM 2L. was aa" oblmh
to lo remaui and t rds4 a k.
u9M Krto. -rod daohter 1 Mr.
lJ-l Kirts, Clo arMesstreet., Paot-v.
SM- Nod td oatW Mrs. I. Ktuo. ws
to lo? w53 yesr Wbe *b as- a@way.
T. dlsemd. *ft ws kuoormes -ions.
OW' to bwr ISTI c I of trrsed dmwas
M a Vtry busily iootol sj Lad br
""Mlay to at the poi-of-spom
C IiJ UasiotJ whre * rwasf
lrB Twa lto dlsiny a~malm v*il
te --m ft t bu la-y JIJ
em jbwmed ens dee aortas.
A|*e.T a ilete of the aftr eprot o-
slw MHm Kino :enered bs Paot-o-
SOIS colonrti lMaWE a 4audemt M
btle *after tackle svheo at a mge
Sad Was a aoit adt br deroumr to
ditak drq~kl qua""oa as a tubed
sum uSAd m m I idI.Ut. eset=
* hWsugita is 1Mto work rIs th
Of C M Weifte. bad be mn ad
ris tM thol tbth o fMarW depll
hica &H 'of t koew er as t* w-
bare "A X i tto betweff *d ad.
dm11.4 I*A 4 s Wi xwom tdo omi.
Ru taI &On"" tho by r tesnC. rere
Romeshvismtar et-
1 0496, Z=ess"W. Landow end it
-*"* * 5 *"""th.
a 61 1 do e w as a" over" to 1
d.o "the smie sq ha e toowNM u
hof Semla s! oo po ufom melo
ofl beAI &to hphausn e Mmo elmnt
i w.ir> rpsiiteln Ste. 3e~i~,
t" M e0&ao. u K. KMargol'fcM
ad" m thatothe UNLAuais ~~
lo'tboe be t e=Wa~~.
md a* theSBe. fCnsG. SD. BRN-
bamj Btte ofat eafaos. Mb dor.
Tim, b- es-m ears. GSeage@am,
NN "*& Lieawtw beo
= MOM~-. AMM t .*oxluS~
-~ i ie 03 ~

"O. .. ......0linf 7 T- - , mm
~o- MOWasMeSMUM&*ftM4. sU rnt-aiow


*.. ina,,.,d

,O m~A
* a

C. New, & a

~Yawive Fr
*he Mid ^m.&ilC M kd I B-r --
Dr. --8h 6 o3.M66:
~~m~ummmedwki a .,?-m

basue IL o m m
**IV- aI bis
ide .-s mhdk i d -= cd

i dr VI,, Li

DodkrsKidneyPffl MliSil3KMl







in 10 Killo Tins

Crown Corks



4oz.- la & *LSizes


Anthony Kenny& Co.
TONES: 4W7. A0

Special offer Ina -Oak to d
Oamm tecba te a ofm
Pvwn She&de ff-oalmmi
Dy Tumre Jacket and
M t.7i (t"k 1S *a t
batmann; hl Drib Jacl
Pants, ill": Whlit and O
Pant, only m MaM.
hrfet lL HP n Glcad 1
rders pfrri, Tft*,M
da"ta ;r bis

Sad O*Nar

I D"%__ -ea a 'spa
1446 OL

Trln -ad eetr


Apolicatio ma tInTlied
sapontent of an AnItti
trial aiteer In the f
the Biard on a mr
t2.0S-2-23 oer
Appvoaqmt. V Wua
WerI.ty Dp to
Aoeuiate M buls, : P ef
we ll-w bad

at am mad
seef o Greabtulo Oqusebd
the Fire Utadeuwltrft fatheOw
Applications Mwst reach UI
deanl~ed not later than 2 0
an the Jlyd 1M44.
3y Order a *M Doard.
28th Tim lad"

At the Races....

thou"Ms will eheer the iamer I

Let us cheer you up
with a special winning
lunch today Cold or
Hot -- os you like it.


Chomps Elysees Members Only Dial 83




14oz. Tin m 47f

28oz. T .___ 0f

28o. Tin ___ 60

16x. Tim

15M. Tr

Yhm 4007

----- 45#

225 Grms. _(

14oz. Tin __

in romento 150
Grm. _.
150 Gras. ___ I

inOa9O,6mOG 1

a a,










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