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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Full Text

.','r I**; *


t Local Gains o.ast

Forth OfCaenFitA
T.8 1 T LONG From I

ltLocal Ga s Casts

iorth Of Caen Fifh

June 2 (AD-m- e Brilti
SdX a half miles north of Cae
,l ONatr'aeagi reserves from 0
Sor th* developing showdo
.qM uiin que said five mites
oa the AllUea strengthened
ti :.ld O the Odon River
me a nMd wiped out by-
SDockets of resistance In the
et Mondrainvlle and Tour-
tem two or three miles be-
F the fighUn, front.
ats of enemy reserves were
6inated bv the mnassed artillery
S eral Montgomery and by
nmbera which struck at
Sanil bridges near Mont-
r-Riale and Cherlsy, 40
West, of Paris Saint Paul and
el, about 45 miles east of
and ranged far south and
o trains at Orleans and
SGermans fought a British
U move south of Cari.
with armour, but the Nazi
S tanks-thinned by the losx
wrecked or disabled since
0 Including 121 destroyed-
ep being premed iteadtlv back
*"I the Orne River.
All reconnaismnce showed
General von Runstedt was
Sup strategic reserves from
t, r back as Oe'nany in aft at-
m t to ma- Caen where his tank
lua were heaviest and one in-
ftttr division was mauled so
I t had to be withdrawn. It
,a announced from 8.H.A.E PF.
Wat mnoat of the German tanks
"$ destroyvedt r disabled since
V.Dmy" in the battles around Caen
Viore the British are now fight-
4 for Labliude. four miles north
a the centre of Caen, and were
L ng troops and tanks across
Odon River to broaden and
igim|then the wedge almost to
.ri ih tanks have cut every
thm road and follow-up forges
be won important high around
%tW a mile northeast of Easuay,
garlookdn Caen. five miles awa
Tim Germans hava already
-lown good quality troops into
S action and the British are
>ISS thn their position at top
i,,.fMn, aware that Rommel would

*All on Chtebourg
SLONDON. June 2 (Reuter)
Marshal Stalin has sent his.
arm congratulations, on what
tI call. the liberation opera-
tion of Cherbourg from the
Oerman invaders,. His mea-
No was addrexsed to Mr.
Churchill and went an "I greet
h heroic American and Brit-
Sb troops on the occasion of
0 I brilliant suoceu.
S *Mr, Churchill sent a reply
i Marshal Stalin saying the
Allies are honoured by his

M back with the strongest
W3tT-attack possible. It seemed
From Rommel's failure to
aMuch full-c&le counter-aitacks
ltmr. that although he has had
WfOcements the Germans are
"Wbf trouble getting fully sup-
troops to the front.
11 the bridge-busating campaign
*rtt before "D-Day." Allied Air
--f knocked out spans over the
NO to the north and Loire to
South of the battle area so
l'Om hly that most of the traf-
*S w forced to funnel In through
0* Rap between Paris and Or-
iand here the rail lines them-
were bombed intensively.
rom the Allies' salvage fleet
ard at work Retting the harbour
9 ctbourg in shape for 'reat
Sof Invasion supplee, came the
1o2agMIng report that the Ocr-
role 1th hour damage to the
jb Clltlea was less than earlier
It w5 announced that the Al-
a t lurd 31 i133 prisoners since
[ l dlnig In France and killed
I SA00 to 6.000 Oermans. When
me[ lJ of Wounded to dead Is
Is It w" obvious that the
S la suffered extremely heavy
a I tl n I tryinh to stem the
| drive from the beaches
SP the Past 24 days. An offl-
aM the Americans hadt buried
L 2lemy, dead and the Oermans
[ flti manv of their own.
S War Cagualties
WauEMOTON. June 2o30 (AP)--
b Usry Stimson, at Preas
today reported that
casualties in the war, in-
t Bfirst two weeks of the
_Normandy. total 244,158.
2Mr0a fare dead; 35,104 sol-
o 2. 02,a Navy, Marines and
Oar Personnel.
S Said that through June 13
Army casualties were
Which 32.02 were killed,
101Kdsd 37,706 missing and

- e he explained, did
meul easpelties i France,

I. Leilich's Return
Be Sought
Omr rMk StackdateI
for Davispment samd
he we fwt Idioms who
*lIty for Wabftotn

w* at Mm t swe
.L* Will e6 Uvwrat
r. OlBlieto twr atrto
i u t" I e ,
60 No=

s Take

,rmy Spearheads
Than 3P Milos
June 29 (Reuter)-

8sh hammered out local gains of It is officially stated today that


- --.---------- WW,--- -- wmm S Wm

Two Soviet Armies Slash

Toward Minsk After

Karelian Capital And
.,... i,. 1 11.1 ii~i..i. ^ .i~ii .i ...^ .^ .._. - - - .,

eu .i e..'.u a. S taig e masuteeemy nA,.iu uadva cO eorues ihave captuLeduT
ermany for the first time since the town of Cast agni, to, J ust offI
own battle in Normandy. the main road of Highwa) I at.d 2,00Ii ni The .ents4rn i i n H|Hr T '
B N KPrew~ ifth Army spearheads are no A-290. 0 L' Utlanes a .... ... ---
less thsu 30 miles from Livorno. v
The Allies have mad, advances H it
/_ 4 '. I mountainous country in the cen- G erm any I C o st
I -.,Itre. Her, the Eighth Army is -- ----
In E (. Tng B ....... y meeting stiff opposition but inm S. Bom g terms Hammer. i .
I. adqart. n 29 Imspite of this they have made some E.d.oe t t t l
I 9" ',,...'.:_-'*"" '' Ilimited gains north of Perugia. Factories While R.A.F.
Siel ne the beginning of the and Pas de Calais
howfi- ,Iprest, offensive Allied troops on mastera ai de Catais
Iall frontiers in Italy have taken
32,000 German prisoners. SUPREME HEADQUARTERS] LONDON J
Allied Mediterranean aircraft Allied Expedl~ionary Forces, June Or.lers of the r
h| h wre \ lield_ In Spite of bad weather flew 1,200 e 29 tAP)-An American air fleet of t wa rdot
SIsorties yesterday. Fighter bom- 2,000 heavy bomber tando escorting l forward both in
bers were over the bs. area fighters hammered four plane m i I the Kareli w
Srand a force of heavy ,nmberr at- plants and other ,ntallations deep e h Lmanr- 1 t ree sit t C
tacked two oil refineries in Ru- i Germany and R.A.. heaviest
Soalorailyardsnr Buchares wounded flying bomb launching ..
anlaaneinho r ".n'd., o the eave -- -anair"rtes at Pas d Calais as Allied e
Eien ho er and ollth .oer. heaves bombe, a. al- air units again loosed the r ..a... 1i -ai oosed tileo fury of a
S in a av tin lthe heart of Bulgaria, their th'ree-wav offensive. 1ea t. l p .H ld e
h oLight bombers attacked objec- Des lo oer mtted i
l' .f-, At .. .. .. .. Despite thick ioues over most '%v i l'
C o pnifaersAGiheret the' o ilO fee llNormandylin oAmeritc an the tiarp A 'i e .
ahead_-de Kpipelines frotn Ploesti comes omi Ou ft ers atRtkaed German coastal bat- I ed t nn r
o and a wc to the Danube. Twent -thr ee o Normanyo,, Amerin Maad S p l th t
H adui ar r eem .'plani es werte destroyed fr of the Cherbourg peninsula asd ". up l I i W _

Kvr pot-al la -tt o fficia, lot setatement tody ro siAd-l ov e orthe area in ave tll s 4hAryaen.,mn withAsern qellno Nint Seeasn Leni
-tile loS S of six Allied aircraft. An Allied fighter-bombers ranged .L t u r I
By STA NLEY l-C... p r, le-,_ n lor fi al Statennent, today from Ad- over the area In ave,; with Ninth S e e n w t o IL, 'wll 18
y n'. anced Allied Hea arters in Ar Force Thtnderbolts ruttin a Dr. and Mrs. It. J Marelin leading In Prima Donna lftec her Smoother worki
Ing the Combined British.. Pre.I Italy about the bombing offensive wide path through the Nazist vro, er the 6 class animals In the five-furln Belmont ery of export ct
gaist oil plants says it nearly b attl-frot l upplv lines from the Stlakes at the TTCcraes yeo terd ay afternoon J. I,. Goel and consequent at
48,KD OOMMND 1OsT, 4,800 aircraft dropped approxi- 5Ikr'av. cnaot to Paris nicht, extreme right, lit' he trainer of the 4-year old Teo f supplies tot,
Sc upe h headquarters. June 29 lately I11,000 tons of bomb: be- S.3f A EF disclosed that the 'earsn mare. Jockey Perea. i astride the winner. of supplies to thc

ovrte tainwt eea mlaeul nAeia r-i vaiu ,etr of -otr .I I" teorso are Jiown ey Idcteresa Oll at lfle' th winner o 1
(Reuter).- teneial Dwight isn tween the beginning of April and pounding. since "D-Dsav" have among beneficial
hoe d-wer SuprurnedAllied a n the middle of June and eig' t .-t- husied German air bases back 100don ... ...... -.-' ---. accrue from there
fr. tacks put the Ploesti refineries tt miles in France. fc wrencecdinNewo
Whas e this week held a sertes uf h Oe thousand American For- i- accor dng to
" ~~a low ebb for months to comniu -L ........... ...
Gportnt conh'inoe'. b.oak a .thi t. nt'sses and iberators escorted byt- er onnll ,), Ove r ma,.ia a oe ma n, randia0n C
pot n ofincs b c t hs l i s A p yCmmain er, n la) C "'
tain heudquarttrs. Siena Advance Continues ai n equal number of fighters. u A l" e t n -' exlnt C, ommisioner,tu
Mr. Winston ChiUrchill, Hiitiiish r m. plowed through heavy flak andPres iinpi.iIgll !Plans week visit to Cat
Prime Ministe, whca.m th l, general _si""l teay ing act s swarms of enemy iniirceptors to ulceroi Mr. Newman,
normealq rly aersfnce a w afedrnove By GEORGE t UCKER smash at aircraft factories at ( tat CHICAGO, JInM 29 i(Reuter) plani.e on Tuesda
conference, aendua lltr he seord- o ttROME June 29 (AP Allied .eloPzg, oCsrnerleben, Aschers le f pT1 1- Mr. Thu mas Dewey, Governor ColonN for Cana

cofrence and alledrpoto thSep second front ROME. Ery rufluith ac t~ he*'I-"" i nHdth ^ da uauan' ----1 -^1"
commanders and advisers wo are troops today clubbed their way W ben and Fallers.leben, a synthetic, iO n iKnrul of New York, the'Republican attend a number
still in Engand have taken part in within less than 12 miles of thee 5 a Pant at. Bonen, near Letr party's presidential candidate, He told the "T
the dicumsions, General Eisen- important tow of Siena But des- anmd a number of other military r told reporters that he ho to yesterday that asi
hwe as plan eng a least 9 days poita o 'wial e na.s' fues -and industrial targets in the heart By ALIAN HlKI'HIREKV 4talk over plans or the prcsi- in dairy prodo
showers plnningat lest.godays.ite.oficia......of "nemy.t 11the
ahead-dealing withvast heme .... urdan under-... ....fu.l...s or. G ermany. i itrtal campaign with al feeds th genera
thea nd-talin wo h i tt ches ...confusiotn," the abandonment of oe. ay. ANDY, Ceylon, June 29 uRe'- Republicatn leaders, including in Canada had
of men and iate I Ial which will equipment by the Germans inFIGHTERS AG te British and Indian, troot s of M W. ndel Wll kie /provemett over I
-nateriallse later. tue 14th e using t e An a qusion n Am ica s dema|
Fven post-war p1-- i_ h cti sme sectors and th steadily 1t rel4thArmy.are ncrie-n tantheir Answerln, g a question on Am- Increasing demria
anti machinery o f e miTiltaiy con-I growingntumbers ofprit owners. ue First reports Sn now that at least pressure around Ukhrol, northeast erica's p: st-war forei policy, liberated territo
trol of Germany- have been dis- Allied advance was bogged d ov I Gerortnldnes wer shtd or.mepa key Britsh strongho he said e d not believe t- t require continue
cuse drigthesem etns''hnotwsofCuiintefc by escorting Mustangs, Lighinings in the Indian province of Manipur, a nation should surrender 0t, over exports for
cupremei mn der otl Jinesc T heortheav y deela ingct l ae and Thunderbolts,tas they continue mopingupore opera- sovereign rights to make way come.
Sureme stratery of the Jfaeavyea y. .IReuter reported that out of tons east of the Kothima-lmphial for any International organi sa- -
ground strategy of the campaign, The French announced they had thfcoA era eavy Road. ey br ftic. as a rresult of
initiates the broad Programmes and l occupied the villages of L Foce the force of Amighterhic an T e od hed' o h As. Lm i t r mr t-
amen&pp'ovs Le deaild nlnal -'". .- 7 ".="'Ibombers and fighters which at- T oday's .Southeast Asia eommui'r.... ..) --,, q
ASthen approves tue detailed plan and Fantelvecnhil. west of Lake tacked trlgeta- i 6 mnemyer- iqtan dsoelose Utat the rq arena poa' Mr. dd U ad.
athyaeproduced by hit, ataff e- ao pnnf
urn acia rraseimeno, bu olyaoeraapI a reeOieatinit west oftheoa *A
Current tactical problems never Ie olM a fer a roulgh many today 15 bombers and Kohima-Impha Road,1n ara --- I n Ne
worrc Geal r se nwr.m HaH is- The two fightersDare missing. Fast of the road there ate only nile 'Pryne fol e gp rop
customarily thinking weeks tor On the coastal Sector, however Five British heavies were lost tragglers north of Karolg, a ,00o move much mo
months ahead. One of hi staff the Fifth Army troops atre firmly I rom the escorting force which toot high mountain range which I ... L in the past and
oflTce ra told me that when thetele- astride the Important l ateral Ithundered tA norcern France .torseparates the Imphal lPlain from It l r l l l continuity
pIhen rag duriengta dinne road leading to the German cen- batter rocket omb launching the Chlndwin Valley and dominates C n s Korsh ha bee exp
Gen eral Eienhow Aer's North Afri- al section n which ell to thes m lat forms this afternoon even as the approaches both from the wet' S hs, .
can headquartersojustcafter he hadtraly ection which fell te robot raider. 0o d too fn g
flown to the Tunisian front to talk with the capture of Castagnle. the robot raiders continued to fall ioandMthe. eNsw Si n o
over the Cituation with General Simultane3usly an American arm- in various sectors of southern But there are glowing Indications tll t rit a
Omar Bradley -then Second Corps oured column captured the road England, The Air Ministry said a that the J apanese are prepr ing .. Iion, tMr. uwm i
Commanderan officer returned Junction of Montecano and also lare number were shot down, or a further r offensive from then the woere
covered IIe offr r rned jctisouthIn a hid to capturelipisal, Mr. nerge de Nobriga, ntaag- factory. Invasion
elated from the telephone and said: occupied Montaleinello .which It wa anouni thi at aMus- ain n British csupplyandcaltra b lase'k i .re.ier oflthe -'riiad makine some invA
"We are going into Bizerte." e pl aced them in positions f or a tang groupdon ed 22 G er manan rt.mhe i p and t ui liattc tp hi Cortmpadan s ping
G eneralEisenhowerresponded in ... -' ', 'lanernear d -,- in. th I nde tnanp rovinceof Manipur. i," liuate releplhone OMPanYdanhippln h
ena peioruied swayW re n t drive onSiena. The eighth Army 'aes ea L ip wle escort- A Manipur frontline report today in a luller explanation o the re- heavy as expect
Sre"cuied ase tWhy, aren continue itds slow avance Ing heavy bUlombers today and also stated: "The threat to Imphal eis ,Ment of cei nmor over/tin .Ofsup5lTes
c ite, asked the officer Gen. o ndestrop 16ito _n._., onth .. .....e ,, n th si
isenhower's reply was that he wasiagainst strong oppositron.Yed 16 airraft On the ground not yet overo-that Ia the feeling c oer tne tran- Atlan- ir.teria'ly affect
thinking about gicilyfie dormno .. .. .and lostonly one. The fighters here and the impression is caused tic telephone system, yesterday In-iyct
tread manin a tailyHe d oer n swooped down to -!estroy or dam- by the fact that the Japanese in ...... the '.ri ad /uarulan" -

^ w deaile reprtson ct'ur-?onl the *1rnia Oidln lane etedy..le de. anorp Cl-em t.uarulan
rent operation le 'rpothoSelections Made age at least 16 locomotives. 95 this aOrca are thought to have re- chat, the use of th ,e service Is still.
mHe refen s to getrhis Informationailroad cars, 14 trucks, three ugsce tgs a ur rein ftlorceenta '
at first hando get htiine o prmaom si 1 o re and i f M be of one In the past fe'w weeks" suoloJct Ito very strict contr l,
nande's and observers h elfare ourseT nThe severe' defeat of the .laan- 'Inank,, howcvet, to the efforts o
altrs toh an d rn t-herm men -- e Jom ave. .Thunderboltgrot dropped nartly erre 31Mst Division at KohTniasat t hle Teiclphone company, in con- n s
bee on the spot and whom he 'he "Trinidad Guardian" under- emnt fuel tankson ernt

It~ a~n a. v at^S i plno of the~ JapS-^ I -el Aains
either talks to on his trip across stands that Mr. C. H. Von Deible. factor. sAturatft], the building anese for invading Manipum and r.W., aiid with the cu-operation oi
the Channel or in interviews whensof the Local P.ood Controller's De- and then fired incendiary bullets Assam, Sad ha ated many dindi- the copanIiy comuroaling ti' oer-
lthey return to headquartis._ apartment, and Mr. 0.0Lessey. a into lthe structure, leaving it cuities for the remaining forces. I'e in Miami It will now be Po-
C.anadian Mission schoolteacher of fnmting. I General Joseph Stilwells .head-.m.lebeor the operaOrs to deal with l
-,T r A I tllme city, have been selected b y quarters announced tay ha e tooraytt cal
Trinidas Welfare Limited for a r261a Nazis ... _icrack Japanese 18th Division which.morcalls.
Roosevel[Yt G ets Uthree-month welfare course in, 2 .N i formed the spearhead of the force It is still necessary for all ap-
-- ... Jamaica, They expect to leave for i ir atles which ca turd Snao. p hase l pications or calls to be submitted
Jamaica early next month. cO mpletey wiped oit. to Imperial Cenasorahip but It is 1
AnM Jn 9 (AP.- helLONDON. June 29 (Reuter)-- R.A.F heavy bombers of the anticipated that as a result of the rI
United States headquarters an-|9aSttrn Air Command yesterday Improved facllltiea It will be pos-
-- -*.- '" ...." .......n ounced that. the Eighth F: .Iter bombed Kalewa. Fighter bombers smibe for more calls tCANa-I I
W H N uoCommand destroyed 261 enemyand bombers were over the Ara- proved," Mr. do Nobriga added,
WASHINGTON, June 29 CAP),- In Copenhagen plat n es d i air bt in te firsan. o an aa a -- -i
IPresi.',nt Roosevelit tonight made ^;- -...e .. ')[planes In air ba.ttles in the flrat kanLo3,m nsld Kaladlin areas ....---- I
pu resp.'nRoosevrt tronight mae STOCKHOLM. June 21 _AP)- 23 days of the Invasion. In addi- shooting up river and troop con-
Public a report from his top Mili- The free Danish Press service re tLion, 100 more were destroyed and centrttions.
lis still a tough fight ahead of us" ported that moremthan a thousand damaged oo the ground. Between. .W oman1Found Dead
in the war I bonfires burned in the streets of Iune 6e and 28, the Americanu oHINESEnADVANCEd D
The report sa1d: "The battles Copenhagen as Danish patriOtS Eighth Air Force fglhters flew troops Pushiig dow.n B.Gi B ..-ank
n in mpr.gress entail heavy losses' continued anti-Nazi demonst a- 20.000 sorties, damaging 40 loco- from Mogaung s. r .... s On .I l -

I material which American in- tions in which eleven persons wc motives and 1.500 Oerman tanks west of Lotla. In the Mykyin a Trinidad Guardia rr*pdt.
dustry must replace. Any slacken- killed and. 24 wounded, and other military vehicles. Their area. the Chinese have yeatroyed TOERnGWaOWNB .G.. June 24,
Idn in needed production will onlyr _sever. Japanese strongpoints. (By Mail)- Dead body of newly- I
dely ultimate victory." The*rert - American troops havy wiped out wed Mrs. Levi Lorrimer wife of
was received from General Mar-Stwo bunker Positions,
ail,thCief of Staff; Admiral Te r K oi a grant-holder in British GUbua'
King, and General Arutald of the r NfS n darletI T .. The/- Alm.erican14th Air forceas on atTuda ah
sallthe C himefrof w ta14 A d Amits heal w as found last Thursday hI nahalf
Kin are n ea lar he ofthee Unl- -- . vr F kT a .nteirfel t y-neto abandon the airfield at Hengy- nude condition by settlers of Ku-;.
air forces, who are the three Uni-I
ted ale )ont Cief ofa ng which was reported under Jap- maro on the left bank of the
te ltsoo heso ta ff.t Ieefre h uwvDeeaa Rvrabu its
They said upon their return Lr-a Buildings Equip men Fr om U. S .,eoi lete" .estroveTernv the At lea.woI SM.
It4'e fighting lit Normandy Ooy 41 u l i g q i m n r m U S.,ns ie h uwws on1Dmrr ie bu
covered "a state of mind in this before mney left. Other American The couple lived tcgerthe along
country' against which we believe .. airmen arode concentrated attacksewitl their five-month old baby. w
the public should be warned," The Sir Frank Stockdale, Comptroller for Development and Welfare on the Jaranese driving down t'i' Her husband left for his work W e
report said favourable news from h the West Idie who left Trindad yesterday- morning fr Wsh- Canton rallwty his grant as usu.alon Wednesday
the .fg hting front appears to have Ws.. .. .. .r h The Chinese Hih Command also morning. and on returning to the
started a public feeling that the ington, D.C., on hi, way to England, has been asked by Government claimed an imnortant success in homestead in theev-enig tfonId custc
ware watspasrgoo _s o won and dew-i to explore the possibility of certain U.S buildings being transferred recapturing Yiyanq, a strategic his son weeping faIr his mother.
cocint About60 miles northwest of Mr. Lorrimer called aloud sferall
be cut down unless that idea isL t, the local Government for use In connection with health schemes, Chansha, .iossessio.n of which en- times for his wife, but there was
the war Is mm et wel t will bed prntheseTrinidad Outrdian learned yesterdaybleathe hinese to.strike at the no reply. He promptly took fup b
checked "isnot edltewoy;Itdeclardte"rnddGada"leanebyeeras.Ulnktof the extended Japanese the ifn n aeaca-Pu~l
won the sooner i everybody in war Our Kingston. Jamaica, corres-+ ........ lines in n....couIntry dash o after's.
work sticks to his job till complete-yesterdy'Mr.A.IBoth Brigadier-General Rhodd lines in Hunan, count r his father's
victory has been attained." pendent. cabled and Sir Bt 'rank left yeterda-morn-n----e-r----- d homestead some miles away. A
Military commanders visited the J. aeafield, Agricultural Adviser Ing. Brigadier-General fooingI .search party wa ormd amoI Pc
Normandy front shortly after the to ai' JiranaRockale.ihasmgonetoIandmLaeut.-CoLmiBercgn will leava maica Livestock the sttlers an4' all a the
Allies smashed into the French lagllatnd where he will loln Sir today. night and inta the an tr
coast. The report to M. RooseveFrank In conference. with the Coho, T surged the district. It w
woast. Theireportet' Manalysisvfritial Office to Iron out dissatisfac- Inte,,iewed by a 'Trinidad Guar-T d redicted noon on Thursd a n
wsthei ho efonOfthleirractlyis onrln- verlack of co-operation of dian" reporter'. Brlgtiuier-General ~F r
toe thoe i rnvason.Teyf i their~ local officals and to plan speedy fooling said he was anxious to wl HALIFAX, June %20 CCPw --mr.J ~ the homestead near a sanag
gres of the fighting deserves the progress of development and wel- slat te local government and COls W. Howe, Senior Livestock Oicer- eek..-
" ion" of America re schemes. Wenger in tin the P l of the Jamaica De artment of Ag-
htSir Frank will also endeavour to health programme on venere al dia- culture, predicts e development 1. Thepolie_.__ha1e-de1ned it 1&,f _h.
...... ~obtain, for use here, medical equip- eases,. ,wit a. view to mak~ing .o- of an export Ilvestock trade be- bo urer on th grant. l
'IT 1'IF S IW 11 meant and supl~plies which may bej operation betw.e~en the U.S. Army] tween No-va-'Scotia--and Jamaica. leI ..I
dolaedsupls o I needs of the an h Clnal officers of sp~eial ist n e
Hacuslifax. And re tn Hulu ~ t~twD %rtntrdU~eso e tre to oc prah~ Inlenf~et tha h uae.US a =Pieoe't ikbfit .to thu s older er~~,mth .sad imbue -of iah Plty"-- ale to cte Investigate tm tesep the Pos sblmen Ja ps Silenced l Stoci
Decisionn to, n plW'ch aeu i fo meitesim
SWASNINOTON, June 29 (API.- held at Go~vernment H'ouse on Wed-] particularly successful in venerealI Ln--] aum balpanI
Lord Halifax. British Anm~aasdt needsynight. Ths part iclipating] diseases and it was well to stressA.. ._ _4 JW....... ..-
id,,at-d ta y t-ihnat e- isusedwee i ltacllesy te Acin: the improvements, that couldejA itio: a lul l,'m Jun tlAP-
aI can Naneri- hu' ri' dly fro SheU. form er. Deu Coammandr These new methods, which ha-w"iea m o m m ." I .
Igr Hlls ffee LrdEaif as01the Caribbe, A reat- no w O. been utenhlv tiecmtheCatl KI NO ..J....- e Amra hleaNlsmi tr

from th ColonilOffie, Oppoition ws bein
ta eem e Impel, bm b;mm resul t-oM ts aflhe her today to cnut the m Aeiean toa t O!Nas.I

- mom - - -an ----- -% m - mlwmw

- .fm0pm

TUNA flg~s
us wxin,,ls O
IN uls HU .... .........
P k P rrYr'w:#v

c w S .....*..e. ..4,ahi

Their Wa



Russian Driv



s The GermanI

)00 Men
-...... -.1f
time 29 (APi-Marshal Stalin announced in two 0-1ffif
lay tonight that Rssitmr troops, blastingn
Sthe far north and -in White Ruswia have
1. capital of Petrozovoctsk a the beleasas
4 at BDbrulsk, W e
Willi o-' W he catouae of Petro
vodak, the M...manC' ramlwa t
completely cleared of the W
kr Twa Russian armies of trhe
ruI e t altic and the Third WhIte
York an Ot aim at the same time a
tht-tr wav directly towedI
So w A special Russian commU-.

ikmeor Morse
lid tiese two fomocs hav*
v00 German soldiers. rad M
na- "more thaa 20.000 prisoner.
fov-, railwav stations

ld o the niachi-rt i the sPetrMai
ontrol In Caitada vcsvIctorY 0t

teadier centinuir tl ,shores of
itWest Indio% are, Lake ont'ga far IA
results likely to tie north of th
recent supply stcon- bI atm e frost h '

York and i t ta-[ White Rutsia
Mr. 0. A NrdaN- of vast stoateel
Government Trade in portl,,cO dbe-
stback front a six- va'ruse It elearee
sadathe last. stretet
wIo returned the South rail-
wh e ow ied b% wan- n R USl I A tn t ha t

last year althoughli be saluted with 21 selvoes frm I;
Sor evening left ltInt of Moscow'sup bigply lineom
IdS ai lk May tol ith a salute of a salvos
ral ifosr control wa24 from Mu elebra th
pivot of the Nar n"thernol
id" he fromuid "*t"rsPirent se ,x tMASHAL 4s. U
tcts amnd certain -i-w n'north to Odessa em the IU1
RI supply situations Sea at the south.

Ihe onwt crece I i- Stalin order ted that, the t0
ste yearralementa gh saluted with 24 salvoes frot I
yd for supplies in- of Moscow's big 2 com
Yorisk, the malkely I mth It8te of salvo" 1"
ri close control 224 guns to ceS lebra.tho. t>
Dr some nr teaSto ,fI e Bobruk which Is the mout,
ppepivot of the Nast ;, athe rla.. 4
iil." he scud, e--tleitnt White R Wa a

tile confeence Ie n MRtero say.e that ,n tr flS

he ihinnin sii,. days' ighttln| for Vlttba*. ***
. ,n -=id i* ,.* ,,.n ( er m a n s lo s t 5 I,0 0 k ille d n f
the arragmen I O with h cas5i lteo atbrul CUM
)piy Offiers' Con- Ieadwosvk' u

Yor. the ma. thii s mesa tbU t O 5 "ln
trol of exports willl took 16,00W' proonern,

r Smoothly t a wn General Roossovanv ba" -
will cnaisre a Stead- nsst a marshal Of the Sod-

of supplies then Utlon.e the Oean

Led and !the pore- !I0000 *n in tin-d aU~a
Is therefore nora wounded and to the nuutjb^
enced n provided the tremendousApeal anouncemeto

nf Tl.. |IL,. R"'lne basli the tornm l kndt
U aid "SHlippit ormanied l asta.00 fors tleda
M '5a MOCwotw m1tae. a ken ha
manhq; ,litedh the cabiggesat miDlaa *ob
n demands. wIsle this means that in the ll
roads on West In- week of the Russian M **AV'
save been .as offeIssive the Germans haa IloSt
,ed and the Post- 110.000 en u illnRZ4
mis therefore not wounded an~d to theks~e mut,*9
ted." added the tremendous &ifikimi&
of equipment destrye
11 o erssaWtn f ore nd 4ls
Of The War organizead k ters t orm n
a Mcs'ow military atl
c ailed the "bggest miniar
Hitlerism I A teRslum~o







beg to notify our

mers and the general 4

ic that our Groceries

ort-of-Spain and San;.

ando will be close

day TO-DAY fc*




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'A &,

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S mmm turln.

|>--. Inil-l 6MA, AMl PUNUANDO
v s

aLum m

i4 g~~tMg "W 1 WA(I 4rWMMlTIMsM s MM
WM A a 4W 4s0i MftU AVNmN. V.Y

"* fUM3P.o r T1 A.OCtATW Poa

...AT. JUN K 31, 194.

Nab Suffer Severe
;Setback On East Front
Newspaper, "Red Star," quotes a Rus-
lan general as saying about the Red
,Army's new offensive in White Russia:
"Never has any army in the world met
such defeat as the German army at pre-
lat." In the first six days of the drive
th Russians have achieved a stunning
success trapping ten German divisions
md driving the enemy out of 25,000
square miles of territory. The capture in
,quick succession of Vitebsk, Orsha, Mogi-
ev, Zhlobin, and Bobruisk means added
s'trength to the power of Soviet blows,
because our Allies are now in full posses-
ton of the railway extending from Lenin-
Sgrad to Odessa and can thus move troops
laterally behind the long front.
The direction of the seven-day-old Red
Amy drive is along the road on which
Napoleon retreated to defeat in 1812. It
Is the same road which three years ago
brought Hitler within sight of Moscow's
Kremlin. But today he Is being driven
back in the opposite direction, and his
O ry Is In a worse plight than our Allies
Were at this time in 1941. In those dark
Sdays the Red Army was compelled to
trade space for time, and events have al-
ready proved the wisdom of that course.
Wr the Nazis, on whom a similar policy
a e been thrust by a series of major de-
fealfs on the eastern front, there is, how-
ever, nothing to gain-because time is
against them, and will catch up with
thbn as their enemies, growing stronger,
crowd In on them from all sides.
In the first phase of their invasion of
the Soviet Union the Germans showed
themselves masters of the art of blitz
warfare, but subsequent battles have
shown that to the German generals this
is now a lost art. Yet even if they still
retained the old skill that made them be-
ive the Wehrmacht to be invincible, the
Sheatvy losses of the last two years in
Europe and Africa have robbed them of
i the power to wage total war. The Wehr-
h macht Is still a powerful force, but with
its air arm battered out of recognition It
is no match for the powerful Anglo-Rus-
saian-American armies, strong in men and
.materials and working in co-ordination
with the most powerful air fleets ever
The Germans can offer no excuse for
the defeats they have suffered in the East
In the past seven days. There can be no
more talk of withdrawals to shorten
lines, when heavy fortifications are
smashed with comparative ease. And
there Is every indication that before long

ui e tsyeeuewhich the
re ~owexp~t .Brntei and the
novigt ccth amma i y w e efen-
siewr bil thiy didl so Ma^Stt theb-

-r thirml r oucsUT e Rans
An~dL fr^iwMlata 4t

have beet thrown Bn the defensive when
=4ll opy wU ae no longer able to Cape

they have waed their resources which the
Athey cannotre bwe replenished. Theyain a thre
thus doomed to defeat.

Airplanes Witheyout Pilots tb
Aeg Token Of Desperatihey won

MR. CHURCHILL'S recent statement
that Allied victories this summer may
mabring "full success to the cause of free-rmn
have besin thown =n the defensive when
they have wasfod their resources a&d

they cannot s been challenished by a well-
thknown Amed torican newspaperman. Het.

thinks that Hitler will end our to with-
draew his troops from oDespne battle zone to

another until they are all back In Ger-
many, and that this will delay the Nazi
collapse until early winter.
- Mr. Churchill, however, did not say
the war willied victories this summer; he said it
bright do"fu so. And in anuccess to there part of hisfree-
dom"speech hase declared thallengt the United Na-

tions would go on to the finish, whether
knownthat came this year or nepaperman.xt. While, there-
fore, heinks thinks the strugglat Hitler will endeavour to with-pe
drmay be over in 1944, he does not rulom one battle zone out

the possibility of its being prolonged un-
another until 945. So they are all bn newspaper-
many,'s statement about a winter vitoryll delay the Nazi

does not affect the position very much.
The great point is that discussions about
cothe end of hostilities are no longer wish-
ful thinking. Mr. Churchill is not givensay
the war will end this summer; he said it

might do so. And in sm, anotd he could hardly
speeh he madeclar his speech withe out weighinga-
tionsevery world carefully.go on to the finish, whether
thaOf camourse mthis year or next. Whiople wouldthere-
folike thio know more ofks the facstruggle is on Eurowhichpe
mathe Prime Minister based hie s nostatement.
The great victory of Its bein Normandy was not
yet won when he spoke nor had the Rus-
man's statement about a winter victory

doesians launched their new offensin ve. Romuch.
had fallen, bupoint Kesselring's armieons abouwere
tihel full of fight. Doilities hare no agree with the
ful thinking. Mr. Churchill is not given
to over optimism, and he could hardly

have made his speechry commentators witho think tlghinat a
every word carefully.

crack-up of morale willons be theof prelude would
lika sudden collapse of the whole Nazi sys-ch
the Prime Minister based his statement.

tem? The atuse of the pilotless airplaneot
yet won when he spoke, nor had the Rus-

does seem like the desperate bid of a beat.
haen foe. And there may belring' a certain ana-were
still full of fight. Does he agree with the

mlitarogy combetween airplanes without pilots and
crthe act k-up of the late Kaiser in dropping histo

chancellor Bismarck--an aut which was
later to bring a disaster to Germany that
became the excullapse for creating the Nazi sys-

tem? The use of the pilotless airplcraft is notne
war: does seem ike tt is sheer murdesperate bid of a beat-evice s
not aimed at munitions ay be a certain ana-

yards, military camps, or airfields, but
logy between airpland des witruction wherever it pilots and
the act of the late Kaiser in dropping his

happens to fall. By employing t which wea-
lapon Hitler hopes to bring a distractr the attentionhat

of the German home front from failures
bin the field. But in the for craoming months Nazi

the German people the wilotless aircraft is notsg
ly grave problems to face whis device is
not aimed at munitions factories, dock-
yards, military camps, or airfields, but

pilotlakess 'pldeathane will d destruction wlve. Wherever itime
may come when they employing ll think sIt ex-
pedient to dr hopes theo distract the attention te
person of the man w home front from failureseered them
In the feld. But in the coming months
the German people will have Increasing-
ly grave probiemns to face which ihe
pilotless 'plane will not solve. The time
may come when they will think It ex-
pndient to drop +hair own pilot. Irk the

91nw0. Ook.0






$9.00, $12.00, $14.00 and $18.00 each


BRACES ...........................................-.......- $1.45 and $1.50 per pair
LEATHER BELTS ... .... $1.46, $1.50 and $2.16 each.
OVERCOATS .- ... $8.16 and $23.93 each.


SConemned by P te
The Eubuitor

S dmKm to drw t&. attenion o
the Sk~rd mutatlo te some thnp
wTisk arestakig pai in a certain
a^^" NORM-" ---l-lW

Mhool in South lSchooinidadl
Condmned y Poaret

I do** to drftw the attention 69
Ofe board Mucatintoa s ome thtnp
whMo aft iskiac plaw in a certain
school in South TrInidad.
When I was a student of this
school, thVi sort of thing was
nt V talked about. I take into
=o =siderati tt a war is on but
that does not mman school children
have to cultivate one acre of land.
On the timetable of this school
there Is an sTagricultural period
which Is not more than one hour
the'afternooa, but the children
we to work for hours, first thing
In the morning even before Bible
lesson period.
t my day, we used to cultivate
a gardn, but of the required aile
for competition, and when the
crops were reaped they wore di-
vided among the children of the
school; but now, the school garden
crops are sold in the district.
It Is rather hard to know you
send your child to school With-a
clean suit of clothes on Monday
morning and this has to be done
on every other school-day morning
of the week, for with the laborious
work they have to do th~y se
unable to keep their clothes clean.
Another thing is, that school
children here have to build their
own school. I think the Board
should look after this. If the school
wants extending please extend it,
and do not allow the children to
go i to the forest for materials to
build schools to accommodate them-
selves for if something should hap-
pen to them in the forest, who
would be responsible?
A few years ago, after a school
vacation, I learned that the board
gives an allowance for .scrubbing
of schools, but it seems that the
board only gave this allowance to
this school for one year, for after
that school children have had to
scrub the school after every vaca-
tion. If the allowance is still being
given, where does it go?
There are many other things
which are going on in this school
unknown to the authorities, and if
ever I am asked by anyone who
wishes to know what the children
of this school have to do, I shall
not be afraid or ashamed to let
him know everything.
These are the things which pre-
vent children of this school from
winning buraary or exhibition ex-
These are things vihlch may get
parents impatient some day. There-
fore I am appealing to the authori-
ties to see that this type of thing
does not continue any longer.
Hoping the board will give this
a serious thought and immediate
South Trinidad.
Health Debate Incomplete?
The Editor "Trinidad Guardian."
The Hon'ble Gerald Wight's re-
solution calling for the appoint-
ment of a committee to review the
medical and health policy of the
Colony indicates an impressive bit
of work the outcome undoubtedly
of industry and skill in collating
facts-but, I fear, not all the repre-
sentative facts.
If in a comprehensive survey,
th disabilities under which medi-
cal men are expected to work had
been stressed, there would be no
demur. But Mr. Wight has failed
to tell us, even by Implication, that
he Is aware of the relatively abject
working conditions of the non-
medical employees in these services.
Better economic conditions for
medical men would probably at-
tract those of higher qualifications
and ability to the services, but
would in no wise stem the periodi-
cal tide of dissatisfaction apparent
in every section of these services.
Work For Trinidodions
The Editor, "Trinldad Guardian."
It is time the Government should
do something abouf these outsiders.
Hundreds of Trinldadlans in the
Colony are unemployed. Some have
just left colleges and primary
schools. After these people leave
schools, they must look for work.
The American bases here are com-
ing to a close and hundreds of men
have been dismissed. Should not
Trinidadians get the first break?
If no't, why shouldn't they?

Unemployment Warning
The Ed or, "Trinidad Guardian."
I note that the Industrial Ad-
viser has notified that all persons
from the neighboring Islands who
entered Trinidad illegally, or hold-
ers of temporary permits who have
exceeded their stay. will be allowed
to return to their respective homes
without any opposition from the
immigration authorities.
Very assuring, but will they? Are
they likely to return to their native
land to face conditions far worse
than exist here?
I imagine a muster of all unem-
ployed, or those with no prospects
of employment would be far more
effective, and it would be very
much mor. frugal If this Govern-
ment would deem It advisable to
pay their return passages, rather
than have them cluttering the
sidewalks, pollutng the atmos-
phere with vile epithets, and at
night perpetra ing every infraction
of th. law.
ach a move would lessen the
overcrowding existing in houses,
and relieve the shortage prevailing
In foodstuffs.
The pelting of members of the
ConMtabulary with stones and bot-
tles in Quarry Street this week
should serve s a warning to the
authorities to cast off their lethar-
wy and act promptly.
SImmigration Criticised
The Editor, *Trinidad Guardian.'
I read with Interest the letter
written by "AIeeted" in ou." issue
of June 23, and it is certainly time
that the Government take steps to
send the non-Trinldadians back
home from wherever they have
Look at what the Mayor of Port-
of-Spain had to say about a house
he visited in Marine Square with
M to 90 people in it, and I believe
the cause is too nany immigrants
from outside.

Mr. Wintou WWe l al P t re re Minister of Oreat Britain, ats
ftot 4 "r 1 so s he deseem s from te "duck" on which
Strr to tow U beN hoeadreoantly. General Montgomery
Is an band to greet Mr. ChurahUL The Prin e Miaiter travelled
to France on a destroyer and spent several hows ashore. He
was given an eanthualaott welcse by the troop.

Russian Advance. On Minsk

Gains Momentum Rapidly
for a decisive blow at Minsk, the ssaass _a_ s__
last major German stronghold on IWO Vicy Of fi
Russian soil. wo Vichy Officers
In six days' fighting on the
White Russian fronts, the Russians On Treason Trial
penetrated north of Orsha to a
distance of more than 120 miles, ALGIERS, June 29 (AP)-
trapped ten German divisions, General Pierre Blanc, former
mopped uP a number of pockets, Director of the Tricolour Le-
liberated more than 6,000 place, gion and Col. Justin Mlagnin,
destroyed several hundred tanks former Legion official, went on
and as many 'planes and reoccu- trial today on charges of trea-
pied more than 25.000 square miles son before a military tribunal
of ter ritory i In another French purge trial.
The German route was "patti- If convicted they cai be exe-
cularly marked by the large num- cuted.oic be exe-
her of prisoners taken." Moscow The Trlcolour Legion was
here is striking at Hitler's most Vihy'srecrui egagncyao
vulnerable points. Vchy's recruiting agency for
Field messages said that lnus- troops to fight.
sian artillery can already be heard
in Minsk. Prom all available in- D b t
formation this is the scene to-
night: Rokosovsky's forward M D ebate
troops are driving from the south
and southeast less than 35 miles n or at
from Minsk against which their
Russian commander Is hastening I form atio
his bold, sweeping outflanking -e
movement. His troops are isolat- LONDON, June 29 (Reuter)-Mr.
ing enemy groups which are Brendan Bracken, Minister of In-
pounded mercilessly with artillery fc -matlon, in the House of Com-
fire. Other powerful Soviet columns mona tocwy opened the debate on
are pouring in from the east and the work of his Ministry. He told
northeast and some of these troops the House that special films had
are about 40 miles from Minsk. been made to present the truth
[Reuter relates two Incidents about Britain's war effort to the
which show the speed of the liberated countries of Europe. The
Russian advance. At one place first in French had aire dy been
only about 70 miles from Minsk sent to Normandy and similar
they captured a whole German films in 15 other languages were
garrison intact. The Germans waiting to be dist ibuted.
tad begun to build fortifications He said he deplored American
only a short while before andIgnoranceof Britain and British
had no time to finish them. ignorance of B rita andB h
Here again one Red Air Forc gnorance of Americ and he
pilot said Just after taking o ff thought the best way to remove
to bomb a certain target, he this mutual ignorance was to leave
got a radio message saying that the Job to well informed Journalists
Russian troops had already cap- and leading commentators.
tured It. It was almost Impos- He said that the B.B.C's news
sible to keep up with the in- service was regarded without ex-
fantry, this pilot said. aggeration as the most reliable
The Soviet air force has at- news broadcast service all over the
tacked Minsk and a correspon- world. The European service alone
dent said that the Red Air was broadcast in 24 languages
Force 'planes swooped like a every day.
cyclone over the Beresina river Most. of the opinions expressed
where the Germans say they in the debate were concerned about
hold part of the western bank. the future of broadcasting, oipt.
The Russians ara keeping to Gammons %.anted to see a dual
their pressure in Finland and broadcasting system in which the
the 'inns admit withdrawals B.B.C. would have to compete with
along the shores of Lake Onega commercial station. Mr. Ancurin
and say that their troops have Bewmn hoped that Britain's news
abandoned a place to the north would be broadcast by television
of the lake.] after the war.
German Pocket Battleship
Arrives Off Helsinki Bermuda Socialite
NEW YORK, June 29 (AP).-A
London broadcast recorded by the W N v l i c
Columbia Broadcasting System said W eds Naval Officer
a German pocket battleship was BERMUDA, June 25 (CP).-Mlss
said to have arrived off Helsinki BERMUDA, June 2 (CP).-Mis
and hat erma InfntryandSylvia, Louise Conyers, daughter of
and that German infantry and Mr. and Mrs. William M. Conyera
tanks were in the city where only 9 nd
a few Finnish forces remain, of Palmoera, Fairylands, Pembroke.
ew nnis orce remain, married this afternoon Lieut. Her-
bert Percival Rideout Brown
sC.N.V.R., son of Mr. T. A. Brown
and the late Mrs. Brown, of Vio-
W Orld h jntoria, British Columbia.
W o l C hes The ceremony took place at the
SSt. John's Anglican Church where
Shai p Kill a Royal Canadian Naval guard was
m K ille Uformed. The bestman was Lieut.
John McKenzie R.C.N.V.R., and
T O N. Jn R ) the maid of honour was Miss Jane
LONDON. June 29 (Reuter)- Conyers, the bride's sister. The
Mrs. Vera Stevenson, 88, woman bride wore white crepe with lace
chess champion of the world, bet- yoke and short sleeves, gathered
ter known as Vera Menchik, has skirt with train lace gauntlets, and
been killed by enemy action in her white tulle veil was held In
southern England with her mother, place by white flowers.
Mrs. Menchik and her sister, Mrs. The bride's father is considered
Olga Rubery, who Is also a well- one of the most influential and
known chess player, wealthiest men in Bermuda, while
Mrs. Stevenson was the daughter the family is socially outstanding.

of an English mother and Czecho-
slovakian father. She learnt chess
when a girl In Russia. She left
Russia during the troubles of 1933
and went for a time to live at
Hastings. She remained unbtoten
up to her death.

War Flashes
Mr. Cordell Hull at his Press con-
ference today said all governments
had been informed of the details
and reasons for the United States
recall of Mr. Norman Armour, their
ambassador from Argentina.
LONDON, June 29 (Reuter)-An
agreement was signed be-
tween the British and Polish Gov-
ernments today which puts all
military supplies for the Polish
authorities on a lease-lend basis.
The agreement is back-dated to
the existing agreements for mIli-
tary credits to the Polish Govern-
ment, including all military mate-
rials and facilities used by the
Poles to equip their forces in Bri-
tain, the Middle Fast and Italy.
LONDON, June 2 (Reuter)-
The Germans sent more of their
flying bombs over southern ng-
land today and last night, and
R.A.F. night fighters are believed
to have made many successful In-
ROM, June 32 (AP) Allied
Control Commission announced
that Prince Qabrlele D'Annunsio
wa not arresetd as a Twdst as
reprted pev.usl 1 the OX -
slononn Tuesday. Tbe i oo sslou
said the name of DA'V
should have been Usted Oeas
Oravina Crullas. and added that
five generals listed arre ed, tn-
eluding the former Inapeo-Oen *
eral of Plicee Cottw, Wre nmot
taken into custody.

Tension Grows
In Finland
STOCKHOLM, June 29 (Reuter).
-Norman MacDonald, BBC report-
er, stated today that there was a
great deal of tension in Finland
at the moment following the Fin-
nish Government's decision to con-
clude a hard and fast alliance with
Germany. This new agreement
was made without any consultation
with the Finnish Parliament, and
MacDonald says that three of the
main political parties have voted
Against this agreement and are
withdrawlne their representatives
from the Finnish Cabinet.

Anglo-French Agreement
Reported In London
LONDON,. June 2 (AP)-Britain
and de Gaulle's French National
Committee are reported to have
reached tgreement on civil admin-
i.tratIon and currency for use in
liberated French territory. po-mal
draft of the agreemnen eventually
will be fmorwarded to Washin'ton
for, pMoible Suggestion, it is learned,
and the hope Is expressed In Lon-
don that the United States and de
Gaulle might reach a similar un-

U.S. Break With Finns
Being Considerec
..o n do that

nMuneoement miht be ande later in
th day, Mr. Hull told hisl an
new onfrence that he would not
say. Nos atd that Mr. Edmund
Guilton. American. charge DAf-
tele.wok W" s In HeIdnkf.


The attention of the PubUlic is
drawn to the fat that under The
Importsand Exports Control Reg-
ulatlomns of the 13th June, 1941" no
person is permitted to bring good
Into os take goods out ,f the Omiony
on behalf of any other person uw-
less a ermit for the import or ex-
port of the said goods has been
obtained from the Control Board.
Careful notice should be taken of
that fact that, unless a permit has
been obtained, any person found
carrying goods on behalf of another
when entering or leaving the Colony
is liable to a fine exceeding two
thousand four hundred dollars and
in extreme cases to imprisonment
Travellers should therefore make
certain that a permit has been ob-
tained from the Control Board for
the carrying by them of any goods
not their personal property.


Re-Death of ( 4
workman Ia
AL., whkic
11th day dl
(b) aweruzzA^
lately Smeaivoel -
s8ugar x ei L
cured on the
February I-
OompensatIon thao
Ler having been dmpia
under Section of
Compensation Orft .
pendants of the aM &t
and Ib) Seemungal
luired to appear beM
misioner on Friday
July 194-. at g SgD
forenoon at the Our-
of-Spain. when the
shall proceed to det-
tribution thereof. ,
Proof of relate b'i"
danta to the de-ed"
be required by the
to be furnished by -
the enquiry. Such M
the form of certiflatgt
and.of marriage as in tW
stances be necessary.
Dated thi 7th day o jl

E. Johnsom L 1 : I '
Information Officer. Deputy Registrar,

COCOA 1943.-1944 NOTICE
aives inta, under t J
mal and Birds tnEi
aolance. 19d as fim10if
Agreements have been concluded Who Animals and
between Exporters of cocoa, with Lion 1 Amnendment)
the exception of the Cocoa Planters- 1941. the nunlng and wi
Association, and C government. the foaiowing Kbirds as i
where by the In. rters ma) retain from 1st July to lt -i
the actual expenses of overhead RAMNIER of &A
and direr charges, ant" In addl- tORICO. -
tion, profit of 50c. per ianega on B. L LiO i
all cocoa shipped to any destina- ______ Chief
tion up to the 30th September. 1944. J o e
the balance of the proceeds of Control Boer4 .
sales being deposited In the Trea-
sury for distribution to producers Notice
on the basis o& the ratio of the .
total of the Pool, less co f COTT ON PIC G.
administration, to the total amount TTO NPIEC E GI B
of cocoa sold ', dealers by pro- THE NITED K p.
ducers. Allocation of Cotto. M-i.
2. All producers of cocoa are to West Indiin areas AV
hereby. notified that if they desire July-September" 194ha
to participate in the distribution of made by the UnIter
the Pool, in respect of the cocoL I P. 'era who hold 4p g '
crop year commencing the lst should therefore place io :
October 1943, and ending the 30th U. K. suppliers immnielr ..-
September, 1944, they should sub- IVAN M!IP .
mit to the Accountant 0 er". Acting Secietary. CemM,
n later tha the Slat ,ecember, Old "ot Once Buildings, '
1944, their cocoa Sales Slips giving 7 S. Vincent StreeL, '
full particulars of sale. of cocoa to fort-of-Spai.
Deale s. 27t(June. 1944.
S. Any producers who fall to CN-_O BOR
send in their cocoa sales slips or CONTRO BOARD P .
other evidence of .les by the 31st '
Decembr- 194.. will be excluded BEER.
when the distribution of the Cocoa
Pool is made. ITt hereby notified A
4. All dealers are ,aerebv request, time being ,ill L .porM I
e' to co-op ate. by furnir'hing to the United Kingdom fofr
the Accountant General, not later requlrements tre being
than the Slat December. 1944, u le.m
full particulars of their purchases Tnport Licences bw3,
of cocoa in total from each indi- ,ranted for a llmiteld
vidual I the following form :- Beer for H.M. Se M
(a) Dealer's name and business stores. Shipments in anll
address: to be consigned direct ID th,
(b) Total quantity obtained from ctascri.
each person; IVAN 33W
(C) Name and address of per- Acting Secretary.lK
son or persons from whom Old Post Office .uar,
the '-roa was obtaln'd St. Vincent Street, ,
ERLOL I.. DOS SANTOS. Port-of-Spain.
Acting Colon I Secretary. 28th June. 1944.

"/ACANCY far 2 Assistant Tttchers st Jamaica 0d11igS '
Hope. Kingston. JAMAICA, to teach i- -
Higher School Certificate and London Ift
Examinations If possible: MathemaStiM to
Certificate standard. elementary Mid lW
school Ciemlstry or Physics. i
Secnndary Boarding School for Boys 11
the JamaiOc Schools Commaisslon, thel alUHW
uhich are appointed by Government.
It is situated in healthy surroundin.L
The post is not a Civil Servie one. .,
DATE To assume duties as from the lit of 5tw"
EMOLUMENTS According to qualifications and experi OL.
PENSION Service is pensionable under the M11510 .
ondary School Teachers) LAW. -A '
PASSAGE wall be provided to Kingston for tlhe "lappIoL#' 'w
APPLICATIONS should be made by AIR MAIL to 91h
Jamaica CollEge. KINGSTON P.O.. a
his hands as early as possible.
The following particulars, etc., 1old
any out of school actlvlties In 1
could assist: .'



Section 78-Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic l
Midsummer Meeting-June 29th, July Ist, 6"thR
All vehicles must approach the savannah by way Of
Street or any other street West of that Street, an Will .
horse-shoe road by the Dundonald Street glate. .
Cars will be parked on the savannah Mdii e 1
marked lines, East of the horse-shoe road. feat i 0
of members of the Turf Club displaying tei wl
parked inside the horse-shoe on marked lines faci, W-" "
On the conclusion of racing, cars will draw off to ,
road. and leave by the Dundonald street gate. -

Cars attending to pick up at the conclulson 9
by the Chancery Lane sake.
TraffMc in the vicinity of Quecn's Park West 0I be
the discretion of the senior Police Officer on dutY. .
Empty taxis will rank as directed bY Police and iWei'
to approach the Grand Stand entrance only when OWN
Persons arriving on foot should approach the GOWfi'
Central footpath from Queen's Park West by w IM
the Grand Stand ticket mates by the new o"v"Srhj,
thus avoid the danger of crossing tht tMo
Darklng bicycles wlU be provided.
Persona leaving the race course afterUS fTqi;ROU
to use the overhead bridge and the fetpMA -
the Ina of traffic.

'12 ':~

R. A. Eak--low

PoI e duarte.
l4th June, 114.



GUA3MIAt. 13UIAT ,X=M M, lAf.





www" drown-9 "W*I- --w ----

yMAinwn EJAR=A. IIDAY. JUNs 3. 1M4.

I -~

r Lady Wins T.T.C. Plate As Races Open

Wq NIE- si'W -

tasTaffare Does EarlyRunning

4ut Beaten Into Second Place

&lJr Lady, grand old Felstead mare, burnt up the track
jlray ever the Ilt furlong and carried off the $1,200 Trinlead
if Cb Plate over a mile, the feature race on the opening day
e T.T.C. Bummer 4-day race meeting at the Queen's Park
I .. .. r .^ 'Fourth prize $85. Open to horsw
jockey Harris kept In class 0 and lower. Breeders
Barbados-oFned mare about of the first, Second and third
in the back stretch and then horses will receive $120. $W and
Swth r gtc nd twli e in tye $40 respectively. Weight for age.
stretch to win in fine style Entrance $19.50.
Dr. j.H do Guinea' greaitI M Vr M ..a ...
iBaa Taffare, who had done 1. Mrs M M. Marcelin's PRIMA
ofthe early running. DONNA, 4 years, hb. bm. (Tom
le after a lay-off came Pearson-Bell& Donna), 123,
in piendid style and earned Perea. ,
E ar third, while the favourite 2. Mr. Elton urooks' DARLING,
t, after doing all the early 4 years, hb. ch. m. Bachelor's
wth Has Tafare faded Into Tut-H.B. Mare, 123. Chapvelin.
ith Oltion 3. Mrs. N. S. Emberico's COL-
SHairris finished up the LEEN II, 4 years, hb. ch.f. (Ty.
jia blaze of triumph by scor- rellese-Chiqulta) 123, Harris.
the "hat trick." riding three 4. Mr. ,S. C. Boodooslngh's MY
in a row. War Lord, Sugar BOY. 4 years, hb. ch.g. (KP.-
and Happy Days, Cowbell), 121, 'Holder.
the brilliant Flotsam Also ran:-Flying Spanker, 105,
cored an easy triumph over Samaroo; Air Girl, 102+14, Dan-
r Lord in the Trial Stakes for lair, Resentment. 102, Padilla;
gll -year-olds Dusty, 121, Fletcher; Democracy,
Padl~lV piloted Scarva to the 105+6, Sonny Holder; Mine
r victory of the day when the Sweeper, 123, Ramlrez; Hard Luck,
an six furlongs, then in five 114, James; Akbar, 79-'-28, Moham-
a. Prima Donna showed the ed; Simple Simon, 126, Thirkell;
A c a clean pair of heels, Patience, 105, Joseph; Whirlwind,
U Lord. 3-year-old OTC-Pique 111, Edwards; Silver Native, 112,
Ug, beaten in the opening race. Juggernaut; Flower Girl. 111, Lee;
d a brilliant win over the F's Coquette, 109+419, Paul; Easter
Sugar Lady won, and Happy Morn. 105, Lutchman; Try Again,
made hash of th,. opposition 1114-7 Cadet.
M the D class, six furlongs, the Time: 1 min. 04 1-5 sees.
race yesterday. At no time -as Twenty horses faced the starter
ym Days halenged. in this flve furlong, and Prima
O&Peln, Pern and Padllia onna ran a grand race to beat
m other winners cnu Darling by two elngths, while Col-
S meeting wUil continued lenran a strong third.
w.aTOW. At one stage Simple Simon was
TIAL BWAK S-About six fur- well up but laded, and so did My
t. A cup presented by the Boy, who ran uInto fourth money
fldad Turf Club and $1,000 to- ahead of Democracy.
With the subscriptions toA
tlnner. w Secoth nd prize o0 WOODBROOK STAKES. About
pr wize $250. Breeders of the six furlongs. First Prize $800. Sec-
scn d t2 i horse will ond prize $270. Third prize $135.
it condo and third hores Fourth prize $100. OenV t' horses
F e 150, $00t hnd o pred in class F and lower. Breeders of
v y. open to horses aired and
Lidain the British West Indies the first, second and third horses
Ca CxL pied) and British will receive $150, $100, and $50,
at w are three year respectively. Weight for age. En-
di. ot, and geldings to carry trance $24.
Lb,. a fillie 1181b. Itlf-bred 1. Mr. C. Lloyd Trestrall's WAR
allowed 71b. No maiden al- LORD, 3 years, b.g. (O.T.C.-
entrance $25. The win- Pique), 115, Harris.
Wfthisraweincursno win. 2. Mr. Whirlaway's SARAC-N,
aged h.b. bik. g. (Saraband-
MllaBB...' Amoroo-Ceenteno's Filoreda) 128, Chappelin.
AM, 3 years, oh.e plot- 3. Mr. Lionel E. Gitteng' WHIS-
Sm-lope in the Valley, 1211b. TALE, 4 years, gr. (Young
OmBSp1Native or Nell Sweep-Haven.
Oh0, tloyd Trestrail's WAR 4-. Mr. Sydney C. Aqul's CAPTAIN.
b. (.0 b T. 4-year br.g. (Tom Pearson-Mer-
Sy ar b'S O.T.0 miad), 121, Sonny Holder.
12) 1llb, Hr. Also ran: Thumbs Up, 105 ."3,
W H. X Mohgmmed'5 CHIN- Fletcher; Fairy Queen*, 105, James;
6 S 3 a1 bJ (K.P.-Fan- Son O'Mine, 133 Crossley; Iron
1 WOlIer) lllb., Holder. Cross, 128, Cadet; Sonny Jim, 108
Sran:-4Bpe meant 114, L. -t-6. hRamirez; Stony Broke, 128,
** na Thumpse UP, 118, Fletcher; Samaroo; Sugar Girl, 118, Jagger-
I tter, I I, Jaggemrnauth; Her nauth; Picton, 128, Perena; Skin-
1u 111, yoet; Fatry flint, 108, Thirkell.
1SI, James; unray, 118, War Lord went away as the bar-
WM .is 118 Udads rier flew and put a big gap between
M@=SS" M n 'UnlWe' <)dWt himself and the others, Who strung
'2%e- trne. 14 eesM. A r- out. Chappelin rode a fine race on
WBMetraineld by W Aaoroso- S aracen, but at no time did he get
S'- ll Ji. 0 ithe black Saraband gelding Up to
a nl oMpring r"ceIt 11 Wa J War Lord, to make a serious cdia-
W the way. lenge.
m was off to an early start Whistable ran a fine race Into
in War Lord at his side, and it third place with Captain fourth
V ding *snI bottle In the back and Thumbs Up fifth.
NtSc, libut Jetm came into the TRINIDAD TURF CLUB PLATE
intch by bmIelf and won pull- -About one mile and 180 yards.
A plate presented by the Trinidad
elbk came out of the bunch Turf Club and $1,200 first prize;
W took third place from Ma.- second prize $400, third prize $200,
fourth prize $150. Open to horses
MewlI n Class "A" and lower. Weight
T . CLAIR STAKES-About six for age. Entrance $38.
.:jUmuFrait Prime $8O0. Second 1-Mr. K. D. Edwards' SUGAR
Pli P00, Third prise $150. Fourth LADY, aged b.m. (Felstead-
.I 318, Open to horses In elas Sweet Lips), 125, Harris.
o wer. Weight for age. En- 2-Dr. J. H. de Gannes' RAS TAF-
mS.S F_" "t* o FARE, aged oh.h. (Tom Pearson
6onel Z. Oltten eSCARVA, Halo), 1211, L. Padilla.
[ ai_ u (Muom" -LTdytown)' 3-Mr. A. C. O'Dowd's GLEN-
b.n.S .ueu-.w wn, EAGLE, 5-year b.m. (Bachelor'.
L. Padilla. TutOray 8en), 125, Thirkell.
R R. Edwards' SAM LORD, 4-The Hon'ble Geo. de Nobriga's
S~pe a rs b.g., (Sunplant-Rique), SUNSHAFT, br. or blk.h. Prect-
1 Harris. pitatlon-Solarina), 123, Fletcher.
T .". B. 0. Farilnha's THE AB- Also ran: Linseed, 120, Crossley;
-. B years ch.m. (Ramesea Really Flying, 110-) 2, Ramlrez;
-Abbubh), 130, Chappelln. High Hat, 113, Holder; Portora, 128,
M t&- Rit Scott's BROWN Chappelin; Kingsway, 1134 2, Pere-
SM, 4 years, br.h. (Mill za.
-U-t'own Betty). 128, Raml- Time:1:49 2,5
i f Winner trained by E. S. Massiah.
ran- Or rnwo 13 Sugar Lady came with a grand
t L ran:isy 1Or wood 133, drive in the final 200 yards and
l O Dw, 130, 8 Camp bell; nats Rat Taffare in a thrilling
Glo,130 8- 'Cmpbl; finish to carry off the T.T.C. Plate
O Ie 125, Perema. over a mile and distance.
I n;' mn 15 3-5 seCs Gleneagle and Ram Taffare re-
*i trained by Joseph A ceilved biggest ovations from the
crowd as the horses left the Pad-
_'_t NX.I ,B Olttens' aged dock. Portora, one of the favour-
[-r) carva led from flag. items. was left badly at the start.
*ln to win the St. Clair Ras Taffare and Sunshaft burst to
kmiS %ch turned out to be a the fore &a the animals got on their
[' i sWBf race, -way, and it was a ding-dong tussle.
d hd orkse er 'n In the back stretch Harri Placed
< o rS p were lea'Inw Sugar Lady about fourth and the
S e ,T and ta k ratchedi e aged Felstead mare was running
Was Tasar scratched beautifully.
I the race, Pearly Glow, Raa Taffaru e cae Into the tal
S ilpbell up,. and Green. stretch well in the lead, but Sugar
SYvonnet up, fell when well LAWy and Qlonsag.e did some grand
forh ng tiLnga from then on. Sugar &dy
le.. from the -ying of t$ ast 100 vrd actually lew
| inelW with The AbbehM right over the ground to beat the flas,
S ._ rd ran a n race to while lSuhaft faded into fourth
r .eofid bertih, while Brown osition.
I. wM. an Indifferent fourth JUN? a STAKES. About slx fur-
| W The Abbess. longs. First prise $900, second praise
A AbAo'Mt> fle 1. BTAKBB. Abo't. flve $115 Open to all horses In Class
!l'?"t priae $650. ,sedon "D" and lower. Breeders of first
gin ~Tr I1n Iris. $110- second and third horses will receive
flhIHIII NH lnlln llnlllIlll llllp lllIIII lglIlllllllllllllllllIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

j ,.

Change of Address as from





Will be situated over


Frederick Street

ww- w -_1 V' IM3 3t S- l- s. \., .' ........ -. 'rz.4 '

War Lord (Harris up). three-ye

$180, '$120 and $60 respectively.
Weigbt for age. Entrance, $27.
l-Mr. A. Boyack's HAPPY DAYS,
5-year hb.;r.g. (O.T.C.-Agerine).
128, Harris.
2-Mr. Norman W. Tang's SAHIBE,
5-year (Bachslor's Tut-
Pretty Polly), 123 Chapellin.
8--Mr. Lionel E. dittens' SOLI-
TAIRE, 4-year b.m. (Young
Native-Solalre), 130, S. Padllla.
4--Mr. William B. Scott's LEAP
YEAR, 4-year b.m. (O.T.C.-
Scrap II), 115, Fletcher.
Also ran: Skylark, 115, Holder;
Anemone, 115, Crosslcy; Maiden's
Choice, 115 Jaggernauth; Sea Rover
118, Ramirez: Tornado, 105, Thir-
kell; Carnival, 133, Campbell.
Winner trained by S. A. Arrin-
Happy Days scored a runaway
victory over the "D" class bunch,
winning from Sahib easily.
From the first furlong the race
resolved itself Into a battle for
second place as Happy Days in-
creased his. lead with every stride.
Leap Year held second place all
through the back stretch and
around the Cafe bend, bhut faded
into fourth position on the stretch4
Sahib came out of the hunch with
a burst and got second berth, while
Solitaire was third.
This win vas the third In a row
for Venezuelan jockey Harris.

Bout Tonight
Len Sern-ette, the whirlwind
puncher, ahd Joseph Ramao's six-
rotind affair will hold the spot-
light on the amateur boxing card
presented by Mr, Hamil Yates, to
aid the Overseas Co.ntingent Imnd
at the Prince's Building tonight.
Lawrenoe Assam, the southpaw
'Drinidad amateur lightweight
champion, will be clashing with
Georgie Pilgrim in a return bout in
the main six-rounder on the card
Other star bouts will feature
Hammy Linton v (Big Coon) Dixon.
Le- Fung v Coco Kid Oilkes, alnd
E. Serrette v R. Legall.
Table tennis fans will have the
opportunity of seeing in action the
cream of North's stalwarts, when
Chetniks clash with the powerful
"big five" in a ping pong tourna-
ment tonight In cid of the St
Joseph's Convent Relief Fund.

ear-eold son of O.T.C, wou the F elase Woedbreok Stiakes in eon.-
manner from Sareen, ridden by Chappelln.

*Stand Sweep Jean Rignault To Lead i
T.T.C. two-shilling stand sweep- Shamrock This Year
stakes run in connection with yes- Jean Rinault. all-Trinidad
terday's races resulted as follows: full-bick, has been selected to
FIRST RACE, captain Shamrock first class
itPriele7. .. 303 team for 1944 in their A T.A..A.
2nd Prize V 9 11.51 campaign.
3rd Prixze i .. $ i A, Adamira. dashing right-
outer number- $drawn: 2M6 A376, winger was chosen vice-captain.
13.1 A4i2, n316, A2, AO- Selection committee will c-m- i
Eit, CRM D20, 6e. prie Rinault. Adamirs. Lance
SECOND RAC[I Murray, Scan Hamel-Slnilth and
lit Prize, 5.......... 370 Sedley Agostini.
2nd Prize D327 ...... Sis It was decided that days for
3rd Prie D12g $ S3 practice will be Monday,
Other numbers drawn: B220, B427, Wednesday and F-iday,
C301, )35, A229, 0270, Wenesay and n
1ot Prize A2A ............. ...s. ix-$0Side
2nd Prize E 3 ............. 15......... 1 a
3rd Prize C2:i3 ... .... 67
Other number drawn: CIl6, Al6e,
4., BIh. C339. N30. 0I223, C2i93, Hoc ey Today
F49, .182, A232, ,25. HI( F115,
F1i52, D3S9. 293, B2, AlT, K257, Presentation of trophies won in
AIS, D33B, DIA. Noithcrn Ladies' Hoctey League,
FOURTH RACES 1944 season will be made tihs af-
t Prize n ...............$273 ternoon after a six-a-side tournry i
2nd Prize A120i .......... ... i3T to be contested lit St. James Bal-
3rd Prize a343 d .. racks in aid of Red Crom..
Other number drawn: 047, 0344 LinUL. Cnnomander I]arlcs H -I-
El271,. G51. r3s, P140. C203, B223. Lu Coniad las H -
(I,',, B340, 0314, B2 4, 594, 1263, ward will presrn the trophies.,
G',. Wanderers "A" ha'e won both the
FIFTH RACE: league thannpionship and the
l Prze 1 0 .................. aoi Knock-out Cup.
2nd Prize K 71 1... .... ...... i First round nlxtures for the six-
3rd Prize G31, .7A ,t-ide hockey totrtv will be.
Other numbers drawn: D:isl, A41, VIstir t our' B v widl B '
tE28-,, C2:1.1. J.14S8, B341. Ventures "B" v Wandrprs- "B
SIXTH RACE: Maron s "B" v Chinese
InT PritzeP, 11 43 Wandrrcrs "A` v Maroons "A"
2ndi Prize G32h $I.. . i0 V'nttlurr's "A" v Ventures "c"
;nl Prize 2F7 2 s, Winnler of the fnrst two matches
Olher unihlrz drawn, ('"56, 1272. %il lnNirt Wilinel'rs of tile second
C2U8. A21 ). C3115, E.221, |)l9, (1281. ' .
C2u8. A290,C3I1sE221, 021,4.two, in a semi-final; then the final,
PARI-ODDS Fir.t niatich is saieduled to start
nt ,i o'clock ind players are asked
$1 06 on Jetsam to win and $1.0g to be on lime.
to place; $1.12 on War Lord to ''
p',ice and u$1.18 on Chinkara to GOt.F TOMORROW
place. Members of S,. Andrew's Oolf
$10.60 on Scarva to win and $3.90 Club are reminded that the July
to place: $318 on Sam Lord to Monthly Medal Competition will
place and $220 on The Abbess to be played tomorrow starting ,it 2
place. p.m. At the conclusion of play
$9.90 on prima Donna to win.,ond Mr. Ciarles Pereira will show some
$2.66 to place: $2,30 on Darling to of his motion pictures of tlhe
place and $1.80 on Colleen to course. It is hoped that there will
place, be a good turn-out.
$1.48 on War Lord to win, $1.24 -4, '-
to place $1.48 on Fsracen and $2,12 SPORTS MEET FOSTPONED
on Whistable: $3.96 on Sugar Sporting Club general niceting
Lady to win; $1.72 to place; $1.72 on to be hel' at tlhe Public IJbrary
Ras Taffare to place; and $4.12 on tonight has been postponed until
Gleiineagle to place. Wednesday, July 5.

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IU h~mi~l sTIO'mI




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Tal Of Trinidad Omeklttes Are Delkious
alms M.N, ~And Arc Simple To Make
SCT heU Aa K Qo wnor ad m n. W t ete r
chief Jusice a". Mo. OtecUU to I amelettes ao5. aswto =a*ask wellas beng quitetulnupegilvo,
7 li on Wd y evened. pe oMn 5. ad um in tO. w wrtime am
ute .i and Mrs. lsobutal Opt. and *a. m Oe sbbif. Na ad AV *lea, there te. Iam g s lon. W d
2 ar'.. I U an at mtss 0 1 111100the-
EtheU v^1sty entertaisunet ^tte a__
SA" ald erJoseph Convent Fund at the Zatr h oigh spaloityoo akn t conj _i B t.t is a tter.g
air wi bnOKumrDALo the Comptroller for Development and o Cani vsily e r e thnta1 pl soa a jst % sti-i
W ol fw = the West Indies, who was ne intranst p-entger frnmx N = b" e wll W o utt.utttn
tiavo pperp? Wyer It sarveto.
Wh t n o* eWedneedayt tt, an e tt t u.ed., hguest thr. u lo c d icn. |
ofNis nd ..y the ABitin Governor Wa- Mr. Wright at Govern Adgoodmelette Is not above the me nUly. -e
Beat Ho A for the nvt. O M andf th tYe &Yavm#a cook. u .n n1 nm

leavorMreBcreetawout cooking me F ew pa ine of nu 5 o
tbig dance has .arrved; it is the l awhow to be held tonight In g.oSrS ..,.et. oabou
at the Trinidad Country Club in aid of the Red Cros Speal lof- ttel; Of course, there is a knack. o at.
Invasion Appeal and everyone Is looking forward to a good e0, Mit abU speciality cooking but this US knob of butter.
as twere wil be numerous attractions for one and l. can easily be acquired If tie simple 8ewatqte egg yolks from white
rule e studied and properly eiar- t en whites until frothy, add
Ua, XZ. COdOPER Bc aTT, from Trinidad Leaseholds' head office In ried out. tpepoer and a little water.
condom who had been staying at the Guest House, Poisnte-a- First of al buy yourself a ood ntinue eati e n until eg whites
ime, on a prolonged business visit, left Trinidad last week. Ateel or copper omelette pan, Iftl you am y ed ys t attnen .
S* can get it, and see that Ia is used whe uponthe e and om-
and MU. F. BECKETT, of Polnte-a-Plerre, left Trinidad by ftor cooking omelettes only-and no t oin o un they are quite

ote gups. lgh ndfld heman-
S ajr or Toronto (via Miami land New York) on Sunday lHat other purpose, ligosndwee fold ,thbcml cokd
aIpeo their long leave. Mr. Beckett was ie Dubbse operator who was POINT TO REM onMyoER stor-| m n.ohuoesl bt to f nol
toeb last Friday when the world's record run for a black oil- A l mnotT pnt n s w n arse or to f tu r
cracking plat was broken, so he will have plenty to talk about when r er sr tao t t ns onmeToette pa-n yo orertt fim n tfen wt
he get e to hisa home In Canada. should never be washed, clean it Meltothe butter In the pan, and
AN. thoses tayPo ing-a-Prt Mayard last we3 'end were cockand ~ t each time o over with sofe t when the hase rises pou in-the
eMONO thor saying t. Mayaro last weekend were Dr. and M p taper, ge very greasy, mixture. "
ro gh, .h E v E ,ii artn Miss Zta de Ganry nes, MrC yril o crop some course cooking lt JtIt- Gook for about one and a halt
Gannes, Mr. Seoa de Gannes and Sgt. Martin, R.E. and rcor round with soft paper. minutes over fierce heat, then re-
.I hear that the weather was quite goodt with plenty of seBahinl, You shouldalsobuy yourselfa duceheat. Kee.p on lifting hemix-
and that everybody there had a vry good time. palette knife for lifting the ome- ture gently with the palette knife
5 *ette mixture in the pan when It while cooking, so that the liquid
MR. DElNNIS DE FRETTAS, of Pointe-a-Pierr left Trinidad on cooking, yn e can work down underneath a.nd
Wednesday to go t England by air via New York. He Is going Having got the tools, as it were, become cooked.
to study chemistry at Oxford and Intends to be away for at least on comiencing work on your ome- When your omelette Is nicely
two years. letter remember &peed IS the real brown and set on top but not very
Mr. David Boon Mr. John Cambridge and Mr. Phil de Verteil s tacret of success. Do not fumble or dry, fold over and serve at once.
gave a farewell party for him last Saturday night at Bungalow 17, get nervous during the job, and J. D.
NO. 4. Mess, Pointe-a-Pierre. t started at 7.30 o'clock with cocktails, a above all, don't keep the omelette
buffet supper was served durilne the evening, and altogether It appears mixture walliting before cooking, and t/ or
to have been a very hilarious party which everyone enjoyed very much. be absolutely certain the pan is sol .erl. .c 1. -
Among those present were MIr arind Mrs. Harold Boon, Mr. sand thoroughly hot before the mixture To da y .L oiar yn -
Mrs. Rex Boon. Mr and Mrs. Fred Leavitt, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Laugh- is poured In.
liin. Mr. and Mrs. C. 0 Ailctirp, Mr. and Mrs. ARc Bluv, Mr. Keith h.
Unch.,ad dMs .JCkie Sim e, Mr. arooCro dMrtonandlue.Mr. eCh th- hen wyou melt butter in the Captain Williams on "The Work F
lrice, Miss "Jackie" Sims, Mr. Marry Crompton and Mr. 0. Chal- pan wait until there is just a faint of the Church Army" (illustrated), 4111
o ar ohaze rising from It before pouring 8.30 p.m. -
'lAl' M ON A p rHOuAr prfore Barbados on Wednesday were n Two important points are: be sure James. fct r eanc "
Mr, and Mrs Carl R Camps, Mr and Mis. H. R, Williams that the bowl In whleh you beat Function at Trinidad Country
a*nd Mr. T. F Gibson. Tley re all residents of Pointe-a-Plerre, on the eggs is thoroughly dry and .our Club in aid of Red Cross Special
short leave, and they expect to be away for about two weeks. eggp whisk Is dry also. Appeal,
..* Do not be extravagant with eggs T -
I' Navy atnd Army Offlcers are Invited to 'e frrst Anniversary (especially in thegs hee days); three at Tomorrow
Stance at the Officers' Club at I-ko.teni on Saturdav. The Emdees a time is the most you should use D c, Prtg Aocai -
Orchestra will play n this occasion: there will bef lowers for the otherwise there will be trouble In Dace. Portuguese Association,
ladles and door prwes and a buffet-supper, the pan when your omelette be- Forthcoming Eventsr
comes too big to handle. orcmngcer
MISS THORA THOMAS proved ti the public on Wedneaday evening SIPLE FLAVOURINGS All-day function at Peroeverance -
4'. that she t% not onlv' a talented -dancer bill a top-notch organic cs tobito hansele h a Club in aid of the Red Cross Spe-= ,
f shows as well, anw I :m siic those wlin saw "Somethinr To Re- Simple omelett. flavourings can cial Invasion Appeal, Sunday,
member" at the Empire Tieatre will not soon forget t. Everyone I be made from finely-grated cheese, July 2.'
have mert an far wlho altcndred it is commenting on the excellence of which should be added to the Bridge Drive, Prince's Building
the performance, There ws no hilch aind no waiting. As soon as beaten eggs before cooking; it is In aid of Ethlopia Fund, Wednes-
one get was ovh erthe other cami o. usual to allow one tablespoonful to day, July 5.. -
Everyone wals dellliltedl to Ihear Desmond Nothonagel again. Other three eggs. Grand fete, Drill Hall, San
singers were Owen Kellmain, well-known to radio listeners, LOTS Herb fillings, such as finely- Fernando, Saturday, July 8.
Kase and Ken Hurd, whliose voices bl nd well together, Joan de La- ch Pped parsley, celery, onion and Dance at Usine. Ste. Madeleine
bastpde and Bobh Onitirs, galic, can be added when thh ome-I Club, Saturday, July 8.
The funny part.a, o tflip programme were left to Gene Randow, -
the "Clown of Cm's iis,' noh Gaines. Mike ainrodi and Bob Frank. The
choruses which were ainti by Miss Marie Pald ner-Chii zola, were R o$ .P.. ro a m m. s
perfect and the ballet, 1 (tr'rini, was Miss Thomas, work. R d i o P r o g r a m m e s
Enough cannot he said or George L.iirrh, the tiiualer. His slack- -
rOp9'acSt was, I'm sure. l0 1,besit ever seen in Trinidad. 'lli initnnequiri- ---_---------------- |
parade, with nine prettv girls, was an t xcetien Idepa and the dress seC U.S.A. WVDI i=
worn by Miss Valeil Ratiwo. which %a:. ratTled, was bti''iat for $26 ------ -- ------------------------- 5
by Mr. coelho, who nrveentel Itt to ilt wearer, IA :Am Annlncementfl Titm* Vewi the News G 1. Nfews
At the nd of hf pp'rforrmanrep rhim'., iikel all I losp who IS1 S- howilime Que Papa -
attttled, the cast. and flie Ameri-ins. 'Ai.? ',u witi),e co-operatioln i ~- Mirh & Madnles Ring Cro5h ,,
ahbe said she would nto have ben irbtb to do iii,. -
(MI DminneeMusic Now@ (Commandt Performance
OTHERS taking part in the show, b, .itdes tlon ahv rcd inivntioned i .-ne- M in Pers Ahum n P-torn j
were Orace Mahlonry, Chloe (ilegg,. P ty K"lniall Pa al rierley, C - comedy Caravan how Time
OGraf dighill, Jean Gait. Gwle h INstan!,. C'rll,. Agard and Warner, :4> ..... News
OU lta Thom$as, McDonald Carpenter, Evelyn crooks, Yvnnne Edghlil. N0aew..OrchestrasesWaltzsTime
J 'Ste Uatani. Paddy McLean, Phyllis Bones, Angela Long, Valerie 7 :AB- Orht e wit Time
RlsoI, Irma Ferrarl and Pete RBlecia. 7J : Jilee rt Texas Onutla ws
After the show, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Thomas entertained the en- ;.45 Light Muuic - Frlidy Frolic
tin cast at a part at their home. The Moderneers Orchestra pla'd
aLd thole present dnancod until almost 4 a.m. .00 Ner Ne, ,irest Giderslee ve
1- Hoome Twn New -
?AX DICK and MR. PERCY IIUGGINS the imis of Mr. And Mrs. 8 o ;: r 1Rr Calfornta Melodies Hour of Chanr
Robert Hulzgin,. anivre in' Tr'Itad 'romn Canad, ilon WlOnesdavy. -.Kan Network.t Rer.r sNewRym
to pend their holidays a', hinnp. 'niey left here t.hire years ,go and I1 w Kate Smith Latin Rhythms
ar. studrtLs at, thie le, La s1le' Coliee i Ti',n'io'. They Aill be 7 *1O c!-r Nea at Home Dance Tme
staying for two mioni.hs. :I, N..#r Heaitnel ...- 5
A ditner partv was ivrCn at tut'lt h aren't' ihrme t1e satn' evciiin;it- ---.-- ---_f_- --e. S
ter some of th5 menmbert of the famnl i. ineludinlg Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. 00 News Night Owl Club
e4lla o0ta &and Mi Belie Dalla Costa; .Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Boos, and : 30 ,ram Record.s Welt' Time Nocturne l
Mis Joan Huggions. ,.5

vouz PAITV.

A^y .%44oTrO I S J











nLU Oft
4.45 & L.45 LtX 4.45. & L.45



I Awd in V'Wa

Owing to the death of
Miss Y. Gokool, sister of the
Gokool Brothers, operating
the Globe Theatres, There
will be . . .



Ja nSullivan
0" Mariann*...
Il" who know him Iew
and loved hi.m mo :
VNh NNW^^--^^ Dmby
__________________*k -S .-
THE Voice That Thrilled The World!

4.45 Today Only 8.45 Starting Tomorrow

asssit" mmuass
of die Lt.6'Wbm~rfte ""f^
Copperin'... .-sh
the s'oin .. at t senldso swit-.i i
orr bombers ram isiufgiini ; 1B
"c',' -Or~,n~j glnriesates ,
vengeqnce-bent over
T,4fjosfcmeftowrL *


5 ;.

MONDAY 4.30 &.3
1st Part of Republic New Serial
Desert Agent
lee Capades Revue
TUES. 2nd.
Desert Agent
and G
Sleepytime Gal

I WED. 3rd.
Desert Agent
B nd
The DevilHPays Off
J | *HURS"4tb.
6 1 -24-4t-- ?2--i.

Lin- 'vS~sT 1 RITZ aB0XY v ij6A
S Tonight 9.30: Today CUI A3.45 Teds a
DII 11J1ilIII 3 3 13115 1teoni Is swM4 YoUR lmm
4 It1JIOI1D[M MORGAN'MANNIG snod, sa t.
dul ~ ~ i imi i IAI fll IIHhIUIIIlIIAIIIIU INflIIIIIlI lfl WHlIH IIIIIIllIIhflflU #III

MONARCH PALACE-San Fernando 0 mm mn
>NIGHT at 8.30 p.m. TODAY at 4.30 & 8.30 p.m. MRL<O OLYMI
SBrand New Action Picture Unl-emal- Cmplete Serial:
From India TODAY 4.45 & &W pm, rODAY 4.45,$X .M l
vbharat Movietone Presents: RED BARRY an Nava G Gar Pa erd
SHRFDKORmnNaarvee jrb a (ued o&-....
with -5
v chandra Padma A id A Cat iiiiiiiiiiiiHiiillllm H ID ATA ADI" Now Vo I
of udrd.- ATA-HARI" No
--otT~drcd'^ 1 66 SOMET11IINGTOIA n K Hno
morrow -- Boom Torn & Beat "o Vo y"ar
Foot Forward. I REMEMBER n n and J
I ~I
POINT FORTIN i / locality near Trolley 'Bus, Robert Tayrlo ,Noma Shower IHW 11109K
Tram, Market, Church, Cine-|
>NIGHT at 8.30 p.m. ma, Cemetery. A real bargain "EC E" 51 I e
The keys await you. FABE
R.K.O, Presents: Empty Cottage & Appr, Acre ESCAPrL m me
Land Petite Valley. Diego ___________*__
wa Arthur John Wayne- and Martin near Garden City __________
Ch: rie Witanieger in Farm. .............. W,1 .46
A LADY AKES CHANCE 95 Cipriani Beulevar.i. are LO
Dwelling, 7 Bedrooms 854,N.WL
.--eek-- d- 4 Lovely New Bungalows AMA | ODAY &M PAL 411 11
morrow and over the veekend- near the Golf Course Mara-
MADAME CTRIE val ................. Cheap rODAY 4 0 3.N show I& am 01 w
New Hose (near Coblents) '4
HIPP NG Bel o Cir. Roaod-Fre "n Fo oo
SHPJLNJG L hold................ $10,01.90o
___________________ Shop & Dwelling .. Bargain"'nFoti
eA SOs tUNgm IOBAGO, Bpeyside Estate &p *
aim a a Jss. a," dm b peyside-on-Sea--Complete. "-: O A ,Se"eEs' ..
rthe Mbe.WoWt Tase2t. v ..Full particulars at office.
waf famr' ffl'iryls bw TOBAGO Bloody Bay- apprx n | m^ .*J
aF m am am 487 acres .......... Bargain 3 D
&ee TOBAGO. Louis d'Or appr. 600 Second Programme u. | '
ftrt r, ",-, - as- acres............... Bargain of "
lano. P1o. Pa,Neaso. a Lc to TOBAGO. Blenheim Estate in of th tow
1511 i M 1 45 a74soman as". 113 acres ...........Bargain
-------- 5-|th Avenue. Poseslon i Dt w W T AM.
. Infi^ 5 observatory .St Texas Rangu s M "t Wel
52m 2m mH~mmumf~s aOi"4- t. Rental, ih"1811 115

THE BRITISH AND 1a- ^itW^ da-3 -aa MAN who
a nmd d'Abadle.... (JetnA- a. n0a o--
ALLIED MERCHANT 14 "First stree-" Jan m to
....... l. "UP IN Alfm"W
NAVY CLUB m"-....-""-.'.*..'
FOR MERCHANT SEAMBN if I Stret...... $ 111-
OF ALL THE UNITED Levely Helma-,eemn,U2r
NATIOrNS, 1*VU ie EMPIRE-wsan Fe
NA ORe .ad ............ 111' i A
ST. ANN'S ROAD 1Re aitds 'Plu TODAYt 5 s h.i p.p. Smd Jontio tvl--
--owner leaving C*Ifty- MMGLW1 1YRpttM
-B"st Offer. METRO OOfWf erAY. rODLY
Yaeant Cettar.-O'CesuerW IE
Frida.. Jun 30 d t. Cheap WHITE CLIFFS OF
Friday, June30 n M Ao vertoa Stret-_ (A LAN-MARAL. a j& 3" 1
Possession ........ OWN. ...'
GLEE CLUB 0RS g, E,, -xtra-,. A ,.J ALe i.
,as~-ent.- srgl .. $1tws --
I Anm Streelt-listbaen
vour favourite sons, as eunanRedtom KY.4101 *~ NE W 'ss am UGK
2Afd Bisete. 8e w i A. a a
Accommodation available for s Complete L-t at M GIRL CRAA Y
Merchant Navy Oflier at 2M C3'AUR TU -STR-E : ,T,-
Sreatoable rate. at the Louis Gimon ThOmas, SM N' T O H
Coblet.A H ave% at.sAn n%



ItR you /

i ..'A




r soq77

b I

. M


- ip, "('

r disclosed that 521
tMorvant and St. James
DWi pled by famlt -
living in Port-of-Spain.
Sthe Council that he w:
t pt powerM r'chad been
to Local Authorities In
rtal. in preserl' d cir-
to requisition empty
their are-A, ar-
wimers included taking
Sbuildings required for
Sof Improving the con-
a els at prweut -In-
0eW continued, "The ana-
m Great Britain and
However, Is not neces-
T Whle I am of the
Government and the
should do everything in
rer to make houses avall-
the Jarge number of per-
H atoly in need of them,
uS st of the local situation
be carefully studied so as
the remedy fit the evil.
vey of the eastern portion
of-Bpain was taken in
0 which the persons al-
to houses In the St. James
were selected, but all
Om from which they were
were promptly occupied
ijersons e'ie to the rapid
oi t f population caused by
bufux of employees on the
MStates bases.
an recent attempt to use the
tt he said, "It was
That conditions had changed
and that the particulars
obtained were no longer
the question whether the
and Housing Commission
to co-operate with and
l t the Council regarding
sch beme In the Southeastern
Sthe Mayor replied in the
atve. but he pointed out
They could not consider the
iabllty of co-operating with
Council to improve the whole
i of Clifton Hill and sur-
adnx areas because they were
as suggested, now operating
Ek If he was aware that an
mg number of perwns llv-
I t he Southeastern Ward of
a cty were experiencing consid-
Shardship, due to the opera-
the Piannin- and Housing
'a scheme, the Mayor
Hpd thalt the work in the South-
om Ward was being carried
by the Crown, wh had ac-
oad lands in that area.

1ight Vacant
City Posts Filled
S s. Port-of-Spain City Council
S day mourning upset only one
',.a, of recommendations to
mber of vaeat post$ 0n
C orporation's staff after
for over anzlw, M.
T rejected recmmendation
*0 'Tth respect to MIS s B .uno,
clerical assistant In the
H_ Clerk's DepL#Wpent. Miss
PS61 P who, aMwho a a L liar
Mn appointment wks appointed d I
IMbng clerk in the o Clerk's
eprtment instead of Miss Bruno
rom July 1, 1944, at an annual
of 8600 rising by equal an-
increments of $60 $1,200.
ved recommendations of
Appointments Committee are
MS r -J. Do Lisle, Second As-
90at Storekeeper, to be First
hiistant lerk, Rustern Market,
S'from Juy 1, 1944. at a annual
T 1of 1200 rising by Ial an-
RI ISu increments of $96 tIN ,6M0.
r V. Webster, acting add-
Sclark in the Storekeeper's
I to be Fourth Olerk*. Eastern
on sixmonth' I batonn
ram July 1, 1944, at an annual
AVy of 00 rising by equal an-
nai incremnents of $60 to 81,200.
Hr. E. Valdez, acting clerk at
S2"'tern Market, to be Reliev-
Clerk in the Accountant'. Of.-
On S six months' probation, as
July ,1 1944. at an ar.nual
0 of $600 rising by equal an-
UNt increments of $60 to $1,200.
Mss Met& Babb, actL4 addi-
i la t clerical assistant In the City
Hnefr's Department, to be
Ht S C1erk In the Cil. ngineter's
Hrt1ent, onl six months' pro-
SInfrom July 1, 194, at an
HU2l salary of $00 rising by
a annual increments of 0o '.o
SDorothy Kirt.., acting ad-
I clerical asfthant in the
B Clerk's Depart4nent, to be
Veing, Clerk in the City Engi
Hr's Department. on a! months'
Hfttlon m as foom July L, t1o4, at
l* annual salary of $W rising by
eal annual increments of $60
ubJect to the approval of the
Oatlsiaoner of Police, Mr. ,.
to be a City Constable
m* Tonthr' probation, as froida
1 19.44, at an anr.' salary
r* rising by equal annual in-
n tsof 848 to $720.
Tf, tM. HaMip, acting Santtary
ctorto be nd Oratf 8anl-
yinsector on six months' pro-
bl, as from July ', 1944, at
Annual salary of Woo rising by
9al annual Increments of (M to
"f tge'thrt with a traveling al-
$PW~noe of MB per annum.


Burgess.List 1944

ASglidilts of SBan Fernando are
toB co-oer1t in the pro"
15 of=" .le Burgess List bY
Xsform tlon as to therl

Sidgrs" _Ckhtms must be36
*mi bet Wn the nnt* aMl
day july ne nt

Colony Youth

Meet In City

Arrangements for holding a
Youth Congress at the Royal Vic-
toria Institute on July 29, were re-
ported yesterday to be In the
making by a provisional committee
of 12 members under the chairman-
ship of Mr. George T. Daniel.
This Youth Congress, to which
more than 50 organisations catering
for the uplift of youth have been In-
vited to send representatives, will
include discussion groups, religious
bodies, literary and recreational
clubs, employees' organizations, so-
cial and cultural organisations,
Scouts and Guides, Y.W.C.A., present
and past pupils', associations, stu-
dent bodies and study groups,
sports and other approved bodies.
With the hope of bringing to-
gethr these groups, now in isola-
ron for the purpose of pooling
their spiritual, intellectual and cul-
tural resources, and co-ordinating
their efforts for the advancement
of Trinidad youth as a whole, and
f'irther to destroy prejudices, Insu-
lar and otherwise, thereby paving
the way to a West Indian outlook,
itt is intended to place before the
congress proposals for the forma-
tion of a youth council with the
objects, among others, of study-
ing the community, determining
the major problems and conditions
affecting the lives of young people,
as well as ensuring adequate pro-
vision for the education, spiritual
nurture, and wholesome recreation
for every child and youth.
The committee feel that the time
Is now for the fusion of all exist-
ing youth groups into a Youth
Council controlled and run by youth
for youth, and are anxious that
organizations interested in the
formation of such a Youth Coun-
cil who may not vet have received
invitations to send representatives
should communicate immediately
with the secretary, Mr. Lennox
Pierre, at 1 Kavanagh Street, Port-
The committee will arrange for
speakers to attend meetings of the
organisatlons who are Intending
to participate to explain further
any matters connected with the
project and the forthcoming con-

Hospital To Get

Fixed Water Supply
The Oort-of-Spain Colonial Hos-
pital is to have an uninterrupted
water supply in the near future.,
The City Council at yesterday's
T -etthg 'opted & stggestion by
'-. C. R. Farrell, the City Engin-
eer, that the proposed extension of
water mains at the Colonial Hos-
pital be connected to the existing
mains on the hospital grounds, and
thA t the whole of the hospital sup-
lp system be connected to the
Central Water Supply Scheme
mains on Charlotte Street, to en-
sure an uninterrupted water supply
at this institution.

Chinese Vice-Consul
For Methodist Meet
Dr. A. T. Wang. Chinese Vice-
Consul in Trinidad, 'r-ill preside
at the Tranquillity Methodist
Church Missionary meeting, taking
place at 7.30 p.m. next Monday.
Speakers will be Chaplain R.
Sawyer of the British Army and
Chaplain Jewett of t' e U.S.
The Juvenile Missionary Meet-
ing, the other of the church's an-
nual 'missionary meetings taking
place over the week-end, is fixed
for three o'clock on Sunday after-

Mhi Taomw n 0ee, 3t, news of
whe-i dis.. In TrMnto Canmad,
reached her fally hre yeter-
day was daqbter of the late
Ge' eel Mesah of Globe Theatres
Ltd. She was In Canadam for
medical treatment. As a mak
of 0p0ect to heb a eme Globe
Theatres in Pert-f-Sain. San
Juan and an Famnda will net
oPen teriat.

Shopkeeper Reports

$1,600 Robbery
A bundle of $1, $2 and $5 notes
and ai Iron tray laden with silver
coins, making the total of $1,600,
were reported to have been looted
from a securely-locked "rn safe
standing in a Rio Claro business
place on Friday night last week.
Owner of the money is Joph
Poon Wah, a Chinese shopkeeper,
'who said that he had counted out
his week's tak'ngs and arranged the
money ia the sate, planning to
bank it two days afterwards.
The old iron safe, he said, was
securely locked and the key placed
in his trousers pocket.
On getting up on Saturday morn-
ing,. he discovered the key missing
from his pocket, the floor-boards
lifted, and the money gone.

Caroni Children
Tested For Malaria

Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
CARONI, June 28.-Dr. Horace
Gillette who is carrying on a Ma-
laria Survey of the island visited
the Caroni C. M. School this
morning and examined 200 pupils.
This was the fourth examination
carried on by the doctor in this
school since the survey started.
Dr. Gillette told our corres-
pondent here that normal rates
among children were noted in the
district, there being only three
cases of pupils with enlarged
At Couva, California, Morvant
and Laventille, the doctor ex-
plained, where abnormal rates
were numerous treatment was be-
ing given to children

Ethiopia Flag Day
Appeal Tomorrow
The Ethiopian Flag Dayv in aid
of the Priness T al Mmoral
Hospital Wu~i'-alsgefS M Oa
row when every one is requested to
look out for a seller and purchase
a flag.
The hospitAl which it is proposed
to erect in Ethiopia it Is statd,
will be a great asset to thai coun-
try in peace time although it will
be of great value during the war.
The ,Friends of Ethiopia Commit-
tee will meet at Miss Jeffers' home,
2 Sweet Briar Road, at 4.30 o'clock
---- afternoon.

Tranquillity Girls'

Concert Tonight
Only ticket holders will be ad-
admitted to the concert being
given to night at the Royal Vic-
toria Institute by th Tranquillity
Girls Intermediate Oirls' School in
aid of their piano fund.
All seats for tonight perform-
ance have already been reserved.
The concert will start promptly at
0.30 o'clock.
There will bsa repeat perform-
ance on Tuesday, July 4, at 8.30
p.m. at the Royal Victoria In-


A small shipment of Fire Extinguishers and
Recharges (not Refills) has been received and is
offered for sale ex store, as follows :-

Tpastfome" Fire Extinguishers (Foam Type)
k, 21/ gals.
"Pine" ,, ,, ,, (liquid type)
S1 qt.
(Refills size 1 qt. are expected to arrive later.)
For price please apply to Agency Dept,

Dealto critlcim. the lty Council yferday approved, um g
romm attm m by IUs Oonmale UM ae Lots Committee,. one to me
040% tht the OWpontitma owner of the Uad should, btfon
n"Oung Wota for building purpose., undertake to level them, and that
such lota u have already been rented and not built upon be levelled
by the U CorporatmIon It required.

Owner Fined


Law Explained

Comprehensive expkmaton of
the word "disposal" n Transport
Emergencv Board regulations pro-
hibiting acquistlon or sa oF
motor-car tyre without authority,
was givenbyMr.W. J. Andre in
the Fi Police Court yesterday
for the benefit of oseph McBUrnie
who Indicated tlut he needed it
after he had been ordered to pay a
fine of $480 with the alternative of
six months' Imprisonment. for
parting with his tyre without per-
Receiver In this case, Albert
Wallace who acquired the tyre un-
der similar circumstances was or-
dered to pay $240, and on another
accu ,tlon of falling to register
three tyres which were forfeited on
order of the ir.iglstrate. he was
fined $50. He was reprimanded and
discharged for having in his p.s-
session a tyre wlth the serial num-
ber defaced.
McBurnle who told the Court
that he merely lent out the ty.vre
drew the explanation from the
nmgistrate, that "disposal" was a
very wide and elastic term when
used In regard to tyres. Merely
lending or letting a person have
nossesslon. he explair I. consti-
tuted a charge of disposing.
The magistrate finally warned
him against giving or taking any
tvre from anyone until he had no-
tified the Transport Emergency

Police Search For
Missing South Man
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent
Police here started search today for
Euphrame Edlnborough, 40-year-
old St. Lucia man living in South
Trinidad. is reported missing from
his home. According to th" story
given to the police bv his wife.
Edinborough left his home since
the last week in April for work at
U.B.O.T. and never returned.

STOCKHOLM, June 29 (AP)-
Berlin's correspondent of the news-
paper "Dagens Nyheter" said today
It was rumoured that Gener I
Eduard Dietle, commander of a
German division in Finland, was
killed in an airplane crash.

B -, -* *

Ne .N d For Careful Diein Canada jCouacil Accepts .Proposal

Of Housing Situation iTo Level Gonzales Place Lots

In their report the Committee
indicated that several letters were
placed before them from tenants
asking that their lots be levelled by
the Corponetlon owing to the hard.
ship they experienced in getting
then done. themselves.
Objecton to the proposal was first
raised by Councillor Quintin
O'Connor who was of opinion that
the proposition would be unecono-
mical having regard to the small
return. He stated that there vaUs
no safeguard for the persons to
whom the lots were rented and
who, when they built their houses
by way of mortgage, were forced
to sell them on failure to pay the
money owing.
Suggesting that the Coumal
should reconsider their policy be-
cause speculation was .cry ram-
pant so far as Oonzlaes lots were
t icerned. Councillor O'Connor
said, he felt that, there should be a
scheme whereby the Council could
remain the owner of properties
built on their lands, so that they
could rent them to persons unable
to pay big rentals and who were
really suffering because of the
housing situation. He asked for the
recommittal of the recommenda-
tions dealing with the levelling and
renting of 12 lots proposed to be
made off Pitman Lane.
Councillor Albert Games the
Deputy Mayor, thought the propo-
sal should be accepted because it
was int ided .c assist persons who
were anxious to build homes but
who could not afford the expendi-!
ture that would be involved in
levelling the lots.
Councillor RanJit Kumar felt
that there we a lot to be said In
fa-'our of the remarks of Council-
lor O'Conror and suggested to the
Councillor that he amenC. his mo-
tion in order that the entire rep 't
of the committee should be recom-
mitted and referred' to a committee
of the whole Council.
Councillor George Cabral said he
did not see why the incll should
undertake to level the lots at a
large cost, while Alderman Vidale
felt that persons in position
erect buildings and who desired to
relieve the housing situation should
be enconraeed to do so.
Councillor :. 0 B. Wooding.
the Mayor, pointed out that the
City Council had alw.,vs Insisted
tha, persons who wanted to de-
veloo building areas should first
drain and prepare the lands, con-
aeouentlv the Council. as owners of
',nids should set an example by do-
Inw what the law required all such
persons to do.
ALGIERS. June 29 iReuter)-
It was announced today that
troops from the United States
island of Puerto Rico in the
Caribbean are on service In the
North African theatre

1. 9

?llarriage Made


We can assist you in solving your mar-
riage problems. Select your partner
and we'll supply you with the follow-
Inag :-
Engagement and Wedding Ringq
Gifts of Jewellery
Wristwatch & Bracelets.
Printing & Stationery.
Household Furniture, Including Beds, Springs
& Mattresses.
Radio, Gramophone and Gramophone Re-
Perfumery & Cosmetics.
Simmons Folding Choirs and
A Honeymoon Resort at Mayaro.

Enquiries irvyited :

Sultan Khan


7, 7a 7c Coffee Street

:- 'Phone 44.



ROCHINE BAHRA presents to you
on Friday. June 36, 144 at 8.8 p.m.
Indian Stage Show"

Redemption Of The
Port-of-Spain Im-
provement Deben-
Public Notice Is hereby given
that the following Port-of-Spain
Improvement Debentures issued
under the Port-of-Sp-i.ln Improi -
ment (Eastern Market) Loan Or-
dinance No. 16 of 1930 ill be re-
de'med on the 30th June. 1944,
after which date Inter, on the
said debentures ",ill cease: -
Debentures: Nos. 436, 2S2, SB.
447 50, 448. l0?, 361, 437,
304, 99. 325, 71. 79, 443, 401,
356, 357, 193, 180.
Town Clerk.
Town Hall, Port-of-Spain,
24th June. 1944.

(ParSmount Star)

Von't neglect your
beauty treatment
At times, Lux Toilet Soap may
be hard to get so make it last
longer by keeping it dry. Don't
Put the omap into water, but wet
your hands or face-cloth first,
then one twist or rub of the dry
Lux Toilet Soap will give you
enough lather to soap hands,
anrnms, and-in soft water-face
and neck also.
Lux Toilet Soap keeps skin
lovely ; that is why famous aia
Mn use it.


s,4.4. as175 a~l V se&


Harsh Purges


This Delicious
Natural Food

Crisp, cnunchy AMMAN
eleves common censtipeaion
*ODot e*peat to gt the proper re-
Wot hocoatant doing with trogm
esthetics. Uhey lloek~" the sysem
in*t atioa...=btgrer for tha
day a*y.
T M The lw beKty wy to riev mear-
$ua SMMlm kIs to st K Ilu
w a aeed. i ids .egakrMql
adeaby suipplyisgtti^wIsk vow
ie may mm U~d u

YouI eajoy its rp. l.
tady flavOe. A*k yew s W.WAp
do Au-bin edeg

BAmropgo *
oan Tawo" d M


mate;OK WAS 131.8 A
War-th 10 food doesn't m
with everyone. In this woman'
v"- it led to painfl attacks .
ligs sh. Be god obac she
hit on the righ remedy for her
trouble, and now her mls are
o longer atrial to her Read her
"I am In the late fo,tlea, aMd
for over a year I suffered b 'ly
from indigestlon. If I ate any-
thing to dLgree, or a little more
than uual, about three hours
after the meal I would rave a
dreadful attack of win.. I was
like a heavy t :lht. I took every-
thing to relieve those pl- *ul at-
tacks, which I put dou, to war-
time food, lck of fruit, etc. I got
very miserable, elmnost afraid to
eat. One day I tried :) e Renniee,
I my delight, two tablets brought
tant relief, and now I take two
after each meal before an attack
starts. Pennies are wonderful."
--(M.ra.) D, T..
Renntes are a comblrtitlon o f.
separate ingredients, which Include
antacids to neutralize acidity ab-
sorbents .o reduce stomach gas,
.'d digestive ferments which ac-
tively aid digestion.
All Chemists selr Rennies.

k A W h~rbhg wake up a lrwr

M^AsnZmn Lz:~i^

r-h - y* .wTlfBOri

"I am often troubled



Digestive distrbmaces are common whea ut
B-Complexs vitamsis are Ioching in the
diet. This deficiency may m affct the
healib o/fthe whole digestive system.
B-Complex vitamins are utatarally applied
by Fleischman's fresh Yeas. Take t
regularly as directed below. 1
Fleischmann's Yeast Is one of the richest naftral
sources of the Vitamin B-Complex. Take twice
daily, half hour before meals--aia or aa .
in fruit juice, milk or watr.





for home or office

Socially selected by our repre-
mentative. Mr. Jack de Lima.
In the US. and Canada.

Your yewel/er

Y. De Lima & Co.

4 .4
Y i


OG IMU M"T 6085 60
Many people n- Wr t m-
untold agonies, oae*tat hI f
wuapuun rrtake-a r-e
by pile, simply b~cau ttMr t
ever 4iscumed the trtotub wth
ven sueh a oa Sad"t as
cbemistL I you are a wefare
make up your miad to k Y
chemist about the wonderful pre-
paraton Man Za, rThis elem.
almple-to-uoe remedy Isust mar-
fAllou in the qutok way It top
the naddenn Irritation, tllys
Indammatlon and, perseaerd with,
banished the most serious for o
this agonlalag trouble.
Ma Zen Pile Bemedy I ISO
ordinary ointment, but a special
preparation ole* for those With
pile trouble. It t opreped in a
speial no-ae applicator tube. ok-
Ing It oifple and clean to Ue. loM
by chemist everywhere.

S at ths Oti r ,CM edterday morninW a serie oc
IV Ciounefilor Quintia OVOnnor o the ho-using itua-
ilwo K. 0. 30 WooiAnG Mayor, Mid he was aware that
W t p P-t here has been spcultUon In empty houses in
a U proclble number ol which have been advertisted t




E~lilschan'sYe--s t

UU n s Mu TUe U
*l y Tewp smea eS "irT IY6.
Ammira Ihi a"iTo* 3mb



MUM:,.1 M. _nX Wo,,,=

inss a agtr

Maei^ B a iAULion^ E Allr.t .--. i ,---.-i--At,-r-. w-

and t -l-t 6
4.552 .: 12 PiOACDW"1 f VATAN T--- 0-- a

0061liM^^o MEM Ti AbNhusW Se Ar5aje .... ti$ or nis ei& aloe mayoral eeetohere. VSV esl Mee t e t 1 d

4116rr a wo mmas" -~ lt.m e
LAEN t .TRO SAII l A n1 RU44.EA"-Ta 2 WtO= An555t at 4. J A. Cl 4 trust cetaflie

.eessWatoS,.~ASlatNC3oCOtjs Ot
eU ,., SmAUSMOA"-ramI A aLUIIH 4! tI.eet. Apy; oat
..COST eWd) oBe, ttfor ,IWFeB PMass"mI=-JeyW2l "OfW-1 -m! I.am0-a

IS hE. AN17 alemmolon II I Ae*.3M l
aansf m - "no rat1S vv On NRAl E ILt i nt Ibu t saso Wo'jof UP-X 0atlp tfrio1 2 g St

aa3 AU1t)MOTB3p lttvtolh Stret. or "*17Appy water o2w tw ContactLet Io. t----25,---S- h7ea.e N every lewy,.* st-
ad OM A"aa R2IDEC ap-
MLmmA T ALE LitnW T.fl(1jO at cr A=%. c*l.c ig 1- P ot5 S r5

W ,A,, up. Specrl ncLe Avon".
_. r. tote, ,ho -a.l' ., .S...S I Tale 1 W E- 142 .
em e u~ss~gt MOOR FP ~DoLon Cup. '14 FRSTCLSS ARNSENGNEP MOo S IN -ul 1 RESID(PeNC- COOK3ttI5. 1P ~nr nml Rtro me"or turs acSWeMlaf

=, =MM -14 GOEB. pea lO CNCNET en ee Stove tOven 1 rOUr-roBuer GOno- t* ut s drift en to ro dale. () )
aB notwo-toneezrellet condition throughout. In A-one condition. CoitiaB uet a 1A ado Road (Uer St. Ann's tram tar. lnes Stove, 1 CypPze ad Mirror, 2 Bea [ifs moes on but a r y ta'.
i a mApply 4d MrrayStreet, between 121- Arlapita Avenus.--JUIV I. j. Front porch, livins room, ate., Side Table,, I ,]I *r I Mottle Chalr. 4 Tot aO .~~~~edy
!fl ': 1.30 p.m. daly.--Jul, 11 e- ,ol-, d g.r onld, 4yehoLd (a ii S ia cs 'PllPe ry Chaie and Table 1 reo n e4, --T- I. mouefa oe, ed
MA od -lTila f lormGrtue a

cO MVZRTI VLE MERCURY. t941, es. RADIOS. R5FRtGERATOR$ PI ^it ekol, 'Phone PROPERTy, No 4Inich Set genAlSdKthe Utel.n. I Porm y
DIo NT lyree. Radio automsec hood and ace,- Pick-up. J tubes, gacellet eodiUon. Tel. mend Strest. at corner Duke etre~c, two able Radio. ROyal Typewrltel,--JulyS belved mother. J wiG deart.
Ie, exelent ondtion. A l new Tar- so am.--e. 0 Aepls splendid bL I -sC itys. 0leve. ONE GUARANTEED IS CARAT GOL-D dthie le on i S -It 4I.P. 0

..RAum,0 a .- -u n F.GDiO l'OiTAEi3 i A.C.-DC. 21 Chuao. Ehel. 'Phone wi IA-.Jsy I WATCH by the International Wat ch r.i N te kan tw tie alm r C yo u c ho
eel.s. etwo Iin O 4NE AUSTIN 7. Priced cheap, tyrfl Steea rteehot Ao.BU oOe Uv r hooa I heS log n S- lyrrcoplned yU were* that i

rera. m S water, al mod,.. cuselencI DING R oo qEING MACHINE. 'PhIaekind .
do day as e e Ser nou"earm iyM AL e k'riglda r Apply WI-Aup. undet'T me oIDt servantCa d c rom a lEd crcn. 8I.- Pult y Rdo OA sweeter d mother i hard to and.

S rrThe blow was hard. the hock evie.s ,
un t ,y to.c an fLernano.--Jiy 1. rage. Poeeaeslon. .000. Apply Dr. S, PROPRwTIEt POh SAL.e I We never thought that death wee near.
*BB^ I& and.------- NOVBRTIIS FOR CU~l1 -Jl 4A10. LXMEAOSFRS~|""I *P no" ts.-uly e Broker. =M Wodafni Aulawt Ie IalBl Tie woww off isagora

ASB cTlY MORRIS. sports Model. e-cellolt RADIUG atAM .eetriCal A tecoid Players eter, ofIaeD 45 IFledetik treet, No Tele. VAdA N iOuUSE also SiHOP and P AR- Rut olN those who havh lost can tell ( Fr
bOM A ANT conditslo, tyre o prie c. Appy: I apcy (c l up Contact E Iel, Mailer pon 01 -J l [ R in th Cit. Apl.a rwBtere. e phmo ro f arll
is t~t-t4)ft. excelent cnditio throuhout. n A-on condiion.GC111111,114 AstinmIinlla oadR(ear tteAnn'stramAtr. Insstove.IwCytoress adsMirrrn2oRd Ufa morof n but fatlwenat"&(a den

JT'gDbtA cOMPETENT COOK. good Strset. Firet come Art served.-July 2 square. telepnooe 424s-July a 3 Observatory Street.--Jusy t ---e Dv oig ay I. Frroter
IR "* Is Appyr*; 46'~n Murray street.- US)r~n. "ilin ^ ptoi Ingae roo. at@.. Sie abes IOX NTB WP~tr I AA Morri Ch air 4 hI.0 IM Bl-~~^ ^1(

IL30 plm. dai dauglter.. Itberr S

Sr t peron. Steep ig If duired VR T CARltyreTabRe.RIG tATORr and BSottle eoo1. ma.; 4 lotn at Lvnite; Freehold
~EaI NCED COOKGENEAL e nt- A clnditalir on. 5 grocery. 5-~ll4 Nr RAIn G RAM65. ifcke.-Juiy S Prortle,2onelnoyediesethAeply Sos HUSEseO. wAL

oeetla. g d i" a ed a"ofolk Street matter .a-Jl", i .-p- Q-103, c/A "Uualdinn."--Juiy 1. .4 CARLON RTRwr trorn, t CrrDce andu I........ .
Fiat rss Street,-July I BUICK, 1934 model. mechlanlcally soundLRIE lt EAR MmdALL AII lAG vaues~m~us Artepitod.A--Jly Phne71S2 Mrtag
BY OIL COMPANY, toui tyee veryotd, reaonb 0r accepted. AMATURE EWNDI a O RZ For particulae appy sh POitLTnY SUPPLIES
ernnw e iseexcellen tcondPtone n. AlanI owTar. on .uectric, Cl. enry tret. Jo 'y, 0 Ph mbrokn eros.-aJulyCI3to7Iweek.nat o ralteo
eaBI- oltleal Knweg *"* ____ __ unmereP. M-nil-Ju ly HEATH PARK BARREDA" *O i~*udf B w r.f oault Jl ,!*' o?^l.I^ n*
t an nt* o BA MOOR. pr MA D 6 l a s t wes WA TiH W atchY o dUb or
qAoo oent, Applo with refer- 40 Cu9ne. o itr eot. Wootb .roek.-June 30 2t iuV US THAT JUNK RFRLGI RA- Wl(Incss Place. corer avtDoc nd Se re* Morv 5Gd.- --July m p no r wat
VA nT WAT .D Ilere stre one Klulokat .C Genertr. Bty h- VA OL e ,uI.n, e -Factury M; ca- ?Bowen Streetoo rTunapuna;t' Ermel S Mo.a u l Henry mStr t.--Julyyro .
CKO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ole COitONsR,- ronadot-l 1. Poommokn, 1300 Apply Dr.-------------<-lc/ U~ tn" ^l I S. P CRLOP TheW~ blown was n . hard th ab. Sever----

l 4. Mod as new, sobertsMon delng eeriVng icoe tile A tioal S C ten Payter, can ammed. McWln ry CUlm; or pl V A PARK W T, large two storey ,

IA M A ID half-day tnftirici ne) W orks, 'Phone 4 511. 4 5 E dw ard Street .-- eervuc a your oaen R e gmster, -' Aype w etter, G w endolin e W alcott, 10e V istA Betlle oa G R A DEDT OA LPI N ER GA T. ; e i ~ c o t i i g I e
.Slll RICoa d.oMdlo.raOae.Jli casi, register In TrInit ad. Paoone HOPE ESTATEB. ATOBA ntO. our mIles Ptr oE N 3Ae r cr foo
CrA NCICAN 1 Eckel, DROPM arine. -u *hnen. ell alows b y allow- s F rn oH U SaStoSHOP andTT J a -JuBu 0 who hove bu cn el

-DAY VANT wated. Aptly oU eu pe with Anply :I c.. .. cn e 4 or call at J N otI'Ro.HateAe.-wtu,,e rIc., acrs oocf bo r or hn IN TOBAG 311 d the mlse, w ro t
EHIE TC.on-trol. RiEnc.D My 11 .tl n ,rpin*nt yI d .ctie.-on .-J ulyt lB. 2 q e, T V ut cultivation. Mlyn U Whouse with following breeding stock: Cows, Sheep, and pantry with outbl a rlden eD.ce
K C, to stp N, Tc OOKce, refer- C tr. .ic nt t or water laId on.G Cop hos1e, Cocoas Goats erand Horeet. Ap-Ju ly: C. W mn. cn g of kitchen stor I
1o o.0 e tla Mr C le, av. C D, R i . I Ttl-JulY. houe. Labourersi n barrao Uk. anou s eAl c/ Cross, Drug g stA L E borough July c re i
Ed s thone St ". lRae. rot-elny .-J ly .. .. . 0uct /.oFu fGr c;i U a .,r, te. ,nN M-n., Stables, C/ battle pens. For urt r pr- room, S T rervant'S quartersg ar Brot]
GOO? BiD folkt treat ,efpern Ai k gau 2u CrVI EiS A |neu A iR l hSnMuAL ticu Lar pieas apply to W. N. u ptnp7 2y.r WANTED TO BUY .e
SS ouaeu getlt, Cinema dune. etc. i a S t. Vin ent Btr.e. Port-of-pn. ONE AUTO-BIKE, In ood condlllon e or two car and chau i
O -Y OIL. ma"'m-,- J ely -WANTED Apply. Molarn digit. Uhaco Street Phone 4429.-July 2. will pay good price. Contact Brereton, 7 feur'S quarters. Land extends
't, p 'Phonre 92" .. -July Irto' i ulsora-ila "---- - --------- Kandahar Street. t. IJal .-July 2 to W oodford Street and com-
"mmeleter icit __sKn wle ge I _________ASa28_ __R OCK
4mhe 5 nnt. *n 1raph B i .s a ? o tn oIC r. ... ...... t> A Y M OR t .1 uJ u td *, e ,.a o tir. ,o.ow,' o. ONE LOT LAND, near oovernm ent I.r and cp om7lte Bvrhaul by Sacto ,

... .. ...... ......"* "'*. Bi t." :" .l. *l .'- .... ,ioin V t *r bu1"d '" lui M itn, n o o J ylttraied I ento. e uR. n on. fHANN o ry madei Agn' (Bo d d n iritt. t
AuesJ WitS attractive pay, fies living Wr~e 110x Rl'*3i ,o ",uarilian'-June 7o0 .lc u s.rea wilun Re-tCovertng. L.ook out Scaool. delectable builg site. Apply: r e mcaicbsn n y fcoym
1P n,3 our- itveirooy an- spacoUs HAow room, H. Buncee, San e P'Phone l.-a nHw repair parts. olly s equiP pd modern
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.a. . 1 oth rfacilie. App12y to t I B LA l '' Poe 5Jlute street, .. i- o' nn;e t h "l b u 3one' -a July 4. 3 National Serviace Department. Inspectionn or |be r J an If
rdLo r on estal e or L yeo 1um J ue 0 .u 411P onttertnd tib n -Jlt 11 R AET BUitIN IT aat 3e T f ree of rte r ro- EItre beor UIY Cu BIR
Ltd.. 1 Charlotte Sltreet-June 30 pi MOD Pl iuut[) to ct londktlon .UNA C"i Tb. "etral o in g vAN. Bad LAN golflks. 0.0sqa feet. d osdmete t reew il. t customers tmreistroe dressed to the Manige A
'BUTLER iFiIN L and Half hay Piuna .I .. or wil;. In shop. 17 Ao...rUt oreau. tey will Y:our w tr the al yaen ll Frehl Liws. strli. 'luarn 12t.- cld work sho" Maitenane Contractt en- rl resBnkeD .C. &t)
t d Boyt 30 AlOxalol tt'-ai1A*..-,,-.lra t 't. tMcht. Ju ,y,,r t u I FroEmn M S.Hny JSreteJu yPos ou workho Mhenver y B 1 Q lT
Val B.xu T-y 6ini. 1t(sreAOe3 R tlon4ttD .11131nty01' i un ellal l *t ?ad -Jaly tr t on d i July 1 tednto H. 3. SHANO 8 alen t, hode nt u n to i .e
.nl i honeu s o or ... --,u- et--- u r.--,- auks, ipaeE- AUNDNG L OC at iArt e arma, Bdt TheA Natiols Cash Relter Cl o. nt. 1Wd st.erta re
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A R--TION WANTEr d v .Jte Bishp 1 AcWzarK street a-Juy l. r- dm.. r s m a and Nu Juao.-Jus S. Jay 24 CVincent Street, 'Phones 383.-July 13 tr a t in
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A. NI, COnUP E yu '"dith R u r o..uCretf cor ndtclune, lpt 'TaneK. Brick MO N r bm.Sc lt r ..bioAg ,1, Cascade, 'A A re ANNOUNCEMENTo.a O SLe
Il) tb;. wl b'y 1Oit CANTEt TOro RENT ad g antd general repairs I'iPoune Buiingie withlon fane to JOIN ThE undersPHnCd SOCIETY
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ERI. NCE.Di~ Slo-keee itentPe UH.I H Wl'AM$ s taught; Usetd Books aol joeit HkL'4uu'r, I: tT ,apert oto~e ote- able '], a t P t Ui L~t Valey a erae a 10.-| hero of raeucedsanioty orioour: dSnecond
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order, w"i or without engies, One only -. LAND 1%u QUARR"IEIN at Mon Reooo.* To investigate unexplained laws e- Nature ad P.M.
t I.. l-bornn ort-. A .end wrI ,tten poartico- l --.E FOR alALE Lavntlles, no far from Morvant ettle- a nd the p ers latent In m n. Motto: ATeURDAY, T si 1ST DAY OF
al's 10t 1. i. Rc. ng od rlgtt'a. A l.s~able PhJ'ph o cy.- I /. m GooduiA' waer Apply *ti 'l~ lThere is no Relgion higher than Troth."6
.e. .vi A. . . intt tortlSodJrty ,3 ObLr NiCaeyIra ia ... i' set Goone d 7 w0. -itJe ap toW rr: m For particulars, apply to Laeiu 2 tKhIca- JUr,., 1944 h
o#elileft reen vlt--h int">*y Fort- JU" tu" C A by'LANDApOR SALE SR C & 8I I1pne ^ 0- y g. 40,000 suprfiia feet
-IC LOUA- -L SMi^ l COTTAE on one@ t^ot tyan I CI~a douiahstld.--Julyo 1e .fwon. Trinidad Theosophical Centret sHcre-
,r Ci N... .. tyLY taOry and L:brariLan. tern Man Rd 3 SUmeTON STREET, SAN ss DO.
PO LR Y S-- SU--.c--------*Park n treet -Jule. ly e Ae ~ lo ; ; '" -PPI /GENC.y ANNOUNCEMENTS [and Railway Corner, Guaieo--July UL IPCIE5| ak ~et .v On istr UCt~ions -cat. from
BAONB" MA Y 'FORR1N tiELo te saN"IN .s M -titt LAL. 5. em ALLAI-IAN--1aU. i e msTATE LOST dMesmrse 0. Mahaber, P. Gelllzeau,

3 . or u^ u l;*M 'h i' ." *, ," 1.o e ^ 41 tw "*'. -*i. -" *""' J," *. ALLAHR --.^ ^ nt' u ";. LOST ln e t e. nraw e C o ey ftc tt v
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*IPU LLE. ''uy. COI aKERF.L4. N ay R imp- i.SORTS L ge Sreehold te idence. C harlott wA y In fer ti Depard t i toI, recovrn y O ser.e JU tua n
L al y. thorn t. ifO Ootri i'ert ; u. .y 3. , liyI, aIiLID)AI-t. IN tA4, oIIAIJrIO reet . ...... 1.$ 00 -July gr ae L a l r. nu.ed to the Mart d or con Ae-

r SS- an~c^ the @state or^ tLoa^ Lunt yoSr washe :1 -916-11114 J
SPOX & MIXE ACrtiN WANTED TO RENT e3co dition. NutB LGaT"Mm a Ete , ?eeeirop Residence. Clarke's Lane,
`1 y 4E. Pani la Brle *.1 C Hr'oere e treet. WiLl' EXCIAN iCl ......Ti..... to City .O.. Sot ... al. dC sd.a.a.. ao Tunapun .. l ...t0 poesessqon ... 3.30f TUITIONc t s t i oen e d ttheui e
L4 ERL(. PEK M L ) a DUCK & Tt:DtaEY It' lhore 4 8ie tor -l Bio .'ipI,li17orSbr u. i .u.,,. il swil,.lido yo. .w.e c., ChetyeF re olperty, dmply, Wal cott t Aou FERNANDO BOYS' HIGH rCHOOt by auction on the a ae date, trbcal
A Bo -A-July i rc, Apts .ly I t reCt. June 30 ,. ..ii Lane .. 00 gives lnd foundation ieconary u- time d place, e follwulg- the
Et'l|il.ONII Ktttli, *I't itFiAlt) O r U1 ur3tFORDe. mlstl ou lr,,or i III out- ,ad t- Enply Ne I c.rtee, bubhe Street. eads taught. Appy; Waleere, 4.00-- O e 9-tUb .CA. Radio, I Ga 2.400-
Etret.-.July 6. 1 eMt'Ti Ul U r T ,i.. o t eN,0 rt ne y 'Au.5 ATnkI lPpd.. OelLu O OTt ta, t.Ul Three-'o Fm- Cottage, Old St. Jo- H T MARINE EQUIPMENT er CY .n Ie 7 e N S
wlard $100. itiing al 'o -Jlly I ,, --a um e, sle p Road, R atneua siun ......... $ t ONE ePE hD BOAT n ULL, perfect con- dJtloel), 3-winged Bureau, M.T. Appr
PIT I ON SA LErUNFUitBishtol A i U cent about I lt.u tundt i ctO an Weks. ck 5 Acres L)aud, wiUtI Large Two- 'dAton, new bottom. 'Phone N C4, Ben Washstand, all Post Bed with versity
StoBlzr And HO MSeveral Others ,,wor llby oalur-p-Loay e --- sAn gear Spring and mattress, Short Post aiorsCi o
EiTIR.E LOT O . tABIt3I,'I 'PIeIrf 'eho tt rle e ... go d eitstotaiyl.. .det-t ... 1 e t Iwey, .. l. eslong1r0..0. 0et. JI N TE c BA R AEOSO |I SOIT
wee, LO AK. I c :i't gvood. lo y t.*io I1t NAL tAL.. *i DJ age Road. Ap pley a .t-'ndbabaI0.( Lo.00 l di) andsprmotets_ _tn. B F rs
C164. or call at r a lWrte r oUx R. Jone Jco 1'ti, 5 la 463le0 --July 10 Uo ..1, Catual.. ai, o.-n-OlY i p Mt agee Ro. lras 3 of Bed, Extens ion D ini 1n g8r tu t ltioB
'll RACE lO.ftu1e. "LIIIAUIIII 111\-1t'11.. r100 utEWAB tor an Uioruruheloe H ousalSAM 241. t'*UU aeyac. writee CARL 7. IB COTT | co, BARGAINS Table, D.Dlewing RO Upholstered must
t h a ntr l taI r t ae t Iec l Itg i0 n. lin good ocalty. A aset, Ph s .-ho le 4 .- .. u. a --0sa -,tt uly t .- Ju y 1 fiSt ..n e .t S r e.. TPh n 8 I&el a hoganyo C h aios Fith ta Ble itc
0M Sw I En al limb. Altly o Ste~c &'noetv July20 11 ., l it.dit NnUIA a-
USEDr .Bought;Used.B a U y oke bn.It-ttO, .....t a i We exclusively offer: 22a Harp. Place, art empty; 20 pieceS). DrawIng Ro Upholster- Dower
able atal Petit Val. A l ey'aergesie 0.00 ofrc. cred sxeateorcoou; ecndSA E
holy, iin ad Golad Ofic rk Miilainsbovh. Arad oostl 0.1 air tO)lik e lilen- eae. L.2' ll u gitto bull, q 0toti Spetrpr sqarngo, oenouae hhnudir omaatv

... x t41 10.solt c (;paalupe i to C ttck 1tee.- SECOND Tul 2E4 SARATARIA Paris Boulevard:; 1 Becont -treet;- L 1t.wit T U of the|
tnnett MarI wihne or witho 'lswe talstnt ieult. a. Ac ra.. er a ua M tinno R Sle 1 d 1t.Jo eh .mslttI i4 . . Moto Tr i
Z^ le0>,iur .ScELLANgOUS FOR SALE lulal,.t. Moo-ic, ctln *-enthncee, celtfr 010 HYDRAULIC RAM TOt PUMP WATlER" Streets. Several building na nets, Perish and Vic- States.
.,ouit-ag l ot oue.send c>, etn. nr t '. t' rFge ee1' MenR dL ma. God Pt-Fn re ira. near Workers' Homes, r t ven-Ttru hOra lophone, Records, '
a,.arst .wo-BRo ter Kguez ee l l tove r auu. er. R uetR C L. AtLU. I PROPE .TY 'E. lT" Large and small lon on mort-
St'30able6otFrpati,,rr treet, Ouoo .--Uy 'Phone /4, 2 34 Charlotte Stree.
ttP o o B .in. t o itertn .s (,>ue1 imn- h u-t yoAT" 'lou Th sthntC h IAR N OPPORTUNITIES! ga de wee ar en t I 0
-o'I , le.ltIWrlw re a G E :lectr o liny Oull umuual. aully t un d neatne. M1) Lovelest Bungalow, Long Cir- NO MA D tID-FEVECK, a r n rft onditoD ,
Iljrl0N P ark"trl, ut- 4." .1y P '.eCort. 'F.ol UesE.-T a.-July 3a solar Hoed, ,orner Prope.t-yt Real E- Agent. Oven, Bicycle carries er, Oil q tovm,.
- IU R YT A IlP.i01,h ,i, ,,'t tRl 'p a Itt I mly er lN T A L 8 'r JjC'. AUE W ,, ita- Freeho l, 4 be droom s. 2 oath E, LO ST i eM ss w ars. .er P Get,
JAZ, our stInS., 'Ill tin- Mouth tr t-N halirodi,,lO t'ol'uetie li,'w~t ost lan, Btarhodu. Apply AlieYne. Bryden A 2 sewerages, serva~nts' quat- __tVnentee._rw reroer,_C. t t eVIL'
aOW oLor P otbglyilia. be in fis t cls 1. t oMl 'io .BrM1101W n P'lnt -July ^.l Cr to.T. t. n foarr

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0 0P 'P ols 8 20 -Juv4Ju ne^ 3025 St V nc ntstree t 'P o e 5 4 A y info m to lea ding t oe t i th s re oe ry. OtheS *. 1 whose fe n v b een

^^^" ^w llu1"- *"*'l~y *^.o"^,'' ,"T~nl ^*Ju'_____ _________ '.v_ rn_ _"_n_ .,. h_ (l|N|| |D S
__V ouL home, it 101 the C, LN e 00 l( ti ...... All lKtu excellelW .. ,idtT K tl ....u yl te. Moi tae Id _Ca ltt e__. wimllb en view__warded.
,l o.. 0 tec ihet puciwtllty aiU lUlIN tAl'' IoS.ret hlel.- -Ju-yL l K0I0 at '% Price ...... /S is -Jn and morning of i J AU BD Ale. Ha
IS lnt it .Jtt u epIIUnoe iM~uU.. tltU, 4' o' seret SuOM AND SOARD ._1 C Ail.---Park e s tree. real money mak-,ate d thi s igntdy o ii nt
OX WL,fedwith npossessio n 3,3T UI Oa utetheoay I nde,b I
J e e ly X A P e~ n u t B o s t ,ftIII i a lt01 0 a A ri ete s W I L L, EiS i Nll 1 :14 4 t t ait l et ine C it y v* O ttO R Iul u d e l u a &

PrgeA s o' n apeaty L mu eu .01 r)ti'ee', oi.'t ll~ Sty, l t lolrilt A Irtety n 3, ne 1 0db A',A,L.AIIL.O for respeat'tbie Cutler, Stotes, Cash Register, reta 1944.L TiRS-AS on .f~
P~erre e,,ttp~ey, ca t /'uly letl,\s Xl U* t C)r C *i Ii O ,,'AIi'l t it0,," i/tilt-t *, tO14e0CCt.O12,oStt) Goin g at ang
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41i Si~. ii c c M l .10 WI C ) di tg u o Cr n u Dlie ou Stee. 05. .o OHL.L.C. Ist~l~ w i trvv,, oaLoet m t e i ls B t e s re.IJIt a g t p l; E atr, 40 Oestub GEE. .A ad oIN G a

Music t L OT"tOF s I,- O I a0 K'Jings 'taio Boy59 7 r,. i^ It 'I AO' l y ...u..o,, c, .,u ,.., o ,l kSa Ja. Ir. LI.. h t 1r o 0 0 y r w ash ha m r
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tory lNtrR cror rPoIse ssio b LINE tUMPLO'.'lEiS. "AEOIA T HUIL 'AT A R CuYI L ---A 1 o .
'JSUG4.JINC-LAIAIS, A.t. Il.A Cori~u. MA HOtit,, 1911 ul Iel, cAPuA .Ble ii 1e11ect cn-,Bur COMa', M.IAL. Dot-be od hne Tobago. "Bloody Bay", appr. '

t.- M K- H Klptr. Kiworldm $100. Strt ing' 810 -Jl I* abu Br. b 6~nu. Acres Land wBI.- UI iag Twly P o(-ll diti ew btt om** .;^,,. 0 tTUTht SUen -
tt-l t day. 5^ BN A Ut S e u$te0 1n tktucneu1 i1Bre11errcut' Atue.t,1i1 Ls---Wat 4 Aclpts|. Bar ainalt
Asi.ountaot 0tvc1 EdtsarI t i~et, i Alt '. 'U'Cr 1.otl 1te11 1DI Iit .c tO o L'
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7o-.o i f Ml. neII ParticularB at Office nt bt
T .LRA E H R E.... It'IA. AHL toeN Jtan nr u rm it ..... Lo C R000 16& o.) ust.t, 1 to ... .. u o e"T gD'ZdE tE.
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S enttries ft orathe'hiltIst ro.S u ivil .'lt 'tl t l., 11., lully'. lt'tt a at's o lant-e, re uabiWtat-es. itbe
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10, I.E ....r 't ,,. ,,,r .....)1 'A ,,U Vn AlutI .....LIse t t A ic Li1aB. ,,o.-.--. KmpPBy Bungaow, Cascade -......s...c,, Suf Ce r s A UTa l
1 '. leria 001aJ I.Oi- anln5 41 1 v ll. A itvl. 4 lliit eAnt Circulgr Road. peo s eearoe cotr ete e uptiunat-. 114 Quarry street. Rental 1s3.00 81,1SdasUsed D.;Pill
l Itit 0011Va W4,,I ,il 5' aa lf- t' .4 H i.twi Stroet-. I 1 OItlotYt y 20 Valley Road, empty ............... 3,h
elk -t e .t Malriny e, C U.MAtt, Imitmllai, e ,ltlnpal....r.nen0 "t and U N.I) HTALL. si DUnduoaa *Land, aplur. I Acre, and Moose-
1.1, bouol-aeet..... . ewrlt. etal mitg trees. .. It Ci, t ..teett i 0105. trees,, -dal m nute'a wal truen asaLSno1L IlOAMply0, Petit Valley, Diego : m
___ A~JrltoLIII. Atljlt iIrtI/lte- API..)' Mr.. .Alurray, Ul)lligalw 21, 'Trint- a oUoie al~ll atngle 110011. IWt 5000r. Martin inear Uq 0D Ci ty .l 0s 3jm 'eag edhg ep
1t;. g a iir a Sl B r) a d a. l4e la o L e lte lt a I-tri el lt-l'e C t'ser --J tDly C .-tLn e 5 .1 Les ce a iRutTeP U PlW A.--J URy I W e rm ....t........ .I hC a b in et s ,inVe ryS the a
tt'jlL i or- CI.~l t l'l'l)R'i'tNI'rY' Cafe-. S'Ultsldia.5'.D .14UM.. tneplmtdeil t o "R*usines Property, Frederlek 8t. t 1 wat e his To m ps~.4e .
OM JL'IAI t.: u- Park lfeit. rent'0 0,10y mllkmng. Act trauc., *u aetta utfrect.-- ua aS ab Bairgain.
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0 H4 - t J..- l'- -'l-t P%0%o0%0ro-- tilli e t ~ t, u ,J o O N A D T O A ile it i

~ppiy o~r send4 money lirdet uolet' tittlul| 001,]-i. It-t Jr)1ing 00,1 MrSe, 'uu ~. A JIT no'lIO t..tllaru BOa.u Quc dai d ae0 os~sm i a e s
t:,likM&U 'ko-brne KlinI '.10.ROSmalldiTown, S., lInege andasm".loasasn_________ _______Wardanth

IdCIa;,ply atde. AInma.- t'1to tIE', OYt~tIS WA'TCHES. a cculltnodatuoa, tur tout boys ot-tendun5 3ugbT INDIAN AQENCY...RE"AL -amA" r and beatig which wears OUt the eisA amc
ZAIJUIl. ii year'. 'l~'o One s~~^-~ Sie d tarver, Car- s o b nre 101001 .ot ree. --July-IPaolo e8 6,sroS0 tR--3 Cr lot E te E O ik.No
901)AT ON1 1l 0 MI(II')l.lsi 114 l Alot IALeabueAdi.- V183. lt 35C~elotesret Pioe ucky.des ____

O.[i ures. Ja.las tCeasucot, b~liruor, 'seel 111,8 I"lrtI l'arle. Union tCOMk'ORI'ABdlIt-tUG HU tof or urpeana, I ~ ___
| 01110 IIt llclury b t eel -JUne '.1 Awerlcane. l Mt, one Powell StreotL- Three Lots of Land, Petit Eourg. the~ work by itself even in cold d tu tl h deee
AI .uo,.M1. 'i HIlle Lautld CltOWy Ut) ,S 10 e0 artly, Ciartoons u 00)' i Irvn itvtre Slyt Juan .... soaks t00.1;S
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,,' I, Istdie. it. WAar, & ectI) iSup-sIrieet-Juy .I".ud l. Ter
'1 111 tttI~l Maltroula~t-on ;lEN'0 S l)Ait~AN otitNJ $3u0.00,NID o Aaten-t Maraval 100Oi0551001................ dJSr0, thElte .leTis lr.
llt-co o l al --.J.y 0 AitJy 110 k 'uurdlan "..uiy It L 3I C REWARD. Cottage orA rte (1tDweils Houe, ''rogarete RuedI. dazzlingly white and quite u gent.Ov nBicycl Caril
MUSIACAL DIEA~t. COM lmt'~FitAN l~ HU t aw u y -.. w. 't rIv. adul, VUOtiIIUt t 0b0o. Jeme. n c r oeesoI ......................
uiuaoai a s cdt-rreiapuildeic ... att.eost-i, lircel I'ert ......ioi U ogn,, La- .. .. -Julyt g Adrs 01 l.azit withan use, Hloc- n].LD g l- i| i A n
J A Z Zt, PLit t lo 1 e.. tt cM I .a t or S c ipcD. Co n ta c t rc ta b n. V in cen t A ndqm w u j u s tUeReV aNRsey r v nts q uA L-ES t
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S~hoewrt-in the itnaro e, ill Simltplyl i5AliIMURRAY est Log.t..."'A

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StOr tOMAb/ Ct' 0L.--Adul te u A rl intoyo eet,--Jttty .M.or, 5..,5. SutOll-'e lo b o edB, AtroC A am no longer responsible for er'm y
Ia~ ~ hlre hlJg lY 10abei, Ircao iny gsetatloan. ,.la line I ng, fitH e dPUB iC tsh l be Reby n rigte rath r atI ths 2 tI d yPf.Me

l_ s o op cllro itru uiy 1 C d-oA'l t. IttANGlE; I crat-o. It-CO. *au. v t ^.u s, t A. Mildred Lc.ana Wtintrier. Sldd thatn
i w. u0c111K aleit" iU. Buy 5 BicyCie, I, irl's l;t'.\e. 'P'hons .Iit 0e,0, le,.. 514Ii.- ..J o not bild myeef respnnsible fo a1y tso f the
amot l dge, Meat icnat-O 1tAn0.0), 402, or tSotnec ho10et Jo ly J ,r oouUa
SLLaUNIAIII hUiOOUL, dalir Canuteen C~utiery IRogele), bow. 114 Bra- ., L.oluI.oe.i 01.00, All.. obt.os,--u a --July 1 Port-of-Spa itl oet n: tie WC il Sil, all su er goo --dueul 1N
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Classes, U~tJOiluiqg 101 Dnet ,l Cr~uL'Akt and I.UANII''TY ofrs~ wellfo curedeae Cedar., 4000 tin11ee sl a~t b ark car e.5.Ite, |re.05e,- haySil seen or heard frofm my Widad aes;Sm on igl e
a tll A -Jio ly,4 Si c rsn. uo, d boApply, at-C occoalnct. Ae tret AutIur Brotnra. n Samuel oto the pas t our yearo. It withwithan mattresS;L MiNo Singl
1 1.(mt oe g at the w places. icCharluon Choy, tew stting Tung heetaurnt '-.0.,G a& my IStltto to remarry.san mate ,
Musrt-bel ,tn; Kelly ''an. y. 'T'. Alure A, ,'t'lsCO JUNCTION. Petet Fortt. ALSTON SAMUEL,n
101 6 lw..oelalbl fputn a uuin tlIams Aitore) me~co
UG Co., Soil FernandoA CorrWlISer(Pt on Pn5 Bo.,ea u-ac. uieaoa ot ru Sore Ji

iorSheAilaff A iL Vllil..I ayevnle.-July 1i3 o.a.lot actmoJn.i0 at smir. Psy..

tUE'i' FOUR 1540t MacDofald'. Farweri. .0. .tlOO theft uot;r,,--aUly so PULU NOI
Oilcotnt shtore p-l. 6164.OatresCaptr. re-h NTIrubet&WMAtrSsOE Dr
lkuyo 'QLS I iPt J N 42 motg eaCh P0rt-oI.I I oo-n. Beh LAr t &_lt THE PUoLIr C is hereby noticed that ibiina tt ofriclas t ffi. ansdo Draw ersI
lk SHOOLw raet- Re. cale Dro q el Aris. Broadw a having heard or seen my hueb d GerTboabago C edar oDranging Ps
BAtt/.A-ak'S u t~t o Hall; Couva. Couv a Drug Store; scna a ajh' qJati h UM Als Moses ror the past eight yeats. It In V HUbo a ngCelri-I~ag Pes irrore
Wliere'J Raymond, Point Foettn, M. J. intnoAore-mary t m t
s"i-EAXAS maSa Io 10 Meaet'- HAumphrey's; Fysobau, Pool letoo' St. i P fb tree jus toost, oT-
eody. lou oulo brtos your lAuSusilo (I.C.TA.), EIbener Williams; f OUSES FOrl SA d.-July.ates.ogB Y HaI N ES S
I o Qom t l Valencl..I P. [. "enjamin, T obago I.A.e WE ".'ArN Umb'o K are ili ted tI r tile SuTlAT of A RDp a Rt HU; llAt RIS;
AIIItRo. 11u EP H ES 0 acd ..etit E Wunders, ltohl.m.on CrUeoa k,,tu e red .. .,A Y & Ui l

CEO IET4I-Rn 1o'oih n lc'" '5 il 11(0 501Arl0 late of Fysabeat, Company'a Secretary, din ebSPes Et.inDn~
O r 8 3 .0 to t 4 1 .-- Sm & -oC o m p a n y 'sn d a l s o ro m t h ;e s al e 1 'ri^u t . ui ^ ^ o rr. . .s"y ,1 41 1 tf V a' l e a "s cus1o12 1 1
iroaqt n s Ils s't o~h le ds t Itor; wait a'. otea, 501110 adUtva i.--5tya ceased. All Persons having Ol atma".e agal ndrml' Utrsi~n
aA w ey atinuse Mack ath Jalmool.y Cdol iaBak Villag .. nemas ,'s SRes ll t o. 5ultaulb t fo or who may be Indebted to the tO tn
11555Jousaysy. Datry CLattla and CoraplaalIloa-Jliy ,- 33 f ~aiueDne.0B N ugn an.borighue I&a.teaoedcesdaeAu t
= #. nlit aLn square ONE RUStTAN RICK MILL wIle Hauler.u rrt o. 0000011t15 ho t.-arsa.tre ov ecaee a r ed i' 4e aw lote tIIJ
l -tI ,V0- .Hn4om plets goi0n A t a bargain Consult u ly too Ll. nuptetisg ed on.- p tbcul l u h al e or ndeb t Chit g S. .a -
IJ".-tX NURS ING Shorab Khan. 52 south Quay Pn T8 i /o, 'P4h..8. Yd Jto the derslDedt on i eore the a1| is- tsls Wle. TeS TB -S-
I, NrOte. Ba Olnn --Jtuly3 6 3. do, a 1 y Ausy, ,C11.00; NO. ry Jcune. 4. W L i Ma
upNEW B YORie AUtt omVtto Oiengaalser Vxta "13 'o 4 b FITZWII.LIAM TON ALCA 68 = C
to soup at shttp.1% l esetp ., lkew; One Motor. Apply; ,et ee n 5. ., No. 14 mes solZW, tors to t AdInI"t
Oi Preon a ndl ora *novGre." iSt Parktattrt-ot-San.--Jully AT street'.t .James. .mNo1.Slit'ore t.. ot "' ato. o Ih --iutn4tr M | T MrW *n, amdp. Kobr Settee* N ad
Streerldr1oit. t.S ON- ,4 .B-.- 17 t. VlniAM Stet t mnt -d* Tabe
4'yu do.Hac- permits CAT. *Phone T76S-Jiy~ s--~*" 1O V MAI&DIATh. gALLk. wulotlful -June30 Pert-of.Spam. Cliiifki : --s Stndn ^'^^"r -Sdl Tab
tagreo the Worl eerONE PUPS SBRED ERAIAN TOM c,rst, &ogorTLOg 5.0.Ju fsly -uo30 r-t-91,Lein pbphjeteW rneair-
dwtlr.' rt and export ONE PUMP, n rotary nBud. Apply' Ho9e, 1.uttlated *t NI. tIlpy dtrect. LUTHERAN PASTOR I Mtriu ovm"V Wtptm>tm Ales rgcamd
"i ti e Im t. Phor e 4d0x RolaNd Peon, TT anre Street.-July t l t *g bedroom "tra lar krttent ta te), U e to make contact wti embersaA of al B
RAINtCORIMRINT IRON ROD and doauCtil ht al D "l built- In cleetL. Tl s, ct. ntaeruted peraons make eMquirMa II D an AsdRtt s
L- ,, Hollow Clay Tl Blku. Apply'" 1 housee me 01 olia ete'-rm/orce conereI, shorab Kas, 1489. 62 South Q uay. e1r Cstu ,v l
Citrcula Road.' a" Frando. Pho a t1 window an t. sid Ooora tmport- taatsaA. Potsd-.lrr. 'Phe 1 T eS.-- T e
-luly a 4Wan Po t .. l spactouse, pcos level lawn. tin-. Jiy 5. tVe
PMX.01A4. JUUIE MANUOS, 1 3 Per 100, delivered l'al pweeua. Apply i taply INDEPENDENT UNITED ORDER Or l aset and Alum PotS Mid Pa
". a ott4ept Ap S. tt.-Jul 3. MNCHANICS By authority of the grand i .teAg, ec. alr Sn-
e I a er, Torreeplla tiy Ie factory)A s. St re SALE- POSESSKION. 31 ornell, executive (Carlale., Englandl) the Tr- ,UB*Ie ot LF 1*.''IeRoeg't Se ne.
1l40to1f041 M L .nu T o '-Jul( tootaLtor),A= .8t ot dh k.tour bedrOu..00 dad District Grand Loodge. lndeedet d e
StrL "Phmoe 555). DIAMOND RING. phone S l9.-J-tDe 21 S o11ivestenlCa eL555 Apply wiLtin.- United OrderOf Msehtanles (Esaxl mo- Iro sd DO o-Ia i, Be
waet n ONE ICE BOx i good order. *Pb asJuly I8tittutlon) Is a registered Body and t. he..fe Iroo. Carnt weevWpBroom n S--July a &' AWLY CONSTRUCUTED DWELLING Lawlul Authority Of the above order Is n Pro.. U Cane0ntler: W t
SL JT oI a USED PIANO, good condition. HUUle ., v cant. tahe pedroome. drawing tth Islant d. w- P honed: t psw C Jeonmiott. M Menry 8trl, 'PhonE room. irust gallery. kitchen. Mwa, JOWN A. MAITLANO, . ooks ', apnu n Phini-
0VARtT0,-d-Junes 30ata5tA. under cOo ool. Ca 'rn Disetricten a.LSd
"r 1444. Membe AIV P S S iJlff CEDAR BOARDS t rtotn eon uSiCe. Mad eeinea Streets. ApPLY 21 Melisaltreetk Pr Cv w dl ,
h t Asostt Ap IsiBtate. prtcPinee Town.- nltlY utt014. 1 Coe t re m "et, mJan F*r -June 0. Mei s Le d"
DO 4aAndO-Juty Ib9 __ :ke ,r.LO,
M ;[ R. U M t wCTRIC TovE One "Hotpocat." HoUE at vlsiebel. San FernanDo. LOST 4 t
Oggte l O AppIy; Wlddup. Poll. Apkly: WiWdup, 0 4ik644 N tn-ado-- ONE MALE WOOLIY DMG. d rod 111 51! Do Ocu--d. i1S'
Mnirly Det di d00 ll *aSn ?.trpafdo.jtme SJuo 3 0 attached.'Reward. "utlrnS 2 olus Street

1114 OtealtI AnSanlotilkANNUAL FAIR a a UnbertVI
Enien 250115 0(155 C51emce..'- ^^ ^ on e"wt NETI M
.11 ^^^^^ ^ L ^s- .StewSSgs
dOwTAey, .TihoWnS~ gl L, 3Sr0trhe'Uh. Tout IyI UO e"mr to 9 m .ul*
IoIboru ,Tobago. Aply:Ion-. July 1, I44. Variety ofItw

.0 k.oo l' I
."U ss,30d1afta'bfrou". IWAL.--.4S-a pen 10 Lm. to 9 P-a.--uly I
:e"or uma Vm 1tn a k a

Particulars anoly to A. 8.
S S& ons (T'dad.) Ltd.. 3.
ombv Street, 'Phone 4413.

ge Covenant No. 1
5th June. 1944. elected and
filed the following Officers
the ensuing term ending
mber 31, 1944:-
her Ernest Gittens, G.G.
W. Andrews. D.M.
I. Gittens, 8.D.
A. F. Scott, Secretary
E. Jacekson, J.D.
oyte, Asst. See.
A. MeCleed, Chaplain
H. Pemberton, Treas-
J. Codier, Tyler.
J. Neptune and F. G,
Williams, Trustees.
management Commttee--E.
re, K. Moore. D. Spenaer,
Grey, D. C. Marshall.

ildad Electricity


lcations are Invited for the
ttment of an Assistant Elec-
Engireer In the service of
board on a salary scale if
-120-2.880 per annum.
Icants -lust possess a Uni-
Degree in Engineering or
tte Membership of the Instl-
of Electrical Engineers and
have had practical experi-
of the installation of large
plants and a full knowledge
Rules and Regulationm of

icatlons must reach the na-
ned not later than 12.0 noon
3 rd July, 1944. ji*
y Order of the Board, 7
General lMauaw.
,,.ae, 1944.


e shall be CLOSED'

gene Boeisslere
& Co., Ltd.

it BROADW4Y. *

60 St. Vincent Street



21b Tin __-_ 56c.

iJb Tinm 56c.

2Ab Ti -n. 56c.

lib if __._3k

. r ., .

010, GOWAN&

Utomrto mI

ute MM w as

* 1BBI '.4,'

W. C. I- a C&V

at -

Favoured with InStructions from

me aministrator o01 mte Estae o 0 '
Dr. 0. W. Payne, Messrs. M.
Wolse, V. EsFtnet, M. St. Hll, E.
muel M. Edwards, A De Cost
and others, we will sell the fol-.
I Baby& Perambulator, 1 Baby's
Craoee, 1 Child's Jlcycle, Inant's
Coata, Booties and other garment,;
1 Guitar, i Mandolin, 1 EIukelele,
1 8-Key B pFlat A-l.*t, 3 -.C.A.
Electrical Pickups, 1 O.E. ll-Tubs
'dolo, 1 G.E. '7-Tube tadlo, i :-
Burner 1 2-Burner Hot Plate,
Bras Oi La..,p, Electri. 1. ding
Lamps, 2 Electric T asters, I 2-
Burner P-rfec'ton Oil St.ove, 1 3.
Burner Oil Stove, I large Wall Clock
1 Obleel rX-lre ..jal *,
Goisr wit.. plate-glajs helves,
1 Ship's Telescope, I Waxing Broom '
I Decca Portable Gramophone, and
other Portable Gramophones, 2
Lrother Travelll"- Bags, I Shoe-
maker's Arm Machine, L Treadle
Sewing Machine, 1 Ensign Cam- '
era (120); 1 Brownie Camera, 1 I
Kodak Camera, 1 E.ithroom Scale,
1 Doctor's eighin, Machine,
1 Ottotone Piano, Croc! t r
E P.N.S.. GI .s and Brass s'.re, 2
4ft. 6in. Simmons Bed and Springs;
2 ft. 6in. Tall-Post Be' Pedroom.
Dining Room. Sitting Room and
Gallery Suites.
1. L. 1HIT1" MAN,



Insatr u -l *Chiba Youtng,
ESq, we t Is wel-kept
Purnitur Zeo ec prilil -.
BrasS B0edttd with MaLtreSej
Pillows ana sei ; e '.Ile nh4 ameUl14.
bliedtead v.6 Matt. PUelo
and Net, Mirrorsd ,.ardrob., *yp
Dressing Table, Crap. r'-esing T 4
ble, Waxed Cyp Compmctum, Wash.
stond and Toilet Wa'e, Tonel Rail,
Chest of Drawers, Bedroom Clock.
Ct ). Writing Tabli ; room
Chair, ill-Mlrror. jot Stand,
Linen P Sewing Machin
ble, Mirro on Stand and l
Mirror, Mahogany Dinlzr S4 .,
and Six rc ap. Chairs Ma
Sideboard and Din. erW oatt-e
Ing Table and Dinner Service. BI
ing Room Clock, Mahogany B
Cabinet, Chi -ea Set, Inlaid in,"
hogany Centre Table, E.P Ware,
Bras-top Table, and Braswarv,.
Else. Tabte Lamp, iec. Kett9,\
Book Case and Books, ..arm vor6lS
Encyclopedia In 10 Volumes, Tantsa
lus, Glass an d yrex Ware, Tier- I
mo Flask, Meat Safe. Pantry
Ware, 3cae and Weighlts. Oil
Stove, Dover Stove, Alum. Pots and '
Pat, Mlncng Mt 'line, Step Lad-
der, Galv Bath Par Garden Tools,
Carpenters' Tools, Wardrobe Truni
Cyp Bac Chairs with Cushions n
Table-to match, Wicker Chairs and
Centre Table. Plants in Pots, and
one 6% c.f. Fridge.
SItems or view day prior to and
iornlng of Sale and TERMS i'

CO., LTD. j



lib Jar ...__ ,. 36c.

lib Jor 36c.

,i f m m k~, . ..
I lib Jar --.

lib of


m SAM = -
^, =L- Your "1TIM" Probtoem
s*w tv S sovd:
ita t itmteS from -. --- .
aofstow .,lmm
lwix tram abolr a 8f yVEX for
IUIo~sL~tf?% Athe.te' ;* aONs SebeWt
3d or sle f Ce00 16ernbo Case" P aft
The House and 32,244 ,4 sae, ,u&Z ,'. can
,dCAUm Sal"e.
q. ft. of Land.
SLot of 32,071 sq. ft. H. GOVIA, LTD.,
A Lot of 9,430 sq., ft. OT MM m
k Lot of 9,870 sq. ft. MOST



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