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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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JUL) 33c.




OPP. Name Bricker
mning Mate in Bid
or White House

2 b Jue (AP)-Oov-
7UH R 3 Env" De was nom-
Republican Presidential
today tbyr a Convention
qN to e o-the lone Wis.
tejinng to General
B -.old- Governor beat
l state after state
oat their votes amid the
accompaniments of
lights and heat.
Governor, Bricker of
.1IS nominated by the Re-
V rfor the vice-presidential
S forsaking him own drive
presidential nomination.
1 Dewey all the way nd the
was Just a formality after
ts band led a snake dance
Followed the nomination of
Mchigan-borni attorney by
11Br Dwight Griswold of Ne-
4, Dexey Is the youngest
Ventlal candidate ever to be
wnor Dwight Griswold form.
laced Thomas Dewey's nom-
for the presidency of the
MStates at the RepY.lican
lConvention, declaring the
Torker will win In November
beome the man of peacetime
SAmerican future.
Well Wllkle, nominee of the
ncan Party residential cam-
In 1940, telegraphed congrat.
Ia to Dewey shortly after the
Toirk Governor was nominated
cblcan candidate at the Con-
in Chicago. WilUkle said:
1 have one of the great oppor-
Itls of history."
oenor Thomas Dewey took
at 3.29 p.m. in a chartered 4lr-
C tor Chicago where tor-lght he
11' ior Chicago where torLght he
deliver his acceptance speech,
wc the Party's Convention de-
i sooner had Bricksr turned
a the platform than Chairman
mph Martin of Massachusetts,
Wi'uced Senator Ball of Minne-
i, w led the campatgr on be-
of Lieutenant Commander
ld stasser for President. He
h "We are oroud of Command-
tassen. As !ong as there it the
test chance of Stassen's nora-
Oon, we are determined to pre-
Shis nam, to thia Convention.
ermor Brtcker's elquenrt state-
it has eliminated any change
t existed. Minnesota's delegation
q therefore decided not to pre-
& Stassen's name to this Con-

flying Bomb

Dens Smashed
.ONDON, June 238 (Reuter)-A
Auderable number of launching
for flying bombs have been
l ied and destroyed. Sir Archl-
.-d, Sinclair, Minister for the Air,
Sthe House of Commons today.
aslkmd If the fuUlest informa-
Atabgout the methods of launch-
is fing bombs should not be
,'k4 Sir Archibald replied he
'1ht it very important that the
as should not know the
1 Of Britain's information, or
Stature of her defenses against
Mr. Anthony Eden, the Foreign
,tetary, told the House that he
S ld not approach the Pope about
1- German use of pilotless air-
Sat. He said that it was up to
Ir. Pope himself to' condemn, "this
. Wseriminate warfare against
"I do not propose to make any
F Oqut of this kind," he said.
-The Germans sent more of
r flIin. bombs over southern They caused casual-
and damage. Fighters on In-
on patrols destroyed a num-
or the robots' over the Channel
Nteen the French and English
Anti-aircraft gunners in South-
m England are telling the story
a doodlebug' which proved a
i -"erang. As the robot 'plane
Soaring inland, anti-aircraft
*UP and one of the shells
W ImmediatelyI beneath it. The
t caused the 'Plane to curve
,rds and turn right round,
which It headed full speed
S to Prance.

stralians Take
nsa Bay
, New Gumna, June 29
- It was announced this
twat HMia Ba, on the
b NeW Guinea coast west of
a*4 been Captured- by
capture c thi supply port
the distance beetwen the
td-iotbgv Australian and
W W fresby-passtig the
rat e *e .by ap*linteay
IUS, In that area. WhichIn-
g Wewak thousands of Jap-
have been trapped.

itehail Lease
I -


Nf 8.159. 27TH VR

British Drive Puts

Steel Nutcracker

Around Caen

ARY POROK, June 28 (AP)-Brttlsh and Canadians caught the
Inland port of Caen in s steel nutcracker last night reaching to within
four miles southwest of the city in the greatest tank battle of thP
tnvalsion and are pressing the town from the north and northeast
at distances of two to three miles. The southwestern flank attack
left three opposing German Elite armoured divisions itn "complete
confusion." 4- .... ... ...... .. ..

A staff officer at Allied head-
quarters said the enemy was mill-
ing around In confusion all along
the front in a vain attempt to
stem the continuing British ad-
vance. The communique late to-
night announced continuing Bri-
tish progress in spite of bas .,ea-
ther and intense opposition.
floth infantry and armoured
forces cracked through the Ger-
mans' Odon River line on a two-
mile wide front south of Tourville.
The communique smid "our advance
continued toward the high ground
south of Odon." The push went on
att least two miles past the Odon
with two and a half miles from
the Orne River on which caen s
situated. Other British troops
fought two miles north of Caen
and three miles to the northwest
ready to drive in frontally, while
an outflanking movement which is
ties main threat looped rapidly
around from the west to the south.
west. By-passed German positions
At the village of Rauray, southeast
of Pontenay and west of Caen were
cleaned out during the day though
resistance there bad been most
IReuter stated that a fore-
cast of an Allied blow east of
the Orne to link up with the
Tilly attack, which it described
as "an armoured offensive on a
capital scale" was made by the
German DNB News Agency to-
nioht. "The enemy is vsing an
unusually huge number of
tanks," the agency said. "This
' is shown by the fact tit 1:01
armoured cars were destroyed
durinir the first two days of the
fighting. On the eastern hank
of the Rive- Orne the British
forces are ven, A oive This
mav be an indication tt-lit the
Tilly assault is to be supported
by an operation from this area,
perhaps even bv a new landing
between the Orne and Dive es-
tuarles. In anrv case, tho Ger-
man coastal defruices in these
areas lhave Seen suhiected to a
first bombr"'"-^ from heavy'
naval guns.")

British infantry alone Lrtve ad-
vanced more than 10,000 yards
sine# General Montgomery began
his offensive on Monday and Brit-
ish tanks are now lounging out
beyond the Odon in rolling open
countryside. Allied warplanes play-
ed a strong role in aiding the spec-
tacular sweep across Odon.
Striking from clouded skies, fight-
era shot up 27 German troop-car-
rying vehicles rushing Nazi rein-
forcements to a weak spot on the
front, destroying 12 and damaging
S15. Each vehicle carried thirty
soldiers. Twenty-five German tanks
were knocked out In yesterday's
fighting and 11 'planes shot down.
A staff officer gave this up to tWe
minute picture of the front: The
British captured Colleville Moun
and Mondralnvllle and "we are
pretty well in control of Tourville
and Grainville-sur-Odon." The
British firmly hold Cheux-but the
Germans are holding both flanks
hidden in the woods with anti-
tank guns and tank support. The
position at Marcelet is not clear.
Farther east heavy fighting broke
overnight south of Cambes imme-
diately before Caen And the situa-
tion there was fluid this morning.
Caen Is"A Vital Hinge
Of German Right Flank

Allied Expeditionary Force, June
28 (Reuter).-Caen, vital hinge in
the German right flank, is now
threatened by drives from three
points. In addition to the big tank
battles going on In the west, there
is heavy fighting to the north and
northeast of the town. Although
the position there is extremely
Thist i the first news for some
time of operations on any scale in
this sector. News of the British
offensive from every part of the
frost today was good. The latest
information shows that British
forces are driving steadily nearer
Caen. Around the north. British
forces already hold the ground ex-
tending to the east over the Orne
River. To the southwest advanced
patrol, have already moved into
the area of Esqay, which is only
seven miles from Caen, while a
still nearer point to the city Is at
Bretteville, four miles away on the
southwest and one mile east of
Cheust already in British hands.

Tito Keeps Up
Pressure In Bosnia

Continuef A LONDON, June25 (Router),-
0Marhal Joseph Tito's Tugoslav
"Trink Gf uw dj my Army ot Ubermlou held the wft-
ta neotintions for lmima e ae smasegifi bwerete
WEa l by the British COADa- twiees vulk and stated
a ioeatfe..un ta #0 Istodiay tArmy o Ubwar
gatedS^In the W ay will tan S*oadt by the Tugodlav
it thin hU at tetaSy
i' l 11111 if.U Te eomwuw qus Med: "In
efutera Bsemi heavy losses hay
06n Bayor the 040" oVars" bt'^
'- saf imdidbly coamlela me d I"d 2
A~gaiust JjBrttj ~ lsS ^f.~thC
"eM lesesen

German Navy Finished
As Offensive Force
MADRID, June 28 (AP)- Rear-
Admiral Richard Oadow, retired
German 'naxl officer, declared
today that the German Navy
is flnishcd as #in offensive force
and Li now "in process of re-
Writing In "Deutsche Allege-
meine Zeitung," Oadow, who is
considered the principal spokes-
man for the German Navy,
said the answer to the ques-
tion "where tire our U-boats
and heavy warshlos?" was that
they were at the bottom of the

U.S. Pacific

Forces Pound

Jap Bases
nounced today that American war-
ships, 'planes and ground forces
jolih:ed on Monday morning in
Sounding the Japanese from the
north Pacific Kuriles to the Ma-
rianas and other Islands nearby.
Admiral Nimltz said the Ameri-
cans advanced nearly two miles
uc. tLward from Salpan's east
coast, while Rota and Guam Is-
lands were lasted by carrier bomb-
At the same time Admiral Nimltz
announced-that Pacific fleet war-
ships on Sunday night and Monday
shelled the main town At the
southern tin of Paramushiru in the
Kurile.;, over 3,000 miles north of
th? Ma, lanas action. The con..u-
nique also disclosed that a Jap .or-
pedo 'plane attack was made on
Sunday night on the carrier force
s:r:ening American transports.
En iv 'planes launched several
torpedoes in the attack on the
carrier force but no ships were hit.
One Jap 'plane was dcwned and
another probably destroyed. In Sai-
pan's fiat eastern plain the Ameri-
cans pushed 'xyond the villages of
Donn y and Hashigoru. On the
island's western side further pene-
trations were mad, into Gar'wan,
the island's major city, where stub-
born J os are hiding in ruined
A separate enemy force, sur-1
rounded for several days on Na-
fuan point in the southeast sector,
attacked the United states lines on
Monday night in a futile effort to
fight their way northward. Two
hundred Japanese were killed in
this counter-attack by which the
isolated s hoped to fight their
way to utncture with the main
bcdv if defenders. The Americans
made clean-up attacks on Fafuan
point on Tuesday and the enemy
now holds only the extreme tip of
the point.
In Washington, Mr. James For-
restal, Secretary cf the Navy, de-
clared new heavy blows against the
mainland of Japan, the Philippines
and 'he greater part of the Dutch
East Indies may be expected with
the final occupation of Saipan Is-
land in the Marianas. H. made
this prediction in outlining the
steady westward advance of the
Americans since the reoccupation
of the Aleutians and the capture of
th. Solomons group from the Japs
a year ago. He told the Press that
in that advance lislated pockets of
enemy troops totalling some 200,000
men had been cut off and "are
practically out of range of help
from the homeland." He said these
groups are in the Marshall and
Gilbert Islands and the Caroline
Island iroup centred on Truk and
In parts of the Solomons and New
Mr. Forrestal added that the
latest offensive blow against the
Marlanas "already permitted cur
air and surface fleets to strike still
farther westward."

Slum Census

Prior To Cle

'Utr f~iitiiA't. -.".-......... l

_____(guurbiaw J^?


Hitter Faces Soviets Capture White Russ

Shuttle Raids4Mil

RSht RarFIBastions Of Mogilev, LepelAnd

Bastions Threatened I
By 3.Way Bombing linnvpnh N ry (1 l

ROME. June 28 (APP.-Establish-
ment of a great triangular shuttle
bombing-run over NaeSaOmlnAtad
Surope, linking the American
in Italy withthose in Britain and
Russia wha disclosed as the Allied e d u a tI
armies continued to grind down the
German armies defending Hitler'sa
European bastions on the south.
The great elasticity of this power- | 1
ful precision bombing force was
never better demonstrated than N z H i
when Eighth Air Force Fortresses,
originally based in Britain, landed
In Italy after attacking a Nazi oil Brazilian Squadron
refinery in Poland from Russian leads Assault On
bases. Leads Assault On
Inauguration of the three-way German Army Post
run showed that the Allied Air
Command is now in a position 'o
concentrate many hundreds of SUIPREME HFADQUARTERS,
heavy bombers and long-range Allied Expeditionary Forces, Junel
heavy bombers and long-range ";"? i , ucoe oa
fighters on any part of the vast 28 (AP).-It was disclosed today
"ES ^ ^h rthat^^ eightb'ombers piltedhy Cas
European war theatre to operate that eight bombers piloted by Cana-1
against any part of Reich territory dians and British belonging to the
on short notice. In consequence, Brazilian Squadron, flew less than
the Nazi's once-cherished plan of 50 fet off the ground yesterday,
moving vital industries into Poland followed y four rocket-throwing
to escape the great Industrial cen- 'planes and then 16 dive-bombers
tre of western Germany has be- and that was the end of the Ger-
come just another of Hitler's fail- man Army Corps headquarters hid-
ures. den in woods near the French vil-
Across the whole peninsula the lagse of St Sauv'eur L'nd'lin.
The story of the action, late ye-
enemy citig stubbornly to every
defensive position, taking the uh- terday, described by Flight Lieut.
eft advantage of the battlefield ter- E. B. Wallace. of Manitoba, Canada.
rain which is becoming rougher in leader of the second element of
somesecors nd revets ny-bombers, said: "We left the the-
some sectors and prevents any- teau in smoking ruins with no sign
thing like the swift thrusts which t i r wihn
carried the battle area northward of life. I saw half of a huge L-
at a fast pace after the ill-fated shaped house go tip as the result
Gustav and Hitler lines were of the first strike. I had to bomb
cracked. The enemy also continued through smoke while the entire
to move fresh units as well as In- area was pasted by the rocket-
creased numbers of guns into throwe,,s and dive-bombers." Lieut.
action in an evident determination Wallace declared that a church lef s
to slow the Allied onslaught suffi- than "O0 yards away wam left stand.
clently to forestall an attack this iag.
summer on the new Gothic defence 3,000 Sorties In Spite
The ferocity of the German de- Of Bad Weather
fence was shown yesterday when
the Fifth Army was able to move LONDON, June 28 iReutcr).---
San Vicenzo only after a night-long their made 3,000 sorties yesterday
house to house battle. The enemy in support of troops In Normandy.
evacuated all civilians and convert- Two thousand flights were made
ed the town into a fortress and it by Aimerican Fortresses and Libe-
is likely many more communities rators and their escort of fighters.
ahead of the Allied troops will be After th? bombers had hit coastal
likewise converted, targets the tighter carried on to
IVaughan Thomas, the BBC the Paris area strafing all kinds
reporter who Is with the Fifth of road and river transport as well
Army, gives some details of the as factories, airfields and supplies.
enemy's rearguard action. He British light bombers and lighter-
describes a place on the coast bombers kept utip the offensive into
where the mountains come the night, attacking concentrations
down to the sea and a road and of troops and transport parked in
railway passes through It. It woodlands.
was difficult to bypass, so the After dark, R.A.F. Bomber Come
Germans cleared It of all clvl- mand sent out well over 1,000 'planes
liana and festooned the houses over France, including Canadian
with barbed wire and machine- Halifaxes and Lancasters. They
gun nests. Vaughan Thomas hit key rail ,points leading to the
said it was a&tough nut to crack battle area, launching platforms
but after a night of fierce street for flying bombs and other con-
fighting our men were in full structional works, and more laid
possession by dawn.) mines In enemy waters. At least
six enemy fighters were shot down.
-- = --Four Allied bombers are missing.
Chies F cAmerican heavy bombers also
orc s ent out In daylight today. A
Chin s F rcs strong force of them bombed three
Captr NaI 1German airfields near Laon, north-
Capture Namti east of Paris, and others attacked
the railyards at Saarbrucken, in
SOUTHEAST ASIA COMMAND Germany, and military targets near
HEADQUARTERS, Kandy, June 28 Padis and Laon.
(AP).-Chlnese forces following up C rh
their success in capturing the Jap- IIT T L 1
anese north Burma base of Mo- | t nPr
gang in conjunction with British W .AI C a mber# s:
troops occupied Namtl, six miles P E
northeast of that town. Other Chli-
nese forces are advancing south arley Ends
from Mogaung to Loilaw. the hbul-

letin said. -- -. ....
It is officially estimated that the
Allies lost 6,000 men killed or miss-
ing and 12,000 wounded in the Bur-
ma and India campaign from Janu-
ary 1 to May 31. The Japanese in
the same period lost 21,700 dead
and probably 20.000 wounded, Head-
quarters said. The figures do not
include losses suffered or inflicted
by Lieut.-General Joseph Stilwell's
Chinese-American forces.

Sir Harry Luke
Leaves For England
Sir Harrvy Luke. C-.ief Representa-
tive of the British Council in the
West Indies. left th' Colony yes-
terday morning or England
The "Trlnida.i Guardian', uni(lr-
stands tha, Sir Harry is going for
consultations ana discussitns af-
fecting the worKe f the British
Council in the West Indies. He is
expected to return within two
Sir Harry delivered a radio ad-
dress on "Ethiop.ll" on Tuesday.

Being Taken

arance Drive


British Capture Tilly

lWhile one British soldier covers the area with a mine idetetor,
others rmasp hm a square after British capture of Tilly-Stur.-sullx,.
mon the French Nomnaudy coast. Wrecked vehk'lf at centre 1- a
Bron-Igun carrier. This is a British official photo relvea.d through
Associated 'remss.

Polish Underground
kill 136 Gestapo Agents

LONDON. June 29 iRcuter)
--One hundred and thirty-six
Gestapo agents were shot dead
on orders of the directorate of
underground resistnceI bt "een
June 2 and June 10 In three
Polish districts, the districts of
Warsaw, Lublin and Klelce.
says a report received by the
Polish Tclegraph agency here.
Among the shot Ge Spo men
were some who had become no-
torious for their brutbtltv and
ill-treatment of thie P oh -
ulatlon-Will Holle, August
Goering. Kamertenz and Hae-


Point Taken
T1.RS, June 2 (Reuter)-Chinese
troops fighting inside Myitkyina
have taken another atrongpoint In
the southern part of tne town.
They have also capturedd Manchi,
six miles northeast of Mogaung.
and further south have seized si
naul of enemy equipment includ-
in waggons, light tanks and field
guns. Large Quantities of supplies

-.. ---- have also been taken in Moliung
BARBADOS. June 27 (CP)- The itself and more than 400 Japanese
seventh congress of West Indian dead were found In the town area.
Chambers of Commerce was con- In the Bishenpur anra of the
eluded yesterday. Conslderinr air Manlpur Hills, the Japanese made
transportation between the United I repeated attempts to capture a
Kingdom, America and the Brit- position, but the defenders held on
ish West Indies, it was decided' all night and In the morning the
that B.W.I. Airways should be enemy again attacked strongly
given priority but not to the Ox- supported by guns firing at point
clusion of others, provided un- blank range nd the position was
economic competition was kept in finally overcome. It was recap-
check. tured later In counter-attack.
It was decided that the Gov- -
ernments of thle colonies be urged
to develop and create new Indus- e *et
tries with a view to Increasing P 1P
present exports and raising the L a G t
standard of living and also that
the Goverrments of the United )
Kingdomi and Canada be asked ai agl es
to r,-ovide for the agricultural and SI -
indistrlal expansion. LONDON, June 2a (Reuter)-In
West Indian Governments were the High Court here today Mr.
urged to Investigate with the Learle Consintine, Tr idad and
Comptroller of Development and International crickelter was award-.
Welfare the cost of production of ed five guineas damages against
various industries In order ton pro- the Imper6, London Hotels Ltd.
vide the British Governament with He alleged that the defendants N.
reliable data re guaranteed prices fused to receive and lodge him at
The Congress passed a resolution the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square,
urging representation or commerce last July.
and Industry in the Legislative Mr. Justice Birkett said be had
and Executive Councils of all the been asked to award exemplary'
West Indian Colonies and stressed and substantial damages but was
the neceasiy for setting up at the bound by authority in view of the
earliest opportunity of a West In- form in which the action was
dian Parliamentary Committee to and he awarded nominal
give fullest consideration to West brought
Indian matters .....ages. He accepted without

Government, in their new drive, to rid port-of-Spain of its slums, O
were yesterday simultaneously carrying out a census of residents in ECONOMIC FEDERATION
a number of down-town old tenement building, and valuation of FinalIty was reached on the dis-
cussion of- the economic federation
block 5. comprising a number of buildings placed on the original or the West Indies with a proposal
slum clearaence list. ha ae p ce that the Comptroller of Develop-
Thl c ru ttinf M o he va iouen part in a census ment.and Welfare be asked to In.
The block runs north from Ma- of the various city blocks marked stitute a & -irve with the least
rine Square to Queen Street and for alum clearance and sincerely possible delay, the terms of refer-
extends west from Duncan Street hoped that some definite action erce belng the fostering of Inter-
to Nelson Street. would materialise now. colonial trade, the unification of
The -Trinidad Guardian" learns The block which is now claimingg Customs tariff, regulation of SuCA
from a reliable source that Gov- Government's attention includes laws and regulations as lend them-
eminent pro e$ to acquire the No. 10 Marine Square, which csme selves to unification and t0
various prom=es and erect In their under the spotlight last week fol- elimination of regulations wh
lace buildings for work people. lowing vteisits by Councillor H. 0. tend to create un.ecesary tourS
c sanitary Inspectors from the R, Wooding, the Mayor af Port-of- difficulties. It recommended the
City CorpcratUoi a'Health Depart- Spain, O Snclior Albert Gomes, setting up of tourist burs In
meant, two employs of. the Plan- te lDeputy Mayor, the Honble New York, Mon.treal and La-
ning and Housing Comaisslon and Gerald Wght, junior member for e Conres a
one of the Social Weltar Depart- Port-of-.. a.. Mr. A. H.L L. Masson. directoreto met anallys
meat arh magistratee, a"d Dr. hodr eI ciredtonrs to menrat m etlny g des-
woteh I W t lof (woemltot by u Medsol 0c of Health. .....d 014 X sraj Mot d
the O L f~s resresatatim s from tol"the
Ur iM 4 hwk while Mr. It wa report" that 9t peremi oo rrm i the
A. u te ba odfr a" soitractor earred thyibeuldig. 2 a should meet, own te
a"d a maseI r of ,te Rnat Assess- n June. M10, when a bold at- three years. u
eaot ierd. Is valuiag the pre- tempt was being made to carry out Mr. R. W. Younman o Ja
ise. p a clm clearance scheme in Port-w wa Appointed Prd
Sif-pain, it was estimated that the I5ta Mr H. 0. S4berd of rt-
KrBB TnOE AmK a onaboud by Duacaast O^ukana, vlc-prldat ofthe
tMew~y -tnoaroratef body. Mr. W. 0L
Mhdto ma ase naitaeanautl i
iiiso ^ olsu-eeaee e m ,e Dr. ditureof"amr.m at $1So Secretary.l Outd t st
U48IMA"eS.U46.0011e0 m;oe o7Twentyf ai property were Dtlie were tetad
M 'thfa t 44-ftp Wk i aroathen as A-it wee po. din t X = I NOW
"rtS a w R eIC SK *11,801 twto 4 11 di*s or sw slawk" t I

hesitation the evidence of Mr. 00con.
stantine and b is witness and
found tl'it the defendants refused
to receive and lodge Mr. o0t0an-
tine without any Jut cause or ex-
cuse and that he d not leave the
hotel voluntarily s allege.
Mr. Consta-tlze had oonduct4ed
himself with modesity and dignity,
not concerned to be 'ndlctlve or
nMlicious about the' Indignity and
hunliation ch ad been put
upon him.

'Flail' Tank New
Secret Weapon
LONDON, June 28 (Ruter)-
The ume of a new am eree
ih ha Is b uMsed by tI
Afay trosM U AlNSithe au
hUla 11mw MM rWUIi t55iYt
my UwwA wImI
It be a irt ti" t w i LA
to eiearaft aj~bthufwilheAe di,
It bee pail: '. awimed the ol
swspW m aethaad
wtth Mel ertedw to whieh
atwlued s tei f Oee tu".
Saf M" a M woo
"OeMa (a to aw si
^lS &Mf "lll

Nazi Line


S Red Army Swee ps
Through Strongt -
German Defenoe

LONDON, June o28 AP'-Mo. m
announced the capture of the Of-
mai stroighoklds in White Rulda
oMogUlev. Lepel and Olpoeic
placing the Russians wLhtuhi
miles of the old Pclish bolder.
Thus the four Russian anal
smashing westward toward miw
have virtually completed the de-
truction of the Gsrman rather.
land. Line. Altogether more than
1,000 populated places within tg5
nflaming 250-mile frcnt of the flht.
in, have been taken durng the da
as Soviet forces swept through i.
White Russia the Nazis' stronUMd t
defences on the eastern front.
Mogil c 'll to General Zakhao
rov's Second White Russian Am
after tw,, hours of bitter streft
fighting, Premier Stailn announced
in a special Order of the Day. T70
communique said In the course of
blasting the Nazis out of their

F e ., lst forWtress ea the ;Dniper
r U Soviet troops captured two OermaA
F e se Kgeneral&, eut--General Bammlar
And Majar-aeneral Ernaimador!.
and completely routed the lath
O A tlantic German Infantry Division. L
The capture eo Lepel placed the
Pho S advancing First Baltic Army of
hone S o n General Bagramian about 20 mi e
from the old Polish border, the
Phone ... closest the Russians have reah4
The Honble George de Nobriga, to the frontier tn north and W o .-
n nagiilg O.i.ectoi u01 'IInuiidil tr' Russia,
Consolduated 'Tfelepiuone.s .. l old Field despatches mid the Rus.
the "Trinidad Uuardlian t)se slana were within 50 miles of Minsh
tiv that as iroinm Juiy 3 thliere wll!aiiand It seemed possible thatthis
be a conslaerabie relaxation on tile major goal of the White Russilt
use of the tiansatlantik telephone friitl might be reached in the
service which was opened to public i '. t wee of the fighting. Oalpof
use in April. viril. 60 miles southeast of M"nI
Applications mnist still pabs 0 the railway to .BobruMi 1 i
through the Cn,>sHrsli)p wio taken in a "deep outflanki g*ll
offices. Mr. de NobriMa t, id. would eu Wte by Generai An ,3sgoss
be enailsd to deal with them more a nounrced IiratseWohdiOr
"We do not anticipate that there the Day.
will be any further resiriction onf IPLEASE TURN TO PASO 0 4it I
social calls," Mr. de Nobrlt.t re-
marked, adding that hle was now ny g r o a- -
working on a plan for extending Vic y Propalfa it
the service in directions other
than the United States and C.ina- assassinated
da ad that ais so, a s arrange- Ass ia
inments could be made hlie hoped I LONDON. June 28 Gteutea)-'
the not distant future to release Giern,ii reporLs say that ALDusIA
come further informatio.. Vichy Minister of P rompagaldsL
-o- --.. was killed in Paris lag Ao&
"Big Three" Meet cording to these eport. ih Wai.
shot outside hil bedrom dor t
Rumour in Stockholnm tile Ministry by a Frou of an u i
the uniform eiUter of the po or
LONDON. June Z,, (AP) -D.N.B. tile militia. 1
quoting a Stocknolin reporL said Doriot was one oa the most "ettV
there are rumours that President Vichy collobaratlonists, and raoin*
Roosevelt, Mr. Churchill and Mar- ly broadcast to the French pr Ia
shal Stalin are to meet in a few calling on them for active itlppUi
weeks In W.tshington to discuss an of the German cause. LAM4lbrOI .
International organisation after cast todav from Paris radio I nb
the war. place. "




We beg to notify our

customers and the general

public that our Groceries

in Port-of-Spain and San

Fernando will be dosed

all day Friday June 30th

for Stock-taking.



Phone4m1 10LisI-k-W

I =L M 2



,.'.Z \-







,. -.

. -. .-.

- I a,

llMOJO WS m le.1m6
! r-- iKKt~ rouui

K lmffiu 0, 0 01,4 PML

g e

bIMOW Omew

01.) W I dMuILm W.W I rruTWmM 1e Htams

I EK Wpp ft P uhWMriTAnV M
j 5. KfP a e SM.I m PHS Avmwh N.V,.L

THURSDAY, JUN7 2, 144.

Normandy Success Spells
Sure Defeat Of Hitlerites

|GVNZRAL DITrrMAR, the Owman mill-
Stary expert, has paid the Anglo-Ame-
:rican forces in Normandy a compliment
v by saying that their fighting is "reckless
almost in the Soviet manner." What is
Important about the methods which the
4 Allied military leadership has adopted Is
that they have been successful, and will
provide the pattern for future more im-
portant operations against the Wehr-
macht in western Europe. German cas-
ualties in the first fortnight of the Nor-
mandy invasion were 30,000 more than
suffered by the Allies, 'and the number
Shas been considerably increased by the
lom e lfliot!e in the third week, in which
the Germans were smashed in Cherbourg
and France's third largest port fell into
Allied hands.
It has already been emphasised that
the invasion forces won the first phase of
tbe battle of France when they secured
beachheads on the Normandy peninsula
and the coast near the mouth of the
Seine. The capture of Cherbourg on
Tuesday morning marked the completion
of the second phase. These two achieve-
ments are fraught with warning of dan-
gerous consequences of which the Ger-
man High Command is no doubt well
aware. In the first place Allied three-
dimensional power at one blow crashed
powerful defences which the Germans
Expected would afford them protection
from their enemies. If this has been
achieved on the French coast which was
strongly fortified, similar landings can be
repeated anywhere else on the periphery,
Sof Hitler's European "fortress."
S Cherbourg has been taken and the
liberation armies have been able to start
Sthe third phase of the conflict in the West
because they beat Hitler in the battle of
< supply. Allied sed communications proved
Faster than German land lines, hacked
' and disrupted by continuous and merci-
i less Allied bombings, and enabled our
Forces to obtain superiority In numbers
Sand in fire-power. Not only that, but the
Battle of the beachheads has proved the
superiority of Allied leAdership and stra-
tegy, as well as the superior quality of
Sthe Allied soldier over his battle-hardened
S NaI opponent.
The Allies have started the third
phase of the fighting with much in their
tavour. The Germans damagai Chb(.r-
bourg's harbour Installattns, but the
natural features of the port are such that
It '.(llId not be rendered useless by sink-
ing ships in its channel. Moreover Allied
engineers have gained considerable ex-

pLe Ion MAe= am iaIyj be M

taw. ofa sm si -and M

tM I t should not be M the
fa, before hOb ourborg Is converted Into
a funnel through which the mass of M
and materis bneeu for the major al
led effort In he West wil be poured. TU
corner of France which the Allies have
already won will be the springboard for
more powerftu l lows which, coordinate*
with the Red Army offensive in the Bast,
will strain Hitler's resources and hasten
his collapse.

Low Temperature Research

At St. Augustine Extended
THE statements which we published last
Sunday about the low temperature
research work at the Imperial College of
Tropical Agriculture and post-war plans
for its expansion, were of much Interest.'
Banana storage experiments already con-
ducted there have been of considerable
value, and even better results now ap-
pear to be in sight. Based on a storage
method which has proved successful with
apples and pears in temperate countries,
the purpose of the work now being under-
taken is to increase the maximum stor-
age period, and so permit bananas to be
carried longer distances. Another result,
if the tests are successful, will be to
place on the English market a bigger and
better banana, instead of one which is
only half grown. The present method
which requires bunches to be cut when
three-quarters full will, It Is hoped, be
superseded. After the war the name of
the low temperature station will be
changed to "food preservation depart-
ment." And its programme extended to
include canning, dehydration, and nu-
tritional work.
These are important prospective de-
velopments. The war has gravely affected
the West Indian banana industry, and
though large expansion was not regarded
as practicable in Trinidad the effects
have been felt here. A new orientation in
the banana trade through improved cold
storage facilities should be of much help
when peace returns,- and the research
which is planned in dehydration and so
on may in time be a stimulus to other
lines of agricultural as well as industrial
When the war began It was feared for
a time that Imperial College activities
might be severely curtailed. This fear
has happily proved groundless. War-time
conditions may have affected the staff to
some extent, and plans may have had to
be held over here and there, but this has
not prevented the work from being car-
ried on successfully and even extended,
as witness the laboratory for research in
West Indian nutritional problems now
being developed. The war has shown as
never before the great Importance of
scientific research, and if agricultural re-
forms are to be carried out in the West
Indies it is clear that the scientist's work
must be given increased emphasis. Low
temperature research is only one phase of
these endeavours, on which we shall de-
pend still more in the future for precise
knowledge to ensure the practical success
of the agriculturist, and of the processes
needed before his product Is put in the
consumer's hands.

Trinidad Motor Insurance I

Co., Ltd.

We move Pleusure in Announcing

That We Are


Workme Ns' Compensation InsuramNee.


Office : 2 Ireowey,

Phones: 4907

~nm eu* i

Ia~g 1.
~Thi 'UdI~r
ia mmm~e~ ein~e. eu~dses


rd9 Rkebuildiq Ce0u0
Grove Herdskips In Couatry,
TIe 3Udl, fTtladtd OtrIUNA ,
Permit me to draw the attended
of thOe Nwnea to U In esve-
Mwhich a"s
peOple of thie Eam Bl .1cM 4W&*
are ezpel-eits This 0rf
throuir the Unwi action of the
thehe 'Iain rqbuilWMi the Native
bridg at the 241 mSI poet an m
Cuap Souther Road, which th '
tartdthree s week ago, Just
heavy a" beaa fllng.
Had they constructed a proper
temporary bridge at the aide mere
would have been no caus for
complaint, but the one eonetruted
li at lat ax feet lower than the
main bridg, with thet result that
when the razn falls the temporary i
bride Is always three to four feet J
under water. -
For three weeks the contractors |
have not been able to work owiag l
to the continuous rain and flood,
so there is very little hope of any-
thing being done just now. All the
residents of the district uask is why
was such a job not undertaken dur-
In the ry season.
or more than two weeks the
shopkeepers of the Biche district
have been unable to obtain their
supply of goods as the railway trucks
and private trucks cannot cross
the bridge. Many of the residents
wade through the water wist-deep
to make purchases from shops on
the southern side of the bridge A
rather than starve. ,
Navet. g

Training of Craftsmen
The Edltor, "Trinidad G(mrdlan"
The Government tis doing its part
by providing the financial outlay
and the facilities for technical
training in many subjects. The
same cannot be said for many of
the Government departments and
private enterprises which employ
skilled labour.
About the Public Works Depart.
meant against which Mr. Granger's
letter in a recent issue of the
"Trinidad Guardian" was specific-
ally directed, I am of the opinion
that it is shirking its responsibility
in this direction. If this depart-
ment had given the Board of Indus-
trial Training its full support there
would be no necessity to import
skilled labour today.
In 1939 I was a member of a
delegation which interviewed the
Director of Works and Transport
on this subject. We endeavoured
to Impress upon him the necessity
of giving greater assistance In the
training of craftsmen, especially
in the building trades, and the
showing of preference for those so
We were shown a copy of his
recommendation to the Colonial
Secretary on the subject. This re-
commendation was very compi e-
henslve and should have proved
satisfactory in every way. He
pointed out difficulties which con-
fronted the adoption of the scheme.
(We were not convinced, however,
that the difficultles could fot have
been overcome if a genuine effort
were made to do so). The assur-
ance was given that the scheme
would be given favourable conlsid-
eration and be adopted as soon as
conditions permitted. Five years
have passed and the position is
Just the same as, if not worse, than
in 13989.
If this department, with Its great
resources and potential facilities, Is
either unwilling or unable to train
craftsmen for its own use, then I
can agree with Mr. Granger when
he says something 4s wrong some-

Eastern Main Road.

Sports Without Prizes ?
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
There is a tendency among some
promoters of cycle and athletic
sports to advertise what will never
really take place. Recently, at a
sports meeting cus w..c advertised
as prizes for certain events which
champion athletes journeyed sev-
eral miles to win, but, unfortu-
nately, after winning the events no
cups were distributed.
At nearly all amateur boxing
contests and some cycle and ath-
letic meetings champion competi-
tors have been advertised as taking
part, for which reason sport-lovers
go a long way to have some fun,
but instead they get disappoint-
This tendency among mome pro.
mpters should stop, or there wi'l
be a marked degeneration in sports
and sportsmanship.

Self-Respect At Laventille
The Editor, "Trinidod Guardian"
We whoito live In this village and
still have a little self-respect and
decency left In us have wondered
for the past year why the many
bawdy houses and dens of vice that
dot this little place, particularly
those bordering the Main Road,
have not been raided or prevented
from carrying on their dirty
business which Is so detrimental
to children going to and from
Is It because -there Is no one of
importance around to complain? Is
it that aome, in authority have de-
cided that this is the least object-
tonable place for such? Or on the
other hand, have been there been
raids actually planned and have
these concerned received a tip be-
forehand from some mysterious
We sincerely hope that In the not
too far future this pestilence
which has visited this place will be
cleaned out In the proper way.
Success Village.

Deep, vibrant. rich in Natu'irs'l lgaele,
Ss eto Ul the enith of it loftUt soca,
Be0enUn. ipresnnt with Swat melotis,
k' w the concord of a point's soul-
e0 wea the voice that so Impetuou
My being to hollisl beyond thils earthly
mnell1'd to ctlve lift mm iIe ooe morre
AnI won the Speil-bound audience of my
Sweet rdtt mY lussia test, It like
wone js't'ed asha sto mebd t enou
I to to sltMirstl i trtvwrls afford
aseetd w tei u tby vocal irnall
Thus ay we drink-an drlnklng ttste
hue hev'n
O mly.lchice StI, iM measures boundlo-
A. la JOsUSMcae o




r. a R I ue^ "

e 0 Rme!ay Paru

cumftw, ax- Unssn afa T'wvaies m. eageewd w"th e-
09 o we oera owOOSU 0" -ben
i~~~aitryno f#90" mah. restpegtdinelseed hat Mareh
T~e -l toPesr e T-favDIlM re4fep -u sgreemn"& a
eeOtIn peinte em whisk as were Josibdtng-(AP Ahot"

Exports To Aid Britain's

Post-War Employment Plan

Plans are beingmade a now i
Great 3r, b to s awitak a
Clo A pteesw emlod.
nTo M ,1ea, employml m1 t
be ensured and experts gre atly
InereaSLd. A GovenSant White
Paper, mni-M& hoer, -iv
the main points of the em-
pliaeent pVley.
The prosperliWy of Great Zlritain
after this war, more than ev e be-
>re, will depend on the volume of
ir exports. These will have to be
reatly expanded, for she must
ontlnue to Import, a large propor-
on of her foodstuffs and raw
aterlals, and having sacrificed the
greater part of her foreign Invest-
ents, additional exports must fill
he gap.
Exports cannot expand without
prosperity. abroad. This is particu-
rly true of exports of manufac-
ured goods of high quality, which
rm the greater proportion of the
total. The Government are. there-
ore. anxious to co-operate actively
Ith other nations in the transd-
on period to re-establish general
onomic stability and In the longer
rm for the progressulve expansion
4 trade, This Is the Government's
Exports cannot expand without
iltiative, flexibility and resilience
, home. Here, export Industry can
ay Its part. It will be given high
rlority in the allocation of raw
Wterials, labour and factory space.
he Government will also use every
sans possible to encourage general
dustrial efficiency.


Problem in the transition period
include the following numbers in-
volved in the change-over from
wartime to peacetime production
may be In the region of seven
millions. There will be vast trans-
formation In the demand for the
produchb of labour, This Mwtch of
demand cannot be immdnuately
matched by a corresponding switch
tof supply. Labour will not be avail-
able Inmmediately in the right areas.
There may be shortage of key
workers, or workers with special
skill for the peacetime jobs avail-
able, and of particular raw mat-
erials or types of equipment.
Therefore, there is a danger that
patches of unemployment may de-
velop where the industrial system
falls to adapt itself quickly enough
to peacetime production. Demand
may outrun supply and create an
inflationary rise in prices. Civilian
production, when Ikt t, resumed,
may concentrate on the wrong
things from the point of view of
national needs.
General proposals for dealing
with these problems ar& first to re-
duce unemployment to a minimum.
Plans are already being worked out
to promote the orderly expansion of
peacetime industries in the transi-
tm period. (a) Labour and capa-
city when no longer needed for
munitions production will be used
for producing civilian goods of high
priority. (b) Releases of premises,
labour and material are to be co-
ordinated in advance so as to re-
duce local or temporary unemploy-
ment to the minimum.
Second, to keep stability In gen-
eral level of prices. (a) Rationing
and a measure of price control
must be continued for some time.
(b) To secure price control the gen-
eral level of costs must be kept
stable-the Government Intends to
continue their present policy of
subsidisation to prevent 'temporary
and considerable rises in the cost
of living. (c) To ensure that labour
and capacity are available for
schemes of post-war reconstruction
the habit of saving must continue.
fd) The use of capital will have to
be controlled to the extent neces-
sary to regulate the flow and di-
rection of investment. A policy of
cheap moeay will be pursued for
rg ent reconstruction needs.
Third, to avoid the production of
unessenQal goods at the expense of
essential. (Namely, home demand
must not be allowed to divert the
resources needed for exports). It
will be necessary to establish cer-
tain broad priorities and to enforce
them for a time by the Issue of
licences, the allocation of raw
materials and some measure of con-
trol over labour and staff.
To ensure the balanced distri-
bution of industry and labour.
'The measures will be to check the
development of totaised unemploy-
ment in particular industries and
areas; (a)in IndutrMay and un-
balanced areas, the flr*t measure
will be the promotion of the pros.
perity of the basic Induhrols on
which the %iea p 411aAl CIAnd
teag. coal, steel, e 4gineing, C
building), (b) Influencing of
the location of new enterprie so
as to diversify the industrial om.
position of the area: (c) the re-
moval of obstacles to the transfer
of workers from one area to another
and from one occupation to Another
(d) the povls of ialning
facilities to Ft workers from dec
Industries from jobs in expanding
industries. Training allwnces
will be fixed on a higher QTcal than
unemployment beoneit. (TMio pr
lem Is both trandonal ) long-.
To avoid cyclical im nas1i0e4
firpt total expenditie en "i
and services mat r 1pi4e l
from falling to a w
Seanerai lnmemlB-s W|* .'


two sections of total expenditure
In which spontaneous variations are
likely to bs greatest are private ex-
pendilture on capital equipment,
an the foreign balance, and these
are the elements most difficult to
Public Investment, both In Umint
and volumo, mustbe carefully plan.
ned to offset fluctuations In private
Investments and efforts will be made
to Increase the volume of exports.
Second, the level of prices and
wages must be kept relatively
stable. Third, there mrst be a
sufficient mobility of workers be-
tween occupations and localities.
To maintain a high level of total
expenditure, the Government are
prepared in future to accept the
responsibility for taking action at
the earliest possible stage to arrest
a threatened slump. The possibi-
lity of influencing capital expen-
diture by the variation of interest
rates will be kept in view. The
Government propose to supplement
monetary policy by encouraging
privately-owned enterprises to plan
their own capital expenditure In
conformity witn a great stabilisation
policy and will take measure to en-
ure tiat public investment expands
when private Investment is declin-
ing, and contracts in periods of
To create automatic machinery
for influencing consumption expen.,
diture, the Government proposes
that a scheme should be adopted
varying the weekly contribution to
be paid by employers and employed
under the proposed new system of
social Insurance in sympathy with
the state of employment.
The Government Intend to estab-
Ish on a permanent basis a small
central staff, qualified to meaurs
and analyse economic trends and
submit appreciations of them to the
Ministers concerned, since quick
and accurate diagnosis Is essential.
In order that they may have exact
quantitative Information about cur-
rent economic movements, employ-
era will be asked to co-operato In
the supply of statistics.
The Government will require to
have: (a) Statistic of employment
and unemployment based on re-
turns from employers. (b) Regular
Information relating to savings and
projected capital expenditure, both
public and private. (c) An annual
census of production showing the
structure of the main groups of In-
dustaries including quantity and
quality of output, stocks and work
in progress. (d) Monthly figures
of production, consumptin and
stocks and, If possible, figures of
orders on hand. ( quarterly estimates of foreign capi-
tal movements and balance of
foreign payments.
It s also proposed to develop the
annual White Paper on National
Income and expenditure by provid-
Ing a much more complete analysis
than hitherto of the constituent
parts of the country's total expen-
diture. Surveys prepared by the
Ministry of Labour and National
Service, 111will indicate the probable
supply of laboutr over the coming
period and th, effects upon employ-
ment of Government projects de-
signed to modify the volume of
investment ol expenditure. These
"budgets" for total expenditure and
manpower will be correlated and
will play a vital part in the formu-
lation of Government policy.

$480 Fine For

Unlicensed Tyres
Trinldad Guardian lVorrespondent.
ARIMA, June 27-Besides txving
his motor-car tyres forfeited,
Patrick Oliver was ordered by Mr.
B. W. Oelestain at the Magis-
trate's Court here. to pay a fine of
$480 or serve 6 months in Jail for
being in possession of unregistered
Gerald Moore, who wits aound,
loitering with a piece of rope, -was
sent to Jail six months.
Albertina 3issesear, mother of
Wilfred BisMessar, offered herself
ae surety for her son who was
placed on a bond of *130 for iase

City Yard Blocked

By Fallen Wall
A conctfete wall dividing business
premtises at 91 and 93 Duke Street.
oe" r l early yesterday morning
bloJ pasgeway used by
backyard tenants.
A woman, who was among the
resident. rushing out on hearing
e loud crash, narrowly escaped
Injury when a big chunk of con-
crete lo1 just before her

LOpDO. atmeo (Reutor)-An
Am ~uo e o o Coastal
two ismatd oeaf gte damaged
two*lUa ot o aOcrian naval
covo t eenMall vneseles



t, hee n*Md that
l the Wansiao I
Ill Trafe mmaI further
5eWb UM of Megta

Pr Air" oD tar 0 Publius was.
Plubi Woeek Dept.
nd June, '944.
Control Board

THE g"I'T KL "ki
Allocation of Ootto: WPie Goods
to West Indlima arm for period
July-September 124. has now been
made by the United Kindom and
1; -.porten who bold q a-* licence4
should therefore place orders with
U. K. suppliers immediately.
Acting Secretary, Contr- Beard.
Old "oct Office Buildins.
7 St. Vincent Street,
27th June, 1944.


Re-Death o( (a) BOOPSINOR, a
workmna lately employed with
Ste. Madeleine Sugpr Co.,
Ltd.. which occurred on the
11th day of May, 1944.
(b) SEEMUNOAL, a workman
lately employed with Trinidad
Sugar states Ltd., which oc-
curred on the 28th day of
Fehbruary 1944.

f kip g

lionU cMmoia.i

he"m K.em k M
usaa. LaaMyk f+gS
July. 1M. t
a rt the Cantiati
hoem. a. M Qf
tpain, the u
an&md "rlle I"d.
Iy:- *
Lam- quatUem "
1aeantial ot ,
and Jktrast
as wil perw
The lid goes wS^
WiS In sepan lotan
below the appra" ,
the amid goodB
upset price. may
Court Prmisei"n
pecft the md oo
ed by appointensA
AU further infeitt-t
obtained from the
Deputy Rexistmrauu, l
Dated this |th
Subsutute for A

Vacant ot Pos
Clerk in Of
Comptroller F'
velopment 0a4
fare M -inaH

Compensation In the above mat-.
ter having been deposited with me AppI"iten afe hft5
under Section a of the Workmen's pe Ot SoInOr 0.4
Compensation Ordinance, the de- o. ,_lW ,1* 1
pendants of the ald (a) Boop~in A a Welfar' Is
and (b) Seemungal are hereby re- 0.111646. old
Qulred to appear before The Com. e Wl moranhaetf
nmisioner on Friday the 7th day of tany.. A msalay v#,
July 194%, at 9.0 o'clock In the annlmun m be 014l SJ
forenoon at the Court House, Port. date with sultaoe
of-Spain, when the Commissioner pes is set ,enl5li ,
shall proceed to determine the dis- A tp atues st
trlbution thereofs.Ap W kM &
Proof of relationship of depen- birth partolerao fft
plants to the deceased workman will l i eotfs o e OMW
be required by the Commissionerw eSls f t
to be furnished by clainmant at fudre he enquiry. Such proof to be in Mtwr O.toAse
te form of certifiesatds of birthMe16 u brt s 5
mnd of marriage as in the ciMt-um- b"d A J s 1
stances be necessary. 0A01S0106 with
Dated this 7th day of June, 1it4. M isPU* uI
L A. GOMLs'. trelU e eoffe i cel 1
Deputy Registrar. Supreme Court. July, ML


VACANCY for 2 Assitoat Tantehmr at Jamaica ost
Jope. Kinton, JAMAICA, to teu-
Hiher SBhool hcwitcate and L4Mon
examinations If possible; Mathe1atif Certificate staadrtd. elementary and .o
school e Obistry or Physeis.
SondMry ordn School ashfor) 0.
the JamaIM Schools CommI&sT on, ,
which an appointed by GoverMmet.
It is iuated in healthy i nrome m -
lThe pot Is not a Civil Servie*,
DAME To assume duties as from the lot o f*SlpU
EMOLUMENTS According to quaIfleatltfli and esiaftbQ
PENSION service Is pewnsonable under the PUII
ondary School Teachers) LAW.
PASSAOR will be provided to Kingston for theie1
AFFLICATIONS should be made by AI MAIL to thU j
Jamaica College, KINGSTON P.O,
his hands me am* as PeswbI& |
The foUowing particulars, ate., *euVfJ



Section 78-Motor Vehicles and Road TraffiCk
Midsummer Meeting-June 29th, July 1st,

All vehicles must approach the savannah by*
Street or any other street West of that Street- sa "
horse-slaoe road by the Dundonald Street i .
Carl will be prked .n the Savannah a diri
marked lines, of the horse-shoe road. faeluSn'E
of members of the Turf Club disPlayin g m b
marked inside the horse-shoo on marked 1as teeim
On the conclusion of racins, cars wiHl draw o0 %
road. and leave bY the Dudopmald Street gat.
Cars attending to pick up at the conclusion of
by the Chancery Lane gete. P W
Traft in the vicinity of tum's park Wet Will,
the discretion of the enior Polie Offteronduty .
Empty taxis will rank uas directed by Policf Msad=
to approach the Grand Stand entrance only whe
persons arriving on foot should approach.theo
eentralfootpath from Queen'S Park West by_
the Grand Stand ticket gate. by the n5ew 0
thus avoid the danger of crossing the motor + '
oalrkin bicycle will be provided. __i
Persona leaving the race co-re aftsr the rMa 0I
to use the overlboa bridle and the footpath B w
the lines of traffic. +
Police Headnuarters ot .8*n
14th June, 1944.


The Under Secretary of State forWarI
me to offer for sale Aproximately MO
Helmets, assorted sizea, or which W
Samples can be sean at the of050 "
Officer, Long Circular road between t *
and 11.00 any day except Sunday.
The Under Secretary of State GoM 8*
to accept the highest or any tmU .G ,
IW. ai~

. *p

I ;"


' f

4 ..




~mm ~sa

M"' O oe f AStrat
"A**1.- a-IM- fl-l-fo
pm ewa a tFrend&"
h1 ~imlar7 *CProeafes
I be a privet sadi
H lepw ivo today. te
OWWLeee MajonOIStaS
ib Devmwesm durdn" his &
In from the Anno beeh-
w"S alee given aud6en&e


ak Likely
*"SS~gjratn rfs
between this country and
htieScandinavian friend
1 1ae ti a matter of

M nu Governm*nt'5 an-
Ilat night that it had
FSa "perfect understanding"
a Oermany and that Oer-
SI d proved the Finns all
13help they would need in
alnat Russia was des-
vil o ate of a break as
Sthe State Department It was
& that the announeuxtint ended
bW~ of geting a Russo-Finnish
Utsanas .lshort of Finland's
gete defeat. ___

rgentina Reported
during Out Arms

June 2 (AP).-A "New
Times" editorial writer has
that Argentina is turning
'spaee, tanks, artillery,
ne-guns, small- arms and
tionInla a rearmament pro-
9e that is causing alarm
p Informed observers In Uru-
He arrived aboard a Clipper
lag trom a survey of Ven*.-
Uruguay, Brasl and Argon-
'". He amg the fear held In
u .that an alnumam t race
S t be st off among the South
cJantrie, we not sup-
Sby obervern In Argentina
Iwi ho N said: "There is
0 5 tcula0.o aN to where Ar-
oIs getting arm r plate@.
Sbelewo that part f the aup.
am$ee form epain.*
l!i White Russia
Defences Collapse
1t1lin's Order on Osipovlchi to
-isel Ocntantlne Rokoa ovsky
Sroo: of th First White
front, developing their of-
toda, Jmeo a% as result
:4 J DY-P^ft manoeuvre
the el MA Iimportant
Sjunction of Oslpovichl,
) *the ecilrcekment ,f the
wnilk goupof Osman tcos
'commemoration of thewo'
Rheved the unite and forma-
that p ularly distinguished
yl.ves in the capture of Oaf-
are to b, ited for awards
orders. Today, June 28, at 11
the capital of the Mother-
[l, Maoow, in the name of the
'tarad salutes the gallant
g of the First White Russian
s who captured Ostpovichi with
4 trtlloy salvoes from 224 guns.
0 the excellent military pro-
I express my thanks to
S rop under your leadership
nbv taken part in the fight-
M r rt caPtur, of OSpovfchi.
glory to the heroes who fell
es tr19gf or the liberty and
|lideni of the Motherland.
h to theGerman Invader. Su-
3e > Cqmmander-in-Chief, Mar-
of the Soviet Union, Stalin."
Armies of Generals Bagram-
Ohernakhovlky and Rokossov-
Pved upon Minsk striking
1 towns and villages, across
Inrae so deep Into wasteland.
6 area directing almost un-
qin.y fire upon any target help-
ln teh. Oermans.
Sto the gateway of the city
sral Cherniakhovlky whose
a gs latherig for a fresh
fet Bortisov and along
SAfter taking Orsha he
epted les than 50 miles
Mlnk. At the same lime men
mr'hern front joined with
S lider Bagramlan, now men-
B loiow, with a wide encir-
vsky'sk forward fighters
Iijnup rom the south over
I Mmtunk-Cmel, railway, were
MW M oscow to be less than' 10
C ftm the White Russian cap-
;, Within the Orsba-Bobrutale-
i trhatle many thousand Oer-
i are threatened with the fate
lM upon the five enemy ditv-
51110 down at Vitbek an"
e"ters penned up In the Bob-
radio said the Russians
Smontlnually blasting the main
Moesities all along the line
I s.what m a prisonenrs
the heaviest barrage they
i mS..WHH.,ced.__

ii thing A




ond dry
.. eeP Von













------------- "I
kitish Troops New Prodent "".
atchCaen s S aft Picked To Win 'A'

n1 rMove Mile As T.T.C. Races Open
I|GONTINU- 1 P PAWr 1 1r
The m1W1tu forge whichbrokeV-
broueh oer the River Odoa now 1 0 eaMVet help wnderMnigUsI wrt thee 1nted, what SM W
iW a straW bidgoisoaC ham aft ~ we a" ha u the fr@ay Summer etm t gte -i
rmea of li a eu Withit and is Wa *r tft# A 1 PAL. MW Woiling atiw cally all the gallopci in dioh
4vOcIng towards the1h8h r ounad.' gB SM I bft 0AMo I SM S e IthWOulhlY upet If the withet bhOf
"We advanced o a nmarrow f trot 1f 11 10,A 1 1 06 0t o hard and fasut for acting.
rhich graduAlly broeda a-t, it

thoe raiWsay beOt = T 0is Stbare"
( kainville. Both Ostlinv~ll an*d ^ ^ --- ||^ eally J-fin Wh R2L.*LNi U SS *
Slea red of M arine r Lawn T n l. Club
tf German c b havc been 0 of the pre, between Wet 144 tennis tournament ot une
teftmbehindt Ia ,e i|e pleai In rder L*ord. htaroau ad Thumps UP, way yeteraey with W. Ctot, vlO
S8 imped ae th w dauiM. l Hbut the *x ei from the f 3t. Por porjl, T. SchSolsee*, and 0
Intwrde nttr Coar med^^ ^ " baa been su* ietly con Montee Ge Oca, gaining vlctaries.
lines t at A prouv i 3v wg am I flOnally fancy: 1, Results were:-
oight the tide of our anMM lesl Jet W Lord hlnka w. omervllle beat A. AsUni
r eping round aoaea an maing ivdna Bjnmmna u inj a No. 2 -.-in this event --0, --3.
it moro Mmd moe an slalnd. GreOenwood Ii out to seek revne .ge belt A. M UdM
la tepatton Go t to th n UC bi Iddit Of tlO rep (nu from the wmhte hats" favOurito A
their aomiayeiodent, Frak l bar, o if eeaJ lco bosw eg fot Pearly Glow, who boat him very-* T. Sehjoleth beat N. do Seuem
who 1 B with th Britlgh troop d My. ol-sO. 0-,-4,
in the throe day. s fY thr' y0a55 O the di. b- time they clashed at feasterb
clhearm other ih y OI am of the opi1non th4m tem o Mnteo de Oo beat a. Or"lu
wet of Cemn thery have drvenato- fore the a ettaMt, t mhe 1- retote will beat her on this rack. y degoxult
ward soven ie, ndhAroi.siysyn tTmpda eawithW mATC illt
nitht wIe ae hmlingu aw ee ra tho in i toefd't l-. bo'an I fac rd wel TOAY MATC f
in w eoU f Mthe a1 ren fl hasl as i front of her. Brown Ope gingiew
mie aeros at Its widest cad frun- f amn Mkroated the tanih- r n ti rI fi o and should K. Anthony1 ply I Hutton end
wartnort fle mies dep nto ii: colndle uni ofTreay~-be well up at the finish.--10reen- .e
sing Vert0e IuiMlto ul pla Tysty A. DaveS11t^.^0^ C evett
hertnoln tTh th fr outdvncet wood; 3Sam Lrd, 3 Pearl, sGlw, t .1e Vmerv A .yFrIn nlays B.

tip of the wedge n only about two (AM photo). o p. 2-m tA. posfe playsnt.
and one-half ni from the ver _____________ _____ blity of bout 31 facing thev Della #Ibe .
Orne at a point due south of Ca u. s tarter, I rather fany Mine- --
As for the other rivet whieh the says siweeper, Colleen and Prima Don- .
Germans may have U4 .1 $ d*. S v tlfthll ? 'on a, as a being the best. Start S.A.F.. 10.
Snte the a inie position t are usually at ImportahT d 0 .1o Sart
weto andaro u wv. ellhve Ynor os i. two t er c ,+ .,n ,o,,, dah. and Sweason On July 15
wacrou thevenmoresopd en sascouryb- ,,evi e Sml Smnmy rv eIb er- Triia uarin ete

gand our fo co ton t have pushed lt7f well drawn, Sliver Natiuve and TIS Tll
nirgthwe more b opean oegnthr oe81lmple eonmat oventionier. g r Ouw Cnm wes t t ao td Fa p o ritr o o._-1. Minesweeper; 2, Colleen; FYZABAD, June 2ft.- T
FstrdrselmgrnrunrnIssth in 3o maPrim Do0nl Southern Amateur p ootbayl ln-gue
'astid e mi sedu roapd run sothyt- OAt ea 4.-Having had an oppor- held an annual general meetinl on
weart ofth C eraen, t owad uta. Tewo;2 Gild 3Pal lw .. et ly A aepr

lard .ys the Germans have boon -tunlty of seeing War Lord and iday, and decided to open the
trui up ther oo fromeI verywhere, ranaio)R Thumbe Up in the Trial 8taku, It Sason on July 15, with the 19pa $
andONhaltnileu ros from teverywere, O btlno efaeD-sold i t i fabot '21o wh th i oe Deliaosldw! D--+OT,-

infantry and tanks, and throwing parm t to provide s asotyo to whichisn ore Shisteld wer Onn"rTr Ierahrfn,
them i piecemeal in an ert to advice to dependents and relatives r Condri n
stop our advance. All day, he says, of men serving with the forces race. The opposition does not lila- the proceedls of whid'i will be
they have been jabbin fleiely at oversee, and to maintain contact re mi M bel n by atny m.ain donated to the South Caribbean
us all round our salient, but no- with troops abroad, was announced nfv rmlda ttbl r, unlesCatai twhe AI Tohes Welfretrs Fund. cvein
where wi th an sues. Gillard by the Salvation Army yesterdayS ryn
5ay8 tho Germane stilt hold one or Brigadier James S. Autsten, Sal- ple Cart, The distance seems be- the 1943 season, recorded that the
two pockets behind our advance nation Army Chief here has been yond Wh~ltstable. 1, War Lord; 2, UsUal Interest manlfested In the
from which their vr'e and mortars Ioftedwnare officer fov unis CaptaIen; u.u ahulp Upa eauc games, wa rer et
are myalng trouble, but by and appointed efr ro Rasce No. ,-t have followed the not maintained, due chiefly to the
large our advance rm anouradeur in the Trinidad Garrison. w form of thesm gants clo ly. anrd fact that oClv three teams tok
six and t-pounder un are doin Among the schemes in op have been mot prCesed with entry in the competition.
sood work. tuer ailonis a sytn whereby the Sunaft' worn But hn te .this fact, the Lleaae
d rhomhes of the soldiers serving are fu the going be anythLno registered their ftirt lien on he
PRISONERS ROLL IN visited and reports forwarded tso ular, which I do not think s yS ward Cup, by defeating
sold'ies, giving detaila of the worty even in the absence of BiAF.A. 4-1.
Away to thae northwest German health and well-being of the famr- further rain, I cannot see thi colt Every effort will be made, how-
prisoners are still rolling In In l v here at home. The service has ei beten, unles he i a Jade. ever, to bri t in more conthltanr t
Cherbourg, and it Is reckoned at been extended to the other islands fi y realls that Portora t this season and already Brighton
wher wit an sucess Gilardby te Savaton Amy esteday hav o itly eaU haof)ruststersp-ItheiSeretary'slrepdyortcoverng

Supreme Headquarters tonight that ind to British Guiana, where al,- Taflrte and Sugar Lady are all P.. and 1st Batallort have ttgnl-
the total bag so far is between vaton Army Officers have visited mers, but fancy they are fied their intention of taking part.
0,000 end 40t000. German resist- hmes and letters from the Wel- o ked o fght" for the shorter Officer tiected to uide the
ance in Cherbourg Itself is virtually fare Department forwarded to the end Of the purse this time. League for the 1944 season are s
ver tanhough the BBC reporter, lads. oShould Portor leave the gate follows: President: Capt. R. A.
Vauhan Thoma, speaking from very effort t ben made with the rest, fanc hm running Adamson; Vice-President: Mesrs.
there tonight says there is still one wUl be made to keep a l rik be Seuond w but t falling that the chest- W. Ooddard end J. B. s oott, 8ec-
strong fort out, at sea answering tween the soldier and the family nut Thunderbolt, Ru Teffare rotary; Mr. K. V. Gait, Treasurer;
our gun, but its Intervals of l- at home. nh en f .A .
Aayc toe#becoming longer with eal time, an oceasingtoshould finish behind n unahifc Mr. Arden F. Preseod.
lene are eomnglait n occasion to wich wit "good old" Sugar Lady or- Fixtures Committee: Messrs .1.
each plastering given it. every soldier looks forward, has cuYinl third berth, Bevan, C. A. Jack and J. B. Scott.
The latest news about the port brought pangs of bitter disappoint- ula Lady ote R ti seas a e TA.
itself is that it has suffered s serious nmeet to many of the gallant lads -n mlfere and a distance lor the will be the President A laon with
30,00 an 4%ot Geman esit- h es ad letersfro theWeland aile disbtfancey o theyae will theiPrsidtent.oo along pwith

damage i t the hands of i ermtan frol this Colony now In training pust three years In succeasLon- Messrs. W. Goddard and 0.
demolition squads. East of Che for dute n the war zone. at off to her-w If she colse aSain. Nixeon, wl.lle Messrs. Scott and T.
bourg rehistance round Mauipertus Thei r only link with the folks 1, munahaft; 2, Portora; r a A. Vandr Meersch were re-elected
airfield has ended and the fneld is bek home is that treasured letter Taffare to, o serve as Aiitors. esr;
n our hands. Some Germans are th at never em to come quickly iRace .I look forward f to t Aop --
atill holding out in the two tips enough for them. Every line that weight Carnival, showing the
the peninsula to the northeast and brote te sirit of the how-they othe the I- home, py .Dy ma.Cm. VA Ii ill f 0VERe
The lorthest nw bu heprbogh ag fbitterdisypoit- eral the rady a o he oe.R 'enaiett teTAFA

It was revealed tonight that the r t behInd t and tells of eventlas wh ltook s elands s he wsd LE OVER
British second Army is fighting in -erdont familiar to theor, brings form on huiday last, should fin-
Normandy. t Is under the coo- tothe heart of the folko h sounsd, while Lea, .ear only 'Hl e ll rl ected
In and eGer m From now o then let us make ha to ive her bet to bet
sey, holfoirutminerly c .om then "mall time" for the South Cartb- ahb for third money. I fancyr t
th eisula th ormhenrtheastmandedigtCaniathoigeh
famous 13th Corps of the Eighth beanh Regiment "something to re- Sahib a bit short fro this race, ppyhDayYswLElE akl$ 0JE
Army In North Africa. member." Tonight before you turn and Tornado, despite his weight,
It_ _In. give a thought to the btys iacks the condition he had in t tyet feel d llttlh l ae L bER
---- s -- .m i and send them a line. December. 1, CarnIval' 2. Happy eeMr b bi g im tht dr ,It is lldi
HNlon Feiled It denpetch, address a ll Dys; 3. a Year; 4,.* Ss..l. .p1tshi n.n-NwlL.ep.._arn.
HoIdup F ou led letters as follows:-C- The eoond day will be on Sat- tire. s the tu | hi teo hase db
By CI1 Rus D,A Reien o. ................. orday. fl,,t racea 1.30, p.m!. ,,In- Tb .,..*- lyi,
sBy Cever Rue sh m dai namenf ............. thirSd day ThursdyJuby a h at 2id moneyi. fnc^ER
fmu 1t Cop ost faribehRegiment, p.m.; and the tfinoldgl day on Stur- Bl dL ebe th.
Triydand Guorditan Coesmndet. ce/o A.P.O. 040. day, July at 1.30 p.m. ,htiuMht. Ye. TeMe bie ow wwb
SAN PERNANDO, June 37-Pre- ---- -_- ---->cni h a inWhIn 1 l* *dd no
tendinglthat he Wase armedD eI. 1WithwahY o s
revolver in his hip pocket Mr. AIRWOMBN FOB FRANCE dN D I
Delfno F. oes, a liquor estab- LONDOn, June 28 (Reuter.s s a SHIG Tonld JuNewo, tRe s--ms t sJselm
lshment clerk hered succeeded in tAir Marshal Sir Roderik Hill, thter.
chasing away a man who attacked Commander of the Air Defence of Chalirdn of the United States D" s tWsdto m 'l
himself and a friend with eutlass, Great Britain, greeted airwomen of Production Bord is in hospital ine Ls eel go /
sharpenc on both sides, Or. a his Command today, the fifth birth- with pneumonia and was reported 2apt aia, TBi
lonely trace at Tableland, it Is re day of the WAAF's. He said they toiy to be resting comfortably.
norted. would soon be going over to the
Brandishing the cutlass, the rob- continent to serve with the Allied -
her Is Gtated to have called out Expeditionary Air Force.
Mr. Gomes, "Stop right there, go no F FAC E dth
further,' but when Mr. Gomes put FURNITURE
his hand in hispocket and prompt- tMHH IINIIIBn
ly called back to him, 'StpA ri-n Marshal SirRodHUU ckHHI IUhIWDa.IIeIaU
aere," the a attacker turne and DE8
dashed off into the woods.
rdis. Oine w.. In tbleland to Lodge Covsenwnt No. 1
buy a house. i Ic, comi STREET. HOOKCABE8
NAZI ADMIRAL DCOATED on 15th June. 1944. elected and LrT1I TRAYS
NEW YORK, June 27 (CP).- installed the following OtFo ce. r
Berlin radio announced that HItlero for the ensuing term ending R S
had awarded the Knlight's Crom of December 31, 14:-- B. H. RO E, LTD.
the Iron Cros, two Admiral Henece ther rnst Glttens. 0.0.
for preparing "the destruction W. AoIrmn. D_ _. ____________________S ___S _____
Cherbourg, and boasted It was a p. .niroiiiini.imiiniiiiminmiiiiiniiimnimi
l ~reeajsled bac f* him rigt 91111111111111111

fea, unprecedented in the annaIs I. Gi.a, S.D.
of coastal defmene. A. F. Suel, JeerJ). Ug.iU ub ihUU.' hiiiU~lUK ALI:iUUIigml.
-ashd.of Iao heeen,.32IABU

TbAWLEh S o UNso f COMte, Ast. See. ______
TRAWEB8 CKK BI'rt*A. M~e~osi, Chaplain
LONDON., June 27 (CP).- l ny a PebeortOl.w T RANE HOTEL
this morning two destroyers, H.Ma -. T1HE C RANE* HO E L
wkimo and HM. S. Huron. lm 1. / Tler, the s ind aof Barto1 eemprising the nd on whIchit nd.
three German armed trawersl off J.N stamd F.O. contalnini U acres 1 rood 11 perches and all accessory building, to-
the Chtlantel Islands and WIoitMs, TrnMteas. gether with al the furnloure, cutlery, glas. linen, fxtures and flttings.
rapidly closig rane theydestroy- Management Commfte--. will be set up for rule at our office, No. 17. HIgh treet, Bridgotown, oB
ed two of the trawlers an4 the l Mo K. Mee SD, 8yne Friday, the 39th day of June, 1344, at 3 p.m.
third, which made of, wu beli vd A. Grey, D, C. F OoCondittons of 8a1e and further Infoenation, appl' to the
to be damaged .... mnIdl$er tmsrge.
.,mHmmflmm inhllntt0l$iiMMHmliJUMhi-- COTTiL, CAWORP CO.. eMelte
___________________ Mo. 17. High StM aridgetown, iarbadoe.

S..,0., S1140K

F FOR1 ULR OW wAM.a .... p

w ld uuq SaMJ-B1p -t*H I dlla l.II i
8Im VUI dhrol F ads Ab WO.I b bem
i -i -* we l

sw do Ams Air l lpl o AmWak % wo E
C.m~md Nod Abir wamym ui
m 4S W iW 0 6 1. b 0 % d '- ( p W
a ^ a ^" ^.''.
0S^^^ weB^It em^ ^ i h.^ ^kti^kiii jhi- *Iss~*ls'


SAIwaby St, fswt4 .S .4

t*1 ,


97nafLtAMUf .

WiAh dan d vne am




On loans from 3.000 to $10,M000 at % ptW Mu.
On laon upwards of 110.000 to 4.0 00at 0% per sA.
On loase upwtrds of sl.00-epodol ramte.
For oaUliculars apply ta-
J. r. AGARD,

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variety of sizes to fit almost any bed. Cool, com-
fortable and designed to keep their shape, these
mattresses will out-lost many a more expensive
brand. Come and see them-and try them.

Stasdardi Life
A-wasee Co.
astMoatb Ib tl. Wet
b," ta rum
faIBM te yf.
Ma- BquaT P.O.

Nems, Restless

~e~n IDoeat -ospt- a mob.
sebe e t~d" L Piakbams
Vogebk loCmemsd.L sist.on
1;.os4ml eWA gem i.
r am 'Jr m u

UAi- I~t. ipnfUS""

-n I - --No


I a



I < .-,


it*.. ..... "..
.. ...? *: . ** t- ,* -



STalk OfTind '

S. LoM CY the Ating oor0 W Sad M Wrignt Mt44-
'l~ttai~iaor B.Ooua Of. r Bntlla Mte T of Ii-
, ; U54mbor rS@t f th a o,
s tii, Oe ir of t Bank of te Pimoef; f _m l-W_
a Ooaddf. to dinner at OoT mun Ot -usW on Tuesday evw-
^Tl w~re iptraislt to Washington to attend the Internatlonal
', conft aSenhor Soua Costa sp.nt the night at Gov-
* s ji clHomwe.

r day esterday. Mr. Piggott. who 38 a Londoner came to Trinidad
Swerago and with the exception of a few short visits hbme. ha
lvd her sinoe. A small party was irven m hi is Wrs at S lt ho
yesiwday. to which only his daunghte rs sons-in-law Und gtaB-
eihiden were Invited.
There were Mr. and Mrs. 'Boy" Dalla Osta and their baby b oY:
M Ad M rM. J. L. Campbell and their two children, Mr. and Mrs.
o dteSBeoimler and their two children and Mrs. PlWott, of
C l
"0'S, ARTI'7O MADURO Panamanian busine3na,.i, who has been
aY,3 ism .at the Queen's Park Hotel with pneumonia for the past
= w edi Is very much Improved and expects to be returning to
PE ai about the end of this week.
T AVE at last got the programme of entertainment for the all-
day, function being held at Perseverance Club on Sunday, July 2.
in.4d at the Bed Cross Special Appeal. First of all, I understand
hf tin charge are trying to arrange transportation. Then there
W ige amtes of slull and novelty water sports. There- will also be
a fMedle-and-thread race, and apple.and-bucket race, a three-
leg d race, and other events.
A model yacht, made and given to !he Red Cross by Colonel Frank
Gifey. US. Army. as wpll as a raim land a turkey cock will be raffled,
and there will be a cabaret, luncheon and dinner.
a. C *
RECEIVED a letter yesterday Irom Mrs. Pat Kearns, the former
Miss Lucille 8pooner, who left here in May to Join her husband
In the United States.
After spending a few days In Florida, shep went to Washington to
vi4lt her sister, Miss Joyce Spooner and while there met some of
th AT.S. girls. Inclutidln Miss Olga Campbell, Miss Jean Clegg. Miss
Join Ward and Mi" Forjornel, Mrs. Kearns has now settled down
In New York, which she describes as a beehive of exciement, and is
employed at a bank. Her time, however, is spent not only in work,
as, has been to a number of shqws,
-She says that Mr. Billy Archibald seems to have a standing en-
gagement at the Rnxy, and she saw him in Iwo different numbers.
e also spoke to him. Mrs., Kearns wishes to l)be remembered to her
Trinidad friends.
5 C
TW public is skied to noe tlit the police of the Pir.nstii Rled crnss
Society will, from tomnorrosi, be rlliated o\pr the new store
of W.C. Ron and Company, Ltd, at the corner ol Queen and F'reder-
bk Streets.
rPJsHOE who iltend tile sh w at, he Trotidad Cuintryl Club tomrnor-
S row arc a ked to wa it unitl bl0 li getihere 'o buv tlher coirsaRgs
a Uwhe wil be a nunber of youngii ladies offc'inlg them for sale, all
in aid of the Red Cross Special Appeal ifr ahlich 'lie liurtnion is being
Cold sulppers will be ,r:'\ed from 7 pi t, 7 9 p'11 ald< aninothor
model yacht made and pie'ni by Colone(,l C;i!'r uil ibe ralflcd.
Dick Mornlin t lid i hi.n Melnlv Ma.icrs anol 1n1 ('.ai. Ro\,; (r-
chestr, who are givl, e' r i i sc!' *ics tI'pe or h; i' ), *Aill bt) tsupji'vIg
conttrrtioUss 1115iei for 0ii 'z,
INVITATIONS hli,, f-i en ,,.:i i!o by b ledi,Fn tl,,'".,,i, N A AI', tlr a
dance at Mad.r.oil Sqiip c Giar(lCi, C(l'l.'i Fivid, thllS et'rnlitg a'
I o'clock. The Findlie'. B, ill, t I i;., b 'an c'ilsT ier(d ;,: ) plav ff r dailcing
Inld the atl!ractliolnls il..o ;rl ide a bu!lfl bip;'i, p..'C anld sulir-
prises. Tranrporint ion Wi; ht lpi'V<, i :i.,; I. i.

E N D IN(i a fl tlil;'h l i, .(i, .i t l', it'i It '\ \ .i:R' Xi r. a'-th
M rs. LV lis R s aillit. I ii'ler.stitld 1 i '!. )' .h :1lil ihoii'''
Is their r g u s'. T. ip\ flp a 'nl'lulI to PA f ''-I'.-1 1. 1'I t
A NUMBER of his fri- Id. .'i,.e a i',. w :> ', ".-.n cv'in:,g !ior
Mr. Ralph thuintc, o'i'o ii'wn-nt ', tI. rlaibadois ,,.;crd:\. Mr
Iunt' %as tlie uiles fo M;,. M(fd<'s P'n.lilt;oe. atnlt t;i psi'v' v .wA,
held at her lihorne.W 1"ten Mlcrii w\ enicL'Pd for the eveTing, and
the part-v had such a delglhtful time riat it, was well past milulight
when thp iPer.ts rleft,
Amoritc those Ii,''-d iAr,', M:. iii M: Pin Plimmer. Mr nld
Mrs F'nik TLobo. MI.r. I si. irid \iil-- "T'I',-: Rti.ant, Miss Yoliimda
Carvajal, Mi- Bo''"no \t" ;:., M%1,'; TI'!.'.- Mnorp,. LieuI;'. Mad.*on.
Miss .T,'cDe a)or, MN' I," 1, M"- .nli,e B:I,,.k V 0. Tim Cousins,
MrI. Pte I. lidsaFty, ont ('ii. a(,'I1.
UV.Ml~MINn BIRD' ;. .*. ''a **.5';V M'. R,'::,,, W\irierr, al'o
w s fl- s *p i' h .s ',if .'. Mi r. for ':.e l*ii.- f(rw weka, has
rapc'verd lin. :,s b'ik "a' '.i-k.
M.4R. RICHARD 'tIL-it i.. ,ib,,o i4 (lii.. i'iitrri
t Por"-of-SpQai ,<, M .q,.. 11 -y iS"e 5itP: of Mr and Mrs.
Adamson at "Terry lI.' id .. >,iikl;ilb e\c''r5Pi0Oltv. We1.




Froc Two Plays
At Pt. Fortin

^^^K*-^^^BB Mn 0"0"Mw IrmuftMkr WWI
wba U tI South TWnitll, orft.
MiW"Of o W the sho to pbe a.
tOW1 by te OUW"i imthewm Da-
4^^ Bkl at telety t the UiadtUlt s lt*
Club. POWit Portia, toniorraw
ngt, w e turday, uy 1, a &
ti e "who saw and lkmed "The
P *Dovet Ro wWl ot *sA 4 a no
urging to attend another atertairl.
meat by these n smale" pltyr.,
B ....9HiS xllefleay the Acting oer.
14or ha ll Promised to be present at
'l' te Satulrday night show, and Wvery
0 *Intl te house h, beenMs aold ftor
t*' this performed; but there ar still
some available at $1.50 for Frlay
eve' tally, it i learned that
resident of Point lorUn desire to
tiy *sats for this frlat performance
t o mrer to present them to Plano
boys, but were Is no transport
available, and such difficulties seem
to be Insurmountable nowadays.
The business manager of the
show, Mr. 8. J. Ireson, of Point
SIFortin would doubtless welcome
any offer of help In this direction.
n **. A nd now for a word about the
plays Which are to 'be presentcd
.on thee two occasions.
First comes "The Man in the
Bowler Hat,'" played and produced
SIy Dr. J. E. Smith, supported by
' ~. -...I M&s. Joyce Patterson as Mary, Mr.
Tom Rowley as John, Mr. A. S.
I Hunt as the bad man, Mr. Jack
Facer as the chief villain, Mrs.
Nicki Hicklng as the heroine, and
Mr. P. W. Paterson as the hero.
This 'terribly r .citing affair', by A.
A Princeem "nmoothie" for the A. Milne should be a big hit.
Junior mi-A. The pert little Then comes a straight drama,
frock with the lovely lIhtes and "The Bridge.', by Joe Corry, which
Interesting silde.-cloing will he. will be produced by Mr. T. B.
a beauty made up in crisp Brown. The cast of this play In-
_cotton. eludes Mrs. vargaret Fleminig as
Sarah, Mrs. Lorna Scott as Mrs.
D il D i Talbot, Mr. G. W. Greenacre as
Fly D iar John, Mrs. Margaret Bevan as
Mary. and Mr. N. W. Bevan as
Fo thcomi E nts David.
i Forthcoming Events The last of the three plays to be
lcture at Y.W.C'.A. by the Rev. prese-ted is "The Ugly Duckling,"
Captain Wiliams on "The Work a comedy, by A. Milne, which
of the Church Army"' (illustrated), Is to be produced by Mrs. Mary
Friday, June 30.10, 83.0 p. Pricr, The king will be played by
Wa rsnt officers' dance, St. Mr. J. B. Scott, the queen by Mrs.
James, Friday, June 30. Eve jerry the prince by Mr.,A. J.
Function at 'l'rinidad Country i"Sandy"i Foote. the princess by
itbib in aid of Roil (crosa Special by "'rs June Johnson. the chancel-
Aipeal, Fiidav, June 30. lor by Mr. J. W. Patterson, Dul-
Dance, Portiiuu,'se Association, clebella by MLus Dorothy Mc-
Satunlday, .hi' 1. Dermott. and Carlo by Mr. Val
Mridgeo tDria-, }'rince's Building, Strevens,
in aid of lEthiopi, Fund, Wednes- The stage manager of the pro-
i\v. Juy >5 ducitions is Mr. W. H. Berry, and
GirandN, Drill Hall, San It has been decided to donate the
Fprtanln. Sat idav. July 8. entire proceeds to the special Inva-
Danap at l'sinc Ste Madlaein .sion Appeal of the British Red
'Chio, Saturday, ,Jhily Crc s Society.

Radio Programmes
Bsac U.S.A. WVDI
01' AnrllfnCpnefntls Time Vies the NW 'a (0 1 Neal
: N %' M fLXTe Fied WVrlng Quoi Paxa
.i Mirth & M.lhinea c'lhn!ic Hour
S ..... .. Yirna for lanks
a ,'ho ra H s ic Ne 1. Journal
S Personal Album -n
t 1" 'm i. An1 uen' t. Village Store great t Mulit
.1-1 Nens .... Ne _ws
on CrCillng W. llin ds Newsi m Fronlinrl Th theatre
.! t. "- to k Report --
( - Diuffy'i Taiere Caribbean Cabaret
*> Thrlller -... ... _____
8e ale News Fred Rochl
.1;> lgar'M 111ii1 r pre Inten-lr --
.310 Talk Ony Iombardo Bing Crosby
.- NLilht MiU S
.o w oNw lln Network Reynrr Niw'
Q :> rnrillini Faml:T NVwll at Home l antn Rhythms
9 .M1 1o wnn fr.)m shows r,-hy Muilc Hill Dance Time
0 0 ,, Ne Aleidllne New Night Owl Club
I '1 sI : l id 4l-aillln curope
'..lil ptlian" Msilc Yank Swing Session -
:4.% . .. NO.INo urns


C 6ALoUTfie

L I'M LOI'4?l.Y'

ii 'YMSOM LU^ 4**
r 5 ,4 .O , 45





W..w 1. Rooul Walsh i
5.' t tPC IC WO. VICd.w Md ImW & WS '
- Oaig S" t Jm Ato* -4 -to VOA


iE Voice That Thrilled The World !


i 4.30 TODAY ONLY 8.30


BI /^^^

I m go pvrd IN e^l-^

bg I S fw t SL W O Wm ,
o0 mI S k.... I I I I. I-IW >

TODAY 4.45 & 8.30 p.m.
Swingeroo Double!
Bud Abbott, Lou Costello,
Jinny Simms in
and Ken Murray, Harriet BHllard Ii

T. borrow --A new Indian Film

TONIGHT at 8.30 p.m.
M.G.M. Mighty Dou "e Feature
(1st) Jeanette t'acDonald and
Nelson Eddy In
(2nd) Johnny Weismnuf'-,
Maureen O'Hara In
Tomorrow-A Lady T0'kes A Chance


dome Tke & ] ea ma it ao eMas
Wot %int WW t War T spoart. will
emil5 Mad th
Fee M ta or-trna Ntwptt to a
56 frt W taeelasag s
MEaaRw. *OO, F1UGGINSa 00. LTO
Triesolveni l ra. e Mo ey.


Thursday, June 29
8.g6 p.m.
A limited number of passes t
local cinema theatre available
to merchant seamen oin appli-
cation to the Club Managr.
Current landing permits to be
Tonight at &30
Fe M Nreliajt Navy oeteM
at the
orncxmr quAXTRs
C*61"In woo% ft Am*%.



Tonight. Se-
Indian Picture
eulunnuui, ainuilinlnl lauauulN uusmllnlus,,,,, II

l*nimillllllli lallllnln lllni llii U lniH iH i
ODAY 4.485, IM p.m.

SRichard Whorf, Prisilla Lane
Betty Field


and -
Franehot Tene, Beltt Davis


TODAY 4.3 a AL

"Home in Wyoming"
wita Gene Autry
-and -
lst Programme of the Thrilling
News Serial
"King of the
Texas Rangers"
with Sammy Bugh
LSun. a Men.-
flhIiMlH f "IH i fII MlIIIHM

4.40 mW Ut

h MM 0to-l w k
Im ein iih k
MW oe so brbem
* bed In WabIqusa

abobW do

K *

7'YH 5Im...., q'
"NO"eedby 510*5

CAIDBBEAN ROMANCE-A Super t-Reel Teehnlelw |
Sheri, feturing0x Olga ai Juan, Hot Rhumba DbgNg
Puerto Rice.,
Latest ParaoMeunt Air Exprem Invasion News.
* ____ ____ _______________

GLOBE-Sam F'do.
Today, a 8&Us pm.-
Jean Arthur and
John Wayne in
Lady Takes A Chance
Extra-BritMh News

Today St 1 Ml
____ ,

Moudayl D V A ll Tlesar '

TODAY 4.45 & 8.45 and over the Week-i4d'
a* wiW-fm rnmMZVOUS of a
ittgti trad sott wht
mt a m IM m mmy to
the t Iti tms of t top
bei of thcu nly!

(4) Big Bands

oftheu .Sbmfftie
'Cbopperftn... flesh in j
the sifal thspt seA'As
our bombers SSIrtn
,ven.e 9i ce-befht over
7qjo' hone ftw& !!n


I PALACE-San FernandoI

TODAY at 5 & 8.30 p.m.-
Cycle Wali

- 40 Alfredo Str. EMPTY-quiet
i locality near Trolley Bus,
Tram, Market, Church, Cine-
ma, Cemetery. A real bargain
The keys await you. ~
=Empty Cottage & Appr., Aere
-Land Petite Valley, Diego
* Martin near Garden City
Panm .............. $61,4.46
185 Clpriani Boulevard. Large
Dwelling, Bedrooms 245-.N
R4 Lovely New Bungalown
Near the Golf Course Mara-
val ................. Cheap
S New Home (near Coblentl) I
. .................. (figl. 0e.
80 Belmont Cir. Road-Free-
-hold ................ 10,5 .00-
Shop & Dwelling .. Barga" .
-(Possession of dwelling house)
*TOBAGO, Speyside Estate *
Speyslde -on-Sea Complete.
B .Full particulars at office.
TOBAGO Bloody Bay- appr.
487' acres .......... Bargain
TOBAGO. Louis d'Or appr. 600
acres .............. Bargain
TOBAGO. Blenheim Estate
113 acres ............Bargllain
I-5th Avenue. PMemuiuon
= ...... ........ .5,50M.M
53 Observatory Str. Rental
22 .................. UM01A
I1 awre land d'Abadle (adjoin-
iag s taumon) ........ 41,J0.1
14 Pirt Street.-Sa J uan
................ $2MN.00
Iland HMe at Ga-pare and
Men .. .......
15 Quar Stret .... $lSfM.0
i Lll Street ...... NW M
Lovely ew-- edan
112 Ln CIrai ar
Road ............ (IsU1 .
IS A 1, Stanlas use1
-owner leaving CeWey-
-B-t Offer.
Vaeant Cottalge-O'ennr
StrMt ............. C
Is do Veted Stret-
o Sadde Bemdi-New-
vaeaat-4aargaln .. $12,51S
It De YalSjStreet.. hO.-.
2 As$ U:=e bat been

Can .. asoTURnPmpouo M
ou b Se m U a-tNMeI
wW~~~ 18,flM I *wftf


Telday, 4.45 8.4- Today 1,I A L
Final padt of B AM If j

TODAY 13., 8.W p.


starring Eddie Camlut, 3t
Bogart, Bette Davis PK
Denis Morgan, Alm W
George MAWN:

TODAY 4.44, I8 p,!.:,
Van :efin, Judy


and -
GenMe Kelly, l .



EMPIIRE-san rI|Fe.
TODAY at 5 & 8.45 p.m. and Jontlnt-"-
Extra N.OX Aanory Rod.

NEW- Son Fer,

TODAY at 4.45 6 8.30 p.m.-MoMte Oubo
-AMD -

Count BaDM and
Hit Orchetra

'* l ,- *- ,'

"= 1




r e^rs Sail Term For ToLecture Food Officer Stresses Urgent
r Who Acted As Madman NeedToSpeed-up Local Output
is slear that7" 0101 lied 46e madmakn,"Mr. A. J. Hmamton. Trimdod Guerillas Car. v
*teasedo 40004 40011 1 kYWferttoill MOK$Walrond. CARONI. June11.-Deking a stirrin g ow-more-ooad appeal
W~ bil. w he 401NM 10%e sf4V11gibm 5d am aentenced with flve*sant reasons based an a careful survey of V 1 as focod
,4^1111 H1 l*1 for 11S s armed with a Weapon, and a$VOWy situation. Mr. W. Andrew Rose, Ariculture Teeshlo)giml d4
S analicioun s d e ia. s wasai of d to pay 0111 0,* Pood Control Department, told an e n9thiesi gathering at t hel9
on r amQ tree wa" wthl e sentences t n on- Wtrewbvlle C3. School loast night that at no time had there besR quiit i
6lpes -ter nmed to speed up local food production than at pnsent.
because"afaIyReprRentthip, deptent for you to laeInteasec fMr= 85
^ h,-- house Rent LetmI- My-w
w i s e re e ml wthlTFahey. Food Production offne, I
Elect icityMr. Ron urged his listeners to
Ixl ret vn 4011110" l Ogiv e eret attention to theto- U
wasue Fraud Brindgs Schem war weU l UIR MARSHA/
onredbroke W adorlvn ponsadte too.
S U ,tto play their par i the ge C
the J0 Jail Sentence o sUnaue st. rde wt
deture. ^When effort were OMMtoted the diversion of aweor ...... depth
I ty tand o there members For obtainin10 from a pol c e food anda ship rtnc that ae. w-- -- -- .
%plt o btaM ts op h a rm and giving hiam receipt PropOsed island wide electricity

I* bY Fo prte a na ote ornW^ ^ TS ^ btejnini $2 fromte a policet cessitated the divelr sion11 ofc ote ^ bu lt
fbDI1l? to stop hinm he sarm z ted amut receitsofa or. th to feed the nh. fro
with a ralor and haid ouet which did not belong to scheme to provide light and power starving people of Greece required SENIOR BRITI"SH NAVAL
frmhhimors.. Joseph Charles we& sentenced Hwere o a hM frsthe U.B.A. for rural areas, is still under of- Orlarg eImOof food.
I a,, Mr .; J. Andre In tfhe ~ B- lter Moreh food has to be sent to the OFFICE. Trdad
ivite to a b Mr. W. J. Andre In the it MiAUce MGee, t t fical onsdertion the "Trinidad liberated peoples of Europs ad WE OFFe lFOR" BLt
Plie Court o serve Social scenes t Vashs igh
tyma, er mon thsin jaSel, M is to et e Guardian was reliably informed therefore les be brought t I..S*
Wn wounded aman NO_ Wla Wounrdered to pays 20o Liberia" to subribe rs of the yesterday this olony.
j d him to order.' tlfon, or 21 days to follow. Teinidad Publiams lrar n m at on n m onathipo te e h cu e In bringing food mpinM At. ab ag ln e m e
ted by Mr. W. ol Andre Charle, Pleaded guilty to Thursday eveaIt ng, J duly Mi lmentaton of the schemel used tso better ad. sltt eoprthaa a
l Frt Police Court nm obtaining money i nder fale pre- MeGee was en tnhe Comlimdn this year or early next year is un- vantage transporting Soldiers, am- (Formerly dee sea tean

SSfor h SrST.Si ^ ed^ t42 fort Indmle avw y" h th Cty or In mau nitionnd suples eourc tcno m. to Trawler)llnt noc fl
of assault occasioning a tenes.hadPreviousconcti for for Plia*retrfion Is in ceatan as excnge of correspon- the t ea Gross tonnage about 2o6 tons.
.he was imprisoned for two similar offence, it was revealed. Liberia, and Is now delegated by de between Government and the lice available in India c nt Net tonnage 193 tom.
"--' wteoa wmh Ba w r r o the Government eret t writeahu weoere t and t Rc t iInaan
sd wasallegedfound him- Resenting his host speaking to colonial history of that republic. City Council, on the subject, is be sent to Trinidad, owing to e l
the house of persons who him for quarreling in his yard, present conditions of the wo. Scotc h yo o Siler.eee01bf
med the lose of loved one Austin Charles pelted the man still under way. For these reaonso Mr. Rose con- Main Engaes. trl exanloM
at the "wake," as he observed and his house with stones, striking The proposal as contained in luded that f It was dered to .
To prsn the t p ,layn Cth game a woma e. I B o l The prooald as cn trnd icSaturdy th bate t e tws iedntoh8 a n. PB
lFours suggested t hat the awo Valentine, who wa tn with .. o a et letter from the Colonial Secretary avoid the fate of the people of Hold, at Present divided tL I
ours." suggested lthatthey SamuelValentin e 321.72, wholi was jait ----*^'---- diPtributinL energ; In Port PGreece it was essential to row o
their time with Ome him, hased another man from I Big De and to the Town Clerk of Port-of- Mre c ea i g for arryin fsh. c
py"instead. Realizing that no the yard with a knife.I Bi D about S n cnt tonserve a a nsin *his w
was willing to adopt his sug"- a11hWas sent to jall for three Sa nsotwofaternae AciBunkers. Capacity about I1
abhe started a disturbance, gld. Just off thePe adr tedtn dthe futu othe un- Mr. Rose replied to questions from t~ ol
J ust o ff h e P essena udpo r edntk in .eUn eritg fwsth t heon -T his ves elo a s uit.n
with the aid'of a rusty cutla ss yesterday to be already In rapid t Unoverr th r it would purchase hc- e audience de alin with the This veIe was built and
one who attempt to Defence that US. Government ciculatkn is a booklet prepared by ll plant needed for generations eA
0one llpanieeemfr.eertonsortgerofwing sre fo.tye Pof-lands se coine d ition e 1916
him. articles found in his possession Trinidad Public Library of a lecture and supply of electricity to be op- for gowing more food, the pro- anA was reconditioned in 1942
were gifts and purchase c ailed to Ly Dr. Eric Williams, Trinidd-born crated under an aLthority to be rs of the Drainage and Immi- an has inc been used in the
S absorbed was Wilfred H Ma- ve Felix Blean from a three Professor at Howard University, de- known as the Trinidad d To- ato n Scheme, the ..orbitant Gulf of Paris as a mine-
Sdescribed as a roving liquor months Jail sentence. livered here recently on "Brtish bago Electricity Con mission, land rent demanded by land owners wee"er.
ilerin his .conversation with a The articles, valued at $54.02, West Indies in World History." while the City Cour wuld be and the construction of rodsfPermission to irspect me
mtian whom he talked Into Included khaki shirts and pants, a Behind the publication is request allowed to acquire the whole of the the transportation of garden pro- may be obtained from Cio. F.
ga flask of rum for $, blue duck jacket, rubber boots and of library subscribers to whom the tramway works, "I '. etc. the dut e. _Huggins & Co.. Ltd. to whom
whenever realized that two heels, knives, forks, and spoons. lecture was delivered that it should whole of the trolleybus system and offers to purchase art to be
mwho watched on and whom he lean got a further month's be made available to a wider public. all omnibuses operated by thea LFr M rT h Ma k addressed
d have seen were policemen, prioiment for being in unlawful ore than 1, copies of thBoard as well that part of u as Tenders w be eived
ftehad a rude awakening when possession of a bicyclefchain, Moe thand n will besreceivduep a the part oI
Sarreste akim n whe booklet, which has been printed at the underakling situated within the 2t (P Mr 1.

-O arrs cnted him jcustaso heip __t__ elaacotg_____COCE__ONG thaser bound taries o Poto-plaie n AnthonyEden,__regn__cretary______
lhthe hamd at l aust succeed e the "Guardian" Commercial Print. the boundaries of Port-of-Spain 10 th Year As Priest t t------ "e--
tPryre being sent to other which is not required by the Cer The Editor, Trnbdad Guardian .
competing the sale. oy tre en sent t o or W est trial Authority for generation elec-
the e--e. Fish Costs Indiansl tra Autsribty or generatngd o CHAGUANAS, Jim e 28 The
Znm o 0 1 Imoe on him s Sale 1C s id trical energy for the island-w:e Rev. Fatil er Max E Murphy,*f *
.W. J. A4dre, whose co- Requests from many parts of thi scheme. as h re o aans
u n oe d Colony for copies were reportedPscheme.
In the First Police Court n r this morning to be coming in to This would Include all electric Saturday celebrated the tenth an- L.
l I terdy ist o urt V he $32Mr. Carlton Comma. the Librarian. lines, mains, service lines, and niversary of his being raised to
I oving so hat o e og t s and compensation mechanical appliances needed for the priesthood on J. 24, 1934, in
att ,nights ti thirsty amounting to $321.72, with a Jail distributing energy In Port-of- Prague, Czechoslovakia.
at ogHve ctig alternative of six months, were im- Spain and for operating the trol- Father Murphy celebrated High
patronage. leybus and tramway services. Mass and Thanksgiving which was
Wvierng tosatisfyhisswe ethrptr appeared before Mr. A. J. Hamilton ru Under this proposal he Munici- well attended. Many parishioners
mfogp to satisfy his sweetheart in the Second Police Court yester- Pla pality would have to purchase en- took the opportunity of compli-
omplained to hm that she day on accusations of selling fish conversion orgy from the Central Board, meeting him and wished him
Been badly mauled by another above the scheduled price. The second suggestion contained God's blessings in the future in
Andrew Jeffers the Assam, it is Ileged, sold lb 3aoz Trinidad Public LibraryCom n previous proposal made to his field of labour.
Assailant a sworn black for 34 cents mnstCad of 26 cents, and mittee of Management has been the City Ouncil by Government Today, St. Peter's Day, he will
e which cost him $20 represent- llb 12oz for 44 centsinstead of 38 summoned to meet at 4.30 p.m. on and repeated in the Colonial Sec- be celebrant at a Solemn Hi I
S fine and compensation im. cents. Friday, June 30. to discuss a retary's letter, is that there F aMass at9 a the Parish
I yMr. Andre, memorandum prefaced by Mr. Carl- should be no division of the under- church, Chag a rt to commemo-
Elbeth Alexis who spat on the ton Comma, the librarian, on the taking, but that It be administered
and then, defying her to proposed reorganisation programme by a Central Authority on which rate the tentfn anniversary of his
Iback truck her on her r C conversion of the library into the Municipal Council would be re- first Holy Mass. Father Murphy
boulder with a piece of wood, wasla free library.Presented was born in the United States of
"dred to pay $16 Copies of the memorandum are Should the City Council decide years in Trinidad s'
W -o ithi s ece to be forwarded to Government to exercise their right of having er i T
r Ercegoric caught th and the City Council for their con- Part of the undertaking tans-
American cigarettes before he Rejecting submission by defence sideratlon. ferred and vested in the Munici- APS LEAVE TANGER
e either to smoke or sell counsel that a bill was not a re- palitY, is suggested that the LONDON, June 28 (AP)-Mr.SH
was convicted on accusation ceipt but merely an accounting Q.R.C. CONCEPT TONIGHT transfer should take place on Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary.
ig uncustomed ds in his convenience, Mr. W. J. Andre in January 1, 1945. to allow time for told the House of Commons that
ant' h,, oid to pay the PirsbPolice Court yesterday Q.,R.C.Mlscal Society con- agreement between the board and the member of the Japanese Em-
in the adjourned ce of tender- cert scheduled for tomorrow night the Corporation on questions f- bassy staff from Madrid who had I I
S tat M. ing an unstamped bill laid against will be held at 8.0 'clock this fectin sta, offices, alterations to been residing in Tangier and was -
MaonsLd. rle ha i evening instead so as not to clas he IsCo bution"systemanothe requested by the Spanish Govern-
o d Fnand consequently, that it should *h the Tranquillity Girls' School matters before the final transfer ent to leave did so on May 29
id Fowl Sale have been stamped. concert tomorrow. to the Corporation of theasset. and now there are noJapanese
The magistrate ordered the firm off 1i0_cials ar JapaneseEA
s costs Man $72 toaya fine of A w Frot ou ,cila, te.
hi"GuardianCorreonde appeared.for Mason's. Ltd., sub- For the purpose of removal to our new
SAN FERNANDO, unse 27.-Ac- mitted that a bill Issued for goods I Ber iN s
fieu of having sold his neighbour bought was not a receipt requiring premises and for Stocktaking 44ARE I M9 -AGU
1k fowl last Olu Year Jay at $1 in. a stamp. ,
4 of 48cents a prUnd, pwa TMe magistrate said he could we will be TIet RU RaebM ,now ONm-
OfHigh Street was today sw no point inb
,*f l Yar.ytw. in stamp. brigin a cu-LO SED TO BU SIN ESS TOELo ul e n
by Mr. F. J. Camacho to tomer into such device for ac PLANT.
fi.$2ocosts And$2A04counting. There was no distinctionSTIPLaNT.
fa ption, between a cash transaction where We have a lmi uantity
the Police said Dillon told cash Is paid on delivery and J t 5newuusti i iteri. P
hesold the bird for $2.2 he where payment is postponed. The From 1st July till 15th July inclusive I =, POLISH
ldtoday "irt he had sold It at bill given to the defendant was aslthbidf $22eter yntspopn.Te FTm s
ce for which he h w as liable closed oStandard tr THE GUARANTEE
stamp duty customersAgeneyGO N A N
may obtain their supplies and pre- Po-pa a nGORDONGRANT
1,riamnarine uiiho killed a goat pre
/!o permit tol he1 dk sai SnFrmntC0., Ltd.
magisa C r 'RT-OF-8PAIN scriptions from our Branch Store at
he did not know that wsan
*N.lHe was ordered to pay R the corner of Park and St. Vincent
10fine.,e e pin O h
S$10 fine. -' Por~t-o-pn Im. til Streets, opposite the Globe Theatre,
1a with a pair of spectacles Port-of-Spain Imw
he said he had bought, improvement Deben. where accounts due to the Firm may
1a 10oway w- told to p ryovalso be pa-
i7.6n fines and costs on con- epau.
that he stole them from a sSresO
an with whom he wrd. Public Notice is hereby givenSH O ES
that the following Port-of-Spain WROSS & CO, LTD.
undident Engineer r the Port-of-ap.innImpro% 417C. -ROSS & CH .,LT D.OE
r meant (Eastern Market) Loal brr- PhPRStrIEeetE
hrSt- V~nsincent dinaceNo. is of 1930a At be re- Po1 15.$ onrofFeeic: ue
4The 'Trinidad Guardian" under- afe hc aeitr nte FU~ l U Ei, = ,de'.med on the 30th June, 1944, oe9.Fdeck B trueen .
that Mr. S. R. H. Bfsrd, said debentures ",ill cease:-- FINELY C NTU EDSHOES T A
Ment Engineer, will leave. t e Debentures:-- Noe. 436, 282. 89, ~ n O STUTDTA
'St. Vincent, to report to the 447 50, 445, 105, 361, 437, m K II K
Itraolelr for Deveilopment and 30,9.25 1 I n E R
SnteWest Indiesl, on 3,6, 357, 198, 180.F&RES L
far the improvement of H. w. andEWEASRL
,]l harbour facilities. Town Clerk.
Be ard Is expected to return Town Hall, Port-of-Spain, -' .-
)foaiy. 24dth June, 1944. 7 COT.TON HILL ST. aJ

Instructed by Archiba oung, LARGE COLLECI!ON
Esq, w0 will LeOU all is well-kept IINOW ON STOCK[
Furniture, etc., comprizim .. :.j~u

,_I -...Tm~r AID, quickly and
wisely carried out. may
< V prrwatM serious infection.
In mermIgencie or even
Ism In cam ofd minor mci-
/ dsm% the polefiblti for
-i infection with serious
em.quecs create un-

Te best &dI I i sthi superior knowl-
adi *&Ml tmd ofa your phyi-
',.ei- RoMad b en M ta a doctors
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be *Just asasious 4@a JrmjidSt. '
pt c lsasig of weeds r bwreas mk the skia with
VZOXWGI helps to 1o- a omditi which will yield

11O PIRST.Allt

S... m, .vW.
K ;/ **,e* U

acunau vn -"ss.i- rIulwe
and Net, Mirrored Wardrobe, Cyp
Dressing Table, Crap. r-essing T
ble, Waxed Cyp Compoctum, Wash.
stand and Toiet Ware, Towel Rail,
Chest of Drawers, Bedroom Clock,
Cr ,. Writing Table, Iroom
Chair, Wall-Mirror, .oot Stand,
Linen Press, Sewing Machln Ta.
ble, Mirror on Stand and Homing
Mirror, Mahogany Dining Ta-'e,
and Six r ap. Chairts, Mahogany
Sideboard and W. "on, Ser-
ing Table and Dinner Selvice, Din-
ing Room Clock, Mahogany Cbina
Cabinet, Chl i .ea Set, Inlaid Ma-
hogany Centre Table. .P Ware,
Brass-top Table, and Braiware,
Elec. Table Lamp, Xee. Kettle
Book Case and Books, I .armeorth
Encyclopedia In 10 Voltumes, Tanta-
lus, Glass and Pyrex Ware, Tber-
moo Flask. Meat Bate.' Pantry
Ware, 3cale and Weight, Oil
Stove, Dover Stove, Alum. Pots and
ftne. Mincing Me hine, Suep Lod'
der, Oalv Bath Par Oarden ?Tol,
carpenter Tookls, Wardrobe Trunk.
Oyp easy Chain with Cuions and
Table to match, Wlkttr Chet and
CenOtre Tabe.Plnts s Pots, tad
one 6 e$. Pride.
noms op view fat prior to AM
morning of Babl --I dtMS-
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when kidneys mn cvtie ain I

If you suffer frequently
from backache you can be
fairly certain that Kidney
Trouble is o blame. The
kidneys are two of the hard.
eat worked organs
in your body. They
act as the body'c
f ----"_e
impurities and
poimsons from a-
caping into the
blood. WeakandaluggiaL
kldnWl cannot do this
important Job property
Not until those kidney
are active again can you J
be certain of getting re
lief from acbe and p .
That is why De Witt1W
Pills are prepared w-
pecialytoactd r y
on the kidneys

wI~ K at y be

Once In the kdey
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Witfo Pull sd 60- ^^'J-^ H
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Poisons, a
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Strom Yw
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POwL^a AND iOOP4,ia fli llol~min le ll tN"N MAH'NI lC UiHI;, l: KNGIN1C Mu.e RESRT P-'ut l.,1 "<;uardi'n,"-J"l~y iA,AWy- I Hapnv Street,-+Julyb 37 itUTTON ITREET, 8AN .,DO,
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Rt ede r: Rgillt s ttrtWt"P'uisat4 aoRtas .o.t aillf re-p i sibletott No.naa 44 OBSERVATORY ST.
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L IQLUCTRIC ISTVE one -'Hopaimt." i. I3 34-0I
.Ig ndo_"Appy; Wlddup*PGUO tik T, aSAWl East end of Park Street
v o r o is n d o J w i t h f & I D A M U A R I
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P011 |T POTAI I 3.l5 +TIRL aSJll lI ,+l eA OS haS OL C itTndni R tIAry, Se
SiCR 1 I n UR O~T Plastics _t: + qll F rm UIII Ns IM IC Pn'uI tuy d

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No"msse. Aaem et ft. dayr June 1M. Doted thin 8
MAW. s tIan a a day*. *I June, 1944 0e 1..JS!ii 314 |PI'rWILLI-Am 6aI <
4115 MAR INE flUAIM. INa seanalel~ SoloIitor, tos the
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by -Ul4um sa3 0SS Ab < Uk

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e. of_ .- wo w

Al A. -

TE Awn DA N CE :




&DMISSION .... ea. 1/-
Hem L dy Membem--no .L




kt 25 Chacon Street
Thursday 29th
June '44
AT I0 A.M.
Instructed by the Unde. Iters
ind Mssrs. Lee Lum & Co., Ltd.,
e will sell such items as:-
11 Dozen Ladies'
Straw Hats,
,Lusages, Pork Fillet, Brisket of
Pet, Liver Pabte, etc., Paper Bab&.
itrch, Soap Flakes, etc,
items o view day rior and
morning of .'ale and Terms -Cotish.
Boyd & Hutchinson
LI' 17.

* m343366
* in?3Wa
* miMi
* DUUSiyg1

We Ce

Yow "TIRE" l
Sows dS:
ti. leabld s
:own.But *&
S aet SeOp and
and Vaflsa

MOST I T.r3Wl I,

lit -
Favoured with InstUg
the administrator of thW
Dr. 0. W. Payne,
Wolse, V. Eapinct, M, 4
C-muel M. Edwards ,A.
and others, we will 'a
1 Baby& Perambulator, l|
Ciau.e, i Chlie'. Blcy "
Coats, Booties and other
I Uuitar. I Mandolin, 1
I 8-Key B Flat X'lUte,
Electrical PickupM, l OX I G.E. '1-TuwbSM
Burner Hot Plate; Z. j
tric Reading Lamps,
Plate, 2 Electric Toadtel
Lamp, 1 2-Burer Phr("A
Stove, 3 3-Bumer Oil
large Wall Clock 1
Surgical I' element
with plate glass Shelvl; l4
Telescope; 1 WIaxing
Decca Portable 0roph
other Portable Oramb
Lither Travellv.'! BSA II
maker'& Arm Machie, *.
Sewing Machine, In
eia (120); 1 Btownie OM
Kodak Camera, 1
1 Doctor's elighs
Crocktry, 0l.ina X.P.1 *
and Brass Ware, 3 4ft A
mons Bed and Siprmna Sr41
Tall-Post Bed; seven Wg
including Marble.-top; -,
Table, Chiffonier, 3
Dressing Tables, 1 C
Buffets, 2 Plain i u -
Room Suites In Morris:
pe Wicker and C0a5
Writing-desks, \ *5 I( a t
i L WHhT=E

Ton Beai

Highest Prices Paid

Win. II. Kennedy & Co., I

At the ilacee....

thou.sandN will cheer the wmlni

Let us cheer you up
with a special winning
lunch today Cold or
Hot as you like it.


SChamps Elysees -

Members Only Di6

;'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIH!IHIIUIIH HI~t mHIIHI IHmlllllH~m(III ^



The Ladies' Chorities Committee nwt 7


(! ;i1 1 M
t!I K

1 |4

. ..


ot the

SATURDAY, JULY 1st from 0 9

to midnight '


sow w#lotly lwBt a '

a Mwm mow ma am
M . - -



RDAD oTumma wMWOT v1


/ A*


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