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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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. ^






IliesStorming Last Barriers

To Cherbou

rmans Ordered Jap Carrier welcome

|PightTo The End Torpedoed '

Die AsCowards 2
I" ,I ^FO frl 20,000.Ton Shoekaku "t.^ i
|i JLJ1C A V^U~aiUO Class Ship Believed d --^
H AQURT --S -- NSunk In Sub Attack
(AP)- American troops, having overwhelmed a fortified hill UNITE D STAD ATERS, PACS
a mileeast of Chexbourg yesterday, have begun storming the iHARBOU June 2 (AP)-Ad- i-
hill barriers to the port and headquarters predicted Its early ral Chester Nimlts announced
'd esplte desperate resistance of thousands of trapped German that a Japanelse aircraft carrier
Mwho have been ordered to die fighting or be shot as cowards. I of the enemy's newest a. largest "
J was reported that the Americans had broken through the 20.000-ton Shockaku class was hit I .
| Line on the South, with three torpedoes and probably .
a| communique indicated' .-. .. surk by an American submarine
Americans are fantning General De Gaulle oni Sunday. ...
over the entire Barfleur Reverses Stand The submartne attack on this "
oet of the port. It sai d enemy carrier, one o the prize
Ol tof Cherbourg are find- SUPREME ALLIED HE..D- target, ,,the Japanese battle
opposition in tha sector QUARTERS,. June 23 (AP) fleet, was made a day before the
Cap Levt and Saint Vaast. General de Gaille, reversing uiuck crushing air strike victory
~~~~ ~ b r nltrl[YVice-Admiral Mitsch~er's carrier
iermans are ghting his previous stand, hag agreed Plane- mIn the PhilitpcneS ec.
gun. at their bacts and
of them. Two prisoners to allow French representatives Admiral Nimit also announced
Saer e in positions to to serve as liaison officers and that the enemy .destroyer pre-
'their own troops so it g o rn viously reported damsgei in t his
ths post he govpenors of fr sections in air att..ak s definitely sunk.
be shot down. The Nawi France under control of Su- Two aerial torpedo hits were
g general of the tut- preme Headquarters. scored on a smaller Carrier of an
her g, ieneradvon notified cla which pre-
issueda "iAght or die- Berlin radio said tonight that viously had been reported.
h read: "Withdrawal is General de Gaulle was prepar- damaged.
be by death, I empower tviit t t The new sinking raised Japan- An aged Italian woman welcome
Meader In every adede t ln to v Mcow th i e losses in the Philippine e a kiss a his cheek as American fe
4owa at light anyone whole station of Stalin. defeat of June 1--19 to five ships (AP ph
l his post because of co'warA-: .-'- -- .. ., definitely sunk. They include a
b hour is serious. Only first line 19,000-ton Hayataka class
and readinese for fight- I carrier, a 20,00-ton Shockaku
heroism to deata can u..p." D, l D riven class carrier and probably sunk N al zis UlG u Vi
'Americans, apparenUtly, have l .. I vi nine shims, the damage Including .G u i
Sringes the city completely 1 T three carriers severely crippled. f It ,fr lk
.through to the ea on r Admiral Nimnttlta id twt U M IlUrderigI
o|fo nCheroourg. As soon AF V11 VJ KNinonese Naw twin-engined _
Mlast two ridge near Roule 4 1 bombers were shot down byl A R A
v f f ort, southh In I ll I American 'planes returnming onl .A rl r
at of Cherbourg are JRo al aa l n In Monday from the attack on the ..,A F. O f ieu rs
UAmericans.S afAt expected -A- enemy fleet force. Th i Incr ased --
lhea*""1"-1 lt. rw to cher- SOUTHEAST ASIA HEAD h atrlols, wearing iden- TRS .Kandy. June 23(,Seater)- at least 17 and ade a totai of Anthony1, un,""lgn bed, .A
bodtar aidi t etenth Army trop hae di- 37 enemy anes downed in, the to gay ve tasieosof Conmmons
txlorce1 w tacking i the yet, the last Ja lanese m, d- two-day engagement. H-.t, a~out t se snoo ing of 501
hfaredstoawcking bothe WOO on the highway irom Kohl- The claim that a bi gShockaku .AF.P.prisoners of rwho thil
S'ivetteriver valley south mw to im a. The road it now clas carter wu "aDroiablv sunk" .. f. 0 war woU
^ l1 1.wfgfivcmeans that supplies to G= SAY Ora sa tried to Secape 'lom A
bas. "lta^te Kvita be an Impial can nOw lIdlitt-M w f tocas- lSmSt' Thiet.
-- t 1_ o f. n ,no truth
p-ow.I byth o rte front o of0 inhNUUo ucce- uI SthaoC4laim hIO they were
by- yar battle against IndiaT. his road is 10 miles lon attack but it i rm"Mnned to ahiee ... .. tr esit ctue
by yard b a gi..'s aftd runs from Imphal through Ko- been in the Philipne Sea area, lhotWh e trying to rem t capture.
fighting' behind n h to the Assam ratlhead ot1 west of the Invaded Marianas. $ The enor officer at d the camp i
B- pillboxes, loprotected Dimapur. now been repatriated and his evi.
Sand dugouts cunningly he Japanese cut the road in Japanese Admit dence isthat 7 prisoners escaped
InSgreen undergrowth on Mrch and since then the Imphal o. rs cOf arier through a tunnel on March 24, and
Outside the cityr g r ri s n h been suplid by ai'' v[t S four who tried to follow were cap-
Of th officerssid that in Brtish ani Ame n irme NEW YORK, June 23 (AP)-The d. T eapo then took con.
dt Phaeolthee battler, groups of the recap-
there Inofthing t roop Csrrer uommans naVe Tokyo radio broadcast an Imperial tr aa e i undf to t-
tm(thenthgt dua tremendous Job. They have uP" Headquarter communique tured away omrs to a es-
,fo m theGrm s ot plied the men of two visnstoe t o tapa prison where some wd ro shot
fre romn their holes." ),iu R fighter an dive- nowledgigme th lo of riaan
Y's terrific air bombard- w ithuRna sed the e aircraft carrier, two oi
artillery barrage which IcphalrSlado nThey als flew the tanker. and 50 'Splaes, ^in at Luft Three.
b~gted Out Some Of these ,ole ifh Indian Division' fromengagement between units of the .. Edn-ai there could be no
Miltons but many were the Arakan front to reinforce Al- combined Japanese Fleet and Justification for the execution of
ttedefender. In them put idtroo atImphal United States "-ask Force, west of the prisoners, everyone oft whom
Ebbern deaence. pro All through the battle, night and the Marianas. knew the futility of reslsting cap-
,blut slow aince the in day, the big transport 'planes It said the action began on June tur; e.,,,,.,,, .. ,,.
attacked at 2 p.m. yeoter- streamed over the mountains with 19 amnd continued until the fol- "t is abundantl""y clear," declared
Supplies, flying in some of the lowing day. Mr. Ede. "that not one of theI
' A ricans advanced a bout w t weather in the world. Apart An earlier communique by prisoners met his death while es-1
s into, the Cherbourg te-|from food and ammunition, they Admiral Nimlts. announced thatlc.p"g.T..hey were m ordered and I
a"d late today were fight- carried regular supplies of mail and American carrier based places the British Government w l never
irway up the Slopes of newspapers. sunk a Jaoanese carrier of thW cease in Its efforts to collect evi- a
u ,suth*est of Cher- Richard Sharp, BLB.C. reporter, new Haystaka class and three fuel donce to identify those responsible
h Americ are csig hi cabled the story of how the takers, in addition to damaing and these foutl criminals will be
pt .so.uth.andeast as well. 14th Armyv cleared the road. On a battleship, three carriers and tracked down to the last man.
.'__.have been reduce June 7. the Japanese suddenly other warcraft. The comnmunloue When the war is over they will be0
ul, smaall arms SAM. evacuated the mountain spur south made no mention of United brought to exemplary justice."
i-.> t- . n defending .- of Kohima under pressure of a I States ship losses I 4-I
Prlmr red defenses. Tr/os frontal Attack followed by a st The T o ommunaue alerted --
and Germans are so encircling move. Then.'e started that the Jat-nese smk or dam- D j, (bffice.
a in grim b..ttl1I to clear the road advancing 6 swee five Allied alrraft carriersl 1
air for are unablemiles In 16 days along hills nearlyone or more batlesh n dPol ce Officern
awpport that marked, 10,00 feet high. destrov^d '00 placess. The Jann
all8ut attkd The road was mined, bridges were te slv their battle. flet carredB amas Postt
merican down, there were bunkers anded I I
.e on "a-rant-'roadbloks ever'ywhere."L bulldozer nut a "forestalling action." TheI Trinidad Guardian" under-
ba tle aea, bit rail worked overtime Ailling In anti- AMies Sink Jan tleff Itanos that lergL. Major Won-
Be c unications I. i attk ditches. Pour tAnks led the wath. of the Tr n dad and Togo
e 100 miles deep in flaee advance, but an armoured car went Barges Of Bink Police Foree. has been offered lndf
1 -t TumT0 PAS- cl L 21ahead of them with a sapper OffiT na1 c&epied an appouitment as
S. cer to spot mines. ADVANCED AN LID HEAD- Inuctor ofL the Bahamas Poh.ze
There were blindly corners on the OUARTER. NEW GUINEA. June Fore. I
roa d ao u every. 30 yards a"d, 23 (Reuter)-JapaewA troops o a n lore taking up this appoint-I
Saoy"Sharp,. this is wvhre the of-iFlak 11Mn off DUtCh Now menw it wil be necessary for himI
s0 las tcer of the leading company of in- Guinea are UUll holding out in to benoder his resignation here.
l__,_...fatrv came In. His ob was to small groups. u am others a .o- The noa carne a
|* IOla2-- i.. al round each comer to see that varnti v tryn. to escape to M sltry of $1A $ per annun, witht
i liir there were no Japanese waiting mairlpnd. Allied naval aircraft a house aUllowancm of 84uSAO
Ifor s. He strolled around puff- have interested and sunk two yeaar. ig to ana from .
h. M....- mihni. shi pipe and when.he s otted heavily laden mbarges carrying ahama wUl e provided by the
CHARLFS GRUMICH a bunker he sent up his men and Japanese troops and supplies. Government of that colony.
THE CARRIER TASK went forward with the- to see ______aft__________________________
Off the Andaman Islands, if It was empty. I -- '"-"-- I
S(AP).--Fighters sad lmb- TlA relieving force from Kohl-
* he Allied EasternIn et, ma joined unwith men from Im: I
blwa ntls ot ~l cer hr iiig Envoy Discusses
Wt the Japs today, deliver- hal yesterday morning 2 4m -is' Envoy N S.
lt%g blow at ft~alflt ]norh of ImplialU. there- m '= .,
ltlr cpital f theIAlthough thq road in oleartre i' n do "i d 1t.o .fi
Port Blair capital of the a. w ltedro w Trinidad Trade Prospects
Oft Xslsn4'in the Bag Of panese just off the road but the
Oh I P.B.C. recorder thinks they will not
p' through rains th ear, give us much trouble. I
s-esfrsthit Jap ground-- Trinid a 1 ina unique ,stion go,,attly, to Improve rota.
kk then the bombers bit loswntenihornreulcOfVslandComaadI
.tar.ges. No -i'r oppo r._n0OUntered i one SvmlwU Vjhould. endeavor P to C&PI1413 OB tal dvSzt-f tr s= oSI.
Among .aig Gatner, newly apPolInted Britls Ambasador to Brasil, told
*--Iw A Sink E-Boats I ,,.. I
'ls aisado i tson misiIg aIru z*t 'Trihdad Guardian" yesterday.
Stac and troop ar-i LONDON, June. 2A (ROuter) Dir Donald, acoempalid by Lady -
In the se wUr,Coa Oouimmalnd QJ r ( rSalmo s an 4helr is a rie l1a
a J-. -- aircraft this morning abet up ev- rh Colony e- Thinslay lgSt. mm*11111111111111111-
_t _..r * ." f a ceo- the way take phisk am.,- '-

taajr T t J -bolts and a minesweeper turn- Veassuela adClmt.h aL^iiiiiiB- ~ ii-
S 0Le it Boulog a we e be atreoghtes by t E
*X~a~l.^ --. damaged by Wrocets from Be m.ter'dlaago of eemmedlta Mmd ^ g ^ ^ ^
. Maa Ju : .. aM leis are ut a*lt a h wa v e S-
r f ekl, l y z seriously damaged iM- anous o ,e fre nI -i
* itilm Wef m rwvllaa laa German coavf wa 5sucbt am~isieme His Bhelmlesqecto ^-- ---~ s~ssssssi
l- whti~^ eJtiyi^S S~?" '"Sa "CS -S J -jH
mdratime to.' I~w uea onf- tSSii M IIIi P:v One -.hi^ ii andh^ *"*iiiiiiiil~iiil H

For Allies

]' '-+ "

Pfc. Elmer Sittion to Rome with
rcOs entered the Eternal City,--

U.S. Foreign Policy
Is Not For Sale
President Roosevelt maid today
that United States foreign poli-
cy was not for sale for 1140,000,
the approximate amount of the
World War I debt payment
made by '.inla shortly before
the State Dep i- ordered
M. Procope. tf IE Min-
iater, to leave the United
States. He decalned to coau t

further on M. Pr .~t~ct, Uaaorin~o and Macerta eruetag but j
sion but AeLd eW s amy reaistance.I
that the Finnish w nt Allied planea flew 2,300 sortla
was Allied with the common attackg trget' In northern
enemy. Germany. and fighting itly, Albania. Yugoslavia and in
a common ally, RusSia. the battle area. Ten 'planes were '
___ ............ .....__ 1 lost and two enemy craft were,
T __ f 11 .Forces of heavy bombers again
/Jars . II plastered oil Install htions at P Go-
fapsC al V lU tl and Giurglu on the Danube to..
day. Rail -rds in Yugoslavialc
Saipan Battle were Also ateke.

'Most Critical' Sugar Chief Leaves I
NEW YOR 3un (AP,) A For Barbados Meet s
Tokyo broadcast said Etsuzo Kuri-i Mr .J. o..... .. u r
harm, Chief of the Naval Press M, H ........ .. .. .s
art, C othe Neal Hd "Controller of Canada, who arrived c
section At Japanese Imperial Head. here by 'plane on Thursday, left y.-s.
quarters, in a state en-t declared te y m
the "battle situation In the Salpan h de for Babds, whr
wea Is the most critical one since l e willA thtd e Seventh Con-
the beginning of th. war." He Said gro o the Associated West In. -
maje r beginning "oftw-ar. ,- dian Chambers of Commerce ,
i major effort wouje.. b" neceeaary ',,1^ "S- .1
to turn back the advanced nayv During his sty here, Mr. Rob-
elements centeredd around more binsW the guest o Mr, H. Alan
than 20 aircraft carrier and more Walker managing director of Car.
than 20 ai~rcraft career arid moreI. ,o....,.
than a down battleships with more oni Estates. Ltd.
than 100 transport ships." -
He acknowledged that the Sal- DII.. *.
Soperation was an "advance of elgian Trater I
enemyait our inner line .or
Howard Randleman, represntingl I-d| t~
eomblned Press board thExecuted In London
Expedltionarv fiaoshlp off Salpan. rN .... .... I
state, that American marn an -C -- O, June ; 28 (Router).-
.,,m.. .... ,-4.. .t. ...,Another German spy, th 15th of
soldiers' pushed up the slopes o t he Iar. Wan toa eecutd In
Mount Tapotchau in preparation L"'don. He da elga.n, Pierre
for the cumas of the battle ofH Rich rd ,h are e l gian.. ..
Saipan. The Americans continued wRch.a...Charles I.nke rmana.n HeI
Sa'pan Th AImanionvlnuedllded out orf the Belgian
to suffer casualties from Jap mor army before the war and w"heh
tar and..artUlery fire. though ,nhey country was over-ru.n In 0 the
moved behind an artillery barrage German Secret Servie agent..
unprecedented in the pacific war. came to him near Brussaels. with
he A rican General command- pol. He fell In line and the
ing the operation aid. "We have erma put him through a loI
not met the bulk of the enemy period of training in abotge,
forces yet. A lot of their bt menl nr radio tranamilsion and mcirt writ-
*r@ concentrated In the back of in
Tapotchau." Then this Belglan traitor a*s
The climax of the battle is .- Put acros the Franco-Spuaish
peeled to be In the TaoM tMar- rontier @a d came to Britain In
bour. north of the town i Oo- July at year by way of LisboI
pan. which has been heally booe P1 ng as a loyal Belgian who had.
boarded from asa and air or t e t omp from Neade oprmion.I
past few dava. Japanese nfa lry- We story was plausimble .eou
men an believed to total .m. Mi md., unfit as he was for armed
The firt lUdro of Amercanl srvice. he was given a Job as a
'planes landed on Asllto airied clerk in a Belgian Goveramat of-
ymesfty. Ice here.
"-" ---The,. a few moauts lator e wasB
oOlnd UOt. HL adootted eW a
Germuany'sOi 0ltw I." ad lii
CiL__ _t + *j o *. 11 BIRa I n rul mtry, an addresls -I
Shortage Critical pd ambe0s Nil
LONDON. June 23 UP., A sea'uo Of th la O r a iIs
qaokmesoan of tNe ft7od 1:1e I en rs en tminas-l eva. but
13011M Wartt er -- M m1T 0&" BaaY oil fto wsorta was 5a eral esutto I n 31teI.
for We German uaiviore f- -- '*
-sol- 3,on-Ton Sp oaHit
U hflte be unar. t w 3e u s' a ,
Oh MADE" Iniu the to" 0"I New G
remthn e r UMe m te sovmnU W %RtIeBa
ovapu o (Val of, i-- emUM
rearil to con"1ral*y oft ADVANCED ALUL RAD-
L ---a--- Fim UARVft& NEW O0"JAk J--
Invasw36 (4&1i.4&flWONS U~di0
-ak ar dkma- a L^*w
SHI A I-MXR inAM ion sk -" o.jf t v ff ."G- 1W111111
&Jo 4an. IAy- The muva-berMsinaw .vwmg 14 U eadis
el a Nt% u bammue._Wl2 O11. 01111. 1M-i
j 0 6 ; Souir -don" Ba1ft 111111
an b~n -h al.b

Nazis Halt

Italy Retrea

Bitter Stand Ma
On Both Sides (
lake Trasimeno
ROME. June 23 (AP). I
patches reported German for
have halted their fRight in cen
Italy and are making a bi
stand against The Allied Eig
I Army un both siden of Lake Tr
meno, about 85 miles north s
allghtly west of Rome.
Heavy rains early in this w
gave the Germans a much neec
breathing spell in which to
organize and strengthen their
fences at the centre of the line a
it appeared that they would not
thrown into retreat again until
Eighth Army could gather lt
and attack in force.
Today's Allied communique m
the Eighth was meeting "st'o
resistance" both north and noi
west of Perugia and at the sou
went corner of Lake Traeimi
where several enemy count
attacks were repulsed.
The two wings of the Alliedj
vance continued though the Am
cans pushing up the west Ital
coast and the French on their
I mediate inland flank encounter.
increasingly stiff resistance. 0
In the Adriatic" sector was
Nazis' flight unchecked.
There, Lighth Army troc
crossed the Chienti River a
I reached the vicinity of Morrova
Sand Montecosaro less than 25 mi
From the port of Ancona. Americ
tank and infantry forces drove
' yond Gulncarico., 11 miles nor
west of Groasetto, and approetl
the co)atal town of Folonica, so
55 miles below Pisa.
Another United States column
thrusting Inland up Highway
were reported on the outskirts
French colonials, keeping a lit
ahead of the Americana, reach
la point slightly north of the
lage of Castiglione Dorcia which
17 miles went of Chlumi. Betwe
Perugia and the Adriatic coa
Eighth Army former were report
,pproaCht9A the laro towns



t be
hod I
Vil- L

Refreshed Armies

Ietrnlo XTnmt- T 1"

0ilmabi 114 Uzi jUllie5 .:ij

On Vitebsk Front

LONDON, June 23 (AP) The Rutsdans announced tonigte tS '.
refreefd armies have begun the long-expected summer offe"lat e
northwest and southeast of Vitebsk. .);0
.. T s.... pecial ocmmunlque diuu" 't
"Mein Kampf" Reportd thatetd I oviet frces 111410
,vaH a~x~alt x~p/t I trollh" the German 44 ....
Banned In Germany of. iteb d sk on
19 miles wide, seen and e~t: +
WASHINGTON. June 23 tAP)> o nine a s d. lfile
captured more than 100 la .
H. R. BSaukhage, U'.ue Net Work pla4ea, Including ShumlUna, the'd
commentator, said in a broad- trict centre of the Vltebsk -g
cast that Hitler's "Mein Kampf a n the rairoad rtatton of
is being suppressed In Oermany Ioutheast of Vitebek, the wa '
and Oermans found reading it bullein said, the attackers batt
ed through powerful defensesea g '. t,
w-uld be jailed. He said 17 miles wide and pUhtd a5 B ; ,
he received this information a depth of five to si mile inni"s
through non the way more than 1 90 ..o ;
through an unlmpeachable plac among them tie ifl-
European underground source. road tationo f Bamostochie "Th
He explahd that banning the Russiam' ., renewing wide offensive
book did not mean tht Nai operation after a general lull of
Party was on Its way out but two mo ns. have also eut Wthe
the "Nazis found it necessary Vitebsk railway.
to do everything possible to "
keep the populace quiet and BRIDGEHEAD ENLARGED
keep them from thinking to
much about how they got wheren Meanwhile, on the Plnr.nlsh tmok
they are." te communique said the ROulM
-............. ..-.-. ....surge continues, more than 30 a'*
dltionai places having been at
fI byf 1 f ormatlons enlarging ther1%s
L ,rtoss lanft l head thne northern bank t
C rVo CJhlll-ltl- L| Svir aMnd other gains weret
1 |elsewhere. Moscow's confl rt
| )l|l l llm41,r of enemy reports that ofguiheS
L/U la I Ullo J3t1 had begun on the e@tem ft"
D~uel Runs IntoI hd"nwte"aser
Icame leas than 13 hours after
VA^^v* \\eT^^ Orman radiW, jolted listeners wtta
e on W ee[k the first word of the campa 'm s
Sec nd ee he central sectors.
--*--- olonil Halienaleben, chief mwt*
By AUSTIN SEAJMEAR tary correspondent of DN.. -
SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, AL- served: "No', we are face to to"
LIED IXPEDITIONARY PORCE, with the beginning of a oonoaetrto
June 23 AP) -- The cros-Channel general at tack on E proe. Then.
duel between Allied bombers adl Objective of the Soviet opeitis
OGerman pilotless rocket watt launched on the third annivleml
thundered lnto U od week of the war, is to split the
With United St l y tr southern and-northern f
Sa d Lib mrators battering the. through O.. art11he.
rOeket-Itmebhur raw"s n t tic in mes sead getting a erip ont % t
doe laisale1 0for the fourth t dMe-e zyl tltt .Tesownt
in 24 hours. ge ral atta V w be, by .
Tactical air units, which yester r.a. nlsed German kM Pa
day provided tht closest support to
date for the Normandy invasion dnp l Pa.quis declared ov"e
form. shifted the bulk of their radio: "The Soviet
operations beyond bateIommand timed their.-
Sstruck new blows at enem fensiv to start on the ot
OmMu s tIons stretchino nsth e versary of thp outbreak of %L
t r Russo-German way with the iatelb.
nd east of Paris in an effort to tionof. tingtheir armies to Sotm
Iontain the enemy forces massed o t. ra toel. he,,
Pes he bl e of the Cherbourg started with tremendous blPs
Peninsua. htAhevarilysd
No German 'Planes were encouri. ightnd.1.ay t ff?-"
tered by the bombers and fighters iormAnUs1 ofr ti Red Air
n the Pa do Calais attack and Supporting waveafter wave "of ta
Ill returned. The attack was the nd infantry. Berlin, of Oak**
ninth this week on launchingmi the ultimate rat but thee an
ramps by LT'nted States bombers. more-immediate .objeivs IL
Meanwhile, t.he ermans So M,, t are Samptri .q
theGeran In toliuidteGerman equity th
ceased their robot 'plane attacks 7Ass h s~ ceat k
with flying bombs exploding n to 5 5o to R i t n
South England to the ninth straight . i
night, causing deaths and damage. rPLKAs TUWN To P4a [. cS 0



..i. ..... . Ii
A~ ~~. A.3S ^

TOMATO-10 oz. Tmi

VEGETABLE-10 oz. Tin 9k.

CICKIN wl N -. .,
CMkIlEN wjik ICE
CatAM f c Co
viesrWUMl IN NO

' ,.,, " + i'
.- ~ "', ". "th ." -a i. I .-. a :; ... .- .. 11. .,'
t;,.,,'.' "".'* .... ;.,;, .,., 7. _,_ : *' ," ....

- ftjafl
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and theirie a foreigner round mut tions i n Caurs, Marac as;;
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t)r ,actino ed his t Andrew Posall began to wing f s DIoald ak t AW d iOw R.AJ..Cal Ciommand. that that person had comUitted further acquisitions of land for GamesF i l m,
Mr er uenton of oree. O ne ainl Yterae te ray I g tl fou w sub u gd a wing. TA Wa mai l 0maou o- the of in as guide water supply or soil conservation
t0an thequstnCk A convicted by Mr. .W. J. Andree od f tly that ree ha be sede pevatle nAl overWd WithoutA l centc, Mr. W.J of purposes have been recommended.
Mth theFiron t eheolce a bras tbuc o nnm 'u o m a gnfo 'rtalicenc Mr o this altohe ,
ch-c t of wtstheWret.t-n the irst A PoticerO o gav am (At o .) th information Office disclosed
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"comared their statement at Laventie to bused, for Uaitualde P eisintgs fo m the A d
marnng.committee's annual report for
op ordellmnarv heortar i twhen they a o e Ptttutim- Sao. Body .l. tSlthough seen sowint eg" r0et ao m th e I
a, otha t the buckle "old oo nd so ordered to serve an- Trae W ith Shipping Body thiat h fsee an oud th e c E N .UR
the one the dead mother tam of two yeaer __son- sElets O ers tLrgbro his sland aroenr of
tt woaap asyig Rampharrandger to wollnd upolicen when they S gr ia E ct s 1 Botn Gardens. was not s ers to Ldb th e act ing Director o
warwth their evtdenole entorsn em r t a at t n receive money. Holding up receipt Agriculture the committee co- ENTRANCE-PEMBOKE TREr3- pj
t tt t wa mhen r erto wounded policemen whenldrg they0 t p.1Mr. S. H Banning has been of the money as ine mental In- .prising the Director cf Works and

rh^ ^ y h* tha it^ wasS^ ^ ^ ^ ^ mod Rathfac' Onr Vi 6 Dan #UbagO d t ulh Wtont w w t
rAd called attention to a number raided his place. = &din A ebsn a tagTrao he Inspector of Mines. TICK ETS SOLD FOR MAY 27 WILL SECURE AD
f authorities relative to the lue-, Erl Fortune and Venaclo Brown I. ,Dasse a t klende president of the Ship- r, i ld a s.t t i e tor of eSurveys a nd Sub-pr aT OL
4"tty for DrovLr direction tofound guilty of aiding and abetting ping Association of Trinidad. at ths inwd,M as r n t hen Diet of Cr s the Space duted by United Grocers.
tDiscusse that th isban was never Intended Intendant of Crown Landt pa do, t by Uc
te Jury by ludges on the issue of him, went to prison for six months Secretarynsd treasurer of the for the purpi of preventnll ny- C oherman of the Planning add ,
Mentifcatlan. H-e contended that and one year, respectively ,iONTUR" F aOM PAG t U sec t and tr Masurer f the o woso dun d tprpos ondu t i or
*lveJ dR n umi u sold Oe ln.tl tem~it1,eAssociation is Mr. A. L. Lynch. one who so d'slred from oodctlg Hu sn, Oomlsln the Director _______________
Judge in Summing up should One Woitness told the pnt oiate strangers around and showing them of ow ainde Cons ertor
mut the e cae in such a way that this thing went on every day Kingdom, as the United Kingdom while Colonel D Gordon Smith, places, and that an offernce was of sot, held three meetings .
t ensure that the ury duly of the week from Sunday to St- is anxioUls to trade with eele Mr Mittedonly whenthat Pti during last year-on february
lOecdated heai oa r da and e horothy r a was in ahm H pition Mr. A. W. Ba" er.o hn ular person who did not have thte Ma 1 and October i. '
evidence u and nI ht. the a to buy goods from the aUnited Bayne, Mr. Edwin Lee Lum and necessary authority rendered their A regardss acquisition for land
"If U question of 'like' had Information wan itid by Lance- Kingdom and the money the UnitedMr a o e htte sri f erd the comt '
benpu o h ur n h mn oroalSmmn.Kingdom made In selling to Bra- Mr. S. ory Dwsvies bay,) been services for reward, settlement purposes, the commit-
b which It should bet" Mr. p l m ii could be spent on imports from chosen trustees of the ssocls- Preliminary Inquiry Into an So tee supported proposals for the ac-
ialdwhr.T It should be M rd tha or y. tide on of German brople, quecdtion of the w& Reconnaissance M O D ERN
ri teat commented, It s more Mr. Andre yesterday found Iti that country, tion. -s-- ----- bog toe Sin of t ihe ae onanc
rea onably probably that a strange that Leonard Charles, MISCONCEPTION aint Graham Mortimer of I- tar in oi st Valley and La
fernt verdict might have been mane wpho entered a U.rS. An o i rco Air Base by Assistant S r met Clar,
tr ury wase continued by-provided than a~ny areas unsuitable
c o u r d ?t "k t f av e b e e n m at B tw h n re d s U S nse nln e n D r Jy H am i l t o ni n th e d b y Mn ao arr l eB t u r e f o r r eBas n s o f t o p "
rbnisd." without authority was standinF be- Sir Donald said that he had S'4-v n ~ ne n Dr.A. was Hail on nthenSecon gricutur for solwre not gf to-..
IOB el'attention was at this fore him. The magistrate thought found that a good deal of ignor-Co r tier, oay S Mr. Ah ol tehyoril e rn-ot cultai se
dwi erected by the chief Jus- he should have been shot, but ac-ance prevailed all over the world courtli yesterday o ei
thetrial Judge's direction cordigto a leniency plea by as to how the Home Government P e Fo Fin th ac quisi o Dw &o
the by7 with respect to theCch Army omcer who gave him was constituted, and as to how the l e For Fine Iforh co peclution o. ed ene p eThes c m Sttle
e B f oodhram Rattan a good name, ordered him to sign Colonial possessions as apart from'Butt who appeared for Mortimer tert purposes one of which r In
on oath at the trial told Of a beonde Sin $5to come up for sen- the Dominions, were administered. submitted thst the case should rnot mt Popose. s one of whc si
yint yin Ramphal And tence if Called upon wi in two "'It is a grave mistake," he said, T u n d Dbe sent to the judge and jury. Tobtgo. made ain th
hSrr~a~S u ad Grenden u years and to repor t to a probation "to think that any nation co d Mr. Hamilton adjourned the ta protests made inst the
Sa acquisition of land belonging to r
nthe night when they hid officer fortnghtly during that p become prosperous at the expense e matter until June 0. the Orange Grove Estate for the (PRE-WAR DESIGN)
rIouns.th iod. of another nation." "Fine me $40, please sir, I Ir ve a establishment of a farm school for'
UION QUERIED Charles, It was stated, scaled .t In his view, U.S.-Went Indies family," was the last unsuccessful
f tsonQ Eeconomic relations should be en- p es made by ac Henwood, a Welfare Superintendent Te"rilm Orphmnage were

erS-of~d. for hom or offic ;': W : --^ ^^ ^-
fence to help himtself to someenplamdbyJc eWd.Ariee.
Ormanted Permissiaon to add mangoes In the area, but when courage after the war, city salesman, as sentence of sixO Visit To Tobago Acquisition of a small area of e office
an or the knife rDonald, who was at one time months vss Imposed on him by Mr.
rter groun to the reon held up by Consul-General in Vienna and W. J. Andre in the First Police Mrs. E. C. Draggett, Superintend- rteyed mejo Fort srve was
or the opeal, he submitted that he carried to peel the fruits and Munich went on to disclose that he Court yestrd for dispose OfAetofhld Welfare, h been on n P I w t atly
de'a statement to the Jury tl'ttened to useOIt. had shaken hands with HitlerCu dr disposgf e ptof Chl e re, hu b i 1 recommended and approximately

luhat boy' evidence wasodham I'veryrl1.3 tyrevretatth e wittrhI tedefaced serial number.nw ^ WENBDA: <. ~m niaAOr~it^H VH
Sth ue boyR evidence atws veryuM te Ribbentrop, Rudolfh ees ca tyre w ith defaced erial number. a visit to Tobago during the Put 8e acres in the eastern part of @0%0%.%
l whr against r eall the accusedI A OTL INT .L P IHimmler, the Nazi leaders. Henwood gave notice of appeal week in connection with thea nsw- the Northern Range and I,0 i
e s a grave misdirection in "Hitler," he said, "is the essence and ball with a surety in the sum vision and training of districtLngdenvlle acquired for Secialy selected by our repre.
oh evidence might Sale of Lie most expensive pint of everything evil in the German of $700, was allowed. nurses, school nurses and InfantA mCs a oenerer ckd e l

thousr t h e~v id. encemight pin of^ ^ evrthn e vi in the Germ OanTAA u.

S A dmisible Aainst the of rum ev -took place in the city character. Their will for power ," Is a disgraceful thing indeed welfare nurses there. military purposes In 1941 were entati Mr. Jack de Lima,
thr tWeeo accused men it also a few nights ago when William and their desire to dominate, arewhen a man can rob people of hun- Mrs. Massonl President of the co rtituted s smctioned Forestin th U.S. and Canada.

Man jailed Sew b toein1? ^ ^ y ^. Suar Hario uk(~mon ao 'hirstv salo $2l ooI Rserves.^ '? f B-^a
iu d eeobin umar. Harrison ask a rty alor $2 embodied in him. He invites all dreds of dollars and get away with Child Welfare League. who aom- erves.
O this around it iU my ub- Ifor the rum, $1 for motor-car fa8re these in himself and is undoubted- It," the magistrte remarked, when panted Mrs. Draggett, made the A brief report setting out the"
lsMon," he said, "that It onlyto fetch It, and four cents for Aly the representative of the very ihe heard how Felix Whittle was trip in the interest of the League's Main fct with regard w toSil ereo-
eesmurY it should be mentioned copy of the "Guardian" in whi h worst side of the German people, fleeced of $500 by Henwood who activities, the committee for submission d
uto onhorities, a mis tantatmate- b unleswshwraspe id ourtheComm methiminMunihI nstus o gE nE o
to see how vitally important It Is the bottle ws wrapped. prison lTKmerely lent him this defaced tyre the Secretary of State.
W that on the strength of the would not hand the bottle over HITLER HANDSHAKE to use and left him with the prom-
rtl.t mstkeon a mate-wrapped unle rhwaspadfur "When I mt him n Munich, I iie that he wouldsoon get new Trinidad Eleet e[ty ,u we/le
r fact would Invelate the cents for the paper covering It. instantaneously realized that he tyres and tubesfor him. Y L mR
toUition so far as eegobin Su- The Illegal and dishonest deal was a fanatic. His ideas are a Whi.'le, on whose car the old Board
ma is Concerned.', earned Harrioa one yer L. pris- jumbled set of facts, taken from defaced tyre was found, never re- I'-
-A further -.bmission wa ad- on imposed on him by Mr. Andre history. His book, Meln K ampf," ceived the new tyres nor was his 0T E
canoed by Mr. Archbald to the who considered him 'a bad type of clearly illustrates this." money ever returned to him. The NO TI CE Y D e L m&
effect that the trial ludge failed fellow indeed." Sir Donald conceded that the police later seized the defaced tyre. eu fiervs hoe lag s.libn,
to direct the Jury that the pro- police Constable Chin Aleong, Nazi Party had done some good "I may be the worst person In a st
Per intferenc to be drawn from the who laid the Information met aI for the German nation, in making the world but I would like yut for the Wo -----
h*0ur an the Dart of the Wit- comnmunicative Passer-by who over-I them strong and healthy, bt in his examine the whole of the case AaiaiosacIvie's "bfsu
"MOM Petit, Mattan, Juftguohan heard the arrangements, and lying view the ultimate aim of the Nazis carefully," Henwood declared In aPpointment Of an AsaSitant low" I-
Onti Boodh-am Herr to tell the in ambush, saw all|that transpired was not to make the German nation submitting that no case had beenItrical Engkieer inWthe Servce Of BR ITISH
bollo. on the nliht In Quest nO and eventually car.-led away fir- Istrong and healthy, but to make made~against him. "In every Imag- the Board On a Salary scale of
w the had seen In the after. rison. the rum and the newspaperI them into a warring nation. Unable case of tyre these days the ,400--120---68 per annum. LYDlA L FNA I L
TAM. namely, the four accused which was a few days old. h we have to do after the first name that is called is Hen- Applicant. riust possess a Uni-IUSpreatDont D'tactspt a sub-
cmrrying guns. was that the evi- 5u -Inspector Harris, aking that war," he stated, "is to insure that wood," he continued. "As soon asv y er r ltutor LydlL.Pinkhsm's
dence of each and everyone of Harrisus be seriously dealt with Germany will never again be in A anybody is held with lyres they call VDnse wde COMi L PIniIst'on
,them wAS an after-thought and told the magistrate that he was one position to make war on her my name first." tA--ociate.Membership of the Insti-' agmeeCond.aInssts. o
neighbours for her own aggrandise- On a point of law he invited the tution of Electrical Engineers and e1g,
an invention entirely unworthy Of of the gang of men who hung meant. The most rigid disarm&s OntateitofagreeIwithdhi must have had practical eari-
,L m lt.the auiestl.o, o..i pie and who are never Ilnterestedl mentht she wontll nmver be ablesto mag istaehnterpretsitiont re of Wtthehl wordtt ence ofteistlainTflrD .':,
belief,, around night clubs wor.. Ing peo- ment and control must he impo agsed th aet ge ihhmtaT
cr'nflicts of evidence. Mr. Worrell in work, 0tarm shagailln. v"dibposal" In the relevantesetionoftewr power plants and a full knowledge
SubmittedOthateowingMto theWpar-narmtagain.hdisposal" in the relevant section of the Rules and Regulations of
thar tn owingto the paer' "Any attempt to strangle her was the surrendering of proprietary the Institution of Electrical Ei-
ticular circumstances In the case Mr. Andre chose the jiil for- economically would be detrimental rights, and in his case there wAS gIneers of Great Britain and of r [ME TABLE
cited as authoritv bv Mr. Arch- John Mohammed, a profiteer, to and would only start another war. merely a loan, the Fire Underwriters of the United
bald. the direction by the Judge study "how to sell according to Germany must he made to under- "You haven't got A leg to stand States. Oper aUt'PlesFro FetruarnyUite
In the cue that the evidence of schedule." The magistrate iii- stand that no nation in Europe on," the magistrate said, rejecting tIOAtiv e sFr ebruary 14tl.
the sfir. who had a admitted Rav- posed fines totalling 8240 on two has any territorial ambition and his submission, adding that mere Applications must reach the un- LOCAL TIMES SHOWN ARE FOR PIiCO DE
ini b different story previously,charges of selling charcoal above that no nation will tolerate Ger- possession was sufficient to consti- designed not later than 1.0 noon iFOR ALL OTHER DETAILS PLEASE APPLY BLW.
should be dtkrextoaded was Perfect- schedule and on hearing that Mo- many's abuse." tute a charge and tina t It did not on the 3rd July. 1044. Offie: 12, Abercromby Street. Port-Of-5pt
IT correct. In the Dresent, case hammi ed wasunable to lay, ordered Sir Donald during his stay In matter whether It was a sale or r,
fhe Ciretnstances were the other that h# be taken to Jail to serve Washington.Paid courteyca Order of the Board, hones 6185 and 7548
W~phroudton, hpaidea curey Icalloan. B rdro teBor.MONDAY: 6.39 A~m. Trh~ddd--4renada--. _
Sound and Le aske the the .,Iternatlve of one year's in- n Mr. Cordell Hull, the U.S. Secre. Henwood admitted having re- W.J. WILLIAMSST6.30a.m. TrinIdad-Grenad--
Court to say that the direction the prisonment. tary of state;:and Lord Halifax, celved the money from Whittle Ge-eral Manager. 6.00 6 am.) Tln-
dgave scin thecasewas "ooanlBritish Ambassador to Washing- after promising to get tyres and
Corr eset in te.cu w 00 oto Jail and learn there how to. 9 HIS.)TrnldO--Arbdm
correct one, to sell according to schedule," the Durn. hest1nTrid hmt01d9.40 am.) Tryntdad-tarbadath
With respect to the new around magistrate remarked i tubes and also that he really lent 20th June, 1944. 1,20 pm.)
of aDOeal, namely that the Judge Mohammedsold two bags of char. n-8athe guest of the Acting Gover- succeeded in getting new ones for NS ERE TUESDAY: 6.0a aam. Tr.nKladA--artai -
Min ty vital coal at $1.50 per bag when they him. He told the magistrate,,how- 1INOR SAaLtEIr itladgm,"E S-66
moint of fcit when hce told them shoud have been for $1.e13- vtba. case was not one of them.Mokar pyur
aa was very strong against d respect Two Divorce Decr ever, that the defaced tyre In the bOR SAE a hertburn bEDadad-St. Lueisa
on that Aleseidwenreof oohra HN ORARYI Information was laid by Lance- stAmD elkhps you awake at nihtA, 6.006 i am.)
lthe a hereas the vi- ONORAR DEGREES Granted In South Corporal Brathwatte. ido10ar6 t ItAto f blyo. wlS .9.40 an.) Trinidad-Sarbads. .
domes 4id not tnculpate 8eetrob eXPeRl, June 23 (Reuter) Mr. Victor Stollmeyer appeared Abe esek Isot a *blm..4I8 I .m')
Sumar, Mr. Womrell submIttsd that A proposal 3 confer as honorary Trinidad Guardian Cerrepondent. on behalf of the prosecuton. t.45pm. Trlnlda4-Gremsd
It was a mere $1liDwhIcmisled, pDoctorofCivilLawdegree on Mr. SAN F NAD June2s.-TwoAT VsnD. ld- u-a ,
330 one. Ii -_- _on t w .Il
no. Jone. epie h E dw~ard P. Stettinlus, United Sttes decrees nisi were granted by sMr.EPO3AIGDCE rstten tIduslnae .0s. Tlta-abd
Mor. Johns ton decisionand the nder-secretary of State, and an Justice J. L. Md. Peres in the "u- GUROBATEMLJne 3(l DE au (ie.l homn hmes n idlocty which 10.10 p gm Tluldad-Bntarba-ss
cor eevd t eiin Honrar Dlstingulsh service Preme Court, here today. Th (3overnmnent has issued a de- 10.10 pro. Tinlici--e stomae' un-
~~~ross on Dr. Isaac Bowmran, Presi.- One was granted toVivian Mssrv--yI'lll tme
detof the John S. opnsn-l8brand the other to Mary owned prprties whc amount t "BmgOtauwasee8d' t Ma nesia ntoly. FIDY 9.0 a~m,) Tndd-lrllg !'
Man e : W ialwll comue before the con- Victoria Welch against Charles several million dollars.amuto DE Idnis eescdtyntnly9.0m.)Yndd~3ra
1 Biycle vocation atOxford on October 24. ISidney Welch. ______ ____ 4 ~ em te riae .4 p.m.) inddTe ~
21-Iniad GurdianCenseesudat..DODo--
SAN FERNANDO. June 23.-'o-.J lo.'h, theyIMTE g""' .9 a~m. Tnidad--5ib45 "4I
seph. Baptiste was convicted and 10.45 5 N D UTrS nwdusd-- SPPLIE hrDAr
setne o to yo, rA' OPpriUnt "-" -*~ kdI 2.4p .T""ddTa~
the Magisrate' Court hee. this Highest Prices Paid B H E '? -
GLWYHE 1?CERIN YuBeautsys Loveme
.e magsttrate, at ter sentencing, i'e Hep "M ebs ,Id0|
"aptiste, cogratulatedKPn n edyCon- o .. L td U,,r. u . ,
stable John of the 0,.D., saySingf: 'Vuu I;ii et tfrdgelc sdosbl'
,w ,. ,,., .. .' -. .-- --- - -- il0Killo Tins
tuat o u nth peni.wr MP SQAR _~ 'o my~ u sid Is Carter's Little Live
I ~ bip -~ tp515r51 5... ?sh"U -ai
amoz ~rnsHs~v For the of removal to ou ne .sv-}i--- nyoua---..-.AN
( OFCRTrnad purpose toour. -,,,i, C rnn,(,.. .-. ,:

wHu -om eaIO Uemies and for Stocktaking a i V 11rM3myi Wfoe IM
66M.S. AP", we wil beiu-4W ,Bowin'- od ..af.t M
uS- s we willb tnyou lsbeLYet_7_oat 10 Pe
j'~f umaxwhAr)C OSDWSW 2T Q @3U O AN-have bad breath and=dot know iL
L ^ 21I. From Ist July till 15th July Inclusive F --A-- C NE Use obwI ""
Sta" haL rman-& 06
Aoth Boiler. t. While we areclosed our customers Burgess List 1w944 TTL ama ak .
. ?iMiDWM may obtain their supplies and pre- BeTet of Sa ern ar ee tpm e aqth r. co04d umi
Caacty aout div6ddcorner ovnatiofRn Bu nd rgessLstb al an-the eh&m*W
Ini : scriptions from our Branch Store at sked to co-operate in the pre- .tbg Sd b
bou dr.ti on-of e e the Bprg e .byasiy elxthe soneet h d $14/M
m e..lt a bout I the corner of Park and St. Vincent IntorTioha 4oz.-loz. & O Sizt
"'11 sbith- an d Streets, opposite the Globe Theatre. or by asking for formon wthIc
adilad in the USA. in 1916S ca set out their gualifl-
S reconditioned In 1.042
a h" Wagsne been uned Intns t APK
ofdarer0ae' -Claimsmust be pe
W. C. W.C. & CO., LTD. "litQef-d between the -A"y 'a K A r
wet- C R { T* KOSS Coot toInspeat am$ MPKReame LM T
oened from O,'.?. T PUtER CHEMISTS M.SCOTT. -
0 00 sU4dg W be hac. 2. BR of PAU a QU *tm W Town Clerk. 2, ZROADWAV
6-w..w-t an .. to whma,4W,. 111 0. Comerof rederl & om r, YAWL
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W sA In cwnatlonthvr ir ,uyGlit n .y (..p s t
IW 0 7dsMAAe In grantsaM aaiat for Cshi D0,1 amsy
oliarelmrune -t the Chargn that I fy the |y *MM W. SL.. toAt e.atl adat.OWneiuo po ekt
,, m am whn ich ws StnLt, aquuoIm We.
,*vjtoprma d wi4w -. l--os-t--ft A' .c I "iu "G 6'16

k .sshare ne m r vme h.m. E. -.o I .L-tot ,i -e REN AN v EVEN
Jamai other raleutu Me Ry GI S RE E
![ll t I wel Is ex~m on f te W et Adftn NOw Legisl a tulr e to Use 4 MVt "rt
1*Swhich have ky4pu

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med, u o 1 nh o 41ty o Aber t h, fore r "t ""'o o ofa hwreneta grn tl e po-o
sueclicaluv for Trtni- t .'4Ph ad ayig Oe..

Ytw Brards ovlin.cn eectionl.t t he mal. y r r ey o Ihtne hh 1 |U IW r. e chly atire tttton Shre- It-
1gta for production of poa raeetAla: S .cotands U the 4
AWAutrlet,4"aswr Is In Vielie "natiVe pUt
44" MMO31M r E to subordinate paert-- points a nsi* 0. o"- - -e e Ads (which anN D A NC E NIt

s eir grant is one f. which o lthey iaYl fi tue 0nlth, ssrhegi' an pohr.vey fto
this r-Jamaica'to enable Iperal ouense of the Party, oo-0ngonsfrte hl4ide nd thr retmu. o S Ni A V E
oilflfl^flt there to Ie-tjPbpasised Int a statemwl Issued re. "s 1- rowirr. distrlct OF FUN N GIT
of@extensvelliage ilu e three Ulby tt e l c u ote oinit Texto repn follof year lws uOF FGI SY M EGA
t;an well as expansion I of the West Indian National P "TheSAnswer to the first part ofo
raldepartment. explialnitg the circumstances iad-, the question Is In the affirmative.

,,,0.,oo. : ...................... WW SLig 'See As "" "" " " ef nirel to Jamaica Ing up to t le expulut from hm te,. "TAe ,herGovernmenti ts wr fully co

pllne^ XI ol it'p m,. in- certain a^^ 'r the ToHE oIPS WATrwilove iee d100 ,
Limited.I s a grant a prd rtyn of M Alberthe Gam s, oft n uer e d hio of the need eor thee pro1i .*
lo asit the organIation third Vi e-Prei dent.ie, rekl -t & st i tha t htlaye u r rh with ews gorounds Ghe din w-o
if current an ctivities Charging tha t r. 0 cm ee byh W i s 14111Wt. e, W C. -ltd.t. Loa hev 1.4. to hre tpen"r f obuspb. esm. trielm pwrmAdequate playing ee dln
r period and encourage. conducB int lronom ^ ^ the r n ittenadal R010116 01 a41011 tee01-400 tt17r w t6 W by Glet oi Ja m 0do6 no e exl e nand the n`1ttt in Priet.r-sI
INS g ardsh village eorn- eleciion ha. had pla i to pa6t2in eam.'noew 0buiig, a wnmd and poemtmehp d b iemt,. tist i t, calving Active tuition n It Is pro- I

aactation c-eratn g peril of ..e. ing &=use of al h War I'Me or r PRIN CE'S BU ILDIN G
aAM, oon c o-op e l i th p e ral ofM eot acuit t o f th e V e, r ept iviee o m ably er a met the1LUodrs'C. PosCnmm tst te t c a % e r d -
thi M ramN tmakesprovna i-eral Councilof the Party, follow-a o wtaherkn omf m doter, .OWawihomoanise s i omId i t rt e t' of
e bothVi get anrd home In ger a w h ll inquiry an e d h June 1ptyid ift iw an lnrli, undrttd wl hl irt i rt otn I t t
agreed, b a majority vote, to bihwic ~ h wilenC~ tinblo t he. a Iniit s'oiato th

t ab I hnenrtad wo anp agri-. e mp i t n n et wonAc c t trt el d n and preraratiors of sitr" top oWeO-
credit fund 1-,$1~.15200 out Iin part. that for the successful TL,'~cfiweee o'11 edni~u~t'JI',Ii'I ~ ~ ua

S tB of.M haee attainmentof its objwe the a polle 0 lostC omplted ul the srvenmeltioned. onb

smnt^. of 9to11t hast bln; Thet^ (iorrnen is aware that I^ P S- Y~ri REV^ o,
scholarshipss tenable a'r tical party must maintain discti- "Trinidad Guardian"tun- ncranIra h cs fpo id
11ra1m eCoadl5les' Of Tro1iCal p a one among its members. I New A oIre'd In ceti area.th -.- -

e B B w Nolareth e who, believesnln thef rl i eet derstandnsuethat the thoee theorhade In ngt U p d recreation grounds will her P" at t nhe
functioning of the mach~er' woILsurvey of r whis h I T.Barba h..... Monitry, grestl r An elsewhere.
Jmicla granit-sprovide deoac.ltonineshcach- jaJElUUe oingto h illy g reatare ft ~
im elo net.In the Education ad temo seacy tcofntielesctan ere- waxn condutetd by Dr. Stanton .7r oigt hehlyrtue o h
I O to uidig' senttile as ar Ofan eect.edlimur, eoufltrv or for somic other refAsoni

t o f tw oa bu t d gstar t Lat th e a scr os at .Gilm ,who tae t th o. and it Ih s desired to take this oppor-
c tt nnec tioanwie rretml ifTtot-thrvnehe p thetvietwhrodG e Wmtt tIndies ansRawhole of- t ndlt u to tnt a that the rneed sof

inB? connec t it ionO wot xt{t', stee to o th viW huto vise th-VJ5 ? i GovPrnme ont Matre heda art the oerti verndlo fr tteentihnrge > _rl*Il
nrogran11 1ihirecorn If anyohn founnt hnad selves. O end ae n Iu l o t to f c the ,r-'mctf Pa ln ane d riv %een pinecest..lr S ed -
E~~t] --- ----- ry of ~11 v ting nter-Amoia nerstan spicrit e ful tterentheion 1Tel" H IPYWLZwl ae lc t13~.
j. asowel as aditona stfforasaio u nanLthing le rto O .n tcln tnisdisase In "I ee lbordtoryp nn r uth,- suchs dthrlcths ri1nmeverhees reet-

aBr ?S 45 w t e""^. !'t1" ,la whenaw .ohe* juge willW lafotr-o.h iUe ottM etln ~ tr on on niyo selectH~ the tn m-t Oriaginal l an
SscretSris t and Tr urto what, he conceived the Paty in n earning completion and w lhl ati ith e e-Am ecatin u nd s a hi rs the districts he i l
with nereame work arsing Trinidad to be, the proper coure I tng P l lt h e friendship, and br cllym eTr ti ned i" t t ie hon'r

t'fynese -.ehMe int a lond- Af maa 'raron ladotewlt dawli r. and puui-candth Wth Wrwaith AreteannemhboUtrl eturesfbl ,n thl.l 2viewalRedour, Gents'N ewa Prizes wil be selected-by-th- voting o 9^9 Bel~men
i developrmint and welfare Would have been. not to rushi Into shortly he submitted to the ],elt Da mIril Mathews ,;ik*b. te rtor t
e.I the thick o f' the election but to reI-a- th oe h Gov ornment. ribuion ""r h t PailTU Mathews, meb r. t he ton of itesfo
9 AT KG,. Edu ptt or ttothhener xgecondvefwhichSwAoeD Yuld h1101101111ut St .In r dc h.nstry ,,",o, tto "grnds t o.the -Stu JU L Y 1st fro m 8 p .m to m id nig h
I't.AINAG or t o n theexecuive whprich would s----------- t e p Madeletne AM% C7sspairlln district is

i f have ta n ther approte iYate sterp tp)ln the Aulry and Naleit f scus an Ion n ho e r ...rtl b the%
British Guianaa Il( o C cludin.J .othe sthtemen e ts p'7 o V t be consider, th o lh itr in

atIdo VrS the Holy inlypTnt eS getpn oe r'sd Transpor ntiowrictoR. whiles I n!
has been made t r q t a t there in no plaea. in "th SIR E N OC ED SFCHA R
r ou t h e4 1 p a rW I L L 6e d r e la tA DS.Il o n T h r s a t h e c a me o f O t R pu isus t h e o w n e r
drainage and irrigation rs of A n the at a tMynfreaaers ardn' ounc il iti MUI BYc LN WST

yfor Increased ric, nratiea- would exact discipline from others $--h- Cnight. h asfrUnee o -i freKdt a1tra. n sfer Io l nr ioa uI r- J- ur
|hall i tI wnao f t worr ki b. to bera. undthe hd. rt- 2 0 e 2s Don Matthews saw the' West government free o Charge An area
U'w l ano th er rSant Fo:oaperef e om t-Jtunj . rtk u Indes cut edun t to be the labor of lande Ar e w n cesdir oln ran
,40 ,oes towards the main! 1- t--fo-to tora Of the inter-Amortuan spirit, kwito e- thiretn The ioc,,1 Weal"! THE GIPSY WALTZ will take place at 10.30 p.m.,
sIcheme In the Abary M rs. L fEastlm n )e r24012 Invested in War and a bd spanning the minds ^1-Alithnr ith))a,, r I t ot' y" wiedll ac en t-a n

cmuwr alreadny iendt, #'d fsmwesacy Boahd. M which at 1wea, whe nnc t e krnlges br suly" .r^. tent.t r no ,
aru t Wntseraest Bce- S savings Certificatesa at the ofthee- o tteL tnAeican ahtrnedeOfthisfFtWct' w' b "e ttahetireh wrlom whmct theh tnMott. hrgi alandd

liHH the * M~r. stf W. Reflected i th attc *end~ a $43.3 "w m at Been, and l Alt iv ujet fte dr ws. '"'h *tnn wl. $49 a'v -l A G tof ii h u lan hBr n C aera l PostOffice. for the week end- A.loAmerican.1 r n -, 5gratpft ic.. l.' Gt e
fr| m fAIondir it s grant r on M opa oJ 1he oMod $T- & 4.1a- June 17, IM, Port-o Bf-Sparin e I B L.single 1 t < obsta'lr e .... to
ems st de Amouor-tar loadea with wrt ha hee w'ae he a ndubuheni nd the Wi tf the -Wargo oh neighboi I ie tnew Prizes will be selected by the votig of the genemen
^ t A1in rto R el y ten l-let ithep s f Aesafoclty-o .A, P wutn lp. l iup -n$23 ,. Americ "b f ws.fftsis" I hntn f n i
ofraInag an Irriga- I relatxUve and friends mll b athe join t r forms, and U.twIasthatwhich, he t present. Tembeautiful prizes have been donated by

olfdla nalg and Pign-l atadoel hrteO cirt a I th eIVrc han tsTewltl, aebrig tstt ed rd P rite
which an present farm In-! funeral last Wdneslay of Mrs. The Information Officer states couldbednedtosanPhoneOeatrth err w aand3
eIRendItur-eEof S12,000.oocILouisa Eastman who passway that the city, with a contribution "'The Westt Indts'1,hts-al Miss A True'. bar, been snPnoltt
a eriod of 20 ears. at 3(6 Marine Square the afternoon of $0,752.40. too its total pur- bridge,' he stated, "shntld rest ed to one of the twnewiv-cretitad eIa
A~tt u Oulawia ahlso received before, chases to$M.4-- 6.20. and theWin upon the solid groundwork and Sevst ootlphneoptaPtazes.
4.0 education grant fa r the Puneraw b ins which was fully the War Associatin buying for re- educ1a/ ionalAprogrnam",- nddi" -th.Red 'u the"Tritit R iutard-
andadoption of the choral was conducted by the Very sale, put up $13,111620. taking it$ to the cultural elite And an CeO- taSlearnted rda
Vih School for h irls Rev. E J. Holt, the Dela, at the total purchases to $71,4265.0 nOt ic programme directed to the Candidates p.. tie othet' postftrc-
940as85.7600 for a 'arninaign Cathedral of the Holy Trinity 1mh Southern iBorough contri-I working masses"-big Igrp"r nd at A
yellow eio er where for lmtany years Mrs. Met- buteci111.40. San Parnuaxdo's tal DMi Basil hopesfnr establish, bein oderese. arnd thE I PO DruS FOR,-
grant allocate Luria i man had been x ardent church- purchaSe now amount toF 115,- ntof an lnternationalLun- n n hr E T R R .H
Si social well are work worker. The Rev. D. Stewart-372 80o in8therWest Indies.....near tt.r
H spiV nd a female ner Cooper performed committal rites at unr -e Patrick put p need not beulocated on any iadnle Thu okst Furc itre'si ,,ted foltnwtn.
tos 85,920. while St. Vin- Lapevrouse, Cemetery where the 111.60 for the. weak. of this sum island hut should take into or- the arquisltilon of at, acidtt tonal'l
I=hec served 907.386 to help bkody' W asiid to rest in the family the Brighton 'LA Brea areas put up count already existing facilitteas witchbottrd for Whiel, the togir- c l en t llv Sle v e oisot&~ t
& h diovsaf o lloiment attendance Un$6 oin ~ for higher education." he said lI~ture anpro'.'edof vote for Va 94104l.Smt 0"Ld
U Depa rmen tandswe d ..... in thueeanv dance at and Por Res evre h1o ea-ch, Subject. f the address was, "The along ith o y111 slertt,, of two ad- o -
tim deoese liu m de nd ~ft Cotnty St. Gaotcen q otawas and almost a tth outset D m "--
I va rious o theGsla$no. f ot .. A-West IndiesRevi Racially." dtinaloators-
it vrios prts f te Ilan, "A), f tis aoun 4 Au-Basil put the- view that the W.I, NA7,11% KILL. I DANFS
Irvi dt for i-eA surviving relatives Ife -the imperial College cen- slave trade, and W.I. sugar paved O WAGE14. June 2N Rest-
__forwhomMrs. stman liv.t Zt pU0, the way for the Industrial Revo- ter- The Oernan-entrorllur nI-, ,,..
sgtiroutiuttL develop- mount their lout are her husband. The GOlutgh Of! Arimla Put UP lution, the parent of the modern ish radio says hant. eightudau LII TRINIDAD OIUDING AND IOA

for amrtifcial manre- _ume 111 Jan. -'r mg-n mbut o; t$1. eand lat or tocal~y stuctur an eduair ind saotae l~iv exm. n cout-,I hue :,,,ee ..
In Barbados including Ur* d PArno,14Mag retired Chief $W30 for 'I week. civilllstion of the West Passing DMnes have been pil to deat-h tI- Aggucawvm C4. C SOIW
Wants ad tioas tofarm- nsw er .r H 'oof owastowat s 11 tal r te-4rPyn rlter, with a txiostri- on, he dietused politics, religionl dv after being found itilty Of, h e ,1 h 11 Ae wa
. nation has been allotted p inNw -JerwsL W1010 Slvia tCoUnty Victor ot the e ak' list the C-aribbelan and indicted that martiae T C ticnis I nlud a Mea u ,quar
o UK Uan la o .,o. Mro. O uhsers.withKits co/mopoUt1r.features the.23-year-nlitt mo f- ATFS
r-INc"tonsals .. .- l0r.Ithr- Poiown is the WeIek alys,,i Caribbean was cut for the role of the ohers are Also In their twen-
71.00 lanE0 feOe o81 in-Alce Howellbrother.ho an Mrs.of bTEE nboro,,hsaboraty.tsNT T NSO
Vi W-00 ORMfr"OfIn-Alie theilo, istr o 1ew York and 'counties; for the Peek ended----O INEST NLASONMR
Made t0 tht Colanialrood City, June 17:_
ritdunder which a food Tle' beaxpis wach Mr. A. X K. J fts.Prt~of.Spain aaidsuus.r.-ENRLTAS RTEh A i
400t factors at Jamaica will be' Mr. VK. Knight. Wr. C. 0. Alleyife, 49li.20: San Pernatbndo.41118=T20g: ..- u' A ll, atot
eMr. A. K. Mosele. Mr.,C. COMMaArt=,$14.5.61):,St. Gearge, 4 OAss..rfIn"leans from$1.11to $4NS1Kt6% W aftern.
and Mr. J. Headlev. 51 111,127.61: out v. 4a&SI79S.-Iat
AmongWthose who motrenat. sCouPtric a. -Lighterage andTransport Contractors. At Oftlear Pwardo Ae Ne WWat5%e Parnu
swork in the West in-,were- Arnold, James andva54; Statrick,4993467,60 r: St. STEA M LAUNRY LTD. Dr.ea e .-s
WMi wi nclude lexpenditure Mr. S. Anthony and family; Mr W Mayaro, 113719.90: County Vic'- -$ANY---atin orF nalo 51438 erg, ia ndAlie Te O -W futn I- ~lY AIUSS ROIESSO KPVWTOOroue
teLow Temeprature Mrs Herrules NX. Adamsf and Ia. tirtLa, 1UD11,NM41': Tobago. tl5,402.4-.
listation here and mili; Mr, James Headley, Mr. Win the War Anticiatloxt. $111,. Dry Cleaners and LaunderersPrDtiuasplyo-
cmi forcoconutre- and Mrs. L. N. Soott, MT.aid~3'HIFA AD
Prmthin amount a geo- Mrs. C. W. Thomas. Mrs. Bell.,NTDD IIEI~R.Ni ILK F.
s urve, of British Guiana C. G.. AIleen, and the children; _________________LIEI_. F AAJ
ltdas wefl as work onr, a '11inidad Chapte Rovers of Sher- UV!~O3'-IIsau~
an eorW0 oet"D.al r.0 .CvlSr tFor I It Yosi are a viettar of isl"4goout .aw*'! L
Kingston district, Jamaica terlMtes Uin isCUS !7IJ,~Oreta~f~ff Thoars. ,the branch of HNoW Ca- two __________ Y__of__________takes____P___1=
Hospital Probe 'itn g idfmlteTae l Fire In1suronce on Buildings, Stocks, Furnitures, 04"S of d' lafrL itmtsypaftc
claswrss040Clerk I tedFucation Depart- etc. K@JshV* yow n' iUcessary worry by letting hdsetta. A14COL. abworis;the aon..
Uranwereednthe servie Vet ll "fisa. m tess. Stfi
ba- bee ree(ed by nf nt ris L ad Will lSave for the TUnited 0.tit s carry your risks. Q14ten pr-o sm O tglo ,se q i k
Of ar San eita Ata- Anant C L ad 0inm11104 Ge111i k r lie
totem contari teTO Diescovery chlich k (NIFEDERATUN LIFE ASSC"IATION A, .. .L uAtSbUS Ufti apoewso sq
**~~for 5an in- A 15-day-old 00colour 16111be IA& ul "8 II an- ko a In oftm.waitfr
biethe Clnal="hl wsfudIvi na o tHO Ode Tusa.Con provide the ne0cessary protection for your 4felsttautsa.heas tie'bW
r" asr MT. 1;7W. the back of a clinic at Herbert Ur. West. has been an active fooo~Dffls'e toklnU IA100L t, ease ¬
teTown Clerk, could re. Street oat about 9.19 O'clock askii- inkier Of the Civil Se.'vcw Ama- family, business snd old eg o scrity. 412~ m
Thux'aiev night.eai&UM and was elected secretary at -iA7qikni7Sa a taeiw5
Albert Games, the, The baby3 was taken to the Coll-Pe annual conference held 1atw aa& AOttjtaei t'ee fta i 'nit
Maor, rot this answer onial Hospital. where she is it- Ealtlxday. Earler this year he 010414111114111 b In had t-loo rlie t abVistas
Pei-i-el st 7hiursdrt- i..parted to be In pe-isct health, visited Jamnairsa as one of the Asso- LELM & C .eeot rert& f
'Ameetir, of the Loctl The discoveryv was OaLe when I ciatiOWNs delegates tot the comfer. Aen,%Room; ~JCtS~lL~
Atoiyi rel toawoman was attracted by the In- Mece of West Indian Civil St- ce 01101`0en.24011416, asa'e 1foa' t.ememn. sse
AutortyInrely~ esan cyig a: the ehili. Asuociatioxis. 161991

WEL M DE'.~hld~aprt ktona IUin dllIMt R m m.u

K SE TS St. Ann's and Dieo Martin
1* .Local Rood Boerd --
^'Cu E da r No. 44 OBSERVATORY ST.
",'I ed Etched Glassware, NOrlTCt ._
.& i Chinam CarWed The PubUc Is hereby nofU-
! .u Jewelry, Candle fled that as from Tuesday N. 10 PETRA ST.
etrc., etc. 13th June, 144, that sectimn 7,.00000 Woodbrook
of Caledonia Road No. 1,
S .__ LaventWUe approx: 300 feet
ie n len'h, between Lady C BATH
, op Istlan Invited. Young Avenue and Hlroo- _Th STRUT,
L .. ..... O "delU street Is clmd to all %at end of Pk Street
3R~E SAToI" nIu Uwtle Mtnt twfUtf MUMte
S fALESt Rfleepof ebWyof ---
ie -St. (now T.GR) t44ACYve 50 Im
"mi"413d'i ***"- .*l* SAfStw 4" *mm6 81 M
I'Phone 8699 .,LLL A U QuKr-f-.
.o &

Babies first, please
-- a" y mumU m* depemft- Uwe q mw km
-s*d ** Lash au7 u~-o NW(esl M3

Wh an ababy sine. a eks
w ONMV dmd m't eomp an
511. seem stAd iKMsftii earn. OR
&B ha e aiult. smw me later
CUn a OM M Ue'ml K Nthen
W a I be Isth is s MUle
Which babY hm b n Muist aU
thL um bmum It in aIt&&
iA UM tha It Ia but aM
The gracer kuW lbS--aney
SMUtb M hAs tM him amtL
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WIN Tea. t"e. mwmbf shwm
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hmIty -firlk dote beat T A .
If "a IMl wor ttfw e he MWWf
" lkbot "a MTM t m go*f

%aI mee WA Me&Wt

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"nS re pltMey. As amef.
vm we preadse ft M'.oums

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mteBr fIwikLf~- ^k

tei^i^&M^i^h ^^ijj| teJite^.
^JKfa ^A^^^^L ^^^6 ^^^^^J^^^^^^^^k^Q
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ukCT h WdtAe A4W

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i e0t 0~op WA.Se4100- g* W as
IL Wwn a 0 R ~a f AvsaseA ILV A
|. PPE b IUP e, N

-Axx HITh ER might well have de-
laed the launching of his pilotless
-Srcr-ft offensive until last Thursday,
S 22, which was the third anniver-

ary of the maddest of all the mad things
he has conceived-the invasion of Rus-
sia. 1or these flying bombs, as the pilot-
less craft have been called, are nothing
but another insane creation of a man

whose brain appears to become more
Warped with the passage of time. Why,

the German people cannot see through
this desperate opportunism passes the
comrprehension of all right-thinking

people, unless it is that years of satu-
ration in Nazi "kultur" have made the
-followers as mad as their master.
The pilotless aircraft is, perhaps, the
'biggest flop of the whole war. It servea

,no useful military purpose, It fails in
Its object of destroying morale, and it
can be counteracted without any dis-
eturbance of Allied plans. At its best the
.pllottess aircraft Is a deplorably crude
7: attempt at producing the fighting auto-
.pMaton, though goodness knows there
are millions of automatons who have
Already died as Nazis in the flesh on the
battlefield in Africa and Europe-soldiers
who fanatically followed Hitler and faced
defeat, not daring to reason why, lest
they incur the wrath of this obsessed
man who has nothing more than an
'"lntUtion" to qualify hmm so gamble in
" human life. This "intuition," may well
- develop into hi. Frankenstein.
Apparently only the people of Ger-
Smany are excited about the pilotless air-
Craft, which has been presented to them
as the thing that will win the war for
Hitler. They were told that the people of
Britain were fleeing to France as re-
fugee from the terrible new "secret
weapon," which would soon be used to
reduce even New York to ruins. All this
bunkum WaS swallowed greedily, but the
Nazi Generals did not tell the people that
Hitter had to wfid something new to off-
set the great blow to German morale
which must inevitably follow the news of
Allied successes in the blasted fortress
Europe, in Italy, In Finland, and In the
Far EFast. This new aircraft ha helped
Hitler for a time, for just so long as he
can fool his dupes with thrilling stories
of the complete sack of Britain.
If the Nazi people could only realise
that the pilotless aircraft are providing
SAlli& airwmn with the first bit of real
fun they have had in nearly five years,
What would be the reaction in Germany
Then? And yet it is a fact that the shoot-
ing down of theme robots over the Chan-
nel is regarded as great sport by men
who hitherto have had to destroy life asi
well, ml smasth machines. and have had
to risk their own lives against the
eemyI. fliers.
Simtler will have to think of some-
:thing better than this. Bui t as it would
Sapfer that he is now at the end of his
zeoth roes and his Intuition ia not func-
tioniwn, there oi a faint hope that his

dedWxd1 to be prewO tinS nmay ta.
OCilty works from being undertakep
and thUere was talk eaMlier In the year
S rowing for the puttrpose. Yet we
nd a surplus of $192,610 expected at
the end of December, and the Council

bas budgeted for $91,727 more expend)-
ture than revenue. This deficit seem to
be made up from balances brought for-
ward from 1943, for these balances a
reduced at the end of the present year
by precisely the amount of the shortage.
This suggests that the surplus cannot

be wholly explained by the inclusion of
stores, but the Estimates do not enlighten

As usual the budget is divided into
four watertight comxpartments, labelled
General Purposes, Waterworks, Sewerage
Works, and Woodbrook Estate, and no
summary of the respective totals is given.
Some research is therefore needed to get
a complete picture of revenue and ex-
penditure and compare it with previous
years. It seems, however, that an income
from all sources of $1,318.324 is expected,
or $21,755 more than 1943, while expen-
diture is placed at $1,410,051. an increase
of $54,388. A total of $104,020 is pro-
vided for extraordinary expenditure
compared with $48,955 last year. the
biggest single new item being $40,000
for sewerage pumps
The Port-of-Spain Corporation Ord-
inance requires the Estimates to be sent
to the Government by December 15 to be
put before the Legislative Council. The
1941 Estimates did not, however, reach
the Legislature till November of that
year, and were approved the following
month, a year late. The 1942 budget was
11 months tardy, and that for 1943
seven months behind schedule. The
Mayor and his colleagues are to be con-
gratulated on being much earlier this
year, for the Estimates were passed by
the Corporation at the end of March and
approved by the Legislature in May,
though this was still five months out of
time. There was, however, a marked im-
provement in the way things were done,
and we trust that these creditable efforts
will be further extended to the 1945
Estimates. A much earlier start should
be made for best results on this occasion.
There is a disadvantage in delay, for
it hampers the carrying out of civic
works, especially those which are not
strictly recurrent undertakings. The
Corporation is limited by law to a fifty-
second part of the previous year's vote
each week of the new year while awaiting
approval of its Estimates, and when
half the year is lost the period available
for execution of many needed measures
is curtailed. Paving the lanes in Wood-
brook, for instance, for which $8,000 is
provided this year, could only have pro-
ceeded at the rate of roughly $77 a week
before the Estimates were passed, be-
cause last year's allowance for this pur-
pose was $4,000. This may be largely a
hypothetical case, but It illustrates the
drawbacks when the Estimates are late.
lllll~~~~ ~ ltllnllllIMll.ll m ... ...................


- Grand -




In aid of the

..F R O,,,,,. ,.,,',,ill lumimul

r F, DAY
II ./ T ]mmnmwuulmlma~lmms J ,hi& ts~l!t

JUNE 30th

b I

time out for o truly delightful evening-on
thot promises you unforgettable enjoyment.
are osked to make reserva-
tions for Supper in advance. Ff
Names of Guests must be

Club beforehand. Remember
the dy-Fridoy. June 30th- T
commencin ot 7 p.rm. C

0U bP eumhe of Imapheinm US.

to toke


I*Ker Te EJK

Tbe Uhior


i -v
fin Ifi-gd WovW Lock
Adeqete4 Woter at Morvoel
The lMiter. -"TreisM QlW "
I M aold" ry Mhan Ifto w
ant~ thpe- r e a ee
uornM le for trun Off the
water t the "Ma NWs" dIreriW Of
Maraval awe the d comfort M
U reflbkatS tbat "strict. i
eleemf I fet that they
t, Ms I cannot imagine anyone
enjotox having his water sup5l
t o wt= In 14 days the a
time for 28 hu on a stretch and
the second time for 40 hours, dur-
Ing which time there was abeolute-
ly no water for ookin. or toilet
Apparently, the water is cut off
during the rainy season, when there
does not seem to be any loglica
rdason for so doing. If this sort
of thing has to be *0Wered rift
the remainder of thie raty Mseason,
I suggest that the members of te
City -ouncill be allowed to occupy
one of the vacant houes of the
district for a length of time, then
=avbe some action will be taken,.
cause as is the casMe in matters
like this, the persons in authority
who arena poeItion to assist may
not do so until such tVe as they
suffer the same inftconvonlfto.
Another angle to be considered
is this. In the event of a fire in
the district, the person whose pro-
perty is invOlved would be help-
less. The nearest Fire Brigade
station Is miles away aMd now with
no water, It would be impossible to
atop the fire in its early stages.
It is really hard to understand
how there can be no solution to
this water question.
2 0.


Is Gen. Montgomery Irish?
Thm Editor, "Trinidad Ouardian"
I have always been under the
Impression that General Bernard
Montgomery, Britatla's colourful
field general, wan *n Irishman. I
confirmed this from the "Time"
Magazine of June 5 last, whigh
Anmed Britain's most high.ranking
military experts in the persons of
Harold Alexander, John Dill, Ber-
nard Montgomery, Alan Brooke,
and Claude Auchinleck at Irish-
But strangely enough a "Look'"
Magazine of a few months old
wrote up General Montgomery as
Scots, and in last Sunday's
"Guardian" Drew Middleton, in
comparing "Monty" with Rommel,
disclowed that Bernard Montgomery

United Nations

Europe In Pos
People in the Weal I- e i
should ioee no time botilneg Ui
their nuif 'uMcieneyt for
Europe Is In urgent I. -d of In-
credos food a-oles to ward
'ff le ravages of disease, Te
meet turopean needs. supplies
that wo*M ordlnarily reach thte
West Indies may possible be
reduced. If our self-auflsielenevy
programs are e shed with
vigour. Wee* Il'dian needs will
be met and food shortasas
gf J. X. MAnRACK
After the last war, we made mis-
takes. We now know that Euroo-
would have recovered muoh faster
if raw materials for manufacture
had been supplied in 1919, as well
as food, in ocd-r to revive the in-
dustries. As it was, the countries
during the following years had no
manufactures with which to buy
We know too. that It was a major
mistake to have made no prepara-
tion beforehand, .that too much of
food supplied was cereals, and that
relief on a large scale ended much
too soon. Perhaps we have learnt
something from these mLtak s
What atre the prospects now?
Food is scarce all over the Con-
tinent. Britain is the only country
in Europe in which bread is not
ration'd. The ration of all meat In
Germany i? only about two-thirdt
of our ration of butclhei's meat.
That is how it stands now; but by
the end food may be much scacer.
DpRetrctinn willb he ,uTcih mo.re,

WCIa 1oVi in f lxlen1ut, o UUCI -no" Livall' .... "I.IU.r .. .MUH
London. widespread than In 1918. As it is,
I wonder which is correct, Irish, an area of Russia, larger than
Scots or English? Britain. that supplied nearly one
CURIOUS& half of the grain of the Soviet
San Fernando. Union, has been devastated. We
i e...---- -dmust expect that the Nazis will loot
'Civilian' Criticised and destroy all that they can be-
h Edi *l.^- -. fore thy are driven back. Large
The Editor "TrvnMMd Guardian.* areas of Europe may be stripped
In the -Trinidad Guardian" of of food, even of the means of pro-
June 13. under the caption "0ol- ducking food. The relief needed
dies Leave Army," it was stated may be many times what was
by "Civilian" that a soldier, In or- needed In 1919.
der to obtain his discharge from
the local forces, ham only to re- S En
port to the doctor with some tri-- Sp y EnWy
vial complaint. That certainly does
not do justice to our medicos who But this time at least the need
have studied extensively, has been recognized In advance.
He further stated that he was More than three and a half years
fully aware of the fact that there ao. Mr. Churchill said in the
was still a hole in the local army,House of Commons: .- "W,1 can
due to the transfer of the South and we will, arrange in advance
Caribbean Forces overseas. The for the speedy entry of food Into
present conflict is nearing the end an part of the enslaved area, when
of its fifth year, and these men this has bt'en wholly cleared of
have already rendered service. German forces, and has genuinely
There is stlr much more to be regained iis freedom.
done. and "Civilian" could be of We shall do our best to encour-
some service, age the building up of r-sources of
Why does he not come boldly to food all over the world, so that
the front as his so-called soldier there will always be held up before
friends have done, and show us of the eyea of th! people of Europe--
what mettle he is made? including-I say it deliberately-the
H. B. GASKIN. German and Austrian peoples, the
Pointe-a-Pierre. certainty that the shattering of the
Nazi power will bring them all im-
R- r T D:mediate food, freedom and peace."
Bon On Tobago Pigs Since then, something has b'en
The Editor. "Trinidad (usardisa" done. We hnve an estimate of the
On Saturday Jmune 17, after ay- amounts that eight Allies will need.
Ing lorry-fare from the country to A body for t11 whole organisation
the Scarhorough shipping depot I of relief has been set up by 44
received a paes from the veterinary Allied and Associated Natlons-the
sairgeRon's agent to ship pigs. I took United Nations Relicf and Rehahbl-
tickets for filing hut on the eve lltatien Administrttion, U.N.R.R.A.
of rhippnlng, two veterinary officers for short.
tame end stonped us shipping Forty-fouir national this time, not
without giving us any reason for th? big foter only as in 1919, and at
so doing, least 10 of this 44 will be countries
We are not trying in any way to in need of reltef The Council 1I
doubt these men's ability made up at. present of China, Great
bhilt we want them to Britain, the U.S.S.R., and th'
use It with feeling. We cannot fget U.S.A. U.N.R.R.A. wil get its
Chain or rope to keep these pigs, supplies and Shipping through the
neither oil meal nor coconut combined boards that are already
meal. What are we to do with supplying the present requirements
them? I of th: Allies,
We are syins that we could Food must come firEt; but thaf
have een nt~led even a few days
have been notie e ew. d is only part of the problem: for the
before this drastic step was taken, sooner agriculture on the Continent
which would have prevented 1u is restored, the less food will be
Plunging ourselves into such hard- needed in the end; s lreparations
vhtp. Weded In the end; so preparations
hRIEVpO US- Htre being made to supply seeds,
Tba OBIEvOU HARTED" fertIlusers, agricultural implements.
Tobao. It is to be hoped, though It is not
certain, that U.N.R.R.A. will act
Coals Racket Exposd utpto the ,cond R. -Rehabilita-
teon--and will plan to restore full
Tsh YAtorll lke the wprosperity Inurope--that help
I should like the Government ofWill not be limited to food and food
Trinidad and Tobago to understand production but will include macl-
aoe^^ lttK^^ S^ podcion, but will Include each-
something bout tha coal vendors. Inery for wrecked factories and
Some coal vendor# haveIa trick raw materials for the factories to
of puttingytheirncoaltin the open work up. Once agriculture, indus-
air-j 1% ^night theySt ^~ work up.* Ones agriculture, indus-
wal In iuht athew tak t and trad re are revived on the
ca Nwibuckets and wet eOsi e Crontinent. little further help will
eal. b dow it io the rainy sOnub
and the coal is water soaked. When eded from outside.
you eW this watery coal it gives
- lots of trouble before it will Alothber Advantage
'eY Mh part of the black mar- And we have another advantage
kot. We tt buyers ask the Govern. over ig. t n 9
mnt te l l an teresn t In us and nthe science
order Ov coal vendor to produse of nutrition will give some help.
a ovrWtoIe u a coaJdr We know now what vainiu ae,
'amein to s oUat d iand what deficiencies they can put
LAventlllo. right; ome of them are bet made

Bicycle Tube Racket
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
Congratulations for your editorial
headed "Bicycle Tube Racket." I
and all those who joined the anti-
black market campaign agree with
you when you urge "breaches of
these regulations should be taken
seriously. and efforts to bring of-
fenders to justice should be inten-
Water Supply Blitzed
The F, dtor. "Trinidad Guardtnn"
The new German secret weapon
recently launched against the At.
Iles Is nothing new to Trinidad. It
may be a surprise to many In Port-
of- gain.
N-r& every day for months
Mst ras took place without the
iren warning from the City Coun-
cil In thins such as bath tape.
T hope that Government will
brine defence measures to bear
and work on this enemy device
for our sanitation Is benlag blitMd
Bua V Mu3lUn.
dU4m 41. &

Plan To Feed

t-War Period
on a vry large scale; Vitamin D
and Vitamin C cure rickets and
' 'rvy; there should be no diffl i-
culty In supplying enough to curet
all the ilciiets and scurvy that car
Ib: oun.d.
But these vitamin preparations
ar-' medicines, to be used whet:
occasion arises. All the vitamins
needed for a day would go In a salt
soon. What hungry people need
is reAl food.
One of the most serious dangers
is the spread of tuberculosis. It is
p'vposed to Wmae use of the latest
dcvelopm-'nt; to supply portable
X-iay sets for clagnosis. But mass
radiograpily will not cuee tuber-
culosis. V.What we must do is to
reve se the cause and supply food
More than 20,000,000 people who
have been taken lromin th.'M homes
will start to go ba'k as o.oon as
the Nazis collapse; they will carry
typhus with them; and epid 'mics
may sweep across Etwope. Again
coiit'ul of typhus is not so mulch
a matter of medicine as of police
.oap, fuel ..Iid lwJod.
We hear i .ot about d'hyratlon.
but dehydraion is only a proe's:
that makes storage and transport
asiter; it will not make food. It
fact, the lundain'ntal problem has
not changed since the days when
Pharaoh provided against the seven
lean years. Tne vi'al question Is
"Will there be corn in Egvnt?"
Milk Needed

But grain is not everything. It.
will satisfy hunger; but we shrll
need animal products, especially
milk, if we "pr going to re''cre the
growth of small :',ndwv'loped chil-
dren and check the spread of t'tb-
ercul,,'sla. Anl It is these things
that ;,re scarce.
A c6w will y,,t give more milk
becats' people :w-,d it, and the cow
population can not br' increased by
more than some 10 per cent per
year. And that is where we corn'1
In. We can only increase supplies
of these foods by cutting down our
present consumption now land In
he future, and that means that
control of the production and dis-
tribution Of food, rationing, would
have to go on after the war it
This means some sacrifice by us.
But we ,must remember that our
health has been kept up in spite of
restrictions on our food supply.
That is because our system of food
control has been based on physio-
logical needs; wv have maNe ape-
cia! allowanc. s for those who need
most. Por instance, we have given
oranges to children and milk to
expectant mothers.
Privations Suffered
Aftar the war. we shall have to
decide whether to make the same
distinctlons on a larger scale-
whether the people who-unlike us
-have suffered privation for many
years--p'ople scpqrated from us by
only 25 miles of walw-are not the
priority classes of the' future.
And I think we hquld remember
this: RIlef and Rehabilitation are
not charity; they are the first step
In restoring orr common prosperity.
The people of Europe have their
claim; bombing by us, -ibotsge
and gi"?rrilla warfare by them.
they are all part of the same strug-
Bombing smashes their factories;
sabotage and bombing disorganixses
the railways and interrupt the
flow of food to towns and thr re-
turn flow of implements and ferti-
lisers to farmers; guerrilla warfare
breaks down the production and
distribution of M'od. We have
elalmed In the Whit3 Paper on
Lend-Lease that services and sacri-
fices, which can not be translated
into pounds or dollars, mtuimt count
in the reckoning. If that applies to
us. it applila to our friends in all

White Paper Issued
On Land Control
LONDON, June 23 (Reuter) -
The British Oovernment today is-
Sued a White Paper dealing with
public control of land after the
war in areas which will need re-
The White Paper accepted in
principle the recommendations of
a now famous report with one Im-
portant exception, the section deal-
ing with compensation and im-
There was also published today
the Town and Country Planning
Bill which makes provision for the
purchase and development of land
for planning scheme.

Tomorrow's Church Services
m."'11. Mo Da.?eta *1.e a.m.. .30 a.m.. oBnln Serviep; 10.45. 8b
Metles and Sfermoa; T p.a. n ]uong bath School: 7 p.m. M.Fenlng Hervtc.
and Sermon. Pfcter: The Rev. a. T. M. Robtrtson.

ST. JOHN'S CHURCH--fmbrok. Street.
.3 8A ,. -a nd T7 .m Preacher: The
Rev. 1. X. 1oet. 1.6. (Lond).
Rook ry Nook, Marvat.
funi,) : 9 50 .N.. guady Schooil I |i
mi. Wt-nfldys: (.10 ePm.
soeC rTV
t oticHlmnd atw
lundws. 9.30 a.m. am4 1.e P.l.
W*ednced.y7: T.00 p.m.
All are wlclem.
am9 fT T.Aa.MaaRv; *
5 i. Susda pcui .m., Itae. X. 'T.
Mieb___sI __i.,.
tl a.m., mU. Kle 1t1 : 7.1B p .w,
ths Birt of a srtN of *4aes.I MI teI
G6o61i a0o11d4 n u wasbiwta Cawyor by
mWeit v neulsas
is :i &mStt twut

Meas: a a.m.. T a.m., 5 amB. an4 i(.0
a.m. Eveoin5 X>vetUi ant Sene"(((1.
7.30 Pan.
CENTRAL HALL-10S Charlotte street.
10 a.m. and I p.m.. Adjutant Camp-
10 s.m. an p.m., AaJutMSt ill.

@ts-Ci5 tp*" 7,50 a-a.;

to 3 eE.
MiO.D-t1= 14 sia. T1 ;
ftRto ptr=y o '.


Lands and Building The atunuto of t,
Taxes Ordinance, to sIN t o
Imports and xpt e i
Cap. 204 ulotnoof of t l,*,ti
..^.. ~ OM i so arrestt" ^Jig
into or take oods ut ta
NOTICE r hest ip n a tte on behalf of mny otb
the County rf Caro eWill sttwd IM a Permit ftIme IM
the 4ab-O-^cee in %be CoMtO St lOft of the sa idM4 a
the pleAM and an the tay5 IerW obtained from the Oworm
under mentioned, from 9.00 o'clock .,,.,,.... ,-
in the forenoon, for the purpose of Careful notice shou M ld
r. -el +-i ixes une the Lands that fact that, unless aN Im
.,, 1uiKnl Taxe, OrdtlnnM, been obtained, any pegS5
bp. 204. carrying Roonds on S
tIqUNIPIA:Wletelso evs
F day, 2nd June, 1944. whn entering or lea,
Friday trd June, 1944 Is liable to a fiUe -
TABAQUITS: thousand four hundra
Thouesdty, lath iay. 1944 In extreme cames to
Thursday. 15th June, 1944. Travellers should UMtW
FLANAGIN TO, : certain that a permitt b"k Il
Thursday, 26th May. 1944 trained from the oontm Ni
Thursday, 22nd June, 1944. the carrying by, tm O
3. M ,wi tthe arrying by, thema gl-
o Warden. County CaronL not ther Psonal prGVM 1
t Warden's Office, 2.6.44.
i Couva, "'.'
17th April, 1944. E. Iehi--
--------------Intonnaft 4ft
NOTICE. -_,__a !n
t __y

The P .blie is hereby notified that
the Mile End Road between the i
and 1 MM., in the Ward of Co 1
is closed to all Traffic until further
notice, for the purpose of effe.ting
repairs to Land Slip.
For Ag. Director of Public Works.

Public Works Dept.
22nd Junerw, 1944.


Riven that. under the Wild Ani-
mals and Birds (Protectton) Or-
dinance, 1923 as amended by the
Wild Animals and Birds (Protec-
tlon (Amendmenti Ovdiamne,
1941, the hunting and shooting of
the following birds is PERMITTED
from 1st July to 3lst December.
RAMIER of all kinds.
Chief Oame Warden.


The Public is hereby notified
that Bridge No. 13, at the 12''
MM. Cumuto Road is closed to
all Wheel Traffic until further
notice, for the purpose of under-
going repairs.
Communication la pos0ile by
way of the 8te. Mari Emqnanuel
and Belata Hill and OuaMco-
TamnSt Roads.
for Ag. Director of Publia Works
Public Works Department.,
22nd June, 1944.

9th Jiugrat"

Applioitions are ln it4 &
post of Resident Surpeon, k
which will become vacain
The post .- pensionafe Ib
ary at 500 per annum, tit a
of 700 per annum OM bi
to a candidate possesU Xg. 0
qualification or othteft rI
Op nation fees are pak*MJbUM
free quarters are provided.
%ppllcations should be dl
to the irtct'. of MedWlI
Trinidad and the sucue5Mj|
didate will be required J
duty tm ndt ltel. of 10
po. 'hie aiLer selection.
E. L. DOI L4UU4'
Ac ting ColoUN uiU|


given that the a011 1, AW
tions by persona tor
from serving as J NIN
Sessions to be neld 14
Spain on Monday, I. l.
ot June, 1944, has MM
from Thiu.'u y, 'Ye'LtAW IA
June, 1944, t aA'TUOB m
24th day of June, Utd 2* 4 -
Dated this a2M du9a a
1044. '
A. V. N. McCraeM
-+2W Mi'



Section 78-Motor Vehicles and Rood Traffic Odil
Midsummer Meeting-June 29th, July Ist, 6t 6
All vehicles must approach the savannah by way 0f
Street or any other street West of that Street. and WV)W
horse-shoe road bv the Dundonalid Street gate.
Cars will be p.rkd on the aannah is directed I
marked lines. East of the horse-shoe road fpcl.alnort1 WU 'B*
of members of the Turf Club displayinl n mnber.fb1 .
parked Inalside the horse-shoe on marked line. facing wi e._-
On the conclusion of racing. cars will draw ofl f t tb
road. and leave by the Dundoinald Street mats.
Cars attending to pick up at the conclusion ef gcl1 Y"'
bY the Chancerv Lane gate. .
TraffMc in the vicinitv of Queen's Park west wi do "*
the discretion of (hoe senior Police Officer on dUty. __
Emntv taxis will rank as dirf::ted by Police and WliH1
to aporoach the Grand Stand entrance only wh ia 8 ,MuI ,
Persons arriving on foot should approach the Grand .
central footoath from Queen's Park West by which t YT O
the Grand Stand ticket antes by the new overhead AV:
thus avoid the danger of crosq'inl the motor road. -IS
narklne ticvcles will be provided
Person leaving the rate eours after the races on fe0 NOW
to uwe the nverhead bridge and the foo'path soa tOS *Ivc"
the lines of traffic. .

Police Headauarters.
14th June. 1944.

R. A. Erskime-oLIl&
I' .


MEPACRINE-Substitute fOeIV

It is notified for Information that ,MePacrlne" W I2 .
sale as from lst July. at those Post Offces whe aiM
viously sold. fa
The Director of Medical Services has issued the f@iB .
tions regarding the use of Mepacrlne. I. W. ta id
At. P800lesll.-r,
General Post Office.
15th June. 1944
Mepacrine is a drug used In the place Of Quhl aiil
meant ot mularta. It is a drun that can Jbe 0 111edl^
some advantages over aulnine It does not
effects oft ulme. namely-nausea sickness. he
the ears an w deafness. Occaasonallv a yellow
skin may occur towards the and of the course @ tb
discoloratlo tIs harmless and diappear shortly i t ?
of trestmentt. '
Chlui 1-t y -s yeMw ........ TabW t "
CMllOM 3-4 years. ........1yTaiuaiald
ChmiMn 6-10 yasla*n 2 TabWete d 61
ChlldawM ever 1O ayamT
and Ailults ............ Tablets d .
Meaclne *I net to be taken for longer than S0
It one course. If oonldered necasaary, a ecOnd GO
may be repeated aftir an Interval of dAY'
Mepatere ahofd be tao a anftr food Or g
wo ennmay purmre m--a thwa NT 'b 3W .
PRIC]-3e. Pea Fo

phow d







-. -- .. .-- -







. I .o


'' 1 "5V

0_1_______,------- ___ __.______ _TMM hD, AItA J1 MMsTI*U



# dvance On Cherbourg

Nazis Fight To. Death
6WIfmua lausped theirBU; D t' fleet. OSMpa Upedla,'.

'&eghmlraflnd mashed at aId is fairly clear-itis iee t j:
inalng hilltop baa- ate the fortied area proper oI
1 o-<: Cherbour fr-m the defend works
la a erm d of the At..ntic wall in the north'
maet and northwest strip of tlh
City ootentin Peninsula, that is to say
r June 23 (Reuter).- to reach the oat by a drive A
tr ackekd up by and west of Cher'bourg."
t~tmSoviet Launch
I iiv be rm today have
heifr preacure on eT
of erbourg. They hay ets f
In ito the uGrman Lau nch
and o u one g Expected
., k2h; to the southeast | f Y ePAC
the fortifications Ll& I P V lCU
But it has been Drive
an d t Robert Dunnett,
otrs that .troopsum r mnv
approaches to the
t ed 1at least nine LCONTINUOD PROM PAGE I1
to in an advance' campaign would I& in with anl
"Ae Other troops on the sucn piau lor, given control of the
pp~~haces have advanced southern Finnish coast, the Rum
le too. So far, says &Ians would be able to take over tui
tbh main body of the German stronghold of Tallin an
Forces is yet in sight of knock out submarine nests aloni
They have made con- thle Estonian coast.
Scents in the main wall NEW BLOUvS
ig h fortress but the Get- L.fore the Soviet announcement
still stands on the Whole, of the offensive, war commenttrs
Reporter outside Cher- In the Soviet capital& said new and
p" that the American in. crushing blows were being readieW
hettied throughout the night by the Red Army. It was noted
erman pillboxes' and self- also that the Russians at the out-
Sgumns which the enemy set of the fourth year of thile war
From one point to an- had increasing faith in early victory
With heavy fire from six- by means of well-timed blows at
guns and fro.- mortars, the enemy from east, west and
t defences like these they south. The Soviet Information Bu-
Sfight every yard of the way, rpau's tWree-year review milled
B.B.C. correspondent at Su- refreshed, regroup-d forces, under
H headquarters says that the tried Soviet commanders, would not
SCherbourg may not occur have long to wait for the ro-ahead
onem days. It is a paradox signal. A recently revised map ol
nvertheless true that the tile eastern front shows the ltus-
advance has been made silan advance about 15 .nliles from
lby the swiftness of their Poiotsk, vital communications cen-
0 across when they cut off tre, northwest of Vitebsk; that the
rman field divisions. Ele-, Russians are within 16 miles of the
of theme two divisions, the White Russian town uf Pinsk; that
and the 77th, are now resist- the Russians are Dressing toward
Cherbourg assault along Kovel, aftor having ripped commu-
s garrison division and the ntlcations with Lwow and :'rest.
Srg 709th, The garrison Litovsk, leaving Warsaw the only
Share mostly men over 40 line open. It shows also the Soviets
Sold. But if the task Im harder had withdrawn slightly from the
|pralne, as the B.,C. correspon- high ground in tile Carpathians be-
Ssays, is greater. tween the Czechoslovakian sector
FAL FIGIITING and thile Russian-held towns of
Golomyja and Cernauti.
7 t ha been some local fight- There )s a brld head over Se-
,ft the British sector. A few reth, west of fast, about 20 miles
northeast of Cien the Ger- deep, taking Marshal Konlev's T en
put out a force of 35 tanks to the rimn of the Carpathians,
u' tanks knocked out eight whose crests are 30 miles away
.iptured one complete with its Filling the central front bulge of
0 The Germoins withdrew to about 250 miles are Marshal Zhu-
Our aircraft were called kov's huge forces, which some Ger-
SaErple It and this was the man broadcasters had been saving
ion of these German tanks, for weeks would be the first to
410l1 brought a new Illustra- strike. Latest reports from the
Of hew effectively the British north said the Russians art pushing
Suandlan forces are tying the Finns back from Vilpuri o. the
Sfour Panzer divisions on this main road to Helsinki. driving to
glThe enemy armour In this ward Petrovavodsk, capital of the
Swell am infantry forces Karelian republic sland mopping up
a wellAs at supreme Heaoce additional points on the Murmairk
decibed att Suprfrme Head-rirod
Stontift as first rate in road
and probably the best --------
troops In France. M l C Ao
landing Of Allied supplieon Milan In Chaotic
N"ormandy beachhead was Unrest
up today In better weather State Of nr
th1ee days of Sales had im- Sa U rs
i C ^ ^ ttd''.!^ 1 LUGAO, June 23 (Reuter).--Ke.
operations. Bad weather LUGAO, June 23 (Reuter).-Re-
01riling restricted sir operns- ports reaching here from Milan
ver' the Normandy battle say the city 1s In a chaotic state
but there was considerable of unrest. All Caraineri through
ty elsewhere on the front, out the district have been called
fighters and fighter bombers up and posted at street crossings
4dekq MerzMdon junction and and public buildings.
rVOM Show that 11 enemy A concentration camp has been
were destroyed. Allied erected In a suburb of Milan, for
terms 2 destroyed or damaged captured Carabineri deserters. Prt-
11"rtef, six na.rshalllng yards soners there now total 1,000 and
.l 1oonotlves. are guarded by Fascist troops, the
fighting Is going on for con- report said. Sines Sunday, no
the airfield at Maupertuis militia men, Including 400 Carabin-
1 lbe soumtheast. American p- eri, have disappeared from Is-.
*a eat and west at Cherbourg clat barracks.
At now in light of the sea. ----
A*3.0. correspondent at Su-
9102e Headquarters said It was
,"l that the Germans had Constitution
a1be to get all their mobile
'o'^i"' ; Hitch Likely
Out of the flortheeiste'nEI'j ,
Of the peninsula but In the H itch L ,
1t the was a chefice that
am of the er eV will be cut off.
Sthe eastern flank of the
nd front the British and Trinidad Guardian Coi'respondent.
SS^S &T_ trop still^..S" hol f
1 troops still hold four KINGSTON, JAMAICA, June 23
n Panzer divisions. B'itlsh -With the general elections for
Yesterday reached a position the new House of Representatives
and A half miles west of Tillh under adult suffrage announced by
i tffles fightingo was going on Sir John Huggins, the Governor,
im les ast of Caen. as likely to be held late in Octo-
ti NNEL ISLE BOMBED ber or early in November, a s&Itg
A0ld aircraft over France yes- Is now likely to develop with the
aend Clast night made more draft constitution.
6,000 flights. One of their The People's National Party has
S uccefg assignments was ian pointed out to the elected mem-
ol n n an Iron factory outside bers of the Legislative Council
bi. The Getrmans had forti- that the Secretary of State les
I 5 and were using it es an ar- gone back on the earlier agreed
4tS mhle. British troops were condition that the Executive
a Ita a mile away and the Council of five elected and five
t hied to be done with great Government members should be
The factory w.ts des- ithe main policy-making body of
O"2 uOr aircraft were aso the Oovernment.
AIderney, one of the Channel Under the new draft the politi-
d attacking GQrman gun- c""-eis are uncertain whether the
And barracks and at night present unpopular Privy Council
F heavy bombers made a will remain as a policy-making
E assault on the railways at body or will deal purely with mat-
ima I id Lyons, tears of Royal prerogative as sug-
Citn Ludwig Sertorlus, mill- gested now and origriIlly. It is
'1 oimentatow of the German hoped, however, the deadlock on
a AS0n newlagency, said to- this issue will not be reached since
Otn. the Cotenjin Peninsula the former undertaking of Downing'
Inh'v has left his formations Street on the point was clear.
,id-_ for the great assault on ThP PN.P.. however, have also
very little time to de- asked for abolition of the Idea of
n OrBrt of the outer fortify -n Upper House. They argue that
rtInmi ig Yesterday afternoon Council is the policy-making body,
N them into battle regard- it Is unnecessary if the Executive
S 1 O se, taking advantage of since the Governor with five nomi-
ts'eimendoM air supremacysend ees, will have a working majori-
S2.2S 0rt of the guns of the ty.

Something New!




ond dry
-. Kp yo -
Prme $4. eas
I t


Churchill's Fashi on Pointers Mr. Morrison Says Robot Plane ---

a aFailed To Affect War Effort Cher Up

LONDON, Jun4e 21 Reuout' ) The Oerman seete weapons the Fa
tIsbt plane, hu had n o material effaecty the waro ffort, and xWe Now
Signally failed to wsret the more of the a rit sh people, e Mr. ha er t (1) c.Ct
Morrison, Home Secretary, ad rted in the Hrouse of corona todal,
Fewer i we W re killed in -.. .. -,- 24
SC1 astem r d urnting t rst A ave not yet reahel their pe, k
five n ghts of the flying bomb at- and It m my be that the e. Will rI
n-tacks, than .uring the raidsa onlmrove l/ l d evlices, or that other (2) R.C.
Southern W gland on the five nightsdev ie e store Lfor u st. we mUt
between February 18 and 25. Mr.,the0u4ore 1otngs otW vglanc,
Morrison 6oclaed. and must not neglect any moeaurs
'"ere se bee n periods ,hen which will deftist i intention. If I CONCERTI -
saue 10 or muore flying bBmlbs w 'rt the experience of the pastq is. In
Ai the sir at the sanme time while ainy measure of the attack we may
at others single bombs have been ihae to face, we can face It with
dsPtnd a', almost regular lnter- StOu hearts and every reon PrGE r
i ls." he said. confidence." i
"T'he missile explodes with resultal '. t PHONE 4184. 4
equivalent it) those of a 1,d e kilo- - - - -

cognise~~~+ ,, the o,."m ,,lao l^e c M aqnnaci foi~ e,^ ." ra elhsbe n sH ialr i ir
a arMs 'al n be b with an intensive bla pc sttu i

effect. u I Fren Maqris
.Hamper Nazis FRESI
"Little damage of nation on- .... e-
1 $ o r ia n ce, hip s b ee n c airn ed a n d S U P R E M E A L E E D

Public utilities have been on dvlyrn h ben SUPREME ALLIED HEAD!
slightly affected so farn" Mr. Mo- ,QUAfTERS, Jimne 23 Reuter)
Mr. Wingthie Cburedb the iaPde Mr Miiter, demosttald the 9Wide rwson sddeo that there had been 'shroughoat prana French patriots'
fastenero en his sirem selt" sto em. Dwight D. Eienuhewer on a casualties and damage to property are In close touch with thi Allies
railroad p a1tto1m 1* 1nla4M de4# nlx an Inspection tour ef Allied by blast, but that a substantial and carr ing on s ,eadll' Incrmas-.
tUe6P-(Ar phete.) nulmber of lltese missiles had fallen ing campaign of botag e against
outside built-up areas, the Oprmans.
.-- .......... .. Amid loud sauglhtr, Mr. Morrison A special communique today
B ie,: "Accordhilu to th.' German says that around Bordeaux three
Bi Gne entMussolini Reported To0 wireless the whole of southern main rltlmsiv lines have been cut,
B olivia G ets4Have Suffered Relapse 2,iand is a ene of desolatrionmany bdrides on thl e road running
A nJune.: 23 A --Fronter r W- tent')f the dofsmoke overgthie de-lsort.,i'frontlordeaux have been
1 ng lo an eDU blsJe ( ro man piots from ahstesinig t e "- man armoured divisions have beenF R

R eco n ition Mussolini sufferer a relapse and "According to tie same invented F trance. s
and imaginati; me source, the British Apart from sbot age. these French
was summoned to San Vittorio Oornment hs. abandoned Lon"- forces of the interior wage open1
From Germany and his wife don Well, hre we are sa. emblevi warfare against the Gerrrms. In;
WASHINGteNd June2 fA theP e- in Parliament in London." 2i- y districts strong forces of' E
The United States ad othet r keeps vigil at his bedtsideIt (rnman troops have had to be sent' SEA
American republics, including Bra- was reported that Mussolini is GOOD RESULTS against men of the Maquis. Ini

the oly crterio whic the con- wee to lay ur pa. as uarsomen areasl theJapanse hve en have taken^^^
zll, Honduras and the Domtinican living at Garda lAke an ed I rvn sts some areas loaenchiimen have taken
Republic, established diplomatic Mr. Morrison stated that the e- voPer
relations with the ix-moh-old expected to e taken to ter- ts achieved by flght:'rx and ---
BovTian Gove'nmit of Maltaor many should the Nazis with- ground deletes inI destroying the*I
aulbe Villaroel, The Brith o O" draw to the Alps. ilotle.s aircraft be for thev ONazis Mo altreat Perd
crdb Vila o dec, the derit preached their objectives, had beIenat Per11
cominment ehasovernmecided tof Bolivi re- .Der Bnd reported that Ro- "substantial IPr ers
SState Department announce- berto Farinnacctformer Secrt-41 "A great! deal has been and l UItali n II Iv
A being done to improve our defensive,
ment said the United States Em- tary of tie Fascist Party, has masutrss, and we hope we shall ZURICH, June 23 (reuter's) ,
bassy at La Paz this orit. gone to Munich and Marshal soon be able to i morove still further A grim picture oL tle plight of theI
under instructions, P resented a oone Muni'h Mnister ha On the results achieved." The situ&.. tirst Italian war prisoners to at,-
note to the Foreign Minister of Graziani, Mussolini's Minister oI t~lon created by tihe ,new cform erive oin tirtnrany vwa painted to-I
Bolivia, renewing relations be- War, has gone to Vienna, attack had no resemblance to the dav bY the "Ba,'ler Nachnirsten."
tween the Untd S a e u -. "lurid" pic ure whichl Dr. Jo seph The Siwi.-% newspaper .said "Ine!
Bolivia. Goebbels had painted, Ms'. Morrison ,aliant offers and mi'u who rv-
The announcement said: "'Be-, Employment Plans said. lused to serve uuoe, Neo-l'aolsclani
tween January 24 and Januasry 28"The attack has had no mat~rlal were deported lto Gerlniai\, ihel're
1944, the American republics,aOry eeffet ion the war effort, arid if it was said te, woiki w meted'
full exchange of information d afte Deoate hnds the enemy's Intention was to upset as war' pnisoner5. It is now known
consultation with one another, de- JO....... e.. s tcrM the moral, of the people he has these torlsoiors were aept in iaree..........
.thirinteone other, de LONDON, Junej tutcr)--Mr,- signaly failed" Mr, Morrleon con- concentration camps near Import-
clared theirintention... ..towtBlveinOliver Lyttelton, Proatction Mi- eluded: "It may be these attacks ant towns and rail junctions,
recognition from the l istri teoay wound tip the three-- which were ried by Allied
Junta which came Into power on ,,v House of Commons debate on whlan e re raidAh
December 20. 18, I the tovernment,'s plans for full n eSite last september, )rrsoneisi
"They concluded that the re-f employment after the war. 'h
commendation of the new Bolivian!overnment, ..e said, would exam-Thavende receive nel, oher sa, chan1
regime would not be In the inter-i ne nt, donerwea notiwr %hdthiexg.
eatofth .scurt .ofth h smin e everything that had been said T w ro newa ii ti' lltig
ost of the security of tnenlu'-in the debate. 'T'he House was coin- e Prisonern tei not allrictrinedwt- C H
sphere and success of the Allied mitted to no details, CHUNGKING, June 2. (AP) --
osuse. This was the criterion ande lMr. Lytt'etton-dc'':,tired that if The Chinese, High Command an- iick,
the only criterion which they con-Iwe were to play our parn as guar- bounced that the Japanese have "'llie 'ii Gt (irrit' re-
sJdered In passing upon the !tatti sodians of the eace we should need been driven west and south of the fuses to alt)'v the iitternatoriunal
the Bolivian regime. Ito keep up substantial armed forces Shweli Rlver and an advanced war prisoner's ,atute. l'his iatht-
"Since last Januaryy this pro- and that If properly done, the &up- Chinese unit reached a point less tideiis ported by the Neu-
visional Government of Bolivia plying of modern weapons rAy than 10p semIles northb e oftngchung, Fascistn Berlin,who reiardeentaihee
hai carried out at number of de- make a considerable conva'ibutiont o Salween In Yunnan Province. Ja- Italians as Iraitors undeserving of
cialve and afrmative aets In 8u1- local employment. panese troops from Yungling, south- sympathy.
port of Hemispheric security and In the field of export trade, we "In one cama between 10 and
the cause of 'he United Nations. should have to look to tie expan- eatinf Teealong, th tacRedt i0 deaths occur daily."
Accordingly, the American Co v- sioon in the Colonili Empi. India,
ernments have reviewed the -sit- OhGna ,snd Soviet Russia. On the
uation again by exchanging in- post-war control of industry, he
formation and consulting with .o that the solutonlavin a Point Fortin Social & Recreational





another. The consensus is that grst marriage between the organ-
there is no longer reason In with- i d power of the State and the
holding recognition, free flow of private enterprise.
"The exchange of Information, Mr. Lyttelton disclosed thlt for
and consultatticn which led to the We past six months the Government
decision by the sovereign states had been examlnir.3 what indus-
concerned that the Boliviar Gov- trial mobillsation tnere would have
ernment should be recognized took to be to support the armed forces
place pursuant to the provisions of that would have to be brought to
the Inter-American Emergency bear on Japan assuming that the
Advisory Oommilttee for poAtical war against Germany ended first.
defence, located at Montevideo, In this transition period, more
which now has been apprised of of our resources would be needed
the decision of this Government." for the war against Japan thAn
A statement front the Bolivian would be realized.
Embassy said: "During the past The Minister reminded the House
six months, Bolivia hais gone that irltain would end up this war
through one of the most Serlous as the largest debtor rAtion in the
crises in its history. It gave, how- world, but, he reld: "I am optUmls-
ever, inoontrovertible evidence Of tic enough to believe that with a
friendship and solidarity In the measure of co-operation between all
cause of the United Nations by sides of industry we can once again
taking steps ever since the latter be rich and prosperous and per-
part of December, 1943, in full haps can solve the problems of em-
support of the democracies. Re- ployment which -vtve so often elud-
cogltlon will help In the further- ed us in the past."
ance of such steps at an ever- The House agreed to the motion
increasing accelerated pace. and then roW.
1"06is 1.-operation of Govern-
ments and amongg the peoples shall LCONTINUIO FROM PREVIOUS COL.I
undoubtedly be a decisive test of British Government baa decided
lan-Ameriaanism and of the to recognize it.
Good Neighbour Policy. This follow an announcement
"A state of war exists between b the United States Government
Bclivia and the Axis. The United o Its recognition of President
Nation's have had Bolivia's contri- Villaroerl's Government. British
button of strategic raw materials and United States diplomacy In
vital to the war industries. Latin America is closely co-ord-
British Envoy In the case of Bolivia the United
IOr Government States Government has been ac-
Iuforms Governmenttuated by the favourable report of
B Mr. Avra M. Warren, its Ambas-
By RANDAY NEALE, Reuter's ador to Panama, who was sent
Diplomatic Correspondent Ion a fact-finding mission to
LONDON, June 2, Router).- on i at
Mr. Dalton Murray James. British M Bolivia,
Charge d'Affaires In La Paz, ha Mr. Warren's recommendatIon
been instructed to inform the that recognition should not be
Bolivian Government tohat longer delayed was confirmed by
Bolivian government that th independent reports received by
[CONTINUEO IN NEXT COL.1 the British Government.


The 1Ist Annual Southern Inter-School Athletic Meeting, under
the auspices of the above named League, came off on the Mabalou
Grounds, Point Fortin on May 29th In the presence of approuimatea-
fifteen hundred sport fans.
Fn,itl results,-Point Portin B.C. School 27 point, La Breas R.C.
12: Guapo Government 12; Buenos Ayres Oov't. 7; Forest Reserve
B.C. 6; Oropouche ; tSiparia Union-
Meeting Officials, Judges: V. Brown, A. Williamns, 8. Crichlow;
Starters: C. Mitchell, J. Modeste; Timekeepers: R Constantine,
Mildred Greenldge; Recorders: R. George, P. Felix, J. Carrington,
Others who assisted,- P. Kittell. N. Francois, A. Forrester, L.
Andrews, W. Baynes, J. Lessey. B. OGibbs; with H. Reefer u. artn-
nouncer and Albert Smith, Secretary; while Misses A. Lancaster, A.
Johnson, C. Spencer, B. Antoine, B. Greenidge, Edith Murray and
Ena Blackmani attended the prizes.
Prize donors are;-Measrs. D. Rodriguez, H. Jeoffrey, K. ndmnorm,
and Hubert Wilson, "Shield" (Chanmpionshlp trophy won by Point
Fortin E.C.: A. Smith, W. Green, 0. Cooper, c. Ottley, A. Maul,
D. De Pradlne, C. Sovrall. S. Lambert, W. Modest. B. Huggln.
Pelham Layne. Sergeant Grant, N.C.O.), B. Small, Jtro Solomon,
Oscar Hackett Andin, G. Superville. A. Baptiste, Elphin Ralph,
Btones & Son, MoBalley, Refinery Fltterf, Boys a the Refinery 'Work
Shop' and Trumble Plants.
The Misses T Elder, MltcheIL P. HinksoM. Aleathea Jolihnon,
Rita Hilder, Joyce WalleUn, V. oragg, 0. Payne, V. Pawlins, V. Bat-
son, Sybil Barriteau. Octavia Apperlclo. p. Richards, Agnes Alexander,
M. Adams, Mrs. 0. Superville, M. St. Hillarla, W. Lewis, Prestom
Nimblette, E. Belle, C. Spencer, De Pradlne, S, IAmbert, Geawhan
Edith Raymond, Aurora Mitchell, L. Bradshaw, E. Taylor,
Other contributors:--N. RosA, 0. ILee Fil, Roy Sinarlne, McD.
Lal Fook, M. Andrew*, V. St. Rome, Octavia Jhaham; while some of
the business places made cash donations.
With D. Nore and his "Harlemltes Orchestrnt" supplying hot
swings, and the Point Portin Maternity Hospital' s 'Means and Wsys
Committee" handing refreshments the evening was one of real
Ons behalf of th" Leagua, we hereby thank all who assisted in
making the occasion the success it was.


LYNCHi, C(halruma




Atrangements have been made for animals (horses, mules and donkeys) to be
vaccinated at the undermentioned centres in the County of St. George as follows:-




TUA A .. ..
** *



Market (Railway Road)
Corner of Eastern Main Road
and Caura Road .. .
Saannah, near Overseer's
Quarters Orange orove ...o
Government School Grounds ..
Oarden Savamnah .. .
Junetim of Mausica and Kastem
Mais RdI. (Lands of N. CleaverW
Sawvmnnah am Arcadia Este ..
WasM itow Savannah ..
OuW% otf t e lumm ts ..
0Btemo ft@4 tanmmah
ltcr1 04d 4 Arta BSaTvaUh
Orombbniy Stati.on ..

14 Coses. ITnait ..


7.8 ra. Pri. *ar4 Junte, 14
3030 am. I

10.3 am.
I1L00 am.

IL. Jm,

SlJ am.
11s am,

* a
* ft
* ft
an] July, 1M
* U
f *


- 0, andelaba
I- l -e--ti-
It.sL l R i At ,I
Is AL a I&


XlI.II$ jn.
M &A

?J e Mo.
*.0 aja,
2Jt am.
1* LUn
Wei n

ST3A Lm M .
800 A L

116 A X
ILO ,jn
10. I sm.

--- -. -. a
wWI "$Neyuw Ito1be t8 a] attheir roapeetlys
bacm m Sruh d a S

* .

a a
* ,s


at *
ra ___

i 1*o Good News i~
we ane Late Maew# 0
Artltes fo e r yoPurV P

A. Warlitier Je lox g il w.
Automatic Ckager sad k"
rds. <
A. P.A. System with Single or
I. Microphones fir

41I : a ln 8Y SR10



N I .




af 33c.



mNDEZ (1933) LTD.





Set of 37 pieces $16.95



58, Frederick Street :: 'home 5273.





l FIT and WEAR.

$3.65 up.




- WI-wiN l
1 f A ^ ii ilt
^-L- -^R4*AJ^ !^g


a .0 I 1,,.1S1AL


I III I .. ..

.._.._.___ mmum, __SM K, 194WL

Talk Of Trinidad
I" Tu g MUNN Iame

H &1--rr J= mcr We A ctin Oawn.. .cc .pB ...ed b Wi-
SHonSI afdtHawhar S. who sp t theo nb t OMst mM
3m a d oa ( R .r C.C- 9, the AMOC, attended emaU
cSSMuO 41rt W CanPeldy ev.Ding bY LleUt.-Colmo and M .
i2klne-LiandO at their home.

d 15 .naio h .ciFre Wla FnA enp
4a1 DONALD OT. CLAIR GAINBR. formerly Britsh Aabassado
S toVe teae w abo e tVfid In Trinhad on thursday *venln ftpa
sl t tS o fo w AeUmele wy the Governor at Ooknnmbnt
Lady Oaloter ad their son.
Skr Donaldt wthohas bent apppointed British Ambasmsador to
ars wiL isa his way there t take up hi W ewe s4Ues .and aldy
.ISer and their n arrived from iaracas on Tur'day to joint him.
,'* S
TI DM WAND that Capt. P. S. Castagne underwent an operation
"t the Colonial 'Hospital. Slan 1ernado, where he was a patient
Ifor ws time. A& a result, "Nlite-Klub Revue," the cabaret and
wthe was cutting on at the Drill Hall, San fernando. on Batur-
d'a. July 15, In aid of the Local Forces Welfare. Fund, has been poet-
Ihave not been able to find out when the howwill t iake place,
bute a soon as I do, will let my readers know.
Tho postponement ha undoubtedly caused some disappoint-
ment, but this should be a case of the prooerbIal ll wind, as the
ehow wil no doubt, be even better than promised.
T r will O be lots of bargains at the big Jumble sale to be held
Afternoon at the Prince's Building at I o'clock. All those
wisbhin to get some really valuable and useful articles are advised
to be on time.
The proceeds of the sale will go to the Red Cross Special
Invasion Fund.
MR. RED WHEELER, formerly of the Imperial Censorship here,
has arrived safely in London after an uneventful journey. He
did not enjoy the best of health after coning to Trinidad from
iBermuda, but a few months in England will no doubt do him a
world of good. Mr. Wheeler tis a member of the London Stock
exchange and also of many well-known London clubs.
C *
ANOTHER Censorship official now back in London Is Mrs.
A Shakeshaf t who has writtWe to friends In Trinidad that she
Is settling down again in the Mother Country. Mrs. Shakeshaft
lost her house in an air attack on London, but. with the help of
her married daughter there, is overcoming this big handicap.
T HEL ORGAN RECITAL given at St. John's Church last night in
coin-nnection with the imperial Censorship's effort ftr the Red Cross Invasion Fund serves to remind me that there
an' many talented musicians and artists in the Censorship here.
Some of the nenbers bel-ongo othe dramatic and music organisa-I
tionm of Trinidad.
C *
TWODAY Is Midsummer Day in England. The sun rose at 3.40 ain.
S and will set t at 34 p .m.. giving nearly 16 hours of bright
dayUght. Ther Is also a twilight period of an hour or so, and
Britain hats Double Summer Time in operation now, this means
that It will be possible to read a newspaper out of doors up to very
nearly midnight.
ADVANCT Inf TtoniRtM frrNm Waler Field indicates that the Air
A os under r ther ptnsorship on Color.el rn. Eriksen and the

were te l~o~thte
e e fice has completed plans orthe biggest ball ever
Mo be held on he field. Ladies from Port-of-Spanl, San Fcrnando
and Polnta ndterre will be invited by personal invitation.
The ball will he held of' July 3 In the Wasler Field Theeatre
which will be transformed for the night into an uldra-mon ein
Saret, and there ,'ll be unusual ent4rtaifnmernt by first-rate pro-
f eslon ngl e Ctrt nars. There will also be dancing contests, door
cess, supper, favors for the ladles, and refreastments, invitations
Wil bs sent out soon.
Wa Js8 SEYMOUR, the popular montron oftthe Colonial Hospital in
San Fernandrt, has unfortunately b en fh1d uA for abotitR a week,
but Is getting on nicely. Her many friends and acquaintarces will
wIth her a speed return to health.
JIMfATHER MARY ELLEN were the names given to their infant
daughter at her baptL,;m on Sunday morning by Mr. arid Mrs.
Victor CtrnIlUac. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Father
O'Doinell t St. Patricx& Church and Mr. and Mrs. Len Iticards
were the kodpp-tnts.
Members of (ne fsivri and a few close fr;e'ij were afterwards
tovited to Mr. and Mrs. Cornllliac's home to drink to the baby's
AGAIN the Garrison warrant officers, staff serueants sntl sergeants
o the United Kingdom forces are having a dance at their
Meg& on Long Circular Road on Friday, June 30. Dress is optional
and a good tine I& expeted.
Victory fair held at Forest Reserve op May 14 has realized
over $l1.0O for the Win the War A.ssorlat ion, and the dance
held oM June 3 for the Invasion Fund of the Bri'ish Rfd Cross
Society has brought in nearlSv $3N The organisers of these events
are to be congratulated on their sacree~s.

0 AN0PN00DY I MOP' .-i
I AfU ME To 2
L*/^ W ANSWER n-fTr



A OPF NO ~c!

Firkusny Warmly Receli

By Southerners On Tues
Wh udolf ar nerye, Sthe Czetch Pt nit &W s arly ire.
de audleaw at ?Ointe-a-PMorre on TuesaMy eveng. I
openEd hl m rt with Two T eluded b_ Bab.. TBawaog
bI 4et1omby "onata. Majo.*Oo o3 Walds-in Sonatae
Tto *eoodpart of the Wro.,"------
gr--iM =-devoted to two wn-1 'K ~^.,

Incidently. "Fantasa and Rondo,"
which was rendered., wa. deo'eated H olds .rrt
to rhkuany by Martinu. The rest
of the programme consisted of a-,- The usual mid-XmontLI
lectlons by Chopin, dance of Pointe-a-Plerre C
held on Saturday last cc
AcoA g those present at the con with a Home Guard part
cert were Mrs. A. J. Ruthven- there war a good d crows
Mry, Dr and Mrs. M. Schwtz, clubhouse on ts"Oeasiuon.,
Mr. anad Mrs. Reid Mr and MaS. men and women were
aklaw, Major w asl Mr. R. B. asked to come In unifor
Krrr, Mr. and Mrs. M. Nethersole. man of them did.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Christian, Mrs. Private J. C. D. Lynn,
H. G. Kugler, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. mad an Ideal compere, a
I ... .. ... .... i y dan wo a d
SHulme Mrs. A. Newton, Mr. and music for dancing was fu
Mr. DF. Ker Mr. and Mrs. by Ernie Castelnlo and i
ht. Nthersole, Mir. ;Ad Mrs. C. iIRoosters,
Cater, Mr. and Me. J. P. Collier, The recently-formed F
and Mr. E. 0. Stibbs. Pr Male VoWc:r Choir' ma
After the concert a rec'ptlon was debut under the direction
held for Mr. Pirkusny at the club McOGee, with Mr. R. Thorn
by mambera of the Pointe-a-Pierre the piano, and the items ti
Concilartos, Daniel Committee. i ributed were warmly rece
Among those at the reception were an enthusiastic audience.
Mr. Wilfred de Verteuil. Mr. and bodes well for the future sti
Mrs. J. B. Christian. Dr. and Mrs. this choir.
Roy Richards, the Rev. and Mrs. Some amusing duets we
J. C. McDonald. Mr. and Mrs. K. tribute by Mr. Rg Hum
W. Barr, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Krr, and Mr. P. Jacobs n the
Mr. and Mrs. D. Oillespie, Mrs. M. ,nlmitable way, and Capt
G. Carr; Mr. and Mirs. R. Edge- rendered one of Stanley Ho
worth Johnstone, Mr. and Mrs. A. well-known monologues, whi
R. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. B. W. H. Ooddard, at the pil
Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. community singing in which
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Beach, body joined heartily. All
Miss J. Collenbran'er. Mrs. P. A. rangements were made by
Carr. Miss H. M. Pollonals. Mr. E. J. S. Goulding, H. 0.. In fc
Hargreaves, Mr. Scott Thompson, tion with the club secr'tar-
and Mr. C. Burgess. everything went with a sa
Among those present we
-- [Col. 0. H. Mercer, Major
B Major and Mrs. R. B. Kea,
/ Make Dress and Mrs. J Snee. Lt. E.
1VS.U #%K; MJl # Iscott, Lt. the Rev. A. p ."
.- _M. C.. IA. Bourne, Ut. -ai
I' to Jl T nm per. Greed, Lt. M. Parkinson. U
I touflm t per nis. Lt. A. Mann, Lt. Sp
J [,Brown, Lt. Rostant, Mr. ar
It Is often easier to make a dress A. J Ruthven-Murray, M
into a lumper than to put new Mrs. 1. 0. Laldlaw, Mr. at
sleeves into it or otherwise make It E. Healey, Mr. and Mrs.
over. Banks Mr. and Mrs. J. Ch
If the armholPs are wide, cut the Mr. and Mrs. J. C. H. 1
sleeves ,)ff very short or remove Mr. and Mrs. George Nixon
them entirely, finish the edges, and W. H. Ooddard and many
wear contrastingr blouses. You will
then have the effect of an entirely ---
new costume, i-Today's Di

Items Not For Sole Dance at Prsevcrance Cl
I Dance at Trinidad Country
A Rochester, N.Y stori auver- Garden p-artvy at St. Mar
tlses items which are not for sale lege 3 30 p.m
because of shortages of low stocks. Jumble sale'in aid of Briti
It saves customers the trouble of Cross Invasion Fund P
hunting for nL extent articles. Building, 1 p.m.

Radio Progra mm e s
".i) NNes News 0 1. News
'i ... Show Time Que Pnaa
5 10 ..rit P;ano QuArtet Hymns from Hi
i .... .... .... .. Yarns fur 'lank
t fe) liane Muiic 'News ) iisic We Love
IS1. .... Persr na] Aibu ....
3 ..Barn Dance Harrv James
:5 Ne .... .. New
7 00 W I Diary & Nts .News Record Session
i Letter -
;:1 .. .. Stork Reirt .... ...
:30 c G.. J.uirnal M,,rgan Brie*
:45 Promenade (mfnc~rt
8'"i> O .. News Hit Paraue
.I!>, so rte Mall Bar ... ...
.30 Old Town Hall Hit Parasd National Barn
: 15 . ..... . ...... .

S.O0 Ne
-:In BBC Orr'hestra
.9 "

l O f00 News e *dlinhes
1 7, ) Con rv MagziA ne
I 30 ".
. . .


... / MONEY

Network Returter
News St Home
Red gkelton

Lower Basin Street

Latin Rhuthnr
Dancs Tine
Night Owl Chlii
Nuct urno

; = ( NEEDED!

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Informaal S
ty, and
I at the
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H. 0..
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of Mr.
ipson at
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which M
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re con-
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lloway's U
lie Mrs.
no, led *
i every- Mi
the ar- U F1
Private U
y, and
wing. -
re Lt.- S
r, Capt. JlniuilafHlil
Cooe .____.

i LUXENow Sh'wing
a. ,wi r 0t 04 W Lmf5 p.m

M.GOM prnsei

Ike White cii r -


- VanJe sm C. AubWMy Smith
-S> Dame May WbNty d~n CeMeer

^KgT jF f~~~~ i/^r^ f s7" "eagai~ir mt
(Commentary by Quentin Reynolds)
Plus M-G-M'a Special Anniversary Featurette







G L 0 B E-SaO Fern
TODAY. S and 8 10 p.m.-Ann Miller and L.arry Par,. "
GLOBE-San Jan. '
TODAY, 5 and 8.30 p.m.- ,
Joan LESLIE and Geerge MURPHY l I
THIS IS THE ARMY-Extra: British


Trenc', I [*'Un' m HMUU flmfl ufl nm'flf l iH mhWII lllMMM IIMI MIIMuImslrlNlsJI ...................... ... -'.irn-Hii uuI llmhii MirhIiiiNhiullilmlwlA ti --nIJ_
enlove I No I T'.rl S BAVAD R-U-1
id Mras am e EM PIRE a r-J -.._ -t
and Pan gtlaying -
nd Mr..s | NOW SHOWING, and over the Week-End ,.
Br.st.Cnt, i Ceuhnuing Daily agt 4.30 and 8.30 pa.S. 4= -;
ir Cub.M[[IzIypFIop
Vs Col-a
i'-i 1"- 1" "{ TH** 1,,IIJ~iHHje^ g~f^^^^
Ish Red 3
Prittee'a U IB

k" elm- em L

,>n "l i ....... Xsrl' r -- = n
- Including the Side. n i. pm. OXY 845 p.m Tonl i IT Ai
S Splittin N Operetta Indian Picture Third Part of t he *
SehieklegruberAM Ii |i BHARAT MILAP Kng o 0
AND RCH.Texas lasIS "lg~
SWING EM!I Tomorrow, 1.30 pm.- Texas B
,.RO I =r IG A I E T Y San Fernan". 7,
TWENTY YEARS AFTER I Now Showing & over the week-end-5 API,
I AND NEWS OF THE DAYS 1 1 The Girls He Left 3Bem .t ,
n INVASION SPECIAL or The Gang's All Hoe :V4
S Today, 1.15 Matnee--HONKY TONI, and I TODAY, 9.30 a.m. -
, ,-,_ Road To Glory & Star IMet'

SMONARCH PALACE-San Fernando -'---uiiiiuniinn rin mnninnunm i
HE TODAY 4.0 & 8.0 D p.m... TODIY at a I A T t
S Warner Bros. Monster Double' TOD.AYat6&8.p.3 | IALTO O T
Nb, ErrO'Flynn. via de Havilland in Sensationl I ndlan Pheture | TODAY 1 .15 P.M. Matinee.. TODAY 1.15 P.M. i"
TZEY DIED WITH TANGRILLA I Broadway Melody Of 1940 Penrod d H Twis 5
H-THEIR BOOTS ON Also (Avtion Thriller) | Two Girls On Broadway I Kid Come c
Humphrey Bogart, Syfp-y Green- c.. .a...m
street in:- 1 .45, 8.30 P.M.- 4. .S .M.-
SIACRT O.E PACIFIC r Robert Donat, Valerie Hobson AD'LIa ON1 P;
R un. & Mon; THE DISERT SONG --e -{E, Tom NeaLt.M s .
-.. ... !1Bargains!- "ADVENTURES 5 N r

T.'. and -"
Universal Pr Ily Present just Been Renovated and | -and- 1
SJon H/TL.,Maria M4ONTEZ jPainted Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland Cary rait, LAll .
W- ;VAE 40 Alfredo Street GIRL CRAZY" MR LUKY

Tomorrow&Meday:..GUNGHOI TheKeysAwaitYor IJ PRINCESS L 0 N 1n1
QT TTPIf>T1TT I -- -- T MA TODAY 1.13 PA.,
OL1-1[1.11^ Iy -TODAY 130 a p..- I FLIGHT COI iJfl
.---.. ... Lovely Building Site a .. "
M n O O amM L i ADnr. O- Acre. plus One 1 5wi lUYI l "EM
Wirnne Tawa &as. M n.,as meal,
of we ktsofy e wa Tu s ,mV Dwelling House opposite 3%a .C ll T
a p -.to -wome a" cusc o.rvuome be. mile post. Petite Valley. (Neat
t=o.tlte ao sad Ithe helm Garden City Farm) Diego Mar-
,, tiO. U Ie 5 o. -S J, "=itui.iCall for full o rticulars
r r "tutaw memauts am to
Mauana. 490. P. HUGGINS a& Go LTD
15 Pelham St., Possession $2.800 j
|j II lIIMiMUmNIWUmHi|IUIHINilU IM3I W 116 Luig Street ........ $6.000 S e'- M i
R A New Cottage. Cascade
THE BRITIWS AND modernconv~enence-Chean LM IAli I
N Lovelv Bungalow Long ush
I ALLIED MERCHANT-= Cir Road a..B BaIn i
= NAVY C. LUB. & 16 tas BtAlaus Place f er-
tNAVY LUBB -Bemt offer fmmmflmnn mmgBllm
]FOR MERCHANT SEAMEN O2aonno _St.-.llVact,. 4.
O 'C nor lBt.-va-.mt%
OF T AMTIOUNITERrtD a Street.. Sai" Fe
i [Island House. Monos N,-
S ST. ANN'5 ROAD -oGa.ee .. TAY- a .3 am.-
3 Alfredo Street.. RGEANT aWV D UENGAt N
I' 2 Brand New Bungaows-Near AT 1.3M r>R- A I l
1 BOXI N G olfourle, Marvel. ROSE OF THE 310 dRANDM & IPARAI
S CONTESTS A AT4.45 &1 411.M.0 P- Watner's Gliantflls DMe' i
SSaturday, June 24 MALTESE FALCON i _im "
8 Reaia of MIneS aMh. SUL I t at MOfBB
7%'he manamememt Invites all i* 1 ItmlIIlunili*m
i interested men of the 1 r- { ,
chant Navy to come forward 1 M Pf lE s a- e--r
and take Part. Names snd UEMPIOR vasae 'wiF
weights may be given to the ...o.r aoeny for l e J < [
C lub Steward. U sTODAY 4 9ati&84 PM.-

l~iWith the permission of h THOMAS Mt.0*wKm-". ^B
Boxin Boatr d t Control. I p I "
| t .-- eMsio. of .. II__ (DSEE HERE PRIVAT'
CbitsHows,5. ftAllift(Deom.SW A moBb 4i~

a on - -mmao-- k. . -



unlflIIIlliii UIIIIIu I iimuiuniiiu





derr 'A'Win lAdies* Knockout Hockey Troph

u *Be Tadm Dmeat 32!
Rvir~t-lw> Clml In Vumhl

North Favowed To Beat
ISfarn& At O1tt Tamaht

^*B.--... ,~. -ta- +r. ... ., ., ..^^HH ,., **_*
"_ 1101011__________ ______I 4A Vu w 1mQ .....a........... fi ~ t t e1f offt, xW ir
ts 0Aid9 ol Ft7M" $0 wo lta 0 pil**t Racno*% 10 L
.A.E^^^^^B- zaaVCk- tt *V~0f w^ fVPI~iMmL <(--,e A - _ _________________'t V E zfxflr~
nNewhlstC ss ^ Vse^Wil ---- -- -
BE|5S6 Yiler ,-111.altel aIt teo i viR t, w r? inascwi t. <,m,-W lh ia. 1. MMd.
i -i m J1 .A 1 U WK ntn tin S 1 , _itelmtaPe Itr A. 0 M o nA W V. W,. C re l si. 1A Uliw t e It
_., cA A v "le 41 l M MxJ8r m a *i w th r"tc tflmrflm
_a__ itbIUma 3'1g b f i rmt1~ mlhrtt a oM h ama Dr. M A4. .PaaAeA a pn- PrUera Ko. Yo'VD r -A '

~~Ne ." be1 t th m -,Ta be e.w^'S 4 ;. aSl =fat i i aB4 D*t o. wt 5 At w Gar 4 l
1"--w- i..... ^ ., ^o^0 .,. ^ 2S SS !1!?.t WO.,I ' r-* Owl ., *.. + .S. L < _ S m+ y +,, tcu ,i A. <.. n( s B.*?yr- *-- A L,.A

olm"'s* untt Woui'am 'giw, WMtam ,tli""' '" a;6.l,|tl
Cu Yea c.at0 r tei = 16U D wil he*J,4T1
49* aststaft lta1hfrn wbeo*A 'the
ip aoou- Vat4. 1I C ounca? Une C'. a.. uo i tllIS S _P aLs c- K Pb s
*di *< a dIs ^, e t rophha. s c, + .s U t e s -.-eol,% M lU M bts. I w . Cnlb MMM.A._W f t ,. ,, V2,,m.,,.

K iT Mt goal wien a. 'poat th o^t I li n last exehanger, a31 If a~ n local cWwn- .. ... S. .,( , F. 1* eadi dwl* u
SO qeo be t ,,=,s heS tW A be ar P. 1 ++ m ok Ago. 0 + + m e.w~ -,.F nh vlSmt, M ,,,a .d,
BPt a aheldtnnea.ftw a -- lot ean each ipta care 0them- lTor i, I .ween ti Mowe ~aad ii^
MO'SS & WWA6 *Mdt rs l P r^ Z lSbr h It vas ai- Tj*' %prob na rw o fl wM we %h A N tk Morf% U ) ravite 4ut I I .*-*TWA -- Reva T .w 9. *)s )

A e kt If lrA 00 s Pwif i attai on w o t* w n ih t ddj ) iMofDt. Car l d ha b ComMe ste d n 11 to 1no I M o 4h ^ o p1t bp 4 | *.M C

io-- ilc ah e6oved tthe iD.V. C ,uost a trop. CA t ENA<4 .wm Sthe B him i -! r t froa l ast esar tien ietil t iw l be o aatuvdsacl
otII Mengeat othe71asp ca SW, ~. C hUt whi bncle .AU TO
so m Bye oe th t s r,. or h t hee o,%

I* of vm t'I The n the ir owep tgIM, K. W l a te y ll t e wh ile fo t o hewo he s o nt . .. ... e .. .
^".1 1;* =1'-^ a'^^ ^^ ^ 00".ft'^^ "d eFsalToday ulJgma 6

aM l a t tlora.ef ham.t 6nth e n so o. te lbeaaiB 3 b e ftat thntpo b e tnoe h s be eS a amtIstha T. artin tl, the, a "AM.M n
a iB. a toe t et ae w f l, prtadent em to ad e t, oni* wtft wlb ntke him.o utmi t c-s .-.f -n Ttlito ta 1-t iA AiE
k_ a ne ntted. H DWp Rm os-hhe weav-b ; topgta.a.tMr. ea A.W I T Z t Thasbeo en ,,.fhn t r. G e o f h, .
"a sixnn # inttbe-esill ('117Pwh0inywt-Ition It09vilitpl... . .

l'aioni bs adm ig hiVA.st"a ra. In t hi It ? i In
ejk rTwied by centl-e reb aide I eso. t-CI tI MeC c nntto* n topa.rra. Tetrt*r- Mnt o alli t W' aT toew > M"atr t an hi t
V t t P lay &W s rt o .ae d i n t o c e o 0.. hf s-o. b o r e t s e w ti oAwi0a .h 1in MW
n t tlr eest the cRdl.n., V -T ad nof, n 1~l ty no m C,% m Cgub. M4, t yr~s I p hi, frm 0sol~ i t t AAlef Ils e w
Wx ee ny Z ar. A s r in 1zthe i ouletan-is ntntontopr- bod gon soft wo elt aboonllo.m aI1 o t pa,"l t 141 op
ape0 ewnla i n v e hh eI, t.e -t t h1ed ah ., htc ii h ne -el k',w he princhtaes of the llsme In 1j t ihe t.hw At WAS P. (
alu at om the b aie n1ha; le LrA; u epeot of me." .I artm (orndI OblM w fortl has D AMAG
SI oft t hol e The f sull O t f thae e .etiOs ttou a >lub. In Careia eCu thrown him up the ladder -. ..e.
en Wa1d 0l to a wi re and s follows: Poho Wo t hritaM OlMur Roads Diet.o o Ktrb h tak*w uii the calto eit h If I
s tt e h Pr -ei ed Bn: ).V. Cup. tr CARANAt, Jw a=. TAttm ifLe aront nm last ie tel p i e coni -den e. Dr. Moultoi-. the tuOlOD.
,. --+ i hadon ble ostUho u r f a S1et crileit Can dlrrtis he won an fr Club hfti d ailtll t ily 1, A the L S D
fid *o wt wash Ven Stures teremirn l. ov. A v, TNO& S u. With naduled to stCnagr. Uns twratent In which hehmno I d UC. 0.. V1

,* Vi e w all ot su i clissar: hon. m searetr : Mr. m. tinth noi w I two cupSt -- h e r ide tra mea teh. A sCf te t in -t h m ipedl na a s hnI
t _Wa inH .t.<. ,p t m OpItrehsn; uditatei: rsi f oreN .M a W tsV ped toh .t h. iswla otapM ., i<.t e F R A D N
j lef trl hje be .sAtion I thet hUw or May -i.,nd t.h-m -, Rom .in, Swige dn, tsa id1,,, Z< aRin At 25 Chac Streetr
and prein- win each.gYoung is the redinbtable
11il t eqi -ll rd l ntH-Lorary menb erMS: oun thor h. a i n tu j WtCa s pa.er o mpare ad w off i rorm s w nltair.i ..,t m "4
I L. low stopped Aec. Cre word, Councillor Vcia. Ram- a iatio s tenth id-tam, B r JAlekht l ne w2 hen
ruani ed s Tck bute sIM I- rorat d a record when r. er difcar d Rane. Ber wrtsrY or tM ha s a4f rpiixd htribi in the g*nw WI' e t: 2

& rh- to drive it outB A.. ba-visonG rl'Te side bein ..-istd on hir oxn c nd. oi sUa hr u ,he ow ti * i Mc nd 0 i

p~m cotiuedwitht I C th .,, htn. A,, steady c,,sst C,,",',,, ,,o,,. .,, *m he..i 1
t -al. u.t In the waind a fes. wh no other t ha I It P o montW ple s b t aheneve 0 R. Marto ah l in p l a t, fi te ', o u ,tv T hip. "n i AM.-
iEl .- t^ ^ t done- U* Uttto hto W inrrk w tfrT-ba ,ba es 1,t y" o f tiitntm. H- hts been on t) ,*lOn "to frni. hy ih at eld o nof

tha w i bot h cluslon Of i lork EJL Al uti, ISunrise C.C, of Arimn, will jour- Jhamesonalt the .'neon -u RIti-Lto n d s ii' Afl k the recio of prM ft.t oodtttons. q'>.nit to P kWatch w dt b n 3. Thursi y was being iven their dry A t i l 11 cltb had I entimae tMaking hisfrt atw e tm l th Of w '1 n ellt' i rhs
i1 d by Centre 1 )v his predeces aouncilor theig Intention to d, torcrwpato e in Ui nt s island chemth wonhip.tiit 11- The 0>l Plv '' to vn One It

S "Dauntoo yeratordy s tht e b etasmtoe i. .Mr. T, Au- igton. ht.s wn bbs s to le with his or 0tit ln i, p tc' t fIt l- St1aw8
Smxshe brilliant r ids ve ho te co-operat yesterday sited, work a p.prncpi of will be thhe "ump iri. locked M ,.1. 1," 1 wa a Hats ,
iM U PIY Just, mi 4& withthis, he sid, oo ben Ooxpeted for hon bai or iir a n u ng iI

as no uncertain manner, that iiei 4tbe a area trio of frst rSte playersli d. PIDAMAGED
i hf t B o (tur W lla, would be e tyo write i tos ue togv So,,th her meutati o tern a S fr copei- o ,, obh W ,Now ',n A N GOOD

VIsII111B thell B ellndimc Marclle. Mui Ainmon. () Junet~ all occupphd luronii+ 1tt, A. ('SAn o t+,tdmel,~ A!
S rtd f homen s b I Te fu bll u olo t, elections non r M eet gJn a esl, ao d , sit ,, .o ,twn him up the lddr,. ,i ,.
S seMod g i ul wit h &W era follow extendPdgoint Caa tur Rads D ieo South ttk's UP the 0181uc0 1 i r, M '.
p 40orn t, tMie E. agint ic bestI pltAn P it e.Pr ,rIne r lt, otoi DO

SVenturee' fate, anid won the lot farther than 2 furlongs, which t h 'e NAND. Jtte' 3t,--A hoe uhouth team al d a yu. Ni... ..
a y for the chaMI- seens t he re ognised "pph a M opener eit- Nl of Crcet Club o Uil C ip p.ar ill ege strong ln. rI ut t.e fl rwarlg AIent. ta l SaOOUe
S and tre "V, A. spence distance by locl e trained cr il.t iW be held t to e l ubp s -ther i. Pill e side remember lti, he wl. 41, tms lillp r rior
a th ckl, and scorw ato their o ulKly the cse with ther r oom. New Jersy, on Thrsday, two hew le. art thonidett iori f Fl d 'r s with ss FORWARDING
Liileft wUifw Hmnel-ariltk io jis and ir R, M Chrktttn. _ji0%heMb(te of Wafctet supreim- win eseh. Young Is thle r-edoubtable At 25VI~n ChacoriT~n Street
i h ome the ^uteqULr- Honorary inembets: Councilor R. ACYIl t he C00064111Pott C1111nsn playr who earned a * woinst 0^ a(I^rc

I K p to pp en d the game SavCrannah only a ouncilple days' mU- att'tb. fegwid-ttmtDrtAlekh eWh i

l final 3-21 score, shine is r lur- d to have thea sur- Clubl who tooks part In the 1943 In favoisut h ir b oouth r ttide a40 r
i t is plyed remarkable ace dry, an d Judging from te eoand Mnd r ch tho e desirous of TheS o play wll at.trac' t seeve1 'l T ?hOn dfene lwide tou Ini f theS X The Aide I.s befin assist' by Milli the 011'0*1' 181"A'*!, thilbnp '

rretrned, the track wa- fairly fot, A i ptl i thi year eI asked che S iethushln.st, and thete T llln,,W i ..i the W.u ll4
0 cliiu were Mr. tn Arththu r considering that worI ws done too s lwattend. .n.d I. Apl
a t 3^11L until the whistle DO. Light_ 0 1 In Cit Tomorrow place whenever It- took partl In wel IIqAfifpd to Opal ,tilip. %T 10 A.M.

M e : u yo"..ison o\r _n. B. Htlfhide, wide of the raiirC en Ils.PII I---= i .... A. o tilner
py wth both tawsm W or On& Dry Track I & ..I.te C.C, of Artls, will jour- .lames ism the orminnr-up Ili tile I Voilni Inw-lirdpli ill- tile I lioe, *itri
tnIy to Port-ot-Sptint to etrand the Soutr chsm tonlhyp to Ne. Mortosm, arny mfsr.;. lope lm It (I, 11d,
mytn~m BOnStaVa ObftltoUM *1*Vft In a frndn~lY iwd a vry consistent p?rtonnCT. .W# 1W Ix (s rnktowi Aionts we 'Rill sell ftirh Items am

AIID ER As Thursday w mother dry dayt b e rkt fxte On the Brilian lv oom fm mn 1 f.
l, Cmride, .the race trick wu parly opene Q P vnnh tomorrow. Bedoe, who p to o dni o n Lai'

MDaut, Iroaride; T. McLean,, who howed plenty of lire s tep-. I) fetATot.(ii ,
i mt, A. ne, Ida Daunt ping the yesterday fin l t a my n Lord
SVerteuiahm rllitrid. was not at all impre s ove, rkbut pws ut will be ump locked u ni vial Srw Hat
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SPrk Ojal to the writer o il i t eeo t taiIsi IIpwitl- .
Happy Days, Saracen, Darling

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VAANT NOW Is TOUR CHANCI to buy Oa$ It Concrete f10fio1m NoAI4 Tnsa =Imo eft H how a" gmelouwa
tCOO .UT PICKn RS a dt .P. Pettor HarmniO lnductl K.a.e, workweldingamdSan&, I repairs.lig 1 M l&UU omn. Jm t
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El& S^ !01^* A(>.' FlORt)V*5 1039COUPE. Very good Suppled. *Phone 9455.-Jsae 55. .J. 24." .1"55 UeptSS 5WMSbW19 14. "~MAt
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AV. Apply to Mrs. G. U. N ew ..2Street.'Phone 4.1.-Jun' 25 0143& ELCTRICn AUTOMATIC, R d 421 141 RNfttbo A-.s Asaid. oupi dea. I l"
eerdMaraval.-Jura 25. AMRIrCAN MERCURY DROP HEAD P) player tCoilas-muM5 .CiRIbel. E s business locality. Apply ^Itele Wilshuie, S OM0
wTCAS-COUPE euipped Vwith Radio, Perfect con- Main ur l, umne 4 g.-Jume 2. newts sreet. Thu n .-ros -,pMo.,
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ANED NRS'.AI a L Cpti- WANTED IMMEDIATLLY. AUTOMA- RESORTS Stables, cattle pents. ora further par- TICKETS P4670, P4671, P40C4 Finder

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5.i s k 'TIC REVOLVER. Write Box rt-206. l ll4ioles Al y to W. N. Hum.phrey, please return to Aim Br t --

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S MAKER S WANTED. Apply ouardtan.'J San Frnandoe-Jun dcot at4, *to-". I- e and 'ne -J uly *' ... t ne t
1^-^U^-^Dres shop. A u POM ER NANL DOT GE wanted, loy lra nd and c ~omort & fto mesj. Vioo Jll* an *fldrem Houw on Mly~ 2.u with 0 pr Nc* gr tMISI TlM . A n
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D W ANTA h good condition. State priceand - arti -- ado. a or Adams. 103 Tragaret Road. rea; t4 rtyk ai. Sft ae h A, w

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j C S M U d l* n Antd ca ss v FO- ,4r Chevr oels T hm -m ust be lat M A KKls U ar H U dirsto< and IRS. are rem inded. bill" ^ ^ ^ S ^ J S
uo..it.. t lr -l i. h us b l at de ,vacant. Contact: 1 Sultan Bean, San OrItwo ea r ld-n Mo 0ar ws Flly AnnualD e D A PI a lseen. -JulyL, Mend
i on 110. 0 'Guar- wn m ,I good condition. Tyrm e nlnot em r naado.'one 44.-Jun e b, -furnI-she. with runn ingwatera."I. wer -June 25.D' N
e..SeOtoa, Re*pl y with offers in writing to U AI I Nu K odA r1,TOMAU at We t ibck e-lOctrIc ,Lights l.,l. I't M In 6 0.-Lia ugh- -ot o iNOI
Trinidad Leriaeholds Ltd.. 6 Marine 73 luest ouste t oobms with runn w ter R d,-Julne 27. GARCIA't UMBRELLA FACTOR Is
Squre or--ISRO WaLv. -.-Jne27.a 4ncllent r n tr2a lovely 5urmeufladoi ...0 "NEW. o 'ORZ Pully FurnishedB& S- nowate Prine SarU ee -and not at IU
*SMALL COTT'AGE on one lot land per day. Phone 61082.nAffoi.-Jtinw I side House on Mayucbitrejo ee. 3te-y. Ali b^i5
--P.rk .treet..-July 4. above addre to-Jlolro36. Iauglanln.-Juer 17..Phtione 52 .-J r 25 ,
FORD PREFECT with reasonably good'CiA.IJ' t oao ewe kkHL)PWNT,5 udnl

*UL f a.A pptsE --P tyres -and I engine. etc. A,,ly caoiTrini o MrR of r Mnso. lruoUan d P< oTbgo. eonP Int, atrEet.ttl t LAT TO CLAtSIF Bod"y ui
am n Barred. iT lPlymouth Rock P. -ks) dad lurd adn." H.i I uR-n 7r.-June 21. Robooinsela C 6 oat. Cee 3 p. e Sy riay A Pp uy LntgL StArw.- u 2A$71t.0.' Phanown
AIRK . r a ltr oBT.old, trot .l no .nONE NEW or USED F OOT MEWING beach.n 14R L P E T SiEt hte-.App ly;entre27 t. -- :.
we'COltDA;Hae MAC HIE Rn 7 ity.-June2, AND PLAY I' EQUIA! Ex- sive resi dent aia quarter-Coe Reoa L
.1o41d1"ti dAN _,- -ut ROOM, llot* and o Al ui Grenadine Qu i-Oo to Cout MAos. T O O.S
oxxR s WEEK BA B S YN WANTED TO RENT trm 'orSunny Carilhee," the delightful and 1. --p---g 689-Lua.ug.- VicTWOr Street ASt. i ATIp i anBdorof'

" s & t*halive adpowIT Met. DeCastro U P ,, ISL OU r b t modern seaside reort In equn St. J-usne g o t 7.Vi tora o tet No..7 3 ..d. 7a .nder.Or-

94 Saddle ?- A MO Vi ra I DOU4( UNFU rA-ARNI Sor STo RoMteb -- ou -ineOnt ANDtudi o--Ilr "lt-oi ttJ A Mnt, _.Uo l D PROrPEARTI E o Spain | o --"'"ndb -74.Fc inder, M
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,-- .. ..S. .... / a, t.ne MARE AUSI hrOUSE lots Of land n. c 2a Se tt. Anne S tore. I nd B p ce Str .eJ t
"50'B WARiDu-uueWn gu r i locality. Wor pnghon 2 .-Ju the Ideal Seaside 1. ResortI ni- Rtoad. St. n. An. r.TW O lnut W alkBfrT TCEn unj S 1M4N
RLA"uLPEK11N6-J1 SDUSU-00OREWAR .Respectable Scir rcul'Itti. Modern conveniences, centrally -'no' 21- Rtui'to Crai. S9 k. No. Sc Saddiei

5 1stne. A h y 19_ Ptr(Creole) unfurnished room. Apply 73 Dukeosituatd f r b cu bs.etc y t.. ....or.r. BSedSad -s arsi i edt P s.o1 N* Ie S S-dle

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ENT RE.. O.T... J.... ly la riSvee-J .servatls-Mrs.Winn"eWharton. .Bar. phons to20.Laug li'.-j-,un Si,
r.klr, cis. APply A 0 .. E 0NGLIS IPEr new4 y ir-v nbados or Mr. Eustace i i. Matthew. 3 l ,26 t.EL. 'NT ,V" ` n.T.., In l.tif. . . .ANNOUNCEMENT.I p
h -Jly #. Trinidad wri tlhA D SE aFurnished Ft Warren it.Woodrook.w-Juy S Centre. kery witelh Mo u Led S ALETODAY o ExquisiteMomonehU
BET. BRly u.d Pu.tue at~it St. Michel' A 1-'boMl nlue e1 Jl 1 uo rtad-u* w ,m*ll
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SREE3IJ4G. -it~y 1146k 04 uphoceased. Ali peairos gsi

AZ SSAWIN*G, *'skelout:o^: Cr^".a "..." W1.*> a .iaisgS S
Sper pair. A C i Rwarld. 'Phone 4440. -Ja l n. ONE COMYUr'IAIrIti DoOus*and stoine Sutungre Ato wita long9.rontse to ..the above de -asdAe Weq isu god

nB RM D "Bo-o kSme .k4rrlng 24 pwr. WA ATV0-Ao OFIC TO. RENT.?n AlD-l Pri tu: ti (OKCA41* 0rg preerrd Amr twa ^nwglsoldk~ PRO &CL Apy.drc .,ru "l M Ot R*
UI35*1) Ju kt 1) O zCELS t ly to the Wet Indi an l Concrete Productspr, Appyl. tglsioe ta- A R ..+-...- ........ t..rsInede or eOfw the C a J
(e h~ .Bh s1A ra.t(r. 0c. ;r i treet Port-of-Spain",i .. A+__ S. _-_0, H^ _1 ,94 61 DOVu.t" otro.st..".. LA rl- ,, t seo'1 .June 1044.,D at.-ed o l an-----te"
^ Sa** each 6 S -1.10 o r h,5o eri dnce linef : 30 4%% ^ At..?Alut .',1 LAND dti %i;irABa. AO auks
C OCKERELS Arthur A YURNIiHED or INFIRNIi PHONE 91i19. 5 Do"Verteuil Street 11ro10 SnlJuan. Is cocos tda Raut o a June, 1944.
sell Rhode Island Rooster l. HOUSE or Apartment to rent in CHty orilLarge LDouble litownfor khgun at Agori.AImen. COUP#. OCOAtsorange.ie~r paiestntouhgiliFITEWILLIAM STONE & At.AZAP.
weeksmined ion u lwsuurb, Apply lionx It-Ill. t"f~ dlau."j an. *board uptiona..-JtlY iiy i s bb. u.N. Ut Capue.34 a# ic srsetuLSolncItorsto the Admipis~lnlut
Rod-Jas 8 -u 4. ,PARKWAY QU",T k IoeZ, opposite -Jti7lba t.Vincent iStreet
~ ~* WANTED, t!NlrtRNl~IHHF)HOUSE t tt Wesn's laram, otel, reasonable rates. i1 ll l'SMT CLASS UILDLNtI SITES &alal. -June 30 Port-at-$"el
rentwittor_____rom oIliuper part-, LAM sre teet. 'Pole aliune45-1-j uly 14. Oh.ioat Petit Valley, average mises 10.0tH INDEPENDENT UNITED 003)311O0
ot town. Apply HL EckeLl. eleIphoDGNe CK A IRY A OUM'i lttii urAmerican, r. squame- I"%. 1s L'OUtSPar square loot. MECHANICS. my authority o h rn
NUVETOCK FOR SALE 7310.--Juus 29. pean (separate entrance,; meim a u ptiuaal. Hon P-124, 'Guarialm I"-July 1. executives (Cat-Usle, Enigland) t.0th Tln
T OYEA.AloOLD BAY VItLLV "Laliter iLA klarnitun Street. vi~olibrooi,-t.-~ 1 lb ACKES .IUt.jUAVuYVA~IN. wits dad ODistrict Grand Lodge. Independent
TWO R Ay A liearon ut4f Made4 o"DiUNDONALtDi)MALI.. li Lmauladunaidwterspring. Hohert Villagild'TabllaD OC United Order at Mechanics (Engtleshcon.
see toth trni~I urfClu ~ iad-ME CUANDISE Street. halt munute'. walk from Savanah. Pics 'lw. tNo re5ofthegi l er OststitutOn) Is a registered Body and the
69 so In bs Tinidd Tuf Clb Pa- kjuble end Single Rtoom. with board. retused. Apply John XODAA, gJIi. Unite Lawful Authority of the above order Ii
deck. l A 4;6.P. Bennett. 310 Marks*'boe is Lscalup. e1I.JutaLtd.-June 2L this Island.
insahe 14.Cam. Sree an Sata rus DOULE OTO-CA HOSTcom ete zTrance 70Pe ra a St R e .-J o Laveitul veant fair trap orvant settle- District Grand Matter,
1111 041 Cmp, 1244 sdSataCrz OULEMOORCA HIS. omlee COItMOkTAULN COOL iUM ihingoet. tiond water. Apply Pare"VLr 2Ml tet
It .-ua with hilavy duty 2 H.P. Electric Compres- ganag@. Near Country cuotb. 'h I Phone 7420.-July 6.-une32.M or vnstret
GOAT S A!~SLE. Ili& Saddle Road, sor and Rack of 1a Greasei unm with hues, 434'. -JUDOorsp30.raul--Joe 30
Uaae.DOL woPru e B2. dWire MarO _yo_"et 'Phone 4322J.--u 4MRS. EDITH KIRTON. LngrMueSITUATIONS VACANT
butOos. TO Pure Bred n 29 CLA.RE QUANTITY of well curedi Cedar, Small Town. at, John's, Barbao. sAGlENCY ANNOU4CEMENTS REQUIREDBYOL 0,]AyFrl
CAlc.Bths Pon 49-ue~ .rPILud. Sandbell Poardi for sale. Apply; accommodation for- tour boys attendiing i i C LL-st n& [ttoAeny6 C laSIX BY* FilkOUI C OMPANY-Pen
Gordon Choy, New Kwong Tong Restaurant Lodge Scol For particulars and term. irt I S Electri'cian$. Minimum exper.
040 4110 4 40 i 4Pt il0 iiil0O ptot-pen. Kelly 'Tang. J. T. ALdo. apply to the above Adoress.-.July 3C.ALA AUIr-..n4 EilotiAg ncy ~ 'S ulk~ld fIs
XPUCATONAL ACo.. San Fernando, o lvrPn LS OFRAL OMforGb AIIII'IGV andMalnteance of 1dUMtrla
vet-lPamnsPngeOM-ORABLEROOMPorweurlpan a$S, .Vncn ircElectrical EZquIpment. Applywith nets.,
Wlll~amov~lle.-July ~Americans. 26 Baden oel Sttt t.Vnettrret L'-seM24 imicse land Ildentity, Card, to rLSb ns.
PIANO, good condition, so reasonable July a Freehold Residence Upper Charlotte vmisr, T..L.LForeset Reserve,-Juneb'21
GET YOUR 1044 MacDonald's Farmers' ~AECOP rET oiot Street, ivosseselon.,......1.0
SMORTEAI4D. look-keepIng. rypewrlt' lnoffertrefuse. oTl.o67w-ingpae.Pie : &01 lost*ingle dn double rooms f or Freehold property Frederkick' streeo 't st3eZ HOUSE FOR SALE
Almna atlholoOnpP~e:E ropeLanad American Only. 'Phon* 73" .Leasehold Iteeldecs" Aim Streit I HOUSE at Vistebells, SAnO Fernendo.
sit, Arithmetic. Adult improve. 42 cents e"ch. Port-of-Spain, Beh* a-; is possession) -- - ,909ooApply: Wlddup. Polies, "s Pertualndo,
Wam e VrgniuLSyac. 6m calt rugall r, Couva. Broadway Medi- ONE LARGE FRONT BEDROOM, suit- Leasehold propet eglSre ha ue3
I I tb$EIA IhO ht-Chuansal;e ov, Te Couva Drug store;abe orX opscul wih hldnFchaPopn
5 rcia Schol). er- W~ T hed Apothecary Hall. StP0?la. orIfor Earheanl o upleMi wsth c his ldrpen. eho ,,Proprty, imlors'r t JAHOSO Ry0d4Pt0rt0N1wobceor. Ms Lihlup.13 Fehl R~dneEsen amWNTD i U
luyi. at 0433 Coll" Street.L tumphrey'@; Fyzabad. Paul Laltnoa mSt. harlotteSt ree. UhNFUR 1-JNIS ED 22.&I.. ................... .... 5,000 ONE MARINE DIEREL ENGINE. Mo*
Augustnim tl.C.T. A.a. EbensemarWilliames; FR NIHDormIPRNSE O igle Leasenoild Property. First Street 1be infirst cies."eundigltn i lont Phs 4155.-
CHN SE r-- oo. EropanBacheor only. isoa A-,IN Barataria... ............. .... 5,0 Jue0
SELP-AV~ktTValencia, P. N. ,BenJamin s; To A curla"-ue3 a ..a ......-
nouwec. nummn ir.e.' Law ,avr- ,,: Lon ano s

41 iM-- t 'X4uply StoeI. ArlTn.-
E'EANIU TAUQXT. is ro spn shc
r= apId Cou&s. James Clements.
SaneLUft-Juse SO
r. MJUA Gi J USi. A.C.&-A., orps,.
an Aeoaouiuut. I1 "Ward Street. coacoes
;*"* UMlswAcooiuntin. oklckesplg.
fInfmnaaa sad exams.tu~ -u.-june
t NO^EKRN ACADMUM. 2 Hill Land
e. Belmont. Secood4y yclhool for boys
do glils Senmior Cauuidg Lim. s4%
0ees. Mnptlaiuo from MUt"lculntlon.
RR.Mltchel>, princtpal.-July 3
fUX Peonme nad cotresponvdlncS 1-
001 touos Is Pano Jues. NMater
i L3oool 30 dipati Mill teornew
eVator tlet).-july I
ttt-la114. 0ebl0l0e.1 Map and
fiiinas. Newton enrtlb. 1 64--
* RobS Strnot.-July 9.
atof today. Children thoUrouglly
islmKe for tomorrow, l.uces ertainU.
.nS -l icnmbrtdge. Makr"ulation
a.. L~grIae).-July 10.
I Non es.'malla|. Expert, eklledM te-h-
1vening clasfes. (JoeltIng for selom
(KnteU- ixlmlnuatnon.--July Kil -
Uoitlng July atl Midrn 8econuary
MIo). Nunee' Il11, San Juan. Parti.-
SMdor at echool,--June 15.


nln. "Taltt." aB 40 nMaUdo.-July
ASIRTS. PsoAMAS .eee w oeasure-
tf evybo. SoI. l. eDtrywilblW p

m iateal too. It n td 43L 4 at

a MAZ O MarineSurst.
11131 AUDiui-LOuriE NfuRSINa
E H SS e Swiutto Street. Sa" ernand.
'uRn. uS-July S.
UNDERTAXI to M I- I r trP n ShP
IN o5 Igrane=h=esthe wadSWaet
a w. 0 ,1011"- 1
"*'*^w- awow love"t and Sit"

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no w
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Saunn eijrnso n Urumu o110
borough, end also from the sole d
Ramdatlh Ja-manlt, Colonial Ma
Carapilrhalma.-July &
World Ilngi. Chlldren'e PianoP
Whole World Play. Jemmott.
Duindo.-June 7
direct coupled cold starting fu
4 k.w., 110 Volt D,.C. Gonerato
110 Volt AC. Convertov, Doul
hwltchhomrd. All guaranteed
k.w 110 Volt D.C Gamoilene dri
rtnrI Can be Inspected by ap
'Phone S4T. NothngeL 5 Chtaric
-June 27
NMULKS. COWS. Cocoa Boue
Hor ePower OIl Engine. Appi
Etell iEstate. Bangre Orande.-
Hutch,. On Barred Plymouth R
One Blrwn Leghorn Cock. 31
Circular Road. -June 26
Like new 'Phone 6Mil.-June 1
eath, Ouarasteed. 33 Edwar4
June 2I
goMplete. r oaingt at bargain
1honrb Ehan. 5 south Quay. 'Pt
-July 3
NEW YORE Automate Ollt-Srt
1% 8P., Itke new; One Moto
to Park street. Port-of-Spilan.-
-}ust resold. automatic hea
C9oWl 1 it45. Write U
am 4 i- Japa 14.
tn e.. te lleto Im .,00.'1
LaUh1ln.-Jul IST.
new. Apply 4P park Strt.-
CAT.'Pp 1 10,.JulI 4.
Piano. 6. witt. No. tO? Be
eutr Road.--no, 2
COPT BOOKS. Wholesale
Ket* and Pricel Alttd St
Femnndo.-June 25.
IP. V rtleal "imom It n*
1t; l Mut Mule. Apply
Ki~f.*P 80.2.M-June 2
I I 14 Iu&. VIa 1
PAPIR. NoL. 1. . Photf
ANc Studlo-3I Frederiek
Wine 14 Aordsstreet. fo

Iwo T*
toel U + B mu s, 14
41hsr ND OO'C

0143 Mug'.heeA

circular Road. "an 7.35563

Ir", TOrre"&tik l
C-rcular Rof.S Ir6

TTW' -~___,______
Wie ND RI mo








listributor: .s.s.. --9-- 6"- l 1.1 k MICe.LLANEOUS SALS r
k VIllage,1 H1IUE WANTED i ON1 USED iANO, goow
S TWO BEDROOMS. Modem conveniences. Cecil Jemott. e *k er stretot
:h Whole Central loctUa. u o it-o106. "Guardlan." CARL C. *MARTT COMPANY '463.-June5 30
Pieces the -June 2. di at. Vinc tr r s APPROX. F,000 P fT O EAR BOARM.
an Ps-i- ti ITPrepti) Is At1Icre LA g Apply: HlinduBtas t lI te. ri t o .
Ing Plant, HOUSES FOR RENI MMaWo ot f morU, l6ua, ET. 44. ,Jua 30.
tinNo Roadsy ^ *uwg Sla-r. ull-^ $0,001 ELECR IC SL Mc n "npsit
uJi Diselsl PUit"t1 1ku i WU-BTOIMY RESIDI. t3) m irsold. in flaS antat orus idials and Oveal s. ,: W Wddp.
Our. I2k0 I0N( WIlsOn Street, si t. AUguts tIn .. MS5in Mai n posso. elonu o s i Sta Prn do,-Jt
isClntmertc anat arnon lbtret, tnurel,ea h my and (4) ee lde in dWard It344 .-uesws
ot.t Sttreet isltaj d El-ectre lb und dhu ,aLg etci. E sxcellen.sa lePly-*u lBt LE I 8 .P". VERTOAL G lm 3.1 0.
A. and nS O A~ta5JltiCe. 14 toi n5 klttimuL Peltit Valley, I teAs l.sd 32 Volt Pbstit, 100.00; PklOig 2.06 IS
Also 111, 6, .. ., *$.
"A us kl'i- ra -ant ,--e kaes oupl
I. Santa - nn ow. 14itfoo e mort. tot land. Pay a~ j 'Broadway. Phos 562.-n
ibblts~ 4k and berooms, an o roa~au iel.."-AJn n's t6) if you want a Property Aywbeno@ LIVESTOCK---.GENERAL.
Lc ok tiS iaat~. 0e, An)~Ume, see me. nav thwn U helMr. CART MULE. 4220.00. 15t Biroedway.
Otte selmont. 404buotIioa ot 1Lt.Ao. 'WO. a len. T(e4e, ) A n Laetywlbers 5062.-June 0.
o Rao. Aui--J u 1, t AukS Pnun n PUEBRD AIRE iDALE PUPS). 'Phse
tl -Jn*n.;.2?.
On. Ree. 2 uA ,nT HOUSlC for long perlid at j. MC 0ONALO T HOMA. '...T H
b a0 M tual. s in -us o '*u u "uat. Al '. -- P4U'.) hy w Oat.C.IALIT. POULIrRY ANOD UPLLIIE S
tockCoo; it-Ia. u"VUL1. "-une64 P yliene ee e /4 Ik S4Cav~oe t Stareet. ARTODE ISLA8ND011BOG16S. 5 t.0pe

I otnre- liaA UlA'UL BUNGVALOW-a. modern Aea. Ti hac for Snoll.&lp IseW 4 Patnas Sat0 et, St. Jme e.-- 0
lb Hanler, oahnvenignaen-IunOsn..i o uturnisneo. t" Beautiful unao 1 gtue I Jun 2?.
CoB eult Ancdot q i .c -4y. AJ nll oo fU, BR Dari tari, aia moder eogv e PU &
'One 7 olotte tauet.- aune 5. zmcdlat POsesel oU NO a MO S 2 FOR L
l .. .'NcALDA NsHiO SuaNiSHED FLAT nerw*be uses. S.. It. Mk'as A"qT SAL Afy
.n.S'--llr., In eulfa.is 'AN Mo. Guo re.anntiai aisPo.- your' 4".. 6 4 e U. N Us"bXis offe.S ANR-- fs .
AP trlt* C1io to avanLnn Appy moX R-nA (t2 lovelyly 5uualow, 52 We n A. M.-l.l a.- t. esllt r Esltatei ma. ,
Pith K ~o a.oaraiin 'v- a um ne, r21'. lIso () seotiulslk peoe.sia soloubpus, ~o June 2?.
Ac t QiyiY j: --- ;.; 's ew SugawS t.a J am& mod er ,
-Jn3A1 S5ty TA1S VU R WA.p Ibumedliat ose cor P trlet. FIRST CLASSo, OTURS ENGINE-
1`1 al. P 1oet bseP tbo eueol e ro w ill b etu s L M O M

InW 4411"O L MWtA lual o "~- r.l i" -N1SMALGN"thW
NPAUL. S -Jn. A rl Me 't 10550 fo0 resod"ence. PW OMlU nI Y ourO. B 0"t NO~, tWi AyOs 5 ,
S'S TO 'lh.RE i^joiri.J~i -OUS with ~ usl:J MD ~ SSS^ 'A ?1 tee.'..J55 a-A.C.t e 2* ? Cesee
IAN TOM c o jvet ienlC _on S oeol lt Strlet, See- One Leg Fhlr. A AtO T SW8t u. is,
a*un 6()ro aN'w Bnun. Applyt: IreoM. adWa - -, T O nS t, iSa .. 3i.
of onr ol. A YaOUr ro h.i. O....---u.y l. t 0. U l I S M A N T
s Pot C ir o gp0. N grjWOO, 16u lONO, s i s --. 'l e 1VCC AND R P A RIRS g *
soklw.m .^ .... .s'wi I ........... .. ----4 1& A-m
. Shod, ampt, fllly some, bUilt of reinfored RPA1hIRS TO a I A 0 W a
ANt"g i S tiefli toseliet, smase 1yA S a1 e1 d
A I TaBty, tel. a, plentyg e elw 1 ,----- ---

IPt1,N, -NO.23l1W s. Ap e.ob 6xCiptsa -Ttx'oed .nitt a A- --
Iwt mov* !- MA tfkeret tree r. le idne mees -:-s- I A P0

PeeseseMtes.IRI |1)1 25, 455 76 A5 J. C pIsts

t -..SJmm^ ^ ^ N ^ .'tt
4'.t-Ji 1 *- Lnd.ep Sf wfe I sd IBtoe t.l rm Hs

IAN TOM lM I -aMU iSiouanM Wil, k a ?ll tn h A 111 'Oswlt J
ca s.n e" eMr refu ed >iSack. Abpp: I SIeS sarem Mtm* 14M se-anCta D g d ls W44"
Off. A mpylresoabe emvo. Petit V1 60 1L alley, Die0go A 6hon-, a ft
a- Jece ee. NO- a4 4,4A I LU l X lemd.8 p F arm us.......... ....SERV CE.AD. VeryS

R . $bloo d. e ppty. hou t y (10;00 1Mvu t of ta rEnore fl & U *tM 14
t i l aed,14 1 n tallo.s w M o wdira wl a "Mw ing I Acte. B r i nai s-c-
AN I om&.at Gt 'aMaI~ m t amtueiisW), e % ,a OU., C e, a

ronwd iw ladT pantr y*, a s5-L.t rorpywit L.Ty aSaw JSly. mm o'nSI
iP ko- B Nd UN AIrNos.. 146 L homu Mt 4.Ac ae 1fWt1Waieseo".mfmsH
sloe.3 09,440. DlsIm Mal ISW "It. O' m N W.r
e. ~ ~ ~ ~ ar" VIVAd 109000mom et Aws~o m.09 ..cmt os.3 e .
p ~ ~ 44 Vibalcveise tusIte. 440a~. V. Del den, OWS. iempy ....
V)rus. tin golsme 24. ow U 6 A g& A easa esefo U W& n tlt
5....11bm05 I team). TREE.utartinl. 4 gmmmg
*a. rhe at a barlei. Mo al d '95.fithai, 4AOmsMartin (ast l esth C~ity'I eF~S
8L Jam~ nes s.'Ph ne Las e esm-J s ... ..e.........ey ...rent .... Vmonthly6sass -
.Ad~ia Gmacow my R"01~ ~



ime wevn Nthu edge of rilt
But memory turn. usca cry lelt.
Thoughts drift on to ob-gone days
Litf moves on but memory slay&.
Today Is my remembrance day.
-Hi anetiwonai wi6--otta.

Board of Industrial Training

Jileor Teehlecal
High Street.u Senemunde.
An itranee Examination will be
held at 9.0 jn. on Saturday, July
22nd at the schoW preaises, Lower
High Street, San Fetrmndo, for
boys who wish to eter the school
at the re-opeung on September
The Course IS for two years for
boys who wish to proceed to ap-
prenticeship in the skilled trades.
BOy& bom betw January 1 i,
1931 and December 31st 1931 are
eligible for this session. Blra.+ cer-
ticatest must be producied,.
A rood standard of education Is
Applications should be made as
early as possible to the Principal,
Junior Technical School, San Per-
nando, from whom full particulars
S obtained.

For Better SIgm
'Ph74. Un W MU.

Saab IUSI fDusea. M--. MS.
; b I.fDas, Iluiand A MU
__la.w Lrmwr m rmi ,Aim-

l- ,,uii eay at l pm. from
S md. EiMtal Ia t Pum'a 1
EliS to PUeMdis Cmletery.
PAIUl.--kMUI SXemma o M1r.
Wi MSi. AswA #KdIM. W0 th e rost.
teM.. 1 ing t. t. Joseph. t it
p.9- 11/144. V o the above
Wees o a- vitotr's Church at) p.m.
AORIL.--Testeaday at 6 p.m. 'at Ids
deagtslsesreeistenos. pebeasivi~ller avASe
CM need. AugeUtm s ftr o f
Jooprtlaa cisimatgaJod jesepht 00tei
1te, Te);q r .a d atbe oft_ ueandM
greaijp*Qdf at o 10 ohiuldrsa. Pruasaw
ts at 4 p.m. .ram above addr-s to
.rIC h. urch..m, Ja theses0. t to the
2e-etery. -Isadefand relatives are asked
to Ua"fpt this it=lMitlo iNew YOr)
M-pts pl an eo).
RO.LINt-Luast night at 0.30 o'clock
at I1s resign 11 At-orf Strtet, ltimont.
winter, M0 at Mr. and Mra. 0Rollins;
both to Mrs. de Ginnels, R ita olly'.
JoycM. Blphut(oigim rd. soi n of Mrs. B.
Dleluon. and Mnphw to Mr. uand Jam. Oil
and I. Dkoem. funeral today at 4..I
t.m rom the house of mourning to St.
alie rert' Church, Belmout, and Inter-
ment In Ihe churbchyard. Frtled are
elndly asked to aeelpt thIbs Intlmltion.
WADE.-A Requieml Me will be said
for our late UetalilMie at the St. Jamis
Chureh., ngre Grande., tomorrow V.30
o.B. Friends kindly attend.
3ST.-ln lovInl memory of our dear
tfnier, Joeph Aai.ander Beel, W-o u.-
parted. this Ulife on Wedne1da. Oune 21.
' VU.-R.A.P.
Tie ve years now since you departed
but 'Ielitke i" 0v41u goenc;
In lt* we loved you moet deag.e
Io memory "i you etil lingers 011.,
.-lI leaving citldrnI


rour -

~Ih B

Mr. W. A. Farmer, Seolor Math*. SPEISSJ- Lj
mateal Master. Lodge 1 a 560 a
afnlino.0 his ntaetion to acept S
boys as boarden at sa .4000 per O
term. Expert tuition in Ma th1-
matts, Raglih and French wl be _* 2IN3U
given by himelef 'roe of extra e01t, NOR?
Parents'Ir rested are advlied to
communicate with him by letter at
ian early opportunity, a only a[A R 5
limited number can be received. PAR
W. A. FARMER, NMA., M ., Worstd ti: Ait
Windermere, "stay 8 gm; :
St. John. Pyt. .: Oent's
BarbadosW.1. i ea re

Royal Naval Club



X.N.A.8. I
h *


eo. Ldy I



NE 29


0 m

..e. I/.



Health Studi.

TRommialwo -d -meow Mr
There SodoiLi-S. aup'
ORM bTeIto -- a

r bffumiaf I* It off ^1

iSh thei 0. M4 a
.... Um Spes
r.1.cS (LA tJ.)
f OXWORI) (57353?,
*e~ws:#to IaJ.UA 41.7 pj*.


,ald Uooer anm
lust opened uo at -

H. P. -

Theme 4IBt2

St. Michael' ,
Saturday, 2
June '4

bntructtd by l
we will sil b O4i
Furniture such
with Slumber-Klng
Bprlng4fUsd MattenS^
with SprMe ind e lnd
tress = 4 ~gl~T
And Icfor Cy"p W
Mirrored Chest of
Dresser and StooW t
Laog Mirror Unen Wt
Cyp Dinhg Tat's
One Buffet, G1lass
Sevwin Table, TUB
Burner OU Stove.
Perfection Ste,
Were. Oven, TZ weew
*n~d Tables, Cyp Lall
Bamboo Arm C =
Red Ad Oreqn Stu
fie Iron *d ie
:'-in Clock,
Broom peOg
OrIte oekt. iroaiitf

Manit. Combinito g
graph and Pic.k-1_
and One G.W. Br
leowmo w on Vi
morning of Sale ad
Boyd & H

Once agoin we invite you to co*E
to Trinidod's finest Club for yout

week-end entertainment.

A superb Dinner is promised -y
with Dancing after to the Music 01
the Costle Royoal. Orchestra.

Trinidad Country Cl
Champs Elysees Members Only --

B L'aCK 1 60 St. Vincest Strw't




21b Tin __.. 56W.

21b Tin 56c

,21b Tin 56

li Jar 36J"

co., I



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momftL'. 1 l\





, Il"


--.- Vk _..;

marmuos, W, 1.



i-^^rkl^^itkrtfj.fi A&^^^HINc 'f-tp^l"-A


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