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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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'-Pw Shipment

i .- T60c.

aml WE & 0., LTD.


In Italy

jrmy Slog Forward
Mud And Slush On
I To Perugia
june 20 (AP)- French
stacked arms on the
Island of Elba, stood
some 1,900 prisoners.
..qnwdr comrades in arms
rd through mud and
'fti Italian mainland to
Ge'rmntais on the run to-

nie plsa-Rimilni line these
oi trying to reach for more
0* weei
Anclent town of Perugia
the suilid of battle a.,
Arntv troouups fought in tlhe
Iretas to expel stubborn;
rear guards. Eighith Army
pushed forward rapidly
unif'surtb'r weather
i for the last several
believed that the Germans
dlhinB .iabbornly in the
to 1pernmilt their western
i withdraw In as much or-
possible. This view is
Iewd by the f:.-t th.tt
M and French are meet-
liderablI less resist nic'
*i Eighth Army.
amocean message said tl Report stated that Peru-
)een evacuated.




/ 0" it~

No. 8,152 2TTH YEAR

Russians Capture

Finland's Second

Largest Town

IONDON, Junie 20 (AP) Stalin today announced that the Red
Army captured VilD pui.singland'a second largest city and aoithern
gateway as the smashing climax to the-ir l-day offensive in which
Soviet forces have driven 60 miles sAlid appear to have plunged the
Ftins t the verge of defeat.
Stalin annired tile fae' of ihet --- dr
important seaport in a midnoightl Elba Isle's Landmarks
order of the Day praising units of Undamaged By Raids
the Leningrad Army of Marshal R E
Leonid ovoros aid a few rIhilulteS A ROle JuA e 2 (Ame oAn
after, it was announced oin Moscowa Allied Air lce latelemist to-il
radio: "Viipiiri's fall bings Finland Ms' wa s a cotdi-
t"olt, brlither tffeit."," le- In destroyed tIhe steel oid
at Prtulerralo ott.Elba itrart-
iPaul t Witterlton News Chron- tacks before and during the
iri-' repr-seltativhe e in Moscow ilntasion byatie Frenioi, but
cunbled toaliht:it "the Fi rlls i historical and cultural cland-
jtiust louglt ritoe of thie lhSt eioarks Nuffered no important
futile ctaliplirits in his ary They I hinage.
nleverl al a cthatit- 'rlte statement said much of
stali nadltt thhp Russians crashed tite steel mill will be rebuilt.
tihrousli lthle Mlannerh'ni Line as di Masony was cracked and
"developing their offensive, ove,'-' Aindows broken in most of the
catlme tle outt-r anid tittle,. difences building, of Portoferraio. .1
of Viitl.'i oiith todiv," Jite 20 car- cl idint the Napoleon Library
tried tile assa2ilt tlue forti.3ess and aKil the church on Mlsetricor-
towi of ctip'iri." loia which sold' Napoleon's
Mlst'r thi r.' iular Moscowh S ror- ineatIltlask for reproduction
muniotue anitiunced that during h is coffin.
the toure l the davs', drive tile The famous Napoleon Mus-
Rtitiis caplt red more than 60 mn southwest, of ortoe-
ti.'ass aptured Iaat,ta
,,tll.er populatld pll.c.s, inciluidhntg i cTl emeters for iot bles at
'se en ailwat sltaltlton. Pot'tofei't'aio WsS only slightly
Moscow siteiit'd the sIicess Of damaged.
Mu-sI. Govotuo.'s troops wtills. -) 'rieIi 12th Century ronlre-SqUe
salvoes from 224 guns at 1230 a in Church of St. Maggint was left
Moscow time, and Stialit is follow- intact.
iiig his custom on the occasion ofh .- -
important triumphs ol decreeing
special hinour for those leho dis
tingushed hemseves. ap Fleet Mvove

-* New Finn Government I
RO)N. June 20 (Reuter, -) May Soon Be Formcd
liglkinfi commnuninue says the'
lne have entered Chansha. NEW YORK .Jin- 20 AP, A
'tspital of Hunan Province. BlriLislt radio broadcas; rpecorden b\
1"Atv was ilas re)'no'ted a' CBS declared Ia liai tlat reports. Ir uin
Attacked by 50,000 Japhaniesei Stockholmn said: 'It is; now con-
L firmed in Finland thaii Field Mar-
a Is an Important road. shal "Carl lito;tsv Maiinerliiini htis
River cenltre. More lthanI laken tie itnit.iiivie 'oiwal'ds forlm-
mno It was the seenle oft ill' a ii 'w Filstvh ( it trnilnetit to
planesew defeat. discuss peace
-.Ohuneking High Comnmand Vipuri wii utntfltle fo suitlain the
Various successes oiln he siege Ill t'te Ilt' "c l inces-s;tnt
t -front, including the cap- pounding from heal'v artillery
ilof the Imnortant keyp')It fronti the air and warshitls of tihe
atien. 20 miles north o, thr Soviet. Baltic Fleet ready to move
't 3 ese base of Tengehunn, into the channel. Some of the
moinletlon of rn-'eparatlons London Press was saying that it
B-ordlnated stack on a'- was dou' tftl that the Finns could
S'keyoint, Chiangtho. 22 make an effective stand anywhere
north east of Tengchiiniq. to saw the country.
iile Chinese troops who Though Stockholm still drummed
ibsti withdrawn east from the with talk o Imminent shifts of Gov.
|Road town of Tunjlq ernment in Helsinki and London
reorganised and re- listened to it hopefully Moscow re-
--419N1. r ports toda. mniade It ts pretty plain
S_____ _____ that soldiers and not politicians
would achieve this peace. Moscow
Jf Ga!A_ !said it knew of no Finnish over.
Ua ilpan Island turesa a.id sslant and British
~ipTaT 0 1^ Press dest,)athles as. rrted that this[
RU yrVU.S. lI nnStHelsinki authorities could not ex-
,-I B y .S.T o ps pevct as generous armistice terms ae
ITOTON, June 20 iAP) they reused two months before
Iral Chester Nimnitz an- Stalin signalled the Karelian ofCen-
tonight that American sive.
Sinching forv-ard against
W n y opposition have taken Finns Trying To Dinag
balt of Saipan the Out I Zthmu o B ptl
ISland in the western Pa- ut Isthmus BaIe
Ma'ianas Group.
II communique from Pacific B. I'N('AN HOOPER
hLteadquarters said: "United MOSCOWV, June 20 (Reuter).-
IMarnes and Army infantry- With their main defence over-
cOntinuing to advance o thrown, th, Finns are trying to drag
I Island cl'rsel supported by out
bombing, by Army ani out the battle on the Karellan
Sbrtoing by Army a ndl Isthmus tv imnprovising miiit ure
Sqartiller'y said naval guns Mislrlin Lttso h ml
Severe enemy' artillery fire Mnnerhim iLines ol the small
t troops now hold the'entire lsthmuses between the lakes The
Wth portion of the island from Russians are countering these tac-
Itulhtrn outskirts of Garapan tics bv keepulng he Finns constantly
0 to the centre of the western engaged and not giving them time
of Magiciente Bay. Several to throw up new fortifications.
I points of enemy I distance Other soviet mobile fol ces are
= tll, area are being heavily playing havoc behind the Finnish
by our forces, front Iln euitnti their communl-
rl th' night of June 19 air. cations and blowilnli up a lmmlul-
011tl 1llnilan Island were bomb- tion and supply dumps. Latest
Four aircraft anld shelled by front line messages state that the
ace units." Russianls rout one of the Finnish
""----*' ~ cavalry brigades atd a regiment
icanwt Tak 1lt the high sounding title ,
eriCans ake "Buidtrs of The New Order."
i- m Thie Red Army has, since the
SAbeglr ing of Its offensive on the
Airdro s Karelian Isthmus, averaged an ad-
t I v a cc dallv of sixt miles over oie of
T ED HEADQUARTERS the roughest terrains In Europe
ST PACIFIC, Jure 21 and avalnst the renovated Manner-
'-This morning's communique helm Llne.
llnced that American jungle ,,_ _
l. After 25 days' heavy hf"ht-
Uwe broken thIrough Japan- LORD HAY KILLED
Strtance and captured Boro- LONDON, June 20 lCPi.- Lord
Mild Sorido airdromnes oil Edward Hay. 55, brother of the
bli'nd to complete the major Marquis of Tweedadale, was killed
ve of the offensive which recently itn enemy action while on
B .on May 27. active service ill London.

For Showdown

In Pacific
NEW YORK. June 20 (AP) Ad
miral Nimitz communique bread-
cast from Pearl Harbour an.
noiunced this morning that the
Japanese fleet has moved intc
position east of the Philippines
apparently for a showdown in
the Pacific and American forees
of the Fifth Fleet in the lasi
few days have destroyed 600
enemy 'planes.
Admiral Nimitz said there wat
reason to hope that some damage
was Inflicted on the Japan"se
fleet yesterday. The Japanese
forces for the first time since
Midway has been out In strength
from its base and its land de-
fences. The force is described bY
Achilml lilmita as .e .-
a lrese Mnt'fee a- l 2J
whole .Tapanese aleet 'I atei
thev are in is a "no man's sea."
1.000 miles in diameter, marked onr
the west by the Philippines, on the
east by the Marianas on the
south by Palau, and on the north
by the Japanese southwestern is-
The broadcast said the 0(6
'planes toll for a decisive Pacific
battle which mnav already have
started is "double the number
wiped out in a single engagement
OIl Sunday."
The Admiral concluded: "If the
full dress naval battle conies. it
will be a development worked for
bv' the Pacific Fleet ever since
Ad "'-al Nimit7 Is quoted a sayv-
ing: "I do not know of anything
we can do to provoke the Japan-
ese fleet."
Concerning the strength of the
United States fleet off the Maria-
nas. Admiral Nimltz remarked, "I
call safely say there is enough
power to be favourable to us in a
decisive engagement. We hope
the Japanese fleet will stay in
that area. So long as they stay,
we have a chance to get to them."
Because the Marianas are an
important key In the defence line
for the Japanese. the China coast
and the Philippines Admirl.I
Nimitz explained, the enemy is
inmakin a tremendous effort to
hold Balpan.
He said the Japanese lacked sea
strength to uuse the Marianas as a
sprilgboard for any strike against
the American force, "but the Jap-
anese need to hold them to keep
tus from penetrating west of their
islands' defence line.'"
He added: "Once we have taken
the MUrianas,. it will be like
money In the bank and we can
project our sea power hundreds of
miles to the west of there."

German Prisoners Arrive In England

^f~l- fGermas, |rl)<-em a NNOWSt I. gylaud nmw Ik 'WI IuhftW& -NftI lltf eag
m~-aewgt ~-A kloeU e~us


Mass Raids

On Europe

2,000 Bombers Hurled
At German Oil Plants
AndRocket Bases
LONDON, June 20 tAP)--In tht
greatest heavy bomber assault in
history United States Air Forces
hurled over 2.000 Fortresses anld Lib-
erators at.iinst Hitlers EutOpe to-
day to smash once at 12 Oerman
oil plants and twice at thle Rocket.
bomber coast of France which ',.
also attacked throughout the oay
by other Allied 'planes.
(Reuter said the Americans
destroyed 53 of the Luftwaffe;
the bombers claimed 12 rund the
fighters 41. They also shot up
13 more on the ground. Forty.
st-Veii bombers and seven light-
ers are missing.
A report front Stockholni says
thai 21 United States bombers
made forced landings in Swe-
de n.i
The Allied air' forces had bat-
tered the German rocket bomb
emplacements in a mighty day-
long onslaught opened by a recoid-
equallyinig fleet of noi re than
1.5100 Anmerican heavy bombers,
which also tmnashed at factories
lproducinK tanks, 'plane parts and
.\i ithelIc oil deep itt the Reich It-
The Germnians continued to lob
thileir winged bontibs into southern
England throughout the day al
though on a somewhat reduced
scale, Som- 500 bornibers raided
lPas de Calais.
VWhile these four-engined battle
wagons unloaded an estimated
1,000 tons of explosives on the
rocket-bomnb nests, more than 1,000
others continued on across Ger-
mnany almost to the Polish border
to strike a massive blow at syn-
thetic oil plants around Hanover,
but part of the gigantic formation
also pounded thr tank depot at
Hamburg, Madgeburg and Politz.
Konigsot'rt Oett. Magdeburg. and
the aircra repair and parts plant
near Brunswick.
First reports at S HA.Ii.F. In-
dicated that at least 35 Nazi 'p1-nes
vere shot down hy the American
fighter escort. Early this evening
another great borin'br force was
streaming over the English coast
under fighter escort in the direc-
tion of Calais.
More than 200 Amerh'an Marau-
ders and Havocs attacked a num-
bet- of launching platforms for
winged bombs in a line running
roughly from 30 mnile south of
Calais to seven miles north of Ab-
beville, most of them only a short
distance inland,
Crewmen said Violent explosions
followed many ol their bomb runs
indicating that explosives stored
on the ground were hit.
Mustangs gave chase to the
pilotless planess clearing the
French eoat and sbot some of
hem down Into the Chsmwl. All
S Marauders and Havocs re-
turned from their mission which
brought to more than 7,200 th. num-
ber of sorties they have flown
against Pas de Calais inatalla
tons alone.
Meanwhile, Mitchells and Boe
tons of the R.A,F. Second Tactical
Air Force sought out other skil-
fully camouflaged flying bomb
sites and pummelled them with
explosives, while R.A.F. Mustangs
and Typhoons dive-bombed the
same type of Installations nearly.
The Germans sent up heavy flak
to protect their new weapons.
Robot Runways
Pounded To Rubble
FORCE, June 20 (Reuter). --Robot
'plane runways hidden in a forest
in the Pas de Calais area were
pounded to rubble this morning by
boob-carrying Mustangs which
scored several direct hits. Almost
the whole galaxy of Allied air
power was called in today to snt.ish
the carefully lcamouflaged hide
outs of the pilotless 'planes.
It was the first day of really good
weather since the robots appeared,
and full use was made of it.
After hundreds of Fortiesses and
Liberators had thit morning blan-
keted the robot area with their
heavy bombs, veteran al,- crews
with great experience of iFrecision
bombing were called in lort pin-
point attacks on the rf latlvely
small targets which the iUii,'S-y
Diawn from R.A.F. and Ditteh
Mitchell bomber squadrons of tihe





New Super-Fortress

Ono of Amerir.i'%* new and mighty air weaipons. tl Bciorl B..!-"i
sup*.r-Flying Fortress, flle% In the lower lel fuervgr(iund with a
B-17 I,'llni 'orlores % In the impi(r left. it ws a aninoitnc. i ol
June 14 that B-.29'si of a ntwly formed ?0th air force bombed
lapan.-.AP photo 1

T obago Port Sitidi Attiti (1icfK g
0--NON hitto i-.iilts 1h it
ourveyL(")ND<)N. ,h1111t 2( ,Rcinl r,.
u- Hvl.e Mtls'.% the KITi., htis
Com pletedrtKling i"t'd a in"-,'-i' itn Ixp'i'l.--
i hbl-it) r hillO ,i ot i lmv lino l lils
iu il ei cio th gool ; l:t it the ,i"'.s 1,
Survey 1hr ek in cwinel'iou t i fl II( fi 'I'ith. i
the ploO.- 'tte ( C'';il
In S(arborotig ;h arwirr, Trnbai:lo, Ihanlik, to Kit n Saiii at i Ior
his itemp;-;iin>e
to facilitatie i eih l int,'l ,in of coasht-
al vessis i ha b,.'i 'onipli'ted andl
a ,rept \I, be ,T,;betibtiteI to Gov- IBuria Rains
ernment duinring tIhe-' iiirs, of thi.I u r Ri n

week, th e t'iiucidad t iatdialn" 'wa
ilfoi- llt c'4 csw '('ioy.
buomn.. ,luOi i I .ie tp', I a.
Q t',.t i rL WUi t D tlo e l iiJfi l au-
> aLC 0 1.W iC.ii 1 .' L 1t.. 1 %initl O iot A Wt-',
U gii.t'u ii kI dt iig up i*tc pialln t
Wk,- PIujfCC. M'. 0. ILt. IIV-i.iu
lial ,UlUr cnlgicir, i U voutli.IUlinl
wora on iilit pianll wiucht hopet
0t (CtlpitIe Ill it 'LW ia)S.
fticunlll ar pia~js iix, cefora a
lll('C'Llllg 01 t[llHt lOiJiu k ti ll.lUCl'
vl CoL nith Ce.t' iu" lit-I.uul 1 1ini).uv' -
lniiti, ill iiili ilitild tail iot the
dI'OJ'nr(l'a A0U K. oS U0'llt UiVlU 2U
ogiri- v inL0 Lt llle Ai.'i'I,- i tilhe
t'ilitI'UCLI(.ti 01o I l ,I lii.'ic lit*rbour
IOl LIb' V'I- it U ui in Co ia .al
i tasililtIs ; -. i, CuiI.St i1, litoUi I a
bsa tilAli o il O ta.ir L Mtu.e .1 Lhe
Pit'Stiltt jrVLt ,or mile itcl'olnntoda-
LIONl 01 t t.S,{'. tdI'allugI aootl 25
lfeet. J-- le l e-pianltiig ol shop-
p ink ..ites laclig Lite ll-' AW eiier
nlar our.
'file Leglislature ha., at.icidy vo-
,ed $72.0t, u lir lh rbour inilrove-
entr. in l he isiantd Waitd.

New Dredge To Be
Launched todayy
Launchllin ofl the new hydraulic
suction dr'tuge i-cntlIv purchas.:d
by Government at. a c .st ol $75.000
Height expenses iniludied. lor re-
clamation work hef e, \%il tak(
place today at 4.l1 o'clocil & ilt (
wharf t'n.o'sur', thle "T'iluidai
Uuardian1" is lnliormdl.
Constructed Live ear, ago, tills
dredge was formerly engaged In
Lake Miclhigan. it Ls equipped
with a 00il holsrpoWCe' dirsel! en-
gine and lia.i a cttpait .ly ut about
250 yards and Ia tifpth oul 24 ICeet.
Its hlvdraulic sucltiii is 12 inches
while the Steel hul! itt 72x22x5 feet
with a ladder i36 fet long.
Hegrouping of Its paris was done
by Mr. Ernest MaNs. Its conistlur-
tor end captain fur many y, ars.
who wva.s designated by the Lyons
Company, the f(rtinier owners, to
brin it from the United States to

Premier Unveils Great Secret:

Baulking 1940 Nazi 'Invasion'
LONDON, June 20 lAP). -Mr. Winston Churchill pattislly utin-
veiled one of the war's greatest secrets, when he disclosed to th.
House of Commona today the Germans' attempt to invade Britain in
190, was smashed In continental ports, before a very heavy concen-
tration of troops and ships could be put to sea.
The 1940 "Invasion" appeared in. --- .
gossip, -as everything from a full- left the ports and the Premier dis-
scale expedition that actually pulled all the mere lurid legends by
touched down on British soil, to declaring: "To vmy belief a great
the wholesale smashing of enemy deal of It was sunk in the ports,
landing aft caught at sea during and then they changed their minds."
exercises. I VISION AULK D
Hertfore, the Oovernment had De VAION A K
limited tIt House of Commons corn- Detl of the destruetion which
Sifnt to StAtemenit by Mr. Clement baulked this world-dreaded tInva-
Attlee, DeOuty Prime Miaster, then Rlon. remained to be told in detail,
Lord Preldent of the Council on but the R A ', in an official bcok-
July 29. IH, that "it is well known let entitled "B3mber Command,"
through t the world that the has already giri some cold ta-
sragm' preparatloM for an tinva- stindicating why "they changed
..} werev frustrated by their minds," This publication dtis-
Hoy&I Air fre." s closed that from June, 1940 a "for-
alfter he v *ed for iF ether mcldable colleutiot of barges" ap-
detlls e today te asIed f f e p eare. n d Rotterdam, Antwerp,
didlushing, Oatend. Dunkerque, Calais,
he woud ataadoen t, Mse's t at0 "le-Boulogne, lnd L e 0 are. and these
mnontv 111W wbAesa r persisted were. attacked 9 anIost Ince nuiy
* a request to oW* If the until the threat of a seaborne In-
"eeW had set in motion appaut- vAsIp disappeared. In all from
t" I-n aaseaboroe invasion,- Mr. June 1. I0, to May. 1l41, Bomber
C'ur.rhpll aid it wa nos set tO Commna d mae 4M attacks on these
motion In the sense of crossing tiePors, and the Premirs words to-.
ClhanneL but it was set In motioday confirflmed that its scomplish-
In *Ae sense of seaMMngheavY O-eo-mnt deserves to ran wi ththat of
6"nW"at4s hn perWft h nMRas'the Fighter Command. io beating
t*e4 a4"led am a fu~t bshlgplng lack the OerUMans'erial Iaashmo

Hamper Japs
KANDY. Ccylou. June '!0 t Rel-
tet' The itot Ssoon ini BHI''ila 1s
badly hanrp linlg the Japanese gar-
rison in Myll.kymia .ilre"iv hard-
pressed by the Chineieg and Ckln-
dits, forces. ReconhialMiatc5 ?ho-
tog ,jt Aho' tt O nf nnnsocn bloodd
waters have nsmaslcld away a wnod-
enl bridge tit olne of the main sulp-
Sly llner and a makmshlft bridge
jill ta rrellace one destroyed b
Amierican b(;in.ers In April.
On the Indo-Burrmese frontler
14!l1 Aliny troops have r eared teip
Japtlltne.w'' r:ltm another long
stretch of the supply road to llt-
phal. Less 11 an 30 milr inow
separate tihv force.r converglna flro;u
Imphlial and Kuhinia. B.B.C. cor-
respondent, Joihn Nixon dec'rlbes'
th.- latest ad ance of 17 n'.ils from
the Kohlinma ent' :l. 0he I)st. newt
since this rqliluez/ling ut process
Alt.gethrer lhie forces from Ko-
himni hainv ailvaiticed 3' niles atid
troops o nnomi, i up Ifronn Imphal to
in.et thenl lave rover"d about '1
milrsI. The BB.C. reporter patilty
out that tltwe th I;itp is clo'c6
Imtolihal can be sutpllecl by rco
and rail insteadi of de'nrtnflg a:
at present on air transport.

Pacific Bases Hit
In Widespread Raids
VA.SIHNUTI.N. Junk!: 21 tAk)--A
Fetlic. i leet r' .'. il ash e L is
Morning t'itorted that T'ruk Atoll
wa.s boinbfi al by i ,lbetatursi tl thec
Seientni Ariy Ai' For cre on ilJulle
18. Airtlelds itn Mot n iIsland Arrc
the principal targets. No lighter
opposition was nlicouilt Ied and
altili-airi,',It gunliti i as tieagre.
A single ts itlit Arnlv Air Force
liberator boihnbrd Ponape on June
Im. Naurut Island was attacked on
Junlie IS by eSi cntI Army Air Force
Mitchell bonibr-'s with shelled
and bombed anti aircraft emplace-
tirints and buildings. Anti-aircraft
file was Intense but Inaccurate.
Enemy positions in the Mar-
shalls were attacked during the day
anid night onil Jtine i by Catalinal
rearch 'planes of the fleet air wing,'
two Corsair fighters and E'ttntleats
dive-bombers of the Fourth Mar-.
Inc Aircraft Wing and Navy Hellcat l
flnhters. Anti-aircraft fire did sul-'
ficlent damage to a Dauntless dive-
bombrr to force it down on the I
water before reaching Its hase.
The cret-w was rescued by a Catalina
search 'plane g"oup.

Indian Youth To Aid

Convent Fund
The East India Youth League,
under thre patronage of Mr. A. J.I
Bernard, Warden. Victorla-St. Pat-
rick, will present a variety show
In the Central Theatre, Princes
Town, at 830 p.m. on Thursday,
June 29. Proceeds wUll be donated
to the ConvTnt Relief Pund which
now totals $53.739.84.
Latest contributors are as fol-
Already acknowledged.. $3,344.16
Mr. Murli Klrpatani .. .. 10.001
Anonymous ... ..... .. 4.00
Anonymous ... ..4..... 41.00
Anonymcus .... .. 90
Mrs. S. Oillieau ..... 0A
British Bata Bhoe CO. Ltd 100.00
Friends In St.' Patricks's
Newtown .. . 542
Total: ...... WS,735i

1754th Day Of The War

Agaist Hitleisa






Land, Sea And Air

Attack Launched

Against Big Port


forTed Amneritcan llnsIllglit stabbed
('herl'b'urg tonight to ftc.ur 11. Crs frol
lognes and MNtI lroiitrg f't it (r et 'll
Vhole tip of the Peninsula.
The Aineri'an thruis to st NI M-itl'*
sp, arh,'tadd .six miles beyonlld ('ap-
tlured BrlQuebec thiotl uh l, i of
the highest ridv..s oerlool'irni tht
11oi t. oi";Aoiicl.trs IVISaloKInI i nT .
(vtni bi)ryutl the latest offi.al c-
P l it,,, n'ie cinns 8 h.A .K K'. olilt- a.>, !
lhit I ti, Anmericans are slitsliitg
(IV, 1 Oil till pot p uncthec(k'i l
Wiolesllo Ge rman'ii witlhdlawai ;it
\\lial, c, u'.d oily b*e a li htlitp
sleg'e itald in the foit-I'lngtd lo;
or thi Juttini hills iol the iarln:w
linger land out to Cap )i I,'i Hl.i ;it.
\as, rep.itt id.
Rriin'cS rail. q iit i t. a t -.t
Minute 1',po fii, f ulin n i(I bli-111g.
tonilih 'i:tld( that, 'he t t'nian 1
Itse tit ns; ait ch 'rbtou:'it: \it 'i t br-
111L blki. tid' Ii'-!1. ili l ani ljt. I ca
lAlnd air. It alddsdi thli l,'-tiv
Allied iaivt tttis hl ad bct it) s 'li-
ng Che'rboiurg all today Foli -
engined AliedI 'planes Ihans i('1t1
showering bonbs (li lile l r;r'I ,
lnstallaI ,lnn Fre*,l'll A n~vr('uwin
infant l', ,aniid lank ri']op;>, at' 1'11;o
noyw taking part itll th' as.itull 1il1
German radio aeknoiwlerdged 'hia'
AIl.ed tr'ops had it,)laled ('lil'r-
boulg but 1itintit'ed that tlih Nazi
RartlIso1 tIwas ready for a prolonged
j'trk" .it QUiitlei Hitlei t nl'whpas I),.r
V., .' K th I,'.'obachlctr" u, layills
lhat, American tforce.s hi lilt>;'-
'tiplted lanId (ondlilns li n1s be-
twoe'i'n Clit -bouirg and t.ii' itt'i;tr
Of 'ral.c 'IThey had u.i;i titbl',
scored at partial sitcess whitih we
daoi nt. want to minimize'." Earlier.
a Berlin broadcast said. "if the
Americans penetrate further toward
the north they will get int 'ru e,'
of our hileavy fort'ifl'atirt.s at
Chri-bourg. Orle should not for-
gi't thnt the Frenrch hard for'ified
the harbouri also fr,.m the iand
si', Tlhe lirtnians aftriw'ard ex-
tended th sII Ifeortiic.tior" "
iRleiter reports tltl! Marshal
Oerd Runtrdstedt's li eldqluar Ci s
tonight said tI hat thhis Allied
attack epitesniledl an all-o;,
drive to aplulre the pirI 'F-'. *'h
Allied landing, nei"r 'thr Cher-
bouni' tihln ara ai also expected
wi'l.hin the next few hours,." it
The main spealrhead apparently
drove upi the north road irontA l-.
qIlebi'c tlrouglh Rauville La Blg'1.
and Beauvllle to St. Mart In .,'e
lrea'-d overlooking the vallte- .f
l.a Divet'tt Rlir which cut, pa-p's
Ithromch th'' last rldge. to the nort.

ARTEISS, June 20 (AP) Full.
through thile outer deirences ot
n' the pri/e port arAd wrested Va-
al lvistance cruinbli'ig across the
*-- . "-. -.... -a=
Trappcd Nazi Forces
Ad isd]W To Surrcndcr
NEWAV YCRK, June 20 ( AP)
l i 3. i .11 -ita t.. ,iiiig Cor-
l14 1' i L iG ,I I liW l a ngitVll d hf r-
wit I.tos cmi it i a: ricbourg
itN ;i ltll i': .; .tr anc that
Ilt psiti.t 'At. Ihtp lICss and
l'; i ;l; 'wotld be Lit!ir wiscstL

,in tie w:,' Tihe Ntn'.l Divlaloll
:-, vi.tiing .iw lip c;ist steadily
i l',It)i'. .e e--vra, ,lil s north a ,
1,ui1<1w C. tinw.bouip Is now.j0
ttMhit ia;,;e l imediluni light"'
lletil l.U, Tlh Ainrei lcals atre
p] .:Bg teir quick trst of the
", sllg W Il' lt nller dlefe ci's and
;t':'.lhr .t i'i.'in lo ces r! S! rTt<-d at
2'lL A in (t;ioip Hlcadqua'ters aS
ol better qualltv than tile shat- *
tcrrd It'ntlnl. d.tislions undoulbted-"
alrcad.) a!o bping ihiown Int*il .
!hi iht t. 'I'hrit vee no indica- '
tins tihalt Il, Gcmniiir arP at
ttiiphil!. to evnacute i i. tIrapped .
tIloc l ll y fSea.
Tl'e w hi'e \welltit of t;ie Amenl
<,in uat~< iappalcrI' i wl} \,h tilrowutO'
i") t ni it ith F.t.l E.I'. rcportwel
ni tlcient aliitg til c southern.
:link acl;.c (frin Cacl;tani to the
V o(. 4a- whi "; h : Cmarentl ,
hio. Hr. tlihe A.;.'..san. sloggiea j
.!radtilv up Vht, River aind patrol#
push. I Ji vm''.i i',ur f lmis tO tVtuh
i iw ) mil's ol 8I. L ,o the cross.
roads key of thle whole of tU mid, A i
cle oL W.e Penilnsla. The Br-ttbeh
S'Ubt11*[ ,r ral Uong OerMta *n
-aftfe ann Ini I'y Wtltow-attlotB d
n li ottot. atlvy flghtllng contintr-
urid Ii the Caen arc wtb little
enaiv in thv battle line.
Although Ihi'He i no coUfirma.
lion of this at headquarters, onl ,
SoiUrc, AItil rlie European conneo- I
titots reported that Rommel, nevet.
ill tlhe lit t health snce he left
Africa. had suffered a relapse and
it hald been Mutigsted that he gItlYv l
up his Invasion Front Command s i
rlest Iemporar iv until hle had IX- I
urovred, On his. rrali front AfreI,
Remninl, it was reported, wa$
placed undelcr the care of itler *
personal DlvLitlan and since then
Il si.id to ihave hi a phystclaa ,
nssitcud1 to attend himn regularly at
his headquarters,

.... . .







Something New...
Try These Recipes
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Shake well with eteked lN
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mlite *1 oran r lgraefrBit
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Whie of two ag
lad wE wi crackll s lee
Add CANMNO's led. trale
1 C(ektaDi O. TrIme l ke
IA Cckta a* Sod4a Watot



* *r

~m I '~

PO )FSPIN MIA W.I. W MYTNE 1,1944. (Puua riiaC

MX .M-,M-(JR OBS' "B

T4 1 ..Nl .. .>t) "..

Onsia h-






EWay, Employw Say

Faewefl To Colonel Leilic4

liba @oevnin 3adhw. msplO- y~'day mu 1w
No a*misba the ISomo mt w sr o am s ft o d WO
vt&M gaM s repair s o Sm Coloods ak T. Itleh, of ta
& AMW. tt B*U Oodnatr end Obdmaa of She aUlmWf

BM intarf, s *m .
m~sby the to
to to .MIHM
who winl shortly be reln.
I& post. The men. wib
sips of deep regret a
IAMchb approaching d
cheered lustily when I
hatm that they were as go
asbe had seen Any
nd hsy loutld not let saY
m about that.
bebalf ofthe men of UO
ft department, MM W
.perk"oMC= Superintend
ente 11oonel LtM I
tray of local wood, de
and talent. In the centre o
the shpe of the island I
uce4 in various kinds o
a amp, also made of loci
4ood and a conch shell; and
beautiful ring with a ruby stone.
An address from the staffs o
the various departments was pre
ented to Colonel Leillch by Mi
*3.J. Buckley, Chief Engineer on
BCo-ordliUator, who declw'ed th
Oolonel Lellch would apprecial
4t more than the other gifts.
tragitiph of the address reads
a regret, to lose you, shi, and a
Sumark of appreciation we ask yo
Accept these little gifts gene
Uly given by the entire staffs
ese, we assure you, are of loci
Baufacture and local talent. W
as the days go by when yo
ook upon these presents, the happy
*cay you spent with us In this beau
tul Land of lere will be remem
Mr. Perkins told the men tha
th was entirely their own sho
S he did not Intend to steal 1
al hoped they would not say gooc
SV to Colonel Leillch. They ha
Ilit to nine months' assoclatio
*with him and, speaking for himasel
8 was sure he would be also speak
ing for them I fhe said: "W
would like to have him with us ar
0.hwr nine months with the greal
iest pleasure."
He hoped Colonel Lelich would
*bave a very enjoyable holiday an
,would come back to them. He re
used to sa goodbye. (Applause
He wished Colonel Leillich th
Way beat and hoped he would t
"b.k In about five or six weeks.
a Mr. Buckley said that he knee
Colonel Leilich had been at som
times a little harsh but he coul
'asw-e them thit Colonel Leillc
'had told him many times that h
5hd their welfare at heart. H
had been appointed Co-ordinator t
Starry on his work there. Colonel
Leillch. he said. had been a work
a mongthemand he Intended to b
,the same. (Applause.)
Oolonel Lellich. replying, said
44I do not know just how to express
*myself. This was really unexpected
*'d. I know that whiit you hav
:ons for me here I .al never for
.let. I know the spirit in %hia
-It was given and, as I said before
1 cannot properly express my ap
S"A far as the rillway Is con
,rned I am sorry t- leaIve but
want to say this before I do. Yo
'iman did it; *a we did was try t
"t down among you, give you a
he help we could, encourage yo
.*nd try to see everybody get
*squIre deal. You have done
good job. You have got the rail
*oy right back on Its feet and
VUdnk you need not be ashamed
it. It was all done by you. W
did not Import a lot nf tuff trot:
*the United States or England an
you did It with what was here.
hope you will :srry It on and be
successs "
Colonel Leillch told them thi
She hitd boen a lot of places and '
caan tell you that among vou are a
Good mechanics as I have see
* anywhere. (Appisuse. Do not I
* anybody kid you on thrt. at all.
* is i my good fortune to have an'
' thins to do similar to this befoi
This International disagreement1
settled and I need good mechanic
I know where I can g-t them
- (Loud appinuse.)
Mr. H. 3. Busby, workL&iio
.bargenmaz, *ltd that Colonel Le
Wchad brougol a new order In
She railway where they were work
ere and everybody had a differert
'Outlook of things. Hie asked th
:that orner be continued. He al
expressed the hope that Colon
Leilltcl. wherever he wqs, wou
either read or hear that the railwi
was continuing as hlie would like.
After several workmen had e:
pressed regret that Colonel Leilli
was leaving and hoped he wou
arrive ifc ly at his destination,
was accorded three lusty cheers
the instance of Mr. Busby.
The function came to a clo
with singing of "For he's a Jol
Rood fellow" at the call of M

let ODEX remmve F



.The Mighty

4 -

Trinidad Pilot In
London On 'D-Day'
Pilot Officer, Clive Lopes, form-
erly of the : .'.nldAd Civil aen
arrived In London ust Aa -9" 4

thIV;Asion. To is was 10111111d~
' night whe he spoke in the pruted by heavy week-end rains. tli BrailctWtn
SIA n4 when he spoke in the Bte to be about 40 years old, crashed In Wi.,dford
D B.C. calling the West DItdles yesdaty. Continuous show had loosened the -art(
I- message party, roos and yesterday's downpur combined Vwi i itvlm?- v.
S Pilot Officer Lopes said he re- It topping. Official recordings taken at ,t. l Vn .Ar
ei celved his training in Canacat. period June 1 to June 19, a average raifiiill of "1
Df One of the happiest days of his life Found largely In South America. the Bra.rzile .a 1< .iil
is was the day he recelv d his bomb- given its na"nie to the country of Brazil -Ahere it at" tlri
if er wings and his commission, he ......... -- ~
il said. He was then ready for, e r
aI gind task that lay ahead, lmd was .
now doing operational training. It South W workers! British Guiana
would be a great day when that was Gets Tw4 0.13Y
finished and he was ready to take Coni det n ti- f e '
part in operations. .E(II:n.U1-1r,-, To VN B
e' Another Trinldadlan speaking In C nfden TO f I-
r the message party was Miss K. Lee, A "1 C1 \ 4 r WLI C"-
d who said she had been in hospital A lle V the cict Iy *i--, f
It for the past five weeks with tlt LfL U1, 11,vs J^ "
te old enemy "malaria." She spoke .
A highly of the treatment of the doc. Trinidad Guardian Corresnondent Cui.jni.;,l P .P, Mid,
: tors and nurses, and said she was SAN FERNANDO. Juie 19.--M*-'v B:i lI t.; 1i. r .
isi feeling better now, and would soon than 4,000 South work'-rs in a nmon-
)u be back on her Job. ster demonstration organized by the B:- !:' ..
r- aOilfield Workers' Trade Union hee TPlt, Or v
5i on Sunday voiced complete corlii- hi.. ;. .;. ..; *
al denc" l1 the ability of the Allied M'I) vi.:';:.,; i:i
ae Tsahai Fund leaders and the forces under ti-r I, ,,
lu l i 1 command to wipe out tlhe NazI w. i, ,,, .
i Nears $2,000 Mark an tmi:t, oMrnrEup '..
| ~~~~"Th meeting is confident," Mr. '.
The Friends of thiopia Commit- Macdonald Moses, u1: i-.ut t -c---- ,
t tee, who have set themselves the tary of the junilioi, t(,id (te -ri-e 'lr; t, r *2
Stask of raising a substantial sum gathering, "that w;th 'ic iiie iril (l. the Colony's contribution to the might and powir it h Hus i
-Princess Tsahai Memorlti Hospital comrades driving Hi.rs 1 >-n.'s I
Fund, hope to reach the *2,000 from their !tronh-l i.d e "; 'fi ,i
d mark before the e- of twe week. Europe and the . u. i ,"ni, or | 2 y
, t Monday afternoons meeting the combine, V n. D a.,( .. ) L li-
at the Port-of-Spain Town Hall, Wt''st, the arlimi :,il' .,i o' i6 l i
under the chairmanship of Coun- in Furope.ai a "i it i'"J .... i l ^ -
Scillor H. 0. B. Wooding Mayor "it'tl .... i,., l> j 1
a letter was read fromHisGrace 'Units of tire d
-Dr A H Anstey the Archbishop by uitofi offii- P,: !.:%.I' ,
obf the West Indies, in which he r ande ,,ie ,'a- i. 1 0.UI iia a
stated that he had give permis- Mi-,. Rat)hl St I p ,, ,in
slon to the clergy to offer prayers of the Polite-a.iic, e b!ul, u'1 -; ,A
e for the people who were suffering 1111d tih, ali i i:, 0-1 -i;'!r 'i *
0 in Ethiopia and to render ,my ppos- anid after ex:14.e-- iiv : -;.; '
sible material aid. come to the .I; 11: :L.. (, i i i' "
A letter from the Rev. J. H. Mr J. J. -oi.. tRj )s. ,- i- ',i i ' .
w Poole, of the Port-of-Spain Minis- -rat to adds,' thn nn. ;'n : '
ie Isterlal Associatlon. acknowledged MrR s M n1, 1 i n.
d the committee's letter asnd stiited iive of ti(' 'p "i i.X ,'w t -
h that their appeal for help would be 'i 't i *" ;. i '-:; ', ..... . 1. .
Placed before the association at id rr, ,'tni \ .,,:, ; '
te ts next meeting. jrihuna which. 'J (IIS,'-i 1 l;', I
o The committee Is intensifying iicld 27 .SSi,!n .-: :l: I ', c 'i H : .. .
el its fund-raisinig drive and Miss there i f-omn I), '.", I. ) ,. .
r Audrey Jeffers, in addition to (ir- January 21. i";19 in 'i, .h .'i; ll
)e rvying out the flag day on July I, which i Ii .i.ar'"r (I '. :*; .
will be responsible for the cdistrl- thro;nlh lhenr ri ',.e tp'. :, l;.-i ;,
button end sale of a post-card size won iin that tribP.,. ,, -
photograph of the late Pincess1 Mernion wa.s ai-, n;i b !i.
Tsahai. She Nt.Ls sLo undertaken speaker of the (.ii, f 11i , 1' i r
s to organiise a small committee to standing which w ,r s bi,.!.( ,, , .
Should a bridge paxiv and a parcels tie oiltield (nImpoY(-.: ,;,., ..
e evening at tle Princet Building employe.'s and th, n.-. n, L ,,
Son July 5. A number of promi- sphere il hi"h I;Ju .I
nent bridge players have already th the Ofield Epioe rA .
Promised to participate, and now th rve Oi tel, V'"'' ''; "' ,
Upion, nlow thrivi'. -i
__ _____ ______ lMr. Maedonald,Mosesthcrt made Ii'i 1
--- -- his 'statement o tt th" war' in whifi Cndlt 1", t.
S- i .he sairi "'Wor-ki"-, ,t the lndii 1-i 'ill 1'
S54 Candidates areas of Trlinirddti lr1tnrni .1
to '.embl'd ren rw t ,irP phedt ,I;T- '
,5 At Grammar Test -,,-of hitllm,,j .. ..
U i a lJliV on 1 ,11 1 1 v At' (; ,"'. l B i-n- ; 1 .'" *
R Trinidad Guardian CLrrespondent. thi' .unit '( Sti-s i ,1 ,Ircea an W ...
a CUR ,PE, June 19- Fiftv-four Russia In this I)... V tiitl ai;; ,:i ,;.,. .. '
candidates from the schools of Elast Fvwsviin .
I St. George sat the English grtimmari "i n Sn (:.'I. I!. ,k(s ,'-
of and composition examination sipoin- tpoil ie li t--,",, -of '!Io Ul.i l N' I .'
Ve sured by the East St. George Dis- 'OIiLS for eri-','i; !' l t!'r' f 1t :1'- ,
;n trict T' achers' Associatliio i on Sat- is of lir n ,T; :1ij! )'i i p'. l .' I
id uarday last, at the Tuirapiuna Gov- are gravel. ( 0'li'n ;i>)'i- t ,ih tI ( .I- ,
1 ernment School. tereselrt and I 'iIe Si.i .i 'i. Th A'-[ -
a Mr W. E. Henry, headmaster of la'ltic Clhairlr arnId lih '. el I
the. Chaguanss Government School, sfthitfimri ts theripon bi h0 1'- i l. ,
at was official examiner, of ti. United Nation. ,i l" l 11'
., allayed the fear of 'h i' co ll- t'. i "
---P--e- ---- peoples, but have oi the liconrai v I ,.. :
,n Abses aggravated It. sinre Ill v have bene n.'. ... I i '
set I'~n rice Tag~S told that the chart-, do(,,r ,ot appi:I '-,1 r, : '
f ric ato the people( ot te C'l)iImi 1" i$t1.12ic ,-'. i
i n $ in Mr. Moses aikrld 'he o, 1: 1, to --I
Bring s497 Fine support thle rolii' tin thitI ir I '' i -_ i
re statement be dtre(;d no Hi, ItF- 1A, -:,L o *
,, Trinidad Guardian Correspondeni crllnCY th A'm 'rno.th-Arire ot )i;>, i- n' 'I -
I. SAN FERNANDO, June 19.- Hon'ble A. B \VrWal.t. t '[-;|I tolii)m iir, i ,' *. .
SConvicted on tach of eight accu'i- ilm ios i to n h0tire S(,i*.,r ;' S te ,,ttatu,'-, ",t ; "n t -
tlons of failing to have pierce tags for the Colonies wiiih ir(-l-i, thut :tl io( g,,,- .,, -
ou articles which he had exposed copies be fr'vrud d to tic lb.e": *i w n'0r' i.. .
for sale In his shop. Dyal. a Mara- of the allied nnttinnq. In ;' r.:,-I.' "' lf
OP bell a shopowner. was ordered to t1' q-1'- '-" IIIr'"
I- pay $49.23 altogether by Mr. F. J. Research Iodv I'1.-" -.
t CGanacho, the maglsirate. To Work 'n T. t "'.-
t- T-o Work'I tn --I "1 -o 1
At A ~ A research oreanl Far" ttion unlodrel 'I- .. -
a Man Gets 6 Months For direction Dr. P Hiett, hat ba el ,'.-, r : . -
SO "" 'l formed in Lontdon to )r!1W 'e-i ,e'10 t t -
iel Interfering With Car search work In the Wf'et l 'tif', a ". a '.- j .'
Id B.B.C. brondi'ast heard SitiirJ.. y i -('vi:!-1 ...
y Trinidad Guardian Correspondent. night revealed. , -, '" ,
X_ SAN FER NANDO, Henry Budd, 1, ,l, , ,h ii~ ,i~iii; d ~ i ii : .. /
a Port-of-Spain man, whou pleaded
ch guilty before Mr. F. J. Camacho in
id the Magistrate's Court here when
e accused o f Interfring with al T A I
at motor-car, was sentenced to six|
months' Imprisonment. The veni- | K 1 1 J r,
t cle was parked at Broadway on
Ily Monday when Budd was leen by 'd. r e. yIi ? <,? *
'r. Constable Stewart, of the Harbour Sa O. eeI Y B". W P
Police, interfering with It. are now offering tbllbellabf( ri(lI

cf fl-l, Cly It: d _

Ladies' "Merit" old-filled w~ristwctJ'ec

"= IL ~ m= -Gent's "Merit' gold-filled wristwatj, s

t SPARKLE ,th rut I I ...............

*erspiratio ACID FILM Ladies' "Oris" chrome and gold-fiilc'! wrist-
n1w otches ff m ..............................m............................
WORK b harder these days.
You come homn tired and with G W p rs wristwci c
perspiration acid film on your Gents Waterproof "Oris" wristwatc. akin. Be mart I Resmove this and fte \\it-h1 S\-"'p centrte S..n ';*
et back your sparkle with an
Odexbath. Gent's gold-filled "Supreme" wristwofch's
O(t 0inS m odBl4rI wS;d( riitlprr stWe| brrrt--l^ i,.s,,.- -',*
ontie~ptc. That's why Wd Soap ^se -lcDc l ;1 *''
u ao mild, y~t so rctive in
removing' prspiration aid film. ALL WATC1-:a NOW CN n1 'T v 'r
Odex I.,o your sk, .o otoan 7, 7a and 7c Coffee Street, Sa.
that you fII Ut1, persoa.
dainty Ba ir l l lflui~~itiiiitmiiiuuiiuiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuii

Fallen Magitate's Jurisdiction

ng--i "^Queried in Bribery Appeal



0 *w


Contention Ut tU maistat had no Jurisdicth in the matter,
formed bas i Cof mbaslia b Mr. U & rJP. ynto appering on beWhal
of Jack Hmawued. k .acty eisnman in his a"WppL against conictkio
and sentenm hearing of which ocuped the ot e Appeal
SCourt compied of ta Honour W. li W If JOstlce, and
Mr. Justice Xennetb Vincent BroMWsn, throughout the day. Degislon
was reserved.
Henwood is appealing against
coflviction % t Oce of betor nRe i l
months' imp t d e" MT tman
tion of a w% Miss Ina-* Totman
ternative of aotsher four months
to follow by Mr. BW. Ce in, ing At ec
Magistrate, St. George West, o
accusation of offerir a bribe .1 "Abide With Me," set to the
$500 to Miss V. Chlnaalngh to sub- beautiful arrangement by Liddle
ree. Mil- stitute false record of numbers and made famous by Dama Clara
sar of tyres for geuilne onesvat the Butt, will be one of two reud-r-
S quare office of the Transport Emergency Ings by Miss Ina Trotman, a prom-
S it 1T Board. sing young soprano, who is. to sna
i>. sCnit Mr. Bruyning argued that as the at Mr. P.-Leslie Calver's organ re.
v r the original charge was an indictable eltal at St. John's, Pembroke Street
tInhe%. one the magstrate In taking it on Friday next, June 23, at 8._1
to have summarily without giving the de-. pm
ds. fendant an opportunity of con- The recital Is on behalf of th"
~~ -_ renting, had overstepped his Red Cross Invasion Fuind drive or-
b- ounds. He had amended the ganised by the Imnperial Ccisorshin
charge. Mr. Bruyning continued, and and Mr. H. G Valentine. the Chiel
was not entitled to proceed with Can.or, will preside, while "Cen.
Sthe case unless a. fiat for the new orettes". will take the collection.
S charge had been obtained from Miss Trotman's second solo wil
TISH the Attorney-General. The whole be "-O Lovely Flowers," by J. N
.1 it of the procedure was irregular, he Maunder:
-Mi;ips in said and unfair to the appellant. Aln excellent programme has been
1he Order HIlenwood, Mr. Bruyning pointed arranged for this function.
S ot. %t, was originally charged with -
ad uIoffering a bribe to Miss Chinasingh A rE i
Il to to get a switch key for him, but Akbar Exhibition
the evidence was that he wanted
to get at records instead and the I ut atrda
Mraugistrate then took it upon him- I. u u r ay
to *c stIf to amend the charge to "re ,
ton Ja:- '.uds" instead of "switch key." Sir Harry Luke, Chief represent.
1. of I :e This charge differed substantially tive of the British Council in th
ih.; from the original charge and his Caribbean, will open the Akbar Ex
<" argument was that the magistrate hibition at the Town Hall, San Fe%
I" ', had no right to make such a nando, on Saturday, June 24, a
'* 1 e change. He was dealing with an 4.30 p.m.
indictable offence and he had no The sho* will be opened to thI
., Mfal power to amend, as the amend- South public fur three days as fol
nrjii: nennt made it substantially a dif- lows: Saturday, June 24, 4.30 pn.m
., Pli'., ftrent charge. Sunday, June 25, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Mr. C. T. W. E. Worrell, Acting and Monday, June 26, 4.30 p.m. to
S.ilicitor-General, calledupon tore- 7.30 p.m.
ply only on the question of Jurisdic-____
tion, submitted that when a mag-
istrafe holding a preliminary in-
(quiry found a variance between the LET U rO YORQ J
formn of summons and the evidence L D Y
led by the prosecution, he could
put it in the proper form and that CUSTOMS
did not give the accused person
any right of objection.
It was clear, he further stated, W OkK
that Henwood was suggesting to
the young lady that she should
),:. ;', a tamper with certain records. That We are In constant touch witl
as ';;..iwa clear to the magistrate who the Control Board, the Custom
I at once saw a variance and in view House and the Steamship AgentF
,, of that variance the change in the and are well qualified to clea
S;,,,, form was made. shipnments into or out of the Colony
"*, ". i .'. Dealing with the point raised
S'( with regard to the laying of an- We act s Customs agents fo
other charge without consent of the
Attorney-General, Mr. Worrell con man' important nis and wouli
S tended that it wAs open to the like to act for you. Write or gi
P ,: police to lay as many charges as us a ring at 4168 or 4167.
Strhev pleased under the Ordinance W H n e
.. '" after getting the consent of the W Henderson
-'" Attorney-General In the first In-
i ) M:" stance. The gist of the offence 18 Chocon Street
P, ' as offering or endeavouring to
h.' i ;;! -t somebody to accept money for Port-of-Spain.
",d*;;!- doing something contrary to their
i ".\ ,- duty. l
b,' ) ., nie
.' le;nip a
: B. H. ROSE, LTD.
i ," ;Q +o Beds, Wood & Metal, Springs & Mattresses,
*r ; \" & 3/16" Gloss in sheets up to 72" x 48"
r, ',1,, I-piece Mirror Sots for Dressing Tables,
S"-h Polish, Glue.

1, 3, ,10. ,ONDON STREET.
THONK 5401-4



On loan from $3.W0 to 10,0 at 6% per annum.
On loams upwards of $10,00W to $20,000 at 5% per annum.
On olaMn upwards of 6o.00W--pectla rate.
For arUculara apply to-


We. beg to notify our customers that

we will be closed to business on':








. =




PHONE 4120, 4127, 4128, 4719.







$3.65 q.




Sies 6-11.


llllllllllllfllllfl lIiu HIt Hi I 7'A


For your convenience and greater efficiency we would inform you that we hfl,
telephone line, 4196 and 4197. We would appreciate if you would cag ,
follows:- i
Directors and Office Staff -4196 or 4197.
Parts Department, Tyres and Aeeessories, Gasole"M MIW
Station Service Department 4197.
Garage and Repair Shop 4196 or 4197.


2m POUva w9r
8sle AMUto%
& Co.9 Ld.

S 9.Teutd Rocipetsuiuulmratd bkhwn
todls ..Velvable Infrmhow
F kkghlnsdimth.otyr l ing khlf.m1u hI1
Illustwmtd diroctlips.for b 2WkrlhoEc- P1
---->a.dsjAW i. eMd a ed w.wM .mwin M- -I W^

IAN *EniCAN TMANDAMO BANDS& MNC. .Ut 28*. aX M &ea a

p~I j




rw --IF




i i :- --



hrSouthr StuSent -Teacher And Student Meet City Council------
i ^lPraise In Canad a To Consider

...-'~"sthewfThoma W ater Plan
_.nad"afzt to Min One Beale, San Fernanido born gra. I3
#l t Napl TeachersT' nin College now peciliing i Acceding to a request sined by
tde nce InCana. l.nive members, Councillor H,. 0.,.
A f Bam Coillege 14.4 I %,oding, City Mayor, has sum-
ant on June 6, 1100 moned a special meeting of the
SS.& the valedictory address City Council for 4.15 p.m. toda.
of the graduating year BarbadosUt1, to Cctislder a resolution by Coun-
-to a large audience corn- t c slder reKolution by Counm
ocaleget officials, studentslo K clin o
g on wt M minister Takes ansfertoth -ui V of Govern-
FP. Swann, Principlmtrsfrtth Ctyo ven
Port-of-Spain to help relieve the
K home from furlough in U. acute water shorta- e in the city.
gele 'gave one of the -----.---.r Text or Councillor Ktumar's
atitfully expressed of vale- The Rev. W. A. Beikles, of Bar es oulction r is as follows: 'Whereas
which found the large bados, who attended the 32nd has exposed its determinaolu ti on of May 4 M
silent In a hush of ad remain the xclu.ivewaters-wnnn:
anddagreement. as she general conference of the A.M.E. atra t huorit- it Port-of-Spain; anid ll
with the appeal to the Church recently concluded in whereas the Central Government "
members of the i graduating Philadelphia. has, by arrangement has a certain oumbr of water
o o forward fearlessly with wells ii Port-of-Spain which were
and confidence," states with th@ A.M.E. Church and the drill ed ithou the sanction of this
a Thomas Times." Barbados Government, remained Council; arid whereas it Is believed
as guest speaker the inthhe U.S.A. to ent-r Columbia thrat ia number of wells tha wVe
Swarmn commended the University for a three-month course drilled in Port-of-Spa iln by the
of genuine friendship and in sociology. Two residents of San Fernand@ credited with having by their U.S. army are no longer, or wib

Ircon^^-A^^~~~~soo be nat>ota- ^ y S ~ a o longr, Centeday; i
towards other people s and The Rev. D. P. Talbot of British presence added greatly to the interest of recent annual Corn- be nd lnerea uire bY

3181astr importan t role io n AfMEsiipiD cbmo h ete o Chuc ino thet Coucil, could ur atinse the maorfromi
lnds. Educated women who, with other delegates from the mencem, t t Alma college Cana- are the Rev. Harold F. Swan them an d whers whe wh le o this
an important role in A M.e. Church in the Caribbean, left) and Miss Clare Scale (right) In picture taken Just after these wells, it is unable to buy such
rd of tomorrow, he said. attended the conference, returned the had addressed the gradr-'4ing clams. The Re. Mr. Swan ier irm Government as that
Srged development of theree last Saturday end told the ho Is prinpal of Naparims rainingCollee where MIs.Sea would contravn'ne the po licy defined t
.of small and narrow ,"Trinidd Guardian" that two graduate before going on to Alma, was v, at spc.ker and Miss in the resolution of May 4, and
S. new shops ere consecrated idur- Seale. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Sloane Sea of Broadway, also would not be financially pos-
SeaIle plans to spend this Ing the conference, and ishor San Fernando. was valedictorian, same role she played on leaving sible w:lhout a very considerable
visitingv various girls' Allen was appointed to woTkin Naparima Girls' High School, San Fernando.increase In te water rates; now be
t Canada f-r the Woniens the BritLh West Indies.qusb _____________ N___ _i r__ _i__ _9___o__ __e and. iatt_ e it r l thawat reqetbe again
Society. In the fall The Rev. D. P. Talbot of Briti.h l i t r'soplved that a rellt
Son to the 'University of Guiana, who was at the conference, ...t erwa A asked Insf.rtotei Council all eltheser
with a view upon gradu has remained on for holday .ni Iook 'orn reiatmentl water wells okxned by Government.
to teach at the Naparims Georgia. 'inda n t r Curpe ainlde ort. U"Is .. n re red
College. San P'inando. From next rSundaynight Dr.! tuUerm Villagersa.n intereet y
Mayhew will deliver a >pil ies ole uc buw. the 1e S amry, In the City of Port-
Saddresses on "The Gospel Accord- ,.h'Izents within the district of-Spainfinding Dokat itel.With
Ingt g to George Wahington Carve, aview to imieditelv relieving the
& t a r had b.e. ,en at the A.M.E. Church. He sta(d of Ba.sle Village, Curepe, and Thec s shortage n t11 1,CIt."
t r-- a o follothat hp is doing thin because, he il 1 ile vicinity of the Morvant Recalling the prayer of our _________ _______ it __.
[S I'V Ollr.C.T. ~ pde ole, b ~ th e Wstn- ,Sat v iour.for forgiveness for those *
City Solicitor Ifeels thastpeople tin the Westn u I 11 Centre, are aic who crciie HimcHarry RagcoJ
g .ut.. to e .aesi Mr dies should know more abn t .i n e ingwho crucified Him. Harry Rag- Antigua L dg31
glg bute to the.lat\S e Mr. Carver. He expects the addreis n.r lofkv orm treatment. b singh realizing that the Court of --- ll- .U
Rupert Pierre, city solicitor to last about a mornth Thn. it is understood, is be- Appeal was not disposed to enter- ToM r kC nt
ir nveyatr, who suc1 Unfa, nme. accents a-d h or gi~.;vn by Dr. Stella P tan his appeal against sentence 1 MentenarV
conveyaTrt ner, who succurida are At g di, ac'lv sn Medcal Offcer of yesterday, turned around and faced Ae ud
Short illness onl Friday last, fN'icllMdcl fie f'i a en Iagd S.JonMsnc og.Ax
paid by Bench and Bar in thR adoV MaltSc Helel Mhth Sco. Ann's-Tacara the judges as 'ie was being wiragged St. John- Sa.0onic I1 Lodge. A i j-dg
ydte ra wy Bien n tchedCurnt oCit y usc i a slrdb memberofthe away to the cells, and cried "Father, tiguar, i eleb,,tig its centenary
yeserdayumednits regular Ositting.of raw Large 'a UnitStaff forgive them fr they know what durne I k starting tomorrow.
Piesrre had been is prac tinuice sr ___ Staacf. ta_ _ad_ they do." June to, hn rsdax, Ju ne 29, C- I
Pieree handbee wn forawdagoobarsingh was cot victed by cordinv t,, a nf% release.
til e esteem both ofWnhiq col- By MR SC CRITIC Mr. A. H. Busby for assaulting a Festig- -i- Rit d mAa
and of the courta of the The joint recital by Linetti Gtr- .ail .vLe policeman and sentenced to prison dance at the Beach Hotel tomor-
son, mezzo-b-soprano, and redI uc ,1 sd three months,, row, i ni, sm ker at the lodge
aneeprctto isonerws mandi ohpait tte VctritIi-yo ig HkPaa e asked the Court. to take into romscit i t n.'turclay On Sunday a
as a practitioner was made stitute ast Friday night, offered al consideration that It wass his maiden comm in'ra ion and thanksgiving
B Ho:sur Mr. justice K. Vin- balanced yet uncompromising pro- Trinidad guardian o podt. visit to Court. there was nothing scrie .ill be h eld at St Johns
!: Brown, who described hiim d gramte of good nmsic, and drS a nN FENANO. Jn 19,- known against, him and that the Cathoilt-, alile lodge meeting nd
of the most accomplished onlarge crowd of enthusiastic hen- S. T1:h i'S Soldir Weekr policeman had al,-o given hunm a a banquet at tioe ronos will take
l', of t o hcc e d io e beating, place i.t M anld Wednes-
' n era of is trin d hi er.s Ro te se ncino in '.:cca morning His life itself meant nothing but day. r, i'l

J; es of nostiles tand 50nb is hoserato c ut a n ~ieais.DilHl.^ p ^^ B ,r-i,;^ri>raifrt U O O e r~
never failed to impress Ihei Mr. Rches selection o "a tr-hDrl Hra ll m in-ua pe ,a y
by h is brilliant legal of 32 so a, tnine WAcomprehensie a. t)-%1 .vce t e Drill Hall in- he was anxious to preserve his good ltri!t, olis hai, been I ,.,d for
as well as by his Integrity. Imposed to Miss Grayson's, ,; uchiil : ,i w vf ie tc:s anticipated name. "I want my name,' he told all 1., se luio'whs CexCit'ext :,'cuot-
jdge added that Mr. IenI tended to be precious and rather T d- Oliid puaniet Ia ihll w as' the Court. "I don't mind my life so tmnemoillt i ,,- -h ink sail ser-
PiiTe. eldest son of the late musically sophisticated. n ipU, t' .:"the mtsle bs inclement much, but. mt name, study my ti ie. t A i ,, the p public is iln-
m Pierre and himself a solineitr As an artist, Miss Gravson re-w'Vi..i name, he pleaded. it 'd
oi.. e sneer had bee n lef a ts ture qtaliies of the refined Thid M .:i ',. p, ,, e. and ancillary The Court, however saw no sub- It is hlp cd l,.i maai',!i,'.,irtng
td4 e mplswe weh he siuldt and cftured in music, land obx M, j. ,,.t it\lans filled the stalc in his appeal and dismssed M!i :,ow ,itbonring islands
alw uays to follow. Jo. lx possesses wlntlunusual di greel Tin11daid1 L fuin fories- ,he wo i. I 6 Ill XIn xi ieb atio-is
i. si' theta pCourt f n Mr Io 0vocaltechnique andP P trainOig.d vic e oii it ft ilt bo the -. :-, teetato A
5nd that an exsion f m mutnidcal nigh Miss r. y icye ti ttr'^ )o N Gntl ai S A le
i d,' Sath Mr. e C. T. W F Judged by charming pleasatt,,,be sen. E T' Au in M EN T waI

df atht Mrn.*o~ C.lt~* T.le' W.m ,~' Vcrwra f te Adi 'ildemon F. a. St e met- orr.cn~o evfvurh) *dhr*i lmi
U. Acting Solicitor General ai I justly adinS i.ible.stsnuriIilain

^ '^o shon cof lmpl muical pe r forman cel< Miss Gr'1 la7- ---______. tA U omalL hc i~tm orc .IV
that an exprev SLf v m L~ , .
ybe conveyed to the bereaved son deser-es admiration wind ap- reter of -:hI- T( n i r tte Hon'ble
Alves. plause, but judged by ft-ndninetntai Tiun~til It> H d I. M:1i or.
qualities, she doesriot fulfil the, jWinding up the, ou proceedingss 11 - - W
anrequireme.nts of tile genuteu artist.the Police tt o eeriiid a large D E M ER A RI FE
; CHer entire approach, her air, is number if cp' o ils O th'e parade t *tin mebrwllht vy--TT HJ
New Sched le ne., t e ,1 e Mi.- i
ew Sche ule vocal tones absorb her interest and tary'rt eimocniil of 'Beating thle Re-
are the tinssh doves29 sincerelA surtreeat
"KlaFir and Radio Malt are More than this cannot be CA.-ed$298462 Added To Assurance Fund
utp in price ou schedule ef- or ispplied by her. Attending the service ith Lieut.-
e from Monday. Of her own choice Ms Gra son lonl Mercer i charge of the
Formerly $110. $115. and $118 has preferred to be detached to a trrtde wre' i it of tt" Royal Ar-.

RI * 1,0 feet 7l200 tilc% Is Batta Blo Trinidad Req eopre ih l16, KACforlnd.hUI"ltt R
1,00 feet in Port-of-Spii. cert,~in exetn ocix Na- tiy ata Trni3 Ie n l- anyin extent and objective. N
Imernando and Tobago, respec- turally, her audience applaud and !met,,. AT.e., Regular Police FVrce. HtADAC45
Special Rescre PolieIWomtiIs I
tw Douglas Fir will now be sold admire in much iir same sNirit. Special Reserve Polce, Woten't tI Ll|
Bt eas at $14Bi, $151, arid Simplicity cnd spontI tietv wotld Voluntary Ser vice. Regular andi 'l tgr
ju pr 1,000 feet. supply those welcome qualities Volunteer Fire Brigade, Red Cross, the trOWN, Wed.. June 7 t ity or ",at ni a, with reg, ard tDIN
d Mat1 which was priced without which te e needed inspira- i i. tiad transactions of tile Society for ftoe paS t oP al an sin Su all mem-
*W Ma~e at T icenits a rid $1.20 h r tion of the artist cannot r gxenueelsers will share with me the pleasure I hale li hebr g able to say tlhat IlU
lnd and Ib. packages, respectively, exist,. 'Johns Ambulance. 1943 has been a very good year indeed In lact. taken all around,"I
Sretail0acents andr$1.36 will M. Roche Is. in many respect Te celeritions, arranged by Mr. I deem It the best year the Soc tv has er experienced. As will w402/
ow lsmi51rly be at 99 cents and an interesting atnd true artist. He, T. S. Bill.in an a Southern be seen from the Report. 920 policies r'e taken isl. insurnig $1,340,582,inin
.67, wholesale and $1.17 ,and has temperamental warmth, often eilititteeit mald off tie SCF. Wel- as compared with $1.160,622 Iln 1942, mianld aituhgh not a record year
'.JL. retail, succeeding in 'Ing the true poet, fare Fund.Nitllth a h, If activities as far as the Society is concerned. Itconsider ii., new issue to be
Now included in the price regu- n," is a musician. although often for every day this, week close extremely satisfactory and intco otte of the public confidence
'lisUt is garlic Ihich in bags he is guilty of temperamentale- Sai'trdiy nilh, w:A :h a bizaar and which t enjoys."
* crates of not less than 501b. is aggeration a tchel quite mar. anld dance at; tleDito Dnaalt. The Ron. Petrcy C. Wight. 013F, rt-Crl ed C' iia~tati Of the n re@ ~
Oft" per pouund wholesale, in sometimes completely obliterate T e.P y .WgB_-cream__t
I and elsewhere, other th~in musiDemerara Mutual Life Assurance st(ne ,. ttd nm.,de this diselosure
and retailw.hre, ofhrh,3 mu2ash ip. M Rohe s, toat the Wldy-Second Annual General Metint of thl society held at C Y
and t etal rc o o So th Shoofls Iatte a e Comrpany's ofce, High Street. on 6thnis ia, "S.i t he lId at H PSm
9 VIeIl.Of course, there is nothi tt frl-Sun-ScoosIn his review of the good business dour hi lii' socir'tv'lie sAid
bean meal Is sse eduled at damentally wrong In showmanship. that,"the most, satisfacto feature'tas that $298.462 had beeit added You do these three thin s for
per bag of lO01b. in the clty except when it obviously preventsay
$.40 elsewhere Mt the iskind, one from being a musician. 0D a- in Mortgages and l veans on Ptoi-
cles 'Were reduced by $74.000 and I"-KO~ IOPi llan
i Cent per lb. retail, tonally. unfortunately ts hap- Trinidad Guardian Correspondent Among those who attended were having to n'esre tretde extent Oa
pens when Mr. Roche pltys PRINCLE' "OWN, June 20.- the Hons. Percy C. Wight, O.B.E. o--ieepitsso"'
But on Friday night. Mr. Rutche's Scicols in the New Grant District (who presided), F. J. Seaford, ce'n War Loan--. that is to h av. --Keep If fait
n playing. for instance.,of Schumanin's as well as Tableland observed Farm C.B.E., M. B. 0. Austin. 0 B.E.. having to re-invest in lower interest"
"Deoton" crabnes Notunedahi s i Mond-ivoE,hibits included and J. I. de Aguiar. Capt. C. 11.
for the Left Hand"oandghis a' o i b ud r pieodde r investments the natural; Follow faithfully the dfret.-
~ City Lodgings CortLncientm "wefreaevIdenced s poultry, raboi. ppi.R, cowsegoa.; Smeslle, Messrs. H. Seaford, 0.R.effet was lat thle average Iterest tions for use, and you will finda
e'p thatdhther capesteiofanimat-.tA G roves. E V W alcott i D ireco y 'ied on ithe-total A assurance Pun e
.srl Whitei a city irl, died tbThe antitas were inspectedd by tors), G. J. Evelyn ( ec'etary), would be Ii l(ered. The decreased DIOXOGIN CRILAM to be a pre-
Whty at cityBediedtabout pinuno playing Mi. F. ID. Davies of the Agri (I- C. Innis iASSt. Secretary), and J. yeld.-4.82 per rent for 1943, as capus aid in keeping the skiu
saly at M36Benson Street, sout More than thls,. he ean sr&'lve turnal Lepartmen-t Mr. A. C. Gobe- Edward de F'reita (of Me ssrs. against f.ll 'te remt tih, previous freaifrompimple, blckheadsi
rloch o Ma y night soon a beautlfally warm tone which, dan, Acting Inspector of Schools Cameron and Shepherd) and several veer- pou psbl ac pleased th hear,
ni there for the night fromcit.mae him capable of offer- o h itit
she htlad thrsprn~orthenght and obtie ,uudedciiy m eto h. himnSUalcaa technicalf fe-fa" oandthMr. ~rcA. I.. Sunmoit01S, club leader members. hotmx e.er, conpates vent' favourabh, and other akin blemishes
eatna Spi barr.maketb adicfm tit lea- -s ____________r,
tatdhS hco ad mustollhplea-h other Life Companie&s. which might mar your co.
is stated that she comp ledtsure and experience. ITIe Secetary read the ti'e pleit, .--
N i g convening the meetingW and the 'fi .aci('ym a.' r Iml esperiecit ng 14
__________________ Auditors' Report. anid the rDirec- ,e'at elrfeultv litnu1vestitig" its sun- -
BIj lLER'S LOTUS "WAR CILOUnS p ... or Ute Chairman s eaid:"' ,, ar t
1 Moving the atdoption of the tie- nienis, antd it is as well that I can"-E
M: ONEY BURST" J o teCara ad tion members to expect a further
(For al ye J~ubis) ----- ediR lion iin tile perceultage retentue N
mad The Beoinning of the endgard"In making my rmrswt e h'drvdf''lL ~ret h rmtoso h WELL M A D
SEIVA MAIAM an., heralds the dawn oc a oetfoth styaIamur 6 FO RE OS
Vt alaue hoi n New World: let us therefore ocl yfo the nea t yelaare it amsre Jthe. j~ i ~
gillll~n er~lld erd our loins and be pre- mebeswR NIhTeUihmeteR E 1FO RDCRS
Seesses Ulcers. Sores, oared to rejoice together plasur a ver3 gnbi-al ood think .nenmbers will be tery U R
.'CutS Wounds, etc.) over victory in the united .a ht0wsavr go erpesd lt h ekIno h
beenreciv.d WITE LINN DILLindeed. in fact, taken aul round, I Directors. only recenlty made. t:
Supplies of the above Nations, emi h etya h ye nrbt 60t h e r~ at
llrtiona have benrcie HT IE RL:has ever experienced. Appeal this year It is with every
l~are on sale at your Drum Very ntice and pretty for vcaettyorDetrsonir
Evening Wean ,amt- other th~enueosael ttar iede rie
Drs caio" t$".00r As will be smeen from the R~eport made nueru tatae Reue ie
Dres c.5 ts.t 1500pe today in the interests e'f the
2-piece stilt: or Dress Coat ~ ~920 Policese were taken up. insuring War eff: -" 'I -- : .. ort and though it is to few
..... ...as.om.re Wit of ,eta hey can contribute,thst.tI
sa t 19142, lind althought not a t x vmim~ of the na" eo'h o-A a O
Agi-e, Dept. Fitz-Clorence Spenlcer .. .. v ru otrenteofhe8
1101 D 'rRI UTOP "Tailor Major" ~ ~~~~cerned, I consider ihia New a.smie U! eth dCm.,yuAF ES L T
c h a r l o t t e ~ T h e o n M S I O I W H o u s e "to h e e x t r e m e l y s at i s~ f a c to r y a n d I s ct o nst h i k I n a t g r y b
SOEDSRBTR."T a lor Majrh Hu" . hc 'Ite enmnujoys.il ~at
S 5 hrltetre Near R.C. Cathedral. w ., indctiv eofa th ulccni en ore -I I sthirs ytroutwllo haril

UGHU OF SAid F.. Ann's and Diego Martin i. r Botus Aditon t~nIl[wrtlte i L~aeo feature r the RepsortEAS
IAIJl IRa BadAllenburys Proresis, ... ...n ws -- une .e.te a mnd of the uranaacios f that 5oIet'

* mnencxtocstnigtomnother| vital stata of' thte rofothi s Colony and I ", a been added to the Aa. dedtotheAs.
lGess List 1944 NOTICE milk. No. I Milk Food is think the BrtUsh Wet Indies assurance Fund. ut d Etched GsW
lThe Public is hereby noti- used from birth to three Well. Included in these Clailms were
S-fledihatas from say month, No. 2 Mthe lives lWot through nemny Ac "Beforen resume my vset, Ia- E.P.N.S., Chims. Corve
fledtthatNas 2f Milkuesdaytion. i
from three to six months and Alre to express to the sta". the Vaese, Jetlry, Can&le
Oft tn tFernando r 13th June, 1944, that section No. 3 Malted Food from six Superintendent, and c anvasse ur
oftoprate in there 'of Caledonia Road NO. 1, months onwards. In addition,, "xpense of Management and PPreUtiUon of their ervrice and Sticks, etC., etc.
im o astothe i t Laventille approx: 300 feet Alcnburys Malted Rusk Commdons atre higher than for Co-cperatlon'
byoanatioT as tus t, ,ce ntufyear. This tthreatr e
roll enrolld as m in length, between LWdy form tbe ideal first oidpt
r for forms on whichfonbanien attrute a l a to. enteraliing de. ,

shows^, the ver 11111 111 n.mii i n THE SALES ROOM i
t set out U r l.Y young Ave nue and Hiron-I f 0 elr wet, as o ae eral t. B, .G. AustinO. ,. St an dP.J.
itraO i fostyeta.bIn g ,n, second rd Mr. 0. S Your Iand:t. 1. R
T DHdele Street isclsAto.all -=tmn With ina-lbu. ouW
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.etweethe firstandratio.however. to pr.um 8e. ed
doul next. Trgfc Is possible by way oftS
,It'. .m. sorr, Lady Young Avenue and Poll On ao n I by W M. de at
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Ton$fMu&eSre. Usm OD, Boom ,, ,o.a.,,''





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so many people acclWi ut aq=iae
Parker Vacmnadc Pee
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so resportaive... dh It Uhau
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view the colorful P0 Im I
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YIour llr(/t'kti/Air

Y. De Lima & Co.




Lu' 'r~d

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(TW.C i 1 fl (TIOA y~ M
15- Hisl Hoftti. WC.6 I rrf-aer~ t-boe 5541

i* mw' aW *o CO s.~ *IM W v's. AvU , N.V.O


Trinidadians Must Aid
Their Soldiers At.War
NEWS that the First Caribbean Regi-
ment is being trained in the United
States for combat was received with
'great interest throughout the Carib-
bean and all the Colonies from which
its x mbers come. It is an assur-
ance that when our boys go into
battle, they will be as fit as the van-
guard of the armies of liberation who
are now fighting the Germans in the
Normandy peninsula. West Indians
hawve be.n on active service on all fronts
.and in all branches of the armed forces,
and have been with the Allied armies in
.,their d.' .,n f sadness and in their days
of glory. The regiment, however, is the
first body of West Indians who will go
Into this war as a single unit represen-
'tative of the West Inci:'s and its peoples.
Many West Indians have already won
':distinction in the present struggle, par-
Sticularly in the Royal Air Force where
they have earned their share of awards
Sfor skill and courage In the face of the
enemy. Their exploits have thrilled
',thousands of their fellow West Indians,
:'to whom many of them art unknown,
:: but who yet share in the glory they ha,-e
..won. The honour which falls to the
. Caribbean from their deeds is the result
,:of individual performance, but whatev-er
: honours th., First, Caribbean Regiment
may win will bc shared b)y the many men
who comnpri:e it, and who come from
thousands of homes in the islands and
British Guiana.
But if we ;',c prp'iiy t,) thrill with
pride when the deicls of the regiment
shed iiz't on tloe name of the West
Indi s. v.o ,h' 'Ii ;how our oneness
v'ih -;.lur in otn-r wavy. Thousands
turned cut to cce the units of the regi-
ment on parade at the Savannah on
Easter Monday and at the civic recep-
tions tcndtr,,d them in Port-of-Spain,
San Fernando. and Arina 1th1r'ing Sol-
dier Week. The b,,s m l lia\,,' been
happy at. thl warn'It l1 Of tl(r n'eeptinn
whifl'i, t~h(;r t'ouiityn.'vnn slpc ial'-tanosly
gavre thnm hitll they wovuld have cause
for01 plo'ili ,niw that the "'Guadiian" W,ar Welfare
(i I( r (p i fed for th lle benefit of their
depelluit s and ffr their own comfort
had harid an urisat.,r.fictoVy icsponse.
Ti-e fund wnA opened for the bene-
fit of the Trinidad contingent on March
19 with the target t at $50,000, a sumt
which Is bv no la0', s beyond the reach
of tihe people (r ;a (Col: nv which has a
reputation for wealth and for gener-
osity to tl .se who deserve' it. It. is dis-
apoointing Hat threee timontls afterwards
only $18,796 should have been contri-
bute(d. It, is true that there have been
other calls on our purses, hlt that is no

em a why w sbhutd neglect a fur4
which is Intended to benefit our report*
mtatlv MA the battle for world fre*
dan. a4 their dependAant.. We appeal
t6 the pop aof Trinidad to stand by out
o Mdwa they get ready for war.
The British Wst AIndies Regiment
gave fine service during the last war,
winning 120 honours, ad distinctions
including five D.8.O's and nine Mili-
tary Croes. We are confident that the
present-day Caribbean regiment will
maintain our reputation for dash and

Child Welfare Work Needs

Increased Public Support
DR. S. M. LAURENCE'S resignation
as President of the Child Welfare
League will be regretted. He served for
a greater many years, and gave freely of
time and effort at a most difficult period
in the league's history. That he should
now wish to pass the responsibility to
another is natural, and Mrs. G. H. Mas-
son, his successor, is equipped both by
talents and experience to sustain the
work. Dr. Laurence's continued interest
in the league is however, desirable, and
we have no doubt he will be ready to give
advice and assistance where it may be
These are difficult times, and it is
not surprising that the league should
have many problems to meet. Som" of
these are dismissed in the report for last
year, presented at the recent annual
meeting, which constitutes a record of
work done under much stress and strain.
To complicate matters, the league was
In the throes of the change-over from
one form of administrative control of
Its nurses to another, and some of its
branches seemed not to understand the
basic plan behind the. new organisation.
The resultant confu.o.n made it neces-
sary for the Ilague's executtive to an-
point a committee to advise on adjust-
ing the situation.
One of the league's difficulties was
insufficient money, most striklingly
shown, perhaps in thle arran',emrent.
made by the Point Fortin branch with
the maternity hospital in that district,
which proved to be beyond its means.
The high cost of milk made it necessary
to appropriate $4,000 to help mothers
provide minimum supplies for their in-
fants, and other expenses increased. Ex-
pansion of the work was halted in some
cases because of the increased price of
building materials needed for nurses'
homes and clinics, notably in Toco where
it was found impossible to procwd with
er'ection of a local headquarters. In these
circumstances we fuhilly endorse the
plea made at tLhe annual meeting for in-
creased public subscriptions.
Child welfare work is of thie very
highest importance. It constitutes a first
line of defence for the community, and
while much depends on the zeal and effi-
ciency with which it is carried on. suffi-
cient funds are obviously a primary re-
quisite tor success. If the league's work
were suddenly stopped the public would
immediately clamour for It to be re-
instated. All should therefore support
its continuance, particularly at this
period of mounting costs and trying re-






to be held at PRINCE'S BUILDING


in aid of


1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Space kindly lent by teMhm., Ltd.

Letters To
The Editor

Th. M. set l I
05i u1di u'I b emble so Ni,

m .. .. _m -

Q.R.C. Principors Plans
Give Rise To Anxiety?
The Editor, TWialta GuasluR'
There au many olI u who ivle
with coradd ble tmbl the 'dubi-
otus policy for the education of o01
youth as expressed by the Pril-
pal of Queen'a Royal Ocllee. He
has reiterated In several public ut-
terances his conviction, uas I under-
stand it, to teach not for examin-
ations, but. that the pupil should
be able subsequently to get the
mcat out of life
That a pup should be so taught
as to be able to make his utLmnost
contribution to the welfare of his
community is certainly an ideal of
euucatcn. But we feel that most
often that ideal can be achieved
only with the qualifying standard
set by certain examinations.
Again when we send our boys to
a college we expect them to pasw
the qualifying exam. at the end of
their period at school.
Very often this is the only
means to ensure suitable employ-
ment, so that they in turn may be
enabled to make their contribution
to the community. Students of outr
colleges after aualifying locally
have gone abroad and held their
own in good company. Why, then,
this avowed distaste for examina-
tions? Not every boy who fails to
passi a given examination is neces-
sarily ol inferior mental calibre to
those who may have passed, hut
is that a strong reason against the
value of examinations?
Success at certain exams. Is the
hail mark which gives the assur-
ance tmat the gold is of good
quality. While we appreciate that
this may be one of the trends
of modern education, my friends
and I agree that this attitude
s:ivours strongly of a Colonial
policy which spells little good for
us who may become the untor-
tunate victims of an educational
By illi means prepare our youth
for a full life but, for heaven's
sake, continue to prepare them for
the examinations which, under pre-
sent system, enable them to obtain
thy wherewithal to lead a full
and useful life.
Incidentally, we note that the
worthy principal is qualified to uts,
after his name the letters M.A..
HB 4c. Are these honorary degr tes,
\e ask, or were they not hardly-
\v%,n it qualifying examinations?
Sun Ferinando.
EDITOR'S NOTE: As we uin
der'.tand it. the proposal is not to
iihlsii (cxiiainations, but to make
ti, I lit into a well-rounded edu-
c? 1 ItI g plr" 'ainnime, instead of
,eing an tnd in themselves.
Water Supply Inadequate
I Thre Editor. "Trinidad Guardian."
I should like to be told how
%lIi aih war Port-of-Spal t used 40
:30. 20 or 10 years ago and how
mucli it, uses nlow.
I believe all these figures added
to thil(r will not be enough for
the next 10 years. Everyone whc
is in favour of Government hand-
Ilnig tile situation should wear a
ribbon on his breast. I came here
IO) v';rs igo and th" position was
San Fcrnando
Expulsion Criticised
iThe Editor, "Trinidad Guardian'"
Mr. T A. Marryshow has won
ard thu s, the people of Grenada
haivo shown their appreciation of
the services which he so ably ren-
il:l in their behalf in the past
tit tHait is not by any means the
l.i-i ..nd of the bugle before
night falls. Trinidad has just wit
nisswd tihe unusual trial of Mr
Albert (.ioies by the West Indian
National Party for misconduct In
JGrenada. I synv unusual, because
I have sought in vain for ani
reasonable explanation of the
Party's case.
poi t-of-Spain.
Housing For T.B. Patients
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
I think it. was Dr. Santon Oil
mnor, the English specialist, whi
recommended. the wards at 8t
James for warding tuberculosis
pati its now at the Colonial Hos-
pitail. Knowing the kind of treat
ment that is given the less fortu
nate. T.b. patients are afraid, tha
after they are 'felv put at St
Jiames nothing mole will be sa!j
or done. The majority of patients
* though they are supposed to be in
curable, do not look hopeless, no
feel hopeless. These patients wan
better sirroundinve than House c
Refuge grounds.
i Unemployment Deplored
The Editor, "Tlinidad .Guardian'
Will you kindly bring to th
notire of our Government th
( otulne55 of the question of un
employment a sit exists in thi
Colony now? Will you please tr
and make them realize that their
are hundreds of p-ople out of worn
whose positions are such as ti
make the continulation of this sit
nation a very serious matter?
Will you please try and malk
them realise that their reaponsi
hilltv does not rest with colleotin
taxes and sending us to jail bu
also In owntng avenues o( e*mploy
ment and so hi'elping Ui to liv
clean, honest and reapectabl
li es?
What are we to do? Will no
the government try and under
stand our position and do some

Honourably Discharged
The Editor. "Trinidad Guardian.'
In an artilcie published in thi
"TnrnIdad Guardian" on June 1
by "Clvitan" I notice that It is h
noinion that some of the soldier
discharged tram the local force
were qunite fit, and their discharr
was due to their making some ex
cuse or complaint.
I Is it possible that his opinion
far better than that of a compel
tent r'.edteal board, and the propel
military authority? If so, why jef
he no. give some basic help in try
ing to .l11 that vacancy left ope
by those soldiers who were honour
ably dficharged from the services
That Is, of course, if, in hi
opinion, he ca.-- consider himself fi
a" Y xMA."niU5.
Ian VtruaM

Capt. Warrom Emerson. of Ne~gh. Nebraoa. a 9th Air Feree pilot
(to 'plane), heads a Press disio lifat N entaoliu undeveloped fibn
of landings en the French coast to Meonsaer Pte, PiUg Nelmon of
Newark, Oh%, smewhere in UKflanoa for speedy relay te London.
Plane*. Jeeps and HMetferycle hastomed the dispatch of pletn e. and
news from the arent London for review and release te the United
; t StIteS. (Ar Phate.)


Government Notics


For The Erection Of
Overseas Sisters'
Quarters, Colonial
Hospital, Port-of-

See Notice In RGyal Gazete dated
17th June, 1I44.
Full particulars as to Conditions
of Contract can be obtained at the
office of W. H. Watkins and Part-
ners. F F.R.I.B.A.. Oovernm ent
Architects, 2 treasury Street, Port-
of-Spain. on and alter the lst of
June. 1944.

The attention of the PH *
drawn to the fact tbat tm t
ImportB and ExportA OgM
ulationM of the 13th June, 1W*
person is Vermitted to brtb
Into or take goods out if the
on behalf of any other pez ,
leU a permit for the import an
port of the said goods ht I
obtained from the Control bi 20
Careful notice should be tell. .
that fact that, unless a per" .
been obtained, ar.y perm
carrying goods on behalf of.amI-
when entering or leading t! )e3'"
is liable to a fine ecees
thousand four hundred dolln'*

DM ... in extreme cawes to lImpimov
Demands Of M odern Ne s Contractor will he r ulred to Travellers5 d a.
give sccuritv of $8,000.00.
Pr d cto V er Ex c i gco.o certain that a m>rmlt hax him.1
1 r iTTTenders close. at noon on Mon- Icertain that a D rn',IL hag bil
PrniI V ery J L ing day, the 17th of July, 1944. talked from theCntrol"
(yrodAu cCon Very uE xachIg l g Tenders to be addressed to the the carrying by then of all SM
t (By A STAFF CONTRIBUTOR) course, In a highly specialised busl- Colo..al Secretary, Red House, not their personal property,
These are days of big news. The ness such as new.aper production Port-of-Spai, marked on the 2 6 44
stupendous events taking place undoubtedly is, the whole operation outside of the envelope 'Tender for
every second in Normandy, Italy. has imposed additional exactions erection of OversEls Sisters' Quar-
Russia, the Pacific and Southeast which have had tI be met cheer- ters. Colonial Hospital, Port-of- I. JohblU "
Asia crowd up~n each oucer with fully and promptly. Spain"
almost bewlderin p ed and leave Wirele.ss operators on shift work Spain." Information m,
the newspaper reader d wondering maintains constant serviCe atrthe ERROL L. DOS 8ANTO3,
what is comig next. receivrssub-editors must remain AcLing Colonial Secretary. TO -
iAt his breakfast table e learns on duty at all hours of the day and NOTICE TOJUR
t is o f sometbig nlew bttlei that has night to receive and consider' the ate: 9th June. 1944.
developed while lie slept, or of a' news nmesages as they come in, THE SUPREME On T
great naval engagen,-nt, or an air linotyp3 operators must be. il at- WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION NTRINIDAD ANDCOURT 4
armada out in the daite dance with .stonehan t aid ORDINANCE Tpoe w o
ra u in he ss carry readers to handle the extra late Public Notice is hereby lX
Ing destructi.n right to the heart iews and the printers have to hold NOTICE that eone ofLthe iiodgkesOf we ll
of the enemy. During the daytime, th selves In readiness tol be call- o o il i n hah

th raucou crier difv tile justb, about 24Cuo rbur,1-4u rtaili~in will sit In ah&Mrg
the raucous cries of the newsboy ed out at a moment's notice. at thea Court i ouse a t n s.
tell him of something fresh that Thi" has been inle order for a f t .
thas hapolened 400o T 10,u000 miles months now, for v:tal news cic- Re-Deatih of (a BOOPSINGH,u S ain on lnuriayv the 2Ad

.i\ l,' ofl Jun wh*cltll~e ^ la uy14. i93 'lc nt e Sl 94ri4,. at eaocli lauit
away, or just on his own doorstep, break at any time and the "Trin- workman lately employed with of June, 194n t ten. o'clock
Truly time marches on, and In tile idad Guardian" has the job of Ste. IvMoelemie Sugar Co. forenoon for Qipurpose of h
vanguard is the newspaper press, putting it across to the public in Ltd., which occurred on the ing aPlliCations b5 ersof g
It is not generally known, how- the shortest pDs.ible tlinie. 11th day of May, 1944. atthe m stion .io bi 8j --t
ever, how iuci money. ingenuity, Now aind again, but only very in- (b) SEEMUNoAL, a workmanfat the SaIo ond to be held at Pa
time and labour g3 into th e pro- frequently, the grim reality of the lally mployed with Trinidad ofJune 1944. n the
auction of a inidceri c newspaper. situation is brought hcme in thi e S igar Estates Ltd.. which oc-
more especially in these hectic das most extraordinary wavis. Only th e cured on the 28th day of And Notice is also givena at
of war. other day, and just about 24 hours Fcbrua,'_,, 1944. such Slltumliciiti will be ggw
p T Tae i Nuew before the invasion of Fiance Compensation In the above int- tained aliVCn' said 22o4 W5
e started, thre was that faollolS cter having been deposited with me June. 1944.
Take, for instance. the presnta- "flash" sent out by the gil teletvpe under Section 8 of the Workmen's
tion it thti Trinida d Giuardian'" onerator In l,onido:i whoe was prc- Conpensatilo O ordinance. the de- A.rV.tN. aticeRacm
every da y (f up-to-tli,-ninute news trishig on a machine which sh, did pendants of the said (a) Boopsingh -_pt
and sttics of thie war on thie f ar- not reilise was linked ul, wih ldl and (b) Seemungal are hereby re- NOTICE
flung battiefronts and the rtproduc'- ti n' ws distributing ag'nCtes Of qirde to appslrl before The COMr-T I
in1 if pictures c hitii a war pl' the world. midssiiner on Friltay thue 7th day of ..
turt,)iuer h as l t 41 I fw'fShe' circulated n lsd da ge.Ig that July 194., at 9.30 'clock in the Slum (leiar.tye' sand
to~~th r h l'l thl' ew In asin h.. .~ u.. He I N
.!hour" I' c shli'lillre nintle livSiOi b iiu h r forenoon at the Court House. Port- Otr diiani ('h 37, N
b ioos ci an ace A s editorial OfficeieI-,. .li.dt of-Spain, when the Commissioner NOTIC s rebygivesa
I .o tihuarinni the sta weIe tu lraniOd hall proceed to determine the dis- the 31st daV of (i%0Y, 1944, taf .

b' wm Rre n.s o m .11e svip s tan'ecra enoul a "J1 wh ^ "''"' t tl o nr o gnrlI-r===88-
Imitherse hiYes, Oinly u fewt iors to into activity at once..'fo t' itls *tributaion thereof. tion underGe en lI 4Itof fSh0"

*mtle celarne edt eutyw-i a fe hourts in i^ ^ ^1''^ a ((" rvsdta th lo rdal n :
befor. atjlt sco |)le a it takes- T"a' rt Proof of relationship of depen- Ordinances oclariag the a
b e o e o r j t o l i s i," t'a" "e s i Fl o ~ r f u ll l m i n u t e e l w o ( o ,sW e t
to have a pdcturercensoreduralomenssedersrwere dants to the deceased workman will out in the pian herein refenedrr
t. havap cr fensesre, . around and lrep'lrationis be required by the Commissioner Ito Abe ih e,. ra ws p I l bl
across tiall, 'le io ld, tran .,b flashed. No r ,
sstilne froniNdwd Yrk. n made .to handle tha e world's grc ni t- to be furnished by claimants at the Panninig ind -loust M
by fast. 'plane f'onNew YorkWiest s ."etensation. Much wau cldone in a tile enquiry. Such proof to be in mission.
Wimhdt.n t, wit ni t, t thetn c' moments. r. e f(.(.ti loti Oftil-s e form of certificates of birth A certlflid ac'l of 01.
W Tllld" .tl" r li ti lt a i''nvasion edition were 1;t.id, but and of nil rlat s In the circum- resolution ad plan therf

*"Trinidadh Oulrdin" c a'lolc(l ncw< ipr-fit nariaf,,, as0 in th cicm-pant
a t "t in another milnute camene news ,ve stances be necessary. to. have b, n. iideposited a
a jolly good pat on the back for thie radio to "kill' the story; It was Dated this 7th day of June, 1944c. office Of the Paig and n a
the way in which it rouwht thel all a terrific mistake. Comnuis ti. 2. St. VIineeAto.
news f the invasion of Normandy However, that Instance served to L.A. GOMLI e, Port-of-Spain. and will be
to the l)iol)le i hire, wile still main-[ test the efrciency of the "TrinidadI Deputy Registrar, Supreme Court. Inspection without paymeM"f
gaining its conlr'iri.viisive news pic- Guardian" arrnngmengi anits i tled'between th hours of9%A,
ture of the otl .r arfrolt. and a experience gained was ised lo goe Enlistument of Trades. 4 p.m. from' usondaysof i
Complete service of all the l'J:al purpose when tile invasion ews oydida
news and views that really matters. actually break. med 1n the Royal Datedthe 17th da of Jqp4
Science Aids On The Alert Air Force 5. GI "
Of course'. Science nd ingenu ity Now you have some idea of hw PlannIq
have of trihiend oarge It tle pro- modern newspaper scrve its It I notified for general In-
gross of tihe nemo cvpr, out readers., So when A 5-colhmn report, formation that this Government
these nirmptant fro i' have to be of the annual mee;,ng if Or r snlew- has been advised that the local
Sharniessed to entl'.ng and slu lt i" guild or literary league o is con- recruitment of tradesmen for en-
to attain calmplete success: anli densed to a (ozentl or so lines an listment in the Royal Air Force Aod IT tn
happily thesis, ltlahties have been i ,hke room for a big news story, d has ben u ended. No further l
available in adbunicame. ih t, grumble that the stall rs hi vini aie rcation, therefore should be
The "Trinidad Guardian" as af te aSiest. Pcr in these hletic days. sent to the Industrial Advser
modern newspaper with m:diern rinewa pailermen cannot afford until further notice: but Govern-
Smachintery anid modern ideas, calsleep, much as they might Wish to ment dsires to thank all those
Justly claim talt lit gives to the enjoy such a xurv. wh have offered their ser icel
pe opNle of Trtithidad and some of tile TA LK wire have ofee the ireces '
peohplrehensivud and Sflh ies ew 's ofth and also those who have been al
i'ighihltutonl iii efs a new. ser- good enough to attend official "
vice whilul :tu,' pct ,( Ier h lie service ia" te sts8. The candidates concerned b .
Londoth. chihn u ,u ai to El o uaHr. bre ad t eld that 0 further action tr"
Lynto ti gi'. enw0 1, the fato--IN Lior 11h will at.vresentd b taken on their ME
lan i ,,i ,oo CO ST -
nland ofit.he N're 'W Yor nk puo-In rt iniris In the evn o VC
licatilmn5 ti th ut'ild States I / 11" A1 ~t ,- amllilatiensut. In the event of t'e
make tohl' cliu n1 to re da's, rad I. t h.- t. oi i .he recruitment of tradesmien for en-
dncde te eiAd rs listment in the oyal Air Force
Ssioere esI believe it to be de- t' 0 Naz being reopened a further an- _
... noun'cemgent will be made. A _MEMO .

1. I hnvaesio Stoa 6 ~ry Sfe het ion;bt Bhy Nareizec"A oiol~ **
Int'sio r Story By JOAN ('APREOL P 0 L I C E N 0 T I C E
It will be i C eihered tha so LONADON, June 20 iReiter li
far as his Coitv wa.s c ncerned, 'W.idows,11 1rt an fi ..t
tile "'rnlnid Gliuiardian" br oke the therudte y R FO TnH EUoLA frie Od,%t
news of the lnvasin ilta sto- tctoday t lir of ORDER FO T 'U-
c t hel Invnasto ..... in St.o-.. the sacrifice --th sac rifice -ube' ORDdS F
Press anionem ent a ir he ordilen- byt the f .ing er of G l Of tile s
ay edition cn the fateful Tue.sday R ....F.Doeminion and Allied AIir TRINIDAD TURF CLUB RACES
morning. June Te repnut. cA m F force offers who 'r e y wh u (
s from G lerman sotuces, It Is true, but German, while scaping br .U i.
newspaperylen kilow how to Sas(sF es rma, whie ( P J'g hIL 1111
-ltetreldIafeiilci to rat h e inidt -iStala" Luft III in March. i Section 78-Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Ord"s
t e reliability of Isnfor l Tlo In even At a memorial service it, h11 o1.5 "& Jly st 6th a ff
"- frm si r 'u. ''lallv ns papecr. Thal ait Martin's Ohe rmore firtunt ole Midsummer Meeting-June 29th, July ,6h1
L St op- iretso-auluie ao- t il w a nfficersand airmen repi tij tel ,,, in f
t read by "p" ole "i tii' brkfsts, the fateful Germatn ro en All 'l e mst aroah te sannah b 'y _
Abt at,7 .m A. the ,ncw,; V ). ,,,asuficilylt.. ...All.,.. ..vehiclesmsnt ~tapproach thesvnnah by .
5, conftt'md 7afron Lond.oth .....''T o i Iisteiedl to the Chaplain-iii-ChirrStreet or any other street West of that Street, 8a1C.
I- imeel t l Tinulour of the R.A.F. pay tribute to their horse-shoe road by the Dundonald Street gate.
)r dian" set about '''hi(iuil t r'. L do ra e rs'ad Cars will be parked onl the savannah as directed bf
rt wianh setba eiti lie jteat netuli Representatives of the squadrons marked lines, East of the horne-shoe road. facl, northwest Tl
Icut a sstoclal edition wt h tilte fill of the dead oLcers also looked up eof niembers of ,the Turf Club displaying mlintberlip belad mt ,

)f details tpp w T~ratdvsi vr oando anthRevd,. A. Jetare Oall 'Vmna- cnlwr. lattoitm~ a st*0"^-
,f details of the Irreat Op,,tl :,n the Rd J. A. amge w lie parked inside the hi orse-shoe or. worked lines facihng "
an hour or so i after the last auth said: "Their ndomitable -ourgc, On the conclusion of racing, s il t io
tic message cai e to rinidad over unonquerabl hope and suprew, road and leave by the Durdonald Street ate.
spthe radiion tewaphs apeci lwa st ofthe sacrifice had about it, even in th Cars attendin to pick up at the conclusion of ra wl i
aln e w bein days of any part terns of heroism : by the chancery Lane gate. nW ill be
pod up oy a public desperately hun something that was unique. TiT' Tafic in the viciniWwty of Queell's Pa
S Ntrfeasly aiews. t h er feeo Inn measure losth tey stil the tis.retion of the senior Police Officer oduty. .1
n theNews"folyoaferd on hu"pe- o'gtonI'ig herduty twice Emoti, ttaxis will rank au directed by Police and 6il. am
e gNews" foilwed up wiwth a more over." to unmrotch th' Grand Stand entrance only when actuali.
e compr nsive and fully detailed Air Chief Marshal, Sir Charles Personi' arriving on foot should approach the rand S
decriptiao n leaders of te rll, Ce of Air Statf, ito': an central froiath from Queen's Park West by whi it'
ell p art in t ti ad b r dean o
.'I"i eiservice,i e hontwir- the Grand standd ticket gates by the new' nverhea" b
k Fast and Furious lnl his airmen by reading their' lhm avoid the danger of crossing the motor road.
SLesion, par!,t'in hievyles will he nurovided.
Afterwards, reports came in fast Froin tne flower-decked pulnlt tie Perso,'s leaving tile race course after the races on foot
and furious, and for three days, read: "In the sight of the itnwse to "1' ite r, rrt"- brldae ond the footpath so as to a
e thousands of words came into the they seemed to die. And their de- the lines of traffic.
radio receiving room in a never- parture is taken for misery, atid
I ending stream. their going from ntS to be utter des- .R. A. Erskine-LIUl4___
it Then leS. than 96 hours after the truction; but they are in peace." As. tom M so to o
F_ landing of the Allied troops in Ai R.A.P sergeant played the1 Poliee 1?srdlrnirters.
e France, iti( 'rrihidad Guardlin" orra anti there was a messedi ':r Port-of-Sarin
it front-paged a s(i of pll.tures of the of RA.F. men and W.AAF-. T1hei 14th Jur'. 1944
actual invasion lakes in Noimainudy, R.A.P strirg bond playedq en _thi
It rushed to London by 'plane, radiced altar steps. There was triumph in V AC ANT 0 T P S T
r- to New York antd air-expressed to the swelling music of Elgar, in the
- Trinidad processing here Into shrill of the violins and In the
zinc plates for printing, A modern voices of the choir as these, sang
newspaper Press rankking with the "For all the Saints who from their Headmaster, Grenada Bays' Second s
fastest in the world did the ret. labourer rest,"
But not only in the matter of _--___
picurdsan' takes itsaplae "Tinia tL ibe rated France ]s Applieation, are invited for filling the vaceant pO~t d
Ouartan taes ts lac m heGrenada Boy.s" Pr- ondarv School. Tlhe salui!"' n! tne gil
van of hemispheric newspapers. A iModel Adlcmillstratlon penslonable. Is f .,00 ner annum risinw by ai'nusl 1mcrewmis d
If' staff of wireless operators main- NEW' YORK, Jtne 20 ('APl.--Thc eI0 t Pr annual. Ananrotments mm", be. nied" at ,hse mai
13 taIns a roumnd-thace-clock service London radio recorded by the of the erade if necematv phoult' the auahifiratlwsof 1111
is which embraces the great news- Unite States Oow'rnmept mont- a'-per to lust"", s., h a ciesseeeinf. I,rI
rs gathering sacincie,, like fleutcr's anG toirs said that Louis Coulet, "first Tl ~ Otlllflet-tlon isnir~s, ale a TtnlvritviIsI E
es Associated Pres s who have accredit. French civii administrator ap training, In education. ant~rotwmt 'uhen ~l~refe and J
geed represenhuivsm' in every, part of ',olnte by General de Gitulle on mentarv school work. As least two teutimofliah mbe
x-the wrvlei sni" war correspondents lbelated Fr'ench soil." in an inta r-the ..n,'.tcatqop
in every theatre of battle. View mad his aim was to have a 3. 'rTss Headmaster wll be reululred w 5ske rliat'e O .
e All this news is available to the "goo, clea and emeklent adminis- 'nr establishment in conslderatimz of which he will be
"Trinidad Guardian," which, in tratlon, Whict Wili shw e people free t,,"rbtl5 diyatedneo he hW'I
er ddtintas he ratbroadcast- we cat to m taita rn chsy 4, The av e-e sa t~t n
~ n o'aiiftofifr uti.'nesO'O~iY nte OL H's id l boarding estublibhment can accommodate 16'
i aore offh worldto lX puart~' who a active eo~labctors 4, A~~nletlo, ho,,ld l- at4,','w ma- to the Ad~iea'
& fd stores wof trld,~with the Naxi will be removed. trator" 'f ric. Greada, andg should be r05alS i~ot lt
r- T~~iiWo ocl ewspet' which were July, 1944.
s? Organisatlew inv~maton sared pu Ikttot(14 Gn
tsthe m nmesat t e~ m e pubtlon ca~ted t (Sgd.1 GFll l .
t Naturally, all this calls for pan- is ai als that there will be free Administrator's Offce..,
usual organisatton of the atff ei. eletion of eouncihs In librated Oret'ada, .
tfoeal mad mechancle. and, of. aeas. "ay. 1944. ...


. I lm 1- -0 t





ricans Now Within 4 Miles Invasion Coast Defences
priz Port Of Cherbourg ._ ___

M AnmeriCDaS l movin smnouldering rubble. Ollard walk-
ami~ nd fls the ed up one of the streetSO and said
Efd the trap on it must have been pleasant a fort-
v a oerwelng the night ago. but now it was blasted
i n their tadvle and twisted with German uls
l. Alre4dy AliieJt troops overturned by the side of the road,
j outer rim oft G.erman armoured car was still
peotos where burning. The sappers had scrawl-
lo expted mo ed notices everywhere: "keep to the
an order o be centre of the road.'-" It was d ath
Bowman d to flight to ouch anything in Tilly this
StrsngeV enougMh monorning. Gilard then waked out
were Unmaunned Of the town down alonu a straight
I1d troopI approached road to the south. It was death-
K1S.mr e late tody had ridden, empty, deserte, but half t
frer noughf for- a mile down there the Germans
nt to see the city Itself, were waiting.
th spctacur brei- Nazis Try To Explain
rid otreaced the hiih-
gndfrom which the city Cherbourg Reverses N .
But early today
S the thunder of exp.o- LONDON, June 20 tReuter, .- rl
i hnnerbourg and civil- Iarin Hallensi'ben, chief military
through the lines correspondent of the German DNB
oygemy had begun demoli- News Agency said t night: "The
I Americans have aLready penetrated
l LPNl O into the fortified approaches of
ric&ir are receiving aid ICherbourg ard their advanced
preach patriots who nave ipeerniads have closed battle with Marshal Karl Gert ve- Runstedt
i s.rms afnd are aiding In Ile Germnan defenders .-ibedded In conerte turrets aslo
is of Cherbourg. MaUy Hadienisleben said: "Why was the prior to D-Day. Scene Is 'r m a
some of them veterans American brceakthiioth to the New York from neutral Lisbon
I.1nt war volunteered their west of the Ciherbouri Peninsula --
as scouts. guides, and and their advance against Cher-
troops to fight alongside bourg not prevented by the Ger- "-
Americans. An officer said nmalt High Colmlland? No doubt, Weather Research Made
drifte by the one's, two's it has not bei'en made easy for the Before i
'the's Rboaln us to let them, t eznans to pat tll'lr plans into Before The Invasion
B the capture of Cherbourg" act'o "However, tie Command Is LONDON. Julne 20 cReuter)i
itood near whtre the guns .tubbo'rnly ticklingg to then td -- A correspondent at S.H.A.E.F.
oming at the front. "Tulev Wll no swav I rom li ts determnila- tells tonliht that Allied experts
roltc,trv well and We see tio n to fix ill, date and tile ulace went back through the English
ahv they could not help A the battle of it. 11'' wn Iree ill. weather records for the past
tI' htr homes and country 'There ale 4o110 iltd cationls. what- 25 years, to find how condi-
ere in a ir assortment ever that both Rudtedt asid Rom- ton were likely to be for the
rms but they know how to mel hard ot taken into accounts cilc w r tbeir rt-
but this tco"I'Sc Of developnment. The landings. From their re-
tke v to rle of;tlon I to be o 'ed arches they found that there
SMy v Vt Vast for somewhere i n hoi area of was not likeIly to be a time
m oved Very Fast Saint -vents there awil have wl i, tie weather would be
The -'nillsula their reperrus.sions on time liiltihicg lrfectlv suitable for air, sea
to tie northwest and will i ?nali arid lard attack. Knowing this
ON June 20 'Reuter).- decide whetir t le actions on iltie General Eisenhower gave the
Dujlr tt. BBC. reporter, Cherbourg Penilisilat will :tbstan- worcl to go" on a night that
onh ie American front line iailiy lihlltititP the over:ll sittia- was most ideal for airbornrt
4 3aid in a broadcast to- l.Ile. So har tlie German IlHigi troops, althougli poor for'
at the troops were moving t..onIma&:t`d was loved righIt in ,tuo- aerial bonibardmenri, and only
up the Cherbourg Peninsula hornlt, clinging to its plans." moderate for a seaborne land-
was becoinng quite a job A cor:'c.puo:ldeint sated thai lig.
ep wlp iti hem. Tonight Ch"rbo:;rg is a rii wtilt triple de- -... ......
rmringing the Uermans round fI c Oi thie cu,-t ,l. iii iiner Pio
our niles from Cherhotrdef tfi,,,S a i ciles ian.ld ald Young Pit Giot
It %tas alf1firniit to say at the olter det icers wili, h lin' i; 1 a OUn il
len time how near anv of 'iCllil-circ: e rougiv' .sijx itiles bi low
"gned elements weren to he ,,rt Seen f)It,,,; strongly de- First Robot 'Plane 1
aurg. Dunnett thinks the fendeI ar' close to ttr port itself, LO:ID(.)N, June 2vU Reuter).-
wc' nOw probably within btnit act cc:'ilg to lci llllInfotmatio og
1.' amib d the whole pictrtreeie:tdous aage has be o ater midnight lastThursda
sarac,.iign in the Peninsula c aise d in the port liea. When thi a -ear-old R.AF.P Mosquito pilot,
C~mp~lin In th Peninslazed1hid illthenporbareanWenhtil
,n- in the last, three Alih's get in ihev arte likely to find squeezed isa flying button three
i Pri ,,wtl.c3 toe Germans a very devastalid area Ai" recun- lltnes at something which looked to
d abUt three-quarters of nalsance lia shown tremendous him like a ball of fire chasing
nlnla: loda' barely one- tdacagec *iniotia pyt installations a;s at'cross tilie skies. It was one of the
s left to them residlt of du'molitions anid bom- t''irst pilotless aircraft launched at
tt drove today th -ue: bardment by Allied warships. Th re this intrt, and he shot it down
be realls the skeleton town is yet no signI that thIe Gerntians into thle Channel.
itebrnre on the eastern side are preparing to evacuate it. Thii early success was the cul-
penin'ula and hlie could not German silrnlgtit il tile penin- miinati.n of months of planning by
single undama ed house; suIa is grater in ithe east as they the chiefs of hle Air Derfence of
iles farther on he came to are apparently relvinhtg oni the mass- Great Britain, anid part of the
tenrd centre of Valognes. ilg in the W.est in their def.'nces story is ttld tonight, of the plans
r hti av )this town hadbeen 8Oth Of the extending corrid(r. that were being laid all the time.
the main German headquar- Positions have now beei, taken by Allied bottbers were smashing tip
on th- peninsula Now, says the Allies. From there the line l'iid tile c'stps on tie French coast and
t .Iere arern%,sted anr down topatupt but activity i theil have sent many robot bomos n
at il, crnrs ecoris on a small e altsh aviuuithyroo bm
fieldsetorAs n a S ealsale although crashing into the sea, or into open
errdcd nered uc',ors of the Allied patrols ha',e ilcilmnuc',d thicrcriigitotesarinopn
rf ye Cnnmanairg General Positions tip the ivr lr extend. country. and large numbers have
Ietwon .1 p 1noQ r~iv ph of Hitler gtlon u ti h em nrt tnivtrol, fimn- been] lown ip in France.
4Mked on 'lie wall It was an yher towards St. l,0 a:e now be- Not on, of the British, New Zea-
le of tile power of Allied ilieved to be about two nalhics nuth !and. Canadian, American, Fr ch,
WIn and American shelling. (f the town, Dutch or Belgian pilots who have
added thilatdi Valogt.e and BIGGEST WORRY scored these successes has been
tebourit and the country south The eath'er l s still nns of the lost.
east of ihr'm hai.e been tile Allies' biggest worries. It as czult At flrst the airmen found it was
.batlefleld' On the western town air support for the armies it eerie work, their shells and bullets
ofthe peninsilt the picture Normanay aid ihas hampered un- bounic ,g Off the steel robots. Then
different There the Germans loading on the beaches In lart both scme pilots flew close alongside the
It a runlnir action that has ast night and todav flv?-foot waves German I cret weapon and studied
most running Today, he were breaking on the beaches anid it for .weeks when they found them).
hl brn a day or prepara- stopped inloading altogether frtom Now It Lakes on an average three
Th, G c.rman% have gone time to time. seconds to destroy a ruobt, aid
as far and as fast a.s thev can Wealier r.'puort from the Straits some of them have individual bags
lt norlanlhe their hard-hit forces of Dover this afternoon said there oltr ee and four.
,1 the Amzricans were gettingg was a high northeasterly wind O Tmtt pilot went in to
'Istoosiltlons from hi(h the final L':owiicg w gih gale force. 'It, wasO ne Tethtwh pilot whnt In so
1 19 for Cherbonmir may be fought emphasized at Surreme Headquar- ci.se that wie hp Ieble'v it c. his
b far there las been no sien of tears tihait they did n1ot, expect good 1'p1ne wa's5 thrown over on its
my Germain attempt to 1 vacate landing weather for more than four back aitd flew through the debris.
11 lort from the sea and Robert or five days at whatever timti of
:lit, another B.B.C. reporter, the year and so far it had been rr
Emm out that the perimeter de- better than that. German long- rneIy Civilians
IFBls nf Cherbourgi 'are very range and mobile battert's con-
rn, atronirr than anything we tfined shelling the oeachcs iter- '.
gtr n ao fnhr.n" mittently andi the Brll.its warshipJs fo Be Exchani ed
U HOLD FIRMAjax, Arethusa, fast and SLriu:i LU,,,o June .0 i Ie)..-
the ceilri of the Allied front coutet,ed their fire. Nefoi;atulo,b ulieruattkelt ly Ltu@
are dancing towards ihe No ;rmi E-bccats lhav ie been Swedish ;Co\'rnientL oil behalf of
t areoadvancingd racwavlrunh ear tile beaches for ,two days lie (overitnients of tile r ,.itish
ot. Lod and railway ture tre- d ut'c ite hadv Allif air raids on
ou tI.a eretst o the bases at Le Havare aid else- Lonionwealth have resulted in
t o Iles north of it. where. an agreement for th- exchange of
r to the east in the British civilians. Thie SWedilh h1l l)rot-
Ds ow fnrmly established in Tilly A. ln A,,Ulio has bei ade ,va.labe..
SHottot village some three Allieu d ill alL for this anid Ilas arrived in tSouth
Sto 'lie southeast on a minor 'i_ B ases4 Africa. The Gernmals who are to be
X from Caen to St. Lo. Strong DOmb RObOt Bases Ieac.riated will be taken to a eu-
Scounter-attacks with infan- tial purt for excitalnge with an
n tanks have been beaten CONTcNUEO FROM PAGE i) qual uumber of c iri vihian&
Second'ac'tical Aul' oreue, these se...
0.r Rs'. a B.B.C. reporter. ays picked crews went In through a Control Board Notice,
great armoured battle is iass of flak to hit their targets.onrol Board otie
Sfougbht out in t: area waiere ,squa-ely on thi ieark. C r in- -
AM reached a new Intensity. dication that thea pilotless 'planes TOILET PAPER
ng-lt was described to him have been traced accurately to
1atff Officer who was very their couree was the strength of TImpiorters of Toilet Paper from
ti wli his words, as fer tche" German flak. Canada are hereby requested to
Jtit how ferocious the To rit'et the Allied attacks the Niace their orders for the remuian-
tti hds been was shown In a Gfmilln produced yet another del of their 1944 requir'ements im-
ch frm Frank Gifl- an "secnrt weaponn" It consisted of a miediatehl, as failure to do this
SB.BC. correspondent who square box-like missile nfireu into may result in the export alloca-
fl. C ornn h the air to ictitat and scatter long ton made by the Canadian
T11lv this morning. He said tl. of silvery and apparently ai thi C in
*^ed Anlo the lttle'town was alliloll>^ ^ X ""orltil-.i to this Coloily bellmgi
Oad the litte town was metallic substance, possibly in- div'rted to other sources .
5 of e omilete devastation tnddtoful propellers. It was to othr so c
ibth older, graves, some comnplhtlv ineffective. I. S. MINOR!b, n
but mOitly Crman., Alnmost Tue woods in which tiheLr robot Ag. Secretary, Control BOard.I
buhoa n0~~a ~ along th~e hIne had o, nways are concealed, were 'corn- Old Post Office Building
en to piec.s. Tillv it- pletel blanketed" wth bombs, it.
a.s gatY sigit. He had was tied at S.MA.E.F. torlight. po- StoVncn S treet,
iteen a plac5 so completely After" the Fort resses. Llber~ators. Por-of-Spain"",".
i t .. It has Just ceased to MitcheIels Bostonai and Mustans2th J.une,19-.,.44._
"'a .,-very house was another had smashed at the runways, Ac A W l
ihere was nothing left but Typhoons swept In to send theih' POSTu OFFlrI'4
'S 'vaLls"3 andm heaps of rockets hissing down on the target.
iiinhn.,.. . ......... ....- .-..-.-................. ..........

= q H~l~~ll l|||l| ll||||iaaaaa||| gaa| i aa~tiaaaa| aai aaaaat| ia#aB| |iii ||ll ||l|||i1altl|1||l

.. & "meth"inllllllg NewIiiilll
iometh ng New.




and dry

Keep You -

a "4.s h


(centre) Insperts 0 G.-nman guns
ont the French invasion vout
Gernan newsreels reeklvtd In
sourest.-(AP photo.)

Airman Praises

Channel Seamen
LONDON, June 20 iReuter) -
Thrutighout the operation in Nor-
niandvy cross-Chianinel seamleln on
the shuttle ricee have n'ver
failed to praise the airmen making
up their first line of defence.
Gioup Capt. Keeling, a Royal Air
Force officer, has today been re-
turning the 'omnplinment. He is
j)wt, back here from t' battle zone
and says tha' for live days he had
seen BRlLishl sailors handling their
iitt!e silps with heavy loads of
men and material with superb
S8,a conditions were difficult, in
fact, had it been one degree worse
It mighlit have been iimposslble to
carry out thfe landings Yet the
vast majority cf tlhe crews came
from civilian Jobs.
Group) Capt. Keeling said he was
aniazed at lihe way tIhe amateur
sailors, as tle v uisec i to be called,
niaiinoctvild tlhtir landing craft
[through the maZie of mines and
beach obstwa ls which lay thick In
the wathr lCOse to the beach. That
demanded nerve, calm and
skillet. seamianshio and to use his
own words: *These boys had every-
thing it t.akes."
Group Capt. Keeling himself
played an important part In the
western front, fighting directLng air
activity front an operations room
on board a ship anchored off the
Normandv coast lie did this right
froin "D-Da'." until airstrips were
set UP o(n F'relici, territory.

U.S. Vice-President

Reaches Chungking
CIHUNGKING. June 20 tAP) --
Mr. Hlnrv Wahllace, visiting China
as pers-nal representative of Pre-
sident Roo immediately urged closer relations
between (C'rihinat and Siberia.
The American Vice-President, in
a stateme t distributed at the air-
port after his arrival from R s-
sian territory, quoted Dr. Hu Shih,
former Chinese Ambassado- to the
United States, as .saying the boun-
dary between Siberia and China
"should be like the froi.tiers be-
tween the Lliited F'tates and Can-
ada-not one of separation but
one of joining friends togetherr"
Mr. Wallace said he wanted to
discuss with Generalissimo Chlang
Kai-Shek "matters of mutual in-
teret and concern."
Generalissimo Chiang Kal-Shek
welcomed Mr. Wallace at the air-
NEW YORK, June 20 American broadcasting station in
Europe iABSIE) said today that it
was Aofficially announced in Vichy
that Francuis de la Roque, leader
of tile Croix de F'u, a French Fas-
cist, organisatiorn, was assasslnat.d.
i'he hrioa(crtst wais 'recorded in tlhe
United States by Government
C~on(roiB-an ^t-i c
I__o_&___ro1 Board _ek

Cinemotograph Apparatus
It is hereby notified that the
!"I itst of Prolibitlons" published
In ihe "Royal Gazette" of 2nd
D:cet1ber, 1 I43, is herewith
amended so as to permit ti.e m-
nortfatlon( of Eleetricallv operated
Chiiemiatograph Apparatus for re-
nlcement ( of silinilar equipment
wholv worn out and beyond re-
inair. or tot ally de'troved by fire,
flood, or similar catastrophe or In
exceptional cases for nvw theatres
in areas not providing sufficient
atinuseiient for civilians.
Ag. Secretary, Control Board.
Old Port Office Building,
7, St. Vincent Street,
20th June.1944.


MEPACRINE-Substitute for Quinine

It is noUfied for information that "Mepacrine" will be put on
sale as from 1st July, at those Post Offices where Quinine was pre-
viously sold.
The Director of Medical services has Issued the following instruc-
tioni regarding the use of Mepacrine,.
Ag. Postmasater General
General Post Office,
13Sth June. 1944.
Mepacrine is a drug used In the place of Quinine In the treat-
ment or malaria. It ais a drug that can be used safely and even with
some advantages over quinine. It does not produce the unpleafant
effects of quinine, namely--nausea, sickness, headaches, ringing In
the ears anti deafness. Occasionally a yellow discoloration of the
skin may occur towards the end of the course of treatment: this
discoloration is harmless and diappears shortly after the conclusion
otf treatment.

Children 1-1 years ........ Tablet (cnruhed)
Children 3--6 years ........ 1 Tablet daily
Children 6-10 years ........ 2 Tablets daily.
Children ever 10 years
and Adults ........... 2 Tableto daily.


Mepacrine is not to be taken for longer than seven (7) da>.
in one course. If considered necasary, a second course of treatment
may be repeated after an interval of 10 daye,
Mepacrie ahimid be taken after food or with plenty of fluid,
So pWSo may wrchase more than 20 tebets It n one week.
PRICK-2e. Per Tablet.

.. ..D. l omt et Meie le$ e.

Normandy Wounded Lament

Lack Of Penicillin Drug

AT A SOUTHERNM PORT, June 20 tReuter) American wounded
are arriving at mti port in a steady stream. TIroughout the 24
hous, "L.S.T." are shuttling back and fourth through 'Ohansel"
Street carrying much needed supplies to Normandy and bringing bk
I their cargo of war-torn men.

Some asie ly.iag on the deck ot
stretchers with blood-stained bartd-
l-rrkrtyMage stnoc i"l~tl beside them.
1Troops Cross ,"" '*" ^^^
The Army and Navy doctors. who
accompany these craft, are working
a11y sRddn'ght, Few of thWm hve"
A tlantic in oti" sii"'.i.av""tthi
A daf c In had* tiel," clothes off more than
once since ",D-Day." But teir c"
Lines for 'ce p'ril"'""
Luxury Liners This nig a "LScne In
Lu xu r L Al early. Snt had been lying eff shore
--*--for some hours in case o air raids,
LONDON, June M20 Reut"r) anid her men were bad.
Thousands of Americaa troops Navy doctor. Lieut. John Seenan
have crossed the Atlantic iIIn th of New York City, hit face grey
world's two largest and faste,iiL 11- irt fthatle, told me that he had
era the famous Cunard's Quein Iilct 'nocugi penicillin to go round.
Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Thi- 'I cannot speak for hospital ships
was made public for the first time o other cratt." he said. "but I
today by Mr. Oliver Lylteltoni, the iomiSt have nore supplies."
Minister of Productioni. who dis- PENIC(ILIN NEEDED
closed that these crack liners hase h.r. llt'eti sald that the cases
for a long time been put at tile he had were nearly all -mpound
disposal of tlhe American autiiuort- fractures.,, aid witlt the time they
ties for the tran.msport of truoj,., had lain I the dirty ground pent-
Mr. Lytteltol o 8110disclied that chllit was urgently needed "They
the total value of Lend-lease sup- ,l ave an election every three
plies sent to Britain by the United
States in 1043 was $4.8U0.0}0.000, hable-o: hue .sa' f have not been
The total amount of reverse Lend- aoic -, ,.5tie uf these boys even
lease Itivenl to the United Stales by one sholt Tell lthe people at home
Emitain to date was over $*.400,.- wwe tlst have more ani always
000,000 -- well over Ialf ol Bilican's r 11",' r
national debt before tie last war. (apltalin Povce Wood, of Texas,
Apart from tile va.'tu conlstuction a transI ,rtatit liaison officer, told
schemes for UTnited statess loic",s that all possible supplies of the
in Britain. over 100 air'drotnes, Precious (Inidrug were being rushed to
costing nearly 4480,000.C. huad berei tile beachhead,
provided for the Auerlcians. Bri- "We would like to use 1i' in all
tish scientists had handed over to 'a.-.;es." said Milsor Henry Lee. of
the Americans plans of rocket Roaltcak. Virginia., the chief of
weapouts of all types. surgical :service at the station hos-
Emerget e of the MutiiigK as pital. builtlt our supply is limited At
an outstanding fighter 'plate wasi first they issued us 25,000.000 units,
largely dut, to British initiative tid but w a e I %ow only ge ting .000,000
design. Mr. Lyttelton said; "Mtu- to 10000.000ooF a iy.'
nitlonssuppiedj to tlihe British arled I Foint olt.he .cu'rces I loarnmed
forces are up to 60 per ceint naniil- Ithi t 'le lack of penicillin may be
factured n Britain. no less than 25r c -'id 'iv drlbiribulon, buit the
per cent imported from ihIe i'nl- pcii ofi Ii doctors to the people of
ted States, 10 per ell fl ronC Ia't. .n'eta is. "ivc usa penicillin'
nada. and five from the Brltish .... .
Commonwealth and Elmplire Bi,.AU 31 IKET IN ROME
Lenid-lea:,e and rev, rse lernd- RoMT, Jlt' 17 i.AP) An-
lease have tneen key factors Il n iiini mnit b. Allied Milltir'
transformingt these islands inlo :mt (0ov,.ri111icnt oflicilS that for the
springboard for the it nv-ion r !I: pri,? mt 'ohm' 1n, uited namoillt o(
the contiinent. Withott thiien mu icij: f ticid ccitld b(e ibtmde available
would t have been impossible 1 ilta3' for uIam., caused black market
carried t Ithe real' botii tib .!.l' i l sl it t ll) agultlu. P ices fell
offensive b- the Piitish and Aimrr harI)c wl r' the Fifth Army en-
can Air Force or to have atte'pt-i tucd h .
ed the great. amphibious op'matnui t;e. 'I .. ^ ,..
now proceeding. sot "il MAN FINED $)10
S Trinidad (iGuardlan Correspondent.
Mr. D. Emnmanuel. a nc 'iniu r 11 ftT in i i. of .S' Mad.'letlne Village,
the Loco' Chiss Club, will lectlrtie ti \ciit uI.chvid inl A lisordely man-
his club member, on I'u(l i tV. 11'i cn April 19. was today con-
June 27. at tile S1 John's I L111ic vr ted b\i Mr F' ,I. Carnacho in the
Pe-mbroke Stre't, inat pin, F''ti'T ni C-u'c'(ral'.- r'tlrt ierre and fined
and wrell-wishers arc al.so invlteld 6 i $I I ii dias.

" m



Operative From February 14th, 1044
All 'Plane* return by same rout.
Office: 12, Abercrombv Street Port-of-Spain,
'Phones 686 and 7548
MONDAY: 635 a.m. Trlinidad--Oraenad-t. VIneas
10.45 a.m. Trlnidad-Grenada- lrarbede.
0.0e a.m.)
0.40 a.m.) Trinflad--arbsdes.
1.20 p.m.'
TUlISDAY: 6.00 a.m. Trlnldad-Barbsadr--AntlxU.
St. KItts-Atigun-t. K a"
WEDNXSDAY: 6.30 a.m. Trinidad-Gremad,-St. Vbn e*
Barbados-St. tUesa.
6M00 a.m.)
9.40 a.m.) TrInidad-Barbados.
1.20 p.m.
4.45 p.m. Trtnidad-Tobeae.
THIURBDAY: 6.06 am. Trnidad-G-4ta-St.- Vinaewt|
St. Lcla--AnUtUa-St. Kltts
4,0 s.m. Trlntdad- Barbadea.
10.10 p.m. Trinidad-Barbades.
FRIDAY: A.00 a.m.)
9.40 a.m.) Trinidad--arbaddl.
1.20 p.m.)
4.46 p.m. Trtnidad-Teba'.9
PATIIRDAY: 6.00 a.m. TrlildaA-Barbssdo--ABtiS U
St. Kltt.
.M00 a.m. rrtldad-TobAM*.
'0.45 a.m. Trinidad.-Gresads.
SU'NDAY: 6.00 a.m. Trinldad-Barbadoa---t. LuMl.
11.20 am. Trlnldad-Baibdw. j
3.00 p.m. I'rlnldad-TObaG.
4..0 p.m Trinldad-Tobj .. --




Arrangements have been made for animals (horses, mules and donkeys) to be
vaccinated at the undermentioned centres in the Island of Tobago, as follows:-




St. John

St. Andrews

6'-. Patrict

St. Daid

St., George

St. Mmurr's

St., ul

St. John

TIME ANT) DATE _______
C 'ontra . .... .. . .. .. .
Lamtr ~ sIt Inoculation ind InaIeeolatsu

King's Bak St. Paul) 10 a. n. Muto 26lh Jne, 1914 10 .m. Mumn. rd July. 1 41
V,,,,,,id Vll1e Is~m. ,11 I .rn, t
Stharldt Vill e 1 p.mi .. l 1 P.Itn. .
'tar borl')iii aam. Trit*,,. 27tha .m. Tcues. 4th0
(ii)\'r nnBt Farn 9 i 9 A.m ,
Iowlarnds u; ap 10 am. ., 10 am. .
Fric'ildslip E',tate 11 a ... 11 a, n m ,
Itill Accord 'tt, ateI I p I .1*. *
('r i'Buccoi ,>ind Mt. Irvin Roads 2 p1 m. ,. ,. 2 p. i. ,
(ii;fton lc F tale a m. Wed, 28th A a.mn. We'. 5th
1'ivimnoUl talilth Office it m. 9 a.m. *
Ids Cotcaiux 10 am. ) It a.i,. m ,
Mount (;rare 11 a.m.., ,, I 11 a m. ,
Moria I13,'oad Place 1 p.m. .. 1 p m. .
Mason Hall 2 P.m. 2 pm. ,
Bacolet Pistiure a.m. Thurs. 29th s 8 a.nI. Thurs. 6th
Hnpe E C. School a.m. ,, .. 9 m
Mt. St. George Fature 10 am. ,, 10 i m .
Studlev Park 11 mm. .. 11 a.m. ,
floldsborough Estate 1 p m. ,. ,. I pim. 0 .
Pembroke Fermentary 2 pm. .. .. 2 p.m.
Richmond Pasture X pm. ,. 5 pm M p
Kendal Estate 0 a.m. Pri. 30th ,, 9 a.m. FL Ts
Roxborough P.WD. 10 a.m. 10 a m. .
Rest. House 11 a.m. ,, ,, 11 a.. ,
benaezer F School I pI.m,. 1 p m L
l)elaford E C. ,, 2 p m. 2 P i. ,. "
Castarii 0 am. Mon. 10th July, 194 o10 a.m. Mon. 17th
r',trlatlcuvlhr 2 p.m. 2 p.m. a
Bl i1oi\' BSc Y C School 9 a m. Tlues 11th__ 9 In Tunes lath ....'

- Owners are rrqiie.uif-d t,c bI ptuJntt'll at their res. active centres, and lHead '1'cachers of Schools
in the districts are asked to inform parents through the children.,

Acting Director of Agrlcultwur,



Arrangements have been made for animals (horses, mules and donkeys) to 1*
vaccinated at the undermentioned centres in the County of St. George as follows:-






D'ABADrz .. ..
CADRA .. ..
A. PIAAoo. ebc.
"AM R"AA '.'.
DRZIL .. .


810 0, 04 W andm
7J00 a.m. 3r June. OS 0 Y.. e"
*JO a&m. am.
9. an 00 .m. 00<

*9A am.
10.0 am.
1li00 10on
13. amn. V
S0 am.
81I0 am.
1115a m.
1 AO n.
1LM &in

5 .9
.9 .9

ion.. I~d



I a.m. '
1l0j l n. A .

Un ilk mv i-

-.JL i .
a, IOL. .-

A: '

Own r mf repsit d to be punctu al at their r.ptewlve entre. and MWI TlW ofm f I t
&SUN age A" i s u wa 19 Um w lb lb bdo iwBe. .I I


_zil[tore Railway" IKSI)
Oornemr of Eastern Main Road
and Caura Road ..
Bavannah. near Osermefr's
Quarters i8 t. Clair
Oraonge Orove .. ..
GOovernment BSehool Orotunds .
Ow-deo n vannah ..
Junction o Mauslca-and Eastern
Main Rd. Lands of N Cleaver'
Savenah on Arcadila Rtate
WauhlwitOn Savannahl ..
LandA of 1 eamen atea
O| entuo, walflstafth
Xasern mi d oft ArUM S anwh
|OCtmabularv mMUoR ..
round opposite .0. OhoMol..
Las Mercedes tale ".. ,
Posi O1ce. Taitla ..


KeRer--. Steve*--

3 autHPB -- a rL'

9SUie er Ova pcl l
n x [iS u x 11 ..................... au -oeeeoe
UEL BBMu a4 Slr-No II-tI I ft. l. 5 It. a at e v*
IRON COTS-3 It. I If^h |I fIt9
TOWER BOLT-4 ins.. 7 w.. Int. i 9b ta I 1Mr
IPRNI HINKtNR-S-ngt ani Deboto
Perfection Steve Parts
Slner Sewing Maehints
AT -



. I


!Tak Of Tnid xercises Will Enable Youa
a k--f 1 --- To Reduce A Too-Large Bust
tm---N- n f Te posure MD - 11
S M. ZA who sant rsix mattl ti tWeV a ted Vttg. "It iLsaMs dmhaspst enl t age toB-ut thllS*
Fdi iet epnt tour mnbt1 -a-U ihn T ft ftt b
in, C. ngmd wo months withJanet, Mrs.O01m Stl ', large UMtb peep ostr e, ~A m I
waski, r... th 0:: Bute U.$S.O..ToHa ve
S no" Is the proud mother now of two childrl, k Irl a over-ud a ts d ult Uv reduce.
a Mr a s tender ha one boy If -oraIm t It larger than you .'
*e stainMiami. Mrs. 8s W mortano l.et r DUG e be fitted with a very goo- UP- G guest Speaker
her tludting Mrs. Bill Durtum, formerly Miss Madge Uif brusere. It i worth while to
er sin palestine do an, aI instructor buy a well-fitting brassiere as ItITSH newly-ogan`sd Amy a4
.b hifying.e asbeno threeo yearswih the RAverand t t ey definitely makes a large bustj Navy Disc ssion Oro r at t
tla ,e years with the n.3s.iadndlseen appear smaller, ani its aids In re- .
a ni a other plces serving god posture. U.S.O. will have a gumst pek to-
A **, If you are overweight, tt.en re- morrow, at 7 to m In their
A party took place recently It the bungalow of d for sm o
Mr. an Mrs. Andrew, of Cruse. to raise funds for the Srecial lose will drop off of your bustline.1 pro. me on disemulon of
iTta on Apeatl of the British-Red Cro0 Society. There were If you have the energy you can affairs.
loly cut flowers for sale, each bunch beautifully arranged In a do exercises for ten minutes each Do a Bail Matthews, O.S.B..
bamboo pot, and they were quickly sold to eager purchasers. day to firm the pectoral muscles MA., of Mount St. Benedict Mon-
proreIlve bridge was played by the majority of those present and such exercises will keep thej astery, well-known student of s-
and prizes were won by Mr. N. D. A. Egnion, of Point Fortin who busts frcm sagging. i ciology now engaged. in research
bhad the highest Core, and Mrs. Rowdy, of Forest serve, With the By all means improve your pos- pertaining to the Wet Indie, w|l
lowest score. ture. Women refuse to believe that speak cn the subject of "The West
Tle first slam bid and made aLso earned a prize, and this fell large busts develop when posture is Indies Viewed Racially."
to Mr. Olerun and Mr. Binion. while the travellllng prize for the poor. They do. Father Matthews Is the first of
Iat trick made by the two clubs was carried off by Mrs. Hicks, oft the speakers engaged for this pub-
Forest Reserve. HWT EEO
Mreaw iat Reserve. ld. wa TO OP liic affairs group meeting at the
Meanwhile a darts competition was in progress, and this was Undersized busts can be Increasel Wrightson Road US.O.
wn bv Mr. Jimmy Cunningham, of Forest Reserve, while the second greatly through exercise-swim-
prim went to Mr. Bcese.", also of Forest. ming is marvellous- and by wear-
I hear that everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the ing an uplift "bra" even if you do I T A
um of $120 was realized for the fund--a wonderful result for such not think you need one. H ow L o "
a small affair. Keep the delicate muscles sup-
Amongst those present were Mrs. J. Mathi.son and Mr. C. L. ported s) they will not stretch. I/ur Skirts I
Vandenburgh. both from Br'ghton, Mr. and Mrs Glerun, Mrs. Hunt. Coea butter, massaged on the ou r S
Mr. Rothery, Mis. Blurh and Mr. and Mrs. Wood from Poirnt bust every night, helps. too--it Is
Fortin: Mr. and Mis. Hariand from Palo Seco, Mr. and Mrs. Binion an ancient beauty renwdv which Skirts that have grown tight, ift
from Kern T.O. and Mrs. Trafford.Mrs, Akinson, Mrs. Goddaid and holds good through the ages. they cannot be let out at the
Mrs. J. Waddell f'-om Forest Rl:.,rve. Naturally there are s)me figures seams, can have a panel of con-
which are'meant to be flat chested. trasting colour set In over each hip
R UDOLF FIRKUSNY. dil,.ii.iiihl'd Czech planlist alho Vgae the last Such figures usually have broad cr down to centre front. Or, a whole
Recital of his tho ,(hrdu1,'d aopvarmi'es here last night at hips but. very flat butccks and new skirt section-front or back-
Pointe-a-Pierre Aill v (e a -oi(al studlrut.' (ticertr thii.s afternoo:i at nurmal-sized waLstlines. They can can be :nade repeating the darker
the Bishon's MHi Sh school a. 5 u'Cl. k 'he concert is opened W wear sports clothes to great advan- colour on collars and cuffs.
members of the MuW.v A.i:,,'ai'ion. tage and the more tailored but Short skirts *n be lengthened by
Mr, Firkuiinv vx nfidtod to eavee tomorroww for a series of six not chic dinner clothes- dropping from the hip and setting
recitals In Caracas -reer.itedr by "('ConI e'rt s Danilp .in a shallow yoke, or a wide band
ToF da 9 rA % e an be used fort contrast at the
MANY resident. in the S!t; ]%re pr.,u.dli y ioki to hear of y- 1 i Ihem, repeating the second colour at
the sudden death of Madeieine, thu litt%,. dauih'.fr of Mr. and neck or sleeves.
Mrs. H W. MfaNaughton-Jone- of P.,1tP-a-Pie'"o4q, Fridn', last J eko l~s
MrHe w as b uried i n Poin-JnPiere of Pit,;r,th-aePiile n Frid. la.dt. nDance at Trinidad Country Club. Bodices that show wear can be
p Dance at Pi-:s-;rauce Club. hidden under a trim bolero jacket.
people attended thg funeral. Bcdice rn can* ^f '>'ue beu. fl st i a changed by
'Humrrming a;:t n ; tih'l '; '\n,'! te Tomorrow setting in a whole new piece using
grandmother. Dom Ba-it Matthews to speak, time to salvage and make-do.
g a d m 'S 0. (Cit h', 7 p 1In.
MAR. ARTHUR MUIRRAY. .i, -,:;: ... a :. f.,.i.V,.<,;,.i lives 'l t ucc hy,* 1nd, 'SO

m n Barbaf ,i) .'-, is at p,.le-e : : 1L .s.'. : : ..-* ,-'.i-, a d is
staying at the L'n.on Cu.b.
* S
MISS SHEILA CL'RILEY '".eb' ,'i; ner 18n >. ':.;,s.v on fauirday
S by Ilivi:nig a lPv. of :ir l:;'' I o i c; i:.,'r -. ih Trinidad
Country Club. Ankn-., Ti'.- pre l 't 'lt WAre M. jLi.i: %MI: Fiankie
Pantln. Mi-ss Marie de Vei 11. Mi'- Ea i.,ue", M:. R', n:: .,iontr,
Mr. Henri de \'rteii. .i.t.i Mr d-' (.;,:.y. N. (;,. i,:i ;,t.'r i1-
Sa8ined on for the lis'-e,
A DELIGHTFUI, b'irthidiy p:;rt iy, ', n v ca j. a:. l Mrs. A:.ht rt
S de Oai:ni. at, their 'ho ie i : Pi;..ii .S re' -' ;, f.o',) for ilir"
daughter, Mis' AAnita( de<(GamitAs ,A ii'.utifill rale 'A,, wow M:,.'
de Oannes and Cj)p. r':tuce, wioni h. (ile p ',. cil of a ;:, lit-,r .-ie
had been bnlldloldedL
Dancing 'o imiWic by i piik-;.'i Wa:., c ::'i>' hours, and aniong those or"i-' I v.a -c Mi7 p' l' ;,t LiLs',. l!, n !'.il
MiM Joan Wvidwlantr,, Cp,.. (;It, Kin':hv. (';, -p':-,.rik CrIow.'- Mi
Barb& ra Smithl cp Br. .o', I;'. H. (' 8gt. Bil Ttmnner. Pvt Mirk, Mr.. V l'rr,'. \!: I II M' ;olIiraiv,
B 'Sgt. John. Pvt. LoI P, W' ui :.ili( :fin r,. il>. ; ,i', :.i'.. 3 r, ] L. cle
ie Gannr.,N M rs M. L if (.,t:':,i' [l'j {, 't (, oil p' ' t)jicr.
WX^H AT pro 1nic-, t) 1;),, ono of thelf1 1: ;)'i. n <'!','iiii}ii<-i;' .,;:."!'fd
to mpmh,'r:; of 'ie T'rriiiIJcl C"unitlv 'Club !Or a ii. a;!io .;,
the Red Cr;,-.. ]- ,,-:'.n l.'! i d,,, p te bei O hld o, F-]"- .a 1!'tIl
0 froni 7 p ,' i a!, ('t I, l loy;t i! D'hcs', ,> .i i,,l i) k
Moraliopn' f M *,;, \, '-r .' h- in ,'iit+'k! 5. .ill s4-v ril l SU'I)I 4e
variety tm n .' i is o; : .
PBITER FARLE v'pt 'lie :.,ui' r'Ins,<.n hy Mr :and Mrs, Archibiild
S Mu-Tay for their sMm when he was )apti-ucd at ChrLst Church,
Wftdea. on Sundav afternoon.
) Mr. Harry Murray and Dr. nd Mrs Clvde Burnett were his
WpVaprents After the chtrisweningK a ew people were invited to Mr.
and Mrs. MurlTra.v's linie f, rfr,hnI'entIs, anon thliermn being Mr.
and Mrs. W. F';. Boardnlaf. Li i Mr M .s Hairod Burnt. ,lnr,
., and Mrs. Inui;. R"'-, M-.r and Mi li' hinrv M'Wrrav Mr S
Rawl n. Dr. ind M "- r .: ''. ", i i t .- ;. !;,lirnt,'. amid
Miss Orae a:id 'I .T re : ,i:'"
]VTB. DAVE HUt ,<,I'..*:, ". L'- r,. sid* Mti.- Pt riv lI:it:. i
aI nn returned T ?""',i ,, ; in:'l. In' lo] ho in CAmda
S e waS at the I"), .1 ', A (c ,Y' *i.:,,,itO ir it'tic- \,i' .
"" .. .... ... -1 I i ,i i ..

W oMnr
-le NE-

1:)u p in.
Organ recit
broke Street,
p in.
Lecture oil
Mr. H. t
Y W C A 830
"Siu mth ini
pire 'lhie-tir,.
dav, Jun' 29.
Danrci' it I'
8 30 p.lll -S:
randto, faJi.t
im~n rl/ 'sat tItII

SRO |j C. -, TM j DUci(EGaaS. SAT
!A'___ 1'; AND _ONE \, iy^ ,,,

NKULiJ( YeS. MISS Sus".' 6094,WM^AT
,,,,ut~if&b.es ,,suet "1 i.,,Ca.,, "
I NSlFAMOUS VAS = rb'- .
Cc", lu w m =- MMT U P ,

ig Events Ue Make Up
al St. John's, Petn-
Friday. June 23, 8.15 Correctly
"I'ife of C'Tart-sr." by t is all right for young people
ii[dl-< Phillips a to use ccsrmetics If they use the
p.m Friai, Juni v.2 pale. not-too-obvious type. It Is the
to OD'I-lb.-r" f.- ia.slhion now to look natural, and
at ,' Ip.m.. \ .Wnds-- cosmetics should be used only to
iu.'.. :-.p A ,sociation, increae yvour natural beauty.
urr, .jq;v i. Fouge, powder and lipstick should
D:ii tHlai san Fer. never show, but should only be used
i;,y. .tu\ f'. it .siipplement your own colouring.

Radio Pr o g r a m m es
30.C K W iO WVDI

5''or us', Ili, Nets, Il I Nesw
I' .-l'.. i*+ \Vanii., tyne Pmau
I ... & ''l & M, lSri.e- Ki- Ki3 tr
6 f i S,'. .... N.-V .. .' iCarnival of Mut$o
A I Firr-...-t Mli, ii
I* I M., r B-'sel Harry James
W:,t M I' itrv li- N RIavmonil Scott
j .. ..t- W, Rek riprt Pol Poorri
30 A Command Performance yibber McGee & M I,
:46t London Letter News -
8 n It -..--, N.e' Boiston Synphonr
1, liie Ti n News .. ...
:i;30 X Tr ug. ..
9 o -, I N lt'irti e'r Newt
9 "' i .1' IIi-l-o Meet the Hoye
/ 1 ] L F W' !;. ; ' ,* :' Clt, e i:'e Dance Time
1 [ '' ''1 9' h'' 1nN'i "'.** .. Ight Owl Club
G, . .f M t K big .
1 -jr ( I I ..
.. o't iirllo

3UT ThE T '
51;GNATURE m /^._ I



STAR". -

San F'do


# wi..


'EU.)~~~~~~~ U& Z Z2IU 5-COLUM1IAI5~~~
= ^-w,,.wAMr I ^T 1 L A^ .^ f~
I ^ /^s1RENE DUNNE11^-am
I HE LEFT A CLARENCE BROWN Production E I SplMoyM iySff f by WAG MHN irMd by *odMd G
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BNTECHINDICO ORO MCDOWALL Frank MORGAN I Brazil-I (Can't Gh'e You Anything But Love-St e 1.4
i speel. DAME MAY WHITTY Extra-SWEDES IN AMERICA--Spoken by ngridB
SpecialExtraGLADYS COOPER . .I
--, GLODE-an Juan.-
. A New Fox Movietone Extra Extra i TONIGHT. .o0- n
SNews with further ac- Invasion Special Mystery of Mr. Wong, and Low of The Jungle
tual scenes of THE 20linutes of In asion Tomorrow-FALLEN SPARROW .
S I *lllt .l l "llScenes. It's More Than "uu
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IComin, Soon- w al,
I 'IHN'^- J- r Today, at 4.35 and 18.30 p.m.-Py Public Demand-
Today o.y- Tomnorroim- -- SPY SMASIIER!
G-I RLS.a aoirt "NO M-O-M'a SONG-FILLED PRICES: 20 40 60 M.
= ;Sa/ ; l EI COME THo S r_____t_"_____"___ __. .. .._-_.__ ___. _
:" I," m~om',. T1- {EH J1 :EFR, '1
v Low..
K 7 -v Ito IT#1 I

B^s iLJ n ALL n fril Tonight, at A.3t p..- :;
0E O 'lR IE ElR Today, at 445 and 8.45 p.m.- Thir art of" .
BALLPOWEL!iKing ofT he Tu"&-
i I O"'BREN M.iLAHlR -| Thie Comtlete Serial of i o T T-
,m, - Buy.L. f 2KR ngers, and "+
Vi .. = "IO a Barnyard FO| .s",
-aiRAGLAND.iiALLYSiN P erils of Nyoka Barnyard Fol ,
SVAUGHCN MONROF -= -- HMO-- ---0--___
ad hI ORCHESTRA G A I E T Y-(San Fdo.) K
I W. ^~k t1.. ... T i --= TODAY at 5 and 8.30 p.m.-,Double Programme)- ,'|
s| ISPIKE JONES cTutc51l,11, E Accent On Love, ond To The Shores of Tripoli
7 Plus M-G-Ms' Special STARTING THURSDAY-and Continung Inindefinitely-
Anniversarv Featurette:- THE GANGS ALL hERE, 5
20 Years Af ter
2 .-..ris At TilE GIRLS HE LEFT BEHIM ::
Invasion Special The KM o SwiN-BENNY GOODMAN ..
~~~The King of Swing--EN
Mmm li HiIIVAm lm lllH m ill l m ll llllHIllllll t rJ ^ iiiiiiiiiiiu I Iii ll~lt lllii lIIIIi lllIiIIin luIIiii iii IIIIIIIIIIuIMmI I MI
MOINARCI m PALACE-San Fernando :llIinlIIIilillllli111111111111 F U
TONIGHT at ,15. p.m. Sharp! t t F 1 RIALTO OLYMPI
A Super Double From tW. B. T" ' T#ODAY 4. 8.30 p.m. TODAY 4.45, 8.3 P..' *N|
1st. : imphrey Bogart- dney MELODY OR T
Greenstrect in I..and w Fred MacMurr:.y. Joan Crawfod Grant Wiher i
-- :.nd- ________ A J IDrfN "FORTY
2nd. priJwilla Lane-Richard- N"
Whorf in and- CCuEN 3
Tomorrow ',Babe Iin, m&Tar- ernd Gravet, Loui eeR ad -
zan Finds A Son. i "T
---- ---------"'THE AS Robert Prlk D iIl~
POINT FORTIN Empty-- T o a. D, u
TONIGHT at 8.30 pm. Just Been Renovate d andGREAT WALTZ"
Metre Goidwyn Mayer Proudly Painted I -P N
Robert Taylor-lana Turiner-Van 40 Af redn Street P INC SS LOND.
Harlin in 40 AlfdSUe TODAY44 .... $ I Pm
JOHNNY EAGER TI)-R---IM -TODAY 4.45, 8 11 p'i
Special Added Attraction..I ,A T0 e&
Tomorrow-Spc' Double-Callin The Keys Awai t You "SWING FEVER" U
Dr. Death & Spider Woman -=--- =with Kay KYSER & His Band. 41n OKiSN
------------------ *g Una HORNE N&W U^Ms^S
SHIPPING Lovely Building Site--d- ,a.3US
OAr.One Acre, Dlus One "Waterloo Bridge 1 -
-= with Robert TAYLOR. Vivie h dan b
HADwelling House opDosite 3 = 'EG Bud AJbb#0, LI
atome TieL. it ja. A rre.oB. moa n tai 'mile Dost. Petite Valley. (Neat 5 ,,A-EIG- _- H "Ik 'Era il H
of m Ialitry ot Wa Tr"iznort. wl Garden City Farm) Diego Mar- Saturday:- BATAAN Rid E
t .I.-,the UnitedKingdomLdth. -. tni Cal for ful ,r-ticulars S un.:- 6Ros oF LORRAINE
Waet ladie., BrItish GuiAnA. sad ---
S n^I.u. w --es Look Out For The West
nIaS01. lO. Pt. IU &OAiN 0 a CO. T21
eehg ?ll t1* .o 71-74South QuS' 15 Pelham St.. possession $2,800 Indian Premiere Of *
fs flliillllmi ii IIIiiII iiiiiIIIII 11 16 Lui, Street ..... $.. 6,000
New Cottage. Cascade a
THE BRITISH AND3 modern conveniences-Chea C *E
U Lovely Bungalow. Long 3 n Eic That Shook The
'ruAC A = Circular Road .... Bargain c An Epic "Tha o..o
ALLIED MERCHAN i16e & 46 Stanislaus Place Releasing In This VTCe^_
NAVY CLUB -aii-Best o offer' U.iiIIWi Uli nhlHhIuInIhiiIIUmB
NAVY CLUB 2 An& St.-Emvtvy "0 jllllU11111111111111111111111ti11!lIl 1
!O'Connor St.-vacant.
THE MERCHANT NAVY 5 20 Roberts Street.. ,
OF ALL THE UNITED Island House, MonosN E W -San Fer
NATIONS -Gasoaree ..T a 8 O | A at 8 mUER
ST, ANN'8 ROAD g s Alfredo Street ... BUPER DOUBLE: ^fl^ p
*2 Brand New Bungalows--Near E FREEDOM
_--Golf Course Maraal FOR FR DOM ,

Wednesday, June 21 THE GREAT -BARRIER_...|.
1.3 *.. Furl Lint at Office. T.dAlIlh ........... Hl0lflhII1111111i llIIIilUlU MIIlUm1jtI~l
G ia'd S n. li. a I_ ii hthl,;!, lilltll HlllmiI tllllflh1111Hl 1t~lN 11tlflht
Grandt Smoklmg ,.^a^^
Concert Lst yur property for sae with EM PIR E-S a-a r
at the CLUI HOUSE. iAI[S OIIMAN I TODAY Last Showing at a 8$.4I O ''B
sO "D"kjA l* "3 v\*T:-i *']'' L.- .......SE
Social Guests and Ar1mct t .m tODD n~n a 34 ---
Artiste' ....... .-. .o sm Toe ba.. ..ar) * I .] I.THT
f ^ "'"ArS .1^ ___ ________ [ CTatt fT-toNG IIHOP M P W -L S M AUBB^
________________________________1_____ .4' .- T~M~y~ ^ MQtR^^V 8H_-jiJSB Sa^^^^^^B^^BH


,UIN wmrr wIQMT-'s

' es

I ll I I1




) detin! ly decided
: ot be pointed tor the
icjt e on the opening
ay. June 20, but he may
he Xuntlet to all and
his favourite distance
ture of yeterdWy' work
Str (niground was con-
harp breed. In prepara-
tded lop td"ay.
IbCU, Dusty, Thumbs
Luck MiLnesweeper and
e, were each sent over
91 the Barbados horses
fcantering, but Indulged
pwe work.
V onel Gitiens' 3-year-old
d "G" Class filly Sun
W1 ras been thrown out. of
Hu. and will be a non-
for this meeting.
r'erercise form had been so
vel, that she was looked
0 a smart 'un in that com-

the past days quite a
of riders have arrived:
SYvonet from Barbados.
B Thirkell from B.C., Chap-
dla, Ramirez and Peraza
ler is expected today, Men-
||Mtim.e next week and cross
Just had word, that the
S of Southern-owned
e expected to move in
lay and Friday, trainers
t end have wisely decided
open w gallop down here is
y necessary, and should
we shall see their finds
Itlon about their last
Work outs, reveal similar
d jtions to that experl-
Swho breezed 2 furlongs
-Becs. beinir the only horse
less than 15 sec. per fur-
a waterlogged track.
Taffare six furlongs in 1.31
beagle and High Hat 5 in
'-5 and 1.19 3-5 respectively
half-mile in min., Chin-
sIoe time for half-mile
half-mile In 1.04. Happy
furlongs In 1.18 4-5. Sara-
tiuit,-mile in Imin., and M
hailf-mlie In 1.04 4-5.

Game In Local
SSeries Ends 1-1
third of a 5-game series
Oriental Basebell Ctlub and
iVenezuelan College played on
eoynded in a 1-1 tie after
Mlll affair.
xr5trai innings were lavred


ingthe total to 13 raI"
lith no decisioin.i

Princes Town

Win Teachers'

Cricket Cup
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
Princes Town District Teachers
who travelled to Toba o o i Fr da eI
defeated a representative teain of T
teachers of the i sland-wetrd o 0)
the following d9,y by just a l .....
run In the final game il to iwin t f V
coveted Inspect or Clarke cricket
Cup ntia thr illig gaile lot the
first time,
The Tobago teachers. skippeledl
by the popular Intervolunitl pianeri L
Ben Sealy, wilin le toss a.Bd
elected to bat n a sll oft L it t
The ToTtalo XI Wer all bol.lleI New drk rain tans saw their fi triple dead heaat Aue- L
out for 39 ruis, due to 1 t Il de- rieadhe tA-
st-ructive bowillni( o Il tlhul duc race track on June 1# when the featured o$10,00 artery n
Carlton B arnett'. t ht (lap!iird ci 'J \ la,,dihap ended with three o h(top to beottoen : Brownie
wickets for 31. 'Popsicori r bvl " Boscsu t (1) and Wait-A-Bit 3). This remarkable photo, a
Ben Sealy will 20 to Ils rilit. ra'ing ra rity was made ber photochart, official Coto-flnish
In reply, the 't'ii hi teali l camera. The purse was divided equashly among the three entries.
reached 25 rtuns fur nie ,', -Associated Pres a photo. )
run-getting b'4i. a oilrwi t tal k a
but Cyril Furde T'.ial te4 ,ax- "n ti sixadb A oreoe
pect oflthiaie 1 Su ,ht, a'a .I,, u Geo. Head wle y [ Dropped Twice.
and a four ill O+)i(-k >u[, ill I- ,
:and helped to carill 0W :, ~i [ e t | | t |]~~t'tgg
40, when tile ljtlI _tjt. 'Scores, Century In Jamaica

|, Dr.l F... ~RKI'cTON Jamaica-BY Ma il)- Te; great wealth of Lucas'
SSouth C hels bU t"tlg a' uQ hUiasched as a force against the Weimbey bowlers il their
Ira_ neu 1lilailpoat rtt Alior C'ip cricket watch eWhich opened at Nelson Oval

wTe m P c dI t. ttlewi eevV. rst the alone came back to his bat an
Trinidad Gua'rdian orrespondeni hualebters had sborler 333 rut t for mi ght have been caught.
Tr nia Nordsidenr a o d th'los r n to wickets when still olt at 17 was also given a 'life'

'IA FedND) Jun, 14isa olos Dr. -e dlrael sforto the day. Feature, Holt at 17o wasFtQ givna 'ly ife'0
FrSAN c F ERNAND Jte It I were' dr\.il for the day. Feature when he tried to hit Cook out oof
Frank Morton S uth's ct, ha I of the nca's play was a century tthe ground, but instead of damp-
pion, will lead the tJ.lit tii i.,I o lltJ1hI Ir.',grge Headley and J. K enin his game. this chance seemed
sent SoFlth a iainst Nu"ti on Satrls- sc re to ihr him towards brighter
urday, June 24, at thi' Stai o t r.to inspire him towards brighter
Church V ouse,. San Fern ntr fo Otptltiz ith We Fkes and Alex- (rick t. and shortly after lie lilt a
tDr.e M cShi nes 'il' '. ai irder at I50 Ltcii s had 73 oin tie six and became even more offensive
aThie u ll South s odi aas, fl l ; tI ) ws : uald Mhll Weekes was bowled by to bowlers as his innings progressed.
Dr. F. Murtonri capt. R. Young MclIt ali dt o e The batsman's contribs- aTh rate of scoring was not fast
A. It. McShin,' t oemi ni t.ames, t in wax 37 which was the result in the opmnlng stages, the first 50
Ivan Beddoe Winston M okund. A.' ol :1 tieot batting, went Up at 2.44, the first century
C. Brooks, E. P. Furlurhng,,.T. pI'. H 'iolev join' d Aln xnda'r. and at 3.27 and 150 at 4.33.
Ivan Smith and Arthiur Mi bttlatting n a carefree style, he hit Despite the big sce the fielding
with reserves iey V. B. K W;,i tne str:tizht back to Abrahanis at of Wemble was noticeably cl'an
Michael Ptudent. Geore tl 17, bit the bowler failed to hold on the ground, although the catches
Pwell and E P. Banwl. tie rt Axander lft at 324 that were offered wLc e not accepted.
The North side htch w las q,..ct t.m. wen this contribution was Headlcv batted from 3.05 for his
ed last week is as follows Dr. A t three short of the half centtlry 137 and 'Holt from 3.26 for his 107
G. Francis, F. W\. dt Vert'b,1i.Early in the innings Ile' suirprised both being not out.
George Stanford, J. R. iashi,. ID. evryone by nittinu a six. Frank McIntosh was responsible
CampbellA-i.liaans, 13. J. ls.deli, G. Holt joined Hpa dley. and the for both th? wickets that fell.
Cobham, Felix Thtinrasaua N. Carts- score at'the tea interval was 129 for
bad, C. Kernkraut, Avnlub Sahba, '2 wickets, Headley 32, Holt 10. OBITUARi
V. Lewis and (l. Farrira. Shortly after thi resumption The dealh of Mrs. Louisa Adele Jdseph:
The match starts. at 7 p.t. wit ividleh in h.thin a go, hit one high ir,., reltirt of thea late Dr .
each side playir, I I boards, and up to 0. G. Miller fielding at deep Et ar Joei.ih, M.RC.S.. Eng., L.RC. I
alnucnoured at the family residence at
at C11 pl. alt tnftnishtd ga nes a, l ntid--oni btt even so capable a i Oxford Street. on the 12th instant. ahe
be adjuidleated, Ifield 't' fnil:d to accept. The bats- was married in the year 1890 to the late
.it is interesting to note that :in was tenll in the early forties. 1,r.. .. a d# Joseph. whovwas then
when this North-South mtaltchl wl ar:di he continud to punish the D.M.O. ofn -ran Couva. She died at the
age o 79 and was a noble lady of atert-
played last year for the first timn bowvling without giving aniy mort ing, 1a=tes and a rare example of
Fat the Royal Victo'ra tItit motherhood. She was the daughter of the
Port-of-Spain. hith.t rttt tnitld ill a Trinidael Electricity late Albert Lack, a retired Mercha...
draw, each side scot i-nv a VC, r V Ilan er-Proprietor. who Wasl ,Aeli known
daeach ontested e e e r: Board .ad respected throtgtiout the Colony She
Evenly contestedeni-agenttlBta rdUAs pre-deceased by her brother, ttte late
Speculation is rift' this yvtitr as Ciattatm E. W. Lack a few yearseago end
to whether- NuIrthO r south vItl tI' dthe only surrviving member of her family
tthe first to in cih, theii nanw, ow is her sister Mrs. Emma iBlache-Fraeer.
the Dr. toicr hln ttoh Ot hir death is very rnch regretted, not
the Dr. -cshine'1Tropthy. itt by her relatives. but by a large cir.
NO TICE dce of freuds In ever walk of life due to

I two runs, one for each aide
scored in the very first in- W anderers Play
I pitchers Garcia and FrancoC hine Aptdlications are Invited for the
I College and Oriental res- Chinese Oday anpimintmeit itf til Assistant Elec-
ly, displayed fine perform- tricIl Ericircr in the service of
on the mound, Wanderers "A", 1944 champions. tit Board o, a salary scale of
f fourth game between these who eliminated the Chinese "A" B40o-l 2 -28 ,0 per annuie.
tams will he played on Sun- team in the olpining of the knock-
Junie 25, at 2,30 p.m. out fixtures, will clash with the Aplicaints rtIust possess a Uno-
________ ~"B' outfit this aftt(ilnoo on thel ver.itv Degree in Engineering or
St. James Barracks ground. I Associate Mmntbershilp of the Insti-
Chinese will loly t '. Nlovro; A.1 tiltion of I:hetrical Engineers and
a In Bonanza Thomas. J. Thomuas; S. I.'e Foolk.mt, have had practical experi-
tiI B n zG. Jenvey, F. 1Iteatey; J, lltordti,rd,' thtt t ha\e ahd rglactions ofpri
*lFG. 1 Assing, J. F, 'l'liJs, K..l H ndfod re ef the installation of large
hong, A Hochion g.lls power twWnts and a full knowledge
11mi- 111al hong, S, Ifuchong _of the P, ulesmd Regulations of
'lrtue or victory over TE.B. i 11-h Institu'ion of Electrical En-
Bata C.C., led by Nat Shamrock F.C. To 1 Iold fi' e's of Great Britain and of
eo qualified to play in the Meetingf m rrw the' Fire Underwiters of the United
fta round of the Bonanza ting T orrow States.
N Class cricket tourney.
S batted first and fell for 64 Shamrock FC. hold their annual Applicatlonts must reach the un-
4 urerny sccring a solid 26. meeting on Thursday, June 22, at. detsineri not later than l.0 noon
Ilgeo took-4 for 12 and W. 6 p.m. at their clubrooms. to elect on tlhe 3rd July, 1944.
kingh 5 for 9. 1944 officers. All menimbcris are
In their turn ran up 70 kindly asked to attend. 1y Order of the Board,
ir five wickets. S. Narayan- --- W. J. WILLIAMS,
OPscoring with 28. Sampat 16 HEM BOYS MEE T.ONIGHT General Manager.
eCrend 11 were other good Hem Boys S)orts Club %ill hold Manager.
iors. meeting tonight. 20th o-c 1944,

Tonca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

j Win. II. Kennedy & Co., Ltd.


Cmw*g Aulispksfar
FaWHs NyWtm

Bwl b l way to Mn the comple t
j tiwa eat very womnu dmm i
TO NeFrhaine Hyiae-without ruag we
0 9 61g k tof causti, poiomam anteptia. /
T7Iwr ty SpehttMs t tegs ypes 1 r t
ki awnn (y jy~ i- ^^r

04lbic add and phe Wsou-
t d eme
COW amul. r how. o-40,boo
ct ess at a OW0 00o

be dE f s
tee-S'.. s ^si p f

Mt M a ftsa,.
nayF- Always he* a taW.
Coac for MN Ibp
billmolk",1* *1

- jagg

her friendly, cheefuf and charitable die-
Attione those to mourn their los are
Aldi-r. Albert. Sidney sons: Enid and
ThBitrIce idatIghtersa; Mrs Emma Bl1rche-
Fraser. sister, May, Louisa and Fr ncee
Bic-he Frtaer. anid Mrs. E. Mirrell,
I oiis,,B. 1i'tifs Blaehe-Prsser nephew)
Marjirie Joseph (grtardi-ridatighteri.
The Barerp. -- Aidric Joseph. Albert
Ji~iap. sI"laiy Joseph, Loulaa Blac he-
trii-er Ernesto Malhlaon and Wilfred
TThere as i large number of folhw-
era r'rarentathe uf all classes of the
The fineral *et lee which was fully
rhr. i U o;i heldl at lthe Cathedral of the
fitlv TrnitnHy b' the Very Re%. J,
Holt, Dean. assisted by thle Rev. C. J
Fox The last rites at the graveltde In
the family allotment at Lapeyroiuse Cemne-
ter, were performed by tile Very Rev. E
J. Holt. Dean
Frtiil tributes were received from Her
dte otti chtil(Iren Kmina, May. Frances
a il Tiny Marlorle. Owen, outis and
children; The Inseparables Club; Emnran;
tir. til Mr. C. H, <1lirge; Dr and Mrs.
J. H. Carter and family; Tte United
Or0oters, L.,lt: Sam's Garage: Mr. and Mrs.
R, E. Johnsnam Mr. and Mrs. r;. A, Or-
sini: The Staff. City Engineer's Depart-
merit Janda and tur% evye ept ; The
Operators of Plarco Telephone Exchange:
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Walkte. Government
Farm Staff; Manager and Staff Trinidad
Cu-operative Bank; 'lTe Employees. St
Aulgusline Nursery and Xxperimeiital ta-

On instructions from
OFFICER. Trinidad
136.6ft. long x 22.4ft. beas X
14.71ft. depth.
(Formerly ideepd lea team
Gross tonnage about, 281 tons.
Net tonnage 193 tons.
Steel hull.
Scotch tyoe Boiler. 1801bs.
Main Engines, triple expansion
62 N.H.P.
Holds. at present divided LP
for carr.yin fish. capacity
about 150 tons
Bunkers. Cauacltv about 126
tons coal.
This vessel was built and
engined in the USA. in 1916
and was reconditioned In 1942
and has since been used In the
Gulf of Parim as a mine-
aweeper -
Permission to I-rsect same
mav be obtained from Oo. 1P.
Humins & Co.. Ltd. to whom
offers to urcae are to be

Many people suffer in alienee
untold agonies, constant brain-
wearying Irritation and pain caused
by piles, simply because they have
never discussed the trouble with
even such a confidant a their
chemiat.L If you are a sufferer.
make up your mind to ask your
cbemlst about the wonderful pie-
paration Man Zan. This clean.
aimple-to-ume remedy Is just mar-
vellous in the quick way it *tops
the maddening irritation, allays
Inflammation and, persevered with.
banishes the nmoat serious (orm of
this agontsing trouble.
Man Zan Pile Remedy is so
ordinary ointment, but a special
prePafatiton solely for those with
pile trouble. It to prepared t a
special nosle applicator tube. uak-
tg It simple aAd el-a to use. old
by cbhemisnlt* everywheret.


Couva Sports

To Be Held

On Sunday
Cycle and athletic spcrts first
scheduled to be nI'ld at the Couva
Recreation ground on Corpus
Christi and then on Sunday, alnd
was twice washed out byv rating, will
be held on Sunday. June 25. Mr
=Georle Dixon, secretary, told a
Tinldad Guardian" representative?
Keith Cousins, Jamaican cyclist.
was to have ridden at the sports on
Sunday, but was disappointed as
were the many Southern and citY
athlete turned inu for tle 21-item

s Makes Fine Progress After Mishap

The sports will be held under the BELOW THE BEIT
patronage of Mr. H. Allan Walker,
resident, director. Caroni Ltd., and Help Tear Fwrtts "28" Fr Tke Knd Of
tre Hon'ble Sarran Teelucksingh. Rlefi "That Helps M-ake Ye a lris' To Ge
Mr. Walker has offered a bicycle M o
prize for the five-mile open, and ?tre thanhal'o(SoIir it]vitm!is done 'lo
F er- Itort I iii s tar2 l t iii lai al, I s. t vit ii r
the Island's leading cyclists. Fer- indin r tc itittki. iv s trttuiig ithat helti
nandez. Barlow'. Terry. O'Conitor,. dig tion In hie sonuah ANM) I'low i t Iwit
Williams and others will make ar lWhat %, iii n.iy t ci'biq C,.In,.V It!e i.iet
attempt to win it. Pils iit gv-e mr'IdeA hitrlp tot ihati goitten
There will be four "A" class evle "t';'.'aut '01 ,,,...
races, while for runners there will 'tikeonet ,l'It'sItlisi ill wluteand
lftl fi t iik-. l',Iket i IIr! l.i-t t ',i II ali -titon,
be 100 yards to one-mile events. *I'I.-t'1' i ,0i a4 1 nVii i aLiil, 'r ito iiO tIe :t malin
= <|igetis(l t" iii eomtt III V tI om a th iAt,) h<*i el'
10'lt i yt ,li d ,tlV. % lit i, oul .t e eaLen in NdAtue't
'Sports On July 2 f,te.te.ii... '., im
P~ri JU\Then'nh0)I' f-l> fi!t Ihr kinld ol r n-itt y .l i In Ii t It- t sit ,( suai \ w td to \,,it
4' Dns.~, t 1e,1 bird wti N oit,'u rg I I heK-line g L' iTrt "*,a a t
At Skinner Park ..... i ,,,, ........ .,,,i,,
Ai ,zivnner r hi Little Lasets'iiis riti s~i xiaa'o'o-ni t'ric'tutu
Under the patronage of tlhe ___________---
Hon'ble Timothy Rioodal. MIvor of
'San Fernando, a cycle and athletic1tin/1t 1F
sports meeting will be held at 1 I l- I I S.
Skinner Park on Sunda., Juls 2. |i
This cycle and athletic card %va.+ P R OPER TI E
washed out Dy rain onl Cu pusr
Christi. F R A
With MA'. V. Moore, and (torge |\
Terry, on.- of Trinidad's leading
cyclists as the promoters. 21 items F O S A L E
have been listed on the prograutnm..
Including an eight-mile 'alkmng Possession Immediately
rac- from Isaac's coitnr, CoUV a, lto
Skinner Park,
A beautiful cabinet Ihas bt'en iof- No. 3. SCOTT BUSHE
fered for thie nine-inile utI'iI ayclr STREET,
clash. S E,
There will also be thrte other "A"
class cycle races, which it 1,s hiop' I---- -
should attract the top-noich
The usual flat e'.enws till he No. 3. HYDERABAD
staged, ranging from 100U yaIds tv; STREET,
Three fnles.-
-three nies. St. James
Pemberton League
Committee Meet 'Today-
The Penmberton cricket leaguiei
will hold an jtiportant i iiting ofli No. 44 OBSERVATORY ST.
its com-iittee at the residence of,
the assistant secretary, Mr. 'vii
Guerra, 58 Oxford Street, at 51 p.m.r
today when arrangement, fur tilt'
forthcoming tour of GiUnada I"
the Pemberton league irprest'ntia-
tive teams will be made No. 10 PETRA ST.
Another inclusion has bien made' that]
In the team which is expet'ted to $7,000.00 Woodbrook
leave Trinidad on July t25,
Carlton Blood, Siaoll l ot lwltr u_,r,
has been selected. Other players
previously chosen are aalked to at-
tend.Mr.o.ret et1'. 1e.[,nt~lJ
Mrn. on t,0. pi,,di. No. 5. BATrH STREET,
of the Klague. will peisid,. East end of Park Street

OII t.- I \ ..... :. 4. 1v 'PlIt .

Fia yueeun i3reed
Friday. June 23rd I

After 4 p.m. Rint 66.

Instructed by Col. de Boli.icr, A Q uerino0
Messrs. Arnloogani iarid Fi oit nt
will sell by Auction a quantity of
very good Furniture, as ftllox;
6 Rattan Arm Chairs iind 3 _
Round Tables to match, Exiwnislotti rn. j
Circular Dining Table and 6 Chairs
Centre and other Tbles; Coi'ved ___
Wood Panel; China cabinet; 6 Ex- ._
cellent Carpets, good colours Side- -- ....
bcartil; Morris Chiair's with splriing- ---=-
filled cushion.s; Writing Table: -
Brass Ornaments; Books, Double
Bedstead with Simmnons Spring and
Hair Mattress; Cyp Press, 2 CY'p -i
Cupboards, .
20 Barbados rush seat dihans Ma-
hogany I-AU Table, Wood Bed.trad. ./
Spring and 'Innar Spring Mattress, I*
2 Presses, New Wood Bed. Spring ^-tI ,
and Mattress, prame! Mirror. 2 O
Dressing Tables with long Mirrors, I e ."
Dining Table and & Chairs. 2 Print-
us Stoves; 2 Tennis Racquets and
Frames, Crapeau Press. Cooking f
Utensils, Sofa, 2 Canvas Folding I
Chairs, Lamp Shldek, Electrle Iron, t
Inlaid Indian Table, Settee and 2
Easy-Chairs, Spring Seats, Baby's i'S I P le a
ile at 1.13 pm. on Friday, p e r
June 23rd.
Goods on view atn' day same
week. Our usual conditions of

Dearles, Limited



138 Henry Street,

Thursday, 22nd June,

Instrr-ted by Mrs. A. Pag;;tinl
We will sell such nice d us'tul
items a:--
Double Bed with Wlumber King
Spring and Spring Milled Matreases;
Bedside Table, '-der .'.rrored
Ladies Dresr with Cane Seat Stool,
Hanging Pre. and Ohild'. Press all
In PolURW, aeahogany; Single Iron
Bed and Mattress; Bab 's Iron Crib
with Spring Pilled Mattress; Baby's
Enuamel Bath and Stand; Child's
Go-Cart, Child's Rocker and High
Chair; Chlid's Toys; Towel "tall;
Cyp Oval Dining Table and 6 Ciatr=;
Cyp Side B. d; Cyp China Cabi-
net; Cyp Tea Trolley; Crap Morri%
Chairs and ,tocker with Cushions;
Crap Morris Table, Wicker Arm.
chairs aMd Table, Mirrored Ba th-
room Cabinet Piece Linoleum,
Strip Carpet and Fibre Door Mat;
Electric Reading Lamp; Two China
Tea Sets: Chrome Cocktail Shaker;
E.. Ware, China and Glassware.
Two Alarm Clodks Picturs, Bekft
and Mapitom s, uxner Ol Swoee,
Mining Machinft,. 1 w ad trM m
Pots and Pan.. P f*'sw Brools
and Brn .imrm pot ind Btraw-
ware, Ose. mo aend Tos wt.
Itsme *avimw day pior to end
morning of s* and Totm"-
Boyd & HutcbInon,

C-fil~am1 umca *. Ad
b the mouth s04

IRNALLY a Te peas our Ima_
Oernlawom Asdmewspath' clears the
AwM3? efdds* daef
Pt lse ..HEaaaluIest Adm

to rwiwWth yewt

LIVER M'34l1,

mN, K AB I


I'ilt l I:, ,115., 5. .

uyir U fs be iwMi^^^

.900m.loon /lll U
10 Polnte-a-Plem imwA U.S1
rernmauma s -sw

Nesnus, Reshess

Ima.as toalel cUewabilM
Plak nOta's tm ies
tikt. is Lyd1 L. PiJm I*
Veetable Cmpe lab e
'ee, ma d -.




and pre-
Store at

C'o;tuiii'r if l'r, i li(k & Queen Stiretls.

.. ... .5"_ ... + m m -

Another NSsa.shifNigi, 11: at Saurtday
'lhfn,, 2 I th-

iChin^v l ines Aimnr

Fliischmann's Yeast is one of the richest
natura.tl sources of the Vitamin B-Complcx.
Take twice daily, half hour Ielore meals i
plain, or mashed in fruit juice, n-.ilk or water.

" YO5I Res y >Rsy e-Stay
away frnm yetiowish shades.
Choose of PondMl's new-type
shade* wilh a rosy tone to blnd
withb your akin .. make i t look

I Y 'sre Mu-a -A richly
golden shade for you. Pick com of tli.
flatteragOreamfiower powders. Your
skin wiN look softer aind fresher ..
but the powder itself won't show a bit.

o Sprinter To Start I Rare Triple Dead.Heat

loa g aceIOn2nd Day1 u a

S9- tb1.. *mB i ,by w, ner Hyperio, and champion !1 i
Sprintam In #wae pit, after his exercise mishap his ha s i l
W Jactori PoreP that there ih every possibility that "1 I i l uH
on the second day of the T.T.C. summer races, Saturday, q h i i

mlay obtain th,.iir supplies
scriptions from our' Branch
the corner of Park and St.
Streets, opposite the Globe

W. C. ROSS & CO., LTD.
'lHtE PRIMIF(l't ('llfc STS

Powders and face cream
will help you to look --
lovely, but the secret of a
really beautiful skidn is to \
be clean inside. Until \ -V-
you realize this you ame
wasting half the money
you spend on beautiyng
yourself. So let Andrews -
give you deep-down tmic
Inner CAnlm That
b the first step toa lovely ;
clear skin. A glass taken
tegularly-whenever you
feel you need it--dmssess
ools, refreshes and in- P4
vigorte. This i*s how
glving work:

_______________' ___ ''_ g W ALAf


F^ORC ^ S i
4A *pecil fonunl-a secret (o f\
( mula-cl]a, whiten, brihtwe" /
make teeth gleam anJ shin\
Tryatuht. Good fot thegum tool


SFor the purpose of removal to our new
S premises and for Stocktaking
| we will be


SFrom 1st July till 15th J'ly inclusive

While we are closed our customers



I -4L


tmy m-f
kc 46 whop, d asd

d bor mtleubr sorM
Adll 0 In M d

08TO1N LU, I
S8t. Vincent GVIK
MTO "' m.


--- -- -C


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. - _ ,: -1 ft ,.L Fmma,.+n .-- t an nhgojff
".Ir"1111i W Awk I to XA 02 SOL4 t- amI Conant. $. 5
a m m mm m i i m 11ii. . . ... i r No _.,I" 2 -_om t- .hs, ,otk* .-.. n, July 1. Aply:,ARL ,. MATT & 001111PR w ,a-,t I -,::- -,.. ,-.s_
IIL LI. IF 41;4. Va*$" PY ispmmmbo- am""-0 3111, m sm e Qm- ,
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---- 0" ( _Ii'ncy VM-O n-e C0W M. hhouldb **t. Apply It f l. . .. . ... ViwtrfTINDIANAOEw~w GY---NE~iffX^ At,*^ I*~i t -ok t -- W-1"lhroo,1 cuaet*; i__*.. *'
I1I 1 -'-----.-t * OIRJWL O NAILA, 4CALLOUKIH-I J Avenue lownltaln) oth,--June M-. +.K.AI li-rfoJm ,A ......o. iMOtLen-..IRNtT ,_OKWKN tIh -M *irtsl tied cl~eonduclt h;gs-i-
-1 -iflt4yi t et. IooT TROUBLE*. |a- lIClilt- iHARTrMAN WARDIBOB TRU~.NK.( W. KEAL- ESTATE fU SAL CrtIt4 lMr~t -- -Pnhen it41 ftIN A. NI o[ St. Cr pn' ukre. ---
,- |My OtO I P+I TIUTIC BODi UMl PACI M A IM *t Apply i Keiih Aveniw .arat'to ---------------- . ....... ,----

fLl |k k aMA ..I.f^M n- .i < rni NEW PRA*' AND .O-CAIIT t0!.1- App,) *o premUal.--J uly '| Maraval ApKelMlon> _........... $(.00 P OM o( n efoul of the late Henry Pltzroy r
w, ----.-.-. '- -- '" ^ Y< t l'^ BuBEM TR R O.T op. c.l, St 't s., ? <4E !<; Ae f h -~ IN MBOm M Wl'
It ,,, .. .j =. .. *,", --f!* IWK~,- .,A-A06.,.-, _O w llg t m"hb" dty a .P E~le'rtc Comipres+ lS.'""1-.,, ;bto,'" Ap, ): Irene Kd ,roa, **""<. uete1 Valley, rt~nl 1 oltbhly 3.100 IN' .LOINO.. MEMOR.T our dear lI ^
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Ii3'll iH Wo S5 "iaVSW : COIWBI 1? -OIOWD _i v to 'phone t&.--Jue w4 HOLUSE .1 Vtmtalxl;e, gn Fernando I. O Ul O I L MAN ._TM O~MA * Iia_ Ju(. JU . IM13,. (i I
.A W " .1 CALOOaM. Ac1A DM.,-I "EXKBKSE BOOKS, whoilnal, 4T Park Apply. Wlddup, JOUCT. San ytrnsnd.; 1 Cln*rlotte tr -- *Pxx t*,,. Wo woo love you .ndly nls)il.* |S.>u
I -' ORDIRUa (ColarUcl). DIlly 1--*._Ott e*. Istr,et June 3< IJieu 22 Am It Is todl~y year. _. _.I(
M- U Al'l 11 De*UI U- 5 FMIKDIHCK BTE P(iaT

ti y II I-.---o-t-- sESTtURbNT AND FO D Ildn+ les ty ...o --^^ .... .. "0. "-- ne o? som (^ .y ........ nemy ..'. u...
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)ItUATION$ VACANT In"eat. tl ........ I.um.he-oB n~i Dinnel, ('VICT ROLA GRAMOPHONE 100 Records I. + u. 1 WARRK+N STREBT, Woom- tFarm .. .......... .. Very Cheap JACOIII.-,-n lay,.+. .l". ;)e t" n,;'" Oph
'. > 1 BT B I n T~ xu Shil K n>- u 'p S H claim rr an gem ent ,n "shine r A ply 2 + M uc nr apo Road. [b t( u >ica Sen na lo t al*en > l~>> B u dinln Pro perty Fr~d ert~ck S r i em ory o( our dear t am er n '" l (( "
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e/B "'-Tnn ,;+dGuardo.&, -J+un;.22'',';'- l l._,,___ __n MA tIE FO R SAply Je mt. I ;.,Jr;;.. fo $"'.0~,' ^ .,. *d. Cotg' es at Mc -N O ffice. 8-TM re n.etixe w. k.p _n m _or l'A
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*Mr 2 Al ho a n wrJ.,2 MOTO,# t FOPand --ALE 2'[,*^ ar])D NE WANTf:n r.-nm :-1 m 'ali. <;AKOI^;-NB, M TOR, 2: | P A[|l'y; 5tr," ;' "True' Detcttt ev *Screen,+mleS. I'1 J+.u Fresihl l. nil. Lm' llt p c-{ A C I (od Boanne le"! with the. hl..it
*^ S ~ l r' Mds.a 81+d'e 40 .or teho -,.,..ei Wo<,i,,,,,,. -Ju.,.,+ 0 ,^ ,7;. +or Free [+IL B. Abwal. POlt s""n. ^. ,0 Feh d Proper'' t yr l+.';ster1' (1) 5e"u,"1'u Bu 'nga low 10M+i' c^ ., ^ t..ll Sree,[ r-gl .. I and: ...I
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+ .... +A+ '. $ AZI^^.;;^. +UB^^ S IT].'q haetu ,et+^ *^.R..um u ...... ,o.... m ^...... t-----------
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COO NURI S+'.,. NUR+EMAi wnl.It n.,n, *,^^;l^\,, ^ -,]deler* T.P.D IMARINE EOUIPMENT FOR SALE J py^ 'ne nr 'pod., m,.-, il '.m+ .^" *.' .3.0" ------ --.---- --- +moal*
must know the r )0ft. .to work, Mre. J-itk Baker. K{uiJi h~I].l, ]',"6 I| [' 01,^,.^ At'. 'I.N In ex- 'ileql ''l ,pa lrst class c.,mihion, 1'rane, ,iI ^ er rftueed. 'IfhoUnl ;r15. *a Abeieroa-m l11, ',a,1^11 oincalu'A "1 N n h" OVFI-CI CLERK inia el w lh ++ow- _

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li -' "ELI""r r.:. . .MA : 'l ii ~ Fl",'l.-tik-ATt-lI 4 IUdr De I.mle 1' { hlld Ccntrl Board Rac r u lg ned >) ."'* t"" *""' -" A MTtIIT rrIff i'M I'1IT / WANTD --EXPKRlENCKO +OOK. A;,- [lleo Si(
tt .erep tn. Apr. l, tBln Slretif '*l i, ,, ,, ,,r ~ [, [. l..nx. <'n.'ro.e" I "urr A tdae 21. 11,',,1,1' +.tirr,,.' I'.,-1.111 >',lrle ~ l..-lAi~i,,| Truildad Ledtcleh~lt l-orelt K~ee -; ui w |tgs j t00. Dili t218-421. Burnett. ..-- --- ------ | a tn. nd 12 norn. -. JIITW 2,; IC vn.S, ,
l+l& PO'K"K^%^*W.:r4 ]' . ... ,ARS Im'EIT. ofov rseert=rNe'et WANTED TO RENT -11( eeC
JUN10H >'l.KRK. as'' kn. .-.. l. .. f -. ....... ..... .,.o .. . . i; c; -_-+a "f'd t ;,.bl cuitriicl lv Gie o1rg0RKWAKD lor'an U lr H i e I ,1e 111
-Urlln ifin; rxentl 'i Al,:.l '. H.> 1: 1.r. ^ ; -. ., .. .1, i.i.. '"l "+<, ,ii-ru -" '*i r. "'+ l ,.,^,t' S!rect POS. S ,-.LO.N OF ALL THAT LOVE1.IY ;'' NASItBAN BANDADEEN, /In giood lUc.lit>. AfltlU 'Phune l3to fn ov~r
Gumrdldi, "* in r-+un t,.,r,.I,'i.'.;"- ;- .N,-; : \, ,. +l 'rn'. di ., t.. fi ,. 18 ^'PP' -''- "" h .me ^ r 61& luy lr T ,u-.-i^ 20 For 1
W l.lr ot a i rd .,!.".. .( ~ r-. l ,, t",, '', ,i,, ,U,', m*"'" Iv thlA MA~T) N". W L' l t Bara'arl, $S 000 00; No. .j w'ineSt nau Fern ando,/ ..... r
rt e ...Va ,C .,. .. PRN RS ,WB R kr,-. ( Fh-

OFFICE LAt Fx+rl|. n~ne iirr.lT'" .. ..' ,, ,. ,., |.n ,.,r ri l'+ r etl (t 4 ..r-,k lu.,w iis \ ,.' ,, ,h i, .,, .,.,..'j ll v I 12.t. .. ( Vr in .Lu ou I B+e .. ... ,, n .. ; r p...e ( r m te u;~ ~vn b ; ^ K H i ; r _
U+ Fwrll rh Street Jiiine21 (.+ ,,. l.,-irs r ^un 1. ri,+\JePr*' (:. t ++. \+ roH I | ROSAL1.NO ti-TREt;T-l-aselaoldl.ar+ 1 ; ^ s.> x'. aid that 1 do nut owdI dlen."*--June 2;3 '--s- -
HA LF.['AY OtNINKRA[. tI-KKVAM- "*. t ""r lllt-, *,";*'. : *j,"- J,(--- ir.tJ,..;O' '();,|usile S"t-Berl square. Jfferl In wrntig(nB ~ r^ re-pnstile for iiny debt or debts[ FUR-L'- SHIE) HOUSE. for rcn. tllre ] ....
lmr El.eI Reaol, M..,.l\ J~i 2. I I",- rI" M H 1. .I .1t n; [ *i ,,ca- (ic~ .ll .L, ) 1 rn. e in 1 "i .", u u e .u Wr l. -0 Uual- -, ,Cet h r i. ia n ~ l t ro n n CH'ni nil -1 A r',
GOOD C OOKr WB I 1 .. ,:, .,1, ju li.,..^ I. ..... A M+ i,, ,1 '^l,. -J."r 'T "t Cor a nr.tnrkl.l~in d'"it. --.lune 22. ^,ti.lanld prut~l o .-.>lo lme 2} + +4.L Bux R.-II, t* ullrtllm. Jtlhe ('
Kay'isnrok S.061,"o,)e.. a su mt .... to.. L Xr - h lh W U.JOSEPH -_ i =---

^ A^ ", to r. e,; ;^ !"1d- '"- 1, l,r '*A; . ... .. I, 1 AN -*TK^1- .... 0on t.,,ed.-- ,*~E^ L ^ t OS OR.S.. E. i L. MECHANIC' }IEL.M-1 \ANFE 1tlU A' l lTFn~ .-- ,,+l ah^ \oode ?s i ."..*.' K+ne' ..I > *' Bur.Lt'MONT IRCULAR, ROAD rlt Bib m lc > h,.rebv nolilid th.I i] GALOW lhnmedt~ ,lt.lf ~ l tOM-)I ,1 C .r I -
toward Sreet.-l-i-J e 22 ., ,,.. .. .. {'** "*.' l** atht >" l InS 2,t^e,, l "B 'T n yr .. "1 J^.iiiiB,m --Avenue, For pai- i;,J ,,,,. it+ e ,.w..cion of Umy hI- US. loa freH ,Apt~ i. wlime *. i
WANTBD FI rT Ct. .W t ] ....l ----- l"' 'l. .........n ,,^ 1CI oe irt a |.pi , "> vm lii Ir"m Mu Hm t ] t. ',, i;,',',t e Amnrl llker'. hdv.ns lel, VACANT Hol .St:. I.eun + tren, i ~, n tl- l
C1A S th tperne.}c n ho~I .I,K t.,k "-1' .^*el'" ,"" II .r k I '.' t u 4 .,^ i I l. V en t )treet. Port.I^ ",,,',,, ~ e 11 SHtl 'pulr T-ii~~ .', in LI.I.,,,. ( _
nd-or f...... ln l. ll. 'ltn. ... "rl, 'i..l W ANTED TO BUT ,I I.' t'.. <,r .'cn. ,"*" *" ',r t i -.p..... i ,, st. ; n 'iun't a Si-VrI BA EB Av t e 10 4tlls nwul-m t Turcielid d ."... .....^ rn t; ....l i ( D
C l int ( A =t Ol.. o A \ i i. i ........ A L Siti) &. 6 1 ". -- t' .' 1 .-i [, J 1r 2. b.p BAKER 2s Ring slgt, 44eral c inn nieuct;.t A lall S. \riof.n ; f 0 l |
U.B.Ohe ot nll -ln' rlr ( .I.";.+ A \".;, iih ,i ;n i ,...;,. 111, .>niy A l :1 lt |* *' '*' 1,, 4u "lIKb J "S1K ~ T J a e -a "I y m a d 8uH | Kuui lt nflu itt 4n11 J n \7 e 'i n m--m
W ANt~lTE I td, o~n T I r Y -.V >' > i,,c ,+,,', ,,,^ ) ;,i,,, ,,,i ' ,,,' (,,,, i, ,,'y u. tH .. '*l *"J l'!p r '" *; l ;" u }+'.it |.t \ .. .. J t + . . '~le = h" a Xreant with Bowl hnl iv f li .. -^!'*+ I., .. ..... ;; ;>, , *(, i. lt! ,U ~ rit i IC anil Ovepn M- .l Z1 +*lt il "u l ,;,. .i .,, ,. "n n '*1 1 'ln .1 ;,'+ ... .. ..... "''s'* "i'" Nununs H'ar.:ti+ l ....i HIIB l;.ir..~ (
_= k. awc"- ruesr8 sks'. to 4 & .- ne W iw|a.et'ule ilu~t. lloww.c. 4m% O .to the Cathe ....o

,b n d T .y p tn E A P l~lv , il :n .,i r ** 'r : ( ,,t,t u ,, .] + t ,, tf S p ,in I r " *, ...' . """ -' p ., .. .u .v C O M I .' )C T IA B ,K F K K ? ,; H O I.U 1> W K 1. * E O Q A R K O E RT P a rt l u iic io n. l n tt..- i., i l Iln L il ,,l 1
c P" Sl B 3.i, cr) -J'.r .*e >-+~ __ _____ ir:,t'; ,tl 't' i'., Ju~l ",+' "'i - -r""' *" ;,', -';' 1 an;; tlJd r +lt ,,,.,. t+ a .. x.n.l. 'rit ; PL:B'oIC Is herehy nl,,t.ned tzh t 1/ KRANU- .N "" "" S." ..... I'. ".u, 3 ;
I------- _ ------ .i..-... .. .. . ... .l~ Jhure .,' ,,tt,.]. S-.I.... ,'7::: .. an Buu ad. r? An..^ ,. :h,* ..)l".,,uo Ut, ur+ ntxe rest ut el. e u,,heud w .n l U K. III t iu t)andl Bis,-Iro,li., l>rJ>Mti|. K.,t~ni,. 4>.'n ': <, ik i
( I + T ON W AN'tED V i.t mJ ) DK- n(i.... l(,j MA U~A+. IN ;fi n ha + n ip l II' al ~tnit i !PPt~ " il"4 ^i ,^ i-,i,,,,e O ,, lJu t ..... )i ,i *I, "n.+- r i "r he ,., 1 el.,hl ... ......... .. o .KK P,. .K., .. .. IB::;^ ^,,++ +d : *" ,':ll t2+ :,tlO l, nsu ai^ ) ^reAn t 1"'0ht*"" N als HH-.-Ke I> (, ,.n .,,n.. , n ii +I t+ t2 e'*-u r" ne tle ttl rt^^ ^f $ )'+.tt!iJ, p ,l ... :.u, .,, !
aM 16 31 "* Ri ng 8 'L',"* Augstne o B t F SALE ---4--...--...-- "t ro-im __.her.e.._--t---- th. A Ata luT t'h/ I '0 rt ar t
d erS < A\ ;ML1,; L A DY." ^ 1 11 I S 0 01"; 4 b .1'C b maist e f.. .-. a:tlc lig h t "I 'd h t' ) I f y o w a n aI P r o per ty ^ ^ T ^ A^ *-terY 1 1 l~ '

N T- --Io r W o o d J ll = W a t: Bd -^I 'gii. .s m a ll a n d rra JTu n--.-h ie-d r .;C. ... a su dl X^- o r h a r l t r L b .. .4. r i
0AN-A--"" *C;\fi= R tolo l Douse of^\ ^ Ju books,;: and miselanou -" ^ **^ ;'u^ :;^ -* _.; -_.^ -u e _ha, I A,'P PK TY as I* it a ,, ;; __
...(;er rmUniversity Vision&. + a d t l:les, CO N, henoi o,. A gliff- ee + ta Apply Je Vict oriaPik olstio e WE ST IND x eir IANt 11 [-1111A I EST TEton okin ret l laUet o[ t~~o tb t +tJI I _

tJ S -B .-)t. > 1.1+ i <.t, A d ;:(5, 0 l ', V ) :1 A"p ) ". ;" hArttiM A .... rtl ,m, ,,., a.. .. ... G' U D,. BU R K E I ,area; (4) W r ~ r. r.y, .. 'Phun. tt .u I.UK U,. ) ----
fe ,^0?^.^^^1-^~~.... .........-^-'-^-- n.-.-"r^ <' -:inl...V^ ^ ^ ^ :; ....
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COOK &sit MAID. 38 Itorierks Street 4 I~~~r~ichcal~y ilev, ?,.rem * -j, ,M I hjal!!I M tAGA IEd SUr BSCRIPTIONS Chlet a pest r titl,4,0. I.H sad 6H nySret-nueol ossin o raoal
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Anti ot1 t lau llonts Apply to r ;, lsetlj S, tn'-lres ~Apn IeIJune 2 e in-perfect eind .t .- ,,. Kn6he;rleyeRoad' d App \ ....601, nvestent I" ur Pdjebttcnrcties htyin myr wife ndan C ~lub9 uen's P arkllc.. ween. T|e hot
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Bd.0 P. Barnett, 39 ~tao* ~h r.*'~ Morino 2 tH mlln Hr-.Ww~ok-Jly11 _u zs THN PBI C v,. Ini, 'htrue a notified M t I.. .* ^
f s i .l.do J u n *,3 0 I, D.A A 'r r 'T i i c a . 10 N A L .D J .A A r 6 1 lo D n d o ,d . . . . . . . . . . . . .av i r e ,po n o ,i l. f o r an y d e b t n F O R S A l l ~ t L EI
PI OTOGI A~~tt .* k'.apert Re oun nR eac Guaranteed. 33 Edward rStAN8 t=b .o.r^ debts ,. ee.-re c....., '. . .
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-ph;RMANrNT WAVINU Miss I R%&Al m pleom |te, g~tir At !I bargain. Conslult Po' A Ouu ii.JtyI Bx P-124, "G~u, iruin.'*--July 1. June "14, 1944.N LI i; el
+ .gi _s,. a6 M ra.v.i Ko.d. cal | l 9 -8 lSh nr Khan, 52 South .QUA *Phon. 7469 ruRN a1 __D ROOM. ide.p.ndeo> l t- AOA. co rte z, wrh -.i,,n. F7 C iN L n, ... The Freeholi' Property known Is ,
Ne.R Ano toOt. COM.ORTABL'C COOL Rooms .,,wit ,c. Town N easonable. tr Arthuro Archibld, of yiha. a me no l Ion.,'me
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SPa K. 59 P ark' S rp e o" Mo or l Nr COu ry lu 63 r.Bcedr Apply John D> + United ger responsible tor any debt or debts eon- ------- "s --- 5
> aon fc l.- iy S . ... .. .. .. ... 5 P er k S tr eet. p o tt -o t-a pi~ h.- -Ju ly 3 ;, ,.~ (r hltl~ e r s pr e(tr ahlly .- -Jun e 30. G ri.w er. L td -- Jun e 5. -tr *e{L" y" ^ .,, e Anm v A re hlb da eld t t S t. A n n a tra m W erm U) In sl is m lgn .
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JOSE % k INAtt**AN'DEZ'SHOE WORKS.* "TAUCO" BAND ILAW. Rill, 8 dn h1TN Lnr OM________ lt.elr ytorns *nd Aprroflot onandivideA up Inot building lots and 5
ti Modtryt ^ ''Mo June 12, to No I "wr ondiionn rd ssonabhi"' W4 S.. S. Jon Ba r ba"doRT.URso& June ..1914. ARTHUR ARCHI>ALOD is offer ed for We a sollowS:- 5
..l"Ld :1dw 1rHateet. -June 23, wA0rpyl5q n 9 Ruthwortla 9treot. a-commAC odAtilO (or tour boy A.ttending AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENTS ....3- UdR A (a) The Bo Hom wid 32.244Ms f t. o
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mSri, Co.H 8 ireel, Wood.- roms. Rornjj'S eotir er ,Is* endPl-nve COMFORTABLEi ROOM tor Europe.p.l AGENCY &T E >ti ont irtt by my wetf oralyh d Oebt or (b) A of0'" -0" .f't- .
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E01".lH ono "IPan Pic Ki n1-T 0CLL** VAR1 GLUE1'^ ',^,'! POT TUHNISHRD HKIIR0OM. Meet1$ op- 2 Acres of lAvd with a Two.8lorty R-hine Bahr. Prasint to YOU On Fri--- S f
-Affectns,, 'u" -- lit r. &|it100a0 i"ljltlv JoPne 30, 1944i atlene 8.30 +-cre Mnd "ndian DC
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JM.tO-Ton o.1r e--Jnt o. ( OP 8*AND' a RIUnr It HOUS6 WANTED--- Sr l .n MANO MA.. t o S. -- [ > -
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l y u (PAX l Mi f t, e. ne,1.0 HON, Y | tAI 'ipose TWOm M- -R t $ i0 to $ I 50 a I St.. et. 413. |
St ,__iat S^ --i-' s ,'t .r KOM* fnd in .xcellon" t eo l(u> -n. m. : TWO R E ,. K-*MA, *.ern 'tn.rm "tjhe I. op LIVESTOCK y GENERAL [ rmb, Iy Str B,7+- ?hon e-A 441 3. S
Al fred Bl +' ;' t .. .. ...... 1 : --an 'rl O aB- ,q u leth -ph ons T M IC en l rel inc atteon .B ill 'Rn -104dt "nLuatd And eS m al l1 P rope rt i es OA T S V I. Me t 1f -4djo pf -
... . O u m r41/ I v~ m ~ d s a m m Wi T 10 Tra. ~ m m m c.m" rt w b ive It's,, m l ll W 8 Lltow w o w.s o

Worsted Suitiln: All-wool
Botanv Serges: Bath T
Pyjamas: Gent's Leather d
and SliDD.rs are among!B
Just opened uu at .***
H. P. S1NGH^
T'dad's. Premaier TA~W.*
and Outfitterft ";,;
'Phone 4572.

St. Michael's A
ments ,
Saturday, 24tth
June '44
1 30 P.M.
Instructed by K. Golds\ft
we will sell his good gd
Furniture such as--Dadsw
with Slumber-King Spri
Spring-lill'd Milttres, Cyil&
with Spring and Spring-al
tress. Cyp Sinl\le Bed With
and Mittress, C'v Mirrprt<|#,,
Mirrored Chpst of DraiwrM
Dresser asid Stool, I'osc-'WlB
Long Mirror TiiniU and S! i
Cyp Dinihg 'ra s'e and 6
One BuffPt Glass and E... V',
Sewing T.iblh. Tra TrollWe
Burner Oil tsove. 'Iuree
P.rftctlon Sto've, Kitchen &]tS
Ware, Oven, v-eezer, Morris'tt
and Tabhts. Cvp Loung$ '||J
Bamboo Arm Chair with-g
Red ,lind Gr, n Swing
Hand Filnted .exican 'naa^'+
fie Iron awid Electric *LTi
,'*"rm Clock, Cutlery 'Wf
Broom, i-pet, ChIdW- W4,,i
0;.air, Rocker. IRU,.l|H
Pram. Tric'T" Etc. ll.:9JS
End Sofa of Me','-i0op3V.-,
Rain Coat. I'onliw 1M Z .
Tube Radio Hot Point IE8m
Ranee, Comblnation Er '.
'ralh and Pick-111o wilth-K
and Onr G.E. Refrigerator *,
Ttens on 'lvew &1 1ILf'S
morning of sale and teraiol U,
Boyd & Hutc01"

dcirable and well-built
I bungalow, "EVANVAR"
on 35,421 sq. ft. of land.
Kell's Corst, Christ Church,
house is In excellent repair,
taitns large verandah on
des, drawing and dining
tea-room, three bedrooms
tst, one with running water,
buttery and cellar. Water
ctr'"ity throughout. Two
rooms and garage In yard.
s4a large enclosed orct'oird
40 trees.
further particulars, write
Nebstei. B.M.L.A. Society,
Bridgetown. Barbados.

'ge Shipment 1


and ;



ASH It You Have It-
REDIT it You Want It

De Nfeber,,

a you r coro
a Dinner t 006

\ wilbehldot
\ ,- bre (e (non

\ eo^ foo

ITrinidad C
Champs Elysees ME

iiniiiiiiiiiuliiiiiinmiffiliniii nii iniuii

60 St. Vincent Street

counted on

iil -- u= OW



OICre8v SHAV a.
11,. CG;-I

11 A, O8T RebalVi O -C a


(f:/ ,I .0'
S.C. F..Q.A., F.I.O.
tholmic Optician
Park S reet. P.O.S.
coffee street, San F do.




-ountry CIU4

embers Only Dial 83

CO., L"
: 4Port-of
Dne 4207



2ib Tin __- 56c. '

21b Tin ..-. 56&.

21b Tin ___ 56c.

l1b Jor __ 3ft.


I b Iw --r *

lib Jar -

lib Jar *

I b, Jar r"

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