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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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Full Text

,chill In Normandy

te Churchill, the Prime Minister visits General Sir Ber-
).etemery, Allied Ground Commander, at the general's
head quarters an the Normandy beachhead in France.
are: ir Alan Brooke, Chief 'Imperial General Staff;
; General Montomecry; and Jan C. Smuts, South
,tolr ier.-(AP Wirephoto from Signal Corps radiophoto,)

anerheim Line

Teach Increases

kreat To Viipuri

iKDON, June 19 (AP) the Moscow communique today an-
Sthat Marshal Govorov broadened the breach in the Manner-
One to more than 30 miles, and advanced to a point 10 miles

I lipurL.

|o Reaches

cord With
Ial Regime

SJune 19 (AP)-Marshal
the Royti. Yugoslav Ukov-
yesterday announced an
been reached to help
of Yugoslavia liberate
asi speedily as possible.
d was reached at con-
i Yugoslavia attended by
basic, charged by King
Yugoslavia to form a
,der the Royal Govern-
'e3le with MWrshal Tito,
4kieftain and head of the
Liberation Committee, and
unique issued by the con-
Sannouncing the accord,
ted territory, discus-
e been going on from
to June 17 between the
of he Nrtional Ilbera-
mittee and Dr Ivan
Minister of the Royal
Government. Also pre-
the meeting were members
FPresidlum of the Yugoskiv
FSt Council for National
Sand of the National
o Committee.
btua effort for the further-
e struggle of the nations
pvia with the goal to uni-
roadest extent possible
forces was the spirit
]tlvated both sides to in-
U negotiations.
ittcipating parties reached
and mutual accord on
vla and Allied relations
doubt be strengthened
Sand the Yugoslav peo-
'-be aided in their fight to
Uapldly as possible their
Authorizwotion has been
the new Yugoslavia news
11 issue the above commu-


June 19 (Reuter).-Off
Coast of Italy French
ave new completely occu-
island of Elba. Porto-
with 1,800 prisoners.
a communique today
S the Allies had been
Iby new landings on Elba
Gekrman forces had been
Retreat to thq northeast
&a island.

Mnel Leilich
Leave Railway
Bdad Guardian" under-
Colonel Frank 'T.
U.S. Army, is re-
post as chairman
Advisory Board
ttnator within the
been ascertained who
-,. .of the railway
Ikrds the middle of last
g Olorel Leiwich leading
Board was reported
o have been largely
material that was in

Bt Base In
CO nea Threatened
t, Jun# 19 (Reuter).
Baafeed this morning
troops on Blak
bt& h New Guinea are
V Japanese-con.
Sof th Mokmer
captured an Im-
d Th tat.
OeMV eafevlaftleee on
e the known total
on laIk s tar

This latest gain means that
Soviet forces have driven forward
about five miles during the day,
and assuming that the tired Finns
will be unable to stiffen their re-
sistance, observers looked for
Vilpuri to be taken within two
days and perhaps less, The main
Russian line no extends from
Moala, which Soviet troops cap-
tured along with more than '70
other places, to the shore of the
Gulf of Finland.
The war bulletin said that the
closest point to Vlipuri was
Rokeller, 101 miles south of
VPipuri. It disclosed also that the
Finns were routed from the
southern shores of Lake Kugauto-
jarvl and Jalaktsijarvl.
Moscow radio reported that
nrior to the communiques, broad-
casts indicated that the Soviet's
right flank attack was gathering
speed, and as far northeast as the
coast of Lake Ladoga the enemy
was being pounded with Soviet
The German radio had little to
say about the battle of Finland,
and what it did broadcast was
A Transocean commentator, Vo-
nolberg, said that "Stalin was ob-
viously waiting for something
more decisive in Normandy."
before launching bigger offensives,
IDuncan Hooper, Router cor-
respondent in Moscow, said that
the Red Army tonight are
streaming toward Vlipuri, "gate-
way to Finland" In a three-
pronged advance, which encom-
passes the double aim of
capturing, the city and at the
same time splitting up and
trappilng the main Finnish
forces on the Karellan Isthmus.
Hooper further states that lat-
est reports of fighting indicate
fanatical stands at some points
-chaos and retreat at others.
with every sign that the Finns
have nothing In reserve to
match their broken triple line
of defences on the isthmus side
of Viipurl.1
Swedish despatches from Hel-
sinki described the position of
the Finnish army as "critical," as
a result of the la-est Russian ad-
vances up the Karelian Isthmus.
Viipurt was acknowledged to be
directly menaced by the R"-'lans.
whose weight In men and mate-
rials is said to be "crushing."
Finland's troops reeled back to-
ward Vilpuri under crushing
blows which cast deeper forlorn-
ness over Helsinki, where Stock-
holm reported th military ouar-
ters realised their army's position
as critical.
President Edwin Linkomie's bat-
tle cry last night was lost in
today's thundering Soviet sweep
over the crushed Mannerheim
Moscow comment' and the Lon-
don Press read significance in the
report from Stockholm that Baron
George Gripenbert. Finnish Min-
ister in Stockholm, had returned
to Helsir'I. Though no reason
was given for his hasty trip, it
is thought that his return implied
Governmental shifts in Helsinki,
with the possibility that Grippen-
bert will take over as Foreign

Ships and Air Arm of the Red
Banner Baltic Fleet. were still
sharing In the three-way offensive,
by bombarding the coast and at-
tacking enemy troop and supply
An unsubstantiated report said
that the Russians were massing
landing craft and paratroopers in
Estonian waters, for landings on
the Finnish coast. As the Ruians
have no rstonian harbour, these
rumours ar highly dubious. The
Soviet might. however, make such
landings from VUlpuri Bay, and
along the Jagged abor westwnLard.
Stockholm reports "from a
"usually reliable source," the
formation of a new Finnish GoTv-
ernment backed by Maenerhelm,
or even ePded by hIm "is
Imminent. It quoted another re-
port that preliminary contact had
already been .made with MMcow
to feel out pece trms.

Of the rd A Le-
ward Wlanda. ariesi & am "r-C
day Wa a star de a" 1


Bonomi Government
Receives Allied Approval
ROME, June 19 (Reuter)-
The new Italian Government
under Signor Bonomi has now
taken over and received the
approval of the Allied Govern-
ments represented on the
Advisory Council.
and light bombers attacked Ger-
man communications In Italy,
southern France and Yugoslavia.
The Blue Network recorded a
British broadcast ua stating Allied
troops had entered the suburbs of
Perugia in central Italy A Bri-
tish broadcast also reported the
capture, of Bastla, Ine miles west
of Perugia by the Eighth Army
which has established a bridge-
head across the River Oblascio.
(Reuter reported heavy rains
as hampering the Allied armies
all along the front but in spite
of thick mud, swollen
streams and stiff opposition,
Eighth Army troops have gone
ahead in the central sector.
Prisoners were taken in the
fighting here and many German
soldiers have been killed. Over
to the west Fifth Army troops
have driven the Germans from
some Important defensive poso-

I -






Cherbourg Peninsul:

Japanese Lose

300 'Planes

US. Task 'Force
Inflicts Crushint Air
Defeat In Pacific
WASHINGTO)N, June 19 (AP)-
It was announced tonight that
more than 300 Japanese 'planes
we't deuroyed in a tremen-
dous air engagement, develop-
ing out of an enemy attack on
American anphlbious operations
in Salpan. It was the greatest
Pacific battle since Midway and
lasted several hours.
The communique issued by
Admiral Chester Nimlts said pre-
sent Information Indicates that
only one American ship was
damaged and the damage was
It is believed that a formation
of the enemy's 'planes was carrler-
based and others used from
nearby shore bs.s at various
points. However, the effective-
ness of this procedure was sharply
limited by the American syste-
matic bombing an, strafing of air-
fields at Guam and Rota. I'")
estimate is yet available of the
American aircraft losses.
Meanwhile, American assault
troops on Saipan Island have
captured Aslito airdrome and dri-
yen eastward across the island to
Magisienne Bay where they ho'l
the western shore. Two pockets of
enemy resistance remain east of
Lake Susupe. Tho enemy con-
tinues to counter-attack but all
his attacks have been fully re-
pulsed. Seabees are at work on air
stripe at Aslito:

Germans Near

New Defence

Line In Italy
ROME, June 19 (AP).-German
forces falling back on the Pisa,
Rimini or Gothic Line are stiffen.
ing their resistance as Allied
forces driving into northern Italy
draw nearer and more heavy fight-
ing seemed in store before the line
Gets its first test.
All along the front-except on
the Adriatic side-the story today
is one of increased stubborn fight-
ing by the Germans although both
the Fifth and Eighth armies gained
new ground. Demolitions on a
more troublesome scale were on.
countered by the Fifth Army and
the Germans were able to organtse
their scattered artillery and offet
considerable mord firepower on
the main lines of Wattle,
Nevertheless with such towns
aa Asisi, Oampagnatico and Gros-
seto behind them. the Allies looked
forward to the objectives of Siena,
Livorno and Florence.
The weather yesterday cut down
air operations but Allied fighters

Nazis Say Britishers
Fleeing Robot 'Planes
LONDON. June 1 (Reuters-
Fantastic Berlin propaganda claims
about the effect of the pilotless air-
craft broke a record tonight. A
German broadcast said that theflrst
refugees froam England had arrived
on the French and Belgian coast
areas. Of course, a lot of people are
arriving on the French coast, but
they wre not refugees.
It now appears that the robots
are of two types. The smaller has
a speed of 200 to 230 miles an
hour and the other, with a larger
wing span, travels at perhaps 400
miles per hour and has greater ex-
plosive power.
Lord Strabolgt was of the opinion
that "rocket 'plane Instailations
were set up on the Calais coast to
meet an expected invasion there."
The invasion in Normandy was a
tactical surprise, so the pilotless
'planes were used against southern
England as a last gamble.
It was noted that the Germans
toned down their claims in the
past 24 hours, perhaps fearful lest

Premier Warns Nazis Long War

Will Bring M ore Terrible End

LONDON, June 19 (AP) Mr. Winston Churchill gave a quali-
fied prediction of a summer victory over Germany with the warning
to the Nazis that the "end will be more terrible for our foes the
longer their struggle continues."
Mr. Churchill sounded his most+---
optimistic note since Dunkerque, nations within the American Con-
when he told a luncheon party at tinent, nor relations of the Bri-
the Mexican Fnmbassy on June 15 tish Commonwealth.,
that It might well be that victories
in Europe would "bring full sue- BAN REGRETTED
cess to the cause of freedom," ta He exp resed regit at the a_..-
summer. In the same speech -- cesaity l imposing a & ban on di-
which was released today Mr. plomatic travel and correspond-
Churchill struck strongly at any ence before the invasion, but said
lingering Nad hopes for winning a this had been 'ustiflee by the
compromise peace by stubborn o- preservation of a -recyso com.
sstance saying: OWhether it be plete tha until ofnemy s oaw
this year or next, th. British and peles nding uni t he y s
American peoples will newer fal- the landing ships, he had no idea,
ta- when he VAS oing to be bit,
ter or withdraw their hands from how he was oinr to be, hit,or
the task they have undertaken.hore he was going to be hit."
heur llertawen.~weehewsgig ob i.
Together with our Allies we will The Prime Minister said:
go on to the end"l "Your Excellencies, My Lords and
Mr. Ch turcl did not expand Gentlemen, I must express my sin-
his warning to ermany that the greatmude for the extremely
war can only deepen the bitter-ki- nd eamm ia wh His flm
ness of their defeat, but said even the m 4rha mowd this
while the fshtUng lef tt, an *Vgtoad *toga6 d hthe evident
the world eorts an be mfI tOBdne .'wic wywo
to achieve permanent haet-operaton. h MS S W i whc you
and build "n anmaleaedo whah 41t is as 1 mment In tb
after n drthiswa hstrtes the his..w. .f t.is i-
bonds between all Ou W aum G oont at .,.... 3 be



Peninsula Cut

Robot 'Planes

Shot Down

Anti Aircraft Guns
And Fighters Meet
New German Weapon
LONDON, June 19 (Reuter).-
The Germans sent more of their
pilotless alrcri.-, over southeTrn
England during last night and to-
day. They did some damage and
people were killed. Bome observers
say that these robot 'planes do not
come in as regularly as on previous
occasions and report frism the
English coast that r nti aircraft
gunners destroyed some before
they reached built up areas. Fight-
er pil ts also have been shooting
them doown.
Associated Press quotes the
Air Ministry News service as an-
nouncing that the Nazi robot
'planes are Jet-propelle"-' and
launched from a ramp with the
aid of a take-off rocket .nd not
radio-controlled but operated by
an automatic pilot set before the
launching. It said that once the
missile is launched the enemy has
no subsequent control over its
Mr. herbert Morrison, Hcme Sec-
retary, this afternoon visited a
place in th. south of England which
ad been hit by one of these air-
craft. German propaganda is still
going all out on these pilotless
raids on the south of England and
today for the third day runr' i the
German communique .,i es them
first lace abcve all the critical
fighting in Normandy, Italy and
The German newspapers are trot-
ting out all the bogus claims that
Goebbele has been playing up for
months, months in which i> hae
been trying to explain away the
German military reverses. The
German people are due for a stimu-
ulant and th pilotless raids are
Just what Dr. Goebbets orders. 'The
Germans have given lurid accounts
of these raids In which they use
such phrases as this 'deadly new
secret weapon and go on to des-
cribe ,he Poor Britishers in panic
over the whole place and whole
streets and buildings caved in. It
is the same sort of propaganda that
the Germans used in the old blitz
days when, back in September.
1940, Goebbels told the world that
the Luftwaffe had reduced London
to ruins and finished it off as a

Trinidad To

Move On U.K.

Ship Services
Trinidad's delegates to tho se-
venth congress of the Associated
West Indian Ch, nbers of Com-
merce, which will be opened in
the Council Chamucr, Bridgetown,
Bacoados, at 10 am., on Thursday,
will move resolutions relating to
stlamsnip communications between
the United Kingdom and the Bri-
tisa WesL Indies and British Gui-
ana; development of secondary in-
dustries; representatlu of com-
merce and industry in the L-gis-
lativa Councils, closer cQntact
with the Wes6 Inula Committee,
and unified West Indian currency.
The congress, which will be open-
de bv Sir Orattan Bushe, the Gov-
ernor of Earbados, will e presided
over by MAir. R. W. Youngman. of
Jamaica, -ne ol the vice-presioenta
of til association, because of the
unavoidable absence of the Hon'ble
Fred Grant, the acting president.
Twenty-nine resolutions are on
the official programme, some of the
most important dealing with the
position in regard to past-war
trade between Canada and the
British West Indies and British
Guiana; fostering of intercolonial
trade: development of secondary
Industries; development of the
tourist trade; proposals for a uni-
fied West Indian currency and
formation of an incorporated West
Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Delegates attending the congress
are as follows;
Antigua, tie Hon'ble J. L. Jef-
fery, and Major E. Soott-Johnston;
Barbados, Mr. T. B. Peirce, M.C.P.,
Mr. A. de Lisle Inniss, and the
Hon'bie D. G. Leacock, M.L.C.;
British Guiana, Mr. H. 0. Seaford
and Mr. W. J. Raatgever; Orena-
da, Mr. Gerald S. W. Smith; Ja-
maica. Mr. R. W. Youngman, Mr.
J. C. Breakspear and Sir Charlton
Harrison; Montstrrat, Mr. J. C.
Llewellyn Wall; St. Kiltts, the
Hon'ble G. P. Boon or Mr. C. A. 4
Shepherd; St. Lucia, Mr. Joseph De-
vaux, and Mr. Francis J. Carasco;
St. Vincent, Mr. W. J. Abbott;
Trinidad, Mr. W. L. Alston, Eriga-
dier A. S. Mavrogordato and Mr.
Harold E. Robinson.
In addition the following are
expected to attend: Sir Frank
Stockdale, Comptroller for Devel-
opment and Welfare; Mr. W. 0.
Lambie. H.M. Trade Commissioner
in Trinidad; I'r, W. B. McCullough,
Assistant Canadian Governmea,
Trade Commissioner In Trinidad;
Mr. F. J. Gick. H.M. Trade Com.
missioner in Jamaica; Mfr. W.
Fraser, Canadian Government
Trade Commissioner in Jamasica
and Mr. H. J. Hobbins, Deputy
Canadian Sugar Administrator (re-
presenting the Can-dian-"' et In-
dian League).
The British Guiana delegates
arrived here on Sunday and the
Jamaica delegation wore due to
arrive last night.
Mr. W._L._Alston left for 3arbis-

I R- 0-- f-- 1----

General Marshal Visits
Italian Battlcfront

NORTH OF ROME, Junlie 19
(AP)-Making lis first visit
to the IPalis front. General
Marshall, US. Arm, Chlief and
General Arnold. U.S. Air Force
Chief, today toured the bat-
tie front over which American
troops chased the remnants of
the fleeing German 14th Armv.
nearly 100 miles northwest of
Rome. They mr.de the tour
with General Sir Henry Malt-
land Wilson, Supreme Conim-
mander in the Middle East.

Japs Driven

From Assam
T7RS, Kandy, June 19 tReutrj -
fourteenth Army troops liave dri-
ven the last Japanese Irom Assam
Province and between Assam anui
Burma Alied troops are prc&sing
on from both Kohima and Imphal
and the Japanese have been cleared
from 20 miles of the road linking
the two bases.
British tanks and infantry are
attacking a mountain village 18
miles from Kohima where the
Japanese hold strong defensive
positions. On the Imphal sector
much of the countr-, is foodcd
and John Nixon, B.B.C. reporter,
says the Allies are confined in
their -aterlogged bun-ers. Tank
crews livp and sleep in their vehl-
cles ready to move at a moment's
notice and often find them the.
only dry spot for miles around.
In northern urma, Chinese for-
ce. closing in on the Japanese base
of Mogaung have reached the far
side of the Mogaung River just
opposite the town.
Chinese Forces Reach
Outskirts of Watien
CHUNGKING., June 19 (AP) -
The Chinese High Command while
admitting the loss of Lungling
claimed that the Chlnea ha'e
reached the outskirts of Watien,
only 20 airline miles noru i f
Tengchu! the main Japanese
base i n umna Province.
The High Command also repo,'-
ed that Japanese forces, striking
south in thb direction of the vita
railway iactlon of Hengyang,
made a further advance and
reached the north bank of the Lu
River, a few Miles south of the
railroad town of Chunhow whose
eIM was admitted last night.
Chunahow is about 75 miles north-
northeas" of Hengyang. The High
0Command also reported contiInued
flghUB in the suburbs of Caig-
U nd in the foothills of Yeh u
MountaIna e the al Rlver
M=m Che It laimd that the
Chfta ifice mar than 1.5001


so -a- ....... 13l .. 'o.. ''%
Us vn.......
EAM I 0%.
II. gSmps 'hs ....iaj^


a In 10-Mila


Swift Advance

Hurls Trapped Nazis

To Main Hill Line

stranglehold on the cherbourg peninsula was strAngthned as L niet
States troops in a swift ten-mile slash through crumbling resltane
hurled thousands of trapped Germans back on to their main lll do,,
fence line only six miles south of Cherbourg yesterday as big Amo4l
can guns began siege of the port.

U.S. Pound

Pas De Calais

QUARTERS. June 19 (AP) -
American Fortresses and Liberat-
ors, taking up the challenge of
the German robot bombers In
s.rnebt, struck twice today at
platforms in the Pas de Calais
department of France, from which
pilotless 'planes have been launch-
ed against Britain without let-up
since last Thursday night.
In the first official announce-
ment, calling these emplacements
-which h.,ve now been ombarded
by Allied air units nine times in
the past four days and nights-
anvthin, other thar "military
installations," the United States
Air Forces headquarters said flatly
that two attacks were made today
on "pilotless 'plane launching plat-
Heavy bombers also visually
bombed landing facilities located at
Bordeaux, Merignac, Cazaux,
southwest Bordeaux and Corme
Ecluse, on the coast west of
Cognac. German fighters still vir-
tually ignored Allied 'pafaln.--
the French skies, the enemy being
apparently willing to string along
with the new secret weapon In the
hone of drawing off some of the
Allies aerial might.
The only reason the enemv has
not taken more of a beating from
the air, both in the outer bastions
and In the interior of the contl-
n',ntal fortress. is because of the
miserable weather plagulng the
fliers at least half of the time
since thU liberation of France

1753rd Day Of The War

Against Hitlerism

-i-nts was reve&u~d DY w "
cial communique issued tofldi
which said that the Allied strang*-
hold had been strengthened by t
series of local advances. An enemIw
attack was repulsed near TU3
where he: vy fighting continues M
in the Caen area, enemy shelling
has increased considerably.
Allied warships contain to 41e
support on the eastern flank ye-
terday by engaging the nene l
mobile batteries. North of OMB
successful shoots were carried out

British "Desert Rats"
In Normandy Battle
[LONDON, June 19 (Reuter).-
It was revealed tonight that tM
British 7th Armoured Division the
famous "Desert Rats" have ben
in actloi, in Normandy. This
means that with only a few short
intervals this spearhead fores has
been at grips with the Axis ar-
mies for over four years most'y
in the Mediterranean theater.
When Italy entered the war in
June. 1940. they went to the
western frontier region and sainc
then they have fought their way
three times across Cyrenaica as
far as El Aghella and on thb
last occasion pushed on to Trt-
p Ci, Mareth and along to Tunis
fore going over Into Italy.3
! --- -,- amll l~I

by HUM jOtadea agalns' a ecu.
cen ta oI enemy armour. B
weather severely .res. 'ted
of Allied air forces thisM morning.
Rommel appeared to have abfi
doned his 20,000 to 40,000 re Is IS
the Cherbourg trap as the Ameri-
cans advanced to within e 01g
miles of the port. Ronmel, appear
ently. is massing for a major atstek
against the American throttle-boW
across the peninsula. The risin
thunder of the enemy reelin
against Carentan hints that t93
Germans might try to cut Ui
whole Allied beachhead at the mUd
die link.
A front line 4nspatch said the
Americans extended the corride
across Cherbourg Peninsula by
twice its size In th- area nortfr
west of St. Sauveur. Meanwhile,
Americans captured Brticquebec, 1
miles south cf Cherbourg.





Somethflng New.
Try These Reeld
I Cocktail GleM Trepol ix
Shak wel with eaeod lea
Slce of trane or pa*trEw
I Cocktail Gtl TepMd h tMb
= lmta a d b e aym
te-onspifl GmiainByoy
Shake wdl wit' eraiom" e-e
I Coekel daGm TSeOW MlV
I-hie wo egp
Shale wo wth crMUNI e
1 CoktAl Gble TeuIglof t
1 Coktaiol OaM Bda Wfw
Duh AmSMf Btttan
StatoOwsT M eeiMH 1t


PRONE 4111 . 10LItt*


No. 8,151. 27TU TEAR








( uarrtan


American forces in Normandy Plunging forward to the west
coast of the Cherbourg Peninsula to 'the town of Barneville,
have driven north to Bricquebee. Other forces further north, as
Indicated above, have reached a point only eight mifen from the
German base.



Gives Tmi Dr Right

10 Seek Writ Of Prohibition
. muar objetonu ta Mr. 0. T. W. Z. Worri, actiB
M a MetL "swt ft c the Oe 4 p-%,G tn M, tpoUw&.
"ft o aft a "A drier of ccess vM ae AmntMto
a a wza oaC plobMtlao NgAint the COammlimner of Polw who has
him how am wts y m i b Usn e houMM not be revked, wa
ullw Mr. J",tsc* e fluma.ln the hir supreme Court
Point arued ws Whether the--
as se~ttingup the In- I
Ma WM WIS "ot ccutttattof EZLYaltt


Urges Return

To Agriculture
|Drawing attentions to opportuni-
ties available to former bae work-
ers to enjoy the benefits derived
from tilling the sot, Mr. W. J.
Andre, rst Police Court Masis-
trate, yesterday 4ied those who
deserted agriculture to resume em-
ployment, as he admonished Vivian
Grant, a former base worker caught
amop,, gamblers. Grant who warned
gambiirs of an Impending police
raid was convicted of obstruction
and ordered to pay a fine of $6.
Whke a number of persons In.
dulled in games of chance inside


Judgment Res

With Adminisi

The AdiBlr.l-rator-General w
Justice Hajilnan in the Third 8
Mr. lEgbert Lau sought the appol
Golden Grove Estate, the property
Lau claimed that he had an Int*
alleged agreement to purchase, i
tlon, the Adminlstrator-General a
Ment was reserved until Thursday


ot e toraedloue the naam l ot ld aS San Juan. Qrant who -
I ton ertofre t the or t 1 :y rew -ed -on the outside signalled .
fjecion or quastitwas jdcia."Ran, police" as Pollic Constable
t -eati Of the applications was Britto an h uld a party were about to t n
;4ed. for Friday. effect a raid.
Mr. Louis Wharton represented Exhorting Grant to, go back to
_h. ... IIthe land, the magistrate observed
Sav. worrel a submitted that t e that the big complaint against the. p x
CommaMoner of Policea was inot a people here was that now that the nt -e 4
, rcour ed and was noth wa l e wa work had ended on the bases they
He asked that the applucatl o be would not return to the land but .
dismiawed, pointing out .tat .the. preferred to gamble and do other 1"
liatutIon would not be without things .'
d ner of Pollee proceeded to camrr
out the inq uiry and r an a order Annoyed with a housewife who *
advers.to o uni, Jewoual.d heave A1 touched her accidentally In extri- I ..'
,remedy by way of a writ of man- ca ig herself from a tightly pack-
daimus or certionrari. So that po- ed Ice line. Helulina Thomasc 1 T,
"venting shim from apply ing the struck her on her ear with a bottle
formn of remedyniought, would not anratherothan aarihersel
be depriving him entirely ofI and raher tn han avail h erself of an

,a doiaenvg so en so e yor t of jui nO t O r~tun i lrl "s1 -- 'l*A/*u~~~
remedy.oppor y resented to her zo
THE JUDGE: In order that a apologise on the spot, came to court .
Swrit of mandamus or certiorari and paid $9.80 representing fine,

wrtoulfecd mandaes. orhertioraris -U l r 668 nTp l$26 rtomotab r .J y^ ul^"itc
%could apply the Ccmrmissloner of cost and compensation on accusa-I
-Police must be presumed to be act- tion of assault. t
ing in a quasi judicial capacity. The complainant expressed wil- l
MR, WORRELL: Yes. He must llngness to accept an apology and
act according to the dictates of[ drop the matter but Thomas who n -t
natural justice. If he does anything protested that she was Innocent Leaving here for England two
that Is outrageous, then the appli- bit, ly refused to comply.| years ago. Craftsman C. C. B.

cant m~ ha a ~ remedy.^ ^ ~ c ^:^ ^
Scant has a remedy. toward, grandson of Mrs. Alice
r JUDICIAL CAPACITY Coward. of New Grant, Princes
fJUm AL APneToo much drink Mr. Andre found Mown, is now serving with the
w Mr. Wharton, replying to tie ob-u l uas irresponsible for the plight in[ Royal Eleetrical and MechanicalI
jeuction observed that it wassu i which Randolph Williams found Enginfree(rs E.3 ,E..) some-
gested that the applicant would himself when he assaulted a woman where th Italy Craftsman
have a remd.,and submitted that Recently arrived from a Latin for no reason whatever and pro- C'oward who passed an exam-
O wat the appi nt was seeking wMA A n tur Snorta ('ceded to mrn te out rough treatment nation among mechanics t-'
his remedy and the way lie wa escan tour pot a policenman who was summc ned. fore leaving Trinidad, was sent
seeking It was b7 way of writ of Ondega, famous South Ameri- lie was convicted on accusations on to North Africa aCrr mile -
prohibition. can dancer and contortionist, of assault an,. disorderlyv!boiiaviour tary training in Canada.
He went on to state that IL mat-1 tind ordered to pay $23.50 fines,
tered not whether It was a court, who expects to give a yrea ofd,, .... ...compensation.
or whether It was a person acting performances In leading ..
.judicially or quasi Judicially. There P er o man---- / s in lan ding
could be no m uemtion ohe said i thatl thebtretandclubsahere._... .. accused by Corporal Irrigation W V'orks
in the oexeution ofP the Ordinance it Farrel of having In his possession t ,, o o o..
Unione oecStudyofNohe admaged
was doing so In some sort of judi-a and n T Studyp 0 cartons of foreign manufactured ot Damaged
cil capacity. He had to exercise r ... l c! g'rettes on which Customs duty With ,zegisd to the ,i.epi in he
his discretion and he had to andl ud it I ^ .. .. l i i wasw.eseravfneiegd le .ornl
could decide matters. There wals Audi' tFees Proposat l t12360 or two months by Mr. W J'Sunday n tt o,.'i on d th eod
ev couldvdeide matthe rs. Teire watos AAFdre [. J. damae in il' -, o. mal didsticit, the
eve aproison n hereglaion Adr the- First Police Court. Inforniatin Utt!iw-- states. "Nol
that there shall be no appeal from The Executive of the i K-n who pleaded guilty to the damage hamb, n ,,.done, to the per-
any decision of him." and Tobago Union of Frndl So- ,.,st said that "e had bought manent ",,,k ,-O 'td with the
Although these regulations did" "I.. .. e t.gaiette frOm ail Americai|Caroni h iigat on' sheme though
not expressly constitute any court, cieties, meeting at the C)oe(',i / friend to !Iw se.som tanpo u op'ni shave
the whole implication was that the" .Ban.kHall .Sun Sday l l:- Il 14-tbeen mad' \in t ,,banks to get rid

wer It did n wthea court or wl pno h' i u cri(o!-*" '"""-
wae ves. wTe E court or wi June 25. at 9.30 O'clock. li d.. i" owner,-of flood katzr q ii'icll. The water
Mr. Wharto.n..mmented that several important matter, ,ii, 101-' oodrm. R motor-car ownerlevelin t '.' hs been high
the O commissioner of Police was tile a proposal to ak l. ... e arned ve-s;terday tha. .he could not for a long ei (In account of
constituting himself a court, writ- t pay the whole )f the arlclln'AlLa i uthler*v use tyres for a the icontiikio,, ''s n itld th rice
ing to persons calling upon them societies' audit fees. Ir uPose otter than tihat for wnlch niisi e ii ieddaage." I
to present themselves before him, At present t overnme nt li 'pay's llftv wie it.ued, wh.eneMr. W. J .oneaNo

^S~~~~i~ e l .\'"^^ry nrlere the" [ors udcal; n id 1 Fe T and contended that whenever the audit fees of frleldl stt e ndre. rered the forfeiture of -
,-someone was set up in authority The inion's e'tc'utc, vll al.-0 ol his tyres and fined him $50
where he had to exercise judicial consider ruleb which thei0' t: Month.%' "imprisonment.
functions, that person was itcourt.of Friendly Societies propo,-,,' t in- Sub- or Harris, prosecuting, 'Barbados Schools
OBJECTION OVEIRRULED troduce, one o which aim ,I h.. ..tolda Bodramh
Iing gIs dIsN th i thi e--periodvderurin g hic tilic c; h tt th tl a ca T o GeM oeatf
Giving decision the judge bearers can hold certain IpostssihtLke-him-toand from work andT T o G Mor Staff
in part: "It has been sub- as secretary or president, to two ,wo of those tyres were found on 9 Trinidad Guardia;n Correspondent.
bf Mr. U Worell that no writ consecutive years. tai. BRIDGETOWN. Bt.bados. June
o ..oibtion. ies against the Corn- View of friendly society exec.ive -- 17 --Conseqet oill : hle increase in
SsIner of Police In this case be- is that they are niot polit .al bodies til,..,., ..)I)Ipis t ,Cmber-
*ul l hs is not acting judiciallyhand if they have ic'.onitidei(iie .11SlthotiIlii., di..pleasire ai his t.. niinbar ." .... l"' Comber-
't ministerially. Then In argunent*n officers' } L r,'- '",'(i I. "' ." r efu.al to give him a drink nre. Christ i .Bo Founda
A}itril -he'naruetanofce lis" O rrce- (I"t, 111 tt iollon, :il(] (,wl- rFo indtion Schools,
he further submitted that even if other words. all ,tl 'e;I hi Id a ,," we n s ale considered he had itoha.s b eel(I'tIll, .da t in Schreeoas,
lhe was acting judicially, since he With the approval o ,f ~' olr"''i oii ink too much, Einanuel ihs bta n di" i '"ff of CQm-
Lse not a court the prohibition e th resl4ecve socit. h ri.; hi- mmissiles into her. he| bsmet e t "%iki 'Ii'F'o'.undationf
Would lie, hut that I.eems to nit, to is a ,eiber "a i l .' ,' .i'iai'(I a q o bfr-nier., to t."n
be against the right of authority.{ I-, Ac:,cd of ry alciou:ly dam- oftn "i I.' '" i toha
Mr. Worrell has however admittedl-J- ii.. h otile ..icniture. -l a ded' .... .
iiUtilP itriMitur. he pleCaded Tnt' 4 o 'u*s-
at rather conceded that he was act- ,CONTNU O PROM PON VeOf.et (04. I X',te'rdaN and wa.s ordered to e Utn ....f "'i" for
tg quasi judicially.and l asum- the Comm issioner o, Po! ice tO- jiy it lin of $10 and $20 co..pensa- a vot, of t .the... Ot Of
tg t atn a prohibition would lie dicialo r quasi tidici.ai, in toy io Ion ." serve 28 dav t.,hle salari..
as It did in the case of the opinion th" sare It hiw be)(e(nd e-
Zing vs. The Electricity Com- cided by th litai, loousa 4,! I1,i hthat '" .............................. .
niashiners---asuming It does lie where t he General Mudi;i!' ('Coin il a
against a person or body which is are exr'rcising their Iouter,'to rv-
not a court, then it seems to me move a practitionier It,,o the tregi'- I, L'& Opene o a.
'hat there is no distinction In that ter, that thvy are actimi tiiti'i'tl]v I huge Sipments Just Opened of all
sense between judicially anid quasi 'rquasi judicially:; and I fil it THE LATEST MUSICAL HITS
judicially. difficult to dial ingaish that cT LEtrUSIC...HITS
"As to whether the functions of stance from the instant cae. I ON THE FAOS
IN NIEXT coti therefore overrule the o ain. '"hN F O ,m
J-- ---- 1 0u~ ~ UL.~gI,


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Wa defendant a avt b ore W.
upe"m Owln ys-ntayr. I& wbi*
ntam t ef a fe l easier .mr
of te leta Mr. ML J. 4 811L. Mr.
rest In (ha property W y01 of A
at his aWlesetioa t n wit fp-
sking thkt Ib bhe d121 C. Jud-
S Mr. Laus Whaton. for Mr. LaU.
told the court that the -A "
sought the appointmutotWf
receiver over certain ro saow
that the wrtt In the acdi cdlam
the spe Jne performance f 'a
agreement for the sale of the pro-
perty which agreement wa patI
performed by the prospectie pu,-
He said the plaintiff had madr
a verbal agrementon Ibnary I.
this year, with the late Mr. I. J.
de Silva for the sale to him of
Golden Grove Bltate, but before
the agreement was completed Mr
de Slva died. Mr. a, In his
affidavtt, had e'tead to his beln
in possession of the property
was responsible for Id debt.. and
liabilities. He was willing and
read,, to complete the purehas of
the estate as moon as he ooule get
legal title thereto andi would be
wing to re quisli psse. :lon to
a receiver appointed.
Mr. Wharton pointed out that
since Mr. de SUva died no repre-
sentations had a yet been obtAined
with respect to the estate wbilch, in
those circumstances, was vested
with the Administrator-General,
who was the only person. Irrespec-
tive of persons in possession of the
property, whom the applicant could
sue. When probAte of admintistra-
tion was obtained the personal re-
presentative would then be substi-
tuted as defendant for the Admin-
istrator-Genet '. But as things
stood they had an estate that was
in vacua.
Mr. C. T. W. R. Worrell, Act-
ing Solicitor-General, submitted
that the motion should be dismissed
with costs on the ground that as itt
stood against the Administrator-
General it wia entirely mlson-
ceilved. He said It was not thought
advisable on the part of the Ad-
ministrator-General to file a goun-
te'-motion to strike or the writ
nor was it thought advisable to file
an affidavit, for the reason that
nowhere in the documents exhibit-
ed was there any suggestion-and
there could be no suesgution-that
the Admlnlstrator-Oenenal had
done anything at a:l In the mat-
By process of law, the estate and
property of the deceased had be-
come vested In the Ad ilstrator-
C mnerl so that one could know
where it was. It was not ir. vacuoa
but the Administrator-General, as
such was subjected to certain du-
ties and liabilities. He was given
power to administer an estate
where a person died leaving a will
and where the executors renounced
or refused to prove It.
He was made a legal repository of
the estate of a deceased person.
but he had no power to deal
with the property until he should
have obtained either probate or
letters of administration.
The Acting Solicitor General
submitted that Lau had a remedy
bv bringing the executors of the
will before the Supreme Court.

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SGroup See Arms Win
-rG ua tee Of Freedom

I ", MA Whila holding military might ential
i( AdM natloit over the ant.i-Christ elaisma of I nJustic
the lstU n Science Board of Directors told the
n etlr d the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ,
as c Muassachusetts, that freedom is essentially a
"to be recalled only through spiritual understanding

asudiene. of several-
btua A S eentsts e- -
In tn character due to l Leaves
g^ .St~wupontrans. i Leaves
S Drctr c Stolen Towel
astermfifation to win the
advance evidence of&n
e "allatlon that "right-
under ams will not A akes $72
Suarantee freedom to A k s $72
-np .world is coming to rea-
gW was seen by the Trinidad Guardian Corrependent.
I ithe careful considera- TACARIGUA, June 17,--Mr. Ga-
given throughout the briel R Rodriguez shopkeeper
r ting peace, "that here, awoke yesterday morning to
Wo r peace s secure discover a strange initialled towel
a w ill be precluded in his, room.
Sprayers for our dear ones Very soon afterwards he made
service our prayer, for the further discovery that $72 he
our nation and for 1ll had left in his trousers pocket was
gind consistent expression gone, $2.16 belonging to his daugh-
day lives. ter, $4 of hi s wife's, and a torch
S lee that the triumph of light as well.
error with us is a sure The towel was claimed by Mr.
the victory of good over E. D. Sylvester, railway station-
n assured, and that 'the master, who complained that the
fa God is at hand.'" same night two packed grips were
tor' statement hignh- stolen from hi, quarters close by
tors statement high- and his losses included $80 In cash,
e'rt to the third annual underwear, towels and a bathing
Sthe The Mother Church trunk he had as a birthday gift for
de wartime conditions his son.
Ited increasing evidence of other residents here complain of
'owu. and activity, and their premises being visited by
Mted demands tor the night prowlers.
Mary Baker Eddy and ____
utan Science Monitor."
st Mrs. Eddy's works were
e risen to twice t Civil Servants
last pre-war year, in-
Sthe increasing desire for R -lc r sd n
progress in the watime Re-elect President
eVoliingz general satisfaction with
ent wh a made bynthe his adimmistration of the Assocla-
of teapon~tment1 of[*o1^ !1
S teeley. of Cambridge actions affairs during the past year,
iSet, as President of Te Civil Service delegates, meeting in
Church for the ensuing annual conference last Saturday
Chuh or lthe en u naninously voted to put Mr. C. T.
seedingg Mrs Daisette D W E. Worrell, Acting Solicitor Gen-
the growth of the Chris- eral. back in the presidential chair
thegrovethm ten hr t h- of the Trinidad and Tobago Civil
cS m ovmf tf em Se rvice Association for another
Slf the erection of the original session.
S ;io Te Mother Church, 50 Mr. Worrell. who also holds the
* d December, to the pre- office of president of t'le Federated
6Y, the new President re- Civil service Associations in the
n increase In the number Caribbean, will head the local as-
bnch Christian Science sociation's panel of representatives
frogm fewer than o100 ahalt on the Whitley Council set up here
Snago, located in two conn- a little over a year ago.
Lp nearly 2,900 today located Other officers elected to serve the
* e-xct. Association for the current year
-- ~ are Mr. C. K. Hutchinson. 1st
HfMI ^ Vice-President; Mr. T. A. Perry, 2nd
^Vnoo1Kewry IJhUD vice-President; Mr. M. E. West,
;T.U .C W iy'lu Secretary; Mr. G. E. L. Bowen. AS-
MedI A; i sitant Secretary; Mr. F. A. Duprey,
Wf U 1 r A ima Treasurer: and Mr. L. D. Punch.
; Assistant Treasurer.
GwardMia Correspondent. On the executive are Mr. A. A.
June 19.-Women of Thompson, Dr. A. G. Francis, Mr. A..
ora9nised themselves H. Masson, Mr. J. I. Superville
t,. cookery club. This was and Mr. George Habib.
u pon the suggestion of Besides Mr. Worrell the following
SimL on acting presi- members have been chosen to re-
Sthe W..Srn., at the formal present the staff side of the Whit-
of the Cookery Cent Hr e on cy Council: Dr. A. G. Francis, Mr,
at which M resJded. A. A. Thompson, Mr. C. K.
*9_ preide Hutchinson, Mr. A. H. Masson, Mr.
=-----~--,~- M. E. West and Mr. J. L. Super-
ii_,* vllle, Secretary.
SLawyer'sHome y, reta.
Br y Night Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
SM h l , CARENAGE, June 17.-Mr. Percy
OW Wa6111 valued at $30 And PhMlps, local draughtsman form-
S' boo* valued at $12 were early attached to a city firm has
a the. res.oience of Mr. accepted an appointment as a
SChild at Lady chancellor draughtsman with the Develop-
1memen F between Fridayl ment and Welfare Scheme in the
ad Bat4rday morning. West Indies of which Sir Frank
O Wlf is believed to have Stockdale is Comptroller. He left
l htranee by climbing tbhe Colony last Sunday by 'plane
0 open window, for Barbados.

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6- of LP5 MING

Flag Winners

rom .he hands of His Excel! ncy the Acting Governor, the
Hon'ble A. B. Wright, a First Triniuad Sea Scout receives the Sir
John Chancellor .'lag, won by 'his troop for the first tin'. since
the competition was inaugurated.

Air Expert

For B.G. Talks
Mr. B. C. H. Cross, Adviser on
air transport for the Colonial Of-
fice, wil! visit British Guiana in
the near future to hold consulta-
tions relative to establishment of
an airdrome In that Colony, a
broadcast heard on Saturday after-
nioon revealed.

South Nurse Picked
For Jamaica Course
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
SAN FERNANDO, June 19 .-
Nurse Bastien, district nurse of
RLb Claro, has been selected by tlhe
Certificated Nurses' Associrttion of
Trinidad end Tobago for a course
In social service work in Jamaica.
It is understood that Nurse Bas-
tien will leave some time in Sep-

Angelina Watts, resident ol
Church Lane, Laventille, died sud-
denly at her home at about 5.30
o'clock yesterday morning after
complaining that she was suffering
from back pains
She is reported to have sustained
a fall last Saturday while shopping.


Burgess List 1944

Residents of San Fernando are
asked to co-operate in the pre-
naration of the Burgess List by
giving information as to their
claims to be enrolled as Burgesses.
or by asking for forms on which
Lodgers can set out their qualifl-
Lodgers' Claims must be pre-
sented between the first and
fifteenth day of July next.
Town Clerk
Town Hail.l,
San Fernando.
13th July, 1944.

This wonderful Healing
Oil used e-ternluy Kim
complete all-rcuid aid came of
c. uts, buns, bmoe. ms mad straned
inM uw ootw i b g mtiMeptick.
--<^nmlimB.5e OlThcfo ds
yawur f-iy __st dMsr aWe-
ti,,. Used = k refftlow
for et, orid, t enchal alketoM
sad sibup mm thms-
Oat canaoan masn ad ofr mYa w .
er ftOtdv Ikp M
NORiOTH a13 "M Ca I
tWOess MBA

M Itdf E m

T'yre Recapping
Material Assured
The Transport Emergency
Board Is now able to rely on
ample quantities of recapping
material being available for the
next 12 months sates tile Infor-
mation Office, and lie adds that
At, is therefore essential tllhat
owners of motor vehicles co-
operate with the board by hav-
ing their tyres recapped or it
would be impossible to keep all
vehicles on the road.
The first large consignment
of material is expected to ar-
rive shortly.
Preliminary hearing of an accu-
sation of murder brought against
Horace Lewis by Chief Inspector
Kelly was continued before Mr. B.
W, Celestain last Saturday when1
f",(, more witnesses gave evidence'.
Further hearing was adjourned
ILLo july 1.

H.E. Praises

Scout Rally

First Trinidad Sea Scouts who
took the Sir John chancellor Flag
from Fifth Port-of-Spain thti
year and earned distinction of be-
ing first sea scouts to win this
trophy carried off the troop trophy
at the Scout Rally on La Fantasie
RoaB last Saturday and received
both awards as well as congratula-
tions from His Excellency the
Hon'tU A. B. Wrglt,, ARtIne
Governor, during the afternoon.
Ieut.-Col. Harry Dow, Island
Commissioner, told the assembly
at the rally that ever since the
competition started 23 years ago
sea scouts had been struggling des-
erately each year to lay hands o0
e flag.
Dispity of gytnastics by t.6
flag winners, feature of the aftei-
noon's exhibitions, drew rounds of
applause from the assembly, among
whom were His Gace the Most,
Rev. Dr. A. H. Anstey, Archbishop
of the West Indie.s; Hlis Grace the
Most Rfv. Dr. Finbar Rtn, Arch-
bishop of Port-of-Spain; Mr. D. D.
Ash, District Commissioner; Mr,
W. L. Mclnchlan, Assistant Com-
missioner: Mr. T E. Hutchinson
Principal of Queen's Royal College;
Major and Mrs. G. H. Simpson;
Mrs. Jame.s Forbes, Commisslonr
of Girl uldes, Lieut.-Col. E.
Erskine-T.Lindop, Acting Commis.
sioner of Police, ,riod Mrs. Erskine-
Lindop: Capt. Eric Glaisier. and
Mr. W. J. Andre. Chief Magis-
The Acting Governor, presenting
the flag anid trophy, said: "Col-
onel Dow. scout rs and scouts, I
should like to congratu'tte you
and all concerned on the excellent
turn out ,rod display of the rally
this aftc'n7iou. The weather has
been ari,,t st yoti but the scout
movement WatS nt started to pro-
vide easy occupation for sunny
days. You tiiv', overcome the dif-
flculties ,and it is to tlie visitors
here that A would like to say how
gird I am t, .,rce so many of them
attending. bitius, I feel that. thi.
movern'ili the stouni here repre-
sent tiredIs all lthe support ii can
+.get. T( haIs survived through the
war with thle help of tihe Deep Sea
Rovers. Wliheni, after the war more
elders locally are available then
I Hope It will rxpand to a greater
i extent than ever before
"I congratulate thp menibers nf
the troop which hs wort today
both the trophy aind the Sir John
Chancellor Fli; 1 anid tn thl troop
from whom I rceyvcd thne flag I
would sa wUh it. It aLailt.
'"WhenT I wiit e as 1 shll do
shortly, Ih iir .Johni Ctlincellor I
shall tell hlim of this occasion of
which T know he will he glad to
learn, for Ie h is deep affection
for Tiiniclld"

Jamaica Literacy
Move Encouraging

Llt,- ,r ,\ C:rtipajlstu iit .tamaica LS
sliuNit ig tcO rgu'( iiig ic.-.ults with
niore and llori ,t duit.s cleaning to
read !id wrie, 't wits announced
front Walitiington uovi. WRUIL last
Saturday eveninSg.
Tile hroadciuast told of Iteachers In
country districts iaking Itheir own
latips to the tilLage school to carry
on thi classes

For the purpose of removal to our new
premises and for Stocktaking
we will be


From 1st July till 15th July inclusive

While we are closed our customers
may obtain their sul)pplics and pre-
scriptions from our Branch Store at
the corner of Park arid St. Vincent
Streets, opposite the Globe Theatre.


W. C. ROSS & CO., LTD.
ones 4157, $, 9. Corner of Frederick & Q,.,,ii trees.


e do ...
Lv. 8.00
Ar. 10.00
Ar. 11.15
Ar. 12.05
Ar. 13.55
Ar. 14.50

St. Thomas
San Juan

Itead up.
Ar. 14.20
Lv. 12.15
Lv. 10.55
Lv. 10.00
Lv, 8.00
Lv. 7.00

For details of thee and additional services throughout
the Caribbean Area, consult your local office :




Standard Life
Asuranee Co.
Kstabshbei I. the West
Indes for f years.
Marine Square P..8.

Royal Naval Clul




I Vttmeanee



SADMI1SION ..... .;.... -1
D en. lady Members-FREE. I

- --i-i_ - - - _ ,



138 Henry Street,
S Thursday, 22nd June,
1S0 P.M.
Ilntrn-ted by Mrs. A. Pagazani
we will sell such nice dt useful
items as;:--
Double Bed with Slumber King
Spring and Spring Filled Matresses;
Bedside Ta21e. -der . rrored
Ladies Dreer with Cane death Stool.
Hanging Pree. and OhUd'- Press all
In Polished .cahogany; Single iron
Bed and Mattress; Baby's Iron Crib
with Spring Filled Mattress; Baby's
Enamel Bath and Stand; Child's
lo-Cart, Child's Rocker and High
Chair; Child's Toys; Towel stal;
Cyp Oval Dining Table and 6 c *air;
Oyp Side B. d; Cyp China Cabi-
Cnet; p Tea Trolley; Crap Morris;
Chain and lockerr with Cushions;
Crap Morris Table, Wicker Arm-
chairs and Table. Mirrored Bath-
room Cabinet Piece Linoleum,
Strip Carpet and Fibre Door Mat;
flectri c Readsi Lamp; Two China
Tea gets,; Chrome Cocktail Shaker;
E.P war, chlna and Olaaware.
Two Alaftm Clocks, Pictures Books
and Maiee; -Burner Stov.
M g Mahine, Enamel and Iron
FMW and Pans, Pantry ware. Brooms
ad Aadwe, Brass pot and Brass-
Me, -. Ironu and Toaster.
am oa view day prior to and
aisu of sale and TERMS-

Boyd & Hutchinon,
,, h uet~olteen


Digetio The Great
Digestion- Process of Life
Arute indigestion may arise from over.
eating or tie use of food which is difficult
to digest.,
But chronic indigestion, which stays with
you, ,causing sleepless nights, headache,
bldil" patna and depre.sed spirits, s
usually the result of torpid liver and con-
stipaton. Ths prtswe of digestion i held
lip and the body is poimoned by accumulated
waNf! nmatter,
The use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pilh. helps to arouse the torpid liver to
action, tIhe bile flows freely to the intestines,
stiniulating those, organs and soon every-
thing is going hne. What a pleasure it is to
'njov your meals and feel that there will be
vo discomfort afterwards.


cfaif So~S

Qiuik MeaL UidoA* R &LflqA

_ A=-=- -A

a e** @55 6e ii o S0 i 0 000 0|0 ES 0085 lS jOS S 0555e54
A five burner oil range that will hmde
practically any cooking br baking qul-
ment. Three large cook top burnem and
two powerful burners under the oven. Good
sie owven, lined with rusat Ing mtti .
Insulated oven top. Ovea DoE
Panel and OWv. ft" =kteaio^*^


401 BDMAYWA. owl

1~~~~~~- LU

Skptinq esoms0

I- ....




Dr. Chase's-' 'L"i Fv' ee yr p i I I s

fil/i 'I



li I

qqmnbAn 'tAJMWMMW q r .An a 5mt W- IM1t



.4, MNM wiRE

" ItotbitIM (Souariita
AMK iTIIjuuImmo o, LT

i 7m31? MOM. p814W4PnU


811 M1. uibic^alwM. Ml .4. fTt-M^hS Nuibse SlAK
w4 mo mof-w-% ma^ i r^^^^^woum swo~ ^*
L Kmia O. a .4 -" l M AVU% MN.YA.


Allied Forces Besiege

"Port Of Cherbourg
" FOR the German propagandists, Cher-
bourg, third largest French port, has
lost its value since It was besieged by the
Allied invaders on Sunday. This Is the
Sfavourite Nazi line to which Dr. Goeb-
bels has recourse whenever it becomes
necessary to prepare the German people
for a setback. Of course the German
Military hold an altogether different
View, as they will show by the stubborn-
n: ess of the opposition they will no doubt
offer to our forces trying to capture thia
Important harbour. By cutting off the
SGerman defenders of the peninsula, the
Allies have not only a chance of destroy-
Ing a strong force isolated from its
Bases, but of capturing a port the pos-
s session of which would help speed up
- the liberation of France.
The hope of the Nazi forces besieged
SIn the peninsula is to play for time, for
Sthe longer they can stave off defeat the
longer they will deny their opponents
the full flow of materials which their
big offensive will require. This will, how-
ever, be a difficult task, for the Allies
are believed already to have a prepon-
derance of men and materials that, In
the relatively small battlefield of the pen-
Inmula, must result in wearing down the
weaker side. While the Allies have re-
serves in plenty and a vast force of air-
craft, the Germans are cut off from re-
uMrms and are unable to provide their
gound forces with the requisite air co-
operation to give them the best chance
of fighting successfully.
Thus far the big German counter-
attack is yet to come, and the absence
of the Luftwaffe in strength from the
theatre Is interpreted as Indicating that
Rommel Is conserving his forces to
strike a powerful blow. It is probable,
however, that there may be other rea-
sons for this, such as the dislocation of
his communications by the widespread
Allied air offensive, and the fear to com-
mit himself to a major operation before
he sees where the new Allied landings,
which he is expecting, will be attempted.
It Is possible that Rommel may try
to rescue his trapped forces by breaking
through the line which the Americans
have thrown across the base of the pen-
insula. This, however, should prove a
costly proceeding, the losses In which
may affect his chances of withstanding
Allied blows in the main battles, handi-

capped as hel by the a
and mxterals In th4 We
The situation in' NO
for the AgM; and so, to
where the Allied forces
northward; aid in the K
where the Red Army is a
of making short work ol

V.D. Campaign
Widest Public
THZ campaign against
in Trinidad, now aboi
It be purely local excel
ning. It Is Intended to be
effort, and Port-of-Spa
not only as a centre foi
disease in this Island, bu
point from which work
sent to other Colonies.
the local start must be
meanwhile the various G
being asked to select i
will be ready to take the
as soon as it can be instit
Some indication of th
operations is seen in the
than 200 tons of equipm
of 22 individuals from th(
The latter include six]
dentists, four nurses, fi
technicians, an education
instructor in domestic sc
administrative assistants
operation of as many p
tions and interested Gc
apartments as they can
workers will launch the
headquarters in the bull
pita Avenue originally nr
the Blind Institute, and
by the United States En
premises are being e
modelled, and when reach
a diagnostic clinic, labol
pital for 100 females, a
tional department.
The procedure follow
eral be that outlined by t
Conference in Barbados r(
new decisions may have
the work develops and fresh
light. Provision is to be ma
itY of methods of diagn
ment in the West Indies, a
legislation, and periodicE
the officers carrying on
will be held. We have the
Appeals to prejudice or c
avoided and that facts
presented, and it is to I
there will be the widest
response to the requests
made for support and g(
Colonel 0. C. Weng
can Adviser on ther Cont
Disease to the Anglo-A
bean Commission, under
the work is LO c conduct
It will be a public health i
of the best efforts of Tri
rector of Medical Service
that it would be one of the
campaigns ever undcrtak
Colony. Trinidad should 1
such comprehensive pl
carried out to control t
venereal disease, which
flourished in darkness of
dery, and fear.

(9l.w. 9QOdA...




$9.00, $12.00, $14.00 and $18.00 eaci

Stringing $8.00

Net-Posts--4 Balls and 4 Bots-
at .... $7.75 and $12.0(
Net-2 Posts only .............. $ 4.0(


$ 2.16

BRACES............................ .............. $1.45 and $1.50
LEATHER BELTS ........... $1.46, $1.50 and $2.16
OVERCOATS .............. .. $8.16 and $Z3.93

J, Glendinning &


WLIIlte"Ieel Government Not!~.

M% It bIarn Italy,
are still driving t a T N E Mo UNIRT (e

-~TE D R -----.

Wifll ee occud 0aN d Hospital, Port-of- t,.,
f ---%{TI
aeI stliniuLL 0WASt agi.Th wJSan. ~prun

tahFirnd nss not conveasSenstvG OOaD Tak
-venereal disease m tRe o nt sIcra. hoaa--sh e c < B s al Cooi, u l...l
ut to begin, wil atndvnd to or tiee wir 'ee p re a s yal rehe't S" Jul, i. w
WM wi N e oe t lug h of nt e x em. -ap eor Te o e ota a l
at in the begin- den wey aof ter ao t. -5 t ie h i
Of astandlwd him. lac t puOrsunce aa

Sa West Indian PPr ah your home and utihe hoem ull partlcu9.rs as to Conditions Spain.e t ndmI
Sthe I epintned nen the out of Contract can be obtained at the an articles lZed I
in will be used side, thi coverng an Puupc
of otin l d aen uto reas or ta l ofsee of eW. H. Watkins and P t- j. t I m
control of the roof Pm le ae n ag thie oUMet, ners F F .R. ui.B.A.. Ooverma eat tssenul OitPs.n

l^WstIda approach youre Invoio Ofmmn Euop I&M' 1^ "-
,.Will Then b elr "tredd Gan the out- z I,, .,.. eti ttnao hirdsn- . nto o fl------"'"
tnhwillbe usedpaign dll me t over and e al other -^ he of lw th Thc e
sPaufingthn I o nve, nin the l Architects, 2 'rensury Street. Port- ad Extracs ete.c
it as a training- paitfirng stenonveranditence Th owt hs wilof .-,
wl lae i notifies the tenant that at the end of-Spain, on and after the N castT appear. go
.rs will later be of the month the rent will be uneThe said ood W
Incresale in separa lotl a'.'tfIft
Wed by $4 or $&, to eal
First, however, him to recover expenses. t w4 u e low the appra Insed eMar r er.
lncreued by 84 or 85. to enable ~Contractor will be r uired ~blwteapasdvh
Imade t1 e nx t three antis. the give sp of o8p0m.09e the pmid goods togtva fF .
made, though landlord willnsend either a veryh ive security of $8, 00@upset pricesmmayt) -i
governments are old man r a v ery young boy to do..... Tenders close at noon on Mon- the Depeuty Rega -e
ndiv idu al wtoo hoe wsewi oo theIsideorthe day ,the 17th of July,d1944. Court. Permission to 0
individuals who bornWith te result ht befomel pc the Bald goo
the s ot enters to be addressed to the ei
ainn hcu sre wrk an u d f f irted the ed by appointmen
training courseutemdns fe o Port -of-Spain, marked the se All further inf r i
n, mrke ontheobtained from h
:crq. Outside of the envelope Tender forbae f uty Regis ta
The landlord will then lt erection of Overseas Sisters' Quar- Det thm eth
re extent of the another visit to the house a d t iar o loni t atten Port-ao- OT1C TO
againnotify the occupants, that trs, Colonial Hospital, Port-o- V
arrival of more another $2 or $3 will be added Spain." I '
to the rent. No added convenience ERO L em ree ,
ent and a staff ies given there enthe u con- s ERROL L. DQs SANTO, Subutitute fr Admrl, Bi
te Unt an a t nu thet tleak. there is no wate r in Acting Colonial Secretary. THrinid ad T
SUnited States. the house, out-offices are in poor ate: 9th June, 1944.
physicians, two condition, and the roof Is rot ing. ___tcn___- bc c
Within another two months, the WORKMEN'S COMIPE1 SATION
our laboratory wooden fence which i ,s good is O
removed. and a concrete fence put ORDINANCK
al adviser, an up, and with it. another $3 or $4 NOTICE tI J
is added to the rent. The tenant NOTICE
science and four can bear It no longer, the rent is
too high and the times too hard.
s. With the co- The tenant complains-the landlord atnon o t |
)ublic organisa- abuses the occupant, and eventually Re-Death of (a) BOOPSINOH, a The attention of tN ft.j
u rn takes up the matter with the Rent workman lately employed with dawn to the fact that ;uim
government de- Amessment Board. Ste. Mlideleine bugar Co., Imports and Etporta omj
els thes He will tell the Board of all Ltd., which occurred o the u o t
enlist, these his expenses andfurther expenses" th day of May, lions of the 13th Ju I
advancing this as a reason for SEEMUNo AL a workma. n person is pertte o1011g
campaign with wanting to increase thee rent,. or ta Empkeyed a worinoda i
I; .. 1"aiouta tt
The oor tenant, not being able t d Sugar Es tates Lttym od wh Tdwhini t o ut at gi
dings on Aria- to explain the situation properlyS t e tltd wich t
leant to house will then be made to pay the GUder-borne troops Played big part in the imaaih of Hitler's cuired on the 28th day o on behalf of anY other p3gs*
intcrebed rent witahe toh rsult tha aFebruary, 1944. less a permit for the inin 8'
Incre asedrent, with the result that Europe on June Dropped noIsldy fro the skls, the men Compens'tion in the above At-t s
lately occupied $ to $12 Is a dded to his rent p ofta i C
16,. making the amount 25 to greiled themselves quickly inland and erased the N defend- ter having -en deposited with me rtof si
gineers.These $28 and tll no conveniencesare em rin the wa for raut wi n followed under Section of the Workmen's obtained from the oI I
added. Compensation Ordinance, the dt- Careful notice should b e t"
xtnsively re- What the occupants of a house Top Picture aows airborne msor who immediately o n touch. pendants of the said (a) Boopoilng thatM
dy will include really want Is convenience, and ln the groud, throws himself ro, sights his rifl sad prepares iand b) Seemungal are hereby r- fact that, unle aP i H
that is what they do not get-I ft r action. quired to appfr before The Com- been obtained, any p sl"JI
ratori, a hoe- think it's a bur shame. Painting metsloner on 1 r94ldy the 7thday of carrying goods on l Ul l
the o outside of house and putting In the centre pictures Horeas" the gliders ar called are July 194, at 9.30 'clock in thec ri BH
tnd an educa- up a concrete fence only would landing In formation. This is of great value I operations as it forenoon at the Court House, Port- when entering or learvin
Increase the appearance and value of-Spain, when the Commissioner i liable to a fine uig
of a house, but do not compensate g hall proceed to determine the ds- thousand four hundred de 1
for the Inconvenience the occu- stiffer problem for defenders of strongpoint under attack. tributlon thereof.
hed will in gen- dant mus t stand n Formation flying, hown in the bottom piture is one of the Proof of relationship of depo- In extreme cass to Ib
he West Indian I do hope the Rent Assessment dants to the deceased workman will Travellers should thdamg
Board will look into this matter trickiest torts e oa glider pilot's elementary training, be required by the Commissioner
recently, though and Put a stop to this racket, car- to be furnisheJ by claImants at certain that a permit ho buko
tied on by some money-mad land- the enquiry. Such proof to be in tained from the 0 t0 l43 i
to be made as lords. I have suffered enough t A the form f certificates of birth
the hands of these black market f and of marriage as In the cirtm- the i arrying by thand So I0
sh facts come to landlords, and now, thanks to the Air o n T o ps Spearhead stances be necessary.iage theirthec
Almighty, I am the proud owner Dtes be day no4 t.6.o4.
S for on m-of my own home. lledtisrthOa.yEourop.2
A. HAMILTON Allied Invasion Of Euroeg A. GOMr
Losis and treat- Eastern Main Road Deputy Reistrar. Supreme Court. E..j. om
and for uniform Brishairborne troops laned freight casr." They are towed by -...-
al meetings of Goods Transport Problem no. l-"t Inside France in the s "Ia dt aircraft to within a-Enlistment of Trades- informat"
TheGo ditor. t Pr oblem certign ui .d -a of their destiny uaEen t o yad -o
the campaign All fragile goods and all other arly hours of June 6. They did tion. Thereafter the towing rope
goods packed in cartons are trans- their work magnificently, at- is cast off and the glider sweeps Afr FOrce
assurance that ported by Railway at "owner'S tacking enemy strongpoin4t, noiselessly down to earth. Despite
enfltion will b risk." thereby, creating great dif- its size It can land In a very much -it WantedfToogerain
ficulty in getting articles to the shooting up defen(-rs of pill- smaller space than the average It 1s notified for general
Since the bulk of our goods are on a given spot. Its silence pro- has been advised that the local nt T P h
nowvweressoono recruitment of tradesmen for en- One Seven-tester 0U1
be hoped that now packed in cartons, apart from They were followed after- vides a valuable element of sur- listment in the Royal Air Forceban V
pilfering, much loss Is sustained wards by parachutists. prise in attack, for there is no has been suspended. No further bus In good mocha" OK.
possible public :through breakage, etc.. due to the engine-sound to warn the enemyee o u
cneenhnlnuytepreroaflitations therefore should be DIRECTOR or ci
which will be theless handling by the porters at From a Corresptndent a of1e approach. A glider can travel sent to the Industrial Adviser
wh i the-sheds. But the owner finds The Nazis first met airborne Up to 30 miles on Its own. So the until iurthlr notice: but Govern-soAber
goodwill, himself unable to recover such troops in North Africa at the be- wreat machine lands undetected; its men desires to thank all those
losses, and very often, he Is corn- ginning of 1943. And because these crew disembark and go into the who have offered their services _
,er, the Amell- polled to sell at black market prices. British airborne troops, who went attack before the alarm is raised. and also those who have been
To prevent such hardships, will into battle wearing dark red berets The astonishing thing is that good. enough to attend official
rol of Venereal the proper authorities grant our instead of steel helmets, proved ex- thesegTideE constructed priCi-tets.d TO
truksspeia pemi,, o rocedests.The candidates concerned
meican Ca trucks special perm proceed ceptionally strong, tough fighters, pally of light plywood, nevertheless are advised that no further action
to Port-of-Spain, at least twice a the Germans began to refer to carry a very heavy load; a jeep, will at present be taken on their
whose auspices month, through which channel our them as the "Red Devils." Their field artillery, or a complement of applications. In the event of t4"
p frsail goods could be transported part in the Invasion on June 6, re- up to 28 armed men. And within recruitment of tradesmen for en- IN THE SUPREME 0
ted, states that with safety.AN
DISTRESSED SHOPKEEPER glided soundlessly Into Sicily miniltes of landing, the men are lIstment in the loyal Air Force TRINIDAD AND
measure worthy Trots Forest. enemy strongpoints. ready to go into action, being reopened a further an-
On the night of July 9, 1943, announcement will be made. Public Notice 1icl l
nidad. The Di- hundreds of Britain's 'Red Devils" More Surprises? that one of the JAd"g^
nlad Te t-Cemneiery For olporo glided soundlessly into Sicily creme Court wi11 sit lI ,
I oremte Court wil at .i"
Ds said recently The Editor, *Trinida OGuardian' out of a storm-driven sky and Sicily first, and the European CONTROL BOARD at the court o
I understand that a plot of land struck bewilderment and terror Invasion next, phowed the value of NOTICE of June, 1944, at teo
a been donated by a Catholic for into the ranks of the defending Baitain's airborne troops in any in- forenoon for the
an in a Br'itish the purpose of erecting a cemetery garrison. Relentlessly, and with Vualon scheme. In the attack on -nli applications .W
at the back of the Health Office at the utmost daring, thase troopsE Itlerawill no du'leem tionsfro,
be grateful that Talparo. from the air together with pasoOn agai n that te doTFtt ex e sito f
I fall to understand why a corpse chutists of the U.S. forces attacked Is no more gly efficient body of hatthr-apreat the Sessio to
ans are to be should be conveyed to San Rafael and destroyed communications, fighters in the world than the United States of Americo of June. 1944.
for burial from (a) Mundo Nuevo, shot up gun positions and strong men of Britain's airborne dviv-A dne.II
the scoure of shotasevenro buisvatafou r ome ofBians irre v-
the scourge of about seven miles points, carried out demolitions to &Ions. And Not aicatonw11 h1
(b) Talparo, atboi.t four miles; (c) important defence works.I
has too long part of Tamana Road, five miles Britain's airborne troops are car- such aed liaateon
via Talparo; (d) Elquemado, about tried into action in her giant It is hereby notified that icences trained after the ",k
ignorance, pru- Aix miles via Talparo; (e) Mahaica, Sudden Deseent "Horsa" gliders. These are towed for the Importation of Paper June, 1944.
about six miles via Talparo, while by "tu" 'planes from their bases T r wine from th e Unte rSantes tofA .
,a cemetery co ld be erected at Thekr descent from the night sky and re eased some distance from ~mrc ilnwb rne oA .N
Talaroto edue tosedistances. wds so sudden and unexpected that the "target" area to glide silently tnose Importers who have been
Could not a committee be formed thaeelrler o peey di- t at.~ocated quotas for Tw/ine.
by a member from each of the morallse. Afterwards, the generals The "Horna" is made principatlly
districts named, presided over by Of the Allied armies Paid tribute of plywood. In Britain toajay. L. SPENCE,. :?;
theo paris piswthe supk-ep oin toe i-the work of the -""Red Devils." large numbers of firms that used Secretary, Control Boaogj N TC
chutthesfo tehupkeps ofd othres The comparatively light resistance to manuactw'e furniture are now
It would hurt no Catholic to Slb me bY the ]British Eighth Army at work asembling these huge Old Post Offce Bldgcs., ..
scribe 52 cents a year for suc h a mil the navy in the early stages gi~ders. '7 St Vincent Street, :
venture. Therefore, let's be reasew- Of the Sicilian campaign, they said, _________Poet-of-Spaln. Slum ,Clearance I
able and make ourselves worthy, wa due largely to the fine work . =Ordlina~eela,
BEA N.L don ,b thos glide-brn to Ps a is*h il 14th June. 1944 NOTICE is h
Tamana Road. F-8Og adAllied parachutists, n bhe3s dyofi
-- 8fel~Sicly shOWed just what could be UilL BO R to udr~cLnI
Th dtr Tiia urin"tinued without a break; new met- fun y Au ience NOTICE out n tl lno derei
Thmaie Eor Tin ida s urprise n bods have been evolved; old ones -u i tohe a phouigS
*InmaegTine dadrp~e nred ma de perfect. Today Britain's autdout Firkuany, distinguished Used Typewriters the Planning 451
ir. Aleth Gomenda Guardian" that airborne troops formed one of her adl pinit, thrilled an almost mission. 'r'
I= r AletOmshad been expelled most deadly weapons that took part caact audlenoe, a lrouin great
Pa yfrom thefo WetsupottnIndian rNationalI~ar.lTp~n the invasion of Noas-occupied enhsasIm, at hs rectal on Sun- It 5s hereby notified that advice A certified copy.
show's election, I wonder what the The British airborne forces are dY ~ ta h q~osBidn.hsbe eevdta iee~rsltoadI
hRome Office will think about some of the most highly-trained in "rI eO~eert Was etteude by His ma, now be granted for the Ira- to, have bs
thea- political gymnastics we are, the world. Hand-picked from Zi0elIliec the Hon'bla A. B." fromat ofe Unied t ype w f ritesc e f h
having in the West Indies. among many thousands of volun- Wright. Aetinig Govern r, andowttter somuhtltashymstb ysaly atd y onets prle-. fro those UniedrStats tof Ahm ericta CO-D B-Mt-l*-
shout federation, the next thing strong and capable of great en- The'osrammell w'ts a varied one, havnbenpllttdtfr e
left for the Party to do, is at the durance, They must be or~u, ~ selections from 'ah Used~t~l o Typewriters.wl Thesbe Inse cto-ih
n ex t ele ctio n to p u t u p a can d id a te fu l oab e t m a e1 1B a h U ed T p w i e 5 i l n w be r e w en he h
to oppcse the on'ie Capt. A. A. fusions itaiversatile bto ak de- MOmIt, Chopin, Smetane.. and leased and not charged against 4 p.m. from
C~rai thwl e uikl, teryatawlid.abyatit ilfppa the allocation made to this Colony ityi:
Ciprni.It illbe saddayfors~Poiie-aPiere oniht, by .the Ulnites States of America Dinted the 17th
then West IndiiesInftmyropanion The, main Job of the airborne Aregmnts have been made for for New Typewriters for 1944.
whnorpltiatfar reoin Is atak Termtnwa r. ]irsny oaprin s-
aer S et the hand s of su ch a p arty. tr o s i t a a h i a n w a r o a j e r I p -L. SPEN CE ,
.. i n attm.ak lIanmmim m v olal for stets on Wed- .mh

Port-of-paln re Britain's spearhead l'apl "swho n2, June 21, t the Bishop's Secretary, Control Board I-- i
) per Set P o opened the way for her heavier ih School at 5 pm. The con- Old Post Offlce Bidga,
C ippingBs Wforces that followed after in the Wert Is open to all students and to 7 St. Vincent Street. "<
Slpp t Wanted landings at Normandy. members of the Musie Associa- Port-of-Spain. -,
eoch The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian." Perhaps the airborne troops have tion. 14th June. 1944.
For some time paut I have been an initial advantage over their _____ -____s
engaged in preparing for publica- brother-units, the parachutists. SOLDIERS' WEEK HOUSE FeI
tion a selection of my articles and Since several glider-load of air- U,,
per pair esays contributed to the "Sunday borne fighter.s can land togather Tridn ad 1 rn F xernando
ttGuaolian." sIam, however, ham-in one lseea, it isder oar there Tm nidd Vi e
each. pred by not having In my posses- tohanfor the individual parachutist JFe18- 4 1. F
I Itbha titdmihtiWunit
.opiW of rl that mIig httd noaFor Barbados .
each. I I n the pro- ttr.. ing fores, w&. Thwe-sndOa l-,No21o,
Iunderstand that some kind l to a ndwer heovipr dmnt The n ritisda" Ouardiari under- ^ A p e f o
friends a.nd wll-wisherhaveprs than can the pasn ta -- N t*us a thatOS. A. Mellor At all parades and functions n "Im
served cutting sof theesntireer nt O y tteir ob t10 ft1 1 to dhnmiX Bt the r Soldiers' Week at San onilde
orlh alerf the. eonrabutlon. ble a on a B ot B t J 13 the peremonnal of the Rruiltiln s os
ueh helped If such persons would maini phero tfIe-sth t to mc w e ft ill to li Bealed offen g
4t y edme whatever copies WboItP and, -1. e ft 'A.s "M be present to Sly# a ll d~l
I gladly sen me* whatever copie sabotage and wotg. A 1ts 0e iW e q Law&tae Iinformation, not only to lIely re- vitedd*400
I potmeM, which I shaln Tate. The airborne troam a" ated i=I i. crult but to Mother and Fathers
S"us a carefully return, from their bases to tir atta' R &. MOWr. Mos 1 sad- &Wany1 other Intestew partiIIs. t R ad
Ltd JOE D.RANxZZs n Qe n-t sliU ceStOon cse m
St. Margart'sRectory, and OI lteuete6
thyUs bmAp-OWes M mFsuatA o

. . ............. . ............... .

-f- n '


dMinMister Strikes Note

ptimism In Recent Speech

i W the Oermas. Wiaeter
M : or the next, the
tAfie An iein peoples will
E or withdramw their
S te task which they
N our Anles, we will
and the end will
a terrible for our foeo
Sdr stragge eontinua
rloer this war Is pro-
SVery wImportont thing
MbiOM be gathered
S tide, thanks to His
MI aimmtataveu of that
r -ere in Rki de
fc w .H 1942, where
atssociated Itself
ow aates in stand
I!M am gtlad to see
I maror of the United
ad Brand, whose countries
jeading roles at the' ron-

,govR ON
Koellency's Foreign Min-
im there, a-ad general
i that the conference was
the speech of Senoi
dDle. Foreign Minister
who carried away the
by hs statements.
Spared, and after the
Iek uniched by the ene-
a long scheme of re-
and of aggressive plans
-prepared armies and na-
ue A t the outset. We
moved on from that to band
states all over he globe,
ered against this enemy
ib that peaceful peoples,
have time, can with their
Il and their heart produce
weapons and equipment of
eeuary for this fight.
g| refree people who have
pa to the world they can put
Sthe field men well-trained and
spd with all the necessary
IM of war.
Sives great pleasure to me
my my colleagues of the British
r and the British Common-
b f Nations as we are, the
warm regard we feel towards
and I drink with the great-
ure the toast to. your es-
and honoured country.
baves never been to Mexico,
shall be able to do so in
of life left to me, but all
ye seen and heard about her
me as one of the most
Ipartsa of the world, with
oltraditions of history and
Sclimate where one has much
lnshine than Your Excel-
SIs likely to experience during
Mr tay here.
SIam afraid our friends in the
tie oorpo suffered very
Inconvenience from the ban
w thought it necessary to
We thought it absolutely
so we could say after-
at nothing was left un-
Sto keep the secret of our
preparations, and there-
iWe had to put you to this in-
Ierea no doubt secrets can
lb-- The secret of the landing
rh Africa was kept although
Mlm thousands were aware of
any more had been aware of
o e.
.k both eases tactical surprise
e enemy was achieved, and he
I me Idea until he saw the ships
ofg out of the mists of the
pWag when he was going to be
ffow he was going to be hit or
Me he was going to be hit.
Ofhs great struggle, In which
Slaves of millions of men may
Waged now on both sides, re-
Sextraordinary precautions.
ourse,, we have not em-
on this great adventure
being in full accord with
Plmlan allies and the decisions
i in Teheran, and although
I 6ecution of the plan adopted
1 are far from being complete.
R hngb steadily unrolled and the
tu of this summer may by the
"rie of this Allied campaign
RM ful success to the cause of

"hur Excellency, It is a great
fre or us to come here and
to you and your country of
the warm regard we feel,
S prevented by the war from
s on trade and offering to
country many of those pro-
F.Which we supplied previously,
n Immediately after the war Is
W la0ope to resume and increase
L between this country and
VI know no fear; we stand to-
; we have our American
W fighting side by side with
4 If we are one and not only
R 4eh representing and help-
Heh other.
During this war, in the
JA Normandy, far away in the
Ofs of Burma, In Italy and In
t acin Ocean an effort is being
Sto achieve permanent co-
.ton and build up an organi-
' Thch after this war will
Pt-en the bonds between all
Stations and will succeed in
ai Pece, an organisation
WW not exclude Innocent and
arrangements between in-
nations, nor relations
the American Continent, nor
t. tions of the British Corn-

monwealh, nor the Internal rela
tlons of Durope.
*We look forward to a future i
which the rights of uall countries
will be upheld and protected, an
in which the strong will use their
power under law for the protection
of the weak."

Heavies Pound


In France
While enemy opposition in the
air continues o n a tow ebb, some
formations, winging to snot'theast-
rn France, encountered heavy
anti-aircraft fire, but others had
no trouble with the fighters or
Meanwhile General Louis Brere-
ton, announced that Ninth Ai
Force Thunderbolt fighter-bombers
were now permanently based Ir
France. R47 units first elements
of any of the United States Air
Force to take up permanent sta-
tions In France are under thi
active direction of General Ques-
ada, who established his headquar-
ters in Normandy last week.
Although it was announced pre-
viouslythat Thunderbolts based or
Britain were landing on thie air-
field In Normandy in the middle of
daylong operations to refuel and
rearm, today's announcement was
the first official disclosure of the
Ninth Air poret combat men sta-
tioned in France. Other fighter-
bomber units will move to France
close behind the advancing Alliec
armies, as engineers complete ne'w
landing strips.
Seven bombers and 16 fighters
failed to return from the forenoon
assault. They were all victims of
flak, which ranged from moderate
to intense. Not a single German
fig hter was seen. Then late ii, the
afternoon a second formation of
Fortresses and Liberators returned
to that sector of northern France.
separated from Britain by the
narrowest strip of water, to r nd
more explosives crashing down on
'plane launching ramps. This time
some bombs were aimed visually at
emplacements which had snme of
their long-standing mystrry scrap-
ped from them by events of the
ast few days. but bombs had to be
dropped through overcast clouds.

Bermuda Declines
HAMILTON, June 17 (CPl.-The
Bermuda Chamber o0 Commerce
declined the Invitation to become
a member of the Associated West
Indian Chambers of Commerce and
therefore will not be represented at
the Association's congress at Bar-
bados on June 22 and 27.
Mr. R. W. Youngman, president
of the Jamaica Chamber of Com-
merce, wrote the Bermuda Chamber
stating that if and when there is
talk of federation of the West In-
dian -slands an Incorporated cham-
ber would be in a better position to
prepare a cas for or against.
Mr. Youngman added that an In-
corporated chamber might be a
means of breaking down the exist-
ing Intercolonlal prejudices and
lead to greater co-operation. The
present members of the Association
for which incorporation will be
sought at the congress are Barba-
dos, Trinidad, British Guiana, Gre-
nada, Antigua, Montserrat, Nevis.
St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and
The Bermuda Chamber was of
the opinion that problems of the
West Inaies are not those f these
islands, as Bermuda has no export
trade. Furthermore, it reiterated
that Bermuda is not in the West
Indies group, as it is closer to
Halifax and Nova Scotia than the
Islands to the south.

British Lift Ban
On Foreign Envoys
LONDON, June 18 (Reuter).--AAs
from midnight tonight the restric-
tions on foreign diplomats in Bri-
tain have been lifted. It means that
these diplomats may now use their
diplomatic mail bags which are not
censored and manr again 'get in
touch with their governments by
cypher and freedom to travel has
also been restored. The ban was
imposed two months ago when it
was essential to preserve complete
security about the western front
Port-of-Spain group of the west
Indian National Party will meet at
Martha House at 8.15 o'clock to-
night (Tuesday Dr. David T.
Pitt, president of the party, and
othtr members pf the executive
will attend.
WASHINGTON, June 19 (AP).-
President Roosevelt nominated Mr.
Ralph Barb, now Assistant Secre-
tary of th- Navy, today to Under-
flll IIIIIIIIIII~llllllllllllU mllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIll Illl IW~q

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Turks Refuse Pusagg Ama,,,aria Slah~I
To emanAmericans Ssh Through E S L
AN use It ((Jtaur),- R Q ~ t n PThere is a* neeed u s N 1tell
ThO Germanes*e, 2Kassel, Crumbling Nazi ResistanceI _ASSWaIA20
which took part in the recent teoNANuy POM PAGE the d S and eningtlr .-
1- Cr~lneen op t& has returned
r to the Black Sannf t o l ing bag run C aon house to house fighting where the by pil trouble. We tell you am If
to theyfolowin er Allied thrust toward gn sad bttiq flcto d several days. yuon. ly0 aRE D UCEt DR S
Tar terourefu al o let r of heavy ghthcsf t On the southern peninsula front eMe it A ao a them i
pIS through Ut e nt er lks Aimn. r1 attempt 1 tPb4-0. Aeicuan units advanced south of soothe and completely heTl blinder
S Commenting on the resigna. m L ie.atedsau-t
tick of r,. K"a i m IWt.s s e PC-t ,. .OF INTEREST ON LOANS o
Ifron the dr. of M@ot drive by-pssin te M tebout on wt oe sector thaey two fmr a host of letters.
roa ;ock__7-ff furW^ ^ ^^sa OM king
lftero a Turkish newoepo F aore road ybothe r t tr hIe slightly.hOnceova r. a I4 :-.. u 1
Turkey Wish"ewtosdaptber turned pressuree upon La ay*d l American trena drove through mie. P ome am an e c aitm,
foreign policy to ev uits, boo leneck of the Nai rein- to the ae and r crushed tehe 0'* me only temporary reliefO a n it& from S1t.ote sif at 6% pa
~ ~ V fman Z oiy oo an S, ad decdedi50to U
the Anglo-Turkish Treaty a2 forcements. ee11ns escapee attempt, The ocr-it I =.n en th naO e Britain can therefore con- tt was learned at .H.A to- ma3 1 _adnochoe -t to try to conepi e ths erd of it l e 0war of 1 t he, a
fidently ask Turkey for any night that since the Oermaa 77th get back to the Cherbourt line f J plaint.0" e1 sai s pwwrds of mU fnk
S reasonable assistance. division was cut to ribbons resMe- rs. J T .ica wfrried. y- t el tilsk" a -4 ?3O'L'" FOB 3-
ay. in an effort tobreateSins Gismesn Commentator adwI .w rriet ains tr ever
th -e Cherbourg trap, the Gemans C n t 'was ,a nIutnded I to s &
Oro _^,,e o_ woas 0 comm.,0-d d to,... uo
have not risked another division tm o '"101 fe mm .mediataty I toutd n
-Pr p lle the attempt. LONDON, June i8 Reuter) quite fee o ttrt"l w.-. artculre alppl to-
Jet-Propel ledV (Reuter stated that the Oer- 8trtoIrt the & German commenta- Don' suffer )eB, as, -rifeI
mans seem very confused and r, said tonight "the enemy is do- destroying, weakenint mta wsry of
ndisrunpted by the swift Amtrican his utmost to extend his cor- pile trouble. Man Zaa wU meot
racot'P a'n(% advane). rtdor lo occupy the coastal strip stIrelt give you instant rdelf. _____-------------
r e y t r Any rush of German retnforce- between Berneiilo and L4say.', Sold in easy. civa.tm-t us tubes
R' Planes en t north would be diE. This endeavour and the determr- aw th swap l nozzle ppltlcate,. from j 0400011
'vler lg erO cult because most of the I-mile nation of the German Command all chemists.
I roadraydsytem from Coutances to L to frustrate this design and. If pos- An-
T Haye DU Pults is surrounded si ble; writ the corridor back from
(CONTINUED FOM-.O PAG 1)dla^& S ^^ kjA 7 TRY* 0 0
(CONTINUED FROM PAG" 1? flooded tidal marshlandsS- W a the Ame-leans have led to very
their propaganda concerning the under close air coverby tb al lIUeL leretebattles which are still raging.
effectiveness of the robot 'planes It great -lowlandfl ood"swab tn a-n S p
might backfirep aid South of Carentan equally eM loamediate threat to Cherbourg
The Propaganda Minister, Joseph be a handicap to any attempt by 7. continuous German counter uevuw P S P IRRE ED
Goebbel8' lat st lie was: "Our Rommel to smash baek Into this tSteka launched from the be-
pilotless 'planes will not decide the key town where the Alliedfoothold tged area alone tesatify to the 66S
war, but they are a rather hard has the least depth. Only 'ahead tr-nth of the German forces sta- DS5
test for the Englishman's nerves." on attack In this narrow sector I tho ed att the northern end of the
But the Nazis went so far as to possible. If there is to be a no- PILlnsula. The Americans have as
suggest that the "new weapon" ticeable Increase in the German lrtno notion of 'he fflicacy of the S.Si
might be turned against the shelling of carentan in ,,roparation lortiflcaions and artxlerv to this
United States, a Berlin broadcast for the attack, it is more likely to setor of the Atlantic Wall. 1 D eodorant Po
saying, "It Is to be regretted that, come from the wider strip to the "Nor Is there any sense In des-
I only southern England so far has west where the Ameriecas pushed Zribing the German counter-attacks
been affected by the new pilotless beyond Baupte toward La Haye r. as breakout attempts or sallies from t
'planes. We hope New York will Pults. a beied area. So far. they are
soon get a taste of the new re- To the south. the battle oontin- d"flitte designed to restore the r
prisal weapon as a punishment for lied in the woodlands some six mlle o rland communications.", t
the deliberate air crimes in Europe from St. Lo with no appreciable C n e tF n IT S EFFECT IS M
and East Asia." gains by either side as the German
defences stiffened to protect I et F n
.the midA-peninsula road unction. va Fund
S outrhel iEngl~land1inS.H.AE.F. described the oerall 31- +
The Front Lin. tuation as strengthening the Allied $53 344
Positions with minor advances; eNi$53,344
SOMEWHtRE IN SOUTHERN and that on the Caen-Tilly sur r c
ENGLAND, June 19 -- Once again Seulles front as a slrrton for the Ai ao- Pr totce-
southern England is In the front- opening of a big drve. Adding almost $750 to the ovr |
L line. Today more wihiR-d bombs iReUter reported late tonight week total. coetrphutorn yenter
brought over by Germrn robot that the British have occupied took the St. Joseph's Convent R- tR4p ( i
raiders were dropped on sout-e:n the northern part of Tilly and Ilef Mnd from $152,602.23 to L .W
England and several people, chiefly fighting is qoing on in the streets &$X3u44.1- i I
women and children, were killed of the south),The day's receipts, made Ip of
and damage was caused in places. An American war correspondent oamltions ran lng from s to i, S HOE THE
an amg wscusdinplaeeadhehdfrom the following p nr:on.
The German radio today changed said he had never seen an army A frod knowledfowd ng1 takeOE sc sf d v d
its theme abont the purpe0e o f a atake s huch swift decisive adv a oc, t. Finbr' 1oo1,
pilotless aircraft raid. After des-of a ea-through as the Amers t rou.c U N ITED R
cribing it as a weapon of vengeance The h a re eoin g e lt i redo r.,ie,.............S
and retaliation it quoted the B ar- days. They are exploiting the Alfredo Bernm dlg .......... ......... 7 ,11
SCatholic Organist.... _i SHINE
lin military spokesman as saying break-through to the hilt and not Mr. avid Mr.s j.ph S'Ahad. . I H
"the main target of the Geman giving the en emy time to recover Master ODavid lreman oo I. FREDERICK STPEET POR1
attacks for 'he past 48 hours has from the paralysini owS they Trinidad Government ,iwv"h mi te o th G .
been the political and military receive when the troops knifed Operating iren, h .. -,u f tM 9 t
brain of the Invasion- London. their way with stunning sudde- Ancillary Branch, P o S .4 y ,w,, "_ U-Itllll llIIlllllllllnle HIItI
"Through London lead 1 the ness across the peninsula. A general Min grnru'B i' 1 oi
Ltoo a' ef radse stream of prisoners wia seen slog-,,-- itne THOR/I aHO,
supply still^ ietfoc mer roads" or;; MAI nanr r WllaN~ ^ l D.t
thp troops In N'ormandy. Gemn gine along roads with Doughboys Branch 7 ow, i/h MIM t'
rhe o naissance has ascertained that overng them with tommygun s-rd Oom.munation ard Signtal

rewcwomtsleeshs 'pascrnes. these ewlidered epressleneon rthei r,)^r ;?l~? ^ S .S -so'''" ri~JBrC~ni
bwlee exrsin 00 ter Branch 7 'fill :NSAT11ONALIPRODUI('
all the nissiles have come dow bew ler eres Sre raonhthi'lrea Bran, .-.-I
well within the target area." faces. The roads were littered Collected b Mr. J. V. Rodr, qu '
From dawn toda fighter 'planes with wrecked Germsn vehicles and Ci srorough, seomo:
have been circling te sky over equipment. some sectors were ike Mr. and Mrs John B frrMv S20 Mr
t he sky overo Tunisia and ^adMrs. rnest X C., ts k ll91-
southern England apparel' co Tunisia when German resistance Mrs. V. H. Malloon 05: Mr V. Otls.v $2 L __.e. f
stinuig their wah f te n broke suddenly and confusion wept Mr. T.um Mann $i A "wee" f'rtt G governor and Colonel WIea V. Rattan,
tnw piiles t w eatch for the enemy through the ranks of Von Arn't l Mr. oureot ft M Is I.s trm e M..,I ii o T. ad' lon Wl V Rata
the r onlr flahnes. These are and Rommel' armies Weill-wlsher (o .w II: M- i :Y.
Ithe onlyr maehlines that are now wardi III:r q MomeinKiare s1
over from occupied France. SCATTERED R ISTAN litted from San Fernando Mr POI T
coming overie Lanrc e:Las." O M TA RA
In fact, fr tne last 24 hours there Within the past 24 hours, te Collectd on Mrs. M \ H Lemi-" ht7 T ll G tTARANTEEN
Infatfollte ctdoP "* H Te .,',hi
have len noreports of piloted Yanks in some sectors had driven $114.-4: Coll.eled on Mn M Sle Arei ts:
enemy .an croi t.. coast, northward ten miles with the or- eransdo t P.o. 2t PPupeso mmc | AN 8,
Now that Hit-er'a secret weapon m oans able to put up only attoler Cnl0tod by Miss thel MilG. M R A
has been in action for a few days resistance. Isolated machng Newtown Girl' R C. hool 6 S.C Ttt 'r, Co., Ltd.
It is possible to weed out some of and mortar crews made an eort qulilly Boys' Grterentrnt f th e R$T 1
the rumours from the facts and to to slow up the advance but St. Teresa u WoodbrMolity ( st 10 $2' Ne.-. .-
geta cearr they C (lilbny (military 0.) s55 nt ibisNanel,~
get a clearer picture of what is were overrun. The Germans arec Covnt o $3.37: Jennifer Lau $20.00,. Mil
gigon. The. word pilotless rin opllbc nw tw rds th~ei"il, If, 9. l$t.500
'plane" I based on what the weapon heir npreparedpostioonse Wonthe C tioctied by the "Trindad Guardian"
leks like: it is perhaps tislead- peninsula's great port city. o .0 ; n aa a rar il. ris' S.C. rhont5l5; t P
looks~~~ lieR~ .I, $14.00; Mr, and Mrs. Alberti
ing, suggesting as it does that It the high ground bWt six miles Amu $20.00.
is a machine which drops bombs. from Cherbourg. the enemyIsex-. OTA., .... 2..
Actually, it is more like an aerial pected to make a last stand fight in
torpedo, defence of the port which they
a ef-propelle container wish to deny the Allies. Released Officer
high explosive and is started on a Hittin northward from Barnes- R a O te
definite course from a distance a le, one ofh ts oe the p Po sss si on m
is anot expected to return, a west coast road cut by American Takes Port Post Possession Immediately
troops on Saturday night, soldiers
swept through Bricquebec. The Appointment of Colonel -B. C No. 3. SCOTT BUSHE
Crops Threatened eraswrpuinbckor- Allin, former U.S. Army transporta-
pidy, trying to get away from the tion expert here as Director of the STREET
BvHea Rain fast advance that they did not Miami Port Authority, U.S A., Is
Heavy _Rains even put up a fight for the town. announced in a recent Issue of the
Local food pr o Is tr at- CuLting the Brlcquebec-Valognes "M wi ch Herald". O 4 At AKN
Local food production is threat- highway denied the Germau of olone Alln, who has a record 3 HYDERABAD 40 ART1 I 'TAKIN
nd with disaster if prevailing another major communications of accomplishments as a port buildNo. Bookings at Davidsoa & T'
heavy rains continue for any route and made the Allies supply erwas assigned to Trinidad when STREET, Prlee1 .OV, $2.00, l e
length of time, Mr. Harold Neal problems much simpler for advance the war broke out to solve theP rit. Jame n F1 4 $kt
F arley, Controller of Local Food units who were fightingamothlpn ae-pn r-fSaSJae uz e | e#
Prductinyesterday. the Trinidad without Pause for more than four harbour, states the "Herald." He Is
aMr. Fahey, who made an land credited with having built Houston Space 1) (.u ourtesy of Y. De Lima

oMr. ii'ahey who;,, made aney Islandp^pogam f ui. __ .nn ^.^
tour last week paying special at- DEJECTa1, AND CONFUSED from nothing to a business of__S

mot ee ryntio pachd thr a navn wsmd l ln ODN ue1 Ppln d POE 5( ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ sMt
tension to the bigger food-growling Dejection andl oonfusion among 15,000,000 tons a year.
districts like Caroni, Penil, Erin, some enemy troops wals apparent. As director of the Port Authorlfy
Sangre Grands and Montserrat, They simply were not prepared for at Miami, it is reported Col. Alln No. 44 OBSERVATORY ST.
told the -Guardian" that icst od the drive which trapped them and will have "charge of all phases of
the crops In these areas were they were unable to react to the transportation, expansion, aviau ioutill l
standing deep in water and suffer- situation. One division madeR a marine and rail," and he will ha ve
log added damage by floating logs desperate escape attempt but wAs a "chance to capitailse upon oppor.
brought down by floods so badly mauled that it fell back tunitles which will be Miami's after
In the Penal district, he said, all toward the Cherbourg line. This the war." No. 10 PETRA ST. itcNraL ELECTIC CO.LW, 0
unreaped black-eye peas were com- last defence line before Cherbourg Salary set for the post is $12,000 .
pletely covered by the deluge, while will be the battleground deciding a year. 7,000.00 WoodbrookN
in the same district large fields of the fate of the city. Its old posi- -A S IN__ MI
ochroes could be seen standinit in tion possibly was improved by the PoN;W Ba To
two feet of water. Several rice Germans recently but already thePndT Play
fields were also ii flood. Americans are bombing and hurl- At Woo iord Square at the service of th
Likely to be hit hardest by con- Anr explosives ar enemy objectives
tintning rains is the island 'si i ex plsiesNOenmyobecivsHWocfSatthRs rv ce oft
pected 12.000,000th crop of eddoes e in te city of Cherbourg Itself. The The Policed and will perform No. 5. BATH STREET,
due for reaping between October city is not being shelled indiserLmi- t Woodord Square today f o Est enrk Str
s~ e r a i b o t~ nately but definite targets are '.5 ip m. and will render a select d f P r t e t I --
an Fbut r,,.Fhe one picked out ,such as fuel dunmp, programme of mousic.
on Tobago where severe drought tammunition stores, and strong- N.AVYC'IIEFP MEET
last ng sev eral weeks had left el- points.
most every field parched, there was An advance Was mad all along LONDON, June 19 (O~euter,. Ad- 'PIIONE 5367
a downpour of 18 inches last month the peninlsula front but it is not Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsey, tti
setting a record for more than 40 as swift as in th Montebourg area Allied Naval Commander-in.Chieof After 4 iim. Rn1 6616.
yas But Mr. Fahey thinks food where the Germans maintained a yesterday visited Rear-Admiral
crops over there w il not be serf firm line of resistance. However. Kirk, of the United States NauryL
ously hamper ed by the rains owing troops bypassed Montebourg and In command of the western Task e
to the porous nature of the sell left units to clean out the city in Force.e~e Q u rn

Your Glowing Cheeks Have That Crmabh Smoothness Men Muir.

0w 9



th puff)



inmtilldHilMiHmRM lll


&U. WSoAk

odd, Ltd.
x Seats $5.00




e Empire

DebI. ths ir,OGB.C. elocuicsle e*qtMe' us taMuiM mlI
aim of Meric. Many impoiteie omiadi- tube-i
Votn, elecrical seV-dicfarciir caro vesseb dies-h*t
fie, were completely equipped by the OCt. I
delewlal msnuhfsiwn is te Bmpkei Du
- probably no be a nalth hip ef warIt r at N
G.HBC. electrical squipenas.
GJBC forwm evey mtial industry b* r
-c~tude of sod tsk las uicusslzated a
(tepr~lu~oto warpniorm" k ii~ml
fce COiMM% ad tfco will hafltt eM l~i

*'L*C!klHlCATioNtCH '


Of IMM a
""w m i ViiiliiiW ;u'iliiiiiiiiiii^

Ami MM '




of 1% p.'aa





J N6 3, l44

.4 -


Talk Of Trinidad
m UeO on the Aetige O Othnw en b tetmnW Mr. 3. 3L
Sti5ns. the Chie Ceiotar. and MU J. U. DuX6ed to dinaw
OlSwd aferwadsWesd tle"rty. e nodybyaonu
'k. attended ther piano re tale by Rodolo frt. Bny at ,
Rtee Building.
17" U y
Show at the a,- Clr Club given by Me- lady mtob .s In
-ofthe Red othe Ivion Frund was a great success. b
a swubeautiflly decorated with hug' bunches of flamboyeat mnd
bar attendants wire some of the club members who did an
is Job.
e'ie was a hoopla table and bingo game whi6h was very
b &aswellas ia oooiut shy stand an le;; was bridgf or
who wished to WlAY.
Mlusi for dancing was supplied by Melody Masters.
Among those I noticed were: Commrander and M _. tt,
t Dare. DM wsonl Miss June Alexander Mrs. Mcwen, Mrs.
SRad. Miss Clairle AnduzM. Mss Shells Ball, Mr. and Mrs.
I V Rochford, the Hon'ble Errol dos Santos and Mrs. doe
Mr.S Jck Hutton, Ml Gladys Gordon, Brigadier Mawro-

.te, Corbin, Mise B. Lake an d Miss Jean Peake.
flEUPITE the fact that the St. Clair Club 4rew lots of people on
.Af Saturday evening, there was A huge crowd at the Trinidad
Ctron Cub, incltouding a number of dinert One party Included
SMe Honble Gerald Wight and Mrs. Wight, Mr. and Mrs. C. Geor,
s. and Mrs. Douglas Moore, Misas Mary Robinson and Lieut. Liddel.
Others at the club on Saturday were the Chief Justice and
S BluackaU. Capt. Seale, Lieut.-Commandfr Daysh, Miss Joan
MissDenys. Huggins. Miss Ton) Roberta, Lieut, tim Cardew,
Gordon Hamilton. Mr. Tony May. Miss Rita Vincent, Miss
Snhne Fitzwilliam, Lieut. Alec Powis, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Sls, Col. W. Rattan, Capt. C. 'T. Ioolu, Miss Jessie Rostant, Jnr.
msander Haasy, A.TS., Capt. Harding Clark, and Mr. Ostrander.
p C
A MONO those dining at, the Trinidad Country Club on Sunday
were Mrs. Audrey Canning, Mr. and Mrs. Ian coldie, Capt.
Mr. J. 8. Sout.ar, Capt. and Mrs. Gerry MadreU and Mr.

MR. DONALD MertDEF, director of Messrs. Huggins and Com-
paMy, Ltd.. who left here some weeks ago for Canada, has written
niy that ha had a very nice trip and will be returning at the end
tb month.
FluE date for the Red Cross Invasion Fund show at Perseverance
S Club han been sAt for Sunday, Juvly From early morn until
ater the dance in the evening the members with their guests will
S able to enjoy, among other thitings, switnming in tihe pool,
-and lunches and dinner. There will be numerous attrac-
Mach member will be allowed to bring four guest.s. but their
rllea must be submitted to lie manaRger as .sOn a.s, possible.
.Mr. V. Boons, the mansw.er, tells nme the new ballroom, one of
o largest In Trinidad, will be renldi in about six weeks,
0TaIMINO BIRD" regrets to liarnt of the illness (i Mr. J. C.
SWeir at his home at Cotton Hill, Maraval and Joins ith his
?wds i wigiing him a speedy recovery.
4 0 0
94 I NA TROTMAN, who Is to sing at Mr. F. IAeslie calve;'s
S organ recital on Friday, June 2:3, at St. John's, Pembroke Street,
4 8.18 p.m.. on behalf of the Imperial Cemt.sorshlp Red Cross
*vialon FInid drive, is a promising young oprano., aleadv heard
t advantage on the radin. She has pleasing tone-qtualit.i, clear
tion, with surprisIng power in her upper -ange when called
and sPares no effort in learniing to interpret her sings expres-
e{. Her two items, "0 Lovely Flowers" (J. H Maunderr and
sle' "Abide With Me," are awaited with muchi Interest.
'IA. and MRS' MACHADA VEhASQITEZ celebrated their 16th
Wedding anniversary by giving a cocktail party at their home
SSaturday evening. Mrs. Machado tells me thev col a collection
the ost beautiful flowers, including orchids. She served a
tufetupper and a "wedding" cake wis iiiut by her husband and
i Ief during the evening.
An orchestra Dlaved for dancing and the guests, who went ti
t0 Machados between 7 and 8 p.m. dii, ,no,' lI>\ 1tu.tl 2 a.m.
Among those, present were Dr. and Mrs. Carlo Rojas, Mr. and
Lr. della Costa and Mr. and Mrs. "Boy" daila osta, Mr. and
a. XNice*. Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Negron, Dr. and Mrs. Bernabe
1- Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso de LIma, Mr. A. H. Hamel-Smith,
Sad MrI A. J. Orsinl, Mrs. Lulsa de Lima. Mr. and Mrs. Catlos
laar, Mrs. Sandy Perelra. Miss Vyvisn Oomez, Mis F. Miller,
Mr. nd Mrs. Lasche-aam, M, and Mi. l.avrador, Mrs. Luis,
Arietlguileta, Mrs. Leon Vatioss.te, Mrs. Jiulia Roas, Mr. and Mrs
Sandy McDougai. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Domingti,e and Miss Ninl
and MWe ('We"lia Donminguez. Mixs ('asdlo s id Miss Chris and
M ia lI Cas.do, DI. andi Ms R.. Seheult ,id Mis.i Olg: Stheult,
Mr. anrd MrI l'Pank Peter,. Dr. ,nd Mis Jiniiier-Rodrigiez. Mr.
d Mrs. Sabre, Mr. and Mrs. R Beimudee and Mr Aid Mrs. P.
Ilermudes, Mr. and Mrs. H, Arrindell. Mr. aiid Mrs. aarrcciojo, Mr
and Mrs. JoAA Carrairs, Mrs Alberto PpeCz '"-li1o, Miss Almi'e
ioMahaloupt m and Mis Amelia Yrurets.



t'i.L 66 a


to P AgSI


a'd04 of t0 OalypW amre to San #wnando on Wedneaay I I
whtr Itplayed to *ig c rowd of people at the mp 11 Tbetrs.
-... l -l New of this sew had trickled '
through to reasdata of ean V-
"nando aft to ts p aeeatatle tis
Port-ot-Slpin, and peope in the
South from all walks of life aflocked
to me It and form their own eo-
It certainly was diff t from
Sthe usual run of stage Shoe. =
the audience appeared to appreci-
ate the fact and to enjoy the novel-
ty of it.
The sponsoring committee must
have been very gratiflid at the
attendance, and there is no doubt
that uas a result of the performance
a goodly sum will be available for
the War Welfare Fund and the
American Red Cross.
Among those present were Dr.
S and Mrs. Roy Krogh, ArchdfMon
F. J. F. Streetly and Mrs. Streetly,
Miss Brown, Dr. and Mrs. Kugler.
Mr. and Mrs. Ken de Boehmler, Dr.
and Mrs. Roy Richards, Mr. Pat
Date, Dr. Norbert Bain. Mr. and
Mrs. Richards. Mr. and Mra. Arthur
Vathews, Mr. Rvay Palmer, Mr.
Gerry Traylen, Mr. Alec Brown.B
3 SMr. Michael Dolman, Mr. and Mrs. N
Pocock, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Par-21
sons, M'r. and Mrs. H. Taylor, Miss S
4H. Pollonsis, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Burge, Mr. P. Jacob and Miss E
Carol Gooding. La
day's Diary.

1 New Englanders' party, U.S.O,,
Tuesday, June 20 at 8 p.m. null
dForthcolming Events Int

4 d Concert by Police 'Rand, U.S.O,
"A f Thursday, June 22 at 8 pm.
"Something to Remember" Em-
The vIuil well-fitea wo-ple i pirp Theatre, at 8.30 p.m., Wendes-
suit is attrathie in ahlnid t any day, June 28. -
wash fabric. Make It up for Dance at Portuguese Assoclation, L
business wear, for shopping or July 1, 8.30 pim. :
for casual sports wear. The a ft, Di H a, a
big .itarei collar, done in or- I Grande fete, Drill Hall San. er-
gandle, provhkf the refreshing. nndo, Saturday, July 3.
cool tomc'h so newhid in hot i Dance at Ste. Madeleine Club, Si
weather. Saturday, July 8.

Radio Programme

o0 N*'e T'rne V -v a i, ew G C. T aNew,
1i Fi,! W irings VIS a Musical
: .1 M.'hs atIlI M;-neAs Hym"ns from Horn
.. ~ tl~il,'ASaiwagoni

6 {10 s' .' ... ii',l, .. O, ),,,,%11
On, p,,s,

:tn ,, GrN ,,
19 ,.t,,, a,

W Il N.-a N l

l I t t 'r I fir l
8 :0 .+ ..N w
1., Band:r~ ?lJn, HpL
:10 i .

,o Aoiirn
s' I A Lnin
Bob Hope
,,i Moly rnrt and Alle
r Mi.tec 5 Molly BNirna and Aliea

i Tn!*rrlew

rirk Rpi"rter
i' H"rnei

,*r.i;! I'r,, l'' lS

OrN M psms~
Mi PO al

Music from America
room in Review

latin Rhythins
One Nltht Stand

Night Owl Club
No 0Iurns.


meIm wiLASB~
.E fl 0. I W ,B .
ffiIf oc^L-
TpRIti K,.4S

A- 21 opTPuNrry Op
LeTIME..' Zea.
>,nxTlm oB wu cuijouo I
Wfl. MINt M
"1e.s'"0 c

l4ATIW4TTOUeST'l) isva ? #4^ "
wrsm^KWIDO ftis4ull



L L : --E
1 mAI.0' l"W,,.AII |=
^B -^ p I* uicaim ...L. ii

Plus M-G-M's Special
: Anniversary Featurette:-
A20 Years After A
lInvasion Special

TODAY 4.45 8. M p.m.-
A Universal Double! TODAY at & 8.30 p.m.
1st Dick Foran, 'tobert Paige F.:- Indian Muscal Masterpiece:
HI BUDDY and _
2nd Johnny MacBrown Fussy Acchut JKanya
Knight In:- ___________
TomorrowT:8.15 p.m. Only-Maltee I I
Falcon A Blues in The Night 'g_ o t

TONIGHT a 8.0- EmptV-
Metro Ooldwyn Mayer Presents:
ieanette MacDonal, Bria Ahems. Just Been Renovated and
Ian Hunter In:- Painted
2nd Johnny Vvedsmuller, Maureen
0oHara, Johnny Sh effld In:.- 40 Alfredo Street
Tomorrow:- RIO RITA The Keys Awat You

Lovely Building Site I
Mss a *W aa.a sam.M b", Avor. One Acre, plus One i
f u M o w, T- ti Dwelling House ouposlte S 3%
tws tas as es imaom sde 0taMo iu mile post. Petite Valley. (Near i
wag aI0%stti, e a Garden City Parm) Diego Mar- i
5 %s. e m9, tnL Call for full particular s
maseRe 00. P. NUOQINS &.W. LTD- -
Toeshens ml- 13 1 4, .74 5sou" u U
15 Pelham St,, Posesslon $2.80
ilIiIiIIIIIIIIIIIflf Ih lIIii IIfIIi11IIIuiMiltuMlii 16 Luls Street ....... $6000
(THE BRITISH AND New Cott. c cascadee
modern eonveniencese-Chean
ALLIED MERCHAN1 Lovely Bunalo,. Long
Circular Road .... BSrgalin
S NAVY CLUB 16 16 Stanlslau Place .
--Best Offer,
NATIONS. O'onr rt'-vacant
ST. ANN'S ROAD 20 Roberts street...
Island House. Monoa
--Mmnaree ..
Tuesday, June 19 Alfredo street ..
1 p0i.m. 2 Brand New .Bunialows-Near
C I N E M A Golf Couorse, Mraval.
A Unlimited number of passes to
local cinema theatres aaluable Full List at Oace.
to merchant seamen an appll-
cation to the Club Manager.
Current landing permit to be I
GLEE CLUB List WW w or Ma withu
Tonight at 8.30 LOUIS ILMAN
For M eeant N vy m x ,
at the WOMAS
Cemlents* HUe, St. An2 CharmetI L. *The IM
S "Theme 811.

Tody A TemMrrew

Special Extra-
A New Fox Movietone
News with further ac-
tual scenes of THE

Y-Mt N5e~ eft:



rc'~r I



TODAY-Lost 2 Shows

en mu
am va

lll i iilf HIliMi $mIm$I l MlU ,linhluNuNmMluuuulnl wn l^,^ nmCor int Soon-R ( omig oo,.
E MP IR E = TODAY at 4.45 and 8.45 p.m.-Last Showins

1'ow only- Starting Thursday = = MARY LEE In


Tomorrow, 4.45 & 8.45--i
(By Public Demand)

tThe nUre Sarl)
___________-45--80. >g--M.
Today, at 4.45 and 1.45 p.m.- Tonight at .30
FIrst Pat
G A I E T Y-(San F'do.)
TODAY at 5 & 1.30 p.m.-Double Programme-
STARTING THURSDAY, 4.3 & 8.30 and ContinuIng In~sA*
Alice FAYE. Carmmen MIRANDA and Benny Goodman & OrA
In Teclnieolor.
The Gang's All Here or The Girls He Left Beh11hrf
Miiiiiii innliiiiimim i 111inamiiiiiil niinl~luillll ^^^lll

Ilialto Olympic Londo
The Latest Ivausion News-N tm'E?
Shown In the City.
(I) Brfthh Glider-bornme Tro Land in France
(2) Open Beaeh Fightifng to Remove Wounded. "
(3) MereMesa Pounding of Invadon Area During LaO IN5 '
(4) Bridge Between Invasion Co"t Mand PariC Get It, Wi I
(5) More Than 10,10 German Prisonern and Th*u M
Captured with Aid of French. .
(8) Elsenhower Confers witt Montgimsery.
(7) Wounded Return to Engh f Poerts o

L 0 N D 0 N--mOR T RANGRs. an W'U#a


OI)AY. 43 and 3.-Warner Bro.' Double-

with Jeffrey Lynn and
PriacDms LAWe'^ SS~l

Sat--BATAAN; mnday *

nu~Ihfl ~llB IfltWffiMlN'1U

IInl M ilo w

NEW San Fern
TODAY it 4.45 & 1.$$ p.m.-
Warner's Momnster Double:



TODAY at 5 & 8.4 p.m,-
OODY(In. TmehWllm"W)

A 3113 2
Pi= o

I im kIIh4imwApra

|THE COVW GIRLS MiWi r re* Noy by Mo.. Sot O
IA *O5cM51l FICIViS sWaU MM Wdsm DNrssftd by OtA||

I GLOBE-Sam Juan. .
_S mlflh, I Illlnlllf l I,|IS |,,,,llI,,,,AI ,Nll,,Slll .llllfl.. iun..,lUmuin,d ii Jtrnigng Iini, ......... ...

F -

'Land Of The Calypso'

Makes Big Hit In South"


lIIUII NHISInMilllIIIl|IHI||{{llroll



/az ____




s Kayoes Linton In 50 Seconds
I .J

Mc Kell Wins Award For

t Boxer Ii South Tourney

mftUJDQ, JWm 18 Au"e faba" Adst, frmnidad's
l- l|1lmnm knocked Hamry Lion, one of his
Brmtt. o tt afater onl17 M0 soonda fighting, when
I Mul"iate at in tbm ain bout Oofa attractive sasw t
Wan We% a atrday night.
Mg lrt -blood:" ht-*--------

w a s atst right
aughtL Union at the
jaw as he was moving
Sthe blow though it ap-
a to have bemn squarely
r sufient to keep Lin-
i for at inst ten minutes.
L when he came through
dto Promoter Cedric No-
hoput on the aho'- In aid
.oumern ribbean Forces
ltund, that he had enough
and was quit satlsfiled.
crowd turned vit to ae4
fig his firs battle at
i the amateur king, fight-
Louis" style, left them
y flabbergasted with the
disposal of his opponent,
I bouts spotted the clev-
MeKell, Hernandez and
Iawrence Assaen. as winners,
gbrradiin was held to a draw
rsles Baptlste; "One Punch"
was kept at bav by Ernest
sad Joaqulm and Boyce we
a even contest.
MoeIl beat Joseph Raamao
fashion, though Ra-
not punished severely. He
U Wdby nig opponent,
ring craft on the whole
|too m.ch for him.
won a special prize for
beat boxer for the night.
Boyce. of .he Southern
nForces lost to Herrain-
a foul in the third frame
I four-rounder.
b butred his opponent just
fusMe oellizeau was getting
both men.
Sbout had the promise of be-
Ia real ding dong tussle. At
k, o were the first two rounds,
of which went to each boxer.
1m won the first easily, Her-
I the second in like manner.
I as the crowd was settling
If to see a keen struggle, Boyce
Ce Barmdas-Baptiste duel was
ltB one, and so, too, was the
M-PUlgrim contest, except for
Slt stanza when the navy of-
I wave his rrmi some clean clear
_iow, to score an euasy win
grai lost through his inablll-
to tee his right hand. which al-
l found itself in Assam's face
It coaxing him.
Mar the tourrmnen T ieut -Col
NO distributed the prizes to
6 0 dges were Mr. 0 Harte.
I M. A. Ford.
M i referees weit Dr A Dymond
A. R Gelllseau.
I. L. Jaggernauth v.s the
wtor were the results:-
M3 Adams (821 kayoed
y Lintont <181 in the
nMce Assam outpointed Oeor-
rL Pilgrim.
tk Barradas (142) drew widh
CaOrkis Baptist e i151,
I McKell won convincinglv on
Units from Joseph Ramao
Nunes (141 *w with
ne-punch" Holder 1I+8,
U8111andez, middleweight, won
01a foul from C Bomce.
drew with Boyce.

arigua C.M.Win
ier-School Cup
IM Guardian Correspondent.
June ,.7-, Taowigua
School. of which Mr. Bally
HMlsaher, annexed the coveted
7 Johnson Cup fur the inter-
el cricket competition, when
Defeated St. Joseph Boys R C.
IN by a wicket and four runs,
he Tunapur.a Recrealtlon
! on Friday.
_g>_on a water logged ground.
C-sN R.C. were dismissed for
MBe due to Tacarigua C M'a.
ktie and Teemal bagging 5 for
P 4 for 13 respectively.
t CtM. replied with 4
Huttle 110. while A. Sea-
.tor 6. L. John 3 for 10. L.
hdes I for 3 and L. de SiLlva
I were the most destructive
E"for St. Joseph R.C.

I PiasaB's VsisBtle ONA
__b ma-e *BS- s-ia lor soMee
r- ieve periodis pain with
nofm bluei Isslt m s
rIyghelpsbe up
iiplllum onthl 1,utaoa
ltt mips pM Uw

Doult eso4* wim

Cmysu m N S.

5sglmnal asdu--

with a right pper-cut,
aan solo punch had
impletely out of the pc-

Injured Horses

Back At Work

On Savannah
From information gathered the
thunder or electric storm appeared
to have struck at the. ddock with
some violence on Saturday last,
for not only horses, but a few peo-
ple as well received injuries from
the sharp unexpected attack,-
happily not with the same result
suffered by the ill-fated Salvador,
which was found dead in his box
s"on afterr the Incident.
A friendly trainer explain -.d that
he was resting in one of the stables
when a terrific cracking noise ac-
companled by a blinding flash of
lightning appeared to 'ave en-
gulfed thle entire paddock.
Jumping to his feet and looking
out ho saw grooms rushing helter-
skelter to various stables, in their
endeavour to quiet horses which
had become terrified, either by the
su'lenness of the deafening peal
or touched by some electrical ray
of lightning, if thoxt was possible.
Two ladies, chatting with a
trainer at the northwestern end
of the enclosure, were reported to
have been thrown flat on the
ground, while another complained
of a shocked -.lght arm, received
when about to turn on a pipe. It
is alleged that one lady was con-
veyed to h. .pital.
However, to return to the horses,
it gives me great pleasure to write,
that Sugar Lady, Sam Lord, War
Lord and Akbar, victims of minor
bruises, are none the worse for
their experience and have all been
since seen under saddle.
As most stories carry their hu-
morous as well as their gloomy
sides, I fancy this a good one to
relate: another trainer told me of
the effect the Incident took on his
string of horses.
He appeared very perturbed that
one of his fillies, game, honest and
a good feeder, had becc e so up-
set that she left her feed-box se-
verely alone for the balance of the
afternoon, while a 'far less popular
innotte of his barn-roguish, head-
strong and a poor grubber, attacked
her rations '.h such gusto, that
It left the gentleman wondering
whether electric or thunderstorms
might not make a genuine race
horse out of the disappointing per-
On Sundrxy morning as the clerk
of the weather just turned the
tan on and forgot it trainers' plans
were subject to hasty adjustments
-hard held pace work being the
"order of the day."
A vtch was useless under such
conditions, but Sunshaft and
Greenwood who raced far below
their best form t, Union, are show-
insr much of their December dash.
Only Speed Tra' worked fast
yesterday morning. When he
stepped the ltut threw, of 3' fur-
longs in 42secs. uOhill.

Girls Urged To Take
Interest In Cricket
Mr. Nelson Betancourt stressed
that girls should take a keener In-
terest In cricket, and expressed the
hope that Miss L. Constantine, sis-
ter of Learie, the famous West In-
dian cricketer, and Elias Constan-
tine should also take to this game
more seriously, at a meeting held
on Saturday afternoon at Mr. W.
James' residence. No. 10 Erthig
Road, Belmont, to discuss ladles
He recalled one of the best wo-
man cricketers of former days, Mrs.
June Welters who he said lent
her entire support to ladies' cricket,
and asked the ladies In attendance
to follow In her footsteps.
Mr. Betancourt also said that one
of the most colourful girl cricketers
at present is Miss Contantine., and
hoped that she would take more
interest in this line of sport, which
Is now fading away.
Mr. Z. Payne, manager, and Mr.
W. James, secretary, were present.

St. Michael's Apart-
Saturday, 24th
June '44
1.30 P.M.

0 M W
R. Drown ................. .. a
S. Ottley .............................. "1 1 1 S 4

82a Queen Street
Friday, June 23rd
Instructed by Col. de Bolslere,
Messrs. Armoogan and Ftrestone
will sell by Auction a quantity of
very good Furniture, as follows;
6 Rattan Arm Chairs and 3
Round Tables to match, Extension
Circular Dining Table and 9 Chairs.
Centre and other Tables; Oarved
Wood Panel; China Cabinet; 6 Ex-
cellent Carpets, good colours: Side.
board; Morris ChAi with sprin-
filled cushions; Writing Vable;
Brass Ornaments; Books, Double
Bedstead with Simmons Spring and
Hair Mattress; Cyp Press, 2 Cyp
20 Barbados rush seat chairs, Ma-
hogany Hall Table, Wood Bedstead,
Spring and Inner Spring Mattress,
2 Presses, New Wood Bed, Spring
and Mattress, Framed Mirror, 2
Dressing Tables with long Mirrors, 1
Dining 'able and 8 Chairs, 2 Prim-
us Stoves: 2 Tennis Racquets and
Frames, Crapeau Press, Cooking
Utensils, Sofa, 2 Canvas Folding
Ohairs, Lamp Shades, Electric Iron.
Inlaid Indian Table. Settee and 2
Easy-Chairs, Spring Seats, Baby's
Stle at 1.15 p.m. oe Friday,
June 23rd.
Goods on view any day same
week. Our usual conditions of
Dearles, Limited







AFTER DISTRESS in 10 Kilo Tins
Wbdtiineuls- 'ubmy-H-. .
wClhsow Cor es
^ Crown Corks

DywdT.UH .-- mse h. e



4oz.-loz. & joz. Sizes

Anmuony Keuny&Co.
3n -o g

I. Ruiilng 5 .51% 0
S ................................. 12 a 2 4
A'. yne 2 37 :1
A. Durity 1 0147 1

Just Received



"Old Chum"
"Raleigh Plug"
"Raleigh Granulated"


'Phone 5212.

Toll Gate Whip Naparima In

One Day: Win Rahamut Cup

I BAN PIERNAN0, Je 1. It aterptling T U Gate catted
& new first class cricket record, when they defeated Naparima on the
opening day of their three-day xture on 8aturda., to win the tRa.
bamut First clas Cricket Cup ompetkuon for 1%44. Toll Gate made
2 out of a possible M points, and were victims to Polic in their
initial e aement thi s e" .
The sipet .Alar. on*-dy -Toll --. -I M t,'";--
Gate victory should bring the 5.j- L L A, T-'u ou . "IS
hamut cup games to a close, as M Nuaerj smithI b sek. .....
rain has e,. to make playi A tw D AtwSll b ealk .. ............- S
fie db"W! M R--ae -a'y .a.... run out ................... _
fields somewhat difcult, and the L otteyn s o ut........................
S.remaining fixtures have nothing H. ktalmalow. c samaah b Seitke .... S
b individual jrfetigt to contest. 5 C.1Aushlt Wt oa, .2
S Ruthven o'.M land Sidney Ott- A. MOhmsd Ibw. b O.era.......... 0
ley. Toll Gatel opening bowlers .A un o ..............................
Cein l* -h h4T d Ieft, responsible for Naparima's A. % S u not ut ....--1.....-.......
a '" e T? 1 e -" s lu totls of 20 and 43 2 s.. .. .... .. .............. _
hAndu, together wit. A. Trt. while Brown's contribution of It Total ......................................... ..
trail and C. Wood, bowlsd aUt runs and I. Phillips' 15 enabled DOWLINe ANALYSTS
InvineibL- foriusrain the thenew chat. Iions.ton ake 7, a o M f W
Bonansa final on Sunray. total which proved too much fot ..... ........................... 0O. 0o ,
--*-~ ~ the students to make in two at. Ae ...*..r............. 0 2 i
te pt .B. herua ............... _...... .... 4 0 13
Itempts. A. SmIu . 3.0 11
I vin l Brown bowled 10 wickets for 12 NAPARIMA-nd Innings:
Browvinwedb1lwicetutor IL alrd b Brown..........
runs and Ottley seven for 25 runs.A. st SMa t bBrown
Giving his most outstanding bat- Seebwa b brown ''"
1^iFor 62 R uns In tint perform 'cc for the season, ....r..own .. .... ..
Police's Leare Green hit up bril- aAmerallI 1 b Ottley
St lian t 105 runs of the Constabu- D. eoaike o AtwIi b otley
5onlnzaa y's 236-run total off Promenade's x sam Ca A ab Ottly I
IBVnanza oi k runout" 0
Bona a F 1I bowling. a. RHnmnak.r b Brown .. ..
Greene's i..nlngs included nine r. 'ab not out ... ...
sixes and three fours. He was tet ........ .............. ....... 4
Invincible were bowled by river two chances, one at 30, and TOtal .................. .... "a3
Queen's Park for 62 runs as the the other at 100.
Bonanza first *.a cricket final Roy Seon, Sporting Club's 1944 OWLIN ANALYSIS
started at the Queen's Park Oval Bonanza stock bowler, was includ- a. Ottley ... ....... 6 0 13 1
on Sunday afternoon, ed on the Promenade line-up, and t. rown ................3
Because of heavy showers which proved to be the most successful D. Atwell ................ I 1 0
washed out plky the day before. bowler of the day taking four A LMoom ........ d 0 I
the game was not started until wickets for 34 runs.
around 4 o'clock and Invincible Southpaw Will Payne got threo POLICE V. 'P1OENAOE
I SOLI| K--atMI |ningg:
batted all the two hours or so play wickets for 37 runs. c. Dor b s-on .....
soscam Senc~er run out ...................
wa. possible. Their innings camespAnAJrMA v, TOLL oAT'I b
to a close at around ten to sixP, : TOLLidde owAe absent e. ............
and Queen's Park .,iU not bat NAPAb MA-lot Inning@ A- ok Ibw. b Payne. .............21
..............Miey..... = al t1 IbW. b Payne ............
until Saturday, when the game A. Sinith b R. Brown ........................... 2 N. Cialende pIbw... b ".on: .. I
continues. B. SeechBeran b Ottley ................ ... erw : ..:
L. Geeene atd wkpt. b Duelty ..... 10
M. Arneerall b Brown ...................... 0 -,s4eS n~dy elu .b b Seen ........ l.
Invincible batting on a rain-. H. Seedansrtngb b Brown ..................b.. Boon 4
soaked wicket found the deliveries D. enike b Ottley .............. N. Arthur not out... ............... ..
of A. Trestrail, Cecil Pouchet and 14. Jag tBar run outN .o n .. ..................
T. Tyab b Brown ........ Extras... ........ ..........
C. Wood very troublesome, and .ammabh a Haitanali b Ottiey ........ I
runs were a hard task on the B. rrod.rick not out ..................... taO. ..... ........
heavy outfield, J. afkbi; played u kr Zae '_w. ......1 ....... DOWLINO ANALYSIS

m I.ga.,unnnhuuhulmmmguumgulgulinim?

a sound knock and top-scored with
18, and Norman Sookram hit up
VT. When the opening batsmen
were groping for runs, Jackblr
stemmed th* tide.
In the second over of the day;
Trestrail clean-bowled A. Dinnoo,
one of Invincilblp opening batsmen,
then in Trestrail's next over star-
batsman. Nyrom Asgaralll was out
leg before.
Invincible had lost their second
wicket at two runs. TIMhe third at
four. and they never recovered
after this.
Jackbir was fifth man out at 30,
and despite Norman Sooluram who
put some life into play, they were
all at sea to the bowling of Pou-
chet and Wood In the closing
Trestrall took three wicket& for
nine runs, C. Wood four for 29,
and C. Pouchet three for 20.
A. Dinn*o b Trestrail .... 0
J. Jackbir lbw. b Pouchet i. s
N. Asgaralll lbw. b'WTestrail 0
D. supersad b TrestraUl ...... 1
M. de Souza b Wood ........ 7
B. Sookram c Burnett h
Pouchet ..............7
N. Sookram c Gait b Wood .. 14
S. M. All b Wood ............
H. Akal c Que nel b Pouchet 4
H. Bedeshi b Wood ..........
R. All not out .............. 3
Extras .................... 2
Total 62
Runs at fall of wickets, 1 for 2,
2 for 2, 3 for 4, 4 for 2r 5 for 30,
B for 35. 7 for 40, 8 for 53, 9 for
57. 10 for 62.

Tropkal Batterle
4 V9Rebuild Tour Old
TROPKAL or build a new one
for your Radio or UOGTING
We have a HaMed quantity
of new U S Batters.

Standard Meter




Port-l-S-paiwa U Bsa Fna-meil

Instructed by K. Goldsmith Esq.,
we will sell "l his good and useful
Furniture such as- Double Bed
with Slumber-King Spring and
a rlwgfld Mattress0 Cyp Divan
wth Spring and Spring-flled Mat-
tress, Cyp Single Bed with Spring
and MIettress, Cyp Mirrored Press,
Mirrored Chest of Drawers, Mir.
Dwr and tool, omp'tto Nets,
Mong Mirror Linen and Blaniets,
Myp Dbing Table and 6 ChaiN
One Buffet, Glass and E.P. Ware,
sewing Thble. Tea Trolley, TWO
Burner Oil 8tove. Three Burner
perfeUton Stove, kitchen & Pantry
Ware. Oven, mWeer, Morris Chais
and Tables, Ocyp Loune WChair,
aboo Arm Chair with Cushions,
dadOren Swing Type Divan,
Hand Inted .texlexan Table. Waf.
Sf Iron and .ectrlc Toaster.
/"-hn OCO*, Cutlery. Wan
Broom Iarpet, Child'W 3ofa Wi3,
ar Rooker. Table, Desk Des
pram, Tricycle S te. -ne Double
aid sofa of Krthogany. 0end's
Rafn Coat, DOpaW Board. Sin
Tube BSo. Set Poe6 t Kitchen
tanOmr w ii on U t'. Phono-
fiOW W 4wMh Reocrds
sAd One O.N Refrierator.
IteUm ea vnew day V.Ior toand
*orlmof ab -1ad trM Cash.
BO)* & Hutcim ou

I RH. WO0I, LKto. :L

V4" & 3A1r GW hI Nf 1W tp Mr xr
3-puce Minr Sot for t isring Tailk,
SFrench PlF", Gho.

46 6,1 i, 5LAMMN EI'5
Won mn"


prostateypmtrApb. A of V po in the Island of Barbado oWprtaing the landa whcddo
rate) Is anenlargement of the cotIni 1 rood 1 ptte nd all oM
prostate glad.The primary cause ether ith U allthe furs.t ""Ye, e .uts glass, HO aeaies T5lB
of both 1co^Unditiolsi trfereene will be aet up for MSleat ourt.OM No. 17, Rkh tre*ek A W 11
with the conduction of normalFriday, the 30th day of June, 1M4. at 2 p.m.
nerve Itmpules to the organ For Conition of Sale and further informaton, apply
it is seen most commonly In mem undersined.
about the ae of 50. and alon uOITLE, CA'WORD a CO u41
the important contributing causes C TT .S, D&?
may be mentioned sedentary ocou- NO. 1 Str, Bridgetown,
paUon. cystitia, sluggish circuit- -
lton, a foreign body in the bladder, __ ___ ___ --- ___ ___
structure of -e urethra, excessive
use of alcoholic liq-. rs, exposure to
rcold.. out and rheumatism, trau-
matism and habitual atraintnr at P
i stool. 1'hese conditions are well P L
corrected through Chiropractic
adJustments. L DCSAFE,

The Chiropractic Specialist, at the r isj d u- C
chiropractic Health Studio. Mem- Iprdt dJ,
ber, Anglo-West Indies Chiroprec- ciusedbychUdpthB.g
tic Association (Registered). aces to hArmfil drup, should er -a
71 Frederick Street Phone 6524 warlingtopseutentvwrtokeopdanerous
prfepa Tb. wih iUsopfost of ol landsptics ad germoa
MW Wq vTI msstd llptss arms


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Scareful with




VMS" LafVfva -=4=314---

Babies first, please!

so many IUtle mitre spemd for their health
-sad W ts tm r v lven--M-S NSutWs MUlk.

When a baby Dine and eakm
anfd eeva ad doesn't come on
a h8 si sca sooner or later
soinmle 0 Netle'sl And their
ha a u*A" 10 Is. Nss'S
t d-Imm tae s tt te ebt
aailk l tb rictt oa s 1,MUJ
The baMebs boon tbm
tt dw b@064" ft vgo ligt
and hnd S ani l b"t digow~

a meO' bu told hiss s. And
fut It wt, when Nappo" we

short. you so often hoar him
aw NaWes first. plsselI
WIUl you. moo. rememb tb
il ask for Nesles o11, t pee
mod it f i a = ** TL
If You tell aour ae 0 Ihe
do his best fo mu. we s w
WUe's Kit sm ria tfrm
mlk go WretMed that di
easily a18 plemstJy uSt NM
='M maik wtch every bem
have if it aiwep

ftsedbe ISo* eAm uft NUKb PrdusLa IL

cidM for householdpurposes bDIOXOGIKN,
Few foctive ermiclde se harmlesm,
and unless they w e hanless they ar eot
ms for humm ue.
DIOXOOIN Is so hates that even a
child cm ums it aoley, and yet it is deadly
to dissam genm.
Way 9 hofie oaly





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When pspletel boM am&s drink
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CoaCob I CsCmd Col. is|d
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"'NCANWPS8 C04,t1&'

kl4w' ,, ,. x


4~ ~ t

--------------------- --








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_. __.- _- _- I C. A W '

., : .. .f H-w-.--- ,.a *... .a-,. S-

Mb ... U. i-S4. B-C. .ere 0 UA
Reba M o umu Aoum-Do
._.s2.. -----. weH LATEgo ., "
g.A r uiBr10411od.ggftei Mmen ap m ik Bw ......... 1a IN *46 MS IU i9 7WC a 1W a

-- -!~ ~m *8-!_*!J> Eff^B^SS'I **j"!>^w ** S-S <---<* fs 1*) j-.: or V-a'ri. Tnut< Ra **-*-1 -'" o --k-t------
-,- 4 e,.g h B... ,. 0 r. ..-w-- H.ASo. A w AM .o,, y. a ,, d 1W
low Oak ev .06 w*"= sams

epiy A l~S ble U ni e It. orfrter d ipa -w
'S N if^i y ul ^-a Bt&Miieati.ri~r)^ -3 m~ An *m !t.* Mfat.'r ^" *" L- emny 01-a "-e OiSL**?* ,? *tr yrt><* mrawU i 1Iay~. "
L owam Cf'V-atm0 m t

-EI. M aao~ t S----T s d o ..a N. pt "..A 7 A

---- I* I- ...... e..*u fZ T' l Sl li* t*IOO. l . ttle. pn*Tote L a ndi" -p. MIM, Ltban* unk an baM.^M* *-.kA T m*> *M _
Blow&rn. MSJua $ .M oO LaTE Ow CASF

Pl- ,w,,k AlqRB T40 emT s ma -sadtb meow ad rome pb 1I"" 4"W Rmft.Ceftade
P41ii am 44) a nee. Lam" hS 6=tattc

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-im ..2.5...f.=M 11i1 !** S -'- Iralrf UK --x Iiz1. 4 T qaaet.- -y t * W. *Ul t -a C re- WANEo C VZcANs__ AL

jm 0TKN VACM t OM~il c "AaK^.ia^Y~s"^ r?^ ^^^ ----- -.iy s *^? ...-ss .ss aa5; ear 'a'Reaefvtt8U i3{S5?d~c.-J.e wha.,. th~wnenu ~ ',b eiSH O
Ift I calytelt- ie 4110 =1,dn
AAL b.W~een, 3.. 0R eia L. U Sm L* ayLM ANTe0 MAOPOEMMI E 0A L
or Sao powwow& i.ssIuu. r fomWSA eoemo. .2 wy tjof upc

A SUM S-S- L -t uf(..t _nl___a "so tw .nt a. ..1 aa bio. l-d p ...o Mto EOTA.. OBARO four m l e-I--. -f -.tnu
KW 6" ? l 3 -. AL mo a ewn- "AT*t wh able p 5S an 311 1D E" hi! "UI' S^ u^iT I ato Ia n agr. houO -i ^NG

g2a g 8B ao. 31MB . !!TtN. -.t,, [ eSL WSt u s'w s.'e ",' ee"g tx sl D, $t...i, a -er i - AMERICA A J l y d 1
_._ Ut 3m 4 3.ctlfl. --Jh Iai, CMop Mrtmi utoem- k l t. -- [ m L oie. Bu o 52 Wn Acr of rr, l!nc ntrl
b wBBmilNiIemSe ltv on aod tTine C* CkM -ttaf *PIOB Detoe---"- or.----.-- J S PVbU h uS'. B aaltl. Iaeu Sexth pearl rt f f rtl er p.a
___ Apl5E ht AvneC.aur
ISO LaTIin. leae pAly i Si XCAT KC1Rini
RESTAUWANTS ANDFOOS __ U gm X&SSM no- lssag. rWUS oan. itLesaisIta .' ejpr. houNse. Laourm~o ers w.rcS os
__ --iSum --Jaw asJ------ IL

CS-TS.swInw*e. L M. 1AS). Mooern ga~w Nint JPte 4- Bt. *UBS-. _-_WVWIUL
PwtsliatSito B o ltOm an F otet--.e l" et r m n JalPoI-s r .j N#ra B t eO .2 .CW Oa D Aene oS rl ftatr.a a. e M U $ ." ^ Wdo BAa -
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t~~i* -" "l" y ,,1^,c ta~t mPO.earv Br sigi PIt- Pjtnoo bftm. MNo. Int WA .MOM 01*1BTWed Ml aal (?nom. omatr'se GABRCICAN USBLAD lVlA Aoordl --- -- --* f\
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-dm21~iSB ___________________________ Sad paUntMd. 7wpty RHP.LVKRo 44 SamBR (ut At p1 In W) ------ ana m l t.g fS Al V
APPIF $ 09080 V-1. =nQ P6&"rdoJm 4 Acres. Aof Land withANDoA w! eelo tui M b eintrain ed atm MOST. amespCom m

Mbr- m- Sllh.m. 1a.t1t Pot- oo P pettes---*ya or 1.)i n. Ju.n c Suuat. o 1I2. A rlda' e 1 48 2.V-i ;
so 2=,.I. S.O .o4- ,..."to valley. not e16,Mpnthly &n- o d.-HOCO LATEL

I lM. Sol t Ot

___________Iwo S.x t=ae t A ppleB *dI3. Sm des OdtiC -4 5 1 00i0116. HOEm jpMT A. pT*tB G>on ou mi. 1es Acre an0 1oo1

lSI -ll-lM d.ng up _pi a _ra 'cotez RN AdT Sea VU.dr I yl lort lorat. -U l 3LoT Repty. Be- thValley... i.., pW .IS BLOUR BANCI to bu OSe I3
USM.D~~~y 3-fILedeM Bfromaie Sc-fam)P an boo ugh. Hwt, 1.07Bet"moftCoco-

Kjfl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n.~~gga ftu U- ut.VfI TAltlDo L W ~ tis perfe3. t eoeuui.c App~~Sa ttaM Read. emty n.Krlflt BM. lavimm pat ) DNtee Prnperc. fi tyalm I.u wler~ R oad-Ju n. Apl21V5.f B f ^ 1 W

SBPuJ-J- B.'U. 3hey n'iclido yorrwtI All WAas gPhone E .J Wa g C.lP. Petter JMt Pt or at o.r- 28. 8lt0e S"" honltloes no quIS
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-r u m tin. .O' CctcOeApr r.M Mr ~eo ~. ulrtrc 'Ua Ace' *r e.-u U O*- VRDO ALRLEYT ImusCec 3 Bm r Ls Tour r Propmn^ MOTtR L? Aor --- 32lP OL MLC'I PLA I S
woo want SIM e. 524W111151O411.5eString. Lhone LMae Ao" a uewi ith.-

WrrT W tt l . gr. nvlm RoL-El1, MOuOrlan,' i Pn A p l. ES heB am.. BrMEW. hei rortd 811 conveniences t Bt. MargrUit, t RSONeL NOTICES Astae. 'Plon*e' 1A m 06r.-ueu )I.
MStnm v ec A. pl *U4'th Co'ortt o ndeon. pl Tnk, Br t Auu or Tahroe otCt u.er. Appl a 4ay 2..

CSgn lml am LRUK, Li. a m TRUCK. Ik .--- -bIlt work, W tldlcl end sDle. 'e lma r p non* metnox. 'Pione S22 o--JuD 2 l. Tt PUBLIC 4 nertbyn-4 ifla d halt I ADPER. 1940 N ODE. 2. 3 mPrhonict divudl *edUD CtrO butld tl d l an
K. LU.. ,11 0-tlotto JUtl1.-.Jna M # ILUAU iI ne' repo"'t"~ lor ao aBi or condltlon. *Phone Mis Mendel. 491n, | g offered tot sale s follows:-- '''
WSuS JN!SrD. ppW uA ol |WZl ANTE WiC IPAIR FREE whe~n R.-Covering t5 acre land m Peit valley. betore debts onrcte~a By "*> 1'<- Jl-pn'ne !tO 4aly.---June 253. ~H .M.tM~*- H .
5 r <^ U4 Vile < t r --- ---- O1d Umbrella By C ilrrie 1 Conee ntr*t, rea sn G;arden C ltt Po -~eM Ion /rum epa'h > ba* u ^ e" t * y care " .. .. -- The Hotu Mi SZ I ft. eW Q(
i a At Br~ seauLm ) PPI eIC i
t tB SLWEStAh MAID t Ulin TiWANTD TO aUT rA. 8 1-cLaIGBaariain. Co. Colgt l,. ttorB Hr te, 0PMa yJn B P T U Ct .. C Ao

..............-- O,^C.... ... ,,^ S :,3t .-^ ____.-_______ne___ -J., ,ULX s.B no,,.,,,, -o^B .--BA'O^ c' OOT On.< A k M .m... Re duPred
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Seal. Meab~Mo em rise na rita voa"ANOPWASPS T ""Son" lme. t e 5ha T obao,"immelst dpossuo."No resoabeBo bee ote tet.' ne75.-M R

Ad-- Ba4,lS a Itree t o M, F O S JIMKam.es b Ph a . .. PROPgRTIES FOR S gAol. NHpe .n ple ase applwea u- t b M ae u LA. l C y -
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