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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Current issue also available on the Internet.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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JON & CO., LTh.-

ts Near

Capture Towi
I Away
o tune 16 (AP)-Bitte
ppk a of the rail
qlM bought up Irea
M5the Moow nigh
.uounguncej more tha-
Owns. Includingta fou
ere ptred. Amon
B seized were 9usl
r more than 32 mile
A and Jukkol
ISi~rl Iseol an
W ji in the same area
rtdo reports indicate
eapturedt popta wer
|Hid30 mies ftmVi
:v1ezerts said that th
sm nashing at a for
te Mannerheim Line
iver winter war days
by at least six divi
Ose two main columns-
ahead in the straight
way to Viipuri, an
Xiin along the coast
closer to the seaport
her Soviet units ad
flankino movements.
according to Hel
Im and Moscow des
t lussians are usin
Modern equipment, not
Stands and massed ar
,aluding siege guns
I said the Rus.ian
propaganda directed
ish radio Increased it
Women, children an
setial persons to eva
stated that the lat-
Sfrom Russia is that
Karelian Isthmus, the
y has broken through
second line o' de-
i id is not giving the
Sany breathing space.
forces are pouring
the gap.
of unequalled bit-
tLsaking place in the
trenches and pill-
Thee is a fight to the
the long. knives
s and the Soviet
General Govorov'
were reworte4 in Mos
to be battering their
touh Finnish de
I re lese than 30 mile
and within 12 to 1
chief Mannerheln
major barrier be
PrtittfL' To hasten
ie ot-, commander
Srom Leningrad som
to wreck the steel
fortifeations whict
wed the Red Arm:
tk now more than 5
S and "T'ass "' report
Mi said that the Russian
IR for Vipurl on a vir
pgllt road tropr" Teribok
alls alo ngr the costa
those highways and
k to the northeast o
route toward Lake
ae fighting Is also said
* olm despatch based
nlsh communique sali
infantry and tank
for Nykyrka, straight
The Finns claimed
lr-attacks threw thi
-f tack near Bisranmaekl
rW Russians were killed
Three days.
3 reported heavy bat.
*15o fought in the Vanm-
K uuterelka sectors. It
a Helsinki announce-
irthfuvees wen stream-
the Karelian Isthmus
the only German com-
Ithe day on the Russo.
little came from the
-cmmentator. Von Ham-
laid that numerous fresh
tank formations have
Sby the enemy into
fighting continued
t the day. The enemy
SgOain ground along the
i S of the innish gulf
I tble other forces thrust
i and north-westward.
Sressthn Finnish troops
Streak through in their
I breakthrough in their

ish Envoy

Leave U.S.

gOTONt NJUI 16 (AP)-
UtU4 tee c-uw.ekcgs wc.e
frct teltmpassporiS and
ays the bni09d, states
Sactvities "inmica l to
ft Of the United "taes."
e-artment aumounce-
* The action does not
? S rupture ot diplomatic
&' between tme United
El j. lint declared:
J. Pocope, Minister
B three couosllors
Leton: Mr T.
I Mr. Urn Tolvo.a
Solanko, we.,e
| Slspor at S p.m.
gt g to leave the
te earliag opportunity
act-vittes on their
sg the interest of the
Officials said
uB-weomd be maln-
% &repreaent(tlves
dwperee. The pea-
.rt~e meb ,a faml-
to tave as aoon as
with safe conduot
sue rand. This
'sl ar's

+ rilifar
R -Mkot the
HlfvSSS~rwa mal~e

W& *tAa A W* -..--; --- -- -

Colony Medical Robot Mlanes

Services Inquiry Raid Britain

d Promisd British Defence
n A A UAAA dVTackles New-Type
The Legislative Council yesterday following a debate which
T lasted more than three hours unanimously adopted the Hon'bl Oerald B lKWI HAWKINS
-LONDON. June 161 (AP).-.G]er-
a Wight's resolution callun for appointment of a committee to riw man 'planes without pIots strea.ked
h the medical and health policy of the Colony. across the southern Engllsh sky
n The resolution which also asked today. ahing target at random
Lr that the appointed committee and keeping grou guns mcktig.
g should consider re-oa.ganisatlon of The 0rmarns proclaimed this
I- the administration ol these ser- fantastic "%-ret weapon a an
instruentovengeance for :what
is vices and make recommendations, Intuent o vengeance for what
a, drew assurance very early in the German cities have suffered under
d discussion from the Hon'b Errol the crushing weight of the Allied
t. doe Santos. the Acting Colonial ae rial tghtt.
d Secretary, that Oov-rnment w asrTheebt lmrre fslame-sattering
e prepared to accept it in its present robot bombers bl a n their eerie
I- form. operations last night, dencending
Mr. dos Santos pointed out, how- on southern Britain byi th1-d0ens.
ie ever, that appointment of the com-. Fr the first time since the I0
- mittee will not be made effective I blitz, the ground defences could be
e. until the services of a first class heard extensively In daylight as
officer from the United Kingdom,.e o rt the Germans continued their at-
s. officer from the United Kingdom. ak! nwa emda mt
- who would be Its chairman, had tacks In what Seemed an empty
been secured, attempt to divert the world's and
- In a long speech Mr. Wight gave their home fronts' attention from
t- a careful, detailed and compre- the multiplying ertss facing the
,I hensve survey of the present situ- German arms on battlefields of
al atian in the island's medical s r- .. Europe.
Svices. ln i { An officiall announcement tonight
Members stressed the need to get 1 s"n.'L said the robot 'planes continued
Sthe inquiry started at the earliest A their attack intermittently through-
Possible moment and all speaker out th' day although on a smaller
s strongly supported the resolution scale than last night, adding: "In-
t_ which-was seconded by the Honbl L I cldents have occurred at several
r- Roy Joseph. places in southern England and
MR. WIGHT:' I make no apolo. HON'SLE GERALD WIGEZ damage and casualties' reported."
is Y for moving the resolution stand. There was no evidence, however,
d Ing in my name. It should be+ that any important military dam-
common knowledge that a great i a age hyad been wrought.
t majority of the people of TrinidadF
id and Tobago view with serious iA rm y NAZI BOASTS
anxiety the state of the health and e the
medical services existing In thel ,,,,, ,,, G oerman redi pictured the
Colony today. This anxiety is I bomber s novel weapons" which
shared alike by men and women japtr es drop "super-heavy exploslvas." A
by rich and poor, by labourer and special note broadcast after the
lawyer, by agriculturists and busil- 1.a.g Cj[fr communique which announced the
nessmen, and last but not least, by J J. LOs.s J raids said: "There is hardly one
a great majority of the medical G2rman who will not receive this
profession itself. news with the greatest satisfaction,
You will appreciate that It is no ROME, June 16 (Reuter).-Fifth The feelings of hatred and the
ordinary task for a layman like Army troops occupied Oroeseto, 120 burning wish fqr retaliation which
myself to deal with a mocter of
this kind and naturally, I have miles northwest of Rome. Orosseto dominate the German people have
-sought advice from doctors before is one of the major air bases em- American Bombers Raid
coming here this morning to movepoy e American Bombers Raid
this motion; and it has been ne- played earlier by the Germans in
cessary for me to take a large the bombing of the Ffth Army Pilotless 'Planes Base
number of notes as this matter is fnLONDON, June 16 'API.-
necessarily technical to a great front. A forceof American Fortresses
extent. I hope you will forgive me Allied armies again advanced and Liberators swept across
if I make frequent reference to along the whole Italian front to- the Channel this evening and
these notes. teCanlti vnn n
's day. The communique says that struck heavily at the mysteryy
- HISTORICAL SURVEY the Oremans were withdrawing so installations" from which the
r fast in the Adriatic sector that robot 'planes are launched.
iYou will be better able to appre- the Allies have only been able to _
elate the causes underlying our maintain arght contact. In the been kindled by our enemy In their
p Present troubles if I give yop a centre eighth Army troops have terror crimes."
short account of the origin, history taken Terni key rail Junction and The British Information Serile.
and deveiopmeat of the medical big Iron and steel centre and Set military Installations In th!
health services of the Colony. 4106048s3 milea to ePtUge Foe do, aiais ages b y Allied
S'The medical services In more or T e
:~are forr n^ai, aasf year were~ss
r less their present form originated Michael Reyaolds, reporter lauching plafrms for OGerman
e with the appointment of Dr. Crane hl Reynolds, reporter launch platforms or German
1 as Surgeon-General In 1871. and I at General Alexander'a headquar- plotlt 'planes.
h am Informed that he held this post tar's, says that men of an Indian
V for 22 years to the complete satis- division yesterday leached the vil- Home SereG(rv Gives
0 faction of the public and the pro- lage of Monte Maslntarnl, 14 miles e O 'le
fessilon. Previous to this the north of Derni, meanwhile Tr.tliah M.P.S News Of 'Planes
S surgeon-general was merely the armoured forces which entered
s chief medical officer of the Colonial Derni with the Indian division LONDON, June 16 (Reuter).-
*- Hospital in Port-of.Spain, and the raced on to take Todl. News of the pUlotless aircraft was
;1 district medical officers were In given In the House of Commons
% direct touch with the Governor. A TANKS MOVE FORWARD this morning by Mr. Herbrt Mor-
d very comprehensive scheme for the rison, the Minister of Home Secur-
f re-organisation of the medical ser- the northwest, other tanks ity, following a night during which
e vn 18sad the minufeauDr o1are steadily driving forward some aircraft were seen over parts of
that scheme remained in operation, 10 miles north of Orvieto to their southern England. More came
so far as purely medical matters i left. ove in daylight today and Mr.
to far as purelymeiamter
are concerned, right up to 1934 Allied heavy bombers did not Morrison said they might expect
when the report of the Medical 9o out yesterday but Lightning and more.
d Re-organisation Committee was Mustangr long-range fighters of the Mr. Morrison said that available
d published. Strategic Air Force went to sou- information did not suggest that
a Dr. Crane's successor was Sir then Prance and attacked air- any exaggerated Importance need
t Francis Lovell, who remained as craft on the ground and three air- be attached to this new develop-
SSurgeon-General until 1901, when fields near Aviglione. ment. Counter-measures had al-
Dr. de Wolf succeeded him and Medium bombers concentrated ready been taken and would con-
e continued in office until 1907. Up on rail targets along the west tiLnue to be with vigour. For the
to this time there was close o- coast of Italy and round Florence. time being the uual siren warnings
operation between the Surgeon- Seven enemy aircraft were des- would be given. British ack-ack
General and his confreres, the se-
nior men of whom were freely con- troyed, Allied 'planes are mis- guns would shoot at the 'planes and
suited and two of thesem Surgeons- ing. The Germans today reported the method of further defence is
t General were presidents of the that American bomber formations likely to be reviewed in the light
Medical Board, were over Austria, Bavaria and of experience.
Hungary. The Ministry of Home Security
DIFICULTIS BEGIN says these airraft have a light at
In 1907 public health matters be- Five Refineries In the end; an explosion follows very
gan to assume importance and the Vienna Bombed oon after the light goes out.
Surgeon-General had to administer In order to avoid giving inform-
for the first time both public health ROME, June 16 (AP)-Heavy action to the enemy, B.B.C. pro-
and medical matters. At this stage United States bombers attacked grammes may have to be inter-
(<1907) Dr. Clare was appointed five oil refineries In the Vienna erupted without notice at any time
Surgeon-General from Jamaica, area and for the first time and the chimes of Big Ben are not
and shortly after his arrival there smashed at an objective in to be broadcat direct but from
was an outbreak of Yellow Fever Czechoslovakia with the homing recordings timed to synchronis'
and plague. Further, a sharp con- of a refinery at Bratislava, 100 with the actual chimes and strik-
fliet of opinion ensued between miles east of Vienna. of the clock.
himself and his confreres, both in
the medical services and among
Sthe general practltloners, and he
r quarrelled openly with the general
practitioners, asnwell as wththe Aaata's Iron-Steel W orks
senior officials of the Colonial Sec-W orks
rotary's office. T
This culminatein l 1910 in the
Clare Commission of Inquiry Into O Japan
certain Allegations made concern.
ing the administration of the medi- ____________ _
cal department, The commission
decided against Dr. Clare, but their By CLYDE FARNSWORTH
findings were not acc~epted by te UN ED TA] UP ORIj] ] $A ,Wetr
Secretary of State, and so D.l' UNITED STATES SUPER FORTRSES BASE Western
continued as Surgeon-General until' China. June 16 (AP) --American B3'a, the new Super Fortresses,
1917. struck a terrific blow at Japan's war Industry and may have knocked
tPLtA5R TURN TO PAGE 5 COtL. 1] out a fifth of the empire's steel production tI yesterday's raid on
------------ Yawata. I
other 'olane. flew from a network
Thymd teb omi ef bases carmi from the western
H.E. To Attend ^ me, wmenaadhil
Scout Rally Today their n Washa at ean. "<1 by
Slo0U woruuh.
O C O l R U i S W J Y a t a, o n n o t h r K y ia h u T l n o l U '
Presentation of the Chancellor hisisbut the .i-'n-n, ExcePt for Generawl Dohiitimes
Flai and the Troop Trophy by Hi oa l or d tr^ WS the b*gg e teil was ofe ree time
E~xcellency the Acting Goveronor aimim industrial emp ...... i......flt.he.a.t .,t
4.x0 o'clock is acmajor item.o n.m mented grJ. General Kenth Actually, however, twie,
the0 roglock ns frthe annual." Wolfe. who waS eiy responsil~e wa* t*1e i?*lid SupeP1*"'
s the Govergra to he au ....i ..o.. o the .. ad th tarf'-r raid by the i
i^r the L o0Su per. "tre ses the bobers I
House Paddock,. La m' Fat Sle t Th Im a Wm,,,,, areth .. ......I of
Road thi ateoolL )aa in sgs the Japanes Dupire~s
Th rally, to which the general p.e. -"5 o *'* a S n a ou mth t
.. .. ..... : .ommuniqe of J a8e m~dltm, ;
o'coc. with atItsi maxmum wa mm .anko..._._ .. .
T'he'tra tmn hv comlt titit the low e 20th Bomber _1'be communique said. m that d
to take place duriil th n~e a, Command. black smoke roee to seat eihlhbta
has been oranse by th W t own due to thm She cI@2B as pu '
e. .es, Tal vernse members a test& ialM wi t Th Un wee iset oaver2n ff'^ S~je~art~a~l Wren fat M f aile to feturn. 5B ^ v~M ~
I5 ^ W i t miiE The '~ieeuuu sai fId Sa the I.IIW ShW 90 mrsa l lingU

ran@a a wte ofm an"k MAwn to be safe ado ORe am" ltOW Nefen^osm weeapa-

Themi -Sushi- sa) dSS-. ^""- Teiin Br--
rqnsoce sdw...
snbwa ow maan AaM*-r11.so!l. ea WW
**"..'"''* r~"O^ f mmm o.rt^. 1" 1 O 2,= m-B ohtfadol
ang *haolu fj I-* a^^e fttt7e which ee- 11 few _ives wm to .1
& j *MW7

W 1%A46m. *s71 am==

fulls & -t AW44. awwq 4 w war".

King Pays

Soldiers -In


Air Drive Blockhouse I


12,000-Pound Bombs
Hit E- and R-Boat
LONDON. June 16 (Reuter)-The
Allied air offenslvi from Britain
went on again today. Observers
saw big forces of bombers and
fighters crossing the east coast this
afternoon heading towards the
The Allied ground forces in Nor- 4
mandy have again had strong sup-
port from the air, Heavy bombers
attacked the harbour at Boulogne
and other 'planes ranged far and
wide behind the German lines. The
attack on Eouloqw was made be-
fore dusk last night. About 300 Britiash soldiers examine a blastei
R.A.F. Lancasters and Halifaxes which was knocked out during t
went for concentrations of E and R- mandy beaches of France. 'rhli
boats and minesw-epers with (A.P p
12.0001b. bombs.
This attack came only 24 hours+--
after the great blow also struck at i ___ ,1_,
E-boats at Le Havre. Photographs -. -.
show that before, the attack on In The L.,egislature
Le Havre there were 10 E-boats
there and other craft. Aft'r the at-1 Yesterday
tack only two could be seen and'
both were aground. Three torpedo- Legislative Council, sitting
boats had also disanorared. L nearly all day yesterday, unani-
After dark laAt night RAP' Lan-
casters a ttacked two railway ce- mously adopted the Hon'ble
tres in northern France and fuel Gerald Wight's resolution urg-
and ammunition dumps far be- ing Inquiry into Coiony's medl-
hind the enermy's lines. Fourteen i
bombers are missing. cal and health policy.
R.A.P. bombers also attacked ob- Passed Ordinance relang to
jecties in we-ttern Germanv last
night and mines were laid in quarantine and other slnlar
enemy waters. All but one air- matters.
rraft got back from these opera- Passed Ordinance amending
tions. Law Officers' Ordinance.
rAssociated Press quoted an Adopted resolution approv-
official nnnounc-ment as ing Oove-nor's decision to ac-
saying: "Enemy activity ocn- quire Tobago lands for Um-
tinued Intermittently through- proving the Windward Main
out the day though on a Road.
smaller scale than last night. Passed resolution relating to
Incidents occurred in several Custom thrift ohanata with
places in southern nglanrd respeot to biscdi't I *#* As
and damage and casualties cakes.
were reported."l -.

Warships Hit King Peter
3 Jap Bases Makes Contact

WASHINGTON, June 16 (AP)-With Tito
The Navy announced today that
American forces, reaching within y ALFRED GRANT
600 miles of Tokyo, pounded three LONDN, JnF RE GRA tr
Japanese bases in the Bonn LON K N, June 1 6 R-uter)i -
Volcano Island groups, southeast King Peter of Yugoslavia, and
of Japan, on Wednesday, shooting Marshal Joseph Tito have estab-
down 47 enemy 'planes, sinking listed direct communication, it was
two enemy ships, damagingI learned here tonight. This sen.t-.
others, and blasting barracks, air- tional move which has so far bten
fields and fuel supplies. shrouded with complete secrecy-
Admiral Chester Nimitt, Pacific a Ldirect outcome of recent negotia-
Fleet Commander-in-Chief, re- tions in wnlch Mr. Winston
ported the new strike deep into Churchill, the British Prime Min-
enemy-controlled waters by a lter, played a prominent and per-
navy task force, sonal part-will clr.inge the whole
It came while other American political outlook of the Balkans.
forces were battering heavily at This contact between the King
Japanese positions in the Marhanas and the leader of the Yugoslav
where invasion troops were bat- National Libemtlon Movement
tling Japanese garrisons for the must be regarded as 3he first con-
control of Salpan, 1.500 miles spicuous success of Dr. Ivan
southeast of Tokyo. Bubasic, the new Yugoslav Prem-
Both the Binin and Volcano let. While nothing can be sai yet
Island groups are on a direct line ,'bout the form and the content of
between the Western Pacific Ma- the communications, there is a
rianlk and the h islandd of Japan. fair amount of optimism in in-
Both include 97 islands, many formed circles here.
Ideal for use as airfields. The agreemSent between the King
-- 0 -- and Marshal Tiho. it is said, would
'Bite Fightinont only stabilse the Yugoslav
'Bitter Fighting potion but have a direct bearing
on the situation in Ore'oe where
On Saipan Island and the Oommunkt have
n Sip n Isla still not joined Geore Pandreous'
WASHINGrON, June 16 (AP)- National Cabinet, and where the
American forces today engagea in question of the Monarchy seems
"o'ter iigating"' on Saipan island the chief stumbling block.
and score fresh advances aiter The solution of the Yugoslav
oace having to withdraw toward crisis wouldalso reflect, in the views
tUi beach teads, Admiral Cneater of polititil observers here. incras
Nuimts reported In a communique ing agreement between Russia and
issued tody the western democracl:s with re- I
Tihe communique estimated the ard to post-war Europe and dis-
Japanese strength at upwards of pel still existing doubts in the
two divisions, prohb" 3uQo m-w minds of the Buropean neutrals.
Heavy mortars and. atilery ..
forced the Americans baIk %a
Wednesday, the same day they
made the landing orn the strategic Colony ThankedFor
Pacific island l ss than 1,00
mtis southeast of Tokyo. New B yfi
adnce made o rthday Greeting
lowing day. "Wigratu.t.y bizuiday m-g
In nis communique last night to al rajiALy, the Ailng ut
Admiral Nimita declared the bea4ch- e pe"pe of the Coony amd A.
head was secure. He also discleed Aoed Oca atioad here are
that tle enemy had tanks o w the aftwid ai9meowded in a eab.e
Island, y they had been eWl reeve a by i s a elIkoey M
In countr-attacks against tOe Aetth Governor tram te dec.e-
ametcane of tte for the Oeoines.
There wa still no announce- An Info.inatlon Ofce co-
ne8t here ,eveaing the nmber mna.que, iimne yastei-,na3 states:
if American lhndinm o n a aa 3& Majesty the Ilas ba
ia Wedneeday. ey radio we. a ca leth rough d eay o/
ported one. division got ashes. A Ub~a ec the (be Oeooi efMpIamis
aaedvision ig boa~ e- thanks to tibe A.St GetnuOft o.
IWfea106000 Sli 15.000 Alht~ nUof Ol for bige oflgattula-
sI pok. f h aw ina a. behalf
Leane MI f 0W sA d pSopI of
IppOw~d tile VU. troop. have Trlaagu M Tobago.
idvaned' nearly two 51155 north "Rh Majetty haS aim expreused
irma the Aginga Fotst beach. a~neeoete5( (h meee

Leaseholds Elect
Two New Directors ymsinI
The mena-minil of Trta~te -rt be jaMM t p
maio& ie.o.,, vxo. mJO-m.ii Oe voo e
m._ lteB-r -itmiimto Naw BJOl wff eMwy tot l otfle
unsm to tmm ml. m UO- B *-l !uM5We iofthw

'.* r +


Knocked Out

S '.^ 'f +

d German concrete bleekhouse,
he Allied assault an the Nor-
it a British l*etal phete.)-

Allied Push

From Kohima


QUARTERS. Kandy, June 16
Reuter)-Allied troops oushtn|
south from Kohima have now ad-
vanced more than lo0 miles down
the road to Imphal and captured
two guns and much equipment.
Other forces moving east from
Kohima are meeting determined
Japanese resistance.
i'ne latest S.KA.C. *ommil-
aue says other Allied troops ad-
vancing north from Imphal up the
rK to h-"l ve boem
th jwp rawo b reid 00a
rittnut to Vanh = .wrdro
lutelv KRatnst trmeong dlT
On the same lector Allied VUD
ners have knocked out three Jap-
anese defensive outloons.
In northern Burma Chinese and
American units are increaslngly
acitve In and around Myltiylna,
the besieged Japanese railead
more than 200 miles north of
Mandalay. Sharpt fhtin a con-
tinues in the Motaung Valley.
The Ohindits. flihting in the
eastern outskirts of Mogaung, are
today only 200 yards from the
railway bridge carrying the Man-
dalay-Myltkyina railway across
the Mogaung River. Other Chin-
dit forces east of the Irrawaddy
ambushed a Japanese convoy, In-
flicting 170 casualties.
Thirteen miles north of Mo-
gaung. Chinese troops have fought
a successful action with the Jap-
anese and now represent a new
threat to Mogaung.
WIUhflHI~flI Will EI IIli1IfliIiIhN


glo WM




Navy And Air
Chiefs AlMo T
Fighting Area
QUARTES, June 16 (owr
His Majesty the King paid a
visit to the Normandy ba
today. He made the journey
the British cruiser Arethua,
led the line of bombardlng
ships on "D*Day."
B.3.C. reporter Miehed 8Wt1
ISng Mye that as the ship i ade
the open sea His Majesyi
the brd4 alongside th
cu~i~te-,Captain fiHK
Smith. -%a weather was
as that on the day Allied
landed on the Normandy
ten day. ago.
The Arethusa was escorted
the Channel by two detroy
Scouse Iand he Urania, and
Fires Circled overhead.
Acenupanying His Msajetw
Admlral of the Fle.ji A i
Cunningham, the MMst 8n Les i
Admiral Sir Bertram ian t
Naval Commander-in.Chbl; a
Marshal of the R.A. P, 81rit
Portal, Chief of the Atr Staff.
Throughout the psumpa
Majesty kept looking through N
binoculars at the long of
in convoy to and from the
coast and as the coastline ewae
to view, the Royal Standard
broken from the peak of I
As the standard was i
warships manned hi as
cruiser steamed by and seaenf
board ships In convoy lined L
ranls trid cheered. To starbo E
the dwarhr, approached t Il -
eat were th t
aa~fS- itd odnr tbtS
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Hll M. jesty went ashore
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Clambering Into an open Me '
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1750th Day Of The Wa
Against Hitlerism

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eth isattew Council wsdestile o t maybe true that our Colonial andaanaesdtheflt u a district mcdi cal and health policy La with regard ovn-l e cutive board, the t anatot ________-_FOORO
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I Cfoncil fo r theiro ure aubie ree tl w In a tdsuc he would be Medical Services and nothn that o p to the public and the profes- we find oIn the reet White Paper ,Da n b =
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siln OebrhavngHO the hopial Thse., rm n-reomendtonsofwereinsdeaftrnbeu?:vberyw swie ta abe horqie riica eeigthieo
We beg to V" otifydourlcutoesuandlfrinds thgrat temst Whn nuriesTWyA tktCheEosti s b oig KlM.tssoeytodgtkps isgann
as ro Mndy 9t Jnoweshal e pe t o te er lthes'~todesmohrgns go w
In" the n pu blic as u n tder: more tenMeanwhiletormotherl duringeethechpre-nrtedltperiodanyou
Miondebf ayingto Friday vote..Medic 9al Sertille1s0abmouyourslfrwollnbnefitWbydrinkingeon-Geneeuarly eac
wiltl sa buiturdayn 1 p rem. octill b330o A.m .MLad ines' Sir it" gold-Illed wr~isgtwatchi es a. tisrfrsinfrs-tsin il hosro-e
sours of tis dbate nd gve usCivi9Servce athoi1130andm ayfitte d i thy gold-f,,r illre adstro allsng'15 tewel ovs in o
hi eaos stowy h vt wxattme av o ie vthi fi r.oJ .4..50 thehiextree walcaumetendfothertesrfor, meical treat
use.ytou el tatisshstemitie nrequires rspnsbiithrouatMogh theiitof $or en I th rrheaea? hones"
mad cfler toth pope fthC e Awith4heobio-i rsl t-N 3o dotosendthsreerltyen gold-filea r istwnmn rrlatc eas m stsppynorsh et!Luga' f
folony tha heresNitDso a TOD ficecy ack of oowrto a .......A- -t.r..t..ess.steel b.....from...............M-today..., drink. it..eve....day.

~Ladies' "Otis" chrome and gold-filled wrist-
THE FIFTH ANNUAL watches from .$.3..........- $30.75
CONFERENCE OF DELEGATES Gent's Waterproof "'Oris" wristwatches ( C lr. 600d
takes place in the Legislative Council Chambit' fitted with sweep centre second from $35.00 CO:
w Satuvrdey, 17th June, 1944. The President Gent's rd-foiled "Spreme" wristwatches t el Co
wIN tke the Chair et 9.45 a.m. with restless steel bock.-15 jewels from $39.75 M
S members of the Association and ACi WATOHIS NOW O DISPLAY AT
4h e Iited t ettnd. 7 *a 7e Coffee Street, Sae rd..
tt11! e------- ----e -ed -------




a WDk mtr. ChamaOBtm
ilad ahs vfew
&""- at uI&
kim ltand ap .usm Ltcheo
h a fee is biw e
Chase's O0 t

Do You

Those Bedi


which we had at Christmas time?
Well, they're here again 1

$6'57 & $574 each

Port-of-Spoin 0 San Fen



Operative Proi February 14t,, 1ii
All PTuane reewus by am route ,
Office: l" Abercromby Street, Polt-ofpMiJ,,
'Phones 68W and 7548. ,'
MONDAY: US a,. Trinldad-Grenada-4Ill
16.45 a... TIrnida4-Greeada.-'3s~lj
10. SL 2dd--Gnmul-4
6.N anm.)
9.40 am.) Trnldad-Barbadl .
129 pIm.) "
TUESDAY: 6N a. rmal. d --Barbade--Amlta"
at. Kttt-Antln t
WEDNBSDAY: 4.M3 a.m. Trnldad-Grenadau--. si
Darbade-St. Lucia.'
6.0 a&.)0.
9.44 am.) Trhddad-Sarbades. -
126 p*m.) ,
4.45 pLm. Trlnidad-Tobaao. -
THURSDAY: 6.6 a .m Trinldad-GrenadaM-S
St. Luct-Antini--t M
6.30 a.m. Trinldad-Barbades,
10.10 p.m. Trnidad-Barbados,
FRIrAv-. ea.m.) ,
9.40 ajm.) Trtnidad-BarbadM.
1.,6 p.m.)
4.45 pin. Trtnldad-Tebse.
SATURDAY: 6.a a.m. Trlnldad-Barbados--AdtI
8t. KVtL:. t,-
9.6 a.m. Trnidad-Teba-*.
1.45 a.. Trinidad-Grensfada.
SUNDAY: 6.0am. TriBiMad-BDar-adee.-4( -
.12 a... Trnidad-Bab-dL .fs
3.0 nm: vi; nidad-.TobaS ,


S, ndio "r.-broadl"
f more w, be tMWlagt
tev, RCA h petfected the Al-O e
afa *.. mwrB*adtby the sissies and'
Njatoes, When Peace coMes, the -e si
rteevm, 5Wi to the seas other RCA S
told of comiweadoin wil be used to |
the bhoe and so laduuy'

bwB wowt
*Me sata u*II MM-. Seca S Sif
IC~cestan^w l5Sime WaSS' so
1= e, aMadraft Iastnuse;ad he wdw g
.^ >w f mdwar ale wto cle "ae S|.~~
.~~~~ E M -lmaw
admir W SA at, *a am*.
j^^b * '1*^*^bow ^
ffllA~~~~~. wilM^*****iii~lf




Owier Gets Damages

hicle Burnt tOn Base

Sstaw "suet of a 1leed tru00 ld whb went
me- Md the U.J. bese through the aeglience ( O
I ,4a Walsh end Deooll Comatruatie O0"M
k s awarded Drayton McDonald, who ~rmht M
st %he eamaeny for da-lage. as a result of ate loU
S1 decision givento by Mr. Jutice Kesameth VtoUG
M Dwe court yesterday.
M be ee' e later -

Jeam, Chaguanas
Ias Trades School

SSth" Plan Formed
1 ft Idk hen*
Trimmade uardian CI ertemt
Ml d Md ti an- SAN FERNANDO, June I-Pro
o %'ffwai ese' mim of sympathetUc colderattmo
With a unpro- of any request for. establishment o
M by, W~a not a a technical school at Chagmna
1 2 f the man from tInrestaed persons in the dis
sot netgsnt, they trict who believe that such a neet
they were no ae exIsted, is made by Government ii
sMgienoce f the m. answer to a question tabled by thi
g Vwhat he did wasm Home Roy Joseph at a recent
M $o0pe of Ils employ- meetnq of theLegsaiUve Councui

t held>. however, that
000 em the company to
its of their servant's
that he was act-
n of It, end in as much
4 not discharged that
a ntentlon failed.
Held further that the
t ease established a
i( ailment, and the law
fash a contract. It was
vs that the bailee was
iake reasonable care of
Sjentrusted to him, but
life for loss or injury
Shave happened to it
i bailment unless caused
1Wgno or that of their
Inc n the course of
iemeat. But the negli-
Si sermat was also their
even though the ser-
g aged In doing some-
d1been told not to do
SUK the ordinary course
saend for the apparent
P master.
Salso observed that the
triot provided for the
eof truck by the
SThey were in absolute
t e to which the truck
wiat the workman was
Um 1 took fire had
but there was no
11liit of his em-
Smight well have been
: neve ve e "b een
ad that the servant
e to wath his hands
1m In order to per-
Wt* but thoeewlimlta bad
W arton, with whom
M t Mr. A. J. Wharlon,
ease for Me Donald,
l lm Butt appeared

Rt Training
June H.-
Dr. X. A. Lee
upot suggestion that
IAblished for local
baisters-at-law. the
decided Instead
W lr training of brri-
Ine particular Is-
SStrongly the
atly esetablihment of W
ua university with facul-
law, medicine, music
PUB followed amendment
Dr. David T. PI ut-
that of bar-
rticts in p 0art in:ar1s
be deterrent to West
o and attainment
Ha nationhood.

Senior Clerk
arden's Office
of Mr. J. C. Ram-
Widr clerk in the Dis.
trotka, St. George,
bbin A~pil 7, was of-
Bce on Thursday.
imtaente, of 2nd class
r. V. D. Roach, to
SAdviser's Depart-
fct from June 1; Mr.
0in, to the Education
- .* from June 5; and
etbe, to the District
J St. I eorga, with
January 1.








E~tchd Glassware,
'Chiiem Carved
lly, Can&

ZtHam Initd.

I'(eer T.ALL




Mr. Juwpn uskeG uovezunent to
consider establishment of a tech-
nical school at Chaguanas in order
to awist the people of Central Trin.
idad to be trained in the various
Answer given is as follows: "The
Board of Indusrial Training is al-
ways willing to consider the estab-
lishment of senior or Junior tech-
nical day schools and also to pro-
vide facilities for evening technical
ninsction wherever possible, bul
no information has been received
from the Chaguanas district that a
technical school is required or
would be patronised.
"If interested persons believe that
such a need exists in the Chagua-
naw district, and would submit sup-
porting information, especially in
regard to the type, extent and pos-
sible patronage of the technical in-
struction required, the Board in
keeping with Its usual policy, would
consider it sympathetically."

Government Probe
Poor Relief System
Trinidad Guardian Cerreependent.
Imum award of poor relief through-
out the Colony was increased to
$2 per month from July 17, 1942,
owing to the Increased cost of
living, but the question of poor
relief assistance is now under con-
That is revealed in a reply given
by Government to a recent question
by the Hon'ble Roy Joseph asking
whether Government is aware that
ersons In receipt of poor relief In
he Colony were drawing the same
allowance which they received prior
to the war.
Government's reply was: "The
amount of poor relief paid prior to
the outbreak of war varied from $1
to $1. 8 per month according to the
district In which recipients resided.
On July 17, 1942, the minimum
award of poor relief throughout the
Colony was increased to $2 per
month owing to the increased cost
of living. The maximum amount to
be paid was left to the discretion
of the Local Boards which deal with
each case on its merits. In one par-
ticular case the amount paid is $7
per month. The whole question of
poor relief assistance In under con-

South Man Jailed
On 6 Theft Charges
Trinidad Guardiman Cerrespoendent.
Pleading guilty to accusation of
unlawful possession and six lar-
ceny charges James Lovell, a San-
nando man, was sentenced to one
year in prison by Mr. F. J. Cam-
ache in the Magistrate's court to-
Police evidence disclosed that
Lovell was caught with an electric
iron, which was reported stolen,
and on searching his home at St.
Joseph Street, more than 2O
worth of articles reported missing
from dwelling houses on Circular
Road sometimes ago were found.
NEW JMRSBY. June 16 (AP).-
George Brabn, violinist, Interna-
tionally known as Lajos Rigo, who
collapsed while playing on a con-
cert stage in the auditorium of the
Young Christian Association, died

., S

of fe to me oer t other
The Fraetentn U Canada '
Labour frty and first came
Into prominem wthen it won
= mts in the Obtaio pro-
vineu 1eedirne > yt\ aO.

South An Ready
For SoMerWeek
Druehmd urch priad* alon
Harris romenad, San Fnrnando.
4t 1JO o'clock tomorrow morning.
sets off Soldier Week. celebrations
for which there have been weeks
of preparation and expectancy In
The programme lists activities
for every day right on to Baturday
when elebatloha close with a
grand baMr, a military displky
and a dance at the Drill Hall.
South Caribbmn Forces recruit-
ing personnel will be at hand dur-
ing the celebrations to give Infor-
mation needed by likely recruits
and others Interested.

Better Scavenging
Drive In South


South Mayor Deuies Meter

Shortage Affects Revenue

"AN K NAMDO. J=ne 16-The S MVe TimTthy ROOda MayA
of Sn inuate, eplyi at yetowerdayls meeti of the o mOM ber
to qutio by councllor iearm d Ls d^ledm that fusal rl ase
eetrie urrm meten held in rer to tha eoaumesm now with-
out m n, had resulted in lem of revue uto the Council,
Ther wsu. and tll Is. an insuffciency of mdter*, the May
explained, and It i therefore impolble to umly meters to all oon-


Begins New

Life On D-Day

"Churchill" is the name given to
the newly reconditioned Trinidad
Government Railway locomotive
No 24, which steamed out of the
railway workshop back Into actlvt-
ty on "D-Day."
This locomotive, like several
others, has been rebuilt under the
Railway rehabilitation scheme.
lRepair work on No. 26, another
locomotive of this type to be re-
named "Roosevelt" Is nearly com-
plete and this engine will be out
on the tracks in another week.
Undergoing repairs too is Loco-
Motive N. 12. I on- n Of the Ballv'al









Dr. Lee had tdbed the follow-
Ing questions:-
(1) Does the Mayor agre that
the ready and ample supply
information to the Council Is of
great aaistanee to Counctillos in
the due performance of those
duties which they hae sworn to
(2) Does the Mayor agree that
it is the Council and not the
Electricity Department that Is re-
sponsible for the proper manage-
ment of the Borough's electric
(3)' Will the Mayor supply for
the information of new members
of the Council copies of the
agreements made tn acordame
with the San Fernando EIlectric
Works Ordinance Cap. 281 Section
34 with the old consumers who
have facilitated the Council by
allowing their meters to be re-
moved, and thereby altering the
method by which the value of
the supply of electrical energy is
(4) Does the Mayor not agree
that the refusal to release those
meters held In rerve to those
consumers now without meters has
resulted in a loss of revenue to
the Council, by way of rent and
for power consumption?
To these the Mayor replied:-
(1) Yes.
I anm. however, not aware that
any councillor has ever been de-
nied access to any of the Coun-
cil's books or records. The quesa-
tioner himself should have no
cause for complaint as I under-
stand that he has been spending
some time recently going through
records at the Town Hall.
(2) The Electricity Department
is one of the departments for
which the Council is responsible.
(3) There is one form of agree-
ment which is signed by all of the
Council's electric lighting con-
sumers. A specimen agreement
form can be obtained during office
hours at the Town Hall.
(4) The reply is in the negative.
Reference to my reply of June 1.
to questions on the same sub-
ject by Dr. Lee ought to hae led,
I had hoped, to appreciation 'of
the fact that the Council had no
choice in this matter. There was,
and still is, an insufficiency of
meters. It Is impossible, at pres-
ent, therefore, to supply meters to
all consumers.

C.S.A. Annual
Conference Today
Annual conference of the Civil
Service Association opens in the
Legislative Council Chamber at
10 o'clock this morning with
an address by His Excellency the
Hon'ble A. B. Wright, Acting Gov-
The programme indicates an all-
day session. Listed among other
thins are the presidential address
by Mr. C. T. W. E. Worrell: election
of Whitley Council staff side per-
sonnel; discussion of resolutlonLjor
improvement of conditions In 'Ue
service and consideration of pro-
posed memorandum from the
Federation of Civil Service Asm-
ciations to the Secretary of State
for the Colonies.

Trinidad Guasdn Coes oldest engines. This is to be use
SAN FERN#NDO. June 10-Vote in shunting carriages and trucks.
of $3,000 to pftovide better scaveng-
ing facilities here Is asked for in a K "s-
committee report adopted by the
Borough Cuncil yesterday. Mr. K h LlLaude
The money Is to provide in 4t K h aurtd
$1, 500 for hire of four animals at a Award
$2.50 per day, V0 wages for thr.e On C.B.. Aw r
more scavengers and $800 for mak-
ing four additional carts. Trinidad Guardian Correaponden
Notice by circular will be served SAN PERNANDO. June 16-TB
to the townsfolk, that refuse-must Borough Council here tender
be placed in receptacles and not hearty congratulations to Mr. 1
thrown In the streets. M. Kelshall. yesterday, on th
Refuse from commercial under- honour of the award of the C.BLI
takings only will be charged for conferred on him by His Majesty
at 24 cents per cart load and 81.44 the King recently.
per lorry load. First to refer to the recognition
paid to Mr. Kelshall by the Kin
S was Councillor Crawford. wh
Man Accused Of asked that the Council's congrat
ulations be placed on record. Th
Theft Gets $144 Hon'ble Timothy Roodal, Mayoro
the Borough. expressed a precla
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent tion. on behalf of the inhabitant
AN FERNANDO, June 1 of San Fernando, of the valuable
AJudgment for $14 was awar- services which Mr. Kelshall had
DanRmdgment f a4 as a wtacr-edrendered to the town as a soil
Dan r mden, a aspaillo tractor- citor. councillor and alderman o
driver, by Mr. Justice J. L.thSaFendoBruhCn
Math iuPeres in the Supreme the San Fernando Borough Coun
Court here today, in an actlohhe e l.a nd as a representative of th
Crourht herne today m, anactilohepeople of the County of Victoria on
brought against Jaeram, a fow the Legislative Council.
Ramdeen claimed that sometime Other members joined In con
in October. 194, Jairam caused gratulating Mr. Kelshall.
him to be falsely and maliciously -
arrested and imprisoned for a
shirt which Jairam, said had Moeeen"
stolen from him. h been New Move To Boost
Jairam, said that he had lost
a shirt and it was found in Raw .in W r S
deen's possession nand as a result ity W ater Supply
he reported the matter to the Spcial meeting to consider a re
wlie In ths c solution calling for the transfer t
Lawyer in the case were Mr. ti city of sevral Government
Rupert C. Archbald, Instructed by owned.water wel and wells not
Mr. Arthur Seebalac for Ram- wl no
deen and Mr. V. O e. Lamey in- no longer required by the U.
structed by the Honble iT. M. Army is requested by five member
KeIshall, CO.E., for JaIram. of the Port-of-Spain City Council
._... A transfer of these wells, the re
solution points out, w"'l help to re
Car Owner Fiev.the acute water shortage in
Car Own er Fined w iy
tProposal of the resolution i
For Wedding Trip Counclor Rajit Kumar. Other
members who have signed the re
Trinidad Guardian Corrmspondent. quest include CoMllortiae sTlT
CHAGUANAS, June 15.--Caught ydd, Councillor Mortimer Mitchell
by Lance-Corporal Munroe carry- lrman V. R. Vdale, and on
Ing wedding guests In his vehicle. eillor Garnet McOarthy.
Mohammed Khan, of Warrenville.
was ordered by Mr. K. L. Gordon l g
in the Magistrate's Court here to l al Saum le
pay $50 fine or serve two months
for using his tyres for a purpose C o t Ma $240
not autehorised by the Transport oSt M a $
Emergency Board and $10. or
seven days. for using his vehicle an Willie Gay, a city man. ras fined
roads other than those prescribed $240 with an alternative of six
by the board. months' Imprisonment, when he
David Ragbirsingh, of the same was convicted by Mr. W. J. Andre
district, was fined $25 or six InWe First Police Court yester-
weeks, for using his vehicle on dayum onAn hacUsatlon of selling
roads other than 4 those prescribed. rum without havig a licence.
sF other thanrom a taxi stand on Marine
- Square, Gay, it Was alleged, ap-
nr A iari ached two American sailors as
Chinese Aviatrix they passed by and offered them
H T a flask of rum ftr2.
ue er tomorrow As he was 1 to receive the
De ere~oor "o mX
In Guardian w money Oonstab Anthony came up
The "Trinidad Guardian" under- and arrwted him.
stands that a cable has been e- ay tld te magisgtrate he never
ceived from Miss Lee Yaching, saw the flask of rum until he was
Chinese aviatrix now touring South taken to the police station. The
America, stating that she will ar- constable, he said, brought the
rive here from Curecao tomorrow, sailors to him and accused him of
Arrangements are being made by selling rum to them.
the Chinese here to meet her at .
the airport,.

Lifetodaydemands moreenergy,
mor vitality tha mature n nm
can provide. That s whes
Snatogen i' needed. Sanaifoen
is the most hihly concerned
nerve food. Daily Sanatgea
gives the b hb and vitality
necessary to carry you through
strain and worry. ,

A dhortace of oalcidum in the
systm cmes lack of appetite,
nevehs wand mreistane
to Icolds d atah and moth
dmy. Doctors evuywhfe
twmmemid Kaama 4aidd=
ln them mmmot m mlybeorMd
by the bod. Insamt om Kala
by are. *

Formmat Tablets kill d
ge m in mouth sad dmthreat d.

-r pwreunt deagemuw i-
fuawow dhma Fo, m am
tdow em tra MO I We
tisWeOf mousad threat

Farmers To Get
Ploughing Aid
Trinidad Gtuardian Correspondent.
CARONI, June l1-Better and
cheaper ploughing facilities for
farmers were promised by Dr. r.
J. Pound of the Department of
Agriculture, as he addressed more
than 100 cane farmers *t the
Caroni Etates office this mornit
on the sugar subidy.
Farmers from VharllevWle, Be-
JucAl, unuKa, St. Helena dnd
Caront la the ltnlnting asembly
heard Dr. Pound' advice to grow
more canes* and still more canesn.
Dr. Pound hinted that his de-
r'Itrtment would aslst farmers in
clearing main drains.

. The True Tonic Food

* ot-- 8" NING I WowwGWAW^bbyG@---
MoidheJawoubgis, Suin dev~ise m -I Misli h-i Ievlumet iq wee
The oldU Ideaof ,nwodp or dll I .
msilm Ito a wall am k ste. t ta a m ,iu. |
whebn te iob b4 ksisdhl fivefrorreabMle
lwip l do n dtmm w asodosmmrases.
haveNo e- ik. iam, Ayam rliable s NA

ai* McMMMet omedmst M M


-.TnML Pr ;1, -ij' --"NJ-k~-rsol 1

N^*IsuSU sdBmfsi wS
Jew -Mifl fau I~pfi t-l am m

Wa WAwM WO 'P I" et
~ warnmaw .-u.1s-Pb

The Mineral Food for Better Health

rhe Gera.KiUlangthroat Tablets

- r rwmh -tw ma cdtm& ham cimaMwd ra
Nd d alibi~e~m V esf
&W rM s, w inmH M o do
wt 41wpi

uueeaws P Lw Led, Psst04

I i

I l

'9 -


(Stationery Dept.)








Select Assortment of POPULAR
MAGAZINES clearing at less
than half-price.


Standard Life
Ammmmee Co.
BiabMUe ib the Wea
ladies for N year.
Masne lever. r.oJ..

Royal Naval Club



is atondamae

ADMISION .......-...... /.
am. Lady Mmber-FUr L



S138 Henry Street,
Thursday, 22nd June,

La ri.

Instnr-tad by Mrs. A. Pagasani
we will sell such nice d useful
Items as:-
Double ed with slumber King

wiM tahtress; Baby's
Baaaiel Icth and Ota; =prChild'u
O-olat. BltMa ooker and
ow sk; s IsUU
; a; wesal's,
fCpobaltMal bor and e Mat;

crap Monte OM t MM Dmr AMl
Ask sd TMWe. Wkind Bath.
PeW OWbwt PIMa UnoeAuaA
@M earotanud Mane DowrMft

*.wd DO Mhte ieo

.-4 i --- f-r. .
& i tAd -I^ a^


Joint paint and backache
warn you that your k3faey
anouo order. Thyan
(rtsn luxaMe andTallow
Ilas ipurto- and poiWoU
to escape tram the blood-
stream and lode the
mauscl and MM Themi
urc acid) aw fasw
painu rbomumait ewe
hiatf they am ot
quklcleared out of
the spsL TMuwy
to tackle the trouble
istooatoo"ebtbe th
root caus-
the nhEalthy
couditio f
Poar kidae'm ^ ^
D0 Witte Pios
to cos et dlsee*L

-dbw Ua eFglow t s
h IAtam
*h--ftjk W&hJfSMJJB J^ti
Pub 341-vCr
it*,( AiMW--





On loans from $3.00 e to 1Mat 8% Wer annm.
On loans upwards of MlAN to 2.60 at 5S per maaU.
On loans upwards of 21,00-4epeeoli rate.
For particulars apply to-



000 ... . .. . --I



0 . .... .... i

010 -M.- I


'I ",

I .


. of

,.~. .1

Xi -. ; S -;

I MM =*maw7,M

-- f N 11- M Ab

gmlumuiln eVemi 1llw

I mI L o b V lI I M I I I 1 l l l 4 4 4


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E LONDeON eupmOm
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SAllied Grand Strategy
t: Takes Shape In Far East

A E grand strategy in the Asiatic
and Pacific theatres of war appears to
' be taking concrete shape. The bombing
Said an Japan on Thursday is only one
Sof many signs that the "holding" period
b has passed, and given place to a limited
Soffenive which will be maintained until
Sthe full Allied strength can be brought to
~ bear on the Japanese. General Douglas
MacArthur, one of the greatest soldiers
That this war has produced, and Admiral
SLord Louis Mountbatten. whose record
Stands second to none, are doing a bril-
liant job.
Time was when their assignment was
to halt the Japanese and keep them com-
Sparatively immobilised, until the stiffer
Allied task in Europe was consummated.
But the fortunes of war have taken a
S.dramatic, indeed a rapid turn, so much
s o that it is now possible for MacArthur
: and Mountbatten to edge closer to the
main objective, even though the battle
against the Axis in Europe has yet to
be won. Almost every day news comes
7 through of fresh landings in the South-
Swest Pacific, turning movements In South-
east Asia, and remarkable recoveries by
the Chinese armies of General Chiang
: Kal-Shek. It is all very heartening, and
now this latest blow at Japan's vitals will
give added encouragement to those brave
Allied soldiers who are fighting in the
tropical swamps that formed the outer
ring of defences on which the enemy re-
Slied so much. The war is moving there,
in urope, to the complete overthrow
Of Axis power and domination.
S In the later details of the bombers'
raid on Japan on Thursday, it is appar-
ent that Allied technique has advanced
considerably since General James Doo-
little (then a Lleut.-Colonel) led 16 B25s
over Tokyo on April 18, 1942. Only a few
of the fliers returned to tell the story of
that great achievement and not a single
'plane was saved. On Thursday only four
' machines of what has been described as
a large force were lost, two being vic-
tims of accident and not enemy coun-
ter-measures. The first raid in 1942 ap-
parently was well worth while, for it
-paralysed the enemy and fired America
With an enthusiasm that knew no bounds.
SSince then, inspired by those intrepid
fliers who bade farewell to "Shangri-la"
and knew that the odds were heavily
weighted against them coming through
the ordeal alive, Ameitan airmen in all
Sthe war theatres have won imperishable

Shm l Be lReconidered
THB Ramt RMUfthm~o Ordinance, l41.

p~qr4 that in determining rental
valum Wat Ansesmemt Boards shall fln
eanader what rent might reoaably.hav*
been charged on a prescribed date in
40, and then add to It such sum as they
think reasonable on account of improved
amenities in the locality, or increased
building costs. This leaves much to the
Judgment of individual members of these
boards, who have nevertheless discharged
their duties on the whole with skill and
success. But there have been many com-
plaints from landlords that the rent$
fixed leave little or no profit, and the
question arises whether some clearer rule
of action should not be laid down for ar-
riving at rental values.
The recent report by a City Council
committee on the Mucurapo housing pro-
ject cited the Planning and Housing Com-
mission as declaring that rentals based
on 10 per cent of the capital cost of con-
struction would make the scheme finan-
cially self-supporting, but leave no profit.
This statement has been used in our cor-
respondence column to support a plea for
more liberal assessments by Rent Boards,
on the ground that if the Government
finds 10 per cent inadequate for profit-
making on a comparatively large project
on free land, the private owner whose
costs are assumed to be higher will be in
a worse case.
Conclusions of this kind should not
be accepted without further inquiry, es-
pecially as the statement about the Mu-
curapo rents in relation to costs and pro-
fits is not convincing as it stands. Ten
per cent on a static investment in these
days is not to be sneezed at, and inform-
ation is needed about how this return is
likely to be absorbed in making the pro-
ject merely self-supporting, before an in-
telligent verdict can be given. Neverthe-
less we mention the matter as indicating
the feeling among many landlords that
they frequently do not receive a fair re-
turn from the rents fixed by the boards.
One disadvantage of this is its effect
on speculative building. It is well known
that most houses put up today are in-
tended exclusively for sale, and are kept
empty until sold, because their owners
consider letting a poor investment in pre-
sent conditions. A man who normally
would build a house for rent, feeling cer-
tain of 5 per cent net, let us say, on his
outlay, today hesitates to do so when he
may be forced to accept one per cent or
perhaps no profit at all. We are not sug-
gesting that the standard profit should be
5 per cent, for the rate can only be agreed
upon after proper consideration. But if
a basis for rental values can be adopted
which will depend less on the judgment
of individuals, however impartial and
public-spirited, and mofe on precisely as-
certainable factors, the situation should




It is extremely difficult to get into personal

touch with professional men; I now appeal

to their generosity for this worthy cause.

I hope you will forgive this method of

approach, but my committee is anxious to

leave no source untapped.

Cheques will be gratefully accepted and

acknowledged by

f E R. BOON,

Pubcty Officwr,
S/c/o SStephm Ltd.,
^ .. Port-of-Spois

A WL b" 9
b U la dw Oamm
luiii E **um-l--

Employers Should Offer
Prizes For Craftsmen
TM a"U". oIthb Ouardiaa."
Mr. GrbarW'% letter which ap-
pea in 1n "TrinIdad ouardiann
recently m n on the em-
ployment of skilled craftsmen by
the Public Works Department, was
very timely
Bd eatle is today occupying the
lmellght. Purely academical sub-
e nowo seem to occupy al-
most the entire space, leaving Just
a small is0l1Mflcnt corner for
technical ad practical subjects.
These are equally Important, If an
even balance is to be maintained in
the vocational structure of the Col-
ony. This fact is not sAfficiently re-
o0 nd, hence he apathy in this
direction and the under-rating of
technical qualifications.
Skilled craftsmen technically
trained are not the only ones to be
benefited by their training Their
employers are equally benefited end
also the general public, for a supply
of first class craftsmen is un-
doubtedly an asset of which any
community might well be proud.
The burden therefore of produc-
ing this supply, rests equally on the
would-be craftsmen, the employers
and the general public. The crafts-
man fulf, his part when he de-
votes a long period of his life to
study and practice In order to be-
come efficient.
The employers and the general
public would be doing theirs if they
provided the p1ecessarv inducement
to the right kind of youth to ob-
tain their qualifications and If they
showed their appreciation when
these have been obtained.
One method of inducement in
which everyone may share is the
offering of prizes to be competed
for by students in the technical
classes. This should not be left en-
tirely to the Board of Industrial
Traninpn When I say prizes, I do
not mean mere trifles of such small
intrinsic value as to be almost an
insult to those who are expected to
compete for them.
There are numerous firms and in-
dustrial undertakings which can
well afford to offer substantial
prizes which would be worthwhile
striving for by students in every
technical line. Any expenses in-
curred in this direction would be
money well invested.
Eastern Main Road.

Farmers Wont Fertilisers
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
Does the Food Controller know
that although speakers are gcing
about the country advising the use
of fertilisers, no fertilizer is avail-
able on purchase In San Fernando,
much leas in small towns? How
many farmers are able to go or send
to Port-of-Spain to buy them ?
South Trinidad.

Saved By Rainwater
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
I do not believe there Is another
place on earth that hears .so many
mutterings as our bathrooms, for it
is impossible for human patience
to hold out longer.
Just recently it was a big shower
of rain that saved my eyes from
being burnt out by soapsuds, for
just when I expected the usual
trickle there was no water at all. So
to save my eyes I had to run out
in the rain, and In it I finished
my bath. Some day somebody will
have to pay for all this needless
suffering we are enduring.
There is lots of water all about
From the gocd and welcome *ains,
So I L.m praying now it gets
Into our city's dried up mains.
What a blessing that would be
To stop the Council's chatter
And ease cur weary hearts
With lots of needed water.

Looking Before Leaping
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
In reply Lo a letter appearing in
your columns on June 13 headed
"Soldiera Leave Army" I think the
person who wrote that should be
made to understand a few facts
without giving away army Infor-
mation. In the first place his so-
called friends who ate out of the
army have been released by com-
,etent ofCcers who know what they
a- doing
Second', he is disputing the
ability of our medical officers by
paying regard to the apparent fit-
ness of his so-called friends. I
would like him to visit the Military'
Hospital at Port-of-Spain to see
some of the ailing soldiers, appar-
ently happy though suffering, per-
haps he would think they were
made to do it for the benefit of his
Lastly when he sees one of his
so-called friends again, he should
try to get the specific reason or
condition under which he got out,
and I am certain he will In future
loOk before he leaps.

Profiteering In Sweet Drinks
The Ktter, "Trinidad Gardiani"
Many people are of the opinion
that there is much laxity on the
parent f the authorities In the mat-
tes of profiteerng. Everyone is
aware that. goods are to be sold and
bought at scheduled prices yet a
large quantity of goods is sold at
prices In excess of the schedule.
I take the case of some of the
aerated waters." The public buy
thes drinks, popularly termed
sweets, In great quantitlee and a
great amount of profiteering in this
commodity takes place
The drinks scheduled at 5 cents
are often sold for i cents and the
poor persons are thus made to pay
e ptr cent in excels. I write this
In adir that the eyes of the au-
theritles may be opened.

Arima. --

Road Needs Repairs
S XMttr. Trtnid.d Guardian."
T" Caroal Road leading to
theS tain s uch bed condi-
ot that lea and motor-cars
rw n oUetO d by the many
IiMli a found thromuhout
lmutM ad bredth i the ro
g oOow eft see to It that
readS i s we r and kept in
aconditlonas we riders of hi-
ifftm Mdas;t *fte~neBwy
kate f Ov RnIunMt

Italian matum. AmMWf tseOqs dMMrAOe b. iMw r.
pertaMbI the NmuIihM aIims W e t onte" fto aMe-mke
PMwMn O1 fWa by mm ta -on slot t owk O. LiNOW
San&M" eneMt ai.(AP l""e.)

Expert OfficerToHeadMedical

Re-organisation Committee

in Trinidad to all the doctors In
the Island with the result that re-
plies received showed that a very
substantial majority considered the
present method of administering
the medical and health services
unsatisfactory, and did not con-
sider it possible for a Director of
Medical Services to give proper at-
tention to all matters, that de-
manded his attention in a modern
Health Service. A majority also
recommended that the medical and
health services be administered By
an executive board comprised of
medical practitioners 75 per cent,
and laymen 25 per cent, and re-
sponsible only to the Governor and
the Legislative Council.
"From all these facts It seems
clear that the existing unsatislac-
tory condition of these services are
due not to the war, and not to the
staff or the personnel, either In the
D.M.S's office, or in our hospitals
and hevilth services, nor to the lack
of financial backing; but solely to
an antiquated and hierarchical
system of administration which is
no longer suited to our medical
needs and aspirations.
"You will realise that as a lay-
man it has proved difficult for me
to place before you In any greater
detail the main facts and observa-
tions which I have been able to
piece together In connection with
this resolution, though I feel t-at
here are many more representa-
tions which could well be venti-
lated In this Council.
"I have, of course, consulted
very freely my medical friends who
find themselves today without a
professional mouthpiece and with-
out a doctor to express their views
and grievances before this Council,
not even through the D.M.S. who
until recently was in the position
of helping out his professional con-
freres in that respect. I under-
stand that such a situation has not
existed for the past 50 years or
more. Today, there is no doctor
either on the Legislative Council
or on the Executive Council.
"Such are the risks and causes
of discontent which remain inher-
ent in the framework of a civil
service administration In connec-
tion with medical matters. It is
not conceivable tl'hat under the ad-
ministration of an executive board
responsible to this Council such
unreasonable and dictatorial acts
could have been attempted.
"To give every child born in this
country the chance It deserves to
be born healthy and to keep In
good health, we obviously need the
best. in the way of health and med-
ical services, and we can only at-
tain this laudable design if, among
other things, we have a contented
service where co-operation will be
a watchword and where a sense of
frustration will be non-existent.
"I do not know what plans Gov-
ernment is formulating as regards
social services. I suppose consid-
eration is being given to the merits
of the Beveridge and other plans,
,oind that Government will produce
a plan of its own in due course.
I hope we will not have to wait too
long for this. But whatever plan
may be produced It will fall If It is
not backed by a health and medi-
cal service properly administered.
"we must be bold in this matter.
we need to widen our horizon.
What was good enough for 1934 is
not good enough for 1944. and if
you decide today that we must have
this 'committee of Investigation
then, for heaven's sake, make up
your minds that any recommenda-
tions that are nerde by that com-
mittee must be put into effect.
"I say his although none of us
may be members of this Council
when these recommendations are
made, but whether we are or whe-
ther we are not, let us do all In our
power to see that they do not suf-
erthe fate of so many of the 1934
committee's recommendations. I
blame members of this Council,
and I blame the public for not see-
ing that the recommendations were
carried out, at any mte. before
"It must not happen again. If
you decide that this committee is
to be appointed. I do appeal to Gov-
ernment with all the earnestness
that I can command to be most
careful In the selection of the per-
sonnel of this committee. The

personnel must have the complete
confidence of the medical profes-
sion and all the people of the Col-
any, and it is the considered opin-
ion of nearly every medl-i man I
have consulted that the Secretary
of State should be asked to ap-
point the chairman,. and that he
should be a man r. the highest
possible qualifications.'
"You, members of this Council,
have an opportunity today to do a
service, a very great service to our
people. In formally moving this
motion I confidently ask for your
support, and I ask it in the name,
not only of every man, woman and
child in this Colony, but also In
the name of generations as yet un-
The Hon'ble Roy Joseph said, he,
like other members, felt satisfied
that the Colony's medical services
needed Inquiring into. He thought
it unfortunate that the motion had
to be brought there to force Gov-
ernmnent to do what it had promised
fully four years ago.
He recalled that long before he
became a member of the Council,
Government, In answer to a ques-
tion by the Member for Tobago,
promised an inquiry into the meaui-
al services. "The people of this
Colony," he said, "have to thank
the Grace of God and God alone,
that they have survived."
He expreused the view that one
medical officer of health in the
various districts should not be re-
sponsible for the lives of thousands
of people, and referring to the
Colony's sanitation, he said. that
-this "was at a discount."
propose to vote for the motion but
not necessarily for all the reasons
which my hon'ble friend the junior
member for Port-of-Spain, has
given. If the motion Is In the na-
ture of a vote of non-confidence in
the present administration I am
afraid I cannot support It, not be-
cause I am a member of the ad-
ministration myself.
I know views have been expres-
ed that because I am a member
of the Executive Councl of this
Colony I am responsible for the
acts of the administration. I have
repeatedly and publicly stated that
I reject that suggestion; the power
of initiation, the power of execu-
tion comes from the Governor and
the Governor alone. When we
speak of the administration, what
you really mean is the Governor
with all the panoply of his advis-
ers-advice which he had oppor-
tunity to reject or accept aa he
I merely say that in passing, lest
It be said that I am defending
myself as a member of the admiu-
istration. I do no such thing.
Sir Lennox said he could not
accept the suggestion that the
Governor should delegate any of
his powers to an executive board
or a statutory body. He felt that
so long as the Island had Crown
Colony Government the responsi-
bility was the Governor's alone.
The Hon'ble Errol Dos Santos,
Acting Colonial Secretary, said: "I
wish to make it clear that Govern-
ment is prepared to accept the
resolution In its present form and
to state that the resolution request-
Ing the appointment of a commit-
tee will not be made effective until
we are able to get out a first class
officer from the United Kingdom to
be chairman of the committee, and
that the Council will take steps to
provide the necessary funds.'
In fairness to both the Govern-
ment and the medical department,
he said, he must answer a few of
the criticisms made by the hon'ble
junior member for Port-of-Spain.
When the Re-organisation Commit-
tee's report was submitted In 1934,
he did not think ilt,of its mem-
bers expected that ",e recommen-
dations would have been carried
into effect the following year. "We
had two shrewd members of the
Financl Committee-Dr. Mclhine
and SIr Lennox O'Rellly-as signa-
tories to the report," he sald, "and
at that time Sir Lennox pointed
out that the revenue of the Colony
was $7,641,000 and we spent on.
medical services $733,000. Gradu-
ally, the expenditure bn medical
services increased from 1934 to 1937
to $M891,494, and this year's provi-
sion is $2,067,000. The revenue In
1937 was $8,399,000."
The Acting Colonial Secretary,
referring to the remarks of Mr.
Wight that it had taken the Gov-
ernent te" year to implement

Tomorrow's Church Service
an.m. T'M l Hnty Nuchartt: B.se 0.., 3 am.Mim' Uh.w.rvie 10,45 s ?1.
^"^! "** ***1Vmau g STL I SI, W S
Matting atd sermonI : pam.. ,a_ II. .-- ., T .. 11 gi gg.
and i11 M uo: n I.2 W TTo
0.30 a-m.. Dlne Seric. Pesezv, y aU,; -t a.r -.. iy as
a.w. J. N. ol, W.D. Lsal.). At i,_ mev _', .a-Dad t__
%vInX Bervice. Pteaiher: Rev.

fmlurg :.55L U + sf! Sam ,e& tim
.'lGfyA-l4^ N&,L.- IAaKSeo 11 "-.

Aialame. . 001M. H- a"
arm W elaeg S.

I. IN 961lL
I1 M..Un.!,. ..,
METHODIS ^^fima? vTm^ ^




For The Erection Of
Oversaw Sisters'
Quartwre, Colonial
SHospital, Port-of-

Se Netee bi Reysal GansM* ated
17th Juns, 144.
Full prteubn uas to Conditions
of Contract can be obtained at the
office of W. H. Watkins uand Part-
nrs, F/Ft.R.I.3.A.. Govern? ent
Architect,S 'reasury Street, Port-
of4-Spain, on and after the a1st of
June, 114.
Contractor will be r. .ulred to
give security of 8,000.00.
Tender close at noon on Mon-
day, the 17th of July. 1944.
Tenders to be addressed to the
Colonial Secretary, Red House,
Port-of-Spain, marked on the
outAside of the envelope "Tender for
erection of Oversevs Sisters' Quar-
ters, Colonial Hospital, Port-of-
Acting Colonial Secretary.
Date: 9th June, 1944.
Enlistment of Trades-
men In the Royal
Air Force
It Ix notified for general In-
formation that this Government
has been advised that the local
recruitment of tradesmen for en-
listment In the Royal Air Force
has been suspended. No furterI
aonlications therefore should be
sent to the Industrial Adviser
until further notice: but Govern-
ment desires to thank all those
who have offered their services
and also those who have been
rood enough to attend official
tests. The candidates concerned
are advised that no further action
will at present be taken on their
applications. In the event of t"e
recruitment, of tradesmen for en-
listment in the -loyal Air Force
beinR reopened a further an-
nouncement will be made.

The Public ia hereby notified
that the Warden Officer of the
Department will be attending the
undermentioned Offices for the
purpose of collecting Lands and
Buildings Taxes on the days speci-
fied below between the hours of 9
a.m. and 1 p.m.

County of St. Andrew
Warden's Office, Coryal-Thursday,
25th May, and Thur. let June,
Warden's Office, Maitura-ThUrs-
day, 25th May, and Thurs. ist
June. 1044.
Warden's Office, Valencia-Friday,
2nd June and Friday 23rd
June, 1944.

County St. David
Grande Rivlere-Friday, l6th June,
and Friday 23rd June. 1944.
Matelot- Wednesday, 14th June
and Wednesday, 21st June,
Warden, Eastern Counties.


The Auction Pale which wps
orlpinallv fixed for Thursday 29th
June. 1944. at the Colonial Bond
will' take place on Friday 30th
June, at 1 pin instead.

P. I. Blanc,
for Comptroller of Customs
and Excise.

andaric wrt -

iwnd ~acts et. ,]
INpam o
OO0 ~Taken

nelo t4e appsdmv
PUBUC mda 105is
that In pursuancegf
calved front the
dhiat. L-od SU l
be put up for A t l
tion on Monday
July, 1944,Rit
at the Cnotr
house, H. U t.
Spain, the +
and articles seuaed ain
La r quantitiea s ,
EssenUal Oils,
and Extracts el m.,
a will appear. '
'0he said goods "W ll
sale in separa I lot$ a
below the appraised vm.14
the wild goods to~e,,
uwset prices may be U
the Deputy Regltr'si'
Court. Permission to B
speet the sad goods wll"I
ed by appointment.
All further Inform a
obtained from the
Deuty ra'eilstmr, pu ,p L
Dated this .th day of
L A. iti
Substitute for Adnr
Trinidad and

Import Progrei i
For 1945 *
Importers are w h r
to submit to the Seentr
Control Board, not mlatk
June, 1944. their ISU
from all sources, of thl
items included in fs l
1. Hooks and Eyes, a&
and S ecp Pasenry, -
Buc eses, Buttons
miscellaneous s hoelh
and apparel find, !r'w
specifying In e iac
case the material tro
which item is Mnu*

meot I
Fractured e hMa
2. Domestic Sewing Ma-
chine Needles. int ,
(Straight), Pins(fate. ,
3. Elastic Webbing and `1
Rubb'er Thread
Returns should be
accordance with th -
outlin:d in the Control
etic dated 1lth lAy,01
Control Board commsmfb
26th May. 1944, as ava*Db
will be allocated on thee
conditions therein dard ek
Secretary, t
Old Post. Office B
7, St. Vincent Street
Port-of-Spain. A-
Slat May 19 4 4


Education n
There will be four
Free Studentships at l
College of Tropical
available in Octobert
ence will be given to
who have taken the ii
in the Higher School
Science subjects tih
Certificate EUasiflaS R !-
A studentship 11iablE
minated at the end 4V
term if the student'V Wt_
below the standard
A minimum grant,
tenance, of $288.00 Pit
be payable to 1elte1
This sum may be
maximum of M
special circumstance. '
Applications Itatspg
nations, and partladSIE
or colleges attended,
copies of two recent
should reach the DIredO
nation not later thaN N H

tad May, 1044.


Trinidad and Tobago Oversea B"

Invite You To Attend



-ON -

Saturday, 17th June, 1944, at 4,4i
Ox ,,

The Ground East of Government )
His Ezeelloeny the Acting Oeerner the HO M N. t
C.M.GO., C.B... M.C., will At"B' 6ad A^


o____ ^o,___.o .__---- n co* _

Used Typewriten p Twe.
It paper Twins-
has b receivedtatlmces Unted Stat"rV'
may now be ranted tor the ira--
Dorttalt Ion of .Used Typewrit
ltm ft United States of America it is hereby otI
wt M ermaons towhomao for the Is
geM been allotted o foorIn iTwie from e
wostaioa Of Tyewrutew.tb Ameriff
Ued Tyiewrtte wl l pow be .- tbose hItSI'4.W
1tMd located ow

.ewU7>~ Control Board. ^ ta>iB
OldP r'

""SS?'w jam

_ +.


STroops Reta AnodTr Pis

From Germans sho S by JueM
Ep! iommiWto FR"M pmwt I] ;-=T A1&M rr tt~
had sormed 20-~ AUW obWnorthwet in nw. be Jm oo 16va O
noW bee sele fro~t the
undamaged VllICges blowlni b'acheo-the bogRoya AwIr
a nrn ,t Allies now held for more
reinforcement amd suply of their PorcWMadteAlidMrPr
ht a chateau they Invasion armies were shot by the Orermans. Ut I
Sg te a l sw s a ahells Despite the wether, how wer.additio t the 47 IevlouS I
the United States bafttesh reported, after having escaped
S guard, Te .as SadNevada, and theri from Staleg In March last.
maes sjggf a hollow August were reported cruising Th' 00a of the officers
Q %MjWty held an 1 the coast to wort the now re shot are: Flying
01000esairwhen a tifooo dri~iv in O5~g "os pUeilJ- tin- om '.amesL. R. long, ,
and men were onRAY.,Ming .Officer StaLis-
adian tThe 3.3., reporr at I&* ., Polkh Air Forc-
wo received the HA'.F. says the All l r l Air Fore,
rceie-- are now strn enough in Nor- and Fying Of r Powel To-
id.ov... ,d his. 4i11y to be able to carryon b li Air 1ires
he was utt ing more an4 more men.
wheering from "ehiceS a nd stores and stead.
-- .tme .... .fo Jail Threat For
sOf F h more attacks, At the nameor
I! an theywav time, he adds. the beachhead
t 2dthey waved is not yet iiiercentfree. p fi
s Majesty he from m Profiteerg
in an car....m ey tllery art] r0 ieerm~
04bag Ma. jes....ty Fank Qillard, the BBC re-
Els Majest prter with the British forces,
.Meat Vendors
mr v.wy_.unloadig. tells in a. depatch dated yes-
new to the drive by a British armour
beahhead yesterday and column In the neighbourhood M .J. An magistrate,
-iwe of the new alrstrtip. tf V-llen-Bocage: Gillardbays Mr. W J. Andre, magistrate,
tb Air Chief Marshal the force which made this warned In the First Police Court
P der, Deputy.upreme drive deliberately made itself yesterday that the Market will be
iand Air Vice-Marshal become what he calls pinned without butchers as he proposed to
jConjagham. After the on a limb of faith within yards aend to Jail all whom he found
chiefs had had a con- of powerful German armour in guilty atof profiteering.
tey climbed Into jeeps and wooded country admirably The warning was issued as the
to General Montgomery's suited to defensive fighting, magistrate ordered James Williams
The Germans reacted wildly and Augustus Walcott, two San
and threw In wave after wave Juan mat vendors ealcth to Pan
H Near West of infantry supported by small 4a fine or serve six months in
0 en unsgroups of tanks, but the British ine orsrve itx months gn
| Peninsula were ready and their antitank prison for profiteering.
ALLI ED HEAD- guns and field guns all quickly Williams.t who was employed by
June 16 (AP).-Ame- got placed in well-concealed Walcott wa accused by Constable
htng nearly three- sites and the tanks took up Vincent of Selling lib stew and lib
ithe way across Cher- position where their fire power steak at the price of steak. Walcott
S wla y entered St. Sau- could be most effectively used. was accused of aiding and abetting
withiine miles The tommtes held their fire him.
ietht and also recaptured until the manses of enemy -
fost and also r e captured troops were within 100 yards Catching Martin Atts, a city lad
lioitebourg in a new and then, Gillard says, they trying to take a dynamo from aI
the NKo defenders In the opened up with terrific effect, bicycle in a Duke Street gateway,
ittr hhg. hA large number of American the police searched his home and
Inerto the highway hub guns joined in support and the found another dynamo and house-
mveur and the retaking of Germans lost 500 men and at f n l M nd
s 14 miles southeast of least 15 tanks. The British breaking Implementf. Mr. Andre
[ was reported In a field commander, having decisively sent him yesterday or three years
from Don Whitehead, beaten off the counter-attack, at the Y.O.D I.
Sthe smash Into St. Sau- withdrew the spearhead of his
j creating a crisis for the column but only a short dis- Selling at black market prices,
Mo trying to keep the Ame- tance. Gillard says that by far brought Henry Chong and Lee
D om cutting the peninsula the greater part of the forward Fong, Belmont and Laventille shop-
Sthrust of this British armoured keepers respectively, fines of $25
SOermans fiercely defended column is being firmly held.] each when they appeared before
im oonverti"- it into a Mr. A. J. Hamilton in the Second
d r defending it house by C vl er Police Court yesterday.
street by street, but ivl fence W after Both men fell victims to trap by
W" forced to yield after a Constable Sandy who was sold by
rim thre-ile Yank a rd- p Stais Chongs a bar of soap for 24 cents
km Re'gnevlle Proposal t d uSu e IU instead of 23 cents, and by Fong
last railway serving thous- Government has under consider- lib of lentil peas for 9 cents In-
s Germans threateners with atlon recommendations marie by stead of 71 cents.
ML In the Cherbourg area the Civil Defence Commission In ----
nwelt from St. Sauveur and connection with the water situa- Taking Into consideration his t
Outh-south route highwLy tion in the city, the "Trinidad clean record. Mr. Andr' imposed
P o theenemy are nly six Guardian" learned yesterday. a fine of $25 upon Boysle Graham,
S and wit hin gurh range. The recommendations which are whom he convicted on an accusa-
Smain highways serving based on points raised by the tion of assault occasioning a wound. I
Sfimnel through the Hon'ble Gerald Wight, Junior Told by Errol Campbell, an em- d
Scommunique told member for Port-of-Spain, at a ployee of the Globe Theatre one t
westward acoies Cher recent meeting of the Legislative night not to pass from the pit to 1
SiM la but gave no de Council, emphasise the danger to the house, Graham became en-
Sgve no the city in the event of fires. raged, It was stated, and meeting
_Signatories, to the recommenda- Campbell outside later struck him (
1NAM TILLY tions, it is understood, Include Mr. with a stick.
SAlled troops scored local Robert Johnstone, the Hon'ble "He tried to hit me with the
I th Tilly sector near Gerald Wight, Lieut.-Col. Ersklne- stick and I took It from him andt
end of ti front where Lindop, acting Commissioner of struck him with It." said Graham a
HC anadians are engaged the Trinidad and Tobago Police in defence. t
remains in enemy hands. Force, Mtijor 0. Riddel, Director
mans fought desperately of Hydraulics, Mr. H. 0. B. Wood- Preliminary Inquiry with the
Si an unsuccessful effort Ing, Mayor of Port-of-Spain, Mr. charge of manslaughter laid againstH
$5 Americans who were C. R. Farrell, City Engineer, and Graham Mortimer of Plarco by
r road liUttered with Mr. R. Bradley. Ast. Superintendent R. Drury. wasA
e wrecked equipment. continued in the Second Police
e fonnrmed a core of re- Court yesterday before Mr. A. J.m
the a but th Colonel Mercer Hamilton.
I Russian and Czeecn I Hamilton.Evidence of two witnesses was at
icItthe forefront. ToH a Parade taken and further hearing ad-d
rns entered St. Sau- oHead mourned to June 22. e
l, but there is no officla Trinidad Guardian Crep nt Mortimer, who was represented t
04t of Its capture. b & l m t le o
0* sn said it is expected SAN e RNANDO. June 16- by Mr. Malcolm Butt, is alleged to
E ient captebure. 1 Tebndo Trinidad Guordcen----rmp---- t
A town of trch obvious Lieutenantt.Colonel 0. H. J. Mercer have been the driver of the motor-
car Involved in an accident In th
nImportanoe, the Germans will be In charge of the parade which Kali Khan of El Socrro was t
i'tinly would try to re- which will be held tomorrow k inlled. s
4 IWitha counter-attack as connection with Soldier Week._ _a
L Montebourg is 10 The band of the Trinidad Police Ic
treyif St.auveur. Force will head the parade and Small Fire P t b
, koops trying to split the will be followed by the parade UmUlCFt
ow hold a 30-mile semi-commander, an R.A. detachment; I C c
*thwest from the Quine- 1st Battalion, Trinidad Regiment; In it tl
p through Montebourg to A. T. S.; Trinidad Police Force; tl
Utir, then southeast to the Special Police Force; Volunteer The Central Fire Brigade was 11
9 r ea. Fire Brigade; Home Guard; called out last night at 10.30 o'clock tl
Sdespatch from General W.V.S.; British Red Cross So- to premises at 108. St. Vincent I
gtA advanced command clety; A.R.P. Wardens: Girl Guides Street, where a small blase had
Sit is estimated that and Boy Scouts, broken out in residential quarters.
Seaman troops were thrown The parade will go from Harris Before the fire-fighters arrived tl
the Normandy beachhead. Promenade to the Library corner on the scene, the blase was put out. sI
owur German divisions where the salute will be taken, then The Brigade did not get into ac- T
Pi badly mauled in battle, up Coffee Street, Cipero Street, tion and no serious damage was al
I IAT SETBACKS Sutton Street, Broadway then to caused. s
acknowlde j the Drill Hall where the units ____ ____
N acknowledgedwill form up In close column to be g
ight flank and reported __ Chinese Report Hope
L !he6 wrecked canal NAZI GENERAL KILLED For Changshat Defenders C
91 theImplication be- LONDON, June 16 (AP).-D.N.B. me
they feared General said tcday that Major-General CHUNGKING, June 18 (AP).- C
may Soon crack the Frltz Wltt. 36, Commander of the The Chinese High Command to- I
dkin *of the line. Tenth Hitler Youth Panzer Divi-. day indicated some hope for the Si
St 1 ed that "D-Day" sion was killed on the Invasion defenders of Changsha though the hi
Csaltes are below front, _____ _____city is almost completely sealed ce
loeascthan and planned = =of
thnoeper cent. Cl. 'D. SEEK WOMAN of
oiaen General Joseph Stilwell's head- at
Stdia wounded who The C.I. D. have begiun a quarters announced that AmericanD
Stations died. search for Clara Charles, 25, of St. 'planes supported the Chinese a
Sfier just returned Francois Valley Road, reported round forde. American fliers m
gtoacti0ll of the beach- missing since Wednesday. When three days of operations killed an e
S"'U American navy last seen, Charles, who 1a of dark 1.200 Japanese an e
|J v wry very smalU. complexion and 5it 41ns in height, Amerticantme r Japanesea n he e
batles still raged also was wearing a mauve dre. American bombers hit Japanese e
Cied and Tlly-sur-Sellles, a shppn at the o f Yangts
1h~j flank. ARMY TRUCK DAMAGED near Shanghai and off Hong sp
nu'IRER A British Army truck wU slightly Kong.
ie, headquarters re- damaged last night when It ran off ---
MB St weather over the the road into a wall at the corner
UD.DSy.. with a of Duke and Piccaily Streeta.




!, M L E'Soo




Government Recognises Need

For Medical Set-up Overhaul
IcerMnINIH[m wass wAsh *I

certaiA of the rc440omme14a1 U
amhmed to the years 10 qM an#
when trade throughout the Oonil
was In a state eiewprea"M4whenu
cocoa Was down about $5 er ta .
ga and prices o sugar were de
presed, and when the ovrnaent
was seeking additional eoures. of
"I remember distinetlyI. 15I
when I introduced a tra"e tax, i
wa abused by the Chamber ef
Commerce," Mr, doe Santoe stated,
"for bringing it forward at a time
when merchants were oa the verge
of bankruptcy, as they stated.'
'The junior member for Port-of-
Spain, nla his seal for Imptvement
in the conditions in the Colony,
propounded what was known as
the famous "Z" scheme and Wont
with Sir Lennox to the Colonial
Office to see whether anything
could be done to improve condi-
tions. You must bear in mind that
we had no money and I, an Trea-
surer, advised-and the advice was
accepted-that we should not em-
bark on the raising of any loans
for capital expenditure,"
He told of the approval by Gov-
ernment of a development pro-
gramme which included erection of
hospital buildings, clinics and other
things for which provision had
been made, but pointed out that
difficulty in getting materials and
labour rendered the carrying out
of the operations impossible.
"Government," he said, "is fully
aware--I do not say that the alarm
of the public is general-but that
they view the situation with great
anxiety, because we know that
there is a shortage of staff which
we have been unable to get In spite
of repeated requests to the Colonial
Office to select."
Shortage of staff, he admitted,
would naturally result in other
members having to work for longer
The Hon'ble L. C. Hannays ex-
pressed the view that the terms
and conditions of employment of
medical men should be such as to
attract them to the service and
agreed with Sir Lennox that the
administration of the medical and
health services should not be en-
trusted to an executive board. He
said the time had long passed, how-
ever, since the hospital could be
adequately administered or con-
trolled by the Director of Medical
Services or by anyone sitting In an
office far removed from contact
with hospital work. It was not for
them to put forward any details
regarding these services since, in
the first place, it was a matter for
the medical profession in general
and the medical staff.
They knew what had happened
n the past and what they should
do was to try to remedy the sittua-
tion by having a thorough investi-
gation with a view to bringing
bout an Improvement, and he be-
lieved the investigation would be
mone in which the whole staff would
co-operate most wholeheartedly.
The Hon'ble E. Vernon Whar-
ton, also supporting the resolution,
laid he believed it was natural
,hat an Inquiry should be made
nto all the questions that had
risen from time to time ice
1933, and described as appalling
the treatment alleged to have been
neted out to members of the Ad-
visory Council. Hie alluded to the
requent complaints made by
medical men, nurses and patients
like concerning conditions in the
service and declared: "What we
do want to see is an Infusion of
nthuslasts in the vocational du-
lea along the members of the
medical staff of the Government."
There could be no doubt that
he Question whether the adminis-
rative side of the medical services
should be In the hands of a medi-
al practitioner or a qualified
medical man was one that should A
e very closely gone into by a
xmmittee if His Excellency de-
Ided to appoint one. He felt that I
his was possibly at the root of
ie matter. An experienced ad-
ilnistrator was sadly needed In
he medical services.
The Hon'ble T. M. Kelshall felt I
hat this matter was one which I
riould be treated with urgency.
hey were assured, he said, that
II was not well with the medical
*rvlces, and that this was not the
Iult entirely, or perhaps, not to a
great degree. of the former Direc-
irs of Medical Services.
"I would like the Government
Srealise," he said, "that this a
ouncll is prepared to vote any i
onev to have a first-class medi- t
il service and I want to say that a
think the Director of Medical
services has a harder lob than the I
ead of any other department, ex- l
ept the Colonial Secretary."
The Hon'ble Georee de Nobriga
reed with Mr. Kelshall that the
Director of Medical Services had
hard Job and hinted that it (
laht be possible to appoint addi-
onal staff to this department to
sable the work to be done more
He also pointed out that the
Director's department needed more
lace for storing medical supplies. l
The Hon'ble George Fitpatrick I

An Enchanting Sm

B ur only at ... it B"D BRATH ahn"
di usiom 1 loe IUp M ke a *- u.
wIlMa fik dov & ao mb em of Iofoa.' A&
mee, 7 eio of 10 erusem hm bad bee& sMd
dai't k~no kt, FM.. dwduM sat


Sobe mM .UmCdpuIoDlCMMa.n fI
maw# frmamw y m a IM bes y
sad wah wW a mld gqfthond p-
whkb bmd 4 m
sad oakh do* 1.1*h k
=a mod* domm
-dobm MOILill-a~u^li~d

-uas~ A

A reMM ee bUsWes t-ea., TZ7aM

Commission Age A wi08fa
to DOuUtMent Por
Ml south Street, lw Td
New ork. V. -",

em ^.Amesran m al I ents an ai o p
-eSt here It It was decided to ske to y fiSS ID u >O
*soont a committee to emouln ofi.a k tsBur p" Lt N
tOtf the Colony's 4edl4- = InfnSuion to th00
e wa mire, he said, that the eCaim to be etaled a e D !.
would read y the Colony their wor by asok fr torm wil
vry arogreasve Ideas. Ldera fat et out their mni1
___ cations.
ACC'EPTANCE WELCOM I tLodern' Claims must be pro
The Hon-ble Oerald Wight, re- "teWd betwn_ the ast ab
olyln,. said: 'I am elA* to hear Afteith day of July nIt.
the Hon'ble the Actinx Colonial
Secretary say that Government is I, w SCOTT,
prepared to accept the motion call- Town Cleak
Ia for a committee to ivquire Into ow
this matter and, as mv friend the Town HalI.
ewe ust amt ernsando.
Hon-ble Mr. XKshall saY. we must ..., ernango.
see to it that there is no delay 2h July. 19.
in this matter. T am sure this Is __________________
conmnon ground between all of us, -.
and It is the duty of every one of EDUCATIONAL
us here-to use a local expMreslon .. .
-to ush fire and see that this ri
matter is brought about within a NO ICEL
reasonable time.
"We have all heard the expres- .____
sion that we agree to disagree.
Today it seems that we pre all Mr. W. A. Farmer, Senior Mafte.
disagreeing to agree, lt least I matical Master, Lodge Schoa
hone so." announcees his intention to accepi
The motion was then put to the boys as boarders at $140.00 pea
House and unanimously carried, term. .irpert tuition in Mathe-
1. 0. matics, english and French will hi
tJ C b given by himself free of extra coast
a ounterblows Parents in rested are advised tc
communicate with him by letter W
a' c an early opportunity, a. only I
n Biak Repulsed limited number can be received.
QUARTERS, New Guinea, June 17 Windermere,
(AP).-It was announced this St. John,
morning that three Japanese Barbados, W.I.
counter-attacks with tanks on Biak
Island In the Schouten Group have
been repulsed by Allied forces.
Total of 160 Japanese dead on the LET US
island was counted on Thursday. T S
Gunfire by Alitd destroyers sll-
enced Japanese artillery and mor- SM O i A H
tars but stiff resistance was met on -
the northern flank of the occupy-
ing forces on the island. American r
troops captured and put into ser- u
vice Mokmer airdrome, one of the
three main objectives within bomrn- FLOOR S
ber distance of the southern Philip- FO
pines. The advance toward the
two other airstrips has been vi- f
gorously opposed. f

City Solicitor Dies POLISHING
After Short Illness by the
Mr. Oscar Rupert Pierre, city
solicitor and conveyancer, and M 0 D E
father of Lance Pierre, Trinidad 1 11
fast bowler, died at his late resal-
dence, 1 Kavanagh Street, last
night after a short illness. M TH D f
A well-known cricketer In his M T H
day, Mr. Pierre was for many years
president of Victoria C.C. and con-
tinued to take a keen Interest long
after he had given up active parti-
cipation In the game.
During his 20 years of practice
as a solicitor and conveyancer he A A T
enjoyed the high esteem of his A SI
colleagues and the public. He was
joined earlier this year by his
elaest son, Mr L-nnox Pierre who
passed his finals last year. MACHINE
Mr, Pierre leaves to mourn their
loss his widow, anid 11 children.
The funeral takes place at 4.30
pmn, today to All Saints' Church, Ask
and thence to Lapeyrouse Cemetery.
--- Boyd & Hutchinson Ltd.
1,000 Chetniks ._ _
Join Partisans
LONDON, June 16 (AP).-Mar-
shahl 11w, declaed tocay in a
oroadcasi communique uLiat Miaio g
Wjuric, one of Ueneral Mhlauo-
Wc's Vhaewlk commanders, joined
.Lto's parblMans together with a
large number of olicera ann over
lUW men. Tito reported aiso the
lormauon of lour nlew Partisan 01- ii
visions in the Morava valley, Ser-
An Eastern Bosnia Partisans &aid ,
they neld Lme Inltialve on all sec-
ors. They said the oerman of- DA D ITI
fensver between 0ornpvkgut anld B D ]IGE T
Prosor In Western oenia was
checked. CaUM bad temper
Gr f .. Family meals are often spoilt be-
De Gaulle To Return cause one member i irritabe and bad
IOA i tempered. Bad temper is very often
1o Algiers Shaortly the result of heartburn, flatulence and
LONDON, June If (AP).--Oen- other forms ad unabating peaia whc
'ral de Gaulle will return to Al- set the nerves an edg.
giers within a few days to report Why should the whole family euier,'
o the French ConsultativeAs- when a few Biurated Magnesia
aemblv on his satisfaction with!tablts ofa&teaspoonful Of'Bisurated
military arrangements between Magnesiapowder will putmatters right
the Allies and the Committee but in a few minutes?'Bisurated'Magasla
ack of agreement on civilian and prompt in all
Political problems. ?ive prompt r"ei la ca c c
.....aPrblem. _latulence, heartburn and other
Troubles due to excess stomach acidity.
Widower, 72, To Wed Bisurated Magnesia not only rlieves
SPweetheart, it v' P""' ,t u trails, the
Sweetheart, 62 excess acidity whic tI ti root of th
rinMdad Guardian Correspondent trouble,.
SARBROUGH, Jme 14.- U your trouble U pain afit meals or
Wedding bells will soon ring out in merely a little ov dulga.ceM in fod
he Village of Castara for Joel Elisha or drink Bisurted Mags will g
'aylor, widower, proprieto-, aged 72, immediate relief Ask your chemist ci
and Matilda Duncan, spinster, aged etor for Biurated M agnesi
12. of the same village. _[

ilo Invites a Kiss






58 Frederick Street

:: 'Phone 5273.

S"Conciertos 7anieli
fares His 4 xeeleney the Governor and Lady eClifer

Rudolflf Jirrusny
A name to remember-" one of the greatest of living PianbW
at -

en -
Sunday, 18th June, 8.45 p.m.

Seats: $3.00 $2.00 $1.00
and at -

on -
Tuesday, 20th June
60% of the proceeds to the Win 6he War Association fbor
Authorized War Funds
Sp" Bace by courtesy of United Grocers.

- - - -






$3.65 up.






ofifWi I a ,

Tam 1am waft

9 I *- .

aN, 17, 14.

TBd li, tChildren Should nc Taught
STo Re Independent

No== C1T Al i c Gworin wIfl wsass *e 9r M 9-a NOw ru0A sa p' w-lMoam H" w %mw m k ta ft" I tedf
--0*is rmV -4t 60 3m3W SNOW AM44 iO &~* I o
B'i1111 lamp -i dk = rfr the v~osot flof^ U W wo~m o asii~ jow MOM toiusw weierasa
69 mw t o to
B-ifimb thwe 3baka") on the e41111ea -1 .1 Ge-MlMI ft
Wi l l r t B e be tto "be thee b tdmha toRa tat o tl a "of
S. 0oge th. t em is t$ eh6teo e Sl w e t wol teat dby tb"m mai td
H Po -n -1o1 fl w $Ou w lln ini st 0* their own way In them wo -_. w ____--

wlber inS sm4 te ago hereIsastiinautr tick. *ll. *An to 0- Caulif----

us aB g ret deal, and xtanybo reqirn eqipen B Is Tbsr oer. ogT be ol yowuir vasmth Gagd A r

W.VtI. ieuteveC ommittoe would l iie to draw the os to youhi trt advice bo- vinam notdi splentifulwy M it s ju
lo retda AAakbodv fl~rn illa ti hr-chl nt otinstrton ower In the lmoarketoe.
ime to A40 oleime t posnt oscer.1Mrs a U wl lv% 80star~t frt the very begin-
@4 ning to train your bab to b e reon is&. l' pe for o~oking it
ITh W.V.-St parcels eto av li ilia to Inform than ethmtrtaou everywhere 'a a different way, Most Pea& Just
Sto a aed parcels abroad that they may contact Mrs. Calvert and do not curb hisbaby actions 111U it Awer ad put black
-am o.ayT n si from 0 i with too many "dont's," but be white pepper and butter an it. It
SI, Dre St.reet, at hy Her telephone number Seniby na to see that cos ei I ti
r to no real harm. is de done t way. ut
IRthe. o uloguaft hurts hin- auliflower au ra tin is a ehange.
self, do not rush to him with too Cauliflower
PARTT was give on oFriday vening at Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Raw- much sympathy, but rather enomurv- flow
f lW keSM a itt Street to celbriste the homecoming of Mr. Jack age him by being cheerful and II ills milk
b 7o Joyce Rawlins. There wts music and dancing until the kind; sympathy overdone often I o. butter
hoteno .makes things feel w se than they grated cheese
SAson m those present were Mrs. Dorns Crooks. Miss Yvonno actually are. Saltena p-per.
Mli Joye Ccrooks; Mrs. D. Thwaltes, Mr. and Mrs. J. Burke, Every normal child will Insit. on Beadprm .
bt. C. Reec, Mr. R. Rawlins. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Almandos. Mr. 0. doing things for himself at a cer- Place tmrut eme
alte.,Mr. Ken and Mr. Desmond Crooks., Mr. E. and Mr. D. Patience, tain age and you will probably b! Placee the teamed cauliflower
X. Horde, Mr. 0. Farrell. MiW Joan and Miss Grace dghll, Miss quite surprised to find how early In a nie dish, placing a cloth over
Ilu Hamilton. Miss Sylvia Jackson-Smith, Miss Phyllis Des lies. ; begin. A chud seems to k1no the hands and pressing It neatly
mYvonne Maillard, Miss L. 'Tracey, Miss A. McCarthy, Mr. Bud instinctvely that nractise makes t shpe. Melt the butter In a
l. Mi S. Parrell, Miss June RawUns, Mr. A. Plaonchart, Mt. P. perfect, and that he must do saucepan. and then smoothly stir
SMiss M. Dunn. Mr. Luls Planchart. Mr. E. Dunn. Mr. Julian things over and over again, in the flour.
I and several others. It is much quicker, as all mothers Add the milk. stirring over a ten-
know, to fe'd baby by spoon and ie heat till the sauce boils and
R. and MRS. MICHAEL ANDERSON chose Elizabeth Eileen for wash and dress him yourself, but thlckrns, then add half the cheese
K theui daughter's names when she was baptised on Wednesday you must resist doing so as soon as and seasoning.
golemnoon. Mrs. S. Duncan and Mrs. George Huggins were her god- he is old enough to begin, because Pour sauce over the cauliflower,
Sbut as Mrs. Huggins is not here at present, Mrs. Andrew he must learn to be independent sprinkle the remainder of the
belstood proxy. Mr. Ian Campbell was the godfather., of you. cheese ovZ the top, and finally aS11
Mr. and Mrs. campbell gave a joint party afterwards to cele- It Is sad to see a child who has few browned breadcrumbs. Place In -
tal, the second birthday of their elder daughter. Gillian, as well been robbed of his freedom by a the oven till golden brown. 'lll
to drink to Elizabeth Elleen'a health, possessive mother, because this in-
'OUaa's cak was a beauty. It was made In the shape of a basket fluence may last throughout life.
a a handle and hae real flowers in it, and mott of ner guests' Encourag3 independence of thought ir
the children of the grown-uns invited. as well as body in your children, ou o ays Maary
STt latter, who comprised members of both families and very close and lIt the youngsters go their own Party at St.Clair Club by lady
r Ils included Mrs. Gertrude Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew way as long as you can step In with members in aid of Red CroM in-
fim e; Mr. and Mrs. Ion Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon New, advice when you see they are about vasldon appeal. 7 p.m.
WI. and Mrs. Martin de Boehmler, Mr. and Mrs. AinMley Farfan, to make a mistake. Dance at Trinidad Country Club
WsI Dottie and Mi M Isa Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. "Boy" Dalla Costa, The best way of guiding your Dnce at Perseverance Club.
Miss Jan Ro andguidPeer Bunan. temcthatletthemebeasahce lb
r. nd Mrs. Cuthbert Thavenot. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Anderson, children ti establish a relation-
Ed. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Laughlin. Miss Doreen Ooellnlcht. ship of complete confidence with Forthcoming Events
C. Duncan, Miss Jean Rosa and Mr. Peter Bunyan. them, then let them be as indepen-
dent as they like. and however somethingg to Remember," Em-
b* 0M BIR regret to learn of the Illness of Mr. Bertle much It alarms you -- and alarm pire Th-atre, 8.30 p.m+, Wednesday,
you it will when th!-y get to the June 28.
Warner, managertof the Sun Life insurance company. Mr. Warner adventurous age remember, they Dance at Portuguese Association,
hi li p ths oet-cls ; Road, M"a~raval. Dance^^ at Portgues Asoiain
laid up at his home i Colens Road. Maraval. will come to no harm if you are as July 1, 8.30 p.m.
strong rock of support in the Grand fete, Drill Hall San Per-
A COAN Independence Day, July 4, will be celebrated at Fort backgrouwifnd h. nando, Saturday, July 8.
Read this year and a varied progr'amme Is In store for the ser- tYou will tfi nd that ty hey will in- Dance at Ste. Mdeleine Club
6om9en. At 1 p.m. an all-star softball game between Port-of-Spain stinctively turn to you for help Saturday. July 8.
W Fort Read will be played.
This will be followed by games, such as three-legged and other
Ms and obhating the m-"ed pig. A boxing contest will take place R a d i o Pr o gr a m m e
-dthe men will then have "grub,'
Ala aquatic carnival at, the Port Read swimming pool, the first
it kind In Trinidad, will be staged and a number of ladies will, I BBsac KwiD -
dersutand, be taking part in this show. .,WVDl
For the finale "Strike up the Band" the new show with local :0o News News ws
PrIs and servicemen, will be held In the theatre. :i .. ---hotine Qu Pass
SIrlrt piano quartet Hymnsa from Homo.
4 -- -- -- Yarns for Yanks
BE30St of the St. Clair Club are reminded of the show being'---- Tes fo ak
Mn b tho lady members in aid of the Red Cross Invasion Fund 00 Dance Music News Muatt we Lov
:150 DMusicense Mar e
B t PIlate-suppers, which must be booked in advance, will be 0 Personal Album -
6 :30- MDataDonee Harry ,James
.:4 Ne -w-aNews
_yflA and friends of it. Mary's Qollege are reminded of the garden :1 s - Ot .k eport
* p"rl to be held thi afternoon on the college grounds at 3.30 7 / 1 0 0.1. journa Morgan Be
hofe. In came of Train, plans are that the function will be held in- W I. Diary-N'ltter -
doo&. stalls, with children's and dolls' clothes as well as toys and N-- :. .. ews Hit Parade
aacy articles wil be well-stocked. antd there will be refreshments and :15 Promenade Concert Sports Mall ag11 N-
S8 30 - Mit Parade National Darn Daw
4 Tho proceeds will go to the building fund of the Air Scout head- :45 - -
, ;er Non Chancellor Hill. n :DNwsur. NNetwork ieporter News
S:l BB.C. Theatre O, Newse at RHome ltAtin Rhythmnns
:30 ; - Red Skelton Dance Time
IIVM concert by the Optimist Club In aid of the Swanston Home :4.10, .-- -
l0' or Blind Lads, which was to have taken place last Saturday and -... :00 News Hqatdin.e News Night Owl Club--
me unavoidably potponed, will take place tonight at 8.30 o'clock at i0 :* Ne w s onerl. N.... N..t.Owl Club
Some on Cipriani Boulevard. and ticket-holders are reminded 3 a0 - Nuatlse w Lov -
hat there will be an excellent programme. :45 - Nocturne

~ SO
uIs~y~ ~







sr 8

54A IJ W. 4.45 &i 8MS
ond Costuuring Daily

P.01. ^ -1^f
445.'5 GLOBE I
SATURDAY-S WWWU-L. 461 wu .4 W
Too thrilHng for wor4...
so they uet it
to Music

vid So!g!





EXTRA--atest Paramount News--nvasin of Europe f Me
Fanll of Rome. Films straight from the Battlefrout.

Starting TODAY and Contlnulng


5 I
I? I

mwi i l Saicl4"" -




TODAY at 4.45 & 8.30 p.m.
Bumper Double!
Betty Gtable-Victor Mature in
and -
Sydney T.ler in
Sun. & Mon. Danny Kaye In

TONIGHT at 8.30 p.m.
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Proudly
Robert Donat & Valerie Hobson In
Spec'.il Added Attractions
Tomorrow & Monday-Paramounts


MesW s &Me. a. nanlm. o as
# I nw Mstu War Trassmort Ill
eeat. e rad Cargo sales t.l
tu e naitee Krastae sad de astt
Weet lade% ItUl mb taun. a"d the
SpIn I els. tlu a I s
-le Mates emanes a s a
Mesae. *aO, P. HUiNO a Co. LTD
Tieshese rri11 n 7-7 55.5 GuS



Saturday, June 17
8 Roumnds of Mios. ach.
The manEgement invites aM
interested men of the Mer-
shant Nav to come forward
and take part. Namu Oad
weights may be given t t he
Club Steward
With the Dermsmlon of 09
Dozing Board of OontloL
omrvwwm oveui m
CgbMfta Wow.k M A-I&

GLODBE-San Juan.

Today. 6 and 8.30--0jI

IToday at 9.30 a.m. VAI Today a&J
A .j^ The magic of her Beauty w-as bb
i wanted more.

EIat 4.45 and 8.45 p.m.,
ERICH von STROHEIM in thbM#'
outstandln r rle of his eareer-



Monday and Tuesday at 4.45 and 8.45 p.m.
Today at 1.30 i.1, Toeight at ., 1
UP THE RIVER. and at and 'S,0*" 1
At 4.45 .m.-India Picture SEABEES

GAIETY, San F'do.-Today at3 ."
Drums Along The Mohawk, and Happy LaU
Today and Tomorrow at S and 8.30 L.m-. '
Den Ameche in HAPPY LAND *
EXTRA-Movietone NeVp-Showing hew the Allied FlM
landed In France. *i

U lo-- -l lllllll 11 lll UlnllUiiUll" 11|lllM
I TODAY 1.15 p.m -Matinee
TODAY at 5 & 8.30 p.m. T YPHOON &
Prakash Pictures Present: HONEYMOON IN BALI
Empty- T$
j--| andj
-Just Been Renovated and F onet Tone, Anne Ba

40 Alfredo Street

The Keys Await You

Lovely Building Site
Anor. One Acre. plus One
Dwelling House opposite 3%
mile nost. Petite Valley. (Near
Garden City Farm) Diego Mar-
tnl. Call for full particulars

15 Pelham St., Posesslon 12.800
16 Luis Street ........ 1.000
New Cottage, Cascade
modern conveniences-Cheao
Lovely Bungalow. Long
Circular Road .... Bargain
16 & 1 Stanlslaut Place
-Beat Offer.
2 AnD St-t.-mntv .
O'onnor St.-vacant
0 lbert Srleet., .
Island House. Monos
--Ompere.. *
3 Alfredo Street ..
2 Brand New Bunaalows-Near
Golf Course. Maraval.

Fl UisI at 0o c.

List~~~ you ur^et fo sl w

Lst your roWtv for at ,with

M Chualm-t Ml. .- Ybme15

STODAY 1.15 p.m.-*Mail
S SWI? YOUR .'01
4.45, .M p.m. M
SAllan Jones, r
S Jeanetle

and -
Wilmiam Powell, 35!


TODAY 1.15 pM
4.45, 8.1 p In. e,;*.*
V Grorge Mo. nf5a
. Rutherford, Glenn

Je: n Paynie, -I
Carmen MINoaI

NEW -San Ferm
TODAY at',8M a.m. .
at 1.30 p.in. -- + k
PORT OF MISSING ( at 4.45 & 8.30 p.m. Super SeMatWoe DOUWte
(EanI dM) -__


TODAY at M 4 8.4 p.m. *
ROD Me' WAI. T- MU ) lJr I

- 'IlfIllLi I I~EUUinUU

'i .


. -




SuffeN Miha At

AndM3ay Not Race

g. V 0 Fletchws elhampion Huperio c t. suffered a
and It has become doUttful whether the kng o6
L. will be able to compete at the T.T.C. summer
arting on Thursday, June o.
are not prerired tral I XJ
Ba C bral E.I_ Xl

clouds C Semi-Final
m-mnirng *howe after w j u u
.l tn and jockeyl rIl
sa=BidTo Win
-was the unwel.
-i. their efforts to
e J:b of bringing Trinidad Guardian Correepondent
hltin fit for the hAOUANAS, June 16.-With a
i etlng. vicious attack spear headed by K.
Sorning was no ex- RickM. who bowled four for eight,
,o=lly g couple of horses P. Sitahal three for four and R.
eteded workouts. Vishnu three for two, Central
B sent over i,"lf a East Indians skittled out cup-hold-
tb e rn I n 58 1-5 sees. eras St. Mary's C.C. for a piltry 27
e returned 1 1-5 runs In a semi-Anal fixture in the
I Crun. Caroni Cricket League which began
,OampbelI breezed his lot on Sunday at Freeport.
Distances, as prelimi.:- Hundreds of fans were sorely dis.
-gallops today, appointed at the poor display given
Colleen, Sam Lord by the cup-holders as throughout
were ordered to do the seaosn they had been return-
Sover various distances., Ing big scores.
et.7een 16 to 17 see- Batting first, St. Mary's made 27.
S furlong. T. Mahadeo top scored with 12.
Masslah who trains Lestructive bowlers were K. Rickhi,
Is was expected yester- P. Sitahal, and R. C. Vishnu.
Wefld to show up. A prolific seventh wicket part-
.. nersblhip of 48 between K. Rickhl
(36)) and C. Vishnu (32), after the
f-- st si* wickets had fallen for 24
SVa Sports runs enabled Central East Indians
.... to total 102 runs Rickhi played an
aggressive innings and was severe
or w ~ on the bowlers, hitting three sixes
-and two fours, while Vishnu play-
t o e ed stolidly. Both innings were
'j Athletic sports to oe chanceless. S. Choon who com-
|te Couva Recreation manded great respect bagged four
t aid of the Child Welfare for 10, while Parasnim got two for
t which a bicycle prize has 21 and J. Mahadeo two for 23.
lfd by Mr. Harry Walker, Battaing again, St. Mary's found
, sportsman, for the five run-getting a difficult Job as when
Class cycle race, will be stumps were dirown they had scored
orrow afternoon 38 for the loss of eight wickets. P.
eng which comprises a Sitahal simply ran through the
ogramme, was washed batsmen. He captured seven of the
om on Thursday, June 4. wickets for 16 runs.
Owistil. The match will be continued
Noe next Sunday.
The ether semi-final fixture be-
d" tween Carry On and Couva Sports
up ended abruptly when only 30 mln-
S ardian Correspondent. utes were left for play. Scores
1 ,ACO, June 16-Machine were Carry On 100 and 58 for 7.
1O. defeated Production Couva Sports 97.
thM final match of the
tp Inter-departmental A
tuition recently,nd W wanderers Play
Sworn the trophy for Wanderers'A Play
U p 106t firstlien V n'
aVe ristsed Ventures Today
Since the competition W w t
.4ht years ago Wanderers 'A,, winners of the
aikh was replete with in- Northern Ladies' Hockey League
d if Production C.C. had championship for 1944. will play
Vsen a first innings victory, their first match in the Knock-out
a nam would have had to competition this afternoon, clash-
Sr match to decide the ing with Venture 'B' on the St.
Sthetrophy. James Barracks ground.
Wo batted first and hit Venture 'B' will be represented
fr six, the remainder of by Mrs. de Freltas; Mildred Cam-
E being absent; F. Ber- br.ge. E. Schuler; K. Skinner, IrUis
d L. Whiteman 37were Daunt, EAme DeLabastlde; Ida
i in s Daunt, Ena Agostlnl, Anne Spence
Sinners soored 12, in (Capt, Marie Hart, nd Rut
0 ; P. MotUtley playing an Mac Lean.
Sinnings for 51, but was -
he seemed set.
C.C. in their second Marlay Bowler
anll down for 95, L. AaL
.iF and R. Bowen 16 not Takes 5 For 5
*evented further play. and
ftch ended in a first in- L. Belfon trundled five wickets
for Machine Shop. for five runs to help Valiant C.C.
Swinners C. C. Nandoo hand out an 87-run drubbing to
wteicketa, R. Bowen and United C.C, in the Marlay Cup
each, Mottley four, Competition on the Sangre Orande
h two and Oonzales Recreation ground on Sunday.
JInett one each. Valiant C.C. batteld first, and
Wduction C.C. Bertrand with a fine innings by L. Carr, (31)
5n Bennett and Lamorel 0. Paul t23) and 0. Alexis (21),
knocked up a total of 119. R.
Tang Choon bagged six wickets for
57 runs, and E. Johnson 2 for 18.
eatTT H United C.C. in reply could only
It Beat .. muster 32 runs, no batsman reach-
in doublf.iu rne dso ale Belfon crp-
nis 'Friendly tured five wickets for five runs in
K as many overs.
Guardian Correspondent mn ovr
June 17.-Members :anks Beat t
(Palo Seco) Tennis Yanks Beat Athletics
at hometotheu.B.,OT. With 6th Inning Splurge
t otnon Saturday
attractive programme of NEW YORK, June 16 (AP)-
t carried out in a friendly Making six of their nine hits in
etive form, at the Beach the sixth inning for five runs, Yan-
PG Seco. kees won a six to one decision over
i Tennis Tourna- Athletics.
each elub was re- It was Athletics fifth loss.
painr, the visiting Until the sixth, the game was a
H. A. Bennett of pitching duel between Bobo New-
the men's singles, and Som and Hank Borowy.
of U.B.O.T won the Athletics scored in the first on
in the Ping Pong doubles by Joyner White and
Frank Hayes. The Yanks tied the
represented by Forater score in the third on a paisr of sin-
Afiderson w the mixed gles and a walk.
Salso the block relay The Yanks big Inning included
5l ;three infield hits, a two-run triple
O. concluded with by Borowy who held Athletics to
L__ five hits, for his eighth triumph.

L. Prize Carnival Revue Cast
|BTon Today To Meet Tomorrow
eltancourt will thia The cast of the revue "and o
vSZSS Vrim won in the the Calypo" will meet at the
Srace around the Thetre. Wodblook at
a ahlets whichL9.30 o'clock tomorrow morning.
, .lmb12b Donald laj- Members are asked to be pMian-
* BI m Main Roa. tual.
** --------

WOr y....
St @w weekend e,1m4.sksus u*

Uai% ),ed the Promm ft Cb.
^"mom_, "
!A^cflgn AN Ormw
w~uap Tgpjrzc .atU


Bout Tonight
South Amateur
Boxing Card To Aid
"War Fund"
SoutI. ae wl be seeing Ansell
(Uabai M s ri~ht-heavyweight
k1=k-o t I the first time
tonight e fts the feature
main Li with B my Lnton on
the sftth wr t WMaioted by Mr
Cedric BeptUMt i4.Of Isthe south
Carlbbqan It 'W WIICe Fund at
the Drol ell a .
Adams h as tai his fights by
the knock-out route, except Alfred
Oilkes who he defeated on points.
This will be his ast fight before
he turns professional.
Lawrence Assam, the light-
weight champion, now a lieutenant
it the Rbyal Navy, will defend his
title against Oeorgl Pilgrim, a
hard hitting south-paw contender.
B. Ramao. fresh from his
sparkling points triumph over whirl-
wind Len herrette, will put all his
fighting technique to the test,
against Lea U MeKe4*, one of the
most colourftl of -all amateurs.
Louis Baradas, "king-pin" of
welter eights will clash with
Charles Baptiste.
Dr. Jack Dymond of United Brit-
ish Oilfielda. Point Fortin, has
*treed to act as referee while Cap-
tiln Long, and Mr. Allan Forde
will be judges.
Major Harvey will distribute the
prizes, while Karl Jadunauth will
b, time-keeper.
A dance will be held after the
contest, and the Police Band will
provide the nusic.
The card is as follows:-
Ansell (Baba) Adams v Hammy
Lt. Lawrence Assam v Georgie
ILen McKell v B. Ramao.
L. Baradis v Charles Baptiste.
V. Boyce v M. Hernandez.
Jabber Rommey v "One Punch"
Legall v Joaquin,

Hycilla Wins

Oaks Classic
NEW MARKET. June 16 (AP)-
Hycilla won the Oaks Classic here
today, at odds 8-1, with Monsoon
second, and Kannabis third.
Hycilla is owned by the famous
American turfite, Villiam Wood-
Hycilla did not run as a two-
year-old colt, and its 3nly feat this
year was a second in the Maiden
Stakes, on the 2.000 guineas day,
but with Bridgland up, she took
the lead at the mflepoet, and won
by a lthW and a half In 2.303-5
Picture Play, winner of the 1,000
guinuLue sixth, and Tudor Maid,
aisoaoTavourit was ninth in a
field of 17 horses.
This victory was worth approxi-
mately $14,000 to Woodward.
The following pill represent
Grirdian in a friendly game of
table tennis, against Indian Re-
creation Club at their clubrooms,
76 Pembroke Street, at 7 o'clock
H. Thorne (capt.), H. Morris,
V. Gibbons, J. Tull, M. Oonyera,
R. Collins, Fields and 0. John.
Mr. B. Jones will act as man-
I.R.C. will play:-N. Sarkar
(capt.), M. Ibrahim, R, Ounness,
C. Mohip, V. 0. Naranjit and T.
C. Soulette will manage the

Ebanwuf w IiAW lrl


IMUM& uit LMA" ,," B4AU' UrI mP -
SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1944 at 8 p.m.
art Proeedt ge to he South Caribbean Forces
Light Heavwelight Amateur 1751be.
of South Caribbean Forces
1301bs. lS0lba.
Bantam Amateur Champ. of South
Welterweight Champ. of South
of South Caribbean Forces
b .......... 16011M.
ADMInUION-Oe-nts (RingMe and Dance) .... .. 2.
LInee (iMgdOe and Dance) .......... 0I."
Stand (WM MDance) ................ IL.W
With the kind oermiulaon of the Boxing Board of Control.
(lcd.) CECDZIC 3S3N1rT. Promoter..
mm m mmusiuuam


Ligkhtrage and Transport Contractors.

Ory Cleaners and Launderers.

Fire Insurance on Buildings, Stocks, Furnitures,
etc. Relieve your unnecessary worry by letting
us carry your risks.

Cm provide t# necessary protection for your
foly, usin and ,old *eo scurty.


Warm Public Respose Carries

B.G. ConventFund Past $3,000

Continuing Its upward climb, the St. J oeeph's Conmenmt lf
Fund added more than $100 to Its previous total yesterday to
end us fourth week with 51A01.19 on the list.
In Britlesh Guiana the "Dally --.
Chronicle fund in aid of the eon-p
vent was reported to have p ed Bonanza Cup
the $3,000 mark yesterday. Public j e 1
response to the appeal, i broadcast ic Ket Fi111
kFrike nal
announcement dlezlosed., had so far
been satisfactory. and contributions T o
were still coming in. T oday
Latest list of contributions to -----
the local fund Ii as follows: Bonanza First Class Cricket final
Already ackaowiedaed $5.0S7 9.3I* between Queen's Park 'A" and In-
Turner family a0., Belitont oGir .C. vincible, scheduled to et underway
School 1lo, Mlu Marquis (St. Lucia) 8 lat Saturday at t e Oval but
The Principal, pupils and we-witers of washed out by rain, wil gtunder-
the Unique HIsS School ti. Madeleine
Vla. $15.4 Mr nd irs. IA con.... way this afternoon and continued
and ramsiiy SS, Mr. Ernest Vita l50. on Sunday.
Collected by Mr. Igntiui Ferrus, ales
representative of Confedration Life As- Invincible, holders of the trophy
surance Society: Mrs. a. Xavier $100, 1940--42. will make a bid to take It
Mr. and Mrs. Ignatlus terre.t $40, A back from Parkltes who won it last
Henriques and Mr. and Mrs. J. Reis S50
3rd Port.of-Spain Scout Troop $5 rrol year.
Ambard $6, J. F. d $ re0lt t 0. -- --.-- -.
Martin $5, M. Peretri $10, M. 0.
Marques $30, Lil' Raper $1.20, V. S.
TIera S2, Marthino Mneadonea $20. E Pd- e
win daCo. $25. P. Richter $2, ow10 M 's Release
Franco $2, A. Frlend $1. Ace Liquor In-
dustritu $10, Pedro Vllliarol $2, J F. t t
Coelho $40u. lce Cream Pailt Faitory $25, ton feaet
8 Gomeos Radilu oinporlur i$00, J. H yntes M to ll [
ClSark $10. J. N. Texeira $25, Antonio G.
Perela i$0o. Patlssiere BikeryS as, Firmlno LONDON. June 16 (Reuter).-A
JIardine a Suns $0, R. H Jckllhw V'1, motion calling for the amendment
la.'c P. Chain $.
Proceeds of Shw sponsored by Mir Of Defence Regulation l18B, and
Agnes Psrmaahwur and Mr. George h am- the release of Capt. Archibald
govlan $73. Mr. Maurlct Quesnel $10, Mr. Ramsey M.P.. who has been dc-
and Mrs. K. Kernahan tBsrbartdou s$. 526. e who a s been ae-
Grocery Staff of Cannins & Co., Ltd. $0, talked undr It for the laqt four,
Marine Square Tennis Club $100. years, was defeated in the House l
Collected by Mr. Ibrahlnm: Mr. andl of Commons today b.v 135 votes to'
Mrs. A. Navaro $100. Mrs. S. Ibrahlilm $S. i
Mr. A. I. 8suba $, Mr. 1. Ferraz s MIm H Mr.l Herbert Morrlson. Home
A. sila $4. Miss A. Siv $4, Mis s. Secretary, said it had ahieady been
Slliva $4. Mr. Uorgs Bernostelne $2, Mrs. estabiish-d by the Hcuse of Comrn-
V. Ansoy s0c.
S Bent in by theirr M. Martin, O.R S.A. mona that members were not
Carapichaima Parish: Mr. IA B iac Smith exempt from detention by privilege
$25, Miss C. Smith, Miss J. Smith, Mips of Parliament.
A. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Ralmon Smith Deprecating the suggestion 'that
$5, Mr. C. A. Mille 24c., Miss G. Andre th suggestion that
24c., Miss E M. Collie $1, Mr. J. Gr. the regulation should be adminis-
nidge 50c., Mis M. Domon 1, Mr. A. R. tered by a committee. Mr. Morri-
Roberts 36c., Mr. E. Jarvsl 24c. Mr. son said: "You would be hand-
Hydae Shhl Rhan 24C., Miss A. Arrundell
2r.. Mr. Rsmadath Jalnami 4Vc., Mr. ing over the liberty of tlhe subject
Y,. N Rampa l 24., Mr. Mohammed La- from the Minister Of the Crown
t N 45c., Mr. Tommy B Sareda 24c., Missl responsible to Parliament to a
Mina. Abibula 24c., Mr. joseph Francis
24ec,. r. Arthur Hepburn 24e., Mr. Rubin bodv responsible to nobody."
W1ilmsin 24c., Mr. FUell SuUtherind 2tc., It was disclosed that only 26
Mr. Chat Affat 45.. Mr. Henry Willie e. persons are now detained under
Mr. A. OJ0r 48:.. Mr. A. All 48c., Mr. Defence Regulation 18B, compared
B. Perseud 48c., Mr. H. Ibingh 48:., Miss
Btvira Dow 12c., Mr. D. Mookram 24c., with nearly 1,500 at the ncak
Uls Lea Charis@ S4e.. MleS Meaner Cain period in 1940.
50c., Mr. H. Thomas ,S-A., Miss Agnes
Boyce 24c., Mr. RautaPnead 24c Mr,.
Clement Bliinshursq5t., Mr. A. *taer. PROTESTS TO LONDON
man u oc., Mr. Nainkur MaraJ l6c., Mr. Mrs. Ketura Burkett, wlfe of
SRamwhat48C., Mr. GeoargRemaran 24:.Mr. Algernon Bur t has
Mr. Robert4Carperr oc. ,Mr.rY. H. BoosVt Mr. Algernon Burke, has .nt
$1, Mr. A. LIuirs 0oc., Miss &. Arthur a protest by cable to Col. Oliver
6c., Mr. A. Roberts 72c,, Mr. F. Edmund Stanley. Secretary of State for
s, H. Ragenanam 50c., Mr. T. Richard
5Oc, Mrs. Jack $1, Mr. F. Terry $1, the Colonles. against the refu.l
Mrs. Eugenl& David $1i, Mr. Reginald of the Registrar of the Suprem,!
Marhunn $1, Mr.. Cecilia Marchan 50c., Court to accept a civil claim which
Mr. Arthur Millet $1, Miss Doiy Croobie s h
50c.. Mrs. Matilda Piterrs 0c., Mr. Lau. she wishes tofil. in the Supreme
rence Christian $1, Mrs. Mary Christian Court. The cable also asked for
boc., Mrs. T. Jelilnecau 45c., s Ramona an Inquilry._______ _
Christian 24:., Mrs. Elisabeth Dick 24(.,.
Miss Charlotte Wellington 24:., Miss H.
Wellington 24c., Mrs. Rosatti Smith 24c.,
Miss Cynthia Smith 2.,. Miss Irma SALE BY AUCTION
emits 12c., J. Jacob $1. K. Cangar 50:c
3. C. Richardson 50c., W. Jacob 25c., NS.
Henry 25.. Tyrl 1, C. 82a Queen Street
Couvat Parishtt: Fr. M,. Martinez, O.R.S A.
$25, Dr. and Mrs. F. Rostant $25, Mr.
and Mrs. 3. mac,,sy $2., Mr.Thtd M urs.ur day, June 22nd
J. Hares $15i. Mr. Hamel L Blanc 10.
Mrs. Hamel Le Blanc $10, Frank Christtian .
Mr. and Mrs. <'Arnaud $2, Mr. and Instructed by Col. de Boissiere.
Mr. Donawa $5. Mrs. mielda Andre $1, Messrs. Armnluogan aud Firtstone
Miss Yvonne Oxley 80C., Mies Molly Arm- LD
strong 80c.. Mrs. H. M. Turner $1. Mrs. MESSRS. DEARLS LTD.,
F. ilnde s$1, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Quesnel will sell by Auction a quantity of
$1o. Miss Mary Trotman $1, Mrs. D. very good Furniture, as follows;
MoClean2, Miss Mary Lewis $1, Miss Fu ture, as follows
Maria %rU g3, Mr. and Mrs. S John. 6 Rattan Arm Chairs and 3
Ion t,Mrs. A. BypolitO $1, Mrs. A. lo- Round Tables to match, Extension
Sii*m $1, Mrs. a. Jaek s 05$1, Mr. Md Circtlar Dining Table and 6 Chairs.
shtply 41. MrsJ.Y, Jones 50c. m. ani
M T. D&vla I. MinDari a twn. Centre and other Tables; Oirved
wei -M' ,. M d ad enu y .Mr. Wood Panel; China Cabinet; 5 Ex-
Nolioon $3. Mr. and Mrs. Adam, s 0. Mr.
sad Mrs.. a oMr. manaod Mrs.A!. ceilent Carpets, good colours; Side-
Paul Charlesi $10, MI Sybil deFour ic., bcrd; Morris Chairs with spring-
Mr. net, sun $1. Mrs. Theresa Al-. filled cushions; Writing Table;
tfed Soc., Mr. enre HUm h0e., Miss Marie
S .,Mrs.Maril*Hgns1. Miss Bramss Ornaments; Books, Double
M. WilUaims $1, Mrs. Tina Nathaniel si. Bedstead with Simmons Spring and
Mr. H. Johon $2, Mr. F. Isaac and Hair Mattress; Cyp Press. 2 Cyp
Mile 0. Tay $5, Mr. John Nones $2, Mr. Cupboards,
Antonio OoenMo $1, Miss A. Bo ieres, Cupboard
Mr. Cecl oie (1. Mrs. B1etrice de GOETZE PIANO
Sliva $1,W Mr. Mltr 3. do J'eSuet$1, Mr. 20 Barbados rush seat chairs. Ma-
Andrew Warden $2, Mrs. Rita Marquez
50c., Mr. A. M. Johnson $10. Master Ar- hogany H111 Table, Wood Bedstead,
thur Ferdinand $1, Mr. Marie Xavier $1, Spring and Inner Spring Mattress,
Mr. erMa0. dVrteul 1 Mrsa.mis c. Lehpele 2 Presses, New Wood Bed, Spring
Barber boo. Mr. and Mrs. J. L*Chapellc e ,*' ""~ e;"rn
$5.00o. and Mattress, Framed Mirror, 2
1lt Couva Boy Scouts: J. Nthaniel $1, Dressing Tables with long Mirrors, I
0. Bosisiero $1, W. Riley $1. A. Thurton n har rm
1e1., Ramumdar Bros.. 3e6.. E. Jordan Dining Table and 8 Chairs 2 Prim-
36c., A. Rudder 24c., L. Boyce 2.c.. N. us Stoves; 2 Tennis Racqueots and
Boyce 285c., L. Camptbell 25c., T. Shepherd Prunes Crapeau Press Cooking
28, I Nathaniel 25c., x. Nathaniel 2 c. Uaes, Cra, a Pres Cooking
C. 'iurton 25c. Utensils Sofa, 2 Canv Folding
Collected by the "Trinidad oGuardian";: Ohairs, Lamp Shades, Electric Iron,
Y. M. Antoni and SrIn $75. The Guzman Inlaid Indlan Table, Settee and 2
fsmiy 225, G. R. Donewa s4, Teacnhers
and pupij. Mucurspo RB.C. school $10.42. Easy-Chairs, spring Seats, Babys
-~6i, oi0i. Pram.
,v ale at 1.15 p.m. on Thursday,
June 22nd.
IIUIIIIlllllUilllMHIIIilIulIIrnHlllIIIllllIlllIIIIIlrlltKl. Goods on view any day same
XNG AND DANCE week. our usual conditions of
aAT VfDearies, Limited


..... .oapplles will be short
for a long time.


Possession Immediately


St. James.


No. 10 PETRA ST.
$7,000.00 Woodbrook

East end of Park Street

'PHONE 5367
After 4 p.m. Ring 6MI.

A. M. Querino

...You can spot it
Every time

12E m ageneralto hiAfrcawrkte
home how mw* bbheaimes
raeed" the pang t o w Mt enjoy
a CocaCola. Oversee, CkeIsa rM.
cherish i tasw oand rereshmnm.
The newspapers have been full
of(uch incidentL.
These men, like yourself have

somsething really refresh.
Ins and Just something
to drink. Yes, the only
thins like Coca-C h b
it"Cus bl

h Iue5gs..',
NtUSKAU, 3dl"asaim.ad "-
mKSPN 1a @'L1

Sunday, June 18r

Tuesday, June 20
(and not ThuraWd. JunM
as reported).




Do not lose your taste and yearning for

quality. A good personal note paper is a

joy to the writer and a tonic to its recipient.


obtainable at


24 Frederick Street, 64 Queen Street.

- _______- -.-------. I



In Tins--lib 13 ozs.-20c. per tin



In Pkts.-2 ozs.-- 7c. per pkt.



Corner Marine Square end Abercromby Street.

Babies first, please

so ma nutiw mho ImI eh la* bolo
-aiind eb thIh very Nivs-eM M M IL.

baby DiOe wm B eort. you 40
wo o f nwM.= ftwo ',,;.

Mimi v
T^TfgYy^' ,,*

.t. .L~ -

___________________________ ___ $9UIRDAD OVAlUS. ImlATlwtDAT, JMNI f, iMt.

Tonca Ba~
Highest Pre aid'

1Wmi. H Kesedy & C*
3. MAW "San

Shovels: Round A Sq. Mouth
Tower Dolts: 6" T" a" ai me
Chain Bolts: o' 8" r 1" sit 'l
Spring Hingee 3" 4" dm
Masons Trowels: 9 10- 11" dmeie

Matchets And Cutlass .
With and Without Handles -- 1w and sW
Also- Replacement Partu For
Perfection Stoves

M Henrv Ptreet :: TI0



I hn


|BBj^^^ llmiMMBRr i ' ......l


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I W imm m SiUG E I.-mi. Rawss lmpe s., o ho, ab *l a. m "o. xui .., Q ..a. Pa ..e 7433 4313. Nurm. --l- "uas Ia 1* o-im. .
i3 bI U a 1 3 C an I *lm ei. 'Phoo I50 5 I --Ju ly I d.. 33 14K W sT R E E T A I A 14 C pr I "- I ..S G .fn-d G.a-. -5-3 ---S-3

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Ie"RMIMA -D re-uired goo W --e and ENT.Juny 12. olre, alt k~td rxceed ng 500 t tlE.
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8BMO WOMAN WA TI1D for OlerttlI,< practlca~lly .ew tyre. ..:n>,.|,. Aluit3,, ul |"'^ \"Nf.. ;I.AtA;I!., l P ecrdl, I I..+' +"+o-B,",,l,. t,' ,.l.",h,+,. "'*^'.. ; s>*, ANNOv.. .UNCE0M ENTS bathlnl on Worthi~ng fecb. Conit t Mrl. l . -- .. _" i- kU 1 ^AKAkl _lll
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