Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Full Text

JBIwH. _____ PRICK 1FO9. >cwwiiM____irrO-sm CANNINU^^^N *i~T pr~ %^ w~l'C^., t."i^

Il Russians Swarm Allies Past -- T

|aceThrough Alliedh Troopsll Holdin F,^, Ptlw
AI Ce Second Defene Oine el Before Furious Counter Blow

r eFour Yeatrn Lin Important Rail Linesj *
Abroad 1cRLLWToM North of Rome Keintorceu
S*1 a Poe.u--f m with tommy gunners raced through the ever-wienour, -- e _M J 14 (AP)--Alled
9endedLTD. ....... ....... .. t f-A

thL tW^u~rlmtaon at F"rx' second defence line toward vulfneJable Vltpuri which the Rue- tet avmis aOe ut i -
t.-= "- .seow Ofo ne- "ila d'- bT ec- o..1 -. 5 north h of" the N.ze Targets Beachhead Barriers Heav Tank :
the?^ yS Af^ram1 Mso desutches were vague 4------ --- '~~--- wee repote nushinon * towardl(~ dS l ^lllMMHll MlM lll~llII 1Ii>H^lv T 011
l eRsthat oae- unesMby thteed Ar a. w-RuSSia Slutes T" e erman ocs w fo r Sm se Bl
u ntur miles Bo VilpurC. 'The main were presumably trapped byv a JJIb .- Battles
FBrinYea r s ig columnswept to within d bot United Nations A mrmyops deopre ORueti L ine s '2 Ci.
de ft S nn forces stli brilliantlv supoorted5by MO OW, June. 14 (AP>I- fla Nkl t manofeuvre and their -_n.._ e
l oOf =eag H Sov eit d tK unts lhaem Russia observed Unlced four miles beyond Valentino and leeet Ever...
flaut" of reMeairseond tefneto Natdiodn Day uttlaoere ofro the nuagturr thOrbeteono antherIAlian Amer e p

trotoauey weter statles that Russian h wr si e ad losin AUSTIN esSndALMoAtB Q June AP

/ei to y tn ooPsenthe KareUanIrsthlm Bremitnna vnmet ts theladeys north-eastern wyclaus batle roared at both
nd O withl w~hO 1 non.d i n ttheis r the intake maldirat In honour of rreat htiy SUnWuncAd iterU SWKS l oiter. c tecoynrliet of defence. Mo BrlBn. the sted States and dft ai n nou ed tt J P) orti today wth the terma p
ir armie sMosco adst- oFifthArtroohcatchespetureeu U eresrepond V aen ad1 Fleit Ev r

|SA ofrs th e orron ime tn as b the other United Nat. ndr orego.1 7 miles southraof and iMberators. Arming ta BritsI ant 0
thSeamonswi t ted wsest a Rs M er.mandfre igh too ghon yAtoTmh ie er lardert onstafunoe rt
stroniponts h~~~evealdtays enladi.supthwest of .t ody rind eposv o
111 -O'n '.lsfwet t o withat u tUn fritedestion sheAm- yiessareaveh eforeah.y elItern

O stayw es" the grnteo and concXreten pllbxs 'e!eey Intlain n rnemil-Ce r.t uttectt
w etomr iesa tnd aVnti-tn dit hes=t aprend' y htap. There asnIeSmhe d UA--USBattles bo 1
f stell od ijanlyeadsarupGerrannresiotanced that Blium. thne etand blow t the A mericane s t
dolial fthken 04n- senit air nof ad tefeee M si enw Br lapin luth terd fomt hetescande]rout e A ytrothnorths eve~t red.Bg 0 A~cnPyn Frree oa ihteOrls

ngour b he lr- t ac hoea salne i [-ni Ternl but the British troo were Germany itself as Allied air sup hold on Montebourn
1nittt hesta. a rKredyondnth Viuoe making a determined effort toa port of the Normandy ground It was aftonced
ance a lost fl beak into the important cm- forces soared to a new eak. tre of the 100m U
JrFance has nt lin t Road .ector Soviet Uorpes have S munleatlona centre on Highway e At the sa me tme. Italia -baed Alled Wvadr .5 wadinr In sore water up te In Normand, the Alisrenritst m
me defec line.]0s rak h Allied forces are now well within heavy bombers thundered up from G ,*uhr rwgo hersoah ~~.s ernmn ,ittsck onCaeana4
anndt i elng.artillery range of the town and the v if gouth to smack Hungarian thateiri wa ou te bne ai n hv gufrthel .e Allies gteenerally advird W
o1NMSvli ,Ibei- Mosco saihd othe mr s R ian w R i br vINts fail is believed immlntin ndFustrial towns. the southwest.
advanbanr onfte theDiivt Vu hoha now S Baa returned srknocki t n off many anti- amwhle resistance is repo ted American Marauders and Have d J Bu nmes1e ll Fr8l I
wiMth the drthsa sensator, ti thp e somewhat less severe on the ot boed numerous tttlo -l in Juno Note lamn craft in bkgrd. The Grmans have throw .
s srhv beator.e intl builtrlailud tt y ALEC SINGLETON h s-etor, and supply target around Can -AP wrh via Sal r radoph two fresh armoured d a1til sti
h~ld ~ anktras. historic aea s .. -..~.4maklng a total off fsr, into 'W
"In thef Vicauthorite red ian stc ron th olro d Cman-Br adiner s nerao cordon a.d waves of American figh u.e ... |le M v |mnhfr H:,s" 2"
rlng d s f o show ian Jute 14 (AP)-Mr. Savn o t A l llle. Chief of the Twelfth swarmed over and beyond the A Allp mile stretch.n
Ithe gt days of nerhelm tine. Soviet authorities W Chichi the Prl Tactil Ar Conand said W br sone. strafing with onlyIn rta Names i'ewISl Tilly-sur-Seules is believed Bt .I
IV Gner l whnle said in some aremo as ra tanks wereFif th Arm tfrp ctuareom B Fao o h, TOp Flen Roa td ra ywit h ut e Grans pd
thre to hear it as h e movcy ahead wi th difficult be- Mothnister t od ai y er ienoth of e rans rtm i th flak. O n ly one Marauder wmin thet s o nus ta n t d the Bri*tishM a
to Brttain to set ps 1fsthewaetri wopnswt t hay teo. seen n aEo the de royte front the atront force In the Cae n Oc le (Toer Impa l ui n rit a nId 'rtndtl c (
Fus movement moransste ar l a s chowdowe or d ham Aged.aH sidio the area and no fhterss f wer e reported ONhDi.hne dra reu t om ew n ,

<"*t*. ora dama regprederepoiia ha.,, ^ H ed He knc id o they wereo --ean Portre s. S.. .A*.E.P. a Th Btrp l ,a oumt.o( ac ton ih ald rn.SuhatAi ^ A eiasbogtu t
lht th.e tha a t h l eo-nkad t hat e in the House o r educed virtually to a stabndtll meis en te atrin o t he aoBmbn edin sr Adms an- Ca Hea TroU th changed hlu severam
y a t f ue ti n in D~ n g er ap ur d b v th urearrgudarodM G erm an- Tilly-orC aeewnou d 00 r tBaI ou ce o nt ye b o l rn. th t ole f r e* h a e co tuu dtar t oteh et r n a n lo
hm because he re- Rusan attacks In their nd Commons on A. A rtal count on the main rot sBe durin the dnan d bl& 'c nwamln a n d 1 ) times and it was reportel to
1wey Its o to come middle aart of the Karelian Isth- Iued relations lbtt showed over 3i000 termop s htder ground forces withdrew from a d Sir Henry Ruthy&n Moa hn
16a111beenness.p corespnddt sysmoldon ont
der-ak-Ih "f,,=UtekH ,h.,

F ermane nst aithn- oaute alon the F itnus dt S i 0 a u n l (tmi the Nors anB d e- of theV He rAd Je 1a et rnois tnung tere
course, d olne o mup e ontinued to m a resent a gloomy General Charle; teshte' In the first Il0 days ,.; l ly-ren vll age n r' een nd rUdiComma Ty- K AND Ju ne u -On Allied spokesman said street fight.
Ommu l fa lsnt- t ohutload cor i the anforcsha e i nt t Im poran Com- hftoreso toan e P00 eak. Cets of thee o0ml tnop
anwr e that Berlin was virtually, mute ('on- French Nationa [Reuter said ft Is now esti- ihoons immediately clOSed In to Fleet. In succe's' In :o Aom,.al the Asaam-Burmna border. Alliedi h Gerani s aotinuicktede vio
M et back When he ernne the Russto-Finnish front. Llbeeruon Co. meted that in ithe recent brnsh blast the pelae to rubble. Sir Bruce Faser. o i new troops a rond Impha a d Komp a a t Caretan. but were e
t were sa strong The dav' news from the north mittee, but hint I with the Ge in e rmans north of Menhe, in a re eait.a ion C I-C was in command of the are i mating progress efr to Ili
tO the fight d losed no further developments ed that the cur Vlter bo a eithe South Ar- ofd the Allied air units' hare in recent operation In which ca- clear n the road lImknr timt. w fou lG t to Aer standstill by n theAe
t G ana. That day on the Arctic sectors where hus-a for the sevenrsi.sf, can Armoured Division cap- the riant ws.sault otn the EurO- ntro-ugre aircraft put the places to the a vi Ally ied base on leans.
e. sias actions wr reported earlier, political head. -tured or knocked out some en fortress S.H.A. an- Trpt out of action, the Asam front. Southeast AsI a The Americans brought.
wt Pres states that At least more stron- ache since th German euns. bounced that the combined sair has been no an- Command Headquarters repoi tn to fire point-b',snmk onuGe rma
oto a question in points were captured by the R~us- African daye of MR CHURCHoLL --. forces flew around 55.000 sortiesi nounoement yet about Adnal- that Ailled forces have continued paratroopers at Carertn..t h
S b" itwsBern, ba otbtilroadByALE^C SINl al sect.andsup leta rs teinv son dur- ral raser' new appiltelntv to adance .nrthwards up the ued forward
thsrance that hnoro- vance along the isthmus, the o- DrM n may be found soon. in the first seven o ft a
mb da tO prevent vlet command nnme In their Reuter quote Mr. Churchill cim agn. Moore h been Lord Comms- clead the Jpane from a control of the high ground
aylle fom nd- ommunlu, while the ir fore o thn 4.00 mixed tons o sd of the Admiralty and ridge 1 mils northeast mph ro.
M.G wse d inInohe sur of eavy bao b-e might wCuelltinaial c ntre bomnbt wie' dropped in thsl o period Viea-Chief of the Naval Staff, and captured large dumps oe1 am The Germs attacked
Clhrt he Itsaovingatad w ai rdro e- a tnd t ierences which PUI ar t of l In, June 14 and German o p lanes were des- s ince whl e Admiral. Sir munition. V re In an attempt to U i e
UaSlSWAoBiant set causlethteraion rtull bloke temper.~ seen northo Romtenadurlwing the oflak. Only ne Maraude wa^* '1,,*,t1Home Fle Chiefl P~ra.P0n hand,lt but, fihtin
Sn which revst IUtouk, aia.ystok. P"tsk, mt ght exst. It would be bet- (AP)- Waosng to refugees et- e 'troved In the air Allied oi Brte Fraser. war Third e Men from Kohma are drvn Americang bridgthead and t
-bU- ao Orshay bedTeF as i tev r to r a.lo tunHo e l oda.n tg heete t g rail o utio ofe were a 4 l.ndner, of wi h es ore-ea ndCtL ON o ller ,Ttheou the ra) TonC lear oathe ,oartnt retur inesl ftromth.
himib s cotiue d on th e neastern prevailing betweennGenadC moonAred ui csseli sou tof & ou t 7 e50 and won e bom.ber and l tearnoon. Ti A me ir iec b Aalt u ntive ah h b t ,a ig hfourdsaro the es t t
i rest oop ing ulmand GterammnitanI at.lie a.d e Un ted estate n team central cnto rehof mother tyaeds on aircraft he --l*-- msan o ie Home Ft i eet c mira.n th Art eemy attck In s
andastaUiro, b fon uel t ntato proceed further before they dPateru 0 enil rmaices was eined ftolieth.dre fo nSi natr Hn anhdo T time balance It e pmrt e
hadea detest which might well by gr rilade t froy e without a shot The ove.l. s Ii tte-td .... .............nar'.h...tit. J e po sA- i ts iont .Gn r et b tshA ledmt
SS Bso ers e o ge ato thbeing fired a the Viy mlary slightly leus than one per ei t of i hTv Al pnerimet b hinatote d Is h e a na idsten A te
Com bckWhn e Frinnishe Sold inishersont, reAtbem~ontto th e-Fleet n uch ~ z dealer sam-urs, oier llediTh Gemas at" ke

my. He had no reason to fear garrison fled, the total sorties ftowlo and showa rg An hastdiatg hehuteoblt
a Huslle ar e O roeredaT' nFero n orthe dcrd, oalywou d rbee o he 10 o henr tht lastteay de i ethe t Belu- Th anew traop froh mphalle a ned 1oannal
es to put atwh ih s tr g uerr ?ans the invasioin air opercatuons. s inCe ou fv enemyn of* ork gd In the Caen sector wits the

SW !^3.S? Bans'~f^ Officer '' ""^^>Sy &S' 1 ^ '" "S: *----- --
rene th etdsledn T r -The ate onl wodbev pn. they lbhr a con- o f little more than it ct n thre the Japanese lost writish Sbxth Ai rbrne
-401r0. t i act F i onsheomm oand by radio e ordered lier.anAr mou ble p dart of It sitn a drive tr wa lost d ethe thret ecf days e at i0allyem ld b the area n .
p cnthe oeoraon when st rP00 a- Tr- round oinpcal and Uktasmhrul. Pa- o porthe i n writing of u t is
01U U stte >tall soldiers on leave f rom the TEMPOAY MOVE clear MOntavenerand railway, one of tie teofo rlpo muohev Ceanvaa batas sy t
Si I o r The wer dcatn sa e n en wh wil links between east- Dlan f w rep l o anfCnt From 1 t r rt u eem o e- n tbion
SColgto Kmjrefightng continued to rag eaor to he re we..rspea mctonl side- tha eroe,00 hhl western and central France. One Marauder formation nvat ment onthe road running south- fought magnificently afteaceiss
to ote aindjoe aiopontw rcntnuedtongh thetraed tepe ar lhor he men of P thheftrveea Aythr h o the ADVtAuED and eu Ahr
anrican dy8 hful offr cdes flewanro and 56T0s situations in the first w ek o
ts a m Sha o l- G l o n l Is tPar al am entry pressure fore St Lucia ay T N i O a n new a pn t Cnt to a- dva ce norha tthe in n vasdon i n the C hseruT
ZSSS5- t ara ed tmpa rbefiy nd-w o n d F r enh G e tria ofc the rIt wefiaseFeura y Ano ther By5 JOHN Sir He road fromaIjest ty in l -o n o-id fig and
Couts em todylas Russian Fighters cut understanding between the Peitt flew 44Al f e miles southwest of Pided pfo i nsdua r a totaplea Pre
SAnglo-American and General de -a to strike rTOlvards at Chsritre. WAS[IZItTOI5 June 14 (AP-- His May Greets menss we. tat poCdand
del w vier cort US. Bombers ue. u MG vernors les east of chartres at G- tt of the invon o France, US. Army Chiefs eonnee anI
061111 fro I~l l and, om unlae hiletheAir fo- e w[ hout rsq after Mr. Churchill M oe be LrCm~ Ig cerd teJPng rm a contoofthhined gt o ulndlrga .

Sini Uamlnetio, theltmn LONDON. June 14 IAP)---en- gained the breathing spell to effect ToCofe landotas Pon,.arila brie at... Geeral Charles. Gaule "Ii wa ONDON, June. 14 ,A).,e-o. Between ,oseu and Th., U
uardifh learned yes- eral Frederick Andertof United an accord, four members of the Cioye and a viaduct at Beau- reported here, suddenly caceied enal George Marshallf Urnitid Is still firmly In British h
IL Itd bSavoi bombed htopped orders this perver VC of th NavalurStaf. and c hief known 8tdf.amt by har the Gr eatest frck ed &
hs atei d Ai r Force Operations Chief. House of Commons offered a o- Trindal. S Guardlen Cri deReiondent roenec a. an avtoo the de hi od iers severa l huded t an gr y CArt noft. a and perh-a s gas f rce e
It. Mary's w inner 1e t tas fighters Uon for ar debate on their c T. oG OrnA. da, June c 14 an opm anle at do. the sii r tnce 91 hiuledtrld GSeneral HnryA Arn o, C Virnd- i a un e oro ittm ftlo Ri.f.ibZ5i co-: ere. ?^now TU^ esorin American trX1 ruw-n aras pruoni adllyhel d an a~e t Meldon. and with- th firt~ ltves at Ale5 iN, Genra UnagteStats Air0 dinin rumiyns but virctaly fall
be fouhi w ew of th ea t heavy b ombeaorsin. s Aerin an contention that the failure to re-e14. -HA Excellency Leslie B. damaged roads at Aunay-sur- tros.erash Forces, were receive today by Ria to budge the British arnnhad,.
l ew h icht e opte I e asternts D eaogntse the F o *ll rench Committee will -reeston. governor of the Lee- O'en. e p nWor t frenera Dwih Maestth e Kr It in spa r b te Ch ni f
o p st roe.I"ma UnitedrNantisnsDyweaken the resistance movement. ward Isands, is due to arrive Fliers back from Me slAn eaid iralenhow ti'a heacuart is to the Maujenesaty tan'hesrt Ale
ast year. It Is talk t the peoples of the occua- :The resolutIol-ubject to the here tomorrow from Antigua on a nf val h uns were s helli n Ca en. ca highe military officials here t la- a r e e t t .heam Palace. tLtASE tURN 1e M att i n L tS
kthe examination Died countries, he said the co'-cnside, drton and discretion of Mr. four-day visit to Si Arthur miles way while they were closed that as a resut, co-opera-
Swereis abthdafter medals. aerus and skilfUleRUssianp AnthontEdewh ichiuse Leader- Orimble, Governor of the Wri d- Ino their bombinerga tiMa n between the French popula- ""
Sms Ht hatcore fa-ward Isolad. Marauder sllotw nad the U- teon and the Allied rmiel was WIN t IKnE WAR ASSOCIATION O F
OreldGou Fbaryia 'plaes and helping our bombers Iourabe treatment hu been given Important discussions are mdl- irenceviaduct received direct hits, impaired In occupLed Normandyt Id AeandtohAg
ust fight their way to their target s t provisional governments le a c a Mr. reeston wll b fllin the a tin a
ls fr ch ckPong h b.e atk representative of the peoples con- aceompaed by the Hon-le e. and steel. This i true, according to ofi m t-
fiLe s n"Fro th usas and argued that "continu- Gomes, Attorney-General of the ----- *r wo W t
cewid espre-aadsPwo I couvpltiatingthre # 3teJpns lot Bish Sxh Ar -

t. v. s" the Arndos are learning Poviet ande of tte polyamivspread Leearlstdrt Iss e Br. three d

deW W hlic7~a mua^^ S&iAewrd Isands, VtAI! 'TUR 'TOS PAG *S c^. S. su.lo w^w eS thoug in
all.solmethods, and from the American tm eral and dimay Si Arthur returned here from fre s do Gaulle finally replied to
w t. Mars iose. the Ruianans are learning the among the resistance movements ht. Vincent only today fnor ahort i eJos 'Planes the exent of allowing 20 French
liiO olel. 'SI]I LII wy. Th ftma~rmin France and may diins their stay during which hewWill receive oft lanes logwih h fr
C0 A ercn wy Te fud Tionsreidcain hr ha iksbtee at- v e. trjI orpficersc eoemgo along withttathnesays-

t'hm'' c'a"'mt~arebeing1 uidfor aIm tinglfrydsenthusef ormanidande. ern, wvsitrraLukeFachiefOve:Bi eauh Gneral e GeD FA CTS
st,. JCleosok Oajrft, Shti." _cntiuedogerous acts of co-operatLon by representative of the anitdsh Conr- Downed OleriberaatetiheirF0,ohoaunnt
th C Sch Gwhtch they can save lives and a di who will siame here a week. e with itogPtitohthe oeugheast
m. so t a rys on ntry Prss re foeaspectO t e ep rt en alce tr f h

t. speed the advance of the men of From here Sir Arthur will go to ADVANCED ALLIED HEAn ssatd to be proba the mostfi
arsiu the Alomed invason forces' St. Lucia and Ddnlca. QUARTER, NEW GUIE, June imortant nw enten Inoe Families living in Canadian Cities and Towns
.~. ~' LI________________________General____de__tAP)-trie walars a uct hat.WSIsNGTbNc rund fte1 (P)-oHosed M5ajllonpondsofveetalets

Ge on gUS President Pays Tribute rs^ot- oa odcn Inthtenlhsderoh.tilieb 1 WartimoeG at A.- h
Jif.W. ni ,- Getir Pwr US oundringp, .Gaull|enp.~d f .tois
29finm~ot the fewhoursftftr M CucilT o G v r o smorieseat o hat Jpnrese atameI.s tatn of etwee ivino nPc~tdenS A hef esnnllsesAt

Mary'e c.LOND WAStr"OTON, June 14 (AP).-- t of Dutch New Guiny and over Natioal Coarmnittde aulher Ith. 1943LfrOm.i0an00
111 ft. St. Jse rs,' CovSmat e Admiral Chester N smnitf. Commmmo-ns offrT~i j' u P alat andt havocs bomee lhis monto reeal hindJuly.
Pousta., swah'., Wis school, tier Of the Pacific Fleet announced v 0ttack ufon rsk where neavyAccesderg ave~t e. rrage per garden was 550 pounds and en.
today that Americanlig warships U al yChiefofttuS. ikd heenewly ph l toryisehinpgd
reminDU St Mary', Colleg. turned heavy guns on enemy posi- -to_______ captued"U Mc osr has ber t he- on Gneral~q di Gaulle'shnd
tI-illntweedebteontheir ST.tEOtionduneomorationst hehofteficerst Us o oflf eerslHoeh rolder ne s ven adt gatcory e
10 ua, I nee'. Roylt ctot Battleships, cruisers and destroyers, In a speial Flg Day piure lat on, P. i vseen cyo Lt yesler- 'planes Incat ed onta ndt w thie tut fionts deavelop af llaeowsi:n m eral Uoted States Ai rt -oc.$pwaslanc
A.v u 'o mbesite in ta sI will ue'sooietnordof the B-dam ns at groadsnathe A un a ewr ee formed for the byfForcgreatrmavototi no
hoi St.M ,cholmht. urpe. Is aUnitds Naios' Day wak n athreiotn-wi ovee nt. sed aaes0enpevntngeap o nths agomwhenerpl wglMan etyte F i nguren a e pnt aratela blde for ePo r it-ofspain,

.,waron doda bombarded Tnlar and drurged honour ar"the the reof tt bae for o wre h b aeging it is known frthe t
124 year, s. at h sa ts ottqt ,ltnsIsotedeo ro Philippn es, h20 miles to the west. tfhest mlt official uthea
t. e', m ortn NinteN saidco thatries eair attacks ch-c forces, men and Odisce qanly, whose un fMri devotio to .. ,M that miitar ,.i- fanlis .purchase everythig they eat.
i~S. lLJOgglib's Coflit, Ptrt. ships, and the attacks were stillorntna /ds; hli given the nation's fiag at new an hope f.l Fun uln thet cmi~ltear albu-
,tl.o,at.-Joen 's weeegtcontiuingoOt Tuesay. Hesaid maning frftmos
s ohaft. other warshsps. accompaniedsill sntc
bomber 'plaes, sped over ncrt by our enemie.," ___________ -admi force and the FrEIC' p~o self-suppoting in food bunt every Chicken and
to lay their ~heavy shells on the Observed throughout the United[ ituand c~lylistltolt whichon- elTops OO0Mark AGR~EE l ie fLtmIls
r Command to lay ther MhulRwa Islandpints v ast at daS of earnesthre- tttthewfoundation of the 'e e t Allied authoutas ages eoedrad
th~rh ny100mlA noth-edctony dti outhse bntLeader-GieGornrfthWindu nvJtepir'sbombng u i~ itenteFec o

Tonstaderi aky igi tenm fteDihai of Tokyo. Ote "planes in of humanity and ~ll. nt., neot m to vet,,if ud ,t oble T eer emad ofm Letu ehelpts. impmib t
Pass list were flysing excellent omeRussias Meainttined

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bombn,, Japa andelpitions at o ra-ou blictre agmenyas -n givenarbueralta..Gna.erAllWNWEWRSSO C ON
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sAIry bombd since Jaepas airfields As princianlaos.of thomu stto herolspeuad to dwell on the strug-I ,Mileu e15TdWW IC L.r o01
8L Va the Russians are I.bunderstandnng AU. A.0ineUe WO SV though Gen.

More than 27,001 objectives of their heavy attack, heard the Preldent's proclama-,rthur.rotug w we d h a erefro ms d Gena oG e r eplmada tot
t~ta hae iAme r ic he~man dmway. ofThe foundtiop ns nFansceiandbroaydimanshthdir ndrthtflg t urAap 'Pa neu~~smeofficersto goalngdittheh e jar1 --
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B the. srig. U.Sof eo; cGsary.aardaaak a R .. ,erAmaI0 ."".Rd -pak w- wt-- d ot f .b-When Geea S e -6Gaulle &
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WW e dppdinn Tanaag harbour In the Bal mannerr of U.S. Naval Fes, undtl y tl h aT nany Votts wds. I 4 MA Sioer --IND In' _-___ -- ---
thL islands. D Di t .p ."4ba k. he bsag, ap ar &W .w3"* hod; w *we is5" o.. f ft w
*islaRt. wn *A .Rattan, r "Ours is a Ag o battls O" M' onmu A ",- .so hi -"of2.- i a se r ig ; u i.
f June 6-the night| -COMMA.nd U.S. Ad, .. ... %e shi s e of our Navy.,i the ,van. use c c .t
bro -aa wourOWsoldier andmamrines ofthe Mcho-opertatind sbe"weentto
w. 7s _Chamber President 1 e 5am io,:'..t 5S.-tt Nazis am. Ais Coumttam enal 'i11 Fewiu in Port'-of-Spain deWe for tee nm
S e laste man e te n" of tates Naval ] In to tmicie.. ot ...itisNazis hr.Alli ,fdhaf rNmRig on o,
4.M tons fCeons I oalaa lagon weae. feod;sh"Me new up om ask itm*e a
tns Heads rD egm-ion s-re S I----a fe bi SS-- Seof"For .Leopold's..Removal. A ltas '"S "M k "a
--y bouMt Slid of, do OM.nthe V _m. WM)mN, J=@ 14| W), % O ayI m twas oeamN be wasthir"MnWVM "
ina O VI 1 44 h~ b r of O r V w t T u & 4 0 ) U Itsf s r~titirm men have yl, aoft hetie "00"M Of K ft %oe Menus si e ws rev lld a* ~q m a an r ar m
afiWSUs thrw AMVy F* I aMidadt"Cdnel5,.,, eli .KM.111.-.. it.acu i f
ttlirO 'nz= tha~t wit attn b he; ph="ggBS.?SngC thVt..vgi n*o MgBSk at h&iS ft 14001:S3S"riEi2ak to 001110M -~w"wil <"VEA DENHAMn~~i MWw( llll)
Ng. ,,,"' ui azR i. .. . -- ..... .-.. .. ...,attan-& ,, -,-s- --- ,--'--- -"torr- r... . -,_ 0 6._m-
rSunkS. OS f 001u nwe" -,eaf atat'te *w -s-mew ,V"dg ad""M*0 sfubM th- @ a iod al w dbif- &f
t,,."*i, ,uu--fc Um ,t jltri ud ss -*** H lA m .- V! n1_,'. r ,It-er".-ijf? _.-rjji- _-rti- c w^^r -AI il jt--Hl,~ f
a Oea fe -waft kewoueite MAWeftse"M toPOOe% Ab10 r w -
~ Tre NziInia ,hm-,D7 atT i. 15in f"om hat _. .'.' 1 ---T .k-'mFi.-,- Iw
I. m Sunk aru M ae rtownDr a& o f die*- with a fw remrt esssr h fst s the se-tho e.f t D
ti tedo dy.- tate, -... -1at thc.. .-tad.. -p-fi
_une 14__(Rautae).ayan- e ,,-" 111101 raft. .=--
Gemn mali letd r an oldthw3
0WN& Hmm40 a lbsUnad Suis eras only bk"me
itred t ek ~ y~it to epilittieA. pn6.aagM*g.t dbtpe I s4w flat I~u~ sm avs IPrmswe hew "V
AMP4 4,dlof-- W ise onJO wou14
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N1 -Government
n w mm ss we' r- f ie.. A..
-I, 'set,-Ice! $ ea
ft kviMMMri onr"0 01.W"MM bouts 'hiM th aKrapaz ea"t was i- fat, .*ni nNr, ft."^H ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ Sttmn tu colonial secren C^^
P m.MM A pem to "aW nin het U0battle with .p th- Post of.
eeW I e. mm-. gamm .

-Lo m6 tro enemy' mr- o por us t-.o BE Foreman Mechanic, ApplIumonm "
4 mWNWs W (Twm. M MU*s 0 itft wtln It oneoi" Wh ile the Otmnam f J St. Vincent. P04 of Resident ra
NgW SPRIWNYAVt no sWtill strong, Their pro0peet ot8 ur- Of Fund For s der Twich WWt eal mSt
NmO &66m. 1 m .0 W Aft ,-.. M.Y vival In the coming summer are gloomy O F d tao e Apptsie are invited f the pot s peir n
olauftM W TWO AMOCIAT" PRU Tt~~r hn- Mt (. 1W uhw'sr nMidifte GO~-* H ^ ^ ^^ K S S^ Appliation w nvitedI for the ary at Ma rr mmukI
vaomet =st-- of iP,-r annum,
_A0fOoATte prom for thewar mAIhineshouldth enor thi U SA ted to hear aboot podan of 're Ms han of10a pr
th f ti. Shte.e V-cetto a candidate
.. .... ...... ... -attthe II a, t 111100t. qu lification or
tflrt time be feeling the effects of allout w ouloden now tnint in t j A Cold Srage pliant is opesrateds qual.ou or'
TZiMDAT. JUN I 194. war on1 all fronts. UnIlf State and getting ready an adjunct, and though an sten- qaied
terthebigjoaheadatIsI the big Job ahead of the. t of NOp the Op "saton fees
-___Of__o____e, we do not_____n_.' will be txwted free qivrters are
Equipped .... ..... o mr e to the
fl Whoen themsun um goig -t maintenance of its machinery and %plca os houfeb
t11 omery Wenllutndil of"us ar"" edt.ellu an, f. t.. he.,,.,,., of ion.
on om ry Wel Equipped Canada Helps West Indies v s,,,t. of ae,, rT adn the'f of
Aget Rommeli .denee In them and know they will The post 1s non-pentonaber with Triniad, and the oanes .
Beatl ommel tnl Under Mutual Aid Plan brine to land of their sryt A rate of 17 rising s reu M
I for the Cnewa ourg peninsula of naua tnrth no e ui E n increments of Io to m duty Im nedlatel oru.s
SCANaADAIs n" e rto theg West ft w at b qut goannum. In addition wae bonus Po.-"'ile after selection.
.Sth reea on th continmt o CANADA la nflW extending to the West Do we *t b~on quitenli orm ^"^ ^n^^HH^K f o payble, the parent rate - SS
Is the renewal on the continent of : ^ .t^n h *ytwste?^ ^ B1"yl^^ R ^ ^ t r pe nui *e aae* o ic
sebeing 116 per annu t. IPuseL L. Don ng
rope of the struggle in Africa between dirt ect asaSi st e Ov t.erlo the e m bn 1 Pe 5l- e aeL
Period of tree months to St. Vincent wi be provided for Acting oon
colorful enral 8ir Berna1rd Mont- t h et ? ut i ans ter has Im n essence ohe successful applcant.
free transfers of flour from the Dominion then men a welfare fund which is Cniae pligfrteps nitetel
mery and the Nazi Ma rshal Erwin faee ir fuy.. u ll, a n aril anat aplynge frrior theppost Eatlstrnt dP
L At th British leader out- hive lhy been mae under an aee- aong with a e w don at at rs should possess considerable enpe-.
thALMe7, rience In the operation, mainten- men Is the i
Mona readbed early this year. These p- at ha been collected so far *J and fltt of larg De M
wiallitenot do much. it isgenerally.iice, and fitting of large Diesel A
m u h .l i i! : e n g i n e s A,.F w
raed his opponent, It lis a rally plies are being allocated to the Colonies We do not hear of regular collec- Applaton ontan fu pr ---- .
ceded that Rommel is a ooP t, and are ex- on neon business estb. Applications, containing full par-
~tegit, fll of ~ ~ n ts nd ae ox bteneitcocets sorsticuisra of the applicantas qualifica. t.nell
0ogist, full of resource and Iintiatve nm, e eom ~ e ormftelfor t t
Secte o aMOutto ee m o meeting, and so on to swell the a pertn a t ten t
1 always able to make the most of the f durg 1944. Bede Thnldad, the government, the City Jounce, J was a big a y inthe w oew o as, fsj bytstlhone. deraentv ld has ben advised nthat
In uin %.Bak riiathe Govenmnt te it Councilsadllother la3teowar (left) IIhwnws b deeflehis ~to the Superintenden1 ~t, icitYIr~ctecruitment of trad -
terial at his commsn&d participating Dependencies are Jamaica, the borough CounclKand allomter to s r he U wt t "b AdderW~ 0 W tons theo V 7ot ltrn usn^ ^ .ja
bodiesseem to have forgotten that ifromttheiepedenie & Telephone Department, St.V liutmentIthe
When Rommel scored his African suc- Barbado, the Bahama, the Windward w eemeayawaaton have gon tnohaet thoG ilhta se a es" Peint;M" the cent, and must be received not later has been suspended
which brought him periloushy clos and Leeward an ms, Wdwad we have sent a large contingent ofvrae Dw ebeeSupreme Corn-than Nth June, 1944. 1awlcatlonx therefore
e which brought him perilously close arid Leeward hands, and British Guimana men*way oan a dangerous ission. ma d ont fAM .F ohrmse,8t G orwaMd in the long.-senilt to the IndusWW
vforeowe have the mode n ver- awaitedn mooed trentpasoaue ro the GermslEug roecan_ (80.) J. r. R. CZOflR until further
victory, he faced a es weak and and Brtlh Hondura. Men." Anybody tient. (A phet). Superintendent tityMont esres to than
bt any old rags for when they come and Telephone Department. who have offered theit
anpered by the lack of supplies which The West Indies had previously bene- .ck? Thank yer, kint air; GawdHAndAo o____ew_____ d enoughto btm M
e from far off arsenals either in too bted IndirectUH from the srreotsementu e"s FT x-K R. Swedn Usess W o d -t The candida gt
fited Indirectly from the arrangements 31SEGEAT." s eu n W OOIsi iwood. ae adviedthtoat no frt
911 quantities or too late. Today Rom- ^ec a dZ Port xszR^811 Sweden. Uses W ood l U C WHto T tch stseh candidtes^
l quantities or too late. Today Rem- made between Canada and the United Port ofSpaln. ante To Purchase a t oresenttA t be sthn mfa
i fce a iferet roosiio.rTe fabaterToPucheedil atlanen b w
fae a difent proposition. The Kn om, some of the supplies sent to Mr. A. H. Mendes Resigns In P -T n ae diren po n A. In the on ^
Kindo, uplis ~ f 5LE A~ OSJL I~A aqasOne Seven-seater car orml erlmnliatment hi othetrovdl Sb
Swho oppose him have been trained the latter during 1942 being diverted here. The Edtor, "Tr ani Gt." bus ian good mechanical order. ein reonened at f
toughened for the job, and many of But this is the first direct mutual aid deciding to support Mr. W.. n that t Is e a lon way to solvln our housing DIRCTO OF CIVIL AVIATION, noutcement will be m
Muhave had battle experience. MoretrJulien In the recent Grenada elec- hou sion s In T in dad, prblem.o80 Abercromby Street. CO T
ha had battle experience. More given to any of the Crown Colonies. It is t the Executive of the West s the a e of P-tii port-ofp. CONTROL
r, they are equipped with weapons of in line with the close relation which have ndir Nopp tn cted In bul hbn pr h S nW t F les oTIC
Inlie it te loereaton wicehv dret ppsiioiothepaty& imdwee hesiuaio.ThTwitr laswo Fmiie C NT OL I
l t s an de d is pa t r w i hadi pret oposesit emaiontot e dp ry'in the of this &"[ ot gie n gl man saccont N O T ICE
latest and deadliest pattern, which long existed between the Dominion and gand rpes a efldn h ot wat o ums anwh bt. sIn P S Briefly, the scheme is this. About
een proved In war and are available ea on 1,000acres have been. acquired by POST OFFICE
been proved n war and are avaiable ourselves, dating back to 1912 when the I lay this because I consider Mr. By JILL MASSINOHAM the Stockholm Municipal Council Agricultural Had Tn
nomouS quantities.And theyhave the Julien to be a dyed-in-the-wool re- and have been laid out as estates NOTICE i H n
first Canada-West Indiastradeaactionary.hfor families with incomes of less
wmu uniis n hyhv h is aaaWs nistaeagreement ac.oar."Pro-fabrlcatlon" has become than *200 a year. A plot of land -It I. hereby notifed in
I therefore regard the Executive's slogan. Faced with the problem th on 430 99-year, A aseoto andortherbnotito t
rgteeuigmethods of warfare Support of Mr. Juliens as a betrayal -of building: four million houss in Is leased on a 99year lease at an for the Importation Lie.
port in the air of the largest arad was signed. ueThe xpirernewed eagreemtd of 1939,of n ual aroUnd rent of up to 12 on Itt note for general Informs. Kingdom of lmed
ats lgathered.ea s and Purposes. the shortest possible period after which e tenant builds the pre- tor that Guano Pot OfAce I Agricultural Rand
hohtilitiesroaee eoedecontroveriynfre- atpi leaves hme hoicetnow openhfsrihittres havencefsed.tcinatrefromytheem
h have proved most effective in re- but was prolonged indefinitely because s tlt the active policy of the is rain among those government catad cottage of his choice now oen for the traction of unobtainable from the
]m.ecutive, I am left with no alter- departmentsgand the various in. The municipality makes the roads Money Order and Savings Bank of America will now te
combat, the war interfered with negotiations for native but to resign my member- dividuas who will be responsible and lays on the essential services. Business. importers to whom q
The Germans, on the other hand, have a new treaty. bhlp. for ov r pdt-w housing pro- silIf the prospective tenant has not. otte
at their di t h maera e r .A. H. MENDEL. gramme. Housewives have been the necessary capital, the munci-W. Snow, f
The invited to state their minimum r:. prllty advances a mortgage of up
at teir d oSaes the huge material The trading connection with Canada Port-of-spain. ,uiementtsin rerd tao ect, t 9 prentothecost. The Acting Postmaster-.eneral. Secretary. onti
labour-saving devices, size of rooms mor*gip' Ii given in the form of -neral Post Ofc4 'Old Post OffIce Bufldn&
rce which war requires, and has been valuable to the West Indies, and Absent PartyCriticised and so on, of the houses or flats the services of a plumber. an elec- 7 St. Vincent S
e are feeli eOngb the rain of shortages its value has been emphalsed by war- they wish built for them. triclan and other skilled men and Trinidad. Port-of-S, ln.
aen fln thtestra of sby o rthaages- value hs bn ep hasiu wwr- he *h been told in the provision of the prefabrl- 12th June. 1944 10th June, 19 44.
n and supplies imposed by the large- time shipping difficulties and the short- In Mr. Worme's letter published that their requirements can be rate of 0 a year, which meai ns
dsucinothifatre, ando iiin upis and a enin h cnib ateounis. I isyeparwidcthmeans
Serucon of teir actors, and ge of civilian supplies. Canada has been in the "Trinidad guardian" on met, but that they might be in- s hat after 14 years' tenancy, at ----------------
Ii vr- ending war. They are thus June 6. he said a debater is self- corporate in a house that will be most only the ground rent becomes
ever-eat spandtg war. They are thus invariably considerate to these Colonies, condemned by "wanton indiscrint.- built toast no looer thin 10 o ". e b Ih e Rr
great disadvantage. Long ago their ad hs hp us to tn m ny A Ine Attckupon athr dandab-years. Experiments have been Cottoges are also erected by the
rea dsadvatage. Loag ago t r nd ha helped us to turn many a corner, sent party." He then proceeded to carried out to find the most suit- tenants themselves on housing en-
sm eompeled these maters of light- In spite of current problems the relations launch an attack upon the Rev. able material for the te pOmte, thtes rum by cooperatives. Of M IRRn O
SVW to commit themselves to the Mr. Swwun now on leave in homes that arees the onTea s Savings Bank
social classes live. They ^Special-4" x 18", Ploin-$13.50
011ed hm o r lttheosugehttheirtenushv roncoerdate. D te- rs* o cnetdNmnht aetema nihee ntewrd
m was well Concei and their tawa pointed out In a recent announce e r frantI "desperate" Or wood. are provide with swimming pools,
eluded them, Wa p oi tedhope exareen t henouncem"caught in a whirlpool." Since time Immemorial, Sweden, creches, shop@ and sports clubs by
eO system was well conceived and their ment. We echo thehbthe How a man who spks his con- like the rest of Scandinavia and the Society, who also run lectures
tons tenaciously defended, they have dn tt a a w I victlons to an audience whom he like Russia, has built her houses and films on hygiene and house- R E
t ciuy en ey ave department that an association which well knows Is opposed to those con- from the timber the northern hold management for their mncrm- R
been ableo i sd been so fruitful n te p and so the line of least resistance" is not only withstands the rigours of Strict laws govern building in LONDOS LU Si
uer weapons skilfully used. enduring despite obstacles will continue rather mystifying, an Arctic winter, but keeps the Sweden. Building can only be LONDO 1
The battle for Rome was a testing d ep wa One of the most prevalent deft- heat out in the summer. Timber undertaken on mteaproved bo --------.-------
to develop after the war.clencies In hun-uz thinking is the houses built in Sweden 200 years the planning offices of the local
d which confirmed the superiority But the decision to bring the WestImpersonalAliewpoint. and are. being lived In today. form to standard ofaestheticlm
ffensve over defensive strategy and Indies under the mutual aid plan was not In the midst of such an attitude appearance, window area density
feablit of the Allies to Smash any due only th C an ad poan as a all concern with the truth of the Shortage Suffered per acre, eto.
e ability of the Alloe to smash any due only to Canada's importance as A ener l sty Cool, bianced THE BRTSH RED
Impersonal open-mindeduness is Suffering, as she doe from a No Ribbon Building THE BRITISH RED CR0
ce system the Oermans have so far source of supply for these Colonies. It was what is needed for us to rrive at dearth of building labour, havig
e. he Germans had hoped and, in- also an acknowledgment of the part the correct conclusions. That is the a fine tradition of domestic arci- Thus Swedent no enlums, soIE
way of science. justice and pro- tecture and being a most progreg- ribbon'development, no endless
1, believed they would be able to repel I~~a di ei^ iac Uuetdpo "^ ^^ !X nitr O ETY "
West Indies have played in sending essen- gres& si.5e nation, it was perhaps a suburbia, no hideous -oormitories."
ngo-American invasion because of KOOL logical development, that All these would have sprung up if
Anglo-American invasion because of tial commodities to the United Nations. Sn Fernando. fabricated timber houses haV Ire-fabrcated houses could have v
supposed superior quality of the Camade a greater and more sensible been erected anywhere and with-
ppoed superior quality of the Canada has depended largely on the West tridesIn Sweden than anywhere out regard to standards of quality. TRINIDOAD AND TOBAGO IRANCN
irmacht; but their defeat in the bat- Indies for sugar, molasses, cocoa, and Small Island Greatness else. We areIin.sed to t look upon
for Rome showed this alleged super- other products. These Colonies have pro- The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian Factories have been e stso ablished houses bult of wood,they as shacks.
right in the forests to lessen the Onehs only to have visited Scan-
ty to be a myth, and the Allied land- vided men foi the forces and essential In connection with Pertinax's"A ot of transport of the raw dinvia to appreciate just how
ISee It' In the "Evening News" of terlala-ne and beechwood-used eutifui and durable a timber
Son the Cherbour ensula have foodstuffs, As well as sites, labour, and ser- Saturday, June 10. It is not so much In pretabrication. Here. the stan' house uan be.eadme to g t
on the Cherbourg peninsula have vices for naval and military bases. The the subject matter to which I re- dardised wall sections are made. Sweden lh be Will any lady volunteer to give tfl
Departmit. of TradeinOttawaStatesfer. for this I heartily endorse. These are constructed is S much hedl with the rabullding o
Department But I am writing on the use of A 1i-inch main structural slab ; c Britain. We are not likely to be
So far the Allied offensive against that our relations have been "mutually the tesn "small Island." I do not timber Is covered none aide with a ea he idea o eachpart-timeclerical isistance (poid
iink that the men in high n wall board, and on the other ttatf finding
er Europe is only at its beginning, Abenefical," and it is In thi spirit that 'we poos shoul use uch a oe tee e sa ay theto c l hi own housed m fior
limited portion of the Anglo-Ame- cad both e forward wh goodwill our- tny. b. n e to aire, a kUed will roban wllk the Red Cross Office, 20 St. Vinnt S f
age, and understanding to larger achieve- What influence has the size of In these wall sections are made to have to build the chimneys and
nyour ntive Island on your men- receive .floor and roof oits. grtes. For another, our summer Three or four mornings or after f
Sfores nd wepons hae be n ant in the days to Come, tality, Intellectuality, abilty oPx days are hours shorter than those -
morality? I fall to see any. Doors, window frames, staircases in Sweden and so there would not Typin L nt .Seedt '
pored with other countries? Is that mn standard and sone factories a cottage before the autumn sets
to her disredt? Has she not pro- also make desks. bunkbeds, chalrs Io. The need is urgent ,Please write to or O dfgj
uiuceed rather large ntumbers of th and tables specially designed to St nBut we could import the pre- urgnt
F O R SA L Egreat men of the world? the rooms, fabricated units. And instead of 3
SoeThe plans to which the units talking about walttr t least 10 at above address.
V^ L m i Wa not l~ramee'trlat~t mil. are worked have been evolved by years for a home and then belnx .,. ....
- tary ge niu a son 0! the "51na1. some of Sweden's leading archi- given only a temporary one at ,S!
island" of Corsica? tecta. Thus, there is standardisa- that, we might enjoy comfortable, ,'B
JOSEPH 0.' STOUTE. tton of component parts, but at the wall-built. good-looking houses ..
Port-of-Spain. some time there ie g treat variety which will last within a couple of ,,'
0FFERS ARE INVITED Permanent Special Pol;ce rom Thse rang from simple I
Th e rw, BMI Gus/tan.c httsegs Sac Road Damage aple kindv lent by United Grocers L&'!
It was very pleasant and encdear- Swedes like to live either in de- '..l~yD m g
tached cottages with large gar-
FOR incOonnectie n with t forests where thiees come Up to ..Sught ____________________._______
PolICe Reserve. In my option, the very walls. Fallinr that, they __________________________________
Spact iPce and firmen should live in flats, which of cours, ar o T HeRonble Errol dos Santos,
A BI II^B^' 4_^i A ^*aB~jr A -- ^R A ^be retained after the war, and In not built of wood. But whatever the Acting Colonial Secretary., *r--^Tf^
numbers too. the dwelling, cetral heaUng is the wants the Port-of-Span City
A BUICK 1 9 PRIVATE CARI think they will be able to es- rule. Council to give details of the par- _B
tablish better contact between Ucutar setions ol roads on which
civilians and officials and assist ma- C ." -ete B eaM et abulrma- cionsorads on THc REWARDS
Mtoinn building a better Trmni- specltlcafly attributable to damage
Minus 3 Wheels and Tires) dad. er i's- to.o much1ard, W Pro-fated cottagesUterefore.cieby*. vehicleswareneces-
,. ,~ .... ...~ "~ lit_..on,,.a conc~rete~e m basemente, sue. ni co.inecuon wu n terca m

Should, be truth. A 8tocia Poll" are b~uilt Oa- am rowts basement. S-Y 14 cooDOCUoawM eiclu- m___
sh^ud be truth. S&a Poiesalf of which Is above ground conPetlon for damage to M-f ar * t4
Force to a^sitheauth orities Will level, In the basement is the eity roads by such traffic. TA n
work wonders in Trinidad. boiler .for the beating system the In a oomunlcaton to the Coun-n Minutes ay
ETIRECLY OVERHAULED &t REPAINTED ETC. . -CLAUDIO CARVALUO. fuelstre A wash house and ba- ilW the Acting Colonial feretaryn
ENTIRELY OVERHAULED REPAINTED ETCBan Fernando. room, ad a larder. The one or alS requested Information ssto
-- two floors above contatn two to ae wsunt sPent w estimated to Apart from thecan "Bd
Queues at Post Office nve toom&k itchenAs#We- be spen on such roads by the greeteroenjoy"at of lU that a
Te IdMe, Wmn Gi an Ounrdn. out oof doom durln the long, warm gsdleon o the a ooon ttth o nd a Ith
smmer mother there is usualla et ; M ONUIllM~k of the amount h twisodub
would like to draw the atton vhmers a n thstr1e Is s p t tk a nth u works prior gie th e
of the t0 ln th e General din table Wand hat theadetofUSaraic. that mouth heth cmtit
Poet Offie In Part-of-Spain to the Ayn h ~hst u r-TeWm5GnrlProe
necessity of I ln a eI4 thtaftJ In fabraten Whhousewens make hst il W o e oer this e mat- to PWdb ,ed&
APPLY StheMcsW eandpostaI order own choice from hundreds of do- tar at thisor o oIors meeting. It bla avy emy ad staple th -to P41"
AP L^truin department, in which are contained In the -I"Wimm Wa~ iaeth obt
Recently I went for a money wellillustrated caftaoltu SOed S O rI Or WA I lv -ri&M tgk ---
L order, but realizing that it would by the mn"ufacture maTN 04 be bus 6--.--.-e 0 m m
rrinidad M otor Insurance Co., Ltd WeeO veran torathe mrC. tI ON.O June 14 (eute).- owd ilbe at

PooFe e at time; It isrvery Stockholm d, other to'"P busy t10a0,"
Wa busknees diggng founalnpttgu
It i e bad business, over too, t n-fabricatnedarect theen e t qudrplet--av- e e M = a i r
2 mm"'sosa"closed.xi" St~e.or giving the eswaltdsete
m cotUof wthe at.... ...ite .. "i. ..0 mo uton
bC. Wz 49tS tochol u s aT coSt staff- a ein* f DoverbIk
Muni=yc i It {^ '.^p^p ftmight he .I
---V-------- atoadapt the Ie to itis ...S. A t".I.. w w14 *1 sift"A
h wt vi 0as v W We50 e m s 4







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I N C I --t Britain Queries Nazis
tINCE'S BUILDING Use of Dardamlles
IONDON, June 14 (Reu)-
oM Mr. Anthonyg Eden. te orei
I8 u th i 84X u Secretary. ha made further repro-
S & June, 0.4 P eIItationms to Tuokey about the
pssg of G1ram warItips
46: $3.00 $2.00 $1.00 IU been. tS
*hat the Bitlsh Gov rnagmtm were
W--W SAT DATUmOM TOM LTD. profoundly dIsturbed that Tamrke
"- ad at =IM have bm lmeadtar hberMtf
Tto this palvable German manoeuvre
<. .I">rt- ,-^-
TUimday I6 ime Police BaSd To Play
Iswasee ts toe Wh a Modation for I n Adam Smith Square
iafUb----- f.. t -in- mm.saUPdo. o aS
. . . .. ..I I im a go d r. ,.

GU&3M4N.~ ATI Ua, J41M 16Ip


1cd .GerMan Armie Soviets Re veal

SShake Allied Position MMass i
tebsa 1U11110 P A4 6M t 13
m guriti Trinidad Boy Doing .
I"I-sboo ftm War Work in Britain Wow e 014 (AHr y
I Vi.aroadrth to Wb" O ma --i- c--es-
It va I ahead- p-t w H a
I am t ".oppo- SA" . n"01AU sm n June i- 1
"w4 b .bee reodI-his

10 !!_+ 1111;A l Md. d 04111100" Ai
I= Calow- nuu ~~miat UdwsW AMla gk
*0 that W Ri.Hutof A" c I-MI..6 oa 8 .NAW
30% Trt. ed ai 1, 0 tom m 1l t l dc
a~ffS bilks^ M~sruiaaM S
f the Kemp 8*1o a41.atWf

)f IU. Cs lend5, t t-

w~m m_*a X AX, Isn,.ew00 Un gn wrewumb
i i+ +Mp+ ,O.-HMltd 'Mnk -cU- Roe nIu T- MilWie todcs
W_ P "r1 **mwiIeIn ft the Raler-SW a _11 lnt'I_
aU -ers aswgeay

Iti e h *ftW-- I mr Wk d'a--a~aSR. > ee ~~mUm wxoi M~o uat
~^^ ~ I~ ^W __B -- I-- f^ --, *r lmf- W IThe ^ k--'- -"^ w*h +-ut 1
___ __ ___rninf t..._ te whic er Out1 %Gos -
iwS ep eM pipt. Mr. rreu nd othe .. m Int

_ n tn, tie ---_+ .....l e*k tctm an rrjm t-I- a--- M i9

l35toOSUrta nnD-enn~g t ep Ie otu a ayb Stl e neus.rt. h --
"o v mlfV frAt toNm. ^rtit-r-15. .... and
we thW oat fthee l !Sre at. s aanyS n 5 ltwrh ki oit nr days
M- WIIItoO f e'1 renee tday. O~ttaat 306 ruB and afiset RAW weren burne

4ttMto idet w Te 1OJ: .. .. ... Tmires. Tatyl .ti a were rf-fo oto
-Bo515 were 1501 wArt si tslians to a- tei -avpg I

eg --n in.. Row e a--- n-- r-- --- ,, co l- --- "---
the COl Ideao he set with th ditio- of more
ad wotoTo d tto s

Ba said S sr ese PttaIettsaC ftor Ae i
t tW A on ether Novthanr 1 & 111411. =11d ea w

.'OI -- A= oa a bIng 24. dal. Thes were eeo
.--T 1 got S 1At Posts that auianluat OigtO5 er
=8 tWf, s daJ ser 1 ROmes4 caso- to pulrAeUe to the ede i
iae-s W eanks wr ain bouP Deposit, keat 04 ther tatk n ril

-- na + t~lin'. J ae idOexceede d withdraal De" 31a0*0 wun. lons an rosla rav and+.~ >
A. or ke dfrd"tl The ml botauthr. Other were V rehi bned e .tb
r 09 fee "rose x

W s 1 ,ean 1 en 11 I nI ng 1 .t1.oe he foeed 3 M utAW i.tea n Uan d en n 0. A_ _M
ea theAllied go mao t. Olad alFr omC taIot ne wemre fkilt d a go"tW .
= kJ1ftrnt G t- mo today, t.f ro& trui- MacAk aOtly. r 10Werte. Ibeio t-

Skilled aduStill c H ld b t W5 tcs rti last_ ni_.t at-
sl n wre I not orthy Italians ar th cir pos the d tar Is n a e
MY lmre .th in at smo adin th r Hpaon t man wthtooe t tnle- -i---n
-I a rc h leant oG, ,-s y t ooon to ., ,

e d ,at os e Aye met wianhu l u vis the moin of more. A i

..n.. Thishidea w'tI er l th Be
esgu mlitt e a "l* e -...It.tlon iRo me ne B Ai s Oeil
n^^ lw" ""^oyand Q6lplns M*^
.01111 IstO 1WV PW*dfo the ne*. .e
ShiS l a et rcsn t won of rep aity s each of

my pc tal at bet anres toofr hAeiarl Bl.ow t1
t ht 014Oft ete r fth a Vo thcl rea ns were ,Le
_r i the Chrstdaily. These wmra, i CONTINUE F eM PACE I

als n e i es e sreas0 tand Gionr acntio in IT'he -. June 14..tA l-A, e tuer
astNrmafs .oayfttaRmaptr reporm R. R. U 01c u.l t,

In a alto ybug nks wereoi enefLabo depocrts keavy bpou be eattackedrail svel
Va here ad Quimed.Lwithdand aludbyD& anW enre nHugr n uo
i fould be di woult ao n Cini. antdViti w erte l iteisin oandyo th e bmrn et
al h m into an -on c on rin f ri n g t o help d t ast i no en e y f gl ohtr s and all g ot
cs-onent On ruomad rofule iomu n ais ckis Mustangs anld Th^-1

-hanges in, thek Skille Tdarnd tunskille Agloab= .as fIOl iar went lo eiththe
90:t t eeeeoortnd Plentifu l wRO h th eV S n Stckede trgt irk rscoti Garg

Sshor agebelng inur. p d ateno use any or t nd lo ns l aronthe
we the r ate th' e s Danelves. Tih v were also o ut
gih hetidy swe. #Tor ut t die ta o ILIM SIT 1I1h p et anld .]eFnoreie na
to nde dt hI e r a ainto dt maoyora s w ill r Se d to I w s ed

sea d wcs = tomor e Jun'ta Also ht wr the...
*tsend ofWhat nhesix tathe Aies f rmly no rithwsto Bdpet tePe
pl u gi th n w ofe s Mell ehsno f tbe al of ral are Lr o

te nd oath u I t ou ttle Laso boulr Democrat. wave bom-ber attacked seven oil

enBt ea orne r-athe aclk twohatzwas, t"- .. .. .
WIna d l eoluganed eedo Li w nd Guido De -h Sans roiisrl s aut On ga Yu and t he-
bookheft and* of Actlon. Guido ftibi and uide. slavia& today .battline quoush

af 4101 f n os lin o r tJsaan t of e Socialist- .odm ene ry fit ors.
7 ko fortyd do.- Glommni Cannini and Vittoria Betweo so mand "0 bomberrs

S-t the morv t uSen f lr and of th he Communistes, te Du to. tde onslau hit wo h
bewel tshed e iul o Tv rbi an d Ano f oelo Brocca. o tat ojt Mustangs and Thun-J
andls n h Oo oend tl oe Is i 5mLessuhati aet
N enand oan lck of avatlale enfNtery reoruv e d 'st wne the Shell Koo
"t Aone tso kill ransd t ake ou rna.oo ry- ihe ls ite alta
oNo f on. "iv- fonmt a e t4rtt t Hungarw on the
iDA sU 10- iuthe e m Danubh. fih miles so rn o. Bud&
h~~y moMy thanA SM0 %Slr^? 1?T11? Do# and th Vanto reftnav near
i Tlhis eoats that muchAD oUART hSY he Koolm It was dM ameed in

u nend tmaes r e, to -f -nth e d Sg btery on thb Danbue 45 mI all-
o d uMpel nafo i t.. aid. tus oe A es fl h Otw r wet of Budapest on t the Petu-
ROM, .datem arourspnhivs t bein u s en an cas madb ter. a55 mleS ondhns

i ..libt moIr Ofe mingt eOf ectilvh nt el le to /offeelyowhi h e apest the asrault. Inea
ae enoh hitng hI sItu atw aswsu smarise lld desnsco fndomf lgdrs thert

SEWS 1the1 Montficf s her a...f.llows Ie rtit ha e t fotnn B.n thei rnaiep i orte
In explained n .would om te inta e e erarligh. n thst ime mts
t Was Iad oslble for Most Importantof iAasit was thm *fdnoa tov ugia on
woent tme ovement geen froubthis headqfrthrs. os att Dacube. due sauys t meansua-

ed opGeatuons were n o u a critical fator oh ratw o r al- e i on t.h a e
me to ie ed and mot from the sinriUnyust arno t Ue otofgeran, ttc tie K ene t.
at furiPBti and now worsened smy i or athie "vl- o- o southeast o Budapest,
iNflon andl RaaU- lack of available inf~autr r-nrv" ds

r teng usd Ina due to h eavlyaaed commune ry re port saeid wih the bomber

deelpig urbachednda the attac ma om urn
known Immediately aund-hoimB job from hi m ar-tut.
amet s bolsteermed oureod force on th frot s a heouter as tat onl 1 bathe
,e_ venw land e.d ter s beeatre n ebad i hour e of tns moinc.
1rovo (w yv Uthi me anther w hat beuch of hs Mivnch was borlbedn a for tdhe
r TAn otN fl Ia-I our is forced to ha ng on to th Itd U on N by R.A.F. heavy
tbslr rg In- unaccustomed role of toi-digeI bombers based )n Italy. Hall.

So W l inantry and thu, oeou _t hiws faxes went alon g with the
rf1 w are Io.- |iri Imoues punch is not being used Lancasters and Wellingtons

a two more moght r u Which Made the assault.p in a
am enough hliting -aa situaton was t ummarirfo d despatch from Algiers Ruert
MWe tha divllher as follows: "WC still have Downingnnel anBdm reortdrg
a enough to merge the initiative. The enemy is A oht- stres ofthe srigincance pofthsw
at M ajor Counter e J g ou r ba tle in stead of his OW L i attack H e SAYS It ew sa

t. a.But we are rather llike two boxer re tnws nothemir ad
o u n I w to- fIn a clinch just now. ea rs. Du rei n tivsne l fo

women. ,- ~lX~t sniperweeereI ar5 O1mr +.,+^ had.. that time m ost .
ad IBndeto d I to" e enemy i doino all he nar nowF thcs..
I Gte Na r Palnzer to plug V li ea ic" to mal r the big momen a 1Wth

dait ade ysu r a rdwngctodatention rn
being ed in the developing our beachhead and tt h T e tth ni arke r
ma tpckin him at IVery opportuNity the hrs...or k es.
Berlin correli on- both to kill Germaan and to take TMhe A- e re t thats, ones o

mydecibd]o shol v'ritos~i~d headquarters today--th renled pilotsehada abeenin Vinh
St e taore room for ourelv es I lt lrei fr2ye0 s.tday

t hed e nasbeau inerattenta dhT ti eistmy Uont n In agmh.ere
st.en Iow s panat'icar a ie Inwo t .A.Ff.n adtru. Frwenehm t
a n 18.00tanoined t h hasica mounmta ns trwhr Y do- n.
sose Ig l wow an- usv uo od e of the Aliepd the pwla fri
vate tihier wflwC nge avy b lasWes ks rp reeon Ex t N ansdy beachhead
ICRat Mo fate al and buth r as&a Que s no w orations Dela y eod ior
womenmip,) wer woe T om to begon ^ t owisf Drnntattmem

capure rI -I 'lht adnle8s. At d uaen toda
It%=~ Xllwsoanshd t advanced from.asuadtheircstrodgth

oand he untoo Iake fpie thq ad uo own over rhe and
s lsoe a reealed by YuslaI trp aftVAso mark the ba i moment ah they
'ere "G erm a wo me a )n r pandedethey spr ind to attend tion on

Itah wroalOe. o Nr Jr uo 14 fh to c takingof p avfet dwitn l the ae chore

'"fty.--ne1 Itmt llawly fo"r tot aoyc natIonshas
*rj"2m daula this LoW N P jut*cu 14 flweutoIn he flVhinv I& Frane!" ech a.

C sn t inha S lav s capterud ied f rom Mar t wasled to Grendat Baraosn d
-v Dlstcse o Uuian requstin that

kto up thi- poLUMt me Gerans useH esilnl In thU cetre
Pruioors Uryas Vtlent ghtin cotnud I paer. the.^,- TrIn ^.d uar
r~~~~~ ~ ta de ad str oneweet Or an* learned yesterday.
) oflciertos Cadadane (ro u ter questitoaw on phtawe~ for
'."togo-.lwl.^ ~ ~ ~ ~ n o Mayot 1etee andmo and Isw un~ nn~r t S nder-
^t1?1'1?*~ ~ ~~~~~~gh muildte aret scedle tono Mt uocuido{'iS
-^^'o~ob^"re~tj??"lfw b"lake thess axmnarsr hers-ai
_~~~ ~~ 3.~pf A.SS General. one toA.n Born-n

^"^-oaw in* t h isor andeoe the Trni adcOa-
Jmcber-J'on s Use patelo lvn laat ________

A nawd~ow Cut For


Ih "dJ ak W*W^ a W^J^^-W ^^

mySJ; &OM-A)C^^B* wm W^ -
~I es 1b is Iss.i


%a o n ioh i I t1
Des Osl Spts*- Bxport
To Germany Sou t
-It learned a itMb Mr.

AImpot -aus
Shbordutagebm -
fie = 0006111111111"i

mpoor t qCuaus
CMUyM no 1 34!e of

Itand tubes which haw to

supply trop their stocks sad thia Is
the mann rome of shx ors In
tyres for replaceiiefltn big ullty
it dealer tod the wTrtl- d

uAMn" yst terimS.
Ask"d If he euld t"how oe
light on the compla~sJ of an
cyclists that the biac;t market 15n
which they are forced to pay
pries ws the only e of b-

taMing tyres, this a U stald

thar the o a p",tm-u G O cyCle
moers and tulIOs recently arrived
DeT ber quon. C y

e explained that thia Clon'
quota, 'as determined abroad
Uorders w fill ed. o
Cyole tfrom tw tod canntlst a"Is

lon as pr'eviousy," he satd. "be.
cts-e they ae made of sontheti
tyrsfrreplamess yc

uber. what mae yhortag e
more lkely I fhit covers and tubelm
lgtaprr on the forpaa ofe Ix t
eyclsty that th"e ilc;mrkemt tin
whic thbey aftc frd ftoT pay
jrainig tyres, this soUxdml Usito

ae now t ushipe t of mnl ea
number and not u behsen accord.

to tr~ukmetll' ~gt
forthisa yearwasthe 19tu tobler-

tAng incra h nly d thffiClt. n

Poles Sink Two
Nazi Destroyers
cLONDONe Ju te o1y cAPnt T -
loihng tPreousl ahen said. -b

ttt t Potey destpoaer of lysthtc
and Porun. sank two rmmean de-il
tore tin ese ngltsh h t eantW ano
da er, and thidt u b oomacod
Inta his le te ut-annl is get.

oleWar Savings Sales

Total $2,312,082
Sales of War osa8. Certiftes
aNOt th J uonea Pst fkamo7t%#
l tho tele. for tha e pe ym thrt
thaPlish. Whatrmalm i*oawta~s*tl

dayo of ths wesnkt veos a m nded
dapino *averae ofl we eqeuhalg

goad esintle poved the best luy-
tgday of the week. Yesterdaysl
Im r amonted to hirwda..0.

STotal sale now i nd at

SWater Committee

she City Ohua60M Wat er Emer-

genc CommRaile, after colnider-
able discussion of the citys water
Iuppy at Desay atermO m'

meeting. adjourned to oteay,
June 0. Jnat .5 p.m.
The '1'rrinlded Guarin" under-
potands that l ah aedtn h agtby
tfrom their water expeet.sYtera-
tan relating to the Otrposaiad'
Ttaler salUes Knowa &andr atd

Watr CommittSaee

ability to meet the water peedh of
the city from their lsant uple.
Mendy, Comittee afUter tonsier-
able. dicusion pofd the bitx water
suppl dayfte Tuesda Yterneen's
ameeig adjourned to Tuesday,
Junel 20,ate4.s po lndm

The CTitoncile Guatrdin under-
stands Ctht thmee.ating soughtr
frobte irc~o ftect' water"prsnaia
mi elating to adtuhed torTed

ability to moot the wata erta of
the city from their pr-eset suppoly

Stmdwd Ulfe

Uilif% loom
*'*'*gr'< .0 4

Rose Petal Beauty
Wmb etal "lBUih
lIaM 2 le is a a dAp&of d m a

eb WAf No miSAM& ae ami.a

-k t Ahu S -- b p_ t h a -m

-. -

,i .

T.. Tor&nI I -q
Tbomm" 4wwaltj

Jetsam Does

Grand Gallop

On Wet Track

With the exerdw Irame stll oft
heavy aug hagly cml up, oesly is
='*- = ectoa = vai s.
ltI mvW No dn i ie 3

W fw and Sam Lotrd aAd War
lARd OM sut tfur p, t two-

Pt:01p ealde Oin otn ta mian
ltrMorn, Hard LUck emS
4iw ew" over various d*tialo .
~aasam, Sol atrt.
S unMlo#ed e, L
Tim. Maynower. Portoo, oab,
1" over, Drown a Bred. aId a
fiS otesn wer each bred Over
a qrtoer ml I preparation for
P"arIs867 t track conditIons.
MTey Annmorace-COlteno turned
b JteaM rIiant tsam over hall
0ila ,I which "bandAeau son of
nota esa sprinted In 51- seem.
Aik a to famos Ole&agle who
at the mane age. and r the same
mtingl of her time, was clasmified
C. Jets i will be sn aatinst the
0tami0elt opposition he has yet
I do not Mfor to the Trial Stakes,
Whre he meets e an inferior lot,
whose Interest in the raw will
probably b- enfie't to the earn-
IS of second and third monies, but
to the opeIs c C rselm" ce.
The easy marner, and excellent
TWme in which Jetsam won at
Union Parkt, conv ln me that he
an lately tackle this comSpany,
sad results should serve upeful pup-
p In compoinc him with the
I r= famous Oltnd nsle. whos
rTeoM at that tiai, was 14 starts.
12 wIn. a seconLd, and third tr o
his less impremive, but more dis-
cret five wins in ix s tarts, aM
once unplas-'d.
Up to then there was absolalthy
sno doubt that W. O'Dowd's filly
Iad met. and defeated more power.
Ut colt has won his racas so eon-

1H4 ehsmpon tWandJetesam"did, wi
hiingly, that I cannot help think-
ag that he Is almost the equal of
the quecn of ereolse.

Ladies'K.O. Hockey
Starts Today
rThe Northern Ladis' knxkout
hockey fixtures will get underway
this afternoon, at the St. James'
Barracks ground.
The Maroons outfit, which are
among the most oolourful tamis of
this year, will open the tournament
opposing the Chinese "A" team.
Ventures "A" after losing the
final fixtur? of the league to the
1"4 champion Wanderers "A". will
hammer It out wlib the champions
"B" elove "omarrow.
The ending up of the wnek's
hockey games, will feature the long
relgnin1 champions Wanderers "A"
squad clashing with Ventures 'B"
on Saturday.
Following e the fixtures.
Thursday-Maroons vs Chinese
"A"; umpire Mr. J. Hslfthlde and
Mr. B, Nives. P rida y-Ventures
"A" vs Wanderers "B"; umpire
Mr. lAughlin and Hr. Castgie,
Satuurday-WsndererA 'A" vs Ven-
ture ""; Mr. Pilgrim and Mr

Red Cross Tennis
Match on Saturday
A lawn tennis match will be
played at. the St. Jam!s club tennis
court on Saturday. June 17. at 4.30
PAj. at which a collection in aid of
the Red Cross Invasion Pund will
be taken up.
C. Thavenot and H. "Tuchie"
NotiaWel will oppose C. McCowan
and F. Munroe.

ii -



$19"o S"

"X 8"75


NI.- Entlr PrecMd
to be donatedto the
St. Josepk Convent

-- AT T1E .

3.30 P.M.
aome f the artist takin. tart n the productin ...
WoF o Ul.wn N v PADDY McLZAN
L.OIS ^-sr-Sem, t ORIit^ rl ^yaRNIC
SDace kindly lent b SaIlvatori,. scot & Co, Ltd


nIPPMR8 (Recoedltioned)
S New snm Reconditlonedl
TOOLS (Fa and House
Coimmisstion Asents write at once
tio Deoartmt P or information
261 South ltrest. New York I.
New York, U.BA.

Asthma Mucus

First Day for T
Do ~t *tt to uI "S .I Asthma rims.
nhff othea sdB ad rune ntati Si
Are s,d as2i. pAkg
tat yea oaw,'t sissy' Dc yu. roaJh azi *uMss
sougli tryingis m aim ititik atirafl~tn in. bg lo ut
cut, s- strain hard .rIu trr rupture'
nestle I. st? Anr. 7u~ *>rild (0* OSAi,. -
5IT" sad er*in is&C1
aernastou y be- W
hat ie W bass bth at ihr t mm IV m
BfaUs is MoIamas a ors n iS ene Ma der P

help mstia, *losen wu i trsnille .n d r'r. lrinaM..
MUCUS. And YoMno w| nm O ur 01.1 ipi)- tw a IOW

S-- -. iifllIiiiJwNhuIIIrniiiiiliitLrnulliiltUIillluuhIfNuu



r ^r

of-fow 0 -rss
" we *0 40 ftts
"hftt /kwe ^^

U. bpow m. m 'th l- of bilg
MWARff -- 7^^- hmit WM*^^^^ Aft "*^ I |m
Vh-*i b =lb* Iem pow dftmH1 NW ft On *00*.y
am WNW i 1-- Aoob Iaw WR g*^*^^ w JB
plaids kt tyw *

-- w47'
-wrl^ inw4M l~ w< nt mA-CS*fi*>.
i< H 1 a.f -ii11saaubamtffrt B*M. *. :

#m~iww~w,,11 "^ W

Tonca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

Win. ". Kennedy & C... Ltd.

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i0 R4L,00,

Foot Itch

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M AL J. . . .. .1 :, -.

-- G

STalk Iff Tidd fr P45r Fu
4.6 & L45
TV& -- m I am M WelH Spported In South L| '6 |IN TODAY
fE | BMlUT,tMbeA M eePO o afrW. .ew1anfItII t y A wr&
Aft Itlmade8 aemall 0 4k"a1111a07y41110 bv the CW elm do th--M-
gH n tlon "* at the W Icho *hft Ifw uii olI at 4a'3in *
IO a the W. A Gooke OM e wig be ainaa school M
todayS e t. will denltrat td ak11 wit bo a eVaiety ft s e a t '- ,ng C
an bnna Pie, to describe th entertain- aft, C to t fm
Me5Sers thSe conlnittee will be presnt, sad Miss Dora. I there Wn o both both sopams 6"
t e audtince. It I hoped tht the public win tkead. baritone, ianforte and viaFo r I^IU1, V1
Of isdemotraton nd AtteMd e large numbers. solos a I ply, a *-g For W arFu-
and MoS. OSCAR 5n ron celebrated Uiu 28t b olflithwe"If wisll Dr. Jack amt Uled
verjary with a delightful p "rtv .a. at their horno on Sackv ille *T highltght oal the l 'h 9 itlh OM0 n aW b
nlet aight. Mrs. Senior erved a dellctout buffet supper andi a were the symptetie violinn eased td at W
a si engaged for the evening, of Madame Rougeot, 1hwe Hay o Captain Loag and Mr1. ABAD" Fort.
h^t15A a c invited were Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Carringtonnd oed e n e, he ad Miss brltasa e rwanaf ,
Dr. and Mrs. Harold McLean and Miss Sylvia ad tl a" MO b
C= wnhtoi f 861.V4
Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Roatant. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Liide. wht o o tributed twom, piaofeote the prims at h amateur boxi-
sL. sellier, Mrs. Mllie Legge. Miss V. Pantin, Mr. aod Mrs. 'Yla sole, a -' an d a content ich will held at t=e a au?
aon Gait, Mrs. R. OGalt, Mu pantin, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman r M. r u rIiat wthe h l eD
dMrs. Soottie Sadler, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnso, Mr. and Mr= Waanaw aet s an as e ;m and oi Saturday, June 17, byp ptuerimo
^ Rk Pantin. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pereira. Miss Millie VaMeolsto, the final magnIf lcent eeRt t the of the Trinidad Boxngt Board Of
'.Iva Senior, Miss Hilda Senior, Mis Pies, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey chor and principal dogm of Control.
Mi Stephanie Norman, MISS Denyse, Mtiss Joan asi d Mr. Dn the Southern Dramatic Soelety, Th, hliht of thi boxing en-
Ina Mr. RudolphM Ourley. Mr. Vi Oliatt Mr. Hugh nd. M who revived the wedding se om tat will be the lastfight
i t, lMis Marjorie and Mi ssJoan Miller, Leut.-Paul Mynn. Mis the "Quaker Girl." of Anell Bab tAdam (light hoa-ee .0
Ora i, lMiss RenieeFarah. Mr. and Mr. Anthony n M exeelence of the lat colour- weight amateur champkos who I
Hae. Mr. Ale Rodrie Miss Bermude, Mr nd ful Item brought the crowd to lud meet Hammy Anton In six rounds.
tint. Mr. and Mrs. Meluan and Miss Gloria Melissan., Mr. Oerd eft as the Curtain caee down to This well-known amtour c -aI
tat and Mr. Rayvmond 1*ege., the sound of continued applause. plon Intends to turn profelonal i
R. JARTHIUR TAYLOR and Mr. Little Hutton left Trinidad Altogether a vry creditable per- and make a bid for the proleaslonal f-
about a week ago for Venezuela, where I understand they will fonance of a type too-rarely seen light heavyweight champion ahlp of
ake I ew positions. Mrs. Hutton expects to Join her husbled It Sa Fernando. Judging by the Trinidad, which It at present held t
L i e near futre. r anthuslasm of the audistce.It Ii by Gentle Dantel.
the near future. a pity that there is not ter The boxing contest will be fol-
M R. and MRS. CAMPBELL INGRAHM gave a party recently at equipped concert han or small thea- lowed by a dance in the Drill Hall, i
their home In Harris Street, San Fernando. to celebrate the Ire available In an Fernando for for which the Police Band will pro-
birthday of Mr. Ingrahm's mother and alAo to bid farewell to Ms.I such occasions. vide themusic, and part of the pro- G
lwllsi Bourne, who has since left Trinidhd to go to Barbados for ce~ds of both these events will be
Zfew weeks' vacation. Ty given to the South Caribbean !G4
There was dancing throughout the evening to a "pick up" antd Toda y s JD iary Forces Fund.
tto music provided by some of the guests, anid everyone had a Z "
Good time. Dance at Naval Hospital Recre- Use Butter For Cokes
Among those present were Mrs. S. ingrBhm, Mr. and Mrs. L. action Building, Tucker Valley, 8.30 1 S L F i .Icae
Antrobua, Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Brien. Mr. d Mrs H de Verteufl, Mr. p.m. It is better to use butter in cake,
andr Mrs. J. Shenppard. Mr. and Mrs P. Bourne. Mr. and Mrs. A. with the exc'ptlon of molassm
WIthatandley, Mr. and Mrs. Pedro centeno, Mism Marjorie George, Tmrrw cakes or gingerbread cakes, where T-SONG HITS-
Mr. Mauriee Fitzgerald, Mr. Calvin Hazell, Mr. Harold Gibbs ai tomorrow or vegetable fat may be used.
l'. Hutaon Brottc. "Canada wiUse a good ualltv lard or !m____ !n_!!!!___ 1_._.fq.___a__________
Lecture on "Canada," with illus- vegetable fat for breads, rolls. pas-
MONO recently-returne'd passengers on Sunday from the United trations Y.W.C.A. veg NtIadblefat for bradsro putera-Md m
States after a stav of three montlhs. where she received medical Song ant, pianoforte recital, Vic- try and biscuits, or s part butter and-
tntnion, was Mtis Terry Gambal. During her sa.v there she was to a Insiu. 30 p.m. mended for Icings al nfitttngs.
t onneaut, Ohio, and then vimted friends in San Francisco, Cali- Forthcoming Events Holidy In R IV
^- I I& 1 0 Forthcoming Events Hoidy^ In Ri E MJP
BS has been received by hisl parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Marsden, Party at St.Clair Club by lady Miss Ana Siegert. In ak recent t-tt T A
ft Maracas, of the engagement of their son, Flying Officer Ken- members In aid of Red Cros in- letter to her mother, Mrs. Albert Strart TOW" AY
oth tKenny) Marsden, to Miss Nena Sedawick. the daughter of vasion appeal, ;,turday, June 17. Siegert, from Rio. ays sihe is hav-
Mr. and Mrs. Harryv Sed1gwick, of Toronto, Canada. 7 p.m ing a wonderful holiday but Is
Flying Officer Marsden is a member of the RC.A.F. in Canada. '"Something to Remember." Em- anxious to return to Trinidad. She
$ pire The.tre. 8.30 p.m., Wednesday, has, however, made several at-
ESCORT Repairs ,st anniversary dance, on Tuesday, June 20. June 28. tempts to secure a passage but.
-promise.% to e one of the gayest ard most popular skc:ala events Grand Fete. Drill Hall San Per- so far. has been unable to do o. t
of the season. nando, SatL'edav, July 8. Mis Siegert has been the guest= w
The dance -ommittee and the ladies of Port-of-Spain are workingK Dance rt Ste. Madeleine Club, of Malor and Mrs. Buck for the
together to make the dance a succrss. The committee states that !Saturday, July 8. vast tree months.
attractive and worthwhile ifts will be presented to guests.____________________________
In keeping with Escort Repairs' policy of originatitsv. a complete =
change otf m;usclal atmosphere will be presented by the ever-p,,puia.' i m
army band of F'ort Read. R a d I 0 r o g r a m In e
Admlsinn tn the dance wUl be by Initation onl. so BilOaIS i-S
asked to be i'ture to have -he dance card with door pais,s a'ached.
Invitations are tsw nvailaTh:c from the chaperonss. *ac KWIO WVDI
a -_ -.-- -______ --_____.____ ____ c^^^^*v^iR^ki
TER many friends in' w, be glad to hr ,,. M? Willie "n .'r, Time, Vew the News <.1. News it m
.4 Norrt< and her d aghter, ;al. ,. _He making ptli tn ,-onip to .14 Fre Warng Visita Musicali
Trinidad in 'he near fu'nire on a vis.'. Mrs. Norrti 1! h'er0 mp nYiiv rth NMadness Catholic Hour U M -
matths awo ti totn her husband 'Aio nis. h tianaipei of a company v Yams for Yanka s "At oi9t0410a
in Jamaica andi will ia\ Sat>,t. a moi'li neiae as the mUst of her a It i" itenthO. i.ot. IAi
aster. Mrs. Josle de Montbran. 1 f th -rc GA Lora
C % i c* .'l t Pr,'craPnme A mn tis P personal Albtita reat Must$
IJS3 Red Cros sholw wh.,'h >Kt( plRPe at "-:lllcOtc" and the St. :45 Nes Villi,e St ore News
SAWgstine C:uti on May 127 hroughlt tn the sum of tl00 for the l Puid and M' Waish wlshea to thank all thtke who in any 'DaOnce MWuaxi uy Lomnirdo
way rolnt;:r><;1.d tn .' <'.c r^. / "1. -- -- News --
a1 :~~~30 Stock Re1port ttiMUtCbr
*a 'o t :o - Stork Report Caribbean Cabaret
HOLIDAYING at St. Madeleine's Pay. GaMparee, sre Mr. antid Mrs. :4_____ 5 calling W._____. Duffy'. Tavern____ -_______
lSSith and their family. and spending some time at Ken- is Familiar Piano Mug. -- ling. Orby
t 1 onOt MOt101Is are Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Galt and their :so World Pers. Talk News
th iru.8 :4 Orh Gram. Records Corts Intrrvilw rontllte Th.a.t
l + .: (9 News Guy Lombardo---
A PARTY was given lat Thirsday evening bv Capt and Mrs. R.
6at J. Prentice at their home in St. Aug',;tine for Lieut -Con- ) - -- News
mander and Mrs. Keith Dai.1. 0 5 t'n. Network Reporter Latin Rhythms
Among those nresent wore Commandpr and Mrs i)bs, ie 7 :30 i)ng rm iShows Croebi Music Hall Golden Grove
Comdr. and Mrs. C rooks, Lieut.-Coridl. and Ml' Worb%. icut-Com'r._________________________
Blair. Lieur.-Cnti'r. and Mrs Ic. l.ic lt -Comdr awr Mrs. Millis, N w c H*dilt"e News Night Owl Club
Lcluat.-C"mdr Tonce anIet Lu:.-Conidr. and Mis 'Oardcii. 1 :.i -NiAdn I-,r. -
/ '0 -- Tank Xtng, Sessio --
AMONG Punday's ,isengti br B W.T.A. !o1 ?R,.'.ido, were lie --~- Nocturne
Onianmdrr d e,,-fiv Marescaux and iisO .unt son. i ,i:der- er. ..I... .EXTRA ! I
lrtand xi the., have gone otn a short lioiidkv and will lttay about a I NOTE 'r Tho RC is hroardraeing| Inxsion news at frequent ilntervals. The above
fortnight 1d ,h a..hie 1 incomplete,. Amterican stlons are also giving frequent lonv- LATEST INV
__ .......... ..... ro.a]cAut, at L T S
[ Eq< W - TT I , . "41~hllIlll~llllllllllill lllllllll~lIItlllill lilil hlllllilli

-'L l ^ VAL T14 L._Q 50 = Variety Show with a South
Z "Q9, American ,incer
IT atlso Picture
V LIM. with Louis Hayward.
SN L Tomorrow-Mat. & Night
Sun. & Mon. -UP I. ARMS
TONIGHT at 8.30-
E 4 Metro Goldwyn Mayer Presents
5CR A Super Double Attraction
'-'~ you taviwith Frank Morgan, Jean Rogers,
No V* ia S"W NO"WN L' O H Al S W OPorter HaUl
P 9 t AINT.iLIT starrMing Walter Pidgeon,
AN Garson

T HsrIwPP he;Q ItWItG

,' e Mdmlr *t o war Tmaustwt wil
__________________________________________________ opusiSa'nHe Paseesge as Cars. emalein be

MU T, INISDf 'f tR b IrEAY!PRXLL i AuLTte, E I :FTO rR OTAT lSIUfJ ISS hMT Nwtt -umSt Oa iu

T- ,bWalOs' S -A- &ot.t0,. ... 1....oco i MI t I >t. a. _________1



*~r SOC AKDaI /
MY I~AT Sill-

H ,HflBffllmtmummlNmHhWmtmrltnmiw

j YThursday, June 15
Ln p~m.
A lUmited number of paes to
lMoua cinema theatm available
to merchant aemn oan app-
atlon' to the Club Manqet.
S Current landing emit e
l. DA NCe
TonW at, 30
wfeNwC-fBt MAs
Cbm Hefms.*Wa,


To4. dilft for. words..
M thly at it

ad 'ag

SEXTRA-Latest Paramount News-lnvasIon of Europe ad 1
Faln of Rome. Films straight from the SattlefroMt.

BEHIND ,i GLOBE-Sam Juan..
I Today, 5 and 830-John Garfeld and Maureen O'Haa in

'IRE *
and Continuing

1 niniiiitIIfl| iinl H nutiiimiiHiilm NmHim1HflHumuiH unmi wHniifH I uitg
^^I ROYAL "'*'
Sat. at S.M Ie S

si 'V. I+ +

W^ I STARTING TODAY at 4.45 and 8.45 p.m *
ofl M. ,I I and Continuing over the Week-end
"---*,asM | 'THE LADY and the MONSW
ALLA JOH[$" -_-'_-_-_ -^ _,- _
Today at 4.46 A1.4 1.mi. Tonight at A."
AL1HO Wagons Westward KISMET
ISICU G A I E T Y-(San F'do.)
STODAY at S and 8.30 p.m. and Continuing over the Week-ad-
ADDED ATTRACTION-News. Actual scenes 1 oar AW2
S force landing on the coat of northern France.
5 See our gallant Allied Parashoot Troops landing blUdin
SON NEWS lines.
SIO NEWS See the mass formnation of 4,006 ships and 11,06 'pta a
i F the coast of Franme.
III~mlllllHIIIIHImmIIIt InIlllllHiilIIIUiilliiHIIIIh lllllmlklllltlllU
TODAY at 5 & 8.30 p.m. O
Our Darling Daughter

Bargains! *i
---- e and -R
Empty- Geore Murphy. Alice Faye and
Just B Renovated and- and -
F"-ainted YOU'RE A t Bud Abbott,14

40 Alfredo Street SWEETHEART Ride'Em C

The.Key.sAwait You PRINCESS
---- M--- = UMATODAY 4.45, pAS
Lovely Building Site .,Today & Tomorrow 9
Apor. One Acre, plus One > O rW
Dwelling House opposite C o a 3rtcl
mile post. Petite Valley. (Near
Garden City Farm) Diego Mar-
tnl. Call for full marticulars p I ,..

15 Pelham St.. Possession $2.800 ,._C l..,
16 Luis Street .......U. ,000 l f- a
New Cottwae. Cascade |te
modern eonvenlences-Cheap Jon Hallw MarS
Lovelv Bungalow. Long
Circular Road .... Bargain ..._ ________
16 & 16 Stanislaus Place 1
-Best offer. ,.
2 Am St.-zmpty .I nl.almr
O'Oouna" St.-vacant. .
'-nd o'" -u M NEW t San Ferm'l
-as11 .. . TODAY at 5 p.m -ONLY- .
Alfredotrea.. JOE SMITH AMER .,
SBrand New Bungalows-Near and .
*At 80 p"m.- CHINESE PIC
m''^~~HtMttlfiBM iMNiMRAN ii

Ni "w'w- E PIRE-sam F-.

"UM iUAIM TWDAY att5I&$.a p.m. and Contnuing-
0 emb" 9Lu.g-- um s (In w (m 1t.
I1101T MeBOWAI4 & MOMs 1





TS Principal Telit

School Course Aims

thatthe fam Wit 8 Joseph Anglicana ebool now 1
of cmstruction at Cumpe would e r to porfty equip.
$bs atl to earn a de60t and reMpectabl pie In the
'* teach many to 10% the soil wuas expreed Sy Mr.
91111016pal of th UImperial College of TrfOpical Aprt-
AS bad OW a I ton of the new building ast

nrto Ndwtm T^ n!. V
Sermn. t U.S. Flag Day

...., Marks Allied
."mIt would be difficult Marks Aled
Sfts b- A ovoid "aru- j
t-er- "Advance
bDretor anticipated Mr. -
j be a godfather to (CONTINUEOD eMOM PAO 911
t dvice and help Which we opp to the evil of ouw
B ol i1itng reat ien Uei. Let us diilay our nag
t to the IntTAtere st Natt whichflght with us, to sym-
tru ofnthee thav bolite our joint brotherhood, our
Ceremony fwher Joint dedication to God, to the
exitthereis very Cas f unity and the freedom
cutmdla tereIs eryof men.
as to the UCCeM of the 'Now therefore, I, Franklin D.
td Rothe assembly: oosevelt, president of the United
told jthieu anySone states of America, do hereby ak
ttution anyonA that on Fle Day. June 1, 1944,
tI helpitS the school.A th oe Dle of our nation honour
Sa very laUprtant thing especially the members of the
goodit can do In a district." armed forces. men and women
went on to 41lscloe that the eltgally, whose unfaltering devo-
t. C. R. Williams In ask- *tion to our national ideals has
Ito paerorIm the ceremony given the nation's flag a new and
ttated that he cherished helpful meaning for those strug-
athe entre staff of the lgUing against oppression in lands
SCollege would take an still held by our enemies.
In the school and give it '"I Udirect the officials of the
ail they could, and that the "leral Government. and I request
t o the stone would niak r 3 officials of the State and
Srmnanent link between thi ..Wa Governments, to have our
ad the school. colours displayed on all public
buildings on Flag riy, and I urge
ia FOR ALL the people of the United States on
that day to fly the American flag
e. Capt. Williams also ex- from their homes, and to arrange,
t him that the school where feasible, for joint displays
tring for the needs of of the emblems of the freedom-
no matter to what de- loving nations without whose
thev belonged, that it staunch collaboration we could not
t be zrely an Anglican have honed for victory.
'but a school for any child- "In Witness Whereof, I have
hos ?parent would like to hereunto set my ',Ind and caused
St.m there where they would the seal of the United States
bSnb'welose and sasured of Amerca to be ffxed.
1% = #, and efforts would b of America to be affixed.
to make them better Mo- FRANKLYN D. ROOSEVELT.
dans if they were Moham- OPPORTUNE TME
W, better Buddhists it they OP TUNE MIME
L= "81t5, and If they were "This year, Flag Day comes at a
Sto MOANe them better most opportune time. The flags of
"ans. Thht, Mr. Faulkner the United Nations are marching
set, W. a wonderful thing forward to victory throughout the
sealed to him great'- as he world. According to Genewil Sir
KnOwn many good men who Bernard Montgomery th) "Battle
I Christani and he had also of the Beaches" in northern Prance
Ei good mnewo were Moham- has been won and our troops are
m Buddhists and Hindus and now moving forward In a deter-
r basic Ideas were the same. mined effort to drive'the Germans
LPN RULI back to Berlin. In Italy, the Fifth
and Eighth Armies are driving dis-
. Faulkner'vs closing wish ws organized German forces north-
th schoo would tach may ward. The mighty Russian Army
, chool would teach many has breached the famed Manner-
._ -Irlta r n0theilivinavhelm Line in Finland. In the
ey to have self-respect, an a
berv the golden rule of do- Pacific newly, won bases lre being
as they would be dore by. strengthened and consolidated. At
SGrace the Mol t Rev.r. sea the mighty fleets of the United
S Anstey, Archbishop of the Nations are seeking out the enemy
SIndies, who blessed the and offering battle, at every oppor-
Sacknowleded contributions tunity. Surely on this day, great
and naterial from many honour is due Old Glory and the
Sfor building the school, rsgs of the other United Nations.
IMU still a debt of $4,5 00 on "What Is a national flag? It is
tthe Rev. Captain C. far more thIn a brightly coloured
Mn Di Uceled. strip of bunting to which outward
rry Luke, the chief repro- respect is shown. It is the symbol
Sof the British Council in of a nation and typifies all that
Wet Indies, Professor E. E. for which a nation stands. The
Man, of the Imperial College Stars and Stripes of the United
Bigadler A. S. Mavrogordato, States represents the glory, strength,
Xe K. R. Bhagan. and the and will to win of a thoroughly
Buxoo were in the big as- aroused and fighting nation. Our
6 at the function, flag represents the very antithesis
b- Tacarigua Orphanage Band of the tyranny, cruelty, and despo-
in attendance tism for which the Swastlk% of
Germany and the Rising Sun of
-*- -*- Japan stand. It represents otw
right to go to the corner drug store
t Board Assess on Saturday night and talk poll-
eat uB Ass s tics without fear of being over-
City- heard by the evil ear of a Gediapo
loms in iltVagent, and thrown without trial in-
-' to a concentration camp. It re-
SRent Assessment Board sit- presents our right to go to church
.in the Legislative Council on Sunday morning and worship
a ssessed rents of rooms God according to the dictates of
pot, occupied by Augusta our conscience. It represents the
kn Amelia Hernandez as precious right of our newspapers to
,of Lionel Fournilller and publish straightforward news with-
Fnord at $5.50 and $3 per out fear of various pressure groups.
R recpetvely. Yes, those and similar rights and
l4room at Laventlle owned principles are the ones for which
W.* Crooks and occupied by we are fighting and which are sym.
fib rent was fixed at $1.7 bollsed bv the Mbg of the United
Lfrom Percy Pierre and May states. And so it is with 'the flag
Pto SOooafor rooms in the of each of the other UJnited Na-
scat were fixed at $1.80 In tions. It i- the outward manifes-
s ~ tatlon of arl that is near and deir
Marcano's rent for a to the hearts of every man and
apartment at Mercer woman in thelr fighting forces and
bo to Raphael Joseph, to the hearts of those who perforce
ed at $3 monthly.n must renvin at home because
S Bruce got her rentthere, too, a mighty Job must be.
$ for a two-room apart- and is 'being, done.
WPrinoeffStreet. owned by "TherIefore-, on this day let us give
e Noel's rent to Ameia l C>f honour and glory to the flag of
rentworoo atment the United States and to the flags
r atwo-roomRoadpi tmn atM~ of the other United Nations. With
$avnnahthe help of Clod and the sure
gfT~nnh~oadwas assessed y,^ ^ ^ esr
.____...______ knowledge tlmt the cause for
which we fight is right and lusl
iah Reuit im ate vitryad a lating
SRevising pce must be ours."
ger Selected
B..G~ardan Correspondent. ltMR B I I B
IJ^NANDO, June 13.-Mr.
gainhas been appointed *IA H I iM
this year's San Fernando l

For DetterS BfSigns


'Theme SI h MIis




Invasion Trin
' In a broadcast heard from Lon-
don on Tuesday night, Pilot Offi-
cer Esmond Farfan, related how
he fiew over France on Tuesday
last week In the early hours of
the morning preceding the Inva-
He did not know he said that the
invasion was scheduled for that day,
but he j.aspectbd that something
big was up The French coast was
quiet, and'when he arrived thire
was no fighter opposition but plenty
of flak.
It was only after he had returned
to his home base that he learned
of the invasloi.
Pilot Officer Farfan made the
revelation in a..swer to a question
put by light-Lieutenant Pereira,
of Trinidad.
The broadcast further revealed
that Mr Frank Hamilton, son of
Mr. A. J. Hamilton, City Magis-
trate, and Mrs. Hamilton, was in
London pursuing medical studies,
and that Miss Doreen Marcano
daughter of Dar. R. Marcano, the
City Medical Officer of Health, and
Mrs. Marcano who I& with the
A.T.S. was also in London.

North Coast Fishers
Get Active Again
Spell of gusty and rainy weather
which prevailed over the North
Ccost fisheries during the past
three weeks broke last week for a
period long enough to allow Mate-
lot fishermen to bring in a .&000-
lb catch last Friday. Mr. A. E.
Trotman, Marketing Officer, told
the "Trinidad Oivrdlan" yesterday.
Bad weather conditions, Mr.
Trotman explained, which have
been keeping all fishing boats
beached and fishermen idle are
now bud to be improving. Seas are
not so heavy and a few of the
more adventurous flshe-men are
venturing out to bring In small
Sulhementing the meagre sup-
plies from the local fisheries, Ven-
ezuelan traders are bringing in to
the city large catches of carite and
cavali all drawn from Venezuelan
fishing grounds. Over 50,000 lb it
is stated have been landed at
Port-of-Spain within the past
two weeks.
Venezuelans fishing In Trinidad
waters have not yet come in with
their salted supplies of deep sea

Indians Gather To
Pray For Victory
More than 600 people, represen-
tatyive of all sections of the Indian
community in Trinidad, assembled
at the San Fernando Hindu Tem-
ple on Thursday last to offer spe-
cial prayers for Mahatma Oandhi
on his recent recovery from illness
and for a quick Allied victory.
Chairman of the meeting was
Mr. C. B. Mathura, editor of the
"Indian." while officiating priests
were Pundit Janki Persad Shkisma
ani Pundit Basdeo Misir.

sfyo ufferm b aii
nz dermusitm lasmuIm we

abit ajanimue ais-41to atel aem

LYSIA L FauiR'S sui
hn~vmuta l Poe's aeaei~epa f.
tote fb Lyd I.
VLetaM L Ce d mb em
V oel" h ala-ILa *agl.,

W t. Nervousness

1 qlTwin a- wa -as me radil
^=ai time of

K'THOFEET ^ib'*^
__: tics,_'eW -- #.P 19* iqBt i nhit oh n7 itt

Lawyer Attacks On Appeal

Judge's Direction To Jury

Rejem n msulalaln by Mr. Oasto JMohnston, .C., that the
smning up by Mr. Justice J. L. M. fre la the case aIn which
Altol ltactis, a naval polleman. wsa sentenced to 10 years lat
Marh at ae aCity AMle on an acouation of wounding with
intt, wa i of such a oraotr a to make it &Imposible for th
AyM to eeMes their own judgment on the facts, the Court oa
Criminal Appeal yesterday dialowed Francois' application for
extension of time to file pounds of appeal against the oonvlotio,
No grounds were disclosed in the +-----------..
notice of appeal given by the ap-
pUcant and, .ndicating at the out-
ast that it would only gnrant the jCo Oa Pool
application If a substantial ground
was put forward, the court perit- -vk
ted Mr. Johnston, K.C., appearing A reem ents
for fPancos. to address to this end. 7
CRICIO Concluded
Mr. Johnston referred to several
parts of the Judgl summing up C l ud
and told the court toat It was an
Invitation and positive direction to Coc Pool agreements in respect
the jury to convict. He comment. of the crop year ending Setember
ed that on the whole, the munming 30, 1944, concluded between expor-
us indicated that there was only tars witn exception of Ooeoa Plan-
one verdict the jury should return ters' Aasocation and Government
In the case and that was convic- allow exporters to retain actual ex-
tion. pDenies of overhead and direct
The Judge in presenting the case., charges and .n addition profit of
he said, had omitted to direct the 50 cents per fanega on all ship-
Sury on the salient features and ments to September S0.
Issues they had to decide, and he Disclosing this yesterday, the
submitted that it was the man r Informatlon Officer states that un-
In which the summing up was put der the agreement the balance ofi
to the jury which undoubtedly the proceeds of sales is to be de-.
must have had effect of tinfluene- posted in the Trhisury for distri-'
Ingr them in adopting. the verdict button to producers on the basis of
which, from J.he summing up, he the ratio of the total of the pool,
wanted them to return, less cost of administration, to the
"I submit," Mr. Johnston went total amount of cocoa sold to deal-
on "that while a judg t us a right era by producers.
to express views strongly and con- All producers of cocoa who
fldently, it was not within his pro- would desire to particlpte in the
vince to so address the jury as to distribution of the pool must submit
indicate there was only one verdict to the Accountant General, not
they should return without giving later than December 31, 1944, their
at the ame time full consideration cocoa sales slips giving full parti-
to further features of the case culars of siles of cocoa to do'.lers.
which might be determined favour- Any producers who fall to send
ably to the accused." in their cocoa sales slips or other
He pointed out that the sudden- evidence of sales by December 31,
ness of the amault, the %bsence of will be excluded when the distrlbu-
light in the gateway and the Iden- tlon of the Cocoa Pool Is mrado.
tification of the appellant were the Dealers are requested to co-
essence of the charge and If the operate by furnishing to the Ac-
Jury had not accepted the identifi- countant General not later than
cation by the injured man accord- D'cember 31. 1944, full particulars
Ing to the direction of the judge, of their purchases of cocoa in to-
they could not have returned the tal from each individual giving the
verdict they did. "It cannot be dc.-ler's name and business address;
said that the summing up was sat- total quantity obtained from each
isfactory" he concluded, person; and name and address of
ARGUMENT TURNED DOWN person or persons from whom the
Refusing the application HU cocoa was obtained.
Honour, H. W. B. Blacklh, Chief
Justice, stated that the learned FURNITURE SALE
Judge, In the course of his sum- Saturday 17th June 1944
ming up and before expressing his aturay June,
own views, had used the following 37a. Sutton Street
words: "You are the sole judges
of facts and I am bound to accept 1.30U pn. SHARP
your findings on any question of San Fernasdo
fact just as you are boun, to ac- On instructions, received from
cept my directions on the law. It Mrs. L. Riley. Mr. J. Oumbs, Mr.
in the course of my remarks I in- Hamid. Mr. LUddelow, Miss Wil-
dleate my own view as to any fact llamns and others whose furniture
or set of faets, you are not bound have been removed to the Mart
to accept the view or opinion 1 ao for convenience, the undersigned
express. But if the view or opinion will sell by Auction on the above
I so express agrees with yours, date. time and place the follow-
then you are at liberty to adopt it, Ing:-
and It1 no longer mine; i One Sewing Hand Machine, 5-
you do not ee with my v"ie t wing Bureau, M.T. Washstand,
is your duty to disregardIt because Tall Post 4' 6" Bedstead. Tall Post
you are the sole judges of questions Bed with spring and mattress, 4
of tct." Sideboards, Ext. Dinje, Table
.T Ahief Justice went on* 'in Water-cooler. Coolerator, Oval
our opinion this i an exceptional shape Dining Table, Set Morris
statement of the position, and we Chairs with Cushions. Set Morris
consider on reading the summing up Chairs without Cushions, Small
as a whole, that there is nothing Washstand. Child's Bed, 3 Writing
to support the argument that it Desks, Oil 8toves. 2 Waggonettes,
took the case in any way out of the Cribs, 2 Wardrobes. 3 Cycles, I
hands of the Jury. We therefore Suite Upholstered Chairs (with
refuse to extend the time or to table), China Cabinet, 3 Dining
waive the defects. There is no Tables. Odd Morris Chairs, C'me-
ground before us and the convic- ras, Gramophone Records (select
tion stands." numbers In case). Sewing Hand
Comprising the court wilh the Machine. Sewing Foot Machine,
Chief Justice were Mr. Justice K. 3' 6" Bed and Spring, Plc-
Vincent Brown and Mr. Justice tures. Portable Gramophone, 2
Eric HallUnan. large Victrola Gramophones In
excellent condition, Garden Bench
iiilllllrlinuluIH minmilfll llll llllmill Razor, Westinghouse 6-tube Radio
etc., etc.
NOI Items on view on day prior to
3 and morning of sale.
'-:- ~ Dated this 25th day of May. 1944.
MEMBERS of t h e hammer. SH on the all of the
CLUB are hereby noti- I
fied that the club is
closed indefinitely as T FN W O I
from June 13, 1944. THF NEW TONIC
(Sgd.) D. Do Cruz, B O
(Secretary. BLOOD PURliER


Sole Agents-
& Co., Ltd.





Reduced Prices



ut and Etched Glassware,
.P.N.S., Chinese Carved
cases, Jewelry, Candle

Sticks, etc., etc.

Your Inspection Invited.

1 Henry St. (neor T.G.R.)

Phone 8699

SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1944 at 8 p.m.
Part ProeMds go to the South Caribbean Feree

Llght Heavyweight Amateur 1ii1b.
of South Caribbea" Forces
1301bs, 10b.
Bantam Amateur Champ, of South
Welterweight Champ, of South'
of South Caribbean Forces
16011bs. ............ 101b
ADM6SION-Genta (Ritgide and Dance) .... .. U0.
Ladles (Ringlde and Dance) .........U. "
Stand (Without Dance) ............... $1.-4
With the kind permission of the Boxing Board of Control
|Srd.) rTEDRIC ESPINET. Promoter
-- ---------------i^-^^- --- --- i-^- --



Our Customers

We regret that the shipment of babies!
prams which we opened yesterday hove
:il been disposed of, and due to this
fact we have had to disappoint several
customers who desired to purchase one
of these.
However, we shall be receiving a
further shipment at an early date.
\VoWatch this space for notice of their

We ILhan you,

/our ffeweller.

AJe Xioma

& Co.


C kG

AVAILABLE It means that your dealer I
out of stock-iporawrily, because of the war.
You may be assured that we are doing al
that is possible to replenish his stocks u
well as the stocks of all dealers. Will you
plea keep this ina miad? If you canaa t
your Pro-phy-lacdc Tooth Brush 4-
you might ft mtft rw,
Vhwn you =eed a mtah bsah <-w the

rinwruI^ ^mibtji.''
'I* 'N"H


3WEI 1W ARUA ': -*H

Completion of Now' -Re% Bloo fr Ao ymrf;|
hst Jmtw' to 31st mmWe, 1944
Note la hereby givn. pumnuit to 00 =uIVn 1 s-
Ocruor0utoa Cuduan0 tht the Moue B10 e f10 -at
lott= to"a w. s. ig'NOW
hours thert to thebaa wbw t mBam >
09 ens' See frmtboftun lb 22d f
N.Bo-AnY aowner vwkbanes g
wotic mu, at aitieno lt ier an"4da
leautln0# e thsYou".cendinto asConU e
writing to ftheanual vteablevalue at hs wmb
assessed In the lmme Rat e Book. .
Te m -OL
Town HalL Aris.,
Sad June. 14.4,

W JAR-TIME conditions are causing tempon1y0
ShortMs of DoBwril, o please make it go as fr as
possible. A very little t all you ead i
for flavour and nourishment-.ovril, is
highly concentrated. By using your
Bovril with strict ecaomy you
will lessen the risk of
having to go short ,
just when
you may
need it



RiGi AMAnEniniu R RhinhiurtiiugnnininliiNiGNliD DAim N(mu



ML. end MMA JQMH LUW eaehMut
nMirlka Wa Is t Bu. Jmee 1
VPM iftris vztf .Arhr-


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.) __ *---. "-am -m-y a- the mauset. bR oety l I 1 at' Dan RnoAta W&tW
-Bo ulllt NAX+ .. em i +. -'UN -.- -ia" y ame ee N .., ULC I, ,Um ie 6 ry. ~d sth o w o the, it Sprine
miwimum @AN A"ek.SoKaAo""e a OshretainW" $0A Boulm, Pe.t" n! PLVMOAIL NOTICESUVr ~a
wiart me as"%AAssoiation (RIS ltUOB.- 1. 16 TH UB UC a hef iSmetAhIo nthat I be mo lAd iAth dlAvenue.Tes datoI. Cia-
"____" a"a. Lyu. .da s -eS _+ __ ,,., |
adyeta&me4aMm o -wnOm.MOthS1.AMA) LAND, Not. 140 Bacrrts am no taem egoal tey debt or
14 Sho. BaasUJnes2o. A l C^ t1 M". Watle T PUBta at' Smy wottlrdeide IA se**
F 10 ambeed am to 110 4001S 1 t Ltla VO 2s* :." at1 7* wa.? aRdd
Ba a1d ro. r *"& l I-a" ael Is- oSS*'aiS5A * l'o CI M>o EeA"otJ uL*n'A attnyFrisndandkN1 bWretuattit ae kod ty ( o ( lk (
thsy ~ walty VA.s -s ? OOBU. n-. -w .-, S^.-.--. S 3 "Ntl -/LOM.IWY." xi, uy aosa -w s pinlpl* wua
110 V A8 Vms^ S i^ S S.A8 -241 Plmieeibfl. ae iSOUmisa L otsu ARd

Up dar casoff g^ ^ SSCMA~? rsryDmWa ol:nlLa.2 060M^5- S 5 rS'U?* me% ^^ Formos'ma.dic,'s
Snlerk .wog. Nona COMs 0-^ 0:1I = A 20

eohiuob w"s")? _________sss______s^c1'.0^ S Sf SSS^ ^^ ^^ ____ Il
AMi*o. my PU d 2 IaLIC I herebytvclae hiatueatinite I Iouet be, through this m i t
Vo S.." Mt lA ~oBB t l 4tc U' i a* no 1005cr u rU C 1. 1 action thank all bea students and friend t a
A ANTow WURs 3a 4"iotoep -. ...them.
to* s To otm 1 ) A H A j Sm G Ma* ov M A S A Tfo k P O E SW o mALE: 4O sO U 8 B 14 j g lo J a t ma *fa4rA am cFotAL a to mdt "Ma (ebtoo r a m ---------------- h pa t h or i rth ig h t

*PONUo665 tlP eotua t mwet. aieo gt+ Sauwmg m atn Chaitr;ono O ~e I MMRAMBP
CAOW ------- GUS. b 41.10. eta. pa ala^ s S ^ i I pArty Which took place0on Friday. JUR g9 CypC0,

tot Aa*0olat w.TtOd. sn c - .S". A a 1 '0 ^.IS S^Oo.. Moe Kee.duela, t fo s o; 4e ord~lt.
Wrr. GAVrI C12,r" loron ot n aLa "!9 ; .ml y rnu pro e J i R A LdbegO possible to do -me Individually.4tprftW

t" 9WaW.-SSEP WmOAN T or _1i. al g 1. RAMmMe? aa" H PUpI: C GtJebllBaa Thod te. . ne t3. A ntaf
t -. t l ,plontag ater ao.-o. debt X or ,aM rxbt, contracted y my we re0.rT:;++i t
aah sa refud-- -Araw% 00 ALL 4 ae.oeedo 3eO.Anl r"L Ceee. she having left my home and KONG.-A Memorial fServicoe will be

ow Wl.0 11ler montlt. Apply ; D n d BOr't- wP l l* W M. kk CM* ter a,,, 13pN A ppl y Dr I CTHAT Oda of, ato llain c i
aw.saao aua$vWTWO=D I= in I all -Jell er37.oxie. 44"fredenksrimik stae, r *aprtcigloeteedaytJue.e- li m l held for the lateGor01 Donga l ansCar
60en AILOAUOUIB. 9*AC1gg-.VMS ea12.-Jnl 2 JAMo4 0ISlteS, church. on FridayJlune :6 at a ant. 1r00pat
v ia_____P_ MAIRIN OIIUN FRSL BUILDING BdZAS at Matraval aimm r19 3BorsLO( I Friends anti retatila.s are kindly asked to strip

.JMtMed 4TI L; .sso R atf A FOR SALEm 4 ; ho events ylile; Ta ran tella -June Iselmontr attend P.
ATIONLVACAN umuen).u"4SOS.ORMZADAB P1133 ?ACKT "21I111- ropeuties on Uy jtn*LasTH PULICtohereby aOUS"d that atn.-1or
lU A C.A.N aT ed. a on ael as. 'P bmt a i S --ia ny o +.C/olulareumig i,--juanu e gm no loopr ro p by 0-Aof. do "elaw aaAs timeetoeambnowlonger re-porsdble for s
a aT a- a n-uanned .OO2 A p lBold.yT rIy L J U IY 2U min idad LenS. gth II V .A DD 3 vaT W O F F E B O L Da M od ern ite nglmlnc e So aia ta and-that I do not L d i n k MY=,, N oraM Iro n.kM
Pezcrreu.i i NoA.s _g. rT rinidad ______ _"u_ ._ W arnit. 113 LegCircular Road and v adl res ponsavn fo ay dbebt o debts eon
Modmiaeieee.edoe2e0ntramped by br.GOVEIA.-In memory of oar sister. Two A!
Wiaing to assist nurse with RESTAURANtS AND FOODS *ATOM*,III14-Pot Snotpe we I t w~arlnogandJtle 1

Badl p plelruse emonh Awply; 5lAflt WAUAMoor ALLWesaio Ault @15 .an w Lutry 'I~&thle IS**I BST~i itttM P I, ANUQIK. ARJUN bell Qci o J ..._ I--. b9 aond
Ilor ,Ph re n- Ce", c .-- -s I"S"X) Kisl.Mark Peacefully o.. .. rt e .V: at last,
9-odo O. DIS lod oalrM adCO"" BA A Jmf 39.-JD S-ul is1 ~~- All earthly trouites nd ,1tril" al are pest. MICI
eat Tamaa. WANd of MamaanlI County TU PUV Ic i hereby notIA" Wet I We misA you. Bel la SSour he iFrrt m ore.ePots 51
one 20 Belmont. 'Phone 8363. -Jane21 auad Anrle~w's. Atermass."a aameresGoal- kkV
street, t.MClair -J Un a 14t S OSE: VcS Nonger rear 1 h o -po deb t or ane
VANED1KDiAT i at No. IsMetl."loans Lunches and DineaTWOWE PItMIKEwhenRe-Covr rapef rui bes.a eamid & debts otrdac ted b w wile -
StreetS. ClAr. OneCook. One igu.minded rrangements lot OldUmbrellas by Charles, 87 Coffee Street. can be otn in= grve op since My11 Item
withn reownce threeae...11 cs~ie Wet ot and.lIy oh Band lad rve- Shaing leltdemy bor.ev andleprotectionm
totan d Aaoa gav pqith a tall.lE PUB 19. 1944.rn 1E.
bohwtMenulvacotSurwOrrEpreess- f customer Wam oester for San Frad.-ut 0Frfurther particulaateapply to Uo. F k WXGarren Vaae---------- ot
it Damon. UM2 Parties. -June11 FOR d MI.W Vl
requwre aTptle. 3-Je 1 Stree.t... Et.. [K er^aod oPtt ,.. e.-..OllO t Mgs-ISl S C. Lt. r- -June 1 .
rin ow Mnuhandw ring iv g de tain so C ST N OL $ btrO 17 I FO R 3te. Us Ctisrl attl 5 I --Jm 1 Jun.el TItP BLIC is hereby notified that I T O O LA T E TO C LA SSIFY "'ASH.
cand salaTry expecSed, tog:etser O-Egda.t.f-LMOB A". tOURS e eatl roobell not hold myself responsible for any

^SS ^1-June 23.: c.1. ,,s,^- Sk^-i0Et..L"r Jay^ ^ wr^ e ^ ^^^^^^Tr u ~ife BBo^.^
in_ a had*ting ge l t u -phone BconvenieneJs at No. 1og4 vSadle it" ad e dbt or debts contra cted by my w Rf E T IF. CA L3
JIMandrucar J bexpected togehr P Aa 1I 0.it0 etc104%%~1w bad. Apl0 06M 13 CUgni X -08.0. irae ,lots of land. Se am, 4Lu .Vian- SagleAlexander. She having left my blomePOERISORSLBo
r sholSdN WANTED rto lriU.-letc Apply: June OotsLtreet. P c U-JsLaN BUSINESS SPOT for sale, Park Street.
Sweopall n.-an ab 18r M.. AIMM.U IVL'lT. St ter ereet.uPta) -- cent trethn42ueap o A.n >aoh 14 AyoLo.ds ?.. l hLoaresoEMANUELJnALEXANER, UN Pt k e
;pl WOiM ANANED farm. Clial.JOIN residence contain flour t e bdra. -June a1. Kern Taiiad Ofileldo. Apply. L uis Gilman Thomas, t 8.-Junt
wtln tt typis adpainstkn t TOrS On 5 'JOBSPEBOIT. t Staeoewith all conveniences at Alveie Road. THE PUBLIC IS hereby notified that 17
I t typldpistana TOAand Oven Maker. 11 Cltfton UL Pil' near Country Club. Posseson uant. I sm no longer responsible for andebt 22 ST. BARB'S ROAD. Belmont. Four
worker Mo. o erat t mal.- 7 with FORD 8 H.P. SDAN. tyres practically lof-SpILn. x 'Phoa 1537.- un-are 12 Apply oux. 'Phonea22t.-June2. or debts contracted by MY witfe 0 rt tne rooms, galleryend kitchen. In good re-
AplyanWrt-' Mun Sret Jul 't AEX NDR TIAppyKnI "Ton g .--J ffers or deC bts e haingleft by my wIfe Otio no rooms, g~n alle o .r iffd itchs,3n od t ..
of advnAetuoant. ppy n ew.rpl. AIZ t-E. V OOd
1 B o ilt AtBl4 t ct. p A Tiia ne. AP rt-l Y.w A 6P 11100 Streei t-J .ni S1 D NARINE'S GA|l AGK, o l r o adi lin ; L EXANDER UrOO 0110111 Carimbbotno, beb having left my ho a pair. Apply to C. Grlfytilh, tr B.oAdwsy.
t B oxu n 17 o Tr inidad S m:D A *t f lAlY F UR L th t ares a nd Street. 'P hone *60 as, C are and T1 T cks for Inv1t0 10 A apply 44 A lfr e od* inido a p s a p Protect io n Since Jo J UDO 1944 Ju n 2 1
-JEun OPeA IRtolnw battery. Apply. Lee LureA Cu.,- hireGraval. Sand. Mital and Boas l t15.-June g0. Hill X mark: THAT VALUABLE Two-Storey iesid-
D fEUROPEANd GIat- o lvanenJAiIO is 'CAmbesuppied. Gener41alret I'pairs alIt 1 UALLL A1ND LARGOB Pr.OPnTIU L.EONCE CARIMOOUS, one. No. Eleven l11) Gray Street, St.
ot famlyadrbet n ("ais 51.)tALB-Plackard gSedan, four good makes of vehicles. We ala. Charge and Immediate poes"mio.AIM0 ibvestmets.Center* Vllla4e- Clair. standing on specious grounds moe& -S

--"^., ----------- ^^ ^ ^^^H ^S ^ii.---------Jut1 _.
youngate OhilOdronU; mom, status. wo ant& Car twentyn othaousand grOn undr ed-
and prospects of travel. dalaryI e i and s apar a I a 2 For pateltiusatn apply Deo'ysln b anJune 10 g Orelisinte .u ering twenty thousand aevee hundred
rn- pm.-WnATEJol lity,40 lebokStret.-July11 THE PUBLIC t soA ID, supercla feet, extending to Aexndra
monf~th.Aplyinforifaily tof 11BoDIUlFLEET 01RCK 't nwRADIOS. RNFRIGERATORS FOR SALE PrISOT ULsAMS LhVEMTMXt'A.k. e. notified that I am no longer under the ,Street. inspection by appointmednt. 'Phone
*Wu ,GsIS I WAN T Eyres. Contact tile 'super Maim Man. Come ienf.orcd two stormy freehold t boil ,iia iscare sn. P otectIon f my husband 7971 Written offers t o Mr. Over V.
e ek A M Gordoni y I md et Itwati fir you. No. 11 Brarelyh ONER.C.A., 12 Tiu e0 Acarri? antag m*" of ar stpheam m 1OIdn de lwllamb P.o. Boxn 5. on or foorel
wRad mk Atpply; N N ,Uit.Ml. r t de, i A. Ctla TIu.ble, alsoa Other _L4"ss Ttnv.l M- wc" sBarrton ehonp. t otuSnanof ha Otp N Mohmoaed ane th aty1 doe nt Jun a.P30a,. B .o-June o2
TED iW A SHER. Rodwy 0Cs Ie Il11 to suit your requrremnts t, ito l tnozi. r1patr our and bakery Od. garage ontrcd dbysflmf O BALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY, first
Read- l 1OL, Eu FO'nia 4 Ctu -u l M arine aqu" e 4 0 J 17 attac aoed. Situated at corner of Old St. BE R A DIN contracmed bt S n not return 9 1 d1
T. OD-WAHU PKRo S dly, 30 C eau- -"FOR c'SALE FORL i g IOCOUPS. Rumbi larTne BquOreT'PatTe 4 COL. e-Jun Joephl Road and Fourth Street. b Lavinlile l 0ErNAI MOr.NMaO., clla. invctment with a net return o s 9,.
+ionAd.-- unns ..s ate, Gusya- like flow. 5h.kms. C.nditionJr. Tre.D 2110-bottle.aa yoas1nareCm or hest OftU.. 'Phone Knox.-June 14. Tuna.una. Price 553000. For further particulars,
Onl l'onrdy rol lnhu. -w c"I ml B2 6 -Jr e20PE20-botNtle d, sNTSArlw B 311. Olson Oe0. Pa J write to Box R-106. "Guardlean."-Jue i 2
w ith attractive pauy, |."r living 1....-,"o 2 .... bnaton Moel Eckel, 69 Mlrlne St are. 10' ACRES LAND with larpg dwelln m Tn gPe.BLC Is he reby anotdIpid th at u OpR SALE--si AcesI Load w'th twoVl Po2
anW thra. lytre Aply i ing .ON 19o ItTRUCK:*, One Federal Telephone 481P4.-June 17 a h house on Mount Coco Road. quarter mi tles no longer ad lfrdtr m" trDi artin. 2n Pter, Pitahl.or
a ne on ther fatcii el n pp y Tro t.. s l. k new ... e. ..d i BATTERY RADIO, a volts. In excellent from Four Roa ds TsflntA J. Poaaealou tteeIee of my nthl e Cin ar nt i p o- tulo artln su. Ir n etroPhone Vale.Jun
t Im outhe eatclaim.or L.os Lum Aire /1-'?' .ty tes .. take ne" .'w.;. lcned Ad I on- it 4o. 1G 4 p.M.--7 P.m,. a Dar- a$10,00 or nearest over. Bnx. 'h a n Forn... .......... f hi bms or 8041:--June 28 I0
VL~tt. sA t Chrlote at-June 30 w ired. Apply to C Sopla., l Sho r, 4 B condition. Cao'lle 4 pal- n am. a ithu ubed Alfred i olin DiegM eli FA nk Peter, 'Phone 4973.
aLd., 3tV ot r J eViu Juna itcVll..4 u' Iis- celuL Lane. Belmont. 'Phone b e52.-- 5 ,-u 20.(Jne oer on o anuary d 1944. N
IJP ENC4IJ COKi planted. Apply. 5 "" June 20 ."- Jo U.e 20. OU o MARIE JurRAMJON, --
b eiltreet.-Jui. Ac 1? 1 I3 J *, di'E ,AN AUSTINin e-- REFRIGERATOR O.. e Medi .. coo,,ct, +uSe NW--WBUILTVACANTH.OUSEfor- T BaR R ranJo. l
in Boueh>. o di Uluu tyres. TCa .-a Ato e ns, MTREE.. B.raurterbalnc ,oma.. Sin.gnew
itR WANTED. Applty Lincoln ea l t. Y ui rc a IKelvinator Eckel. .9 M bane i qur. r.Lanl, Mt. l Francois lcet C ro at UN n and o I T At
oa and at. Vincent Streets.-- .se a ,n .rat. arag.e-Ju"ne t ,2-1.. Phonerook.-July 2 Lae.l St. aou a Valley Hood.- T- H.E PU HIBC Is hereb notfid ta lo ng.w ,Lo i mmedTate posa,.. Mn Sllngr
uk0 d &Vincen or la. F O ltU 1. 4 p Ponet L"CunTRAU.A T June 20 am no longer tinder the care ud pro- cheap. Consult: McDonald T lJmao, 14
It PARK STREET. Large residence i tectlon of my husband, Irvin Brown, nor Charlotte, 'Phone 7648.-1June 21
.At. condition tbrougho t No tyrea. Apply Player iCollaro-Magnotic.. Eckel. 091d first class condition. Offered invite to I hold myself responsible for any debt
S ANTE ,Wil s..... 2 iuaovvorth street. Sana t- Marine Square. lTelephone 4566.--June 25. WrIte c aturt s o Marn e qIu ared- or debts contracted by him. --
l c0. 10 -JUlyr es1. S an F nn M O O R A Noo ne i n TT AN
I NS WANTED a r Ut I -Juna m-t. . t:b Appl ..... .... B. t A W d EMELDA BROWN, b
V5T REQUIRES POSITION a tMouse- MERCURY SEDAN 1041. Tyres good. P.. June l20. an Feando. aB r SALE No
V itil oA i FRanO. la PrOPERT. Dunbdon e-and xtr ......... PROP 17tY No.lId --June 17,
K- l Englih ado Americ.n t am-Lrtcndad tinioU, ione Prelect, t res RENTALS Street. Apply to 29 Dundonald Street, --'14 DG TR C.. l nc.. l i
l; Ba -103, c,o Guardian. lke new. iiiu uOW.1new0B ck, new tyres. Two .___ .___rT141 DODGE TRUCK, licensed,_Id,
lt V-a Trucks. Rin T '4a..--June 16. from la.M. to 4 pm mR-June 20. PUBLIC NOTICES 4 practically new tyres. Cheap. McD,mild

EJN Cu ADi desire o litur nn Thobuu, 34 ..v-. r.niir. .,,Ur tel Po. H .Jl .Jnu1 aut u.J 40. R iob tltePhn e (mdndg< .--Juln -
40 LADY desresog popltIo.u as ONKE E-CONDiTIONED MSa0 Modal RESORTS FEHOLD PROPERTY. No. 22 Charles LUTHERANPAS OR from British Uia Thomas, 34 ChalottePhone 71.-Jun
f or sw.tchbod. .Operator. BOXA Street. Pric 4,800.00 or nearest offer, .ik. to make contact with members of 21
1yerd V-8 Motor. New Pistons, illeei s SAtr OB O e e C I nx Poeet.-Jn 5 .. +'--.- . ....
S.1,r 0, -a r lttuA"--Jl : i t,. Jtll. era Can be een at ian- (Jlt Houl e pnm with running watOr.I Knox. 'Phone u 226.-June 5. ect. Interested P ersonal mke l .enquiris. CHEVROLET, converted HH In excel-
Ai n icns'etn" Cn b en a Ian ;ra os.ront ih nij AA1' N OS Eo n Late Land Isn heart X "49 6 0tal Quayor letcnionwhvryg dlrs.A p :
R1 E N.ENCED Rook-kse r.- Stenol- dar t Motor Ac,pspor.,.r Cffer'Stee street. S ia l i'nrellent rn.als, lovely arroundings. ,J00 4 of ONn FeOnEdo L near to Market a T Iart shorab Ioan, 745. 8 2 SouthOu2y, orlaent condIton with '-ery good tree Applyh:
0'r. Fin ge and central offtcl r. r. Fernando '. h 'one 5 -. June i0 per day. FPhone Bt 2. AffoooM.-Ju ly rk et. FtO t re iaMatilltpoint a-on Pierre. Ph net25 H eln.t AtBec t IIbStee, 'hne 61 ,, .
efficieHnN I8IB N AO HA, vis. etc, In good locality, containing three
ItIg&i WHL'N DESIRING A CHANG% vist l ~ p m Pf|l+pl+m dnn ,, July 3. .--June 17

t n. J AN T R TBx-112oardlan."- Hamilton Guest Mouse an sea, St. Law- bedrooms, dressing r1oom, dining room. July t.
ff-c ----.----t re mendr-enc.- Bar.bad-a EAcellen sea.-- bathn- gmFieOGet ABUL n l udrawi-r wng room, servants' quarters and all b Jn

"-- I -110, I, Gadl.- ....... ....."... ..... ..
IW T2. Bac cbdo...len tganted Ratr es modern convehences. Apply Cedric E- LOST

, lT fWANT ifL renc ABnrhCdOi. Ecl a n B ear e thn. cmo "* -k .fE '*f "f~ ,G I n~ Mrott akh1ltu if
WAIDbeet xcscommntodaton guaranteed, R pines Poeq2Jn ( MARINE EQUIPMEINT
$2.1 per day. ra pnel-. A'Phone e412.-Junre o 16.MAINSMALLT BOAT1 feet long, goneadrift No.
SA velynO -Jun F172 5- r Station Ideal for farming" and a riolw from ilonter mooring In Port-of-ilpim, BENDIX ECI.IPSE, i H.P. Outboard
SWANTED TO BUT SAMoLORDoOUi oMa dlde-nte turs, with oil rights Pr. l0 t iter please ve Wi. IL K. l iaineuy AA Engine In perfect condition. Appl- Sitan-n
' WANTDrTOHUY-',,.Acre of FeeholdSabove edd"lM.RE---Juuo Apply B. Darbea. Eastorn 41n Toad.TCo, Ltu., J8 sT Marine Iqure-J r
"TRNY 4 SUPPe.,fES Land, within l mll ef ntt. Josephu n.wae.CORALMuTAtt, Tobago, betweenAre Eatrn M o. ut iare S e-JFeuando.- AJune g1
STIAK'-DAY LIVAILITY Guar- Statutitit must be served y easily RobIsonA Crum and PigtonPoi t.n0 Tu .unsPhone 17.-June 16. O.E KODAK CAMERA left In ta..
r .. 'o HOUSE AND L AND at Victoria btween Barataria and pltut Bourg. Driver
hle Fully r .tectsl ou iutllectioi gfr traded ral. Write giving p .rticular Of bech. j Rates "4 day. Apl rooply; n O ANDl VAa N F a t Vc na tor ieabetwereturnr to 2i04 EastenMb Pei Rord,
4te DouyeVr It our alm tor I be al tl n PLAri et l o -106, or-Pu --n. 2sI Ao WProrU WU;e eade 12 HOU M et Stop. Prcle $2,750.00. Apply B. alarataria. Reward.-JuS iin l 1
IWt i leven itbethe Inc 'iucanOri o ILAND-MaracasRoead. troch Or 5. day at 'Su-nny Cat-bbts.." the luxuriousatu. Eastern uter Read o PAIK;R .OUNTRAIN P.I One MO". RADIOS A REFRIGERATORS
de L unyunnmPh --* 'one 14"7.. oI e .--Juno 1. 1 day nightJune 6. iFader Please return DOR M oda e
4hlko L'iakl ioLouu c neOrie rfsealCrux;. Corner Property near ri), for build-a'FHOne1 PR-PER ny.tdaykniglo.Fanderle. returomaRCNIrise RAMigood auta.

&M2^^^ Assho^01 WIL11 IULIp;& - Q01JUTC Of $Us- 0.a.. moder Prvt guest ttwtt^^^ t that
-P-' n .....^ l S^ ^ ""J-o-^ "> ".. Automat. ChInOM (eight- reod* betwi -^ NR. n U,.I0,n. L W
Onl btrontly itUen d ropr ly In to-rlg cinema. Box P-14i"Utuardlan beautiful Grendiens. Apply oBydney Mc- ewlo'L V Rte, nel tJuan Ie C. F L--Junoe 15. O.Me l tonl C (et wrk ord er P i No.
ho Bolc, 3o0l be so ll b tcaiy gaa -wi* 1,3. nm s tq uoae pt. Vworent-e. fo een. e t -June 1 r1 Jac tone, perking order. Price
ad wle y'sco t.l i uke no elrlgloka .i..Jun olI oe-anb o mier MARE QUEST OUME." poselaSion. Apply R. LaUrnce, opposits ON Wm;DNEBDAY NIGHT at the ConU.- $40. 'Phone 434,.-June 21
Ii A. ..-Jun .. ... Wri t*det, aPAN, 4 S. UPER ElR U T HOUS1E. C.M. School, Ban Juan-June 23. try Club.u One Lady'S Biac Cordian kilnd- FRIGIDAIRE, 20 .f.. suitable for cafe
WkN phone -Jun~e asWrite 4-141 'GuI Iiska. --Jualo 14 Worthing s Mthe Idel al SOW"* lROOlt 18 SAN JOSIE ESTATE, AEreeprt. CJainutth bag withbInitialse "S.C."Ifindor returning or boarding house, 'Phone 5274.---June 21
E C-Ut) DA" COEUNIASM GAMs-. I .IUTlJ1E ,,ISm, a o. I Mnawe. I Eall".r l idn leaatmsea bathing adSettlement,n StF104 Acreet halt-inputurtab It to C. Childs 't.C1 Fn ndet rtrnig owirloALRdnhOuE,'Phonne521
Cha1rlotte Street.-.lJunla 21 Modern 10 Acres. hBlf By *p tr s is. Bto d t. Vin cUALL WAT1E COOLER. 'PhTone 3274.
--Aa uoApplyrItA .M Ato Dm1Nfian d Al d odven inc e. centrally large pond (water never driest, about I be suitable rewarded.-Juo I 6. -June 21
its&cughl, 4e stmAbrcsroBu Bo t Usd Ac.d situated for 'boaesd lu b etc. For re- aires In cocoa, imes, coffee, coconut, __ ___ __ _1____ __
S I SOtt. u tamp1 F i ourghit. Arcad: e 2. servatlon, Mrs. innt 'Wharton. ar- itonea beans and other fruit trees, balance

s-I BIYCE FORS SALES 2 ^ ^ ^ ^ *^ A^ ." -r .K^.~^w -
VY DUCK EG16 Vto atcn BooastECNlD 16 AreDrec.O Htreet. -u in 0 hados, or Mr. uustace Ca. Matthew, r rented for garsdenc, cane, rice ground, Large FOUNBICYCLES FORBALK
F .. .P. .k I kal111COND tA ND +OCOA ROUS E n Warren street. Woodbrook.-July Dwelling House with all modern conveni- ONE WHITE WOOLLY DOGG. Owner LADY'S CYCLE. Mr. Ciegs. 109 Abet-
,.ro R ^ ir r Onlgoond ondn. ddre particular to *SWFET BRIAR," L'An" M ttlnt, ences, overseer and chauffeur's quarters, cai Shave same by paying advertisement, cromby Street.-June 25
l--oe d1 ar A. A erno,(i 12 Duke street, or 'Phone Point Cumana. Folly furnished S amlds garage, drying house, two large $shed&- 'Anonne 431V.-JUe 15
t e7 A. .I WANTED IMMEDIATE Y. AUTOMA Resort. 'Phone 19.--July 6. one in pasture and one I n garage yard.
l Bul or Buy Bry ABY TIC REVOLVER Write ax F2 STONYCROFT GUEST HOUSE. Worth Ideal for farming. Also Four-Acre Parcel. V iR

BHt MP fi ,K* atrwt -JnlitAB T*IC REO1a.V WriMe Ro *d NI-OI'-309 ~nfet -u~ *r ow Ctn~a.ViS.1 *Bma tu.U. J ONTAC fc ho Cmre Cons rIM t
tadot' a F J ling. Barbadoe. Apply Alleyne, Bryden situated at Buenoe AsYre, Erin Ward,p E C A T CTERTAINMENTS AND MEErrNGS C T a C rutIng
Th i leandMgarowfro al- DC MLPt N "1uarln" San Fernando. June 24. Sons. -July 6 poelte Puerto Gr.nde Road. emaI quarry. kIUNE Or INDIA CLUB presented a Bureau, they will do your work. They
WA daa !V. oad. bran ou M- PO KAN tAN DOG 3 wa nted 50,vbrood10 bearing lime trees. iNo reasonable superb axtravagana, O June 17th, speciallse in Road-Making, Erection of
1il la D ks ,.,dr pricel'Pho, ne, .03, 3 OM AN BOARD offe refused. Apply. F. J. Singh, 60 iM4, at 1Mrvo. ScOUl ALhP ., heatU.nt g Steel and Wooden structures, Tank. Pipe-
EKR | IGNON4 ad Pekin DuciS, un.+kd, r,1 Stettl. -7June 25 tROOM AND BOARD C g tcon Street. *saniFernando, -Jun*17,a ee 8c Fl, -Rm,, dauM on I
4Lb--ue15. .. PARKWAY GU L$'r HOUriS, Opposlite PROPERTY, 17 Broadway. Stan Far- mansair, James Atu.rmsawalk uni t beI4rL. Concrete foundations, Septic Tanks, Brick

I .TAo 0era--nR7 igrou sAawail. carto n r da i sa, i ndo-lines Earthen dams, Bridge s. Reinforced
VKU C CIUM K, Duckiatig .l 4thods HOU Eg Wij e ni's Park Hotel, reasonable rales. 1i P it (1do At V en 3Pter-t.ia S tysar. c aetsr i t am kolltt o andc oetlbr co r eter We do l ns S ed Tan ks, Bep -l rc k
CI U ks aHen, other eno. ') none D e t. V e Sre. Cy "o r cet na d ane e ,treet.w'Phoner 48k, W n aJulyn 14,e Juno 2rpis '
J.4 C it. linm A ou ,the bi 'ho. WILLKXCHA N(;E r eOI)SEtatMertlP hon e 4 -u mely 1.June- 2. o uc.i -June 16 4906, Robert Gittene manager. -July 14
0.1 JegiiatW, Aveue -Jill 15t.I BK:CAN HoIE at~r Uirav NICE AIRY ROOM for American, Ruro- mT _______ _t_ *__ Working Grls toa
Z HA fti L v I- MOUTH RUCK Cock I550.00 motithly rentii ftor hOtile in city. pean tParoat. entrance);,melas optional. I'te-- a spca'l- Pty 0 Wrev i Ng ERLi Vto-
10 10 lB n I Rhode Is landttdK Cock 'Phone 6642. Mrs. Chin Pang.-.June 20. 1t Hamilton street. Woodbrook.-July 13 LAND FOR SALE atend a -Speici r ofa NIJflt RLI E S ENERAL
San .A-n-June 1A 7 WANTED TO RENT Box Q-112, c/. "Guardia.i"-JunIe Ii able at Petit Valley. avers atne 10 piece,0s a tarring Ginger Rogers In her latest RItyImmediateHOeRE N reaPonable offer.
WANED T(ORNT-ANuFFICEatAfetORTABLE Furniud Double Room uarel 12 Cents per squr loot. place soon at one of Put-o-bpaln' large Phone 125 extension 304.-
OCK FOR SALE ply; The West Indlen Cotarete 1"ro, ts, t. lot European or Amenrican. runniln water. Box P-lI., "Guardian. -June 17. est theatres on a day and time convenient June 17
JF0 Prine dlireet, or 'Phone Ph oe ) --JuneI1d 'Phone 66l-.-JuIne IS. BUILDING LU rST level elevated, C.n- to most working voinen. Not more than TWO ALPINE (IOATA giving milk. k lde. e S-
ITV, lictrh, Alipne, Togetr.GzcnA T D-AHueolAarmn, o. D NOrL AL" IDmdotdWI e eetdtri iyagroadanad- tres uep.-ue1
SRece, Saddle od, Ian Juan.- ANTE)-A hos or Armen fur. DUNDONALD ." 7 Dundoad water, olectricilty. Apply. Ulrs two personal l elected to any onald nd Bhe Streets, Crepe.--June 17
Ma llarhed or unurtiihed, t rel.t, in city or Street, hbalfi minute's walk r vann arm But Road. San Juant-J office tore or business place. There will
3dII.CH COWS Two aHoiltein S Iuck suburb,. iurse+ essential. Pe9tse rely to iouboie and Sng4le Room, with Board. I 15 ACRES COCOA COFFEE. with be no admlelol coarge-eind refreshment#
5 wrt calf at Ito. One i(loczal Stok) aaxta arian J Phone Miss LesclalouPe, 6217.-July I water spring. Robert Village. Tableland, will ba aerved free ao h sre. '"urndel
i, aIlt calia f h a lt SeVin months in UNPUiNIriIED HOUS.' r et FURNISHED ROOM, independent en- Princes Town. No reasonable Comrade" I srb a grand picturett .
l~lea*te Pn fMrJe~~hLe,$40. 'Phone 679. ,-ue 0t~c. `0Ptaltet-Junune00 refused. Apply John DRarelohM. United me tort tcertai~n tnhat,pen'swo i~~ s p~ri
1 1 I U U n ad-COMFORTABLE CO)OL A00118I With UnmoCral Ltdl.-JuJne 3,25. 4
ahee:'.r at Ire Vai ge. Princes Town'410WO AN Y;At. ENin ad-CMRA OLMwhrcr tdne5 legteii
I vance fir House in the city. Apply MA. garage. Near Country Club. 'Phone LOT OF LAND 75 x 175 at Diego Mar- ,the ews.ofitsgreat meseag. of courage.
netlcer -June I1l Chair Pang. Phone .. 52. -.ne20aJ tin Main Road near ,Crstal Stream hind, this unique n ffairI d ty "the proor b e
Wt L.nrATSsJne l to KliGrad REWARI) $100.00. WANTED BY MRS. EDITH KIRTON, iadger -ouse.Ro, d). Ideal for building. Price 42,500.00 unique a is tha th po .. (m
I.e 'nan e. E t. Jae..- EIJI(ItPEAN, 1 bed',tm house. ,ith small Town. Si,,John's., Babados. or noa.,a offer. Knox. 'Phone 1,226.--(oft oe pudding is in the eating ." All you
o. 3 inandStreet,bt.Jsie.- EROE.accommodation for four boys attending 'June 18, it tTo ato aedroneyofr applcfree in
11garage. anywhere In residential quarters A h~dt~ u. avetionsdosto agdetsn o hs e re n l ean* uuui dsI ,On
of POrt-to.. .. .. '-uard particulate and terms. AC..ES.(MOREoOReLESSooat Morttcn istodatdrms. your application in
--u-a---u-e--.-npl y to t above a wrt-ngto-'Tende-10CACRES(MORE OR LESS)tatIra-IK0to '"ToaderdColoradon'e/o R-K-sM st Inyou' Se
$WlrI -uWA Dfnr House tn good locally. INGLE. rab d e y-1,11 caR Road, mileM from St. Joseph R ail. Radio Pictures tT'dad) lot., P.O. Box 13, bi
C43-JlMeaRO.'omtesnd ely Fur-way station 14th lBridge) bounding 04 Port-of-Spain, mentioning your name in(Mt up I ght@. Burnng ase Bac S
PUCAT ILIONALJL ~ 'l'lioi e 4o.N JulR y 10 niMlN ed RoomL. 'Phone 1OM 41.4-Jane u e i osef Side with Marlicas Rl ver, with a smalltI eill. occupation a nd buinesl s addrek.-- anusen essroumnes, ) I t Pus' in.Ifra- S
A COMeORTABLE ROOM for Europeens. b'lding thereon. Ideal building site. June 17quentheadaoheeadm61 worn out, often
Amertnl 23 Baden Powel S ltreet.- 'Price 5.400.00 or nearest iffer. Knox. are ncauld byK idney and Bladder troubh M
,TON 8 M ER CHANDISE Vt a ABERCROMU rtY S'REET. Comfort- _ _ __e__.--un 114. _------ L T ... . '......... enoelab t workheve lyo Anthdoe sd t62
l I;il TA UA HT. 1AU HT, sole..n ,.l Stn. gic and double mama for30 ,A 1 'O "TE_ I CLASSIFYXSear U s fin heateworthe lverf ido
b. ur James oul .. Europsn and Amrle only. 'Phone 14 ANNOUNCEMENTS _______l_________ out dxcessdhen dowastes..Andoi o
Erope. .,,.NtC- . .,, i-i0noI -"" """otalng. .purifying Kidney actio n ,In
puoa tsa ors ae CeetMISCELLANEOUS FOP SALE -June*4.AGNYI UTONAL I rno qeaymaeyufaolro
I',so.' v...,iis~v.. CHA. Cip.. ir iUU 1141Maioaai 5 I4 ~ ~ OUS &ESTATIVII sr~trotgrman etheter than In yearsm. a
U A K Au O i ,,rT D l i u vi t Mki LhM m tion s a F arm eors I C A L L H At T U IT IO N ab
'*At"O"oiaa, Ilka "wer O tr'est. e auleaa Alnral, ac.1t it's tlaaaioaniIarcaPie ces pr,:OUSES FOR RENT AGENCY COursETfoE$2CAplyorSEndmoey .AUHT6= dl money-back agreement Bull
Coure fo $2.Apply or send mnyodr = hsam slm aorfn fi
b.e .-r A cau.tit i B o o k-k ee p i n g, 4 A ce n ts e aic l. P'ort ci- nbiptc Jb e ha rry o F U R N I SH E D M U N I JA L O W S an ta M ar- . i n ce.trStre e t P h o ne $ .m nmod e r t t o n a n I l lr t e re fu n d o f t8 0
'this "and cod lpewriug exams-June omot Oraig otare Anniea. liroadway bedl- -garita, st. A ugustine. Sesuiltul a.t@, all to tanager. Ideal supply Store, ,.rs, lm fu "AuDe M U PIOWY Satisfactory Tea
S ecal laoa, ClovNA. Ciuvataa tiour; uildera convenlence,. A ppy: V LAimgden Fo lJulyIthae y to g ain a Noth le Thl
ORH N ,Sc-rmarTpw t. glvuaial&C 'lle ApthOtecary hall, IMparlat, street, Purt-of-itpain, aeleiloneehodPrpryUpe halte, --ffro ismayor rugg46.0htoday, Onl y ote.en
--Elgaab Alimao.Mb 'loinaWiatred Raymond. Point Fortin. M. J. june210 Street, bedrooms, with A SITUATION& VACANT
IMum.-;13a. a isaue..-.-Juta O 16. humphre)"s, Fyzabad, Paul Laltoo; St. puaNISHED or UNPURNISMED House. Stgaragesetpossession) $w5RPtl00 COOK WAT ED. 1A prNTtwrD
tInAN.lA-l.iie 3, U U itlli A A laotins tI.C'T.A.). Ebenezer Williams; Tacarogud. electrilitland water, sewerage Fornehuld Property, undonald tit ,0:000oaCTED, $15 p e arm witlDApnt
MU-ole .ACADEMY. HillabLdndoiw P. U. Benjamin. Ta lago, H A. and oath attacn:d. Apply. AhansO4.ookle, New Cha.ttel PropTrty, Crystal albepibngaccomod ation If necessary, Ap-Ott
C DLanddasunderRobineon Crtule Hotel, p acar- A gakll-.-Juno SS treaum tvaoant)-- 1 ply:WCOKanp MAID. 38 Roberto.Street.
Ilelmtoot. beloondaay SCIohxi lot bOyb Oorough. ant anlsofoni the sole distributor: FURNI IJI tWO-STOREY RESID- UUnIIoisd Chattel Property, SAnta -lJunoa t S
gi rls Sentr Ca.ltidgelte lxlm, 4'.1 Itamidath Jitinan, Coloniila Hank Village, ENCE, WIlen Street, t. Augustine, In- Cruz Road............. .... $ 2.900 YARDMAN-GARD RNER, experienced.
exemptpon&i truarm mtalculatlO. CaralInahnai,--July b1. ...
Mitchell, principal.-July a 45-UALLON LIGiHT iTKEI. DRUMSL spctlon by appointment. 1nL 11t41. from Chattel Frooirty. Old Si. Joseri Apply: Frank Peter, 16 FrederIck Streel.
Oil MUSICAL DREAMS COKE A S. Dalton-Brown, 'Phats 1).ae aaIn.m. to 4 p.m.-June 2,. toa( tpossession)............ 9 -June21I
MURCAL R M COE +.DainnBrwn 'hoe 0UsoanFor- DWZeLLINU HUOU,;ll 1Carib street. COOK. NURSE and NURSZEMAID at
Personal and curraupndonce .' nliando. 49017 Port-of--Spain.--June 20o CD want- Rl
Vacant frtom July 1. Apply 133d Coffee Several Other" Largo and Small Propertles ed, must know their lobs and be prepared
a School, 30 Pianoa. MilltcoareTypewriter. almost noAw. 'Phone 49iPorlel oStreet, SaI rnando.-JuoI 1. for sale. to work. Mrs. Jack Baker, Royal Road.ff
tr0 I ).-Ju1, 30 J' sll to u nor 20y--e- -t--r- -i--o-t-n--W. "ai Rnoo4. June-2
story trLt)TUINOI at Jtn'e B R P at ....per.LMAN THOMAS COOK. Apply. Kent House, S4 Long
-aot. pTrs.-.lulo. 3 un20.tliSAT I" -- A- T- Mon, Rep..,-June 2t1
YORTILUa imtnsBUDDED RO0IC PLANT at $4.50 per R&A
gutoal School. kFernando. "pert doman. Felix Nursery, Maraval.+-unei IS looj EALn. FoR SAL& sloe Charlotte street 'Phone b04. Circular Road.-June 17
atlon. Day School and Eveaing JUST REZCIVX`--4Sonp0 the Whole COOK--lenerel, half day. 31 Scott
s.-.Jaly L. World Sgs, ohlldren's PMano Piace the s *Tobago, "Bloody Bay". appr. Busie Street.--June 17
ArTINU,--BLUEPRINT READING. Whole World Plays. Jemmott f an yre- OS4821 Aces. Barsainn
tecturali Mechanical. Map and nando-June 27' CHATTErL an EsRaller Land, rentaL 8, Tobago. LOl 'O,' pp. SASIOF RESORT
pT Newton Barnard, 1261 Ed- ONE BAIIY'S CARRIAGE, brand neDow. CHAT; T-ELoram Hoilse UL aneinot alig 60T AresL. VLusT BEAUTIFUL ST. PA rRICK K':
streeL-Joli al.i 'Phone 5114-Junke 20 4,U;JBaomc~ii nDma w 0 c" II EUIU T ~RC1
ill 401141.tImply. 404.011111); 8u1 t--Ju ati* Y uit Particular$ at Offtea to!. lroomparabila_ seenery h~lding I t.Pds
i08 GULIAJI SCHOOLS--Adults LIUITElR ELECTRIC (lenatating Pleot, la Roen~, empty, *.tig l; oveeatnns.t nultrludea fieltioonaal cnr odn id
ted Log todsy. Children thoroughly direct coupled eold starting foll D *el mass ,1~, lnve- '"bll lpy~d ~ a*, p.wttgloriou P a-atriks lrnad. i--Jne,,: 41or
Idpl~ltomrro + Success certatL, k.. .W., .11 VI .. .. .. Yel ene z~ralto2r w Mar iT q ii ute Sltreet tmew,, remtaj 4sf.i g/ Ane., Complpete. Sm+k: arn', Geat-Jn [
taac Cambrldge, Matrlculation 110 Volt AC. Convertor, Double Circuit ~i,.04. 'Phone Ward, 0509,-.Jan0e 21 0 Alfredo Sltreet. Just beenm re-MsriANO)SLE
=mercia., Delt~eol,--Jouiy l. w-itebboeyd. All -guaauteed. Also 1'4 26 MARINEISQUAKtE. No reas enable novatei an~d painted; empty'. M8r.AEU A
k.w, 116 Volt D.C. tesnole+ne driven Gene-, offer refuged. 'Phlone "7911. i1a Abererom-i mpty Bungloew. Cascade. .... Cheap, PlI 'O. good cnodtltin. 11o reasonable
ralor. Can be Inapected by appo tmn lt by Strt.+u -ulys 14 a. 19 quarry Street. Rental $13.00 $1,140 offer refused. Tel. OilS--loss Bal
'Phnne .'467". Nothnaglel, 5 Charlotte Sltreet, I ....... ... iLL St. Ja. . wih a Valley Huad. empty 4 8,5w L+OVEIAEST FRIGIDAIRE U toIwa..
SINESS SERVICE -June.. 3,poese..=.. Pri-e $4.b&. Apply to SO a Lnd, .por, 1 Acre, ant House Loui. Oilman Thomas. Allo I Beautiful
Keatsv bO ans Prnc Alfraed Streets |P ItrLO et. koDr 'MUS w19. thun 1 teiptyly, Petit Volley, Diego Stove, Do Luxe--Juae 2?
tNiSS"-- ANSNOUNCEU~r*TS Fs'i ed rnarido.--JUntrI "AOr, 15tte II, cunenieoeOvaV.U ies?..+Mar+ ti U'~thoaln. so4-acr MarIs ttsaf Garden Chty ONE CHILD'S BED. Apply; 6 A~lbleo,
-KEPNGtidetaen I HA~hN A.DRUUTRNK go~lad- ll drillve frole town. Farm) ................... Very Chesp Street.-June 2I1.
.K-J PNB UnerakO Janc e Ippl':-home .-th Av 1uealtures- HOUSES FOR SALE
L_ =Rai BROWN.pRep lEaaredGNRA LNTICSOVePghtone2 1IUAb3;T t lm.,Oer15 Siereetunea ai-Ss1,N. 6WARN TEEWod
ti l Build o B uyN iRea you t Con .,a) ed. Price: 6450. leIsl 1111 Offeca a~vqldi APIS: Sr~tth. 35l Lies. at Ohlee~. brook Ilelas lende flor 4+) yaarei. empty.
65l Duked Str ee -J oryu ne1 E iysue 8 Aveatie. Bsd~tdtta.--eeua iS 11.B.-Uat41 Your Pfoperty with LOGT. fee 65.500- 1 No. 4 Gomavlsaie Mll, empty,
STAM PSuk andR ackJu e t Re UE, CO S oo U te n NO.4 L! INT l, Immediae poe- tseI01k lale, No Sale 10 Commission. 411.500. 3. 39 lenall Street, Mt. James''%a
8T MP Rokt Re- Power E Oil, En hs. Apl y:m Santa 5e5lB 43t41. lties. ~ ~ R T & O P N~ ortglage lo 52l,50l0), 6.00. 4 cottag
Ti~li"ett," Baa Fernando.-.-Jultt Estella~nl P eEstate, mangleu r andeO,4.._-June33;]P a~ul -~l J IpaBS ani.ltl -411 uqlL .. .. ~ 4..&- O N. Lon L elIet LefIl de 11 Sne street. it.
4PYJAMAS OtoMase. ONE LAYING BAkTTER, Y Rbbits u E OLD BOEISGSO, three P5t. Vlhileet 61.151, 'Phoesa Selt Auglustlne. t~0 8 NO. 40 Rom~lno
everybody. t'ouo could bring ulroyor Hutch, One Sarled Plymouth Rock CGokB; heieme wmo dad amS N M all (15 Frehl~d.e 4. Aere LndU poe lStreet, Wood lrook, 661,500. $ INo. 2 15.
lueIu Goidscilint'l. 43 PJlk One Brow. Leglhorn Cockr. 31 elsncat odU eaumeos No. Ul alsolltlt so of hoiuse. highs, eteOorle Lan emall House), 6160to 11lt od-ueIsSret h. w.lo110gseee. ForRasOeeMrtn.0 wN.52FfhSreEraai
SOFP LESOK--Race TWO BIECO;4D-IIAND INqDiAN MOTOR ( 155Fehl.l el at re sseo) 190t.Fv-omaueo
Stood yo S afes, i xtlln5 ai/th YLS wo~lo Nllsdcarin excelen Irun- OW LEVN O9 CI---AI a Male Road. 30elelato5 hit. 2~m Laote F~reehold Lend, Laveotlile, posses-
P. BenneL 111 MuSI~a tqt.. rue 18 (S LolslyyMouase ldmel-S1m~th Main oad (near Angiicaa Chaurch) Latven- 'this w~omcitdining
P_+. BantT aieSur.O June R15. .o..,,,.he ..,, ,- ,-+.
-Jne30tW PlaIN .ODS ndone Re r .,(,8 ,am ., yad rusyoml -,,R.
aoy hrot RO MTIA?. o ToPWRrtRAn tO hriotv Balo. 5 morllet. Newy-built Sseh oncrt b lgn. 4 ORNELO STR 11U?, beutfla
TYE 5MG?, 46 Mealyl Streec, BarDtTEA 81 Term St to-- apmed15.............................e.....tiled bath aud toilet, drawngkN ad dlng l inj
l~~ o ................... so ervant's room and ecuvelmlspsrseusalm ti.ese~I
woen ral, le md A~ l~l w r FEWl UNCLAIME D EA T'P ERI ES, 310 T a-' IqL R t N. Iwaad e At (I It want a Property Aop he t', pnr y, kitchen,, rage, plsoty of space -
tee~ltd a1od prompt delivery, each. Guaranlteed. 33 Edward SrEet,-- Mteyml 25 Anyt e, se t I hvorwe ths.- anrk nete tis iimomlismai
ye.poprluitm.--Jua 15 June 33UtV i ~ 0 hee n vrwee 4319, B~ut-etL--Juue5 lS ~ ~ f~f*
II T W VIN Mie Aia ONERUEITAN RICE MIIl.. w~th Haulel, B:1 iltullt.k lh ,3I.lolvr. S N W 8IRP .MI11 4 i I IM11
.01 AVN. Mce AM OE gon st-- O b --g" -. 00.51. ,,....~TU gL~7oSNWSRE.N.A lwsla llan*d
J~Eartern Maan Bead.aItinepono. Pheii SIme Ptile
15 511 0 ll tOu ltreet Maln Fernando. -Jaaiv A to at I Sacql Iolor.,1 l .4-elula IS. B eS w ~ ~ ~
............. ,vB.. m' Assis _+ S,: PUS 8 .akn .. .-.p, ..:... ,t ~m 5.. alPt esvese wi+._ -. A& I N S

Siiw so gyfu i~to tPamh street. 1. oo"tattf*& afti1a44"
wrie OE F-04, IMW lL WrAd bbeeotatin 11114 s tomPat in -JU
rem S ove f. KUnn ispele astermw Vn tra"mfetase" oaufollowill Square. wemlenom
.Jm 3.tN. ~oy Tl5ddOemdd.-1U~m0It. In a"41 ABe.Whaite 1146 1 N- adSLAND FOR SALE
Is"ILtoNO &- "dokB O"10 v SLOt U* mam"m &&x-.a b
IL- *3CO~ AND AW, WOO 1LAND,6" U. fhoeam- IAwn.m-ae
Il ins. hout. atcswt tnotos coimpl~i I A MtoLL fOIS Jt~ot t loM, ea len. 00"eudtnenabpm
Wet nda totSwrtingeowthditiou, teess"abvt I et U*Le momlsIFT I ptees oW.G. og "reae. ERi-ver pIne. torsom
SB eums00SL --- ?wIS
amwow ow ag to"" 06 aw on. UEN d. C- R,- 0-m

1386 Henry Street,
Thursday, 22nd June

- QAsafft fts~ ib
ADUESIVEg 14 '"14
+t~dlIHII ..... 'a

W be aefte. -- N-mm"

Musgelewe. St. .MI
e--^ --- -canu
peesseeieng4". 6ee
amaebowcSL eJuSmm
e---------.- -.- ON

ssession Immediotely

St. James





lp sdtomiama -,

ADMISSION ......... V
Ne-. lady Membeor-lE-

East end of Pork Street FURNITU


Aftet 4 p.m. Kitne I

M. Querino

On insutructlotis from
OFFICER. Trinidad
36.6ft. agM x 22.4ft. beam z
Lift. deqli.
formerly deep sea steSam
os tfonna about 281 tons.
t tonnage M tons.
Iel hull.
otch tYci a ofler. 1801ba.
Iin Engines. triple expansion
Olda, at orewent divided tp
r carrying fish, capacity
out 150 tons
niters. Capacity about 1 61
= coal.
is vessel was built and'
tined in the U.S.A. in 1916
ri was reconditioned in 16943
ri has since been used in the
ulf or Parias as miine-
l-ermisslon to Ir.apect same
iav be obtained from Oeo. p.
uiminsg & Co.. Ltd.. to whom
rers to Durtbae are to be

36 Marine S<9uW,
Thursday 15th
June '44
1.6 p.M.

Instructed by Mrs. M. qM I
will sell such nice and iueflf
as: -
I Crap. Single Sec- I
Mattresses, Crap Mlrrorla,
Dresser and Stool, Crap.
Press, Crap. Dining T".1.
Crap. Upholstered Ch .
Side Board, Large MirbrlW,
and 4 Small Crap. orit
with Glass Tops, CrhS U
phone Record i Cablnet,.
Gramophone, 8tstue 010I
wood and Oce 01 ,. +.
Treddle Machnes, o.f.C.
gram, Elee Iron and
Board, Elec. 1W Fan, 3lec.
Blec. Egg Boiler, 3
mon l, fl, China Dinner
32 Pieces, China Tea Set,
Several nice pieces of 3..
and Olassware, 2 Burner'
Stove, Met. Spirit Stoe. ,
Gent's Bicycle.
Items on view ,iy prior ,t
morning of Sale and TeeW.Is
Boyd & Hutc






38V Per Ib.





-W iu l
yFe _l dr'm. __

i nltr
I. Instn



-"". wI |W. C. So l

a sll'--~ i

I Draer with ne am dset
toBe with Slumber liiTreHgrmitm> Orm

:pren and Oimad.. Pi en
adoed -Va : ani Ir W& Jim
Matrtea; Ninby I= Cr RibS S-AE 0SU2n
B'ath a d Sad Oblftl 55 5XX "DTBR 's WM
rt, Ch~d'8 Rlocker ud Hteb -- fnd ^
Child's Tos; Towel "r I
va1 Dining O T leIm4A
wde B.. d; Gyp in O- --
ipp Tea 'frfley; Otap Morth: 6VA Mt
1wd locker r wVthACuuam;
orris Tabi. Aa "rbrNADADW i -
and T7ble. Mirred Bat- OST Relbe
Cabinet. P, t tolbateu.m
Carpet and Fibre Door Mat;
B Reading Lap: T7o = .-7
eta; Chrome Cocktafl Shaker;
Ware, China and Glawr. SCHO<
Alarm clocks, PlteutS, BooiM
Essadnes; 3-15rWI aB Stove, DA e2*-t
g Machine, Enamel and Iron equiste
nd Pans, Pantry Wre. Brooms
rushes, Bran Pot and Dres- for you
sec. Iron and Toaster. f
8 on view day Pri to and Lit us fill y.
ng of sale and TERMS-
d & Hutchin.on, MUIR MARSHA
Limited, & CO.
Auctioneers. M arbl ieau. TMuem e

Royal Naval CW

'Phomne 4207

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