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Trinidad guardian


Material Information

Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Full Text

^|||M ~ it u-t P
.84. .. 8 .

Aa C.., LTD.

N. 8,141, __r_______Iv-u t-j2a T Mn'wf mm n t AD uuJu IAN.a


For Invasion Allies Renew American Troops Capi

Air AssalultAn
rTt.IAnd lsigny In Drive Acr
German Targets Get A dllg I Drveci
Heavy Hammering,
As Skies Clear
bIE USNB Peninsula To Seal 0
LJDXPD OAYFORCE, ___________
June 10 kAP) Allied aW" forees,
sataolla iaC field basnes on she
Prance I i, ,niOaY e SOa y "
German concentlracions oi jry n sI
bsa~sig u lositield n te, Germans Say Allies Push Inland
tanks, bIg glun Doulttifla z. I 5r-
o".a with hundreds of : n" airet I-
Cleared and enabled heavy* b, 1r ombi- St a rt in LAU
eMto result e their a ppor o the Scdume, ( 1
invasion anter an ena.rce( 15-houmrr i s, LI i it" ,-
bombs, tockers and bulleta poured, 3e 1, ra e b
upon the N Uermsis ateRUSSELL LANDTROMJ r n b pu
,and eeb Wr.. ,alargIe asl unts of r rmuni l airmen put &a proiet, rout e o over A u Aloae r 1 0 AV -mt V tear
rspe ard a lani craft somewhere t mbatle ifnt lle airounld e t at, oCluang inn Is saw mn -t-od y
i Le t e a.n o s J la I W A craft a l iions ILI-ancpra ed w i th e uc ema n of tod oa i v to.tay e l t ....
er w-Chsaamel invase n ofP ranee n. June ae iinoes o e tnsI usss n na lau11 rcnedet on the j .- 1/'.rtn
sr eata s" Inbkgrounde (AP wire. The first 'planes to fly hom the i.rrciian istn ima woat appealed
-------------t ____).__ liberated coast ot France :ere tu be their irst summer ou4naidve.: Cait t.L, , ,- t it I-
F g tg R.A.F. bpiLflre fighters and Amer-&i.riusource:- inultaneously re- Jim
y lG TUCER onair i i trscan 47 troop-carriers which i- otilad accelerated acdon in five: ltdi, Ji
ed oin aArfleds NO O BrROMin today 1mI or sectors ot- e eastern front." Boll v, f 0 A ll e U200(A ac
Ni od Fi ghting with the fArst wounded 'e- b. 1rom the blocd, last front in a pri
BtIhtn out of the battle zone -mang. to the long-coimant V h d tile
(Last lght. Reuter reports, a norlen theatre suspense height- f- (A
t pepo-se N o t strong force of R.A.P.t lnc"- tend as the third arnivuerstr3 of G;' y. 4-!,, --_ y .. ie
s agnd trlitax. flew through Hiti-r i ril-ad ''adrinva ni l a of Rua- \ y .

iUrteloprate s l' XTJo TArth ..Ters atid H nif nre flew,.er sn -flm.i llI~ j rP C n era
thick cloud and very heavy rain sita approached and in high placeTs 1f oldt Am
elop s N orth to attack four airfields, while everywnere It was agreed tWat the G rarvi.is
other LancastJz bombed the Soviet master-stroke kitrdly couldr/.to
rall centre of Etampes. aaout 3U be deferr-d much longer. "i.'
Miles outh Paris. Ailied a ir- The following Finnish communl-e b I i
Sn craft also co-operated with war- que announcement of the offensive
terbo o ships inA vigorous offensiv ie ofnightv oe the initial swing of mm u-,. r catn. tAte
against U-boats threatening to the Soviet sladgc hammer. said:n i t - a o
y GO R T U attack the Allied lin:s of com- "It is too early, however, to Judge "01L hlie slis a c
3t GEORG TUCKERh munlcation with the assault what tacti':al and stratehlcal signl- EAR..DRES t
THE FIFTH ARlMY, NORTH OP ROME, June 10 (APP area). fi.,nce can be attacl.ed to thi Stiff fu ightin ia reported In the virili fof aarentan. Allied 0

IM B~ swee of the Fifth Arm through central Italyys hsghwae* e av bloa w .l beodr obek trui a ttLgoig sr kdars od o Pls rospew
sweep of the Fith Army through central Italy slowed The Ninth U.S. Air Force is es- blow troops push Inland from their beachhead In France. Other fl

Sa~~~~dD~~~~~nd~ ~ Sm ^ ^ ^h^h^ i roadtnswr tale Buaps for tns rd ct e s obn are hatiing Just irth ofCanwhl the ere.n repot b
*rls afternoon as bloody fighting developed in the vicinity tablishing advanced headquarters "The news so far is rather incom force are hatling jusl orth of Cen, whie he German rert
northeast of Viterbo which turned out Nazi 8811 millime- in France to sped the operati.in p et., an Allied thrust on Cherbourg. Arrows Indicate extent of Allied
nk g s manned by a skilled battalion, of fighter bases from wnic. Aied I According to Reuter. today's L t o gains.
ptnks gun a y supkortedattaln p.anes can give c:aose support to FPinlsa communique says the at-ag .e.. vrr
Sankai suppo_ rtthe grao und forces without retura- tack was made at various points s.ok..... Na
'In and te fighting Ing to Fritain. with po erful artilleryy and ,iir
Sthe cha'fastr of( ]h o Italian Tta LEy ARAcspporNt. t here bs no cwnfirma-O toy ,L WhatM n
in contrast with! BATTLE AREA POUNDED tion of this from the RussianLfoM
SPlrtUlt which hse w Up to 500 Flyalng ia n ortresa s side, the agency said. lR Tyold To Join Allies ge
Regmgeai tho M ove Liberators s ou ermn r. i h-Rrf iom,0n.nU d efnery In of
p. bu&t b tnen der-m mois dberator s a ond ehmi ndu aired \ it. may also to camoufl:e the. LONDON, June 10 (AP) th1
since they cleared battle areas fobowng UP imhiar real tims of the Russian summer R m n Hi Therg Polish Government broad- dii
& week ago r night blows by the R.A.F., wnie offensive. It said German recon- Rum n ia itta a slR"ial message to the he,
tes cotrlier lMat, the T of l n llignt l and medium bombers bi, the nalssance "has determined the Poles in the German Arnmy to- bet
*ies retreating all Along hundreds bombed as close as a main t.ussian concentrations in the. "- .. day ordering them not to shoot Mol
Iotalia front and Al- claws. mile to the battle Iees and morl northern sector, particularly in FIFTEENTH AMERICAN AIR at Allied soldiers and come
Sha occupied eight c o ENE than 1 miles of the stretch be- the rear of Pskov and Ostrov. The PFORCE HEADQUARTERS, ITALY, ots ver to the Allied armies. r t
00 both sides e ofn theA KENY hind. ttrsoops thus -so up41temblud obviously June 10 tAP-Swarms of Amei orts from te Normandy front Ia
trys eay o opwhs- ml. ovosyJn 0 P -wrso r-told of Polish troops pressed n
Rot e Fifth Railways. highways, heavy gu will be order to break through can P38 Llghtnings str(siked across ftrel
n Rome, FI piti ROME, June 10 (AP)-Excte- positions andi concentrations of the Baltilc eountres." the Balkans at tree-top levels into the German Army fhat-
S Cvw ckired sector meant continued high In Rome as troops and tanks were attacked. Budapest radio tonlgh predicted bombing and stratfing t he Ru- lng there, the
a deep and more Italy's new Cabinet held its first The Channe, skkas remained thick as large-scale Soviet attack on the mania-ArnerIcana oil refinery at .... .. in
wide, yet they have carrid totake the pledge to the with aircraft throughout the alter- Hungarian front pron and said: Ploesti which wAa the bi.st major i.
[. Dwith anti et h evetuTeuage aslfteveoe in u er -ound
"i catch uw ththenew Premier Jniomi, and omitting ncon and evening. chy radio Aftr the heavy loses suffered by refinery left op.% ting in Rumania. fri
l A tn the cstOMAY Oath to the ngsaid two a raid warning wethe Bovaetforees In recent fihting, The target was left enveloped tini
lCro ct r sound in the elrc:o ARthey lEv' e lotelp i received reinforce- black smoke.
tmfnr so Riti o te r mbe"w o re atie r asp- fle with h soke-culs pounced o. th e 'a era h* n.u; mt
I.rtC SAW th M-. horters Amoang the sPa.oW T he (AIt euter fre a losednt. ,who nts and ah ve been regrouptng. Nearly l100 Messersctinttt and- strikes

R h ad sn -PN E Houe ofSvrwillffi i an haec-e ;or s- fi ghe r anith 6410ler~ b m d i'* l o t ltm nh ci'oke ls pouainced-jet e t he avee A0"" Ho'ie rSntrik es .u
as0 te lrn.'iheh will remain 'I"&taYs,6ft d'K X sW A...xl"-my ........ I
lfth o.,,h wl rai I __n"Dof ,,when they finished the attack ndr n e
Army AIE we iroi sonal c capital, as Rome IsIn do wn et 7tecti o a -dden. -USS started on the last le of their I

fc ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ics th aS ^o^ ^ ^^~in~~~^n vsN RIT^"" .'ndS^ttack andr^''n
e dszone of military operations fre si'hest 'journey. A number of enemy I ap
Amonr, many rumours spread In berators and tresv added'plane sowere. shot down.uThe long-m t
10th Army wa Rome' a.-s that an attempt was their weight to the air assaault;V al- Survy Plan planesdie-sotbon. The lowasng-
sstubborn rear- made on the life of Umberto, nt somer of them bomlxd gun posi- rn e d bi" an aa ws n
t,( trL-d after Fortresses and I.,Ib B L June 1 .P)- It Li nthis sector but highly-placd oci. Idoe heard no- thions and defence areas near the In Barbados now for talks w i th r e eafer F re s a d U BARCELONA hJuneat n (P)- tat
gg of disorgntlsa- thing of such an incident during coast, while others rn, -further Sir Frank Stockdale, Comptroller su The earlio bern thr ie p tin- ss ine odrn .that Fench re-
toheft ie ibrrtths- t n b n afield and struck ptardrcmes for Dv -lom cessfully to bring the R;Ayns s ssance Is rising Report.sa I s'
;the time rmb-rto has been here. afield severalkl p tsalrdCmefnoDan ev-l pment and Welfare inrefining Industry to & virtual stanc- there was sabotage and inisirrec- t
tic coastal sector There was some excitement In In several prts BritDany an the West Indies and his medical sti ull o tao ter a t. n i rec I
were now moving t me when there was an Normandy. Thunderbolts an avisers, is Colonial 0. C. Wenge', All other major refineries in thie vin ae offe help, Irnfomation andi
wh- vienteees oaneer hSeow ustangs, I ofo-mton and Aw
following up the in the German Embassy. As a, re- Mustanis of the Eighth Air venereal dilseas expert who left Ploesti ars l-we been rederad medical -assistance to the Allies fr t
wral and the river suit Allied soldiers in the Embassy also carried out number of eelea a t l ,he c a rapo
a tsvrlnoee lreaon fe-lsow-arredel out ack number o ncieb -a% obnan heAFec ryllrsi a
'V0ssed at several uncovered a large amount of #x- low-level attacks cn G~r~iian Before leaving her- he had a total output of Ruman' produ~c- revolt against, the collaborationist
l 'epondent pointed plosives and the cellar was in- mobie reserves and other targets M bre coherence wt orma e nl r an
means an adwince vestigatd causing no serioulc cLsu- behind the enBm. lines. On of Maclennan, the Director of Medi-r cent.angercus close to Vichy
miles beyond the ltles Spies and stragglers ol the these craft snot up 41 trucks in- cal S"rvices. leaped to other parts of the f
r iv>aneed positions. German Army drew crowds Of cluding sor e 50 German vehicles. Colonel Wenger will discuss mat- or T. aer ai that L
-wn of Orsogna, shouting Romans. as they were A Mustang crew report finding ters relating to the forthcoming Put co T traveler said that
btter flht- pulled out of hidgplaces da h. -e bl from some previous V.D. campaign which will be sMacon n ih atns goin a on in she
~~~~~ Maco uc titte fagh- puleddot3ofridinlplacsain
Killed hands.1 carried off in army cars. In some attacks. 1,, Mustang dived dow launched here shortly prior to re- n Crime b-ratiorists and militia' n w.'t bo
___ to__ cases crowds threaten-d to attack low and adced to the damage. turning her. this week. a e s killed there yesterday ,,bil Vichy m
prisonrI, and hal to be held back Eighth Air 'o0ree f1phters alone He told a Sundayy Guardian" LOiDON, June 10 (AP- -On the offid "s fled from the fi
by soldiers. had flown siout 600 sorties by representative yesterday that the second anflwirsary of the Udice Although the Aih~d High Corn-
Again The cabinet proposes Immediate- shortti after noon). Barbados talks would result In 0 massacre. it was announced thai mand is wl'ho'din' Ifor strategic 1p
1v to draft a law for the election 784 TARGETS RIT jatepping up of arrangements for the eight Nazi oficlaals ond "'certain reasons at the. moment its instruc-
fore. Biak of an assembly on t the esstoiot i Ai cmpagn In cc,- oaion w it lic he known culprits, accus o o the lons to the a undr ertuni army to
y hostilities, and the fat!of the The Ninth Ai rPrce alclosedI an important announcement would lit strike all o t for lib eration of t
IN SPENCER House of Savc-, will be dec led itsafighters anti figlter-uobers be made ,.'ly .next month, that Cz-echoslovakian vllaege have rsonmtrv. fronilitv.e t-satche%, sod
ALLI11 E,* crop is ready forHattacked a least'784 tar- bern pu l that othe Uniteand Navtei o of- t'flfltl.l t* reorth t-i'd of miltt-
"I N ALLIED hEAD _. ..ood P. "be I put on the United N nations of )idb 'O wA asm r sinq, ,,; ;the N o te Un
i- NEW GUINe;A, hervrst, but mny farn:eIs atre g.As during the first four days cVITING ARTIST T LLCTURI!ial list of war criminal. o le tn
was announce Pfrald to to !n .t e Pe! .s for fear the Normandy amrau t even i hougn1 TlGe irtnitisd& witelosC ommtteeiret s a", repor-t I Ipn Ge. rm.- any-
'lat an Allied Navy that minpq laid by Gecn-r ls were lesterdey's operations were limited I Mr. Hard Simmons. St. Lucia! r Insta ga fiton Coa m ittee ".
td second Jap- lfe-fhn eI to reconnaissance flihts, s artist now in Trlntcad, wi!l give a for. Invest gationof war crimes took itsl f" -" se rea
to reinforce invaded Reut r stats t hat Count Fon Tusday morning throtigh Ilecture to the TIinidad Art So. tin o cusalo broliu b that Ttlo are..en aning more
to oIute Isla da off Ale.' ",-" n rq"sati, Ib"-, *. taks? I Priday night. Ninth fig ters sup- city on 'Compo Sition an-' Uces- in the or, charl vkia r- ti na ane In t e tr*
*CW Guinea. Allied ont th' Mlnistrles of War and I porting around troops, hurled bombs sion in Painting" at th Bihop's dr obber, deportation, enslave- mr tI ttl
Anashed the first. Avtioln. on everything from guns t Ger-.High School for Girls on Tuesday I.:.nt and larceny. rore t he i Nazl t
reported thet fiver Al-irpl Decurten remains with man radio installr ions. .Inight-at, 5.15 'clock. actiond' eancen. on'or'O srtht ehor, Is, f4-htine tat
a wce in em ep th Nav .The ac;ion m ean.- that thc.se o nw Boir nO %t 'rn p ," M alto Fel..
le r s w c re inte c e t e N y th e lI t fo r th e L id ic e c r im e. w i ll : (, ie r-n tr e f o r th e F i g h tin g F r e n c h
repowrted tle-,ett.five I a..N -- (117- "
Poe -Acti'ng Gnrefoovern or tngFrnc

night b- Allied y) T hcte o m a d be ked for capture 'y any of, 15-1u1P
forced on enemy Rommel I JLnecte N ormandi tl.e United Nations, brought to The Ps"tIlaris ,o '*" elet tbe
IAnd flee. one of Acting GoSector 0ny w Mos iU after the wa d tried in rtans in'B-ittan, iltt--,o-
possibly damaged. S covernouz ,ech court under the t.h ,,,ci"- .I .'. i I,
"---- Opens ArtShowa IIReuter states that officials three cr"tal. and tne t' A e.
Involved ,ore Karl Hermann na-trient rtetro e so o,0mitives
RtFundNears One of the largest collections I -- .. ...- Frank. Reich Minister for the ".'A 1.,shed eetric and telegraph
of pictures ever fl.'t up for show "NOEL MONKS Cz.ech Protectorate, and senior line.
Mark the Trinidad public concern- WIA THE BRITISH BEFORE CAEN, June 9delayed) iAP)-- ,'roup leader of the S.S.. and
M k the life of a single individual. When the German Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel inspected this sector 'Kurt Daluee. former Reich NAZIS HE LDTp
Ind Lebanese COM- was seen yesterday afternoon of the Atlantic Wall two months ago, he remarked: '-This is an ideal Protector of Bohemia and More- Th- Algiers- adlo Rin, that the
an co.L.rnbuton of when the Akbar exhibition., sPon- spot for an A1lied endingg. It must be strongly W IortW.- A mm 'dateiy."vi, and Colonel-.eneral Of PO-.Pr1nch i-derrim, dynamited
a1d or morebthan oscred by the British Council, was vleeand 8.8.1
ore than opened at the India Club 9 Every able-uodl chmanA .-.-.-...-.-.......-- - nI-rt asiA br- 'DayiNo
ot l o 3 .21 sub- Park in 'the and woman wu cansc-te nted ,b fl-rmsn an d t roo's m vem de aynts to t
Q'ef' et n and ifrini.
letra, iios yHi Eclnythe Act- putting tip obatacie in nosslle 11 lJ5U[
tordy yinor yHsExe.~~c '-an --n--elds -rt-n- 13. Ae : asI Yer. The Vichv riln sli the Ocr-
?S,37pt carriedM thlz ooenr..m ou .- el's uefenue" prograimue wits only" I ess 1 r mWPlrans are doina their beat to clamp
l~/t tiHM gt ....., rstl afcmpleted whe w ani 'Lpp(r) f tlIaS .. down the Patriots. Paris radio
--alP e rfndr ofrth m l ife .ofn r Empero --'-r Akbea' The Mayor of a v a ~n ar omen,, t~ ] ]d~ l I The "Suda Onatrtisan" under- announced tt'.'t the OermnSt sit-
lo While an- ..h ... was decrbe asthough not who told me ', S e e of stands t S cit man, Isoloer O, fe e the te'egrph _esl. h.
acnolege ..wt-pr.mb the .f grea.--e.t us saw to it that the Drtitsh knewl tickUet D7OUS. winch gre Pippn,! northern France, and Vichy tck
[' 'd un ...of, ,--sth._e stat. of th denc, P OME, jun 10 (AP).-- pnts the horse wblch el d mos pontmle Stn. to ea. acrpt youh o f5
s[w"ldgnl hold Ohave the Briqt.shn-umret Co-,u .,.uncil reoresentativHrY.. .- ,t" r~dl~ta""ei~rstd "and denouncingat these Ce)t ,-f w io~ ROAnde,~ WSSlm~,-Dett~ W e' lnet b Mayor ntmof thn PMJISM."teeen tt !eth-'l~! amIou n. i tw n' Job.." .A _elanev'ettl tat- (~'o-t
At i$0 wl e I the Wetnei. h eXpilath lind en. O~ of the trstlM n.. by Br t -Oea'l itmie oma,,rels adt th t yesltsr-1 Iti15515 inGray,. se
the eotrib',tion the objc of th e.. hibiti.n a liset Into my hant1)5 glostallie d afttr eoslsuitao With Mr. Evanoe' di' rlused to cuinm atr deny this e~p~. amn oreulten w uster
-P f h ', wh ws pu,, #, -- the names o! lb IC mos iromi- DSImtOA. tia I', wt. infomf t n t asun amo, roesul fte lck
Ie,._yaio wh it w* spotiscie y. nent Uesm l th. vilae twsOpan4 In ad0.itnta wnigice, .~i ne- noatti the Fre~nc 55 flailaus"
he0l The Actin Governor, in the handed the list to our intellgeoe t~ W vi bea Juta~t mebeatod T *s omne ofCe a* larg nuner IT 1 d e' .f "orers an sacapel U ati
of space full text course oe, a short address..aid, men. I WO... Ef~m b e acho J nt heldber stod h.oe of in xen umer noc-al whna re,,hidin--h tsem
5'sW4ysedy"I should like to may that it seamsma .i a ttr ed .t iarw .el'l' a haI hdqtk
t ya~eto me, there are n~ot reall enough lmphlbious Furce c .pj _arte Nip _t th. V.mm.tt.e .sI trole int the Tur.f. ci 'ba ci ce.l at hUS.,. n.rsnm,' o, fctm~n
.... lture in. Trin.a eeNaonal as" inr, I w_,_ tohndle ctill .t ..out lug tickets -ndaflter ex:' .,k of the r..'anae, besI
tlon N tlt~t herem wy,[ .M Prince Dr. ia atacceed General Ut aolny staked whether either, ei'trol at ths slt't~loau -- himd
ion an tlentuthrel to 5 I ate way m jd~ p b-u.'." ._..,w bertore.. venga, who a. a it- of then bore the sweepsttake um.n riot'sle stns m town "o'f5 7)1
exm ssd Ie hhope' t t tbs RAIut1r3 LA fE June ponted by Maranal Dladoglito tOie- ber t~~tstti ra-saa ,i-- shortage steadily v a
Soidet w~oul .,er Roaru~u .u J m-ten p re t ethe RmeivlmtotyIp
Ito e fore and pro~ea opr- H/ ...... emifht ,,. -ie,, the a ,.,h.. temo'ru elves th Germ~anresildys 51 :tapita Avenue Wuod-.
Ptadnt Roiey'lt~s moen from nictumt apart from tI OI~ in ,'ie t. ugbe ..... I mSixiltned that the -"u[, e
eto the Vatican bI'rSA'of Akbmr. otb whlNouaid mppoata~nti 'ma t epn g wnh ruthITI
t@ rettcn to t r A. t.... r. nei od )1 mUU iemahm ome tla
P' e. ;lma clb re'5 ted Oveio.L Ua now: j at ti OemaIl Politicl Talks Di.,.--nes.-.

flihi bAkSOSI WWUnimi n 2'"T aI momia, aemUNty W~ IONovilme ac u 5. -
at assis i In Wflueneine the atn auIII WSiMkntsw4n-l- OaoSEr WO, June S n
ty = ow&MthmImes1am vactih I optimfmet d4 l~sme~m em ad min lauiat t oopo t s"Im' -M ew IM OdBoaft o O m
t WN tI" 7oesa e vi Ws ch amo d 1Wmly mewhei nrrt1beta"s AMW his
MONaim am am ?a%,beftS am It ha
oafft pumae i uas tDoJ- a msd Oa e Mt hiss
iJ~fftihe" ML'Sayer *t'mmndbi .M'V wu 1*4s r*"d *>I1 *- '741 aIkn mes 5~ mcWar eid"sVlSL112?*S
t o w ,b r od s s e I ~ V m s r m
"Ws*th yusm. w oft to irsu gr JU. wand s"M _q o f"f a de a OlAM Oa WN 04eVU AL74t e git k b y o me
pswf =On Dr. tPao 5n SsbJme ac, War' ond -
ig^ F^be^!ft Inlian, own 1161,30.Bas o

YUMAW^M 114t sewA KH

so 1-k -i% ... ,,....... ...... swoM l
on lf....................*..
-AX G &... .*.s LT

:ure Treviere

oss Normandy

iff Cherbour

Mlied Progress

Continues Along

Whole Beachhead
iue 11 (API Unied States troops smashed a third of the wa'
res the Normandy peninsula yesterday in a drive to seal off ta h
lri port of Cherbourg and captured two towns and a handful ot.,
lages under cover of Aliled fighters a iking from newly-seized allr-i'
Ids in France. --7------ _
German broadcast placed the IN Ad a,
mericana near Montebourg, only Nazi Gencral and Safi-S
miles southeast of Cherbourg (a u I Normandy
er the Germans had withdrawn Captured In Normandy,4
"shortened defence lines."
IReuter states that the main NEW YORK, June 10 (AP)-*
'achhead is 30 milha long and -The British radio said to- "
0 miles deep General Sir Ber- night thzt a Gennrman general
rd Montgornery Commander of and his. entire staff were caB-
he Army- Group, haa set uo his iurrd by A ,ed Iroopa In
eadquarters in Fr ance. N1 mandy. His name was not
According to the )'arla radio, igrel.
0,000 men under General Mont- The Britishi radio alan sai:
omel Y'a command are now that 2000 m ore Allied ea'll-11
thtlng In Normandy. opposed ties ,ave been landed at a-
ay a OGerman force of equal British violt,
iengthl. __ri ___o__ "
leaAqilirtera said two destroyv- ~ "--T..r r .
Were the only United EtaLt. 4
vv lisse. up to the fourth day. 3 Nazi Trawlers
the invasion.
ulletin No. 10, iued ust be- unk ff Denmark
re midnight, said "Allied pro- u k enm k
as continued along the whole LUNDON, Jiune (Reutr i )-
the heaechhead." This means
at British. American and Canla- E,rly this morning light coastal
Ian troops nw arm attsicking Iorces of the Royal Navy attacked
avily along the 50-mile stretch four heavily armed German trawl.
tween Caen In the east and era off the Dutch coast, and theter
ontebourg In thle Lnorthw;erl torpedoes crashed into three ene-
A. despatch from the front dlis- myv ships sinking them. Thle first
loed that the Americans with trawler wss repeatedly hit by gul
tillery support began striking fire, and w.irn latIt seen was makl
land o0 Priday after using the ini for the oast in a damaiged
at three days to aecute beach- condition
ads and establish contact with Later Lritfh ships sighted ihr-
e British and Canadian forces
the ayeux sector east of the other German trawlers and ago*
panded 35-ie wide American attacked the enemy, sinking
pdnt. of the trawl.re with torpedoes, Oft
The Americana saind asix miles erpedo boat was lost in this Mr
the first smash laland from tlon, and all but tV of ttO 1 111.
e sea and veteran troops are were rescued.
eaiteding the -It t .
IA eorrespondcnT paid tonight,
Reutler re-port. it wal not un- Allis K T
ikely that the Allies would by- Allies Keep Up
pass Caen. Conditions were not n
ro good on the beacheS On Advance In India
Thursday night as a fliriy I
itroag wind was blowing from KANUY, c, Yi June 10 tR :
he northwest, hut it eased up tI-D t i -rme b
water backing to the southwest, terhm-On t ohe pde-Burmek e ptil
hat Is to say, off shoreL 14th Army Utoo hve l kPt W:
Improving weather yesterday their advance 50oni the sVilitW
which found Allied fighters hitting (,,d both aouth Kohilma ansl
rm France for the fir.t time in noilth of Imphal. In both sactole
ur years Milled the Allied for- a .5-mile sLr. tt of road IS IL
ird movement. Alled hands.
In norther- Burma, Ctine-
I(GN TAKEN troops in the Mogaung Valleyhave
consolidated hcir roa' block aOlth
The Amnrircans. under Leut,- of the Japanese forward bale 0
general Omar Btadley, catitured Kamaing tower. aBritish CbIW*
I small but valuable port of d2 WY S
igny, 32 mile. sinthvaat of Cher. have captured n00 ilway Wa
)trg. toppled Trevieres, eight loads of ammunition American
ileas ea8st of l1igny moved In British and Indian aircraft haYC,
mrn both sides on Carentan. asix made more h vv alt '" on J*,
anpes targ.ta througl- out laulpUS
PLEASES TURN TO PAGE 5. COL. 11 t ud Burma.

Sou)lwen, rs!, C eleh.ate




Empire Theatre
! aid ofA*0W.
Amriesta War
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A M=isr %AmIor =M P I mp =- M ,, + -- mw a
-No s1owarnd o~ ~~* ie~~.~~~~~9 ~ @ I ae k
-20u*posbi.mum "n To Wed S"oonb t Maer 5flvfl
INV" fathe..Ift a <a gmiesib" 3&.sX PW .& ^, f.VU a4I5 ^ r
Contr ollermf toal4 s. QI1P.I oU.ri
0f.t I 0aa. 2n"`L, skl 9=_- t Iodid W Throat Toe h

of U of am are amo w bl bx.adat Dr'ry otirio
aeworkaer saei o aS. _. W al (i W A$.
rashnsmmt bWA t ftr. n. in De Aminof. +

th an tiefcas tf i e p toit araema TAt ro[u a
msudou to *A tere, ad tte s W t Si MS tH r; t i u w .r
anvUpilvierd food cultivation s hgP Rgtr- thyoua the fact Athat pthe d rt- deth o d e Ee a a-. I
from the t figure 'of tiements, have 0n1 beens i nto In all 1 wedd ang to takeo t ognber twelve cames are death of Kallikn e
o400acresbuthepla 0noPe in the last ax plaVe inl and around t he cItyS ar including ap- 0 wasknocked do" a y anotor" '0 4 a
rldctoI n must o n 1in-moo" rd"whichVaied, thisshryai b Ksaw From Plans Pale s r a driven byUmon &u.&.
I. i. dst +ln Mgh, Florida Wotimt
or he colony w ill he in doaou t Dplcedma thain corOtr lagti e:_ .. ..' Iihsrhel'lhwr y r.
s o ur, rice and o tan farmers last yel, 5 nthelai n I te o M a F W
imt po r tou IA a MARGARd 1 p to-1 aAt Nls OMe a rt o
Iorthe scud be cutoff bona of 40 an a e responded to M-randl A eAR R, an d e w f
e l tont of, t s osn tof one In eight tag 1, spinster, teacher' of Plansa Mi l o-r -ssaesnulLrtg.." -ft-d wh
s ans tr any new landl. thu rows prlci Gin T ITown. Still In the witu.en -box Who
to ls "pro ds th anyn b or I o7 furthr hetsal waas- T d r N I D A D
S Control Departmen n te the whole responsibility of fod J-JAMES LAW p shco p.- .e i
relt tavourable P position it h .Puction n this departed, i t. keeper, oof 43 roee anaAnd. PoARMAsul t w0t w.a Jn
., ,,. 0, +:.. m, ,,.c^= ,Benef actress -"e -s "N+E W -

cieeth-vyris tH a mo~p at l Io tein g c~arrnedt out by orfA4L t heN baameor addres eleSmt tre Gue o il rge B-v oles brogh ag Sundat Pet 'erod- ^ S ahoetuae. Soh melo.C v
benI ear ofo pro, "As this department eonsilders I1. WRENCIA LEZA lflaitoo I
boen, though at this elto ofo the raising of food and cane to- Maraoas, Tacarilgua Warrd arn h wh ei

to beg di n rd~ B ri taw--- ~ ---stm VcON C B N .s nte, yp t,1,h M .0.T Fal n r Pr ci also s the Ba r elmiad s wry Inqure ly RO R G E &oeii C0, ^ X"17body is talin abou 't*
u ar. cassava and dasheeni ether an Ideal L stem, help i ALS N HENRY, bachelor, oiler.ntfcr e en eana o nre lm-n aot o ga erliG ODO". O t h / t h o
and are u rflit for rating in foo. production and the ,sne in- of 89 Frederick Street, and GSLA i eor. B os ruhta at otrde riong mlI r

4nn % &c ( hrnssui thea hieav o ut rY an Int ens4 e pro. eaturs FR ANCIS.spnse, dms ticns t ler 0oBC GeH Boly tyA cbih p o p e stl bogto be gain stl Pri ed ter bMSSS-l7 SHgi''' to^f t he I EUor i V
(ae ca l s tnd hr oug h Is beea i r an ingrcda out bf th e sam e addr ess. d tis t t h e hand that fed h im R ich arson, p wr con tinu ed before 1311 F rt erlek Sr - Tho so 's h i m a l w Ter.
place of the acres its o.ers advisinr: canefamer WILLIAM GARDINER, bachelor Coso Noei mau'ed a woman who Mr. B. W. Celeatai in the Third S -
i oeh Trlrdad's foodarea of nor- to lal t cane with food eropis In- carpenter. ,of 27 Marine quare, gn him food and shelter. Police Court yesterday. a slo ry IiArtD1 te h ourt
contioted for nedon n1 He Further h waS d S could Isk for. Try it 1BIyou
ly 0,000w acres had dropped to tinted In every second bank. adDOROTHY HARVEY, spinster, was etroyed fher belongings. He F rather hearing was Ad mourned l r Bt
h UFCO as cnvctd assaulting her. until June17. coerdsay*bfor.tTrydit in host
tie second half of 1941, with the b UPICION domestic duties, o the same damaging her property and armOing favourite eosktall highball, and
base work attracting a large Oer- "One of the things thbal, i de- dress. hAmsef with weapon to commit
glmitage of gardeners. now have gartanent has found most diffiult JMSJSP YN a heoaimselfwithandweasiprionedtArchitect then tryIt s4 itrght o trllyand
4.00n Acres under food cultivation to overcome In the last two 'ears. mason, o f 43 Luis Street, Wood- six mont hsf altsethrn. d W in P ry t si to trl
ted be this Department has any scheme sponsored by Govern.- MRJSIhALL, spinster, seamstress, o work, the Court was tod, she wave From asieou l..

?r,^w"! beacal~ .- ^'^- ^ ^ ^^ *k^^ ^ ^
8,258 ta.ants renrtlng 10.194 inert, ard any hante of pole on 8 Gallus Street. Woodbr5ok.W ihm tools: he was homeless andh r
aen soart from 8ava nnahs. traces my relinquishing thi pot in Sep- BERNARD MONTENEGRO. ha-took him In; he was hungry and Mr A. S. Gra, architect
Id unfertle lands. With the tember. will lead to a -etback in chelor, porter, of 3 Nelson Street, she gave him meat and 'rink; she Mssrs. W. H. Watns and Parch t. of Y.J Itba-by
sing downof the base wrk, the food nroductIon that will be sur- and LAURA ST ROSE, spinster. nurs'd him when he took ill ad nes FR.I.B.A has returned SIGNAL FOR GODDARD'
r~hfor land' has been such, that orI.in., as thousands cf people hzousewife, of the same address, he In turn beat her when he felt from Barbados where he went last A tummy fill of wind meantreal pain for "BARBADOS' RUM AT ITS F INEST' r+

for..-<70o ) rorl ~ fcI*11* 1^va he in tur -"''n beat hr wenh fel fo Barbdo we re:"" hne wentpanstSINA F914i~iy |. iGODDBI'ji. AVRl1^
it not been for the early rains willin to grow food as a war meaS Prte. KENNETH T. JAMASON. strong again.If week for conference with Si bab, l a ldtteandhat nood sf rmtett ing
mleg a stop to all felline and -ure have no interest In nermanent bachelor, warehouse superintend- Nol was also deemed a "rogue Prank Sfockdaie, Comptoller forBa m
Ingc of lands for olantin. schemes. an, war production and ent. U.S A. Docksite. and ILEEN and vagabond.' West Indies Development dand Weld P ofdii .rtin
ouandtit of other people would such chem must not be confused JOAN MOVUS, spinster, telephone f ae Sr Rarr l er. ehsa nd mriti tl r&Fom:- HA era
li the next three months hIave during the crisis, operator, of 139 Long Circular Itoad.fn i ca. eidcllare aLsr R erH riq and usa y ,r. & Co.. Ltd.--lerMA
,- snicnSchool , Tezeir-/a ,'' '
been ut back on the land The exorbitant sms s h igh as M Sraval. Ward cf Diego Martin.medic Gardnsr-M adw Mn, h s pl anninad P r e I-+ l lli d il a h ler are .
14Further. lands are bAiniaednr+.t n ,n hS o n.w THEOS AGst vo R iser; in connection with olans Magnesia. For ovYer ver
eId laid out for fresh olantina, in aske-d b trucks for trans- CEY, bachelor, engineer, of 57 Belle _nTr a inidad Cen__tralTrin zoo2 yearst his_ ,_in,,,,Id_ _
Uthe Indian Summer or petit norting provisions to Port-of- Eau Road, Belmont, and CEL..3- sInstitute and Farm School as welI IIid form of f *--
Careome when lands clrn be o- It. l n Snin Ikeepin. ood from Port- TINE VIOLET WALCOTT. spinster, S l a n t insiheand u Parm S co mi- maeia as well ,fl f 'o
earel ant nolanted, for rext of-Spain market snd rowers nurse, of Hadfield Street, George- Foundation stone of the new aa a buildings in British u magnesia has bten

%repsre4'-' an' .; d f other.t Tes India Tis- the' ar's i!ar.c mp Ain w er I m i a ndt reni rdy ^ ^^ Mi.n r -(^ w n *11- .,. ^
ar's's dr y sensor crons + With the are .t.ked to retort all such cases town. Eritish Guana. F12,00 St. Joaepl e Anglican School la nds. for a ii hty. es tn h .,
resent havy rains. It aro-arrint to this derartme"t. If thev arc RAILL I HAN. bachelor, .sales- at bele smy tle Street. Curep, will Mr. Gras tod the "Sunday Dien for d's -.
iibe sent on brid < band tracks VrRONICA BENN. spinster, typist, 13. by MrO. 0. T. Faulkner, Principal sins in RBarbados were extremely !'m O t

--t tih," r.r. nd o :, dol r.s;;i'l ha We t p reae d to iv eid ncetion aeos -t |an oI 52pC ;outh Q i ovinb e rdenetl facilities to bring of B r.itaria. of the Imperial College of Tropical sattfactorv and esentialre to the ly. ""
v-rt suh astr l ro pce aR iv erws,. T Ba i ARTHUR,,4 JACKMAN. bachelor, Agriculture. ear-:- development of certain I
tbvers such a t the Cuao River. a fol sailor, niof i! Dundonald Street, and li Grace the Most Rev. Dr. A. scnempse that important decisions
4so 1'ej.,o. inisepT o it r a L ENA SANTIAGO, spinster, house. H. Anstey, the Archbisahop of the ere still to be finally arrived at,
- Vs Grnalea r sd ini wife, of the same address West Indies, will be present at the before proceeding with these
Irrtlgts lack of tlokf'' with the o ul ed NICIHOLAo MENDOZA. bachelor. function pans.
ij.n of the cooa industry' will A series of Short vlai's to Lhre p lanter. c if 8 Rodne lStreet, Part- F..A o l
tave tobe rfbilt. F
ve to rebIt, of We neiga ourug West InIhn of-Spain, and FLORINCTA V-R 5 t - -
n ?C, ++T I i landi s will be started Dr. San- RUFAL,. spinster dometc duties War Savings Sales t------o -fo m ..-
R"TY TT s o o Refr mlton Gilmour, tuberculo5.- $ p) lailst of t e stle ddr Pr ( instructionsfrom i .a
"Forty thousand screws ma ifr.m Eng:and, who has on sent NICHOLAS WILLIAMS bache- atoSENIOR BRtISH N AV AL
otind a very l^ie acreage, nd out here bY the National Associa- I '. slinfmarr. f 1. Constitution N w $ 31
Witht doubt ill cause anl excess tion for the Prevention of Tuber- Hill Porf-,,f-ppaiy, ani MABLE OFFICER. Trinidad
ot foodd on the mark' at certain-cUlsis to conduct a survey. and LF.WTS spi-t '', ,Vtarnstress, of 7 Brisk sales of War Savings Cer- WE OFFER FOR SALE".
rerlods next Toiuwnr g a cei advise the vacus GovernI oi on l Schuller Strie'. ii t loates at Ule General Pus, Omee
tain amount of loss to the Market- imeasurca to tackle the dis, :. during the past week amoUnLd to H..S. REDCAP"
hieg DFBnrtnYent If norma plies when a'rlves Grenada later IN AN ERN N)O $ ,78 40, the Information Office l ,
of tomir, rice and VenesI'tan this months. uiscicsed yesterday. 136.6ft. long x 22.4tt. beam x ,i
lantainq are available Whether Dr. Gilmour Is expected to apend lSEMAEL MOHAM+ED ba'h lorI. Best buying uaas were Tuesda y 14.7tt. depth. M ..
Swill he avallahl- is the n rb- about three weeks in Grctiada and "ha uffetlr. of 4c teotaud Street. and FriOay which yielded $10,681. (Formerly deep sea sates --,

^ H^ ^^ appi. eoildo and $512 10espctiely The ^ 0% B r^ -- M^ ^W^ .ro t'island ati m depart- a similar period in St Vincent and Saol Fert t h do, and PARBATI, and $5 126tO respectively The Trawler. ?'
Vietr have to face, with noritIrl St. Lucia i n c 'nnection with his s jinstero f inv," addrcs.s half-dat's sales yes erday wass re- Grost ,onnage about 281 tons.
Iles arriving, there v a work. DAViD \LEXANDE FENTON. ponsible for the sim o. $321( Net tonnage 192 tons.

Onilsarriin.trr iav -- 89 DNee tonnage 192 tPons.38 |^Y UR F S S
! c+ deocal food, hut with suc'h His proposed visit to the Baha- bachelor, ,i.-rpe.tet of Crfms Cros- Totas sales to date now s^and at Steel hull.
$ilroli.r' cut o' offth fir' tat the mas to c y ut& a tubhcrculosis i n-aitil 'E \GATIIA C,OOD- $2,290,431b60 Scotch tvop Boiler, i01bla. 0 0
pS(': lr,. Food Reet trv ; is not luee n 'i be niade RTDGF. -piwte vrof 'e Macleiii
*hows ami+u~d 70Oo0n acrers of lccl- iintil late this sear b. %hi(h time ,' v',:1, Brothers .n Main Enines, triple expanon!
. cro i, lod s iTPQtitred to rp- hopes to complete his work i1 PAUL SF.'UCHARAN bachelor. B esEjoy62 N.H.P. 4
01lceC im:1 orted I;. a Md flour, h rieoo rewrnt area of his actti'. ies +.,ldter. of Tabihault,' Village, and Holds, at present divided UP
concluaivelv howl thts, 40w000Ihih ihoes not include the Bhan sMARTroHA P'ARINE spinster, seam- Ca L for carrying fish, capacity __ _
acem cold vnot stive security MaRS. stress. of Pcoite-'-Fierre. Usi.S Camfp ifie about 150 tens,
.ot Rive aaloal tndtr He will be wolnr to the rathamas JE EMIA-1 FRANCIS RAMSEY.B nes aalv a U
iaI Uner4 te e at the Invitation of the Bahamas bachelor, police. constable, of 5 1 unday Guardian Correspondent. tons coa__
tha~slns ude c rain er0vernt, mewl egont o thicle ad hams E1EIA RACI AtoYBnksca. Cpct b~
Ils M. y 1942. ,-rd ,NoWbeGove*et hc ~e | cnStreet, and FLORENCE SAN PLR.ANU4.OJune 11,-New. ; Tillsvessel wasbbuiltad
1"4X thoIe eventualhies. v er arrangements for hL visit. WEESES. spinster, of Mon Repos reached Mr. and Mrs. R. U.. enalgid in the US.A.AIn INS
nesti materiallsel. and a eI- .I.. Housing schenme Archbald, of San Fernando. that and was reconditioned in 1942
qr;'is t~'itior, was averted by CLAUDE J'OHN, bchTBor. ef t their two sons, %,liter and Carl. anA has sinoe been used in the
,....-xM'g lodo t,, pne rVille Uniyn Aim Seen in'+-rcd. dF I a C.RTS- who lefIt sonitine ag to join ae Gulf of Paria ab a mine- _
ote-j r D ,f Unity Aim hv thTTNE I ,IFNF spihster, of St, RA.F., are now in a nsilitaiY sweeoer.
.,ol.;' ,s; dartmes;, IT IST Educati M EDICI,,N"E' Viagt. camp soincwhere sn Aen ricT and w -
We h.,r mart-, Wi t.ry was illW .I. Education are njoylng the best of health. 'I Permission to trsoect same SO b
'iit'+ t: ert''sses be the, Tae bo3s, in a recent letter to may be obtained from Geo. F. "
x rr-, ,, ,~r . dis,,+ + rl + r W ~ t I : t n l a ft r in s m sa { "t T t h eic t ~ l v cr p a ri t n ts af r in f o r m in g l H u g e i n s & C o .. L t d .. t o w h o m .G ea pi lw t h y u
r them of th~ir itfe arrival, spoke
rf Ar.-wd -. e.e' s:rt, deeloment of unIy amon I1 (1,oitVriod offers to purchase are to be ,,U,,
of Tri i,,id, wen, I. ,ii ... tI a: d;the pecote- a ZFY bicadiast on a t highly of the treatment being!I addressed e SAFE brand of D
m- i :,-to C'I ail r ti.! 'rday quoted Mr S, A Hammoin! Iu At' tile mete out to them in the camp. -------bado Daily Inner aClanliness should be your
5' ~e~.s 't ~'~'e h n-I t.ct'' Avse n es''f~aId ljisrt'"tian' Shola A ud soAI- TeBAF banAo
( r it', sa'licylic acid....... a.t in declI r'd recer'I simple rule for health. Then, not only
,~~~ ~~ _~tn de. ..... re'tI )SD-es nj hlo- Port-of-Spain seem mmn~ t ~ ~ ~~mm atyl-sliyiaid
<.me-: ,; :,,, " t^ h vnl e l,:- d,)catt,,n Adviser nil ti'e 0?an artd lsrr~t-1 ,ttdav. School ASsO- will you ke fr10nd lo yo1tmt u
r'I"rt(. A' '. h5'rl died nut n!le nf the C'omotioller fort Desreop- Ci ttoti. wl he held iii St. John's = Kills pain quickly- -y keep fresh and look your best, but
0 I'm !'7 f ;-,.ar'as1lntermnlwtedl 'tni' and Wllare n in .t h e, Hapl t Churcht Pnbroke street, N i you will feel fitter in every way. From the
yr' t kF '" a ......n e seen. rt' Ind+irs M.r Hafnmo,-d t.,. broad- at 3 'cl ,.ock this afternoon. timeIit rouo.neHere is what you.havewailted for..iitmoment you drink your tonic gins of
ri-tel an'l othepi cias'said. e:nnIhaisedthat 'alltilt t i3 iadier Atisen of thle Salvationi ~sp~kling 1qdrews, yourIne lenins
lo"'mntantedreducathon Is desltriable on an Ars ",will preside, and an addres' begins and as a result your skin will be Co
'" .?'l-- ~ ~ ad ~mis i~ io"t at' be ;Tiveli hv Mr G~rcl ttChen, RA_____ 1 fO O~woesse urersd nJingoad. 50
I + .. .'t ' e e . . ? .+t + : + : 'r m p l t tt o r i { T h i s m s lt e d o: n e p , rn a ri l v a .T e r n n e r a n 'e S e c r e t a r v o f t h e A. 9da G eoo... c l e a r e r y o u d i g e s t i o n m- p o v e d y o u r
.+ !" '3r a".. .. eansaofaboatsItsgmean of i.l .lliterac T ..i tto'l M.. s... a-. other ccn-...-.roa* kcwhole system refreshedti n invigorated
O!It P, r f-*,%r!+, t,+ o, I R its i,.mnortanl-- of adult, educ+ation ,I Us.,t.ob.. + .. "+T ot a t
.... t '' rn o adut ,. .1 tribtioisAwill also be rendered b.... See how Andrews does its purifying work:
tIIvli Vi-! rpirmrtonly now generally recognise~d." scholnr' of -several Sundis' School. ToothU& Pastendew efehe adclas h
-Afte. 'a r rr,,1s'!t ~lo,. with Page 2--must Itg An Invititior is extended to the FIRST..Andrewsrefreshesandclesth
t" '+-t, i- Tpartzment that ..public to attend. For cleanwhite teeth mouth and tongue.
24 OfiN; I4n of on tiana:.as were eaten and
in gre nr t -'lrr "'ar. st-Il~i~nl-' Radical Club -----__________
to ,, ,.. r,,,-,,,fr ad i C b healthy gumas NEXT.. Andrews settle the stomach
r,,! c tm",etf ct't','iato.!,e and foed Meeting Tucsda. LE T S DO YOUR PRINTING. Mode from old French formulas by inter- 'Genozo contarns no and corrects acidity.
atd eddoe Iadica LLiterary and Debating latest books and Magazines. nationally known experts, they will bring soap, grit or bleach- THEN .. Andrews tons up the liver and
RICE ISSt'r.s Club members, Tmeeting in regular F-thoo Rooks and Statlionery. ing agent
session at Belmont Methodist Toy%, Curios and Neveltles. the joy of living into every hbuse for a checks biliousness.
'"01llowing a Ixed policy o f School on Tuesday right, will hear TE SO 'THERN PRINTrTp am F IJALLY To complete your Inner Cleait
mai~a 4?II utoilo orte ecueon"aco adShks-AD OKSO pieeveryone con afford to pay. l iness, Andrews gently clears the bewele
Jmairr lth periodlbyafr ccthe a leture "eBayoMr and Shake,- AND ROG~tBUOF LyS.OiUrIfl it aws s oule-aking poisons
'"ltini a reserve of ire and metIng" Is timed tO st at at Polnte-a-Plerre Road. 8aW o t iase yr
for thc.+ months when local o'clock. Fenando Prnc w We offer to TrinTdadlani
Saret, sarce, issues of flour and tcret osiain uiistebo
ri.., will bea larger :tu .ur- Coffee Liqueur, Gin Liqueur, Curocao, Egg The internal antsi cores Constaletion, purifies t bloo
-owlbonalrr1tlCognac, Aliash-Kummel. 'hat has been recom-
114. Uost ocriod, and as& tousands CgaAls-uml
Of acreA of corn will he available "W AR CLOUD SSELLE_'_LOTUS mended by doctors
N...--__------_.BURsT, MONEY Try for yourself You will enjoy them f f or over twcnt-fiveA I
HOTEL MONACO (For all Eye Treubles) Ask for them in your grocery, your bar, your years.
Nook Avenue--s-i. An's The Beginning of the end and andAclub, your restaurant 'Ph 541. heralds the dawn of a Nw"%IV R AE T
Cool andn comfortable set In World;" let us therefore Gird Or S IIVA M AN3 soa1. ,)I 1o1%100 CiA 3
'cl~l~otrs rounds. Newly re- Lains ar'd be prepared to rejoice (Pralaue hoi n etud s ol lu!r ii, Peedeaickl Street Povrt-of-Spa. ,i
Srvated Two minutes fron, together over vIctory of the (Absal cuess, lehrs.l an IhelI Drlink Nof Ale Drqueks 5 f it,. ,.,,. tow. C. ROSS a Go., TM$Lx#fr
enr. Resen,,' ionst ,npp. United Nation.. ,.- 'at~ ik n o/l,-+
"----.- .-.__. .. -._.WHITE LINNl DRILI.,-Verv nice Ct.Wud.@5. eooa Lt. LousbnroshEnslnd
-- ansld pretty for Evening Wear and ea Stpplles of the abv ________Ltd______hbor__h,__owlan
other Dresa Occasions at, $15.00 preparations have been recelvucd ___________,__
WAKE UP YOUR "" "o. +' tore. .o.o.,.Io THE SATURNq COMPOUNDING COMPANY -"____ _
2-pc0. SiorresCa ol ndaeo sl tyorDu 89 Duke Street :''Phone 6398 j I YO UR FRST Kl

en soutiah ou I t t~lt opr, whot liqu Rlba ~iuI, ~t
el ted Fw, e VmadVow ,TfnE Do VOUR 5 uokir' c DIS~hy bTnd his
,h,',, may invite, romancetor....
I ms, si 'e.y )ea i Rreodro7ontolt10 lljus mvelI
d..Iaa ..bs bero Oaubosa up _u elepieg.Ww. s e.73013 Id
stomach--oulretcone paeut atai wheleU Sl~S I
ea tpoooee nd yo. i Retn 14g Mar ne Squarea East ough t ldl "VIm m bret'h fndront knssoa eailybidi
A_ .-e h,..i.. moo'eme..itSoabeiesenit.Uset ot t lur

TAIIA '^ R~lf -- *^ f-m==*S*=.yu..^ wa f.'aS^ K WN 'AW BMW cRelul, Its penetrading foin gm i"o,
WASI EYLOEUKt ,klre > BAhR Jcrevices betwem yd =a Ian wmt eh
TAIOR' BAK laus We sIck dki, p .

Pain Wew Gone After He orn cram ps. bmdaiOSibS. haskacks oe am S* il ay Polntrwent you Ujv t .ft .s and toticcy. Colf ate <,.
e epl e It. ht nett rapidly Into the me M an a leaves the teeth thoroughly d euti"
"land Dodd-_Kid,,1o Pil. I ltdm IFht0 the cause of rnurfne; r kmtklk .keedst
mozMl CUtU'{I~lI=ad w- tMtmtsl7 ably fo Nevconhains
"Iam Dha nIdl May. Vihe Wiism s an 'uaeCspun oi 'teeIWua 1 tfgt .~ fully clgth ums atd
talD .,I 26% I Vy el age wv1a1 411 + IZT L~ *n ine- lSlmtg Wo i f t hInc troubles edepin coost hadbreathtaaz
Piln, TrWiads I Gone HWeUeor ItOis orfI, Wib ths el"srlteAl Bnfn sJanpdntbln ttyudea.ou o mS
Srbeia l m f t u mro c dh U w dVellsee s (2) it st* Itohln, hnr om ou- r
sl1on 0l Oe lAwoMualo motl m.. _There re no hrful Op9itaes is a b ai r p ttml I{ d1iw55. th Irton n tO h
ulk a pusIaatley It It T*t r plyIo t Up ,a to y s" le v s h teeth t o ug lanui
li il FIIEI tlillll Cill am u ,4444_polznd-.,4t la and ut eoola ming SOOthes the 5k~ln, wl epoada
ms gsd B UghOut 1,111 monattt-ure' own roosi aB4 hewis ad t a le, op
.b *iklM( At M '^ build up tHtUloeUIM aiust *uh (l*Vitezntn5'). IT RuD5 iL F? aL t rvy*whk one week azmd a the2?i~S ^ & ^ \ M ^i i S
Us ed Dodd 's Kidney uto M otional I ftflly dean-thestrdhoreae
..S8C uwTTuub'K5 4^9 repe*H*--Wrt benesl iSbal direttloal. Wortk trying Soesms Nlx MarB I years of "write stairsa i a ain die t o1 flight skin trouble It or you stmply rctsn a Ua
-'a tavbte'hap I Lydia L Pinkham 's VEGETAIB.E COUPOIIID Itihlnp .-brntMI an ,o g1 aI, sligtsutemos-ewIh rt
Val T ill at 1 o& s : ie = ea we ds r ~ i f* non C~ p nalil toeou co t
Usbr ft y e unt er.3)It whIterhand,

buiadoupt suchbAstliVtute "UeLRo:Iaeto .ear a n "nd b l
S 4Nixod
%ilss BIM ud. no lko .l ta uom.,ort~~wcnfl~ i o''"M oowtfelyeer


ISUNPDAY OUA14. JTlI3 11. 1M41.

4T5. 4

,i "I .... .


,10- 4DUf

I% mI-a reach Tnidad of
I k*~ 1-1"Wo of Oft -*MhSM'*
Sq Th^^1 ner*' thxm-f
..,M naarsthlpb. tranaae
ff She* wI* f*ills Coast
I a0i slgnal- below
andy lcs and Isaay


me'ot-.e-mln of an,.i.l.m'n. U S tI".a"
March d0wn ai n E1gisan iWr 0 to the
the emaba 4ib .o e otei1 At bolts.tm
tet--. LrAiLn sujr iroopter hst..,iy
Ornned sit 5in'iiinfg fand c"Ai'am.g an
the, Sir transpet sOCR's o I nMe
Am to,- for ther --,'e .t a1d."1
t0 world I1ntotr- ais Ot ttn.



II^ ^^Bw mlHUff m. --..... -...... ..-- --

s eean the CIVIL SERVICE
ow11, oc TRINIDAD4

K'OF THE '---

t ~ takes place in the Legisli
="* c, lL. on Saturday, 17th June,
strm", Iwill take the Chair at 9.

*--- ~ All members of the
I ilaServants ore invited to



GDa=t mia rek h with
mdla tld Ithemm i are redw ; .
Ik~~~f ~ Wmr kW* nlrithe h iD*r.~a~-
lNINE Amdtimmll f...t-Wbftho.-
"' ~ ~ ="a'**-* bcom"-- *More five WAj
mtunpt.-dinppilebe ncaere.
Tmua you m m chroaic mdmata
r, t =iu wmiWrful rinudy
briac eibftet rtdrf eWT time
Sit is uMd. 0 KdlGt 'i ~ Agthima
KcnI di n ya or r tod&y
a . "eW Arst t*p =a tfm."Od to
"e" "i hbetW holtm ad m=colfa
WdA"am OO Ki



Oit O4f tTh OQn dooft of a l&tndI I
lenrltAble feep POtur B aSh on a '%F
second fronti On tihe morning of Taaa,
triOps a-arur wisi be ntf rrad .lI
Thist ,Clurte WAG taltemr by Pet.Arr4rall

C-fet I ableos. Altfted hIro I and their
m .noe, be.adn I.o the -oI C. the
Ju C 6 e f ne'-'hv mut It, oll, of
to tf .i1H .r.ti'it Eal.trip port.
Auoc-Ztao Part i rPtctug"ohc,.


On Stage
On the evening of the Vth *t the
U.O.. I saw *aAnd at the Ca-
IyiWD"* It turned Out to be a
lemorable .evening
So far as I know. for the tirst
iUme in ;he Iland's history a com-
pletely proletarian cast vw put
upon the stage to perform a comn-
letely indigeaious show. From be-
ginning to end,. from the moment
Uie bAM0oo-tamboo band crashed
throu the h tth e he lot dark-
ening cent of the maddened re*
sellers, the evening was all of i
piece. hetec, exhilarating, Trml-
dadian to the marrow
The"r (,tfld eF nothing ,re irt taintE
MiLraU us U a n the stage hat et enit. SS
o^>i. l t...ii,, mui~tl *. ....... t*>n1 a .l..t ., 1
andK the 11 aIiI .1t li-nI he i. the Car-
n Mai of rreenck xnd artk i; r uets. th
Carnitl l docfitor" and l ma, ", O
btAtC and wild Inatlan, of dettle aa
droaon I ,k ll"h of mi a d set a,
rte .n. lhrouul..h ,a rtCAdS Q t-i4d
idake nrt mdetafk about ft:it was a
Mike- ri.' m}ltake lb fthtt It : it Ik'*
bnrfiht idea bri&ht t e euted. L Lr7
meniber I" 0 h' m"ie t -as as bright a
brfib1tc eomid Ir tr. member of the
ca, ertiotmI hilsel hugely, .ubheraltly
%ie. the i nerit-e did' t matter an It-
dian dam tn Itu hm For them tihe Cal
ll al was. on, tiht rel aMcCio. Oind th e
g '*e' tatemeh'a to It with 9Utsto and1
aba ndoo And e. AmtAericab and Triltt-
d adnl altke,. C 9 ih the mintfecaon of thlir
tbusteitm h and had oine beck of a tme.
% C .ap1ed. athouted, we whitled. W
screeched It was grand wa tching work-
int-clA l folk behaNte like robufti, beRet
buma11 belins n a n artfisIat setting.
"a for the Idea, it appearA from the
prograimme that Charle*e taplo L. a
Trinidaidiafn and Ted Joseti and itichadll
Kntht.l two Americans cfre lately Fr-
tpolnsit"f tor it Hail off lit trts odd
paterolt).- 'm no: looking at Ue ideally
tram any hlth-falullntn' ptedestal. l'm look-
g At It for ht I'm sturte it was Intended
to t: an etenrinc to enltertain a crowd
ot People ; Ii n n a word of war Did
thia t Io al temf.t toI itItellecliuallae" the
material" [id they try tino iput Into it
1,,methmitg it might notb have ben able
to ecommoJut ate Not sit all hey
looked At !I fhi h untte tarlted eye and
bhnest minIs and prtd"nul a patfarn
that A nsitmPle and direct. a Sris Of t
stre" leplt'lnin the Coloour and polt.anlt
of Porti-olt-ptIn a Catrivs'al. It "mn fa
S:lh a ha tR
But there t" Trnor n 1o Itt hat just
this. ATler ihe h,.I 1 remarked to
Xnight: I frill Yt.ii yhou gUuVa p1ro-
dutr-ed" A ballet And he said. tift-
prnitble" A nt thIt a lust thet pilnt.
thee three rh pa titaoe a ballet without
reAllttig t' The t-horegraphy, the
aItomilme, the music- all Lhe IngredlenIts
wer te there warn ainftt.
there vwas eet a i.ttle diltogue but he
CoUrItent Of tthe h!W.. (he spirit of It was
purp ballet! I m'an iof emirse, l n mood
- for ia no1 t he oal;et pr,?-emiieiitly &
thIlev t 'i .-" The [all lt tells tla
lor)t lr tcint (i n-ndf ard The Land of
the CAlypsoio IF x hliet he theme ft
bcttish In pht"' K. )- hetlontemin if sio
liie Andl thxt' C e tr Fie ory (f CCar-
ni\al. II It haa a *tor, T1

GENT'S - -


(guaranteed Waterpeof)


S$7.08 & $23.93


T HIS famous food helped before the *ar build
up the dwtdren who, as the men an w mmo f
io-day, are doig such fine work in eve-y phetr.
Unfortunately spplies cannot be made available
present. It is hoped, however, that conditions il1
wcon allow Virol to be sent for the childre who wal
need its valuable properties to fit them 4tr the asks
of to-morrow.

r~e" Spea

THERE is mh lie sedd Mwwudv
dp gto pr ersyou for the aM s ,
prablemfsabwyday-4ad shueiao
' Oaal' r erpeeehl pmf 10 .Me eay d||-ta
"g l h If'OMMMlorM M. wy'^ :,1
'OI fcO'b i to sm, f Mn to"fMM.i rm f
mom& es ia da^l IdPO 10 hb ft op k -
... --_wI m--an =Wi_ .. e,, e me me .

of d^Aleu b eifsi fl ke
'ema VONea mkerM" '
Fe, d ISm m ,m ~u'O, Us. :

so ]The Akbar

Ili Dresentiniz to the Trinidad pub-S A
tic the life a&d art of the great
SMogul ruler Akbar. the British
Council brings before the Indtan .
public a phae of i ndian hod of b ________T
which they, can jul* be pou.It
Lis the weal:tnl of art anB life to-
gether, which I&s Ut*xltigand
important. .
In Order to etjoFy the eh ublte eyo
atftU pbe Pper" to delve Iato the h"I"= Eyes
of AkbLr. Yo um ust Walk It0 h1,
thtrotgh hif a magnficet B portals h a WIp NUMONT
squce, join with him and his so ldere 31 58s FuiLvVE
at their drfikingt partiea, elephant gta. O Ji nI
and their hunting fartie. fit fact folw LOZ II >GIA KS
him througb all the phse of bhf i isdally
P att'tona Such is the art Of thf i tory-
teller in the tfe o of 1tbis Mogul r uler.
The tlart paan of the eahiblUoo Coni-
slots iR tf Is'l of the ity1at of atebhpur
8krlt which was created by this itrme-
ord nary rider. The artitfeetuee Is
Tur*iusah W-Ith a I pcald wealth ea.-
boratle ornkmentatftm, The mafoilficent
doorsay ai nd hlautlftiul Crved iim llart i e
of arl ictili r Interest The reflect tlr
aslrength of design and aotld beautI" by
4The PPerteuene Th reond partNmstsat-a of repTlT Ue. C 5 &LU
haions of the daily occupstollnt of Akbalr
Crlin matttla- paInted 'by La and Ramd ,tThey F.JL.C.t IJt.OA.. Fr.0.
sOF Chow elephant fPiAtSs, the Great Durbar.ad
ASSOCIATION QUEEN'S PARK ENST n battle, c th b third pili of
|he e I h elsenlo g naemet of lithograph of Ophtholmic Optician
the Hl* fe i! Akber.Theaec ate masu-
& TOBAGO Wednesday, 14th June, crept cmit-I e and in thesetoa = .
rfoptr rtln o toard t in these ) Itl o o the In-u R1s
tdian people. A number Of these are in 17 Part S'r*K P.O .
MEMBERS' EVENING hl* pur and
ar 5rehR elvn ihes iaid about the art 9 O*Cr Seet. Slan F'r
I I so n t1.h tM-ho i|que of st or'.-telltn i S i ,reft I
M70f Ahe [ale Of t#e ir o t ler. pt a#rt
Saturday, 17ho h Jned ,itwlthe e iiiifete doorway, and
)F DELEGATES 1 4 fo tirsihittaft r - te
FLOOR tHOW :at 9.00 V./ areOndia li mri e to he ^be mcngrat ls ed
Followedr b p a llr i b lng e oratIon of the exhtibition hall
native Council Chamber Vo.d. by n tn b *hd. ,, R t ,,g te btWt 10i
Arnlv for TrkOts Earorl Hl.tr. e exhiilici. Bar s 'a
1944. The President ...E. av, B g isCK.g

Association and Civil *3 th14 rWNXICK STREETr koppt S t. h',. M. 0Jet An 8(on aoDT a n.
j 'p- painted
attend. Dr. Jo. RI. Ferreira 4 0r Sr
Dr. Gladys Ferreirlla. 40AlfredoStreet
formerly of N,-w York City
3 -and Briish Guiana and for
the past 7 years at 31 ThKyAwak V
T Prederick Street, Port--ot-
TrAT-.l on, are now &1 1e e i
Prederick Street (opposite
~St. Mary", Collepe)
HAU T- IO N e8- 11 Lovely Building Site

A UI ON DDr. Glaiys Ferreira iD.C.) Dr. J. R. Fenr. ID -M D AmI' OeAcre. oluO ne
A LE The new location provides enlargement of office Dmn. House onosite 34
SI 'space, more convenience, more comfort, and *ard cit plv Fam) Diero Mar-
SA L, mlprotved service to patients. t Call for full .. arteulars

A-vertised for Mon-. iles ui Yo ur f P .
day 5th instant Con-olesU.R St, S, O....... .w m 8.8
Bicfcle. Ruin Your I IS I Now 0~ Cde
tinues on MONDAY RellrnPah&l :i ,.. I5NHuou ... ,.,.a

Mck~~~~~~~~~n ~ In 15iTfd lif Victor Road ... Nairrwg al a ru 12th ,1944... Nomatter bow long you haveu.t i r eMul ata tMha f W "" tu a"
n fromdthe Piothe BUg fln bleeding=, at nt I Theit ea e et you have is aIs IOLLU Ila i
Aalt or fla uedti Al ae. N nor What 111 een rme-ing tOs-4hA& juste tarths -3s Offer.
(lmr by a Ide*r, here at last It Irl tt
(ArticltsBeangr-hs"heatIM1treat. a few aialo yen wIN l=I
m 11t that stop@ the pain endI thing tI like a low LaMr u it-a. Mi. AS m 1--Iiot, .1.
..btess ha o ran sit or walk. WalterJ temteeaO.eI
Numerous To Clear n" lfeIn ronrnf wa-i been rmv ovtohm-Sboant 1
NOotlonly dicte It stop the pain but It with l h fr Ma ndIcin obears n Bob" It.
Immediately aide Nat uremi soothe the orniw- I thougltwols 11ydqgIrlw
sn ONEoDAY).-- t pr 'ad u tv "shrinks 5tour finepile t meSi have" 'audW"RoueNonas
th ONE AY) thewajl 1 l a r help. retore stave the lain and vli ibhaJnsetI I.-
iscroal fumte&eau to the rectum. stIatly. I Pera e adl ni oild trnsi w. b
Aihegele ftmpag He has been troubled with pilles faro ver so 2 Alftdo $ Stret.
MUntdredo of tiny nerves renhire IIs ltbsears to0 tiry Co sl"uee e d14d soad he _
Residue comprise of PuMILure r.-am sed radiats fromnthis point to s mu-0Isiayetrost gave Mm 2 adiNew gaai.. ~
Jewelry. I Auto Tone Pirieto, (M all parIsof th body siL.hWhom tisome nves l Zet w I "1G o ou.nv amlv&.
Slaves. Sewing Machine. I Ladles tUeitatd by ore. wer aleathey iau at er tited. tw b I edvatd t
r~rryOwes" of Pla. nt ly the lug-ge e p'onsrgil m apnd atad nions
Bicycle, i New Hudson Tricycle. I to he som.brtam I rwmin oft we"mid wit tdawf"
Il-Tube Li, K. RI. 1. 2 R C.A mirsaaof1theobody.Feorl rI rrl 11"1 rn-It.- idt A fsoomi
Pick-up and Turn Tlble. 1 V IVor ti"f these nerves by Ill -y rre I Gee ce a s.
Table~_ sidlOaebnI ar- veire hsadterlxs. nvs-eism itrt .e to r th t-- I rM a ed 11a.
ew, Mel r, -,lia Sa.I el.. m 1. :, ., ,, -" ---- -, ,
ftw pain Chtdrea nbees. tadli .1 sll11v m k inms "DO L. . ..L m~ q

Wie ma lrb Iddn RayamI I
1 Doe tail. *bou. i pate Fa-
baU Dootu, KM. Re.

- AT -

The Sale Room
"l. &r. S M T.O.
e. L. WhIteman
r 9 N'L

&UM fvo w w nr atro wNt"
J1ft iUft OPML




J* -.

F^Si m u hgeK^L^ imrE^~fctu n^
-- uinu s aYin-.an

^ f1W Pvuu a Co. LT06
u sL VINO 6i r sMYio. POIr-OPAIN

4I". mo$ Ip W.C. I ()

"pg, p tipi Co1U. -Ie.1A WM AvO N.Y.O-


,JUNI 11, 1944.

Allies Accomplish Feat

Which Baffled Hitler
NAPOLEON once stood on the French
"','coast ready to descend on England,

funtl a storm put an end to his plans.
*our years ago Hitler who sought to
Imitate him was foiled in his endeavour
at the same place, and the English
channel once again kept the soil of
Zngland free from the invader's tread.
To Napoleon and Hitler the Channel
was a stumbling block, but on "D" day
last week the Allied combined forces
.transferred it into the shortest route to
.ltler's do-called fortress. On the fifth
day after the start of the invasion,
though the outlines of the battle are
still far from clear, there is reason for
atisfaction with the progress of our
forces in the face of growing German
The armies of liberation have accom-
plished the first phase of their mission
with success. The failure of the weather
prophets made it necessary for 1mimn to
carry out under unfavourable condli
tions a gigantic operation which even in
normal circumstances would c(,all fur the
exercise of considerable skill. Y i ;!.
hugest job of military co nrti~li,, (v",' I
attempted was carried out xvi ti, I'l .
and without confusion thou ti l.e ',"n
seas and stiff wind caiis',*,,,! .' ,,f tinit
in unloading. The )r. I t-: w.i:,:, ,' .-, ,,
that the nrticulous p;inn-i it m tit,
Allied military staffs was not in vain.
Like the men In the ships, the air-
Sborne troops who preceded the land
Forces and the airmen who provided the
indispensable air support have a!l nulae
their contribution to 'leo i,, ,1 i,'",in-
ning. The Allied h',dgr'etiad is (oni'n-
ually expanding, and our frcits have
made gains which will be of gre,.tt vai.
as the battle develops. Thip ,.'p'u rt
Bayeux opens tlhe way for .',ane
deeper into France, while thi air atlack.s
on railways in the Paris area are dclay-
Ing the movement of German reserives.
Developments are showing how Allied
strategy fits into the invasion pattern.
With Allied forces now driving on Cher-
,bourg, whose main rail connections with
German-held territory have been cut, it
becomes clear that the port's immunity
from bombing In the pre-bivaslon air
oflfenuSlve was no ooincideneo but part
of well thought out plam. In Allied
haft, Cherbourg will be the main pot
Jfor the rsupplies for our armle which
,will decide the battle of Pmrm.
The Allles thu fat1 haM been uc-
ceSMul in the game of epag the enemy

to ma0% SucesR Of 3Four Stut,.I

We teach aarl& aS
the Trades ad ro-
failons by Post.
all ports of the world.
Distance makes no
difference. The most
progresive sod most
acceseul Corres-
poXdece College is
the world.

-u f T T ~d va not IMMm
wM*w 4 b"m W&e, would a ll The
$,gmioon Dnanop bbin p of the Fas
do calab regios nyhay 104 tpim to
expect (hie U'uItbate thbwt bR~tad It
was delivered In the Cherbourg penin-
ful d Jtook. tem by surpriset Mr.
OhurMcll Mnd "-/4 day that this wM
merely the w nt of it ies of landings on
the continent, and General Elsenhower
has warned fishermen to keep away from
the coasts of Norway, Denmark, Bel-
gium, Holland, and France during the
week June 8 to June 15. The enemy does
not know where the other blows will fall,
nor does he kno*t whether the Cherbourg
peninsula invasion Is merely a feint
preparatory to a far heavier stroke. That
explains his caution which, however,
may be his undoing, as it will help our
forces to win the battle against time
for supplies.

West Indian Federation

Is Plant Of Slow Growth

THE motion by the Jamaica Legislative
Council on Friday about West Indian
federation was a surprise. Jamaica has
never been enamoured of the federal
idea, and one of its newspapers said
some years ago that it would not accept
closer union. Now, however, the Jamaica
Legislature wishes to ascertain the views
of West Indian Governments and peo-
ples, including British Guiana and Bri-
tish Honduras, on the question.
The Jamaica gesture Is welcome. We
do not consider federation immediately
practicable, except perhaps between the
.mnaller islands as suggested by the West
India Royal Commission, though there
would be considerable difficulties to be
overcome even in that case. But this
do s not nlean that we are opposed to
i,,d'ratioln in principle, or blind to the
h ,filts derivable from it when we have
!',uwn to the point where it can safely
i). accomplished. Nor can we ignore the
..dvantooe of knowing the attitude of
.ile variol'sOtl ''onmunities t, this subject.
Sti'i knowledge should clear the air and
ilw!)p all concerned to realise that these
tilings are not wrought with a stroke
of the pen, but must issue from practi-
cal premises.
If unity is to be achieved we must
hlvn(. a programme of education designed
toi promote a common purpose and out-
(i]i;k. We must have trained and respon-
sible leaders. There must be unified
,,rvices, cheap and frequent transpe rt
bv sra and air. and radio telephone
connections. We stand on the thr',shokl,
wpcri:aps. of some of these achievements,
but such a programme cannot be con-
surnmated in a year or two. Ther' must
be steady growth towards the ideal, and
not a ready-made federation imposed
fninx)m above. Anyone who advoctItes
sudden change will in our opinion be
doinR tlhe West Indies a disservice.
The sane view was expressed by the
West India Royal Commission, which
regarded federation as an object to
which policy should be directed. The
Commission did not suggest that we
should drift aimlessly, but work with a
sense of direction. If anything can be
done to accelerate our progress along
planned and reasonable lines, let It be
done, but let us eschew pretty phrases
and look at the realities. If the query
from Jamaica stimulates progressive
thought this will be all to the good so
long as it is balanced by sober judg-





The monog,ment

\ish to announce

that the Club is

closedd to its Mem-

It you keo what
you wast to study.
write for prmetu
Ii yous are udecidd.
rntte tot myfaterly
advice. it is Free.
Our too& are
still pre-war.

ai a5mnpt *a O ltO M ien le:. A11, flaedi OOmtIunlStio
tiSm r I Radio sr vo" Inswntarl"
No w it itas tat'oB I A o* -r 0f.gfIP *. 5 5f l
MMp=6 Branches, sub a,, an 1 ba"l' O
Ixam~lnat(ns Rose MakHtn.and mai.
rilsdoiWs oht ileint s aniutatuflion
Mss'o1=1KS thReyn.istrs Sithe Attitaiits *68
A-,---. o-.v,, stan-l *smMeum.
t Mour as m Shot Itma wrk
ts ststaha r! Sta geyW ti
teloit e orVShort A te Witt i
plmmda .. I e, *ll ,. Sul~ IMakSmII me Publ~
i ,i- III luma tuetial in pldw t is
goS aSOtr n stur ti a

me bg sw7oye Mar
we to*d KK 0 oors o Rafo Wteot o me afts

*'^ nilKf* ''IV '* a" *1wltv TOMftM"Il mod Tolosraott
*Mi ft B-~MoleNw (l rt w M w!4ppontol l w almoola

ISSS ..... . . U M~i ntlwr Wi I M- f --rI ->*M
tit Fll fthvan f wommi
P""t" 102eeIN ilag






Government Ni

I ,_*' .* *_ ,- *'

,Tub asbwoa all ft=Ahe 1m cend viA-h n it He-i b abig ar~e c
ofdo40 Piusm"tbeir .0
40WW W dbm N0 _WWes
The 9~ 4tw ft~
s,.d.o.. orme" O sa*

Writer Thinks Public S would
See Russian War Fi m#, e
The Editor, "Sundy Guoatdaln
The sound film re Battle of
Russia" l ens shown for the first
time in Trinidad, to an apprecia-
tive audience at the Y.W.C.A. on
Thursday last by Lieut-Comdr. C.
H. Hayward, T.YV.R. .
As an ardent cinema tan, have b in wi f .
seen almost all the films screened Shortly before thoe o amlbon o f o 8 Mi l J" e tasings
sel the svisitee sthe Home Fleet.M Here he i t being lntredteed by Sir
in Port-of-Spaih: but there is not Bruce Fraser (right) to high-rankin t l ra o the Navy. They
one to compare with this epic and are, left to right-: COmMedre W. Slater, D.B.C.; Bear-.d--
miral A. W. La T. Blesett, Re"r.Admlral A. 3L' M Klror, C.B.
thrilling story of how our great ally, D.S.O.: Real-Admiral F. H G. Dalrymipll-Heaautog, C.P' Vice-
the U.S.S.R., drove the Nazis Admiral, Sir H. R. Moore, IC.B., D.V.O.,D.,O.,: His Majesty
from their country. ________athe King, and Admiral Sir Brad Fraser.

froml uthilr attemptsy ofte.---"*'""T.^un in st e ado cat sa
We see the 'scorched earth
policy'; the hated enemy thrown,
back from the very gates of Mos- raft My
cow; the relief of Leningrad by f a K inds U sed
a 'coss 100 mIles cf frozen lake; the By Allie n ~ s n A m e
means of a road and railway built'
battleof Stalingrad and the tuer-d In ein ar e
rlilas, both "ten and women, fight-
ing behind th; enemy's lines. By HANSON W. BALDWIN soldiers: has bunks fo' 18 mel., a
The love interest is the love of a/ galley and shower. Two gasoleie
great people for their motherland. lHanon Baldwin. writer of t' s engines low. rm. Thil, is a ee-
Drama is found it& the tragedy of Interesting article on amphibious abf- craftslid Cold be e aly 'used
burning their homes. destroying craft, was among those eora- for shoro-to-shore operations in the
their actoriles and industries, rather pondents to aoseomlmay the in- English Channel area.
than let them fall into Nazi hands. vasion troops when they
There is valuable history lea- landed in Fancl e week. Identifying Signal
sen, which litler failed to learn, as He outlines here the types
thie film also shows the earlier and of craft used in the m m-
rUilly futile attempts of the Teu- orable erusde for liberating LOs, Landing Craft Control-Di.-
tonic Knights, and then Napoleon, France and the occupied coun- rcy t other landing craft; ustaley
to conquer Russia, A pictorial sur- tries from the yoke of the op- has identifying signal on mast
o c er Ussi.A. pior ia u pressoer, eaulsily dostinguishabie to other Craft.
vey of the various peoples who go ap o The naval control officer wno m ust
to make up the U.S.S.R. teaches us Landing craft and the specialised shepherd the landing craft into
something of Eurpe and Asiatic amphibious tactics built around proper position and get them past
geography. IS them' i played major roles In the in- the 'line of departure" or time
What I am tring to say s that vasion of western Europe. moves about in one of these.
thi.o is a gi- at gflmn ad should be et 'WVT, funding vehicle, Tracked
se-i by every man and woman, The development and production (Unarmoured) Called Alligators
young ,and old il Trinidad. of scores of thousands of these and are about 20 feet loag by aoout
If f:r any reason Sit cannot be highly specialised vessels in a few 8 feet wide.They have three corn-
shown in i ,cal cinemas, clubs and years of war and the manning and partmentcab for operator, as-
other animationss owe It to their training of hundreds of thousand s prstamnt-driver and oracio operator u
llfnb'mbers to show them this film, of officcra ad men needed for their passenger or cargo space, 81 feet by
Credit is due to our other greatcrews are an industrial aid military ',14 feet, andc engine section;8 when
t y the IS 7SA. for tlhe film %%,s romance. . fully loaded, weigns more than 16,000
P!31 du by tite Special Ser'ices The artof amphibious war, which pounds. They can climb at angle Lof
Iand '!h 'otgnal Corps of the ,Us nas probably reached its g-eatest 55 de, ees. Have or did have one
Anti'. development in the last ;ear, is 50-calibre machine-gun and three
IONDONUN built around these craft. In the In- 30's. Tracks are flukeake for water
rvw-ut-Spain vascn of western Europe the entire traction. These are amphibious
Sprogramme received its greatest tractors; unlike the ships antd boats
th test. previously listed, they are at home
t ,oop1The Navy, which has had e d- ii. the water or ot land. Their end-
Ot e presH toery T ldmar charge of this programme, as less tracks seat with angled steel
in.developed in conjunction with in- flanges enable them to swim
ie Editor, "Sunday Guardian." d&'stry anrd with Army advice, near- through the surf and climb right up
The Akbar e\hibition opened atI 1' all the tyres. a beach; much used by the Marintes
ea, the India Club reminds me of T 'he first of the LCI's (landing in the Pacific. less by the Ar-iy.
ii ucident ofr that noble Moshul ocean-going ramp-bowed vessel These were once cargo vehicles, but
i.-itiAor'sl tht'. of which I had the which may displace, full load, more are now used, together with the
1,od foitu i<2 to read in an Urdu than 5,000 ons and can carry me- Water Buffalo, for assault. Later
t h,,i ,h lift's history. ditm t banks numbered in two lgures, versions of the Aligator are lightly
It: a:i Si' defence of t hit Oto hre. was designed in the Bureau of aarroured.
Akar laid d 'sege to the foirat whoah Ships in the Navy Department in LVT (A). Landing Vehicle, Track-

|in m~a y d ofne b thate Pour poote an sps week-en bedots r ue frlndn nfnr eoo
n o ws deeermind e d rto ubR aposn one week-nd. oThis basic design, ed (Armoured) t-Known as the
session of tte place Several sallles not fundamentally 'changed, has Water Buffalo, this is really an am-
f habeite aplac e repalse ywelstood the test Cf Wa remarkbly pabioua tank, a refinement and
of th besieged w ere repulsed by w ell. d v l p e t o h V I
the steady discipline of the Mo- develops m ent o the LV. Ito
hul Voops who were encoured by paks -n cannon and two
hte presence of their loved smaller Vessel Xc -calilbre h9 guns In a tur-
mona rch, ret.
Meanwhile, within the fort. there The rst of the LCI'S (landing
tas conaderable confusion as the craft, infantry, a much smaller Se usenMan Capaecty
Muslins were making successful vessel but also all ocean-going
a proahces., The Governor's wife ,type, was designed and built In five LCR (L) and (S), Landing Craft,
haughttty Rajpootni, said to her months and two days. Rubber (Large and Small)-Small
Sibid: "Jugniul, I wiill go to the The principal types of landing rubber craft have seven-man ca-
irwoiy's cainp and see if a woman's craft, from the largest ocean-going pacity. large have ten or more.
.rin maY do what your whole arm, n ships to small rubber boats, are Used for landing infantry groups
m,v.i not" "Go" said her husband, listed here, with the official desig- and also by the Navy. They can be
"if vou have a plausible reason." nation s for each type: packed in a small space and in-
aThe resolute Raipootni dressed LST, Landing Ship, Tank-Lari- flawed in 8 seconds. Equipoment In-
n r self in a mast becomiK eat of the landing types. About 325 eludes outboard motor and paddles.
attire and coining to the hostile feet long: 4.000 tons displacement Much used for reconnaissance, shcrt
'amp. presented herself as a lin- moree than 5,000 full load), ocean river crossings, landings of small
du minstrel who was desirous of going; medium speed, rather heavy parties, of (lominmandoes, etc.
exhibiting wsiperioritv of the art anti-aircraft armament; can carry LCS, Landing Craft, Support-A-
bhfore the Moghul Emperor. On tanks, trucks, bulldozers and heavy lightly armoured craft of average
l ,ing announced, the monarch who equipment directly across ocean speed is used in the van of other
was seeking relaxation after thea from American docks to invasion landing craft in an invasion. Its
fatigue of the day, commanded her beachhieads,. job is that of fire support, It may
to be admitted. As she entered th
royal presence he was struck by great ramp In the bow can be be equipped with machine guns,
the ntiralie dignity of her carriageu lowered by motors and the tanks 37-mm. or 40-mm. guns or with
lnd the commanding expression and mptorised vehicles can drive ricket launchers., Ma be nearly any
6f her face, so he instantly divined ashore under their own power, type cf landing craft so equipped
that she was no common minstrel LCI (Li, Landing Craft, Infan- and used.
and suspected her of treachery, y (Large)-About size of corvette, LSD, Landing Ship, Dock--A dock
"'W'll, gentle danme?" said the all steel, all welded. Length. '57 in itself and used after beachhead
,sovereign, "I have heard," said she feet and more; beam, 23 feet 3 5n secured, It is 450 feet long.
",itt the Monigul monarch is a inches; displacement, 246 tons to DUCK-Army amphibious truck
munificent benefactor, as I would more than 300 tons; has shallow used for landing troops, weapons,
like to gain your pleasure by play- draft, highly manoeuvreable and etc It is wheeled, not tracked, and

like tmeo gi or pleasurew him play Icarrie Loeand200 rfull Veui cl, Landn Car af"dsgnts
ing upon my native vina." eannes l-r than 200 rully equipped can carry more than 20 men or
Akbar placed her on his w I t troops In addition tocrew of about equivalent in cargo. Swims and
and shea began playing to him butn 0.It has twin landing ramps and then rolls up on the beach io
so keen were his looks on her that is ocean-going. These ramps are
she began to fear that she was really long companionways of lad- gLanding Ship'
suspected. Still with an unruffled ders on each side of the bow which
brow, she tuned her vina and are lowered into th, water frOm the
played a few airs with aIreat emo. deck. Unlike the bow of the L.T. endingg Ship" designates larg-
Lion and taste which impressed the bow of the LCI does not open. est ocean-going mcdels.
the Emperor and threw him off LCVP, Landing Craft, Vehicle, Landing Craft" designates ves-
his guard. Seizing a favourable Personnel-Primarily r-td for slhip- seals smaller than ship, usually cr-
moment when his eyes were turned to shore work. About 36 feet long nred on a ship and generally de-
away from her, she d'ew a small mounts machine guns;',ramp and signed for ship-to-shore operations.
r e.ltaper dagger and was about to stab sides are lightly armoured; fairly "Landing Vehicle', refers to am-

him, but her Intended victim seized fast, used- primarily for landing phiblous vehicles. ......
her wrist and forced the dagger infantrymen. James Forrestal, Secretary of
from her grasp. LCM (3)l Landing Craft, Mechan- the Navy, disclosed last January
"A happy close to they minstrel- ased (Mark IID-Used chiefly for that 20,000 'anding craft had been
Ssy," said Akbar, with a severe land in bulldozers tanks, guns and produced lby the end of 1943. rang-
smile. "I have failed," said the trucks: about 50 feel. long. Some-ing from 450-foct LSD's to am-
; heroic daughter of the Khastriyas what long. than the LCVP, it can phlblan tractors. We are now en-|
Sand I am prepared to die." take a greater load. Also primarily gaged, he said. in building 45,000
Akbar mad' no reply, but puttingIfor ship-to-shore work. additional vessels of these special
I ner in a carriag.' guarded witi' .C'T 5) and (6, Landing Craft,. types. The total programme there-
sowu.dier, hp honourable escorted Tank (Mark V and Vl)-Interme--fore, Involves 68,000 1 esses and I
her to the gates of Chlttore, there- diate landing craft smaller than I about 15,000 miscellaneous small
upon,. telling her that "the Emperort T and larger than LCM; about, craft, rubber boats, raft. etc. More
Akbar of the Moghuls warred not 100 feet long, can be carried in than a5.0500,000,O0 has been allocat-
with women three sections on LST or cargo ed to the construction of landing
i wZAINAB, S.hip; cantransport limited nun.- craJt, exclusive of their ordnance
Port-of-Spaln. Mber of tanks or trucks; also land equipment, he sald.--(N.Y.T.)

Schools Need Secretaries Sergeant Major Sets Fine Example
The writer. "SuMnay Guadl"a* Colin Wills, the well-known AuS- comfortable as they could make tt
It was news to me to hear that tralian Joturnalist who broadcasts As they left him he saluted 5am
the Colleges of the Colonv do not regularly from the BB.C., told his with an old gesture of hl-a tug
have financial secretaries as perma- listeners the other day-in support at his waxed moustache.
nent members of the staff, of his view that this war Is of all d
Queen's Royal College has over wars, the war of the common sol- through three years In t prison. o d
4:: pupils and St. Mary's over dier. the ordinary man-the story biee three ytr n pri th. ao
1.000. while t'I!aparina College must of Regimental Sergeant Major he bellevu ma or than ever that
have a big list. For masters to have Shilliker. treed worth lighting for. His
to do-the clerical work at these in- Shilllker was one of 4,00 British example didn't die either, Will.
gWnted out. It, and many like it,
Estitution is ridiculous, prisoners recently returned from ae gone on i nspiring other men
I have since made inquiries at Germany. Will decribd him as throa ll tho yers of desperte
the intermediate schools and some 'a regular soldier m thuh ll the yeara oPf desperate
Uchewit I&I~ng"inwhich," In Wills' words,
of th. high schools and find hat even to waxed moustache with w hf th Awhryh"an u ls'woays
the headmasters or headrnistreases lon sham rpo nt." Very probo ab l'et Amy ha cut its way
Shave to do the clerical and financial Wills suggested, the clean-shave1i k from the ed g of disaster to
|: work. youngsters under him smiled at the Ia hbourhood f victory.'
I At two of the Intermediate that moustache, but the'/ must
; schools, the headmasters do not have learned a lot from the man-
I have decent reception rooms. I from his example. P Cent,.
,visited one school and stood p STOACH WOUND A-Ve
drtt a talk with the headmaster. STOMACH WOUND ,
The Director a! Llucatton should While'tighting In the asarguard Ir.
o* i Into these matters, but If his at Dunkerque. he ot a bad ato i Dividen
Inspectors do not report such ob- wound. Some of Ws men ran to
I vious things to him, how can he carry him to a boat. on't wOOy Intee1 ,IdeMA of 11% er
know anything about them? about me, I'ma a gonar," Ue er- 0OW I humomne t in -ispect of
IThe job of a headmaster or heid- geant Major U tod M. "TAM.1UU yeNr e aipteah1r has
mistress Is (1) to superintend the someonr tlse instead.* The* oMw beeiMlsM4 ig i idf
classwork. (2) to Interview people, Sadly agreed with tWe 1ou16ha UNii Utd #a l f to enable
i3 to prepare reports; not to takeIman', diagnosis. So n.% ie plioe m wg.remive bm ft LhWd
r& prefW balance sheets, and -in the boat the Soldlerl *4 'a 4 eu 7tft .
car% rm.n aboUt. r i w de II. % froh. The 3 b ith
Por-r-XftLa C. ok UM4fA &r a-M !* Ma an Ow f


i.eath at (a_ ) OOPnMON.
wordali lately mtod Witr
We. h&OMdie WUP 006
Ltd., whftm omwzfO O4 tt
12th day a Mat, 1a,4.
(b) 81Z=UHO AL & 5
lately eseployad with WU
Sugar tate std., which o-
curred on the 23th day of
Arebrury, 1w44.
CompewnaUon In the above mat-
ter having been deposited with -
under Sectiona 8 of the Workmen's
Compensation Otdinace, the de-
pendanta of the Maid (a) Boopintgh
and b) Seemungal are hereby re.
qulred to app.,Ar before The Cmo-
misaioner on Pliday the 74h day of
July 194%, at 9.30 o'clock in the
forenoon at the Court House, Port-
of-Ppain, when the Commissioner
shall proceed to determine the d4W-
tribution thereof.
Proof of relationship of depen-
dants to the deceased workman will
be required by the Commissioner
to be furnished by claimants at
the enquiry. Such proof to be In
the form of certificates of birth
and of marriage as In the circum-
stances be necessary.
Dated this 7th day of June. 1944.
Deputy Registrar, Supreme Court.
London, England.
GOODS Taken at Port-of-Spain
from ship BS.S "WINNIPEG"
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that in pursuance of directions re-
ceived from the Admiralty Mar-
shal, London, England, there will
be put up for sale by Public Auc-
tion on Monday the 10th day of
July, 1944, et the hour of 2 p.m.,
at the Contraband Control Ware-
house, H. M. Customs, Port-of-
Spain, the undermentioned goods
and articles seized in Prize, name-
Large quantities of Essuences,
Essential" Oils, Perfume Bases
and Extracts etc., and sundries
as will appear. .
The said goods will b. offered for
Foile in separa i lots at a price not
below the appraised value. Lists of
the Fid goods together with the
uoset prices may be obtained from
the Deputy Registrar, Supreme
Court. Permission to view and In.-
spect the said goods will be arrang-
ed by appointment.
All further Information may be
obtained from the aforementioned
SDeDuty Registrmr, Supreme Court.
Dated this 6th day of June, 1944,


D3AWINO oirc

The Mfta of the
j-ni W.ab oW i on
at $MO wthas,
The qualilfotlona
at 1est two years,
drawina ofic
ot traclig. 0f in sa U,
dsignsa for building
Ittola. bridge, madow
work, a good w
tectural draulhtu
gad accuracy,
Applications tat ii
tion and buasineas
be addressed to the CoM
tary, Red House, Port
should reach his office
than 15th June, 1944.
of recent testimonials
The successful candidalsb w
required to pass medical
inatlon before aDvuolntman V
Acting CulonaIl -M-A


Education Dept
There will be four O(ov
free Studentships at the1l-
Collegq of Tropical
available in October next.
ence will be given to
who have taken the 8eern.n"
in the Higher School -*:-
Science subjects in the
Certificate Examination. ,
A studentship is liable to
minated at the end of
term if the student's work
below the standard req
A minimum grant,
tenance, of $288.00 per n
be payable to selected
This sum may be In&
maximum of $600.00 per
special circumstances.
Applications stating ,
cations, and particulars |
or colleges attended, to
copies of two recent
should reach the Direetr
action not later than 30.

ER. Pat
Director of I


L. A. GO Z, |D0
Substitute for Admiralty Marshal
Trinidad .and Tobago. 12nd May, 1944.


- 41R4'Ai

A Durbar Scene-Akbar receiving and giving r1 M
The Emperor Akbar was very fond of reC
well as giving presents. And from his ottit.d#,;,
the giving of gifts there can be gained se*i
into his character. It was noticeable at his CS
he made more of the small presents of the p
the costly gifts of the nobles, at which het l
Culture of a nation Is primarily understood
Literature. Drama and Music. The Akbar nxhlbit4 "'
of works of art nortrayinir the life and deeds Of
the Trinidad nubile an oovortunity to vital5. tbei,
existed during the period the Emoeror Akba resilW"d I
Reproductions of lcturem which will be Shown "
Exhibition -were nade netsible hv kind p-Inssln 'f t "the
and the T'ndi, Seetio. of the viet'ria-Alhert M le-1 .
Visitors to the Akbiar lpi.hitlon will certainlv ba
able time and will be treated with real delicacy of O
and taste. *

Time of Openlnga-Wehk-dsys and Saturdsay, I*
Sunday, 9 0,m. to 11 .SL and 3 P.. to p*4
(lath June). 2 S.m. to 8 aJ. ,


To be held at


9, Quoen'a Park West

e. I,--u* a .m.

--_ IU th .* AiD. t * ,
SiO. S- sai .*. m. to ela ,,_
' B~e n it *- 9 p.-. *i B ] ? r'"^


,.r- ,

Catliedral yesterday

moonn Wedding At St. Margaret's
T e COCO Miss Myra Hackahaw, the daugh- dress cut on Victorian lines with
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hack- rosebuds in her trir, and Noel was
ifotla Bovell, the daughter shaw, became the bride of Mr. John dresses in black velvet trousers and
e.JMie Boveil and the late Eric Marshall, the son of Mr. and a white satin shirt.
R ovell, made a beautiful Mrs. J. Marshall of Barbados, at Mrs. Bayne sang the "Ave Maria"
her marriage yesterday St. Margaret's Church, Belmont, and Lleut Bunny Morton performed
to Mr. William Sisnette, yesterday afternoon. the duties of betmon.
son of the late Mr. Archdeacon F. L. Merry officiated, the duties of bestman.
LL on isnette. assisted by canon J. D. Ramkee- The reception whid h followed was
entered Triy Soon. held at Mr. and Mrs. Hackshaw'a
bride entered Trinity soon.
at iOaccompanied by The bride who looked most at- home in Belmont.
a, Mr. George Bovell. tractive, was given away by her The couple went, to Mount St.
Sgowned in white em- father. Benedict for their honeymoon, the
ette wlth a long veil She wore a gown of white em- bride working a rust coloured suit
10and her headdress was bossed satin made with a high with green accessories.
flowers matching her neck, and her veil, which formed
4t Queen Anne lace and the tilin, was lined with pale pink PIJ g ar
Etean daisies, net. i.ouav S L ia tV
four attendants, all MIis MEtvis and Miss reda Hack- '
flowered blue sheer and shaw and Miss Olga Gomeg were Cocktail dance at the Trinidad

J HUIe gerber
andra Th
of bestman
nywax I
ore, a
who cam
the occ
it. at
200 guess
II'I horn
Sduring t
tihe bi

have ao
dvs sul

mhe Vic
's "T'w
W will b
they ar
Vs poll
'the dire

rden I
party It
have tx
been reo
*m *24, s
ion of A
be on
ii Wil nclu
ch were
Ft7, will s,

uM ay (uarbtaum


Cinemanews By Spotlight
M e ilnma, too, hube bn ol- town. featuring Don Ameche,
Rad t te great assault and an Frances Dee and Ann Rutherford.
ethe aUMtshs, on th. fiIhtiu Drama of a Dog
ValsMi. Ia the lanlinx craft. ev M Mt'
whom uare top-fllght cameramen M -LA881E, COME HOM Metre-
uniform to cover the toryf the G adwy picture at the D
century" from all its erant LUxe.
angles. Hundreds of men are on
the excitI.g job to catch history This filma s far away from pre-
t Its ource, to fix o noeluodt se nt-day trouble. It is a cosy
iganti battle that will d ti on picture0no ery likeable, too.I
la destiny of gnerat ions. Based oa Eric Knight's novel, It
All thee mes n are working brings to the screen the late
ordl the e a worSing to -uthor's beloved Yorkshire in tech-
tording to the plans a establishedniloapretetg rth
by the Pictorial Services of the nicolor. a perfect setting for the
army, British and American as simple story of a dog and a boy.
well, and nothing has been left to Amazing to observe the fault-
the hazard. With the first shot less acting of Lassie, thi four-leg-
fired on the shores off Prance, they ged star of the filmn There is the
went into action to ftet their first whole scale of. I might say, human
shots of the historical drama that expreslon in the eyes of this
is now written with the blood of brown-white collie and you can
freedom-loving people, read the emotions on his noble
Provisions. have been also made facs. It Is strange and seems, at
that those anxiously awaited news- the beginning, almost unnatural
reels will be distributed all over but why, after all, should not dogs
the free world in the quickest pos- act all the same ar men do
sible time, So, if Trinidad is nfl So, it is the start of a truiv sen-
treated as a step-child of the news, timental journey when Lassie runs
it should not be long before these awafro the old-fashioned Duke
living documents of the invasion to whom he was sold for fifteen
reach the screens of our leading guineas. He is travelling a thou-
renemas .sand miles,. all the way from
i inea, Scotland to Yorkshiire, back to the
acn e tag o. InvasM kid he loves. He has to go through
Sack-Stage of Invasion trials of all kind, and arrives half-
dead at his destination; hut he is
"INVASION," latest edition of home again, brings happiness into
of Mareh of Time, together the house and even the old-
with "HAPPy 1AND" i'.wen- fashioned Duke appears with the
tlth Custury-Fox) at the Km- wings of a fairy.
piro Not only those who like animals,
will find a human touch In this
Events have made this edition of simple picture with Roddy Mc-
March of Time a very timely in- Dowell and Donald Crisp in the
production to the military opera- foreground of the cast.
tions now underway. It is kind
of a popular compendium giving a Romance For Week-end
fair idea of the problems that are omanc o We-en
faced by the planners of the second "A LADY TAKES A CHANCE,"
Here are gathered from the wide R.K.O. picture at the Globe.
field of preparations some of the 1Spltfire," the filmed story of R.
most outstanding features which, '. Mitchell, constructor of the
put together, make an enlighten- fighter 'plane that saved Britlain in
Ing back-stage picture of modern the blitz, has not been held over
warfare. With all that, even the for the weoek-end. The film nmiiht
onlooking layman is getting valu- be re.-released in a secprond-run
able inside information arld an thcate if it were oilv ltr Lesli
instructive glimpse of the all- Howard who acts in ti, his last
embracing machinery that now ar wo acs In i. is s
moves into Hitler's fortress. picture, as nobly and s3mpatheti-
With commentators such as Han- call as ever.
ontu Flarin,. iio.Wn7H *thpnr.h There is romance for the week-

Ms.eyBoc, e bridesmaids. They were Country Club. leins of the hour, the filmed docu-enisad Its gin oe f
Ci and little dressed in long-sleeve, blue georg- Cocktail dance at Perseverance nent shows troops training for those last-minute openings giving
iavanot. ette gowns and short veils to which Club.invasion, boarding ships and trains me no chance to see for myself
el performed were attached pink rosebuds and Dance at Portuguese Association, in a foretaste of the heal thing to what I thave hesd shoutf"AnLad'
while Mrs. they carried posies of the same Forthcoming Events come, It shows not only the mill- Takes A Chance" is promising. I
"0 Promiseflowers.n ttary aspect* of the operation but seems to be romance with furn
Little Elaine Sa Gmes and N "Intoxication," Empire Theatre, also stresses the political task that telling the story of a New York
I tt e E a n a a e n oel J u no 14, 8 .30 p .m l e h a P c u e f a s h o w o rkin g g'r l w h o w a n t% to g et
performed by Ferraz also forined part of the "oehn o eebr m lies ahead. Pictures of a school wriggr h at og
"Something to Remember,tary officials are trained married on a 'bus trip acrtis tl
friend of the bridal party. Elaine wore a pink plie Theatre. June 28, 8.30 p.m. foretheiadministationroftre- maerid he
ie oyer from for the administration of re- States and has trouble in convin
casion. conquered and occupied areas, cing the fellow shle wants as part
which there It (11i I ( 7.) round this latest March of Time ner for the purpose .
is, was held ifVea t Yndian i neaks io lt'h to significant completeness. I am sure, however. that In th
IS. and the Q rt ,It is released together with end things are settled satisfac
the festivities BO..C.-TODAY News; 3.06 Ab ,Lincoln's story; 3.30 in- "Happy Land" the home-sweet- torialy for Jean Arthur, the always
ride wearing P.M : 200 sporting Record; 2.30 Pal- .itation to Music; 4r00 News. 4.05 Ceiling homte drama in a small American charming heroine of the film.
t. aoffVarltilles with Charles Penrose. Unlimited; 4.30 American Story; .00o
t Jenny 1Banson, ubby Harold, Mariei News; 3.056 N.B.C. Symphony; 6.00 News;
1loyd. Jnr.. C H. Elliott. Chairman. Bill 6.06 Army Hour; 6.30 Andre Xostelanetz;
Stephens, 3.15 B.B.C. Scottish Orchestra. 7.00 News; 7,15 Bandwagon; 7.30 Charlie
conducted by Gtuy Warrack, 4.00 Sundoa McCarthy; 9.00 News; 8.06 United Net.
art! Halfhour community hymn singing from work Commentary; 8.15 Home Town
Mldlands R.A.F Station, conducted by Dr. News: 8.30 Sammy Keye's Serenade;
w. K. Stanton; 4.25 Epilogue; 4.30 Per- 9.00 United Network Reporter; 9.iS News
chal Mackey's Orchestra. P.M.; 5,00 The at Home; 9.30 Jack Benny; 10.00 News;
News; 5.0 lInterlude' 5.14 Songs from to.0o information Please; 10.30 Fred
Shows; 6.00 London Women's string Or- Allen.
sen previous chestra Alexander choir; 6.45 News; 7.00 TOMORROW
ctory Players, .ondon Philharmonic Orchestra; 7.45 W. P.M.: 5.00 Time Views the News; 5.10
Indian Guest Night. Talk LACW Wendy Programme Review. 3.15 Fred Waring;
cast versions lnce West Indian W.A.A.F. followed by 5.30 Mirth A Madness; 6.00 News; 6.06
'eifth Night" music; 5,15 Feeding the World. "Science Snort Page: 6.15 Personal Album; 6.30
be Interested Is cheaper than Fancy"--Talk. A. N Hour or Charm; 7.00 News; 7.15 6 tock
re presentng ~Duckham; 5.30 Travyilers' Tales. "Adleu Rteport; 7.30 Mail Call; 8.00 News; .05
and Farewell"; 9.00 The News' 9.10 United Network Commentary; s.I5 Bat-
tic I 0laslic. From London newspapers: 9.15 Service its Background, 3.30 Downbeat; 9.00
toe reforum KjnoUl Church. Perth, conducted by United Network Reporter; 9.15 News at
y. July 5. the Rev. A. M. Hunter; 9.45 Talk on Home; 9.30 Burns and Allen; 10.00 News;
4y been pre- books, plays and films; 10.00 News Head- 1.00 6Contented Hour; 10.30 Mb Crosby.
lines. 10.01 E piloSus; 10.06 Interlude -
at Success at closing announcements; 10.15 Jubilee sea- WVOI-TODAY
Theatre at son o Proms. London Philharmonic A.M. 10.30 Music for Sunday: 11.00
action of Lt. Orchestra, conducted by Sir Henry J. Dinah Shore; 11.30 Jobs Cha. Thomas;
Wood. Handel's organ concerto played by 12.00 News.
0. Thalben Ball, AustralIan orgsanist. P.M.: 2.00 Informatlm Please:; .30
TOMOnROW Sammy Kays; 00 Command Perform.
P tP.M: .0 O News;liti; Interlude; 5.14 ace; 3.30 Frontflne Theatre; 4.00 N.B.C.
Party P.M.:ty .00Nd ew Interlude;nn .14 Symphony; .600 G.I. News: 5.15 Meet
variety Bandbox dedicated to Saran DY'wy the Boys; 5.30 California Melodies; 6.00
n aid of toe rain with 8. V Y. Ifnlon's Band--An-
inette Mites, Joan Young. Enld Bums. u Lombardo; 6.30 Jack Benny; 7.00
Air Scout, etc.; 6.00 Shipmates Ashore: 6.45 News; Andre Kostelavete; 7.30 Charlie Me-
ken place on 7.00 Lgtht Music; 7.111 Mc~eaehy's Weekly Carthy; 8.00 Your Radio Theatre; 9.00
for Roundup; 7.4.1 Talk--Scleitce Notebook; News; 9.13 The Open Door; 9.39 Hour
irgaiedf or.0o Current Events-Talk by Vernon of Charm-All Girl Orchestra; 10.00
at St. Mary's Bartlett; 8.15 B.B.C. Scottish Orchestra: Suspense; 10.30 Contented Hour; 10.45
A.45 Feature--London Calling Europe; 9.00. Nocturne.
ancy articles NwS: 9 From Tuesday's London new@- WVDI-TOMORROW
sl. the papers; 9 3t Starlight: 9.45 McGeachy's P5f 500 0.1. News; 5.13 Qie Vasa;
sa~le. The Rondu;'1.0, Nes -e-adline$.'oo 10"'01t~ r~
Ide games, a LiRofedatPH om:0. I N net eld; 10.15 5.30 WVillage Store; 6.00 Mail Call; 6.30
Lifeat ome;iou Intrlud; 1.1'Greett Msic; 6.4,11No,,.; 7.00 Chamber
the Seauts, Johnny Canuck'Revue. MuscIt
U.5.A.-TODAY (oe ai tet;73
sold for Sa- 'M,- 11.0News; 11.15 Great Music; Athum Favourites; 8.00 Dufry'sjTvprn.
e a i- .0 Music for umay 28 roe mith: 6.00' News: 91Lstn .. (iloer are tralntd in special schools for adiinstration
cure admis- News; hythO1.0 itne Night Stand, 10.0 of liberated and enemy territory. It's a Snapshot from "Invaion."
"Chorus: 2.30 The southernaires; 3.00 Ntght Owl Club; 11n.43 Nocturne. latent edition of March of Time, a timely e"lea",a t the Emlre..



1 0


On, The Home Front By FarmH
During the last week the news to plant As It leads itself dly rearing o Ul tok.
for which we had waited so to daptation to a VW Man e s l ag a Ny
anxiously for the lst two years soil espea"lly when tbe it but a0 4t of
broke-the Allied armies had banked. Swiet potatoes ptaMS t 9PRU of ptiltry feeS
launched the invasion of the con- at this Dartioular Ute of the yar 14vow" th e
tinent of Europe by landings In do not. however, gItve Zry p of
northern Prance. The event ts one heavy yields. so that It is to year Rh ode Island RAid na t free
of great International import which advantage to etablih k aurrs, rather than a batt Mm
will have Its effect upon this island. now so tat when th, pttt a birds brought rp
Military experts had before the comes In September-bOetober you dition are usually hardiera
start of these operation, estimated would have an ample supply of they af not as good -
that the Allies would need some nmatertal. machlL ,"!
five to six million tons of shipping. Planting of sweet potatoes should The keepf of rabM t .
It may well be that this concen- not be very late, -as from Noven proStable and together wa
tration may result If not in the ber onwards the danger done by and dusks assure you oaf l
temporary suspension of shipping the sweet potato borer Increase. ready protein whenever
to these parts at least in an ap- Vines should be constantly turned not available in the market.
preciable curtailment of present over and prevented from rooting Milk supplies are als short
facilities. This would in turn af- if high yields are required. Red- those who haven't or whose
fect our food situation for we are skinned varieties such as Black
still largely dependent upon in- Rock keep longer In storage and cunstances do not permit I
ported looadtufts.kkepInointra
How have we therefore prepared give better results than the others keep a milch cow will be
vised to obtain a gt whih
to meet the present situation? Gov- A further necessary adiunct to been popularly and rightly c
ernment has endeavoured during, this food growing campaign is the the poor mana' cow.
the time at It disposal to accu- _______________
mulate a reserve but how long that
the amount of food which isgiown Bas Ys Feste,
locally. latn wlslO dpnduon
At present there is a large quan- B
tity of coin alireadv planted or be- You read all about the invasion 6; The leader In the "GulAian'*
Ing planted throughout the island. in Tuesday's papers. How much called the occasion
This crop of corn as It now stands can vou remember of the first mo- in) Democracy's hour of t
is representative of all stages from mentous happenings on 'his seed to mature crops, so muitch so eventful sixth of June? 13) The beginning of the
that in areas like Sangre Grande ft o.u" 3 or Nanism.
and Arims roast corn Is already 1: A "Great Crusade" sai' ,f a .
available--a most unusual thing in our local planting experience, ih Eisenhower. Hitler
This means that the crop will be c) Montgomery, ite Directing d'lence oper.'
spread ov'r a fairly long period of 2: The late "Guardian" used a tlons.
time, so that although we would simple red-letter headline on (b) Rushing to France to try,
finally have had the largest corn the front page. It read his intuition.
crop of island, it is hardly likely ta) Second Front Opened. c) Chewing the carpet.
that at any period is the supply in) Allies Inv*de France. b; The "Evening News" leader.
likely to exceed the demand so that i( Invasion started. ssid the D in "D Day" s tood*-
one could not anticipate a storable 3: President Roosevelt spent the for
surplus which is just what we want. invasion morning Ia Defeat.
Since this is the case it is 1Im- (s) In prayer. (b) Deliverance.
perative that everybody should con- (hi In ,ronerence. (e) Democracy.
centrate on producing their own 1c At the Wnr Densrtirent. 9: While events in France cas
reserves Let us ace how this can 4; Berlin despatches via Stock. turned the limeliht in mIty.
be done. holm said the Allied landings General Clark's troops
First of all by digglnt up ever had taken place Ia) Drove across the rivet
available piece of land and nOlant. ta) Between the Oine and Tiber.
ing in such crops as corn, cassava., Vi'e rivers. (b) Chased the Gerwans
yams. tannias. eddoes pigeon peas. 1 i At twelve points northward.
hlack-eye pea, kentucky wonder ic) Directed at Caen, (c) Met "only weak resis-
beans and tomatoes. L. Mr. Winston Churchill gave tance."
Bulk foods should have pliodltv forces engaged as 10; A picture of troops landing
over leafyv vegetables Ilk' cab- (a) 4.000 ships, thousands of on a beach appeared
hages, cauliflowers and heet hut smaller craft, 11,000 tat On Page 1 of the "Even-
these crops should nnt he neglected 'planes. ing News"
as it is essential that our dicts (b> 4,000 ships and nvr 200,000 (b) On Page 4 of the "Gua'.
should he balanced hv adcouate land troops and pars- dian."
supplies of vitamins, with which troopers. (c Not at all.
these crops ate replete. (0) 4.000 ships without men-
Sweet potatoes are an ideal rrop tion of other forces. (Answern on Page 2 B)

Your Brain and Nerve

Need a Tonic

Your brain and nerve need a tonic sometimes, especially In the Tropics
where you perspire freely and drain your system of vital phosphorus.
PHOSTONE replaces lost phosphorus, and lack of phoaphorus leads to
general nervous conditions. For those who are mentally and physl-
cally fatigued, a course of RECTORS PHOSTONE is indicated. Tone
up with PHOSTONE -the brain and nerve onic.


Price !* 30Q per bottle from all chemists.
..--.. t- L. $. Williams Marketing Co, Ltd.-Sole Agents.- -




s These new vegetable prepare.
) tions are introduced as a valuable
and delightful addition to laby's
Doctors usually commence to
prescribe, them from about 4/1
ISOU I months, increasing the quantities
`Iva Prepared from selected fresh
vegetables in the form of smooth
deliciouss puries. Cow & Gate
Vegetable Foods are easily digested
aind Uassimilated by baby and cm
be given in conjunction with Cow
SGate Milk Food to advantage.

w &Gate


r forInfants
Wtoaalble In the following varieties
,Ak GATE Pur eed Vegetable Soup
FA GATE Pureed Spinaeb
& GATE Pureed Carrots
Fit 4, Ltd The United Gror. Ltd-
lAd Gren Ce. Ltd.
E he, Canning & CeO. LW*d
IN*M. Il Tung CeC. Ltd.
*B i Lee Ce.

'I"Perf tin. Non-Importers--14c. per tin
00k~a Wftft C.4eW.0





afternoon tea can now be

energised and vitamised.

Use Cow & Gate Glucose-A.D.
for sweetening your morning coffee and your afterno on tea and secure for your hard worked body extra
energy, vitamins and nourishment.
COW & GATE GLUCOSE A.D. is an immediate source of energy and nourishment, and every pound
6,000 International Units of Vitamin A.
and 2,000 International Units of Vitamin D.
Vitamin A is the anti-lnfective vitamin which build ds up resistance to coughs, colds and other infectious
diseases. Vitamin D is the vitamin which puts all the other vitamins to work.

COW & GATE GLUCOSE-A.D. Is non-fattening and gives you
energy without surplus fat. You can therefore use Cow & Gate Glucose-
A.D. freely and get that abundant energy and quick nourishment which
Is needed so much in the Tropics.

COW & GATE GLUCOSE-A.D. can also be used in lime juice and
other home-made drinks. If you are convalescing from Malaria or any
other dibillitating illnesses and need something to give you quick
nourishment let COW & GATE GLUCOSE-A.D. help you.

Otainable from all lding dmietos.

'l% a*.**


Health is Something

Deep Down in You!

The basis of health is internal. A clear
lovely skin, a healthy complexion, vit.
ality, all spring from within. Occasion-
ally. especially in the Tr6pics, there
are stomach upsets. Perhaps you eat
too much or drink too much, but the
fact remains that in the Tropics the
cleansing of waste matters and inm-
purities from the body is essential, and
'ta nleasant. easy. effective way to do
this is by taking CITRO SALTS.
The basis of CITRO SALTS is grape
from which the pleasant and effeotiwve
Ingredients have been extracted. 's
for beauty and health that come from
within make CTRO SALTS youth*
cleansing, health-giving salts.

Obtainable from the following Importers

W. C. Ros CO., LTD.
LIONEL F. DOUGLAS (Cathedral Phuxmsq)y f

Price:' $1oo per b"tt


S'i4c A'wi. Molk I
I i ^~' s4

kv. 0. 3. WIlliWms being eongratulted by I
Altoa after his ordiunaUtion at St. Mary's

jy q3O'Jide at can hity



Glucose A.D.

I a k lllUi Isl. M -ie4 A NM"

It -- - - - " 1- - ---- - - * ** ~ "' g .- - ..ss a :




: I

. F- , s aI

. ow p*


The British Red Cross Socie
Trinidad & Tobago Branch


Already acknowledged ...........................
Mr. and Mrs. D. Pollock ............................
Acting Crown SoUcior and Staff ..................
Margaret Dickson, Jnr.-21st Birthday .............
Mr. W. D. Henderson ............................
Mrs. E. Riohardson ...............................
Miss R. Eversley ....................................
ML. L. B. Fisher ...................................
Mr. ,nd Mrs. C. fParit..............................
Straumwasser Bros. ..............................
M r. L. Hewitt ......................................
x . ............ ........ ........ .......
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hamel Smith ..................
La Petite Musicale--
Part proceeds from Tea Party and Concert ......
U. -nd Mb ow Oslbit ...........................
A =z ym ous ........................................
M r Al Dow .................. .......... ............
N H .L I ............. .. .o...... ... .... I .. o. .I .
M rs. N Shaw ....................................
Staff, Food Control Department ...................
Junior Red Cross, Princes Town .................
Princes Town Sub-Committee
through Mr. A J. Bernard ..................
Miss Tv, 0111U ....................... ...............
Staff, Public Works Dept., San Fernando.........
Mrs. L. C. C. Hobson ............................
Mrs. C. C. C. Hobson--
Collections at Red Cromss Depot ..............
Naparima (ollere-tnmpire Day eolectioa ........
PPv. end Mr V. B. Walls ........................
Dr. yril OGittens .................................
Dr. D. C. Antoni .....................
M .P. ......... ... ..... . ......................
M r. L I. W hitlock .................................
Tvrk. P. itchbinson ............................
'"hai'o Amthorhood & Fellow Friendly Society......
Tr. A pee .....................................
M r V O( ttl.y ........................ .............
T.'dv f)ornthv d* v'rteultl--Sale of books..........
I-%. T, T.4tour-Unk ...............................
Mtr A iHran Tatour ..................................
rqqt 'a rtr1ket rChb. Caront ...................
""'"-As eywi T r.TA. Students' Sports ..........
(,1P,'r Park Cricket Club ......................
op'-.h q tIm lte4 ..................................
P ",'n Pe"s & Sons tAd........................
Al*o" Ar, e-0. It.|. .. .. ........................
Iirf, latch Vactor ....L.................
'rtfddd tl"rI'meturtne & Refining Co.00, Ltd. .....
e J.-" .T W4.ton Ltd. ...........................
n- I W. ientr &. Co.. ,td.. ...................
$U-llm. e nt N Co,, Ld. ..................... ..
Nm iorQ- P t reM m i ..................................
f" Pn ,, A d.. TI .....t..........................
p.-*Y.'t-I4ott A, f '.. o d ..... ............
,Joeph Sabga&Sa m SLtd. .......................





Oka" Wat l by 90MR M.

-. S

ely Flowrems
lady's Clothes


...a...n ....OK-- ..... Good Use For Thef#

:o otae f Uw eo o Mon Nlc*c l Appeor Ow n
fta 1011be iN w"a 1 t0 a 0- w 1a> wa?)Wth 2B Mis of lAs Trammpmt biffitties
Sa IWell Will me* Via-ntwa on"ps 1 Bt t VtThere mut go 'woo"IsTr* to ,
VMS- Aabodd to so, ui t ft I swoo weefUl to ohold on soM oe c- tigaaa ead aw eeuatr5 whoat SOW hes 1 01--s
dsM the %M oilctiloen w*ebW X34C. z iWttor thoeehlcyom war .ys when it was pwomb
W* sotcorsapa WIWI&aiis e "on
Wd m cometh whish -rawhcr3 wieheawsto, Mg1.
*f t *6snthey sam hIs
bdtWe wear aher n 01-a garden or thos e af your lg,'
er;n ehr rs oht suas e h and Ma etse e wue ,.u,- twee the d a

wesint n the alwf alsoh atar :'' ma'
ti-a theyJare biu 11'I11a S. n ebeh they era bl. the- am w. tO he ftl of the
danow d roa d r set nEi t ne a t B a --i-nt e3 a g c aeaA to thew% m rW Mtbsii, 0
0S J*21St OrkiI. .ta will ke thin p&Z5".wt3 ^* K fiT il^ K ^ ^ them at theirtre valu. IC'S tintof 0I01 annoyan c fl
dy pity oraat theO am at ODOM.l

TlsTtarle eh..am dark *auv e, tainly muve der-whou.
t? sw0rt 'fyot8 tre et-. tatrsl Anth &I f low ard. a so adt Som ..tftr "a ffsi c. bae eytoJlli' f
dmbasthe at 5 aour d the.ol y se- oe fro a cn reepertomnytr uch df ftlt a hei o
'o ,w ,' Iwanl fa t A" ;b7,0
which or eve r ac se frien or o terod hed chetin i adupthoreemer istrf .u.... alas prod a ll

tnoor wS"itowmtAnlo Tiethailyhr thatoisroadwh erhs can 'e g :' "' Pft o ef t
anet Iso nlyr a darkmaufthephoe vyeriIuv ut r whiten Mak e IItatyad ..m,

au the sre5 yoare t we nd oerdreas Psedstoo manl Jewels. -" .-_ m'*,"" '' "- -t ii mj,.. G S^ f.^ T ^ RACB AWHEEL '
"at io mathcanbe de; elthh Weal or false, and also that /t I
I however your ore for th o a rgon part of your entire en- g sasags1 00k..,wiy Ms mth. tts

eventnpearaat telast minute amble nd toud ratd suc gh swr of MM Eu^.n Smith nd tir late Mr. W. 0. Smitl HJ* "V women and they new-?
bwi3tha cos w itch ate u ud t look n though It a been w lveit Their deportm

mntdtble tt Is necesury to le tact" tin~ed n in a ru~dh a* YoU were C-y Moth P ** 7" th, bir to ,..at&fi*'- b egin wlth lnd tn* I
jor eliep theflow m to Dont ever b e tempted to appear od carrae of e
TI' hsndahc or wreno where they te next day with orchids on yreebr s ay 1al iroue aIvr Th Clo,
rsno eber aot no nbeet Ygv o maree l out because It seems a iC.wl ah 6r -noeve16mthe at In
probably not feel like hurting h not to display them when they are r r cyclng-o crouch M
TAfeCTN but d ureVly anoint anywrin d ill fresh. Orchids are t or night aewls wI rS T I te 'fe eoundedoe
dradul be atdte-reftI1 I

is better godban appeartnh likce a po tme and iret occailos and a Many mother are quite wreand decaying teeth l Mrs.e. wnS \ 5 que a .tprl em
Ii.al hn lh oweer yor secorf or arrag spr youou niare d get- EW tg 0 nat ndtelaeM. .0 S~h e l aid lthe ee

ig theI evensawpearis t rtheylast m nu sarbe sPad hOF d bn e otrea ted as s th er children,_antoften d__d b _etyers m o '
: elo d undr an eormou Izmcforreany of c|ulytyf in utt

ofit rad corchg s which ishqie un ad wearth: dulo a thoes dai t es[gtdrctl'swrst-de ueton"Wydos ysolveae oth .It. Thi r depotmen es
setbuihtabyeI i ecsaytourube atinnednIs or syuwr -f- I a obgi ihadte

Iprforce pinned onto a brick red divide the spray Ul and Juste have decay?" Mothers are quite right when they argue that there mut be material hangs much esb. t
li res e oee or two In a button hole, but something wrong somewhere, It cannot all be con tutiona or unlikely to cause m r
yr a better eth l keep d them In ywthe refrig- master of I erta -..... .- ........ .. I "w up above thmaiMu, m
S SOM sUGGESTIONs nea erator or oj te and they will come s i seem that sclenmat may enough vltamit A, C and D the B CyCLING t

y up tret h and wearable the next have the answer or to exaris Mi- vwtai a lime and phosphorus Th- it a pinafe drw w Actually the ideal d.,
s o get ua good crage I t not evening when they can be spor ed tr seval ou of scen ts i do the ame. dv kirt whh w m cycling on wl d
always neceM a to resort to In their proper setting, have already suested answers i both a group of experts agre perfect afot and etTno

sawonenight praicaye-lge pray atny hbut whether r theyi l find acn- t themoerwo follows both wheaa d o n s bc. th n s
o PA da morchi cansbe hade;' w e ra t platform upon which they ru with myhr child can, moth t .a the drs ona b
i a b hoe btsme hechngwng soew rei anstcantes control and prsvenu toth breeds sntempt and we begin to a nr

be Iater o herttance, re-d de ;ay. take them a a matter -I DeArse, OtJk m
StaoM SUGh eh or Perhaps It will help moaers to The experts have oncluve proof once again. U i

N/^f ^JS^ et pea a **1t the solution of this over a number of years that dia- LEGS AKB USEFUT Li i & ^ R
,* t/ W "important pr olem of tooth decay betic children who have a diet .Ich In the meantime we have to j~j~f~^
ut fe ad b bringing the facts up to date. In vitamins Ae and D Tme and make the beyt of the situation atuy thIdnde heI
~ get a go cCleaning teeth Is a wds hygeno c phosphorus, i a proper balanced one good thinen which has emerged ot oo eplh
alay n r t ro T All iindications point to food tw e averas chgld, are re-dopcovrt ar ferinc f their lea a ha dt h ffff

lla %- r onb of the primary causes of tooth They Cy that the very wflnoss of means of bot. Wkh H a din
hanh ot wr kond pa food. bupo perhwuh i thoo re wutr and starchy foods to about yc ,nd et n l 'ia
SF ome years two groups amount of these substances con ontrolian snarv toahbredep ardwe. bi o drie
scientists have had the same awer sumed by th ordinary chd t the heatoftenma ewat
.pr to the queton, "What is It wilhlout hr .These experts claim that even durof ton e dhaga in n roc
feelings bet aupeay atmthe solution soflthisesverOacnumberroffyenirstthat wit- LEuSdAREaUSEFUL

IIms be r ourotaat causresgf tooth decay gpiv children wo tha e adentci n themeante we have to b

bt iringin thruThe only diffdverene between a vit ains andm eralsin abtmeendt e the bera o e I t I ad r .
Ul' I s s aethe way i t works, ditnc dou cannot controls tooth de- Itneithfrosauaiiscytienfc tha oIf
Sunde an enrAlMother Iniaos interested, of course, cay If children ,at too much sug fare re-dyiis cov rinti le m e *
!of v orchidsg the way t works, but she Is nore an t starch e s a o iu rc ayntd s | th .
e p d o a b r d t essentally Interested In the prs e-h They base their claims on a mir- yling extaenesr stlhnuO u -uph W-
o t ';' n a heionbof toott dcay, so let uS wh ave prIe test: the number of germs of a Inr a bicycle uphill n not much tun. a i-a-
bete shth answer h of the sclsetl c hid kind that are founr d a on vthe l th a o lf -
oneerth ofahefo preervinga grcfo l fna gure. ,

"First, reduce the amount of suateeth of rdina who that the hea often ma walMi
and stx'h n, thabouI to n tarh-eseex ertscai th at ever I durin thCeS dry seaOPUrathr, -
oeratorooniceandtheywillcoe Itmeothatascientists cays oghvive idrnsAln til co rt, andte of theaEt eCYreIsGn

---- STRAW BAGS s Th fresl and w ta y diwferernc btweeln te- vitamins end limi ane ls inhabhun- the a in aforegdries with a ctal di theIdat *

SWItH Zi srte wayit wrknatgup s, o lfaice y o annoth control t h de-k for mei th ino cycliofng.s wT e
alwas ncesaryto rsor to a IIn heirproer ettnotha e areaiys suggested, nfcuswe, cayif hildrop ofenpeat tomuhsugacre hillyeround which t appearsquifter
essentially w interestheydilindthe pome- tha hey bmetheir wc olam s bon thsm-cylig extrem ely trnuosps-g'

mion plotftorm uothwdecay tu havey eest:ithe u ersiofaa i aeup Ino fun

tanawer fca oe s peisct ed c r'taincs onthrolandot a e f n on th be e dpt whil e moper ft an a w itor
yet. dc ea y t rttafsh ke- sthemat~ni nsuahmatterloourme~t,"

tatpeakirsat, the olutntofs uasoer th of p erson w eare h tiha esu ar iCLEG S to USE
antarch in ftchild'sthldietatoaanddtar ch -eda tres, the gardiertIn c B n t he me ofti ha vetd e
bth ingigte fcssary pkito d;ate d incietanm besin s A 0andsulie sind makegl ee, yln st fatesiutieomngan

eabtei e rom nda srees sle tooth de cayt l dis ttnis, fastg m a n d women
fArll Ip o as poit. Boutmoth e rca b r areobw a daike, n theimotor arsa
ST RAW BA iS Onewrors To ofztoothe m soe Is b thee pubgt ,eis hhe re vemsomansonsprota pk Ista Tae
deay|o ae____ ||i' lac of|__ the ths chi*ldrn oce re--t o f ther oad he&Mvu execis an g~ ho In
rih kn o od.bd h u eooofsugran tarh onodsstoabotcylng ndbto s ree ivlal
mu chonthwrol g a nd.peen oot od nna-tuird al neffthorm tohe o rsrisgfat graregardedgwith

EL cay. Thegs othe ofou Is just as mO
FoArwersomoe yQuba e people recognise the amefunnesa of euld be
HAND E O hR E the ethe bicycle as a means of t terwans a ol-
1A11 to t, "What i it about A expry c laim th even g otf In is po lti gnor then reaching seseo nrat her
HAND EACH E |eo| othdoC, ,ews.e n __lthare comale, and oinle o f. tte regvt ps ,s-s
Th e onyIIee enEb twen t n fa c Mt iitmitheat i ycisti have q always been the cdisua obserer ti
Is the i wok y Dnotorious for their bad rol man- be Just an orditnahswlr
(i) Esh scarenhower. nets. Many of them are ooad-hogs wearer it spells .hp r t
(aa) ln er dstye d, of the worst type, without the ad ge etmc evesy Ia tS(-y
Se o v ett e r o lightest regard for tho t weather.
20aswrofte(4) All Thre sce. o pedestrians or other f -uns It7t 1xprh f
ORft0 shptosn ad their o dut ha iroug AUSr- oL whether this outfit ir i sll
ad ac ih, hhls f dittads ac h-e at e ptB gem inutr BIC YCE A POU
$420BN mallr craft, 11,000 'planes. Rsts into df t dof sdreressi
S(naWad ) Democracy's greatest hour. which i1s, of course, very a dress, the
,cn.poie) Rush.ngto Frace to try h those ewhtoaeotbserve the oourtes e i t pef t of
eqate itfrESSS ,r oopopuaomtod of sh. o .
In~~ S~tAAssetibetio tothd of .ditaenresadong enutnwo nd

far a (S. Dem o rcrac o GOOD R ArDon nd linthe otlereandor ea
S Ose) All three. Anyhow take c are that e yo don t 4wr (Ut
tt(1Pn0) on Page 1 of the 'Eveniug offend In any particular when youlalso looks very laen mo

BO 0 ^ ^^- ^- ^^ ^^ __EACH __ ____ __ ______g_ nuaybie bu luV \ ^ y M X r ^ ^ l V
m News." are iwheel.p some of the msit I c the ril tht perr.
win p t t h d f oo s otRecom m end ed toa xi 111 I rg de wit
SUof tpDigestive Troubles 11 ,wieo

10.00 ,0 s' a oU apptrl, ) /"j I va U ao e
200 STORES Answ aters e ToQu iz peopblesb
.efettvet It e icylepe tsa mea dnsrmolt ans-
H N10.00 ERt-pt eit 5 s iuMis l o muc n dyusrpep te, I %W
8,07 ta yclista have CHAaLOTTa TEftay slaeen teUtasals o obser vaer
L a rg S p Ia r IiU is-' n o o f t i b r d eJ n rvl 014 over icarbonate 0,
(1)_________E_ is enhower. in asgaMany of te r odhpwerrI lB'

(2) _"fthwos mt o fast Dthat eal4 gIveo tempo -e s
2.00 efe, w a1 s....d l af d prBlt
0._t_ CASH If Ser Have It-- boa |,r p5?in5,AI O
CREDIT If You Went it MddIl t0 Stl omach ISAVtDI hs uant ty
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BED S',PS O stamablo 1. bottles of tUA pr a1n0 tabletsIto
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sU& |'diasld- heart Ran esHa ,,--, L,-.- /
m as f o -te Bre .a.= 5. Specially selected by our
L. 7eF-IOs -Iyaein US..

4782 ... Doctor rit".- ft .. I. .... .. ,..an Mr. Jack De LUmo. rn the U.S. and
-* ..- - :* _..S reSM '- ^^ -- ^ ^ ^^ ^ *. -. B im ii I Lv cr^ 3 Nad^^o*i 1 S ^ ^' n.^a
B Me as-*^ aMut ui^^ .^jgeagsa m i *sw ^. c>
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an N S -,NEW, ,k - -
VA Io* -t h w-,----- LW -- -- inguiu w Flym I Cross

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s >. * .m uthso rx, cu._ t ta. the h._i.__ h *- J.UT.sII.s fl--- W - _^.,,
LVAJW,-bs's "'ss wo ant tor the ......--we" Ut a 1ma ma mmon-of4 i- o--
B"'ft bte09 clb. L=M" ^%s %:N Wt A 1nd H II n.,
1041110,ho IslvAn e Ger* *)et of a = F411011ol

reSa. --ho---m- MY t O..tur.Ato herT he wa> is No" 1 d M
.a g ia rsw r xA=]iusb wCounmtry Club b gj- d flM.is u I .l I H A i I
^~~~ ~ I^H Mr.~ 11YA 19 Also, a^o ^ IS"e^A 0&2vSW sIap
NiL w"l < ol m tAM Id- Le f S4 far p aT toc mi abut. for-itig -t- h-t- hw. rl io.. .."to fr g*. at

Wmi I ar -w tolta *> w twti tha -,aben h ime tM en o ths ."e* ew4 wa soat on. o luthel~ am*' *1Ber. JF. ~ ~ iiq . Mtttoj .W -iay^ ''-'
wi o catcher, VaraM. ta t Gaee w I*u C r 0n r. ardi" We aftesar ai n Am s e -iJ
s Aster DPI-tr o eM lk e i a inft her i rpa wl a a nat of t1 ia howt m n .. . I

L .c P,doo At vs. n ft .,=_j, j. e, Mwseven d %a *eo .RW, ,, & V0. ... Ie" Av, a l o -1t of 0onv.-.,
F Y. D, u. M .. ...*n eB ,oe lUPt.be, far w e yats. l ak i- WP obleim oo fhn "ft tbt-San I
j Mr. n- M ..orm w. T..A ad Miss u ..Scar.. n S theo f lohfnWest Iha dth and ttee E A _, 4.'TO.O m *M
enlisted br a erv:10ft ft*Onl.A-.?. toe conference woaim at clarift-. OM*

."A1 m. Nrt low T boa r ,onu s amd bfor the t Hs Ain2". l1 ins hit o. | d tit. e set I My o .,
LftSn elU a d tmhewp6bas ow tmer ho e me tmabers of the w **T!ied amt f was retl t.I ee 1 "11T4ee n a.sr WC .o "a. I
f : 7 OOwWtOfPfU1LIttks 'sicuous bravery. 'rnm tasetma uR. icun rJack, I~a Mr. f a D.alow Vef tucatusbssmS.h

gI c 1tion i a yt bCouncil, h~s dbeeoep i. t t ake ,dNe C h Jaor, Lat uih Qm m -t "am-I Iia I..Nm. b l
I*mpir myldhisposalb -mmere h -i rsloner will adasmtreost. lle rXWS, WB titruhe has a se
Part_ of mooVed W ... ... ................r B r. rsinas ballot dmoverurt l ies tsight_ necussaryto e nularise the Ilbe e end ,a I
a'zsg oam,* wh bisns aar aed serpent daao*. when s plaace, al a nt a rn it it pack Ago a t :a tfBrt>- 41*1 01

o tq ? ta.grew* Mr. Auge-hans chosen the of enemy ghtera ed e attacked- 011i I \ |
1 M." I hMas B san a a b e n them. R ,His la.newaws hitnd & ISalari, e (mA in it .o ..al ro th a. l i
O a 1 r iF ozn Oy hthe o|ntorti iist; jet in hisUebere r S C a is beI IAect i s &7 *A S8a0 tsof Mis bow to

Mu1 P'a = A il tno fUomlg Prant rushed to the j et, itde, S-. A. G lED J0i ,ST.e V*oCIT OlW a N q>4Ial05 .I. W lA
ofl~w atoftibegiLyn s t he f tal scne, to be followed broke the wofindcreei and toh rew JuneB .-The euintte W arn Jtims wa I a
of .ho the, o burningjet out. Be wS m-e HI k Em, leaf O te WsI .h VI m
,I vereoly burnt and is in theo da Bd rb > the n rot.. mX. t: : I --
j.f r Rs W Xh &I,, ,t-. a- sea wtth the RCA.. In tCad has"A hn aad pla a e? teek, -- -if .t A^ S- 7w y7w
lpsscb ra t bheis.-e a ereo. u bBreeea n poSoedli n- Wekro0.e U. Sr. f-t af&Iess hof
wil l nsteek bareb. baa bedl rWomoted.to leeading wills e n.-t s for E- Pmmoe.a isNaills,
ana is w~ith The Xetecrological Department In Debert. .4,11 ranks of the Leeward Islan~ds velopmrent and Welfar. 'tocalk- SADIST Ousadlam Ctmaspudeat

Iie .Police, "salute" FIing Cuer H. mIseito and maake RIDETOWN Barbados, *June f i
C C.Brant,DP..O .( and N._to in regard to the stafingof Govsen- ]&-vieam cdittftlofnt -

Ir e ' e I'' 'r'.. .. asn .,i~ ,u ,. .g~n t... i ..n vem,, ,o tut o ,T|- ^ >T.; ..n..w d,,s, /, ,, ,iwTni ia. rjak>Tiad -._-..
eoc3 l FtIVy Mr. Mr. Wiiam fiVtalA T i, students at him "Bravo. Well done. V'jY mentDertme rtsaalarin ofdita wabon rwftunder WlU

iiw v rlt, ,arrv inTriidad A saturday on hoday. n and good luck.ril i, o serv ant s 0 Xted Oa of the United SYtates War 8,5V .-a t d 5o g
teI, who Soestly took her BS A., i ow pursu o P a music aso ay art Pad Asha lt f
o OWr P awlii shIsstudy g a. eectrical eapgieeir. Th hae y**a ee the repUt ortl ba n be n s y ant d tn, o db i s tt iont haveWITl en-
t Mr. and rS.AmJ.H.Haw liRS. J Of Tofit-f-paiath. reor-hs o B besumtd t MMie ntodo Nl- A
!Sundav.aIarolisa ,-. th, 1% I .-
4 g a e lu b e u e a k E & a s w i l l ha y e a n a d d e d S T G E O R G E S G R E NA D A J u n e M U
at their to tenibtitaed *The beld sSaturcaY, June 10-Two nominated members of Mr. 81-ickbuw Te, accoenpazIed by URmiuttmenut of 'l ft
a foorshw bin oMrnsebyM. Autero Gomes. com- the old Legislative Counca bhove Mrs. Slackbixrne. left ttle 0Co 0loyUbui Shoo farlas baes 11-
~ ala n mrcntl~.been recommended by the Mfr t-~Bwrardo this morilising. claodO bu ~
e MC te tetrici t b oasrds and the Clhamber ofnpoaters are campia ftlig that tWf
Poo for i"58somft to rd Rmunmb," the variety show being Commerce to His i are uaher Ir w le IS obtain labour to 1"Atl

dby Win Thoea Tmes M. o of the St. Jown' a Con- Gov rno for appointment to theDarhadsi F.0 p..--fond mos with the rains.I
1E wl start at Messrs. Davidson and Todd oan Wednesday, new Legislative Council. 3R1LiG3ETiWN, BARIADOSA
M es date for thisfunction will be tJule26. and there will To.e Hon'ble Arnold Williamson.June 6.-Mr. Herbert rmasCs, AS- ------

sheren oiMheand proenme girls in beautiful costumes,. member of the ev Stosn for cad
iB Incl ulde Miss EienayJnd l3. Lucll dea theort e citl; Mis A.be V.of Ip* the Ex cutiv e ow fl appotnoe AsRoya e Ryl for Scotland, arA^ --- ^^^
M i e ss .i l P. Me en and Missbehaim of the Vart.il ; p rid uhir nian Aof ct o In o tw's Professor of Astronomy at Bills-
%o Vl Wasrie Raus. Mbam M14o a. nges Noenand Mi MssR S trct s ae- wir La- done 47 haXaburp University, has ben Ott>( lTAKENO

Idet etranM., a ircl agetlaan M.our, electedmbersofhe a ellow Of the R oyyal S|IietYAWIT
ia.Boards of anltheparisheshavg is learned 'ere. 0MAt EAI

Ami" for the th e r Censt-pla to wbel produced by thee at the reuetofHis o ele iy Son of the late Lr. 2. C. GreAT08CA1Ct
"ails Amateur Dramatic Society which take place at the Itolnameone of their number for and Mrs. Greaves, Proftssor Dreavel,
ettish Club at Point Fortin In aid of war ehart have ben such a seat. had his early education*tt
PMeV, June 30 and Saturday. July 1. Two of the plays are The unsicessful nominees com- Lodt e School under te late Mrt. This is the Happiest
Mime, mone a e entitled "The Ugly Duckling," arnd t mended by the delegates of the 0. Dec. Erntage. On winnShg justlh oe This
Of att Mwe the urcet Net which theg tuBor d.-scribe- pr'board who met at Yga on to s tSJhn,&rCollhe gvode. C Swn d ... Tow th

-- --Ma In te nM 'to St." a' Jo --- C5olg.C oniibiig
a .T rldg ,Tuesday were: Mr. M L. Noel where in addition to ganing a
af~f." Te thrd piy I a dama,"TheSt. Andruw's'(. Mr. W A. W1T- doube, rtI ahmt~.h a
uproduom, Vfa. M. Prior. Mr. T.oaBnBrown, and DraJ. ha=; St. John's). and Mr. E. A. the distinction of being Tybeb
BLasd ft cast have been working hard at rheasrsals for the Mitchell (St. or'sT. medallist In Astronomy. Smith's IT'S GREAI
Sand the g sinry 4 etc.. Is well advanced under Mr. W F!. Mr.S. H. Smith, manager of pr Ganansaac CdoseNewtotiSt u.AS- A R
stam mng'%s dirn cto wvitations haive been sent t.o Mvssrs, A. Hubbard & Co., Wdent He was elected a fellowotf

|HM. a.Absfr euuft oet o 'I beopaa di)spl ole r cente Stjo betts mekpoide worn afdtior a ----ec&MM~liH
t tern al- held cubs andthe producers hope there w e o 12 I ominloated member of the re siJonsWnMsonate-ec-
onm each night. I Councl ihas balm nominated by the chief assistant at the Royal (I HI'-
So C aM..Chamber of Commerce, while Mr. vatory G reenwic. In 1928 hO he W
3SOPM shuld book FrYdaY, June 23.to hear the organ recital C, A. V. PttiDl is the cho keorappointd Astionomer ROlfor
1160 given b7 Mr. F. Leslie Calver on behalf of the Imperial ithe 4.crlculturil Association, In Scotland and now at the A"s Of
Red Cri'oe Invmsion Fund. beginning at w .15 p.m. at St. b$h these cases voting was done 47 he has had the sle-9l honour at
Pembrioke Stmt. circular ballot being elected aiFellow of the Ro&aI
0. Vaentine. the Chief Censor, will preside, supported ba) Tprecnimn .itions go to His Society, the o oldest scientific sol-
It. Pole, and tht- silver collection will be taken b-,,'censor- E..cellencr the Governor who is so in Great Britain, and one at
he director ion of Miss J. M. Durfield t
wit be assisted by Miss Ing rotmoan (soprano)afdt expected to arrive here shortly on Use Oklest in Ntu".
VMl an (ban, both of whom were heard to great advan- a t risitfrom '-t. ncer bo Profam' IIeave's eletionte,
recet highly successful Good pridav concert at St. John's. o'na to St. Lucia and Dominli/. c a disting ietv Is---
l A t en H -k Mr c clarinetist, will p hay a fanciful roan e eill Bro relde t honur which he has well' erited

M le! .eHP willyi trTPD Prba^ | ~e~d ate the "ldy onpp em o ur whichs the Ledge At o T
S ach's son. soaieIt is hoped that the recital wili help sub- Opening of Ph re Council.C Jad ond of whh te Ledge Is h bT
wto swell the urgent Red Crass Invasion Pand. pe rousa tn e B Advo ate. justl b
alA AN'TONI r.eeiavd news from her amo, Mr. Armando For Supply Parey mon 00
k Aftftil, who left last year for Toronto University, Canada. Sanday Guardian ODYaPs.5eadi Tax Rates Up
SIaisg medisc, t hatl o s asse"his st yearcourse sINSTOWN. ST. VINCENT,nJune
gann 4th place in a clan of 20 medical students, 10 mr.~A C. H. D auler s Con- Sunday Guardia Ce,\reso0deai
ot prsnt spending *nr of his suminr vacation with frienftd troller of Supplies, is to re resen. BRIDG~rMVw1, Barbados, June GuL O B E
Fels;= and willsWepWith hisw8=t, MIBLloyinSt,. Vincent at a conference of West 10-New income tax rates In effect
.S.A.et before ThtvuMft to oneto for to re-open Inis auopl eeMmn ubis is be this week provide for an additional
**held shotly In New Yost undue the tax Of 12 cents on incomes of $0.1011
ausoices of thisCaribbean -andMWupwardseemseqti- onta theft- wt h.r Tu g at
has been announced of Mr. Jack do LUm,.,youngest aof the British C0ontes 5qp MIS- cent decision to Increase allivanos.
Mrs.esr LA and the ltuftMr.. de Lima*todon.fo. children. (Dam" B E OO N
the older deagh of Mr. and Sha P. l8a.3ssa
who returned to T a Iby iast-mG 3-INSaa I'd..GOESs5 5
Md C mo a bU s past foqar months, 11d-1. I s1111-d Wa.I das. I & L *-
hert his fanee ^ nohe eagtset waseannomncd tm Ped Nowuay an"T Johnnv Wdsornmersad
Mhis s atr sfter the. arival -ofBbigmotherandh iTsoec lose%* ~ito o nd Mae An RRe tIn
.W. HALULoi elgs of the Trinidad. Petroleum Doev- jr(uife:woasf u.adTmrrwAalwNgt.m
SatCo., in agefaor to Maracaibo on Oft of his Ve,....4ial
ow* Interest or his; aempny. He left by 'plane a few days___________________________
M lend by Mrs. Ra~ei. ,thec=l expect to leave Veate- gus a1it noe't.umin~d you 14at
the neft week or so for Eudr where Mr. Hal". Will 1 y4seie 51 0.
Investigaines. an behalf ofGthe Euao r Oliflwelda, Ltd., an g
O5I5='of the T.P.D. we are alay unpelemntilg our SOA

Ctt S TH 'I~i^ Lo^ *"WDO
4L A. MON. formerly field manager of the Trinidad Petroleum'L.
Pment 0 sno Lmthe.sto alof heStadroi e fNwm ussM.Mo, wo amrvdaTiid ad y'ln e flying vielt to Palo -5 wttnnew dr~esses fronMe US ildR OA
Y, hao inclewtanotre turn os the uStan.dCnadd Ong, Coe.ooofndeNeiwgTODAY at 4.45 and 8.45 p.m.-Lost Showing

dresses, Moderate in price and vazarl ORSON WELLES- as" Rochester' and
-i deign ou s0P 5.5,ss. 1igAStretet,
rs evera n e C Iu bdes In. a or s ~~ ~in ie~JOAN FONTAINE as 'Jane in

(Pot-of-0Spain :V n e 1e
Extro-Iritish and Movietone News
-A MONDAY 116h. 4.06mot $All
GA I ETV- (San Ide.)

1,1,0- 7 ,'j f 01 It 10 aRRI0. EDrA W2IN C


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EStMPIR Sho) I *tag* 6how)
TODAY, 4.30 and 8.30 p.m.-ond Continuing...

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Action In Timn Nor Atlantic

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TODAY 4.451, I PK. ALlI


andid CoAments -
Mal a rMda dw M-
S-MM ~ ~ [ laa ufifeutd eMtt MM
It t arsa b da 8$ t t" WiN ui I mo-
inego-Onthe oster
eaeyih = hi own WLaY te. an a e
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half count O ak a M is =v
die' which b A h the cuuUtance
SMU With uanmtety the opposition lt tee.
a. stands InOneW tFonsretible ovebavll. What-
t the reasons, t a d tategtWay wer m-
sl atf ,t it is possibleethough ttom the
ons cauht the part o the wrong foot sad
Obviously ino two m=ins.
tTitdd, where a rodhany u distance offcredt
foor tr cfU er brafin and detached ob-
tty, san i onaon and sober judgment demurredt
any IryoweJull tt&ente. On the other
L tPe Party would appear to have hamstrung
S BoUcv In which itproclaimed Itself as the
Id U us t church, afferiff the solae gospel of
Htta and that all who elected to stay outside
Isntd were to be regarded as heathen and here-
"ndj vw intranstent isolationism with aS
.M a ut-;nIand aGrnat ertadd n to provoke
m *efN and a el. ow it is never profitable to
s history and as it has been remarked some-
thoe who forget thetr history are usualy
the" i to live It once again. And what Ios th
Although Trinidad may justly claim credit oa
cradle a Party aimIng at West Indian Na-
la a at widest and mosa t ambitious sense, yet
e this le- politically Trinidad has always been
I still Is the least mature of the larger West
Ban Islands. Long before Trinidad had become
ernment-monacioua Grenada had begun to pre-
Sreform and became proficiently articulate when
the political sense Trinidad was still unborn. In
vanguard of this crusade Marryshow vas tve
ni~attog pe-rsonality.
In Barbados and Jamaica, Grantley Adams and
man Manley were able to make :helr appeal to
class which In Trinida4 would not heed Captain
iiiani. In these Islands 'herefito. trere are
w-inents ilml'ar in character P)i. an'e-datint he
W. Itndan National Par v and wlth long years ot
riflce, patient building and proud history. it was
Dr judgment which expected these parties, s'.u-
rily discarding their own Identity, to accept

uropean Backdrop
71' T big show is on. "Uste biggest in the world,"
q use a term dear 0to the Americans who have
(me across the sea to crash the gates of Mr.
Hitler's much-publlcised Fortress Europe.
At this great moment, it might be of little use
to meditate on the pa-it that seems so far and is
-still so near But it is June again, the month of
destinv In current history and almost involuntarily
we look back to another June, as bright, a mniontn
of slimmerr as this one of 1944 and yet so dark, so
full of pain and despair.
How many years have passed since ? T It ap-
pears as though it happened ages ago and seems
almost incredlible that, according to the calendar,
only four years have zone since the lights were
turned off in the sky over France. Four years only;
and it is more than a life-time.
You cannot forget when you hive been through
t. You cannot forget those sleepless nights in the
,ches somewhere on the roads southwards. You
snot forget those restless days of aimless wander-
, with dive-bombers overhead and the earth
Orgbling undcr your waning feet. You cannot
forget, what has been the darkest hour not oniy for
One people atnd one nation but for a sacred cause.
It was only one thing that kept you going
those davs in thle ditlches and under the bomno: It
Was the fai h in something better, something greater
than a world of banditry that spat its poison all
Over tile etihs alid vaaleys. the rivers and moun-
tains of F'rn)tep. Beyond despair, it v'-a that cer-
taim felling that it was bound to pass, this dreadful
ror ot history, this t.'Tilble slip of justice.
You had not mucU to hag on those days and
hop might have fainted for ever without that
tidomlttabi faith In a sacred eauae that had to
be stronger than guns and tanks. It wa then that
lPaul Reynaud, France's Intelligent but weak Prime
Mister, annealed to President Roosevelt for imn-
lfedlete help. It wa. a desperate nutcry.
There wa,no e rlinh tIria cross the'set irt !he
silence of den'h iav ld )heaviler nn !he mourning
S t: of F'ranrc 'atnder.ing. -flu rii( tf arcers in mit.erv andt disp( .'-*d ,ric' nmovlng to

iNaz is Stni

By M. E. FarqusKar

ranmb m pti mek for id p me pM *

idll th rpetua emrr uf. r
A m Wfate anj ( t a .
aT h aAd t aSW e t tor to l
b atW SM o r m W M at wounawl M t
e frutat fe1* de em4 be a 0 low coato
At a W ISs ittn tNa tyhe Party or

at et htZzlU.eiese tofi W44endt
pMMOr * iUM hent. o m wB e, wma no freie From
Path"haeaet Win
tbfe. Mercr Y! bmay evme amenthlny B Ifpl-
atre haatfm *ott h to ute all the Wea intl-
diMa idame into e common. ot orhi t dietlon.
Wetb reard t the electhons, there has bean
the uUnal rt h mistakes on all Sides. I ldeyf
aed Is W intg undue emphaisl on the precocioea-
Di t d West in dtea National Party in MY
a try r to y wMt what t still believe to he be n an
error of Jdga nt. omues too, was not fl front
blame. mercurial by temperament, he is an impul-
sive Sir oalahad. Both physically and spiritually.
nature has unfitted him for the nimble and subtle
fnesse of dexterous jousting. Not for him the deli-
cate nuanes of gentle remonstrance and Implied
reproach. He flailed his own party with unrisparing
and daeioncn forthrightness, but no one will deny
that. in mutatis mutandis, what he did for Marry-
show he would have done for Dr. Plu or anyone
else. Winston Churchill. the despair of the party
whip, was the enant terible or the stormy petrel of
every party which adopted him, yet none in England.
both now and then, could have loved his country and
people better.
In the more controversial stages of the impasse
It must be conceded that Dr. Pitt a I 1Hls eX.'rUtlVfS
-apart from one human and therefore understand-
able lapse-acquitted themselves w~t' generally ap-
proved moderation and restraint. And this is es-
pecially true of Dr. Pitt who, although exposed to
the fierce lash of extreme provocation, stood mag-
nificently aloof from all recrimination. On the
whole the Party has weathered the crisis with
credit, and above all has acquired hardly-won ex-
perience. And now both here and In Grenada it
must be accepted that West Indian unitv transcends
party ambition, for It would be a very sorry day It
these islands, already so sorelY fragmented bv other
hands. were to suffer still further fragmentation at
the hands of their own people.

By Eric Burger
what sounded like the accords olf a funeral march.
And above, all the time, there were Hitler's and
Mussolini's 'planes darkening ,he iky of France.
Now the sky over Prance ;& darkened again, but
the 'planes are ours and the dar,ie.,is s a prelude
to dawn and light.
The bombs dropped by the Allied air armada
in June 1944 will bring death not on 'v to Nazi
bandits but also to many a one of those brave
Frenchmen on whom, in June 1940, some had
passed an over-hasty judgment. Bombs, friend's or
foes cannot distinguish when they fall on their
target. Thoughts, however, can and must distin-
guiX So. with the liberating invasion under way,
It is merely an act of justice to correct such mis-
judgments with a solid(I cheer-up for the people of
France while they are going through another trial
on the road to liberation.
It is too early Vei to make any prediction, how
long the road will be from now on or even to foresee
which turn the battle will take in the next few
days. Even the astounding precision with which
thi.s greatest operation In military history has been
planned, is subject to certain flexibilities.
It would be an unpardonable concession to
wishful thinking to believe for a moment that the
compatativelv weak resistance the Nazi defenders
put up at tie beginning, will continue for the rent
of the battle. Hitler's General Staff knew. of course,
ilihevy would never be able to cope with the stupen-
dous air and naval forces the Allies could throw
into the initial landings. That Is why they might
prefer to make a stand further inland, on a battle-
ground of their choice.
No doubt, the Allies' plan has foreseen such
developments and once their supply system Is pro-
perly organ'sed, they will have everything at their
disposal to counter-act accordingly. The mere
fact that they started the attack not on a secondary
front but in northern Prance where the enemy is
si.roingest is a blunt indication that they are willing
ti. accept the greatest risk which again, reflects
their uncquailed strength.
Things have quite changed In these four odd


Now that the I united Nations (O; Apr!tl 19 of th.s year, a re- Madrid newspaper "Arriba." Berlin
haP launched the second front, porter t1rm Stackholm, then in says "The Spanish newspaper
I. .r!in. -alied hio paper. "'Arrlba" claims to have Inside in-
there is no need for the Nais in B.rhln r ithe nimsion lis at formation regardingg the hour of
to rontln.e guesing as nt the present the dominating theme and Invasion. It says zero hour will
dawn of "I Day." Irouses greater interest than even strike any time between 10 p m. on
M-'. Wa'nn ('It:rch;l, Prime h Mir.s'er of Grr.qt i'aai, p1om.- ir led Oermoiny .girprlse fcin', and expects it at any tine. They know invasion will occur at 'he end of ..Ur. '
fa'-e arni%" as, pa:t of thi I le- that, th6 Anglo-Saxons in prepara- May or the begin ig of June."
l1,ation plan and he has :ndotiubt- tion for the Invasion are endea- Now even the day and hour are
ed:; kept his worr.. Crinanr-' has vourlng, to attain air supremacy given and "Stockhol opinion" I
a ,evsre atack of "nerirres' whicn, over Europe and this recalls 1940 thrown In for w)dmeasuetre.
beginning in 1t43, rar:eid tts crlis when the German.s were unsuc- f d ma r.
In May f this year. cesful over England. Two days earlier the German
AIthmougn the Germans pretend "Concerning the Anglo-Saxons' feature writer Wilknite h' Just
Atho ul b e Cerme% s pr wl".B rlittn t^he following: "Much of For spark
to be completely disirterrsted and supposed invasion plans, Beri wrli tten the following: "Much of oi' spar
Msume a boat ul tone. one can see today sayss: 'Naval and air supe- this babbling about invasion may healthy |
$rom lth OeGerman Press that very lority will precede the landings, be a war of nerves and I am not Ot
nuch the opSolta S Inuc t~ oppsit is he asr sevraldaysaftr itwil bequickly reif
question of a hard s--ugga go In the near future. _uch bluff has quikyrei
Lord Haw Haw secure harbours."' previously been practised In Brit- and polish
L d w BwThe lrofll extent of German con- ish history although scarcely on it is econ
Jus abou a sr o M 23 *fusion can be measured by the fol- the present scale. We Germans
Just about a year ago- May 23. lowing "planted" comments in the wouldn't be surprised If the Anglo-
L1943, to be orecise-when talk of
Inva onfirst began, Lord htaw Reich Press under a Spanish date- SaxonsI some day give the signal
Invasionferlit megan taLordRw line. Only five days after the above to stlp,*
w, the Berlin commentator in report, Berlin on April S printed On that very same day, V.
bish, let fl with the foUowlng: thue following from its Madrid Schramm, a Press office commen-
0e have allbeen told many reporter, Rene Bayer: "Mantril: tator, was quoted as saying: "The
time in the past that in the future The Spanish preople do not believe Anglo-Saxons will sooner or later
a great invasion of the continent in an Invasion any more. With undoubtedly try to invade south-
I. Europe will be launched. But I these words I may treat as ern rance. This will be part of
at see any point in wasting whole the opinion about the Anglo- a major operation against south-
upon this subject, since it has American Invasion announcements, ern urope."~I4
m a e abu n d an tly clear in a after h avin g exh au stUv #lY in ter- I n t i w a th R e c w s s i g
large number of broadcasts viewed many Spaniards. among f information ing
Germany will welcome the at- theT military nd polite uar-n iformaon and getting more i
to Invade Europe. The Ger- tem miita anr poe, qu nervous. The Allies
forces and the Oei'man people t however had their plans ready -- 4-,
waiting It and hoping for it." uInlde lIfOr. ua *Rl i let Hitler do the worrying--the
..7This kind of nonsense, however, Allies have the answers.,
decreased more and more as Allied On May 15, however, Berlin says There may be yet more surprises uNR
operations Increased continually, exactly the opposite, quoting the in store for the enemy, however. as a Igo

.ea M4wMl 40' 00
tfli.*'***^^ e^^ ^TO!.e tn .*',*..

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7 7i r Inv asion f




MrtffAw iMtAlJip MAW W wea eLtu

WW~~SNI~ A u~a~aaa~~'

And aon Beat Brtish^. SI1T"" Latuis To Gett
d- ~~~~Me&-IcalPolicy Ltn oGe
BY 'Ph i *A S Reacltion seeking, to hav.e Na lSh p
By Nai TMos t rCd Junoucm Naval Ships Every Pair
hato u Irthe lAtlntlve Co ncil appoint
1 Nwruau nOwM PA6E 3 c3tiftee *o review tht
--.Itt Chatmu "F orDef ecet
O11p 41011,a. Bgrve. Coly mtalnd health r dce I itoWear
.oliy will be moved by the WASHINGTON, June- MadeP)a-
Otmebourg.IHon'ble Gerald Wi Jt Junior Prtajdent Roeelt told a Pri,
A- funO ---res-^1^L ^ ident RoOsevelt teld Mad toW Wear;lU T~d
Member of Pot"of-Spin confierence today that the plan to
SAtio g 0in *i openIng sMW (CONTINUISO ROM FACE 1i when the Council meets on
sol d. o 1111 is asxi a n transfer small United States raval
as g7a any own in tary The Admiral remarked tha the Wording of the resolution is vessels to South American cowi-
EdflMltiU, hkisty They have. been giving at Allies had to build up their forces follows: --trics ws part of an overall pro-
Slet a much ca they got, but it quicklly In order to oCpture Berlin "Resolved that this Council gramme to build up defences in
S. fint be remembered that the bat- and that he would not delay ritn- i, of the opinion that a coln- the Americas, 4
o tie s still only one of local toeOenta because thftt. werl mittee should be appointed to A reporter asked if any vessels
bye' 0 tillter-yttaclks. tougher than it had boen thought re ghenedelanhth t'ground, Mr. Roovelt
"VIi *W e Already' hasbeen eaid that 10 they would be.rIesem n t gdid,
t ey dii. hv e 0 d ti policy of the Colony to con- .J he did not know. Sce
~b~ ad IUM TIMhvebe dni Bdr eraistino h
f3d, but behind these we must pic- British Wipe Out Last id administration of thesese r t e oty etetr
four0divsions adI nsrto fteesr- for the Navy, in a letter toMr
S ture four more divsns manoeu. Co Strongpntces and to ntake recommen- Rayburn House Speaker. said
UUIr U weven ring deeper in the continent and nations." vesterdat' that the situation
Closing in towards the battle area- y OE- ......;has now arisen where it
Affft .ild-a rshll Gerd von Rutedt ROGER GK- E is c considered desirable i o
t-M'i"ockin" rfort to originally laid the German defence WIH THE ALLIED FORCE, IN Gaulle Bo st transfer certain patrol craft, mine
rSS en aresere whpe plans. The Germans could only of- PRANCE. June s (aelayed, P t DOO'lP craft, and other small vssels and
fitn across the ford seccnd-grade untried troops British troops attacking with a boats. to certain of tht American
north. fur coastal defence, so they decided bayonets, wiped ot. the la o- France's Status republics u be used In heml-
-Wf. io of t_ e to bolster up their mcrale with man coastal strongpoint in this spheric deoence,." i
's-. i thedAreorerasedMr 'ooevl
wi th 83,000 of thim concrete. They built an interlocking key sector today and droi on to LONbON June 10 A A reporter asked Mr. 'Rooaevelt |
SAiMtsn paahttu tit network of huge underground shel- loin hands with the Canadln General de GIul e told interview- if the naval elid was intended FU
I apparently bent ters Iforces in the adjoining area. A ers today that General Eisen- prlnclpall' for Brazil. "You can-
U the thouands of The Idea was that the troopsM auld shattering assault, by Allied big howers proclamations to the not sav ye. and you cannmmot say
on Cherbourg. no ittand the aerial and naval naval guns preceded the Infantry lFrench people on i"D Da,,- and nlo." thVI Pre.Sidiper' rrple adding I'II
Ama to Ieuter, up to bombardments, So they wculd gtay iattacks. Iater occasions. seem to foreshadow Hihat tlh t,,iUt( States ,,.s doing I jU
Wm a gWapg some 2,000 inde, -ound until the Allies actual- Only a skeleton of the German a sort of taking over of power in il 1, r cm tt lli' building up of
ad umd throuKh "e" an hen o' 'up to force remained In the stronotH', France b, th Allied M ar defence In the Americas He said
% T14 U hey incled thei strong points and fire their a seaside vitlage already wrecked Command that. pai.- w>eT IblnV furthered
0BtBraea into military ser- guns .I[ b bombs .and sheil, but ronr, their i "This situation is obvious-, not for tI!. building up of Brazilian
threm One Japanesae, uu last Februtarv Rommel ipok hdden vantage point amid the acceptable for us, and iT' would idefscir- but that did not exclude
"tWo Tr h n over atn. he scrapped the Run- ruirn. they had effectively prevent- provoke in France itself, tneidentq other rouneries
et tl?,t the United stedt' Plan. HeBaid the Allies mualh ed th, junction of the British ani which it seems to t1k must b, -..--
S sammult fell to air- bt. beaten back out to the sea and Canadian. for nfearlv there' days. avoidedd" He also toll a l'r'Pnclji
g,.it,-thee 82nd and ,01st on athe beahe, N Diostiancti a
10.1traditional battle Cry,o, ihI c o' Friendss LOf Ethiopia ulSiI '
,," Nazis Fail Despite Bri.ish ...generl drove Over. ,to was "wairn- war Ii k, hr- Atle nI'
0 tro 'her"ac se T a S Canadilan sector this afternoon f-Ill th erei-f\ aid e il iI -' anBig July Drive
Ab.e third as.ult foth e rBer reni te' th...ral pi theG to mae the eare l F Me
serheaded th lat- By DON WHITEHEAD 'tle "ad rightnd cni d i tn b f Ino.at Committeein
gL~~rihtne conidra.. ---dat F ,^V t ll^ 'GS ^Ku(n~
,lly and Salerno. When WITH AMERICAN FORCEs IN! 111"'had erightene attc w Rovfe ".rii' l t. tet
mates Armyr enlarged 1RANcF, Jtne 9 .delayedi APt talA Gerdn atl tank attack a wlh Icurrlnii Cne a w1.1 Trinitdad plan a bi,; e rive In July Fo Men
tasrged G ermas ar e failed to '!o0Into a big- al, !orrencv in General nPr0 to raise fund, towa.Ads the Princesm
U. '..K., *EATZI^ N ,American troops and they are mak. e (r'empni and WlO a' funr- Kthlopi,, To cm. the sum ( gg
1 2 th e 32n d w s r -i h G r a s a e fig h tin g ,'u errili Fa co u n tle r b lo h ad be en ex ec ed p oclam atio ii d an e -a id'Io s h H o p t l M r ri F n
143.aro uner cinmnJ warfare lit a desperate tattemipt lomnddipese seyral uniilel h h Ts iPireo ricalo shiHsia eoilFn
~iaesra Oia Badey 'to te teci poge ~ssCfth nrt wh ir'er'' w.2~t'~ich it is proposefd to erect ill
svrepmrn(n and Nvithou,' an' ensr- thiuPli.1-o c' i11 te unko
'liA mi great rus of snlpr They Nare A tican atr. antee for the Frenc' nIthiortits $1,,47..3I has b en. subacrlbed bI
-ter*attes that the G r- are fighting from trees. hedgerow|' on"cl,, elae cal 11 l te ad 'ito, i compli- the publ( .. , ..
us-ing self-propelled buildings find farmhouse<- and art' 800 Elite Geripans Icrcnons. At t l, ironiit wn then th i Flag Pl x' will be obs,,rved on
.in them from ,place sending sniper, infiltratinK tin. tile' tlb.i tl" is beire joined oin ithe, soil '-aturdar Julh I and Miss A drev
06,&W Allied Runs" hav,, Allhed line, tin harass the re ,ttih B O E T'Ii esn
.a, Allied gunsbay'h Allied lines to haras., the rea, lit By ROBERT RB.t' ; lot Pranre ,he Frer'ch Ootern. ,Teffer- i. appealing for voluntary s T|TU^m1
n ohout several of them. At (the' ha .eii unbl o ha,' li Itw: inent is eapser in the" "mnii in- helper r' thi, r"'spect Personi
talnt Canadian troops advance' SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE. J11 ,1terest ton see tIhe end tn "'iit wishing ',id ai m e ,taked to conm-
gsthian t German TiRer Th, German snipln lchniqu I AP -O ni of American ar confusion id Inrignt muricate ,. h i-r a' the Children'
Vte ar, and a corres- to Ieavt, one on two meln with troopers who landed deep in enernm Breaifa-r Si'd on1 Edward Street.
tl the Canadians tells ichine psItis l andrilehddent r a pbe ad arr. .... n).....- ........... TheD ir.-'-r n! 'fdurnionha,.also A
trymen from the Cant tiee.s Or' alonl hedgerows which hodinr t.ndr garl il 800 elti" rnli p-rinli.i f r heat dr- u
vi e worfin in Co.. order Normandy'. anes-If a large ermanis Al, additional 200 prisRo ro IcS rs c ( '' E 1 I i
i~On with tanks and oar, oi Alled trops passe., the werewernaif i' ii. nerb reas 4ie Mrs ecs,, ReltsF nRI SA LE ) A I 1
bodit eaAlid terna~e, h
stof a v erynvCio a~n-snipern hull the!I, fir(,' The wait bv other groups o' prareh''l,atF. L,-ibi,, fC
ari.' yesterday 'hV area' o'n. .enrandthe"OneAmerica,-. 1-,lalt..s i, :f 43 Lite Members i;0," 1,-. 10 ,$
t they retained tha oe *' I "We lost a tnr'rad nru, r mn: coming, i Mi, r... I'rnr" .,'Possession Immediately
bf eingdeeperin the Bit ii' Yanlkeep stalk hexm dOwwn. Th?', were. machine-gunnint; ; Forty-ihr"t- r" 0", ti'r' tf ,"B''rhkrp ('frd.,."' "; i
tincesf ethan ranv other down: an)> lae .sinipers come hack 2 n'. th, wa' down Ma.ccin bac- n'am :whomJ milrlm,., ,l, t ..... ,, Combined Canadian alhv'. Mott. c f them are very yuounLg bullet, ripped through onn cal ; !anid anusing professon'n. hr r' been .te s ,.,' (tlirkr oSTREET,
h forces on the Not- onr mi iI theli r 40's and 50',s Just before we i' mped sandi whri rna(e honorariv f. nmr f If m ber .r
t. It was just after Durin the nigLht the Germans send s ,ent ort of the 'ploa.v. 1 l houh. tcuhe Trinidad and To'a; H1rnnrr i Mrno,.. I I\., ST, iriT
E In the morniag when sniping patrols ti) harass the Allied'- wAas walking, oni flak. !f thI Briti h Red a 'o'a Soi,'r'y, I f.'l
S hit at them with Ines biut these tactics while irritat- "We, orgatis'd and tl ackt ; *a I ra rognit or of :I,, v t' o I t1'' r,4.7 -.
ch tried to cut off ifng. have no ,stoppeoi the infantril oble'tives In flooded r!SM a a- They ant' ,Ntr3 sI. tt r'er In 1 ) ,., S "
Od q1 Tu ecomplishe *in' assignedd trI!s T E A. tt d au, t '.No. 3. HYDERABAD
-,beat off encircling m ot- Wuilci-U p OfAllied W etbeatthell ,f the .-- a 'p age .told ndi n'1` it.00W ST R E ET ,
jin hand-to-hand fight Supplies ContinuesWe troops hellh rio ld the : e":'persons
th eras trwi SP ftfle a norsi^ ('01f t^l n''sa a.' and ii'fllsn. ,r"'r ioverrnorlo~t't~enP STREET,
Sthe battalion within Bv LIONEL SHAPIRO Mrs. WiVlred A!.-on lisi S V. A. o R ll jm<
light casualties. At WTTIrn BRITISH AND CAN. CBeckles, Mr. A J. B.rn.atid. M, 1.' i Ully St. James
.*O\v joined the In- DIAN FORCES IN FRANCE, June l elshmen Chase Nazis L ,','H. r isr M. .t 'L'. i-t' f ot rop b
Scounter-attack and 9 delayedi (APr.-A tense game '. e hu hut. R. ln",n Mr. '. 1.'.Ii.i( t rIM the Acting 0 vernoi
-sBome of the German of thrust and counter-thru.st a Through Chat' Derr elm,n lieI. Ar ''tl, Hi j 1 ":t t h
s T hruhCata' eurm nIl.Mnxd 'ieiI 1'" ')'2 r Vthe Act~ming Orsernon,'
aB destroying some front and a build-up of reilorca- Mrls. D. carr(on I li. Ni I. :Ft'h, it i, ng t l',t main. a ct ivitiesrnment
of Allied% armour. A merits M the reanr continued a uda. A RICI AR) Mr'MII.r-AN Mrs. e)dcsn r'" yM. F'n,,: th, tcrl. all at overnmen o 1. WHITE STREETt
ting uY from Mon- in the area of the Allied.br'dgeheaM. 'I. a";onsriK, Mr. N. Hous' paddock, IT. Tnia Se Roan NO. 1. 'NHrITE STREET,
ed out four himself, between the ser and the BayeU'x- WItT.IT'E FRST VISI Hrr'wer i. Know Th e pro rm lis tcop ro-u Saturdiay June 17.
discosed that ol- OCaen road. No alarge-scale attack 'IGHTING FOPE, Franc' Ju, 'M"n' E.loho ,V .i \ KnowlI'M-', The ; p rogracmpeti ltst' a trhoe l o re- Woodbrook
S dilosded ecrethat .bea attempted .by either side. (AP) Welsh soldier. chased tIe Hon'hle L V. L.x n,,. Mrs phy competition, a' lhe close o0
on the be chhead r the first tine since our laend- the Nazis from the dining room of (;. lee Lum, Miss b i.4 lbi Mnr,. which His Excellency the Acting
'and ae the eac e i th e re i para their chateau headlquarter. into a ). St.G. Lindsay Mrs, 1. Ma c- Oovernor will kewent the Chancel- ---
tloa paved the wa f l the battle area is comPrtively gilded setion d then lto bed- kenile, Miss L. Melville, Mr. R. C. lor Flag to the winners
Altloe yln otop Iheli orin ph, rooms. They almost hhd control Miles. Miss Kl, Norman, Mrs D. On disp'-ty to the public will be
troons Z~ ylng 0 Modtroopsthis m rningpushed()e~rm ll D.Paterson, Mr.1 Puv is
in Pramnce. the fi- A1 wedge across the Bayeui x Of the situation when German D. Paterson.Mrs. A Pulvor. M"' scores of south gadgets, including No 5. BATH STREET,
d .sand at n d 'w e l-w e a cr they o e Bayto anB. drf ave i h 8 tm.ii e, nn> :. M issV.6. 'h. nsode planes n a th e w il be M' l be. a ri o s u o
eectoranScott, Mr.'T.N, art'. i well demonsstrations t cking Es ed of Pork Street
tesandy and W =ae tan i on er n' b s fire te l Welsthnerine. Mrs. G. Ti. Simrn;,, t,. A.d o n of East ----
astotbitr they were forced thmake a retired into the undergrowth out- ei'iton Smith,s GM.H. (',or,'L A.'tt-pltching n
sg rim ,ent side the buIlding. Their situation athe Rev. V. 13 rd WallsN. 4tl baboo t wer.
clay undernath cal situation largely unchanged. was critical. Then u in the nick threanu Wl ls to t w
n heavy equipni. The enemy is mataining steady o time, a battalion of veteran WatFon, and Mr. Frank ,'',ND
-lSr-entists were sent pressure all along the front, prob- o io otf veteran '". MORE. FOR Wt'AR FUND)
es ant d were the sen pred s i ln fo w easnowthe gonro ob American infantrymen arriasved un- 0 Contribution of $5 from Dr. ti
ess and they workedimng rfor weak spots with groups wt expectedty from tlh l, st. Thevr oB. Puh',r brought (ie twsotalt.Th e,
along the beaches thev severaltank.s, Thllese tanks decl ne swarmed I nto the chateawith Tranquillity Girls ,t. B. rii war Wel tarer P11 -
"4j.rirgs which.proved the,'to battle, tha'ir job obviously being machine-guns. Soon there were no aTnr th (o $Iin762r4di Wyaterday rThe'
'right .cetii .us reconnai.'rance. ~Iin o$h.0.2ysedy r'e At,4pmIli PRt
-tigt sienifi P ecoina~sace.mor Veman.tlund ok still $7000 short- of the
prepared and tested" In Ute are" of Caen the situs- mre Cerma w sh S Americans and Ton Sta C n t e r of At object iveof $2fionetededtoA
to overcomethis prob- tlon is static. Meanwhile, on ourBritlsht iade thers e ins d w e Ion corovide oinietil comforts for W
side of the line e the pace tui t rtthe itr witn on op))erttid ahoPt oop, iroi i wi,. io A .M.f Al. uer l no
1buld-up of mcii and equipment is west of Bayeux. The Welshmen beAn olerett a l w ien rln lila' Ita oadr
b.ui~ld-up m ostsatsf torl, Beandhequipmentwisa had a hard fight Itn get, to tir'll rtr is one of several iten,, ii thr Ia'road
most.gistisfaltry, Beach crews are o chateau in the fiSst place. Thr rrogr amle of the and (i -' .. ...
eiW working In sonc sectors tinder g thrust west from Bat \ was s re,- conce't which students of t 'n,'r- __7
S Review orange enemedfire, bt nothing ceded by a night-long barr'. bN 7 lttiliN t' irl' Intermediat Sc
E T T .seemed tmattert then se men x British artillery. ill stage at the Royal VnrIonii3
thonar Fc.JunAu t E crsep t that the tanks ar d gins roll Institueat 8,.30 i m. oni Frid'r,
VtivonaeD.BC. orrespJund- 10 %h fon. ortlv after starting onl,,,the ir'ft
" ino whtery hr the o n British turned corner al d rcann woJn '' eco3H r hak Cier Ratrea f
aid today it Is possible Defence Fire Leaves a formation of German cannon. Th e Sir Har t Lukt' nnChi'ef' o
i~ r b e I n v e r y r o u e h d6 G r a s w r o e s r r s d t
p rogres up to date, al- Invading Troops Shake Grmans were more srrise an tie of the British Council. atd ti
ir~swtchh~arcesaathrl.e British. A few bursts of gu- IV wl i t th e
"tSmbaring that up to dateI By LEWIS HA KINS firp destroyed the gIun crews. t i o d I V
own eveal hursbehid B LEWS HWKIN ND, ichooll piano fund
MeanON A BEACH IN NORMAN This action cleared path 4cros I Pric nofaisiona bec if
unethe 9an i dela tdidAP.-The menL I strean for the Brtish. Fordin Ifixed 'At h00.72 "nts, riidi
the German forces be- who drove ashore two days ago in it, the British then launched FinIcents and bookingstin','11hrnada
Pjftwere dispersed to meet this area under deadly fire, are still attack ol tile Germari collntMIIo ii the school Or rtrotr(h o an,'1tthe
treat they did not kow a bit shaken today. but not enough Postttudelts.,
Wof ssault and of course to keep tiem from getting on with
knot know whether there the job at hand W
1iMf landings at any of a One or two landing craft infan- I
ltfi tints from Norway to try vesselIs. bringing in a naval -
'urfe Prance. beach battalion; struck a mine 100 S, YU S You 'eel trad' n ----a- --ou

Bs"" 'r -' % r""SS '*"' 5 '"**'' roj d^ e*^^ 0yB mam |nU|
the balloon went, Van yards or more off shore and theJ-don tkow wy Thiwu mT ay b
first, concern was to blast killed 30 men in No. 1 hold. det Vowseveraltred sns, oneothias,,iys a
st as he Mortars', rocket shells, artillery fire

110sich hi force asOO he Vitamin B-Complr Trdefbles ^ B i lbs
la at, hand. This plan and mahiine-gtins then opened tip., Vitamin B.mplex d y Th *..
W'ISed to the defensive. .t.m.ns are xatusually sanppt"ed by
"Wdesignthen st .have P artisanFlsascbmann'sfres, YeastT, ke rter,. ..rly.
Aoff the landinsso amPartisansBreak1
:h t ard Oheetoung and Naz~,enivOffnatural sour', of. the V mne B-omple. he,! a
30.as towad .ue.sa Tio' Partsan have ... bo Exls dsl"" ''" -
U'tme, ilommel tried' the German offensive in some sac.'
tod split there lanmt td- ea vrt one-tacO e a ufrF
4Iit9ick decisive result on rdgn vrt one-takiO
lU eaches. eaid the Free YugOslav comtmun-
bF file .... qlua. In eastern Bosnia and Y uM yS fe rn
on either lyt r~t[ie took a heavy toll of N'azri, U.U w W LUA
12t m____ i lu t. h ie .w bulletin added .. ..... ..... ..- ....-.
I1 !.~ tlrSU.,lOe Ti cT ommunique sad more thart IL. &IL..L FCI
s-simr Ameli- 2t00 Germans were killed in aOl Deor Y urTm

NDHIGH SCHOOL Kidney and Bladdr Truabes "

ryal~,,.~ ue blb I ii i ,
..5 lL.! a5 ~ w I e

AY, 12th JUN4E, at 4 p.m.

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kwnepv. ra-
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ir IrrlLatlou
iml eu wt




M tttOt .. S

P'%UARI. CmCOiW, PLAK uM d 'IOL D r 26&
Splciof-4" x 18", li-$i3s.o



|El|Pg,)m rdf i ONE^D
Xl-- VHf Mff^fr

A deficiency in vlttmin A
lowers resstance t inlet
tlie>, especllly llectoionr
ot tht ns, threat., l.
uses, and upper respire-
tory tract.
An am.se supply otf Vlt-
min 0 r, estltl to help
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:: 'Phole


.IS lips say, without word, that he tros you .. Irre.
*tible... adorable... beatifuL Yet, h can find you
wayi So, if you keep your comp*exiq4 -lowing with the
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Here is thm way. Daily-moing&. aooa and before going to
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B uy. a eo ..5-

"5 ~


21.passenger Douglas DC3A]
,luxury ships, now serve Curase,
Daily, Connections from Port of
!Spain via La Guaira, Venezuela),
SResidents of Trinidad having btu*
,lines in the Netherlands We2O
Indies may secure full details oft
rare. and frequent eisedles teem
our local offices 'uMA

6 sums 1 I. a ig

WMT OUANM. JN 1. 1it .

-~ $ 3 -

cod Entry For Summer 4-Day Rates

bados Horses To Compete

SMeeting Starting June 29

.]82ty4our horses. a re eord number, have taken entry for the
Tot Club four-day summer race meeting to be held at the
mI Pa Va ma on June 2 July 1. and 4L
BBBcikatdfl huess bears entered 4------- ~"- ---
uueth-.inated. their "A'O table, Captain,. Thumbs Up. Trafl-
.b..I*AIla m f l'3 on -, a miter. Tomahawk, pkary Queene,
mwis r, the onsa stent S Son O'nMme, Bonny Jim, Stony
saw iter Sugar Lady, Broke. ChinkarMh Sugar OGirl, Hi-
l l and War Lord. tiscus, War Lord, Tom, Skinflint,
iad Xdy and Linseed will be Meilnien, Saracen (17).
down the pitutlet to
SoIsa, Portora. Ras T1f- THIRD DAY-JULY L
Glcnaele and other Trinl-
op-notch animals. PORT-OF-SPAIN STAKES N
^LWrd ho cwrtedallbefore Class-5 Furlongs: Whstable.
atkthe last Christmas Races Captain. Skylark. Anemone, Maid-
Sand won the sweep together en's Choice, Sea Rover, Sonny Jim,
the mighty sprinter, Zollas, Picton. Leap Year, Hiblsus., Sun
battle agalinstthe Clas C C ay, Wur Lord, Tornado, Tom,
Sahib, Mennen (16),
-m Lord scored two wins, two BELMONT HANDICAP-0 Class
and a third in six starts -5 Furlongs: Cinderella. Clteen
Christmas in "D.*" I, Flying Spanker, Air Girl, Ex-
Mr. Amoroso-Centeno's brilliant periment. Sun Maiden. My Boy.
t has also been promoted to "C" Salvador, Resentment, Dusty, De-
Ed keen battles are articlpited mocracy, Minesweeper. Hard Luck.
th Oreen-tiod, The Abbess. Really Simple Simon, Patience, Whirlwind.
ng and others in the fields. Silver Native, Flower Girl, Co-
Bun O'Mine will match strides quette, Fmster Morn. Prima Don-
the F class and so will War r.,t Try Aqaln. Darling 423).
i while Colleen I1 will race in S'Ir. CLAIR HANDIC P-C Class
S class. -6 Furlongs : Sam Lord, Scarva,
Greenwood. The Abbess, Lazy
DAY-JUNE 29 Daisy (late Sweetheart), Brown
T"UAL STAKES AND CUP-6 Bread. Speedti.ick. Jetsam, Pearly
nr Three-ytar-olds:- Rose- Glow, Carnival. Forerunner 11).
Ed experiment. Sun Maiden, WEST INDIAN HANDICAP D
tImb Up, Transmi.ter, Her Class-.I Mile, 130 Yards: Solil-
,es, Fairy Queen, Sonny Jim, taire, Thumbs Up, Anemone, Sea
a Jettsam, Sun Ray, War Rove Chinkara. Hibiscus, Hit h
Tornado, Coquette, Mennen Hat. Carnival, Ftihlb, Happy Days
furlongs. Sam Lord, Scarivt. Class-.6 Furlongs: Rosewood. Col.
-nwood. The Abbess, L Ay leen IT, Sun Maiden, Whitstable,
(late Sweetheart), Brown Captain, Transmitter. Her Hith-
Speedtrack, Pearly Glow ness, Tomahawk. Coronella, Firy
perunner (9) lQueene, Son O'Mine. Iron Cross.
BELMONT STAKES- 0 Class- Sonny Jim. Stony Brok-, Picton.
furlongs: Cinderella. Colleen II, Chinkars. Sugar Girl. Minesweep-
Idng Spanker, Air Girl, Sun er. Sun Ray. War lord. Tom, Co-
&alden, My Boy, Salvador, Re-.iquette. Skinflint. Menien. Sara-
pentment, Dusty, Democracy, Mine- cen (25). ,HANDIAP C
sweeper, Hard Luck, Wartime. Ak-1 MFMBER.- HANDICAP A Clas
bar. Simple Simon, Patience, Whirl. --1 Mile. 130 Yards: S.li.rr Ldv,
wind, Silver Native, Flower Girl, scarva, Pippin, Suinshaft. Zollas
Coquette, Valentine, Oofareete, The Abbess. Epinette. Linseed.
Zsster Morn, Prima Donna, Try Brown Bread. Really Flying. Ol'it-
Again. EDirling (26). eagle, Portora. Kingsway, RHas Taf-
WOODBROOK STAK ES --- f're (13).
Class 6 Furlongs: Whitstsble,
Captain. Thumbs Up Allegro, FOURTH DAY-JULY n.
Tomahawk. F'.iry Queene, Son PORT-OF-SPAIN HANDICAP-
O'Mine, Iron Cross, donny Jim, E Class--6 Furlongs. Whitstabl'.
Stonv Brn::e., Plecton, Sugar Girl. Captain. Thumbs Up, Skylark
Woibisus, War Lord. Tom, Skinflint, Anemone, Maiden's Choice, Sea
Mennen. Saracen (118). Rover, Sonny Jim, Chinkara, Leap
TRINIDAD TURF CLUB A Year. War Lord, Tor.,tdo, Tomn.
ass-- I mil. 130 yards: Sup.,r Sahib (14)
Lady. Sunshaft. Zollas, Linseed. T.TC. HANDICAP A Class 6
Really Flying, High Hat, Oleneacle, Furlongs: Sugar Lady. Scarva,
Poirtors, Kingway, Ras Taffilre Pippin, Sunshaft, Zollas, The Ab-
(10. bess, Epinette, i.linsewd, Brown
JUNE STAKES- D Clams 8 Bread, P,,lrly Glow. Gleli'agle,
Furlongs: Rolltaire, Skylark, Ane- Portora, Ras Taffare (13).
money, Maiden's rholce, Sea Rover, ST. ANN' HANDICAP-- Class
Leap Year, Hibiscus, Tornado, _- Furlongs: Cinderella. Colleen
Opval. lSahib, Happy DayS (11). I. Air Girl, Experiment, Sun Maid-
*KCOND DAX, JULY 1. en, My Boy Salvador, Resentment,
DuAty, Democracy, Minesweeper,
"CRZOLU MAODI-5 Pi-rlobas Heard Luck, Simple Simon, Patlence
RoAewood, Cinderella, Skylark, V X Whirlwind, Silver Native, Flowei
Pertient, Gptain, Thu-nbs Up. OGirl. Coquette, Easter Morn, Prima
Transmitter, Her Highness, Coro- Donna, Darling (21).
nella, Fairy Queer..-, Sonny Jim, MARAVAL HANDICAP Cluane
Democracy, sbiscus, Sun Ray, -- Mile 130 Yards: Sam Lord
lower Girl, Cl:lrflnt, n (19). Saracen, Solitaire, Greenwood. Tih'
WEST INDIAN STAKES D Abbeys, Itizy Daisy Uite Swet.-t
Olaa--1 Mile and 130 Yards: Soil- hinart. Brown Bread, Spledt rack
Mlre, Anemone, Sea Rover, leap Jetsam, Really Flyingi, [ih Hut
Year, High Hat, Ca: rival, Bahib, Kinuswav, Forerunn'r (13,i
H appv Days ( ,. SAVANNAH HANDICAP F Cli.st
ST. ANY'S STAKES 0 Class 8-6 l Furlonlgs Rosewour. Collh
Furlongs: Coleen II. Air Girl, Ex- I., Sun Malden. Whlt.-table, a.
perinent, Sun Maiden, My Boy, tin Tlnhumbs UI).p Transmitter. Al-
Salvador, Resentment, Dusty, De- legro, Her High, is.. Tomahawk
mocracy, Minesweeper, Ptrd Luck, Coronella airv Qtene, Son 0
Simple Simon. Patience, Whirlwind, Mine, Iron Cross, Sonnv im, Stin
Silver Natiure, Flower Girl, Cigar- Broke, Pirton, Chinkara. Sugar
ette, Prima Donna, Try Again, Girl. Hlbisctus, Sun RRev. War l 'rd
Darling (2o).
DM.li TRO -- Clss 1 Tom Sklinflint. Mtimen. iracel
MU M, "'TRO."H''-C Class 1(261.
Mile and 180 Yards: Sam Lord.
Scarva, Greenwood, The Abbess, COLONY I'ANDICAP B Clai-
Lazy Daisy (late SweP'theart) 1 Furlongs: Sam Lord. Scarva
Brown Bread. Speed Track, Jet.Aam, Pippin. Sunshaft, Grel wood. The
Really Flying, Kings1,ey, Forerun- Abbes. Epiitte,. linseed, Brown
ter (1II Bread, Speedirack. Jet.sam, Pearly
MEMBERS' STAKES-A Cla.a Glow, ForerIunner (13),
Furlongs: Sugar Lady, Sunshaft, FINAL HANDICAP D Class 6
Zollas, Epinette, Linseed, Pearly Furlongs : Solitaire,. Skylark
plow. Oleneagle, Portora. RaU Anemone. Maiden's Choice, Sea
Waffare (9). Rover. Leap Year. Hibiscus. Tor-
SAVANNAH STAKES--F Ciss nado, High Hat. Carnival, Tom, Sa-
-1 Mile and 130 Yards: Whis- hib. Happy DLiya (13).

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Ius It contains iagroonta In- palliative success for themanda auta
aUadd to help nature loo-a thick, ferinf recurring chokiln, stranglina
iSnlig *Icams mucus. Y And you symaptowe of Bronchial Aslhma that an
how yourownexperience Itf you Iro-clad guarantee Inswoa an imm*-
caSust raise that .tr n 11nI ,,K
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ean sloop w n"o .ot1 atpy o Iof emty t ae"e < you are coirn
Oe*a lraoh air a oot fresh aiie thikwto t this money e*
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mashing out your life. guarantee you have everything to gat
medeeIs not a dope. smoke. Inje-l and nothing to lose, so ask your
3 e apray but is in pleasant. taat- st or Ma today an t
%altet&. *remula on every package. t0. 1L Oa







Spie~rJ,. Kirton,,Ltd., 2 Brodwoy, Port-of-Sy.

I' -.g .



Match Today
8t. Mary's Oolte "Old Boys"
an rvt.il North-South terh will be
played at Skinner Park t"a Jter-
The Southern section of the St.
Mary's College Union wUill be at
home to thi Ncwth section when
representatives of the management
committee and others will travel
by the first tilxin on Sunday morn-
The match will be played after
lu-ich. at kinner's Park, d all
the Southern members of the Union
and friends are looking forward to
this annual meeting.
-he following members of the
irnnagement committee will travel
with the team: The Hon'ble M. A.
Maillard, vice-president of the
Union; Mr. V. Quesnel (assistant
tr-asurer; Mr. E. E. Clarke, Dr.
A. 0. Francis, Dr. 0. R. Marcano,
Mr N. L. Clarke tasisstant secre-
tary; Rev Fr. Montes de Oca
C.,SSp., Rtev. James Ward C.S.Sp.
The following will represent the
North team in cricket: -
C. A. Roach, 0. R. Marcano, A.
0. Francis. W. Vincent-Brown, S.
Hamel-Smith. W. Quesnel N de
Silva. E. Murray, N. L. clarke, L
A Valdez, Jnr.. and S. Nicholson.
Fedo de Gannes will lead the
South "Old Boys."
The South team will be selected
from: F. de Gannes, R. Dolly R.
LUttlepage. A. J. Mejas, L, MaD.
Christian, R. de Vert'uil. A. Heath.
D. Nathaniel. E. H. Borde. A.
Bovack, E A. Durltv. R. Dieffen-
thaller and A. de Chezeull.

Chetniks Shut

Out Gem 5-0
Chctniks' winning table tenniA
streak rolled on unimterrupted when
they shut out the Gem outfit of
Wocoibrook. in a friendly series
played at the Indian Club on Wed-
nesdav night.
The marti't of defeat was five-nil.
but the result. was not a true Jndi-
cation of the run of play, for the
losers, gave more thitan a good ac-
cointti of themselves
First match of thie night was
contested between Fitzroy jackman.
former Barbados ac'c player, and
Noble Sarkar, Chrtniis&' No. 1
Jackmnan wtin the first stan'?za
easily, but Sarkar caine back to
earn the right for a final game.
In the final stanza Jacl:man had
ilauilit hil bcst form and at one
sIage had his rival 20 16. He then
indulged in some glallerv play by
trvirg to finish thle issue with a
slam lie lost fou, straight points,
and even repeated th' tactics when
he was match ocint on two occa-
Snrkar, always careful, won at
The results follow:
N Sarkar defeated F. Jrckman
19- 21. 21--18, 25-23
M Ibrahim beat H. Thorne 17-
21. '1 -14, 23-21.
P Rampersad won from N. Wyatt
21 16. 22 -20.
H Akal wrn from I,. Prudent
21 17. "1 17.
Y All beat R. Miatida IS 21.
21 1:3. "1 17.
Ch'ettliks' players are nertioned

B A H G; A I N S

69 Prince Str'eet, f. 6 Picon
Street iPoss ssilll. 58 Malony
Str<'-t (rlenipty, 207 Paris Boule-
vard. $;3500, 132 Second Street.
$1.800: 153 Old St. Joseph Road.
$1.610: St Vincent Street, Freder-
ick. Charhtte. ,George. Queen
Street Maravala pssession iguar-
antreei large and small loans on
Norman David-Feveck
Heal Estate Age'nt
30 St. Vincent Street,

Help Liver

Combat Debililty
Tour livwr Is the largest end most im-
portant organ in your body. It cleuan
and purifiesn your blood and h'elip dist
your food, But If your liver Is tirod and
liay you will suffer from constlpation,
s, headachw, dlsliness, indigestion,
billousnes, had breath, poor apetlte,
bad complezln, tel t red and your
ye will look yellowish. To mbatt
th-e troubles quickly and rstorte your
health use Hil-tn, th discover of
an AmtricaB physlciat Ht Miate Is a
real tonic to your liver and intestines
and ti lUstanteed to make you feet
younger, stroger and healthier or
money baek. Qet Hllateu Cror yoU
chemist today,

Rain Interferes With Gallops

As Animals Get Ready

Despite none too heavy but continuous rain a fair amount of work
has already been put on by horses (tabled ina the paddock at head-
quarters. but with only 1is days left for the opening of the T.T.C.
summer mfeeUng, training, from a spectator's point of view, might be
said to have reached the Intertsting stage, and fro, now on I am
hoping to ceep in close touch with proceedings on. the training
Unfortunately prevailing condS- .---.. .
tIlons have not permitted the open- N ....
Iln C' the race track by the T.T.C. NewW oodordCauC.
authorities, and all work-outs have
tLeen confined to the exercise tracks an J n Toa
which I Iive 'eviously explained, Fr S 1an Juan Today
provides litle opportunity to gauge oodford C C of the city
form with any sort of a cura New Woodford C. C. of the city
The Sout'.herners, from reports and winners of "A" division of the
received, a&e somewhat worst off St. Crispin's competition, will
than we are as track conditions at
Union Park (mn be verve unpleas- Journey to San Juan today ta
ant when rain falls heavily; and engage the powerful Stroll rs C.C.
already there are whispers s of mov.
ir. into Port-of-Spain earlier than in a friendly game of cricket.
id been anticipated by trainers. Thle city team will leave 42,
One can do no more than hope Duke Street, at 12 noon.
that the cl'rk of the weather be a New Woudford will play: B.
bit more generous to lovers of the Cheemook icapt., A. Pinard, 0.
game by issuing a spot of occasion- Douglrs, A. Assing, G. Williams,
al suns.line (a rare thing nowa- H. Jackson, I. Verwayne. L. Kidney,
days!) with ice numerous showers J. Sammy, B. Garcia, F. Alexander,
of l,iin. C. Anatol.
As already reputed, six from Strollers will be selected from
Barbados are already with us. and the following: N. Almandoz (capt.),
In the absence of Mr Stewartie C. Reyes. S. OGUkes V. John, N.
Mrssiah who Is due on Thursday, PFarley. A. Phipps, M. Hernand' Mr. Clifford Trestitil is looking G. Pilgrim, H. Cyrus, A. Barri-
after Mr. Edwards' Sugar Ledy, mond. A. Assing, H, Villatana, D.
Sam Lord and Colleen as well as his Villafana, V. Gonzalez,
own War Lord. Umpires: Mr. B. Jonas, and Mr.
Good old I.nseed and Son O'Mine A. Brown.
of the Sam Rock's barn l:,ve come __________
consigned to Dr. Sydney Ammon.
As is invariably the case the clas- T n i
sifters have again failed to satisfy In in ni
many turfites with their bitest% Is- T n i
sue. The promotion of Maiden's D l T i W
Choice whln her form somewhat D ub i W k
warranted sub-class demotion, cer- Oe dob i th I a
talnly appears most unreasonable, i dopenodoubles in the Indian Re-
if Dec.(er's andt l ster' racing cr.'ation Club tennis tournament
if Deea ber's and ,ster' racing will et under way on Wednesday
is taken into account.athecucors
On the other hand the whole at the club courts,
class demotion of Sunshaft for Fi-xtures for the week ace:
failing to impress at Union Park Wed-S., M. All and Hyatali vs.
after a most convincing debut in S. E. Traboulay and Ramsumair (A)
December, leaves them open tir- Thur.--H. P. Singh and H. Dixon
gets to a barrage of well-deserved vs. P. Dookle and M. DwarIka B)
criticism, Fri.-.Maynard and Asgarali vs.
The by-passing of F class with C. Chaman and H. ersad (C)
Tornado's promotion sems an ad- Sat.-R. Hosein and H. Joseph vs.
mission that having blundered in B Goolcharan and M, Dookie (Di
their Job at Ftter. they reckon he W. Bichow and C. Allahar a bye.
should be hard hit now. Two _____ ____
wrongs do not make a right.
Neverthilens, the entries are very
satisfactory indeed and some lovely F R A
racing should be witnessed in near- FO A
ly everv class. Valuable Estate of approx. 165 acres
on Santa Cruz Road with consider-
JOCKEYS' MOVEMENTS able stretch of l&am River bound-
Edgar Crosslvey nd Jack Fletcher ing property 4,000 full grapefruit
hav gone I- ck to Barbados after trees. 3,000 Tona Bean Trees vwri-
riding with some success in Bri- ous ages: 7,000 Lime Trees, Orange
tish Guiana. They .ire both due Trees; very valuable Timber, Gravel.
back within a fortnight. Jackie Property offers most attractive
Lee, who (,.*ne by same opportuni- building area possibilities near
tv from B.G.. has decided to stay city with grand sites and splen-
on to put in some exercise work did river bathing. Faces east
with a view to keeping himself fit with fiat and sloping ground,
for duty. larris has arrived from cool, with good views,
Venezuela and has started to exer- Property is served by branch road.
-. N. ..lh.. f-... PRICE .- $35100"0.00

rise Mr. M-sslIh's string, ior wnom
he rode with an>,izing success in
Chappelln, Ramirez. Mendez,
Padilla and Peraza are also expect-
rd fromin the nieihbouring republic

Men Made Younger

By New Treatment
flettin up nights, burning sensatlon
of organs, whitish discharge, dull ache
at base of spin*, groin and leg palins,
nervouness, weakness ailnd loss of vli-
our are rauped by t disease of the
Prostate Glandt a most Important gland
In nmen), To help overronme these trou.
blIea In a few hours and quickly reetorr
vigour and health, take the new scien-
tIle discovery called Rogena. No mat-
ter how you have suffered. Roen* Is
guaranteed to help you. and make you
feel years younger or money back. (it
Roagena from your chemistL The guar*
autee protects you,

Vigour Restored

GbiiA "ad Ion
It ts to longer eWAry to suff
from loa of vigour, weak memory and
body. nervousness, Impure blood, sickly
*kin, d4pr.MlAt, and poor slep, be- a
cause an American Doctor baa discov-
*red a quick, easy way to end these
troubles. This discovery n in lasmnt.
y-to-take tablet form. ii absolutely
harmless, helps do away with umle*C-
nary gland operation, and is bringilngl
new youth and vtgour to thousands. it
works directly on the glands and nerve.
and puts nDw, rich blood and energy i
your velii.
It h bn proved by thouasls In
America and is now distributd by
chrlits here under guarantee of
satisfactiton or money back. VITb a
usit make you feel full of vigor and
eaery and years young-r, or you I
m return the empty package and I
get your money back. A pelal. double.
strength bottle of 4 Vi.-Tabs coats lit.
tie, aid the guaranteed proeet; ou.
VI-Tahe ttor= Viour and Vitar .

Girls ar PARTICULAR, so...
let ODEX remove Perspiration ACID FILM

ITrr al right to perapi at work; S
but all Ureto Iaav p Mpiratlom
acid hlemyoury akhhtetwwwa d
Tak a bati with Odau Soap
which Owiebw 0 aw Ohur-fmw **H .|
maluM uck e m da jlln d lathwr. < l ^ l
dom ,uh a god Job moving
pnprton acad Sm. and ha e
to hbal up ctte and scratachb tat 1
y." ptatwurk

I .. l .-- -I

"MALABAR HOUSE." Beaumont]
Avenue, Maraval. Most elegant re I
enforced concrete (throughout) reasi-
dence: 5 bedrooms, large living and
dining rooms. Jade green bathroom
suite, other bathroom parquet floors
All fittings specially imported.
Over 50.000o s.f. Freehold ILtnd
Valued by leading building contrac-
tor in 1942 at $42,000.000
BARGAIN. 9REE .OL" 4-Apart,.
ment Concrete buildit.g. No. 42,
Duke Street. Price- $14.r00.
Real Estite Broker.
'Phone 8123.

New rnder-arv
Cream Deodorant
Stops Perspiration

1. Does eot tot drerses; or men's
shirts. Does not irritate skin.
2. No waiting to dry. Can be used
right after i avig,.
a. Safely stops perspiration for 1
to 3 days. Prcvcnts odour.
4, A pure, white, greaseles., stain-
less vsaislhtia cream.
5. Awarded Approval Seal of an
lntemaniona Institute of Laun-
dering-harmles tof tabri. Use
Amid regularly.

[ nmmji m^j .1
*^"~ l-"'^'" A 1 81/1- 0- ---*-

Worsted sultin: All-Wool Indino
Bota v afre: Bath Towels:
pvlamas: Oent's Leather Wallets
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Just oeafed uo at *

T'dad's. Premier Tailors
and Outfitterb
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Bee s'Mbow sparkling your mi e can be
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To Solve Your Problem GET THEFAC
Pletse send me the booklet "BusilneM of utildin Mn' en and fornlkt
ubJtert 1 have marked below,

Aviation & Aircraft
Auto Teehnretian
Builidlns Contracto
Civil Si nitieerin
CoanbBustion tnin-
Concrete Construle-
Diesei engines
Drartnn --Airplane
Dra ftlnn--Eletelri'si

Drafllng--Shl Manseang Men A
Drafting- Work
Strnetural Marmne,- *teoa
l'ctrrletal Ita. Mathematics
lilrtriral Male. Mechanicl Engain-
tenance esring
Foremanship Mtellurtgy, Induas-
norgilng trials
Foundry Work Mtlnnig-Coai
Gas E.nginte Mold-Lof!t Work-
Heat Treatment
Highway Engineer. Paeand
ing Paper and Pulp
Inventing and Mfr.
Patenting Pattern Making
Locomotive Engineer Petroeinm Refining
locomotive Fireuman Plant
Machine shop Plastics

NAMPK ..................... ..."

survayng& a I
TrlegrpS m
Tts'inog ot l
Toxtili Mfr.
Trafrie Meu

....t..... A N D NO.. .............................. ................................ ........... .
iarttELST AND NO.,.,.,, . .. .... .- .............. .......
CITY ... ....... -......-..........................................---......---...........----........... STATB ....
Sinf ______50. Park Street. Port-efl
|Y 'U E| | ISATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1944 at 8 p.m.
Part Proceeds go to the South Caribbean Forces


Rich, Red Blood

Builds Weiglht
Tf you are Thin, Tlnderwelght, T..tng
Energy, Tired all the time, have a Pale,
Mallow ('omplexion. uffer from Skln
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lack that mysterious nagnotiac force
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This lic'eoiml phyeildan, in preP'rlblnag
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Wwl a wendful hel te Bli ame
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wiwhu ati*ftig thi dstrsa *f
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is eemfkhs es. sad*- dkiseeese

Dd'e Dyspia Tda aert to
wM kn th tw mets after tak.
wo. MThyr e a-ure.
lade"anO 's 4 Taets
tebday at y7w er, Oy 2/.
far A4:Sm I
Robiorke a TT2

Light Heavvweight Amateur
ol South Caribbean Forces




Bantam Amateur Chamn.
Welterweight Champ.
of South Caribbean Forces

J. RAx



A Boviua. R.I......s. i60
ADMISSION-Gents (Rilnglside and Dance) .. .. ..
Ladies (Ringside and Dance .......... I $
Stand. (Without Dance) ............... $
With the kind oermtision of the Boxing Board of COGUO
- ----- - - -- -m-g--- W









58 Frederick Street

:: 'Phone

Now we have opened our Huge Shipments of ...
ono we recommend these favourite numbers
AS TIME GOES BY (Camancea)
I'M SORRY DEAR -Ja"es Bernard.
IF YOU PLEASE -'Bg Crosby.
FLASH -1ary James OW Orches
ROSALITA -,&AI- Deter.
Also MUSICALS a AlbufwMt by the Btt Artistes.
.________m__l-4" SAW



wwq M-i-- 0--





1 -


M_________SUNDAY GUARDIAN, A1M3 11. 1144

we Hits 42 In 12 Minutes Against England
. -- -- -- ----- 1 ---'., -- ..-..-------------------- ---- .

ond Scores Century As

Wdies L6se At Lord's

by Watly Ham
InniOp of 42 ft
08b bglhlgt t of
Pay0d O6 the b
the West Indies a-
Sthematch wro-
aof estertaig-
ltnumber of war-
Uglard piled up
0f 247 runs fot
flared in reply to
Indies team. with
ien out for the
scored 77.
V the crease for
Sthe West Iudies
S for the loss of
*Lere Constantine
Sknocked uo 42 runs
Time of 12 minutes.
dies was handicap-
1"N nre of Edwin St.
E Martindale, who
a ements with their
tantlne sklopered the
tn included, among
jhUI Alfred Charles
k' r. B. Clarke, Mos-
orde a wonderful
e at the crease
moth crowd which
for the purpose of
'IN knock. He scored
sch 5nd had already
I hen he was oartner-
itnWter, who continued
,ar some considerable
W' eventually out
bt ball sent down by
X chanmte.
Ktantlne scored 10 In
lniWs, hitting two four's

Is alIso brillilal't In the
|tOok an exceptionally
b right off the bat,


ts Today
Scyclists and star th-
Ft I north and south,
Ki~ng at the third day
tt letic snorts P, Vt;n R
I Blarataria Oval.
k1, who carried oft the
fI at the Intercolontat
r iii May. will make
.tr his own record .t
a have been offered
I Fe-mile open. while
t'for tihe five-mile "B"
MUate class cycle even'.
S20-item programme
I the Sarm Juan Ath-
L-Darmanle 'and Mr. L
Phave offered prizes for
M and 2'0 yards fiat
lttvelv. while etrns do-
Armanluez Estate ltd..
srstloral Gas Co..
9s for the three-mile
y.Ie and the 440 yards
I4 And cyclists will be
I entrls. ...

Omer Leads
t hrn Cess
t a newcomer to
In the chess tourna-
ter Eastern Chess Clt'b
'e lead in the present
M games. He has cre-
Wd to defeat two ciham-
56ion in the persons
Is and G'orge Stan-
0ances to become the
to register a lien on
S"Aschendorf Cup" is
wyer who has been
"ell is Malcolm Mc-
m week he held F. W.
to a draw, In a -'ell
!ltch game.

0 To Play
tss Soccer
| Recreation Club
eed to partlcipa.,
wico 'ing T.A.PA.
Srotball season, at a
ttl'r clubhouse on
On Monday night.
offcers wete also
.te, captain; B. Gool-
re-eaptain; and R.
S M. Maynard, C.

h~ behaf *f the
e*War Trwrt I
I 'eamee lee
B Trtahibe au4

9 LIT"

*,al Val .


ts DAY
NE 15

|Nt smb..I


mod, England's Test match Cap-
tbn scored in 12 minutes by Learle
an All-Egland--West Indies one- I
Istorio Lord's ground yesterday.


Cup At East

School Sports
Sunday Guardian Correspondent
TACARIGUA. June 10.- Braving
Inclement weather, the Tacarigua
Orphanage athletes, of which Mr. J.
Stanl'y is headteachler, chalked up
their second consecutive li-ni on the
Darmanie Cuu for boys' even, at
the inter-sciiool sports held at
Orang.- Grove on Friday.
Thie Orphanage .boys merely
edged out Talarilgua C.M. by one
point. 10 to 9. to annex the trophy.
The Arina UiIl.s' Guvernment
School gain d thlsir first engraving
un the Ramrsar Cup for girls, with
11 points, beating the OC.-phanase
girls and Arouca E.C. into second
and third places, with 10 anld 9
point. respectively.
Ez'gar McKnight of the Orphan-
age carri 'd off the 100 and led his
tear. to victory in the 440-vai-ds;
relay race fur bovs linder 15'I. b''tl
was beaten itto second place in the
440 yards flat open by San Juan I
Guv' 'rnment's Winston Charles, who
also won the half-mile flat event
and placed third in the 100 yard.
under 15.
In the girls' events L. Cuim'i and
A. Thompson, of D'Abudij Go%'t.
anld Gw 'i Alexis, of Tacarigua Or-
phanage, were tlhe only girls to
rariv off two races each.
The pi.Jzes were disrtributed by
Dr. H. Ramnisar, and Dr. Carollna
The sports were held by the kind
permIssioms of Mr F Robirt Patrick,
Director of Fducation.
The ciults wire'
IGO YIS irLAT RW'K (K,,>. *ru,,r n, I
1 1 -1to B Nt ) i i ,.....i, H-.. -' P 1 '
1 III'. Sitt'n ISt. Josep. h Bu).'
1 ('i I 'i i li|,ihn i atrlmii Sivt itn' ,I
100 YDr F I.Ai' RAC'i.: ti;l i der 1, 1 ,

ti Mii.'sf5 !l itv.?., .'r iui C S a
IO trtt F I. ''l;,fl .'0 S ~ it.i *,r' l,
1 l':vl, i*t'i Lr M Lit S. li ,' Or!|,Ilear i
-.'lt 'h., 1i1tIna I ATr,,,' M H ;-
W'lll (,,n r;,'.nt es *. ,i ,lalar f:n\k ,
10Q Jt'D, Y LA'AT RACK td.lrli.'i iilr i',a.
I irK ,' r M,Nil,', 't I t( ()s I, C :
IN -ilh\t r tl l t Art '. l.: -
220 Yt' lAri, AC' K H-F': ;i Hr' iitler i:,i
1 Tre l '., Oglate Artmia" Bo-,' RC1 it
2 Kei hl t Matlt hm t I' t ,'rlti !,i g .,C t 1.
:t 1, 10"d 1.l )0'< t F t1 tn (Arniir.a O V .
220 YDS IFIAT RACK I(h'lri iunier ler '
I Shell P viie fAr ula Ottls (;\ :
2- <";eir(nijB Nitree iTnvarlt~ia V,(';
.I -Juoyaeel\n Srntwer iAro llP V..C i,
44e YDS. RELAY RACEl lHoy) under I.
I Ularr MrKtight iTra. Orphanage:
2-C. Jamesn lArlm Boy' nov. :
3 .tiiullj.ihl Hilt.tl i'ra, triltIC C M .
440 YDS RELAY tACI ti; lr uinlder l.
2 oInvei IPprt'ier i Aro 'r. i C
]- eblll l t.oell Ta.triw i.s C ..
100 YDS R PR B':-t,-.F',rwo;( RArf lnow
lender 1:.', : 1 I, (',ufle sUd I1
D (mton ()'Abadle4 7v!, 2 S
ldJ a l a t Polo Kitshi ar T,"ra.rll'a I
C.M 1: 3- A Monrttiesr rtid K. Cap.i
rnti.a tArlm BoyS' 10oV )
ten i: I- n'cn Alexis Taec. Or.
phanitge); 2 dhe la P,'tyIe ArlmA
Gfrt' ov. It :3-- AuIdrey Rrnsey
,Tacarlga t I; C. .
440 VYDSA FLAT HAC (Boys open%'
I Winrsloi Chnrlet iflan Juan o\ t,
2 iI :dir M.Knitcht Te. Orphlisnait
:1 irmu hand HI'l, iT.rTarl-uaa C.M I
220 YDO F'LATr lRACE tlri 13. 1351:
I Maria Milltr' iSnn tiian Gov )t;
2 M rhI P ,IM (Arim (-,& o, W:
i ( plt? Pt l otil T ,' Orihansle)
100 YDS SACK HACE i iwo idler 131
I J'oli Klhwnr 'Ti'a ri' ua C,. ti
2 HItin Dennis ]To' Orphanaeste;
3 Mticharel Maa'erl tArlnma Bov*' Gov I.
100 YD... N*.1KDI.iL; AND TliKADI) |iGrls
ider 13 i: I. W. : 8 andv iCum lto
R I", ): 2--C'ndall Ma)snhth: a--
Alrr, kr- ( l SItl.'m J n (Go%
PA 'INI' ;T tHE Ft I' A (*" ,;:
I Twar'igulgn Orphqiin, e
2 AArtmA ltri,' toternment;
:1 A 'rnt n :, '.
HAT?'-M'LE 'IAT KRAEi, t(B,vsl oren't:
I W r'hqrlP' ,,t n Jilfn -arm ) ;
2 'ln'tiana < Arouca Government ).

Ladies' Hockey
Final For Tuesday
The ladies' hockey final league
fixture between Wanderers "A"
and Ventures "A" washed out by
rain for the second time on Fri-
day. hag been fixed for Tuesday
at St. Jsmes Barracks ground.
Champions Wanderers. "A" will
try to keen their championship

against Ventures "A" who have
again proved to be one of tl most
powerful teams In UK league.


Speelhl rm oW ..
ellos In acersy? Rebuhw
lt.li7 and treatb with
Cadol-richniatr. pmmuiam
4i"ae, UmS. medium smii
other mineral* mte that tos-
Sthe s~otem and Ba ye

M,oe erft"A -

DobIIeldM Meu

!Ned Mere Iron
W en yoa feel tied. tlh -w t

MftliatimI nitius. tpe t
iwytc ye tm tam d?*as.&ofr
iath after ertlon. es. blemlst
a Ioe. eg tqulHiMee, 5V It to
M to atlosrte ac yt4toU
of n t by a l l,
meet fwts tl; r to i rich. reelt
solesd m In Just a few'
jwrailB0 4"W wian l*Iy
-i1ImUag every met of yoT~ bf4r.
oo mt nwf mm -eel tre-al
Aw avi

Chess To Start

On Wednesday

Play begins in the northern sec-
tion of. the 1944 Trinidad chess
championship at the Royal Vic-
toria Institute at 8 p.m. onil Wed-
Uesc'uly, Ju "e 14
Eighteen players have entered.
among whom e two former cl-am-
pions George E. Stai. ord aud Dr.
A. 0. Francis.
J. S. Quasile and P. W. d& Ver
teull, 0. Cobhan. campbell-Wil-
I'.,ms. B. J. Bedell. and Felix
Thomasos. who makes a return to
competitive chess after a long ab-
sence, are among th- most out-
saading players in Uth tourna-
The fixtures of the first round
are as follows:-
No. 1 Heat--I. Kernkmtut plays'
C. Kernkra!t: A. Lyons plays E
0. Martin- Dr A. G. Francis plays.
C.'mpbell-Williams- F. Thomasos
plays B. J. Bedell: Ayoub Sabga
a ye.
,' Heat: .Dr. J. Sturm Divs'
NV Cplle tder: 0. R martinn ntavsI
G. C-''In' 'r E. r. Sif'"d
lavss .T. q t.Qithi" R. Rvm-in
noa' s P W. le Verteuil; N, C.rls-
bp* a' bye
P!t",ers ar a: :fd to bring their
boards and men

Pemberton League
Final Today
Spartans Xri and Fordham will
mineet in the 1944 P-mbuton I.eagielC
,rihcket 'it) tinal on the QOueeii's!
Park Savannah this niornlit i.
The match will begin at 8.30
and will be of two innlens.
Mr. Pelhamin Stewart and Mr Joe
Williams will umpire the game.
Fixtures for the K.O. tournev a t
Brodford v I RC.- mp'I-,P V. (hb-
bons and R. Jordan: F.--t; v H}it-
,'hliton's XI A. Trlinniinitnrtii laMid
B. htiitdiing.


Toll Gate Beat Promenade And

Head Towards Championship


aA~h ^iACKWO1

36 Marine Sauar-sI

Stwvtay Guardlan CrGU 1UdeBt ,CA,. --
SAN PERNANDO. June 1l Toll Gate made a step towards the Th ursday 15th
Rahamut Cricket Cup 1944 championship when they defeated Protmen- June '.4
ade by an Innings and 25 runs today. u '
This was the only one of the six-4 i- -13P.M.
round games eontest2d, and Toll G
Gate. who had capted two Pro- l ---
menade wickets for 22 runs last .P. up G ofTntructed by Mrs. M., George we
week. got a remaining three wick 'ta *s* e b s a ef e
for 34 runs. D will sell sauchl n and useful Items
J. Frankliyn, eight not out lst tUs: --I
Saturday, did not turn up to bat, RSsults
while I. Huggins, F. Alcazar, H. Crap. Sinle Beds rings and
'Mattresss, Crap. Mirrored Ladies
Nelson and W. Payne were absent Matehe1 ,ly ed for the J. P. Dresser dS, Crapor .hanging
Toll Gat. have only Naparima to Cut at the St. Andrew's Club resse nd Stop l Crp hngin d
play now and sill have to win out- links at Maraval yesterday after- Preas, Uap. Duilig T Cable andp s
right to win !he trophy, noon resulted as follows:- Crap. Upolstr C lrs Crap. i
Police have an unfinished .match D. Moore beat L. H. 1 Ialmer. Side Board', large M'rlor, I Large
which they should win on rumple- C. B. Morrin beat 8. B. &thtltter, and 4 Small Crap. Morti Tables
tion. and are still In running for Captain S. H. Robinson beat J. with lata&w, O C a.l'rap, IirllO-
nours, D, Dickie, anei C. M. Mclntvrc phone Record Cabinet. Poitble
h~mors.D, lekl. ad C M. clnyreGraniophone. St,,tue Clock, Bent-
PROMENAOE-I.t innings ............. 4 defeated P. Ribeiro. Gramophone, So tu Clok, Bnt-,
TOLL GATE-ist Innins. .... ..... 1 o The semi-finals to be played on wood and Oflkt Chirs Singer
PROMENAODE-,nd inning,, Saturdav. June 17. will te: I Treddle Machintes, U.F C. Radio-
Me Diritiv ,, mh I, r.,n 2 D. Moore v 0. B Morrin gramin, .lec Irolt auld I'oning
A'? D.nr'l Hi^. nai" lrvn .... 9 Captain Robinson v C. McIntyre. Board,. FLc 10' ti, El c 'roaster,
Thor.rn ,, 'wt,,,n. it.. --- El-c. g4g Boiller, i.-'nmo'k, Ther-
S. va ftin Ih. b HI.),,ai .... mos Flask, ('hina Danecr S'crvice
W,"". P hke ..... ,3, 2 Piec .... |, ACateur R in Peces china Tea Set. 40 Pieces,
S '. :,.A'. .l 2 Amateur Boxing s- lice pi.t's of F P Ware,
C i. d IlasI .va.. B iitr tihsol..13
T..... ourneys In June sto.MetSpirit Stoe, an one
T,'s 1 1. bGentL's Bicycle.
BOWLING ANALYSIS Two amateur boxing tourna- ic
o M R w senti will be staged this nmontlh, Items oil view '.iv prior ',o and
t .. .. ai 3a both in aid of the Soldier Funds. U morning of Salte mid i terms Cash.
0 v.. 1 I PI Fba Adains-Haminmy Lintonl will
A ..--'11 .. 1 1, toohecard In iSouthon Saturday, Bod & Huth nn
June 17 anid whirlwind Len Ser- I y ucinon
rette Aw)Il clash with J eph .IMITED.
SrRanao in tlie chief bot at the Auntiunefe, .
Six-a-side Hockey Prince's Biilding ot l n Friday.t-I ~ -__ .-
r" r lJune 30. 7
I CurniV Today Souls boxing fans will be seeing T ICAS S
Io r o v -Ansell iHiba, Adamn,, tile southI*ASSTI__CEASLON
C:tsu.. t a ld Caribs. two of tile k.o. art.t. for tile tlrot time in
two!, a ,.,-l' hliockey teamins ot I hils honi., tIm whenhen e coines up
tll- .r.i[ t rii trca i lans ithi rfalia against. Lnionl in t return bout on
it! inillO ilrn ithev clashi in the a card promoted by Mr. Cedric C I
OLt'' 'i. maicti of the sIx-i-side Espinet at thie Drill Hall. S'ain E
t15ii' tol.Ppl'd thes e-afternoon Fernando. on June 17 at 9.301 i E uI
o0 t', i .iL, Janits Bariacks ground Lawrence Assam,. lighweilght
it 4 .m chaanio, i now a lieutenant in the that
1'1." [fex thrill,r of the ildn will Royal Naiv, will throw down the
fea wrpe Hotspuirs aid F ?;., Air caintl't )to Geor"ie Pilgiim, the
Ann B hard-hlttivg' sotiuthpaw contender C O L
Htht:,j jI.s were he ot lv ltfall to oil the sunie card.
,A5 hit 1' 1' 1 4 4 t. ipions. this i
51..i00 I t i th' "L,' t ofit will try SERRETrE-RAMIAO TOPS CARD | In half
1:I ].' II' tl r.'ir "A" tt'vili's lust th i
Ita,',, I Iw, a..t, Aeph Hama,,, |1 ^ the time -R
A k.en Icurninv iI.s nti'ipateid created a b I boxing t ilpslt ii | i z-
-'-.1 ... 1. 1. F,s '1 it h hs utih hiniininu I en -;errtte t in

A >l m i le r u n n in g r a c e a r o li n d t '' ( 1 (It't' t 'l.* i i 15 K I IO W .S -- " '"I j >" .i. . "n a .d t I
te Saddle for "B" cl'ia,, thleLS Cs 'tI.I v Caiibe A; Shamr'ck six thrill-packed rouudsa, and tile
.will be .ta .ed thh a morni-v H' : Po lic ..-B" V poiir P lact iithat tl .\, will clash aain
l bse rare i st a' k '' C i it A r : A rnmi ) r) n Friday. June 311 0 at th p llFrtt 's
T h e r a c e w i l l s t a r t a, a > o ", e k n ; 1 ,^ A " u l i i ~ i s ~ p h n c
lit Ill' roll (alte a die nd at teI 1 l v* 1 S tAil' Al m ' .uildi ht as oiu ed tie e Itr
Quetln's Royal Collige, 't 11 l '. ' A V' t I Ci l b ; 1 XIIIgg L iiS.
R_'" ', "I"V' TCTA G;.
Nt) PLAY-RAIN -..... -.
Tee Was no citl.et at l'."l Jcnes To Lead
Oval vestevrdas Plar in the It,-1 A UAsitn to ,'O'prsS c tere TOXR
*,inclble--Queen's Park Bon tni/a C1 b k.1 -II ; l't ev 1T stin t inclldlo Mapi S r Xl
f1r.st class final 'as compii't.lvy tttd.i )eri o lg e th L.aii's t.iitaty M p S
%hashed out by rail. 1,11 1( R 'Ctet :1 Club iii a fltietdly
S- ...... ol. 1i at Skuinner par, Prior Jonries was elected caDtaiii
PORTI .ESE ,li -- ltt 1"litl e.11 be. C, C pk!. e P .of the Mapl1e football eleven for
ORu Tlh',,S .tne/. .II, L ,. Dott i L the 1944 T.A.F.A season, and
,. . I. .. H ltiry. P. Tholnipsol O0 Clharle," GeorRe Cumiberbatch, vice-capLain.
Thne"i ortuguea e ntwoilatlgo, e Ai' tiI,,it, i R Thompston, A at a ineetir' eld at the Maple
lard tournament will get und. "- i' 1"' iPlatte. C.'in, c('lubrooms on St. Vincent Street o'.
.way on Tuesday., with a m. [l)'h ll '," I rlatlt, c llons ldav nthlit.
b,,tween F. de S,,\ za and \W. Fer- [ R. I~ erpoo cl ])t- ,... .n J. I- ielia in the "A" division. Mr 1,. L. Rigeis ic '-capt wll J t ile u mediate eleven.captai
in t hen "A. d ivSisiaond 1e-R ~sept' at..o h nemdaeeee
T he tournev is for m em bers a C oi oii y t he' ) n ahi It n a O.5 hanSats a u .i .. .... P v .
GENERAI, TRANSPORT lTD Mr. Miky Hinds, popular city
Stailor alnd sportsman, returned to
It itp Colon|v r.ceiitlyv after a iix-
Lighterage and Transport Contractors., our of the Caribbean.
T INImDAna n TE'AM, !.t' -l llRV iTI-. _

Dry Cleaners and Launderers.



Fireinsurance on Buildings, Stocks, Furnitures,
etc. Relieve your unnecessary worry by letting
us carry your risks.


Con provide the necessary protection for your
family, business and old age security.




109 St. Vincent Street
Wednesday 14th
June '44
1.30 P.M.
Instructed by Mr. Maingot
and Mr. I. hillilps., we will sell
such good and useft items as:--
Crap. Double Bad Spring and
Slumber King M, ttresas, Pair Ma-
hogany Single Beds. prhing and
Sharing Filled Mattresses, 4 Post ini
Double Bed, Mahogan, Dout'e
Reds. Springs and Mr'ttresses, ian-
I iron Bedas and ,tattrees, Crap.
WInsed to"e resser, Mahog-
ny, Crap. and Cyp Mirrored
Dressing Tablee, Crap and C yp
Ii T'-eses, Crap. Bedside GY'ZCOLOGIC L CONI'ION3
TIMblo, lby'sl Iron alnd Crap, Cribs. Menstutiel
aANm IMattresses, Child's Hligh Chair, Some gynecological affections a'
Baby's Pram, Marble Top Wash- so manifestly In the realm of the
stand. Carthee a and a namel- specialist In pietWas of Women.
walre, Tolet Sets, Crap. Dining that they will not be referred to
Tables aned Leatherette I olater- here. Only tomen of which are
d Citr s. Crap Mlrnkored Bide amenable to spieAl adjustment i ill
lotrda, Oak ide B ard, Crap. be discussed.
Cain, Cabinet, r ap. Mon- Set. (Dysmenorrhea) painful men-
tee, Cr pn, Morris Rockirs. Crap, truation, of which there are zev-
Mous C s a nTable. Bentwol eral forms.
Sofa, ldinf Deck Chairs, Irdian t (Menorrhagia ean abnormally
Teak Coffee alnd Tea Tables. Card protuse menstrnal discharge.
Table. Draftsmn Cedar 7ile and Metorrnagis) a flow of blood mt
tool. Tee "haet, Meat Safes, Wax- times oth*r than' the menstrual
Ingy Brooms. Wardrobe and Cabin perld. These conditions are in
Trunks, LeatherSultCkse and Port- reality symptoms rather an dis-
mAnt'au, Radios and Pick-ups, eases. iAm-nrrhea) absent ce of
r trila and Records. lec. singer menst rual Aaw. Aktornai ee n-
Rand M1ochtne. S Ie Iron. r se. orrhe is causeId Chiefy by expo-
T Oaer, a g turner Oil StD.noss ta uir A scaio Vitjft. 4t#3
aMd Ove Mincing Magh 9, p eata shc ksm a orrow e
V' Su ring B inds, Quart IZe fLt ucorrhea) a w"it di-
am Pressler, f rols2' 4e 2" 4" x lcrs "Ibwn a al tymptoa rather
1i' t ". China D nner qetrlei han I es e. Th primary cause
Pn4 Tea Set. China aottd Oiuasmre j sould e be o-. To
.P. and Brassware. ":itchen and ba,' these epm rm x o'reited you
altrY ware. Lawn Mnwer and Nat Awuld consilt the ChOroprsctce
P .. I tim rey Turkish Carpet, I 8uoclallst--
CaeUM CUU 11 #_, urn-r Gao. DR. :AMRS OVUS, .c., r c.
tewe 8OT-. 4 Pout ser Stov. I1f .A.)
trms n m vi-w dv riar tnqndlA the Chlropne sle Health Studio
rI"png, f f ,SP, 0-4 Nrau c'.sh. Member. Anmin-WeA Indier Chlro-
3033 & UUTC00UM LTD iwaeu mmt, ociaion -4wtered i
&MV110111 I Uhsier0Ift UKWI. hiMsW6


Highest F

Sin. If. Keosm


r g

N EVER nelett a crol. It weak-
ens youtir reistiani, c arJ leave
you a ready prey for tiore set touls
ills GentIv niassage lheriiog(ene
Med'.ated Rub on tiroxt arid
cie I' Iremniovnies tght press,
sooit'es soreness, and1 the hingt
itin, .ea gentit killltrg ,.ipourliviig
reel fveriiigtit romi cough. sore
throat andt nully nose and head.
Therinogene Rub is non-gre.sy.
non-s$taini g. It ontailrs nine ift-.
gr'edientts spaily those to
coMbat head ainJ hest colds. It UU I
twice as fast--Iosts tw.e oas long.
always keep a jar handy-
you may need it urgently.


_Beans I

Prices Paidi

dy A C o., Ltl. !




$1.00 $2.00 Box $5.00
Space kir.dIlv lent bv A. A. Hodalkitl.,olt I '. .

Phosferine has helped

fi us no end-

T .ay three Edinburgh sisters.

"Mv two sisters And I are taking l'ho'.fc ine. It has helped
lit no e d, we nave a. more or les suftered great ,traiB
during the past ae yi.ars by nursing our inivala d othe,
and our nerve- were simply on edge., We had many ileep-
less nights, but once we resorted to Pho-t'erine we enit'wed
IOS F.R0 undisturbed sleep and flso gS d appc'tics."-'-1Mss B ML
'".'.":' VWheinever you have the feel,'ng hat lift ii getting too
"' iuch for vou-take advantage of Pi'lisferine. l'en drop.
or two 'Tablei will help you l.ce thmgq anew. And
; eserv additional dose will put back into y',u
*the strengih, vitality and 5onfidcnce which
has been slowly ehbiing awiv.
l/"h' ,nt git-' PiO.f'FIRINF a trial?
I it is at ailable il Liquid or Tablitaform.

\ 0Depreaslsn, Bain Fog. i nfluenza. AnomMie,
\ Headache. Newalgia, Debility. Indigestion,
\ .- Sieeplemss. Sciatica, Neuirasthenie.

41 La
'i~i ,,imi iiiiinn niii iii iii~ii iiininiiniiiruinn1i~iii ,,iiiiiiii i "iininm ii lIu]l, ,l


If _______________________ Ith&


Gem blue flame wickless oil stowa ar etWU
the most popular of all auxiliary unit. The
steady, powerful burner flames amir ev-
heat distribution under all cooking utmallA,
with improved ccoklng resulfdi. Chiiley
easily removed for cl-aniT-" 'w qwt
glass fuel tnk for visibijity. ,


401 BM6AOWAY. N f

a' ..5". vs~,'.'

C *'* i'



d ,' ,

* fmpw.m mm

V nl>ONA

0" ADiS" A i
W. C.zh


Royal i

S. R om -s ^oe.- -.".'-, o-,-,,- "-'- "." ,". _, _* _, , ,, .-.O.. -,.
-- ,,- rIn a'. S -- 4S1!_ _ -- a -',' m o m m 'o- * u .- t o C . .M..
riatv ANI m .N EN p. JuIo 1A86 no $"al'A h a fason av.,

I. --- ,-, a -- .. . ,: ---.-
r!lli m."v.... "ET I; il~k--IIfjt l!.etMwt" ""M d __ = 0.==e W .0I w. LtJ[,nd__ -Mr.a" bil,, 8-.--,, we. ,AU
Eult tUINTSgp'g -SS* AIli_ EQ w~im ,O ",as%;E ^.TSAA116aVW^ %iWr (%' ^a"- ^ = SSAh M wiihkr " remebrnc atg taft'ItiaSma

- V .I all T A RI S B Bnl m- -a _-^ m ------------ r - -.p C ' '. *" G uO eA-' . ... C h lo -e r t -, w l- Vm1~ . ... M D en Sw e o *. y arP" ~ ( e l al i) . . t y lS. l t ] letWy S A ~WL* % t Ul a e r K Nie t / 4 s a M r l m l ~ ) u d M n .y nH Ke t UF p lanows. .: aSJ&~ into am a win al S~tFUL-if^^ ^L..n 11w ~-- YMM. Mr's'^ ?. S";. ^ ^^V ^^ Nos|l34

,.. sr'B& ; -"gll 'i )^M.__'"_'.G' .." .. ... ..... A^tM.^ U^Me FRDRC Tro Mr* an M. Ipo i" --l WO A..;A ,b -- ^n o
to ne Ptao raryh.m.wa^? MS^GZINA, --OPTN Chas.- do^-^1^ 2i 1 at.^ y~ to
M" :, -** up ntt" t .-. --. .Jiir I T* U arT Jos e a.*p* ef--e n u ol d n 6n

EM i ~1^ ;.... i__' '" ff___oB ... I,.,, L letrnAl.r Apply Pr-( .T._,, "^i SI ? ...riotA.N **"r. *-.o..,^ S& I^ OBH n T I o A me,,,hrs. , ...... ..
as S T w X AMM 0 -bob. Cflor'lorry -- ----1M-49.treM--J bltSId S5 I Ste M*r B -Br o thWir oELL-To -l m-Huw ioi r r a fther8 o .

-.t k* 'MMM tt ,* 1- ,,~a~, iuU*tlc auSBIE N REPAI* ^^ ti l utS .SlT~-"1 K ?--= ,fL~i^ l ee~^ Mt ^ S ll t.t. I... Ch.rNlotTP.-mrYArt-fuD.lt.ry n -I .. o..13.... ... .. AWy'.. B .,il .,,l lu lot. .0 *tn IBllrw< t ,'**.U_____ |le PsrnOndo, wilcllal beemory
E ir .... .... u -- *M wmt IM C* ).?.S2 5??l'Jp -i ,, mlnwiS P enK Birrr.rit,, ~e Bx! Ri- lne% [, ,. ,- ,,,* oa .* 4B, ,wrl.i o t .. ....rtir ,l it-ni; "[-- U.V I r B. ewt b -----' ,e uis r btt. ,tVlur--, m emrt ln Ntvrt (Nlt,

[S-"M * *- w *^^^ ItU _lew; U- MWt I M W B e i rw (upa.. ... roOQ - t.i. ^"ud n"-ut OU UO >....me l u ., m * a ..... **a.. -* |KW.B fft DtOtca 4n Mao ra, t -ut-epr 0 Trne-ijo r An took ea mo e r om tovre.t
|U- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ NAT-J AlM MARIN EQUIPMEN rg-- SALE Street.* ,prote.a" UCB StIt.Jo 13. ^' "^ .~ LS^S-''~. < a*-.- I PAind rik whoi an ct" llfi AskV. yurii
H M *lka . SI J*-M*l TS~ .OO naMs BAK MaAK 0KH 8.OA T ,11 p~t. oato Walk R-4L .."?, 8O,, *2ut0 S 1 U AD. M = 11,y `11et ",oD l!in~ > tod Plova you" I 4 41
. ...... l'.r ., llDRC B ... Ov,. ,r 1 C oBll t MUM. Dea, so .,oo.. _*O.,, o -Ie r. or Jlne IV ttiuii, "La,'--.M.' lM & = *o mZ
-m l ,me *POft DIRN I 1MMI#. t Dt4 O 1e. Ponrdp, .on. S37e.-Junbm softsfaiirbrand.t ko aotr, t 3.f.ve ~t. Edg ar Streett. la p r ? T c'"dav'" er wou r Hti

a P m~J.U~em mw ____ 1--, gTHKI ZfC (I T m.VANIC JrARADIO C. orW I JMBRe..A AppDB ,_,eer asI. 11 ..e l urtohtl m ler / dirct.u r A ppy to 0 o el r t l bow, giJ*lt "* .rU I''* 1t. It lne Muos iH M eh~roei wio I the Po tillrol '''c1 ".,,0" doered bu Gd ne b (".r
JW.UTION IVACANTlu rnht. __ r.w l i *Phoe 3*S U Idwt ^u! 14 1 IB Bol n ue gtrl. Wood.lth Jul i Pmaleda not,.,,, Rf n nHI Vfl- AAJH.-tsORmroyo
erltlt WOHU CU *n ETARNSANOODUTE"MIAT otfrK ANy LANDB wino~~ N IB KeM an B MOodef uun. Btan .0; ,r* uni. te plHc. loit Toc .1 e10 so.div 1
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|RmP JAtT -M AnLOPiK UlD .C t h.Re a dl- M lMt rte Co, atd., wi with =S O d om it"'..u.D W.AM '"tl."(6 it you , a .lwmy iu.lft. J S L r* e toda uom tb). ; huu t "anm e o Ii in peac four. br..e. h r. .
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4 U IRe D .... .. . ... . ..ANY ONE ;' 1 :19 AO DT RUCK; One. v, I r l rnol '''~il cu] 4p"t" -- I' p i ..81; DaWr-h from FourPh o ad e rmin)2 u s. P se r 5 io n eora onr-B I i e rebyu nly.y i ne~ d to .errl nI de C A FEOl..: &m PA RL-O URe -
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1 laton an m it enace f noolal o1ida Appy I, m xbake blj,o,u] 'I)' ,,,, ti iv "- June '2 ,0,, I~lly a t Un itBred & ON2 H.tJu Fn n e ot210 In a llt o r aoM iuaiotL3 ymy194,1, toeal rboerwa ttededt he-J uns 1l sen

nd-Ieniy--Cr -ta--our -11 red T A... SEDAN AUSTNl BHAN. D "i AIr....... ....k..k.. R.. T__.. Ve 'antPosesio.a plyv con'Ri al tr*e ti erOmy. Vailo wh e o t
"Fo4RCAT IReservaONA ,lw o nd tio P ... ,tsta.e...rok............e.r ,O A D. BpOAR: l 1c ....-.eeln IMALC OLM SM ITH. eathno f Caroline.tA le y bnAgoPtOn-, J8o
see atSlnge (stae.-Juen2o 13 1%:lrn ,.!rerniviudoey. rad I Nl'WIY C NSRUC ED BUN ALW, Jun 1. bUoiA6IIsoi RkjdIpos0ie1o o 11idivdully nf e AlotRIRin ile o
ta Q Im nd at. ..... V ncnt srets n w yerla o p ie un flse e w lvl i.,"- 1, L i. ... . . 3 bed n"rooms, eetg o r oun ds, olwrer wlla lit u11 t oT t io P u ndC er mh creby anti aot l eed anto V a gseto t hae n k lithsre whoJnl
'Is 2) I ,K), RIGEwAT R titleoMediumuSie : into"of to) usoan Usuir1to Aayers. a goA-,Jlo"ieTz whnlonaal

M eTch n c a l s N o r H o u s esaWA R Uill 61)O Rarin e S q u a re.-c- r e m is e SA L E Ict
"t, J ne I 2 I. J 0 I to23r o n nc J Aso y I dr o I-| ot bold myself reapoanetb'le ot any debtI

,'-" t n-......... K*''* 'l- I,,1'' -' T'" ,I,1 ', E "e I, rto n lh, ... 'nl S e V / P. hon 8 1 .- fit I. a tende t f at he Al
sare.l -' ts L 10 i I. (INK iat*t,:cp U|Mrin ,|, ,'T' A I e tnReord.*O Y onno. rthat t dehtica contracted 6 hyimy. wi e n ce or 5BF;MOa t ied wth e nhe a?-ULAR: AH R A py6 Ranyrfue P n t ugsie 13 POAw' )1119 3lre sn rats etes o ono.-a

with .. TCKRUCK1914 lh.. Van,109 r,'r b1,. J t,, ., ofRichm.ond an D ukeSmreetsrrbwrhatlvement, '"U 1 bei. ngImposi beV' Stoi&g to AD E-
WATD LAHI.CUT-CEK Ino --alv --J i n.... on .. . WI t a>. RoIn- on Carmody R oad. S.t. I |lt not | re n dt 1al ltany do mo l* RoyaloRoad8ia ft0o0,0nn66 || __-----I--RB L .. 1
T Y P S Te h orh a n tpe r l i n. t r m o m en tu m i l t HV, . . . .. . . T. \ e d I ...K , d . a . .p ... d I ug i n t i . 'ne,147bd o m s t.,-- June 16 ode i t c o t rn Jub yn e 2 3 TOGe r r u u e
'. _Ng ou d nfteluo possso a gan do ere & *not h id m lel f t m ,e a irone fr acy wthT O O dL A Ern O Cu Len eASSIFY Io I

Bal.l hJ e,@ hd xp rene o th r oe t a k idOneil$ d ltolu rf ail* thr hpers n nt 'o, tyi b'i.' HIETA l l RIt(7&.S th '"ll n tho r ie l b i00 !n v B. debt yr debI I lor By dSbl o n nW .Ph 4 n 1aI
. iAppl Perl so > nn el Ma naJr 8,W 8 ltehonltr . u ro f JltPli -r t rEcke l.. i 'Phoe 1 t .o l i J In i h 'Phone plrb (2a 0 oaern crn .ouad Tu naounx. gicone u Nabity 20. Ve.v e 34m Di* L 4O od condthen odreet.
[ tPlays.un a i t. UIU) tTTr 'Ap|t :B -w Tm Hle gun1t W MO ST ATTRACTIVE F l dIf. CN INOP HA M O, I w n| _adde, 8to 1 o.m,-Jun_ 17 BB 85SS
E'Cr .-u" r Oit Ic Rednr i.d .l I .; Anla 1 M tno w ae alrbl' a tV nJun. Imcmpris te 11. -----un e . Ma neV nROirae.T. --'SO AA-ply
ne 1 UL3. t Nnew.1d4 iB vNEe ,o1r-w. O.1 UIUr0I1.D HIUNti E T. O Al1rtatout l mln3n (tr LN o odet.aJune I. Crlurin. Apy -or-f eet TH P UBLIC O Is hereby noticed that I 8AAN OS E'f*,i u Fi t rkingeo r, *P loBu It
ITUA(71,ONL)S WANPTUED ( VAnXeIe- va1e:114, I/o~ n terIy t ;,.01',"-M.rl!-1 w I ~'l ),,t-l,t e I. 8, roodiCAS1 0 redigyrotli manifcenaviwofdbat debticntratenuderby MYroieCtton EgA-Ku onai klktEgneBlseei

lyre$ o v wtieoI. A AT S t e- gh ne .! 0-Jin 2! r Mr ,I,,. I oITA 1 K'l o ,. CY l nIa ; Ece 'Phonel$123. AntoinettenAntoi-enmat h aving leftmy Piecee o eRrgersjaiteoo l s. lte, sOout,
YOU4G MA deanltll ll pl> t ic I 1mdcu UR Offei to Nx'l Whit i (Mold It~ M Ir > Vi:.> n U Ip '~lNI H T A (I IA?; kimtR eJI'C IT I R P T careand rojetio M iM tOl J&DHal It, AniUk4* PIC-la. -Ju l u* 1 0 Otae.
FororoL s l erkTyis' t ,sol' und exper "" 0t. IRno~. "cc In styping filng correel onfil .BM64 bNE AV-t NDTR I NE 1o910n.i Ntu i ii 11'!,e, B r,- ,,-, V, ,!in m_. bahig i-HOSS t SsICinw AND LAND Lit Native Read IVA4. Plac SQ-1 at UfnI. Rolt e Dumpnto O vrg 'i& C .9L d
p I tuc wor; plon. sAessing Cambr aidg Re WARl d S V- A*[ I H rl;l "1 1 t ulas lth t ur n aa lRTC, bea BulL D ituated, o er .looking ITUS ANOINEGAJADHA tO~ abesans aclyan d kthe ifuit tr e ne, alsnc ll4

^l^ .^ .,,?. W l1Motor"' Ni' -K' owA n1i rbii nk.s Mor-%e 1 T-t lA4, BHOOi~i' BUG-131C a tesgWe, 14) 1114,11L^ vi*kn w^tP r. -S .^lS**.**IN u ANUCMnti
'Itil rented Cor. Gardendr c n enie ce.. r e Buennd A) vog ot mor e iM
10 ,ik t el. wrI Ms. l w .. . h, ^ ^o ".rr ana J le .... ,r fee* 3 Ce. per uaref.t. ,' T 10 edwe llnJm Mu with I m e / -'-C
liternandra.?ll. .<^ nu *Phon 64 -TIIO Jun o 1, Rt SAM .0P ) HONKb MaKWo BU GWrbit e NEW BUIL. VA AN HOUS I";10 ^ 0 rl* T>* r USLIC IsKT H hereby noife total ---- Oilt stk or Iu a Pice Lie, will
A yod m, --Ju M t I -18 iunS ro11 --Juo, Comr. R nen0. saly : e AllP o nv enCien ces at X Crdb t e ,ntraeted y wife V Io o r e, sr s ',dry i te-n1o r e, toarre sa m I
wow 4 to il to ll 0 - qww~ Iaob e IfI .aCuAM Otauner ne careantiprotetionatrvi

N II.?"' t:OW,1?;!!; TWO~y;^A?2*l >..>014 Itrtt y .Al,.l. ,oJ *. e C. b-Jne *e.t Fr anci s Va lley. O nekd.- my's Ju nb lft. Rlmy A tmo ne ther t lamtIor firmite. l l giur Pernee
idu t'I,ti, CIoe 'iai P gen oit.on3 ne20t ooonibo fr nydet r ebs a-MM M byIM

I ll .lo s t o fIW N. EjM LS, AB : DISx ]Ame N it ate* 4 3 ee peealy A l P treef. O s A MV,: I'M trH _Colu h. we &ccy,. ,t HUG'aN ARU l. lOat eveyt onert Grad11s. *t quurIw
I ; ti]tl il ywith O el c reof Land te thue UU bu witI tlV*IM nufnal Vt lNB..J 1
VN' IrV It MW Wulore Juli.e, and eouwa ..... *PP,' !0" tldo K.....b *r ree St II hwel wao d wit s II rprYotr Co.. .. I... ...... ..... t -, ,m oo -co.r,., , e *, _o.,,M us i es
1>tol ur l OWN, ow n a ED B .otr lit ta' 1000 (nayidU,"n C ar ib b Fruit. Pli n Cher y tress: water laid _June 1oo, ha4 .tHK PuniC afa is t lu 1 IA A I I
franup oer -I'-Justo Isa,% &oer rvt g P '*.I. t: ti. swre inb 8 aist 8. 3bdLoa. I rh sr
I~o. -aw "Im"a.j lrtno ReuiR 4t incet -Pol. 4-n outrol, atmosphetrlel. St atept Easlltoern Inc io Aof nmy husb e and oAlbert Clark e. ciosId L.NE U A pt.E8n n L t ,U e uld V w
two *## mDi. A ll jiitre t m,-1-3 ae SC Nlh zlib lis,3 ouhq 'h n Ma O MS A n BO R I Gir r Hn t Road.,Af e fro J rlan. Appmly, a too~ a.s ...i~ lt ,. E o dod,-- l~lroxi tyo r 'iter
1ina biiat Itail 4A.r O RK Aut omat. Ican* 17 n 14 I It FR A RtI, : Ct M IKSR T o eHI 1 A R 8 ( & OUSE EE wetPi GA11. ... .. ..Ithariting e .toTerlisoradqe,"t, o .K_

l or l --_ --- - - J -3. ** -M-Jul r e 1 a tDK S ngle and Inh h Ia eas itde R wptt RobeItoMrsTCeIna San..nd -Juno'1 35 Ker lno. aM, B r Ila T ROPI CAis rerbu >ppa. *no r- A I

SUd A I NA gll-lH P,, l2^*^ike hew, On Mohrr A... ... role- an AMU.B AmrtcL onuMly APon BBIV:|rlce T wn. Pro y reiindihB fsl. TM( .WLI ,-" kerel *b lits Gurlon." *yJu kne1 Aln RaalB ,j^ w. -- * .
640O REAR D tfe, or at-or.topin.. mi 3 rL u S pl o n D b mu ntM m n el o m m h o t ret'.ny lo Pit ure s C i .A u p Inc.. RAMPHu o rNad o at L GH
V"OR1.IU4 A6.vobaT .YPEWRITKneaRIt\ Churh.beim.---Jun 13e, x 3, .. lourING
U1 AE BO KSA n d WAARDR(3R T t ,, IHOUe S F O, R ', i l.Fre-NT ill e: lass o di l n ofea r s C i3" N t ie d, Arl an prtat a ny h umb nd a ret, P4 .OineUda mot awnPd t
Jukro all N E I 'A, ,%II %.,?,,, I Wh,f- ;I, B r J ,r C Harto7isarin3lat.- J nen1 t14
c-e t--J ""O- r, I N . 1. I... o. .. !y Au I S ..r nu e G d m t I or n eee et A PI offer, n don ', .l Street,Ju o1Sa a r no v "t. Mu t bC hopetns ypitlyseesns
O t A liat" W r udo tes k dja I 1 ,D 1)(.; t .I p ua u m ;,.I, l Ai- m it tr a n" t, u e 1. IJuI eItn e ( u
ari Rods, nd- Coai tion A b road C las, MAO or F 11-1 p.p forox in t c.a s o~ i_ . 0 A i. o pm.( O I anO E 20.t Mare-I Tngl and le ll eon Iworkehr.b MO O SiRd L
"o 11 20. ;3r ', i m a t rn onir f ... niso tie d e asiode o t at IM o er t
11100 AI~ u at 1 YetlSlt q~ twternu n ur Jma13Be41et, roe 4.0000r.neretAffr. t c P. n riin oyto a.B. ''rt. St nd rd M o o
1W, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o Anyakvt e $'over %Ioutry ,oueo n 11- ,Wlm, o i. e, Apiy A ull, tne i) I n- & one d w HOU SE o en 11 e, wLo Land In e ai Ihearot sd t~t I do ICX ,-Roy El Ho COOK ler n do, Ap plyM~
isuilding thereon. IdeaIl; u -d,,s Jits6 Ion dMa y se2,l V4 l4 l. welolso nA go e4-- on 1 e ym
YOUTR ''l;lfC UT S D t o t he A N greatest t-sh ,Pr en o |-ertln b up m met RuG75, rm P~s$1, 400.0 oernt ndz e ai oMr ket Thear. ile, I a Herteteterethy hin*.
advaro.Vit. vIlt enin e 9 wUtal o r al tod k p outy EOII nprHSANDs or t~v lolroete from raI,, |- n- oI -- II,, n oo c lt 1cntinng the IFR D3ER IT .MAN ` D SkL,U, ue d oolcd t rion e~
Le W C rner IliaBand.DIit'N 1WLOI1) H ALT ." 67 u,.on~t.' I E -Ju eP
Fftdri W~l| l r iestse, I mom 41 i.-un 1J ino _0 i ... ia 80 renal, -lO, front "Qua Ot d Rmo adern ,nme .0en pe r o. At ply Ce ri a nol t ehletcndtoSe|ot(d tyreereposilefr npurt O- -'q
HO~MyER O ONS ad0 Pkl. o une tO , _. ..O D II MMXD'IC A Nt:I .IY V n da "-peinelns'h, ron re 412 -Jii# nO r11.ebhsleoner itcnedeebrymy$,ife. AppayI -
eft lle MAitPv.- J e ise l l m Kro rsenewmg in .ulte un 1 A `laddin, .- ,;i|i'-HOUS ,J l l, Bar d. 25 AC ES LAt e r ap ro, Pit urgess, the h vll o ftmy cae n rosaNo h6 Bt reeCInP RCUdo 'LAR UOA
4-6 onti" Va 1 9 Ah n~to iby stre.L et. 'ween3. 1nd 1tree i n Ro Ferna nd epeJ n deto IS, u i 2 90
,bae - n __ 'Appy B.Dorbeur F sterlbfm,,i R ad. S ithe Co.,19 11 in
ItM,lil h uper rvngftrost. PeMtit Bat O.L.y8 htle, W etW~c O ne IK, l & I;' q-- cSlu- Tur mt "cilia Ita POPf;RTaiePK JuneI23. street, Port.D.
;I bt. I ltod Sl~ |. w a"un O ltSKA ND LAND at Vi c to -ria .1. El.Dokratdoe.VA AN JAuc Len Sret,1tin., l
Ytr MI L DlA e.CM u~trt Pos5T -Jn 1 I p:% I -- THE PUBw, el erLUT RIC Is hereby noti i led that gLAle o n; Ro18en R o
MIWV DCS faiklnt, hd I AHNT IC 1,1011411Ctit, ~M~rvi, dn rey I I'lino 9:,9-Jtn 1 Vilae. ba FrT4no, b near Tril l~e mt lml~br .MdH n idadow te Dla~m t Laundry).
t.illoUa P-olks.Me si otebad n. 'Po ne il/ I 0m ontlver~ it l Amhroke1'tist 'i vboAo/%HO USE Fr m iA:(LIt.erat. do no hldtm ystNIIme elf resonsib e I kn u--u.
Wit a.7 leiigla A e u .- u eda Ph n 6 4 .M rs ('hl~l Pens Jne, rh .oll 9l volt m Ntern ,, :onv In y C lul, h n d btoNe t ontrctd y CnlenCltf iff& ; ppy oe I 22I
n-.--,-- ____p Tqma4GtM~ -_ -J Bno 1 pv11i hlv Joe 10unhne 47 .tie 8.HW O U4S E 30 thl.treet.ir
Itk-eemS--wm!1 @ "r "SADWANTED wTOd RENiT KWMUealsOW tllto.to .LFEHODPOERY Plybit at OJ ANAI NP ISS. n T,
Hamkl rtJ ~ mm ke prte ors on Srvete, at 1 k.Jun 1. Po s sesin. Apl R Larec opoit HE PNOTsIerby ntiie ta
"PI). J l a iN i. a t-,Johns Ra,,St. Pa$09.- ie3 ,a. IAt;, 01 jtl .itbeka t. C M coo.SnJu,,,,, = ty23................ repot a **ta -_- -- _n.
:Aerh, ei g 6 p otniy n hi o t phn l jog2i i M J I TI l1T,, Jo n dseon nre eous L ND F R SA E h f tavn ee n e m rteto'e ans tco o "a, l s ebe ul fr r
One 11p12 ,41 xt n tonly.- JUn8 it arate.. W ils oet n, r ei w thi dret l ln Jun* 1 4 .. . . . .. ..ce gr und L rg
wodrok-Jn, A E Y U R XI& W t-108nt ~s.l, ,Juno1.I`" 3T1il h 1oea~ r~3--uY o l . AIA~-HO E on gerWespnsl e for an y debt le of Bar&;, dyig o usee t, wt o lar o s d -=7
iRlrtII~ it ~~ d._l!#r O AL pP l$gd 1 ahpn tUtl,i rP eiR nc 8ia rs ant rrcme surefe t. 13 Cens e sure gry T E PUC lnIs Oereby 'lne ordt ifi d.tha tItDwellng houerithSalltodern c June n 1,it
vitt lf iL 1 M n y & l~l instaE t rl-o Sver Oi n r o~o ,G ld. Aa ort, Bo t-124."suardan. "-.-JJunowis 17. 8.o. inlr etr emq o .t. erJan d hufe1' uatrs.
Im '| ' ,, u& .a w ti r R oom 'C .....6--Jn" Is 1474 Stres. itae d t L. o. on, e I N B I LK P KN OG l 'lB PdsU t nd neins rag yreb o~ d .t~
T! OI, 'oe~llr eel''P t 11N--uX S ,INGIF.RO M nd Dob t@R e t re e s., I' t I eldwat ered y withn n o private$ b I- RJma L IC N ld flX.-1Vllg,61, bafn it* ae, o jto
1,I qin er unt.- lloyLg ged % ftM1111 I AN o/ s FR SAt LE g.t..i t A gn@ ~lrtHL P u oo m rght up o bildngs Fo..... .. . .1114 hl tI fe~t re f m used. aPPI Al.rod Rh Go M si y a tl

Stook su itable for.b.. .n g p.ens... S it e e TwtoAgrture.- paly 3 Inn I 'Two -Storey A SO i lesions e
T l, tO eulahle1 r13, ldl u vo~, et', 0WNWNK. ......... .. ........ ..... ... gn Building immediate pos ession, go" ] January a. 1W .
To p r t .A e c o b tive lt'Lum ber with a Spot to build .Not a lt son Ju A ... . 1$1 t DM AR IE RA M JOH N ,
m SlJun e 2r.roo..a Abe-r"hy--e t "- ......
S":-TRONO ' O; "IRON *q "I'(k 8U*,--June t Two Hous. Cha MAI TKERXR1, wtnk 114w0 66 *I THK PUNLIC o hebeby noted that
There AN Uhr elvs Double Lock. 'thunu T" 4 ATTIIACIVK CONC-KTV 10141 11 INw ,mpty Chanittl Ho ,1, B||1 J111cu r of of ckvllsa nBd Mdword itret. ,a sl on lgeritr ander tI* cove an ro Ti
iNESS *lW)UN M .Jil 11 RK.W~rB Main Road, bararls. Motif j 1i Stree, $W J"Jan .. ... .. t MM i May ft. hurt (but SOW t s tpr odt. h t t* oa My kitabnd. In'B Brown, &or w--,---
TO, PYJAMAS 0164 toMjesmre- ONK II RKPRRX CAMKPlce ,lapiy. ur. Itoiy ownter plenee 'pkMM Drspr. OM ,okI. t o Isold YAMK niwf"ibi (ort *ay debt
fo|- Xr wymbod io UI Wrli u polla fi*1m: ONl 127 Csndox V,.ir-.unr a YoTung A%*. >and Caleonia hood $ 1.T0 *P~hd No. WITS.--Jmt I&. W d** coontracted i. .
log^wcom t P Witk t one rol lat aim. 'vll $a Froerl'k- POsSKKION OF 10.1 THAT LOVrI.KLT6^ Sn ---- n... MD OWN. I A ^^U A
.July *1 811, 1,0r*; itllflra.--Jung t 15 T.)'uo-to y r .ie.hirnce It Nu. 7 T event l LOUIS GILMAN rTHOMUA- w-- -- - - ^^^ -- n1une IT. a errmindo.
A OWN -- SPRINO G HILLD MATTRR,88:P for i reel, trar,*rui. M.Wt.0 Na o 'MNo, nSS --4747. OfftC lso halftMo TU- --9M
Brood go"SS -U,%S si">ingle and** Double goods 89 Fr"^rick jiMylet- Ntrett $4,890o0. V111l 42187- 221 victoria AV*0nu. Vacant. 6 BOLOGNAW mA.IIV^rr^,. a-.^.
Mollo. Ofink fty to rt.-JHtBo is. W 4nil Rumtett June 22. 1 ikdroOL& etc. ........- ed ucated fo rto dAa V n~r l C O B OOJAHCy. ChOO r-Aduitet*oe hly
0M P. gi 3 not%$W "USM*. 1 '.RV&LtA d AnAPRONS 4 H0US "',a No 3 TO"NK ITRIOw. 0'. Just to s =O tN 111.e40 -Alfredo 1. ... poem t2m. a? oeS.d
&* ^''l)rt*--ff N *__ *d- ~ I. 'OM *041 IOMW for M?<'""n', l""lloga**J a In , H00. Apply BW Derwaa, u r. > a ulckt ..t... a.. ,M okKU t*i lt* tomelwE.M sua certain. I'^^^g*^*11t"St_'8*B B11 *"?1". **"'1r'"KMmMm R00111 -uau* *PosomlM 0 0 Prettiest Neu"I as TUIIO 41-.JS~ ilUM~ M .1 _1p.i^i^TjC;,~~e"a*
aErb sw n .- 'rS**"t, ,.,pple Pric.s E am se ; nW ood, a -p fua R ,,on ,,,, p r S, ._ ,, L am eT, LEARN atM 6m P If k r
ridoo Drl ml Os s o. -4 147,O JuoVe Il l 8 14 eu '. r Pa" 1 ........................... ub w. A lw Ohm", Cut-
i" itt IM.AZ.. ....... -.h, Mo V. FALK: ., OPI.W...tKL .nR- $too.. ..t ..,,., .. ,. .. 1C2 rQsitso ,,r ,.ifi-,*,.ett =a ":,g FO --
LP" We IIoI 4 j us t "e -- ar I1 m UNO T--'-lT-lod t`11 NOr 1ligir Wrm. Krot* goy.| rmrTQ Wto ---r-I
1141 r o" t a t It & a 3 Burner.'? '' "- TWO: ao i s ^ i L a m $11,10.s InismtA giios-.
as I .. m r Ib n I M o rar: inn "- O ccu pa n cy J u ly 1 A p p y *It7 P O. LCI& It 0 lu ng It| W 'L~ 17 l lY e 3' ?

Ii^ ^ 1 ^ ^ ^ ^^^^^ q416-' .- tfolo 1aa1ffiy 1,:^ rie* rail. 4207. -j~ln PrcLd-tn a
ALM j t 4[: AN ..... .I u "I 'a writing e u .. .. .... $1&"$ 0
[h 'e .. ...... .. t I0 t ol36 Wr i te . M$!s owt 9 P,914(' 424M AND, b m-
saJttr, Apy2 uuo-rvt i t lr"~,t S m gt. J 'une-IT
P't M R-o,"R1 1 it X 11r G re ityP litsq d 0l ,
SA H1`1*111tP\W;,n 91n F h- I". Jn 1,Ls ...prpry Wih.a ,-* WA T0 11IsTW 2 7

Let maf1 nil1
for yon
& (0,
44 Marine bQmr.

Houses and 10
27 & 274-1
B~silon Str4

27 Gordon St. 1: TriM!


| NAVY C 0.
I ST. ANN'S el

Thb Is the Mer!lu
dab and I 1i nW
o &be week fr"**
BEER. (o
| Monday, JW $,]
116 m.m Sound f.*t
2' reels, sport and' l
; Pictures -.
Coblenti Houe, "%
*Phfli lC.


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GO. cOVi:
SMOST Re~lgblN Mi:


hi GRO



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