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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Current issue also available on the Internet.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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t t

||(, -t s watr
Io 4 84c.

5aM6---., LTD.

No. ,141. 27TH TAR

PrON'UUM.Y (uAIMmarioa


vY Stream Of Reinforcemen ts Joins Batth

s"lo" w
*"uM W ^ -*f< "4*1

In- m k ....... ........... .w.k., .,
S A ....... ................ M .


SAir And Sea

iadas Spearhead
tsion Assault

'planes in the sky and a sea armada so big that, as-
American airman, "you could walk across the Channel
It," the invasion of Hitler's Fortress Europe began this
m both In the air and on the sea was slight, early



S(AP).- Merrill
reporter, quoted
Sertram Ramsay,
Naval Command
combat units In the
sin contrast to the
t overall loss which
py. he said. termed
Mtons in putting the
W1 per cent success-
Sthe light combat
d not affected the
,ermans could not
was admitted
Admiral Saalwaechter
Rt was Imposalble for
1s to obtain command
B air superiority was
tItably on the Anglo-
S, representing the
deian Press aboard a
Said M naval
8E on Francs west
d down a barrage
g at 5.16 am.
replid from under
leid down by the
protect the Beet.
troops success
7.0at 73 an.,
at 7.45 Ain.
I must have
and appar-
o m rJ y of the

Une I (Reuter).-
rt for the landing
Wa carried out on
t only be described ai
from Supreme
|_Mid that more than
M ranging from is.
nch bombarded the
inlmy strongpolnts in
lbs army.
See making this ali
operation possible
aBfeet included i
some coal burning
It served In the last
recently handled in
Aterican shipyards
e secret list.
dsent at Supreme
ays that the naval
operation was pre-
h.Of the normal
British propor-
tire to one Amerl-
proportons, includ-
31 ware about three
t pllot, who flew
Mb oast this morningL
esrttito oOf what
d~a loed like from
aid: "I have never
S ats oin all my life.
at numbers of cruisers,
erveOttes and other
constant flashes ot
eatmed that the beach
Heavy pounding

N1advance brigade
:46ver-tnding stream
I Came line after
f Craft escorted by
.aid that the nhum-.
t, the Channel was
Liberator bombardier
I D. Stewart, hai
0il description ot
2Oannel of all. "You
OChannel from bot
,'Robert a. ittel,
Vw'mg, Who lead a
t: "[caughtS
?over the Chas-
oovaa and 1

tynea of
it ead
Of 0o*1

50 Nazis


Air Fleet
LONDON, June 5 (AP)-Ten
thousand tc-s of bombs cleared
the way for the Allied armada
which Invaded Europe today and
as the attacking 'planes swept
though the French sky, only 50
German 'planes rose to oppose
Allied aircraft ruled the skies
not only over the invasion
beaches, but also far inland.
First official reports of the
greatest aerial operation of the
war said the Allies made 7,500
sorties between midnight and 8
The 7,500 sorties between mid-
night and 8 a.m. did not take
account the hail of bombs, rockets
and bullets that crashed down
upon the French coast in the
hours following. During the
period covered by the report,
more than 1,000 British heavy
bombers filled the night sky.
At dawn. the American Eighth
Air Force sent another fleet of
more than 1.000 heavies Into th-
air. More than 500 medium
bombers and hundreds of British
and American fighters were out
during the same period.
Ila the light of Relchsmarshl
Goertin's Order of the Day In
which he instructed the German
Air Pore to repel the invaders
"even If the Luftwaffe perishes."
there were only 'wo explanations
why the Oerman Air Force did
not put up a fight on "D Day."
One was that the enemy was
caught by surprise without
enough 'planes in France to fight
effectively, although it was esti-
M10A^ 1 tik tho r Wor Air

Invasion map showing where the main Allied landing was made. Scope of this landing k shown in
____greater detail in the inset.____ ____

Churchill Says Invasion

Proceeding Satisfactorily

Weather Cause'
24-Hour Delay
LONDON, June 8 6(AP) -- It
was learned at Supreme Allied
Headquarters today that the
Allied landings on Prance were
originally scheduled for yester-
day morning but were postponed
for 24 hours due to bad weather.
As the time for "D Day" ap-
M o bd, eo a clear sky,
bt warned
that a stoin was coming and.
General Dwight Elsenhower
postponed the operations for 24
hours. Although the weather
still looked bad when the inva-
sion was finally ordered, there
were wredictlons of clearing
skies and the expedition moved

* Force had 1,750 fighters and about
SW00 bombers in the west to meet Ioos)eve l Says
Sthe Allied thrust.
The other was that the Nae eInvasiontp T
r pilots were afraid to fly in the Vq i
weather braved by the Allied
.aim' To S edule
1 Allied Headquarters described S h
Sthe weather. as "very bad" for T S h u
flying. There were brief thun- -
derstorms over the Channel and WASHINGTON, June 0 (AP.-
Sclouds 5,000 feet thick In some President Roosevelt said the inva.
places. sion of Europe Is "up to schedule. "
S Despite the scale of the air- Up to noon (EWT) today, Presl-
borne sorties and their extremely dent Roosevelt told a news confer-
vulnerable operatl s the Allied ence American naval losses in the
loes were reported to be small. invasion consisted of two destroy-
There was anti-aircraft fire in ers and one landing craft. Total
the clouds and the Germans even air losses were one p~r cent -- a
used small arms in a desperate figure the President disclosed as
attempt to bring down bombers,
man of which b 'ot low to g relatively light,
under the thick clouds. President Roosevelt told reporters
ritish Bomber Command threw a great deal of Information was
more than 1,300 aircraft against coming in from the Invasion fronts
the etemy's coastal battries in tht- and his manner Indicated that it
darkness preceding the assault was favourable.
-The President disclosed that the
(PLEASa TURN TO PAQE 4 COL. s) approximate invasion time was set
at the Teheran conference last
ranc T d T December and that Marshal Stalin
was entirely satisfied with the date.
ra -nce T old T Relatively few people in the
O rd s United States, he continued, knew
S the actual invasion "D Day," A
Obey Orders pis ee orngarosth t
g great many new troops and sup-
S PPlies were pouring ucross the At.
L ON. JuI (Reuter).r -lantic, but a very small number
L N., J ne 6 (ut -- kjn-w the exact information.
tl Chrlees de Gaulle in al At Teheran, President Roosevelt
OsfIe loessg to them people said, it was determined to open a
Ot Pranetdba y, told them that, second front against Europe eitherl
the At battle had begun, and at the end of Mavy or in the very
that t e n clash had long been first few days of June. The exact
'Prow I tlingrad to Tarnopol date was detr-mlned only in the
omw is toe"as meof thedentemtpast few days.
kbosm theuniste of dRo e.t n("the .Atthe time be addressed the na-
Snownt h tio on^^ th ^fallth
nows how those defeats have tinon the fall of pome lt night,
Gti," O general de Gaulle de. President Rooevelt' continued, he
shtr o e told Frenchmen that knew that our troops actually were
Share striking their deo-,i their invasion l boat Preparing to
Iecesar. tot Pe ofor Hitler's European Port-
*It to now necessary to obey or- re _,
de of the Governmenof f Prance, President Roosevelt said the May-
appointed by legitimate r presen- June deadline was set because of
tatives of the French people." the Channel weather, One of the
Announcing that the battle for elsentalas of a croes.Channel at-
France has started, the French tack was safe, what he termed
leader in a broadcast over B3.C. [nall-boat weath-r which began
Said: "More than anything it Is usually in May, The weather was
now necmsar that rll those who a factOt In delaying the onslaught
can. should contribute to the from May to June. but the Presi-
Allied cause with arms. with sabo.- dent noted that ter was only one
tae, with information or with day's ostponement after the date
reftsal of work for the Germans. actually aet.
It[ n.cessarvy that I repeat that A reporter asked him t the in-
al will do all In their power to vasion had been planed to follow
esDo capture, and prevent being the liberation of Rome. bt e
arrested. President said that as n i
"It is now a question of destroy- ease beame0nobSd new1
WOW& ndaly l.Vw
% the enemy who, like a beat. rime wwdd f a
W aend 9to the lat his
S t= a V tocee. Thist enemy
W1 t -i h In to d melay K4 T h And Premier
lal bow of his fall. Prlam Viist Hi ll .
W inslr i to amropol. from H_ '- dasu'ari
- a= hbe knows the lOINDW., Wes .-M .
i of UM 1 rW knowshow l Ml it Ma ndms W. m "m mmht

- H IM bPatle hai be-

Allied Troops

Push Several

Miles Inland
LONDON, June 6 (AP). .,Ar
Winston Ohurchill, the Prime Min.
tter, told members before we
House of Commons rose tonight
that Allied troops had penetrated
In some cases several mites inland
after an effective landing and
lodgments exist on a broad front.
In his second statement of the
day in the House of Commons on
the European invasion, Mr.
Churchill said he had been at
centres where the latest Informa-
tion was received and he can
state that "this operation is pro-
ceeding in a thoroughly satisfac-
tory manner."
Mr. Churchill also took formal
cognisance of the liberation
of Rome and paid high tribute
to General Alexander, General
Clark and General Oliver Leeie.
In his second statement on the
Invasion he said:
"I promised to report to the
House later on in the sitting and
I have been at centres where the
latest information was received,
and I can state to the House that
this operation is proceeding in a
thoroughly satisfactory manner.
The many dangers and difficulties
which at this time last night an-
peared to be extremely formidable
are behind us. Passage of the sea
has been made with far less losses
than we apprehended. Resistance
by enemy batteries was greatly
weakened by the bombing by our
air force and the superior born-
bardments of our ships quickly re-
duced their fire to dimensions
which did not affect the problem.
"The landing of troops on a
broad front-i will not give the
lists of what different nationalides
they consisted or the states they
represented-but the landings
along the whole front have neen
effective and our troops have
penetrated in some cases several
miles inland. Lodgments exist on
a broad front.
"The outstanding feature has
been the landings of air-borne
troops which, of course. was or, a
icale far larger than anything else
that has been seen so far in the
world. These landings took place
with extremely little loss and Wvth
great accuracy. Particular anxiety
was attached to them because
he conditions of light prevailing
were very limited Just before dawn
-conditions of visibility made all
he difference. It might easily have
been that something happened at
he leat minute which would not
nable the air-borne troops to play
heir part. A very great degree of
risk had to be taken In respect of
he weather, but General Eisen-
hower's courage was equal to all
he necessary decisions that had
o be taken in all these extremely
difficult and uncontrollable mat-

Petam Warns

LONDON, June (AP.-The
Paris radio broadcast today an
appl by Marshal Petatin to
refrain from actions "which would
call down upon you tragice re-
He said: "Prance has become a
battlefield. OircunMtances of o4tte
may compel the oaM army to
take ape~la measure in the battle
are. Accept this ner*gsy.*
He al oP ats, nrow fymen
and wwe to remain at their
pste--wfe they wOld w wv the
Uernsn military machins. -In
order to k3ep the fie of the nation
aMd In wrdu to arryM ut vour
tak." beSI *d. "o ot listen to
yMIevoieae eaatg oB jroa not to

News From Other
World Battlefronts
ITALY : Demoralised G0r-
mans flie before Fifth Army
offensive fanning out west and
north of Roar M a broad
RUSSIA: Soviet troops re-
nulse new Oerman attaclS
north and northwest of -tI,'
Red Air Force 'planes started
90 fires in mass raid on last.
BURMA : Allied troops take
Japanese position on the out-
skirts of Myltkylna.
AIR: U.S. bombers based In
Russia bomb Galati airdrome
in Rumania.
CHINA: Japanese reach out.
er dTfences of Changsha.


Wants Full


LONDON June 6 (AP).-General
Eisenhower today announced that
Allied troops had landed in France.
The following 1is the text of Gen.
Eisenhower's Order of the Day to
his invasion troops: "Soldiers, sai.
lors and airmen of the Allied Ex-
peditionary Force you are about
to embark on a great crusade. The
eyes of the world are upon you and
the hopes and prayers of all liberty
loving peoples go with you. In
company with our brave Allies and
brothers In arms on other fronts
you will brinq about the destrue.
tion of the German war machine,.
the elimination of Nazi tyranny
ov.r the onppressed peoples of Eu-
rope, and security for ourselves In
R free world. Your task will not
be an Pasy one. Your enemy In
well trained, weil equipped and bat-
tie-hardened He will fight savage-
ly. But in thl year, 1944 much
has happened since the Nazi tri-
umnhs of 1940 and 1941."'
The United Nations have Inflicted
upon the Germans great defeats in
own battle, man to man. Our air
offensive hIs seriously reduced
their strength in the air and their
eAoacltv to wage war on the
ground our home fronts have giv-
en us overwhelming, superiority In
weapons and munltlons of war and
have placed at our disposal great
reserves of trained flithtinr meln.
The tide beo turned and free men
of the world are marching together
to victory.
"I have full confidence In voir
courage. dtvntion *o duty and skill
ir bottle. We wilt accent nothing
lesm thIn a fill victory GOod tItok
and let um all beqeech the hiesslanr
and noble undertakingg"

Eisenhower's Post
Guarded Secret
POST i England1 June 6 (Ap) -
The post from which Oenemal
Dwight Eisenhower is directmu lbs
A^1d invasion of urWope i' located
stateir&i$6 nea fr tro baSSEM 4
which the mighty assault fleets
launched the attac last f1i1"t.
Its location is'sarefu' arol
secret. There a o pn
structures oan the ast a d t
IbiadmS 2mowe MW "ft
will be set up in Prafe. 'Be
entire area is klfu, soMn-
t UeadH n on an M& W to
I, apialyoctflje maaltes.

1740th Day Of The War
Aat fi

Landing Forces Meet Little'.

Opposition From Nazi Troops

As Invasion Operations Begin

King Makes Successful Fighting Goes
On Along 100-Mil" stretch

PrayerAppeal .oAis..aa -
--.-- June 7 (AP) Masits *I Allied ea fand l-borns troops which landed
rgedli T lin lrance with little oppooltion were fighting their ,ay iland ei*
subjects Urged To today along a 100-mile stretch of the Normandy eoast between Chor
Help Fortify Spirit bourg and Le Havre. while heavy reinforcements are being rusd4
Of Soldiers cross the Channel In the face of a falling barometer.
Of Soldiers -(Fgiagax iis going on 2p
, '.o M ontgomery, nof1
LONDON. June Ifleuter td Allie s tlaf aar0 mieinl
His Majesty the King todayMg on the town, Reuter report)-.
exhorted his subjects to offer up First Western Front woulit
"earnest and continuous andi C 1T i landed back in England last nSS
widespread prayer throughout the [rV oric and were taken to an East Angl
present crisis of liberation o ll H lst i c hospital. Despite their wotnds
Europe" to fortify the deter-. l i many were smiling and ch u.
minatlon of sailors and soldiers j, T CK Vichy radio aid tonight: "It
who "-eo forth to set the caotive A' B S u must be admitted at th. Allied
free," in a nationwide message. ------ beachhead area has been consd e
The King said: "At this time LONDON June (RAuter ably widened and Allied reinforce
four years ago, our nations and Genrral Sir Bernard Montmgomern. ment are pouring in.
Empire stood alone against an the Commander of the army group According to German reports re
overwhelming an d i.placable which has npeneu the.. ceved from the Spanish trontli'
enemy, with our backs to the wall. Frcnt offensive, sent a personal Allied forces are now In full posMl -
Tested as never before in our message thistroops yesterday He' sion of Honfleur at the mouth o
history In God's Providence w said yesterday. the Seine. From Honfleur, Aied.
survived the test. the spirit of "The time has come to deal the forces are movingng uP south tow=
the people, resolute, dedicated, enemy a terrific blow in western Pont Audemer, Beuseville and Pot
burnt like a bright flame, lt sure- Europe. That blow will be struck L'eveque. The latter to n is oe
lv from unseen fires which by the combined sea, land and air ported to hawe been blttaed iA
nothlne can quench. forces of the Allies. Together they lied bombers already under Alli
"Once more a supreme test had constitute one great Allied team artiller t fire. t
to be faced. This time the chal- under the supreme command of The British radio revealed tht
lenge is not to fight to suivlve, General Eisenhower. a huge Allied naval squadron
but to fight to win the final vic- "On the eve of this great ad- cruisingg off the French port of
tory for the good cause. Once venture. I send my best wishes to Cherbourg. No other details wero
again what is demanded from us every soldier In the Allied team. given
is something more than courage, To us li given the honour of strik- I I0 GLIDER PARTICIPATED
more than endurance. We ne-i a Ing a brow for freedom which will I D S FATIAT
revival of spirit, live In history and in the better In the second communiqueslawo
days that lie ahead men must speak the long-awaited invasion of Hit.
IMPULSE RENEWED wPh pride of our doings. ler's Europe began before dayighM
'We have a Rreat and righteous yesterday, the Al;led High Cornm*
"After early five years of toll cause. Let us pray that the Lord mand disclosed that more thai
and sufferlrt, we must renew that A'mighty in battle will 0o forth 1,00oo@ troop-carrying gliders p&rti-
crusading ImpulSe on which we with our armies and with His clpated in the air-boe phea of4
entered the war and met its a Providence itd-'us It the th, i antle opera wi th "i.
darkest hour. I 3 I 3 h8a tw
W4e andour Allies ar ?sun "& L! ? 'w's&uwue rlia
that our tIn agatest evil and "IISUUUP 'ILUUUU5U1 s heda leled
for a world t which goodness and the successful outcome cf the Pencee in qup=poI r t
honour may be the foundation of operations that we are now aboutnTh buletin said All lied naval a 1
the life for men In everyland. to begin. With stot hearts and ualtles are regarded as 'Over lht*
"That we may worthily be with enthusiasm for h contest, let communitoh reads: -
matched with this new summons ugo forward to victory and U we before midnight oa Jun# 5. M1
of destiny, I solemnly call my enter the battle let us recall the AllId night bombers opened th
People to prayer and dedc words of a famous sodier spoken ssamult. Their attacks were in
eople .^too^ T os prye an delc Ion..'~sK 'V^ '
We are nt unmindful of our many years a go. These are the great strength ad continue t
r words he said: 'He either feam his 'awn. Between 6.30 oul tOo h ai
hown hortcomings in the past and fate too much or his dsserts are 7.30 o'clock this morng two Nav

pre osen WePBB DEADl nS asnek tht.S.l ho04. twohe N"ul
prent. We shall not k tht small who dares not nut, it tO the task forces, commanded b e'.
God may do our will, but that. we touch to win or lose It all.' Admiral Sir Philip V9m, flying hil
may be enabled to do the will of "Good luck to each one of you flag in H.M.S. Scylla; Capt. Nowlin
God: and we dare believe God has and wood hunting on the mainland rigg, C.B.N., RN and Pear-Admiral
selected our nation and Empire of Europe. Allan Goodrich Kirk of the UV
as the Instrument for fulfilling His Navy, In U.S Augusta: Capt.,
high purposeBECK REFORMD DEAD S. Jones, U.SN., Ilunched thull
CALL TO PRAYER NEW YORK. June 6 AP).-The assault forces at the enemy beach
Na"i-oontrolled Rumanian -diO "Nays, forces which had proevi
"I hoperthatothroughout the pre- said tonight that Colonel Joseph ously assembled under the overall
sent crisis of the liberation of Deck, Polish Foreign Minister at command of Admiral Sir Bertrasu
Europe there may be offered UP the outbreak of war, died yesterday -
earnest, continuous a&d wide- near Bucharest. (e'AE TURN TO PAoe e CO,, 51
spreadprayer, We who remain in

mt is lano can most effectively
enter into the sufferings of sub-
lugated Europe by prayer: where-
by we can fortify the determla-.
tion of sailors, soldiers and air-
men, who go forth to set the
caotive g free.
"The Queen loins with me hi
sending you this messa-. She
will understand the arxietv and
cares of our women folk at this
"At this historic moment surely
not one Of us is too busy, too
young, or too Old to play a part
n a nationwide, a worldwide,
vigil of prayer, as the great cru-
sade sets forth. If from every
place of worship, from home and
factory, from men and women
or all ages and many races and
occupations, our interoesaicns rise,
then, pleae God. both now and In
future not too remote, the pre-,
dictions of an ancient psalm may
be fulfilled: 'The Lord will elve
strength unto His people: The
lord will give vis people th
blessing of veace.'"


ANKARA, June T (AP),-Ankara
bumsd this morning with reports
of Allied teUiGA in Pelomwunsu
In Oreeoe and although there Is no
OftIl 0 i lirmation responsIdble
quarters Said it could be true now
oahortpr. 4

LWDOM. June 98 %tj". (AP)-
levIs sads annowlaed t' Is iMGM-

e-Memaaynd It ame IootL
g^^B~tany li ve h bUS
DMD. Juae 7,4 amn., (AP)-
Ifm mad frtarat
Tranfr~ean Ib tis mornta
ma% uth =aft OS
**adw lie cowe of navaS aM't
m Te agmoy .ss mid bens
no IM raHIn O ath. lmi

LOD. Juae T MAIN Mr.
cSa=y ha pramto a muev ats.
WAI In dw nowrR~bS








116 Bo. 74




S 'OmE 41 w







J1 '.


L D .N J 4* M

Nve sa e abr, Ree pyoe. MLde n"d A ,
OW11111111. I.-w e.nt

0"ee AtAttacks =-

ONrth of last Ay "asi the no rt
Sd ar sa t sml ISt nog a roue soc w ahr th poue
-t hI*tl fe__ Jntco e

jfyw-AMraidd Xslo mon Sog a on the a sttonfedw in rrw wen taso BriBtish *f^ -~,7T tn n GUM= an&e sehfca Pat Za afttubng o
,,N r& f l si gld s sawenoughto und.er- 9eaeh Of the rat to Jamaica, Barba-. 1tr decision deeming him a bW
ft JUSl ,L L&NDaTON o e oD i conte ilued. P. R T Plim, of ratd rtish fetched
NDON. June i6 (AP).-Whiles 11t esl n said no neow oulan, will attm d at h n Royal o d Swhie sseic to --
w mal spedited hatte eam mSPO d seaCet i 5b- t* a WoodbroOkeby t lhe
viw180=6 h oin 11. -pr 61111C Constable Joeeph Weekes, concern-
auha great oh OInman defeme % M .ra ON
rmlwe wt of1"1tanm the A D broadcast Said thAllie Machester. AM at the ollegp ofpushedII htan, was stated,
Loo l r andCM S.nan, Will attend at the IntataAl l t -ro, tidig to that teaa watakn oc t
war bulletin saidt0 le res sno uy au Or ted by tts sto of a education Lon odon, and Tklyo Si enOnrouteix, lshotwng hAve.Jus t enteONdustier wlr formed the subject of
resmaby the heavy aernor ial navl forcesTher a- o ftsn st d at the Te nalLiraAon. te a itphphoto dwasIrtoeehesIn Wtn gt n -
which wasaimed sateveIYf on wt tak a teDhepaloma-t o eor
view preliminary to mr Henry W. Blackall,
d -mloeera btl re. t i _.Bs V er wado Chief Justice; and Mr. Justice Ellriec
r Mrs.M.'Cla -ofdismissedtheAppeal with
r ald before tecommu nique o ermn News Oe elgny a tvd e a ttend at the.t of t- do k o Radio Leaves CahVneu c seoi ut tha appew wo
W rao L Volinsk, breath details One Be lf ter e tspointing out that It knew ofd
S I M frmno MOSCink W r saysro that Allied ai r-tbohe om IAtS Lndon, and stt y for theAr d lo e t w tw eon cu
esertd t-a- the westrn were 51s0 landed at two of tie s5ne T- Ch5 I0oUlmS or for ta Air Suddenly fhro e ad the Secpn Plee
asorfbe put except for the purpose
oftheW the greatest importance Channel Islands er adG p -fi, Jerea andt Mot 0 t hte, NWYORK. June 6 (AP)- which It was c s to de-
the reliMrsn.o t s P. A. W. oforon, f Utldcs, The National Broadcasting M r. Js I auan nees
ed ams for a joint drive of (An Associate hd Pres meosag will attend at the ntitqitte of iu- Companv monitors in San third pty inre e ad
erei force on Hitler's Gor- said that thel c 1IntM On t News catioa, London, and make a special Francisco said today that rhp
yAdop e .e- ad ttedi i that the Allies study of rural educational work and Tokyo rodlo left the air c eSon's Pr o fty
okesman su herlnr pe. r- trn n a ern dre will l stuy as t y the madatto suddenly and without explana- t a F

%spoe smn nirltrai ar In 'I asoullSX nthern dir e nr^.Bk-l~ h.*" o outh explana Cn^ MeDd eyBakan Finoted
t hah uRussian oesin t on t e ion owith tanks and heay in- for -atial Research. M. .M. C on i hi
lower letter. D. bB'sVo a eonfat yw oaMonseme ridge.h.e.* a ds The N.B.C. Said it had Trinidad GuaredIn Corres te- w
..,+ "o ve, N EeRN tCANDO duy ny or sin Vehice ans
ero said: "tIrten vi ew of the near Bayeux, Issigl a t ndCsaen. leoheard the Tokyo radio since Disapute betweenNDO Mrs. Catherinesn hil
Common d ituastiEn ttG Te l Germa nconuein t8-e A e- po nc11.55 a.m., but the o eice of Claxton, of San Fernando, and her Gladstone Ottley was yesterday
Cmiisy iatin.thGeanTelegraph llreau In itos ho ln m sWart Information said t hat father-in-law and mother-in-law fined $50 or two months by Mr. A.
deit stor here rDsn So. aie t taed tlt these drivelo A is D there was no indication that over the property and Inseurance of J. Hamilton In the Second Police
oe setor whery adstaongSovienactio ad.Anotheralkioetreb s" t station was off the air, her dead husband, Fitzroy Clatton, Court for driving a motor vehicle
stio ve army hads taken action land. Another aermn broad It said the only station re- former school teacher, the cause in without the consent of the owner.
tinhans thiarmyhas order to oet aorim operts for the coided as not broadcaAtino was tw actions begun before Mr. jus- On accusations of driving with-

S1ehUdl widthtooiot torces~t nor th ln ivao'An -.O" , f? twlmsewsmrie ebythe d-leTM e s cha rg^a ed 0r T
oha last wiatn ef fore t bean Atroops tolget hold of tap of the Saigon in French Indo-China. twice L. M. Peres, in the out third party insurance and
ttHu the eRu anian antinel coast and Normandy i. ------I- A. s -Supreme Court here yesterday, driving without having a driver's
t cuhe the Germse-RumWASIan an o TON, June A n tdy. permit, he was reprimanded and
.otensectoro hDestriCaneDoatan orady61endedtoday.
o sme mr gn oforder to follow the Invasion Admiral righ t King told report eersn dn r n
-ooL" e rewatee 1. pu.mrC onh t hhrat the and vorce decrees Mrs. Alvena Claxtn, the mothaand prevented from
Aai----oean's Voloiber and news). At e e i n- lT t hat the ies.Daw. failed In the claim that her holding or obtaining a driver's
Ut egnational News Ageny's com- (Trans-ocean In erlin Is dongall t so far." The Com- n-, fi l n e c ther i or othey r
seatator likewise asserted that a broadcast said the Allies have mender-in-Chef of the Fleet made o r ou ye s I, it ClnPaton possy. r t e y pecmumasote r y a.te
Fousan Srge Mr rede r6 Insurac picy. C n he hk m.n who used avehicl w ityhou
Iuttlgan offensive in that region established a 15-mile, front from the remark AS he, General George Mr. F'rederick Claxton, her hus- man, who used a vehicle without
WASlikely. Russian broadcast. a mile to a half-mile deep be Marshall, Chif of Staff, and 0zn- Trinidad Guardan Correspondent band succeeded in establishing the owner's conent, was yester-
eolared that all. Soviet armies tween Villerhurmler and Trou- eral H. t. Arnold, Chief of the Air SAN FERNANDO, Jue 5.-Three claim to half share in the property day -orderedto pay$ 96 fine and
were ready for the final stago sof villea Thin area tsI about seven Forces, left the White House after wives were among four In whose at 36 San Fernando Street. compensation, by Mr.A.J. Hamil-
the conflict miles south of Le Havre). a conference with peldent Roose. favour Mr. Justice J. L. M. Perez He told the judge that h as son ton in the Second Police Court.
Antintl blowarom thal last a see velt. pronounced divorce decrees in ro-band he had contributed toward tsh S
trromuld the al, yleding atheuanlthi .iGiveVersion Of General Marshall said: "Final ceedings at the supreme Court lere the purchase of the property butb Cic S ut
eo Ploestl ano the Danube valley Allied Invasion action in thiu terrible European war today. agreemRent it had been bought In CticSc t
possibly disolve the entire NEW YORK, Juned ha ) 10 now ocussed on the single battle-'uby Josephp obtained a decree th-! Mnameof the sonalolne. nt
=af situation triumphantly for DNB at 10 a.m. gave tills version in which every Allied force will be nisi in petition against Henry Mr. Rupert C. Archbald Instruct.
the United Nations. Except for of the Allied invalcm An An,.o- Joseph. to whom she was married ed by the Hn'bleT.M elshll Ceprnted"led To Parade
the Iasi battle, whichhasbeet ano large-scalea attack again t s He told an audience at the Rue- in 1925. appeared for Mrs. Catherine Clx- Is s cao o
tohe asl brtt wi. h ha been' m erattan, lo -scrent s N atrma ia ian whhre service oe t Pataynihe was 10oe-
intensified the Russiant Seine Bay and m an Embassy whre he was de- William Albert Skaldipsingh was ton, while Mr. V. 0. Les.sey in-
quiet today. The Russians seemed early in the morning of June 6 corated with the order of Buvorov, gnrnted a decree nisi against his structed by Mr. L. C. C. Hobson, troops will be required at tomor-

todeholod Some margny ofhe ou eric rml ifcl. o h ausa Amas adr- undreystnd. Saadpi a || w, rowit a J C orpus Chit prockession.
to hold some margin of superic ty with major air-borne formation the highest Russian honour: I wife Audrey Z. Sakaldipsngh am- was for the other parties to the rows Corpus Christi pro on.
tonight, bet tuaries of the Seine Is to be a battle to death and a in Ramdeo Maraj as co-respon- suit.. They will fall in with troop and
between te st o S t a tn dent. Papal colours at lower George
-and Orne in the area of Iuigny battle to victory for the Allies." t _ _ P clu a lw eo
near Barfleur, at the northeutern Commenting on the Invasion, Mabel Bramble who mentioned Street at 9 a.m. precisely.
near aas roneuteat.Evelyn Morgan as co-respondent, M Ao i of su vice -presde
U.S. RecogniseNew pof the peninsula of Normandy. esident Herbert Hoover said ot decree nisti against her hus- e are o of the Catho lic Scout Advisory
While parachutists deepped between "The end of German t'yanny i son bOdC Daniel Bramble. n W l Officera t tof i Sini d and Torgo,
the Seine and Orne As well As the way. We have faith in ourA aniel amble Cuc of TrinBWwd and Tob
Ecuador Regime strong groups of parmhutistswdrop- army." i on A deof Mildrednisia s nste t makes Up Post listed by Scoutmaster A. C.John

pa erBafer wer anihlaed tion of~ Mildred Mas against t her Ta kes Up Po ti -n th ecrtr. iltkecag
WAesHIGtBarleur, wGeneral Pershing Commander of husband, Is Daws, as made ab- the parade.
WAS GTN June AP).- fighting in the area of Ilsigny and the United States Porces in the solute. The new post of Social and Wel- At the end of the procession
The United States reconised the Caen is in progress still. About Glap__a
now uadorea Government on two hours after the firstparachut- Great War, Said "Today the p ols onfare Officer cf the Chaoachacare troops will reform in lower George
President Jose Velsco Ibarra's ists landing, large-sce' mphibius of American soldiers of 91-1 are Leprosarlum for which provision Street for Inspection and dismissal.
ede to co-operate with the operations commenced onae wide engaged in a like war of lberation. r Hill was made in the 1944 estimates, has Scoutmasters will be asked to pre-
t Nations in Its war effort. front between 1Le Havre a. Cher- I have every confidence that they, .Returning been filled. sent a blly of their attendance.
Mr. Stettisslus. in announcing f.11 bourg with the focal point against with their gallant brothfs-'in-d6nsQ First holder of the office Is Mr.
reosnion of the Vrr regime, th river's estuaries,. will win through to, Yctyr Here For Talks Geor e R .Boyd. former Warden of Z
Whi ame into we eolwe owred Db also claimed th at Ger- Key 0ofe01 of the War Deprt- the Mahaica Leper Settlementg
3 oe soid Band Im th an forces, launching a cw -Bment were fully mand oft na Dr. R.lB. Hill, Director of the British Guiana, who arrived hereH
hT U'trj,,6Public Health
Attck,,o ork fring, u latst w eek on ho nwd toa to B ritsh -eeaeaow to make
Jattca,, hno ats lt PW sed through t ha v sameday.L
whe te av' Pblc eath Training Stain odyadtook upduisteo
Overt gre e andi ng~antin flw.Cerbou ms or o' Malt Orer of ccOle n "eao oat toweeks on hi csg way to Britcsh F
Qu l am" d Btu"l action.able rr onthe enmyt sinc yeateasy xeth fori brief Guiana, Is due to return here onn w g lir
Mr. US added that it is renderingtheenemylast'tonliht when he went Sunday, th, "Trinidad Guardian"
tij d mnyoe r e n t l te th RtuEs n epsy and re- understands.. Jllex ad iy h Today packet of
am. lmum" took sillltimeous It went on: In the ? Out O fcelvaed from. the Ambassador the Dr. Hill is expected to stayU heeree tlw K.iLu: i moae t priod
ain -SMfing recjlIogniionfollow. cbr m. oer as otal Order of Suivorov. Uu w wesdsusigCb I b gton
ecions the Gayexchne unit a re making n hewy. The Ameicans received the news Mac e ClubM ner S doer hd wet e
i p ArSunt on resolution The enemy now oce boret ayec tho ppe hnea a t ter with r.. nMedld Manar Coresopoleseiw
C A lthes Oo Thrlee for he aPolitb- throwing the bulk o his e landing the InV n CT almlyo and turned cl en oanr a disco vera how

M2 ie" Oak ..... ttete fooaz or twtro aa toen foere pec al lIa Servces ------------------- Crepn enteyotpwou
P A ONt me Mo troops Into the area between Cher- r UllpaRINCES TOWN, June 6 Atoake our Lx
cal lie nce of tontevideo. and victory. Men and women inPSe rINi ES dT O rresJune nt
Tetbasis ofn the United Stc bourg asd Oystreha*hl thuwesteron strong plea of leniency by the Rev. go further, Here's
: ohoe oth...e rv uti ono at ote Seinit wo g oneplants ed. ado t S, Canon Richard Cahill on behalf of one way.
euadorean l lle ev atat y a o t ene And then returned to work. Sortsee n wt Gaston ar cellin, a young PrincesAememberwhen
tgi e assi p vs ea at a -- sieoaidtn returned t k t Town ma. convicted of assaultsingLu t measure
the Unitedtat astovernmful c hfi entne Hears For Tomorrow and battery caused Mr. A.H. itcarefully. One level
the, P ited St d tes rient ha- G- D r ,Busby, Magistrate to reduce a sen- tablepoonful is quite enough to
Te toward wllt c atusaS A pl i n GovernmentUnderh e patronage of the tence of six month' Imprisonment give you a really good lather in a
nao on a t a ntheenpresnt r effort SixApplicationsoere tHon'ble rTimothy RoodalMaywcef with hard labour imposed on him to quar y of water.
hsd in W a u purposes TOf Italys R sinr naFernando, a cycle and athletic one of four months.
fulfl Its International obligations. Thirty dlollars a mnonur rental es S an o___ oe a ha o
byOsports meeting wi be held at Skin- Police evidence was that Marcel-actu amly need for the
Paid by Geore T. Daniel to the a Wt meti wls rehued lin afte r aaulting Hung Yu, man- atl neednd- forllthe
Incorporated Trustees of the Bap- NAPIX, June i (AP).-Mar ner Park tomorrow, GCor;. Ch 4ti f ar ing n an job inlnd, you'll need
o a~ t Church, for the lower portion sh el Pietro Badogli diseolvd the I This meeting promoted by Mr. a Prines Town reret aon more Lux. So always
'Desert Song' Hits of a balding at Pembroke Italian Government todayand was V. Moore, and George Terry, one b, kicked him twice. meue the water in
Street was redu, to 25 by the entrusted by Prince Umbero with of the Colony's leading cyclists, Jogan Singh w is sentenced to
SGardens Restrii n Bard in of the task of forming a new Govern will feature a 21-item programmeSigwas'h d tor -a yu
s Tonight xapplcations determined yes".r- meet to Include the political lead- Including an eight-mile walking threetmonths' hard labour for As- Then-plan your ",
a a as on e saulting and beating Roy Aorat Wash. Wash the
Threehisuroteular film day, --in liberLted Rome. race from Isaac's corner, ouva, a recreation club house here, whole wek'
Three hits from the popular film The board comprised the HM xle Marshal Badoglio awnt through to Skinner Park. are creation cuho wse hee wl
*Desert Song" will be included In L. C. Haays, K.C. Chairman. Aparu is1mentary form In submitt- A beautiful obinet has been blouse, undies,
programme to be rendered by H. A. de sPretasA ',4r. A. d& tin the OGovernment's resg- donated by the :oInt promoters Carnival Revue And an-k d oth
theP01 Band inte oanc Layron wither .I L1ono, ma cement for the nine-mile sn cycle event,.p fine things all t
Gartlen at 30 o'clock tonight. tain, e ary.said the aco nwoul r wit th Awhichll is hoped to attract many oft Dress Rehearsal got aton ,
The progranmue is as ouow Rent paid by Joseph Victor and a e meat Trinidad top-notch cyclists.l h
Ann Victor to Olga Moona for ma regions pitaly greA Amon the star events on the Members of the cast of "Land Squeeze the uncles and blonse.6
an o ai Italy."ofthe Calypso" are asked to meet h Lux lather first, then the
uAlforo ros at Newaandlo Vlage e e ouneement went on: "It ardW be our "A" class cycle at the London Theatre at 10 o'lockWoollens and finally the
Overture.Poet and Peant" was cut to $2 and $3 respectively. Is Ut that the Marjal, race and the usual flat racesrang. tomorrow morning for a dress re-stookings -all in the
Film s o ng house at St. Ann's Averttowe with repesntatives of the poli. Ing from 100 yards to three miles. hearsal in connection with the same suds,
Felecti l "'ofnlt m es p r form ing the Dre ame t To facilitate athletics and cy- staging of the Carnival R evue at
Selection of "Songs of 1914-1918" or'e by Zelman PUX, was ame talian (OUverisment., wil proceed dciata post-entries will be allowed. the U.S.O. theatre tomorrow night. Follow thee tips and
Selection,."am, Gay o'"",,, at $5W monthly. The board ai to ROme In the near future for They should bring their costumee you'llfind that you'll get
Arr. Winter ,xed at $27.50 monthly rent -a ...t p et eps. e i Back with them, the beet pousibl OUt of
Characteristic.."Three Blind able by Jonas Hchwarts to Welahitatives' of the politcea leaders thnetes pos sipreous u f
Mice" ..............Lotter Horowatz, for a two-room apartment there. U esBcios u.
PO Hit.."L-same Mucho" with gallery In the same house. "No immediate move of the
BrctLon.."on the Road to Thomas ftihlip, occupier of a fnaut O~mrment to F moli rom B.G. Races ....
Morocco" ....Can Heusen roCIM at sier nitage Road belonging eontemplated. Any Italian oern-
""s from MOM. ilm t.,Vlctcr Huggins, got his rent is- meat must necessary ftimon In Chris Newman, omcial started EvBR
(a) "Irresistible You" d.,iced to, 1.5 territory which is headed over to for horse-racing in the Southern
Iav.Tr 1..tt-4 Y-" n__e6t.111__t_._ur__dlto__and it is clear that Caribbean, returned on Sunday Re me bei"
(b) "Missisippi Dream Boat' -= muAsr necssty does not Peralt tft hvndone a splendid IJoIm iib
Anthem-. ,"oSae The King". G K .i the i,.edite bandin ove O tie teh aving d" r-'- "- esi
The band will pro~rm o at San B.'. Mya str1fate caita city. The Governent at British G'a,i, three-d,j ....,
Fcrnando on Friday, June 9, from 0 therefore, will continue. for the meeting, Jockeys Co'asley, Holder UUJ-e
prmars."31 p.m. and will play the above Gets New Post time being to act groin alarno." and Fie~lecheropotuiyalso returned by the -
Therewillbe n ban perfrm- == +perUts back from Be,. mar-.
Thr will bte no band + prorm- 'fr. D." K+t. Jckon e' nio'run --mag, C nv ntlede "t fat Joceky Fletcher's retu. Present stocks ar scarce mand
Sunday. June 11 te he Dea Will April 111146 has been appointed Ro o n Reie Flether rode three winners, but until the war is over,Wriht'e s .'
h~e taking t,,r nth prneusion la gtrar of the Supreme Z~ T Now $ i'37 his rdin on th whole we splen- ColTrSa ilb onn
the Providence Convent School, miat colony, accordingt to a SPY1 f l un q W UnJ.I did and he was always well away, olTrSs i ejhu
Belmont. announcement yesterday evening.,_________
--Mr. Jackson, it was satetd, was wsttn yeeteslts+m u do~ s the list *1 good things thatt
dsfirst appointed a .magistrate on to 51.31055 l. tie ss5?5I15 U".Nmt
occoeasion, asd af eglitrar ofe was Uk Dr. ItaLLII. M.A. -sts Aces On Saeurea sorry. but thatsth
Free Mels Plan ~ :1~~ree Courton.two. inefothvcorus' way of' it. We look forar
Trinidad Guardian Cerrspoden d = cad footbll team recently backx nu iae as ,you.,to th dIy
SANGR oR D. Jun 6- Iy Aiw ysSafe ,. _. ..
Fre disriution ef meals to nec-- W. i"-rways Iitmi I I i"" fro Babados give by tihe
,altous hld'n In thee of the cues ee H.o'l L. C.Hain~ays, vice-pres- when Wrigh's wil..eba
largest schools in this area is being Ai W I'..I,. d 3s e--. at.. ofh T.A.F.A^., will b hel
undertaken In a scheme launched lu r F undi ."'iO + m at th Queens Pr Hotel onsa- aga,- in-lnt. An ma--
b- the Education Department. ~. ...................... esI unday night.
The scheme, it Is o 4ally stated, Onsly on. contribution was re- pat laresa ..... se ---- .--- time we prmise twitrmaain x
imentn wlplohmeIf swccess ceived yesterday to the "GutardLna" ses utes ...,..---, -- a0
wii bu e carried. out in othr War Welfare Fund -2. 10 frm O'O |= P,,............. -- .-,Allied Soldiers as good--f nt as p .leniu
zchools not in compulsory education th, head or ce starl? of British aaum g., .,,_ -a.er M M et The Pope aseveri as, ..
m. ~~~West India~n Ahi "sys. ~tr.
Sanglre Grande 'Government. With $15,72.32 previously ac-. a: el je~j 240iATICAN CIT'Y, June u (AP) --
Onaico O.M. ____agr _rnek~we~d the fund now stands i,.eeeIl, T P0 ecervedv~ a group of more
andBaaas Gane npweded ~a~f m "i z asm than 150 Ameittan. British Cane-

B.C. wnlc~n anaira tree miacara eaoiu, n> tm. C- '- U-W 'M d' d clan. French. and Polish soldiers V18" rarr
ktIeal dbtribt lca on June 1, have t o day........... tda y The audience was ranged l U
i~gq, South usinessmn0 Ltd, .-..". .......ov II .
lsho. on theanew prgramme of the j-MORmaa, ~ ~ wthu eeon hnteso- B R
eSouth Businessman c .. a.diesgatheredbefore St. Peter's
___t_ et n e up sadr." ....... 0.MW akedIt they might vis t the
.... irdL ., ii J rr a- ................. t NPope. theB were led no the Ci d e *
.... .. W .a o e .ClT hle y w re d.n..-
....lI .IS M. . Hall there they kneeled as

Sta t o e a fou-yr a. aC-- I Os --
during tile i. "eotU ",s e at O ab On the sam day a cyclemeetig n
estA I upTechno.logy,I77oHmea eting Soap
WW D"M, a1. War o -_' _d adof the Chuid's Wel.
waafnkh M ~ ~lrma~Uarset f' a. League, and a bicycle privs WeIGHT. AYMA 5 u wLW%
-eIV MaSo.e........ . .........hab d q t t Mr. Harry WHOOO- UiSA55S
.ed er "ee.t=on a.s dir.e..tor Oisa it psis r t"A Ite-
essd~s ed t EM". moe
W.m a m m'.2 m"m1..

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a 9 it is because of today's war-
time conditions.
We are doing our best to
keep all dealers supplied with
Listerine Tooth Paste, because
we know how much you appre-
clate the cleansing qualities of
this finer dentifrice. Please bear
with us and remember that if
you are unable to get your tube
of Listerine today-possibly
you can get it tomorrow.
So-every time you buy tootu
paste, ask for Listerine Tooth


ANN Skhresx, Ievl, Warmr Arw eow
bw N ws, amAWW M ;sI" mMs are
recorded on film throughout the
world by means of RC(A Photo-
phone sound film recording equip-
ever better pictures are made.

C4 -*,ftsei, BS
Pbowpho epown
whic (pgrowua'"
"ats faryowdwo

Mwck while yew wewk. Using RCA
sound reproducing equipment,
many companies producing war
materials (or the United Nations
are finding tha amplifid masick
speeds production, boosm work'
ers' morale.

lI Eslie Mk -oSf
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eto It. reo 4UMh, art rsa- aan d 1pt -11al
Oupwe M -toeseG orm ay x. feowt a i-.
M t secretary of the committee vtng
flWo a"S" Wattain._____

000W e W 'rotore
ititha Agriculture

withn ~ Sk trg et lii was maeb r .3
""siIn Grenada

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*Bniiiiil 8L ftll &m (el tWas made by Mr. ..

Sd in the weste
hi YSWI.0: Sinail aleeongagrcuto al capacity
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BaSch moe t rott o the Pollng.
eCi greaster s anihed unhealthy placs so
**fi~j ffes roe houl be daveopad,
B~t~inain va Ruffj alon ftiviultum lines. ;an
R~rSi'inthe Wedt aec odlyew money shoul I" at-
Oeld I or* than t he1" Cot olony by cleafring
a= ..n~?' air = Vs" nd uhatbiplacm so
ou t, inoe It vre- i t-t visitor could coame to spend
f fee or earcsin ternm and not a few hours.
and West In. Mr. Jullen said htis job in life
was a business man and he ap-
oPled business tests In examining
everythin that came before him
for consideration,. Agriculture
department of the whe he Colony's mainstay. They
verlty. the es- all bought and lived on what
ich t~L commit- was derived from the soil. One
Whirecnuid in its of their primary alms, there-.
t Its research de- 1ore, should be the establishment
R welll "., ex- of a sturdy and independent
types of research peasantry, in 1932 as a member of
e varied out he the Legislative Council he moved
In certain brach- a resolution which ws finally ear-
In biology and ri ned for a loan of $120,000 to give
credit to the Peasantry. The money
West Indles in was voted but It was so badly
iso visited loaned out by Government
Ousaa, Pu1erto through so much red tape that the
Barbados, and greater part of that sum must
Sonumber f One of the banks.
t o seam exit BIGGER ISSUE
to make reoem- A bigger Issue, however, con-
parent commis- fronted Grenada. Today, on ac-
sWaid. count of the war and the seizure
arrived at by the or the Dutch East Indies by the
that It would Japanese, Grenada was fortunate
S lishment of a In having her export crops valued
ly resIdentIal, to at $&10.000, of which Government
approximatelyy n500 benefited by nearly $22,'00 per
location of ti unl- annum in taxation. In normal
other onlsidertion times the same products would be
the evidence we worth $,100oo. As the slump
aod Mr. Rowell would come again with the return
"we are convinced of the Dutch East Indies to the
welcomed wherever world's spice trade what Grenada
-needed was an intensive campaign
to develop Its agriculture to the
E tyI would prob- OPPOSED PRICE CUTS
K university college, Mr. Jullen then dealt with e'.-.
rexisting unlver- He held that the small owners
d would deveop as should form part and parcel of
to an autonomous the sugar factory scheme insofar
eithm of the as remunerative prices should be
and of the sub- aid them for their canes. Con-
tuniversIty Sir sumers, too, had been asked for
U 11 hoped would the past six or seven years to pay
are convinced that more for a pound of suar than
"they ilid. 1 any other island in the West In-
aiger and very dies. The benefit of the local in-
dustry should not only be for thoee
who out up the capital but for
ftun. i tidse who producedth w mate.
i ad "be Is" rial and for thoue who consumed
t"in order the 15niehed product. Mr. Julien
Into part" nointed out from Council minutes
t- secretary w Mr. itryhow had voted
saidwhilea- with those who opposed amend-
it wouldof nOcs mental he had poposed both to
department lower the prieo of sagar to the
IndW s ll ve by consumer and to raise the price
IAe f or can*e so d to the factory In
ty &116 as a e1932.a
Secondary io dingt up. Mr. Julien said the
At the prsen nooulaion had increased far be-
Pointed ouonly yond the colony's established
FAsha couldd -be wealth, therefore Its resources
'Wet Indies-'second- should be developed first along
bad to go ilsWhere agricultural lines and, secondly,
W.o Or h4d to be new money should be attracted to
ere '7lsecond- the colony by clearing up swamps
Sthe! Wt Indies, and unhealthy places so that visit-
igood oi could eeme to the Island to
spend terms and not lust a few
tat o iany West hours. Grenada's economy today
to the American was on a shaky basis. Such con-
aly 10 such tributions ae were made to the
V 91Me l), or, as Government purse must be pro-
onat Britan, ductive of further wealth and not
nercated the people to be spent on boosting official
education the salaries from time to time as the
Mretary of the corn- leislatbre had recently seen fit to
,,the West'ndinconsent in doing.8
th|fle West Indiar. __ -- ^ --
met In Montreal LECTURE ON BsYOM
or, Trade Corn- Mr. McDonald Taylor wit deliver O
B.W.I. and British a lecture entitled "Lord Byron:
nducted them to Psycho-analysis" under the auspices n
ty, where they were of the Literary Recreatlon Au cis,-
r. F. Cyril James, tion of St. Joseph, at the 8t. JosephP
e-chancellor. E.C. Schoolroom on Friday even-a
he commission e*- ing, June 9.
London early next Mr. W. Carter of Ft. Mary's Col.'
lgie will preside. C

Mrs=A~s rovs,

Ohb looks to his raver for
4 response to his artist's
f. tsu writing, want that
ilitaa Parker Vapumadc.-w..
4i0hled-thlspea tarstB t
ttouches paper Let your
ifM'ru hew b" du"
1th. V Ic nitile-wen g

today. aI trans.
-6. Ink emma
am.. for li'e! as



Taxi Driver

Loses Tyre

Theft Appeal
Application by Mohammed zsau,
f taxi driver, for a re-hearing of
his case in order that he could call
evideOce to support his a lbi de-
fence, was refused yesterday by
the Court of Appeal, which upheld
th d-clsion of Mr. K. L. Gordon,
Magistrate of Tunapuna, sentene-
ivn him to 12 months on an accu-
atlon of the theft of motor-car
trres, tubes and wheels, the pro-
erty of the Hon'ble M. A. Mall-
Eau, through Mr. L. P. Bruy-
ning, his counsel, put up as reason
for his application that he had ex-
perienced difficulty in getting hold
of ont of hs principal witnesses, a
la whom he alleged he had
driven In his motor-car to the home
of Mr. A. H. L. Masson on the
afternoon the offence wuas said to
have been committed.
Refusing the application for an
adjournment, the Court Indicated
that the matter had already been
thrice adjourned and that It would
bt creating a dangerous precedent
If It granted a further adjournment.
In view of the court's refusal,
Mr. Bruyning stated he could not
honestly adduce any argument al-
though there were a few discrep-
ancies in the evidence.
The appe I was consequently dis-
missed with outs.
Mr. C. T. W. E. Worrel, acting
Solicitor-General, appeared on be-
half of the respondent, Corporal

Food Distribution
Chief Arrives
Mr. 0. (Irosble of the Minis-
tr of Food, who was recently ap-
pointed officer In charge of the
r-Fid Distribution Division of the
Foou Control Department of Trini-
dad and T-Ago arrived in the
Colony during thi pt few das
and '4 already asun.ed dut, the
"Trinidad Ouuardisn" was Informed
: esteday.
Mr. Crosble, who has had a very
distinguished career in the Ministr
of Food, ha the opportunity o
co-sultlng in the Unit lngdom
with "r. A. Hope-Jones, who vis-
Ited this Colony between Novem-
ber, ,943, and February. 1944, to
advise the Trinidad Government
regVrding the introduction of a
scheme to ensure the equitable dis.
bibutlon of foodstuffs.
Food Distributior Division Is a
new department which Government
announced intention last January
to set up. In addition to a small
staff at Food Control headquarters,
the division will have offices for
Port-of-Spain and district San
Fernando and district and Tobago.

B.G. Prison Officers
For Training Here
Two British Guiana Prison
Mcers are expected to arrive here
shortlU for a two-month training, a
ZFY" announcement disclosed
om Monday.
The names of the officers were
ot stated, but the announcement
ave the training period as August
ad September.
The sum of $2,764.80, It was e-
ealed, has been voted under the
olonial Dvelopment and Welfare
Act to defray the expenses of the


* ouI




Small Shipment Just

Apply Early

Trinidad Trading Company, Limited.



I W.11 0 TITA u w
ToWeTd Air Trade Expansion

eitintg the way to a tsx mm exoansan n
tUadS owing te pat-war paSd wartime 4 111141, ain418 i
toroaort has pn. mvalmabe in Indleat tit he typ- an qua11
0f mwebhandi that can be moved by air and the letlos
pequloent that wi be mcwary in the "air age" after the war.
I 'a reoe %statmeat based n an
-JI m a f war-Ue tying.,
il lrivege.
Pan-Amestea Airwys indicate JAlege
that oUter MRa !ook forward HI
after the war to a Pat reduotlon
|^ya. s.s Abuse Seen By
In rates and a vdigorerA ue1
boo-w Appeal Court
-at of Internatia d, the -`-
statement dda.- Nonkappearance yesterday of
"Reftit developments and ex- James DUonag11by to proseeute bil
.ermnta in the carrying of aWr appeal aga" sentence ot SU
aoas wA of wartime cur-o
mtal ke-t of surface shipping, point Am ths imposed by Mr. B. W.
the way to a tremendous expansion Oelestain some time *go on can-
of International trade by air dur- victin. him of theft of bottle t
ing the post-war period.
"Warttme experience in air car- ru. provoked criticism b y His
go has proven valuable in indicat- Honour Hinry W. BlackalI, Chief
ing the tes and quantities of Jmustice and Mr. Justice ic Hall-
merchandUe that can be moved by nan. who expressed the view ,mat
air and the modifications of equip- tra was an abuse in this OoMy
ment that will be necessary in the appejsai of the provlionsi tn
'VWr age" after the war. ae law enabling thtm to be out
"Much of this Information has on bU pending the hearing of
been gleaned from the pioneering their appeals.
done by Pan ASeAricnAirwasIn Confirming the decision of the
Latin America in developing new magistrate, the Court expressed
market and in uniting trade arta dSee to be addressedthL morning
and production centres, otherwise by UMr. C. T. W Worrell act-
almost inacessible due to climatic f 8elcitor-Generali t who
rand geographical barriers, with er the Appeal Court had power
wolmit s. th cn 'n .einemen to forfeit bonds entered into by
"With the con nuing refinements sureties for the appearance of per-
of flight equipment and opertina ons granted bll.
procedures, shippers can look for Donhy' a rety John Rdrl-
ward after the war'to a great re- Dosaghys surety, John Rodri-
duetion In rates and a broadening himself did not appan t hnd
of the choice of merchandise suit- Mr..Worrellin answer to the
able for air shipment. Chief Juatice, pointed out that un-
"*Commercial shipments nowbe h- der the relevant section Rodrlgues
n carried by Pan American f by his recognisance was only liable
big carried By pan American cup the cost of the appeal_.>
pers in large numbers to and toay the costs of the appeal,.
Latin America include ')aby chicks, hi sort of thing has occurred
serums, magaines, me::-inery many times here before and you
parts, currency, clothi',seedshave taken no action when the
documents. tc.urrency abloth im-p s,appellant failed to appear," the
documents, etc. Probable lmPorts hCief Justice remarked.
in increasing amounts by air in- CifJtcrm ke
c' Ie flms, tobacco, esential oils. He characterized the state of af-
fresh foods, furs, sponges, and fairs as very unsatisfactory, and
watches, stated that it seemed to him that
"All-cargo 'planes are being oper. the law in the Colony needed
ated by Pan-American Airways be- anending If the Court had no
tween Miami and Belem. Brazil, power to forfeit the bonds of
and by Pan American-Grice Air- sureties.
ways between the Canal Zone and
Buenos Aires. Over the network of T
Pan American's international pas- Arima Backs Local
singer, express and mail r rates,
extending sthward from the Bar Trining Plan
gateway cities of Miami, New Or- ri ning an
leans Brownsville Texas, and LosT nd GuardinCorreapend
IA ngele.'1^ an e us f S00 0 b Trto ldlt Gu ardian C orre qm nden t
Anges. an average of 830,0 b. ARIMA. June 2- Motion by
of air expre w moved each the Arima Borough Council to
month during 1943. support the suggestion of the Colo.
"This network and Pan Ameri- nial Office that facilities be estab.
can's affiliated companies serve lished in the colonies for training
more than 300 Latin American of persons desiring to qualify lo- I
markets and trade centres, provid- cally as barrister-at-law, found I
Ing swift ard convenient connec- support by a majority of four at
tiona with i'rkets and industrial the last general meeting.
centres in the United States. Ex- Alderman O'Laughlln voted In
press ton-miles flown by the Inter-favour of the motion and after-
wards declared that he was against
national clippers in Latin America it, but the Mayor told him the d.-
during 1943 totalled 43,000. vision had already been taken.
"By the time of Pearl Harbour, Those who voted aen t were
the Pan American Airways System Alderman C. H. de Gannes, the
had pioneered Americas interna- Mayor; Councillor Sam Peertam-
tlonal air trade routes to 68 coun- singh,. and Councillor Victor B.
tres and colonies. In the Latin Herde.
American division of the system
alone, there are 50,00 miles of in teIs ovealed to be carrying cargo at
ter-American routes. the rate of 3,500,000 ton-miles every
"When war came, these already- 30 days.
established routes were of great "In the two years since Pearl
aid to the war effort. Doing con- Harbour clippers have flown more
tract services and special missions than 108,000,000 miles and carried
for military departments, Pan more than 23,000,0001b. of mail and
American alone has flown some 116,000,0001b. of express to most of
100,000.000 ton-miles of war carro the countries, territories, and po -
to overseas destinations. A single sessions to which Pan American
operating division of the company pioneered air service."
.r,, --._ I__

$17-08 & $23.93


mup h d mud Uwib&ou'WA*ufd IMt- k


(uaunleed Waterproof)



.- .

- .. | ..I ] L I -

. ;, P m4P__

SAllie^ nvasion Achieves
In Witial a.N!iqda SAurpImAeW
Y LCe AL e arm ,unr

[. ttrdirect command of Lieutenant-
> eerlar Berad Montgomery, c
- iSml. ed a feat which the Ua la-

Sat time told the peole of ave

htd. while the Allied leaders believed
to carry it out. To get into a position to

strike at Germany s heart it was neces-
r tory to create a second front, and this
they were determined to do at any d-
SThe beachhead on the peninsula of Nor-

sandy was established yesterday at coi-
paratively small cost by fully equipped
Aied forces in great strength, backed

"never before has been seen ien action.

The early success is a satisfactory re-
( turn for the years of patient preparation
:.across the English Channel and at rear
Sbases farther afield. The Germans ad-
Slong spoken of secret weapons and hid-

den defances. If these existed on the
Normandy coast they have not kept

Hitler's fortressi free from the avengers
hnad, and, according to Mr. Churchill,

"the obstacles which were constructed
In the sea har not proved as difficult ase
was apprehended." Allied hltitary lread-

ers appear to have achieved a tactical
surprise, but the extent to which the
defenders were caught unawareons is nothi
tully evident ati theta moment. n

This invasion operation .stands out
in marked contrast to some previous Al-
lied expeditions. Nothing has been left

to chance, and the Allies speak today
only in terms of great power which com-ed
mands the enemy's respect. Thus 4,000cas

ships with several thousand smaller
craft were used to carry the men and
Ters apearlt e theie ae 11,000 Jitact'
aircraft in the battle or readyten to be tid.
The oermans created a sensatrione in
Western Europe when their parachute
troops disrupted Allied communications

In 1940, bud the airborne operation which
, preceded yesterday's invasion completely
Ndwarfs anythingas the enemy evero at-

Stempted .
Against such narsive forces the Ger-
mtoan, anti-invasion preparations could not
prevail. But early success and great

power do not necessarily guarantee for
nus further gains without wry stiff oppo-

sition. Confusion and deception will be
important factors which both sade will
call mentor use. Surprise will hae to be
Countered width surprise in quick succes-
sion andi the army which is able to Ium-

provsis to meet changing conditions
will prvail, The ability of Allied leaders
to do this has been proved In every
encounter since they stopped the ruon of
onl preeddtersto geray'sowervasicncompltl

Germant successes two years ago. The
iniatiive and I rmagtna ation which at on
pWeserdonEuotpecwentharilpgaranhtee o
un190 fur ther ainrbitoutevera tion oppo-
siton.cddnfueraysionvanddcpion cwlltebe
,mwarfsanythfctrsnhg hbthesidyeverwall
coupterd.wt upiei uc ucs
s gion, t and hemarm swivfches ableto Im-
paratiivaistonmeetpcangrga odtionscolnt
wilprevail,- Bthearliy ofuAllessadgreadtr
towe do nthi hs een pi urovdantevefry
encounthergsincewitheyutoppedy thefrunofp

conerman itsucces se intwo ickrsucago .Th
sionitatv and ihamaynto whichIsabet onem

n ti n a n il eawd IMd
---I' ---E--- UUHC M
kmhaT eb Mt.* saG ceanoi km aqakudw
m that they am md t nueduid* 2
fen, mdsai*-iei a-i rhiL l

I the 1a9t and South suggests the
monuM of m ucces they can expect In
1ie let. 1Ila aq momrfty of Allted
atlIap Wd the ptundwork laid by
* our air power are two of the main causes
for confidence.

The King Requests Prayer

For Success Of 'Crusade'
.T= King's call yesterday for a "a':Ilon-
wide, perchance worldwide, vigil of
prayer" for the success of Allied arms
and the well-being of those who have set
out at the great crusade to liberate
Zurope, will strike a responsive chord In
men's hearts everywhere. Prayer is a
fundamental need; when events seem
overwhelming, thought should turn
spontaneously to that higher power who
Is able to order human, affairs aright.
"More things are wrought by prayer
than this world dreams of," sang Tenny-
son, and this war has already shown
how Divine Providence can frustrate
evil designs and overrule all things for

Many of the great military and
naval leaders of the English-speaking
race have been devout men, with a sub-
lime faith in God. Nelson knelt on the
deck of the Victory before Trafalgar.
Farragut committed his course to the
Almighty as he sailed into Mobile Bay.
Washington and Lee sought divine
guidance on every occasion. General
Anderson held a service of thanksgiving
for his victorious First Army in Tunisia,
explaining that "when success comes
our way we are Inclined to place too
much emphasis on our own skill and
power, and not enough on the strength
which comes from beyond human limits."
General Montgomery, who led the
Eighth Army and now commands the
expeditionary forces, is a fighting man
of God.
The King's call I for earnest, con-
tinuous, and widespread supplication,
not that God may do our will, but that
all of us at this critical moment in his-
tory may be enabled to do God's will-
that we may renew the crusading spirit
which brought Britain through her
<4fket hour, and that the DiV'ie Om.
nipotence may fortify our sailors, sol-
diers, and airmen. It is fitting that the
United Nations, who wage war for free-
dom and human decency, should align
themselves with the deific power and in-
voke divine protection. Can we fail to be-
lieve, as His Majesty has affirmed, that
God has chosen the British nation and
Empire and their Allies as instruments
to fulfil his high purpose?
His Majesty's plea will be answered.
Our peoples will rise to the demands of
this hour, lean on the providence of
God, and make Him the reason of their
hope and their assurance of victory.
"Alleluia, for the Lord God omnipotent
reigneth." President Roosevelt spent the
early hours of yesterday writing a prayer
for victory. General Elsenhower's Inva-
sion Order of the Day asked God's bless-
ing on the great and noble undertaking.
These examples should Inspire us to turn
unreservedly to the spiritual source
from which Vlone can flow the strength
and wisdom to finish our task satisfpc-
torily. Not one of us is too busy, too
young, or too old to pray.









0-kbhdb1 slat biy no h16 LW

su~uaw.~ '~~J!~ YSTA a ______________________

Writer, N OWe Shetog
Of qlyu Weri Spply

ous mad ihs Owe water ,o-
pO 1U la %b eb. 16 tragically
so thw do*h, aew ItI s ci anr
at the poor' apply of water
whigh our Aimass received through
their hose for the wart 10 nanutes
of the St. Joseph' Convent
are, helped in no little to xtur-
ther the spread of the fire. ThisU
part from threatening adjacmt,
oulldlnS completely wrecked ana
gutted the Convent sai clnme
die lives of four of Me Colony
devoted and revered nuns.
That the condition of our water
supply should have been permitted
to deteriorate to thio tent ia a
matter which cannot be overlooked.
and I feel that the time has come
for the public to take a defnite
The City Council must be told In
no unmistakable terms that they
have not been satlsafactorily dis-
oharging theL. duties to us and
that untles immediate amends are
made they will soon lose the last
r.matuning shreds of our confidence.
Looking over the entire question
I cannot but remark that It seems
strange that a few men who are
City Councilors, but who by all
standards are. In my opinion, not
suited for such office, can disrupt
to such an extent the fair equll-
brun, of our city's affairs.
As a burgess of the South-
eastern Ward. I desire to express
strongly my disappointment and
resentment at the attitude adopted
qy my ward's two representatives
(. Mitchell and Basil Kvdd) in
the recent debate on a unified
island-wide water control.
SIndeed, I feel that a fine oppor-
tUrnity has been lost to have things
righted because of the senseless
opposition of these and other Coun-
Mr. Albert Gomes on the con-
tary set a very fine example ox
serving his people when he sup-
ported the motion for a representa-
tive board to control the island-
wide water scheme.
Burgesses, I am sure, will note
that it is the very men whom
they put on the Council who insist
th t they should suffer for water
and they should guard against
affording these men or their party
satellites, the opportunity to
further oppress them. Remember,
the November elections will soon
be upon us again and I thinie I see
the handwriting on the wall al-
Teachers' Re-employment
The Editor, "Trinklad Guardian."
Those teachers who left the ser-
vice through being dissatisfied with
certain conditions which existed at
the time and are now seeking re-
admission since the closing down
of work on American bases here
should be given the best considera-
tion possible
It would be femd that they have
gained experience and Ideas which
would enable thornem to be of better
service to the profession.
"Obeoh Praised
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
We in San Fernando must con-
gratulate Mr. Roberts and his ar-
tists for the plav "Ohabah" which
was staged here recently.
I trust it ham served as an Incen-
tive to the young and old of this
superstitious age, who are throw-
ing away their hard earned pennies
to the obcah man who cannot help
himself-so you can imagine what
he will do for you.
San Fernando.
Planters Want Help
The Editor, "Trnidklad Guardian"
The Government is ImnresinJg
nn the people to grow more food
and rear more stock, and this work
is Iu pince and in time. For thes
is the time we must do our best
to help win the wer.
Now Is the nlsntinz se aon, vet
We cannot get rope or chains to tie
our animals to keep them off our
war gardens. Can the Food Con-
troller see to this part of the work
for as In Tob go.

Cyclist Wants Tubes
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
I nave seen hundreds of out r-
caslngs for bicycles, and have not
seen one tube. I wonder If the
manufacturers are sending only
tyres without tubes.
Por the last four months, I have
Ieen trying o get an innmer tube for
my bicycle. I walked Into almost
every bicycle store in town, and
couldn't see a tube exposed. Can't
the Overnment help us?

House Shortage Deplored
tae Editor. "Trinidad Guardlan."
Can you state when the housing
situation In the citv will be eased?
Recently I entertained hopes of
early relief when I saw the model
of the Planning and Housing Com-
mIAslon at Mucurapo. but apparent-
ly, my hopes have been unfounded,
It soe of our City Councillors
wero In need ef somewhere to live,
I am sure they would decide on
the type of house to be erected and
net object to the model that has
been vacant for many weeks now.
The fact that four families are
to share one building will not
necessarily create a slum atmo-
sphere as. I am sure. care will be
taken when selectlngr tenants so as
to preclude sueh a possibility.
More than that, with the number
of families searching for homes,
that seems the only feasible solw
To June
thou fftir and tender one,
What have I se~n in thee
That I should love thee o ?
Is It thine eyes? Is It thv hair ?
Is It My lingering smile so clear?
I de aaiknow.
"nM oem Ell k eaa tell.
But this 1 kob.
That wherever I may dwell
Idst beek or hill,
OInthe mocet sequestered dril.
Vs -et and char-mlng voice,
B ee k"' rounding In my mind
Jibe sound of some enchanted
ba l

"M eSa3Te m w..."
0MB- way$ Today....

Prime Minister Says Invasion

Losses Far Less Than Expected
(00r4TINUCO FROM PA01 11

"The air-borne troops were well-
eotablished and the oadings and
follow-ups are all proeeding with
much less loss than we expected-
very much less loe. Figatngt is
proceeding at various points, We
captured various bridges which
are important and which have not
been blown-up by the enemy and
fighting is even proceeding tInm te
town of Caea inland.
S"But all these very valuable first
steps are essential ad have given
no indication whatever of what
may be the course of the battle in
the next days and weeks, because
the enemy will now probably ea-
deavour to concentrate on this
area and in that event heavy fight-
Ing will soon begin and wll con-
tinue as fast as we rush troops
in and the enemy can bring other
troops up. It Is therefore a moot
serious time we are entering upon,
and we enter upon it with our
great Ajies all in good heart and
in good friendship'
Mr. Churchill said earlier: "I
have to announce to the House
that during the night and early
hours of this morning the first of
the series of landings in force
upon the Eurc. ean continent have
taken place.
"In this case the flterating as-
sault fell upon the coast of
France. An immense armada of
upwards of 4,000 ships, together
with several thousand smaller craft
crossed the Channel. Mass air-
borne landings have been suc-
cessfully effected behind the
enemy's lines. Landings on the
beaches are proceeding at various
points at the present time. The
lire of the shore batteries has
been largely quelled. The obstacles
which were constructed In the sea
have not proved so difficult as was
"The Anglo-American allies are
sustained by about 11,000 fit-st-line
aircraft which can be drawn upon
as may he needed for the purposes
of the hattle.


Coal -w a"N ,

Sth M -r

Its uto QI for egrI Isfer.

i~Sextended toff tn
oBoes at Alt, a, Rfl5M13b
Olaro. 8an Gemt
q=oWa .B 2gno~i9i~
own. Sipars, La 3rea ama it
as flu -"= vi
ut Juno. 164, SrnS
emolorees in al Industrde
aa Trede With "Mm"asi ow
pmons- ad eaua Wa

Spain. air the neest a ba,,"
mentimm Wardon's asek
It u amowth M l
these ezteaudemhMma sakenir-.
vios sAsid I r as u
saistotte fw or In a way lubw
fw with e disturb noswal
methods f labour oecrutmt
end gagMMMt. but rather that
RIM services should $ UP-
Aftnikmt SnA as**j.d --

enemy off his principal lines of re-oa tiv fnutn
ere of, r X "r '" Ou 8% as'
treat to the north, forcng grreart unemployed workers to
part of his arly to retire In con- w2i"-^ ht otherwis.-
8Idedab1l JIsorder and with heavy .... wh mh ouwwi
log in material, to Mentiunknownto thm
mountinous country. The Allied J =lasIn private Industr
forces with great rapidity grouped wh vIca s a cle llei adN
with speci epeasis to their left manual worke* s who pe m
"American d other forces of diloulty In filling vaeae Bmight
the Fifth Army broke through the buentr.' S teirnt thbri Kat
enemy's last lines and entered Rome ht mr trlng heir requirements
where the Allied troops were re- t the Labour Bureau, Port-o1-
celved with joy by the pooulAiUo. Spain. or e nearest above-
This entry and liberation of Roememntioned Warden' ome, and In
means we shall have the pvwer to order to facilitate th service, em-
defend It from hostile air attacks lovers and wo s are requested
and deliver It from the famine ictly to oberve the relations
with whkih It was threatened. How- made under the Labour Bureau
ever,. general Alexander's prime Ordinance. Oh. 22. No. 2 and pub-
object has never been the ubea- lied in the royal Gazette dated
fon of Rome, great as the moral, ithMe lt June. 1044.
political and psychological adivan- "..
=e of the episode-may be. Al- VW
led forces with the Americans in NOTICE4a
the lead are driving ahead north-
wards in relentless pursuit of the Vehicle Licence Plates 144
enemy. Destruction o: the enemy's a -. n, ,
armies hUas been carried on Is f"r"-f-
throukhout from the air, -r.d they I t Is notifier for general a.
are now being engaged at the same formawon that the balance of the
?lme along the whole length of the following Vehicle Licence Plates
line as they rttempted to escape to for the year 1944 have been re-
the north. o elved and distributed to the
FURTHERM CAPTURE R OPD various UIensing offices in the
"It is hoped that the 20,000 prIM Colony:-.
oners already taken are to be fol- Bicycle Plates.
lowed by further captures in the Agriculture. Carts-Pneumatcle
near future and that conditions of Tyres.
the enemy's army which he crowd- Agriculture: Cart.
ed into southern Italy, will be de- Other Carts.
cislvely affected. Donkey Carts.
"It would be futile to attanot Exemption (E).
to estimate our final gains at the ,,( > R .......
present time. It is our duty, how -cu n R. SKINNEr,
ever, to pay the warmest tribute, Accountant General.
gratitude and admiration to Gen- Treasury Chambers
eMral Alexander for the skill with 29th May, 144"
which he has handled this army -
of so many different states and .
nations and for the temerity and The Restriction Of
fortitude with which he has aus- "
ttaiLed the loi periods when suc- Ribbon Development
ce ans denied.

"I cannot, of course, commit my- "In General Clark of the ULited
self to any particular details as States Army, he has found another
reports are coming in In rapid fighting leader of the highest order
succession. So far the commanders, and with qualities that all the
who are engaged, report that Allied troops have shown them-
everything is proceeding according selves In noble and unzealous ri-
to plan-and what a plan valry.
COMPLETE UNITr The great strength of the air
"This vast eperatmio Is un- rees at our disposal, as well ts
doubtedly the most complicated the preponderance of armour, un-
and difficult that has ever o.- doubtedly corn.eibuted in a note-
curred. It Involves tides, wind. worthy and distinctive manner to
waves, and visibility both from the the successes which were achieved.
air and sea standpoints and the We must await further develop-
combined employment of land, air ment$ in the Italian theatre before
and sea forces In the highest de- it is possible to estimate the mag-
gree of intimacy, and in contact nitude or Qjuaity of the sIns, great
with conditions which could not and timely though they are."
and cannot be fully known. "
"There are already hopes that C a l g
actual tactical surprise has been
attained and we hope to furnmisha C lLi g
the enemy with a succession of
surprises during the course of the I
flghtlng. am-on
"The. battle which has r.ow be-T Inv o*
guun, will grow constantly in scale
and Intensity for mans weeks to
come and I shall not attempt to Luftw af
speculate on its course, but this I ByaO .e
ma say that complete unity pre, IGONTNUO PAg
vals. and from 11.30 p.m. on Monday
"Throughout the Allied armies until dawn they sent well over
there is a brotherhood in the mist 6,000 tons of bombs on the Inva-
between us and our friends of the slon coast.
United States. There is complete This was the greatest weight of
confidence in the Supremn Com- bombs ever dropped by the Bri-
mander, General Eisenhower, and tiSh in one night. There were
in his lieutenants and also in the well over 1,000 giant LancsterM
Commander of the Expedltlpnary and Halfaes en e In the
Force, General Montgomery. night elude to the nvan.
"he ardour and spirit of the At dawn the Amoteian Ninth
troops, as I saw for myself when Air torde'w flt fihtersroe an d
they were embarking in th last mair Foryereti f ghtersrconse ad
fe Hy a^ .s slfmdi to ^. letnten^ on So
feT days, %splendidat tene afterwer i throughout the day
'Nothing iat equipment, science ,,.11. tnu n urllf
or forethought can do has been abmbing.tar* and patrolling
neglected, and the whole process of ahead of the ground troops.
opening this ret new front will The first 10 waves of fighter-
e pursued wi theutmost resou- bomberstogo into action reported
tion both by the commanders and eri op st o from enemy
by the United States and British fighters anywhere over the Chan-
Oovernments whom they serve." nel or the beachheads.
Then more than 1.000 Liberators
A MEMORABLE aVENT and ly in Fortress" took up
Speaking of the liberation of where the RAIP. had left off, un-
Rome, Mr. Churchill said: "The load possibly another 3.000 tons
House* should. I think, take formal of etOAve O n Wun emplacements
notice of the liberation of Rome tl"4 other dekanve Works.
by the Allied Armies under the
command of General Alexander Battle Royal Rae
with General Clark of the United S An Ar
States services and Gen0il Olivewr
Leoe In command of the Fifth y tr WWLN BILL
and flghth Armies respectively. A M S U BAE IN ENO-
."This is a memorable and glorl- LAND, jue (AP)-F-Prom the
ous event which rewards the Intense c t of oe of the many hun-
fts of the last five months in d red planes which sported the
Italy. Original landings made a A llied landing in northern France
January 22 on Areulg, has I e esr* this ,or t. T watched a
end, borne good fruit. In the first.batt. ro'..oore n
lace, Hitler Was mdi t ry to send a ra n t d
othe south of Rome eiht or nine mq Ce channel Was ot jk ammed
divisions whigh be aw lw'ell have Uh10"lMl d1l M bMbeen
needed elsewhere. w alY be
"Three diVIsrsi w 1erete puiledWert^ e the
and their teeth broken the suce-
cessful response of the Allied terr th l o-ri
bridehead f oae i the important forces tk i_ o t
battle which took plce in the beaches'.
middle of February. Loseaw sonAa Atrdtl Ubore
both sides were he a ; the AMlU e -- dA l [Itss
lost about 20.O0 and .senOnas ba and as
about 25,000 men. Thereafter.' the Um ch wr e l A I
Anzio bridgehead was oom ldsdi 's along the eh eoast
by the ewemy to be iregnabk wer t a t
"Meanwhile, a reat wrtMit h hute
of the main army nm:to e Ua2eaf the *11114rb1m. forces Who
before the attack could e renewed. had e a mtaes belre
These attacks were a the first. W l4 *to* d 1 em WM-
unsuccessful and OCassino still block- chutes an aircraft probably
ed our advanee. itdets.
'Oeneral Alexander began his pe. First e of at he battle ashed
sent operationsm. and after fta- re the Channel below, from
Ing and tnOft fi ghts by the wt WMde ft m ow oldaNo naval
of the Army, brakebte It hell dotc.bwlftVh gNal
lines and entered as Vi t e em t shlhel-

frontal attJlM SI v It I iX'S^S
which o ssr ',
iAt wht i w M ol' Nsy t Io t Mm W80
Sthe hr the r igtw to Ul M I le m Shias
Poish 6Mlh r nh r igtreL h i en th
the f frcese 'hav c S-P !.
German I a fr cf a
frontal a= adit h"asi W4
portent, bearig gnn ~o4~
which I sha"loone lto e.
whatt we o~f.IEdrn to
whl~ichadby o
*total or nearlyIv 130
eqthe retreatingeanemy
havng is traL

Ordinance, 1942

'Western Main Road'
In exercise of the powers con-
ferred by section 4 of the Rstrle-
tion of Rfibos Develpmnent Or.
dronce, 1942, the Governor in
Council hereby orders that that
portion of the Western Main Road
commencing at the Western boun-
dary of the Cityp of Port-ot-Sain
and continuing in a we ISirec-
tion to the eastern lldIdary of
the lands leased to A tI ed
States Government to th Wet of
Carenage (the reserve for the said
road Is more particularly delineated
on the p3'n referred to in the
Schedule hereto) shall be subject
to the provisions of the said see-
tion. and that, for the purposes of
paragraph- () of the ,said section,
the area on both sides of the said
road, within which it shll be un-
lawful without the consent of the
Planning and Housing o0emis-
sion to erect or make any build-
ing, shall be the area referred to
in the Schedule hereto.
That area of land e0oloured green
situate on ither side of M the
road reserve eoloured pink and
bordered by lne 100 feet
from either ,of the said
road. reserv -deBtted on the

Nt lIT4 tUsgay of May. 1944.
Ar-WJP4V w. S. BOOS,
Clerk of Counel.

The Restriction of
Ribbon Develeat
Ordivpnnee, l4

"Eastern Main Rood And
Caura Royal Road."
In exerri, of the powers on-
ferred seton 4 of the Restric-
tion of Ribbon Development
Ordlnasue,-- 14. the Governor In
Council hereby orders that (a)
that porto of th0e Eastern
Road commenola at the
bank of the oseh River
continuingf dasiwarls to its lttBBs
on wit the Aruea Ra
Station road and (b) that prion
Of the Oaura Royal Road corn-
escing at Its function with the
ute Mala'n RoaM i and contniu-
at in & hrytherl, direction to
tebouidary common to lands
now or folMerly the property of
L Castillo id F. Ruiz (the re-
e for b0t of which said poa-
rs of roads are more particu-
larly delineated on the plan re-
fered to in the Schedule hereto)
shall be subJet to the provisions
of the said tlo and that for
the purposes O Uptagraph (b)hi ofat
e sald etlo on bot
sides of theisad 1 1 'in whoh
it shall be lfl without the
f-sent of maunnring d
Eo siftn OoAilNsst to erect or
make any buld hall be Sh9
area referred to B Schedule
That area of laMd oloured
green situate oi s ide of
the mad reserve e8ir "bk

w W .cIN
.-.h n i OuMils

.... a a..;,'2

. .a.. \0^-^

Ooapuc~mtlo tmm +1-i
tar having been depeg~vSK
made Sec oa 5 of as
of ftt t aM~disBR
"I I2Clement
d*eds Harr n at r
aqe to t appear jefie
amiloner an FidayS. 110
ofJtuMe. l at e.g
the* bom N at .he
fort-ftf-aln, when Uk
s dner shin proed to 3
theo dtributln there
Proof of relas nh', d1
ago to the decesed -
be required by the Co .
befo rushed by cisaap'sg
enquiry, Such Proof
form of cerificate& at
o. tEUtlage as In the
be necessary.
Dated this 10th d Iof 7.|
A. V. N. e U (

NO)TIC5, ?,

Import Prgrofi
For 194,
Importem ar hen M OM"B .
to submit to the Seereim iz
Control Board, net lalqsd
June, 14, their 14A ru
frem all source, of Ib
Items Included ,in XA -
Ust;- .
L Books and EyesM lt
and Snap Fastene
Buddies, Buttons NA
milscelaneous sboeL
andaarel flndins"
apecuying In n at
ease the material trom
which item ia manu.
fctured 5hews
2. Domestic SwingS M-.
chine Needles, Fins,
(Straight), Pln(af(te- .
1. ustlt Webbing at
Rubber Thread taM
Returns should be ur1 .-ti'
accordance with th |
outlined in the Control
ties dated 18th Boy, UJ,
Control Board comlum MMV
2sth May, 1944. av av i
will be allocated on the C
conditions therein *4 W
Secretary, CoWa 1*
Old Post, Office Bulldliop
I, St. Vincent Street,
rt-of-Span. ,
Slt May, 1 .44. ...
The Restricti*o.
Ribbon Deveo
"Eastern Main
Portion O -
In exercise of thW
ftrred br section 4 tOf
ton of Ribbon Deve S
itoace, 1942. the
Council hereby ordef
portion of the Naster
comuonim ng at Its
the Aroua ZtUiiway i
and contlnulnfg
FUSrM bank of the M
(04e rowen !tor i e..*1
~ r~~~r~3the
orevi'v fotlulrl Ut6 plan reerred "s
dul hereto) hall be
provisions of the adMI
that, for the purpo_'
graph (b) of the Oaid
orr( an both sides Of 113'
within which It shat
without th consent of
ning and HoUtMing
ero r make any
be tie area referred -
Schedule hereto-
That area of land
situate on eiter
road reserve ilM
bordered by
from either s
road reserve eO
phn signed by the
Srwy dated "
and filed In the fi
Planning and HoWl:,,
Dated this 30th daWY of
W ,I
iterfc .tflJ ;

RIbbem Dewulj
"Eastern Main i
in Merely of the 0
of ned and cant

wards to the
of thM Jo '.f 9
(b) ea* ordMBf-gi~

(b) that portimollc',
Road oommencina at_
with the North "SthlS*
cetlul in a,
easterly directton ft
thm Valey ts M tsa
se for both of
tiona a t* more pa
ated on the 11 S~M
tee* to tede helW%,ljE

eno.the gfWan5 ^a|
th oadwSf lB

a- F

k~~um~ ,. Portimuga als-. .
7Troop.Carrying Gliders I- f4n Commander$ Fifth Army Dtve Fans Oit
ivGasion Above Wl* (ra ABdd t AKIAR

h =ir"AhemNai amsIWASh s-

and were JMere a A~3AQA~Npe, ~ga
e01 MnY, 0111t111111I AnwIba(AV)n.LUsdon

^^ e opernatlO Ld Tell^ his eperiences, he said ^ ^ ^^ 1 ^^^^^| A ifZS Whatever hop nikd-Man~hft ^^^^^^^^^^
V" o- the aftjae A___f P,.

Slrd of by dawn they ini o5 tW0 iWt 1" d
d wm to he ~ndng raf re m t~ 'o th m~emt itkm sr. rolied tstthal U gfl t2edgeaatgstg tS 0ms i
It0mM-4 M e *,y ttnretua aon mu Ae l" *0e t pam. Iup U

w'l ardent tal hino the Bwatter S on t wrane rc- eeather Bni ggst norry mow lin rs r e
tot eh" Portu Ha si
SN a DON June 6 (AP)- 7b Halts

otherportlKr .p Otheladin twere Amri. hna sroft tucoro ffrom t Gwllls "wn"e.
alre fclotaglI the thv e ous had on the lIs to o up s terst f Th action .stry

^&swhrich made at ^gl ro allerus and th e a r-nmo ob- the bPtm 1 Pctyte 0-ntedCanl htcp tand ma ite d stetnlnr abou att200 to thna d'"L trtto oI. ronafn-ten ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
a boni~rd~e M~tateo hich someh wat of the. "One m-oind the Toe Bcbth ac-
of oh or Ushda hm t WolframtAid mw

S tr nr ar oe r artht f N e tt tr,
lftseA o w theined neoa c 11rb11o the atdied withoe J the eil-e u e,. thewaeit wi l n dr te
boats.r at to tbotanIsnw acka in dmresu;fmu mno ODN us ,(P -eeyI uoec motn
I To The Nazis pae"

ra and u-T waell ingtfhis exp lesI ol st takpilbxsadsec lA eterienceson f h q tiisfh a wrma4r Al b e ~ewer t herscmimdoring musgthave hdemr
Shirnd they Somha ey breakfad off the eneyredtae acuryo the i- tn worri atff Ps
whei and& hiof ePiene shebadtho
wefsr,5 y.- ver bou dawni they WASHINGTON. June l (A: line anywhere south o northern

wered m sha!ithe landing craft Thee ar the twoe oftheol rised ha w ad sending aota USon. A ed on tle
^ ult forcesu m^ to- w 0itsi ^ choppy .ASan in n tGenerfal wh theAuh tat. anno5neeg

boit.. .e cr of weporg n They lo d ram te e Supre ame trower, an igh a ves a oeaesa t teGermarno Sai o shap es m ero ThfSt
e fs h t bursts In the water along th the reoitin w -- oni dghtgns tar t Po=rt f am lwI r enO the Armis etrmasd
other suptheicraft, beach. Other landing craft w harge. eonaortosa alro111e0WWmetn norohe A iaedAren sOW
Sisngageon tht' e hong11 trbey rao the long tam i follow through and moaso te esuso t of nerntiono auwith e Fiterraneae Tlvoro1

Wh c h hmi an ndlal ruole an o the invasion o the B eacllir d n ot tc Drn tedthat the Ltlted Sfatlon o ita w h st in, an o e. tl est rt iRoen of tra line

--W^drn n S .B............^ A of forcems anipoeeti The.^ ai Portugee Nacton tae befre Highway Th merr*korwvvyfne. ~~iio
tu bont eduedte ttcles which struck out of the One opfthe most dranaticn these W rot ac n thodinalade s outheagrn
Sme of thuse were Water. These had formidable prongsotioas of the assault a carried aou weather oBPgges orry- tueHe nsoldrt t honsldePrane Te ham's sor h rtaie euthe oli-

Alid t0111 Ittior Invaser n chr ieasir ro aor ~rc in hortin th e esom o unt F e as ro erey thet
tyuh o of them titdpped with mines by prthe n o drocket- gunneirPofirt the wailin asm ucs i tuwlerive thet
therbatteries. sc hat as a u landing barge t leswunge fiba iO,. rutel msrion L O Jaun A eI tn u ef iptuhCommandr must quicy
wereefecte d tu n-rwA swayed hi a the rollers It te wouldeatoad tAlp W-n m TNlies e, Lue wDr Jeahe i tir o e o the antie s ure Ofil omer"I decide whether to risk any mome
of the air and v C omo e iell otlnto contactuwith one and ben ytok lire and the accuracy of the biggest invasion worries staff P o rtugal has been producing pcitorman-power south of the
rn hea r c oemm ini latingdtr- un He os thee irdsetly hateret asuican rocke git I itN n re- chiefs disclosed. At midnight ai tone of str tegic ore c from which German lorence-Riminie line.ha e a a imil end
r aarkable. The climax of the en- strong wind, blowann northwest, tungste, n fo r steel harde"quet isetao has begun with-

era and over ... ,ad- ..................--- fWT Yu ee2lagtwon ocrlos1 Initaloun wart<
ta ver loud exp lonsi.on ,thunder. ctire op t o is played b the r Aol-n se o psn whre a a mka tandsending about 2,000 tnsdr- awa inth e n mong a taihe Bl- 't .
S wterealso madeu ant Ing, sha tearing anDe, e anc. ier with the name thrower, and high waeee the beaders, a sn to the EtGermans. Spain. a les in nro Paoe r in Tm
points. Reports of pouring in. They lowered their r am the man de with the demolition he weathe Alrihdn oTrbera haveus o o ft pgant ooesenfso Bnd fros hNdaAtoe Guino 1 a
17 f r h o t a t u r a o n e a d g t o t ea r e n3- g p r e t s u r e o o f r m i ndur y s o ed t r uhnu rii

S ar ndo ther caer In ao hive o feent ot waenrcharge. AS S oon as One pill box moerating. a compromise agreement cutting approached serrone. s rench of
htngv crtiner, thei I oeni o the yreac ihedb dry lan' bf w s ther .ente seci on m es or- Although It will not be per- its exAiorts to Germany to about the Fifth Army o ccupied ailvorl. 15.
thay ei men d ih pulllng It. ,o~e oW they wre watch ingdryward' b orw n othe etre attack.mvesDur- ig tted to halt the. flow of cii- 300 tons for the rest of this vearn.I miles Salt of Rot on the vita

.11011 1 medium ps, and lgh puln g it.1 ,oon they weredtc in w ard forbanoti .her a ttc Dri ng fofrpewn t. ao. n im prvmnt B ce io nt The Poru gus a ction thi a ke betfuo re Hiha y 101"-alac. S ila oh r i-_
brm contin ued their g others of their barges striking the landing operation these tactics or a im oe entI T ot eseao, a ere H ha iasv
ment in very rat these mines bOne iow g ot iom- are manned by squads along a co the weather would make opera- the invasion, was at considerable The enes lo in equipment
ughout the day witho plete picture o f the hene Some pSnden rable ilnt-there will be a t tions very much easier, or sacri s Pe hinc wolfram has become mo une c ted sharply
grn emplacemeants, de- e hit but a greater number got least one divisi on, probably more. there was a great amount of an Important t orce of her income e The Nazis left Mark Five Panther iS
and communications. easck- ron r s l tn ss among the first durin the war, Portugal Is the tinks behind and many w ere ban .
light drer cover was tugh. Son the troos were Nazis Caught Napping troops cross ing and manyot fir stneMtralcOtintr to accede doned because e rof mechanical A Duhbo r Seetly t-At hreeonglesa whi ehrdye
over the beaclm thes and Moving all along the roads and the wet, disembarking. as lomPlec to tM hrAlliedr equestsbreaokd own.
tt ance I inland and over tanks were areay going the eBy Allied pInvasionf w D R e p at a bsoluth e cessation of vital war Reuter reports that the r-
Ione In the Channel. hills with alongside. MADRout nJun e 6ag F)-Th e laid to the Nazis. tish troops who have reached the a Emperor wasvery o receiving
asvalersI mediumsn l andisrd Diorthbleby fBtCre- o ean defenders of the French o -o Tiber have so far taken well overrtAa "viutu nt I fory hr thiouiig tt ',

figh ters t he t Bhane, toe s e v asio Vn4 I ectre shgli oi nWhle Pr t-nf-p a.Anngr hm ash issa ita dd i n t e tVo ALLIED HE AD -
bars by tU T, has been talking o coastline were cauht napping byes 2.000 prisoners. It was of ally
for hundredspof targets theoormnkwho havepseenthe r an- AdinasionsNa co awsDiternoietUtodawt the erIatt biWa bVa tie an w ork f r t hrre an ge som

Ind the battle areas, gs from aboveth Ul C a es fth preilo thts nsth te'naiingd itastcore ontue gai the dcso m e-e
lg sht.%oi p etook part oering aircraft and they have dent told listen erson t hB er- wia s cwl rteyb Tps o sd byg th c t e o
iJron operations. includ- given him so me vivid pictures oftinado un Inaind ooa broadcast from a e a toher C es Alried advance. e into his charact er. It was noticeable at his Court

1-y .ed overthead mnothae pbove T hGenker y t1o suerys hea. GErGE. GEAu S eheburers wove 6yars andistrNEAictCI~ NAMEDms zt.C e 0Sch imteTurdayt withinatb~lo ~oure faVte So. hl Wh e knd |q~n peace brga
werbtt estips War-tn euarter tbetroe ps'a Itm o here o na sionot.o th poorme thnr w
tG a hindtthbyaheninsor gmt es WauCorre sponde ntc indeea ydiscoser eof ahesmrlepresentasontwastreoth

lasgow, and Belfast. By all accounts as thefe went glour y picADuie of the Germsd m BcOJated iacf-t o (f he tY- a o a s ; d N t A h wRwS *
Aships were the battle- ashore they set to work with filiesfor hisauiteones Marshal Stalin hTs Jpnt the fol-U.-- troops Closing the costly gifts of the nobles, at which he hardly gae

i and Texas of the splendid Speed sw o wthat by 1030 ."Midnight yester seiy thousand n the s of lowing m utessage to Mr. Churchill ca t w Aen t
res and two Canadian 'clck at oe t t l Allied 'planes came over, bute we Dr. R. SeAheult, presiding aet a on the oaolire ome "Icop-Onok er e h
Itlortram Ramsty, the had bulldozers busy levelling out a onl%- thoughtnit a heavier raid than meeting of the British-American eratuilate hdoie oil the great victory ( ntfknier glance.
S movl I Commander-In- landing strip for the fighters to usual. We did not believe It was Medical Society, on Friday, in the Of tileA l-Atirian forces. The ADVANCED ALLIED HEAD-Culter tureDr amaa ind Iusic. TeAbarivunderhibtiondan ehrg hIti

SIol u. are. Ite I an invasion." lecture hall of the PDrt-o of-Spain Vew has en greeted il the Alie ARt Phi in News GuineajuBeofwrks arture h Drmaad-uic- he-ba-he-ti-n--an

to' Tombe ht B arhra e C n Hdtsts tioltd au g e Sanvdian tom- O. culd nger, Aier ia Ad p in s er woast. ae iS'yher begn "O e
corespondent, that the Frank Gillard, C.o o reporter Cslnilths7essPe-toItwg tl w ott (n lt- Aoafter ) e a risen A ettIn wth t p g reatSt o Ai t N was eoneah le deedsofAwtbar-will i
ssult took the Germans at General Montgomery's head-- of British and American medical sat isfaction." oning that Uniteda. ha o e ch forces, the i odtebon l ll 'on rtuitntovisualotheCultu' h
IaRt Thre shpas putoo arlets r givedatorrectt asC ian rs mUIJ thatheldise rmpanton awiciiisinceMay: have t;existed during theeriod the Emperor Akbar reigned In waa .A

trl e sahd puner m to s a earter rin o a i gt ha wa L an a1remran s to Dr m wh hel aedise r acuws rn t n n yw riVing to capu e the TMokmer

*g. neecetr znsan .oseel 'Write akIie ora"ia in the" Conrporan nenrodrtinn of picture whic will wrot shnw artcl onu Ak91^ ^ l-W* W*M*^J ^ I-^^bs
soldier ashore. He said aiesinent of the general situationPu h Tobago l-,ilf a century ago. aIl nB nteSroie ordrin fnetr~qw~hwl esona t

i.got all ermeno the m entnt but at General rontsgm ery's head th n gIn t Dr. S eult, who w as a c d rist .Lit yo o ur.t sos t e rie BAie tros thred Jple a '
S e rm ah c oiop s "enfd e en w ha t i ct in st o r e f u l u s t i me d iB y Ro b i U R e sa a i p a n. o re i n T o a B a t er o-,og i h a l f o f L :anrso b j e c t i v e a n d t h e i n d ia S e-t i o n o f t h e V i c t o r i a A l b e r t M u s e u m. L ond o n ,

iSad wereaetcrt e lsnr b Rtert hm td pilotsr s aItm he r ackofofyc O SStM;NROeCanadi ans n th i m *er. d .u r anclo d tha asteert eal mi ghty e, a trgleortovasi nposstoi raeteatb y n
cniecwhcisfl siid press War Correspondent e.d~coeita 1 setc~-Invasion P'rayer
S," A ite command in by happenings so far. n e must WITHteAADIAN ow butisea palist. reaon w a i erfec redk Juneu 6 our reliiatngfthe aigtheld b aseco-eted h- andtw lli bereated with reald licc o

late comunique d- wait' he said'for nestof ourair-oWIHeCANADINeFORCE
"Fighting in the Cher- b3rle troops who were lade l suc- rid's poulat h i eld br vd I- 41- we
Havr ea e naI n-inAt prolided b or(APtin two hours and m with the disease at the time. The White"louse published tonight f ause it wouldnPUt the Americans and .
vre a-b rnea IsI ful l h e sa fuy Returning platess we s' i o the ba hes here Among those present were Dr. t:e invg u mienprayer written by Pre- within geom boinuig range of the

was an ioftLosHavregstrongssion lln' straighthtandetonete beacheshher
units ha ve rybhen vy nni- were misigu hi osst were a lsnofit s banyfi htig he itl cand s t t-Cownlrnas eda rcspeae teltm opm there anding soil th rness At ao ther Rc'hhea-
Now eemy opd:" eration ml ...0s t. and he crnkiansstso m.0.o8-bfrorm thee.t o0th stps takn aih."heZr rom
vy checked and very few the eCanadianIinvasion force won Norman Maclenn an, the Director of sise nt Rtosewlt while the Allied Philippines. 7hekbsr EeIhiflop i4 tobe leldIat the tdis CS

e en oen nial This morng the Canadian Ca m 0. C. Wgr, A merican Adviser Cst The prayer began 0 Fellow 200 es to the southeast of Ma
te but ba not eri no vIolentenemyre-ndersentthai ens:in this poignant hour, Bay, Dutch New Guinea, 107 J
ydetheadsesae oLiut-Ho te nloAmrcan-rbbanp
earlir said: "Under cover' Action yet" he said "either by land General H. D. G. crera: "Beasch- Commission mintthe Control ot s~~nt join me In oraver. anese were slain on Sunday, asADISO F P

U I a ueo0sela~dwonoma-YW A~r
Val artillery, the Allies or in the a but it remains to be head talent Well on Way to in- Venereal Dri" svs; und Dr. J. L. Alwighty God!our-sons, the pride Allied troops there repulsed ahlo gISSI-TETRHA
up fresh troops," andb seenwhat is In stoex or us. o mediate objective." The strip of Pawan. Gou nment Bacteriologist, of our nationthis day set uponac n Still another I- i
fighting Is "excep- oepornis n pilots said the lack ofre t i ti Dr. D. aHuggin, the Venereal point to the southeastNIN
Rhtoestwo ebturntheaingno E p adgat.thisiaghty ,endea v ani, u nein
slr It claimed that on the invading planess initial assault Is quite narrow but Disease Specialist, read a paper preserve our reput-t1c our religion, the h tIwaasea-.itape vtcinitypa.- Tiniest; of Onei nrs.-leek-darranidttaturda IW .yt o.s1sote0
landed between Caren-nandd was fantastic but heavy it provided a base foi 'ther pere- dealing with various aspects of the oftr civilisati ,onFind to set free fig- trols ktoied 2 Japanese. foum r nd 106ooigndar. A am. to 11 am. and 3 p.m. to # pim.: Tbured
maldu as""wellan a hiUaird tfielhyg was to be expected 0on traction. yaws disease following which there fearing humanity. Lead them t n1idtldeadrand took 33 prisonersa(15th June). 2 en. to I p.'.
sea-borne troops have as Goering has ordered that the, He said there wax some stiff street was an interesting discussion and straight and true, gi'.e the'n
backuin very heavy invasion must be beaten off at any fighting in the little coast thWem Dr. Pawan read a precis prepared xa lk h to their arms, softness to
further said: "Berlin mill-at. and the Canadians also met con- by Dr. Seheult on the stepsotakenfth."ry, steldaenestousheg az Airdrome
fae fully aware of the Bravest Soldiers Made siderable enesy fireoan the beaches sincec1896 to combat the disease tothuNnr, a zromuued
of the presenticati ns th ea they workei their way Into the intTrsw esad.
a not I, eslnted In Iwitialh 0Lnd Attack defeces.aThhad to overco-ke InTrinad. Hull Looks To Great n R mania it
or bridgeheads. His in. numerous ystel and Woogen obsta-r knAWS PATI hY AIneRurniaHit
I to p In strong German WASHINGTON, June tr AP) s cles which have been placedon the in his closing remarks, D r. e Yisorav Allie report NTE .TTE HA .
-d to be destroyed by Following Is the text of the official tidal partofte beach and which tor.heuttmecallae th hhe wethto'sMrBiEAedRV itory NITATS,,EA
a! c~arms and equip- nwsrlease by the War Depart- was covered athig hetdetOtrapeDaMl.eoftha hnh

newsl replanefs wereghtideltoArapItOClRASESOVEsT UhaNsmeoIteONi "
that the way would medt on the IsEurope:, landing craft.aHowever,tesn-o obago 50 years ago HERSEY, Pennsvlvania, June I June 6 tAP). --Scores of United
a Oas tile main stab into the Headquarters, Europio n Theatre salt went in just as the tide began most of his time wasespentdone at- d(APe'aM Cordell th ll. Secretary Ste srnt
a tro. M ni, in- of Operations-eThe bravest soldiers to risen an many of the obstacles tending to yaws patients .as the of State 3vcastioning here, declared fighters, took off from here and
eX"War I the United States Army-it was wr cleared awad by the orgin- disease was rampant in that island, in a statement: "We ctnfidently roared over the Rusa"-Uerman
Aed atingatagei Job only for the brave-made the eurr before the water covered them Dr. Tulloch, an expert on yaws, look forward to a great historic front, showering tons, of high ex-
pe e of five continents Initial land e attack on the fortress enabling follow-up craft to beach he said, estimated at that time Allied victfr ,. The forces of plosives and incendiary bombs onrsut
d8ogs at this giganitc clash of Europe by knocin o l and unload. The CoInadins suf- 12 per cent of the population was savagery, .sp..rately endeavouri1g an airdrome at Galati InhRumnie.
I aedentrInhistoy."by bxe a nocther kgotllo feared some casualties from machine infected with the disease. to destroy the human race, are Tecommunique ida tha t yioxr e i
i i t the Atlanc r Wall. urIsomortars, and artillery. By Dr. Sehen lt went on: "While the making their last stand. "enemyiny terceptors were shot down t"isholdeme"louiy
ls ing toush withd aTofm. the Canadians were about Incriminating virus a ws vet un--an to m ia gihvauis a N supenu rears
groupsevedlthat they "Assault tactics perfected in 1 00a o ardssinland going strong g known, yaiht, thoughD akin to YUGOSLAVS TAKE annxTOWNSc ndf two, t heturncsredentI ed f dan

thtappintentef n R0,PGtu-Pdn arius arssootth ,ou ,
where the main force North Africa, Sicily andf Itealy, ae nmee taing only small pockets of syphilis, was considered to be suthLONDON.June ( 6e -ds anriA toema r Sh,
assault ipstriking, were drilled Into the troops Is En- Germans, First prisoners taken geryeris. T often heard that during Free Yugosav communique reported *id"Ea t soae.fthe reas
hour last night hun- thin for months before actualvin- were identified as belonging to a the time of slavery there ware t at Thtohs Partisans captured six
eAllied 'Planes were still vision. Special training was given coastal defence unit. "yaws houses on every estate in towns from the Germans andfsate-
AdcveisueistheIs l oan er thes pri oi ese
and striking beyond nated for the spearhead attack. ,I iut manaitertAfteraemancipato a d s A r Vin we re takenth en latte r drlt a
O r g uatri n o n vto y waond i n a nt y u it h s w h c w ee t c i es w i- h t i s l a d undae r. A t he r s le ca no ntraolno i I w e s tern B o sn, it h e Ma, t e r, ca s s e s itmte
hepernho aay u"Assault oinconcrete emphpce-e a een th se houses were abandoned and def n at costin Athe Germnsli ore s arrt
cepol thirsi and comr- ments is one of the most exciting boGre oad theene medit asinh outdistrc than a tir s.Irce asted n St artr At rS horegi
Atr ntnnhe tii day and dangerous operations of mod-Aseccaewspoed tn30alie natrnA
Alilar enme enwarfare, It looks impossible, A ending Board ordianceiaspassed prove.Idi88 ng forsnutia. flEeltwn,; Ware formal opnenidng oftthendisgtrit'eut
.tch women steppedori nianceiwaspassedprovidingdforwsoutheast.rfueaten sres, I 2 wa Bonies fi thowf werVie Mael saoa resient the a rrsclaim,butowswelcome
d oo rway towave at but It 15 not, as Ah ericar soldiers Trinidad Guardian Con'tspondenta gratuitous advice and medicine for e evening classes gathered at the
sped overhead, haveprosST. GEORGE'S GRENA June laborers over 60 years and fol h NEW AIRcrt Il tNAMED R.C. School last Thursday nigh your favourite soap when peace brings
is old-fashioned fortitude. 3 Commenir ng on the general children if laborers cder eight on tde
message ild Gaen- "onrigialr. the reduction of for- election.% ther"West Indlan" says: years of age. eLi.5 pt w a et
tnomery revealed today titaltions ftes aconsideredRb r a j or ot otrnt T e oaso D. The Air Ministry has announced bnifetof the classes recently i ntir- unlimited supplies again

Allites ol i h teegnes Th pravail. will o eit is utt enirat Te i To obri g otD.ic T.ureD. th~uedapontetutyn, ,,, n aros arA fth =
ies w d win the te e kine However after some who n any population of th e islanew s Ser ult told t ohe gathering, thens ta p ne
olicera t Nvy epeiectoit bcaebe chief of operations Orly. "'-,e'
gh aslgast Nv exeene.I beae apparent will readily acquiesce in-the inter- enjcyed the priincely salary of a"i-Wa listte headquart; o paeswr r .W IAt
him Wils the rmi es that It would be more effective mention of those miscalled "Outsid- $960 per annu. w inthirat h doesthe A lins at trete. of SeaersowereeMr.tC.g;the'Rev
ttrhe nt -- where-.........he traini t holo aeland engindrpos,"ratveelliasite locamn th e llew gc allowance. The privilege He.Is Air Forse.lSteph enft. of th e seette

private pra Vice MarsharantephenFt. J, FrissepWi'h h priestrae-sid-
waet mustch weapons and this was the technique which has Just ended, Grenada hiowtepverchrted ofsthe T' ofueaa-tAedstaff I-
what thwdGermansTusediIniEurope.oigtndepH."cALLtour was
..... side" he t.ruainin d with mspta ben gtined rens," but dpiteD the lc al Dhr .n o s hefutieed w t a dceusr on tafford who a t he safH.;M isteN.
ia e s Pasd 'reparotton was Providedo aoumspnding beaver ben the eIs s te oDrtv tionarytAirForceheadquarterHis Grace the Archbishop of
gsit tasks are aheadsartiley .by. navalh guns, by air Vic oia r r o f then
t--ati a N ho tCHtES r since last November.Port-of-Spainwai publicyth kd

.__.Iereto r were aTentherut onsdnn n eby aersroofted theais l ath hReagisent othrog ('In-KtEN ~c ~opy of wE Anohe tonnetaoucdfrprmTtthenuse of them 'rASAI~TS
calediorHayfih-tnswh hullCRdown SOChEWa. trin sge.h "The a~taed Dr. D wlcho s.tn, -teetr"who~ yw was toih s hto Ai icearhltcoo ls evriu ogia
bece tti a ae. Teeae 0fil n Ws nin Ntoa byt c n emmDre hutraed
Ifth statonceaed m prwedso in.tof'fce," lie sai, Catrt beoeDrco-eeagin hc aetem~ig~ Ienm olo 0 /c k H aPr!T
Pr'e ryshat wat rne tihatoll h gotso Aircatgupyhothloery.abe
th madta a n n fie.ThsI h a nttto eeai in T inia andaginandeen aostrickiong pi ________________',_
bu elae riiyo teasutbasadItms mrefnrottfIsrcn nrr occasion Wit this nonem~.=WHN

"I sth o o h frtmn asI oldbh dsr ice t eo t coul yather for na pains r wasq y
trgstis.A pr o hipe of becam ahslnm ward onfeTrindad,'T
....with.morenthan tion barbed wiredmust-be cutlandwork byAWARDEi V.o,

on himFILMrSTmAR iotm ot hs distilO- __
IWIERS, SAILORS, AIRMEN A KILLJOY ieac Chief .Medial I sAR .at.iml ..
1y~gjg filWhe richly d rewadwh.c W hswsueeu -ir Msn the aotMe des..
liDr. Beheult suested that as they Thmamybe o- solin whitod qits
.had very inteuvsing r on a teObutywitha CNle =eyme
Th Ae DOINGTHIER BIT ofissm vret ry of ion M s fromth Taf
ARE DOING TIER BIT :prevents enjoyment of the Mftt tL.time to time the proceedings shouldT is *
no.M! ost a Ofam -^ isIwn AUberecorded If a journal was out O Ist Is ,is
of excess stomach aIdior itetr ihequstonM~Or dthM.---r W441TVU .E,.
FOR YOU Jimthis excm WW *emaunt do $pwd0i' V
htter than takea.i'umrtedJaailed- For Attak Wi suof 6Jdo a
rated' :an.iori JVlled!For.Attack
So.r For Them to Soth Police m | .. .

: _m" < .'eem~ttqo(.teoiiopowr l Z :..' J-, ..umeb n th re OII B l^^ ^ fBB K ^ --- ^^I ^ -----
: ve tha*400Ot 'bia le s the toderd Sato 5k Vso eryespariprilas Ro I
e w ra l w taba e BW rated' Magstrate's Court here yeGtercmty. *' .'S.
Ovs :e e.Cte.apeo's"i by Mr.t F' J. Sornobo aIn $h .^ w^ W Ey_. ,^g "ABN 'sO .....e5
S 5s O5, .s s m -leof -_ -_byMr_. _, _._. _..._n

Ma ki


Dtti 0&rtA .n. _____________

~ff~kOf 7T*

U x-L-ia "OT I 9 AMI &M.
Im ~ ~ ~ ~ Gmfk iiAm u u _w-..

--i-rof the usnin a0 umabtl to eome iR as
4 11m-kwo, arz Mveam-ft bav s t- MMade to broad-
i4 frM te club 0 every night wit" a dow tis bn Meld.
Tamo"w mortain (Kitnga Birthday) oyster oekmlWe w be
wImtble a on Sundays.
itflMCT spin the te. Mbdoleine Club eis comlag forward to help the
wROdCrma. This time it will be a dane. on Saturday. July .
Tbre will be door prise and a free buffet, and those who attend are
see d of a good time.
.A MI= show wa given uast Saturday fo rUN Myra jackshaw,
whom. marriage to Mr. John Erie Marshall will be celebrated OB
btwday next. It was held at Mr. and Mrs. Jules Rei' home 1 was
it" ned brIn. res., MM. Arthur Oil and Miss Mavy a w.
mWhen te couple entered they wore laced under a large .normshoe
u eachwas given a ribbon to pull. When hey did this banknotes
fT in snall wads wer showered on them.
r 1. Ferras played tha piano and the gueets danced and sad an
Ist evening.
in vited to contribute were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hackshaw
(H t of the bride-to-be). Mr: and Mrs. Harold Hackubaw, Mr. and
,r. Jules Reot., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G0111, Miss Myra Gill. Mrs. Smith,
Mime Mavis and Miss Fred. Hackshaw, Mr. and Mrs. 9Gomes. Mr.
aadMrs. L. Geofroy, Mr. Albert Geotroy, Mr and Mrs. John Hackahaw.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hacks iaw, Mr. Sydney Perkins Lieut. Bunny
.Morton, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cutming, Mi s Ode. Corni'.c,. Mrs. I.
Cumming. Mr. Harold Mahon. Miss Elaine and Mr. Willie Lagole, Mr.
and Mrs. Cecil Hackshaw, Miss Dorothy and Miss Theresa Pierre, Mlim
it, Joseph. Mr. and Mrs. I.F Perrai. Miss Hilda Stollineyer. Mr. and
Z Mrllenthiel. Mr. and Mrs. A. Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Ache.
Mr. W. Flook and Mrs. King.
MAZLURAS ALT. the EaAt Indian baritone -ho ha.s drawn large
crowds at his appearances in Port-of-Spailn, will sing at the
-Umpire Theatre. San Fernando. this evening in what is expected to
WeWhb last concert in Trinidad for a considerable time. Mr. All Is
"log to British Guiana shortly to give two concerts, after which he
tends studying in the United States, He sings fluently In several
m'n* Uw.' *
r. KENTE of St Augustine. who Is leaving Trinidad shortly for
the Windward Islands to take up an appointment a.n Director of
'Agriculture, was, with Mrs. Skeete. the guest of honour at a cocktaUl
panty given last Saturday by Mr. and Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. C,
Sheppard at Mr. and Mrs. Hardy's home,
S Among those present were Missn Pamela Skeete, Mr. and Mrs. 0.
T. Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs Leonard,
Mr. and Dr. Giannettl, Mr. and Mrs. I.. Corhin, Miss Allen Miss M.
err. Professor Cheesman, professor Adamson, Mr. and Mrs. Weaker,
Dr. and Mrs. Phllil, Mt. Knowles and Capt. H.eV. M. Metivter.
1UST arrived In England on leave from Trinidad In Mr. William HI.ll
of Waterloo, who left the Colony about a month ago. Mr, Hall
will be away for three or four months.
MRS. B, BAVARIA returned on Friday from Barbados where she
Spent the past three month.. During her stay there she was a
peat at the Ocean View Hotel.
MtR. JOBE PATTBRSON, who was on the drilling staff nf the
T.P.D. Co. at Coora for the past two earn, hasi left for his home
in Canada, where hs will join his wife, who has hrbeen there for nonie
months past. Mr. Patterson has relnqutiiihed his job within the T.P.D.
and Is not likely to return to Trinidad,

MR. H. 0. RABSON, the stores superintendent of the T P .D. Co.
at Pain SecO, returned to Trinidad from Miami by 'plane last
week after a three-monthis' holiday abroad Mi Rabson spent his
furlough in the U.S.A. and a short time In Barbadric
He brought nto Trinidad with him little Mims lin I. daughter of Mrs. r. A, Walling, of the Beach CRamp, F Palo Seco Misn
LAnghtram expects to spend a few months in Trinidad with Ihe' niothtr
and stepfather. Sh- is fiont Biooklyn.
THE ldies.' section of the PnrtitLguese AO.oiatirn of Rihmond
Stire*t by reiul't. will ho- holding a irpeat danre n sundav.
June 11. i)iiilnIg will ogn ;at 8.00 pni and as on the iasi occasion
the cormnitte eis having nothing undone so that all attending are
assured of a jolly good time.
As admission will be by tickets only, nmenibers and friends are
advisd to procure name as early as possible. The Moderneera
,miehaim will be ia attendance.
"THE committee of the Servlces Circulating Library have asked me
L to appeal to those who have cards, chess sets, draught-hoards.
lg-saw puzzles or other ganis for which they have no further use.
o turn them over for the men if the services.
These. wy he sent to the Lihit-av at 63 Henry Street, hbtwet n
the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 noon, or If more convenient, toS oi
Abercromby Street, from 8 a.m to 4 pm. iSaturday front 8 to 12
noon). Magazines are also requested.
LMIIT.-COLONET. J W .TARVIS wam among passengers whi lift
Trinidad ov air !a%, week for Antl ,Ind Majoi W 0 Hawkmins have left for British Gimana.

Big Op.lnl. TODAY
4 W5 a-8.45 9 .
ad Conthiunl





Officer Cadet Noel Farmer, on of Mr. and Mrs. Jame Fannrmer,
of Trinidad. with his English bride, the former Missl Webb, of
Ilford, FIsex. Cadet Farmer Is In Central India at present with
the Royal Engineers and Mrs. Farmer, who is in Essex, does a great
deal of war work.
Paper Test For Oven s D i
STo test oven, put a piece of. oday'' V ia9ry
white paper In. If In 5 minutes, -. .'" I y
it Is a pale brown, the oven is hot
and in good condition for most Dance at Trinidad Country Club.
things. Shevouth dance and festival,
To prevent fruit and salad turn- Prince's Building, from 7.30 p.m.
Ing black, sprinkle over It the Juice
of a lime or lemon. Tomorrow
When adding water to pastry, do
it gradually, never all at once. King's Birthday and Corpus
Whipped cream or fruit should Christi-Public Holiday.
never be put in pas'try a long time Proceslon of the Blessed Scra-
beTore required. ment Marine Square.
To remove stains from pie-dish, -' _. _
rub with salt and damp cloth. "Land of Calypso," U.S.O. Club,
Milk and eggs do not boil 'over- p.m.
If top of pan is greased with drip- Aquatics, barbecue, cabaret, etc.
ping.- ____ Perseverance Club, Dance at night.

R a d i o Programme

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it Major B es Hairr, James
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NOTE: The 1.11C. is broadcastingflish*s *I lhorter IntivalI. Tha above
APe also giving frequent Invasion broad Invasioa new every hour and important
I schedul is incompleti. American statilonsecasts.

y I


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_(Stage Show) J


(Stage show)

TODAY-Last 2 Shows-4.30 & 8.30...

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TONIGHT 8.15 Only:-
A Double to Sqtetrk About
Robert Taylor, Vivitn Leigh in-
Jeanette McDonald. Brian Aherne
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Robert Taylor, Vivien L-igh In:-

TdDAY at 3.30 p.m.
Paramount Proudly Presents:
Mary Martin-Franehot Tone and
Victor Moore in:-
Special Added Attractions.
Tomorrow-Lure Of The Islands A&
Texas To Bataan.


Mlom fIe a Jas. ea"uM a ftb6a
dMe Io tn of War Trmassm. Ut
oWets Faess rd Cand o C ra r be.m
twi tbe Umiftd Eladom u4d te ijm
West adss. onae A d s ol i
Spe N tb M.M k
maw t3 leeg-ur ssO S Se
Os5 S e10Mo.f NUI NO a 0. t.oO
gleIeme m31F 1-5n. eme & aM .




Wednesday, June 7
SM vim.
Grand SmokIng


Seedal Guest Art"te Ind


PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at 8 & 8.30 p.m.
and -








Instructed by Messrs. Kwon
Hinr & Co.. Ltd.. I will offer
for el the undermentioned
BUTLIR (Ub Tiu.)
Time-2 p.m.
Date -- Friday 9th
Jun, 1944
39 Charloette Street.

i smdAeai

F r iUI AnD UINK rELRuri3N,
- .tsMi>J.HwardPmnlnjtt~oit,
F'd". GLOBE-San JI
Tonight, 8.6-
Tonight., 3-. i
Soon-Tarzan's Desert Mntmg

Friday- DI nIFriday-
TODAY LAST SHOWING at 446 and 1.45 p.m....

"The Great

A Mighty Motion Picture that must be seen by
one and all. Endorsed by the "Christian
Herald" asthe BEST religious picture to come
out of Hollywood.

on THURSDAY 8th (Corpus Christi)
4 p.m.. 6 pl.m. and 8.3 9 .m. 4.45 and S.45 *.i

Today, 4.45 & 8 45
Znd Part of Serial
GUARD, and

Tonight at 510

Today, 5 & &3& ,

TODAY 4.45, 8.30 p.m. 1 TODAY 4.45, 8. SO0 p.m.
a Ray MILLAND, Paulette

a-nd- ,iid


TODAY 4.TO& 4 U.M p....
New Double x Nrg. TODAY 4.45, i.$ p.m.
with Joan DAVIS., Kay KYSE "MAN ABOU1
SHis Orehetrs
and TOWN"

and -

N Jim LYDON, M. CAi0


.-inuw uT
t,-- In Our Tt

NEW-San Fernasd
TO"AY at I & 1M p.m.
THE LETTER (Bette Davis)
mwm5 3~5p3Ip~~lglulm~muhitl
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EMPIRE-S.a Fernu4
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Beat Rugby Club 2-0 Hockev Final

I er To Qualify On Std

Oclte and FsMet Air AM Will ah in the knock-out
Sat James barracks around this aftrnoonii. ImpJral rid
My to U N jq g 41 Rugby Club a 3-0 drub- Wanderers "A" Play
u" thrmning mal t at. James on Monday. Ventures "A" For
K 0liea are owe t to- ChacurebAp
,,tkuxsof FMeet, who"iGsi
oftonbad lon tie
Lord UILnLordchampionship as Ventures
Ift s A : relr axo~lalt a^ Leadi' Hock, L..K. .na
00 ampr. be Do osone each oWins Docto w ot.rs t
'on Mcinday. w wa wMi'" Out by rnin lat
S even game, Race in Soutlh t will be Played on t
.s... 'a iiJame Barracks ground on Satur.
Iaving their share it day.
Trinidad Guardian. Cotreesmadent. Wanderers "A" have almost
t 1 ,16tSpetacular SAN FERNANDO, June 5 pDr Played through this season un.
da.h e notrFERANoOrJuerd.Dr#beaten, but will have to disr':ty
day. centre forward bete ^
through the tacks, and Peter T. A. Rostant, aged surgeon their greatest efforts to retain t -r1
Ds IA. Rosa, then wit in charge of the Colonial Hospital chamionships,-a Ventures,'A*"I
the college outfit off have egain p roved to be one of the
here wo in ran fasion themoat powerful teams in this year'&
it back very hard doctors and clerks races at the an- ladie,' hockey.
H..erfi ring. PRon ni il cycle and athletic sports meet- The Umpires will be Mr. Ward
tzw their opponents' ing, organised by the Southern d Mr. Pglgott.
5gtby Club's centre half, Nurses' Association on the hospital Ofic'
.wards supplied with grounds her onSaturday after. Music Officer
-ses. which served no M usic
A I they filed to follow noon.
r e ,.hv to m Dr. Rostant defeated a field of Back From B.G.
newtart tRugby CaLb came many youngdoctors and clerks ol Mr. Frank Haworth, Music Of-
Wilth the same Jn- the iiospitai. ''Mu ^ awrh ui f
to even-up, .but ficer to the British Council in the
to Sianlforlh. pivot- Third yuAr nurses won from first West Indies, returned to the Colony
Sntly feeding his more year nurses the beautiful cham- on Sunday after a two-month of-'
forwards. fans saw pions.hip shield presented by the ficlal visit to British Guiana.
Sthe second, as it Hon'ble T. M. Kelshall, O.B.E., During his stay there, Mr. Ha-
Slowly over the goal line, and the Visiting Conunmitt:e and worth give several public lectures,
er -,d half- syav Inter- Nurse Ena Mills who scored the broadcasts and a series of lecture-
eKorer's shot. from a most points in the lot of nurses recitals as well as lecture-demon.
r im short corner, will hold and have her name In- stations for the benefit of school
Club then two goals down, scribed on the trophy. It was held teachers. In an interview wth
even more zest at the last yfr by Nurse M, Bailey. the "Trinlcid Guardian" N
sw stages but no avail, Unlike last year, there was keen Haworth commented on the high
"ds lacking the inr -I tech- North-South rivalry and Nurse standard of orchestras In British
reaching th circle. O'Garrow of the Colonial Hospital, Guiana, one of the most niport.mnt
!&ng players were-Jones, Port-of-Spain, carried off the 50 being the B.G. Philharmonic )r-
Walcott. and Knowles the yards, 80 Cirds and 100 yards at chestra conducted bv Capt. Hen.
=.d ( th? victorR. Osborne, races. Nurse Antoine scored the wood who is also conductor of the
Lord and Gale highest individual points in the Militia Band In Georgetown.
mlires were Mr. May and meeting. But Nurse Forbes who Included in Mr. Haworth's work
iur entered the most events won none, in B. G. also was the organising
3u wer- They were both given prizes I of a British Guiana Musicians' So-
M CLUB:- Dp Le a Rom: their performances, cletvy. a branch of which was es-
M. Potter; Serby Jones. Rain hampered the cycle events. tablished In New Amsterdam, and
I lTr. Wdleott. Camp- Only the one-mile race was brought the establishing of Church Choirs'
Sand Knowles. off and this Nurse Marcelelne won Associations.
1,.A.1T- Luscombe Baker, nicely. He said that there was every
w Mon gmS-r tmnifort, The affair wis a two-fold oneand reason to think tl't with de-
nan, Director of Medical Services, fort British Guiana would undobt-
after being welcomed by Dr. P. T. edly attain a very high standard of
0 d g A. Rostant distributed prizes and musical attilnment and culture.
u utstanwng1 certificates won by nurses who had __ a clr
O t nii lg passed their recent examinations. -
T~kob g Tobago o ports ts o the gathering In which he ex- nter-Sc ool
Stressed his pleasure of being in -
ad -" ,uL..U, .t1. o-onintU San Fernando on such an occasion Sprts On Friday
OIT OaJUa. june w.-jun,. ind how muh he had enjoyedS On d
sgoa ace renter, himself. Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
Gia ing -tLlid m. lt1' Mrs. V. B. Walls distributed TACARIGUA, June 6.-The In.
gm 0.fLuJ nooit? -A.Lu(-1ntp' prizes won by nurses In the sports. teir-School sports will be held
ai tleuc meeutng post- A presentation was made to Mr. here on Friday. June 9.
I Whht-Monaay -us W John Kelly, as a token of their ap- Mr. Robert Patrick, the Director
turday at tile FarmIn preciation of the help he had given, of Education, has agreed that all
under the pWtrTnage The prizes and certificates were schools taking part will close for
0. Cambridge, .aRrdq- distributed by Dr. Maclennan as the day. H,(edteachers must
the Venerable Arch- follows: therefore, notify the secretary, Mr
1 Davies, and Mr. pIfiT YEAR.-I. Nurse A. Oon- F. J. Williams immediately of
ot ht 10n2 sales; 2. Nurse Forbes. their intention to participate.
Off With the 100 and 220 SECOND YEAR.-I. Nurse De- At the konelluslon of the sports
at, long Jump, members' boute; 2. Nurse Leader. the Director of EdchyAtiogx will pre-
e and placed in the THIRD yEAR.-I. Nurse Mur- en E. es
t, anpe dock; 2. Nurse Rose. up r adrk-a2-NtursRo.-
PMacarlan. won the 440 CERTIrICATES.-Nurses Clarke, gramme, which is made up of races
tin convincing style, show- Avis. Bonnatien. Rose, Murdock, for girls and boys, under 13 and 15
war to Max iSealy, Bishop's Ramlogan, Mills, Rochford. T. years of age.
lOei champion athlete. Lewis, Charles, Waitress and Escal-
R lides' events, Miss Olga liHer. Mills-Wlseman; 2. Antoine-Daile
tlf the champion, winning MIDWIFERY.-Nurse L. Brath- (San Fernando).
5 aId 150 yards fiat, and walte, Nurse Cesar, Nurse Mc- WARD SISTERS RACE 50
*th netball. Nellie, Nurse Alexander and Nurse YARDS.-I. Since (P.O.S.); 2.
yw; Mr. Alle Reece, Mr. R. Sealey. Ramsay and Brathwaite tSan Per-
dn, aad Mr. G. Ottley. The results of the sports are as nando.)
p were the results:- follows :- 25 YARDS OBSTACLE--I. Anto-
S -Ice:-i. T. Nicholls; The results of the sports are as ine! 2. McCloud; 3. G. Williams.
Me" ,dwards; ;. A. Wil- follows :.- 100 YARDS INVITATION-I.
.ft la R o ^ i 50 YARDS FLAT.-I. P. Garrow O'Garrow; 2. Lynch (P.O.S.); S.
a :1t Rae:-1. n John (P.O.C.) 2 C. Lewis (San Per- M. Dailey (San Fernando.)
. P. Roberts; S. Andrew nando): 3. Lynch (P.O.S.) ONE MILE CYCLE.-1. Marce-
P 50 YARDS ECG AND SPOON- 1. lelne; 2. Antoine; 3. Mills (San
M ace (schoolboys):-Il.E. Mills: 2. Harewood 3. Avis (pSn Fernando.)
9as Flat Race .Ladles):- Fernando.) RELAY r.ACE 100 YARDS- 1.
.Olt 0a1yns; 2. Miss Geor:' o80 YARDS FLAT 'Doctors and Third-Yrar Nurses-Antoine, Law-
Imow; 3. Miss Joyce DS1- rlerk).-l. Dr. Rostant; 2. Dr. rence, M. Dailey and Avis.
SDolly: 3. lDr. Dyvmond. TUG-O'-WAR,-1. San Pernan-
Flat Race:--1. John BOOBY PRIZE (for coming last) do Nurses-Rawsey, G. Williams,
0. P. Roberts; 3. Max -M. Ooberd'han. Avis, Seeteram, Wiseman Antoine,
BS^ _50 YARDS (Three-legged).--1. Mills, Marceleine.
Relay:-I1. B.H.S.
Association; 2. Spe-
'the Net Ball:-l. Miss
1. 2. Miss Eris Cross; 8.
F iat Race:-1. Andrew
;2. Max Sealy; 3. R.
P:- Constable Borde; ASK I
|Bell; 3. John Dove., *.U y f9 Afl
I at Race (Laies):- li

^ Roach, 2. Wass G. INDIA^r^'
The Cricket Ball:-4.
A. Macrlane; 8.
Fiat Race:-l. P.
-. C. John Dove; .q10 .t-
I.SM Sealy, R? /#
r n Fiat Race (Veterans)-r
r^ s 2..L .Waithe. TNINK OF I.
SHandicap:--1. John; FUVDIN A CASIlE/f

L Crichow. 8 C'ns. I
ZS iie: P. Wimams. '

P ~ERR 107

Wod Uft

smmown m mm r mO u A'W

CANNING & 06',. T'-


Acting on behalf ef the
Ministry of War Tramsport
General Carg StLIner ir.
viee, between Trinidad a
BriUbs Guiana.
for further particulam pleae
I81 St. Vincent Street,
5 lelheiM fiN4 Im.,

Large Skipmsntt



I 4


CASll fH re Have It-
CREDIT lee Wmo I





Modern Bungalow

3 Scott Busbe SL


A. M. Querino

Landing On

Difficult Military T
The Ap p trblow the *Mt M; UN le t t b wIn ope
ha01410- by M, states Hal Bey. Aleiatd &M ho'
-nM t b Af eriean ItrOee wAe eet tai t wa y t i i
sweete o Nevember. IX. (f wkat. MaUVM1. -w the *r
see auk g tab eIS o r tie to fea g article n we6 11011 0oe
fane an Asrlvea the huge battle. Beyle to now a the
EsUepeas tAtesit r
LODOml J AP) Landing on a hostile here against
entrenched ppoition is the mot difficult of military taaka. i n open-I
Ing the new front In Europe the Allies were taking perhaps the moIt
titanic gamble of our time but a gamble in which, with properI
preparation, the odds, were in their favour. As a resut' of the land-
ings in Africa and Italy, they have the advantage of tIpetlsace.
The United States w ith Britain ...... .
gambled gretlyy in their JUit join m s In T- b
to 19istory. te I 44
double smash Into !ren h Moro=go g they wase working out
and Algeria, the largest and mot specific problems aMWeach s h I
successful si gle overseas milhiary a'^ned out apecifie taskts. 'ik I
[and naval operations of its kind I were similar r u"reiesntisnt e
history. Allied preparatwm f orthis latet I
Their triumph, which turned all task
Afric,t into a giant supply base, Allied invasion troops -..e taught
taught the Allies that the requisites how to work their way at nightI
for landing on a hostile shore w` down a swin '. rop ladder un-t.
these: First, specially trained as- der full pack and c .opintoapitch-
sault, troops and naval forces o- ing assault boat without losing
operating under intrepid and a9- their limbs or lives in preliminary
gressive leadership; second, spe- r ora;he
ciallsed equipment: third, an ade- TheY learnt how to leap from
quate sea fleet and air fleet sup- that same assault boat and wade
port; fourth, surprise; fifth, pro- waist deep through foaming surf
I pitious weather. without being crushed. They learnt
To stage a stri-borne invasion ow, in the event .they were caught
months must be spent in the most b waves, to discard in a split se-
detailed and minute pmctice of cond the heavy packs t.at other-
manoeuvres. The troops used in the wise would drag them down to
Moroccan landings made practice watery deaths. They lt irnt how
landings along the (ist and West to take cover ashore, and abc. e.
coasts of the United States for a how to go ahead through enemy
Fire to achieve and destroy their
Princes Town Holds objectives.
Pril~eSTO~nHolS To' SUpply them with specla
equipment needed In Itself a gi-
(igTame tomorrow ,etlc tak. Even a Li-er pro-
b -' a was the training of pilots for
Trinidad Guardian -rrespondenA. the assault bwta from ship to
PRINCES TOWN, June 6,-A shore. In one hour they can nake
team representative o: ayers in or break the success of an entire
the Princes Town cricket cup com- o ration, for If they fall to land
petition A neiet another repre- the units at the Groper shore points
sentative team of players from the haos may result and doom th"
Wong Lee ce'ck.t cup competition expedition to destruction or cap-
in a friendly game on Thursday, at ture.
th! Knolly's recreation ground, To protect the expenditure of
Princes Town. men and equipment great numbers
The teams ,re as fellows :- of naval craft must be brought to-
PRINCES TOWN.-Z. P. Mo- Sether to save the convoy from the
hammed (capt.): H. Dauasie t. P .enace of submarine, air And sur-
Charles, U. All, P. Tankaloo, 0. face vessels en route, and to bolster
Radhay, L. Morris, Ramroop, j. lts landing operations lih the
Bahwih, Moon, S. H:asein and S. nashlng power great naval guns
Khan (12th man.) avinst which no shore built ob-
WONO LEE.-C. Ford (capt.); stacle can stand.
L. Bailey, C. Barnett, C. Maurice, Army officers In it position to
A. Philip, K. Chadee. R. Martin know estimated that some time af-
J. Neil, L. Pierre, A. Patterson, ter the Moroccan landing that at
B. Mulcnau and J. Cooper (12th lr1st 1200 men .new enough about
nmn.) the project In advance to have
__ _.____ tloped off the Axis and frustrated
it. But When the Americans
J.P .C Golf marched into Casablanca they
.. G l found there the families of ntrny
Fixure SatuFrench officers stationed at Dakar
Fixtures Saturday v "ho had sent their loved ones to
French Morocco so they would be
Fixtures of the first round out of the way. Vichv ?renchand
matches of the J.P. golf cup tour- Axis armistice commissioners who
ney which will get under way on were captured were 1,100 niles off
Saturday are as follows- nn th-ir guess as to where the Al-
D, Moore plays L. H. FPlmer, lied blow would fall. It ws one of
Geo. B. Morrin plays S. B. the best held military secrets.
Schnitter. --
J. J4.-P(D ..,1yA Capn. F, LEAVING FOR US.
Robinson. . Mr. C. A. DarmanW, managlng-
0. E. McIntyre plays P. RibeilO. director of the Arima 'Bus Service
-- Co. leaves for Carida todav on a
GEORGE BAKER BACK business trio. Mr. Darmanie who
George Baker, one of Trinidad's expects to be away for about two
ace sprinters, who capped the 100, months will take greetings from
220 and 440-yard races at the sport local athletes to Dr. Phil Edwards.
meeting held at Kensington Oval world-famed Olvmpic runner, now
on Whit-Monday, arrived here on servlne with the Canadlan Army
Mondtiy by 'plane. Medical Corps.

Tonca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

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Souvenirs & Antiques

--and -
(I. L. Whiteman)

ofsakling I
Ade is not ~weu
only the most
i pleaunt end re-
frehing of
heell r =hbut
ensures the
thorough dean-
sing of the
system which is the soundest basis of
fitness of body and brain. Inner
cleanliness is even more important
than outer clesanliness and countless
thousands of peop everywhere make
sue of healthy regusrity by taking
their lanss of Andrews as often as
they need it.
ROl-T,.Andrew cleans and refreehes
the mouth and tongue.
NMXT.. Andrew settle the stomach
sad cerrft acidity.
THEN.. Andrew tones up the liver
and checks bHouaness.
MRNALLr.. To complete ieur Inner
COemlIew Andrews gently cleha
Sthe Iawels. It sweop away tresut1.
"MkRn iplsnMw, tr Comntip-
tie", purlileM ad sek the ele-
r ner CIteenllnese
be with yourw


"S*A -W &eL iM
-- J, 1



can be cured
There arn thousands of w4 ada
women who suffer awful aaov
and light became of pile trouble.
who do not know that every Cham-
t itocksa special remedy that
oes mosot surely and quickly ban-
lh the rminery of this, wretched
Make a confidant of your chem-
lot. Ask him about Man Zan Pile
Remedy. He will tell you this is
no ordinary ointment, but a sooth-
Ing, healing strengthening, balm
that at once atop& the intense Irri-
tation and clears away internal.
external, sore or bleeding piles.
The unique tube In which Man
Zan in sold makes this preparation
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omie supply, with special applicator,
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PIraM : Qet'a Lglamt Wah
and Sl9oen w a SmaM IthM
lust ooewd un at



Nda Tew FrfteW "I" r4r 1". I O
RtW TiMt IdM Y" T -m irI' To Ge
More than half o( aur dit,, -, d= M htoIe
lhe. 'h--i an yow 28 (eet of bowel*. So when
indiqtmn trikes. try saeeth, thUat hids
digetuon in the stomach AND bow tha um.
What you By nee*d is Cuter's Littl evr
Pitll to eiv medd help to that "Iermutms
28 feet" of bowe!t.
Take m eC t air's Little Liver Pillbefue ad
after neals. Take them according to diectU.
They help wake up a larger flow of the 3 main
4icsUti\ c I ian your ttinch ANDbowels-
hpyou digest what you haveatetnia Natuf's
own way.
Then most folks set the kind of reoil that
rake% ymi feel bet tr ofr youtr Y ed to your
.. . t* ,, i -IgtU ..Cate'I

, .i

Oven Stove, Galvanized Ow
Mincing Machine, Bathroom MU
Household Scales, Single and Do"
bie Hot Plates, lectrc Tori
Elke. Iron, Elec. Roaster.
Olass and Chipaware, Kittche S
Pantry Ware, Child's Tricye, DS
House, Enamel Bed Pan. Beatm t
Stove. Spring Blinds, Violin aW
Mandolin, Pictu'res BookV WiN
Netting, Garden Hoee, Tools, Lawi
Mower, 8 H.P. Champion OutboalM
Motor, HydrauUlic Motor Car Jack,
and 1 Fridge.
Items on vi"w day prior to a
morning of Sale and TIERMB.-



' ist inaction

by' craftsmen of skill and
experience Beautiful in
design and quality--Gold
und Silver 'iligree and plain.
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Y. De LIMA & CO.





FIT and WEAR. "

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Suamu-oaain oME
ibM I-n.


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^-- 1C

mesmm MumBM U5U -lepw'j

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toerutedbyMrs. L. A.
to we wlu ml all er god
ueful urniture siue aa-
Stmamo Ta Be an tDoule I
Spring anr toooreuss Off
Saman Single B56l Spring

Mattoresas*net, hara Ioo*-1
aigl Ioncots A"d zatte
Sam taiiG~
typ and lamTa Mirrored, 2*
wo91 and Ilrou Pr~ess
tresses, Baby's Toet SW Ma
Top Washaiuunda, Eusmel 1
Set, Childs High Chair. Soi 01
Bas0ets, Large Mahogany s
atof Dining Table, Crapaud
Dining Table and r Chair, l
board. Marble-Top Brass I
Liquor Cabinet, Large Book-<
Large Roll-Top Offie DeOk, L&
Writing Daks, Medicine Oh
Chrome upholstered Sunte, Ty

War Clouds Hang
Very Low

THE tension in Europe will no
doubt soon burst. Let us prepare
therefore to rejoice together over
victory of the United Nations.
able for Gent's Evening Wear at
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'Phone No. 4670.


* %1 1.

^ '-, *'J' lt

.. ,



-t U.UasA aw Mi

As A I -

g~~~~r2:~j. & .?l- ,^ AT$^ eve2 ss S s~5
PaA own 4W BYm~~

panel I^ L :.

-. 2. d11 u.
m UII HM .- A-, T74%ude mum moor Committed ? maU NoSA Eb SorAM X.

TiB DIzM S: I lwrt. BI IIb .reignitiag
m, US SM-ed (..dnot' .-JseIOpt

B,-G.Lss, Iwo nazz Ug*^ S"T^S L"-? " am h^O-"C AM a"S^ LM "Sn"Ano 098=10
B*R e .e"-. eI c ld"a e*l -d -.----O e--e -'1 wom -

,ss. *. M prs e. ipe M w 1 l n E+l m t. si FBa. oo,; .* .B.. -. ...... = .......oao coITAII.II-__S u, S w. T IRiD DANCES p.

Bg. -- ^c"- tl4 _-___ ^T? I v+ 0OOD sLO <^'5? *'* 11l'aS o LAT Tb CLtoC
T.tU PI + s ides egeaages Mo -- calen ..w.ipr Ine e ca 5-'m CAA e, RO 1~ lb. as

*m -OT -- M 0 5 0 In Plane Jalm McorotI riflE 21 --,I -w g ....e...WF ih s *. ..s--- '. ts
-- M lne S rool. B30S l Spal -Hl0 1 I R BeOtt bttI o jnta Sw IAL l t-Os w umi- i 5 Vt
OBeMlv JS t'1et -- -July 5 ith or "-8." --. B Vee ngON..rhomas r mW# LX AV O CO nt A ... *AL e.!n _^ CK AN. HIs- -mtao s-
a-t o**iM*l=w --. t NIL5 o. e O cl l at 4Mrray *0s os oe e=%1 i'1 .'1W =C&

Pih s.u30 n___ LFJ ,.e tod Jsm* m 0. 011O1 31.10. Lady 555. Mustc by Lucky erg
we s o o) cods -i-mk $". dA .mbiy g. au l . S...- t et.J Tk St a 629 eelsA ..............u.. .O.rh.......... .w.tr a .--a -
oem aseu t AE, YOrms RAINN at,.. 015t01 e ,O_-eRADIO _HO.- 5_54.5-. __ lco .mtd .@Se. Am~lt1" NO m SAEMO C@RSSC A .,- pdrtlest
! ,r. oA T COT GOOD. o, bi ......e.-...... t
ClamseeCAMS V S.soa P -IS ea 'Oga rdla =um .botoMMliin; W StiWroot. and aSF0 1 1 0kIIbn~ nhA

TRUR TSnwool MWncj FOR PlZVERi YOINUX -a an r i ctat e spot. toOme at P 75 .-- .. -

iment ve~r~ + y. + !+ o+.Lhr at Doreo.cone.R st Al- PMI_ A Mri ...C' s 3-__ 2t. h .'llOStreet seeti e si ................................ S s l-es" -._._____ ....... .. .._o____o
Anredonot StreetWlls S I- ,QAn Feano-lufflfte I enam Ber'Pafte Ia. Po~aesee o. ppl. messt ,

AS k oW10 mterWl tWoo. GoH inpa lts.tt 43 Pii an | r mUNGL Obyst ds, Melrle.n U. aslal. l&. Nelw BUn arOW. M1r0 l BAai IO dor MWt l lw. U of = = U
lORON VACANT tr..--Jl ... ......, ... s or MAGAZINES FOR SALE BlS"o n Appl: NAIn. a OlM .t ,t n u. r S ar a . .. t.. I U I .or neha uara B ANal._ t.. |N

5 U A T o H L A I I m s IN BU KArC B to -+.,gT-- -,;c . . . .. M ._ , s..~ mii rl ~ o W "** *x ,,r l . ..r I r ihold Ro~ tB- u P tOf r, P re,, VI ncen t "d C ttr t . . . .... F Ind r
2 5 6 r rMd IHeof*, Brood M ErNS Yeartllni Hick e AOfre Strlet, cPRte BOULFVAe D Po- t. .. . .. ........... a4lM06 retur to loben SItE e uchI r BrEH.AIE
r a diHo lYyAM. a torim tt Me ure anando u Peyo te Ueltau; a lso F n iufo. A 3 red- L i&y Imp l o, ieac d ournes Ir7B8*.t I

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at Union Park Paddock. Apply I. A. IWSCLLAN9OUS FOR SALE .I- Pl -. -I ,," a no l,,ger ,,esp l3Sfora"InSE IN",
it Prina Alfirend Strl. .b. ONE IC_ COOLERATOR. practically D"ee street i *B ~S7 3 ACRES COOCA. h-- - ..- at y m wo wa e 1
Snl.-4 p.m. 'Phon 464 or f 44. nw, forn oe at N.ao le.nBry Street.P1 e sigADr..o, WD Ur,..B .__ R oerr Ii[ e t t it e blSth3K dSM -Sf he44 I II imsoM
ftrnando.-Jusis 7. Mrs A.,1L. Coeto LS-June10suSzL-J to(MS TO1"1. M0 r14eADlabtt OttW '= W ILNFRED LAG
Mlos Und MARNE$& *lMUt now. RCSlE BOOKS-Wholesslo. Ol. WON reML-41" 11 Nftosd. Apply John nabru. Ulld4 B MERI!-
j Far, St. John's Road, St. thurel 41 Prk Srtmt.-Juns [ COMSORTAU COOL ROOM with ttlO1nr. Ltd.-Junm -J-un* 13 Sea IrLe .. w
tn June 11 ONE RUSTAN RICK MII.L wlthll Hauler, I Sll Neat Cofutl gi P. 'ltoe / __ _- J THunE* P U BL IC II'e *sog isoI
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AN PUP$. 380 each NotlnaalS.4 _Sh mageokn. 1 South Quay, 'Phocni76 4.-- AGENVC ANNOU#4COUMp.I,
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kn ?SO& 1 R --Ani's Ave e. -June. witk Ov. Beauty. Lous GlIman Thomm n1 ft 1 W4,'d- l t IKOODNALO THOMAA tl too Ju. & t M M Ia
III s KITTENCS. two mAtUhs male 9 Char "o u.+c+ .obq.,fal."UC I-,KRT --1O,,+.49 --T..PU RCIO ,, ,,,, O "O..CR
lad rtatinala Phone iedeli 671*-ue NEW YORK AuAomutlt Olc-firing Bolter. Menls optlowd. tiI Ll trt. e ats. 'Phassise 748. 758 n 34Co lotte 1 El N od"ra
RA"C HORMUircrSi (IE t W..w SM HP.. la g ewa OBe Motor Apply: Wrnigte RM<.-Jie 1 BisuBttul Btiful ow. Loug iat I II, T-HE 1PUIN C herib 3e4 t I A-w pEAM
Aet waldl Aes., opportunity, ax. Park street.. Po..rt-f -ain. -July I AOCORODaTIO AVA DL*NT lined ...rO..P .24lubZp- -___.
t.,kd A~ Ptn~~l~wP~t^ AOC01CMOA&TION AVAtLABT- Io tl>r~tlrfl~k Club) p THU PUBLIC is boreby tiotiglt ioai ^t IOOI KA
Aiadt ldtlon AmnOle" o wnr leavn(g ONE o ENT'S BICYCLH. One spri00I .n o o Ma. rsn 5Ml Y- 13 i O3s "WO ...................... -- _...- $14, :ont ol amysef nr a U -a taIa
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ST 3AL 0. 31 Muray S reet, ONB SUNfrdLAM GAS STOV, to- r Mu eTP K1RTOM, utdW -Storey. Sdt RoaM jt .... .Aisn.. ibi t ih ho havInleftA o h S .Its* o Sn-- t. t only
oof-- r ange. ad Ovals. S5 15 5LO atPa. r9. UuBM. t.o S J a' d eo Lov nely s_ aaiew. t'Ca3or l 2 .. us .. Ma 1.1 4. A TT. I. B q4 .o
striiii. Port o-Spt" I. -Juha OI &tamo t*mse at for four bolegs stmiding oesp lus 1Sit -ue1.JMSWSl. ph i u ~~h ai,
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nS. Rif Aene Baatra-tIe 1.0. -e~.. "+"'"-+"" I . . Laundry caredz m.4 ,
KimO NiG OASOLXNM MOTOR fot r m COMFORTAABLE 15* tot KIpaf M. H UriANn. He nr .S E lm Lee a Ca r t Ioao B, m a 0. --"J
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JIl J I )--June 511. - sttlle M.3M --JunM '". -June 5 MO u -; n
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I'V.--mu e I 1& 1 S
r a m esM, w69aSO L

noMI-ft Mr. a se ll.
. ln.-To r. m.B.
0008. E i Noss. 7 nk at 6.8
movBL s ate. a SUkm i
LNA*erm aa-Ou JCnra. t04 ere

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z4MS, KIML Pi ( uflWm t.M
4.30a Oka,* d
.. to lB-mouvw M*K)U Oni fMM
L atyroua Oswalt. um a
ked to "eapt thinl atnm'
CireuaarMA a M& Usan disa
1. dletadey at OolmlS5 5o .e
ad ot Vitrshiaw, feuu k Rem (Babe-
, Ltd.). Borlk. 1f5t Ly 1t anm
thy. hOether 1oelal rngt thoa-
A). brother-In-law. of A. 6.3 10

her often, i AiMlttB w
4.30 p.m today Crom hose alo swng.
gto iusumae1lt Coun, t15 to
Trads, Cmetery. Restaiv M amdy ie
Sacked to accept tUhil tattaimatto.
tAN HtlEYNINON.-Julls V an*y.
wes, husband of -Mari, father oa Rt -
ph, Therwea ,o Trinidad, ao M.
uerlal Harris and Trunk Va1 1eynjB.
in >ew York). Funema at 4.30 P.M.
en Old St. Joseph Roed to aoh iy
urch, thence to Lapeume stiary.
Yw York and 1.O. wspap"er* l feas
MILLET.-In lovinto memory of oui
itr brother, Ptroit Millett. wo de-
red -this life an Jose *, 1943.
T'hli day recalls the memory
Of our doer bloater who nas gone to
And InOee who think of him today
Ate those woo loved him bet
He will never be forgotten
Though on eath be is no mere
But in memory he will bh with us
As he always was before.
-MIl* loving brother.
MAILLARO.-MiS0el1 P., who died oan
ne 7, 1931
"Gone but not forgotten."
-His living wIdow A children.



Deane Street, St.
L.s P.M.
Instructed .,y R. A. SUow, Esq.,
e will sell all his good and ipcclaUy
signed Husehold furniture, etc.,
ich as--
Pair Cyp Single Beds, Springs and
mattresses, cyp Lady's Mirrored
resser aiid Stool, Long Mirror in
yp Stand, Cyp Gents' Compactum,
painted Cyp Lady's Dresser, Elec.
lair Dryer, Round Hanging Mirror,
rap. Hanging Press. Carved Cam-
hor Chest, Mirrored Medium Cabl-
et, Special Cyp Dining Table and
p.-iolstered Chairs, Cyp Sideboard.
hins, Dinner Service, Epodi Chin-..
liver Tea Spoons and Tongs, -.P.
hermos Jug, Thermos Ice oars,
nd Flask. Cyp Tea Trolley w't"'
lato-glass Shelves, Cut and Bac-
i-'a Glass, Silver Inlaid Decanter,
iec. Toaster, Single Rot Plate,
yp Morris Settee and 4 Special
hairs with tJushions. Cyp Stools,
,irge, Me. ium and Strips Carpet.
mall and Large Cyp D Cases
'ith Glass Doors. Books. Brass-
are, Cyp Ar;tng Desk, elee. N
etter 3,ale, 8-Day Dek Clock.,
larm Clock, Chrome Desk Lamp,
Portable Ph= A01 12h I II
linger Sewing Machine, lve--ill
r Oil Range. Meet Saf 101U bIe
lihest Scale and Weigbht*,'Mlcer,
Alum. Kitchen Ware, LtAi, Mower.
lose, Garden Tools, Step Lader,
rtrpenter's Tools, 400 feet Poultry
'encing. Deck and Flding Chairs,
Ferns inhangin w baskets, Stc.
Items on view day prior t0 and
morning of sale and TERMS-t.AEH
Au# ,ioneers.


Ci. &clan


and a -

MOST Re$Iablo CHEiaR

E i2~J

(Fot mA EU TroUbl)
and -
(For a ,acute, ebrone a4 i,
Almles. Uleers, 8. ,
Cot" Woosd", ele.) .^
FrMeh Suoplle ot the
preparstions have tben
and are on sale at your t
store. -^

Nagib Ellas & S
Amety Dept.
I. a W6, ChBrlotte m i N"
'PHi TONE 4 .

Saturday 10th June, lwtv
12l p.m. SHARP i
37o Sutton Street
San Fernando
On h instructions receivedM
Mrs. L Riley, Mr. J, OQa*s,
Hamid, Mr. Liddelow. Miss
liansa and others whose
have been removed to M
for convenience, the underll
will seUll bv Auction on the i
date. time and place the
tog:- '
One *Sewin Hand Macl+.
wing Bureau. MT. Wash
Tall Post 4' 6" Bedstead. w
Bed with spring, Short Post
Bed with sorine and meai
Sideboards. Ext. Dinri ng
Water-cooler. Oooleratw..
shape Dilnie Table. Set
Chairs with Cushiops. Set i
Chairs without Cushions, ,
Washstand, Child's Bed. 3 -
Desks. Ojl Stoves, 23 Wa
Criba, I Wardrobes. 3 Cy
Suite Upholstered Chairs
table). China Cabinet. 3
Tables. Odd Morris Chairk.
ra., Gramophone Recor *
number In cAse),
Yehlune. sewing 1ot.St
tures. Portable .Otlilii
large Vtetrola Vrai
excPeot ooGDtlpt1
PAWL Westinghouse $-toi
etc.. etc.
Itemi on view v n doa
and morning of sale. .
Dated this 25th day of Sfs
TwiM-CASH en the ?'.
. (Sgd.) GEO 1. ti
_A i ,

; What Can, You Do I.ter












(Best for Fluffy Cakes),

A Mixture of Wheat end Corn F
Powdered Skim Milk, Corn SI

Soda, Phosphate and Salt

20oz pkgs.


60 ST. YNCEMT m T r :

Rb I.


JWIlr z

I ;---



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