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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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Emmanuel Steps is Te
Chase Beaten Nazi mes Aioss Tbe l5
____ ___.ArmiesAross Tiber Rv
s Spearhead as ear OId Reigt E
E"' A T+ \la^ l rNNSRUCK t ',"y- w* '" .... "~^ .... ..4|R4^I

T _^ f -,_,esFall As Crown Prince Umbat
NoArth Italy .IcOfNewSeeR
0- Vcr--i Y ,. .Receives Sovereign Powers
my si bDK \k.>J~ In Triumph ^a^^ii _
Iae mtAR'JZ uneAfl S (AP) Without By JA C N--
.j1s the sighs i (QB they liberated, troops of \ 1y JOAN C&PO33 01
roared IWe ,elty Across the Tiber And9 ,zDo, June s euti-Asture Of Ete
S lare chunks O the enemy's battered and flee- r
ftr -A .NCPN.\4 e B Paves Way For Kin's Move
*tmeee tlroi ~~~A*o A asausteraeic move to enable_______
ja Romans Turn \ rmans to build up reserves
'lE0snSn t erna .orltie battle ahaiu-t an Allied m- tAirit o 400
Bfo e w his --overeign a po wers s Crown prince Umberto. lown
Xm7 w E te r a l C t 0i P 9 SC A aq fo t Genea Si statemitnt of April 12 that he would sf top wn do ,l t oa o ,.,
CO SCA Aeane' liberation ofas@o0nMas the Allies liberated Rolne6 the king waittmi $6housam aw
op" Tn-,toCxaEuropaniCaptal tobethe entry of the AMUleeInto the Meial es) C 1101111011t9r911g1the pn
i*'mfk EaInto Carnival 1c A Vh ^ < fromi th emn oe asO o i oermn ody eno met
poffit~w~ff ^ ANl2^^^S^^> RUI %.ed toay throughout the ______________g________B___
auto ABARI worMd. aer of the Realm. W
_tZU,0_0-0 RrUi wry EDWARD KENNEDYal l c. '. ._ o m of the lo, the .% -ng victor nEmmanuel.74. uld.N NSzi AmbaMador
prio0 es 7 DWAD ENfDor nearly 44om llcorer oftheglbeth
W Ot INAPLES"- Ktth and Fifth Army success w tas a for nearly 44 yean. hving
t wh r Wabr, BOMB. June 5 (APi-Rome, shin. haled a a promising symbol of 1 led the throne on July lf Movev To Vatgimc
e t dl t r e It g gun e Allied victrie. f 1900. He announced last Apr 12-
of W d di., b .rlntly ,InW te sparking sun- thi wfindawAnd rrevomp ble d lec isione e DOrlis JTanoea I (AP),--
Stwt .t and smeared Almo sorely 1SARDl..A .s ow called Iw d it a "glorious V wi dr l w from public life "onte d eiston I'NDOW Jun a (Aa)-
m pit Vom the rvvnt war, toa amt." New Zealand Is sounding i a d n which the Allied troc e r-
tw l.o f Army troop, a welcome curhehrch bells and sirens, Me- IF, eH o, m-', an d to um i ,-0 _? .. p ....t...oayth__
a' r e aoon-hh turnm the Eternal City Into can Catholcs an delighted uaea. o vI er'" a to tne urn i11 lly port n d y eseker, Ned A s
i. *id 1 StUM of ig.n l <" lv1- .Tne cliy u (li 1sovlet ,com mient by M ajor .Oen. ,*B J --- F0 ". 0 ". '!. ^ 1"_ o2 r'y0o _w "n I l vt W ll, l "', ANi
l because S i trpal carnivalt The city is1oral Galalitlonov In "Pravda." des- =u ant Genn eral of the Realm. r tote VaUceM bho
% .T a s the lalt I of whom uct cribed the capture of Rome As of KING VICTOR 11. eZAN"IEL "moved" o Vatican, Cyfrn
sln fin the capital last nigh91t Are occupied by 4Wu Al tromps during thh s 111110a16 ea 011t1politiael aNazisAdmith ea n I
like* beaten dogs, limited their de-' Pairs, in Italy to dete Is shows by the shaded partieson f t malp. 1te emnse did no give battleC l r SI riccm toemniaetm
fcnGod" thoutiotse to a^^ S"" few Insausl. of <.^b Clark Says iJer~dl al 011M -UMA10t-S
? n a'o rlg- u T.Insetshows yheainwentow G ro Ryo Loss Of Prestige C t cndu i
Se d Only *ked s sections of her s tCity 9 J te5he plan ( on whieh Great Day --; s etarned of teI OUh.
At hr Sn4rmastuevere rallyar ts which ne Iks e A sk s t we. fall of Rome In a 7 am. broaden iplomat _n
Ai, rr-tO Air olrce bombed ad ..hich A s ForUw..A.... .. today and the Berlin Press Said Hungmary, l ei
*Ming.-- --A-rocebombed and .a I ,t the Allied victory "Invo lve s -,
Tk" I sectionsther Nations IO Glve rapIdsuccessfule.. lAo "ofraIleforGerny
bu2 ofle inge v v1o1ent of the joint operationstI s eso&e 8 foH d ipy.
of the, mt I rest ofih meu g aad h toIse na ao-btEN E. r DIXON
the -Stwuadtitongam *yvis, qrn ureau Sumthe%
j ,her AV=t de't, rati on of fheGeraerenuonoyt. he Si ROME, June 5 OAP-- 5 tatinl g Beri ewaper c< neTP Hnt th hAt tk e u treldee
to the strainofthe wa re slid c M lb It eta commentator sad A further dote- that the major TUrt of two or- 'She evae huaton f Rr esidsace
]Z af I slight shabbiness seermedt .f riortlon of the rman strat rli t rmt led have been smashed."The, evacuarin' hra na S o -in c i n oriern a I taly.,
stolen t etra beauty, IforRome'sv A 11h an / tln.IntD. canambe eetedin L/eut.-O .eral Marrk Clark today city Itself Is not of greatimilitary
slistening newness. Jt all A Chance
MThe domeof St. Peter's dominat-. ce o f. m.t.."a. rat day for the Fifth Army." Axi scap It I nvo' 1e los i es TORelieve
b Mut il to the los Wb e1 s of the hPol of In meeting his conrs commanders prestige for G dirmany.; R om Sotages
led Columns of American troops WAS NGTO," June 5 (P) PresidentR. f oe .lt Ina d t.r.710 h t cita' hBerlino --orres ,. ndent of -
wweInthe PI1asa where Vati- cast address tonight, extended to Italy, iss,4pvft&"osto hep ostabilish Pi. another theatre of War, c#1l hall in a military huddle W on abiadet" sadateeClage-ma
ges too ab. NM I id t-begins, at tpea d oa t oe -, Ia n AdZe ralaLord c ou is tl ut re Op rations. a it i ng retreat-. from R mo2 Sh
tpr 1 cm =lurc" ind m freAont ofz N -' 4,a a d .Clark I di ua -a s
1e$Ias^ erowd ut ftoodo nt theFre 1000 ncheerl Al. S rn es npa t tedshtS
merin unifor t ws m" To r "Iii te e'l -th ^" 'hulaH"an pid e .. J
lDuw"., Iopn to the public, thoug ntherp T at -vat,_n .._d ?e te vie- pe .m i1 .,uw wl. r.opl gaec-f, te ln Aeric nsed ,he"taskn o fdi oeinls Rme s som a-noun.ement.-
aotne i atM m older dI no t o mf eS Into D il o e sie r th at w e o ju;oaI sao H AId, N o b h,-'a_-.- the_ ot ._.tand r,:m Mo ae o tha t wnibe a adut t-e f. .o..
l'ili w ._.i.'- m,,ni- II .... m .ad eM ntot bi ng th relleL" c[ IIT_ U L.1' "m t en an nre s h 1a nd boon thia wou the anadi derye. B, lt ,rl Wnd do
Seaki I sin.,--- I y n eno ..n .... -- ^^l to ,tua. ofpa,, .. t .+ . *i 111 d Ge at l reverta h'an a a be sa Mtee "as r B o daas .
I Iai..p om the w a o deal llInl e nmd a grea da for the Allaties. n o ei- wi e ito- --- --
**oThnadCere betre o ea d n vip.St 0 he lic hm e u ...Oth e dest..rsoy.aed by the e-- n r I B o-
NO VAIA GUARD of x Cw r istanIt,~k the 1 rsdn do. d 5S 1 of thanks- Atr u rmn er zof ome. her E0- al rod edt eln A. eth Reee Wm 'na~il rer
dartrw ~ed: ont aNsoul over rj-, moyed, fo mr the wocared su f itnldt amne dtrily ettv ote V aa~ b
gi i Cgoand pr theerered no udy a nd rd... ih Army. Frn Bth an d hhe e',es8 (eteat.rankrt_ o
IcedP to d e wer no special ar satiesf n that te r edoo be heldt In ahe* wIa m eri1an0troop m0ade. ir i Ge rmla n as ebpenI n _
th ct.ha benar und thVtcnadar TAUthe por-te Pofan fRomesaNe ealsand. hurc be ie l ead a' ithe ankv AmerianAlie te a skofeoaA ~ n g Rmecowun t t mry ii e ea ac o
tF t he Pubi cthu theleft' 'b th" WW aris of th runsi es sou and ka id bote tr ,o ad Iit-Gnealop leakAn d smartaisqth atiwnca be nat then n.l *
te ldiwer oy a fw nt c om itions" buhe d elae thatGe noan armowns bte aei rd al d twoorw Ar C omner forhiarespn The UAW _d- Sere Wag no e4110 h11112
te"d a meur icans s to righ t hank e dme tolleerland ali"e Si rt.destro ed a vo see --e-heada ce
Il "he dvace b bu di notentr. neas "If Romte wAs w the RobInMexs icorathon icmesas at llImem oroatemenat ornth ll: lhike aller M cayrns Taslo.gre*i
NOVTheICAli GAnceReDSloudlyand istitan wity thePr e rmaenstdof.domer toyBerli.And s wrillofhave- @ItIs af te Fith A vfrmywo aethe to DNow l Junas ead Rote B r ). ln A tesd oert he n ews V rom il
clarts' wred: *It n ipllbea other c All-9 Mr Angus MaD onald. the ce al n ta-i ve rthe
Uth O ;?^ deep~ gvnn and^,^ graye fu.^or.h.Pn.Ae Ary eor^ch Brtis ndhld s rAMfm d in aTn 1
nn tt fr N ous scial guar dsanti sf acncionti The Ssed geNera st e hihn in all hrches.whileIn wmerld. nr op ma sa I t pci
e t a rund h V a ad at th er ay thho ane dirnCt w ars of din avc Michnslswtel annnouncedr. that Vank ticn i and Rbme"a bc t
O _ta I te Via o ti, a m aCy t et, lneft manu vre d o uy tha.nt the tPORTUg UIse sonI e nd to G F erm(n Ir les the nealm th G E.Can ha th CanWadn dst ro yr culuraland,
was t WHe-ewer confetti (AP. Natiscutld oinhae sa e d Ie that no Sown In Port ugal ne wsa r.w t AirCth ander)doubt if ea iam-e a t ha sk a -be t
warE G e. darmeeope Amrlikets hir itysemapped R eong enoughe to SiSn RomekcaPst tyln- sldgthU--eAsatoshrheO
etri .bef re Buty 017t. theTWOur vitcta coe O e1Baewt anr c.llnntued :1 b "ouna do o-rue .... ."t German aIIe and the destoye For e. e, .W3 ,, a .
ne. wrc htappy a__nd th era asnoti ltrwhen oJu holle 4 teo.o t. revl itsampa igo ai have c au thr andiftnrmy. nume oandeerh wee Aicn- o1 t U. -------who--ow- hew m
mGs The s i at tsh%;c l ndweey were glad tobed por es. t for another strio aSt west- reoe"e'sonlmd. t o m.old ; shl.. o .o e A. P al ay" -
ll J' I m..Gm b y the Alles and glad em EUrope-whil th sl es of *" __ In favour of the entir PIne n ous.,it-e.. s ,f enm battl... .... cI t ". ltd: w. recent a; -' a t vis wil sea v er_ t-, e,
Soot hertfNaousl"soerrs nervouslynaowait ncitnoesof hom e fram, om tbe Ita l-ae'" vM i t old .. a y naiann dh atsVatrao ty.ano YS .m., '.
W to e ake city Conetti Ame aen Ithe nieed s the the Aad RAIL NEW two AmericanGe rma. I alis Ronrnes e oh 10th anda d thale s td
.. a t.- ",t el "leeyn lar k t oa north Atlantic .She "a w a la t-.
SWit others an d thi nner tha~nat-t .r s of losin g ds wihr . n.......... ohi We hav e.ian. _'-n_' .,0r_ _.t ee cov tiSEnus ad et om ake t-ei r X /W1 W
MoL5a5 were beorPAe. ut thyourvcta cms lsau t, and our cgllant Re i o Janemrou r aionai the nih.TmLs rethet Ge rma n apleaeandith thde st-oe oetr h o.Ir hd f
tyud pap n hr a otiewerhen mAltioed PS DX fImom aable vn as sutabl uee-dl oha e c iptyure ,~diAd dst d An umberoothnrswr lL f SU h i i eea
eh r thde sde nt aidf "We are ones br.ted in althre City's cars n an oublc e utflitiems lnd the city' s
T-- l anup and two to go. One of the Infavouroft rhetr nts. clean sb Csarance.
nAllies theoterm terit andin. r eeraof thre aw to 1 hV.1 o a11 11,0
ndrmo ot tW o e amor o now wa aatherhedi d nerfvla rk ohulsoea..'.eUalaA. NI I n Gort &7. C ., L .
IPLOASS aUR iur Asla-d-o.- s5s? 4n to--y -
cn Aaslte e SmN TO heOa rleJint h'e t t th medt
ef lG an y t o a p continutwhrshe willh e was*o' e eththeAr mt .
powe been beunm oeab e to r. ecommenceworldecity I's then- rantil nemy yandHestroyREP MIER G OeI
Dy HO? WARecon resti"eHe cauiond: tht"te BAArTIeDAresaurants. him.the city%
.WAS 'INGTON June S (AP)-- strugle with the Na-is would be iLONDON ,ne 5 (Aai Pyg =
Joudtews con the continent of President o .eevelt ontl:a eghtlt mion In four days i aw U
oranh INerouCs arinesave appedx t ioucapdshardbentanhy Atlanticf" The.CO.5 e ir r
i tsAoI[Hli .o ut a me,4tg ii as~well[etedy .. J ti' lto smnash all rodsfor heavy Wl )ODO, June S E )-M~w[ S -I.k 314 Ships.... "
ldson ofus witnt nations of Centlea---d c anand Aied troopt. It!. planes pounded the Motla- r-N/
p~ ae.nwi u ad.Oeu n rse n ieatorAnd4hur ,l SoaniemssPoingdt iltaery -11 nonedthat rrn irhiinddstro
beth et bz tso utleni thes untblo t o geo. s nicant orl oo ..i I te to ad d)N Jnd Sg na --l au
Ming conquest." He NEWtione S t H IP MENI TO *,,*,, |
WAS H eT O n rJn a of the three capitals to -- --tg- o"wthg muhetheoenemy'LollingnAdamP)-M othez In-
h "hI n- Num te o terous aina te o he aLe soul d o u haet hear logti nt 1Mha. ther egth m o Int sour, t_ l e..tok of r amateiatl..Sb.' y hm V
Aero aut ti o ar d sheo w conotr o m all. innt. ..rsie til iS Romosevestbo ni n-ed :o nd t cn .s t
Warta SuthAericaits ellY st illserday ue t14s AllN S
network of a ....irin es prib -the for tne Aleb m o a / mail G1 .ollt oWday a 'ebRag- wa t he sinking
operatioaneIuet passengers and We ca nthsere m ennsOwink,-- e
nd -af to id Iaons ofromtr e '-A.-.t-v.. the neighbou-Illiovla n
e AM t iBotAme d the Unc c isrhmigo s s mt osdmercsor ast of dda InaOf, J....- .
now in ouplicyathat heneRome And the bil an Liberatos h e junti-m-on. to mMW o.''AY nnucs h ap Br"ft world. i f i CU1t e t io mt bn tof C O W&.n o ttn. Aaid \
willtbeooeininfthe osente de.teine th atfuurexos 0.11 s asas onshee a nuEW---m..E"
r efirttetre ls t u 1tthe enemy' af m and siveth P oeni lt.-an
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Acati e Bo opedBaard.h e owcont whI-oeh --t o fCretehe sdi. co'u1,
netwoerko, bfeause os hP e p orld.tem a ddition t o Anr PCnt rsl t of roo ; r t hno e NSai, d thar city.a.d'--One"people wi-lbe -e" In an dA
teLw a nd timee fo we aso ntheI n yM ,a A n dd fe , m. in.,A.,.
iperinit. ..s of Unte o -.A- -- C ._.lal l,- ,- fille su, ....eday..O.... ,. ,,., i Uh rl.,
transprt passenger lan Wec nsb til ttheu r ehi n um to TC OPgt a a h ikn
liv and brmtenigbu ft ectm weomeLAnd -tetvfeju~t o r m& astwh and5 015n A~

L--"=.1 .-Z that"+.. . '' --' -/ 1 t of'ue freed-'om o-f ua. Ikehatw o I .- 8
Nelat'nifu ounfiedrl~omassofntroledb7teA fthe United4 ,igkiaii oub~ o a i'- iepofam ~'~ g5 M11=ad41udr sr

notIWOv howe...e how it.. wen .t.e.- . d.vb-urdensntinhoubai' _,ri.out aeap, bomb e--,. Crete, Vim t. ,
Permits11 Th Sln is"an is ,k lander, the ourasm,, Set hEd. mnI ghm s .. .. ._ ... ,mena Rus.. ....'5" se '" .5- mI\
m rrier s lo e so- lice. Isle di In m m ; two ~ r m n ssm to.Eei th Au s _1ea l bs
,l~ p .<_...... ,, _, ,. . I -l _+.w m em m IirW,,-z, Ie be .+. 'A
i m I -- .. -- ... I -. . ... 1 tlt.+l + mmt +,',..... +,+.'a .*

k~l~t on --A q .-. t~l!l- .l1 .*I
SLeaves or tLS CAI

leftLim, wwu
B .- ,* '* &, -,. er _

' s -- ' i f "" 't' '? ^ ^ ^ ". B~

nt np t.o. ..... .. ......

whether you mK ka rou Imo 0
pan yawp" tour i t a we Ms r
no" too tats M0 sft O at thslMiMe
daily doe"-iust a day t1eale
pinciaisyour mo m nsat sorcoon
that's Ohe Knuchet nrule in uMm
KvUchm Ia a ombhiem d o
natral bmnmal sals which SriHim
youar Nvtm1dms~y sd digmlw -i
to hkahhy, i-uhe l wim. The
-h e Msmi piui Jl w ---
rtfnhe f blod is gm Ms Newd
= ty ime of 7tw bdo. 7%m
Ncaia's" d khiadedsoan
pan youby.
KsMnBm Sas Ik amd by a
Chmuias d $MML

F. ..
.r. lammng Pollard for on-
trSam tn malgstate the
.. stullar application by
rie ua d sD O W I
iiii S:. lp -vi !
S hSef Justwe did not absolve
mS iS $5 110m reapsslhqlte
'ince km should have made a&ne
twbefoe assumIng power of
T. W Worrell. Act.
lof pollee, wnuie Mr. 0.
O h.Oqelthwiehan w",
.siuett Mr. 0. B. Wooding.
eS-Sotd in. magistrate. When
rlatter wa rueil in April
lard made no appearance.
In judgment handed down yea-
terday the Chief Justice assid,
"This Is a motion fo0 a writ of
rohbltlon directed to Mr. A. H.
S non, Magistrat, .St. George
West. for having on March 15.,
1944 made an order removing the
dislifilolto hold a dving
OII imposed upon one Ernest
olar by order of thoe Chief Mag-
latrate, dated April 28. 1942.
.lard appUed on November
5, 1945. to have this dUsqual"-
ftw= removed, but his application
wa refused. When then he applied
to Mr. aMsson. the sttutory Period
of six months prescribed by the
proviso to tIp. 16, No. 3, Sec., 56
(2) had not expired. Mr. O'eillY
wo argued the case on behalf of
the magistrate and displayed not
leas than the usual amount of in-
geniulty, learning and research for
which oases of this class Are re-
markable, contended that this pro-
viso did not preclude the magis-
trate from hearing the application.
although he conceded that the
m latrate could not make the
order sought, if It transpired In
evidence that similar appI!ca-
tion had been refused within the
prevlouo six monWhs. I am un-
able to accept this contention. The
word entertain" in the sense It is
used in the section, means to ad.
mit to consideration videe Oxford
English Dioelonary) and it is 0
contradiction in terms to say that
a court may hear an application
which it is nIt allowed even to
consider. I entertain no doubt
that the magistrate In purporting
to make the order he did, acted
without jurisdiction.
"Mr. O'Reilly, ho ever, further
contended that even Itf the magis-
trate did so act, this Court should
not intervene because it was In .urn-
bent upon ta party opposing ihe
hpj k roto 11::111: balow to

that the police had not done this.
As to whether it was, in fact,
brought to the magistrate's notice,
there is a conflict of evidence.
Sergeant-MaJor Wentworth, who
prosecuted, states that he informed
he Court of Pollard's previous ap.
& location, but Mr. Masson denied
is and he is corroborated by
counsel who appeared for Pol-
lard. and by the Court note-taker
As then the preponderance of evi-
dence is to the effect that the Court
was not notified, I will, for the
purpose of my decision, assume
hat the magistrate was unaware of
The previous application.
"Now, where A defect is not ap-
parent on the face of the proceed-
ings but depends upon some fact In
the knowledge of the applicant
which he had an opportunity of
bringing forward In the Court be-
low, and he has allowed that Court
to proceed to judgment without
setting up the objection, then al-
though the Jurisdiction to grant a
prohibition Is not taken away, yet
considering the conduct of the ap-
plicant, the Importance of making
an end of litigation and tlUtt the
writ, though of right, is not, of
course, the practice of the Oourt
Is to dellne to Interpose except
upotn an trrestible case or wheh
there Is an excuse for the delay.
(Mayor of London v. Cox (L.R. 3
M.L. (1857) 283.)


J -I uIM.-- 1

k Tjil ii.thim S- te 6te PUM dog L BL Mass.. iy
'^II- 310 bt anu~ief iii h amplintuf 41 WVAI
'iS^- rnri--fWM for 1ifta olf ow 0 Ge-
Btecte f- W~S^.en VW ft O*MAIr, srW.
t m O 3 ImWrday gaMwed ls preihitha erdm
a a s"a* "Pa oW. Mam'a dscin te umllarafi avour.
Ainso SIW_5--- O a.e -

it is proper d conveiet for the
police to appear at the hearing of
ppliation, under Se. 56 (3),
they are not strictly speakfg, a
party thereto. On the other hand.
Pollard unquestloioblv was. Brvn
9i tihn the police omitted to in-
form the magistrate of the previous
application their fault was a venial
om compared with tnat of Pollard.
who conealed from the Court a
fact peculiarly within his own
knowledge. Ncr can the Lgia-
trate himself be entirely absolved
from responsibility. In most cases
of this class there Is nothing to
direct the Court's attention to a
possible absence of jurisdiction.
but the proviso to Section M56 (2)
pOxinly lays down that the Court's
Jurisdiction is limited, and this
should have caused the magistrate
to make some enquiry before as-
suming tliat he had Jurlsdiotion.
"Moreo',er, even where an appli-
cant should have notified the
Court of the lack of juripdictlon
and failed to do so, a writ will
nevertheless issue if the case Is an
Irresistible one. Thus in the case
of the Admiralty (12 Co. Rep..
p. 77) it was held that the Court
will grant the writ where it appears
by any matter in writing or other
good matter, that the Court sought
to be prohibited never had any
jurlsdictlon whatever. The present,
In my view. Is such a case. The
order will therefore be maile ib-
solute. There will be no order as
to costs."

The broad principle underlying
this and other cawa on the point
Is. I conceive, tlcit a party ro

T7M w MMduib mmaw*a W
M ssd etalm aid In mms of
ctnu=br. lsam. a!n and suabied

*orfam.=dagin* snotreff Inho
O cough. colds. bronchil a lctioos
ml bhSm4 Onf ftn yew

o ef i i -imm o .r

Brum an d.. iu ...-e A

Untvit 10t- ....-.--.-. .....

u aoraIu 6 .. d .-.............-.... ..... le1M 0i
Mr. am... .

ayM r.yMOs 31 .1 ... O

A i.. .................. l .e
AnOtM pi, wstoraoB.... .
M .lss :odei UKse, inS.M

Mis rs.
aent In by chWli, U. .O."
An American BirmAtmr .... o.o
gzm 1w ^ ais; am So
The ebv~aDo
LMe. W at ltot ...................... 1,1.
on 26d2-l61ssl ........ 1o0
bearry & .tt UW ............... 100.0
Trinided Pravd= W DX'l. n
Amsociation, d. .................. 10.00
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Lyon
Dr. ad Mrs. 0. A y0 ...... 20.00
AnonyriOUln (Maril tt 1....... 1.00
C.IcIed by theI Mlss. Joye
and Grace Kmenry;
Miss Winid Hea .............. 10.00
Miss JoyI lry .................. 10.0
Miss Grae Henry.................... 1.. 00
Hon'bl TimO oodU ........ a10.0
Mr. W. D. M.Hll .................... 1.00
Mr. and Mrs. ...... 10.00
Mr H. 0. Wooding ....... 10.00
Mrs. W. Uin ...................... .00
Miss Ja5min6 c"ar .... 6.01
Miss Ml.* Morales .................. .00
Mrs. a Kingd ......... ..... .00
Mr. MurchMiaon Rigsbiy ........ S.010
Dr. 0. I. Mrcan o ........... .. 6.00
Mr. H. W. Farrell ....................... 0.00
Mr. C. 1an el................ 1.00
Mr. H. L.. Whiliteald ............... 6.00
Miss liris C. Blane .................. 00
Mr. G. 0. M. Otallly ............... .0
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. P to ....... 6 .00
Mr. and Mrs. Felsx malth 6.00
Miss 1. Mendes ............... 6.00
C. K . .. ..............00........ 01
Mr. Mobamet d ........................ 0
Mr. and Mrn. e rHudbna l. e 1.00
Liut. and Mrs. Hramilton ........ .00
M r. A. Vl lr ....................... a.00
Mr. J.. Letl Fook .................. .NC
The Patience Boys ...................... 0
Miss Elizabeth Colo .. ............ 10 0
Miss Wnllfrd Phillit ............... 2.0
Mrs. Constant Adames ............... 2.01
Mis W do Montbrun .. ...-1... 2.09
A W ellw i ............................ .0(
Mr. Ernest Bret ...........r.t .2...... 2.0
Mr Albert Krr e........... ..2...... 1.01
Miss Barbara Griffith .............. 2.01
M rs. H. Hoetoy .. .... ................. 1.0(
Mr N. Cainudolna ............... 2.0
Mrs. N. ADorn.lla ................. 2.0
Mr and Mrs. C. Hat .............. 2I.0
Mrs. Carrie Gome2 ................. 2.01
I. H . ....... .......................... 2.00
G;. J. .. ... .................... 1.01
M r 'irori e .Go .. ...................- 1.0(
i.l i sn r Mrs. P.katince 1............ .01
M r. H. Hoating ..................... 1.04
Mrs. C. A. Mole ......... .........1... .0(
M is Li. Austin ... ................. 1.0
Mines Jean and Joyce Do Lus 1.00
M A lr ............... 1.01
Mrs. A. iflsart 3.00
Miss lG. Altrc ...................... .. 1.01
Mlis A. Lae o.......... ........ .0
MIns D. Parry. .................... 00
M r. C. Hall .. ........................ 1.00
M r. Os te .. .. ......................... 1.01
Mi Villafa l ............... .. 10
M r. L Viirn ........................... 1.I0
M r. HerJ. B aln ve ............................ 2.0(
M issl i ll a ......................... 1 0(
Miss Marie Gone .54
Miss l K. Mars all ....................... .
Miss Rutlh P gu .................. ... 2 ,0(
W ellwibelltr ... ......................... ....... .4
W ellwlishllr .... ........... .............. 1.0
r. Ga . M ........................ L ot
.Coll ectd by Mr.e .

bfM yo: ~ $j~n 00
yFernasndes ................................ 100
A. Norleg a .............................- 2 .51
I H ernande .......................... ... .5
N Mltchell ................................ 0.0
K. R amplrsaud ......................... 3.01
J Salandy ..........................3.0
H. Punch ................................ ..... 2.0
L. 8kerrltt ................. ............... 1.6
8. Hydeh ................ ... ..... .. 1.0
CollectIsd by Mr. J. T. Sancho
of Mayo:
T Slancho ............................. 10.0
an C Ramlo an ....................... .1
ydney Ra hunan. n .................. .2
urr n ............................... .
R .m ratt n ..................................... ., .
L. M osle ................................ .2
Babnte Gonal ....................... .
S. Mobamed ................................... .51
C Ho len ................................... .,0
Wellwither ........ .
Collected by Mrs. F C amacheI
Camacho Bro. ..................... .o
Staff of CaM Oar w S. ., Ltd. 1.0
A. Correlsti ..... .......................... 28.0
T. Correla ..... ........................ 0.0
r. euss _. ..... . ..... 6.0
H. Gomnes ........ ........ ....... 5.0
P. Corm la ..... ....................... 1.0
Maniuel T. Cau nho .................. 0o.0
Mr. and Mrs. X. Malgot .....-.. .
PF. Nieves ............... ........ ..... 10.0
Mrs. J. Barant .................... 5.0
Mrs. L. F. Cnensh.... 10.0
Llut. and Mrs. W. Aadlerso 20.0
A. J. ylv ster .......................... 10
Csiltd by "TrInidad
Offeen dnd ueinab-Br(ilsh
nmie Club ........ ............... 2 .0
Notat a Jostph-Becretary Hm.
Pro Club .. ................... i0
Mi l .ss i Power ...2........... 15.
L ,ut.-Col. P. A. Erskine.
Aundop ....................... ...... .. I
anr d aned Mrs. Wy Q Radl

l s Arnuma ...................... 10_
Rtfrt: vangia w & o. ............ 242.4
Mn a. Me. A. ..rd .......... 5. 2010.5
VuMr 7%'"" APO (Tisymalfts 1.(

do Vato^v ll .1 ............... ..... 2.i0
U!" Arns do V411,1111 ........... lad
Collected Vy Mr. W. V. Clarkl
Robet~ll liBglowlas yffS! 0.
I Total 44&610................ .2,.

City Group Mark

Second Anniversary
Highlighting the second anni-
versary celebration of the New
Progressive Circle held at the
Osmond High School an ori-
ginal melody-making competition,
open to menmbhers of the group only,
drew high praise from the judges
-Miss Amy Gibbons and Council-
lor Albert Games, the Deputy May-
Voted winner against 11 rivals
was Mrs. J. Gibbs. She scored with
the aong "Oh How I Long to be
Home." Mr. G. Ottlev carried off
second prize, And Mis W. Davidson
and Mr. I. Brown shared third.
Securing special mention were
Miss B. Hanris and Mr. L. Patrick.
Compositions were of a high
standard, Mr. Gomnes announced.
Misas GIbbons distributed the prizes.
During the celebrations presen-
tation was made to Miss Flores
Dterville, Circle member, enrolled
with the ,A.T.., for war work in

Control Board Probe

SCommittee At Work
Government's 4-man committee
Appointed to Inquire Into the work-
-iIg of the Control Board with a
r view to reducing expenditure yes-
terday morning paid a visit to the
board's offices.
Visitors were the Hon'ble Erroll
dos Santos, Acting Colonial Secre-
try; the Hon'ble Sir Lennox
O'Rtilly, the Hon'ble E. Vernon
Wharton, and the Hon'ble M. A.
The "Trinidad Guardian" under-
stands that the visit was part olf
the Investigationa of the commit-

Master Ronald WilUn, j-MUth-
old an of Mr. and Mis. Arthur
Wiaon, as he appeared at a
recent Maytime Fair In GeorgTe-
town. as Mr. Winston ChurchilL
Mr. Arthur WilsOn, formerly of
Trbldad LessehoIdO Ltd., Is new
with the firm of Pestano Ltd..
Georgetown. B.G. Mr. Wflmon Is
the only daughter of the Deputy
Mayor of Georgetown and Mrs,.

St. Dunstan's Fund

Up By $252.62
The special appeal fund for St.
Dunstan's is $252.62 nearer the
$2,400 target, according to the lat-
est list of donations issued by Col-
onel Roy Alston, vice-president,
Trinidad St. Dunstan's Association.
The list is as follows :-
Mr. *nd Mrs. Arthur Enilyn .$ 0o 0
.1 Aliriymoutl Dnra ilt10 uf Ii -,l l
Port-oftBpain G lrl Guides bol i
A*onyinotly S4\
Mr., I W. Picck andi Mrs. R.
Alstion ilinuin al, le, li in-
nienti ,19 612
Orelif Vrdmp' l 'stal-s 1,*,<1 100 lt 00
0. LimiL Trrsr il, '. .... ....- 25i 00
31212 162 a l, aitiv tie d iged .......... ..... S1,5615 3

Barbados May Have

Coloured Officer
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
BRIL)UJEi'OWN. barbalos,. June
3.-Barbados may soon follow the
lead of Trinildad and Jamaica in
having its tirit coloured Superin-
tendent of Police. This is the in-
ference drawn from a resolution
passed by the Iltif., of Asemnbly
providing $240 a yvear as I special
allowance tou Sergt.-Majur Frank
Parish, fro the date cf his accept-
ance of a post offered him and
which he is desiro-is of accepting.
Sergt.-Major Partis pointed out
that acceptance would mean finbn-
cial loss and the Government de.
cided to make good tile loss In Tlo-
portion to the rise in the salary of
e new post each v-ar.

Trinidad Priests

For Barbados
The "Trinidad Guardian" under-
stands that the Rev. T. Byrom and
Sthe Rev. A. Mellir will be leaving
the T'inidad diocese at an early
date to take up work In the Barba-
dos diocese.
The Rev. Mr Byrom Is now Rec-
tor of St. Andrew's, Scarborough,
ana the Rev. Mr. Mellor is Vicar
of St. David's. Toco.

Tonca Beans


Prices Paid

Win. It. Kennedy & Co., Ltd.

,--- - I

ou wash!

this i
biP ,

Rim sthe day ei lby m w
oly. % dirt implx
ow, sua i oqlyandae
aft^. There't no need for

pIoectm yeu otk*-evolds

erW wowhkb .eswh~4Eee-
uxqffy SfUU th fdm~ HI (
jrlriu m ik

we a n l* au" emy. MM


(JUT in all weathers, at all hours
Sof the day and night, being a
Sight mechanic Is a tough job. In
addition to the eve-present meace
of enemy attack, other dancer lie
in wait for these men. T of
those dangen are sciatica and
humhbeo, both of which attacked
the writer of the following letter:
'I suffeed from ciatica Sd lum-
bo for mmoths, id could not@a
aim P"- a, evea wiK .aimeom.
I m out all wathen, being a
Pbsbk-MeNMcb2W I bad always
lhushe whom wM to take Knrcben
MRhki am day. kftta fed p I
bM~ a ob te nad have boma taL
"t I e ma Now I no quite fie
bom P0 so Ia e the ie dailyt
dewe a Ugg d qptI bad weatsr.
You we m w Uw ethu ktter-
weryboft W hool w aboM trms-
ldkms"-L 0, LAJ.

i1a fui, Nt awm i 3Me mIm eonm-

t Governor To
M t-Pm t l I'A% I,.11n1V% I-
i-klt uio it wIMWllL viuv u r.
m >-_! m _ .< m _ i t t o*

Address Parley

NxcolhM~ tiM Actire aoer,
uw I deliver an address at the
Sant a l comi ference of dole-
te ofS tie Civil Service Asola-
tiUO of Tdi t and Tobao which
wil b hold In the LeM1la0tlve
OMmU l hamer on Juno 17. the
Trnidad OGuardla* learned yen-
Mt. C. T. W. 9. Worrell. Acting
8olhltor-Oneral,--preoldent of the
AMociaUo, will take the chair.
T conference will consider a
draft memorandum to be forward-
ed to the Secretary of State for the
Oolonlies by the Federatlon of Civil
Service Associatlons in the Carib-
bean are.
Tho Federation was formed at
the recent Jamaica conference ot
representatives of the Civil Service
Asociations of the West Indian Is-
land, ritish Oulana and British
The memorandum deal with
matters relating to civil services
generally and, It sto understood, ex-
pressaes the desirability of securing
uniformity, as far as possible, in
the civil services in this area.
It also asks that steps should be
Taken to train local personnel tor
I tiling all appointments in the civil
i services.

Credit Societies Get

$69,266 In Loans
Utilising Oovernment-oflered fa.
culties for securing lcins to
carry out approved agricultural
work, agricultural credit societies.
during the period July l, 13l to
April 30, this year, obtainedsums
totalling $690, out of the $129,000
block vote set aside for the purpose.
the acting Director of Agriculture
disclosed yesterday In a statement
released through the Information
During the same period loan re-
payments reached a total of
3,371.36, leaving the sum of
$63,105.t3 available for future

When a baby nines ad Paks
and oives and doesn't come on
as he should, sooner or later
someone say NMetle'al And then
what a ohange there Is. Nestle's
Milk fl the rich, cremy milk
which baby ha s bee n needing all
the tm because It is so light
and kind that It all but digests
The gcer knows this-many
a mother has told him seo. And
that Is why, when supplies are



-WPPA (lMeoaembUMt
-r WRING -
(if impti wrteftod)


"Il soluth tr-eet, New York 2.
New York. UJBA.
Cosm sloa A n- t O write at once
to Denertasat P for lInfOr'Cation.
251 South Street, New York X.
Wew York. USA.

L il +, L,11

M ny dagouo ilmuese
at eausd by germs and germ
poisons in tho throat.
The ue of ioxoopN as a gar-
ito keep tho throat clean and as
free as possible from germs.
DIOXOOsN iremovee the source of
inflammation and infection in the
throat, and many caies of slore
throat, tonsillitis, etc., would not
occur if the throat were clnmed
iularoly by& gar le of Do OlaiO.

BUY a fff o y

54 ... ,

I MBA -OMM -fS ~b


Nrm 1am 1 i1
Oab IN at ft=PAN to DUNA 6% oNoun .
Osham kmM PUt b* SMM tS 6MM W amurm.
oabo himwouI Sof, 6UAS f 1s %MeS as %a as%*%

IAST rACnjE VOVmI 10M R.WAn.NT or i
For sumr so *iJ to--
-1. F. AfiAMik
_________ft._ jS



Sby craftsmen of skill and
experience Beautiful in
design ond quality -Gold
and Silver filigree and plain,

Your Jeweller.

Y. De LIMA &



* Don't let a cold lget the best
of you. Fight it energetically P
with Listerine Antiseptic.
Gargle every two hours with 7i.
Listerine, 'full strength, and j/
you will give nature powerful
aid in restoring normal health.
Listerine is effective against
colds because it destroys 98X
of the germs in the mouth and
throat. Yet Listerine is ab-.
solutely harmless to delicate
membranes and has a clean,
pleasant taste.







Oem blue flame wild 00ku toS aM
the mIlt populaC of allUZaUIaqy unitl
steAy, powerful burner IfhI sw"
heat distrlbutioa undmr ill gook _fl
with improved ookonings mut.
eualy removW for c baptr Tool
glan fuel tuak for vWTilty.


a1 -OAovaY. C 'iN

short. You so often hear him
say. Babies first, vleaseI!
Will you, too, remember them
and ask for Nestle's only if you
need it for a delicate baby? Then.
If you tell your grocer so he will
do his best for you, we are sure.
Nestle'a Milk ai rich. creamy
milk so prepared that It digests
easily ad pleasantly just like
mother's milk which every baby
should have If it were always

S 1id bT NMit AS& 1w1 Mfk Prodit L Ad.



Boad aWm&
Lv. 8.00
Ar. 10,00
Ar. 11.15
Ar. 12.05
Ar. 13.55
Ar. 14.50

St Thomas
SR Ja..

Rtad up.
. Ar. 14.20
I v. 12.15
Lv. 10.55
Lv. 10.00
Lv. 8.00
Lv. 7.00

For details of thee a"d aMmal me see tnbrounhoi
the Oibea Aea, s t ow local c"e:

&. AniCaOVc R ano

ii 2XLin3O an

-, I

Babies first, please

So many StUe m ts depend for their health
-adel eftea m very llves--s Nestle's Milk.



INcR E A s

_ _im I

r WUT -.
., ., --*... **, .
>i ^.1 A :.,, ,. -

< -
. t(


.'. i>y,


A .. ,MNUDAD GUA MUN. 5PMAt I 13n 4.

jivcruur Aiuea4s4 Th
A my Head Dedication,

io n th W. including His uceley
the Hon'ble A. B. Wrighkt wivtesaing thet n-
I ept. t r h Rev.C X Wlliams, head of the Church
Of t TT1aa"igua Orphan Home, was admit.
Priaets last Sunday morning at an Ordination
Churtc Tacarigu.
he 5^ rm a5 ____*.
VostR .fDr. A.
WAS Assisted by
ArLabour To U.S.
a Costs Barbados
Iaaa, PRector f
mmobbeal of North
n.7k- 0. .--'-]-' the$ 16.A
*j._ $16,800
Rev. C. R. Ragbir,] --.--
a thes Trinidad Gua. rdian C '.rtspoSdmt.
R RIDGETOWN, Barbados, June
L An CAPt. J 3 p-Turning back the opposition of
L. "= u I two planter-members, the House of
fte OC t W of Assembly voted $16300 to meet
expenses in connection with the
WEs fully hoJ, sending of Barbadian labourers to
-ne*Holme preha d- the United States of America for
Swac ts aIt ttemporary employment by the War l
who was mite Food Admtinistration and the War
to about A ,Yea Manpower Commission.
1E nt of h eaty Mr. Fred Bethel and Mr. Nigel ...
tlmdi oteli thfReece said the scheme would send
eg w the best labourers out of the Col.
eonr egatlon wer dony leaving what Mr. Bethel des-
Dosanton, Act- cribed as the "riff raff."
e ost, B dfrigade That the Colony will not be de- In soleenroeo ls.der offeiciating t athe Ordination Service of Capt. the Rev. C. R. Williams.
ptA. Bedford nuded of all itsl best agricultural leave n-church ofl t. Mary', Tacarlicu, on Sa, morning. Heing the precession Is the Rev.
LAughlin, Mr. and labourers Is evident from the fact J. K. ien other members of the clergy shown in the plre o re: The Rev. C. Ib. Wiliam s, theo
thatthe age group is 21 to 35. Rev. Ragbir, the Rev. F. R. Banks. Archdacon C. gS. and ea.r Gra o the M ot ev. Dr. a
'Mr.rth y TandSi nm deHiseGraflteeiM osttie v. D
Oan O the total registration of 4,74 H. Ansmtey, Archbishop of the W t Idles.
Capt. and the first contingent calls for only
IaeutCommander and 904 arpiculturlsts.
LiAt.a M ile A minimum wage of 30 cents S.ea adettlements
M. P. a P ero hour will be paid men who get Aenada V W.I. A ppealo Court
Co r ll. b in processing factories but no B
Wlcott,D en. Mand definite wage foir agricultural work.- FoTo sit In B.G. b S h
and f or e ers has been fixed. T o r orm Arr ange ents are on mad e chem e Show s
FL L. L..Ptrick, Mr. L. A. Chase, social Welfarer
nCapt. W. L. OGrcer and formerly Manager of A rt o hold a sitting of the West srr s
and M v the Barbados ettleent at VIeux Indian Court of Appeal in Progress
ope-Ro M r. St. Lucia, has been selected
Mr. D. Peter. as laison officer in connection with mid-August in British Guiana, b
sermon was the scheme. The question of ap- Triinidad Guardian Correspondent. the "Trinidad G rdn" Responding to official appeal for
serao.M. o ne s pointing another officer is under ST. GEORlGE'S. GRENADA. oonw e ak o Ch Lan
to Capt. Williams consideration. June 3-Application l nas been learned from reliable source a m eonnt 51 persons have rently
S the Church and his Recruitment is proceeding rapid- made for a licence directing a yesterday. acquired holdings on various set-
aotivitles In the ly and selectees are busy signing limited liability company to be The list to be dealt ith, it is elements throughout the i island. the
allotment form on behalf of de- formed under the name of the unervston bis ato with l ioe acting Director of Agriculture dis-
S"l e has been pendants. They have been told Grenada Society of Arts, understood, tis a small one, acnd Dretor agr re
sw 10 years working that from their earnings a compul- One of the most ambitious -. -0 Prtc l and settlementsry released
de o the church so, deduction of $1 a day will be schemes ever promoted in the colony ra N d rog h theInformation Office.,
ears' sent back here and lodged in the pisromoters look to its con aThe report states:
.ght or nine y er o fer srin freat material, education,,.al aers pmmed "Prom the commencement of the
ut Army, f feel Government Savings bank to their yeerri1ngpprcamas.hveabee
ft well chosen for credit pending their return homeand cultural benefits on the people
of the island as well as giving a granted allotments on various set-
Arrangements will be made to lead which may be followed by inror Fnrma tlement. A number of notices for
owne to his good re- cover emigrants by insurance dur- other West Indi n Islands. non-cultivation of the holding and
Srt-clas orgniser, Ing the sea voyage. The society will seek to promote arrears of rent have had to be
ability to turnthat the liberal arts and science and Search for a limited number of served on a few settlements, and
he is a str ong'N T ago fla other like useful objects and to San Frnando Carnival players to eight allotments have been 0epos-
m. above all, a man New. TD m apply profits accruing therefore take part in the Anglo-American eased.
of responsibility*"" c to oo to the promotion of those objects. War Charities benefit show: "Land Maintenanoe and development
to his felloWien. e t n n His Excellency the Governor, of the Calypso" which will be work on roads and pasture re-
Shim and for him r Sir Arthur Grimble, has con- staged in San Fernando on United seves continue to be n s rricd out
work in the priest- 7Trtuidsd Gu"rdta Conpqnisented t, be president of the Nation's Flag Day, Wednesday, on a some settlements. on
wor. th rtGrd S ondecat"On La Pastora Soconusoo and
ied and hallowed." SCARBOROUGH, June 3--con- society, while its council which June 14, has started and the Trin- Brooklyn settlements the settlers
struction of the proposed new dam has alreadv held preliminary meet- :dad Press Club will be willing to organised and carried out success-
at la Green Hill in the vicinity of Mt ins, conpriss: Mrs. D. Slinger, hear from anyone desirous of offer- fully athletic sports meetings dur-
A nd lSt. George two miles above the vice-president: Mrs. W.E. Julien. mg their services. In the Easter holidays on the ir
Present dam, is reported likely to secretary; Miss P- TBompson, All applications should be accom- recreaton ground. They obtained
butr asrr Ms un C der .Renwik, as- panieif posble by of a large section
Clu T ni ght Valuators are now enROSdEIn lstant treasurer: Mr. G. Munroyt
appraising properties of peasant Mrs. D. Slinger Miss M. Bertrand of tecost e and snt to Mr. the public, and the funds. they have
,;Cu .Espinet, C/o the "Trini-- accumulated will be used in estab-
Police Band will within a radius of two miles of the Assistant secretary: Lady Grimble .Ca.- siecote"rn- acmltdwl eue netb
4hes Poli eBandof tteh Mr H. MrDdad Guardian." No personal inter- lishing recreation clubs. The de- *
.the front lawn of site. Mr H. Padmor, Mr. Denis Henry, ............
,NAvy Club from 830 !t ts understood that when th.e Mr. W. B. Roberts. Dr. C. L. B. view can, however, be granted. monstration plot cn La Pastra Set -
ltot t p ntaDn There will be two performances element, which serves as an object
vauto scmltdtePaat Sletr.r ,A air n h lesson to the settlers, continues to "
is the programme: Will be paid for their cultivation, FR Pr. Murnjo McGibbon, O.P. at the Empire Theatre, San Per.Yless to th ese l ts t
bier.. 'Colonel Bogey most of which In incocoa. and the The council has forwarded to nando, under the patronage of His y"Woel kon the survey os the sA
i... Alford. area will then be entirely cleared His EllealeIncy the following pleas: Excellecy the Governor, one at WRecknona thnce Estate, y Lopinot,hSta
."Lht Caval y".... before the building of the eatch- That Her Royal Highness the 4.30 P i. AAd brother 330 mm ur d in December, 194, for AS SUa
-Tup p. ment ba n begins. Princ Elizabeth will gra ulyeats fr the night show, will be by the establishment of a settlement b
"up. m t Dbinbe gs o S consent to be patroness of the reservation, bookings for which w is In progress and It Is expected ndai fo
-Atraass. society: 2. That a lot of land at open, thels week.thatsimilar work on La Carmencit a ttniquar
Walts Medley." ermu women Tanteen be surveyed for the In addition, invitations have been and La ClaritawrEstates, RIo Claro,
'_The Desert Song." society's buildings: 3. That the sent out to 10 prominent residents Alandale Extension. Cumana, and
.he Bloody Tower" Fo C British Council will give a grant of San Fernando and neighbouring St. Helena Estat, MXAtelot, re-
ColePorer elo- ~ UV flI to the society to cover (a) the cost areas to serve on the Sponsoring cen tly purchase for theaetabih
-Porterof salaries for a period of five Committee. A special programme ment of settlements, will shortly be
ghtget. Maior"j AMILTON, BERMUDA. June 3 years of professors of piano, violin Is being prepared for San Fernan. undertaken.
'Three B4idt (AP).--The Legislative Council e- ant singing and (b) cost of do with the aim of providing local -.0 7,
-Lotter. terday passed Assembly legislation Bechatein concert Randd piano. colour. B.G. Chinese Give Warm
LY90's" -Winter. which will establish special juvenile An annual series of events is pro- Meanwhile, for the benefit of W r
livan" --Sulivan. court in Bermuda comprising posed as follows:- American servicemen who have not Welcome To Vice.Consul
en sailor" magistrates as chairmen and lay- (1) Choir recital; (2) Three 1-act had the opportunitig of seeing the Mr. Tang Chin-Hsien, newly-ap- e I
ThsWee kMacgregor"f and women. plays: (3) Massed children's choirs public performance of this Carnival pointed Chinese Vice-consul At
4"Mhe Bells of St. The Ho'ble Trounsel Gilbert, at Queen's Park: (4) A three-act revue. Mr. Olie Flanders. the Ac- Georgetown, British Guiana, wAS
-Adahm Ats.y eeri tl the Aly:t5 A variety concert: (6) tlvitles Director of the U.S. hre given a Warm welcome yesterday by
Cut C)uncil that Bermuda Is the first Pageant of the history of the has arranged to stage it at the the British Guiana Chinese Aaso-
rCO~iLn." colony to Introduce this typo OfIsland at Queen's Park, 0) An U.S.O. theatre In Port-of-Spain. elation.
'"Community Land' court which was intite in the orchestral concert: (8) A panto- Negotiations are now being con- Mr. Tang, ateompanied by big T1
"CommunitA hUnitedsates and etabl w shed the mime: (9) A water carnival in the ducted to carry the revue to one or wife passed through Trinidad last
bting Medleylihi United Ktdom.St. George's Lagoon; (10) A musp-ass
t eg.... .LBath.aalfestival. more of the U.S. bases here, week on his way to Georgetown.
I" L erscSy di n y h as sugete -- -PLA t
Lawyers Syndicate t antduildupthe caroival.
Tobago BUYS City Proper Radio distribution In also to be
ery one of the society's alms and thePu
im Band Five city solicitors Ad l b. .establishment or a museum.
riater-at-law, recently PuSQUARE, CIRCULAR, PLAIN and POLISH= EDG,.
a re aPendmnt as a syndicate. Noa. S n-HeadteacherGets
H, June= .-Te s street formerlyo q wHby GetsTheiPa
tdhe Reeve the heirs Of Cecilia Eckel, f Course Extended Special-48" x 18,Plain-$13.50
do~r tlalfrm a$15,000, thoavrniad 5 Guax C u seEx en e
have already been wax informed yesterday. Too one-year British Couacil AT
0ths and Mr. Jim Included in the syndicate are scholarship granted to Mr. C. W.
_ the band has been Mr. Oscar Pierre, Mr. C. SirioO, Debysingh. former headteacher of
r Ion an assistant Mr. Ilewei yn Roberts, Mr A. the San Fernando CM. School, now B. H. ROSE LTD
Sinanan and Mr. A. S. Bates, at Nottingham, England, has been HOTEL C
u' a commission as Most of the members of the syn- extended to September 8, the LONDON STRET.
Officer- is Semior dicate are now occupying offices at "Trinidad Guardian" was informed.
Ottley. No. i Hart Steet recently acquired In the additional period, Mr. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _O_
by Government for pt"n On of. Debysingh will be taking a vacation
the Director of Medic Service course .at Oxford.



((U ,-anieed Waterproof)


81.0 S1x3m w


rd Life
Mee Co.
In the Wet
r -s yeas.
re P. rO.
|dWW-----^^, '

-7aA- of/




1lm Gorden


- - - - 00-

Now then, wryhody.-
with that





VHiIr G maCTCU 0. iD9, 01 EI

at the service of the Empire






Modern Bungalow QAT

wo itwst Utha it rit
3-w lbe lo anpp .,
3 Scott Bushe St. These CHOOL
But himnnmte will ? r
PHONE 5367 ," .
If. Gedde. Crau
A - Mot

z( penmem swu S 16)
rE Oont neglect your
beauty treatment
ly At alM, LA Tolt Soap my
be had U 2 oN MW O ks leM
|t by eeplag itdry. oe'
puttie Mp uowate, but wet
PW It&I w t6eidh fir-
nt It I I Is M Oeitarnbatwei
La Tooe Sol p wSl t y.
ATES Now B. mmw -Boe
Me lor L To l Seep hea oo
,, ,olUi thtiwtob*ft Lan


1~ ~ I PsnS~'A~Pi

IA. Me Querino'
.W"-U I I .i


hoPresd by
SThora Thomas
SThese anr few taking part:-
SThora Thmas I Pete Beciat. Bob
Gains. Pout do Labsatide. Owen
LL Kelman, MiMs Palmer Chizola
Duancing Team. Ken Hlurd (U.g.
). Law Kay. (U.S. Bame),
/ nc Itando <(New Yort), Me.
Mualt 061`ater, Corbtn-Agr
Tri~~t Oe LrAi, New York,
ollma ThoIe, Claire Keny,
Angela Long, Teale Ustant,
Sorace MoboM Pat riery, Own
RostIAt, qPaty ?dlman. Jean Q ;t,.
Ohbai ,. Grac EdMhml. pldy
MoIau. Dya Ocro an, Domumd
Notimagel, Luie do Vartwl.
Anela McCartey, Joan d'Abadte.
Ilen de Verteu. Nelle Aranda
Noreen d'Abadle. Odette o"iham.
Rose MeOartaey, Mmtonica d'Abadle.
Joyct Nunee, Phyt. Done.Yvanne
Empire Theatre
SWedn.sday 28th
Jun. 1944
o pmi.xi
Vw S LM PIH o t w"" a te
The IL Josep Cuwnwt fesi.
SPac it3edIm ntby I. L.
I- .an

ODoa't suffer sleeple nights with
ithBal Here is s rerJief .-
eimply iahll ithe fuma of Kelloug's
Asthma I mady... breathin im-
-b* i bcom morns free nd
tar.. deepiopmiblemnce more.
Thb you we a chronic asthna
uhfnr, ds wonderful remained
brin s ctlve relif every time
It Ii used. Oct Kellok'i Asthaa
RmItIdy o ywr de ler today
& : a yawr firtep on theroed to
better hMdth and mafort.
Ms dun dq As MdMM K79
r~i[lro? .LdK"

Cvil sir tnapw 4 ims vwhma SiN u UNa5 m i .,
ends. ForwtheNMNm, bliomse., dm W m me
of the fims: who would m i Ido Ow
or the aerodram m l ily qaIm I. --i 'sh
wah the O.B.C.. inds.m emw w
close co9librati with G'm m pur, Edm G.3C. im
maanuf&mnn orpaamaom v ImuI dmeWGWmam do0.fu
scientific lmpota"u5.
When wa ON* Aft lk-ai hgws-, t0dby CM
Comanuy an a11 qpIIadM deiuautidyS!B hepast d
cievionics, win bi aWulabAw Ai ni wgy. Mpu vd ft 0. ha
inryingeng t sipl~m wfad dmiim OadOW amiS


0 an"" -ma-ntCA-Lw
e ^ I ...^^ -nt^ ^. .....

E 4f

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f^ Oilow*

S5 wA I


S17.08 & S2I.93

0 -.: : I Ii

I m w .- ~ --------- ------.------w- ---------. -, ----. _______________________________________________________________________
I- I

Hrta*oAI uU aO
gusw.__inlmie -j*. *4N

p.a iinir i a!*in* ,efk AvHeU-As

BW4 N1MuibHiev. WA. I Wiestsbs eieM 5545
8, KOpi a Oo. nns.) su es Avuue NVY.S


TUSDAY. JUl 8, 1044.

FaUll Of Rome Gives Hope
To Enslaved Europeans
SH fall of Rome on Sunday to the
Allied armies of liberation should
bring great hope to other European
capitals still in Nazi hands. The Eternal
City is the first of Europe's capital cities
to fall to the Allies, and there may be
several more before the year's end. This
latest German defeat supplies proof to
the Hitlerites and their satellites that
the Allied armies are on the road to vic-
tory, and that while the Wehrmacht may
'delay their advance it cannot stop it. To
the enslaved peoples throughout the
length aud breadth of Europe, the fall
of Rome brings new hope and assurance
that liberation is not very far away.
When the progress of the Allied
krmles in Italy was held up for six
months, the Impression was created that
Kesaelring's armies had forced a stale-
mate. But It is quite clear now that the
lull In the fighting was the result far
more of the very unfavourable weather
than of the enemy's strength. It has
taken just short of four weeks to drive
the enemy from positions which were
reputed to be of great strength, and to
capture a city whose loss sets the seal on
the failure of his Italian adventure. It
is cause for satisfaction that Rome has
escaped destruction, but Berlin's at-
tempt to claim credit for a strange desire
to preserve sacred and cultural monu-
ments can be discounted. Kesselrlng's
decision was of a purely military nature.
Hard pressed for reserves as he is, and
certain that reinforcements are not avail-
able, he came to the conclusion that it
would be more profitable to offer a token
resistance and save the Irreplaceable
men and materials he would have lost by
fighting to hold the city.
The capture of Rome has political
Importance, in that it has been followed
by the withdrawal from the throne of
King Victor Emmanuel; but it Is merely
incidental to the main purpose of the
Allies, which is the destruction of the
remainder of the German troopel in
Italy. This aim is well on the way to
achleven nt, for since resumption of
the fighting the Germans have lost six
divisions with all their guns and equip-
ment. It remains to be seen whether
General Alexander's pursuing forces will
catch up with the enemy, who is being
very hard pressed in his retreat north-

Derim .-kO the xawMW k put ,
tn ZtnUaa palit vu hisb Is *ig in
-4" defem the e0 0Ito*'
that their lMet hanCe it o Wua rt e,
raedtan te tte AUlim UleIne thI nm Ow.
The shift o the beate, how 0
tMe Allim the opportunity If they .
d- of halting their puut at othe
enemy and switching the offmsiW by
amphibious operation either to the Gulf
of Oenoaor to the Qulf of Lons in
southern France. Tthe advantage of thi
would be to contain Keuelring' troops
In tuly while taking a step which would
fit into the pattern of invasion in wet.
ern Europe. With the Allies holding
mastery of air and sea, such a manoue-
vre is not beyond their capabilities.

Ribbon Building Control
Is in Community Interest

TIlE Government was warned about the
evil effects of ribbon building by the
Town Planning Committee in 1932 and
the Road Policy Committee in 1937. Ten
years after the first warning it got the
Legislative Council to pass a Restric-
tion of Ribbon Development Ordinance
giving It power of control over this
menace. Control Is to be exercised
through the Planning and Housing
Commission, and the absence of an ef-
fective organisation of this kind in the
interval may have accounted for the
delay. This was unfortunate, for the bad
effects of ribbon development were
accentuated while the authorities waited,
and can be seen on many of our high-
ways in different parts of the country.
The process has been continuing since
the OrdinanCe was passed in 1942,
though modified by the war, and it is
time for steps to be taken to enforce the
law. The orders recently Issued by the
Governor In Council in this connection
have therefore been welcome, and we
hope they will be followed by others ap-
plying the provisions to every part of the
Colony requiring to he safeguarded.
Orders published in the "Royal Ga-
zette" on April 22 brought the Saddle
Road as far as the new North Coast
Road under the Ordinance, as well as
parts of the Caroni Savannah Road and
the Southern Main Road between Cha-
guanas and Couva. Last Thursday's
"Royal Gazottc" hai ca'rrled the good
work a stage farther by taking in the
rest of the Saddle Road up to its junc-
tion with the Eastern Main Read at
Ban Juan. and bringing the Eastern
Road itself under thl Ordinance from
Port-of-Spain right on to the Mausica
River. It also puts the stopper on ribbon
construction on the Western Main Road
-a need to which w" drew attention in
August. 1937, along with the damage
likely tn be done at Diego Martin if
proper control was not exercised.
The effect of the new orders is to
compel Interested pcisons to consult the
Planning and Housing Commission be-
fore putting up any building on land
within specified areas along the road-
sides. These extend to 100 feet from the
edges of the road in somt, cases and 150
feet in others, and plans of the areas
have been opened for public Inspection
at the Commission's Office. Where per-
mission to build is refused an appeal
may be made to the Governor in Coun.
ell. Ribbon building tends to spoil the
amenities of the countryside and defeat
the alms of town planning, and with
proper safeguards against abuse its con-
trol is in the general Interests of the

" ajance "

To be held at


10th JUNE, 1944

Proceed wmd -e to llthe lding Fund for
the erectht of Mervent E.C. School

u Ladie $1.00

e Thik amChom

an1- )Abs1, ab. ad

b 10 t 11er 5eW
Oatiolal 8m 1 Timheo

0, e the meanImm a fin tla ef-
c .so W hat gmsatn that
Is be mu a metoi l the

portions and o avane o49 ti
w10-An'tas $01e'1"In asf stchoo0

wIV n oot tankmm. aw mtforthas
MMA fUa soma In aking pth.

Wen to the la. e t te ma
ba-MW=@ eDbei lenage In

Oermemnt t'appointeds saot o
th=eash a w1 10d"te being
a Immoralnlotdwo taoo 6 now -
Uef In the social progress of thea
community. They were a bade
ilinlaeto the e*s Uon utasthe
schools; and by imnplication con-
stitud apvedneo the edu-
cationala soti a avnce to the

whch alonwy.,cnvninl
te teach bher Inassisted school
WMill not eethank Mr. Swa tfor thisen
ee to the sam d xtent that the
Government teachers cannot: for
reaoas at ought to be very obn
vi ind the ined to lall. ofwe ver im-
cab sy be his own moral
ciee. Mr. Swum did not 11-
luminate the discussion but rather
lent a fo id airosphere totit
which was, howe r, convincingly
dMit d by the strong and pun-
get replies made by the two gen-
do so-sthe Director of education
ioand the Principal of the Govern-
ment .Training C o mep.
It seems that Mr. Swann r was
caught In a Whirlpool of trarirng
desperation and chose what seemed
toter the line of least resistance.
It bae to be remembered that the
motion was mainly a result of agi-
taoe smoe the teachers In s-
seied tee sthl twho felt that coer-
cion was oe of the forces employ-
ed just too often in some places
In order to gratify the desires and
flatter the ambitions of some

And so Mr. Swann speaks of
teacher-gardeners working after
hours against their will u splendid
examples In the cause of social
welfare! His closing remarks, how-
ever give the teachers ground for
hope when he assured the meeting
of the whole-hearted co-oeration
of his Board 'en though the moe-
Ution wa& a lod.

Government Teachers' Associatlion.

Teachers' Salary Pact ?
TM 3e1tor. 'rtlndad Guardian.'"
It is said that a small committee
met and decided upon a certain
seals or scale of selarles for all
teachers. This report. has not been
p resented to the general body, and
the executive, without consulting
the conetituents, signed a pact with
Government not to make salary re-
presentations for the next five
Aa the vast majority of teachers
will derive no benefit from the new
scales It is unthinkable that the
executive should have been so mis-
tuilded as to sign such a pact, so
perhaps my information is Incor.
reoct. But It It be true that the
rupil teacher will now start at $9
atead of S per month, and the
assistant teacher with a Class I
School Certificate at $26 (when in
the civil service he will start at
$4 with the same certificate) I do
not see how the new scale* will he
better for those entering the teach-
ing service.
It Is also said that the highest
grade of head teacher will not be
able to proceed to moro than $1601
per month until he has completed
five years at this salary. If these
conditions are the same Re those
in the Civil Rervlce, the delegates
had every right to sign upon In-
structioni received from the execo-
tive. If not, the teachre have, in
nmy opinion been basely betrayed
and the Director of Education
wouldd, In view of the gipeat dis-
satisfaetion that this signing away
of the teachers' rights would
cause, be well advised to withdraw
the proviso and annul the agree.
We Trinidad are a lonr way
behind the Egllash teachers and
their Burnham Committee. Teach-
ers here have no standing counsel
nor even a solicitor to advie them.
T.B. Potients' Views
TIM ter, "Trinidad Guardiamn."
Why are people ntking so much
tuss about the removal of T.B.
patient to Bt. James? If every-
body at St. James was X.rayed,
we are sure there would be more
than P.M. could hold, and many
of them woos than many at P.H.
Remember that tuberculosis can
only be ontrolled by proper hous-
antation, and education on
T S almln, It quite aslmi
tat afte all these years of talk.
n an d make-believe, the onl
mutble place that Ooverumenl
saa And for, us., I the ward chose
at 4tLJames.
We hope that It will be only teon
has ya b m Stui
iny there hav beo a loto o
umphu of paumtst og to
Mlpurat An Mhe prtsatsee*1
Orwe l ones who after wwit
i~ r< diseae?~ We thin
wa "n bull ll ?*
am% rta n at but we al
-hat about the restaurants an
nm hope where the public I
wered in the me glasses. anW
plate? What of the V.D. cases
Tneo 1aM and restaurant keep
eas Win" hfV4 to get UUMe atroal
X-raved to make sure no tuberct
= 064422,~eno afn d In the
ho. And th.en, all win have U
find some othfr means of livin
the hops wilb have to be close
beaM the majority will be ti
AL Ps %. Dapnte Ramp
awL Oua Do oeona, Ova
C bf o K t t h 1 L ea m e s V i
am Osar, Juan"a Sele
Io".s --a



General Sir Harold Alexnder, eoemander of the Allied armies u&
Italy, looks on at one of the operatlens which Immedlately preceded
the capture of Rome en Sunday. General Aletander previously
conducted the sMesosful North African campalgrn, and before that
helped to leave the British at Dunkerque and in Burma.

All Rome Up At Dawn To See

Allied Troops Enter City
1ir entry into Rome was some- Said ome Pirtisans: "Why were
thing different than anyone bad ex- you so long in coming? We expect-
lNcted. The initial penetration of ed you four months ago." Others
tihe city's limits yesterday was a fiat in silence, asking no qiestions
affair devoid of spectacle. waited for their wounds to be
But today triumph wuas in classic damaged.
Roman style. Thousands of people of Rome
he soldiers were happy but re- marched Jubilantly in Impromptu
strained. They were overawed by parades with the occupying forces.
aic. Theywer oerw'ed bY S^ SSS
Rome and within a short time it They waved ls and held rbnners,
was evident that Rome hid taken splashed through water from broken
to them an much as they id taken water mains to grasp the hands of
to Rome. the troops and almost smothered
SRomthe liberators with roses and kisses.
STILL ETERNAL CITY They shrieked curses at blinking
STILL ET NAL I OGerman prisoners and wept at the
Rome which has gone through sight of a dying American soldier.
so much for so long a time. took WIth shrill cries they warned of
the vicissitudes of the past few hidden anti-tank traps and ma-
years In its old stride and once more chine-gun nests. .
ihas come out on top, it is still Mothers held up their children
the Eternal City. to be kissed by grimy-bearded Al-
All Rome %,aa up at dawn today lied soldiers night of a dying
nto se the Americans, who broke German scout car crewrran from
Into the city yesterday and pro- whose chest gushed a stream of
ceeded to its centre last night, come 'o .
swarnmlng in to occupy the hole But the soldiers Just swung along
capital. In a tired shuffle in the face of al
From both the Appian and Casi- this demonstration, awe-struck by
lina Ways fast columns of tanks, the faious city that had been
n and trucks crowded with .their gal for nine long months.
Sg puns in h At a police station, offIceres aid
heRom a pr ineu p rt all was quiet in VatiUcan City and
The Romans lined up to greet t l Gerwun were seeing from
them and pelt them with flowers, the last Germems won fleeing from
Crowds were large even as the sun their rendezvous near the Coll-
9eeped above the horizon and sull seun.
bigger s It cast its soft early my t
over the grimy soldiers who had
fought their way into the city. H heavies H alt
The people' reception of the
troops approached hysterm as the N| 7 PT '

morning wore on ana as more anu

I I I"AX V b Uo 1

more troops oer..e Into the city. | om
At 10 a.m. Lieut.-General MarkI
Clark. wearing his field uniform From Rom et
and no decorations, entered the
city In a jeep and drove to Oampo- [CONTINUSO FROM PAOE 11
doRlio. Rome's city hall, and form- The statement presumani re-
Ally proclaimed the occupation, ered to the race between th. i'uit
praising the wilour of his troops he Brt lrt nd lght
and ayln triute ~hO5 ~ of the British First and Eighth
and fnying tribute to tho whoArles to be first into Tunis more
had fallen, than a year ago,
Just 2. hours after1 the first forces
BALCONY DESERTED had nmade their way through dense t
The main connection of Caupo- mineflelds and broken into the I
doglio wait itume lies In tne iact southeastern gates of the city from
that it overlooks the ancient Rom- Highway Six. the leading elements
an Forum. Mussolini's UAicony in had pas s completely through
pala=so Venesa a ew blocks awaO y niperfire and left behind Rome it.
iook~a empty, and ueseMd. sol. and completed the crossings of
veryng conected wlt this many of thes 16 bridges over the
s Tiber Inside the capital itself.
ccupation oRome was strange the meantime, hour after'
and entirely different irom w10t ho,,r raids by Thunderbolts and
anyone thought it would be. their Ught bomber tore the r -
All the bridge over the Tiber tar ng enemy apart and destroyed
are standing though mines were or da edt a total of 1.W00 German
placed und:r some of them by the taispo-rt At the same time,
eermans. These mines were re- ,edlumr bombers deployed even
moved by army engineers. Even faMer let to break up rail cornm-
Ponts Milvio, on the main route municatlons viaducts and left
north from Rome. was not blown wreckae and e behind.
up. It is certain, however, that
the Germans used it to Are on Ow2 BRITISl OPPOSIED
Americas. aBut while the city wa being
The city had many of their cleared of the last snipers;
knocked out guns and tanks. They F h thAmy7nfor ete r
did not propoT sued the enemy north the riir
d t tofght a ma advancing from the east were tUll
battle here, but they turned RaS meeting tubborn opposition.
into another "delaying action." Norteast of Valmontone between
One of the Germn tanl was Hilghway Six and the paralleling
ed out in Plazza din road to the north, the enemy was
one of the main squares of e, fighting on in fortified mountain
by an American tank whkch cm defences as he tried to find hig way
down the street. h out of the closing net now that the
Some Romans MAid the Germans Rome "back door" was shut tight.
Had mounted guns on thea ro ofO Allied forces pushed toward Gen-
the Basilica of St. John Lateran esano.
Which Is Vatican extra-territortal Before Rome and beyond, how-
property, but this was not officially ever, the enemy war completely dis-
confirmed. orianied d for the most part
It Is certain however, that they dismayed and bewildered. go dise-
fired on the Americana from the organized, in fact. th t 337 prison-
eastesrn outskirta of the city, that era captuWd at Velletri fore found
various units were engaged In to hav eome from 6) different
Stret fighting with the Americans companies. This group of priaonerm
to block their prgree through Joined by those being broug bak
Rome and that they had gun on tRome swelled the total to the
Mount Mario, which Is inside '" 00 mark equivalent to two
Rome. and a half German divisions at
Knocked-out German oombA ve- Pnrent ostute strength-or a
hicles in the streets of the capital -'4a7 ofeaive.
were evidence that they had turned HEAVY AM A50AULTn
the Eternal City Into a battleround Five hundred American heavy
at least to the extent of fighting a bombers joined lighter 'planes in
t delaying action. bombing attacks an enemy corn-
minmlatlons north of Rome today
SRoman Parutlans Fan in &A tohal the German
retet rom ARome.
SLlberation Fies The blst d raUlway
along the doulerack na from
y DAN L Di LUCB V e' to Rimnt along which the
A ROME. June 5(AP)-.aM sllni'0 be411VVWo'tWe inpart
1 balcony hunt empty in te moon. 2 .inwmntoreh troops
light as 6 ifth Army soldies M eqr. V ui" toward th e1bttle-
I cled the PaUmo Veneta ast night l- aMa. were "-u at
o..nd thousands of Riman Part iss.. 15 4WO'N041"e
r fanned the fres of Ubestlos,. Ia -- 'ErA U"lfos' "o"i
. Behind a creAn of Partti"V ol- P eki & and
r unteers who wore hamme anwd 'md aa 'w- oM id
to tickle arm-bands,. waved d p 3 idaltas t lbw steady on'b
L, and brandished old N fesms, sws5 Seel =Sle aatt~odna ua-
d, can forced drove to the 'Tiber liver ti ad"n au t nof w,
00 through futtie Goran nrtswm e *SSA WaO tN 0 e ft"nd
In the etreets-reslsnM that w "N
r- real despite the GeaM" g* 1Mee wams roe t=tabs the
OR that Rome w0a1 W1 1% road.
t- Some Roinana di et h Ligbtna a- kad airfields and
r- for freedom., egaggn m beWwH w t L lmb o WWas a
their UP sand chMo .t teIV" feBfdAr~reewt~e
throats. Soae wet Wlu acroStat v"a nos
German mac=lue-pM s M had lute
V0ud *tos w* a* af mK e INS ?at


* -e *

1 i i

To be held at the Indian Club
Queen's Park West, Port-of-Spain,
the 10th June until the 18th June.

AdmUsion Free.

The oriiipal guarantee to buy eWrtai" locally- grown lowl
cees to be effetUve at the end of June 1944 and a new
therefore now given tolwm :-
Locally grwn mope 4 listed below will be purchased In ta
quantles a a at not lea than the ories stated if offered l "
d sound clean marketable oditwlon at one of the foljjjwn '
otnol MarketiUng Depots, namely, Port-of-Spain. man peraznlf
Oleo, Sangre Orand., Arima. Tunapuna or rarboirough bet0;M'
July, 1044, nd 0th June, ISO These crops will alIo bi urdi
general or special arrangeint at sub-depou Bsiimted A'WM"--
Railway station or a 0oasta Stemmer port wil be subject to a
tion in respecI of the cost of roed transport.
Pigeon Peas, dry shelled...............G .
Black lye Peas, dry shellUrd............ l
Corn, r shelled......................... '
Yams ul ( .bon) ....................... : S V
Tal nnls ...... ..... .......... .. .. ,'.
Sweet Potatoes ....................2. :
]ddoes .......................... .. lie -
Pilaitaax-ftnge .. c... ... 3" ,
PlantMln-atem ....................' 210. "* Michel, Sucrier & Governor lie .
ThiAs guarantee does not In any wa restrict the ritg.t of
to dispose of their produce to their beer advantltge, but itII
that pri.cesnot lea than thoae stated will be pold at
Marketing Depota for asurpluses for which growers cannot obatan
prices elsewhere, thereby ensure for them an outlet tfor

20th May. 1944. ood
prdtin of cr. e oug makt may be __

Vehicle Licence Plates 1944

It Is otiflei for general in-
formation that the balance of the
foUllowin Vehicle Lcnce Plats
for the year 1M44 have beenm re-
eived and distributed to the
various licensing oceg In the
Bicycle Plates.
Agriculture: Carts-PneumaUtio
Ariclture: Carts.
Other Carte.
Donkey Carte.
Exemption (a).
.... Sgd.) R. B. ISKINNIt,
Accountant Oeneral.
Treasury Chambers.
29th Mtay. 1944.

Re Death of
1. LIUONRL JOSPL late of
Opouch- Road. Sparia, a
workm lately employed with
Trinidad Lseholda Ltd,
which occurred on 2gth
March 1944.
2. CLEB NT DUNCAN and 3.
late of Viainey, La Brea,
workmen lately employed with
Antilles Petroleum Company
(Trindad) Limited, which
occurred on 9th Fiebruary.
Compensation in the above dit-
ter having been deposilted with me
under Section X of the Workmen's
=ompensatoa Ordinance the de-
pendant of the said 1. Lionel Jo-
aer 2. Clement Duncan; and L.
Frederick Harris are here re-
quired to appear jfore the Com.
mllsioner on Friday, the 9th day
of June, 1944 at 0.80 o'clock in
the forenoon at the Court House,
Port-of-Spain, when the Commla.
ioner ahaU proceed to det ins
the distribution thereof.
Proof of reiatlonsh'i of depe"-
ante to the deeeased workman wil
be required by the Co .misloner to
be furnished by claimants at the
enquiry, Such proof to be iu the
form of certficates of birth and
of ir irriage as in the circumsmances
be necessary.
Dated this 10th day of May, 1944.
RegSitrar, Supreme Court.





Import Programmaj
For 1945

Importers are herebyt Ms
to submit to the Seara *
Control Board, no later i j
Jano 144. their 1945 rU
from all sources of Uio S
item included in FLA's
List 41-
L Hooks and Eyes. Slid3 .1
and Smtp rAsiener.
Buckles, But.ns and 's
miscellaneous ihol '
and apparel finding. '
specifying in each
cane the matinal from
which itemi is manu-
lectured ht
2. Dometir Sewing MI- '
chine Ntlier Pins,
&. ElastIc VWrbhlng
Rubber Thread
Returns should be veS
accordance withth e
outlln:d ir. intre Control gi |
tlce dated lmtn M 14y. 1,
Control RoHP n communl ,
26th May. '4 P 8 ava ilLae
will be allixiwairted on the
conditions it irrin stied.,
L "
Si(.iiun, COntrtl
.Old Poet 0nice Bulldlip l.
7, St. V'ncrn Street,
Port-of. 'pnin.
list May. i14.

Marine Engines Fi
Fishing .'
Fishermen irqulring
gines muht nrrange wO il
porter to include their n
in returns to be AuM
Control Board not later
June, 1944, in
Control Board Notice0
May. 1944, on the ubJ Ct
Programmes for 1941. '.:
A. K.
per Alwcer 1I/
Slat May, 1,4._


Importers of th0
hereby notified t
the l tiDortatUon of
bide from O nCaRa
granted on the -
of their average U
the years 1938/39. L
Secretary. Ofj
Guir Post OfleD 'i
S sit. Vincent SM-I,
port-of-Spalo. ''%
5th June. 1944.

The Public is hereby notified that owing9
landslips, the North Coast Road is closed tell
traffic until further notice. _-

For Director of Works and Trw
Public Works Dept.
2nd June, 1944. ____


Unidentified Body

Pound about of aoMa Wet of te almia oftNt= &
p'm. on the ad Junem, 144.

( t--flri- a 1i:i

iafr-4e 0% w O
AC:51M b*W yrk *
Balrt-t-aw owl It" *NW 91 ol N
ww Saw W ws m re kines tis ,te
e.wmee b d a01-* 0&nw .


L 1


ftw bipaaew wVILeaei~iMbC f. Lt41



v, ,
,,: -





b wE


Fw to i

i Th

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tet yet
5 Tothe
A" to v


bt will

Sieof i


to nli




by eimI
say ItI
Oft eg

asa ton
ir virt
I, We
a 14
MI Mbe
I totu
Leed t.
ohRW pf
ba e






Sft .0._.8", i..o available. Remember...
4AIRS sIe.e h
$SA To be held by kind permission of the Committee,
*7.- et the ladle Clb, 9 Q1e'. ork W tt,
Sby the Officer Administering the Government, STANDARD OIL COMPANY
^~m fHit Excellency A. 8. Wright, C.MG., Oc., ftp T i TD
AII L E R?'S i. fUe MTU"AY, *a Oft JUNE, 14 at 5 p.m. I j
A*I LL sER wew I t KItmlkt fttl.


Mured Turkey Seen As GoBetween o c PolisPrl PremiCerIn U.S. To Fid
elt For Capitulating Balkas Mt Solution TO Rusimn Problem

(J" "Mtwo" es yer WAamKIIaOTOM JUwe I r A(AP) W. Ptan.tAw XOMWOyk. the
Iem u onl have TOM Juftt11UP) i fa t ad, lml a" Genet, l< 4 "l Pols Masinit arrived he re t"y jor a wweak irit a suet
th wWY Mikane 1 (ntriSeeral b t" ate S l~fodk litilIigy b % V= Ofte U1114011taatee OerM11`0041 196visit In Made with the full
m%1W emi (, tra aw twore at o46rwayit i n lhikl yn adane. trmiatlica too WeRussian A ea tlh overum e
al u i aug ~d~ ill b~e ftaUM W*53TO th n AU eirs Or is ltkl7 t "eMagoon"__________ raised ome hope of a new undfolibiftbetween the Polis regimse
r.g,..,.., a s murie inb f~fy aSr~raned In nao iStaubiM. end^ Mo^^s oow.^^ ^ 1^ ^
9I7 0v. Already Turty hs ba s n the. 4a o" .
0 an ofne weOf 0% aroiv la"o Merln o rt Mikolajcsky will echangview----
ce.o at es pe t to t the o. r= % l tin I with President Roosevelt, and orobe i .
% ". r No ct = mnw ntadv% or ewen -e mean. fo r o in th ib. rlAAGLI fJ11
fc e In a ulpoxmat to B=garuau Rumania Srones wimythbi ft-ull w tfo livM e teen Russia and Poland.
Wt A w91 tei mOte y o-betweve for theee Wmeted to oti u. Und we Mr. Edward gtettinus. Acting
tha noe we m t enditteM o e snSeor tar, ao GenV
farr modt of much moves hae" tavo Is keeping ostwth on LODOW, Jun a(AP) A314-AD vst of4 h Poish em 9Cier n to
d 4uid t t" """ he rontermakingall who are slf i ae nt o To 25 Per Cent
"1 n o tre minor Nod ents., htth eeno"eeatlaw.Polish Prime Minister ai toPe C n
rule of 0 diolmBas even business re. It s likely that a ftu poetwm iIn no w In aWhin ton today.on his first
m m~ta v Not r have m be en wti howthal n o f- M, __ Uvisit to thl country since hi as- By LI VEDEL
wi l i Wil.matweat mtl. fo tefrom theUBalkanrepor5wil eetd so ta urln erahotmhi .b D tH el
99XW on arth tain fto #6t'i V &W: a svimaofpems ithtePrshp e I 111eADV~ W i
"M I, a -t Juno 6 P A le
fthreatene b y w ~ aOBOumnle by t wewt mod# throui thi V .n his shortStaBt Nap*es June 5 tAP) Allied
chief1001aft th para ty. ndr and t American oSos. on du estimated that the pio-
udtirm. allo vUi vlis. was to The Italian AmaM to able bui~ Prance. w'^ ^^ o^~ ^ l5. nu* ductivi capciy at numaniss
foa for Atd terms. Many of at that te w u as OUl rlprlS a gneral ropean and Polishques- p oU refineries i been
Ul m b"thesef haven d1btMeea teeI gieven tak. wno weh ImmediVaateys. llh' to w than 25 per cent of
strik eat mmlmons from their Fnrein Min ser in IN O ordered a relerting oruleof o During the past month hop uorm&l As the result of the !At
s v the erO11mmente to otVh M what they GSoverment.I5. ns tthe ur- s ov,_Vhy ffcils.ed s ored for a solution to poll llhe4 attacks on one of the
^ Usual n- ^o u^ly Allied Ine ayI t.Zurichd Old vt1 K ,
adtolder !L~ nor l I TIad=WSrdes U I d. problems between Polanand"the mot via emnuel sources. A
t d lomat declined to be p red.tha t triedithefrotgeg1 olet uon on the basis of co- total of 4400 tons of bombs wa
Their a nwer ha conlsistently daos In "11. me oaset id -1r Au triopsr in betweensRomd Ath ) rained on this rich oi region in
beep "'uncondifoalri surender" wWith VItW~Lorraine, Slovak)& and Moravia ,vA~inx from the o se fUwimve raids which took place
Ofelt oir nd osue icte ninoo mmisoloners allereepeat dyadthe underground fight- between MAY 6 and 31.
et ie Moet prominent among the tiOgiti Aboard a11,106101 islodp launcthe1 5I~ by Hmacior that tbsy era. I5.toerefining plants, were so tred-
"e.cret ambassadors" hal been the Mamarsa ea and them retroswd OTrarnnw for theossnblertr ean t d-
milltor7 stntertrioyUt isud:rRumaiant a, said In his al his ste, Uuel ovarnlyoer~s a
t an Rumlanian Princes MarUta Bl- his steB to Ankara, This, It "mlo of their territory into Mr, Winston Churchill. Prime Iv ma reconnatlivane photos
580r .0W155 besmu, who etablished herself in appeared was to await an answer theatreot war Minister of Brit iid In his rve tt only one remains cap-
sIgIo j'Ot 0 of istanbul and made no bonae about to a query he asked the Turkish sIw o speech that he believed the breach ble of y Coiderable production,
t1ilaSrlof her da4ireto contact the Allies, minister to relay to Allied diplo-- .- was not, so wide as it appeared on Blws le current serte of raids,
ian MPy Mnss PSi a the m ned Prine Barb Stir- mats,. Menemencloglu, who i a the surface. PlodOI bAd been attacked n June,
Znd lw, .who a secretl y to Turkey brilliant diplomat and a keen U S. Praise For It w announced last Chr istmas11.I 3 It.i n -
the airports Of and was then rushed through the student of Furopean politics, may IthaeMikolaFcaky would ces oA year, were cp able o i
weL .. to ,n .. ^S. to, i" n ^lled ^ .o,"-^ Sff o,. ^Mid l East Chief thi joo, on:5 ithMr
we have struck country by his British compar.lonn well be called upon to retWat -. st LISdCM r
"a I MideE st C pRoosevelt. but his visit as post- prO un aat Un rate o.N abou
territry. ofthe waring ntionstons annually. No~w iti
to A fhtte rr in"r ptory, of the warring nations, pone presumbly because of diM- doubtful If they can produce As
it St y P gbeeneles prominent Pr e sPresident Roosevelt and men, and relon with Russia.
vpueof se-and Ins cons picuous. p~
m/ls VsthrsouoghugSteaad y rWAesSumm Gon, U.. wrne5 rentary. curie s wefhisarvlhn t sePeat Gomern HP VmNXug30000 o
Ttrsathrough a Travel from the Balkans is sUll tons to General rd chance at having Resse-
et effort andM eominaratiwly euy, although entmon U.S. War Secretary, have Th"en his arrival hints at some lWSHINKT" un
bwd-ointo Supreme dofl c llltles lifted if an actual The Navy Announced that
tiO ( iev .' Made In Burma Set- onrauaton t, =-. 1--, hance hav.ingRso AHNTOJn A)
o Germ stivnt (9tPniUed from Cotamn) mander in the Middle East. formula does not now exist. medum British merchantman
of mother nAtion, cortributing to the n expressed tomanned by a French crew
ilesI all c t e r godil fal SOUTHEAST ASIA. HEAD- G r. o hamd er eso ed to ATTAC 3CEA.X torpedoed and sunk enemy
latest Of ar culturrogreas. and goodwill of all QUARTERS, KANDY. June 5 general Alexander congratulation sumrn e al i May iU n t en
Iia, ltly and lhi-d developing her apea (Reuter's,--Allied troops in the on his flie conception of the plans Bitter stacks from both sidesm Atlantic. t n he
y eredca talents in the arts, crBafta and Burma war theatre have made so 0successfullv accomplished. Gen- which marched along with the ca- ----- -..--
tot gmratenough sciencesand preserving her historic slow but steady progress against oral Wilson, in reply, praised trangement of the two Govern- -----
ot as ougand cultural heritage for the bene.-t Japanese.the fighting qw-Uties and whole- Mnt are notably absent lately. HOTEL MONAC
olnse. Gnto- fit of Oil peoples. We want and ex- In the Indian frontier region hearted co-operaUon of all the The Polish Government In London, A m- An
been h r nten to Pct her help in securing lasting the Japanese base of Kohima is forces who took part in the fight- for reasons it describes a n internal, Nlok Aveh-St. Ann's
where the Peace. All other nations opposed now In Allied hands after the Ing. He had particular praise for has lately moved towards changes 'Phoj ,441.
p o ere to *m and And Nalm should help Jaoanesp had taken a beatlng the 0th and Mt~h United States in its persnnel Affecting persons Cool and comfortable iet In
rUonmmenhcWalId to g1e Italy a chance. The er- from Pun labi and Ohurk troops units wtio had been In action for who direct the butL of tussian soacioua. rounds. Newlyre'i
ory stil hsome mans, after years of dominaion inIn a battle fought on a 5,000-foot the first time. criticism. In particular, it reco- noted. Two minutes from
3RAWe, left the peopleintheEtier- hill, mended General Soanokowaki tn itram. Reservations on appli.
hat dlstanee Rw ell eftftheepeoedfeoInhthesuctes-ohill.cation
CUo-hsvo noncity on tit verge of starvation. But the Japanese are still cling- removed from his succeMion to cation.
tie h we no ed the 1 w Brt Will do every.- i, to scome high around over- hthe A premiership. "- -
Ut ill b tlu we can to bring them relief. looking the road from Kohima to 'T|he t Army Thni boundary iimetion has dim-
vbe oln Anticipating the fall of Rome, Jimnhlal. John Nixon says what I turbei the Polish Government,
11ed Of Muonon we made piiarations to ship food really of Importance 1is that the l whtch atfr So nt iert, dowa dth.
lo supd 2hM pis to the city, but It should Allies should recover the use of Best Seler proposal to set a frontier at the 12. roadwyv.
i. Our ryo e l In mind that those needs this road. Another correspondent C* uron Line dec arin that ie port-of-pain.
ton, malnutr.- called for great transportation and states this must necessarily be a LONDON June 5 Re,. government n exile not Pone 664
tthren requirements of our armies are slow lob. The enemy forces have the ..oment when the "W'tlt powered to dispose of territory of
eedu so erly soihth Artwily iswintning new d peole o w r e
pubilo hes1t- be heav7 that Improvement must to be wiped out and not merelyEbatithonotu in Italythe office oppressed people. However Or-
p aI beat h g- gradual. We already have be- driven from the road Into the stor fthe h o r th e Afrlc Icent reports mody that the Ruclans o
of Poiit MIA-gntmoetelvs'thme euiornrJnl.soyothNohArcnca- offered to moderate tnetr claims of N T C
the Allies In gun to save the lives of the men, neihbouring unle. pain is n 9outh Afri (eavin, the cities of Vilne and
etupendotis. We Women and children of Rome, Other Allied troops are1 slowly and Rhodesia. The booklt, heLwow to the Poles.
as the very Wot- Thisi s an exam;. of the eM- fighting their way into Mtylina. ltehth Army" has airev becomeLt o
it the very bt lecy of your (Americans) ma- One correspondent Sa) that the a best seller in Britain and it
Governments to ohtinery of war. The maglnificent Allies now hold most of the rel- describes an advance which, in Mr. -- ---
ratilc lines. We 11S7 Si y of the American dental district of the town. The WinstonCht:rchlll the Prime Minim- CAFE & PARLOUR
tw b to re- neope in bulldingl merchant hips Japanese are stIll firmly en- ter'm words, will glow and xleaum in A hit
a stolen out of k and collecting cargoes, get trenched to the Bazaar and river the nation's history. Arctect f OWNERS
Germans. We ut o PUn over thousands of front districts. It traces the -ighth Army's
It posibl, for mls OrfWaer andthinkingaead hinn forces captured thecerr in .11 lthe theatres of their Conference We a r now abl to
se and us their to met aull enXMcie--aIl of this town of Tumbllanghka, which lies operations from September 1941, too..u o
No bave to help g s I thinkagaln, efficiency on eact of the Mogaung Valley. Is their triumph at Tripoli in Jnu A. ray architect of American the
schools of p art oF our armed forces and miles northwest ofR Kmalng, ary, 1943, and illustrates it with Mr A 5 Gray. arhltect of American Catcv at the
St Our ned forces and e ton pu. Messrs W H Watkins and Part- following whole'ale .
Aerhcan industry and labour as a The Japanese have withdrawn some vivid action ptures
ID wholO. NO p at efforts like tho f trom a vulae a few miles from a otherMinatylo owf Informatlwu- on nersdyF/P.R I. A., leftar Bthe ;olony rates--
tow fam or litcsi be100perMentn. booklet; has also, now bees _pub- on Sunday last for Barbadose for
ple, of ts whote, an be 100 per ce perfect n town f t mou for ts lade i M. ied In south Afrw and Rsbo conferences with West indilDevlO- LIMON DROPS .. $iM
oleo th e y- t- eaw.a very near and con. Th mine Itself closely Invested idal. It i entitled* "Tere i opment and Welfare officials In ROUR BALLS .... 13.i50
ynow M tIato m and thanks of the Allladngcut off from the north and sFreedom in the Air." This tell. connection with plans for the Trl-
the new sto- Am ICaa nation o out to Generl Ald leading unit a dvancing the story of men who wanted to nilJad Central Training Institute per Citse of 48 12-uz. l'a'ik.,,
Som0 of us mAY Alnxndear, who ou in command in fast 25 miles from the'town east go fighting, Them men from their and larm School A well as health
Sto the financial thsm Medterniean theatre, and A4 southeast homelands in Europe, came o nffrht buildings in British Guiana and +
Ally, It in what General Devon his deputy- to the Germane from base.sin Ttrl other West Indian InlandsAMir.
m of relief. At Lieut. General Eaker, to Admiral tre Pl saLn nd North Africa and fomtaht Gray ti expected to return within a
hope this relief Ounningham and Admiral Hewitt Brt111P1 ln sth mthes allantry agsa nt fe days. Eugene Boisulere
ont for the (u- ar-t to all their brave officers and Workm Fgho Allt Luftwafle. ...edS
it that will y n. May Ood ble them and Woorr .k stockdale the Comptroller; tSir & CO., Ltd.
hating = watch over them and over all our Jn uRuejrt Brlercllffe, the Medical Ad-
.illn desires for gallant it, men. ALOdNON, Jun.'5(Reuter)-
cession In the fu Lord Wooton, Minister of Ro AdvanceMade ,landi Mr. GArden edvin the
,vidends which s--- tructlon said that the Govern- Plnn Aer.
betaelt h u oi d H- I *Iment's plan for employment afterIn New uinea
? World Hails Fall the war was work for a Lord In .ew u a
uppor f Woolton maid he hoped the univen-
#^ jv w * jsal approval given the proposal AL L I E D HEADQUARTIR-.
Sare. capable of Of Italan Ca ital would encourage those brave men NEW GUIN.A. June 6 (Router).
No do not los hibout to go on the greatest ad. --Th' Amerilcans at Biak. have
ue A asa peace-M- 1 venture this country has ever made further advances towards
Remember m anc-l[TINUo PO PA known, the three tairfields. Thunderbolts
the Italians rh Jo Qurtin, Prtme Mlntstcr = .ot down ten Japanese 'planes.
thelr arsad of n A u rtr in, w ired MlnsLr Liberator bombers sank a Japan-
the r d ofAustrla, wired Mr. Winston Paris Radio Says U.S. ea destroyermand probably de.
the i of all hIrohill joyfull congratulations." o't t T Ano ,royd another. Islands in the
amber the reat InrAlgier, the Prench reaction Is Contingent In Angola Kurle group were also bombed.
pIoplO-fatlleo tremendoU. Rupert Downing, LONDON, June 6 (AP).-Parlis
hel-Angftlo and B reporter Who Is In the city, radio said an "American troop -
Mioos discoverer says there is a feeling of Immense contingent has arrived In Angola,
tirlg of It y- ebaai eyle e Portuguese Wat AfrIca." Nh DEFENCE MEAU R T P Th
rus. otay- aae sehlaration everywhere a report i not subsetantiated byhv any LONDON. June 5 (AP.-The
t ly Japan ee ation Included a To- other source. Angola on Africa's Netherlands News Agency Anete
e by teig kYO telegram to the Gernman DN.B, west coast Is bordered en the reported that nearly 300,000 acres of
liarsutioe empire. Agency which Mid Japan had re- north by French Equatorial Afrlica Dutch farmland was flooded asa
Sovercrowded wclved new of the German "evacu- south by Southwest Africa and on German anti-Invasion measure In
terrttories; bt etloa of Rome" with'great sympa- the past by tt'e Belglan Congo mnd the coastal area by the Nether-
in to e tnqer thy Northern Rhodenla. lands.
opl norderto Berlin official onion wu rel*red '. "." ..... 1 .....-'----
Ote IO NISS by Helmut Suenormann, German
o conqurd. In Deputy Pre" Chtet, a eo~trence
fiv t t newph, th Trinidad Countiry Club
av0 BtfonM. They foelurae ecrn at the- ^ t y
.d, ttey have oer T'suocm News Agency.
ye becoe good B M d: '"'The existence of Rome Wednrray Nilt
atunity -ad *O mde the struggle much easier for Wednesdy Nilght .1m^ ^~ f^
They are not lle British and AmericansiIn K GIBRHA V -^ ^ ^ ^|
2l^ey l Amer-nA t sonuthern Italy becauweithe Oerman KImG1 BIRlnIAT EVK |'
Set. 04.Igh Commamnd had ten all stepsNN ?l t & A'TCE
IAOX O t preserve the city. The moment NER & DANC 1H T
g one In great lbs ron reached the vicintty of :
L.O t*E"t ""**nt d" l!ll~r I ^ -- -'* w ~ m ^ rH! STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF
,? Auto-- RrnBM, all German formations were T*M< mW
,*amO gr, a-,y" To o ow TRINIDAD, LTD. AND ITS DIALERS...
O *ivng of Re added that the abandonment DIALM,: 36.
ehriLuSS? sunupees es1f orte_ __ __ ___ ____ ____ ._ _ *
a a I1 t he AU!e tnd that *urop' fate1- \
m ) on e .Ta .woul not r- i
I N INDIA CLUB ...warn you to give your

I Membeut of the Club ore requested to ne car the extra good care
tho following invitatioe:- '...

fTHE BRITISH COUNCIL | needed to prolong its

me pgiggg .,.a ^Iei .r TmX ife, until new ones are

In Tins-lib 13 ozs.--2k per tin.



In Pkts.-- 2 ozs.- 7c, per pkt.

Corner Marine Square and Abercromby Street.
.. .. W_ W W nW , L T "






58 Frederick Street

:: 'Phone 5273.


~~~ rlm I1 . S l~---- .. m_ ., U


t;orner o0 raark c remnroKe irn, wb

4' 6" CRAPAUD BEDS complete with Springs
ond Mattresses-$69.00 each
Cropaud Dressing Tables-$54.00
Dining Tables and Chairs
Cone-Seat Drawing Room Suites
Morris Suites of Various Designs
Cocktail Tables
Bedside Tables

'Phone 5764.



Operative From february 14th, 144
All 'Pleas ntf by am Ue.
Offle: 1; Abwecreb% Stre P- t
'Phoneg MN gad 714.
5*a.) s

TMUODAT; g. am.
TUU3D I Ml am.
SUS p~m.
M0 r.mJ

iATVSDAti to MmL
SU11.9 661 NALL
Is .

-- a Nor list' -lo
- r KI-VAMI&







I .'

T Of arlnidad
sy m~ aUuwiw sM "'1"1 "ll11"-
MKOUAWWC the Avt G OWvorw, Goosmpalae h rioiff
A. M d.bauo atpt. VAWtr A l.A nA CAV.. HR.
kike AAC., etatlaiO W *b e lu tha *1 40 t. the 32 0. Q .
at it.marMes cLurh. Taearzluas oiaer mmiag.
M ordination was cndueted by the Arobbiaheof the W.t
tie rmoWt pra h y theBRvi. 1. k.C ..
tti L of Aa*ad R ural DMA o aouth AM Waad the
Iw u eK.byt V Ieh. K p. R an, ector o Tacarlua and
nhe ca Idatgmgs oetod..W We Grace th Archbbshop by the
Archdaco O C. .
Amon % o th o clergy present wer the Re. 0. 3Q Rsbl r
v. o .Mw, the Rev. X. 8. siMa o. th R 0. T. Xarthlao-
nd te e i.Alen; al o Capt. V. ,oope,. 6A.; Capt. L. 0.
CC& P Ca. J. Beeput, .A.
thoe in the congregation were the Hon'ble Errol doe
betM and Mrs. doe Santos. Mr.'W. J. Williams, Capt. V. Bedford (who
m m t~ Bradier Stokes-Robtart who was unale to attend), Capt.
IS t- o. Commander sad Mn. Meade, Lieut-Com. Mares-
W. Lieutenant and Mrs. *ney,. S/L~eut. Dennis Cooper, Mr.
f .Mr. C. Walcott, Dr. and Mrs. RAmessar, Dr. Sankeralli. Mr.
Si-v ,uke, Mr. JBolton Mrs. Ralph Abercroniby, Mr. and Mrs. Garnet
t. c~arthy Major Laughlin, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hamilton, Mis Dora
I 3wmeDr. F. L. I,. Patrick, Lleut.-ColonBl and Mrs. Roy Al ton and
r Cecil Hope-Roi. most of whom were entertained by the Rev. and
Mrs. Wltliams afterwards.
M8 EXCXLLZNCY the Acting Governor, attended by Capt, Erie
t Glalsher was present at the tea party and twilight concert given
M "I., Petite Musale" at the Royal Victoria Institute on Saturday
n arrival they were met by Miss Dorothy Shrewsbury, Miss Olive
Walks and Archdeacon Doorly.
1 1 1
S.MR. TWINING, who was an Intransit passenger on Saturday, was
S the guest of His Excellency the Acting Oovernor overnight. He
was oni his wav to St. Lucia to take up the post of Adminlartator, and
'm he wu from Mauritiua had travelled considerably to arrive at his
Sdestlnation. To1
I'AMONG Sunday's passengers for the United States was Mr. C. E.
Hitchins, editor and managing-director of the Trinidad Publishing
Company. Mr. Hitchins has gone on business and expects to be away
for about two months in the U.S.A. and Canada.
FOR the benefit of American servicemen who have not been able to
attend the public performances of "Land of the Calypso," Mr.
.OU Flanders, activities director of the United Serviceas Organisation
bere, has completed arrangements to stage this musical revue, high-
|ighting the most important incident of Trinidad's colorful carnival,
t the U.SO. Theatre on Thursday night.
S Arrangements are being made to reduce the special stage sets to
At the U.S.O. stage, and a dress rehearsIal of the cast has been called
' or Thursday morning I t 1g o'clock at the London Theatre All mem-
berg of tbe cast are asked to report there without fail and at the time
mentioned, bringing their costumes.
* *
MR. ERIC BURGER and Mr. Richard Wilson gave a delightful
party on Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Knid Fraser, where
they live. Calypsonlans entertained the guests out on the lawn at
the back ad snacks and drinks were served. Everyone had such a
lo1ly time that It was well past 1 a m. when the last of the guests left.
Among those present were Mon. Fernand Gallat, Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. HItchins, Mr. and Mi-s. RAt, Mr. A. S. Gray, Miss Sybil and Misc
at Atterk, Mrs. Amy de Nobnga, Mrs. F. Fraser, Miss Didl Fraser,
Miss Amy Leong-Pang, Miss Carmen deGannes. lift'it.-Commander
LaPore. Lieut. J. Free, Lieut Clapprrton, Miss Maiy Gandi Miss
Tubin, Mr Lester Cohen, Mr. Louis Lipski. Miss Marie Anthony, Miss
R*dney. Mr. Al Thiomars, Mrs Boo C"hism, Mrs. Bedell. Miss S. urke,
Lieut. Bob Poilo'k, r'wl. Frank Levine and Pvt. Bob Frank
'TiJE Trinidad Country Club was undoubtedly the bhiiglitest spot on
Saturday ev~nine 'lire Cathle Royal orchsti a, with lrma Jar-
rtte, hroadcast ovr- WVITt and lisifiters say it. was delighihil to hear.
Among those y nntir'ud there were [irit, nSpike ('base, Mr.
Lurddia Ache, Li'li. Frarrc Mr Andr'e Rostant. I.i'iil B,,lger, Mias
Btephanfa Normar, fr Ivaiay Snior, Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn. Mr.
Hnd M rs. ".rnghnl (,ill. M r. nAd M rs, R ,thr t S itherland M ss G loria
finotant, Mls'. Joan Mrsrdern l.iit. Barney t'otr'lloe, Miss .hlv Mimne,
1Mr. Ednar" Mrrd,'n ir Mi. and MrNs Ken Mackenzire Mr,. 'ri'iw
Math. Mr and Mms. Ercr (;reil, Mr. E\er-aird Pantin. I.ieuti..Comrrander
Meeden l.i'lit 1liir r Ro\h, Miss Glona l,,ghlin, MNi s .locelyn Pantin,
,Mr. lavdon Gi!t Mr .rlin Mertin, Min Maggie de \'ei trail. Mr. Nnh
1,,rig Mt" ,'i vi antic M,. dnn Mr," Rnno, Ainminlnr. Mr and Mrs. S Iittle-
paPe. Mrs. r S. Ilaar .i ML. J<'an i'htiilips, M i. .T.h and Mi Conrad
O'Brien, Mr. ,ean t nml-.SnlMth, Miss HL.len de V'is teuAl, Mis June
Malngot and Mr. Gettman.
k& ,
EOUDATri O1 t r eyi T l wa nno the guest of Mr, ao4 Mrs. Arthur
y ",t_ (es" Gill are Mrs. Oill's sister. Mrs. Alan Titapatrlck, wife
i'.f the organist of t.Le aoerd'a Church. Barhadoa, and Miss Myra
Qll, Mr. Gill's stiter. Thev are both spending three months here.
Mrso. 'txpitrlck's son. niteard who I S a member o( the Royal
Canatdian Tink CorIpns, is wlt- i the ilghth Armn.
S* *


Of A Beautiful, Wedding
The three aass of U. lb Ota^w~.WPdhIjW we sw..
fully ym w lit- f ..... 1 O
Savrigne, the dasighte of Mr; end Mm. B. -TH- lad Mr. Altee
,ai*e -am 0sStray Mfter "M.. U, .
hIA brite, whfo ws is SO
by her fathorv.vf m Was,
Her headdlress, wW*lahad a ma-i ..
u" effect. wasSnb"#"# t Tea Party
nat'1 brother t Orain MS -W
her sort eoU, whlhaws of ea- -memes of "La tt"NU
Iroidered finet lacet "
Se carod a bouquet. of tWOe- MWlea s "ave a vry a"O tol
ros-s and sliver radiaoems. tea party And twilight emuet as
Wissyarerite Baviguse hathe Royal victoriaIniute s
sister, and Mi n Mm frechi, .her .,.., _- -
brid-emaid, wore blue sher ent ty ,arnom.
with lae tops, and their be. The hail wasu packed to capse
dress-'s were also mJtl despite the" inclemency of thn
Joceiyn. Mc Artney, a small atten- weate re th enca C lo
dant. wore blue sheer weather. and te "Musil Cok
They all carried white organdy ,md "Apollo" were soarthli
muffs with pink radiance roses unique.,
futened on. Ang the lre audience were
7%e bestnan was Mr. John Amo n he liwge unience were
Bayne and the "AveM. W Maa is H. 0.. Woodig, Mr. R. Pat-
theM "Ae Maiec"or of ducation; Mr. R.
sung by Mi na Bayne. Johnson,. Information Officer:
The reception, to which about :'50 Leut. Dsnnison, Captain and Mrs.
guests were invited wu held at the Alsion, Miss Phyllis Haslam, o
home of the bridegroom's parents. the Y.W.C..i., Mrs. J. Forbes, Mrs.
The couple have gone to B -n- Robert Johnalstone, Mr. and Mrs.
chiseuse on their honeymoon. Mr s. R. Pashley. Mrs. 0. H. Simpson.
Bayne wore white flannel slacks Mrs. C. Hayward, Brigadier and
and a turquoise blouse to go away Mrs. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. J. Pro.
in, cope, Dr. S. A. Hayes, Miss G.

Daily Diary
Dance at Trinidad Country Club.
Cocktail dance at Pers'verancea

Beckles, Mr. S. A. Walke and Mr.
and Mrs. H. Phillips.
It is understood that the "Musi-
cal Clock" is going to be placed in
the children's corner of the Public

Shevouth dance festival at the Dance By Seobees (
prince's Building from 7.3o p.m.I Next Week
Forthcoming Events The Maintenance Unit of the |
I Seabe's are giving a June dance
King's Birthday and Corpus at the Naval Air Station gym ,
Christi Public Holiday, Thursday, Chaguaramas, on Tuesday, June 13. S
June 8, Jerry King and the U.S. Navy
Procemson, Marine Square, band will play from 8.30 p.m to
Thursday, June 8. midnight, and there will be door
Aquatic sports, barbrcup, cabaret prizes and the usual refreshments
etc. at Perseverance Club, Thurs- Transportation will leave the =
day. June 8. U.S.O. at 8 p.m., and those wishing
Variety entertaliimrnit St Ben- to attend must get in touch with S
aicts College Hall, Friday, June V. Miss Tyler.

Rad io Programme I
I i N" Tim. view th News r Y Npw. I
]Prd'r Waring vnii rist,';iwo
'r i AsTr 'i M1iensa Hymn, from Home.
. .... Ponetic iGems
r R.J MC -( ,otth Orch. New,, -jubhlv I
A Personal Altilm
6 Great Gilderileeve Show 'r4me
V.5 Nws, & C-,mi'nary ... News
M W' I Diary News Bob N p
.15 M<'(e-lcn' Rouundtup sino,k ReF rt .-
i Na, irt bber Mcuee A& Molly Burn, & Ai r


"INTOXICATION" 1 iIPe talMs of a varivt* Vshow lreing produced
by Mr. V Ancrl at the Fnmpire Thentre on .iin, 14, in fid of ---
charity. This is Cxliic' to he on.' of the biggest and snappiest pro-
drictions tgf.dl in a long time. and Jilmr' Brvalln will direct ilihe
show and ho master of ceremonies
I'here ',%Ill he a Harlemr .le i sni. "troplrcal maigin c ni'l.' and a
nainn leq lln parp ade with s A ecila; ispliv of Jrwelherv." lent for the ..
Occa'in I by a Predei' irk itrert filrm. RiR,,l Naval Club ratings will NOT
be giver f''e' trkert w, Ihe 'ltb for admission.




:00 London Players
:: Old T6owMn mall
:46 .-. ....

sports Intervlew
Dinah Shore

Mualo from Amurica
Po tn IReview

T) Ne".a Network Reporter Nvwg
1i Juitior iRrmn, Trilrt Ne'n *I Homn I.atin Rhylhm.
.10 14RC N,,rtherni Orrch ob Hoip On. NIght Stand

00 New $ I Hedriinre
:i) Songit frm Shows
.30 ..
i,% . ....

KE' Nesi headlines are

N ewo
NormAn Corila

Night Owl Club

given one* dally at .30 p.m.

.4/t" I

* ."w m
'JMB~u- *tMeI

SAM P0 .in* roaw-Ow-4AM




with ^


Donald CRISP


S(Stage Show)

(Stage She

TO4AY, 4.30 & 8.30--and Continuing .



IODAY 4.30 & Tonight 8.30 .m.
T rrific Double!
Mickey Rooney, Freddie
Bartholomew In:-
Clark Gable. Lana Tut.-r in-
Clark Gable, Lana Turner in-
Tomorrow:-4.15 p.m. Only-

TONIGHT at 8.30 p.m.
Paramount Presents Betty Hut. a
Mary Ma tin and Eddie Bracken
in -
with Jimmy Lydon A John ITtel
T morrow:-"TRUE TO IJFE"


Mam tt. a JaJO manM. a l" b
S- MIm"tl tof War Tra"ert. *
a*at PMare asd Carm -We- o%
aes t n V 1ie Kangem a ta tie u
I"%t& s *Hum abaU. a mof
ftal Mai-m. -orwvMO
now UI
Pmformas imfasusat" a to of
0110a. Fo. HuoINS a 00. LTD
T---nn n~r oft~ft OU*T-
'mNNlfluiinhlliiimilhinlumflmUH ilSnifiillW..

Tuesday, June 6,
1. D.m.
A limited number of paste to
local cinema theatres available
to merchant seamen on appU-
cation to the Club Manager.
Current landing eWmita to be

Tonight at 8.30
fer eMwhant Navy OMM-
at the
CdeUts HeM. St. SAm's
_....Theme..Mt...^ _

PALACE-San Ferna
TODAY at 5 & 8.30 p.m.
Indi n PietniH:-
G&ibi Gola








Instructed by M,'sss. Kwon
Hinv 4 Co.. Ltd.. I will off
for sale the undermentione
BUTTER (11b ThIa.)
Time--2 p.m.






l...llg l

ISUOF by VIKOItaho Ftstm

GLOBE-S-au Juan.
sught, .33--The Whole Serial-
RED BARRY-20 26 40
MHinimi ii ii U~iNiiiunim HiHHisiuni im i-H-i ii-iii iiii i__uMii__ _


I -

a We Continue


I The Show a




with j

SToday, 4.45 & .45-
SFirst Part of Seria
I GUARD, and


United Artists'



of Shows-4.45 and 8.45 Daily

(Corpus Christi) 3 Shbww
.T NOT Fail to see ...


John Bea and Albert Dekkew

Tonight 3.30,- Today. I & A- 3 ;.
mltiliiiniiiiuii~flilllllitlllllllllllllllllliiliiiiuiniiit I

ro 0 |=................... ... ................RIA LT O
ITODAY 4.45, 8.30 p.m. i TODAY 4.46, .30 p.m,. '
RobertNewton, Anna Neagl eN

"WINGS and S

the WOMAN" ` A L-
and -
Anton Walbrock, Sal nGva Oenad WveS, OW

"Dmgerous "Wavell Thit

SMoonlight" Thousand",;

TODAY 4.3 0 ,p.m. Ore W N 4 Vl
New Double Prog :- Journey into l
and = J's

With Randolph Sct*, NoO
Beery Jar.

er and
"HE'S MY GUY" '4
R. ith Dick PtFerA Ms Ureftm.


te -- Friday 9th
June, 1944
39 Charlotte Street.


NEW san Ferinai
TODAY at S & 8.30 p.m.- Lat oit
esMstlonal Det-let-
SWING FEVER (Lena Hornme)

EMPIRE-s.,, Fern^
MODAY at S & 1.4 p.m.-.
Te ese a$ g' m-' ". : *',,,,r


F--7 -, ,

I .1 ,1 .





Beats China Clipper At BG. Races Ii
- _,- -* 5 ,', -

m Scores In First

_oce At D'Urban Park

o.ut PWh t wk, ampion afole of adeilah
H|~O *f on b watt Tutf (sub tblft~sy
1'6 .M&Y. W7 2 when h.eadvneed to
agm *Io 11 pounds, m gve the top-notcherg a
IM k the ochmpioa handicap ove seven
m~i ng4y t urt ifcir - --- __


two engt
oftbe openln0
alt toro IV

I wil the .tS
The colt
biply "walked 5
teds and China
a 100 yards o
my the Ooverno
Iseond day.
m da=s the riding
starttn excelled
aft day the rair
, but stOpped by
face was about
other two dayi
Sprotest laid at
of te AM day.
Nbshed flr:' but
md day the R.t

IIIAc'aI horses, was
I by Mr. Louis Ma-
es (Crowsley) who
her clatO b meet In
na Clipper and Fancy
isa Clipper and Fancy
Wleft at the post.
H lUkh Telphone
|DAdanumi's aged
S s while later In
I took the "C"
u rae unbeaten for the
Llrst Luck scored the
I final day, the meet*
.to grand climax
IlUck, Grecian Melody,
ae OGiIrl provided a
ish In the final handi-
We furlongs, writes the
roared themselves
tian MMelody on the
k caught First Luck on
Xt Was a brilliant, last-
It by Holder, but First
d victory by a neck to
*n. Telephone Girl was
= l away.
swln eep broke
lb.It padow $W as
f~u and^ "I
Me other races.
tw fo winners each
yvonet, four on
whMOroley got three
4ay, with Holder, two.
( ine-Clas HI:
Wk(Cisl Ly) 115 lbs.
SIOut) 118!rlbs.
(Tvolt) llI IbM.
r (lunit) 11S lbs.
4 1I. 12 scs.
11O lo10 0 1a-Class D
S(7Y.t 1 lbs.
(O( ) l12 lbs.
(Wslch) 1i lbs.
Ins. S sCes.
1 furs- Class:
l ii (Thirll) 15 Iba.,
dit) 1 lbs.
03ey) 117 Ibs.
I WIN, 35 l/5W c.
S Ao a 100 Id.---lIa A
(nt ) 10 lbs.
(Tbl I125 bs.
Os-4 furs.:
IIItb l.
Ia &ld)13lbs
furs....C fursl
n (roly) 16 lb. b

Qldor) 1M7 ib.
S(TI116lzs12 1l lbs.

V 3ul) 130 Ibs.

1 (drl M U t/ 1^
(a"tl) 1145lbs
lon' / / so".

St..C-AY t
Sfu.r.4- lCta Ha:
(CPr(h) 127 b,.

d) 121 lbs.
122 1lb&.
M AIN)8) 1s ift
JUPAY...sAV 27
fUIo-4leaa HtH

(XVO-et) 124 lbs.
W) I T I s '.
(Suale) 1106be
MP)( l} Iltba.
IFeds) 11142l141

at)lit S If
(o 160eUSe Ibs.

NUN mwsii e


^ei-d and&

5IP dk g I


"anad tew s H'eap..-4 fn.w .
Mod.a l -C t iM (C rtaw y) II I l .s
-in Camara (Tirtgsl 135 I b.
(China Cipp1er sad rtacy Goods
V left at poe).
M Time: 1 Ilmn. IT /3 Mees.
0 wing H 'capp-iMn* a 100 ydia-ZtlM F:
ne --ayleo (Yvomt) 12 lbs.
2--S6t (Holder) 12 Its.
S.3-eabtllo (buile) '4 lbs.
JiNuve nlo H'lap.--S fure-Class Ht
I--FIYVq Uit M Anet t her) 3@ lbs.
rVe (fYvoet) 115 lbs.
-l k 3-Lady Luck (CroLey) 1 Ibs.
ow"H'cjg. ~i0ydtkeeC
IpnntonHusc.- 130-i tbs.
Sdy *-" cnsa, (vnon1t) ISO lo.
p wn 2~~ace~O~A (Thiften.1 123 lbs.
a -Ly Luck (Crosley) 125 lb1.
Tie.: 1 min. 54 seec.
alilla- THIRD AY-fMAY It
lntars Hea 'C p-s fur-.-C- lM H:
Ir--lying Magnet (Pleteheri 126 lbs.
m 2-Lady Luck (Crosleyl 125 ibs.
1am 3-Why Worry (Bunulil 116 Ib.
co0t. Time: 1 mmin. 7 4s sees.
it an city H'cspa,-7 furs.--CIs 0:
wd ls--Egret (Holder) 130 Ilbs.
2--Golden Penny (Uleteher) 124 lbs.
timS 3-Danig (Yvtonet) 1 .
e Time: 1 min. 34 sacs.
WaY" Demerara H'cap-7 furs.-C a s s :
-Telephone Girl (Thirkelli 124 Ub.
; 2--Havoc (Crossley) 118 Ibs.
3- -Eruptlo (le 114 lbs.
Time: I min, 31 sees.
r at.- Champion H'cap-7 furs.-Cliass A
S 2 -Frat ALck (Crossley) 110 Ibs.
t 2--China Clipper (Thlrkel 124 bs.
a s -g -recian Melody (Holder) 114 lbI.
n Time. I mi. 30 s ecs.
Members' H'cap.-7 furs.-Class F:
it fell 1--V~ret (Holder) 34 lbs.
1 the 2--Danalg ,sunhcb) 118 lbs.
btobe -Gohlletn Penny (Pletchorl 123 tbs.
0teMt Time: 1 min. as wee
the Metlopolltan H'cap.--4 furs.-Class H:
I -Lady Luck (Crossley) 120 Ibl.
rainst 2-Why Worry (Beckles) 114 lbs.
3 -Invicta (Leel 120 lbs.
S Final H'cap-7 furs. ClassI C:
GO-I 1-Plrat Luck (Crosley) 127T lbs.
was 2-Grecilan Melody (Holder) 114 lbs.
--Telephone Girl (Fletcher) 134 lbs.

St, Crispin's Beat
Rahamut Cup XI
A representative St. Crispin's XI
after compiling 146 against a team
picked from the Rahamut Second
Cm competition, bowled out their
opponents for $4 runs at the
Queen's Park Oval on sunday after.
noon, and scored a convincing vic-
tory Wr a match which Mr. Lachan
Jai rnath Beaumont Cup Com-
mittee official, in a speech after the
game, said would be made an an-
nual affair.
Mr. F. 0. Scott, secretary of the
1St. Crispin's Club stated that his
committee would be only too glad
to agree to this.
cores were:
St. CRISPIN'S: 148. M. de Souza
, J. Oonsalves 26, C. Price 25,
A. Pmnande 42. A. Dottin 11. 8.
Mohangoo 4 for 32, M. Reid 2 for
33, H. Singh 2 for 23.
RAHAMN T, 34. B. Latchan 10.
M. de sousa 2 for 6; H. Jackson 2
for 8; A. Dottin 3 for 3.

Ramao Whips

Len Serrette Iln

Amateur Bout

IRamoa, brillianrt wn l
trow of the o Aateur
B oxn Club gaied a convincIng
PoWints decision over the Colony
a&twtur featherweight chiaplon,
Len Serrette. when the St. Bne-
diet's Coll"e, presented an ttrae-
Utie amatei boxing card on &uO-
draw t.
damoa. who had been badly
beaten when these two battles met
nearly a year ago, avenged that
dubbn fin e style. e rgin
was eineeda wide one and the
gathering received the decision with
hearty appreciation. The ring arbi-
tern gave Ramoa four rounds, er-
rette one and one was given as a
This was the main bout and It
was truly the climax of an evening
oo' clean battles.
The night's card opened with a
novelty affair which featured pro-
moter Cedric Espinet's two sons,
Dick and Tom. In a two rounder
which offered plenty laughs aDick
ERpinet came out victorious on
nts. Gradually the programme
developed into a real treat for on-
looera until Pilgrim and Teague
met when there was a lull only to
be followed by three keen and hotly
ccntested tussles.
In the first, One Punh HolderI
outpointed I. oreenidge, then Len
McKell T.K.O'd Andrew Thomas in
the second of their four-rounder
and to bring the card to a close
Ri-moa got the champion Serrette
in irand position.
Serrette fought gamely all along
and In the last two stanzas when
he saw defeat staring him in the
face he kept pounding at his man
in quest for a knockout punch.
Ramc however, never gave ground.
He took the punches that Serrette
hr.' shot at him and he sealed the
champion's fate with some regular
and terrific uppercuts thal. very
often landed square to the jaw,
bcdy and chin.
RaI.oa won a great battle and
the admiration of the crowd.
The results are as follows:-
Dick Espinet outpointed Tom
Espinet In a two-rounder.
K. Cardinez held McSweenIe to a
Tom Crieto T.K.O'd Graham in
the second round.
Jenty lost to Pereira on points.
R. Legal and E. Serrette battled
to a draw.
0. Pilgrim and I. Teague fought
to a tame draw.
One Punch Holder outpointed 'I.
Len McKell scored a T.K.O.
over Andrew Thomas.
Joseoh Ra--Ioa outpointed Len
Berrette. __ ___1

TwoSustain injuries C.S.A. Branch
In Road Accidents Picks Officers
Emesley Warner, a city man, was T;' ildad Guardian Correspondent
taken to the Colonial Hospital at SCARBOROUOH. June 2-Mr. J#
about 11 o'clock on Sunday Hamilton Maurice B.A., is the new
night suffering injuries re- chairman of the local branch of the
ported to have been sus- Cl0 il Service Association.
taIed In an accident between Others elected to serve with him
a motor-car and a motor-cycle on a; Mr. C R., Ottley, Honorary
which he was riding at the corner & cretary; Mr. D. B. Quamlna,
of Queen's Park East and Jerning- assistant Secretary; and Mr. J. V.
ham Avenue. Rodriguez, Mr. Hugh Harris, Mr.
0. B. Ottley, Mr. V. I. Mulloon and
FELL FROM CYCLE Me. H. Nym. members of the Aan.
SurinCol'r ndent. agement Committee.
SG rda.Mr. Maurice, Mr, Ottley, Mr. V.
PRINCES N June 3. r. errer, and Mr. Harris w be dele-
Divid Palmer, first assistant
teacher of the Ste. Madeleine ova- gates to the conference. Member
eminent School, ws admited on the Executive of the Parent
ernment School, was admitted to Mr. Maurie
the San Fmrnando Colonial Hopl- Body will be Mr. Maurice.
tal on Thursday suffering from
injuries received when he fell from _____ _
his bicycle on his way to school.
He Is reported to be improving. i I f U


Orphanage Beat Picked Team

22-21 hi Convent Relief Netbal
W"ti4 6s fwum t e A tin Governor the Honfbe A. 3
Wslgbt In atUendaaee, Crpsaea0= kept up their reputation as chai-
P s whoen at ft 1u's Park Oval yesterday, they. by a narwew
margin aO-U1 vltory, ered tof the netball fixture to aid the Onsent
Rie Fund, 4 plant a icedt team from league finalists DobsM rad
Dat 0lup 1BfMo, M a. -it.
the w a Mr. C. Pereira

t 71t*President Of

the aaF was lst and
r mC tnis h mmh te r

fmtte cotBM WWith the rng ongBody
Sybil Williams registered the .gT'ne tet 1' TinTida made a
first goal in the very first attack ;teP.frwad 1o Sunday wlth the
of the game, and fro m then on it omatlon of the Trinidad and
was a ga1 for goal tuasle, the Tobago Amateur Table Tnis As-
changing from side to side. oelatn, comprisin clubs from all
YlviandSbl Wlliams, with over the island an also from the
U. Biow and M. Parris helping lsland-ward of Tobago
brilantly. oeft Orphanage with a The associlaticn held Its first
thregoal deficit when nearing meeting on Sunday at the Church
halftime, but Clunis soon came P'y y reason Centre, and ap-
back and equalled the scores. Po ited Mr. Charles Pereira, alts
Nevertheless the Deflance-Mal- first president.
ven outfit assumed the lead at the Mr. Pereira. who has been closely
interval, as Sybil V illiams scored connected with sport in the Colony.
the 12th goal in easy fashion, an,"' more particularly lawn tennis
Orphanage's usual whirlwind and table tennis for nearly 30 years,
game found the opposing defence said that he wuas pleased to be ap-
easy prey. and Dick with six con- pointed president, and promised t,
secutive goals, made h:r team's do everything in his power to fur-
score 19. threr the s4prt
The combined squad sav great O)ther officers appointed were:
difficulty to get past Barclay and The Hon'ble Roy Joseph, Mr. P. W,
Prince at one stage, but the W .- Gibbons and Mis Marian Isaacs-
liams twin sisters turned on a last- Vice-Presidents; Captain L. 0.
minute heat and with M. Davis Hughes--Secretary-Treasurer; Mr.
and Worrell concentrating their A. Zephrine-Assistant Secretary.
attention on the Orphanage's Dick Tre irer.
and Clunis, Malvern's Barrow, and The meeting also named Sir,
Parris, helped Defiance's Sylvia Wil- Edward Cunard, Mr. C. X. Hitchtinas
llams to get four successive goals, and IA. Col. Roy Alston, patrons
making the score 20-all. of the association.
Clunis notched twvo more goals Mr. Pereira told the gatliering
after a hard effort, and Cybil Wll- that the association will wing nto
liams rammed home the Malvern- actite right away, and one of its
Deflance final goal. cL.ief objects was the staging of an
The umpires were Miss Burkett Iopen competition once a year to de-
and Mr. Bowen. termine the best club and leading
MlThe teams cre: table tennis player in the Colony.
Malvern-Deflance: M. Davis, L It was also their intention to
Worrell, X. Parris, M. BarrowP. seek affiliation with the Table
Christopher, Sylvia Williamsnd Tennis Association of England, and
Sybil Williams. Le sibly its counterpart In the
Orphanage: Prince, Barclay. L united States of Amica.
zam, Crespo, Francis, E. ClunilS The association was formed to
and C. Dick. regulate, arrange and control all
-- open Colony championship tourna-
At the meeting on Sunday rules
WASHINGTON, June a (AP)- were drafted and passed and sev-
It was reported today United er clubs made applications to be
States diplomatic and economic affilisated with the new association.
officials are studying the possibility Mr. Pereira stressed that the
of applying to the Argentine the association was an amateur body.
firm policy of continuing the black- and If any member or members of
list sanctions for a prolonged peri- an club affiliated with it were
od after the war ends on the ground caught accepting money prizes, or
that the Government and many competing for money, expulsion
businesses persist In seeking means from the association win follow.
to aid the Axis and harm the cause it was agreed at the meeting that
of the Un'"d Nations, the association will hold its firl
_______ ~Colony tournament next month.

A fwunclm

Ajax Sattery Factory..
233 _Edward St9 : 'Phone 5018

Saturday 10th June, 1944
1.3 ptm. SHARP
37a Sutton Street
San Fernando
On instructions received from
Mrs. L. Riley. Mr. J. Oumbs, Mr.
Hamid, Mr. Liddelow. Miss Wil-
lIema and others whose furniture
have been removed to the Mart
h for convenience, the undersigned
will sell by Auction on the above
GYNECOLOGIC "L CONDITONS date, time and place the follow-
Menstatioen in- :
Some gynecological affections are One Sewing Hand Machine, .3-
so manifestly in the realm of the wing Bureau, M.T. Washstand,
specialist in Diseases of Women, Tall Post 4' 6" Bedstead. Tall Post
that they will not be referred to Bed with spring. Short Post Bras
here. .Only some of which are Bed with spring and mattress, 4
amenable to spiral adjustment ll Sideboards, Ext. Dinin Table,
be discussed. painultmen- Water-cooler, Coolerator, Oval
(Dysmenorrhea) painful men share Dini Table, Set Morris
struation, of which there are sev- Chairs with Cushlos, Set Morris
eral forms. Chairs without Cushions, small
(Menoinh "ral Wan abnormally shstad, Child' 8Bed. 3 Writing
profuse Menstrual dischargeaDesks, Oil Stoves, 2 Waggonettes,
(MetorrhXaIs a-S flow t blood at Cribs. 2 Wardrobes, 3Cycles. I
times other thl an the. menstrual Suite Upholstered Chairs (with
period. These conditions are table), China (labinet 3 Din: .
reality symptoms rather nan dis- lTab.e Odd Morrin Chairs. Came-
eaes (A menorrhea) a nc of ue, r Gramophone Records (select
menstrual flow. Abnormal amen- numbers in case), sewing Hand
orrhea is caused chiefly by expo- M in Sewan S..pi M, Pc,.
sure to colds and wet, mental or 6 Bd and Sp gl c-
ue stocks and rw., ment o tures. Portable Gramophone, 2
physil shares ht, tc udi. large Victrola Gramauhones in
e...ceinrea" a whiymptish rhri excellent conditiomG arden Bench,
chemargebeirnglA symptom rather Raor. Westinghouse 6-tube Radio,
than a disease. The primary cause etc. etc.
should therefore be coin cted. T eo view n day r t.
have these cond1,ons .corrected youa. tnedmsor viewg "n sayl pre.r to
....w,,,,. ,o c yuuand morning of sale.
Should consult the Chiropractic Dated this 25th day of May, 1944.
DVL JAMB LOVELL, D.C., Ph. C. Teres-CASH en the fab of the
(U.'I"A.) .. (sad.) nO .t D .
At the Chiropractic Health Studio Auctioneer.
Member, Anglo-West Indies Chiro-Autne
practice Associaton (Registered.)
71 Frederick Street. 'Phone 624. 1




Equipment and Supplies

now available



64 Queen Stret


i\ H

1A P.M.
nstructed by Mrs. L. A. Whar-.
ton we i1 -U al her good and
usful Furniture such a--
Simmong and Brain Double Beds,
Uprin and Mattresses Cyp and
Sunan Stigle t=ed, Spring and
Mattress l Maa ySie Beds
rng and Spring-fied Matreeses,
e Iron Ots and Mattres,
aman, Cyp, Crapaud and Mahog-
any-Mirrored Hanging Presses.
Cyp and Saman Mirrored Ldies'
D9eses Baby's Presses, Baby's
Wood and Iron Cribs and Mat-
treem, Baby's Toilet Set, Marble-
Top Washestnds, Enamel Toilet
Set, Child's High Chair, Soil Clothes
Bakets, Large Mahogany Exten-
slon Dining Table. Crapaud Oval
Dining Table and 4 Chairs, Side-
board, Marble-Top Brau inlaid
Liquor Cabinet, Large Book-Case,
Lare Roll-Top Office Desk, Ladles'
Writing Desks. Medicine Chests.
Chrome Upholstered Suite, 7 piecea:s.
Ma= ony Settee and Arm-Chairs,
Occasional Tables, Folding Card-
Table, Radio Pick-Up, Radio and
Pick-Up, Portable Gramophone and
Records, Meat Safes. Dover Iron
Stove, Coleman 4-Burne. Built-in
Oven Stove, Galvanized Oven.
Mincing Machine, Bathroom and
Household Scales, Single and Dou-
ble Hot Plates, Electric Toaster,
Ele. Iron, Elec. Roaster, Brass,
Glass and Chlnawarce, Kitchen and
Pantry Ware., Child's Tricycle, Doll's
House, Enamel Bed Pan, Beatrice
Stove, Spring Blinds. Violin and
Mandolin. Pictures, Books, Wire
Netting, Garden Hose, Tools, Lawn
Mower, 6 H.P. Champion Outboard
Motor, Hydraulle Motor Coir Jack,
and 1 Fridge.
Items on view day prior to and
morning of Sale and TERMS-

We offer for Imme-
diate delivery the
following products



TINE (Lavender)
TINE '(Rose'
HEROLIN in Large and
Small Sizes.

Wholesale Rntes


Anthony Kenny & Co.

"rTUNS '4107 and fsa. i .

Mf-rgw- .- AV
*---(-g* et... seeee-- M~estsse _---|

w, UNsw uT te S

Ample Sup




Spencer J. Kirto

)plies of-



are available

ighout ihe colony

- AU6MT-a

n, Ltd., 2 Broodwoy, Portf-Spdl.

~IIPi -

I.. DA


Special Il

TICKETS $1.00 Each




JUNE I17th

AID of
vasion Appeal

:: SUPPER $120

I Space kindly lent by K. Ba Oome Ltd.

iUnder the Distinguished Paftronage of His Sko$lUO
the AUting Governor)
EMPIRE THEATRE Wednesday. 28th Jun
Cast-Over 6 Artslte ( d 3280h Htu*
5gt. FiTE BLEsCIA, N.Y, 0
QEORGIE lUtRCH. Ueflywsej SSH*' 5L
nnMA Twnasg
f*"" l vTfwo imsOi ua
IClot, CL~""l*BriCNT
ower num W iud emutus ta follow.
eOnsmuva wa uamm wOW m M
-IwGM SNOW 2= 06 nie IN LtdS
OaekNOdly fleft by UsIng omen LW,


WnSEwives know that to Imp t mhe kmf ream bon.
thei uglowing IPi4IE bSvdRINMuisit be qpuieh
from head to toe. So 6eap dt eny1 ymt malna1 meleB
and camsabe, but lmt ynr Bd4w uI -, -b dl

MHere is th way. D*ly-aM, nMs dI dS phm
to bed-wesh yo rifam p*u7li ain sSpAbs
take a dully beaty bethb Peih iW m 4 a*
blendofolhw adpabmW mmb a r b*MNIw hMl
akin heautlhem. Jfinzcb. weMfbW~fkgbiW.*
fro=any othe. duum de 6o po (i m
health, youth and bma to yw l dA

Wivst B dlq a m oa
0 a i al
*.*t uac.. ll^ ^ ^ ^

do.ast stpatebe
*deon-lihuahjMds diurnal

I -



k _l

i ll If .. .... . ..... .. ...





W4|^^^", .&^V .^^ rl-ftt^U-Al TTBMi ItfB 1'# i~it4U"**-**
o. ." .. ,.... .
. . "4 W I ":r, -. 11.. 2 -t `z _77 7 i A a

Bf'11]^ iSiBS 12 -^^ *^ ^^ x '^~u L'^ ^ ^

.g ,.. 4L -S
$x* -WM^*M*l ^ if~c u ~'g ?Tv~S~.*tjTf~ '0..'''**'4Bo w 's~~sStTig' *iB^S1"* mMILL. *^s &t i^'s~ mii Afit -F

A-"._ ., *.d.. .0 1 -. .! ,-*..
.-- swo I........

Adv x__________3__________
m,.t ps SIL I
mos mO m ar Mi ny I Far -.w. ,inm..III,
'- -N XT A AD'-in
.........- hidt"of 4~I M -

Sal^ ^^ ^ W ^ MeI~a ttonhlI Tyt-,lll. Bwl^ W^". 'S ^-'i E ""ul W" -- , ^, ^^ ,1 y^^ I I_ t. . (bn-o C *l*l immlI I-ddH-. tiM
TOUR1 ------ II I I-

Q" ALAM A awn
Iml s I "s --iBwt TT n.-- *w *M pll mR A *P Aa&.;W A .
Ay5 1 ...... .,. ....NE SBHV*C %fl Iy2Sg"IS-- 14 OI.--! .^*^ ^^W^ LS ~"^^ I^^r^ "5
31,M GA It oNOOdtuiatal tm I a %B now t m.u Omart i e C .
Is. _1"s IS am* tm A& a" i le m andb oil. Vw5tw torea
Jimad. ,depertd Mana YemM.-cro
TWA mOOt 18 Duke IIre!-aOL.-- hERt-M.It.-
tono Cank11V as.84 s a LLdA. eNii5W- Is__ __ __ __ _.i6nlan itan M a
lupetkaitu Pyvttet len lot Calmhrige 033 3UDVORD IZX 3N01Mt K isv awe' Iise. IL hapS _________________o____,____
eumIIuwl, ahorhsad, Ty wsntlnl. f Io t eodlo. r am 5 PIll e Sie moder e o vmnl.mcs mie tespe OsI SI 5m Jus .. ...... s ? ~ A ."a ,ay __ '-
LAA, *, = LM.. Ct ,, dfle, E.s. s S..u* -VR13 W-SO, 3381 .e4o, _ __-_ _* V LI
ss~51-JP5IItlIM I A# f GNTS-a

-Jay a ,_. -o ,-_ .. -- i0.ats- .N =Z--,--, ". .- ... .... .. .s. .. (t
,Z ",, p J. ,,rsWl On, --,EM.." ,- ,,aa 941L .w ,,,eeTt, .to. w,- ,,,' utot.- .yow_, orf^ M S -.
TCU`R A noao CNS o noI

1W5M u atUs M ~ m *r W -"-- Qemlnc*l" 55, clbs tnuit r PUNUr s he y WIa"ded M TT UsapA at.1 cm.. Cha
IPMM"S am S Al lin. Ill Drsst volt ,tt.i0* SILMA) Ptat ace Ap Mply Aoa Sl s.s p .o N MsO R Ju, I
on,' *fflm'o GvsihBerm -Iua. PZ __ _orhesra 21"1__ _MM I HO E Inel of a i stl a"m fU ow sa
._ __ __ __ __ __ aasemTg Sat T .,aad t_ gp OetoA.. . .. C RITA A sce tetye do st u Se.
I *mt~wg I q M yJ~sd tV emr-ub tUy Vr m. OI IL Noroi 5dt5........ ..Jn'. a 12k KS Os354Itst tom t 55W U5UI
VAVto on-'l- ou litos DOpl.t_. .e *pns.w4 i A r% gals. twet u V cocT >t No, j0 wttt .t tD tlol mo vi is. 40 A--j im hsyore ta t0 our.iSy iwtM!. ii.

a"I Is AWII: tq nq moip. to l strde, elt n PrC Alr d -. JUD, it -- t-..3 r..... . aw mm a the SM mat r am mAI, 551 I 1 O i **-35 .*i B
*atsriui .... a Kltr- t uppll. a -pply o. To, Lt., tiftel Uuvaz ot I mu stet s, D P ttii ouLse a Lu-g Cit. ett-- Jaay La d *udi"t *d ti-ti g.
grir to Jola Lte(Joudt-I WCr Aim I4OW A t, 42 411tu-a_.-- OA[ S t (ouA 4t -Junh i0 ...I SS*w ...S.?..... lnt GA .H ,,,p MMtt-
.k B wH b o imf-I te S I.OL d U with o t R h r o, *nd. 7O1l l. (IM. St.r ieml lo CO ntel, aeMsot. ottre4. 12, e u 0D4r. Zn..S.. .. m .! that du' etsa I1 B ott4 P~_ O B M o, u b 9Mi

*MWW ~~~~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ BUGLW thes *PMW Neti Dstt r14a Waork atdrlestB 54200y U MANYot NEEDr-fan-UB r Br1 1M tf.Bt^r Y,"!^ S~^^ "ifSUijiI .h -aHiipS ~ --- -. MISOBMI&lBBa
num, gale tlarud A Ml om r*. -Jur t7 Ot A .a .I, oit. kld,0 t. I AtCrdoof t irn t. t ooJ 1 V lpahnt M~IL Me' t a ... ..a"5 -" ,l .aU 1
"- IU y Pn Unl .> .U* order T o i*n or Iait JO B u tiu w ur i ul- tebi (-.uPatl y ....o ,1B. Ussid. bseslor eh Mt t ooave Boiroala. ................... .M IyIS T Ty 103 1.iN Se hsSe10 ntS htima
SM ooulwtebM Ili Two A Lim& 12=

TIN_ W'I.fl I~t I Doproid the 3eu54t ias Martne w *n'Bo P.110__.retm ito Quredr n .'-naoo _-;!h 'ened onire se Itmmo, iiW potesu lonm I Se yours aimsp. wMoat us Tmm a UsI Iamhitresaail.f eno o S dol o ut Ja mesoIA JV;w 91k l .J m
-Jas-. LL for
s~,~ s tr.. St.We. A -rC.AM A-,KTypewitOAnK o. AIg-e.- I aSMw ...%0.%0%0k$% ^,s-have .y my i ts . "'.-is ah
3 NOW BLE toptoi'15 7 fact ondtc on. Ga r as, netlantd47.Pu lleynie aterNs LW.srog cs, tratie m5&WVraol. ....... s h hvnglftmmae atp~tia Ofatoemoe .fl OCallV ho ~e

Ittlaa3"lvO. I. i saIthi. f otu. Ion *HOP eotrd|App ly:, nod gt. o. -2 BeM atado. -ale 7 I do; Stret*. InspecttIt yeA ptlyt m V ,c.n oi a.. .. 515yo M ay 1ti nl, 104-4. An.t. s 'O.i k 51 m) ..,I e.Iaw 4U **: a 1
pom bulm as aesiet ea tO mU lluielIuroes an ih4 7 PONnt I SUNte-.P A Mre .- A. STOVE, to with poio mon-au 11 I, .... litt.. amr : sore WIPI IA.IRE O I Ar ths woloe i m
I W bo, e w m- Wlda sork u eutent Id foltte. r al. FOra tlion 7 (rL isla tu I .tre t-June It is, Waw. oo igand,41, -g Wh -.,,at h awe B -,t t S
ledu hIonE cond t os- are ohn r Jovid e ted Ored Street, Ha F ITrnando-June d forc co n c. P Creotte, tN o e. WtnMain UI yo- u --- w c T P Cd tow
ISa' *3tos .ASt. Man d Ti.Asy -AwriE oru n 1tAl .OBRl nootr. bSoIVA 01 ryuntf oI w,,oT ,orB Lanyoet Aod IS C tO tobUbr. S t_..;a i.d-Mu ...IOo N AA NT t Pro l jtloir0 t W 1,
out lattIn any t@t*e tuPlo. Won I TE SH DTA BU ITON bI ot N Wi R oa@r, I S. J ame. .' e sle-u..Ap: I 'ick sali----' ... ..atte.. rmts fus e,

e-oil" -e ma PI m acpios belt. 1 a e. ather V Belt *ee wl eourpa ss dr et s Em^ tnso'.e:. All. f"rio JT J ohn Centr S .- NOB^" A LoS-N o eooum Mo dt o s b wis.. ; *n 1", r Edna SmioSlMw|
iid-.N iK .5 5l rKe 2eremen opr l str.-igdt.o Harwar a .s an.osd tri..te. .. A lrLet ab yt. Solponil. pu 1uot 4Apsly: m aM*r s Sa Motl e V 1t _, __e__al__" _____

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Sa dsops'eoras.U. h ave a rs ,or k wrt CHImnPRACSI to. i A. I- s Kt'reet. "One Pit-oofI n A ppey? eat S ofe. .... a n Street. best 14r ....w. B ne Countrowy Rsth AveTIu e. 12 T.-- ot
seerdMIO~ educa t ,n and a esnie o re . ..... -June'"" "27 WONEor IANrEt SPhL Ron hdfr hn,. aote B44-JleT ... .. ... t,-J ............... mu enveneHJU ..................... p 100 Y D THU PUBLIC Is evh WANTED tOhat II~rIIII~4
be t aet samsntlat. Goodl~m proepeot Le Ion p nromptl a nd eflriit y pl 14' 8,y-e 'tetJn 1 Avemnue. PUarntar oo. Appsely:n Apphyr LRe~oly i 100. tbO Aye-o~ d"ht r 515 potate b m1 wifeOJ IVualo iu tet osuin
r (ght mten. -H rppi I n ow n ha nd e Byron Crn, lnsdanhry omiu ON ... C ML wi iaitrst, ...n Sale ozs-Jn11 nIe btr m o a ll- o nv......n..e. Anna0mu, Nlaritt. ,ehe m haIng left my h k
w itmh- fl at io r otr r13 nalet. l e nem Nta r in. K --A--I- Calv=rt Ase d Prhol ......perty 4os.
/IB BsN SW IC9 111 Diag m ad la MM" wait Louisr Bd ,q l tWK Nbet ,,ta o

ade?" Guulsa"--un 7 -Junern. 10.t ____ Shrhhn 52^ W ^' aoit KQuay,~yy- phon ''or^.S" ROM tbe with^^ ^^ S 5Wt bild St2 Nw M
' V WoOD'0NUSE o leeAI41P1.CE'rRL jYrSHP. 6 enr14, alvleu lcFuntr.Apl:2 Fe,. .......... ........ $wo I- h fu NL a" y.r

IIIN MA> L l*.*-*' T .A(14,, t. work puH R' ."i1h"?1 .or" gr'S; e '*"{.i? I'"r* "1'- 'Te" Derl* tr-t .-^e I. 3*o~ll beao onet 2. BO App 3 to fr 81min, Ro. d. Perkim. For I~pMla I*.~ e he U)li-m II .DAR0, .. a. MOO TEACHER.- -- -- T*
*~ t AN PBiUncEL AO l *tw: d AOrU BJli. .--a-"t---,1--Qu-ity. -.' TarA --i!.- ----. *.. ----.- Hui PIOW SAL0E' U ppe r ut o h o"n uld8Eh whdr. n nUtI 4 K Is bana Olrly teI Tr as
t -r R i. A nalytany r i l[Oty ont er C I. K. 4Arl0 H ito ulree. 1r ., ikeA ew; I One Jotor. A l" 14 COL *nd re" .i. eI"outaeIN. 1j5n will be -lenl e/orR "GnT EIJR1SXour- rar P UI *
Gau wl. i Bring reoommeAoatloos. 55 per h Dre ss, d gener.. l. $any ll D --U 0 I N ti e te- n 1 VACANT ,h" ii lii, ea sII

Leuxo r uenAcpply don[dtu. I. iiCtl 0R11., LOdAI- o Aro oerre. anomf a: I IA I ru e .. ... .ITATO NS uria ere Indue
I R mToNT C pIpiyRMr 14 P tio *Ri esat. G1Tan p tAm14 'wt. 1 -O-Ano S D P eer.o 7r VACANT Pomas RSON ADf.Fith e wtu aow asaD, 5e -an And AP|O ZN.Iuou i vr a alle'he n .d o a 1 t I
... .. ... Wi t t pa, tree liv in n..o FeranoB 1 ontr M rtare. ePhnto5t Par 1 treetoa, P"h or, ooane r ue si rn. ia l 41ous21i. "1our ett. cOarlst u lsot w001 h 'Lon Croa NT O t nMpa1sI. Int t Wrte a, o r e .
Aply OF ur e twu g210.dBraawn ...eee we... ............000 AOUAN GA R W ANbED. Dw

entlit.e eAte o, or aMrI M T lA rt M(r Am M N t ttR AD IetOndlaM y p. A, pplyt171.iTh FtOR r l Al E, w itll Vodel Terae neair Countr I .. i. I

d ar eIl pt halott d t rl s duldtt-June u gid( n.20 aa Iritru ad 12 Uao41 W BIto r l, Mt l.entionre l eutdPhon eo5 414. naroo ,, B o em n. Aplyi. ani Ac ) .Beautiu l unIgalow. OB "t-Id t-tW Mr*leereo. Rrboad I Rs- 3__-sti-- Aimat, P- -
. . .. ... .. . rr te ti_ o ,0111110 es ore .et.JueRSttt sln.. .N...... .,-- L eu uvl-nl
tlw A l ALROUND GAR1DAEN. June 23l Maine Seance. Calcutta A _ ,

fopi r. -o tKr thrw ......... (Nr Dor ),I lAr Irm a. sails 4Q14;onrete Oeo" ", md c a tc S.30n UNwekly thldt tn I. o tt- --.--- b OM.-NI- W1 1 l
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* C. ~., -


No. %,10. 27Th =


rlied Troops

;hurchill TellsI

ampnf Of Air

8R4'fJOaa so % ,F A, J-A &a

-Sea Armadas
4 (AP). Mr. unity prevails throughout the Al
toe Prime Mln-k id armies' There is complete con
1 iiti. of Lommlnn dsiience In th. Supreme Common
armada o0 a iud der, Ocneral Eisenhower, and I
tqpus thcti snlhllU- his lieutenants and also in th
r the Allied forces commander of the expeditlonar
ior the invasion force. General Montgomery."
'T t massed air- Discussing the Italian campatg
:- been success- where he said: "Allied forces, wit
hind the enemy the Americans in the van, are drive
SIing .ahead northwards In relentleI
,aidd: "Landing on pursuit of the enemy." M!
iocee4ing'at varl- Churchill said It was hoped the
present time. 'Tie 20.000 prisoners had already bee
etuies have been taken to be followed by further
SObstacles which captures in the near future.
SIn the sea have
ghcUlt as was p-_
t-anfier said a lthat VT Tr
-Man Allies were u 1I 't Il
EEt 11,000 firstllnel H
:pnbe drawn upon' King E m-af
nrders who are T
everything Is pro- Tll I is
to plan. And D o'
he vst operation ,.
the most com- Ia
p"e. "" .Allies 1Ta
A cult which eyer
of the House ol
'Curchlll took "lor- NAPLES. June 5 (AP).-King
I1, the liberation of
I"Americanand his sovereign powers to Crown I
thie Fifth Army statement of April 12, that he w0
thfle enemy's last
tomewhe're the a soon a the Allies liberated Ro
nRome whereth
have been received the entry of the Allies Into the Eti
Population. This over to his Government today. i
,Iratlon of Rome
have power tu de- the Realm.
ae sir attacks and King Victor Emmanuel, 74, ruled
alltine with which, Italy for nearly 44 :,ears, having
Se, ascended the throne ud July 29
an operations, 1900. He tinnouinced last April 12-
SJiM, "'This great lhis."flnal qnd' irrevocable" decqolon
"uriued with the, to withdraw from publicI o* "Op
,b'bet .by. the the di sy on lehi.the Alled troom
Mby the- lpiled enter" Rome," nd to turn his
lth Governments kingly powers over to Prince
i. IUmberto as Lieutenant General of
a question. Mx. th-, Realm.
House of Corn- =+
Mmld endeavour to
tully informed: "It _
their indulgence Eisenhon w r
I upon them before --VY*aL l V
-he said.
news as well as vs v s
chill's address. Says Invasion
"-battle of the An- C r sa
K lte reported, losses IPd t I O aij2
';,had been hr.twy, 'J lI, L uoilUs
If g about 20000 LONDON. June 0 (AP).-Genmeral
about 25,000 Eisethower today announced that
the Anzto land- Allied troops had landed In France.
end,. borne good] Tbhfoll[owing li the text of GeI.
.Ie oler to send Eisenhower's Order of the Day to
lWiht or nine dsvi- his Invasion troops: "Soldiers, ai-
might well have log and airmen of the Allied Ex-
! -peditionary Force, you are about
oaId high tribute to em nark on a great crusade. The
P Alexander end ave other World are upon you and
li Alalnder ontle ehope "end prayers of all liberty
en-- i.. comple"t loving people go with you. Ii
." I company with our brave Allies ard
brothers In arms oh other fronts

Jun 0(AP)-B3er- -
by N3C soad tt,vt
,tLackt had been

;June e (A) -iex-
1 ichy Allied were I
Sdl y veswl carray- I _
in hear.a1
fifteen miles'

asserted that the
S4 Vire Rivers, wi r teth '
uit deleted at

+tk,- !. tMwol. ,orta wl o
and Calais were t
this .morning by
heavy bonabera.
Vichy rAlgio were Goln. Dw i lht D. lu mw -
A newi bulll tin at
k ydu ted v OWen .Wim s *lbout the d.. ue.-
9 auhnlio tenof the grmaon war machine.
r atio nnr pAto e the elimination ofaNed tyranny
radio suc'ienly over, the oppressed pples 3ur ze
t" /rope, and security for ourseves in
_I frelre world. Your task will noti
Airn ( re_ t W elml t- o -our eeiomy is
i pFofore nc t hoaell plced; t equipped andl at-
_* r taMU Al ed dsenad.a ewilld fight en!442
of northe sod.e ma the am tri-
P'beak frA n deet in*o
bhi their way u a.. B_ nd .04!!
po nmg o re-! 065m _ah v licted
SthArust aIttlve. man tomana. Our air I
"' tI v Ol* a swl 0ib dly reduced
i7EA5-G.rman Itheir strength in the air and their
M.6. '. *1 erft1n:eapaeity to wage war on the
Lm | four Bi Lsh' ground. our home ,fronts have iMv-
mI05lndae between en us o|erwnelmino superiority Inb
I ebo urg. This wa sWesPOnB ndainatton Bof war and I
" or Ue Nazlihave placed at our dispIoa great
.d"1pped In 'retetres"'(v of trained fktlu m1n. 1
,rolan,'Trhoe tl4e has turned lnd free men
of the world are marching together t
Lot (AP,. .'etoli vto0j. ..... I
I o"--.., "I have full confidnce In your
'1 the that .AlI c dvi .o dIutyad skill
Ar: manhe I he W will aeeptnoti
5Im~ boats w I' an iet,'Os. all I
I.nd noble undralring." l

that Allied toar-I.. LI~ WUWt.-aR tOECE.

IF. eo.srma-taual iuedmam i ra rem i i~l


". . t Ai...1 Y .M,.A..N, ,o

wn As

ke Rome Roosevelt Asks1
*Victor Ktmmanuel baa turned over <
tIlce Umbel to Following up hi* s

>me, the King waited 24 hour. after N ations To Give *
o named Umberto Licut.-General of A |'C||"""', lllT^
1* =_-. -_". -____


S' ni B tl*RJ5V LjfeEfd m ctldd~j~ e-xtSali to Italy an~ Invita~tion to help eatabllsh
Wi .. n at .wrB..tb opposed t Pacim and

Naaa altael

I people Itt the maerni O i n hie
.vere of. "W .4. the 1.
A LL I D ffEADQUARnTRS, British will do averything wew 'V **W
NAPLES, June 5 IAP .---Without to"?l thet" re.." .
even takingK tima to age the Sights1 SPee"?in of Rome as the 5Babol ^ ^' ll
of Rome they lobemted. hoops of of Oh setoAanltys th I'rf t Ga
trt'h the cit acrou the Tier "tfcto tht the redom of
nd prince mbded to.Follwi up large the Pope d of V.t n City w y JOAN CAPO
uld step down Ittaln i and uover by th rme o the Unitedl
flein,. 10th .ind wath Armsfer,, N atuons ta OND ivON e Retr)A

*flgterbomberswhose ^theGema Higlh Conniand rcl
rhscpityhberewayrnino thwd fomweraed on which th. Germans planed away its evacuation o(
e named Umbga erto Lieut-Genera t Rome a a tratec move to enable

here with burning German tran- a ct The Alie (Ara te eorman t build uIn raerva-

port and equipment and littered manoeuvred so akinlflfl that the l*o1 obn prev.
with enemy dead and wounded the "arl" could only have stayed in .or the battle ahlpnst an Allied In-
Allies' alaning advance provided RO ln enough to damae Rm ,tton oppm ted t General n

disstrously vivid proof to the bat- at the rik of losin. their armfa H ol Alexander's liberation of
tered enem" that all roads not only Our victory cornea .it An' excellent Rome. frst European caitlf to be
lead to Rome-but out Cl It as well, time when our Allied forces are freed from the German yoke, wa
And with a con tinuoully growing poised for another strike at west- wlcomedi today throughout' the
total of more than 20,000 prisoners emn Europe-waille the armies of re wor""ld. wytruhu
already captured, this was a major other Nazi soldiers nervously await Fivnmall cnorners of the globe, the
il AN&W &eii I'N

catastrophe to the worn Wehr- our aault an our gallant pRus- Eighth t Ar

tnacht. an. the hope, of the dvi-l. lan *xllies continue to make their hailed aa a prmsin sybo o
alone facing the frlitih between power felt more aud miore." new Allid ictrie.. '
Rome and the sea rapi~ly im'- 'rhe Prasident said: "WVe sic one os cow' calledd it a "gloru
mered since cnlv two major cros- up and two to go. One of the evet. New la t1ng
SALLIED H2iAD44UA tM, A u"IVf w .lll d v ~"We um(

NAPU, of thJune Tiber are available be r Axi cinrl ha been tkea by the e re l
lowe tahe city. Allies, the 0erI-Sn ad T -- Rom s'h. MFxl -
Ao Rome tffcal oure d becauted. tro oo poff rrjl eao Cn2tllhl ar delihted.l
the prmfthre exerted by the a ith lrea d the:alMWa .lwa t. ovotfeep. comment MajorGe.

Army on tihe enemy In the final Oer pajjo wlereha.ahaIiB el alslltioov in" 'Pravda," des-
phar of the cibattle acrouth oe Romr e. uetln erbd thea ptur of Rome aso o
hand eemed to thodu a o lrqe tes.p le 0AinV-Ca rCty Wa olyiJOAnd trCtePlll
ichurnfl t the enem h's botte ed and l e with the Un1to e

spaed thl e t ond f 4thArmi a u ndhard fghtl ha. LONDON. June 5 (Reute bart--Ale
Ibatler-ound The enemy s left benind ktn d e dot M2ITr in the e ltlf Thi hCommandw how-
'iihter-qombers whose tireless enerar R omwsn wpa he rw .e

The ou.rc es T e .es t ,ray. Ju ne 4. 144 :good
4. e wceae of highways northward fromlnf ell t, i. A.%.RIomeais ale trater bimoved o ensive

here Wh bat l in G rantrans- an o, n generan and All thee Premantuptionsg h r p rsee.
port..ea d eupmentand. littered mo lk= 80 : tat eth r .d eer

dw developed in a n o rmai the as ol thIe tyed Ins a or the battle o g.nI t e an Allied n-
wth er e ye a was nodrce wouta de d.the tynw A or gns Oe pIn
-/oistrously vivid proof to the bat-It ) unhe M of losig the irarmie s, Harod Alexander's libertiSon of

aosatTns. twOO4.l 5S~afufttf Predicting^S^ rt ^0 a rapid,? iSuessful de
tLtered enemy that all Proad not only.51 virct o m t .esathr An' excellentRlome.t first Euo pean central to be
oleamd to ome_--ut outcIitas shwell.time when our Al M lle fores his try i wd lead t o /e al d-

ow them wtl. Re'oe bac 'tor $reetfnr the o Germany ytok Soviet
Na Anos Agt l oi t lfor noer 'strike o t Wesat wel coment torsa hr u gh outt ilte-
tl of more than 20,000 prisoners letrne cnurope-wl le the r amiens rof aatorlo. the, G aeI
i reay captured this sa w major other t hn t dera Naihooitiernnervo w i tal r tbe s dth
Los OfPrstie ceaawai~oft Pe IMmeallcorers fte.globe
catsf tropnhe Ato the worn Wehr- outr assault, and our slnt Ru.' ns t h r o e S.
ml cht Ane, the hope of the divi lan allies a continue to make e r lrEiat a'yto ofth rm y .su swole. a s '
sTGon e racing the British between power fc t me t mo e a more ,w ile It a s. A ph, misng sym ol
tR o m e a n d th e me a r mp til y m l T hel P res id e ntI a iddd tW eo r e o nehl e wtl"" .ro m.A..ics t .o. s .

S 6terasincecdntwo "anvolves- uanodMs wca wehtS sos Ront W tens called Itar lt t oruS
mavia' Pres Bureau summed up part nf the wold. To o One of there .eent.".eetwZeall n insouing

B ln es pape c m ett h s:hr in s sds~ehrte m n w^W A T 9nts sta*.&s'id
Sint r thess br are availablerbe-n .he o cr asl'as i bs eni ten, byothet cry h te- llwa a ind .e s.aie-o I
low theor y.eei add-

ctyItself" isd nt of granamtrfat a ndl po etior~tlevS2iS the eal '"~-ifi'i^
SAn ocatlta souresai (ber l ofmle and Aleie oM tleult. AId errs .n oiMre aV eal g tra,-
th e -prestg e f r er e aey: e n o w st wil the aft u. o w 1 d.p s at. SvAeg a n m a m n e ta. r-Ue -

toniet"sad byth heG'rAnM gadePoe*d ofthe O mCtoisAedlgtd Boyl ew common 044.
wiArmy on the ain body of the ltlo .ia let tInovi"Ptvda, de

mas troop th o nepsis Orth I o eli ca I e that Rome re tshe uwJw. u
eof the Riv e T ue of Rtmh#,t- p ',bed the apture ofRomeasofil
thme enemybwasnforcedoto withdrawl t o n."c atiow.. oft grgat lltfcj ia n strategic sltnI

I hueranedly thdpattcheus ens.conues.*He", t th.ath.a ve.ance. I
Spared the fteskof bcof"be4ln ~oStrugge wih bhe Nub would 'serL' wold
,lptr e opte g ar ofd.Thee ne my ,,tbtough .and ,ardfh g ye "Th Germans did not Ifive battle
Ibattlesrour T~~~e enemy 1 l~be h~ndI .i ,, m i ,.l.a in the city itself. This shows how1,

at quant ities ofwar t er Prdtesiden s daets eve tcontinue
Thi swoudarcvesaisd.erehe advancehest erd hays. Juet6o 94, oo ws hepln o wih e
f "c ,e tcs e -l anaI asinA iog n i ,e r ^Alender s d hs oe ive
,to alwer of lea I berlin .M R09 operataeolls hthe Am .e The.
Ite battle in tll* utkir4 yestr : . can an d Ali m o#, I _per, t i ons, .he-wrote
CIAb. de evneeloped ein dormalwig "d Is t heuA .ofTan AiaiaYeOeulo sed I
here was no race to take tn eitynoewi r our-h a n t e up a d .. ,
As at Tunia," ,two to 410.:4is 111i.11114141 tul Peiti m ng a rapid, successful de. 2

SUPREME ^ sent^ g^-s
ou frsta ofaabethothe GerCapitol
rPI A, 46. TU ,IN TO ,,o,4. C o .elftn,._.o to vem + wlom ilent hi the Joits o per lon |
I------a----ho--ld bill" he 1164AI hI. rYlwhich would lead to %e+ f I ddes
ofe ama- memn-al. IR oo ,"fck..o tructin of Germany. 'tW -e l tl
N al's.l A d4m it te i me. o lu mu,+ of OW 0111" o.I commentator said: "A furt e dete-I
We ca "St ll 148 /wMenX=#Msis rinrtion of theGerman xtratel*te
of the tig Ume .w g@1 n040, 4"1_the rtoftloIn It a o",e sitoldin
Loss Of Prr! ies/.thc.oa ff. ,..+ime Immem, own tr thp
BTOKHOM, une5 (FL-we wj tha In'$V* n led to mi iof tewhole of f
7b# GermansnfirstleaJl rnedof the4M CO.nity iond 0 t-1opIWi~ll b tly."IA Iadl+sl1Wmn
fall of R e om e I A 7 a ,, road astabl to ot M tl w *d b ,o f From -0 of. war,+--' '.

and theDevlinPres osa idi _I. qfo ,l U4W ate.
the r rinrlsuiy "involvesRof QWe niftLee gh o mlt+et/e .aten-L ".'t t n- a0 a -
Itnbavla-Pr" urdteau Su~mmedup part ot the Wp re re-gho th ,.I Of the A mll vimto lyhad]
Berin eslprl ecm n thg hIgi"o. ond ,,44h -,ow byu an-, l t
"no + OvICUU of f R-=& Is, a ore. 0111es, ut Inh"_mny With to 0 L .

thtl W~tl .a.. .w... ,- 5, r .. ..
it (,___ :__:___ .... .. i a ma bm ii m ocu M ien of,.!s*, M W.m~ a ,vile.
-+IsefI ntO getmiiay,1tadCstftngnt at M I earlyimlIIuNt

+pres -- for "Ge rms --10 Asilose '01-ItAd W OV1" a ,--AM INArtI

ny,,,nw til b.$MM ,pf& s0, v, lIiffd oMirk' ofthsaw. O
1rh#Berin orrsponentof Af.isgatio tht tbg hogo a he o tl V,1* .an
torilade', id te Grman mae Po AMof te i to e d=ehtg 1
A "lght ng etrato rom oi^Nei N51


Gen. iontgomery

In Charge Of

Assault Troops
TIONARL PORCI. June 6 (AP)-'Allied troops-American. Brittish
and Canadian-landed in northern France this mor'ana, lunching
the areateat overseas military operation in history.
Allied troops landed in Francee 'ained effort"against -th Al-ld4
with word from the supreme Com- ned lore f ort res es And i-
mander, General Dwight Eigen- 'g f1.or es.we re inthde andLi
shower that "we will accept nothing beratort, also were given the taal skytm I
except full 'victory" over the Ger.of breaking up the rail a sytem In
except u t hoer (e Get- western France. The R.AF. under
man master of the continent. Air Chief Marsbal Sir Arthur HSt-
The invasion, which General El. lvn iilr rdr nl
senhower called a greatt crusade' ,t wax iven a similar order. only
was announced at 7.332,m, Green* The Ninth Air Force. under Liut.-
wich Mean Time or .32 Tinidad General Lewis Brereton along with i
Ti me, imn brief ommu in g oque, the Second R nl Tactical Air i
ohin s c ammunique, con sting force waas signed to deleced toer-i I' m aClar
omet lauentence .was is....... .gets along the West Wall its telf. I om ansI Url
--nique No. I from Supren. Head'. 'Th Allies did not hope to knock
quarters and said: "'Under com- out everything from the Ir. but
meand of Gener& Eenthdwer. A -t o cripple he and hamper Gernm. y A EFanD
lied naval foaees, supported by troop move bist. Eternal C ity
strong air forces, began lind ing vmns
Allied armies this mnotning on the This morning a skatterinlg bar-I 1.
northern coast of France," trage such as reduced the de'endets mnl l -arnival
Moments later It was announced 'On the Mediterranean Island of nto C arni val
that General Sir Bernard Mnntgom- antelleria last summer was laid
ery wits in charge of the assault .down by the combined ait' forces, B yEDWARD KENNEDY
The first communique did not an- Added to this barrage was theai oe__ un. . .-- '
nounce the locations of the lanO- thunder of naval warships off the ROML. June 6 tAPJ-Mwe. hin.
tago. coast behind the advancing naval l11 briggnllt in lh spa1priui h i.
e.. .... .-.. .... ca'ft The Royal Navy had been liglt and smeucared almost sorltly
General .Menhower himself wish. witlinlg for months foi this mo- lrom the ravag*s ol war, toLd ,
eCd godspeed to the parachutists wh i ment, while light and heavy units gave t'llti AiiW troops a welcome
wee tthe first to land on the sil iof the American Nav quietly ga- which tUrncu tle Ei-iL 1 CLity i O.
of France held bv tho Germanl. there in British harbours for the .;n evrUal carnival. The ci"y A
or three hours prior to the Al. aine task. The Amrerican co it- virltually liLntact.
lied announcement, the Geerman gIuard was there. too, manning lind i he Germans, the lost of whom
radio had been pouring forth aing ciat, transports and rescue Ihe Gm lst whom
series of flashes reporting that the hips, A small number of Ameri- slunk from the U capital last ight13
Allies were landing between Le can Nav 'planes also took plt like beattila dogs, limited thei r dt-
Havre and Cher'bourg along the In the landing craft were men mnolltlons to a lew installattons ot
outh side of the Bay of tie Spint' who knew the beaches on which no arttltic or religious Impor..ince.
and alon the north coast of Nor- they were to land like the backI of Only wrecked sections of the city
mandy. Wihn would be acroas the their, hands. For months In Eng. are Immediattly adjacent to the
Channel and almost due south of lish camps'they hai been drilled San Lorenso, Tiburtina, Ostilms
such Brithis ports as Hastings, down to the finest detail for their and Trastevere ratlyar's which 00s
Brighton, Portsmouth and Boirne task. They had been formed into AericaUn Air Force bombed 14
mouth, combat teams, some of several these sections there ae few
T"he German. also sid parachut- thousand strong, Imp r .. bu ldi -
t4t descend In Normandy and The Amirlcan bomber fleet dro. l important buildings.
lerelt bel a agod by Nal hook ieatudonAoua-tonnage of bobs I tIe ret O Ro m Ios tol
groaps. IK = 21shock% -a-I M A
lbagetd or I-M m"IW ~ ldle1d 5104 l there
C thrbousui,wpleinsult by Allied bombers and fighters turndh te"
parachu. and glder troops In Todt fortlflcatlona on which Iitim FtId it. extra beauty, ftor Rome
great strength. ha Pnd pinned hi ope hopsl t holo- hen ch n never be measured b 1
aAdings had been In progress caust of flames. On the r ind e of glisteni rcg newness.
for several hours befoe w the Allied the attack bigb attleshirpsd l d The dome of it. Peter's dominat.O
dommunqus w as e Issued. Alliedthrough the ahnnel waters wth Ing the city bounced back the sul'
soldiers leaped onto the shores out meeting any challenge fromItlaon c o f Aerica to
1,nich the U 5 ns spent nearlylthe battered Nazi Fleet. uneiCrol m s nseofaz era troo
four years in fortifying while Al-- The western front onin etl were kIrtnt the pul, toa w her Vi.
lied planess and ships hurled maxed years of natient proe' aioncan City begin o m s. .
against the defence barrages which by the *top military mind of Ame-I The great circle i n front of 111.
the Nazis admitted were terific, ricea and retain and hard work in Peter's held b" the two arms of
The Allied Fleet included several factorle ,and munitions plants byIthe Berninin colonnarde had a&
battlehipm which the Germans said millions of American and British Italian crowd but there were no
tet the whole deoe Bay area ablaze worker n American uniforms. " stheirs
with firne. German destroyers and 1oa ts is open to the public, though the
The Germans announced 1c1o were rushing Into the operational German soldiers did not come iJA
that American reinforccments be' area off the northern coast of it" a guord sald.
Kan landing at dawn, aided by an France, it was reported at Supreme NO VATI(CN Ot-ARDA
nrtificlsl fog and in some Places Allied eadquarter where it wals Thr .were nno special guard
dummy parachutists weie dropped said that these new element In the
to confuse the defences, battle are "no doubt being dealt a round the Vatican and at the por-
French patriots l ed prxvlouslv with," tils of the Vatican City at the Ie
been warned by Allied radio bruad- It was announced that more thenfacade there were only a few Ppal
casts to gret out of areas within 640 naval guns f/om n16 to four-inch Gendarmexs Americans stoodright
22 mitles of the coast to escape Ihe calibre, are bombarding the beaches by but did not enter.
shock of battle nd the giganti eand enemy Atronoints in support
aerial bombardment. The Germans of the Invading 0rmles., CPLAEI 'TURN TO PAGE 4, CO1 -I
said Allied bombers ranged as for ..
north an Dunkerque. unhappy pot- --
from which the beatten British
Arm e ped t almost exactly four
years ago, All England resounded
with the thunder of the coming
and their a k -fo n
An Associated Press correspon-
in aoo326M arader optae. ot dermnt ANNING & CO. L(D. I
dent flving over the tlernch roastCp lm IN|
In a B26 Marauder reported ronm e .
fields inland strewn with hundreds
of parachutes a n' dotted with
gliders while greac p.,.val force&aTHEi PREMIER nR -CEPS
fired Into coast fortifications. TR R
A senior officer at headquarters
lsaid the times of the Allied land.n
,ngI varied to take eadvante tainof I_
the various tide stages at different
Except for airborne troops thef
first landing times varied from
a.m. to 820 a.m. (British Double!
Summer Time mvidnight to 2.25' W S I
a.m.). although the Germans el- A. SH IP ME T
mot immediately a announced that
a alkd assault had started. Gen.
EIsenhower delayVd his announce.
,Ment to make absolutely certain
the landings had taken hold before .D
vl anything.Ii m nrr
AId frces h d been ready forl VAN
days, but were awaiting the beat
moment fror t the standpoint of
weather, said a senior of*Aer of
headquarters, "We have been
months and years waltin l for this.C W B WtSL V U -E ,
Geography made it evident tot CeE F V E
Germans a well fto us that tI
hoerte$t way to Europe wal acmes
thel Channel I do not know how .W"
much tactical surprise we achievedII, IIIit
It ln a'toe early to tell," bhe id < II M "
Dsrft U. 48 hours prior to tr O ErIGY

eilaetd dae t"MIXtef 'Oa ^
A "ll d I inin acll ee RA. -;
PodKt I Dow tomax i of bomb s <- ,
0 1L:e*lWalidfl dertora.
thee sa*6 "e A FOOD DRINK MIX
OcU % =eol Is W hdlnfe i Io ex l Im
ill to 'O th IJunra e i .100, but
ANNblos.Ib 74I
Nwbd orth Affllica1 oparatlon.I l v. ---rI:
e apon m et proved I .$o i t
ath im h en Peal Iar.ur wa s .
ha,. heds mae S LJ' HOT fr" fOL I +
mowe andl tie Suprele Allied ISte E. ..- + :'
lad lef aa l~tlaa pusIbleM to For,, t YOU G o OW 1~ ]
eawpnte. J week, aMM r r al ai r,
ilne .ader the ,tr,.egic chts- :\;
|tld om to e Si)upme Allied i 1e- 4A TU I I
ftedqutrs Isept ailset on thel(.
iS tO the filat whteer e- '

ee 'o.m h. that* tie .'*l .' I.I t
ii eiI4NING & CQ .... ,-..&

r~ '

-A*. I S,1


i Northern


a %&dub ... .... ...... as a6O'e
V IAft .. .. .l.....


* 'r

*' 3f ^^^1u^T^C^_- _________ __

GetChief sce

Magistrate's Ordekr

UIb 1 T animftis o the Psl- thai W. aK W MIMmin. CitR
J|SIIIID.Jso jorbiso to porab ne oe appiha d am "ue
mraw". eauto. smbn% for reova of we cirOftW
tmm holding itv. pai, aow, Bumry Wm.
e Chjtus Jtce, yeterdant t tUw sfeA eIMG.
Sthe pole agnt Mr. MUiNa gla j. Bresi ga'.
F -,. a lteUon m, de ---

'Mr.C fin


low., and he hag alowCU dUth atLCu
to proceed to Judgment without
k oneup tCie objection, then al-
jurisdiction to grant a
s not taken away, yet
conalddering the conduct of the ap-
pUcant, the importance of making
an end of litigation and tlt>t the
writ, though of right, in not, of
course, the practice of the Courts
Is to decline to Interpose except
upon atn itrresimtlble case or where
there is an exmuse for the delay.
(Mayor of London v. Cox (L.R. 3
H.L. (1837) 283.)
OThe broad principle underlying
thUis and other cast on the point
Is, I conceive, Usti a party vr'io

OWh wohdat Nefng W
CU -Mteenfiay gives .,
aempleanell.rond aid is -.
'ae b .-C.inedln Reelig oW efinerda

a, esagha. pide, bresichial afthosiin
hM" a--n throat.
Lms WOttMm'm%, bWLarn

Tonca Beans

High.t Prices


W i. H. Kennedy & Co., Ltd.


A ua 3 A*IkAN

iu "nufxr:uo;
4WXW-W ap*" ttt ft OW$
IdS a V o 15mfidw 6amunmo 1
4W nie t via Di 0 NO Le Stnn l
wanesavs~ i-S m~te ss.inr


wetolh was 1.and WNW he other so
j i= cosl no seek remov- 'ez-pene, a the Court
e B a the an ate se. I t e mnk pbe,. cdau g

It Is proper wand convenient for the
3o~s5W. hen hiefCasM place, although
to in. pollard for conf- police to appear at the hearing of
mg sthe itate the U applications under 8fec. 6 (2),
s Slar applicatiOn l they ire not strictly speain., a
"S A-n refused previoUsly, party thereto. On the other hand,
omu.J Justice did not absolve pollard tiquestiooicblv was. Even
th siggtretOfrotm responsibility if then the police omitted to in.
OS3 alsi5iiuld a b&e made soUA form the magistrate of the previous
rtef misusmig power of application their fault was venial I
1c one compared with that of Pollard,
i. 0. T. WIaorre, Act- who concerned from ti Court a
Appeared on fact peculiarly within his own
--we --po-e. wh iei. Gl. 0 knowledge. Nor can the ntigl-
SWth whom ~we rate himself be entirely absolved
ID 39 071t 0. b. Wooding, from responsibility. In most cases
g irae5 the n magistrate. When of this class there Is nothing toa
liimto was armed in April direct the Court's attenUon to a .4;
reitMade no Appearance. possible absence of jurisdiction, 3
mt nU bnuo atie r he proviso to Section 56 ( 2)
M 3iZSICTION p'dinly lays down that the Court's
jurisdiction Is limited, and this Master Ronald Wllsen, o1.mat1-f
Mt judgment handed down yes. should have caused the magistrate o sson of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
ery the Chief justice A t u : to make some enquiry before as. Witsn, as he appeared at a
is a motion eo a w H.of suming that he had jurisdiotion. recent Maytime Fair in George-
directed to Mr. A. town, as Mr. Winston ChurchilL
,Magistrate, at. eorge "Moreover, even wherf an appli- Mr. Arthur Wilson, formerly of
west, for having on March 1 cant should have notified the Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd. is new
IS* mMade a order removing the Court of the laok of jurisdiction with the firm of Pestano Ltd4,
d!kSilaatoni to ho ld a driving and failed to do so, a writ will Georgetown. B.G. Mrs. Wilson is
iSssiud upon one Ernest nevertheless issue if the case Is an the only daughter of the Deputy
Sby Ore f the Chief Mag- irresistible one. Thus in the case Mayor of Georgetown and Mrs.
Idatd Ar l 2t, 1942. of the Admiralty (12 Co. Rep., Pestano.
applied on November P. 77) it was held that the Court
* i9s, to have this disquaMllfi. will grant the writ where It appears I ,
Wtos removed, but his application by any matter in writing cr other Dunstan'sIFun
Sreed. When then he applied good matter, that the Court sought StDunstans Fund
to Mr Masson. the statutory period to be prohibited never had any .U-B $25 6
of six months prescribed by the jurisdlc&ton whatever. The present, U y
pViso to p.p. 16, No]. 3, Sec., -5 in my view. Is such a case. The
(2) had not expired. Mr. 'illyorder will therefore be made ib- The special appeal fund for St.
Wo argued th case onbehalf of solute. There will be no order as Dunstans is $.52.62 nearer the
S magistrate and displayed not to costs." $2,400 target. accordingg to the lat-
e than thte usual amount of in- co escIt list of donationss issued by Col-
gpltY, learning and research for onii Roy Alstoni, vices.president,
cush t of this class are rea -i Trinidad at. Dunstans Association.
e nded ha t pro- City Group MarkI list is as follows:-
iserkable. contended that this is- GMr,. dM Mrs Arthur aml)n ., $ 60.00
.o did not preclude the. agIs-Se o d , a -nv rs *m .A. "4 ,.o
te from hearing the application, cond A.s i.. '. Grl uitl" 0.00
although he conceded a the S e ,versar r ,,14. .00
Mrs. J. W, Pod,icA snd Mrs. iR.
Iagistrate could not make the Highllghtlng the second anni- Almt4, ijurnbe .sle, 19 in-
der sought, if It transpired in versary celebration of tlhe New (.,."4,,t 'o. I',. l.,<. .o1 S2
widenoe that q* similar appl'c(- Progresslve Circle he'd at the u, ,1n. Trrrr>, ,t .......... 2;, .00
t had been refused within the Osmond High School an ori- 22. ,'2
previous six months. I am un- ginal melody-making conmpttition, Alreidy ahiA.efh' ......... $1.>.3T
able to accept this contention. 'The open to members of the group only. .
word "entertain" in the sense it is drew high praise from the udlges i.817.
uSed in the sactiorn, mnans to ad, -Miss Amy Gibbons and Council-
Mit to consideration vide Oxford bor Albert Gomes, the Deputy 'May-
Uglish Dicelonary nd it or Barbados May Have
eaitradiction In terms to 1,ay ,at Voted winner against II rivals
a court may hear an application was Mrs. J Gibbs. She scored with Coff
which It is not allowed even to the song "Oh o I Long to bhe oloure Officer
inttler. I entertain no doubt Home." Mr. G. Ottlev cri, lcd off
tohat the magistrate in purporting second prize, and MisA W. DividRnn Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
at dI d and Mr. IL Brown shared third .-LL).iU.iUVi. bioados, June
to make the order he didBeeurine special mention wa,.e ,-. larbad,,s may soon follow the
wiiloitlurisiction Z. Mibaosi B. y oon fllowahed
W1 Jr'f tiy o evr fu Mlr s B. !Tt Co pos tond Mr. L. Patri'k.1 lead of" Tiniidlad and Jamaica 1,
0ute.d"Rilyh. h o 'ever. further Compositions wedr of a high having Its first coloured Superin.
ontended that even I flle magil- standard, Mr. Gomnes announced. tindcent of I'olice. This is the in-
trate did so act, this Court should MisB Gibbons distributed the nrl.ze folicnce drawn from a resolution
not intervene because It was in.uni- During the celebrations p,'een- pasc'd by the lloise of Assembly
bet Upn te pirty opposing tle tatlon was made to MI..s Flores p roviding $240 a year an a spec'al
IO~ n m e Court below to Deterville, Circle member, enrolled allowance to Sergt.Malor Frank
por0 Vare'si impfv. .pc-' with the A.T.S., for war work in Parria, from the date of hU oceept-
e d the land. ane of a post 0fare hin
t e ed not oe ._ which he is desiru'is of accepting.
to whetherit was, in t Sergt.-Major Parrls pointed out
''ie'would mean finon-
ought to the mastrate's notice., lut acceptance od men .n-
t7 c e ,e~d,, nr oa o cia.' 1om,:4 and the Government de-
there is a conflict of evidence Control Board Probe
SWeamt-Malor Wentworth,. who portoto nte good eithe osls in pzo
ec states that formed Committee t O the nwost each year.
Ms Court of Pollard's previous ap- ea.. ..
station., but Mr. Masson denied oGovernment'S. 4-man committee *- .
Sand he is corroborated by appointed to inquire Into the work- T""ti e Pri P
aUnIel who appeared for Pol- Ing of the Control Board ,th1 a 1T inidadP 1 .Vi
lM, and by the Court not-tnbker view to reducing expr"nditure yes- T L 1
then the preponderance of evil- terday niorning paid a viiit to thic r Or D rados
2rce is to the effect that the Court board's offices. I B r
ws not notified, I will, for the Visitors were the Hon'blc Erroll The "Trinidad Guardian" und'r-
urpose of my decision, assume dos Santos, Acting Colonial becre- stands that the Rev. T. Byrom and
hat the magistrate was unawareof l.iry; the Hon'ble Sir Lennox the Rev A. Mellor will be leaving
the previous application. O'Reilly, the Hon'ble E. Veirnon the 'PRinidad diocese at an early
"Now, where a defect is not. ap- Wharton, and the Honble M. A. i:dt' to take up work in the Barba-
parent on the face of the proceed- Maillard. dos diocese.
nge but depends upon some fact in The "Trinidad Guardian" under- The Rev. Mr Byrom Is now Rec-
the knowledge of the applicant i stands that the visit was part oft tor of St. Andrew's. Scarborough,
which he had ani opportunity of 1e1 investigations of the commit- and the Rev. Mr Mcllor i as Vicar
bringin forward in the Court be- tee, of St. David's, Toco.
L- hWh. 510 .11-- UUWU i b t .f lir

Mr. K
Mr. J
Miss :
mr G

N. M
X. B
J '
H. P
L. a
5. H:
J. T
D. M
". Me
C. Hi
A. C
T. Co
F. 0
H. a
P. Cc
F. Ni
A. J
C. b


linsm from Its Mhui an gwreo-


Vataa ........... 00
. Viel ra ... ............... 1.00 I
. B elgrave ............................ I.0000
E lva O ornn ............................ 1 .0 .
Martie Go mn s ........................ 0
B. M arshall ...................... 350
rath Pesus ....................... 1.00
via er ...................................... .48
Fisher ....... ........................ 1.00
leo. M a ta .......... .... .
lMcted by Mr.. Hermiian
Irta -....... ............ .. S 50
ft le s .......................... . "..2.0
lteri d ............................ 260o
it and a I........... .................. 2.60 '
u npersa ............................ .0
I a ttt .. .. ................... ... 3.0 0
lunch _.... ... ...... ...1 2 00
al .nd ........................... o o 2.0r f'
a. o a ............. ..-,:*:: 15 t g~ y wr i a a
'eyte by Mhr. J.. T. ncho
Mayo i
ancho ................................. 10. 0 i' "
Ramlog san ...................0....... i ,
y Ra ghunan an....................25......... '
a an ................................... 24
oalne s... ...................... .0
[o nil a i ........ ..... ............ S.0
WOrW ....................... 0.00
llocke by Mrs. F. Carnacho: -
ho Bros. _. ..... ................ 20.. s.0I
of CaMacho BroD., Ltd. 74.00
m y ...................................... 25c e0 0i r
orrals ..................................... 1. i 00 i i
ame s m a.h. .................... 6.00
4mle ...................................... 15.00
mlo s ...... ........... ................ .0 ... 1.00
201V. Camacho.. 5.: So many Sol. aHta
and Mrs P.Malag0mantMgwit
J. ....... ........... 1A 0 and oft en0their very
L.V 1r.Camacho .......... ,i:o0
. and Mrs. W. E. Anderson 30.00
. Sylvester ......... ................ 1.00
Il'sece1y by Trinidad When a baby nine andl peaks
aroian' anu eeves i and doesn't come on
Ira and lbet5--srltlh he
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ad WSMrs.'"A '0.oy Ma .seo the time because it is so light
M e S m s....... c ....... 1s00 and kind that .It all but dia e
ov. Asbard .. ............. .. 20.0t0 lf
Trl l 0a 0, s (0I ro T e 8rcer knows this-m any
Il at WeeTern .C Schbool see
ad"C Mrs. A .......... 1 .o s a mother has told him so. And
ta Trweilt -Jackson s.00 that is why, whew supplies are
A naertul ......s........... .00e
^.< S Mr, W. V. ciefge
*m works t ilaeb y Nestle Angle, I
TOW 1 -. ....... 8.....ea


Whether yea an s ymo 'tm
pet imer pime, is ethW me emiy
ar m to mte mftf e tm "lith e
daily daew-ixet a ky *7 tine
pinch ina ymr morning ta or o-
that's the Knuwhme rule for mwes
KncMbm b as ombiaadm o
miml mineed 00ks which iamen
yw mver, idae sd dipmh unta
to b"mlthy, rulr eaicty. Ty
esun inMa chdenm and Mep
the blooedswna puw. N aew
reIreehtg blood is em cuenl a
ewety fibre *d your beig t
Khobsea 1ankhe tod kiad"ad iln el
'geesr -ky
fc- estt oU dfa

Bead dwW
Lv. 8.00
Ar. 10.00
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Ar. 13.55
Ar. 14.50

St. T1
Son J

Fer details of thee and a
the Caribbean Area.


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of you. Ficht it energetcal
with Listrine Antiepti
Gargle every two homs wi
Listerine, 'full strength, a
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aid in restoring normal heat
Listerine,ij effective agair
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of the germs in the mouth a
throat. Yet Listerin e is s
S solutely harmless to delic
a-d .... membranes and ha a L al

st, leas peasant taste.
Pst, please 1. TE

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Read up.
>f-Spoin Ar. 14.20
Is-France Lv. 12.15
ta-Pitre 6v. 10.55
uo Lv. 10.00 ---
homes Lv. 8,00---
uan Lv. 7.00 ea m
Gem blue fatme w
the most popular (
ddtieol services throughout, steady, powerful b
omisut your local ofce: y p
heat distribution u
i ,UmoNW aa Wit improved o0
es. e y rnmved
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IckoeM on stores nrs
of all uliary utnit1w
urner flames &asure en
rder all cooking
oking result. CLblO
for clashing. Two * vieibilty. '
ll--Wl~i--- 1.41


It k rtuely eaMin g now .iema
Rimo the clothes by so*
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I oon't Was" e Stl* -

U~m ~ a lEVE 9,

OUT in allweathers,>at7-boon
of the day sad 4%4 t, b* I
flight nWcbAA.c 6 1 tough I jo.
additim-, to the ever-preeent menace
of enemy attack, other dangers e
in wait for these men. Two of
those dangers are sdatic and
humba* both of which attacked
the writer of the following letter:
"I fired from sciatica mnd lum-
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I am out a all weshe being a
F ighut-Mechanic. Ihad awty
Bowhed when told to take Knechc
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a bottle and hve tsteg
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r"e to nafqp guard u flbadwte.
fton ie welco Ito use this letter-
eveItbodh sboauld knew eb shou
chuO-4L G.* RLAZ

r.a M u Ab.s

de I -e iOOJe~
enSy OaiMs Hima 1

Mia W in.reg eas ........
P^'firi eJ .....................
suton r a .....

Stat .Ssivatogl, ecet '"'0o0..

Dr. ad Mrs. 4. A. Lyon)
r W.. F rS..... 7.............................
Mli WiniOld ...ry .... ......
MD. Joyce Henry ..................
Was Ora. M. ar- ..................
Mo .ble Ti. Rl i ...............
Mr. W. D. Inahls ...............
Mr. ad Mrs,. A .braham...........
Mr H. 0. B. Wooding .......--.....
Mr. Wa.. M ,. ....... n ......-
Mi- JuMdse O sisar ..........
Mis Hs i Mormes ........................
Ml ... M ..a.* n.... -................
Mr. Murcha uby ................
Dr. 0. I. Marcan................
Mr. H. W. Fr ooll ..................
Mr. C. a n ae ll ...................
Mr. B. La. WhItaes .......1........
M I C. Bilan ..............
M rs. ". i. O' ll ..............
Mr. ad M J C. Pinto ..
Mr. ud Mr. ar x S o .............
Mr U. I. Farre l............................
Mr. C. FartB. ..... ...............
M r. J. 0.ert E ....d...................
Miss. Mrmra G.langt-................
Mr.. 0. M oceya.
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Psillp
Mrut. and Mra. amul
M r.. A. V lae r .......................
Mr. Jn. W L.l r tk ..............
MrJ. Mohse Gamed .......................
Tlhet, ancUre. adlenP..........
Mir. A .L.u sti Col .......................
Miss Winlifrd Piiiiiipi .... ...-
Mr. Co.ft.a oe Ad. .................
Mlea W. de Moani .................
.A W Uwi .......... ..h ..... .........
M r. Ane l r it ... ....................
Mr. Albert Kerr ...................
Miss Barbara Grifith ..................
Mrs. ., aHocoy .. ...........
Mr. 1. N Carmuden ......... ......
Mrs. N. Dornellai ......... .... ...
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hart .........
Mrs. Carrie Gomez..........
I. H. ...- ..................
G. J. ... -.
Mr. George Gomez ............
L.ieut. and Mr. Patience.
Mrs. H. Hoalin .. .....................
Mrs. C. A. Mole ................
Miss D. Austin .. ...........
Misse Jean and Joyce De Lus
J. A. ..... .. ... ........ .. .....
Mrs. A. Wilhart ...................
MIss Atteck .... ...... ..
M,- A. Legg* .. ...................
Mims D. Parry .......................
Mr. C. Hall ..............
Mr. 0. Oster! : ............ ...



IS IFlight JMec lhaic
hyl Ends Pain witb
Iron Iruscheno






A -. usaN W Rka6nUMom .

OWN. C'go a..-.CTokI sisas of41 OWN u0 e am#.A
s as" Goear / i" C lean0M Na---of Msispa" I.s .
t Address Partley gAs cCA.T.,.,MV W.W ,, ATU.NT OF @v A.,,
MT n 7m p and, Fo w"*-11" Iow
0L Z ellWUawc the Acting over- 00a w Iad A L 'L.
6 6,,0.170O MM ". F. AGARD,
a.a Lr wi 4deliver an addrea at the OOv ir TN S
6.00 00 MW and USED ClUOTH1No& M *
i.0 nith uSmal conference of dele- I IadU&4 L IS
6.00 OVIRNKMNTrand ....
"s gates of jhA Cie f Ipi@e Asocia- S0HOE 1S d 1 i |A|
o ts of Ttwldsd and 4ibap whih Commisasion Ants MS writei.k#A-
i, wifl be held in the LefisINtveeto Devartient P.for ; ..,' i
0 Council Chamber on June 17. the TRANS-AMERICAS
s "TriniWdad ouardilan" learned y TRADING CO. /
10 00 terd. e e l South Street. New York X
|:5 Mr. c. T. W. Z. Worren. Acting I k. USA. o, :I
wi W3 i o DbU33rMIS =4
ee Solftltor-Olneral, president of the CeOT SK INS
DO. Ahoclatio, will take the chair.
ouse conference will conader .a ".er :
&age drat memorandum to be forward- i
.6 to the Secretary of State for the
Colonies by the Federation of Civil
Service Associations in the Cartb-
200.0 bean area.
20-0 The Federation was formed at ..
the recent Jamaica conference ol 'f
representatives of the Civil Service
00 Associations of the West Indian is-
0 00 land, rtish Gui ana and British
10.00 Honduras. bcatmno kl n
1 .00 The memorandum deals with craftsmen of ski nd
o10.00 matters relating to civil services experience Beautiful in
L 00 generally and, it is understood, ex- experience eutiu in
o pressesthe desirability of being design and quolity-Gold
6.00 uniformity, as far is possible, In
b.00 the civil 83rvuces in this area. e
tel0thisa e and Silver filigree and plain.
5.00 It also asks that steps should be
.u0 taken to train local personnel lor
.00 filling all appointments in the civil
.oo services.
6.0 M Your Jewaeler.
6. 00 ...M [._
0 r aoo. n are caused by terms and germ
6 Jeh ~eC e poisons in the throat.
'0'0.0 Credit Societies Get ,o sthbthro.r n e De LI A & CO.
Bi The us of vioxooitu as a gar. IY. De LIM A & CO.
5.0 TJ[he use of D!OXOO314 iss g ar'-
o k$69 266p In Lo ans .a t e th.n ,
6.00 $69,266 In Loans free as possible from germs.
3H.. DIOXOGEN removes the source of
J.oo Utilising Government-offered fa inflammation and infeon in the
00 Ulties lor securin lc.a to
2'0 scrigov throat. and many caese of sore
2.00 carry out approve! agricultural t t iemny oflsor
2.00 work, agricultural credit societies, throat, tonsillitis, would not
s20 during he period July 1, 1943, to occur if the throat were cleansed )
2.00 togtlarly by a P r& ofaga o 0Gz". -..-.--.-.. -. --.-. --.-.. -. --. -........... - -
S2.00 April 30, this year. obtained snuma gularlybyagargleo(.lQ.ooaE. ... .. "-.
2.00 totalling $69,266 out of the $129,000
.00 block vote set aside for the purpose. S T O T 1 A T c o
.oo the acting Director of Agriculture BUy a boale kky-
2.0 disclosed yesterday In a statement
21o released through thu Information |
'I.o Office. !0 efl
.0 During the same bPriod loan re- -___|____
1.00 payments reao.ied t total of
Ii.o $8,371.36, leaving the Ium of FQt SALI AT ALL CHIMISTS
00 63,105.36 available for future re
1 .00
3.00 =
2.00" '



governor AO Afr The
kmy HeadDedication
w W," tibs H% Includinlg R.sedleme3
M rthe Monbl. d L Wright. witesg the In-
d* the TMX TRIua R phaR om Sw admit-
a tpri st last Sunday morning al an Ordination
.4 hurch, Twacal
tc th
wumisAd y'Laou To U.S.
ministers :Arcb-
~ CostsBarbados
Uh~aRector o
ofN No
I -.-'the $16 80
thARv fest
V.a3.RaPgblr, --
TriMe Guamrdi CToeqestia.SlT
the Pa.BI!DGTOWN. Barbados. June
a.n L. H Pheuiand w o c the opposition of

Le Ojptrff= twonpladeration u, thJHus e ofplcto a en l"n r"*"lal ore inweta Mn aeee
f t Ch I Of A assembly voted $10Mtho meuseteti
r eb coral exenesIn connection with the
MmspseW_ Cendig of 3srbadlan labourers to.
m ._altmeUnited States of America for
S tempor emp ymen thea b t ar
WWho M asYm Food Admnstieamtn an the wa
to f? hYearMr Fred3 Bethel and M 1r.g eo
fee Said the scheme would send
i*B AnM wrethe best labourers out of the C aol-
toJ were any leaving what Mr. Bethel des-
Do Satos Act- cribed as the "rift raft."
oSe I Bria d ie That the Colony will not be. de- inm e in se e4rm te at thea On lek W. C. b
g lto, Ct. Bedford nuded of all its best agricultural it a r of nd aiten an tac ff a te mr u* Proce se sionagdehe.It".

(IBI;heMa trn i|| hrf am *te Ik uetiobea n tunnd-nnd Crivlplyes __egh ompis avtehe eps
A.n Stokes labourers is evidentgfrom i the fact p. .K. aund therof th e p Imoba i tso i th e are: The ROe C. It. William, the
Laugbln, Mr. and that the age group is 21 to is. Rev. 1agtr, the Rev. F. L. Deska Arebdeaeen C8.5Doo wd HIs GOrae the Most Rev. Dr. A.
uMearw o. Mr. apd Of the total registration of 4,740 H. Ansey, Archbishop of M e We dvMlo.
Samilton, Capt. and the first contingent calls for Only .
commander and J4o ariculturlsta. !S..... .
Lieut..Oommrnder A minimum wage of 30 cents C
SM per hour will be paid men who get IrenaW pa ur t
KC Alle, M r. JobIn processing factories but no t i t
'"definoiFor To Sit In B.G. S h m h w
O. Wo Dr. and dera hini eno we for cultural work.- T or S e S

Dr and Ms.Er. hasAbeenciaedFArrangements are being made
S. L. L.atrick, Mr. L. A. Chase, Social Welfre to hold a sitting of the West
ero, val Officer and formerly Manager of Arts So pier, an hold e tt > of the W ~t 'ress
C colonel and .rW. RoL. the Barbados settlement at Vieux cety Indian Court of Appel /i
ndf Hop Mr.R Mr YFort, St. Lucia, has been selected t i B ts
Ond Ho 3.Do.eRo nliaisom officer in connection with mid-August In British p tro a,
Ad Mr.. D.Peter. the scheme. The question of ap- Trl dad GuaMrian Corrsponlent. the "Trinidad OGuwrdia t Reslponding to official aspi alfor
0 Rev. Mr. pointing another offer is under ST. GEORGE'S. RENAD le deaColony-wideb
to Capt. Williams eonsid eration. June -Application has been l from reliable movement, I- persons haverecently
the Curch and his crtiltient is proceeding rapid. made for a licence dlrectingaR yesterday. lacuirei holdings on various set-
L cities th e y and selected are b limited liability com pany to b0 The list to be dealt with, it istleents throughout the island. the
allotment frm s on behalf of de formed under the name of theunderstood. is a smallone.lSstdiroro M
Ir. es a been pendants. They have been told Grenada Society of Arts. th e se tnodod s tonent r eti od iratro Agrcult re d
S10ee B oodthat from their earnings a ompul- one of the meost ambitious and nrg t n ostmate -re2ece
ime of the chrinch gsory deduction of $1 a day will be schemes ever promoted In the colony. h. r ot he Infre a or tat .
ht or nine tt e .uent h ack here and lodged in the Its promoters look to its con- i yer thA cm mment states:t
Amy. w Teehel Government Savings bnk to their um eand cult a l benefits on the paieople year, 51 applicants have been
Is we chosen for credit pending their trur hom of the and island as well as giving g granted allotments on various set-
Arrangements will be made t lead which may be followed by u leats. number of notices for
Sa to his ood re. ever emigrants by insurance dur- other West IndiAn islands. -cultivO O f the hold n and
irot-elas orgariser, ing the sea voyage. The sociey will seek to promotes e- r--- rte t have iento bes
ability to turn that the liberal arts and science and Search for a limited number of s o a settland
eightallotAW hae ,be n drps
he t oa E t her like l uae Odbjects and to San Feernidandtlvalpyers to Mi &"1t ' eo-
Tabe FAL. a man NewTob o apply profits accruing therefre-c take part in the Anglo-American a ve bn eenom et
of resnsblty to the promotion of those objects. War Charities benefit show: "Land Malntenanw and development
tof s fellosnte rec ona on H Ex ellency the Governor, of the Calypso" which will be work on roads and pasture re-
htm ani for him Sir Arthur Grimble, has con- staged in San FernanLdo on United 0se M ontinue to be opried out
Swork in the priest.- Tld gnurosad CormotI sented to be president of the Nation's Flag Day, Wednesday, On, 1Ps5oyetd -Secont eo and
ad nd hallowed. u 8CAprt OKYOUOJ, June _on society, while Its council which j o 14, has started and the Trin-A oky setlaments the settlers
truto of the T n damhas already held preliminary meet- edad Press Club will be -n- to ytn set lWent te se tles

TsnrTch t vv th renow engaged Indalstant treasurer: Mr. Munr of thea .8 aatdecrseea hde out suy toc M U.t. fnstey-o
VL L uam" roperties nit of mmmt Mrrs Singer Miss M. BertrandCs ... /t...nlV_ si..... ..

giTbag mmy citoy desierus of0 aV er atIetRRspRtS metnsu-
and will w ithn Vr of two miles of the Assristint M secretary: WLady_.r mble, dadn eirG sice... ..t" lubs Thed--
Is reported likey r H .erad Mis Mr.Dents onr All ai ca nhou be in sterholason t ei
diam riolt4aw or ound .oTey1objectai
Nav Club from e :t understood that when the Mr. W. Robert. Dr. L.B view can, however, be granted. .s.t pl Patora et-
.valuation is completed the pants Sylvester. Dr. L. A. Rapierand h There will be two performanfe tlwmm hia as an objemtm
..... ....11-= u... rn n at the Empire Theate, San Feer. los .. to tug Met, continues to
he o Vame will bp paid for their cultivation, Rev. Fr. Mumto Mc~ibbon, OP. tteUpr harSn1t.lesnt u etrcniust
.. "uolonelBoge ot or wheh sin ocon, and the e oi has orwarded.tondo under the patronage of HIS Yield stst rveults
O -Altfor. a'a will then be enMi rel, cleared Ha ]Tellca O the following pleas:dEXeG tHeW e,,: Wr onww es t h La.
,t '.. before the building of the catch- tThat D-Royal pio Higm t.e 4.30 P.M. ,ndAnoth rat 0. P m.20 Tcu ,P--1-.r--t
Vleo mneat basis begins.,Prsi Msabeth Will graciously Seats far the 4g9 sowwil bebyum .
a- __-_t v bya o ne xnt bon toe patr aones of teservati .bookings fr wIch wl is i it a U
theInoddiion initaionnessItIsfxpeie
,, -Atsa2 society: That a lot of land at open theMdas weekve. cenad l.alr-t xor'a_ S SiSSS ta
LW a=daW mn i tb surveyed for the In addition.,invitations hXve been AM r tCla-is. psa "1 Ro 01"0.
D -.esert -tg-" Bermuda Women society's buildings: 3, That the sent out to 10 prominent residents Aldal, oExtension.C -
17m llod C ut British Council will give a grant of San Fernando and neighbourn St. Hlna Mu1tate, MAtelot, Se-
*;'YI Pore Mo r Juvei to the society to cover (a) the cost areas to serveon the Sponsoring aetly Pured fr stah-
-Porter. special pogramme ment ofsettlentsG |wsrlbe
t Sgt..Major" .AMILON. .BERMUDA, Jun e ..ea of professors of piano, violin is being preparedfor San Fernan- undertaken.s
"Three, Blind (AP) .-Thb Veglolative Council Yea- and singing and (b) cost of a do with the aim of providing local
s -Latter. terday pase Asembly sat Bechatein concert rand piano. C oloiur. B i
90'"-Winter. which will sesiish special juvenie An annual series of events is pro- Meanwhile, for the' benefit Of E.. .Ciinme Gv.m eWarm
van" -Sullivan. court in Bermuda compring posed as follows:- American servicemen who hay* not Welcome To Vice-Consi
en Sailor" magstrates as chairmen And ay- (1) Choir recital: (2) Three I-act had the opportunity of seeing the Mr. Tang Ch, si,.., n.wly-ap.
Wee Macgregor" nien and women. plays: (3) Massed children's choirs public pWWfMXMnc of this Carnival pointed ChineeVc-osla
,"The Bells of at. The Hooble Trounisell 0ibn at Qv.%en's Park: (4) A three-act reu.M.Ol lna h c er etow, riim-osh uiata a
-Adams. the Attorney General, tl play: (5) A variety concert: (6 tivities Director of the USO0. here, given a warm welcome yesterday b
to. "Put Another cmncil tWt Bermuda Is the fIrst PaeMtt of the history of t has arranged to stage It at thery the B G Ch0n.U.~IIO
a Coffin." colony to Introduce this Of Island at Qu-.'s Park; (7) An U .O.i heatre in Pto-a.Spain. Guaelatio.Cin e-Am
*'Community Land" court which was Initiated tinthe orchestral concert: (8) A panto-
Sin.. united Sates and estab lshed~ mlme: (m A wter carnival inhNegotiations are now being con-M..r. "Tang,. accompanied by his
Medle- 1m Uitd Kingdom, S t. Georgajs Lagoon (10) A musi-: ,. ,. m eoIrm eedmog ~nddlt
wihy S- ducted to carry the revue to one or wife passed through Trinidad lat
ith. U d i mal festival.,0 more of the U.S. bases here. week on his way to Georgetomn.
L ynHis Excelency ass suggested
Lawyers Syndicate tha.t, the socy ogi
rTobao Rado distibuft is 6to be
Tobago Buys City Property I nin n
Proert ar*of the socieX w theM I RS
s~~za.,. m .... I ~establishment of a anus~m J~ V ik4
Band JI H IU -Five city solicitors and a bar- ism -f ]
ruler-at-law, reentlY purchased He- Gets {iCmoMAX PLINand POLISHDMM.
.eet e as a syndicate. No Xa.sVin. auteacnerGets
che1Jun*cantstreet, formeryowned by Spc- ." x 18", Ploin-$13.15
decidedto form a ve ,0o. the rs 0* Gum4 UuL U"Course Extended
mh have already been waninformed yesterday fe one-year British Coin cl-
thand Mr. Jim included in the syndicate are scholarship anted to Mr.c.W.
tithebend has been Mr. Oscar Pierre. Mr. C. SirJOo, Debysingh, former beadteacher of
U,.ron s assistant Mr. Llewellyn aRorts, Mr A. the San Fernando C.i School;s tow B.H. ROS LM
[ ocmi~slon aSinanan and Mr. A. '. Dates. iat Nottingham, England. has been
commssio as Most O the mewbr Of the 911n- extended to September 8, the 4NW102=
,* 0fflar is Senior dicate 0r now OccuplylSOWN esAt "Trinktad Guardian" was Informed.______________________
Ottley. No. 7 HAart tetreenl acquired In the additional period, Mr. ______________________k_______A___
___ _ by q jyvernment for ? eXpasO Of Debyslmgh will be taking a vacation
.......the Director of Medica Servicesl course at Oxford.
*PROPERTY --- I o"-

r\]lal m.....-.- m Prem,_. te ,

- ~




Modern Bungalow

3 Scott Bushe St.

PHONE 5367



We restt Ihat at rnt It Ib
imo@Wbl te is p:y . .
fut ahlmnets ili be reumOd a
ame is osmeidtt porwo

'r. s Grsanm U&4


ko Li'.



(tuarantied Waterproof)


$17-08 .OA & $23.93


Standard Life
Aa ftee C..
Rbon tew e7.
ai&Ab kum FOE.

&^ JcaX o/

0/Ne c/ropics I

Now &he, ryhody.
with that






Empire Theatre
Wednesday 28th
JUue 1 .44
b*e ftigr be> Der i.

W WMn iCTUC 6.1in, U UM
at the service of the Empire

COU sr import is amrrin dyuuemd m kW Shied w -w d o-
ends. FP thm mM, home-w& m pl hd berp a q
of the flfM who mods do hr Mihmi&a fjt
or the aMdropBM W"M urngBnM Miq. thds
wth the O.B.C..i, lnim- i edbmi mlUM. Wli
clam coHhboinsdm qbb Go3eei ipi. A OIM 0 Mntftm
mamutari -v~ bme -dt -i~y~ 9 *w
admhiimc ib .mn d
Whn we priWraty -oMM, howrn, do ldrtie -h pdo
r ~m1=' On Wm W e d
ta IItisifcsrM wo A' to AN b mcy odn aft Si *a
ainrvi Go draw bii 1 d rn plbia
0r4- s C I RON



[4)s -


-4 | i


I d WDZUUr arw mr. MW,1PuN
IP inA* rD m n o, L

; O84na NNWiii "MVu VW

NOW..I CT1seouHO W*Of

.KO, aP G & O. (It.L) as r"lm ASm M.Y^A

-TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1944.

vision Of Europe Heralds

le Dawn Of Liberation
'AT this moment the thoughts of free
people everywhere are with the
Legtons of crusaders now carrying the
(orch of Democracy into Hitler's en-
slaved and ravaged Europe. The great
Invasion has begun. A military opera-
tion of a magnitude that makes all
history's greatest adventures pale into
Ingsignificace is in full swing, and while
the carefully-phrased official messages
give only the barest details of the pro-
gress of the mighty undertaking, there
is in them A note of sober confidence
that months of meticulous planning
and patient waiting for just the right
moment to strike have not been ill-
The free world waitsi with bated
Breath for further news. it appreciates
Sthe colossal demands that will be made
on those privileged to fight Democracy':
battle in this supreme test, but the self-
less heroism shown by United Nations
forces in Africa, in Russia, in Italy, in
the Pacific, in Burma, in China, on the
seven seas and m the air, gives encour-
agement to hope that the sheltering
Grace of Providence will be vouchsafed
to the crusaders to help them to con-
summate this mighty task.
The invasion will not call in vain for
the highest and noblest service from the
Sailors, soldiers and airmen of the United
atl ons, from ountless non-combatant
whose rontribun to the supreme
effort is sometimes overlooked, and from
the men, women and children at home
who must back the attack with every-
thing they can give in labour, money
and moral support. This is Democracy's
greatest hour that can never be ,ved
And what does the invasion mean to
the Europe that Hitler has pillaged and
Kept in bondage for four long and weary
years? The answer soon will be forth-
coming, for with the landing of the
Allied forces on the Continent a great
Underground Army will now emerge into
the open to win back the freedom filched
from It by the greatest despot the world
has ever known. In every country over-
run and ravaged by the Nazi hordes
there are countless thousands of men-
and women, too-who today realise that
the hour of reckoning with the Germans
is here, brought to them by the gallant
crusaders of Democracy. The Under-
ground Army, the Partisans, the Army
of Liberation, the Guerrillas are in them-
selves mighty organizations that Hitler

ADMISSION - Glmts $2.00

vWi sAd not the least fomiabe 09 thl
vat former moving to brihgmU and the
vile mKulru that be sy0biiM to
swift amd Inlevitebe OOuL
SWhen that will beIs n the gift of
Providence. for thoug the laseiasn 1p.
puvoUy Is procedingAc cordingto the
plans mai by the A0 Supreme Or-
&Ad, th"i s only me phase of a great
combined offensive designed to fit Into a
scheme in which the operations In Italy
and a massive Russian drive are Ibnclud-
ed. It is too early yet to conjure up any-
thing more than a dim picture of the
military position in the immediate
future, but news of the events of the
past few hours should be read with pride
and thankfulness by free people every-
where. The triumph of Democracy over
Nazism now seems, more assured than

Ribbon Building Control
Is In Community Interest

TIlE Government was warned about the
evil effects of ribbon building by the
Town Planning Committee in 1932 and
the Road Policy Committee In 1937. Ten
years after the first warning it got the
Legislative Council to pass a Restric-
tion of Ribbon Development Ordinance
giving it power of control over this
menace. Control is to be exercised
through the Planning and Housing
Commission, and the absence of an ef-
fective organisation of this kind in the
interval may have accounted for the
delay. This was unfortunate, for the bad
effects of ribbon development were
accentuated while the authorities waited,
and can be seen on many of our high-
ways in different parts of the country.
The process has been continuing since
the Ordinance was passed in 1942,
though modified by the war, and it is
time for steps to be taken to enforce the
law. The orders recently issued by the
Governor in Council in this connection
have therefore been welcome, and we
hope they wili be followed by others ap-
plying the provisions to every part of the
Colony requiring to be safeguarded.
Orders published in the "Royal Ga-
zette" on April 22 brought the Saddle
Road as far as the new North Coast
Road under the Ordinance, as well as
parts of the Caroni Savannah Road and
the Southern Main Road between Cha-
guanas and Couva. Last Thursday's
"Royal Gazette" has carried the good
work a stage farther by taking in the
rest of the Saddle Road up to its Junc-
tion with the Eastern Main Road at
San Juan, and bringing the Eastern
Road itself under the Ordinance from
Port-of-Spain right on to the Mausica
River. It also puts the stopper on ribbon
construction on the Western Main Road
-a need to which we drew attention In
August, 1937, along with the damage
likely to be done at Diego Martin if
proper control was not exercised.
The effect of the new orders Is to
compel interested person. to consult the
Planning and Housing Commission be-
fore putting up any building on land
within specified areas along the road-
sides. These extend to 100 feet from the
edges of the road in somt cases and 150
feet in others, and plans of the areas
have been opened for public inspection
at the Commission's Office. Where per-
mission to build is refused an appeal
may be made to the Governor in Coun-
cil. Ribbon building tends to spoil the
amenities of the countryside and defeat
the aims of town planning, and with
proper safeguards against abuse its con-
trol is in the general interests of the

:: Lodies $1.00

LUttr. T.

The Bft

Of CtrlM Sysem Timy
U jMir OTlvl"m ovarisnf
in a in m 01 obw S" UUCP
ton s iM gMfl. seo thinga
smsi t hoVrtw eU)sbuseand r
U1-riWs ofl o~ihmm& and ti)
wabe ad hWW9MsAG% WApeasek
upon a Wd en Mao"M pany.
Wb M WNe MUr. sa m ama
be =51 tohve AtrMe dear o9
mu wl e tb mU O iWUoa 01 the
DkinetWr dO iMuCmtim w dbted
mSt w"-t Im$*I of %e =mmA
on oMMd, A4t e36ot be dsmed, t
iry iliotea. dtb in alc
est int mOone a pIna e oftedeo
t toDMtmeWr M eaaeaMts that
me t ed In m ting shed
sntatued -a, eI aVon the ma-
ost lan o- t MadM aned In
TotewsnB apolsted school
teacils were rqsnted as being
an lmonal lot who took no In-
teret in the social progress of the
nmonmnity. They were a td. -ex-
oa ple to tea his in asslted
lchoosto; and by Implication, con-
stituted a rave danger to the edu-
cational and socksl advance of the
Th.: teachers in assisted schools
will not thank Mr. Swan for this,
even to the same extent that the
Government teachers cannot: for
reasons that ought to be very ob-
vious bnded to all. However im-
peccable may be his own moral
conscience. Mr. Swann did not il-
luminate the discussion but rather
lent a foetid atmosphere to it
which was, however, convincingly
dissipated by the strong and pun-
sent renies made hy the two gen-!

General Sir Harold Alexander, commander of the Allied armies In
Italy, looks on at one of the operations which immediately preceded
the capture of Rome so Sunday. General Alexander previusOy
conducted the successful North African campaign, and before that
helped to save the British at Dnnkerque and in Burma.

All Rome Up At Dawn To See
A'aA Tiin, e nPfar PCtv

Oemen on the Board bet fitted to rMU1 U 1 1UUUO LdI V1 V.aIJ
do so-the Director of Education
and the Principal of the Govern- tCONTINUEO FROM PAQIE II
meant Training College.
It seems that Mr. Swann was The entry Into Rome was some- Said ome 'Partisans: "Why were
caught In a whirlpool of tearing thing different than anyone had ex- you so long In coming? We expect-
dawsperattaon and chose what seemed pected. The Initial penetration of ed you four months ago." Others
to be the line of least resistance, the city's limits yesterday was a flat In silence, asking no 4iestlonf
It has to be remembered that the affair devoid of spectacle, waited for their wounds to be
motion was mainly a result of agi- But today triumph was in classlc damaged.
station among the teachers in as- Roman style. Thousands of people of Rome
dsted schools who felt that coer- The soldiers were happy but re- marched jubilantly In impromptu
cion was one of the forces employ- strained. They were overawed by parades with the occupying forces.
ed just too often In some places Rome and within a short time it They waved fgs and held banners,
In order to gratify the desires and was evident that Rome had taken splashed through water from broken
flatter the ambitions of some to them as much as they htd taken water mains to grasp the hands of
Managers, while the teachers re- t ome the troops and almost smothered
mailed the victims to be exploited to Rom v the liberators with roses and kisses.
in one way or another. STILL ETERNAL CITY They shrieked curses at blinking
And so Mr. Swann speaks of STILL ETERA IT German prisoners and wept at the
teacher-gardenera working after Rome which has gone through sight of a dying American soldier.
hours aanttheir will as splendidso mu hch hsgn hog
hours agaInt their will as splendid o much for so long a time, took With shrill cries they warned of
examples clos in the cause of sochl the vicissitudes of the past few hidden anti-tank traps and ma-
ever give the teachers ground for years in its old stride and once more chine-gun nests.
e e he aedher rhasor rome out on top. It is still Mothers held up their children
hope when he assured the meeting the Eternal City. to be kissed by grimy-bearded Al-
of te woleheared o-oeration E
of the whole-hearted co-operation All Rome Was up at dawn today lied soldiers in sight of a dying
iof hiwas Board even thogho see the Americans, who broke German scout car crewman from
tC. F, WORME, into the city yesterday and pro- whose chest gushed a stream of
President. cecded to its centre last night, come blood.
Government Teachers' Association. awa'ming In to occupy the hole nBut tirhe soldiers InJust swungface ofalong
Pt-of- in. capitalIn a tired shuffle in the face of all
FPort-of-Span.rom bot. h the Appian and Casl- this demonstration awe-struck by
____From bthteApa n B- .ta ui kf
line Ways fast columns of tanks, the famous city that bad been
Teaches' Salaory Pact? uns and trucks crowded with go their goal for nine long months.
The eeuv, t G n.i tult ers poured in. \t a police Station, officers said
T i ttamlintThe Roman lnd th o tall was quiet in Vatican City Mand
met and deitheta supon a pcmttee them and pelt them ith Bit the lastera ns were fleeing frm
Gemet nt notd uto a certain their rendezous near the co-
scale or scales ofsalaries for all Crowds were large even as the sunth r CI
teachers, This report has not been c peeped above the horizon and still seum.
presented to the general body, and bigger as it cast its soft early my s sT 1
he executive. without consulting over the grimy soldiers who bad
the constituents, signed a pact with fought their way into the city. I H eav ies H alt
Government not to make salary re- The people's reception of the R et
presentations for the next five troopspproacred hysteria an the i
years, .morning wore on and more andoNa zi etra R tL
As the vast majority of teachers more troops came into the city. ,
will derive no benefit from the new At 10 a m Lieut.-General Mark -.. m A
scales it is unthinkable that the Clark, wearing his field unilfor il K#
executive should have been so -and no decorations., entered the v"m ARom e
perhaps my information Is incor. city In a jeep and drove to Campo- [CONTINUEO PROM PAGE 11
rect. But It It be true that the dogllo, Rome's city all, and form- The Statement presutisnay re-
pupil teacher will now start at ally proclaimed the occupation, ferre race between l unit
Instead of $8 per month, and the praising the vAlour of his troops e o toe British First and Eihths
assistant teacher with a Clans I and paying tribute to those who Ormie to be first ntoTunis ore
School Oertiflcate at $26 (when in had fall Ea. than a yearsato.
the civil service he will start at 2. hours after. the first forces
$48 with the same certificate) I do BALCONY DESERTED had sad the w. h ...ethrohtfodens
n o t s e e h o w t h e n e w s c a l e s w i l l h e -a- m a- t.. . .. . . . .
better for those entering the teach- T'he main connection of Campo- mitieelds and broken into the
Ins service. douiao wiw i Komie lies iii tine iact ioutheaMten gates of the city from
It Is also said that the highest uti 'It overlooks the ancient iRom- highway SixA. the leading elements
grade of head teacher will not be an iorum Mjuolmin's tLicony in a1 passed completely through
abl to proceed to more than $160 Palazso venezia a lEw blocks away sniper nre and left behind Rome it-n
Per month until he has completed r, emtc and oaerted an mpleted the crossings ofe
Aive years at this salary. If thesyead leered
iv years at this alary. ththese " connected witin this many cf the 16 bridges over the
ion the Civil Servic athe delegates occupaeon of Rome was strange Tlber inside the capital itself.
In the Civil Servlce, the delegates p1,0 .........a w t the meantime, hour atq
had every right to sign upon In. and entirely dier nt rom wrLt ho'r raids by Thunderbolts and
structlons received from the execu- anyone thought It would be,. oter -iht obers tore the s -
Uive. If not. the teachers have, in All the bridges over the Tibero treatinghb enemy apart and do ie
My opinion, been basely betrayed are standing enougha mines. w re O damaged a total o 1 em
and the Director of Education placed under some of ihem by te transports. At tsle m" M-. tSme
would, in view of the great dis- iermans. These mines were re- p medium bombed deployed een
satisfactiioat this signing away move, by army engineers. Even farther lorth to break up rail com-
of the teachers' rights would ponte Muvio, on the main route muncations viaducts. and -ft
cause, be well advised to withdraw north from Rome, was not blown wreckage and are behind.
the proviso and annul the agree- up It is certain, however, that ..RT. -P.P. ..ED
meant, I-t Oerman& used it to Are on We BRITISH OPPOSED
We In Trinidad arc a long way Americans. But while the city was being
behind the English teachers and
behd their Burnham Commith tee. Teach, The city had many of their cleared of the last snipers and
their Bsurunam ommlttee. Teach-#_* ."e =.y ...... ".... ttrk lTv Fifth Army forces relentlessly nur-I
era here have no standing counsel knocked out guns and tanks. They F f the Arenm y nores relentessly rh
nor even a solicitor to advise them., did not propose to fight a majorS advancing fror e east were itli
ALSO INTERESTED. battle here, but they turned ome meeting tub heorenst.lon. l
Port-of-Spain. intanot delayingg actio.". inoree t of valt n one between
One of the German tanks was highway Six and the paralleling
TB. Patients' Views knocked Out in Piazza di SPon, road to the north, the enemy was
one of the main squares of Rome. fighting on in fortified mountain
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardilian." by an American tank which came defences as he tried to find h way
Why atre people king so much down the street. dout of the closing net now that the
fus about the removal of T.B. Some Romans MiUd the Ormans Rome "back door" was shut tight.
patients to St. James? If every- had mounted guns on the roof of Allied forces pushed toward Gen-
body at St. James was X-rayed, the Basilica of St. John Lateran. ezzan'.
I we are sure there would be more whigh Is Vatican extra-territorial Before Rome and beyond, how-
than P.H. could hold, and many property, but tUis was not oficlally ever, the enemy wa3' completely dis-
of them woree than many at P.H. confirmed. orcanled and for the most part
Remember that tuberculosis can it is certain, however, that they dismayed and bewildered. So dis-
only be controlled by proper hous- fired on the Americans from the organized. In fact. that 337 prison-
ing, sanitation- and education on eastern outskirts of the city, that e-s captured at Velletrti ere found
the subject,. various units .,ere engaged in to have CoMe from F) different
To our mind-, It quite a shone e street fighting with the Americans comp.nis. tids group of prisoners
tha after all the years of talk-I to block their progress through joined by those being brought baeck
lng and make-believe, the only Rome and that they had guns on t ome swelled the total to the
stable place that Government Mount Mario, which Is inside '0 mark equivalent to two
a And tor us. is the ward chosen Rome. and a half Oerman divisions at
t at.James. Knocked-out Oerman combat ve- present oattuted Strength-for a
We hope that It will be only tern- hicles in the streets of the capital -dIy ffensiVe.
0a. hasS been stressed by the re evidence that they had turned HEAVY AIT A SAULT
R80011 then h bn alt oi the Eternal City into a battleground Five hundred American heavy
Recently Mh hav b on t at least to the extent of fighting a bombers joined lighter planes in
a3t4 o Intlegoing t delaying action. bombing attacks an enemy corn-
Aethe patients at -niaon notofRm tdy
SJr the onlyuoe who suffer with m-mnl~tlone north of Rome today
this de diseaseI We think Ronman Partisans Fan in an eXort to ha the otman
retreat fran R Ms.
that thies who complained are Liberation Fires The e rahmvnt ted. ralways
holdIn th bu by the tall as we along the double-track llne from
don't drink and eat, but we only By DANIEL DR JC Vc. to Rimini along which the
bhat about the restaurants and ROME, June 5 (AP)-Mwoltl enemy we be penmdent In prt
n&tho the Ci. the movement of fresh troops
rum shop where th public Is balcony humi pt tttW1 mon11aand equipmentoiward the battle
served In the same glasses, and light as f Army sodiere m -t- fInte. W e att
ptes What of the V.D. cases? cled the Plamo Vensatlsastnw t Yardt Sticked wer t
The parlour and restaurant keep- nd thousands of Roman Partisans .Ira, were tos atn
nwll have to get these patrons fanned the areas of liberation. -eniM .and For r o na
X-rayed to make sure no tubercu- Behind acreenm of PartIn vofl- phter-bombers destroyed and
h la patients are served in their unteem who wore bamraer and dam god at lea"t veh al by
shops. And 'then, all will have to sickle arm-bands, waved red as mia rno InM a steady on
__TOdt te mIinvintee
tinde Sosother means of living, and brandished old fre Am swtt inst Nil ocluons re-
the Shop will have to be closed, can forces drove to the Tib r iUer tre ag NSth of Roe, r
because the majority will be too through futie Ge mn *= rest atn U.51 t tapts ier fajad
preat. ^ In the atreets--reItaneo tmt wa pasbt e udiw Rae, Musonig,
M. Fila. Daphne Rm real espite the German p e wi.O n forIdarI ato taoke te
A D Do ea, Grs that Rome we an open Owy Pd.
Clarte. Edith Ln ivi- Somt e rtomns died la e L hta sted airfel ad
am 0~ Jwnda $e- for freedom, oloare o tm A* PoVae
their lps and chera ft o ft Air oY announced
T.B. PATIENTS throats. Sonme wes that ai a* *b" pro"
0Oowea Ioptl Clatuai iM)dauMJ lerb~ ftt It~w* M tc
I n" 9ISL~ tried wo astelse vter n butm b taar~tS' oe

Government Notkes
e m- Ices".- ,


To be held at the Indian Club,
Queen's Park West, Port-of-Spain, froM
the 10th June until the 18th June. "

Admision Free.

The mi0ij guaranstee to buy certain locally grown food 1
ea to be effective at the end of June 1M4 and a new gsm -
therefore now given e follow:-
Locally grown erops s ted below will be purchased In .a
qWntts W and at Iot w than theu Drices stated ift offered for Sk
o sound clean marketable eandition at one of the foown
ntrot arketinx Depot namely, Port-of-SpaTn, sBan Pern3M
C ,ro, Sangre .rane, Art.a, T. napuna or Scarborough, betw
July. 144, and 30th June, 1W. These crops will also be p in S:
general or special ammement at sub-depot, situated away
Swy station or a ostal Steamer port will be st5ihectto a.S.
mi to respect of the eat of road transport. t ,
Pigeon Pea, dry shelled .................... 4c. Per
dlack Eye Pea. dry heed.....a........ c' 4C
Corn, dry helid...................... 3e* '
Yams (Lisbon) ..........................
Tannias ............................ 21.
Sweet Potatoe ........ ............... 2c.
Eddoes .................. ....... ..... .
..Plantan ........................... c. 3'
Planta:s--ateu ........................2,. c.
Banan-as-rw Michel, Sucrier&Governor.. lie
This guarantee does not in any way restrict the right of rn.
to dispose of their produce to their best advantage buit t assi 0r-a
that prices not less than thce stated will be pnqid at "po'd
Marketing Depots for surpluses for which growers cannot o aino- i
prices elsewhere, thereby ensuring for them an outklt for theeirS
production of these crops, even though markets may be giuttekd
20th May. 1944. Food Contrt .


Vehicle Licence Plates 1944 NOTICE

It Is notifer for general in-
formation that the balance of the
following Vehicle Licence Plates
for the year 194 have been re-
ceived and distributed to the
various lmrensing offices In the
Bicycle Plates.
Agriculture: Carts-Pneumatic
Agriculture: Carts.
Other Carts.
Donkey Carts.
Exemption (E).
(.... Sgd.) R. W. SKINNEK,
Accountant General.
Treasury Chambers.
29th May. 1944.

Be Death of
Oropouche ,RoAd, Sipatia, a
workman lately employed with
Trinidad Luaehold Ltd.,
which occurred- on 2th
March 1944.
late of Vislney, La Brea,
workmen lately employed with
Antilles Petroleum Company
(Trinidad) Limited, which
occurred on 19th February,
Compensation In the above mat-
ter having been deposited with me
under Section 8 of the Workmen's
Compensation Ordinance, the de-
pendants of the said LIonel Jo-
ser 2. Clement Duncan; and 3.
Frederick Harris are here re-
quired to appear before the Com-
missioner on Friday, the 9th day
of Jtne, 1944 at 9.80 o'clock In
the forenoon at the Court House,
Port-of-Spain, when thr Commis-
isoner shall proceed to det" Lne
the distribution thereof.
Proof of relaUtonshl'-i of depeni-1
ants to the deceased worknan will
be required by the Co n.missionerto
be furnished by claimants at the
enquiry. Such proof to be in the
form of certlficateL of birth and
o, n rrlage as In the circumstances
bp necessary.
Dated this 10th day of May, 16'.
Registrar. Supre Court.

import Progrommos
For 1945

Importers are hereby
to submit to the SecretaryaC.
Control Board, not later t
June, 144, their 194 M lr
from all sources, of eIn
items Included In FEA's
L Hooks and E .-s. slin;
and Siap. l, aLenerj,
Buckles, Buttonsu and
mniscellancou lhoes
and apparel findings,
specifying iLi each
case the material from
which Item is manu-
fictured Sheet IM
2. Domestic Sclng Ma-
chine Needles Pins,
(Straight., Pins Satfe-
3. Elastic Webbing and
Rubber Thrcaa Set a l
Returns shamuld be prepa'i0
accordance with Jghe -a
outUln.d in the Coniroln.a i
twice dated 18th Ay, l '.
Control Board communlq
26th May, 1941, as aniable .
will be allocated on the b i
conditions therein seated.
Secretary, Control N&
Old Post Office Buildiu,
7, St. Vincent Street .
31st May, 1914.

.vorine Engines Fo
Fishermen requiring MH' 1e 3'
gines must arrange with .5. E
porter to include their
in returns to be submItUE_
Control Board not later te
June, 1944, in a co1
Control Board Notice dAtS
May, 1944, on the subject :1
Prrnqrammea for 1945. ,,-
Slat Ma 1A. 'I.L
per Jfnicfr US*
31st may. 1L4*. ** j

WAVW hereby notified that
TA M the inoortation of
T Lbide from Canada
granted on the .b
of their-average tl
COST LIVES the years ,, I
W 9Alq AAII Ol years tar, cn. l
Olqt Post Office Bidg9. ,
7 St. Vincent Stree't,
port-of-Spaitn. "
5th June, 1944.

The Public is hereby notified that owing to"
landslips, the North Coast Rood is closed to Oll af til U kRNP md g&r a.w s

For Director of Works ond TronSpO
Public Works Dept.,
2nd June, 1944.


Unidentified Body

Found about 4 or a mile Wet of the &adra Bathifa dna
pn. on the 2nd June, 1944.

A te:-Abeet w oea ,
Halr:--Clae ee Cl. dwnl4
Cthem:-Mbj e aad white strIpd shirt with W"O
OWUVW'teos; brewa she.; grotm eehW*& 9*16
W A to *I many inoMaas e thi setter tlpb1
IM Mw C son tina


To be held at



10th JUNE, 1944

Proceeds would go to the Building Fund for
the erection of Morvant E.C. School

Sp'e" by Wurtay f J. Olodlntg C o LtAd.


-I I





PM POM A4t1 eI

HU~l-h *to damage
i.lof sine their

w us emia; and
ag4e1 course. is
i>? 5aryObjective.

bEm w the day osof

uam it bmyaa etd as
wl1 fth rt. Ro0ed

iopef the arpeorts hoe
ia Ial te solde rsruet
a ome ea Sault; an

im oan thle ontinemt
E.~ long ago aico lish-a

of the uaim dinterran
winer ifth uary allied
ylthe oafthe airofrtse o
l ,,f sat "emark n
ersewhic we hv stre

'Ifmet Mito nem aer
QllM tour inasati an
Smlnds The ahiliea i
Pgr eoter erst oke and

tf leng befoe gietn to
Mitse ma.n he G ntn vet
tound the owhmiler ahe
sS obt and luppl lnes

f eof the gesof Caiporso
s~a uniasiau icly;and

s-teal Thi ey have suffredk
M o genatie ontienu.

tIsse bitot gflreat e oue
min thei military ndm-

as nt yet bee drive to
hldngived a0coonlish-
t the maptrue of ieesh
isioble to recmmnc thrldh
IM' af genreation hef nce
t of t hel e deitaehane
S sandt uppo We al

uI,6 e the irtes of re

an the Continent-W
bi Tunaise ad ilase tein
Ids, they miliare nmo

M,, that-uet ot wllse be-
ii not will bee codr.Ien t

emp rule of Mussoin
armi to the oure oRope
u sarvato eomaene wtrl-
t11 a e oeroratien e.Au
bttm, we forpew tAlli eso

it art at r the Gerynhot-
boalGmd ern that sill toy

Of atermo In taheT fu-
en demora ilites. We
itse ga ivethmbed t og re-

ut whtich wa tlnoto
VAoth arue ee of Ma-o
n Ti Wae Sonditil y

l-lwThy the G eansr erp
CI *to ake t ossbl fonuri

bu tohre anduse theiralh
tj u rte of ols n Fas-
iAitWt reeoerte great eog
Sntiy e been sdrs aveno e
t ctr athe ofthere h-
*Owe to reomenly nowld
agB eeratin tnewham.-e
k% tos vietoryeM read some-

nta wihllyTat isteault ow

a foer oferroelief.A
Mtbnvsbytmen formthe.fu-

tbatmentIthatwill; pb
4 .a to aeI to tonear

Itaeeolesian odeire for
Sof agiger thei ieopl-
Saividbe condsth. In
h li we havedslog t hep

hanivestemet because
eaa peopeare a* sabwole.
1, orept. Whey dof not

ISt Whey reme mber-aa
w( thih plic the alih-

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Nto swalg a the vof altol-

Ittd tchem bg uo ayto
oullist by t the Gornanciale
to nuken~y It psibl wfar

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ao Wve bent veco hew

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Iar of feeaOer o thpeo u-
*i sre Onshvenby theca
-They hanvesbcmegdt ueae
hran tothnelf ppancialv

%ledentr They are isot
0 a. Whey rm relmer- A
SIM, wehope thisIreliaef

V~i MAng Gh ~*o al
4 Investementgoer I great
an Italian eforexfample-

Or the wourle, go Ivitnf
an oInvsmen. ta because

peop l acre vin sues o

Sonthe p ars a rdet

s m We ueat y ofe
Vohe Unwited Stahe. great

'that dom isciy novere
S fearlerss hya o
Columbus*. They are me
beeaan deaermvwd
"n naved toner to geat
164t other pepemI reri to
Oft ofliafe.Othr peoaples
P9ftwr hav tione by tew
*Wthe Unritd Sitates The
?h"'r hav beom good Bi

heyhav goone In great)
Usja I> oth*t A:b- I it

Turkey Seen As Go-Between

For Capitulating Balkans

(Ju nreterae sAfter seM yeaw to T ina)
MW YORK June (AP) Several tentative peace inquiries
ftrom the war-weary Balkan countries hase em lasIoed In Turkey.
and if Turkey remains neutral to thend Ofth waru it is likely their
m010 der willU boe finally arrant Ankara Itanbul.
Already Turkey has been the,6--
scene of at least part of the bombing has added an element ol
negotiations* that led to the sur- rs The arlval of then un-
render of Fascist Italy. Her official represetatilv or even
proximity to Bulgaria. Rumania official ones with full powers to
and Hungary make her an even negotiate surrender-may be ex-
more likely go-between for these pected to continue. Under re-
countries, sent conditions, however the Ges-
Bo far most of such moves have tavo Is keeping close watch on
been unofficial, either disguised the frontiers making all who are
or claed I& n secrecy. The ar- allowed to ass suspect as possible
rival of trade commissions, minor Neal ents.
diplomats or even business re- It 1i likely that a full post-wa
vwsentatlveo from the Balkan report will show that neaota-
fateltte of Hitler have beeh doom for the Italian surrender
frwenit accompanied by a were made through the Vatican
flood of rumnours that the real but Turkey also played a part
purpose of their visits, was to The Italian Ambassador to Turkey
probe for Allied terms. Many. of at that time was Raffaele Oearit-
Ues have doubtless been given liHa., who was Immediately named
uno al oammhaions from their Foretign Minister ain Badoglo's
own Overnmente to see what they Government. Desulte the ur-
could dlcover. Usually Allied RMey In Italy, it is understood
diplomats declined to be probed, that Ouarias remained several
Their answer has consistently daw in Turkey. He conterred
bteen "unconditional surrender." with Foreign Minster Menemen.
Most prominent among the cloalu aboard a launch In the
"secret ambassadors" has been the Marmara f Sea and then retraced
Rumanian Princess Martha Bi- his stem to Ankara. This. it
bneecu, who established herself in appeared was to await an answer
Istanbul and male no bones about to a query he asked the Turkish
her desire to contact the Allies, minister to relay to Allied diplo-
and the axed Prince Barbu Stir- mats. Menemencloglu, who isa
bey, who came secretly to Turkey brilliant diplomat and a keer
and was then rushed through the student of Furopean politics, may
country by his British companr!ons well be called upon to repeal
to continue his talks in Allied that tyr of commlAllon for others
territory, of the warring nations.'
Visitors from Bulgaria and
Hungry have been less prominent ' less conspicuous Stea y Progress
Travel from the Balkans is still y Progress
comparatively easy, although Br
( u f Previos Colu Made In Burma
mother nation, contributing to the SOT AT ASIA. HEAD-
culture, progress and goodwill of allQuEAD
Cnd.developing her spe- QUARE KANDY. June 5
aknd-an devele rspe- (Reuter's)-Allled troops in the
talent n the rW ts. crafts and Burma war theatre have made
sciences and preserving her historic slow but steady progress against
and cultural heritage for the bene- the Japanese.
fit of all peoples. We want and ex- In the Indian frontier reglor
peCt her help in securing 'lasting the Javanese base of Kohima ,i
peace. All other nations opposed now in Allied hands after the
to Fascism and Nazism should help Japanese had taken a beating
to glve Italy a chance. The Ger- from Punlabi and Ghurka troops
mans, after years of domination in in a battle fought on a 5,000-fool
Rome left the people in the Eter- hill.
ral City on the verge of starvation. But the Japanese are still cling
We and the British will do every- Ine to some high ground over
thing we can to bring them relief, looking the road from Kohima to
Anticipating the fall of Rome. Imphal. John Nixon says what is
we made preparations to ship food really of importance Is that the
supplies to the city, but It should Allies should recover the use o
be borne in mind that those needs this road. Another correspondent
called for great transportation and states this must necessarily be i
the requirements of our armies are slow job. The enemy forces hav
so heavy that Improvement must to be wiped out and not merel
be gradual. We already have be- driven from the road into th
gun to save the lives of the men, nelghbouring lungle.
women and children of Rome. Other Allied troops are slowly
This Is an exanipil of the efn- fighting their way Into Myltikylns
ceuacy of your (Americans) ma- One correspondent says that the
ohinery of war. The magnificent Allies now hold most of the real
A* and energy of the American deatial district of the town. The
peIop. in building merchant -hips, Jabanese are still firmly en
Making and collecting cargoes, get. enched in the Bazaar and river
ting supplies over thousands of front districts.
miles of '#tar and thlnkilng ahead Chinese forces captured thi
to meet all exigencies--all of this tow of Tumbllanghka, which lies
%:is, WI think again, efficiency on eact of the Moaung Valley. S!
t 4 of our armed forces and miles northwest of Kamaing
American industry and labour as a The Javanese have withdraw
whole. No great efforts like those from A vUlage a few miles from
an be 100 per cent perfect, but town famu for its lademineS
thy averagevery near and con- The mine gelf COely invested
IMlUM And thanks of the'Al A ea ut offdm on 'unt o Nis
Am-ric nation go out to General Allied mle fadingrmit h oanc ie
Alexander, who is in command in fast 25 miles from the town es
the Mediterranean theatre, and and southeast.
General Devrs his deputy; to -- ,
Lieut. General Eaker, to Admiral Britain Plans
OCunningham and Admiral Hewitt
aLI. to all their brave officers and W ork F All
men. May God bless them and Work For A
watch over them and over all our
gallant fighting men. LONDON, June 5 (Router).-
io u vvuIton _#U* 0Ion ---c-

World Hails Fall
Of Italian Capital
Mr. John Curtin, Prime Minlscr
of Australia. wired Mr. Winston
Churchill "Joyful congratulations."
In Algiers, the French reaction is
tremendous. Rupert Downing,
B.B.C. reporter who is In the city,
says there is a feeling of Immense
exhilaration everywhere
Japanese reaction included a To-
kyo telegram to the German D.N.B.
Agency which said Japant had re-
ceived news of the German "evacu-
ation of Rome" with great sy1pa-
Berlin official opinion was relied
by Helmut B'uendermann, German
Deputy Press ChIef, at a conference
for foreign newspapermen at the
Wilhelmsmase, scoording to the
Geran Tramooean News Agency.
He said: "The existence of Rome
mad the struggle mud easier for
the British and Americans in
southelm Italy becae the German
High Ommand had taken all steps
to preserve the city. The moment
the front reached the vicinity of
Rtome, all German formations were
withdrawn In an arc round the
He added that the abandonment
if Roae to no military success for
the Aies and that Europe's fate-
ful struggle would not be decided
on the Tiber. I







oJrUd woolton, aMinister O1 o -eon.
atruction, said that the Govern-
ment's plan for employment after
the war was work for all. Lord
Woolton said he hoped the univerv
sal approval given the proposal
would encourage those brave inen
about to go on the greatest ad.
venture this country has ever
Paris Radio Says U.S.
Contingent In Angola
LONDON, June 6 (AP).-Parti
radio said an "American troo
contingent has arrived In Angola
Portuguese West Africa." Thli
report Is not substaatlated by ant
other source. Angola on Afrlca's
west coast Is bordered rn the
north by French IEquatorial Africa
south by Southwest Africa and on
the east by tie Belgian Congo and
Northern Rhodesia.


















a bet seller In Britain and it
describes an advance which, in Mr. -
Winston Churchill. the Prime Minis-
ter's words, will glow and gleam in Architect Off
the nation's history. Arct
It traces the Eighth Army's
career in all the theatres of their For Confer'ence
operations from September 1941, to C
their triumph at Tripoli in Janu-
ary, 1943. and illustrates It with Mr. A. S. Gray, architect of
some vivid action pictures. Messrs, W. H. Watkins and Part-
Another Ministry of Information ners. PF/F. R.I.3. A., left the colony
booklet has also now been pub- on Sunday last for Barbados for
listed in South Africa and Rho- conferences with West Indies Devel-
desa It is entitled "There to opment a.d Welfare offmcal in
Ireedom In fte Ar." Th V tells connection with plart tor the Tri-
the story of men who wanted to nlad Central Training Institute
o flghUng. These men from their and Farm School as well as health
omeelnds in Europe, came to fight buildings in British Guiana and
the Germans from bases in Bri- other West Indian islands. Mr.
tain and North Africa and fought y Is expected to return within a
with matchless gallantrv against few days.
the might of the Luftwafie. He is expected to meet Sir frank
*- -- IStockdale the Comptroller;: Sir
Rupert Briercliffe, the Medical Ad-
Advance Made vise and Mr. Garden Medvin. the
A vance a e Planning Adviser.
In New lGinea -

d dJ Alg VV V "---
NEW GUINEA, June 6 (Reuter).
-The Americans at Blih. have
r made further advances towards
the three airfields. Thunderbolts
shot down ten Japanese 'planes.
Liberator bombers sank a Japan-
ese destroyer and probably des-
troyed another. Islands In the
Kurile group were also bombed.
Do -- --
S LONDON, June 5 (AP.-The
I Netherlands News Agency Aneta
ported that nearly 300.000 acres of
Dutch fmnlanrd 'sA flooded as a
' German ati-inv$lon measure in
I thl coastal area by the Nether-
!i lads

Trinidad Country Club

Wednesday Night

Dev. ,ts Tomorrow
UAL: 8SMt.


Members of the Club onre requested to
the following invitatios:-

tuus am ase oftenm"" of
The PreI-est *" Members of
IId-c lub



at the a P Of thew

To be held by kind permission of the Committee.
at the Indi& Club, 9 Qun's Pork West,.
by the Officer Administering the Government,
His Excellency A. B. Wright, C.MG., &c.,
am SATURDAY, tS o10th JUNE, 1944, at 5 p.m.

moms tby eartef 1Kirmlant U Vte4.


We ave now able to
offer you suolDUes of
American Candy At thP
following wholesale
LEMQIN DROPS ., $12.50
OUB BAILS .... 18.N
Per Caso oC 48 l-Gz. Packets.

Eugene Boisslere
& Co., Ltd.

-* > j



I .warn you to give your

Scar the extra good care

needed to prolong its

life, until new ones are

available. Remember..

care saves wear!




- ~ I



58 Frederick Street

S 'Phone 5273.


Corner of Park & Pembroke Itretb

I 4' 6"

CRAPAUD BEDS complete with Splii
and Mattresses-$69.00 each
Crapoud Dressing Tables-$54.00
Dining Tabi's and Chairs
Cane-Seat 1rdwing Room Suites
M.>nis Suites of Various Designs
Cocktail Tables
Bedside Tables

'Phone 5764.




Operative Fromus February 14ti, 1"4
All laneet rnm by same route.
flofe: It, Abrcroemby Stret. Prf-iIi1
Thone MS and 7M
MONDAY: 9an0 ow L "Um

TtrUDA~s MW ass. ?sgirilg *.Ullrb aia1s1'.4

iDATt a am.a _
On&am.) i
iUS ma-2
4m v m. TrI o- 'eba

FWDAT. Se a _

BATURRAlm ou n w




Pearl Harbour Court Polish Premier In U.S. To Find
Martial Edd lution To Rmuian Problem
WAIUNGION, JTune 5 tA]P). ~U~W
--The lst obproed tod
tO" a volce vote a rq4olutton -x-
w-tlin tr a year te period
i wih Rear Admiral Hu- WA.I1MM1TON, JUDe 5 (AP) M. Stanlalaw Miko]jcyk, the
bs m Kamel d Geaerm l Polish Prim Ml it. arrived here today for & weeks visit s uest
gh t^ 01 U' of tse UnniBted tea Govornment. Hs visit is ioode with thetfull
Nrbuu disaster.t advance information to the Rusian a&d Brtt ih Goveinuat,. and
.insed some hope of a new undga gt between* the aPolish regimse
and MoMow.
tMikolajciky will exchange views
BrinDops umm'e
l 1 with President oosevelt, and robe
gri* mansbe- ,e
Invasion 'TIs' S we u Otpeut OCut
m vnaivu ~ I Mr Ed ward Stettilulu. Acting ,4,, ,
-Secretary f State. bounced the
LONDON, Jua' (AP) A Ber- visit of the Polish Premier in the ou t
lin broadcast today aWd If the following statement: ,on the hivi- D'T.
AlliMs w t to Woe a decisive bt- taton of this Oovenment, the rr jP I
tie th must cary out an Inis- Polish Prime Minister is arriving
slon w a-the on f grand sale. in Washington today, on his irsti --T
ethltilmn gr ip visit to thi country since his as- my aID m DEL
of fer asent the GestaBpQ to fate iUlpton of prenmierhlp. He s A Sin
new reigt of term.- Te t expected, during his short stay, t ALLM HEADQArMER in
ll,.JUne 5 tAP) -- Allied
"Monuitor- reported that the01- exchange views with the I Bt June tAP ll
tapo chief in Fmace, whaft t and other Ameilean officials. on U estimated thst the pro-'
ve capacity n 1 Rumanias
Increia singepreive a are renerl European and Polish ques- ploest rfnaer s be
being' ^ tae Isato tb= oi re e e ri i ee
slashed to Ies than 25 per cent of
ordered ru Of t During the past month hope norm, ast tesult of the t
vetanifce over Vichy official A soared for a solution political orme Mted A tc on onMe of the
T disptch from Zurich Od problems between Poland and the Mo vit o Gerjma fuel sources. A
the t rule e tihtetig n soviet Union on the basis of co- total of 4,500 tons of bombs was
of the Reich -- Austria. A=s operation between Red ArMY r ,,d on this rich o l region in
Lorraine. Slovikia and Moravia-- troops, advancing from the ast, thnv Wve raids which took place
wose Oommissoners aae remtdly and the Polish underground fight- b tw q May 5 and l.
told by pILmmber that they must es 'ne nint pant were so id-
prepare now for the possible trans- en p nt
formation of their territory into Mr. Winston Churchill, Prime Iv smashed, reconnaissance photos
theatres ofwa.Minister of Brit 'a, said In his reveal, that only one remains cap&-
e S War, speech that he believed the breach e of any considerable production.
____________ pwas not so wide au it appeared en efore th e current series of raids,
tUPhe surface. ot had been attacm-ked in Juno,
U.S. Prise Fo Iwas announced t Crsm and A ust, I43 It eati-
G eaeIt was announced last Christui td ore at Ploentl olfilelds in
U.S. that Mikolajcnky Wold come to April tI year, were capable of
s d s Ethis country to 'confer with oil at the rate of about
MiddleosEveltChuthis visit was post -_
RooseveEt, but h st,000 tons annually, Now it is
poned presumably because of difi dountful it they can produce
WASHINGTON, June 5 (Reuter) culties within the Polish Govern- much a ,000,000 tons.
--President Roosevelt and Mr. ment, and in relations with Russia. ,ai, rons N l
Stlnmson, U.S. War Secretary, have Then his arrival hints at some SHIP SUNK
sent congratulations to General goed chance at having Russo-l WASHINGTON, June 5 (AP).--
Matl'lnd-W-lson, Supreme Com- Polish difficult lifted if an actual The Navy announced that a
mander in the Middle East formula does not now exist. medium British merchantman
Mr. StiMson has expressed to T manned by a French crew was
General Alexander congrtUlaioss ATTACwS CEA torpedoed and sunk by a si enem
on his fine conception of the plans submarine early in May In the
SO ucessulv acoplihe. Gn- Bitter stacks from both sides, Atlantic.
so successful accomplished. Ge-which marched along with the Alan-
oral Wilson, in reply, praised trangement of the two Govern- .
the fighting quilltes and whole- mets are notably absent lately HOTEL MONACO
hearted co-operation of all the The Polish Government in Londo8n,
forces who took part In the fight- for reasons it describes as internal Nook Avenue-St. Ann's
n, rg. He had particular praisefor has lately moved towards changes T'Ph e 5441.
the 95th and 88th United States In its personnel affecting persons Cool and comfortable set In
units wrno had been in action for Who direct the but, of Russian spacious grounds. Newly re-
the first time. criticism. In particular, it recom- novated. Two minutes from
mended General Sosnkowaki to tram. Reservations on appli-
be removed from his succession to cation.
the premiership.
'The 8th Army' Th boundary Nquestion has diz-
turbed the Polish Government,
which turned down the Russian
Best Seller proposal to set a frontier at the 12. Broadway.
LtJ Curzon Line. declaring that the pj' i-of-Spain.
eth LONDONtJunew5 (Reats--AttGovernment in exile Is not em- 'Pinoe 5864.
e omothe Army when th newBrtidh powered to dispose of territory of
Elghth Army is winning newA it oppressed people. However. re-
l ceht reports say that the Russians T i c E
,story of the North Africi n cam- NOTICE odrteter ainso
epaign is 'eon sale in South AftricBofee t mdrate their claims of
Faind R sodesia.lThe !n lq thA leaving the cities of Vilna and
and Rhodesia. The book1et, lLwow to the Poles.

Corner Marine Square and Abercromby Street.







i I I



In Tins-lIb 13 oz&-20(c. per t




In Pkts.--2ozs.-7c. per pkt


~NAL N~ ma a

Talk Of Trinidad'
- M TE NUINum m am

M.CU. NCT the Acting Governor, acompaed rigadi
&L lvMroe4date. CaPt. Wilred Amit sad Cot Hardi
tl ADAMc., attended the ordluato f COI. the Rev. C. R.
iI &t It. Mary'a hureb, Tacarigue, an Sunday morning.
EAe B rt nation was, conducted by the Archbishop of the West
t- Ihe mlg was Fched bythe Rv. i. Bea.s M.C.,
B Vicar of La We and ural Dean of outh Trinidad, and the
imawa* lunt by the Rev. K.& Shagen, Rector of Tacarigu9 and
1= 'eM rthTriiald.,
clandidatewas resented to Hie Grae'the Archbishop by the
Archd n0ar n c. & Vooyc.
iTAo others of the clergy present were the Rev. C. Ra .bir,
IhXO&. 0.SBuIo, the Rev. L a. Slinan, the Rev. 0. T. Bartholo-
n4.itaevw.K. Allen; also Capt. F. CoOper, CA.; Capt. L. C.
'L 6 Capt. Q. J. BeePut, C.A-
ton thos in the oonsreation were the Honable rrol dos
ItN aa Mrs. doe Santos, Mr.' W. J. Williams, Capt. V. Bedford (who
Ee... toke-Robert who was unable to attend). Capt.
4 Mn nlTO .,aandr and Mrs. Meade, Lieut.-Com. Mares-
.L- stenanut sad Me. Bliney, /Uieut. Dennis Cooper, Mr. 9.
AtMr. C. WaeiOO. Dr. and Mrs. Bamesar, Dr. Sankeralli, Mr.
Mrs. Bolton. Mrs. Ralph Abercromby, Mr. and Mrs. Garnet
Major Laughlin, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hamilton, Miss Dora
R P r. L L. Patrick, ULicut.-Colonel and Mrs. Roy Alston and
Hope-Ro most of whom were entertained by the Rev, and
tI Wllids atterward.
QM l LULNCT the Acting Governor, attended by Capt. Brie
Glasher was present at the tea party and twilight concert gvoen
Petiteit Musical" at the Royal Victoria liutitute on Saturday
O asrrival they were met by Miss Dorothy Shrewsbury, Miss Olive
W and Archdeacon Doorly.
'. <* a *
X. TWINING, who was an intransit passenger on Saturday, was
the guest of His Excllency the Acting Governor overnight. He
Son he way to St. Lucia to take up the post of Admininrtator, and
was from Mauritius had travelled considerably to arrive at his
Station. ,
I MONO Sunday's passengers for the United States was Mr. C. E.
I tchins, editor and managing-director of the Trinidad Publishing
any. Mr. Hitchins has gone on business and expects to be away
About two months in the U.SA. and Canada.
tD the benefit of American servicemen who have not been able to
I attend the public performances of "Land of the Calypso," Mr.
b Pla aer. activities director of the United Services Organisation
Me, has completed arrangements to stage this musical revue, high-
bti ngK the most Important incidents of Trinidad's colourful carnival,
Lltheu.8.0. Theatre on Thursday night.
SArrangements are being made to reduce the special stage sets to
i the 1.S.O. stage. and a dress rehearsal of the cast has been called
r Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at the London Theatre. All mem-
o f the cast are asked to report there without fall and at the time
lBMe6and, bringing their costumes.
C. *
i. ERICO BU]RG R and Mr. Richard Wilson gave a delightful
Sparty on Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Enid Fraser, where
live. Oalypeoniana entertained the guests out on the lawn at
And nacks and drinks were served. Everyone had such a
,Vl tU-hat it was well past I a.m. when the last of the guests left.
S Amitg those present were Mon. Fernand Gallat, Mr. and Mrs.
Mitchins Mr. and Mrs. Rat Mr. A. 3. Gray, Miss Sybil and Miss
Attack, iZ;. Amy de Nobriga, Mrs, E. Fraser, Miss Didi Fraser,
f Amy Leong-Pang, Mi Carmen deGannes. Lieut.-Commander
LIfbe,- Lieut. JI. a. Ileut. Clapperton, Miss Mary Gandl. Miss
fil. liMr. Leer Oohbn, Mr. Louia L.pski, Miss Marl4 Anthony, Miss
Bob POllock, OPI. Frank ,Levlne and Pvt. Bob Frank.
- *
Trinidad Oountry Club was undoubtedly the brightest spot on
I M2aurday evening. The Castle Royal orchestra, with Irma Jar-
$e. broadcast over WVDI and listeners say It was delighful to hear.
Amoeg thoae I noticed there were Lieut. "Spike" Chase, Mr.
tdo A.che. Lieut. Framer, Mr. Andre Rostant, ILieuit. Bolger, Miss
anie Norman, Dr. Ivan Senior, Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn, Mr.
SMrs. "Jingles" Gill, Mr. end Mrs. Robert Sutherland Miss Gloria
Itt, Miss Joan Marsden, Lieut. Barney Costelloe, Miss Joy Milne.
Edgar Marsde Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mackenzie, Mrs. Tervw
ita, Mr. and Mrs. Erie Grell, Mr. Everard Pantin, Lieut.-Commnander
den. Lieut. Tom Boyle, Miss Gloria Laughlln, Miss Jocelyn Pentin,
SHaydn Gait, Mr. John Martin. Miss Maggie de Verteuil, Mr. Noah
1go, Miss Nlse*tte Lanige. Miss Joan Rostant, Mr. Bill Wade, Mr.
1il Santos, Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Almandos, Mr. and Mrs. S. Little-
Mrs. P. Bavaria. Miss Joan Phillips, Mr. "Tob" and Mr. Conrad
orien, Mr. Scan Hamel-Sinith, Miss Helene de Verteuil, Miss June
laingot and Mr. Gettman,
OLIOAITINO In Trinidad as the guests of Mr. aa# Mrs. Arthur
Ht~ e" Wt ma = 1MM CMHI t, r Mr. Alan, Fittpatrick, wife
4 arba and Miss Myra
111r. 1111011te1r. Ta1 are both ipfeding three months here.
SMr. PiatIriek's son, Leonard,. who Is a member of the Royal
41dlian Tank w Corp, is with the Eighth Army.
__* C a
4 IrTOBOBATION" is the name of a variety show being produced
S by Mr. V. Angel at the Empire Theatre on June 14. in aid of
parity. This Is expected to be one of the biggest and snappiest pro-
lon ltaed in a long time, and Jimmy;' Bryan will direct the
w and be master of ceremonies.
SThere will be a Harlem scene, tropicall magc night." and a
iinequin parade with a special display of jewellcry," lent for the
daslon by a Frederick Street firm. Royal Naval Club ratings will
b given free ticket% at the club for admission.

Daily Diary
Dance at Trinidad Country Club.
Cocktail dance at Perseverance
Shevouth dance festival at the
Prince's Building from 7.30 p.m.
Forthcoming Events
King's Birthday and Corpus
Christi Public Holiday, Thursday,
June 8.
Procession. Marine Square,
Thursday, June 8.
Aquatic 8pOrts, barbecue, cabaret,
etc., at Perseverance Club, Thurs-
day. June 8.
Variety entertalnnimnt, St Bene-
dict's College Hall, Friday, June 9.

Rad io P ro
Ssac KWID.
P:00 News MMO
S:115 .. .. Fre
:30 ... ... ]lirt

6 :00 BC f cottleh Orch. New
:15 .. Pertir
1d :0 .. ..Great
:t5 News& Cow'ntary -
7 : i W. I Diory News
::15 Mrcieachy'e Roundup Atmk
:30 News Flbb
:45 .. ....
8 :00 London Players News
S30 Old 'Town Ha S

9 o News
:3 Junior Brain& Trust
orthnM Oreb.
l :00 News Headline ]
I 5 | :4 focga (rum Shows

~I 1*

be w -I H 1


sckies, Mr. S. A. Walke and i Ir.
It Is understood that the "Musi-|
cal Clock" Is going to be placed In
the children's corner of the Public
Dance By Seobees i
Next Week
The Maintenance Unit of the
Seabe-, are giving a June dance i
at the Naval Air Station gym, i
Chaguaramas, on Tuesday, June 13.
Jerry King and the U.S. Navy
band will play from 8.30 p.m. to
midnight, and there will be door
prizes and the usual refreshments |
Transportation will leave the i
U.S.O. at 8 p.m., and those wishing
to attend must get in touch with
Miss Tyler.

D 9 r a M M e
Kill WVDt ~-
Sviews the News 0 T. News
$ Wiring Vislia Muical
A Mednes Hymns from Home
- Poetic Gems
* Jubilee
onol Album
It Uldereieeve Show Trme
- Ne-s
a Bob Hope
k Report -
er McGee & Molly urne Aller

,. MuslO fro Amerla
ts Interview -
* shore Pa In Review

Network Rporter News
News at Home iAtin RlthlM
Bob Hope Oue ntgi tM$04
News Night Owl Olub
Norman OornulA -
- Nocturne

NOTE: News headline are given one dally at 5.30 P.m.

St. Teresa Church Scene

Of A Beautiful Wedding
-he tr-m, alft t. of i.s TA, Woei.roo. were beauti.
fuey ae*oras wit saalh* ia a"nd myr of Uli tsMo
0candl and made t lowly baekprgund tr tr "earriagof aWss GIse
Zavgn0, the daughter of Mr. a"d Mrs. N. awft"0 n a"n4 M. Arthur
Bayne on Saturday afternoon.
The bride, wto was given away -
by her father, Was very rti I
a gown oo 1 Large Crowd
braided blouse. ar
Her headdress, which had a man- A.--
tUa effect. was sent by Mrs. Sang- At T eal Party
us brother troan Caraeas, as wua
her sbort veU. which was of ea-
broed fie lace.
She carried a bouquet of tune- Mucale" e a very Msucceaft
roisa and silver radiance, tea party and twilight mawert 6
Miss Marguerite Savignac, her the Royal Victori IntiUtute a
siter, and Mi Mimi ranchi,
bridesmaids, wore blue sheer gowns i turdy aternoos.
with lame tops, and their head- The hall was picked to capacity
dresuIs were also mantilla despite the inclemency of th
Jocelyn, Mc Artney, a small atten- rather "-dt" "Musica- Clck
daist, wore blue sheer. weather, and the "MuSIcal Clk-
They all carried white organdy mid "Apollo" were somethlni
muffs with pink radiance roses unique.
fastened on. Among the large audience were
The beatman was Mr. John M ris. 0. g .
Bayne and the' -- .Ae arso wsB. M O S Wooding, Mr. R. Pat.
yneandthe AveMala wasric*, Director of Edueation; Mr. X
sung by Miss dna Bayne. Johnson, Information officer;
The reception to which about 150 LieutA. Dennison, CaptaiLn and Mrs
guest were Invited was held at the Alson, Mtiss Phyllis laslam. of
home of the bridegroom's parents, the Y.W.OCA., Mrs. J. Forbes, Mrs.
The couple have gone to Blin- Robert Johnstone, Mr. and Mrs.
chisseuse on their honeymoon. iMrs. R. pashley, Mrs. 0. H. Simpson.
Bayne wore white flannel slacks Mrs. C. Hayward, Brigadier and
and a turquoise blouse to go away Mrs. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. J. Pro.
in. cope, Dr. S. A. Hayes. Miss G.

uIuluH mnIIilt lllltllHIlflrlHInIuInIrm Hlimm HImH nIMIMI mUmllll HImm


II ---=GL



p De LUXE3 ^
alyt 441 4


Soon- 58- 9
1944 L A IL 1944
intoicaion EM IR EL IIntoxication
(Stage Show) 'Stage Show)
TODAY, 4.30 & 8.30-and Continuing...



*1 im wlf s *i '

One of the Most An
4t.Stories That Ever
Happened ...
Draght to
t~s Screen




A Best-
A "Satulrdav EeTig
pee" Story I
A -Eeade's Digert" FicUon
and NOW a Motion Pieture Triumph !

I ~hl.uiunlunnuuuuuflniuuunHniniUIUflhIUiHUhIUIUHhIlIflhllUiflhlIIIllilIlIIlVl(UIilllIlUI


* I
- =




of d eGhsPemeSIW
Ibmi 1 018 OI55 piaft iM

Tlwught, S0-The Whale Seriat-
RED BARRY-20 26 40

We Continue United Artists'




The Show of Shows-4.45 and 8.45 Doily

THURSDAY (Corpus Christi) 3 51w6
THOU SHALT NOT! FaUll to see. ...


RthdJm D a= 4. UAea wlDeV

Today, 4.45 A 3.4--
Frst Part of Serial
3.0.. COAST-
GUARD, mad

Tounlght. s.-

Today. I S.4' 1
1. 8MANTY twi

X. KING or 10'

CAI I6MEl 146 THK17041W WANT TOj l l


........-- ----_. ,.......... ...........------------
O10DAY 1.30 & 'eonigH 8.30 .... IODAY at 5 & S.30 p
T-rrlflc Dova"le! TODAY 4.45, 8.30 P.M. TODAY 4.44 8.30 P82
Mte eo.Freddie Indi a W j TODAY 41111 8 Ip.
Bartholomew In:- .;k; P.1l I Robert Newton, Anna Nsglo --m L
"A YANK AT ETON" and aibi Gola Xet NwtnAae--
Clark Gable, Lana Turnfr In-
Clark Gable, Lana Tue in- ."WINGS and X-II
Teomrrow:--15 p.m. Only-
"SMILIN THRUft T rp i I| ,;
T FORT_____ IAtos Walbrk, gSaly 1"w Genaed WavTS a AbWi
TONIGHT at, 8.30 p.m. TM
paramount Prosents Betty Hut. a 66 S f
Mary Ma tin and Eddie Bracken L F Dl "Wave Thry
-in Y SALEI- OF UI 99 N,
oLAPPYo i MoonlightO Thousand"
(SW "HENRY ALDRICH C-1.TS _lr __ __ i,_ _
with Jimmy Lydon & John Litel 4 ""
H P G GOODS TODAY TA 4.45, 8.30 p-
onien Welles, DO. ee

SNew Double fog.:- Journey into.,
Mm nItam a im umo& m IiaIb LORVET li 1^ ^ 1
at lwe Mostr ef War TrsnotT. WW Th T<'^T eserte PamesevowMs ad Ca trgo m bwlee~ ji.,~
tN",s* ,te waigdoma""* RCNT 11"t"REEE h sF IRE ..
west WNdl BMW QW -A! see O
spotto wtIlr 9' Mw K225 1^ ^ S ^
N .M-, I With Randolph SceH, N.5
Mes eaO. eo uoiNi a co. ITO ... i 0. W .
Tel l' e 1 ? 15.74 SagoetBasySeyJr
miliniiliiim HHUlflllNh IIil Instructed by Messrs. wonIn ... IIi
TE BRITISH ANi Hinl & Co. Ltd. I will offer -and-
18 BALES CIO ARS PAPER. ismitii Dick Foarna, SI~ Brea.
O ALL THE UNmTuV 7 CASES DAIRY co '0. 0lm110.111-11 mni.m
NATIONS. ItR i'm ub Tni.) IT .-
I CASES SOAP LAUNDRY. TODAYal 5 k1.30 p.m.- st Shown-*
Tuesday, June 6, 2 CARTONS NOODLES.oI seMati Deae.- ;
I8, 10, CASES HAM. SWING FEVER (LenaHorne)
C I N E N A Tim.__ .. I A" '
A limited number of paes to .,ate Friday 9th 1.
local cinema theatres available '""* *10
:to merchant seamen on appli- June, 1944........
cation to the Club Manager. Wm
Current landing permits to bem-- I In -,^
GLEE CLUB. 39 Choarlotte Street. iEM PIREISan Ferrm
GLEECLUB DMAY at 9 & 8.45 p m.
Tonight at 8.30 LOUIS GILMAN (Rob

OFFICES, m I !UA. THOMS ..S..-.,
Cebants H oe. St. Annf Uuenasd AMcUoma. -bambm
f __Theft.jlOn... .'f^-BM I- *'thy>Tzw~laM* x"a ot ,,|8


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Donald CRISP






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MNIDAD G lAXDIA WbOA*. 3mmt 1M4.'U

Luck Beats China Clipper At B.G. Races! 7 Not Se
aoW0, rphanage Beat Picked Team'
era Scores In First Ramao Whips *a Ba e

ce At D'Urban Park lenSerrette In 22-21 In Convent ReiefNetbam 2 "....... .
M ILZ VIM OWNsold .......... 1 M010110...... ,A.'^
Frtcmocrc fBahAmateur Bout22 1ho etReefNtalE
.With Me8 ON Aafte Cthe Oove r the HonFble A. 3. am COT" s 11011 uld I 11011L
"" in attendance orphanage kfpt up their reputation at' ch a d%- Mike fe L71 C 1 6
of the Demerara Turf Club three-day PiO when at the Queen' Par Oval yesterday, they, by a narrow s I I O a l D El .
MJ day-- Monday. May 20 -- when 0o advanced to 2"RUM 0 S Ouudisn n -margin 22-21 victory, carried off the netliall fixture to Aid the OoinnWt m aOnUG 3AKIDn
trying's slog110 pounds, giave the top-notelres a SAN^F=NAN June $.--UP- Reld Fund". against a picked toar from league Analists Defiance and
pwrk in the Champion handicap over MV Utts brilliant Btcgl v winners, "Mu. 11 ties; s ramhm

__________ nrwe of^^.. thg^~s es~ watij Mr.S o g~ a George Oaal ---------: --^ rnw
Ample FO pOhs of -
anm Ge.r Mr r, Pe er M t cs..ei _i. .. c
ox 0 AIn S ga convincing NeblrheI~ a esWr
Savouriesa Cno Cat .r.'a ur.I poi's decision over the Colony's thee T M r. hr Pe er FURNITURE -fasht, h- AT
--who declared a 2-= re DnU.' .amateur felathrwelght ch mplon, the spotlight wilh 15 goils, amd her VN N iga t, EN. SUPLE LT3.
Jlet at the (Chim Cilpper and IV..*,. Len b errett, when te St. Sen- twin site. .GYW p rotting SIX, while GEIDERA Tl. agpu LD I 2 I
W L t o o l y = 1 ef t at ol l ) i c V o ll e p r e se n t e d &an t t r s c t h il O r P k a it ft O S u o m i FWa iIT "IT 2 1 3 f L N C I ~ S A 1 1 1
"Dol ArgM1 I-AgnI fin C1 V~~"a4ter P e idefLO
Spring 'wcap...-Miie I tg .. 1 tive in tentll bo on n tro LJ toAs Di sred re i aed 4 . Bhef- mea it:u :: -01
SGrecian Melo- 1-saylor (yvonet) Iti day jitht. 'a Aa., ecortng 11 each. c d a h t lo w e Instructed ba M rsdatd Ia
"u Omts --b,,2-nErret (Holdert un itA.t. Ramoama, who had been badly Te game Wa lat and excit n g O"I d V ton we will sla" her good and

Entering 101rilh i^-4 I bete wh. 'an h" w battles mtfo sr to fnish. wit thean' A H y hPOC Pitgod uelFrnture l0 such a&- -r -ava-ilable-- --
ZeiI~h Jueile THcap.-S tura.--Clae%'f l'ulix.0
p-e -Plying agnaet tFltcaor) 1x2 iB. nearly a year ago, avenged that studded a eatindulg in Simmonsefnd u r asDbe seds,
w~ie s--Violet (l~vcmat) 118 1. ie y'e. The mglbeeromienon. n imnsad Dul
st" U 3-Lady Luck (c1ro11ay) 0^ natio nri ppai e Springr and Mattresses. yp and

*^KKSSS'"116?0""6-,it. (*vanet)* 1'1P 6 " F ?"Vi? fi^ rle. The, m betteM r dycuttomRtwz tBr~a n TaeHnble tenni inah T rinida mad Manorn eteadAmCar LL ii
3ws Lucy 1"ck edthe129T
by h t L uck, i sp MII 1 a id ww e Sybil Williams registered tae Saman 1"gle Bed S i and

^^^ @T *yn-yunight cou, n '"i Hwoes yu. 6i. C a ~ osl n e andis t he le De ranc t attvac W-Ew rd on una d &Y wr .E ithnn the^t, Sells. ""' GBT
s te tf hin 1O--Co.tusclu. (Yvonet, 1302 th. Isthering received the d l decision with first goal, the v t gto folw oi Sy wsn t ta h M g attresses: atd Ample Supplies ofhe -
C lipper 6ifJ-t Luckw (lJ r o e :Ien 125. hearty appreclation, The ring arbi- of the game. and from then i o n tof the e Trinidad and ring and Sprlingled Ma, n -
M Time: I moln. 54 tee. gave u3o4 four rounds ser- was a goal for goal tusshe, the lead Tobago Amateur Table u Tennis al = iron CotA and Mattresses,
-r-a M rette on and one wM given P cha sng idrm se to side. m oe action, compria clubs fron all e is and Mat h
tw o -engths spt- THID DAY-MAY H draw. Sylvia and Sybil Williams, with over the tsland also from the ae, Cyp, rapaud and Mahog
wriersH'ap.5 frc-clss 3 rawM.Barow a nd M.Pri el Wnd-wa- of Tobago. any-Mirrored Hangring Presses
gu ofs~ debuttn onne (Fechr trulys i a the manbu n tbilaty left Ohagewta The associaticn held Its first Gyp andG Saman Mirrored Laidles' 11 G l
l In t2o1meetday I Plying Lucket (C.other) 325 ae. This wars the main bout and it M Barrow and M. Parrs en d. o b T aing heln egt

*BP 1'^ ^ SS^ a~a~t UP l campon' fae wth ome regu lar t Th e t Orams anege: w th Te^ni ssic^tl ^ thecld "1 Mt istGpandolain Mirrw, ooWred ___.l -ee'--
ZInf Cam- 3--Why Worry (Sune 116 Ib ae. tern b ettl s of an evening thLee-tal deficit when nearing eetinLon Sunday at the hur Dreamrs; Baby's Presse, Babys
'Isa colt, Ttm.r I ming. 7 4,'5 "e. L ig' an ba n wi. halftime, but Clunis soon came rsA o Centre, And ap- Wood and Iron Cribs and Mat- UG-
I denuton, City H'ctp.--7 fur,._--Cass 0: The g'e w ar great with a SblfWine, tn e -y Mr.tor Coentrer.ia, its tresses, Baby's TUet Set, Marble-
SHhoesfl d'ebut.-n7 ty a a h crwc. Nverthe=les the eancre-Ms- at president. Top Washaond Diw damel Toilet
0 win Tthe S"twards --(ars older) l t0 Ib, novelty affair which featured pros ak and equaled tIane scores. woot as bnoed tMr. hle Pereir ig los Basha olet eat TMaleS-
"A" class horses 3-DPan"ig (Yvonet1 126. aoetr he C pt wlod ehad At theiO
NThe colt with pace Time: I m.rin. 34 seec. Dick and Tom. In a two rounder n ot assumed te V ad sr. Pereire. who has been closely Set Chld's High Chair, Soil Clothes sx
Imppy "walked away" Derara H'ap,-7 Iur..--Casa 0: which offered plenty laughs Dick either 2 yb so con-necred with sport in the Copony, Baskets, Large Mahogtny htn-r, B 0t~n- L U
Y.d Dem Grr! Luck 1re t erar.a. offpoent pleoty Colo-iugs DiER the 12t IN eas fashion., an,,' more particularly lawn tennp sign Dining Tabe BO O T OOlS
om 00 al d Ow t 31 Telephtone Girl 4 CThirpC ell lbss. apint es out victorious on Orphanage's usual, whirlwind and table tennis for nearly 30 years. Dining Table and 4 Chairs, Side-
1 yardsnd C ofe the -2mtte wrol bee 11y toe poli&. Gradually the programme game found the opposing defence said tt he was pleased to be ap- board, Marble-Top Brass Inlaid
STime: I a in. s ee,. developed into a real treat for on- easy prey, and Dick with six con- pointed president, and promised t Liquor Cabinet, Large Bk-C. ,
Smithe Governor t- i Chmpon Wee fur.-Cla. A: looiers until Pilgrim and Teague f secutive goals, made h-.r teams do e-erything in his power to fur- Large Roll-Top Office Desk Ladlsi
the Goero 5 2Prat L~rk (Coo.,ey-- I O!b. eth h a ul 111t
aond day. 2--C hina CpPer (Thirkel 124ib. mt wh tn rere was n on te there egthe spcrt Woriting onDesks, OMedicine, Chesta, are available
_ays the riding was --nrecian Melody (Holder) i6C. be followed by three keen antd hotly The combined squad saw great Other officers appointed were: Chrome Upholstered Suite, piecm
Tim,- I.r in. cnteted tussles. i e to get vast ,'.kn and The Hon'ble o,, Jsh Mrw. F. W Sho ettee and BArm-Chair s,
buti excellent. Members' 'COP -I fursa.-Cl~as FS In tcuht firsty Oonpe Punitn haHoldueurth oln
Sday the rain feli re, Hoder, 034 tr f One P h Holder since st one stage, but the l- Gibbons and Miss Marian Isaacs- Occasional Tables, Folding Card- rou out e co ony
o b stopped by the 2- fanzlg isunichi 11s Ithe. outpn'nted I. Oreenidge, then Len iiams twin isiters turned on a last- Vice-Presidents: Captain L. ,*. Table, Radio Pick-Up, Radio and
Swas about to be --nlde Penny (Fleteher) 123 t. McKell T.K.O'd Andrew Thomas in minute heat and a witn Huheas s--ca Mr Pick-Up, Portable Gramophone and
'rime; 1 rint. 33 seesikU ,Prale.a ohn n
Other two days the Motropollt ,, H'cap.---. fura.-..Cla0 H: the second of their four-rounder and Worreli concentrating their A Zephrine-Asslstant Secretary- Records. Meat Safes, Dover Iron
fct. eI-epo Gck Cro,!y 120 3.. and to bring the card to a close attention on the Orphanage's Dick Tre rer. Stove. Coleman 4-Burne. Built-in
test laid Aainst 3 nWrr-rWchtle -.) 114 1s. R-mo got the champion Serrette and Clunis, Malverns Barrow, and The meeting also named Sir Oven Stove. Galvanized Oven,
gyne yaugstern,in H'ca3--n ursa. CLas2 C: in nd pos.tin. Parris, helped Defiance's Sylvia Wil- Edward Cunard. Mr. C. E. Hitcn ins cing Machine, Bathroom and AGNT -
t Me first day. Go- I Prlt Niel Wroslev, 127 tbm. Serrette fought gamely all along lTams to get four successive goals, and Lt. Col. Roy Alston. patrons Household Scales, Single nd Dou-
ied A;.e, but was 2 -nrecan Meody Holderi 114 lhe. and in the last two stanzas when making the score 20-all. of the association.
Sble ot P ates, Eleto-sele, Gir l er ) 1 ty in
e. t S3--Telephonte Girl (lehser 34 Iba. ahe saw defeat staring him in the Clis notched two more osa Mr. Pereira told the "herin ble Hot P Spencer J Kin, lt o t
ar, the Stewards face he kept pounding at his man after a hard effort, and Cybil ll- that the association will swing in Flee. iron, Elec. RoastKirton, Ltd., 2 Broadway, Port-o
sa 'A c horses, was in quest for a knockout punch. Uams rammed home the. Malvern- action right away, and one of Ils Glass rnd ChiEaware, Kitchen and
s(rosley) who a- r s Ram, however, never ave ground. Defiance final goal. c.ief objects was the staging of an Pantry Ware, Child's Tricycle, Doll's
(ercss wo m t C p B a He took the punches that Serrette The umpires were Miss Burkett open competition once a year to de. House, Enamel Ded Pan. Beatrice 'q llJgllflggllglj
cl. to me.t I an Cup XI hr shot at him and he sealed the and Mr. Bowen. termine the best club and leading Stove, Spring Blinds. Violin and
ipper and Fancy ut champion's fate with some regular The teams e: ti pen etheCo PUR IE B ,
t telitpor and Fancy and terrific uppercuts tha very Malvern-Deflance: M. Davis, L. It was l so their intent on Netting, Garden Hose, ools, awnr 'S
f' at the postT h A representative 1 t.Crispln's Xa often landed Square to the Jaw, Worrell, M. Parris, M. Barrow, P, seek affiliation writh the Table Mower, 6 H.P. Champion Outboard 0 O
.ih, Teviephone after compiling 146 against a team bdy and chin. Christopher, Sylvia Williams and Tennis Association of England, and Motor, Hydraulic Motor Car Jack, 0 OC
Adamaon's aged picked from the Rahamut Second RL .oa won a great battle and Sybil Williams. pibly its counterpart In the and 1 Fridge. F
,Imperial handicap Class competition, bowled out their the admiration of the crowd. Orphanage: Prince, Barclay, Le- vnied tate of Am da. items on view day prior to nd I
h rs while later in opponents for 34 runs at the The results are as fc.llows:- Zama, Crespoe Francis, a Clanis, od TRi o agt

g^^*g~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~r~aa CrepS, Francis (hEa.-nnoClna op-"0' *"*Mu"' -- YEOOI CON I ,T heN d a sso.itioend wlaset forlld ow moniAtng of Sal and TERMSn~oMM -cie
uius took the "C" Queen's Park Oval on und y aftr. The association was forO.ed to morning of Sale n R
S S bete or the noon, and scored a convin in vic Dick E.spinet outpointed Tom and C. Dick. regulate, arrange and control all CSH
....sT tory in a match which Mr. Lachan oppn inetn ch anatdworune. rAVEua. WarrL.g an ct al CA
irst Luck scored the Jggernath, Beaumont Cup Com- THREE ROUNDERS ARGENTINE BLACK LIST m-nt. Auctioneer s.
final day, the meet- mittee official, in a speech after the K. Cardines held McSweenle to a WASHINGTON, June & (AP)-- At the meeting on Sunday rules ON

'* ^ ^ bwer drafte and' ^^as^d, and.^ se
to a grand climax game, said would be made an an- draw. It was reported today United were drafted an passed, and se- ON
Luck, Grecian Meiody, nual affair. Loi Crieto T.K.O'd Granhai ia a eroo a clubs madilw e applications to bee e AT '1t
nGirl provided a Mr. F. G. cott, secretary" Of the the second round. d m and i allated with the new association. We otter for 11 ses, S JOATNL RDAYTIU NR5S JtB
in the final hdi- St. Crispi's- Club stated that i Jenty lost to Pereira on poins officials are studying the possibility Mr. Pereira stressed that the Oy
furlongsI writes the committee would be only too glad R. Legall and E. Serrette battled of applying to the Argentine thie association was an amateur body. diate delivery the IN AID OF
to agree to this. to a draw. firm policy of continuing the black- and If any member or members of A
roared themselves Scores wer : 0. Pilgrim and I. Teague fought list sanctions for a prolonged peri- any club affillted with it were following products Lpeeial Invasion Appe
Ia Melody on the St. CRISPN'S: 146. M. de Souza a tame draw. od after the war ends on the ground caught' accepting money prizes. orOF eI 'A A p
sught First Luck on 1, J. Gonsalves 26, C. Price 25, One Punch Holder outpointed I. that the Government and many competing for money, exp.ulsion o
Ss brilliant, jast-. A. Fernandes 42. A. Dottin 11. Greenidge. businesses persist In seeking means from the association will follow. BRITISH RED CROSS
Holder, but First Moh3igoo 4 for 32, M. Reid 2 for Len McKell scored a T.K.O. to mild the Axis and harm the cause It was agreed at the meeting that Tro
victory by a neck to 3. H. inh 2 for 23. over Andrew Thomas. of the Un" 'd Nations, the association will hold its firai
Telephone Girl was RAHeMdIi, 34. B. Latchan 10. six OUNOER Colony tournament next month. TICKETS $1.00 Each SUPPER $120
6 mpgth away. M. de Souza 2 for 6; H. Jackson 2 Joseh Ra-' oa outpointed Lein 0a f
lng sweep broke for 8; A. Dottin C for 2. Serrette. 2 da oMy.14---------- Micione
it paid $660 as A few unclaimed CARDS GAMES, ETC.
li ffth, and also in B ATTFERIES
eoter races, "M
went over r es TwoSustain Injuries CS.A. Branch I 0.* GU, RANTo L .a boratoriesE S AD RIE COR L NVTI.
W Jt ockeys, Croswley O L lP N)
i owirinera each Aa Btery Fctor'y U UP A O X
T o, four on In Road Accidents Picks Officers 3 Ajax B'tt. ey o Limited. 'CA USE
r; Yvonet four__on____ TEE GOOD CAUS1E"*
Croesley got three -3 Edward St. 6:0'Phone 5.
Out with Holcier, two. Em-sley Warner. a city man, was "f:' .iad, Guardian Correspendest _____.___ .___.___
PAY-MAY about 11 o'clock on Sunday Hamilton Maurice B A., is the new FtMNITURE SALE T.M.L. COUGH MIXTURE
f'mu...Casm Hs: night suffering injuries re- ct'"man of the local branch of the I ~ iTiit4. L. COUGH i"4 IiXTU RE
t~eul~y~115 bs. orte to ave een in-LM Service Association I
F19 1 111 I nL ported to have been sus- Saturday 10th June, 1944 NOVORUB "
1105I Iba. tained In an accident between Others elected to senre with him I
at. 1 ,.ecs. a motor-car and a motor-cycle on It(.~b II M.r, C. R. Ottley, Honorary ARBEN'S BLOOD E NTIRE PROCEEDS TO BE DOXA7f D To I
Mi0 A100 ydo .-Claia D which he was riding at the corner S cretary; Mr. D. um 37 Sutton Street ST JOSEPH CONVE FUND
0(Tvot 12 thbe. of Queens Park East and Jerning- assistant Secretary: and Mr. J. V. PURIFIER'OPUN
C )_ 126 l he ham Avenue. Rodriguez, Mr. Hugh Harris, Mr. Ban Fernando
S sees. 2 t. 0. B. ottl-y, Mr. V. I. Mulloon and I T.M.L. BRONCHITOL TIIOR A THOMAS
fur--Q c FLL FROM CYCLEe te an on Instructions received from PRESENTS
If (Tirkellur Ie b Co Mrs. L. Riley. Mr. J. Gumbs, Mr. T.M.L. RUMANOL
Or) lbs. Trinidad Guardian Corresponden. Mr. Maurice, Mr. Ottley,r MrMr. Liddelow. Miss Wil-
"Cr.salsy 1i1 Nb.. PRINCE8 TOWN, June 3e-Mr. F~rrer, and Mr. Harris will be dee- inme and others whose furniture TM.....
IM A 100 ye.s-Clam A David Palmer, first assistant gate to the conference. Member have len removed to the Mart
T(hlrbell) 125 iba. teacher of the Ste. Madeleine Oov- on the Executive of the Parent for convenience, the undersigned A BIG MUSICAL REVIEW
o(leteber) 108 t rn. ernment School, was Admitted to will Eell by xT.M.L. SANGUINOL renove the BRONCguThL A BI MiC REVIEW
If (or talnst 1 b& oBody will be Mr. Maurice. ,og His Aocellency
Cr 4 ur. theNECOLOGICL CONDrON8 date, time and place the follow- VITAMIN A. the Acting Governor)
12 bs. tal on Thursday suffering from Menstruation VnIT I ADL
(Wn0yr ) 12 lbS Injuries received when he fell from Some gynecological affections are One Sewing Hand Machine, 3- OINGING 0 DANCING 0 COMEDY
,It. 2ss. his bicycle on his way to school. so manifestly in the realm of the winh Bureau, M.T. Wahstand, WA
lure.-Cl" a 1 He I reported to be improving specialist in Diseases of Women, Tall Post 4' V Bedstead. Tall Post BLLAEMPIRE THEA E Wednesday, 2
__) scl In ia Tall TINE (Lavender) t
(ThIrkcei) 121 Bi. that they will not be referred to Bd with spring. Short Post Brass
tebnr 150 lbs. Car-ve Be Arttth Aserica and manglish Talent)RLLAN
2r I2@0. here. Only some of which are l ed wath spring afd mattress, 4 WAVEGLO BRILLIAN.
turs-laa c, amenable to spirtil adjustment Till Sideboards. ext. Dining Table, including
(Croah-l' 11 tae .H NWbe discussed. Water-cooler. Coolerator. Oval TINE (Rose' THORA THOMAS
(Cr--ley int T N (Dysmenorrhes) painful nVen. shape Dini Table, Set Morris CPATSY KELMAN
0.1 struation, of which there are sev- Chairs with Cushioms, Set Morris VALT
C l'.-.l'am HS eral forms. Chairs without Cushions, Small U.BA. GRACE COGHILL
ICro ) 1227 lW& o abnDa sh stand, Child's Bed. 3 Writing KEN HURD, N.Y.. U.V.NC
I) 155 Nba.orrhaglaafusesbenrmrllylDesks. Oil Stoves, 2 Waggonettes, VICTORY BRILLIANTINE KAY, N.Y..A. DGILL
2 8 s 1 2 th pr of u s e m e n s t r u al d is c h a r g e .,O S K Y M U S A
~~._____ 5 LOOD PUK I R (Metorrhagia) a flow of blood at Cribs. 2 Wardrobes, 3 CYcles, 1 GW4N KELMAN PALD~LSLEAN
_-- __ elh flow ohe menstruSuite Upholstered Chairs (with '(Green) JOAN a LABASTIDEON
AYWAiftimes obher than the menstrual table) Chin Cabne, ADT- EZKO ANt "MaCR
r-Cas "11A I period. These conditions are in table), China Cabinet, 3 D Bn- GENE RANDOW, N.Y. a NB
12 lb9. 11I6NV O TES reality symptoms rather nan dis- Tables, Odd Morris Chairs, Came
fu-120 I eases. (Amenorrhea) absence of In raseho, sewnHda HEROLIN in Large ond BO0 GAINE, N.Y. LUCILLE do VE&TEU1I-
l"a"" We$ A1:0, menULATS .truab now. Abnormal amen-numbr in e), Sing Hand
5a rre f, hMa4:hine. Sewing Foot MAchint Small S CORBIN AGARD TRIO JOAN DADADIE
32 me all IMULATE" orrhea is caused chiefly by expo- 3' 6 Bed and Spring. Pic- Sml Szs.i 00OTGE LTRCH, UHolywreod NORSEN D'ABIADIS
la(y) 11n It., sure to colds and wet, mental or P EiB&N do V__ Ur
," THI SYSTIM nh shocks, sorrow. etc. ture, Gramophone, TESMON RORTDNT I NT ll
.(Leuorrhea) a whitish dis- lare Victrola Gramanhon In W(ioTEOMS GRACE MA 4yHONEY '
cl rhar) it e is irebigasmtmahr excellent condition Garden Bench. Ameali V vR ww OE'I RMA ;
t tcia)et VITAMIN, e bein cyponm c ather Razor, Westinsheuse 6-tube Radio, n CtIS(e ~V 1PG M IC ADISET GAA
l*:"" a Ir.I VITAIN a th reae. .e The primary causeI etc, etc.0 IfGMOTE
1, -.e shoud ,herfore becon ete. '1"oItems on view -ii day prior to ntoyKenny &Co. , o, ..
1 have these cond' "ms corrected you and morning or sale. RAIUyCU'CEI33FAK T
should consult thfe Chiropractic Dated this 25th day of May. 1944. RAW Yornm n ntek8t olw
tiP Sign. a Specialist.- Terma--CASH en the fall ef the JA A PoIthe Ir nae and I narle OWr t N foAow "
e IG SIu.s'.a.) .. (559L) GEO. U. RAMDIN, Port-of -Spain. 8tace kindly lent by United Grocersl Ltd.
INSA.teChiropractic Health Studio Auctioneer. 'IPHONES 4507 and 556. ,
... Memb~er, Anglo-West Indies Chiro-.... ... ....

R. ,ested and bea,
the day of rk or
gy > a pleaws

sard. t~l ,wof tislp
r'-VE FOOD y
te dandy $w te
POP uk ad eat

.. HO(




IM BBT ''""'"'"''"l



now a

practle A-sociatlon (Registered.)
71 Frederick Street, 'Phone 6524.



and Supplies

64 Queen Street



W SEwi vesknow that to keep the fire of ronaebwmm
411g, their glowing alor lovedism must beappelM ig
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Eal is the way. Dily-mmB ng, .o am n Won d apm
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eamdofoliv -andpalm oilaskiow for ap umaturne's ut
"lm beautif.I rich, creamy, bemutifyiu thehr, d.efc.
kn may oth, deamSa deep lato th pMr. aed ap
eath, youth ad beauty to your kim .
WIMl Buy aae today
kiumsa ttop at he houl. ^ B ^ H H
Iesen-baibmada deanad ^B i~ ^ ll
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-- 13 6F,06o.lsW. jMo E- os im 0I&"I- I

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-- W. m mh SW -.1'.111B It-.g. .1 l s O MI ,1 3- 1.- JD 0,= 144. fjr= -lt l Clerk f W a 0 k., ort-"
,untha-,sI he jI WC E. Itchell,,u ..lI.,-.y 3 t '..,I AI- ,, ,MI otosW4*.l?..,1 WD'A.o I.-p ),
..r.sonal --6 00a.r e ac I r#1 1.4w 334 I'l. *kkP adAdult141. hllt-a1 ,tPdrqA

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-8 M P01156 O rator Iltrest O M .-Jul1 3| I.-eL-j o"ua deathimO.t o rOt tA. a beloved moal a ther r Mr t 1h. -
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I ,IrRunds. -.PU. ."*a%, P., r. ,e ^ato A Mixture of Wheat end Corn FI
F'OUR WEI.l.-BI41D TERRIER PUPS .110. U ANP Y6A, KN' II k -d. mdlern t.sW. de bts0 ATTRACTIVU lulldisal debt e oedble onotractat by my wife, ppe
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______ _____________________-Jutno 1-1ULI aheea'ntiethatt ieesa.- Daya' Nebo saOut i'et4,.
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Mrs A I. L'stro.-June t0 reabt. hlt minutes wsaic from l Satoannoh. Phone 052. Isorelor. %dIay-Juo 1 esoteshl for a41 -
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Poems, Kasys. DIJAIAMOND RING, (tlold Tip-clia, Short i fuble and ls|I RKuon. wit ll,11ar. trusteb Ay bip_.SKA A, .A RA
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01111 II a N Ed 2l.r FURNIBHIED ROOMS with board and LAND FOR SALE -- 1 3 I 5.
SB u.ONO .LErCTRIC LdOV. .lg- brand L14n for bacatlor. Apply; 6 -4 .
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