Trinidad guardian

Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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S........ .- .... -' .'' .. i- N.'......._.......s._;m

SCalai Area MaR4C d ,To.V Myitkyina Fall Of Eternal
Bombings n nEncrcled Cityl Be'leved

M e i AaPanese garrison at yltky- ALLUD) UADQUARIS, 1 aP. June 1 (APi -w,." IT.
B ^Sbw^No $A MU !44, ILAI R iH H^^H ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ "^Mlyaft:'^^1 MXo~hb am~pmlt CAMU a*5 eak, ^~r*
lhS, BgI ...A. OP DO"OR-WAY TO .i .i.+,- rO [T:.11

o hetndwt trmndu le .eia ', Ohbadita have jotne the Ohinese wsM tdvieoe m I .

2^ ,.- ,French Chief i ..,.:.+_ .... y Believe
a 1etfore tlaioyn-uIIg A UIvIU 7l Ue ring. "he Oli ..dlis a naosl o te uS hir .i s .ato.icna t t

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uitd.aight da "v --__ ___ Nisum Henut lert ao rnAhebd U wle etlarateea er ota bigrhi.oiupterre surpr;~ appeer b theSt 2 'lS t Ar^my as brkm task ws"1? to'1,1 eseta the wt. "
-Srr~ B ~g ermany SflOO atran kutWH ___ :-------------y--- 4l-- --io o th lat sr J waere efe(3 -o n e p~n o sitions mi drwn enm a. dss"i or eto fVtt
,. ris be h e ~ re'-"u-ltyore eanllported ht h-- Ineg, the eem Of, ibmahihnulh. a ndBt ri v.i. w-' v im l ts
F.r .+ .- ,lf.f ,.-ua..-.o A he Ia._i, blow tea of rl .,th tha.i .o ri eth An ntsh Am .tW
For Berlm .. Join oo.. ,, _.,.

C6 09erAen- Tni '"lt WaitW411- Ia .,. ., -., ,, t na aat n- tihl .y InLL E*-Ui t, Jun lNZ-M.U
.ira tornewy*~ r o onigIlolelI'' '" "' b' I t he towon, b~ u e forter,-~ mo annom m uor les unI sar hsih na.d Slong
nowrtreatgend wt tremendou ne w saw AI is now sen. by of b ced. Brti amoun0 tai t0@1, a to R wa& liberat ed wd aW op ntoaas -
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f teR ussia n sulle* r aidnw a s a .. ,,dt and American .tro ops.atacomle g ha i t he Ab y fig ting 1men al m ind s to f efltbiaHiw s ant at th nad Z
lboed alester Oron ihangsh h d uring 30 theappra ch as tahl :*Moutin te.w
S thea& Nt Juane 2ald, June S Y. ^.*h.w" dtn tet ando nXT r The railg T ae oafon attae e a mln riin aU-. nte te

K00 thea bmes wih st~pmruck twic anht wthe sec dmt te hA Jpns ro. .D a" cntso lccteBWraorMrcsa red V Wal UlU HOOt I s ollrialdvl teannonedplh that ^ tuna=f% l^5sl ^>eMu ^ ;ea
MF..or B. .. 5t n caH o ea 4 h m to hold or m ha the Brt u lie -.
rp .lstfol i .heaRur"es-e ..ei. r defense Cr tsn rallw, ,c s u S w' Dh.,mnt l l n o { I, rt ,, from FerenW no, reached
S ul5~e r l e.maIn bt t are _o g. thehr ,aor ,.al In ,te. t,: .- m til l W mor ,sw Reuter mearg sid to- tere are r t sh ea ofi
Col ..,on ,, .. .. ,.itg ahead efore t l ght t tuthatGa othr dramath ema Ien dviions.-te 15tgS
British bi f :r called. ..Henrooi,* of.Rom In M am jtrhim.tEms flnall Wi t llno

sV ont le, 4 ro ia pnoe snah r, o e nir iad s ,n drron Oaw fally ew untea t tfd=,y w *a the and oth Pnreu inaai th 39
y eapit d atd- gn Minit, tefored Brl out, l n p.nk ng up of th e oPtf and r ba 1tr. d Aet
.ie sead between .s ane hae blocked Trinia new ~ ea, e C ea t Mae. Peturthen west. in the h alaoun E igh t otonigh ray "ort of towadm
,i.oii, estlie vllh in hews a slide at a bend or the road. The "Susndy Gear sa,, phto phet left hS mete--r v" Cinese troops Ste Ekiht h linkc abo t1 mIh e which strt ed of as.? ,S i-
near Paris e e ,ohe d the -ol a u ...... 1nd 5rUid of the Japan a ree been defeneathrouw. fnt. 2v e .on t aow as stori om. "hy
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sl y edaaid Nos eury had "pat1 me. ntops on the tnnrls and f nw a t lh eonhardOsed the enaly Nd f 52 nd 8 th1 Ar1,
nrnr e sg- a tsa t e d n e a u n d dte h o lr i, ha viea e t1 t lo b e w be n th e An t b ane e m d Sh . n d t hAr
r'lecks hh e thre de aulte to fh he r em eaur atneHout taHWA I,?y
th e wetre Tetitng F-LnchJ a(ceid A fwnd Ameridanagn i earlt e alifytIorh old m7lnal 1o W IT Tml lshift
e aralway target l w ee C sbee n out over theri batae areti ad Int whic hlir retreat ru Oc H A 1 t aly nane
conto' y reln sab o etedi to da y n rl SoBt hnTid oda veprtrodu mohmt tn be cut from beh ind c (AP America na e cw
in' "r i n". C h art s h ea d ,e ., ,o r tt M aracas Road ea tn reached

-%er .n He rlI iot n aitre -m 0 0t -dt" c a t the allure missing. tdoh
,. broadcast t over Vichr radio. .poi se By SP NIEi MOOS ofLtanhe Nato an thel res tt ho ---t crd rn t ha. ro uh hu et,

eneiqy wla s bu Franc have'rub ccme to cl th s A ngtey.Acb fte Ws arro Ival heire' frreconition kfl ansdesatmn wan tersutore -. _bi aianed tofl i sees hrla ade howe ine the.1"1"11 -11.""^W n h ~ O~llHo n
anMtd. e enc t at a l le n w ol d, wl nd th Co mm ite .de a s 4 the le authority owad ou s ta d p a u on em e tica d blu t howd lanhIoavbu 1tirw ea
wi tou attack -- wishing M ---- whale 5 ,o wll e Aslivetre theFrean c ers porderdto b loud aridtoasd tfo ear th Ug down T nube of th eatnremted
p~d ad- Propaganda M Z. linking uarmy besylt n ratv

ie ~engi ne~s,,e splac reaoon not out ow love e or thlen ThA Chinese communique today ds nev,-tonconflit haNd c o n fuow nhe hillsides on Thusrairs FutherWes t I n.4 St 16.t00 ala i. thd r | and Filt-Ai e-s took K
'00t am- A lpameril csan c* n ther with hope admits e d is th atR Jaanese troops, fighter, "..d oay. ta. pl o r let h ilr*aeo. pra vaslen h ns v tr ops nar ekn anf .n iooa nthe y 1d "rA .. w noe Iellkts succ ss, but merel out alloming dow aervt er w side of torf trto n Excetf orn d tbowe.blw orh at t n r
p o ran c & Lack American lans. may Johlt" ard o re sa ph ice theba ubtlicue fo both ev ry passible
/ e.. A-te-, .ew / renmen listen, daily to Rh.)'-aR additional 12 malles towar~l/ Ference with the" Britis appar- I clositng the road to all whee~le U tensllJI ntl o o/ th e Brith Fre nchroa d i ro n 4I open front t am tn. ',
do na. rmanytnohadeJapanerelbaseofy a tlY taDetrcf tN
..... vionutni1u AIII whic It was announced that American to attai a egeeofro of G the road are covered and ar e
i laek o t ae-n a degree o ra l T o A. Goinea Jn 4 road, I-haversusR the tapagn f ronthave imthmenti Kdoi, A ndt
ros ea fhg pt' chi" hJan been throwwn Into the i ur lm.sA even by dsldestans. seJuePnrenR tmfo wel o
das ,e L .- 'P 0~e dio_, hare ppao tile lides D Ig.UISS MacArthur's communiq e frog, Vsip oatone to Velletri ad on th~e scans ,.n. he ~reete time + :
'Wltot.. lli amfl t. the for, Aardond ained agnd tenp iidsi I B. o1 te the wa-.
a-yo tY mad*-rsin_ Sotlri it sgiot kto rio-r-- .. Recogithi n. aid teay teaat United totu f-orces.eyond, the D ra h.yI el ad tl Ameran solde of the ifMtee t
B sop thfr.oStrthegtwo- ml hCa u n ... F h O ver la h ndedBon 'm ore i nd in itl neg nar 55 th
een at r c hrfhle0 2Ot mis, east of the' c o a tur d Po t o o fao rhic at sea 0tm fchOV g7 a o .. i....a. B L N

dor *""loa, hl ey wratdya ro e Su U)ashN Juouc ngta enrlDih fhn ldar 3' the-en tolony firini ort reaitn torfoe WITH THE EIGHTH ARMY s *
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ould talk0 xLe d atOuodl U.U..... I Cantor-(kow routes alt Kewi evyl, r iin e s hv rure t w hre t stohea sot egof -uek cpu"re stong awholds e. of/ mo maleta n ther ull a
*....r us{w abort 40 mles.north ofD ,roa.. C. s Au.....i.n.for aso havdd er e and Velletri. on the direct string clin tn tJ i

ed. Oig by 'A"ttr of Msr sind rswho is. nowgow frever Hwauat e mra Tw Al ande si.thn alBnue' lders have crashed on_ to the e Oo C hlt eano bombers sm e.okto b en rarumblrng. yedI goaItx Iod it a e .r
fo rce t opes Afa. b o f hencitywhsa gid n.*lat e drivn arrtewetru ide were e a10. rosie.a h rsl frcrf r iig biamitiie olts ,wa hrl de oe i h

r si day, as task t rneu av 1 course of stidI he r o t oh utg railway toward their ob- -----road ad maullfeetwowarth ....Rldli-rao.ak bn Ida)r hot8A..yNtroop--als- -a d-btheen my eeo a st ofVan l
b ia er Johns Hopkn!s Bopllta.l ati UN jec Ilye. LONDON, t June s l APi ty hd. e The ne to t h far d .dwnanu to wbIf er lotoft R ome th bttM an d noth m ;co
f ihters re- more, Maryland. .. Soviet co'vnot tehe i All yesterday the Publi mifurkt apayehe rel ove been Iriven om s a s.twouthbe st pturint the Ioo wle ot mton of hth
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tohae aWN Th ~tAe ricas.neay thurwiahn hope d mte d ha, apne e too saidthrI' at ros" bympower-path asn busorclear ubingcfom teob goudn rth ofAbatrIn h e aisystro ghold f Mota I. xer-bomb rs rgain clowed tn

,~S the I o r tn t t that m lu-Affat Is ve ing d w tea n ie f ul fire rom eall t s of scmn" enabe peeanaland---Castol-acio ix me north .o Ariai o cetrlnaa
ano aow ,, sta. at ._ e, urctlon Tmy notdvancrthhis oi enDr.uh.of t the ritoaIltae n og pointonic Ble. One hundredthelBri cshn.centrtonsIand orr as,
o.,Anoillsechmninisenssanta adiatta 12 miss oby.1clearingthofadtoth w e ee myfrceassidt avne Yrd by yard the mro i ang itYugearaoundfe~

I*)5 A NaE hospital mSh wil uter ,, u th r* O and north m af ori.n ortn w t le s w ee s i h re a e n om m itted sui de after r an + un edU a w a y t r u h he s b- ra rs nd ef i g na t 4
t r 't g o" Oknst chOOl of Nu rI f and i ati 1 J l3 I aso un'heth i nrtsh "wiped furter. sides, one o,meial told the Janes c" outer asratt "as re born defen .s .. One thes nih mo storag eVIt an.,
perga for o- r a,. ...tJe an b tte ly-defended Rumaplan "ort otf Ol-m-
te-an a ut t, afrorf past H a, t m goa l In thebr out and d i ledt d i'G enemy of Veaeenr and 15 m-lt agasf. (Rnuchrestaths15th satL
rOe eas MIing wt no the four tliveu Acting (LpIoD HerEADnQtor try, LM A ll town Of Lui four miles wt In the anb southa ofOivt
app gear hsfeen the acount tap liant h avtonbl eeA.nfthroninht o tis expecwhdctanis ad sul-rp el gus ay Is impsal vnfoyrpedestuiante s t i n-s tDoulaiMctur'sRome. af ther enemyjral d ayso lls. cea o r th orwspdheigreeedo

t fgo t, c.. to e .resenta a. odnatn we, s e arour.tro car at lnd s are thto be expc teda ft *o ire fo Vo to ta5 and *u- oe n on'
n3 b o L e-?(TJitlad Iiloororato.?? sbe hedldyat t then Church Iers aridbthree trohyre 1 i t d tt ou h o such eto uov he meery Wof 71111
r to arb ait ~ i~~ a-o St.Mrikngxoiher 1 8o 'cokt h gsou-. ThetcommuniquevaesoaSttedo11two tMorh. T o C.0In i al a mils loshntn ter t Aromeyo. e ilpuig ~

molrhro ,moeea, t ea t r gthelsaMc-hit ndrom thetw iero
ree a the v v vretain or thee Chinese. Girls hocky Captain Clifford Rex Will/ais. head area. It r-rt, that southeast ot fO'matlons oi the. Maracats Romadth... fRouuter ngoouhe' netal rk tan after eil
101wh i ch cesedLeU honours 11 of in gio Chuch Army I 0 Trinidad t1aislawow enemy iftry, ,on- all noted for then slipping o I tHE ADQoASmalRR k. Flfth Army comander, fond the
sk. Retur i lea ......._Orphanage, will npe elevated to t e0 atemptin g reconnaissano wasLocIa Food Contoaler. In a recentNAPL&. ce.... e 3 .A) .-. J. e.-a s *lII HtiItIIHhlIteUtf..
e.-were free% SI-he led her. lean to victory' onl priesthood., di versed by iRedi t. intervl w' "ont" lanU .. by te Allied high. .
F res ~ Friday aginst,.t .team of former o ja Reve Dr A. gut heant or V tel th. e p"uuans U. ew then sad that his _ola t s ernown with re- ,.
*Wnts flak.lrstii

said they en- oecintation. was made to e'. Idaies. will conduct t whe service.ltg at leal s 40 of the enemy 'Thirty I.ew rOad Would e stand 'e to a authorities oontronte byn otruthless I _- ___........_-._--___._ _I
a t while sermon will be deliveredeGerman bombers supported by o thou sd est pefoore catryn oa out any enemy, m l I al re intai-npuerleste
bT e Ul F-t-wirmG v iby the Rfr. IrMedH i k Rogertsigahtern, tried to bomb soviet tar-pl ans for de nient ofrodvision solelyon the destructio n an el-an d TI"
----!1 Banks. Rural Detan of WoutgesI Nrva y wereodri ven tll onll the North coast .an 'f era forces inehat and.. T b ao
too t Ie Of tora acd.I 0J Tr2nidad. [off after ao Ig five are 4l. "*. courrtry. They have taken, aind w |[i. ..t a= .
ele over $2in g_ H. efr"sh sai I pantert. sSince eam- contonue totake, .everyemsIb I
entr6es to ponttnue it u W9- -- --- Imng sections on the central prreoevton during the course of
"faceks on the e- ofthect y... cuttingh Of the road, I hee us- t.e. camaign 'to pare ins,"Ont
rai l ta ..r- "ttrdsh Wr Wel-fam. re / I* ,d ,, it t ~n # [lo. nl t earned. all ifins until I see huow oivih._t and cluramlL and eligious/ FOOD -AC
~rnmlatoasofYv going en-o-thiweksprtivndonth e er pt M stleinnaidesofpemaenV

thay, arh U &" sOt he Utca-schdst an d rotten rock iu. Disatok.. n ]d. w roeret o fp sal" 0 at
Lbea Pa, a ensh B i H on rw ter in the geya "' 'in asi nlo adn o. n. cuttings will sI and ,, er k MS f Rme the ,1
included went t by "et sJIn partesue r they are deepld iv deflal that ti 1 V
a Ht ron, r e totary dlte an isdAl. uo to cloudburst. lik, those thateco ns o ts on thestrictedcapturin drtionIn f OlM
Sivi en Wldyflel4 at Was 0) fro Weali ,M" a'a wn. I --, ,,,,,ws lerin atiofA/ Grande RnVBere and rsstala ofads ,uple by Rome a oneof Ote hi-e f aftesser the wa.'
pmae a T e "u G arbe row.anesnt l sto r i llal e, t origisnd allaed-nitedl o poiles no t Arpanito feed the staring
th-carrying truc staindsthr i ss o. L u-d, nex st hefb ieingm al au wh amx,,vich roadsab weroedi ac

c"t o ecte byA. T.J h a--i -n-- or -wte t- -- b- ,.- e.eln .,tH overngh as crt cetres ofti the wsorl and
__nushou the h. i ,etr _ngploees dnw te ph o ator caed he sIated Prs t m e on Beause ma billt of n the Po re w andconhainsYardyardthenoU 1112t2
C A nd.Bond1Departmnt, oforcesidedthw e roflad. tw Iswexecs If that eeto mie tr lidstat ie a fVtic an ot dlv.dawytrog h~tuo rtrsadWli

hospifuel L .hids td. She 8h-ll Leas wtres today an eoneohu flah annoucing thtl Gderal DwighTti fluhen industry in the of lony wIl d ."th 1. ".ne-outher-af tac atomi...en- them I ,s I n
I ebjeLives boph holds DistrbutingS co. Pofnte-s Eisnhowerts eadquartrsvietanouncediedAllieedanc -aion o. he Alied 6overnmen
Low Countriem sie rre.t Other cont ,,ribtoni wed orf Se one ofthe t-Gurd-n" este r ad th, Allied miar autorh/Ities...
quiron of'0 60 t froee tear s taf o the GusAt.2pmEastrdi nC Warespond- runs an upledt Port-of- to continue up taketev:ryi-reoautlo l Thedmagnd itueldeofte foded shla ortagsofter1t0e1wa

took pars, n f L.tAfe at Teoaun nhe past froe TA A. Jun eis i erof she rmtn uo infprtora, edL 8DD wim they can, cosnsnstent with .,se ntial era4r th Of
u.with lns~ruc t. e T g 3 Iohool.L he taAstwgich tren.m tt the electrical ou nd. ,military requrements, toafeguard| wWI dep..e ndu lontelourese of th.e war ead.the siS t of bhar-
ofltr exanplodin YFm'~sobs bsueen h Rosus. sintsh sthisurgn t me ssA.1.Wrgehtio ws empelsedtnmads i -Pof dtled e achs 4I n n fomdeurerIti t hted pouRolmo Roe ndnosr sesteran d ann~ot hrforbe sig% mlated fr eshlouputakngV

n the a and o ubleo. I ........... icto u lrltobe* res.edte on t all wrd.H.owel3vr. h. tlhen sI rted tor rn.iP-are hltoorc,, ax rceIAOUS .eudP e g _he wat d anoth a whole, rwhelmemd prob a e thtU thi will b a .
by h omes (TItildad) 07 5 Incorpoastd. Use nht6 o wb e held atth Cuarcheri s mi d there f arstta a roadcut thoghsuhforms- liswllol k ml tary shllage Of llvfteko nd liwsosh tdea,.1e lS by 0a

t I ,Lio. Id.ent ifiedherP ritanouStc ed ea8lan kto,-anThcommunique alsodstaiedshe thed-
$part i n L theACal ony asebsai cap.- morrcw againstwRemethInev. far asttnds werefought in the Zeal le I-scme deanandotten wm.

of w abologne ino msta -9uo *. ..e.h_ ..Danu...a ye"N'"l' ran m I-aa --
c ain n, ot hein e Girl s hc k. CepthanC wor d Rmlex _W later ead a trer thItats rorau-ons M ara asR Mi Gm, t Rt i oit t rail-. Ts e ase dsto 0 t iamo at m teroo i n
shatteing a- team whic conteted hnours 4 of he Chuch Ary to ftinidd Stalislway eneyndnfatry, om. ar nomeifitarytrwhipphn probarke Amy rco eanderefs undtheirmfn.r
la osses i on e h t hs oi$ Hcemn mngro t he eaaiss rrii ompneos y~h andaliteksdpeaaies" tatd r.H.ed ahe.e0L IesDHEDQURTRS

s ek. Reua inrcr a .a -. Oa. Ld. o unta g wi e v d to a thholdn iac ws oca l Food In hoer ,naereent chosei"
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~ ~~~W the club, i.~ ~ after kfl XAsed. a killlas u ofthe W est d k!Into Get of ttremh el s erin.dstepartmn atred toliseehwth ft ogy. un s aid:ee Aho iedof iit a-rhyol fTm~a tiidpn a o uh e
mY isned todey vursna&.vi.i.n.wu a de t he. I~ndear il canduct thes e?. in qfathleastr0nof whieb temyTcatvrf eW5 road would sanfr, om a a author it~imes onot 5d b the uled i mpre odtahad ausast e viee
ftdio~~~~~~~~~~~~ newden i~urm n .M~ o. rs t er e4 Gesrman bmbrss up p otd V lubi efecaryM ing ovut anyne Y .G erIet .aly tireintereand sn smr oegonfo utb ~ ~ de
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by theis being'F Frsderick iRuobertrf.iehtarsrvtriedsitofat ombeSovit n tI er. ln or vhm ntof vslona s ol00 elyInte dchoci onane.'m
Banks. ua epan fs outh g et # abt wr-divnIfwtig n teNrh CatIsi fGra ocsi htad T b g
tl Ai ICity Fi LaG iv atanmslsesror" Thn ca. Th 0I00counetry.hi Theyo- abaydftctkenof andefwille

terhudrited o uinu-piMw* word that the flash was "sent In awme.of th e denser arm, while the other. Peter Lov--- F D in families sliculd emend their Home Odt and ha
hundrado fA mmn pat &t 4 e$.rror 1, anew operatorWho was i Lnds umles upd ap ilac uldi jr O tier meri L giviU li eastise ofou Wnd k gthet r N owns uie Issga
16. M. .o, e-'d%'." t<^ .+.++. !sIs^ aas bMu .MM lai to the righ Dead Body Found -l K am.ftWNW"a6111111100. I
r(0.9-9-j in4 i t m a tI n- withoutauihorisaitle." PC m h -e. At
-VI enr i W. A1 m a r %I~i~ LL. .1, A 1I111wtt, Waps. In 1m m siias'al fwh m"a
M.o" ra le .. ,,.s, C.. wuot Wo. a. 31 ...ot tram.S5_SS O At. idle t Peo BAat ndi Bay v Ii .f
hoeng thI ..^!o_ '^ ^ .,. gN a,>M-M i._ ca. tis cam t ere "po soi and esiedWith mI or In.uni we Ba y
nore n o e m. L 0. ). U. tyid.idm. nS hl n M Oout Weeiuro Will West. Lof ritdaySa pe r r- s w w- +m' wfe, imdea------i-- te m" ,, mi
,. t e ur la:m. A. Psa.n, C. U -. DI iI eroas k, t II ~T.0 i.,.i+ ial of., ii DUNIX b'r WonII mIIus I
l. ,OMs (a.0.. .-. Cas.ra ir M. InoLandon Jim-, .eou. rash-uhIt l h#ad .been su.ando:.Andrew Ned .of Ii Su ny ari.aneeI.- .. ..II,
pilae rem i nk- I s.&-s..n ii Os Ie e, I' I! "s. Apaiatj Prss f .hqum 'r. ,Jun 1.- Dea bpd of. ' ,
ma idrg dised = tiat the erroneous tranIMItted.nsadPl-"----"-"
a ~i n radio C. Uu~iefrsIyt. asesiti habd been saint bhr a w a V hIn tes-A msai teurlude be- 11.waas disontabe sresitiid a t usrnnr

^r am". L | a-riv&iii r. S!' *6604S J.i1'SV d@O%' Ito AI* And =0:a diwm at,
dive to 1.1 1u_1,as..; aI g--ir aI;o1.".O-'ook "-the-Midd, Ast -Pla neBa. a .a .DAL i a. I ,..- "",
feet of the ARUa, Wi tksW 0. 31 Oateu. iPUdI O.f,,., r .Wi --, -"L lie-hIn-in. Iba,- .
11r11-4,mt 3f~ c 5LZ boad~E Us ng ockets 5~y rivi hd the W
11 S.eLP M Q i s ism.

.l rawais CL EM.June. RouteR.. . ...,
vy I"tms Moo 1"" *.rm. *Unk4ll.1M
am e 26.C.Nw1 of
dyAti.I Mm SML Wem

l~In et JhIKD7UIn.~

V. .1737th of war- I

0 *.,.'
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Skilf~ifl Aains Iliteracy w uaa

iM~tf h. aertp of what Is tdal i lo be a qill. eas y
p MM sed. minuad rtKnr -e w't jUsa tor eatgg~rlgttmaf ^^^^
MMeu. h* b.Sed Itfkly tellninuthe 4511~ to this tan Cotfr^^^
Iml. binm 0 is mp a4 t a tsA .tcof.
- ow e M t _x t a a i llt.

Sam '

Metalmfo l rJg
0ffaay both Dr. Lau-
the-. Mr. Price he

mi Based on phionetlio.
s mtuded bf the =du-
Deetnirtest with a Wtow to
wtat ehangewoald be do.
la the mtit o( th local
n.. mbracin& a 24-eason
lbet stated that this system
Mug wM enable ililteraws,
Imu PC andWsho"t sentences
aiSonth and, with a proper.
Woted campaign emp~oylng
oeber and counters, would
I oloMy of Illiteracy la a
jbauh13l andthe Rev. Mr.
_had uonferen-

Nine Couples
In City Listed

To Wed Soon
Nine weddngs are shortly to
tao plae In and around the city,
according to notices noted In the
city iReglatry yesterday.
'The contreattn spatias are:
AX JUT tiANft WIIw, blcblrl,,
p 'rrtjr, of IB Homerdbstr iet. t.
aull.t and E LUMAOAGARAWAT, at th
anB addrs,.
bachsor, wireieci operator, nf .M.S.
GRAHAM. apinster, milliner nod drea-
nisker. of pleanee. East Coalt, BrItlih
jUIA, na

ir. Frank C. Lauaeb (eft) and t e w ,a. IWke, ad
the World Utinoy ComelteM Nw eu"iMa as wneue er*us
vist here a campaign apalust. flltt ev urns.... k
ne would tseh eamzllM~f.thl e.Mi
in Trinidad within a year.' iL. LAUS 55. NOT'iatoe
become HUraO thrtUh hin nee. _

w i t h m r R P a t r ic k t e ', . . .. ._ _'_. -
+ "" +fit u "+"ation;. and Wl. WILLIAM .RNARn a e1 Show
htberson, the Social Welfare for, puifttlratn., of 4 Harvey street. and rG
&U ll . . .. . LAV nENCIA BOYCE :. Iv lnstr, do mes`N1 So n F erna n d o G irl
ifoc.n. a duties. of Cohrm r Vlillage.i. La Bra. , Players Show
Maledthey arc Introducing. Dr. I AMJT RHARRY CHAN @1N',t. bae.,- Tops McGill Class
Uub tl te "unav uu~roal- ', clerk, of 41 Mt, Vincet iStrest, and MIss Wllma amero, Tl-
i[W I now the most widely used ILA'NE BE IARRY. spinster, dad girl studying m-dlcine at ix M i
a dteaehl adults. It has been of ti Cascade Road. McGll Uniit Canada
JeMered in 200 different lantuageeS aI TO N roN HAVILTON TKC be.- McGill Unorty, C t and AdR V
at5p wihhe arraned the las- ctuor, elvti servant, n 1 of ti ie org aie onu tadn
-'pi~~Iter elerk, of 2. Nlion Birett. in physiotherapy, s,,'tes the I,
CLlAV the dana inethelnew course
oeehqnlC. of 37 henry ret, nd DO- Montrcal "Daily Star."
KWTEh No. I s37 Dn Streft. And D OR- or,1 K
reg s ilitrac a THY CHsr., spinster, .eametrens, of 48 Miss cameron who is eldest Music decUon ft itA4Royal Vi-
Ia. ga redm illiteracy asN elon ttr:et. daughter of Mr. E. Irwin t nr fatut umer pa-ro ao
KENNTH gafy No. 1 n e w n t IFOR Cameron, solicitor, and Mrs.His Aa, aagw -e
Sedlucated person should i CtAN Cameronrn of SanlFernando left Inor,the fon'* A. B. Wrht. w, o
am$lO a Soldier. V I. of is? Abtrcrnnmbv Street, anJ111,4k, Trinidad for 'co~ill two yirs aittendedofftered a vsraile pro
The campaign he explained, calls LVA nFrRAZ. spirpter. clerk, of 84,9= teachers in night classes church street, 81. 3aneu.sao. She won a one year bur-. gramsme atthirocuioi in.-t*A
o volunteers each-, 'A W homn DUTD rY OO NDoN H tA `1.1, ha,.h,- sary at the cad of the first to on June 1.
pplt take one pUpil at a time in for, prevrssnn of .1 t'evhorn a.rne. Bel- yctr and in serving internship li pnn t a 'prlng's
stown home at any convenient .a and O1t'k )'NK COR, sIlns'.r, -t Royal Victoria Hospital. Message"byN. W. Cade ma6a ay
Sconvenient m.rte..fAri"tI o-d. St, An' She is a graduate of Napa- cullU music. glingers and orchestra
A MEN rTT,RoY itulmn, n ch er. c
oltr do not need to e rk, of 37 pweltr*.:, rtmia Glr's' High School. were to preoccupied with 1otes
%lnsesdo not need to be irtof313iePwllS t
tialiled teachers" he said, and add- MAIIGARET' sYINNY, spinster, clerk, of and nuances as sucn to infuse eMo-
d "Everywbody who knows hw toi s5QusrY street,. Aw tional qualities that would havere-
reat is expected to teach one l1111cr- ~ ~RNANDO I1I(Id suited in music and not mere per-
st durig the year. Ieacho SN RNANO Flag A w ard I forrance.
WoI teach an Illterate, illiteracy HOSI.,r MtOHAMue,. t.,.,,. h ,,, l aT 11 To my Way of thinking, Mr.
M be wiped out of Trinidad bourer,. of Ste M.alten vm1,ii or.., 14 fg A n Rocle's "Toccata and Fugue"
within-a year." JAMOVA. KOLA, spinster, of Peit Murne io rlUt l II (BachaTatsig) was of mixed s and-
H. went "Once Illiteracy has RCK P ETFa.c. bacTg,- -rd, magniict..wt in part; but too
4 een conquered there Will never be Hfor, Icr k ,of r Junt Pio'1. bc, snd_ temperamental and bravura.
any" need for a campaign again, be- t.LAINF DORCASOUIH(111HARI). sonter. Ti is hoped that HIs Excelseno!' One cannot easily question the
cause countries never lapse into of Cr.rlnth Junction *'he Acting Governor will present artist's right of Interpretatlon; but
NtAHABALY.ALL.bahei. : i jer of the Chancellor Flag to the win- if it In accepted that the essen.ial
91 Rushworth Street. F,, 1'r'., .. T ,, ..
r, Iaubach was convinced thatTt TI MHABAL.Y All, onster, of the ni'.'s the 1st Trinidad Sea Scouts. character of th Toccata is that ol
th m0ot practical and most Inex- .tms address, at the rally for North Trinidad grandeur, ,ofUnes, dignity, curves
pefliv way of educating the neo- ____ S..couts which takes place at Oov- and llama that are Insplrlng.y gralid
ai of a country was to make adluilts rrnment House paddock, La Fanta- then Mr. Roche miled the sll rIt o
Uftrates which could be done by 117 i... Trie-n- 'se Road, at 4.30 p.m. on June 17. this magnificent music. The Fugue
vuntam y teachers. 'I"piro AimsUUt Ths rally will lustrate all forms that follows was given absolutely
N a vIT of srmtutlng and parents and mem- firsi-rate professional and artistic
ir ZNIDAD PRAISED itoP IIP a tllnned brs af the community are Invited performance. Of course I realise
,auded rnIDao h t n. o Eiavre w lanneu to e present. All sczuters in Mr. Roches problem of playing on
H. .a lauded Trinidad on the step The Empire will pav flt.rrvlng charge "of troops are Instructed to a very bad piano, but the criti-
had taken to provide education tribute to the work of the Rlval get In touch with the District Comi- clam is directed at conception and
o 'ultb a d beled the res- Na nd the Merchant Na-vy on *n'ssloner. They should also attend style, rather than pianistic achleve-
coault nt esry uie oiesalyd -
Pon" by the people aa wonderats I_ fi Julv ... ..........,..... lf "next scouter's conference, meant.
anvdry country h n LaUn Am.rtcIa yJ ul t"h, n :t_ . lhetroop trophyv cmpetiton wll Mis Amy Gibbons' contributions
is. TV ontyI atnAUrc ay of[Thankfl lnKe| rrIIib ran~e.
now Interested in liquidating be run on the same afternoon as Handel's Jare Selve" and Mans
litracy," satedDr. Laubach ab he An Informatlon ,Cticc coinmu- thoe ra:ly at La Fantasie Road and Zucca's "I Love Life," wzre very
dislosed that the Rev. Mr. Pricke nlque issued yesterday, states: -.. il wl orni part of the rally. Troops welcome, possessing a voice of un-
and he had s-arted campaigned in "At twoe direction of the Secre- shot Id send In Immediately a list usual purity and cultured technique
.-Jalaca. Haiti, Santo Domingo, tary of State for the Culoi's, and of the members of the patrol Miss Gibbons sang with restrained
to RICO, Colombia, Ecuador, t the instance of the heads of the whnch they propose to enter. feeling and in an obvious Snse of
olivias, reragualy a..d Brauil. Churches in Britain. Sunday. July The monthly scouters' confer style.
JA IlrtegtOn X111111 ty 9, isto be observed as a Dav of ence wil be hold at the neir itosart's "Agympbonys .01101 0 mid
MU w. Yw ork, where he Thankful Remembrancre of the hevdquarters in LS ft tMule Road nor. 1st and 4th movements), we
ae his M.A., and Ph.D. de- work of the Royal Navy and Mar- onn June 7 at 73 pjn. A good given lucid and precise readings by
.. Dr Laubach has beetin In"- -t "ay.. "attendance Is requested as details the orchestra which has shown de-
PeaksD work since 1916 devot- In.vt-Nav- ........... iL of the raly "nd competitiam will eided Improvement in its ensemble
educational work since 1915 devot- -,The ertrrangemcnts titms o alvadHokn M.J Omn Rde ad
g all his time since 1929 to start- ..d.. ..d. I beldscussed. Mr. IM. .Hopkln Mr. J. Crmcnd Riddel and Mr
t .. t.aflp gn thrulou when lll~ thi Ll.+t" 01 th cmpttin iliddImroemn I Iseneml
l it cyca mpaign throughout will be s.hilar to tho fdlwd in has Promised to be present and give Roche. playing two movements from
world. 943.wen ankful talk on "maoping." Gretiy's "Concerto" (in 0 major
fs Re. Mr. Pricke,. who holds Remembrante was tiatigirated. for fute) combneto o fer msa
Sthe S.TJ. diploma, resigned fra n "The heads of the Churches for flute) combined to ordffer mund cd.
a large church in the United States this Colony have b. sn requ es.d to A ticler W it Mr. Riddel plays with unerring taste
to loin the World Literacy Corn- arrange for sfefal services to b irlIlrmy lOff l e l1 and smnsitiveness to colour and ntu-
mttee. held In accordance with 'he wishes 0, .* T ance. Mr. Roche did beautiful woe r
A third member of the touring of His Majesty's oovernme'nt." UOiC lSlOs io flWSUit at the piano and together it weas
B othtaerheret wM heo r cn C , laim by Emmanuel Bodh0 0 sto my mind, the almost perfect
made the trin here, is MrShecr-'CambyEmnelc,'o f u 1enebe
wood Reainer who has gone 1 Sr 11. Luki e o G. iC Barataria, against Captain oGlbert mu scal nb Crdl Songe an
Mexico to hela the campaign there'.dOrthodo. rh _'l de 8ouza of the South Caribbean Schubert's "Cradle Song" an
Mr. Reisner i graduate fYaleOthr T akF'rcs for $150 for damages to Hawley's "Pastoral" by the choir
L niversity ........ A address on the ,th his taxi in a collision on the East- unacompanted, reflected once again
isa e aty. An address on ne "Orthodox Road, A t ,2 the admIrable training and stand-
Leaving here on Wednesday. June Ch irches of thle Easii" by airwHarryedrwiat hRoa, inAu gustso2 b- .1 lard to which the choir can attali
., D. .h will rocd to luk.', to be given at t'e Mtssion-jutice Eric Hallinanin the Frst b Mrs. Puhley's careful and con.
Cuba and the Rev. Mr. Fricke, to v Meeting which L to be heldatSupee-Cour t;er .---.. --
Mexico Iuprme vCurtyestrda.-3
ethe Victoria Institute oi 'Tuesda, The judge Indicated there was no
'-X r .June, 6 it 8.30 p In. Is expectedd ;Oj prof that the collision was due to A
--MadOames L iang Evening provide an interesting subject .sI Captain de Souza's neggence. HE M 1
Ftr Chine vitle is generally known I 'rrinil- Mr. Louis Whar.on appeared for H UM T I lS
`FJo0r tChinese C0ommunity lad of these ancient courchms. Bccdhoo and Mr. H. 0. B. Wood-
b The Chines Study Group will Striking scenes of life in Japan iIng fuor Captain dc dSouza. SM SED-Tt Qu Sif WiW
olad a 'Madame Chiang Evening' will be shown by the Rev. B. W. ... m il_ b ea-ed bw V I i h "i
a.. t to menmberls of the Chinese Briggs, who will speak about i "l
*.onlty, In tha Kuomlntang '#%pan. AIlNfS I M l 1" W l 8W e yS f
ss I.t1, s Oharlotte Street, on Sat- Admission to the meeting will be *3nun n1 L
WUrday, June 10, when a recording of by ticket and a small number of:
S amCe O lCang Kal-Sliek's speech tickets is still available and mayl I sAAtuml lle
E it *House of Representatives of be obtained from any of the clergy LOOSenedi rII aY sP es do
;WWh United States will be played, of the city chu -i' and from Filr... .. s-- I"- "" i sk e K IIIhI W
= A mierophone system wilr be In. Irene Rice at Barclay's Bank. The PForThousandlofISuffuIe. sWU i ar!el *se."-eM aadpl me
s=talled fdr the occasion. meeting. b vin sat a.3o P.m. hotenn eat int t ee, *.ii ay imes ahee. Nh

)~~ - s. ma.c~l+ ri s la, a Tow mewm t Is cdule ht m d i
- "" ~~ --'- -- -- i ,i*p. MImm- t* not a foek dram, ?r >- Orii V1' Jarl-llp ttI* et 410 riU JIM
1' *Kww *>. _--__ ~ ~~ttb~uthat ba lps theuanm- o-* Jj*f
m LIJBUCL NOTICE :re ,hSi. lot. lssute -- Dodd's Kidney Pl
S DiegO Martin Valey north of the City Council Pumping
- Station at Ocoorite that the current wil< b ceut oft between
r y120 p .an .m.t onMonday, .TuedaY, Wedesda2 ad

P 611W. J. WIllIams, A Io-
4.-j .n-o.r ... pii

,"kick sfely
I. Does not rot dresses or men's sits. Doen not irritate skin.
1. No waiting o dry. Can be used tight after s avina.
&. Safely stops pspiration 1 to 3 days. Removes odoun front
perspiration, keeps arwipit d/y.
4. A pwM. whites, gruseleas, aula-
less vaAishing cram.
I. Artid has been awarded the
Approval Seal of an Inten-.
doos Institute of Laundering
for bl bharmless to fbt.a
Vwo AreffKulalty. A i u _l

%Wa ...swv edey.-
Eo 11 d e emls
ee.bM od

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Had Piles

for Yeanrs

A five burner oil rans sf .
practically any oookdng orf4
ment. Three lugs coak top Wb
two powWful bUtmun ndt tiO
min ow Iema wth rus t rediil

Hi j ^nmt ^ ^to O a m too. Pbm
Panel and Oven ide Pon
...eem....u.. ..... .eue~

-A"yWm. 4ART I *iWaT
A Ca-^* !\_." *"i, "
aw ^ sr ^ .._ *iii^


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las011d 1days s00 AS toAWW!Pans'infams'PoWders hand To Solve You Pro"M. GET THE
as'e b "Isqlstinm W a. t the mWrs e sign of
lw a& sm. she gives them to baby
dimeated. Quickly and SAFELYt cow m .

39 1111 Aowft~ff MR~uA~iam D:W@*0q f- IS vuL 'A
l da ,msauewt anu ed emi., an y eIaoa &Atm Dt Weak- 1
Smeemd. Ass |resl baty sleep seidly J 'eistl =
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and hav W~ e 61 tft i

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Sdellor an eaddru gt the @taus' .f :! 't
nd mo the ppers to ba are- ruMa

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onte b~ral it., of th e I o", etn POND'S OLDCREAM- S -31ta atf"". pak T__a1 ,
the&ean Sinfru P m hhlo$ AMN............... ---... ........- .....

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O-e Brithe bilt l hof~pe stof Wh
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"-/.*. ',y't-.Titd +morneiient w4 how shining clean, how muca '
per -ltl- for .'" -- le o tlo .. h eir s o fte r sm o o th e r y o u r A k in ^ --~ '*Ijl~ *,l~ 1 ii 'i t EJi r'J 'i ir H J
SpplIctlon to the West Indtes. .O. vliet women Au I TNT NATIONPNDNc5
ItisdA4k looks and oeew! wheth
00 iferenes but It Is understod _---___ __ __----_ __ __
thrt It100 AW that I& A.,

dies l believe it or n y re
AccordIng to the uronosed AgM.- O
es Agr.' Rexford 0. Tugwull will UN T

popular mlttry h e Papey wr l be the- t e thrifty to buy the lger W. w
1mintedWilb010b ArhrfA
I r Soie n the mrS on p .^OND S COLDv CREAM rR
r of the l0e p'iold and freehold . fo o
temA of ltend tent've and another atn&frglovelythorough
Ib Mr. Robert Johre, Director of ctunting. Smooth on face andme'
Aerlc'ultire, T~eewar4 Telinds, n hrot an Pa peofSm8 F--ENC ST q,`i
0,e Br roat and PaofL omoeri 86 o

t the Botanic gardens c ho w shining Clean howmuchB
vier.'ltloq for +" 'l-'l' heir softer, smoother your pkaa ____________________________
application to the West Indies. looks and fecils

Police Bandt 80'o tho e- raportion today une.

m"lne pr0gramme if as foilOW s: i n.... .. g,,,.i as a pow
Pop. Mularch atia "CoMelonel Bogey as andotection believet or not, they're
"C.nelogey On P ara de" -Aoding sun and win JS
IPopular military lneOoy wIll be theI It's thrifty to buy the larger '(W & 'N

o g sPeldection of a "prram jar INSf you hav. diiculty get.
h3. Potpour "Sulivan". dBI render tin C.rems..
at the Botanic Gard"a corn- hgPn' ras eiuo f '~ U UU W 3
mencing At 4,80o 'clo" aftetr- transportation today is uncer.- G O1J5J A W &I1I

noon. Raptdle. "NervegWenne. Lolo,
'Ioe Programme is as follows, tk e aep douing ourbest

teMarch leanta. "Col Monael Bog/t.. ", eykeyspd
on Parde" -Ketelbey. for
7. HymnPrelude. "The Prcohmanin Blood.ff" in
0 minoT. INSECT BITES- uew Ii~ D
3. Potpouri "Sullivan". sd~.U~h""" *,
4. Rapsodie. 'Norvegienne" -LaiO. N 0 500s44,
5. Intermezzo. "In a Monastery kA~. b44
YOrM" -Kerker.
7. Hymn. "The Precious Blood."
8. Anthem. "Ood Save The King*" ..
Teachers To Get
Reunion Lecture Goo" ts ,s
I | ybody Io taw ft
*Thoughts on Modem Educa- this ha* solution to the 114W
t tion" Is subject of a lecture to ')e .onoiei
given by Mr. T. Z. Hutchinson, .,ortae .-.
new Princltil of Queen's Royal "tile GODDARD'S the ureale
L College, to the Former Students'M ixer any br-tedin" k WOW
Association of the Government \
Training College at their re-union could a* for. Try It 10mot
It the College Hall at 9.30 a.M. nit couldcsktfaoril'y bI Kod.
F-turday, June 10. ,then try ttrht to ly
LrR. Patrick, Director of Edu- p fto stMunaighnt ftaowp
cation will preside. Teachers and e s e a
others Interested are Invited to at- \0
r Beautiful S N "BARBADOSRUM ATTSt60
Eyes Insect bites arc morethan a nuisance. "IANAD OS RUM OA
WEAR NUMONT They often become a source of infection
RIMLS8 FULVUE ,it. l - '
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k ICK, Milton
F. .B 3. 0..A., .1.0. i
S Ophthalmic Optician ANTISIPTIC
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17 Park 8 rest, P.0.S. 8o000 hlopewhionu. .sPl, ro ad. n111 If fla VIfltnJh1L
and sections with bottle. W.5Id& 9..-2t ^iiSy
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Iqnance su~pples ot
Pl aaS, limaumd

o up macio s tne
bedo bowh the eot


a certain scenes in
fto pvd.e a San
M~bCer far "Laad (rf

Mt adeby the

and ape-
hw Ws amew-
U~e CarnIv Queen.
Sthe n~t n show wil

Ked member of DIN.
Joebeen naetd
Bhalaendations for a
ofher of the Letoo-
B- lIAbour. Sid~-
^Xebee Maod to
SAmblhweW #ad

it. P j

Trinidad Has C

Art And Dran
rros a Revlew of Mif Kate
Blur Play bT Jm I. a Met

Local dramatc .alMt Isi making
a necessary and worthy contribu-
tlon-o4t nly to ths Win the War
e -fort and other wll-deeerved
fuda but to the .1 and welfare
of the youth, West Inde
as wl.
first we had Mt. A. f. Roberts
who. plays are didactic and uni-
v l; net we had Mr. D. W.
tos.1 with his painting of CmO-
temporary life and i um ne: then
we had youthful academic Mr.
Corrie wit Ihis sentimental
approach to the dremc;-Now we
have Mis Kat Dour, There
eano to be that ereAtv urge and
that uMnseated e thudman every-
wbere for he rt of plays. Trin-
ad has rmtneed for ina rt and
as Ktte Bonurne's talent is of
the progressive, exuberant and
Intellectual kind. Her dramatic
growth Is not static or stultified.
t I prolif, educative and spon-
taneous. She is not so concerned
with forcing upon us hbr magna-
nimty of spirit as she Is concerned
with loading every rift of her sub-
Jet with ore. And slowly, but hm-
perceptibly she draws us with the
cord Qg a wonfa.
I her daa-' "Broken Chords"
-MiW Bourne has treated us to a
situation of life In which the sweet
notes of a serene existence re
often Jarred and broken by the ex-
ince of war. Burning with theI
fiW of ptrlotipm, she throws the
Amy and Women's VoluNntary
ervio Into her plot but the car-.
dinal point In her drama the
moral that we ought not to be
ov3r-Jubflant about present day
festivities while owr future meour*tr
les lmperllled. We must brace
ourselv3s up to eradicate the van-


more &more WANTED 1


SBlood Salt

Yreat Need For

natic Centre
kerous weeds of a Hitlerite war.
From a point of popular criticism
It might be said that the first por-
tIon of her drama were dull and
without I ifMtWaWe, but since the
chords of her py wre broken as
the name of the drama suggests,
It was nesesay In a truly dramatic
soesa, that he action, the time and
the eUnnmstances be somewhat
discoScted, Onaphited and dis-
unified. Miss Boirne has therefore
been an exponent of her art. She
has definitely brought out thq pur-
pose for which her play was
Miss Cecil Herbert-the heroin'
-whoe prospective marriage was
marred by the sudd3An call of her
betrothed to military duty, deserves
great praise because Air acting con-
stituted the live-wire of the -a&a
But what ws most ennobling,
soul-animating and prophetic* was
thq very beautiful rendering of the
Lord's Prayer and PUlight of Ages
by Mis Olive Porde and the pa-
thetic melodious refrain of "Broken
Things"' by Mr. Clyde Wlson-all of
which served as a fitting prelude
to the climax when the broken
chords will once more mend them-
selves into the melody of the lasting
and perfect peace.
Miss Botvwne Is not without some
of the obvious difficulties, lapI
and failures with which West
Indians have to contend in their
search for the crucible or native
consclousn3ss In art. But yet she
carries with her not only the status
of the dramatist, but all that sub-
consciously goes with It; and her
promise of ultimate dramatle ex-
cellenom Is such Os has been often
acquiredby those who afterwards
atandhigh litrary WOclleMe

Im Lof
'Cow amd Gooft


r )~^^r



for a



All Shades

and the

Latest Styles


Corner Duke and Pembroke Steets.

5#wiftvs -STW

Is shaping Xmim m-u Im ba oswsc n W& Thei ws W
"% = Pac~csiPon,

*Aa N 49a mumosi .s
v iewi^r-^

*;.* ;

Va.- i. -, . - r % .
'f "'.,m*' a' -."*-.' .;
w ys-

. -

.t '0 I-k.a d.

s ri


(fuarmd Waerp...)


$17.08 A $23.31

4, *



Mil te the Mstrat Naw
Cd* aadb toe ee y
*fthowe~kfe1 j e
Monday, June 5
t" SAL
It UJ. Seund ums. News-
reek, prt and Jeatue

Oskft e Unsg..i% AA's

If it. t U amN *r3ZUZ.
UOS Pr..
lautemied bq Msm. L. A. WatW-
Swe e aB br g ood an@
W" ?rauiuu moka-
a / m aw _-
t urne oub
----, M -.. llb-, Oy

he, s* m Btby
f^RliS, ilt.Dlz
I^ C =HW S^H malol ^^^^

OEM D806

g u m.^t f~S S


Special-48" x 18", Plain-$13.50




ON A-NAJS fto 4 -

-1' -Asada & to do


*. a~.



4 - .. ~ -~-: .~*j ~ ..'-. -


Ml Whteh.
NJr viw

'77"7 1. '..-


1 I *-> *
^,' T

0. d -.h


-I.-- 7Th'~ .-Y~**~
~ .~~**4 ,-*

-.~ ~r~*

* **. !~. 4

: WWO, te ll R aPW4WdWAW
"**. ^^.y xy^^^^ A, ml Jm* ml lm

'*i "Rooi. t o UUMWArA
Lm- Uw M
I Im m &m I M4l I
wof a l L 00i" so m m Aws" ILvOL
llllllW l Wll

SGovemrnment Must Act Now

1 To Protect Port&of-Spain
IsT s obvious that somediing must be
S done at onme about tne Port-of-
S*n wat upply. Bye-witness te -
Smy as to the trickle which the Mad
Sit got when it fmrt attacked the
Scamnvot Are t confirmed by statements
from Brigade, indicating that full
Sreamue was not available for ten mm-
utad And now the Hon'ble Gerald
i "Wglt has clinched the natter by a series
L rot questions In the Legislative Council,
alleging that the initial flow of water
1 *as "totally inadequate" to deal with the
outbreak. The Mayor' has admitted
that the situation y s serious.
Port-of-Spiin has long been without
sullfficient water for domestic use. But
no one has actually died of thirst, so the
C ty Council has been privileged to go
on arguing. But today, It is different.
SFour persons perished in the convent
"bl se and great property damage was
Done. The results might have been
equally tragic at Henry Street a few
nights before, but for the Civil Defence
SDmergency main. Should another big
f' fine occur, no one knows what might
Happen; should two fires start at
ance, we prefer not to imagine the
outcome. The City Council has failed
in Its responsibility to the public.
Now a wider responsibility comes In-
to thecture-the hat of the Adminlinstra-
Stiton. Can the Government stand by
r and ledve Port-of-Spain unprotected?
I Definitely not.
SHope of getting action from the City
Fathers has completely failed. It is
useless to imagine that the convent fire
Swill teach them a leoon, for since it oc-
cured they have debated a motion to
get water from the Government and
turned It down flat. If three-fourths of
Port-of-Spain were burnt to the ground
they would no doubt still adhere to the
= of Vohdli ne -0o4,eratia. The
that ty consider the Government
has treated them badly Its more Import-
Sant in the eyes of most of them than the
hazards to which the city is exposed.
With a few gallant exceptions, they are
determined to put politics before water,
no matter what happens.
There ois only one remedy. The City
Council will not act, therefore the Gov-
ernment must do so. It must take over
the Port-of-Spain water sources imr.edi-
ately. bring in the extra supply which
Mr. Wight rightly says is available, and
call upon the Corporation to put its
distribution in order. Should It fall to
respond within a specified time, the Gov-
ernment must do the work itself in the
public interest. This is a grave problem.
The issue to extremely important, and
courage and decisiveness are needed.
But the Goem ment can be assured that
O MUatter what some of the politicians
the Town Hall and their adherents
; niay say, the vist majority of the people
of Port-of-4paen will Itand solidly be-
hind the central Adminstration. The
public has suffered too long not to know
a benefactor when It sees one.
S This is not a Dolitlcal matter. It Is
plain common sense. Anybody who
SPuts ,OMitlCA first at such a time is. in



NW wu^ u o v in6 M -

their treat northward they h '

their main e da p rout cut .M so
in fighting laItal
TUB w-T en4 ond the Genin axmIa
In Italy south of Borne In 4 ey7 ba<
way, otr after suffering heavy losses Ia
their retreat northward they baye bat
their main esane route cut (tf M*5hML
von Kemiering baa not only heen out'.
manoeuvired but outfought, and Ria
shortage of reserves has contributed to
his defeat. Once again the OermuaA
have been the victims of an encircling
movement, for the thrust at the centre
opened a way through the enemy's poi-
tions, and the swerve on the flank
brought about his entrapment. While
complete destruction of the enemy's
forces has not been achieved, It can be
expected that he will suffer further losses
heavy enough to reduce considerably the
effectiveness of his armies.
The loss of Velletri on Friday has
made it imperative for the Germane to
withdraw north of Rome to secure the
next best defensive positions, and it is a
matter for conjecture where their retreat
will end. While the progress of the
Allied armies has not been spectacular
it has been effective, and has produced
good results in a comparatively short
time. It has, however, brought to the
fore the question whetherr the Germans
will try to hold on to Rome temporarily,
and thus force the Allied armies to eject
them. Naturally the Germans are not
making any disclosures, and it is impos-
sible to predict whether they will for
once subordinate military considerations
to the sentiments of millions throughout
the world who wish the Eternal City
The Germans took the initiative last
week for the renewal of activity on the
eastern front, but it has not so far proved
to be a profitable undertaking. Their
manoeuvre, made with a sizeable force,
resulted merely in driving a wedge in
the Russian positions near lasi, in Ru-
mania, but according to Moscow sources
this was transformed into a death trap.
There was little other activity on the east-
ern front except in the air, but with the,
onset of summer there should soon -reak
out in the east a battle of vast oro,.ar-
tions which will engage large German
forces when the Anglo-American armies
in Britain are about to strike at western
The continuation of the renewed
pre-invasion battering o1 Europe from
the air augurs ill for the Germans when
the invasion comes. The ability of the
Anglo-American air forces to maintain
the offensive without interruption for a
long period indicates reserve power for
which the Luftwaffe can be no match
when the supreme test comes. It fore-
tells, too, that the destruction already
spread throughout the length and
breadth of Hitler's fortress has been
small in comparison with what is to
come. It may be significant that French
objectives figured prominently in last
week's raids, for the communica-
tions on which the already much bat-
tered Nazi defence of the west depends
were further dislocated by Allies bombs.
In the Far East, Allied gains In the
Pacific and Burma were counter-bal-
anecd last week by Tapanese successes
In China, where the situation was des-
cribed as grave in the face of an appar-
ent Jananese olAI to split the country
into esteem an#4 western halves.

----T. --le
In bistaeem dnlwlng twa
the, oppoSiwte 4eotai tes 5-e-
hieles o I meic o
igrace Theg w"i vowi
bHA amd at th" ov, th Ab
gerce to mo. I hb" s o ase
In ehaa of theadMi a tese
vehldee wffll eaMt the drirw
in L.ismou theimmJ ulainaen

Po.1b Fr.. Lette
PA.5 W. @A53. POO-

Winning The Peace Will Need

New Christian Consecration

Oh. dis"titly I rI e
It wse s lNew1nre otecmber
WThat I vem washed lsr 1
my body am thin s A=
AT6 In vantrve Mt i-e.n
E BthatleaftiRw
I o&dthen te L tom baro
INrowm my netbou~n 800121F.1=e
Of that pr ad fluid waM which
we ted to have of yor
Of this rare and preious Mid
Tb:r> might floW a little more.
Just a drop and nothing more.
Colid It be that noise uncertain
P.Jm behind my shower's euriln
Thrilled me filled me with taie-
Ui longing never felt bere?
So that now to still the beating
my heart I at reeatin
"-rs the Oily ouaefwer
Dropping on my bathroom floor.
Ye. the City council's water. They
have turned It on one emoe,
at a dream dreamt before."
Was I really hard of hearing
As I sat there wondering, tearing
Do biting, dreaming dreams no
mortal dared to dream before?
Could I really be outspoken?
Would the drought be really broken?
W ., the hissing sound a token
Of th fluid on my floor?
Whisperel "water," and the echo
only louder murmured back "No
Just a drop and nothing more."
Back Into my bedroom turning '
All my soul within me burning:
Once again I heard the dripping,
only louder than before.
Peelin. utterly forsaken
I might only be mistaken-
Le, my faith remain unmaken
When this mtery I explore.
That Il find t's really water drop-
ping on my bathroom floor.
Ir a torrent on my floor.
Back I turned and found the stop-
Did my faltering foateps totter ,
On the threshold of the room
witerein I bathed In dayq of
Was the we r really flowing?
The convlcwon still was growing,
All my soil within me knowing
I might find the dreams o'e,
ThW* td as
Merl thUi "Ad znomn ore.
But I now am sitting gloating.
Oht the ecstasy of floaung
'Neath shower which n e
prof ol down on mea
Now the fluid I 'iae tastedd.
Not a moment shall 0e wasted.
On the morrow It may leavy mes
As my hopes have fled be1'.,
Joy unknown I still am Sittngr,
Praying It may still be drt3pnhg
Ti1 the morning, when the Oouncl
will hays
Turned it off once more.
(With apologies to Idgar Allan

Tenant Alleges Hardships
Tho Editor. -BaBday Guardi." I
My sympathy goae out to "Pro-
voked Tenant" in the hardips hbe
is suffering-or has suffered-at
the hands of landlords. It would
seem that a tenant has no right
whatever to question the actihu.
of a landlord.
Recently, the Rent Board saw at
to reduce the rental of a room I
occupied from $10 to s motitly.
The owner then deade-or
should I say, commanded-that 1
T 70 and as I did not e to
xha experincd th ....rea

Sthe roos a=an the
-oy The hist ory the

Itory, I the lad |d Ul
hMs stood lad ea
e-" Japan, nim Bu,

UMa VA the
has"NA bw 0b
as e made ha,
Snu own deer
k n as a

good tree is good only If the roots
are sound and deep. That Is our
Problem and Tasks
"In the paragraphs which fol-
low, an attempt is made to state
some of the tasks and problems
that await us in the future.
"As Citlsens. TO care for the
disabled, the widowed and the or-
phaned by whose sufferings we
ave ourselves been saved. To ac-
cept for ourselves prolonged re-
strictions of food and clothing, In
order that those In countries ruin-
ed by the enemy may first be sav-
ed from nakedness and famine.
To rebuild the waste places of
our own cities, giving priority to
houses for the p-ople. To tfulfil
our pledges to the workers on the
"As Christians. To support by
public witness, vote and action all
proposals which help; to ,resist by
proest and aotlon al l propos.-L-
which hinde or postpone the
achievement of the tasks In the
paragraph above. When victory
comes, to remember In rejoicing,
moderation and reatrzlnt. giving
thank to God as those whe have
by His help come through great,
"Above all, seeing that there has
been a sIl np in truth, honesty
and sex morality, to proclaim by
public witness and private example
the glory of truth honour, chasti-
ty and modesty. To rerlim Sun-
day from the encroachments which
have been made upon it under the
guise of war emergency.
"As Churchman. To renew the
broken habits of private devotion
and public worship. To give in all
ways reality to our membership in
the Church, giving generously of
time, money and service, that the
broken 'machinery' of the Church
may be repaired.
"We must lift the burdens of the
Clergy. There are vacant ranks In
the Ministry ordained and lay, to
be filled. The 'issionary cause
must be no longer the Interest of
a few, but of all.
"If we are to do. these things we
shall need a new vision of the
Church as indeed the Body of
Christ, the instrument in time of
"is eternal purpose."

April Rum


Reflecting further decline, re-
venuQ from rum for April dropped
50 below estimates to touch
fm,, as compared with 317,497
turned in for the same month last
For the four months ended
Ail 30 receipts from rum have
f l*a (0,9T below the $1,23,83
anticipated. t th dron. i
, lpA*41g to offset this- drop, in-1

it f~ ian revenue from

ifft *ft
gf6Mf~ of

a BTOmi the Cbfd
K Iorupamdg A

MDCIJue8 (hete). Al

.. -,

t to belt at ftInd
SPark Wt, Portof
s 10th June until the 18th'

L Admnisehs Free.


INSe1B0 mW1h e, wSnv cderwa & ovrnloay
100f 00 0 1 M." a DiWtedbloywwill be
,_ i.tis W and at ltne t. .the, r t the aited
_-S:_J- / S A .-&-o k ,.*n. at one of

U lor ns oan-* "IeTUss M V4 4 iapaor
Batics Itataaor t coastal -Weamr port will
U t I e oat loadtrnspor .
PoU diWW ....... F
Mak ea dry e lled ........... .. .
com Wf -* iu .............................
Y (i ) ..............
T n a* .... ............ ...."T
sweet Potato"* ..............;.' " -
Pl ..ta ...nge .......... . .
Plaaa......... .. .....
B1ana5a-Orce Miobel, sucrter & Ooverncrn,
This guarantee does not in any way restrit thecirtotl
toiposeLOf their p "duc0 to their best advanInge #bu al
at prim6not ieethan those stated will be nt u4 at
a Dos ff rlusesfor Which growers cnno
priceelsewht ereeby enlnjMfor them an outlet f.r l
production of these even t markets maybe
FR2OD 0,.4SM
20th May. M.
Colonial secetary's Ode, CONTROl4 M|
Trndad, NOTICI.
3thtf May 1944. --^
For I

t iso notified for general Infor-
mation that the services of the
Labour Bureau, Port-o path
will be extended to the Wardens
offices at Arima, TuMapuna, Rio
Clamo. Sangre OGrande, hauana,
Couv., at Fernando. Prlnoi
Town, ipara La 1Brea and Drn,
as from and ineludling the
1st June, 1944, after which
employees In all Industries
and Trades with vacancies for
clerical and manual workers and
persons seeking such employment,
may register their requirements
at the Labour Bureau. Port-el
Spain. or the nearest above-
mentioned Warden's office.
It is not the Intention that
these extended employment ser-
vices should be regarded as a
substitute for or In any way inter-
fere with or disturb normal
methods of labour reruitment
and enagwm ent. but rather that
these services should sup.
element and c ssat normal
methods by the introduction of
registered unemployed workers I
vacancies which might otherwise
remain unknown to them.
Employers in private Industry
with vacancies for clerical anm
manual workers who experlenae
difficulty In filling vacancies might
Usefully supplement tlir effcrtt
bv regisatering their requirements
at the Labour Bureau, Port-oft-
Spain, or the nearest above-
mentioned Warden's ofce, and in
order to facilitate thtu service, em-
plovers and workers are requested
strictly to observe the regulations
made under the Labour Bureau
Ordinance, COh. 22. No. 2 and pub-
lished in the royal Casette dated
the 14t June, 1944.


The Secretary of State for the
OolnIles has notified the localI
Government of the cratoa of a
nmber of Oolonial Researoh
ftlowhlps to be awarded qualified
scentst whether In the naturl
or in the ocial sciences to ftname
them to purnue reArch work. in
the Colonial .piN.
Purther Information may be ob-
tained from the Information OIcer,
Red House, Port-of-Spaln.

Importers are
to submit to the M
Control Board, 0
n, 19%4 their M
from all urcxs, t
items Included In O
L Hooks and Ies, CM
and SIW p tB
Bucklea, Buttos en
and apparel fltI
sposCfying in gt
-e the materoao
which item b rn
L Domestic Sewing 1
ohine Needles,
(Straight), Pne(s
L castle 'ebbl 1
Rubber l .r
Return ahouid bk|
acodance with g
OpUtlifld tothe
tift do latd1th
Oomatrdt -t -
26th May 194,S ff
will be alhocated a
conditions therein

Old Post OffMcm
7, Ot. Vincent
SUlt May, 104t.

go Death of

Trinidad wI
2. VLi l T VT
late of YlJH
workmen l~
occumd Mn.

bwar lug bsI i
under Bection I5o
OsnpQtsionO l
ouswitsa of ft l J

a. 9 fliMId

S emembranee of 'aeA hitoryI
attachment to the land, rver-
enee for the home, and the fear
of Gad ane nedek, says the well-
'-nown Churlman who .-rote
this article, if we are to win the
pea"e and not merely be victeri-
eoa In the war.
"I do not remember that in 1918
anyone used the words 'win the
peace.' Theh we thought only of
winning the victory. The victory
was won, but the peace was lost.
It would seem tt-at we hAve learn-
ed the lesson tt.t the objective of
war Is not victory but peace, and
to 'win the peace' has now become
a familiar phrase, signlflouit and
no'- full of hope for this year of
"Victory would now seem to be
certain. Nothing :tlit can reason-
ably be Imagined would seem able
to save Germany from downfall,
utter and complete. That is not to
t hat victory is near at hand.
Sifta Minister never Ceasesa
so remind us of those price that has
still to be paid In blood and tears
and sweat before the victory i
#Before that day comes, English
homes may have to bear the sufter-
ing Which Russian homes have
borne for two full yOrs. Hopes
may be deferred, but hope Is Is-I
tifled. It must be a rober hope, for
we shall still have to win the vic-
tory In the Far East, where for
seven years China ha waged a
gallant. and for four years lonely,
battle against her enemy and ours.
"The words of Francis Drake, the
greatest of the sons of Devon,
should therefore be 'cons&ntly aon
the lips of thoee who pyA. lest
with the coming of victory in the
West we should be tempted to
think that the great matter Is
'thoroughly finished.'
*"Hope is justified, but it must be
a sober hope. It Is safe to prophe-
sy that when the words 'bomb' and
$tank' and 'shell' with all their hor-
rible slgniflcanc, have rnssed into
oblivion, the words 'problem and
'task' Wll take their place with
=qua frequency and for many a
ar to came.
Sanity Needed
"If we re to win the, peace, we
shall need the same unity, energy .
initiative and control in "creative'
wors as we have or four yee= In
destruction. We shall as a nation
be poorer mhan we have ever been.
"We shall be tired. We shell be
tempted to relax all effort. The
old evil spirits will be waiting to
enter Into a nation off its guard all
the more eager to resume the old
plae because they have been so
bis: evacuated.
There will be many disappoint-
m ts There is nothing which
O W-l the mind as facing the
naked_ trth. But as iPeld-Mar-




For Director of

June1 W.



3e. to S1 Ir.

SU. to 4.0. pr.

DARIBS* .Mi 61315'

Varkm Dig .l $1.1 to $33T

Kfpawle3 United Ca.. Lt&.
1I F$ilde ek SSr 75 Q"et Ste
'*me 532 'Pfho 421j

NOTICE 411 gg
-- mislofer on I
Of Juno, i1"
The attention of the Public s me fonoS.<
drawn to the that under "The P7ort-of-Spain,

latlons of the 13th Je. :I 1" no Paroof`t=L
person $s permitted to bring goods eats to 1the de
into or take goods out of the Colony be aireqid by
on behalf of any other person un- Ingiry. uh
Ies a permit for the Import or ex- teoa ft et
port of the said roods has ben Of r 3~
obtained from the Control Board. Datd is
Careful notice should be takM oof ,
the fd* that, unless a PSerM4 has
been ob~alned, any person found
carrying goods on behalf of another
when entering or leavIng the Olomt
Sllabe to a fine notexeed two
thousand four hundred dolars fand ^ ;
n a e l scnmt o
Tra o shold efe make *AM tae
cerlan hat a peurm te beenob- tp w i
tlmed &Mor the Ouraol Board ftor
the srrtyltg by thema any goods b un E M
not their personal property. a1!
E. Johubon
infurmatom oae5r. psg.J

The riiic herebyno~tif E AIht
kIlsusHp e, tH Norh CuW -Reed I .i
traffic matH further aotie.




, '

- 3J *-p
.Fa5a, htaafta '
e*osi lb th amGum M U l. -

nM helonr t| UM k^am' i, |t IM
Co W113 alp

hr utla ,mestting 1W~ fum the ilsntur.
Wta Mr. Bt haM traWOgftfam VA
40 onfu" ge taurhtemboinD wita s eati-

d a Weet india teN1.


$i Crepe

red the church at
mn1e4 by her fa-
tordlnarily pretty
plte embroloered
ka long veil. Off-
onedher hair
Lhareafle flowers.
au, her sister,
t Panln were her
they were prettily
of light blue with
mr radiance rom
om forming their
was Dr. Ivan
Shield at Mr.
u ns' home in
I church ceremony.
its were ia race
or Portof-spad
Ryrne, Mrs. Val-
r. and Mrs. Percy
Moe and Mr. Don
*urt HuWAns and
w, Mr. and Mn.
Dr. andMras. R.
. aad Mrs. Oscar
fm Tiant. tAw1

w a

krs. Keith PFi-
w, Mr. and Mrs.

'-.M. and. Mn.
IL 1116t, r.,
i0. 9aM *5. C.

t b the m na-I
*Adld for
fan to book for
filant pupl of
regarded asoe
gushed of to-
in the world's
tree and is a
Csech music as
id the modern

Seen JAt St. (Patdrck's


lberas do"M rAe Ie 1 ya I arahute leap, 's art of tleir
training taking a e tal equipment to fliers who have
bailed outIn te11 wi10eua mft_____________
All-Girl Orchestra at 9.30
B.B.. programmes unavailable work Commentary; 8.15 Home
for today and omorrow. Town News; 8.30 Sammy Ka'
orchestra; 9.00 United Network Re-
U.AJL TODA porter 9.15 The News at home 9.30
-11.0 A & 11. IK /i atck Benny; 10.00 News: -10, In-
A.M1.-ll.0 Nw; 11.15 Orea formation Plue; 1030 Fred Allen.
music; 11.30 Muic for Sunday. t
P.M-2.00 wo; 2.06 Bluejacket U.SA. TOMORROW
Choir; 230 Ao Southernalres; 3O0 PM.--.00 Time views the News;
News; 3.06 Abe LMa'olns story 3.30 5.10 Programme Review; 5.10 Fred
invitation to Musk;: 4.00 News; 4.0 Waring; 5.30 Mirth and Madness
Selling Unlimited; 430 American .0 News; 05 Sport page: .1'
Btory; 5.0 New; 5.0 N.B.O. ym- Penrsonal Album; 6.30 our of
phony; 8.00 News 6.06 Army Hour; Chamnn; 7.00 News; 7.15 Stock Mar-
30 Andre Koteisneta; 7.00 News; ket Report; 7.30 Mail Call; 8.00
7.15 andwaon 7.30 Ohare Me News; 8.96 United Network Com-
Carthy; 800 ew; 8.08 United Net- mentary; 8.15 Battle background;
______________ 8.30 Downbeat: 9.00 United Net-
work Reporter; 9.15 the News at
^ S M ome Hom; 930 Burns & AlIIu: 10,00
M a r ag at News; 10I0 information Please;
10-30 Fred Allen.
S.Theresa 95T,~
S t heresa -9 AX,-10.I0 Menlo for Sunday;
M h a t daughter 0 Dinah iShore; 11.30 Johi
ths Pra" the daughter Cha. Thomas; 1.O0 News tBBO);
of Mr. andMrs. ank Prods, of 12.15 Plano ramblings; 1.30 Xavier
Woodbrook and Mr. Hermflio Cugat; 1.00 Comedy Caravan; 1.30
Mosa were Jot Ined In Holy matr- amily Hour; 2 information
money at St. There' Church yes- Pleas; 2.30 Smmy Kaye; 00 Corn
terday morning at 10 am. mand Pertormance; 330 Ptontline
The bride, given away by her theatre; 4.00 N.B. symphony; 5.00
father looked very pretty In a O1 News; 5.15 Meet the Boys, 5.30
bridal outfit of printed atln. California Melodles; 6.00 OGuy lmn-
She arrived a bouquet o Queen1 bardo; .30 Jack Benny; 7.00 Andre
Anne's Iace and gara amd otelanet; 730 Charlie Mcar-
wore a wreath of lpearls In her thy: .00 Your Radio Theatre; .00,
1alr. News; 9.15 Raymond Scott; 930
MIs Gloria Prada, her It Hour of Charm (All Girl orchestra)
wa as pretty as the bride in blue 10.00 S.usenue; 1030 contented
gmerette with ah beaddres of mall Hour.
pink anthurlums and carrying a WVr TMOR OW
poW of the same flowers. T TOM OW
mi Mari e Dupres san the P.M.-4.O0 01I News; 5.15 Que
"Ave Maria"and Mr. 100" s oeca. Pasa; 50 o llage Store; 6.00 Mail
brother of the bridegroom, per- Call; 630 Great MUsic; 6.45 News;
formed the duties of beatman. 7.00 Chamber Musk, socletr, Basln
After the reception held at the Street; 730 Albuml Fvourites; 8.00
home of the bridegroo's parents, Duffy's Tavern 8.30 Kate Smith.
the couple left for Boa View, Gas- 9.00 News 9.15 Latin Rhythms; 9.30
paree, Mrs. MoaCs wearing a pretty One NlghO Stand: 10.00 Night Owl
... Club: 10.45 Nocturne.

Comedy Of Soldier

What vttatea to e s say Hi
troubles, hoWvere, eaver mea sae
Would It not be attractive to human side Ia a saldlies' life and
wtatun-ia comedy abeut bt s on the beet-selllng
the *resent war f Or to he toome bosyk wre abyv', ahn d~ealood
in dvore and smile oour eaee M -on auoel a o de
end ha. given up the celiloid the experien through w
world that made him tamoue? It many a greennern In Umaio
WOUld be a reat pity, Indeed. m lht have paed. Private Nar-
grove w a, oJ4l taent sf mix.
War With Music tosdtup h u s S paUr ng
toits almeosta
nabq en I ai~ON at &mla I

"Up In Arm." UK.O. piture at Show he fnds time to write his
Thi entertainln picture hla* a T aferred to the screen. It
sequence that remind a little of bring* to life all the enuianel a -
Chaplin's heroc film deedL of the urea of army life, from the dril
last war. It's Danny Kae, thia corporate and m seutsa to the
Ume, fallen Into Japanese hands moneyumaking buddiem who srl
somewhere in the Paclie and who srgMove a date without the irld
gets out of It by capturing the kIowln about It. There tin a
I whole bunch of Japs in the most somewhat thoughtful humour l
lacredlble way. nargrove'M adventures ldlng him
Here again comes all the fun oversee after a guest role In Pub-
from the evidence that the hero lie Relations. Before. he has bril-
Is not built of the wood out of ul antly failed in the maioeuvro,
which heroe aret enerallyv built, but sold his book to a publisher.
Heo Is Just the o posite, a homeless All that Is a little bit too drawn
hypochondriac who Is only happy out In the pncure.but it keep mhot
when he can swallow aill kinds of of Its gay e ineerity. Robert Walk
pills and other odd medicament. e M er, in pharteular, Iv e to the screen
Is a newcomer to the screen, Danny Hargrove the mark of a wondes-
Kaya, and one of Broadway'e top- fully human specimen.
notch comedians.
In his first picture, le braitg the a- *I
houee down with a brilliant tleo rntcripal
work of slapstilck comedy. His ad- Re-releoM of two pictures makes
venturee min Uncle Sfn'a army edrisve thio weak-end's bill complete. At
him from one trouble to another the Royal It sa "Stage Dora Can-
and all that, of course, for the sin teen," with lot of Holleywood eels-
sle purpose to give him a chance britls on parade; atd at the im-
to put over some of hie really pirer. "BanjO My Kees.," with
amusing one-man shows. Barbara StaM wyak, to back for
With Gr odyn' glamour girls another run.

OWar With Main": Dany Kas o Ceomianee 1-De tn "UP
In An n" new payingM at the %- Theas.



~ S~CTi~

Qn The Home m'Front J
UM -0hu I 'amud isoU aIgM vW u vPOI Is o vell g O
0aiND"aon WO -u Moo Swamttu so """" 44 il
eI.*-U o Rs destie at the -oale ginotng any riWeba

A"0 eid*t, GoverN sit Io already 3a00So inam. .
umtm e0 mom aUm,
esMaitiel to a particular soea ami uelwamtleal *ad art
cirofmbflhwtate -th dtaifootlso ihereoaaj w jfl~me.wae
IRo t Id bnao uticail o

e0a t "e g rown t here as t o"g S wf It aw-e
GenaaSal West Africa by close ftdnh<)S2WoT1 hab our
plta? Wh1t ae the bea C e"t unwme
Oi orseudt lM to or acaor What ohhto to a gr itofran
lsan aieonomle yield? What 1o schelme I alude to te sotree
a economnh and yet sound atrieu- ssitemn.'
total prsotlceT and a hoht ther -i ad t that holt
oioy eulad hquwe4ton, ear of th e osly pm nt whh ther oo
these have their pros and eons. dstryN rehabill-
wbm. to tinaIs or sedn ar on. aMe sttee 8 or edlmtn.

hae sea ea ramwl atlneth anmd theao auiys hchete
am cu bez thow n otwo as to reowibe &rMmeed ata axed-
10900 OovmM for h&OW What dod^^ JgSaSJ

uI ban oneo we my resr t as pro- e trsese f
iured that an thede nrounera1 tsa eo wou otet o nay beo
tal- proti tand ae me hd poucles f th be fUlenwiht
au*u d= U e due ofn where ly e already wih th
h the" uelnny Ir to do any god ldus l selt be part anwer i-
S one wrl only be available to o the Mrnt btrni qeston ha
ta" uf. h e f rtai ond, wich- to a will bo the whutureoftnede
of ed -tlt efficient fuse- hotlinbgsb.
tigo anthe industry. The prent allWit holde
w a r. y n for ey _o hou be leftto continue their food
Sno a th grow while thetyt Inaerlant the
n" =tein t young cac cuhtts orsexigs.s
d weer toe pce ofo fore e would be cared until they
habuIitatton is at gradual one, aimed reach maturity atwhich me they
a.t thrroweng ut of a wil acres wi be sun-rendered at a fixed fee
of had cacao each year. a pro- pe. tree.
ptonate boradual fncresaie of new Thus o the peasant would not
sr'-s. or the more dratic measure Iproduce from the land which they
o f ellin theryting thre must hae obtained al the hort tlerm
Santdlnf. produce from the land which they
This plantin maye be dner could use and sel but at the expi-
tnom w S tat one, rwhich e & ra t :on o l the contract would have
f 1 of graduate O I the a rm of money whateh wld be
g-, the thowing outof a fir cresdWill buringor buldang a little
proprietor wll bear the full brunt housewfo theisleastwu
ofcsta by paying for felling, for The conStrac sytem y ther-
pting and tending the younk fre
oin or cuttings. irom tanr which fthe
g method there wlul be se ndoftime the*swhorl not
fally large labour force available, f only withdraw prndchip, represents
bTi fear the constant adyuetment ied by their cumulative energetic
t owa s diutes and It aotende w ti c ndeavoumr but frnm which cidldnbe

y farl

maesm alt, a t& *
too~k wIs h10 b
roa mIntaUd an Web
day,- JIneM at the 5sl
baat ameet a era
in SBrits uana ns lb
Sasranessas ar bpJt
for the United Setat
plan a coumr of tudy
:tVt him for a eoneert

* Answers To Quiz
By Feste
I-Queen Mary
-Roya! Canadian Tank C
3-Forward to Rome
4--Jeffrey Stollmeyer
8-On Green Islan'd
-1 gT set
51 Muatanc.

L &atL ConfrL 3Jo aet Who &&w. or Wg,

with strong canvas ,, ,,nd genuine rubber soles

Can be used for all. running and walking
purposes, tennis and all athletic games.

Only a limited supply available

Price :-

$5.00 per pair

Salvatori, Scott & Co., Ltd.

otect yourself against the everyday ailments of the tropics with




for tropical conditions.

The group of REOTORS REMEDIES for common tropical ailments has been specially designed for use in the Tropics. They are made from formulas which experience proves work moatd
liVely in the Tropics. RECOTORS HOUSEHOLD REME IES are not cure.alis nor are they intended to supersede the doctor. Each remedy has its definite purpose, and in using any you can place
Wt confldenoe in its result. RECTORS REMEDIES are sold by all drug stores and here are some of them.

Here's the sooth-
ing, healing, anti-
septic medicated
oil for all the

Every day there Is need In
every home f& a healing an-
WOO*intlc and soothing medS-
cated oil for all the family,
ib^^l~l BCTOR8 HEAL-QT. Is such
SIan on, because It Is a sooth-
Ing, healifg ofl of exception.
#a meit.
H-HU Used RxtepwA~y, RZCTORS
im B^I HEALrOL helps Ws"na
| pais and bab" ]ROO
over the Ih0t In colds and
brochtis It it most benefl-
__a. r pas In the jotts
It A^ no equal and Itrgs
am ad coad g rMMse.
Ul^11 -OKC --- B2AL-OL Ms
IP. ^^^ Soothng hesing and Ani-
: < 1 a n be p ti A w y k e o t l

BgWvsr 'bmwWe hsNM 'sOfASM4 --i

Kidney and Bladder

trouble easily corrected R
very often te eamu rf "rnovlne," dia-
comfort, unrest and lo of nigt sleep i s
directly due to faulty ddney. The rest I
remedy for Kidney and Bladder fls Is the ...
PILLS which act. directUy on the kideyL. 1
They awe made from antlUe and heal-
ii mede and act e y but effectively.
Correct our kdne ad blade ills with i

&dA Kidney & Bladder Pills
Prio:s 0Spr bettl.

Ringworm Trouble Quickly Ended

: T .. '
Te Is no MMr saaaoYta skdn malbd Ofta dtar:
wftnpftnwom qtrieiy. *pcdljanto ally -l IM

A few WpplckWo so=a TV "a searrtnBai:+


Herb Tea
d-- l-u imr e *diutde htt
pm ft -- -- =d 00 N
eu Ihe mbhrbi
Pt lira anMdm the wubse
fr~ ~en *%s Tea, mhe herb
tg ntX Ke lilp r tpieal WaolL

awn" A mto pluomn
L= =irn.I ialtSmeitaIs

tigs: It pr wpasket

DoW't usof, any lmager with
sh Head Cold-


54.- .s leu r t.,
"" S T K. A

If your bruise or cut takes long

to heal... If you suffer from

Skin Eruptions, __

Boils, Pimples _



thiat they be elimniaaiiI to
the fMeaor wai. Th..iS k~ fl


I _

*' .. w :

''.~ ~.:f




,;-'-.- :
. .-.., .

I >

*/"*f *.s .,;.

,. I



^W ,,? ,- ?;>* -'V a.' \-;' *" ^ ***'
^' ". "A 'W,'.,-_ -
ZEN,~ ,".,' ,.,.

- ~
-'C.' S

* .r ,
\ ''F"



,~ Ce



Trinidad & Tobago Branch



Already Acknowledged .-...-.-..
Mr. J. Wolf .........
Staff, Hand Arnold Ltd... -
Mr. Norman Cleaver-----
Holy Trinity Cathedral-Collection -
Mr. J. L Taylor --...
Mr. W. Mck. Carroll-
Proceeds from Musical Recital -
London Fashion .
Moravian Churches, Trinidad ---.-
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Brooks .
"Poker Winnings," Tobago ..
Forest Reserve Victory Fair .
Mr. F. Yabrude .. ....
"Mr. A. W. Slatter-Soale of Flowers
and Vegetables ........
Staff, Immigration and Passport
Office .... ..
Mr. Edwin Ferreira .
Mrs. F. Brierley-Proceeds from Concert
at Sangre Gronde .......
Mrs. E. A. Alston .
Miss Maud Alston ......
IKn. anrl Mrs. James Forbes ....
Pat and "Nipper" ....











ow e taMINt b Ueobm Ut&.

,MS-k your m, i yo u bee. ms j!'

MINNow 14111"ft. -ter
tb wil a bit W ;a ..

indde dr your d ing tbb oe la iff. e
a. yo w m ea.f t cm g -- ,

an yoIr haisnt b W pp a yr
raned uoder itlos te i tdy e th titswmto wiy hM a
Wm e vima of o JB kd m M eh_
ia frmt tt ou dreaim tabt o irei to as o-tte -- navr tsmi._.
WAZ ormaeu 2rwt ftt o de Ma *Aotfer 80a a0m* M SMQd

aeo your n od tie yo ara
whie you turn your .stttam .e to sW that sh hair lie
your face. Keep Vs cool M Peibi n pce.
and hane your mind wheIyouM e I put B yar "lptlk. ML e
doin not o n tomorrow's lnch the outline on .the top on
friend. l tI n othe mo e oaf
Then start with omaie cold Scale up tq the line madebyt g
or arstlngent which Bmt be pat- Ing. New v apply I e to
ted oTr the face with cotton the bottom Up as It v._ y hMd
wool. Ce your hands to smooth to make a perfect outline.
It Into the skin and make sure It After all thi. If it ts nepeMary
Ia dry before applying your ounda- dab on a Uttl more powder mN
Uoni cream which should b very then go ovwe e wbt ac -It
parselv used anmd well rubbed In with your powde hu. Th. last
n thavei wil not clog. partILcu- I a ver necesary yrit yotI
lSrly ow" the nos and n the ere- ttoUet ateles a od stetg
vice of the chin. to give a nice mnooh Imlibed lMc
If you are using cream rouge It to the akin. I you hauve not
must go on after the foundation onebuy one right afway: if et a
but fit ist powder rouge you must thn1 0not obtainable t b brm
powder the akin first Whichever han i h which wll do t a
woyour choice be sure that you gt0 well and whnch is on sae mn t
It In the right place, away from Itters.
the nose for a thin face, cl.osr d A nL SET
for a broad one and never at any- o th net v we are. Mrladyo ater.
ime too high under the eyes nd hou have a ovely,
be abMolutely ur e that you leave omplxio which should not ne
no hard lins at theledn oay attc n tlon eor at les n two onr
t must oble n inth our ns- hour, and Ihould, in fact,
tural colour and look like your get her through a long evening
own. Then with a clean piece of without m erunningre-
cotton wool powder vell. thicklif at need i nguh of lipstick after
first, and wipe the stylUS off Ieatlng and a dab of powder, done
with another piece ef wool. In public It she has an attractive
WATCH THAT MASCARA powdercMe and puff which en-
Now turn your thought to the nance the look of her gown
rest of your make-up your ma- Iprivate if thee accessories are like
cara, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow most people, not s attractive M
(if any) and then your lipstick. fthey used to be.
ctowol power w ll, hcIf tpartin&tocoflsikate
lis,& wp ho :ju l ;tn n adbo owedn


*b- e va ON"

t1 1tsNI [ I-

There is no Finer Tooth Paste

oWhy Pay More?


whn kidys r wI o "*I

fyom ? or frequeni,
Tlzroule xto b=1edThe

. kidney e twoao the hadDe
eat wrkedorlm-
Ic as &he boft's

I 'Iti Me ; s kan
Poisons from es-

caIng in to the theidn n co
bloo.We*ak aad slugh

import ant dil no pu ly.

ai nctke In n .ry fou Youew ta
too certsiain oef

Pis ai piei are d w-d mpt
on the kid lys. -oue lo- iithe kdn sM, .m
bemeldal iqrsdlemts, in Do
MiiU iMU witesM Pilas et to w.ok

Of Uii~iNif KNf vOpp Inc fe ait Mf
At M aim ef m a t theal.

1^Z^^EMMteE tbe time, af remarkable wt
Veboyit to Inernal 1t lup i dears
CaweMble dneys of an doing
wskend odmouctesan ohm
cok S m latter.
tedsMi frm In a vwTfew days your
Wtd & Mnqare h bpe ack
dubAw ft" to healft a ct[ tpagain.
MW Poisons and im atls are
aim i.Ues filtered out of the blood.
SOodW7 .wiy d NowSh6d mum owr b 4kacE d
joI"t painsquikly vanish
MMtfp entmuEer with back.
&shs-4s't be Pcom inavt wt
Wl~h51he ow bp m alfg mue but go da
~~d ft d e ftymhewith

"Adeo j d e uw e te psd UM~^ MbhLumbas,304
IMM 4M ul me jW TndIm. 01.1 e~bf eM wo~sl

(b) Jiffy St
(c) Kibdeinjrten outfit.
10-This p the airport z Tale lag
apperln In a picture of the only
om featured In Friday's papers.
Timl ae was a
(a)P-B1 Mustan
(b) Unnamed bomber
ic) B.OA.O. cargo trusnport.
Answers On Page 1 B

4' _11 .. .

Do yeou ijov the p ictuIe b-
liUhed in your newspae? Te
numbered cuto are An pom .I
turet appeaing on Fridasy, May 24.
ia the uaS Ian" and "Eutg
News." Test your memory w
l-Is a hat worn by a distin-
guished person n the news; the
wearer isa
(a) Queen Mary
(b) Mrs. f. D. Roosevelt
(c) Lady de Vere
2-The cap this young soldier Is
wearing. you will have read, Is
(a) Royal Scot tFusl n
(b) Staffordahire Light Infan-
(c) Royal Canadian Tank .orp1
3-This is a corner of a map of
a sector of the Italian front bear-
ing the caption
(a) Forward to Rome
(b) Allied push neats Rome
(c) Anzlo troops break through.
4.-These are the eyes of
(a) Mikey Fernandes
(b) Jeffrey Stollmeyer
(c) Robert Taylor.
5.-This comic strip scene was
cut from
(a) Blondle
(b) Reg'lar Fellers
(c) Superman.
6.-This soldier i studylrg and
studying hard -
(6) Pop
(b) Mopsy
(c) The Colonel.
7.-Some blast this! And it oc-
curred in
(a) England
(b) Italy
(c) Altape.
&.-These overhanging cliffs may
be seen
(a) At Maracas
-W In- 'the Ap
W BOrem rind
*.hi tue eutt& to a, fashion which ttedwrn hew
in the heading, called a
(a) Neat Nnaemble


There is no need for us to tell
you of the maddening Irritation
the day and night torture caued
by pile trouble. We teU you that it
you only start using Man Za at
once It will stop the tenrrble pain
soothe a=d completely heal blind or
bleeding pile. Read Jut the
two from a host of letters.
M. M. A., Ihmtm. WMdtu-"fw
evr a yewe I uffm with W tribie bum-
Ing pila. otmentatloh and Oftmetf
rn me only temporary rtuA. Thn I
Mof ManZe. md SMdetd to tny
I. Now, In kes thB tUe wk
ewmpetely cued = dntsdt6 a-
plan. T., Penrih s-'It B

yWerh- 'l Yom st u of the

I A uh b"ioueaf




Reduce Hips
Since more women are sitting
hours at their work thev feel the
need for specific hip whittling ex-
ercising for about this tLime of
the year they grow conscious of
dnees i and skirts fitting a bit too
sngly. Exercisingr is the only way
actually to reduce inches from the
hip measurement of course diet-
Ig helps but one should not
diet drastically If one is working
hard all day.
I suggest you clip these exceroises
and follow them.
I -Lie flat on the floor with
arms stretched out at shoulder level
and shoulders against the floor.
Kelog left leg an straight ase
posible, swing the right leg ikiee-
is straight) across; the body and
try to touch the left hand with
the right foot. Shoulders must be
kept on the floor the twisto
comes in the watlIne. Return the
right lea to position and then swing
the 1leg. ~LL~srowmthe body.
TUhV Souhe b. 2 tlmes
Srhhm the irst da and in-
ereased eah day until you ane
doing it 50 times a day. TO OI
many? Remember you want to get
those po s off. This also reduces
the thighs.
1-This Is strenuous and you
must take to It gradually. Lie flat
on the floor arms stretched out
shoulder level, legs together. Draw
your knees tup close to your stomach
and then roll over on your right
hip but keep your arm and should-
er against the floor. Then straight-
en out both legs without lowering
them and roll over on your back
and then on to voWr left hip.
bringlnn your knees up to your
stomach again.
You should feel a pul on your
abdominal muscles and clear up to
the tip of your spine If you do It
properly. Twice a day until you
master It without straining.


.ll~ :.. I.IiaUM .%7 M|R

atm. 6V. 4.

owuu* Ibwp lu4Ig

d m lb -- e o Ufthwes. b "aim almb ew

bA ss Unr'ft asY I Use bbi u e day to qwp
mt Matet eay epelal wiuhMais lqar Hn hoaMe| g
ive Ws no Me botuegeiwer wu mm
1pk UMada- urel had midcmeetl. A d
ot a maeftaB vkK to ubs ktohi SUdUllopatl^mS f
to tire mte ooko her oir to the EV. OWM E
dip and to decide on the own" I wow to Ie aif.
required. Sh.e migbt perhaps at- hard10to keep
isn~ ~Ntaffed. Rodtheh
tund to the ordering of thesebet don B not have to,
elf, or fde meigt leave it mato bet time Ihn tJ
the cook, but the never entered bomsewori ns lucky k
the kitchen again for the ret of KITCHMN OXDIR
the dW. I One rood rerult of
UlV 10U-at 16.nA -a Dsie O a- A- rsIs t-a.--. t. .. .

KWen if he bad a desre t o Affairs is that kthe 7=i
so. she didn't dare. because it lm- ibrihbter and better = J
ply wasn't do. The kitchen was "Madas .oea to th
I "Madam"goes to''
gaell to cost, or Just ,
.special dis, she nagrs
,'~, "k --needed Improvements
',; .' jS .^', .,? readily, and she uiua A
S' .' "to do something abot Q
i ., ,_. --' "A place for a*
everything In its place- I
the smooth, efficient Va
ti'e domestic wheels.
.' i mistress sees that thbi
.'rigidly adhd to, ,he
sure that the place
S. mas". the most cve

',,'. jy^,--T7.^' KrrcBszN CLOTM
S] S' .. I' Next lt I neessary fI5
bi tv to have something is Mi
^^?::^*** i^,' jj ^ , ^ To use up o:d frock0 tu
.^-A,^ Pose Is, no doubt. K
-i *an economical point
. ,"_n, mav be very eM
'. j, '*. A unexpected callers at.",
,:f" Ol ""f"o cks can e
'' ,. , adapted to fnlish oat
~' "- 5 the kitchen, but It Mi
Sfe lacessary to scrap th
This hI a wrap-o er gIrmet Id make one o.ut. of
This can ra ly be
very sul(aMble fer kIthen wear. materials aresimilar In
It euid be made up In gay the Colours hafmonll,-.
rotton er made fram the beet The most sulta o la
that wraps around or
parts ef discarded dress. down, either at the
deflnitelv the cook's domain In back. This can be u
those days. and any mistress who ordinary dress when
was so Ignorant of etiquette as to Aprons of course an
to appear there after 10 o'clock in indispensable and shMt ,
the morning was certainly not a. used by "Madam- in
lady. Such conduct would have if she puts the proper
earned the hearty contempt of the appearance. Even M
cook, who would almost certainly job of work can sponi .gM
have handed In her notice at the 1 It is unprotected. ,
end of the mouth in consequence. .. .,B,
Servants undoubtedly knew their
place In toe days and th ex-
pected their masters and mistresses -IMl.
to know theirs and kee? to IL

How different things became In
England in later )ears. Mounting ." R
taxation and the ever-lncreasing
tendency of the lower clss to .
gravitate to factoly work produced
a combination or circumstances ..
which resulted in the drastic cur-
tallment of the big e tablishiaents
Labour-saving appliances appear- .7
ed on the market and then the k, {S
service flat, which quickly became 3k 1
fashionable so that some people .. r-.
gave up their house. altogether.
Thus the decline of domestic ., ,V'
service set in and it continued on .S .J
the downward grade until the I '
outbreak of war, when the need Thi eto a e "U"
for all classes of the community to awesn. whieh w
contribute to the war effort dialt ghtUB made i
it the Ainal blow. -
War conditions have caused Aina-1 chinka or areene, .

* -U'


we 5


TE~N, Urtoe .er,, tha es,,ee? _...-'.,
T Irritability &md wnderhe~i O -
awi as lto that yewour d= --
not providift suifdiet nowlishm"Af
n.eoeu sysesm. i -e Impoeta .tb
reinforce your diet wick aoeia -
aDelm'Ovae da. W Me lsh dd&
Itb suie llaTp~rewd from 0
leAbIN (orgamle veoeene)
eimplt a hIrt deto up an m Td i
Pju., aue eT i,, O' i"a ',s


. ',.'s


i "" r ,-f

smad IW A


., -' '*,


4.. -..



* J

. ,. 1

. -c r, ...

.. .*,','

O!t Trink&d
- ~ immus mu~ ~

mM^ andaba, a 5ii it -iw
a; in e and am Wm with
utm, AusDUMB% ti GL aft"s
15 Ill natuft I.
j M o s o W ft llwte up to its nam

I W e mf& waU w given b y Mr. and Mi. P. L
S re "terg at their home.. Mn. Dstiman
.r =+ a id mui o w played dt the
i e wrty W Mr.m and Wr. Mex M
U i.. ,at M w, a Mbtree ad Ml sPaun oh .
B hMr. am Derman Murray y wa
J MXR-CEBOLA is gvftg one *f her dancing
tils jear with. 80 pupils taking part. The name
"Duobli StrtIet of l94,"and If we cam judge
edu _ions, a_.really oul be a f, tha .
to a t 19"" new aWng
30d unds~ut. ft. Denllshol), wfi play.
bafeeea issued by the Arcbihbop of the West In.
g of the foundation stone at the new St. J epu
a n tuesday, 13, at j pym
k eperormed by Mr. T. Ift"knf the Prin.
ad ollefe o Tropical Agriculture and a collection
of the Buildingi rnd.
-* *
,e "bit day" Tbursday, June a King's Birthday are
ad at perseverance Club.
be aquatic sports the winners of which will receive
M folowdby a caaret t the pool, Amateur holing
wr contest and a barbecue. In the evening,
Iea special King's Birthday dinner with variety enter-
-- bA U who go ctie carr their evening gowns or dreses
Swthere, thus avoiding atri to town.
Ms of the United Zionists of Trinidad, including those from
mmd Forces are invited to the Shevuoth Festival and
will be held at the Prince's Building, on Wednesday,
TS to 1130 pja. The tickets have a numbered coupon
wil entitle the winner to a door prize. There will
Iand a bar'.
*0br *
I of Sn Fernando, Pointe-a.Plerre, Ste. Madeleine and
Hbourng oilfleld and sugar estate districts will have
to see "Land of the Calypso," the Carnival musical
under the patronage o Bis xcellency the oer-
o-American ar cantile, on Wednesday, June 14.
stage'prodtuction which played to crowded houses
I s being staged at the Empire Theatre, San Per-
da symbolic of the purpose for which it Is being pro-
d Nations g Day which falls just four days before
Oan Fernando's "Soldier Week"t celebration. Connected
lon is an old San Frnando resident, Mr. Chas. &S
s rrangement are beine made for a special San Per-
committbe. Two performances win be iven, a
an. and a night performance at 8.30 p.m. Bookings
sIew will be opened this week.
<* *
e seen Mrs. Tracey Holmes In the usual haunts, I en-
g to her whereabouts and was told that she has been
S peat few weeks. On enquiry 'a to how %he was get-
n told she Is nlmprovin very nicely.
C *
V. KUNNERNOK, the General Manager of Paramount
STrinidad, Inc. left during the week for a combined
I lday trip to the United States, accompanied bv his
.his absence Mr. Marcel Apo is Acting Manager of the

en of Miss Pamela Nivet and Mr. Henri POerrin, son
d Mrs. A. Perrin was made known last night at a
ijMr. R. Harferd's home. The couple went to the TrInt-
Club where they received congrtlatIonats from their
C *
Mt CCARTY, who has been ailing for some time, has
JKenny's Bay, Monos, accompanied by his wife and seven
rm, expect to stay a moPth. Nurse Richardon also went
'" *
,.5ODER. of Barbados, who has been appointed fSollctor-
of British Guiana, Is at present in Trinidad In transit.
M Older are guests of the Misses Scbo-Poard.
J8. PAT DATE have returned to their home in
iando after spending a week In Tobago at BCo-
and two weeks in Barbados at the %oys, Hotel.
ier friends while thev were away and had lovely time.
r ey returned Mrs. Date had a slight attack" of sarIa.
ina unfortunate ending to a holiday. However, she
|tueh better and hopes to be quite well again soon.
Ci *
f members of the Trinidad Country Club who attended
D dno will have another opportunity of having
SKing's Birthday eve, (Wednesday, June 7. The man-
-rm two BW.IA. pasages to Tobago as door prizes.
will be a surprise party from 10 am. until noon.
PS will be served as. usual
t hich was given by "La Petite Musical" at the Royal
ilsttunte yesterday afternoon will be repeated at the
U0rw afternoon for school children at the price of one
I fe funds will be given to the children's section of the
*a I
'%lnldad shortly for Jamaica are Brigadier W r. Dun-
Mt W. N. R. Orimstone and Lieut. A. S. Ealfour.
as tone and Lieut. Balfour will go to British Ouxins be-
-n to Jamaica.





in Non-tronsporent




S Sizes: 32-40.-

Br" -road. **
= wwr -e rone

BtA 3 uGV~

A seoansaftl. bI

Utill. Var. Thermophlisa; and the
yeast which Is made up by this
wonder orgaantsm gives a very high
yield on sugar, 60 per cent of d"y
yeast, on the weight of sugar uti-
lised. The yeast contains 40 to 50
per cent protein and the whole
range of B vitamins in a lhrtcu-
larly valuable form.
Cost of the new yeast Is likely
to be about 12 cents per pound,I
and one half-ounce per day Is an,
pie to provide the normal person
with all necessary proteins and B
An interesting comparison of pro-
duction statistics was released to
the "Gleaner" last week by the
Hon'ble I L. ML Kirkwood, local
agent for W.LS. Co. He declared
that one acre of agricultural land
devoted to protein production In
the form of meat or milk will pro-
duce only 70 lbs per annum of pro.
tein; whereas a similar area sown
In a carbohydrate crop like sugar
will yield 840tb per annum of pro-
tern In the form of food yeast: and
the production of B vitamin was
higher still.
Hie added that at the present
British prices for beef or mutton
and eggs, and assuming food yeast
will be produced at 6d. i)-r lb. the
coat of protein from beef or rout
ton will be five times h-gher, and
from eggs 24 times higher than the
cost of similar protein from food
The new factory i being erected
In Westmoreland where the West
Indies Sugar Company have their
big Frome Central, one of tbe larg-
et cane sugar manufacturing
plants in the world.
Land Bonds Plan
Sunday Guardian Corrupotdest
KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 2.--
The Government has announced its
intention of issuing bonds in pay-
ment for land purchased for land
settlement. Announcement to this
effect was made In the Legishlative
Council last week by the Hon'ble
R. W. Taylor. Financial Secretary
and Treasurer.
Purpoe of the sehemipe Is to I-
manc further expansion of land
settlement o a- to ma0e more
laor available penimaiently to
small culttvators. The beads
will bear Interest, probably at 3
per cent and will be negotiable.
They will be msed to finance pur-
chases only, and not for develop-
aent or settlements.
Details of the sheme a have not
Yet been placed before the Council
but a detailed Message from the
Governor on the subject is expect-
ed to be laid shortly.

Rent Control
Sunday G* dan O ertpoausnt
KINJITON, Jamaica. May 29.-
The Trinidad Rent Control system
hb at long last been adopted by
th'e Government, and a Bill to give
effect to it has been given flrst
reading In the LeXislaUtive Council,
Under the Bill, rentals are propos-
ed to be tied to the standard rent
on January 1, 1941. allowing 10per
cent increase above that and fur-
ther Increases for higher rates and
taxes or for Improvements effected.
SGreat opposltion to the measure
SIs expected from real estate Invest-
ors, who have flooded the market

atc or othqrwise they m atno
back to fr-for pilot er
which some pilots drew MO in-
comes and others got little. Pilots
stlcklng to their association, e-
dclare they will not back down.
Pilots were pald $3,160 per an-
num plus 70.O0 war bonus, aud
worked on a tmeter under control
of the Harbour Master. Govern-
ment, following strong representa-
tions from the pilots for more peI,
Increased It to $2,280 but stopped
the war bonus. Pilots are claim-
ing at least U2,400 and war bonut
If they are to go back to free-for-
all piloting, they will demand ln-
creased scale of fees to meet all.
round increased costs since the
Hoenour Roll
Sunday Guardian Corrcepoedmt
KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 29.-
On Empire Day His Excellency the
Governor unveiled at Cross Roada
metropolitan area, a roll of honour
of Jamaicans serving in the armed
forces overseas. Exclusive of men
serving in local or Caribbean forces
the roll lists 554 names and therm
are many others still to come.
Cirhut uEnds
Sunday Guardian Correspondent
KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent. Juno
3.-His Honour Clmnent Malone,
Chief Justice of the Windward Is-
lands and Leward Islands, after
sitting of the Suprmune Court (St.
Vincent Circuit) in its criminal,
divorce and original Jurisdictionas
which lasted from April 71, to KaY
25, returned to Grenada by 'plane
on Monday, May 29.
Governor Attends
Pollee Danee
Sunday Gur 'In CMrrspeodent
KINGSTO ., St. Vincent. Julie
3.-His Excellency Sir Arthur
Grlmble, Governor of the Windward
Islands, honoured the Police dance
held at Police Barracks on TuesadA
evening with his reee. The
Police dance of me kind hee-
organised by Major D. S. Ooat,
Acting Superintendent of Polioe
and was a great ucc 2ss,.
Among others present were His
Lordship the Rt. Rev. H. N. V.
Tonks. Bishop of the Windward
Islands: Mr. K. W. Blkckbourne,
o tan#e secretary to the
for Development and
Welfe and Mrs. Blackbourne; the
Hon'bl Oeorge A. Mentosh, the
Hon'ble t8 l.Mtr Dornadle, Major
Codaer and MN. D. a. Coler, and
Capt. .M clte aesiquele and
Lleut. A. O'000. of the WiNdwerd
Islands Battalion, Bouth Caribbean
St. Vineent
Monday "Oard CeuosapMien
KINGSTOWN. St. Vnmoent, June
3.- Landowners and planters are
busy in an effort to overthrow two
new Bills to b3 Introduced into
Council shortly. They allege that
they are un-British In their alm
and objects.

*, ,. "i, ,,, *,_..

,t ",p .+, ....Sam +mw
..^,,...~ ~~-^^ I** t

I..*T. *, .1^

T~lft~liltarPJI tfsl
4I ,

rta of AWi^


p.e. -

ofn my Ia t um to Ume with tVi
prisr 5nnt of the Legulative
UM declare by proclamation to0
be a regulated aa.
s A weod SiM 0e0s "to enable
cntroj to be exercised In repeat t
the tndter of land and bitereSw
thaeln." This Bi whIch Is the
mbJect of much dseeilom, is ad-
Judfed necesary to exercle control
over the disposition of land and of
Itaeremsts hin, dur4Wtthe war,
until more tled eotm shallU
have ariseMn thereafter.
The Intntion Al% W to be to
avoid apecu&tions in land values
and other activities which might
pove Inimawl to the public Interest
I eIrblvMtauee which cannot now
bie foremaej.

for acd ndlestisa baImade It the hess
lee with silcadi
Tly AfteSeltkar todty... take a MMJUIN
- late -r mnlncc s beth. bm
'sticklS. "w-way" actiam shea Mit
Net a lautiVe.
,-Gf i- o
\UfRaw ::J


ldim Rd

m UNCw n. .
a wasiscdu

I LiiidE

G LEn P.0o.. NOW
GB E ^,u & Son F'do SHOWING

Moar DINAH 8OU put over tkeO TuNm,

GLOBE-San Juan.
Today. 5 and 8.30-Betty Fields and Robert Cummnlgt in
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at 4.45 and 8.45 p.m.


eday aMd tLemenm
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w h loa WaI.m
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8130 mums,
w"b neie. knadts
iM;-. 3" win.

TODAYY MWewr 4. Q & i10 p.a

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I GAIETY, San F'de.
rteia a A* ga


PALACE-Sam Fromi
TOaUT I s.M p.m.
url, umVu nt mMr

m.1ff n ,
BUell mX tnMKT

TWr & TMomM a 8J# -
AasAl sutero Giiwim '^^1 --M

-- ', ,. 1

:'. / ^ . '- V ':, ,. .% + n i "o


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.3M p.m.


4.5 aind

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a, "=m-' I U
ar Frank Sinatra sing
1 Ceoi't Bi sleep a Wink Last
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rODAY. & MON: .J A TODAY 4.45 3.. 6 *.

I L90 .4



(NA i 43B m5|"Ha ndf-'"

tfa Y, K ' ,'',i 1 ,,


VMt Fscov~y

In Jap~ej~




\ AL


S. C


I l

'L' '

the trek Ittf wotE -.--

*iftesty& owf^-" *f qe"iJi whoe hestemsopein mjo
Piequest tad frt| a epille are fta M IneH^t
RMb-*M-MqM, whio tho 1r e4fnry with which 0ome
was -mw or

itMSHHed apt *a*** ot"** t eo 8sent then ri evnIous, erto at
l ".litb p O th, a"int t wo dawn, hua u ae fcile11
stl though on the aOOlld dy both Trrv ud
i'5t finn era4 WWMMU 4--- gb Bw offerred lInll ehallenm to thi u o. beu to
S~~whilewth mp aa Miry that wioppin* eeltemest was
nine-wila eveat a rdeS a ape and

,ti Mp MWhW MT cenoincalad to th d vany wioutand. whe watoud
to ,but Op inon be empalt owe better dipupntoet. Jut
E Iptmto nt tmwril the ond df11 thl a -.BfUI~ thr*O l^*f oaltuttba--mpw~in by ^ B-U
hM= of hay u nf tth oe1n4 napSd .p J| fram ech other, ralhr than eft-lwere
wlii 15with quality. In. one-mile mfia U dil bid for victory a few yuare froe t i n *>
----. Boo--as, T Proe teoo Boa for the finalhlBn line. Thrry ad abrlow were e a
... s m 1 bit lnto seloo plaed. amosrt olmultingocly to fall. t s m
s o. bUoU nuts with e lovely Inmande who had finished first. was Hub p e a-
*Itothf j vtng Unit, a-ne quietly dlsuielvend by the Judg- with reat nritu was
humresa- of fl-meld apleM -m d 3- snce ad regret. Vernmnded had raced throughout
am.toadtia at aplsdu traIng en speb wit unlmpeachable portamanlhlp sad dMetminei1
skill but the evidence wa conclulve. however, thatt an
a 4ss s40 as wolt eair to .0. leon IipoluntAry wobble on his part had brought down
who Mat the pWirou teard w olsh hfd Mode t both Terry and narlowe who were In eloe and U u t
*f bsco f h. ren I" ormstlau mylt W i e folUnma pursuit of him rahe i MI ELid.
ent an uiuA nt 8tltW. Tiet 1O .d 40 Thh, for all three. must h=ve b s a bitter rillc tory e. .. .
wkm hw e o b the wht v wma 9 te0t1 d with to swallow and It m t reotly to their erit that they ll. P,
peous ittla to eMM between tea first t.. accepted their mlforthne with nanly forUttuw and s Iu S R. TIEI FEET
iBalwes a peerle- a the Baoemiaplaebot of a ftorbearanes. e-- de w g
flying start which he rarely fall to tun to Good Indeed, great is the credit due to the T.A.A.C.I
amout. Bsilftl ma with drtlnCetloa but with te for sponeorlwg the champlanship.m no lh a" due toe mined ,i -
ltk. The hilh Jump brought thb achievment of the atht themieve s for providing the spirit ia
a ew record to Cynr. o l kr oare of thi .othr without which the bare flesh and bsowe of plarnnln inm ng
al I have ment"oed. Cyrus Is an aecompiStl d andM organiing would hive lacked the tenglble real- mIO i
an f QA R iessand otussea oM 1.0MWry's. homa.efor llthre.ompsthitors.a ite wl

the of mno than averare promise who with iv of the Rood eportmanstip which characteleed i ui i a r
^ t jeumcp g would make h good covpsfy any- ale the eventl. fo p vi ~ -- r t
w ir- e ,.Thus. congrtulatlions to the T A A C. but sincerely IjA m 3IfK3 LwhhIT
- Procopn of Q R C, and Ro-seaU of t, May'. homage to the competitors. _.. .w._

JBehind The Curtain'- By UbStquitous i

A Maloe si "I
of sparkling
Androws i not
Oaly the mmes
*iumot sd se.
^ -^j. r W ji-

I had gone to a renade in connection .With across the street In thil
er taln polituca symptoms that intrigued and ie- itsu streets that are not
uRbed me- yt, even ua the 'plane in which Iew stops down the side of
otared majestUcally over the dtlturbinl levitation of the other's roof Into the
Kme earth, doway sea foam, Immaculate. wh'te sea Is always with you--
each and emerald sea that Is Grenada from nthe air, lasting.
I began to suspect that the warm senuou land One day I travelled
below would perhaps elicit irro me a much more village, built on the sea
diversified evocation, of picturesque enery,
SMy suspicion was well founded. On severalnt and settlements with tan
ocaslons during my week's sojourn, the pageantry and encountering at er i
of natural beauty was such as to belittle and even picture that 1i so famit
to shame the shert vainglory of my. immediate pre. tl'o statuesque female
occupations; politics seem like sacrilege In this along a country road I
sanctuary whosa demeanour is at once cordial end ligdt shuttered within |
austere. turn In the road that re
Whrever the eye turns In Grenada, It comes suddenness, red root,
to rest upon Rome smilIng and colourful aspect of appeared at that distau
earth and sea; and when the time Is sunset, the (Gov'yve!
image is attenuated to mere fantasy- -the sun swoons In et small savanna
In crimson ecstasy and thae aeon mist creeps Into th t(,wn, boys were i
everthlng. pavllm, a haiy Day cell
Stretched en the Cream ands of Grand Anie, one side stretched the s
with the emerald carpet stratolkl tng endlessly beyond, lnuiprturlable hills.
the city bred Ideas and attachments seem jarring It wA difficult to I
sad dissonant. "I am too finite, too Involved in Into this design. 'This
momentary matters." of old, thee the humb
: The challenge of earth, sea and sky Is Inexor- of events that have thi
able; before it your Lilliputian dreams wilt and fall lon of mankind latlan
off. The sea water here Is perhaps Nature's finest Indeed, iK s esay In
concoction; and though men have reproduced and and fervent faith, In t
ewV Improved upon, Its refineent of texture, we sacrednes of all art
o not yet produce thmpo e i quan14tes everywhere-n thUe IrtA
stuch cr to Nau e' a the warm fea e
Mtoj tfr leture s ensumik atll Qfa .
t the whisepertngs and l athe of for aten volce; eomewherep to be "ble
Time has moved etly hero so that bas You took up at th4
AIMen l rntorea o nft.- dm tuc, h ly procoy slon; at t
hemIfbl ~ eeeu~leat~~You look up It t
but m2 he. The 7 air l redoleAt with the musk tented ad, beyond the i
of things past, whether It be the quaint tumnel, the waste of water going
old church on the hill, the joints of rmd that are la all this joy merely
still cobblestone--the impression Is that Time has and ananihilation'iis '
stood still, poised a It were, above al this. with sweet bitterness t
Whrver you are In lOt. eorg' you have only aspire towards that wi
It tilt your heed- and there Ia the sea, There Is The plaintive voice
lUtti, If any, .ot the claustropbeabl of the house fantasy and a seomnolel

By Eric Burger Rus
mi r a o efletheI
Invincibility was destroyed. They have no more use s which o the mdoot be& of
for them on the rod downwawrds. They look nh me w sof body& d besodtkes
Into the distant future, for other useful Oompanloas. jnsom is e.aum ptn
Next, pleae.t
Nothingashort of unconditional surrender will enter clinHnee ea osmie.
prevent them from repeating the performance they fth 0d 9 o6f pPl everywhere ks
were allowed to accomplish In the tragic Interval of healthy rulrity by M-il
between two world *ars. If anyone in the tree their gia of Andreow ohea
wold wa ever impressed by their pretended better they a eit.
manner, then. even this legend has been reduced
to nothing by the facts of recent history.
Of eourae, a blueblooded Prussian militarist will MRST..AS drewdeaoaed rfeehee
never eat with a knife the fisah stolen from starving the mouth and tonue.
people In Norway nor will he drink from a tea-cup r t
the wine robbed from thirsty throats in france. 14o, NEXT". AaTrewsttlesth stoemah
he to a perfect nobleman, except for the killing In aM Wsrets aciy.
which he proved master as an equal partner of the
Gestapo henchmen. THIN.. Andrew toae up the liver
The nobleman Gerd von Rundstedt bas a plndild I ,d.,ilivm s,
record In this regard. ance he ehas been appoatd l ea
aspreme commander of Mitlr's wtesm dt ea f U, iToe.. ei ople ye.. ssw
ho baa already added new laurels t the gI el Aur etl le
won in Poland when, after this country's a. 5 Clearlle,., AatrOM On*,y leWs
patroised wholesale masesoren and Mess deota- the "wedi. t i mew awaym avale-
Uons ot tyvllians men and women alike. T ohe mebia peleeM oseomiv C8eoe
invasion fevr. undoubtedly will stUr his murderous
ambitions to an extreme and last effort. .I I" e- esh g kd be o" d
It Je, therefore surprling and ONfuints a wen
that In Allied ountrtea. there r. ,t ll voleS w r Cle nmliMnes
objecting from time to titme to the Acondltoaal e miler wwk oMr
surrender policy. Meet recent erl'totM came o -r
from so distingutlhed a forum an te House of
Iords: an4 It Is to be seen whether tho Government
speaker's mient reply wi llcalm the scruples of
come of the nobl1 lords. D
Criticism of the kind has come not for the first
time from that high easqmbly. It was more than A N R
three year back that a dillUar subject was d eUtM -
largely. With Hitler's n thretenin An UV I SALT
from Celals. the question was raised wheoer Mwet W I
wimio. A ..- AL. -M-T


' 0--r-;- M,~'^ '

European Backdrop
The supreme emmand oft Hitler's antl-invesion
armites has gone to aa old-fashioned Junker, not to
a thoroughbred Nat general. Thisn choice is signl-
fcant tor two reasons. To a certain extent, It might
have been impoaeed on the waning Fuehmr by the
cate that has always been the trouble-making
element In the very heart of Europe. Altogether,
it reflects the Nails' vague hope for U possilblllty
of a negotiated pesi..
Vlth Ileld-Marshal Gord van Rusdatedt, not
deMperedo rwin Rommel, coming on top of the
German iUlitary et-up, It becomes clear that auch
hope hab aot been burled inside the beleaguered
fortress. The argument on which the futile desire
is based, has something frightfully naive.
Tho Allies have declared over again they would
sever deal with any German government even
remotely connected with Hitler or his gang. They
airat ro e rfuse to gather around a sonferesae
'isbll wit& m* of those hluabloode mtilristerlM who,
A* al e a much better-mannerad than the un-
.aricratle Nxail mob. o., no doubt, goe the
ppeulation as voiced in certain propaenda stunts
and reachinS the democrats world through dubious
Better manners or not, there will be no better
terms than unconditional surrender, Junkers or
sals, both have to be liquidated If the oominX
ace shall be more than a prelude for a third world
bat, Nothing better could happen to the Junkers
if th de are given a chance to survive the Next
dNsster of which they are guilty all the a me.
L They know they cannot win the war. Their
ly hope i a negotiated peace, another Versailles
itott of complicated clausIe that can be broken
m fMash. That's all they w.nt, another generous
,tplte before taking up once again their blindly
rtlfled sword in the name of God and the holy
Ior that purpose, they would easily 'anefteq. tbe
eh sand all hir. sub-'Puehrer with whem thP
associated fravirnalMy. Svetryoe has been and
Ialways be their welcome ally ong a s n e
their design of conquest and dominatiof.


ODWo't affre deeple, nitht wuth
sthlnul Here is mir relief ; s
simply ihale the fimes i eUlog'o
Astha Ranmedy. bre"tin fIm.
dlat balome more fe and
Though yoz r e cixcle asthma
T-bothff ctw reIr every ime
It ie und. Got Keilhgs Asthma
Remedy from your dealer today
s ; youfirst stp oa nthe rod to
Sbttert bath ad caMort.



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xeetsedehle i~s,~ I isl
Ren. wfM-t- Do. Jw h
DON JUAa Pee. eweas'

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Sat the service of the Emp

Before the w Q d G.B.C. planned and installed fighting eq4
umrn oif TiboM f mi-of SOdt*Me and0h'-, a
mw d&vepImbM in c a. eucah
inmadieion h in pea oftte U ld ethydf deatdcg
#nd fWhsts, seda a a d d-ot~ea af th Colp-y l
Wb' "00d.
adw n &a o t elemml, W wsdieifiamai
clout," 2110%= 18 "ch" aimdamb pd c
thetidbeen estrd ta es.i thaitiA be ttab he
eieMtrlaiesleis cht tew. Thea,' u the rwwurou el
hbm bo wsibbleb for tde wtfrt, they will beatti
coectn>dwith teamrutics ple in my port fthewid.

pfu t9 "y: ALSO C CO. LTL

Cow&Gat 7Eke


O I.fa. 1 I Its

Thes mew vegeable prepar.-
dtons an nerducd as a vehuash*
and deIhtul eidtn to "byi'

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prscrbed thon trem haUt 41h
nWtMdh inCrssifnlit." quantitla

Prepege from eemd frskh
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eed aemiNW by "ps '-Nl a
he givesIn *ewust4smwMthCow'
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kjbtatonable In the fo t *litg infte.*
W& A SATE Pruemd V.OetmN 5.

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B^"&rS.^S.^,*f wttif wa-le aaOU LS^e?~ t5^
40o" orallyto asandam aa P)
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Arima Pays
ahiM~m "turn
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tbft d^?sS Bad2 014 wtl1 -**<*6< MpBB wo at lsdU wdh ocr.S
mConvent Work

m = l~lO Wtbedr lemsmm e.e!s,
I isni aLI e ns. 'Ba. e |n

,t-OSin To Ad nnoune tmee
no ._ w eeet ne-. Im Oonwn Srew. tnd "Cl .. m a
J c eWOrshi p*o. byea C. if. I. mullna sC whiese ral. LS t e he cSe Ta5he gam me blOat kls banaito
e~ani.osn thebAlliesbute todtheoe IIeste demios

*1"?hoeS fl o W t at dtux Drd then-n era! Suan wass ho dead. ia Fund1" "" .^ w UM ...ce ha wS e were to-no wke1 io n the sitrs in the brLonN kne Inte hism- basskotlo v Ind m
Ara and^ Inipartclar Arm

SthI dim"dB edon sum o o t r- t ws to theat11h oT li20 hsed i= an

by. ino rsths Th s a a seer ombo ow o
Injury~* awnof rib listtuint
Wvof 1*=m ;IL t, a ohok Fun

defeeaftr.enwh bok hs FrIlids of Elthlopia Comost r- -war recovery and trade nrcs-
rm ~inle,,ourud wh aroe ino hi
10 "f en uhot ae to 2'W W O60 0 kapwa e.U1lwa

L t. d wn S haWv recved payment the In. headquarters. or* Huab porting totl collections t a 1cts.
whic e j it rancor due on the flre..reke Went over to the Japanese Of $l 102.10. The nrirm ls ted are amms ~
I he bottom of a buidins and plan m eeetedto was made head of the imppet In support of the fund the Rev. most Imoorttet In Flqland aw-
Sleavi Its ~be completed soon for the ereUon when China was invaded. He Dr. W. Rankin, British ulhana Include amon their oflcer anea
the1of a new block. y government dn Nanking. scholar now on a visit here, wi directors, many leaders in oh
othe i=broadcat an appeal on Wedneay 61 and financial circles.
K i.dh ^Jand inLparit -S-- of on W u -
S Th rough our follows:-- e FenU ig plans are ba nis eon" of
of that d- of the $40,000 mark t SaSei $4M237 eOt uers th ---
knw that toman CONVW wD G.P. O. a E ig Wee to be observed &*iNlit. bd Post
tnoda e, Ae: i 5 Inte o In War Savings .tr ionrut Colony InJUly. Postse
Latstt contribution list Is o
+en.l,-en"re- ...War.Savings--,939.10 To Be Filled Soon
l. sum o fs sr 12................. .tB 6 Saler of War ss avt n Certifncat nlsy acknowledged ..... S9.10 0
thei nj ur doe r ough W. ... .. n.l at the General Post Office for the Mr. Hudson Phillnips s.. 1000
t deeat Cd Fohenr irbia..............-. week ended May 37. amounted t Ho G eo. deNobriga"... 28 ite re Port-ofaS-imn City noutrl's
oltmn M x lpI lmstaff. Grail & Co., Ltd. 6"00! 84,237.20. the nfo ma ton O250ce Mr. iear .. 0 W Afto ent' Committee, meetni
i eonymous ............ ... Mr00
e di s that h ma v rodtun.............. o .t disclosed yesterday. ponirtingotla .uaCy olcinrnoon, trecommentle
aich W t ,"a. a t nor .u v. l ... .0oo Of this sum Pnort-of. thpan ande on. ir Lenno Ylsted 0 0ao
he otrAs o n al Mrs. AW ............. 10.00 suburbs and the Win othe War As. Mr. D. Hope Ros........ 00 e o iatlo in their psta of el ht
OS~t l M r. aa t s .................. 2d.0 oc atio o dto up 1.60.nd M. Noin P. owe . 00 emloye h In g wh pc r. .-
hertof the dii- Mr. an Mr. P. et r.t o.eo i.. total p.rces0 .d....intL some for as long a s three
theforame oni l e on B o rthe ecM. ebo With a contribution of $e20 the Total .............. 1 l mn th te1,102.10 e
ih iOng. We Dr. ad Mr..o ae L1 N s0.0n eatern borough of t Arinas wg the aovis t Impec ortmant polt was ithat of
e cat no ao- Mr. ad Mts. . Tetral e s.00 next highest investor forIthe wheek, dtan firs at a isat c lerk E astern Mc-
d. Tetughcarryingw$:-avsalarand ofns$100beto

Sreg1ard s r Mo.on CaM l l ................ 10 n .0o The southern borough of San $ 1 pket, Moni n w hBicr. Ho be
Mss a a M 5,ad ............ 0. oJ Fernando took uD $183.60, Carrynt
W Sa t W ""..... 20 n s ? Marshal TitoThanks Le Lile h been ain
hi'SC eMr trails ae, nt o . ..... I.ts total purchasesao to ,1 0 8d ee. pd n t c erk ,C t u
SJCA re. Ds .c. schooh Cumu o contributed $102 to the mnonthe that is, since the
alO IT010141 oAU ....................... 0. ,.o ,.. . . .+ lo i dAwsore:-,. ,.

o be we MM Sa o a. lnt .n sC Car hlnae w th icater ea ahl oea w.rr ce na t ons le as9.....Foeen
Thee Rronodmfnation :00a

5 Ml Ide o e Md Mefe.e x e ....e......... y...........0 peae o nthe week'sa list ,AIRO, Jnue n (Reuter) .-T e follows: Mr. V. Wester, sto be
patf raea wa s neat .... M eeto ie*I M.l* -.- h alseonr l the w a enlist of u Medterranen Air Forces have re- fourth alsstant clerk, Eastern
02100M e il Bt nf, atll, & Co. t.pGoo.rdeNchase25.s 7`118Port-oySpainCiti.Cwhose'

B n ent.......o.. ......" S,0 total inv tment s tn calved R euaae of thanks from Market, MISS ruino, to be re-n
m t $L370 Io rt Ol Tt' fcce for their in-lieving clerk, Town Clerk's Office,
i~ine of . + ll put up $36 of whic Diego +tmifled air assault against Ne-Mr H. Valdes, relieving clerk.
aM those in Vchy. o ur. io 8County t m gYugoslv during 'Acco tant' e; Ms Met
ln retained arl the r >*', ..... 5.souno dy RABb, i RePrk, C ity n1
lw that t ha t ab rdity Mr. 1 Tm ............ I0.00 Polnte-a-PIerre put up $28.0 and Altogether Alled t y- Office, Miss D. Kaa rton, re evng
tl qf the entire Mr. !. Ni st .......... S.oo for fthe s ec eod nsecutive week t r y flew about 20 es. 2, City Engineer's O ce: Mr
M. Arcer ........... 3.0 earned a b lace for County Victors Prom all t operations, which L. er a. lty COnstable and
the Alliest have Mr. Pedro otsae .......... 2..0 on the week's .ist of purch. ers, included hel .B bomber attacks on Mr. M. Holdip, s anatitry Inspector.
f~rst ~ ~ Aeetial ~ ... .oo Following Is the analysis of pur- rail centres in eastern Hungary________
hieaont hd..orE Mr. am Mmte eo.... 10:": 00s chseS rad" boroughs and aoun- and hRumania five aircot are Bis- ep.
as orer olnia. 'NanMr.are &nti esu p eto kl

as. .i JU *Men d ......... ... .* ,o-tin ..$2 ...................... s.1a ewr c
u a g ale, ra n our Mr. -LB t ............. 10. 00 Tiees u hrn borou g o S in eKE srrtin eas r
retained all their Mr. Jsh SOe .........8.. s00 ooatR tO ltRPIM )
M alliane ta" our e- Mr...L A NO ...................... +.1 Fer.g o ....................... ,1,0.. 50 sEW YoRK. June (AP A,- ,
W Ars.i al Mr"to ..... ........ 4... 20.0F rna .. ... u $18.. coming.. $1opr mot nwhcr 1,1 .R.
have been newly&A1- Mr. 11. .0tswtsoa.P 5.0h CoU $T615 6,11b, L.To SVIET Mr. Charles Kalbeeh, War hin ppinb

H, lmtM~ a ASon e 4 w ath he Mr. a 1. K omy- l ................ m.o P~ara na T ................. fot,0l0. T LKS d WITH SOVIETS
C.S Ponay s1, ..0 S .b." .a.ha i e Adminittstration Regiieonas Director
[we ourseves recognise ,Istdc, bY MiSS Aut (Ape.? Cereal....................~ 43,430.40 MOSCOW, June 3 (AP)--Mr. for the Mediterranean Area, said
n.tSTa ssuoo wric Jnobnstce president ofthe to- a that te ,meincan thd
a A ............ 100.040 S t Audrof/St. David . ,1 nitd tir
EA- we. Mr.s 2uU .. .. ..a..p.20.00C. Nouc,' ifvio/Mtaaio.e r et l
i.....tentan Lo i5 Vict.oria .................. e--s-- r ba b- talks with the destruction to Vhe harbour of i
tike theattgot anl Mrs. .A u 1stus. 0.-... 00.. o bago4 lastody. Re saw the a rke t
T an atiot w hich Mrs. N. noata t............ ..00 Wbn ..e.War to -r.... a B e 46,0 b chairman of the All Union Chain- ______.____S_- H__xy lI__o
"to in t e rat he r, sh Mr. K. 'otnnr ................... n t dar tat..00 e wer k. Come re Fd Mr. Ac exey
N e i Wo h fdefat.r r. . T. edn .bymiss....m.. .. .a. ... ............. ................3fl sr.1 U 01.-Web ste, t bhie
la ofneiFrm thenr Mrs 't nelr. e........ ..-h Perman D e fSnt renceicerne.vherka. itLr
It op wherh thae Mr. cutliy ....................... 25.00 fo Ma t in B rn tYounl be e *
ton of wn hhr tCs Ihav Mrs. D Aixiar .................. 00Mr. Tito's r es tr their Mr. r a At u
Fre e w res 1 M. ......St ........ ......-... 0. V l r $3,40
-aeb C...che- .......................1,00 C ouncilrge d N.mW Lllfff W a-
rom o thne Mrs nu. I:- M 2 o. utup$30f Urh iged ati enild aiasulagainstGerom..E.,H ValesreUiUvig Ucerk

l oth rt o i caM. Cal ........................ too, tal p urcses amnt t o u "W tw W das Babb .n h rk Ct y l
absuine y r dtingty u~r.,? 1. l* at Thvem" .. 30.00 be mad iere pup t upg $a28.80 and Atoeher Alliedje arircrato~ yes- ra Off c, M n D. irna. relieving il

I,' o th etr M .a .O.. .a200 Vf oRDo eeond nseCylvlaea, June
is al s ry tM M 3 nad... ................... ares )p le ) rM r nt.i oH g t an, O rio n. ow-ic y o n F peer ra l)-bf ore F
tests. Allre ihn have .Pd rton 4 te we.00 A m en s o it o to B rase antd .- B, Rilumert nr.,o y eniay indn e' t hatines
501~Mt 140. R mananfve iMr.f arenr ad 2.0 saa .-~ eewihrsoe otf rgu
whc r r. UaNd r. T 30as..00 e e llh#0mtlg In c.esut taiy ii asmleh 0 tet

tka ry naiiseas herthei M r -ia kBo."". .....Ire..... of .permleont tounol of ARBUR F r0
Ster e, here the ,. CMr. ............................. aiu onal De n t..mei...D i 3s... m ri.d lot or, h
_w M11. mew. WarN .d............... 6.40 exandr T ALK S WI wTH lB h.. Amr. Charlets r Alut e Way
fMr. Motdp eLoud ........... .... 1. 0u ataeMri l _. ao..d eas. to take h a n.ew and p 2owerfl0
t alere the workers' ia-M..Jis e.... -.. .?S, Mr. isR "O A O Ami to r
ou r selan es reevery her eC yM seteoAs e aoU oi erate 3 A) The 0 OSCOW, June3M i atorr rt acts dire tly on A rea, s Id
atent desire to C. iL. V debMurs h................ ........ 0o0.L Pit'sJ S. ...U.. would....... ..... Ine s ia l u and
knAli .ty to M-r.if Fd Ms. *sa Arlied deoteavid1 thr 4gh h es neee puSr, blood.of th tda t eA ecansof dts
:ar n Mr.a. r , o vau 20.00Natr/Mym ...........""'? ooo n itd Statese Cla mbe o Cm-m Bri tishhae to._o s_ .ll r .eps

l ik e of All r P A u s...............T go .. ........... 1 4
M irsst L netes t e tl...... ....... .ir of and i ea iof seo the AnU eion tan Cs to men inrtfctio on v(.T!ne ran

^ nct o Ut nd ~ s 0.o Gree's n ." ...i..- S-S Pbooby w e.S the and -men t reinnSn ThiS e ervous, your brsiu powerti.__ meoy n
deit se timent and Ms HAlbe. Cuulu.............. i... De.part t e the ty CN- w lstFn D o swnthndNriele- -t--po ---
in A S ctMOL ColleWted by Mrr.nC. ae guardian ore war, t Nvy lss. Holly.w floo he mda t test a ro b Ueat II
t oM rs. .M a tlda L ou s John a.d d...r0....ser......... strai nig t an da Aoerce enn is o av i l at
dU e OW G haulle Mho sMie g.a h...a .. ...... 1. .00 OA I ON T andreuithebetofmeia-rl seri e.chemisshere, o I.Ts om M Ifo
" Sdo ofw aich It he -Ollesat a..., PT ON Al ER maitan normal Weht ad H lth. comlnt today.e ut it to the test. I
i .n lone eAxis tw e A i To, IL T .... .T al. W.......(rNaP --lme tye Wo(Aar r roarlEe2Sthe b dtne YI. Take the fel
ofWmt our ^ '- Toee.b M. v AIe Commn through the free atiOs5r that is now btn^tn!eoa bottln. sht
i eati te o r and M rs A d a 3 I::"l;' pDTtdt oaor o1 t e T IA.el4lo* en M th ra nt a you fne r .g ou _, *en a
.'PSee. The entire Mr end-- Mrs. -egj 17"'a' ,... StS1 l, l lhel Mb it5 ea ll physlois, Ia .ITorm the n, money ma .kon r trn of_ em p ?
I .l t e rl So tt ........ .... .........was .n- -- -..,rominen.tly.In w*-

of thle deepest In-. an rs ... terdit al aelbnHted0I~t Ia pleas- I O!~ 41vI.T53I eat o l~nitl andz the gear. I
mntic of life and from -Mauie~ro 1y'................-...... sdos ... bootyms traps laid the o annet ell l m twabiele e, for m. Ths one- at prlo teot von,. VTb esu
r fe t fen rt he m .BEn r a.l and f.a.i........... .00 9 Coun.crilcUgekna'sP asbt
unot y oMr. Hus A.r .00 --- Mtorneycrt
lstlon hrus Mt. d S... vtl. rIeyr on
Irou s abed l M su .00 br r nn sJound flesh hut
.... sce Mrs. A (T.) Montos and ak... .-e m. and w e fee -f lout olokfo w i
Dg' slam^ as. suffor^ tra nerve banndPalld
the Wold he1theasote IQl...o._oah............ 600 t h We am-B u e.nlhapns is nowe
1'+m I~t~e n .r.. C. -o...l r...... ,. tm roffoen, wil tal iii member, m t G e fi g
will 00whichanMr. adM..Witrs .T 2:40 ta 1bihe Nst in Ltear nd Socal th ~T ak o el andh elhnaAmrcneml

A w r. FILed k .T ................ 1.00 soo'SclWhfr W rkestoresyYoeneuul
5-04'. to the Frnh Mr, we.................................... o0 -...............mel trn.,-n
orglc nqered p rtf end DO WN4fy f 1g G PermandstCourtroonatialtyIeiatflohome=
Ievolt. the refusawl to e .c ...........e ...... l .1Kti nm o n Fd AJ nedW WoW e The

-"r. .Nervous n
Swas not born of a M. ui. Amabtret ....... 1.s00
We th MIn Vte its us ......... .. 1.00
oe f Wew orke t-O.M ..... S.5..
~~~54 Nervedat and viptbli has ben post

"I Lea Pal
everyhi ng toMo r .aMrow s. oe doert"b ad po o n tnsan W

n ,un+. K ili&lrTn
JtT. J/Of WH141nuEN
Presents Eepnila.m
NM.To"Na oTO
COT.ITIONS g . .m,
UXASYBL ayodth tsed"'poe" b :buanoI

* t|&es 1MW i-a -MInS win
KelyMeesh 8Va7>~ AMienDestd~b
'ede =Atd",DsWf
am }p law ms~ tlay I I 1111111 1


in half
-. the time
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qpwlil- *7 afotnalnsuv w frit
Yow ImW elumist or druWn.
New W. C. ROSS a CO., 17, prlerich
hree, PmtWf.Span.
3pnahn Ltd., ughbmorou*h, Hashal

IP Nights





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A Million Twins

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i,.',: _____. /
Sl- i2 ami ON ahe ceavo R elief PU d with a 0"
SIN toM emt Def -a Dlt am a
4V s O mmw _w _

-wilFleet I KO.

Mf Hockey final
a CD f up and
bythe ldinof fe i n M anna
players. the picked team _. h- hoc
soe to t b eg. key".nokout Av ca.
VMSthe performed y v knockout final Wedes.
Wuh ReonrdandSylmvIa OR M __,_ _.
Wmiais doeg a the shooting for after holfigu .two
"dir do- ev-ntua~ly IwhlpTed M 8.1,
of 0Vwa n hardkrnWpn IW TP IOTa. ,~ hlsw
thai Sri9l useig MOedOme splendid victories this
AS 011*004 itO will de- secion.
Void stly mane Clunl The winner of Motnday.math.I
shooting and a Sen game is anti- w clah with the all-powerulI
ite" et x Air Arin "A" In.the knockout
Tlo" t. for the game ..,, bef isal fixture, whi h holds the spot-
b- iadvange frn H. l of t. week's gapes.
bir-11t n 8VIAMffm9- GVIA Flollow~lar''091the fixtures:
Ltd. ______ Moday-IOTA. vs Rugby Club
.. at BSt. James. ((A): umpires Mr.
1SJ/LXA W T^ touhit W Mr. Olsisher.
To ulGate Bid To W y-winner of (A) vs
eIet Air Arm "A"; umpires r.
Beat Promenade Daunt a mr. Agostii.

Outsider Wins
wasdjj a two of tht four .al -t-
eW i sAw g 'mes ;- Belmont Stakes
Toll date and m ofmenif ou mse w YOR, June 3 (AP).-An
uded their spotlight duel, and outsider, Bounding Home. won the
I GOte are In agd position to eimont Stakes, as P:nslve, wirnnr
moe an outright win. of the Kenturkyv Derby and Prk- -
,MarmiB conceded the points to ss, failed to make It three wins
SoUio, while the Middlesex-Good-1 n a row.
Wll, and LMShOlds *Oriental Penslive ran second by a half
matches were washed out. Ianth. and Bull Dandy third by
Toll OGate, who ast SaturdAy eight lengths.
dittled out Promenade for a mea- The winner paid $34.70 and ran
re runs, declared their Innings the mite and a half in 2.321-6
losed after coring 12 runs for -.... --
the loss of five wickets. ,
At the end of he day's p .y, they Rain WashesO lt
had captured two Promenade Out U
wickets for 22 runs. sted y
Harold Phillips. Toll Gate open- sterday S port
g batsman, batted doggedly to -
WO*r 54 undefeated, while skipper Third day's play In the Bonanza
Ayoub Haseanallti n his usual bril- first class, fouwth round matches
Mnt style, contributed 89 not out. was washed out by heavy showers
Promenade's best bowler was the of rain.. ...
left hand ace. Harry Nelson who The ladies hockey league final
took two for is. mixture between Wanderers "A"
"---"- ; _____ and Ventut'es "A" was alo -'t
C T i I ye .ayed on account o1 rain.
C. Mclntyre Wins .
Jun G ,l Med a Tobago Fall In With
June Golf Medal Ping Pong Association
C. M. McIntyre and L. H. Palmer Stnday Guardian Correspedeit.'
with a nett score of 67 won the SCARBOROUGH. June 2,-Move
JuneMon -ly sMedal of the St. to co-operate the nlyu"J
ORN at their lHi Tenhis Asociation 0
in8 Ti> T ad and Tobago at 6 a
w as Net ewithI oS pin f on thusiasts hU d
ILo. U. orrin and Capt. yeserday with Mr. P. 0. Maynard
tobinson were third with M. presiding.
Th qualifying round for the It was decided to abide with to
P.7 Cup wa held in conjuctlon rules provided, but to suggest to
with the Medal play and the fobl- the council in Trinidad, that TOV
lowing qualified: C. M. Mclntyre, bago should havs certain of the
L. H. Palmer, 0. B. Martin, Oapt. council delegated to It, as provided
M. Robinson, J. D. Dickie, D. Moore, for in rule )9 (7), a. d that one o*
P. Relbeiro. and A, B. Rchnltter. the six councillors provided for Io
A 0. Hale also qualified but was the rules should be resident In
mabloe to take part In the match Tobago.
lay round and Bchnltter took his '
war saving certificates tourney San Juan Man Cycles
ue t as follows. To Cedros And Back
IM-ihole: 1--4clntyre O(31). 2- Herbert M. Greaves, a 29-year
tl (10li), 3-Major N. F. Rea old San Juan rin, who has never
)I). he r n done any track riding In his life.
teen-hole: I-McIntyre and cycled to Cedros and back about
Palm r ..)1-Ha (68), 3-MOr- 150 miles, over Whit week-end.
Wt sad Robinson (69). Oreaves left San Juan on Sun-
day at 6.30 a.m. and reached
7th Round Games odro1 about o'ck % Next day
ihe was greatly t#%mpered by rain.
I 0. +Leaving Cedros at a.m.
In .G. Today rfched back to San Juan at 8 p.m.
In 0G. T y Oreaves, a carpenter of Concord
lSnday Guardian Corrsonde Villagedoes not think he will -ver
TAOCARIOUA. June 4.-ollowiu go in for track racing.
ae the western *one fixtures In the
event round of the Oringe COLTS MIET TOMORROW
Orove erick't beginning today T Mee to w
Ausoville vs East End at a Members of the Colts P.C. will
Bi. hold a general meeting tomorrow
Rt vs Invaders at Rtex. night at the residence of Mr. Ere
Orange Grove "B" vs Barataria Jardine, l Sandhurst Street at
at Orange Orove. 7.30 p.m. for the purpose of eleet-
Northern Orientals (a bye).) U officers for the 1k4 football
*0 season.
The North All Pours xLeague
committee will present the Cup,
and prises won by clubs and play-
eran In the recent Championship VlW
Tournament this morning at the U ftU nu
t Recreation Club. INDIGESTION

.iver n WALLOP YOU
Liver Tonicnwm
Restores Health w" T
feu~t on..tI ityem c iserIJ Sqda dket~ I h esue- Z ths1

O FlLot amII 't hhen

ia To~ to bew tfesclea4 lMu a-~~Bkw-fe
"+ u uirM to ttkk emm fl *" '*:,.
-Mit tota. IN +'**iwtapit~Tin r!^

^^^^BB -S M MA

'.u^^h|tNow" 1

jA~NUM B im U i ^O uiU-Dj.- '_oC'. :nt_ i< inn

At vallodnay _
.At IN A!" a y No IMst p _a. aM e ; 216l o i[ _111"
S--w. o.. Tft hamve bf .w u ftem x o mme 0ml mWNelmf t so
Soutfdn Geei oent% -~n 0>01I- WM0 aoT O
S.Crip~mto Tjmj Glenee iiAiG Kibew Oift d saus me tsmenii s-
In,_ jy hUM Wts and mothegrams o f kmass e theo.w", ui--
A wed Arm"'Vf owu u wa or of ur tecd twehmft Ja
l".t Jf'5ertag1ysave '_ ssodm acco, trofUo Irhoift "Me' t.... o
ui~e~jii a n the "Dallytedayhowever .
QusesT is ha b~u r .^J^ ceS T wit

MMOU ( ofesbso .deLi~r I~ren. ,withd Mr. AI,,_.,... .
60 AU*4 TF.0 109=both the
he icm toweft el de-
bpuNh toeTA of Sem i-Final
aft"N. O Ve.:n 0 lt <> Bet _^-^-v_ --.._ .

fr^^ n. Proote 3 for the..e N ew U Io ,me NOW", i .

L Lohen ( ., M.Rei ~n ll~;331~fl I~', U nl I/I" n.u ir s l*ne w it-
7hm("aut ne)'. (o. g A Hm. .twosno ^"L.M. tup y pa.. .y 4+ m 'ti.
(IAM) H.0.=tNo. t)R. Wood to ee eIn ael am td to. d t tO o*.,..-btingInseem.
foid), S (t o 1n mm ). a w e eneag.e to .ndmre mayt hn an. U* r .m
R.Hadkett 4 chnsm 2!),U.1Juin eus oth dsacsa at.

eGardtiatn) Ion i(l tenown ae hCla hlanimals l n h he 19Oangrove recreation gr'und
tve iwenanwXd on the wll assin, M wo o .ftr ten to m elsy d.plMlthlwt
IA), J. Jattan (8.Crispin M. Ne s R .ItI "s earyIn ,tc ,to, .ve.., fo brst f" ois'y
Mason (Umeborwne)r, n. de L tair. On it oat him, With WA.r A ',. oto-ut-D four
(Fromn Pritb1hlaa nd0. OD4'e A. c wicr-yka Dr. dofor 21 tb

PhW~ltM(~) Btbman". d-Ftt' wk'h a"Sr tol bowlfthed and gt KMd~
he (Q. ri. H. 12th M la), G nnwe Re TA" 'areo but Iowe tad Oagree ,i.t
The Rahaiut second as o will that this h hndso nee 1 ho ledft siAthr 9 el iedto ft.of

be presented by the following. has a r future., He boa a have tven Pri wBes Towa thehda
I. 1,ochan (capt.). K. Reid 67 c Bredefinitely tay but to C6101 2 mbnJI I n4 ap5d

(outhls. aNalns ipSSn C4 y^ e ee unfit tegfi nal at T. Tobs dw S.
Snee (T oub):n a. Lui ch N Saur. WsWure. 'al e eleven.

Ph (ro. ); 0. DanIK Bread to na'e hM few o the Pecond efforttoof-bpaifn.
J. Williams ( ; ; Batchasnlhd o, Frto Luck, has ta nord of "mthhere on White Mayon

Gre11 ricketir P '"1 lu rad
Vjr~~~il d~l~~L o natr say .he would have
j. eerge h ch amp.. on ut the races bm it t P I o0 0 Ide
I S i teh), (Wh.ioe would ee wn even more Inter-, f t wy he
Maeeo(4&ra ,' No. 1). t'e for an outing to, Trinidad ie; but In tht, replay yaterapq,

THURSDAY'S uMiiTCHt show, the "oraion" teethe 8stuff W ebowlen. were realiv "on W'.

The tIe5t cup cricket aompaeto u r ehow he i classified I in i-It. ore
which w not oontestdlut year incidentally thate sdard eput orin The math was PARLOUR witht
w be Pa yed a gin ths seon B.. would be Interesting to see special- permissionn Of the Directr
tative eleven and among the SIIOc- ho. shapsof Education
tators will be Mr. Nelson Betan- I kn~ow that 7"idad tigflti
court former Trinidad % isponted when he VwAs ________
Mhe St. Crispin's tes:i VbentVen oer terelst Christmanu
Tested to tronw il. where he would have, come u
arainst Pippin, Bewl edune and 12. Broadway.
Pi .,wI Bread to name a few of the 7 Port-of-Spain.
ton,ranklzlg creoles there to re-.'Phone 5864.
GrllCrcktpresent the various ilns
GreUCricet Ido not SLY he would have'
emerged champion but the races N TC
wouldon atng have been even more inter- N TC
The Grell cup cricket comnpetition
which was not contest!d last year incidentally the standard Set fOr CAFE & PARLOUR
will be Played again this iseaon B.13. champions by my dontem- II
The competition will be opetted poarisno vryjigh if he un-II OWNERS
M ~ un n im nin- o. Li .,,io nti h e Po*tol. 111 11

Wt WlM Uin W coutL of1 ia.
George and th 3 committee intends
to make up for the 1943 blank year
thI season a bumper success.
As there will be no other compe-
titions in this county in the latter
half of this year every effort will
be made to encourage every club
to take part this eason. Applica-
tiopa to b. sent to M. Lrahlm.

CBNx- .ociurm n&O"c
OW Hookey section of the
Chinese Athletic Club request that
their players turn up to Practice
tomorrow, Wednesday, and priay
this week.
The Northq rn Amateur Football
League will hold their annual gen.
eral meeting on Friday, June 9 at
50 Richmond Street starting at s
and sick headaches resmit from ex'
ess or Insufficient bile LAI
the vwRctble lautt nvr pill
Fifty susar-esated NIL
quickly remedy three liw r aMa-
Waints and relieve ocomthwMu.-
and indlbematlo .

Neok Avmenu-4t. Ann's
'Phlee 5441.
ool. and comfortable oet ,n
saaclous grounds. Newly re-
novated. Two minutes from
tram. RIervatlSeto on app-

whom he described as B.G.'s
c nmpion for 1943, was not a fail-
ure at the Christmas meeting in
Trinidad. If he considers two sea-
onds in a four-day meeting good
enough for 'he champion of British
Guiana t b ; is nothing more to
be said.
can assure hiit that If Trinidad
had sent the mighty Zollas to B.G.
to throw down the gntU to all
and sundry her sTn -acng
me would have considered two
seconds to be a dinmal failure.
I repeat that Porcora always
s' jwed promise in Trinidad-at ex-
ercise particularly-but was da0-
itely a failure before. his Aine
Performances at Union Park.
The Gent)emen-Players match
which We A fixed for Whit Monday
and was washed out by heavy
rains, has been postponed to
Thursday, Corpus ChristL Players
are asked to get in touch with the
respective capta&W:-Mr. M. Phil-
lIps c/o0 t~vidson & Todd, and
Boysie Downed.

Topkal Batteries
Let Us E1u1l0 Yew ON
TROPKAL r build a Aw em
far y ew 1adlo o UIGTING
We have a Hlmted eamsty1
of Iiw US Batterln .

Statdard Motor
Prwt-^B Jh ri

Fill in your Name and Address and post to
C. R. OTTLEY, Scarborough, Tobogo.
NAM ........................................
ADDRX S .......................................
.nd a Coyw of "a HISTORY OP TV l ISLAND OP
TOBAOO IN T W T NDUS" from its discovery to
the weent dv will be reserved for you. This book will
alo contain t j of Imports, orts, Populatio
evnuMe and txBdier of OLD TOBAO nd Illustra-
tos of Ports, and other laee as they wer'in Ins,
ta- btxxH an original boek of sketches and paintings
b older stationed there at that time.
Shesmber Wo e* Is ver limited.
VU wmlob Vol lbe tON ye
PRICE $20... $2.00
_ - - - -o T -O-A Y

Ample Supplies of-



are available

throughout the colony

SpenCer J. Kirton, Ltd., 2 SIoodwoy, Port-of-SpOin.

We are now able to
offer yoi suvolles of
Amerian Cantv at the
followin wholesale
rates :-
Per Case of 4 12-os. Packet.

Eugene Bolilere
" &Co.,Ltdl


Deane Street, Si.
SATRDA&, 1AH P.M. eo
uliNt .M

^miil. ,.^- ^^^^

B^ ,. ; '^("f'y '^MhB^

ReMmisi 'ml su

flera9 Eye Treu0ee)
abMmlmVeune oserls.
C Wounds. elte.) -
Piteh Supplies of the above
have been received
and are on sale at your Drum

Neglb EiUJ & SoeI
A-iey Dept.
I4, 7 Ca40tte trel.
'lBONi 4128


It's always fair weather when
you shop by telephone.
Our No. is6520

VT Denvec Promptly

Trinidad Pharmacy
1-. VHraoi*k StreetL 1.0.

Instructed yhi R. A. SHow, Xs4..,
we will seu aU his good and speclyI
designed Household 3urnlturS, etc.
such a&-- '
Pakir Oy Sigle Bedsl BPringa.
Mattress, C Lady's
Dresser and S Mes tar

Oe0rwork, warry..

De Witf Antacdd Powder
,tpi *asft t rele lt It
colrrcts stomach trouble
B uestttaly.smce a
O=, ml ft
anIt s orpw ond-t |
Re i MM~weabMe tMs mhe
=1it be Weft "nUed Aewdf
W." =4 yye mM be 'mojg

m>i- as iii~n nns~'


THURSDAY, JUNE.I (Kin' Birthday)
i, +;, .

Porty (0) ?art Girls' tse.

One Mandntf 'Cum
Slxtv (a yi MbA Rse.

3BA7u WIUL -


Valuable kstato o gppo ob acrsI
an mata rux ROM4 wMt oonsider IB-...
able stretch of luain River boud Rt* I Na
mg property 4,000 full mapef ._.
trees, 8,000 ToMa Bean u =es r- C WIE'S
ouw ages; 7,000 Lin Trees, Orango
Trees; very vluabWle Timber, O. vL
buftm om 1TEA I
Proerty ofes met atta ; -a a 1
cWty w% ithgads- te and ; oen W
did efr batthing. lacm nest
with flat and sloping pound.
cool, with good" view II
Property Is served b uh nad. T H U R
"MALABAR OUS," Beaumontm
Avenue, Maraval. Most elegant re-
inforced concrete throughoutu) ragl EtI.S. 3J
dence; 5 bedroom, lae IM nandI
dwnin rooms, Jad gpma fet o
suite, other bathromomip Mt floor.
AU Sttngs sew -pwtd. 4
over 10,09 5,.' nidbd
Valued bl adlnot
toe In at O
0pa pINTIi AODnnoM..
ment Concrete Bldig, No, 4 L e
Duke Street.-Price- $1400.
Rteal stato Broke".
"Phone 91.







9. :


58 Frederick Street

:: 'Phone
',** !'

-Attention! Customers Att

Have ou hod the p(lemuri of tastin,
our impre "SOLO" lEVER
When next you pkce your orders ithy
prlour deWalrb he it to dwwand ad
with the following dekioum and fremIhol

"SONS" COLA (OfItffsk
'*a mw bm we a

*m,"M ie (MI"

WJi 'I f

'Th ni':ee w..

(8 a
. N< -



1--5-- ftof. ***-I Dry I. B
IftMMM-t -M&%f WM.1 Sr. a. &L. Aa~i
ThU m lqcatMie pwvides nlergee .1 o
Ipwm, mor convenltusk m*ee cmoko
~preVe sec o petlewig ,,f '

BIN AMA2U1 2 O3N= A am.
SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1944 at 8 a
Pant Pfsemeb -se thto f o Cafbfteaf Fa
a..COh (Dal) ADAMV 6. KmNMW do
LwMht Uofwwalaht Amateur
Ohamo.-lYIme. a
of SCUMt COMM~ea face of Blotg
PbVR R6669 l^
MN MeKKEi# vs. gal
aBatam Amateur Char
Welterweight Champ.
of South Caribbeoa Forces (3ebi
I ibs. ..........
Tam R OUlmE
ADMM lN-Ge (Rngbde anM DaMeo) ....*
ofStand ("wUbe"ue .....
With the kind nerisson of the Bonin Board, f a

I^ ^ ^ ^ ^WW ~ W W f

' * t '.- .

wIwWww% -W

S_ s4DA7 GUA4MAN K 4, 1.

i I r nrcmotedm
vto egybt, ,and
ld under the
-i!Ke$'be Timothy
O- e-tenrded to
of the city and
S they have s-
] W|oMinte ntintion to
V Ineg race from
I, vV, to s4Mner
qe the 21-Itnm pro-
ieft attractions will
K' cycle race and a
.mlle oMen, in whnfh
41l North will be
"'wil feature from 100
Athletic and Cy.cle
the aooointed man-
Mr. A. N. Alexander,
Piety by the 1.30 a.m.
c lnmt prize will be

i of the snorts to be
ws will be donated tq
:welfare Leaue. and
'o Interest to cyclis'S
'ioycl, orlze hag heen
IMr. Harry A. Walker
ea oen event.
i|g interesting 19-Item
are several flat and
In, cluding events for
nfod bovys trd athletes
$ty of Caroni.
rominent persons of the
Donated uorizes, and
Ma rt is'ly'tm have tien
ilgorcus training,
,jaeeting Is expected.
be o'Ai cvcle rAces
S a h.!f to five mlos.
ha 100. 70 anA 440
a a one-mile flat race.

und Results
*0e90atlon Club tennis
got underway a" ta
iso Tuesday. : d sozud
games were witnesses.
foun games wILl be
I week.
AUllahar won from
3lir 8--ti. 6 4.
Swon from W. Bichow
--No play.
diB. Ooolcharan won
U6-2. 6 4
from N. M. As-
t e won from S. M.
-t. atynard won from
6-4, 6-4.
IMs won from M. Dwarl-

Pnast S6ftiTekm I

Cup Prizes

For Barataria

Sports, June 11
Cup prizesm have been livan by
Mr. C. A. Damanie and Mr. L.
McLean for the 100 and 300 yards
events, respectively, on the Parsa-
taria third day athletic and cycle
sports programme sponsored by
tae San Juan Athletic Club on
Sunday, June 11, at the Baraturta
With the Arangues Estates, Ltd.,
as patron, the meeting hasM been
extended to a third cly, as the
most important events were wash-
ed out by rain on *ie second day,
Whit Monday.
Two bicycles, one for the 9-miles
open and the other for the 5 miles
"B" and Intermediate Classe
cycle events, are among the prizes
The Industrial Gau Company
has offered a cup for the 440-yard
feat and tne Arangues Estate for
the 2-miles "B" c'riss cycle race.
The meeting will carry a 20-item
card, and along with the bicycle
prize for the open 9-mile cycle
event, there will be three ap-
prizes donated by Mr. A. N. Alex-
ander. Mr. J. Whiley, and Mr. A.
J. Alexis.
Post entry will be allowed to all
athletess and cyclists.

Caroni Ground
Christening Today
Sunday Guasdla Corupoadent
CAR1NI, June 2.-A new play-
gr un'd prepared by the Caroni
Suear Estates. Ltd. and given to
Merry Boys C.C. of this district,
w I b christened today at 1 p.m.
Mr. A. L. Knap'js, recently ap-
pointed manager of the Caroni Vs-
tate, will perform the christening
ceer'iny and deliver the first ball
in the match, which will be played
between Mirry Boy 0.0. and a
teem selected from members of
other clubs In the district and
from the staff of the Sugar
Merry Boys will ulay:--
Sookram David fcapt.); ukhdeo
Boodoo, Ramsawak, Ohanansingh,
BalsdeoMa9wraj, Usmah Moham-
m.1. Yusuff Mohammed, Bcodram
B ecoo, Basdeo Narlne. Dne-
y*:.-r.ghRal'Modlkan, and
Boodram Pocan (12th, man.)
"Thi Rest" will play:---ajad-
harslngh, Kalloo (capt.); Tullock.
Woods, Knox Praeman, Slenmartne,
Hera, Bhadalse, and two others stinging C.C. and East BEnd

yAt Piarco Today -
NiO Sports C.C. will iiiii ___ i
t4 Piarco today to meet W
SAnM in a friendly ga War Clouds Hang
00ation will be provided Very Low
,l Air Arm truck, leaving
puns police Station. at 1---. -
ITHE tension In Europe will no|
a Sports will play:- doubt soon burst. Let us prepare
bgh (capt.), S. Sing, therefore to rejoice together over
ffS. 8 r. Singh, R. Victory of the United Nations.
Snxar, F. Mohammed, .WHITEB LINEN DRILL:-ult-
IJsAdimoolah, C. 6or- able for Gent's Evening Wear it
UM)In R Beagobin, J. $15.00 per 2 pce. suit or Dress Coat
. Ie "only, $12.00.
aliranb Correpondent qualityy suitable for 0ocers end
1%.ierrspenn ~other Dress Wear at $35.00 and
lune e-Spitfire, a n ly 00 o per 2 poe. sut;
in the dlstrilot will
Or ticket debut this after- KHAKI DRILL:- British Khaki
the Arlura Savannah Drill at $14.00 per 2 pee, suit.
Wk Works. -
,,Om (capt.); Paul De -
-capt.); victor Mart- Fitz-Clarence Spencer
* Dmln, Yuaf Khaln, Taller Major
91 lustatft ROh.6in, Paul .
O4. Boyce, L. White. 14 Marine Square. Mast,
Donald Chai-utte, w. Near RC Cathedral,
Ittr Peeaun 'Phone No. 4670.

ronca Beans

Highest Prices Paid

SII. Kennedy & Co.. Ltd.

Itch Slopped

te eSeretnow. of It Se"a oe > 4 M jtt
use you to lea. your T~on dJ~>i w o' o ~W Ka' r
eolsettfl1 way'. ad d' e tS __;<, <
*ate* ?
afi ~ ~ -*n l -I iiui i n l ii i1 111 n i ii i m l 1 M

ohm th eMl-
a-if,- a
wo ~ fa a~i

FxedFor Corpus

Joseph And West Indian Crickt X Listed

spinal Top To PlayAllEngld OnJune 10

?43 Scorers off,&" V. f* ewe now Orku mawb *a ft" i is
all& n I Ow .Of Um b*i m*telo uarded for the Leds gVm= this mawww.

un T.A.A. meeting on PMdSS
Wardlaw, the Pleat Air Arm
was next on the 1It with 17
Four hundred and two goals were
sewd this year In irat Clans
Following ate the leaIdig goal-
31. Joaeph la, 3. Mapleal 11, J.
Wardlaw 17, 0. arding 14, 0.
Govia 14, J. Stollmeyer 14, R. Seon
12, S. Hamel-Smlth 10. P. OTr 10.
H. James 9, J. Bart 9, H. Brath-
waite 8. A. Joseph 8, J. Alkie I8,
C. Downes 7. e. Cain 7 and B.
Thompson S.
United British was called the out-
standing t'am In the Colony last
The secretary's report stated In
"I beg to offer congratulations to
the Fleet A',- Arm on their winning
of the First and Interm'dtate
Leagues. The orthodox manner of
play was responsible, in no little
measure, for the success which they
"I offer my congratulations, also,
to evidencee for their second suc-
cess in the S'cond Division, and to
MJL Base for winning the Wilson
Cup. U.B.O.T. cannot go without
praise for their success in our and
Other competitions, and those per-
formances without doubt mpd'
them the outstanding team of the
Colony for last soison."

Indian Team Oppose
Motion Pictures Today
Indian Recreation Club eleven
will p'.ey the following against
Motion Pictures on Chinese
I unds today:- K. Mathura, B.
hadto, C. Chlckare, R. Hostin,
B. Dawrika, R. Sohun, H. Bedeshi,
H. Williams. W. Barrow. W.
Pataysingh. Finley, B. Singh, and
A. Bush All.

Following are the figures in the
K.O. cup competition of tioe Pem-
berton Cricket League:-.
Motion Picture v I.R.C.-J.
Inniss and J. Williami: Siwell v
Bradford,--R. Liverpool and A.
Trimmlnglhmin Essex v Hut.chl,-
son's XI,-I,. Johnson and P.
Steward: Fordham-a bye.
All matches must begin at 8.30


ortst Meetings

tchAtlletes ToRace F

And Skinner Park 1

twaort e*WN on Corpus OClbat4, rumnagy, ?
-00% eWesMtlo groundand tthe St kin-
athe Oow* leading wheelsmen, Mn4 a
tl Ious urs, and top-notchers ar stilll ntaln in I .


It? .26,>L 2 1^

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Other atrtUlams at include a
fIxture August 7 and ga in whlch
th Dominiona will oppose Al lVg-
The remaining fixtures e :-
Three ganme fotr the Royal AeM-
tralian Alf force, gabnst the R.A.F
on May 20. The Arm on June IT7,.
ard Civil Defwxo Services on July
Neither the Ncw Zcotander hho quite a etfon* 'xtalr lat, Ste
eluding matches with Sums nsld
Northants, and can call upon two
Test players a Pilot Offtert K. 0.
James and C0. 8. Demuseer,t nar U -
Car,,dians appear in the Lords ft.
ture lilst. however.
The Army piv the R.A.F. en
July 29., and the Royal Navy on
August 19. while A. A. Command
have an interesting fixture a7.linst
tht newly-formed West of Enaland
XI on July 8, and f', BAC OCT-
(Ceinmdhurst) will Liake thelr first
onpearance on the ground on JTu :
14 when thev nlay a To-ds ?VI.
The wartime Innovation. Middle-
s'x and Ztsex v. Rurrev Pnd lrnt
Is fue for AVWust 26, Both Cxford
and Cambridge have 'mes at
rjord's before nmeetine, in the e t-
ton'sy wartime one-day University
MnPCh On June "4.
Owford "* mt. (4r''s Iosoltsl
oN .Tv'ne '1. while r'nibrTd. n's.!t
Tinft.e Hospitals the next fy.
Jt"ii. 0.o
rivil Dr eno" Prat PI"'I' cbh'nl
tm wall represented In the
fixture list.

Chetniks Play
Ping Pong Series
The powerful Chetniks table ten-
nl4 side will clashl with the Gem
Boys of Woodbrock In a friendly
ta,'s tennis series at the India
C'ib, 74 Pembroke Street, on Wed-
nesday. June 7, at 8.15 p.m.
hetniks, who recently defeated
the Maole stalwarts, will make a
bid to keep up their winning
ChtLn'!ts will play: M. Ibrahim
(Capt.), P. Ramperaad, K. Akal,
N Sarkar and Y. All.
Gem Boys will play the following:
L. Prudent (Capt.), N. W"atU. F.
Jakxnan, H. Thorne and F. La
Arimna Girls XI At
Cricket In City Today
Sunrise C C. of Arlma, will op-
pos; QL:e, id Giris It a Irlentily
cricket on the Queen's
IAirk Savannah today.
The umpi'es will be Mr. M, T.
Auguste and Mr. P. St. Hlalre.



Table Tennis

Meeting Today
lqpremstatlyes ef the leading
table tisls cluas of the land wila
meet U" aflernoan at the Chutl"
Amuy Reorwat o Centre, Ib Oon-
nor Street, Woodbrook, for the omur-
poee of la.'nching an asociation
Sir Edward Oumard, Urivate see-
retary to His Excellency the OV-
m'npr, and Mr Courtepay V.
Hitchns, Editor of the Trind4
Ouardla.i,'h are joint patrorns of the
Assooaltion, which will govern and
foster table tennis locally.
Afr. Gharlue Perreira will preside
at the meeting today.
To facilitate representtlvee cf
country clubs, the meeting has
been carded t3 begin at 3 n.m.
Persons interested are Invited to

Melbourne C.C. Beat
Piarco XI At Cricket
Melbourne C.C, Journeyed
Piarco and soared an outright vic-
tory against the Navy men on Sat-
urday, but on their retro vi on the
following day were held to d draw.
The scores were:-
Royal Navy 97: Francis 24. L.
K".tchell 21, .Vebb 12: Mason 4
for 31, and H. Charles 3 for it.
Melbourne 127: G. 'ederick 25,
W. Joseph T17, R. Mason 22, J.
Belford 28; A. Hartley a for 23.,
Francis 2 for 6, and Morgan 1
for S.
Roytil Navy 138 f- .8 dec.:
Fletcher 42, Clarke 21, Powell 32,
Cadman 18; H. Charles 8 lor 36,
Wiltshire I for 6.,
Melbourne C.C. 78 'or 1: G.
Frederick 18, Joseph 14, J. Itor
11: Bowie 4 for 22 and Ia land
3 for 14.


88 Pictun Street. Possession! b.
Malory Street. Possession: 2Ua
Harpe Place, Part Empty: 207
Paris Boulevard, $3,500: 132 Second
Store t, $1,800: 153 Old St. Joseph
Road, $1,600: St. Vincent. Frede-
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Queen Streets: Maraval. Possession
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loans en mortgages.
Real Estate Agent.

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PerfIltls Oil Stove, 1 2-buruar
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Olobe. 1I Trch1hts
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1.-OEM ='oe awtmd aad& e.

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TlIOlNl VACANT--'- Pl"- ^ T j ibelmll 2? xlMVll tOS Mirn[nm in Taak), d1t t w AiMf O'l -tii o L na i -Aen, 0 t lt .'*,'."1"^ -1 ..*n . l OR KtreZ t.OJu nll S*u r
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VO N. e. NOTM 'e BALE -^ I? R nuN. Ita. N ot.s B u and9Newl t n o A. frewVa wiIU Aply ,san
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Wi 40 6t*0 t4.2rD to max 1.1P.m. uB 75 p ftr et L 3 D 1* 1 L OEMti f n watmytmfi.' Apliy aol WANIED TO BU f re

juntM auttl-.ltp ls ou H LBOn sI* 008145.r tin. ICE Tour roclc t aoMay .tior a c ool r you ?tallvu.. Uuarl sf~ol.""JB>. - *neBl.~,~wl l.. USED BOOKx sod )AAOAZiNBa.n Woo

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WANtED. COCO0uT PWKERU and T L IA-IA 0lea- dgry NS-I is or : s u- a
Sachet. for At Co.. Mist.. itisym. EENTM Wone IS

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MoolKtesa t i N any oter way ane-
Moor tInr bereavement owcjInmt
00* death of Our Over am In. Clstr
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i ott-P aul (ox nalvation Army Officer.,
a.- awr.y, May V, 1A44 Id t bt eil
l0u1k t 4 eo tlu Itwv duaW ry.

EULLERIA- Mi V~rmnIca Tolietl and
Stats 't tallWc ADIIl thoe who i .-
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rOOMdle. or In any other way syrm-
AVOMOWf wth them, Ahey ON It
Monobs to do so hasivid"Ily.

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stIo talertIa, t b talng t oebl to or
san t Kdstones, at t lanuy elk*t
y %=~n Uther emjpathy an th, 06.,
don of the death of dear Rbogeanls
110tt-Ptul. (111 llvatloB Army (Mfimi,
0 PRO" &may, May 25, 1944, it being

Uvil to duall Individually.
LNNL IA.-M l nd V ffmtio ata llen eM
*1 O 't thlar biloved fl thor who ite-
the funeral, Meat wreaths, letters

od tu lifeor n nan or 4, 194y. -,
lender be iffth thend, w thl pdath bet

tio Toelld him home tImposublffe I to d

-l-Ia icvlno beV41 and children,
MIT Govd allow. ba hoet sgra

UIO.-In loving nd afoatlnonate ide-
o tLaura Cupkid, who d(patrad dis
on May 30, 191.M
R'6 w f orget yV nor do we Inteld,
e t1nk of you often anid Will to ,f
one and forgotten bv s d youd.y may
ut deer to our memory youth .wl tlLS
--Clyde, children nd otaer wetltve.
ORDIE-th loving memory oftw my be-
ai husband. ISe eorde, who died on
" 4, 1042.,
U life i r len mlant emoty,
10 death silentt Igf..
tnalsAt jlva unto bim" 0 tore,
L IM tperpt tl lthtt ihim upon ima.

*y.m rmt ta - ,.,,
sy w68 reM u In nPeoce. n
tale )Irie dW sal. elfidoltfn (Eve.

5tt9Mtt4OIZ.-Tas l0ving memory of
deer May, wh pe i raway n is

hro.,glo i mrltS 0 you b~ate gem
Bj IW'yotri' m c, les n w

'--Moths-, tent, nrddtildIn aM..
0% Wf51 W I un immeonrl Mni

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*^ ^.^ -Hisl tWWto' tBittN".M
3iA4NXeV&.-Tn llng menfmory oe
rd~rr Mazy, who passd away me this
to, 1941.
hbroiKhiou as 1"19 yon bevs so"

Bi.:--f IMV1Aff MMAROfy Of dur be.
d brother, nnmy J3MBn, who died JoUn
Mon. from un bunt loving memorla,
Death can nver take away:
omTorlea (Mt willt lweys liner
While upon hi earth w tstay.
-His loving late,. Sta-tn em


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1 -..C V w ieLA
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ldMMOO BlAM om-

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isa. 2, 1031 wl)
"o aute mo fegotlCM.u"
-INM O aN nniy bi.
T oift c n ab o i t i t f *
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Tat dama martaIll m
LU. wbe desird, istbt J
Eteral cat wue beet r
-thr Ing l e i
LYNCH.-In aVmeteI Mag
my betlov.ed. burba_, Intn
denar ei Usit toe on Mtay
The mdelight sla i
a* who we lo i v aed
Som e t.ds. inewbUare a
-hu t d 1r de 0
Juaso 5. 154..-M.I.P. .
gone, lot nd atl ottwUL.
-0ft, e ons Sao
ynA V.-In loving mqmf
Reedy, whe depatad Ibis -$'|
hone. but not bMpttl,%
:ayho vaI n oPoe*.
6ur beloved Limc, who
o June 4, lu.x,
One ywIr kee MMS Mnea
when on* we'lowS M*
a40 took her oge, It
Nat Is ouSr hurts 60p
SAMUWL.-Jn to4 m
btod, Io use amue f 11
ed this Uf e Onfuhe 4. 110 .
OIn Some bdrgbt gled teWMJ
With banished "ate 591
We'D meet *aH. ,,
-His tMls git rS m

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* Dinner prepared by e chef wo ki
his enious!
Castle Royal Orchestra -wi
Irma Jarrett!





Chimp Elyjiej 'Phi 836Z




n Saturay 1U, h.,, I,*
at 54Sl "

with Tyrone Power, Gone Tienmey. GoIP

starring George .Sanders, Richard G"c
Loretto Young
Prices of Admissiom-
Bteey $I., Hous 53c., Steb )
(Tx inchuive)
TW ute bet l -A6 tMMe ,,,

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