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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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rges Victors Nazi Attacks ci U.S.T Planes Velletri A d
r odres, T oaca
Moderate Near lasi 'Reach Russia Key Towis F
At Defeated Rs5u IB' LB Rly To Alied Armies
Sa Tank And Folos irRadsT
(;rt-a aThs On Ike Europe
(m.t 'sx)-t HollM the Pope, In a speec h tu BY, R USS LAN O TBOM
spread the hope that peace soon would LONDON, JupeH 3t- 2.SSM5ew DA'i Ao or
Bm bombemrs lleae o m Ad-
today that Ilast trees. Mtae~~~~~~- -an strbusessomewhers in the ML3 ZDURII,3jg oi3(V..m
bad over theworld' but added that the di- with I"Mr ft 44" .AWD MAwt fa)es Xf g Augt r~on te ar.( ans ndinanry jsug lh Svet Unim. today after attack- Army,@ pounding ausahas eifft bo% agMv r nt aOW a.g
K Might Prolong the War. Infnty s taen Europe townsof OwtNels, A~mn =h fel rafeft~
~~ b~~~s~~daU5 ~~~fourth day of their botte.iis' IS -theilS~e~ I lP ~usO h tai'Abn ~ Wi~nblm R.m .a
a *actMoldavian Provid es It b lstow'.makine shuttle opers-
viewfo% t habldowed the beginning oat e ad-@1t we U111111for 014
|[-t& vlcto" to have driven othent. |Eitb l1.. to=22tomel d t In
Ir the van. lan lines northwest UI. A statement bk Major-Oenetal City
.whoTever.Tito And Churchill The. "An insinifiat 4t gu.iS0ta a statsat w ith iut.-G.,M a
^tan aala p__?'(,*. ^Owa accordli bd by *a Of^dH^B ^^ tht^^ SB?1SJ*United out"t Met-a aralMtk ^ BaHH I
'go" ts r tEscape C apture wPs u sh ufte *03* two!
agmain nnst in manpower and equipment in ta o Ua ad: w4rv w made. u t
.1 ct~ BART. May 29 (delayed) (AP> series of blows northwet oft WftT wn American Pvlng PW. Atron1aold a b tttif tits
ton" would -It was dtisclosed today, that town. The term Used In the Ote rop= t bombs on 40* . rolonin t' Marshat Tito escaped to the unique was the smme as MAMow a tn to i tern erose. then route and the Ietdth a Army OVe'
V- tsm w mountains along with Major used to describe the Oermane' lnt- hVfpl'r to tank to rmtl .leBttilh lpr on MIn tplMe M by Amerig n MUlani
IRandolph Churchill when Ger- tial puncture of Russian defense tour tAt irborne nlta Is to e am PreM a -bsebde arl Soviet Yaks rowed nvr the rinvmli v ttrua s drive from,
IRKATION man paratroopers and glider- north of last when the battle open- (left). iLm. the QmW, e IM.i te hiag (elhd h squo"). ta Pront an landed o the ot, the mouth of the bo"a
.ho 1evng'mme Infatrty captured te ed on Tuesday breaking a as- This to a ftb p~how rloniodthroak t ecaw]pres-s.s=4 M hM= in Rula"closed tighter on the rml se_
tsias receiving Bo an, headquarters of ge weeks' lull on the main eastern s"me whrica nasRussia. rsedt ter orwt he rIsl Iol-
t:" bWore iYu osavtr capltder on e f:ron* hd Tusa b "m anWuorin g older w t *On .as1
nI no e tPartisans declar- The German continued their at- __-----_--- i 1frthe pe< t fe uoOtt i
thatthis more cd that leld-Marshal Erwin tacks today north of alk the area Bt i nto 1 re- r"o o ae t re hOw man.... oft _o bsf ont fth
tendency will iommel personally directed the of the orIginlo blows.u Mboow io 10 Nazis Say Balkan Front een ahet Ju drahwi n yWath wftl
as t=1 Mosaow 5805nattaNkzisaidaallaofathesenthrusticawereateWere on hand rawinir wah-rontthanl
en ll beesattacklly all"fdTwoteebA perelsed.eededara brie moment before srvic- caught to the trap will be p0f-
will be pro- Vay. a of r.. At--plsed May Precede Invasion git a ira with fuland amrnu liftihwe.TheoMiinal
a theatre of )ledolldicers attached to Tito's Reuter says a frontline ro- aVtoh eon theIdens knu- eath11howeer, en
ta"wdostaff also escaped, but two Al- ort to Moscow mentions that L ,Jn2A-h enr to another hon bases dt 1tv)of
that Cons do liedecirrespond enttover& s?^ Mrt'l M i ha n w o LONDON, Jun. (AP,.-Th ns onr.out.eH.% toth
orei *bchevviceh, of "Time" Magazine,. been forced to throw in Rumna- German radio today speculated in bridnd. Tt"la and Africa. the At1 armieLs' drives
add Jhn TabotRoute's or am trops owng tothe eavy 81111ttlebotaing--tmbin th-; in hinfensiveffesioe o fa
it indfC- an John Tlbot, Reter's ei hma troops owin to the heavy Ceonstuencies that the "invasion of western "htlule bomblng-bombina that Wt'smoe,a yo
wo resp roeaendant and two photog lowein the Arat two day. o( 1Over vutaer-.e str facilities In nrwrdto11 -t-- .'ffSB
b oe It e man thi ks were destroyed. n -v temporary members of brope ma y be pdcast recr ded tr y- 4M Krote-f bombai that noristhln grarduI de ayg.*c
other sectors of the front MoscowabracsreoddvAs-00Mitrnanae. which the ene ortnsute his,
oAlies*-. [J.IUccu T said there were no essential Prliament may be added to the elated Press, the German radio bristling reargualid deay ae.fs .a
IflU th~t uA ff- |e|A C c p ytiV changes. Moscow made no men- present House of Commons. ifa quoted despatches from Syria OVINT UTATEENT tlh resemtBes the end of btheI DS 4 L UO *
do not C3UlloO j tion of air action, but earlier the Sicilian whop the Allies 1-LtOPOrWt from BS ,
how the H l 0 f German radio statlon said L000 'ugetion made by the Speaker's and Lebanon via Ankara u asMOcOW radio broadcast as n m coet the aus n ,h t ltin.i and T tl n. '
onthe non- lNaa 'planes were In action over Conference (All-Party conference saying: "The Anglo-American official Sovlet communique a sfAte- to little or nothing in Z W-the s-
et RoB brought idl I the Rumanlla front, but even m set up by Government under the o nt on the landing of th Valonutonebitterly defended by stard on May t app u
treatment,' 41 conceded that the Russalns held .elrm@8hfp of the Speaker of the have concentrated troops o in the American 'Plaes shutth in Rue- crack Hisman loaring smourit SOMO.
that Roem ad the air superioit there. Hose of Commons) i accepted. Near East on a mounting basis S. It declared that the divisions, is On Via CUM 4a 3 0
ecOne Berlin broad cast called WThecnfernce rpo:oakeof the havt'trredV10".
am fighting in the caled m -"r eeonststanctpshul b during the last few weeks." were granted esre eotn-m ilsothat ofRsooe. TownOstVOl
uohni a large Constituencies should be sub- ntmeoTheastaofoeTown fVglhetin
u tu cy in-- tonally violent," and declared tht dvded at once, provided that not ..-.--..111 ontratlon of effort upon oblec- 'e'rThe Oermns are ht nA Sha b le
dBDy RAYMOND O'KELLY the Russians were making strongM ore tian 25members of Parlif- .ves which construe the most i- rea-uard action north andWea
the-countenattacks in an effort to so- meat shall be added temporarily to .artant targets of the United hoe break-through on to Via -0 ND
loth, He KANDY, June 2 (Reuter).-About gain eights taken pr~vilslv by the Housdof Commons. The ftun.y Nations." ilina by United States tank and LONDON. Je |
He ":^T I;*~r T Nazi Convoy Deni Johnston, N.B.O to.
Shalf of Myltkyina is In Allied han"i he Gna dry commission will begin to pro- 1 TXtoye .statement is as fol- tV force .i a who i ten with t re
the .I estimated on the basis or re- The Gorman' OUPl lNews Agen- pare a comprehensive ch of T lows: "The wetward advance of T inghth Pnysnhlngupvla who, ith the o
l aoidng ports of the progress o the three- cy said a bloody contest continued distribution of oonstituenceies. a il l tle Red Army has brought the Collins, pounded Into Peentins.061. 12111 11thse 1 ?9
te doo pronged drive north of the Burmse f(or the town of $tamoa, north of This commission will work on APUld U area of operations within range of only 18 miles southeast of Val- says st ms a hmba s a,
nd as na- town. last, which, It claimed, ia still in the assumption that the House of the air forces of the United States nmontone. and also struck on theN igttoe
were the Chlnee and American force German hands,- Soviet counter- Commons shall not contain morehehighway winf { been %lea rf 2o,
Chies 0d meicn frmatacs n teof A erandsGre tat teeBrsVlll iem'i lritan.a ath e =d11"u04W
r 0 refuge- within the town have come up attacks In the le area in ts thean i sent total of 15 m1 In d to e t five -l norttt t
o sfCtohinst pilboes for the irt time Othian fasthi nI neaObr S coNand" andt Wales will o -l___-
of to- tnt pboxe for the frt U I- er Scotland and Wale will re- t combined air forces shall 'rclino .
ince the outer detenes were over- in Whit* te %, O tam10 tn their present numbers of be oooonateaon the mos tiM- All thes advances torohdowd IL PlttBC following
ed: "ITo the lastwhcome. mAllied .ne0V Columns by th0 adi, members, Double-member consti- LONDON, June 2 (Reuter).- portent oes for the United the be0mining of th. eni aofthe mini up am
-IhelpedLby so Whichsee see ting esiencs arz hin senerl to be abelIs operation patterned onNt iosmctact has been battlesi p 1101
awee ld Iner te beuowt eamnM& t ira d ra rt hvaoa. vA *5.S
rK d WLegIosMlator Yield.n." ommn4te tS mlthe bead off an dl o nomral athT". 0St .S
ythltumro theru-04411101011VOWrit-boo e 1t asi-t the an,
W4I hone Tu meIt t*Tb mae nsu radioPly ed w R M]
r3%. .apa Mr.son rejects B plp i a ene ti thert iemuSdo elle danS
man --A-&ta eiman tIn s t tt el^n h8 been ows of .no, t
r g thTrerl w rV 2 o bat ae of *voting be re- t uo e C
sin, way ivi-- f .. Cleoetoasto at. Hono us Tree L too U^ VOap Sh AMl a M aAr.LS
-Aed d'uwthdr--, --'- belo iiN ?s.1'I It guardedcoanvoy, sal an r eanrof~nd th e ta nd Fren et esaw
p,94OU at wes the rail eand road a Tonepse vf% s=X" jef any 4 a mel the e1 ods ungus pilgt, do 0"1 Get- tine left a gaseof no more then tgtlpe o ~

1 1t0M4l to.wet of MaMgib"' taefttsa tl t O O t tpedoto ti r rti ot oe wf r DA BIbing 1 miles between th matharn.andI w o e t
atnit- wSt of gap rentbyB^ lotes Comnil's VF R.O.AJ. sir g ae tnaU lona by tor yt Cas li ra1t5 i n taJse SuttoIsl

r ~ u tomten t~i am ila ge,^ n Aorthely Inaointa ____________________(f wy100MlK FrreW V 1 ^ ^ ^ 'S t*^
obl at e," harevt pi ntl tr s d t he ub-12 pnold t o r the vard- a m t5t-
bSinon ofte of mrretsil wongsub- ~cl~ Int sedlpled t fhe worn- of hinwere r. A* western sectorstof.the Allied ldtetoodelheerasse
ifrontst.ef tofof ,i ,teh ouUSTINthe o mortWith.the French driving li the10d
t history.Itrlth ough mor te oftth bnmon-itild.eheaged by goaetLd ONDON.Je June WSOh e 2 (AP y-Bouno- Sp to SVIAd Ms todlu014
tofrte e aebeen lae.T vodteJmiaeooh"I "s
to A iatasti Taloi al e m Gtles B5btlA Th isyofoperation t bak into thMihe blt southwest of frtin S the ri co wer e driing bac
.turt here Isat" w ewearing Naat bleanket m., I000t o nytoroul the iiwa ohrt. maxrma e P t be ao tightl aMiritf ifo t itd
Riard Sharp, the BCrepor water. The elected omem bers Ud whi e *- pu o oft ti tw m th e rIavorete aoud.t e eretr eadteing tit ly in itat ope s
trder the Bive D g G erman shipping, impervtlou- sae s0 ter on- out A rmytith th
avon a vivid picture of thwexpresseredo determination to show- IHonoursu layt ani nrianre tsmakingotherar- all = bo
at i and f described the attsaki their disapproval of the S wecretarygul o r f t a whshe wn tio s er t
l oJaearlier this week at op yte actio. formed i.r John News has been .rectved In oTrini- severely dslocated ffort so m bey 'etae almt e C O1
l of o te i gant heilltroopsond lth e Huggins fl, te ovenorthatmo theyddtat M.TmhY Wlo, n h woeprido 7 nav aly0 1 ,000 Feyrnt over tranes "dd ~ha
bown betr W.outskir ,sot ,orlls SentegSuply Seen.oedispleaseid t. t ron of Mh. Juircraft Pu d a o on the c o d 1 et
otthe W osat by t=da i enemy shoul ueow the larsouta of Pr t-e fpi whowa T t 27-year-olde carrier Furious, h aviest blow dYdtoet to the my s ni l ate t and t ,,s
f te said. tet tesupepin hills fa rly cl tou ea s the prois ios thrs ee thy obmount import--to.'"ferce-tin to el--

*n h ey t Hed said tha t thesnet hill caldnt firly dd c lu se on aovm orth e e provisRegaions tdyn t~e o giveKYec anto~am the 2800-on io riou an di 00epaeet aigMgad"o
S ethe Chris beompared with the hills in the for carrymosn athe com mun- At Mil University Canadt tescortcais-Ponr, -the Alliest Invasion pri board. m f u e i
ated ser itala fighting, but there the 1 tcationsdserv icedalltheywish.taen with t aaptedo attaks a pra- r aps tons of. on din outAm In 0 h 1 A
era hvmreovrOnte d was to show their disapproval cl honours. MrAwon nrhn Aarriv fBioatcs ad tAho to reos an hau oo o
hills The Jaeae on the top by ature joind -the R.C.A. frontline fortifications Aby atforte noteni---to 111ghw
?an te Iehore Injued bYa -- vote8 t rebetween way YSix EA :
instead ati thetlna d Sh Accordingly, on the motion that OVrf nearly e1,000 FlyingFortre oe allwa =V IVa urtinu)
~ao ys, from his viewpoint t In a dug.- the ts oy ,ring for the leol oand Liberatore with a n t escorof. ands Le u O iai
atlatbi smn ihespino tap.suth of 0e0 MA',
out,eo oulseethe illshighnisltand dmmb asnrInthenot sce2 obvious m abyrighters

%l av he &b iamy hm It' a rs. up this hill in O.riginal, out of the1 l elected. anaS of the ,,tt W bvosl eractete ryerdf.ote. 0 .i h oo.,H lRIErt. r 0 Ia
~~", Crt orrain that the Ohurkas membes(nafl hueo oh- V )jJI arn Wmaximum bombloads because~

Jle r JcesI u u aI l sides) voo e W"Nao", whereupondt An re at tre i a t oCOf the trifling distance involved
iwul Governormdeclare t r a matterrofs fn swtn. s Iddenly a 1
Mdd9the Md rdl otterd e ramanc the e ndert o rdherlied o t e rAn ash e ohfIset o ne a dll i fll th vtl iontloer, Allan-
tae determine edft Cse ia- votes f theo GoveArnment s e id e &atWa eti Wo lllaeontrati n gn ont
Bl at- t Lose to-be taken.-The provision A .,o1aou Uni conWAREcenact

an han I hou te th po wtthereor passd b y vo tes towa raiw cynv nt A a infield w. and productionS
Si l t iThe two elected members Vota Emphasis ing the o graveI ndequacy of the city'swaterhsupply1rent" arthOr inland. the Ame..-
can CrMaiidersecutrdltl p
Cuba Election an Vur ig the "eer o~ t .dealin g &successfullywithnany fr-n1 1n fO the GeAoIrmans0eitTer

Dr., IvtchS Lur Syn.MaPteon lo's ans taat qi.the! toeGal wWiho t. Members for.rtof mthe ,r orNheGgrCn.OaL D
nLights Moth SPalttym em r o e on onaeral wist o fw h o tcwas given at yesterday'sp ot ent teirbom bs smd shing u toward
ymakerdvyHAVAN.Junetotheoiy __________nte_ o__tMurc

watch.1'* Gmuw San Martin o Uani over a. meber for West oreand er-fgof Wthte ^*"Legilaur .. urgedllllll~lH Govrnmnt in~ viewto ofM'* th er raeC TWUli _T **^Aias COL It
.* t*-"Ha o torwt.,t.,od. BlanMo r eiumtoh ,.is mk ,...tCyT.4, S..'tb. o-- l,,ll. O w atat o tr 4
neartmm wme ritlbforIoPreoident The Hon.ble Dr. OswalddeE. An-
2 the t noon of Cuba aned orday's general else- person. the leader of t elected for the use of theFr u oM rigads, aln t thaddt a itional2 gal
Went In to at- tion despite the determined o"po-memberstoldt h Governol a dfter- erd i n o ioke,

Sthee wa of miUn of four parties suPPortnlg wards that in o Wamoe-Dae ndeto inso gke, eetryto ae rspos aJfe b tdaCapt.tfammans
MR they bad an. the Government of President woM- canton when aGovernor bed usedD fn: B

dp a. 5 -ts polosthe paramount importance claus t Mr. Wighoe5t voted out that at

|?^~~~~~~- E" ., ... f ."^ '^ ---^ 2^*'."tA ILE For COOKING
overu tb olut s afterd polelnsd ^with the approval of the elected the recent Conv nt fire, water ure A,,,g
h St and were lsed last nibt. Dr. Carlos Members sure In the ins on the arrival LONDON, J nue (O- mpeak-
wor eSfgonir ladies ,former ime Minister of the a e. totally .t R oyahie Soc i et a
Warf t personal friend t o eCo V.D;a of C atod et a wt tt e oe t be ak.
Weedam if a admitted defeat today and On Wan40iuwm1 to with otL.eak

Sith' l ritte i E. eaa d ando stressed that lac of water to ma t ui
ultongo aLatuar opponent on hisWtCo da wt ae mighv aeasly rult MdmomPf had yeM PROTECT YOUR HEALTH-
4to icry. doeSmsh with th e t isM mo l m en. t&a
t.kvn in its spreading to other buildings
ooprtIn this Orau Ian Martin spoke by radio In Moor mas narb it osil neo V"Bimfrleenaydereation o
sand called for united supprt for andeatrbucwthpsion Iesof p lives hc mdteWs ndar-DNT USE
the AM"edpNations.HeimePersonsw re laand .Wdeigtstructwon of proprht y. DON'Teaiof
lIatheado f ap oora fwIMeara saiddhe sawno

Jit lap upbeenqor uba for mi L hE t lv,"utermt
snetervutcr wetwmoatrcs a ine "Is~k Govermet aware of the
Thbt#ean .ol ro lJ e y r: Cals f7hlglla naeaeo n alat ai O mnta-os "rove
Unite Ewes theUnite N d th an- eve t fiv daysa
thee a Laor eedt HaUeo MS ~k~Ag dTo.,-
In ent.,sasti 1p ,AlaLo Sb- s of1-LI. the .,,r "ago.s-do not consistve .

P.A. .

i.,-a^K' -+'
- ^,* ..... ,; ".o
7;.-T < J '**

..-. wn,,owa".

KS~S'fun> -I tO uu
it.Me. i

mat p. sas andm"

st 0"Isa edtion
A~to the ts-

* te p of BduoaUon hyf
o Officaled Aid F0or
iemwil not hlp to

lonlW, ait been tally sdaon

-Mwr to education b e
^^Aby-asts" WM
MMilri spvon~o h ppaned
Waf- t in*6 H oston Prima"n

Ktaw fl to W- pt UIby. r

el whered UIah Btlelr internm-
anwda msa int om te t

-.m otae MMe aplica tonate
Department for 1MO."
while stiess whoar

-gmat.0 --

SOfficial Aid For a-
oveToFreneBut al ter
I-m aOrms will not help st
ny 'p olie t ao / priority for
o to ge epd to put a the
for release of Urziai Butler
j~or the fltcrtsr of State for
b Colonies, it is officiay stated
answer to quetkons by the
bitl Roy Joseph.
Of quesOtons put by Mr.
hutButler was ui follows:
ill Government ptles
t ate Is Urah Butl er Intsron.
41Ddhow many dtherne s are t
b4n aa beed n orbtaindo va-

am Pee p at t atolace?
Oubenrlesed sund R. nicow ofre
+Jl P emm-nf- atca wthe aMr.e

SWaaf GovernmUent Pleo state

nstt i w atehat thUex

| etIK A)MM at& whrat res
iethisct Colony annaluly to

S"4-- government Pes state-
fiany police and/or guards ame
Diretor ot duard over ht
faraand amon British subject
Mo da Uriah Bu taler? n
-W1m Governmet Vplase ata
rIs orfh Butler provided with
at orthe camp w h is In-
-,lv ia p of the fact that n a
t te a with tAiWe U t- i a of
Uorav Buter was T F t reevBter,
lG overnmet will no eilp to

*W111 0 emrt peassae priity frAN-
Sd to E ltArd tcap ruitw-
f~o relea t of e plas state
o l onis a ,it i cat the person whot
1 recently held ti office of
4oMnan Consul in Trinidad and
S I A German by natal My.
been released and Is now free
toA POt-01-BPMDIn If the anrvr is
I- t affirmati ove wim Goveranmenta

h m.esInterned?
, 1-WI Governmentpese nstat-
kMtUrs toward Uriah Buster. and
S Spaint Mwhileliensu to re-
asn are kelt G oMr Uames In-
fod1tle to seWNre priority, by,
Ian IA1 ontor so*aNomeone
to N.A to P" BJ-
bat the ottf-
9 pe for the sae waty
11 IMPI by OownuftM Was as un-
Ar ON: aiciwt Klo
Sa hd isCtol SoM oanlyto
teoitheSdo oam ate woryk*ler In-
4-WU Ooeniinet~it plaesatteo

ho, many police andror guards ar
yAdM to e gardAoa a
Willr aoveanments plase so tar.
IsUnabButleri provided wit
rocatf n theamp b whre he isi-
tn-Z view ofathe fact that itn Is
wtar while since< lii' e ofs
.7-h Butlerwa las rvtwiec',a
"B-Tb iafacte thato the pesn who
bp'o recetl nheldtheofie o
Thenua Cneltil In rinida. andes
t.prdais a German by atiuonBality
'las berend r helae ando is nw fe
in lthe ffrmath~ve il ovrnmen|tH
10e s-tjatond whtat* pondsIs

9toward. ttrla4 Butler.and






Burden of responsibilty for
v ollision at Mount Hop1.
to hchlq car was dam-edwa
Srto tu O& Mbtt we.
manuel B ho In his action
for damages which opened before
Mr. Justice Hallinan in th irst
upeeCourt esray.
Otr*l for the = t was still
In progress when the hearing was
djourned to 10 o'clock this morn-
hL. Louis Wharton instruWted bV
Mr. L. A. Wong appears on Bood-
hoo's behalf, while de Sout is re-
prornted by Mr. H. 0. B. Wood-
ing nstructeo by Mr. F. R. L.
The action is the aftermath of
a collision which occurred near
Mount Hope on the early morning
of August SO3. 1943. involving Bood-
boo's motor-car, driven by Tha-
mood Khan. and da Sousa's car.
Khan It was stated was travelling
from west to east on his way to
Piarco while de Bouza was travel-
ling In the opposite direction, when
both cars met on a curve near
Mount Hope. Khan's account is
that d. Sousa deliberately left his
side of the road and drove into his
vehicle which was travelling on
The extreme left. To support his
story he called Police Constable
John who investigated the matter.
The policeman told the Court that
ltie came to the conclusion that the
impact had occurred about six feet
from the northern tip of the road
-Khan's side--as at that point, he
saw bits of broken glass from the
windshield of one of the cars and
mud which might have been
shaken off in the Impact,
De Souza on the other hand.
claimed that Khan suddenly left
his side of the road, travelled
acrom, and struck his ca? on the
right fender He maintained that
he was travelling at about 30 miles
per hour on his sidM of the road
and, far from travelling over to
Khan's side, he attempted to steer
more left when he realised that
Khan's car was heading In his

6-Month Term
I .0
Richard Small. a ity hairdresser
and wpeuIcian, was yesterday smen-
tencew to six months' imprison-
ment by Mr. W. J. Andre In the
First Police Court on accusation of
keeping a bawdy house.
It was alltged that Small har-
boured young girls, touts and sol-
diers at his home In Pembroke
Street for Immoral purposes, to the
annoyance of residents and theatre
patrons, from the month of Octobetr
last year until April this year, when
police raided th? premises.
"You are lucky that you are not
on trial for a more serious offence."
Mr. W. J. Andre presiding in the
First Police Court told Charles
Thomas yesterday when he ordered
him to pay $59 fine, costs, and
compensation or serve two months
for assaulting and beating his
uncle Samuel Thomas.
Samuel Thomas', chief witness
for the prosecution told the Court
that he went to his brother's home
one day in April last. His brother
was not there and Charles Thomas
asked him to leave the yard. He
did not leave immediately and
Charles pushed him and then
struck him on his head with the
flat aide of a hatchet.
Denying that he had used a
hatchet, Oharles Thomas said his
uncle was a professional fighter
and had attempted to butt Wim.
He got away and took up a piece of
board and struck him with it.
Convicting Thomas Mr. Andre
told him: "This Is a very disgrace-
ful thing to do. You might have
killed this old gentleman. As far
Us yotw evidence is concerned r
oan see no reason why you should
have attacked the old gentleman
so violently. The story that he was
going to butt you. I do not believe
at all. If you had struck him a
little ower down he would prob-
ably hava been killed. You a
a lucky man that you are not On
trial for a more serious offence."

US, Still Studying New
Hucuadorefn Regime
WAreWOTOch, June 1 (AP),-
Mr. OCrdell Hull, asked at a Pte
ocfeonwuee todsjy 1$ consultations
between Di tintted States and
other Amein natons had started
ythan the oe iuaee wfre uneo -
NtB fullu fa rof the olreumatanmi
thUS far.

+" +*y++-++ + + '- i: y.g ..^ r'.^ *.j
lW& 16 *4, V 0llll

2mU=000 f4ee s4ae ftt0d0

two, 0 ow f 6 41
ON -, luami~mm

eSuminhtbm A bt 4113S t e- hji
wo ue to um volume |k. WIH.-Bd.
f ok fN MetersExtend A

an4 ssutpt rer Ali Wdoum toda s- ewsulp
;InM wil" ewood a-tightin"" Pro

Sr go fetW s do" od Is norpesb Mft

61 corduroy
bar ftel ft Ath" -14-0 Noma 4 0
ims the utime nation to r

__ e su ^^ %^p~ o t- ftie atJ *md ort- U^W t^W systmIB whie

prs hii igh rt o olm pie, white 21lhv noi hmedthas thmae to0y a
bonsnant omcosu t of e mp oiapio tho Tirsot Be 5oae
m Athe tyoflo mbe n avea who wsat la .8lll sa e

othe r t hane saiio t oks eld he ,ptest
Peru alilb t

bgjrnious e.,ayr and prniva~y te be, onllo Lee end d whb betei
e mpl onuet lowo le ..Ue N1 m of ohe
rdati" e pe ac hi olum b erls ae.usig cren ro hbor5l
vto of tropical wods at n hihon e tl
ostoL f latour n relantio t snll
a tn ~t trenderth Iefetou l suppye t oN M etersT and th t

oPesin to e timer wl n te rlum e os be o ep r Wanue
dglnete fp retsmei nolsfI connectenand t-mrthe an d,

vrelrsion upfpinoes f timbery atnand o b orween he lie t systemywpY
a o higheurae ooumere a cna oto melter wasmaet
onseuen tplro nelr oie plou itaion the hobe wrote seTdo an,
athe such atin mtye s ih deportoedby weon ate hose w metng
teitnieexploitation detl o f v olum ply^ toa settee Bf qusin sbl

foen pte ane whih moris to row r- b Counoillor l calee.- ed
tural iuted forests consu-t l iedn Ctror L ee akt t whther I

aorelativmeld highlvlume er axced Engineer thatd nmbters ofhostled
mal timesompete it, h even iporteLs using lrIro be mrg
OPIN hi on ics of ths Trpos in ad ei udser wthot meters
ovrsetiaicnto binctigh ofnt e as anm ue asu ttD n -Ad
"pending the time when the rew- it t mother aset th
nerate d f aon msts ber in to laycm for oesotme outoa he t ne r

difficultie 's bin connection ?Bf wirtih theadt atnacopartison dbecmad
iretX s ofpli mberswofpimber at h e boug t mto awhi

a r is oforfaoume per acre r anad bet he aerage tony pay

silled wersnel p14,freclude thein- umnefr. electricrl conurrentrse
arauent low cost ofsxpoertationg ther hoses whre th e meted ano
untl aftuston $be improved by wraaty Couse wferle mseeed.
the Intensive pliation of momh The reon. d installed t oew
forests, ito w mports te dnd grows gre- me Z s tha c theIto
tartousl, and consequentl yed counnoto ee sded.

ar r ulatiselyhi loc lumbeerWecre.wa Engier had ters iaberntae se
oxput opinion, however, differs "as urren tfin rrom her. Wit

to the esonolc of this propose itionhe a* oris nel wthout cenrge
adverse factors being a high conver- Hn alorInquier ednastoenumber

sion log and the refactory manure without meters and asked that the
of more as a timber. In any ease. r "un e r, of the occupants be given,

difficulties in connection wi th the ano d tw a a omplrsu be mad
Provision of finance, machinery and between the &eucet monthly

skilled personnel preclude the in- mentor ectric crt c
auguration of any such undertaking the houses wc"e not metered and
until after the war. Iewhen the houses were metered.
"In the meantime o i the The Councillor also called upon
restrictions on Imports the demand lne to see tsat the A OWI

for unseasoned loca l lumbr exceeds Engineer had meters installed ued ll
the supply, so that even with the 211 premises using electric energy

present high prices p and l, of ereiate understood that theron
competition Incentive e for st tihe ro- was n ample supply. onue
duct on of s asoned lumb er is lack- replyinere to the onestl th
Ing. Mayor pointed out tat since 1941
On the ear's bill of 4,m2y,72 e for wartime transportation difficulty
imports of lumber, wood products had made it Impossible to Supply
and minor forest produce, biggest appropriate meters to every con-
items were $1,504,560 for sawn tim- summer. Meters from old consumers,
ber. $1,494,322 for paper and paper premises Where the consumption
pulp products and 11,162,560 for capacity could safely be gauged had
other cellulose products, to be remove A .ind Installed at nen
Charcoal imports were only h3 premises wi the consumption
tons, valued at $3.e. couid not be judged.
,Paper pulp accounted for ,315. 5 A number of these had been kept
out of a total export of $519,315. In reserve for new consumers. With
a shipment of meters due shortly
sm- the Mayor concluded, more itefr
Stthan usual are being released, an
io Am hiiit i s hoped that whn the new atoci
D9 Aarrives. evfr consumer iin thi
: U:. borough will be supplied with the
Operations Hnuted euiiemta
Upera~nS l nteU requisite meters. __
LONDON, June 2 (AP)-Admiral A
Sir William M. James Chief o of n Pn as svesn
Naval Information, said -before s niln A s a n
long w t shall reach that stage T_ o $1 T t;-
Iwhen we will bein to launch e a N w CSo oll l Loan
weat amphibious expedition. We
are going to have dramatic mo- Sunlementary estimates amount-
mernts soon. inr to$ 00,127, 34,000 of l to M
He added: "Whatever the army, loaned to His Grace the ArchbOl
air force and navy can do alone of Port-of-Spain to be tpd In
there is only one possible means oi erection of a Roman Catholl
attaining victory. The navy, pro- intermediate School at Point Po l-
tected by the air force, must carry tin and $1964 to provide for I
the enemy's coast and the army revote of $17,000 plus in addl-
can attack the enemy's heart, al- tional amount *f f3$49 for cot
ready beating slower through op- of installing lighting and powes
eratlons of the air force. That units at the Trinidad Goveirnmefll
has been our objective from the Railway, were yesterday approved
beginning." by the Legislative Council.
s--: ur Other items f or which the estli
e mates provide Include $3,510 for a
Bklgian Patriot revote of a portion of an amount
Belgian P triot voted in 1942 for purchase of a
actor-car for the Governor, and
Sentenced To Death *3,700 for a revote of $2,450 voted
In.194 for a contribution to the
LONDON, June 2 (AP).-The Arlma Borough Council towards
Belgian Government News Agency cost of paving ravines and water
In London has announced that courses In Arima. plus an add-
a Belgian patriot was eentenod to tonal amount of $1,300 due to 't-
death by a German military court creased cost.
on a harge of aiding the escape The Council adjourned to Jflt
oeg z aliman who made a 16 at 10 am. _
The agncy also reported that a QCAAANTM 11"1. HEAD
German woman was sentenced to An Ordinance nalatin to quart
three months at Aachen flo coin- antifne ed other slmiler matter
menting as AN jum vo a AIrt reading by ths
tra which b04 stared fom the tu esteday on the a*_
station: "I had to run faster than Jion of the Hlon'bue the AcOUN
Rommel in Africal" Attorney-General,


Notice Is hewbv iven to all thf lOUdI consumers n thi
DtMMartin Valley north of 0 ttO~ly Cojitil Pumping
S mtrjo at ocecatte that the cutwlljw+i be cut of between
11 pm. uK pm.m on lMndaiTUeesay. Wedneudav and
Friday. Ju lth. th. th and t
ml of It
W. a. WiUMVAm,
i Genell Meatier.


TO 53 H K" AT

or -
THURSDAY. JUNE 8 A(King's BiMdey).


4t ) WT Yards Oerl' Race.

; 410 f Tmn 3a oy* !to t mm
f sook su2i ow^^n a&-.,

HgATB~ ~~~a oft W TTOY Pil n




















T-i jm. ta e p

N.l die Pses.Ues Avenue
z^ &~ah1^- tif--v t-
1_ M ow, OA .N
|-I 4Wootc to, A"1114



Medical Men

Here On Visit
Three dst nguSbed medical man
are now here atdytn locd Uei-
diUlons and for- with
Norman Maclonan. te
Director of Medical Servlces.
They are Dr. Rola B. Hill.
Director of the Public Health
Traning Station, Jamaica: Or.
H. M. Johnston, Assistant Dire-
tor of Medical Services. Jaaa,
and Dr. Tomas J. Carbel. hief
MalarlalOglt of the Republic of
Argentina. -
Dr. Hill will be leaving in a few
days for British Guiana, but will
return sOOn to take up discussion
with Dr. Maclennan.
Dr. Hill is specially interested
In the education and training of
technical Staff and will probably
Investigate the possibilities of de-
veloping this aspect of the actlil-
ties of the Health Department
Dr. Hill's visit is believed In some
quarters to have a bearing on the
technical aspect of higher educa-
tion as far as Trinidad is con-
Dr. Johnston Is studyingir local
malaria work and the organisatlon
of a malaria division for Jamaica.
He has alresdv visited malarial
areas and has trained some I-
Dressloars of the work that has
been done here.
Dr. Corbel is conducting certain
local Investigations in relation to'
his work. Both Dr. Johnston and
Dr. Corbel are guests of the Mal-
arial Division of the Health De-
partment and have shown great
interest in the work being doe.
Dr. J. Porter Crawford. the Ie-
*tonal Director of the Rockefeller
Foundation, who has visited
Trnidad on previous occasionS
hat bad to defer his visit to the
Colony, but It Is hoped that he
will soon be here to discuss with
the Government asntil-malarsial
measures In relation to the fur-
ther activities of the roundatio.
Trnid" Guardilan Correpndemit.
ARIMA June l-Arims will soon
have a W.V.S. cookery centre
with Miss Louise omrne as de-
Classes will be kept at the Boys'
Oovemment School.

Council Accepts
The LegislatiUv Council yester-
day approved a number of Pin-
ance Committee recommendationM,
one of which asked for abolition
of one post of dispenser in the
salary scale of 1.440-41,m
under Head 31, Prison. aod sub-
stituted by a noset of dispenser in
the salary cae of $1,440-410.
Anotah oxght reading of the
salary male of hookworm atend-
ants from 4*20-401 to *$K-
MA. with !eet fm May 1, 1 44.



Satucdely 3r' J--
At 1U S.m.

~ ~ se~a~elIby
4M- Sner swa ot MBacblassn

OMNL; r wml- t SkiS n ee! ou "?R-
-s mob a A % on m hue

JjiJ^^iB^B~pK^^ y **jsk **J-~ Due ^ esm
bow antim. Ok00W dmom le

TV# Ularnla7e%4 Utaletter Rei

und f er Conrol 9000 o 016-- as w "O
t"gateet hIf Is"Ohuwiflyis

flaes. TheS the Tn duatr al Ad- flu Oem..K'lltag Throat Tableta
ISer and the Dist it atoi nstra-

Um.t' be.a MN eudlre who IFmmlu s ifdn sie t* e a g di,
-~v hay.vaeaonnies r deanm nS ssmmnea --d dbaoesbfre they hp
thu l .tccit lourB. mn P i : m e n
LM r, Mr. Undon Ind- where

tare toa res" b. nIC Ba thy are Mosi uMd ydwt beh ors e lo i
t a s or Witnm b other or toI Re r_ r ou kfrt UiS by aum.,
taner aS the dtrt laM Aindvis r,
Uoai4 rect e genera-wh o a___________,ifteath __

regads Stletli lanb u tpr-
or any eth of applcant. Mod, A, B swl and
Appli5ant not reidin within mutom pisoucres S PISAira. oasineo. MSoX.,, y wesai
the specified limit of fdls',inoa, may ,ti nwhe ou f he

r rthrNh the post. .
U APPII~oatO mus b renew RCA PRESENTS
eey ts Rdays ottihermwitste ht1e sp-
L c ts Uwillb psd t o hAver M
erm7 m kvrezOhm%

oIWa ie employment and their
ncWar.* may be struck off the regis-

Mayor Postpones

Trip To Barbados
Councillor H. 0. B. WOoding.
Mayor of Port-of-Spain, will not
begongto Barbamo" oldnf bhis r ON -g

the wek-end, the "Trini Bu mad

Guardian" learned yestrday.
The laWSuit In which Mr. Wood- Sew--ng wkttout neeadeord
me wU engld hasur been est- d e This newRCA c-
eryMY~ dit y other genterally *"" U'*-

poaned nmd l result his visithi to ric Sew i Mchln
r"I-fter buihte ptukosft.ergs yf\ f j\sf

Manibor sp be ehnd to es uses ultr".higf c

date later In the year. e .gis .....- .. ..___
Tr ip tT e .Trndo d 40*
auardian" learned yesterday. 1B -r X
The lawsuit In which Mr. Wood- Sewing, w(thou no#e* of* {'UW-A
InaWa sw- TeV~idt been mast- NhruL This new RCA Elec- T\ VW8
902S6d an **2uhis vst^ to ronic Sewing Machine^ ^ W s :
Barbados* hasiv bee chngd o uesulrah

Although lupplies wll be abt
for a loa g time.

We ager for Imme-
djEle deiterf the
foUowing products





TINE (Lmvmndr)
,'.f 'i~m.)

gether thermoplastic mate-
rials such as are used is
raincoats, parachutes,
weather balloons, and In
the packaging of many
types of food ad oils. Now
10oo0% on United Nation'
war production, RCA's continued research promises bu'
and better products for the post-war world,

Nedls' feaI Ne? M- es ie se
eked New RCA Spo a Glerlm"s
*I ectronic power durugh veneer
to bheat lue and bod ve"eer layers
together. Speeds coasm ctio of
wooden airplanes, ofers masy
possibilities to woodworking sad
assodated iaduris.

=e*fomed h by
tubs.Able 0

cotsf~eeves HM

(Ifl) 3VA OinfPMYrtA
Ai m s Semi.., N SM.





FIT and




AMCr x + /
Oka *.&a as

AoIl -


* *"**

V.. fra -. U _____________

-_- i __ - ^ ^ ^ rII

* . I .<*<*



V r

w. r-T, -* i; .

Master Gives

Lecture In City

m uato 6 l efnre oft only confidence In the
Salary man Vt m ore ft confdence in the might
by th0 Rev. Dr. Wilfred Rankin In an address
SWwrth of Dwio c ntI UviW delivered at St.
M Wednesday evening under the auspices of

ow pin anim-
-ft eve .e.. .n'------- '
of Glik es -
rto tanlae
&at t hma ny

Wte Jame aeoe
emino elr ores oup-

mim onfidenc acopIn hed hrfulahndte syhos. onte which 5
e olrve inar an ifs- a th t thi l
i&wihlikes to e
,qad. Not NMYny ears :

4 Idto recognize REV. DR. W. UANKIN 1I1

S upon which on Well, we have travelled
imt ever ret,. i-nd- ofs
g) conmfiencsein the h armful,land the system which te
theordinary man posters that sort of thinro than a
; v confidence in outright imposition. tl
Ti e Mno one should "Not so long ago, we had In my
W thedemocratic oro- native land a number of so-called. B
rsultsa' a ccomplished finishing schools. I do not knowC
we trust in the if any of them exist in this Col- el
y ote r we rest ony. well, we have travelled d
1 and blood." long distance from that concept of a
edthat many schooling. In the United States c,
i unquestionably thev call the day on which the o
. lmne from the old student takes his degree from the P
Sto the according ofcollege or university 'Commence- t
d.= These problems, ment Day.' And rightly is the 0
gtjd require for their day thus called. For then the In
De of education based student does not finish but he be-
I initiative, and aimed gins his education. It is on that
Chance to all to that day ai en, fully provided ie
varying individual with the tools wherewith to edu- ft
antheir n. oper cate himself, he himself corn- t
Otr andtdemocratic mences to strive to continue and
to enrich the process which we t
that democracy was call 'life' by thoughts and by I
St people thought, deeds that grow increasingly bet- O
t, but a mode tar in the service of his fellow- X
eeiniolnt association men. ThFigis education and Its t
whichthe experi- only claim to worthiness in the
1kdivdU l were democratic life is the extent to t
with his fel- which men vossessine it are led t
pJtntedouththat gladly to serve the c-mmon good." a
oqvthere DI
ratic process. and s
,or ut" pof'- Police Federation

,0 Os best suitn d othPlan Under Study et
w~ehe felt,11
rche h Members of the local Police Force v
olf continual growh may soon be able to set up an or- b

MWMM rue o lie an of iscilone anes pofoin
Ass e c nti-- grout uisetion along lines of the Eng- l
s sense ofhial Police Federation to enable
INev and of them to bring to the notice of the ta
to all of their fellow- police authorities and Government: 1h
curriculum, he all matters affecting their welfare a
consist of experl- and deficiency, other than questions ic
rue to life and of discipline and promotion., b
e the student Question of amending the exist- I,
of conduct in an Ing Police Ordinance to provide hi
,Mivw ld of great chr_- for the establishment of suqh an C

lmcuded. "In as-
,a' t. 00, urricu-
"ta eh qmUon as
Student who Is
leaving school de-
to a greater
lJbr oclal-minded,
'i~r, writer and
Blfe than would
e without the
by the school?
the power of
to a degree that
i. while maintain-
him and his
1 ove all things
All things? Has he
tat, in the new
in which he lives
nd must be no
ty into classes
She must purms)
a spect of truth
may lead since
will make man
Supon truth, there-
0 must ever rely?
AM- to thorough
appreciation of
L a n free demo-
g oer are and must
toonis and respon.
mumnalip which he,
Sof hlbi fellows, must
f the common good
H as he been ani.
desire to purse
Interest, and been
Swherewith this de-

organmauon s now unaer con-
sideration by Government.
This Is disclosed In the official
reply released yesterday to a ques-
tion from the Hon'ble Roy Joseph
drawing Government's attention to
the extotence of the English Police
Pederation and urging establish-
ment of a similar organisation

South' Council
Plans Playground
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
Borough Council here yesterday
decided to consider providing a
temporary playground for the
children of San Fernando.
A committee comprising Coun-
ellor David T. Pitt, the Hon'ble
Roy Joseph, Councillor Crawford
and Councillor Ramsaran was
appointed, to report on a suitable
site for this purpose.
Mr. 0. T. Faulkner, principal
of the Imperial College of Tropi-
cal Agriculture, will lay the foun-
dation stone of the new St. Joseph
Anglican School to be erected at
Bell-Smythe Street, Curepe, at
S p n. on Tuesday, June 13.
A collection in aid of the build-
ing fund will be taken at the

Shas happened to His Excellency the Acting Gov-
ehsa had an edu- ernor has approved of the grant
catton worthy of of a commission in the 2nd' Batta-
W. If not. what he lion, Trinidad Volunteers, to Lance-
ItSe of education Corporal H. C. Arrindell, with of-
tless, but positively'feet from May 19.

Official Plm To Aid
Volhatary Bodies -
With fesI i to e oMl
b~wstemm madein he
fan CoMMitte, the Jalurma-
tiam o04efor fTmeblis that
Socialwlfare OsuAmttee sMd
0ts Mb)omtlttes provide a
r tooh m 1 fiO

J&aItIg4 ~(niA.



.i Preparion contaging
P Oils and ewr valuable

"Ves for th1 of the

y*alyPwfhmid Preparation
v aol as a ToiltPr
Sroomarnq Hair

r?^ .Pboduo, f ..:




The, $Qb-o~itteew mIAI-
Viaed. s t. have been
set up to provift for the dis-
cussion or questions already
present in the minds of vol-
untary bodies, and a% practi-
cal measures for the -o-ordina-
tion of voluntary effort or
youth work which may emerge
will be freely taken by the
bodies concerned with a view
to strengthening their position


(-Ray Staff

Recent Illness of the two radio-
ogists on the staff of the Health
Department caused non-treatment
f certain cases requiring highly
ueclallsed attention but did not
effect the normal X-ray work of
he department.
Present staff of Radiological
ranch of the Health Department
which Includes two radiologists, one
lectriclan radiographer, two ra-
lographers, and a senior nursing
later with X-ray qualifications, is
onsldered adequate for the needs
f the Colony, but Government is
prepared to give consideration to
tie creation of an additional post
f radiologist when the 1945 estl-
mates come up for discussion.
This assurance Is contained in
Government's reply, tabled in the
legislative Council yesterday, to
allowing questions frm the
Hon'ble Roy A. Joseph:-
"Is Government aware that due
o Illness or the two radiologists
n the Medical Services hundreds
f persons badly in need of having
C-ray work done could not be at-
ended to?
"If the answerr is In the affirma-
ive does not Government consider
his state of affairs unsatisfactory
nd will Government consider em-
l31oving a third radiologist to en-
ure continuous service to the
Answering a further query from
Mr. Joseph asking whether Gov-
rnment was aware that fully
Qualified a:d experienced radio-
oglst had written offering his ser-
ices to the Medical Department
but that several months had passed
without official acknowledgment of
he offer, Government stated that
he Director of Medical Services
Iai received no such offer, and
added that it was In possession of
n0 evidence to show that a num-
ier of persons who have addreasod
otters to the Health Department
iave received no reply to their

Oil Companies Aid
Tyre Conservation
Local oil companies are co-oper-
sting fully in the effort to
conserve tyres and vehicles, Gov-
ernment told the Hon'le Roy
roseph yesterday in reply to one of
his questions tabled at the meet-
ng of the Legislative Council on
April 12.
Mr. Joseph had asked: "Is Gov-
ernment aware that a considerable
number of tyres have been given
o each oil company and such
yres are lying idle while hun-
Ireds or taxis and private cars are
being laid up for want of tyres?
And will Government please pub-
lish the name of each company
upplled with tyres, and the quan-
ity of tyres supplied?
"Will Government please state
why is it necessary to grant ex-
emption .'rmits to all service cars
elonglng to oil companies which
operate only in the counties of
Victoria and St. Patrick?"
Government replied: "The oil
ompanles' supply of tyres is
Irawn from outside sources and
hey do not depend on local stocks
or their needs.
"I,., nptlons from the Zoning
Regulations were granted to a cer-
tain number of vehicles wholly
owned and used by oil companies
i connection with their opera-
ions and Government does not
ccent the statement that all es-
ential ollfield operations are con-
ined to the counties of Victoria
nd St. Patrick.
"Government is satisfied that oil
omoanles are co-operating very
iully in the effort to conserve
vrtq and vehicles."


$228,90 Scheme Proposed

For Housing At Mucurapo

paumnagfma evf Cing OWmsimsn sche. for tmmdiate devel-
.st Oa f N mc w to rtmwe cnOtsum tI the City aft for outley
a muh to m l sgti of a lauding to t ou e 74 famlse. the oity
OsMien OMWitse eort to e prow et Wee..
______ ___ _ While the Commulssion's plans
S Bon us ceall for 13 apartment building'
War. Bonus the comuteeof theCouciu Awe
uing that there be none but sin-
l, Tfamsily cottages, And further
ue J lthe committee favour rents at 4
1 eg ture per dent instead of the proposed 10
Sg nt of the capital eoat ofeach

Inquiry whether Overnment will i-1ONTH 0ICT
nder i s war beaupaid Report of an committee states
to civil servants on lun Inducated in put:
by the C.8.A. in their pet-i- scheme provides for the
tlon Isa one oft AvequestionuAded erection, within a period of 18
by the Hon'ble George Ftlpatpick months, of one apartment build-
in te Legislative Council yester- Ing to accommodate eight faml-
day. 'lies, one apartment building to ac-
The other four questions follow: commodate families, 11
1. Is Government aware of the apartment buildings t accommo-
hardship being experienced by 4tefour famUlela each and 1 single
stock and poultry owners it ob- cottages; a total of 2 buildings to
training an adequate supply of acommodate 74 families. The
stock and poultry feed? area of the land to be used Is ap-
If the answer is in the affirma- proximately 12 acres, but a portion
tive will Government set up a-o approximately one acre bhs been
chinery for an equitable distribu- reserved for the building of a school
tion of these commodities to stock Ib the Ronan Catholic Archbishop,
and poultry owners. and provision tds been made for a
2. Is Government aware that large park. The roads in the con-
certain Sugar Estates are closing tre of the are% end In cul-de-sacs,
their farmers' scales in order to that through vehicular traffic
bring pressure to bear on farmers will only be possible along the
to assist the estate owner by cart.- rcsd at the ends, thus making the
ing and cutting their canes there- area sae for pedestrians.
by causing great hardship to the "The cottages will contain a
farmers concerned? front porch, a living rom. two and
If the answer is in the saffirma- in ome cgs three bedrooms, tol-
tive will Government get the as let and kitchen. The ,aartments
surance of the factory owners that will eaht consist of a living room
farmers scales will be opened con- and two bedrooms, toileut and kit-
tinuously from the first day on chon The living room will be On
"S~hf~tS".. t.r^ ^ hert.- The ilvin room wilu be on
which factories start grinding and the ground floor and the bedrooms
appoint agricultural inpetOmtO .upstairs, and each apartment will
supervise the operation of the 14ave its own staircase and be en-
scales. tirely cut off from the next one.
3. Will Government consider the The cost of the scheme, including
advi&ibillty of increasing the per- the making of the roads, but not
sonal allowance made in connection the value of the land. is estimated
with income tax in the Colony and at 228,392. An extension of the
also allowances made for *e edu- scheme is contemplated when the
ctlon and maintenance of child- Maraval River has been straight-
ren ? ae n ae.
r4. Will Government appoint a entd and paved"
committee to consider the advlsa- MODIFICATIONS URGED
bllity of introducing compulsory
education throughout the Colony? Recommendations of the com-
--mit--- Rtee are:-
l.-That the scheme proposed by
1.- and Housing Comn-
misson be modified in the follow-
Methodists To Hold t foprculs:-
Missionary Meeting There should be no apart-
ment houses, but only single
Annual missionary services of cottages.
the Hanover Methodist Church (b) The bed-rooms in the houses
take place this week-end. should not be only 100 square
At the Sunday morning service shold t be only 100 square
the sermon will be preached by the feet as proposed, but of a
Rev. A. Stewart Denyer of the floor area of at least 144
Bahamas district, while in the square feet.
afternoon Captain Sawyer of the (c) The streets should go right
local forces will deliver an address through the area an not end
at the Young Peoples' Missionary In cul-de-sacs.
Service. 2.-That the rent to be charged
Mr. Keith Gordon, Magistrate at should be 8 per cent of the capital
Tunapura, will preside over a meet- cost of (itch home.
Ing on Monday night when Brig&- 3-That the lands of the Cor-
dier Austin of the Salvation Army, poraton east of the Woodbrook
and the Rev. J. Hutchinson, Chap- Cemetery approximately 13 acres
lain of the seamen's Mission, will i etert ap leasiey acr eis
speak. Special musical aocompasti In extnt be leased to the Plan-
ment will be rendered by the i and Hoing Commission for
HanoverMethodist Church choir a period of 99O yirs at a pepper-
at the Mservices c orn rent of one shilling per acre
___ ___ ..____. per annum for the purposes of the
proposed housing scheme, on con-
G ands PRi edition that the Council should be
Grande Rivere relieved of any financial responsl-
S billty ln connection with the
srm Wcheeme, and on the further con-
Forms W e1 farebfdltlon that, should the land at any
time before the expiration of the
A parent-teachers' body is one leae be used for any other pur-
of seven sections of the pose than that of the scheme, the
Grande Riviere Welfare A&socia- lease should terminate immedit-
tion, recently organised in that ately.
district under the ,atronage of the "With rtgird to the rental of the
Hon'ble X. V. Wharton. houses" states the report "the
Other sections include an educa- Commission proposed tht it should
tion body. thrift snlety, athletic be fixed at 10 per cent of the capi-
and guorts sections., a L utlng tal cost of housing each family,
group and a music club. hi wr o e 8
Malor objects of the association whichworks out at between 20
are to introduce and establish, and $25 a month for each cottige
organisations aimed at the social, or apartment. It was calculated
moral and educational advance- that this rental would not make
meat of the people resident in profit but that It would be sufi-
that area and to co-operate cent to make the scheme self-sup-
actively with Government In all porting financially. As the Counc"
schemes likely to benefl t he had previously agreed that these
people of Grande Rivlere and out- houses should provide homes for
lying districts, persons of the lower middle classes.
the meeting considered the re; t
proposed too high, and decided to
M i 0 recommend that It should be 8 per
Magician To Give cent of the capital cat. which
3 4 9-w would work out at between $16 and
S Shows In$t 0 a month per cottage or apart-
3 Sost menatL
Dr. Wu-Li Wong, Chinese hyp-
notist and illusionist, recently back
here from a South American tour, PILOTAGE fKMB=
is lasted to give performances at Mr. John Bayne has been so-
the Prince's Building on Monday pointed n place of Mr. S. Cory
night June 5 and Tuesday nihtDavies who will be leaving the
Junigt, Jnel an T ay.e i the Colony shortly on vacation leave.
June 6swelliaa atieI to act as a member of the Piotag
same venue at five o'clock on Tues- Authority during the absence from
day afternoon, the Colony of Mr. A. W. Baddeley.

(OI sizes)





See Us Before Goingf Elsewhere.


Standard Life
Amaranee Co.
Ehtablehed Is the West
Indes few ryeasm
Marine kuma P.OJ

Sufferers from the maddening
Irritation, the exhausting, agonizing
pain caused by piles-do not wait
until plies (haemorrhoids) reach
such a terrible state that a serious
operation may be necessary. Ask
your chemist all about this special
remedy. He knows the Ingredients
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show you, too, the special appli-
cator fixed to each tube of Man
Zan, which make the use of this
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and simple.
Man Zan is no ordinary ointment
It is prepared for the purpose only
-to end the irritation, allay the
Inflammation and definitely banish
piles. From the very first appli-
cation you feel the irritation and
Inflammation ending, and If you
will only persevere, never more will
you be tortured with the agony
of pile0,
W as Za PIe Remedy I Nold by ahem
lot$ everywhere Including special nozzle
applicator. Remember the name of this
splendid remedy-






On loans from $3.00 to l,0 at a% per annmMU.
On loans upwards of $10,0M to $1,00 at 5% per amnm.
On loans upwards of 20,.00--0pedal rate.
For particulars apply to-

Get quick relief

from A

The stabbing, grinding
pains of Rheumatism are
Nature's warning that
certain vital organs are
not performio their ap-
pointed task. For te
painin joints and muscles
is due to the formation of

ON _----0". --------
ON ~~shar crysls romuic add In As
Saturday, June 3rd, %IcMia capd iato thime
systewe w=
AT 10 P.M. sIstI DW
Circular Road, St. Augustine The Impomtuf I
dof K~ids -m
Instructed by S. A. Howard Aq, a e blod
we will seOll all his good and useful i
Furniture such as:- Pair Cyp Il. 3t-. totn
Single Spring and Vattre'IN r dot"
Iron Cot and Mattress. Msequto ar fiesear-. I I *m
Nets and Pillows Blankets. W"d- ishmoo s "d al id e
robe. Presses and Dressing Tabls,
Chest of Drawers, Towel JN 3 * s an
Mirro's Marble "op Table.
Table and W CeIrs. CombMn0leo gI'5i
Tabe 00ckte-ad andSmaUlTables. -1 -.S m" f&~
Writta Desk. "XI Oarp n jg"=gB ai-** -

cn amd Cus. Ws. Clou-he gs
&toc's, Marle Tp Stands. Din*t
Iet Chis, Me t s. oi b ump
bTa jr DoverI Stove, st i
nor 31ue l5ane Stove, Rot
Paper Suaket, 1Traps, -mSun Blin, o S p
Untolamelwate. Glasswaren i-f---*lif *I1
LAdery. AIwn 1Mower'. G e"n Ng a l

monvg im D e to aS

Boyd & Hutchiuson

& "+



---------- I



*i'ft ML VtMUNT *HIBtff PR-OP41PAI

*eIaApLmaftMsOA, SAN

84 too H o om mus
*I Ulgi Nel Me W. W.O. I nTsew l S N W VOPK t9 aBNTATIV
Owp &f B o0. te.4) es o n" Avon% N.VA6


aspiration Of Dunkerque
Remains After Four Years

)OUR years ago today the eptic of Dun-
S kerque was engraved on the tablet
,of history and will remain there forever.
|t was on June 3, 1940, that the British
Z ipedtionarY Force, their left flank
Exposed by the surrender of Belgium six
jays before, and their right imperilled bY
Uhe failure of the French to close a gap
In that direction, fought a gallant rear-
guard action against everything that the
mighty German army had thrown
against them. Something like 360,000
British soldiers, ill-equipped, battered,
exhausted and hungry, with the waters
of the Channel at their backs and the
'oncoming hordes of Germans pounding
'them from the front and sides and
blasting them from the air, sent a call
for help to the Royal Navy, the Royal
SAir Force, ana the ordinary man-in-the-
street In Britun.
How that call was answered Is record-
ed in the book of heroes. Covered by the
guns of the "sure shield" and protected
by an umbrella of fighting aircraft whose
intrepid deeds compensated for their lack
of numbers, the plain men of Britain,
young and old, rushed to the beaches of
Dunkerque and helped the Royal Navy
to bring succour and rescue to that gal-
lant army which came so near to com-
plete annihilation. For hour after hour
pinnaces and destroyers, punts, fishing
smacks, private yachts, pleasure steamers
S-Indeed, anything that could float and
aill-raced back and forth across the
Channel, picking up survivors of the
g test military withdrawal in history..
anger and death were everywhere, but
the rescue proceeded, and at the end of
this glorious episode 335,000 British and
FrMnch soldiers had been picked up and
landed safely near the white cliffs of
The story of Dunkerque has not yet
fully been told. When security limitations
permit It to be revealed in all its naked
realism, it will surely rank as one of the
"most remarkable events of this war of
estupendous happenings. But the glory of
Dunkerque did not blind the people of
Britain to its Implications. After the
valorous rescue came the realism that
Athe flower of the British army had suf-
Vfered a great set-back, lost all its equip-
ment, and, to all tents and purposes,
:was no longer an efficient fighting force
luntll it could be refitted with modern
weapons of war. The plain man was told
that the Nazis had now Vot the Channel
sports, and that invasion of England's
'"green and pleasant land" was the next
S Britain was to be bombed Into terror
4*and confusion, and the rest would be
easy. Hitler would be in London in a few
months' time to receive the homage of
.what the Nal propagandists called the
Miuplded Britons" who had chosen to
hoanou Ft a pledge to Poland; and so would
06 removed for ever the power of the one
nation which stood four-square against
'the Nad lust for world domination. But
Wte Nali warlords made one great mis-
SalculatIon: they had not counted on

I 3'

Mte Omut aAd tM elty.
of as dory b for Another tm
Today tOw honour tU for Dunbumr
and for the Int man of the Brit 2w
pmiUonary Force to leave those death.
N hores. He wuas General Sir Harold
Alexanwr, who was later to meet the
Japanese thrust on India through Burma,
turn back the AxIs forces when almost
withln shouting distance of Alexandria,
and fti Rommel's armies from North
Africa-and who is now, It seems, about
to rid Italy once and for all of the bestial
Nailt occupation. Dunkerque gave to Brl-
tain more than It demanded; for while
the memory will never fade of those
heroes who died on the beaches so close
to the shores of old England, the epic.
of the great withdrawal brought home to
the British people, the seriousness of the
situation, and at the same time produced
a general whose name will rank among
the great soldiers who have been privi-
leged to wear the King's uniform.

Prefabricated Houses May
Help Solve Local Problem
MR. CHURCHILL'S recent reference to
plans for the use of prefabricated hous-
es in Britain has whetted interest in the
subject, which might well be considered
in relation to Trinidad needs. The homes
Mr. Churchill had in mind will be built
of steel with stainless steel fittings, and
used as temporary accommodation for
returned soldiers on demobilisation. They
will have modern built-in devices to save
space, and thanks to mass production
are expected to be let at a moderate
figure. Steel appears to he too expensive
for Trinidad. though some of the other
Ideas might be studied for use here.
The housing situation in Trinidad
has been acute for a long time, and has
required the enactment, of emergency
legislation. Many people feel that at-
tempts to meet it should not have been
confined to the erection of permanent
dwellings, but should have included tem-
,or'aiy homes which could )e used for
some other purpose later. PrefabriLated
houses appear to offer a solution if such
an expedient is (onteinplat'd, for cheap-
ness and quick erection are among their
advantages. In Britain these buildings
when vacated are to be kept available to
meet shifts of population or other exi-
gencies. If used hiere the problem of their
ultimate dis',)osal will have to be faced.
If building materials are not likely
to be availabl- in large quantities for
some time after the war, factory-built
houses seem all the more worth investi-
paUo. A few examples of this kind of
structure already exist here, but the
problems Involved will need to be care-
fully examined before a decision for their
wider use Is reached. Which brings us
to the point that nothing should be ne-
glected th.t can ease the houslni qltiq.,
tion in any direction.
Following a recent suggestion by
this newspaper, the Legislature haa
passed a Bill allowing short-term tenancy
agreements to be made where people
living in their own homes wish to leave
the Colony for a few months. Such
owners have been reluctant to let their
premises in the past because of the war-
time provision which prevents the ejec-
tion of tenants once Installed. The new
law should make a number of houses
available by guaranteeing repossession,
thus enabling them to be tenanted by
their owners without misgivings during
holidays abroad. But we need a similar
Ordinance applicable to houses built for
sale and kept empty until purchasers
are found, because of the owners' In-
ability to eject any tenants to whom they
might be rented in the Interval. If short-
term tenancies were authorised under
proper safeguards in such cases also, the
present pressure and overcrowding would
be further lessened.


Convent Fire Wewet
Searching, Invstigatio.
The IsttrW "Trldad Gmaltan
The diNm o ftre at the Conmt
wl,. no 4 de be tie subject o a
WarOhln public Inquiry on oath
which should o some way towards
latinf tha ma rumon going
arund, 8 far, tha ha. been 00
autortatUv statement on tn
source of the fire, or how it eC"
about that there wre casualties.
To bsrve i useful purpose, the
Inquiry houm be ld at onam and
not in four or five months' time
when the faet will be lss clear tin
the minds of those who should be
called *to give evidee.
One question Ibut w have o be
thou ly investiglated 46 how, in a
bttc bu g. it was possible to
have tho ls of life. ,
Another must deal with the que-
tion of the water reur avail-
able. To say that th3re wa l)b,
then 481b to Nib it quito meaning-
les to the averae peron. I read
that a priet ha the hose turned
on him to enable him to salvage
certain things,. Wa the hose con-
nected to the distributor main or
the supply meln--for it could not
possiulbly have been connected to the
engine pump, Alseo what was the
Intake of the water to the engine
pump In relation to Its dt strilbuto ?
According to ordinary fire reIula-
ULions. a public building must have
certain emergency cdT and other
structural feature. designed to pre-
vent a disater similar to this one.
What are the fire regulations
her'? and are they enforced? and
if so, by whom? a
Is the Fire Brigade equipment A
suffMcient to deal with a large out-t
break, and what would happen if
two big fires broke out asimultane- i
There are many large bulldlnfs
In Port-of-Spaln. Do they all carry
a certificate of having been Inspect- t
ed under the fire regulations, and
how many such buildings In the t
two-storev or three-storey classifica-
Uuion have exterior emergency exits?
The flre at the Convent was a i
oi.stre.jful affair, but many lessonsl I
can be taken from It if the Inquiry t
Is thoroughly exhaustive.

People once were accustomed to
say that the fire regulations for
the London district were too strict,
but since the blitz the criticisms
have gone The regulations savwd
London, which at one Utn in 1940
was handling as many as 1,000 fires
In 400 different localities. Similar
regulations cu'ld not be amiss here.
where the i I hard In normal
times is Inflintely greater than It
is In the Metropolis.

Fire Escopes Wanteo
The Editor. arriasdd Gnardian"
The Convent fire tragedy lat
week should cause the Govern-
ment and people of this iand to
learn once and for all, that
local negligence on Important mat-
ters must stop. All large public, and
even private buildings for that
matter, should have several fire
escapes that are always kept ready
for use, or an electric elevator, be-.
sides two large and widely built
The moat modern type of fire
prevention apparatus should also
be instaed. and many permna
taught how to use them, There
should be also electric fire alarms
that would wake sleepers, and cause
the fire department to turn out at
the same time. Many people may
think these things unnecessary and
even radical, but If such methods
had been In use at the St. Joeeph's
Convent, the four good Christian
Mothers who had spend their lives
In the love and service of God, and
the uplift of humanity, would no
doubt be with us aD still. It Is not
too late however, to see to It that
these things are done now not
later on.

Mr. Mqrryskow Was Wise
The Editor. Trimmed Guarmdia"
If Mr. Marryahow has hld him-
self aloof Irom the Wet Indian
National Party, he has display
great political o acity. In
holding his support from an organl-
amatlon. the members of which a1
my opintcion do not yet know any-
thing of Party ditipline.
The West Indlan National Party
has not done anything to warrant
serious attention being paid to it.

Sanitation At Standpipes
The EditO Trinidad Guardian"'
I look with grief at the shocking
scene around the standpie a-
peeally on morning om te me
DM oa dU. Couv. There am Ie
pie wht leave their ib o m
ourney to the stapipse with
toothbs"he to their bean he do
nearig eveyttteg that a hugMma
being eculd pwsibb do to 1500
Oe"60the ameIe are eon lI
In the wai. eh edo O
method of prevetUng such an un-
pleasant thing?



Laundry Overdrge
The Editor. "rt d Ounadln."
According t Prems report a
schedule has been places en 6 tS-
00e 41 cltIPA togta launere
But IS WOWl apa ta oPrides
Control T eMpfto5m ant tak
are tbo em that th po1 S 1I
morning took a
cream cotton atMt to a tmS,
and was charged one e to
wasm and pre. e aamm
was laumao em on m-bm -N
eeselon for II centa at So w
thin fac waa "
the attents onf ttw ainya
hisely aws th w" so=
wned with th I
C. & A Um a I



iM seow, iowl n, o atl m Ato Crssf rm tbl
,ues Dewtanis f Of War, tit so Ai
so*i fttheir = denw q t=
bin hag an elab-rate spe of
taifilj w- the ae u name ae nt ubtaf
e MmI rL w o bw achney.

Internal tional Red Cross

Issues Details Of War Victories

Frem Geneva It S wlteeriaad,
AaeMe Isa 010 to aU WCata ef the
world of the whereabout, ef
ften InIt ai dM te derfy,
trace and r Oewt on all eases,
t Met a- taorganl-
=atins lue 8e"a =bt up upat
saaMeet all mis0ig eeas amre
seeented for sorer or later.
T BeRd Cress Society new
has iued an Invaden appeal
in which It Ia hoped fund will
be eotcted to mtaceur vikts
of the expected invasion of
Whoever huas visited Geneva,
that beautiful Swiss city, and the
large building b hearing the name
"Palals du Consell General," who-
ev'r has passed beneath the in-
scription on the front: Comite
International De La Croix Rouge
Agency Centrale Dee Prisunnler
De Guerre. will be able to read the
daily war communiques end the
aconic news of revurses with new
iHe will be able to picture count-
leo details behind the news about
air raids, ships sunk ihting at
the outposts, victory and defeat:
the fate of the 'ldlers, prisoners,
founded ind dead, the suffering of
he refugees, the distress of he
starving,. And one sees, nnt
figures of vessl-s torpedoed, guns
oat or bombers shot down, but
the humaa beings behind these, and many cro.*Pes oBer
he graveas which increase steadily.
In the midst of these scene of
distress, we come to realize that
he building with the Inscriptlon
s like an oasis of comfort, it

one upon the other on long tables
In the great building, divided ac-
cording to countries and nations,
but eloquent witnesses of the un.
speakable agony which the world
has been enduring now for four
For each prisoner of war there
Is a card In thee files in Geneva
which compose the great card-In-
dexes, classiSfed according to
countries. They contain all the
data given by telegrams. officials,
lists and capture cards, which re-
fer to the prisoner of war con-
cerned. There are different
colour. for different nationalities
and they are filed In accurate al-
phabetical order,
Enquiries by relatives of the pri-
soners are transcribed (.n to white
cards and are also filed alpha-
betically in the card Indexes where
they either meet the ncoloured en-
?uiry cards or have to awsit them.
In the rat case, the aim has been
reached-the earl tally and the
enquiry card Is linked up with the
Information card.
It Is often ditlc"t to establish
this connection Tnit Is the came,
In p.rtUcular, when there are a
great many of the same name.
In the English catd index, there
are epptoxliatevly 3,000 Smiths, of
whom a great number wse John and
George Smith. It is thc.eforo not
oily nacocarv (i, ciussify such
cards alphabretcally. They are
classed according to date and
place of birth, also according to
profelon. Christian names of
father, and so forth.
Thireads of Life

stand steadfast and firm in tha Th staff whose daily duty it la
midst of the violence and disorder to search for new names. write
of today, and those who contrit- letters and supply addresses, have
huts to the work are able, if not to build bridgeas.- bridges between
always to bring comfort and hope human beings. They resemble the
ytt to bring certainty and their- rates who spin and cut the threads
fore order out of chaos, of life. From here, say, a mother
In a far-off land will receive the
bIland of Pe ee pocket-book, the roepary and a few
photographs with the Information
tat hber otdied In captivity of
In Geneva. In wltwierland, that wounds. Then there In the little
mall neutral country in the heart girl who writes desperately to
Of urope, Is an I1nlan af M1ee 'Dear Red Cross" asIang for new
amtdst a world in flames. tat us of her father and will receive the
go through the hall which In comforting tidings that he is alive:
peacetime s used for entertain- th wife learns that her husband
ment, and In which, under the whom feared was dead. is a
folds of the large fla bearing the risoner; to mention only a few
red crosse on a white around, hun- [Intancaes which happen hourly. It
dreds of men and ;-men collabo- would .b so easy In this mate of
rators are now butdinf up a Identities to confuse the cards. to
stupendous mosa cf f a nd substitute the living for the dead.
death, and the dead for the living.
The elemetAs of this moeele are The most astounding automatlec
millions of white, blue and yellow machines, the Watson machines.
catrdso, bearing the name of pri- sort out and elasalfv, draw up
goner of war, or civilian Internee etatislUcal and accounting state-
or a missing man, together with ments at high speed and without
that of a country, a place or an any risk of error.
enquirer. Investigations about the One of them, the alphabetic
missing, information from the liv- punch, nrints in ordinary letters
Inn and often news of the dead and at the eame time punches the
are gathered together and anxious corresponding data which is sup-
enquiries, angiuish and hope, Joy- plied by the Individual cards of
ful certainty and crushing sorrow prisoners of war.
are multiplied a million-fold. Then the card-eortlng machine
They are all elasilled In count- makes a preliminary selection at
less rard-indexe which are stacked the rate of 24.000 cards per hour.

Modern Army Training In China
Time waa when the word Chinese fe tank officers and were then sent
was almost a synonym for paistiac, off Into the Hukawng Valley to
submissive, soft. even cowardly, clear out the Japanese.
When Theodore Rooaevelt used to
wam hig ountryna teat unee Behind American bltIldoseri tear-
they withdrew their ebetelons to ing a path out of the )ingle for
a big army and nav the country itm Uy want into actim.n They
would be-oms h0naLfed" hae meant trundled their tank straight into
"Ilnoolnouise!IaaAved" and not Jsmmsonem tratlon, shot it out
mid davewith them ad nt them packi
iM was aso when feastre -trained hardened Japanme vete-
wrtera tIn the Far Eat en trnvel 1ane of mN1*e warfare who had
seemnt *snt hume drWu tabif tc'id 0n befo them tw year
atn eomlo-eopera a y-ol- ao..
dim who went on routo march They rode unflinchingly against
with a teapot In one hand and an heavy Japanese guns and silenced
mbrlla ton the other, who them. Always te Japanese gave
wouldn't fight If it rained and who round before them in the end.
wouldn't fire on the enemy anyway, They 1Ott 60 men-and killed more
leet the enemy fire back, than 5O and forced many times
This not so mo0g ao. But now that number to retreat. The bravest
consider the vivid stcry sent to the soldiers In the world," their corn-
"New Yerk T lna- from Burma by meander. Col. Rothwell Brown, said
TUlma Durd abou t h Chineas- of them.
An arican tank outfit In the junges Thuso- aotir foolish legend
of the kawng valley. Tie outfit thust oes noad l esee g oethng
IS a mllishdet. entfCI the Kpg era. Gven something
e ewithUan a ArIan e lnamm aner to fight for, somethlnA1 to fight with
m eand Amer en ic a anooe.a n and proper training the Chinese
SAmerican makes as good a adie as youh
7% 01 thsajeseU Mi e t U of want or rined.7% tJapanese have
14 ft 3Ine ae wie ft ed already had as ma ttering of that

gtte ldlbyjan- -!---" Wtl ^t'-wh eonv
to 1i4 peesids, nwo W tsa a few l'
months were Htheir They had tak over the old le-
fathers IS s f ly plots gend whole, along with other West-
In g wan and Yunnan Provin s. Ernisms, and Ian IM cnlntly a-
Irone of them had ever seen a ta l pected to d ri the whoe uhn
oe tel lsug0nteven on autoua- Ai'uy'e=esAft n in tesemonhs
before trey were drafted And 'lbW owetter now. They
st to M Wane. e It still better when we have
Raon601"F.tor O of tme
Tomorro"'t" hr Ah i SerItere-
"11aining1, fm Asiriea andOft- qk~dgin rmodern warfare.

Tomorrow's Chusmrch Services

T a.m.. ? be herl su is u es.,
MstItb asa sewa m .m.i B-ina3

IT. JOMWs CHURCH-Peeluks inaMe.
* $.a. CAMUMMtul ev, I I ,


F 53 nem. wI m *
a".JT~"" Z .

e n cHURCH MUNCo wanMW
?iT p.m.,l


SM.Yurn Anii

HIX S ma on ..

Vf =4

Government Nttice'


To be held at the Indian
Queen's Park West, Port-of-Spain,
the 10th June until the 18th Jun. .S

Ad Mson Freeg.

Offers are itd for the uce a the followi.g
61eh). Working speed 210 r.p m. includin 2 ..
pr@Mr, air tWaMe tank, A oil fuel tink,. End s na
with olreuaitf pIp and set of spare parts.
ONi1B. o u OIL0 ENGINE Fewer Mfg. C.,
UAS,) A bout 40 H.P. Working a*ed,.
t a ir W. anedor, two air *,sig Lank ,i
a a a water cIrculating talrk.
Thee engines are offered for sale molely beeia thq tft
replaced by eectrcalty driven plant and inctieary.
ThIey may beinspected at the MechanleL.1 Rn-lnC', e
(Locomotive) of the Trinidad Government Railway at a
tween the hours of 7 a.m. and 4.0 p.m. on any wek-
Saturday when inspection ist openM from 7 a m. to 13 p.
Offers are to be sealed and addressed to the Oenera
Trinidad Oovernment Railway, by atb June. 194t. en
TERM Cash. Delivery ex site. Purchaser to a-rr t
and transportation.
The previous notice inviting offers for the purchase of t" mi-
SHornaby oil engines Is hereby cancelled.
30th May, 1944. GeneralManae of "

Colonial Secretary's Office, I
May 23, 1944.1

Applications are Invited for the
post of Drawing Office Assistant
(Female), Public Worka Depart-
The salary of the poet which Is
pensionable, It on the scale 4W
0-720-60-900 with an efficiency bar
at $720.
The qualtilhationa necessary are
at least two years' experience in a
drawing otfitce In the preparation
of tracings on linen and paper of
designs for buildings of all descrip-
tions, bridges, and general traeing
work, a good knowledge of archi-
tectural draughtmanshlp, neatness
and accuracy.
Applications stating age, educ-
tion and business* experience should
be addressed to the Colonial Secre-
tary, Red House, Port-of-Spain, and
should reach his office ot later
than 10th June. 1944. Cople only
of recent testimonials should be
The auccesaful candidate will be
required to pas a medical exam-
ination before appointment.
Acting Colonial eadetary.
Colonial secretary's ale.
30th May, 1944.


It Is notified for general Infor-
mation that Uthe srvioe& of the
Labour Bureau, Port;o4pel.
will be extended to the Wardens'
offces at Arlma, Ttnmapun, Rio
Claro. Sangre Orande, ChaguanaI
Couv. San Frmando PrinesI
Town. Stipara, La Brea aed Win.
as from and including the
1st June, 1944. after which
employees; in all Industries
and Tradee with vacancies for
clerical and manual workers and
Persons seeking such employment,
may register their requircenta
at the Labour Bureau. Port-of-
Spain. or the nearest above-
mentioned Warden iffloe.
It Is not the intention that
these extended employment ser-
vcIu should be regarded a a
substitute or or t an y way Inter-
fere with or difturh normal
methods of labour recruitment
and engaement. but rather that
theme services should sup-
alement and aIstst normal
methods by the Introduct!on of
registered unemployed workers to
vacancies which might otherwise
remain unknown to them.

I mployers In private Industry
with vaeanesk for clerical and
manual workers who expsrlmee
difficulty In filling vaeannd might
usefully supplement their efforts
bv reagistering their requirements
at the Labour Bureau. Port-of-
Spaln, or the nearest above-
mentioned Wardenp oflce, and In
order to facilitate the service, em-
plowvers and workers are rqueted
strictly to observe the regutlom
mIade under the Labour uftam
Ordinance, Oh. 22. No. 2 ad M b
lahed In the roval oaette dted
the mt June, 1944.

Carelens Talkj

Cots Lives--

Don't Talk


The GovwMMgt
High SUh41P


TRB required iMmK
teach Oeneral SelasMs u'Wl
standard o the O ,
sity School Cerlati a I
m.lntalned seeodM rM
puplb of ago 21-12l8 -
admission b, a
examina'.ion The M
pupl in three Far i
increasing. There I l
era and no quarts. UW
In a school of limet
are required to d
additional subject eij
teach Physical s r |
strong rceoimendU eiOir
subject on iih curtWU
years bu& there #I0s
:apaimus. T7% e irM
should be emlad kd,,-
the rponmMu1Te dl
and efficient c ll u
bomtory for thUM i
ad the subject .
the ftst instanceG oa
contract subject
end of that period.
be mde per=na sn
able for a suitab"A
alary, which imt
come tax, is I30 aE
plus War BoWnS
passage will be provi
should be forward I
Head Master nd
panted by PenOU*
copies of testlno
of referees.
state age, do
(ree. 1e41mdH^ O
glee teaching XMa|H
hould alo be i
qualficatIonsA atud
other subject* uNitsg^
be required beftf g
ouu finally be o

British West

Marine E

Fishermen qtl
Iines must Orrage
porter to include th
In returns to be s
Control Board not15
June, 1944, in 5e5
Control Board No*1
May, 144. on the s4
PMrogramne for 1Itj
i FOOD Irv~
A. s
per 'ff''
31sk May, 104.

The ecretry
Colonies ir'o I
Oovernment of
number of J
Fellowshilps to
sclentists wINtli
or in the scal
them to pr,
the Colonial 5r

Further informntlU
tamw fr fmew
Red House, I ct.


eCos fiuM"

If you can afford a shilling f

don't put a penny!

If you can afford a dollar

don't put a shilling in the

collecting tiN







mom Mm ow tv Slem "



CHBwkkTOAtfattiCHAy Union Of Fith A dFacts Awaited NeOt
Heaviest Bombing MEO..PrtgS i Un
gssoldN ,ROMP A" 13
"One the hastf A= 1 Ho
Hfy lustwo d Nd tn0l00 1111 I WASRWMOTO(R JOW 1 (AP0.- i
t up with at .nct 100 tan o ul cr tar
ut Uday Tr.nilva *a Mie"G iSnq Officil Seteamotte eon the can of tll
,,WasOl w e^th Portuguese l fonr aIIDnito I saALE
[S ds. oIt bfor the shItIup ra. comnt -t l utah.?the Unwtd (Mtei b uUaI u
fe which took two

111.o1 territo r y.bltingeuter reports tha t llier tend woratt Ale et IDA. T JtoE IS
civiLian's? oomn'un^oa battle i^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ -- ^^ ^ ve UMtternstloirl law had 1* F.M.
bov mbes6a 1ofthe M a i teanactt 1 th e th rteue the. sip F Ns TUy R
cod.but fropt the morad eotl
enrl t the matte Unitedsta tes URIrTURE Su A L
IBR h,1^^ 111 b ut tobc.Prtse toughlpU~ on Its^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ Parromtw" ttl 101i S,* VINCENT STRU *
WSW.I n pthebattle taken lillo Isttructed ^ Mrs.L. A,1'hur-

^^HL* tru Icn the" Hartaes, y ibeatordsy aind Well- of e Thel bearohhues Xmitoea bore ethe wile willa iMM --all'-- heri goo^f d wIt
o*wr c DO M Rom e wille coastal plitfie Con r-Intahem Fsat ere s I iewmby
diclAi o entrated we morse on enemy ebelng taken up in =boarIn view uoefWurnimm~1turne, Basuch Bleas-
sovui hd c ntrte ilamss ThoeWnem- of-afactthat two Portuxuese Simmuid BrassDouble Reds,
11nit o ry= into gn Fean ou pc ueeabout tize s lo their lives. a Portu Spring and Mattresses, Cypand
WIt Ihevy IMsorties eaterday. Post air- bt. W. GmIba(left).' -6 LiUl sal m egS iio ImL .. 50atS Protst to eramay Is being Samau, Single Beds. Spring and
eb asldered, Mattresses. Mal2lTauy Single Beds
I tand rel N ffas U tors and e- F Anzo b A tAi -- --E-- Springand prng-flled Matres
a.Ingtons Sttacked rally ages In the P. Pas ie armaiw amof tha.Tis, U rNA v a jgmod. Single Iran Cou skatd Mattresses,
and Lightning round an importantSemaU4 bye i p -Cyp, Crpauce i, slid Ma.idg-
and fighters of C tlone centre in Hungary. The rail b eu Mro el. c c8
Forcewereoutlinesth eCyp and aan Mirrored Ltd'
g Focarrenre t out lines radiating fs,'om this l u en eaturres W.. News est, dIrs; B1aby's PrOces, Baby's
adsrfing te(eranor sending suppliessli Irn. CibsslidMat
tare in tr the erunan fron aw nd u .OVr H Topic articles dealing with tresses. Bali'o Toilet Set, Marble-
5 t to the Ru dan f rnt and for We rIndian affairs occupy a Top WalhS.inds4, Enamel Toilet
"They struck transporting, Rumanian grain and F n is ainent i ation ithe event Set, Child's g Chair, Soil Clothes
yards, fuel dump$, oil to d Germany.,] o CCaiof"Empire Digest." arb en Ba"'tbys, Large Mahogalny Oxten
af troop-cwarying [ r. ieonthly magazine published aiolDu, LTable, Crapaun d Oval-

__________ex__lo_,____" siot e DiningItreds -buldng o Atpla veue tr'iet ndWefie;",dcaCraI oe otPlud, wOlrT altr
Toronto, Canada, by Enpk'e I- Dining Table ,ond 4 Chairs, lde-
OWNEDMreths ConventoRelief Fund More t tos equipment Including hospital, clinic, formation. board, Maxble-Top Brs um Inaiad
S, AMr. Rex 8tollmeyer, Trinidad-Liquor Cabinet, Large Book-Cae,
tfemC fnveern R leeF n td ory, educa onal, and medical supplies, have been received for us"t e In born Trade CommluissionerI Ca- Large Roll-Top Olie Dek, Ldie'
"" e ovrClimbsTo $38 y830 -w de VD. campaign scheduled to start soon, it was re-. ads for the Britlsh Weat Indies Writing De, Med'icne Chests.
and British Guiaa, w'oas the Chrome Upholsterednaulte, 7 pieces;
aI Rouen, one of which sealed yesterday i n a report, released through the Informatio Offi0e, foreword for the April issue s id Maho l stny ptrridA t ir
wicumble and hits w.e Led off by a donation of $2onAu500 1e-hwl so ,u ettee Al-irs,
fe other road bridge from Messrs. William Fogarty Ltd., by Lieut.-Colonel 0. C. Wenger, American Adviser to the Anglo- other articles included: "The Brit- Occasional Tables, Folding Card-
at M u 0 mlsIish West iadies" by Mr. Randlal Table, Radio Pick-Up, Radio slid
b at Meulv ., na 0 mles ca -the biggest single item receive American Caribbean CommUission on the Control of Venereal Disease. Dumoret nalso from T.rinldaTd, ale, Ri Por t -p radoP e and
Iasil, and the other overs o far-yesterdays contributions l e al r Pick-U), Portable Gramophone and
miless west of Paris added more than 4,000 to the Con- The report which is dated May .. Assistant B.W.I. Trade Co l toppled into e vent Relief Fund, making the total 15., deals with the present status of ideas and information. stoner to Canada "The British Boeve, Coleman 4-BUrner
to date $38,8W3.. of thle Cargibbean Commission Method Of Procedure, Locatism Colonies In the arlbban area" by Ovn ,l Stove. (Jalvanized Oven.
40np at Domrafront, B0 The day's total Included the sum Venereal D lease control pro- And norilia. Sir Frank Stockdale the Comp- Mincing Machine. Bathroom alid
off I Havre, was hit of $1,00 from Mr. Francis Noel of grMne. It was decided to acquire the troller of West Indian Develop- Household Sclesl. Single fnd o)u-
d explosion Grenada, and various other It reads:o-, buildings on Arlapita Avenue, for- meant and Welfare; "Fducatlon in ble Hot Plates. Electric Toaster,
te I areaamounts ranging from $1 to $100. The Anlo-Amerilcan Caribbean merly the headquarters of the the W'st rIndies" by S A. Ham- Elec. Iron, Elec. Roaster. Bra.s,
LemPanrs were Latest lst of contributions Is Comesson was organlsed nearly United States Disict&aI irs- moe d, Sr Frank's Educational Ad- Glass and Cliawar,. Kitchen and
Xnlr wr efollows;ComsinwsognsdnrlCIIAaf Ielad
BThunderbolta. flw two years ago for the purpose of and convert the buildings Into a viser; and "The British West In- Pantry Wre, Cild's Tricycle, Doll's
states that last night Almready acknowlegd I ........ $33,131. finding some solution to certain Medical Centre to house the Ce- dies" by Harvey V. Us1. House, Enamel tied Pan, Beatrice
mainly concentrated WMirl'anmorty d... 2UU..I social. economic and health prob- trial activities. Stove, Spring Blinds, Violin and
In France. British A Friend 440 to1Lseik 0t. t) .0lems which confronted both the What was formerly known as the ....... Mandolin. Plct:src, Books. Wire
Iton osattackedMarilyn Ro b ck .... *...***...... English and United States interests Cl e Club will be remoelled to u Nett ig Garden s Tols. Lawn
Ivt ness the oastAe ny mous ............. .. oo In the Caribbean Area. Under house the Central Diagpostic Clinic pMower, 6n HP. Champion Outboard
II ie ertecatMiss Tr-al Cua .O mpo-Cla ., bo~o 00 teCrben ra ..B it7
sond night running Mr. and Mrs. L Dvael ..., :;i the general headingof health prob- activities, and the building erected Motr, Hydraulic Motor 1.7r Jack,
important rail tcen- A, vit iv. PI'w,.ath...h...... ......., rdash- rate of vene- bv s the United States Army Engin- Planes as d I f dgr.
ur between Nant res Tb Monit.1 ,aa ................ o. ral disease infections among the eers for their headquarters will be esIn 3 Years te on view da' lri' to ai d
%e bombing Was &. IW t ............. 00o United States and British Forces remodelled for Administrative moig of Sa od 'RM -
snAafter 20 minutes ...... 0 stationed there which demanded sta offices, laboratories, lecture WASHING'rON. June 2 (AP ).---CASH.o aM 3
:mar -k'0. a M saau ........... ., c: iete acton. ils, sewing rooms, auditorium President Roosev,'lt said today that )
mark*had to beIt on M J Pereman ....n .]o,0o mediate action. BOYD & agb sTC NyH ION. LTD.,
the pll of smoke R Somerenlman (pul, St. "The Anglo-American Caribbean and store rooms on the first floor, the United State produced moreA
R a the ra d. Moe- .Jse h'$ veat) .... .0 United States Public Health See- The second floor will be used as a than 75,000 airplanes in about three Au tonerrA
Lieut.-Cot rryClam 11... 10. g i te irt ... o ti
1too kedobJetve In Mr. moo na ton M ..son oooo vice was requested to detail nI hospital for female and will C- yes. In th first 91 dy of this
there was mine- Junior and Claudette blnedard 2.00 officer to work In conjunction with cOnlmodate 100 patients. year, the President said, 4,400
r p b lably eq a I an d Mr sS J. Mrs... :0:. 00 a British M medical officer to devise The other buildings i hose laNes wer e t o ute AllieE irom
took part.. It was Jackn Maewood ................ .00 some plan for the control of these the chest unit, laboratories, store the United States- an average ofa M
ath"A nei Capt. J. 0. Cuttor.dso, .... 1000. diseases. This was done. rooms, and part will eventuallybe 338 'planes per week.
SriAnnnd l rA.a 0 r o Aso D p. The President. 0id between March
O BOARD w ItalyoMr.oA. ...... ....... .0 Following a survey of the situa- used for male wards if and wh.. T reitsdSl bten
them dropped OrO Mr. and Mrs. J. do Oi sad tlon it was decided eto Inaugu iite the occasion demands. 11. 1941. when the Lend-L ass Act
tonAs of bombs l t M. lo .. ........ a10 a training cntre for Venereal dla- A laundry will be installed In was passed, and April I this year,

B ---~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ r Ano nio . ............ 21.00 training entry for Venereal. dlis-. A ^ lcl M d o w a h ~ e S yB^ ^ ^ ~ f ~
targets in Germany Pfinal o. saff and Pupeis ease workers in Port-of-Spain, another Small separate building 33,000 'planes had been sent to tihe
I l Europe and the i V esla ....... s 0 Trinidad. which offers the beatop- Asnd a second small structure will fighting forces of other United Na-

ii urally a? day wen by .- ,^t 'I .me m^ S^ -F ltel .,w.__ ^Ip ?^^
S .ly a day went by'Jc"Josean.Richard. : port d 0n tis since i1t id centrally be used by the ERucational Depart- tions President Roosevelt said the

BK,';, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ b us*,"1 "" MMoto h tf ebr ri ed byta* the Educatind Idsral Depart-! TrlVn H < ! AIDS ADPIONU
or the other was "0v. avpla Nfami ............. 000o carted and h is other ftcliti. o metl for printing and the creating Allies paid cash for 7000 of the

VMR7V0 Chpli Natons4a.3scat Tand. EQI1ETi othe foicitities; 'Planes and T the M tremaiond WsB HNLS
praCe.] Mr. A Corersi Cr f..0............... 000 Then came the problem of finding of exhibits,
Aa J citrus . .. .................qip Ca -Fndi.oeohdxsent under Lend-Lease.
T'El eered Heart Choir .2.u0 *the proper personnel and equip- oae-Finding .derhodsn t id e- L as
'Sis B Loeres re en ...... 2o.00 ment, suitable buildings to house Once the buildings are ready,o t pli -n
SLr Lre ....... .... .. .......... 2500 the project, and seuflidet funds to the equipment installed and cheek-
Do"mra "emn .......'.... 0 d ul I
A'T ue Molly Lomrenco .it.. carry out the programmedcarlly, he kboratory ready fl si V i
Tailor (Thomas) .... ................ .4 Accordingly, the Unted Statesto receive spcmens etc., the ro- a i

*M yUATEnRS, LN NJune Balo (M(Br).......-ut.- In mor"mnlt^v t8s~n~*T e wimnbel fo rm-tally open.itLet)*ed byteHnbeRy R '~ ^ ^A
Italian bases today, .U.N .av"alOf """e r2 Venereal Disease Consultant re- gramme will be formally opened by
t 0 heavy bombers Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Marques 0 turned to the United States n a informistiotl campaign, where- ar gain
pr obablyequa n ire net o Marque .... ad L ASeptember 1, 1948, to arrange mat- bv the public In general will be
Vraea e i Marques ............ ...... 10 ot L ONDON, Juwie I(Reuter) ON.ISI ONDITIOV M
Marines M rque ............. letters. 'te necessary Unlted tats, advised of the objectives of te to KE S
Br(ef. Marques l 1 d 1c1 th letters to the European sv OF THE KIDNEY RIM S | ;
0. Mar Hele M" ^ >M6.00share of the appropriations wa Programme and how best the ma ers thee t. od any i erdia a T HI N MA E P PiNy- ITS LI
dN.orm e .T 1 ....... ..... of the B.B.C. today agan t heard D PZES -Mb-& TW 1
i odelu au resh300...... 10o finally approved November Il1,"Lco-operate.
DEA D~ slaig~ a.-: ~ fial ppoe Nvlley1 .030o~oeae the voice of a member of the Allied
BOA" A., .mah p....... .. .... ...... 2.0a Getting personnel was a most dilf- This will be done by newspaper Supme Commander's staf f in h is
th A. d .... ....................... 1 .1000 flcult problem, but finally after six announcement, lectures to groups ixth message o Allied' s friends inC r
MICEUr. mu l~m errora ................. 10.00
i s Mr., aci y Fbro .ticta .. 2,00 months some 22 staff members movie pictures, advertisement and a Europe. X to Ae ^wERIENCEDDICA
Mr. and Mrs. R Cin Go .. 25.00 were selected, exhibits. This time he addressed himself NG A DIAGNOSIS
you Pro@s. Ltd ...... 10.00 Equipment for hospitl. dinic, At the Same time, the local Med- to what he called voluntary ress- MUST FIRST FiND OUT THE
'N 0. Preecs 1... iei
nA.ry L. undry ',"td W.ngo00f boratory aeeran oremel nicl eal Aseociatuon, Social Service de- tance, individuals who do not be- aNd OFTHNE KIDNEYS.
Mr. M and tr Albrt osa d10e.00 supplies was also a difficult mat- trtment and allied agencies wia ll g to any resistce organization
Program es rts CouonIa skf e ter. but w as f ily eoompi e tked to co-operate andTere wtl ake anu
Ltd.bfinallywio lnnndaxos opa
1 aLsto'1d o5 Last was the transfer of staff an active part in the programme. their part. pla IF THE KIDNEYS AREto
i, 4C leta by Trn l uredial ,nad m teril to Trinidad which fThe Chamber of Commerce, reli- Ir pert. _ ____ AI TH K1IDNE AN
Ba r C n o B Mr. and Mrs.Roeral or do etulat 1 568e a d 'te r rto T ri d aa hc a c iic a e ILIN I Mr uIR IM O A
W, (H nIr w. Milln & (1o a.0 was completed on April 1, 1944. lo w fraternal and iuvic organs -y OF RdnNG} Els
Mrs.R aw s Dionolwa ....... 00 MOSt osOf the staff members arrived saltons, unions and industrial rlT s H

R K '^Mr Gndorao Doaw <............25 WAT F >y n THEl^ ^--- ^y --* -----mr
&r. Georse awa ................ between March 15 and April 1,1944. groups will also be approached and rural Transport HitACIDS AND POISONOUS

Aft^ hereby sequse Invite t lndteir ~support WASTE FROMio THHE &Wh
tthe Secretary of tee30,9 m1.33 STAFF, EQUIPMENT Ir I mtport taon f eembeth at1 T a iMra "THrEN W6 AREe PWRLESS
ot lai tan __IM =The taff now present In Port- much staf work must be done to TO PREVENT SICKNES.
1945 requirements, of-psln, Triiad, cons s of six co-ordinato all m efforts to Pblc transport difcuty In coun-
otho *physicians, two dentists, four avoid c ionfu lon, A successful e- Li tra so due largely I t on-
I r ,SLfl et National Committee's nurses, four laboratory tVchni nereal disease control programme try tit id le lINSURANCE CCOM-
R e After ar Sought one edtaonal rector ne requires time, effort, serious think- gration of taxis to Port-of-Spa PAN, E WONT INS R A
iK 'u 8d itructor it thwestc science and o g and much study. Trained per- it is d losed by Government P WHOSE KIDneY;
SSlide e a sonnel must guide It, If such a reply to questions tabled in the RE NOT RIGHT-
Fasteners, LONDON, June 1 (eutsr).--In oer am trave ass ,,nts. Te personnel tospresent, all is well. If Legiiatwse by tile Hon'ble Roy
Sltamna and a discussion of the "do ()auile 23rd member of the staff was de- It is not present an the community Joseph.
shosMystery today the Diplomatic Ined in the United States on ac- must be trained. Mr. Joseph had asked. "In vw
i s resporen o the Londonaicera count of ill lihalth. t o ensure the best results all of the Importance of taxis to a
rti hailyp'dent Of the rondion Liberal Up to date 200 tons of equipl- candidates for training must be community will Government plea
f thatfy. uNless somesortof delagree ment. has etarrived which Includes carefully selected. We must prao- state wnt seps are being taken to
from that unless na me sort of aremet hospital, clinic, laboratory, educa- th the most rigdeconom Inl ense ? s iep tnbe-' o is
I m Snu- I e trehed with d OAlle Abouttional and medicalSupplies, ei. All spending these appropriations In ensure a audicte t numbe. of tws
phet Xai the atWe Ntioanil Committee this equipment Is now stored in order to get more, Which m means. selfg kept equipped with tyren so I p dse! led we Ink ki b
4WIing Ma- is to Play in the liberation OIf the buildings formerly used by Ube we must not tolerate or keep one as to be able to serve the inhabit- YWMew s. Racksclhs, sielsehls
Pins, France, there will almost certain- United tastes District ngtneerm- single unesslar7pson on the ants of the 0w1011J?
piw(afe- ly be confusion worse confounded who vacated the property on Mey loler n or malrontents tomifutts,'Anr iutl o vnethat in t gitryve it icts &w ,q we
In the liberated areas. 1 1944, and negotiations are now up the picture. wh te hure only oae taxi that timell. e
i andThis reflects the anxiety express- under way to have this property All employees will be expected tywin be epplW the taxit' haeemop oeaeft fiti
and ed by the diplomatic eorrespon- transferred to the British to house to work the required time each obcernme&S retlystaited: F Do m s i lsa "
,. Bhoet XI dent of 'The Times," who wrote tWe activities of the Venereal DIs week, and any employee showing J~d~er J mI
amid be pepre In public econern s incerasin, because ease Control Prognsmle. a lack of interest or' hineMciencv, or ernc Ucdit pocyhs einhssealZ~
ith te procedure of a belief that, the delay is caused Plans are now being drawn up who becomes unmanageable will be !mrec r displyh [~~~d ,ms
[ Ontiutol Board Nq chiefly bv political hesitation Ut for blue prints to make the neckts- Iimmediately removed from office, been 1o maintain the Iqgltlmamte bt~fhe~dfe
M.'y, 1944, and London and WashIngton, sary alterations to remodel these ITeam-work must be developed un- requirements of all dlstglct in the menmhay. Ask hedd ow
Om t alu dated buildings to suilt our needs. Tu !der one cetralm authority, the Dli- eedslaniL tonand this~ b p o nficy asbeen ad-u Ki7 P amd d't ist .
'1 ~ avul~la~ e supplies . plans should be com pleted w ithin tricr M edieal O ffier, to act as ,a il r d t n il e c ni u d a du ssll u ye s y
theIm enet ee, mdthn heae~dwaste of time and effort. "There maw, however, a number
aain stctted. GERMAN' GENERL DIES work qf ieiiodelllng the buildins 3verv avaial facility will be of tails that Law.v migrated to lO Des
'NEW TORK, June 2 (API.-The will st 't, pr tedIt servlc u the pro- Port-at- Ipain. where they are en- of@ 1
hEINCE. German dlomestic wireless NM ts esu/uat, the alteration gramme advances, ped in nlof-e ~tial serlitce.,
4ek~ra.ary, Control Board. Majop-General Johannes HInts died will take from four to si wease As soon as factual data ca eand this Is largely contributed to 2/-
Ofie Bulinsa a c seom quenc of a "f~atal ante- provided the necessary building cqllectcdt and reiewed, the pro the public transport dimcult n / .-q~
e Blldnp, mobile ace Ident. Re commanded materials ate Ofn hed, and much gramme will "eapant to other parts country distrlcts.
Street, the antl'lat of tist Osruep lOnger of course, if any material of Trinidad and later to the other ____________
Condor I~ag .lk n the panmsh Civil must be imported. Cebolee ma soon as competent per-....
-r ndwa ho..., his a .dI ..he .eanim the o, p..o.l,, = .-b.5 trained. -=.. Turkey~ a Enter .nrss r working at .. the .,.- apeasoo o.,et W t I ai
r '=dm ukidelitah surveys of ga sJust -- as th e UIIS er n n
GIIth overmmtut Istitutions; and =set-up Is reedy, invitations will. 'beL LatvrunW
staff are employed in preparing the the several coonieDs 10 esad in their querte, ia5 l IdnrerdY'e
admninstratly. macdniney for their for traiin in the say- ;ntr late thet war ~ ot
"T femp71es have been set contrl mesres. ta rmiom Stdwastern Euoaa
Sat IU nenry street. Ths tram m, mint ce saltedqrs g posi lt a. t he~
BORAM PLANNING wifth the utmost eare otswa S sik Jaieitbr lionw'db
..'w t th.e recent recoi- bcas the traines J mb p.., a v.oi in ,ep-war
mendatlons ae at the meeting pected to return to their reopee wist Ir.iv el|I q
bid., hi 3nlaxedm. IMara 21 to IS, disease control progtammeao e d Ale mg Trl
1544, whtch incue.: their ountl ie o I Akaa,,
( A l- T h e T r i n n o f P e r s e d a A s t h r, ,m e e l o p T u r wa_ a .ui d .se t p l k be a t e ,t 1 _V Am T e o i i ,n w f c n w d a n w s d r s i e a "

A The CsA-aml new tact* sew IdmA, now n O-
2)-= -ledcal Oiens. liKhts wll Mu a, the > S al
^N ROCbKERS 3- -e ON a- ,-U. I of idenft M S.t
s)-L matory t lehnican.s these dUseases come to______ reass W l atke the
S4)-Cme Worker which may remquire new deeM aMs.
^j| CHMAsIC 8)-NiiaMtosal Wdfner. as to poi0eles and procedures,
s)-pResd and Pmiladtual 'Wok-. S9&6%Upotar of te b Ia t1d
CANVAS FOLrING CHAIRS Stah, orf c d Bermua Iorts
hSr n r" CANAS rLlyCHAIRS ,,-ofi,.,o,,, ,,,. Sc~.=.-:, btS~c'A =..Ati~ ^ ,,,_-

1>-Th committee urgesth at 'is. a' as f
tIe 9SS; UlaieS'2W5^ vI-We RD
.* .rW tt a*te
W. J., &O be agog
W181 ~ ~*WNW w&An


416MttT .1g
JMmm~ aim
hi clufts.iTgtn





58 Frederick Street :: 'Phone 5273.



Breakfast Cereals!


26 Frederick Street.




J9i e//erv


by croflsmrnen of skirl and
experience Beoutiful in
design and qual ity-- Gold
and Siker filigree and plain.

Your Jewweller.

Y. De LIMA & CO.

Slet Bad Breath

delay love's kiss?

I N&pm of$am MBImAD
DZAf Jut d ai,, A,,d e
SMjo u "S a"s. am
YOU WU I i .nmiir 7 t of
10 pso ha ba hm&e d ud do'm
h be cmfutL t1 CAI Dwd
CA.. b ima-i a km am
arskeaMMsbm i iii
uf |u- -hj md = W aiu
oft. W&
h* dm I m how aImd 0
b o l w -~~ ~M ON O


*':. :4 .
*iff ....





I *


'a.Olk Of Trini
^'i ------ ---iv TNCNUIM -- -----

=aLCUU T go Acting Oowfl10. 1 ar COMPAD1 Capt l. and
0i,,,, i svi i l __ _r W-a 0 1 attended th e ca.-
alla at a MOM VIictral^t^ a
thiS> Aft Mat Sft rlval by Mrs. MaOM.
,XCELjZNCy the Acting Governor entertained to dinner c
T"t. as aeesthe tM ^ Ambasdor at fa
anCs rOAX., whowere Ieft~aft VSUaW; I&.
Fr a ft ais, Brazilan MinIister o 1 hg~le Wt 11,1an
Oiel hipp, U.S.AMy..
,O are being sold all over the Colony today In aid of the Bri-
tsh Red ross. and I have been asked to appeal to everyone to
as much as poMslble.
tlyids usrurgently needed by the Red Cross to meet the heavy
Being incurred daily and no matter bow much or how sml
donation may be, the orga lst eswill indeed be grateful.
SMrs I. LSkinner has asked me to let all sellers know that if they
more flas, they can call her at No. &53M, and those who
the hopping district can get more at Stephens Ltd.
Tn' i be received at Barclays Bank up to 2 p.m. and no later,
evideryone is asked to get to the bank on time.
APTN and Mrs. W. 0. Calvert gave a dellghtful birthday party
at Santa Crus for their two children lan, aed fi ve years, and
M aged two years. at which all the children thoroughly en-I
themselves. The birthday cake was a two-tiered one beautifully
tin white and yellow with yellow butterflies and chocolate bun-
Sand brown ribbons to pull favours, with five and two yellow
TIhe five-year tier was cut by Itn Calvert and Betty AnnKnuaggr.
1 the two-year tier was cut by 8usan Calvert and Bobby urquhart.
ata, mad, to represent a large yellow clown and which was filled
hall sorts of good things& was suspended from the ceiling and the
Oino of It cat ed great merriment among the children.
SThe were invited: Dettv Ann Knaggs, Bobby Urquhart,
aeal ana John Blanc: Katharine IleS, Gillian and Lillas Taitt;
B lsh Campbell. Rodney and Arthur Webb: Barbara Barrett, Angela
f,, Heher and John Morton: Shephen, Richard and Christopher
SWayne Allen Carolyn and Gillian Anderson- Elizabeth Ann.c
ertopr and Barfira Ann Knaggs: Diana McNeil, John Mascall.
f t and (illian Stodart and Nyron de Boehmler.
BAZURAS ALI, East Indian baritone, whose remarkable voice has
w him such public notice, will, I hear, be leaving shortly for
SGuiana to fulfil a concert engagement. He will give a fare-
recital at the Empire Theatre. San pernando, on Wednesday,
e 6. Bookings are being done by de Lima's.
I and MRS. J. P. LEECHMAN have returned to Polnte-a-
Pierre after spending a montbl,'s holiday at Gibb's Beach with
r three children. They all had a very good time.
HIER was the usual merry throng at the Trinidad Country Club
on Wednesday evening, and once again Irma Jarrett held the
B bers speUllbound with her singing. The Castle Royal orchestra
at their best and everyone had a most enjoyable evening. .
Amona those I noticed were Lieut. Tommy Boyle. Miss Gloria I
bughlin, Mrs. Carmen Fraser, Major H. Miles. Miss Denyse Huggins,
ina E. Phillips. MIss Allcen Power,. Mr. and Mrs J Seheult. Miss.
ieay Robinson, Lieut. B Clarke. Miss JoY Shands. Capt. and Mrs.
Oerry Madrell, Mr. Jerry Goldstein, Mr. Simpson. Major "Bud" Lux,
MMO Ooldring. Mr. and Mrs F. Lobo. Mr. and Mrs. H Eaton. Mr. Sid-
ey Preece. Mr. Tonyv ,Lanlowne. Lieut. Ken Chapman, Mr. and Mrs.
Jiervyn Orell, MisA Jean Canning and several others.
SFrO CLEUBRAT tmhis recent engagement to Miss June Alexander,
S1, L0u1t Dixie Dean gave a cocktai! party a' the Royal Naval Offl-
Ib'm Mesa Port-of-Spaln. on WedneMday evening, after which the
guetsts went on to the dance at the Trinidad Countrv Club.
SThose invited included Capt. E 0 Tudor, Commander and Mrs.
A. 8. Wigett. Lipeut. Dave Dawson. Mils Gladys Gordon Lieut. Brry
Barront, Lieut. Hovey, Asat.-Supt. R. DrIury, Miss Claire Erskine-
IUndop. Lieut -Commander and Mrs. Balmer, MiAajor and Mrs. Peddie
Oreenwood, Capt. and Mrs. Ken Wallis, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Basiord.
Lleu' Barham, Mrs. H. M. Muillns. Lieut. Galbraith. Miss Marjorie
Hom,)e-.e:. Liurut -Commander Daysh, Mr. and Mrs. Walcott, Lieut.
and Mrs Maughan. Mrs. Fell-Smith. Miss Gwen Bottomley, Lieut.
Turner. MMin Devna Colebrnok. Sub-Liew Harries. Miss Isabel and
Miss Ana Lenagan, Lieaut. and Mrs Winslow and I-,ut. Wright.
,.OLONEL MERCFE and the officers of a south camp gave a cock-
C tall party at their mes labt Saturday from u630 oni. until 9 p.m.
I: was attended br military personnel and civilians from all over the
Mwd. ad was in 1un40b1ed socai sucoess, as these functions usually
.I _ter the m y Ool. Mercer and some of his guests went on to
ial- -Piere Ctlb, where a dance was in progress.
E maa thoe Invuted werl Brig. Stoikes-Robert.s, Lieut.-Col. Hickey,
eu-l- . RochIford, Llett.-Col. Jarvista. Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Ro-
erUon Lieut.-Col. Ta her. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ruthven-Murray,
a. and Mrs. 0. Mardall, Lleut -Col. Syfret, Major Geddes, Mr. and
IMrs. J. Snee, Mr. and Mrs. R. innli.x. Major Harvey, Major Rae, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Cooke. Mr. and Mrs Edgworth-Johnson. Mr. and Mrs.
McKenZle. Major and Mrs. T. Holmes. Major Hawkins, Major and
Mrs. Kerr, Major and Mrs. F, Greenwood, Dr. and Mrs. p. Rostant,
land MISS Joan Rostan;t Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Westwood and Miss
Westwood; Mr. and Mrs. Gibson.
S Capt, Johnson, Capt. Seale. Capt. Steele, Capt Trestrail, Lieut.
DennUrord, Supt, ano Mrs. Drake, His Worship the Mayor of San Fer-
Uando sad Mrs. Roodal; the Rev. Pather Boniface, Mr. and Mrs.
Marrlott, Licut. Connell, Jnr. Corndr, Mtassey, A.TS.: Dr and Mrs.
Carter, Mr. and Mrs. C. Camps, Capt. Gamble, Commsader and Mrs.
R. V. Lavmigton, Dr. and Mrs. Diamond. Mr. and Mrs. tl A. Bennett,
Capt. Br-wn. Cap. Mitchell. Mr. Fletcher, Mr. o.:s, Mr. and Mrs
O'H0ara. Mr. and Mrs. E. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Wil',;n, Mr F.nd Mrs.
Luidlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Longhorne. and Mr. and Mrs. Cresswell.,

p.. ''i A.x-AAeUY

Gi*e Yourself A Cet k.Over

Whenever 'You A* 7 tf

al"" rl phyolair fatluod. t ouf% t. MUMb sW $M.
ply M"Iae mgelmt* h .ap Mq to taOW N h$ 1-Me1 toft
bousan w tufsI
If y#uM** we: 4ow"~ t n '111M--. Ni .-
S ertna, ad Mad tat y w a W"
an everlsrtingly ted and auig-. a w' roeidejS53
l* nan become a very heav y- t'ertt ft1M Use an *fy"W
dw, sp eclally I a intaWini h= W
ti. and it tIs a good W ulol Who 70 k "y fr ome r bo a-
yourself at eack-aer a tMe a fid (a ruiag ubxou& i a a
fI of all or leal matte of routine, t orir
which might bnln bout this dl.- unhurried o r yeu'tia=iiMa
trM~te conditin. makee your bathing a prose ,eiti
Prsumimng your boyv fnimda iton treatment. ColdM a O *e4
Preumig yur od Iiftn fr vuand *11' help draw tel
le..t two p s ouibe ces of oea tive
fatigue that ought to b backed. overctv mind_
yrV digestive tract AMT om T ? itSu INP011110 d 'S*
diesiv00 ~ working bours spend at least go*
hour daily out of doatm. rtakais
S your alimentary oanal Is not itself a valuable antidote for lany
takirg proper care of your foni1 kinds of slugishelm and inertia.
and In not getting the rigI't kind L1 East. but vot least, falelYw
food for you to work on,. iou &M1 daly household wiroblems bcgietb,
going have the same trouble iny and donot epa tts
ma=ie does hen its en gine "of ftub toy
iff' jo~teI7 fuelled. ) I*BeByp ng Off the
i-r'" -itely fuelled. unhlessnt tasks. even tf thee
Your blood condition Indicates dally task seem incredibly dull, us
a tendency to anemia, or thin this sort of situation can urin
blood as it is sometimes called, about a sense of s a kini
your medical man should be 300- of 'Cover Up' for the real trouble.
suited right away. Sometimes It seems easier to be
Often, however, this excessive sorry for one's self than to exert
tlr d condition m.v be entirely one's self: oerpetual tiredness ea
your own fault, ano due to careless get to be a habit so before that
eating habits. You woul., oe sur- negative pattern gets set in your
r ised to know how many house- rind you should formulate t new
wives are everlastingly tired, be- pattern to combat ;.-J.D,
cause they omit to feed .hemselve -
prcperly and sufficiently.
Remember, every woman who does Today's Diar
heit own share of house irk is a i r
combination of household athlete
ar" day labourer; so feed yourself A F Transport Communil
as I. .-Uigently and with as much dance at Ttrcuche.
r-" as you do yor children. Tee p arty and twilight ooneort,
Wyl itoria Ist~iuute, 4 pr'.
Mtart your day with good DI at Portugceese Club,
Every busy housewife needs at least rlance at Perseverar.ce Club.
thee regular meals a day, and not Dance at Trinidad Country Club.
jus one meal supplemented by
sne-ks. Snacks, even with frequent To ro
prmLigs of coffee or tea, do not omorrow
build energy. Picnic to Chacachacare by U.S.
Get eight hours undisturbed rest Army. Transportation ltRves
in every 24. and also get at least U.S.O. 9.30 a.m.
ha" an hour's siesta during the
hcttst hours of the day. Get Forthcoming Events
really comfortable, and, of course. King's Birthday, Th, raday, June
Ii down, and if you can prop your 8 (Public holiday).
feet up higher than your head you Corpus Christl* procession M.-
ill find it wonderfully relaxing, rine '.qtrare. Thursday, June E.
Be sure that you wear sensible Variety Entertainment. St. Sene-
and comfortable shoes for house- d'ct's College, Prida June 9.

Radio Programme
oECneKWID, L401 6WVol

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Harry JImes
first Piano Quartet

Personal Album
Barn Dance

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New$ Night Owl Club
Lower Basin Strt -
- Nocturne

som itvS Sallr--i p. m .

lNour, '^^'




HINlui 61Mg, 4&4W



.~ GLO........
HI AIR P-0s' w.
1 LOVfE on F'do SHOWN

T"M Mt p me X"S vow T"m tho W -b1
I--- BEn IT EAXLY--m mO CAN -- IT AoAIM ;

a1~ ~ ~~ o M &\ 0 I*T zy^.

smaut Wl


BHer DINAH SHORE put over thewo Tunes.

GLOBE-Sax Juan.
Toda. S and 8.30-Betty Fields and Robert Cummings in
FLESH AND FANTASY-Extro: British Nw.

| A A I $,a.m. Today- ,

Playin g te

ad nd l

18. 45

Stage Door Canteag

Today, 4.45 and
(2) THE PIED /
Tonight and
Continuing Sun.
The Moon

TODAY sad CetaUauC I

ITODAY 1.15 pm.-Matinee rODAY 1.15 p.-O
SYes My Darling Daughter & Dust Be
Sante Fe Trail Valley Of t _
4.45, 8.30 p.m: S 4.46, 8.M p.m u
Wal'r Huston, Ann Hardinf


MOSCOW" ,- ^
and --
Cr $tevens,. Elizabeth Fraer Jon Hall, Mar.b,

"r.7, HIDDEN X
1 HAND" ___N_

ARIMA TODAY 1.15 p. -0 i
rODAY. SUN. & MON: 4L &L Two lAting F 'X
U.M p.m. Daily D!lPS
J01 S 44.5, "L p.m:*
Humphrey 3efk

00"m-v--f- "Action
IB North AtI

i* aBWW*''" *plw ',,-m", l **

w VOWt 50
I -Li ----- -- -

' NEW- San FerarN
TODAY at 0.30 a,m:
at 1.30 p.m.-
Sat 5 & 8.30 p.m.-Super Gigantic Double :

Next Week-

iKl -.ImNNi I
I "II tolou llmN ellsm

by Hsi oli .lea Up Ml
O kbd May fir ,o M OfAO I
A' Olvotled by WiSUY RJGGLS I
* uurnmlmc m by GEORG u HAINGT j

-i i 'Next Week- i
IaND i


Come Join the Happy Crowds to be
entertained by the Unforgettable



V ik ZiOf'n "-""

DOUBLE TROUBLE-Usal 1.15' p.m. Price.

TODAY at 4.45 & 8.30 p.m.
Super Double:
Roy Rogers In
ond --
Sun. & .lon.-Grer Garsn and
WaltOr Pidgeon In Madame Curi

TNIGHT at 8.30 p.m.-Another
great programme f >m Parmount
Bob Hlope-Hutton 1:t
with -
Done Drake-Zasnu Pitts
Sun. & Mon. M.G.M's-Song Of
Russia- Robert Taylor.


mom iba & iI. m
o~t as^^ a~|^ V"MM-ftM vs *2
a, "u" lR 5as" f'" ss. U
,filin mi n i- iw
wooe P= ON* oft" isMAf



Soaturdoy, June 3
a Ramavda of I Wme ash. x
rhe management Intvite i
Interested AM of the Mrm
ehant Navv to come forward
and take Mart wN ew
welebht may be wime to to
Club Stpwerd
*nom MIL
With the ermvlufln of *W
ttoxml Boiard e Oimtro
I Of, littra'

PALACE-San hrnand
TODAY at 5 & 8.30 p.m.
Bombay Talkies Pre -t:






Quiet and Good


Can f -.... . AbMi a


LOUIS GILMAN TODAY *at 5 & 14. 4&R

Offie: 39 CBeeot & WILLAM PeOW sLra T T LAP

ve A-, -.. .0i

*AtfA~f t* P







'% 4jr







S.... p AmateUir Card Tonight
......Bout TopsP

cts College Holds Figturonght Keith Cousins To ReturnAce

prNorth-South Tournev For Sports Here Next Year
Me" t 016W 60100MJaMOsA *- sr Y&chasbmpion uf
so| -4 o cMt oiMang .to toe wttoat sOring a victory at the TA.A.C. sports M Owe l0 ,
..l owtColreoutrtHal.. mm l oattI*Tdadeat-yoei I an.oft toEavtta 0 fl gti khe
aO. teNor* 7 Boom affair.-o iaFrnd nd9A
t suered the buad s a a-
WhoNorh icktrde. wAthout satig a Ylotuirat
North"Picks oat*, BonanizaFirst,
W-U" tor7nidad yeatt"ain a
.Chess Team:=-eat efts "e CHlass Games
r For June24 a 01"RS ha End Today
se told. t6, 'w *0 orno E nd
thetNorth selected their team to tW- eW tp t hfrnot a rhe TIi
asts,"Onepsetthem in thNot hcW-SoteuJ1 The ona hrt class fot-
?S e-he 'tch for Dr A. H. MaShtm E artip. round m conluda today, with
x. ree o to be pl yed at th e ca m ct : O wntn '. t t-,.
roomts of t ohernCclub .l uh thN keenestntteto.ju Prk "S'
ot t h e ou t h m C h e u Cl u b .W ill mA sta h e to u rt a n hw e o w n
San Fernando, o Saturday, June Sisll displayed to te blturhoMn the obl dst ietra
and tlhe Amll 24.tonsist of 11 l.A .n IM B te hre that he was a cyclist ot clasi Stingo who amaed 23 for 1
dilslW Te esamwill onsist oit p aWiy. and his g.- mdwen efsnafnde doec.C. Skeete eontribuilng a.
Wt of the but r1 players have beenUrselectedl at geo"6= third day, whate Jasndeet brewsy 107, are faced with the dlf.,. j J sn04mtirease plr
lltlc debut. A foows: Dr. A. A Frais. 8. i C atlak o fe tt i te hewasindeed e h
l : 1 TA (R.V I.), George Standfo rd l of the traces, art e ePark a md men out, b efore h en rT. A .s
OUNDS (R.V.I.), D. D. CmpbeU-Wis llls. lsrly after had m pacn ing, ad conti- hrkos tu eas pinrey thei r yAA Ga
i J. Ramao (R.V. I J. S. QuSahe (bate ), tion told the story and he wa Prates turn iwn a rel Upa,
Sab13. arsd ter), &B.0 ede never in the picture fat e fiish. sc thei
NoB.aatr 'A' Car N eastern), B Wd A He as fo ound ds t the
e.C.) 145 (Rowa),G.- rrelra W andr top of his form, and in the match The Pkites "B" opening bats-
w. W C. ye'e"nVen uet e' nGrae wither pestebe from men J art and P. Burke go able Tennis
12 v Andrew Cobhamps ( xte s o tC. ni sdut- each of the four colonies b- B.Gt their team a o od snd-off. but the
122 easternn), V. Lewis (Loco). F. ay d Ventures Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad others fell easy prey to Itingo's W.
C. o V I. Thomaos e Sangre Grande). cIl SiOmpetnfor honoursod, hea eie Haye attack. eeat a y
Eleven boards will be played to with a fine burse from nowhsee to The Q.R.C.-Eat Indians fixture
T Neville Cato 132. decide the issue the same number I F i l win second place from Laddie Lewis which was postponed due to thte -
3,M 0.) 110 V Z. that was played last year. last .0nand N. Nightingale. College sport Willcontinua today. The opening meeting of the TrTi-
year's game ended in la draw. Te finalfuNCousins made no excuse for ha eat Indians compiled 14. with Idad and Tobago Table Tennis As-
ST p EASTERN FIXTURES dLadles Hock" League, which will defeats but from this writers ob- Vishnu and Ramoharitr turnM soatlon will tak:3 place tomorrow
idecde the 194 championship, will servations, the colourful Jamaiea some brilliant scow, but the 0oi- at the Church Army Recreation
3T Ralph Ha- rider made terrible blunders in his leoge batsmen Have made some Centre at 3 prm. Judging from the
i. Gra h *Championship fixtures or the take place this afternoon, with training brilliant rallies this yearo and In- number of applications for afflla-
raha or Eastern Cheo club to be played Wanderers "A" and Ventures "A" e had a long lay-off before he diana are not sure of victory., tons already received from clubs,
at their club rooms on Monday will contesting honours on the St rode on May 6, to beat a string The over week scores are: it is epected that a fully represen-
r iv M.Callender jig be as follows:- James Barracks ground. of the best amateurs in a 'Trnidad Stango 223 for 8 dec.: Queen's tative body would gather for the
S hGeo. Stanford sp plays Cd. BKern Thesetwoteems have proved atry-out," and never knowing when Park "B" 142 for 4. purro of electing officers,
Skraut; J. S;. Quashie plays N. oncea n to be the most ur- he would definitely leave, e had East Indians 214: QR.C. 2 for no harles Perlers is lending his
Cup 'B' Carlsbad; E. Boxill plays R. ful. and powerful In ladles' hockey, his bicycle packed away more than wickets. whohearted support to this ven-
Romain; M. McGarnn playsnF. and Judginw by results of their sea- a week before he left his 1bomclad -ture and it Is likely that the meet-
W. De Verteull; Ayoub Sabgs son's activities. Wanderers "A" and therefore could not train. SECOND CLASS MATCH In# will be run under his chair-
eci plays E. 0O. Martin. will have to o all out today to re- He reached here two rights e- manahip.
tJnP C edet. JUNIOR TOURNAMENT tain their l hrimpionship, fore the sports, and realilng that Trinldad Electricity Board are All clubs interested can corm-
Crcesp n. fC. Lee plays 0. Pena; H. inniss The following will represent he was short of form he overdid his unbeaten in the second class o" municate with Capt. Lesll C.
l Ac C.rnC. of plys E. Ahwal; 0. Martin plays Wanderers "A:-K. kinner:I work the day before the sports, division of this competition, and Hughes. at lIB O'Connor Street,
y Cthe laree o Opponent; H. E. Joseph plays Cambridge, E. 8 chulerP 3det-training both morning and a lter- will go all out to retain their un- Woodbrook.,
the Divison n Glasgow; A. Lyons plays J. bastide, rTris Daunt. E. Aostinl; noon. bl emished record, when they Oppose
ricket vomon M Namsoo. atRyronadtt., A. h Sence. That definitely put him out cori- Oddfellowsa today ow n T. eo. B.TosHod
billotedr a e ISLAND TOURNEyn ENTRIElS Liint. That Cousins beat Sarlowe. The match will continue on n d ans o H d
CC. on t unday Mr. Ward and Mr. Pggott WillSouthern Caribbean champ O on then Thursday (Corpus Chisti). So

1! c' OMIe2- 8-Thea Trib n idad JChes1s Aoitiron umtp i dlaf ngodsii Myr .Aal .Ore. n h JtrlCpan h er
wThe Trinidadgm chess ociration umpire.I in every race in Jamaica in 194 A team will be selected from Sccer MeetMonda
Spere intt 4te3 management committee, In relations .showed that in top form ie ss 1Y the following to ceprsent Trinidad
i Points w5 sot- to the island Chess Championship aooda and Trinidad would be glad Elecricity Board-J. Wilson toapt), Indians interested in soccer will
iou t n o entries i n the Northern one e Th entire ea t see him in action trained to the H. Duverney, H. Simmons, 0. Mi- hold a meeting at the Indian Re-
Oauig them the at i 0 p.m. on Wednesa y, June a cod B e 0 wtas etoudy e redwn nute. chaud. B. Thomas. P. Lamorell, W. creation Club, l11 Frederick l treet,
di, and the first round u nes wyi be-T Paradoxical about Cousins' r coas, C. Casar. F. de on, o Monday, June 5 at 7 p.m.
diision. and g the Roya itorn Imstie- '', u eS was that af3hough he has Brobbly J. Oople, Lewis Mitchell and Butler. Among the mAtters to be dis-
S Soial aI nt 0 n en at y rte Royl Victole ra Ins tituteW ae erone of the most unimpressive Oddfellowd will be selected from cussed are the entering of two
r ial thpirants re. on Wednesday, June 14, while en- aVenture "B" gave WInderern records of all Jamaican rid- the following: Irvine Williams teams In competition soccer, a
MacAllster In their tries in the Southern sone close "B" a 7-0 beating In a Northern era sent to "rinidad, he was the (capt.), R. Carter, R. z. Baird, T. North-Soubhl match, and an In-
crumbled for a Friday, June 9 and the opening Ladies' Hockey League fixture onnmost popular of all outside's ever Audain. C. S-ale, 0. Lewis. H. Sey- diana v Chinese match.
due to the destruc- matches p.iYed at the Southernd the Benbow ground yesterday a. to ride at the Oval. mour, C. Rocket, Seymour, V. In the Indians v Chinese match
of C. Goioles, Chess Club on Friday, June 16. ternoon. He took his defeats In good spirit Mayers, C. Awal, L. Greene, and the uarn Cup and the Henry
keln. .... The Venture "B" team played and although he did not win, put St. G. Mayhew. Joseph prizes wl be at stake.
1. the cream Ue Acme splendidly throughout, dash of olour into the yroce d-
5 a fine total of 190 t o Their forwards played spa riidngst the Oval.
SWickets when stumps hockey at thues, and L. do VeSt. He was loudly Cheered When'e
aGere Tofthe ot- He o ltds J. d'Abadle and D. Parry ro earned a place prize even as much hI lt II--- MOW AM11m
6eet an- outriht d- J scored two goal s, while y. Tres- as the first man. B S
Jdbt h m t e tranl notched the other. -N J .. ...... .... t
Sp rt June 8 1- dy Naed m entcalls for STOCKS
ecop le t rOutatanding in the Ventures "B"pti N A k i., TC
t hu 0 defence was half-back I Hamel- E ast Indians Win
of the V W A" w Triniad Gm pdlan Corrspaleset. Smith, who not only defended well
noa lfo ta O Juoner -. u o but lent a lot of Assistance to te 2nd Class'B' Section lADIES
A aJune.fh Re- -- TCc tXAEorwardL __S_
al for creation 'ground Is busy A s ---dl the "B" dlvi
and athletes fromthecetra l East n n ART SILK PANTIES
Sts are aSiduodusy Tob ag Wa of the Competitio Awon SILKjPA
M.K Win f or. the forthcoming cycle and .th- Sadl Race when they defeated SportingClubt
letc sports meetingto be held a nSatureuy last.
ncketcause o f June a-Fixed For June 11 'tueay 1 t' ,o,. .
CaricketC crusp C ohriatekindgene.osi xe Fornda splendid tInnings of 52 by J.,[ PRaN.S
iaLk. cesposeat OfMr. Walker. Resident Di. The annual Saddle run" race. Alexander, and 20 by S. Alexander,
SJuned.- f ow ff Alla kind gei eayaeceod Oi ning Be: C. COTn. L .T PA NT f
June rectr OfronLted, wh t for "B cla runners, promo byarried their score to 162.B.
the Recreation Clubs Mr. Niles, Mr. George Brown. Mahare mde 29, 3. Dwarika 13, PANTIEn S
I the cri e posalit motor tractor, the track and Mr. Randolph raigner, will N. Williams 213. p .
Sin the final Rswam tip- top ondition, be held on Sunday, June 11, Coa- N. Kilgour captured three for B25e. to
oi cite a The days card cal s for 1 events pus Christi.s 12, and R. Moore two for 26, for.

:b s Th da .^T a car m o ^ vnw / or
CM. te cup- made up of open cycle events, flat W. Armstrong who won the open Sporting Club.
ewickets. Occupy- mces--(4) 100, .00, 440 yards and event last year, with F. Goring Sporting Club failed against the -BABIES' and GIRLS'
first Warren were one mile; high Jump and obstacle second, and Rtoiards third, will destructive bowling of B. Dwarlka
tr is runs. solpaeid nracesnot be eligible to take part in this who claimed 4 for 1, M. Wllms COTTON VESTS
ve wi ets The sports wll be hld under the event. for 15, and B. Beharry 2 for 28 I I
run respectivelypatronage of Mr. Allan Walker, The contest will be keenly wag- and were all out for 5 runs. 0. t

^y -^iie- n~ NJ vov FAT miEd theeao AoLL woun T ,; $8e |t\| $Te I eV ekJ .*
Swicketsbf andthe Hon'bl SBarren Teeluck- edeas the runners are hard at Stewart 28, and Wilcox 17.
total. Go In maeflingh. Mr. Dixon is the secretary. TG..CiktX
entries close on June 5. __Z_______
rm oeo une.u.. .: T.G.R. Cricket X[1L DF
s R mool A. Nichos Wins For South On June 11 A I
rcket *Rahanut X PlayNicoteWan A to ,represent the T.G.R. ART SILK SLIPS
Club will journey to San F~ranclo
At OvalSun da onS uel, to engage the the flretuor 1111 to
(";result ~ 7 u~Tobamo fldko Varitamwilus Desig~'Khp nsi1.6tod$3.27
%t n he" on sCro d5 uClub, in t friend game Reron a.2
yResults a, o rftp w Tog, June .
JIR U ne2.-A.Uat Skinner's Park.
SA ER MI ANichollswon "y from a fil'd of Their team will be- C. Skeete,
*lh andOddl"lo entattl team of N -11 entrants the walking raee,the p. Roach, J. Largen. R. Dottin. L. Kirpalani United Co.. L d.
W s CI first and only event carried out by Henry P. Thompson, 0. Charles,
Sti at t-ie the Bs HighSchoolP htneR Thompson, .rick Street 75 Queen Street
beatfOxtor4 y rom th e Ct. O i Students' A ton sports hleldDoughty, Z. Le Platte, C, Thomas.
.F th.e apark'Ov-of a sedo tnwhe o eeendat, s rw all day, R. Lverpool (capt). Mr. L. L. 'Phone 5302 'Phone 4021 negotiate the h aau eodc poned uttl Saturda~y, June 3. company the team as managex, r A~hinuIIuugtumnitmuitmmmm ltmtlttl,
auno Bolder with..... .......t. .b...h.foi
Sa~d were bowled I(capt.), 3
12) .o., ,,h.le,: r- Lutbas, .. NO BEER NOW ?
tthbrilliantlyl~~cRke whlomad~e Ma w~inlahMmsW]m('~):Bm ((iss );l~tex) ;'' Luem l~ .i "----
th oto _m.m ,k~ (~ The cooler is out of order, Mr. Barkeeper
Jeweler-Odfel D.Call the Union Electric Men 'Phone 8816
l: .... .. ......*0 soon as your cooler gives trouble. ,,.1 "L"
h. L ymo 3'' for Inter-School N.-,oU PAY WHE ,ATIUI. ALL woK
.'- ;Sprt On June9
betdee rm TaACAIOUA, May 26--The ha UP 'rO 6 p.M
t:'rptesent Oxford. nt Inter4oaool Sports, ZOO ________________________
Aloeg, L. ,orel'a "Dril Cu.p, Ote prime
A l ,Uanwlt cOred the Diet MAKALAT Milk Food for Babies
Ed o Fucation, has agee thatal
lern.ii b seece g ni tain par l cls W ITH YOUR APP~E lTIT L .L..
, -(eapt.. Iml Snd, the day. H~atehtsm mmT ohrwhcmtfl vi'wuw
,. v =. ,,, o .. iTO0 N I G H T Hat.,', ofe Lectqe. L qn
IS l h uloio h sput a. t the pire cow's milk in powderfs mo e

'Proeemtmuion a^-...r t os' m a st-,m M C .U to swit k s *mt $!is!tmi d i
Trm.da j o"B-"- a TRINIDAD COUNTRY CLUB .o*d 37
ebampat, lmemz
o-" _uummli ba- f f of age.
Q"mwa 0 D iper pmepamd by a chef who know. Cmut pr. Doctor or
Seta;.MatNotGir LCat eRoyl Orcheam with t Lt ge
,mleo a nAbout INotJ el
g 0 N.'Y .m w oNLV.
adi"i -w as

__o "". hrw..7 "*- 4SR TE PRO U .

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wiah dWo bm IAN -' 3
Alib- lmbusmm uat 1 '
Pwfoctioa StovM

m smy mind m 4
!i^^ ^^.<
I^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ '''^ ''^'^ ^ '^ ^'^




Equipment and SLpplies
now available


64 Queen Street



We beg to notify our Customers
and the General Public that ouw:
Grocery Dept. will be closed at 11
A.M. on WED. 31ST MAY, instead
of 3 P.M., for the purpose of taking
stock. No Customers' Orders for
Delivery will be taken after 10
A.M. on that date.

(Ice House Grocery)

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j e it.K~ pr.wl n i ,,,.,P U H Ml- MW- I P.I Fa c T.--J (MM. *A Ilm 7. Li"?L.5I:r .l- ,I mI -.-_-,- .--...-. P- " ^,ir aduW 4mmff m~ **I^'- .' I,
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UUTAoU MAI .- lA Iot tIoitse TL= ay.I
I fEt -yona.rdinal. B--nltf.--_1 '., t-_ -" tm-e .. ....ed.. ..lloi ,l Oi truL. D.un mm ml.. 44 __e. PN W E.. ....F.-R.SA.. ---- me*, ,mass Ex*s ,e.i be lu..

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M* o an ry. Alw toa NR I flOtWA tu SpL l T r I n i H n B -. 0 v
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|ft n kat m MME AURA TS AND rOODS *AT WILteloAM a utratlno SatO.Oe Ofmulete wgg _jr M 3Oiw,+lAj as TOaiaB datr ael r ia
I S H I e e >lt.*II T I riltaj.e ( toppoirt w Am R. s itrato AetM -- C Xo. l "TrAim ootlge msrown, ) to 55 awisn tl *no .. .. .. W.oth d Atlet. MALU alias o- / am..
I oaM Wn.. .a .o m | M. *ta t W OAUm-4 ,U 4t dciii. 1eimoat. *t PN. ti 641-.2 a q ell e v. t [ oI- O on .got R 4 I an

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J-- in Iw 3 St. Iob *ogoneer. A lA MA A p ly t 8UBIaCiPTnoN. Ctd. ea, go Utd eiioe tLAui. as. iw u.a*w-- f r m jIMON Eel. BK-d, Sa rr.ll, Leone I )ad
i.L., Br ,a,.a.-lup.t A,. oott - Con an d bouldr. An ..
v ,einMnL aott 17a -la rr ia jtua U ow t -Juaa LS ONK ______ _. __t__ ._'
P IUCB .,MI *W B~t0y *COTNO Maal oad. Caolly 5455t "CMIe.3un Phone 585 amt, Street *fM n WeNaUCKIUEO Apply au*o t-IppQN LC f m-c 0 __T Mieh ; me Mrwtri~Jmek r*.
------ M^ MI'v "aj.-------- ;=&.g^ ,g All ^"J.^, s" ^ .^ ?ldmw -lA~l

, elpng wthel %ha me---_T_ ,-_______._ ^. o.L_.. _. ONE..A.IO P E": a ___ hNT'A Sil Wa-" rsll, M S, i ,. .. O GmaM L_,,T Sll. I AoG.. M .N.50 3_
.% r ".. _S.,! o'K* _." .L"In.: ts ,-, oALL OUaE, jrACU olfr ONE 1) BHtP UAHINE gNO c, work- li> fratfi mu--so+,.t too.t* othl nI,pd [ato AB, ricu Bato rott Rel, ------.
* m+- RESTAURA .. ,Nl ,TS AD FO ,. I I S *RI' HArd I*PAR J ~ a~ uto tta o~ t~u ~t an ~k.r 'e-"t HOLDA nJ).u~.~u~,.l0lEt AG at Walbock.e'Rd
r s&bO'h 2A L o Mudlee&t EMPIRE RES~TAU*RANTSJ2! 4 E NnHat i 4 ga; ne Soore Hoard.i atut Mtr. A Or n Aara. gT .?*, 1 ShW.JP" "ftturt seem. dirty rpAnlOg wafR~ T T ar,

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illIONS. arP eI i Itd tlonl u dal hin. an remtlent Dlsh a prloe ,Petad Se.PL+- A nastlct1.? axi_ ln grae1r5 S~U~l Y .111M I.. .lller lan 51 40 yer o -DESIRN A MANGE si
II Ier fuMthel to bl .a...a..l. t" e...V. ,nl+ ,iet.(.. . ..). 4200 reuse, I ThO 11,.+ocellentneecNbath8ng !
PukS'rt S Slor S. Min eo good~i NoRdSe-JnUSito r3 S^A ^ ?;W'< Plnt~aPtm-iuaei S iauwn Me |.r. Ltot l'rt-0t-Mpa.- * Po~tO *l LU Seivao R-est. adssmuadatts ucatd Rae
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P te" handig .,.rowls |Xl IdreK *L i oan Dinn TO f AA. N S S C _P PTI OINS C he se asd resort bo": *lruiea- .IiIA N I N .Gold T r
rn r i nS e~r up Se MA T a m .e RS a m ll ndA.loead.n d co o ON at Sr ma n, u.- Carke -- Coum hi Cnarton. P

*0rgte pulls. Apply : 14 m Haysc m- U t cfu stomejz r..x Wa aaa eater 1st ARCADEi(- S OOKATA LIS PthlkSre o 1 l! rlSeuly (tret S eave Grands.g JnUU rlnraoMtt et 5 ^ ~

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SOS" Cam Iee Ra M arl. -u1 5 1 te." *' kMe RI l inn wm amg te ulony iaura ior s R Ba ad a im w-e a ol a 0lPcl-

M+tftl tO'p't.n *n "K-IIMKI ____ __, ,I ___fm . ... ........ IS .."* iSS, __I W% "urti...B M Irpt i bt or w ,. toi unw MH M P-I TwiMlj_ ~ mS .S *_ .
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Islt tU tasl MIA a"caH a OTR FO A M: ?MIM M A Al _OOKMA Apply. CN3O Ptditio o I ct Ien aNd I .ii OtDOr. M a l Ju.Cimae hot wo, 0 ur Ieis I i ret ..n t .a ...... .ear. Tat,1ro Di S kt I
lm.+ Roa .. toadiOX w P-1, b /t A pj s n Muraem .r~t a won 1-- 1 REE.l sOO oMb l mmpt. O0 eLu olnS. e .t 6vSews in tle 1.N T0 I June -. a M.1100 s

a- .. .. "- t aIt.--ne ? tHaSA __ t____l__ _.-- _ __. -_ "Ie Mc--tl- been tbO OI bear. l u t a RIeS ard. RoI Sl r.1j-- ,a I. r -- r- st
RIJML0NACANThI tdellso So W4no Ren "Phone I 110,-- tARINE UIP FOo wALE eonta g h dreds dl bear- EAL 1 O4N, a r "u'bly aa.a

giS,. Goo A rttlv e in:y o ,"e olr vpine.I Th rpmie 1 i C oe- ..^ a. ad uny.o 1 Colas it

I .O ..T^ 8^ I TA^ F. .. ---- I. ... _..ff- S^ ^ Ima. o P i !......... -- .,I I-11
ia d SI O Ei ftota. Dall y 5 0 lam Order.A 22 Charles otrtJr, otuto re.S O Mn h prm .th r.' bild I A S M IA

Sk-----y-ILo Honn.1 -n5. 5, ol-.OirMon l ap paratus rad: Sat. I' S 2e Te On GEC I
^ UPe r wi SeA'IC. m -J 'PHONE: 4550. hig E RICEsp -AMa M PsAI ^ Rw aol %AR ema name Ruety. T f \ LveR
be donee f requency 'a -June 1 I2L O' E IXEa r" ofomn lights to10L .ta e11

.V.,sT% Y a-afus.I andmc TO vi-lAN 0 d p 0Oa 11 an P4t U aiw Eo WrNa. m mulvry111andRiOAD r a.dP.Gb b o Sl M S r. o
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Itoyml Naval Club




ADMIOSION .... .... *-
lis. L[d Meu '-o4'33


Prince's building
3rd Jue,
FAul .... t to I
BAZAAR ....... 7 to 11
bapper. aee t,
r bamalUgS.
ownaebym ""


t 4

3WtA3T uRAYl3
sled a

Li cence Fromg
SG oE v e <

Notice In hereby Igi
pIIsuanceC of lcUos I
Oompanlies Ordin-ne
hab been made theo
a Licence direc ngan
about to be for r I
ibOune of Thie West
Army to be registered.
lAbity without the
tworodi "Laimted" t
The objecta or Wl w
eiguon rp opM t...
IUd" arc to talu ots.;
o@r 01 Trildad and4
thI property of ^1im
"a body.
Churc Army in I
u!detae sa and. i
hitherto carried onI
Induding the
bour homes, I
proved school, s aiI
and other p*rce 1478
before fthepSxt iH
of dUtn and to _
whic may frhrw
to npms objects .
p NJO f the A
udMely oat|
oknof Its objects~
yecy or-
dviadend, bonus O- f M
we! al protit to th'o
a.U AIoclatlI
INountoc *hrb |

tIo may !miX
ton h" ,-rl
before the 8it dff
IOU" "

of May, I$". ^


.IPPBR (RecOAdtiont.,
-- SVeaPRDN -
(New mm R eandtioned)
IAnI and PWP
OOLS (Parm anUd oIK
Commoison Ampts write at M
o Decartmett p for *Dfltoutlp
31 South 8teet, New York X,


Nacl di"xOa^



and~ I



I ..^ j

Wazurus A

AT -



Song tI English, Spauish, FfiNh
Acc onpMlip U*PIN-- ofw

PtlCES .41k wt.b Hm e"

Booking at Y. D LIMA& b
*1S' ems-- .- K ZiPK



-- II i r. J t

* *