Trinidad guardian

Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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PlNA?.... .....U ',-I............ l._ .. .............
........WES..... 8,134, 7TH YEARPoR?.,ViW.Ltr,-------D
vade European Fortress 'RussianSinkI z"10h r yTea n
]island Struck Heaviest 4 Nazi Ships"' IWith' Encirclement" As Sezze
TepBiin gBlow t Off War Fl e Continu
fAUXT H er .raIs *To American Forces

Philippines, Transports in Balt"'' icAli ro;M v ot i!tl]l 1 i
i ou ed thi ss bohBianarfetapocigattl LNO a 7(?war i*t enemy, objectives, incldiidng many of Gemany's two machi ..... .F..
-..limrtn te nea possessions -- rallfoads and sait defences.t amrGra rnprsI
Sells.. ... At least 12 .ortant ra. .r a "dt- Bank.. ...... no un A i d T oPs M o
miade European Fortress Rssianssk, two air-t Jh Say Ar Threatenee
veral n ralra bri* Ang.T wereU -'. A~~ Sucidel h& Be ch ea Drti~ve
Ipslnd Struck Heaviest 4 Nazi Ships i:kP: l Aao^

Leathan ringcratleetai' Iactulee ann tEelGll or Alga an
i.,Twin Blow Otf War Gtul of ilad. lAs actio-
northwestdTo Hammer thrme targt lated by d

Phi_ _.. .ty ayliNght MorNMat7ons, plung- NW YRKte May 21 (CP)-a-pato ermnco oys in me -th h
IM..^.E^^ ByV^] TON YApn fln Mrp
5ALLIED READ,-rs r oh B^riti n tl ^ Alledar flets prostalng. a^ J toa o My2dA)-,_Flls -T A ericanet F orex U^C

S.O te iast k Ing wafve aeter wave at m y th heviet co-ordin ated blow of nln t t he te
w tn States nainy and Naib-held territory nciudl n pb nretor of tem Bany. two dUCht- ree.a n the -------
er an e wel. ove P r6,0 toilsd and airldefenced to hammer erm transport& i n ms E i

-me ia tro s ci t "nc'idewithp"ert s id -" G e r m a n upper watelr
ably wa h Im pekilforh atormminemt SBeachh ead ghtiv
A t-,an noules c I oda st tee l, i t dlea n ilo n Jnu orengaig. f vi t drivers woul i ncu R a -an d r
ro? notheadwe missinl, while Naid planes were in Scommitted uicdetheS itai armo ed Mat nations divisionss
amo America n en ty t arU edstatesa sof atc in the frst*C .
totheirhway ptowardthe vbb er wad venn prison cell last Bundy. oor ro In t e anra -
2nI Staltes inv adi Froda ld te riorycwlr o l-{ ha rdir e aos Tokyotb roacT shooting down 20 sNeaui bombend ,
ia 20 northwest of F B a f ,f heard sUnited S oitor f hters attempt -in to frustrate a
t Ae s lately 2,000 United States heavy .....--- -- -- .. Red Baltic Feet ttack y NOLAND NOoGAAID,
ti te early w reports bombers and n n fighters trlck deep l sliced Gulf of Fnland objective AL A t Arm
atEfi oplpositiOnr but late ino, Franc and G"snyin" ....... L'" Theuen C e ommuiqe.. said.atota, o,,. ,Trrac lna" '"." in" its drv
i the forces were way attack on Rhinelind rail hubs uKtfU l VJ 30 German 'planes were downed on / / l t, V1 -> troops have occupied Sene 13 milts north of Terra In lt drive
hmmernin towards and French aircraft I"ries and asFriday. No further information wy aoermf ntDp sions
Ge mac-aissngowil Nzi'panseea iX Chin es forthtoming on the reported Rus- rbhd etw eys hi hf
lilleldl. O e e l a a^ ro ,s .. alcl f l i *n .rl.,,c^ ^ S" ^ W^^1 t to l oin o th er forc es w iden ln l th e dee salient fro m t l form er A nzSo
lpldw that for strategic At the same time flKhter-escorted t stan concentration In the Iouth for j' beahhead. I penetration wich lready putit wlthto reah ot cut.
landi~ng pts hav bombe.T co; ba.' h; rX--- 4n ee ^n 5^~~ratlIn ithesu~th or .^ the New Guve cm"nehd southraght l'" ra: md forl the eS D ies +'1v"h o"v" antin sltna r *' German Tenth Amu -a
ofewnsbae die llt NirdMe Avignonh MidMarseie' n1 significant development, ?'5( >4' ^?1"< Advance units of the beach the Oerma.ns robl oul be
againile stndythwestch dorn.ardsb eUeit edbut aparently l.Na cking head force ushina out 12 miles tsed coud oresay beco and
at NimesMignon an Marseiles.emptoiut Via Csustraabee-uIolot

of the MANNIEIM POUNDED sFa deathnat the age o, 66. wA1t '^ {^ ^. (At0 IBth
statseryrprsbmersredsulttesAsruchreMAtLnED HCforcZM Nped olse Many m27nmc
,.,.,, to,, m .,.oo7 ^ ." "'r "" e" A allied o hf ,inan objective. .,,f,.o.,,'
laUnched In the past Bewen7 0 oad 00 Llea none nte C' et Il ~ low Vahnontone-- at blow that will American tanks and fieid anutiS
have made hio i feela tarsandeenortrandsses l ineal- Tnqiann rogrammte aB.c.'t night tts
tin as they have s'el ran nitneril the retreat of ant least have H ighway bix, the main Ger-
etiectations., pounded German rail centres at Mr. Eurne Chen (Eugene BeWrnard grave r'ne "ght Nazi dvisio battling dee- mani euolv roum under fIre near
bexpt tons] Mannhelm, F aarbrucken, LudwliBs. Acham Trinidad-born solicitor, rth C O l us lately since the breaik-throuh of Valmontone. while other forces re
i M i. a"i d Klarlsruhe .d who roe to be Foreign Minister A ahed tr wthreatenn Velletrit astrde High
that fa 1 TAhe s dumped some 2.500 tons or of China Th Oerman announcement that war seven.
I^Maxexplosives on the Iudwig/ien A leftist. Chen wa it one ,ie LONDON. lV- 27 (Reuter) -'a ," l"
lweryand o r aivs In southwest br; head of the political bureau of The British Admiralty today re- ft.i Chs w t i f wa arrvOiN au double l urn o e: f irotel fea tl RAGING teiplf
Many t and aircraft engine repair the Kuomlntang and when, after leased another grand story of the > taken in london as p by
Bo sto< il f f hetleKumit~zWUWln tlt s Gvr-tiell thene btAlled paiwrentiv ullaknthsecoldeail b'"

B St plants. at the French cities of l etp salloftheWu-W Sta the a to eas e t hcck amori the Oer- Ba ttle for Artena, hillside twn,
BOOSt and Strbocrt Kuo ntan shi were I" 5ea r,,a People and Hitler's satellltesa few miles from Valmontone
iHundreds r llghtr craft from1 mnt was moved from Canton to through a terrific cyclone In the v whe the city fas nd o y ro a o, b h a
of v di Britin also batteig d iotler'; Wese t Hankow and Wuchang, he domi \n- e Indian Ocean and the a nastory begins mer n an
Srl i t wth thd Commun st Boro- ibh the rench destroyer Tdlomphe rDo lbllltv on the All i or bny rl t hou.
Tah eefence? and Paris radio e a and ths Amerian tanker Cedar --. damage the Eterns Caty might b tl Americanta German rf
th --" ree Sl""r^n' i strlcts^^ ef th e! In 1927 the counter-revolution M ills. W hen fh e cyclone struck Allle forces whleh /rptured S an tGlo vannl are reported two suffer W llh thne Pifth Arm y serves re b^ tn th~ro w ln tMt I
former French capital were among headed by Chlang Kal-Shek force JusI before; midnight the French nplles from ('eprano. Arrows ind Irate the Allied thrustq north *Kains; the east lire defence, les bto kep the Fih Army from
pouidnt iW from the targets.
do yesterday rough n h Chen to flee, with Borodin and ship was hit and was flooded, cut- and their relaxation to lllhwa. 6, imortat iommunicaton tian 22 nilles to the south, gun- "i Highway Six.
yage helped by t1o29g Italy-based Gbs w General Vassidy Bluecher, to thig off her electrlcltv so that rhe link .ith Rome. fire already could be heard In Blltzin, nine miles no the river
sConvent Relief Fund 2 ghtnln escort, smashed at the Moscow. later he returned to cOuld not go to the -oupport of the r a.... .. .... -- ciRometylctured bo neutral re- withn eahe
Indiansprogrammeolast night of F%7 -

B l otureof $20,1 Marelles enemy airdromes, at Sal- China and after serving In oppo- tiluker., uo tr of t ------ -------.cortoi me citv od confualon with erdmry birouhtthinea Amera
destroyere havwes- listingFandtesonetainrigt Nazid ivOf ision s btern.ds-roange of this aroteudr fire ta

ictlday's f ) on. 20 mIled northwest, and Mont- sitiont governments was Foruign The t e Four Butchers Ki (. ,., theo, d f ye through 1 0,n e.whilestra n ,ri
re asked to communt- N Ies Is a rail town w30 mleles in- ove nt obin 19334 aXtert s escort. By dawn thins got lv a ntatnd halt awadtat n th e w N o nd
Mr, Eric Grell or the l ynd In the Rhone Valley 2 d rto ec...o. .na When liese anid thee tanker launched ay fed th ma e ren the dw as
rxplosivsotoh Wen I heard: Aof X..n . imeONnON w. ,,,,LN ,D.N.Mw. British P(lun "*VIic.t ry
[haedy, of et. Mary's Avaignon yards are 40 mifles from h- w In Ho" Kon ...,,,boat ro take on ialy of her clew -- have disapoeared. B riT L A N
a d railways, yards insouth west Ger- the Kuo mintag and Inw n dinfter sick and wounded. The !LK T Itl Mnl t ile KiCg haIs sent I Ren ter reports that Allied o r ria hill y
I.e rder thalt all efforts the Rhone's mouth. ....r .. th .aoan .. catr ..n Wate was,,. too rough for the botMeatD+ u'.-aru a,, Mow~SaaC tewr.liig tos sen- treuer raeot c hatrd TArllied ForilumanAdvance
m.orInated A few enemy interceptors tee a l. . .. w terwaS tot S ome al o si doeO the dest oer t o. fo am
p aow the fund now m tnea r es cbu t other bom bers uerto e Bhe rK uomintard Ac verw s Th r le dhwelud ing the.ccli Apeolple a ndd ailu drh rre a sh a e lien m ade LONb d
B oostean w e are bo urgered only b yt m r n" a nd e ur-atren chcr c Monte Carlo and Roccaecca and
'y mod w s oedatfrom Cantdonr s id to sri e trh l g o l cn h

were Theotwreekepeatbanbyp pu d yr lty, nther Eio hth h All r een rad e
B~dil rrad-" .... |, 0r itainlso bat ered & Item Wet steenItlwih the comfunstreor|nwitithesF eoclndnaroy r Trio pheheortfeltamsxotileE erns ity mi httbrehe Am ricansoGelm

n F u n d Wa ll defences anti P a s r adio ssaid 4. slid t p American tanker C edar su ff er, With ther Fi t A>; rhtser ves artebeing th rowln In ON

yLe. gay o ass t au ts, ote t -s bolrl nt scholarshio wth h is h apeswerseio t el ievh th a de str o de d, their- lna thes: re to M 11ghwa. 6, oail J n BUC tMof the Ca tu e o the sou th, gu n- yes t o brour the AMP
aOOl o. R n, dn g up llowl r ful daytir h cone n td t oa the Bwoules There the ivors .o n boa 'ds vrsnlante whoshe MIenat wreere rexttionllsn shd nmoatal ha- o.iin adfurt her ub eardlnd In hom
Sn COR.Tlp .y 1,295 riddthe Yugoslavsc ort, ofshd realiMsed an nstead of becomingd had co med but oto tie support de vraetcir.It as ba chhead ovrtei er Onwihrne of this Vanc
Romey -p icuhby nArmy-halr m uithein easylat
C onv ent ............. .. ....4e wieeks.y .st d Rta i F rh awe a n t t a fter er i oI an d g InIs n werl gier t re ye f T he re p n e b ay tN
ay's aur o $20. nr t rn O an e n t e tnl l del ieve t ate 1 wMa r ea se 20l me J A Th d estroy--er w a. is .g a .on te r n wfgn tow edrr:e ho r d a rd ut t_ "r ll l ot
a n-TheKthtce fhed'ws e.eb.e.te kn to s. T .. .. whtthe"Uhwer colgetitingdto na

taoo Wat. o o25 6 sl lseter d I5tl yued s sairld s ng.. M .. .s.. e. was te iri tresi gnl I f and wiuthl he r ptithe od oylRu te G aenh erel reorth s Mn iPsL toebTOur wm e pn wr
Mi nistr Ith e N o s ynw n i ewopeAvmeretnot- eseoeaw e nio a my nl tai y A m erm-an so ldi us ore I pthe o ur a
st er e uc k er 8atre b se ; e t t he193 W a n int he P o l e sercoRiot.yandn itiis _RotL O N D O N,__ _27 tie e "D il Te
as e o c m u i- Nimth is a r i o n 3 i e n- G v r m n n 1 3 -4area h a d ie t nk r au ch d a n n o m to fie c n m n it d o h e w N z kii n re o e ta D ly M l, o s r

Mr ,aEricur and or the ladi Havoc toRhotetack begandtto dbeoInti literatue n a d st he ard fIAos James MByrket, had hi licnc and hi. ont ce had been
StaesAi Frc snta let f arss-8it'aInluncbtat thetake Io f h lf oresortcnot cpon radetemploymentidepeodsded

Xmedy, un *rail bridge "u Khd ,, o nIn ,eesI n po itic suspended for one week. Clarence justified tin a sflikimi aitd spec- protect the oermans flank In the Pu i late o o n u ti i
... I0 at a i On l r has slit l e Ii m Bis p of the Entern Markt and tci ar wltKy. nl Valley and their retreat route .wnance but upon t s irt y eCO.

. M. .. ..o ra ly aea arRds ad r.Amnn hp a uhlvlng a licitor H a onw Via Casilina toward Rome. operation of the publi.. The i"MI
bd estcll t for o r ornt h o ,A. t tIo c mo in the h c a their ph icences for four we ks. A United State armoured force ll

-gnth e d Calho which flew daylight sweeps and northern dittrihts but In 1911 he ot Heaviest penalties were Incurred IN 1 U' JA driven, upon Valmontone WIe e sona| responslbtllty in entwri
i'Iimtol sih ihe pito eh aihd rmTiia AH ING''Oh Mayse 27rci~ lAP.- byOlveweir o ted a Iweferam ro (iiratc continuingCAI its11 th OGust today. an trsa that Cotrl w'idlmli'an
h.k trh un de 1.n 50.00 and Bieln ocm ed atre un n. ten tat_ was her o m ther N y andnced tha Unted te o qesiM o c fo
B^n w ,t avneysrdy" cr t ieo th tro n.n dyh ehe r ltr de beo" M a B r ont Cinue fr no ena imsbtohrbmesrEugenee rna r.. M am.u-m.,heotedtryrwstwe 1,0A, oeasnd r.E. Mhc e rl l, rad Iu c f turter pogress hl enm adru et t L OND I ON. May 2 n1 (1 n" o

weebteeany ymdrt ohnSnFrad O t he vicinity
dP $-10a .... vor.0f le a piethire Mhiner bed de- lwa t mtthe waome's edtersof athe States Vnt u s ea rh p l ,anesM a wrningdulls into enlct-Italy, fore wirnofleouh ciho ner tolI n er i

,r Er Ln. The tremendous assault on the was editor of the Shanghai a- Kurles only a little more than 1,000 -Pnded tor 24 we eatch. O trio o ob e ?o e fe N liLrl tl
R o ad~vrr .. I ~ o in th s .U, tore ..O f .t 1 z dsmionft h eWhtir oe rhS c hoot l wnd.Th e y w e p a b y yy n l oa

e. a MD Conne followed a night in ete and later he became one of miles from Tokyo on Thurd o be oe he i e
.a ... a. i several formations of the collaborators of Dr. Sun Yat- opposition was encountered enngamgedon Ouloue w.ed0 for r lgo mea trie ae iom mtel t ha t othi or iiern.11
i ...'. 00 Mrade d t hs o dropped at t !e thse" n founder of b the Chinese Mathuwa Isl and was bombed by Pret edCneS o ri idwd ane t h re th e i eon catpe w thee tarth employ I
ank 0oRdiHit AgainAgirsqute

,vHi,"c g an d raly ards o fte cmie ca On d a ladi ng figure In a Lberator of the Eleventh ey B ho o the Eal e r e atd t*ua wy LmVia CasEleyna. t her ctaut-e eoertrae k ati r uwIne p t
6 i oaa ...........u .o une thea chem ica lMs tre of Ludwlghafen and ulklvway tt Cnlnee revolution. Air Force.r h ae o Wo60lsV ,,- oe altern ative retreatroads bu t tI om h oaereaoat n bts' p f111
Organ ....... i ,l o cyand es t AchenA MilttIn t l e m t n h y Ponape Island was bombed by the e oo tn tof 8ta t heyhave orse e fraswl poicy hadt be sessgal ndhee
Wharto n 00nortw h ernfeawrduwell messaige th.t-eesadnorticlerd to Mr.E.resut intooAdhe----.----G e n tilesues ftc

Holutck- tr a'ny sea iahe hitten yrs a udn- Seventh Army Air orce Mitchell LONDON, May 27 RInuter) opadVlo based U.S. armed onA rmy i tl before, .
-'. P .o o y r ....e.a u l In W on May25. Docks, warehouses and Predent Bene o of Czchoslovakia leaving the Colony yUntst tdttal.Dail eit oray T-aor his m l
ut. r ni gb sday oBeri n inih t rs a yt b uy nt i tme. no t the Wate i tsead gvn positions were hit. Meagre will besc et0 tomorrow and the first e"w post at Ai my War College,
onp o 0.00 hntav bs mrbe e thers inbt thew M.- a ath was be t rcratft re was encountered, mesan ge of congratulation which he W a ysh Int, Major- ieeral Joseph
ll ....... ... .... .. la,.Oki ion taes:hnen cot, fat. si-m (g ofoiteFrench division ih I t Le rn.ill, northvand o -.,""" that0the Valley

SL. bal 1.00re S t ue s Ae r o their basen. f raetS t AsIn nc nt 1 he mr objectives In Marns all n received from Allied statesmen D. Patee stated that his tour of
0,, iC lr i o., arauetrsmend aou s toatsu t wack egan tor of n itrt ure"S andhiC uie o lJaitlmoe hn 10 :pnes for24weke, ad hs leceanh. behadVahnon

X0" i fe100 rdoc ll 2b gi.0 0o oiincn oRL own et ti e ond inters I n P tc.sdamr lne ds we bom bed on M ay 2sa by cam e fr om M r. W.lon Churchill. t he i-e lad bein very pleorasant th ma s f n in t l M 'n S

Eqa. JenMno, sooGO EUT Sole' change announced In Ventura search 'planes of 1Fleet Air The British Prim) Minister said; and lie regreil.-d to I' It el ided, &| I| | AI r' a\ I u-u-.
I 5.5 00- 0-- -

S i .. I crew. return n today to British ta: price, of cement which a D .i les dive-bombers of the Fourth fals on a momentous crisIks in hu- Th' Oein m e inassa in an A Nr .+ I
Gonalz:The fist Fotre s nd Lib raor prce scheuile etr a s t e r- W n C rar fgter an Daun-crThtanni ersar1o!y urnbi thay acrdl tw riiad. Newslly an 'er eretrips'e f ina c ut u o lt e si rit

S, bases, said they obtaIned good re- per bag of 4 pounds in ort-o- Marine Aircraft Wing and Navy man affairs and I am gad to think lows: i r i l- w o tn theplli

L~.1" a al u">o sults In their bo*mblng crtrrled out Spain, S 150 In Bar. Fernando nd Hellcat fighters. Anti-aIrcraft fire at such a moment the Czech peo- "T'i'day l bid farewell to voli, the
Sbi a In r rect ,a nt re t 0 -Ien Tobago e t ranged from medium to moderate, pi* are united and resolute under rAipeo ed ce'n vpot out u the United States l
ea ............ Indicated that the Germans offered Te figures represent an in crease Runways, anti-aircraft battered your leadership, ready to play their d oc My tour
aionr ............ .00 spirited opposition only at Mann- of cents over the former che- and barracks were hit. One Corsair part h us In close collabrato o d y ere hs vy plea-
?. Jrco..............ic ho oItem of Ldwishsen nd _lly __ ___ee evoutin, _r or_. -... __...
iudi wrga ................... .00 M.e Ludlsd tAduled prices In respect htort-ot- fighanc.ter made a forced lndce netar with ocur Allo In the fr andwt In areget to mae it dend- ___________oe td, ut m rad btii
Real11.00 aorbe0 ete inee e ws Ca ewa -to f h tts Vetr erc pae llto fcota o
.. .. no At both Mannheel m and Lud- SPenI a nd San Fernando, and 10 Wot hAe Atoll. One 'plane w losIt the east in encomp tsing the over- "However, beftevore lt tfk ocial
I T...... .00 ehafen th bombers and their cents In respect of Tobagon but a ts pilotny was rescued an, throw of Oernean tyranny." leave g I would ive yete say a word
alui*...r. doMan0, .0e0 scort were attliked Ill et"abya te ebcmanee e-----t-fi ,n o---- om we- Ate sl p ecia meeting ofwa the belto )ou. and 'Triyidad Ntws Tips' BrTe,
L.Co 50lo~n .00 w',ich seve.ral... orma the.collabo.ators.of Dr. u n Y t- -aorprsi t fion was encountered, m~ ieo olrlulll lih h hnio ,M jrG nrlJ sp

SelTCechosiovak tCouncil today heaisshee bi iscp colwul tat gt EteWA E
iolor h_... s o..s. qs1 mated s 5 doorWuf190'saPndEass Islan Straae o rbe in by lledbet hira cpa il- R e'
D.100a pond md oat.... GOO D09stThhet se .wer uuAVllWJ thed we ml chIra sd on that Prea5bideitaf triugeW thiat oune whrhbai chr t el tofetha Ivt be erypv rsealc

*j~ nMesser~ "'*s c bymlltt r bobe__n____________________cln.tomehveprvntd e rm c-.. .*
uroiiien .. OO cr5 somefofVswoopd low 1 uTheyGrad
....... lonltrt eChnese.rnvolution m. Air Force. poe -- et-0- ----ili l'mi in~e sl'll~ n eget.dt l iello CNI G r T

aI-.- .r. e.o-f-- .. u:pe brt y i then andm e ran torhhtce.e ----ir-------- Bnt -' main a eve m t ho b tei lly picen o "T riod a ew
..i ...E... 31.0 Freya s aet ingn t a rd sha ol-Pon w hI lat n de w aebo m be b t heCrt eh ani ty a ome ando taiin 'u l teyear 'r m restate I h ai

So bInes, Swibrtheyr oTaain euihode sai dr exaofmspennt In spetnrnid a ft amoba n Nagy m an aff6tlr and I m glad t n o you. n m A feel tt I
.... t Iad...... "'.. orays evnterel omauledibrtedllmrnedeeevmo nd peai t ios rnt-heraF oe M rFe s u LONMa C2- ' d .o.a iemedt to y -rstbnefy PI. r I
nldar Mtewi ON Buon May 25 Doc. Au t wea the r. nar ttn P EiCTlo es r Cane minatsdv tle avmer pU r une r pren CtKtf s noKtie g U oaes
:..- ::-::--50.00 day n andt nightt a ssby Raul ws C
Voshtl rondin Raiose 001Cem ent rnpstion wrehi.t e E agre was ahevedtoorby ndthefirestnew its thoghthe many dtisWhiChoflle,

Lc 2s 11000 enthieng by ig bombell Merssf and _______Mos. wor reconstruct~nented me fr ac-
ik~~~~k5.0 qu:L..., i nictosrtned t oat theiGrmsofrd T~ lue eresenasn ncr a Rnti s, aniaircraft fie astncu tered e sa ge y o ngrlalirhp elvtu laytinw chhe Wsir AonMed o -lcesin T eruld .Jy osep

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sS.^i.^ y JaP jlown k&-. l"'d dVZ'ma= DItv^ ~e ^ r;STILLED. AND MALT YMKN ;,
Usbou n,~~~~, o. u. W!r. l A ssien s :he dashied forward and put himself re ut e fu ilb
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wunmte,, hich does Souatheast Alsa, X4 ."(13,_0_n. y A 3.v ., a l .s c. Le _I: lOvm eT o ofthe C it yM kept faith w ith the American eo -
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Allied fo"aes aretimn So T *T. sAIWa COLLEGE PA- ACUrG, aOOD CONMOU-1
Jul 1* t10" i on MRAPII: 9: 0. A= a o I A. Am t.President Honoure d "rvlabAe ourc* The "Sunday Guardian" undeur- ACT
j 1sm.a I o *l N ar" -U ou tM a" AS, Ai s ,... 0 L a_ I.a as. Why yesterday. t noatands whenn the Fon'ble i0
m io l am No" o aouttw chh '"no b" Air'. V J4.4 -A'. Ki y 0!=. W7 21 4 0 o _ome, llftdj~j tW- Grant leae o June I_ an J
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l. d 6 era tm e W.. "ov Y, Arts has awarded the Albert MOW D .Vle a Mayor,will "t as holidayin arada Mr.A. ae BobNG.........
I. tw 114t toS fttil Vwill act as FOod Controller.
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CrItised By Judges M!New -j P

gsyr1 d at.,0 r. .A. 3. L uain hiili b tqV pw~as UISM Sr~iu a d^^^^~ln-l* ofeOo v- Ja J"~t rot~r -'rn,,,,i|*^ K I-
yous" Ocme lofols.eWnos. 110 P"is U 0-6i GII ft.111411110104 Ar~T" .dawe ~hb~ iiIdm SAM
decisiono~t o Judges^Bi 04111111 20080^W* jedoW~r)" qt. tt O&UMt- JBJg111 -- I91-- -
subtc menb whom hothe eeg the theft la(r MAGUS woo" In te o of~ *t #11111 We I ndie. Smie W4e 11111, 1berR I
W141w thY w rewats t e d IN 10 O&Glenn Appel tra. aiuft who-pa wee
,. .iskWl TtO 61T N F A S T [I
Awtag Youthe
entMrnce..cing. Youth'o" to b e of od

5SBntthColony. 0 *''"~ w ouii O, i^- if U|^^ --- ^ maSmol5n 1m n to s oup "^. *. '' tm a ..,,rt .u ^'*a"^one ton chae dadr8 do ping othbs o

. he l ade th a tu. ai n the auction O m n of -IT ho r *Na w1tto d htr et A ro Trl r Ah w k o ow yo a re
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"at -wUmmeret was A au however n o d- w the scene then. He asked Iteet of In- town wiy be me a- todaBn r. ho a
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Rontets ffer:adee b d of.the Grronan dwoc f deaers Toohth I

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)A_ Chari ec Pam mm e Ialle, t.w II c at a ro ua.y .tadto M.ealt apn eo woderse ey w a Brade ther.anoe wu e at e torth-theoueCte-o ,
y" 1110 n1 mea olo htempeorrt hy raonof gr d ardotrd teeieo burn wall 4o6 -tera a veo sen lt y there b iad ai e o t l ey crictet w kntch ben arrangedjb
at Laoner-s d oM considering ong ierable quaofhntity in i.he s aerlU h.uid eeS eciarol

(Mr. Butt) pointed cut that an dvdully were amply In evidence r. celn ren It of- t y f the i olrepard o I do e n in the Cnga y Mthi n re l a Pog a rmieitr E.e treaiinge ,
vatadthe mn w ent eoutrto the aiatos vAriety en Vnteertain- ~r"
h1 aqimself thopodimsngte a"U lson resen im ondobnt, Novel"to the A tin -- er e-is" tohe tnftr~rkr uttheydoold reBrin de. ona8gly, May _g

i Aol t wlexandver t ould have de (i tlin g dvesemag e ni, and ara r d .f aedor tl-y f ina w t e ll odra ngeif p i bea
wor-ee wa eed t chedeo.k'n wicall modern -h wt sadrm m e "i

yte Ina po pes enti felor tthe l M, ae cti of fM iIss e r- Case Il nstl i The Swlnda, Guardian" under- bs n atr on we went to homes near- weapons In war will be uaed, Nr.o

3lme) this was not a case in which .entat~rn, t my mind, fully Jut. _0custi-ar Mtn teCn etledu'Ktedaw eead dls lml ae n D ljsndstb'Oate lsWMmnindatte Toajpcoo Ms ey po ~lfC* U llv l mg Planninit and Housing hr anld were very well received, cinema shows, tor school children./ iK i^H l iMl
op on should be ordered fled ones p ene In the audience. t ommibyon a men to a teins ao om t drin th d y arn adl um aad reper t re re a als a a ne a
State the learne Maitrate ih n ~ rth o bviously either nuive wotoorkserveht ysensent "toe oure briaespectived shomes. -rce baar aend dranced atth
eRt of tinAanngI pristd nistoicarn d wI refinnend UPuhe pbov de rlFe AuFOi t T nort$Eo Dl Hl to climax aethe celebra- got yu IIe
onhs r ahn e b n wi St V icentHeakdsra&o therewnwillne____
.o,~ ~ ~~~~ib, Wo o,7 ot rcr.. e d. judgme -Thoat.l n was tilreawvernothdon-ws weeigteewsntlt ol asfau .vreyetran

Nr.d itCt) pofnthed plc amtio b.y e reunda Guardiaomprretendey Sent'doWreathsr burndet o ut in thec s tetn t C-e t r B r e,
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to- ond ent.. whoeol, s trow- bution toscultoe urld uev Mel 2 se Honour Cle m enMaonelsueday a dan" Ceundern- "uti Ec onomwand t toa Ahom einat irlwaon ISin aelPl iced .
et acts whh eae s had beore ment. ChihHffMscroltdthe-WndwardnIs- Stahtniandm prl .ofMrthe-Pra y nd with $100ryesterdayived, fol-ows o chOil nce .rob o
m a be teo the choice ofB M rs.i C oll yore af d timsn d rtheam anyendenoavoured ancead s, Jub le osfl and

with) t'rea were stolen from Uie afd dancing offered moments of Thursday, reserved judgment In the uttle Convent) showed their the Assoclatlon Btird of Man .
ar'qea iotr Robert Hugons during charm, grace and beauty c tig acon in whh Hilda Richards, re- sympathy for the four nuna a.ement. r r
Sarly hours oer the morning world oFr t make-believe only too present the estate o D. A. whoprihedintiefrebyub S cotton tfrom teachers and re ay ms coea f B i I r
o f D warecember 943 whi l e parked welcome, and supplying moral and ricard and Hilda Richards, cribng for a wrnuth which two thegeneral Tubllle r lite Fo in
h grage tH flandAPark -as ttic v e tie l ltsO W k toavse as certain n of their number bore themselves r fene d osaon acknowledge t hed y thoe w ai

tate. Accordingto the evidence of Miss Winifred Atwtll was of agreements s is Mr. F. A. Casson, a the funeral. Ths t wa s a asciation's secrar J S including Special Rcsr .
i els ohis iaeoprodethatrtheywereewineges unhatrthCrresonhinhSee t ue by e r oun at 2 racen th o lie, Wewl and RP- unt

U a timan. Raofhooutar, the special Interest, for her playing is Vi retparticularly we see aeed a r t easherstl Kce a nd t
trieft wai committed by Andrew invariably chiaracterised by a Cno- lde al, horsH unconscionable and e Udren. many of them very t re e Pr t-ofSnain Ath o Prinee Th eat th eon a rftsmen Of sktll and
groop aare dri cth est orhponden i sc who f dlident brilliance. As soloist. ev er unn usurious.dn pS e rn pp t o t e fw nothin g th Pro ces fore there i nn Ma
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Huar n h tte e s v ry go C on tu n n res care bes~i at 8.30 a.ymn. ep e erience Beautiful i con u h ia l re yp y o the r nhibi hgl rgin
~teohrtw epne Tswh oM asspecsy' Ms sol Kieays aaip r te- vrylelereeivd.cinma hoslast week hilre

Sthe werol h n nto the eona wrlcdm thedan*soo m temsmnn u lltitglije t:tl re os suc h Aloymslus whom they had learnt men ouri t he Fire Brigade Special se '' practicable have nd desin and ualit old
of altowel, Latn in the orie aed r e acfl e u bneasuptyi o l and the d i cnr u and suaRt chal s r l o d Mention of this Reserve Policemen and member of n made by th Third Battalion A P o a n a
, oa reutorte. Lrat r st, te i g t etuley imne aint sedikoin tho e saet asdoe wreath was omitted In the re- the Volunteer FireBrgade squad, of the South Caribben Forces. \er1
ito fth i spaoredingc so t e o idely at i sti a ene boe the mo neen t. l re distnctcom ercia. e Port ot the funeral, were yesterday wo mr by .oieG, V.e.e, a n G AR .. id an ver il e an pl .
regise;rang hiso tioap a (as H e augren ctismbin !;onew, wihmust beA-lh ~,,c~,,dl nrdi--- fiut.Slnd lEsleLnr tor awlstA studentteacher

wal'd e no reply to the acceusac.ion by iCnthv between Miss Atwll ruhr yn ts f r chth n udtl than e t h ern autoit in psrour in the isndson t t fir., which stands that the music rehearsal n t
Mr. Hugewns however, did no t prg and Misa Kay. One felttl, c sh un roens o ea iaL and that sm Is l destroyed the St. Joseph'o Convent which was scheduled to take placePr- ou i. t e nneill er

give evidence at the hearing as he ined fa to obviously that. 1 transac;'tim in. the^ bsereo f rad to be rend'.rd by the Public Works The commendation Is contained tomorrow at the R.V.I. has been You JOWPIW
wasgo tthe Colonysati t ntflleth p rianoeolo as b oin t p evndSt u ohrusb, t poorr.ntMdr wKCtDa prtm entoThetrs

tva o f the in a 'tate tnd is r o a od iu ig pianlh "i e Hn'l (1r Lennox O y rare Io o tobce bulletin. Issued yTuesday evening, to- e -
of the trial which did not ake to e ry ood ntdlopi-tng ais ntinladed thai PANCl mnd Mterdaloe Sun.oyGuarananmorrow being a holiday.Eo mi an t e V ir Asoi
'l factse un ihomh eohafter t he w mih t he bee neay so ao rits anl r the It e ofethlWindways, PANICStfadENIED oftheProvi--Limitedwith$100yesterdayfol-Police To G

1mthre he. daone so thie t worur and gralnceronplseunty g cher td hf .musoiu d e r isathuh- Several nuns to whom a R eowiSunday ga o in meeY. of0 LM &
h-ve affordrted strong support mofd danew t,uh ot dtoff r gracen, too, (dieoiu t1 o reopen the trans- Guardian" reporter spoke yesteriy 1 .
wt'h tyruth ofRwe re sstole r y om % har
ca n l sRobtH r Hugins r i hwrt o e re ditigt cpatport the f ourl nuns t heAssody comede o fBo.y Man- Fl Sh
chrgaeand b eaut y ratn auon in whichildatRic h accutbr endsrenid-prsta aewspnc T 1 R E D N U T M R
ith presented to Jagroop, Nhever bfor e h ve tmoae bseelieicne Mtrgtr. Cnt dn -ao te he te cent.- e Erskne Lndrop, EHEARSAL POSTPONE
apet xarthfron t t worch eprt entis w ichteetacedofpimctlieotiwonsfrom teacherescuind SundayuGuardian"tagnder-f-'e
'a dence mberJ 4whic en a tion s-dienoth re, utwn d osuptpel di sor d la tha1 r cetaldinet an tha tventuhor ities i cu g te s uris a thetmoney, mourning.FORYOU ONVE R EA TR F ers l
pr gthe e ncae at the ea rien was sml .aes d, calue besirally rithso ift ie rnatohvese tai d h e rsainle of 'theyrd ao ref ted the asell eseationerWOul INO ra oUtlly the PArVE I T aW T eLe-nd
nots Acomdingt~thedeby dano ilr e lo d ies Wnfend mveet% I ware Of L' ugmreenns wic'Mm~r. .A.Cssontesl ta frewsn ay f r ecietadacnwe POE LNS 16adge 419y.tWe WUL APRCIT

Tcere Was the Cplea of the cock course Intided as a counterpart oatr.cmare include S ec i n S pd. ep d s I O WoL D u LLt i ue As poLon t Tev ,

h it s ay Andrrw' name" ou- of each other. In rise oing judgment, the Chey were ie-f p nu i to esape because the doors I .O. WOULDanALLUSA FOLLOW
he wth her refusal ttel ephonr Powa ibly insuc ent rhe arsal to- J tice paid tribute to the lucid were lockd. i r or and oee Staff-41 0. 17.
o ta ceh pi e on the pretext gether m ight be the sinsple x- ari nts f ian counsel. At tmes, ad y the e yS Prt pa n. e oin.
at "ethe wirsewas not good," n bd planateon. Attepse the request oP h Sir Lennox and o te valr ious domiytorm s an "SetoaPar Department,. Tres ad e
the eobstraetionndIstrhe onanarc.n yewthat as i t m ay re gularap'e- .M'r H SLtenh eingof an-t ea tewe r aona to FiLIMENtT ation Service"eota rtms8.30aym .
mnd' u.aeque wthathe h e apowa s very a Yed ,ot stinulti, i nhards d aessornwee for eanyoted rofi thmats re w a n- aahe OUfd F R eIrND Since ANr 4TOfu

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OtAorhaal n we sth satue nan vls the c e leg dn in the as well as a numer of tidents SOUTH QUAY POT-O-SPA

b"en uae to der 'ha n w o nee a tm a "ep case were: For Hilda Richards. Mr. of the training college had already w.... -.. -____ _.___ -
itore esLdence that wntnsgram efpsble.up-idots D amitic d t ,C rl rIer ao n Mr. aoarathourh t le the 'M tonoft s. RerePimna mm r ofb een maN d eAb teT hir d aion
tport the mais thr a tes crm a? fi ndinget A oednutea aic ll rht c!w o t edro fids fortM C 3sso of MrRay NGso o efa tPed i lthea e rf ol W E WO IFOR MO the ot h ETW orcesai Sv flin.
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8no t saly mtro e s inah e p .onr- of eEEnMi o eI. To Ei n ra Y Ms ieia ll jsuga em ent, st uhie nuns to wsa s a"entse de boor u d .e
M~ a r i ou. asgin hw vex, did ou lns 0K- pt and M isKey On e P zbal file v ence fat hitees bu a d he h o tlO l era l th J.tu ; ad trd butrio thelsuc d of re ssced DS Jrhsr ain in r j uep mh. onColtlehgs and O.led o Ik plc ooY 41rJ/.
aced lthoerrlo to n iso hera b ethu r mi t l oes tat e- Mum sin A ati woil d au tiss b ermen ted by the khyicW rs The o s e r I eto o n e a hr. M be 4
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be-tn frvolw's aVictoriausInstitute"I ontTlikekicking yself,"hrites Vege.table, "whn
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nMMA eeMA MA t

i"Nwal *"IT- Pl- owft d.VHm the, wme UIaiM^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
r S *mWt. poUtim 'a in gro oudg
Leghitlm Ce"cU eIftle 'in betmWi Mr. T. AeM
d Mr W. JUINI. by OOncDl ABrt G Omes, vim.
* pour who Is eturmg to OnrAsa an Uay, as .he
0 gouce to& tlnos.h w

mmunt to

i iiil l-c ^n mad* iom

*Wia~u-itt seemed
KS~hf~tfofa dllemaos
sand befuddled
9reada because o
thn, the time has
be somt
f my responsibility. I
B nOW I have re-
so ionlgerat necessary
so peoulate about the
t ere, but that I can
iuthoritv about it.
must not be deceived
rrt..ftw oatest a
tUng the urge of
m in Grenadt politl-.
to east off one who is
thU unwanted, bul
reveals a state of
no on who has thie
Sthe West Indies at heart
U to treat with indffer-

Sthis'as a categorical
: There is no West Indian
Lparty1un Grenada. When
the executive referred to
the parent body v it
Smakin a subtle and
attempt to confuse public
t Lnidad. If the group
ida were a 1 ranch of the
o the true and only ac-
Sense of the word then it
be represented on the gen-
ubcll of the party,-and would
gular liaison with the secre-
Ig Trinidad.
It is almost dishonest
as has been suggested
communique which the
Ie executive has Issued to
r that the procedure
o Grenada has received
probation of the executive in
I. This can only be re-
aP last-minute attempt
ad executive to save
l of the Grenada branch
pense of the very life and
Sthe party.
lrelponsibIlity for the pre-
fl*lo must rest with the
Swho has spiralled 6id
Sever since the issue was
Bunt to the attention of
!ye as a result of the
which was moved by me
Mted by the Port-of-Spalh
nre than six weeks ago.
M pt that was made to
president bring this issue
|- executive kUed.
,itage Pitt replied to me
ent body shoul do
S l about the ft Mi
Uitat when Julien was
some time ago
ed him strongly against
ielf up as a candidate
i[B[ a ~for the St.
Rind while he
cih* S ar tie that his
That the branch In
d nunde a great error In
r~rydshow be i uld be done.
Wto me to be on the
aue a. completely im-
befuddled. I have
I dd lcted to that sort of
E t-rope walking, s-
e case of such an

|'THE! "

I r- 31st. '1944

| Street, Son F'do.

mnt of a eflcit In the
itu the sale which was
I take DIace on May 22,
lmne articles wll be mod
ODAY, 1st instant at 8

) Cedric Espinet,

i* iportntjsae the oes which ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H
face. On tofty n m- cb^^^^
r. to me to be a kd -t -
a of the Tt l ak wwoo
it antaly aB4 _t Il at
4 Position to the oreonda mamveto
! on ider theiec t bound t a
Sde n which ty er
k authority to nfluen"e a"wl
de Is a rop whose dec-
siWns and dftea" ve an not ac-
I ounftable to them. -
' Thm seems t e to t be t easm
of then parent which rules his
Sprga spring by & sort of r-
mote control
"Indeed, some time ago when the MaJ erO e la nae L Cheanme
anomalous position as rer Army 14th Air V e, rs e. t ep
These various units in the smaller durne ta a e raid em
l islands wu put to the executive it lb = Wm tde C etverI
was discverd that expansion out- Whtaker (ente), Vad SIt.
side Trindd had taken place U.S,
without any provisions being made--------
In th constitution for suc a the Grenada eroup decided t ask
Vpansion. the body In Trindad formally to
"I have In my possession and recognie it.
This I think will illustrate my When the Mayor of Port-of-
Spoint, various amendments, the Spain, who is also chairman of the
Majority of them being radically Port-of-Spain branch, and I. re-
Sdifterent In their purpose and in- calved letters from the Hon'ble T.
tention, to the constitution ot the Albert Marryshow, Dr. Pitt, having
West Indian National Party which learnt of this, hstily despatched
the little group in Grenada Intend an emissary to us who urged, in
to adopt in the very near future, the president's name, that we
Incidentally, it is perhaps Very apt should not answer these letter,
Sat thi stage to emphasise the fact since Marryshow might, at some
That when the executive speak later stage, make political capital
with Such ostentation and with of the fact.
Such reclame about the branch in Continuing. Mr. Gomes said:
t Grenada they do not seem aware "Though I am deeply contemptu-
A of the fact that they ae only ous of that kind of timidity, I com-
Sspeaking about a handful of per- plied; and hoped that the president
Sons. Indeed, at the meeting would soon see the error of his
Which the branch held lit St. ways. About two weeks ago, how-
SGeorge's on Friday evening last, ever, when we met at a party
t there were some 20 people sittitg meeting at Sangre Grande, Dr.
under the chairmanship of Mr. Pitt, in reply to anxious queries
IJulen. Mr. Julien is "the little from both Mr. Wooding and my-
Fuehrer" of the entire affair. Three stlf as to whether he had complied
members of the executive are at- with the request of the Port-of-
tached to the firm of W. E. Jul en Spain branch that he should use
& Co., and another employee has his good offices to effect a rap-
tbeen nominated by the party to prochement in the Grenada inci-
contest the election in one ot the dent, hemmed and hawed in de-
various constituencies in Orenada. cldaring that he thought it best not
PATHETIC POSITION to address either Julien or Marry-
"The position is a pathetic one. shOw. It is evident that Dr. Pitt
You must credit me with more could not decide which would be
sound political horse-sense than to the better investment Julien or
allow myself to be swayed in a Marryshow and intended the
matter of this sort Imply by any impossible neither to please or
sentimental adulation of Mr. Mar- displease both: since, although I
ryshow as an individual. In the urged him repeatedly to have the
same way mY resentment would be party decide one way or the other
superfluous If It simply directed it- intervention in the dispute, re-
self In opposition to Mr. Jullen's Jectlon of the Grenada decision or
right to contest the seat. That Is full and generous support of Julien
not thI important thing. Wha. he only decided on Sunday, in a
we cannot overlook is the fact that pathetic flurry of excitement over
the opposition is senseless, brutal the publication of my speech, that
and sadistic in the extreme, and he should attempt to save his face
It 1is quite clear that a party that by plunging the party headlong
calls itself the West Indian National into a fatal and perhaps even
Party and at the rame time seeks suicidal crisis
the desrutction of someone who "The equivocation he has display-
must be regarded Ls the main pivot ed throughout this incident is the
ot the West Indian political struc- sort that is as dangerous in any
ture Is not in a healthy and sound other sphere of human affairs as
state of mind. in politic.
I va__ Ruft i IIt "If Julien has been from the very
ent with a SBan TmZ .9St inception the party candidate, then
Cus Party state of mina, one why was his nomination not put
bound hand ad foi If purely n- formally to the general council in
s olar or = =oMma,. the manner provided by rule 13 (b),
-"-L e0_ to >to May I.w for acceptance or rejection? The
ftI., rf. aby. mere handful president the impression Is Ir-
of political malcontefta who have resistible though attempts had
donned the regalia of the West 1n. been made to have him accept the
dian National Party in order to delectable fiction that Marryshow's
maka. their political aspirations popularity w! on the wane in
seeA more prepoa MtnN than they Grenada, feared the consequences
'n fis" are of a possible Marryshow victory In
"I am mused when I hear peo- the face of the present attitude of
pie say tha MarryshoWs popularity the Grenada party. I have pro-
is on the wane. That is far from found pity for him in his present
being trte." predicament. He is not the first
Councillor Gomes went on to say person who, having elected to pi-
that only at last Frlday' meeting rouette on the political trapese,


The Chinese Comiulity of Trinidad
and Tobago
An important meeting of the Chinese Community
is summoned for Tuesday, May 30th at 8.00 p.m.
sharp at the Kuomin Tang Hall, 19 Charlotte
(1) Minutes of last meeting.
(2) Report oa the Scott ffer S rcel of nd.
(3) launching of an alternative scheme.
(4) Inauguration of the Chinese Association of Trinidad
and Tobago.
(5) Other Busineses.
All members of the Chlrese Community are earnestly
invited to attend this meeting.

Latest beeft -MA Magateel.
Obehd eBks and Statloery.
T"% Curie. A"d Noveltt.
20 Polnte-a-Plerre Road, San
Fernando & Princes Town.



Just Received




K. P. GbUM Ltd.

17 Cbfotte

S .it


Ii *i
*tt C--UMaUdl Oeaetl. U.D.
eratisn at h. e-mud -et
Chimose toriwy. AwmiNI
mirltMwii ()eft, Ii. M. C.
A. L. JZeA--(AP F t, tfrm

War Savings Up
Nearly $18,000
Bales of War 8avnot Certificates
at the General Post Office for the
week ended May 20, amounted to
17.97120, states the Information
Of this sum the Win the War
Association out up $14,67720 for
resale aind Port-of-Spain and
suburbs contributed $2.062.

Countv St. Patrick, with 874JO
to the good, was the next best in-
vestor for the week. Oft the
amount the Brighton-La Brae
district contributed $799.20 and
Point Portln 161.20.
The Southern DoroRuh or San
Fernando put uD $1830 for the
Over the same period. County
St. Oeorge Invested $151.20. Con-
tributinr districts were Tunapuna,
$61.20: Tacarigua and St. Augus-
tine $36 each :and San Juan $18.
Polnte-a-Pierre with $21.0
earned a place for County Vic-
toria on the week's list of pur-
Following is the weekly analysis
of purchases made by boroughs
and counties for the week ended
May 20, 194.:-.
Port-of-Spain and
suburbs ............ 835,142.40
San Fernando ......... 114,973.20
. rima ................ 13.435.20
St. Geqrge ........... tlI,24.00
County Caroni-
St. Patrick .......... 13S044.40
St. Andrew-St. David .. 9,327.0
Nariva-Mayaro ........ 3,711.0
County Victoria ....... 69,s43.60
Tobago ............... 18,48.40
Win the War Associa-
tion ................ 8144,31.80

has come to earth with a thud.
"Tnrougnout this oaea:, I ave
considered before anything else the
security of the party and the pw-
servatuon of its noble purpose.
'*Sundays 6 MWAi decision
places its entire future In lmminent
jeopardy; and, because of that, ay
concern is great.
"A party must be run on proper
lines and according to the tenets
of its constitution. The moment it
Is thought to serve private whim
or caprice by repudiating any of
the mandatory provisions of its
constitution, then disaster, Inevita-
bly, must follow.
"I am returning to Grenada on
Monday to see the issue fought to
a finish."

,,A KU3,HICK grauTX

Herdsman Found
Dead In Cemetery
Sunday Guardian Correspondtut
CARONI, May 36.-A flock of
animals returning from pasture
without their accustomed herds-
nman, 60-year-old Dookwaa Alexan-
der, struck Oliver, the pen-Keeper,
employed by the COroni Sugar Es-
ta.t4, Ltd, as being very unusual.
O Investigatiuon he 4ame upon
th dead body of the hnerdsman
lying t grave In the emetery
SA nport was Immediately made
to the police of the death, and
the body was taken to the St.
Joseph District Hospital, where a
post-mortem examination as con-
Examination by District Medical
Officer, It is stated, indicated that
Alexander's death was due to
ficute pneumonia.
Alexander, it is reported, had set
out to pasture the animals earlier
Sin the afternoon.

(opposite St. Ma&ry ODAN" I

Dr. Joet R. Fereira
Dr. Gbldys r ra,
formerly of New York City
and British Oulana and for
the past 7 years at 31
Frederictk Street Port-of-
Spain, are now at 114
Frederick Street (onposait
St. Mary's College).
Theoe ls .

Dr. Glades Fern

Ira (D.C.)

r,. I3. ferro <(D.C.)

The new location provides enlargement of office
space, more convenience, more comfort, and
Improved service to patients.

for yoU

& CO



PoM THM Rm9 me U.

It's always fair wether wheam
yoei shop by telephme.
Our No. is 6520

we DVW Irtm pty ,

ITrU imli M ast,.4



Saturday, June Ird,
AT 1.1 P.M.
rcular Road, St. Augustine

mJtd S. a. Howard iq.
wloU g all ds i=and useful
a.twe such M;- pet
tie udhL Springr aad Mattfees~



SdTo Wed

O8Jm S IIL erie le O ia n-
eSt, -1 2 N1Ba (Meet, 3sBDa~t.
b p ur- .tme. !adre. A it-
t. smOn-oGasrew Street, WM d.
keu. MsoUilk to a acome pePd"
tr mto i, Registry upefti'ry
.r ..2U weadtisg ane lsed tel
IWke pate shortly In ad arund
lbs Stty.
ie eomtra"oung patis are:-
k.Al. ao.wt. MMMr. des.
UdIACMtCAlhTOW. apanute, .l Pgj*.
emu n!tp W ... Pelt-
aCh eaioi. mehtr. ofk. S
'i,,o ja iE5 Ailjai., Uwi. OAnIA.
I eran ir M ifoi& -ew
a iaa M."Mm
M- aLa 1Mew MODIM[T. ttbes
I I', Sat. Jaiim to*an d
ftMfr, fS PttA 2JAPIPI -al4010,
13 UNZ ILe ~. Prtf-spal
I s O N 1GLL baMehk. me.
I b Ptainane BeKLd. and

Mlt 1 MAuNu, spl reader KnMo
m. eMtON. smiretee, r.G omeas.
iR mONft *mam.m B e addrese
aIS lare mBm,
Oma "X% ad~adraZIME"Isp105 i LOW.
ad ~ 01 arieor.checker.

Orf 4 66111ttTRIt"Oad. End LOUISA
XD UtIDDAN121l bachelor, mean.

COAbDs, lpinster, bOUM work. of the
lI(, Ok, of 4? l"Pat Hill, aind RACE spinster. N tary.
oiuUf cai5Torot, woRn.
Saslacmai at lo Cftek Stteet
as CATU3N3 THUODORE, aplaster,
wt, of SoIrut tett -Sa Juan. War
of St. Ann'u.
chitalaur, t PakAvenue. It,3011
,ou of I Park Avenue, 1t. Jam.
and LUCILLE STEWART, pointerr,
P of S sixth Street, St. James
KX WABEeRDIE. bachelor. lunch
mtar, of 10 LAUu Street, GoSaisLL
ae*. nd AUGUSTA MINORS. snIr.
p5m5s, of success Village, Wav.
drMftana. of Uppr Belmont Vi
,ter. Of S 1 Charlotte Street.
LIONEL ATINe, bachelor, volunteer.
of ClOuton BSay. and THELMA IPRANCIS.
spINter, house work, of 31 Do Pretse
Street, at. James.'
JAMES TAMTt bachlor, porter, of S3
Sackwtlle. tet.M, and MIRIAM ADINA
B3IT, player, seamstress, of a St.
ratooes Valley Road.
MW, of 37 Cicada Street. Morvant,
Ward of St. Ann's. and PEARL DELCINA
PLACIDS. slpster, seamstres, of 4
Jackstn Place.
GARNET sBEIARS, b sehelor, eablMnet-
maker, of 31 Warrenn Sreet. Waodbrnokl.
adl MATHILDDA 7hANKLIN, splinter,
seamstress. of S t. Joseph Road.
tailor. of 9St. Vincent Street, Ban Fer.
Mnado, and UNA ELLOITT. spinster,.
seamstress. of 52 St. VIncent Street. Ban
AHAMAf RAFIOXXE. bachelor, mechainl,.
of Hermltage Village, and IPHAR
PAWALY. splnster, domestic servant, ot
Vnoce River Village.
PAROOLAL, bachelnr. labourer. ef Pic.
ton Estate, nd KAI.PI, ipinster a.
bourner, of Picton Estate.


it (OU sizes)





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, m a "10 H u11ii4%a w.I. fr41miiS HNStOCW I I
ft 6OO 4 0. 0 IK.) m PL0 5 AvM u, #LV.A.

!MAY 28, 1944.

' Mint Now For Emergency
|b The Course Of Wisdom
_THE people of Trinidad will be making
a grave mistake if they imagine that
They can begin to take things easy be-
'cause food supplies have been going
along moderately well. His Excelency
I the Governor predicted in January that
this would be one of the leanest 12
months we have experienced. Half the
Year has not gone, and we can see the
prediction being fulfilled in the loss of
earnings caused by layoffs from the
bases. Nor can we fail to note the por-
:-tfta in Europe, where the invasion now
m inent is bound to have a marked
ect on the food situation.
> Frederick the Great once said, in
,!feet, that an army marches on its
i omach. He meant, of course, that wars
were not won by guns alone, but depended
on adequate food supplies. But in this
year of grace It is not only the armies
we have to consider. Immense quantities
of food must follow the United Nations'
troops as they liberate one country after
another from the Nazi yoke, which has
kept their populations in bondage and
starvation. Unless we In Trinidad can
see the relation of all this to our own
lives, and act now in our own interests.
we may find ourselves bereft of import-
ed supplies with no local substitutes
With this in mind the Local Produc-
tion department has begun an urgent
campaign, directed to ensuring a big-
ger food output for Trinidad. It is a
.three.cornered appeal, with the profes-
sional gardener and livestock farmer at
t apex of the triangle. This type of
*rducer Is being asked to redouble his
efforts, and an earnest of the Govern-
ment's good intentions Is seen In the
newed price guarantees published in
S"Gazette Extraordinary" yesterday.
But the production drive is not con-
fined to those already in the business.
Full success is impossible without every-
body's co-operation, and we cannot too
strongly emphasise the need for a
prompt and widespread response if pri-
vation is to be avoided. The average
family must play its part. Backyard
planting and the use of all available
ground muqt become general through-
out tim Colony, if we would heed the
voir, wisdom before it is too late. "Go
to ti.. ant, thou sluggard; consider her
ways, and be wise." So serious is the
Government that we are authorisedd to
state that if anyone is unable to secure
suitable land from private owners, he
should consult the Food Product'on
Officer at the old Post Office building
Not least of all, the appeal Is ad-

It is not

the years


,.tucy ,,I d i bd,
-town g uu4a g m** ab a
my of hope in auTf but MWOgftg
more than a bare oshae Ie If ot Is~
righUtly dkretd. it be maid that we
have'flm masmp at-taw darkest hour?
Let us rather addrs ourselves to the
task in hand, knownthamt perseverance
and courage will win through to a
brighter day. The time to begin is now.

Smashing Of Hitler Line
A Blow For Nazi Morale
AT a time when the Germans are on
the tiptoe of expectation tor. the
Allied invasion from the west, the
smashing of the Hitler Line In Italy
cannot but produce a bad psychological
reaction on the German people at home.
Their propagandists had encouraged
them to believe that the defence lines
which their armies had built to bar the
way to Rome were well nigh Impregnable,
but they have stood only a brief space
before the renewed Allied three-pronged
onslaught. Once again Allied strategy
has proved its superiority by forcing the
Germans into difficulties and putting
the greatest strain on their limited re-
sources. Important as is the Italian front
to the defence of Germany, the enemy
is so situated that he cannot replace his
losses there unless he is to endanger
his chances of successful opposition to
assaults in more important theatres.
By the smashing of the Hitler Line
the Allied armies have now opened the
road to Rome and struck the first blow
in the battle that will decide the fate
of the Italian capital. With greatly
limited reserves, if any at all, the Ger-
mans are likely to find it more difficult
to avoid disaster as they lose men and
equipment in being driven back. There
is also the prospect that the junction
effected between the Anzio beachhead
forces and the Fifth Army will result in
cutting off many enemy troops who were
defending the Hitler Line. While the
enemy has lost his two main deferues
before Rome, the rest of the way to the
capital will still, however, be stubbornly
On the eastern front the ominous
lull continued last week That the Red
Army needed a breathing spell is evi-
dent, especially after an offensive that
lasted throughout the whole of last sum-
mer and winter. What is surprising is
not that our Allies are taking such a long
rest, but that they did not take it be-
fore, when all the experts expected them
to stop to regroup their forces and
strengthen their communication lines.
The disasters which were expected to
follow as a result of long-stretched-out
supply lines did not materialize, and it is
a matter for wonder that the Red Army
achieved such important successes in
spite of them. If the lengthy lull pre-
sages anything, It is that a storm is
gathering on the eastern front that will
dwarf any whic'.A have burst in any thea-
tre in this war.
Whihe the woi'ld still awaits the in-
vasion of Europe, Allied air fleets con-
tinue to pave the way for it by powerful
attacks on German objectives from all
directions. The most devastating blows
last week were delivered from Britain,
but Anglo-American bombers based in
Italy also continued to penetrate the
southern part of Hitler's fortress, while
the Red Air Fleet, awaiting the tasks of
the coming offensive, attacked points
behind the German lines.


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hb -



Of Airpt At LmOk
Mae RuE. Aerf' p swdiin.
I note. aectde a Pto a, ,ewm t
are awaiingtender*s to t cn-
struction of the Leatle o Airper t
and eelamatloa s hem
Thin schonm, O ae t atth
shortage of suitable f bilang
are"a n or arougd
haa much to com sani A. pr Wim bt E so atule ik S Ud'sh kUh.-
Ic n Is contructed an eOWA agimeer B -b6t S. -- Scam#g ,% ISI 1" had In I
Itn holeata reMasonable c2aS. asiad S the S LEatt ML, be sat at
Mr. GrisanlahIla e add~ toe w 0 agratles t f Ji g 6" r p 11111
the Cbambr of ConmmercrecentlyI a CAS t w m
stated that the aw ruawy war Indicates the Pise aSlS ,.-(AI pheIe.)
de ned to take 'plase up to--- "
speed of 0 miles per hour. an
would be 10,000 feet long. In the
discussion follow the drositSoldier Tel Graphic
was divulged blf'r. Murry 9" T u In A rc
B.W.J. Airways that the Bri
wStory Of Tour In Africa
tish Air Ministry recommens thti
new runways should not be leas
than 1, ft. in length. e a B Fi. L D. ILH. DEAN la|s and foreigners). But the names
stated that in hi opinion an air- of the sects I can't remember.
port of the type which w The anthr at this, a member" The first important place we vi-
generally thought necesary for of the 'itish Army Dental Corps, sited was the B y's palace. In far
Trinidad should have runways de- wte thiO ac"wont of a visit t off d ays, a v was a military ruler
signed for gross weights of 500,000 the Kasbah to hisb father in Trial- under the Sultan, but as distances
lbs. and landing speeds of 120 dad He gives an account of the were so geat, they seized power
miles per hour quaint customs in the Arab quar- themselves, and became absolute
Mr. Murray also mentioned that, tamrs in North Africa. monarchs, The law of succeslion
according to Air Ministry's recom- not from the father toeldestson
mendatlon, there should be no The sun was shining brightly; is not ro the father to eldest so ,
vertical obstructions within five but the wind was cold as we stood but to the eldest member of the
miles radius of airports. Although in a group outside the Kasbah one family's e, h ay ter
the Laventille hills were less than Sunday morning in January, await- The last Bey, who played Hitler's
a mile from the proposed runway, ing the arrival of the officer who game, was deposed by the Allies.
he stated that in view of the pr was going to conduct us round the and his cousin is now in office. We
talent good weather in Trinidad Arab quarter. The scene outside was Saw one very ornate reception
this standard might be relaxed. He typical of any big town in French room. tiled floor, mosaic, walls, and
felt, however, that such a decision North Africa. Allied soldiers, sail- stucco work that must have taken
should only be made as a result os armn jstling in the years to complete, as it was all done
shold nl bemae a aresltors and airmen jostling In the by hand. and a man could only do
of a consensus of opinion of a crowd with Arabs, covered In blan- o huad ad t man could onlr do
body of air transport experts. adout 5 centimetres a day. There
At present, the Americans are ket-looking garments which had was a domed roof of cedar wood,
building 'planes of 120,000 lbs. and hoods attached, that could cover I nlaid with 20 carat gold typi-
as the airport at Laventille is to their heads right up, fez and all 80 .cally Eastern display.
be an international one where that all that could be seen of the
large, planes of the future would- man was his face. Dvorc Co t Sit
be landing, it is obvious that it would The Arabs outside the Kasbah, Divore Court Sits
be possibly totally unsuitable for however, formed only a small part N s tedv e rt
planes which may be in existence of the crowd. There were men and NTet we saw the divorce ourt.
when the airport Is completed in girls In western clothes; even sev- The women were sitting about in
two or three years' time, let alone eral obvious Europeans, and of the courtyard, whle the hearings
those in 30 or 40 years from now. course, the veiled women, timid and were going on between the men In
It should further be pointed out scared 'by the noise and hustle of small chambers; there Is no publi-
that in the long run, it is very the city. Outside the Kasbah, in city, no members of the Press, no
much cheaper to build a runway addition were several large "Out of outsiders, and who Is to say what
designed for maximum envisaged iS notices power a 1,000 franc note slipped to
future requirements, rather than BndsO Lmt no the judge may not work?
to construct one for present re- Our officer-guide arrived. He Was While we were there, an offical
quiremnents which may well involve a captain t Eco r, f the court was shouting out for
abandonment and complete new and at once proceeded to give us t e ainti of a case about to be
construction in the future, some warning advice, the most, im- the plaint f of a uctase about toevidently
It would therefore appear that portant point of which was that heard. It s quite usual, evidently,
Government would he well advised above all else, we mst keep close rdivor, women to be picked
to have the specification for the together and no separate from the uP by prospective husbands here.t
proposed runway altered so as to party, or we would lose ourselves Can it therefore be wondered that
take care of heavier 'planes of the in the maze of narrow lanes and Arab women are timid and shy,
future, as the expenditure of an alleys more surely than we would andin all probability know abso-
extra $1,000,000 may make the at Hampton Court. "Also," he said, lutely nothing of the world beyond?
scheme a success Instead of a "a compass wouldn't be of the After leaving the Divan, as the
"White Elephant" like the Caroni slightest use if you once got lost." Arab court is known-the name has
Reclamation Scheme after the last Slightly scepticl, I never-the- some connection with a Green Sofa
warould also suggest when the less determined to keeo as close to (Green is & holy colour), which Is
runway is redesigned, thaten the the main party as possible. Strung probably what the judge sits on (in
runway Is redesigned, that the =h tw may le ete wn -1^^" be mentioned that
Government send copies of draw- out in a long line, we then went passing it may be mentioned that
ing and specifications to the Bri-into the "Forbidden Territory." And each sect has its own Judges and
tish Air Ministpeiritih Oyerseas almost at once we stepped back divorce "laws"), we were taken to
Airways CorporaUon, Pan Amern- several hundred years in time. see the street of the fez makers,
can Airways Inc. American Iport The most noticeable thing at one of the biSest cents of fee
Air Lines and aritis West Ilain first Is the stench. Fortunately, production in the world, and the
Airways Ltd, for their criticolms, there is so much of interest, that mot aristocratic of all t he trades.
as th are sn th h even this seems to die away. The It lmpoble to nter the trade
which will prob=blr tse, 1 '- shops on the outskirts are not very unless you wear "the old school
port, and their expertlnte in i different to the small stalls seen tie," in other words, are a member
port requirements would be 1i- in town; but after leaving the of one of the manufacturing fami-
valuable. No one knows too much main lanes designed to be seen by lies. The scent makers are 'the
about the construction of runways peace-time tourists, the real cha- next most important. The wool
for taking these heavy 'plalam racter of the place becomes appa- passes through several stages be-
landing at high speed, and it must rent. fore it emerges as & "hand-made
always be remembered that two One of the first things that fez," costing the "faithful" about
heads are better than one and struck me was a man selling some 300 francs a, least.
three better than two. little packets. They looked like 0Our next visit was to a cafe, a
Ar. Grinnell alm stated thatl Oxo cubes done up in newspaper, famous one, where five men who
had been laid at the ed.s of the but on the table that was his shop wire killed defending a mosque.
swamp had not shifted, even al- was a stuffed boar's head, very an- against the infidels, are burled,
though heavy traffic was working cient and cracked, with the stuf- The place looked a real robbers'
on it, and rock had been struck at fing showing rather like it might den, with some Arabs playing cards
28 feet where foundations were Out of an old sofa at home. Sitting over one side of the room, sitting
heing made for a bridge at the end on the ground near him was a man cross-legged on the ground, and
of this road. whose shop was the lane, and arguing very fiercely. We were
This seemed to convince him whose stock in trade consisted Of served with some really delightful
that no trouble would be ex- o'd spanners, screwdrivers and the coffee, slightly perfumed.
perienced with a runway. Also,1 like i wonder how much was rl- A water pipe, with charcoal burn-
the basin to the northwest of the fled Army equipment), and, yes, Ing (or was it tobacco?), the funmei
runway was designed to be 30 feet toothbrushes obviously second- of which were drawn through a
deep, but the dredger struck rock hand. bedraggled and dirty, bowl of water in the hase, wat
at 14 feet. This all seems a very e handed round, but the thought o
"hit and miss" way of basing an llMen Work Together all the mouths that must have
opinion for a scheme of such mag- puffed it, and the hand of the
nitude, and one would imagine test Arab who passed it round, wi
bores should be taken over the I hadread before that in the Arab who passed It round, wiping
whole length of the runway to as. eastern bazaars the members of after each person, made me refuse.
certain the nature of the subsoil one trade kept strictly together, The pipe is used a great deal on
before any signing could be un- and I first noticed tis in the festive occasions, as for instance
dertaken. This apparently has not Street of the Cobblers. Rows upon when parents get together over a
been done. rows of little shops with, men busy proposed marriage.
I may mention here that culverts at work making sandals and shoes. Lawrence of Arabia had to spend
which were laid two feet below The shops consist mainly of one hours puffing away, in order to get
the sleepers a number of years ago small room. quite open to the gaze half a minute's business done, be-
are now four feet below the level of all and sundry, and men sit cause the Arabs are a very cere-
where they were originally installed working busily away, squatting monial people-a true Arab shop-
on a section of the railway which cross-legged, nearly all wearing keeper would be greatly offended
runs alongside the swamp. Arab costume--fe and "night- if one didn't pass pleasantries for
A late manager of the Trinidad shirt." perhaps 20 minutes before the
Government Railway, Mr. Mar- In one of these shops, we were subject of buying was raised-one
wood, used to remark that upkeep shown a little black boy of 4, who day, one customers
of this section was the most ex- wa supposed to be a slave, appren- We were then shown a pipe used
pensive on the whole line, and dur- ticed to learn the trade of shoe- by opium smokers but a rather
ing his time had put ballast on making. I could not quite make out amusnt incident occurred here. On
equivalent to eight feet deep. whether he belonged completely to our officer asking where it was in
it would be interesting to have his master, or whether he was justorder to exhibit it, he was told that
ire views of Mr. Newark. the a strange survival from the da l of It was "hidden In the radiogram."
Director of Civil Aviation, on the
experience of an airport built n passed, he raised his hand to his Fast and West
a sw am f at Singapore. Palinsalute.
SThevMrnment musnrt be care- And then I began to realise how Strange blending of East and
ful not to make the same mistake necessary was our Leader's warning West. The pipe is perhaps 7 inches
as was done with the generating tlO stck together. By the time we long, shaped lIke a saxophone, but
plant at the T.LB Power Station had turned into the next lane, which with only a tiny bowl as the
where the plant recommended by was the street of the scent-makers amount of opium used at one time
the Consultating Engineer was too it Is said that Princess Marina buys can only be very little. It is still
small for the Board's requirements her scent here) I was completely in active use, as some men who did
before it was Installed, and it lost, and would have been quite at another trip told me they had seen
must have cost the Government a a loss to come out alone. The whole them being smoked here by men
considerable sum to have this error place is a maze of little alleys, quite oblivious to anything but the
rectified, lanes, and cul4de-'asc; an absolute effects of the drug.
The writer is an experienced en- warren. Finally, we visited a kind of curio
ginger in a responsible position There i no traffic of any sort shop a big house though, not a
and ha dsssed this ues there lut isn't the room. There small stall. Queen Elisabeth visited
with many other, s. me s orn of drain running down it about 1936 and signed the Dis-
EUCLID the middle of the strets, but as the tinguisheg Vitoat book. There
Port-of-Spain. b asaae are all roofed in there wass on onWee we aSfSi t
Rationing Start Wonted didt seem much point to it. A- sp t-l-b
RotiningSlor Woned prently, one reason tallI meme- .iep~l,- man and ewwives,
The Editor, -Sunday Gardian,." Gr of a certain trae e e-and tink c. ple m
Can you please y when will other is that they don't trt t up the Arab's attitude to women as
rationing start? Perhaps I am native police fowes any moe th oeian n nomethng perhtoa bt
asking you about a'moribund not an already dead) scheme. Mr. o at night time form their own b discardd a' will,
Hope Jones has togo e, onl.v ustet g with o s'5 to S toot ir Thi. also snlai why there II
Jlone hcbbuaas ratgo ne we d M cuetist later. 1I~t-brhrt
bookS, hut, w5ol, Itit ; Ou hw e tour was rather w aanl0 a in thr birth rate
Is Yet to co6e rushed had to be or we couWl o thesa m people. lI the last g
Maybe a Mr. OlrRy Joner a t not have seen so much, so my no- years we were told, French mis-
to come aloni to ditrbute it, preusiona oh te whole are some- 5onariee have probably not con-
while the Faith Jonese* are being [at a'ssflclal, and I'm afraithe mvtted more than half a dosen to
left at the nercies of hearties majority of names 'f places and Christlanity. The bed was decora-
shopkeepers, especially *t St. people hav eiaped me. ted with the usual cresent moon
James where bak-door selling sand star-they hate the sun be-
nfht trading are rampant. Bey's Palace See- cause it makes them lasy; and the
Not everybody can pay 14 cents For instance. I remember thbt hamd ot Ftima to ward oft evil
for a pound of rice, 34 cents for Mohammedanlsm embraces differ-
a tin of condensed milk with flour * eu-Crsint mrc And then our trip wia over, and
at 11 eets a "d s te Churches of Rgland and Q army-the
ort-of-Spaln, l e m which buried the towe Uilm. Maurcn ,or uch a
--------- thtir mosques -- the nuart wurom .odnet bav lnebn mxU In.

Points From Letters owinte* qOde, a a tiTrL s I-
I hrbeistua:6 am Ifeet t 4M saa"
FRED HAREWOOD--The teach- unn ther"st ratf atleat O dc ? I was glad-?tS
era who escaped from the recent hor-ible mut l ittO f not deat, tt io spitea olatiter and'Mus.-
lre at St. Joseph's Convent The other sect bullft eO t-ided e tl I ws a Wetener, and
"oould alven early ausistanc as towers, and apparenUtly are net q*t knew t- U v 0ag sd fecta f
most of them, if not all, are ms secretle, at& i"ugh U the "O> ase as fater., and
drawi from humble home es and ques abound up. wltten tli Mt1 Lsd fIewhe wid m
are sow without oMiN ato booksI moveOmnt (out with alla i 44- b ithe wh w m


I UOmeL J SmP, late of
or= UKe slpof. wtp a
Trbnddad a="toK Ld
which oocurred on. t
March 1L
L CLUI 9 -NT IV)M and I.
late of Viuinuy, La me.,
workmen lately employed with
Antilles PetroleumA
(Trinidad) Limited, bich
rwea5. eh.nn


Compensation in the above mat-
ter having been deposited with me
under Section 8 of the Workmen's
Compensation Ordinance, the de-.
pendants of the said 1. Lionel Jo-
se] 2. Clement Duncan; and S.
Frederick Harris are here j re-
quired to appear beforee the Com-
missioner on Friday, the 9th day
of June, 1944 at 9.30 o'clock In
the forenoon at the Court Homuse,
Port-of-Spain, when thr Commli-
sloner shall proceed to det' ine
the distribution thereof.
Proof of relationsh'n of depend-
ants to the deceased workman will
be required %v the Co missionerr to
be furnished by claimants at the
enquiry. Such proof to be in the
form of certiflcatea of birth and
of vr-rriage as in the circumstances
b, necessary.
Dated this 10th day of May, 1944.
Registrar, Supreme Court.

Import Ao

is wq

uold P~cen C

From The U t
With reference 5
Notice dated lt Je
published in teI
of 4th ?rovemher, 1U
ton t whom auets l
of wods rom the

have been lmss ed, re
4" 40W"C

Odoensure that the

.mrnO form part
Quota LicencesI

number of the UnWi'
with referftne t64Q

to see hated tst N0
oublished in the o

ofnumber 4th Iovember
to whom auot 1 11
of woods from tfhe n
have been Ismued 44"
ensure that the VWri
armine" form puAA
number of the qjwo6'
to see that this nmt
number 14 fIwnlude
mIlcation gent to
don suppliers, "i
such licence.
Old Post Oce
7. St. Vincent uSa
23rd May,v 1944.



Programming Of Requirements F

1. As a result of further instructions received and V
clarifying certain points raised by Peron $I n.oosSfI
gramming of their requirements, it is desirable to acqi*
with the following facts concerning the Standard toU"
Form and the Selected Lit of Cnmmoditles:-

Standard Import Programme Form.
(1) With reWrd to the insertion to be made In 0
hodity, it is imperative that a separate foaM
for each iam. Thus, for example, a ma
.Building Materials Division (Page I) M
EDGE. Under this, against CMP Code No.
group entitled-
Farm A& Garden Edge Tools:
brush cutter knives; clippers anLs ,j
lawn; hooks, bush; scaythes." (Unit--dO.
It is not sufficient for a person completing
form to write in Space g-Commodity "'Farm
Tools." A separate form must be complete
each Item required.

(2) A number of programme forms have bean af
Contiol BSoard in which the information SU
(1) (7) of Space J has not been Inserted.
have to be returned for completion. It is r
difficulty may be experienced in answering N
but It must be emphasized that the an$w0l
questions (1) & (2) are purely estinvtes, and ft
that the forms be properly completed if the 0b1
mental are not to be prejudiced;

(8) Where the unit in the Selected List is shown a
means U.S. dollars and the answers to q4
Space J must be given in U.S. dollars; thea
(8) under Space J should be given in U.S. 1
factory f.o.b. basis;

(4) Similarly, In cases where the unit is hq "
requirements to be stated in the varbo coS
L must be shown in U.8. dollars, f =
Imparts are to be drawnS Se rp 41V
from the succeeding note;

(5) The note concerning SectI K-e -wSoe bi
dard Imnport Programme oan a.ppeari s.
confulon. It may be categorically stated th.
net import requirements as hown at (5I-
agree with the combined totals of the Wfit
five Columns .in Space L;

(6) One Importer in completing space L In
meant pats for Compressors has written
cording to wear and tear of machinery.
Is unacceptable; the quarters in wL hh
MUST be stated although it is appreciad
many caes be conjectural only;

(7) The remarks under (6) apply equally in tw h-I
Selected List of Commoditiles. ,

(8) Attention is invited to page IV (BullgS
C.M P. Code No, 706.0- Hardware,
forms must be submitted in respect of tt9
Hinges and butts
Door locks, lock sets, and lock trim
.Door bolts and strikes, except Iavato
Door pulls, push and kik plates,
Door closer and cheek -ks.
Window and transom hardware, la".
Lavatory hardware
Cabinet hardware
Builders' hardware, not elsewsi'e
tracks and hangers for roUlfl M

'9) Atteption is invited to
Products) U mm. CM =00 an
Uvte) this should read -35 mis, MoO
MO s palt/" & negaUve). : .
2. In conclusion, the attention of the public ls #
ing statement made in paragraUph 41 of &'l
on the ogansation and -unctions of the B.C
"Whils a measure at re bflpstait tafor
on Form I rests withte
ties, their task mst ieitably b
co0-eratton and willinne&ss
with the leadt u a y-w the
for ad theW the JSIiG

geeveb't1~ 4


, i * -... *

I %

Old Post Offie Buxuldwlp
a. St. Vincent Street,
art o(4ela.
U May. 1M4




*rntbay (Iurimrtan



S E'CT10. 1

A Acting OvWeSr prmeie MsKim Ma ear captain ofMalvern, at the Ova last
l the Bata Trohy fo ts ladlese' Knoek Out Netbui emp(dttlon. His Excelieny wa at-
Stended by Ubeut. Clark and accompanied by Miss Perbim.

et Wedding

Wde Lovely

| quiet wedding took place
P-2.i" .-._- ^.. nn_ Sp-


Parents Feted

At P-a-PParty

140 remando, on Thursday THE silver wedding anniversary
benl ernando, on ThursdayT
When Miss Marguerita of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Wood-
sh second daughter of Mr. Ing-Deane was celebrated on Tues-
D. Smith, of 18. Irving
nn pernando was married day evening by a cocktail party
JiRbert T Hazel, of Points.- given by Mr. and Mrs. Oarvin Wad-
r t son of Mr. and Mrs.
K 5eL0 of BequMa, St. Vin- dell their daughter and son-in-law,
fat their bungalow In Pointe-a-
'tride was given away by her Pierre. Mr. and Mrs. Wooding-
r So looked lovely, in a cream
a georgette golwn, with.a Deane were the guests of honour,
rSlacete llidan a head- and they received many congratu-
cream velvet flowers She latlons from their friends who
Ig ,cream IV iwr.oe-- a h frt
4 a bouquet of anthurium were at the party.
During the evening Mr. Wooding-
jim Wilson. of Pointe-a- Deane announced the engagement
the best man, and the of his second daughter, Margaret,
MSaurus Maingotper- to Mr. John Mclntosh. of Pointe-
the ceremony. a-Pierre, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
the ceremony J. Mclntosh, of Burntialand, Scot-
V the ceremony a small re- land, anid the young couple also re-
I, to which only relatives ceived many congratulations and
ite, was held at the home good wishes for the future.
bride's parents, where the
WAs cut and the usual toasts Among those present at the
Itn. p arty, in Rddition to the host and
Mrs. Hazel then left for hostess, the guests of honoulr and
=eoon, Mrs. Hazel in a the newly-engaged couple, were Mr.
blue dress, with red and and Mrs. J. J. Waddell, Mr. and
Cacessories, in which She Mrs. D. Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. Ar-
SverMy smart, thur Hirst, Mr. and Mrs. H W.

At San Jernanlo

Whittles, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Me-
Kentzie, Mr. and M's. Sam Oxley.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. fougall, Mi.s
Joyce Wooding-Deane, Mr. and Mrs.
R. H. Carter. Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
O'Brien. Mr. Edgar Wooding-Deane,
Mr. MoCullock Woodlng-Deane, Mr.
M. H. Watson and Lieut. C. C. R.

Today's Diary
Whit Sunday.
Whit Monday-Public Holiday.
Forthcoming Events
"Broken Chords" Princes' Build-
ing 8.30 p.m. Tuesday, May 30'
Decoration Day dance, N.A.8.
anditorum, Chaguarea 8 p.m. on
Tuesday, May 30.
Dance at Portuguese Club Satur-
day, June 3.
Dr ce at Nunes' IIall, Arima, by
Parrenu Club.
Tea Party and Twilight Concert
by 'La Petite Musical' Royal Vic-
toria fistitute, 4 p.m. Saturday,
June 3.

nn-Singing From Southampton at 4p.m.

,iI,! 2.0 For Brntsh Forces in Malta.
mi K-ald Chesney and Margaret
$J .S0 Palace of Varietles, with
Dter Jnr,. Denis O'Neil. and
elrlamentary Supplementary-
;AJi ;aon 3.15 B.B.C. Orchestra.
Lambert; 4.00 Sunday Halt
hymn singing from Guild-
S pt; 4.25 Epilogue; 4.30
a Orchestra; 5.00 News; 5,01
,I &S Bongi from Shows; 6.00
Chnrte conducted by Jo-
6 .45 News: 7.00 W.
Night-Impresslons of a Loun-
Shelter. Talk by June Grimt-
by music for everyone; 7.30
SBBC Scottish Orchestra con-
Slan Whyte; 8.30. Travellers'
ll oday'a London Newspapers;
in Petticoats": 9.00 News
[g Sly Service. Durham Cathe-
by De an Durham; 9.45
i dante and Finale from gym.
Minor, London Symphony Or-
afudetd by Albert Coates; 10.00
0 News; 5.01 Interval;3.15
eatary; 8.00 Forces' Favour-
B.BC. Scottish Orchestra
b lan Whyte: 4.30 Scottish
Jitchestra, conductor: Ronnie
1l John Blore'a Dance Orches.
Sh.ipmates Ashore; 7.00 Talk-
Iat:oo; 7.15 McGeachy's Week.
00 News; 5.01 Interlude:; 5.14
bAindbox dedicated to Jambo-
S P; 7.30 News; 7.45 Music
S.00 Current Events-Talk by
cd; 8 15 ,B.B.C. Theatre Or-
thur iord, pianist, conduc-
Rr 'n; 9.00 News: 9.10
ieday' Is n Newspapers; 9.30
d eltrod..,i by Lionel Gamiln;:

10.00 News Headlines; 10,01 Life at Home
by Lester Powell; 10.11 Interlude; 10.15
Johnny Cqnuok' asvue.
P.M.: 0.00 News; 6.01 Interlude; 5.14
Jack Payne'e Parade; 6.00 Royal Marines
Plymouth Division Band. Conductor: Ma-
jor F. J. Rickett,; .45 News; 7.TA, W.
Indies Message Party. Leslie Jiver Hutch-
insaon'a aJ-eoioutred band; 7.40 Fred
Hartley'a Music; Off thle Record by Stan-
ley Maxted; 9.15 BBC Theatre Orcestn.
Albert Sammans (violin) condueto,': 8tan-
ford Robinson; 9.10 From Wednesday's
London Newspapers; 9.30 Dance Music;
10.00 News Headlines: 1O.Ga War Re-
vlew; 10.11 Interlude; 10.1b BraIns Trust.
PM : 2.00 News; 3.00 Bluejacket Choir;
2.30 The Bouthernafrae; 3.00 News; 3.05
Abe Lincoln's Story; 3,30 Invitation to
Music: 4.00 News; 4.05 Ceiling Un.
limited; 4.30 American Story; 0.00 News;
0.05 NBC Symphotty; 6.00 News; 6.05
Army Hour; 6.30 Andre Koetelaneta: 7.00
News: 7.15 Bandwagon; 7.30 Charlie
McCarthy; 8.00 News; 8.05 United Net-
work Commentary; S.15 Home Town
News: 8.30 Sammy Kaye Serenade; 9.00
United Network Reporter; 9.15 The News
at Home; 9.30 Jack Benny; 10.00 News;
10.05 Information Please; 10.30 Fred
P.M.: 8.00 Time Views the News: 0.10
Programme Preview: 5.15 Fred Waring;
5.30 Mirth and Madness;: 6.00 News; 6.05
Sport Page; 6.15 Pvraonal Album; 6.30
Hour of Charm. 7.00 News: 7.15 Stock
Market Report: 7.30 Mall Call; 8.00
News; 9 05 United Network Commentary;
a.15 Battle Background; 8.30 Downbeat;
0.00 United Network Reporter: 9.15 The
Newa at Home; 9.30 Burns & Allen: 10.00
News; 10.06 Contented Hour; 10.30 Slob

ow &Gate __





These new vegetable prepara-
tions are introduced as a valuable
and delightful addition to Baby's
Doctors usually commence to
prescribe them from about 4/S
months, increasing the quantities

II Prepared from selected fresh
vegetables in the form of smooth
delicious purdes. Cow & Gate
Vegetable Foods are easily digested
and asimilated by baby' and can
be given in conjunction with Cow
A Gate Milk Food to advantage.


kW & GATE Pareed VeetabMe bmp
WW & GATE Pueed SplMaeh
W & GATE Pureed Camts

"N t0e, EM

W &A 4 Ltd
& Co.

rawC -
Ceadm i &06. U eL
the Ufeo Oh r Ut
wM a ORa

"-13c. per din. Nos-.petw re-14c. per tin

P.M.: 5.00 Time Views the New; 5 10
Programme Preview; 5.15 Fred Waring;I
5.30 Mirth and Madness: 6.00 News,
s.OS Sport Page: 6.15 Personal Album;:
6.30 Great Gildersleeve;: 7.00 News ,;5
Stock Market Report; 7.30 Fibber McGee
and Molly: 8.00 News: 8.05 United Net-
work Commentary; 8.15 Sports Intorview;
8.30 Dinah Shore; 9 00 United Networic
Reporter; 9.15 The News at Hom-: 9.30
Bob Hope; 10.00 News; 10.06 Family
Hour; 10.30 Norman Corwin Present.
A.M.: 1030 Music for Sunday: 1.00
Dinh Nhore;0 11.30 John Cha. Thomas;
12-00 New..
P.M.: 2.30 Sammy KRavea Slo Coio-
mand Performance;: .30 rronllin.
Theatre; 4.00 NBC aymnioy; 50, O.1.
New; 5.15 Meet the Bo1ey; a.o call-
fornia Melodies.; 6 .00 uy Lombardo;
7.00 Andre Kostelanetz: 7.30 Charle
McCarthy; S.00 Your Radio Theatre: 9,15
Raymond Scott; 9.30 Hour of Charm;
10.00 Suspense; 10.30 Contented Hour.
P.M.: 8.00 O.I. News: B.15 Que Pass:
5.30 Village Store: a,00 Mail Call: 6.30
Great Music; S.45 News; 7.00 Chamber
Music Society-Basin Street: 7.30 Album
Favourites: 8.00 Duffy's Tavern; .30
Kite Smith; 9.00 News; 9.15 LA in
Rhythms" 9.30 One Night Stand; 10.00
Night Owl Club; 10.45 Nocturne.
P M.: 5 00 0.1. News; S IX Vilt,q
Musical; 5.30 Hymns from Home: 600&
Jubilee; 6.36 Show Time; 6.45 News:
7.00 Bob Hope: 7.30 Burn$s Alle"; 800
Music from -Americe; 8.30 Pass In Re-
view;: 9.00 News: 9.15 Latin Rhythms;
9 30 One Night Stand; 10.00 Night Owl
C ub; 10.45 Nocturne.


nemanw By Spotlight
is it a t MU a hm eso the whon e no -bid I
ISlh No AtM Wk- b 'amM which 16 catbmly not
b arr H Tef the f Alatsae 1- tporteaut than the manuf a-
l one a 1t o br- e *mom 8 d turing of glUns and bombern.
em H10" th J ma l aDanoues and ienrs, magtcrum,
'W l mb a ron wty=1. ad'lor girls the are all In
the tUw asi t, ltiat u party and the fh., gives a
4d 00 1*4M0 of bow the etne to clviln audler mea every-
eua. mi It -y MAV moe*se way., where to see what they have In
ea make6 .t art acosal tei to stoe for the men in un'torm. The
eerybody erywbs Andrew sisters in their songs, sex-
O the sm osmen, another appeling Marlene Dietrich sawed
Uwe marvel e sUl to WWh ii halW. C. Wields in one of
t return of ophte w, od- his mate acts, a rel thunder-
gr at UM nwit siMN a omiena of tunes and bends, are some
haVe been the highlight 1 woIe of the attractions.
generation of show people. -'tMa It is extremely entertaining
little something left over from though It Is a little bit long
the lost war," she introduces her- and does not hang together very
elf but in the way she puts over well Interwoven Is an Inevitable
a song there ts still all the charm love story acted by George Raft
that only persormality can give. and Vert Zorina.

This happens In "Follow the
Boys" figuring on this week-end's
cinema bill which is undisputedly
topped by the outstanding picturi-
satton of "Madame Curle."
Drama Of A Genius

' Seobees' Fight And Love
IThe 'Iit b "" "*epuble
Btfr t tih iReyal.
After the Army, the Navy and
the Marines, it's the turn of the
Seabees. the men of the Construc-

*MadaBs Curie" Metr. Goldwyn tO n attalons. in gioritymg wpwI
Picture At The De Late Hollywood shows them not only
working land tight'a gbut, of
The film is adapted from Eve course, loving sm well.
Curie's biography, "Madame Curie," With the "Song of the Seabees"
the finest monument ever set by wrapping the whole story, it is
any d daughter to a famous mother,. fairly well put tot their and at its
It honours the motion picture in- best when it shows the tough fel-
dustry having approached the greW- lows working on some distant is-
diose theme with tact, and deep land In the Pacific or getting in-
devotion to one of the greatest to a thick muddle with the at-
figures in modern science, tacking Jreps.
Credit must be given for that The love story is comfortably
to Mervyn LeRoy, the director arranged as the sweetheart for the
who has bound the human and occasion happens to be a female
the scientific aspects into intense war correspondent. She is hind-
drama. So rises the story of the some Susan Havward. with John
young Polish student, Marie Skio- Wayne and Dennis O'Keefe as
dovska, who comes t4 Paris to leading men.
find her destiny. Meeting Pierre
Curie, professor of physics, means Post Scripts
more to her than the beginning of
married life. It is like the first "You are always In my Hrtrt."
accord of a human harmony, the the tune that invaded Trinidad
beginning of a brilliant collabora- some time ago, can be heard again
tion in the service o0 science, sung by GOorfa Warren this week-
There Is all the tenderness of end when the Warner pictur- comes
their domestic life, from their rid- back for another run to the Emn-
ing on bicycles throughout an old- pire.
fashioned honeymoon to the edu- 0 9 9
cation of two beloved daughters. Coming to Port-of-Spain this
There is all the roughness of a Cong tP r in t
life devoted to scientific research, week': i Pgin Arms" irslOut tmeu-
from the moment they have no- sical bringing for the first time to
thing but the faith into their work the smen Danny KaYe, one(of
Broadway's top comedians tGlobe):
to the moment they got world- 2d "82 h P te Harrove"
wide recognition for the 61scovery ad "See here, Private Hllnrgrove."ok
of thl precious element radium Alldapted from the best-lling book
thit conlies out simpl? and con- depleting army life (De Luxe).
vincing. I a *
Stronger than fiction ever can Siberia might become a compet-
the day the scientific world is to por that the Soviet Government
be. tisute end the traicrrend Onuti poft thatthe "evaiety"ovrne-t
oay tribute to them. Pierre Curie has bought large quantities of
is killed in a street accident. Mad- latest Americn film equipmentfor
ame Curie, the genius, is left alone shipment to Siberia where elabor-
-and reirries on. ate atudios are being built.
The story which can hardly be
termed a usual "romance," is
brought to life by two brilliant ac-
tors, Greer Garson and Walter
Pidgeon. Both penetieate deep in-
to the characters they have to
portray on the screen.
Hollywood Goes Tq War

"Follow The Boy,'" Universal
picture at the Globe
Besides Arthur Rubinstein and
Sophie Tuukar, there are lots of
other big names In the show. It
is a long paade of Hollywood cele-
brities doing their share In the
war, entertaining the Woop in
camps at home and abroad on the
seven seas and all along the battle-
Here they march across the
screen and show how It is done.
Stars of all calibres get their as-
signments after they have enlist-
cd f6r the good cause. The Holly-
wood Victory ConlnItte., in close
co-operritlon with the Special Ser-
vice DivisioQ of the Army, is or-


Madam e OuriKa, as she i prr-
nsted by Greer Grmon In the
picture now playing t the Do
Lus cxuma.


excessive perspira tion

and excessive perspi-

ration drains your

body of vital phos-


and lack of phosphorus leads to nerv-

ousness, depression, lassitude, lack of

memory, inability to stay on the job

and nerve troubles with all their at-

tendant ailment&

PhosphoruisI vital to. your health because without an adequate supply
of phospborus you become freul, IWrrtab, nervu an= grumpy.
These days anehot days and you p ire fsely, and ery tien you
perspi, v tai pnosphorus leaving yor body. sad phosphorus Is one
of the few things of the human ystem that cannot be stored.
Put back your lost phosphorus by taking a course of PHOSTONI. Ten
drops of PHOSTONE taken tour times dily in water or win give you
back your lost phosphorus, tone up your appetite and give you steady
nerve and clear sparkling eyes.

PrH OSL0/' 9Fe laO. E

a VOucto* 4 .u a *
P* *i:mt 30c.PrtiI __ _

On The Home Front By Farm HAU
Recent announcement of ow- for the rehablttlation of a the du poaueslon "WitU tI e ~ s4Ii|
Orimnft intention to apend e4AWtry. Now sinc withehbrobo dfig-wiis a an
40 on a cacao subsdy cheme ha ease has been such an important u ad h111y 8 a,
again awakened interest in thin factor In the decline ul the indue- an almg &I" OU #w
moribund Industry. I do not pre-try it is obvious that the bulwark shown e& at e laea
tend to share Government's on- of the future cacao industry must Wi S
ildence in this matter so apart be a variety of cacao that in either tolerance tothe rea at
fromn the short information office immune or very Lghly resistant to As far as I know s l of
release I know nothing about their thi disease.teral wi Dr. Pound b a
Plans for the rehabilitation o this Again since higher yvieids. as well from South Amerci ahas
ndustry,.but before laughing ch asbetter quality is also desirable promise hut unless the is OMt
aL campaign there would have to Iwe are to compete successfdlly aUun in the poUaesii' on the t
examine all the causes of failure with the other caca3 producing thorlUes which hi not yet
In the industry in the pant and countries the new variety imntult I- made P Ubc. I do not thinl
fashion future policy In the lightspossess these character. the trisbea cu d e tlhe
of the lessons which they learn. Furposrssrehee csac r. -we l any v nlBu
The cacao industry fell to Its Furthermore we must either di-w any .v
present plight due to a succession cover a method of controlling or ndication ebe obtalhe
of circumstances. First of all the np entirely or at least some way industry though probably an ueo
estatesu had just reached the period of mitAsgatng the ravages of this onic desirablty, Is however tre
when their ecfliencjr was beie .; ct pest. Muh ad ance ha bern a r l viewpoint frawbht
Ing to be on the down-grade when made on this line at the Impe-a dtprcuties which overncueat i
'rj&I Cllege f.TropedifAg icultir ~utes which government It
they hit a slump in prices. ri Cole ofTropical Agriculture they pDrofit from pas epettent
Plrsttwhere the entonological department
Planter for the rst time found the cooperation may with courage and determi
that the prices which tlwv obtained wh th t on p* tO overcome.
for their cacao could not cover the graduate dtts have done tsch a er me to e at C-
eost of production. fair "amount of research in this etull must have the whole-heat-
Simultaneously cacao trees were lie. ed co-operation of the planUai
severely attacked by thrips and As yet however, although we public for It is with them In the
shade trees due to the Iimortelleknow much m a of the habits and final analsis that the power to
disease were dyin out h m reactions of the insect we have so succeed or fall reats.
dhseeweaeedythe industry wasfar not as tyt arrived at an econ-,
Thus weakened the lndustry was' "' w a em----------'
in a very sorry condlton when oiial method of control.
the witches broom disease of which Moreover the task of rehabili-
we hve heard so much, finally ad- has been made extremely
ministered the coup de grace, difficult by the present labour con-
The truth is therefore that al- edition. High wages will i"ke a
though witchesbroom disease was large portion of the government
not tne primary cause ot the death subsidy,
of the local cacao industry yet it Again due to the presence of ima- .
was the determining factor. mortelle dilea. gircidia shade
There is reason to believe thai teeswill d rabls e t a hese
^ e^ ^ ^"".^.^'^ f1^;Sem will probably be used these | *. l ^ ^
had the natural resistance of th probable taking over te rsoled t f
plantation not been weakened by shadingthe oung racao lrees f
the attack of thrips and change of from banana which would be the I
ecological conditions due to the best cro to use for cprovidin e thi-
dying shade trees that the industry t o t olshade o iding l-
may have withstood thie attack of
witches broom much better. E, ss) p;a-e.xi ,'.j probably
But this is a panegyvrie for which in the la Ir vear, sliit irtrmr
we llhave neither the inclination, cerrospora 'Pal t poL iu by *hR.
time or space. So let us look toutime the glyridta ia the future! enough to take over, 0so that there
It is now evident that Govern- would be no great financial los.s
ment 1i committed to a policy of Moreover as shade increases the
rehabilitation. At present with Incidence of cercospora will pro-
the exception of a few of the larger bably decrease.
cacao estates the majority are be- The question remains, have we
ing turned into food gardens as got the material in our possession
the proprietors have either sold or which will fulfil all these exacting This picture siowe Madame
rented them to Government for this requirements ? hi pi hw
purpose or have themselves under- The answer simply stated is no, Ourie an M *be actually wM.
taken to rent out their lends to but that in spite of that we have Compare thi with hebr rs e.
small gardeners for the growing of very promising material in our
more food. hands with which we may make smntatlon by Gree Garson
This Is the material in our hands a start. We have already in our shown in another column.


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Methodist Church, P.O.S.-Collection
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W I :a mohder'o frde and joy h
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So much depends upon thi.
ery mother knowe at h Meiueasi mk
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emk lAefd to sit kis delUee md
to provide the muidel-emeas requld .
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amount odh m homld be lied by t"
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and ample *upply of beseatmilk.
In addition, 'Ovahtm' ppli the form of
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the he mot d to mala e he stren
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55, High Stree ;


my A I ~P5W v'aWT.w' Faices ThevWomen 4w
Ilt I unow rWwob nd o ew rth oanRoad to M..iawidc "
was Nled a ,a bad t hep ar am 1 mtetiany i p places Ia e ",,s
10 41a111 but Welch o mwof baw verydAM&,ofW ow
in smnsind p te l won"g w npw4i, -- 4
W5d down atUn.gttbe"h s 1 badh w seesw Mad e ams I .l J W S The Rd F
*isaurd m rh talk andIf wqu n to who VW be reepsM amh
h ittle aaeg wto fa t es lunc bathing. plenlc ag mid eena wedb- 4atoiberexti ng dtom twar ame 1W Val
DWesf l t he h Issbreasn mud. | v a m
ever; the glarko bayr. through lack I we were - the wfn te vw by ea=t mey hug e s

at "f the omfors, Is bahing afert bow^ as had" s.^udLS wass ~ s to ,
beg n to lose its a a we as the a o u ais H
mnie glookt back reg.retfuly NU3VOU PCA L"ATION aONd ebie ta ra ir ie se t d@o
'o the days when we could run out About-.r a s ataso am
or a Sunday morning ba the at L we soda WWkto fgfeeld t=t s-rt- ter e o a
Vacapaerlpe. Let me appeal to the the wseveral l 9anisla the road4aWae rwmAW5 a, awayee
,owers that be to ples make up whih dve ocmu avd In the W e l er to for a "' 0
heir nindi; and vet on with the b lObsa in
foo. andIn case they should not rh e IF II were beong given Hdul fwoew the le. N t a
wow what we want Int me be a attention by the powers that ,t o l ul1111111311114me o1A where ate0 4o the,
pokesat n for us all and tell en. as at the moment to crase w lch e me Ceb el whih -e a' LaWin g waft t of I. h o
flUSING wNhcD appear at many pincee, so W tar hw te o plDA hItA.Te, .. anemo te w. we t o V i I I andmeo .i
edge Of Mde ttre.aTde waah Ithel d" cA.r. S ebr e la rematedI. lancer.-U ;I Wali, t o Is
Pirt we hate having to change belowexd the road Wel a nst dp o waW t- t" ;v e i3 o
in the car, st ruggling to ob o da e f *a. 1 s I t ue ash
-he decele's by meat ofJeanIng o w lt l-" H
by ea a return trip. of the war.n and w0ill Re down I&
hanging at the window when of course. We9 should a erTheatmRe W vie history. -
wigglng into a tight bathing suit luxury hotel wher col ea ;t WR
%nd worst of all trying to oget dryw te here we could, at ereUL WORK r,, o '

;~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ad driunk ini tthm Ineras one oftboldiie noto oso 5V oh.cnadr -
in^ FR U R~ the117 limte confinr ofn theit bacs Ino, up club, an spoles beach taat Here I Tial" to., thoughh P~f
Sat, We should like some hlte wek-n otae whr wtExcellentaShowey so rtrit ucetdan rieg ba -
!, th e b eah tke che thates de a'we k-end ote hges -a.m we andr. th I o penng f wo -m n are naes. -
-the beach so that we do n o;y oh teeur hsbands and friends may re- sLri are il oeand tr ic th. pnet oe m fF -

iav#-- ------------- -- tcle to takaec refug in~pr theji treesl banana andit ofms 14ff 'earl n tatwD
--- und-er the pd if need--ter-our wek's- o0 --12 roa'" r opportunity for those who are f ree
iatle to t ake o r u re dne thea p Is l ateour d wee'e Pabournsn a-tlat Go n ames ourf there 'a 8
rattl under thea ot1n- ifwuneed htw h e-n o from very exacting domestic ties

---- .K f 'T I eltd b soe <<^^auy*t'ftcve ,to mak & vaual contrbu n to*'"*Wf
We simply hate the greas. mud, l resonsble people we realse we to make a valuable contribution to
aued by the parked ars, through kng for the moon so we finish h se of us who saw the war effort, even though they
hich we have to wade to ge aeinto with a plea for at least a Tae ob u nable towinto serviceA
whic we aet caen tr t shelter" some bathing cubic s Pedder In the Pantomime "Aladdin" i that thes actors and serve t r country ine
he sea and being strictly feminine e where we may get mel and knew eth Of the work have hadprofessional experience, ar spectacular e way. rtr

ndteeoe fussyabou t hes \.e /^ Boher d aidsdr ymn oo te:teewnepret- ~ on ^^pce *-
inga thrers ar e badly offended to eat and drink, and ea h t= d mdoff :wll S on th. stae, andtheir talent deserves better It i Just as Important, though
wv the rubb:sh, broken dttles, rat- litte of ids rubbish reoved. expected something good when-- material than they had collected lees glamorous, to take up ene-
wto Joe s-he produced this rticular production. ti.l work, whether paid or unpad. p
tn coconuts, craps of old fish Wy YOU CAE FAI Yourself Go" at the R.N.A.S. To the compere, Tim Cardew, and thus release a man for service
ckle, lumps f wi YA and so orthTheatre oe very larC share of the in the theatre of war.n.,
S:hch left ing about th We often wond erwe We were not dsppoted. credit and applause. As the link Many wonme hece are working
each have measured just This new revue provided an eve- between the stage anaudiencehis now not only fo the Allied ervce
Being rather tond of pigs we do right and triel to follow Intru-ing full of real entertainment t s g and audin m hs no onoven meont oie ese, but eso
ot mention those who story hap- lions carefully, our cakes do not The R.A. dance band did much ir were Just right a nd he hadora in bant s, oil company ies b and other
ly about Is bI ng encumbrances. turn out like.hieoforneg-tosstiohdthe hada f n s. oi c ad o
eh o seoOe *d tor th ii h ero te x tu re DTh eB se tse lff Th e g o o d c oll e c ti o n s trft s
ut they can make short shrift of b Jr. Here are ome of the causes: Golden Grove Clpb" in which the er a ll the toresintr osines condernwith w here increased ,
lu hnch which !iss been left Insufficient stirring which cause show took place. duced at the right moment and in wr.cmie wt hraem
arelessv e.(ed. Added to this tirse texture. The set Itself wa cleverly de- tersp:!rsed at well regulated, inter- "'
ve are nt f getting the occasion Overstirring which makes tm- signed and exectd.and ery ll Alt ether "Let Yourself Go" was

ar t oretn t t=, irniuildnterloo i motehre vIsbet Yj ourtantl and Go"g wash iete ma aet er ihl. ;|
vhen. bein law abiding c tlzen. eels. peaks and knobs onto-- lighted. Angels Lung the solo amateur entertainment l
vp were badIv upset at being or- a soggy texture, and too h Or daer, wmas a very popular per- of olour, music and comedy at fl, i '. ar
~areessy ws clvery d- cvlour. weusican cmenter-,~
ered out of the water at one to low temperatures which cause former, and songs by Len GilPmore tractively staged. We hope it won't ,
minutee past six and informed that t coarseness in crumb and Taff Jenkn werg ps1o 0wd- "let themselves go"w ain-Dedo,
individual numbers.
r-r-i-M aurT- S LBaesy Baker ad Harold Klee '_ and dak_
at the piano were clever, and Jean -to
Steele, who isan etablisedfv. .1 hey G ot Tis to
ourite, sang two songs and showedH o w o t are arhi for osf
thtshe has galfied in confidence 8rafrse
since her last appearance. variety of bhlsi,
IF U ilN lT UI I E thitbeesigig fh",- girls, (i .o,.no.-TheirName lift (anrbe lowe
FURNIofEthemBshpHs H h e r" breastimUl
Old Girls, Clubs) was charmning By JEAN NEWTON ,1 and slitpackets
but for a showoff this kind,
fI Acry~would have been more suitable if This is how the Mtrahall Islands w'. l atularAt
or TER M S male voices had added depth and gt their name. "e '" show up Ink stab
haftony They consist of a series of 3 Ca"tastrophe. It is
Though this Item was one of the atolls, divided into two rows of 15 to lighten a dark
best. the girls lacked confidence, and 18. running parallel With each or bright colound
86 FREDERICK STREET and their acting ability wu not up other in the vastness that Is the a fabric ,ih a
to the standard of their singing. Central Pacific, rising but little a brignt ,'olour a n.
All the chorus members needed above the high-watar mark. ground alwaysloc olir
much more rehearsing, but much Their vegetation is poor; there Twocoitour outfw t :
has to be overlooked when the dif- are however, coconut palms, bread tractive. If welm c
........................_____ ficulties of distance and trairiport ,fruit trees, bananas and yrn~s; also tehly and thatrit wi
for practices are remembered. taro and pandanus, which areel h.
The dress parade, in which someP olynesian and Malay names of WATCH TH rSTYLI'I
very attractive gown-s were m- -plants parts of which the natives An office worker
*delled by some equally attractive Paieatat. I tebet Anlooffimgemwo ingr
rizris. was a new Idea for anPlt r-sith bet aotftmeIQW
R.N.A.s. revue and made a spec- There are hardly any animals on choice fer this attractive jump- style which gives
plj tscuuarRfinale, the Marshalls; poultry is scarce,.er'droess which would l'i very the hips, so ta
We could have seen more of the crustacoe and fiah abound. smart for office 111 10 ade u undue strain on do
two comedians. Pedder and Roes. DBfore Pearl Harbour, the natives in twe or three elud e see that yoursit
but their Imitation of the Western used to make mats from the bar somec a. or In esetrasu R when you sm t
Brothers was considerd by many to of a tree: these were exported, to- eeloms, to have a pocket
be the best item of all. gather with copra, tortoiseshells. handkerchf.sad
mother-of-pearl and sharks- fins. manpower. has made the Intro' derhade'chfpuff or rean4i
andLU Bfins.Nduction of feminine held Inevitable. canbe puartfef o
'To Mershalls first came Into The women seem to be !iiin the ca necessary.
the geo-historlcal picture In 1529; bill pretty well too, on the whole. without euffrme
nothing was done about them for and some of them bring a Tewt hot ufe i
about two and a hall centuries; deal of charm. as well as efeliene, If you baa*e hs
BARBADOS subsequently they were explored, to the job, which always makes the blouse andskirt
-among others, by captains Gilbert wheels run better. office wear. a
rig TootIh Loo001 nd lferishall after the latter of DRESS PROBLEM theittleemtchOr
whomnthey became known, the street. Ocng
Germany annexed them in 1885 The majority of these women good, becauslel'sItIs
s.IlllCP & iIlC Eg eand held them until after the last workers are employed In offices change them ami
V mlii B loodU U World War' then the Allies made where uniforms are not provided pearance quits ofte
"" O the mistake of putting them under and, In addition to the difficulty of clothes.
as noe,, are ao viim sq pysaa Japanese mandate, keeping their hair. skin and hands If you do 05d
Or "tat Kany or 0hief y specks In the Pacific, the in good shape, they are often faced blouse and skirt
-E-OiaOmany of your teethad y s more a nd with a formidable dress problem. ever-populhr pi
Im M ale "4 IM" r Uttioe. Marshalarbeoigmean
elsieteethbforeyoou becoming If they wish to be smart and and have several
sUMbs smbeedlthetday,mmes more visible as important land- fresh all the tirde they must have to wear with It.
et aMtth and wipsnare Quickly marks in our naval strategy' they a clean dress, or blouse, and under- A dark vinafMq
THEWEST ItheMeth.TAmosa. mu" wro.l,..dofsan are slated for a fateful part In our wear every day, and If they do not blouse in a Ii
POPULAR SUPPER CLUBga hep ns a se grm progress toward Tokyo. wash their clothes themselves this same colour is
Temrreet a o ay om o mema that they must have ten or Light and dark
mnem raa maytods. r uro m rest twelve changes. Taking into eon- and dark green.-
be arranged baskagree sideration the alarming rate at burgundy. light
~~Temporary. memtbership may Our money-.;
~~ MeaOM sei which garments seem to get worn look particular
____,____________ Fe. --n.- _ s "' p Li e dout nowadays, some of them must bles, and can
Tr pia Liver _ _be hard put to it to maintain a will to make
__ __ __7__ __77.7__ __ __ __1 P hV

ak fO TrinidadI
inl maminm--"

so 0 & m I t Awustim. on Tnhurday evening.
vM NFuQ -AR1ti e #l*De. Which bod been atractively
Wif1 -W k W t atspl and Wigfts. The PoANw Bud, under

i 00 i B n U akOI Omd -towauic
m ,-h Ms a mt d W eMrs. a MT. F au kner
[]u -wni.. -.,-_ta Mr. S r.o 'Ftn,,,.
-- Ph. 6 JB... Or ft inwxSad Lade 0`20111y. Captain w
[]H ,,tand Mrr. s__ ,a MasrteiM, captain Boultbee. captain
0.U et LSLum O. a .N Phom O- da t Ma D. Litd-
U a. Wt hI" .B -Oa and Mrs. Buat.;,
l 5tsD4n OMnoer and Mrn. 0K Falkbb ne Mr. and
H -gtan Mr02. MOtWr-taMrt. a .-Can dt. and Man.
SOMaLi1n. Oam 311 dr. an4 Mrs. Pitcher, Major and
_. p j. V%_and Mr-s. .P. L. Derrimani,. and Maor
m. a. ". *.L

Ul t.PCY he Acting Governor, attended by Asst. Supt.
ADO C. Vas present at an At Home given on Friday
mkim_ WoWhMip the Mayor of Port4-S-pain and Mrs. L O.
atht Mr aenee, "W ootairi." Maraval..
sem k inileg Rk Hammo the Chief Justice and Ms
ReB noB the Archbishop of the West IdeS, His Grace
of F ~t ef-t he HBoable the Actin OCt O laalSe-
anr d do$ Santos, the Hon'ble Sir Lennox and Lady O'Reilly,
[ Mayor and Mr.. Oomes the Consul for China and Mrs.
--,F -Mnch Consul ad Madame Gallat, Alderman A. de
AidivAn V. P. Vidale, Adrinan J. MX Thorne. councilor
1. A. Puladau Councillor Vivian Henry, Councillor George
S Coucillor aand Mrs. Quinttin O'Connor, Councillor Charles
the Director of umat m and Mr.M Patrick, r. N. Maclennan,
of Medical Services; Um Oatmniluo at police aad Mrs. Ers-
p. l the Town Clfo ad Mr. H. W. Parrell. Mr. C. Rt. Farrell,
ma e; MrB. Nwch Rnfly the Mimses Moma ald Lome
am M QlftAnninseftt.
Keith Modin M. M Gordon, Lt. Peter Acatca. Mr. T. E.
Princlp a Qum's Rosyal College; Mrs. Marcelle Fred-
n Mr. and M 0. 0. Hitch 1, Mr. Edwin Johsaon, Mr. Hugh
Mis. Ualft MshtIee, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Busby. Dr.
Francis, Mr. B. 0. Valentine, Cif CeMor; Mr. W. A. Webster,.
Sad Mrs. Pat 96145S. Dr. and Mrs. R. R esar. Mr. lits
S Mr 0. 'R y, Mr. L. Spenoe, Paymater Commoander
i Mtts. a Mr.. P. MacDon Canon and Mrs.
SNa, M D. hewbWry Mr Churchill Johnston, Mr.
[] r1e, Miss Mon Kin. Mn, Na ,yll* Hablam, Mr. and Mrs. L.
] Mr. A. Wooding, the Mtm Daphne ad Audrey
.Vi John JeffOra, Dr. and MM. Puler. Capt. 0. iqulerdo, the
and Mn. henry 00*e0 Mr. and Mrs. R F. Nathaniel, Mr. and
Ralph odM M. Ba DWeffenthaller, the Misses G. and D.
I IV Mr. mA MnM. VihLr ,iehdson. Mr. and Mnrs. P. Bruv-
Dr. Wilred ane, Optnal Payne,, Mr. and Mrs. Norman
li Mr. aad M.. de a m oaM. Mr. Gaston Johnlmston, KXC.: Mr.
RBH. Arer. Mr. ad M rs. Herman Bartholomew, Mr. and Mrs.
Soberta. Captala H. K. Downing, ReA. Father McGivern, OP.
.CLNCYW Sir Grattan Bushe, Governor of Barbados, and
oFarF.-m. Labour Cpmmlsioer, who had been in the United
IN m taro- 1amW. arrived in Tridad on Friday evening and were
..A'llt t3 of His zcellenc the Actin Governor at Govern-
MM oeuse. -W left for Barbados yesterday morning.
1,.. 0 S S
*%M0=S of the Trinidad Country Club who attended the Empire
R Da y dance will be given the opportunity aof having another gala
an KingIs Birthday Eve, Wednesday June 7. Arrangements are
made for a Special programme of music by one of the leading
I-baeds. Ceole dishes will be served and members arc asked to
aiu their reservations early.
:, Gymer cocktails, ice cream, sandwiches, etc., will be on sale all
10l today and tomorrow from 9.30 a.m.
S V EANCK Club, Mr. Hayden Boos, the Manager-Secretary,
Of til me, will be having an all-day rendezvous for its members on
9 da. June I (King Birthday).
,. ere will be aquatic sports, an amateur boxing contest, cabaret
eing at the pool, and an open-air barbecue, when two large pigs
. iUAYTrI In June" is the name of a fair and bazaar being staged
at the Prince's Building on June 3 In aid of a large school for
B s at Woodbrook.
kwicuded In the attractions will be music by the Orphanage Band
S.m .p. to 6 ,.m. and by the Police Band. from 8 p.m. to midnight.
m wffl alst be g ames or the youns and old and sweets, sweet
HIIam tea. etc, Hwill be on sale.
y* S C
JILB MAZURAS AU, talented young East Indian baritone, gives
his last recItal n Port-of -SpaIn on Wednesday, May 31, at
||'- 7Bpi A Mete before proceedingr to the United states, where he
to study and further develop his art.
k Al's fArt rectal, to which a few hundred persons were denied
1 ion because of an early "sold-out" house, proved conclusively
ht gamom an unusualv beautiful baritone voice and It 4is-
IV artistic feeling and a pleasing personality.
Mr. All should agsin win the support of the public in a capacity
'* fee for Wedneay night and I wish him good luck In his musical
hy which should earn him ultimate fame and distinction.
NORMAN MACLENNAN, the Director of Medical Services, was
B to a number of practitioners, nqrses and the members of the
ye Council at a cocktail party held at the Colonial Hospital
thursday. The 'function. was given to introduce Lieut.-Colonel
0C. W bam and menm of hi* sjff. who are taking part in
be lndhehere shortly.
.1. ORMOD, RiDDE will play some delightful IMth century
=ndeat the Concert by the R.TV. Music Sections on Thursday,
neludng "Larbetto" and "Allegro" from the concerto in C
WOnuto byA. W. L Gratry.
W be acc eando the piano by Mr. Fred Roche, who will
beat'Toctto'and ugue" as a solo,







$2.16 $2.50



YOUv a'rhiWS6i.m.flotCianB&@T-
mor, iwaef eis isf onr casmiu, e con.
see - llk MI~l 1teMM. M that
aclles ui --l-mh leok aMU smd diqy.
Papodems wk bimm "NovsW *t l...usw
cnvwu the mntua blhrfcmss of your smile'
i' maw bofNpasas
a- 1

Thi f... ... d .ime SM hi abs hl hm
IUMU Isp f- 15i lb sutr |im
rl ^.e .N11 Iw mbpegt, las yb d
If d W,5 5 (sMs sAd bobt.

ILE I PALAa-San Furmade
1MPJ'US TJedy, I and IM pi-
awy Ir ( a

w t nom" estou
T- b'a tpleba

n-_. L -- i i
^1llm AMMH UMI

00 ban wm WNW sSeP
WMM f -M & 6 1,
IMie. -n = p JIa bem a LnIb

P. LUXE Now Sbrv
TwI SoM a 44A *A

Electors Of St Vincent Give "No" Reply

In -Plebiscite On Genemul Elections

TONat.wfs" .-ur .= nft of 0 0 ,=tlt,& Mw"sW, the rFl-- -" m I.
reemtly held a AH tha aa aa a" i Lelee uad thporters. I& Mr. Albert
SatAANe ,W ,kt e .lbe .. : ,he ,t C._ncl
"t4 p)dfte w a b,- to _,_. N&.G.w ."of T-n"d.a, ad Mr. a.
Pau" on the e tral as y b Adams, M.CnPor. o Barbados.
rIonlyaf e eea the al Cmta'I Mr. Marryshow will hold hial
c WircMa am iam w sent out SW Tsy C0eies final meeting on Tuesday night.'
ovauseegntoe ~ ~ Sr OISG S. RWADA "veV poloing day.

am as onat re t the r"M S-| oW:M. lgrm r|n t Vt1ohv en
May 27-71weotion of the Rev.
Attorney.0 G B 1" Methodisti the r in L a
Te nave ret y of the l ect omiIter to he abolition of .Ial F.r ttfl L Wa r
Sat maly not be the sA" 4POMW contrult 0s o .l.ewas Carried at
at ao be the U te esterday'ST meeting of the Educa- bray OMrdlaM n .resmpeaeit
for at the exst =thg4 at the tioll Boardby-nine votes to s ST. GEORGEnS, GRENADA.,
LeGislativer orB Gn ArchVd.teaonSfvour of the scaltion
Le tiv On In JUm, th e Rev. 1 Mr.ot e ro ,. W. May r7. rina tha, the lesal'
on'be A. 0. Basll. deted mm- 'BOIen Donov n. Superintendent reason in o wither West Inrda,
ber for the Orendbees will ove: Awriculture ioonder). Mr. C.of in e wo t e *t-
St. B. Sylvester, Inspector OC5sie i ak adsm-
"That this Council do now re- Schools: Mr. H. H. P1lgrim, Mr. I1 to that reported to have been
quest Ills Exceenc the Gove nor A. R. L. Melcr. headteacher. St. adopted by the barristers in Trhi-
Imla .. m. .n..V oArcBher acting hedbmaster. iad no te sink the provision
to lsu t the proclamation for (a) j n., Awncan chool Mr. e ly of facilities for students
Dissolution of the islaUv O ada boy Secolnary School. who wish to qualify tor the Bar.
omuncl and l a general ec. Mr. A. 0. PayM. Mr. T. . the West Indian." in an editorial
cunci, "Ad (b) & ewer$al Smith and Dr. L. 8. Morgan. urges the formation ot a strong,
tUan to be held during the second Tose in favour ol the oontinua- fro t bv laymen.
week of August. 144." tion of dual control w" ( the Rev. The Weat Indies needs lnrc"as-
Ftr A. Bowringe. OP. the Vert. tn numbers of trained Mrsonnel
Government OsIGst Archdeacon H. Thorndike Shaw, In every field of endeavour, the
the Rev. Mother Columatan, Mrs. newpamer s lte.s, and deplores the
SuWnay Gu'n ne r restl Isabel Blarkmaunr. Mr. L. D. Sin- attitmd.. certain pororesslonal
KS3vQTOWN, ST. VNCENT, er W and the Hon'ble J. B. Rnt- nen who, once within the palI
May 24-Among the arrIvals by wi ck abhor the entrance oa other thai)
lane today wee Mr. K. w An amendment by the Rev. Fr. favourite- becamee of finance and
Bladburne a mi U Mee-owrinMe seconded by Mrs. class for the sake of the security
pp~_Blackman. was defeated also by1
tary to the Comptroller for Devel- t nine Vots to ix. e t

.along oing To Jamaiaa
ooment and Welfare, end Mrs. Mr. Sylvester wa the last
Blackburne who are the guests of r"eter and after the Rev. Mr.
His Excellency the Governor at ,w h exercised his rit.t of KINGSTON, St. Vincent, May 27
Government House. reciv. Mr. H J. Padore. Educe- -Tt IS officially announced tih. i
a rtione Ofcery and president of the l Honour Willamn Adrian Da:rl
On Week's Visit Board, wound up the debate Mr. Actina A(ninistrator of St. viln-i
Sunday Guaria. Crrespemdent Pa"more. however, did not vote cent, hes been selected for the post'
KINOGSTOWN. AT. VINCENT, I debate extended over six of Legal Draftsmaan, of Jamaica.
May 2'.-The Hnctble Garnet H.'ekr and the Board's rerm- _____
Gordon. barrister-at-law, editor |f mendation will now go to the
"The Voice of St. Lucia" and Executive Council and the I*&-

consider and make re'o1'eta-| ons o tvunv religious d eornig ~ l mi-.- A
member of the StLudcl5 l live ieCouncil. The conclusions _
Tfve aro Lmislative Councils. ar- wl l trhencbee twar two Otthe I G L O B E
r.veg e Clbor iane, on Thursday lo,o| ltal offlere with anv rep -e \- 5
or a week's visit as the guet ofpt r Mot eon t rliious u.- oe a
His Excellener v the Governo'- at tion y wsh to ake.
Gove.r,-ent House. Pl I
Salaries Probe Syn .thy For Na--i
da uadia _la rhet S erdlave Guihas r tn t Fe re" 'nd'ern
Sunday Guardian Cgeresommlt. ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA,
KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT, May May 27 Members of the Educa- E9
27.-His Excellency the Governor tion Board yesterIday expressed J . rUs
has appointed a committee "tU sympathy with the Sisters of St.
consider and make recommenda- Joseph of Clunv In Trinidad over
Lions in regard to the staffing of the nre in which part of the Con- BP M h
Government departments and sal- vent inremisesca in Poart-oft-Spain, -
aries of civil servants generally." w.adestro.ed and four nuns lost
The committee is headed by Mr. I, was recalled that two of the ^ A
K. W.r Blackburne. adminlst- victims. Mother Alovsius nd Ar lI l"
tive secretary to the Comptroller Mother Veronica, taught f"- -ome
for Development and Welfare. and tine In Grenada.
the other members are the Hn'ble
G. H. F lth, Colonial TreasureroNo. Oposition
the Hon'ble C K Robinson.N.spiaao
Agricultural Superintendent. the Sunday Gwndtf oatharehapdoi..t.
Honble A. G. Hazell, nt lte ST. GEORGE'S. GRENADA, l
G. A. McIntosh and Mr. B. Maay 27- Mr. JohniFlcmtng, forei 6 ]H, -
Hhes representing the e o the aie
Civil......... r A ln o tll lllllllRfllleglla
Cl rvice Association, with Council,1ws1 Treturned4.opposed
Mr. Gordon Muisne, Government for the constituency of St. John's-
Scretary as secret. St. Mark's on Thursday in nom-
inations in the general election ofs
SeIN terms' Parley meOnbers of the P LtEglatie Coun.
Sunday Guardian Correspondent. To Mr. Plemiing who was endorsed TIE I t
BRIDGETOWN, BARBADAS, bv the West Indian National Party M11
May 27.-Resolutlons for the hold- iGrenada) belongs the honour o. H r BESAME MUCH
ing of a British West Indian Scout being the only candidate to meet I
leadeus' conference and for the .4th no opwniUOMn Mr. 0. H. SHOO, SHOO
holding after the war of an in. Lucas, ^the re>turnine oalk ternatlonal West Indies Scout gratulated Mr. Fleming on the ex- I'LL WALK A
jamboree were psed on Ipir Dreesion of confidence of the* MAD ABOUT
Day at a conference of Scout loid- acclamaton. h is t by M ADL AE T BY
ersheld at the Y.I.C. A. on Thurs- acclamation. cnte, 0 ILL GET* BY
eray hedaPh MA nTus Ourteeu, candidates will contest -
day. the remaining six seats.
Mr. Hoard Hayden. Director Of On Monday night., Mr. W.E GtE S
Education, spoke on scouteraftand Julien, president of the branch of T Sn LOBE-.S
Mr. T. 0. Phillips. Assistant Wel-I the West Indian National Part I TODAY, I and a33Iai Rails
fotre 011cer. on social welfare and AM Party candidate in St George-'..
scoutcraft. Cfldj
willrft ?1 replv to the! broa~dsie de- Tomorrow. 5ad21 .RAZY 1111
livered by the Hon'ble T. A. nro.5an j-R;
v~v~v~rr^-rL~.^^r^^ -*-- *- ^hiiillllllAiMiNtmU iIIUIUHIUI~lHIIimIlJtlt
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MONARCH ;. -----"me---
T2 Y., 4,* & 9S.35 0 p .-.-- IIh--h--
Togotber San IW
Mon. -w..-Wboo n rt.-. TODAY, iat
MmU A Twa., 4A6* jpa.- m
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W-. linMH W-k a=4 AM ym* a"?
OW TOMOOW mt 3 Am" I
wo---------- a t l n m Ifnk-


take care of the family-y I
would realize that buines s gifrt
are not the only ues who *me-
times get Headache and Tired
Aching Muscles, We hom *gir sa
eften work )uwt as hard an4t have
juAt as may Headaches. just m
many Stomach Upsets nd g t
just as Tired.
About a year ao, I Irst us
I findl tkat it eases my Aching
Head, takes the kinks out of Tired
Aching Muaclesa and brings relie
when I have Acid Indigestion.
The family sAs- I am a m t
easier to live with since I hav
known about Alka-Seltzer.
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If not, whydnn'tyou va eta packac r
today? Sparklingr, pimnt-t.asting
Alka-Seltcr comw s in two aixes.
........... . .. ...... " ..I.-

iv Whim
,ii g i, .. i
-P #<&

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N- o t r&W ^
a id Nsmee9 an pwt Vi'wB *y Owim

snsd~d Comments AUj M. F. Farquhksr

'S ao"i truthfully sin myeUa
or i ai wiln be inferred at I am
H a coompremise between both. This
1Hhaeout ne aatf-terrt s but I an naturaUy
oE a to 6in UM _th e 6Mt-
SB ardi8t I blended with the eold
aum of aoheerag operleace. Be Mai omy faith,
iS it fi, St, I wodcray. ad this tteurn
=ted In DoprOM lie t nd at04cen unto death with-

'I u "ti uv ai.o witolent M do sln, I retain in-m .
Wrnt abouWt my inms trictures on the pathetit
of ou Meal political Ced llug~.
s which" o taUe other hand, warns that a
Sisn the Prew at a forum must not rely
~he tr altlSoni Immunity of the pulpil, but must
Moa back chat. But most preachersm condemn"
f wel-mannered stocism but Ill-concealed
nofthe average congregation would welcome
Me rttain livelnte a which "Nationalist" predicts for
in point of fact,r I would take am Itmiss if the
OI the impression that t colunui had come to be
h meilum for intolerant dogm tic assertion. In-.
Md. I use It only in the hope thot a certul point
view, which, because Inarticulate, had too often
m by default, might be expressed and a few
#te might be flown to be shot at.
Oncemore NittonaUst" misinterprets my eon-
I f he thinks it to p re-occupled with Mr. Marry-
Sand not the W./.N. Party. On the contrary
ind is tin no way burdened with the possible
ibat of Mr. Marryahow, nor indeed am I carried
**y by either sentimentt or hero-worship."
Defeat tor Mr. Marryshow might be unfortu-
ite *but aS "Natlonalist" rightly afflmn, not necoa-
rl{aal, whereas as I shall seek to prove, the
ft for the W.I.R1. Party would Involve damage
t the first magnitude.
Whie It Is also true "that the politlci history
Trinidad in the last seven years has ahewn how
Mtrous hero worahip can be," It is no less true

at in the West Indies it is the
crehpping at the shrine of popul
ketal, is usually acclaimed as lea
Chest statesman for whom attitui
otted by the best interests of the
A demagogue, with his own

Shined The
STo understand the Jullen-Mrirr
Oremnada, it is necessary, firs,
true facts concerning the "W.
tation Into that island. To begin
eal postles who carried the
made Jthe unforturhte error
itin their perspective the Inipo
Iitical neophytes whose zeal,
Utwelghe their discretion.
it was this group that the apo
ahe s the most promising znatri
Ispanaon in Grenada; they proc
Oun d the political upstarts, the
IsF, those who castigate the matu
cause of infirmities, but for the i
Thus it is that instead of
W.I.N.'a" role in Grenada should
influence seeking to Integrate, to
Solidify long-standming political gri
ttlona, the party was permitted tc
biny of invasion seeking to alter
ltions to suit its own irrespoinstb
rice. Indeed, the nomination of
igrryshow has blitted whatever
a Grenada ever held of bringiS
tUons Into Its fold.
In Gouvave, where the Gienada
ttlon, launched in 1929 by Capt. C
ting the tort for years under
adership of the indefatigable
the Party has been vigorously eC
irrogance and indiscretion.
It is clear case of the ethi
It seekinB to control th detiat
W Isa It that with opportunity
elsie beckoning boitterously
Juhllen Into St. George's? Ye
o Ingle act of defection by N
The truth is that Marryshow
any other man In the West
Ships convictions through ihirk

uropean Ba,
From Inside Europe comes
ow political tune. It Ia no tend
Vy an exiled oflIc ml ho I)a5.:iit
y'a flgtit from a comfortable gr'v
Ctlro, London or elepwheire. Wh\
Utent's liberation, they get h-t-
aheir place taken by better fig
SIt is all t, the ad\rantage
*ase that Ail, \a"r i(adetrs ha
t "\r *,,rising ,ne. Observing
play, ....' hae extended recogniti
r ao who were unknown yeati
ieed ,. ).orrows de.:il.. Otn til
tking iitltltary operations, it h
lemot.'atic act to put them into I
e political picture.
That is what ha.s happened
ugosiavla who.e government-in-e
ka been a merely nominal affair.
ter proved over a sbinet soa
ad lost contact with the homeland
Great chance that hie handsome
lever have more than nominal st
otple's return to their once I
etmed to be barred by the mon&
It Is by no means sure wh
test move will secure a stable fut
separation from his out-of-date g
iver. opens at least the door to
rces who, Inside his country, h
hew leadership, under new Ideals.
ick to where they left off before
ugoslavia was anything else but
eir leader, Marshal TIto, has
pretty clear in stating over agair
a people to decide whether Iey
r a monarchy or in a republic.
Will King Peter accede
to? Britain's resolute support
his efficiently fighting men, isa
is willing to apply the rules
ae with no regard to name or
King Peter might accept th
ve In to Britain's pressure ii

and mos M -W atMW
iafelas an* VWMb M ftf m O i M~ M Ad.
*W* or poimturs, savtol e the. Wn "M I*N-
Me ahstyu -es seve move* Is .dvsmee of sh
av~en peMu sa be "oady to "Not .-uA 4
oblioquy a te prie of beast sinoe-MlndMiN .
AgAin, u the ueMO 8 0010U016%JiN U SOW
eONtUVO work a the eonfwmOe table, whebe both
dm aoirn d steteay an wholly diMailans fro
the a ch atteel ate whh"C arvet
-teyiKMajorities at U" 11 US&nn
At t m omt, in the West lnaes, the to e 0 at
annot understand this and interpret auUoius re-
serve a- ba. betrayal. It hbMd never ecurred to e
that the W.I.N. PrWty would ever seek to cash
Ia" on thl uaort ofs anot.a,
Lt It also be borne In mind, that If the party
IS ever to be truly and repruentAtively West Indft.
it must disarm a great deal of honest susplcn
which now precludes a nore general memberlhp.
To counter this one would have tboufbt that
the Executive would have addressed ltM to the
task in the various Colonies of buldin up the
nucleus of the party around men standing for the
same principles and ideals, who having already borne
the burden And heat of the day, had by sheer ~orce
of character and personality attracted the confidence
of those sections who would ordinarily and quite
natumrlly be apprehensive about any natilonaltaUic
But by shootiUng at these same people who have
laboured to build the very platform on which the
W.I.N, Party now stands, suspicion and distrust
will become rampant.
But It may well be that the W.I.N. Party.
ignoring the spirit of conciliation and peaceful per-
severr;nce will have no truck with either compro-
mise or negotiations. Instead it may prefer to bluster
and bludgeon its way past all opposition, relying
solely on the strong arm of Its self-lmposed mission.
Tn which cae.. i. t 'r, raily a fewd isclArd4ant

^T^PpAm'so itM PB^
%-mmm gomw-vywWra

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last... W

Um- Ia"ei .dftlprhthfl, kU" B -i Parker Qu Sol
W.a 0 AM*Abrand-new kind ofwriingluid-Paheri .
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APIS113NKE%, Uu0w ,j a..a- "ew 9and9 doggin...prevePtscrm
I N WE, TIRED FEET 06"ft a. ut Give your fam pen the wartime
W s "" o 'r esi "ectio deserves-u. and fill it wih bri
*flip 9 d-iB A ^-iP i salsawtonaoft gd (a tmooth-writingParkerQuMA
portent slawdI e) oht ever-
s come these troubles In a few hours
I andKW quly et oreg radhe"I
R a. matte' t ow you hav ot- PaA I-k _-
Ae ars youIger or monellyh -k.In U
m~EATimsipTIC LEI mm t'tt yI
I__ ___ _I ___ __ ___ i fMraa 'om your chemist- The -

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,..ATHLETE'S F001 "="'`*L

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lar and emotional reactionaries and rab'd malcontents, but the aver- I I Itchy, burning feet-particularly be your full adu ni
ider. and not the age West Indian is not so pollticlly immature as to U Tfl tween the toes-is often the firAnt sip oi mum daily require -[N _
de and policy are exchange lightly the little finger of Crown Colony Athlete's Foot. Many suffer acute disi ments. Lookfor -
country he seeks Government for the bulging thigh of a local des- eDon't suffer sleepless nights with comfort, even loss of sleep, withoutl the big 1 on 'Se^ /
potiam, however well furnished with West 'indlan athmal Here is sure relief: :I knowing that athlete's Foot is the cum the yellow
personal survival dictators, simply inhale thefuneaof Kellog's if their distress. box.
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^urtain By Ubiquitous AFRA OF
Though you weachronicnasthnm a tillete aFoot is usua,.lly an ~ I' <fxE ~tn.
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&. --eA fos~ptq~b~trkl~~slhod because f the palinkSnd distaste15
I.N." Party's in- tament patriarch. He has cared so much for Remedy from your dealer today ,h6tearid Ay. tjllIse st stalla There Is a ur @ remedy tosa
gin with the po- Grenada and the West Indles-s little, compale- t. yourfirtstepon the road to he dtogetof, u.leoiyoesafteritprped.y. toAi .LO .....GOL .. ....
message to Gren- lively, for his own personal wants and necessiltles. better health and comfort. ---- -r. .f -so-s-- e cteatueo and y mlesS reo medy toC
ois aeemis he sew sc etl treatment for AM indisestie Stuhla _dyspepsla and all
of exaggerating The passport that carried Booth to lasting atnme NOr1HROP & Y M CO. LIMITA W 's o1t. It is a coldag, s now-like ra digestive troubles. Teitr practical exper-
rtance of certain was signed with Lincoln's blood; and one Pontius oOWOuCo ANA DoA Inahandytube Itom m pros.that ALOCOL Is far superolt
character istictlly, Pilate, a Roman miailstrate, by sheer accident of as- PAY o not .... -2 -: to .. a tnd o f romabismuth. magrivels
o f A w e s a1t eto lA A s ad I W c om m o n r e m e d i e, m w h i c h m e )
isolation, is walking majesticlly through the cen- Dea dhi under wh Adlees iP ive momentary relief but only asravat,
ostles of "W.I.N." turi'e. It is the harsh logic of human affairs. Per.- ungus wthrives-doest"sep se.e h thcondition Is the long rug.
ix for the party's hapa and who can tell? Julien is con- quily P-etM- *( ALOwUL aiutraeain 0o1h e "co-
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babes and stick- Ing his name bracketed with Marryshow's, Who Ifag adI b s ga i etpiess 1 f thai ll ive ac idnee.ssry for the natural proeme
tre politivc-n, not knows? I have encountered some strange obses- of di. I. a diestion sa d gadSually re-oatal lae,
mere accretion of sionsin my time. ,-' oneofthemasnyulamfen fie normal gastric evretlon.
Mucreccretonwofolitiiamyhfletes Foot fungus, do act hellate, Take two tablets before and atetr mesl
Must every new political growth in the West J ase today andwseefor yorsel how quickly and you will be secure from all dtgestive
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Perfect and to is this that cannot Integrate with itself existing ele- --rom l rf diet rom th.cL U /-
sups and assoct- ments of experience, and will not recognize the in- S oot lAR UGaE S 2/ Aagsnts:
Become a small exorable purpose of a continuing tradition? BOrD a HU[C'lINON, LTD.
prevailing con- Must we forever go forward bv acts of senseless Stm_______.A&Aamar_____nell" "U wT Ma rtf amo poofapin. Trmnda
lc whim and ca- vandalism? Must each incoming giant-or pigmy- .0.
iewhi nd nca- walk a path strewn with the corpse of his lllustriouas T
Julien to oppose and tried predecessors? ULD NOT KEEP
hopes tle party FPar be It from me to suggest that we ought to Is the W ATER SAFE? C U OT E
existing organ:- set up political Idols, and then remain forever after- FOOD DOWN
wards bowed In abject adoration at their feet. I
Workers' AsAoci- know better. It Is well that we should always beDRUGS PROVED USELES
;iprinli, has been resilient and receptive, since the alternative to this FOR HIS INDIGESTION
the experienced ran only be to be hirarchical ind fatally doctrinaire. e w For eight years i.-w this man
"Chirlie" Grant,. When the shrine is being assailed, however, because has enjoyed perfect health, yet -t
condemned for Us It does not conform to the political fantasies ofmere one. time he had become a physical
neophytes, then It Is time we had a wreck through indigestion. Read
os of the kinder- crusadefor the purpose of steadying the trembling how thistremarkable change was
Anica of the high- equi oise. brought &Ljut:-
STo emphasis mere "party loyalty and disclpline" "Ten years ago, I was a p1 alcal
t.lea in other con- in a Icse of this sort, is to flirt fatally with a aeduc- wreck with gastric indigestion.
IF they chose to tive mirage. Is the mere shadow and pretence of I t gatrigest i
After taking treatment which In-
et, they can point proper procedure of rule and regulations. of empty eluded numerous drugs wrt out ob-
Marryshow. ritual and formality, of brittle academic niceties, to training relief, I got into a hord-less
w, perhaps more be esteemed even above the succulent andstate It was so bad I could not
Tnd:e., ha. trxd strengthening fare of broad and fundamental cate- keep food down. Finally I tried
and thin, trating Rorlir and principles'
nsKruschen Salts, and for eight years
now I have enjoyed a state of pt -
u-s. ~feet health. I am supervisor in a
kdro fBy Eric Burgerworld-famous motor works and,
X. though I am 65, I pass for 50."--
E. T.
the sound of a Ippuilar ministers. He would have to take a risk Kruschen Is a combination of six
dcr love song for and BI a han, with the chance being by far greater salts each of which has an tion
than the r11k. of ita own. The first effect of these
el in hi couun- If confirmed bv popular vote. the sympathetic alts 1 to promote the flow of
vetitnmeit chair in young king would give to the constitutional saliva and so awaken the appetite
en after the con- monarchy a basis as sound as she never had before Thenextaction occurs in the atom-
hp will in Yuglavia's history. What a chance, indeed. ach, where the digestive juices are
e, rthv will find Make sure of safe water-by following encouraged to pour out and act c.
htes nd better HAVE YOU DISCOVERED the lead of the highest authorities in rectly upon the food. In addition
With tenor Franco as band leader, another Britain who recommend "Milton" the action of Kr-schen on the liver,
of the democratic and very different political tune is on the air over by name. Stir a teaspoonful of kidneys andt bowels ensures the re-
ve not overheard Europe. The oppo tunlstic Caudillo is conducting "Milton" into a gallon of water and lla elito n of all waste mat-
tha rules of lair something like a love song for the Allies but It isn, W WW W Ww gallon ter from the system-advt.
on to those popt- a very had instrumentation and the tune is not all germs are instantly killed. The
erday and are the catchy at all for democratic ears. *f B3mis solution is harmless, and, after standing ^ ^f ,
Ie .ve o' hiaticry- If the Spanish dictator has any common sense "I IN for a fcw minutes, tasteless and odour-
iaa been a truly left, he can have no illusions about the fate that i L les. Sodim hypchlorite-of which
the foreground of awaits him after his godfather Hitler's power Chesis "ltl on imhyPesaleete-of wich
broken on the continent. Even Winston Churchill's "Milton" is the stable electrolytic
in the case of praise of the services rendered by Spain to the caull"brand-is the finest first-aid.
ile. since long, of the United Nations, an be no eyewash for the T thrill of sparkling teeth
wl.s wedUlna loesme Fascist survivor o Spanish tongue. TeT heuet....
pod of mIe who rwho adthe Prime wa paid In bienpeetoSe aidli
nd and theme was $pain (not to France), wasnto a much large r Mnt yOUrs with KOLYNOS! Fn
Queen, Wo _r exten yourig with KOLYNOS1 IFor Hn
Queen. too, would a testimony for the brilliancy of Britain's diplomatic TH EHIYPOCHLORITE
atu,, 'rhe youngg actIon in dealing with the Spanish problem in the Kolynos acts three ways at ANTISEPTIC
arch's reactionary pastA problem, It was at a time when Franco's beauti. Read the instruciom round the bethe..--
bether the Kia's armed intervention at Hitler's side might have de- fies...itrefreshes... leaving You will find plenty f other gooe e
lure to his throne. cided the war. To keep him out of the conflict,
government, how- isolated ritaln had to treat him ently. 8he did your teeth more lustrous
* those popular even better, treating him smartly.
rave grown under Hitler had given him suns to win his civil than ever.
They will not Ko war but could not give him butter to feed his star s"-
e the war when Ing, poverty-stricken people. Britain, at a certain
i a democracy. period of the war, had hardly enough guns to de '
made the position fend the English Isles but *eb had butter for the
a that it in tip to Spanish people,
V want to live un- Yet, diplomacy is one thing and democracy y __N___________
is another. Never will the free world forget that
to this new con- Senor Franco has been a Quisling before the Quin.
t of Marshal Tito lingn, a violent artisan of the now crumbl ng
a strong hint that totalitarian principles. His voluntary or involun- .
of the democratic tary usefulness to the cause of the United Nations
rank,. does not change that fact. USM IT WITH CON1FiiDENCI
o challenge as he Democracy is too serious aa affair to be eo-
I ousting his utin- trusted to Fascists or ex-Fascists.__________

Blinded in the service of the
Empitrt, number of me Sad
women to-day we heed with a
stern, relendees and life.-lo
tnggle. To take their place once
apain su usefl ssembern of the
community, they must lesrna f
be blind. e St. D tuat's, wits
ywr help, i rin thb the
trainig ed the Opportunities
they eed. All men and womas
from Home, Dominion, India
and Colonial Forces, blinded
on war service, are eligible far
St. Dunsan's help.
AO dnformwatl ltMn
L#e. CColoe" $tr len rrse
C.JJS. M, t. 5 utm'
gent's Park, London. n W..
or ftem
Mr.ait" W>Mm.
Treildod St. DiWSMl'SAROMfadS
jar tho 5NnA a Seesiwap. Piew*

1I 911


21-passener Douglau DC
luxury ships, now serve Cur
daily. Connections from Port
Spain via La Guaira, Veneus
Residents of Trinidad having I
iness in the Netherlands V
Indies may seeure full detail
fares and frequent schedules f
our local offices

5 Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain

\rv~~j--- -W -------fuvtvvrr ^ Ou ^^O

is an art I

g cool in t


It is knowing how to use


The Freshness of a Breeze in a Bottle. '"

There are many uses of LIMACOL which you t
discover for yourself, for instance: ,

Sunburn.' Insect Stings and Bites. ShaUl'P ,
S Hair Lotion. 0 Massage for Tired Limbs. 0 Tired
Feet and Tired Faces too. 0 Washing the salt out
of your hair after a sea-bath. 0 The morning-a0
priest the-night-before feeling. 0 Mouth Wash. 0 A01W1
.Meuhlat .... "e. shaving Lotion.
MIXa .... -.. Ie


The fVhumes of a Baeze in a
so& sum= N, M* M i&-4 N





fiir'i W iwnK^Ji. r


mmmwoo-r-. -- A. 1- -- &-. -

NmUNrAY N mP RI w m.






Ipri~oa*c Off loftse
A I-ft I a O O r madam W
I--- -- p IB Ca.IIM ArmTm mmft wa m.a

No=%" bf-WA@U &ew tohsem mamb
!' 4 ThuWS 404hp Im tVh mu.,

w l- rl be able toh4 tv thee r .
Ra uh In the Int. rest in tharto
p. Re s ,a. that time donot on any ac0o01
1mve the ne ohfaurba 1f
School village or town. Do not lot the
^^i1-1''--man entice you an to the romd. ?t
IL*4" A. is there tha~t the greatest diaft
nfW~arIla. They will asalways useyo
mik te for their mm be a=
i P" FROM PAO& 1. p ,U b1 ereg n WV-
t. .j Ae L. Mal. whaee belcw ground level.
5. ,", "T N. e cllar Is the safest place In
t.-CA.B D.apma the house, but there should be two
Bt. R.hapman, L. eiaadn
,g H. carkt. K. A ts and no danger of flooding.
soe,. R. R. r)if- you hear shoot" get into your
aS5t, S :. C. Pits and do not look out o the
. itwla, Jt. 3. WindPow.
Geemwelve, K. K. Haib P
L Ea0tOTa,. A- A.hstin, "A deep narrow trench lot more
I ;.. a .. Jus. a than one meter wide at the top can
SS. M BaM. S. A MeL- form shelter anywhere. It ma be
c., Na$iol. c. Nth covered to keep out rain. Quarries
ST. R. Peake. S. PerNId. or dugouts made In banks are
p JW. 1ucok, A C.
itiran, C. Smoro., A. C. sa;, especially i they are away tr
LValtilne, 0. C. Young. thC roads.
S5. A*A. monS, C. ' M: P.n 0. A. B Ammon, A. cauuxot take them. Large
f. UI. L COUWa. 1, Do W*us Mepecially 31 there m1 thick
nis-u. R.V .smi. P"underr.wth ae safe but do not
1. MartI. A. iSvr.. gO Ifar from your homes.

Mle. F. V. Peuam. Kt. vwereud.

*C X. Thumma. 0. K, ThoBMs, ^ B
3wit,.. A. Martin. "Arlte to have a store of food
I ARIA COLL" and water always ready. ill up
.. BIrrams Eal- everything with wter. Try to
. Whave. handy warm clothes or
I: cClunis, L. A. Dm. nketa, lamp "and knife, .lck
*s*Jo, DP.' Ramies. and shovel. Also remember as
.L Abdoi. R. I .- soon as the fighting passes the
B R A. Hoemi, H. I. LAll" armies will have nee for
n A. R. Mike, 8.
Narick t A Pe& yOL
ct peradsln, "YOl difflcultles are fully re-
A s amundarzperead. cognjSed but evsry help you can
A iMul f.' R. P '-, give will quicken the progress of
R. DICI'P Ca"ILEG thtj war. You must think there
.'I: AA, C. rew, A. will come on earth a moment or
, e t. M. Da.Um. Prt4clr day when everyone
ti. A. JaWt, W nights. everywhere, must seot, and after
W: C A l L~ C this It will all be over.
El: C A Aleeu, 1- c3*' "The Supreme Oommander will
,Lr.FI, l. .u r er wil e rgiv l
N IGH O SCHOOL, TOBAO I tell you what is expected of you.
B SL. r tS *i -l~Prticular orders will be given yau
Lf P crtid .. a. Pitt, x. trow-h your own leaders who will
V. Andrws. N B. oupid. know what part you have to play.
C. c W mer. L. N-. TeB orders .1 take fully Into
C ONTINUATION SCHOOL aeouat your circumstances and
r n os,0,4 v. corbie dwflties. Meanwhile patience.
M'KB M. TreM.Khn ca'ution nd discipline are needed
NN C olmnM ThmI 11ow.

.UiVP B A. B AUstit.
1" lake B I o. Joseph, C.
-a, O Feroanand, R. Pierre.
1: r P Bai'thwalle.
II. 1 F NIrholla.
U1 I' J N Biacknman, A. A
N.. A. Ree" C. D. Srnimmons
,A Irf I 3: 6 Alft.g.
WI n: C B.n. X. W. Scaly.
_Masui: P Cumnbrbateh, N. Liann.
8,i s. Sak. Bah, Y. Mohamminiad
N. R A,wern.
? n: W. Al, iT. Fliguetr. C.
Ml i. 8MunriJ,. A. St Hill.
ILt' .H SIro PsOM a
S N o Morris.
v.r v Oni. 0. Ltn.
40M .I iART A. 1. Oxtey (Latin,
I I: L Ince. IN Blnjamli, 1.
N lMg: D. AlleynO, L. laboolal.
KUn K. B*ginath, I sChariM.
C C. Marshall. A. Mlirhel, D.
X. Ip ilip. W. Permel, J. Whar-
A. Pascalt.
.: Ramides.
00: 0. H. Lefll.
D EllIot. P. Miller,. K.
C. Upwards.

A. A Nioo, a. Ramoutar.
LAi : A ", W. 0.
^E .^- *Setll-h. K. A.
S. T,. Germain, L. A. Jones.
TARlT: W. NaraIn f ol.g
I.), P. Laband Lt.l1. F.
Vt), M. Branford (Eng.).
iI 0. Chinnia.
B If R. 0. Lopez. 0. A. Nel-
N ol. K. A. fhtek.
S CONVENT retnof.MIn.
V. Attale, C. G i"toa. 3.
l l Rayeond. ,. juchards.
a. T'eockslugh.
,Arnold. M. IlMe .
Anideren, P. ErfIr ,y.
do Verteufll. G. doS 8an-
cMues, B. Rostant. M. Roum.
Xt B addaway Z. 3.
iBB~H' 8 I( irio$. T. Sad-
4 r,- 'D. -enntn,
I& B. Knight. W. Kmwnwalllna,
5iy YT. C. D'Ornellas, L.
s. --t, 'R. X. c. Lake.
1q: .n. "Adams. P. Nod-
Sa,, C. It. RChln, 0.o 1.
Ea Surhar, P. D. Gitttm,
B G. r. Vit Go*ldt. C. LI
E Mia6*d, A. D. Srle, D.
U.oTART; ES. A. aemll
IBB ": ". r-byslngh. F. c.
ra ,B-1. Oohklt, L. Harold, M.
1e.:m, W. miltl, 3. Stewart
f i "M. nubarry. MBnad Goehe-
4s5rW K. iba", it. K. Khan,
S NOS o, J. Smith. TABL
W-. A1pl ,0 5. J l *kha.

Eileen Gocheeklt, M. T. MithBell, E. a.
Mohammed. E. M RmaaIkart, 8. S.
Roopnarminc. U. S. West, H. Williams,
H D. WthnIal.
GRADE 1: B R. Chin. A. Chong-
Wing. M A. Delffenlthaler. M. Rft. Far
fan. J. M. E. Macaulay J. B. Meehu.
A B. L. Soodreen, P M. Wall.
GRADE II: H. M. Charles. R. C. LAl-
gee. E. 3. Marcelln. C, L. Thorne.
GRADE III: B. J. BRaklier. M
tlits, J. T Bernard. J. Claxtn, T.
Mingperoad. B. Jonas.
GRADE I M. I. Phillips.
'RADI 11: J. P. lovell, 0 V ,,b.
GRADE III: G0. Cricblow, U. Ktl-
min, 1. E. Henry.
GRADE I1 C. M. Moralejo.
GRA! 11: .0 P. Duval.
ORAD III: i. M. Carralsa. M.K
Lyder, D. R. Rodrigles.
GRADE II: V. Caesar, 0. Phillt., T.
Charls. 0., Holder.
GRADE iM: M. Allayna. L. Atwil.
M. urges C. Pox. U. John. L. Jons
T. St. Hil, R. Webb, P. Wllliait, V.
Buddhbu, .. Jordan, C. Martin, L. Me-
GRADE II: Y. HowelI.
GRADE III: M. Barker, B. Williams
GRADE II: E. Chapman, J. Lue Pow,
E. Pechtler.
GRADE III: A. Quashle.
GRADE II: I. Charles, E. Daniel, U.
Hlyland. K. Mayer-.
GRADE II1: V. Guy.
GRADE III: H. Chandleur.
GRADB III: B, I. Graham., J. G.
Keller, L. J. Puyarena, M. S. Vire.
GRADE II: A. Henry.
GRAD III: I. M. Carr, 1. G. Its-
tar, D. Goddard.
GRADE It: S. A. ArkleU. L. A. Nail.
0. H. Padmoro K. L. Mapp.
GRADE III: B. Berneard. 0.
Cliarles. U. C. Daw. U, V. OrIffilh. W
. Nursn.e T. Pcou, L. 0. Bel,,. M.
L,. Springer, V. R. Yip Young, B. 0.

GRADE II: G. T. Haynes.
GRADE III! B. E. Crawford,
Joeph, T. T. Worrell.

Wr.&S14=0046sr. Itba"m
mdhad aimit In Cama4a
wbW Iothers lor. Ralph
Ram"-ar Is In the meial
servnlee Ihem ba been ranted
ame ot the (t)enial Develop-
ment a4 Welfare Medical
boelaahlpft ftr 1IN4

Anzio Drive


Tenth Army
mobile artillery to heavy trucks
were destroyed in their dash to-
ward Artena from Giullanelo.
Velletri, with an American at-
tack approaching, is closely
wreathed in smoke today from
continual bombardment.
I Winfred Vaughan Thomas.
.B.C. reporter who is up on this
front. says that Velletri is likely
to wrove a tough spot. Enemy
resistance stiffened as the Allies
aprlached the last defence po-
sition, and it is now clear thai
the enemy is going to make some
sort of a stand. He says that
the tough Hermann Goering
Division has been brought back
from Flornce 1o butttre&s the
defences, and there Is bound to
be stiff fighting during the next
few d'tys. Allied trOOlvs a id ar-
mour re also steadily making
th'ir v'av forward to VaInon-
tone, another big strongpointt in
the German defences covering
Rome. and were lvet rtp,'c-tp
abou' two and a half miles from
the town 1
Alexander Asks Italians
To Impede Reinforcements
NAPLES, Mav 27 Rdter)t-
Italian patriots in German-
occupied territory betwpepi Florepr.e
and Rome, hav received an order
from General Alexander's Head-
auartert to do everything in their
Dower to impede the movements o
reinforcements for the fighting
fronts. The order was broadRast
tonleh in Iltahlia from thie Unilte'
Nations radio at Algiers. asking<
the uatrlot,, to suprlv details of
German troop movements, and
apDealed to them to intensify Ulel
actions asealnst the German nc
Fascists without coming too muck
into tl e open.
Admiral Sir John Cunnltgham
the Naval Commander-in-Chlief
Mediterranean, said today that the
Allied xhl*pinp losses in all th
Mediterranean supply olerntionis
during the first three months o
the year only averay.d about oni
ship in ever four hundred.



Gripsholm Arrives
Off Belfast
BELFAST, May 27 (Reuler) -
The Swedish liner Oriplshoim has
arrived off Belfast with Allied pri-
soners of war repatriated froin
Germany, Including some 900 Bri-
tish, Commonwealth and American
servicemen and 90 civilians.
A few of themen are landing at
Belfast and will be taken to a
military hospital, but the majority
will be transhipped to England.
The Canadians and Americans are
remaining in the Oripsholm for
their voyage across the Atlantic.

L. D.

GRADE III: N. ., hent, L. L. l1;le.
GRADE III: 0. T. Lopz.
GRADI III: L. T. Kellor, D. War-
GRAD SI: T. B. LouIs, X. Nurse.
4RADU III: X. P. Rumrua, I. 0.
GRADE III: M. A. Ward.
GRADE II: A. A. SprlrIni, C. Wllniam.
GRADE III: D. A. Pollard, V.
8UPPLEENTART: L. Palmer (Maths).

1nn Pewaturt
GRADP In: ., 3. Lakhss.

.* B.

Broken Chords


O Under the Potronoge of His Worship the Moyor,
L Mr. H. 0. B. Wooding


Tuesday, 30th May, 1944


vfw l m k am i of atso LH Ta.
- M--ta-i M f- U--
m niiin-- -- -- -- 111-^-LLuLj ~ u u~ixi~u i~jnu

Ajhie JAbV

Y^ To.
Virginia Hen
(jut with If

Oak IM


At the week's en' th. -'CGuardian1'
War Welfare Fund stood at
$1 .79S.82.
In the list Issued yesterday ack-
ncwledgmnent is made of three
armiounts omitted from previous ist
:;s well as a donation of $101 ,ol-
lected by the Jewish Association of
Trinidad from nimnbers of the
Jewish community.
Alrerat acknowledged ........... $17,640 S5
Les incorreitl totals,
Aipra ib and April 1 ............ 11 00
Corn leii total $1 3.'s
Thie fy.'llowlng anountl wil Wre
te.etlved last month but bale
noti vyet been acknowledged
Ciit)'ina Present & Pant niplI
Irirorin d lrbatlint club to 1o0
Loidge iovn N,. 5"BS .C. i90
Arcti a it-,al WIorkerl 10( 00
The following amounts eers
rerenitd ciutring lt Wee-k.
va,hro ioiternment Schlcol .75
l',pll of the Loomliic c-ien,*.a
C't re. ('hagbianas 00
Pe,..,,- of N.Q S C A. Per-
tn'.+K A IDeparlmlents .... 185.S
.li", htl A io'illon oL T'aild .... 101 00
Tia t o dale .. .............. 17, 3 2
,,;i<,ctedl bv the Tewish Anwvtnlltoa Of
Tfirtoi.'t itr (he J#,Aih <'*>mo unils;
$' I) Mr. Tam tl, Mr ii Sha',latrh
$300 Mr Rosenblatt, Lniorn Fashion.
B Irw,- Dr. Flteiln
S2 00 Mr S hichman. Mr .J P-
Uermran, Mr H, Brilke, Kernlraiut Bosa,
Mr II S'horr. Mr. M- MUindel, Atrani-
btrg Bro, JJom. Med'vijer, 3. Iresl ieh.
R. Of ner. K. diM tlk, H1. aIllibalH,
Jlarob Suehfer.
$1.00: lak Viaena, N. Worowit. ft.
Temipltr, B. DortBsn, I, PaieAtWIn,
.IJacob> hwairtt vs M W J, V.1 alt,
A. t0olidrtimidt, YteffW. V. 'Wagffhs1
Mme s uirher. It. aranek, M. Bio.rol
.ht 0 Mayer, S. Psflnglt, I, llegetl, J.
\Vale Philip iuwher, A. Dai,'l. M. Oar,
.J (nlhona r t, J Rielntiboc N. Noll, V,
T'rrkenl th, SchOnNittd. J. Mar. S.
i7tmirtielfkl. J Herfreld, F Ahendonrf.
M Y'tte. Tute. A. Pinelichem skl. Dr
's-senfeld, M. Greenberg. A. Zskrse kl,
I.. Kronberg. K N.. M. Ooitlenker, It
nohltenberg. 8I. Wtrdy. A. ValnteLin, B
i;heitman, PTlivir*, A. Iill.owlis, NNorna:n
itrti]berg. M, tlinapp. H. Faigenhai'rn.
J. Wager.
5 ve nt--Mr. W. Ralfer, ,. Itiilh, A.
{veeliian. C. Vogler.
While the last train to the clly
from San Fernando was between
Coulva and California on Saturday
nieht an East Indian manj fell out
and was killed. The man, who
has not yet been Identified, was
about 22 vearS of age, 8ft, 7ins.
tall aud was dressd in a cream
flannel pantf and a sky-blue shirt.



AT -

idat CDount'W


mdi Hi CMRo Ruaul Orchestra
r& Jarreue Fr om I to I t

Elysoes Dial 8362
aU-mil fre Ut 5 te vmM



I iu mm am @a n& pf

Governor Gets

New A.D.C.
Appointment of Mr. Norman
Harding Clarke, formerly a lieu-
tenant In the Royal Army Servitoe
Corps, as aide-de-camp to His Ex-
cellenny the Governor, was oMi-
cldlly amnnouncec yesterday. He
has #Aso been commissioned a otp-
tain in the Trin6id Local FPorces
which rank he will retain while
holding the office of A.D.C.
Appointed. an honorary 1ide-de-
camp t tlhe Governor, it was also
dtisclowdl, Is Lieut. Eric Olaisher.
Assistant Superlntendent of Pollew,
who las likewise been made a cap-
tain in the local forces under
conditions similar to Mr. Clarke's
New snderN-am
Cream Deodorant

Stops Perspiration
I ^/ -. I

I, Does not rot dreses or men'.
shirts. Does not m ritae skin
2. No waiting to dry. Ca be used
righl after shaving.
I. SAfely stops O piration for I
to 3 days. Ptrvents odour.
4. A pure, white, gretseles, stain-
less vausliing crean.
1. Awsirded Approval Seatl of an
International Institutt of Lain.
Stderang --harmless to fibin.. .Use
Affid regalstly.

S480mi r
r[ JIiUU *dl.

JapMse ?i~5c.3ihwub
Show Siga s Of Weakeui.

m Nml o N A ioin mtamUM that Ue AIm
have alrmmd memmum Jim' 6 lh ft 1mo ms to maa low
stat as to ladder lawbwhe 1bW r bls to g the peat oo-
v-t which eortaiov" 0 soft f1 e erit w- ar lsVe.
P Mr. Ponnelal, aseeitai fI. K--------~
a m.. V4M tay that e our a sm .re
h n been Ma s eSafo t hat wail m" W n e lO
Outer pac if defence" have O.--MULW U5 rloU l
Coaea down i o n hJ level ". "ae-
o(VI'sJA-e t Aschsote KtRegisteringFor
iVned ftoan use Paoemi theftucT V -
tlda atO n O w "n U .S. Fa m
decltem that the otsepptuce tetae- lj1 r 1 11S o
al.. p"h winter s t we' that t *
ntvy can eletratmte t at win". "m t o --
a matter of act." h e dd. wt w eala" uaroiat CsmsemWs.
Jpanee ale one. th e li woo W oX- b&ARAmom.
onta ser shoestring Ma .-Quickly followsn gtheto w
nThese result e amaztin wpe- tuhr bere of t HisExceency ISt
,cla~yii to e f *e japanese t rattan u 0he. Governor of r-
pratUons at the outset of the war dAog from a successful mission to
and the advantage Ohe gained Washwton tnegotiating the re-
the treachery at PIearl Harbao. cruitteent of Barbados labourerS
They have been weakened It for Unitd S states frMs,' regiotra-
three ways. One. by t Wo the st of tn of labourers began yesterday
th huge total ofb s OOt,0 tors of at Queen's Park and poll M t k-
Nipponese shipping, thereby crIp- tokisn. her sea oonuninicatilon; two, There were crowds at all centres
by such destruction to her var And Moe than 6,000 were regi-
,p.anes that the no longer can d t-erd on the n rt day.
fend lier remaining supplv Ships. Or Unlte States ORIMees are com-
outlying Island strongholds; three, i lnt for selection of men and
by 'amphi.ous oPmerattriao whic there will be further weehnof e
capture a ar sed base after base, and so bv medical and dental tets t it
carried us steadily nearer tn e worker Is n the e group 21 to S
Philippines and Japan itself. The Government has stressed
The latest demonstration or that recruitment of registered ap-
AneriW's growing power, F nd Dlant. Is enttrelv depend dent oc
Japan's weakening. is ahowl in cWT the Drovislon of shlDoing oppor-
h--x'V raids by bomber carriers; on tunitle tregardtne which no deftn-
ith? important Marcus island nd te o statement can be made but It
Wake Island only two Japanese war is hoed. however. that a irst
'planes have been seen and bah,h shipment in June rill be followed
were destroyed. by another in Julo .
___________'M There are further possbillties
later o' recruiment this vear and
next year dependert on the service
War W welfare FUna riven hr the recruited in as much
i t a higrh standard has been set
Nears $18,0o by workers front other Coonits.

Valuable Etate of Approx. l5 acres
on Santa Cruzr Roa with consider-
able stretch of ixain River bound-
ing property 4,000 full grapefruilt
trees, 3,000 Tonsca Dean Trees wri-
ous ages; 7,000 Lime Trees,. Orange
Trees; very valuable Timber, Gravel.
Property offers most attractive
building area possibilities near
city with grand sites and splen-
did river halting, Faces east
with fiat and sinping ground,
cool, with good views.
Property Is served by branch road
Avenue, Maravel. Most elegant re-
inforced concrete throughout) resl-
dence; 5 bedrooms, large living and
dining rooms, Jade grer-n bathroom
suite, other bathroom parquet floors.
All fittitng specially imported.
Over 50000 s f. PFreehold loind
Valued by leading building eontrac
(or in 1042 at $42,000.000
ment Ooncreta Building, No. 42,
Duke Street. Price-- -14,100.
Real Estite Broker.
?hone A123.

Because certain food are now scarce or more
expensive, there io danwer that our children
may not pt enough of the mis0i elIamb
they so gBatly ned.
You can help meet tWe lack by medag
re that your chlfm have dellcloua, nutdi-
tious C*M of What rgulaly. CreaM d1
Wheat Is reonied a bki food. (t it,
contains an abundance of *ouey an4 growth
buUding elements, A vnagtic5 Twi e daily
for chikiren: dona dSaiy tor dguUd

to ywen hwo SMIT IE

sawom I% aM sea"". e low.
LVIII StM Dmf & AV~ bl ap-
wig^^ ftiw M n ^^^^^^^B
-~~~I "ese nI" ~l-m
oE"12% Consatrue- Ih.ft Wgi-

IaSt"tll ^ end as
onlCk-M"e d Pfetmig og tias
~iu*l Marhina soAp Plagu TeNIS
WANt .
KIIUCKT AND NO. ...... .
c mT . .... .....-. .... ..,.-. .. W l l ...........-- O'
80. Para Stret. s ortaofK4

L .*YOs can spot it

every time



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o. a Us Ratwio % '.

Stan .re M ~uf

I N .. t 4 saim y at Sam ,n m kir lt ,


Ulkse Caui-AND Yg'U Jui O
brlIt-wrhnoul rur nut twno nt bmainitoae ho atoac You get COnaipotd ir
sytem e, i> to ed and you (eel sour, wink
and the wld kaoks punk,
A mere bowe-l movement doeent et t ith
e Iw..It ta L. th< femou<(aier's L,,te
Low Pills In gthe two punlsof(Ni0flom-
BS.An e dM1keTyou feel "up nduv.
lin'miea. genil, y Blow freely. 1 O.Ak f(! the naeCr,~ Wter' tl
L er Pill t on i, 118packav,. Ittum af
urags $Ika. Prict; 3


*kggitarSoccfr To N __

o AidC Ponceed NetbelflTo Aid m AN

fc rTo Aid ConentReiISConvent Relief C=X"
Match Today FundOnJune5 '
WSW" a o n trIuWt f i tarnnent. aband..e ,,c ., . .,-, .t ,
S, ` 1 10 1 p-a. bM. U t ear. t Wa Hi Excellency To e OO" a tI -
n U rOimay Sokma prsdeet of Um' Trinid AM&- Present Beaumont = = Nsta c LdW | Naut NUNNA SO-lI
Vi mWlrl M ianf gi-^ which met in annual 81015101 at &Me Clydes- as> '""'" M UL i am qUn Weass1 --
L_ u -a At. w n To Winn ,t oval on Monday. June .. au" Dol.
t .A.b rli nwht. The preentatlon netball game, oX DISRmuTORS.
i RookM. Who Was r-iected S a o n go when Orphanage -
Sf ha Aocaton. told n May 37- IURent" 21 16 in a thille. w -" W- --
*taiof @oclub ad of the Overss ContingenI t3ON 3 6=
,i pans we me 0 1 M tccnllency t, AcUnd Govtr welfare Fund. and realezed
!nt:9i~our Amateur' D o~n~a _
rway. and U il almost a -on-ble A. N. Wright, WM Pre- 8
ity that fas here wil we sT ent the B.P eaumont BCu to the At ta S a p ri e &-.
old friends. British Guana Boxi n handed Out to their respective Jr
Sarbadoa otot alog to of the annual No winners by His Excellency the
Trnidad In a goodwil st e. South engagement which tae Actng Governor top acheve- Choral d c
TTyilsd ina"na1-Sen a.i, whoral and Orcnestrar
tiedrigOtober. menta during the 1344 Northern NC Ra
reNalalf the triangular 106c ILIey OOOD f i ier Park Land les NetballLeagu 1101601 CON CERtT
9 m& RSol3 state at It aourd Monda. may 2 ad 2 m- EUeen Clunnateu iOrpnage. won- ,
S a. t n t to re. Trinidad will btrealed to the fs prie printed by Mr.. By TheI
Marti neth.. el feast of amateur fisticuffs In the Pbealf AllaU n do@ Santee for the t w
nTe e o, couple of weeks, t tournament& o The game pron e to be individual score. She scored 9 Royal Victor n statute,
-- .. being staged in North as well as keenly contestedo a one -a a yon l Ic t.
t at melMacholy t loom hung M m 1ouh. land promising Southern outfit wiu Sylvia Williams, Defiance, who MUSIC SECTIONS 1
qwer the meeting when Major The fireworks will sart a-going maike a bil 'd spgainst ra scored 152 goatls wu awarded their
&o a Iked the houwe t stand at the Prince's Building on Wed-I ul and star-studded North Aide. second prize presented by Mr. R.. Thursday, June Ist
with him n one _uttl silence nesday, May 81, when Lawrence This is South's i i tteUpt to Holder, and Vida Horaford, Mal- At 8.30 p.m.
mark of tribute for the tragic Assam. amateur lightweight cham- recapture the beautiful Beaumont yvern, with 91 goals, won the third
tM of lUte ocoalonmed by the re- pion. will defend his title against Cup which ..eIr opponents prize presented by H.. Strong, TICKETS (at Strong's)-
'Mt St. JosiphI' ConvenIt ire. George Pilgrim ri.ird hitting wrested from them since 1M. Ltd $1 ,0 72.s a nc p-
,ai pi 'ueni auu1 t IU0IG that Southpaw. in a six-roundex which South rento.ered their inrst Hen on Prize for able capiat.ncy. pre- $1." -- .
th I'..C.A. C.ouncu u1 dLCIQ- tops a nine-bout card the trophy in 1938 and since that sented by Mr Nelson B'tar~couri.,
S to Oeaote t e t ugtre PUceeoW On that same card. Ken Oriffith Utime they have made wome good was won by Mavis Parris, of Mal- -- --
ri taelr opGining macn luAr A4 p, rbados boxer here. will fight but futile efforts to regain its vern. Mt
season to tne otenit 1-unt d. Ae Hammy Linton. as the crowd is possession. Two prizes presented by Mi ARGAINS
amo poIter ous 0 na. al s)ear Banxlo to we these two light This year their chances. despite Jeffrey Stollmeyer and Mr. C -
Anu.r matcj le. ci: >.iu for hi.mvywelghts in action their opponents' I international and Comma, respectively, for outstand- 66 Picton Street. Possession! 58
Ut s~d t.ros untia. aniu le hac Full card will be as foUows-' intercAlcnial aces, are good. and inr individual performances were Malony Street, PosSession: 22a
high noaius at Law ugure woulao' siX ROUNDERS all southern enthuiaa.3 are look- won by Barbara Gonzalvys. of Harpe Place, Part Empty: 207
iUeM Y.a a long way. L Assam ,135 vs. Pilgrim ing .orvard to their youthful side Zenith. and Theresa Carringlon, of Paris Boulevard. $3,500: 132 Second
an@ Imeeing unanumoutsly re- 3, tuning the tables on their more Dunvlle. Stre:t, $1,00; 153 Old St. Joseph
Oscted the 193 omcer as aullosto. Kei orifth 1751 V, Hammnv exoerlence rivals Other prizes presented by well- Road. 1,600; St. Vincent, Frede.
MaGori ooks.tln c ommao-, .. n .ammy Jeffrey Stollmeyer will lead the wishers were also distributed, rick, Prince. Charlotte. George and
p. 0".rie sidyatr is vice-pre- ., 175. Norther ers. while luster Hen- After the priz -glving Him Queen Streets: Maraval, Possession
'U Ohllllkawad.ithe.c-pe
f .ent The 'h Mon'ble L L han- FOUR ROUNDERS derson will hold the reins for Grace the Archbishop of Port-of- guaranteed. Large "In
my, '2nd vicM.-prcident. Mr. E. L McKell, tl20)i v. George Al- South. Under Henderson's charge Spain moved a vote of thanks loans on mortgages.
.James nIs. crry-' ture, Iyne. -122). are a number of young and War Savings Certificates were
mr. H W Farrel ao Mr. M. A. R. O Bnrien (122 v. Coco Kid promising players who are. do- given In place of medals to play- NORMAN DAVID-FEVEC*.,
Olur.H audtorsa OIlkes 4122-. spite the advantage of not having ers of the winning team. while Real Estate Agent
The stetar report for the Louis Batradas 1431i v. J. Bi.ilh- big match experience, expected to each member of "The Rest" team _j St. vincent Street.
'lat seasMon showtd tLitt t T A. w.l.he. ill1>. give the Northerners a warm received a pair of playing shoes. __________
P.A. had expeiLrictd viy H Mascall i110i v S Lee Fung time War ou Han
healthy nnci year At the ( rlv0. The match begins at 1130 W Boar llouds et 8
and oftho the m.ea.i under re ,w Al Brittain l2. v. R. Barradas o'clock In th morning of each Bowler Gets 8 For 5 Very Lowa
Um aMta of the assoction s, t 125. day. V
11.400.76. Cah .dg to Ernest ,ur. (137) v ber The Ifis ae ni
e agsoc.:Itlon's credit at the Romney 11481.1 NORTH: J. Stollmeyer: 0 'in aroni C c THE tension In Europe will no
bank was &8.793.423. R Borde 160, v. M Hernandez Oomez. L. Pierre A Oanteaume unday Guardian Correspondent doubt soon burst. Let us prepare /
Tha meeting voled that the I<0O). |W. Per uson. M de souza. I. CHAGUANAS May 28.-Ptature therefore to rejoice together over
un of 1.000 be donated by the ST BENEDICT'S TOURNEY Aahlne. K. Trestrail. H. Bur-fna o the victory of the United Natio
T.A.P.A. Wto the Win the War NexI in order in South comes net, R Tang Chioon, N. Aag Car- of play mi the quarter final u the victory of the United Nations.uit-
ALMocaton, fo the South C1arlo0 the big Benedic s Colege show SO-TH: B Henderson. McD wuiers in the central division be- able for Gent's Evening Wear at
Aoiatln Wel the South c1, rlo th bg StBndc ;rlg hwal a.nd N sarars. C arn rce eget eie WIE LNN DIt:s
ban Welfare ind Fernando o Ike plSce on o, o o..n. aan.. iwen Carl v On and Dow Village $15.00 per 2 pee. suit or Dress Coat
nnncin soccer tours, the sum June 3. UI which Len Serrette, Durity. Nln. A.. 'n East Indlians was th. destructive only, $12.00.
of for purchasing War i.v- featherweight chnrimpton will bat- 0. Roach. S Samaro, E Con .. howlin' of P. Kowle,.qr, of Carry SEGE- Ver nice
inCertificates, the sum of 5 tastantine. S Sookhoor. D Al- On, wo returned the excellent KHAKI SE4GE:- Very nice
e C gertlncatoe; the Aum of e00 tie agatut Joseph R enhi-o leyne S Hvndman, E. Marsden ifur.i of eight wlckcte for ive quality suitable for Officers and
be given to Les Amantes These two b,,% fouRl-, prep,,m- and C. Supersad. ugre s of eigh wicket 5.00 and
De Jesus, the Corpus ,hristl Day ly in the city and Ranio dropped ad C P runs, inclLding the 'hat trick'. He other Dress Wear at $35,00 and *
Nursery, and the Coterie of Social a close points decision. bowled six overs and claimed a t.Ig $3000 per 2 pce. su.t;
Workers and the sum of $1,000 Following are the bouts apart share in his club's ten wicket vic- KHAKI DRILL:-- British Khaki 1
bonorarium to the secretary. from the college fights ol this /d tory, a day ahead of time. Indians Drill at $14.00 per 2 pce. su:t.
Mr. Sonny Brown, Shamrock card: W eek- en were skittled out for 21 runs.
Club representative, got the meet- In Serrette v. JphP RIrao. Scores--Dow Village East Indians
ing to ps a un.rnimous resolution Luis Barrac, v. "One Punch" Cric et and 31: P. Kowlessar 8for 5 and Fitz-Clarence Spencer
for () reduction of various en- Holder. k' 3 for 12; Ramlal 2 for 4 and J. B.
trancs fees to competitions to a Mannie Hfrnandez v. Charles The 1944 Narvo Invitation cricket Ram 2 for 5. TaU1r Major
Carry On 39 and 16 for no: 0 I14 Veirine Square, East,i
nominal amount; (2) all balls for Baptlistr. competition will conclude today Smith 7 not out, P .Bakh no: eout, ,
-matches played under the aegis of Len McKell v Andrew Thomas when cosmos resume their second K B Ramnot ;J AF. B ah 18 J'l Near R.C Cathedral,
he T.A.F.A. must be provided Ephralme Serrette v. Rudolph innings, with :helr score standing Ram 3f12 J. 'Phone No. 4670.
Fpham TAFA. must. Rudolphss or 8.
the. ruln body'; (3) all T.A. Legal. at 18 for 2, on Queen's Royal Col- Sem-fln featuring Carry On- or -
.A. hart-dzn lv should be1GogPirmv.eileC lege ground at I o'clock. Previous e
SPilgrimf v. Neville Calto.a mvna As and Central Elng va On
teWS C "t Ogchal SOUTH TO BEE ADAMS scores were Belmont 90 and 151; St. Mary'sai d benplayed on June. '
imatetis; (4)tW1 South Trinidad will see AnselC CosmoG 94. t and 11.
e to clubs i n g iepmr ld (Baba) Adams, Trinidad light-- +_ _
hyt te TA.APPA. heavyweight amateur boxing cham- Sporting Boys C.C. of St. Joseph ARROW WINS YACHT RACE
SEric ?ano< of Casuals pieon, for tie tirst time in action will trael to Boissiere llai "Arrow," owned by Felix Luces th
Erie Almandoz, of Casuals n Saturday, June 17 in .t bout t'xlay to play q frienu!y game of and sailed by Andrew ,nny)
,ponted out the very heavy 'In-Bow o h Scn ra!rcL
,oted t the ..A hwa -~ with an Amritcan soldier at the cricket against a team o. that Brown won the second tria! rcc
,onme tax the T.A.F.A. was called Drill Hall in aid of the South district, for yachts under 16 feet on
Wpon to pay, and suggested that Sporting Boys, accompanied by Wednesday, 24th. Kevin Uacon's
hi view of the fact the T.A.F.A. Caribbean Forces.aWednesday, 24th. Kevis twann's
o aw body sponsoring clean and A.dams who has battened every their manager. Mr. J. M. Pereira, Snipe 4764 was second ad H. R. C
? dt y *sportfor thein cleaommunity opponent lie has metto a knock- will select a team from the fol- Inr.lefield's Q.E.D. third. The
'ha~k made %'--A_ .... oppkent whom hes defete toa ponock- .Jms F ~ or .Pon vratola,3ml.Li
-h general, som e reduction should out defeat, with the exception of lowing;: I. Somara icapt,, L. See- race was sailed off Mucurcpo
general, aoine red. ucti ., i, s .w..e. dfeatedo,, opointsll-e 1). James, F. tie Four, E. Point over a two lap, 3 mile, tri-
made. -nformnhas fought all his bouts in the city Andalcio, C. Wharf, M. Alfonso, angular course, 'n a putfy 15-mDe O
.s eaker after informingot os t date.W t E. Pereira, M. Mongroo, N. Mll- oreze. blowing east -north-cast. tA
te I me Tax c, ha al l "Lawrence Assam will fight len, S. Simon, E. Somara and R. Although only six boats stared, fl
eA Incom e Tax Office, had al- ncis and L en McKell will be Maraj. It is expected that the original
ady been app-roached Mwithan a return battle with Ramao The victor of thle Essex-New entry of 13 yachts vill take part 9
measure of success, promised Mr. n a rur bale wic rnao Woodlord match in the St. Cris- in the next race caruad for
Alimandos that presentations In otthe same card pin's Cup Competition will decide June 3..
that direction would be irn.del awreneA A.mem FrancL. the winner of the "A" division, ______
throughh the Legislative Council. LenMcKell v. J. Rano while In the "C" section Portu- W
me Commander Haywd just returnedl Luls Barradas v. Charles Bap-guese, Algiers and Melbourne are
iftards that eU r h ad just ro turned _l Bap-..oi.n the jostle for top place hon-nERE
*rtom Barbados, where he. had seen tiste. Our"*
'nd spokentoC ',iCutteridge Victor Boyce v. Hlugh (Bob)e British Bata CC. under
.-t t3hsp"-ntdt oi- ..' obrs. ..e British Bata C.C. under ,
It' v i his p -a.tnt duty to in- Jobber Romany, v "One Punch" the captair y of "Nat" Mahadeo BY DIZZ INB
orm T, that Captain Cutteridge Jabber Rman v' On Punch will journey to Plarco to enage a
"had t him to convey to the so- Holder. leet Ar eleven a riend Suffered A Yea Until
h. Rudolph Legall v. E. Jardine, Fleet Air Am eleven a friend-
,he rs of Truinidad howt r ThereRUd willbe ,ce at the ly game on Whit Monday. She Used Dodd's Pills
"the Van of them during the recent r>^ a at h res Bata, who have won their divl- -- l fl ~ f
&2arbados tournai ent. Drill Hall after the tourneys. Bats, who have won their divi-
S sion in the Bonanza Cup will play "I a 31 yer ofr ap ad dob hMusehaiee-
It was the finest tournament he ADAMS-GRIFFITH RETURN an eleven from the following:- Ing," writk Miss hIM His, Fft* Cw-
b had ever witnessed, and he wished Anscll Adams will figure in an- S. N. "Nat" Mahadeo lcapt.), pan., Prinm Town,
Sto express how delighted he wae other bout on June 30 at the Naraynislngh, R. Naraynsingh, P. Trinidad. "1 Mdored
At wiiesilby the very clean and Prinae's Building. B. Mahadeo, W. Pathaysingh, S. he a year ken weak
*nprowd over Trinltd played. He will oppose Ken Oriffith In Mathura, F. B. Singh. C. Chick- Mbradder & W i .i handy-
xrticular( towards the end of aid of the Overseas Contingent aree. S. Sankar. C. Sampat, Rciving '- M o Alway ks p l ar u1
et tour. Welfare Fund In a tourney pro- "Cats" Persad, C. A. Bush All D*dd'a Ahasaa I I you may now t urg"*e
At Urt they found It hard to roted by Hamil Yltes. Mr. W. Alladin will act as 6 redhw.dDod
Sid the groove, but when they got On the same card Serrette will manager In the abs nee of Mr. Rmdis were. I _3_ 1 T
ohig, the Trinidad boys played meet Ramao In s return ; "Big J Aduimara. w -
ipo-rkllng oer. Coon" Dixon opposes Hammy Lin- Miller's Stores combined will aMM* -P n i
Before the meeting closed Major ton; while Lee Pung, Legall, Her- journey to L'lego Martin to play was ei a my S'J 1
Rooks asked the house to rise as nandcz, Bapliste, pilgrim, Coca a friendly game of cricket against -i ,.= JiJl1
a token of regret at the death of Kid, C. Serrette, end n any others the Boys' Industrial School on '- &BI
two men who were closely connect- will also fight on that night. Monday. Bus leaves Sam's Oar- ,-
ed with Trinidad football. They SEBRETTE GETS READY age at noon.
were Mr. H. A. Harris, of Apex L.n Serrette getting ready for A team will be selected from
plfleld who was indeed a credit his heavy programme will give an the following:- [
South football, and young David exhibition this mornlag at 9 Char- B. A. Jacelon (captain), B. i ev e it *...- e-,.-e l
Merry. former Queen's Royal Col- lotte Street. Clark, C. Bropne, D. McIntyre .. r 00o O
died while doing duty In the foot Kid. Barbados stalwart. Don- 0, Dore, H. Mclntyre, A. belre e i/t/W nor, t yr j
S.A.P. add Oibbons, Neville Cato and the nlndes, C. Reverand and A. tlad* Wit
Serrette brother. Sikoer. -- -a )

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At ~ 0Quickly Hoals
_-______ ICZENMA, SURNS.

(y Don ]w Upatick ia
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( omen Les. )
s. tays on for hours- -
m no retouching necessary /
--gives soft, natural
1oominj lips.
( 2. Creamy -smooth--no
Sreasy" appearance.
Will not dry or chap lips. J
3. Comes in Leautiul f/
.ftSo, new, all-plaotio .fj8

9 Try Don Juan Face Powje.w
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Raw o eorfest-ed Trial 6WR
Meusen usually works Tr rpidly to faet M ead ajb"
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7*ry but is In pleasant, taste- gist forMeade tsi
*ormteiinala oneverypackage. tt. Oil 40*.
----- ..U- UEIIIIIHII7

I 6N MiAMlMHi llHIIilMiUMi MNMiim iiini

I This It the Merchant Navy1
Club and It seen every dav
of the week from 11 am". elt
:BLEE. ote. |
Monday, May 29
1 m. dm. N
1 m.m. Sound P1m8. News-
reels. 8Sort and featuree
Ceblents Howse, St. Ann's
T hbone 5i1.


We are nO
offer vol
Amerd-an I00
followin- l
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Nelson Eddy, Charles Kullman, l
Bidu Sayao, Rise Stevens, Ftonk S-
Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, etc., etc.
Only a limited quantity of 3-Burni
0 0
f" -

Bridgetown -
Our Liqueurs and hums ree
lectured, blended and l
BEarbados and are recoaf r
of the finest quality.

Messrs. GEO. F. 1IGINS & .
25/31 High Street S11

represent us in Trinidad 40
umple stocks of o u
r<>etis Why 5.l.

Night Club


Creme de Monthe
Strawberry Bmndy LIQUEUO

S.. Ferntndo .: *|

e Nefk Avenue-St. Ann's
Them 5441.
Cool anm comfortable set In
maoclous grounds. Newlv re-
novated, Two minutes from
tram. Reervatlonm on atliP ,


--* : f"

__**_______________^__________________________ UNDAT Q.GUNWW MAY A. 194.

swe Wins 9-Mile As Oval Soorts End!

pis, Baker And Wilson
i Score Grand Victories

S.4IJ Amateur Athle ic(M19) Club 3-day sports cocludqlid
pi ftny with a grand victory by Darrinton Barlow*
in tamenolonlal event, but previous to that Oeorge Lewi
i outrun the 100-yards field, George Baker, the 220-yar
SiWUa.. the quarter-mile. Mikey Fernandes had scored a fli
,Butory and Kith Cousins, the Jamaica champion, had trea
H a to another grand last-minute effort only to find himse
a driving finish in the opening mile.
ton ariowe, former West --i A lG t
iscls champion, took two
1i,47 events, carryln off the A
Wbine-mlle ramte So Me. Al Gets
Tler created frst upset r
MtenK by outriding the 4 1
F temediate stars, in a
idand Harry M~thir'i was i&^
iul (..), and Clarke Bonanza Gam
). were unplaced when G
Sthe Intercolonial In- ----
L e ine-mile which was won ivincible's S. M All, Ind
Karnrlnan with L. Austin spin bowler. nperformd Lm..q

1 tudded 100 yard field in-
SBailey, Baker, Lewis. Wozd,
Ba, McLean. Cudjoe, McWli-
T.uton, and Thompson, saw
gnce again outstride his op-
r with Baker, Bailey and
Sanklyn right up, th-. Judg-
id the finish in the fol-
order: 1. Lewis; 2, Bak:r:
SCousins, Fernandez, Brown.
Ls Lewis (B.O.I, Nightingale
b). and Rogers,. contesting
iW Fernandez won the mile
And Baitowe, the th-ee-miie;
l a gruelling finish Barlowe
Sall before him winning bv
from Brown in an open
Sield. It was a thriller with
sut taking ay third place
eih Cousins.
a pace was carried as Paul
ad Laurie Rogers fought
_prize. Auguste claiming
Wllonm ran the 440-yards
I3U493-5 seconds, a second
lie., did It on Wednesday
ta shattered Trinidad's re-
Warner was second and H.
,1ust beat B.O.'s Carter in
iVin Jostle for third prize.
Mardine and H. Hall were
iMed by starter J. a. N.
a and C. Bolden shared the
Scycle races. C. Phelps
other intermediate race.
Peorge Baker's team won

t were distributed bv tJe
| governor, th, Hon'ble A.
t, His Worship the Mayor
to'ble H. 0. B. Wooding and
Mis Legge.
YARDS FLAT (intercolonial)
I Baker; 2, G. Lewis; 3. I.
ars. Time: 222-5 secs.
. CYCLE RACE (interco'o-
- 1, D. Barlowe; 2, L. Lewis;
owBIy. Time: 7.484-5.
iM CYCLE RACE ("B" and
Mtate) 1., C. Phelps; 2, U.
; 3. H. Austin. Lap prize,
. Time: 8.134-5.
1- Bolden: 2, P. Auguste;
Widron. TIme: 1.17 sees.
1,- I, a-o. Baker's team (G.
ItMlwillliama, 0. Turton, P.
ra). Trainer: W. Brad-
Tunspuna AC.; 3, T.A.A.C.
k1j7 3-5.
kOYCLE RACE (Interco-
M'.-Barlowe, 2. P. Brown,, Lap prize, P. Au-
.e: 15.254-5 sees.
l and under)-l, C. 3on-
' Moutett. j. L, Johnson.
9i lntermedlate)-l. V.
S3Oray, 3. H. Mathleu

I. Workman, 2. L. Austin, 3.
5Ti. T'ime: 2.'
.ARDS FLAT (intercolon-
,4 Lewis, ". 0. Baker. 3.
l, nklyn (P.O.). Ti:ne:
-til)-.-. M. Fernandez, 2.
Comlna (Jzmalca, 3. D.
. TIme: 2.302.5.
4, T. O'Connor, 2. Crava-
C.. Golden. Time: 2.39.
YARDS FLAT (Invltattcn
-1. P. o. Wilson, 2. C.
, 1. H O.-ham. Time:

N'. SultiOs: Black Vicuna1
.I lpoanv Serges: Whit2
a, Wlte Drill. Tussore Suit-
Iurmit Shirts in white and
g With fused collar: under
,mm shorts and socks are
P1WO'- arrivals at
'Phone 4672.

trick" ending up with an aver
of six for i12, in bundling '
Victoria for a paltry 51, In
Bonanza first class fixture yesi
Due to All's destructive bowl
Victoria added only 15 runs
t1 loss of even wicLeta to th week's score of 36 for 4, 1
have given up the match to
The Queens Park "B', and
Stingo fixture has reached an
teresting stage, Stingo amassed
total of 223 for 8 (C.Skeete 1
and Queen's Park replied with
for four. J. Bart t56) and
Burke '61).
There was no play In the Map
Shannon, Q.P.-St. Mary's a
Sporting Club-Police fixtures.
rh, Q.R.C.-East Indian's ma
did net continue, due to the C
lee sports.
The re.siults were:
INVINCIBLE-1st Innings ....................
VICTORIA-list Innings;
L. Cooper Ibw. a. M. All ..........
I. AoilInte b do ouza .o
C. Wltls rund out & .........................
C. Mldii run out
i. Tronclhin run out ..................... .
B. Harding not out ..........
L. Knights b 8. M All .............
K. Rambert b i. M All .. ...... ....
C. Hampson h 8. M. All
C. Nurse alpd wkpr. b a. H, All
N. Hamm absent.
E xt 'as ........................
T otal ..... ...........................................

0 M R
M de i t iza ........................ 9 3 16
J. Jackbir ............................... 5 0 17
S. M. All ..... ...... .. ...... 12
STINOO-Ist Inningi .223 for
QUEENS PARK "B'--it 'innlnas:
J, Bart run nut
P. Burke h W. Haynes
S. HameI-Smith Gll c 0111 b W .Haynes
A. B. Moors c sub b W. Haynes
E M urray not out ...........................
R. Trestrall not out .....................
E xtras ...... ....... ..... ... ,.. .
Total for four wickets ...............


A. Klng . ................... 8
W. Haynes ......................; 10 2
W. Johnson ......................... 10
A. Hargeant ......................... I
J. ). Barnett ............... 4
J, Archer ................... 3 0

-- -

Barataria T. Bates Wins Knoly's

Sports Today Championship At Q.R.C.
at ---- With the At.ig Governor, the onale A. B. Wright uas a apecta,
S L. R. Cyrus To Try tor. T. Bates upt all pre-sport d Y' calc ulatlon favouring the l7-
a At Trinidad Jump yar-old Norria Procope. lat years champIon, by Mcarrying off the
Is. Record KnoUy's ChampIonsip trophy, at the Queen's Royal College annual
n sports meeting yesterday.
t- L. R. Cyrus. Barbados high jump oiltes won the 440 yards and* G- 1-P--. -.-..
!h pin., will try to beat the half-mile fiat open in convIncin GM JUMP OPEN. Da. vis.
elf Trinliad record at the San Juan i c 2. T. Bate. Height 5ft. 4lna.
Athletic Club sports at the Bara- style, beating the last year's vic- HIOH JUMP under 17)-l. J.
taria Oval (Sixth Avenue) today tor ludorum Into second place,whle Davis. 2. K. Akal, 0. Farrell.
-and tonw.rrow but chief interest Procope lowered his rival' colours Height ft, 4ins:
will be centred In "A" class cycle in the 100 and 23 0 yards open. HIGH JU13 P under 15)-1. B.
races in which George Terry, H. Slow times were turned in a& a Farrell. 2. L. Warner. Height 4
S Williams D. Barlowe, O'Connor result of the min-drenched track ft. 10lOns.
and a string of top-notchers will be In many events. THROWING CRICK -T BALL
Co'tting honours. Bates not only won the half-mile OPN-1l. M. T. Clarke. 2. Tr.
SThere will be six "A" class cycle in easy fashion, but might have Bates. Distance 4vds. lft. lOins.
races on the two days, and two officially broken the college record THROWING CRICKET BALL
bicycle prizes lfve been offered, for this event, had the track been (under 17)-1. 0. Hope, 2. E. B.
e mThere will be 00 220, 440, and a real 880 yards, Alleyne. Distance 83 yards Ift. 1
mile fatraces and good times are When the distance was rt-mea- in.
anticipated. sured, it was found to be less than 440 YARDS OPEN-1. T. bites,
Mr. Ivan Reid has offered a cup a half-mile. 2. N. Procope, -. T. Griffith. Time;
'an for the 440 yards open flat race. J. Davis still held the ,tigh Jump 54 4-ssacA.
a championshIp by capturing both 440 YARDS under 17)-1. 'Atn-
ack f N e 5 events, but failed to clear his last dreth-Smlth, 2. C. Gay, 3. E. B.
S yaameao s r's record by a quarter of an Alleyne. under -l.
ter- Inch. 440 YARDS (under 15)--I. C.
G olfRes ltsMr. T. E. Hutchinson, principal Clarke, 2. S. Akal, 3. Ht. Bishop.
n. G olf Results of the college, inintroducing Time: 62 3-sec 3. H
for *MrsH. 0. O B. Wooding, wife INTER-HOUSE RELA" RACE-
heir -- .-- of the Mayor of Port-of-Spain, 1. "A" House-J. tooks leapt.)
and The leaders in the St. Andrew's said that he wis glad that the C. DET TUG-OF-WAR 1. No. 2
In- Golf Club's championship at the boys showed a fine spirit, and Platoon-. Sgt. u. hillips.
half way mark (after 18 holes sportsmanship all through themeet- LONG JUMP OPEN--I. K. Mc-
the played at Maraval Yesterday are as Ing. MilUtlan, T. Bates. Distance 14t.
in- follows: Mrs. H. 0. B. Wooding then 41ns.
I a Bob Tobin with a gross score of distributed War Savings Certificates LONG JUMP (under 17-I. I.
07) 70:; L. Ward with 73 gross; L. as prizes to the winners, the Inter- Landreth-Smlth, 2. E. B. Alleyne
L42 Palmer with 74 gross; H. Salvatori house c-,llenge cup to "C" house. Dis,tince lift. Ilins.
P. with 73 gross, and a replica of the Knolly's cham- INTER-HOUSE TUG-OF-WAR
In the committee's prize the pionship cup to the 1044 victor 1. "C" House.
ple- leaders are as follows: ludorum, T. Bates.HALFIILE EN- T. Bates,1
and C. B. Norman, 60 net; Bob Tobin, The results were as follows -_ 2. N. Procope. 3A.N T. Batcli es
64 net; L. Taurel, 64 net; Lieut.- 500 YARDS OPEN.-I. N.,Pro- 440 YARDS OLD BOYS (ti, der
tch Cmdr. Waterworth. 66 net; L. N. cope: 2. T. Bates; 83 K. Inniss. 30--,. P. Douglin.
01o- Palmer, 67 net; H, P.. Alcazar, 67 lime 10 1-5 secs. 100 YARDS OLD BOYSl (over 30)
net; I. Perreira, 69 net; Dr. Camp- 100 YARDS under 17) -1.1. I c. Dolly.
bell 69 net. Landreth ISouth); 2. K. B. Tres- 50 YARDS OLD BOYS (over 40)
The finals will continue on Mon- trail: 3. E. B. Alleyne. Time -I, W. Grant.
131 day. 10 3-5 secs. 50 YARDS HAI:DICAP tMas-
_100 YARDS (under 15)-l. C. ters--l. K. Leacor(k.
"Clarke, 2. G. C1,11. 3. H. Bishop. CADET RELAY RACE, 1.No. 1
o 100 YARDS 'under 13)- 1. K Platoon.
;:Nothnagels W in ^vS wili: n J^ - ^ S
Ng sToo-a-Poo. 2. C. Williams, 3.M JUNIOR SCHOOL HANDICAP
Chevalier, Time: 12 secs. 440 YARDS-1. N. Phillips; 2. ',
100 YARDS 'under 11)--1. F. Steele, 3. A Espinet, 3. L. Hoyte.
ennis Exhibition Sealy, 2. R. Moyou, 3. P. Innis. 5, E. Browne
11' "s i arula i ..del Time: 13 3-4 sees. HALF-MILE SCHOOL HANDI-
pairca together icorea a tniree-s. 200 YARDS HANDICAP (under CAt'-1 T. Gatcllffe, 2 C. Gay,
s6 triumph over A. Skinner and Luth- I I. K. ToO-a-Foo, 2. C. WIl- 3. E. Dolly, 4. P. 0. Williams. 5.
b ert foavenot in an exhibition i.ams 2 H. Spicer. P Hvland.
t.,ime which opened the Indian 1200 YARDS HANDIC!D (under INTER-HOUSE CHAILJNGE
tKecreatlon Cluo tournament yes- 1' F. Sealy, 2. P. Inniss, 3. CUP--I. "C" House.
wI terday afternoon. A. Steele. UI'DR 1II CHAMPIONSHIP F.
The Nothnagels won 8 6, 6-2, 220 YARDS OPEN.-I. r. Pro- Selv--C" Hjs.
1 and 7-5 in thrilling tennis. cope. 2. T. Bates, 3. X. Inniss. UNDER 13 .'HAMPIONSHIP K.
The tourney will get undtr way Time: 24 1-5 sees. Too-a-Foo A" House.
tomorrow. 220 YARDS tiunder 17)--l. I. UNDFR 15 CHAMPIONSHIP- C.
--toorro. Landreth-Sminth ,' E. B. Alleyne. L. Clarke..-"" House.
3. K. B. Trest',til. Time: 24 3-5 UNDER 17 CHAMPIONSH'P-TI.
8 HOCKEY THIS WEEK sees. Lanreth-Smlth--"B* House.
11 This we(k's hockey knock-out 220 YARDS (under 15)-1. C. KNOTLYS OPEN CHAMPION-
s61 fixtures will begin on Tucs(.sy., Clarke, 2 K. Inniss, 3. G, Carew. SHIP--T. Bates-"C" House.
6 with the replay of th. Rugby- ---- ........ ..


0 21 0
2 .Ml 3
1 31 0
1 22 0
1 11 0

Casuals match, and on Friday the
final will be played.
Following are the fixtures:-
A--Tuesday.- ugby Club v Cts-
uals. Mr. Agostini and Mr. Wan-
B -Wednesday: The Winner of
"A" v I.C.T.A. Mr. Daunt and
Mr. Pilgrim.
C-Friday: The Winner of "B"
v. Fleect Air Arm "A."







58 Frederick Street


Mer of Park & Pembroke Streeta

\V CRAPAUD BEDS complete with Springs
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Crapaud Dressing Tables-$54.00
Dining Tables and Chairs
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Bedside Tables



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C. R. OTTLEY, lScarborough, Tobago.
NAME ...................... ............
ADDRESS ........................................
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TOBAGO IN THE WEST INDIES" from its discovery to
the Present day will be reserved for you. This book will
9Vo contain statistics of Imncorts. Exports, Papulatlo:(.
Revenue and Expenditure of OLD TOBAGO and illustra-
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Grocery Dept. will be closed at 11
A.M. on WED. 31ST MAY, instead
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_ m-

w a -


SI I--,---- -t,, '. ,--, OTI. .. -- - -4Vf.. JL--_
.. uIV: ifa . i, filM.10 0% mm r-u
.. I P'" So. an.i sn. p a "u V Now L ,...- s j .=%V.... fs ,,Oe
...- A . dw a.-9a M- am AS S o-qo -a

.~t rllili --ll i.m. fluitLpt-l *&%-1I i.fS iW-Ailrw. nmwm -twa" SSiFIM JB' "i .i.Ktj ^ tll S.3 ^,fS Su,'.,S3& rAB
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IatI AtrSP MG % r. ilbe/VA[omw
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|o i ->1 -- N -- L&|01 tig ~ f llJJ.W tl t JtnAd luxw Stal-.Jn Tni*ton WoD br5ook ft ou tM. AS BBltD I *-1 t0 ft* *** < elmta i". *,,ANO .EWIM----n nmo1 oT HB sNl84n1thr

med-, i at e o eeoalft D3e X Vglo-. or mrEoeu ** I D O i M t. n il o BY. aylee yO1 *oe. I T liA"
,., 1 I I I-S. 1 ,,- 9 N . .. ., A "y. b-.. ,, "o. ""*., ,, & 'S .. T .rJ
oamy h.b d.Cyl lii il p "r aayMo SM~yM,14."

r_________ IS'h : f f l ^U^S us n d R epa i u uorw yOf C o m In a n d O N B Mt X -R O O M HiO U 8E to5 good an n MlU IJ,D I *;U LO T S ; level ele ate el -S ? % h n vtlti Jef lMB y Aa^ 1 ^ P t r B h h Mm h r M
r? ~------------* ~ --- ^ n u r J : 6 U 0 O U U m t o O < re n i n i i k S a l l Ul D u c d i t t o r i d re r t t y p a i n t e d e t l i u t e d .N o utr a w a t e r e l e l r l t c y A p p l l l l ll^ { o J ,n ?u ? 'y 1 1 4 n ol d o ^t hld s l w A n d l oi p e lil t rnl l* < e h li wfo p e n l hl r n. -* ?
r UAT )N M VACANT W 'lL. A iw B I a i SS A't i~ l IS ' ** "' g v enlh llrt, R^ ~ aru i ni Owner: er ns. H tM t od ,' a? Jui m---J l&. o 32y d eb its t act-1 b TUt L- .. h w r et of ur 4e r a Io d A m^ X
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Ai*. ^'.c0>i*i.? MUllvlt nM.(MCK* M -"i- HU (oaM br>r t Reed.--June 1. FREBBHOLD L.ANM iD u a t.""*tt'>_ IOA CAilLENOtBR.-lBn memory of Helen, c t~.t
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ntIy ythn an 'fto 1 v estae, beutil So2d st i -,o

,Sll u Box. ] Pal ~e I B **- Pa C HI *.I? -*.'*"" LiXt 0 *Knii CB r llr rRI -TOfAl, eel. --May :it. "a gun0M*o A a.*tor U 8. Ai .-NA Hee Itodrnwl S nothtere yandg dhlre. ---urd ^
IO N tdo tB 3 p Ab TCm8.2" lWrACtrt a-, 2 IN ALE. EM PTY. -M0 y a P O* LAND o ftMeet. Ir tIM -o rsmy 2o r..o(ln = .
strpow Kys: w IV%*", Lo.8 ma ldl Ra Tmit @ gi o and nblort a rnaid a epnsbefrardb siftedt`11111111y ,.IJ4--,IP

soft r' W s. ato-= IOR SAE s.o In I 2c^ Life. 41

1.*"q ^ ,m " AttlomWee ]di W No<1.s CITO Eatwl ' AN ^-_,_-J-?F o aIA t f b ns um* OOKl! ;,t. &sea 0. 9eJT g evr *
a TsoT1B" "tUOi0Le s Ilie& Be S! to h ir e S h d ^ .A*.FOR.-LA KHOASE OTE --M rt e. of ateueLr
sone 40, am -SAM" I A^v ebt1. ..St o" debts contracted we n rdr. V14 "F *a- ?b r J il6 A,
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