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*tAyt do FORl GRAS


Wnrinib a





CANN0 A C0.6 LIs
The hermlw Gina"


,piony Mourns Tragic Death Of Convent Nuns



" tathetio Scene
^Witn.edAt Th
moving eommuni
,d runn-.gc Intomm
KSm al parts of Tris
out to the Catode&
W Coneption wit
.inJUm the ehurehye;
SM the Marine Squm
outside for tQ
ay afternoon of ti
twho perished In t
fare which wreck
SCovent at Pembrol
the Actg
,bWle A. 3 WrIg]
among the frnt to via
tthe rly morning w
*t the funeral by Liet
[ ovenir's A.D.O.
ve list of followed
SHon'ble lrrol D
Colonial Secretars
rne-Lindop, Aetin
Sof Police, and M
Osul for Belgium.
Soffin held remains
Which were recoy
Uh debris. Inscriptioi
tat the tragedy victim
Mother Dulaile, th
SJ- )ph, the Re
M .a and the Re
an our before th
'the coffin lay in 8
apel the heavi
I was filled wit]
l from Marine Squar
Cemetery wer
nrons some of whot
distant home as th
them of the trag
four nuns wht fo
r :n active par
igon of children a
emen under tw
duty all along thi
ce'- tery.
I o'clock the bodi.
nuns wer, place
in the Saint Domit
tthe Cathedral o
Conception, and a
were removed to th
Sanctuary. Precede
eis Grace the Arch
Lg Deacon and sub-Des
wSacristy and station
'1n the Sanctuary where
Wad the prayers.
rrnder the direction c
r. CWy with Mr. Alla
! organ rendered th
|ot the ceremony.
In the Sanctuary
B potetrt, repreeentativ
orders, while nun
.oeeph'l Convent wh
obtain wearing ap
From the L'HospIc
tatltves of the Car
(sr occupied front
te church to the solemi
In's funeral march
preceded by mount
ge, priests and acolytes
Sw17y west along Marine
IP ,nto Udward Stree Street to the La.
*jietry where the las
.8n wero buried in thi
. Convent.
Sishop Heads

ttRelief Fund
lWfecadented demonstra.
^^"ythe Trtniftil
V40u etanible ex-
4e&% ."Pr*M sorrow
Le tose deaths n
eoitrbluted within thi
hours yesterday, .m
$70MS toward the St
O invent Relief Funt
Ge Race the Ar*.
-Of-Spain who opened
a! donation of t1,000
Sh* to the fund May be
a .either to Hims rm
at ,Iaravai oad,
IN R r. Kennedy at
=4 n or mail remit
s5be sent or taken to
S"Trinidad OGuard.
'Vincent Street; or to
U ic/ Orell and Co
S contribution will be
t-wed by Mr. Erik
106h and Co.'s San per-
Pes or money, or In
* ase. Iabbe to "St,
Went Relief und."-
Of sontributions wee Mas

l, Co., USmltd

;. .a ...........
IStAfia d.

"S 5-Ltd.*
B ......... ...

EOy -L

Procession On Way To Last Resting Place

City Convent

e Buildings Wrecked

'By Major Fire

ay Moving with devastating swiftness, one of the biggest fires the
li- city ha seen in recent years wrecked buildings of St. Joseph's Caon.
4 vent and claimed the lives of four Nuns in the early hours of yester-
rd day. Victims of the terrible tragedy, news of which profoundly shocked
e the Colony, were the Rev. Mother Etialle, the Rev. Mother JoMseph.
he the Rev. Mother Veronica and the Rev. Mother Aloysius. all of whom
he had devoted their lives to the cause of the Church and the education
ad of the young.
In Its destructive sweep the fire, 4-
whos origin Is uncertain, carried
with it the entire main bulUding
t which housed the nuns', dormitor- s in es C ut
s e t he main parlour, infirmary
t boih Convent chapels. and the Bu
laundry. The only buildings in, the I
Block left standing were the pupils' a Road
Sclassrooms, the kitchen, and dom- A
S estic scene centre.
SHeroic work by the ReverendAcross Border
g Father Kennedy, of St. Mary's Col-
lege, helped to stop the fire from CHUNGIdNO, May 23 (Reuter
o spreading to an adjoining building. _In the Chinese offensive across
l FA other Kennedy, without any as-cr
Sslistance, climbed on to the plated the Salween River tosards the
Sroof of the main building, hammer northern borders of Burma, troops
in hand and broke several plates
y leaving a gaping hole and thus con- of the Chinese Expeditionary Force
Shined the flames to the already in western Yunnan have cut thi
doomed buildings. Burma Road about 20 miles from
he HEROIC EFFORTS where It crosses the border Into
ly Standing out as monuments to Burma and well behind the unAS
h the heroic efforts of the Central Jpane@e gaSUonl t M ingling.
Fire Brigade, augmented by the The& Cninese troops stilkini
re Belmont Brigade, under Major across the mountain south of the
re Knights, Assistant Superintendent road came out on it eAt the village
SDrury and Sub-Inspector Riley, as- of Chefang where they have wipec
Slated by members of the Volunteer ots the jai&nese garrison. Che-
Fire Brigade and the Special Reserve fang is about 45 miles southwest of
w Police, are two class-room buildings Lungling which is now isolated
rt Which also housed the kitchen and except by i roundabout haswrdous
of domestic science centre on the northerly route to Bhamo.
Aberoromby Street side of the Con- At Chefang the Chhainese are less
ro vent. Both building remain intact tn 100 miles by r i Mylt.
e except f ortonebuildins whose e ns northern where
on the northern side was charred.rin is sti hindering operations
S in an almost three-hour fight, an i"thei hi ne in opn ton
Switch rains helping them toward the 0-
M end, the Brigade succeeded in keep- t. .
I-ing the conflagration confined to No import l ante is reported
O the Convent grounds and savingafrom the other Burma fronts.
at few of the buildings there. Helicopters are being used in
le Using a toal of 3,600 feet of the airborne invasion of Burma
'd hose, the fire-fighters launched a by American units opezeting with
i- faun-cornered attack on the con- the Third Tactical Air Force ofthe
. flagratlon. Eastern Air Co=-and.
d One section with the Hoatender Pilote flying p who were se-
r opened up on Pembroke Street elected from a group of volunteers
and effected an entr through the in the United States and underwent
of Centenary Hall, while a Merry- a special course of training at the
weather crew worked from the oek fto t Bri rt
SPembroke-Oxford Street corner Skorki factory at Brdgeport,
e To Belmont firemen fell the task Connecticut, arrived in India by
of tackling the centre block of the air in 'Autuary. With them came
F. Convent between Pembroke and their helicopter*, groUlnd crews and
r Abercromby Streets. leaving Den- technicians.
s nis men to strike at the back from The American airmen are flying
o Abereromby Street where they so- the first type of helicopters to be
c ured entry by using aim on the accepted by the United States
tightlfastened gates. Army
. T hisbranch of the Brigade un- A y*
,t der Lance-Corporal Moore received Japanese Throat
the akrm at 1.50 a.m.. and im-
n mediately were on their way to Finally Removed
., the scene of the fire. Arrvied there
. they saw the flames spreading fast SOUTHEAST ASIA HEAD-
s. towards buildings on Oxford Street, QUARTERS, MANDY, May 23 (AP)
e and immediately got into action -Allied review of operations In the
t fighting the approaching flames India-Burma theatre in the past
- from house to house. week today reported the final re-
it D DENTS puL mowl of the Japanese threat to
e Pr etpNTg FLEX Marahmaputra Valley In north-
Private dwellers In apartments Allied communication in eastern
north of the gutted premises all India.
told of the frantic efforts they ne review 000o sa t ,0s's
Mode for escape when, aroused ese menace to communications
from their slumber by the alarm, serving the Allied forces in north-
they saw the flames spreading to- era Burma has been broken by
wards their homes. Securing what- mopping up operations around Ko-
ever belongings they =l, they hima on the road ltsding to the
fled for safety, horrified and be- Dimapur station on the Bengal-
Swildered at the amIsing swift- Assam railway 35 miles to the
Snes with which the fire was spread- northwest.
:. Wng.--
S Mrs. Ethel de Crus, a former tPLEASE TURN TO PAGE 1. COL. 51
d Convent girl. was in no doubt what- ---
e over that the Convent wra on fire. W 1's. Lade
a She was one of the first person lj UOCtor Ge S
in the neighbourhood to hear the
I alarm belli and she woke her hus- Trinidad Post
band, Mr. Edward de rOnu, who at n I o
I first thought it was time for Dr. j. g, Cramer, a health off
. Maw, but on looking out saw the cr who arrived here on transfer
chapel enveloped in flames. HeIf|n ji. on May I is a temporary
moved swiftly to save what he medical offer the Port-of-Spain
, could but lrd to hurry out after Colonial Hospital.
removing only two mattresses and Dr. Cramer was at one time
some of his wife's clothing which Medical Superintendent of the Oov-
he threw outside by smashing a eminent KHospital, St. Kitts. and
glaiss-window on the Oxford Street until recently District Medical 02-
side of his home. cer of Health In FIJI.
"God knows how I got out." said He took the degree of FR.F'JS,
an old resident pathetically as she (Glasgow), in 197. the LR.C.P. and
pointed to charred kitchens of her L.R.CE. (Edinburgh) Wad L.RPA.S.
premises. (Glasgow) in 137. the M.D. (Edi .t-
"1 heard the alrm and with- burgh) in 1I33, the MU .Ch. .
out looking for anything I (idlnburg) in 1927, and the D.PJ..
da ed .out and took to Lord subsequently.I
Harris' Square for safety And there Dr Cramer to whom leave is due
watched the fire in all its fury," will be going on vacation shortly.
she added. d o
303111 FoUND Furth~erAiFo
The charred bodies of the nuns
who perished weF u t WefAre nd
d to be removed e Fu nd
der.During the blaeM onlookers .,. .
had sen m of the tragedy vic- Aied by a oOtributioB f
t* come crying tor rescue from KI. I from the maetgmet a .l
m tinM s.cood floor window*e staff of the Triniad Publshtng
Flame rled u s hd se quickly Co.. Ltd, the 'Ouerdtan" War
coaedadfUback. Welfare lurid west up by 93259

S After the service In the Cathledral of the Immaculate Conception yesterday afternoon the funeral
S procession goes along Marine Square South sjm thousands of spectators lining the pavements look
S on. The black hear, its front decorated with three wreaths, is preceded by priests and flanked
by the pallbearers an a party of Girl Guides, while behind follow nuns of St. Joseph of Cluny
aand ether orders mourning the sad death of four of their iisters.

5,000-Ton Allied Air TrinidadMarks
5th Wartime
Blitz Sounds Knell Empire Day

0 lWith no official celebrations to
O f R egim e mark the occasion, Trinidad ob-
serves its fifth war-time Empire
By W.W. HERCHER .,:-- tt- o" ay as the mpe stasf
LONDON, May 23 (AP) Approximately 3.500 British and ready with her Allies to launch the
American aircraft attacked German Europe today, sounding the knell final attack.
Sthe Naziregime with more than5,000 tons of bombs. to the Colonial Empire, His Msa-
All rose from British bases -.... ..... --............. jesty the King pays high tribute to
about 1,700 heavy bombers, 1,00 the valour and bravery of Colonial
fighters a"nd mi.sellaneous Venezuela Asked To troops and to men and women of
'planes carrying the equivalentS Incre e Oil O.u .t the C3lonial Services.
of an American division of 15.000 Increase l utput Paintlng a picture of a brighter
men deep Inside Hitler's invasion v PHIL CLARKE and nobler world beyond the we.
Fortress, clouds, Viscount Bledlsloe. Presl-
In the fifth day of the strong NEW YORK, May 23 (API dent of the Empire Day movement.
new Allied offensive, the R.A.PF. --The United States Govern- issues a call to the boys and girls
unleashed a furious night attack ment through the Petroleum of the Enlnire to develop a well-
on the German transportation hubs Administrator tor War. has informed interestt in world affairs
of Dortmund and Erunswck. urgentvly requested oil corn- and especially In those. of the Bri.
Using more than f1,000 aircraft, panies In Venezuela to in- tish Enmplr:,. Full text on Page 2).
it also bombed occupied France crease their average dally out- On behalf of the people of Trinl-
and the railway centres of Orleans put by the end of the year to dad and Tobago and the school-
ard Lemans. Mosquitoes hit Lud- nearly 1.000,000 barrels-almost children in particular, His Excel-
wigshafen and for the second night double their daily capacity In lency th.i A.tlnr Governor has
in a row key enemy airfields In 1943. forwardeI t. the Secretqrv of State
Belgium. The president of the Creole for transmission to His Majesty the
Soon after daybreak, the U.S. Air Petroleum Corporation, in an King, the following cable:
Force sent up to 750 Flying For- interview with the Associated "I hold be grateful Itf you
tresses and Liberators against Press saki that all oil com- would convey to Their Majesties
Getramaon points In Frailwayconcen- vanleq were requested to in- on this Empiri Day an assurance
traction points in France,fnd utn- crease their total output.. of the continued loyalty and affec-
M e t IeSMtriotal output.
many. More thargtn 1.0 A erican--tton thof ootluethe peoplel a'teof Trinidadd feand
Poioni ng Tobago and in lpartirular of the
fhters accompanied them on their A F n schoolchildren of the Colony."
missionn. I .A.Fr* rOlSOning Tragic death of four nuns in the
GREATEST FIGHTER FORCE -a t Joseph's Convent fire vesterdav
The 1,000-'plane fighter escort was[ I atement uereA rput a pall over festivities planned
The .' -plane fighter escort was t atement Qu ried for the holiday as the Clonnv
ngnter rorce sent a&log on a ma"y a n Reuwe- 7 '' ffical mourning
single mission. The Brltish War Office and the over h se tremendous losm.
Fighter sweeps and a series of Air Ministry have no information .rAlthough some e ntertainments
operations by medium and light regarding the alleged poisoning of were reported likely to b can-
bombers completed the pattern of young o1icers by Intoxicating liquor T AAC sports meeting at the
the day's pre-nvaslon bombard- served them In London night clubs, v wll cirrv as arranr ed.
ment. the Earl of Munster told the House Wtnr will carrv rn o arranred.
With no relaxation on the trans-
Enemy resources waxed and wan- of Lords today, port situation malortv of hoUAay
ed as tney did yesterday, with the The question came up when Lord seekers must spend the day
Luftwaffe making Its bigest effort Straboli asked if the Government within the confines of their district
under cover of darkness. Te Nazs knew of a number of ces in recent although ToR. trains running on
downed 36 British 'planes. months, of young officers and other a Sunday schedule will make it
The American heavies hit at members of the armed forces rnossible for some to reach outlying
least six Important sirfe ds nl visiting London on short leave. be- holiday centres,
eluding those at Avond, Orleans, ing sold In so-called night clubs, in- Is'ands launch service, connect-
Bricy, Bouges Etapeandes dMonde- toxlcatong liquor of so poisonous a i n the t with island resorts is
sire, also the Caen and Chateau nature that they had become ser suspend detvd for today, but a iaunt s
Dun airport. Points at Epinal, ously ill, had to enter hospital and will leave at 5 a m. for Monos di-
About 40-miles southeast of Nancy, t had been made unfit for duty for rect and another at 7 a.n. also
and Chaumont, 50 miles westo a -considerable periods up to a month, for Moncs but going via the Is-
Epinal were among the tran'slpor- Lord Strabolgi wanted to know lands.
tatin targets attacked, what had been done to bring theI As customary arrancrementq have
Onl one American bomber for- vendors of this liquor to justice, and been made for the Gerneral Post

mevera encounteraed fihere tl lotero u lqur h ifmtonOadn" oorw.Te*
station' Snucoterdn ias gte e .0 .- whether social measures had been, Office to remain open from 7 a m,
mitane Suandpitni seller ofe to taken to warn l ranks of the to I am. end from 4 nm. tom p.m.
keep the American losa down to exi stence of this traffic of poison. tfor sale of stamnis. 'here will be
one bomber and three fighters ous liquor, one deltverv of malls by city post-
Thde bomberss nowhere encountered The Carl of Munster replied that men at 7 a.m.
dan recti onof'entration of anti- while there was no doubt that there In v* w nf the holldiv there wil
areratt fire. ws a danger that Ill effects would be no publication of the 'ovenm,
The German radio warned that follow from the consumption of do-INews" today or of the "Triniad
several enemy lans were still leteroioues liquors., his information guardian" tomorrow. The "te-
over weter Germany at 6S0 p.m. was that neither the War Office ninr ews will be out ase sual,.
and with the wether Improving nor tlhe Air Ministry, nor the Cus-. however. tomorrow afternoon.
In the Straits, the Allied offensimve toms knew of these cam. Listeners to the .,. Empinre
was renewed earlyto g eht. Lord Strabogia id that Gove n Day broadcast at 3P.M. locallyl
American Mhaud r were sot- Iment information was Inco letetime) tndi winllor de C on-
tad w1ng a0os the Ohanl inIand he could give names of thr or, w l-kno wn 'idl baritone
the dbretiou of Le Touqust, An-Inight cluis in he West nd of slinger pow In ftelind. render A
other force which semed to be Indon. w atl est 11r d force l programme ocf mso
.Mrauders, went out twarmm Boti-offors hed b e badly poisoned. Th"r, short addr relating to
pio later. I and other ese and the names orecrf itin, will be broadcast lo a .
(A Renter message stated that medical offlee who attended them.emmencini, at1t 7 0 m.. 0m, 411t1
a staff car full of German The Earl of Munster mu her. 0. 0, -wkie. R.ecrittin.s 0W.

w atcho ed fry .. .-th e L LIMA F ore
arid and T1B.1Surve
ears. Llghtnlngs bombed Ua ^. *, ~
Istalations Report Soon Moscow Silent
"It1H 110"D.1 4r0 On F"gh
onam"Uss go salooms cbm M"TI & eite slands. L4NDON. 3.723 (AP).-MuOWw
has& = W so Ankaf I wpSwag moe se ient than usual to
7 VS^P"1*01 W DOW = an n leowcacrn activity ari"
? n J, 3 n 3 Pow Uafe sla w41. b lweu T rialm DiW wor m was pparentou too Me
a" vr adtw. km 11ft 1810-'a. 0-
m d.... i ,t__ tJN,
and twol RMore 40ttwi *p fto 16 Wel __ta t__tt ortSU im n ~mt
fall l erl -M tewa ftt *e a W ion~iuha br^ is iais
S&'wlOU INAsB USSr rvAWlJ. team i4
ggrtuy *^B *Mnl~~r 14"jf SSa1raw^w* Vie Was4 0*^ 1 1-



I Bots. 20/ Bottles 40

SBots. 5i/ Bottles 30/






We hold a good stock of

New Drive Begun

Also On Main

Front In Italy

ALLIED HEADQUARTERS. Naples. May 23 (AP) The Allied
armies on the Analo-Nettuno beachhead and the main Italian fronts
launched simultaneous offensives today, touching off savage fighting
which may determine the fate of both Rome and the German l10th
Army within the %'ext few days.
Paced by a terrific aerial on- -...
slaught which rained thousands of Army's assault from the beach-
bombl on German trcop concen- head. At the fArst light of day
trations and communications, Bri- Boston bombers swooped low over
tiUh and American troops of the a large concentration of enemy
?Ifth Army struck out from the troops in the eight-mile stretch 09
herchhead early this morning un- the Dry riverhvad north of Cisater-
der the personal direction of Lieut.- na. showering them with deadly
General Mark Clark. who moved fragmentation as well a s moko
hiLs headquarters to the battle- bombs.
around which is less than 20 miles Warhawks hovered above, watch-
rom the edges of Rome. ing the results of the Bostona' at-
At the same time, American and tack, then planted their bombs oR
French units, who had already point which were minled.
routed the battered enemy from The United Nations radio in Al-
the southern anchors of the Ols- giers said French troops were
tav and Hitler Lines, attacked fighting in the streets of Pontecor-
again on a front, extending from vo.
Terraclna through the mountain While the Fifth Army onslisught
area or Lenola to the southern surged forward, fighter-bombers and
edge of th' Liri Valley and British. dive-bombers beat a steas4y tattoO
Canadians. Poles and other units with bombs on enemy gun emplace-
of the Eighth Army smashed furl- ments. tanks and troops around
ously at the main Hitler Litle de- Ciateona. key road and rail centre
fences astride the Liri Valley and on the Appian Wayv only two mileS
the vital Highwayv Six which is the from the attack's starting point.
main road to Rome. At the same time, between 501
ALLIES' BIGGEST FORCE aid 75o Flying Fortresses and Li-
berators rained destruction on
It Is the greatest Allied striking enemy troops concentrated at
force yet thrown into the battle Nemi. nine miles north of the
in this war outside of the Russian beachhead and 1h miles southeast
front. Its foe Is 17 Nazi divisions of Rome, aind Marino, 12 mni'es
known to have been committed to suutheast of Rome, as well as the
action by Field-Marshal Albert Subiaco Road, 10 miles south of
Kesselrring in the hope of staving Wime, the Valmontone area, Aveg-
off the disaster which General Sir gano and Orottaferrato.
Harold Alexander promised him. The brief official announcement
For the enemy it is a sho down. of the new attack gave no indica.
The Naei commander is lefi, with- tion of the direction of the beacl
out any real reserves to throw head troopsW thrut and .Id do-
into the battle and fresh rein- .tail of th dy flAghtin We*
forcementa could be obtained only ubvalable.
I iviaions from fat II D TuOOTIN B SuI
two theortr over railways and
highways already badly battered by Although they started today's
the Allied air might and subject big attack only 24 miles apart, a
to continued daily poundlngs. quick Junction between Fifth Army
(Reuter reports that this at- troops on the beachhead and the
ternoon the enemy admitted the Americans, tlrusting along the
tall of one of Its central bastions, coastal end of the main front ap-
the village of Pico. The Ber- peared Improbable. Between them
ln account of this Allied success lies the flooded Pontine Marshe
is that the Allied troops managed across which the troops are likely
to capture a height close to the to encounter very slow going
village which was evacuated regardless of how determined the
according to plan. The Import- resistance there might be.
ance of Pico to the German de- ---
fences can be measured by the IPLi SEi TURN TO PAGO S, COL. s|
terrific fight they put up to hu'd
it. They brought up more guns
and tanks and switched troops (lapt. Cipriani Takes
across from the far side of Italy WI Holiday Tour
In order to counter-attack the W.I. Holiday ou
French and Amerlcans who were The 'Trinidad Guardisn" levne4
threatening the village. One of
these counter-attacks wis report- yesterday that Captain the HonbI9
ed to have regained the enemy A. A. Cipriani on a short vacation
some ground only yesterday, is touring the northern Islands.
The Mediterranean Allied Air He will be returning to the Ots
Force set the pace for the Fifth ony I three or four we'ks' time.





MMaklri. k uuiiin.~ Iliii LTD

&M, Iaga tm) Pit $am N.V.

WVIWBAY. MAY 4. 1964.

Tragic Convent Fire Rouses
iWide Sympathy In Trinidad

THE fire which burnt down the greater
part of St. Joseph's Convent in Pern-
Sbroke Street yesterday morning was one
Sof the most destructive and tragic which
..Trinldad has known for many years. The
,tact that tour of the Nuns lost their
'lives gives it a polgnancy which adds to
'the horror inspired by every big blaze,
.and has evoked feelings of profound
pity and sorrow throughout the Colony.
'.Thought recoils from consideration of
'the details of the tragedy, which has
brought sudden anguish and loss to a
religious community working for the
betterment of the island.
To servo the living is, however, the
surest solace for those who mourn the
:dead, and we have no doubt of the cour-
age with which the task of reconstruc-
tion will be faced. The most important
SImmediate problem is to find temporary
quarters for the Convent school with its
several hundred pupfis, who have so un-
ceremoniously been deprived of their
alma mater. In this connection it is
fortunate, however, that so large a part
of the United States garrison is being
withdrawn from Trinidad at this time,
for among the buildings vacated it should
be possible to find accommodation for
the school, until a permanent structure
can be re-established. Official policy
usually approves grants from public
funds for school buildings, which no
doubt will be forthcoming In this case.
But meanwhile the Government should
help the Convent to secure a temporary
, place to carry on its classes.
SThe Convent 4*lUwill have to be
built, and money' 1i be secured for
This pnrpose. We draw attention to the
list opened yesterday with Initial con-
Stributions of some $4,000, end shall be
glad to acknowledge and, where desired,
t" o receive further sums on behalf of the
appropriate authorities. Insurance sel-
.4dm covers all costs, and the truth of
-this will no doubt be keenly realised at
this period of Inflated costs. Hence we
gladly commend the appeal to our
readers, and are confident of a wide and
generous response.
This was the second large fire in
-Port-of-Spaln In four days, and it is
fitting that the admirable work done by
the Fire Brigade and volunteer units
should be acknowledged. The fire fight-
ers were fortunate to obtain additional
water from the emergency main In
Henry Street last Saturday, which we
owe to e t nltlatmw of the bnq'ofe OeralO
Wight when he was Civil Defence Com-
missioner. Their efforts at the Convent
fire yesterday received no such aid. but
They did extremely good work with the





Dointions Received to Daute :-

H.E. The Acting Governor, Hon. A. B. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Boon ..... ..
W. S. Robertson & Co., Ltd.
T.P.D. Senior Staff War Fund* -
St. John's Baptist Church-Collection ....
Methodist Church, P.O.S.-Collection
Mrs. E. C. Kidman ..... -
Mr. and Mrs. A. Emlyn ..... ...
Mr. G A. Slater ......
Radio Distribution (Trinidad), Ltd.
Mr. A. Richards .... --

...... ..... $100.00
.... .. 250.00
_ _- 450.00
- 28.26
S 34.68
.-... 25.00
S _. 500.00
...... 10.00
S- 25.00
... 5.00


- - - - - -

pi-resm s~aMato ram osdtnary mui
ciphl sowx. U anything W4idd' spur
the City U000=4 to tcke tso Water
problem a9osmy, it is the I towWedge
that a p1Ie"Ufl supply ft all district
may be a mIea of sing lives and pro-
perty should there be a repetition of an
emergency such as yesterday's.

Allies Open 2-Way Drive

In The Battle Of Italy

.WITH the breaking of the lull on the
Anzio beachhead yesterday simul-
taneously with a new drive by the Eighth
Army on the Hitler Line in the Liri Val-
ley, the battle In Italy entered a new
phase. The power of the Anzio forces
should soon be in evidence, for the break
in operations gave the opportunity to
pour reinforcements into the beachhead
in preparation for the offensive. When
troops were first landed at Anzio in the
hope of cutting off the enemy on the
old Fifth Army front, the Allied com-
mand took a chance which nearly failed
because the distance from airfields made
it difficult to provide adequate air cover
for the invading forces. However, the
bridgehead was held in spite of desperate
German attempts to liquidate it, and it
served the good purpose of keeping a
sizeable enemy force engaged.
The situation has now changed com-
pletely, for not only has a very power-
ful Allied air force been built up, capable
of providing the necessary cover, but
the land forces have 'been considerably
strengthened in men and equipment.
They can put the maximum strain on
the enemy at a time when he cannot
afford to bolster his Italian forces. Al-
ready he has been forced to throw into
the fray all the reserves he has at his
disposal south of Rome, and as a result
two of the chief objectives of the cam-
paign have been achieved. The main
aims of the Allied armies were the en-
gagement of as large a number of the
enemy's forces as possible, and their
It is too early to determine what suc-
cess will attend the new Allied drives, but
our troops have made a good beginning.
It is a happy augury that the enemy has
conceded that 'te barrage with which
the Anzio assault opened was of unprece-
dented intensity, testifying to the great
strength which had been built up for the
operation. The progress 4n Italy since
the renewal of activity after the long
lull enforced by the weather has been
satisfactory. The enemy has been driven
back to new positions, and while it is
true that Allied losses have been des-
cribed as "considerable," yet they are not
incommensurate with the results and
the enemy's own losses.
An interesting sidelight on the main
fighting in Italy is the work of the Ital-
ian guerrillas behind the enemy's lines,
particularly in the North. Their activi-
ties have already borne good fruit by
compelling the Germans to divert 6 of the
23 divisions at their disposal to counter-
partisan duties, when their services are
likely to be urgently needed in combat.
It is welcome news. too, that Italian par-
tisans in the mountains of the regions
wnie! fordfer wtth trwife Le worft1ig
in collaboration with the French Maquis"
in hamstringing the German war effort.
Common adversity has forged a link be-
tween peoples who not long ago were
unwilling enemies.


Control Systems Compared
The Editer, "Trsdad Guardian."
During the past few wee'-s, re-
presentations have been made that
the Jamaica system of control, the
British Guiana syst-m of control,
.,nd the Barbados system of con-
trol have all worked well.
The heads of the control systems
In all of these colonies are per-
man.lnt Government officials, and
despite criticisms of Government
departments ,ind Government c 1-
cials generally, it would appear
that Government officials receive
some training which makes them
qualify to run Government Insti-
tutions which evidently are
not suitable for people not trained
in the Government way.
The above has occurred to me
in view of the criticisms that have
been leveled against the Control
Board, as the head of our Control
Board is a civilian and not a Gov-
ernment official.
It appears that there is some-
thing good in Government officials,
for when a choice of a business
delegate was made by the Cham-
ber of Commerce, they chose a
man who had been trained all his
life as a Government official,
brigadier Mavrogordato.FCT.

Bad Rood Deplored
Aa a taxuaver and on behalf
of many of us t1 aIN tIn MretM
district of Bianchiuseuse, I would
like to point out that the Blan-
chisseuse road continues to be in a
very bad condition. One wonderM
whether the same condition which
existed last year is going to occur
again this year.
Will not those in authority ee
to It that this read Le given ism-
mediate attention instead of the
slow method that is at resent in
operation and thus relieve the in-
habitants of ilanchilsseuse of this
awful road problem?

SGoots In the Garden
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian"
After being encouraged to
olant victory ardent, many
tenants have been suffering from
the depredations of flocks of
goats Which are allowed to roam
The evening efforts of manv a
wearyT worker have been complete-
Iv spoiled by such ravage. I
am. therefore, asking that some
measure be adopted to constrain
owners to keep their animals tied.
Mon Repos,
San Fernando.

Conveniences on Trains
The Edtor, "Trinidad OGvardlan.
The Installation of public con-
venience in trains in my humble
oinlion Is an absolute necessity ai
the train Is one of the reliable
means nof ublice travel, and pas-
eeneers sometimes have to be or
them for nearly tour hours.
I have been informed that then
are third class caiagec used or
local trains which have laAtor.
compartments. I am suggesting
tt at these carriagep with the lava
tory commitmwents should be ex
changed for one of the wooden
carriages in the south trains.
5. R. MOHAN.

Points From Letters:
RESIDENT (San Juan): Ai
early start In the Colony-wide V.D
campaign would be appreciated
and we hope it really will be Col
any-wide and not confined to "ort
f-*ap&a a



Letter To

The if

Housing Shortage Causes
Marriages to oe Postponed
TIM UB Er. "rPlumb 0-m, hr"
I have noticed Iverab tettes m
the Pr. nelabn to the soarcy
of houses. but I would Ue to
-.i laeit WWic cuir l whm
I applied for a form 49 anbli a
to get poaession of ra pt Uo
newly erected ones at Mo nt, or
of tho" that are to be erected at
Mucurapo Road.
An I expected to be married
shortly, and seeing how scare
houses are. I dcidd that the bost
place to apply would bo ow ofce
of the Housing Board. But on
applying there,. I W told
forms are not geve to unmarried
person. and that I woulw have to
oet married finst thbt eal bac.
What I want to know te th.L
What ae ws 'the youan people
who expect to et married)to to do?
Most of our home ane already
crowded, and an addition would
cause many dUscomfort.
Through not having any place
to go, our wedding ha been Post-
poned twice. I know that there are
hundreds of Trinidad youth prptaeX
the same question. What we we
to do?
I wish it would be made possible
for us youngsters to get homes of
our own d stead of Uvint with our
parents. c F ANTIC
St. James.
Bible Meeting Apology
The Emltor, Trinlidad Guardian."
Wil you be kind enough to allow
me, through the medium of your
columns, to offer an expoaaUo?
and an apology to the many ticket
holders who came to the Bible
Society's meeting at the lobe
Theatre on Tuerdlay, May 16, and
were not able to vain admission?
The meeting was timed to begin
at 8.30 p.m. At 7.30 the crowd in
the streets outside the theatre was
so great that we were compelled
to open the doors. The number of
stewards on duty at that hour wai
insuhlclent to control the multitude
that surged into the building, and
probably several hundreds of per-
T ons without tickets had gained
admission before proper control
could be established.
The Committee of the Trinidad
Auxiliary desires me to express its
very great regret at the dctmp-
polntmennt and annoyance caused
to many of our good friends and
supporters through this unfortu-
nate incident, and to assure them
thit the greatest care will be taken
at next year's meeting to guaran-
tee that there shall be no recur-
rence of It.

His Majesty the King In his Em-
pire Day Message to the Colonial
Empire, pays especial tribute to
the valour and bravery of Colonial
troops and to men and women of
the Colonial Services.
Viscount Bledlsloe, G.CM3O.,
K.B.E., president of the Empire
Day Movement, in his message, Is-
sues a call to the boys and girls of
th: Empire to develop a well-
informed interest in world affairs
and especially in those of the Bri-
tish E'cplre.
Following is the text of His Ma-
jesty's Linpire Day message to the
Colonial Empire:-
fToday in these eventful times we
cc ebrate the fifth Empire Dav or
the war. We are in good heart for
we can justly say that whatever
danger may still threaten the Com-
monwealth and the Empire we have
at this moment to our hand the
men, the weapons; the resources
and mastery of the situation which
make the final Issue certain.
'.Throtghout this bitter and ter-
rible conflict I have never doubted
that the response of my Colonial
peoples to all calls made upon them
[ti.:m would be swift wholehearted
and complete. It is a wonderful
t .ng for me to reflect that pro-
mises of loyalty and support which
so many of you sent to me in the
darkest days of our history have
been redeemed many times over.
"My Co'onlal troops side by .,side
with their comrades from all marts
of the Empire have fought and are
fighting with their traditional brav-
ecry. Success crowned their arm% in
Africa as I know it will in other
theatres of war. But fighting in
battle is only one part of the total
war. The organisation of large and
small communities and their re-
sources on a war looting, the carry-
Ing out of urgent war measures and
planning and execution of pro-
grammes of war production have
thrown a heavy burden upon my
Colonial governments and legisla-
tures. They have I know been
helped in their task by the out-
standing and loyal co-operation of
the peoples.
"I wish to pay especial tribute to
the men and women of my Colonial
Services. Many of them in the Far
East are now in the hands of the
enemy. They are always In our
thoughts. Others have lef. their civil
duties for the military service where
their expert knowledge and experi-
ence have been of the greatest
140. VaI wich Me M90 AiM. di .
ways increasing demand of the war
has made still harder and more
exacting the task Of those who had
to stay at their post. They have
sustained this heavier burden, often
under difficult conditions deprived
of the companionship of their wives
and families through long periods
anxious for their safety and well
"None have spared themselves. To
all I send this expression of my
appreciation of their devoted worn
and of the hope that with GOod's
hel we shall come through the
peri ,and sufferings to happier
"On this notable Empire liyour
hearts must be full of profound
thankfulness to our fighting men,
drawn from every part of the
world-wide British Commonwealth,
whose valour, endurance, and heroic
sacrifloes have brought victory in
sight and saved the world from
slavery and the Empire from dis-
ruption. Let us prove ourselves
worthy of their great achievements
by pursuing with sincerity and vi-
.' .-i, within our own shores of in-
Ruence and endeavour-be it great
or small-the cause of human wel-
fare, contentment and happiness
in dftys to come.
"The steadfast solidarity and
comradeship of ritish people
throughout this war have not only
saved the Empire-they have saved
the world. This moliCar"- and
mutual confidence will be more thai
ever needed in the task of estab-
l.ising on a sure foundation ar
enduring peace. Just as In 140
all freedom-loving nations lookol
to us for salvation and leadershl
and did not look in vain, so wI
they look to us again in the hou
of victory. Empire Day remind
us that our Empire ottlnship in
evolves responsibllites comnmau,
Sate with a supreme coneaden in
the future greatness of the artist
Commonwealth and Empire and a
full retaliation of the Immeasur
able service which tt can rend-
not only to Its own people but t
all mankind.
'Boy and girls of the mple
you are living In stirring amei
n Many.changes will ta-e place beto
I. in your own country and In Uth
I, wide world beyond. Air tranpor
- and radio r'mmunicntoa lwil
- bring the earth s scattered tern
torise ever neermr to youV. Wm

concerns their Inhabitants will
concern you too and affect your
daily life. Develop, therefore, a
well-informed in&rest in world
affairs and especially in those of
the British Empire which is your
own special heritage and will be-
come one of your great responsi-
bilities in the Adventt.. of life
upon which you are embarking.
"There is opening up before us
all the vista of a brighter, nobler
and more righteous world beyond
the clouds of war-a world where
selfishness, oppression, injustice
and want will be buried in a new-
found liberty, based upon the foun-
dations of a living faith. Let us
all earnestly strive, with stout
hearts and unsullied Ideals, to aid
In the building of that better world,
firmly refusing to allow the present
unparalleled unity of the British
Commonwealth and its brave Allies
to be shaken In putting qur hands
to the God-sent task of perpetu-
ating peace upon earth and pro-
moting goodwill among men."

No Enthusiasm

In Eire

For Elections
LONDON, May 22 (Reuter's) -
With the Eire General election
only eight days away, orators of
all four contesting parties and in-
dependents are trying hard to break
dbwn public apathy.
Absence of enthusiasm on the
part of lire's depleted electorate
coincides with election promises
now reaching their peak from 352
candidates for 137 seats in the
Dall. Expecting that their prover-
bial eloquence might overcome
natural diffidence, Cardinal Joseph
Macrory, Archbishop of Down, has
already expressed the hope that
"a spirit of Christian charity will
inspire the campaign."
In pre-war times, processions of
farmers marching with. pitchpine
torches aud men mounted on spirit-
ed horses escorting rival speakers
usually marked this gala event in
rural areas.
Today local hustings are a very
tame affair. Even week-end ral-
lies on College Green, Dublin's main
thoroughfare, are never big enough
to interfere seriously with main
street traffic. Main cause of dis-
interest is the lack of a controver-
sial issue but also that of the re-
cent transport breakdown which
has isolated rural life to the extent
Sof forcing back communications to
ThoUsands of adults will not cast
their vote this year. They are
citizens of lire engaged in war-
Swork in Britain's munitions centres
on building sites, on the land, and
the 30,000 men and women In the
fighting forces who are virtually
disfranchised. Their voluntary
breaking with the neutrality policy
of the De Valera regime has for-
feited their right to vote oin decid-
ing its successors.

U.S. Envoy Reports

On Panama Mission
Mr. Avara Warren, United States
AB.basrsdor to Panama, who hsl
b, In Bolivia on a special State
Department mission, arrived in
Washington today and Immediately
reported to Mr. CordeUl Hull, sere-
tay of state.
Mr. Warren's return apparently
marked the beginning of full recon-
asideration of the United States rela.
tloma with Bolirva but no action
wl be taken with respect to the
possibility of ending non-recognition
until after all the other Americean
nastis, following the same policy;
a-3 fully advised of Mr. Warren's
SNazis In Holland
Prepare For Invasion
S LON.)N, May 2 (Router).-
Sef Inquhart. 0h Nad Commis.
Stoner in Mownd. has prepared a
Sit of martial law deces which
Swill he put iost ~ate in the event
of an AMle inding in Holand
Al DAuth mubwMes, he said,
L woul be unde direct Ge-
tka manmlltby osdrelend thepeW
V1eO10 help Awnr ImoirmiU
Ibe outed. Eyone win l oia
"rwion.s w

* "m *'.J

* .,.esi

Offers are Invited for the purchase of two R4A j
Oa BoBe oil good workft eonoisn.
Tlsae oflurea for sale solely becauw9 t
reMPIWd by 40ectrically dilvft plant and mahinery.
?W mW be upetd at the Mechanical eu
(oAeoMOUn) of the TrMi Oovertent 'EaUWMa *' i
tween the hours at 7 a.m. and 4,.0 p.m. on any
&Saturday when inspection Is open fraom 7 am. to t.oa
Offers are to be flwed and addressed to tbhe d
Trinidad owtrUnM t IalSway.SY.
3RMB3 CASE. Delivery ex site, Purchaser to ase-
and iraniportat o. W.WT

loth May, 194.


The Public is hereby notifted
that the Warden Ofcer of the
Department will be attending tWe
undermentioned Offices for the
purpose of collecting Lands and
Buildings Taxes on the days speci-
fled below between the hours of 9
a.m. and 3 p.m.

County of St. Andrew
Warden's Office, Coryal--Thursday,
25th May, and Thurs. 1st June,
Warden's Office, Miatura-Thurs-
day, 25th May, and Thurs. st
June, 1944.
Warden's Office, Valencia.-Friday.
2nd June and Friday 23rd
June, 1944,

County St. David
Grande Rivlere--Fridsy, 16th June,
and Friday 23rd June, 1M944.
Matelot- Wednesday, 14th June
and Wednesday, 21st June,

Warden, Eastern Counties.

Careless Talk

Costs Lives-

Don't Talk

J. L. Adam"
General Manag ofr

Report Onu
Production, 1l

Rubber p ..cti
four months i6 4
exceeded that for the 1
in 194. Durmin.. M
a number of Hevea m
tapping as their tre.'
and most of them baX
commence again eariy
the County of St. a
Agricultural Aajslt-nt
suaded several more -
to tap their tree.
Mr. N. Rtplhael, A4IP1
sistant for St. Qemt1
temporarily placed entw
bar work.
new method of t-lM
trees were given
Santa Cruz and
10 days in the moOR
tapping "school" wa'
Richmond Estate,
men were trained ta.
trees. Arrangemnat
made to open 'im
Trinidad: the flrst
Estate, Arima, and
Tabaqulte, Rio Crao .
etc.. wherever th
concentrations of
Persons desirous o
method are invited *-
owners of estates with
are asked to send I.V
period of a week.
pupils can already
become quite proflli
tapping in a few .
for the schools i ts
the U.S. Rubber D



Effective from Soture May 20th, the 10
train ex P.O.S. to Couv, and 12.45 p.m,
Couva to P.O.S. (Saturday trains) are conl
substituted by the following trains
P.O. Spain .... dep. 10.15 am. Couva .....
Couva .......... arr. 11.44 am. P.O. Spain ......
As from Monday. May 22nd. and until further d
p.m. train ex P.OS. to Hambledon will only run aS tfar'
arriving there at 13.16 am. ,
The return trio of this train which at present let
don at 1.20 a.m. is cancelled and substituted by atI
Tunapuna at 12.35 an.. arriving P.O. Spain at 1.02 ,.
As from the same date (Monday. May 22nd), the
Passenger Train will run on the revised schedule shewj

Port-of-Spain ............ dep. 6.36 a.m.
San Fernando .............. 9.15
Bay Road ............... 3.21-22
Main Road Xlng. ........ 857-28
Union .................... ; -35
Harmony Hall ............ 9.41-42
Reform ................... 9.48-49
Bqn Lomond .............. 4.55-56
Williamsville ............. 1).03-06
Brothers Estate .......... 10.11-12
Princes Town .............. arr. 105 a.m.

Princes Town ............
Brothers Estate ..........
Willai Laville ..............
Ben Lomocd ............
It-lorm ......... .......
Harmony Hall ..........
Union ....................
Main Road Xlng .......
Bay Road ...............
San Fernando ..........
Portoft-Spain ..............

17th May. 1944.



12.00 pA


M, O0. /

5.00 a.m, 10.45 :.
5.10-11 l
5.16-18 1065* )
5.25-26 -
532-34 11.0641
544-44 ll.l7.45
565-5M -6
6T02 110
8.45 a.nt. I1 P,

Trinidad Government RailwVIg


Train Arrangements' Empi*re
Whit.Monday, 24th & 29th MS,

a On Tuesday. May 23rd, A &peal train SM in"
at 8. p.m. for San Fernandoarr .t iwi
leave Sn Fernando at 6.16 p.m. ftr P t"-ot W
at 8.18 p.m.
On Empire Day, May 24th and W ttMoP4a1
senger trains wui run as per aSinuay w m '
On Tuesday, May 30th, a hr
for San Fernando at 3.50 a.m., arrivtg there at & l0
On Wednesday, May 26th an Mo day.
service wll be suspended. The al ntce w ie
Thursday, May 5th and Tuesday, )Ma Y0th. _... j
Good will not b enoepted h/mont _... ., Bfl
Tuday, May 23rd, and after 1.00 p.m. on Ut B
FerhabIe oode will not be accepted ftaW_
p.m. on Fridy, May 3@th, unU t.00 a.m. on
J. L.

U. May. 1.44. . ...

a. Hi A...L *






pO WMd W r Stephens,. Ltd.


Gen. Dwight D. Elestower, Ailed Supreme Commander In the
European Theatre, aon Mr. Winston Curehl, the Prisme Minis-
ter of Great Britain, appear in a seri vei d -an they inspect a
serfow businees.-Invaion demonstration by U.S. glider and para-
troop sommewhere in England.--(AP photo).

His Majesty Praises Colonial

Peoples In Empire Day Message


ii~otM Monet-ary Plan
loite Of Gold Standard

wP. Nag U (MNUS Lid Keyne, British lnancf t.-
sw meillilm, Nk u a part In deP t is b a e o ntwna,
"OUy Dam 4nuf1tIn tsm e Ba* 1 LA*d t hdaytl t the
aEMdeact looh" t the eeni the amesing of the

or sytm. L-ord
D W, afKene

iater f ld tht

( w guton "Mau

gra the reserve 3ri

mated -a f tpeot
itary OyiMB. Lord
the toter va Nd-h
tha and of the Im-n

ieaubaid ha wished It
gieneraly appreciated in
tt sh had sul" to pay
for o crifcing every
for the future In the
of lmmedlate strength.
waging thet war without
e cost, we have bur-
iee with Indebtedness
pntries. beneath which
tagger. We have already
the common as more
n afford, and we must
ir in ny flnf l pact
waM to make sure that we
0Wt the burdens," he
-e majow bairovemnents
V--lu Droper share of re-
H~wnrmaintainIng the
-- R f ttfb5Jruue ofin-


Seeks Better

P.O. Facilities
Tuilial Guardlaa Grrepeadst
CARUAGE May 22-Resolutlon
to approach dovernment Irnaedi-
ac for this district better
poftfael~e*Including an addi-
letter carrier ond the hand-
lingof mo nd postal orders at
tewDtolug here~n wa pawed
una onious by the Tapayers' As-
Members expremed the view that
m Carenage was within easy reach
of the city Its elass to Improvement
were very much el overlooked. They
stressed that the Importance of the
village was considerably increased
with the migration of the people
from Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas,
Teteron Bay and Scotland Pay
since the occupation of the north-
west peninsula by the Americans
for the naval base.

Drive Opened

From Anzio
The final battle for Rome might
not be long delayed. The newl-
prepared German defensive lines
along which the Allied Command
predlr~A( the uuua vnl maker

i O reaor ounries, a last if beT >*e~ng the
continued that the Eternal City Is roughly only seven
*I had offered a far- miles north of the beachhead pert-
Il 'm of protection against meter.
o the main cause
during the inter-war Italians Collaborate
Swe hada voluntary With French Partisans
inthe spirit of
Oonsd"erale confidence,, LONDON, Aay 23 (Reuter)-The
dr a confidence second of General Alexander's
i ke pl wil"tlht some- communiques about the doings of
lk e planwillotol Itl" patriots h come in to-
t to s e Is t." day. It reveals that in the moun-
s dStrmined in the *.tainouA border, country adjoining
t"he extral yIn oteFrance, the Italians are collabor-
mothe extelrnf varue ating with French partisans, the
a confo to Its In- Maquis they are called.
s' not the other wa More news of partisan activities
intended to t a was given In the House of Con-
8t he domestic rate ot mous today by Mr. Clement Attlee,
& o tat cDldk eputy Prime Minister. He an-
i t sh e could keep it nounced that Britain was sending
win tpurposesb and arms and ammunition to the vari-.
r with the ebb and ous guerrilla bands in Albania, Mr.
teratonal arrangements, Attlee said that the Albanian peo-
she I rrsnteded to pr
at home, She Would VIe as a whole were resolutely op-
atios at tin dW posed to the Axis Invaders of their
ef rom outside. country.
s of he A few Quislinp had formed A
S Sd an Lord Keones government of collaboration with
tiat du r h poin-Wg the Germans but guerrilla activity
M il period, twtaas fairly widesproid throughout
te retain aay oth- 1 P eotutry. There were three
stand special at- I organtlsations; the left wing
ml" with the string National Liberation Movement was
3M with thethe most active party mainly in
02IN MAINTrNANCR southern Albania; supporters of
King Zog were fighting in the cen-
W* from the international tre of the country and there was
sndangering the long tradi- a third organisation of Albanian
IU6ch most of the empire nationalists.
00 snd most other coun- There had been clashes between
W* hav centered their flnan- these three groups, said Mr..Attlee,
*asI in London, the plan but liae son officers in Albania were
lJ judgment. ano ndispens- trying to bring them to set up a
of maintaining this united resistance front.
a ~l
aid quotas Ital an Patriot
were notinten~ded Iala5P tro
ft f W country to live
*1The construction of airn' ~rW
Provision or that is Resistance Grows
S nt ernatinal o-oper-CC. OE
hich we shall embark A LI CI ED HADQUATRS.
yh s discourage us LI D HEADQUART .
ITALY, May 23 (Reuter) -An
ti sone. t e M quotse announcement today from General
-L sto tide over the Sir Harold Alexander's headquar-
femergimences e one tears. said that the Italian patriot
S .resistance which is pinning down
to Lo'd Addlson, Lord several of Field-Marshal Albert
Oill swa nOthintgA v yon Kesselring's divisions which he
o a'-"! to oterifee would like to send south, is or-
bulk transactions. e ganised In six operational zones.
They cover the whole of
GOerman-occupied Italy. he
Bt ana- Gets ones have ^een created in order
0 a Gets that the population of each re-
gion, may receive pertinent in-
B Degree structions bv mmae f th radio.
Napleq radio Is now keeping in
be ca elv ed here constant touch with the patriots
Isa4uolf nisntt e by special broadcasts, enerally
&.Lw% nlS amd Instructing then hew to at to
orsf porcaf o bring the maximum aid to the
In modern liberating annles, without expos-
degree ft acorof ia themselves to futile risks,
6 University, Mon-
-ltaiis, who Was educated Slyde Roderick Critchlow. 7, of
a oyal College, hopes Auzonville Road. Tunapuna, suf-
Steaching fered serious injury on Monday
_'_ L '_ _____, when he came in contact with a
a MZTING Lmotor vehicle driven by Private
-METIf L001, Of the South Caribbean
* Jn a Juoa'n Bn. aon the Eastern Main Road.
Jua Brmo c Osfwl m ost e bO who sustained injuries to
thO hea Soiety wil meet he h ad and right hand, was
e harmanshlIo of Mr. taken to the Tunapuna Hospital
ISWtahesn nat 6 p.m. to- and later to the Colonial Hospital.
w S Juan Govern- frt-dfton, where he was de-




* $7.N
* .8S


.- ; TtDAD GUAIAN, WeTAY, MAT A4, 14.

U.S. Pass Bl

To Reward

Canal Workers
A Bill to benefit persons who helped
build the Panama Canal was
adoptAd by the House after m-
benri described it to 0t -t
"new pension schee" ut' MAamm
to jus. debts h-
peried their lre 0ev-
is ofn Olj~~te ilhhft win~h
InIen cal wth *0 a
last week by the & IeSe.
lar to one vetoed by Mr. Roe e=t
two years a enmwmn a roll Ail
vote of :atoa. iIt would ahn
paynments estimated at a total fat
M.0O00. 0to $10.000000 to between
1,000 and 2,000 former Oandl work-
ers. most of whom are 0 to 10
yers of age.
'teprentatiy Peterson, Demo-
erat o Florida, and sponsor, de-
clared that 1 would correctt and
remedy a long stading injury to
these tors, who went :own there
a&e peru o &their lives and were
promised by their Government that
they would receive special compen-
sation for their efforts."
"I wonder when we are going to
bring a Bill In hers to reward this
hroup of Pulgrim Fathers."
Representative Hoffman, Repub-
lican, Michigasn, asked: 'Is there
no limit to the amount this Oon-
gress will appropriate?"
Representative Blank, Oc.nocrat,
Virginia asserted: "In the matter of
justice we should provide for thoe
old men." ut .epresentatUve i'V1-
sell, 'e ocrat, rexas, reolied:
"There is no reason on earth to
pensior tht.N men, who considered
thenisel.S luck to get the high
wages t:iey d'-d down there."

Burma Road Cut
By Chinese Troops
I CCNoT;d PSUA *A0 1i% |

It added: "Progress has been
mde on all sectors of the Assam
Iront against stiff opposition and
heavy casualties have been Inflicted
on the enemy and considerable
equipment captured.
The resume showed that long-
nings, U.S. -ustangs and Light-
ning fighters destroyed 213 Jap-
anee aLrakft in Burma in the
list 10 weeks at a cost of three
fighters. The review said 81 ene-
my 'planes were probably destroyed
and 68 damaged.
These one-sided score are attribut-
ed In part to the constant develop-
ment of new combat methods, the
secret of which has not been dis-
closed. The review said: "The Jap-
anese varied their defensive tac-
tics, but we always were one bet-
ter. Ten weeks after the start of
the offensive we can still destroy
16 aircraft in one day. The enemy
lbis yet to find a way in thin com-
pletely new phase of the air war
in Burma.
[John Nixon, B.B.C. reporter,
emphasises that the survey of the
past week's fighting Issued today
from Admiral Mountbatten's
ds im ,h rate of
'tleAWARB cet dVe great
Increase in the Japanese difficul-
ties. particularly in northern
Burma. The heaviest fighting
of the week has been in the
Manipur sector where the num-
ber of JapTnese ki)l% d 1 the pres-
ent struggle has risen to 7,600.
Down In Arakan, Allied troops
are now firmly established and
dominate heights covering the
whole battle area.,
Wavell Inspects
Chlndit Troops
NNW DELHI, May 32 (Reuter).-
It was disclosed here today that
Lord Wavell, the Viceroy, recently
paid a flying visit to the Chindit
troops in the Burma theatre. In
front of a battle map he discussed
operations with Major-General
Lentalgne, the Chindita, commander
in the field, and other senior of-
ficers. A famous Scottish regi-
ment provided a guard of honour
for the Viceroy. He spent more
than an hour at a special force hos-
pital talking with patients. Lord
Wavell met at the Chindits base
several officers and men who bad
served under him when he com-
mended the Allied forces in the
Middle NEst... .

12 Victoria Avenue ...... $W
S Herbert 8Utfst ....... $U,M
Apply in it to-.
Qseen's Parh E#-Bm N. IMT
----- -w -- %%m1



W. Marine SQuam,

Offers to the Troinidad
Turf Club are invited
for thoroughbred year-
ling and tw-year-old
Colts and Fillfes, stt-
Ing Pedigre, Dote of
Birth end Price. Offte
must be In writ&g nd
must reach thi Secro
tory on or before 31st
Maj. 1944.
i m
; .P.~

aj i






GromophoMs from $45 to
Wardrobes from $50 to $30
Dressiq Tables from $3"
Marbletop Washstands
from $25 to $18
Oil Stea "3-Burners" from
$25 t $18
FRAMES at #r wayw

H Iyt. L(r T )

wombDNWIANDmeOn. I
- --i - - - --.m M

Melon With V Sign
Grown At Debe
PaW ee auspices tor the
lmpMdHa< triple-frod attack
On rrem Xropa w* rese -en,
yestray when thre clrly
defined "Vs" were found to-
scribed In the heart ota water-
The melon, which was rown
at Debe by Mr. Mahommed
A' dul. a vendor at the Eastern
market, was shown to the "Trt-
aided Guardian" soon after it
had been cut for sale.

U.S. Release

Big Supply Of

Electric Irons
There has bee an e-ceptionally
large release of electric irons tU
the United tates recently and
Trinidad will no doubt receive a
portion f them. the "Trinidad
Ouardian" was Informed ye-
day by Mr. Arch Black, tourift
export manager of the Not$@
Divlvion, Borg-WV rner Corpora-
Uto, U.S.A.
Here since Mat Sunday fter
completing a tour of Central Amerl-
ca and certain South American
countries, Mr. Black is surveying
this Colony'$ needs of distributors
for refrigerators and househo' 1
electrical tppllances on behalf of
his company.
Asked about posilt'llties of Tri-
nidad getting such supplies, Mr.
Black told a "Trinidad Guardian"
representative: "While conditions
are at present extremely difficult
an4 refrigerators, home appliances
and commercial refrigeration are
released by the United States Gov-
ernment only for essouential purpose-
es such as clinics and hospitals,
nevertheless there Is every possi-
bllity of increased supply to the
public In the not too distant fu-
Manpotctjrr atoterrlii ravsel
rah b*r eohdt.Afltt S 1M .s, .U
said, could hardly be remedied un-
til after the war.
When asked about spare parts.,
Mr. Black. In view of existing ship-
ping facilities and control of re-
leases of parts, did not express op-
timism, but he hoped that the
situation would improve. He
stated it was much to be
regretted thalt there were such a
large number of frigldalres and
refrigeration appliances In the Col-
ony at present that were useless
because of the Inability to secure
spare parts for repair purposes.

Wanderers 'A' Beat
Chinese 2-1
Wanderers "A" kept the lead In
the ladies' hockey standing, when
they whipped Chinese by a narrow
2-1 margin on the Queen's Park
Savannah yesterday.
With a fair crowd looking on,
Miss Ida Daunt and Mrs. Hart
scored one each for the victors,
while centre-forward Ziska De SlUva
notched Chinese lone goalg.
The first hlf was even, with
Wanderers havhn the better
chances at Chinese goal.
By a fast Ironside pass from a
scrimmage, Ida Daunt. Inner right.
scored the first goal to tike Wan-
derers off the mark.
Chinese then put a little more
vigour ihnto play, but for a time
their forwards seemed unable to get
through the backs.
Nevertheless, Ziska De Silva with
a solo effort, beat through the
SMolid backs, Cambridge and Schuler
drew keeper Knaggs from the up-
rights and slammed home the
equalizer In an empty goal just be-
fore half-time.
Wanderers had the better of the
second session, and Mrs. Hart se-
curied the winning goal with a very
hard shot.
Chinese faded from the picture
until the concluding stages, when
centre-forward De sIlva headed a
few daring raids-but to no avail.
as the forwards frequently over-
ran the ball.


Sports Enter

Second Day
The TA.A.C. ports commit
have decided to hold a third d
In t internal sports on Sat-
urday, to facilitalto the Barbado
.rean taUves, who arrived yestr-
e half mile match race today
will teem with interest and M AG
Pernands, who took all the inter-
colonial eye raes* On the frst day.
will be contesting honours with
Cousins, the Jamaican ace; Lewis,
of B.O.: and Nightingale, the Bar-
badoe topnotch wheelman.
On Saturday the sports Will be-
gin at 2 p.m. with flv intercolonial
rle races, and two at events on
the 13-term card.
There will be a one and three
miles Intermediate and "B' class
Intercolonlal cycle events In which
chosen representatives of both
classes will battle hmnours against
B.G's Mongul who Carried off al1
his "" class events at Kingston In
August, and Clarke of Barbados.
Pree entry will be given only
those athletes and cyclists who took
part in the first two days' sports,
and the Trinidad Intercolonial
teams, it Is understood, might pos-
sibly be changed.

Nightingale Arrives
And Heads Sprints
The three-man team to reprment
Barbados in the Interoolonial Cycle
and Athletic Sports, which will
have its third day on Saturday,
arrived by 'plane yesterday.
Neville Nightingale, Blimshlre's
cycle champion, is no stranger 'o
the Oval track, and has represented
his Colony at the West Indian
games in 1939 among topnotch
cyclisLs in Trinidad including the
Jamaican champion, Bales, who is
oth 1lghtlngsale and arkte
practised at the Oval yesterday,
and the Barbados cycle ace out-
sprinted a field with B.G.'! Laddie
LeWis, and many other topnotchers.
Woods, who It is reported, has
done some splendid times at Bim-
shire, will be measuring strides with
the Trinidad and British Guiana
team In the 100 and 220 yards sprint
events, which at present hold the
interest of the Trinidad puhllo.
Cup Prize
For May Sports
A cp has been offered by Mr.
Irvin Joseph, of Barataria, or the
440-yards event, carded on the
cycle and athletic sports sponsored
by the San Juan Athletic Club to
be held at the Barataria oval on
May 28 and 29.



Second Avenue,
Saturday, 27th May, 1944
1.30 P.M.
Instructed bv T. F. Tomlinson.
Esq.. we will sell all his adO and
useful items such as SlmMons
Double Beds. Springs and Mat-
tresses. Iron Double Bed, Spring,
Mattress,. Mosoutto Net and Pil-
lows, Boy's Wardrobe. Cedar
Gent's Compactum. Corridor and
Bedroom Grass Mats, Crap. Mir-
rored Dressing Table, Full length
Mirror on stand, Mirrored Bureaux,
Enamel Bedroom Ware, Bedside
Table, Baby's Crib and Mattres,
Mahogany Dining Table and 10
Chairs, China Dinner and Break-
fast Sets, Mahogany Serving
Table. 8-Day Striking Clock. Can-
teen Cutlery, Cedar Sideboard,
Glassware. China Cabinet, Nest
Mahogany Trays. Carving Sel
Tea Set. Methylated Spirit Stove,
Iron and Enamel Pots and Pans.
Enamel Meat Boiler. Mincing
Machine. Rattan Settee and
Couch, Morris Table Chainrs
with Cushions, Simmons Porch
Chairs. Brass Smokers' Stand,
Electric Reading Lamp, I Lan-
terns, Electric Celling Lamp, Cur-
tains. Brausware. Electric Iron,
O.C. Tables. 2 Mahogany Arm
Ohairs, Serbice Chair, Lady's
Writing DeskU Pair Oak Otter
Chairs. Books. 1 Lawn Mowers.
Garden T"ols. Stev Ladder. Ram-
mock, rain Wire and Wire let-
ting. Eight Tube R.C.A. R;dlo,
Items on view day prior to and
morning of sale and
Boyd & Hutchinson, Ltd.,

in aid of the


- on -




Space kindly lent by Salvatorl, Seott & o., Ltd.



We beg to anoune that the
Auction S of 8. A. Z ,rd .
Furniture at Circu Ito Mo ,
Autine, has boa postpomn -
& ,y ard June, a4 at IM p..

we true I. a w owaras
Piwnitmeruch a:- Pair OMf
a*to* Be", Saring sod Mattteli,
Iron Ot nad MatireS.1 ,to
neto and a -
ohef of aweN. T-!L-
Wereon, Mf5W9 ITO a
TsaLand cand oeuMSa
Chars oiand auid esT~l

StoWos Me I"pStyandost
G", us 3 ou efl

cm n ufib* bol

21 MOB 0l~ dw PAW. Aw w
mown" 0*4dle"ad I%0*-CU

Byd H-

Standard LIft
Awraaee Co.
ol b i me is West
hMe ar f s. .
M|M0 . MLh|

N flesc'nmana's YW Ii too off tis
richest nural sources of theM Vitamia BCempl,
Take twice daily, half honr before meals a ;plin
or mashed In fruit juice, milk or water.


Aetg en behalf of the
Ministry *t War Trampft
General Cargo Steamer e-
viee, between Trinidad a
British GtGana
For further particulars peam
U St. Vincent Street .

War Clouds Hang
Very Low
THE tension In Europe will no
doubt soon burst. Let us prepare
therefore to rejoice together over
victory of the united Nations.
able for Gent's Evening Wear at
$15.00 per 2 pce. suit or Dress Coat
only. $12.00.
KHAKI SERGE:-- Very nice
quality suitable for Officers and
other Dress Wear at $354.00 and
$30.00 per 2 pce. suit;
KHAKI DRILL:-- British Khaki
Drill at $14.00 per 3 pee. suit.

Fitz-Clarence Spencer
Taler Major
14 I urlne Square, Zest.
Near R.O, Cathedral.
Yhone No. 4970.

(Fr all ye Trubles) ,
(Ter all ate. ehrsie am
Acssns, Uoee. % ers,
Cut" WinWiO. W)
Preh SUpUle of the abo
pP~rations have b"en received
'aft saln *t yeo Dr w

Eag*b Eftea S
A- 3aPL
= It & e a rlN s'e e r
9A w am,

Lbrge Shipimt
iO flHUflIHB |!





CASH If Ye avN NT-
^ ~ ~ -_ -^ -_ - -




-ANT.....Nw I


Which wos to have been held at



F - - - - - - - -



,o Op" "a BM wlwo

Itiwo of USNglcAipa


Talk (Y Trinidad
<* II.' "" ThEMUUUIMUH G Mil
Nh -Cinzm T tu Asi A goVer attended by Ant.-Bup
OlS3K. s am r vis to i .Joseph,' COaUsw t.
maw-J'!g ihouwal&41.hM liKge ab-eua wOof I"
S d" Jo, a with We entire community in eztendin
| l E'eod tUbar and her loyal btand of Sisters.
.. M party i aid of the Air Scouts at St. Marys college,
So K lasxto taken place on Saturday. has been postpod
*,m N iti ~to ta af at St. Joseph's convene
,ad a sIe of fancy work will take place at the "Hiicott"
Nurstng Home In aid of the British Red Cros tnvys1o Appeal
sturdy. May 27.
om the samJe afternoon, at the St. Augustine Club, an America
tO aent will be held and thisA wil be followed by gamn.
| eda* will be gWen to the cause.
HOOH the courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Huggins, more tbma
300 U.SE.D. men and Arm y personnel were catered for at Pa*t-
tat e on Sunday when an old-time TeXas barbecue picnic wW
mT iWenl was held under the patronage of Lieut.-Colonel Prank
(lJA., and was sponsored by the Co-operative Stores of the
.D.. with Mr. Virginia Hendley rfpresernttig the entertainment
itteo U managing director.
Ste the Intermittent showers the party had a fuJI days en-
tnwilhthe swimming pool as an all-dav a'traction. wherts
ganme *aah Hitler," inwhich many double prize& were won,
n whic many d-u~ re o
ao mo" popular.
President among others were Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hugins._Lleut.-
Fnk Carey. MissD enyse and Miss Daphne Huinu Mr.
Nggins. Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Bourne, Mrs. Punnett, Mr. Dick
hell. Mr. Oeorge Kitteridge, M!"s Marjorie Knowles, Mr. and
tCompton, Mr. Georitg Ervell, Mr. IesTinoid Punnett. Mr. Vir-
nziia. Hendley. Lieutenant Shade. Mr. Mrs. Harmon Eaton, Mr.
Ail Donoghue, Mr. Tommy springer, n(1 Major Wade (U.S,.
CTIANCINO Youth. 1944," to be pregPnied by Helen Mary Keay at
J the prince's Building at 5 o'clock on Fridav of this week In aid
the .Red Cros, promises even more ne'rtlainment than before, as
ls ie will be dancing four old favmri.s in answer to many re-
"tS, s vrv erygood nw to a i l Iiop "-i.o have enjoyed seeing
^^xtledancu4. There* will be it spec ia rranizement of the
,,halrs to enable people in all parts ot the hall to sea the stage.
PA S p ENGR by air last wek for An'ig',ia wa, Mrs. P. Fraser.
A who hi gone to spend two months with her dauthter. Mrs. Cyril
eobeon. a
.rO 1 N.AD t MILNER-BARRY ,nd Ii' -Cnmnuinidr Barbour, of
, plW: returned fr Ba'sadot h, flrir r ',ee'erdav and the
3,tter.Om Sunday. They stayed f Aiosl. 1 1
a 5
MXR. WIIWIN e 0. ABRAMAKAM was en'ertainped hy his colleagues
S of Trtbdad LOSseolds, Ltd. on the eve .,f hi m marriage to
O Jet Iaft,. of Malgretbote Estate., which took pace on Satur-
st'A stag party w w ivn fotre hnim at No. 40 bun:ia'ow. No. I bache-
lors men. Potnie-a-pierre, and he had a cc-od 'end-off. During
the eveningt r. Frank HMal madn a s;er' 'ch of .Iogratulation and
-pre ented Mr. Abraham vith a cheepqe ci ber'ailf of ti o'lhers.
vybody seem"s tO .aw a v etr. rvroo 'ln, fand I betlevp thp
highlight, of the evening was the sningil of Mr. Ernest Hart, wnlcn
was ceirtAilly appreci"-d
Amon fioee present i adaitir to !he gI of" o hnnolir wrpe Mr.
-rrPf Hall, Mr i'red BAlir Mr. Iid ,Tav" ycir.'...i. Mr. Pa Fancey,
Lisut. Supte, Mr. Arth.;r 0. Fr' Va', i t ,IV Pac''r, Mr. unny
Ofill Mr Noel D'Ahace, Mr. E rr"t H-. M: Haro d Hask1l. Mr
L Aois A is, m i. ( herald Nulse, Mr. H;T: nopeMr. Sonny Seal,
Mr. B ack and othrs.
r wlM be a aspeAaf! 'mWpii ;,:iiiP. Iof chicken salad,
scored at the pool at Persevr':rce .i],o tr!o '- fr thuse who
wish to have It there.
Later this ven:.;g, 'hrie v I,' bp d:. ..". ,.*'he bY Bert
Me .ian's orchft"T, and 'rini: "ih evenii' M..- ..,'v'mPe Iar .)f Bar-
'bed(s, will sing, while "Ma.tx" o A*addain' fine, xil. Binlluse the
crowd with his jokes.
Plans for an open air hrtearle re Ltrinc inade and this will
take place win T'uraday, June 8.
lI. 3.. A. C. BRETT and Mr. M;aloini Browit. from Trinidad
-,V iA:esl L',d. London. are at present in Trinidad on a bust-
= "Ip and wae etaytit at ft guest house, Polnte-a-Plerre.
IAN exurmely jolly party wa given last Friday night by the staff
'A of the BW.IA Lid.. at the home of Mr and .Mrs. Wilfred L.
]ranoo for Mr. Lawrene, V. Doucette. 'chief arrountant of the firm.
who is leving for Canada shortly Da'.l *o music by a 'pick-up"
e Indnlged i In ntii after mldnligt DiH: h.r course of tie eve-
lUg Mr. toswette 'va preas rrted ,'h a w ,,' 'R s.r'r -Icock'ail glasses."
by C ptatn K. T. Murray, the general mat! ,,n..' n 1 ii i of The staff.
Amotng .Ve present were Capt. a:kl M: K T. Murray, Mr. and
*e. P Mackenzie. Mr. R F. Geor,- Mr an- .,M:s to\in Rat,
Lr. and Mrs. Malcolm Barrent, Ca;, a .,V \%' .1 ('hs.peil. Capt.
and Mrs. 1, Harris. rCapt pe1 Tr 't. ,.,, K ,e.e, Cap' R.
Williams. Mr. and Mrs. F Briif. M' W S s ('riIII',, Mr. Winm.
-MUtntoeJb, MlM G(orlsa I!d Ml-$. D-01 im:. i. Ms PevIg\V Guy.
;NMIl Yvonne Bdgh'l. .i Mix. ,.in P*is. M:%I : ) t;." I)'Ahrei Miss P.
'Mleean. Mrs V. Yufe. Mi. il Mi". (., i!, (*i i:i Mr. J. Haynes,
S. aanm Luetgo. Mr C4hai. Mvn,,I' M'd \ Ma: mnri. Mr. D.
Smith, Mr. Frtis Thompson, Mr. and Mis. El iha:u XVh:'e, Mr. Couzens.
and Mrs "'Mtekle" Franupton.

(MKEOKam m .tAB
?I=Ur<* os* AU.O


Take Care Of
Your Brushes
"W -=elmltrj-iVa
hass a e ( bsmu te
man" M-ie and that of her
fT l bral i and sVp*11a
b&ri e vry SMeal. By br-
weg the sB w*Is water atit
*MD one whip. us the alotuexi
bloodstream and ato deep-ao
ths pores reinglf any embede
Peany"gain flesh". appear
on boy are- *atbhia ; =lta M-*
Jah condlition Is nothin3 mr 1 r
le than Inactive por-SMot-
creUng Impurits a they should. A
ronwing acrubhinc allowed by a
good Bmad'e wLh erem er oU will
soon orrect It.
Then of course to be uMd daily
are the halrbrush the toothbrush,
the hand and nail bruh, the SmalM
eyebrow and lash bnras. and the
o powder brush t remove excem
p wd fOM c a nd harline.
Clothes and shoe brushes keep the
wardrobe looking fresh.
Now any brush ean quickly get
soied and it is a good habit to wash
Syour brusbe once a week and
steriM them. To sterill them ou
simply add t good germicide to he
last rinsing water after cleaning
the brushes with borax and sop
flakes. To give longer life to the
bristles lay them on their sides (not
resting on bristles) and allow them
to thoroughly dry before using
M ke-up brushes should be wiped
clean after use and kept away from
dust or grime.


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Major Bowe

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15 Iondon Clling
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I:;POPL.ETME STP4N T" er," E h6




Night Owl Club

"N"T. ...Nw sdie r o te nediy .59pm

arn now gtves o daly--t 5,9 p.m.

tAR ME! Ia60T AU..i


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Carnival 5f MUSM
Harry James






Twkee Daly at 4.45 & 84S

me tews MMS
Ual 55mNue
la"sk" UI

Good aa ad
For A Hot Day
A Stad BmOG0 IUmSO
A m. 14b et W, *inS tof the
tes. "I abs toa e- eo laI
a band neW' sme.
in a Iu mooBd paterw plaee 0
bed cO erWp, trk DetaM Na tn e
ONmt t wialehem a mumn f
bog"d potoe (dtWe). Now eB
a lquesA fty at Oring beam
(boded) around the potto. Some
oo be t (diced) om and
theM sUes of eunumbe and tme-
tos. If Urada s Inea O, the
d of ta dth a can be arniMd
= =U anO d It you hae plakl"
use ,ht tOo.
MaWke a mut o vtenar. pper.
It and W lOa or eve fnly
obGpped and throw over Ugetabes.

Today's Diary
Carntval dano at 1 Trinidadt
Country Club.
mpire Day dance at Peraever-
ance Club.
Guest night at Coterie of social
Workers' Community Centre.
Forthcoming Events
Prank Gaby's troupe. UZ.O.. a
p.m. on Thursday, May 25.
"Dancing Youth 1M4" repeat In
aid of Red Cross. Friday. May 26.
Lecture on Ceylon. Y.W.CA.,
1.30 p.m. Friday, May 32.
May formal) dance, US.O, 8
p.m., Friday, May 26.






R ................. ...........m.........lI lltJi Ii l


TODAY 9.30 a.m. Kiddles Matinee
The Whole Serial
4.34 & .30 p.m. Olsen & Johnon
in a MUsileia Allaploo.,"
with Count Basae and Band
Thurday: Mat. A Night: Boris
Raileff In,.-

TONIGHT at 8.30-
Unlverai presents Bud Abbott A
Lou Costello In:-
With: Dick Foran A Anne Gwynne


MeM Th & .ea aesar., a tf
to th *lts 5o War Trasort. *Ill
epast remesase sad 0c ll. ewtes h.
t=M0 the Bled Koa"Cm sa the imbte-
we"t lades4. ltlk 0515*. adM tp
-l51 Maim.
fta(ta- K"i-*w **
fta fath. blefrmafe efl s es
MIAl050. F, a HnVuING & 00. LTD
Teiwaes nil11n .y74 "uAl *,y.
WfiYttlIKMI llttt tt,, f1.restuntfl~iN




Wednesday, May 24
Grnd So
Grand SmoklUg
at the vU I MAOUSM
Special GwMr Artists and

||I~nilllllU|lli lllnill l ln llllnilinii 11iiniiin rii Uii we w ;
PALACE-San Ftrnando
TODAY at 1.30, 6 & 8.30 p.m.
Bowl -v Talkies Present:-

Each One
Than the Other
New Brand Bungalow.
"Emnty.0 Cascade, near
Coblenta. Modern Con-
venlencea .............. 800
Umotv Cottage. 40 Al-
fredo Street. Just been
oalnted and renovated.
Quick ................. $17.0
39 Saddle Road-New-
De Luxe ............. 818.000
D Prettiest home on Long
Circular Rd. Very latest
design. Freehold ..... 14.000
1 Hunter Street ..... l3J00
14 Warren Street-
"Beauty" .............. 900
Building Lot Barataria .. $M0
Extra Larnge Home-Rust
Street ................
5 Sioaria Hill. Rental
1--Real Bargain .... $1200
1,5 & 16 Stanislauls
place-Freehold .... $7.500
9 Davis Street-Freehold
-Possession ........... $2.99
2 Island Houses-
Monos and OGasaree
Frederick Street Pro-
nertv ................ U21,M
20 Roberta Street ...... 85.200
Freehold Bungalow-Evans
and Bushe Sts. Possession
.-St. Augustine ...... 812.000
U De Verteull Street.
Possession ............ 15.000
Sc Saddle Road. New
Modern Home. "Empty"
........ $12,500
La Concordia Estate.
Sangre Orande 172
acres. Pay $2,000 and take
over mortgage
90 Eastern Main Road.
Rental $24 ............ $2
Lowly Bungalow-
Methuen Street ..... 810.500
Empty Cottage-Posseasion
O'connor Street ..... $13,000
1 Ana Street- Possession
...... 117
2 Ana Street-Empty 814400
3 Alfredo Street-Best Offter
Business Prem"sei and Hode
Pomesslmn--U Prince Street.
18 Queen's Park East. Ono-
site the Savannah.
10 other Prootrtle For Sale,
39 Charlotte Street.
Tist veor nroertv with
NO Sale--No C0omRmI0M.
Lois ulAm Thos

Heor 0


15 = ,1 -

GLOBE-San Jm .
Today and Teworrew, at 5 a um *tomm--UVanlS
PRICES: M W A 3. 5.

Coming s3o
The Bridge of
San Luis Rey


TODAY (4) Sho
At 9.30 a.m-Mornlag Matinee- At 1.15 Mldday-A 1
TIe Whole Serial (1) HIT PARADE
20 -- s U M. i -M-a


of Republic's Romance of the Seven:iS

Today..36 ,- Today, 1.15-
Wutherine Heights WHEN THIEF
a The WeMaterner MEETS THIEF
.3 ,Today, 4.4 S & .45-
Springtime In The SILVER
Roadckle, and
MoontMed. QUEEN
*hf Jll JIcl~lnmiummiamemlt C iI~nglgdmtuaiIttmt imntt ~nt~n


TODAY 1.N4 p.m. Matinee:- S TODAY 1.0 p.S
1---A-AN-m Al DT ...- AN


t6 &30 p.m Almso Thus'day:--


ANK GWYN~t ^ j^
mN uirn. k
with Count Base A Oreb. SasW

TODAY 4.30 & 8.30-


toting es her
i esuite Ihalise I


TODAY 1.40 p.t
(.458.26J P.M'-'

EMI *XMI *' -(M
rot--, 8.-*a"m
: PiP3 LE T.,
P.*- .lmzi^2

N-W-San Fernu!
TODAY at 9.9 a.m.- "TARZAN FINDS A JO1,
AT S & 5* P.M. Super GigamUt Dde:-
CHINA (AMlan id)
-AMD ..i

TODAY at 5 8.45 p.m. 1 u 0OUnunt? -
Metro GdMwrn M~OMw'"^"
(Rahint Ta imr

|SiiTcmmw:-. 503600OW^

Ta&k ;Wingl| Ill0


N-ww -Iqqmmml" ^ fi--
AM . M&fc


i miunuHm ummminnmmHmHmflmN


TODAY, and O CoNI0nuSiS
A Xmash Double I




%I Iff

I -

T3n!DAD GUARDUN. WPXKSDAYI NAY ?4. 14L_______________________________

W COnvent Buildings After Early Morning Fire'

~ 'qv94 9..~
y. ,,~

9%, I
* i~. 9-.. 4
.9 1
4. .., I
,. I
** 'e. '

HM take. In daught
ikr v- ,aerday maiIa
a. rkut 51f t"hM Eallf
-j &"bhirmy.
m ya Ur theM
JI>M lowithi
L sh N tc mrbW^

I the last funn al ti
MD ryI After the o*M
1 I-Wed* the nuns of
W orders a1id p ayers.
esmeas wae wiNessed at
*ary, when many- per-
ngt past and present
AMd member of the pub-
we tears.
ll dIreotions could be
ft im of sympatv and
Sstunent. who ws wit-
S oreWmon, broke down
S be carried away.
m on which was Ina-
Mess of the four vic-
tn by Messrs. F-ancls
geu r PoHonals, T.
Speaes Clarke.
L. Rsnt and C.
rists present at the
f Very Rev. Pr. Me
enerIal and Parlish
Portt-SpaLin; Pr. Ten-
Fr. Hughes, OP., Fr.
Fr. IWh an; O.P.,
rft. Cufnlt. O P.,

SIPr.Ma eel:
0, o.t., jr. Ue^

9 Mur ray. S.s
I,. CE .Sp. Pr braft,
-- a *, 'W fl-q

Prior. O.S.B., Don
Dom Bernard, Om.p.,
0544M, o.82., The
ihr, and a number of
i other floral tributes
Marceline Schnelder,
Behnelder, the C -
Ofl9cer h, thrildadp-
Y Onps-Roach, the
;| oMw tuh Taxi
rU,$10IA., T,'J.

Wj ion at the IN
the Archbishop
te 0 to et, devyot
e amOte of the nuns.
said in art:
Pe'see hog this ig41.
^*toquSri" toon
Sthe Bt. Joeph. Con.
Shav eoft- her eor
Erie Rid for all thm
awy nd in a private
ve sent -a--e- of
With the commu-ity In
Ut-ered here this after.
,,,. In the pTirit oi
tlkf~t* 0t or tie d"ad
Wty omay have M"~
swiw take taor
toe melon of evwr-
i fith s it Is aid in


seen Ur< a ba. *
tt. 4nk


In Londo

This Weeki

ONO. -ay U R-tr=se-=
nf UTioaa OamulttM of
Plaftat w od l SllMf

dei. Oeptoso, kis Bugtria
rMl. Cn OSert W. Seto-u-Watonw leading-
Britieh expert on Balkan affairs,

l make the principal mprintedh.

In nine Slav onu cudN p
gree frn Slv eOmmIte
A Pranfestoato allSn atv o
WieOut that thepolicy af Slav
nn delegate, wl give the open-

od t" idaof n-Slavism.
7tManifesto said: *7t In actually
address and o an-1tatvm. of
Russia. .Csechodlovskla. Dulgaria.
Seine. Croatia, Macadamia oad

epato-Ucrain all ila read -s the
M-pranoe of all Wave onthe
In nine Slav tongueM. lnciudL pe
etal greetings frcan Slav committee
to the Unlite States and Canada.
A Mrantfeto to all Slav natiu
pntsU out that the policy of Slav

whopeawt h nothing to o with
old TsWrso idea of Pan-Slayima.
The manifesto said: "It is aotusloo
a negation of Pan-Slavism a
democratic all-Slav policy seeks the
co-operation of till Slays on the
bails- of their equate rightsau Slav
peoples, with no preferene- for, or
dominion of any particular Slav
The rally will pledge support to
all fighting Slav units in the world.

Soldiers And A.T.S.
At Calypso JRevue
A.T.S. programme girls and a
group of South Caribbean soldiers
at the gates will again be a feetnr.
of the repeat performance of "Land
of the Calypso," which takes place
at the Emplre Theatre on Friday
in response to popular demand at
Although today if a holiday those
wishing to reserve their seats may
do so by booking at the Empire
Theatre this morning between the
hours of 9 o'clock and 12 noon and
tonight from 7.30 to 9.30 o'clock.
Although changes are being
made in an attempt to improve the
revue, there will be none of a
major nature in the major cut,
and featured players taking part
will be Juanita Gomes, Ada Cre-
mona and Rosita. the apeclality
dances, Attila the Hun. the Tiger,
Lord and Lady lere. and Lord Be-
ginner. who brought the house
down on the opening night with
his calypso on A.T.S.
The performance is under the
distinguished patronage of Hise w
cellencv the Acting Governor and
Nonuored by the Trinidad Press
dub and an Anglo-American
committee in aid of Anglo-Ameri-
can war charities.

SSd owr'a-pl mik am
TIR "3 o I fINTOnM
* Poits-eP a Mrsia IMIna

Worstd btt w. wlas Viouma:
In:o Botaw Sere: White
inen: WhlteDrllx: Tusmre Sut-
tm: Acraft hirts In white and
sttMd with fMt ollar: une
vests and aotts. and soeks are
an"-. re"t arrivals *t
&I 9= VtSTRE
4m- tT

V 'OXIT Of m"."q



__ __ __ __ __ Gomes Answers
4 Expulsion Threat
"I exercised my free option in
going to Grenada and could not at
from St. Mary's Coflege shews Pembroke Street view ef the promise ef St. Jesepb's Convent that time be influenced by any de-
i. At left Is the 34-year-old Centsauwv Hall which, with the novitiate and e a1 aped the cision of the party since 5 v
I e burnt-out dg In whish were t e M< Su Jllpwl parlour. dnI IWih, keedergarten, president, Dr. D. T, PHitt, had sa. ES
A dat U baektgraid of trees the rognat U 5itep the ruined frh t or tai chapel where to it that the party could make no e
tSl .eighblwrhedl had joined the nums in worship. At bettum left freomm play thre4r hose eM the decision whatever." Councillor Al- L
Pdl walls while at right two easeked priests are seen with two laymen examninlg the fragmenta of bert Gomes, the Deputy Mayor of P
Port-etrpain sad third vice-
---- .^- 4---president of the West Indian Na-
tional Party, told a 'Trilidade
Guardian" reprqsmVttlve yestordayY
ColegePriestsInMu when he was as d to make aE
statement on the Grenada political p
In explanation he said that Sun- a
Heroic Rescue Of TrappedNuns Executors In daynigtt'sn decision of theecu-
Sve struck him as being "the
Most reckless and Injudicious
3.I ROIDM [ Father's... brand of chlvalry" and that he
B..KB^x .^ .Father's Willhat~we at
By R. O .recognised it for what It was,-"the '7
"I have nvAr refused God anythlg Thes words an from the willingness of eertain member$ qt
the Executive to follow the path
iMoriptM, which stul reamas shining over a ,s ufe of the Blessed Allegaions that after being of Dr. Pltt's perversity over the
granted permission to erect a cliff into political oblivion.'
Vr1a kneelfDg before the child Jesus in a burnt-out alcove above house on a selected lot of land I cff in to p oblvi"
which the second storey of ihe western wing of the St. Joseph Con- which be was a beneficiary, he he ,,ui iiiih ufinumiimii
vent was r Ing Infrno was compelled 10to discontinue
They a lso might have n ha building operaUons under threat
,lnnsaadeb oh'ot A SELECT CHR
Appeared to spectators AS one of oE woul hve been trapped,.itrwr ad yJ~ rt
the windows of the third storey of Getting the Brigade to concentrate beforex-pMo wr.dutceX Vnen, t (nstdofthfyinseS
the sam buildtngam litng for help, ahose on him Fr. Maen rush before Mr. stce K Vincents (In aid of the Chinese S
but before any could reach her she in and rescued the Olborlum and Iown yesterday in h t WI BE WtU
was seen to be enveloped In flam. the Holy Sacrament from the blia.- aj st the executors of the el WILL BE
and to fall. inu chapel. tatrotman.
She was one of four nuns who The Reverend Father Valdez. TroMnian who is seeking a ON
perished In the fire which Is r-- WW of St. Marys, took an active specific performance of an alleged
ported to have broken out in the Prt in the rescue work and one agreement between himself andi Saturday, 27th
Sacristy of the Convent. atid nun was Carried in his arms to the executors whereby he was S r y 2 t
which spread to almost every build- safety-. For the first timune the Con- given In 193 the lot of land M L i
ing Ihi the ground, except the vent grounds were thrown open to formin, part of his father's 2- Music by Edwin Payne -
southern wing or ntenary u men. and scors of then strangers acre es*tt at Lavenulle. told the TICKETS. -NOT TI
and the southern ortion of the could be seen swarming through court that for about two to three
central building wheconflagr- be on a-fire flightlers.l policemen. years now he had been unable to GENTS $2.0 .
tlion spread from Pembroke 8tree volunteers and ordinary civilians. goto his house not.onuly because
wiping out the chapel and al l iving a hand pulling houses. h had been forbidden to t Obtalnable "from-Mems. J. T. Al

led the wing abutting Pembroke for miles around, and a continuous which h his house was erected was
Street, where many of the old nuns rattle of bursting glass windows, the approved by Raoh and Peter
dept and which housed the irm. crackling of blzing wood and the Trotman. his brothers, and that
b boom of falling walls could be no sooner had he sought a deed Sa courtesy of Ge
.anndbYasn so heard in every snubua of the city. in respect ohtd he souht dedthan hwis by courtesy of HU
Pannedby s trong South Crowds of people from every dis brothers became curious. AsHH HH
breeze, the flames spread trict in Port-of-Spain were at the conacuence he sot his share In
towrds Abercromby and Oxord soene of the fre, while Catholics the estate ro ithe executors-in
Streets. rutting the Convents bgcic oe arning of the trigdy rushed 1940. from which time he ned
buildings and threatening neigh- to the scene to offer help. It W been striving to bring about a
ouring dwellings as a result Of the biest reseen I settlement but without success.
which residents of the entire Pem- Spain within recent years. Trotnan claimed that the es-
broke-Abercromby block on Oxford ib on ra hta thamly, ateha n died t s-
Itreet were forced to evacuate, and The blase bea rather added us ,it o tiiiiH
Lord, Harris square was filled witt according to Mr Valdes, of Mes.r builing lots, some of which were
0of half,-dressedevacue oyIAd who occupe by his brothers and ais-
d o h igh- wit ece and first saw a glow andreui sing that terse. and the others rented at
P piled high with salvaged herewas a fire tried to r the ra from 2 to 4.
Fire Brigade. A busyhte*elm" per month: Urd though his father
Ith the priests of St. Mary's line, however, eated n his s'had left the estate free from
e. dressed in civilian calothe s I i.'n t and lh debt, e had not derived a single
gowns doing s e ork,re to hisr to P farthine from ite estate.
of the ns t.were evoayatdsWome lothles. By the time he camnt The hearin continues tomorrow.

I. I

- or to neighbouring homes., seemed to be involved.
erethey wee taken after In its most trrLjyln moment
-'ture convent at Arims nd the coanflation presented a
we-eoae nv 0 #9 ,t Uen
n were a few serious injuries Nere the telm is'od-lit
ir /by the glowing embers of itg raft-
V e.erend PAther Macken, of e rand wooden waLa; t the
It, Mary~ College, Was severely lames stands te altar, lzring but
t on the hand duing the time nvolatea largetatus of Christ
a spent rushing In and out of the stnd triumphan stnel at the
*"" i **------ ___Chapel doer. Tbfnth =rains caewe
icONTINUEoD FROM PgVIOUO COL.) C. iB. t qUh th ta nt of
i-lly ended hae veT atire =theC t ra o mtone tou
of prayer before the thironeo f e =raw&on eare
L m ery and we ay be M
fale judgment as well as by flse
Onl Our Pertto ovkerok
forsstactto death Princess Tsahai
:these eWswho e Fund Nears $1,000
now* morn hav certainly given an m M
eemp~le of the niost nu lrevo- The Princes 'Ihaheia Me rt
n to their fellow i m i soestel Fund Is easUgf the OE8
7JI ra n is a lont, time tl 4. isebtheca
vot etn to we ..M.....of ..t..aaM
P_ & OZRMand It may -be totAwna
I1M A u~l tJthis aMyeaV ae et eeiIau
service has been loyally and't I
a Mother Sulam. ^ tBlo.: j
in ferei nanMLd4te 1

when wes io at a" W4
a ago anum--
Onto 10he a1rd Sat pet C*sEa -s
14 Sof dM--

"M~AL:: ^-

Convent Buildings
Wrecked By Fire
toully over steaming debris, while
0 or 13 helmeted iremen were
reaching ttil cracklig bems
ScorSof pLptfrmthe countryy
USIc, tboos tnder ther arms
wre In the crowd peering at the
har remain of ther erom
Moat of them had come to school
.newre of what had taken lice.
Policenmwen were keeping-
broke Street under strait patrol all
tamig, guarding the entrance
M lsa'1or nuns w=howerel
burnt to death were buried ye-
tkiay afternoon following a fun-
seiceat 4.0o oclockat the
cathedrall of the Immaculate Con.
MUMpAt, a hch H i U p tUp
Th ntirel u=dln s and content.
IsstaSted, were Insured with
Iritish Oulafa and Trinidad M.
AMI Mes Iawrance Company tr
Ura wmwn a
RxW GOn, M a (*su0 si-
U0"eantw fore-s have at-EADo
aon tbhe ki si-ui

Ophthalmic Optician
7 Parak Street. P.O.8.
n Coffee Steet. a F'de.

Auction Sale
ee TbhiA Date Open-
THURSDAY. MAY 25, 1944
at -
I have been favoured with In-
itructlons from Lt. Paul K.
tlvondd to sell at Public Auction
is complete household Furni-
G.E. Fridge, 7-Tube O.EC.
tadlioram with automatic Record
Changer. Morris Suite (complete).
Dining Room Suite (complete),
DressMlnr Table, Corona Portable
Tvpewrilter. Lady's Bicycle with
.lihting aet, Wardrdobe. Ironing
Boards. Smoking Stand, Reading
.Lamp, Moluito Nets. Stool.
Writing Desks, Wooden Trays. Step
Ladder, Towel Rack. Medicine
Cabinet, Tables. Book Ends, Ferns
in hanging baskets. Porcelain Tea
and Dinner Sets. Electric Stove,
Electric Hot Plate. Electric Iron.
Electrli Toaster. Kitchen Safe.
Rooms. Mops. Mats, Curtains.
1 Lot of Cutlery, including
Knives. Spoons and Porks, Carving
let, Spring Blinds. Tennis Rack-
ets, Percolator (coffee). Camera,
Linens. Gardening Utensils. Clothes
Press, Books, Glassware. Clothes
=e with Curtains attached,
2ugs. Bread Boards with Knives,
Baskets, Table Mats. Gardening
Ihears. Bnamela.e, Kettles,
doublee Boilers, aucwepans and
Roaating Pan, Bicycle Pumps,
And many other useful items
vould aDppear on date of sale.
Wake a note of this late-
hureday 25th May, 1944.
rhe Platce-45 Muourapeo Read-
at 13 V.A
Licensed Auctioneer.


school, San Fernando)

i ,ay, 1944
Chinese Supper Bar.
LADIES $1.00
lum & Co.. LtdA Win Hing
Kiang, Cantii. Shanghai, and
arants, and frr, Maembers o

general Supplies. Ltd.
Hf llllHIIII IIIN iniltlllH IIlUINHHIIlU lllllllllllll


owr nrwm...
Patmrs ofbMutyin il imUs work sow
m ft *m, w do*, -,..b
dp wd 1v Is cIeis'=w Vs'@'W aM
Pwrfacdy balanced, dis sowb iWnti-
aoqt rgponds latfady to .4 Hhsssw
oadc. Is dp of cof y on dibe # .csad ass spee wridas W
almost alMatfoaht I
l"rn Isk go-y. mwTDi mM ksme mDo

Ut.pshe Pauteg unmdce u& l



flU OILL, S if LUaiI
TEETH. i. ... Tis f .
'~ 0a li tt,

^^ bases smht b "
jl~ bstesstMhl~ti nerIu j
^mV iukdb. 1~y(l2 1






MAY 24th

Lady Members (Stand) Reserved Seats -. $1.20
'Phone 4480 for Reservtlo.a
Lady Members (Stand) .....................-- $1.00
Ladies' Stand ................................... .72
Public Stand ................................... .......... .. .60
Uncovered Stand ................ ..................... 48
Grounds ......................................................................- .36 -

i~i~iUiiiiiti iutini~i~inH~iiHiiH~i~miiiH~in iHHi8 iiBHBB ~i~iii

p ssO


.... warn you not

to wait until gritty

old motor oil

damages vital car

parts. Refill the

crankcase every

1000 mils with

top quality




I '

I ,-


'44 f




4 ~ DINE

At the rendezvous of the elite
Dance to the strains of lilting
mmusic played for you by
The Moderneers!

\ J/UL JAjimetdwL CDundA4

Sandwiches and Snacks will be
served until closing time.









r ,
bt tA

. I..;

:4ia~flM AMAF*USMw*VWOOMMnA. lAt24. 1k44


.M m A-...nrrno & miEA m DUY Y

W &I P asaeMatotn sea.M
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'.:*rg And '35 Large Guinea Rh
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ONE HORRE, good condition.
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-May 31
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Appy Roagobln, Joyou Street.
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No 2--May 2T
GRADDI) AI.PIN:S--Mothar. e
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USED BOOKS and MAt;AZ7N- .. wanted RENTAL
to buy. flonw) irlren Ipai I Borneo's,
y.-May t rner Keelt and Prince Alfred Streets. ROOM AND BOARD
Ran Jirrnandto.-.May 26
toFrAlpine Miayi 6 BOARD and LODGING for hactnelorn.
rt Alpine TAMPa WANTS!L. current Used stamps Apply. ti e S cott-Busbl street. 'Pho*n
d, All of Trinidad. the Ouisnsa and IlaIand& u M
DunWoet. Hifhelt prices pld Write for May 24.
monthslIeI -Ralt .P10. ao uar illn ,-J C rMF R lTABLH. FU NlIS-- -- ROOM.
$3O,00 REWARD for approve Small 2.5 BadenPowetlU treafltn.-uIO
oa.-,jl P* Prlour ore i n t Town to Due GC. FURNIS D D giIT. iNu -ROO p.lon
Pariouar*41 -lr Ctft sonj I Setr11n(HIng Avenlue. Apply: So pOJLI- Ag
tA : t Garcla. 28 Prince street Jutnie 13 "Gai elan A vM A ppl
Apply!USED BOORS an id MAQIAZINEB -OGuadTan."-Day 31
a. Penal. USo t B Ste t< h MArado nOMFORTABLi I'URNiaHED ROOM
ltn, Bought. TUsed Stamp. Tniht Afread swith Board. 70 Petroa treet.-May ,
ition, BokNtOll yretr Mtrt lAN 20AL O preferably. Apply: Mrs. vit Audrsow
fused, u CARp IN qnnn MFC' ISAI('AL CON. 16 *pC01700i Appl. a"reo aPMK .11,sww
reusd. DITION without tvyre, Later Models 1. 0 Coffee dtret. Sa r- 'l F
Village, Apply Licensing Off ice, Sa Fernando o o 6r----Juns 6
Vo iU. 244.-.May 26. BOARD AND LODOING. IdMea loiflty.
e Al Apply: ; Murray slraut. 'PNa *16-
May 31
treet.- UNFURNIIHEDI) HOUR%. within the traoB,. baclotr. 2 Pralia Steta-Mi y
City 'PhIone 7721.. May 24 1.
vance for House in the cty Apply Mrs. Queen's Park Hotel. ao"t ratS. 1
0 bottles Chin Pang. 'Phonle 6&2 Julte 2.L Dare Street. ',Phonie 4.-Jun 14
lothsB In TRACTOR- BULLDOZER ((tr short 124 PICTO 1 STREET. 'PbO 5 001.-
mno Mule. period. state alse .ani toeriia. A. Oger)ly, May 2U.
between Ban remadio. May 21 OJARND0I AND LODGING. It1 Ed-
rope, *L FINOIllt ARMY O1'FFI(ER AND ward StEeot.-Juno S.
WIFE require Unfurniehet House or Flat t COOL PURNISBHD ROOM with la-
I8.600. 10 rtnt within one mile St. James. Box itng water and board for repestabits
I Loa. NO P.136 e.o Trinidad GOuardian."-- cheldr or matrrd couple. 9 Quee'*S
May 26. Park SEat.I *PhOe MTt61.-May i.
two-year- ^ -- -%0^^ 004-# COM'ORTABLE LARGE DOUHLU
own lp rCHANDISE ROOM Ereillot imals 101 Aberoromby.
rEcaout.,o MERCHANDISE Tip~.*xMyM
Telaseshne1096.-May 24.
an-A pIne. o I a, Amerloana. Mealg ao lifel
lt'ne MISCELLANEOU& FOR SALE 14' aRms Street. Weoak.-J41me U.
LARGE COOL ROOM wth breoa at.
OO 1ONE BABYT's PRES (class doorst: Meals ptuinal. I Luis Street. aonMer
nOne Couh. uOne 6-Foot ttepiadder. Apply; Wrihita Road.-Jun. 4.
i Alsandra strt .-- June 3 INGUt roomO. Bacsholor prtfarned.
TWO NEW STOVESt, Bunltamt *IM 'Phonte 41--May 25.
Coleman. Copeland. Fork Stret, Port.______________
of1-4s1n.-May 26
al h, A.g s or grat grues. orso'a, ofriel
tn W13 seteand Prince Alfred Streets. "an r- FURNilSmE HOUSE. Poreveraoneew
JIwun.o and. -W ay26 tote, Mrcs. 1t. oeh. Apply: Ovear.
g 4lini ONE PIANO S for sal. 9 Alfredo Street. ser on sati or 6 FltzgerttmLane.
3. "^Pbona^^ Tilt-Mar 'PhoMn *l.-kay 23
iaxto'l ONE IRON SAYE 3' "-3'x2' t". T FURNISHEDHf USET2 t0Egith A-
Expert Pri RMs street -may 24 a,. aII rataz.-May 21
lvea W- S WHITE LEGHORNmBABY CHICKS &ad A MODERN Comfortable 1ugaow.
kL O n CB MBB P S Cn apaud Re,; Ai t ct John K; B11"t. P ru o M l ttn O T
it ThreeaIie, a 8thestrettoisoste OVIL), 1 arstef 4-i" 7

S Mau 27 FT. PEROGUN J.eAtCHfr In tAply. A D -. ATo MOU -U
Equipped with Gray gasqtrinKra"arA 16A MZPJ"A SOTATC OM arvpot
Baeveryin d working orvr Cape. trOne I pSt -mm 'lt.t tI. St.dAl tau s it Al
c S p tiSh ton.mi CBegrto tb StreIStM ar 5
allamoei ncavnaIL ngodloaIty

I~NT T (tompleW. 0wera. =lda
Boleeet 34 Pmbroke Stret. Po
56.- June It.
toan and epperane (Cell Jemimott. M
Henry Sreet--May 12
500 GALLON TANK-lb00: 400 Gal.
ion "Tk.- W .041 2"d Hand Eletrtie
MntotP-.0 Phone 15 Btroadway.
may 27.
ILoed0 Small e8sa 6391 Bargain IJIuI
lman Thomas. Showroom. 39 Charotte.
Man Thonn-s-May 23
tM.In goo ed working condition Apply
Lima Omowma, Tplam s..- May 28.

Va>ant. Apply: H. Carter 4Mt Pw
Works Ofice). Mayua.-MaySM
hotter tha Ngo tO ArM at OUKKIMe,
WorthBia. .W6pPOtt05 Yoculma,55
bathing. *xealleat NM WMt to laws
every baitl hour. P P evmaOtlom: Mr.
Winnio Wlnrto RAbadeS AO Mr. MEMO.
H. Mlatthew. to Wmna f tI WOdhLl.
--,P* I
'" tineell
PLAN A MOM wMR, qi See-
dey at "mD y ObMINtw, ofmtm'I
"ad modoe private -au Mswt o -
beutiullf 0assadie. AOri a mH e 1-
totnob. Seulla. SM. eto M 0-,>

- -a


I Seventh Street, Baratarla. Owner:
imes Callender.-June 4.
40 ALFREDO STREET. Empty. Real
argain. Quick. Louts Oilman Thomas.
a. 39 Charlotte.-May 25.
RACTIVE at 3 Alfredo Street IInspect
yourself, then 'Phone 760, call at
SMurray Street -May 31

Incenst Bstreet., 'Phone SVL We have
con advised by Nostradamus to open a
cond front in the Real Property Market
i It ils his considered opinion that this
ar won't be over for quite a while. Wa
haven't got 100 properties on our list be-
lues we sell them, but we have exclusive
ight to sell the following: (1) 22 Victoria
venue. 6 bedrooms, empty, The beat
my in Port-of-Spaln. Two-thirds mort.
an be arranged. Goneult me, (2) 93
toan Btreet, rent 33,. near Savannah.
13) 310 Uundonald Street, not so hot. but
ipencing a few dollars will give you a
ilendtd property. (4) M Edward Street,
ent *W. a good buy. () 196 Wust-
m Main Head 5 hmu*. freeh old,
,a. Rant CM par Month. iJl T*HU
Ill nt 540, for rant Invoaent. (7) S
cksoa Plac reat 23L, foe rent Invest-
nmo. ras) AaIM =. L me. empty, new
aMw "eapiOL.4a> -Id t Land, 4-rroam
oue. 2 miles Port-of-Spain, empty. (101
5 ENsterm Main Road, 8 bedrooms, empty.
11) 129 SLcond Streat. NaratariA. rPowse-.
son.- June 2
u. Apply. Mr. AsurapA, Or.ranoaaul 8treLt.
--May 26
Junction. 2, Lo s La id, Princes Town.
ipply: eecharan, 9 IKt. Vincent Street,
ian Feoruando.-May 26 '
at Tamana. Ward of Manaanilla, County
f St. Andrew's, Acreage 3 2 acres. Cut-
tatlion: cocoa and grapefruit (crop ape
proximately 100 bags cocoa, 3.600 crate
grapefruitt. Supply of Band and Gravel
can be obtained Irom gravel pit on estate.
For further particulars apply to Oeo. F.
Huigmn & Co., Ltd., Port-of-Spali.-
lune 1
Avenue, Caecade, good locality. Bargiatn.
C:11 5870, Franklyn.-May 23
roome, freehold land. 7 Champs Elynes
load. Immediate possmlos.-May 26
FIVE ACRES at ianta Cruz with tream
Vacant Small Hous. 123 Acre on numain
'oe to Maraval. buldinal site. 4 % Lots.
Iaventille, atern Main Road. Cheoap.
I4& 94 Henry street, ideal bualne oca:-
ty, freehold property. /o Box N-lot.
Guardian. "-May 28
New, standing on over 8,M0 sq1 land with
v.ow of elfn links; 3 bedrooms. living,
linln, front and back poch, servant'
utility room witd lav. and bath, driv g
aloove. garage, water ad lights. posses
lton. Apply 91 Mucurapo Road. 613.01
-May 27T.
woman with money. Nine aeree land exk
to the road near the beach and close to

all kind of fruit tre % Raisltu pot a
seaside resort houses. Prices $5.).
Contact The Siuprmi a. A. Clearksa,
No. 11 Ertorly street. uAnIr Grandt.-
June 16.
TUB UNDERSIGNKD. desirous of lIav-
ing the Colony. oBelras tor sae hie ast-
danc and Leds at Calvary HilU, e
lusa. The hobse which furnishesa om f
the toat vaiews in the SlaLd, l very eO
and helthy, ad only half a mile from Ma
Bsa Jua Railway Station. The hounhias
reoet br-n tknrotlguly Tepairted ah d
Tph. n Property comprises Is Acr"
of land. coitaain hundred of full tbas'-
tn MIrated muases. coconut sad atW
fruit trees. Ont prmialae5 there
btr poultry aousM with US wird ru
TIe etuatin o the propr Wty mak
sa Idal pa fotr a stook tfarm. BetweM
Calvary il end Beb Street thre are
eight &rm of lad divided Into one-411
blocks to i bldin&io Rowley Duamot.
Calvary Mill. san Jua.-JunMe
Marto" Square lor wale. Re enable offAr.
Apply: 4a Abeerimly SreAt. 'Ptoa
TWO H.JES and LAND at M Marrylt
Strt. e Frnando. Apply on pisaeaNa
-esOu givea. Caltunt. 'Phon M5N
-May 2.
Srt. Port-of-Spain. Monthly ental 64N
Reasonable lr. Knox. 'Pase a M.-
oM Man invited tor rreehsbold Premise
Ne. 44 Pambroke Strnt. Idel loaaly
0,1710 % t. Jand. suitable for r
a0U, Writt aar el no r tved util l
191 1B Appl Jesipll sh .M
str*a<.-Jou t
hold lada lm bdmln are (appIs
haif mtlO Square ftet) adjo4lni on
pertly laid out s ad ppa Id 114 W
outside eltyt lta with el& eon i e-
watar. toelhaiM *. ltriie fo li ts, a
itevo-44.0 uad t psa O epeetlre
UaO*together. Buyer can mover 9v
IRS" teem bualding area aO M
ew mothe st me nly MIo l talk h
fact). Ownar leaviNgto ese tor t aJm
reaseas. qwirmtIe.u le
"ldnca. Write ,I a= -a." T4x s. P11=
tor Iateal to to aset hous. emnd
ser'vsat' q tet 'se bat seu t

ltarf 00MANY Chia:ljl)meass" I
M Angeslim imitable in r
No we amug ren-Mym
as -I la bnd Twith 1
Vl--t MrOL-a M. --y t4.
street, t awes hest apor ftA a" N
OWIeeAWM OvcotMam"
SwN r, one.%s Md lt USh

Perta (M.sWMS P* PrLUOM.
jsits.wss livA aftp AIUa e. Inat a
620-95 n nwt 62500.
e~Mla M fn FtwaSmoh. BOW seed l
Ser Mm wh shed.F4a:t Oi Htl
05940 Part peylneet aseepted Ana
ii ae parS b owue. Se K


l. st a .......e. IS ITUATIO !VACANT 1
1* rrodo R4dw Li* aMVa- nuf-1nxu~a.AI-
I Maraval (so-etoal .. ... 814.w should aUlmy in w al-o t & .?mI U
I~~~~~(OW ) -w reod rprIa m l- en tt .09Wi ea1 twd.

+ sty F-hoild PtautI near P u-d af
. I aillly and As Price atre. t *.
ood Inveetmat ..-....-......Ceap. J. m I
L i- --_ BedHxtiM

SWit and weekt Dog Anr tomi
aWIrdekev. Please W tag1 M&. Rtwa.-

ITRX PUBLIC IN bo~f lookd 30t a I-
am n lo af r undrW tIh t p tesoma ,f c u r.
di heband Rnmwtie Simuanie. do I tim WA
. myel rmepoadbll for ay dets nism.- se
1 ld by hIm. kA11O
-mayu ALiAt MMl. l rih
M y ___ u ,,qn R.~

ox Hvo. P-IMS. u e ieS."-

N" WAMTKO 1w amMe eM3
waMR Mf* aslma1
Reed *a- w"wn *-

as a o f tt q m u d Le I w o

OIL Appl SeL'


-------I-- "I- hej

a I


_-J-.--M -, 1, .- ,
No. us lbrum stroM( 114 .-.
R. n =IS Lne. BM Jat. M :
me. Un fo i Km. ftM to I!pa
0.. AmItg RoMa, Delmre l-!.

B SixthLG vAne, Lg~ine (aI mm i
oH and p4stoy-)wli W -* Bes 51fl
3 woert=mr.6Mt. Aop-M e. Apply:
AmrAa 22 PriNsm nret. Ne aof
pumn. wotTe BarKr. S9ma. .e M t I

day a-a"
Ua JuaL-May 2
treat; Lumber with a a f touil ,t

ws. Wpe y Mon Rranitur. Apply:R Mred
Oric 8tEe-J-tp 1o

eat. inrnut selfte eomwea;t=In
BAUTIPUL OUSDU Io. 1 0soo rape
rt. St. C.lailr, 1omrl=, X2.03AppL O t
Elal feet. built ot rR-lfeod sMtree.
Intalning four bedfooms. InlaR dtning
lorm. etc. Vacant, pometon. W a.
Swilling to sll a furniture to pe u po
atln( &prBomies. vtr ftrthsW irttmulr
Le S. t tan. eio 428-4.-May '1
OfF IVITED 231 iO n Wooe-
rook. Good locality-2 Damian Street.
13 Ro.1IHt Street. Apply Ayub Oas. 4 v
Cariotto SretL-May .
rn Bungalows. Iunter and 14 Wearsr
treats. Woodbrook three bedftomm with
inning water. twey. "aeoa bring and
linng room. 10101 bath and lavty. Ap-
ly: J. Saneralli Aarto Steet,-
hree bedrooms and all cosavenim h t,
aledonia Road. Waf(r and LIgt. Oood
vew. Poesesslon. Reasoable oE. Apply I
Knox. 'Phone 5223.-May 2L M
FOR SALE-Empty HouM 4 bedrooms.
et entrance of golt course sd Sauddl
Road. Apply. Cooblal Sbop. Saddle RHod.
-Jun 1
EMPTY HOUie. No. 1 Broome street.
Pt. Clair. Price: 617,000. Apply 74
lenrv Stret. 'Phone 6764.-JU S3.
NEW BUNGALOW. 32 Rosallno Street, i
Voodbrook. All modern convenIences.
'ossession. Apply 73 Ana Stret.-June 4. T
t No. *13 D Verteull street. 3 bedrooms,
tc.. with all modern convenlanee. Im- 2
nedlate Poo.ession. Dial 4218-4219. Bur-
ettt.'-June 7T.
salon. Dial42184i219. Burnett.-
lOne 7 O C
ONE SIX-ROOM HOUSE in good cnn-I

-. xx .Mww WARMmAM

**-* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t .* **A--*- K t i^ijf ,~i^Tj fP
N 4 --0

im I TAIL w
I e IOnsistd. S t

Tem, o f Sor J -*-
$1AL1,A19AD LAHU wt
ssnha.Ain AS- -lyow
1Zs and DOI T U E

MStL=- tte ^ Sd 1 *m C "Walltthn

"--g ig '''ii" ys f&' ssst*. it. M s- & 14
3 SLfet* mito ad ta"= D L0Le A HMAR

b S.Ho.e% M"sm SO N e y ar 2?
bean kat Is inV pT
Tard aidof" 40 '

o Ase,"t val- Rto. 4. B A, s e. t A1 4a oi
ltada t Pe r month. Cool. nin vew

4S'&T~~ erOe tc. Et iwiDe ou ggAMUErt- r AnAN Mry -<^ .
RK SLe booyhdmfrm 0
atseastbJames fanoe thema a

pcSrbr o AiwrrMNTrad rRe- manrry iar munde tn tM b s ie
Duke-or msyame o o foatl.twoMo. nn ooae
J u.. Orem alt -My2 WADS "a IS I U

VACANT N Resideneon TT PtBLIC i herby aotlld that A
ace Sr eet Particularr. EkaPhone donot bolea Myst rdeOrtimfe e or' 4 M EN

CarlsT'Big" 108"WaNVip. Nobe. 004 hold*^..S*lo tor^ O2
122r.-Mar 20w. ds n es nrae b
SUBSTANTIALLY BUILT RESID4CU Wllam. she aviglftXsa ape

at Maop, sel rontry Cubt. Cub' 4 ed.d p AC LLAM. fl
roo&. Front Patchutd a ate. S uer 8t. A O *z W ILLAM D d
em obtain iwmmeite possesson. Par- TMar22W
ic.ulax14rs.Ucel'Pone 6103,-May .xs TE PUBLIC i herby aUMti.?d ta

MO TACRE LAND T ilth lFrge owllDn m aan steare y- to

from Pour Ro~l Te.rmSoi.A ."']PoS If Jsuetry. iS14." nr do I hold -y
Buldngmie available at Maraval H.artJefareanl emneeoibl fr

"oM. S--r ue20 sqfaest an. peS ar-poany debt e"or d y debs eootMtl by hdir
IA 2e Af on golf links with dept o "ANpthAJofR6
er n ftno. Exceedingly co l with m s -May 2. memoryI
iet view of Valley. Particulars. ma THE PUBLIC o herbty Sotiled that Pari th
Phones t123.-Mm o y wifel eJosepide Bhaand Isd again u n* Ldr a
IMMEDIATE POESON. "Meadow my care acntd by Iamy esp"nIbl o'a ay ad
Htase."t Carmondy R0ad. ta. Auutine. debt or debts which she oay & Rotant ,

fmeddlat pomereaion. Loui G ,.l.^ ^
ToedrolIns. Hetc.n Eotenv l groun. with-SME Ab. UA" Ma oi
varaous fruit trees. Particulars. Eckoel. My 2J

PhoRo t1 bE.-May 2 tT R. O.THE Uic Is by oo ntl that LUCKV
FInksT CLASS INVESTMEN(T: Re- em no longer under the c".are IN s~pe-e eoe
enforced two Storey freehold building In UtiOnf My knehend Geoea"IIsayInO
whichlin carried an the businesseof apro.dohoId *sitfrosonoloobiofor amy dam aleI i

eond hop, 1 r1 om and bakery, garage or debt sO debts onr byt If ioA
attached. Situated corner of Old St. RATIEan MAVlR TLhyl
Joseph Road and Fourth Street. Lan- June 11 evJi Sa oewo

TreA.ND00 BeaOR n SIConu Tt pwte, tr00 .m DOLLw Awry " _
VACArNT ,_U.DImo Trees 300 CW11 1RuhAMN Ab. ou r
1400000dr bet offer. -phone Knox.o THE PUBLIC Is hereby notified that IS in
1246.-Jon. 20. amno mongrandathe ease and p.The m

10 ACRES LAND with large dwel ing tectioy of my hehand, Cyril uamno
biroee n MountCoco Road. quarter miie havingdleftr hW homees ain tes th4 Elm

from Four Roads Terminus.k poms. ean i d of Janusry, 1944,' nor do I hold msy I
u10.000 or nealest offr. Knox. 'Phonowl- el rpa ibt l for anydebts cn tracted by S ine

224.-June p20. him, 0

Felrnndo. Recently built. Sgiemorms, -May 27. Manasl Road. -
Kitchen SPantray .Bathroom and La v-TH PUBLIC Is hereby notilled that I

theomodernnPrinherywFa anpt. ]9ro
t5oAriS. ec.. OCO~lAr.7fe h.C0TBwt Applyamln longer repnil ywf .rHV OINC'
t. Jaggernauth. otnt Fm M alned, and I do a u bLo l Law'3
San DFerando.-May.24. myalft responsible for anyOhl a t 8 "debth

FREEHOLD PROPERTY. 9 Avion s contracted by r. ,A
street. Up Belmont Valley Road. $S2,91.C ARIEN J OAMESD A o ,

arou~nd.-Myy. 'Pon Ward,-- -- ----- 639-My2 aohmr.t Itel
I Aedd bate possession. Loui 'ilman Eastern maiw Roas
rhomas. 39 Charlaote. May 2. e-May 2T.

,GORDON FORBES" ESTATE. Fiahng THLE PUBLIC is hereby otil thatI ehi
Pond. A miles from Sangre Grand* and am not responsible tot' any debt or debts -
30 nminutee' drive by car to Manzanillo contracted by my husband.,baIf&"Alt.LISAI

reach-St- Acres: 30.0(1 Bearing Cocoa he having loft my home siceWYLa e ou

E^.^ i1- '^" ^s RAMNATrH -iE1 "^ :,
Trees. 12,000 Bearing Coiconuat Trees, 100 144. OLh o'atk
Bearing Lima Trees. 300 Full Rubber DOLLY ALI,', Ta"'t

Trees 100 acres In high woot-Balata, y -- 26. Plns Town. Resof
Cedar, Wate.A lre Mahogany and Poul- THE PUBLI It hereby noUSed that M9t.
Cedar Dwelling Huse toonhill. AlwOns a my wife. Unia Ooopiechabd, s to IonS. mi 1
stog Atlantic breeze. Garage. 3 Cocoa under my care and protection and that

House, Stables and Barrack Roomon. Apply e Ido not hold myself responsible fo any JoN
account of l health owners willA ell at ao debt or debts contracted by her. arold
moderate price. For further p, ttbulard. MIC 'A NO M ArNO, ,
apply: N. S. Morton. 5 Richmond Stre --May 28. Ar" BA. aroe
Port-of-Spai,.--May 29. THE PUBLIC to herebynotified 1thast 1e

ROLam no longer uOdeNr the Ae aprotR-pTeIES n

(*on tr I-. wth I.AsNi. Too. M ATN IN J.UNB',U , h PrtB.O._ -.P

--B-Ilt]l" pOrti.o* nitB tat. I nttr* t . by Bulden. Crin, alr-- udB u rI6*
tion Road. myi thuibidat le, eJ" r. n n , '
LAND 11 p SALE o separated from him iAnO FecuryIS

VACANT. BUILDING LOT on City, Ir 19441,y r CLAn

J,00 .tt. ChUpqdo Apy ".1ioldr. B ARdME. JAMuES ou l7
boundary TD od. 'Phone Ward, 309-May2. ou
L4 ACRES LAND. Santa Cruz. V4Mmila risM a nahambeo. thsl ptT,
ftrom an Juan, i r n ctcoa, ton aben, -may a. l PrinoTo.wn. 1 Awoil
limes, coffee, oranges. River peasses THE PUBLIC lshersby "us"tiedtat my ki

through. $,000. N. Dl CapuE, 36 Fred- wife Violet Romnat. ts again underlt yo. wa
rick street. -May 31 rare and ol a rm e d DIem 'l l e s
"SEVEN ACRES LANDquarrytiants. orndebtswhich B la he a tram ong
fruit tre4,7 at Troumacque, Lavent4llt'. J. RAMNA H, i

Written offers invited. Mr. Jos-ph Gabe. C Ban LtkO wst A t. an
High Street. SanF iernando.-June 2 -Amay 2u.tst. S Jamst. o

.v lon ... ..... Da.e L.le HOU, sotl Inl.60.oo AChleei M ttox O
BUILDING LOTS: NieOvel, elevated. cen- THE PUBLIC i hereby IDtsed that i to
tral. water, electricit oy. Apply: iciti o hold m myself rsponi ble for any Et
aorm Hunt, rEp. San Pan3-June 13. ebt or deths contralrte a ndb, v. At
1w oACRES. COCOA. COFFE,`SE, with Adele .Matthew.

water pri ng.Roert Vilage Tabl laoWd. MICHAEL MATTHEW_ -
Princes Town, No reasonable offer '! .OwlO.. O t

refund. nApply: DbraOi. .tUnited orMay P 2tedt.Wt Rd. Tymro
rockers, Ltd -May 25. (3._tt rher. _tin.--u O.I_

r tfug10 u alre. 1 m les rom St. Joseph ONL C NOTICESwe ,
I ls n ...... ..h m W *

Mos Mder Frttl HUonId I B Cgiow, All Patreck, A J.boI Binr the d-
2Sore, ditm R oad alt"i HIter, f or mation.4:1 = te
itoe far buIld, g.. No reasotnable hirs, Box P.127. rat

Sat refus. Applygu20 hone oM JO ES' AC Pade a Iy

it >. J e0 py.. ....... .. 8312,OO __. rif 1d~r f tl" al l *
Ma y 8t. Pr ircertu y. "T mohy ." 61 0 t
F REE tH O M 0.A SCo ituate at St. '13. 000 s 5S W i Jam e,- S d te
eauEty. Dileg n Matin. containing. ne
21S l. WANTED TO ADOPT by respectable
MON DEAIR ESTATE. Cascade. The couple, a child of respectable paren"tafge. V4w
stato. beautiful and healthful. One lot ,IGirl preferable. Age: baby op to oneyea
'19.0 CQ.t. ACIhAeMedeRoad. Apply "MinI old. B 1oxP-13S. "Gustrdia vn"-JuiS 4.
belm. I Knightabrdge Road. Mon Deir.- ______________ O
June L.

(mr oratO t s).eAt 'AnP Noir. Toco. MAsTI o IN JUNEo, at e u. PrirneB e MOtW
Somal Portioa t sea. Intersected by Building, Grand air and Brt Lr. anid ONE
a Le Road. Timber and rubber tres Of the BOYS' chor Woodbrook. on June with a
P r us ,080..Applync01... ho... $ 26 3. Doors open for PairyfromIy to st up. at Il I
1iCayr 2S Pe a7 o'clock, and Dancing from it *okii ONE

Hw. y. W t $9500IOrphanage Band InWthe afterno on and s-ed.
_____________________eConstabulay Band at night. AdnUiM*a MainLP
"OUSE ANTEO Children 12. Adulta 24. supper, $1.50; 1937

lDance Ladies ... .0. Gel. $1.50. Come -
WILL EXCHANGE HOUSE st Maraval and bring Your 'fends. All e Invited pe"eI

C0 monthly renta. for house in city, to have a time-May 21. FOR
P o2.Mrs.ChinPang.-June2. PATRONS( The Herbert' Daren, Cardied Ot I

-vfl V ortau r .. ... .. ... .. ... .... $1, no,0 --M t hod24.I D MI w
Vacant ---- __ ib Hor OdConno 8t.rtt ,y *y300 wt t=*

t h~ome aiowtd* npp, oc-le*,Mh'g,. -^ gt J
S21t Actth Wlil D ll e Med2711 ,L May.O 1944.-MayI odor
27. 'Phone
N dn TM featuring Irma JarretteTrinidadts OI

'lPhlon 7o6r, 34 Charl ot teSt. 1=r41a 1Shashor
Beautiful Bungalow. Long Circua P FORTIN SOCIAL AN- E
Road (neat Country Club, poo- O CREATIONAL LEAGUE ot An ual "N
lSession.............14,1109Q Southbnclnhaft4chool Athletic Meetia 0..
Moat Modern Freehold Bungalow. All4 Ela*witary schools InsthSmouth Ad .'

f~ ~ RdB ONE 1IVI. BrUw witth tWo1 betRY Ulia
2-Story, Saddle Ro acing the Puli arein seamid o f the bte
SGolf Course, Empty .. ...r -P.... $13.00. meeting Ron'w ahia. Ground Pont
Lovely Bungalow, O'Connor St. Forti. on Whit Mo day.May .
Posaesason- ......... ....- 11.000 from 1 P.M. ahat'p. Mssma.0244 24
;2 New Bungalows. Boui'Oas Road. Jeoffrey, K. Padmook m 20. IUdu1110 ilo
S t. James, Empty ...6. 3. 100. aethe donors of thes aaroplenship ah
Large St. Clair Properly. "A real I Trophy," Other ieeldonts of the digt
Beauty." Possession ............Ch. $ t,9 interested in the ra"e of the young. t ]
Loue IS at ICo no th POM -S al no longedrto m .Priz d. wThe fa
Ch tte 9 6 aee4. 011ce t s3-Charlotte. is spari= vo w tomble tO abeUth oalem !
Ihattol Avenue. a teet y luees. -May 24.O
co VAa Vact. THE NERA PUBLIC I sP I tonvited Ito
tA Wea fredo First Athletic Sports Meetlng wa ar the NIe
S Street. B Quickd.e.7,200 joint patronage of the Ward"n Victoria
A Prettiest House on Long Cir- St. Patrick. A. Jin, ernlrd Esq. g
out*? Road. Immeedate-poases-
Sion ., ...... ................$100Dr. T. F Carter. D.M.O.. Giaarsecam aso
New, Beauty, 14 Warren Street '$9.5001 Empire Dewv. May 24, at I p. nthe PI
0 A Siparia Hill. Rental 619.00. WtlItamenaille Recreation ground. ad.water
tdr Valn 61,200 a" f In Village. 11181d .-
(16 ScSaddle Roa d.r Modern Bun-t' esO -- o Ri, n t. Laur .t ( ee. PRA
gab. . . $1,2 0 1te.1 Js~nee Redhead (Man. Sec.). VI. te.a

Rai0way Verteutit .o-May 24.

5 Vcan Ilos O'ono t. 63.0
Empty home and appr. 1t acret

-ol e ~-- O0 MmbvNE SIVIft CUm wt hags bern I l~nt
AG ENCYt--ort-oc in ln toe 1BaratMrla onSauray
3t5 St. Vinent Street 8Poel 994.Ma 2 .Rwad FAneAr tetnoSama&ear. y
Lot J.1uo Lan wth2ous. All. 3NroSreBaaat.-a 8t. May
Sa on- 4 =.0I.












0 St. Vianct Steet '- v

-L ffilW----

rts5?ra hams
mIR.-To i EMS .B"M 4 41 L
M- 2- iOMNLa


t~l tm lmor 9 iEI~tE klO I a1-
jUt id_ Use ndWu" P^v~e. hor e es,--
OUIIte to Tour m_ ,.R LVWIT AN Sn-*-

oMurtt *M- *np 7~re~ NAsR/NE'S^SOAPJ 1
r s M'Dlow Mass.Mm

to Mah Bidt"h s"

a.---S Ma and o.erwL bill Grav, et

09lfeo ay;6 low "Du~n&ofIsh litz"
6A 0" 3LARGE Hougi.

WsOab Bp hoespetues hine~ ape
-W eest S dM1.medinao.enmeab.
oIf t=isb fuie an SOAm W.-Jum 1t --

.- memaory a 4.. *- A
te rtt ou May m tluu, 1 2 P.^--i--S
o ealndocar couldciea peventhseugANb 'LND/
I hbuquiMt-4kytb0 M Jway ROOMS AND BOARDOIN
WOMIAN r'I Bi1 '"
.-iB laving -..1i ad *u I~~f .RSPIva~f~

aJ Jitttstar shiN I hi
Tuitib who aopaled a. th
Mi tethers awl member, ro A R OR1*

rill tlw *U amlluyot "^foy~Zi .
M t a v ym t yo u r a n "e r S E R V I C I A N D - M--A
Ing-oa lamtder td udiPent 4da. NARI MII GAG,
arotad da. mother *m andoVe. ae RlNS 4A.AOs
uL.-I food and ever lovrina --.nv, a1d &
of Airw Henory Murat who ado. d W,
Ie life on May 1,94z 1akeSofp. iehle. We
Ba ret g ant Boto hbme. 0 Lord. ma hiesoftehigis,J "" 2.
may lgfht perpetual, shint upo.i b -un 23.
e reot in pace. Amon." PiRMANENT WAVING.
-Ms loving wife and children. Huggins, 6MaravaPS&
N.-I lovingt memory oa our de Jun. 2j.
oan Emmanud oboul )osu vo __
A Christ on May 23, 1942. PROPERlEs FOR SAL#
e and car could de"aL prevent. HOUSE AND LAND.
lay on earth would stll be speDt; Street. an Fernando.
ears have quickly passed away, Jeot a S
our dear on* was called to rest. H is
mdnight stare shin* upon his
rave, .1 4.e.ysed .
whom we loved but sould not-
day relmber, we hope again to A SPIB
a tace so fresh Ia our memory.P
Slmoint ftr thd we mother, and
reet Xo family.
00.-la etader and affectionate FITwES SHAVE'$

of our dear memothe Ch.mlneft.
WOW to the Great Beyond as May EVEREADY SkAVK
Ad and soothed by an uewerva n od a _)k
nw ahs bNte, In a isp of peace. SAFETY RAZOR
-or loving deughwr and onBe..
MA -In everlasting remembrance -
doa rg Tio Ralph lAiama who 1.GOVIA
Mp on May 13, 103.
severe penalty at home 0or
tbrance of that sad oght e TRINI
Lng out boats MOST Reltete 0
Thy Wiul be done. hlden LIed.^ ^$ .
-Hi. dad a nd mammies..
SION.-I affectionate memory of
Masoel4 (Johnni) Jo$son wh ____ _
Sthis lif oa the 241t May 193t..
height years have passed away, JUtArv
Ilk$ an evening S0tr, Just Arrodw
hneiory lingers on. s
o It sams lke yesterday.
-441& girl-ftiend. 33
sCa.--crd to the memory of a' B WK
lvd Anella Matilda who departed
oa tlhe 2th May, 1943.-R.I.P.
|Bg mother, and wif so gentle ad APPLaAI
a wonderful memory she has left
od. -
days, long| ights, she bore het
krait a cure but In vain: We C. Re"l
God HImself know what was best
tok her home with Him to rest. Winn
ml rest grant unto her, 0 Lord.
let perpetual light shine upon her.
loving husband, children. grand. Th e'r3NU',
dren,. siste. nephew & nenda _---- -
iL.-In affeetbuisto memory ofil
Edwin Samuel, who passed away
*4 W1943.-R .?.. ___________
who loved you sadly miss yo
dawns another year. i
atove rns. ear
erth OWd othor roottli. ^] _
ISOW-IB loving memory of oar
a1Ut, Aniagll Glasgow. who Se- EEEE
this oftea, or KMay 14.
but gll fiwttn. am iw '
ilrest in pease. L L
-4We loving stsor and nlee. --LLV

Iker eadw


use tu

Piec IF

.- 'rblisd GauS3mM W e m I ,j O Om nC ., aU ow e
0. tAML


BABT AUSTIN. lair condition-
pare engine block. 'Phone M2 or
aI Maravail Road.-June 1.
FORD 1O940 MODEL. LUcnsed
Tyre-fair. Apply 3a St. JsseM
Road.-June 1.
PLYMOUTH CAR In good condl.
Perfect tiral. APPPly D'Arcy, 27
Street or ring 970o.-June I.
D V-S TWO-SEATR. 5 good
sound mechanical condition
dely priced. Apply rie Spencer.
M$a.-Jme 1.
'. Mehanleal condition good.
fair. $1,30.M00. Bungalow 33
Rees.rv.-May VT.

r3, SALE
f Lead. Apply Charies ESbert
Oslaono.-Juno 1.

EQUIPMENT. Caterpillar or other
prapdd to Pay ruonawbi price.
r may not be In perfect order, one
I" repairs will do. Kindly addrem
particular and price required to
-140. C/o "Guardltan."-May 7T.
S RADIO PHONE. 23M.00; One
Alle Board & glade $400.00 oft..
Balls 4 q'e: One s gm Board.
'-131, c/o "OUardian."-June 7.
)DEN CASKS-appftX. 4% galls.
xcellant quality. Very strong,
to Cauilng & Co., Ltd., Aerated
BI tllUg Works. 'Phone U1 or
-June a
.CTICALLT NEW, electrlcally dii.
Tauo" Woodworking Machinery and
etrlea ttings, eonaisting of I ton
r, 4 Ilh planuetr, 14 Inch beod Saw,
Il circular saw, Ai saw, lar
. lar drill press with motet
hi to euh. Power drvean lock
mw. small saper. small lath.
14 at Mo. 5 rthl oRad. Beumont
to SidM r F O. Same address.-
L. all SIM for bulldln--%
Per lb. Vedor has lessee. Exquire
from 'PboaM MI. Portof-Sthpt.-



I m%^

*- " ---- .. _" ." _' ""











- 1-111

Re4 T~ow Fors.0
xAwM 1IM) in
More than baol of .
the belt-in your ,
indigestion trikU, trp
duietion the stomi
What you mnee4 is
Ple ta giv need M
f8 feet" of bowels. 1
Take one COrtr'aUtifJl
after nmcala. Take tbenM
They help wake up *a n
di etlejice in yo, ~
Mp y ou dilt hat rt' h.
own way.
Then n ot folk et sMrl
makes you (eel btter --e
tos. Just he ture yOIgtL
Little Liver Pills from vra


Skin R 4

This wond Mf l
as Moome's
efficient In th
disease that tca W
often StopS witl 4
A few appllch"-
pensitent vn V j'
are healed never
Moone's lASII|
pie wlt 0
pw ully *tii
cues have

oflatal bottle is
evwywhwer to FA~j
pimples and is