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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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The P-N-
VMS.... !...........

. *. ... N.. S.... 1.... T...II& N '.S.IDA, R.WL MTA. MAY 114. 1N ?O: W giiU M11 St cf-1-I. Mt. 1 a cm


wel's Forces ChLineseBlunt1w- 117e U.S. Heavies Brilliant Pincers

Myitkyina Jap Thrust Hit Balkans Movement Cuts O0
EBemy Troop. Halted Vital CommunicatioA1v i
And Forced To Yield w" CentresPstIAce Nazi Division
ANA HCAr U xAR1MBMayIt(Re .-AM Along LnghaiDaylight
troops have tru a drmati blow at the n- i0 y 8 ( ALL'D HEADQUARTS WIN' y 5OBPH MOUTON
~P'eda deptce tol MEDdlthRANAN, May 13 (RCu ALLIZED ADQJUARTU Naplas, haY 8I (AP).-In rM p"
match through Juntle aft over mountains, three Cal- t, acesblutdteJapan- AN^k^'^ t^SS;? IRANo ALana 14DAROa (Rru** enemy o f =t."ay. f er) -FortresMesand ilberstars of
I a d Chl w troop y terdat y pture dthei enewy a .o o, tI Mediter nmea t Ale Air Foar
ith th po vadeian att m in upnl adtoday olastetd vitAl comAirnFa adjacent mountain, troops of the Ihgth and Pifth Armian I
Asia couu--.- wth thelnvaderSn Ia aN to I, and A tion* en emsc in the Balka.s with moving ahea swlfy tobight-In the most important stratefo i
Japm Putupot entrap lam bodies of Chinese ;heavy loeds of high exploles in many months of the Italian fight
and tahe amptuir* eta ag de fCieeincendiarr bombs.______________
an~ ise ir-Itroops. They mid4 that the ithe targets hitb the Ainerilou onigu alrepr
age were halted. then gat =eondg4upound po
E 5 HeavwFifihting '" J^ ^^ r. ^- ^--_,
ernids oeS H aVy AiUting under Chinese counter-attacks. heavleR were P oest. RumanimL ...s. o. t o..
Am, eri 1 Despatches stated the fighting and communications centre. Divi o ut off by a illr
gliders to g ta tPIPhe Loy" setor wardnowex- a ntad l of gpiltlvo. ^and Fretch General ',cors thrust and hemjiag t
ready am "a1kiU& Pace tended beyond the ouSskrts of Nich. which is a *cth.".. the SeksStrongest Point ps" down V*O eN"
Pi later by Chin- the city. An eUfi report aid track to Salonika and thn. eek Strongest Woint Uh and Polih troM not
t In transport hat on May I Japae bomb- members of the crew of thea LONDON. May 18 (Reuterb wt out the lat ~to of
Inl Uosnia ardmentof L yan g t hundreds th en -nheavies which raided --Genral Alphnse Juln, com- us0tas Lne but ,ontacb
Said a steady hal o buildings on fire and the ce-were unable to obserUve =he nder of the Preneh troop of even stronger Hitler Line at t
ts being poured Into tral news was not maintained. of their bombing of the rn va the Fifth Army. made the fol- very noitt It Is anchored.
f from the airfeld but the city was still in Chinese AP. ,v yards because of bad weather, but statement on the fight- f An ofIa Allied spoem
LsNDOed ll at May 1i (Reuter). hands. 'the crews which bombed re-nlowingRit
at-d to fa l A. a r .- 5, y though the situationt ronos"tgr e-hi n in Italy. according to Radio told Reuo ter that the .vU
Ttea troops lw poUed tods 1 ore ve t fight t ing ws being followed by anous eyes ported *"rood bombing results. "iFncI n Algiers: The one Parachute Division-the croeg
att Ma e pled a st Th ern trtoas. wher. etthe Co Chuogkingthemaininteresti Th r as sa n witthdrawing. I am msno- of the mn Arm-h lt
entelao I en ~earn Slrtl'inc msp a in on with their shifted to the battle of dyltkyna. troop concentrations at "i4 verg and seeking his strong- od itito Ane treget
SItaeen on laffe present aghting there, Int to the r arpteahng n. in Yugoslavia. midwa between eat point, and I shall challeg In addition one tmnt of
oetie se the Paot n oe ns kille d 1.i rc 00 ene Chthre [ Re uter reports reaching Zagreb and Zara. Coastal Pt him there. Tb bea t he r t (r the th Panr Gra
on erraw oopsb kitlledIow enelmyehave gbatl fronthentralhnafires struck at targets in YUg mans after piercing the Oustav andt the 370th Regiment of the
ot fn sthe trmiuo w A s toen consralhr httodeay si n central Ch ina | slavia ad Albania. Highway SI Lwe is a question of courage, 0Mth Division hae hbe,
|h te amedatuenn with man Tto'i deradur th- i tdelay th apt th ines "oag ?^J -"ji^^^^^^^^h lc~>Mrue n elntnslo etra ntemu-d"rdU~1t a an
rheold ralway line in co all ctors in def ter J thaptn e hst the main road from Rome to the da rn and d. In order to severely matauled.0 the spoka es
r and fayr ldthe at ontlin eese too, te psr holdin L on to the tte red city, battlefront ard the Main Ger Imagine the daring and enth- man added.
een other mai n are On thi a.IenOVe ut hePatisan h oli of n esnto atlere y d it upnly and escape route, has been sam of our troops it would be Meanwhile.Ameriner i
eein, temntre for anontree a t i bombardments, antd reeae I blocked Iat Fprostinone, s important necessary to go back to Val Fifth Army who yeteril by

ft-ten from ~~~~~~~~~~~~Admrl frequedynigt tn grudmre,--ad--H^^~ ^i~~iaHBM^^^^^^ v flPl their wavtoteoof
It has ie e attacks by Rthe Japanese in- W"htad e unction 3 mile nor thwest With to speed, this can their w to the tog ot gwSux
ob thes oare Gorat s eteMvw forces. fantry and a of Cassino. be replied by following the Ru m, two mls from the a.
down the hopaung A British war correspondent [In an attempt to explain On smashing day and night at- movements of the Goumiers let portart Pieo.ttrl-Pormia highws

it taded Sotet wi3 h SdnnK Td^alc| ead tTOTs Maraude^^^ B -- l- ~ -^""^r sn witd Wh tollt pelaton. 0trterwy pt wy
Saimed at Opening with Mh tos headquarters their delay in capturing Loyang. na der and eUrta n tedv n the mo- -earlketo hae
rod foIndthe tol Britandes- their topsaer dsoing owaltthavepounded the crosroads and 16i131u0eagalloping pack.' control of that lateral road neIl
|t ho an American mithei troops are doing all theye crews were able to report they had .. its Itntemetion with the A
w il ot drot- supplies for the P"- can to spare the ancient.' ty rendered It Impassable. Way, threatening enemy ar
forces. The In*supplies are from the havoc of war.] I EFTSEPn onOelts Point immediately
Ad8a by night on ground marked IPEEC nM iclTs the dayst.gtn ntol
headuarters John nUmber o htu e u sfrm.otThe Tactical Air Force has beenMthe w st.
a.rprssy i F aout M Brrs-tlf Tusth dforcehsne
io.r abn utfourtLaw'workin. in perfect step with thehe Allies astride Hihway
rep~ow srupMe g:pD(tt T fis rupr ~- round forces closell co-operltit jntl route to R Nomeonce again.

ponden M edya tc o l trO A P W M a rti al L a "i lolf h mI oii nt
as mostly Ping ri ton ,o via llynee d -y..front 'w ith the utm ost Pi 1et0110. ter their way up H highway 8 vern
the ed: Over ande ce &RIgItn ua Whl
Part- end t' hastbeen Onlyomedium bombers 'were from a point Scarcelmy40l
;We brundythey am ay dropo oun"s ,onlyOn smashing bridges and creating ule XRelaed below the Anzio beachhead,
2ith S be i to mandr.roadblocks between the battle- ( tReuter states that on th
thogaut wiuaiuwmwl 7.ONDON, May 18 (AP,.--Anka- Captilen aceompsanying this German photo, Supplied by a Swed- front and Rome, bomb-carrying coast the Americans are wel
of Inemnso the AVa partic aula r BrItUsh ra radio mid today that martial Ib agency, says It Shows Geman -Fid.Marshal yen Rundetedt beSpytfires and Mustag sdattaaked Rlaation of restaticn re- beyodAn
weeksnago they isd utnsAtce ported within two miles ofite
lA eks fortesy, ios In charge of law wts Imposed In Istanbulibe- (left) inspecting lavaslen daefeoses onthe French Medlterranean on the CAvno area. War" quiremeta to enlfe tneMedical re ft
Chinge foores candenof th-- d "uno wusons" Ad by M(Ap photo.) la=Ak tow at itri. frhr lo1
oh m Aated by a cause of the unconstitutional"hwks Thunderbolts and Inv dU'5 leWand to a grat temporary limces town of Itrt. further alog the
j oin matc activities of the Turkish pro-Navi _______________________________S bombed the highwaysA11 S -PPll to practisen to Members of t Aprian Way. 7`o reach ts
bih"ae fewB it- se_ 50__a Trnnwc r so pont they have made
thae hemcormres dnt ai thisser)- osgiatlon rPan Turanian, which dumps. and Boston&adropped o0 0Dcampaignmedical str forward rthe- Oet a
-day ma-h thOWvice to Partisan troops was.aused public demonstrations. Pto Allied troops In the advanced torpossible by the Issue ya-dpoint they hale adaybog#,
oIftyL gtovene mr en their own re-nl he radio s aid w number r eof Pan-r J Co ihl Plan To Ad Disabled areas. In the attack on ProtlnOure, f nenw Delence pegui- o"f twh thero U
We e q et W hat tever need M ost W! of newr w re rr -ed M tc ell a d M ra der 10"
wadSa brought to therMm as and charged with 'activities A. wie s ithells and Maraud o tr onfd ta b o no
Sm- l W as es u M u pslea against thewcostitution." t r (bfr ed mitm tuthnCi thprp e ssd wltl a 2e10ete own .0 tan ptur O"ino of te rula
I = a-~Cu" as the W ol- ao Wai a onrh1 0 .0
a %Ast athe Mopu"1it- Thesradio said fPan-Toranlap OfWUFie ODON. a" Itis ctlers) darM--t. A mbat01pe
___ wrohmamoo Use of codes In comntuttlahsa-
tot 1 tw n with Its ers l- i a S today that the Gov. fro th a a lof the e A -the t WI oi it
n 'fl lopugh to Mo s Ia T. O'sthere was yet no direct proof that M ZW.elrliTs and Army command- ton doeene aml T het 0 h
naw 1s th weather they were working under direct seta i n e st and wist Arca oellingtocaus dropped many ter D.0as a memer of te eamoamee mtofeths
Saathn, le t oeppd control of a foreign power, Indica- The "Trindad GOurdlan" under- have been working out plan s eound blockbusters d oard w ihot *am entit f ed a tonrig thedial cto
Council tt the tme nder tey veto and unde Majoi titoe, wi n thouae t e the benemy. cA p r tured.
n Genl Slwel' F d t onandthat th Organt o n standsthatSin m eIc school ofot coe o dand Anandarodrom l ton who i m s by law entitled n
09 BlV $117troops W ill wonwasa pro-Osman one based on saver been awarded for 1944 soP.- The West African T ^I V._ m pdign the Vd s
o the SIlwe i flood a racalim and Fascist princples.*" th .0 CnOiM a r cl d the Zest I I Aeerac or Canada or In the Sault on the town P14
P reduced toh Obu71t It t old the/pn urolaesCor the W seit African authoritieshave o kept InawAndtd olt-wa.and. whe has by British troops lbf
reue ombu t th a-'mma ednIndiea to West Indian students PA. close touch with theseuilrakf t ieoeiclop-o
drie v o H ftely, had been 1mfldlnft up a hn v^o La-e to Mr In War) Pwn plan are mohom" t
hrieIse heeng adbeeOrni ate tending Canadian Universities. lem which include medical LONDO, May uter)- eraka to a ive medical op Ion n took thef cls
tioa-wde oreiuation, p The names of five Trinidad can- treatment, rehabilitation and T hoon. Mus. and SPitfir or adve, ort prscrbe medical enemy hus be e A All p
movLet onte, Gandhi s plans and iaementsg Am-ddates arementioned in letters training. Lord Swinton, the of the Allied 2xp0itio narv treatment, or attend to. or ithe m ouvrd by the Allied
s in-Ji g at overthrowlnK the
Ofh Bn erthr Meetin-ing e add-theresent-eac h " peopl efrom Resident MinisterIn West. Afri- Forces ranged over France and "treatment patients, f ,rthe

sw tnia 144-mmeio h it~ attdlcewck h e h erma h.. r rmne la, WM havtntt ca. w to* KVaabnyd Trvleoon t rio n ofW.unnw.t i.
K o regm in Tey." rdioa student In Caadaashavingca. was going to Kenya sown to Belgium aatin today, attackig purpose of a campaign against breach of the Gustav Line bf
ii. a M ti nt e that the Army made several received scholars wards. se the work going on in East railways and road tramnort" v nrl disease and other ifth Army on May 14,

~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mn acee new aaroe lio natur planned Ateiea rorne t aaw "''n""tiZthimelSJ threoshle >'* nlaeihphddtne aAilTtP~IC R
LONDON, May (Renter). raids in Istanbuland Ankara, and They are Mr. Rodney Mahabir, Africa and will have talks on J ny bie military oie s were schemes of a like nature planned Aeica tro trough
b teo nd Iadh ha invited Mr. Jin- on emses occupied by Mhal son of Mr. Jules Mahabir, the the subject with the civil and left ditched and bsd, staff and undertaken by, or on behalf mtnts. ,

back o the Tnla UMVcroy woandi hake invintaed Mr f 'fondor ofio the Eiet Apns ii tm'^pi-artullAnuneeto h aa
Stroo are keep- the Muslim leader, to meet Abl, newspaper owner, and seized Magistrate of water Counties, military authorities there. car and motor-eycles were blown of. Government, h t"row. y ofwthe d l inthA
psrehimto discuss agreement between documents disclosingtherganisa- and Mrs. Mahabir; Mr. 8.Rames from the road and a tank lorry Pons registered under these LiValley and during the s
Mor.htitheirandy eaw;rSaInpath,
pressudreonstgesting thMuseims andH andua. Mr. aeert's ramifiGtions and rctiv"Gesdar;EMr.nMartinnS.mpatteformerlyfohe o sdnd Itares even swooPedrnow sationfls will be known Asd thou develop andclualvhe lsPh
*an morJaes Gandhi first Wrote to Mr. Jinn D of MessrsT.GeddesGrant a n d itor down to attack a German Tier 'tetuora members' and will be movement which cut Highwiay
___________ N Ai- Company who ws at: tng blo- ^ NT o 1 "-- l ." PORK .C ||
II* oa riomPtl to ugsii.h etigaYar60 omay howssudyin o adio Edtank, barges, dredges anti tugs on entitled lo all rights and privi- and so prevented withdrawal
S ebut his letter was stopped because Naz invasion chml t at McGi; Mle Sylvia the Seine. 'l vhoon" I shot downe
P':[ ilr t tha ttlimehetwasounder d eten- Rape In an MisMaj Te lls To triset cm 'ao a "he "-io@ w a ..
^II* t ion ad waotalloed cntac f asistaariu T l To Paris area. All the Allied Views right to practise. however, other- tion of the First German Psve,
fel3 re ound S od was notlowd cs Announ e (P.-Il . o, thte .c edle, John, d. ag he of arsi st,,....n 0'to. t,,back., i
wulu the outside world. Che --perintendent Johnn of the Trin- ot back, wise than In connection with thel
aBy $117 i rMue. for Ma tg nowrenewed LONDON, May I (Reuter). i d d P police. who is now su i" Trade PgclmaagT WTPa__ r -an O.
p Mr. hi ndeque tasora noUw with Mr. The German radio tonight an- at McGO.ill .-ow- ----D.-campaign.-., --------o---n e 'r I 5 -
an. nd a Reuter message fnounced the names of the German No official confirmation could be ra e Pla n i soonuer
IN- We la1re r nombaygays it islikely that commanders for the coming battles obtained for this report nor was W ar P roner
P!-- $1--We yefter- they will meet there next month. in western Europe. It confirms that there any mention of any oward Post-war tourist trade develop- G t V
wlllt o r t3r In the Houe of Commons to- Field-Marshal von Runstedt is in being made to Mr. Bernard War- it plans are holding the spot-

FWUA~~Wel era '~Bmbay sast th is lieytaommander s fo gnra the omingbatles obtaine d for thi repSort anor watpS ~~h the~om! an ton' "rnttdpita *- ^ W W
ohw of official attention ,GeI tsO LTD
.im the Bat Shoe Co. day, M. ha awea1, a Labour me e w re rme and l of the army ner. runner up for the 1941 Modemrn rWr Aa t 0 o i
1fter from the Naval ber, asked the Secretary for India corps, under him is Field-Marshal Studies Scholarship. radio entaMr knwnl torrs-
end S of.ILK f he hbad noticed th report that Rommel thlbe former German cm-r It is a o understood that Mr. tlenGC commentator known tolls 3r
il. Mr. Gtandhi was willing to meet mnerin Libya, ad General von renet th roughout the hCaribbean LONDON, e yis 18 (eter eu, r).- U
Lsow tanD S t I,. embers oefhi a Mus limn party. e miBlackowndek, ld h German mn. F. Cragwell the ra as the "Vagabond Traveller ,"Prner of war, unnow to h
eatat 1 7,4to 9 -o h AIher ie Arofi this Mrc. Party. S I n nel'wlth waoerr se he osovn- ship winner, who was among those told the "Trinidad Guardian" yes- ha been awarded the Victo ri
promised contrib t- o know oif tthew could t not sake tkua In 1039 and later on r received and1943shas not tuHacceptedM RtheRoffer Mr. HarrRs. who arrived hot*San leadership h defted M an Ai
teo orae 1.0 situaoe wa ss uethat tnhe iw thes Fwamd a sdieL f WdM rada evening from Jamaica attempt to encircle two Allied divi-
81T.332.4 Ilprob. ncmmme andd of hthe we e theth e westInvel-MerstM 81rr1 d iscfl o st d l ao thart comp i rehension aho when the AIixt8 were In ro-
and sta situation he w sure that the wohad charge Cf the German-S port an Caribbean treat In the western desert Int 1 4.
UA. ..1s Viearoy would take advantame of Condor Legion in he Spanish ~ivUolcst.war tourism. Announceme,,ntoftheoaward 1-
wga1. ra" de develop Major -Co-- Mojer Henr
..... s5.. U Fset prepared Robert Bowring Foote, of the Ry-
uiiio i' nfolws* er vvi -"e Nazi Ser Wa ds, l.ronCertof thed "ln C, psonrpa 0 h' w PORK R
Aa Oan.L a.i tivei on the Aulo I42, was made for the first tinus
I5oAt~'3. .Car To Bag General In Crete "UREa U.~f~ ..3~ ~~i5 of,.o le.* .d :.o j.sO .n Kio Tins 2
NEWGUI,. MahStck been subject ver heavy artilleryr
3k e. t. Qra at morning that ladin more Wan of Development of the enemy. While chartngi t
1.. r.a r~ln n a exploit by a group of British Army offers, Mnc rthut' farces lohade tinbyteva-wone i henc
Umle51Mi*.~ nse o te N oulm5 Colonies and In spite of this lie oosutnued M j io Tins 5
yrlL5 simmel who snatched German general from qjnder th vey os8 f h W~kd. M wJiq that se doon as lead his battalion from anepee
Nsis N In Crete, The man they cap)tured is General E~reipe. the Corn- Troops of the S1ath Un~ted their viewed an the position on tin outsde t i
Thde rih offte 2ri Puare n r temp Division. ttoAm addo h coast recommmendatloai contained In the to"~~I~II
oaiaerofl22d ios Gendlrusamoptof aiths Dutch New report were known thne Commisson 'e' Axis troops, who were hald- li A S US
erm d~ Wl .Teaples wed meet to go into tihe matter.S U A E
named, but their commander wasgeera. is an noaourabls risoner'landing was unopposed and ash At p meat, bre said, the Commis- log a strongly entrnhdpsu
a majors behad- is i-ofwr nd~ wlbetaedith lder regpo WU e solin- is nfutbler attentin m with anti-tank gurus attaske hmn
bcntoan venn ume amr mid nSYS bernhard- bern. detaltwith at the recent Bar- disabled, he coastiued fusS
(Rue)nlgI pitees ihfu ad:"Se o ma.... .mpb~dou, *k.., dt, .., Cm.. et u on his visit to Ja- nc b his splendid ezs s
.........otr-arbsu wnc "" ther r.. centl.. to en,,f~ two ,-., iM ". 1o is4
"ee'e-uj teduk""~05a a" "the194I'lst Trad De mtnr t 4 eTo m
h .e _.., ,.. apeesToem tenfts t e. abli. .. ,...

6lseti g.S lbM ""ma U" _a M -M ,ewatc pede ave by.
___ 45 A aD on to Mtwt too
eens 'l. id a arkioierffiewO ed mn Rusa f t
__ a1te9ak* WMbde eelA nt. and raCo mD sev r-t i
onNan- wEv IO fa& no w- I*A
Mitnoh s o. hi ms i J ,p .,t ,_. hsre. a n'uw s -----
thm IS00w e N "UM vaw @ vl fMIML -t 'Is
whteeoL he. _y 3&. L =_-then y
,.-e_.rgeburnSM ofkWest &r = s. dLAM

EtW111^' nR,,,S~ .S^SS !^S -- -- B ^'"--'---^n^' gi^^*^1^**!!^^*
b on llS Bal MM. ,ChSa tb5 hdas the WeStiM I=teai aSt r. day

ft.. .a i d w udIUl '
%Al . ,! ,,.o. .ow "
V1l I WD.. II a o ae rue.e a I AN inlaIsIn____ _MwMoco
no5fea sam130002and l ololEGEMof
Iw~w k .MoM ot W h96= f
A. vft ft ntot" he oooque M OMMMOW SI
sosca Mbeat .MwOsm& ,a

i~imMwi, !b_ w,-,a

E m a we.

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v tUo Uri vaNl wn

i am amid 841 imad tam"tw a
M: A W". we be toen tpO-as
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mo U itw toaImey of1p uauo"
r'' V*''^~m 04mg Aft mswc swQ~c AMzBD~
tlle kl ti tl m ISm iMR mblo w
!MgRb Ihi ~~to beP eL Theed nto

^to ab out m nef e bot tdwe mlmot

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Mmn uoi sqrald hay ududj by te L r
Mpture mday* ni e 1 krsod tY an Ld

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;k b a no hlt is mudi o

St lthe rlMtt tI oain t aWttl
Y I it J0dIruMC* G t a ltft If
Mar A ft the u 4 G erman obtAmcl
an w we -d"a, =*,l ~athe e-my
' biAnerfta 40 o Saonrm dalie thdethe
~O~y. OuM thOW May be, It wMl
:.fl~y ba d and rotrbat the1wmar of
the Abd~s ue Italian cqAptt
V t u=its 1udtr Amerian.
O* 40a - W A- PdM hm

; I d I to the ZSGarmantdefeath,
[" UNW U p 4(mMOO 400m
g o d Nwins Ob son aww fe e
08 rm.& Cde1bUmp wtvhsm&ada
VOW MIAM IN *0 60e arti a4td UMiI
Vny be faottin. Tmee It ly to be
-M -gsoft bffg a bum the
~fifftoofwihhcUmn AUW fmc be~w
R aMe" *od aa tae A fau in tla
-f -w' n~' d w afi~ sgucw opU.
| aaM" that tVe wll e the nmy.
7TheM OnWm bant dan psrft un-
| r001 *Woot the objecte of the Albed
dva. While they feaed It mlogt be
| In"e 1 pji down German d~idons
and so pmeat their et elwbm., they
M am WasrMM thit t may be the U twrt
of a vrxaI offense n Itmly. Cuutno's
"eaptuu eM"y man Kt eafser for the AlIed
ulmw to Unk up wtth the Anio bewh-
head, and ib end the supply problem
thmee When the JIalnan end of the Axis
1 Mappad-, now was orced to undertake
the defence of the boot, *tch was not
i past of bb original plan for holdntg
on to his Macpma Mtn. At ase th
Dr. Ooebbels blamd this for the defet
In the U" t and now tha It Is Import-
ant for the HitBtitto bold on to wht

omad W y n ".O WON '= so*

1 U hWe.L; --- I

NMN dak N MONO% dR ~

aw 4WOONO Uwft an,.I my
_e -oR 16 oW A OLW 1

hm, ftwa o Mira o toewe
j moN4 Weg o- h aOMR
Wd ebb== tse #ad OWBiMM I
% p g Gm i hae s i ald ey
he an a T Bwso ew wac t hey
aeaumein Ba eeabar ovat -o
*jDtpu= ltrh am cad e nd leacy
4tfb Ie Ix lntaw to m B e to

4 a rtanWeS dw ptwy in the
CdW~t WKgL oommbornout of

no mug, the O Itba betn peeUlln
$ am B t mbck, an, we no edaply
recan that 1 W* Indi aorgCoal-
m-M madrk dy t emietas vos I
in w sthe md ww Putng Urn
ft he ~Ufeb" 10he 3 MPt wlenante
m Wbeat. it ,tha~t*, a Omenjk
A eas estmley terued iu t to
sun t A the di& q e v* j Mt gd welfuze

e i atw hWended prices t Ul e
p trwp og wati osid e tbe the
Crof et in te doat dayt after DUD-
Though tbe Cotoe SecaMetary dd
not. as we hae aid, indicate the nature
of 2he fesb UndertakiaP the Mother
County k wg ing to sponsr. It may be
muine they v." be an extenavon of
this programme. Thb of eom wtl!
be aIl to the good, but on the other
h"adt io ainot meet one of the West
Ite moesnt perlsttent needs that of
aured and remunrttve marketS for
export cropa. It wu a coincidence that
Lord Wootoe, the Minister of Reco-
truetion, SOuA have s..4 the a. e
day m the Roue of LArds that Britain's
ability to offer foU employment to her
"apu aPter sa e a w OW dehPed
an bar mwcen itoezaudbg bere port
trde. This in tumrn hbe added, would
btn largely On the enterprior and
rewarce of British manufacturer
Though they are not industrialised lice
Britait, the West IndieW, too. depend on
euportU for the wberewittal to maintain
el ptoyMnt and raise li"n sta -darls"
Unfortunately. however, evem: the great-'
ext efciency in agriculture (as evidenced
in WP- "tatw cultivaon, for example)
can have Imle or no real influence on
the podtion of our staple products in
world wmuket&
A permanently asured outlet for
sugar at worth-while prices can only be
-ined through action outside the West
Indies This lo g-standing question was
raised again the other day in the presi-
dential addimvB at the annual meeting
of the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce.
and we hope it win receive attention.
We must not red too muih into Colonel
Stanley's sqneh, but if we could ftd a
hint of something cCthis kind between
the lines, bhi statement would be doubly


a -----------j----0-

- w ciu i @..

.. ,,-. -,-.-.- g. _

Coaih Protests Ue Of H em

Of Refuge For TB Patients

jv=&w0~9A 309* Wow,.< low *** covinvo ST**<*. V,
^, ^ '"sjsssy'fsft :39s~'a~i^ owns
'rThe wM s i oestijiTMt o -al
w Bmo f t h a t C l f t. i t ( k C aMi r b e n a m x w o t l
Pat 6 dePWheI. 0betdIN"u ham owO e f
A.d ow e w salow i
we UNP hOpwa ws
dWwafth far i cbmwowm g.
.In ad e a7sXT Eb-MMan th ed -na
~m 5to gum owb11
tIMINITmm W4t &SN 1 -aUO bW*?*40P- Ae
PT-cu-baNb 6

la. 3h Dt a be nd do o
~~vl blanoew as ts
irw 5~, S eU Nag losso- be an 8

' dlta1W0 dwS* -D20 1 f'd 10_* S MdTIONVd Olto I
,-md couG tr Soal Nor 1% awg bm at 0* mamp" Ail
Atas be zwt indt: ft 06 Mbe H atOw te m I
bernnfel est dwetodber n t.

""WSWft -6A 41001COMM adO whod NOW bidw~ bow as 3r U 4t if *"
hatW aft t fiM 0 W tO iSF I1 thMad
at jed iS the d W Oi nf. aus, ^ fc-Mt h <
* fcf a& i as 3aw land Poi2, 916 an dW 4 EU 9C e-l

Bm" coars"a >WW and KB--k to 00f =Pws fa^ N^ft taUw 4
.*.a craraft ciam? Tw &W "go ase be i.m fn erei .
a.e4 bCus Bhe' SoinAID" imfftteI
MEN" %be we WsPEImd*
B,'< t l* fc. have benmB itu al toeed I
to 14 it amnd m.
ST That Ams Cuis f lo* w 9 KAMM
lb. & 7 e i s awashe Mf ot f
gt i tom r ed to I
he bM Xm Ae

;Tft Uwakows a" VOINIM 00 UK am- gawt neow Ow *e'. dI
affd awGO te wt"he t~Me yevr Cdoa

iS~iooto* etln v. hav tte ka thiso t~naE ib Maw or t
iS*a?* I* ttaiB (r Uto *un SM ~ B* Mta e tw
& Ma Y rmdeed c-MOM 100- ooft' Shnf ld aot Un Su tba
a whac he 6 is a" so ft "
wj id *( boyw" decision be taer an t iner

**r ub ~ ~ utd Owkl acltt wfen M% ito Chu or
BtAtaUV WT oGMHbu W wwU &a"-, the MIAL dwe an-iw

m c o n t r t a r ~ a n f o r p r o e d t e s a ola f INc b t a go ig M
-on tman bee Drt .
T Del ead ~ S rcom Mta edil OtfOrN
Atta una otae n abuini the be- The Ta-Cloer Uam road be
ioste. la o mdan Diun obvte s roapr GtoyU be
lfftmi.Y w" memer th fair dier, av is bo Vcate &aatitme
"To tbjak of the vbepw atOrthe am ofReftvgse *ewtWOW
I aaoam Itatla w" beu hU *be far tSWwe that the
io t* Gem SuaN for the m a b A wP-1 Was 4 e ttefor Gms-
aMiem to oMre & ate ren- J m behdaet v ni tsaSW

*qi~ ffi his ^^fuyit eidore EU 4ai-rn and that be wW a
dWiu a b -cn-t 1 a P of dam= ame wih t hav, a sk
am A*& of bow o latl4oWl1 a wsu **raw ri
Ifialm are wrwd Oto U to& bUe spZilm toi o eam
As far bacic as IM before te at 3ef~a mo.
war % Iwo Ial staECowend WML it n o. md Dr. e-
UNrt 'ak hwe Of inr OW am's somoSdws a*be
hs cotrY In rettu ft f lor e- iw -- he opB ag *-

thebosue f 130 O

LL *baU=aws -"the bl'cMW uio
war an RanrsandMMto ad E hw theiedI
d*tla, bot. an =w *MO ta & coomog2. WLMwao

iad iaut~r* at~ ea.~to
lim and MMs mm hib Jma a,
wee odaes.nm
is Br D nSowahiad ha dto
I so (rkans foam t Itafct. ad
fr the ae ASUmi o m
te~~~u Bfa -a IrB-Z
tbh Aftras aScpel
()Umhii ma 5 eSSt
the VItals eampalga ft3aw
in vhih we em be te Zo
mAwous wowod hoebe"dlo par-
XMit* -f~^tn bioeMtB addf
BfHebpoUISS for UshituimaiML
am to be mod byGreot Brttaa.
Tbe prom"a l4te few adtem
thke'la "aim wotadothio
Ayw womd not hav- oM -d
dvlmaey. It would w have
thei J e tio cht to slnh eft
totheM ia.
As u nseama eor
Britain unw'S" rnirilp
policy EUrbtht SUltapto aU~m
soul nuftM an W g
wsAtw. W MW. mbu
WM"oate of Aftts. Dm1m

sum Gonads.

T.I. Tronsfer Prtoed ;
"ae now, 3eMm Oanimwo
Iat the 5wa Oletal Wt" ha
equated o00 mato boa
oemuami furthewth oa t tobr-
cnaim Maiterha pwjst.
~ak inffMb"a r ao doantr, dos
to the tet ttft* OGaIwmlt &b
now eoauiderfti a pejut to w.-
Domoer 9 ommute sees of T.IL
6 e Downm 6U MIDullat. ja
TW Is To vydoorab amed; Is
sham vise ihe0 d thedo oem
imedtedhesit oftOeedi o"s-

Wtth aU due* "athy fo tgo
owarunfatunsmta ukd ofT&
I bmg.throughthamaiom Eofy"W
atemood sepwap It

Typhoid Fever
Roundup Urged
-Uaion Athe4 Mdial ow-
ar E ihl b of brlased
tIrv o0by oWrd oft161
10 UCA U meeotig Ut

GUM am 0 to th W"=t .

a'matte a" d Wa "Mhe sgm ti
atr at a bs *a a*Hsum

baum ram eban
wRM--l **M mkM =
--aft"( do#i #L 0

%indbame ae
Reg^jM m on^lh ^K^^
^-f dew unti ba MatW

la fh~thatoolbfme. aee
"m b e baddfhr.
do" U W 64M a'buftb
tmMId- artlAkMm" powM

Customs To Have
Sa metary Inspeto

fadMf agmtehimeaboedE

at be LeMi
at Mrwehw I *

Iiimm w a m m ni
ink, a. --

____ ana "a-
I.. & I




I . ',;- = !u" im A
h ~ at

Ithft pt owe

like -' bi a
Mato 0 o is a- V
f ~ ~ u mm is of ~ J ISL U*
t bftusn ige N",
K-la -w - aw f be am o5
is at Pep*~ emwZ 449
-- tw y__fl *0iT >y |M ia
w L -mf a a ne
W. V. ram o e L
m fgm

Taxi Owners me ., _--sa

To Pay Fines 19 "-IV.

In Tyre CaseNOTI
. .-., ue ., _VA-I-
25 isoobeiWsa'-N eHry
am8 annum wm No a",a!in i boram

Mr. A. a.n acles r" aw i d gp Pr mm im a m& ----
POMte no 16 IS a" mmmmm ftwmm- fini ft an mIx"
-- Per ,o *aU mumt Iu I %l em'

-limp b e- -ffi m -ie ,- ,-kI W. v.ib,. s, S- .,
lw ~, ddm l w oee IdoeINdmu

n-, a. t w -- is ,f k- .. 0usbe e
ma sm at" l thie/ mb- "pel I -

t am rumat h*0e a ua l 3,-5f a m at wtoo of ra. AMo o. O. a f

lbteflb Were am l -e anamoR ^M-of *-f awn *-- d . met
Wter WI I s t -roe MBotre t Ie Scout Hot frij
which lte D e fe d b
bin =001101004 $ IUM hm e gatlWtmtt o 3 wbodar sp.

AnUcri wr-ras a M~lya gi.-~ w^,ham im~s tt* M1. strvt n tmcW
wtw wr P d Slhethe MrL mn Imea ior th erN
sum Mae"d time hod been m

o. OI i I. WmY *w t-

46i k gun.w Ap~cm a" ex- S m mse
Pop 6" the busmatb that ha a m.P naA=
And beg totthe car itth In a be
6018nfaS=amIn o dono Rn the Ad AND A OTIA

b|>IM fK-t. We WVIWy a^UM ------- h----- ------------
In I df th em mtheadneln

a aw t m at as S Vle am s n atd oMaym baTo
Mnd- t B Md 3 at lowx ,s o

'At 40~ed 1101;aN &a--Si a m y. 36I .
69W s ha t manm~ m
-s dy ory lthe ty staura-,m i dopad tepwntrt e
poebs m EU mm

ft-w UMem tt rooulvdtat hta for artlnct~o r.uW. ID iniaddressed (orfl |
am awrs o enur oft hoa tw, p orw B1 rtmot. ,a.^
So-"b3w W

the mae -if to he w w u-en ths Pue k Otnt
imiMrt an Ui Mr tu at h .d
w"- of mt tI atAIDUDG NC

andto mmmm ~mbad1014" n an- an!

4" Im. Iov-em
am"m Use oladii-__ _
Mr. WmLtm Wmdt W S "

thew Ur waMr-n O -be mlThe rafn- u Zfformfor&WSah oo 0"kl
a" a i, e o s helhre ,s Doomb have been
Sthe to *6 PNaOIbtI fow BuIwttwg to Mr. W. D D rela. FS
thu, we so. e IIm t -at ic Uepot rmi R8o t-d-Upe&
-mo had 1iow v'w ebNie ertmm aboa toretnaI t 1* C tNM
0Doebag the .efmr.e J A-.J-.-)mt VA oWbe to OY afre
MOM= AM that theyad 6001trr and an ackmew e be -ad e so
ftm w~ ~~mdm fa UoiVuitty Re-FUB OartSa ... 11 V
b"d bee fn 71Mh sm Ws ~uue 04. -"
Go the to gow hm th heby dW AWP".............%..... $
um hw ting bmnDwwo re- pw ew*amamh l oaihm .....
no and othe r "r a inbefre be t er

Bitn 3we-at the tite ttotanf
Dekye Deffd wt

the ciy oBw net WHB mIUMB of
a genera nature. um W a. 0. a. Woxdmg Mayor of part-
lef-Spahu, jdofrbw iMmmis the*'-'- --j
nut oft= at th -om aon a AppmttUs 14r appointmeRt to US PO"i
- by ARn-I L. VWml b toVItAd. ippenUs areased to wMttefe
That a e~ttae be own handwmitn ad t attach any croftrd
ipsta to aqa toe ei they -y ,-IM An WpstaiA viB b corOA
amd ttleaa oU -a. ofmmwttow d am .AnMant bo cannot appear In
A Ml **11u Vldnk imoemi md: Kaet":" eobatuld oak" ac a F'uoknph at M
aWbumM ia derl of water l ei wi written aepnicpatiouand other pall p
."w hrau (noomi rts at tef
dc". todaftu the 4wCamldiad mw The paus to be Sued are:-
taL and U the bthoft tOe Cw _m
is affected theret. and S tWaWom (l) Dftoan & Cmpuwte. SAIT of DAl3 to |
" City f laineer h repoted that by ikcrerAun o __
the efty is beingsopplied wt an (1) Overomer of Roads. ausy of U C
adequate Ippl of wer,& and His Mts at ,o
WaMip u either J'a 1d 1t a fIeMM! at = eat im
remeot meethag that commons (1u) Mutanlc. Sonry of a to
would bhe homed fr" U hW teaot ate ],
4t day Mccway, be htot0s tE War beams is alm pa ahe. UM pNAt rate bee. 3r
continue to bet made
"Now be nt removed tMat a Com- Al lpp1cat'ons ebhould be addreaed to the 99m
Wxte be aonfedto enquiteinto WorkS. Public Worts Depmrtwnt. KingatownSat -I TM
t hide lt OfSppby *and ISMAbI- and 1a1t arrive at the Public vorka Ofice n ban o ,
two ajtWater to t tcity.and to May. UA.&
take much Step as Ut am odder a
ailNe to effect me taMte E L DOS
- -l he*as*Masitrai o Actng et
anUwd that r oUoMttes have are-
Edlee UI -
bemee It affeced the water me..

gW sibw tmat th as
*Maim- be *rthe beabg of
a a the te l bat-
Aat 0 oijs*tf amltyW sma~l: fri-^F'r^ I
Wty aGMY.-

Cune Board Gets
New Chairman

OMWL AMm i# 2.. UJ-SS

hah s io.f-**-.*^ ^'^ w ^ I
9An UAs

Lu~p t-

0 "1b
a.. A S

in Gent's Shoes

Tan, Willow Call

and Box Call f.-

$4*4-s to

$|4.75 g pair
5l4-55pe pair



IUHPnA SlAmRM. DAuTm. yAT ol 1NI4.


don Reported Imminent
f rHn n - -
3D 1 M 1s (Beute).-4me fall of thet Yuoaav Govra.
itDlot. I uwdMt tM KinO nPetr wi relieve me Yugo-
D, Dr. Bodda Pursic. hii offce within 4 hours.
Sssueaa ------------ea
t hat h- ha en-
in5Governor of A1.
Wih h Aies Contact t

o Miller Line

ht Casin
O After CaCsin
G(lckformer Mln- to~~~ RM 1
thtMr a. chute Divitson has been detroyed
dmake &statesmat" iii 1n Siotse to escape.
,aftiest o "Both armies contributed to
.t~a~tI au Utnup. 71w Oustay Line
usserag shofthe Apeonaine ha! c"asedI
toatSila to eaat._
sveinto ,wTlI Lm "

litarYmioslavia verynn
ewitetha er it

t, r the h ead e
iiaymisilon in Ion-
to be received by

,Fliers Destroy
nt Aircraft
EibOTOI. May 18 (AP).-
K.N, Arnold, chief of the
hiTi that the Army Air
sand a half yea& s of
20.174 enm0 y 3 planes
-Ion of 6.1M.
ifeoore presnted by 3
a press conferene tr.-
from December 7, 1941,
15, 1944 the air
*eriail ombat destroyed
M y'pOIlean probably des-
and damaged BW46
destroyed 3,664,
iiroyed 347 and dam-
o athe ground.

to enemy ag on on
or in the air.

dtion By
May 1 (AP)A-ZRed
Ru uMian Army news-
amcused the Bulgarian
Bl df ta to "Inveigle
.*apeorlelt0 a fratri-
the VSS.R." and
ttthe mnaltenSance of
rel nations between the
MB wasO "becoming a
S"Red Star" v article,
Moscow radio In a
Siof Bulgaria's
Mid againstt whomr is
ll facts ndlcate tha
be n duoted in
the Oerman Army
fIthtIng against the
that the Soviet Oand
ersn warning were 'sys-
l pIgored" by the Get-
R-. and Balkan satellites,
JIf'let the blame them-
L If the armed
ime USIt. and the Allies
ain concluldois from

raft Licensing
itrol Tightened
igttlve regulations gov-
4 uw of commercial ar-
t Colony, made by the
COM it with t qpproval
S5tary of State, were pub-
i the "Royal Gasette" yes-
01eulttUoN, which will be
A-t the Air Navigation
of Public Trnsport)
^IbIt4. wil come JAto
iohlIt the use of aircraft
etteon, for plying, while
Passengers or goods for
Reward, except under
,antd by the Gover-in-
sd set out the conditions
a licence may be

S Salary Truce
Teachers Urged
STrinidad Guardlian" un-
S that the committee
L ba Government to con-
- salaries of teachers has
red certa in provements
00dl0 o that re be no
for further Increases
Inthi nnection
Isued by the head-
W body of the union
MW cald ameetIng for
oiw in Eastern
Untnoleawly that the
Ooumittee has been
af State for

Pol0h Forwe
Naples, May 1l (RButer)-
Gmeneral Loa Ommander of
the Mghth'Army has o a-
tulated. t Poli troop on
their magnflcent performance
in the fight which led to the
capture of Casino.

Router states that in the Lri
Valley south of Cassino. the
Eighth Army breached the Oustav
Line to a depth of more than
three miles and were less than
five miles away from the Adolf
Hitler Line at its strongest point.
It Is disclosed that on this sector
an Independent Canadian tank
formation, veterans of Sicily and
the Sangro fighting, has been sup-
portting the Indians and Michael
Reynolds, r B.C. reporter, has
described the combination as most
successful. In the centre of the
battlefront French troops have
got a footing on Mount Sora. The
Americans are reported to be
holding a line at the foot of this
height and have taken one outpost
on the line down to Easperna In
the mountain mass between EAs-
pria and the coast.

Axis Say Invasion
Very Near
LONDON, May 18 (AP)-The
Paris Radio said today that Gen-
eral Eisenhower has massed 60
divisions and 80.000 paratroops In
South England where an armada
of Invasion craft fill the harbour.
Other Axis commentators specu-
lated that the invasion hour was
near. The radio added that
"Anglo-American Invasion troops
have been massed at their em-
barkation points for the past eight
days, and all evidence points to
the fact that the Invasion will be
launched sooner than some people
may expect. The whole armada-
consisting of transport vessels.
merchantmen. 'shine boats, inva-
sion bars, motor boats and bes-
trovers, is concentrated In harbours
In southern Egland and especially
In the Bristol area."

Norway To Amend

LONDON. Way 18 (Neuter's)-
The Norwegian Minister of Justice
said today that the Norwegian
Government In London had al-
ready taken steps to amend its
constitution so that the death
penalty, so far unknown in Nor-
wegian law, could be Imposed
upon Quislings. As he said. Quls-
though,' of course. German war
criminals must be dealt with by
an international court.

Truck Driver Gets
6-Month Jail Term
Francis Alkins was yesterday
convicted on an accusation of
driving a truck without the owner's
consent and sent to lall for six
months by Mr. A. J. Hamilton In
the First Police Court.
He was also disqualified from
holding or obtaining a driver's per-
mit for driving without a permit.
The Navy announced today that
American 'planes knocked out gun
posltlons, bombed airfields, unk
a big tanker and a cargo ship and
battered enemy buildings in a raid
on Japanese mandated islands on
Tuesdriy. The communique said
one group of 'planes pounded Wake
LONDON. May 18 (AP)-The
Swiss Radio said today that the
Germans have ordered the evacua-
tion of civilians from Genoa.
Rapllo, Santa Maria, Ligure and
other coastal localities before
May 20.




*. P.AO
*9 M~


J To Fed

Full Weight

Of Empire

IdM tbe ~ t C M ,Mao

tere t
'W br aM great Ameylea *atlm

Ind aI Iere er s a t

from the Domldaons sad ColoiesI
thi ok teewr and ra ff" a
ontinu, o the tm AnloAmert-
Ue is for *-a t ler- aUM

can o-ope rosisUo as we In the
M pn Yt t of Non suWarfwa
de red.

"W h av e expere t so richa. I Ok
forward ir to its atoeaon to our
ligt'agoout oormari _very -

othip and 'ptAlUt so that when
alathe time aA Whes to emld the o-
wi restated area of urope an Ai

we shall unite in a common pun-i
frpose with a single mnd, aoind
an Well.

achieve tookhe same victory in pea
conUtlausuf at thot AuglokAsael-

cans we are going to ahev on the
Ministry oat mom"ri Warfare

battlefied today."o richly. I ook
Buthers Complainea Alli o that when

In St. Vincent
Timdad eusrn to rebuild the deon-t

KINOSTOWN, St. Vineent May
18.-sta areasut of Europe nd atons,
made halon behalf ofunit the butn a common puf
poquire whether th ile idy'.a sdp-
ply ofachieve the oame vic adequate.ace
A depu tat ion representing the
battlefield today." ___

butchers and comprising Mr. Complain
In St. Vincent

TrUly M. de Freitas, baCorrpstrde-aw,
KIand Mr. Robert GSTOWN. AStdVsonn, sMay
citr.-A a rnd newspaper etO waited
made on behalf of the butchers of

on is Excellency the overnt i orin-
quirid thrng to his notice thesup-
ply of livestock U adequate.
A deputation reprekentlng the

butchers and comprlt ing Mr. S obtaining

animals for slaughter.
ley M. deFreitaa conter-dd thatw
d theMr Robert M.s an adequate supply since

exportation of horned animals has
citor and newpapsome time been banned waited
on that the Controllenyr of tupe idovernor
should t eay t he authority of the
utchr' diiRegulaton to ompel theaining
animal for animals to the butchersr.
Mr. The Governor seita contended that t w
not there IGover an adequate au policy intoe
exportation, but hoe prned o-op animal hrat
fr om stock owners to meet oand

thaMr. t. K. obinson, he Controller of Bui

Supplies, who was in attendance
with His Honour the Administra-
tar, said that Mr. 17. A. tCuson hau
promishould ue toh assist horith a supplythe
Defence Regulations to compel the

sal of animals to the butherd s.
The Governor stated that it wias
Inot the Govern-out's policy tol
I eiss, but he expected co-operation
From stock owners to moot locao


Mr. C. K. patrol nanneler of
SULONDON, May 15 (AP)ttendance
sha HI Honour the Adn plt out litra
tor, said that Mr. A. Cason has

almost nigotly patrol bg 3-boat
prd boml towers a whi the a supply

reported this waek--aln thi
of animalsnel from hi th leeward ne

Estuary to temptl.

l owever evident the purpose is
e'lg out the l Channel rk
LONDON, May is (APn-M~R.

hess on these m ls nh pu t out hi
Ioutposts against the Inviadon-all

-balmost nig even btly patrol by counts
are ndin bomber that the Alie han
control otf the naval w-nio man'g th
English Channs el from the rule thame
EatuoR1 to Bristol.
However evident the purpose in

skieseling outver the Westil W Channel
A D.N.B. amount of onlat night, th
E-boatsit patrol repby orted repeman account
clashes finding t Brth deAltroyers hav

motor torpedo boats. The onlI
locality mentioned for such en.
control of the nava Tnport whii
Is near Durepply and they thus evi
.skies over the West WMIL
I A D.N.B. account of bat nightsi

denty-ba penetrol reported repear the

coast of lnsce thsn tthe Germatn
did to England's I uth destroyera.
Motor torpedo boats. The or*]

Plocality ments radioned's Paqulor such enera
ounDwight Er s nhower has eport whic
d'i near Dieppe and they thus evi
hentl penetrated much never the
coai ofFrice than the Germans
Zdid to England's south coast.
Paris radial& Paquls said General
Dwight Eisenhower has massd 5c
divisions and M0,000 paratroops ir
the south of England where arma
da invasion crfat fill harbors.
whole armada--consisting of ttans.
port vessels, nerchantmen, flshin
boats, Invasion barges and severs
destroyers are concentrated o01
harbour in southern England amn
especially in the Bristol area. Th
whereabouts of the Allied higl
seas fleet so far boa not been lo
cated, he said.

LONDON, May 18 (Reuter)-It
was disclosed tonight that the
hospital hit recently in a raid on
Britain was the Nqrth Middlesex
Hospital. One-third of the build-
in was destroyed ad fi menm-
bers of the staff iled.


22 Murray Street,
Saturday 20th
May, 1944.

Instrueted by-A.&.Kent, qu., we
will sell all his wUll-kep. and us-
ful Furniture. Ineludlg the m-
owing In 8-man:-
2 Pairs Single Beds, VoSo Sprin-,
and Spring-fled Mattre. uSd
Mirrored Ladis' DreamC, m0-0 n-
tio Gbest of la-e sn ad 'p-
boade and Side Taban.
=eNiNrxtou =ta&r S1000t Ina
traM,, Is la,
Fodln&kvO" H"se mCUt'a Draft-
oilltttl CUU SllAS
*il Wfiab%.TCMs~e e B
el ~Ralcmwd Dtm ae' eat d
0" Cht"n Ti ie, a %Mu
Sideboard and UWHW
tee and bah0.000e7s.
Lis- 35 Wmew-~, Wrs. k Tabl an
E- im-I andi. aP. a~
Des. I&. WciaoMe_
Btose and OweaC Ohrv. bh
KUnW -Ed PW. aUr. wMe.
&7d & a w Y tanr
Ptem- -'ivw day pift
inh^ e ^ale ad Lm.K

- *~ ;.?
I.. I ______________________________________________________________________________________

Refuges Reported
Fleeing North Pi"teri

ST0 the M. tisl lub
a iso! =

the Britis h War Oa8 warter
1e11e, tod treidutm

SoetU ts'swa efWt en k he a
ow sl that = 4. Iu had

Mr. Curtn

LONDON. May I (Reuter)-
it. John Curtn. Australia
M Minister, was entertained
at a luncheon lven today in
LoGdor by the Australia Club.
Mr. Winston Churchill. PriMe
Minister. and other members of
the British War Onet were
present. The Duke of oloucester,
whon presided. alid tribute to
Astralla's war effort and aild be
hoped that Mr. Ourtin had beef
heartened by what he had s-e of
the war effort In Britain.
Mr. Curtain. referring to the
Duke of Glouoe ter's appointment
a Governor-General of Austrla
ald the Wact that a brothers ol
thn King should take up tls
Mteat task was In Itself a most
agreeable and slgniftcent develop-
Mr. Churchill also paid tribute
to Australia's war effort adding
that he was sure that the Aus-
tralian people would never forget
the Immense help given them by
the United States.
Mr. Curtin said when the Duke
arrived n Australia the Australian
people would feel in welcoming
im that they were makn it i
plain to all the world the loyalty
with which they were bound to
the King as the unifying symbol
of the British Commonwealth and

Greeks Hold Talks
In Middle East
CAIRO, May s18 (Reuter).-A
political conference aimed at bring-
ing about Greek national unity ais
being held in the Middle Mast. Mr.
George Papandreaou, the Greek
Prime Minister, made a long in-
augural statement which was
broadcast today.
He dealt with the situation inside
Greece and appealed to all political
parties to unite towards the lib-
ration of the country. "Hall rages
today In our country," he said.
"Germans slaughter, guerrillas
slaughter, battalions and security
"Terrorists' activities by various
guerrilla groups," hesdald, "had
allowed the Germans to achieve in
their third year of occupation what
they had tailed to do in the first
two year of aggrelon due to the
security battalions whose purpose
was civil war." perpe
He declared that In the Interest
of Greece and the common Allied
struggle a Greek army should be
formed which would belong to the
- Nation and obey the orders of the
i He said that the discussions of
t the past few days showed promise
U of unity. If this could be achieved
They would be sending to their
enslaved country that good mesg
sage that their national unity was
being completed, that civil war had
definitely ended an& united Greek
national forces had turned against
the invaders to drive them from
their *oil.

Q.R.C. Old Boys To
Meet New Principal
Queen's Royal College Old Boys
Association will be at home to thi
new College Principal, Mr. T. I.
- Hutchinson and Mr. Robert Pat-
1 rick, the Director of Education ai
* the College Hall, from 6jo pim. Ug
1 7.30 p.m. today.

Christlan Seienee
Reading Room
OPEN 4.30 to 630 pm.
on Tuesday and Friday.
52, .ichmond Street.
All Are Welcome.

Spwt New

Keith Cousins

To Practice

At Ovil Today

Keith Cousins, Jamaica's most
oiourful amateur rider in years,
arrived here yesterday
to compete against B.O. Barboic
and local top-notchers at the
TA.A.C. 2-day sports starting Wt
Cousins stated that due to the
fact that he -had a lot of trouble
etting evrything arranged for his
T a=ure, he has found t ImpaS-
b to rid for the ast six
but Will take a tril spin at the
Oval and should be ship-shape fr
Cousins stated that he scored
his last triumph In Jamaica on
Saturday, May 6, and he felt In
the best form.
Amateur riders compare fav-
ourably with profestoals in Ja-
maica, he said. and recently ul-
lip and Mash turned "pro" and
together with William a now
considered Jamaica bat pro ridW.
Couslns has been ridin five at
six years now, and ,was densidere
better than Phillips and Marh
when they wore amateurs together.
He stated that for the past four
years Cook, Hayles. Nottinghm,
Robb and iavis have been riding

Bata Cup Netball
Final Today
Bate Cup flnal between Orphan-
age. and Malvern on Wednesday,
played to a 16-all draw, will be
again contested this afternoon on
the Queen's Park Savannah.
Mr. Massiah and Miss M. Bur-
ket will be umpires.
The presentation of trophies will
take place on Monday _afternoon
at the Queen's Park Oval.
A match between Orphanage,
the champions and ",The Rest" will
be played on that afternoon in aid
of the win the War Association
War Welfare Pund.
The team to represent "The
Rest" will be selected today.

Q.P.-Indians Game
To Conclude Sunday
The Queen's Park "A"-Bast Ii-
dian match which was postponed.
and remained unfnished in the
third round fixtures of the Bonan-
za first class games, will be con-
tinued on Sunday, May 21, on
Queen's Park "B' ground.
Chinese team to oppose Venture
"BI" this afternoon in a North-
ern Ladies' Hockey League
match on ML. Base ground,
Queen's Park Savannah, is as fol-
U. Moyou; K. Chang Pong, 8.
Kam Chin; P. Akow, J. Thoas,
K. Low; S. Shim. V. Chvy Pow. .
de Silva, C. Williams, H. I.u-a-Fatt.


Auctioneer and

in any matter pertaining


29 Harris PromenadeI

10i Sadd B lad,
Moadayv. 1 Mmv.

forI 4 Lsr [.. . x -,m
SATURDAY, 27TH MAf ,44 at I, 1 S Parrisb
1a WO w will sell ei1her good and ote-
NO&. 1 1 COURT STRET, ful ritU svuwith aS Double
SAN FITNANDO. SmttrSprn a wting Divan' re
Pavoured with umstructUon re- Mattres, S umors Dvay Amd&
lved from Mrs. DrothyPayntere D
who is leaving San pernando, the Sprtng Msttre1s. Cyp b
undersigned will sell by auction on anratred L Dm?'" U Sim:
the above date, tUme and place all IinO5 2m,.u" 4#4rsICyp,
the speeiQally selected and well-kept Cht of Drwr-, 2 Medtime
household furnture and eofets in. gChfet (Y Cloths ui oA
cludn :-- ( eOruw Ct,
1 Berblee Chair, Hoag bPfm gitSliding poM. --
1 Book-ease r o ri. 2
1 Simmons 4' 6" Bed Ic 2 *
1 crapaud Drmet TOa with BoUMP MI d0 al
Mirror alfo
3-Mirror 0.0. Mahogany Bureams P ma d- M L A|
one large shoMSIS VI7WtrdrbW6 IR.~*S*WU
fand and mirror) I's 4 d
Large Side-board with miror 0"k5 -
S&aO Sideboard B 6br Me
Dining Table and six Chain aro o w mM S di
An 1-day Chiming Clock "I1- S ad i. hu C
mrost new) Cyp and GOs' n- -t Wo 0
lormeee -burner eoil stove and D lW y Meat tSafe,.j m -w t
Oven PIW3- Skuma O m al 8 1_.9.
Office book. waste-paper basket 0"96 Tbltma JAN And OW &W"9 P- M
and ontoc chair, Meat Sol%. BM: Huk Sna and VMS
Kitchen 'Utensils SammeL hm Nomw y m
Kitchen Table, Hot Plat. sand IPMu, O and OhM t baa-
Radio Cutlry amd "Ua b,
fArblentop Widutand ith 2& 'aheo a &-- Aiid
<10, Show-stand, Hat-Ra go Lamps. M W
Towel-Rack. I Oanadlan PAMra P ei.f- f- trf fW aZ CA%
Gardft xonabwe Q=~tad ToS Mo d -tiLf -._*
Ironing-board. Hurricane Lmp.
Vams, Ml~whit n-e. wj e
-veee maWovgnyln. Croak5 S
m7, ZLien" Flower 5nt IW Eegy(nifti-
eluding Palms and Anthurtb
LilUemland sndrik as may
aS"I'. h day W AILS
TOWM-CAM< -r 4u nof IN ait
am ILmas'.
flBMejiviewm 451 aypIUSl -- *^ ** ,M^ ^

p4. -I'






.rea d ds w 1, I

poison& and waste

Ate Ithe d t s e Uip s 1 Mie -ieh drmedt
bdebo bwiiwta -rhmmmsm to bWM.

asytet6ek. SfeWS0e. L kI.Uth&
I. the rted hl s d your dwhMid'
s D~ d 0e Pilk -don 't e

Dodd's Kidney Pillsb

then IMS ncvu bee) so "au din Calogwe to ulyd
Aikinsons. Since Mr. Jsmcs Atkl ieaes
his fodbuls in79, It hasb beosa s bvouei.
essence for adding to Mbsgaiety of festioe comics
or illeitng exhaustion after a tiring day. In
there's a wolddwide uscacity of dtis f.sgssan 3
de Cologne to-day. so Iese don't be cemo wit
ou sliophee r bemis pos 4"y 0f

IGo Dl-" "ID4

a-m* m414'







I~aihJ- dqr.^. Itfl. tM


)m*& u'sadW'* 4

- .A f. n '

- -1 -;








Talk Of Tyinidad
m i f m w.lmm -
L~ ~~ cl l ol looIlloonofto IN& Iso a 11011001 d
Ai ll cths W Ml _. -

L Ot W W t QMW c!SWI DON& 'k. S t 'M so *Soft <4#
* 0 6 W k bSwUf td
*l w -*, ___i m w, m

M*Ad 00 vi an m -Tal, -aM IM S -I Ulm

tad ri w , Meibd M
*rirlin Iassg My 21 Wtns1.

sw nsM2 afe o, 7 O 'a an r t o oew- a
OR T~w Ae3 =" cuM J es L. AM Nas MONN
a N: m wn U owJ. S" a =WN OMMOM "
'Our" Man'.J- wbsv ?aflM ON
-o, Tu am*ft- W WO -W
*- bI& aSm M J. 10"M W, a oofss ecsgI

Decorate Bath With hNO

-a ________lt----l I,

Now Showing



Mit. AXTSOKnf LXWn* MtteiSw MA MY *"Ab M4 im 8
M r, "d MrV C1740 Lam -*, I boar. to V4 t- so*
o 4 Tw-J Me' -a s aw sw Of Osiqw7I A am tN08 -
0 6
Mas rY*vef.5VE XMa-r r~f t-l witE ,ac.W. '-A B .i*A&A
),--p- w, ' m Tra.dM wedsWe al a *a *r '. *.n
*'''* b.a.i~' 'ajt A 9U fK m'a kouu w 'V bw wotmvt
laI. k M*s^e, sr.5 ,i i azca< Ba*tria s.-^ Itor'aa
adMWtge 'A" aiA*IW of TetOAWP Z s '--
MO" Ar a.'a of .eVr.A be WAe %** .er a" !* .f N*e OeArS .
St Psud -,f,~* a C at -* ^v" mfa=17
I am Wym tAO M~ASU A> 91i"S *4 who*"^ r.iSia i
i ~ . g a x s. **< ~' B l > '* !4 2 P s u^~ ~ o w ~
s v'' E .* is**-* tw 5.1*' * yw t". ' * e w w r
51,: t * : At'i U- af a ti ms a bs S*T
# -"r-z4 a.,1W! T *C g m '. There' War-
ThA Irx w t ypot at S'Y', tA 6n M. d z' W 4 S& ea es
ft, i rV,1 JO Urait Md /'AD 'rt V".P rk aI" I 0Ia-

lrtUBti- Glaev*; kAWX PW'0" S-ft* fuz1 k on
AMG &r ae e G&Z.1-4.1.and4 Mr. ftL P-.-m-* MW V Id W3-ta Trw
HfCAW 5M J. LA",. CA tA W4 Ad) COfCV MaVit. Mr CWT IAicsa.
*r.mE'mi Knau. Mi. sad Mr. .-so 1f.'-M :e 3ifrr.. LUM.
MaItt sU ciO K M, sAt- Iss BaaaM: i.M 5
MUMwi5te t4 AUd..WX dWeZT 3r Wad P H. Ae!Fjww.
Xo4M I MCitT, M '6it Mr wl N' K .5 5 .As 14' P 2 wRW.w
Mqma *i'4.i CS~Ot.d Mr U Pes:'. lMr B BU :xw* Mi
Mn 'v4 ew. wa MvA W. P t. LrOtb
a 0 S
TIATWHM X* bl;a 3 7 F OW r. AZ a^r.wi a
1-DffWKWtir. Or3S' tOSW *. a* b*< V* *XA "AK'* r
Clurwiw *.- on jv Tm r, IdTa v3 n Dur-swn pr--- 4. *II-r. V
b.%* mrw as "5 n *c-l 'ji t -, W w o p r'N arP ."*"-..ho
O r tr^J. f".* g.!4 rn*'*.;-'' <" S 1yZ".'2- .'S
F-w *" &me, 74ta" a r .7aePw s-a !V &-vl!.:A -.Sr'~fA-
Is*i'S MA ... D P~ 0 7 '**-* VA ?*')' E 'i l-7 MO A >7u
* ''. p- :-.'* *V'. *- v.< :'r^
m .
A "YA P A 71 Ie 4u 4.*..-. ** Im"'-
f W W A-"SA 'w 2-. 4 4 mm. #a;****? :m"

0 5
)ly^r M-* rtt'*- f-''** '' / .i

'I^JBUEZ Yamwf tt !?f~4 'a.'**e"**a. Mr '> MT'. Id!
rrJ ta yxamefX Ir. l ur TM- r Mr n* A m .'dS MT.

P-oo, wos-I A"hAM l orgs POO 4,. s
MbiPi 01.-% rvodr sM rAK'4W4 c fq' *e Ar4,
SMOW Apwm+.t- P* "-0-w W, W*O WAe s-e. *ad ?r* W! NO'14e1 7 f o* r f< nV*< 54-r w:s~ v~P4 *1.7

A"W '^i aw er *w M' sHM it A. "p *-"4'n-VT-^'-
!W *l Ml? V 'AO-'. M O-4< iW : V. D T'ri-Aa MIH
*a4 M9 -' V I fAi U,' tid IT v T W. a-' Mrs H
' VI 7 M- ' 1. 2' :A. S U- W i-. W A :. frA.
I .- .I- LX--SA-- M;-M it*-! &- W M t Wr. -- M-J -M
*fvJA l .'. f'j, & r.' IV,, 's Psr.-:- M, 1-! M-- H--4t
WM e->*A.B V-f I P-- I'! 'AtiA?' Mf9 <',, IV ?.r-' Mr
s. Tf'!"...,..U TX4 'l' .--*rt i.- "'.W s 147 1,.0 j :EAwa5Y ,
WAI2 '."06 T*'.'.74 r 1' V e M .rU. 3 6tM C.T -* M'K'r~ . Ar
rooy WE'w U4m TP" I':iit MAO' VWs**;<* Brm.'.e x-* Joy
A3#.-:. le' ~''" O' 0 U. Pt'..' .is.N M s Teresa tI.Aa
14" n!p'^ A TvrP'" '^ *-'A sbti ___________

South Work

Parties Busy

The and Ow pm - -; am ta
- b eisnd b1 wam&
vinb lobos a"SUM I
pom Per Ow bw~mwy bvKad
poW -Abar e Oe-tm o
Mob"& IL m&-bwbooan

Th. weeSai frt'SiMs APPEek bf e Ma" = '
u11m na Red Cr s sr bso w 1a d _uut. i...
TrbUa f WWd TO Wa as.- .I- ,W .. ba 'a S |
may 1 u' 3 WLi aa Ji ___me M-ueo_____ _
7 0). of s Tod su Diary .5

+a wOk A ss.. staac-a r- +,1 -U4 / -S ,,at** Jr\W
*" up aMf W-A-Aue slatc-& u>:i Today's
pWm 10r Kata *M I r.4c I r.!.^ -... C. bvs .
is ap -h.a t. rS- ruai1' ag Tit- I'E* w m arn svu he- aaaV 6
.d. .s. r.-.-r-.r#ax. SeA. UNOe E
radi 15i ne tr:red. 9 p H
dadAdr, a A ao > a.t etm- Tomiorrow | 1
*4i ta uI p ;rB dam re-
wen> (rgm cd t.L-gt c.-e. tS. J Ak- Tesn1) Co dscer a
am gaMwiAu so I fa puSRfJ'An I me &; P'rtaucese Ckb.
.| : M4 - 5aP'. WN D--- M PnWi.. M Cka* '
P eal. Danme a T Inad ComUy C8 -b
WG(l pr.rA o t0'' o'.'a "a aid a a td of T-u To =
dirlwif nt .u e ns 0or0 0 D3.7 t, t imab .
'!n "tp a. 7rA' e 0' .r.aWt l_ ILP ;M
Mr L C C. H. CeC3 -- - -a--- -- K
dvi = :o e OW ViSff TO 5AMULK.-i U
)'.0e5 J~'A 'Y'? vi*C~ ~ and CI'S, L J. Gray of
) 1 )4v. Mor et .e l x -B +-A n i t l2t .t wo K

+^ w^ __^ r^ ^..... 1,
t; ,# r a. Ber~ 1 and SWan. B e
'",. A-ed -a-,a < '.M'f 'ri B3Ut&&a for t=e = 1 sain~aJ
evtvy ,-C)k ;..S. 1- ,wd r ie i *I C n-l, "e nd ip to "Ya *t COW47 I
?.ad CrfA H - 1*.. ' .f .. axs ppe r H Tik- & 5alo 5 saying
f' *a*! w *< il AI. M- rba*A, "or, from Pagnte-

Radio r o gra m e
3.*0. fto. I WOIW -___
3 '. ? ) m V- t '.K '( I ' 1 5
.FpjuU" r#.A pa".~
11 rem-. *U- -' .-. __ ~ ~ 'w~
7 ;M -U .*< ''A-*ua w
3.... r*- v wu - -
.2.5 Nw. 7iW % *&--v
51S* '4 .* A '.- Cutw m.,* -
$a Wi$ee m On WM

$m .~-e At-S puL*,"*
;s :..-... m p a.. 'zTwn I..t _ t
T M% ^ It s's. % 3 O W 4L V--GI 0xe ru e
10 W r 110" AV44 MO *S C-.* l-

saw*** Iloy by

tr** rLw 1sad

ffibE-S- IMe.
Tity. S aJ-
20aNOMAa" n
Rab h Nmw la
lmar U*-l M-i
Iilk llMK is

'1 s3- sm
hmhbsLs M.-

*j l'-Ue LL'~UIX U21 TUi*' "*MIAT U
SJAIMES C RAIG.FAT mN nE m AN-Ei a| isu o TmoT-

-- r,, B-- .--. w-, -- -^ --I, &- **" m**-w n/ V I Mi1 "
^^^^~~"I 9.u^^ ^j x" ^^ Im" ~ SO in
K EMPIRE a : a-&S- A-
mw=ite 8w tlew m
.NOW PL4YAVIWG-..d, Coin-ingi j-m-" rE, -

SiatLd4.l30and i

a -

a /

TODAT. & & L4i
if 1wc ArUfS prrc-
S(1) Wtherlig
| *eights
S = with LaAeo OXis and
-S Mteru Ohb..
j| (2) Paradie For
s ~Two
Ik Pao"triciE ms IMunori
~ s TONIGNT. "3 .m

Ui (Dra)--
|I__ I n).fa ArissFies

i I (2) er nva
-| -. ) ___


TO&aT. S A U* aI

is da

() T&AfFCD Ui4

[I I^^ / OLC/H -

W&'Vft St&N I,,0lom
,*NJMftx oom
o$11jn,, ^^^fHl^



"1 1W- --= --*-I
-------s~ --- |e ? ^U ^

TONIGHT-R.30 p.m. TODAY at S & -0 pm. -TODAT 4.45. 30 p-. TODA St.4r5, '
Ne IndiTn PITur e: NT TE O A TmINREI
JUNGE-- JAVN I -Ihtce 01-viercss
JUNGLE KA JAVAN i IIL - *r,.--I--- - -^W M Maw"
iStatrumg Tomorrow- M it Sl^^^^P-'

POINT rTi lsT cL i| CLASS -
]KuiOLSTEL CS ,Gwere- Iw mbya_ a
Tonight aM Tomo.ow at .30 pm A EIFES K |athlee Hr,, _
RX.O. Prdly Presents. Tmtrud b Mr. J. 0.I q9s t' t
Farfan. iwho 1A ieaftx be "uhj)
Johny WethmamUllr-Nany Kelly Colona shortly., I offer lof __ __ullc_ 1 OO_ _rr_'E
u4 J~lanr iB~l 8bAeldsa k bvJ .Public Auction to -------1&l y W
TadAS"S I3Sh-T ied I I Grade Holstein IratpnmnNXE.S DARM
npdal Added Attraction. Cows. Holsten.___..

I I Grade Holstein TODAY 4M & 0 rn. LO ON
SHIPPING^ Heifers. To m Lo +
4 Grade Holstein m
ulls (young). "ON TRIAL" -- -|
Win. iS : 1 American (Ken- .
M OWS 100%& a s. Mantua. asol I -- --
S .Me -0 a ri .u asw,.,. tucky) Mule and je. ute Marret LSa
turw a 6;ns e ad hIm
W" -- i 1 a cart. -"and.-
Pe 1.ra, l ', m 1 Donkey and cart.
too" -'?74 wa _" "SERGEANT a
------ Also some Dairy Sup- YORK"
n 99;9 -- -------- I plies and Stock. with
THE BRITISH AND poultry, Poultry Wir G c J. .
# Poultry Houses and sat., aunm Mon.
.. oppeDoor. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Friday, May 19
MS y-
!== can xia a tomm
your f~ate ~
tion avagae to
Uffebant Navy 'W~eew tou
raoubmabl rates sIAthe
Vshsble Urnsmeow O ANW

Sale Will take
place at "WMouni
Farfen9" DaIrW,
Santa Marg.rlta
AUI. St. A gNMst en SRaturday 2"t
May, 1J44.
mn1-4 PA.
An ,v way to rtwh "Mount
rtfan" Dasry Trn tnto
Seont 8rrt. EMten Ma-n
Me8d. St. Asastin.m thi twu
"amht at md 8cotet Strt.
then turn 0 ita htll rorad
tan ai itl rM) to D rny

Flads Ctai Tyit.n

N EW-San Fer
TODAY at 4.45& & A pm.
and -

STODAY at 5 1.4 p.m.
SK.O.M. Plam=

j, o K~ RC M-

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-UW!DN *lWJAi fAV. IODIT, MAYT 1>. 1S&

cuitted In'Bus Fraud 1.-Fam A,
D Judge's Direction I"-edSu " p
be' .'** Was h-f- vw at __ tNih'i ua-l- t __
t",p-- 'For".- Muurp -.,
h Read Smd A
SW DU15a 1 u t211 M 'aU* A W On Jy do t autmine ids "S e--"-- dS- V01 I N IeS --W- -
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W'.owhe10-01di31W tlkto 1 1 9* os
W On JWllMItB1100611tby the A o n toa tM wwi.4 wof ittSrA S E~0 To so on
moo. -S, .po CM. astm. non. HeO Nomam DeW'Ue ck 0 4
Ea"saff MaB-"- lWO m two-uIN& In de06 a1s W, OL"W

B ^ g ^ c~ u .heattb- m *a I ssun ft a "te So
P121'a n0f si. t. Easrle"row TRINIDAD
r.T.GR.Tr dns si4 TURF CLUB
Owneld lel P R*lM T.o.. 1mntni ngash ob- "Aim .b P
du "es Neesdesigned to V--- estl b I
trans elatb rumtes, WEl MP
e,.ec t he s h ty J d g ent t th .W o. o r0
B ^ mwia. yMUtl. 49 "-T **- a PM> ut a 09-11 1

oo,,o, +---,.., .to
ow __ the *-St-. at day train I fakPf "t
hoss epoor- Negligence a Tusmwrf Club' tw
from Port-o-ftftn to a*Tom.RoU
ie replaced by S a *a*Wouldbe A, MGMa x 1 0T b an iwt
yes nqt101 aat.toea Cueaat 24
to n*n Si. Wwieim fc r f or otbrbd y r
hft. And iif ommndt Pt.0=
h-," p -m to -ratn to the t i. Msd hew -o Wfl-,ly
B W ,t,* Decis iotn by the at. etmoat aoft= M .HmU wil q11" W0urc--
g'se 4" stwm from Monday, No r3 .lad Og t of A lwo140604" in th stlmt emu a 11001 Coats uad Fillies not*
A t' w thfurther mthb notic. fte 13 OOuoa p, m o.n o beoe 31hf
Wtran from Port-of-pal to NM Dr=bstd Sa61"t *0 do- Ig. Iomuobmnea wobld he ig PWIgree, otts .f
blP on will nm f tar s T unapumson ;f Mr. K. L. Gordost, Atam to Is= sirtlend Price. Off"
13 tonlya rrivi.g theereat12.S o pw, i vil Coz" juy, ng1The 8"
i^OThe return trip of ths tratndam aM ttmustbeInwrift d
ftt the tim bookWhich at present lea v I.tabledob th e m s
J Ibe n umbers ato 10tr a. m. w ill l'v l ePm'r-oe-ahmsen t ch -

keep bore the su bsti tut 1by noo a and B.10ep. for either o or
tie=u nsm.. 12j . ed uopon -or, brefo.r- 015t
twM sheet. He asked the mpnat a. r atisIaresultof an attack by MODms o o f
Sdo f tod be It t vow Port-of-Spain at ,I2n 35. t hat. be g ra nermttted t S erect M ----.

&Wt two or te New schedule for the Princ Sen of thue p dI w not twas on nly twoetoey fais t wlth et h My, 1
"rice Town and Town OegrtaN aj takes ~ l~MnatiW fhsavinit rooms 10 eet by 10 feet. 0. P. rvInflav

+limtIilt nt tu0 mt.mam rd 1.4o .e 'r n ot thne ndf ` mawI~taon--hose an d s&Irb .1"oo n boont
S alea t ns. will leave Port-of-Spain w srked nCt" one y In Augur st .fo914 t1m1 houses w 1t

6J6 at 1 2 non d5 no ad p .m.. le1peoU9lm. lbnd 4.40a r s 1test
bo* re t Port-of-Sn iemdt 8.4 at *S.m. 1AS8 Tsa.S. -ltes, for Monssa wey, e
ws-*US i=meoulam.12 non an U"inroomd Thlfseadyfeet.

pPS.. bn d sp.m. a 7 rphUv adtlf d former im

i e r t Helaw affr tt tb teo a

K~f Ot~tcbfl ^ ---- *-- A-. ,I" .,.t Monwa le t h uimlu- SbRettytn uud ^ ^ ^
e f actively, and Princes Town at to any or any due reardot. o. 2 of Itwo-m d thKrob K
in A a t10zno, AM.,o .15 p.m. and te e nd that tumtaon thsat me n itse W a ate Yw- wr
outPtheSintha he e in i was n_ the twt fa t wtChap:t ih

oWiL m0 ,S&o Sr to T ",e- o.ot., c h th o 1 HENRY STREET,
h o-sTrai nswiltnc lave'Tmowner-ocupier dand was not In A Pttoi a hf o ader of l N ge T.
Hetyped ul a 5.00 a. m., 10o45a.m, and S. 40 Of th. lantds on which and dining room with baleony,

&ra V atsthe e is ImnBso Saod oa t witheM called d idt occurred that two bedroomsD, L kitchen and sep N t .R,
.--say 0 .__In, stowpping, at Ban- P*"+w No" 'T-y
at 6.02 a.m, 13 aO a m. and 440 the a wat and the respondent ate b*tL. Tey
take away norgave p. m. reepective and reachg werelau1 lly on the lands Of the h
fie reayre- Port-of-Spatin at t.46 a .m.LS T a G m a
pem.enf the m d 7.19 p.m. respecvely. I and tha t the claim of trespass T]U&- DAjI,

T i au a ln tun in I bD. D.must In law fant dntttoi thet thrulet In purOfe of a orer o i ere woul get .
SMr. T W chattel-trespass .,,,.oo M. did Inlue.N The Sa les TH
the d ide-NursesSco lhip Asho T 0 t that the Nao.2 4. otu yf
that Monassar left his animal an- ub.Re try--aa. Too for and

| nSouth ..m.. -.+m. ... get.
ne Vt dis attended was not evidncfe of nS- 0. 2o
Aem.11e. Fund i'1W 510. gligence sad that tsshlfm-that lit onthMtter of hoi mfl

ContributionsIntthepvidenc was p rare finds, even -
"Nurses Scholarship, Fund" to a 4de2ce Of negligence, the damages Th Nfnso.dnnc h12HE R F1
the total o pl~iT, It wasdicoetowr too remtot, hence the claim An nN.o

of$t0.I wsdico ed to o elgencetome o rmm m m et I

,, <,% Aid South Clinic ~ lqead breuhn h^ofmA0 l^^ ? utes^ . s cmmum^^ ^twamX NamAD. +z!smam_, aw sUoMIrl JI O
Ofmebe Of 'e"l Oa l e nd T oba- Mr. ae s v disputed the evidenceJ P o etiti th Under of LAN oi m

Assnouri.ationofi._AN T.-.-o THE TRINIDAD
gO, at the onhl meeting bol of a witness called for St#Andford NIGKCL LNDWT MITH near T.G.R. 5gm butvA
at the Chad We315 Wld am thiAt he was personally attackedby an Infant under thee of -looksd
rA 0 1 Fernando. MonstssaOrs horse on a dv ouscc- i o tls by is la e an A

i olon, and sebmindttednextfr ---- t8 nooue

%- 'e Ont.,.......t f .S Polifeomot f -- .u- f-f -,. *-
whenuae o el, D.Ilngbutnotadmittingthat there Inu a SM ceo an. roBig T e -u od g
ChldWlTr t wasds omh e PUemr I i vl i a-

,m. WoA m.n, o. ,, .. For Assize Trial "^-s..'sr -. ...., ,. BROKERAGE CO. .
I oo onrl part at Pin Frtbed wm I kn-towo "* '1 Gorporal OenxU Oonxahe* ha **IwI A RO, iT T xt OTfleld WorkernA' Trlde nta ionr." b e vde ce by f a general' (Honour. Mr. JueLeKet Wh itan) i
Sn iw o o* h d o io propensity of the pal cent-Brown made In te abo js. at you are wi I
tt branch of the Ofleld Worke' n orsKelly o do the act om maeron of
er Case D. T. Dtwae of, onasar had abolute viPUn oU eeCi si c looking for and can'tovaa
ca" & Co. w Mr. MlixClarke, for Standfor'd.t,INALNDgt 0T

represent the union on the I00 th ate ro e of the T reinilad r th. t d1%w
g11eeN5. Proceeds from 6D e (to which consiste dInt the leaving of ^ the tu to ,n Me T
T. slt )081432. teaia nteparticular cir- 444 --- MA saftsei&jsa thsaia nteFnneI "lw Ifw or we make it our
T Butcumatancee nstned Me- Re=sSlmoo Muss attaegaisa LU,
1~Uie4for qrd h onr f~esau suse business to collect L
Oil Union ~~He said there wssa dutyby. sta- of t&u. is MW ar ins ee FI

wmteriAtyhospitl, -e a reylt th th e Account ofnt- t w d] |a.

Lewis" ----H B ^ Wy^9 ^
restbrx AeNtDBOARDOF

INDUSTRIAL |jrw9 r .B W 9M M
a 4A11Vb and HdN a brofti-as was ewo wTHTe
M~l~Aid South Clinic anda brahof t"is tyasmwas" In tZ hthe sfemi: Souvenirs & AntiquesSOA

Por artlulai aply o ll partcula OT W ,T was K Offt1Sa 70srwuMa cn uf l wi Ke
w e rala ul sIJ-, dGuardian"'c espondentsomee fiadncenthe yfO
Iof SAN FDRNANO, May 17.n-Gen. part of the dfend oa nt.6 0s oDtM h fe es wih yR i

a fMrtcio. e1tor etw ay&lBOARD O IAL | TRINIDA
havinRIA gUrr. i I Tg "m" theam ma rked. i'a .o s|L
ogettem mood f ren CouncilOf thle Oilelds Work- 0 I i /mU 0y tor It WeIc" t 1Mto be
Wa lpdsisd~era, Trade Union bag decided to hea I apafto orto b~ ACTONERNG
tisofslln dn m~~1oPolice CA 4spee a appesumto-mw
abmove schaeduleto tthe Point i rnhof the r -- al.for Me Ohm ar
Child Welfare League towards the Fo As zrm a"et.isnWsnsm. UftVDf~ f
~IU agint hm er ~ maintenance of a bed at the clinc Dastret, Bas791041"ietM~' N
Sa ood control Deat at Point Fortin.Whem)
PWThe bed Will be known aso oIha Corporal Dweal Gonzales has 6. IRWIN SAMI L I. L
_________lileld Workers' Trade Union,", been ordered by Mr. B. W. Celes-X.L Whtm n
In View Of this decision Mr. 1. IL. tain to stand trial at the next_ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _
4a ho t ng h secretary of the .'oint For- Assises on accusation by Chief
Shooting Trade Union, has been chosen to parcel of gold and coins valued
represent the union on the man- SM., the property of the Tftinia
Startsageinent committee of the league's Government. entrusted to him to
maternity hospital, be devoalted with the Accountant-
Pofblo Normse Lewis General.
sum r. a W. olas-
yfor preliminary Gnrl I~ '
the aomUsw thaP
Rei an Bw.. OARD OF0 i
% the cas"iue fr ~TRAEINNG
vasmS Lss For particulas"apply in ~~~s~
se~tft 130AWOF INDUSTRIAL way be a V~win lB-Coaaplx dq~cieusc,.
TWO ,Uminutes "ro**%_These "uson" ukieat m r uFkheiwha59.~
bISYtions on appl.I- rRIA INST7ITUT3. ft fresh Ys*A"T4qaakrriy

fT~ IS or
b ., o, =,,, u wash!

IL We beser

Rinubso that ItEcml
f.a tam amom ms ow a
mm-r .it"hme wh--
auno uf dirtddi br ~~
*Aly. T ~bdilia it)o-

I Dnitn waste SINSO

fiw o -
we uin sminmg
4wap Wag,

A very&
little Lux
goosa long,
long way
OftekMUbeiefve dLau
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of wlI, so m eur yew l40
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of m laM Wmd tem wa*i
thm sob lir bi nI9

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AP I t .5 ~

riwucmms Y iu oMne s fer ncm ti81r0 "
ral Murceof th ViouniaBComplu.Tn
twice dolly. half howr before meals-- ai
or meshed in fruit juice, milk orweo.













Pole Garde.


(fer-Mset Sear)
0Il u T=11 I
4i ods th sb k
MaMy lretrmesW
be a temporarmy short.
h a lktle ce you can
LaZ Toilet Soap you
Pr. It is wateful to
p It in water. Wet
me-delet t aMnd the
rub of the dry tablet
you pletab oflther.
ilm e keep th ir
Mlly smooth with Lux
V. Ite worth a little
rttasin this trefinsoml
da m. *$UD

0 Becau- s wko id ea
shaped to fit Info fthe inside
curves, TEK really
ClisM all your *fe#s
And TEK brushes .
last longer tool Try
a TEK nd w. for
yourself \

en there is SPAM

There are any kinds of dishes


- -------------------- ; ,--- *--- a.
+'' .. .'ca
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12 Ckarotte Strt (


Muic by Tom Dualm. Dmw Orchestr

iCh lklm lewt.v. ,~. ,+,. ,., -.,
....J .,F L.. ,' m ... ... :, .. 1 ; .
^ ^~' U^^^ ;^ ^
**"* --- *s em* u - n -- *,I ^-h 4--.- 'ii j nj i i h' *^* 1

pA s the HORMzL meat that can be pro-
d in a great variety of ways... for luncbmeo
uppw, late snacks8... in andwichM alds...
ith fried eggs or rolled in a stuffing oa your
ivorite vegetables and baked in tMe oven. It
in be eaten hot or cold, with mayoWa or
lain-a-way sure to delight your palate.
What is Sp M? SPAM is choie pork meat
wdally prepared and paclfd bnavor aehltd
y a speia HlOMuL prcie.
Itfatah" ayea up to'buyqb iLfoodW6
aue m keqstad --w
mrodewel)adt. oieLnwoi f-da tao
PW=A abaw* at ycu~pd mumv maBram.
1w HomCx3L psrodct as o Uiet-
W*e i SPAM for yuu.

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... .. .. .. .. .-..-- == i Il ~ -
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M~&~ m Ma ~zamgTU II 3 1lm i i s_ SI PUS~i

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630, , ud s nsborAow allMsins o ag m va mswainio we. In** Cbstu3?a" rn ,ase A aon^^ rli , the hsMt-a* bmw~ it aarf Ml Nab SS ISi- wn ant- M4301. __ F.-

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n." ML SWIM as& Mon. num.. off "=a" _____0~

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Si s. ApIV- f, *t IU inr n O b:m' AU TO I-os. t+f e, .M ce !+ M O A THOM. p O SOTICB 9^. .^. ENTIRTAI#MV -Tr AO D I ^P- I L

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'MO+an- -n gWxR& stu tp s *" mob u ia.j ASCCI' A .OU.NC.--. wTaIg .d. 'a m.yJeaaI II
SIT...O. WANTIS---if PI 466i -Ma- ....... .O STRRnS 8,. -- w ia M -- t: .mPlum -OP ala Id MM Ma aem ani"
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--',________ 4 IIIIII I 'TI * */a -- --.*. *, +Ctt | --.n* _+ "^, ";*1".. .. ..... liw Ia Ir uM ! I CitaI By--le I-I-** PayTO 21AU M rU..w-l- +. -j. ..-- *M K .-?;-r .+ "'H++,
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OImrl 'r/W. a i 6.-e.!T TX ,. ,> wr. t a M t- "T.CMAII ELAVTRIC REC ItI) r nV Ad a.m 185. Wc S ImT. ISoo-. u1 r SI .el 2h B .. ( ,, --4 . .. ..M.. y .f
L IVE T ; soon) . T...... I .wall...** h. n. baI dJ oan alitA at-. .-- , I0 AtJB t- y Bo J M c/ IO ar a E M-- l, :
- -----N------ HM 517'. ,, t M-r Square *Phoe.m 4251 1 0 l&tra cuel p50M6NN eawg ap- I.O"ltaiUAN THONA-"0 CO TamC T w -- ^ ^ , "^ <^ MW>* I and y jmll;
MaS~ Wlaw in 1. g ~ mAt sonm~f~ ~ 5'o~f ~.MR3 oP 10)RDO s "rawadi- 886048.J.U 0 4AN&L 0 T H 100&6A& matiYnx. OTIn

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X9"011 20 gme"ew InUeedb 55.'Aa164My of the 19th Port-of-Spain

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