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Trinidad guardian


Material Information

Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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ltuf - ABZ3083
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Full Text

*A C., ce LTD* *
^ff. GyT'1--- 6 IttV.-& n. F ****'.

-g LII Io aiI UItIIEJWoJ \ElT i ll I--"
i n 4 I. .....44. x ..A. ....1A
do FIE. GRAS _
-a...".................. a t No. 32,W -lb M or IW Binw i W M U A AT 17. 1. pw Sa*c '- '

Da h K *"French Pursue sorganis8
S10fies,,.e nn

Nazi 71st division 'Rema7
the~t g--m rer

nThrough Gustav Line Breac

"-f^ SBomb P00otskh Whole Kohima Ridge From'Hltils
tu/ermsofthe ,

An! Russians Report tIn 40 ay d attle t

%balemi ESdio-^0iSlvsPris a ne^s ^^SvitEoy oa|
ts Warim Alliedou A"A^ ^ l~ ^ SesAe
wh en us i ns R p o t8 th A rm y k w
th 'No Essential Change' .M
enough cOn Land FrontSr B t More Brid ges Am
A IWLtN to ay 1ay<1 a6).AtM "Y e -I W LONDON, May 16 (AP).-A despatch from the Kohima front L 1
4atn~t~eed .today that union ALLhI E D R 16ADQU
beo red t4 at Was me Minksters oa Led foveECpire eed fr aesecret in rt llie a irs alot airmen a -All bombed ethe t dted May 15. resportdthse she oia ridkeyt th a ple ay1(AP).-Prt
e Mud wa0d that len.... wih Nhe ....... Mor _e lateston Ch succese. heir b ome. d the Neen dated May 15, reported that b e whoe Kohima ridge to th_ Nale, 16 (AP).T -] n^ IS
og, ufthih e M o Th e D atNe e and I.; r. Jat th at, ha aWantson fr thim Partfaut an ear the entire Kohima area-is now In Allied hands after the biggest andtrop.are Ur the
Aog pe me rv of re aWar C Majet y h a the Wiar; Mr. W. 1.ltkenabled ihnem doawit atvlandtanPolsh border last night.U s e t of te rm
9021, of Canada; And FMi Mana Jana chrlan smasprme M initr of the Ulan of Sol"h &rin. bloodiest battle yet Waged on the Indo-,urms front.Disionth
necretaredeploredph")con gtheirserialcampgn Division through the breahIs1
tt lor against German communication# in A 40-day pitched battle cost ustav LUne on the mouth edge

MI tht ha qe. n, bthe pai tw wet ~e h , A 4ui rm hc a t eu0hd falag-cl uno -da pitched b attle oimo th o ap.. fwsenBrp n ans utMhan.& S
a hade eas t similar to the Allied Japanese more than 3,000 dead and t the hale n
s h ortag C Th The h "egh a m.... .a A v e Pis e c s moe th an $,. deif Fa
Prem ers End Parliament To Hold invasion usaults from the we" Allies un anone t but Sie
Biftai wasotf 4 w There .ae 'no essential chasges So ime:t [y Eu GuVs
main of P e r Enr S lv Pe raise on the land front saidotheo admittedly heavy casualties With ty f the LirVall aed tr t
Of i.xfr Secret Session Tomorrowl -l-. -iles moittedy.heay &:a rWit
o S cErt Son omor a broadcast bulletin. It said that In a high proportion of Moher. ,lis- e endangered obythe re n ek
fo .st W ar time wLONDON, May 16(Reter's) the attack on Polotak. which is etat S ethe A'i n oEfApDm- awae whyan.niatedt
----n .... ., ie on the Riga rail line 'military M m.. ..a.n oitUe wmn flrtherut h oS
some wer Af ted -l -- d e n Mr. Anthony aa en o the Lead- Alg lia ir oRil T',kla rm Buteatnthe conclusion *very keJap- our which annd a t the C
t teer of the Hquse of Commons, stores anI d enemy trains on lines anese was blasted out of the last I a d m ti lon farther emouthis
Co nro w b thatetIn announced today that there the jueictio n were bombed. bunker and their bodies were .. .tTe itt a lanc e
for theJu Allnere ooedrdinaI- Il- bofr~albt, BC opeS'
fo r rsonaf oi sI s fuerencee sWould bep aeet on on no Many fires were started. A ste overtNhr the battle areain p .n..iTo. the "nnc ar
eT hr sday w o discu ss futed s suy Bltrof wte r .starteven .e- Ko m ododfrey f n aa R Talbot, NBC r-e r
t101 g. es.,a.L n d e hray tdle e yu t triumph for the Allied co-r in
st of t He heaih ey wmrbing sen h fl po- which in er cabr.i thi smorni that
D*001. y JA35MIis FleRt. mov ng(11 lowlyIn ,exceptional -.LONDON, May 16. (Reuter's).- ios Ofirt force. occurred tsta es of rthe operation dug naout nd Fr .us Soviet.Ambassa-th moutios
TO LONDON, May 1 AP).-The tmes and he had discussed the Reports from Yugoslav sources give among th firestir starving foe clinging deeper. a it mtay that the Siet, firethe fmountas nlikeouse a
tarvAnW toe cli ngig pd tp pr- wrisak ian Untht thed 8 vcto. tires h rm ou sm moutto
disclosed that hePrime Ministers of the five Com- need for a secret session at Allied air support a lot ot cIt "All our 'planes returned to tel to his positions. Brilh, and United Staes armed swarming up the mounta
to the United tates monwealth nations ended their great length with the Minister the latest Partisan suoe heir base. During the recent lani The battle was fought by British forces "with crushing. joint blows peak demoralizing the d
f solm of tlea first wartime conference today. of Home security. He said AM.lid Aircraft have been carrying lull the Russian Air Force has troops with supplies dropped by from the east, west and south' --. He said t, h

of om w of theth wentu ande rt south"o he on.7 He s*a1idm.I the- French troop^.5to Atak n alit1;0 Bhtfo t, os o In
which Am e.- The gathering ended as it started d that the minister had asked isupes for the Pirtians and this been hammering at German sea American 'planes. wou:d carry on the fight "until the have ..put the tawr te
-.Sne of the hemesIn the privacy of the War Cabinet him to mAke the statement. hps enab,ed them to do away w.t a land transportation In what Unlike the previous Indo-Burmn complete destruction of Hitlerite tv.Linei southe ,athea ,
trlatthoferoom of No. 10 Downing Street. the slow and crumrsome mule- both sides agree to be the pre- fighting of infiltration and manoeu- dGerm p to free the enslaved e- wan- the ee--but

*SSL.?BJE~~~~~~~~lirielx~~~mu llllen! ^"Lt?^ K fllsltl fdemassemocuecybe-ot sides agreed toler thet G?" *per nbt i ermn to frne e the andambae atwalunt, that te country
bet ayvrer, and The past two weeks ped s with sup y trains which had to be used lude of larcge-scale Russian of- vre, this battle position was on anple of Western Euro and a ban B ih dicult and heavy ctrt Wte
ha Den made a procession of British War Min-o .o ndg te f re. "fensive. cnerae fote tohte e t"Fasct menace throughout the de i. cln hvy fihn w.
spate olo -Is onffi, heiar F -- s tN ntrom Marshal Tito's head- A D.NtB. military corres- When the Japaneae positions worad.' l
se ,fl hs at and Dominion officials, finance dl r e w hte ebAn- p ondent reported that the Rus- moved i to pulverie the bunkers ad that the s tefor de carried them in some plces

lft last 9MoI wh Z a econoicsexerts forrepourabe*wutssdoasbtsta =trn'nhoitrs rAlbrniang Par- aloniewere mwasnR oifnsthe Lwow mov d i .n t plverime th ukr ^aebtlsi prahn"de segtmlsfo h
enst %W fiurlan to talk whcon the oPrimeoiis W 1,000 GuineaslInhave carried u sien ere manin eowitharmour-piering lls. Then when he presented the Order Of rent offensive's start place
the Was ........ a ...... va *e ooy flight agoe- sea o-he e10tern ft.e oa the ft.a rativ el cst egame; of easier job oiasg orooikSFite --------- f'
Tefiathe S sttmb W Tent ftromstcan. In the last few days they The German scommuniquesaid: Naga Village and re s ury Hillanr highesthe military orde thinerithe

y A W W~~~~~~ml border tomal~s______ogn Fild Jef_____ hills&~ie ovrlokn i Lift ft
SThe officialstatement from te T ha onl B totearey On na te E a
conference will be published on NEW MARKET, May 16 (AP) have liberated three widely mepa-T lon st- the eastern side of the Manipur Marshal SirIAln Brooke, Aimiral the south and eliminated ont
Sfor the res- Thursday. rated towns. One of these was in ern Front was reported on the Road Sir John T2 ve. Al -Chief Marshal advantage o the Nauia s epr
Of the While this will probably be itwon the 1,000 e classic at southeastern Albania near an lower Dniester and in the fo reland A lare part of the viiI SirArthurarris, Admiral Sir held-direct observation of

AltairS~~~~~[lwe Dneae an inreara the forelan Apn wlarge*fw parT n i..nm.t of M*<*weeceu-Aeia icath vlare (iv l-n ie r t. M^fTBn rel.lT^ ---,. o I... e r
been"MonkI general terms, further details..;odds of 16 two. portent place on the borders which of the Carpathians." ready in Allied hands, but the Bruce Fraser and General f .. lied movement@across the ll
t the right tO the discussions may cane out In Wother long-hot, Grand was the scen t of a long strule Light fightg was reported Japanese arestill occu ing It old Alexander. Mr. Alexa C Ononder Ca- aprchv
duin hewntr f190whnth ysera nrirs..f ...plad ouhen utkrts. Two Japneedon. Under-Secretaryorren t was officially announced
lAid dow debate. in their Commonwealth Corniche and Superior, ran second duringf the winter of 1940 whn u eter nor o d sount Ju to irs a t
la ParliamentsaI in thei.dmeonwenrtwand ............. third in one"of the mile's test Greeks were driving the Italians southeast of Stanislawowr in Old concentrations remaintotbe1413-A awesthward f oro other tw
dei i Ca t. 06.. (A Reuter's mesai Ageaid that for three-year-old fillies. Picture[ aPk No A fI. oland.d date, one northwest of ohied rs Alean aer. ,n an --- .
recent ll Play took over the lead In the last In Yugoslavia there Is fierd ceo er lrearding the line against the Aw- e t s ny OuDanfrom their two
__. ,fihtn uo all the fommut iqe whl, IthIsude20- figied wonnallourownk ed columns pushing down from wound& had eniflice o he l owno th l
Dea n .t tiona to wreveal t hatth ereh Partoer s e w 1 b fnt e aolsthenorthandAnother 20 miles enemy "..but he Iuse s temp mtoa mile south o thed n i
lawVM lS uwimsure of agreementM on w nanwerelabouring under Russian south of Kohima tn at aainotaoansah eal-o. tegh Wa tmtl
i. o t '" 1 thentIga. aIwacy n o ne lea mea y tit lMs gunfire on the northern sectors of l ,n ani i l muthwt
the hatohed tt puets sW deavyu114. S It .aP ald o b
aceedsuit lctlsfittime 110" sothe R a front in av tos bu
hsecnt fheaworangdfomto e okup hisnurn 'an00orGutoeaat$" Rftriver.
souadust of the.ass~d the future 011116slMe w" 3As Germnans 11ve"nsseso t nssorins the Dauld.4toA-nt, an Ceaeii
Ssecu riy of the World to the who r up hisyourth02. PY sou .i pregnablefortress., Near tAmconmidents1in.M..ea"river .
be-s.me"th prolVerent of inter-imnerlal com- victory Aboard H. Joerls mountlbut in etern Boni the rti.. Underground forts are being power and in their milia d. [Allied warships have '
an inmalatiofta and OonstiltatltftS which also entered for the m~, ans have thrown them back. built to strengthen the Germans' SOUTHEAST A SI A READ-dradaefle ihusakbeefcieycortdwt
Of- ." and education in the Empire.] Derft and St. Leger. defensive line from, Narva to QUARTERS. May 16 (Router's).--determination to fight on agaist, Fifth Army, Router,@m A
Unofficial sources said the trend There was no overwhelming f &a- v Pskov and Vitebsk. The Germans Fourteenth Army troops have kept/our common enemy ntil vitryl S An-erisa.

MA M 111ti vctryOnSudsy Aeianaga
of discussions was: vourite, but Pair Pame. who had Wi I Pian were said to have newly equipped up their attacks in the Kohlma Isachieved.' [ elle4 Germ"n poatio.a
.ie:semmete warl otur -heav back" never threateneddvisio compuorily mobe d today communique s id aid: "The mighty alliance ofb W t ith '
tion. They heard a full report of and finished fifthbeNWDeaver and available for duty In the they have cleared a Japanseboethe et powers of the wor~ d nitioaup. andthLM
the present war state and olans for who well liked.. .orDebatet 'ilay Iwt s. at the Ko.ima.road jun..... Id Rusu5, the United Ses ani d "-I meot wag eontnud yeted'
attack from General Eisenhower Each en carried 126 pounds in have pushed on another mile to a t a .has emerged And grown" n wit Ul rounds from a BMW
And the British hiefs of Staff./the ruee whie.was wor-th about Motion for a ingle united cur- hill position. the toughest strong- the struggle "inspired by their as- cruaer. There wa some re
SReichThe Prime Ministers were im-/$7,110 to the winner. The crowd rency for the British West Indies Ant.ecupoint still in Japnsm hands. HerepliraUtiorand determination to des- turnfirm b&om theos ut the "
1 Iand Uatisfied. /Wasdescribed as "fair, for war- will be moved by the Hou'blenthey have linked up with ,nothrltroy Hitler's Military machine and Allied warship. h no 4
timeDWI but fIP I POINT Ie but f.be pe-r v levels.Bryan J. O'Brien, the Acting An / onv scuAllied force, .wag#tte figt untU final victor."Itiesor damage. oAd
utwUaa rII o R lI ]ON11Gan onih recent neavy AlIII(d W & Att----ac----@ ev k a -...-.
rWr17 (AP) -.TeCornen paid backers 11 to Financial Secretary at the 12th ihtavyb. Recent hev Tidhs oai atthemacksuP-l the fightu:ti fina victo rnteo damage. Thoud
S Warn ed Of.Two- Immediate diplomatic mat- four and Superior four to one, meeting of the 143--44 session of T Tr L l on the Tidhi rRoad, the main sup- Arm Ny-Lvy-var I-yesterday. the Mediterran. w
ternis TA atsht term relating to the.war.were dis- the Legislative Council to be held W arIns nHi.ler rthim fartheaImpanelse.. ..v ....ef .Air Forces made moretumn
In Which Bri bh.be cussed and theeBritish policy to therh ee__odTs....tlat 10 a.m. riday. and-ehal-n, p are tas-n-, hr 1.0 its ortheelowoflght
IAweerj The motion, to be sonded by ISTANSBr, May, 16(Ap)- the road s now ulservieable. A WASHINGTON, MAY 10 (AP)- aircraft- The Grme.a0e sn
lum q.A. were return. AlMU. Suggesmtio~ns. were off .eredthe Hon'ble 8. Vernon Wharton Marshal Ion Antonescu, Prime In northern Burma, Gen. Joseph The Navy announced today that Aout 30overtlbfront line and
p pwemino1 &ttacinvasion AttackIthe gtthetattitude treards theC ieclfr & Mnister of Rumania. s'repred Stilwell's Chins" troops haye kept Army. Navyand Marine flierlast"-eve. As.w-ll as attacin
to the elc said CommiNatlomttee and drecimals stemo currency bear- to have warned Hitler that f up their pressure onboth side o1f pounded the enamy base at Jaluit, eone hamrorilwaysAndOth
_raiders were e- plans for the reestablishment of a Ing a decimal relat;o hipo to the more German reinforcements are te Mogaung River. In a deslttc,[a the mid-Pacific MarShall Is ,ndi a a rgets In t he battle
i erman y @Adc eevi government in Frane -. w Reouinpound sterling; the establishment not forthcoming immediately, Ru-s John Nixon ays the new Chinse".with bombe. aerial cannon and ma. I shippngoff th t e oest" ,
Thre: ,ir ws r-evI edat at e .Resolution recommending the of a Currency Board in London matia "would consider herself offensive .in western Yunnan is chine-gun for several hours ong-off -.--. eat-"024
au-,m----.. e..-- .... ",granting of a 99 year lwe of lands to control issue and redemption o free to negotiate a separate meant to lInk up with GeneraliStUl-[Sunday ,d early Monday. (PLAE YURNTO PAS 1, 006 1
i fltler muooe posed arm.i.ice terms for Germany at Mucurapo to the Housing and notes d coin in the CaribbeanArminstloe with the Allies." well's forces and has been a wel-i---------------------
a mo.nth. and Japan. Plans for settling planning Commissioninsted Of Colonies; addition of a new form It Is said-that Antonescu de- come part of the combined Allied-- -
with a few ret1lsW- uropean boundary questions were I, oeers Amsrequested wasl of currency to replace the wrsemt minded an answer by today. fol- strategy in this theatre of the war.
by German discussedop y esta ao rn o rence we lowing up the -romise Hitler made An official spokesman said the
e ~ irty a dm e ollar and for a conference of re- naivefigurd....... ..sd
SS d Monday Four: Foreign policy was di. mttee etingfthe City Councilrntt f th l when the Red Army first c ew offs
and mes ot m it. ....... ..... ...... .. ----o..........plans sinceethe qyebee conference"
cussed and the means of main- and will be submitted t the coun-/ce mked the DniestrRiver before th. filande r
l- '1ced Ot out taining peace and the formulation il in the near future, for ati- rtoemakeorecoamendationsh eo a and was made possible by the wA
d.A 'pTn to the Currency Board as totheonthessa.TtherGermasnonshadrepliedachievements of the armies WVda I THE WAKR LAI@
Sdung the of a plan for a world owranlsatioc ation the "Trinidad uard" tor t currncy to nsthattheeGermanshadnreplieaeuma t whmi
the W the -which b opi dthe ms m-eeataIn new form of currency. A% o-s a t OF 11UNIDaD AND I0t&has
the A o mpl qu~e potant single p t of the c nfer ___ ___ ___ M i l~ l d in Wiadl th u m Itw ee i as1 R N D D A D r m
singlePhaseOfo Bait was Alsosrecommended that dvieefrom the Bottom"i JA $I 6OpANe
'with its Mence. Phahouses to be constructed on these JEWISH HOMES SEIZED Rumanians now have o ly five ooeman went on to say that the
1Sham &te be- Five: The economic policy of all lands should be single dwelling NEW YORK. May 16 (AP)-ov- fulyv-eauloped first-class divisions Japaese wont etrmlayh
rofft., the Primp Ministere was favourable houses instead of Apartments, that einment monitors recording the to meet the Russian offensive, woultdisng an lare_____
Sr pilot o a es- to the continuance of negotiations roams should be 12 ft by 12 It. in- Berlin radio Fold the puppet Fas- nudmeult to dfsenir foresa lar
Soef ho onand a study on international agree- steod of 10 ft. by 10 ft. andi that cist regime of Nortlvrn Italy1.-hths numewriveo b theirfrest ialWith
v,~an"s in a quick ments for curency stabllasation renaof the lands should be on 'so far" seized 701 rural hmsb-tinodrvbyheChinese who
He Also damaged an ttarifffreduti, but the Prime a nominal basisnuhlonging to Jews. AloSovietTradeWereinmuchgreat
ft theorioudafd A shMiit rsdid not pomis any ad-tft to faes them.
fling ho~t m~ooed in the vance commlttnients for their Al TThe official stated that the new
411140wr tbiGovernments-' ~Red~~w~ n~3LONDON, Ma e .driv-eWwasDImaking good ~
T"AnowB tiA reamtlduring 1iW:oImmigrationrwas decided.iUnainA gre&OnPla .e.fact that talks have rayhinese push furtherwestt
mo AGvt.enat-rbuttthed oirO- could notbesettled"0% '1 been on with Russia was over the Salween River has cap-
Gemn ea oenm: Anl inter-Empire coneni- t WADalton O OOY
.p t~n uare ndDlo.tePreeldent of the Board one report sas he have sdvrae-WATIDT ZGODYM FED
in Fiance ~ ~at~o~ machinery was agreed ~ of Trade. He said that both Ran- ed over anIpotnpsionadRO OMW?
toreur from these ,that an emergency wartime malch-s_____,______d_ --ts dt xadJtn~e~'nv~n W"
_____ery_____d_______ sld ina ang 4 w anted the wpar have reached th hwb Rie.M W MA YC MLI
inryshul b tantlpd n~fO-ovetiaeaferth ~.some 16 or 30 miles west of theI RAT ItONINGI1 TOO E
peaeetime. NO action in relation IDy JOHN DoiGHTowER and tl~ r e now preparinga St aiween. Wac OU mDO TO1,J T O"
Afar o~50~fSh 'a Ue P.Ma 6(P I r-naio nonee ts 0,, r which each c0un- American aircraft' are v:Ing ALL OPT3 1WBU YOU SAT?
ryNextthtrmenitr areek -WAHGTNWefr Fund ______ frmte tog upr.tees NTPTT,3# .
( R ue r' s aidtt at t h e al a st h e h r a u d B l i m ad.o w y o h a d h c h eq e a b u t e x po r t r eI msp orig ti ng J a p a n e se b a e in t h e
Fauis entaram ~ y m eetin g w as held at n oon tod ay ma nstratkon c their liberated hom eland,. and othe c u trie M o haw k are po n i g the Ja panm WE _M ET T D L5 N R( T T O D A Y.
andlmd t,| Mr. it h~etonl ______________wt__Beli__ mdse supply lines.aia MiO TETO NST-
Itan 16h chl(Reuter's) e.- British Prime Minister, presillUlded V* with ___tt t: .. 4 u'_________tDM I IL i-
ste w- ut Arc o hill. the~ -s~ uu l.wl he ledv nhas h emntm done at all previ Netheland.wer signed war .-et S alereontn us"T PeetIsiror L, O FOR TO T l RO

qwmnthe 115 t d' itatn '1- at war" than h. be.. met with Norway. [N..... .. byeabutor fr th- "
% 'po.ih.s whl tht e y ha, bee en- The DuI& ad .egan~ u; ,_ .. ";"; "e
maWihhsbe lf aedotnlal-ig u m.-maswr the Sui to be ...[s lun4rcie ou~ne smal 0l. Otm'a si ismP
Pi-- e _-ur Dind omon confeenee.d uawm- ...wet.r.Ir. y the -
m .. u....w..ofcou. s 58 -f1 .... t in ......m... I th tEof the m alle OUoe. 4

--- to W aSb the raa svraca tre IMSSgh ta..S Cowin), _
is w In f orwrd to o n te nted ata Mr. Dull _f__ wil _t of at on is
ITO S~ftiw^ ^S* ff eoalderaton sain toat a Prim aunfemrue today haure '>--**- 9 ^ ^^^^ TSi iiFa IMI a flH
hit night. 17

hem s^ is al~ i Ii in osP^^h It ma IP -tuiu
17lrt hyUTWIaR unW 1 b 0 Em f w
van" a proposh WW tit (I
a^.Ss 00lumm I= wrtrics in lowra Nussia d *row W. ADM &I
LOaWDO14* *' *a ~ e g a M s '^ "" ^ ^ f ^ >f cr ."" A- g & HH
ban i7t foiiie t w~rjs_^ ^^ a ^^s Im th ~e tnW n ;rw a
l^-ko^ ^^ wu"=&fo osrsmtf .....

& ,

4:' **

VS AW 0 &P Aw hM 40W
mw -bot w -f MO
Sw^ JHB -H *H^HR

AM AM" hum aww amf I*w ioft bwiu
*omo Aiflmn a*& oH~w v* mwrtf
i tw Nowu Nowf I JMon tw im
K~~*w iu tfe frt ut lona bei< wt
*m IN 1 e gm o f -y*-

* -WAM SO,-k aw, - 9 S_ Is*Awtg*iA
mon m- "e *O

o wM smo awmw set pw eoiw 'm(
* "

S 2M aS iOa1 A" S ile -suUngs
*W -kpo MM ma1

or ul48 P"b~ leNeiii W-W *mn aa< tt, 14sw
OfW 4wfrK itr 4"IV"" im SO*oe 89tca-rn
4r*Bta S6WW iWite
lm t aIIpu n o. S s me *vreolk

* ~ ~ ~ m IftMNm AM,! a"a.fbyr tyin^v
'||4 00 tmBi|< wd faVH 9wyuur
*MO MRBy *vm Avow f*WA
*0 qyb At ue wmsa'eret *W

f pw* bw awls jraiulo MaW jtd
< 4w y we p r fw go& a x

-,A ta" m tww

ow m a .s, e a *t* iSmeb ook,

'. w *ur 1& Tut~c. s ovvs-k
*p tw own- aro

i A W"Xft "MW hWft *A A"-
-P -a -b* O f*w(t jKWVc lta*

ASy Xl, %twA s uw uMoo
Co t o q* Mr u, -atifx '
*mm %w r o ow w%*y 4e

"Vt rww ftw"MT W*weibf
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Detadmwitr will be impectd by tho Colony

. Director aM Colony Medical I&w t


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ehb Cml.

E. Me


m NF

MAY 24th at 4.30 p.m.

SRlations, Friends and the General
Public are invited to attenS


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4Greatest Confusion

e The Fall Of Mussolini

I May 16 (AP)I-It 1A reported that the Allied pushm Into
m- coupled with brnhn and &PUn Ubotage. have
|theI dae tl)aft Mounottl'i ous ter.
EhO th eu--

BO rail

*i to shunt retu-
Hktitluek and "planes
hi for transporting
said Italian
jei-rl of hit-and-run
Parallel the Allied
**lreOustay U~ne.
Between Fascists and
| are reported from
H itlegraptilo agency t
from Chnuo. listed
ai: group of Partisans
at a small village in the
-asking for an amnesty
iere by Mussolini. When
Arrived to Inspect them,
M drew their guns and
Police and then fled
'fired Wlao re house
Blea. kpirt- lled *
teant wdA refused tc
his arms near Gallarate.
telephone and telegraph
partisans encircled Car-
Plsoemna and fought a
with heavy casualtles
unique from the Na-
ttee of Resistance
was open nigting tn
p piedmont and To-cado.
E from Rome pictured
a calm with citizens hop-
ito involve them. The
t Is reported moving
troops on routs outside

d Information
May 16 (Reuter's)-
Cilna wer among the
Govepments which
I London
om a h Nations
IeraIonl body
aia ome of information
K dhem are theu
^*LMI ZeaandLuasm-
ofetherlands, Norway,
S rance, Useed one-

Bot Africaov
and Great Bitain.
r declared that "It
to develop further a
IU the ta of
IT Mnopinion throu)Bout
d banned about mat-
Interest to the

i P utofodia o
ath A th e C ouncil
GOenera of India.
of ths ~at etOf
Die r of thete
Sd ci m i of the oChinese
ation, signed on

ttited Move

French Channe
May 16 (AP),--BrIain
s tates showed no
intention today to
Sthe mak g a nydd or f
are do Gaule's organ-
R m the Prench committee
t berisation to the "Pro-
Glovernment of the French
decision on the formal
t title would await a re-
the French group and
I ltelY would be studied cx-
t4aeully to determine the
recognition implied.
Upte the lack of any official
It is understood that
mand Washington still would
the General Mark Clark
niyal Jean Darlan agree-
1. It is learned, however,
ficon regarding its re-
*'iS U Oeerdng among
'Uf partte for several

nese Retake

*ay Town
SgNO May 16 (AP).-
t ca d nounoed to-
ChinBe recaptured
E -aankow railway town
n. 120 mile south of
'A, where the Japanese
frm the north and south
n May 9.
Le the Japanese from
MSqS KIanyntang-.
Y.f y',and a tnwn 7
NatOfiT0 gkwan* andI
It towvn ofro
so6011 OwnBt fromI

Britain Asked

About Postwar

LONDON, May 16 (Router's).-
V count Bennett, former Cana-
dian Prime Minister, asked the
Oovernment in the House of Lords
today, to indicate their proposed
post-war economic policy. me want-
ed to know what were the assump-
tions the experts had in mind In
compiling the White par on an
international monetary; .
Viscount Bennett asked whether
the Imperial preference was to be
continued or disregarded, what
Knowledge did the experts have
about the attitude of other na-
tionIs In respect of tariffs? Was
Britain to have freedom of access
to the markets of other countries?
Lord Woolton, the Minister of
Reoonstructlon, replied that It had
been perfectly clear that through-
out nothing had been said, and
that no actions had been taken
that put the present position re-
rding Imperial preference in anys
danger Qn that issue the British
delegates to the Conference in
America, were not In a position to
give that up, even If they wanted
As regards the McKenna Duties,
the agreements with the Domin-
ions an Colonies regarding sugar

SLord Woolton said that "plans
for great military operations are
occupying the attention of the
Prime Minister and War Cabinet.
It is on these martial issues that
our future economic life will de-
"We are committed to a policy of
full employment, which means
something more than fuUll employ-
ment in this country." It means
full employment over wide areas
throughout the Empire and greater
$1148 then mtat.
"The Government Is waiting in
cmonert with the Commonwealth
And foreign countries, to establish
world, conditions that will be fav-
ourable to the development of our
export trade. We believe that
Other countries are recognising t.e
Importance of our having a large
export trade. Whether we get it
W not, will in the long run de-
pend on one factor which I re-
gard as being probably more I--
portant than overnment regula-
tiln, and that is the e:ciency of
our own manufacturers to secure
that trade."
Lord Woolton added that if the
manufacturers used scientific
knowled with the sane eagerness
%= p2eae they had done in war,
nwe" shall be able to get that
large increase in the export trade,
on which the whole of the policy
of full employment will depend."

F.A.A. Officer
Joins Trinidad Bar
Mr. Stewart Neill Christie an
Irishman serving nere aos sub-lieu-
tenant with the Fleet Air Arm, was
admitted to the Bar of this Colony
yesterday by the Full Court
comprising His Honour Henry W.
Bladcali, Chief Justlce, and Mr.
Justice K. Vincent Brown.
"It is very unlikely Mr. Christie
will practise in this Colony," said
Mr. Gaston Johnston, K.C., in pre-
senting the petition. He indicated
that Mr. Christie Wd other objects
in view in case he survived the
Both the Chief Justice and Mr,
Justice Vincent Brown expressed
pleasure In welcoming Mr. Christie
and wished him success in his pres-
ent gallant profession in anrms, and
also in the profession he had
chosen to follow during the days
of peace.
Swedish Minister Makes
Statement On Maps
STOCKHOLM. May 16 (Reu-
ter's)-The Swedish Foreign Min-
ister referred today to the
interception of German maps of
Sweden. He said the discovery of
the first consignment was made
intrantit to OSUo and he expressed
to the Gernman Minister here
surprise and displeasure. He also
informed him that the Swedish
Government had decided to super-
visa the traffic and to suspend
existing facilities.
Subl quently more maps were
discovered. At Art the German
MinOter said the map were mere
routine supply to soldiers In Nor-
way, but afterward he said the
mN were necessary as eircum-
stances may arise independent of
German action.


jflr leaving here to join the Forces in
Il'nd are reminded that they should call and
ptister ot the West India Committee, 40
orfolk Street, London. The West India
Aormittee maintains a War'Services Bureau
w-hich is of great help to West Indians in Eng-
,'':n, and the Win the War Association
,"intoins o Fund which is operated by the
West India Committee for financial assistance
4to Trinidadians in the Forces on leave in
aguzines ore urgently required to supply the
need of Seamen and members of the United
Nw*0s Forces now in this Colony. They-may
sent to the Services Library, 63 Henry Street,
P01rt-Of-Spain, or m y be dropped in the
co1Iecti boxes ot Solvotori, Scott 6 Company,
1irted. Queen's Pork Hotel, Conning & Corn- '
tUmited and Seartbys Bank, Port-of-Spain.
Afw w o o %U


U.S. Refuse


To Bolivia

ttheijett gt~ attitude stood as
hi, b Mr. Uu far.
Of 91e Ain~'
Pak Mr.Bul rep thatevy-
bodly wase was undrtaingt tl
the Unoted States whatwas going
on down ihere.
A reporter asked If the States
Department was eontmpting
changing ts policy toward olvia
in view of published reports that
Brail had recommended to the
United States that action be taken.
Mr, Hull replied that the CMited
States attitude was the same.
He also declared that there was
nothing now regarding Argentina.
In duacti~ing the Ambassador's
mission to La Psz, Mr. Hull em-
phasised that he did not mean
anything derogatory to anybody's
view. Reporters asked Mr. Hull
for purposes of clarifloation of the
Argentine situation was not 4iffer-
eant from the Bolivian situation and
Mr. Hull replied in the asrmna-

National Candidate

Opposed In Grenada
Trinidad Guardian Corrependsm*
ST. GEORGE'S Grenada, May 1.
-Mr. J. W. Wilson, whose nomina-
tion has been endorsed by the
West IndiaA National Party .
likely to be opposed by Mr. H. ,
Hosten, barrister-at-law, in ahe
forthcoming election for the St.
George's Pariah seat.
Mr. Hosten withdrew from the
samnt. strictit in the recent by elec-
tion and was defeated by Mr.
John Ileming at the last general
election in St. John-St. Mark's.

Allies Continue
Advance In Italy
Italy and off the Yugoalav coast
and targets in Yugoslavia it-
This pursuit of the diaorganised
remnants of the German ?l't Divi-
sion appeared certain to carry the
French on through the town of
Esperia and would jeopardize the
Nazi grip on Pontecorvo-Import-
ant road junction and crossing on
the Liri, nine miles west of Ca-
aino. Fresh gains in that area
would make the enemy position in
the Cassino area untenable.
I It was announced that gains on
Ithe seacoast brought the Ameri-
cans within four miles of Formia,
which is aproachable only along
the narrow coastal corridor pinch-
ed between the high Auruncia
Mountain and the Gulf of OGeta.
A continued assault toward For-
mls. if attempted, will bring the
Americans under the fire of both
an imposing array of enemy guns
and mortars commanding the coas-
tal strip and a heavy concentration
of long-range artillery massed from
the ar, a of Formia to GaetaL
Resistance of the German 94th
Division, which had earlier met
every American thrust with
furious counterattacks and cur-
tains of fire, decreased sharply dur-
ing the American occupation of the
hill north of Castellonorato, which
Is the farthest-announced point of
The Germans appeared to be
withdrawing the bulk of their
forces in that area to prevent be-
in trapped.
The British have a great number
of tanks west of the Rapido in
readiness to direct a smash in the
Liri Valley. This concentration of
fast-moving armour undoubtedly
would complicate any enemy efforts
at an orderly withdrawal resulting
in a French flanking attack.
[A Reuter's message stated
tonight that the Eighth Army
bridgehead was now nearly two
miles deep at some points, and
Michael Reynolds, BBC report-
er, says in a despatch from
General Alexander's headquar-
ters that more and more bridges
were being thrown across the
Rapido and reinforcements
were moving over to join the
troops from the United King-
dom in the bridgehead. As the
bridgehead wa cleaned up of
German tanks and self-propell-
ed guns. Allied vehicles and
bulldosere churned up the roads.
A third BBC correspondent,
who wrote his dispatch from
behind the Gustav Line, do-
scribed how British troops ail-
tered silently into the German
positions at 3 o'clock in the
morting and the Germans
woke up at dawn to find tanks
roaring down on them and Bri-
tish infantry already inside
their lines.]
Allied casualties In the new of-
fensive in Italy have been "less
than we expected" a member of
General Sir Haroild Alexander's
staff reported today.









26A Pue RU
Trained In War Work
mhIg iMBOsand the U A)
-"a WEIKOBpwerW Cwa

t .on. 2lj h out o

"rilof ta III 'i....
nPet ~uiWVS traine
more Una Q W SB w elor
vwa work. ro rprto
vuec its mtpplrNje

Rommel Ends

Defence Tour
LONDON, MuVy (AP).--leld-
Marshal .Erwin Rommel has com-
pleted what mey be his last 4,14
sonal inpetoat the West lI1
and, according to Oo radio, he
devoted the closest attention to the
Cherbourg Peninsula in ?ormandy
-directly across the Channel tront
where Oerman despatches to neu-
trals eid the Allies r expected to
make the main climactic amVlt.
These reports reaching Sweden
said the Allies would make no one
invasion but Ireny-hitting points
all the way north to the Bay of
Biscay and lncludin a possible
diect attack on the Oennam from
the northwest coast in a thrust
toward Hamburg.
The reports said. "However, the
strongest blow will be struck across
the Channel."

Plan To Govern

Liberated Europe
ly, the Allied Commander heading
expeditionary forces in liberated
areas, should have supremee re.
responsibility and authority over
ci-iU administration," to the extent
if necessary to meet military re-
quirements. Secondly, the civil ad-
ministration shall be turned over
to each of the responsible Govern-
ments as quickly "a the military
situation permits." The only re-
straint on this agreement to return
the administration to Oovernments,
Is the understanding that such spe-
cial facilities as the Allied forces
may continue to require will
be made available for the prose-
cution of the war to Its final con-
Under that situation, If the Al-
lied commander needed the facili-
ties of a Belgian or Netherlands
port exclusively for military pur-
poses, the civil Government could
not deny him its use.
The State Department released
three separate announcements.
Two dealt with the Netherlands
and Belgium. iach spoke of an
"Allied expeditionary force under
the Supreme Allied Commander."
It contained a paragraph stating
that the Soviet Government has
been consulted, regarding these
arrangements, end expressed Its
The third announcer ant dealt
exclusively with Norway, because
in that Instance alone the Soviet
Government was made a party to
the agreement with the exiled Gov-
ernment. The Norwegian statement
referred to "Allied forces," obvious.
lv including both Russian and An-
elo-Amerloan groups. It also re-
ferred to "Allied commanders."

The funeral of the late Mr. P.
A. C. Estavia took place recently
at San Pernando.
A very solemn and Impressive
service was conduot-d by the Rev.
Payne at the Methodislt Church.
after which the procession proceed-
ed to the Paradise CeWetiy where
the body was interred. He has left
to mourn their loss his bereaved
mother, Mtxud Estavia; grandmother,
1.anch McOlean;, daughter, Moni-
ca. sisters, Ruby, Mrs. Elfreeda
Forbes and Mrs. Olive Cornelius;
nephew. Pitzbert, nieces, Jean
and Yvorine; brothers-in-law, James
Forbes, Samuel Cornelius; aunts
and cousins.
Bearers were: Victor Moore, Merle
Sheen, Irvin Bonlar, Elalne Ben-
jamin, Roy kilrd, Marjorie BlaLe,
Lewis Huggins, Flossie Irish, Sonny
St. 1-1l, Annie Jagroop, Ruthven
Cheeseman, Pearl Pollard.
Thanklng those who sent wreaths,
letters of condolence and attended
the funesl or other tokens of


J. Stollmeyer

To Lead North

Cricket Team
Jeffrey Stollmeyer. brilliant Trn-
aidad opening bataman. will cap.
tain the North team in the annual
North-South fixture for the Beanu-I
moneat Cup to be played at Skinner
Park on Sunday, May 28, and
Monday, May .2.
Following have been selected to
represent North:
,. B. Stollmeyer (capt), N. M.
Agarall, I. Abshtlne. H. Burnett.
M. de Sousa. W. Ferguson, O. Gmes
A. Oamteaume, L. Pierre. It. Tang
Choon. K. Trestrall and N. Sarkar.
The selection committee com-
prised Mr. J. B. Stollmeyer, Mr. N.
utcheon, Mr. Murrain, Mr. J.
Correia and Mr. A. N. Dinnoo.
The players selected are asked
to note that they are expected to
practice at the Oval on Tuesdays,
Wvrneadava and Thursdays,
Mr. A. N. Dinanoo was appointed

Wanderers 'A' And
Maroons Draw
Wanderers "A" last year cham-
pions in the Northern Ladics'
Hockey League, were held to a
one-all draw by Maroons on the
I Queen's Park Savannah, before a
large crowd of spectators, but kept
top place oni the league table.
Maroons opened the %'orlng and
kept the lead until half-time, but
in the closing session, the cham-
pions levelled #he scores.
Maroons centre forward. Bile
Dorde, dashing in claimed the bell,
after keeper Lily Knaggs had in-
tercepted, and netted.
Wanderers put more life Into
their play at the restart, and with
a solo effort, left winger, Ironside
outran the backs, and rammed
home the equalizer which goal-
keeper I. de Freltas had no chance
to save.
The remainder of play saw a
ding-dong affair, with both sides
launching some daring raids.
The players displaying brilllan-e
were-Anna Camacho. and M.
Franco of Maroons, Iris Daunt and
M. Hart of Wanderers.
The umpires were Mr. Laughlin
and Mr. Lusted.
The teams were:
E. Schuler. M. Cambridge: K. Skin-
ner, Iris Daunt, E. De Labaxtk%;
Ida Daunt. M. Hart. A. Spence,
G. Cummings. and M. Ironside.
MAROONS-T. Dc Freltas: 3,
Jardine, S. Gonsalves; M. Franco,
Anna Camacho, Weppler; L. Mowe,
A. Camacho, B. Borde, L. rot
Freltas, and 0. Gomez.
Orphanage, 1944 netball chai-
pion, will oppose Malvern in a
Bata Knockout fixture on the
Queen's Park Savannah this after-


Rket Caml-Aad Tes' J-mp 0.
D red D elF iv Wd VileVr.
Tear liver should pour out two pinte o
ltquid bId itWyaur bowelsdal.dy. If t" bile
is met lowin fondly. your food does't i-
g'J. It Jut deen n a the bowel. Ga hb-M
up your *tomagh. You get euatlatD.
Yoer whole sltem is poisoned and roM
feel mr. uk mus ta wn d leksI SaMk.
A me bowel mnommt doesn'tt at
the emM. I tkM theMe famous capeter
Little Liver Plu to sot the. tw o pints s
60 Sowflfr foly and make you l- "'u
md at". Mraim. sentle,3.%t amoina in
Iadm bill flow fromy. Look for the awm
Carter' LIttte Live Pills the red -
4- S e anylila lo Priest M.

Sufferers from the maddening
Irritation, the exhausting, agonising
pain caused by piles-do not wait
until piles (haemorrholds) reach
such a terrible state that a serious
operation may be necessary. Ask
your chemist all about this special
remedy. He knows the ingredients
from which this inexpensive and
scientific remedy is made. He can
Show you, too, the Special appli-
eator fixed to each tube of Man
San, which make the use of this
soothing, healing unguent so clean
and sIplie.
Man Nan is no ordinary ointment
t is spared for the purpose only
-to end the Irritation, allay the
Inflammation and definitely banish
piles. From the very first appli-
cation you feel the irritation and
Inflammation ending, and If you
will only persevere, never more will
you be tortured with the agony
of piles.
Ma Zan, Pr. Reseed, ti 014 by ehem.
late tevrywhrte, Ineludin5 ipeclal hoes!.
applloator. RsUM the aMe Ot thi
splendild tafd?.-




It is so easy to have a radiant
white complexion.
and massage it gently into the
skin. Its action is not only
pi-esant but quick. Inside of
foni short week your skin will
be seven shades wier I. Try It
aojar ol
Diomcn Cream'
W yowu chemids's Ifay

1w Saddle Konad,
Monday, 22nd May,
IM44, 1.30 P.M.
instructed by Mrs. E. Parrnish,
WO will sell all her good and use-
ful Furniture guch as Double
Sowinv Divan with Spring willed
Mattress, Single Spring Divan and
Mattresa. Simmons Day led.
Spring anu MatUtes, Cyp Mir.
roared LaiDes' Dresser and Stool;
Cyp Mlrrored Hanging Press, Oyp
hest of Drawers, 2 MedIcine
Chests, Cyp clothes Oupbord,
Crap and Oedar Cheats, Prewwood
Hagifg rPres with Sudiag ow.
Cyp Bedromn Chairs, shoe oells,
I Banging Mirrors. 21 x ztt.
BaOs Cyp Press and Cot, Bed-
de rpe, child Rkw m ra-
108 Sa ddle Oui tooifap.M

?omda yl "bk and Mand

sigsf M Mdn Merit.

Desk. Mahogany Mat e,
lame 3-Burner 00 Stove and

ulsuy tuen Seuric. oes' ba e
Baaln DtinwiM Spin DIm to

Ma tl, CtogieSriH Tree icd
ratwes. taWmens Fleet
44- W A Dressera t olm
Mow*l $nd "A& Wig,
TOrOlJetd J.S~ 15 Pres, I;'
st OfDraerse, A?.Me

oIotesms th sile I

m -an, Otir ..

lopi, Hitf MMM. tM.,

Standard LUe
Assuranee Co.
Established in the Wet
Indieaw far t year.
Marino Square - ..OJ.

Latest books an gadne
School Books and Itamery.
Toy, Curies sa Nwerie
SPolnte-a-Plerre t Road. s
Fernando & PrinOe ToWit.

As aids to beauty, coamedat
have their place but dty
cannot give you the health
that comes from Inner
Ceanlsinea and which is
elected in a flawless com-
plekion, in clear eyes and
lustrous hair, in physical
ad mental alertness. A
rfular glas of Andrew
enures Inner Ccleanulnete
Read below how Andrew
dtss#A end puries:

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SM work-one Me
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SH IPPIN GrG4 Hostto IAT __lt
r4Gro.HothV, S

momS~ "MI & m*mm M*s Aiiiencas KIew- lit"f *
K a a. e.m .6 tacky Mule and
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seem a*, ,^,i ^ ,^ O O wo we c o art. i
^n fol"" a1"1i1.,1, I 1Dlks ey o nd oar. c
swP a f-f am M Mflt. so O ~ Sp

Du owedstock.k
TIHEt BRITISH AND pl w. Pi- ft Wir"\ Uwf
9'lw items But -mUU -~
rW- LED MERCHANT | H-e EMPIR E-sw-- Fer i n

orA "S M MIrn Ferf" kiv TODAT at r 5 .1a pm. LA- T SpS
t AX l O1 M MOM UI'l l 1 0MT
i ---- (PxU-- LMON" a PET LO
SWlua 14. tarting ThTXday A 0 (W i IG

W".dne.o m y17 I I rS UN" IB Z
on fyar t a pt uush V~vt _________
PM. !Powtn Dmfry us Ia tote

kftui Lin~ kt o Awdh S.Agam a M

B50ro swu-Cmbahsga. I TEXAS (wiwermM
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tReserved In Tyre 0
,pesabon Appeal

Sm..i6 gv -ogo" liIe ta eti" n writ, u ft
)1stipo ft ume I *19O In a We agg- I
IsMqM nler aiNO the 0 u8 .M at5 A. & We
Sg|Na 5trMgfIstra qrteg he. to pay U cempemiamum
IMIw hem WaniW he aecwsef o ow ethnt e are W

lw fl r
S Junior Acica To Meet
tt AZ00Acmdudrul Tdv
the Tie A o he fr thio w a r t

r' ttftOuatai we immaculaw eu rt
a m t Conception at 4JO p.m. today. re
'WB& Ae this s the annual occlamm pal
e tf ita t whi-h the Individu& Man 9 4
^K l ns SS^o S.t eoBoUT Lu8mm t BUTtm lm
*Aefla00u42 ""otveL*9WayPO"rab c) U
^ Wsub811 fealty t m do1, ee m ebw ftc
o oo paiUnt could of the Junior Curia both a- teC
p. be vxtious mA fti. Uv t and auxiliary, i stpecte l"
it tad 'tad frtn to attend. ly m4
end hid been _____ri__________ I
thet tslteos a tthe d n
.i tmA id he w ts e w g o 0
W~ ral. and t 17
,toug D Beef vendors and
deison of the CeL-t
pointed out tha t 1e tht k
took the view that no- chara
bhe" atedat AlonFinedFor wasI
of the Indianman who bu,, .. t tb
th pi? Profiteerng I
Z ]ing, formerly employed Pleading guilU to r;usatlons of "We
Orov rtte lost his MselliUng beelf i stow above the si dule learn
Alut fin of S0 and price, BoyM CoGX, and Ivan Young, are
IMoimposed by Mr. were cadered Mr. A. J. Hamn- this
magistrate of St. ton In the Ant Police Court to t] s
on an aeuNsatlon of pDA Y JU32 and 157.65 respectively treat
ct ow valued 8150, the uas fine, costs a"- compensatiUon. lency
ofthe late Mr. Manuel Cox Msold five lbs. of stew for
,. .r1.70 Instead of 3L40; and Young
P. running represented aid lbi. stew for 421 cnnt in- r0
hmt, and Mr. 0. 0. M. stead of 35 .nts.
the repondent To
S--- rFor selling 3) pounds of steak u
Dhesgwanle and John and half a pound of stew, not of Rd
men, sent to JauI the nature and substance demanded
months by Mr. K. L. by the purchaser, lranclcao Her- T i
ms a i ~tiEAo future
oZ an accUMton of a- nandeo was yesterday ordered to
Ordered to pay $48 with pay 1120 and 7.04 co & by Mr. B By
ie of three months In- W. Celestain in the Second Police that
Court. be et
I peled again. sentence Hernande was also ordered to which
K -their previous clean re- pay $25 or 30 days' Imprisonment of lh
HInto consideration. for assaulting Special constable Wh
_m represented by Mr. Babb. squad
lfrton. while Mr. .H. a Cc
Appeared on behalf of the Preliminary hearing was begun or as
yesterday and will be resumed this stant
t comprlsed the Chief morning of an indictable accusa- tors.
adT Mr. Justice K. Vincent tl ion laid aganUt Denzl OMl ea By
su. by Chief Inspector Kelly of em- scope
bes ling a parcel of gold and coins., chant
valued #MO the property of the canin
Help For onnh Smnt. d
Ga Fund oot abyt .n...t. raHI hbe -
Fundof Matingfalse stm to the sets.
F d Oontrol Board to enable him to
tra"h lck of quire four motor-cr tyrs, wa
I*NfLe n t w v -ov dismissed by Mr. N. W. Celestaln. P'
.0%lo of tile w. 30l
'-kiulonary butldtud lt
d,.n dat DiaignosticU Clinic Stc
N on e Roy r ei Su
EaM7 ly lIoIUkfAiut N feeds
s .The !LU5dQGuardian" un- entire
jzit~k'IW haBen 21
Blnd dl fltOIL Arlapita Avenue Ouar
a lare diagnostic cnic In con- Bot
ent Rents ,o h the V.D. campaign
n Rens and that It will be the policy of uant
S o the medical authorities at the head last ,
Sout ISOL f It to encourage persons to t- the
tend. Onlv
i audaa Cerrm en. Patients will be examined and of u
i T A 0, May i15s X-rayed and referred to places prese
a nd eore Part" where will receive approprlate this I
t -Rent Board a .e- treatment, ably
Tat Saturday to order arriv
i.the 314 rent they p SANITATION LCTuVBE soon.
aPAM"da for apart-
t 41 oee a Stultreet. A lecture entitled "General San-
-Itation" will be delivered by Mr. -i
standard rent for Gideon A. A. Furlonge-Kelly. san-
S oor of 12a. Mucurmo Itary Ipector of the Borough of a
i iby James St. AutM Arisa, on Friday. May 19. at a
6 ued at $60 per month p-m. at the Arima Race Stand.
felal bflding. Alderman 0. H. J. de Cannes,
Mayor of Arima. will preside.
io standard rent ofra --- --
houseaon 15 lws tStreet
was fixed at 97. Members and auxlUares of the
f a emComprised M. 0 o"Nelsonlan players" organisation
Schairmsan; Mr. j. &are holding an emergency general
eand Mr. J r.n .meeting &t their hclubroom tonight l
W.1 F. 0 Paul as e-S when there will be considered mat-
S _e ters lsUtd as very urgent. Tu
D.- -DEPATS for
H D. -" Hemsworth, former -
engineer of the TriuN - in
tllw h.o -C ... Co
B~gl~r ILott adfte uz 4-- --0
s14 =.1. KN EEEUSS ins
i,,i---.f.l t mnw SN*ARER mu

EIp and HANDR -
N* oa TMB mmm.i
partWculars apply In

nw rruMT ,



&Co., Ltd.


ourt Warns I nM. FrSGantt OLY sit s

s'- -__^^^^^^jj 31P0A^~g^lS^
-> t SatFor Not To AttWd "Ie .

am e am teaChemteet v-

"s So0qw. '--m the
Sof u9M txaie. s ty wimn
341 W.
Mra am Ma~pa he a.

I s ought to eomvince the
that wU imoceat of the
ma. but the ades held that
wM no Mubm e In hi ap-
becauae he had been caught
W appellant thIn ease was
11d with tW *YOMey of by"e
two drsmat plonn." said
isZ =uthe, in disokling the
L. eo agetd the tyreas for
o a ehauffurm who very .ight-
pmoted he matter, to the polle
a trap was laid and the ae-
was caught red-banded. He
guly gave a full confession
th learned magistrate, Mr.
tain, In his reasons st -.es
he Imposed two years on each
P to run mconsecutively as it
his experience that nothing
the maximum term of irupris-
eat vi Ikely to he an ef-
in dealing wit'. th'li growing
ce of tyre-stealing.
e entirely agree with the
ed ma-istrawe, and peop. i who
thinking of embark"gr uron
slines Nd better know t t
court will not be disposed to
them with any sort of 1

lice Squad Cars
'Get Radio Sets
iLo sets will be Installed tn
: squad cars In the very near
e. the "Trinidad Ouar- n"
informed yesterday.
the end of June it Is hoped
at least two of these carsM will
quipped with radios, some of
Share expected before the end
is month.
en these radios are insLalled.
d cars patrolling as far south
,uva and as far eat as Artma
ifngre Orande will be In con-
touch with police headqutr-
this It Is hoped to extend tho
of police work and lessen the
ces of hit-and-run drivers es-
m. one official told a Trial-
Guardian" reporter.
ad cars in the South will also
lulpped with radio receiving

ultry Feed
icks Ample
ocks of imported poultry
in local storm are suffclent
set the W MUlrementf of te
I Island's poultry breeders. a
city _.S.iat In poilT._ up-.
lnf--"e the 'arntdad
dlan" yesterday.
h laying and growing mahes.
ated. are obtainable in liberal
titles. especially so withlr the
month when 180.000 bags of
rowint brand ordered arrived.
scarcity in in scratch rrain,
'hic- the merchants are at
nit out of stoek. nut even with
indlvldual supplies are arob-
suffcient to hold out until
J of expected shipments


39 Marine Square.
Portof -Spain.
fers to the Trinidad
rf Club are invited
r thoroughbred year
g and two-year-old
Its and Fillies, stat
SPedigree, Date of
th and Price. Offers
st be in writing and
it reach the Secre-
ry on or before 31st
ay, 1944.

'I I





- $1.73

- $141



aN inD AD

ter s" i ...


From 8k to $317

.lo.e. S hu Is f Kso

to h me a the AO SW
owhna CMS, 1N he
i0 Chamber Maly tobeihen
% June l2.
Arrangementh bea bm aue ft
3Mr. RLW. Y SmfJa-c. ofbao
to as charan.
r bea ben i mnem I by the
= toaft W of e so l Cham W that
Mr Oant. wth his M" expenseW
In matters conemml.l, will not be

sew A41"- W K I" amt e conages .
VLAX, UMbasuftay -
amu .e ., ef th 1, t la.. ee.J
asuammmwd G beIMA m~
Nav"al Opfra as me-- COntrol oard
meetigM DNR Aibakl ArHwr 0.
seian e t a hlih meeta tM Probe Hailed
amhMeuue e s re d Un the
em Wormd WR h e 1e wee e6ade
he No= C and the Vetery .links.Lton 55re518 thnk of
M da w ee star Dtnaw UM th Dublc to the wtoi oaGim-
ta VSqflt wa DU o commerce nDSA A. -U.
salsOa. eeNWBN"ian s aw urlem for wnat they had doeI
U. t beril in SbhFdee Maim, & In Cudlt an inqu iry n 9he
ma-nM reemtf, a ea er divsem Wtose' ef t e Utoui Boar wV
In AitlLo waLes. me wa Mee one of the five sgamed in Wo I.
In At antiorG dquare 1;a Mond atnA oon
11111 US. Navel Atinehe to C sapbs nen
do a^lJosrSSf~~i ubg k o o o. a olibic ^ fiLM m"y
da. pentc U n-a lii. the Returned Boidlorsand Saio
Wane prsded ovear by Mr.
StY v~l~lA 9PS Another reolution passed ex.
Six Witnesses ersedXmt&.
Ssenotalons by t Chamber of
Heard In'Bu cmeme
rthe Commerce antile community ae
e r in U shoul ncue rpraentUa ofr

Fraud Trial at the so of inUry
extended to include the Transport
iEmergency Board.
Six new witnesses were called by Cony of thi resolution, it wasi
the rosecunrpn yesterday as the decldet. i to be forwarded Mto HI
Princes Town 'Bus Company Excellency the Governor for
fraud trial with seven accused transml on to the ecreafrv of
went through the sixth day of State for the Colonies.
hearing before Mr. Justice Eric All the solutions were moved
Hallinan and a jury in the First nv Mr Burkett.
Assize Court. Among the others pased was
One of the jurors, Mr. Rudolph one calling on the Port-of-Spain
Adrian Rodrigues, on account of City Council to raise a loan of
whose Illness no evidence was 600.000 to bulW 1.000 houses at a
taken on Monday. was again ab- cost of $U00 each to ease the oares-
sent yesterday. He was formally nt housing problem. Mr. Burkett
diacharued and the trial con- nut the view that with the money
unued with the remalning panel raisedthe house could be built an
of eight jurors. contract, rented out at au each per
Wltne.es called during the day month for 10 years and finally sold
Included Joseph Wilson. a conduc- to the tenants at 160. bringing the
tor. Patrick James, chief 'bus Council a 60,000 deal on "a aim-
inspector, and bau Mahommed, a pie business DtppostlUon."
checker. who were all examined on Another resolution was In effect
the system of dealing with the a pledge to assets In recruiting for
fare slips, the army.
Joseph Wilson admitted that he
had been dismissed for beinJ con- West Indians Support
Unuallv short In his cash. He had
since been re-employed, he said. Panama Petition
but was still returning money
short, andi some of the shortages Movement to secure appointment
were being deducted from his pay. of a Resident Coloniol Representa-
He kept no record of the short- utive In Panana to look after the
ages and was not in a wsition to interests of West Indians resident
sar on which of the slips he had there, is reported meeting with g-
made them.,thuslastic support.
Mr. Clarence Edmhll, clerk In u P sitio drawn up byttsh
the inland Revenue Department. Colonial Committee In Panama for
was recalled and questioned aboel toaubialon to eGvnmenand
checks be bad made of entrie son Llss oto fe C ovenment and
f hfot tftMUr tInso far as teey tw n Councils of the varnous
n athe j a o a on fare as IT West Indmian colonies h as mrea
Mr. O r Johnston. C.. rer-tvad the signature of more
Mr. H. 0. B Wooding and Mr. 'tn three thousand persons.
Rupert C. Archbald appeared s In Trinidad the proposal is now
before for the defence, and Mr. receiving official consideration and
C T. W. E. Worrell. Actilng a statement on the matter l ex-
Solicitor-OGeneral., for the Crown. peoted shortly.
- - - - - - - -- - - - - -WW W W W W W M M>


The Glad Tidings"





o) dacy commencing from


Champs Elysees

'* f ''


meof- w- to f f
LUmdEI'I 8UmSee
sm" ON"ofteow"
fr furr MfnWar eare

ISOaN& e UMtIe
mna'ron Pon'ta 1
aA am

I tu

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There is no Finer Tooth Paste

to Why Pay More?

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