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Trinidad guardian


Material Information

Trinidad guardian
Added title page title:
Sunday guardian
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
Additional Physical Form:
Current issue also available on the Internet.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
General Note:
Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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ltuf - ABZ3083
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lcc - Newspaper
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Full Text

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Offensive Seen As"
Significant Juncture
L M _.Posltions On 3r

ta, ^of l Allied Invasion Dri In i
h and ediumbombers dlv
oved blow to Hitler as p ling ---
"Wot Wall" defence ayt em In
northern France.
Outside f that activity, the air
offensive was virtually at a stand-
still. The lull was the ame sort
as that which hung over Russia's
juggernauting armies i n the last
eowmweeks and which no one doubts
is merely a period for massing of
forces tar the next and possibly
glratet effort tof the war.
The aerial campaign is obvloully
at a similar significant Juncture.
The first higt-pressure drive te oover
ater five weeks which have seen
arouna20 attacks on rail junctions
on which the Germans will depend
Sfor anti-invasion troop movements,
some of them hit five or six times.
It was announced that Mitchells,
SMustangs and Ltyphoon fighter- d d
A0 bombers of the Second Tactical Air
SForce bombed targets i n France
^and Belgium, Including an airfield
at Cambti Thunderbolt, dive ... .
SMr 2 bombed an airfield at Gel, 25 miles Allied landing craft engaged In exercise "somewhere In England" move away
drave ars the Yellow River on the wedt ot Rennes, while another for- up mere men from tnsperts. Wite marker on doping ground at left indi--
rame reporftd tonight t mve pierced the miation hit targets near Charties a"y to be "captured.O'(Ap photo.)
ealt in three plas and prospects of the and fired fuel dumps and other In- _an__e tl t cpA poo
-eot..Teft fL n would Sovaets Sink Stal
K13 m d afor esAsItolVital Th southern half of the Allies' S oaie ,
noa eCntra twin trip-hammer which has been A ;t Russians Warn NazisT
atin a pre-invuesion tattoo W r IVtl 5 i
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.e e A k Nazi aait f t Pending r catastrophe O I
SW 3 st ed afties da LONDON. May 15 (Reuter's).O Doi
Se wit h short-range objectives. It --Moscow radio, warned the
e Me n D r i e In execut a ontherestrltoed Ita- nvo German people tonight that SU 1
lian front te same kind of ground I C n yJthere was no fortress In the
-n i c campaign against commua- _i world which could not be taken M
tons that the combined air forces By TOM YARKBROUGH rboad w ell-equippeld t roops. TheC
u rm a B o re d e r have been staging over the broad LONDON, May 15 (AP).-Power- n fiht, and with it the great- shS al
u en rounds. ful aerial attacks on German l a t catastrophe in history for laus Orle
Tt 0 "bureabthter' spell in the north and sea transportation by Soviet Orma..y. There Is a till a last whether
found a force of about 250 For- airmen were announced tonight.fryou Germans to se n
u ii io r e r dltresses and Liberatorse an an ad- b the Russlan High Command yourselves from being dragged se ad.
ditioTo t torse of1 Thnclusoot tn which sad dtherelwereg"noeu in- Into utter defeat and misery p aths
fighter-bombers bombarding un- trial changes" on the long eastern by ceasing to fight Hitler's war," r.h e
specified objectives in northern front. The midnight commthique te announcer said. Yitr ( r
5 (AP).-More than 20,000 Chinese crossed France while other bombers drove said an enemy convoy of 41 ships drw ao un mod .Uni..atedrS

tha lrtn a doze lrcl lulwH. n on1Bo:yr aghe 130mil raront -s ofae Stae ly nn
etha aden poitsnh i ron clear to the Paris area to hit an was caught in the Norwegian port of Stain'
thn e tn t 3-l o airfield, near the badly battered of Kirkenes on Sunday night by ios e on
real offensive in a drive aimed at Joining railroad yards, and Marauders the de airmen, and three t rans- Kremlins
Burma. bombed an unspecified northern ports totalling 19,000 tons, a self- D s ue, Th ir a
France railroad yard. propelled barge, an auxiliary yes-S York reg
reports I slad--- [Reuter's states that the Oer- sel and a patrol cutter sunk. Also IR er e Springflelsp d
, pane RussianParih man radio announced tonight three Nazi transports were set on!T e lies et u w
als Rin a trirac that Allied aircraft were over fire and one. beached. Other trans- ulteiy
.NOM Dies Of Haemorrhage southwest Germany, but it did ports were reported damaged.l,[s.Ar,,r o '
or"e B renot say in what strength. The Attacking Nazi rail concentra-r t r tn Two st

M_,HnbetBrop o sat. the chati~r- *"- "S"" " ""T tteGra o ne. tacked till bi tration th olsrlemtat e
Of tn e LONDON. May 15 (AP)- agency stated that Fortresses tons in Poland In the vicinity of don gave

ofnrS the l? LONON "u ay 153-00 (A tt- O'.'^w t^t o^ "' 9t"Pr"*aohraaltpgi.Ra o hs t tI ,omns
c r Treoste d tonight that the and Liberatorhls emosin at- Lwow, Soviet airmen started fires -------n
iSSm a Metronomltan Un, Patriarch tackedmity Insatal Ming atI a d bee amn Mul- Is te (a, n r D614
tle tc_ in No andiori t an 1nSet e e
of Moscow anIdAl Russia. has theP as dt17-'. b s -p e 1 rt th
er diedof brain haaemdorrhag. h D a ecrt te ti R n te ,r m. s ghtngk. k, hno ,t e Consoidat e Telephones, hnte r- wl
An extrar- e, but did not meet any German and Donrozin. Nineteen Germ n ieuc hI0- a ..........be will
meet- He was un oeersod bu idome-yeaa-D rn-n ran ited, resulting in te mporay suspend. t
ld ater The Patriarch drew worl- aircraft at all. All the bomb- tanks were destroyed an 33 enemy saion of istAtin n work on the ipatnhes
depo t i when he cilo- era egot back safely but one 'planes brought down In combat -t. Joe h- Sa F ao p n in' no
deploy fihtsrttentiosinw.en hei on ..... Fernan.......... ms reac
rltory ntlentod the stion of the fighter is lnor anti-aircraft fire on all fronts of t rdd rment. ln
to Roman Catholic Pope as Vicar [Lst night A.AF. Mnsqul- yesterday. ofthe"Ti aaGovernment BAD eiynsobt y
of Christ. In article entitled toes attacked Cologne and also Berlin radio said troops on the wy's new telephone system, will ins state
.a "Is There a Vicar of Christ on bombed objetives in France lower Dniester River "succeeded In b referred to arbitration, the significant
:ay nec1 Earth, mblid In the and theow Countries and laid penetratininto our ositons with Trinidad Guardn" learned yes- in attit
proceed- "Journal oF the Moscow Patri- mines in enemy waters. Not a few tanks and infantry." Be-.terday.
pub li shed Icnow Pa there -he ow and laid into on is undersood t ha the fr. On
archte," he cited biblical texts one of the aircraft is missing tween Frigoriopol and ubosary, It understo that telephone F. Or
of the and drew a concltu iolnicn the from last night's operations.] northeast of Chlsinau, the Run-, pole lines on railway property be-
se 56th r. Ondy d
ts along negative. ie are believed to be regrouping tween Port-of-Spain and an Per-
co_________unter-_ ._ _. u their forces for an all -u ault, ndo looted on the railway right
nt we- e iven presumably to be timed with the of way are the property of the SpR ,
l and Pow er W akde mighty Allied blow from the west, company under lease of the right (API ]
artillery. Ai t res, "one very extensive. of way from Government. In the Polish-Ai
another wun ere started at Ravaruskaya. A agreements drawn up more than 20 afterh2is
SStart the railway Is granted the flying
the en- ie ALLIED H ADQUARTERS IN rozml, wilne m rh lsupplaO at ri-ht to maintain one bracket car- I or on
t Sch emee NEW GUINEA, May 16 (AP)-- Str and Dvinsk, inoluang b. i x wires o n the bottom gain is Rove

vith ashlTt ai htte w te teshu aeat flat care.UPU < and^ onw In six withres oon to he botto g in Ch 1u
he well- Admiral Chester NimRit announced .cars, care a 5- -- of e pole line. The new Instal- haneue
nrota of Ilo RO A o t theis morning that Wakde was .were declared destroy y l ton will require a cross arm in- case, sa

fr o ant erofav on siv betr.'g'.^^ . ^y ^omb Imin will reqir a( crde os In.f coesai
heavily bombed by medium units. sive bombing .P

sue i ForT^ w t J .1 95^ S& tW 1g ^? said 1211,000 German
sice of 11 9 Extensie damage was done. Berlin rad said ,000 German std of the bracket, the cross arm Pes
iy Extens e bombg operations were troops had been evacuated from carrying up to 10 wires at certain learned
victory carried out from the Kurile the Crimea by naval craft and points of the line, slon to SI
actions 01 Government hopes to start the Islands t 20,000 by 'plane before the Russians It has been found mechanically me1i;t de
destroyed proposed island-wide electricity t recaptured the peninsula. It said lmpdruai to run the new ra in- authorise
S scheme on Jan 1, 1 and the *also that huge stocks of military way telephone lines on the bottomltter wh1
Tales had TrinidadE electricity Board, att Colombian President supplies were successfully with- gain under the company's lines, Tho1
of the recent meeting, authorised the Tenders Resignation drawn due to the "far-sighted plan- and the construction crews ntran- The Ch
Hon'ble Errol doe Santo., the chair- nsin of the German commander." Posed the lines on the poles, plc- that heo
remany man, to request Government to BOGOTA. Ma 16 (AP)-Alfonso Berlin said Nami losses included ing the railway cross arm on the suspension
Hf many provide the sum of $3,3K0000 esti- Loves has oresentod to the Sen- 'only 19 transports and other small top gain. Reason for this. it Is parishion,
'Hundredmated to cover cost of installing nte--despite indications it would naval craft, understood, is that, the commercialt;ee toldh
1le won three 5,000 k, w. turbines, boilers be rejected-his resignation from The Soviets claim that 191 Ger.- lines are of lighter construction er tOrld
1161140 and tranmmslmsso line8 for use sh the Presidency of Colombia to man naval units had been sunk than the new railway lines and s o- had done
the scheme, which he was elected in 1942for and more than 111,000 Axis casual- cordingly sag between the poles, which we
biget The chairman hid asked for this, a four-vear term. ties in the Crimea fighting. a-th Is staited that the company has
r" authority, it Is understood, because -t h h-
would do of the expected delay of a reply demanded cessatlon of construction
ue orn Of from the City Council to a lettr C y G and, at a meeting held to consider
from Government, in which they, ..L t1he1matter, insisted that the rail- Ul1g
Air informed about Government'sa C aghcy adhere strictly to the terms of
Giving intentionn to establish the schezmeIl Ih- 20-yco."r-old etrieoment.St '
anonviwoeora t h'The matter, It is understood. has St**
1"- effect that unless an ordme for the IDBaybeen referred to the Hon'ble the
ZOId efettand unlvew ssfanformationrtothe 'irow neU A t viaracasTematr iBayiirtod a
An a necessary plant and equipment Colonial. Secretary drawing to his matio tie
a that were placed Immediately there Caught in powerful currents while bathing In Maracas Bay on attention many reasons why the garian Ca
9 at- a wouldd be o prospect of l Sin d tero 8crailway should'be relieved from the contlnuov
pal electricity to districts ousa the Sunday afterno n twQ 16-year-old city girls-Carmen Mon terms ofdthe oldeconttie t eand the ays foile
bob- pme t distbutlia area within a' rette, of N Edward Street, and Beryl Rosendal, of Alberto Street,- f~et that interruptions to railway Germa C
4 from reameoable time.
... _. were both swept out and drowned. circuits caus delays to trains. They at
dai-- The two iri, who were clcee+-,- -ulgarst I
"Al- -| ,Ml OQ0100 |"1?04 f~ ri 'ends,'wor&tnztat the same citYL0T d H 1-I h-.. 8' "W11
-- ..-,- .stoicm were in a part of five thede
To Ai ugslavs oiei u iug rm an fin Resign Post Down 3 Points
C~ARo, May 15 (Reuter'- cr n*. o .tice s At^ May I the coa-of-liin Indes o
Marshal Tito told a Urltlrnh war the two giyrls were In dImculty, and -. ~ -w as thre points lower thas on d
HED lorrehimdat lia hedsteas re-I mad-mze baut wteacp effort were LONDON, May 15 (]ge .r at,-- Apr11 1, according to ysseg lle didqm
mue') ently that he was ocavinee thitj Po u currens Itwsanucgtdy ta Gzt. xrodnr. h ne
mn ttse with the opein up of Anllied.In an effort to save the Lrd Ha lrlech has resigne isi figure 194 Ia the lowest for the year sa h
wdto- oertions in the west, the Oer- I Francis Durnie, a. ct, youth, swa post as Uflhtd Kigltdom High so far, ben the same as 1948's
em th eec ajr ffnsv atin nldMCI7an asfoce t etrs f e nit h a.t H A drop of our points We re-
g~~ to shore. and Saiad Heported aso in the food grou p dus
sa msr Tmola Army of Liberation equamy frutissa, both of the tadO p'I~l dntla m Great g retel prics et lusysd for em 5eYJe
n~ s ~ m i be ble Ic g ov r to the lise ly ndin in disa ter toe th e e t a nu d wi ll Nho 6r ty returnl to ned beef ma d codisa L" A slb~l t ha-
d oo e-fesv onl al so oer tors. enn n ~~ t his country. 5MO~ l h
At presnt Masa Tito eald. .antemebro LrdOebre th oios pm gate s bnm .
there was no sign that the Ger- the party, wil trie to save Car ,t~7 has cooaVsed to L~ord osaid .
apins H sle Idt was his w/sh to geot- eddin cusrl en~t. Rel $ tnrig _____eooh 1355 M ileveh. bnded 8 i e~
grpu" the wVedor Found h lith mirnuteelater"Carmen
___________ ad nas tried on the beaeb U8Ueemme

GFIELD, Mass. May 15
r. Stanislaus Orlemaneki,
ierican priest suspended
visit and return from a
Ip to Moscow "is either
h way to a monastery,"
rence ;r. George Shea,
ir of the Springfield Dio-
I Fr. Shea disclosed at a
iference that he had
of Fr. Orkmanski's dec-
accept the diocese punish-
creed because of his un-
1 absence from his parish
ks Moscow trip through a
ich the priest sent Bishop
lancellor also disclosed
discussed Fr. Orlemanskl's
n with a committee of
iers. He said "the commit.
him how much they liked
lankir and how much he
s for his parish-facta
a already know."

arian Cabinet
BUT,, Mi/ 15 (AP)-Dtplo.
veUlers esid that the Bul-
abinet has been in almost
s session in the last five
owing presentation of new
olfabort4tn demands.
Uid at the same time the
i Ministers to Turkey And
ad have made "sobering"
trom their neutre poss.
ly is reported to have de-
Increased aid, pea'learly
0w Bulgarian ooe A-t-on
)eleae eaml troog Irom
la and Oreece. tv.
not know the exat effect
it Allied ultUmatum to the
Olte had In Aulgrn#W
faet tato Rustoea e'a
reabmade the ilio-

L To Operate
Army TraIns

ed "s a rams"o s
OPU16 sa ao the r tgu
IUJ. Army 56 L=4,
IOvla" liamIum vsf.
rt tWl for on -ft-]
We ips 3 wi

ing Suspeced
Rth Of C"ty MaW

ALe MAL. 5
wiwital, At ds35

Rth Army Deepen I-

Rapido Bridgehead

To 2,000 Yards

through the 00 square miles of rugged tableland and flat river mi|
they control after three days of fierce fighting, troops of the
ald Eighth Armies slugged their way to new positions today
herol' French elements well out in front.
Tlhe penetration in the strongly-held Gustav Line developed l
a "significant break," it was reported officially here. .
"- ---- French troops under 0l
e Alphonse Juln, some of uftum
Nazis Lose _
N zis Lose much as seven miles rom tM
14 'Planes original starting positions, al
14 r~flflP^their way to the top aft, ef
A 14 'PlanesO dominati s SeangroRe
^\ TB j nightfall y~esteray woes l
Over Britain ghdoeeterdaywa
American doughlboys, f l
their left, meanwhile inched m ei
LONDON, May 15 i(Reuter's).- the important Aneo 9
The Germans lost 14 of a medium- highway towards the
s3Ad forces of raiders they sent heights beyond, and th
over south and southwest England forces on their right deepen
last night. An intruder destroyed Rapido brldgoe4ad to 3,W0
one more over enenmy-occupied ter- Thus the Allies. in T2 hn
ritory bringing the total bag for fighting a determined foe who
the night up to at least 15. been digging tIn for lmoaftt,
Of the 14 destroyed over here, nearly erased from the a
a Canadian squadron gft four and looping western ementS
the leader of a Newfoundland OuStv Linepegged o tn
Mosquito squadron got another, .sea coast i I awa n.
A Czech crew, who have flown e o 1 lt wy
together with the same fighters AIR FORCE ACTIVE
for about three years, bagged two
Thmore. For the third straight day, |
The German 'plane eot down Mediterranean Allied Air F a I
over enemy territory was destroyed tSC t e yvs
near Bordea-ix by a Canadian ac kdthe enemy ve n
from British Columbia, who a fort- blo point betwea t e 2
night ago set up a record for shoot- yards in northern Italy to
lng down four Focke Wult 190's mnsi PpOVts and gun poS31t01
in one night, the battle-line.
The raiders dropped bombs at Kittyhawks and.-U
scattered points causing some bombed and strafed*
damage and a few casualties. A target In oe
small number of people were pontormance Wit4 H H
Cuban P lot Downs - e
Two Nax) Bombers of a domen types, airmen i
2Ao sorties in a sinle day.
LONDON, May 15 (Renter' ).- As the British, Amoriucas H
Pilot Officer William 0. Muschett, ~ Bald a
a Cuban pilot, who lives In Jamaica men, 4ew ZeamdMs Ohtrkm
shot down two of 15 Oerman Poles pros forward side
bombers which were destroyed In they gathered In more theI I
a raid over Britain last night. It pDnsonels.
was his first battle with the Luft- The Fifth rmy overramt
waffe since he Joined his squadron front line positions of the
six months a&go. Before coming to Division. It aloe yielded
England to Join the R.A, Muschett men to the prison pens, M
was an insurance broker. Three them tsix bittali oo
weeks ago he married an A.T.8. Heavy artillery.
(Auxiliary Territorial Service) girl R.A.F. pilot spotters,. besad
stationed at a neighboring unit the French troops who madeld
and returned from his honeymoon wsy along the valleys end wvr'
only last week. ridges in the wake of probti
GENERAL KNIfhTED They t ok Ausonia n Ai
GEN RAL KNIG13T .D Vfllemalo and a number3r dfi
LONDON, May 15 (Reuters)- ints no and a nube W-
General Sir Thomas Blarney was pnts north and east bers ua<
today knighted by His Majesty --
the ing at Buckingham Palaoe. (PIeAs TUK" TO PAO # aofaj

Grand Anglo-American

War Charities Benefit.

To be held under the Datgulshed Patrnage d
His Excellency the /toUtg Gove.rnor,
The Honble A. S. Wright, 0MG..

A preeteeessle- predued sta l rna
if 1rtolded's Celslfi Carnvaln

Attila the Han, Neville MorceM,
Lord end Lody IsLe, Lord Iwmr

9spelaug Donws:
Juanits Gomx, Roio and AMsr Crtm

CYRIL MUNROE and a cast of 50 costumed ouIw'

AT -



----~es Pwes ;*E Wt .

(AnSeauDamneer-= Uee X allftUD1sm an
S ,, ".
,' *' .^ ", .1 '1 m '

, .1

OrJT *

* from a beach to pick
ates a "strategic pol-

in Hears


)W. May 15 (AP).-Mar-
In heard about Fr. Stants-
manskil's suspension, but
he Is angry about it was
e known immediately.
A" published three des-
relating to the sequel to
nanskl's return to the
states and the publication
's answers to his ques-
relations between the
and the Vatican.
rst despatch from New
played Associated Press
d story that the bishop
1 Fr. Orlemansk i indefl-
for "disobeying Church
her despatches from Lon-
e British accounts of Fr.
s appeal to the Apos-
Isate In Washigto and
wr tthe Preso son-
B taln hears about this
be angry." All three des-
were worded objectively,
) indication of the Krem-
ticon to the events. For-
srvers believed that Stal-
ement to the priest Was a
at utterance of the Krem-
emanski Reported
y to Monastery



h~ & &~

i ~ -

rn &mmw1 AI1

A- 4,;W otOr* a Avmwf

^%^^^^^^iS!S<*f '*a^- ^^ T"
OF dW 40 **-&Aomp
V NP O W o"= 10Am

-w Im&S

AB ^ .IV -M ^ y PJ 4 r V*'x < ***.WbW M^m^ s . -te J-n**' *^ ~ir i .~i ^S ra nfl-M : 1-
A '.amsow___ s___
**-^,.# -.^*.i ric- *. w^ A .W ire. jM Aw W ~ ^ 9 *--^*j n ni ~ *w An m i j dt AM.

Aw-- Ak = _6~

.,-.^ rf^ ^ H^ 'M,'w* i~ *< * <- > w i M tS 94PP *- 0 J- AM

-|46'- -*~w *4I AS.i *"*-*on a^mawJ91 k" '~'S~ 4f'~ *- A* *' 1h' V.- -.- 8a3*.tI^ ^^- _'^ 4* *r
*F- Ao W*.w.10Wd* f -A V~
AwO'R480-' V' IVvo w IV A-
Pfow4*A Auuop.- 4APr 'o Cgo O *t S l 3 ___=It ~ -AIL 0
w0 x, 4,b*. -mwA M* t.. OM1 A 11MPM W.

V /aV- w**' W d .- *.- A/ ^r ^*b..,SS ~ .*. -2 PV,' -* *1?^ ~ '-< in*M-M -X a ~mi' "^ SlS *4VBi -- K~ a
.4p I W V - O-w ~ r A') NS. Nb.,. h*v e 'p'A -S w S *1

IV' o V- A .4 V'#. fir 1 'w" I"'~'
*P- wioAw W*00 -o., U 7wkP 0*oA*-ww

I..WV *^ y f5 *- *" .9g-f* h'*.2 ^ym, __ i~^ n ^w w mM1U""11^ ."*l-y\-
,7 Ap, .i ^d71ia h L01PIS..I.MN.I OA ak flMmr Sfa .W "S eno A ;- V W;.-
ft A 'S ^ *" ^ ^^^,-. < *^.GMt*WkV iS w(N*-< *,' A*b-J*- *-" AMW &V fdWr SOWW A, Iri **^*^ *" 'S '1 -*- -._ _

A" aw SI lw pi 'O SW V W'ado o A Um -.
O.W! om. A V"' USiuW jr .

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.3MAP' A" %** OW
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.164M g *4. *.'0 W 3a OO~ IV 1P f E*444q t f4td .A.W# ~AA V0/" '1UW AO"wo 00 00A wA
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#VwA Vw'A 7ZA~f#.# Awo Z &p ft

~ -m iW0W -*W MP*
iw Vwo W 49i. o'.*, t4 o 0 w
^s, ?mow *P^ A mw 4in'J -<
oojt4, ^,0,WOi a. W_^^*^-_j./ m*o&;J :Si*** A* Aftwt ;% "r *adsr- wu-^ '09 Sao* tow
-1,4 *Aw ^-,,AeA'^ .:", t,.vgs 10" 10 IWAW^ s" WOS XVWC _tftUf, ;;

0tl/ AW !r^ Ifp'M ^*iiA-fw^ -iM r^^wfff* ^ "W i 'o *biwyy 0' -w s^.. "o^^, f* 1..^ ^.., W W .iw wAX- & o ||w *MAW
*S "' ^' '"- ** "* "-- *- <~x-t i l^ ^ ww^ -w <* -** . ., ,.,, A *** Uj ,* -'. ^ '- 4w o.wui*w ( r--i^jr *** it> ww.^ ||iflhr tB u|M l '*** *Hj /f.-" tv ** A- *>** *', .K^ ^ *n^ W 9WWS^I WrHM WK. 40,;ww" ^* ^.
0 |M *^ ..^ -/;,- <.,^,./^ . ^ ^ M w *> i- .w .^ s-' -t* A'.-,_Z^.- A i^. -^ *"? ** ^ *11W6"1 <*~lill* '* o-1 ,1 A"*
P a ^. /' -*** .- / ^.^^0i^ ( w- to low *^,v e4*0g~tK j mow* lw Mto.$ _.,.,*- 1B
^*Llfw #i^jr/ < '-"* .). rw^ *. ^un~- j~i*ft#w ** f'oc. 4, ow 0wf-4*~ 00o ISO. ^ <*.*-*wW IKR Rf ~ ~ fC i

A^.",?. ^ ifA ^ t y f H ^4 wol^sfiw^ 4,s (*A A04W^* *0-,
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I ^ ^X,^^^ ^ ^0 %i 6..V. .4^ ^ W1 ,<**bw ^W^ ^ ^ 4$., 14WW.^ *-<"1IrI111W1^111 11j
*Iy'W *W; A^ jf /y -/'' ^ ^ ^'j,.- ^-^ ^*A* ft"-.tW* J> W. ..^ il t..:
I V""l *^r*/ w "^ T V~yt --'y'f'*H* ,'kV v*"*Ai ,"w p -* A"^M &&Afwv- 4w *.*iOH ^^ tl^ ^ ^ k -i:
I ~ ~ S I *<>A .W-'-^'^^^z --* M -.^,wr^~r _^^ -^~^ *
I'l''tjf*?' ^^)**A # f9/f' ~'(^| <*.**,-/.. t^ ^UOion t M ^-- ^^^*^^ ^^^^^^^*~e
1~~~~~~ or MA^MH:* ^/^^.fvWyhk^* t* IbrMirflH ^HR HiWll^^B1:
Ife^gswo fs to'""^B B 1^n
j:^^^ ^$1^^*^^^^ ^ yr^^si^^ ^Mi-Owli

|s40, N ^ wAr 1=1-1.,^ F_ ^"W"

fm^ *Aj ,~a "m ow 40^ = A6. P^ ~ S I* 1_"^^ 0^ __Fr& _* i



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to MKW, (2 wo'-, 7c,. p r pkt.


low Mine #I6 oo40 Abn1f1wwby P' #.t

'At's VW 400-46 w.-',-OW

WN aM aei. .dApr,
1^'""Am 4*406

^^- 1M^ -, 6
C^B A dsb. egg.- ~* m -.- -


W~lg SN pNa~ w
tANNINwOk b 0.L,' ,

A Padckg of
Tr1% especally for
you on May 201h & 24th




Tli 1,te":r)t;wil5 C/11# ond Ahlletic Sprts at
O Qeri14 Porl, O/,ol n Saturday 20th ond
Ifforfer OW will be e^rfriirrid-ful of thrills
ThIt4 A, h kve sen tfe Joami;ca Cycle
Ai~r-fe-lf Ovfrnpiirof Keith CLpj dAbt whether George Terry Dorington
B irtowe and Mkty PFernandes wll reoch the
wirnning pMt before him in any roce. Keith
Cir1i, who I arriving here early this week,
hot btn Amateur Cycle Champion of Jamaica
fr V' htrV L and is said to be In tip top form
nrow FHx rellency the Acting Governorf, the
Ionw A R, Wright, has given his patronoge to
the fxxtt

- m

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Y. De LBt x- G

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run flU TALN=
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Lem 'AouN tmfts am by m 1? Suf
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no SAL)
lie PAL)
13 L

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tr ML)
9.41 MLU TI fmuD-.boAf
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ltePAL 1 m ,m ribodfti

IVNDAY, So0SAL. 1b_6&_SdS

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shommomr Abow

,,A .

v pTo Get $294,284

velopment Project

rlalMd O stroam Cerrupadait.
m wOWSt. Vincent, Ms y 1&.-Pnlal 55si5tance from the
Sd --io pt Fund amounting to $04234 to meet the ost
a lreaMdy approved Is promied St. Vincent n the report of
ggckdale, Comptrtoller for Developmaent and Welfare. i
ho ) recent Y hamof
f. r th development O _
and dispensarl"esa5-
tnCarom Scheme
to the Bcretwy o
tUC~oloniesandis now Tl ni
grM M r thne report To Improve
d meaiei already approved Rice
go iprRiiiiary ped- Y ields
m "for the development ic i l
f experiment st- ----
~ru extensPio (b) ndda- Greatly, proved rice yields and
oural extension Itaff an Improvement in the standard o
iabllshment Of livestock cane cultivation are expected to
(d I rural water supplies; result from the Caroni Irrigatlor
B health centres; (1) social scheme.
eser: and (g) for land Benefits expected from the pro.
z ad Improvement of ject which Is designed to Irigate an
jI n ti St. Vincent area of 2,000 acres were outlined tc
a "Trinidad Guardian" reporter by'
etion of klnd settle- Mr. D. P. Pergusson, Irrigatlor
!oPsnent schemes for engineer, as follows (a) The rice.
t aBpliciation for an imme- fields are guaranteed a supply of
&i of 1144,000 under the Irrigation water throughout thn
Development and Wel- rice growing season. (b) Lagoon
is recommended, the re- crops can be irrigated In the dry
season. (c) Cane and rice cultiva-
Biiallshment of a Land tlon on adjacent lands need no
a nd Development Board longer be practised. (d) The rice
tan ugement and develop- lands outside, the Irrigation area car
Island settlements is at pre- be converted after drainage to cam
.e discussion between the cultivation and the general stan-
S superintendent and the dard of cane cultivation in the arei
General of Agriculture. can be very greatly Improved whet
aS s will be completed drainage facilities are given.
conjunctt ion with the Caroni diversion weir is nearitli
c.ultural recommendations completion and unless very wet
"-ecultural proposals are weather Is experienced in the nex
two weeks, the work will not be heK
fr tclude- rtina up. Mr. Fergusson said.
ance for the ratona- eofftake, culvert from th,
nd improvement of arrow- diversion weir has been started and
1ierlee on co-operative lines; n difficulty is anticipated in corn
tnlon of the operations of plting it in tne. Good progress
( ent Cotton OGinnerv: was being made by the drag Imne
Th establishment of a mar- excavator which was making thi
dtivisilon of the Agricultural cut between the Caront river an
lt: r d e the Guayamare river; but unfor
7fr further devel ipment of tunately work has been stopped be
cause the boom of the excavator
i e provision of credit facill- collapsed on Friday. Repairs to thi
e mall holders on the lines boom will take some weeks and oa
b have been successful in Ja- that account completion of thi

-TI' he equipment and further
ien of the work of the
SPark Agricultural Expe-
*w.reIUltles for agrlcu'turt' ed-
and training."

Unionists Urged
| W.I. Posts
e n Ovemnments of Jamaloa.
i [ the Bahamas and Brr-
ve been asked by the Co-
office whether they desire
of Jritish trade unl-
a bour officers in these
according to a braoadca.1
aest Indies by the B.B.C
i .l 'tated to be the reply
w Colonel Oliver Stanley.
of State for the Colonies
1 titi put by Mr. John Wll-
1 of: tie British MP.'s, who
returned to England after
t the West Indies under the
Of the 'f "sh Parliament-
V aI was reported to have
0t6M,. In view of the high
dw Lk being carried out by
trade unionist appointed
e poet of Labour Officer to
Gamn t of British Guiana
SaL of State would cause
appointments to be made
1 ..Barbados, the Bahamas
ey, said the broadcast.
s tht he s anxious to see
MI DiM in the appointments
Stride unknlats, and that
S 5eoMulted the Governments
E t tri.a named to sea
they desired these trade
uA labour officers.
f to another question by
S Co01. Stanley said there
Slabour expert attached to
O-ff of the Stockdale Commis-

WWellington, of Belgrade
u picked up in an un-
condition at about 130
SOn Sunday morning at the
.LmO f Oxford and Frederick
. W and taken to the Colonial
"5eawhere, she is a patient.
p lfy t suspected and her
is reported to be Im-
.' r91-

SSaddle Road,
"-y,_o 22nd uay,
1K41 .I. P.M.
ESted by Mrs. E. Parrish,
sllUalu her good and use-
Url such as Double
Diva with Spring Filled
Single Spring Divan and
Simmons Day Bed,
La d.Mattress Cyp Mir-
D Dresser and Stcol.
Ored Hanging Press. Cyp
at Drawers. 2 Medicine
C7P Clothes Cupboard.
IN COdar Chests., Preswood
rehss wiU) Sliding Door.
C Ohairs, Shoe Racks,
Mirrors. 2* x 2ft.
OD Press and Cot. Bed-
Pt5, Child's Rocker, Cra-
r tin Table Drop Ends and
Cyp Sideboard and Serv.
tl 4e, CrLapaud Morris
wth Cushions, Crap. Mor-
S Crpaud Morris Chair
tok Cae Sides, Metal
and Reading Lamps.
Dee^ yand Gent's OMce
Mahogany Meat Safe, 9un-
S-Brner Oil Stove and
Thermos Jars and Jugs.
Bluiee and Waxers.,
-.,.mlxin andl Iron Pots
Osg and China Ware.
IndSeIce. BDaer' Punch
Reabor Scale, Diamond
Chrismas Tree Deco-
a.,'sPruk ati
ano dReacheM, Two
water Drums, Lawn
-5 etra Parts, Oarde.
*^*..^Hoe. 12 ft.,. 'Iw
Rhode islnd,
Sh s Gianuts and Wya-
2- "l. SpMy for
a"a ndl s4Hatch-,
MSSB B.111?'wcyc*,Special
fty pVdOV to and

1111itchinson Ltd.,


SMr. Smith GC









work necessary before irrigation
starts is still uncertain.
The scattered rice areas outside
the Irrigated areas can now be
given improved drainage to make
them suitable for cane cultivation.
Although the area ultimately
under rice 'cultivation In the Caroni
area will probably be less than in
previous years, nevertheless the
yield will be greater because of
improved conditions. The total sum
estimated by Government for the
irrigation scheme at Caroni Is
$330,000 which gives a very nigh
unit cost per acre; but, Mr. Per-
gusson pointed out, the work 1s
being done when labour, machinery
and material costs are very high,
that It had to be done In an ex-
pensive manner because machinery
was not available.
There seems no reason, Mr. Per-
gusson said. why the yield should
not average two short tons per acre
of paddy rice with the irrigation
scheme against the present output
which varies between 10 and 25
barrels per acre depending on the
weather conditions.

Abattoir Receipts
Drop Slightly
Beet snortagts In Apill caused a
slight drop oi $8.56 In receipts, as
compared with twsrch to the Aoat-
toir and Detention Station, one of
the City Corporation's main re-
venue-collecting institutions.
Revenue collected from the sta-
tion in March was $1,503.98 and for
April $1,497.42. The amount col-
lected in April hAst year was
$2,187.14, and the total revenue for
this year up to April was $6,297.59,
compared with $7,460.03 for the
same period last year.
Other institutions where April's
revenue showed slight reductions
compared with March, were the
Western Cemetery, Iipeyrouse Cem-
etery and the fish market. On the
other hand the biggest increase
recorded during April by any Insti-
tution, compared with the previ-
ous month, was in Eastern Market
revenue which was $6,958.50, a
Jump of $641.05 over the March
figure of $6,312.45.
For April last year this market
produced $7,425.71 and while re-
venue collected up to April 1 this
year amounted to $28,87S.15 that
for the same period lst year was
April receipts from the whole-
sale department of the market was
$1,027.60 and from the retail sec-
tion $5,880.90.


Not Try

The Sales


near T.G.R.

There you would get
just what you are
looking for and can't

For we make it our
business to collect
rare finds, even
Souvenirs & Antiques
--and -
,(L I Whiteman)

MaJ. James Stewart, fonner
award for his role In "Mr. 8S
tinguished Flying Crosm p
Potts, of Memphis, Tenn., ot
wing commander, flew his L
many, Feb.


Crowds have already res
their seats for tonight's U
Nations Carnival at the El
theatre where the musical
opens under the patronage of
Excellency the Acting Govern,
Presented by the Trinidad
Club in aid of Anglo-Ame
war charities, the performan
Intended primarily to benefits
idad servicemen overseas as 5
cent of the nett proceeds w:
donated to the Win the
Association's War Welfare
Because of the cause It is in
ed to serve, the revue has rec
the support of a number of
Ing Eritish, American and Trin
officials, including Brigadier
Stokes-Roberts, Officer Comm
ing. South Caribbean Forces;
Worship the Mayor of Por
Spain, Councillor H. 0. B. V
ing, Lieut.-Colonel C. Y.
Assistant Chief-of-Staff, G-
the United States Army's
idad Base command; and I
J. M. Lovcll, Assistant G-2; X
J. Marsden, the Director of I
mation and honorary manag
the Win the War Assocition;
C. E. Hitchlns, Editor and ma
Ing director of the Trinidad
1tshing Company; His Worshi;
Mayor of San Fernando,
IHon'ble Timothy Roodal;
Major Robert C. Mathes, Adji
US. Infantry, FPort Read.
The revue is being produced
directed by an American a
and a professional producer
was formerly a programme
tor for N.B.C., with the assis
of the leading professional a
in Trinidad. The scenes depic
highlights of Trinidad's cole
Carnival from Monday's
Ouvert" to Tuesday night's
To prevent a rush special
rangements are being madi
check tickets at the gates and
until those who have res
seats have been accommo
will those without tickets b
lowed into the theatre. The
formance will start promptly
8.30 p.m. and late-comers mia
forced to miss any scene being
acted on their arrival.

Police Station
For Maracas

DesToBruswick Engine Failure

So Blamed For

Train Delay

b110 ml ag on the saoutho-
bQ.ATASaz. raincasd tem-
I 14. Goveleiment disclosed
last week in answer to a query erom
Othe aoble Roy Joseph.
Mr. Joseph sealed:
"Il Goverunment aware that due
to there being no midday and Last
bsta leaving Rio Claro on Tues-
day, february 14, 194n4, hundreds of
people from all parts of the Col-
ys had to sleep aon the pavements
o thIe dxtrictE And will Govern-
mnt please state-
(a) Why was the service dis- i
(b) Why is it that pluses which
Were lying Idle for several hours
In the railway yard were not made
t convey pase ngers to their destl-
taUoins? and
(el Why the Trinidad Govern-
ment Railways did not make ar-
rtangements to adjust the service in
order to run trains on schedule?"
Government's reply was as ol-
0 ows:
"'The reply to the first part of
the honourable member's question
Is in the negative.
(a) An engine failure oit the
7.45 a m. Jerninghlam Junction to
Rio Claro train on March 14, and
not on February 14 caused a dis-
ruption of the service until the
engine from the Rio Claro cane
SBs elal could be sent to take on
S(b There were no spare 'buses
Hollywood screen actor who won an (c The rvice was adjusted in
mith goes to Washington" hs the Dis- the best manner practicable. How-
Inned to his blouse by IA. Col. Banmey ever, the demands onl the railway
i an arbaese In England. Stewart, as are such that all available engines
beratoer bombers ever Brunwick, Ger- and rolling stock are being used
20,-(AP Radiphoto). to c capacity so that unfortunately
no spare equipment Is available and
buldn .. when mechanical breakdowns occur
.........delays and inconvenience are Ion-
I pBarbados Calls IIi n evitable."
Income Tax Expert 11......
1ht Trinidad Guardian Coirreoponds Registration Pay
May l3--As a result of ar- For Teachers 0nly
d rangementsby the Comptroller orO l
United for Development and Welfare Tutchers are the only person
spire and Eir Grattan Bushe, the who received remuneration for
revue Governor, Mr. H. R. Howle has work on consumer registration, is
f His arrived to advise on matters stated in an answer made by Gov-
r. relating to Income tax. ernment to a question by the Hon.
Press Mr. Howle is an officer of Roy Joseph In connection with the
erican the United Kingdom Inland payment given teachers for extra
ce is Revenue Department, who has work done in the consumer regis-
Trin- been serving In Jamaica for twtion scheme.
50 per several years as Commissioner Mr. Joseph asked, "Is Govern
ill be ofJsncoe,"savr
War of Income Tax. ment aware that teachers are not
A preliminary fact-finding satisfied with the amount paid
itend- Investigation is being carried them in connection with their work
ceived out by the Economic Adviser to in connection with the rationing
lead- Sir Frank Stockdale with the scheme to be stsirted soon? And
nidad assistance of the Hon'ble H. A. will Government reconsider thc.
A. E. Cuke. question with a view to satisfying
nand- The survey which Is nearing these o rking a view saf
anHis completion is expected to pro- e hard-working officers?"
Xt-of- vide valuable data on the na- Government's answer was: "No.
Vood- tonal income of Barbados As the duties undertaken by the
Allen. teachers in connection with con-
Al-2 summerr registration were in lieu of
Trin- Man Roused From Sleep their normal teaching duties the
sums pid as allowances, which arc
Major Finds House On Fire in addition to the salaries paid, are
dr. E.
nfor- Trinidad Guardian Correspondent. considered reasonable.
er of CARONI, May 15.-Boodram, an "The honourable member U'
Mr. oyster vendor of 1& Pal Village was doubtless aware tltit much of the
anag- roused from sleep by an unexpected work of consumer registration has
Pub- bright light around him last Fri- been undertaken by persons who
p the day night to discover his house on gave their services voluntarily or
the fire. by officers at Government sub-
and Neighbours rushing up in re- centres who, In addition to their
utant, sponse to his alarm saved the normal duties performed this work
building by throwing on buckets of without remuneivition, and that
d and water. teachers are the only persons who
uthor Police are investigating. received remuneration."

.t the
e to
d not
)e a!-
y atl
,y be
g en-

The "Trinidad Guardian', under-
stands that it Is proposed to erect
a police station at Maracas.
Already there is a police booth
of Maracas Bay and policemen are
sent there every week-end frcm
In addition to members of the
Police Force there are also life-sav-
ers who are employed by the Police
Force and who are on duty at
I" iracas Bay from nocn Saturday
to Sunday afternoon ( ry week.

I "Spread The Glad Tidings"






ony day commencing L;m


Champs Elysees

'Phone 836.

This waodoWrfulH"n -
* e all-ouiZd-aid In camn of
cutsbWs..brnl*i. sore mandtrainWd
mwxis&jB^!b'**^'!^ fothhlme" pj.t.te

sad shepieaiOMw tte
O.msj oaf-wo -ee.

a" aV EedO im1 o

_______________________OuuTA* uWs. tiM
IL--- ----- ----ol---

Xoa Pettee Tlusica/e

Present Its Third Annaum

Tea Party & Twilight Concert

- on --

at 4 p.m. at


Tle moncert features Music Through the Ages with Apollo
the God of Music appearing and the Musical Clock.

The choir of La Petite Musicale will render an Elizabethan
and Jacobean song. Brahmn's Lullaby and a song romro,.d
by the Preaident--"The BuSirgle Call of F'reedorm."

Piano ................................ Olive W alk*
Violin .................... Mr. MeD. Carpenter.
'(Cel ...................... .......... vita Yufe

IRISH SONGS ........................... Mrs. P, Solomot

VICTORIAN IDANCE .................

SONGS ................................

By' the membam 1
La Petite Musleale

Mrs. E. de ta Rwo
(Guest Artistel

Part Proceeds to War Charities.

- S1.00


Space kindly lent by Salvatorl, Scott & Co., Ltd.

Standard Lfe
Assurance Co.
Established in the West
Indies for S ryeam.
Marine Squaro P.O.@.

How She Stopped
Her Rheumatism
At one time this womps, iffcred
badly from rheumatism. Then she
found a way to keep It in check,
and has been free f-=m 't forr -y
yceirs. A remedy that is so rella-
hip Is worth knowing about. Read
this letter ..
"TI have for many years now been
taking Kruschen Salts-the small
daily dose-and with its ,.ld I have
been able to keep rheumatism en-
tirely in heck. I -"'- previously
very rheu -atic, and used periodi-
cally to suffer from very painful
atticksi. Since I have taken Krus-
chen I have not had a single at-
tack. I owe A great deal to Krus-
chen Salts."- (Miss) C. E. M.
Rheuro'tism Is primarily caus-d
through an excess of uric acid In
the body. If the kidneys and
bowels become sluggish, they allow
this harmful acid to form painful
deposits In th tJoints and muscles.
The whole secret of Kruschen Is In
'ts double action. It acts upon
the kidneys oind the bowels at the
same time. itshlne away 11 poisons
Sand harmful ,xclds. and preventing
them from accumulating again.

mWO ahn s


Ion't neglect your
beauty treatment
At time, La Tolt Soap may
be hbd w p s smd it to
logtrbykpbwtis dry. Dw't
put th ap m e ins ww, but ws
your bAds or at-hcpthb &at,
Go*sleisa or rb of sh dry
Lux Toilet Seep w D give yoa
Dough Lutwer to sep beads,
usa, mt-in soft Watar-Iac
and me* *d
LUX To"ot SP wp. dds
lovely i th is why famous lm-
man uw I.

isra ~Top,111111 Iiii

Pruritis-lntens. Itching
Rlieved quickly Wy bt
Medicinal O|mnfnM
There are two form of Itchin which am
especalydistreiy g. Firt prunes vuvi-
from which oly women suffer and eod
prui s--Mtob g at the u m frmPole
pin wmwor vaom vein ys.
The owime of both thee forms of inteam
itching are often difficult to locate but wha
you want, ati oacl, ri from the
severe ard depression itcin.
Then let Dr. Chase's OINTMENT help
you for it bring relief almost u quickly m
applied. Onoe used it will always be kept a
band for quick use when the need arim
0o ts.a &bo i Eom tmysie*r$2.W

Dr. Chase's Ointment

mHE w M LECT C CO. Lo.. O P V I


at the service of the Empire

Boiadiew wr, G.L.C elmw quiu at upMw iM asahlp-ht gmi
clm of Gervi. Ms "ht~RVatit t- d b e 4leiute r hoM
HaMnas, eutrial t-.dJ4chuin IOt" uMl d dkl- rniicftlid
furies, sue completey *^ouppe by the O.BC.II ihe ten-Mlad
,leoria ahctu o-tiC teUmmNW to O rNE

t~~ III
Am p hebabsy am bew *ttMb f9 of Mp or bu
H 0JLC electriWal squipBmL
Thi G.=C amw rway immlsl lebday ia a luh ad w do
oMgakde of so& m ad kbmeesitetd a eMiles M d-llpM
tism produesler to wr prikitis Cim Is s 621 06 bai"-
haag ,w ad dus ill have ta radai daM. Iin dSaun.
When sM rtunu theb Cmmmbipfr'SKpU i fbsat Moemw ia
of daaard hidftag he d tatm uumf iMHr
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Synthetic Rubber Is Grwng Industry

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Dancing Youth-1944

4* AMD ....e g Pwi.II

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fto @ ee,0fr 1 so CWh4f
w fntne w for

MW W"'t "
yWIII *9U4l -
(4AY MUtIK . DANCING with 640 0,s Coluure

40% 0. 00 WIN #60 Wo A..4e1.(1.M

%i. Aiwbi oIi InrWe tnttl

PiC#n~h tt*9H Mtt C heN, tdr. P.I Pii w
1~0111060 *~'~t~~ S. 4f Pn f p~

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)KO ^f ~ -^W /<<* ^ *

*mci.; -',*, <(* v? *^*-**ys.-

lr d%,, I

~________~__ MNAlD GUA D AN, TOSAT, MAT 16, IMU

Oa May u <
.a. a-flt -^

SForecasts Coapse War Come. To Peace Palace

With Aied Victory r

AP).-Fee ai the collapeM Franct a "w

S Am oer-5-. w ,*an, ., m ."an llme ma mw OPap--
V, retMnded the oCmdllo's resignation and the Instalatim
m to forestal "tenrrorist extreamlm."

of the Pretenderft
IN the throne of his
in e a lattW r writ-
1u. at Lausanne,
the Prince Is
Sto DO AWums de
Shis f widely
f Ie nto wen also re-
ismo a general In the
is now living in
a r palace In Cadiz
MAM normal residence at
jouan's letter amd that
reto of his father on
2kt 1941, he remained
his dlffereiy a witi the
because the declara-
have served as a pre-
Sa y Into Spain of foreign
Sof a regime similar to
Julr country, or landing
b hores of forces of
ts. thus creating Itn-

Ir' he eoldes aod makig Spin
SIner 1942, however, Don
ely attacked Franco's
-neutrality" and "months
wrote Franco demanding a
nto his regime, but refusing
n d Franco's request that he
the Falange and postpone
until the Government
*Sftdd Its plans for a totalita-
A VUW the colapse of FacIsm, in
in January this year Don
Franco to step down,
to the letter, but the
reply "showed absolute
understanding the true
f ofSpain" The Prince as-
t the "fall of the present
wShich Is inevitable if the
Bilmimph~ will bring extrem-
Sunless forestalled by

Gustav Line

Attack Makes

Good Progress
San Glorglo, meanwhile mopplin
up bastion which were by-pased
on the first and second days.
[lReuter's reports that the
French are not only well into
the Gustav line but were last
reported within eight miles of
a place called Easperla which
i believed to be one of the
main butions of the next Ger-
man defence line, the one'
named after Hitler. Both San
Glorgio aid Ausonia are on the
i important latenial road from
Cassino to the coast and the
fact that General Jutn's men
are in them mean that they
must control a good stretch of
this road which has also been
cut further south by American
troops of the Fifth Army. There
Is news tonight that It has been
cut at a third point by the
British Eighth Army. A des-
patch from a war correspon-
dent with the Eighth Army
says that advanced troops to-
day drove across an Important
road about two miles south of
Cassino. According to the map,
this is probably the road the
French and Americans Nive
cut further south.]

j taraton of the monarchy. Throwing new bridges across the
M he was not desirous of ariglIano in the face of shelling
BL^02,91010 Inth the"' fac of sliel
disturbances in Spain by by the enemy's long range guns,
moniarchists not to col- the Americans battered through
Wut rano, DonhJuar Santa Maria Infants and pushed
Sbolding G-onenmn on in the direction of Spigno.
a io hin a personal capacity their next objective. The spear-
6h s ollnaborston with the head advancing on Spigno is en-
i s no responsibility of the angered with every forward step
as the Germans are between it and
litter denounced the "per- the vanguard of the French.
Srumour" that the Falange Eighth Army troops in the Can-
E cloak the present regime in sino sector likewise worked furl-
ue of a monarchy with ously building bridges and pouring
Sas regent, tanks across the Rapido to hlsten
t the time the public be- their advance. Ghurka knife-
s aware of Don Juan's letter, welders cleaned out the remaining
f U&lv tv professors signed a strong-points around San Angelo
Moit urging the return of the which vis cut off earlier and other
They are Alfonso troops cleared pockets In the area
I adecas. one of the found- of the Liri Valley.
*h e Fallnge; Jesus Pavon, The Anuio beachhead sector was
S of Madrid University; quiet throughout the day. In the
LoneI y BOr and Julli Adriatic part of the front, an ene-
MM.. They were fined 25.000 my force estImated at company
O each and exiled to small strength gained some ground in an
1 attack on an Allied position a mile
kL later Jose Maria Yanguas north of Oreogna.
L until recently Ambassador (Middle East aircraft, Reu-
Vatican, who also a pro- ter' states, were busy yester-
p, worte Franco Informlng him
r lip abiras ocin himself day searching for and attacking
Rn h ON associated himself enemy ships from the west
h thW leter of the tour profes- castof Italsy to the wtes
I nd was therefore voluntarily Aegea. R.A.F BeaufighteS
hIMself at LUnares. Sank enemy ships In the
Sof monarchist activity Aegean. Australian Baltimores
W bmm to mean that Aranoo
be overthrown In the near attacked shipping off the south-
Sbut it is clear that the east coast of Greece, and South
V6l Is under fire from both Africun Beauflghters went for
lilt and right and many right- enemy supply vessels In har-
4Ihorators would leave hirm bou on the west coast. During
t monarchy even though as the sat week, aircraft from the
I U they hold good positions Midge East have attacked air-
Sae not working actively for fields In Orate, the harbours In
rstoratlon. Spanish Republi- Crete and Greece and they
I Leftist groups underground sank two enemy ships caught
I exile undoubtedly will put In the Aegean sea.1
iontion to the restoration of Advance parties of the Allied
I 'rchy. forces which swept across the Ra-
pido on Thursday night reached
out as far as the road between the
*, ;Cassino and Lii Rivers.
ri Number Change *The Adolf Hitler Line, a string
Num e Chang of camou aged pill-boxes, deep dug-
Iu n Tyre Case ouns and emplacements *across the
.m p, a motor-Liir Valley from Highway Six to
todpo, a motor-.am i owner, the mountains on the south is only
Before M1. A. J. Hamltont a few miles ahead of these advance
IWwith having under his con- parties
-, vtyrs whlch did not bearI The Hitler Line. which the Ger-
.itoiil serial numbers,. mans have been ordered to hold at
prosecution was still giving any cost, as they had the Gustav
BS when further hearing was Line ahead of It, runs roughly
F=11 Utnti May 17. & along the eastern side of the lateral
e police allege that on a rc,td leading from Highway Six
.--r benggls through Aquino to Ponte Corvo.
6*VAmn whose torigpinal steyrbeslI
*ts1 bad been erased and re- P es Back tr Action
4 041 New numbers. Some al ,. ..... .
Of the original serial Agai t Old Enemies
wRs were still visible on the By EDWARD KENNEDY
wa s disled. By EDWARD KENNEDY
1.1A t Wharton appEared for WITH THE POLISH ARMY IN
5ITALY, May 15 (AP)--Polish troops
who have waited four years to bat-
--------40- ,tie the Germans on a big scale
S. were again thrown against their
' Council Seeks old-time enemies, Joining the of-
'Out F C fensive against the Gustav iune
Ft From C.D.F. last Thursday night, and having
S t been in the thick of the fighting
M ftCoaZcll want a grant ever since.
the CiOolnial Development Theirs was one of the most diff-
f. eCarrying out in)Prov- cult of till the sectors on this diE-
2-, 0 e city. It front. The Germans facing
a lotion of approaching, them were the toughest of all the
Lt in connection with thist Germans here-the First Green
nt will be considered At this Devil Parachute Division. And to
Ws_ Meeting at the Council's --
lbS Committee. t caTiNU'IRgo e1 NEXT COL.I






RA N1 0m0. bom b ots
the.a anafib beadisyebk
a*eNsi1 saisN; Twas
pa ftpafe Tlm is lla

De Gaulle


Darlan Accor
ALGI=8, May 15 (AP).-M
eral Charles de Gaulle. Prod
of the French Committee of l1
tional Liberation, told the Cons
tative Assembly that France d
not consider herself bound by
Clark-Darlan accord when
Tunisia delegate criticised
agreement by which Allied for
entered North Africa.
General de OGaulle made t
statement on the agreement
tween the late Admiral Jean D
lan and the United States Ge
eral Mark Clark midway in a (
bate which ended with the uni
imous adoption of resolutions c
clearing that the National Conur
tce should henceforth be known
the "Provisional Government
the French Republic" and expire
lng confidence In the Committe
making of "practical arrangement
with the Allies to assure assistal
in the Invasion and maintenar
of French sovereignty.
A resolution of foreign pol
also directed that the Committ
with the Allies, insure in fut
treaties against the recurrence
aggression within the framework
international organisation. S1
an organisation, the Assembly, s'
should allow for regional pacts
view of economic and geograp
A Conummittee spokesman, Int
preting General de Gaulle's
marks on the agreements, s
this meant that Prance would cc
tinue to abide by the arrangeme
but felt free to discount them
any time since the CommitteeI
not recognize Darlan's authority
commit the French.,

MP's To Discuss
Franchise Report
Trinidad tFrAncnise commltte
report is likelyM to be discussed
Col. Oliver Stanley. Secretary
State for the Colonies, and C
the Hon. Sir Biede Clifford. Gi
eraor of Trinidad, now on furlou
In England, according to the B
in a broadat to the West Ind
last Saturday night.
Col. Stanley was stated to hi
disclosed this in the House of Co
mons recently when, in answer ti
question, he said he had receive
a copy of that report as well ai
copy of the report of the Brat
Guiana Committee. Some membo
he said, had made reservation w
respect to some sections of the
port, but comments had not
been received.
Mr. Wilmot then asked the I
cretary of State to bear in ml
the delay in putting forward
commendations, and suggested ti
there should be no delayed act
of any kind.
make the task harder, the G
mans were in the process of rell
Ing units and as the Poles attack
they encountered the enemi
double strength.
The Polish attack came in on
most impossible mountain sec
Just north of Cusino and Mon
tery Hill and they r.eade th
thrust westward toward the I
Valley, the entrance of which
guarded by the stronghold of C
In the spring months dur
which the Allies were making th
gallant but fruitless fronti attA
on Cassina, cah a move neisr i
undertaken because it was a
sidered .all but impadble.


se ',me mused bpes
27 m&ONlownseam sM.
adr gZaops.M
sIoam emow demo t=
tIwt.. tMNad ids inl th
- ad my mw o m
eesIf d o s, e MGMedoa
S alON&a4Td nIMMne

,JS 8518S AT *84 eurniw
a 6l I" i I]111 I lllI

LONDON. May 1l (mterl).-
MW. John Curtin, Austualsa Prime
Minister, intends to reply to the
statements made by. Mr. W. L
Mackenzie King, Prime Miniter ot
Canada. m his address to MUembers
of both oumes of Paluament about
the inter-Oommnonwmaath cofau-
Mr. Curtin told the British
Parliament that he beleved wry
Strongly in cloe cotmltation, doe
co-operation and efftetive co-
ordination ot policies, but by In-
creassg new methods of organiM-
Uon,. "we cannot be too careful to

we th to our own e new
-Methods will not appear as an at-
tempt to limit their freedo- oi de-
cision: or to peoples outside 'h
Commonwealth as an attempt to
"Nag at tow Wetd wfte Way establish a separate bloc."I
tm at abU In k TI UB ag- In. Mr. Curtin's reply may take the
_ _et bak IS a 00 form of a stat wm nt, or e may
u a glifgPL-(A pf) Insert it in a public addrel c. It wl
be recalled that the Australian
Premier has appealed for a pem-
.... .. .. .anent Empire secretarat with
US. Navy Secretary readerr powers. Both canada ,A
ofi o Urged South A a are opod, contend-
Confirmation Urged Ing that the present matchery for
Inter Commonwealth con."ultatlons
WASHINGTON, May 15 (AP) is sufficient.
d -The Naval Affairs Commit- While moat of the Prime Mint-
tee, unanimously recommended sters will remain In London ater
the Senate's confirmation of the conference officially ends to-
Mr. James V. Porrestal's nnw.t- morrow, I am reliably Informed
en- nation as Secretary for the that Mr. King will leave for home
ent Navy, and afterwards accorded at the earliest possible date.
S the former Under-Secretary an
Sul ovation when he appeared be-
Ioes fore the Committee in response
the to a special invitation.
eth .. ,TRINIDAD
t Rejects House Marine Square
cir- 39Mrn lse
in- Portof -Spain.

ni Trn- da Guardian Corre ndet Offers to the Trinidad
se Trinidad Guardian Corrpeadndt
_ ST. GEORGE'S, May 13.-Hold- Turf Club are invited
*- Ing that existing local conditions r nit
is already weighed heavily against for thoroughbred year
ace the average householder, the St.
ae George's District Board at its ling and two-year-old
monthly general meeting last Tues- Colts ad Fill:s stat-
Sday turned down a proposal by Dr. os an illies, tt-
S F. C. Benham. Economic Adviser, ing Pedigree, Date of
, that town property assesbnents be
of raised by a third in return for in- Birth and Price. Offers
L creased Government assistance In win a
ch enabling the bcrd to wipe off Its must be in writing and
., present lndebtenenss and be in a ec t c-
"n position to embark on new Improve- must ch t cr-
uin meat schembestrs. on or before 31t
hic Dr. Benham pointed out that all tory on or before 31s
ter- the services provided by the board May, 1944.
re lighting, sewerage, scavenging,
rid street maintenance--were services 0. P. BENNET,
Mid which directly benefited property P B ENNETT,
nts owners in the capital. Unlike other Secretary
at municipalities which made contri-
did buttons to poor relief and other ______ ____
to social services, -all the board's ex-
penditure, except the market and A U TION
cemetery which paid for them- A UI
selves, served to maintain the well-
being of town dwellers and to en- A E
hence the value of their properties. A LE
T1Uy were, therefore, the people
who should pay. KEEP 'THIS DATE O'l&N:-
Prices of all things had gone up Th rd 2
ee's since the war, Dr. Benlham pointed Thursday 25th
by out, but the board had not, revised May 19
of its assements since 1936. during M y, 1944.
*pt. which time rentals must have risen AT 46 MUCURAPO ROAD
v- considerably. r I have been favoured with In-
S Members contended, however, structions from Lt. Paul K. Vipond
S that the Incomes of householders who is leaving the Colony, to Sell
IB as distinct from owners of business Puic t n i
Ws at Public Auction his o11111dI
premises had not risen commen- household urnitures:-
ve surately with the cost of living. Mos Suite (Complete)Dining
m- -Room Suite (Complete, Dressing
a a Table, Cirona Portable Typewriter,
Ive Immigration Officer Lady's Bicycle with Elttrle Dyna-
3t Co mte For Taia mo (Complete). Wardrobe, Ironing
Ish Committed For Trial Boards, Smoking 8tan, Reading
ers, Gilbert, La Roche, an Immigra- Lamps, Mosquito Nets, Stool, Writ-
rith tlon Offticer, was yesterday commit- ln Desks, Step Ladder, "owel
re- ted to stand his trmul at the next Rack, Medicine Cabinet, Tables.
yet Assizes on an accusation, laid Book Ends, Books, Ferns in hang-
against. him by Chief Inspector ing Baskets, Porcelain Tea and
Se- Kelly, of corruptly receiving the Dinner Sets, Electric Stove, Electric
lnd sum of $16 from Michael Joseph Hot Plate, electric Iron, Electric
re- and Augustus Olynn in order to Twster. Kitchen Safe, Brooms.
hat obtain for them British &,Iman's Mops, Mats, Curtains,. 1 Lot of
ion Certificates of Identity. Cutlery, including Knives, Parks
Bail was allowed in $150S with and Spoons. Carving Set, Spring
security. binds. Tenf' Rackets, Coffee Per.
L.. ____e_________ orator, Camera, Linens, Garden-
ifn Utensils, Clothes Press, Glass
rer"- 0 Ware. Clothes Pre with Curtaim
Cv. attached, Rugs. Bread Boards with
ined Knives, Baskets. Wooden Trays.
In Tabia Mats. Gardening Shears.
Dnmel Ware:- Kettles, Double
ar Boilers. Saucepans and Roasting
r sPan. Bicycle I'uAO. Gardening
as- 113ik i Hose, s.UuAt. G.. L 'ridge and 7
leir tube O.R.C. Radlog. m with auto-
LIM __- I matic Record Changer.
__ Make a note of this date:
THURSDAY, 25th MAY, 1944.
air ROAD- at 1.30 P.30.
We& A. M. Quorino,
A. Licensed Auctioneer.


o n 124 ,9 m u m re cel ed frm a
Mrs ttSoya formerly of 7wAr
~tsa.w~ f. b~he,

awl FROM

*DWIe @iIt s Ul*W
"Am 1mm ""; :I
Al- d ftmo tx
mdiat bar b"aum
as u a ,. me 'Was""
=," wegh M- *awry tUn
ft is sem&. Ost KWO AsthM5
R lgtt heat ad amfat

%F-i aa



removed to the Mau for awnii
lance, the lundand wi Ow
auction on t a e ldate, Ue
and place fu rtur b6l"aV
her and m l thos o Mle .
MerryOMNa WUN. Mrw XL W-
He~r ald 11u to bindsb.-
Chna ett, 8-wing b$- eau, .'1
writing do I Portabai
phones, I Bn--mm** Verob
mophone; I round Wning tab@
with turned le88; ova l dke-
til table; I rP I-wIng bureau; 4
small drawteg 1r10 tebes aa
Shil d_ dreling table; breakfast

If it's washable-


Wash your clothes gently-the
Rinso way. With Rinso there
is no need for harmful rubbing
and besting. Rinso .does the
washing by itself. It simply
soaks out the dirt-cleanses
thoroughly-leaves your clothe
Washabl# coloureds a just w
sft with Rinm. Simply sqWue
th fabrics in the rich Rinso suds.

Do *FY At tmes
l.IO maybeff to y.

3.n-N 5-7 .LWtE

- -



Read down.
Lv. 8.00
Ar. 10.00
Ar. 11.15
Ar. 12.05
Ar. 13.55
Ar. 14.50

St. Thomas
Son Juan

R4d sup.
Ar. 14.20
Lv. 12.15
Lv. 10.55
Lv. 10.00
Lv. 8.00
I v. 700

For details of these and additional service. throughout
the Caribbean Area, consult your local office:


:: TULKPMOt 41


NEW CONTESTDodd's Remedies


5 First prizee 25 CASH
Next 25 Prizes $5 CASH Each


a Valuable Cash Prize! MISS ADRIANA CARTY, 5--" MISS AINMO
ttog is u r un v ,hk. of ,M n' doe t "i am S.wr
away cg als. year we rerlv thommendo l i~q.. Sea SI w S-- i t -
onf print vvery fo ew.atefu in of ur'bto b. otok lets The m 2 wtm aes. P ems. my m
We want "at to tell t which letter, in T beI4 4u sd I At time! stwe he pd*aie, -ws is
your opinion, teA the most onvinosng "ro y aeed would ii. lmied A ett iew l= = Am duei I tumid
en seleied. The appear herew/th, Red e da Dodd's Al m p I eA.A o I = ..I
bout= d'XsKidne l, 1Tenktu s eae 1%6d'to.. ods u Rfe.Sg m
those. lattice carefullysand s nt hik a begale .of Dodd ime's6 O! ~ L
o benyndnsis-L .- -,be.
ci them e7m1i is me b h W sehebetl y m dtams
beet Caeonviflos yut hat Doddm 's IXitityle NPI'| diees dimeppeerad. I con m e d fel ase h us.Ime s
will oakesaot*keepttlewatgotbNado. o med m sos o bed. r des-cad ct ti" t.
In the little suaw t'r oppose the I ter you t id ,-
have selected. Then decide wiMh I tti nrxt x M ALTO? a. u:
be l ,ttr and mark it No 2. and so i on of of. -
c mee ld .S ? fees .ns. MAISS BURYL ST. HILL--
to,.. Tein each i tdlelil what oBfuhu British S "1 T
Igor. heesute s la 7dGlee6"n. er dme. T"M rof Sen. .
think Is the orderotf meiofth o se. l'ee paces m ac m li 8 m e" am cbI
Thea U I as~ mm aidree oin 13mtesd with pains in my bs. lawast clitiseesd 1etPIg Ad
In the. sesV= below. *ec"Aeed wish well. "a
this whole edivee meuse tt ot w heedeti.. PIp eyes we ts _ad4eatwe
DepartmrnesT h eT b.idtbK MediCe o ie t Li e Wi- nd 1[ wee ablI to | o tes well '..ah I Ud I red botle Sod
4046.8asWelliaseemabosWet w.. Toe t he 1 swgon a. It se mied as I i w e ws i ngd so.btlme
J wses da y. fundd iserset d I me cbS. te ia
TWis 4d 1i s -is e m -- is Trial. ""c"' without ot eesw. 0. day0 bleed beesho musS f yellow p Mm i
dad cad Slidsh Guiana -ily. Thee. Iresf. S me n Domedd AhlmeMne d I tedt Jat F mone e sbe'w*
all pr ing" in O t 0Cont'est l be wo = Dodd's KldeeyPial bahdhlsd Mbe gu of tit be#" asm iS.
i ^n'daM *( . twier?.mogy too*. I jocide to try a bold Cull op"o d 6"d so l..c
by eseideces of thes*- ntcstaka ps i ng ade ods d oe@t o mmaccad heeds I mat if
1No one knowsthe orre nwr un l ,lmjbt away Alt. f tin a J mld bow fily < eali
al &rI r n '~u~te ,ju ~ taselcnaco. I good 2 men boo. leyoypened slsop.t
8 entries are in. Fasluritism In itlem-
sLet. The eontsutanta therm-,lvea determined eesmsd was comalelip 0 dat an
the winning answer. I trobe" MISS MURI\IL1`11
8NAW.f 11110 No= N
11 1.IARKWOOD, of Sad
How W in ul4 W, t i e ueci d -- -.-l I 16 L- 111 6 i To. O
I" i' ie udJvedos nuberofcn
Te letter h b marked "I' by the se, t l. ,iwM l 1Is 1
Mfet enwh watettants, will be ad- wesJl bl le W o#4. t4 w ir fo
I- by k*a inmwn mber of aon- 25 PONeof II Isit Ii eprW w OM 4irj M-J .o pe. o
tastants h* be u eJ d stnd beat. and iac eteu, m ehe m IOR e als*strtaee5 K "^S.
m am. In th. me er te .cont.ants them. wlke I --r ume U-I 4= 111
belon dortmalis e o rw sdeOf POPularlt o results. A M-J i si on T -- V *y-.NYM ta f
gd btos e nr, s mmlderation-wllck Dodd's Kidn.ey Plls,. .el uses sm l
wil be the wamot mawr. The eonteMnt cid sea" d t o me at toL o V Il or bo k Im--m o'es
weme l eAt b Mtt Wet. la Ithe opla. "dmeed A chhes., Scad e
lon of The DeM.3e MaeiOs Cyony. Le CJMoI. --t#I *s 56 gI I. MA d
Ited, t tin. most pop ta u e P as so.dved
by aS ae*O f 4*.... mismue -. me.--| u *'v.i,
wed Lim a eet M 53, 08
w1 u~se b tab sr priM -of "2 a ,meb,4 a 4 I
the i t KS ",ttise. In ie a wt, of w i tl. I
will r s ms e mo__ 06 ssiii46"a ss "%
RXd The. Ca-Oly fi uL4 4 ape S 5
sr5?e5am -*-* upw ebus bed^i^wy e3gS& f
p.0"604145 40"i S 00,00 s eeahi d 56 hm Jli 9

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*;7J-4a444~-~-9 ~~(44
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,-. ';~' q -
44444, / 44-.4 44,444 4444
4444 --

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144.4* 44444~ 44-444.4444
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- .44



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44 44-







udw Gift to zzj vmj

I T 'e 0 coarEgv
13L E4NL^ 3139 EM IALYS RiTM

Mm-sm^^ Y6 M I A LlT' OL

-Z,,,< hr Jur- f VW ;.- --~~->~ ~ m MOA 4^*"** C.. B

P^T iwm"'For 66REN,,T' -i S ~
?UI-SuMfmiFj I ALT@ % eL
'nM 'XKTBA^jr-. ^LU~i ^ s" zi^

006 HOL 00IfAibWA I ft 69W
A1 lA*^*,r^ qr. :e M^ Frip *m0 J- monk-- A* __ ^

SHEPPING E i. somrw Mow^ L 0 N l
,D uus ta \4~ 3fw OA i

sea ft 7 -CASE of doe -

j inirHsorACK Pa wAW
4, AMI niu 1il. ^ ______________ __-______ ~ fl
i "PO ^ Va~ env ft so

__ ~ ~ lbm LM *** k- ,*wa &^, THE WO
a"NOW W& 01, &AWf e aHn C* f.LTS IMt-00ft A. CbwMM;%:.S&UJ*a- ----
H iw m uSOw 11,9 P ininE
-~ ,~ For tICsou N aE5. Ubojf

71THE IRMSH AND Twoftr K gotft Jlff: S'TH SWO
alliedLED MERCHANT^ q':^ L ^ ^-R ON Ai
iNAVY CLUI Assw ww wm,-^ 4m.^^^^^-
ow *41"a11 wT" mepuf am c "haw.
SKV .Wf 49

111, AiOr 210 a* tFuts. 1k h" A"-s.a. *?M mI.4kS5 Fe

,/*. ;; : Imestodck maot is udwr o ht : TWOAY at &M PmAS *
x Sim ot 0" [ i s sP w imem

4MonY MOY 15 Cott" No a" Om 1, T1E CROSS OF LORRAMflf`s-
twa- ~ ~ ~ ~ on swas G~ia" to wn

O 11 PL er.ie s 0: L
vew* pu i. dm 0I*yA W

|"^ wtews tSS 0066, mw la ,
f cation w< the cb r ar furW IntonA Uoand
oa s1W4"W e pwor jso I* : NEW -Sa Ferna&
jGLEE CLUB :TAT at &*;&a
I^IiafLb i lo 830 SANTAh~ 15^" FE TRAiL
?.At the 4 h e~s p~nan ~
| 1;wwrrt UMs. Sub... ?CA al 5r Mm Nl ~ LII ~ -.

OF""IMw ..: ~ M -v 1Ue 1T NICE


,7 .


laM ^*lBow
AW^^M~ Bi~Tila&H^^^^^^^B




I I I Ill Illl III II I I

am-ome 3

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i -A MJ --. # *--'0 V f Makilm iML-- -"



tine And M'rsden Hit Centuries

,,-, .. -

1.Up1 Sixes In 123:

Over hi Rahvmut Match
v -
lilO^I~t *W'H~iCm~uiade'e bowling to at

BKSih s6t~l cestwlria ia l-ru total it uip


o a
18 fi 4e e
0L. natk ... U S 4 O
A.. MRMad so t et.......... .
. aa et ot .......b 11
tatrwI l...d...w.. ....- ..- *

Mrfor 2to fr.
wire contribute

tw.ofno tuidy
skim ovou-be

E thematcs arlle
a s wePromade 92
mM dayd and A~.

gdwU. who t
2-1 'uS: $ad Z.
Me ,te for 2 ruas.

e Ynk ..n............ 101
||!'8Bippern.... 'U
6 a=Iad da In A

b Frankl ..,-17
, Durity w caied 13
n snky,.. 4 .-, I
S...... .. .........

ha-,--...-.....18 1
------. 47 0
-.... 1 50 34
3 2 Q. 14d
a ei13I
Aowfl o1 400uday

,, o 3 5 a
a 0 71 0
lot IxNIN08
nll T ............... 12
n ............... 1
I b Moahomed 6
...lin ...............-
.W.**-*.*-.- oli

v" "ia.) g
% eNovo System.
p iv. .ouS parts of
kun&Mned to the area
Say nerve. Head-
n rather than a
t uetM ould be
Vevryca'. Aundg
IMo causeM of paIin In
y be mentioned ml-
u neuritis. Re-
pai n in the head
Wmerrhage. Bright's
oftutial diteheadb
S intoxicatlo,
Simpure air, ac-
IF or referred pain
Orb of the body, ad
f the rou
wcter of the head-
3 I~ot noe de-
e t. por
least corshult
w D.lol, -kC

Indies Chlro-

Total f 1 wleket .... 4
Tll Oas %V. MidMINX
2,' ' ........ 10
B, naaill b rwn t 10.............. 0
ToL t Wlafr M .. b LM- al -=i..- 1
3 Ott ..y e..b f. our ................e-e U
Affsseeaa* et nt .... -..- IS
. Mahali b Winch ter ...............
= NoelI iso b Radhay .... 1
5.At-0 b Oetzr .-............., us
0. Raneamalj aet out ........ 1s
S tras ...... ........ ... s
Total for w k et .............. i
0 R V
X. 4'..'.- 0 us 1
.. '..._.....e e so o
iW.Eadbay E ....... I! e i
Napalma T. Goedwifi
M F7dei h bk0==eoep= DonaMdon= 0
A.UUIMk b w. Aneyn........7.......
8. .A eli l b ...................133
. *I chan Baptiat b Joeph .... 11
B. sdansia e W. Alleyne b aptlte T
D. Se ik e ........ .... ................. 0
B. anankr Joseph............. 2
M. rd t out .......... 7
L. Noel e wkpr b Baptite ...............
Y. Tl b b ................................
B. Laorkoor (ab ent) ... ... ...............
xtra ......... ............, .... ......
Total ,"....*...... ........... 79
0 M R W
X. DoldM .......... 5 0 40 1
W. Allsyae............. 3 0 25 1
A. Jc- nh .......... 0 21t 4
0 R a l i e .1...... B 1 11 2
A. W lker .................... 3.S 0 1,4 1
W. Alle ne a b S .nike.... 5
0. Maynad w b Ameral .............. 4
A i a V._ I b. T.A.mk.. __

Team Arrives

For Oval Meet

srat UtaM of t W toM
Prov,:in ,waa le atm o-b

a to theOa=

kin, at h sfamio.
foWM--'~tolry ever M.D. 3ioeyt

ite *, a t

aet pme of W eseo N rOW-

t toe t f the ,ne agairnat
the Is b1.7niin
n wil o ofathehiM gh-

olig t.of the meet~ gk;
bruskt MOf CIur a nfo d Wiot as
uklfar hfepora yard Ha e.

the 100ar = t doint the dis-
Keith Cousins, ,TaMaaW' lone
representative and one of te most
tolourful rides in thtCoIo,
will be here either tomorow o
Cousins has boeen many
victories in resent times ad here
is a descripti o o ea of his races
on May S, as It appeared in the
"Jamaica Gleaner."
"4Second feature of the night-
e two-mile a ateurs' go, was an-
other spectacuiap event which
presented a field of really fine
riders. It was the grand return
to active cometition of these ama-
teur boys, and the occasion proved
a blazring affair for former cham-
pion Keith Cousins, who won street
and lane."
Cousins was champion of Ta-
maica 1940-42, and whipped Bar-
lowe in most of their clashes, when
the Barbadiean ae rode in ea-
msesi in 1942.
Barbados and eCuraca athletes
Will arrive here a shortly.

D. C ... 04 .-... Yankees And Cards
J All n -out .................
A. Or.d1 beftk
;. Sen"ie .. Top BasebaII'C oubs
V.: No46 0Bcbaran N R.e... 10
G. Spoencer AmnerallU b Loorkhoor .. 12 NEW YORK. My 1 (AP)-New
Extras ......................................... ... .2 York Yankees head the American
Total 1"-1 League table In U.S. major league
Total ........................................... tabas e in S .e the t. mjr l ag
baebl while the St. Iulus Cow-
ROWUNG ANALTSTIS dinals topped the teams in the
o M R W National Leaue
D. Senlkte ;...........I....... 11 2 30 3 NATIONAL ?I.6G
S. AMera ................ 4 1 17 ATNAL LEAGUE
I. Ramnsaakar ........ o l* W L. Pet.
S. Loorkhnr .............e 2 0 4 St. LOUIS ...... 17 6 .730
S. etcheran ............. 0 15 l Philadelphia .. 12 .600
-. ...Cincinnati .... i .571
KeyPittsburgh ... 0 9 .526
Key'Laames Hockey Brooklyn ...... 10 11 .476
Boston......... 11 13 ASS
New YrkO ...... 10 13 .435
blot& Tobay Chicago ....... 3 is .168
o' O5 New York ......i 6 0 84"
N r mLades' Hockey League S t.Lous ....... 14 10 .583
VtJaido 90wil o all Out to retain Washington 12 9 .571
weth ositon when they clah Phadel hia 11 10 .524
wi Maroon today at St. Jame. Chicago .... 10 12 .455
MaO AN muJSt one point be- Cleveland ..., 10 18 .435
hlnta :~rt champions. Detroit ....,. 9 5 391
Wande "Am team win be:- Boton .. 13 381
L. Kags, Schuler, M. Cam- Bsn I 1 1
bridge. r. De Labastide. Iris SUNDAY RIM"S
Daunt, K. Skinner, Ida Daunt, New Yoroh 4: 1VelIanid 3-13
M. Hart, A. BS ence (capt.), O inning.
U miE Ad M. I"o'de New Yortr 8o Cleveland 4.
VINTeS *'A' eWIN Detroit 6: Biston 1.
veatires IN a ve ?Chine Detroit 0: Boston 0.
_wi_ league WCshnigton 4: Chicago 0.
fir ____O Chicago B: Washintton 4.
w- i'7Philadelphia 4; St. Louis --11
W. Francis Lau Wins innin4L.
Hanicap -Tennis Final Phlladelphia 2: St. Louis 0.
Handicap Tennis Fial NATIONAL LEAGOIE
W. Priroa Lau won the Men's Pittsburgh 1. New York 0-10
Singles Handicap 'B" and "C"
elas final on Saturday at the (Continued In Mnext Column).
Colonial TeXUi Club courts by -.--__.... -
whipping M. Scott 6-3. 6--2.
1n the Women's Singles Mrs. Z
"han won rom Mi S. Chan TRINIDAD BUILU
Poon -2 .ASSOCI
Women's single-Mrs. V. Chan
won from Mi V. Chy Pow. 6-3, REDUCEI
Women's Singles-Fnals: Mrs.
_. A cong v. Mrs. Chan.

Landsi at Verdant Vale Estate.
different prices per acre. Arims
River and Blanchlseuse Main Road
oaximnf through the Estate from
North to South.
'Phone Arima 10.

t Arrived

IMNYS (Btrners)

IASS TANKS (Bottles)

...ISTOS "INGS (Wicks)

|ii )Pyol con...
40; ri OS avsYOURSELF

'ire & White ENAMELWARE



* 'meW 5273.

Geo. Lewis Runs 100-Y

At Forest Reserve In 99 Sels

War O- B>" tww* *W nmm" rscirntor, ran the
100 yard e >" MeaseNd t te iory P aiV ar td el U ba tse
fst sma Crmi e cluMb R ggpds.
LIwis wav the ou"tisa-----------
atletes o the day. He whiglisil. .. A
H uotspurs Beat
SmVrds sat Rovers A' 2
asece, Now aw 'A3ilofat 9f
fT a wt 'w0 % h t
Dreaseof Awereer "A on t "en
ase s eort to.Mi. MW. the knock-out ocoon tiod e
A. J. w .uth M otm a *od a eeared aftrninoo Bntepu
the. onrOMan&r"A.th an dfitba t Ro 4 S.
te n m A s e w on in eoBmta I W Jato y. in
.tl Mie to h te o ml The vl'fte vctori' o entie-teorwai
cefrothSSan dm a. registered both gob
041wo I 16W WbW.bt leca Shiaie
z. tre winon hIotine. e uP- t ncontioled to be an em
Mile* Rtint % It otlfiwnish. a~ne all along. and this was tet
Ahoaueid tnhr. lAt be 'from ol *I CVat half tie.
Barb91do1 with the Trtni'4ad s oa*- i second half Rodrue
cer teM, won two M 0u-yrdsoW Pct again fm an acurfAt
VIVta ironi emiloyees of Lease- 01 b 110ian Os 1e1o.
h110. eeerI Hanlthide never made 110 ay
t o r e each wM effort to Inteet.
1v a dtflerent rider. 0. Nelson In thia session wa sees a fw
toir thea b n o*e"te A A. sparklln rbitr of .lay a MRoa t
A116+n. the five-s0B. w1'teI TT. to corn a goal and In the 9I=t
Thene wonrm the o two mile t W mOinute keeping the omblnaeos
&r0. hatWJou e toJtdd, oentre-frward. and Uim.
R. Graharn wo Owme yO yards self. he not phst tne 'Spurs, bn
lat race in low time. but lt control of the ball near
At the te inestline of the t pSoNt1 ut .Iver ran It, serTing no purpose.
Mr. er. Atinan. chairmn of tM omt- The umpIres were fr Potter
foe, iartlv think, Mr. A. I Xutov- an m. at
Murray so MIfs. Murna for their ate- 'O Da ut.
d.c. .nd *thI l .re number of 9W11 w Te team wil poe ere:-
holBwd by her asenos to mae the dare HOSPUR Catane: aota
t b. he hiu e ,ue i tIt otedeut J r J.aBernad .S
Two beastifu houque of tOWrS o't lie and 0. De o iisoS;
then Irted to Murrpyv after which Manield, H. Camacho, od.IKuea
he nt Iredd in hed own ch-.ln an. Lusted. P. Ribeiro.
"e" to hand out a most beautiful ray ef ROVmis "A"a-a. oflfhide;
p sn, to the ducconf. l 94 w lor, NOV=$ "A*":-. Hathid;
Wrt a Lowls wae the rredolet or a Perrari and Carr: Pinkney. par-
,Abt. siver cup. Bprrese.ted B mr th fan and D. Nieves: Hale. HalN -
Tealumb)g company, f Sn fernando I Sh ud-,etr- and d.
for winning a $""W I co-yard fltt.Lros e. Jd, ~ Ros
WALKNG RCE OPobinice "B" will Oppose T.C.TJ.A
WAL ernGRAo.C to rA t 00o. n t eplav knock-out 4e at
1 J. Ashe (2ft.56m.): 2 0. Brow n St. Jarneittils afternoon.
(S h m.): 1 Murphy ("-b Thi a--
(English record: 2:3.3.S., J. Meisi- TRINIDAD,
oa, Siwedei. 142S.)
A. CharlM. I D. Brssy, 3 WillIams OF TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.
and 0. Nichols. Time:10 0M NO 1 BG
410 YARDS FLAT RACB (Boya under IS
Years): I A. Paul,2 i rIae. A Sub-RanIlstry-San Fernando.
Moonl(al. Thme: 1:*. 2. oh
ON MILE NIGH HANDLE RACE (con- No. 24 of 1944.
nued): I C. MTorgan i H. ersu Ion ther er of
0. Pierre. .4 In the Matter of
ONE MILA WALKING RACK (Ache Cup) The Infants Ordinance Chap: I
Open: I p. Consrt. 3. Nil*@, 2 Jo ieNo. 1 2
Auh, I C. Alilen. lme 7:5M.. (e-- 12,
lish record: 6:19%. A. T. Yeoman.) And In the Matter of
HIOH JUMP (ConfineRd): 1 0. sOmbe A Petitiorn thereunder of IAN
S C. Morgan. 8 0. callender. *elo terudr fIA
S Lewisn, s C. Turton, 3 B. Edmund. an infant under the age of 21
100 YARDS FLAT RACE (Senior l.Sff, year b hie arfda, nd
Confined): I P. Spooner 2 0. F. Rr-- next friend ENA STELLA
tant, 3 G. R. Lucle-Smith. Time- SIMITH.
IeSeam. InPursuance of an order of His
ONE MVLE CYCLE RACE (Ope): I C. Honour Mdr. Juqce Kennetb Vi&n
Nelson 2 K. Cravador, 3Sf. *Ma U- entBonmdI h bv
Time-S.11. cent-Br:own made intea
a2o YARDS TLAT RACB (Open): 1 matter on the lst day of May, 1944.
Lewis. 1 C. Turton, 3 C. P.Rennle. Time PUBLIC NOTICZ Is hereby gives that
$nsecS. a Petition hau been prsenteia t the Court
2-MILE CYCLE RACE ("B" Class): 1 U. to authorse the saie of the interest of
Bsel1. I L. AustiUn, 1 E. Herbert. the above-named Petitioner in ALL AND
TS -4I :0. S INGULAR that certain piece or parcel o
MEDLS9Y RACgE-Open-1lSo0. 4M40, 1 leand oomprisg ONE LOT together with
use-syards): 1 Pointe-a-Perre. 2 Comn- the building thereon situate -a the Town
muldos, 3 Volunteer. of Ban Fernando in the land of Trit.l
100 YARDS FLAT RACE (Conied to dad, known and assessed 4, ,l N ibTW B
FR. &r Cruse Fields): A. Clarle t Harris 8ltreet North and bountie"e c the
2 Rt. Cadog% L H. Callender. Time North by lands now or formerly of A. 0.
loavMI.i (OI t Aaron on the South by lands of 0. D.
.MILECYCLE MO > RACE l William an the fast by lands formerly
^A. A tlUS.$ m3 Ne., aof sa stells.U buit now of aOtWo
1- S t (Veterans or Xnnt Mack bed 06 thN Wet hy
41 Te ): A. dward Bot r Sg 8et North. AND that the ad
3. ganhm. 3 O(ulston, 4 T. Rob- Petition will be heard Int Supm
erts. TIme--e-ls. Court at man Fernando ca Tuesday the
TUG-.Ow.-WAR (Team of 8): 1 Mr. A. 0oth day of May, 1944. at the hour of
Bailey's Team (Forest), 2 Transport 9.30 o'clock In the forenoon when any
Department (Forest). person whether Interested or not may apply
ONE-MILE HIOH HANDLE CYCLE RACE ty mo'.ion to the Court for leev to be
(Senlor Staiff. Conined): 1 J. Lucie- heard in opposition or In support thoot.
Smith, 2 P. Spooner, s P. Thavenot. A copy of the i M PetlUap may be
Time-3:14. Inspected on appllcatiod to Mr. MiHot
ao0 YARDS FLAT RACE (Open): 1 H. Irwin Cameron. Solicitor for the said
Graham. 1 K. Halle, 3 f. Poteon. Petitioner, at Numbers 71TT and 711 Court
Time.-2:0O.A. Street. Ban Fernmando.
COMMANDO RACE (Open): A. St. Nil.- Dated this lth day of May. 1944.
lairs. 2 A. Baptiste. 3 D. Bsarsey. K. IRWIN CAMERON.
220 YARDS PLAT RACE (Bpeclal): 1PG. solcltor.
Lewls, 2 A. Baptiste, 3 C. Turton. __________ --
Tme--23.5Wecr. S.%.0c.-0WWWs.- -- -- ---

(Continued In Previous Column.)
Pittsburgh 1; New York 2.
Brooklyn 4: Chicago 2.
Chicago 8: Brooklyn 7.
Cincinnati 4: Boeton 0.
Boston 6: Cincinnati 0.
St. Louis 6: PhiladelDhia 3.
St. Louis 1: Philadelphia 0.




On loans from $3.W to $1,01 at 6% per annum.
On lesas upwards @f 01, to 2MW at 5% per annum.
On leans upwards $f PU*-spedal rates.
For osrtlculan apply to-



MEN'S $1.73

BOYS' $1.41

From 81c to $3.7

7S QM Stmot It Fuorick Strbt
?khW.4021? '68." w

We have a BVONe Ilan
of neiwV USatte*M.

Stetiwd MottNl

JA e go --ic

cSTh &alk~ of

&fhe &frpic3




t The Polm Garde



Many people suffer in silenee
untold aonle, constant brain*
wearying irritation and pain caused
by piles, simply because they have
never discussed the trouble with
even such a confidant an their
chemist. If you are a sufferer.
make up your mind to ask your
chemidt about the wonderful pre-
paratlon Man Zan. This olean,
simple-to-use remedy is Just mar-
vellous in the quick way it stops
the maddening Irritation, allays
inflammation and, persevered with,
bauishes the most serious form of
this agonislnl trouble.
Man Zan Piloe Remedy I U o
ordinary ointment, but a spedial
preparation solely for those with
pile trouble. It is prepared in a
special nozle applicator tube, mak-
ing It simple and clean to use. Sold
by ehemists everywhere.



INNER SETS (53 pleees) $32.00
Also Separate Pieces-CHINAWARE

GRIPS (suitable sizes for travelling)
GENT'S FELT HATS (Superior Quality)
Pay a visit to our Furniture Dept. and OOOS from the
Latest Designs in . .



4-6 .mm.
___- "*_..LRO3UU:j




Equipment and Supplies

now available



64 Queen




... remind you

that the precipitous

slopes of the new

Maracas highway

demand good

brakes ... Have

them serviced at the

nearest sign of the

ESSO Oval.




in belssd

W HO b dhe wf who wouldn't to be a lfe f
swetharY m be me. m do e ry dy the a imr
BA tdbeiap y OWd .donyIU erposMlpdao ysWkyoM
hva" Pssmimly. ke y o ---I=bownsyms
for y pi ... ou ... ve ..a khMik
BiM b he way. Dufy-mwif momr sd bieho plqtI
be-wuI= ye0r fus gady with ulesS e LsA ao "6
ad~bmq"yat=.m~h umtftm&-a !*W.D
of dv bmd p- u el a b hm r wea .met='. i Iki k
bemal--r. Iu", em-B1y, fm mly li*B
from my other. ad use dee athe pm od hn-i
fcwdl&,yodtB ad hay isyodda. .
Buy a aube tod*y me "
usiB it md UIu-narep,
ho d topm laid

telyi 7 TOB d!f *q -,, H ^^ ^ B
inwd~rt. *^******************'4

-V -C~'.*~*





.. -- 1 ., wm^^

* -. :





!-, ., 7 ,%"* ..t L


o ;*s ?!. PP *-, ,,,,,**"**' -. .
^^'-- -,.; 7^1;,'-, --.


w -

M -'k

we toA

M noaL

- a
- I

c f ar-m a 1

as- ~ a~.______

a na-mn0mo

rrrf'^ l^. ar ^ na'^ e~ -:1 ^ ^" s^" -^^ sy ^i p ~ j
wu a I- oo
di-ta. a>a3
Adam -mtwa ft Iba to_ qu humm

aw I- dmim nrrm
41 AS a 40S
a n -as a.'=
-WMP-dn AaM1- Os e -

J.A~~S Sr4mi

4K. i^f '-* J.X --- ... 4'~BF-im ss k-k- -*'- as s a~nn ____i--- ----^n ^H | fJ
Iwob -mme amom ivSdmwdM am Is Somaia 2 am=
N A -- -1L a n min. "eM"as10:-
Z-. ** t_ Isia"e p ssr s r. ptar ao r u mao amoft m

.* j'I # .*-, . **'-tts <*- ** :i'. ife e^ -oi wf s' u i.S at' C. i w.V -< 'IM- a> a-s mai bs S as~f a*i.i~~>^<^.i a eB ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ a''
'7 s l:7 -- omm S a
low $0100w* wmm w,4ane 'm; ox~ 'aAR
-ft o &nwljopainayem abowr n- iVj n4-W SSCww s -W w Aa aVO
~ ~ 'V4N.. a A*W40wiinM' I*-~ Aamo on da*w p

--..- "' ..-'r A .if r~f ,, ,.... a. 0,^, '2'PV7$I 4t.^itiulFt *Z- i"b. / .- *-i* -* tflr.ag SM R i ~ a. ___ <'1 mb <--- X r II aHMI1^ -- -- -- .
4-?4000' 0,AP'St Am*i--

-. r' 1~z5 w - ^ r: -a$ flhmas a a'. a e ^*ai a-j -S m a* '- -~ ----..-.-, ---- Sn aB -a .n-W -- --- -- -- -- -- -- -- ^
1^ a b.'^ .fr^ an 54* be'-,3i< ,* ''w W^ -^ '*^y^ ^ .m ^i-M -Miifwt m aiTiM 'tr (- '*l~' SM> a----'Ml 3p afcK -t ^StWl"*l inb H1-.----- an e
Mr-J..^ i- -^ ^. *Mj,, ,-.. . *i.. ^ ^ 04 0^ '-d -~M,, t0~ ~= .Sny mneaw#*m snts. sa*ss S a 5e 5w mm a' a

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Was^ ^ ai sa-s _______
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