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Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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A ircr t

SSynthetic Oil

ts Battered

Heavy Bombers

Wiay 12 tAP) A great AmerlilN air fleet 0 nealh
ad fnihters blasted Its way through heal',\-defeno. i
itday to strike at the Nail war machliln,.'s vr) roots
U blow at synthetic oil plants burled deep lI tne lihearL
psotes an official
IS Communique tAu-
thUat no fewer
'planet were
* heaviest destrue-
"ieans have ever
i r own o owe were
4p 10 fighters.
yPA")' back to thin
W~ Flying Fortresses
Ilmied tons of ax'-
or big plants in the
Germany and one
it was once Casobo-
Ir offensive, pound-
u~std wreckage of
km European rall-
It Wall installatUon,
mok tihe 211 dy
[-of bombers and
I,*Tthe conUnent
L: "t, Gernsatnv

I legislative Council
Happenings Yesterday
I --The Hon'ble 0 A Fits-
patrlck was sworn In End wel-
confd as new Junior Member
for Victoria.
2--Supplementary esllmatea
totaMllng 3115 141, including a
ol0 u, S2U Or'OA .t an advance to
be made tij the Arima Borough
Coiincli ,it be applied towards
Ilir rPron lli'.onti|; tina rtpalyhn r
cf d.magftd ir-i of Ithe tw.r-
ouih. '%fre approved.
3 1I abN1r Bureau% ReeiilA-
tlons mrad. b% Ill, Aciln, GUv-
einor were upprutd.
4 Fivt. Bill .i ae l i", r.[
5-.-Aplo\all gi.en d, arqut;i-
110oli 01 ,53 acres of land t
-Bit Fernando fur witer l.upil\
and ( 132. acres In Orluire nor
road diersiloi,

Four Axis


Told To Quit

tais and Amerloai m ^ ^- T^ V.'A~zliINr.Tn0 Mw .r
F 7 4WWAS INGTON Mi', 12 iAP
lat ati dstlto- Brttilth Tile UtlitelSi fes cind
[ae k at hielrds Russla have seillt ullUltimatum to
i imem tra l- fARanA troDDE^,
A uMARSHAL T DER. nur Aihs miatellI- countries telling
Vource of fuel and Western Front Air Chlefl them tthe\ must decide now whe-
Sareeven more ------ there they Intend to go down to
alll-basterng to the y utter defeat with Germany.
!wman Army. the GeorCe V Park Addressed to Hungary, 4utir.inla,
W penetratedd into 511F6;Bulgaria and Finland, the three-
r the e trat time d l a S p t power declaration stated: "There
tof more t an lCuC U upporteCd Is yet time for you, the four satel-
ly their longest lites, to contribute to the iwevit-
Mb the exception The City Coumcni's General Pur- able Allied victory."
M shuttle raid. powgs Contlmltee at tnetr meeting While It extended no protllse"a of
nOI"POSD on Thursday afternoon decloeu wu easy tre*ttmti%t to the satellites, the
recommend to the Council that declaration made it clear that every
I bomber fliers and Oovernment's request for assign- day they remain at Germany's side,
tlrtad little oppouli- mtttt to them o tne George V Park, brings "more disastrous consequenc-
a.back with stories Si. 0lair, for aommouating the es to them ,And more rigorous will
pts with Nai to.- local forces during the period of be the termts which will be Imposed
log nw wave the war and for other Oovernment upon them."
lime. e ai the purpose,. be gried. fThe declaration ends, accord-
eU area. it is understood, will iaw to Reuter's: "Thmee n tW4"
ist 5 b* am4ned to government for use must therefore teiel owa white
l-ii stfmated by :he BrtiUsth ailluary aulthoarlis there is time for them to mn-
FtewogriM wna on t e same cndiiouns Ae it was tribute to the inevitable Allied
ly bobrs were trasfeTed to the US. authori0t1es victor- whether they intend to
a S minutes an who Will soon be abandoning it. persist in their present bhopelesv
' some were chai- Declison of the committee to and calamitous policy of opposing
Un en route for make this recommendation wa thefight for victory. Thiswarn-
arrived at after conaideratlon o0L Ing has tbeen issued siultane-
were apparently letter from Government a"ling the O h"us en t .
nBy manner of ounc4l for use of the area as a & ,InLondon, WAshington and
Ualmpt to defend measure of war emergency. Moscow,
*,aireate t .._. ... .... --- -*---- -
on, all ,,bad--
Allied bMbiR ofT A
II the r on te Loyang Battle Jap Destroyer
its astica the
" osmsfouIn Critcal Stage And 13 Ships Sunk
om turned from' 11n. n .. .... .tage WAS"INGTON. May 12 -AP)
' == ., ..... ,_ May ............. The Navy announced today th
S blow aat ei -h e .battle for the a rn iJI destruction of a Jai.nes.e dsirovel
I S Qf ia lt ,th of Loyang, he capital o lN'o and 13 merchant vessels by Amerl-
Ot. ia ano t w ha rescloa a Ctw'llb can submarines in PaIfl( wat'irs
911111.t _..HighCo d ah Tie Navy also announced It-i
0 Brui jusit InsiTDe, Hi Command sn "hat Amrlcan bombers battered landing
Ahosilovalk border fight is geam, O1 tile U 1 Cier strip and other enemy installalions
'rtetve of Prague, dfreneas of Lo.unM OIIP .,hphn.-seaon at least four .'.'panee bases in
Included the big column i1 In tll ln1,ie. hi milms the C'rol" n Islands area in the
erw'bu 1, ismlles aouth of tle cit; another lh 0 miles cntrutl Pacific onl Wednesday.
anoL.he. at uUs- away in the mountains to the sdi.h. ____ _____
- mouth of Halleone. east, a third is about 30 n les off
tadkle LeLpig. and attactking from the east up tre e
atzio. LunghMi railway. But the grma'.: .R ssia Not In
ao truck other threat of all is a fourth (tiniPylan
Unentified in thI column,. which hs out Lp5ang o Occupation Plan
NtCXHWAUt from the rear and striking from
rthe new bridgehead over the Yrl- y0 JOHIN M. HIOHTOWER
low River. northwest of the city, WASHINGTON. Mae 12 ,AP'
maUon of the past to reach Looyang's billway and high. While the Utit lPd Soter and Bri-
lId days for the way to the twet. at a point about tRa worked out a 11,t1lli f,)r tltr
My Air Force, O miles west of Loy'1ig control of conquerd areas in OGFtr-
Ary Air Force IAss. lated Press cirrespond- mniv. they hale Thus far called uI
iasbed p ower- e nt t Chi gklng %a)I l-itt Ihe is learned ino et together 6ill'
Marauders. and High Oommand admitted today Russia on a plan for joint ocruva-
Snetwork of five that Japanese forc!S from Shansl ldon of the enCmv country%
ee Faonce and cut the Lujghai r. llwav about Some diplomatic auth,.rltip< ,-1u
.the thergts 50 miles wtA of LW)ang thus slder this one nf the tWo n1"tI
45 t o5f bomb. sev'ering the main lines oif re- urgent tslie now confronting the
*treat for the Chinese troops at three Allied power
ro PAG i5. COL 11 Hoan.1 iThe other is the formulation ofl

% Heavies Drop 150 Tons
mbs On Wake Island
!.lld heavy and medium bombers last night dropped 150
0. Wake IslalM. hitting an airdrome, and supply and
a* d Calii g much damage.
ware s lenced
BiJr-oa wreMked and
um dw % Trinidad Lawyers
ws',:=, I In St. Vincent Suit

f4alums at. Wwar
B uolk in low-flying
the ciata~ swe to
L SIo made an the
Ss-tIt ntiht start-
ftithe wM folmowd up


set armlstice termsn to be Impod
When OermV surrenders uncon-
dit lonaily
Por It to be an effective rurren-
der. It will have to be accepted
alike by Rusla. Britain and tIhe
UnIted Sltate.
Thern there will have to be a
statement on armUi e rules, and
finally military occunatlon.
Formulation of point planns of
these points. Is a Job the 3uropean
AdvIorv CommmlIon set un months
ago in London. The Commission If
understood to have ftnctioned
alowlyv and to have been handi-
capped hv Inadequate conception uf
Its ass lnment.
Recently a London-Mosew-
Washlnrton effort was made tu
nap it Into action, and officisI
here are now more hopef-'I the

Titalds" urdalC Omewapomdei. rUIuB.
KINCOTOWN. May 12. -Ltlaed --- --
tor hearing today in the Orlimal t tTU
Jurotion oR the L iicen, Early Start Urged

-- A.

Soviets Wipe,


5- Week Old Crimeun
Campaign Ends: Navis
l.ose I111,587
LOI'CN Mav'. 12 AP, M-s-
t I u't-iii.liir' l itidtl lhit 1 ne 1 te d I,,i""i ,11 tile id't Ah ii.iii r'AIppi i M -L O o t S'tia'toprl on
(a-'d f K il t'-i- ?Oo eI,. e rlil l tillt'
I,. -',IPfK.-,oil (Crinci ambe i.a cinai
'ii iii ii ll j i ,H7 (iernllhn ilnu Ru-
n ilirdti. huie'-. killed or cap.ureua.
Tl'ir A\ ,I ,, 1. l \ka- dptl'arlinlly
I'.1 E i' t t'.'I'" I i r' s.f a brosdr'it
-ld H'l-'i i, 'itlImIe- slo s$1ip% .)f
iiil BH.i.'.. Flmet t-tiK I total
I I'M apm'llp. iiaiuih rlii6li y m irins-
p.rt. iA..j liiih-sipemj landlnig
So'uII' mrhiih ilk, enenl, ver.e USintl
b- li in .-. lil .info ci w U iaol'il
oClin. ll,- 'CrimPaii dpUocle
NM lu lt'i1i l .00l(. G'rmslui and
Rhllli-,lld.hi weh.' killfell in lhe final
iI-'r."-.ii' buItle wtinch toopied
S, .-.topiil Ii Tlue.sdia,' ano more
iliti O(f0 kilei Iil tne ovw-rall
'4-dinl cuitipdilt which begau on
Aprin P


Italian Battlefront

Map %howitlg pnitinon of the (uMav and Adolf 11llter defense lIneq.
Arrow% Indil..t area of Fifth and Fighth Armire ,ffeinlse.

MI.IUw eald a lolal orf 617 el l__ ___
'"" "iio '.-r- ..i.plured. in-
,Iud ii, ieiu -(etlera i Delinuil,. (en. Alxandr l .a-ti
i.',ninm(IlI.r '.1 tile (erman Pil2l i a lch
Anr, 01 illi..e "4161 r r werte iitwen q Stirring Order Of I)',,
hiii fit" 1 i i pIi-i. ,.. lte bail lotr
SsOOS s ow n iLLT-F.n) It.,ADQ.i'ARTFR qS.
Ainnitie ti, b.-otv detroved In the NAPULS. M.i, 12 ,Ri,,ur' r* -
Cri"nea w.iit, i\iea 188 ai and T n nernai Sir lar -1. I t i'Li- r
prOp-'. iiJ ltl. i.p- planese. 7,B75 in u r a directingT ilht FI I .,nI I Filumii
rlm1.i-It, Mb intirrirs 1.88; niachitne- Armiei, let a sitrrmig Ord.r i
gun, an..u 2:'o;7 trucks, Captured the D.,, bclire the 111unctln1 1
were Ill Iatnks and self-propelled SOUTH-AST ASI A HEtAD- the new attack, told his troops
guns, 49 'plants, 2304 other guns, QUIAR'iERS. May 12 (Keuter')-- that the Allied forces werr
1,449 mortars. 7,00O machlne-guns. The Allies yesterday scored one ot mnassed for the final crushing
4,809 trucks, and 44 locomnttves. their biggest ai, victories in Burma defeat of rnand the
Itidicatirig that a big battle was when Aumei,'r, lighters accounted defeat of Germany and they
raging on the west bank of the for 21 out of 25 Japanese aircraft should be prod that the hniour
Lower Dniester, the Russian dally The Amerlcanm werp making an- had fallen on them to sLik
communique said 4,000 Germans other concentrated sweep against the first blow. le told them
were killed and 100 enemy tanks airfields in central Burma whrn that the fighting ahead would
destroyed iIn a two-day repulse of they ran into Japanese fighters. In be hard and bitter, itind per-
heavv Axis attacks northwest, of the dog-fglhts that followed S13 ene- haps long.
Tiraspol, my 'planes were shot down, two General Alexande' went on
This it the sector where the probably destroyed and six damag- to ,-y that they outnumbered
Oerman Command declared tnai ed. The Americans did not 'ose the envoy In tanks and guns,
Nazi troops, commnanlded by (en- a single 'plane. "We have never entered a
ertal uschenhagen_ hqdt lnmashed John Nixon, BBC reporter, eon- war with more just cause," he
Jhe Soviet bridgehlesa. disperlni ment'mn I thi air vistoty, _ay cuncudel, -'54 1 have full con-
aevn Ruselam aEt. diivurio SV4 00 sl f fa WIt. (i fnc In eBy.
pal'tt, one art[liery end alt fntit- bn ieen Idefithld "'TWIn f il -- -- m'
alreC-arl't division. The Russian th htirmas front This h" think. .
bridgehead was ,tablisheud may be an attempt to answer the A C .A T
rninfmih within 30 miles east of Allied air supremacy. l I 1 I T
chislnau, key tSeesrablan city, and The action in central Burma was P7 V $A aT.G .
Chonly oneokethe manyiwn city, and.$95;000 T .G .R
12M miles northeast of the German- only one of t ieMany widespread
Itamanain Galati Oap defence line a'ir operations ,eterday an4 th01 e I
protecting the route to the Ploestl previous night. Britislh and Indant W rite O ffl
olifleJds and Bucharest. fighter, fighter-bombers an4 dive -
SGerman attacks on the bridge- bombers cofttt itued to attack enemy 1_ J
head were bviously an attempt to targets on all fronts. xpiained
erase the valuable Soviet jumping- American fighters and fghter- _Explained
oft base fr the next big Russian bombers went for bridges and --4 --
puh timed in tronjunction u"th an buildings in northern Buirms arnd Iplanatien that $95.0O ieport-d%
Allied Baihtu in cnntiohe wes ,t th.ey w, r- followed dimrng the day by the Trinldarl uarian s
N.i esseniual change his m- by Ampirlean hesvv and medium having been lost hy the tiiildac.;
,uired isi-whePe on the lnng Riis- g hoo'inrs ',hi(n f"re" In Oovtcrnment Rallws\ ,Ul.S a wTIr-tI
iahn Ironi., but Moscow tuld of a atot and ba.flacks Long.eange offt by w ri n0ni0tit r, I'-
rrF.s- rad on Thurada night by Britlnh fighter, again p.d a vlit es--nd r e nue which had h ci In 'I
H-islan b:mcfrs on Lublin. in nid l to nuthern lBurma wherl thn y dam tec Crectly btlled was rclr'tscI d vf'tvi-1
Po anc. 95 miles west of Knewel o toon enil pi.eline.nddamagedday b% M' r M1 ide n. tl
ih", nitin inision oath to WRa- locomtives. All the AMlle aircraft Mireern of Infornialioni
FiA% Cnncientiratlons of Get ~nret'itned.I
i Co cen rmi loni of d eump n wer Reports of the la d ..h ... t g Recalling the Itifurmnatloi OnM Ce
iiifii.5 andi milliiiv duimps were land fighting are~d ^ mmmiunlqur of A pril 14 %Illil
eiul h bighfli e x_-confined to opertion a on the Indfo- -mnq_ of n. !' 4 . it
o cru,. r lh b!a fnres S d ex- r, int 'where 14th Armyv chararte .l-d i.ts nilen.1',li i t, i, M i
Il,..-,, occurring e nt,-,' hvb- lgurn to clear the ticle in the 'nuniad. Gu..idiiii >i
Tm RlMan sifne, fRl.d to re- lpnn.n,. nt of strong hill posl. April 231 tndtr hcstltlnos "-Nrgli'
I lm 'mi l mng t. 1n1T,, nFti%'e t,..ftnnthi r southern ot'itiklrte of Cost Colony MS.000." anid a Tri.
I ',ma n d Sr di'nn m liRh in 4 forces hriman*a. Idad G uadlan" leader on Apiil '.'r
mnk; alld shit" d. d 453? 'jfli r A record of more than O5M cities the Director went -nn to %'a Ic
ha ben flown over Japanese pool. "I have to in1form,111 lii a 1 tl1'
---- -- tinnes In the Arakhan during patrol OGleir MItiaT" and the ltil ( ,-
T.I I )clal,-e |hv aI lndturn Air o1ice reconnals- OrdIntor of the lm-irindd Oi(ri,..
S Dca ,,r-,neeI euiadron of the Third Tacti- mint Ratilwan tho I-, .ils 1iii
Intcrimi l)ividcnd ral Air Force Te workof this man of the Ad% i'oly B-lid, i'.1
squadit commanded by Squadron- both lmKm.rt e ItpnrL to the H- -1 b e
limtriilni dl'tiend of 5, p'rent less L adtr M ihatr Blnlh, D.8.0., has Colonial ecr!tarv ronnfliinn-o uiar
It K inrm me tax at Ss. iin t1ie on lteialngly. statement made in the romnuiiiTir
'qiil.alul. to a neit p\Trn,-nl Of IL. RutTlioanMla w by Indian from my onffl:e regardi ic the P,,rrr-I
8, i4d pfer hare hali b'rin iP.i, i rd pilots, have swept over Japan qe meant reachtri wltlh the 1 qED
b' Tiuiihind Lreh'ol. I.1t illn fohnlel bd htr-oiut.s and buinkr poql.- which provided nfor three ;e r of a
i,..I ', 1. 1 i' i ietr endairu J,-e 30 ions In Ilg athe'., photoeraph- cort-cted net loadil weight r' t-iiur
I4 Inr thtim far tie Armay. ortrit ae based on artiliri -pnriirrt-in.I
ThIe diidend is pasble ot Ma) altl iaill. BlowlI In psirs and Insteatd orf the tlrti;r rnirim, Dpi." I
26 ti thinIeholdes regilsteied al troop aSll them Masungday vlously USe4 b ?he I 'lmrtir tlil.
Mav 9. 'wins er-ment Ritlws i
- -------- ---- ---------------- *U ntoiti iati ely 'hi Rall- i iv..
S" "tinued to charge the ..9iA I
the old bsL' tnitrror and the alt'-
Trade Envoy Tells Chamber a o the SHA rinid th..torr
In off of the Ig9l tin was therefore
rin dur to the Trinidad oivrrn-
Bulk urch e in savour laysfalre "to live up
Bulk Purchase In Disfavour to their end of the contract in nnt
test-weighing sample cars.' hut
-- merely an adlusf'ment of i nrnrnri
The Trinidad Chamber of Commerce at yesterday morning's meet- revenue which hrd bret inrormrl1I
Ing welcomed back to the Colony Erigadlir A. 8. Mavrogordato, who "I should he nblllprd thpreforre 1
as for a short tme their "supplies expediter" in Canada and the you would kindly give this letter
adequate publicltv In your new.-I
trSA, and received from him a report on his activities in which he pear tomorrow In order to urriewt
Riates that he found manufacturerS and suppliers unanlatuMyajy nd wI mpreinn left with the piibll',
sairorngly opposed to "bulk purrhailng" nd that representtlolim to by your artleloa n th ,e subject s y
this effect had been perseatently made for mata months. tsaitlon lhe simple fat re-
Before Brlgadler kiavrogordato-a----- .-- -- --- at that the Colnn hase n'l
prrsentpd his report to the very ls M 41.000 or an y other Fim by
largegantherin'g of memlbre o the Germans Routed this Itrsali,"or
Prea W asked to withdraw. Fol- Germans Routed
lowing a statement afterward' In R i On Convoy Oi D ller Killed
Issued hy the Chamber to the Piese: Ini O Convoy OiluM er Killed
"Brigadier A. 8. Mavrogordatn
has returned to TrInidad aiter OAWA r AIR FORC "EAD- |I n 3oUth" 'hn
spending, mor than two months QUARTA". ALI U I S u Mishap
in the U1n*t4 eatl lsad (uialaa API AlrUIet ad Fa fltir fnftdal GnWo n rremsandwt I
ts a speap l repPefaltlve of th pilots of fhe Onaital Air 1reat POINTI' FORTIN. Mv 2.-Vie-
(S-Hambr of Conswom invesigate nlnwht JUmiltt- firi I~ -"-- A-O~t m--t t A-- -* yi-

C ircu it of th e S u p re m e C o u rt o o tu -,- - -'. .' 'alm wi I
the Windward and Le*airnd F" Inif tht edmist. of .upples.
slas. ws Hunour C imen.. For Sanatorium : a to .co
, n w tht ov f.. ..eoiF s Id
one. ie Justiee presidin at. re} o eh s t
two 1k8 iases In the matters ofI RPq st that af s ive a ft Vht'beD h r1" of hl vii
HIM& Richards representing the unsertaklng that they Wll bogin ad where ls various
estate of V. A. Richards snt Hilal forthwith oprtai~ons an the Tiber- points raised are being taken a#
Richards V. FrederrickAugustine' itulctsis Sanatortuhi woject. for with the appropriate authorities.
Casm .n I whih 6i2cm' ha rm peiedt, o He was Ili'en vety poss bleai
Couel for plaintiffs are Mri. L the current VWers ueltate, is tabyiti r Calto
C. la Mr!y and Ib. J. A. Procops beln made& by theI nbmi Gerald Rupplilee Missio n Washinf
11aland Mr. 0 W Forde W Iht it a quition, rotlte ol a the Depsrtw et afTa
of ifit!.e ee ing o ad CommereS tn ea da sad h
Trta Mr. Dol evehind V *nVP eM fod UM.o er -
W&t IteW renada an4 Ji'. at 6a whether OcveVam.f w u goods inside Meveseary by
060M Ot edVM i L o d'al 1" 00 Vie id g .ires eona~
of do fVorcweL ci he tow 6 srW 6*. be boMWoMmtt lse. t aee
at am pmsm ofthe 0 oslem Nee To
1 C aa e Se me f ale :I .. 0 "IeatNodtwthepaftb* be in tW..
L~~ L vva ~ I
;sMeworwrefMar 4W mrt wV0 amt^W boa*~tfei f~mel~t
Mrt.ll Ssag. c the, as5 tt Uf^S
do e.1St, D mw*- i %le --ey me e ems..86_ee
^*^EC ~o~f OL tV I~W 0101 a AlWW.T Sef Smt1w1 --
eftamBw In** ft momb I 1 m~ To ^40111 &, 14 'a

I |i'wn i cemmyrmente Av r Ro le. Er e? at
nrd damad another attakn b"lmeh Acld of the Untted 19el
Allied eonay, In the western Mel.on1i&t1 Peli Wasx killed toay
terrone"n sd thre. other 000"L ahWrlotisy
During the attack at duMk. Al- Int wum ean tfLine grot ot of
gIlep had anl sir raid alarml., htit leaflotol.
none of ite raiders aparedt rul rf i the tr-d wne- t- Is re-
the ity e2d no flariri !prt In a critical CendltioT.
two 'ra"idto te"fy s -
Ito ,.' i M. :S3 Government Printer
,-it.= IN.' Appointed

t ________ let M.r

17lat iy of Th War as1wedesMr. AL
"aWed tfau
Ap(ii& JitJx \ the esr".
..~ ~ ~ ~~T .d.. -. ^^fier of- Ift Oru e i's )30

British Use Every

Tl/Type Of Weapon

SIn New Offensive

ALULIF.) HFADQtIUARTER. Naits. Ma. 1 'API A'iled PFifth
:W,.i Iehthll Arnt.e; shlgge tHelti ewI into the first row o the defen c
il the Natia' itunted Gultav Line a'onV a fron pt fnesrly .5I mile
nild fi,.ihr Tiiteir ua. forward to V depth of throe to five miles At 1?
srii,. niiom, q T' Allied C:nlin.aid ,i c l'nteo Iteflft tth the bars
thii Me- .iiclch ad bfer.

"l,,,,1 ",' d dH,,'.', prr~ ogr..ut ,on OET l~ it
A R ,O,'l reporl tnlichi
arIiio rii, i rt'. *.i protgreF.,
in ll rti,r ci l Alevinde'a new f"
fri orhif,. Onemyqi : ;r- _____
r .' ode i .i blln. a l r, 6m Allied i
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scups, in n e n d hr,,, head b) United
N *ori li n in t I Av'lger% adds"
ai it corm bac' to. t Alld ll' | rr 1i '

il'elr atilth rIav I< llni,.t l'nB prg ad tu 11liptta will '.' att g ,
IT rh e I v1 l nie h ri A mle
miii I;, rmiii pm i. ers lintif. Uez
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,".,'r Infa' 1n i a to Me dilterraztisan
are Slrt Wilth it alI t B wff( hich
1 1h., 1ti' IIat1h.i1 tei l ',avn.- c
buiL tu,' rn. M I,.i tii 41ait u I gI. bn
V II'hi, tWI l. oe .1 M fc. n Ai be.
trO' milne.s .,-Mha or A.ceu.tno and.

'Inc thOal g ain. !timmroyr miplanf Itldd
Civita Catellant ti, 16 nlles north
of Roin whh Is t reported to
be used for Nazi hiadqiiartcrs.
The atleak tichad enemy onnhd thalee a
front "1. 111t. finro T tihe n Io th
of th ,,n in itan to an area mo-
'ond (:iis:no. Throughout today i EWI, P-1. e An. inlLM
artillery vitimbirr i at dipy awa. as f w- -
tho trips, iun.1hif g torwardin son0iir InuIttallts nr-ol th teEwigted
srctrna 'r,.uo?, hcavy enemy lliir- tuf i ,llting nonr hae piwai.ted
tar nrd rrml., fIn ri nlli iire and neleWlrc ,a thn sen d thepl -
were iilowtdi by a d'termried en..m-h ji, the hertns dvd the bP it&
int. n ,nc Enernmy prisn ita be- hie '. avy bombers co le Ic h
gun to cr ome back to the AIliLd rd ntwi All O.. n 111tMu. IpS0- 1.
reart ar the da' fi fighting pgiesaei. ru f rl ficies w sdc Ire ot
I rhe Raptdo River haS been .the GrcMan _not .nev
a l a e f i f n p l a n e s I U O a e
I ite n all :ctor the ene' y In aulers &tlI p O
fighting bittoerlv. .q man, a.4 f 11 Igons netr {It andi flghter.bait, tt[i.'p 'Are lairFllihrii 1i iange Ifar eumid wide PQ r. 11
between Mount C.,,o r&id Car- enemy gUn-posts. iorrar pauoIm.
ver(o, In some rases these eroun- trttip Assembly points and every
tor-attacks hay.' eliminated the other target offered. fly eontraiti;
Initial galns.l enemy warplanes avoided rf
battle iiria completely. first repi
Am1e icani ostons andT Dvaderi
The Allied attack and enemy joined the all-out co-operatton, hit.
drfs nee brought into play evOe'y Ung transport routes east of Val-
w *-nein in modern grou-nd warfare, yorevra. in iml, x north of fond:. 4
rnelably ri m-trhioweris tafl n dks iu eittncked an enuny comn-
gun-, if rvr,i colibru. ranging up i m'nd notlwith undlsclosed resulta.
In thr, Aiinrrlirnf 210 milllmetin rtitanderbolvis destroyed both ondik
ri.thi.rflOAna 1)201 tnl. .i-~ iofthrailrad which prets between
T(lie guns emtldnitid r,,nipletel) out Tiutu and Trrni and bowabed MOD
nliflikirri d ih'ir 1u~tri by ithe IRrit %h 11,,-S and hlql~tinvav over whio~
in hr i urirnic' 'hirn nrirn'dtr ihrft e 1irmans muit supply duoi
F1 i tmmi-I'Trn'ti'.v t alenrar il n frei n'!linps Ccrtir&2ltroopS. roup-
h' !f i'n "11 i'h 1in nil If-0". in thme rlv'r bed southwest of
t,%. lir fi II.)- a' xi iit'rt'r hel S
F'ei i y.r. ..miii ithe Titih NI i ,I "L. iC FARU TUAI..TO IOAGIIF CAW .61




SKilo Tins



J Kilo Tins

300 Gram Tins


15oz. Tins




**4 2

HERINGs fi ?M f

14o2. Tin 1* 't *


p ^ P '^ S E wS if, '':,. .,-, ,.
-. -1.- -. ;-' :I:' _-" -* ^ ^..% ; ,,.







* -

*- <

W. FERNANEZ (1933),

W. 5 Xa wfteI C"ofEase"01N1 RAM*% (ICE HOUSE GROCERY)

00 po.e -ist -V -tA aham was les
to" 91m ft BI D7,4

bot' e with -od cps nlgt le__d to h G ao hesir and_ teludics __
i.h e^ 0 baurn uu hm tot S SaeWIS i
.m e1the ii *a=a t tU.r

0 -" F A ` QUAKER OATS oaE)12
of Tal radawig u
Board0011111 bekjod.BARLEY 14

0 Iv= Rfueda ebmaposceo aB IRD SEED 4
111"sad. Samnto theo 1 an v i ea rexlodd the etvls and enchant----
NB 'B& Gln o t ee ontit a o our aupeMerit o eletlfes

"r th of AH Meeting. Govrllenth do me pr- GEREON a (yMl)-Cnesrto nere Poneda townSaavhS S? exprietancy n w ulentmly In
ii ra s a tW O nM C t t r I e x t e n d t h e r. ,
4e = ad ssn ths p- Iofude of H Rob h ry, his huat hi a diP -C(
effortng a cssdhOO'nIadeth a *Viritll and act-
te r Mtinef thad agtriet n Board a us eobseane of the
Ao lon to e mit farmers to te tdad Chambe the erl of toe tuniot"e of umerstiaeiend 4um- ei.
or his time. r organization of Of the FE RNersD E (1933) LIt NA. acit-

thaStv? S his deprten had'~ agr ^cn Emrgnc Boadrafsugesed by =bia~ or~Sl:^ tic
Associmertatn tacc a v mere, wording to aX let d io op ncdetnm at h a o-
ifood crop, but adm hted tiati s igned by the Honble Errol dos Ze( 933 )1 ndt h -r- -
oddo u should not be p a ted in Sant he, the acting Colonial Sere- eIutrtt in ehis all md(E H S GO R
s n rry, read at yesterday's meetn (ICE HOUSE GROCERY)
petrss e d dn would r of the Chamber by Wr. A. 0. oun- a- N en fle e a a at ha ill ba re mad
in decreased 04119 of SU%;", urshim. C, lsbantsn ratthe e eetonoverti fthe Very Rev. 10nHugheeso 101odop od onderes, the 10141101101of Obeah,-adrams that will be loved

fHe uwv? ~"?. o[ r~ S^^ r^ rmn os~ as c0% tm mat byi trlnI =dd~ old, at alle? f t ime =d e hf FA AE
pointed oute thaton t 81 In the Chambers view the Barb"d and b lUB sab o a"n uset e wit E"l r tsheI bisGoat The wetbilnd e ant ofy o W a"I aCorner Marine Square and Abercromby t
other crops werae e t a In d-Transport Emergency Board was Rev. Dr. A. H. AMtey. The picture shows frm lefthe toght:-Ti Lord s ei g la the in satllaace.
lke amaner, Arraget a or ed on a very o avitsh Scae newly twlh ittrsted Lord Bmiasop of H ndur.uHISGra the Archbishop and the Lord Bihop of ad- "Obfln ," with It Just harmony
also vnt fare w ith oe o nreoid ____and & probe might lea __ "d Mr s or' h the sublime and the ludicrous I
nt pvent farmer sus from l Heconomies being effected. "andIts dual portraiture of God and te
inr Gv1ernment subsidy. o Writn on behl theCham- Satanh- w "wihol aceSimilarto
that her- in reference to GovernmenvSs
everything in his power -oper- Volair'snitSeeeFrechamnd
had sugar companies to gie e letter relative to the appointments Colourful $5,722 Dailyroas tthe eh, amo
fty' ldtarmmersfor e. by Government of a committee to unlve I West Indian dra.matiO,
erow but warned th oat he did investigate complaints about the ei cI vera daily sales of War produced on &a n tufl bas A
mucghbut wrnedtht operation and coat of the onrovlV 'rtificatea for the pt Not to mention tba the obeah-, u st rri
t hope to meet with very much operatinIaan d tv o f thCC i II D fou that h edJral S f r s "week was st w jo L i
success in this connection. Boards In Trirnidad, the secretar) .ou .ay ti we mtures, were to a certain| ____ _______
CAU "tav ndred t ed to a xo accord to an Information extent, overworked, that th,"devl
taIA GLUT w"ul hil a e been directed to advise r rest business for the week wuI see', w too filled with wiahfUl
tha while the Chamber appre- GEORGETOWN, May 3 (By Mall) Consecration here yesterday done on Tuesday when $11,012.4 expectancy and -ot sufficiently
Refterring to the butmper cabbage clats that Government also re- of th e y Wlliam Je HUh f had worth of (25 w mysterious in its mystery, that the OUIk A Y (B ) J
ro which, he id, he ai understood, cognises the necessity for this eerye.ges opoa the total s so far l ense of consci O busne that preVl- h Burners)
nad resulted In somee ls to foode tep, yet the personnel of the the Cathedral of at. George's jam-packed, with peoples of all races $224W8.ed in one of his characters under.(Buners
growelers, he pointed out thatte committee as a whole is viewed and creeds, drawn from all classes of the community, while crowd the Infuence of Intoxlcatng liquor
local scheduled )price of cabbage with disappointment. cr w ni.p..r GLASS TANKS (BwIiler)
wasn probably the hi het paid in .Apart from the fact that the around outside were more than 2,000 who could not gain admission t GL A T -tles
anypart of the wor o r, was hismade, on theeb. wnhle, wthatt not omi
rdnion. he said. that the large cost of the Trinidad Control for the moving colorful ceremony French Admir idea, on the whole, wa t not t o
acreages planted in cabbagles were Board is far In excess of that of His Excellency the Governcr .3r+ G i f SnentlyRSuperseded by Christian for-

nooiginaly do n inom response tod I other Coralsonion of the feturespGordo ^ -^* ue wr~~swwws Sornall done in rpon s to other Colo n ies, one of the features Gordon Lethem. was among the fessions, trade and commerce at- Life rm titude I aay with few l'imi stations ASBESTOS RINGS (Wicd
toducocambpai b Cihate: oinmatuhenion of this at- e w t that Mr. Roberts hos nct provided
h foodrdcan caln eatm, in th e eni s large rowd who witnessed the tended. LONDON, May (Reuters)-In much fodder for the literary critics.
rather with a view to fdnte Chamber, In in most urgenteedeceremony in the Cathedral. He or- The ceremony was performed by Algiers today the former French He is a complete master of his art.
000 A in erl and rivedincompany with Brigadier A, dis Grace tho Archbishop of the Naval comnmk-der in Tunisia w asA EGHA_ _
ltns who wereresident here st policy. It must be presumed E Stolhmf-Roberts, Area command \Yest Indies, th- Most Rev. Father sentenced to imprisonment for life, With these you can
the time of planting, but the ma- that the same general instructio er tof t South Caribbean Force. in God, Di. A. H. Anstey, assisted on a charge of treason. AXIS AM LOSSES
lt of whom ad since left the are sent to each Colony, and a Many other notables cf the Legis- by the Rt. Rev. Allan eight. The admiral was ::used of sr LONDON, M 1 (Ruter's)-
been ill here, he interpretation tosuitelocalcondi!ure the Municipality, the pro- Bishop o' Guiana, and the Rt Rev. rendering the port of Bizerte, and Ah nIr oS e
ertaintit alodi Dr. Bentley. shop of Barbados. part of the French fleet to the number of German and Itall-
stated, he did not think any probntions. In both British GOuiana and o u.i ente h rbs pt the r ee t an aircraft destroyed In the ar S
lem ovr.production of caboages Barbados Executive committees from previous column. In the afternoon the new Blahcp Ger'n s.Bn

Amn~~~~~etrtie theRA Arcbisop the< bycntl Boriunst. America and other ^ ^^ ^ ^^ H> "" -
wou l haverisen. His depart- receive and apply these Instruc- ernment to e cons, a g Bhops the GovernorThe trial awas before a military RAyedBritishmeinca athe r
ment had, however, taken steps to tions, resulting In a more speedy Rn eothat anaefficientloIt and other distinhuoshed )erso r, tribunal and was held in secret fAlledwfrcesainethebeg Red & WhitetENAMELWAR
allevi te the situation and had and a moree apcorspe and economical Organisation is set The tribunal found he "wu not of the war Si about 26,000, declared
offered oldstorap filites to d rcti a it of up for this purpose. The Chamber lutnclc)n, and this afternoon, the guilty of surrendering Bizerte to the S Achibald Sinclair, A Miniter,
some femeros Arrangements had Instructions than in the case of feels however, that this measure at Bishop of Guiana, and his parents enemy, but that he osA guilty of in the House of Commons today.
also been made with the United Trinidad where the Control Board co-operation cannot be obtained to h-r, "nd Mrs. J. W. Knight, were handing over units of the French He add that this excluded air-
States authorities to supply their actA In an advisory capacity only its maximum degree until Covern. at hous e to 400 guests at AUStin Bizerte fleet, and acting voluntari- craft destroyed by Soviet, force&,
ship si rplus stocks. and the directive comes from Gov- ment follows the policy adopted youse, ingstonin this matter. It Is xotearaft destroyed on the
Mr.d bsbey pointed out that it 'nnent. Hence the Chamber with satisfactory results i other The newi ishopwa s presentedlyhat there mat be an a pea d l and air
had always been the policy of his feels that one of the salient points Colonies by making fuller ... of with all illumina ed address at the -haterw--nap ground.,
department to advoCate the plant- for investigation is the iOterpre-thie experience and knowl,1dge ofAtRhome,"'thegift oftheDloce- --R MO HOE-%
Incf of grotuid provision in prefer- station of instructions and the re- the mercantile community. san Synod, and It was also an-
ence to green acgetables. and, it sultant directive policy if this INTERESTEDP IAaTV bounced that his pastoral Staff is
answer to utles nut to him at source of directive power is the "If therefore. tn,* ooy'cT of thI a gift frown the Diocesar Clergy.
the end o his speech, admitted Executive Council. then it is felt Inquiry Is to produce R construc-m The stalf bas to be made In England INIDAD COUNTRY C B Frederick St.
That, preedial larceny wa.S still R that three memberr; of the! tire .scheme for the reorganization and will bp forwarded directly too TR N D D C U T Y C U 8FeeikS.0'hn
bane, but stated that under De- Invrstigatlne Committee have been of the control departments on a Hondur.Ls later.
fenee Regulations relating to crops appointed to investigate affairs for more satisfactory 'noting then the-.... .- -_ - -
It was now an offence for a man which they themselves are patrtly Chamber feels that, as the most JEWELRY ROBBERY
to be found In a %!srden If herepniladthttwod
could notugive a rerasonablo responsible and that it wuld be Interested party concerned, Itt e- tta:niltor aBellamy, of Jellicoe
. Pointed an entirely Independet pienced commercial n shuld pc!ice the losso Wednesday night D t e and anceC T
INVAStIONh &N Oo ntte,9:e included in the personnel of of 44"ott $4 worth of jewelry
Mr. W, A.Rm tt-ricultural OF INQUIRYth ch hoe, vhere, ist a .a t d MNS
technologist, appealed to his isten- "Iain also directed to point out ReDlvin bfor Government, the window was found forced.
er to produce as much oorn and that revolution of the Chamber acting Colal Stretar stated: - -T N .r en bg w Ce,.andl
eddoes as possible as he feared itugg nted that not only the Con- "I am directed to refer to yo- W' A Er
that there would be no shipping trao Beard, but the control sys" lertr of the 22nd April regarding ADE- In aid of Prisoners of War Fued
available to these parts when temns generally, be subject to the committee arpointed by Goa'-
the Invasion starts. Hie pointed Iniquiry. Although the terms of ~ne O_
out, that the food situation was reference of the GOvernment com- arn- 4ta to inquire into the or- WSATURDA 13tlY, lt the
being worse ned by the fset that a mittee have not been publishedgrsto n ~r~n i h MeNe' Good rs N ews! AT R A ~ M Y
large percentage of labour being yet it in understood that they Control Board, ard to inform you Here's Good NewswheA t h.0 am.1
released from the UnitedgStates$cover avery wide range, includ- that your representations have If you're cross, restless, suffer from TR9.30CNTYCL
the functional "middle-aige" Jolod ~~IK
bass hd nt sugh prfiablein cotsolltvsatcnnsiddercedben butcconideed ut tha It ottlsseshrvos, eunervouso R NfD D LUBDn U--dTHuAto#
employment. He suggested to such but the functionui. of the Tans- is not proposed to extend the coi- iliar to women-try Ly Z.
persons to realise the situation ort E nergencv Board and the mittee'. terms of reference aw, Ptnkham'm Vegetable Compound to
early and to so back to the land Price Control Committee do not suggested nor to change the pet. relieve such symptoms. It h lps
to produced at least enough food co e wtihi cpe h onlo h cntitew ih i aturef follow lbel iP re atotii s
for thermselves and their families, cole within teir e sonnerednadequatefort which is eu r WORTH TRYGb iMembers Only
Mr. Von Deible emphasized that olicy of the Price Control Coin- considered ad te for the pur- I NM
both the Department of Agricul- inittre has been the subject of pose. LYtIAtL srtNKHAN'S ub PARAm ANDT F ORTY
Sure and the IsofAControl Deport- very bitter complaint in the Dast I, "I a. however, to reiterate that hmportantlDooft accet a mb POP-EYE MlUTS ALI DANA& AND THE lrOSTr I
ttroD art-sverb ionthenvatthe committee will be pleased to astute for Lydia I Pinkhas' M nBtTTY BOOP IN Bi UP-TO-DATE
Ment were willing to let platers and the suggestion ha. been made consider any representations which 8.30-12
have any advice they needed, that price control could be exer- the commercial community ma[VegetableFcompound.In,"dOR.
arnd Sttresse the need for conserv. cised by the Control Board onw oofri-oneto ih teO~inla oiif.Unvra imIe
ing planting material. In this lines similar to the British Oul wish to offer in connection with is. orgal a ge-n.
connection he said Supplies were ana system. It is also felt that the Inquiry" ADVENTURES OF TOM THUMB
likely to become shorter and short- the organisation of the Transport LIFE BEGINS FOR ANDY PANDA
er as the war lasted. Emergency Board Is on a very ONE HUNDRED PIGMIES AND ANDY
SIN .... lavish -cale. and an investigation Ds Pills a-
ROAD SIN8 diA under- Into :he organisation of this de- .W iinerD rog.
a'n"rl.ddOurtn"udrpartment might be successful in ikDAliFPI CESFULD N
s hat the tMjor -Oddsigns producing a more eonomica DAFFY DUCK AND EGGHEAD
have been so :eecessful that It has system, quickly r liveP INCE'S BUIDIN BUDDY`S BUG HUNT
been decided to make them pesn- "If., therefore, Government should CINDERELLA MEETS A FELLA
nent in the city, s *, agree to the Chamber's request to COO COO NUTGROVE
In place of the white Painted Include price control in the terms h 6lia-Su
aigns scrcasminor streets at .he of reference, then It would On MAY 26th, at 5 p.m. e .rlees: Boxes 48e. Dal. 36e. foei '
pointA where tra "rs s Its har lv be ethical that two mem-S
major roads, vblh are qstlkly bears of the Price Control Commit.
erased, white tiles are being .put tee 0ould be on the Govern-SA
or,w r. meat's investig tn g c ommittee. ..
"The mercantile community
AGRII LTUR;L HOW agrees that some form Lif control
Two-day agricultural show will be Is necessary ads very willnpace by courtesy of Jnted Grocers, Lt
held '-y the Sangre rIde Dsoiot to work In andi'veryen willing-L .-
Agriculural s~tety cooeainwt o-R PEAT PERFORMANCE OF
lSaturd: j, May 20 and eot ,UnlttngH on ContlInied In neat eal~ma
Sun'~Dancn o thB4 RITISH I

tmou esap fomdr Theybod AarAll Dau rgrm eID

muscles andJoints. These Under the Distinguished Patronage of His Excellency LD
poison (epcall) m a c ~iges. OF Te K The Governor, Sir Beds Clifford

I Operative From Febrar 14*.'

PRITcondition of d~ mua. WIL. ala ,4.- .m) ,iee
aregpe y gnm asflsye4GAYMUIC ndDANINYwihUorgouCCoousd DANCINGmTrltiawithmm un, reuatimundefC ileral nt. ISt K'rt-A

Ttocm et' prie r te tloWin the Wal. Ameoelatl. WEDNESDAY, 1* aM. THthteida--G

anc akache. De Witts septic is g ototg to wok atr a
nHInot only clear away themvery root your trouble as.Tr1-Ta
clogging impurities and -in the kidneys themelees. _____640.0_"%"__
polsons-they actualytone Once y--k Ii n THRDAY 4 a t ,ad-4 i
up and strengthen the kid- sored to hestyactfty 6&CUTT C"ad
neys. You getevdenceof the thor Joint palmh,,reuma tic14.1 .
4*wtfe"eM of De Witt twinges and depre s1ng "RICES: $1.50 & $1.00 :: CiidMn Helf-Price amuAji *4
resi1 49 ao.m
Pws within 24 hours of backaches vanish com. Ia ..)
t^rl the am M d\ This W saet? NooTMOO DA o Lo. .h |f-t mu. ,ALMY

_ eAND ARNOLD. LT D, P.&9= M OaT 0 frPAIN ,WW eda t h e d- at Spaim by at g an_ SUNDA

uipment Shortage Gjony Good

Hospital Query

two South children died recently from asphyxia at
'ColMoal opital because owing to lack of proper "X
thing amid be done to save their lives, is con-."
t Of questMloni, notice of which was given by
l -joaph at yesterday' meeting of the Legislature.
Government was4------------
the gave as Is not open for 24 hours of the
that one child day, will Government make provt-I
tamarind eed sons In the 1945 estimates to have
*i sour-sop seed. up-to-date bridges constructed in
pMetlonA covered place of the ferries now in use in
isubjecta regarding the Colony?
nurses and their Is Government aware that agri-
Srelief recipients, cultural labourers in St. Mlinat Princes Nevis and other isli.nds are gaid
working conditions a minimum wage of $1 per day
-t of the Depart- and that Government pays P.W.D.
sture," and other labourers 92 cents per day ?
If the answer is in the afflrms-
w nts to know. tire., will Government consider in-
B .l, what steps cresing the minimum wage paid
Taken to imple- to 411 its employees, and see to it
endations of the that their labourers all over the
23, 1948, for the Colony are paid the same minimum
by them of the wage ? It's grand being a mothe-III-Y
*BSEttthing local gay- HOSPITAL FRni rHAM ANiAvS *It's' grandM being' a mohe"*' 11-yIIe?
inyflocal golo HOSPITAL FOR CHAGUANAS these charming children who made
oloons he sny.sts In view of the fact that the their Auntie Kay's Mother's Day ber
she suggests is their
a hospital, and nearest hospital to Chaguaras is there of 16 children. Mrs. Wilson.
kers' homes at (ha- at Couva, a distance of eight miles erophone appearance, won the hear
0tof a minimum away, and that Chaguar.,s is a found her '"a Jolly good mother." TI
S to Public Works thickly populated village, will Gov- meetingN were held to mark the ocea
a toua t e e o e h vbyWorkers' rally at the Prince's Build
o rers, and the a s- elmient consider the advisabiliry portage of the part which mothers
technil school of erecting hospital in this area to play in the struggle to make th
and avoid the inconvenience and to live. At Moulton Hall, Miss Hash
25 in all, are as hardships occasioned the residents
of this fast-rising village and Its a lage gath
Sai tl,'dis environs? a a M
Es" In order to relieve the housing d
the fact thrit district situation in the County of Caron M ove M ade c
,t ver./ important will Government recommend to Gi g U S
HMH and several of them the Ptnning and Housing Coin-
d from their homes mission the advisability of erecting 0 G i er U
isaed in lonely aees, workers' homes in the village of
t consider regrad- Chaguanas or thereabouts? a l v ic
and 401cing them VIM' Ccvcrnment consider the H health O vic s
1 grade as sisters at establishment of A technical schoolHS
ot this Colony? in Cl-,guanas in order to assist the c
t aware that dis- people of central Trinidad to be I'nediate appointment of a coin-
who do a considerable trained in various trades ? rrttce to frame a new and definite
tvelling, do not get a In view of the increased cost of medical and health policy for the
Bl anoe ? g t transportation and the difficulties Colony and to consider the desir-
gl is in the afflrma- to travel these days, will Govern- ability of admirlsteiing these ser-
Government consider ment consider increasing the small vices of a Central Executive boardd
allowance to these travelling allowance granted dis- respon- te only to the Governor
m trict nurses ? and the i slati 'e Council will ne
S thei fact that district Will Government for the Infor- sounght at the next meeting of the
often stationed" far from matlon of this House lay on the LegTislature by the Hon'ble Gerald
will Government con- table the duties of the supervisor 1Wight. e nt- a etrda
l8house allowance to of dispeniaries and medical stores He gave notice at yesterdays
wo are not provided And further will Government name meeting, f the Cou:nc il of his inten-
B~Tthe dispensaries in the Colony arnd f to hrnl the relevantt resolution
t aware that per- give in detail the number of visits .oRealoed hat h ths Council of
of poor relief in made by this officer to the various t e3 p t t t n s
us drawing the same dispensaries in the Colony? the op nion that the existing sytem
of administration of the medical
9I they received pri- LACK OF EQUIPMENT and health s,vlces of this Colony
-war? If the answer isQ1
evs will Government Is Government aware that within under Colonial Civil Service ttegu- J
granting a tempor- recent weeks two children died sit laticns and the conditions, is no
| to these unforturiites? the Colonial Hospital, San Per- longer adapted to meet the growing
imnt please state nando, from asphyxia; one having and pr.3.(ssive neads and aspira-
peences are not grant- swallowed a tamarind seed and the tons of tLe community, and the as
Desirous of Importing other a sour-sop seed and nothing medical profession, and is further sc
famous Negroes? could be done to save the lives of of opin on .h t a committee should tt
Mlat aw-e that the these two children because of the be appointed forthwith to frame a pc
of Princes Town are lack of proper medical equipment? definite medical and health policy J:
unsanitary condition Is Government aware that there for the Colony and to consider the a
jeto of repair? is not one endoscope in use in the desirability of administering these a
is in the negative, Medical Services of the Colony and services by rians of a F enLral Ex- ol
Oat please make en- that several persons have died who erutive Ioard responsiblee only to fc
I tKhe nstter? might have lived if one of these the io-ernor and the Legislative M
i MN instruments was avai!,ible ? COcuncilb which would co-ordinate in
MENT If the answer is in the afflrma- the work of the existing Central efl
K ent please state tive will Government please state Board of Health with respect to ft
*DVe been taken to Im- if any attempt wars ever made to health matters and that of a new on
o rcommendation of provide the Medical Services with board to be formed "o denil with
contained in the any and why one was not obtained? the hospitals and districts with re- ba
was passed un- In view of the fact that a Con- aspect t all medical masters." $4
,this House on April mittee of Enquiry was appointed to
,"overnmaent should investigate 'the recent strike at. W e m
nation to the Chacachacare will Government lay aiW lcom e a
oif local government on the table the report of the corn- c
jfti Colony? mittee, and will Government please a
t aware that there state what, steps are being taken
dissatisfaction by the Director of Medical Ser- st
i elaid assistants of the vices to implement the recommen- W
Vepartment because dations of the committee ? a
cy of pay and Is Government aware that 17 re
conditions. Intransit passengers from the Call- w
Ir:gnmment please state fornia Clipper which arrived in the '
t of the commuted tra- Colony on September 9. 1942, and h
subsistence allowance some of whom needed medical at- C
asistants is for tray- tendance, had to wait for several tU
.l portion is for sub- hours at the Colonial Hospital. a
i Port-of-Spain, before they were df
Sthe fact that there attended by a medical officer? e
a rds "A" field assist- And further is Government aware
Metistants, the remain- that a letter was written and signed P'

Pa h ont fVc or t-s of-epanmefoawre they were- d ^ B f I s
p "B," will Govern- by the 17 passengers complaining w
reg, ading the men against the treatment meted out
e in grade "A" as to them?
,i haI i ave 17 and 18 If the answer a is in the affirm-' e e
Itive will Government please state w
Wtent aware that due what steps have been taken to H
co edition of Crowfin avoid a recurrence? -
the County of Victoria Is Government aware that work- s
grow More Food cam- enra in the sanitary labour gangs a
lloPered and a number of the Medical Department have l
Msffer Inconvenience and to wit at times for weeks before oa 1
r I receiving their wages? If the an- .. w
4*11M its in the affirmative swer is in the affirmative, will Gov- The Hon'ble -leorge A. Fitz.
lt pleasentake steps erninent instruct the Medical De- patnice. South solicitor ad
vote for Crown traces apartment to reorganise its system '-wly-elected nemoer for the I
494 instructions given so as to avoid this delay and in- cutny of Victoria, took his g
Work proceeded with convenience? seat in the Legislative Council P
and in order of In view of the continued Increase for the first tine yesterday
in the cost of living will Govern- morning after taking the oath
the fact that the ment consider revising the payrof which was administered hi'His
U used over the Na- Registrars of Births and Deaths? Excellency the Ating Governor, t
eboth antiousated andel Will Government please lay on the Hon'-le A. D. Wright. n
Hg*"l also causes delay the tble the cost of running the
t ensand Transport Emergency Board? A P

S'UA~LV REa~f~

; R remember i v^ i

CirCUlar Road Present stocks areA
" 1. AUOUST!NK until the war is over.Wright'e
Thursday, 18th Coal Tar Soap will be joining AT -
^ May '44. the lin at good things that The Sales Room
S m PMi canot alwa be obtained. 1 Henry Street,
We're sorry but that is NearTGR
B^ 'yB. A be. a Hoard Esq., way of it. We look forward Near T.G.R.
all his ood and useful day --ON -
as:- Pair p as M much -s you to the day
and Mattreses, M n a
Matters Mosuito when Wright's wil be back Monday Morning
Pill-_ows, Blanetas, Ward- TIMt X AM.
e n Dre5InE Tables. again in plenty. And mean-TM U

LWMraTowelRack 2 ma-
TPTablening time we promise itwill remaI Taxi Car-
C ombnaton anot pentiful
and Tble "Dodge Sedan"
Pir arpet at: i -a over it was.
Carpets, Sideboard,
Mm" Clock, Morris 1 Piano "Ottotone"
hbns. Couches,
~"~ TOP SadDne
hest, meat a sI -ANTIQUES-
Dover store,3 jit- IfI~J,
.enotate, VV WAUF x IN
,J2ti-*Sun Blinds, ;" <.
o.. nSilver, Pewter,
AM P Ware, Etc.

,' The above goods were left over
mu MWOAuM O from Previous lale owing to lack
i,- i .of time,
..T. M Ivan L Wultemu, D.
Ivan L. Wh6itensant

iUmAn GUAWAW 9AISDAY. M AT 1, 194.


r.old Mrs. Priasm Wilson tells
her their gnest of honour in
adeat on Thuraday. The me-
who was making her flrt mi-
is of her little friends who
aroughout the Colony. special
Won. At the Coterie of Social
ding, speakers stressed the im-
have played and will continue
e world a better place in which
im of the 1.W.C.A. addressed

1irl Hired As Maid
steals In First Hour
It took 3eulah Douglas, a To-
bago _,irl, less than 60 minutes
to obtain employment, steal )
dresses, a petticoat and other
under, ear from her employer
and clear o'-it last Thursday.
Con icted by Mr. A. J. Hamil-
ton in the First Police Court
yesterday on accusation of t]eft,
she vas ordered to sign a bond
in the sum of $51 to come up
fcr sentence if called upon with-
in two ) ears to report to the
Catho.ic Probation Officer fort-
nightly during that period and
to pay $7 compensation.

fail Sentence

On Tyre Board

Bribery Charge
Described by Mr. B. W. Celestair
s the origilrttor of the worst
scheme as yet devised to detealt
he purpose foP which the Trans.
ort Emergency Board was set up
ack Henwood, a city salesman, gol
four-month prison sentence anc
fine of $240, with the alternative<
f another four-month term tc
illow. for attempting to bribi
Ars. Violence Chinasingh. a clern
Sthe employ of the Board, in ar
Tffort to persuade her to substitute
alse tyro returns for genuine oner
i the bixrd's records.
Notice of appeal was given an(
all with a surety in the sum o:
4,500 was allowed.
Henwood, it was stated, offered
Irs. Chinasingh $500 to n-.rke avail
ble to him genuine numbers o
certain tyres kept by the Boarn
nd to replace them by false ones.
Rejecting his offer, Mrs. China
Ingh complained to her superior
who communicated with the police
nd Henwood wis subsequently ar
ested by Cub-Inspector Lashley
who laid the information.
Henwood yesterday admitted
having gone to the home of Mrs
hinasingh, but told the mngis
rate that it uss in consequence o
message which he was asked tA
ellver. He denied that he hak
rer spoken to her concerning th<
umbers of tyres, or that he evei
ut fomtrd proposals, to her, ao
'as alleged b,. the police.
Mr. E. P. Bruyning, appearing or
is behalf, submitted tlrt from tho
evidence of Mrs. Chinasingh theri
'as nothing definite as to wha
tenwood wanted her to do. Theri
ris no particular number, and ni
pecifled record which a5 she wa,
alleging. he had asked her to re
move. The whole of her evidence
f attempted corruption, he said
was vague.
Mr. Celestaln. convicting Hen
wood, told him that of all thi
rauds which the Transport Emer
ency Board had been organised t
recent, that, to hLs mind, was th,
worst so far. A promise of $,50
night easily 1-tlve tempted a per
on of less moral character, ani
f he had succeeded the boar
might well have been abolished.
Major Ivor Knights, Court Su
perintendent, asked lhtve to con
ratulate Mrs. Chinasingh on wha
he termed her most commendable
nd public spirited action t
promptly reporting the lrregularit
o the authorities.

U.S. Houses

Cause Query

In Council
Capt. U sa ble A. A. Olpt 0 -
sit Wata tO know from Goern-
ntm whether it would not be in
the Interest of the public for the
Plannlin ard Houan Commais-
sion to acquire houss. within esy
reach of the city. formerly occu-
pied by the United states au-
thoritles, but no% bwing offered
for sale to the public through pri.
vate channels.
This is one of three questions,
notice of which was giver. at yes-
terday's meeting of the Legisla-
The questions are:--
"(1) Does the Government consi-
der it desirable to accommodate
tuberculosis irersons. deemed in.
curable at the House of Refuge,
St. James, Port-of-*pain ?
"If such a project is In fact
under consideration, will Govern-
ment state whether other accom-
modation cannot be found for
those unfortunate victims of that
dreaded disease than to place
them among the aged and infirm
paupers for whom the House of
Refeue was erected?
"(2) Has the attention of the
Government been ca"?d to an
advertisement in the local Press
in which a very fair number of
good 'buildlrgs hitherto owned and
occupied by the United States
authorities, in and around the city
and elsewhere is heinm offered for
sale to the general public, through
private channels ?
"If the reply be in the affirma-
tive, would it not be in the in-
terest of the public that the Plan-
nine and Housine Commission
acquire such buildings as are
within easy reach of the city with
a view to -asing the ever-
increasinlr shortage of housing
arcommodation among the poorer
classes ?
"(3) Will the Government Inform
this House whether the newly-
appointed Second Crown Counsel
is being paid emolumerts in ex-
oea< of the romnenclng salary
provided In the current esti-
mutes ?
"If the rpenv he In the affirma-
tive, will the Government state
*he reasons for the departure
from the general terms of an-
point-rents to the Service and the
authority whereby this appol-utee
hAs been naid a salary in excess
of the commencing fleure of the
grade in such estimates?"
City To Discuss

SHousing Project
The City Council will meet next
Week t discus the leasing of cer-
e tain lands at MucuraDpo t,. the Hcus-
ting and annin, Commission the
"Trinidad Guardian"' wa, reliably
informed yesterday.
nI> ^'^%^











it's the best of its kind

The old idea of ui wood plup or driving
nails into a wil makes a terrible mest, and
when the job is finished, it is far fom reliable.
Raw1phas do not dan= walls or decorations.
Anl an uMf net, firm, reliable fixtures
with Riwipls. Every Rawplug Outfit mn-
tinms complet equipment for making dome n
of permanent fixtures in any material such au .
brick, stot.'conete, ules, stc. k


,BL lw ;= o IN For cle-ai
iso. b wambnp e
RAWLPUG SCRAPER A tol ftbto et
=11 TheM 3a LZlc* OPT B(eMf~.I= a lfNHk
A4WO UV" dt lIto ,
aH a th fii sh q- tire
'odmp-fes ei sd e jerneo-th *!5.15k'! but1d.

6*e^~a ndnu erubi-aB _m~g
A ewN dwsawarks
aur WKR two ^~kff wwise
B pea -- boii
-,.. Sa-mp so 1?. w"...
500#6 COMI .i.7W ^ I II f lu w I Jl W
l# 06 rt*fn^a^ d~uilto
tatI sor~ i in1P~^-f t- Wi-M U-f

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"N "

WOA 11 w fNW"

46 I iW w.a M P(M0Ffi AI0V I
e. KOPP a f. <11<4 NE Ptfl1 AW33. A<.*


Offensive In Italy

Makes Good Start

NOT long ago Mr. Churcnill found it
necessary to point out that the Allied
trces in Italy were playing an import-
ant part in the defeat of Hitler. If the
gains made as a result of the Italian
campaign, wnich has been a*, a standstill
for several months, are weighed that is
the only conclusion which can be
reached Some people had expected that
the Allied forces would have scored a
spectacular triumph in Italy, but obvi-
ously they counted without a determniined
enemy fighting for survival and aided by
terrain more difficult than any over
which the Allied armies have had to
fight in this war. However, the weather
has for a long time not been favourable
for fighting, but the lull hts afforded the
Allied forces the opportunity to regroup
and to mass the largest number of lanese,
tanks and guns ever got together in the
Mediterranean theatre.
The big offensive which opened in
Italy on Thursday night, .nay be, as the
Germans fear, the preliminary to the all-
out Allied assault on Hitler's fortress. It
is too early to gauge its chances of suc-
oeas, but it is evident thaL it is no mere
local operation. In the earlier part of the
Italian campaign the Allied forces have
held in Italy 25 divisions which Hitler
badly needed elsewhere and which he will
need more than ever now in view of the
Impending opening of moaor offensives
from east and west. Not only has there
been a heavy drain on German man-
power and resources, but the airfields
which have been won are paying an im-
portant part in the new offensive which
is expected to lead to the occupation of
the rest of Italy.
General Alexander has let it be known
that this offensive is no ordinary affair.
the objective is not to capture Rome, but
to destroy the German armies in Italy,
and while the task will net be easy of
accomplishment there is reason l for confi-
dence that the enemy will eventually be
beaten. Rapid progress is not to be ex-
pected, for while there has been a change
in the atrocious weather the obstacles
to swift movement are still there, forti-
fied during long months by a cunning
enemy determined to hold on to the
The first reports of the fighting are
very encouraging, for under cover of the
heavy artillery barrage the Fifth and
Eighth Armies have broken the enemy's
first-line defences along a 25-miles front
and made some penetrations. The fight-
ing now Is for the enemy's famed Gustav
Line which are the strongest defences
the Anglo-American armies have yet
been fr,'ed with In this war The experi-
ence which our forces have gained in the
earlier nart of the campaign will stand
them In good stead .and will help
them to avoid past. mistakes. They
are well eoulppe, and have the co-
oneration of a strong ePIr force which
rules the Mediterranean sky. Hitler

*^ ',$.

} ,*'' *
*! 0**

-erta* aot relish the prmepect
Ot S-huv qMl 4 uIy hen a
bg MS l A Oy e k apetd andis we
ams B AA.Am ln manion

Import Policy Change

h Wekome Gesture
ANMOUNclKM1T of the relaxation of
the restrict0 A on the import of
certain articles through normal trade
channels is a welcome gesture, though, in
the eirumstances, the change cannot be
regarded au more than a Lesture. Busi-
ne cIrles will be grateful for the state-
ment that the policy of the Home 'and
local Governments and of the British
Colonies Supply Mission In to utilise es-
tablished commercial channels to the
greatest extent possible and that the list
of items bulk-purchased by the Govern-
ment agency is constantly under review,
but they will look forward to a rapid
application of the policy.
It is worthy of note that the majority
of articles which may now be purchased
under Import licence through ordinary
trade channels in the United States and
Canada are of one type and that in the
case of several of those which may be
imported from Canada only limited
quantities will be available fir the Wast
Indies. It seems to us that if the relaxation
of the restrictions is to he of any great
value tc the business community and to
the public, the nun ber and the types of
articles which ny be imported in the
normal way will have to Le considerably
extended. As we pointed out as long ago
as DecernbelrT last year, it is folly to apply
the bulk purchasing pol.(Y, with its
many involvements and delays. to many
articles essential to event vyJ.v community
welfare, which would b- handled more
expeditiouslv th.-o.igh re,:Ilar commer-
cial channels.

New Rent Restriction

Move Not Enough
IN bringing forw:',aid t(l ill ,.rdilying
the Rent Ir'tlriction Ordinance
which was read tihe firt,t tinm' at yester-
day's meeting of theI Legisl, .ive Council,
the Government lihas accepted one of two
suggestions we made recently to provide
protection to houseowncrs who try to
ease the acute hmon r.g p)rofeml. If the
Bill passes the Legiialtur', as we hope it
will, some safeguard will he provided for
householders, who let their residciiccs
temporarily, against shoit-term tenants
who become unreasonable when the time
to give up possession arrives.
The requirement that these short-
term tenancies be approved by the Rent
Restriction Board provides some measure
of control which should be beneficial to
both parties as it en:sur'es that all trans-
actions shall be above hoard Again, the
penalties provided in the Bill-$480 fine
or six months' imprisonment and pay-
ment of three times the rent-should act
as a strong deterrent to temporary ten-
ants who may be tempted to hold over
premises after their term has expired or
when their tenancy has been cancelled
Grateful as houscownors will be for
the provisions of the Bill they will yet
feel, as we do, that it could have gone
further and taken within its score the
temporary letting of houses built for
sale. With the housing situation so diffi-
cult every effort should be made to ease
the lot of the many who suffer hardship
although houses arc available. Extension
of the scope of the Bill so that It would
apply to houses built for salP should pre-
sent no difficulty. With the same safe-
guards of approval of tenarcies by the
Board and a stiff penalty for dishonest
tenants we should soon see most of the
empty houses awaitim ,sale ocx'cupied.

pace kindly lent by Btephens, Lk

tmNWl3Ab OVAinI*M~ SPNMZ MA? 1~ WM.

Jette5 T* I
The r di3ti r

Two eeskMsis r T Mi ft. -sa

May MAN" Am ame
to ~ -NwIrr~ ^Mlii

brigadier Explains M tinf
Of Military Term
Th m n -Trb wd uhrea '
eerence your ie of 'Neday
May 9, and the qderw regarding
'bridgehead' an4 beachedad' a.
also yournoto thereto.
Refn to the Cocilse oftord
Dictionary 1911 reprinted 18o will
show that 'bridlehead' has ben A
well known military term for a
considerable number of years. It is
defined as "a post held on far side
of frontier river giving one access
to enemy's territory."
The same appi.. to 'beachhead,'
although it Iri not shown in this edi-
tion of the dictionary. Possibly this
word has been Introduced during
the present war but I am Inclined
to think that Hi was also used in
the last war particularly In decrip-
tions of the Oalllpoll campaign.
The explanation is of course ex-
actly the same, only for 'river' read
'coast line' or 'beach.'
Brigadier Commander,
South Caribbean AreM.

Definition Wonted
The Editor, "Trinidad Guarnlan"
Kenrtck Fitzwllllam's letter in
your issue of Mayv 9 stating that he
was unable to find either 'bridge-
head' or 'beachhead' in any dic-
tionary sent me to the dictionaries
I use.
Webster's Collegiate (Fifth Edi-
tion) defines a bridgehead as a lo-
cality on the enemy's side of a
stream, fortified to protect a bridge
site, ford. or defile.
The Concise Oxford says a
bridgehead is a post held on the
far side of frontier river giving one
acees to enemy's territory.
Neither (of these authorities gives
any definition of beachhead, but
conceivably-putting those two de-
finitions together a beachhead Is
a locality on the enemy's beach
probably near some ford or river,
giving access Into the enemy's ter-
By making either the beachhead
Or the bridgehead or both the
centre of operations these heads
ran he widened and extended until
the remy is completely routed.
If any (if your readers can throw
further light on the definition of
beachlihead, it will greatly assist
'bothi Kenrick Fitzwlllam and me.

Unemployment The Remedy
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
Sometime ago, It was stated that
workers are wanted from the W-st
Indies for U.S.A. farms. Persons
from nearly every other W.I. island
will be selected, but unfortunately
not from Trinidad. In view of that
fact and that, so matyiv workers are
here from neighboring Colonies I
will suggest the Institution of an
employment bureau so that such
persons from whose Colonies work-
ers will be selected, could come for-
ward and be selected here. and on
passing the necessary physical tests,
arrangements could be made to add
the amount to that chosen in tile
Colony to which they belong.
In that way, definite relief of the
unemployment, problem In this Col-
ony is answered. SCRIBBLER.
Working Regiments
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
T know of mary Trinidadlans, In-
rhudine myself, who cannot enlist
as soldiers because they are aged
40. but. nevertheless, patriotism
oozes from their every pore "'and
would like to do some use'ftil war
work overseas. Could you inform
me. Mr. Editor, If there s an exist-
ing scheme whereby such men in
the British West Indies may Volun-
teer fer war work, say, in factories
etc., in England or in Canada and
proceed abroad In the form of
Working Regiments? If there is no
such scheme why shouldn't one be
started immediately?
Editor's Note: There is at. present
no scheme for the recruitment of
workers for employment in war fac-
tories either In Canada or in
Teachers Suggested
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardian."
Now that Chaguanas, as a coun-
try district has been made an ex-
perimental centre for Adult Educa-
tton-'elcmcntaryl. it would be
quite appropriate to bring to the
notice of Government. certain re-
commendations for Its efficient and
successful operation and continua-
(a) Headteachers as a whole are
fairly well paid and therefore, I
suggest this and other areas to be
opened It the near future be staIed
by assistant teachers, with the
senior headteacher of the district
as supervisor. The pittance would
be welcomed to augment the already1
small salaries of assistant teachers.
ubi Only one subject should be
taught by a teacher, so as to dis-
tribute the finances to as many
teachers as poMlble rather than
giving two or more subjects to one
(c) Masters taken from the sur-
rounding districts would tend to
encourage the youths of these dis-
tricts to attend, having the know-
ledge that one of their own Is
among the Itaft at the centre.

aI -V I AI'.L .i

Ladr Mdlgemsly 4 t1e4s1 fro1 M&OtNS. IN O Y. Keunnigton,
Londeon. where Geeal MnontIeert m e isb .Her meeleg., brad-
eat in Radl Mmw l Iin thed..o C eus "Mervie, was I
mant tke thi opitunlty t pressihg my thanl and igataltdt
IR adisettmi to all the moen of the ihtAl force. I should glue
Uke to thank the women of the Empifre who are det meuh splendid
and self-usacrificing work gWring of their very best, helping hands.
tfime and strength in ditueeam eOunMrles I will end this short
talk by sending my lnevin sreetins to all the members of me
family and to my miny Irlend abroad. God blme and keep you a .

Italians Executed By Nazis

For Anti-Fascist Activities



Education Depart-

There will b; four Governmnt
Free Stadelahips at Imperial
College of Tropical ApCrigtur*
available In October net. P er-.
ence will be ien to candliU
who have taken the ScUM OCdlp
in the Higher School c irtflatte, or
Science subjects in the School
Certificate examination.
A studentshlip Is liable lo be tet-
minated at the end of the firt
term If the student's work is mush
below the standard required.
A minimum grant, towards oaM.-
tenance, of $288.00 per annum ill
be payable to selected students,
This sum may be increased to
maximum of i.oA00 per annum In
specloil circumstances.
Applications stating age, quallA-
cations, and particulars of Imhools
or colleges attended, together with

Import and
Control Rebl,
noe Uit of )ad tL r

amended th e
Mutte *Chalmbers" frwi
( _omeetlj omiow-wr1
hold purpose.)s
Secretary. ^
Old Post a B^
I t. Vir 'it Stet,
5th May. 1mt4.

Notice To J

Ia The Ustpfme C
ThiBldad And Tei
PI7ILO No'PXcE te bit
that oe of the Jud al
rems ourt will sit Ig
the-Court Mouse at Stn
ont Molnsy the lbthar
1044. at .15 o'clock in u
6O the purpose If hertt
tiona by persons for
from serving as ironr

Ague Hamrin, a neutral cor- leave for north Italy to fetch sum- copies of two recent sstimmun sioU to b e eldi at Banai
respondent caugtfht In Rome mer uniforms for Marshal Keass- should reach the Director of RdU- on Monday the 15th di
during the German oceupa- ring's troops-incidentally, a detail action not laser than 30th June. 1944. '
tion, describes dramatic Inel- among others indicating the Field
dents in Italy's history, with Marshal does not Intend to let go And Notice is also
Nail pilots "wolfing" at table, of his Italian prey all at once. R. Patrick, such application will
and German war machine show- The column could not start yet, Director of Education. ,aifttr the said 15th" o
ing slgns of breaking down, because it had to await gasoline. 194.
Hamrin returned to Sweden to Evidently, the German war mA- 2nd May, 1944.
write graphic stories of condl- chine in Italy is short of fuel, A.V. N. MoOUj
tlons as he saw them. A lodging-plermit from the Oer- .. =_a
AGNE HAMRIN man command yielded uits qsiqr-" .. .. .
AN HAM N ~ters in the Hotel Della Rosetta.
While our aged truck rattled The food there was cheaper than CAMBRIDGE LOCAl EXAl INATI
toilsomely along the Rome-Umbria in Rome but the enforcement of
road through the windy and chilly the rationing was strict and th"
April night, I thought of the notes food bad. ._
hidden In my clothes, notes which we waited three days In P.rugia, The entry forms for the S8chool irtlate Examing*
would form the basis of my uncen- uetheld here next December have been received. They should h
sor(d accounts on Rome where I Hotel Guests for in writing to 'Mr. W. 0 Innl, ni lretary for IExternal
have followed some of the most Nine tenths of the hotel guests tions. Post Office Box 16, POrt.of-Bpain.
dramatic chapters In Italy's his- were German military. A fat S.S. The entry forms should be retuftsd to the Secretary
tory. (Elite Troop) officer grumbled 31st at latest and should be 1 aoOAnied by a receipt fr
Would I succeed in bringing them about the price of Tuscan Claret, nlid an acknowledgment should be received. Fees are as f
across the iontier? Luckily, I did. although It was the cheapest. A Unlverslty fee-ftll wertlflotte .... II 17 6
Let mi" first describe my journey young fighter pilot, beside his own Supplementary Oertllcate 1 0 a
through Italy and Germany to liberal helpings, wolfed what other Inlsll Ljanage oy .. 15 0
crIll Sweden, a journey g nerally guests hid left In their plates. Local Fee ..................... ..
requiring one or two days and now The local fascist, newspaper "La For each oral ez mlnaton ...... 5
takiihg 12. Riscasia" graphically drscrihed the
Tie air war has treated the hal- tight against the "partIsans" in These fees should be paid Into the Treasury, sub.Ttsh
Ian railroad network roughly. Umbrlih, confirming our Rome in- a Warden's Office.
Rome's terminti station lies ruined formation that the Antl-Fasclst The 1943 results are expected about the middle of May &"Id
and silent, The first, lap of toe Italian patriots cause the Nazis candidates should await results before re-enterting,.
journey northward must be made considerable headaches.
bv car. The advertisement c61umns The article told of how a. black- L. PATRICK,
of the Rome newspapers offer seats shirt patrol co-.perating with (Cicr- Director of MIUU
In motorcars or trucks for different man 'planes beseiged and captured
directions. a farm at Santinelli. where 18 "par- ... ..- -- -._.. *
Ther" were four of ui going the tisans" were found, ensconced with CONTIOL BOARD NOTICE Control Board
same way with 27 pieces of luggage, machine guns rifles and hand gre- w-
An advertisement promised seats nades. Fascist and Nazi Storm VI AR FROM "'
on an "excellent" truck that was to Troops with tanks Joined the at- VINEGAR FROM IMPORT LICENC
take pasengers to Verona, at 7,500 tack CANADA INDENTS ON TLI I
lire (about $75) per head. In all, Ten of the eighteen "partisans" KINGDOM r
eight people were to comprise the were killed in the farmhouse. Thty Wijt reference to Control Board .
truck's passengerr list." were all youngsters who had been Notice dated 19th January, IM44, With reference to
It sounded cheap, for on" car called to the fascist colours, but it is hereby notified that applleas- Notice dated lit Xt N
seat from Rome to Florence i about preferred to hide among th' Urn- tiors for licenses submitted prior and published in the 0B
160 miles) now costs 5.000 lire 450). brian mountains and forests, to 30th June 1944, for the importa- tr"orda of 6th No
Ancient Treuck They have thousands of com-in C ada of a limited It hery notified
rades in the woods and hills north tRon from Canada o a lmedI re
But it turned out to be an an- of Rome, waiting with mouiitin'g quantity of Vinegar will be con- icenoe wi now be
client truck with shaky, cloth. I m ptience for the advance of the sidered.
frame.X coveredldced wit .slcotI P NCII, dom ofSikls
stead of the Intended limt -British-American troops so thu(y cno meeNsc tony of Cirkaes.rd,
eight, ftirte personsee stowed can me out of their hiding places Secretary, Control
among the baggage in the m-nost un- and join them. Old Post, Office Bldg.. sta
cWmfortable arrobatic positions t Alpine Square" st t. Vincent Street, Old Post Offices Building,
We ha d trouble getting the truck Port-of-Spain. T t. Vincent S1trel
started, but the chauffeur smiled To enable us to continue our port-of-Srain.
and sal I in Italian: "Cl penso to" journey, the Oerman field Or-n- 10th May, 1944. 1lth May. 1944.
("I'lI fix that"); subitoo" ("imme- darmerie advised us to wait out-_ -- -1-_---0-4----_
diatc!v"', then he added as an side Perugia at "Alpine Square." Colonial Secretal'in
atter-thought: "Pazienza" (C"pa- which the German soldiers call 10th May, I.k,
tience"). "Anhalter Bahnhof" (the name of
I don't know how often the truck one of the largest Berlin railway SAINT VINCENT fUsLIC WORKs uiErABTiW
broke down before we left Rome Atatlons) because there the
than Ponte Molle, the historic roads to Rome, Florence and Bo- T
bridge across the Tiber. We reck- logna converse and Oerman mill-N
oned, at that rate, the trip would tarv traffic abounds,
take two years. The OGermans wanted to help us .ots mental
The departure from Rome was but frequently lacked the ability to Applications for appointment to the posts men
fixed towards the evening when do so. I had a strong Impression are invited. Applicantm re asked to writs their ppli
there Is less d.nwgr of bombs on that the German war machine in own handwriting and topattachWan ~eUeSiaernd
the Italian road. Thus we would Italy was in many ways over- they may posse. Al applications will be consider
not escape only sir attacks, but al- strained and that the famous Ger- committee and any pplicanbmt who cannot gappr Ihn3f
so the pro-AllleT Italian "partisan" man aptness for organisation was selection committee should ubmt a 1hotoraph of ..,.
who practise their mark.monship breaking down,. with the written application and other papers. .
against passing vehicles. firing at Hundreds of soldiers on furlough .
them from mountain hideouts. waited at the Piazza en route to The posts to be filled are:-
We traversed cities and villages and from Germany. This "Anhalter"
that had been bombed into rubble. Bahnhof" in the heart of Umbria Poite San Glovvanni. a frequent was the hope of untold Italian fa- by increments of CiO .
target for bombihna because of itsr miles trying to reach a more pro- (11) Overseer of Roads, Salary of 1 100 to 11
hrdries and railroad tracks, lay tected area away from the horrors b increments of 1,
rfad of the air war. allownceat local rl0
Unload Balifale I witnessed many tragic scenes (ill) Mechanic. -- Salalry f 150 to to ,
Unload nPt e ka be of homelessness. by Increments of I .
At Ponta Pattoll. the truck broke There, on wretched bundles be- War bonus is also payable, the present rats being 16 I
down again. We had to unload our side me sat a destitute Formia fa-
bagqgare and decided to seek the mily. PFormia, in the dangerous All applications should be addreled to the
help of the Germans. vicinity of the Cassino front, is a Works, Public Works DepartmtItt KIMnptown, Saint
There is a German mllltarv de- complete shambles, and must twrive at the Public Wor&5 Oi ce on oa before
tAshment In every Italian city and, The husband had been a waiter May, 1944. ,|
village north of Rome We told the in Formia's railroad rrstauran, had D B i
German officer at Ponte Pattoll's fought in Sicily and Sardinia. He X. L. DOS l fll N
medical corns' eamn of our plight was emaciated-looking, hits face Acting Colonial
nnd he arrpnted seats for us in a covered with a week-old stubble of _' __
Germn red cross truck bound for bWard. Over his tattered, dirty ci-
Peruila and Florence, vilian clothes he hal, a soldier's NIr A
But. when we reached the big geatcoat His coat, soldier-cap and C N R L B A U B" "-
war hospital at Perugia. counter- boots he brought home like num-____________---_
orders arrived that the truck should herless other Italian asold'iers after a
not continue, the demobilization following Italy's Rubber GAo Is From C m
We entered Perugia with our surrender, u r oo rom C,
haekae on a donkey-draw cart "Without them I'd have frozen -
through the narrow street canyons to death last wintFr." he said, His
which rsnctinded with the tramp of wife had a baby at the bNc-st be- The undermentioned export programme for 1944 of
German soldiers' boots, side three older children Hunr goods (excluding tyres and tubes) to Trinidad has been ,
Perugla's palaces and churches and privation lined their lean. dir- Canada.
were not touched by bombs, but the ty faces. They had been en route
City today ts one armed camo. with for weeks trying to reach some re- Where quotas are given In dollar values, it shot be.-
(,rrman army cqrs rusbhine through latives In north Italy. these are the value of 1941 exports. Quota establl*h$
the streets and all hotels com- We waited until evening without ment in 1944 of 100% by weight of the rubber content Of,.
mandeered by the German military g getting a lift. Disapolnted and from Canada and will be administered by the Ca
command, hungry. we wandered into Perugia ror sln a t basi nt da vh e Uaed
Perugia is one of the most impor- again for a night's lodging. troller solely on that ai ulvalent dollar valu-
tant supply centres of German Next day, at last, we obtained are Indeterminate.
troons In central Italyv. whose front .ieats in an army truck which had m
relnforcemtns are Is'ely organized filled up Its empty gasoline drums. With this understanding the figures quoted are -
there The chauffeur, a German Private the best guide that can be given of the quantities ava
A (erman officer whom T asked started in the direction of Florence ance of an order will be taken as prima face evide t B
to heln us continue our voyage hin- hust as an air alert was sounded in quota is not exhausted. ''
ted there was a posmibilitv. A truck Perugia and all the surrounding
column, he said. was destined toi vllages.-K-KF,)

Tomorrow's Church Services Old OPot ; . f

How To Deal With Wakes p AG A
The dltor, "Tinfdd Ouardlmin" ANGLICAN
My opinion of the plea to banisth CATHEORAL OF TH UOIy TAINITN
*akes Is that jhey should not be 7 m., The aly Zusmb:t.: .0 a.m.,
banished, but a scheduled time MtIuns aM sermon; P.m., Evenson
should be fixed for them. Also, there 90 srmon
should be persons authorized to go
into the meeting house, and if any Atis
persons are found playing cards BATST
etc.. to arrest both them and the ST JOHN's CHURCm-Pft'te S ittmet.
a 0 f N an p m iPresaeher: At%.
ouirne rs, i. l en1 8V(t.A


port-of-Spaln. -
Telephone Talks C*ST CHURCH OF CHMIST S eiatt
Rookock, Nook. Marav L.
The Kilter. "Trinidad GUMadian" Pund.y 30 aS m..NSueday 8ot 5.15
"Hope springs eternal..........I" WedweoiIaa,: "30 p.m.
The intereting telephone corn- 5 2 0'0iT
mileatlton with the U.S.A. made s4. 1 v,1 ,05 .Z a 0TAG p.M.;
es much of in the "Guardian" re- Wedu sedas;: 7 00 p.m,
gently, ls me with new hope a I
bhope that one day consistently mu-
dible two-way telephone comminuni- I .ME .THO I
cation will be established between METODI T
St. Augstire end Port-of-SpMen. HANOVaR
v -O IT 1% -7 Y "2 B-an
IL AAWWWW. -0 : a i. in

7 t .t!. 'lI I
',(a.' '',,44

Trinidad And Tobago.

Domi' a; rItubb'r Co., UIL
Dunlo. -Tir, i c, a ... nob r d
0oo0 .1 Tire M, -"'tsr COm -
Gut'. K", fluw#,'.
at r ;, . ;, .
F ., r t ,., ., r 0 L r .-, y '^ l
,') .'" t; (A6 Lad.
'*, ub r Ck.6 "
R.,- ,_,



Trinidad & Tobago Branch

Copy of Te.leg ms received, dated

19th May, 1944.


Reference my letter fifth April Duke of Gloucester
desires me to transmit following message begins I
wish you all success on your forthcoming Special
Appeal for my Fund Stop I am fully confident that
the people of Trinidad and Tobago will respond
with their characteristic generosity knowing that by
so doing they are helping to provide adequate relief
for the wounded and for our prisoners in the decisive
months ahead Signature Henry Message ends


9.30 a.m., Morning Bervice; 10.45 a.m.
Sabbath School; p.m., Evening s ervlce.
Prme h. Rev. 8. T. M. Robertson. M.A.
MIIsIe: a A.., a.m., 7 a.n i a in,
9 15 a.m. 4.15 pmro orea in His
Grs'- tke Arcibheop of Port-of-Spain.
IS a.m. dI T p .., Cptaln and Mrs.
Palmer DAtM.
10 Iam, aa t p.., Adjutant Benjigml
t. Ctlir Chaval. a.m.; U.S.O..
Dogt S 10 a,m.
St. Clair Chapetl Fridayr. 40 .m.
Fort Road Chapel, Friday, 700 p.m.
U.S.o.. Doktl,t 11 a.m.
PRO A,1IO l 5.30 a.. isar ,
'La. saw 0.4 0.mB. U.,
94da" U &W*

V%%p~ % O tKO^----

I .. n... ,l. Im ... .. . ... dI



WUImAII ftUAEAY *A'I~I~flAV MAW II 155* -- -.-~, **-- --~ ~ w~a -~

|i Takes Premiers

WOf Invasion Troops
"HI'i I (lteutera) -- Mr. Winsto Ohuthlfl. Wiruw
L took thM Of t*0r overseasPrime liatm a n s *dl.
. tur of the troops who wiln a #t pert in th
1 f0m .e With enertl Smuts, Mr. MACmnI, MKin aMn
> tMin, Prime Minister of Southiemtn Rhoda he in-
,a1h weather-bound men at a little town som wnr in




S- They travelled t special train,
by Jeep and an foot and the party
watched men halinn tihe wea-
0 R pawrit pan to be used wen they at foot
on tle continent. ey also saw
ndemionstratlona of a* new veepo
UO 1l (AP) which one corresponde-" smys %y
erfalMent an- play big pert In neutraillslng
that prisoners Rommel's Atlantic wall defecMMes.
1ioallty captured Mr. Churchill showed reat iln-
With the Germans terest in this weapon arfl had
U front would be many of its technical details ex-
h Africa for inclu- plained to him.
of o{ the rench An Associated ileMs message said
Rf National Libera- that the Commonwealth Pritme
government said the Ministers' conferrcce waM ad-
I "mainly natives of journed for the week-end after
tne, who came over concluding two weeks' deliberations
if the Red AtMC." during which tIey dieCum d the
s tated that Gen- organisation of future world sP-
S committee had purity.
tUb action some ________._______
h actionsoe Barbados Chamber

tween 1,000-presidentWlcomed
were Insian President Welcomed-

aber Hears

de Envoy's

a"Ooernment of Trinidad
a committee to in-
s Organisation and poll-
-wkilg of the local Control
i l therefore at this junc-
t ld be out of order to
comment on this
and expressing the hope
Wltvestigatioi will throw
i n the difficulties that
I i fotiuntered by the mer-
unity In Trinidad.

Si Mavrogordato found
eturers and suppliers
oUsly and strongly
S-the system known as
St ing" and represen-
tis effect have been per-
m ade foi many months.
ber of Commerce is glad
6 a considerable number
o.lV now been taken off
and may be now
8lough the normal com-
inPels, and it is hoped
If lley will be progress-
oiMl to other items which
underr the bulk pur-

sMavrogordato Inter-
Ai umber of firms in the
S and Canada interest-
I SPort of dry goods and
f' B ar as dry goods are
M the situation is still ui-
M due principally to the
; oa supplies available for
of the controls set up
try. It ia unlikely that
I eI ment can be antici-
er as the War Pro-
[ ro"rd and the Foreign
M Administration have
uIils of relaxing the very
14(thley have over these
NPWLft lt6 hardware, some re-
i expected as a result of
of items coming off hulk
qad due to the fact that
f several items such an
1shave recently been
representation made
dad, the question of
wu vigorously taken
a result some 600 tons
Awdity was obtained In
adthe Canadian Gov-
made an allocation for
FaWteoh It is believed will
tion of -sawmill spares
y 4Rt ka up as it was repre-
In'tat these were in very
ISly n the Colony. The
Is making every effort to
stleses for these spares
SW.P.B. which has been
ap tie orders for such con-
t ime. It is hoped that
11 be Goming forward short-
hlngton, Brigadier Mav-
-had interviews with Mr
head of the B.C.S.M.
sTausuig of the Anglo-
Caribbean Commission,
with offmciale of the
SW.P.B. In Canada he
K1Inaon, the Ministere
lad Commerce, and his
o1iter, Mr. Oliver Master,
W! the Officials of that de-
a administrators for shoes
rra yons and food. Ini
Iso t addressed a meet-3
Ia*adlan Manufacturers'
organlsed for the pur-
g Ooamertlal Intelligencei
sde the desire was ex-
do everything possible
trade with the West
the Chamber hopes that
IOf the visit of theirI
Sways and means will
ta 1ehieve this very de-t

Mr. A. de Lisle Inniss, president
of the Barbados Chamber of Corn
merce and guest of Trinidad'
Chamber of Commerce, was yester
day morning accorded a heart
welcome to their meeting at 'isch
they received a report from Briga
dier A. S. Mavrogordato on hi
recent trip to Cansoa and the
U.,.A in his capa:lty as ',h,,l
"supplies expedited.'
Mr. Wilfrid Alston, the presi
dent of the Chamber, extendlni
the welcome to Mr. Inniss, stated
that as president of the Barbado
Chamber, Mr. Innie would be their
host at the conference to be held
in that Colony next month.
Mr. Alston also said that he wais
sure thtv were always very gl;ad
to see their friends and associate
and added: "I think it is t, thing
of which we do not do a lot ard
I should like to see It encouraged,'

Tito's Guerrillas

Score Successes
LONDON. May 12 (AP).-Mar-
rhal Josip Bro (Tlto) announced
today that Yugoslav guerrillas won
local successes against the Germans
in eastern Bosnia, Montenegro
Hercegnovi and Slovenia, but hac
lost the town of Lndka Sahe, in
western Bosnia. The announcement
said that '720 enemy troops were
killed by Slovene forces, and a
German mountain corps, apparent-
ly attempting to thrust into Slo-
venia across the Julian Alps fr.m
Istria. was defeated with losses.

Portugal Bound
Ships Detained
LON'VON, May 12 (AP).-It was
disclosed today that several mer-
chant sl,;s laden with coal and oil
for For', were held up by the
Pritish naval authorities, and may
stay harbour-bound unt'l the Por-
tuguese Government stcps wolfram
exports to Germany.
Offici 1 e::planation was 'hat the
ships were delayed because of
technicall reasons." but there
seemed little doubt 'hat technicall-
tiem would dissolve the moment the
flow of vital war metal to Germany
was stoppeJ by Lisbon.

Bermuda Passes

Suffrage Bill
BERMUDA, May 12 (CP)- The
Legislative Council here this
mniornini unanimously passed the
Women's Suffrage Bill after the
Assembly had concurred In two
formal amendments offered bY the
Council At the greatest moment
in the history of the Suffragette
movement, no woman was In the

Poles Free Jews
Who Deserted Army
LONDON, May 12 (AP) Pre-
sident Raczklewickz of Poland, to-
day freed 34 Jewish soldiers re-
cently convicted of desertion from
the Pohish Army to take part In
the western front.
The President signed an amnesty
decree statement issued by his Gov-
ernment which said: "All Jewish
soldiers, and soldiers coming from
South America, who recently left
the ranks of the Polish Army, will
be set free."
With the war entering a 'decl-
sdve and final phase," the state-
ment said, "even those soldiers who
committed certain offences should
be permitted to take an active part
n the battle and participate in
the fight for deliverance of the na-
,ions who suffer under the yoke
if slavery."I




a,. *7~~



Jap Prisonrs At Aitape

Guarding Jap ps1e1611 tabe1u I the rapid MeipaUenoft the Al.
tape0 Jreaof NewOainoes whkeb began with its. uasion e Apr*l
3, UrsL. Rober Pe ud lebo" tieffl, eeratieom officer r f the
Nala AvaWtr r ol osede aId Maj. Jey R. It. cY.
a*&. Th ealpmlseeo n the prieners faces Im t. thy are
amtet t, dispseasem with the siatoten.- |AP hote).

General Clark Makes
Secret Trip Home
It was learned today that
preliminary to the new Allied
offensive now utder way in
Italy, General Mark Clark re-
cently made a secret trip to
this country and conferred with
President Roosevelt.




-1 .si.rec1air a1 in, tabel i o1 ttlC poili
B and the Port-of-Spain Citvy Counci
1d 1 T UInUd iUr lt are studying what steps to take t(
s remedy the nuisance caused b:
r T7 such perS'1ns1
R i iiniol The "Trinidad Otardinn" under
I^ip 1sta::.'s that at Thurvdiv after
Snoon' meeting of the Cttv Coun
S leIll's 'Oec-rsl Purposes Committe
I AilrfieldsA Mr. Murchison Rugby. tlhe Deput;
IcONTiNUDO FROM PAGE t Town Clerk, ave an oolnion as ti
S Neither the bombers nor their what strps the Cornoration cold
Thunderbolt escort sighted any take to rid the city of this nuisance
enemy fighters and all the bomnb- which, in the majority of cases L
era returned.rc caused b' persons abandoning
Ninth Air Forc Thunderbolt tyreless motor cars on the streets
fighter-bombers ripped into other .- = ..
Nazi airfields in Belgium and
added the weight of their bombs Belgium Awaits
on railway targets in that enemy-
held country. Escorted by other w
Thunderbolts, 'they smacked rail- elveranc our
way bridges at Leipshei, Leige and eliverance Hour
Hasselt and shot utip airfields at LONDON May 12 (Reuter's).-
Brussels and Tirlemont. "Belgium has never lost hope,
Spitfire-escorted Mitchells and never erased to fight," declared
Bostons of the R.A.F. raided un- Monsieur Hubert Pietlot, Belgian
announced objectives in northern Prime Minister in a recent state-
France and strong forces of R.A.F., tnient
Dominion and Allied fighter-bomb- "Sue knows that victory Is cer-
er attacked railways and other tain, and deliverance near. She
targets. knows that her great Allies, after
Maraudere, In their second having built up the most tormid-
operation of the day, attacked |able war machine ever constructed,
three railway bridges across the are preparing to deal the enemy
Meuse in Belgium and other ob- the mortal blow.
jcctives in northern Fiance this "With all her soul, with all her
evening. Spitfire flghtei-bombers strength, Belgium waits the mo-
of the R.A.F. Tactical Air Force meant to take part, with the tiUlted
hit railway targets and communi- Nations, in their gigantic and vic-
cations in northern France late In torlous effort."
the day,
[Reuter's reports that last
night, R.A.F. Halifaxes and Lan-
casters ware out in strength for U CT | .O
the sixth night running to keep
up their 24-hour offensive against A UC T IO NU'
key enemy centre in France and
.Belgium. Canadian bombers S L E
shared in the short, but heavy S A LE
attack made on railyards at Bou-
logne on the French coast. Other KEEP THIS 6ATh OrkN:-
forces went into Belgium, a Th -ursday 25th
dozen miles or so beyond, to usay
smash railways at Louvain and-a 19
still more military 'targets in May, 1944.
Belgium and France were hit IT 45 MUCURAPO ROAD
and more, mines laid in enemy I have been favoured with in-
waters. From these operations, atructions from Lt. Paul K. Vipond
16 R.A.F. 'planes are missing, who Is leaving the Colony, to sell
Two of them were Canadian.] at Public Auction his complete
U.S. Fliers Ben.bed household Furnitures:-
Berlin With R.AP. Morris Suite (Complete), Dining
Berli WiRoom Suite (tComplete Drrssing
LONDON, May 12 Reuter'sl Table, Coron Portable Typewriter,
LONDN, My-1 (Reter').-Lady's Bicycle with EleLtric Dyia-
American Headquarters announced Lady Bcyclewh tc Dyn
today that United States airmen mo (Complete), Wardrobe, Ironing
were bombing Berlin months be- Boards, Smoking Stand, Reading
fore the first official American Lamps, Mosquito Nits. Stool. Writ-
raid on the German capital. Before ing Desks. Step Lnadder, 'owel
America was at war, these mer. Rack, Medicine Cabi)ct, Tables,
were serving with the R.A.F. They Book Ends, Books. Ferns in hang-
were transferred to the United ing Baskets, Porcelain Tea and
States Air Force but were allowed Dinner Sets, Electric 8tove, Electric
to go back on detached service Hot Plate, Electric Iron, Electric
with 'I e R A.F. to continue the T:.,tster. Kitchen Safe, Brooms,
night bombing of Germany with Mops, Mat-s, Curtains, 1 Lot of
their old crews until they had Cutlery, including Knives, Forks
finished their prescribed list of and Spoons, Carving Set, Spring
The Dutch newspaper, "Free Blinds, tenniss Rackets, Coffee Per-
Netherlands," published today, Colator, Camera, Linens, oGarden-
thanks an R.A.F. Mosquito group lng Utensil, Clothes Press. Glass
for saving thousands of Dutchmen Ware. Clothes Pt,'ss with Curtair
from transportation to forced lis- attached. Ruts, Bread Boards with
bour In Germany. It reveals that Knives, Baskets. Wooden Trays.
among special documents, kept in a Toible Mats, Gardening Shcars.
house in The Hague which Mosqul- Enamel Ware:-- Kettles, Double
toes snlashed In a Icw-level attack. Boilers, Saucepans and Roasting
Were lists of Dutchmen designed by Pan. Bicycle Pumps, Gardening
the azis for slave labau. Hose. And many other useful Items
a -- would appear on (otte of sale.
LEND LEASE EXTENSION Make a note of this date:
WASHINGTON, Mi.y 12 (AP) THURSDAY, 25th MAY, 1941,
The House agreed to the Senate's R SDAY, 25th MAY, 194.
version of the Lend-Ieae Exten- THE PLACE-- 45 MUCURAPO
Sion Bill. and sent the measure to ROAD- at 1.30 P.M.
the White House for Mr. Roose-
velt's stnature. The action as- .A.M ur ino
sured continued lend-lease activi- . UerinO,
ties for the year beyond June 30. Licensed Auctioneer.

Tired In the Mornings
eMp-e-atund, retful dp-4s the nerm the nutrition which
Uh ea retorative of tired etore the vigor of the body and
ezh amt nervd But when you relievesuoh symptom wi head.
tom and turn at might, umble to ache. indigestion, red feelings and
rest and sp, nerve force s g rorenrl depremion and dioourage-
watod and ou awakmn tired and ment.
doprM wirth M mem for the It takes a little time to build up
*emd o . fot. the energy and vigor of the nervous
M ermy dip polat nd yta. But in a few day you
hats yaw mue mysto Mr should find yourself dspi and
thm everdepletd. rent better, and wUtobe f-
TMheMn u m m nrum down ead to maa the um of
and ezhsusd fr 1= 6k of outain Dr. uw'e Nerve Fod until you
peintsM the blood. Dr. ma jump out of bedi the moAs nsp
m'ServeFoodbletosupply meli rted and refreshed for
hm hAsimom.With Nature a other joye day of helthful
nths soe blood mnd mapples to living.

Dr Chae,,-Neve Flv

S"UMl*iM-wwMRICA liw
Mte ky to ~8* s.. a tas v l soes 0dio "e
dios, in eletonics, ad l titow Wael.t to soptlete-skis
vision-is the RCA IiBctroDic coe, maga*ies objects tOO*'
Tube. The tube Mysour. boo* do otaomo*re-.o ttwM
embodiew tdhe e eiilMAt b sat. I.n halth a- ., dM, t-.
skill and ezpxe"cethatCAka Now OiMeUnited Naioad'
used ia.the pedosloedhehc- we leej k forwan wa
"*a Microi6 ad *illat*a huidh **MZ ,"fi*eS'

ON" .,I~e,~eN .N
yoMUMBik 11W MUM GNW 46f 0"

every time

SVIN a general nla Africa wrte
I hee how much he waesm
im /asn he gang downtown oanie
a Coa.CoA. Overseas, Coke Is a so
rashng mmh e tbom. MIS
cherishk i tame and refrehmrab
I*The ewepenrs have bee fill
of sch t /detL
Thesemen, like ourcke, nave
found Ia nIcecold Coca.Cola
all the diference betweu
something r lly refresh
Mg and Just sometkh
to drink. Yes, the only
thing like Colo.ColAAIs

7 F

21~ M. t- l .'5.

IL '5r W
rNmmGmv 0u Con a L" b.utt

CAN~tflt4S CO., U).

Police To Rid

Streets Of

Tyreless Cars

Measures to eesl with person
abandonin motor cirs on cit
.f- ,.. .. k i- 1- . ...

Eighth Army ChiefSays Enemy IR

Defence Strongest Ever Met A"SSI IS

Oia. boom later lnd vim"" thet REDUCED RATES
ported aW W.& d ater" =Tm#1W 46mat 1m Id:4 -k t .
,O the coast, British and Ame-rl. A nit e edas.
can wafships lent telitr ... Its, of nemy olqms "A 8V LNDIM ULS III
,w_ hi e r we You have what y"u eed t o stroI
their guns to the biggest lan bar-itro bIw toa tha
rawe of the whole Mediterranean tOrtoeloonsfrom to tII0 $ ae% im Leo
1ir, Reuter's stated. The gunners ogh training, te rtort equipment O Imm upw Mrd M of 515M to ,t0 *at &% Per annum.
have kept, it Up in daylight today ay 4 bere corae." On tee upward ot PS.S--pedal rats.
and as an i instance of thelO 100 pr ri o -t
cent co-operatio the fighting) has Ns Of IvIasM To *AS1T FACLITIEN PROVIDD OftO 1PATMET Or LOAMf
achieved, a corespondent tells us
how sometimes Fifth Army bitter- Comi T il fr ar tculara apply to-
lea support Eighth Army forcesand WASHNW TOIe. Meay 1 <(A).- o aeI
vice versa. The War Deparz.iaent gave further J. F. AGARD,
IDennis Johnston, B.B.C. ear- indication in support of earlier re-
resPondent. who flew over the Porta that whie Invasion begins I0-_.
front-line this morning. eild the news will come from the Emuropean --
barrage made an impressive sight theatre. It had nothing to add to _--- .. -
with the guns flashing and smnok- the news of the Italian offensive *,o ... .... ....,... ..e. ,,..
Ine against a background of deep except the ter s statement that
valleys And snow-capped moun- there was no comment to be ex-
tains. Even more impressive pected from Washington,. .G N
from his point of view, was the MeanwhileIn the absence of : G A
air armada of literally hundred Many detai of w t w reported A GRAND
ofhaybmesgigto be the heaviest offensive to have :
of heavy bombers going into the been thrown at the enemy In the
attack ,rind, as; Johnston puts It,MeirannUatth cpta
there has been no doubt what- Mediterranean thealtroe, the C AR
ever about who own. the T 'Watched for two developments: on, V
ever about who owns the Italir- the us of any geat number at l
ske. "] American troops In the area of the C N E
New Moveoffensive and two, the success of
SNew Move Came After ai~v tactical bombing.
Extensive Regrouping Hitherto. American forces were in aid of San Juan R.C. Church
centred chiefly around Anzlo andi
LONDON. May 12 (Reuter's) mnliLary observers noted that their
The new Allied move came after Presence in new areas would Indi- TO BK HELD AT
extensive rerouing o the AllIed cate major advances. Bombing tac-
extnsve egouing of the Ali~edtiswrunesrellceth y
armies and livoyvna the switching tis wre under surveillance chiefly
of Eighth Army divisions from the becartse of the criticism after the THE T T AT A U A
Adriatic sector across the Appe- ruing of Camino which was : T RITZ THEATRE, SAN JUAN
nines to the Flfth Army front. The bombed so completely that it was:
movement was comp'!etcd according rendered almost impassable to the :
to schedule in spite of bad weather entering land forces. ON
s and difficult country. ,- = -
e. Reginald Beckwith, B.D.C. cor-Marag G Tuesday M ay
il respondent who is with the Eighth io16th M ay, 1944
o Army, S'ays that the move was
y completed in 48 hours without the Rit tm in AT P.M.
enemv knowing a thing about It. RigLh To Remain a
. Our land patrols and air squadrons Lision to gi h it t
r. saw to tiat. Legislation to give the right to
Saw to that.
SGeneral Leese, the Commander- stay in the Colony to any female
e in-Chief of the Eighth Army. spoke Immigrant whose husband is a Front Seats .. $1.00
y to war correspondents about the person belonging to the Colony Is
Snew Alied assault before the men in one of five Bills given first read- : House & Balcony - .50
Sent into action. He emphasised Ing in the Legislative Council yes-
e that the enemy's defences were the tcrday morning.
A strongest the British army had en- Normally immigrant labourers
countered in tihe present war and are compelled to leave on expiry TICKI:TS obhtinabilr by ringilng Red House--Mlsf Deo Sources,
g success would only be achieved or determination of their contracts : l ih ., n
* through a series of hard battles, of employment, Mis K. Smith, 13 Firt Ave., San Juan.
Godfrey Talbot, B.BC. reporter, Other Bills given finst r'rtdlng
who is also with the Elgh:h Army were an Ordinance to modify the
listened to General Leese giving application of the Rent Restriction Spie hby courtesy of Slnah's Jewellerv 5.tablishret.
this warning, and Talbot adds this Ordinance: another to amend th.l
comment: "Th. troops know what Police Ordlnancr: a third making ..****."....."...................... ....'
their jlob is and it is just as well provision for relief front Estate
for listeners everywhere to realize .itnd Succession Duties in the case i"1"111""1"1"1111111""111"11 t1t1"" e
what it is. too. This attack is to persons killed in war and a
against a series of natural defen- fourth seeking an amendment to
lit" positions w which the enemy the Provident Fund Ordinance. =
holds strong:y arnd on which they I 5
have worked hard and long. AGE tIIT REDUCED
From Michael Reyno',ds the P B.C. LONDOTN. May 12 AP Add- B E E
eorrespondnlt at Allied Headquar- log man-power for the attack on i
ters. there is a description of the Europe. Britain has reducdI the
Gustav Line. Reynolds says it is ge limit of troops ,, eliibl, or
not as far R; otne knows anl organirgd iito-rosel~ii o and
nation In great depth, but it is sited overseas service from 1 years to 18
in the mountains and tlie eneony ears ad SIx months.
has had titne to embellish the na- B---
tural defences with a number of TT A V
artificial defences such as toocete ULLO W A
pill-boxes. The Lift Valley alid
other lines of approach where the ....--
going is rather better are almost MIs. Rhagmani Prithceslngh,
certain to have been literal daughter of the late Boodoosingh +
strewn wiih mines. Behind the (aged 0u), passed away from her
Oustav Line is another defensive beloved children an family at 1
position, the so-called Adolf Hit- a.m. on Monday, May 8. She was
let Line. the mother of twe sons, tour daugh- A Suprior \o
Yesterday medium bombers at- ters and ten grandchildren. U Arur ALot now
tecksd a number of bridges In cen- The ruicrl itoi, pil,,i frnom ter ia'e
trial Italy and last night RA k realnr1i M.tryat ltreetl. Mon Ri'a.
Mr-iH San Frrntiln. mt 4.3W p in of tht i ame m a p Aia
Wellingtons attacked the west d y The cortegre ended its way to n u All S e
coast ports of San Stefano, Caunbi- 1a8ma.,'har Prehyteritan Church and opened u l izes.
nil and the port of Verio on thence tr Paradise Cemetery. The tIAt
island of Elb. rites were Performied by Re J. C. Me-
island of gbDB. ,., o .r / r p ir A ri
nonaild assisted by Any. Dr. J. A. Scrim-
General ClarkeL Confident she ,,l ,f thouin thir io her loving
Of Dest'roying Nazi. hueisnmd, Mr. Pirthee Narine Silngh. her
Children, Mrs. Ivy eumesuar Ra., Mrs V,
F). Ouitnarinr Wilson, Dickeon, Mrs. Chro.
Fifth Army Headquarters, Italy, Iln&" n teniahiuh end Ruby, her mother,
Ma 12lAP nrl Mr nopn kalla anodoosingh; her lo ins
hinthihers, asilner, stand Rartopsar cc oesu
May 12 lAP --- Genra Mark brhers. J'm I< nd noopnranr ko- I
SClark In an Order of the Day her- domeinsIh; her dear sister. Mrs. RamBttar
aiding the start cf the new Allied Mahmra1. Mrs. Osrar Knwiesar ald M rn
offensive in the Italian campaign n"Klaitii UNIhher ErandchiOdren, ons-in.
told the Fifth Army he was coni- lw nd ot her rel atI e.
dent "we can and will destroy the Amnng ir hose ho nti wrethi and KIRPALANI UNITED CO., LTD.
German aimis. nowters wer ii Iy and wiiin. Rut, ind
'Ycu have required the Gr Dcans lkon, Wilson. Marceline TYvunne nd
i th ans y. Oly,. Poul ant &, I .jn1 Chris and I
to devote more than 20 divisions yVrmn.: er 'rIrvingmtlier,'r elMr t Mrs.I 75 Queen Street II 18. Frederlak Street.
to the costly and losIIIR task of re- James BoodOnlyhs. Mt and Mrs. Rainou-
tarding thle Allied progress to thle tar Mahmir); Mr. andr t Mrs. t, K Bo st
north. I have full confidence that M'r n Ilo Mr A, j smadir;Mr JNewten,. t r 4sn iua[yal ul l|I|i iii|jj|jjlj |jl jij Hiii i
aa In the past men of the Filth end family; Ithe Mises Keiiy Mrs Sulltin -
Army will meet the tests to come Khan: Mr r (;etiaeau end th staff
as true soldiers and that with and Pupils of Sien Fernando C.M. School. ____-___--_-_ ^ ,- I
God's guidance and help, yOU will Mr Pirthe Narine Silngh. *nno itugh
press on to great and decisive vic- term and other retils ibegI to thank i i
torieS." thoee who tended the ne -- n
Reviewing th owreathsamarative lm" T d letters of rondnieno ind who
eviewingth"Iany Other wayy pymtatileed Wth theta
in recent weeks, General Clark ex- In their heremaement.

...You can spot it

............... lull






STalk Of Trinidad
llJ'WIUUO lUta en hme eapai to Archdeacon P. L. Iay
. M MKerry. of port-ofW4-Slpain, on the death of their sam,
Dmupt riUt-Commander Dave Merry. of the R.A.., In a flying
accident I Canada
f hWWSh been received by cable that Capt. John Permuy, of the
SRoyal Taak Corps. on of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Pernnmuy, of Lon-
tal who wa lnv alie home from Egypt, has been married in Lon-
doc M Wa Marnaret awcett.
Capt. Permuy met MIss Fawcett while he was convalecing in
hospital t in South Africa and she went to London to be married.
Oapt. Perauy hs a brother here. Mr. Henry Permuy, of Trinidad
Leaseholds, and a sister, Mrs. Elwin Mxingot, the former Miss Dts
.Permuy, of San Fernando.
3RROADEI2 A. 5. Mavrogordato. who returned from the U'nlted
State& and Canada a few days ago, gave an account of his busi-
.nea visit to members of the Chamber otf Commerce yesterday morning.
, fIL and MRS. E. J. MARSDEN received a letter a few days ago from
Their son, Kenneth, who has Just been promoted to flying offer
;tn the R.C.A.,. in Canada.
S Their other son, Gerald, who wa i operated on recently In New
'York for mastoid, is now quite better and has returned to work with
'the R.C.A.F. Ferry Command in Elizabeth City.
He hopes Soon to be trainlne as a pilot, but on account of his
ear trouble has to await the necessary permission.
ABOUT 150 employees of the US. Engineering Department and
their guests attended an all-day picnic, sponsored by the co-
,operative stores of the Engineering Department, on Sunday.
It was held at Manzanllla and was under the direction of Mr.
'"VirginiL" Hondley. Mr. Soresi and Mr. Eddie 0.: arranged a sump-
tuous lunch and a watermelon feast was held on the bealchi.
I swimming, sunr-tanning and gai.s. llciiudming hola.siwhce-throwing
were held and everyone had an enjoyaoic da..
Lleut.-Colone'l Frank Carey, the Coinni.iuig, Officer, accom-
panled the part.
'XtR. ERIC J. BOYLE. who .i s(foit in cmmind to Mr. S. H.
Beard in the erection of the Deep W.ter la.-hour S henie In
Trinlidad, and who has been, for the pas' f-w years. critef enilneer of
the Central Road Board, (iof Barbados, is now ;n Trinldad on a few
days' business lor his principals.
** C
MR. and MRS. DON CLARKE gave a ro.,,,ll party on Tuesday
evening by way of farewell to Mrs P.r Kf,irns. le fonnrmer Miss
Luclle Spooner, who left on Weditsdadv to loin her husband in the
United States.
Among the guest' wrre Mr and M, rs Ieie do r Souza,. Mr. and
SMrs. Vln Oonzalves. Mr. an(d Mrs. J)oe sipeppid, Mr ianid Mrs. ,ri-tie
S heppard, Mr. Bobbie spoone:r, Mis.s Shetla Oiirley, Miss Flo Sheppard,
Mr. and Mrs. John Carter and Mr. Russet LosAt s.
'* *
RfTJENDS are Ittvited ot attend a friendly ikc kil n'tlh to be
psyed at the Queen's Park Oval bet'cAen Me.n-. Hittii.s and
Company. Ltd, and A'o,o Stv.ii.-.lii)i in Sui.d.iv, M.iy '4, at
I p.m.
Light rfreAlhments. linludin< saiid'Asiri 1.s ,ii i b' :er'er1 free< of
charge, and those playing for H-' sitl. ar" Andre ,'oino',ver, who will
captain the side. Roddy Lltienpage. J Yatv'.,% M. Ai i.if"riL. .1. I. Camp-
bell. A. Howsard, P. Glbbotn, T. i.,:is, L. K:.ia,s. J. Canimpl)ell, and
V. Mouttet.
<* *
NT MR has been rrecrehd by i'lilo if Il"' h',h f a ,ais fit, Mr arid
Mrs. Ptiltp Mullilgal a' .;;r I ,k- s Ii,;,; il. N, w li'ulf rd. Mwis,
U.SA. Mrs. M illlgan I 0 iirmer M;- :'.i:",', Frinladf,% whio left
here early this year witt lir hl:,iii'a:id to ,i;i .' i' iit 'i. -
United States..
SIX Palo Sr'-O a',-onbobs and a ,i'.ol.dl- '. :,';it,<,,t ehooBl ;l Bar-
bados lett by 'piante on' Wvedt'sd'v to reto'in ; i ttmfe for the re-
opening after spnidin their I.':As!rr vra'.,;i AS' I hi ii'ir p aret'nt Tie'y
are Robin Pas elon. DaI ivi P;l>'( Pa ol . lii .: "i ("li: toph'vt i Benetit ,
Peter Lavlirf in, Kav White and .).iiti' ()t' o i'tt, h' -hr o I are
students o' the I/ RdPi hix.i So..e ,of 1e. ii 't i .' '1 -ri.. 'i tr
children take off
a C *
D ANE.. FRICOURT, t!!' Frnih ) I'. ',I *o t!-;":u in
Truil(lad ldity. A tainr ., it a ,,; r e. .-, .( : .lc ,ir': "tI, IF
81l t.htt a plant. t should e" T' t ia Iall t], I ne-.d I ;-:kil of alny
art'Ute in his fi);d.
Prr'violt ta hi) present 'i1'tr Ft- ci r,' "r 'itio i 'he Detroit,
Clvpe'ancl. San Francisco aiid N'w Yi.k i';i.:ht'.o.(>i' snuitli y
In Europe. Ericotirt w .< aidr!v ac'im>Rd and bi,'h N'tih aind
South Americo havt welcomed iiit Thlie i .'riit towir is his second
tin 1A2 America, and Trinidad Is induce fortunate to be included in it.
AI PRIAI.O DB BSOtA ALMUIDA. Npeciel rppresentative of the
SLloyd Bralileiro Steamship Co., %hi was h're on business for
his companv for many months left for pio- M.tiatdaav. Many of Ins
friends entertained hint before hil' departures.
PASSPIOERS from Pritllit Oujalia o,' T,"l'.l>v r.,, I'.. Mr laddie
Lewois,. champion Denierariati i, c ', t. t ,:ii, '0 i ikf iart
In the sports organtsed'l bv th'i T"iriad Ari.r'-;: A ', ':,: (`.it) 'to be
held at the Queen's Park Oal in Mayv 2o0 ad 24
T'IE new show playing at PFarco t t..S (i I 'le Iy.: n.f (;io"
S And produced by PO. Crharli, Pcili'r i- ii P i P ', ';!, 'fe.
thrf or four exeerpi from Ifo lmtri' s i ,, it ' 1*', '' t (' ; I' (of
Bishnp's High School.

An Eas To-

Fix Luncheon
e w alra a m4 to tim tat
lt* tteam U ti ttt~tt an )a -
gm8er nmioe. lut tbat Ia t fme
st e* Meepnc t u fact. Thbt
n es not help. Thu is tto Um
ifor action in tUe kiltehben.
S Here is a Hinctta menu for the
S. dar when gunts aM coming to
r I h sand there Is V097 ttUo tm
''*- *<** j r-I topreare the NNWt:
Lime juice cocktail
Stuffed melongene (en-plant)
Mr. Framn. De Sou s Almekld, lettuce and tomato salad
M Cheese, bicuits, cofee.
wb left to reta t lo a l0- Mammy-apple compote
Jmaeni ytetetrdy.
Lime Juice Cocktail
"Gowns Can our people aow two table-
spoons of liae Juice, two of orange
juice, two of a light yrup made
w D^ ith sugar and water, two ot gin-
Be Remade er-ale. Shake a other in
cocktail-shaker and pour in cock-
tail glasses containing a lijlje
Few girls are content to wear a crushed ice.
wedding gown, and put it away
with sa-het. Most of them Insist, Stuffed Melongene
on one that can be worn later, or
that may be transformed Into a Allow half a large melongene for
useful garment, each person, one teaspoon of cooked
This is easy to do if the dress ham for each half melongene, one
is made in a usable style. If not. of cooked meat or poultry, one of
then you can use the material for fine breadcrumbs, one or two eggs,
a negligee, dinner dress, or can salt and pepper.
have It dyed for some future use. I Cu the melongenes in half,
Satin is ways smart and lengthwise, and either cook them in
Satin is always smart and so hot oil or butter till tender, or else
satin gown may be made into your blanch tnem In salted water. They
kest Sunday dres.t, if you are clever must not be overcooked, and must
with the needle. Other fabrics arbe fairly firm. When done drain
ea'y to c.anvert into costumes for on a colander, then remove their
either daytime or afternoon. pulp, and put It in a sautA pan
______ ______ with either hot butter or oil, the
chopped ham, the chopped meat,
land breadcrumbs. Season with salt
I od /] ... s ...... pepper and bind with the eggs.
J Lf -l- ry Mixy all well, and cook for about
i 10 minutes. Stuff each half of the
Dance at Trinidad Counii-r Club. melongenes with the mixture, put
Dance at perseverance Club. them In a well-buttered fireproof
Cinema Show at 9.30 a m., De- dish, sprinkle each with bread-
Luxe Theatre in aid of Prltsoners' crumbs, and put small pieces of t
of War Fund. butter on the top of the melongenesI
N A S "Golcen Glove" Boxing Cook In a moderate oven until' Open-Air Thoatre, a golden brown.
Chaguaramas, 8 pm. I Mammy-Apple Compote
I Jumble Sale, Victoria Hall, S.m -
mFernando. Ingredients.- One ripe mammy-
| ern, apple. six ozs. of white sugar, one
Forthcoming Events teaspoon lime juice, two cups water.
Peel the mammy-apple removing
SDaniel Ericourt's recital, Pointe- the outer and the Inner white skin.
a-Plerre Club. Tuesday, May 16.1 Cut up in small pieces. Make a
8 30 p min. syrup with the sugar and water
Escor)t Repair Base 'IMrr-" r- iand, when it begins to boil, put
tut I cngagoie pat rv, N A Sn. g -1in the mamniy-apple. Simmer
inasumm, Cigaptiar.u 8 p1m es- gently for 10 minutes. When done
d.ay, NMau 16. ,ta pit the mammy-apple on a glass
A a 16. p dish and simmer the syrup till it
"Land of Calyp.s.o" riue. Empire,begins to thicken slightly, when
Theaiie, 830 pin. *lut.idtay, Ma, it is poured over the fruit. Let
16. sa,.d 'ill quite cold.

Radio Programme
t,.. ISWiO. ,SI.EI______ ~WV01
G 1. News
S'. ... I i! .lmnes Que Pass
.'. ik ,'laiu Q.;ariet t Press Thirs WV k
S ....... Yarns fur Yanks
r l1i)tr!e .M5 i ac ;eruta Hear. 0 Israel
.s i'.'r,.,na] Ail'um
i Birn Ddanc Harry James
.1.1 .'%e, & (.'* jt, !:,: y N e wl
:00 W.I. Diary, N'letltr Net.a Morgan Brsie I
15S ....t.... .ock Report .... ....
:6 0 .... 0L Jounl Music We Le
\; 1 BBC3 Orrthx'irn .... .... ... ....
.... NNe Hit Parade
H .;.,t Mall Bal..
11 'r i i l T, .in i..ii H t Parade. National Barn DIane

9 ",1 ,\,>,
', m:r T-.,,'re iir~lh
J) ,:

r.t'-. k R -! luirter
iF-'tt[ r Bri.e

I *


TODAY-Coutinuimg Daily-4.45 wnd 8.45 p.m.


...LO .17
SThDAY, 4.4" Ad
.JBK|mtlml O ve r the Wek
B oval

Pe aiIB nucmd

P^H^ K 1'uitdW
^^SU~~t fll h. w~luA

..EXTR .

GLOBE--San Juan.
Today, 5 and 8.30-Marsha Hunt and Alexander Knox t
Extra: Community Sing- British News.




LI.ain Rhthmn
Oi)o Nght Stand

S .. ......a .i. a.. N.'s ,Niht 0 1 Club
1 0 _,_ __..M....' ..
., v r P pi,) s'Ireet wocturno
Ni i. Nf i t he ',otw are In- s,\ en ni'e daily at 5 59 p.m.


- |
= =

I i
Im i



In Gypsy Rose Lee's
? ? ?

Scle Wtis problem at the
ROYAL, 4.45 and 8.4'
Daivy, 0ten )ou see the

Today, 9.30 a.m.-


Lady... I w

of Burlesque
From tUnited Artists. te

BO Y TONIGHT, 8.30--
Today, 1.30 p.m.- and Over The
I-CAN THIS BE DIXIE Emily Bronte's 9
Today, 4.45 & 845-Indian Film
~__________JOUAN CONTAIN
G A 1 E T Y-San Fernande., ',
Today at 9.30 a.imn.-Double Programme- -,
TODAY, 5 and 8.30 p.m.-Spectacular Double-
.................... ........... ....... ................. "..... .. ..... ..... ........

PdA;?? ),I 1:J itMETO F1:o"..r-' \COU rE
S (^ e P'S PUFF 0 *'^






"' .....................................-............ . ......-----............................................ ..- lJ lI~ ll~ lll lll~ l Il -. iiiii iiiiiiii iiiiir. iiiiHI iii ii ii ii|iaiiiinimfll n iilll iiiiiiH m ii~lll lll
TOOAY &. TONIGHT:- TODAY at 5 & 8.30p.m. TODAY 1.00P.M. MATINEE l
Killer Double:- Indian'Picture:- -"DUST BF MY DESTINY" & I TODAY 00 P.. M.
a4.45, 8.30 P.M.:- AGNTINE M1
Sun. & Mon.:-iXN OUR TIME Humphrey Bogart, .
-A C"'***""."........... ....a.. ss.". Ingrid Bergman 4.45, 830 P.M.:-

TO at 8.30: or SALE i Bei. o. Henrie THE GAY SI
Warner Bros. present Dv SALEa S
Errol Flynn in:- a. Modern Home nd-
Northen Puruit ia* 'Modern Rome: i( *1 km tt %
Northern Pursuit FURNISHED : Voam WV Humphrey Bogart, KaiM
with: Julie Bishop & Gene Lockhart "1
Including Fridge ond I AALL THR
Extra-Emile Coleman & Orchestra nldn Fig n i td ALL THROU
Tomorrow:-Frank Sinatra in:- Electric Stove V V THE NIie
HIGHER & HIGHER" "Lovely and Healthy _______
S Surroundings" 5 '
ST. AUGUSTINE .._ -----""

hn^ oue alone ARINA W WOODBACO9
b B. House alone TODAY 1.00 P.M. iKSi
m t SO-a.rm. i G aII Easy Payment | W.B. Smashing Double! "Nick Carter Ma.t
ol um 1ls, ot, f Wa TrBmiono.wl l N.B.-A Real Big Opportunity :-
optrn le utnfIt ad (u" Mrie. o Contact-For Full Particulars ACTO 4.4q e oo *
twea ith United Kingdom andtheu BrItint, oic-o m l aiars : A^ IM ( A & i
Wet in" ea. stia ouiona &aWi L.G.T. ACTI N in t, o erry colony, A,
9 i nl a M tt"U s n o A w t o I s .*''"i G i m a

misses, go. .. HUe. a G co. ro s9-Of.8 39, Charlotte with Humphrey l&~ar&, ON PA
Over 19 ~ uRaymond Massey, Alan Hale~
r. n. n s. n.-, .4,. Over 119 Properties and
Fey Sale r.d
For Sale F i rranchot Tenst A1W
ALLED MInRAN th.e Lt with Cral. Stevens,
NAVY CLUB:Having sold the farm build- TO
I C B tlls* sad farm lands of AVieiUU IIIHIIIIIIHIII IIHIIHB ilIUII ittItMIUilIIMi
FOR NERCBANT SEAM : "M-ost Farftn" Dairy. Santa -g
OF ALL THE L'NITW- Margrita HII, St. Asttine,
NATIONS, *together with a small part of P7- --
the effects, supplies an some i Il mSan Fern
MiT. ANN'S ROAD livestock, the balance is there-
Sfore now awilable for sale as: TODAY at 5 & 8.45 p.m,:-
St y Ma 26Head of Grade Holste n THE CROSS OF LORRA |
Saturday, May 13 battle (all sties and ages), 1 METO YN MA PRESETS
atuday M 13 Y: IMule and Cart. i Donkey and METRO GOLDWYN MAYE RESN
R 0 X I N' G1 oeCrt Stocks and Supplies, (.*-...<*1 jre N
N.t and Spes,: (Pierre Anvient and Peter Lord")
CONTESTS : Poultry, poultry wi-e, and poul- stating Thursday 18th: A GUY NAMED
: try hous-s. Starn Thuday lth: A C T ""
S Rounds of u Mian. t Eah. Thae a n6m66 "ay be amen at -
rhe management invites all an t tta Mr-aiita
interested men of the Mer StR Augsetne.
chant Navy to come forward ;: lo forth tnormstton anda Ig. ..
and take PartM Names and Flo-. Comse m cort N1aE I -- Sai Nn Fer
weights m ay be i n the M a nA -t 9. .m. P
r1hlb Steward, DA at 9.3 a m.
"GREEN HEMe" Iles Featfa,
itthernission o oi T MIDMGHT "INTIDDGT ,L/ M
oil tae uBo'ard ofCntrol te a 1I.*1U P 1 .:- -"SIX LESSONS Ir, ,
Boxmg Board of COntroL n 11 T r I and"WVIMN THB r ":
O R L*.St. *154,**, a = IL.44.4T&eL3.. 6I.E U O P.M .e n f
Cwbtelef HOM t ", r0MT "I ..O. ,M .:,-
*~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I ' - ^ ^ i ^ M * * * * * * * q e g ^ ^ ^ ^Ml 'i 1 '' ^ H



r- hM

Invincible Match Concludes Today

LMatches Expected Casuals And
Met chet Ewe

Decided On 1st Innings Benbow Tie

amid nuldb"= at will hold the keenmt o a
so as am e wat conhi today. MNy tel Maroons Score First
s W ra in a a Ws. m t <, "bilkd ast But The N valXI
St p may be the der of play. ut The Naval XI
Ei hatvem may a todhe- Equalises
uA p th e Mth ,.nbow in one of the concluding
then dec la Re m in ockCyu knock-out fixtures of this
1i"Vo) "" Jn tinRt.e sU p week [ 'held Cas&ls to a one-all
bsdroppen d a 6e- draw in a thrilling match at St.
when their tal- James yesterday afternoon.
WSl =a teseu le Reiffie Knowles, In a Same of
it etn------ f aming excitement, earned Casual'
51their plenddid Trinidad o din oCren e.m odd goal, while inner-left A. Brown
S e ^ BAN NANDO, may 12.reeenotched Benbow's equaliser.
Wl add hef Rour Ma y 12Thee With both Benbow and ssusls
f i tofrVe mor e urs wich wamuterishe ut forwards sharing evenly In the
toal past St. fixtures which were washedou
l bh. in me. the defence: wes greatly
Score of 100 by 4 rain on Saturdady will bein e, t dee wer comblnatlo
antesraeyo today, while the othei onines pressed, but kept the combinations
fistinigs dIn this fif th rounded n. from piercing their citadel.
Mher first fonis, a lnbet we U "* d The keepers, Warner and Htcks,
tB ck the "Sanout-" for l ,ho and bMidkex s atts sved well, and were chiefly respon-
to s re tn out- ollGateboald thdespot'ig tible for no scoring before the in-
wieth four Gteam aoal d t re sotigtterval.
O We bowlers took d. four tes a a l The resumption saw another ding-
tbOrea-AffeetedIna keen struggle for champinsdp dong tussle, but Casuals from
m arched back eighthonours, and as their mets long corner got off the mark, as
for a mere 79hae been reduced to two days, play Knowles at centre-half billeted on
forshould be of a higher interest. Kowle. at central billeted on
Swill have a hard The fixtures are as follows:- Benbow fought hard to equalise.
a outright decision. Promenade vs Leasehods at but for a long time remained a
t also held the sway Pointe-a-Plerre. goal do s their attempts at the
Bnre tn the East Middlesex vs Toll Gate, at Skin- goal down as their attempts at s he
and byhgrndth n-etOer Park. opposing goals were smashed.
miad by = In- I w ll From one of the N viy men's dar-
bI Bideahi, boosted the Goodwill vs Naparlma at Hoe- big raids, A. Brown, inner-left.
n to 54 for the loss of pital. O .. .. ....' notched the equaliser.
The Pollce-Oriental match will The umpires were Mr. Eyre : d
men hold the upper- continue at Skinner Park 1. The Mr Lusted.
today East Indiana awe over-week scores a: Police 75 The teams were:-
an nning lacing. runs for three wickets. BENBOW.-D. Hicks: 3. Jarman.
I at present are as fol- .= Scott; E.- nes, S. Pc-i., Allan;
3 icb 7 fo 4 gW. Chambers, Murray, Yates, A.
S ble 7 or 4. r h n Brown and W. HSward.
4 Queen's Park "A" 157 a*a|aah uI 'o *. CASUALS-K. War A. Gon-
R u salves. E. Scandella; T. O'Brien. R.
or 7 v Shannon. W i By Six Runs Knowk, H. Worme; T. Rochford,
CkLb 144 for 7; St. Trinidad guardian Correspondent. K. Laughlin, E. Esplnal, R. Rod-
LA BREA, May 12-Brighton riguez, and D. Scandel',t.
V for wickets; Queen's Cricket Club registered their second ,
T ~ * Avictory in the St. Patrick Cup
eBast Indian 54 for 0. competition on Saturday, when rAL
te second clams divi- they defeated Forest Reserve CC. T T HO
lade today, by the narrow margin of six runs. T H
Playn on the Brighton Recrea- r -
1 tion grounds, the Foresters were
d-ian Xl For only ab;i, to muster 77 runs in their ports Sunday
first and 86 in their second in- ----
Selected ning; E. D. Kokeram top-sco.-ing Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
hiAV be" selected to with 23 runs to his credit, H. Grant LA BREA, May 12.-Forest Re-
hIn the annual 14, H. Scaly 10 K. Ramatall 20, serve Cricket Club will bring off
t Indian fixture for the j. A. Small 13 and S. Gilkcs 11, a cycle and athletic sports meet-
to be played on Q.R.C. while Georie Thomas, promising ing which was originally fixed for
orrow starting at 12.30 young fast bowler, bowled four Sunday last, postponed through
wickets for eight runs and two for heavy showers of rain which ren-
( l p tookram, J. Jackblir 5, W ue3 fo r an 2 f ar- The big item on the day's pro-
M. lamath Stahali, ner for 14 and 2 for 30, gramme takes the form of a grand
NiackhLm, Vishnu Brighton scored 83 in their first 20-mile open walking race from
Rickh, R. C. Vishnu and 26 runs for four wickets in the San Fernando Library, to the
ioln committee corn their second innings. Skipper W. recreation ground at Forest Re-
IrUekhi (Central East In- Samuel hit up 21 runs in a grand serve.
H lMahabir and K. Rickhl fightinR knock W. Ramjallacksingh John Asche, champion long dis-
East Indian), N. Sook- 19, D. Pujadas 13, and Clayton tance walker of the Colony has
Dinnoo (Invincible). Lynch 16 not out, while J. A. Small taken entry, and with many other
a- -- who is still a terror to batsmen, prominent walkers taking part a
i on Committee bowled devastatingly to capture four ding-dong battle for supremacy is
wickets for 25 runs, and two for expected.
Monday nine, and H. Orant took 2 for 4, This event starts at 10.30 a.m
There are two "A" class cycle
wil be a meeting of the C. Supersad 2 for 8. A. Alexander events on the programme, which
ILeague ricket Commit- 1 for and E. D. Kokeram 1 for topnotch cycle aces wll be com-
ay afternoon at 5 p 'm. 13 runs. peting.
|reifentatives of clubs Brighton will meet Cruse Oil- There are other events that are
to attend. fields O.C. in an important en- confined to "B" class and Inter-
of Essex and Spar- gagement In the fourth round of mediate riders, and also employees
'.P..O., and Metro will the competition and the teams will of the Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd.
:, and the team for the be as follows:- JIn the athletic division, there
tar in August will be Brighton-W. Samuel (captain), will be an open 220. 440, an 800-
17 H. Oloudon, W. Ramjallacksingh, J. yds. flat race, a medley relay race,
lPemberton, president Hendrickson, 0. Thomas, T. C. and several other events that are
will preside. Garner, J. Weeks, D. Pujadas confined to the T.L.L. staffs and
Cr. Lynch, J. W kee, D 0.P andk their employees.
lC. LynchFnl J. 3Our,. Noel a The day's programme Is being
Final eorge (captain)Fixed Ro.held under the distinguished
Cruse-WEelased.yeorge (captain), patronage of Mr. A. X Ruthven-
I mday, ]. 17 $.7 Heath, S. Samaroo, V. Harcha- Murray, General Manager of the
00patMe-Malvern BData ran, L. McCree L. Oelestine, 0. T.L.L. and a substantial portion
la the Northern La.i1'' Roach, P. McAllister, H. Daniel, of the proceeds of the function will
eoapeWion will be A. Reid, B. Rostant and L. be donated to the Win.the-War
$ ediaday, May 17, In- Mathura. Association.
I& ~ atroon. -^----- ~- ~~- -- -- ---


iag of vemcie. ...not only .ts you CLEAN

0 publI Is hereby notified fr
eehplates (1 v for hen Take a fellow iko, m te! rm on the hop all day.
l vehicles have OWct My por get fUll of dirt and grime .. And I
I Sd licesnes In respect of pe'"plny hn ahI s dr
S will be issued at the P pi" Plnty. Whe I bathe, I us Odex.
UN U from Monday. i5th Yes, the active lather of Odex Bath Soap cleans
Ms pore-deep and leave you feeling refreshed and
GM LTURAL cARTS relaxed ... It's id erW nte
0=1 VR mS.


Town Clerk.


ba.,v Ltd.
I The


Co., Ltd.


NY Of lie WSJ


The death of Mrs. o6ikhaniingth occurred
at hoer residence n PTlday, Mai. au m
we& bUrleJ tt 4 p.m. on the tfoWlrfdo;,
The deceased, who was a very llfaithful
wife and good mother, was ill for manny
weeks and Just a few days before bhe
pased away had the satisiactlon of re-
ceiving the Sacraments and blessings trom
the good and devoted Rev. k'r. Ilattiles,, P.P.
sbt left to mourn their loe her belovol
husband, Mr, Sookanstmring; her sons, J.
Anatiangh (Police Constable). Ramsarran-
singh, Itamanslngh, siewearransingn, Nicho-
las, Harrlpersadstigh and Kylasingh; her
daughters Rita and Mrs. Paragg; her sis-
tere, Mrs. Aida sellx, Mrs. Matilda Maraj
and Mrs. Zita Pens.
A very lmpresive funeral ceremony we
performed by the pariah priest who, ac-
companiled by croas-bearer and acolytes,
headed the procession from the house of
mourning in Calcutta Settlement to the
R.C. Church. Asslstlng at the choir wele
Mr. Charles R. Cult. Mr. J. Junor, Miss
Dulcle Tyrell, Mrs. Laura Thomas, Mrs,
A. Chancellor.
Wreaths and other floral tributes were
received from relatives and friends.
Among the followers in the procession
were the relatives aforementioned, Mr.
Lionel Chunismigh and Mr. Barnes Pragg
isoni-in-law). Marian and Rtamraee
ldaugbters-ln-law). her nephews R. M.
Belix, Felix CaUlcharan, Leonardo Callcha-
ran, Joseph Mature. Hilton Mares). Ranm-
keesoon Maraj), Mohan Ramoutar and Jal-
scerlinghi; her nieces Mrs. Elaine Mehabir,
Mrs. Philippea Ramdehal and Rajo Mohan:
her hrothers-in-law Mr. SookdeosiCgb and
Mr. Beenatialng.
Among the tuany other followers wcre
I. Khan, R. Ramdath, E. Ranjit,
J. Bennett, NarlneJit, Juman, N. S.ugrim.
I.. Lawrence, 0. Wajad All 0. UMohamnimedi,
It. Ramdtial, John Bruce, L Lutchman H.
Ragoobar, B. Mulchansingh. K Thoma.,
Rookwab. Doordath. E. andiford, R.
Nancoo, V. C. M. All, I. Alibakin, R.
Boioban, L. Mobamed, Pooran. Coorslngh,
M. Hossin. Chltal. D. Ramkelrawan, Jadan-
singh. Jal-Pew.-ingh. Teemal. I. Harri-
baksh. Mr. an Mrs. Smith, B and L.
l)urga. K. Thomas., D,. Mitchell, Miss
Haildare Maraj, Mrs. (eeran, Mrs, Ram-
ilanee, Miss K. William, Mrs. R. Roherts,
the Misses Rriuce, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce,
Pratries Bailey and Miss M Divid.

S .1

Fleet Defeat Caribs 30

In Hockey Knockout Fixture

BMding this week's hockey knockout fixtures, Carib s in a sfast game,
were eliminated firom this tourney when at St. Augustine yesterday
the Fiet Air Arm "A" squad handed tem a 3-nil beating.
In a gam of numerous free- -
hits. Lipacombe, brilliant Inner- The umpires were Mr. StuI
left, highlighted play by regisa- forth and Mr. Potter.
tiring PFleet's three goals. The tearw wre:-
LErAIR ARM.- McDevitt;
Altho. gh the airmen succeeded Orfln Allner Barry;M Mdevt.
In piercing the citadel twice be- g r eM. Mearie;- lakesbw
fore half-time, it was a see-saw Nicholson Uncombe and vort.
game in the final session. OARIBS-Mouttet; Collier. Mel-
Lipacombe, with his usual fast ville; : rkter, Wardropper, Milne:
flick converted a pass from Corbin, Campbell Anderson. Boon.
Nicholson as he eluded the sheppard.
backs and had Mouttet. goal-
keeper, completely beaten for the
Carib, at this stage were ot In up Presentation
their stride, and with great diffg- rr Ct I
culty a getting past Milner-Bary or u
and Grign, the airmen's backs, Carded For uInday
they shot at the nets In vain.
Just before half-time, Lipscombe The ci.p and primes won in the
duplicated the score, as he beat recently completed tournament of
Collier round his back with the the North All Fours League will
ball still suspended In the air. be uresentedd at a function to be
Mouttet who had advanced very held at the Eastern Recreation
far out to intercept was beaten, Club, St. Joseph Road, on Sunday.
and with the same movement, the Before the presentation whichI
fast thinking UIpscombe stoo'. is expected to be made by Mr.
and watched the ball as it glided Pelix OrtMffth, a match between
in the open nets, to out two goals the champion Eastern Recreation
to Fleet's credit at half-time, and Club, rnd a team selected from the
leave Caribs still at nought, other clubs which took part in the
Fleet with the same sparkling tournament will be played.
aspect dominated play for the Mr. Roy Jordan, vice-president
major part of ihe second half. of the N.A.F.L., will preside over
On the other hand, Caribs' the function.
backs figured prominently in the Prizes to b; distributed are
defence, and made futile much of awards for the champion club,
the airmen's combination headed the runners-up, the most out-
by the impressive Lipscombe. get- standln' pair, the most spectacu-
tine them off-side very often, lar performance, the best table
The defence constantly worked record, and the most determined
and with methodical distribution club.
by centre-half Hildred. the for- Winners will retain the cups
wards found loopholes in the won permanently.
opposing defence. A new invitation tourney is
After a hard fight, Lipscombe planned by the NA.F.L. for June,
with three minutes' play to go, and anolications must be made
scored the third goal ,lth a high before May 15.
beauty shot, as it hit the inside The Rest will play the follow-
of the upright and landed in the ing: -D. Maloney (captain). J.
nets Francois (Just in Time); R. Small,
With two minutes still to con- V'. Panflet (R.A.'.); A. Turner,
elude, Caribs got on top, and C, Joseph (Savoy); A. Brown. W.
caught the Fleet backs napplng, Cox (BlaIck fagles): A, Carter,
as the forwards headed bv Boon. C. LeRall (Western Star): G.
led two daring attacks to take Stephens and G. Springer (Trinl-
their defeat with a thrilling last- dad Guardian).
minute struggle. ___.
A pass from Baker created a
scrimmage in the airmen's circle, C ie V tue "
and oon. Anderson and Shep- Chinese Ventures "A"
pard tried their best. billetted. In Ladies Hockey Clash
flicked, and slammed high in the
nets, but McDevitt, who had no real The following will represent
worry in the game till then was Chinese against Ventures "A" in a
on the alert, and saved impres- ladies' hockey league latch this
sively their brilliant efforts, even afternoon at the St. James Bar-
Intercepting with his chest, racks:
Fleet made a big shuffle on U. Moyou; J Chan Aong, J.
their line-up and although they Thomas; P. Akow H. Lu-Affat
won, the players did not give a ('apt.), E. Low: S. Shirr V. Chy
good account of themselves. Pow, Z. De Silva, A. Archer, and
_________________ C. Williams.

Here are Some Scenes You
Will See and Hear in . .

being held under the distinguished patron-
age of His Excellency the Actg, Governor

in aid of Anglo'American
War Charities

Reserve Bookings at Davidson
and Todd.





PRICES : Stalls & Balcony $2.00 :: House $1.00

Space by courtesy of Y. De Lima & Co.

Ac 'I


1. '$Jew.,

t".A.Aft VIA',wRS -.6.1i

4t f







Equipment and Supplies

now available

108, Sixth Street,
Seventh Avesue,
1 P.M.
Inhtrubcd by Mrs. R. Hart we
will sell all her nicely kept and
useful Furniture such Is:-
Simmons Double Bed Slumbet
King Spring and Spring-filled Mat-
tres, Pillows, Sheeta, Towels, Pl1-
low.Cbas, Winged Mirror-Dresser,
Three-Oorn0r Soiled Clothes Bas-
kets, Btrip Carpets, Cyp Night
Chair, Hot Water Bag, Cyp Mir-
rored Hanging Press, MT. Wash-
stand. Toilet Ware, Spring Blinds,
Bentwood Clothes Stand, Crp.
Oval Dining Table, Dinner Service
48 pieces 6 Mahogany Dining
Chairs, Table Cloths, Crap. Side-
board, Tea Set, E.P, Ware. Nilr
Crap. Corner China Cabinets; Pyrex
Dishes, Pair Saman Oval Tables.
Coffee 7ttble and S Cane-Seat
Chairs, Meat Safe. 3-Burner Cole-
man Stove and Oven, Iron Pots
Pans, Pantry and Kigchen Cup-
boards, 2-Burner Oasolene Stove and
Oven, Enamel Pots and Pans, Mine-
ing Machine, Morris Settee, Chairs,
and Rockers, Settee and Chairs with
Spring-filled Cushions, Brasaware,
Pictures and Ornaments, Curtains
and Extension Rods, Specile lot of
Spoons, Knives, Forks, etc. Singer
Treadle Sewing Machine, One 365-
day Clock with las.s cover, and
One O.1. 5 e.f. Fridge.
At same time and Place
The 3-Bedroom Bungalow.
Items on view day prior to and
morning of Sale and terms-CASH
Boyd & Hutchinson, Ltd.,


64 Queen Street





FIRST DAY (20th Moy)
No. Time Event
I. 1.30 One Mile Cycle Race tNovicea)
2. 1.45 100 Yards Flat tOpent. (Heats)
3. 2.00 One Mile Cycle Race "B" Glass
4. 2.11 Long Jump
6. 2m0 One Mile Cycle Race (Itteralolasl)
6. 2.46 440 Yards Plat (Open). (Heauts)
7. 3.00 Three Mile Cycle Race (hnterm4dlate)
8. 3.15 Two Mile Walking Race
9. 8.30 Two Mile Cycle Race "A" Class
10. 3.45 100 Yards Flat Raue (Open). klnal
It. 400 Three Mile Cycle Race 'Intermoloulfa)
12. 4.15 Three Mile Flat Race (Open)
13. 4.30 Pive Mile Cycle Race "B" C(UMas ad Intemdlas.
S 14. 4.45 220 Yards Flat Race (IntaseolaW)
15. 6.00 Three Mile Cycle Race "A" ClUa
1. 5.15 80 Yards FIat Raoe (Inviatio)
S 17. 5.30 Five Mile Cycle Ra (I tercolonlal)
18. 5.30 Half Mile Relay (Colleges and 8eho*W

SECOND DAY (24th May-Empimre Dey)
No. Time Cw
I. 1.30 220 Yards Flat Rac (o me) uta.
20. 1.46 One Mile Cycle # t 14 ad Uea )
21. 2.00o Fiv Mile y RM (' WANm)
22. 2.15 Two Mi Qb Men ( tM
23. 2.3 0 40 Yards M ) PAs w
24. 2.4 One Mbe C CK aftww
U. SAO 40 TV 3016%an (i
26. 210 a a
2. 2.45 Half-Mils qif tdm
29. 400 100 Yardi 1*S h (I)
30. 4.15 Sa Mile e (3 and idWtmdw
31. 415 High Jmn (ope
32. 4.0 One Mile Plet UIM (ope()
23. 441 Five Mi Coeo ulsA. "A ClAm
34. 445 100 Tedi 1t M M (Oo1lu l nd Shl*a
21. 5.00 S araftot (Invitatho)
38. .lmm 1IM W o M x aNIrMmiSO

an tSa av. M ty I& Land 0Mli _B .! p l
nvltod. AddrM ISe.s to M 10 7 ,



^gg~Ag'^ &A-tt
^*"- ^^*^*ir ^jfi~~BHc.^~iBvL^^Sm







V~Yce af PropMecy

I- DL mSAM '

P.O. iUm 32L.Fet-afspea.

To Our Customers And
Te GenerMl Public

mvt e to 0n mbr no
31eulMm3Ss we are eesmolbi
a CsOs ar ri-i.enH
Its. ey. ftk MOn?
MAY (ilumie).

Hardware & Electric
Supplies, Ltd.
4 Frtedek & 11 an sty e.


and 418 Awe. of Verdi Ltob

Any offered or inquiries must be oddramd te
Mr. D. A. Laurie, Hindustan Estate. cb,

N..-WtM be patreflsty hbr uted Ia S&a afty t
GowMmunt ni"w r W f the Trde er LabW U iM-

Useful Household Lines

CHAIN BOLTS-3"', 6", 7", r
GALVANIZE HINGES 5", 6", r, 8r, IO
18c. per Tube.
SOAP PADS-6c. each.
MECHANIC SOAP-30c. each.

General Supplies Ltd.

TIWmDA GlT BhlATW.ATrMAT 19,144.

B 4F. i .*"'- -SWRNea shati jwii>j^_A~g^ __ -----I^^^ -7- ^mMJya------'I- It -wt< -*__.
I~~_ __ - sr^^ ^t ^^e^ ^^s- -_ -_
|)SMIR =an= 11,1i lama^^^ ^ ^B ^s' ^ S"^ I-, 11
.= l m- ... S5. .. I TOW 2...

R)K - tlB W + C-f -- -- 1011td 14 Pawu Trd B -- y ---- --------'--^---"'Y-.-' .^'--- "---- -"-- -- "------- Ih^ L ... JMm aai @I l-T~d 1jlw *t 7T a.m.I *Iqit- t +
81UtrA i''JAt ometo euAe+ g teA 1e.s ime. lOS ES qft WS
S^^SS-S T -1^,"^-? fialift%&^ W^" x I W^,."^ ^ to PI< ,A--- I"
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% l o 31Y rwr+LANREIcAk Aft.pplyof 12 J 01 RETUAT AN FOOD 'S "SERVI" CES AN er RepAIrS. ""'l~rnt n P"ne "y +l "i m U l1e zland m'" very c ~ti, a trup. ,,ii*mu. PROPER'ruii Arnt anl,, Dwelllnd n d Oe n Me llyM I 1
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VAITC PoT Ap r, k C RO I F, t B Mitter. Pos irt TSC l370 -.--a "E T TrEi. Ttrees Mn t; p rem a e a..2 _,_ Maynt $19 .0 per m ttes $350000 Take on e CartrsLt tle L ra e Mf r

'TX OAN RY STENOGRAPHE re. zar em nt Ring 7'r.14 '.. bA"i^ < ^ |^ ^ l H .~ i~ '',;.^ 1 ,. py .^ ."* ^n ;.. M S E LA EUl6L S Lks ,ti f l s !:ut. ^ a
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.^ S -^ = 1ICA. "Reader----- .^. '^ s;;,,f-rot. "Time,"^ ^ ^ 0 N U C ~ r Mx^ 19 os.Js b- Putt YOU.., Ikne^ ^ t o dg a y ,i o-Cro
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T PERT COK'-lAUDES S APP Re121 RE SS A-R-ft- er to \ It o Dry c -- ------- -- AMn R ith B..Lvlhoturt ar"n d alP3
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S J AIl o P21Fr.edr ck Street. M p i| 'to LTRO P ICNA .. ... i A n it ^ta. .. .. .. .R.l o TO Both 1 13.000

^ *^ .V ^ ^urpo;1Vincet l'ffe-1 Ph"^ rt"" .!. 1^ it, tnno'' SERVICE AND REPAIRS fou p uuktr twuses wit It)" wire ?,d runs. BA EV 417,500I~. P-.n 3,. - .----
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DOMESTIC SE a R-VANT l rm hc r fe r '' t ,1, JOS F'' ... .....EN IT. Exert .t~l'' o ve RAl ret) TWO H!O"an U SJ E Sn a,!.ndL AND al t 89 nM +on t p k i, r r, a nid xrupet on re Au,,nted a will ea oly '"' ine, S Cttoin-LPM a do b s Dressing Machin e s ,n

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SALEM AN f4 nr H ouse ol At icle. 11 Ii onl *\ p 1,ra. r,i init ., ul -l -^** -* - -- -. ". se f l.luk ~ a ,ng. 1 room N Vs TM N f .n .* ~ v i^ ,1 B ^ *^ ^ R W A, pantryB kit hl ando 40 1ie) C a a i n C a r 4 S m o s
tr eu lt. -+ M ay l i &ten A 14_ I Em .R ''" *"-'+r I ; ,, ," \ tR. i. ,y +i" ,hes1r r,0 -n'4Pa u t" 5" D U C K -.. . n.... p orl ,,t g j M1 r -- -

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'im u l R o A W y nd lt Ht"rt ",'' I>" < I1 ""*" ''. lu \ car e n i)C h ea.. i s-. i ,, ,. i m r ,i ~ a ^* 1 ; 0 a t > ^ l t >c ," e; .o i ao r X H < n( Bu u W S E R C ,ir| B K T.o l-
.it. d K,,o.u,. f n mUB d .1"', A U T OMO T % .... '* ,,-," ,''r. '1 .... ( 2.1 1" ; .... H .... -II,".8 ...... .... ... ".P. .....JAnS eO1 RO1M4. eneral m m pltin tWs hstn dswFr am eday
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?,* i nu. (o 0 2 r r t "*d 'i O- t I i 0r NE A " FO R SALE MISC ELLANEOUS SAL S Sgd E P
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CM e AND MAI D Appl y 6 n Poa. l~lp- 1 0 PiFr, ,, "w I 11.t'' '.. ,.,. 1, 1. :ITuifA, .ITU iI itAI .it ,"I 6 ,rin- I'M W Y-av2 DVEL IN HO i a AF.Cnri t E A M PneP. Bro wn 54-i ORd I X OerNa|the r~ional udi- Ta n s. Pe s u hilp Ra o, G rlAr- Mae 19 aI L 19i- o P hR ne, 41(,I. IS 6 -M T ty 0 -ilt idern htne n~lences standi ng ti.n_ p .-101T .N ew

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