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Trinidad guardian
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S-. .- .- 15c.




w Suffer leavy
I In Attack On

SII (AP) The
l unched as trong
Bi thWSviet brigt
Bi of~raspI onte
tDniester River
aocordig to
4 Berlin, but the
th attack as re-
vy NaI losses, while
.ameede Soviet hold-
lull continued.
Id northwest of Ti-
| trops repulsed at-
forces of enemy in-
tanks and Mnlcted
imen and material,.
-i O ur divisions
t skedIa bridgehead
western bank of the
deeply Into enemy
d mopped up
The Soviets
cauaties and lost
ison e r s, 163 g u n s
as wee asll as other
pIM took Tirasapol, on
of the Dniester on
immediately there-
ha bridgehead on
Its extent has
ted, but the front
S dmparatively quiet
three weeks.
communique also
German and Ruma-
ere tlUl hanging on
e tp of the peninsula
atopol in the Crimea.
Carried accounts on
Appearance of the
Btraun was announce'
Sreport declares that
spokesman said this
Wat the evacuation of
bOpd from the Crimea
behind a defensive
Sof Sevastopol.
u telling moving stor-
i th entry of Soviet
SbSevastopol. From
the population
9 2te victorious sol-
t$Vfs and bouquets of
stopol Russian bu-
t od hearing away the
fI A frontline des-
Arg Moscow says that
everywhere, out in
eried in the smashed

m marine Bou-
F topUoy blasted. Step
* been taken to uet
to working order

1r fte Reuter's) -
Wa German y High
d today in a conm-
'it will not be long"
Russians unleash a
0 eas front offensive,
MIbat "fierce" fighting
m progress west oa

nto noew Sosietis
communique, broad-
P-adof and recorded
Itoti-ni post, said
options of Russian
Niobserved at Various
lteeast front, fore.
imiet new Soviet
astopol, the commu-
jOrman troops, sup-
gInanlan forces, beat off
g by strong Soviet for-
Germans claimed 20
w ere destroyed In
r Dnlenter River oer-
covered by German
UP combat 'planes,
" a Russian bridge-
lveres western bank,
I Into Soviet positions
I Up the entire bridge-
culmunlque said. The
Coming to the commu-
10d "heavy" casualties
.600 others were taken

la Defence1.
W*Y 11 AP) The is-
10ondent of the "Jour.
V"Wsaid the Ger-ans
ay removing troops
and even Bulgaria to
Padefences In the Car.

.. Z24c.


31, 27TH YARU

Allied Body Ready

To Join Invasion

And Rule Reich

SOMZWHnn IN BRITAIN, May II (AP) General Dwight
Eisenhower has an organisation all set up and ready to march Into
Germany with his troops to take Over and run the villages and cities
of the whole Reich Government with a military iron hand.
This became clear to corre- '
spondents on a specially arranged Gallipoli Veteran Heads
visit to this training centre forBritain's Commandos
the civil affairs section which will
be Germany's military just as the LONDON, May 11 (AP)-
.Combined Operations Heaequar-
Allied Military Government If qtirters announced today that
Italy's. Major-General R. 0. Sturges
of the Royal Marines, veteran
Besides Germany, the civil of Gallipoli in the last war, has
affairs section is ready to been placed in command of Bri-

operate temporarily In France.
Holland and other occupied coun-
t-tes in western Europe, but not
as a military Government since
those nations have their own
exile Governments aligned with
A spokesman gave this out-
line of operations:-
Friendly countries-With the
combat troops, a civil affairs
"team" of 10 to 44 officers and
men will enter the village, pro-
vince or city accompanying a
representative of the exile Gov-
ernment which, In the case of
France, is General Charles de
Gaulle's National Committee of
Liberation. First. Quislings, pro-
Nazi collaborators, Vichyites, etc.,
will be thrown out and tnrust-
worthy officials Installed. To-
ward that end, Belgium and Lux-
embourg have already submitted
a black list..
Germany, which perhaps will
include Austria-Here, the civil
affairs as a military Government
must remain in control until
some sort of post-war commis-
sion takes over, meanwhile being
plagued with all the difficulties of
iberatLd countries plus the diffi-
culties of anti-Nazis in internment
camps clamouring to return home,
a youth movement schooled in
the Nazi doctrine which is ex-
pected to go underground, a
hostile populace, and sabotage.
Every member of each team
can handle every weapon assigned
to civil affairs. Including the
The Oerman problem will be a
simple thing Itf they can find
anont civil servants a goodly
number of employees who are
competent and trustworthy, even
though members of the Nazi
Party, which they had Joined
solely to hold their jobs. As In
Italy, their services will be used
although watched carefully.
Both Americans and Britons
train here under Col. Dillard,
former Assistant Dean of the
Univerltv of Virginia Law School,
who Is chief training officer.
Other Allied nations have their
own training establishment.
Formal agreements on the ad-
ministration of liberated Norway,
Belgium and the Netherlands are
almost ready for s;gnature. The
agreements are between each of
those nations on the one hand
and Britain and the United
States on the other.
[R-euter's reports that the or-
ganisation Is also known as 05
aid the officers have been drawn
from civil life In Britain and
America and include men with
experience in every aspect of civil
life. They are judges, town clerks,
lawyers, medical officers, engin-
eers and son on. Several thou-
sands of these men have been in
training for many months at spe-
cial schools here and in America.
The chief of the 05 under Gen-
eral Elsenhower is Lieut.-General
Groswich, a Canadian-born Bri-
ton, and next In command are
Brig.-General Holmes and Brig.-
General McCherry, two Americans
who did the same sort of job in
Tunisia and Italy. Plans have al-
ready been worked out to cover
everything they will have to do in
each liberated country taking into
account all the probable difficul-
ties such as diseases on a large
scale. shortage of food and float-
ing populations.]

rtant Changes In U.S.

y Organ isation Here

t changes In the U.S. Army organisation here, involving
jrt 1 of Army personnel and consequent alteration in status
Sbase headquarters from Trinidad Sector and Base Com-
5 0da1 Base Command, were officially announced by Major
. D. Patch, Commanding General, in a Press conference at
% 10terday.
the circumstances to reduce the Trinidad sector to a
e to the proposes, base command that will include
'Who has been chief Tobago and Barbados.
si alce March last Indicating that the proposed
'te fortuhwte turn changes were likely to lead to his
h taken in recent agfnmento to war duties in an-
t d the War D- other area, General Patch told the
-tect a onldemble tonferece that while he would
P igrriona not only welcome an opportunity to go into
bt throughout the active servide in the war sone. he
a2n strained troops would ertainly be very sorry to
or" vice in more active leve Trinidad.
.,. "I have enjoyed my service here
WS command, Tri- very much indeed and appreciate
Strategic, import- have rclved. It has been a very
i then n 11' duartem of intereting detail that has brought
taft a" far north as me vi uae experience, he stated.
t o CuraU',o andUn AC, -. t-
h^-omlanak. Tbei tr PLIKAGI TURN TO PA49 3. COL. 11

B~e" nch G,'ana wa*
fidunstered In two
%U Was L. w felt that
~th .entire ara could
by onz dprt.
result, It was proposed

h7 Of The War

.14 mamria

SpMal general meeting of the
T"inidMed chamber aof commerce u
to be held at M St. Vincent
Stret. Port-f-SpaIn at .20
o'eloek the *n to n ceve from
gadle A. Mavrodato
w ula i ntio the
matof relmciy to prueptntlet
o efH OM emitted In-
weadiag of the

tlin's comr andos. Major-Oen-
eral Sturges, 52. with a long
naval service, headed the occu-
pation forces in Iceland and
Madagas r.

Nazis Get


accomp-4ty the Second Fren
LONDON, May 11 (Reuter's
The Russians took over the 11
share of the Allied "war of ner
today, promising the nervous N
an Anglo-Am rifiai, cross-Chan
iminasion apd a co-ordinated Sc
'assault soon.
"While the German leaders c
tinued frantic efforts to bolster
home front morale for the ii
sion of western Europe, Mos
radio 'tipped-oT" the Nazis w;
the second front would be coni
treated and M. Molotoff, Soc
Commist'ir of Foreign Affairs.
cdared the Anglo-American-Rus
invasion would come soon.
"Now one may. say that
many's destiny will be decided,
pending on 1`ow ranldly the
dozen miles separating Dover f
Colais are covered," a Moscow
dio spokesman said in a broad
heard in London.
"Fortifications themselves,
matter how strong, cannot w
stand A vigorous and pow
ful blow," thi Moscow spokes
added, pointing out that heau
defended Sevastopol was eleed
owr RulantO in three days,.
At the same time a correspc
ent of the German Transoc
News Agency, who had rece
witnessed an Allied air assault
the German west wall fortress,
dic.ted In a Berlin radio br
east that the Axis :nvaeuon c
defences needed strengthening.
The German correspondent sp
of fuutre constructions on
west wall, pointing out that
lessons learned in the enemy
raids are being taken into acco
in the work.


Cocoa Subsid

Plan Approve
Variations to the scheme for
habilitation of the cocoa indu
contained In Council Paper No
of 1940 have been adopted by
Cocoa Board and approved by
Govern3r-ln-Council, according
a statement on cocoa subsidy slgi
by the Hon'ble Errol L. dos San
acting Colonial Secretary, publisl
in yesterday's "Royal Gazette.'
'Ihe plan calls for the use
rooted cuttings of the standard
the best IC. selections only; e
planting without shade or plan
at wider distances with shade,
Ject to approval of the C
Board; and complete replanting
opposed to interplanting except
special permission of the Board
It is estimated that a sum
$4,000,000 wfll be required for ca
in7 out the schemow. The sum
$2,700,000 would be spent on spa
regeneration and $100.000 on clei
Ing land at i10 per icre on "eats
with sound cocoa potent potent
ties." A reserve of $1,000000 is s
cated for "estates with soil c
sidered unsuitable for cocoa" w
the cost of administration Is e
mated at $200,000.
The fund, as amended, prov,
for a maximum grant of $333
acre. which includes $10 per i
for clearing land of shade a
cocoa trees and 60 cents for e
newly planted tree.
It is estimated that the funds
the board's disposal will be su
dcent to subsidize replanting of
proximately 10 per cent of
areas sult hle for cocoa, and a
cation of plants wml be r.t....
to this proportion.
No orovlslon has been made
witchbroom control, but the sum
(1.000,000. previously allocated.
been transferred to the fund
snecial regeneration' and for I
The sum set aside for devel
meant of those portions of esta
where cocoa should eventually
replaced by alternative crops
mains unchanged, but It Is props
to set out a mixed farming
grammn for those areas along I
recommended the Agriculti
Policy Ooomintee_ __
German Vessels
Routed Off Holland
LONDON, May 11 (Reter's
Ight forest of the Royal Na
bea std aC force of O*I a
atroll vessel Wd same Own
offf the DOut ast o
with torpedoes, s ay bew up i
aank $veral ad dmued two
the trawlsf with ufitre. TS
lrft loe bmWnln fisetl All
-rUt shtai = Aly


I by


Jap Burm

Losses Heavy

1 15,000 Nazis Killed
In Three Mont*t
11 (Reuter's).-The Japanese have
lost at least 15,000 in dead.alone
during the last three months'
fighting In Burma. These figures
dq not include the enemy loomes in
northern Burr# and of the heavy
casualties Inflicted by Allied air-
craft on all fronts.
More heavy Japanese losses
have been on the Imphal and Ko-
hima areas of the Indo-Burma
front. Since the attack on Imphal
plain began two months ago, 6000
enemy troops have fallen, In
spite of these heavy lossm which
far exceed those of the Allies, the
Japanese have got no nearer to
Imphal than the fringe of the
plain and they are being steadily
driven further from each point by
British and Indian troops.
At Kohlma, further up the front,
the enemy casualties are mounting
just as rapidly. Two thousand
dead have already been counted
since the recent fighting began,
3,000 have been wounded and 14th
Army men are steadily adding to
these losses as they retake poslr
tions round the town.
John Nixon, B.B.C. correspon-
dent, says In a despatch from
Southeast Asia Headquarters that
the Japanese fought with great
fury to get a foothold in Kohima
which would be a very valuable
position during the moneooon.
Richard Sharp, another B.B.C.
correspondent who is t Itimour
just above Kohima, makes it clear
that this Japanese hope to hold on
was getting fainter every day; al-
thouvh th" Allied troops were
handicapped by rain which was
making the steep hillsides almost
impassable, they are steadily wink-
ling the Japanese out of the vil-
lages they still hold in the
Kohima area. "Winkling," says
Sharp, Is the right word for the
Japanese have dug themselves In
and have to be literellv forced miit
at the point of the bayonet. The
fighting was so close that In one
village one half of the Dutch Com-
missioner's tennis court was in
Allied hands and the other half



The Pashr Gfoewi

itiibi' wiP- arbian

p. I
..* tl

. .. ..... ..uftv...... AWAAM .. . i i mill I I- 4 --

Vital Nazi Transport Systen

Gets Its Most Crushing Blow

Of The War In Heavy Assault

Bombs Away!

A stick of bombs goes plumetting down on the Important Ger-
man Mes-r.chmitt fighter 'plane factory at Weiner Neustadt.
mouth of Vienna, Austria, as heavy bombers of the U.S. Ith
Air Force sunread destruction thromih German nroduction

was held by the Japanese. plants.-(A
SNew Rent Law'
British and Indian dive-bomber.. e R ent J L a 1
and fighter-bombers hav again e For
supported Allied ground forces
with widespread operations agllart lU U For
oM.y ppr on a U (. ..hIl ,+=+,r+'''' --'++' -,.------
American long-pange fhtr s yes- H s E e
terdav flew dean into urma nl I I u iS
destroyed six enemy 'nlanes and IU 1 07 a
damaged others. All the Allied -
aircraft returned from these and Leis,%tlcn directed towards
other operations, easin. the housing shortage by
It is now known that the concen- enabling persons on temporary
treated Allied air attack against the absence from their districts to rent
Japanese positions south O e 'ter d c rn
nhal three days ago was made by their houses for short terms with-
the largest striking force ever sent oit fear o being unable to get
against a single target in B back into them is sought in a draft
British and American bombers sup- FilU cmlng up for first reading
norted bv Snitflres. Hurricanes and In the Legislative :Jouncil this
Lightning have completely blasted morning
the front area in which the Jjnan- The Bill seeks to modify the
ese had dug tanks and pill-boxes Rent ?%,striction Ordinance and
Ad.- mi- enable short ter.ancles of dwelling
C i houses and serviced premises to
( ne be created with approval of the
Ch1nineseAdmilt Rent Restrictlon Board for periods
I ss Of Ral ay not exceec,n, six months.
10SS Of a Oficia! statement of reasons for
O R w it discloses that it has been repre-
CHUNGKING, May 11 (AP).- sented to Gov-rnment that in a
rhe High Command today ad- number of cases persons who Intend

P photo).

IU.S. Caribbean Bases
Only For Military
ONDON, )M U. (AD)-
Lord Bcaverhrook told the
House of Lords today that the
West Indies bases were leased
to the Urited States in the
destroyer d2al for military
purposes onlv and could not
be used for civil aviation with-
out Britain's consent.

Dave Merry

Killed In

Air Mishap
Cable was received here yester-

mie t he lossB 01 e entire to reside tempora lly away from day announcing the death int
re- Peiping-Hankow railway and their .)raes a "e deterred from an airplane accident of Deputy
story acknowledged that fighting had letting the., during their absence sran
. 61 shifted to a point only six miles owing to fear that if they do so Flight Commander Dave Merry,
the south of Loyang.
the The Chinese communique said theymay have difficulty In eject- R.A.F. son of Archdeacon F. L,
Sto the Chinese forces had thrown Ing the tenant 'hen they wish tc Merry and Mrs. Merry of Port-of.
gned back a new southward crossing of return. Spain the "Trinlnidad uarin'
ni the Yellow River northwest of Un er the proposed legislation a p e ad uardian
shed Loyang and asserted that the temporary tenant who holds over understands. Merry was report-
Chinese recaptured Yingshang will te liable to a fine of $480 or ed in Wednesday's "Trinidad
Sof from which the Japanese had six momiths' imprisonment and. be- Guardi.n" as missing.
of based a diversionary drive from sides will have tc pay treble the Flight Commander Merry, It was
close north Anhwei. I rent, reported, took off In a dual control
iting 'plane for a cross-country flight in
sub- Canada on May 4, since which date
-ocoa m Gn Sur nothing lmd been heard of him.
as iamni ivven u rve The cable received yesterday
y from 'enbold. Alberta, Canada,
Indicated that the aircraft has been
found and that the missing airman
i of Ofi vjiada' G vreat W ar Effort was dead. 9 airmarA
ary- A memorial service will take
Ial o place at All Saints' Church on
eal. LSaturday, May 13 at 1i a m., to
ear- LONDON, May 11 (Router's) Mr. Mackenzie King, the Prime which David's friends and also
ates laMinister of Canada, today addressed both Houses of Parliament. As friends of the family are
tall- fml r n
llo.- he entered the Royal Gallery of the Palace of Westminster, accompa- vlted.
on- nied by Mr. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister, members rose to ==
., .. '.r '_"+4 Mr. Churchill presided over the li
ti-s thietad aehmagra ecm.Frigate Si k
S W ar W welfare Fund gItnheisgspeech of welcome, he2 U o
Redachei 1,9 spoke of Mr. Mackensis]King as 2U Boats
Fe Reaches l J7,319. one who had played an Unrivalled
mch part In the forwe march Of Can- LONDON, May 11 (Reuter's)-
at Brightening up after a poor ads. He was the representative of Two more U-boats have gone to
ut start the "Guardian" War Wel- a magnificent people and of a coun- t ttom o h o t t
;o. fare Iund went up by $129.30 try with a fiLture which no one underth bottomhe uns o thef north iAtinwar-
the yesterday in a determined effort could measure. shp under the of a British war-Spey.
Uo- to reach the goal of $1000 be- Mr. Churchill Wd that Canada, th f s
f, fore the week ends, with her 1100000 had In the first of these actions the
with her 11,0 0 W had g ade 8~e rppyeddepth charges and]
Helping to push the total up the heart oF the citadel f the S. f roppe d depth charge and
for from $17190.43 to 17,319.73 were tish Empire during the most per- orced the U-boat to the surface
Sof contributions of $10 from St. ous months in all Its history Ca. about 500 yards astern. The spay
has Michael's Priendly Society, $19.30 nadians had become a naval then opened fire with everything
afo from employes of Trinidad Lee- people and had contributed In a he could bring to bear. The en-
S hold, Port-of-Spailn Shipping D- noble degree to the destruction o ement lasted only two minutes
pertment, aNd a big donation of U-boats. In the air. Canida was =ore the U-boat sunk. Forty-
lop- $100 from Mr. and ACM. A. Lewis the home of the British Empire five Survivore were picked up,.
&to 1n110. and Oommonwealth-In the central Later the PSy contacted an-
Sbe The usaltion of the fund Is now organisations of air. Oeo-raphlw, other U-boat and again a depth
re- as follows:- .'nd other conditions had f'--"tated Cbarge attack brought the Ger-
med Prnviouly aekfiow lee ............ 1t1.3 this. man submarine to the* surface,
>ro- ysshass cta's ritwaM: .. bOWs UD first and at atp ang ile.
laos st.= I abI elandi Soslty .. 0
Mr, sad Mrs MAGNIFICENT P0PLE M The German primere from the
Ira ~ of Ts~aided Lsase. firstsubmarine wet xre kfez onueagc
Dp5t). 3 9 Canada has a future whichnone deck when the second attack was
S <.......... d may mesure Canadis are n opened. They ws how
TRINIDADO LAgsHOs l 0 l e s Canada is aand It was not lon before 'oe-
O ,, oO ., .k .) n k wgther the o hitby the frigate's guns
1.Gns.W Att-i als D. Gai. J.m ^iT "T-o ~ ~ "^'S
D. ilsoU. W, Attao D. OsiLt.M, wordi nd ew; which U e ht took effect
V ie &* V 0 vm vs. s, 3. l, t A m er ic an p e o p le vb V i t a ll y I s thet .
a A. o 5. I E. c. W , m tft weshall ourselves aiiua. in the words of Cow-
'Ltwo. mbt s. N, iase4e', 0 witO D..O., the cap-
la Ci d U rsk. : toS tid. byNoitlmad %in the bows reared right out of
man 111161111aUD it mer L ses" 0Mto*t Wakwra we trsn
dmm WhVVU,;;m1.oX'W se5.~: COfwedsis boUmd by eaced *auo. tle wtrand the body. sn
xVe th e _rf SoWftr a ,ndm h it with the l direct t rt ol
_________ the^^. otherf <0Bp*t andSe almS __' 5>rlr*y 11 *.-
ONandhad e aiter Icasualtles nor1
the !a fGintheP" waaofesu.t. udbg nd4"M ki
Sit ? wONt ommander Ormsbyw wa then
bMe "I ser 04 Qusm ut2119" ai In
VIM! 4effect hm 14 $Lbwer COMak when .h c4r.|
aoft r at 1131111 %A m O A .s us AltAb aark IIM I

15 Railway Centres

Smashed By 4,000

Allied Aircraft

LONDON, May 11 (AP) The Allkied air forces attacked Ger-
many's vital system of military railways with ap-roximuately 4,000
'planes which dropped some 7,000 tons of bombs today, dealing the
enemy transportation system its most crushing blow of the war.
---- -- 4' Fifteen large railway centres
i R highly import to the defence of
the Atlantic wall in occupied France
R.A.F. Brave and Belgium were under asault-
seven by a force of possibly 1,000
-Storms To Hi American heavy bombers and fight-
Sol rm sTo Hilt era which struck late this fter-
Under a canopy of Thunderbolts.
Budp tuaest of th Eight Air'~
Mus .mgs and Lightnings, Flying
BudapestP Fortresses of the Eighth Air Force
j- bombarded German-used freight
LONDON. May 11 (Reuter's) yards at Sarreguemlnes on the
British bombers based in Italy Franco-German border, approxi-
flew to B s at. ,.igh~mt a ately 300 miles from their British
flew to Budape last night to at- bases; at Saarbrucken, about 10
tack the hub of Hitltr's central miles northwest of Sarregumines;
I European rail system in that city, at Ehreng and Kron, both about e
milea west of Mannheim in "er.
and Industries located there were many nar the Luxcmbotrg border;
also bombed, at Brussels and ULiege in Belgium.
To get to Budapest the bombers and at the city of Luxembourg.
had to fight their way through It is *lssuimed that the bombers.
electric storms and heavy rain. caught the yards full of war ma-
Haze over the target arwa prevent- trial ready for moveinent toward
ed Eritlsh crews from seeing the any of the points threatened by the
lull results of the attack, invasion.
From this operation one bomber First reports from crew members
failed to return. indicated tl-,t there was little op-
Enfmy losses have not been fully ,osition from the Tuft-. iffe, al-
checked, but I. is known that they though flak In some places was in-
total at, least 13. tense. Ovrr most of Furope there
More raids by Allied bombers
followed during the day on a rail was an unusual heat haze tody
centre in Yugoslavia yesterday, and whlch addfd to the 'onbardierf
ont a bridge, viaduct and railways problems.
above the Italian battiefronts. Dn n SAS
The fronts themselves were quiet RAILYARDS SMASHED
again, apart from patrol clashes yaaders, in the third attack
ane some heavy5yS hel lg, of twi day hit taw at Chart& "
31.30 repOlt- ~ ~ rte wie'fvt
mrff%% Wtt&sS nesrrfl: ^S
umeat inthe mountains near the a 'IiM 5 ?v',
Adriatic seems to have ended. The schot in BelwgIfut. oth +tiaU
Germans have made crtaln with- tInd light bombers were escortedry
drawals and thie Allies have moved rIhundei bolts. .... .

This is satisfactory as far as It
goes, but Is of no great signifl-

Capt. Watson Quits
Caroni Board
Captain W. F. Watson has re-
signed irom the board of di-
rectors of Caroni, Ltd., according
to calle advice received by the
office of that firm In Trinidad
Mr. H. Alan Walker, a director
of Caroni, Ltd.. is at present in
Trinldpd conducti.ig the company's

TAunueruuibs lt iglnr-uiuomc m&
made another attack on rallyar
in northern France and Belgium
early tonight. At the same time.
Lightnings #And Thunderbolt flghten
swept deep Into Prance. No air*
craft is missing from these opera.
QUARTERS, New Guinea, May 11
mAP - General Douglas Mac-
Arthur's communique said today
Liberator bombers set fires on TruS
on Wednesday and other bombers
b'asted airstrips at Woleal Oi




SKilo Tins





300 Gram Tins


15oz. Tins

HERRINGS i n Tomato

14oz. Tins


'PHONE 4111







I..Sto rch--Ib. kt.

J Kilo Tins

B - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---
-------------- ------------ WNP~


@taSbSb darmitant

T331nA3 MUM O.,LT06
a S.viNcOmr SII',, fti*WTPpAIN


, 514 m 11 easW.. f 1 TMimlli I40ffi 5W4
AOPP @PI t BM. <01W) 0 F Avem, N.Y,8
EMRMo"M 4w Tw AsociATtO Pots"

FIDAY. MAY 12 1944

American Army In Trinidad

:Cuts Down Its Effectives
yrITH the war threat to the Caribbean

British autborttn m the O lines rIorted
In the "Tnriintd Guardian" ywkrday.
Docksite wMl be reined for higp
an~d klndrIf pmrpQ~, and~ the Ar~med
Forcem Radio Mat will probby be
trnuuferred there ftom St. Clafr; tbut the
shift In the centre of graviy which is to
be made is clearly of a radical nature,
the full effect of which It Is not easy to
appreciate at once.
Anglo-American association In the
military sphere in the West Indies has
been a fruitful one, and 1l its scope ts
now to be narrowed we can be grateful
that co-operation of the two great powers
is being carried forward in other avenues.
The Anglo-American Caribbean Com-
mission is lengthening its cords and
strengthening its stakes, as recent events
have evidenced, and whatever happens
about the 99-year bases agreement we
can look ahead with pleasure and satis-
faction to a permanent co-ordination of
British and United States endeavours to
meet social and economic problems in
the West Indies.

: largely dissipated and the second front _______
Mn Europe about to open, it is natural that
1ll the troops who can be spared from Stage Now Being Set
Ihls area should be sent tc more For Tw -Frnt Conflict
act' ForTwo-Front C nlc

;neatres were ineir services can oe put
,o better use. The announcement which
-we make on another page that the United
t-tates garrisons in the West Indies are to
jre considerably reduced will therefore not
3:ccasion great surprise, though some of
the changes In Trinidad may not gen-
rally have been expected so soon. This
olony's importance as a iefence bastion
Zor the Panama Canal has obviously been
diminishing for some time, however, and
2lhe faft that" the Commanding General
:ere IE to be replaced by an officer of
lower rank merely emphasises the length
=o which the process has gone.
SMajor General Patch, who came here
4n March last year, has ably carried on
--he good work of his predecessor. Major
^General Pratt, and has made a fine im-
pression not only by his efficiency but In
Xhe sphere of friendship. Few could have
-7lone more than he has to strengthen
-end deepen Anglo-American comrade-
'ehip, and when he does go there is no
Vloubt about the reluctance with which
Zrrtnidad will bid him farewell. To him
.has fallen somewhat the Invidious task
of winding up a large part of the Army's
affaire in Trinidad, but he has the com-
pensation of knowing that in doing so he
Is making it possible to strengthen other
military points whose need is now greater
than ours. Yet his work in Trinidad has
Included far more than just this, and his
duties especially in the earlier days have
been strenuous and exacting.
From being the most important for-
tified spot In the eastern Caribbean,
Trinidad now loses its identity as a sector
and base comniand and centre for the
control of neighboring bastions, and be-
comes a base command with only Tobago
and Barbados under its wing. This
change, which actually took effect from
May 1, is naturally to be the forerunner
of others. Army headquarters at White-
hall. occupied since early in 1944, arc to
be transferred to Fort Read Pt the end of
May and the building handed back to
its owners by June 30, by which date re-
ductions in the strength of the Trinidad
garrison are expected to be complete.
The St. Clair Cantonment is being given
up, though Its use for military purposes
Is likely to continue for the duration, if
the City Council agrees to its lease to the

THERL is no doubt that the most cru-
cial phase of the war is about to open,
for ihe land forces in Europe appear to
be marshalling, and the Allied air forces
c,-ntinue their nearly montn-iing non-
stop pounding of objectives across the
Channel. The question on everyone's lips
everywhere is, "When will the invasion
be launched?" For the answer we must
await the day when the storm will break
with dramatic suddenness as Allied forces
return to western Europe; but we can be
reasonably sure that the first phase of
the renewed struggle in the West will be
of greater intensity than any previous
great battle of this war.
The invasion forces are faced with
no easy task. They must not only land:
they irPst do so in force, and in such
force as to break the German defence
lines and allow them no chance of being
re-established. Then, too, the Allied
troops must be so strong as to withstand
and break every counter-attack which
thile Wchrmacht can deliver. For this to
be accomplished the Allies must wage
total war, which calls for bold strokes
and the use of the greatest possible
number of men from the beginning of
the operation. For the Germans to make
any show of defence they too must use
their maximum forces, for the parsi-
monious use of resources would make it
easier fur the invaders to land and estab-
lish themselves securely.
The battle in the West will not only
be a struggle between huge forces but a
battle with time, with the opposing sides
endeavouring to concentrate power with
the Lreatest possible speed. It is a fore-
gone conclusion that the weaker side
l ust break, but for some time the de-
cision may hang in the balance. If the
Nazis hold out at first they will be faced
with the problem of reserves, for the
limited number of these which they seem
to have available cannot last indefinitely.
In this respect the Allies are more for-
Gcrmany's chances of repelling an
invasion would be stronger if she did not
have to meet assaults at the same time
from the cast and, presumably, the south.
When the Allied offensive gets under
way from west, east and south the Ger-
man I".gh Command will be faced with
the problem of getting reserves for
the battle in the West which, rightly, is
its main concern of the moment. The stage
is ocing set for the two-front or three-
front war which Hitler has dreaded for
years, and which he knows will seal his



Letters I.

me. noaw".is kk' d

Thi esig a maie Rtns" e m en-e
Writer Sugga sts Pe..
For Better Housing

oThe. lMert in .he o nun ad
The autheoritietsof TrinidadIn
my opinion, ae responsible for the
housing shortage.
Blunder after blister Is Qor-
ilted by them,, m a nyoe of whih
would probably lea to change of
lovernament in England. in P=.0
tlcally all departments there hs
in mr oplailoN, bee an extraoedin-
ar ack. of eomprebensive reason-
Ing foresight and sense t rMpon_-
ibility In the Government and
lunilcpal advisory an= executive Three Allied chief were photiogrape as the ve the Ninth
ommlttees. Unfortunately, no mat- Air f.ore Fighter bes la Great Brilai dudtg am Ispaction tour.
er how unwise our officials or Left o right: Ge. Dwight D. Ei.heower, Supreme Commander
disastrous their actions, we cannot m i F.ea S ir TrLaffodl E tih .Air Chief;
Put them out. And, as they seem- M aia wis rereiAirChiefI the Midd1 e Ea t.
igly do not profit by their mistakes
because they need never suffer from _________________
hem, the country must continue
to suffer under theM
The Rent Board' only criterion W ork
f value appears to be the number eaOfficial Reviews Work
f bedrooms. I let a mall but ex-1
'n* iun^ ^O Second Anniversary
pensive cottage In lovely altuation A
o tenants wishing thingspn iSeec nUiversary
hlch I was supplying, as the Rent
Board knew, at present enormous The following article on the U.S.K.A. knitting section has made
prices, The electric light company work of the Women's Voluntary between 4,000 and 5,000 garments;
aiso presented what I consider a Service in Trinidad lhas been every officer and man of the Over-
antastic estimate (so much for sat to i by Mr. G. HI. Simp- seas Contingent was supplied with
development" in Trinidad or any son, Acting Presldemt. a sweater, as also the two groups
o-ordmination between Government of ATS girls who have gone over-
departments.) Again. I would have Totey is the second anniversary seas. Even the children have helped
paid it. But the Rent BOOrd set the of the W.V.S. n Trinidad, for it there is a branch known as Trinl-
ent at $201 Are we in the hands of was on May 12, 1942, that Mrs. dad Junior War Workers, who do
hlldren? John Huggilns, our first chairman knitting for the Red Cross US.K.A..
A two-room house stands empty (now Lady Huggins., wife of the and organize functions for the Red
because I know that the rent which Governor of Jamaica) inaugurated Croas, etc.
he Rent Board would set would not the movement here. On her arrival The WVS have collaborated with
ven cover the damage done by that in June,' 1942, the Hon'ble Lady the Red Cross in staffing and run-
lass of tenant; besides Which, once Clifford became our president. ning the Daljarrock Convalescent
in, I can never get them out again; The enrolment from the first was Home, which has been such a boon
he worse the tenants, the stronger very encouraging, and there a to our merchant seamen and men
seems their hold. I personally could now nearly 3,000 women through.- of the Royal Navy; WVS Home
elate almost incredible things done out the island enrolled in our ranks, W.orkers during the pest year have
y tenants to landlords since the Members of the Exedutive Corn- done all the mending for the R.N.
new law came into force I would mittee would like to take this op- Club and have replenished linen
ke to have built another house, In- portunity of thanking all Regional and chair covers and have kept
tead. I am selling one. Administrators. Group Organizers these stocks up to required numbers.
It has come to the point that no and members of the W.V.S. for Apart from these regular Services,
matter how rich the tenant, it their excellent work and support a number of special tasks have been
may be from black market profits, during the last two years, which performed by WVS when the need
e hardly ever pays a rent which has made possible the unity of all arose.
lows fair interest in relation to the women of this community aso- These Included a "Silence for
the abnormal times now prevailing, elating together mn work for the Safety" campaign in conjunction
Poor old women, who most corn-- welfare and common good of our with the Information Officer; radio
lendably saved for years from Island. broadcasts; running and staffing of
lteir pittance of earnings to build The-work of the Service has been flag days; helping with Infant Wel-
house, must go hungry because of very varied, and has included: (1) fare Clinics; book and magazine
ents put down by the Board. And Civil Evacuation, staffing Evacua- depot which supplied literature to
ulte obviously, the Board does not tlon Camps at Valsayn and Pal- all the Forces and incoming ships
onslder the total loss of rent for minste, Emergency Evacuation Cen- (now amalgamated and called the
months at a time frequently sut- tres. Rest Centres and T.A.R. Cen- Services Lendenr Library): helping
ered by the small people when the tres, and including C.A.B, and with Government Registration
enant gradually carries away his MAGNA and WVS First Aiders, Scheme,
elongings then disappears alto- (2) Driving (the trained Drivers During the Rationing Scheme
ether without paying. It Is too Squad did excellent work in con- this year, the WVS undertook to
often the decent people who are section with survivors, practice staff ten centres supplying 140 per-
horoughly discouraged, the worth- alerts and the Mobile Canteens), sonnel and distributing no less than
es ones supported. We seem unable (3) Canteen work has been tireless 31,800 ration cards; WVS also did
A strike the happy mean of fair and continuous; during the differ- the entire catering and serving for
ealing to all. Good citizens are cult months of the submarine war- 3,000 people at the farewell func-
eflg driven to the point where fare In the Caribbean, WVS ren- tion given by the City Council for
iey must violate their principles dered valuable assistance in looking the Overseas Contingent; an en-
r go under, after the survivors who came to tertainment group has given a
Recently I refused an urgent of- the Island. series of 20 performances to the
er of $80 for a house, saying that They worked In the Harbour U.S. armed forces In Trinidad,
55 would be far to both: but the Canteens, R.N. Club, Merchant visiting various camps all over the
Rent Board then set it at $40, Navy Clubs and the Rest Camp In island: the Southern Division has
eking it as a matter of course that Ntamyeusadth etCm
taking it aImatterof course that St. James, and in various places In done excellent work raising money
am profiteering. The City Coun- the South, assisting generally In for the BA.COS. and other War
il's KC. notw/hetaiding, land the comfort and entertainment of Funds by means of bazaars and
nalue is not hypothetical but is a the men: much of this work still other functions.
vry real fact In every expandin continues. (4) the trained tele- In May 10 to May 15, 1943, the
ity. With Trinidad's geographical phonists worked in conjunction Civil Defence Rally was held in the
ositlon and future as an air high- with Civil Defence on their switch- Queen's Park Savannah, in which
wav. the value of land here will board, and were on duty in practice various WVS groups were repre-
imost certainly continue to in- alerts. (5 the clerical workers car- sented, both in the displays and
rease. As in the case of any other rined out the large volume of WVS the march past; the Southern Dl-
ommodity, the owner should bane- office work, including indexing the vision, of the WVB participated in
it with reason. .y enrolments, correspondence, filing a similar rally held in San Fer-
What then is the remedy? Revise ind general office routine, and have nando from August 23 to August 28
he tenant law. resuming short as well given assistance to Civil 193. WVS members have attended
erm tenancies and leases as for- Defence and various Government drill classes and participated in the
nerly. Allow profit in relation to departments, and sorted the tyre Red Army Day celebrations and
lhe times, and only beyond that returns for the Police. (8) The several Church parades, etc.
heck the profiteers, landlord or Equipment Office takes charge of The War-Time Cookery Centre Is
uilder. Keep a corresponoding check giving out uniform material and another branch which has done a
n tenants. Leave decent ciulsens receiving and sorting evacuation lot of good work. both In their
Space to manage their business, clothing. Centre in Tragarete Road and with
,hen landlords are treated with demonstrations in country districts,
eason there will be houses to let. () Many different groups come going as far afield as the Leper
Since writing the above I have under the branch of the Home Settlement, Chacachacare, Mayaro
ead Wendell Wiltshire's practical Workers' Service, such as the Grow and to various schools
tsggestlon of a solution. But in the More Food campaign successful WVS is a voluntary service:
hands of our Rent Board, it might garden meetings were held in dlf. whatever money is collected from
nd us In even worse troubleI.ferent parts of Port-of-Spain and the proceeds of their work, bazaars,
nv opinion.i outskirts: Housewives' Supoly-ori- jumble sales, etc.. is always handed
Trinidad, even more expensive iMnally started in Port-of-Spain by in to one of the war funds.
han England. now faces several s he Jewish Ladies' Association for In conclusion, we send this In-
undred per cent of former cost of the making of jams and jellies (end spring message from the Dowager
pairs, "Collection of Rents and also carried on by several groups in Marchioness of Reading chairman
management" here can be a prob- the Southern Division) the entire Lady Reading writes in the Christ-
*em undreamed of in England. profit going to War Funds; this mas number of their bulletin:
C.suialties," with Trinidad's casual section is at present being carried "I would like to send a message
characters, can be Incomparably on in Port-of-Spain by a group of of goodwill to all women through-
reater than in England. "Fire In- Evaeuation workers; there Is a out the world whom this may reach.
urance 1/-" Is here anything from sewing section which works on hos. A message to say how much we, in
3/- at the most favourable to Pital. survivor, Institutional and thIs country, have apprecated what
S3.10.0. "Ground Rent" in ing- Civil Defence supplies, and mend- you, overseas, have one for us to
and is on the precise size of the Ing and sewing for the Naval clubs help us, In thought, in word and in
house which tray be a 20-foot gar- and Convalescent Home; also col- deed With you we know we face
en,. while in the tropics the wide lecting clothes and wtabllshing toether that future in which the
Ibow room and privacy may con- clothing depots all over the island. ntternof what we think good must
titute the greatest value of the The artists' group looks after all becarted out thoroughly and well,
lace. Lastly, a builder consulted desIgns for posters and uniforms, for all time. Mv wish to you for
could value the house on what it Another excellent branch of the this coming year is the great hap-
would cost him to build, possiblY service is "Parcees for the Forces" pines. of knowing that you are
erry built at that; never on what and up to date 3,005 parcels have needed, that you have a job to do,
really well-built house had cost been despatched; these are packed even though that job may be just
the customer, and posted at cost price for men of so heavy and just so difficult that
(Mrs.1 JACK LINDBLAD. the Forces, and the extra charge on it wiU take every bit of energy you
?ort-of-Spain. eiviliara' parcels ha.s enabled this have, every bit of intelligence you
-...--. branch to send up to date $522 to can muster, and every bit of
Houses CaUe Surprise th British Red Cross Society, resolution you can call upon."
rhe Editor, "Trtaldsind Gardlan
I visited a street in San Fernano
arecentlYfoo to par armonth'sr, Rabbits Seen As Aid In Food Problem
When I got there I wu- gs In a begadeas talk over' West ulot of rabbit--to b~e exact it's 78,000
surprised to see the dilapidat Ini. ai Newpaper, tab- rabbits. But David, do. you realize
houses in which human bemnq -t g was recommended that rabbits at 24 week old, if they
live, yet on enquiry, the tenana as n m w f effsetting fresh ar fromsgo tockand have been
lold me they pay hi rents meat shortage in the West we housed and fed, will give you
I waited two hours, in vain, with Indie, 6 pounds of fresh meat eachh
'he money to pay the balf to stop HRW:Now, Blea, eachtlik
the sale of the womn' furniture,. HARRYS D~avid do you runein- to be a kill Joy, but you jrist said
During my staynot a tenant .ooj her those wonderfil peaceful d~?s a second ago "If they ar wael
entertain me n th narrow room before the war when the Carnb- soused and fed, That Is a pretty
of the old and delapd4ated ho betin was a tourist's paradise and big "f, i nit It?
Some landlords might have more Italy was a pace where opera held
feeling for their tenantf and the sWay and fresh meat was some- HARRIS: No-not at ell. Rab-
bishoos and ministers of the val- thing you had for dinner? And, bits re fairly eSy to house and
ous denominations visit occasionally now the Caribbean is a life line to feed. Didn't you ever have them
the homes of their poor members the United Nations and Italy Is a as pets when you were a younger
at the same time renortina any battleground, and fresh meat-well, in Puerto Rioof

such houses to the ope au- frsh meat Is just something you BROWN: Ldrd, yes, of course I
thority. talk about. It's a memory. But did, and gunea nis toot
h ARCEMG SACK, before the tourists return to the HARRIS: Well, remember, you
(Gre OommIlssion.) Caribbean and Italy is won, there never had a very elaborate set-up
San Fernando. is something we can do about re- -or did you?
---. placing meat. We can substitute O N
Qualifications Requested om pro-war cuts with the fine- BROWN: No. Just a small hutch
EdiCtor, fr ques ad grained, pearly white, nutritious In a tiny space
The Editor, d O r ia" mot of rabbit. HARI : Tlst's exactly it. Rab-
^ ^ ^ ^a.01. m~rd S ROWN: labbit Bill, Wher toInS ^ ^ .,9
In reference to the pararaph in BROWN:Rabbit? Dil, *here in bits require very little s and
your issue of May n regard to the worm did you get that idea? It is advmantae to-ea.ile to
Interferenclceetd byMr hisdu' HARRIS: It's one that's long raise your meat 1-gt in your own
tieson, i roDuprn the Cc ity hi- been In my mind and the other day back yard.
triesr b s Mr. Dupekson Ithe futy I chatted with Mr. A. J. Wakefield, BROWN yesbut there. the
pervisor, as Mr. Dickson is a fully BROWN y
Qualified mechanical engineer, the Inspeetar generall of Aru -food problem.
as chairman of the Caribbean ture for the Wet InMs about m i l R t a
branch of the Imntitution of M cha- k r eA It's: iQ .
nical ngiteers, Rngland, would BROWN: Ya ato eures. Ba o a t'sfbedn
like to enquire as to the experience spoke on our broadcast sometime = X rod ueue
and qualifications of Mr. Dupres. ago. But rabbtt;-BZl, you're mak. me Vodt Putt m"
Under the circumstances it would ing me hungry. It sounds all vyerDy aer iet towa. -@.uBar
also be interesting to know it Mr. delicious, but you know thai 4 m,- den waste, lta 5uS, -B
Dupres has had any experience of 000 pounds of fresh meat were Imn wesds, aid msai'iM tW
public and municipal works, If so, ported a year to Barbatdos ale tl tree sru taes amsalways sodto
where and I" wh*t rapacitv. That's an a wdtl ot of rabbit t 1 i0 Bea tsn*IN iSetraow
EDWARD C. BUCK. substitute. S W. that ni 1
Port-of-alpn. MAJaI S: alst yo sM It I isa m ft i

Government Notile


Education Depart-

There will be four Government
Free Students lpS at the Imperial
College of Tropical Agriculture
available lw October neat. Prefer.
ence will be given to candidates
who have taken the Science Group
In the Higher School C:rtifioate, or
Science subjects in the School
Certificate Examination.
A studentship is liable to be ter-
minated at the end of the frnt
term if the student's work is much
below the standard required.
A minimum grant, towards main-
tenance, of $288.00 per annum will
be payable to selected students.
This sum may be increased to a
maximum of $00.00 per annum in
special circumstances.
Applications stating age, qualifi-
cations, and particulars of schools
or colleges attended, together with
copies of two recent testimonials
should reach the Director of dit-
ottlon not later than 30th June.

R. Patrick,
Director of Education.
2nd May, 1944.

Colonial Secretary's Office.
18th April. 1944.


Vacancies For

Applications are invited for ap-
pointment as Sanitary Inspectors,
Health Department.
3. The posts are pensionable and
carry a salary of /600 per annum
rising by annual increments of $00
to $860 per annum and then sub-
ject to passing an efficiency bar
by further annual increments of
$96 to $1,440 per annum. Appoint-
meats would be on probation for
two years in the first Instance and
would be subject to passing a
medical examination.
3. Candidates should be not
more than 30 years of age and
must hold the Certificate of Sani-
tary Inspector of the Royal Sani-
tary Institute and must be pre-
pared to serve in any pars of the
Colony to which they may be
posted for duty from time to Uime.
Applications should be addressed
to the Director of Medical Ser-
vices and should reach his office
on or before the 30th June, 1944.

Imports and
Control Re
The lit of gcids 1k
which Import Liceac
Issued by the Compe.,aTff
published in the Io
2nd December, ia,
amended by the delee
article "Chambe- t
(Domestic Hollow-wareft
hold purposes.)
Old Post Office, ua '
7 St. Vir 'nt Streetk
Port-of-Spain, r
5th May. 1944. C

Notice To J
In The Supreme
Trinidad And Ti g
that one of the Judges egI
reme Court will sit in i
the Court House at am
on Monday the isth dWA
1944, at 9.15 o'clock in the
fo; the purpose f hei
tions by persons for
from serving as jrors aE
sons to be held at San.
on Monday the 15th ta i
And Notice is also giv I
such application will be
nifter the said 15th dar
A. V. N.'





Owing to Unfor
Advertised Sail
The s/s "TOBJ
From Port-of
To Scarboro 02
urday 13th It
Has Been Cane

(Actlng HM6

May 8th, 1944.
Acting Colonial Secretary.

Colonbtil SecrstarI U
10th May, 1ll

Applications for appointment to the posts mentioned
are invited. Applicants are asked to write their app _gl
own handwriting and to attach any credentials and r r
they may possess. All applications will be considered by
committee and any applicant who cannot appear in po n!
selection committee should submit a Photograph of a*
with the written application and other papers
The poets to be filed are:-
(1) Draftsman & Computer, Salary of 150 to WO2i?
by increments of 0l0.
(11) Overseer of Roads, Salary of 100 to 13N
by increments of 10, '
allowance at local aMt,
(ill) Mechanic. Salary of 150 to 2t o
by Increments of 10. _
War bonus is also pa,.... e, the present rate being 816
All applications should be addressed to the Bu=1.5
Works, Public Works Department, Kingstown Saint Uf
and must arrive at the Public Works Office on or before Tk"
May, 194 ''
Acting Colonial


Rubber Goods From Canad

The undermentioned export programme for 1944 of
goods (excluding tyres and tubes) to Trinidad has b-tt "M
Canada. ',
Where quotas are given In dollar values, it should bs-e

these are the valuo of 1941 exports. Quotas esta
meant in 1944 of W00% by weight of the rubber contt
from Canada and will be administered by the C
troller solely on that basis. Equivalent dollar vs
are Indeterminate.
With this understanding the figures quoted
the best guide that can be given of the quantities
ance of an order will be taken as prima face evil
quota Is not exhausted.

SOld Post Office Building, Secrel
7 8L Vincent Streot,
o10th May. M4

Trinidad And Toba

-- aO ~ll 01 IS
Dotllar 100"
Dominion Rubber Co. Ltd. ... 8480 475
Dunop Tire M& Rubber Goods 20 -
Goodyw Tire & Rubber Co...... l75 -
OutS2 Per & Rubber- Lt. 1.17 3 2,525
Stafen Rubber Co ................. 100 -
Viceoy eMfg.. C.. I...... 1380 -
Ka anRubber Co., Ltd. ..... 0
Mtoer Rubber Co, Ld. ...... 4,400
h.berln Rubber C. ......... -
Ca. GeRMal Rubber Co. ... -
J -A- 7,000 -- ,0

blished I
at of
alues a

are St










S, enator, Majority
r rt whose pro-
prsaident Roosevelt's
ISUx Bal '!1d to pecu-
g0B ri~lwhe would sup-
V~lM~mdisclosed today
"I will upporthim
ai nd hard-headed
under the conditions
the world and nation
wil face them in No-
itor a period thereafter,
aw Y the best qual-
meet those conditions
wolve them as President
SStates," Mr. Barkley
nt article In "Collier's"
that he had not talked
d about a fourth
not know his inten-
atffkley said he is "nnt
of the doctrine of aa
Sman," but the ques-
..s whether Mr. Roose-
the best man to finish
t* which our country Is
Ir. Barkley expressed
m that Mr. Roosevelt
Mpreferred to retire at
bit oto wond term, but
hd time because the se-
Sthe nation was involved.
ls~l said: "Now that
i m tradition has been
i t will not be anymore
s hattered by a fourth
preferred to retire
d of two terms, it is not
to understand why he
more fervently wish
at the end of three.
Wl.d were at peace In-
the midst of tts great-
str'tsgle, it Is my be-
dent Roosevelt would
that. But can he re-
the will of the Ameri-
that he finish the task
w have set our hands?"

,Leases Only
m that Government ts
Whether it would be
.tp prohibit the leasing
"ler than for cas& pay-
U. made yesterday at a
the Agricultural Society
and Tobago.
Ithlblting the leasing of
m than for cash payment
P eatrol over small holders
Ie possible,. Government
.t letter to the society.

| Death Duties
ssion Proposed
ItU the Governor to remit
= refund of estate duty
M aIon duty leviable on
paying on the death of
I k ied n war is sought
I for first reading in the
This morning.
Only applies to property
in the forces but to
llan victims of war

Sges In U.S.

V.0aUor to General Patch
P army set-up Is Colonel
now commanding of-
".t Read, but supreme
1 of a U.S. armed forc's
1 here will continue to res,
-US. Navy Chief, highest
:;B. officer on active duty
lte changes In keeping
X proposed arrangements
abandonment of all army
In Port-of-Spain with the,
X of Dockslte and Camp
ad removal of army head-
1to lort Rend. (
ba1, Base Command Head- ]
0. Ly %e first to go, pre- t
I being already underway
04 of all army equipment
S31 and formal handover &
Wnr by June 30.
NO St. Clair Camp, army I
centre and headquarters t
i& US. armed forces radio s
Da already been offered
Seal Government, but the &
*-Under consideration plans m
er of the broadcasting s
1 miniature radio city at
N of Its importance as a o
_ntre, Docksite will be a
,nd continue to be staffed c
Ay personnel. It is also q
[to retain the Army obser- o
ats at Chacachacare. t'
S OrnsybuJilingB will be d
| the local Government In o
1lee and If not acceptable
either be offered for sale
C ldlvidit~ls or salvaged. C
ll*eiey the Acting Gov- Ii
SirS the Agricultural s<
at 4 pam. on s
1943* winners. c.

Son Born To Widow
Of Major-Gen. Wingate
lONDON. May 11 (Reuters)
-A on h been l born t Bri-
taln to the widof of the late
Major-General Walgate, the
leader of the Chindlts In
Burma who wau killed "in a
'plane crash ahut March. Both
Mrs. Wingate and the child
Share doing well.

Nazi Transport

System Blasted
Other bombers smashed at air-
fields and other military Installa-
tions across the Channel, but the
main weight of the bombs fell on
communications targets.
Four highly-important freight
yards were pounded last night by
the R.A.F.'a heaviest bombersand
in daylight, British Mitchells and
Bostons hit railway facilities at
Doual, in northern France.
The entire German radio net-
work left the air at about 6.30 p.m.,
strongly Indicating the continuance
of the British and American at-
Since the full-scale assault on
the railway network behind the
Atlantic wall began on March 2,
the Allies hive made at least 15
heavy attacks against 14 targets.
Some key points were hit four and
five times.
Mosquitoes stung and other air-
craft of Bomber Command 1,ild
mines in enemy waters,
Fifteen aircraft failed to return
to their British bases-more than
twice as many as were lost from
?t similar size force operating on
Tuesday night-a possible indica-
tion that the German air force is
concentrating its night fighters
along the western front as the in-
vasion fever mounts.
I An Australian pilot out on last
night's' operation was mniking his
first war flight for two years and
In his opinion, Reuters states,
the tactics are far more efficient
than those he knew before.
He said the bombing wis far less
scientific than it Is. Today, It Is
spread over quite a wide area
and is going like clockwork and
everything is over In a matter of
minutes either than hours.]
In a fifth double attack In as
many days, American twin-engined
Marauders struck in the morning
with Hlivocs at Beauimetz-les-Loges
and Cormeills-en-Vegein airfields
near Paris and again in the after-
noon at military objectives on the
northern French ctist.
Spitfire and Typhoon fighter-
bombers were out In strength dur-
ing the morning. They attacked
communications and other targets
In northern "rance.
British Mitchells and Bostons,
escorted by Spitfires. bombed rail-
way tvirgets at Doual which was
hit for the third time since the
offensive against the enemy air
network started.
An alert was sounded in Basle
this afternoon.
Vichy radio Mi'. Orleans was
I Reuter's reports that R.A.F.
'planes, taking part In the day's
work, were flown by m n whose
nationallU-es read like a d6y of
retribution for Hitler. They were
from Britain, Australia. New
Zealand, Poland, Cechoslowikia.
Belgium, Norway and Fighting
[Sixteen American bombers
fand 10 fighters were lost dur-
ing the day. Reuter's reports.
Eighteen German fighters were
shot down.1

Society Resent
Official Slight
A suggestion by Mr. Joseph de
Verteuil that a copy of Govern-
mnent's letter refusing the society's
request for an Interview to discuss
representation on the Executive
Council, be forwarded to the West
India Committee in London for
their information, was approved
by the Agricultural Society of
Trinidad and Tobago at yesterday
afternoon's meeting.
The society also agreed to send
Covering letter to the Commit.
te explaining the position and
ignifying their disagreement with
his policy.
Mr. F. Farfan observed that the
society had been slighted in this
matter and was of opinion that a
similar situation might arise again.
Mr. Harold Robinson, the pre-
ident. felt that as the vacancies
on the Executive Council had been
already filled nothing further
would be done at this time on the
question of representation. He took
opportunity to express the view
hat the society welcomed the ap-
'ointment of the Hon'ble George
e Nobriga, one of their colleagues,
n the Executive.
IERM rIl ?.T ,
LONDON, May 11 (AP).-DNB
aid today thct Franz Von Papen
handed the Turkish Government a
tateu-gent Issued by Berlin on the
Situation ere" ed by "Turkish breaks
f wgree. .cnt," and stoppage of i
,roaie deliverks to Germany. i

Rud iby Wmen's Canadian Cliub
In ol aid of Prisoners of War Fund

4142TDAYT 13th MAY, 1944,
at 9.30 am.*


e- Paramosumt Films
0. 1 IN f UP-TO-DATZ
!lmudIeI E Films, Ienc.

too i MLI E r AA
.te 4Se. B.a 3 e. Nome


~~..wt .qetM.. i, U&


Hears Canada's

Premier -
homogenous mass which, when the
crisis come to the world es t whole
w wl never fall in its duty."
Mr. Maokem e King's speech had
thrte main themes, a tribute to
Britain as the defender of world
freedom, a survey of Canada's vast
war effort and a profession of faith
in the British Oommonwealth's role
In the post-war world.
He began by saying thst the free
nations of the world could never
forget that it was the indomitable
resistance of the people of Britain
that bought the precious time for
the mobilisation of the forces of
freedom they had equipped. He
dec'.red: "It is our greatest pride
as it is the greatest pride of the
other British nations represented
here, that not so long a time ago
you alone bore the brunt of the
att,.ck, we stood with you In arms
against the might of Nazi Ger-
"Throughout the war years, the
example of Their Majesties the
King and Queen had deepened for
Bill nations of the Commonwealth
the meaning and significance of
their own allegiance to the Crown."
Sparking of Canada's war effort
he said the Dominion was the
Sgranary, the arsenal, the airdrome
and the shipyard of freedom. Can-
ada's effort was a voluntary ef-
fort, it was a free expression of
free people, her decision to enter
the war was an immediate decision,
there was no hesitation.
Today three-quarters of a million
young Canadians were with the
armed forces, the air training plan
has expanded beyond ill expecta-
tion and hundreds of thousands of
young airmen have just finished
their tralniZ., About half of Can-
ada's totil production had been
devoted to the waging of the war.
Since the war began, Canada had
supplied Britain with war materi-
als and other supplies worth $4,000,-
"In this fateful hour," he said,
'"it is Imperative that everythingbe
done to maintain a single-minded
concentration on the achievement
of victory. Our first duty is to win
the war. But to win the war we
must keep the vision of a better
future. We must never cease to
strive for its fulfilment. No lesser
vision will suffice to gain victory
over those who seek world domi-
nation and hunrrin enslavement. No
lesser vision will enable us fitting-
ly to honour the memory of men
and women who are giving their
all for freedom and justice. In
realisation of this vision, the Gov-
ernments and peoples who owe com-
mon allegitince to the Crown may
well find a new meaning and signi-
cance of the British Commonwealth
and Empire. It is for us to make
of our association of free British
nations 'a model of what we hope
the whole will some day become.'"
At the end of his speech the com-
pany rose and cheered for some
Viscount Simon, the Lord Chan-
cellor, in a vote of thanks, said the
spirit behind the speech was a tri-
bute to the unity and comnideship
of the British Commonwealth as
the surest guarantee for world peace
in the future.

Gonzalves Outstanding Player

In Football Series In Barbados

Prior Jones, captain of the victorious soccer team that toured
Barbados, returned yesterday afternoon with the revelation that Joey
Oonsalves, St. Mary's College goalkeeper, was the outstanding player
of the six-match tour.

Rex Burnett's shooting in the
q~e C} 1 second match was very much up to
T ltO 5m ashes standard and so was Bertie Thomp.
T t S m u tr s son's playing throughout the tour,
IN zi (lst lsv Jones said. Trinidad played grand
I N ,,--z ,,. ,v, f football in the last match when
S they defeated Barbados 4-1 to win
LONDON, May 11 (AP)-Marshal the series.
Joseph Tito's Yugostiv Partisans "I am proud," he went on, "to
smashed a German general often- have led the Trinidad team which
sive in Yugoslavia but declared has been unbeaten In Barbados, but
that fierce fighting is continuing n I think At has only been due to the
fM&cedonia as Axis forces tried des- high standard of play that I did
perately to drive a wedge between not bring home the bacon before
his troops and Bulgarian Partisans the third and concluding test. I
operating along the Yugoslav bor- think that everyone of the 16
der. players helped to attain the un-
The communique said: "The ene- beaten record of the Trinidad
my Is trying with till his strength tefn,"
to cut off our units from the Bul- Jones added that. there was every
garian Partisans detachment, which indication that Malcolm McLean
are fighting on the borders between would follow in the footseps of his
Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. Apart father, Toni McLean.
from Germans d Chetniks,about Dr. A. Francis, the manager,
40,000 Bulgarian men are engaged ad Mr. E. R. James, T.A.A.
40,000 Bulgarian men are engaged secretary, stated that the team
here." The bulletin said large areas spirit, both off and n the field
in Serbia were restored to the con- was magnificent. That was one of
trol of the Partisans with the re- the things responsible for carrying
sult tlVt men who fought the Ger- off the honours of the test series,
man invaders in guerrilla bands they said.
which grew Into General Tito's Trinidad played a grand game in
army, are now returning to their the last test, they added, and de-
home villages which they have served victory in the three-match
not seen for months. I test series
The communique added: "People
everywhere enthusiastically wel-
comed our Serb brligdes, which af-
ter two and a half years of unin- C T A D
terrupted fighting in Bosnia Herzog- I.. A w
ovina, Montenegro and Croatia, it P l
have returned." W ith
It announced that the enemy W t h Police 'B
being cleared from eastern Bosnia, ..
and the liberation army is continu- A brilliant second half rally
Ing its offensive in Montenegro, and spectacular display by Stani.
Sanjuak and Slovenl. ilorth enabled I.C.T.A. to draw
Local fighting is reported In Her- two-all with Police "B" in a
zogovina and western Bosnia. hockey knockout fixture at St.
C i l A i t James Barracks yesterday.
V fl on In a hectic last-minute battle,
Civil Aviation Staniforth, from two consecutive
ba te Reume short corners, netted both goals
Debate Resumed while Cummings and Caity took
the scoring honours for the
LONDON, May 11 (Reuters)- "limbs of thle Law."
When the House of Lords resumed Police 'B" had a hard Jostle to
i the debsite on civil aviation today, start the scoring, but from left-
members wanted t6 ki.ow what the winger Curvan'sass which was
Government was going to do about worked from mid-field, centre-
supporting peace-time civil avia- forward Carty dribbled the ball
tlon in Britain, what was the po- ,a t drbb ed the bc 1
sition of shipping companies land past the backs, beat Luscombe,
what the Government was going to ahereas
do about monopolies and subsidies There was no more scoring untC l
for air transport. the st'cond session, when Cum-
Lord Beaverbrook, replying for mings netted again for Police.
the Government, said so far as in- The second session saw more
ternfl civil aviation was concernedd spark in the college boY., and the
the Air Ministry had been exam- game flamed with excitement.
ninng a scheme and would have The I.C.T.A. made a slight
something to say soon. As for the change bringing Osborne to
shipping companies and the rail- centre-forward and Stanlfoith to
ways, he thought It was time when fill the breach of inner-left with
they should put forward propof,.is success.
instead of asking Government what The college students plut
was to be done about the British i)rcssure on the nollcemen, and
Overseas Airways Corporation. had the ball playing In tl'ir area
Lord Beaverbrook asked what for the greater part of the con-
members, who might be suggesting cluding stages.
thxt the Corporation should be With six minutes' play to go.
abolished, wanted to put In Its Staniforth rammed home a short
place. corner from Lord.
-i- t was but seconds that saved
APPOINTMENT I.C.T.A. from defeat, Staniforth
Mira G. i T. Pollonals has been with a very hard shot in the
appointed i. Grade II Senior Nurs- nick of time, slammed home the
ing Sister of the city Colonial Hcs- second goal to equalise the score.
pital with ;iect from May 4, Itt was The umpires were Mr. Knowles
announced yesterday. I and Mr. Potter.

Standard Life
Assurance Co.
Established in the West
Indies for years.
Marine Squam - P.O.3.

New arrivals in our

Kiddies" Dept. . .







Mi, c JMd!




gets you fresh again
in a jiffy
dlittoutt to
iifebuoY Health Soap may b difICultigetdryo
use ist wisely and with economy. Keep thendo
-wet the hands and face -loth and then one
entle rub w,,ith the dry tablet will ive you
nough father for face and hands.
4LIIVB eopvanc,



m ias be osmost *need&e" e ., o V qaom w

*,d Jdn0 u ,a. i!*1 -.
\lanMp \ im~n A d\: / ,ld B~of~ietwf r~ t i :-
*am& Louft full ncu f t" a"A MA"* low prfic p
,Nowyow mam oeydhpw wbdmA ,,aw, ,
p^^ orQuaketOCSiba"d h$"l iW4 Wmd.It#ltShd
"* elmeata Mqedn fo 'ofa MIdy "sR~opam E
body, oes aadamuc .ktminMi PNUe1w" 4800
1CI II TIANMI 9 uy4m..ia.w n e,

,n,,a,., iJ- I b, fTQMWnO M tgq a i t .i .n -.

u IH llB j 'e-s. e
mesat be As a m

-b ---be- i nik -.. 4
000kik in asibmgiewrst '

^ ^__________ ___ ________11


Aeflag on behalf ef the
MInltry of War Traaspert
General Careo steamer Srf-
vise, between Trinidad an4
BriiUsh Guiana.
For .rther particulars please
11 St. Vincent Street.
Teephoee 5H4 A a 1n.







'iUriLM NUOITYLAo," tw e msoeliet variety show staged by
S the "O Girls" eof Bishop's High School at the Prince's Building
seas, tUm ag, will beprpsated at Piano tonight for the M am, and
[ omorew nigatht for the oflter, .
S I understand that some new Items have been added, and the
performance Is said to be even better than before.
tHROUGH the generosity of three of the lIm distributors, who
nkirndly lent tmss and tAe management 'of the theatre who has
lent it lot the occasion, tte cilren's cinema show being organized
.by the Wolmen's Canadian Club. which takes place tomorrow at
tee DeLuxe Theatre, should be most entertaining for the youngsters,
The proceeds are to be given to the Prisoners oft War Fund. which is
Indeed a worthy cause.
jidinma to be screened amre Paramount's "Pop-Eye Meets All Baba
and the Forty Thieves," and Betty Boop in "Up-to-Date;" Universal's
"'Adventures of Ton. Thumb, "Lifte begins for Andy Panda," and
"One Hundred Pigmies and Andy Panda;" and Warner Brothers'
(loo Coo Nuigrove," "Btioa's hu) Hum, "CinDerella Meets a Felia,"
. and "Daffy Duck and Egghead."
S There will be sweets on sale, and remember it's at 9.30 a.m.
DANIEL ERICOURT, the French-Ameiican pianist, will play at the
Pointe-a-Plerre Club on Tuesday, May 1i. at 8.45 p.m. This,
concert will be a great attraction to music-lovers, as Ericourt is
among the leading interpreters ou C(iopin and I)ebuisy.
Visitors to the World Fair in Neww ork, ill 1939, will rtcali lhis
wonderful performances at the opening of the French Pavilion in
which he was featured with Lily i'ona.
Invitations to Tuesday night's concert have been sent to clubs
of neighboring ollflelda and sugar estates, and 50 per cent of the
proceeds of this concert will be given to the iiritish Red Croas through
the Win the War Association.
MRS. E. BARCANT. Mrs, David lAw and Mi, N. Humprhrey are
o, rganising a children's nmatinee in aid of the 19th Port.-f. Spain
Air Scouts, to be held at the Dc Luxe Theatre on Saturday, May 20,
at 0.30 a.m.
A hut has been erected on Ladv ('.iAnce'llor's Road, hut there are
still outstartding expenacse towards whilh their proceeds of the nmaincc
Will hbe devoted.
Comics and shorts will be score ned and sweetts will he on sale.
TNDFlR the patronage of ills Worship the Mayor, ('o inillor 11. 0.
H. Wooding, Miss KXate itonine Hl pris,,nt "Hirokrn Chords," a
drama, at the l'rince's Building n Tie'isdav, May 30, at 830 p.m.
yittv per c'nt of the process will ie givin to the I'rince'ssa Tsaihal
Memorial liHospital lF'und.
45 45 *
IN an effort to riruind up all srv'tcemrren Sltatione-d in Trinidad with
Sa common interest in eronitract. Mr. Mril' Scott, nne of the
directors of the U.t,.O., hti onrganinsd bridge nights. A number of
ladies from Port-of-Spain hlaVe be II l iiteu ;i) iouc Ih'r gri'iips. 'wiliii
.:will meet for the first time on Wednesday, Miny 17, in the U.S.O.
,'Cllbroom at 7.30 p.m.
.' There will he an Instructiont lale every Wednesday evening for
those who wish to learn the game.
.. **
r I FlAdies' section of the Portigui en Asorcltcitn In Richmond
~ Street, by request, will hi, hnvineg a dance on Sat irday, May 27,
beginning at 8.30 p.nm. The ('iomniitteo li wisrking hard to achieve
the san0e lsulcces s aa' prVr'ils i UI tIai'c-o. M iemuors and friends are
ftqkeni to obtain their tikoitn s eArslV as IosihlaR as admilsion will
be by tickets only. l<'h Mdierneeris Iwirhiumtra \%ill cjIcllply the music.
A bigger event will ttlc, plavc in Sunday, Mcy 29, which is the
date of th lSth anrnilv honoutr of this a danm.e ill tie h'ld at lilt, aa w ilitinb beginning at
0l.30 p ni.
kA mammoth crowd Is explrctrd, and t0-' Mo&iDmie S will again
be In attendance.
It nd MIRS. NOKI), MII 1,111i. c:.i 11e it idm r lprte for Mr. l'etfr
c(hlihdea, their sn, -'h, iis ."c t r nti ln lr hi ,rtll hn I(',nacla and the
R.C('.A.F.' Mr. M '(.;lido cii l ct h1i0 ic'-il tk wia, i igG on a visit
to hli p trnts.
TlIe, rRtv mr e at tl', I'aii, in i <' l ( v I'li0 o indt t'i\eii on for
tho (in," alterwads, and rniin.i ti i ii1tl, w,.m Mr, and Mrs.
Don W iiliamrs. Mr. eno li:,, I i j iij;. \ i i l:s iii i c a iMr,
Don llugginitl, ilsm Yvnii.r cl'ii .i-.. I'i vy MrKnicarne'v, .
John <'ininl, r11 Mi. ciidi McI l-cilc r N11 initi, Ms. o-is Cloa Burke,
and l.iut John lcd 111, t USN.
T t'NDEORSTANDI) that eirn'n410|iilt i1 Hi' r' igKnation if Mr, Wilted
StBushn as mnlnlgfer is,'rrviciV .if v li c 1 nPIlatd cilrntry (C'lubh, the
following a ppointmllfntH liti.r .r p ll;iiti' It4Celitly:
Mr. Joe I. Scheult, M.l' .l";, aidaitir, and Mr. l'hilip Viera
aselstant manager and secretary. Mrs. G. Scott, who has been in
charge of the dining-room, will continue to supervise that department.
"Hummlng Bird" wishes the dcub all suc'eeps under its new
i S *
A MARKED Improvement wn. n4rtit-Id In tih IniIci at tlher Trinidad
'A Country Club on VWedne.chlii4 ven ing and things %,ent with a
Among those present were ('aptain and Mis. '. W. B. ";t.'gejifid,
tites Jomn Huggins, Lieutenant iud Mrs liowdivchl M'djir (iedde's,
Capt. C. Brooks, Captain and Mr.s. T c' 4vcgiiani. Mi imcd Mys M.
(rell. Mr. and Mrs. A. Farah. M,. P. L,iz.'.i, l.i .4-it RHII V liii cno
Mr. and Mrs. J. Seheult ind liclt- ('omlniiidi r T iitte,
jFn'tINDT will be %tir-y to lh'ar ta, t ,inhn t''i luniu hia Icc.rn
erlousltv Ill in a nrlning home fir cini- woels.
Mrs. (Carpenter, wh. I.s ttA wifl <'t l.,oi.'t.-i 'crciinciin r i'nrieni'n r.
uinderwent an operation a itw v dav' iii,, and c1 i'i(cgi < as a i-i
am can he expected.

L.C. W. A. Flo.k, son of Mr.
and Mr. W. A. Flook, of Tuna-
puna. Is at present in the
R.A.F. In Canada taking the
advanced course in flying to
qualify for his wings. Before
going up L.A.C. Flook graduated
In sugar technology at the Im-
perial College of Tropical Agri-
culture and later Joined the
Frome Sugar Factory in Jamal-
en as a sug' r chemist.

Dried Guavas

For Export ?
Under the neadmg, "Why net
CGuava Industry?" last issue of th
"West, India Committee Circular
refers to an article by "Agronomist
a little over ei'ht years' ago, I
which means were tuggcsted to et
velop an export trade in guava jell
and canned guavas In the Wes
It says that there is now the pos
siilllty of puittig guavas on th
market in another form.
Mr. E, M. Mrak, cf Californi
University, ri ports In a paper re
viewed in the "Experiment Statio
cardd" fSeuptimber, 1943, that in
vestigations have shown that gu.
vas call be dehydrated succe sii'u
and that tlhe dried product reco.ia
ctitutes well and is satlsfactor%
lor use as a ciked fruit or in l
variety of d(.l.tsertts.
"Dehiydrated apples, pears, ani
atpilicots \.Ie lonig been well stab
li.sheid illn favour. the '".cest Illi
Comrnll lee tc'irculr" ays, "De
hy Iorated should be a.,s.ure(
a 1-O lH ".i' 1 l iii""



Talk Of Trinidad






Today's Diary
Dance at the U.S.O. Club,
Wright-on Road E

Dance at Trinluad Country Club.
Dance at Perse'erance Club.
Cinema Show at P.39 a.m., De- S
Luxe Theatre In aid of Prisoners'
of War Fund.
N.A.S, "Golden Glove" Boxing
tcurnamen;. Open-Air Theatre,
Chaguaramaa, 8 p.m.
Jutim'le Sale, Victoria Hall, San
Forthcoming Events
Daniel Ericourt's recital, Pointe-
a-Pierre Club, Tuesday, May 16,
8.30 p.m.
Escort Repair Base "Meme" re- S
turn engagement party, N.A.S. gpm-
nasiumni, Chaguaramras, 8 p.m. Tues-
day, May 16.
"Land of Calypso" revue, Empire
Theatre, 8.j0 p.m. Tuesday, May

Radio Programme
l- L. c,--. .. WVOI ~
5 :40 Nes 'Ti i'Vie the News I. News
i .. 1: :,ar J ` icv i n4te Pasa
:cc 1. iii ti ai c icaw l ic ades iob Crobbf
6 t i1ane. MiWat News Comrmana Performence
iS . Peaotrual Album
6 :344 Cowedy Caravan Show Time
'.45 News a Conticcary New,
7 S : aiR Il cI'onert N.ews Great l diiieralieevo
15,I . c,'k pelurt
L: .1lc, vi W Jut.l' W iai Trime
:0 I' i i > " iTa:k) .... ...
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fer a riss ialoDimu-u apply to M,

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Good Posture

Helps Beauty
Many woMeM ea 4 ra- dl,-
t afO. h
a on apim r r noadays,"
,< heyoM~lri, "othnc oo well
A" OB me.he
Are the clothes fzlhtfuL iir b
your figure frightful? w s rthe
.quest ion toas-M youreeh asyoiu
stand before a {u-leauth miror.
How abot UK- shouldWn for
they curve forward amw Is yoW
cbin line? Doe It sa and show the
beinnin of another etin? Round-
ed ahoulden and a double chin will
ruin th effect of the most forge1Kus
suit or gown.
Clothes are delgned by their
creators for the perfect fire, tor
she who I nicely prportfioned And
walks with attractive grace.
Before shopping for a new en-
senible. concentrate on improv'ing
your posture. You can begin with
your shoulders.'ralaq them up o-
ward your ears (notice your ibdo-
men firms as you do so). then fbrce
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your shoulder blades-that means
your shoulders were rounding'
If you carry your shoulders well,
and your head nicely poised on the
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have a double chin-no matter wha;
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Several times a day exercume our
shoulders and do it before ai mirror
if you can. Once the shoulder mus-
cles grow elastic again you vill find
it easy to walk In nice posture and
your clothes will look so much oet.
ter on you.
And you will be free of those
little neck and shoulder aches
which come from Indifferent pos-r


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omm nn WoUUW
im Prdue 6 5l
i irB-ectd hi wrwiM,


ALOB-San Joao.



.. R


i Tonight, 8.30-THE
m Tomorre
. |HIMNiu mii nn rnifBiiiIilf'illi" l





'1 'mp"I MI' L Zito Pl



-' Satron of the
7WbagTrMI, Will
V"Hn an long In"

-gL Lomeave
to the mate-

en Saturday to



y getable crop this
Jy Mr. A. E. Trot-
B Officer as "re-
ificts all over the
S~ing tomato and
In every Trinidad
'Triidad Guardian"
populationn in several
H W past few years
a ready market and
B atdeners to step up
abbages, tomatoes
is stated, has been
or much disappoint-
is reported, is now
as low as 10 cents
While tomatoes are
at three to 12 cents
.bodi and string beans,
being piled high on

M Corresndent.
May 11.-The glut
bles continues at
Might perhaps be
lance of gardeners
and Debe trying to
record yield in this
e have been comn-
Stheir vegetables at
prices. On Satur-
went at three
M; melongne at
pound; bodi and
threee cents; cab-
,:fetched six cents
pt week, went
while watermelons
3 h!gly one cent per

To Jail
SMay 11-Presld-
d, Mr. Budri
tced Doonwah,
B to six months'
71tr the larceny of a

I insigh of Arima
licence suspended
"d was ordered to
$ 20 and $18 coats
tion of dangerous

ar -- vendor from
was fined $15 or
ing on vlan-
l at eight cents a
O|1 f six cents.

s Plan

^*ftn Correspondenit.
GOH, May 10-To-
ars plan to have iheir
"Oet-Together" over
*ftiU week-end.
P0 branch of the Head-
clatlon will make a
to Mr. H. A. Mc-
prtter President of the
tad Tobago Teachers'
S appreciation of his ex-
. W eet as president of
,aftbre of the "Get-
Wi Include the usual
Mturs, athletics and a


of Vehileles

S1m heeby notified
SSlate (1M) 'for the
hd vehlwe have now
Iam~e in rpect of
tl be iMued at te
Mtea Monday. 5th


f~m GIN



Mr. FaheySayo


Prevent Crash
Trinidad mut nAnm or drown
with sugar today, declared Mr. H.
N. lthey, Controller of Local pood
rduotion, In an address on
"m MurM needed to resuscitate
Trtnidad's agricultural lpostlon"
defVT#ed at yesterday's meeting of
the Agricultural Society of Trini-
dad and Tobago.
Mr. Pahey said that the only in-
dustry that could prevent the is-
land from crashing was sugar and
though he had no brief for the
sugar industry and personally al-
ways disliked sugar, he did not
allow that to prevent him from
stating that "we swim or drown
with sugar today."
Mr. ahey referred to figures of
the islandct's principal products
from 1920 to show that sugar was
the only industry capable of put-
tin the Colony back on its feet
after the departure of "our Ame-
rican friends."
He referred to the work done by
his department to stimulate food
production and emphasized the fact
that they had not moved people
about the country to land on Which
to grow the food, but provided
lands within easy reach ot them.
He felt that the hope of the
sugar Industry was to leave the
people where they were living and
bring the Industry around them
and he was of opinion that if simi-
lar methods to those adopted for
stepping up local production were
used in connection with the sugar
industry, they would be able to
bring the island's sugar production
up to 185,000 tons within the next
three years.
If they depended on labour in
the sugar belt or brought people
from outside into the belt, taking
into consideration the present
building restrictions, the lIlqnd
was going to crack within three
years as its reserves would have to
be spent in removing and housing
the people.
Mr. Trebohansingh, seeking to
put his finger on the cause of the
present position of the Colony's
agriculture, said that the present
lack of confidence among people
who dealt in agriculture in the is-
land must be overcome regardless
of the cost it any progress was
to be made. Confidence in the
industry, he said, was necessary to
largte-scale enterprise. The wel-
fare of a large proportion of the
population depended upon this in-
dustry, he said, and mutual confi-
dence between employers and labour
was essential.
The granting by Government of
freehold lands to peasants of Trini-
dad, Mr. Frederick Boodlal, of
Penal, said, was the only means
for encouraging a return to agri-
culture. He feared that after the
war agriculture woulti suffer con-
siderably and that people would go
back to the shops.
Grenada, Mr. Enodlal claimed.
was self-sufficient and did not re-
quire to introduce rationing. b*-
cause of freehold grants made by
the Government to peasants.
If peasants were given lands on
which they could build houses.
raise stock and plant crops, in-
cluding major crops, he said, this
would be an impetus to their re-
turning to the field.

2 Mc Kenzies Win
Divorce Suits
Two more decrees nisl were
granted by Mr. Justice K. Vincent-
rown yesterday in divorce pro-
ceedings heard in the Second Su-
preme Court.
The petitioners were Gwendolyn
McKenzie, who got an order
against her husband Carl McKen-
zie; and Beulah McKenzie who
succeeded against her husband,
Arthur McKenzie.

P.A.A. Officials
Here On Tour
Mr. Howard B. Dean, vice-
president of Pan American Air-
ways, and Mr. Wilbur Morrison,
also vice-president of P.A.A. and
supervisor of the Latin-American
Division, arrived here yesterday on
a two-day inspection tour of the
Latin-American and Caribbean

Received .

S& Co., Ltd.

& .. a L.

Mr. Debysin h To
Broadcast Talk, May 16
Mr. 0. W. Debypi"e, fa'-
mer headtascher of the Sm
Fernando C.M. School, Wtoi
now at N-iotUBaWa0m1 ,
on a British ComeUil cbolhr"
hip, will broadcast an MO
wortalk tain tIhe RBAC. M-
e Party prZramm from
London on Tuesday, May I1 at
7 p.m., Trinidad time.

Mother, 111,


With one minute to go before
opening Auntie Kay's Mothers'
Day broadcast yesterday afternoon.
111-year old Mrs. Priscilla Wilson,
guest of honour, arrived to take her
place with composure at her first
microphone appearance.
Accompanied by her companion,
Mrs. Wilson, the mother of 10
children, accepted with smiles and
good cheer the greetings of the
many children who took part in
the programme and who voted her
"a jolly good mother."
Asked If she would snlag to the
children and hpr listeners. Mrs.
Wilson promptly acceded to the re-
quest, singing two sogs.
Interviewed by a "Trinidad
Guardian" representative, Mrs.
Wilson stated that she was born
in Barbados, but had spent most
of her life here.
Mrs. Wilson says she insists on
eating and drinking in normal pro-
portions. She displays remarkable
control of her faculties and does
not wear spectacles.
Asked whether smie had the op-
portunity of enjoying coucou, a
favourite Barbadian food, Mrs.
Wilson promptly replied: "Cou-
cou? No, but If I had a bowl now
I would put it away." Asked
whether she drank any alcohol,
Mrs. Wilson said: "I drink my
whisky and soda," but, she added
in a confidential tone, "you can't
get whisky now. You have to
drink rum and soda."
At the conclusion of the broad-
cast Mrs. Wilson was presented
with bouquets of flowers from the
children and a purse. She thanked
Auntie Kay and the children and
bidding them farewell, offered a
few words of advice to her
children listeners.
Before leaving, she joined the
children in singing "For she is a
Jolly Good Mother.'*

Society Wants
Records Kept
Mr. Harold Robinson, president
of the Agricultural Society of
Trinidad and Tobago, disclosed at
yesterday's meeting that the
society had requested that the
Comptroller of Customs and Excise
be asked to continue to keep re-
turns of all agricultural produce
in order to ensure continuity of
comparison and that the inform&-
tion would be available after the
He recalled that the Customs
and Excise were not publishing
the returns as had been done for-
merly and the society's deaistion
came as a result of their deairo to
have them. 46r oospar mtp an&dto
bring their records up-to-d0ate,

Wedding Guest
Fined For Theft
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
Ophelia Johnson, a young wo-
man of Belmont, Port-of-Spain,
came over to Tobago for a wed-
dinr and later it was alleged by
Corporal Alexander of the Orange
Station that she took $187 from
the house.
At the Scarborough Police Court
she was convicted and fined $50
or three months and ordered to
pay $187 compensation together
with $8 costs, or serve a further
five months.

Cane Subsidy

Motion Passed

By Majority

The Agricultural Society of
Trinidad and Tobao yesterday
passe by a majority vote a resolu-
tion urging that in determnngi
payment or the selling price of
cane in 19" for the purpose of
subsidy, the subsidy anould be
payable in respect ot one or more
raoons. provided the yield aver-
ages 12 tons or more per acre; and
that in determining the average
yields .of 12 tons or more per acre,
areas under sgrub canes or culti-
vated areas should be excluded.
An amendment by Mr. F. Far-
fan which asked for a guaranteed
price of &5O0 per ton to be paid
for all canes produced and de-
livered at the factory scales was
The resolution, which was moved
by Mr. W. Scott and seconded by
Mr. Von Delble, proposed:
"That this Society adopts the
following, recommendations unani-
mously agreed to on April 6, 1944
at a meeting of members of the
management committee and dele-
gates of the district societies.
"(a) that subsidy should be pay-
able if 16 per cent of the area of
estates and small-holdings were
replanted (irrespective of the num-
ber of ratoons or tonnage) pro-
vided the remainder of the culti-
vation is being normally worked;
"(b) that subsidy should be pay-
able in respect of one or more
ratoons, provided the yield aver-
ages 12 tons or more per acre;
"(c) that in determining the
average yield of 12 tons or more
per acre, areas under scrub canes
or uncultivated areas should be
Mr. Harold Robinson explained
that the question of the subsidy
had been discussed at a joint
meeting of members of the
society' management committee
and delegates of the district agri-
cultural societies, and Mr. R. 0.
Williams, acting Director of Agri-
culture, on April 6, and that it was
as a result of a dispute at that
meeting on certain points that the
resolution was on the agenda.
The principal dispute between
the committee members and the
acting Director lay in the acting
Director's inclusion of areas under
scrub canes or uncultivated areas
in determining the average yield
of 12 tons or more per acre.
Mr. Scott, moving adoption of
the resolution, said that the
Department of Agriculture, the
Government agency which was re-
sponsible for outlining policy con-
cerning cane subsidies, held that
the future success of the sugar
cane industry in the island largely
depended on good cultivation and
increased yields per acre and,
therefore, poor or abandoned cul-
tivation should not come under the
scone of subsidy payments.
He further stated that it was
felt that this was all right in prin-
ciple, but that undue hardship
might be inflicted on many cane-
farmers and planters by a too
rigid adherence to it from the
verv start.
Mr. Farfan criticized the
wording of the resolution which he
said was not very "happy" as it

Views Sought On
Cocoa Board Plan
Government has written the
Agricultural Society of Trinidad
and Tobago with regard to the
formation of a Cocoa Statutory
Crop Board, asking them to get a
more representative opinion of
cocoa proprietors who evinced a
desire for it. This was announced
at yesterday afternoon's meeting
of the society by Mr. H. E. Robin-
son, the president,
The society, Mr. Robinson said,
had written to the secretaries of
the various district agricultural
societies requesting them to ascer-
tain the views of cocoa proprietors
in their districts on this matter.
Mr. Robinson said the society
was asking His Excellency the
Acting Governor to grant an inter-
view to a committee to put for-
ward facts and figures relating to
the price for farmers' canes.

SHardware & Electric
SSupplies, Ltd.
A Frederick & 11 Henry sI


Circular Road


Lands at Verdant Va*e Estate,
different prices per acre. Arima
River and Blanchimseuse Main Road
Dassini through the Estate from
North to South.
'Phone Arima 10.


.urs AavU 18 14 High Street, San F'do.,
Thursday, 18th on Monday, May 15th, 1944
May '44. AT 73' P.M. SHARP
1.S5 P.M. "---
Following Instructions received
-- from Mrs. Hussy, Mrs. Freaky.
Instructed by S. A. Howard Esq., Messrs. Lovell. Date and Morgan. I
we w4ll sell all his good and ustul will i11 byAution at my Auction
Furniture such as:--. Pair Cyp Mart, on Monday, May 15. at 730
Single Beds, Spring and Mattresses, pm,, Wardrobes, Dressing Tablet,
Iron Cot and Mattress, Mosquito Bureaux, Morris Suites. Dining
Nets and Pillows, Blankets, Ward- Tables, Dlning Chairs, China Cab-
robe, Presses and Dressing Tables, inet, Shifherobe, Meat Safe, Bent-
Chest of Drawers, Towel Rack woo~d Chairs. Carpets, Sideboards
h 'rrors, Marble Top Table, Dining Canadian Chairs, 4' a" lSimmoiu
Table and 5 Chairs, Combination Beds, SpIng and Beauty-rebt
Table, Book Stand and Sn,111 Tables, Mattru, V' r* Simmons Bed and
Writing Desk, Fibre Carpet &a Sdprint. Washstands, Framed Mir-
Mats, Small Crtrpeta, Sideboard rns, Writinx Desks, Go-Cart, ?lay
Westminster Chimes Clock, Morris Pens, 7-Tube Phillips Radio, O.K
Chairs and Cushlans, Couches, Refrigerator, Medium-sized Cab-
Stools, -*arbl. Top Stands, Dinner inet. Singer Hand Machine. Sings
Gong, Ice Chest, Meat Sales, Foot Machine, Electric Reading
Tables, Chejrs, Dover Stove, 3 Bur- Lamp, Electric Fans, Toy Car,
ner Blue Flame Stove, Hot Psite, Press, Water Hose, Complete Jet
Paper Basket, Trays, Sun Blinds, Tools for Garage, Electric Stove,
Step Ladder, Lawn Mower, Garden Perfection Stove and Oven, Veran-
TooLs, Enamelware, Glassware and dah Set, Radio Pick-Up, Dining
Crockery, also 1 Fridge. Set, Crockery, Silvers.
Items on view day prior to and Items on view prior to day of
morning of Sale a : Terms- Cash. sale.
I An I r iDIl \ iCfbilkiET

Boyd & Hutchinson






in any shape


1 Henry Street

The House of

Best Prices


\jyU.1 .l^LInI%, WINiik, J
Auctioneer. i
P. -ADAMS to fight An eriean i
Soldier at the Drill Hall i
San Fernando. on Saturday,!
.,'me 17th, 1944. in aid of
t..a South Caribbean Forces.!

W (Pearemount Star)
Your skin needs this
beauty treatment
There may be a temporary short-
age but with a little care you can
make die Lux Toilet Soap you
get last longer. It is wasteful to
eave or dip it in water. Wet
hands or face-cloth first and then
a twist or rub of the dry tablet
will ive you plenty of lather.
Famous film stars keep their
skin youthfully smooth with Lux
Toilet Soap. It's worth a little
ettr cae to retain this treatment
for y dskin.


0 Dangerous germs,carrying
disease and infection, are ever
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sore throat. Applied t cu*t
burns or bruiesa it insures
perfect cleanliness; prevents
infection. Ideal for the re-
lief of prickly heat and in.
sect bites too.
You will find Li-
I E terine useful in man)
E ways. Keep a bottle
in your home at at
times-ue it regularly


A Superior Lot now

opened up. All Sizes.



75 Queen Street

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ALL your wash I 108p Sixth Street1
i Seventh Avwue.
wSthopotesal i Saturday 13th May
w9t notrubl a
ThAnks to RInse I194

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the work by itself eve in cold
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t a*-e -: ---

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-ju'ow-. sm


*PlM ra I
48ainOS 0a*
behrw&T- -sI
0Dl'f k.





and 418 Acres of Fertile Lands

Any offers or inquiries must be addressed to
Mr. D. A. Laurie, Hindustan Estate, Princes

lelscuesaaw' ."at I sone of the richet
No mta1m of* th Vmia-I Ba& / mii^
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- - - - -



\ I I SS^^;"- s K W W ii? -* .'-
-- ..". "
I Yt.SJT --. It a I MA D O SA M M ' A. M AT ." l!-, .A C S n ---

a* as IC -q*8111111114 T--WMM -r - ...- 6 ------- ----*<*1**^ (C -iK ~i t~ii.- *^i~ 'B^ ,.*~~l~*-^* ** f a
--I -- ------., ---- : 1 A im
... .in a wA" 1N i0. PU1;" 0 0Nli00 O WO---9 0 LND IL FI rN a MPUrU M
...--of a ..iseur Re:,oum.a- = M aIWW -u---A r tol a 0&ar 4.,
-11--101 ..f __ O. FP . -. -C O-O
a_ mnrn E".ou-. mr : 3 M. fn. om offit .. 41,- 41= is o. 41", -i d TM
'. 1Per -- ftri wt. > neM T ol

N- ~ ~IIIIMI T o- Kw teo -Mu TlP l'lr u s* K et8 eom b, rut tln4 trim cu wifb le for baudl qck- tOB Il. LOCA1IOW S|U tt-m -S -.-t J tt IL.{" .P.. m? *a! t ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ y ,^'MM 'i S~ a~ t B
q MIF SU C~ I Jem ift trehm % & ,e

M7i -n % ow A ume r u~u m j ow ssi~ pfM M uf_ Aia - own jfm Bt iw t *M ( i J^.^"?. ?" ""o** 1* i?* ILi. S \. S'la5 ,- -"^ ^^. .a -75B S
04su A r I [ai a

--MJ- N ta o PK e/ Om n Chases Ul'e 'Phon 401r3 ---a 13W. dining roost tl ult CIM W ISUL Iy. po lf --------S----- B-lq 14P .tS~ i- S 10.^ ^ (Tddllfli *ll < anitA.
sum lkIl a D Muf lti D A -r. R M.rtsi ml-AA to 1$.E11e1 i Els -- me 1W. W n-- n
Sorer, 4. u pwarst 4,1410. .r .e onwoe-a rU W O n B uu ell aom biroft* e_ aT do&
. ,sa yJ on T . b. .o,, o o. .n o .B . 4--. '. t . -. -* h w 6 1 K Mi 1., M '- .T H
GM m ALm IS&ACHNE: Og vie Po" to=.RlaTR M M eb.A l/ letl T= ~L I ~e ri~s padee4 pp thSagatm awd d

EOT JOHN BUBRltEnO-TOVAE.SW= now $**-. i,^n Sos, *D tre. t t =41d Eodd1' tt8 B U **M.e HllrtM* 1
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MU SAAIin 4 ', R Talene ti !ns, Vight t ttO yo*<* noes. "l P.OrRT BJ Apply: I3 Btler A L 4 7t O N A L w O | A Secuity oTcm' Nt-" Z 11 s
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WMA to *1 fc______ ^_____o_ 17~t Cfihaou rest Pho, Ap2ly totra '" -RO~vIA VIorTN: 1 r~nml~h FIve Meraval. Bsrln: l,BtO. APply ttf Win. BUMOCwMR -------- -------i-- IMl-- ^"I I*.
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