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ensure that the nmalximum possible of orders in the Unlted Statesb
benefit was obtained from Lend- win at the &ame tUme to nCress
Lease procurement. It naturally ap)preciably. Regulattions olosit
took some t'me for thwe instruc- down production of certain rils16
nus to be interpreted into actual poods such as refrigeraes type
mdent for summon on Govern- writers etc., w mere introduced
nmen aesootnt, and the peak of the War Production BoAr. c L
Ld-TLeA reQuistOnlMU was not taUon Order were drawn U 1C
reached 9 laten 2a oir early Pratoially the whole of the ba
r14& waw of t e ow errals and produce
Certain additional tasks were per- of United States heavy induatrte
formed by the Liaison on behalf of Thi tInvolved an extension of ti
the Colonies. These are refered priority sstem and the start c
- to In more detail later In this me. serious compeUtton between dome
rorandum, tie buyers a exporters of ad
It may be of interest. In connec- quate priorities to permit fullimer
tion writh Sedescrtption which fol- of eamnentil civilian Orders.,
lows of thecurret supply position Various scheames of allocating m
I tse U td StAtM to ri r brl- I tertal and production capacity w
J$ t thea It=t5 asmsted t aHeid, o mmitg e tmulally in ni

Agauint the above backx.ruund, It
wLi readily oe apprecia.- wu,"hy the
Colonial Bupply Laison, which was
re-named in October, 1942. the Br.-
tUsh Colonies Supply Mission when
a senior Colonial service
appointed to Washington in the
Joint capacity of Head of the Mis-
sion and Washington representative
of the Anglo-American' Caribbean
Commission) had. in common with
other British Missions in Washing-
ton, to expand its organisation con-
siderably and to modify Its original
functions and duties.
The organistlon of the British
Colonies Supply Mission conforms to
the general pattern of Dominion
Misions, although Its status is
unique in that it is directly under
the control of the Colonial Office
in London and reports to that of-
fice as well as to the various Co-
lonial Governments. A brief des-
cription of the functions of the
four main departments Is given be-
General Stores Department.-Thla
department oeasi with e purchase
on Government account of ll gen-
eral stores including drugs and
medical supplies, i-d exceptt lor
tIe West Indies) tires and tubes,
coal, cement, ol, timber. S c.I Mr.
A. J. Davis, of the Crown Agents*
Ofe. s, assisted in the General
StoreS Department by a Supply Of-
Mler. Mr. T. P. Ammaon, lso of
the Crown AgentW office.
Mr Davis is alao responsible for
the work of the Progress and Docu-
ment Insurance and Account sec-
tion. T M general services. which
arise out of purcha ie made by the
Mi-ion on Government account,
include reporting to Governments
and the Crown Agent. the definite
s6iges In the life of Lend-Lease re-
quialtions, advising shipments; p-r
paring statements of oargoes
shipped for Induranoe purposes au-
tOring accounts for payment by
theM New York crice and forward-
Imng statements to the Crown Agents
In London for them to arrange re-
t cover from their account with
the various Colonial Oovernments.
SThes sections are in the charge
. o0 two Crown Agentsa' men. Mr.
W W. 0, Tbomas and Mr. R. 1.
I. Pope. while the Accounts section.
N ow York, Is supervised generally
. by the Director of Accounts of the
a Brith Misty of upply Mission.
O in addWtion, Mr. Davis has cer-
e blain duties in oonnectio with of-
'a fice managetment and personnel.
.. Iand acts as deputy to the deputy
I. head of the Missions In the latter's
t absence.
Engineering Stores and Technical
a* Department. This department
re deals with procurnmeant of engin-
h eerah itn um. lna Irn and

United Sate Rubber Ompaay. In doe eooperatlonwith
the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, developed the one-ma
Mparachute raft. leforn thib, *thter pilots had little prwo-
tection when forced down at sea. Strapped to the Ier as
a seat pack, ths one-man rah Mknow used by fighter pilot
in both the Army a"n Navy Air Prce.m

Whem th e Pilot ht the water, he puilU a card which
relemm the raft and automatically inflastes It I from
S to Il oMlco. It l within Instant reach when needed.
ready to carry him to safety. The intable lilfe-preemrver
vest. also designed and built by "U.S.." keep hla afloat
uatl bhe is sabmin the raft.

St rS -onioima -ad-s IIw mw 0
Memorandum Outines

VWork DoaNe In Washington ---ZZ "1 hs ....01- -!
ik *"'""sughw, 41 10 I1 9_.
J- ia.m @11116sie t W lz MNGE _.016
Al t AO M export control drMrn L e saa he N1 ,--K+ i i-- i "-'- fe w "- .
; +aAt doagame tUwe. XPr n C0111" ma
-_ = to, ai
c1 a' MTsehe M f WexteSded and nude Mnyasngky made d |M
004 406l"* to UNdto boI sp*ol Mi sPely {on is tloly TeBoarrd.we o tWe ro,. ewlatms ad a fl, -ss toI fac any s futures cbh w which my a w ae..hich m en boauom."_tis a t o of the< hea_ w --t
S ,Mcr i tn do&id of itswr .. ISeressedtIn a riece nul bl rBop ai e eyt pe rolln m "oW ? onridd ton, Mr. ..Eai ad
Sof e p to the Allies and friendly Mr. Janes supervise tm ork of a
San lfntJ prepa by Mr. t Melvile onm ol the Mission official. ma produced a licensing o y s- small section under an 0er 64Tw
Giving U a 1-- prgrev which has beete created to dea l.
.CMr tt ns M the in-l f UT eurtal o e t. wioth e P ov si n ?c mater als to

.hs rawn04 t igus r oc.he o" am In thesColoial I f oat~ h oko h he
t 5 Sm. p..ats.... [ eae was naklls Ion tcreasingly strict criterU (of esaen- the Weft Ind"a x unla c. In u co-- -,-es N
tas deathe ot haw tabsw Msla etrIy days ar d th in war. yl tllty for a civilian gs0 to be section with erdopeM t m ad o. Lf" na
Ma. tackltd durn tite pa-t two before Pearly Harbour, os slipped Of to im deUllnali o. Welfare projecta.-3.1.nIy
yetrm its a osiBne to MAOl mrt goods In ther United States General icences were propessively Commercital. Purchase and Pro- .
:+oa su ppliesof4 00Mni c tylman were relat vly eal y Access to ba- wItLhdwin aso finally a system of gramimes Deparltent .-TWhi detmIrt-
- s to e r tln WMere Hemi- al owW R deram aUan :l romamne licenuting twbich is des- men is an the course of benl g a- S
SphesC ColniM. andrubberhadnot atiht noe a was Introduced, lnvol.- ganiead nA&. 3 A. 6riin if e
0.oI o Ur g orapu nowWhich de- been imortl I nterrupted; *a-d the i h osubmissiond by exporters Of tae Colonial t.M has be. UP th ad%- -
voted an enire setion to xplana Unitd mates O rndanidal licence applIftitions for d to take charge. Mr. Oreenbhir
ion of bow the Wa Indies are ramme, although it wan being ex- practically every type of material control extends over three sections ,
servedI0 wartime swlch ver p nd rapidly, had not reached inder "or shimeo to the C010- -the Progrnuumne Section, the 2- wesm_..e
-to north Amerls. for supplies, Mr, tepoint at which It -Impinged se- nies. port Licences and Priorities Section umeam.
,elvilletamshtim. view that tl i riously upon the supply of civilian The extension of controls ov sthe and the Co0m nercial Shipping Sec-
hazar ou.s to w .s.thata. t 5 In the I cuntei. purchased and tshipment of food- tlion. r The waork ofthse three _
5ls be rahe n ih r prouc. Progaramme ntiith193 ha i*mr
s been reachrinM wih tern whilst control of supplies by an stuffs was of slower development; wtlos is appad elnt from te.r de-, sw r..ry
lion or a sgI- eoatrols operating -S known a it <* not untl 1 t the signation a Iexa
Moved by the fact that wartime as the War Production Board w as-fighrnin food situation in te fully In the general deserlin of wr p n
Msurs of control and supply being extended, and priority ratings United States and elsewhere began United States supply, export and r
either directly or IndirecUy coeaern were required for a fairly wide iange to have serious effects on shipments shipping controls which follows. 'Pw* n-r-w f
all members of tehe conau rity of materials and products t ful- to the Colonises. With the exten- PartIcularly as regla l eMquirements A"6 |6
Government a be has published thn filament of Colonial orders covered sion of military and Lnd-Lase de.- programmes., the Department ain-
Memorandum for public Informea- by valid import licences and spon- mnands for foodstufs produced in tains close liaison with the Govern-
tion sod copieisare available at the lsoed by et Colonial Supply w al- North Amerlta. and with the grow- ment purchasing :!partmentS andwo nh U
information M te e. son did not present serious 4- Ing shortage of agriculturalM represnts the Mission on the ri- -fit e s wt orn du

Wrtngtefoeor h uHon, 'b le,, plty. d Iso etmS '"e. n labou ,_a sytem W. u-cm.. tteanof athe f lt*tnaeeDpat-m T ereet.rvn
,rrol ,doe lS ,-ano. acting Colonial culty Expert licensing control was chinery and farm labour, a syste om Asub-committees of the Fnt-l rtd t Iormd t
'Setrv #taSate in Copart: ia w n I tinfncy and allowed the ship. of rationing of domestic consumers, f. Copmnonwinlth Supply C am-of e ris t o
"ItomemoranBdumws^, written t to Empire destinations of an had to be introduced. This now mittee which have been onsttut essential supplies, especially of food the British Ministry of War
In November, 194, and therefore, extensive list of civilian goods utn- covers most of thLa sic foodstuffs to deal with comuraon Empire pro- stuff, to the British West. Indmvn port.
do" not include any preference to der general licence. including sugar, oils and fats, meats biemn In the field oftOrogmmeslw Colonies. In his capacity as head As the West Indies Dep
ta ed saet re rianetio n o a tnru ta and "canned goods. In consequence export licensing, priorities, &c. othis*department, Mr. Tho 'on performs special services fi
certain United NataU agencies un- DIMCU"LTIlg 30T supply and export controls have gpig. .mitiscoelasnwt h rts etIda ooi
Soei nthe ee Itrduedbyth Wr oo SUPPLIES TO WI. maintains close liaison with the British West Indian Colontl~
her Id otthrlga s E Aconomicn mIt is true that. on the Lend. been Introduced by the War Flood i *..Anglo-American Caribbean Com.- i. work is well. w .. only
itoraton, the association Into one lse side difficulties were en. Administration watnd the systemof WstIndies Depaiment ThismAnlo-A ter airious U.S. food brief description Is needed
afdloknown- a the Office of fore. countered rignt from the start, progrannyng the reqalrementseof department was established under nd shipping agencies and with memorandum.

Ign Econmic Admiistrati n '. of d~ x~p to: the r- e for Iron Cgloniess tem ou aoatheu, asndr, eiarntadsipgaeces ndwhmmonu.
anu b o foAdmeiorat I nd.f d partly the nd fto creating w es, L Mr W. M. Thomson of the Co- the Canadian Department of The department having
ncies.. i _if l d n cwmro achlnery of purcha and d Committee and the Combined lonial Administrative service as the Trade and Commerce and the formed to dc.,l with a
oneSth Oadiksstra to, the i partly to the unwillingness of the Food Board put into operation, result of the first meeting of the Canadian Shipping Board, He emergency, the original emp
e formerly Board) t Econom 'Ice of Lend-Lease Adminslrat- i Wheret., previously, difficulties Anglo-American C"ribbean Corn- is assisted by Mr. M. V. loyd. its work was on shipping
Warfare and theOf ofForeign to accept Colonial requirements, experienced by the. Colaii In ob- mission held in J amaica in May, who acts as shipping officer for the grammes and various scbe
Relief and SRehabilitation. Th which were almost entirely of c-I tainting most essential food Items 1942. to undertake general respon- department in New York. and devised to ensure the most
function described in the memo- vilian nature for purcrkste by Lend-I from the United States had been sibility for maintaining the flow of who works In close association with mical use of existing tonna;
radtm tot the Aegcle Im "cludtd LeSW e funds. In so far, however,'due almost entirely to a shortage -.,, ""
Isn th rworantesation are now In: atheu rmuber of requA.ltions sub- ee tshippirIg, the situationW
the has Of 'the o rein Econoeic mtted for Lend-Lease procurement reached inmlate 1943 where many "."
Adminlstrationa." In the ear"y mor.hs was relatively, t pes of foods came der the.same
O3IG1134 A" GROVWTH I'.irfkll (f'xc~p* in. GI 'e. of iron' rtgorotis? system of allocation ash1id
..ind'.,-,, sfereo before the Colonial b.heliu :n:-o emf ,arier for- cri-"A
Full Uxt of the semorandnilSupply Liaison ass established. atical raw materialss and'rial
ftol~ow. ;~rnhed"ure had been hastilv devisedP -..rr beig -u
: wblrl be rcae. that. In AurI.s which h was quite uo..sabe to Lend-I The .xime ra tle. !edtoh to. hortaq's ,
1t, tu Secretary of State dSCi-14 .,i. nrocure..nt and w.hi"h. con-I and to the "tr. '.',cion of restri'- '.
ed to appoint to V.shjlgton a re-. 1.r... t .,, in a complete the a 'ca:ions In respect of V! 'I I
preiatw whose duty It would .!- 'r.:n. Innida! steel -r o mthir rondl'ie as tobacco and
be to render speciladvlce andas-,r- *l'e trui;al dfhiculties pt.-tr-olenrn p-',0-c's B. msd-!943.I
s-etanc" to the Bri5a Ph".erchasg .r,,"...... l .e ti... "" ern'Udma'" sD.rcA'. an, iptem
C"MnietSon on t.he cleanr-de c ,t r one, 'ad little ee. c,,entfirig into trade b'ween" thO A
cm orders for CE d& -"',-. F ,f- ,.-. .. ..t. C; .,tz'5' ean : r:t Corones "I k *lie i "
tf-eitl' t. A antd v0 ae tht t e .. ghe I. ` ted a g i Sir t, :" d id. fr sup-:
O cifte t~ttSezt~er'-Mon w.irr t: uk~~~ply to pe:. ,rd-r-N being ful-1
t-ea Act ;pasvd ear : "^Atrer1_. .armirt- niet wrl.u- ntia'ity havinrrg to
r of n .. ." 7 '* '' A'e .; p er;iCi ;.d e" ",r"e of ;- C o '
t- C t-^se'r ot? has;ft'*/:..> ',e a:.d vxpo:: r"ult..rn. h*.v;i~g
~~ :'.; ,.)be*-itisfled n advunc. h.
Vf C.Ou ~lSuppy Liaiison ass r- ~ hpi a
Cc-. t" a eoret- r s ithf '.e-n ol . .. .....^ ; **t1 '.ar".inni- *.r'r n.t h .n adv -.c in.:t of; '.,K HB
rcaI -otinato e 4' It !e~b hr e-
t 1,r te 'a; ini .ct o m.e --. ba a that ari.5 In h
(i.i[S V,. i Prod.- e.on Bard n- -:n!s morp w h n.:"us revn.-ti-.
cri':'s ai d Board of Eiono0c War-- n. r ii;acr S whn'e' a ti- on exports fror. "he 'h itked *-
fare thxprt ile ncos, than t. d r.d- ".- osr `-t'. q -af"sthi:". e f edid Cr,' in, rtge of sup- -H .
prse-n-t rh Thoe accepted :o.1' he .nhad n: t.. W'. d,-n:-.s ;;1 in :- .J

dLrf -Aaq f7r rxpmter 1ul ro-dd of e-B
cc granted by.I unde U ? he, r ar~942 hed -- to dlrf- eresuited, dnriben'
Wait Zeree papers to ne puppies uf ceratin" halc raw h certain nr er.'hs of that year. In the
Tiahe ofiesiuIeeri- ls bocameexceedingly short and accumWH es ion of large quantities of
;wstric c oservation Measures had ar:. forheich Thippinghsce,
OoI.Za a-irO ml, Statlsi be fPtE ,n co1d b could not be provided. n a et ,,
agenele eIBOR1Med. Ini connection' (osortne i Special .easurts i-ad 'o be takon I
with this work rthe Liatson received M6..: S. e ".-nc ,rs ito 'fh in n s e CAf of f C",-""o- *
and despatched telegyams *s C-s-e'?5frc-r tht e V:.'ed -.:.tlu, nie-, to crt t:;1.s sh:,.:};::e p:.bhmn
onla.l Govr men ts I:.d malr.'aned :4r, T e'- .gu' b. t...n'same liiciOr ,ind as al .I' se'n laticr, a fpr-
records of cf.rn.' rl lrmpor. !:.-'n- fn "re U4.*.m,1 p-r>; iL the -i t al s'ctioni o 'seue r in this
e ments for supplies frx the Ir.l.ed on.s :a;a.::g to 1 .k n-,re aiidmore pmerriR-. It tro far'.- vet :o isv
Stea w. to t he V n 'ed c-' i 1 -r supply c, 1*-:-. ,ishimcrs t< adequjae to meetB
The Lend-Lasw aide of the List- rfrtl.m- e'nr.tO. ..rports. This: -;! p clntuwl exhan \;'-.ri nefdx of N
etu's wr-k developed sloe'- I! -, witcc. '->r-rth Ane-;;,.i was ur-- *he Colnre- The tr'.i,;,pr
er.m3;haian with tbc Secretar' iif th.r tn:,or rd or ",,e Cuionies do stand o : i.rhe nuch I
Fa' a general procedure w"I laAd It f W, my p.' : 2 lil;' i- b. .miip- 1.a of i p'-ohiem rn',-, r iA wa? '
dv-Ar. fr pro-par'ng orders r ":b- ;'i c :,.a"''': i,-- b'-iUs the v- ,;.in 1-42 3Ad hr' 1.1! i botneneck has
m:;;tn; Lerd-Lease rtpu;'i cs ume (f gIf w ht'n could be madce, ihirferd 'In xnolhr '.n an pent 1*
and instrurt!(rs were sew' tn-C r,- 1a)a l lrixi(l G}wernmntfs r-esr-rdtnC the ie'ti. !. :n C'. .'i..-o boan to d.- chippir.2 as A ris trw'. fae-''r 0! -
e.' rateriRls which shxil'd hoOr:!: ;h. vnum.ofrf n! c-wri i-.-\irv fr,,m ^"lI* y or .4
tsarud;l by bu i" Indent so as Ini Th' i'''- .o 'b!.i:Ing fun. 'nicn: ihp 1-nited S.Mci to Colonial ter- *WMP'
I r'tories.


r Trans-
nr the


s Where s2e,- ,we CONTRACTS
y a very
in this It is impossible to give. in con-
crete terms, a complete statement of
S been the volume of work now being per-
shipping formed on be-alf of the Colonies
basis of by the British Colonies Supply Mis-
g pro- sion. Unfortunately. as will be *4-
ines were predated from a study of the cur-
t econo- rent trade controls in the United
;* both states which are described below.


that men may


to build a better world

Tired, worn-wet and hunirv- r
But safe! "
Safe on a friendly beach with food and friend
and shelter near.

Many a young flier, forced down at sea, has <.^"
reached safety because of the lifesaving eqi
which is furnished to him. The inflatable raft
its amazing assortment of lifesaving devices
bullet-hole plugs to bailing bucket protects liti:s
against the hazards of the open sea.

This lifesaving equipment is another exampeI0&
the never-ending diligence and vision of the h(
of our armed forces... working with Amerimn
industry to provide every safeguard within 11
reach of science and American inventive
to guard and protect and save American _vi hWe

As a company which has worked in closest
cooperation with our Army and Navy techni
staffs in the design, development and prodOuW-4
of lifesaving rafts and much of their proteW
equipment, the men and women in our fact
and laboratories are devoting every rebot
the winning of this war... serving through
...that men may live... to build a better

The one-maa parachute raft Is provided 1"
food and water rations, At aid kit, l
plugs paddles, balling bucket. o
models even Include a il and nu 00as
covering which can be used for protect/1
best ad ocean spray.

Ready For FiOtur- Ch-eesIn Supply


tm$ Is v iame I. a*va mvsU t U IM 53.5 'ou "a. ima ft A. I LAN CAkAa. 0DOMINION .uama coI U s #..

up"i ates, Canadisa ad Oa-
k e .1gistered. In addition, a
.boh for employing locally re-
gstaeredo i ners ainnter-kriand
trade was worked out and now op-
etew as the Schooner Pool with
hIsa*uartera at Barbadoe. EIghty-
four schooners have Joined the Pool
drgaflatlon and are doing valu-
Able service in transporting inward
and outward cargoes between the.
Islands of the Xutern Group.
As the result of changes in the
s=pl situation. which latterly atf-
este foodstuff, the Wet Indies
Department had to asume exta d-
ed responsibility In connection with
the programming, both n Canada
and in the United States, of the
food requirements of the Caribbean
Colonies. Outlines of programmes
were already available for shipping
purposes. These had to be re-ex-
amined, in consultation with the
London Pood Committee and the
Combined Ftod Board In Washing-
ton, and also wit' the Canadian
Government: and the depart nt
Is now responsible for administering
allocations of foodstuffs In Canada
and the United States for the
Brithih Wese Indies. as well a for
purchasing cr:'in food items for
these Coloniss from the United
Stnts on Government account.
So far as United States supnl!es
are concerned it works In rloe
contact, with 'the Export Licence,
nd nrlor!ie Pecet'on In roqard to
thp !isj" of '?:pr+ lieneres for food-,
stuffs fr.r the pri"h vwe.t Indies
and through 'hio Shipolnr Offlner,
New York. tinmder*, kes the program-
min, and shiun'in, control functions
which are carried cut by the Com-
mercial Phpnin- Section for other
Colonial destiny tons.



_ _ui m-- I

I -- m

maim of Sbe Mkbk-i
not produce repeat
masessed i nrdinary
The bict that Auia 1
October, 1i43. abouAt*
of an approxmanmc
90 were placed oa
lonial Oovernmment
sion may be of UmI
conneceon with a lt
purchasing activities
There is no comft
the total value over
of United State
Involving supply "aid/.
distance from the W
these may be very r
At between 5o andest
amount to only
by value of the totS
United States exports,
nies which clear thr0
siom. If commeral I
volving assistance fron
are added, then the i
portance, in terms of
of Government Purch
reduced : The sral
of current trading pra
dispel general compile
cisms that Government i
the British Colonies
taken over the whole i
trade from the United
In addition to tim
done by the Mission Wf
tally, Includes a S
amountt of supply st5
lonial orders placed to
variety of other tasks i
assumed on beltilf of
Office and Colonial .
generally. These eed
and provision of shlpr
facilities for Colonta=
ducts: the rendering of
assistance to the, q
terlals Mission and -
Food Mission in oa
til locations of these g
sale and shipment of t
trials and scrap et
Colonies. membership|
committees and the CaM


______U__U__,__U_-AN,__u_ _,_____WAY________uW au Suvi uIuA, tAI 1, 1144. lGl. EA .

uMore Needed To Boost Jury Told Of Jam. To Study State Urges -- ---
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() T rice production, w be made In the IilAtW5 Mr. Clarence t clerk in W a to leve for the United a O G
Amount, .--________________ the office of the. Saeso. omas&Canada. to study th onmen-
amounts, iInuland Revenue en ourts wit- Advanced methods of town tc t towthe c Wiera ..e
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W neity to carrypny t eraq cm- tons ProgrammeOfexpansion States of AnimeI'a or CanaduI onl
iS ctive work thanPy VV S 1l d tthelPyr d tejw erdy that especially for the Kingston '.he basis of firm offers trom cx-
^* tfW in the original.. 1 al o he had examined tne.Slips, time_ race course M,000 scheme to porters in mthse countries.
II lw the orgnl .books and a cash blotter tendered provide playing fields, swim- i colecton wh the renos Kd
K ^ o Education Aid ^ A ^ r uv> ohro~u^^^^ il~
w.10,d00 is asked for by for his scrutiny and had dlscoverd uing pools gymne and other of various itrms Iron tns bulk
of the $140.000 ear- certain irregularities including the amenities.
tion and recma-Omission of serial numbers of time- Mr. Harris bears letters of purchase st and the opport -
atlon edhoeoa-a-slipsIntroduction to Mayor 1a- ty now ffordtcl or cer-31a items
3ealwthed f or e i atof "Welcoming new members to the The men wrho now face trial be- John Huggihs. Governor, and manufaciured iron and steel to
l iveated for irrigation Welcoming new members to the The men who now face trial b. Guardia of New York from Sir of scml-manuiactured *tnd un-0
swamp to be trans- Education Board meetln g yester- fore jury a nd r Justice E. from the Huggi, Governor. be procured r iom Canada through
SCaroni scheme, to- day, Mr. Robert Patrick. the Hallinan in the t Assie Court hAnderson 'ble, City Mayor 0. be procured romial Chanls, ada throughoermen
ap.500 out of $5,000 Director of Education, took the are Ameer Moham., a director Anderson. City Mayor... commercial chanbeen coesidrin wha policy
m~ed onbleAm~d ohaunt a directorhsholdbeenpurisued en g oods, noliw
ed for Oropouche. opportunity to refer to the Hon'ble Amid Mohammed and Haniff Mo
W00i 0 for small un-T. M. Kelshall, recently retired hammed, cas hers, jalh Triho should be pursued w ,en goos, now.
and $5,000 out of after 28 years of membership with and Edgar Thong,. ehheekpu D.haed A110119nt h e Bulk Purt-
formerly set aside for the Board, as one who worked and Sogimm Nsn and sa 8 aaaV VU chaslig ment. become avail-I
wh o Booking Rush able through normo comeanIac
tf the extra amounts, gres. leged by the Crown to hive con-can Ge rnme nh sura '
will enable the work Not only Mr. Kelshall,, stated red together to defraud theiaPocy, Government has naturally
this year instead the Director, bu, also Mr. W. H. company of certain sums of money Ptirst rush for reservations for to bear In mind the necessity for
^ originally cortom- Dolly and Moulvil Ameer All had collected as fares, and which they the Carnival revur "Land of tl preventing any loss of public funds
been lost to the board through withheld after refraining from re- Calypso, which opens uuider the pa- m."d the following policy has there-
| rs-- Government insistence now that cording particular trips which tronage of His Excellency the Act- fore been decided upon
"- on such bodies as the Education 'buses of the company mtde be- ing Governor, at Empire Theatre ta) Importers who have placed or.
SW elome Board members must retire after tween San Fernando and Princes on Tuesday. May 16, began yester. diers witi the Bulk Purchasing
0 V I I three terms. Town on certain days between day when bookings opened. Department for any of the
s To he board Joined Mr. Patrick In February 1 and April 16 last year. Sponsored by the Trinidad Press items named will be given the
S DCcisionl wishi'e the Very Rev. Dr. J. j. The defence b M. ,Club and a committee of lirominent option of cancelling orders for
SMeenan, Principal of St. Mary's The defense is re resented by Mr. British, American .nd Trinidad of- items which have not yet been
le by a majority College, who ils seething medi aston Johnston, .C., Mr. H. fials, the revue is given in shipped:
e B oard of Education treatment abroad is seeing medical B. Wooding, -nd Mr. R. Archbald, aid of the Win the War Assocla- (b The British Colonies Supply
Board of Education treatment abroad, a speedy re- while Mr. C. T. W. E Worrell is tion's War Welfare Fund and the Mission will then be asked to
*Tuesday last, era-"covery.Misowilte beaedo
lb Director of Educa- "I had hoped." said Mr. Pat- conducting the case for the Crown. Amnericin Red Cross as a joint cancel such items trs can be
Appointments in de- rick, "to see Dr. Meenan here to- Anglo-American benefit perform- cancelled;
schools, was wel- day as I had heard that he was ance. The producers have select- t(c) In the case of any items which
lay by members of due bac: onil May 1, but he was Noted Jesuit ris ed the highlights of the two-day importers concerned desire to
aid Tobago Teach- about to return when the doctors N t J i Priest Trinidad Carnival and compressed cancel but which it is not
became dissatisfied with the pro- Dies In ara them into a two-hour musical, us- possible to cancel, the Items
SOf the union agree gress he was making and decided ile s I n B UlUo ing all-rUtlve professional talent, will be imported for Govern-
this new scheme il to operate." The e e' -. --.. = -- nerit account and steps will
Willbenlewsschmeintoew member sweecomd The Rev. Fr.J,. Besant, S rJv be taken, if necessary to pro-
gll be less dissatis- New memlers welcomed were of St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Bridge- Trade Env hibit or control the import-
a lmong teachers than Mr. Ghany of the Tackveeyatul town. Barbados. died in Bridge hibit or control the importe-
iatments were made by Islamic Association: Mr F. Quin- town last, week, according to the To o awalating ithei tr!ssue ofoos by regu-
i ,td each laying very lan, secretary of the B.G.-Trlmni-' B. rad io., e S 10 ttawag altogether l is ences for withholdm-
al on religious zeal as a dad Teachers' Association; Mr T I ri il g altogether licenses for im-
oerte ignlnio elegibility Hutchinson Principa, of Queen's The aged Jesuit pn'lest, who had Mr. G. A. Newman, Canadian ports through commercial
mn i l Roval College. Pind theia o Fr. bepn blind for several years, was government Trade Commissioner, channels until such time as the
S. Royal College: and the Revi al of Str wel-known throughout the West left by air yesterday morning for Items imported for Govern-
n others. however, say Byrne. acting Principal of St. Indies and beyond, as a scholar Ottawa on business connected nient account have been dis-
eamog te shl Mr. Patrici ehe. and polemic who won the respect
hampered but Msai he had received of his opponents even when they with his department. While sway posed of,
e to influence the a letter from the Hon'ble L. C. could not accept his views. Mr. Newman will attend confer- Importers who desire to exercise
Oren since religious Hanmays, another nw member. re- We d c lsati wa f ences in Ottawa and Washington the option referred to above should
re not en remiod grettin inability v to be present is When divorce legislation was first in connection with trade between send detailed notiftcitions to the
ave not been removed en n cale to t inent proposed in Barbados, Fr. osant Canada and the West Indies. Director. Bulk Purchasing Depart.
tyimetables and school he had been called to St. Vincent was leader of the opposition, eh-
J UUon urgent professional business, ag l ad of e onto en- During the Trade Commissioner's ment., before May 25, so that the
______ gaging in a long controversy with
________Mr. G. H. Adams, M.C.P., in the absence, Mr. W. B. McCuilough, Brittsh Colonies Supply Mission
Pressand in pamphlets. He was Assistant Canadian Trade Com- may be given the earliest oppor-
nn Amour r ommitee also an authority on yachting. miasioner, who recently arrived tunity of cancelling the purchase
Ges Awilltbe in charge of the office. however, be observed that only
i M re S prt ogaili m 1 Mr. Newman expects to be away limited supplies of some of the
M reTrinidad G u c orrespndent. i ce en et about two months. items named will be availablee from
Trinidad cu, it Correspondent. -Canada and importers t. ay there-
i I.rdn Correspondent. SAN FERN ..-o. May 9 Con- R ard S G d fore prefr not o cancel the quail-
SORANDE, May 9- mittee o the Cnciertos Daniel ravery w angre ran e an titles of such tems ordered under
support to a resolution Society here wiil resume activi- De -o a h previous bulk indents and may in-
O overnment for a ties shortly. Detective-Constable Rique has d Sudd tilesd fpro to der n lited quan-
d.4fetion based on adult Miss Kathleen Piper, the secre- been awarded $10 and Constable ies u enly titles from the United Stitnes of
gvnbanasm-tr saethttecmiteStephens $7 for bravery in disarm- .. ..
gi ven by an assem- tary, states that the committee ig a maniac. Trinidad Guardian Correspondfent. America in tin under bulk indent.
Sske part at the In- had to curtail its activities be- a t t o SANGRE GRANDE, May 9.-a- The 1911 bulk Indent ftor pur-
tlng of the, West In- cause no piano was available, According to the police bulletin, tave Jeanette, a ide-aged na chases from he United States of
Sonal Party at the The committee she said or- issued on Tuesday, they succeeded in of Fishing Pond, Sangre Grande, America ofit ims of unmanufac-
H te on Sunday after- ganised a piano fund which a&- disarming a man despite his having while awaitingR a 'bus to take him turned and semi-manufactured iron
Tn r raised hapmore tha- inflicted several minor injuries 0n home, died suddenly on the pave- and stecl, other than those isied,
H. B Woo read y had realised more than them with a razor and a dagger. inent of a restaurant on the Fast- is I course of preparation and inm-
0 t Wooding, $1,000. ern Main Road here onSaturday.ortcr who now desire to modify
otof the National CONCERT REPEAT AT AROUCA morning, orders already submitted for 1944
the resolution which The Arouca Cultural and Recrea- Jeanette, it was reported, was intmust notify the Director. Bulk Pur
t, Guaico ahricketer as laling health. cai:met o-sc End Eczem a
by Councillor Albert tional Club will stage a repeat It isstated that Jeanette nad chasing Departmeit. of such mod- d Ecze
aDeputy MayorandSuf performances of thsir recent fuc- been out seeking medical treatment fications on or before May 25, 1944.
dent of therparty.n Burs oro eniArm essfulrconcert =ro a anmdme fe titten d was returning home after mak- The Datith Colonie Supply Mis-
DvdTP tinfgr Joha.ahia C aitem a rfew purchases when he co- a1 pPooe to notify other Er ure Forever
D.vid Pitt, ofTr iad Guardin CorrespdeL at the Arouca E.0.-S ool at 8B iP..lapsed. tish West Ind'.n Governments of
d, whoviS the Presi- SANGRE GRANDE, May 10- tomorrow, Friday, May 12. There The 'body was taken charge cf by the proposals with a view to bring- No Need to Suffer Another Day
l.& party, outlined the While engaged in a cricket game will be a Xmatie performance at Police Constable Parsons and sub- ing about uniformity in this re. There is one simple yet inexpen-
ebject s of the party and at the recreation grounds here on 4 p.m. forg. children of the sur- sequently handed over to his rclia- spect throughout all British West s w s e c a
questions about the Sunday, Benjamin Cupid, a Guaico rounding schools, tives for burial. Indian territories. V way to stop the itching and
lad. sustained a fractured arm. .. .torture of Eczema instantly, and
aiulhus W. Cox, J.P., He was taken to the hospital is tIMl111MIUMMIN tortur of Eczema pnsltatly' and
tt the branch here here and then to the City Colonl t to poly Mooe' Emrald
Hospital for further treatment. | TOi .* O i l night and morning and pea-
_____________ Cupid, who Is considered on. of WJ S hO U hu-lb en nttllilor rsm rdsiuigsi ru
the best bowlers in the Guareo ex- JoaT eire se yai'e or pie who suffer from any embar-
Tthee st ersrthe ua e xc o o have been idisfiguring skin trouble
CB -' f Pupils' .C.. was hurt on bounc.- would b wise to banish It before
A L ing against another. player. have a ivd it reaches a more or less chronic
have arivedstage.
2i lktae of aepprox. 165 acres I Ask any nrst-class chemist for
ofId m inI NO IC Emerald Oil (full strength) and
""sRoad with Consider- N T C n oiia ote o on
0 f Min bound- l r r S IAL9gv yuCE=refuse to accept anything in g i
T4000 ful gra pefruit = Were sorry that we can't give you any exact descriptions I pe it Is such a highly con-
ST taLimeeTrees,.Orange To Our Customers And at the moment as we haven't opened the cases yet, but e ratdIe its preparat long timehatabd ofur-
P Vay unable Timber, Gravel. The Gneral Puli i as the dresses were personally selected by our buyer in thermire. this wonderful discovery
offers most attractive i Canada we're sure they're ever so exciting. There are seldom fails to give satisfaction.
~area possibilities nes~r _____
grand sites and splen- --- cottons, jerseys and rayons ranging from $5.42 each to | _----
if.A r bathing. Faces east In order to complete the re- $13.60 each-but only 302 in all. They'll be on display
f 36tt and sloping ground, marking of Goods, under new t I our newly decorated cool showroom from tomorrow,
WSwt god views. Regulations. we are compelled in r decorated cool showroom from tomorrow,
't5 e1 d by branch road. to CLOSE our Port-of-Spain I Friday, and, we suggest you come early. a T H E MEN II(
-RIE- 3,000.00 Store only. from MONDAY i3
--- 15th to SATURDAY 20th
HOUSE," Besumont MAY (inclusive).Il
val. Most elegant re- r -,o Vr*MaT
Cte (throughout) resi- -I T 1 .& pNA ~ f-! \ 'U'--t
,a. large livingand 4.wT D I EI eL E .l,
Jade green bathroom Hardware Eletric I I *Am i l 1
bathroom parquet floors. H rwar & "c.i cm,,T-j;
specially imported. .V/,,,,N ,
81.Freehold d Supplies, Ltd. 25, Queens Park East I ,."
)sdingbuilding contrac- 5 -. -,< It FrederIck 11 Henry Where Smart Women Select Their Dresses In Cool, Comfortable. Plefant Surroundin gs potteen dQ'a'st-
I-EOTIRI' .INVITED r n,-__,-i -IIhl______llI_ II s, .'" >'Ise -tt-7

-'B FURNI,,... SALEi
addining room, etc.F. m s -
cds.Vacant Peo- SAL
Offers Invited. .
FRANK V. ECKEL, 108, Sixth Street, a
Real Estate Broker. Se
--_._.__ Seventh Avesue, WX
JON SAL E Saturday 13th May
AT141, TD
Street, Son F'do., I 1944
,2 P.M.
May 15th 1944 Instructed by Mrs. R. Hart we V
will sell all 'her nicely kept and
- P.M.W SHARP useful Furniture such as:-
,'a. -"---- 1Simmons Double Bed Slumber
Instructions received King Spring and Spring-filled Mat-I A l
HtUSSY, Mrs. reakly tress, Pillows, Sheets, Towels, Pil./A
U Date and Morganf low-Cases, Winged Mirror-Dresser,
A0ttcon at my Auction Three-Corner Soiled Clothes Bas-
ay, May 15, at 30 kets, Strips Carpets, Cyp Night
Dressing Ta'Jles chair. Hot Water Bag, Cyp Mir-
urite Dining rored Hanging Press, M.T. Wash-
Cha; item. Chink Cab- stand, Toilet Ware, Spring Blind&,
Meat Safe Bent- Bentwood Clothes Stand, Crap.
Crpets, Sdeboards, Oval Dining Table, Dinner Service
4' 6" fMm 48 pieces 6 Mahogany Dining
ad4' "Beau'ty-remoS CChairs, Table Cloths. Crap. Side- in an
S Si Mons Bed and board. Tea Set, E.P. Ware, Pair
,lFat rammed Mir Crap. Corner China Cabinets: Pyrex
s k o-Ca. sla Dishes. Pair Saman Oval Tables.
Ss.--i oCaCRadi"l3 C coffee Tble and 3 Cane-Seat
g PhilltPS N C0, Chairs Meat Safe. 3-Burner Cole-
Mand shine. mCab- man Slore and Oven, Iron Pots
SL Hapne, MIachic ne.San pg n Pantry and KIulhen Cup- rU I A
'eat"e% Electric Rendng boards. 2-Burner Gasolene Stove and tiM SA
.. ..TCL s Pr.sT. Toy Car. Oven. Dbamel Pots and Pans. Minc-
n t ose. Complete 3et ing Machine. Morris Settee. Chairs.
l ane Ed Oven. trno. and .Rockers. Settee and Chairs with .
Stove and Oven. Verano Sprrng-nlled Cushions, Brauwar,'. a 11i.1
Set' *adioPick-Up Dining 1P"file uho taaao e
% nkU pictures and Ornaments. Curtains
nBd tensionn Rods. epecal lot of
view prior to day of Spoons. Knives, Porks. etc.. Singer
Treadle Sewing Maeclte, One 365- TI H
'- ClRIC E iET, day Clock with, goas er. and
^.CORIC ESPINET, One G.E. 3 ef. Mdie.
Auctioneer. Items on view day prior to and B
"" f-ight An er morning f sale snd teams-CAaH. B
S at t. m r n At same iUme and Plawe
11.rll_ il.,m Th'e 3-Tedroom Bunalow.
a",4. inamo Boyd & Hutchinson, Ltd..
mmllCMtm ur -






y- shape


ry Street

p1w FROM

*Dont maE.N depwsu lnihts with
athmlal Hem Is nm rdief: s a
oply inelk ethefimesIofxdokuel
Atuma* ARemdy... brmthing Im.
HMd ibecms more frve mi
matoai ., MpisploMblasuon mom.
Ttho ymara wchrnuic asthma
suffer, this owdrfal remedy
brI effective relief every time
It I unMd. Get KXlon's Asthma
Romdy fIrom your dealer today
S. your first step on the rad to
better health asad comfort.
lldt nWA-fti rH* gj

touse of


92 Oxford Streef

1.31 P.M.

Instructed by L. M. Lyon EAq., we
will sell such useful items a:-
Pair Simmons Beds, S ritngs and
MattressesM, Folding Bed and Mat.
trees, two Beds with spring-filled
Mattresses, Ladles' Mirroreo Dres-
en and Stools, Double Mlrroed Press.
Bedside Titble, oent's Compactum.
Baby's Crib. Crap. Dining Table and
Chairs. China Cablnrt and Tea
TrollUey, P. and Olasaware, Elec-
tric Wattle Iron. Hot Plate. and
Reading Lamp. Striking and Alarm
Clocks. Iwo Squares Linoleum, Meat
Sfe, Food Jar. Alum. Cooker. S.a-
gram Settee and ble. Booktand
and Books, Columbia 0 3mapheme.
Rattan uite of 6 plec,. Brouwaf.
I Garden oh irs, jos and Toois,
Atlas 10-Tube Radio, 1 O.1. Pridge
Items on view day prier ssto ad
morning of RlA nd term-CAM.
BOID o & nmaUT M oM LTD.

Kiddies' Dept...






DAg tlThe Great
Duigestion- Process of Life
Acute indigestio may arim flower tt.
eating or the use of food which is difflcult
to digest.
But chronic indigestion, which mtavs with
you, causing sleepless. nights, headahes,
xidily pains and depressed spirits, is
usually the result of torpid liver and con-
stipation. The process of digestion is held
up and the body is poisoned by accumulated
waste matter.
The use of Dr. Chase's Kidnlry-Liver
Pills helps to arouse the torpid fiver to
action, the bile flows freely to the intestines,
rtimulatin these organs" and soon every-
thing is going fine. What a pieaurri it. is t
enjoy your meals and feel that them will be
vo discomfort afterwards.



When you fly in Pan Am ea
Clippers., omir fllbl crw t in
onmsant touch with on r more
ground s lulons d- mtb thatk-
ag poeiltms, lelvu w lMr

Shi, asctionl malp of Ian Atmi.
can's radio-noamw RiuneiOn shoua only fa il. of its ope-*.
lions uA0M ems military su1%
itv regalation& he l/uU a ory must
Mita until /lir the uwr

vied mad other flying Informn-
ion. Pioneering in territory
whee facilitiles of this ort simply
d mSo eb t Hf w-a usp to ran
Ameris to Msurvey, build, oper-
o md maintain Its own eonm-
ph% rdio teommuicationms y-
IMi. T o benly am 0( the
seme dofluN alsd expensive
IwU&In in neraiulnala "erlal
pMs l>m that P"a Aaertem has
mlr in Its Te 1-yeat history.
TO aY Pa Anleriwn's privhMa

ame~ ube sme of the u- In,
s on e -whicPas F AA
Imbais esks reamaw mb
nt- toar o~ 'U-.mM

7d t gh w a.. p
WeNwtyOyrM -f i


5 Abercromby Street
---- mob"

w Prt'Mi-".
IJ' -t ',, .tf,"





" i 1 &

. r"ri'

qmbvwwnAn MT&uv#WATR qpwrmwnaw IWAW st VAAA



4. aus Aum -.

12lD" FruSLh M ( MbZt L
T~aiu nnuwao ca. iEm

1 4 Pm.-A-PIMEM RoMAo, AN PNM Mo
Lo"o 00" 0"I"S
6164 1410 Nsiwa.. W.G. ITahiUni hlWHf 0Im
&. KO9& Mt. tifh. 0R romi AWu. NIY.O,


Mighty Armies Are Poised
For Approach Of 'D' Day
NEVE in human history has any ques-
tlion so absorbed and excited the world
u that now in the thoughts of each one
Sof us. Within a few weeks, perhaps a few
days, the greatest military hazard ever
to be undertaken will be launched by
forces of amazing potential power,
Against a defensive bastion the strength
of which must bi enormous almost to the
point of invulnerability, if there were
such a thing. Every conceivable device
that science and ingenuity can command
has been pressed into the service of at-
tackers and defenders' alike, and the
whole gigantic and awesome thing is
poised for action. When ?
The answer is a closely-guarded
secret. However, a critical examination of
the conditions and prtfrlvnts gives reason
to believe that whi!? the merry month of
May is In Its 'teens there &ill be in exist-
ence several features pr uiliarly favour-
able to an invading force, At this period
In England there are approximately 15
hours of daylight ,'ach oay, lengthening
to 18 hours as mid-Jun- is approached.
The darkness of th- n;?hs iS not impen-
etrable and vi'b:. r-asonably good
t all hours Th-ee P -'n.-'lit' would be
obsolute<'y *..- :';. a" ,k thtch.
as rwnT F*^*** :e rr-n. ;n-; C -' r-
headed by a ':- :: : r' '.trnp,

er's landed t- T

c "wsa-t- f r < -: "
round a&:d .'.. ...
Abhmu .t;J ,,.
Nor',hpn.- E=:'.,:", ..

T- : ra;" .** i- un-

S '#-,ca' e for

'';-, *.' r'Y... c ".
., :'.. .,. =. ,.'.-.' r, d

from the Ma.:, :.,.L ,d As : sh'
andthe round ; rey a.,:n.rm afler the
nd and slush of the winter months. The
bl and the tree are In full lea, at-
forftdlng valuable c'vre .'" .r 'vnuvrIng
troom. and -e a:'- ,"7 ':.--;,. th' cit
the bittl c:d -: v :n! 1 t -,' rondi-
tion appyv to nor'h..-n Fi-anr.'- rD)-nark.
Belgium. and HonIand --.:i ",tl.' Euron-
can bhrder.r'.- ', M, .t ir' n-
ean, The spa, troo, is -- nt'aN,", I.- 'he
R(fmt !u, w ?.'jrv ?:,r . liv_ a'rost
subside, the '. hi;-- l!fed a'd tho
water Is bcinnnvu t 'T srid {-', tho
warmth of the ,ane ', -",.:ne hoe' <.
An Invation ,-mv f-ir'l Fna'la;l
could hazard a landrine in mid-May at al-
rmost any vnInt s'onz: l-e coast rf Hitler'.1
ferrtrcss Furope fr. n tlihe soutth'rn tip of
Norway dNwn tn Biarr!',r in the Bay" of
Biscay. The manner of that landing is
known only to th'tso who will direct it,
hut one forecast Is that it will be Tade
bv several cfmnlete armies, each a nuar-
ter of a million men strnnf. striking si-
multan(eously in different and widely sen-
arate.1 places while another army, a mil-
lion strong, strikes at a noint nrcviously
selected as t.hp most vulnerable soot in
the enemv'x defence system. Faced with
the nroNbnicm of 1,n.ilIng several powerful
crrri's eon he oWe-torn Front. Hitler's
conmm.inn'atlon- system of railways, roads

mipi soshLwell bd* t lw
3&6 b "VI* if Sk shaaut, Ue
muetIm mdm mu~-

BMA thane a otbw cosdmaon*
RuNa tis massed on A s U, ftost
Just waiting for "" Day, the Allied
armies In Italy are ready to spring for-
ward at the gimn signal, large under-
ground forces are straining at the leash
In Poland. France. Csechoslovakia, Yugo-
slavia, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Den-
mark; Norway, and Italy; and several
British armies which have not been in the
news for months are waiting somewhere
to strike at Hitler where he lest expects
ft-perhaps some to cut off his big Nazi
forces at the Po River In Northern Italy.
and others to surge up through the Bal-
kans to his back door.
They are all waiting for "D" Day, and
while this merry month Is in its 'teens the
world's greatest adventure may well have

Appointment Of Teachers
To Be Placed On New Basis
NOW that the Education Board has, by
a majority vote, accepted the motion
of the Dirtor of Education, seeking to
place in the hands of that officer the
power to appoint, transfer, and dismiss
teachers in State-aided schools, we hope
opponents of the change uill accept the
decision and make up their minds to help
towards its success. If the vote had gone
against the motion, much as we should
have regretted it as a retrograde step, we
should have counselled that the majority
view of the educational advisers of the
Government be accepted. We expect those
who find themselves on the losing side
will do the same, for it' the majority view
is not accepted on bodies which follow a
democratic procedure, there is no hope
of progress and all our pretensions to de-
mocratic behaviour become mere make-
Pas.,ac ,,f the iro'ion n does not auto-
matically c 'n L on tim Director the power
for whirh he a.k' e 0 .1n- ,ard is a con-
sultati'e b d., and b Ic:te its recommend-
ation can c i,.c into c.Tcct it must be
train. ,*-d 'o ;,.ii 1. :;n and secure
an-.ral .ti'v t'V.. (lo'.ri r in Council in
r, >p:, of ;t !.- !. ,,uk .ton, and by the
.f. !' 1 .,,!d Io thp Ordinance.
It 1 not or "s to inlicipate the decisions
cf th.'o !aw-n:a.:':i:'. bhoi. 'u we should
be surprised if tho pripowa_ ran into more
than mild oppsiticn, if any, when sub-
mitted to t;e i '-:: or:'s :or their ap-
It is unfortunate that the move to
unity the control of primary school
teachers of the Colony should have been
Interpreted as a move to abolish dual
control and as a threat to religious edu-
cation in schtlls. The Docli;crr of Educa-
tion. in reopening the discus,-oinn at the
Education BEiard cn Tuet5dav. took great
pains to deny ;hat ,his was intended, and
indeed there is nothing in the motion
that gives ground for any tife:'ence that
such action Is contempated. Given good-
will on all .ides. thcre is no reason why
the change should not be a great success,
and help to remove sonie of the difficul-
ties which are the causee of dissatisfaction.
As far as we car. see, there Is no justi-
fication for fear that the change reconm-
mended by the Board will affect either
denominational initruiction in church
schools or the control of denominational
boards over their schools, in vi'w of the
safeguard which the right of final ap-
proval provides. We are confident that
experience will prove this, having regard
to the interest which the churches have
shown in education, and the generally
good relations which have existed between
them and the State in the task which
they have jointly undertaken for the
spread of knowledge

IonRUtlin) whilt hiv a very un-| change from ct to gtta. ...ay h1e "tout and, well-discuss
pie-at* ame in te lere Village' HARRIS: N It's p M A oa them and hear ame of the orob-
S bt eI will feed, thrive, a ptouMe hlk oems f keeping ad caring for a
I ae b beeIn tn the sam on vegetation thUt a cow would oat-
cnditim fort a coupl nof years, and! never touch. A goPat l by nature HARRIS: Oh. at course, David.
It ^Manrs that a an!:ary inwtor inore hardy than a eow and also it T ts, what*I intend to do, I just
Is badly needed In that di rlstric. can he kept In a much naler thought you'd lt me to menion
TRAVELLu.l. plae and eats los fod than a the es m brtiey mnow and go
rnceW TowN. cow, into detail later or.
------ BROWN: IIl take your word for BROWN: A good Idea. Bill. Let's
Pointe From Letters : thk- buthow h w sbof H rOj see-ou w at nlr six.
t .HARRIS: AS a matter osfact ,enber m'en, a ot U t is a cd
..ON LANRO ( ) Datid. there's be" eO meat nimal The repotWeethir
dl tnd.Wsurplusctow-hes u infMRth1 ma
W~ ttin~ltnl *ewe dWrict. lnen ,~ tre~itang too X ef.ltW~mlta airS.^L too.

*Win too.d :
hng aloongw the roadsides causing' tsrft1,t for It daily by dtl fiS Jf' k and ,ore
'uhborag irn~n the district. A':'iile..twaking meg, DavK SUeMW. And final, go"t raisin is 1XCOM.,
wejrit-,I Wink Is neccsat-yfor, ber. I'm to 51w y"tea lsom1,5 ltirat nirm~ta
this Bush Should bhe uirnt st d5, whyv vn should kveel goat. S "Iet sOCty" hasbeen formed in
$ ldstana from t1 road bRWN:An: ArA so Ur, 1"I
13 di1)t should do itsu st eto >uu0tste and Nk-
it~o G tKUm' 1MA N w
aw" M U of41M


[ l l l II I I l l l
II llll



The Editor '

SO 5M NOft6W 4140118aMaersde
~ WOS reams
-im00"a ftefrm

Sanitary Inspector Wont
Higher Quaolifications
2Ue Liii.... Tv& Guairdlisaw
The dlreotlg of Oovernimssnt's
effots nMOdats Ind regard to du-
etO~n :3 towards a higher level as
is evidenced by the severoy and
Varied sch~eam afoot.
For &mnsber of years tWe sant-
tlaerY npCto ers of the Colony h iv
been satisfied to hold the certifL-
catte in Hygiene and Public Health
and the Inection of Meat and
Other Poods of the Royal Saniary
Instlttte, London. These two certi-
ficites entitle the holders to carry
out arl t e functions of satniltay n-
8mo = ye ago the West Indies With a big andlen o fle rs *&a gu m rwon dband to lend
Board of MIn tr of the R 1.,Sa p etofiM. Winston Churchill.
was asked to introduce one of two r s
atea examinations here, i.e. Ad- th Prime Ming terch eirste s a l sU.& bomber "Stae Door (an-
vanced knowledge of the duties as teen" at a U.S. bomber station In nglland. Mary was quite C'on-
a sanitary inspector or aaniparv
s csnce U applied to o lrdidn ,tra for lshe used a soft drink Instead of the traditional chansm.
public works, either of which would paCne, whic is ras o an h men's t eth i Eng ad.-ld-(O) a
entitle soteessful candidates to be
elected to membership of the R)) l Reeai
Sanitary Institute a t.R.Snn: Ii
wtbeItalians In Rome Refuse
The reply wI s to t un effect thaw
t Bthere wr be a willing to d e
if tere were a sufficlent number of
candidate. Up to now, however.,A r ies
the matter Is still in abeyance. But
we find instead that the Board has n Ger, n-oupd rts- be extended because the register-
thought fit to introduce a second or In "rn-cpiedtape m, ing offices aret ovd aerloaded weg th
additional examination in Trcpical gant.young Blackabirti.. .swa. work.
Hygiene (a thing every m anitary ger through the street. After another couple of exten-a
spectora in the tropics is already thi ti o n the o ing t e.
qualifed in) which is not listed .,s DtopRte ththe ac of se the following truth emerged:
A decree was published threaten-
one of the Qualifcton reqred public enth m for Germn ing those who refused to report
for membership of the Institute rule ad enisatma2nts among with death sentences.
(M.R. San: I) t volunteers are not satisfac- The Roman authorities realised
NOW that higtler education is i, with awe-strcken horror that
the air. it does seem opportune for toi-, dpitoe warniLa gs of epri. should the threat be put into effect
the powers that be to hearken *,' rals. Mr. Agne Haroin, a all Italy would wade in the blood
the request and give the sanitary Sw(Alih newspaperman, ea- of its youth.
inspectors of the Colony (and o pe- The threat had a certain effect.
cally the younger meni an oppor- Plains, what the Germais en- Not a few youngsters crawled
tunity to train and sit for either of countered a they tried to rope from their hiding aad now wea.
the two examinations mentioned in the youth of to fight the uniform of the neoe-Fascist
above. This would be in sstsitutm'tho-o fi t "Republic."
Cf the additional examination Ilr in the r cause. After the reporting term expired,
the tropical Hygiene certtic2e i n the middle of march, the Rome
which would seem to have been By AGNE Id MRIN papers published several items to
originally intended for the anitry S lthe effect that the military tri
o~rainyatempefratheanIny TO O May 2.--.-.A friendbunals had sentenced to death
inspectors In a temperate clitate e1 mine, who a couple of months eight, ten, etc. etc. deserters and
(such as England and Waless h wo ago aw and spoke to Mus-solinilthat the sentences were ca rried
wished to qualify for appoinutnen.s al asanro near Lake Gliaa, got out. But the regime shrank be-
in the tropic& as.:n'tit'iz ap tssio that the formerIfore shedding the quantity of blood
The sanitary inspectors ofi th.ltl.i iisaes to reappear inwhich would have resulted had the
Colony need an incentive 10 ighpwry iim l r until his new Fascist are original decree been applied,
things Just as much a s Any ,thets f had it tbaptism of fire. I The newspapers wrote that hun-
secon of the conmnaenity. He said that Mussolini suffereddreds of thousands have enlisted
IVAN fWIL-Nrm a st range anti-Roman corn-I in the Republican army, and that
Port-of--ain. gpx, b ths faitn in the Romans was for the first time since last years -
-%boshattered on the 26th of Juay, 1943, debacle "our war communique"
toe day he wat forced out of office mentioned them.
Hint To City Supervisor ? by te King and his own Fascist
The Editor, '"lrinhldd Guardiannrans Councileert
I hae re i ad n the G u r-il Musolini no longer expects ie
of May 6 undor h, :le g of '" lnti p- Italy redemption trom the Romatn
trig to .-sons of the she-wolf he had pro. But it was soon rumourid that
iommendations C tle nupTi r-the regiment San Maico anrd "ome
.o.m .dtio bo tt ". p.. vm, nuslev exalted to the sky. Neitheran ara o
v th. t.," SpCt "_does Mars hal Graziani, his army other units had hardly reached the
sior.-- aa ,.o ,, | ?"i.i'n i ,'c-ri, t believe in the possibility of front before they deserted.
signed or has the ,E n,r m of! A "partisan" group, exceed a
Machinery g' "upI p '. '-reating a forceful, militant neon- A anrthIsanygo efcedint wh
his to l min is very i'm- Ftrasctt army, according to Rome thoand, one day hoisted a white
Pommtteehan .11 > on c suc gudsylrumours, which claim he es a flag and repentantly declared they
portan. as 0.1. on. . .e..h thoroughly disillusiloned man, were prlatred to condone for their
amhe bord a e recommeudpur- The is tri c in and fiht for Mussolini and

caeonemahnry.OK Sue heeIan-o(u-, a Itrikin contras be. Te Fs cssotntk elw
c ,o nilew mahney uryt "tween the Imposing> beittle paintin tihe republic. They got arms andl
Voutmlllors should by now learnof Fasicist propaganda and the uniforms, were sent to the front--
through whom c rtan ercmrnm nd-1 reality, cand immediately deserted to the
ations should cone. Al" lies.
There i quite a lot the Siuper-: Unformed Fasistare seen in
Your.ntr 1riN o. Young Recruits io Fesist are seen in
i m be --ble to r.oinnle!d: 0 R rthe streets of Rome, but you im- I
1o the Mayor if he p ara a v i.ttle mediately notice they are unpopu-
of his time- tn the Lap I never saw a young Roman jar. Sabotage and attacks *bourd.
Cenmtr", as r li to vt toi t.'e, '(,nte n tlhe Re rtiiting centre for Several Fascists were murdered
crosdtng and -:. uch 0e,";-is'ouneclneels to oller his services, on the streets, both in Rome and
without pay. !f 'he scant numbers enrolling in north Italy. The fascist lead-
Ii. would appear !he CtmtrytIthemselves had been "nominated era of ologna was rmong tos
Comninhttee hav new tml", so file helti r>lg ereto they smelled victims of anti-Fascist rev nget. In
one man conmnt'ee M. m'h r, gunpuwdcr or saw bloodshed, retaliation eight hostage, were
the situation In Rome and other cities of executed.
roBoRs,. i mmran-occulpie,,i Italy, groups of The Fascists often took the law
Port-of-Spain. young -larkshirtsmarch along in their own hands. Last fall a 1Ig
w-th aro antinai.n. The, belong scandal revealed that the Faiist.c
I to the,. c italion Rome or Death"i headquarters, Palazzo Btaischi, con-
Insular View Deplored -from t;aaiihidi's battlecry--or cealed a regular torture chamber
The uitador. luriniad Guardian" the Fascist action group honorr plut a storeouse for stolen goods.
Your isdlue of strda Gur clatM 6and struggv."
Teonr a cd two patrpa wtter y o aThe name "Rome or Death' waste leaerlhi ar .er h
Contained tewo paragbraphsa raoen meant to indicate that these young i The n res te i
separated in very way. exceptU thatwarriors intended to defend Rome.
ney both wer relevant tot ie When the Rome Press one day o The Rome Fascist leader, tardi,
same thing, ie. West Indian p -rdeclared Mussolinie young soldiers and forty henchmen were arrested,
tionho..d. would enter the arena of battle to for the Nazi Gestapo wants a
The thst was a news item on th halt the e approaching hordes of monopoly on torture and terrorism.
front page in wnich Mr. Hersey,"barbarians"- that is the Allies- Ronins do not listen to thet neo-
Agent-General for the Provlntiait efoe the gates of the Eternal Fascist battle cries. Recruiting of
Government of Quebecr urg:d a3City, the spokesman of the Fascist pirty members proved to be a com-
"general federation of the We's:propazanda ministry declared thisdplete fiasco.
Indian Colonies in the Int. was correct. But a representative The secretary of the party, Pavo- I
Of unlty and future development of the German army gruffly de-lini, some months ago declared the
The second aas a letter irom ared when interviewed that what!membership was over half a nil-
the nen of Mr. W. Sonietrile, who the newspapers, had written, hadlion. It was a typical Fascist
is urging the forcible epairiatiou only "a rhetorical character" buiff The intense recruiting in
of "the large numbers of a killed R [oem& actually yielded less than
nd unrskilled labourers" a t prelsent b M Cale enole ember s. nProvnca to wn-
sod o En lgue. Up 'oO members Provuc al towns Nu
released flrom work ol the L I ciuts ftu enrolled. a werehle n t F WFs.
bases and "seeking jobs whicthhiests
Could ite filled by Trinidadian. To fill the ps of the thin lines The poepularIsation of u ussolini
Thie boerequi ,s loan favl They had to report before a r de being regarded evla en In of ficial neo-
gisitor wh.o a t glance an ltai n <[ate but when the day cameI fscist circles aes political "ghont"
p the obious u pandcap imp oksed the newspapers said the time m tfrozm a dead era

onB. West tnoa thore. bymu maul-'t-^"S 'l?'J*. uml~t
arity; op the other hand we haie
a wroler diaplaayin, dismal narrow-
mdds It G ats Aae oW e t Inees doop ai sply
of these IMlands It makes one des-Goa W est Indies Foo d Supply
.pair of t~he post-war world.
SACIDIMON. With inreaed self -snoelencl lone was gkats Oe? economical and
-Iderirable in th West |indies he- easy to raise. Number two. goats
Enet-"e Aokefcause of wartime eanitens 'give ample milk to supply the fao -
Simpler Eglisha-ked this recent aoge eo t ily needs and it Is a valuable addi- I
The Iritdo,. "Trindad Guardian roaring ever the west Indian tios to the diet of yoing stock
IThoen of[ us who are interested Radio Newspapers should be or 'animals as well as poultry. Number
in the Rev. M. K. Farquhar's S',un- saea int~eret to all West In- three, goats' milk is nourishing ano
Iday articles are able to realise by g~.easily digested, Ilumber four. In-
now, that he hats a sO~id founds- fanats nesi milk and the 8oat Is an
ttion' Of the Egl~ish language. HARRIS: You know--goats are economical producer of nm1k. ?4urn-
Ithrough the fine *xpi'Saitism in his becoming anx lpol'tant fixture in ber five, goat keeping In the West
a rticle,. But I or the benefit of West Indian family living these Indies is alrnsot a must during the
those who ar no so learned as days rsn mrec f sipn
himselIf, I beg that simpher Ia~n- BROWN: Well. UI! If y iCi esh rtaesen aneteergdc for morein
Pu15e be used, so that the articles give me ten good reasons why I food with a high protein content.
might be better digrested. and might should keep a goat. I presig tO Nnt 4 5 ...
sarve a more useful pp-pc- look into the possibility of adln RW:Nw Js iue
L-.O gat to the family budget .B : AU gh, you d hav smnte
-=---- NARRJS: Hal Thagge f good toasi why at West Indian
Plea For I~sts treason. "r~ r~l buek s family should kee at goat of Its
I TheMAIN ad Osadt did you know thit it's very eo, own.
1 a .Gt~dmm"nomical to keep goata? IconolesiM HARRIS, Not an ordinary goat,
i [be h alt of an the as they're easy to rah. 'ave X mean a milch goat.
L WI 1"Prlr Town travelliagj BROWN: If you can show met BROWN: Okay, a milch cost, but
t wek t PPPiPPP e-a-p~r~rs's and where a goat is morgeconanlesl r'd rather like to hear thos rea-I
m ?Wuaad tha~t the esesuit tor and less ear than t cw--the I'llI O~ on at at time, where we could

A. V. N. Ms(

By virtue of the powers conferred on
Section 5 of the Defence (Food Control) Regu
1942, the following prices on Sardines will
from the 9th May, 1944 :-
Pwt-ef- Uhewher* Sgpeil
Spat. eoherthan District
ARnDiNES-BUnswieh, gMJ $. M per t 10. e ,

In Oil.
Per case, 100-31 O2 tin.

Feed OaiN~

Colonial Secretary'


Applications .tre nvlted for sppontmeint to the fOBil
posts in the Publico Works Departawn Of the colofy of 11


(a) Two Assistant Draughtsmen on salary scle 11t
ia) Two Engineers on salary scale.........._
(bp Three Bngrneerng Assstants on salary scale a; W
(c One clerk of Works on salary scaee ......
(d) Two General Foremen on salary Ip ...... $l3
One Appointee under (d) nmay on termination of S
transferred to the pensionable establishment.
Applicants should be ritsth Subjects anid should J
qualifications and experience noted under theJ
post for which application is made.
(a)OneA a aughtsanII-s4g between 30 94
must be properly trained us an Architectural =
the office of a technically qualied Architect, and
considerable and recent expeleno In the daIel 0
modern buildings; ee e In the design of t I l
and bridges would be an advantage.
One Assistant Draughtsan-me between 25 4IS
must be properly trained in U.the design ofa d
for reinforced oonlete o twuuction in thae ..
nicaUy qUlfld Engin or Architect. mU Tls.e
able ndl recent eerince In the computatM <
ot reinforced concrete buildings and brldge ,
(a) Two EngineerS-age between 25 and 4S yeaf-A
AM.I.CZ.B or poo$M equivalent exempti.nS
must have considerable and recent experience. .
and construction of roads nd bridge; alxpetiimee
des*n and constn'etlon of buadIngs would eonS,
(b) Three bngtoenri .Pitutaa =e bewn .
-must be expert ,.d in t se degn and ioie
and bridges with some knowledge of coftseeMh
good command of labou, a knowledage of fbuUdb
constructIoU would be an advantage.
CLERK OP WORKS: Age between 3r5 and.45 years,
been a skilled craftman in one branch of the--
and must have considerable and recent e MpWg
of Works on the construction of large modern
inge in reinforced cnOeWe and of domegti W 1
lo w rll .._
Must be Mepable of Mmw working di 1
out work, including uf i a dumpy love sands
measuring and coting work and ee flly
of building oMstMrucUon under the Engneer o,
GENERAL FOREMAN-Ae between 28 and 35 Y
been a skilled c tnUAM I one branch of 3a5
and must hav ooonsiderabe sand recent experl
eral Foreman on the conatrucion of lae
buildings In reinforced concrete and of Dotii
hollow tile, must be capable of preparing
and detailed esUmate, getting out Iworks
dumpy level and tlodolte,. of measuring an
of controllng laour and generally of tehlai g
the Engineer or ArchItect. Experience onh
tion would be ad"fatageou.
OVIN AL. Appointments to temporaWO
on agreement for two or thre an the
sultably qualfied cadate wul be lisgile
for appointent to V1aca60o5 On the UaS
able establishment s and sa ub they Uri.
the agreement Ihlude nfre P to to se
officer and for his wife end = (not
sonM In all) n flt appotamient and rNtu -
of enagemreft m inattsaetory tenaitatlon oi
An offMeer on the permanent eetabliment
free return a paag (aa de tod It ti
himself only after .OUM0 t ft woo *'
A temporary w ar elBwiay at V r sw
following basis: ,';|
(a) Tv *dee whew saim di mi t edeoeo M
A gat i e rof Per anmum amd In addtUa *n
S0 per cent ont Ul at 8i of jatry perW
'a per cent on the meat m 7 M of las5
10 Per cent onth Uet W $14 Of um P
M To afers wew se aaries a eed S PerU
emaed $4 er aa- ,:;
A Mat rate of s p S w nn .

Other termE of aerema-t aan cotatoed it I
Aget asremtt fartmtwptiWalnS wich are

once with crtedOpp "otne t U os o hat i
should roeah the effee of 6he eSlwav e wbatM
RotaPwt-Spalmn,ftd^^4. &W., t Ile0

---- - - '-- -- -- ^ --^ J^^ v vU^^--IJU




ieaders in. tde ilotor

Insurance [Business"


AT 4907 & 3M".


Offices : 2 Srodwey, hrt-of.Spain.
l^L^ ^- _____ ^^ ^ ^------*^ ,,




Alteration in

Owing to Unforeseen
Circumstances T h e
Advertised Sailing of
The s/s "TOBAGO"
From Port-of-Spain
To Scarboro On Sat-
urday 13th Instant
Has Been Cancelled.

(Acting Harbour Muter)

May 8th, 1944.


Import* -d

i*ne by be Oamfpe,4'S
e ember. ia
amended by the eSUwX
we Phe
article Chamber e es_
(Domemst Hollow.wagu
hold purpq..)
Old Port OMle 3uU0
f 8t. Vbt 'ni t. '
Utb May. i94

Notice To JLj
la Th Spr-
Trinidad And
that one of the Jdau
reme Court will aitIn
the Court House at .
on Monday the 15thn-
1944, at 9.15 o'clock In e
for the purpose )f hed
tionmm by persons for
from serving .s iror s
aons to be held at haa
on Monday the i5th
1944. Lj,
And Notice Is also "
such application will be
After the said 1 5th
1944. .


T a^ ^*-; -----* -- **** *~" ***-"->ii ---- ---------- -" *----- *- ..M--.Iiii "''t
6 Tel Occupied Europe 2z & in Go. us. { Archbishop M- ^-na ra-. "Mai
I -x- eW ta avei w JlIS
.; ___________ __ u*WB rwwa nrM, h ft --f_- ?f-tyt:-l~r*,trw a X^ DI Q-<- *VW
TAU&U-sG oig6 CupG.m...hAul ousL
tn tabe-' 1^" isAWMTMO as101K-U114 ptA 4* w l
lutimmuf"Yimen. ivow b at Trgued
Ml 1-q --I i- Wh& te A k, ,cm ca < ,o o, fil._LoBBXWsv, otaW f,,,wi,.- a ... .. -... ..* ,0d9ZW-014 1 Aln e D I ta tci MIC NLE r M TOS ,4 O 6 '.rIO,3 -
bat~r b"Oft tbt PIk* Aw, A
S t 16 I 910 L w Lz ... .... ... Ib.. ', 1ig'- Tm rm a r T
-t 1L no yan gh:- Me Hwsdw pe ,--d "W-U 1 r 6
nov:atieSaftwAt&.. ,e ..,TrinidadSc.... & Wft ft*-m ,tmlt-
.... ..-t Proemie r.....a Victo ra 0 OsaNa MECHANIC SOA P- RT.

"-'- S twert liaer t'ft -^" u--s"* """:-Z""' r"'Z. dadVUZstot-
,,,k ,'D.S"J ll""aThreaten Iremie"r IONtS nOES AaVz"M" ...i. *mfo mbo,, ft- te. ;,.* *,. ,,
"+ """ "L "" ^! -*.*n^M +w BM| "nB-wn" """ Bomberst '++"" "'+ 0 "" WH "ltM Trc .D.,"'* ""-"- T"'" P"RTS "
S V ke L eyang ieMake ft'-'hHe as bay posyhr 5^ tra ., smpscn1*Generd FE Th L1
|-,m^?^ -hru frB~teend l^Lamci May tat s4^ Ofw teao 000! ba-kL" rwh* tr-*Ajr 1.4 a^ t ^^ '^^'Arkt'
fReas- ]mifr z*wrme go" a I 'I at W u ?Sp@Th General Supplies Ltd.
* Id taaaao. came ' *n-T-tr WleI fWthCtb sOflUt II. w* !'~pCE~ t~akfa tta thu *>ai* m) * whicJ tPa- tfrn ma t;.d r,- t'd <(n~t1b jI las9 deaiw br~w (iSS tOrik _________ _________^___________________
ae southeast caiundmr In. a t ra thmes Mat h m pwism 1 t0 VU undc WTS "eap tM IO til ca a t Ls,-,ia ;tut bw 4 th"Bait r tr -
0; ft ar d^ o -vird, the U aswwt river 4* at a1 tv UM w. ti4s 1c-ftm WaZI- to *%vc a ia. _4- --.
,fiE? L^t ^a 75 j -ttlis ,+. ;s- e. d alt.,., awl the-. -- Th- t l i -I .... .. .. ....rughm of Pee- .......- .,-,..,,-im ,.
ebLiibv 7 43&3U& Ij UI W e -A h Ut IM4 1 **J t 24 n al stbul 'mm Ibr Cal
E *z b a? csi cd Cbe"ou al wea'L b aaVery pcbtxlb bsij, P* had left hosi n t nt o bJiW4ilr.E ntiA t he saeo t^ d: it riT't 1aaiT" to I

eonm f t __ ...a ..T 1stww "we" sl.Pi tae kbv a e swlur t W,. I f tt ,dT I DA""N'" ,- t o i TtI t taii "2'rss h 'r t kIc: 2' *- -
Thisft thro"- th> e ^ :rirr' I p week the INTRcES ON &a Oiw ke yOTpAGEthe Br Am I I t ie t1 .itrc d h" "n -

harOf r iA rce +ntez a am as. htot tte t no W don u W .m tI -iIt tT BIe .., ,o t kG T I,.1-D A
'P....viri' -.A. .' ed r ,Neu ti i ui at htaB'. to . _.t.

N a i i L ne':t e S H ?" " `` .. ... ":++~ " " "-" ." ., "+. + :
H d. :~~n forigphe y t he + tak a v r I''e B i*Axn ; ,*.$adn hr-I r, jrd",- k td f e bal owbw+aw:h ,V,, tif vprq', allatpr, -'
t A r ot]y aa aunB 1n .:,h X O M.-t o.P+ e, n h to t- f tt* i wh l e. -i, I

OL.'W Pattes e t *izos bmbifw e i, N a-rAtcory to U4 n A t e e an d 11r w"*- K" "":"-': *++ .+ e ,o tee i m R v k+r U
1 114 AIN the stw* is-&* REDUCED RATES
ft.W 1Koo "' pin. a this ow. az. i- L o e-,inx tthe fotumilatioafor a lost- lock ac -he "Nauh,&b" klA .o &nd &Ag t~u01,M, Ch. C ,~lesari
4)" 104*TatIY the slassht O a hu r ieo t Ka s J d

VI" M '" -'--- -- Chie ,s t in n t6rl "k bat' isili fior asta Iacel al o :;, yt. r an ila.. >-- i* : -OF - -INTEREST. ON LOANS 04 O-4 _-__MORTGAGE.
S WoATw in Svade bean tlws pred Z c -' ." a o.l-ghtd a e t __ _to_!;*A__ d a-at te lhe p'na; Mn .gy a, d

10 no 21001M ov e r l v sln o h iirrb a-(,rt- 1 ne ateac lt WK aust A they M 'ia | TRINeinAl hlG^1.'. Samt> &ia h .. . .... .
ofe t aw h av tgrown ini-an d -- s t. "* Italians To Feed f'.itio,.i P ,d -,a,,, T a ', oind d \. Pi ck "b ..r..
wil the rowtti e W ~ r bt Iu?4 isntbe-,ag late
pe.nwhilen the japatf s There odpe si btSmc` -$e.oaomoes T `Aa" $-.,,.1 "r, t.Wannd Gram"
OR arid .un _l L a m bi, +,o .+-sT u .,oarTrzrtj=daIo r4c gsuit.hiwn1 0ifo,. 1 eiNwofo, . "it eri

Sweter ci- -IJ"-=frim .the nort. p-. .ln . t navod siRtmSarS dilr la t t ey B ( l -d-t C3a leo ... ect..-.. t n gave 6 % -oI
- WC~C~l CLhM alI *tt wito et Off the freiqel- 'ea" "i BlastUPon

n Chne 's e asrto fas h t e S i-'TibseeD mnid_ ie a bti ot 7a..m a.t w.s nt te ntsrs t-.. .. .... ".. .. -.a-t$B.U
ru tu; v k mde alircndairy ud t the, aetre-off,. '1v' 4 a C.r

illl _l .. t in- L' nkvo re" o h flware. bady... *- r e, tbupai In ke w it C r, ,, ki.ep to. ti, ;e I *I at d
,Pres reportc &. ..m -that ,. "decisions emulatede d t 1b. a M ann a -A -..... "w ho md i ts~e o .OM &Hl Id"-T O F TN. Tt

ate-. ^ w ., ,, ,. .TH.ror- o ,oe,, .j ate liortn-rounr,1%urnRh
sI-_lseIt, tj -two- -1rM ta ..a .... ose' l l Icow con reference a ndthey ai*' A.J F.. II I rte e,.., a nt .( .,I ..

"-a++-M Wt lI flZlS Vjonoem n Zalar.d and ,t,, other Common- fl,,l,,a had -eoopr..+ v ..... t<,+,,. .or. -. \{ ,1 ,,,.. .1.+ > ,, ... ,,+.
m U *aallh Ndti woul like to tIk. lily 'uTm- -f d A n,- n n n All For tour- Min'a e tgletWd ',M;e' "h Ini .-t lA t> Ah.roae rgdi-halo gari d 44 t0 I. T;" I&,--
ing morethan 151 of theWhat is eing o %Pnjx 1tro

aam m a n m l- M f dr F Ir il 1 n l mm p .-^ a t! sh a r e in it N e w Z ea lmaa d pw h n )t t < a n w < b lf orq + ^ ^.. n ) J t ,'*^ ,* t,,*^ h s .'*e * '* *C C l^ \W F r m ",ci- .-l i -" ? ,h *>> ^ -1. ,,.th ,.1- .< ; ef..! l h 1 "tIr ~ ll{' ,1,,( .^ <4 ., ,W -, l
A 'eria ..this. J.r gllillsl ,ll -a, prepared to thae o n d il r-.di . t. h." l l e . AtU M "

.. .. S e^-^ .u-i^., ,.^-^ ^,, tu + -u L ?m ^ ^ '"e+..... . + ^ T i .+ .. ......1. ^ ^ ., ^ ..... .. . _+ u A .,+ I + n t ; nT l e i s + a + + ,l >
47I oe thln -:,d n ,T h,, ru T is r u doi tatJapanao 't on.Mo.w.. o .... ..... n... "'t I ch .I t t ,j ,- -,.
BS E SfSirrse t0 &ic o lan d w.e problems.od t r i.l. t a i n c ,e" citt hml sf ad i nd ..'lu. th I\ l_.__ tf inside_ _._ _.
'r e ta d Mr. J o.. hn Ct Artin, the PrirmBeMin. It Prieft Adal.s p tron- ,,..s rmR ) f'. "' 0 .
.Swedes Cne 4tO ll : -
iftr ctf Austral* ~and Mr. Petrbaer in i .,,:.c,.s : ....Thtnidad h~d It A'.; hcj'0tor r. w. e at

i* | RABLWAY~ M. ~ ~rOs err .th- ePm e, n i r n +,oaoon, ., N ew off ol,+a.d A I HELKI'K S N A !' .t'ia er Trinidad run ?Vt.. '; 5T n y if ,fI

|Mir~rfli~hi. dersiids tht Or. G Fise n h a ni l'o darp reBunceived the rie IC h ol r thi~ uuo asz `%ai l Gui r u the flv, fowars piky TtOR O Invmited f the had-mhclti <-- co lu jy &|u u H H l B 3 ^ ^ ^
'Nazi Air Line Z a r e t r, mth n Lt\arr i l .' :a air-be tnv1 "pi
LO!'DON. ?Laxf 0 ofu the of Lanero-. <- kaeTI) lwti Ao apn d Vei ce-Mrh a Atlh- umd { inori'et>ce a nh.t no tn *Sc i cu-M deeccn repr, o

It is omcti a iy oun. Fr-din sme -. i tune r e Pn P ikely JatIthelGu..ild-; P" liI-e o C`I %iAGs i i n I h e i i tanig A Barkdo Otfe, .one a. d* t:ul, hirEBH&ri-h|.r b-,ut rl j| ,
hol p tod. that Ge eon Me.dir ic a l! c- prions 5a a sttalcke d.e y 1 i 1a te1a I te h ri fot nt aA t 'plan t ll rt ue N Aft r rgien i ne the-honour.dNt Pr I B;l.A. T y.t .,& ro ,dt rs. cr, these k a tc ar
w LwyandFPinima:nd v-,'& Swed Vi-:. ,'eAl t 1ao b. N, Snittb and th e I#.d

a be cancer e o a. ol Jie iernd struck at Astroaia khen taea I 9'WY ell00 do tehehaed 1,, W as n0 oo t2f M Mrd. Vlti Aln t vi1 -
if"- MO Emont h. Sweden has agreed :i s March P 00 r 's r I ; *' e M Bae(t Mr. 0. Bker. AJ d4 t.
P O Ae Not[i ce, W __;the tlack wasA o as M\uch AustralIa.,Ea UmJ A-T*n Na -s*p-L II. dfA, aU

k IoOlT m Thm e "*rnidc d Guardi-------- tody' ziespaer -,.a, it, is ru-- \~e May M B0P .Sl"1t",""'; -.>*"?*'* ];; .hm. .<, w.,_,. NrT~A.I MF,,.T,
d -,m.ds t.,, a + r.G rt+, ,,+ ^+ eo I. ont lM>^r,, ouon u (e-'o^ : ; oo /" JK^ \, ,*W ~*i M-B orrw ^ t +..r^ -.
low one German civilian I',,rlt Nt-
I~lI~d~dllll beenaypp iyfontdmedical Oisicer o Asan tPSydn. e y. itself h -,m4 n. Wiwt -in1,e0m1 ;, -,_,n0A"" ~ l Kol,);. e a.4.rA, i s l~ t L r C.ttehoeort
PBDI S HOLtS o4 he nd er- bebarded bethel Nazis.T e- Italians To Feedore TI' k rt .
pivemeng ,s.a t.Te re i could bed t nohatf rr toTUh e sev v'eso Now ieF'Oplerrrespond- b',fht" dIe ItM ler h od tflat W, t 'ay .H- IMmmim nnt
r 4t Ma (E opirea DrN&. tNeen 2t inrB;1the end of this s tru gle but they i ednnt h frsi f rord, Mhir. 1 tid Ut, 1le, t Rani th rihn-
di I general rerad I. ldaes t h's -wre crn.fident that the cause of NAPLES Ma' 10 Rutcr c 'THERST OFP THE BRUSH
SOt hills oe froe- 7.0tia a1t. o 8. a ouldrbevictorious. M arshhal', B ota rot irf! I)- 'it FO R lTHE oRlt lhO S
i of g esrramp military pot l a ot AAN ide a luncheon At th Man- is to go into..atif Jt New Nor, ,A l- .ur. s o ornes t

isl "rs be)NDON tafterd Ruthe 2's,-- o Tw. 2 dn iIe Ie* tdwA I ? aal' t"l
Woev e Cbv ao Houbeuitn their honoert0Mr.aforisaibution the people stn-1 e Ia -- irt t t -tT.y t ..- IV
ho rase.rais when the Guildhalla oi(Ne ut`tha ethe ourney Planned i the co l r.l Ten1nisrClit R S.iEtt ir Dda 10r h sarIaIs

IIIdoiiipaia Pllrunces town Rio "m^e +i,,JL o*,,T .,,.+ ^ :^.^^^ ^^ ,om ,oI A Hnaino ......
to." Cedos Ma.ar0 and. tontermediatee el W M dat- a."Ns lt, heid'S r.IIIi^ lrIfDlI DAY --
rcolt#mS No 0 Iritter eit Owiceuld lil t take Italy d. r iDn-he- r ^ ,-ecent mon l oi t ) ittft'di the ausies .' la V |i-' Ci t(jk jf Ij' h .H rAl Tn.

PUBLI HOLIDAY, 19* 14. ris <' o ,,,+,.+,o,, .<, Spr"ng: M.I- -- "" .... "*"'^ ...... *" "" "'Tiii'i+""mlii'ii i't. n.i 1o^11111.1.
i srs. ad r y T .... Ioal r % o arpin it. New Zealand when It W nn-ol 1- fo t t- jI II. Wis *A 418 6r o t 1' llRoll -
Am.More Frenchmene l (TIFF. prepared to see thati one por- i lossble for people toS Anyf r, or inquirias mutai b is \o

t-n f the furniture war made of Now, he s m, itall r.ut a ou thi Sq Ei o M r. .tht C. Ach tt 4 6 6 .,ro,' u.t o Pitee
BERNE. Mar 10 tAP--Joturna1l ,-7&jn od 41., 1,nloe h sln h twlrh

,O--.O re o+W o he M t ior cn e ir is 1 .r uttltIal3O I i l~ttli-< Io+31. P Itm Iqm' Ia P;+i
; de2GhencvM y (1pridDa ot MO NA tha 5 ir,'i-it"A thatthe r um in sohtrhead ,o hw to aner It r iie' iI sourcesknowshowtor"tat.... There acre no nttcll i, ,.,+, it itisir i-ti, t *i 'a v A.,I'. Ill-.., 1 ,

i Ill, JlA"m' M11 stc+r +,+ M I. C. I+,

F hng's B i44. being P ublic Datad thi -I s ley ot M u. 1M4. 'r '' "" 1 .1., ,... ,, I-T. tjL
Gentian -riburW Aould to a*'o onlo uldw of e Lruir p1 ii0'O , in* a *ji s. Cartlik too "ro ntoly.n CL.if e, Mttid' l-dtiltiu it-
France condemned 1to deah 23 the House of Cornamnu. Shouldt&for Alliell hel. 14) Mi~. i t yi Adrian; d t r fs i erinst, eNhit o *< -n un o elir.h ti,,-it;,, i .i

c omAN&lxl,,h510 T moitt^' 60 1^ J 0 V A- ll,,i tl j'rill
Ofi~ wil'l op. enfo 70a~m and on oSpsn to iclud ti a c o& '.in, an MonD'tset lb pIl.+ mt ia, q..,.,., ..,,.,
=0 s lcusell of ntenberthip atofasre- G Fe trnando .ofl~ ..F Arltra IAFAn .- A
distance groupsa. It said at ol PrThekey 19commim ~tugte e No n bhIt LI. Arch ear Hcil~ h-s i ~~~I rti ~'e
mar..~ LAITOges. iC Arm es 1r a. Josetht e d Hispton-. Mrs LodaI vH, so iedsses Ak~i-la.Aways a, a s Ow )1. lo1~w We6
fiv F bme todeah Argentine Vice.President P lea ilag A. J osehthe lhi s patr*Jnb MA,vh Itt.___ )vmm 1
ds.iA.U- MON'TEVIDEO, May 10 (AP) itiIf hSUi ___
4011 n, WN" M. RAILWAY M-Ol. The mtorningti and jnoonieditionJs of ALl E I EADE A5iII.N-uniui--dMv.NXTBA11,1,MY TIN(G
i The 'trandad Guardian" un-' txday'i's newspapers said it is n- Wei MY10 iReatWl.e i meetin"o.....

FieryaiEyZTMerePwi mPll s s &+'"'" ... "+of""the
der stamnps o thny; r .o o. teinr p 1186l; oured inoBuenosAires that Col, rn uops oilowing u l t heLel-T h O M Wcm iteo h0
T&W ben ppintd edca Oficr f jun ernpr l.ntWa Miis Ianwithdrawal i'B'ilell oppose ba il com'petiltthioat the home of thep
inentob Poiaas.t FOY some tnm e President by President Farrell the VWi"+e of Palen&a, C r respond- :ive t is r ltt : le St. tames Barracks oxford tirreted tay in 1 IIsI rI
pp W d at idi s past Dr. Flsteln has been Medical The post v'as vacant tirce FarrIl i ia y that other forces a" ,r-jn d ro i bid t5 oipi o Frday CaU&Suls avite to attend aire the ". -a-
bve h tas. o Offtcer of Health os the intelrnw- ,placed Pedro Raminres asFrea-cloewnanfromther eas vial t andha vetr l u' c t u d Jon
~-'~a'--aire. _____________ dent in March. taken In fomther v ea e t Aat Itor L titrie-o UP Agalt i.~th t'lbow ont diest, Mr. Ken lAtighlin,tes'e-0
Maent camp. Ob miles eodTrfiel.Cmiils tu1J l ourne1- to St Augus- Mr. '0. Martin, and one relvicelen-
e r r And CLr MEEaTe Patrol clashes are reported front ir t :ib rrow, t)cla-sh Witi the tative of ath club
___ Members of the h [orvarittSocial 11NtON- Mi;', 10trRctit A" .- __ __ __ 4__d_-_-r-rith th e -'Cr A
WEFAE LU METOUT ,AGAN 1 Oeteer-sio-h fot .,I r :it & qad o- the__ __ _a Mucus Loosened
itedameig cl ih te- ________ _____ rluk*ith-don W retask fW ied.t
LargeWelfareWClub are requested to at-ReA;. heave'bombers we Fear d e lnta of PriMs. W t
club'd ru ffes to be hel a 't ; hergoingrout attbr,>ark tonight to __ -
Tent" at 7.30 pm., today. ratid the Reich aitl(ri imi- 37A LT1'Ou STREET. SAN

Cui.. op FW AN r3f irtDrsorT oua d
Post Office Notice. SATNORDAY.- Il .tOTH MAY, IltidANUItetietigaitakistm", hill-ttma.V10"00oo "1""" """
On lttatructbons receive r om ENOT U ES WiiAs itiuu.j si .all

Coolerzt a;a1 8-tibe We ts, house a sat yea, l*r
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS,,1944. Mrs. Sinyth formerly of Taritubasitle Ath0011.1~5. 1Any1 W itffe, or inq auiries mIusat i 'i j o dd tOf
____________ti___furniturehasbe_________ kibte. whoseuritiurel Chitds besht m .- itnd ,ar e 06t s "ISt S it I l, 5 MI. Mney#Ioek Ot f
removed to thle Mart for conveti- US t 1111111- 411146periodpll t rUD N abIi a s-iit m Ar-u rjs1u *l uu I o -.ii. Wsiot I 5tlak o al. lf a., ,5
IDAY 2 m ye p I e the unadersigned will sell by p erma..lie culiarPlhan' as ul toluAre Toll 61.0A- 11 t Iull. I, "It r. ( i ni

BUY 24t MI@ (mpire ay). MNDAYM2th........ '
Auteisn on thew on edaypirte, o "'m l
-a m nfMonday) and THURSDAY 8th June, (Corpus au1tion o lit. 0abOe. dte tat hWaWb 11:10t .1llhlA suh I 'l, I",ti r "n,,kll -i fil.

iI ~ i~iIIIIIA rl .II.I. I .0-W -W" og p ,n. wit, .-w, o e i,m lonl ,,hi ,.....,, ll-n
11a6 K ng's irthda ) beig Pubic Holdaysthe hri sd p a le fnto bl onin o~u lM.C let&t ast ifi'ilwivli$e6,4 .' S Vi ri 'ut-illta-1, n.1'tr5i tthfi i1u'u,-' Yt, m

hamer.wd ak 111010
IPost Offce will open from 7.0 a(m. to 8.0 a(.m.sier and othersto Include asb- Gollvernmeno' a& t a t iig Of 4 1 s ati t'Ande r- aof'au-nimnituA
114.0 p.m. to 5.0 p~m.and District Post Offices ~Chin Obiriet, 3-wing burmuDe. aI ep'.as ff00 U19111hl, wul-to 'cry -i ,01111b e.lf -- s,,i A ntae
L t 80 .fr e evin its, 2 Putiablgrno-1W
aoi ori. ph.ones.IBrunt.wick .ict,,ol,-GWill it T urnteo1W WW Plhamsiaat reitai, .lvi i ttus ,t1`ali 'ut a.*t-ryP0 toial -1'sft0 ',
Wd Wae of postage stamps only; no, other postal ittophone; I roilnd dining taithe a u n T autia l~e s it
lng table; I cyp 3-wizmg bureau; 41 F ery a M I P
!XS will be one delivery by Postmen at 7.0 a~m. and small drawitag scmo Laica 181,t
~tc o malson hee dysas olows- -'child's divstng tabl;be. akia s t tal to k? 000 W se Pathuun
Ptofmdso hs'asa Oos-table, 2 Rialeight C~cl'S; 1 n-il hr ea Ofs siqefa tiam. 1., doe' ee mesusI p F011 S'A1 lL
RioCycle; I stcin ilC' dcl N M-it aat tss S MV 4.k *ap.., eli. ea"dmas
flhjdo, Siparia, Princes Town, Ro4 6 im. e 4,1.L hmondadhalhealA h WiIl fjL j
4' 6"-S- i-- bed and ;pr ho, his ii I" Zuo1ka rea- s iyabkera atobed ate______________________



IF r

'A bottle of MOXOOKi s die hous
hold medicine cahteS i the bet kind
MW teMWh im fbemr' f Aiber of
othebml 7,,
Wbuus cam epM, uwldd
dslahnfut or (dordodit hoMmid be twud,
DIOXOOM will be baM Wmu aOeii
DIOXON not noly provirdves im.
p0es ataetive aMd eeltef fumfthe
palmc m4 ay af the comfean== m a
ad o*l ii eof* I 1i Wboa a
~ reeula among"si e hdi


hiwp.*~m~ ~u
* TI



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.,+:',,; +*'; "

ye I _j -j I. _
Yw- aav1 dpu elcW fW^ U*alt tv
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W $27.65
$21.75 $2625


i"A /..el"





Talk Of Trinidad


Omraihoml.i It Bdenua5 0 e OOa l R odltusaa o eseo-alb
Sam to. i # otr 00, Omm~
MlW33~wu~ Iunderasavud. Isa vm7 godtrio"g of wma
the Raamte 3. V. Lwtstrtn sag Wnd Lawagtinic. was IM C throuwa
to Ninfa m tte united 8%ae4s.
M I O aX pOLLOMAI% &te thiUurd daughter of Mr. NelUe
Pol*4B0e and 0* la teDr. Louis Pollonals. arrived hee frm
tUme Mothe Gountry lst Thursd aier havingt been away for aovm
ai that tae Ih took a course In nursui" am saw a t great
4eaul of Uth ai bUts on England. Bhe w in the. Norfolk anad Norlch
Hoaptl at the beginning of the war n was aldoing duty tIn
LidOsI. Burrey and Salisbury.
Hi Pollonal has now taken up an appoitrent as a sitetr ti
the OotlaIal Hospitl. PorL-ol-SpaRi.

C *
IT waa found imposSible to hoid thle Victory Fair.--a cycie id atbleti
sports meeting-at Forest Reserve lat Sunday. owing to bad
weather which made the track unfit for use. It 1s toped to have the
M eeting. which Ia under the patronage c! Mr. A. J. Authven-Murray.
genera manager of Trinidad Learnolos. Ltd.. on auiiday next, May 14.
MRS. PADDY TRAYIU.N, ace nipanied by hter ,even-y3t"r oid
daughter. Jeannette, hals rcntiy arriv<4a ii r':diicdd froinm Ches-
ter, England, to join her nusuano. Mr. uv.ry Traylen. of Pointe-a-
Pierre. bhe nnds her bungaiow in Maitot Avlul lA VP!'. D AcefCUI Spot
alter the strenuous time sne ias btNi through in Enlaiia.
a *
NAPARIMA Recreation CiuD, Saa r itando' are ai.ainguig a dance
on Saturday, June J, to criebrate the opeilag of tneir new
cardroom. Dancing will taie pac i trom pail., unti i a-u.M. and t.iere
wil be a free buriet.
"HL'MMING BIRD) exted.,d nxe: oyiipatl:, ;o Mi. A. J B'rmard, tle
Warden of Victoria, aid Mr. Bernlia, un tr :(- vce; ue.'on of
their second son, iPnil'p, Wlai 'tjA L '& la ixcl ,it' oUet t.'itlldlt'( hisI
i in firlhoay.

CAPTAIN E. SrLLIEit Has Ltte i ffle'rM a ii cr.' e parade of
troops which marched tirougih ti he ;prtirlpal .j.ltrr., of Sarall Frr-
nando to the Town Hail, iij'ie inev A' v, i'". b',. tile, 1li.'ba!I Timio-
thy RSodal, Mayor of San Fcerniando. ui)porloi'a bv Corioel Mercer,
C.O., Lst Trinidad Eattaiton, Coloief. J. \V Itx iiloi<1, MC, A vetterail
Sof tne Great War, and Casptain J. 0 MaC.. ,' ;iciu..a Officer, aho
ai made .admirable speeches
Appeals were maoe to all a.b,-t'odid m.n %%I, -ie i aLle to Join
the local lorcea, and ytint. women were ,if,.) ,i-,t to jj.n tile A.,'S.
Among those presrint were Maijor Pape., MIJor Avr:hde iA. Major
Kerr, Captain Trestrali, Captain C. Ir'r.ra, Caia pD ei erennirK, thle
Hon'ble oy Joseph, Mrs. L. C C. H-bsoii, .i-otorn Ul Di"-on quarter-
mlaster of the B.R.C.S., the R7v. a id M":s. Wa.ll,., M.r ,tid Mr.. Scott,
Dl. Pitt, Dr. Lee, Alderman Hart, Couin'illir ri !i h:l:.'( a:.i man', o'ners
There was a great deal of 'cht 1iii i ,il 1! .11 it! ide, arld it i
hoped that many men will enl:st is a rerunt of ,til :-' u.ig drive.
fR. and MIS. L. S. IIENZELL, of S, A o:ulti',-. ,re .*yilg Aitii
Mrs. Henzell's parents. Mr. tnld Al Ims. d'pi r'' A-id'i, AtlI St.
Joseph&a Village. San Fernando, un MLIoi iSu:.di, 1,1 :;;I;n ui r i- !Ja-
lant daughter was biapLied at St. Pa;i.', c( ,; .. i.': t-fi; .'(
Archdeaon Streetly ofnclai.a l t, tihe )n', n) i titl e nanifs'
of Kaye Dawn, and t&he odiIloeils wi vr,!- M:" s!-. J i rie B inlc',-,
grandmother. Mrs. D. Snithl i ar id MI.,' C r'.. il; F -'" ... -... '.A1, 1h- :hi
Eodfathers were Mr. S. Liduelow find Mr C F' N ',.i),.!
Among the people who cathetie fl! t. S ... J %; \.. :" .I'r ':.
ceremony to cut the (christelniln rag ke n : ti ":. t- i, li ii,' 'll
were Mr. and Mrn. M. Ifeninu itvi, )r Itinv Ko,;i, o :\ K' c e t.:.i,-
ler, Miss Zita de OGanlee id Mr J. 0;1.
THE amateur boxing M:t' t And :::; ii.i *tt 't...; w X
SNo. 1 Club to aid the Bir 'i. m-d Cr-( .,,' ::'.I,,: .. (i:!X,
will take place on Sati,.rdnti M .' 20. ;1: ; it .. :. *i .a ,:..:.,
May 27, U stated in this onmuil! Tf1Ia. i.AL,
1RId SH Red Cross offi,..'. r Ai:;r, ': i. H: .: 0
Dr. E J.Srt ei::.. .i';... f *--------- .1-.-' -
RJ ia Ag'.-'uint-who xk.'* i., .l, An';i t, ,---...
Red Cr(AuS o 'i .-p ii'* :r, 'u ;. .: L C H "*
on a' nor riome n Ce .:.; !., 1: 1
I', ri'1 e\Cnhi. !, -, w -,, *i ..' , *, . '
Dr. A:Sd M r>. P! I i' . : .'
includ-'dd rs. L. r. C IIa,:, . : l. M :-. -"
Mr. and Mrs. B. 0 punk i .:t d a. " I.'
C -
T W O ma'Tage" of '.' i .: '"-3-1" :,:*. , , r; .... ;r.,'
t u n a g o a c ,n d ti n g ', : : ., t i : "' ( I !' ,* L \ : : , a; ,.
arch. One Was at'. of i.-' Ma M '. .r -n Ms.
tit aad "tU late Mr. Percy Scott, o r v.L. .'r !A1... a 1 r*''; M [r..
Ut 0 11. and Mti Mary UH. McLeod, daughter of Mrs. McLeod
a th ate Msr. Johnb McLid of Rentrewshtre. Scotland
a Tr' 19ny was terformed at Macrhar's Churtch. PiriRige-f-Weir.
The other marriage i th-s r-t -f F' :.'-' :,-' .: (thai.K1: "'I
RCA AF son o Lady Ca''.nho : '.,: d ',. -- ', ." (',nur',
4 l'o-am r Chiet J-i' tl.P -f Bl v N\:* v''-
th. yrtrSri mt dau.,n"1r e' M- *:1d '.":. ., '' ' H :..
DU blin, lri' d r. it. Trh:% ass 1 'ri'l atf i C: -I
A S'tRPRITE parey in '-i'i : T !; : f ',," .. evening f(er M' .i" 1 )',
&r5 M. DtareU Thll '*': ' -.
un'' Lho we" hours
Among huose pree. a--.- Mr 'N' \ V. i N'-'-;
Mr. n'-d fr* Ke' F.r 'ci:," :: '":.' M'. -,,
Mr. Don r1ci,. M Hx B. O;'re. .. -t s
K.'rm m Mis P. P rn',a M:. ,r .,. :,. *,: i-,
Ori M- ,'nid Mr< F" V'.,:: '- :,;.d M i' V ,:

-4 o'' ' _
T hA IM L;) LNIfWT -.5-
LOWlA5PfJS 11 sUlr

eaut.y.Roistine For Teenites

Essential For Youth Of Today

Amug ther wh eMUiy aeed a t h f i ta tr beauty rd who
a m o teSn left out a fte yo neta Is thetar teoe, who, although
they may aot be ingla actual make-up. should U start eves at
tulte a early age to develop a routine which wilt keep their youn
sknas a Igod coandlton and et them into iood habitt for later yea.
Unfortunately among the yIs g----,--
or generation theme day sce gaM- always result ia at ie eeaw eO-
rally lida one of two things. plexmio oaetmn Uthe wind and
Efler the child has been allowed eOeCuy Ot water will dry up
to run riot with her mother's the akit aod leave It blotched or
beauty box. and we see young peO- with dark Otain.
pie of 13 or 14 with permed and For this. buy a tube of lanoline
ometines dyed hair and brlliJant and rub it wall into the bad parts
petick. most unsuitably applied; every night and ti the morning,
or ese and this i just au bad after washing douse the face thor-
with blotchbed, sunburned (and ouahly with tld water, the colder
burned I mean, not attractively the better.
tanned) faces and dried up untidy Do not use powder without any
hair. foundation cream If you must ue
It at all, and then only Just a spot
PERMKS ARE TROULUESOME in the eveningas. Apply It with a

clean piece of cotton wool, which
W1 youngster., neither of the you must throw away each time.
states can be considered pretty and As far as lipstick Is concerned,
neither is certainly going to result if you feel you have rayther al
In awles complexions when You lipsbuy a white salveand use that.
begintogo out and about. HairIt will impart a nice natural glow
admittedly is a snag. and will not harm you at all
Undoubtedly you long for a perm
like the grown-ups and feel sure WAIT AWHILE
that it v.ili help you to keep tidierI
but believe me, it would nut. A As for other make-up, do be per-
perni is n mixed blessing, and to Isuaded to leave it for a few years
I ,ouk weilI nleOas conuliitiuos atLen- untUl you have more leisure and
tion. experience and can use your pre-
I1)o without it for a few years, at 1parations properly. Remember 5
least, because it does nut lend it- that beauty creams can do more
self at all kindly to bt ing continu- harm than good if Incorrectly used.
ouhlv wet in sea sw- .,t and drild I Lastly, start right now at a very
in tihe sun, unless ou are going early age to see that all your toilet
to be very kind to it afterward ,accessories are always kept spot,
and make a point of shampooing clean. This Includes your
t and oiling it after every bathe, brush and comb, so often negject-
Swhich I ant pretty sure will not fit ed. the puff with which you apply
kindly into youi crowded day of your talcum powder, and so forth,
work and play. Because this is the first step to-
Wr ad play, 'warids being the attractive person .
BE ORIGINAL you hope to be when you grow up -
instead of this make the best of lard will start you off In the right glI
Instead of this, make the best of way..
Swhatt ou have and device a simple w a i
eafsv style fr yourself which will I
luo .ell even i, it is blown in the, ; D iar i
hwind.e Today'Diary-
Since you'll piohably he in the' *"
olp'n a lot, it is betterr not to have Air Transport Command dance
it too lnng fo,0 the tim, eingM anid at Waller Field, 8 p.m.
ti v not to iriy on heating too many
pins. o :,,-.a. a they aire liable to Forthcoming Events
fall out land al.- tare hlaid to obtain.
S D,- vitiv s%, td'tlf p tyle, speci- Cinnema show at the De Luxe in
ally fur those uf y ,i \1ho ame dark. aid ol Priaoners of War Fund, 9.30 A
O a ou', L a QtniAgoht f!: ire cut ai. on Saturday, May 13.
a the' fro t ,nnt F stdte de- .NA.". Golden Glove" boxing
.,r)the bark ,an b. iled undkAroutinanint at the Open-Air The&-
"..%h lfi nsan~j th hi ng nsl:ghtiylte, Chai'itarariras.
b'ei 1--j t. 1 it oihei',si is.hit c-In l-sAo'it epair lkase "Memo" re-
in' ci ll.1 i. ii risr a, t in. T hit. turn hngagarement party at the
A q t a fl.i hiinail. : now a- .\ AS. on aie-sday, May 16, at al
dii s. p i.
N4%% AI(OV T 'FAt -S and of ('alypso' revue, Empire
lht'atie, 8.30 p.m., on Tuesciay,
V :-,1i ti.N tIe a'ity miolL (t f w May 16.
.,i do .,nt Ti ,nuike a print of Dlanicl rie, lwr't asecital, Pointe-
z;,, .n ; .1 s i n. ,.-r and fr-sh I l're!rp Clih,b 8 30 p.m., Tuesday,
1 'ii.. :! l A..l....s H lot do,,' not 'M iY 16.

R a d io P r o g r a m me



I -7



- ,.l' -te

'I N .. WVDIa u i-a
M.I.s '%Isi r* YankS;c our
.1, V trns for Yanka

- Ii t'' At ; -:e 0A I. i'AT-.n.ll IA '.,,ii
vt.inat r'une
.40 i'rog.. ACID c mnits -
.W News & Com'nrtary .....
1i 6r.u)t~l We,! Indites N's
'* .-. *r' i K.;" r; 4
*, i -, > :1: ,11. :.I .

- ~ V. I A fl' '~A 0
5. Zr (It,.. I'

* **'* 18

iA 3

GI. Journal
Grea MurSi
Fred Ai.,'n
(". rtg C, i)r, et
B~i[ .5 "

.-i Rhv hr ns
r ne Night tnnd

** ,me if- '(" ,r *. -n ; n' $.*s N cht 0%1 Clu
n' I : I .N '4 ur;o
', --.;n*fl X' i T" In 'tT 4n'K .'t*; p s*"tfi n roOAA.Tm

-' 1'.' '*'. A-' Ir eis'^ (re I, ''I n dlaI:y -it 5.59 p m
""-- --- ["p l-- ^ ( Z't
j -^ ,(LETs WAIT i
^ ': *' I -

BitxtKJ ttooAos GES AK! I

mop2eL'VcHAS'flo.O.. oerrOT C
cOUp'Mct='"S ou~
COoMMNUP o---- v-I usm cam
S """ 'iaie. A*i~teT ',oJ T- ffA IM" OVE
KC YMUItft Ag6AkMO A "aftik M46 T4
!UWAsL*4 mWi*> K'


TOOAY-C-ntiui Dhil-4.45 ead 8.45 p.I.





TODAY 4.30 & 130 p M.
Judy Canova in:-
Gene Autry in:-
Tomorrow :-BALA JOBAN

TONIGHT at 8.30
Brand New Double Attraction
Anna May Wong In:-
Wlth:-Noel Madison
With:-Johnny Downs,
George Zueco, Anne Nagel
Tmnorrew:- Indian Picture.


UAn Tam. J$a ustinu. asasu
at tOw Mktstsy se War Tunansrm w
=wwto Pessea carp au.vint tbe.
twos tke rated KInadom sd the ItI
WMt ldiet, nrtUb ta. s" th.
*Iwlt MadL
gyats 104a
ew iwt* MtWheutns 595 10 t e

MRaIM. 0o0. .F HU06a1NO a CO. LTD
Tams 71 M .a7274 south uagy.


Thursday, May 11
.3J p.m.
A limited number of paea tn
local cinema theatrs available
to merchant seamen o= ap&i-
Nation to the Cu Manaer,
Currnt landing permulte to ie
Tonight at 30
For Merchant Nav"y S09
at the
Ctokut a RfI6 Ct. AVWr.
- -- T- no,-.

-., INNN iS t = =
ast Spider Woman $

PALACE-San Fernando
TODAY at 5 & 8.30 p.m.
Indian Action Thriller:-

SHousing Problem

Emznpty Cottage-O'connor
S t8 t .......... Cheap
VM e Vteulu Street,
I Beauty-possession
18 Queen' Park East, 'Best
S location' ......... Expensive
Island Home, "Gas-
S paree" ............ Bargain
SNew Brand Bungalows.
"Maraval'-real beau-
ties (empty)-
SPrices on application.
X New Vacant Cottage-3,
& Alberto Street .. Best offer.
SMethuen Street-powes-
a1 on .............. $12,000
S Saddle Road-vacant $13,0n0
20 De Verteuil Street-
SRental, 80 ...... .s0
s0 Boislere Village-
Rental $3.00 ...... $3M50
Cha a cottage at
c corner Oreavee and
Laing Streets Bar-
S gain ................ 2,000
St. AugustIne, Cottage,
SEvans and Bushe 8ta.
PoI eslon .......... $12000
1 Albert Lane. Upper
Belmont Valley Road
-Posesaiton ........ .2,800
-= Cumberbatch L ane,
tIp. St. francois Val-
Sley Road .......... ws^oo
20 Roberta Street .... 5.2W00
S90 Eastern Main Road $2,800
S59 Prince Street, Busi-
N ness Premike pos-p-
session ........Best Offer
S27 St. George Terrace
S-new, empty ....... N4,200
18 Knight Bridge, Oa.
Scade, new. vacant ... $12,506
Mtate with quarry lands
S-La-Canoa-23 acres,-
very cheap.
L Mo t arfaa' DaIry-
L O dd e ad-Po-
session, near Golf
X Course ........... $14,000
Building site with
Sboue. Petite Valley
(ner Garden city
farn) appia. I acre $4,00

S Contact L.G.T.
% Louis Gilman Thomas
N3L--M yu desIre to sell
X rI erty* Vutklt, caln
= S-4 4-OWe3 9 Charlottt
ig No M-fte nrl o
Val t **fI i

---~ w~w

IDAY, 4.45
Velbu du everli -
I^ ^wr~ri

mm WHHTro

-Darne Lx With~l


SGILOBE-San Joan. .
Teday, 5 and ---Fina ParKt f Serial SECRET CO


oday, 4.45 and 8.45 p.m. G^- e tlrtll
and ContinuIng 1
We Present United Artist J
1 SN Z2 ....I.


of Burlesque A
"Time magaZ-ne Kaed Aboutt
the Book.-You will rave about
the Picture ...

TODAY, 4.45 and 8.4> p..n-
1. Young Mr. Pitt
with Robert Dlonat
2. Submarine Patrol

TONIGHT. 8.30-

An Indian Film
GAIETY-Sn- F'd.. P4
TODAY, 5 anid 8.30 pm.-
2nd Part of Republic's Serial
1. King of the

2. Barnyard Follies
kwani T exa..s....... Rangers.. ------




TODAY 4.30 & 8.30 p.m WO(
I New Double:--
Mw TODAY 4.45,
with Bal P.athbone, Nigel Bruce AR
and- -
wBi tJohnay Mac Brown L

Bua.:---._gABAA- .Starting t




i, AnS I

and -
a, JaU4

EMPIRE-san Ferua
TODAY AT & 8.45 P.M. & COwirINO:-

(PNtw Lrf, Pierre Aumeat & Rkbcaud W

NEW-san .Fern.0

............. ..,,--* ,,***-> lini l fl i HIIIIIljn I llIIIIIIIIIIIIIIin iill MI W
X TODAY 4.45, A.3 6 p,.
TODAY 4.45, 8.30 p.m. ,
TD ., Richard Greene, Cub 11
| Indian Picture:- ~^ f f


|tarting Sunday:- N

I "LURE of .i
the ISLANDS" w q -O




P, ""Um ,I






wRiX I sIsMH I E NAT 11, im

I~l--a Ddfamded Ve ry 0 W

Eimc.tiJ ai >ir T f^^ ___= o=u e *au* wte wat ft
'Tr eAll 0 oa IRMO*a t
K muwm J- pur dy't- S.-. A tI fut -'e 'Kkl' t^
_________________ i __ _____ ______ ifink MD w 2, ,i at~w5 W H
0* p 9autinm> A W amH y amBO----inm --l 0W ui*M eo e ontmra w---

om~za~t P1 -t 4t t veStuaI1 $
Bhh*'11* tCB^*oD~ie Ol Thiee ,tpTmc alteaattM ba to~amS?

B lga-f-"OWe ,s r1itt an bigrechert aog
B~al Illrti -c'in OBMB~ttiortert r~genLd on a.I *MM __ naa W'Iaiv on trgoe anti t ON"askft a~rMl

1E-oS! toI-B lrs. ttsB 1qptuamen t blft ... mm f^^~aLa m~ ^L^^ Itor~tt oI p,'ady ta(hue *-
M t ro* j w mo~~oh Whcim not'U11.11*pietit 4vowow rim2)"Wana"01W sa oop 0en uronU-

KBJ jrha C mi- ek n acht of Gyarusa (m hefo, ld tt chW^ v n ) |
_- ___ .am nct oe e IS C ai no- tL tta tpe n i i thw awi JR-

1'b. e 4,ne OI ..Tu
rnQ d ia- 5'5'&wft i tn t-
sag r~ ah.1^agcotros wic no 'L^J Thi ret\^ o th )Lilnt wai

= to -F a r t t h s a me= x p s o n .7 1 1 0 0 1 m i 0 0 1th t h . ,,
ou th at t "M o, a i cit v 7%t!

B e spet m a n e at l- 1 0e 11e"l^ 11 e m T *r, or 1 of t. T i o" .

B SI Itst~l bo ex- U, te rat es p !* po ti- of r me sousi te ha be n the {ib ac<. .... .... p yS
0 01e eurbea o lkp art c o. a'hm.aiele te, n*O W tha p It "G I SaP i o r 4 1 0 C n e m j a f 41 L h e -y we. ith e l t = 1 1 o a rh a rto u" gir e d t h a t b e -

Sotfis O bte e1 a it e dev ro matatio to Ai, t s-y r or ( e a- t. i t ii nta it.
nat VA....lln.t of e hat Ih

eO ma isteq stwic"n oo gatveanns h eete e r n o orak bayln o the .ro- .
otiecrs. Asanin"a prdo duic W ,1 4sJS
a- Omer to Whr Pr-oductlcm cUapontte ,i for lralthough trca s?r ^ ^
deo aiart t si it see tsof it1 utea tao es |t c-fl b said, hw evc'r that

||5*12 dii rsct O LeaVl pO@WTZt. A ~ i~ prcdrIs resubllhle for Of hT oonfw.,ons and -'rises

1 wol4i proure me aro atuir irawowt upfti ae tsMin a pol f B te awst tn \'ehf 'ai ,'f ens ___
'dR erd rebY ted r cu m oapaca u ri the fib tor p-S ont t ht r'l a s mro r; .. o, hU
then G iranent K t s up tmonit. a* wt eo va riu to aupp lhy ed reth r lsi hr'axle l not | ii
an m oaan opT onte c u r t on r o lsld Mati a n d hig e poter i sio nance of tfhter a .
in burt p iet Of e t hdre Aipiono ed Ts mtitli achiv p e nt! t t ein w r ia tTit c ,in hove w taklen t, port*' R

|B th tra > ot e thne W wfteh Itd lnrtermetl or oi irrn sio u-'ne. 1M buth whic l uorrsnt txt-] &em- U )ca, cul~ o aa ns 'i lll tr.-c>.h T.ll ;fin i.) p *( l.
fIrt,-,he'- ret B t ttraa o opperio nd s 'n p attmrn b ph;-(.beep(3 a5mtt. 1'il ot So ein the lc'a~t iei, tnh. of tr. ar o d ho )sfr r t' ,l t.b '- -
piarteOaL tat esed eae ne resrauon asl n- for Ar-ntdu products -- a wau e exen heo- n of pro Iirnt laotits Aur O the Stsdfe h' h*r .< m nm;
|R tytl~ r~rito i sWo:to rewrrmentb tol tht War onrbn to .rabn i ei ft e m tt c ) Uirities t~ov exceed the allocat be ci t d r g ma rion ct froatrte o ae4 it is mbvious that
o t o fus X ~boar. l idS tn t t insia fier a nbmy a "M A n w ethefi stced 0 *p mo'dani.4ratiloin i ocedwe'

q~~~OW l ass min sis roa l he o w the d v elsacms wot mu ,nomo

gi nd t on t oTher o agrolritf ts 11 hth r a, o a itO Won Ie Camnurt la rSty Bw aibl res notS bn taee n Tf i nxvl t o lt in t.ha e tl i c ff. n' wi Ix -f'4
wa C rp d et.lh-e Iido Ted S taontrold Mat.erlshls Pb.n in Vsvm in th prolni 5 rd qe arter an o 1aS nnaeVtr wa r ite o s caud h lnwsotni s .it .a (ini. t 4 t
the t~ff&5 o theinder which Itpdrt oinsforanteis fdu"ir,"so 44 but ittmust be em- thatia rn

I materiA .als tTele stre pe riodvow pa ttersg c. i m sls .ht a si reuremen t 1. s of Sorrt me sa of th asuee oef i rtnoI hl,''.f ino rthner.l itM -
i d -Lu ml -rem os ft T m atl t ats pro ductl sa in cori'. sk nd 'ib"h bo t ioe' s o aanr accw-redo to srcss funl. d e o u'h fuuren i irh aies i 1i '
73 b didlS ntia t on th ran cm of alher, ra h i breuleee hoa o- nrtt n ie tatd tproeduret .thowr as oTen th lffIjIe e-r ct" d ap is-ande 'i-1n tth lfc ,
th cr ltra t 3i5nt5i ch s rto-th se.O y the eiiVuma t en rCimgc xpS crt- tistgven heoamm i e ace th t Ih .t. .the 1 m .ni so.tion Of h . in e
otanl lt e dutbefr s laati ar add mr n d bovan the qs u inatca-'ln( $etpel M sisatoe o ea rle If re well adna ac
of b te U covers threeo cterole o m at.rfifal o s. w hpreocremn anrdthtep womerei IS eb Col Iahewi rIw ichne plt F I ar-
Sreard s ede o i .......e .wh .....em ati s ^fso e rthO whih pr o um .s M i an ao unt w,-ed for a "ains t a c o At. .. th e eno

S caes, th efnite Bo and transport vehicles r.urnng t hor ?nnt tinie i pro-a itmes on third quart r programme, oivcra-i is tiped I hefkrr that t1t 7 !ort
atae" in deabyn production capacity upon v-i te t 1t Po:T'ns I rest witb the Colonial4 thousand apylt4 for pr'nurcrnl nrvd '.er>'(c will ir. iT-.e! be
S a ulk basis and Armed Serces have Iirst cor-n Supl'y -r Control Austoritnes, their amendments had ,o be made. only ,trn t,,, roin ,,ia ,,,O cripr ,nit m
pof cLend-Leae Taird. B products,. contprlished s must nvi be o rned S to of hc wr su ssul. tH bOWth int oe"a- 1 <'.\ 'rin
c d30 s, dd not the remaining ranmer of "Caimante I br the dewg o of co-operation add iM M tusull or, of firs t i;mpI o ainaceP cnt? occr iv'ntrhefal. o;t1, .-s 1t,
e the ea Doella- end product w rhich contin. 0i\ p -.nccl aess od u colonial Imp tratiae nt Ih Colonies should assist in t A u nite- Stma .. -
p thao Go onstrue- Controlled Material, ;o supply wll i t.he least I possibt lightning toisi h e' arv tAajI by en-
~ w er. important The chief Claimant Ageni ..i.. at elae y the estated rqunir pynta suriong that rogIainm s are e an.-i----- -- .i----.-- -
a o be ap- under the Controlled Ma t.ralaPs!ti- in therefor. i nd ta tw comm racial t he Onves ccu<-] I^Il i TAD V
The te rm of he w ih I e ftaead s. for an_ ::".,=;:: : :' tj ot~ m fu L .n e I4 u tomust orere-Msso idelt gIn aulrl Qr por ta,. 4, '17 1!, 1 ,, o ,. m

amendment to Plan to the War Production Boardn o,-,im O BsToReid e Of the Ymi1s Of Work I I n_
Lto be dealt with are the War DepartM int Nave PRIOR" TIES udcparograemwithint he in, alh ug t er
d be made from partin ent, Maritime comnnmiont tg5aitsi the gabo backgeround A chpr showuTig proctirernxiicm pro- l Wm be -w, e mi B
I the lneilght of Uny Aircr inta Res. aturces Cintron Offce, t_ l aedtaced wr tvk b of nm gr aresfo orders place rlyd t on Mco r- ur v .,l,. J |.r ,,. i
.. Thch mrg.a oe rs trol eu. Administration Tor W ar picn reptior wu n ol read ie rhe under- ro c ei : weraeidt t u a titched as ''" A"r p. res. en< ,,r i .
mSarptakd xVn ed `Pt t ci,,4.ed maeral a s c C wres wth whc og an nks isin rn s oeun ed f r gans tdifuli fri e h".T *

Unted Staesun ly -eofrficam. L ae-Leal s u Adm insrb cor hrsdi ctions of the aexpot tr-Alt l.TPog a e C. r Ie f th,,r x: C,rz, y *.In 1A "
Or_.,. ider a. tw- and timb er which re au. M rrim br th merADiB u hak '! a 1,- ,.,U" ,i,,,,, .) x ) ,,nd .
fion.lilnet tof eime.nsi-ng a Is f, -d Prorod ies Sec ion" H-)Is- T m t d fo 1 01-s E ", -IIA I ll it. s rt n nu Mr 34 m
ol in d t at ,o e fea r oduet so f aricult re. oi. Ofi ce I a q ,0 p bes e d hesriboedp a, it for'd ,q.T M,' ",, ',,,"' w' *I
case s ofdfi ter d e fence hir u s espu .ftat ,,twieng tio n th r st eps lmhi ch h aveto n h rd e T le'.., ieniOrvcnlt e rx Itis sm l-| rr ha r. 1

In asn aead ta] H ousn Acy.- .. Office of. War-t .. 1,-,-,-. 't lu"o t, ,a Nun r I
it ag"lin de ailing p rti ti . an, -iunr addionW mc t jr obtaIn u, wi olme nt of an order deit ing tou l aid ter' export pro-1a I br , llo ,,,. .b
to S ulkeaisn tha In- ., t V3=Office ttltP so Conlnietrsol bAu i Co slOnia raind es hades !aer s u p e. rte l j M,_ir u ., i
tbhe s ncrl e in df-ottheremainin ua the Ir of i m.11 oi on his Unte"Iso Siac en on uorerlnirt act'otiont esIthr I moi . atfa r ,.e I nuc M
Stp iner a e the Ru. _r clr sector pOucc Ci'wi ha i tThet a iction of th agent through Led-Leasoe or !fr cl as'it IIt' *'r > 1 M.r1,, !
Xtts gener, alt s cx- mcT rhif lim n enis ea ti e a rr iatef .. ...... .. u xi. t, nos..... a. 'c-ee I
ofGv. n Supply or satndgth eqWare P '.sroduc- fo ad5.e ul Jstfisep Ae wthth lastposiledei

soovhr--ent orders, ten o. B -reau. As upon receipt of st otem r or cn- wi be appceciated that li a- ,, S'.rc,,, N ; 1' iwi.'
Coonea bIo ment ..P .. ...ntertl pur,-,, hae w overed y a countare.'v inolvead in debting re- p' \O 'tsNOrT '.Y '
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ned to a lare uc wih the war Procuctot Board. wion the ranufadturer. The manu- Colonies "an make toward per- d "ui"*iti"-* finenat *' t"n ii ft
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elvlan orders carrying f-ctoy bss tat is. ionreciv et o the oidse Arid l givingt the e r t oIndie shipping Oficr|
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the War Production Ixtnd s sen Ois Ahn fr proespsine A consilderabe amount h o bth e wo of l w ippivg spare constituted i a i -
as wil e seen later, andsumlstson to the SWa r yod c I ivoe lved irun the Milhon in War serious botesneck d u the movement 1
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to enable them anoC te i nformgtiononthe ortin thal t ca o b ae provider through a coinsderabtre accumuti latlonii of i ^^t FIV
S orders. The aver- and they are also u if t-er pw y the a isent. the more likelihood I s commercial cargoes awaiting ship -
We teei. for civl aAn hor- t of s tn g rup a t etPro e tregramme rtherth in r fitial rating appli- mnt, aerd thi e sAction of prioriiy ilh
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Inevitably be much o Prgamme Lcence for items call or will be granted and that the items was matter o s ome diff.
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* It* opinion on the bal- slant revision, for the materials and up to the PLOW BHAJEB
avantage betweenthet O Appenidix B is a chart of pro- amounts shown. "'"**
poctmemnent, the rit'ish gramig roed~ure~ fo unaltocs-efrapel t N HRBCT.IAOIB .
sop~ Mission Is guided ted materials. This should be read A pr~eqlredl estor appteail I O--E |OI CH IV TIA
Cogthe maeto oi on ro grln licensing1,!-" which fol- O* in an amnount not- covere by t- R*3 SO B B I I i
to te atrials con- P.r1" U11^ lct0 the quarterly progtraaunli for Pro- **l .E. BKO **** InIl
ii also by Its knowledge iow5. grammite Licence: but appeal. are W ,^-j f~ffl TM111U
reduction methods em- FROGRAMMING unlikely ro be sliccesful except In .9the. patcua manufac-~l "1
.tte artlclar mnufa<.-'"respect or materials in reasonatoly 23 CISACON UTREKT. A~U11"
hasty. It is the policy of The functions of the Program- easy supply. Where a material is "101KT. 11 W-t lf f
I* 0t utIllse established ming section of the Commercial under quiarterlyv allocation. It is -**-- -* -- .*l ll u II 1
e|sealinels of trade to Purchase and Programme. Depart -__ _--------------------_-----___________lUU
S?1"" GoenetPurhs nerto nth ih f h bveaetpele, and mint of the Mission wnil be readilySlsatyudreie sumry opogmin poc-U 1Niclv n in.ue Ths eto.hstowk fl^^ ^^ ^ ^ EN har I dLU, geewte r lf

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"Wttdd *a conc lbsv ~Ui~or Licensing and Priori- 1)- ^ ^--ian DySapBro hicndto

sOn general return to j Sections oeConsIrable difflcul- f U I a head ISstart, check it with remulat
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11 best interests of the cations having been made byv heh .
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!n aid of Prisoners of War Fund

S% sUTiml) AV. 13th % MW, A.144.
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IOtL agents of 4. B's Drinking ocoa. Woot, 7 BelmoeL-May 1. 1OUSEj
Small or large quantities are obtainable PIANO--A OT NLW ovimwsru TURK
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SITUATIONS VACANT ,tt tre tmenlt 3,11u fit lailal --Jinte 1. UNDERWOOD PORTABI,, TYPE- NEWT
V.rale mANDtlHt;tit 'Motl,,t Tallorfne WRITER. excellent eondilltiin $110. modern
BU.TLEit WAiNTkli Aplly; U Mary Fsi hmihmeo' i ienieturu- Street, S.m,(n Gonlvea Bisrilays Bank --Mv 12 htaravol
Street. mt. Cair.-A-i.y 12 Fe'rnitnl i Hrh clsei work imlme to ONE GENT'S RALEIGH wilh I.iuCifef field H
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tay 13. tr h,.-,-. it .,o se,
EXPERILENCED HTITt'IIFlts \V.NT l t .'ir 'tl!"i" ,' 't t'i. e s.him MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS, McCall's room
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BXPERIENCI..f) STITiw4Er.ti / WNT-t, 0-u u,-..,, ,r.. l ,,.i l er Jefrrfrei Free List. B. Ahwal. Post BoS 1370.- frst om i
Weles, a Catherine trittad l iitntt. \:rri rt . '-. 'r iji t i May 29 r rtoitn
May 13 ...... MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS. Cheap- ,y 2
BY LAROB COMMFRtkTl. F1t1 tn toRFcTAURANTS AND FOODS ieat rates, all kiltide, exceeding 500, titles Nu o'
Port-of-Spaln,. efflclnt :.i t t., ,r,,, i I ARCADE ItOOKiTALL. 15 Frederick poaisac lt
female book-kteepi'r l u tiit ' u | 'r 1' I it)N ti;IA 'l o.l t Ii lbituit hl e iStreet.- May 21.
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erone altl IM tran'ia-e il 1ntituh i -! i Ilit t u i ti I'll, :' u ; ; Mlrv rl rrprrpseniat le F'ratnklln Squtre Ag ecv i t '
Portliteef withaltt tu l i>r uh.-*it;ro, l. IIa "r i l'r 'iL ill-Il itlltANT. 32 St. ,New Yrkl, 40 Murray Street, Woodbruouk the iles
'Salary '$I 2) i2 $21 (1) f1 u,'*,u Api V t..utl !r- -i 'i.t '.,hn ; ru ne ,tw mainia Jtite nn -- .tntl hca
p wlca ols. .o i ,,t.Id l td .. .i i ti l, .. Otit t. le ', : ,s I .. 1 ... I fd winners, Twoij m.h... -al- ---.u Jia
Illty. ehnbtili a, illy to lix P-l ,. " hltJ" 1 i l carrnim n fier ,S ic ANr R EPAIRS r. i. l o l
diman "- May t11 ttth~iy ulu.'r+ r lte alsu cater for EVICES AND REPAIRS revily
1t JAY I11oKi .AltN.D iSi Aip'y 12;N I* tiC I 17 HTKAII;HTEN ANLD PAINT Damaged I1i:titdt.
Altriedu, treurl ayv l -.1.- Parts of your car now at Ilw colt. itf lanl,
A HALF-DAV MAID fur mircrio o APnV Mtllchell's. 2 Charlolte Street,--May l1 ing gra
I half day Maid [.,r ft"n"n, A,,t;. i.....APODY A. LITTREAN-Roadmaklng, Ciolailng. irit ti
Al i ral day it l.Tl -r ".iI M:t IAi1,, : rlull:. i .,I MH A :I ;M It8 R,. ULRIICIl etc. 130 Charlotte Street.t May 17 lu
nESiF 'TAIItl P IN'I.'I"II ''I Tf1Ili '1 ,i'tV I v t-'' I, tui i iiihtufor o[ lie FOR BE'L'TER ItlGNS. Engraved Brass The sli
ace helw n ;w !i r a o*l' V- u,,u. i, ''.0' .u'iii ii. It Ns. IN- Plateis. ReflectIng Signs. Wool en Letters. ln i'leil
mint. Atln;v In 1 >.--..n to, F,' IPt'- t l'.'; \ 11T .' Il.\t t.()i hl.-;i and oiher Pa'.ilnted Signbo rds, etc. Apply, M. ilern C il\;ar,
ltd 16 o r 21 r lieut k t]ti I' it .1 I Ili l' I i- jit,' l. qlNl;- Signs 17 ChScon Street, 'Phone S202 Oi t.IIht ti
$paIn m r 'll *1 I|ti I v+,I'; MASSAr;E at ifgl..-May 15 6llI-
)O'N.ITtAI. oFRVAN'T. 'tt.l : t it,,r i-ru- i i*t- r 'i. -' Ir : I.Rl ,111 .lK --TKET. JOSEPH BENOIT. Expert Stove RepAtrei C,h ary
tershlv 45 1.l lt iru-it Wvm, 0 , '.'1 :.f; i '' i "i : ii -. i w'ti tJlA- and Oven Moker, 11 C.ttfto ,11111. Port- Ni
onv 1A rli]'ll ;\t i,.\] V\'.l': 1--A11A )IC CUR- of-Spl in. 'Phtone 137S.--May 18 MtiWrie
VWANTFD PEKVa;T AllVy I11 ',' O i' ', ,o l.' 1O.I) IIMBREI.Lon MADE NEW h .A pll;
elT.> ni i('toilnr nl-, i M lu Iit I FXI't lIT a.iA1SFtR CHIROPODIT Gflrcats. Repaired Wres when Recovering -m.t
00'11 PARt.OttinMAt TO. 1 i u~pui.ttnlr.'IH .:. S.uNI. ,L)i. t(lrUt.erlty Boepll 2 Prince SFtreet.-May 12
Alutt. olne ii-'ls i11,y. Al-lv 78 ,..i1ii i tralti)ti i trinrmirlv medical doctor. AILL MAKES O itRADIOS Reptired. t o.
QtAii- May 12. ll .< IIWI.'lIlIl M. o sl,;,. corree!Inj Radio Servle. 27 Cha'i street, 'Phone O.lltd.
-- ---......__________ r riv tnt'll.t; rl+rittiirl Ip.ilrtiittelv), POOt 594.-May 22 O
ilTUATIONS WANIED TItutlLa'. uii[;t)lNS IN- G ROWING .0___,______-llt
iUAi.tiI I il t iAtCLL i, l. FACIAL. Dlf- l)'itln
..... ............ ..i ,.,. (lit,. ,,'..,-,;ii oIttv 8 8. Office. RADIOS. REFRIGERATORS FO6 SALE muttmini
;i .:, i ,, ... tF tt.:g. I l, .i-t1. : 1 T 4'1, "I m'ne Transferl ElE T IC OT LI C OtIi. 0 \ T ,,
Su't, ItIplOin las 1-20 hiJ ,iio,+ .,i tittau it llliuN : .htl. Latest profes- 25t0 hurtle calls,+iy also -te large Cut r
SUilt)a 0105 4iiu. iiOJ I,, *,' i. .. ..t ..i.u..u itit tot,. 't ,p ir 5l tS rei,',,t, Infrared, hig uialii M ud ii M ris Slir. ri -t-
%11- ~ l '+ to 1~, 1, U. 1 ,U, 4,4 A .L[I U -'F.+ J+: l+Iut Mulleel, Marine aqee
LiAiid .ta rI i l i 1ii t l iii i .. i. phone 488 .- May 2M. t ,-
l ,Al t. ., t.hi ii. .. i t.l t *..i. i '" FRIDIOF.. tecrleei eonlltlon DIal 801r, sq I n
W iU hi', I tII i.mtl iOI l illit .n i~t ll --.i C IROPR'CTIC tir 7l2. (Garcia., or 134 St, Vinr(it St uert. .,
rwcits ,. tm ,i ii.. u, ...I. +. +Il., i 1 1 1 i V VlI'[A \. TITDR OIAtY M-y 12 M ',,
)talla l, ii lt,' ,i... i. ,i l .. -.1.., li'lK i. i ,, i I rlrnlty New ONE LATEST MODEL 7 cih. ft. Fricitl- iNEW
et i 'lNt UL 0iiit ]i ] i.a lU aI. i I. 'i i i 1 !.1 : i ; iin s i t, t..t st. alre, In Al condiltom tn. at ct it yonturself ui1 uni'
"oi,. witr ltilltii"l '1. eiis L t lJI 'lw. iH 't II I I i IMI t 'l,-,,h' I'>I. Mvitbirs :Ilt 75 Belmiont CiIrcular Road, 'Phone ll47. irnixihtta
Sit. .1ila ta 0 ;,. yi 0 i:.- I l itii i t%,i C Aaotrnlatioun. between t8 I ii It anti 4 p iti.--May 12 Ituld.
IUla'l.i. LADY, aiterit'-.i-d 11i tiB tlli' ll;,'.it ru't i I, WEIS TINGHOUSE RADIO, 7 Tithi s, HuttI.
and 1i-3 lt. le s' i la l tn,]eit, i iL. i n l)a 'lii llill i..i 1< PIIY.-ICtIAN He pralcically new, perfect worklIng condition. Offers i
$tlHis. "1'1 1 -%'2B, <* tli.itt.' Ui- ai Xt.,i-< tfic, le i: 01 l' t ('l.riviitrltu 6iMAlt I'i M.-. bt .it,, YIt ll"u t I'ti .: J 't it j ,) ..i,.. i l.I I I'h C ONtI PHILCO 7-Ttibe Ciniult No. 2 FIV-
Toi lul.' ii,,t1 1 r, .ula o t A i I'iiuht'iu I M iii, it t i; t I. l *ii' Heillt h aW Mill Aventue+ htBrataria Mt y v 11 vac oint
lIb1 Aiut-.i-at or llio..It\rti i lor oI m ,it', 7 l-i. I' h' I ,tru' 'Phlitte 4124 ON52 A (TOMA 'I EI ECTil" 'tIED; cral tu
oerlus ttn in.W t s trtr tsita iii l"ois M- herr Ai'i, \ t ln-irl,, t'hliroNractl c"ANO nR iP irk-uln S te in. 9t Marine l, ivPttl
ne a l n t a rilai |irtl lll lr iit .''iil i: +rr M y 13. S cvron oalaat Ii40 ititi ititimuelo, ii ) liiu .- ^P'a w ALI, MAKES OF (lOOll RADIOS, Raitl lion. u I
keep pruer ltK , et u1 ii yut io14i A 'soa m, cranm and Rernrd Pln t-re. Ra i') Servle, "OGuare'
yov ,,,.,n. "... ""e ,,i,,JAUTOMO1TIVE c-4Mv2 4A
eor t Ie 1 I' 27 ch'icon Silreet. 'Phone 5194.-May.2 4 AC
iltcha,,il. 'tt,.. M.u> ;U ... .... .. FOR PARTIES-AmnlIfler. i., Recordo Qode.
i,,' MAN I .l'h;iNiI -i M TO O i l Aultomalto Changer. Radio Rervler. 27 hulfipeol
Atlifni Cli, k "IIM lTRlSiFOln,.:lu ith. 1,11 I m rlEhucin Street, 'Phions 1,84-.MMv22 May 20
'piJulenti inltA l'l'41t400. ''llIy Ilo (10 i I' 1" Iit l't, rF(". 1 i0 ONli PHILCI TROPIC. t11 Tnhes: Ofne FRItE
Iti lath Avenue. Buaraatia. Mail i Iiili i1; r: t t ;, 131 I ting R.C.A 11 titbh One 0 E.C 7 t tlIe-- Three
.C.IretilI. l;l l 801.- Iad R May 12 three if the latest t end hie ?ectiving "et olweys
.. "-- '"- -"" 19t40 PizittfT-r Folli. excellent ttondi- to U llsten-.IL, to alltv war nowe. AlSo other trom C
tlVILmno and etvel rolt tyrse Clautds OCity. 10 Ites expentlvve Radicl tn ilt yur rentiire- ST. I
it ..-M 'titimt' llf ; ;;root, ihin Fe'rnando, 'Phone rnorts 51A Marine Square. 'ho;ne 421. cm'nruttl
POULTRY & SUPPLIES 'n,. i. 1 t'1 1 Iryl:
tOULTR i 6UPPLI; M('l, i 1i 1' t' lo\N. cools, weo1rk- 1 Tl'' nA'lOI"R,1rA 11 ero Street VAI, .
ii.A J, ,1A.0. *ii a,- I1 liu t ia Ih.s. Al' i -, : tP .' ,, 'l'i. .. blu.weu 1 1 0 'pI1 P -r hol tri Mov I 14ature
&,4 .. u ,1 a t e.I t+A lA,, l; ,, .t t p '. i o i 9,iNITst 7 T .-Ttl1 IADIO Perfect ri hnotse '
1-L It ot .llit. I.J6 a. 'tI'i( .el l 1i.m :i; i i ] i ';i i ti1tK f-r Siate hillon Cash 180 00. 'Phuone 997.- Brreso
May 11 ilii i .h -. ,,. h,.ti l lt tadl.- May May 1I Ncoffee.
fciijt4 FOIl NAllb. li ,iat Ol l i to .t o I -II]-'--- bhouti,s.
Oftwoa, I'i it tau1.18 A, 1ua, C limtc ,ii ,, 4 ( 1 !11 t f',I I T 1' M Itel luntig ters, et
1. ,' .,., it i.-.. ,. t rer m., e- MARINE EQUIPMENT FOR SALE d..l
UORDiR ONE W l'K ULl LAUt i IA. i t 1 '.., 'i .\', t 1 Harry U,,L. KIODi UhI.l) SIX. Kn lgno Int perfect lFrR
ClU h .s l iul o line a tili ito ,. I u'lutl i.;'li'l 1- i, i,'i . i. .l .t Il l i iiiOliutni, iranisissioun antil I liey tilted, on Fret
Va:tu, lit .-.,ltau m ,iii. ald,,i a ,i ) ; ti I, 1 .1 I: i i \' i 'l7V vet 11o i skids for etiatkinary work. lneap. Duke Ia 'n- ri
tPOUL,'lit -i titiiltit jiliii .lnl- kiturii t "mg I I ii. ],' i i I motwner otrert, 4h May 21. 1r i
KE ga; iOlt e Ltcilhurti, ll.ogit Laelhioura, l 4 iui r i t 1 i. N i" l .,laud, MIIt O ON i L t.AT (thOD L 1I H.P. jIH oh n i ,to,,,n
PlylUtullt l tockCi., t\i+tty lhi 5: tl lilt \ t i Outithol I nnine In very toott culidlton. L, ARG
I ioaw d Rtid 1illd C, iiiullt l t'eid ,.i,>. l" 'uii ". i t ,\ ll P', r.,'r t i;App|ly lu4I Pilnre Alfreel t1tretl, San Fer- ot iredi
'I'llone M alruo. 6 iL. A lillll].i i 1 4' ,.. .. yt im irri 44 ntlll o M ay 16 i

LIVESTOCK-GENERAL t,,t O ,' ,,,- ^ i,, Pu,,rdl VS BICYCLES FOR SALE *,,*,n.
tI "TO a-ti i R ,, Il,, klmt ,ou t,e hi i\ IAl.A y'tu' V il'; Aterimain Aiudel. MFaly
+ t*n %l t u ~ tm l.. 1 o l 'V ; i]' ,,i, I ... p ',!, i.'. ,r , iew IXi,.,]nn Itu ar^ Kpl"l~t 'rpe M ay Il. .* t'irrpt
) li t, l lv l,i. f .; ', +, + t... \, , 1, , r + ,., ,lll ,_
Bh lit f r! X*i .l ~ 'i '. f' r i i *,' i i *-, in. i ii \XXI' i] lil,,r O hi lie.f ;>< '^ ^ ^ ^ w i i ~ ^ i M .-i 2,1
Sf1a l0 Wl i.t. n, .I ) I It i |i t-. i i 15 i hr t t l .:tire M oIr, Irt, I
O MI A Lt'i?.l,,, llt m il ti+.' n ,,. u .il 1l|,1. I l ,. |i S .i, I,',. i ,,. i 'I. liutin ur'. ft- At
(boill lil;it; l.,tl ,-* A' .., It, M 1 | u i .,lulf nI
itt e o i -lmt. -- A illi ,i.. 1, I ti.r'N tai i-'1 ii, iti'thu u IM lvres lia-- r l
't iltll. A 4., lit Il.i- i r' 1 '..V ;" ',. ... .. ', ,, ] ",, ,' t 1an0 l 'e1Ae
inlihitO g, mmi,.u t, .... . . . i . . |i I ;, .... 14 r.,l-lnr-< ROOM AND BOARD mt.T
(nai 1.i l ) 1 i l .... ,, ,. "" li: =.., ....- .,,- .,- ,.+ . n t t. ."
t l' 0.... t ii J... ... u ...-l i -, .. .... t .. i ] A,,,, , t ; ** + it'"*l..i., >.ir>. Jul l i
-'". tO 1.-Il'- ,liJim-,iZ. i f-w Ititt.' t
ED U C AT.T IO NA XL .. ... ret. .. aans.... : . . ,,l . ,
-, J, : ,, 1- 1, -- 1 1,M 1Ade1c
ED tAT A .".*..^ ",,', :: 1 "' ,,. ,: \,' h, V +, ', t ^ ",> uI>' M" t'R"*" tld nee
TU IIO N tL '.L t' t II. I "1 Pi, i 0, ,nI 1)l'I -l-t-il itol .' m t Iiiitl No1 .. iesi locaity. for app
J.\,,,+.. :U., II- W il .t, *(l~ .l+. Oi, A lo p ,' ;, -, \"*; J "' ;; Mn l A",*." kt t I|' 1'""1"n ""U",- anti *1!:*
.to mi i i Ii t) tL. ilit I 4.t C A 1 1 "1111,i 1 i -,l, i I .0 M u tili. i.-
I.r lml rl).ROOM,'.mIndep endenton- hFAL)
lCa.t lit l .-i.' l .t.u o l.l. a. ii iu il t. lim i *. i i. ,; I -c. it lis i tliiCU5 I .riKroc 4, a' rit otureate-asay n,, uh
y lvm lae.i ' iI" k 11 l,- mM .' i' A,.. M < toct"r. u ctrtte I A. Oti I' I'" t m i. l '",","m ,I i' ', i il' I. lEngineer. ACCOMMO.ATION AVAILABLE ot, gitlon
S'10 It,,.L I' I't.,1 ', | Ilium 18Paylu;i t; i aut. A Mrs. lsi_ M ary.a 1 Bonds l'errs
(liCO nitil c.1e2 4bi~l'~i. ri.i I ln;it ii 1+.0~~t iii I _________ '11 eel -',ar 7. EcrtI ttu
prp l n lqAl street, -jday 17, F, rlj:+ndj
p r .t al at O tu I .ti 0 ,1 , n t k .Olil lu n . . .. .. .I.. . li .L' I iL u r 'U RN 1 8 H i tD R O O MM lu l m iihi Ilti
Cha.a+ uJlnt- M0(TRT WANTED respectable geulteatan. Board and Ltodge. ri'y
1ut)1) ) ,il.r t 11 a>mu mlt 1 la.-e 1l',i i; ,t i :. i t, i t- MIM,1 I 0Fti' l.Y FIORDI J Aleiander Ktual. bano Feronmiilo.-May 14 lnui^rf,
J# ,z 1-"ol, iI ,It. 411-,;.- ^ ;', !r. :;- il,:",- ,,.; ';, ^ ^ 1j^lj ,f
JacuIteseiwio t it t i ili t oui 'a, 1PAIR"lul. t ui UitbsI l~usuomi.. .p ~,ai-IMoll
Mitiuh ('utliufo-iumttuuit hi -i ,It...iii i t i I ---(, ,tm-il APpI." IlPieeo e Par lac k ul r. reasunaote traes. 14 .o-, +I
ihe sa tlvt IRreuStl, iiieOt O ,11 itt i t; \ 0 I u I u, II kaU re h eet. 'lOuis 40 JO.- .M ay Is \Ii.. tt. efliitit I. cte li i m tIr, C)bit- lAtIL. eJ SHIliO iUOM. to lu"
Cyla iunc l V ANTED 25 aun-P,'oelII Strecet.-May 11. l. iwo-t,
Dt-AstYM] NDAi C I. Ri.ItEI ROOM..In I
IhAY AP'T NI>;.ml O.At.l.. ,'0i'Peti t .. ..t 'ielra Street .May t;. ii, Mr
H ~lls 21 Siu........... It O u l, L I lol, l+' .... ..11 1
'h'h1.iue le1l. A.: I ,;l ti;" My.ii.01.10 WfN1[D TO BUY 124 PC-TON STRHE'', 'Phons 5201.- -i
LEARN "I' l)ltl> l. IN .ilt dl Uttt KDu AK t1 ; t' r .Cll; t luitmtih t. on hor liar iito ,v; u,. ied t..llitr.. > ; .. i Siso II,,: k- C OA Itli u,"lttt.,01'f ;, 9$ Abxt" nb tur,,it
nply: heurl. ii.. I'odo burcet. 'ibleh>.n o i I '1Itt. ,;a... 51.: 11 Street. Tei 71 44 ,itllle luiuie lu-mt.t .
-u ay a r 'I1 }.t 'l. !.. 1 0 ;-. oil am Kuttlr.I t lente n cutitiCe onl> tk+i lrtulueO, A nuer t ill
EHOFTIIANi' I,.ti. kieldtt. Tyii-,rttit. h u m tt i'i-11 i i.. .i I ll) I aitLl t 'll l I uhone can ,.+. M ty 21 ,
leg Enctailt A\tl i. ,i,, .i"a iraisttla [i ; li Mt ii ltiAltLIINii ANt t.ODtINO. 100 Ed. ( ll0,
S _B ay k. ;.,_, -.m .. _> .' 5.. l It . 0.\ I\i.r;.P m r"' i'12 alaitl. m'hey- arld iLlreel I-- ....utute I>",tn P

SUCCE8S fm O.M lM it t0. 'lAL O1I.ii ;ut;
Iorthand. T'Yp'v. lnt;ng, A'., 'itn-i m.
,ielness Corteiis-,Itnelcc. Enlkisi. Arrl-.
jetlc, ecrnaurmIsip b l AI tIreet, 5n
rmanido --1,4> 1,
Street.-May 24.
core Itfor 2. Applm ir scnd Moi;oy Ortler
tn Manager, Ideal Auliply litore. Artnla.-
F >lri(OI'S +lIAN. A C It A Curpor-
tle ACimult ait, ;l Mire, coU-hbee
for the Higher Arieuiulttnt B1ilultkeerpnl,
Bhortlhnd nd Tr)parlngi Lxamh.n- I
Mav 27
LEARN DTRAFrTING InldhItlt tnistr-
tion, evening ewvtti n terniard. 1er
Xdward Stret t Miy 2R
mtsler gl' Si>pectin iitterntli, d,. ulil and
slow pupils $ u.,-iutoarN 5,i,.i iis I ttlght
from 3,30 pm Apply K. Waiters, 4 tt.
Vincent Sitret -May 13.
Efficiency the Sound Foutlnddtuln t'
success. GurAniredl Rapid Citurcals of
three mmith8A 5 etsitalt. 2 Pirrcdilly
siret --June 5
RS pnsem d o\er 1.800 students. lulludlnt
bohour <'*rmbrlitd* Commercial. Matricu.-
tatlons 0nn0. fl'.-'-June d
10 nivar ude Rtis I'sesite ,--Jun q
Ch+irchi ITne. ]i (.wt Village. Letentlle,
leads Today -Mey 12.


,tIE THOMAI former tbrher of
t Odcnl. now IlocAtl at Piralin
11 ',. %. ttrh first .'as assitlatnt t'rmer
, .;'nrmhy Street and Marmes Squarc.
'.-t.oe 4850. Jine 53
PHIT'S. PY.IAMA.It made to ntaturf-
ment I r ever-'tody. Yo u l<'ttld bring. vour
owa mlteristl too. Oldchmildt, 43 Perk
Stret. -June
1"y 12
W IUtJNGTON'S Dance Otrchestra.
fealurlrg Jtck Jtinne. l 0 aote saltomon-
lit., aor ookolgt o rrntset tiry R Naim..
iP r 5. 3M, E6 Rd ard Sites t May May
0 vTOW "'CPELAND" '*HIRT frm
WI"-Wet mewr Wet-ate se" Pretne Alftsd
UIeets. anteei a..dn.-MS 20.

itn i n 01uit;, iii. r int Cot 'lu tliinn
,;Ih "l \ 'h" ..* \t ,' Ofirts to. lDnn.
Vm l Wi Oi lili 2,t ., Fernaumutu -
M,I It
ItIi'T CAP1 Weart IQltlln itiSlnamp, (,"1-
tactt !*. iHo u.,i-.i o It. t, x lit si prices
'Ph, tie i Iltl K 20 til l strr ---May 17
WAN 1,A). TO BUY reelel -.1 land at
?Ot.;t Crti-n ,-r Mtai'ui,- u ttumiing on river,.
wmih "r w \tsi',lnt hi iis- Apply1 to Rafatl
ltorti,!iez. lUll Uenry street. 'Phone 55M,.
.-MAV 14,
IIvat 0 1 l0K nA l n It tW.1n aaxt Iua hn..liS

cas. leurnlahedl, tilhta, water, teletpRotune
4 OOi per month. For parlltulasll inquire!
lMansger. Cadbury Bro*.. Vacaut
June 1.--May 11
Pidtra. froan May L Trinidad Import &
ExlMort Co., Ltd.I 1 Abercromby Street.-
May 29,
1U5RN1MIKn HOUma cn i aPidie Road,

Road. F
File rar
0E', I
t sit o nil
7n CI' (T<-
, in1d t.l,
Oi teras
, q t" "
07, 1.l!, 1 0


E HOUESW. Apply: Doner All.
dosald mItret.-May 12
d. with erigeliamtor, numberr king
m. or Uatarnishdl. FIve bad-
ipen porch. aoders kitchte. Year
mr, suiltable f r boarding boue-.
mmott. ime Lenry Strt. 'PPhone
lay Is
1t-421. Burnett.-May IS
VRANDB tIVSIRE. suItable for
>rt. Apply; George Nero. 76
u Settlement. Sangre Orande.-
galuwe. I Huoter and 14 Warren
Wcodbrook. three bedroom* with
water, study. spieious lvi0rg and
oom. tlled batih and lavatory Af-
sankeraIll S0 Albert* Etre.eL-
edrooms and all co.uvonienfe at
a Road. Water and Ulght. flood
oueession. Reasonable offer. Apply
'Pbone 52 S.-May 29.
SALE-Emptv House. 4 bedrooms.
neec of goFl eco rse and Saddle
Apply. Cooblil hop. Saddle Road.
RE1RTS STREET. Appiy 10 Bullet
-June 0.
convteincers at 3 Francis SIreet
j Bargain: $131,00. Apply to Win-
Scott. 30 South Quay or 'Pbone
May 2%
I Emily Rome. 1 Broome Street.
r. with ipacious grounds, contain-
In room. dining rnoX four bed-
tilled bath end tolle. servant's
IT.ea loct lty Antly 74 Henry
'Ph"ane t79- May 20.
ss condition--il Park Street Offter
i,, to C Hart, 78 Marine uiiare.
P20ETTLtA STREET, Immeodtse
on, AIptly on premisell.-May 12.

SALt,. .l4 Abercromby Street. and
rnil Blutievard, Apivly Mr. AU-
iwaitun, 7 Hart Street.-saay lb
UlSi;t a iGJi.;, desirous ut lea.-
c:uluny. offers for ale his Real-
and Lands at Calvary Hill. San
Tlhe house which furonlhes one of
lt 'lews In the island, Is very cool
Ltly. anid on ly italf a mile from the
oan Railway Stai.on. The house has
becen thoroughly repaired and
The Property comprises 18 Acres
containing hulndredsa of lull bear-
itedil manguoes, coconuts and other
reea. Un the premises there are
oillry nusea' wilh Ii wired runc .
ualtiun 1t the properly makes it
tl ptfur Ia etock farm. Between
Hill Andi Buhe Street there are
(rrs of land divided Into one-acre
tor building. Rowley Dumoret.
Hill. iSai Juan.--June 5
dflqiare for sale. Reasonable offer.
440 Abercromby Street, 'Phone
Junie 5
)HOUSES and LAND at 89 Marryst
San Fernando. Apply un premises.
,II st reet. substantially built house
un' lour bedrooms, study, dtinig
irin1 rooms, pantry, kitchen and
il biithroioms, all under one roof.
.irl, colassed, two servants' roms,.
,ore roounm, lavatory, garage, etc.
l>irxiniaitely 85i'x 151' area t1:..142
l'Posnesasion June 1, 1944. For
ti, a tl inspections apply to F. L.
Dial 89411 or 414. -May 14
iern conveniences standing on ap-
ltely 2 1/3 Lots Land. 97e Circular
San Ferliando near Paramouint
Possessilon within four months.
nvlted Robert M. Duierney. agent.
3S2. San Fernando.-May 13
ACUt0'S at Santa Cruz with stream
small io u?.e, 12 ACRES on
Mifaraval. building itei. 41. t ols.
lie, EKistern Main Road Cheap.
M Henry Street. Ideal businesses Inca-
rehold property, c/o Box N-101.
(iti ".-May 13
IRES LAND with Rumahnp, Dry
etc. Fteehold. posaessfl in, good
4. Bratt, 27 St. Vincent Street.-
I'H01,I--LTis Two-Storey House.
Lo-I I.and, immedatse poseesloln.
Ii o.l electric sIM water., one mile
ity. 'Phone 11I.-May it
ART'IS. Gusyagusyare. 451 Acres.
I i, some limes, tin't.. Fourm' lere
hoiipes. mangesr'l house, etc. MAT-
Preysal, 215 Acres. carefarmers.
tmea beans, lImes, mansageV'e
2 Itrvying houses, ete. LA PERLITA
Pitedra, 154 Acres. Oranges, cocoa.
limes, cane, village Iota, manager's
larRe drying houee, overseer's qinar-
c. Trinidad Import & AExport Co.
Ahercrombv Street.--Mav 1T
SATIF --A New Modern Bungalow
'hold ILand, with four bedrooms, 2
en and bath, drawing room snd
'oom, etc. in a very cool and iatect
'Phtine 4184 or 7672 -May 22
Mte possession. Also Investments.
rtlitilars apply to Debtsingh and
4o Pew.hroke Streat.--May 11.
Klven. Colthuret. 'Phone 6009
,t' ,Df INVESTMENT at Beason
Port of Spain Monthly rental 840.
ible offer. Knox, 'Phone 5226.-
'TIFUT. HOME on one acre free.
indsf also building area (epprox.
tllion square teet ) adjuliing ex-
laitd iot and approved I," miles
ijtvy limtl with all convenrence-
telephonie. electric for lights, and
126.000 And $29,000 respectively or
Iugether. Buyer can recover ooer
front btil:ldlng area alone within
ntha Inot merely sales talk hiut
LK ner leaving Colony for hei lit
l.iulriles treated with strict con-
Write "Guardian." Box No P-110i
lolnmetnt to inspect house, lands
ns -June t.
LED OFFERS are Invited for thc
Be of that Jesitrable business site
esl locality for a Grocery, Gas
I.ikery. Aerated Water Factory
tulate at the corner of Polffte-sa-
and Mount Mnrlah Road,. San
o comprising Four TLots of T.-nd
e hitlldlns thereon uttlel as a
nAind bounded on the north liy
Sc'harles Fitopatrlck, on the south
it Moriah Road. on the east by
P-ont-te-a-Pirre Road. and on the
I Pere iltreet ieave and excel
u01c't uted ai a Iaft s station and
Itie pinpertlem of tenant ther'e-
ffra 1.i writing mot btie addtressedt
1i Iltnallton croe. Solicitor of
All, louse." No 2 St. Vincent
P,rt-of-Spatn Mr. Cross does nit
n-elf nt behalf of his elltit to
he h!2hest or any offer.-Mav 20
4r AmND 1.ANP Broadwav, 14.000.
and lAnd. Sin Ferntardo Street.
&ppIy: CMax. Mootoo. San Fer-
itreet t.,v l:t
reeholt Litil Neir terminus
Itintlo,-.. Phitne t1 --Mavl3
.OT 'L.ANn t)OOtIN't VIt.I.ArtF
i: Two houses and land, 41at and
Ce Street Two hotieca and land,
: Twoy houses. Marabella' IUonee
i. T., Brea. opoiltte Dwtor'a
Otis lot lani. V]etsheltl 1.
latiC an Coffee Street. San Fer-
May 1i.

tDAL LOt AtION, t L tA. VesntRim
QOe ulr Lour 8tfaa Thomas. *~i
03s n Cla=rlotte.-MaF t. *ME l

Gei. 1. lamiOn Ple a 572 ir 14&. 113.S
----- RaghuS
We esa ror S1 31 thie stollo g props M so14r
CornMr House on c00 acoe Btret SaSBU
Street etadllns on one iot lend .3-0M paSad
Two Lots Land, Ruohworth Street. at 4 p
Delectable for building purposes. Katwa
Ofers Invited. tey.,7
0.A Lot 45.01, mUp. ft.) a"D Owel- 1iU Sla
hag Huec. light. water CAVE
41 Rnswrth lbstreet t........... M.M au
J. M 0eDONA LD T H OMAS to Tros
"The Property Spiclallt" to. AAI
*~... ~ ~ -~ C18?Itl. asked to
'Phoan W7 7S- 24 ChartUse rt 11. "SU10
Modern Bungalow. Carmalle Road *.m .a
Champs .yeees pussaloni S 4.600 CbtltCi
New Bungalow, middle Road. near badoil)
Country Club tpoeelonj .. .... II,00 Oineph*ew
New Bungalow. Bourn'e Road, place i
SLt. JamO i (olempty4 ... ......... 3.10 papers
New Bungalow. 36 Fourth street,
Baratarna empty .............. .000 IN ME$
Bungalow. O'Connor rKrett. (poe- ROW
sessloni .. ............ ....... .. 00f oathlful
Beautiful Buogalow, Altldo Street who li
empty) ........ .. .................... ..Y.. Tou
New Bungalow, i-Otorey, Hydera- I
bad Street (empty) ................... Cheap Tour
New Bungalow. 2-Storey, Mucurapo y o
Road (empty) ......................... Bargain i
"The Contact Man" Etern
'Phones MS0-4747. Office: 39 Charigte.
u* ildlng Site (appr. 1 ocreo TONI
plus Vacant House opposite 3- ory of
mile poet-Petite Valley, Delto 'Th s
Martin .. .. $.. 4,900 Of a
(near Garden City Farm) Real And
bargain! Arll
Tobago. 700 acres. The future tropical Tho'
watering place of the B.W ,I. Complete Bit i
Beach 14 mile liong- At
SBLOODY BAY, To. ago. Acreage 487 _
acres-Sandy Beach-get full partlcu-
lare at office. MILL
LOUIS D'OR ESTATE. Tobago. Acre- memory
age 600 acres. CyrusN
Bargain. When
BARBADOS. gee lilt of properties More
I office t. d
HPECIAL. De L.uxe Bungalow "Young ]lten
Pow Avenue" near gulf coursel-Real But I
Bargain. That'
LIST your property with L.G T. for quick
sale. No Sale-No Commisslon. HOPI
House & Estate Ageniy. Wth
25 St. Vincent Street. '*hone 695f. We'll
Large Residence oil3 lots of itThat
with piaseselin, Bilmont Circu- T
lar .. ... .. .. . $17,50u
Leasehold Propeity, Luckport St.
(Emnpty) $8,1500 "
Large New & Empty Bungalow, La TOO
ftessource Street 7.000
2t, Acres with 2 houses at LOST
Santa Cruit, RIler forms bound- .BEA
ary .. $4,500 colour
Chattel Properly, Pelhamni Street 12,300 end of
Several other large .and etnall properties 141 i
for sale. na
lion I
27 St. Vincent Street-'Phone 8591
tl) Freeltold Property at St. Augustine, on PERSC
It, Acres land@. Lights, water Tele- THE ]
phone choice fruit trees; 2010 yards am no
Railway Station, adjacent Imperial Anne
College. 9, 194
(2) Irleehild Property, Edward Street. reeponl
$s1.'b6. Iracted
(3) Freehold. Ctarlotte Street near Savan-
nah $15,500.
(4) Freehlold, aid,lle Road 118.50 -May
i..) Freehold, near Country Club $14,500 'tH
(6) Several Small ropertles from 1500- wife I
12,U000. and pt

Real Estote Brokers-Ernest Bowe THE
8 Charlotte Street-'Phone 534* am no
Residence, No. 2 Brown Street, Zahade
.San Fernando. on rented land. home
will lease land for 40 years, hold r
option of renewal, with all con- debts
,enlencea ... 4200
Cortier Residence. Wrightson Road
Possession .... ......... S .000 May
Freehold Residence. Maraval Road THEIP
Posesailon ...................... am no
4 Acres of Land with House. Hot- tion ol
quette Valley ................. ................ 8 3.200

lion o
---- ---- Arthur
LOST at debt
Collar. 'Phone 6217.-May 14.
*~-- --- -.__ l ITUAI
x- i'uteL.t. ris ietey notified that I 14sebo
at. 0u longer reapulialu'e lId mly wife person
VIrglgi lailiIt,. milue avitng ,etit iu bome Port-o
on Aprtl Ju, Ivi. ,ani that I do not n old EXP
myself reaspionsiole lor any deut or debt lt w
cuoatcted i ier. 34.
211 Iaestern MKain toad. oces.
iso) 11. uocutlte. EXIP
iio I'UBLIC Is nereby notified tial nut Street.
having seen or heard from my wife Ipr 11
the 20 years It Is my Intention to TUITI
rentarry three months after this publica- Ra1
lIton. gltere
-May 12 Tabalquite Road. aI"
TktiH ; UBLIC Is htereby notlued that I y I
am no longer tesiponslbia for rmy wilfe PROPI
Blauch Mayers. andi that I do not hold
myself respaonsitble ur any debt or debts offers
cuotliracted by her I
1 SGuthrle Street, 10.710
-May 12. St. James 10,.19
Tkiu; 'UBL.IC is hereby notified that I Stre.-
am iv Ilonger iesponsilble for any debt or (1)
debts contracted by my wife Josephine eervsn
Lalloo .aghan, she having left my care irs
an proteirction on May 2, 1944. c ta e
-May 12 Bonne Aventure. standlti
THE PIUBLIC is hereby notified that I ,etc
ant no (tiger uniller Uthe care andt protec- vlncen
tlon (if my husband George Hackihaw, HOU
neIther smin I re>pietaible for any debt or rint
debts which she may contract. Kitche
--May 12 Fyzabad. R Jl,
THE PUBI.IC Is hereby notified that I in r
am no longer under the care and protec-
tion if my husband, Patrick Humphrey. HOUSI
of Marahella having left his home on 12 1
January 1. 1944. hold
-May I ranve
TIlEH PUBLIC It hereby notified that I jns,""a
am no longer under the care and protee- Lolu is
lion of my husband George Mayers. nor
Ido I hold myself responsible for any debt MOTO
or debtla contracted by him. FOR
KATIE MAKERS, recently
--May 11 San Juan S tyre
THI PUBII C Is etreby notified that I medIat
0to not hold myself respouishle for any May 1
tebt or dtebts contracted by my wife. May FOR
Helen EIle. dhe having left my home and Recent
urolectlon etnie May 1. 1944. tyres
g7 Duncan Street.
-May 11 PoNt-of-Spaln. RADIO
THE PUBLICt ls hereby notified that I FOR
not reesionsible for any debt or nebtl ego- SET It
traced by ivy wile. Florence Alexander, Apply
she having left my care and protection on Ltd., 1
November 3. 1943 wEF
-May 13. Marabella. "KMlvBi
THE PUBLIC II hereby notified that I =,1:
am not responsible for any debt or debts
contracted by my wife, Violet Ramnath. MISCE
for she is no longer under my cate and I I
protection. String
-May 13 mnt) ;
THE PUBLIC Is hereby notified that 1 Viol;:
am not under the care and protection ot Queen
my .usband, Chrtstopher Gr.t m, neither

BN11 AdMr"AO0 U.-ox LA-1 nD-O SL am Ir"eP 0 leiforany debt or dents LIVE&T
ier i tAMS to,.tgh! Are B Tooktall. L ltva. Apply Guardian. box Pw LAND FOR SALE which he may contract. RABB
I6 11're ritcck titt -lMay 22 MaY 13 HAI,(;AIN'i iliLOTS LAND adjoin- VERONICA GRIFFITH, I lein.
P ltAMI 'sWANTED, ,irrein ued stamps IHASIDE HOUSES at Maysro. Apply ing L esEfforts West. San Fernando. De -May 13 Ban Fernando. 8 HR
oif lrinhil0i. the G i'iiysd and ltlan i Brewater. St, Augustimine May 13. il.ble building site, going concern. Ap- to a ben
plhet lirt-'. pdll Write (tor Ptlin1g FLAT -CENTRAI. LOCAUITY, partly pl,, H. & unsee Itb High 8tree.--May I THE PUBLIC Is hereby notfieds that 1 ;. St
ost. -it P-12 c Lt "Gu.ardlan."--Japn 2 furnlthed; 4 rooms. with running water: ONLY VACANT LOT oh pollen 1Road. *am no longer responsible for any debt 0
WANTY.D New or noot i econd.-landt usual coenielenes. use of( lelepihone Mtratval for sale It cmllorl-e s ,70 debts contracted by my wife. Fahemaso fresh c
p n wbeel P-1 Pinn tr By Ford. Europeans Bly. BO P-l". GuOrdian"sup. r. Phone 71.n May1 Hoaein, she having left my care and pro.
1917 Model Apliy to Parish Prfetl the May IS tFOR SALE-One Parcel o freholid tection on February 5. 1944. fo arn
Pcebytelrv Cfoot Stat. mr'e--Mae 1 LOVELY BUNGALOW $45.00. Poises. Land. 13.270 superficial fest at OR MOHAMMED HOSEIN. or a
WANTF tOTY'R PFDAI. PCAR Daly. sIon let June. Louis t'llnan Thomas. Amaedes Road. at S. An'.s boue iCte -May 14 Penal. pMCa
Trhltdad Leaneho1ds Lid.. Pointe-I-P0terret.-otr ot--a 2A dsRad t8,AmZhos ie-a 4-May
TitlLtaOl LE OiEt Ldi pogntreerre. t' t Ma."-May 12 already prepared by bulldozer. Apply to I HEREBY notify toe public that I am
.MILK 14TT.t. as .e. Apply 0. H LOVeLY HOME, De. o Mahrtina. u. I Dll. C3sta. 1 & Sealot&. 'Phon 0740- no lmtner under Ohe care and protection POULT
mih, Tf-lee ta"&ed. Apply o Whitehead. Taynid -May IS of my husband. Duncan MIlls, having left PEEK
titth, Torrecllls Eatte beside lee mport & Expol -May 12 1c, AtCRS. COCOA. COFFEE, with Is home since January 11, 1944. each. i
Fartorve. Artrni M1v 33 FAIRM--20 ACRES,. 2 houses 2 miles water spring. Robert VIllage. Tab Ileland. EKNA MILLIL
HKIT(I.v.: Wtl'l CARRIER Inumeal- La Caoa RMad. Santa Cru River do Pr'ete Town No reasonable offer -May 14. Tunaptnia. ROOM0
ately. Apply 76 itouth Qiay .-Mal I. yards from tbous with Apiary Abundant refused. Apply: John Dabreaou. United TH PBLIC Is hereby ntt UMl
-"N- -REN-- or*agea,. Zlabut., s mngsoes. other fruits. Grocers, Ltd--May 25. TH PB Ie heby ted t 1 tI "w
WANTED TO RENT Splei ottounlty for poultry farm. FREEHOLD PARCEL OF LAND eon- am not under the care of Wy hUyebnd.A,
URriviOS. e 1Ttolet. 27 I9 ,VIaCat Street. 'PhoMn 91. prleln 10 0cre 5 mlee from rLN. Jc h James Palley, neither am I reipo5S4ble
SUNF;KNl v tOU6esallet to s ---toacres.aisr at. J hs
-r.U ,er 3,itway Statio. with small blildlnp for any debt or debts which e may eSo.
ItroispOrt. ab"ut s$40 Phton5st $M eater RiwySain it ml oligtract.bael
b pm --Mat, Otliereon. Bounding wItlh Mararca River. PHILOMEN tAILEY. Park E
A RtEWAHI) of Sit)000 and n yeer'* RE"SORTIS Ideal site lort building. No reasonable *abhle Lane COM
rent it a lCr,.-0 .r 0,,,ta dhIn te elty iffrer refused. Apply KaTox. 'Phone 26L. --.Ua 16i Laventllle. ROOM.
Aiply Rft, o .iA.,lnto, 2 Is. Vlaenat VISITTOSR TO SARAOO cannot do -May 2N. Telepho
ibtlee. lon t.i 4M. a May Iw. better thl 4iH tV SuPUer Mare .lteth HUese. FRKEKHOL LAND situate at St TH PULIC Is hereby notIfied that 1
htoI.Sup5er MaameriosloHgereeFRFK1l0LD fANany debt ceaWANT
....... Wonrtht. e rooms. splendid lIucten Roat. Diego Marlin. containingam no lecigr responsibleto; any debt ot WANTI
sm,\IIAND V bth, es.e llet essm.ln. asM to town One Aere witlh three bedrooms huildming debrtdoite, te bv."yh' my wtfea Mldrd ANgi
ME IA.N ISE haft bla bear. Wr taervattium Mrs. thereon, Posseanion. Price t7,000.-May protection on February 16, 1944. Ran Pe
W-tial Wharton. BearMd, wor Mr. Kusatace h. HARRY QOODRID, ae
MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE KB Mat 09 WM41S i Weo.llorwk PAROCEL OF LAND containing 43 Acre Saddle Road. e
EtjitPWtAN MADE FUtNTtig f ~150t I OUuf more or lesei, at L'Anls Nolr, Toco May 1. an Juan.,
M tt PE N M D UNde an 4 x iTUKSE of P $AX A W oR II'OM! I A sm at. ilil p rttimon On the seel in tersect od by PUf i c
PeL AN A W kfNlEhI, 5 5551 n oll Small n toe Intersected b TH;- PUBLIC Is hereby notified thot I JdNZ
u" Ya- 0 1 I Vt heSM a "i I J s lx r to s M a rn R o a d T i m h e r a n d r u b b e r lt rnee J-Nt
fot ttir swi g, dal S And henairIt( S ill sd m -s peAe g resect I m Prte" 1 4 eo0 Apply Knox. 'Phone 522 Prt net under the care and tsOtectlse f
THR.D.rst ofe,'Ph1R00 M 6 ve.l tme "o al ema* a.1110. Me .=.myty husband. H C a rle of stl letet
to a m.-May ie neither am I r sPoty e for nllye w. 6 t
"2 Wells. *OVA&ASt.SeItMI.'"Moes.MON DESIRR ETATAli. CaseadeaThM debts contracted by .
laKrge qulillee. Dot CecD0 zv~i MseulietaeUS.-,leSILTt -Met1011ess ntate+ beautiful antd healthful One lot.hedetsIANA CAESAR
eare squawtglu.t wt carda L e Mt,. nt r Mnl otaiilg GIO-A ANA CAoaAd.oo itsr
1ut P e ft'heyeslete Rood Apply 'MInI- -MayIot
Wt2 I.KytIdwaY'Phone fLABT -W I wort 0' H ltlg ^ I.$P h*,' Krul"'*brMl' Road, Mon .D.l..- I-t yy*.
WIIIT E TE)IROtOtN BABY CMeeIC n an Cnmsers *t~0o1 i --Mayt21 June 8 THE PU7BLIC Is herby sotUed that I aiLa.
ll.',: Eg One LAm-se pWOftl a a V IY te am a Ptli.*ee Hlmingnrsi ra________________ y'...ionble fordany t.. de t o.t es-is
^*^. ff ^ ^ .^" .S Lia-*' C a**a INVESTMENT-------- ^C :
iios eC c y' INV ST ontrarted by my wIfe. meltea sirtail3 MU.a
Sohntou. x ghth streetB> iopW* 044is O a I.a' atn, she being no longer under my care and a&
Ravsiartlim- ue 4 Da LIM~s *4 stSlem**sa8w- fine- WANTrD at4G0o0no0LOAN, for 3yei action having left 0my home AMUps oiS l r
C'UITLERY Nieel' -- e. PbshishM, 0 1 0 ef ieeiafm'usMo Ut'o, ,t of 'ecuelty itifPe| Stie interest, 1 3 1'44.
Plee ). P 0lot4 00 aI Kerin e oaq S e le, '.e- e m ,,11, de to4 0 ..* L0 l 's Hu ee.- O, A p it- y i'-t1 r o T rtlildad G ua rdian."' N E H E M IA H S IR RIK I "OO N 10 01
May is. sk 4 As ea q* ?. *Irar* -Star14 1 M1 y 14 I "M aY 1 *______-,_
604 d& 11`11140"1 9 af 1111111116 dL111116UUftVO gM MON I

S -





































ExcellenIt meals. 101 Abereromaby.
on* 0M--May 24.
ONH DEmIROUS exchanging ot-
ort-of-Spasn for one Harris Street.
mrandt. H. HowanM. P(ot-of-Spaln
f. 'Phose mS.-M y 17.

moderate. 'Phoge 0473. 1 fiIrch
St. Jame--June 4
dloetw *en sottled that ramtours
ntUoi to give up her guaet house
I Watsea Weorth.g biarbados. at
hase* fam ead eoaip oUoteot


I Dl






N.-Te Mr. ead Mrs. OMcreg
yUel am" lriM r at ILChse
AW = Pay. Ma of. ILID
te SIR & a girl.
4UNANAN.-Do5fia ,ag years. at
m*lt H tl. B Fan erma o, alt
oIe. May 10. daughter OI Jem1
anan. eontilcor U.I.O.T. Penal;
)ona B. Rasmdial sad aDoln
mama, and aies of Po a Ram-
and Johnson Katwaroo. Funeral
m. today from bous of mournilng,
po Trace, Penal to Penal Came-
Frlinds an kindly Iakd to acepIi
l.-WlIheIlaU Cave died Is Bell
ta4 yesterday, mother of Eills
aunt oS Mrs. Mabel Cart. iFneralS
p.m. today from above address
quillIty Method lst Cklrch. thbnce
syrouse Cemetery. Friends are
to anellt this Intimation.
IOWL-Oa Monday, May 8t It
Lt power Hlllaide Saa Fesrnndo.,
tIld Burrows (tex-Constable. Bar-.
asO of Mrs. Ivy O'Neale and
of Mrs. Iris Barrow, Funeral took
same afternoon. tBtrbadosa news-
piease eopy).
*AND.-Iln loving memory of our
. beloved father. George Rowland.
parted thle llte on May 11, 1943.
tade no one a. Last adieu, you laid
oodbye to nene
Spirit flew before we knew that
oI from us bad gone.
ve and care could death prevent,
lays on earth would still be spent,
was desired, but God knew best,
ll rest was beat for you.
-Wilfe, children and relItlve.L
I.-(nee Philip). In loving niem-.
Cora. who died on May 11 1943.
day recalls the memory
loved one gone to rest,.
hose who think of her today
those who love her best.
will never be forgotten,
on earth shet I no more.
n memory ahe will be with us
he always was before.
loving nusband, two children
and her family.
ER.-In loving and affectionate
of my dear beloved husband,
Miller who died on May t11, 1943.
ear has pnieed llnce that lad day
one I loved was called away;
and more each day I mil you
iads may think the wound ti healed,
Little do they know the sorrow,
Within my heart concealed,
-HIs wife Oil$.
I.-In loving memory of Beatrice
tho died May 11, 1937.
ime bright glad tomorrow,
banlibshed pain and sorrow
te'll meet again.
Join the happy throng
sing this Joyful song:
bhe Lamb tot us was slaln.

GLE HOUND (bull), dirty brown
with white underneath neck Ov
tall and on feet. Approximnatety
if, sturdy build and answering to
MUSTY. Reward lor any informa-
leading to lila recovery. 'Phone l
r kte Rivers Estate. Arouca.-

PUBLLC is hereby notiJed that 1
Longer responsible for my wile,
irant, aving left my home on May
and that I do not bold myself
lble for any debt or debts con-
by her.
St. Mary's Village.
17 Carapichalma.
PUBLIC Is hereby notlhed that my
ilian Agard, Is back under my care
Warren Street,
13 St. Auglstine.
PUBLIC Is hereby notiled that 1
longer responsible for my wife,
ed Khartoon, she having eft my
n April 19, 1944, and that Itdo not
myself responsible for any lebt o
contracted by her,
Alexander Village.
17. Couva.
PUBLIC is hereby notified that 1
longer under the care and pr9tec-
my husband. Rowland Ballayrane.
17. Coroeal toad.
PUBLIC Ils hec.eby notified that I
longer under thea care and pirotec.
f my husband, James Nathaniel
nor am I responsible for any debl
A contracted by him.
is Port-of-Spali
Sfoe Chinese SchooL Apply Il
to the Principal. 38 New Mtriee.
4-Spalp.-May 17.
rk. Apply 77 Queen Street.-May
[It3TIC SERVANT. Produce refer.
Apply 92 Roberts Street.- May 13.
ERIENCED COOK. 43 Richimond
-May 24.
di Church Lane, Success Village.
tille Port-of-Spain. Branch: Flhne-
rown. Principal: Ivo Rogers.-
are Invited for Freehold Premises
1 Pembroke Street. Ideal locality.
eq ft. land. Suitable for large
SWritten offers received until June
44. Apply Joseph Young, 58 Oxford
-May 17.
EMPTY FREEHOLD. 4 bedrooms,
ats' quarters, best environment 100
Country Club; (2) Empty Freehold,
igustlne, suitable for professilonal,
eklnng solace amidst refinement.
g on 14 acre land with telephone
Brstt. Telephone 8191. 27 St.
S treet -May 24.
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NISHED ROOM. Board optional.
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ater and board for respectable
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W. C. Ros & Co.,

Te Premer Cbhewt.



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Ehm *.,. LTD.





I9 C hAII "Wme

Wvast. S !iR a "I e a '

Pops Soviet Front Quiet No Return To 0Big Messerschmitt .Aircraft

tered Agam After Fall GoldStandard Fc At W
Ra To Seize SevastoSol r Fatory At Wener Neustadt
Positionswa Sevastopol Explains Monetary;
Monsoon Plan To House
May *10 (Ru- WMay 10 (AP) A I Bombed By American Planes
J ap a neseul May 10 (AP) A lufl has &gain fallen on the entire Sir John Anderson, British Cvtn-
in tonefor Ruesian front following the lightnln_ capture 'f sevtoll, Crimean cellor of the chequere. made Wt
qint n Atlloe fbore fortress port. The Soviet communique reverted to Its usual n@ clear In the House ot Commons to--- --
i Allied foramt Isusa -OIclaI heHue tComnst-

ust Postwar Civil Mosquitoes Don Like Th Sixt aid
r andarouee nd the changes on the land front.i day that na Britd. h government
~ere and around~e tended that there was still st The King Confers 181 n Sixth R aid
airborne^ CPindis fihtn atB H- Sea-pl Kaluha
a oirb MouneCndt- ihig tSvs :labe~ha Decorations On Russians The Chancellor of the Rtxcheue; A aviation Plisns
unique said today. ,the extrp' e end of the Crimea was speaking during the deuv o.. o"
Scasua lti ""hae peninsula. rTat area s sma and M OSCOW. MaR 10 Reu ) the InternAtionaal Mon i poRevealed i !
the Japanese on in contrUst with the Wlea round -Sir Archibald Clark Kerr, Bri- siO John tid: *I belive thatuuUNl
en advhances were i onsi:- et..,,hR v a e g
Through tubbor Sevatopol it:elf. t-sh Ambassador in Moscow, to- is, in act, no foundation for Lh,1 - *
S and steaming It was announced in one day handed over to Mr. Molo- V tt,,.t t ls scheme in any yB LON N MELVIA 10 Reu' ers Railway Ccntrsr And
Iof 1mpha where of the final chapters of the fall toff. Soviet Foreign Commissar, uivol.eAare~urn to u. uoul BD May 10 A eerL O MriAY10Reu Frnre--
SAimed, India's In- of Sevastopol, Russian Black Seao aSt decor nations which th.i B King -cSe"adard. Ceal the air trahspor. munat awuit d otf s Airfelds In Fo rttackd
ister claimed the Fleet 'planes sank two 4,000-ton! has conferred on ocers and o0 1 e present ov.rn nt wuaiof the rterattit a..t.-- 'iO ..A o.Mar.-r Attackcd
Gledi."atransports, a patrol launch; rf.en of the 1 armed .one. the. mot vOtl- cr epeterd to i al A d this A "bm be
crat nddsnadseerl th r aad. Knigf ht Gus-I ran d Coso hn elr tld te n. cr- Ier odBaebo tl h
and several high-spech landing! forces IThe hishert of those p i.... . t LONtDON. May O 0 tuter
c r a f t a n d d a m g r~ d s e v e r a l o t h e r a w a r d s K n i g h t G} r r a n d C r o s s o f 'It eo C ha n c e ll o t i dth e I n i -. t l H o u s eo f L o ,r d s t h i s a l t er n o on A m eri can h e a vy, b.. .o mb. .e rrsB a ebra s:o l t e ,t. .
with the South- vessels aboard which the Germans, the British Empire. has bee national Monttry rlai. :L Lord Beaverbrook who is in make teth 'ao. od the A 1
Communique,. Mount- riid Rumanians were trying to conferred on Marshal Vali- plateau oe necessiy eof fixed .-- make the sixth st f ack on the
.,aiaartera announced flee. evsk. the Soviet Chief of Staff. ty. There should be a ruzogtiliedchreoBitn'plsfr it-Mseemt atm tW
Ap il, the Third IA Reuter's report said German The decorations were awarded irchinery for the adjusunent oL war civil aviation, told the Peers ,rMs tt. fator"ats sent
praorce struck the prisoners ta en so far were said to r,rrk the solidarity between rates of exchange of several coutt- that the recent Anglo-American M Nanyt hete r and Iiten- at,
air blow of the to run into many thousands and the British and Soviet peoples tres in relaution to their currncs, aircraft fire to dispet e the alrcst
tthe Japanese, prob- huge stocks of booty had fallen formed and strengthened. in including the United States cur- and that the United States're but the bombs were seen e to f
several of 113 Into Russian hinds. Already three years of comradeship in rency wilch was based on gold. presentatives were also satisfied. -on the target are and on the
damunaIng 58 others. parties of Soviet stppers and arms agarst the common ene- Therefore, he said, the cemepro- civil aviation matters. Lord ond etaret ar the t
ite these Allied air engnees have got down to the my. vided for regulatung the parityof Beaverbrcok said that Britain had airfield which has al been om"
1isths allieasairengfneershaveegotownttotth '-" abefo rte. erte cyl
S provided an ir nob of clearing up the devastai- national currencies li l- lasth r a measure of agreenert with the .before. a
1f the Chindit land- tton In the port and at the air- sort with gold. to im k ore heavy botnb'e mcros hed
2.476 tons of bombs fields round the ci:. Isor wit g old. D oi nctinrs have to make h Adriatbc otober carssdtheo
The scheme was designed, hemid, "We sometimes Adratio oake k ralcnr
front-line positions. LWOw, the gatew,1y to eastern |ff P to facilitate adjustment of ex- some effort to findc a common BAd nr th amatlc cat rit Yugo
5 operations the Allies Europe and Oalati, which protects change rates where the relation of pursAe, but we invariably find ear Atleast a doz eustnlyad
4 Wanes, the head- Hitler's Rumanian oil, loomed larg- B w currents one to another had one," Wsaid. Facan. A l- doen ,tl.
m ement said. er as the next logical major ob- In ione out of -u-mony with the re Lord Beaverbro.ok admitted that a' r i e ranch and eiasal li.g with
offeSive meanwhile, Jectiv of the Red Army, afterthe Blow Up ispective value of these currencies the United States had a lorg lead Dr. Robert B. Woodward left) and Dr William E. oe # hav airfields and coastal trtert eser
monMsons will British .nfltary shipping men T n 1 4The general idea accepted by "we have a rumr.ber of exceUent which has batffled scientists for a'mnot a ntury, the Polaroid ('or- today's air offensive m Britain.
TroopswllBrtshntrainsipig n"ilegntermofodsa ndlrie, ovrBianI dvlpdeaaheialcctepoteulidti buyinMustt~~amngsotherd "xaotsgt takd1
0 Ftr Fast, mmnoblising who have had experience in re- 1 rop rain our friends in the United Sta? designs for new types." peration of Cambridie. Mass, annoyed S May S. lbhe .uInlne Mustangs '1hund "mo an
e monsoons with establishing some Mediterranean -. and ourselves is that th' voting He added that so far as pro- is dtewrr -t as id twial in eveTry respect to the anti-malarial drug Lightunings, of tle U ,. tSNi Air
sand lashing rains, ports wrecked by the Germans. be- LONDON. May 10 (Reutersl- power should run paidlel with ge s 'with tie construction of extracted from the hark of the cl niehona tre.-lAP toe IFrm cro.sed the Channel Il iS
to begin on leved that the Russians would Marshal Joseph Tito's Fitriot quotas, and that the voting power new types of machines, Britai 4 ...... ... separate waves ,ond R *Y. S it
have the Sevastopol port facilities forces hay- blown up a German Of the United States and the vot- has experienced a number ofi firs, MtstangS alid Typhoona k:s
t- .... e S n h tc .... their attacks throgou th
I eommunlque Said workable again in a short time. Re-troop train and an armoured tran in g power of the British Common- disappointments, but no blame day as we .
an artillery supported gardless of the tUme that wor)- takesin Yugoslavia, said today's com- wealth should be for practical pur- was attached to anyone. Te Ayi eiorrcstnl Ndd To m we
were hammering at Soviet airmen can achieve quick munique br-mdcast by the free pox equal," Sir John il He ,sur sted t Succehd Col. Knox ..os sf o
,t in Central Burnea, dominance over the whole Blackl Yugoslav radio. He aid .at the voting power point in hopl,- for progress until L Stfccccd Col. Knox more vsglrous resistance from the
"heavy" casualties 0an The troop train was blown up on of the United States and the Com- complete Provision had been made aWASHINGTON May ihot down.
South of Mogaung Many observers regard Lwow as the ralwav line between Sarajevo monwtltli would probably work for the elimination of the xs.( r rASHV TO.attve .hre drneveli Ft T
Manlu which is the most profitable next objective cradle of the first Great War. and out-"it depends on the actual Military priorities had resulted A no- un e a...*, Jaoo.eslt ,, TAVo.r. ,ir
1 Katha. It was near for the Russians, first, because It lostar. A bridge on this line was quotas. and there is some disagree- In setbacks for designs and con- A nnoun nominated Mr Jan es V. American Martauder aidlu.,
4"the Chlndlts nreIs on the shortest route to Oer- also blown up. ment in regard to some of the struction of new machines. Lord Forrestal to succeed the late W1moe1 ra We ue L01tOV t
trMsport planee and Many proper, and, second, because The armoured train was destroyed smaller countries"- something Beaverbrook did reveal that the -...-su--eLa o sir %, It is the hub of supply lines that on the line running from Zagreb. like 20 or 25 per cent of the total. York was in small-scale produc- De'elopment it a perfect. svn- Col. Frank Kitox. as Secretary tons. i te rt th, n,,n o
_jiWung vaney..Lieut.-. feed the whole centre of Ger- the Croat rpital, and Kalovac. RIGHT TO WITHDRAW tion and was aivin g excellent thetic Qufie amlolmcd 1 the of tle Nav. Mr Forresta w ut they LiiupPcd tiloi
Stilwell's Chinese many's eastern domain. In Serbia levce fighting is con- service. tThe York Is ad huge "Trin~dadi r a n-,l &, at aweeki ha. hasct n Nyt acting Nav Sccre- ta 4uct.n,
at "strong" Japan- However, the direction of recent tinuing to brain up reinforcements, The scheme would enable one transport 'lar.e. t
but fighting Is still air activity by the Russ'ns and particularly anks and infantry." nation to discharge its debt to an- Lord Beaverbrook announced been made bN two 7-year-old Anieri- tair a 1ce the death of Col. taic, of the Vruit force of Alloes
giving th other nation that" ^ a Shlar tine bat was c c i D^ f r. ":ro,' '. i A inrcanbohs anti ht-w
L 4 d_ so far i Incon* their &Megihs been taganst Bal- "In eastern B osnia thr Partisans other by giving th-other nation that a Shetlar'd ovine btcat wasq can chemnists--Dr } Rotert P. Wood-I Knox. t our Aintricail boile's sa, i t-
unique added. kasn targets which points to the I-ve taken the w town of Kladanj a claim on its own money or cex- due to make its first flight in a ward, of Harvard. atnd Dri, iam ,, era sld ivelatr
ltn- O sector, Alid continuation of a Soviet Anrd drive and inflicted appreciable losses ports. The right of members t few weeks, but production evan on St era l T Imt----M t
to hack y at through Rumania down through to&atilet I&
toha w th e Dan ea d own wt- awhk In Montenegro and t' Sand- withdraw was Int-oduced because a small scale. would be held tip. E. Doering, of ('um tLastngot for the fourth
estpoSt otar rmyt t h.watt o s D b and th.s o n d t h irelents ca s .t wsrI held eor thi at no trgh could raslf was trar lanes crh at wo rpupo forn the P *uarokd Lof' ,- L te ueCg l O f I th tr am r
otown. Japanese ward tl B roethearve Oermatt pIn. be o eda A no te o wa t att ro t- tony tat lambrd mase chusett, I r t itig, AI^ Ltactea ad
_i__ n this satentIn l91 9Of Pl t. I U The commTiIM-r s--,-oem- 96pep9itl the -tm--= o W&year,.wa l '" weh a t sall R ov ath. labr ato. -a oato-.anclu d ina nao h
i~ indest thati sAliedt i e ds Of S l outd offensive reh uor.It saded. behe erdr t extr lin. woah i a ppearan late ss tihl Ma m ei Heral of ba- -i4audg, i-ralj? turn 13
Iful operations by. atriot units int will and becxaue small nations land feeder airlines O ent date.S ugh t IF ra. a-
MZ OG aSSES S iDlovenda during whtch the townof would be more likely to come into Th yeasr.Siis sh itsT isio f irs time in l ocnFistoryo, th Channel rt dalms
Srth uns s F un da Zuzemberk was %gain liberated" the scheme if thy felt that in the Lord Beaverbrook said this that quinine, tile Imnortanti malaria the border o ftal, where tr le
northof Imphal the . .a,_dnd a peenviolent clash ct Istria, the last resort they had a right to resume was aI full ac ount of remedy found in the "ark of the La Fn rce the ball-btari no tar at A.t
Made some head- A t H lf Mar k northeastern-most province of withdraw, Another re-son was BritaI"'s nrepa*raton for pest-war cinchone tree has ibn ade the blalle of tay at a ntneas
in the that setorI .t ne of Mark ollundeTd thlol helr y.."h that, hir t w o vingat the "Ight of withdrawal 'Inlanes. with the xePtion of the laboratory. i l lo tacked rdrom plujust north of aI
th hardesttha TAlled TeheSt. Du tan' 1specialaIuncd this fahtiung. It said. "thewould protect to sot extc--t, Tunor. whlh had been held up Descritbiln r this develop lent asa Request by Government for an Seven operatee foora at
vs been engaged ine spon"sor a the"Triad St | enemy sustained heavy losses" against any tendency on the part by war work. "total synthesis of quinitnie,' th e sic.nment to the- of the G eorge V, o iMlta rytm wi
hL 1 war because of the d btn Assoc tion, whch ist t of the management to be unreason- -re ,ugt te r that when eec-0m- "Herald" continues: Park St. Clair, which will n ortiygryosot.
*. South of Bishen- almia at a mcintimumi of $2,400, able, stanes mnmitted Britain might "Their success in achieving what be abandoned by the U1,8. author ly O the i coast. Mo qulto dropped
S Alliesa tw acked y es w T l r t half-way I w position of the be able to make ti for lost time. chemists the world over have iat, tie for use of the British military ma t 4,000 pounders on Bar ltl
ti continued. Ma n.y r ye1 assidot ersdp sterling area, Sir John said, the io o. attempted for almost 100 years was autioritles wi-i are in need of ad- and othLer :ws went minelay-i-
I;liti-continued. Ma r yted~ ay Ro ..... AUited Towsi a n er- areaSirJoul dnth b edisposed s an ioune d tnultanous e wtit ditioi paccommodationflor the This night's oprrat ons coat
dead have been foi. The fund is Intended to help d ab t oe fa vu any pola n. lel itsoser Itthee oldU p of details of the eth- local forces during the period of the RpAo. Ese 'V1 lne .
tit tie Allies a veSt. Dunstan-'s to meet Increased V A to fav our any planlikeltoInter- wI M iery, eonthe'Journal of the Amrl-war and for other Oovernment The Mediterranean b ombing ,
taking a heavy toll. sta whh are inevitable be- Figures ROM0 fere in any way with relationships cncan Chemical Society.' purposes. will be considered by the rfelsolee switched back fom Balka
Srtgcadcueo prsn codtosa between different % tes who had Iq iyR p r "This chemical fea t nav pMh~t City Council's oerneral purposes targets to Oerniar occupied
f s t rae g arnd d cause of present conditions anI been In association with one an- the way to ammo-hr a imortant Comlotlittee this afternoon. otl the vesL oast of Italy lastnI

k'F oresme anwh ile, t hled quiry'S: "Thi chtniica fea oommS pall City Concl' Getlera Purose target tos teri0 ocupe portsl lte atltte-"Wnu Wehr h noao.,vtr r r l l\L I
Air torae Mthk f t hefight prospect of a large increase LONDON, May 10 (Reuter's) other under the sterli:.; area ar- Repor" of the Muetrapo Pump- achievement, the development of a In a letter to the Coutncil, lov- when Wellingtons $ttacked Get0 t
pan the thick of the fight, in the number of war blinded More facts were given today about rangement. n t ,aton inlwhy comoialtt, ;aid better ati-malrlilthan Quninermt. t tltat the Couicil and Leghorn for vn hours
fact regionreal rad when the second front is launched. the vast amount of war equipment held i pnd Itis nle after e ounchdom ee, H.o betabrerientm-iow also whach detisshc' er- ne H a teasure ofnwa enr t e doks f aevit hoa whic
tL Wbe troo pS001100 11 .o hentefurer ItSedf or -h-t ,---ched.theevastwreornttedwareqVihment
Tv craft front-line Following Is further list of which Britain and the Allies have NEED FOR FURTHER TALK tobe long cverdu. Is i further itselforte sythetimili
factories ad road heldV -t Nltrlafte Ch nerllsr H. O,, nowa'te xtedaonheasur e-feed
alsobtt_____ sent toey in t') extend no the saiid con- has been d in daylight.
During yesterday's air ibtons:- sent to Russia. A British Admir- Shr John was J the opinion that B. Wooding, the ctt Mayor has malaria treame,'t. Alth ugh both tt et d the s t e o h ee md alt o
n twoe 'ptes werea Anonymout e ontributteionaof alty statement said that ii thie there r,-s the need for further dis- consider I a reao-t which Alder- puinie afnd attibrnl e ar e effect iotio ti A. Alien o ae rrcadabre
twot. apa ne were d ra.0 it.. .alc. ...0 la s smths, __ of the t, thstti. ..lght Ale t- arc missing.
Cpt. H last six monthssupply ships of the cussion in regard to arrangements man V. r. Vidaye, the committee's i tett ope nmai---, neither m-f t th .---n-l- --- -- -- ---
Mr. and Mr. A. 0- RO6- 1 .. .. United Nations hive delivered near- for the management, of lb f Ce A true prCA1 B
RT IN- --- LAN D Mr. and Mr.. $. o arr....... ly-f.0Unland,-airman, is o uate about a me- them Is true urthylmt or pr- .. . ..AA .
f^ IN ENLN Cro aer. Le J. Buarr rda...t o .,0 250,000 tons c war equipment of the location of offices of the morandir' which Mr. W, M. DleI- ventive of a malarin aItt ,'k y.lil is
IN NGLND BriSadieT .A.S..8,avroffordsto -- 10 U0 'and materiaithto tiuss tiby the Ar-
ftheoticed yesterday MrCc. sT rney er. 2.00 and material to ussitromby the si Arcp- fund and so on. son, the Corporation's engineer for becauTrm neitearliesttti pre-i l -ctve m
Ms c ea ...I . e 1000 tic route. These ships were pro- The fund would be banking with Machinery, i.adresed tdd him.i n ita a Ieted thr mf-toi
andeUwe . 1 on 200e R to sent, Nor isrt os and Alled ar- under Not- is elti'er of the,-, very effective
Gordon Stewr dMm. GaHe atO ............ t rtectedbyBrit ish and Alled war central banks. The United States he tr'lnidad Guardian"underol- tte a omrno theted y e rch osit
Sthe orn da central Ltd ......................... so n o ships under he general direction could pay their quota fully in gold. stands that the view of the c3m- in preventing relapses. '
me. whoa gwvsinvited C "r- A Newark . 2.5.00 of Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, the The fund was to be made up, in m-ittee Is that the memorandum "Whether the laboratory svntihe o
by the British Coun- Girl Guidea--ui Of und stamps 23 00 Commander-in-Chtef of the Home the main, of national currencies should -lot have been forwarded to sts can be milde ronmvercilal.3' ,riw- CANGCO LT
Ltts regional library $ 6197.,, Fleet. More than 98 p.r cent of with a proportion of gold, and its them after evidence had been eon- ticably, has not yct belen deter-
Inten Caribbean Aprkay acknowledg' d ............... 920. the supply ships delivered their intention w to provide means of eluded and they were drafting her mined."O
safelyin London. -i700 to Cat. ..t., o siio cargoes in North Russia and theI A w a J o 3 d he w
Tow to-.a.e .......... .........usandt ;:strengtheningthosc currencies. report.
enemy forces which tried to inter- sn i o nr- I THE PREM ER GROCERS
~m d W fi T st S ri sferee Sur edheavy losses. W___WlfaeFnd_
idad Win Test Series CHANT SHIPS LOST New Import Policy Urges Fulle War Welfare
V When Mr. Churchill made a FSu ll Ser S Ri seFd
statement today in the House oflSih
Barbados With 4-1 Victofry omnbt thead the Hpr ouse oUse Of Normal Trade Channels p e wt o l PR FILLETS
e a T de d l Isaw n l s :1Commons about the aid to Rusaus w Ther was o' o utC
from Britain and the Empire, he to tlhe "Guardian" War Wolfare PORK FILLETS
_______ 0.said they had Suffered almost no a__o ___vae Fund yesterday and that brought
losse In w arshli p but in merchant the total t-ip to $17,190 43 bilt
tured on the beat at Kensington yesterday afternoon ships, the a led nations, particu- FUller use of established commercial channels Is iluthoried i left it still fr out, of sight of Kilo Tins 41c.
their Barbados rivals, who had held tbem to a one-all draw lrly the United States, had had Government's new import policy made public through the Informa- the week's goal of $19000,
te said that between October 1941 From the proceeds of a dance
1WIsly. a 4-1 beating In the third and deciding TeAt match and March, 31, this year, they senttU 1 Office yesterday. organised by the Trinity Morn-
I4 three-match series and finish the tour unbeaten. Russia 5,031 tanks, of which 13 A number of imported articles, 6- light Club, C, A. Thomias and J.
Playedalvrt 5ei were from Cnada hey a so sent Includingt machinery and parts, l tyres and tuoes; tate ,ito,,t Brady turned Ii the sum o FRANKFURTER SAUSAG
played l over their Right after the restart Barbados 6,7 aircraft, clng 2,62 sent s rur trgoods and all other Itebs o t pats onro ot*h. on the lead wst by
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the Barbados defence from then on. toRsi"spr fteAeia adsacransm-aua-~ Note: With regard to non-ter- lane soldier boys are provided
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taemost brilliat football had fallen good bit in the morn- supply of Brlqish aircraft to t se. taken off the list of articles bility of permittitng procurement deserve.
fo athin, is hn fItrti h Unhi ted tS~tate in the Kulropean w: 'Inch had to be pucae through through omercial chattttell Here ia how tile fund stands-
Pulcfo h tour, with match was a beautiful fly kick b Union #s 4o,o0,o worthr of raw may now be orderedi through re- ed, The following itesm of Olmi- Yesterday's contributions:
ceniddhmmtnm~re for- Baily centred Tesudall but Ken and mSUeal 5upplle5. Moto tet Untd t and C~a~ul chains Ifot' cattle, do Brdy 300nGramuTinsn ,
h ome. two goaia m- jusot got it and pushed it over thewa tr Must fro Um Wt h otmrn rd~le) ~ tryftt lg fom dac edb
Siute. pi'ers' head, ware materia came fr om f Woritthraovewhoenurin un Ili- cTher sanitary fittings. nf ini. BIradyt. Montribution 1,0 ik~K
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8eltd within minute 10minutes Robson ihot srih usala from Otnada by direct posed to notiy the Ooverninents iron and steel may in futta's c- 817.19o 45
and when somewhere and Gonsalves saved. Warner agreement between the two count- of the other Colonies of the pro- purchased, through commercial -- -
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DR NATION side then Barbados goal had a nar- oared with thoee of our slines. tie nels d trade to the mazimum :-:- alloy, tool and hollow drill steel omnibus servtee In Tobago t i solve Tis 4c
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