Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Due To Error

h i Clssfy h

o-~ f Mama. LU J. ta
fB, A allure atTtua
'plie of Tono and otw
X" V aducto fro
26r. Woiams whose firm a1
routs for Cow A Gote Lt.d.. I
inMad as well u In Britis
Ot"na. the Windward island en
the LeewaMd Iia, termnadit
alautflootlon error when inter
viewed by a "Trinidad Guardlan'
eprsent4tlv who sought an e.
piaatlon why this Colony was tt
aily Oinl ot the group i firs
pfilos ted that was deprived 1
"te -last year," he said. "tb
4nadia1n authorities submitted 1
smood Control D etet witt
allocationUs o each, two classic
lions for milk products, namnel
od milk, such s Cow
b)te Milk food, Ind mlceilareo,
Oilk preparations Including Toil
*A other chocolate mUlk prepare
"Aithough Cow & Gate WIl
rood formerly came into the Co
Oja u mlik powder and WMas coi
Oeetly classied under that hea
by the Custo s authorities her
id lso by the Canadian author
I the Food Control Departmeni
t Cow & Gate Milk Food undi
the head of mlscellaneou.s mil
prparatlons. Instead of under I
rightful hesding of milk powder
Cow & Oate Milk Food and othi
ib foods having taken up th
illoeations granted for miscellax
ao milk preparations there wa
nothing left under this heading f
.Tono and other chocolate waltr
milk preparation; whervr
Cow & Gate Milk Food was o0
under Its correct headlng-mi
powder-there would have bee
allocations for Tone.
"I have heard recently Ifrornm i
princpals In Canada," Mr. Willian
went on, "that they have been re
fused export licenses for Cow
Oaft Milk Food by the Ottaw
authorities on the ground thalth
had already been taken u
sian that the Canadian

ould not es 1 Bider the ha
tig of mlsWellanmus milk preper
tlona-the heading given it by t
local authorities.
"The position now ts that b
cause of wrong classification t
Trinidad authorities are not grEi
Ing import permits for Tono an
the Canadian authorities are n
granting export permits for Cow
Oate Milk Food.
Asked whether there wea an
thing to be done to remedy t
1ituat1on. Mr, William replied
"Our principals made represent
tiens to the Canadian authorltl
asevral weeks ago as a result
which the Food Control Depal
ment have been sent three cleall
calttons. (1) Whole milk powder; (
baby foods:n and (8) milscellaneot
milk prepare nations "
Mr. Williams added that he w
hoptna oon to hear that their
clasifictltnos had gone Into effs
thus ensuring an equitable dist
button of whatever milk produce
may be availhle._

Chinese Plan
Building Almshous
Members if the PW Toong
A'-,oclauon, one of the blui
Chinese orgainuatlons In Ttinlds
Intend to erect an almshouse f
their destltute countrymen, t
"Trinidadri Guardian" is Informe
Plans are b-ing niadi to effect
early start.
Proceeds of a funcUion to be hi
at the association's meeting his
12 C'irlotte Street, on Saturdi
May 20. will be devoted to the sali
house fund.

TwoWomenTo Ge
Five ccmpesMtUon claims wei
settled before Mr. Justice K. Vi
cent-Brown, sitting as Oommissloi
,"ir In the Workmen's Compenati
Court yesterday.
The commissiloner adjudge
,Mamlie Charles sole dependant
Andre Charlesa, of St. Mar itre
Lane, iDelmont. who died In DeO s
'her, 142. from Injurie recel/
'whiteintheU employ of oe lls
.jlng and Housng Comnlealc
.sand Susnah Cupid the depends
'Of James tord late employee
' the l',rbour Engineer.
Charles got UOO0 and Ford
Fe Sor a fractured right arm as
f'taed last January, Oranvl
'rtsnci, of Greave Stret, Chetgi
sS accepted W In full set
,fnast from his u locm,. Woe
oru 'lodget te Ltd. *
*,Fnetof >ai.0 W Otdd
ea falvour of Matthew Saidy,
'Sflhawr o( Lavemtlle Road, wd
snt uffered In the course of
t with Mr. Mor
^. *o~bi Parto.a mechaissl' s
oM f Arima, ad. Arofleb

p~leir, while Lake was eo
kg~fd o the 1o *< tile fli
td e right han dmm
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rim is a vote of thanks to ~Iw _'e _artthe k _eaw
thrI wpOMIRMW 10 IN S B V- W i' W M a ..eimto o n, UMm
Wi- heal-~j5~9e i sl W
Of We' functoln. b t tutMr. Parta S "-"o s""

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tba *WWW %w^-^ ad^- a* mm^^ ~tk ^hhJauft b^ a d^^
oh the ma n- emsm Ic th eerst be' 'sq0fm bo
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4d Me.-WO Drrector of Edu ties b u
a and the Principal of QWeuee ti o t ft lio
B ~ ~ vs to>(rowo onift tcU := IstMU.1 gl AMr. soot ii
to lnw M(taiss arion $wwoe ~ill~~ ft d ta m a**

- olle ,who they w ol r breo ftttbe
onn the celebration with thmlem. tWil l. -

. Roodal went on to relate that he W 1 tio Roodal. had
e was a by-product of the Naperiaim Dr. Scrk'igour'i l1
. Training Colle,. after which he C5? O his eab ay aig 11s
e td hiSh tribute to the late Dr. wlll lea d tt f om t
Orantl himdW ik lad down ho d ia
SH declared that Dr. Grant dedl- K4r1t 1l4t-ttutc ha bee foMmed
a cted hle very life and soul for the but a iMUtatlOn which i ie wU
progress, prosperity and happin-. su produced uany edas 1i.i
,of the human race. Dr. Grant, Mr. teacher; id he knew that laLoi hl
SRoodal said, came here as a mis- viet to .aadi uu o MhTo ild
t slonary for the purpose of educat- he found the tearhoerse -umdi
ming particularly thle ast Iadiehn pending ofW for tely days and t
Community in trie Colont lte i ry. re
S The Rde. C. D. Laia then dellv- g rt!utis 1wo adbe f wa
a- ceed the lnvocation. 'hult wa fotl- tHeha nlolrd the hisbviesf; o
lowed by folk songs rendered by ss hag t kol theR Y Sla
Ik children of the Practice School Pr. actcr school work befe. O
i- Follwindc an historian sketch hi dikeo to ee w& one
by the Ra.y J, A. erEmasIour, Mr. of people sittin g doing nothing ix
,d T. Biesessar greeted the gradu- I schools and the cXl people
uats. n working wer the others. HefC
e- patNerRS HONOURED liked to cee the schools full of s*
i-IONt ER HONOi activity, everyone doing something.
nr The Rev. H. F, iwann, principal When the war Is over and material i
e of the 'lrraining Coliege, presented became available they would have
Shis report in which ne told the mh- .h better opportunity to ee
w gathedrlng among other tling, !what they could do for the schools.
r cnit thf occaushn wae not only One of tlhe thlng they were aiem-
1r their annual Teaehers' Day. but inc at wah the edi itatlon of
a al.o e very special Occion, or illitency and teachers could help
- they were celebratng oe golden in that work, but by themielve
Th jubilee. That afternoon they saw the coud l io very lttle. They
Sany of he oldr ofhe generation of deioended on everybody Mr ae C
r' theiner pioneers who had faced the ricpne o eryo. L -
It stern hlardship of rural life, who rc1 ent o to say at in Rsua-
it hd endured iintion and served sin a"n China there was reat t
Dty and privattion advancement in that direction and o
[n thremterpancls rao t he isnmdo.Ist that was dependent on everyone's fi
n remote perth oafthe r land. te s aw
could 4e1l thrilling stories of the help. He went on to say that o 0
early time when they waded should see that every person be-y,
through mud and water to collect came literate in one's community. E
unwilling Ln h aa s triom homes They were out to get the whole
wbeie parents were far from in- commnitinty in Trinidad a literate
Stereited u the education os their community Atr a better Trinidad. t
Sotffspring. They wished to honour Mr. Roodal then announced that n
& the pioeer teac others, those who e had been requested to eMk the b
vcd wie present and those who wer e Director to grant the students a c
e not able to meet with them. holiday and the Director agreed r
pl "Teacher*s' Day," Rev. Swan that a holiday i should be granted.
Scontinued, "TeI a time when the Mr. N. C. Ooretdhano then
Sleadep in our Canadtan Mlslon moved a vote of thankds to the d
_ 40rn.yl corner Direcor of Education enA Mrs. I
i no te o fle o met wi t t eui at. e rhe fold owine Dreceived oree:- '
he' .tahers Da, ear Sand an itYer-getSiadngL Z the t a oflidy thodbestgrantd.nL

he difficult days ahead. Wet wei ddoe; Se"'.d,.H. .u. ,an
Effort to conquer Illiteracy and td- eMaryN. Cbyslng.. 'orda. t il
i'e vaine- the cause ol morality, cu Ir Teaching (Cofn Memorial, B 8s.
11- tur a'atd truth. Parent*, you, too, [Parsd; Ditalnct~on, Hrinth Ouada.
"d are welcome to our gathering for Men.- Highest Aggregate, 1- .
lOt you play a most important part in Seesaran.
Sthe field of education." i Hi'tory, oeograpiy. Hygieni:
The principal went on to say Michael Shrilkrenseu.
y- that for several years they have English Language and Litera-
he ben making every effort to arrange ture. 8 K. Ramsingh.
d: the best possible course for women. Art' F. Seu .,il.
a. They believe that the lnfiue .e of retetrogres S. iyadeen.
w women ITn the home, in the sehoolCAi ..ssV
tfeand in the community will meaty n ViA | w
rt- more than any other factor in ele- ,,Best All"ro ,d t"un. (Dr
f- vatdng the life of the people In cri.B. oeour'S Prize): V. Naab.
2) the palt a number ofCanadian LeadtMersp in student govern-
uef women teachers had given very meant (Principal's PreM): V. Najab.
h valuable part-time service on their Coffin Memorial Prie tTeach-
'I- staff. Thit year, for the first time, lag): J. Bullock.
, thoy had a woman au tullnet e lr enindwork: J. Bullock. .
t lecturer-Ml s Wtilma Sa m lalutp h, a Oeography: 8. TancoO.
.t B.A. Her l ualficatione and train- History: G Benjamin.
Th piin c abro iOt her to head up ac Mi Music:lSther eeoen.
DidvthIe among the lady students,. Art:A. VS Armomm.
Turning to the iforts of studa ents Hitr: '.- S Cedelar".
in examination he added that .' _
tdendts sat efor examinations S] Highet Standig: S l year:
31 wene successful. In the sradu. hrtle Hosein: Third year Myrtle
Sating clu the most outstanding DebyUlngC.
l rs-ults were ebtalneo by ? Vrtle Golde Jubilee Presentation be
2Ho)en. who led the Spealteard iLt Oradsptes: Rev. H. Laltoo
and bytMyrtle deny veygh. whto and Mr. X. Mahablr.
I stood A t t, top of th ,ierd tea.. .......-I
Mt Amonl the ep la msec mention f n M m ie te
id, should be made of V. Nejab, who Plan "10 rlain llouth
'or won Dr. Serlaeour's tll-roued IlViill OUUU1
hal prits, and J. Bullock, who won /ethe In .el) .BulIc
d tohUn Memorial Priae fornhlhigst K orug Cullocs
S.n i Hug i taethinMarnin Bor g Constables
leot onlea d Aeond h tear and X Tric:Mo I t-re S eemds t
"Wd Deddoc Fir*t Ya?t s.& pulMWWN~joO tays-Kr-
tll "These satofctory result," Re. bee tAe Borough Og aull at to
Iy, Swann sid. "are due to the loyal day's H eind iB g d t9 Intervtw
ns co-operation of the taff. I take the of PolUe on te
this opportunity of ,thanking them." question of providing oours of In-
Thdeohtdme f1o the practice s on for Boro OSaughpc talye.
chool ag aoir folk song OounoUlor Chawford who brought
t after which the Red rmast din- the motion aking for c te to
ea ma end the graduate diplomas be t n, claimed that the Council
and orla wMre ittabitd by had me. without any experience,
1 rs. Ptrk nd Mtr Patrloke- doing their pole work.
t Aonecil t Pumping Station
adn. srolemd on V, pda *
fnModeW n Ddur. ttoi Vt. T, I. Ilion-aT an Ih" lMI

"o "PWe teacher are ineed a Bmll ocOkw y woptr hw
i' favoured professon. We are given stBor'ough t Ci ust le
nt s tthe ndenglsinandclea.ingli
Sl i.s sst&'*d heluture ofS ^ w hic oSe th SSSU!7 O
"' rae InoWM osi handSre give he ..,ij elty- Sewerag weis, av
mt y .oun Of the peois Lt usprw &> tOCiOOW 5I1 BjJ
of ourselv esdwrt yofteaOVL great d aum" d yesteda

tie trust that it laid upon is. em BN is o -S41 it si
n- w m5r1w5 WOkrthk of The wun Wi ^I M vu
urw. u-t w^.m inb *e vw dersteod,. I-elds purchase^ of_ -ew
*~~~~~~~~~~~h B~efo.W m&ft 'S~^.uL.stlw
It. .jay through our U.lve I am S ^ Lry L i
id- surg ib fwe Influence our 'chef- ^.oin ecttoa (l Of Pm walk

he bt- U u -tOle
a*s a be Otoga m* *,* I4W b m-t "as

i owZ'wsiaOf Oe

O- Oft- m ,ofad k-

i to Nig ia
deamre t Im t was Wlaer fnM
in her
t N" iI Ira t We oniet Cou t 6e 1, w1 ew"1
cas t a i -t!? -1 W Iuthe D uo f mu tl

Oliver SU wth an .aster y Market 0inhS dar OU
nedu., whog pleaded multy eto OR i. he a,,ost vro-
Ma.Hatian of r thre meat us a 5 i-ve t he ded barwny U triald.
We and UUsa onUNS 3 d a iS, at- s ttia sts
N fined ,ps a i arl e obambe w h were he was t
epwetlry, by Mr. Ba. W. Odla- I bbeft with his neqdiV te
ofipan te cod Police Court. day ostr r armrval r wr, iumaM
I#AMh sold U Oteak sld i b. Rh discused U ceaer and
stew to pt chaser who teked for i act in ti ste BaS aa dur-
three pounds of steak int we t t Yeares.
__ #ra Atiorney-
lohn Joshua a lad of previous Oeneral led the proid.alon of
good ccictd o sn CoutdoMauign. who wasI
aetuatlon of unlawful O iac Htted of murderui his father
and lNoingwas = Imprison ed obywIn-law.fSIrarry Os
Mr. ait for the moths ROr to the Unusual publici-
Mr ?*ilor for heie rt~~tS "" do Martgny trial. Mr.
and 14 dsYS. Besides articles 0o1 f U n th at t ui.
jewelry, he wws found In posession o du tda wse ti raehe
of pawn tickets. re ief fro th

daily warenews
nevertheless It did pt r timeo
Simon Lancaster, who terroried attain a rather hysterical nature.
his neighbours with a torrent Of "Inormous headlines were a
abusive language, and then went On regular feature," he said. "Person-
to behave in an indecent manner, ly" he added, "I think that sueh
was Imprisoned for two montbl yerlal ereadtion may well Inter-
yesterday. tare with the due administration of
.0 .0 h e eow justicenett
iro ne of Mr. Justice Halun's
K~o~~lcs~n A lhflrfP ataPennalinterests is music.
Negligence Charge filingtndr po ably boas pride of placen-
thery e e th l for be has a special Interest In
In Train Crash this form of art.
_^.CALIZDT IN 1924
Trinidad Guardan Cor.-s"fent. CU c D tIN I h i
SA E wRNANDO. MW 5o.iy I-Thei ua o w e trisn iaw In Jan-
recent train accident at Poltte-a- 12n4 I.Justice al ae

Pierre nwhg, eee pro s owr P'cltor-d n Ieran =ni 92.M
Perre in which eleven persons wa called to the English Bar t
injured had its se lbeforeM. 1r927 and entered the Colonial er-
V. J. camacho in the Magistrates ^ ^ 190

,= = vice I meno.atvty"TeRA
Court here today when an U- In 19idO he was appointed to
lion against Simon anfield of ne- Nigeria where he remained until
ligence In falling to divert a point 140,o holding positions as admuini-
thereby endangering the lives of stratlve oolcer, magistrate. Crown
persons on a train, came Up for counsel, admiistrator- era,
hAtring. solicitor-general and attorney-
The matter was adjourned to general.
June 2. Banfield was allowed ball Commenting on the war effort
In $200 with a surety. in the Bathamias, Mr. Justice Hall-
Inan remarked that there was
ourt o too"tr emendous activity." The RA. ,
he said, has established a large
nro ordf .training centre and there are sev-
Tyre Breachm eral Ortfields constructed by the
on wA rie thene w U.S.A. Iuder the lease-lend terms.
Case Postponed With reference to food rops d
the ability, or rather Inability, of
Alleging that original serial num- the Bahama Islands to be seli-
bers on his motor-car tyres ad sufficient, Mr. Justice Hallinan
been removed, the police yesterday stated that the vement there
put Cyrus Balkissoon before Mr A. had ad every effort to encourage
J. Hamilton in the Vint Polle the protection of subsisting sbps.
Court on accusUtion Of having tyreo More than 5.000 agricultural work
V .4Me sera 1 u*. all Odirected by s an a .11A
Control Bad I way a deteft effect the
After the case for the prosecu- velopment ofa be Gover&ment's
Uon was closed, the hearing waS agricultural programme.
adjourned to May 11. Referring to the general election
Mr. Louis Wharton appears On in the Bahamas, he said that there
behalf of Balkissoon, while Major had been no general eleci4, since
Ivor Knights is prosecuting for the 1942
police. I





No, Time lvoid
1. 1.30 One Mile Cycle Race (NovIe4)
2. 1.46 100 Yards Plat (Open). (Heast
23.- U One Mile Cycle Race "m V WOw
4. 2.i Long Jump
'. 2.0 One Mile Cycle Race (In~btelxillal)
.' l2.4 4f4 Yards Flat Open), (Nsts)
7. 2.00 One Mile dy leRs (Interiedlat@)
a. 2.15 Two Mile
9. 3.30 One Mile U c le* "A" OlaC
10. 1.41 100 lards Flat ROe (Open). tinal
11. 4.00 Three Mil Oe Cycle Ra (Intercolonial)
11. 4.15 Three Mile fiat Rae (Open)
I1. 430 yve Mile CyI e bee "W" Class and Intermediate.
14. 4.45 220 Yards Dat eM (Iitoteoolelal)
15. 5.00 Three yle Reyclefes "AW Class
10, 5.15 s0 Yards Flat Race (Invitation)
T. 5.30 Five Mile Cycle BaPe (lMOtereOftmlal)

SECOND DAY '(24th My-- plr Doy)
No. Timee XW
11. .10 0 Yards Flat Raet OM ). BAts)
1. 1.45 OA Ms lca a4a n and' .)
20. Two MWe Orl Rac-:.
3 3.1. M Cycle Bee AMNs
U. 2,1 =
U. 1 .6 Thl, Wh. Rpm.,
22. 2.$0 2 TUe Ft Mis now
23. 2.41 Th Mile Ace BS'
26. 3,10 eulsitat sse 42-m-
27. 2.48 tglblh
38. 06 fo -of"l)
21, 4*0 Tr haLl "PAm 9W
A. 4. SX MiNo Cyce Ra arnSW 0 Itermedate
ft 4us OM U Plot Rae (!rB)
$I. to im ood Clo
32. SAM
&N Oua etw1y, a ot 00o aA*4dl
ButfeaecloeftamP ANN a~tlan
Mr. u. Room of U06=i^*lMM ile.Ttnla
awernaei Oahv r IS- AlehrtWi.Bto.
The mi~sleu of the Ti wii we -ode
on aturamy, I&2and. ii aune=nTf the aUt1 aen
Invited. Addree letter to P.O. boE 40.

(1s) CLUB -


-S ,

I 92 Oxford St.aet
Thursday lth May
LN Pic
Instructed I L M. L"yon laq we
will 'I such useful Ite. as:-
Pair Simmons Beds, Springs ad
Mattresses, Folding Bed and Mat-
tress, two Beds with sprlng-niled
Mattreees, Ladie"'MtaW r-*
ers and too X de
Bled"id t a
Baby's Crib Cp, Dte Table nd
Chaims, China O0btot and T"a
TrmlleU* 5.D dlasware, useo
trio &Wte In, Iot Plate, and
-edn Lwnp, Striking and Aston
Clocks. two Slquata Unolseum, Meat
Sate, W4od Jar, Alum. Choker, Sea-
pas Settee a.Od B, Bookata d
andBooa Cohubbi Or maphone,
Rata f piof ose0 B004 wsre,
Oseda Oh.ib.b Noes sad Tools,
Atlas 10-Tube Ra4do, 1 1.0. Fr dge.
Items on view day prir to snd
moe*ing 4 Sale 4a1 tei-CAS&V
90'f AH0UTCHIN.0N, ,TI*,



A kiionic r-iwebio sn =aeim
Ve9p4asleb Otl( and uihw vaW>h4

Pgpyssoe for hlw.h of #

NANt DmsiN

A dekikhs ly 4enUsed Pr.^gss.
Spsehy Memu as. Tayou Prm.
FAR l r pe Hm *

J... -'.5'-










Staf ;Shortage

)mony works dtWrks rep

rt and the erection of a police
ttion at MAusvaL
Court Orders
Seizure Of Tyres

Trinidad Guardian Cesaeit
l*f a aTksoonerial at thern
Cadanas lr. e' ourt onAdy

A gsday ordered two motor-car
yres owned by Amen Mohammed.
f Freeport to be forfeitednt
ined him $10 with an alternative
tend his tyre c to the Transport
Emergency Board.
nced to six monts for thrown

meules Ond three montresfor
being armed with aC weaponeto

commit a felony. Sentences are to
Sun Ma ecu r velyuI

neesn sChisdig market ven
Ior of ChanuMas who sold onr!on
'at a porder1dtwo mo

re was mad to b te o a ined-
Sor 30 days In prison. r t
mdhis tyrs to th Transpot

For stealing a quahor.tity of
triaie d he months fo

ranges, Happy. John and Armai
nere eachrined $10 ant d $w1apo
and comp nsaon, or seven days.

1,t.arlan w- _In
aa PlCeHeadquater, atmrke yen-a
134lal an p her on insltesA o
ourtd and fited ere5,o or a oic

eizurws ae tOf pTyrfies
Mlor30days Grian poriespon.
Faor esto.pealding a qatl ofe
i'a onged Hapy Johnand Moarmed.
( Pre eaht oined fo10eand $51 and
t i1dcoenatIon, jfor seeung days

Space by courteW of United Orocers

Just Arrived

CHIMNEYS (Burners)



With these you can ...

Red & White ENAMEl

58 Frederick St. 'Ph<


'P~.dw~ .1

Urn Iup~uts Li.,

'I .1
A ~ ~... .
I' ..

.*,, .

p.* ^

'*. . jri a a
n i n l r ^ i ^

J. Way Sa ^

MY -

3oAL ?&aIthq^ J(aaL

'*.' -i ....'*"*jL woo "

i -ii,^ i n ,1 11 -m -ni -ii .-- -

The 21st Annual Appeal of The Tri
St. Du]mntln's Amoelatleo for th*

(Patron: HI-,. the Governor and The Hon. Lady!

Which, through the generosity of the '
public, has, since its foundation in 1924, m
following contributions:

To St. Dunstan's Englad) ... **
To the Trinidad Institute for the Blind ..
To St. Mvary's Home for Blind OGrls (T'a-d).. 1

OGrand Total .. *. .. ,. ..

. ~ e r. '-,". '.


-.,. 4


.M. ",name. *0ur: m Mr
*W1^^1^^ QI~th^ Dead.Lf^ ^-S
ep~sTo A
son a m4100611114 ,6 9be a Ie to 11960
WW i NoaDecisioran tUs"I "lt"-oeeugh msnd IN MW

SW "a afthow a ugAd -oSam thef grae adaoume

oaeImeOfficers Made .-me ad a h' th
*--P^* in^. aV *W..-.. ?ensionif---Ie thr-ee------' bMastaqe thtal year ohre deed ^^~~W

through W e inbt* fo I4 but loft Over S
obe sen at for Dew N and huriedth bUowing day, mar
Sou -No w @ptlOf s 9Ws1o 3tendsWMe Coeete0y keeper stated:
pade5 p sr'sUtdDSo PS00*ar'I p tOOtat3lta som. Offi ers arde 12. "- ^" o hisdayfou buia
mEmber bus' imu OMSIZ RU^^dIOSI^ _iti4U5 Thi l..0WitI 15OtoU 1 ooe to tIIe pl iace. TheI -- jl/
fc -Ulu^ Pe0inal Abl*.-^* ~
0"Wbowrs, theto n Waee overmstu

of -- t-he7 emeo r a,, a teased lo *. o. sr came I- n;
,bwJm Atom 0y oe mn -g wasi roveQ

*B woae t he aMvTh blrity *Ot ged:- n meetig it o. Ugltv S uonum i wuded B thi appiaio wer InfTorIRSfr-
betwbe ow inhonlhlI. wer nard 'vjj i held r bvrme 2 o. l d toat we woutytthetre
OtNy wh W ohaa*d 8 bf een e t, o s Maedd Goeis ta to open the gave, blt If we
a daise I rintrestc mo nt to lnlar the Osocl how did no t g h extra in It would wne

,ni d to ^ aw tt elfeofnmoud o a qt'etlon umo atrSS repy beM OPeetoed thulle y ^ ^ ta~t6that te rae wolhe^
SRo i dPlea KR ef e vl rea yfr td le blal o th d
mader1 mewto eredittet ppit t6a of atce? eSn b engae"d In oteinge three other
UI~0laoU"iornsofd ----- tw htIn fr buinteve me t dfly nhoab al.b tuallfyee

to b made b tae Counci. r my e Bul Wf. tve We tied h Se extrmen
it r st To tbs, Goverment rp 'baveu .Wetrined t
.- 'ialed. t e 19l w

wit? a r iante anm d w e ot ,, :__ _"Qustio No. 3 ofv th as ot da SMA'bRT SHIRTS for
Moss app- ot nta ofitte Owe* In saces st onte r an au- h Pether Gorn epthe r k wul W
da ove am t sIoGems b

uatei *ac wit M e reutic. ps g ceat qua ntiy has eeu brougt "P to declare the post of scoo oC o curd the off ice.
= honourablt Conil awn"hao t supply, overr nt -does not att e dac oNicer Ion 6a; T. wnr o uri ons t t.
41 edial.tlasnaolWM7 2. ntisday.for uriagtls
of 1"0nt llIs alowedconsm- --IsthAt l"I S eeboe t 'c ia

th 76^tl wtses rtz made Piotne to crase the lowance iun ., oth e
m to tltolluo fd ne of sheo lr ns t er conec to the n ral ett" notice No. 2 of t e prod the gv e s were told T
iOu farW of ah o fnfumbr of scholr -W rc hem22 "a y"1 J=6. published in the bye te ta me-keeper ta t tre we e
Cou-' Oft IL o mmitwe lto r on 1 W, t r Sh 'eme.11 1* to" r.
S 1 0ato visablt ott d to I0 the Is p gist of Government's "Royal G ette" of inaor ot to work ford m ore thae n eight
41=d 1b6 the post= s1e 0 of sChoolu os a da eu te not PYJAMAS with an

Imued to tile Preass qualifications te betreply l th ar etoWiato eCedeclred to be person e g e diO er have so Informed Comfort.
we tesed Sholarhp and his dMrm .ople Roy Jeph, Junior iere- i Gre IL me), and 4 they are to turn out etr
i istdscosdfnrardT Vion c wJ -t oeia h ad .It was discovered that lb mo n 9 am and stop work at p, \ Im.
-_ to "the attentionTe o'~l~t~Jdteph haddlce p hedawn the yalyrad- "On this day, the mena
t h ad bor a- t e tun Reue the
ou a Delpea ana W es. "Ih iwod f th atta o 0 tto" of January 4, 1 o mtp~ work at 4 p.m. and one'
madewithrespt th oe rfthese posts, together with others, dead was left unburied until the_
rs oo of his lo of water allowed onsum- had inadvertentl been added to lowing morning I dcted ethi
v st IOofhr t nbl pml et a deflly 7 Townbl

*SM CT.J. M -"S.M -,fa^M...,ertaK connected r wtot e the First 193chr~rtedwe ?' tot ePoietmte with lthe braslat wul \ ant^
cate o o bhe c= osirews thcu ee WTcheme Ioer totally nm ade- Funt d Ord finance. The error was ded In the presence ofg their e
mU~lw158 The~ re*' 04St5tw:S^5S^^ 0"0" 1f -Queef No. 20e ofPOt 0 M r-e: buteighthu eid. SMAR SHIRT foorin si
d a ot h er eutfo rtie-keeper. The Aaatnt wn
ti mU a ap a e -- being paid annually for water Juned wthe 1r, 1Gr, and the u l a o be paid for any oveme work i
APCOfihndt 9Oa~ natloS ladnt uattyhas bqu bought stpto anclarNo. he ofs1t8M of **Qbo No

B naahr fi ro nea it h t 0 1 i exces ofdaOncdf.p n siical e pesonaleiae"mN they must work from 9 am. to
*-- Kn9 ~ ~ ~ racute =JC I byl~ r I~nto supprily, Govrn in doebst no(the-_,- ... Ttore-.<* wnere thee burialscton taee

WK1^ futhrsuh vlol o UM 1 sid ter inrsin tism u am da ty tequnre- No.gK o ^ of' 1?v4 the 8rsln o No, M urdondy ApriU 17
th is suon h Jab aule itl a InI; W pee h o n- "Undier the provisonN s o of O it- p.m.
an West Indian bas for 14o dr at least 20.000 allons annu e ally?" pensionOnable oae into two differ 18y r th O t a t w ree
nspection anIModgllnsal theSoaydO O metta repl as "
Ot OCkE or evlopmenW10 "st hehoouab ember s noticraes Nowas 62bof Dsh med n l ravesth e gaopden wed.DrengthisIS n OSEY

ae o the I- tof aIfmahs abnonae o c re now of T o e c nt e period the men were told by the
Thean geS no oSh bvemmeVs" r S3S P ves W n. Stnm t*
a ;.22 the0 eefy o eto and haiub aware, the a, i ished th e noa t me-keeper that they m st work
e st o metered system was Introduced "The delay zn replying to the oer te If necery, to complete
to. the Re lf ation t primarily for purposes e of pet honou rable member's question NO. aell buria r, but the time spent after
woae d tI the hetf sehrt e ventg unnecessary waste and of 1id3 is rretted." p.m. to complete burals would
y sua whle, e chr 1 award Was b ftuat It onber Rony the l hadi t was discoeu ctbdy rrom theory rea t I Tulr.
Is "The. W oy's tin onte atthnei s h u dlaes of water at the di sposlt Enreer a eiht hour period on the fol owing
IS Th ,B~'Som.mt00150"h'hehoo asked stppedwor

a otter World." memer refers, n o eo f th.e f the Centra Water board. The Uspts. n or me sauasle t day when tere
o t to e hi annual Be" lownce of 1.000 would be no idl to attend to, or
chatitoe consideredih toseracaonnete nd sou ti Centl wth onFirm edo In Post tc tohey receive their usual Tw
T y Of e finally secure authorities on the bmass of t e u ri"Tne T or eaI ne w n ste ructldon were o.
*cth r i e iated mnuordaiy me i siz e- f i nlyret Ofi e b a Co rp p doat ihven the men on Monday, AprtTl 17.
GreetngTeas chers N A'in tta la andsncd cele on the e Exrotoediua th *ApSrAdm thttheL V A
orjepaln Repo Awaited of anve~e hou5ho of T. L. a~t, who h O Ipmn 'Tusda morngApi 18, a~the
Ma y 4-oun- Ptt 0 by Gover- honourabl member's request, rat r nc- .
e athe Count oaf R t llta. n ot yet r eport n siered until a tonal w or ter the proper performance of hi Jrsep-n t Deputy Mayort, remark'
uonarstuad ,frntP wasa n aly disat re-fc nt qu antty has been dutes, It was d dd at u t- when the que n of stopping II IIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItlIaIIIiIIhaeI.foI.iH
W "S aUnerde- thetOy. C _______of__Pm.
an' bro Ih e into supply. With this lun of the Borough r0 dngofn her overt .Ie was diseoed he did noto

a faon, wadd ress by W&'Indanbass or Un AVE' atTBC leas 20.000 -&Ilona azinully? w I s. On fthis aythre wl~r th s ree,? CV Wt
9Vet byt Ise o aftfenon hab henaI r p to r-tlons win Ioni d t grav dog- TE|
In io. tahe corithe which Includes tCollt with to a Gepe ra ve- be opnd Dn ghs
?TheAs-Th e elgtesf ro w M Sl. oect In v iew the Government gradesatbhesd wo ad ond.p t nlp ed thep e men w e told bt hdA. .
wate ... ....l.. rcm e ded In th ge! st aotd he TwnLif.
Teacherea -et Divorea L;e ese .. M noa.^ .^ls, od th=S, when P.,
wh -" ui~lis ioftdthi oo nyb e" noassdoutawsupar and he p rese t na Mr imeANSeeE 14

pAontens be nMf, eynt program which Is tat.theTo luswo
ytheRe. Itanr i sAemtrd, wi. ste 'sIrdc povd anaeutyao_ epIedifwent.s mate A
Reayor; J.Alde',th SereyofSt te fo ra.~ snt pimarlyfor tepublcCo5rp~teof P. ontravlelling er'aqlowa ince0 NO. pe r as but s e tusd inefi n tancfomitee

Dr. befoMreIngwRefted. ve- It is unlikely tsa t the full on conitior that hed k" a gave diers should no ut l b dde
bonncnlcr5. My CBtomla hitter. a M beaet f ythrisn Crhgrahmme will be otor- ca. r for t.a'velleing In the open. Marie ;iua re -__P
ttsatlck taned th t j Seit for sol Mine, formanse. of his dUtie..Travel- Counillor K. Crawford said he ...
1 ttre fourth p d r therebrwrv t he allowance of whct was itdm edited the C c decided togl o o
t. w iseelv O ar th uonmn et satd umOth e so leso ratberat th e i spowsa en tO.Mr. S V.oA Mth men overtime at the ratel ofwing
is Teneaosur D irteetor w f t heon orb e te lBI -n- e and a half, and he did notf see RELIGIOUS RADIOe
deb ted at WametigoLeris-dthe or smeUaiglaiodarwhenhaer

a- a Whole. t"eacers In h been eor 1.&WUIfo. l held on April 1w, rs c Pot monh. thow what dn d In Fnaa ce n toPORAMME
fr Serrdouasce fo tw 8the report, ommthey c d override the dir Tune a l, G retw to id
Goe atT eagh attend ea, and wa i t esonf erow, wh at ps o thes oe n n .ci on sr es
consideringrevisedsoaseholdofa.To Ng ro A bO, hayOsdCuc mornRAlph r su-1e ,.......N.a....:.....s o .t
ReporrAwriesdoror tecrs. ..Hadode beaw appointed o the .poe t n orted the Town Clerk.a
Curerp adndthBsdo. nahat r --- ---
pointed a committee unregretta I t hie evpoies oft. a ndis reouniedoreDrrDinT Ptt dId not --to, -the Lrrp orrtet
h a thmamehi p of tMmteaoheorstolewm ntea l loa n Cecapenost. whr ae ofu rs over 0 yein o$th4ink hmey entendt d that the H me
tCouenity9the P al Secretary, on whnich WN o Ud iNO, May 4l ae, wll be retained for one .yef r In ths cemDeter, roulde not dI
,May 4---ineb- there ae n three deleatieds- the Med by the nqantli Roy Josph, from My 1 tw year, after whic h atvhe fther e p.m. ut it oeemedtW
th eas e rn ol-eea, Un suon. to conider an emtth noo the Borou gh o ethis osition will be recover r though they would haae to take
atoh s of theT hendrl m Smi w Ic esh M t oIyw In connec- erod; onmfter of then"e porati, fktheyll blame. Ie then movedig
threeohe r=e' en schilh. asplanned eilebwr tion who are required to f ted. bondstat the men .be paid tme and
an xta ath-OO~ilt~e11.5 to it eprtd, ofthe Cenenar of Mm Borough for the proper perfOrmance of hal fo overtime wort .
W hoby asr. is, tow boServedt0 owMMher m nt%,,t t o take steps to approach H its the dutle, wil oe saied up on ,e.. pu.tyM aywor a.idthe d id
rrovewdorus o s stlo, yest te Kn requet to furnish ateir respective iss not l It was h test teret .cu
om e Ror. ofIf accepteW, will ve tpr b tde t Hand M a t b plteae to Immedael with a recnsed of themen .foramemberof the
ntymo; teA d to the Secrer' o f State eforcn fer on si ernando t me din- 'wrotee' company; and frther s .yd. t strult tde me to "rthW-
ntd befnge nefed rto wIMd u 141 o wl.t' ui t c Bit. .. ..l.i. Thomas, N. that A. Clarke .,theIrt as soon ase o p.m. and
FerandoBorouglteehInthefuitdiners'shad Bades, who are in reipt S ot. -O CLES r CO mmatteebenefitOfthiss."ameAiS DISbeCT of their matimum r-,ing will be Town Clerk explained that __
Sop the" ftMarketi biGuo lo tun re.perist.iformaned t ft heirpostions. rawi oucll or5001 Caswhe feord wasid TEheP

tkheubanthe X=e U. be dealt with whae a general re- the TOWS tund iha dve i-
1Thomasto. Ucehaa, d t ameetiniste of Lthe meTading si bei oa b eenZ -eend ahat thmedn e h id THOROUGHLY
f Sn div gnerfo ron Memorl e r ase thd. overtime.
sheachers Gthrenoh"bee Councihreo helpast 12,yeart tComtcoibo Dr er. A. ee sId he Adhebune In. WYa on ,s WATCH Pn
tr e r atbera nc the eotand Poor Re- P OPULAT oFI SAnoneoftheCounci wh.y.the.cou.o ..ha _uikopet -.ay O---to b
eronsi e ing rved gon" W osf oa for St. Andrew, leaves Populgtho statistcs, of 'he Col- relrrd o pby the Deoput @Mayor ,uea ... i A
reor den stw r.ptrs ony now being prepared by te sld no bnmed. They were
izce Pores in Mm Frth Suim io o ruapna hef Regstratt.n Officer, will looking after th Interest of h
RpirsBoCorgh Tostrdybeenne hs a a cal to the nd he would lke
ptov i n cit un d City. Ca r tera Cu ernment d e recently C b ring eveylthing 0 .e open.
Of i aneWt of tho e Sio w ae5S T ri rneg Waeaat by the rmponfLga0a- vrSoyaso tikte itne ha h e
--d-C-. the o l asn. 3. P. Btuyangmmiwhs-Mr dsti llness ofX~ My -the&Re wl ertie oraH.a ntecmeey sol o i
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iTCHES-Gm ronteod
WELLERY-Gold and Silver
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15 V i SUWS ps0,1

The True Tnie Food

Litodaydemmiandn energy,
mM vii thn nature alone
amn provide. Tia ib when
Smnseobe Ineeded. Senatogen
b fta mo st*h i gy contomrmd
arw food. Daily Sketogen
-ie the health ad vitality
naeceay Mto ay you through
stin and worry,

A hotwe of calcium in the
ym lmank f *Popett,
l -- --- -l--
Te Mineraw Foodf Nor BMr Health a KM o
by& iompemIn"umanc'iu
by aLbSbod eite asa

The Oera.Kitllmg Throat Tabloti

FPmm Tablu kml W -o
Pm bin moudh Irat sIad.
tfMaheathe fb dAm a i Mm
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Sflpua dl, TrM*&as

Not Try

The Sales

near T.G.R.
There you would get
just what you are
looking for and can't
For we make it our
business to collect
rare finds, even
Souveanis A&tiqw

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Doinion Premem M

F"'b importat To W0rld
r ^KAL~x Xl years ago Adolf Hitler tokl

,,' fem.nd, sad wee d went to war
h.' her Dammlloli and Colonie would leave
hre to g t ot aIS beat sae s But
EATUNDAT. ........4 .

Domiion Prmmes'Meefti

nt happened? The Wonato rld the mor-
NzAHLz jivear aoAdolf dlrtd
Whe warld tbat the Wrill&hEmpireWA
~"moribund, #Adit Engfland went towa
huer DoOrnnl~sad Colonies would leave
bw togotout asbest she ould. But
wwa happened? The nations of the mori-
bund British empire did not wait to be
Called by We Mother Country In Septem-
ber, 1939. From the four points of the
Oompas they rushed to her aid, and to-
gther the mother and her family kept
S the snarling aggressor at bay for nearly
two yeWS while other free nations gath-
; end their strength.
What is the secret of this miracle of
bthe Britit Commonwealth? No one can
quite say. The countries of the Empire
may well assert that Britain helped to
make them Into great nations by nurtur-
ig their industries, promoting their cornm-
merce, and encouraging their individual-
Ism. Having become great and powerful,
they were free to cut themselves adrift
and seek pastures new. But they knew of
none so rich, so green, and so fertile as
that on which they had developed from
striplings Into sturdy adulthood. Their
growth brought them so close to the
Mother Country that, to quote Mr.
-Churchill, "it is beyond the wit of man
to bring them closer."
And now the Prime Ministers of the
big brothers of the Commonwealth family
are meeting In conference in London,
under Mr. Churchills chairmanship.
From the speeches of the opening session
It was clar that they were called to-
gather, not to fit their countries Into
some Xps semen devised by Britad,
bt to help ee* am nmpw ideeloV.
For this Is of paramount importance to-
day-a new Ideology, based on *tbe ideals
that have withstood the test of time, but
developed along broader and more in-
timate lines.
The British Commonwealth Is a fam-
ily that has assembled and multiplied In
diver ways, and now it feels its strength
and its potentialities. Tested in the fire,
It has emerged stronger than ever, and
its solidarity and loyalty, its community
of spirit, ean a shining example to the
world. Mr. Churchill knows more than
Sany other man what this spontaneous
loyalty meant to England in the desper-
ate days of the war. "Darkness was
turned into light," he said, "a light that
will never fade away."
Thus the Dominion Premiers are in
Britain on a mission of profound import-
ane. They do not need to be reminded of
the fact that the future of mankind is
at stake, or that post-war reconsatruction
will mean more than any number of in-
ternationalm conferences. The type of poet-





. $ 60.00

.-f ~*~**~ ________________________________________

' a -din so; -W~

'tB s Comwm lth e
too faop" w. d afi nip -s
lb It aumamnid respect and gi

O" mareuce may presage the la.
aug ma of am Kmpt Council or am-
pt B aet a eamsltatlve body fr
the Ie Commonwealth, and an office
astaemt oa tho point may soon be
rmhcm g. If It Is true that the Cornm.
m1weUh needs the world's help and
friendship, It Is equally true that thew
world n Ut. steabMisng influence of
this aggregation of great and growing
nations an which the sun never sets.

Work For Blind Makes
Appeal To Our Sympathies
TuS Cornflower lay appeal which Is be-
Ing made today should come very
near the hearts of everyone in Trinidad,
and result in large collections being taken
up to meet the ever-growing needs of the
local blind institutions and of St. Dun-
stan's. The work of the former we have
withus always, and while it is little pub.
licised Its importance is not in doubt. The
war has temporarily held back the move
which the Blind Institute planned to
make into new quarters, but the work
goes on: and the St. Mary's Home for
Blind Girls als deserves all the assist-
ance we can give.
These local organizations between
them absorb 60 per cent of the Corn-
flower Day sales, leaving 40 per cent for
t. Dunsan's. This metod of distribu-
tion was adopted before the war and has
not since been changed, for though the
conflict has placed greatly increased bur-
dens on St. Dunstan's, it was recognized
that higher maintenance costs made It
imperative to continue at least the same
measure of support to the work done for
the blind in Trinidad. To meet these all-
round bigger demands it is clear that only
the most generous response to Cornflower
Day will allow as to have a clear con-
science, and it is sincerely to be hoped
that the improved takings last year will
not only be maintained 1ut surpassed on
this occasion. The public are therefore
urged to pay as much for their corn-
flowers as possible.
There Is another demand on our sym-
pathies being made in connection with
St. Dunstan's. While the local St. Dun-
stan's Association could not undertake,
for the reasons mentioned, to increase the
proportion of the Cornflower Day sales
given to that Institution, It agreed to is-
sue periodical special appeals to swell the
fund. Such an appeal, Intended exclusive-
ly for St. Dunstan's, is now being made
apart from the Cornflower collections. It
Is hoped, therefore, that many generous
persons, besides buying cornflowers, will
!tpnd a donation to the local Association
for transmission to England, where the
imminence of the invasion reminds us
that further calls may be made before
long on the resources of this splendid in-,
stitution for the war-blinded.
We should remember that St. Dun-
stan'e not only has a considerable res-
ponsHbility on its hands from the last war,
ut in the present conflict is meeting the
needs of soldiers, sailors, airmen, mem-
bers of the Home Guard, A.R.P. workers,
nurses, and those in the auxiliary ser-
vices. This Is a heavy undertaking, and
the spirit in which it Is being faced as
well as the success which has been
achieved leaves no doubt that every dollar
given to the fud will be worth while".

St. Joseph.
Plea For Employment
The nMoe' w rheUM" GWIla."
when the US. Oernment
st td he ciutel of buse
hbe, large numbers t skilled and
unskiled labours wre allowed to
enter the Colony to waek an them,
with. I u told, definite under-
standlng that when the mwrk was
completed they would be emt beck
home, and not allowed to remain
here seeki gJobs which could be
mined yI Trindadlans.
Now that the as shave been
completed there are serious signs
of grofia unemployment, the re-
sut of which can be sen In the
recent outbre. of crimes. I think
Government should take Immediate
step to deal with %he situation.
Son Juan Forgotten ?
The Editer, tTinidad Guala."
San Juan, It appears to me, *I-
though just three mnlles from Port-
of-Spain, Is forgotten in every
scheme initiated for the progrem of
this land.
Compulsory education extends
only as far as lower 8ants crux;
the population of the public pri-
mary schools is well over %:0;
there are no do'nestic science or
handwork oentres In the area, yet
such facilities exist In les thickly
ropulated districts of Trinidad and
Tobao; the Central Lbray heme
has by-passed San Juan.
Sanitation 1%, to say the n.,
awful thre Isno pue releghm
e1tee' the %buMlan M* to, g to
4otf-pi to W~t 111r $1000
toey bIUlMt s Xe= owe an ore
abl undermanned.
Wo wonder San Juan occupies
atch a high place In the files of
the C.I.D.
Old Tyres Are Useful
The Editor. "Trnibdad GMurdla."
Several industrial concens and
others are now pling up consider-
able stocks of tyres which they
consider are of no further use, and
must sooner or later be dumped.
But such tyrems could aain be
used by owners of Ulighter vehicle
a" relevers or cape, to great ad-
Does the Control Board know
about this accumulation of dis-
carded tyres?

South Trinidad
Teachers Act Without Pay?
The Kilor. 'Trindad uarfdan."
Sometime school monitors are
selected to aot a* pupil teachers,
and although are Sent
to the Education Department In
time. It Is sometimes after services
ae rendered that the Deprtent
thinks It the right time to t these
IaM know m y are nt eligible.
O uee th are not paid, or, If
they a" 0, t- put. i that bemn
Some eadteachers are elected
for an agricultural coune and given
an allowance. Their assistant teach-
ea act in their stead; they d6 the
headteaehera' Work plus their own,
yet, to my knowledge, they are not
givenvenen a small honorarium.
Comfort On The Railway
Th NMer TriNded Owdlan.I
I rNead with Interest ae"
suggestIon In thi column th= 4merI
ecoafIt Is needed i our ramiwa4
system It seems a very soed idea
Indeed, but I wish to add that this
comfort as sted would be ap-
plioablg to UVMrst cls r lesonly.
Man rne.ado
Adulterated Foods
ft. Thoma P *. UnM
at" aSu -oead

mom whifdr -AtW Own-
N.atherMMO.dM g h
pno tt ta. and

; n t WW wlMTv ed)
=ere t aI nto"thVif t-
L C. NW. ex
Pont Partkin.
Are WONer Iam pt?
The lt 1or "tiiad atei
Pseas. sla a. .pae NIEsYour
newspaperto ask questAs: Are
bakw wipffrom I NOWNlo

hknts From Letters:,
_eipuwy ( Ot-o*-epat):
im- wm vS vIPt~9 ~~t
MW-mIN tM t rt ,ir

Allied Unity In Mutual Aid

Seems Pattern For World Peace

Mr. Charhil said is Pautla-
met recently that when the
MtNual Aid Pat was signed
there was definite agreement
with President Reoeevelt that
Imperial preference would neot
be affected.
The following article by a
well know editor and author
shows how the system f mu-
tua aid werks:-
In the first stages of the war,
the pre-Dunkerque days, Britain,
broadly speaking, was dependent
upon the ordinary peace-time me-
thods of paying for the war mate-
rials she needed.
As the demands of the war ma-
chine Increased, however, it soon
b- &me obvious that as far as pur-
chases from the United States were
concerned the steady drain upon
Britain's liquid resources would re-
sult in a time being reached when
there was a distinct danger that
the flow of Itlons and food
would ')e re, through inability
to pay.
Some idea of the severe strain
un these finances Is shown ny
tunt S Op ndBAmo inoAbe
spent, since the outbreak of war
som 1,00,000.000 In the United
States o supplies of all kinds for
tUe by herself and her AWOie.
After Dunkerque, the President
of the United States, with a far-
sighted vision saw clearly that the
war In Europe was in fact a world
war, the ultimate issue of which
would vitally affect his own coun-
try. With this In mind. in March,
1941. he piloted through the United
States Congress an Act entitled "An
Act to Promote the Defence of the
United States," commonly known
as the Lend-Lease Act.
Thi meant that the President
could transfer without payment
materials needed for winning the
war to the Governments of those
countries %hose defence vas deemed
vital to the security of the United
This arrangement at once enabled
Britain to continue to take advan-
tage of the vast productive re-
Mources of the United States.
Equal Part"er"
To the oloskal financial burden
assumed by Britain, must be added
the no e sgn~lcalt part played
by the free and equal partners of
the British Empire.
In 14, Canada, In addition to
besris the tal aost 0t thU sm-
pieAi ofin Scea Olun-
la& 1"lved the fanalburden
of Mother Country with a
mone, gIt Mof a million dollars, to
be followed in May, 14, bby the
passing of a Mutual Aid Act to pro-
vide aommodities to a similar value
tr all the United Nations "without
cash eCharge of the goods.',
In addition, from this generous-
hearted Domninlop they0 has flowed
to *Wry theatre of war, an ever
bro*d1ng stream of food and mu-
nitonsL Australia, New Zealand,
and Idia have a similar story to
tell, expending vast sums and pro-
d services which cannot be
eqittdin tesma of cash.
South Africa, too, has played a
fne part by developing her Indus-
tral power to equip her ownA fight-
ng men. wo. with the many thou-
sands from the other Dominions
Wand India have fought on many
war froet*.
TB qB wo e have to take Into
g te 1g b avs, pl as e
and srateic pobto haePlayed

an Important part In the total war
Without Gibraltar, Malta, and
Cyp: a the Mediterranean could
not have been held; without the
West Indian bases the United
States fleet would have been en-
dangered; without the air bases and
ports In East and West Africa the
Oerman- might still be in North
Africa; anG without Mauritlus and
Ceylon India might have been in-
vaded. ,hus Impeding the opening
of the Persian routes to Russia.
It is Impossible to strike a bal-
ance sheet which would begin to
show the effect which the loyalty
to each other of the 500,000,000 peo-
ple comprising the British acm-
monwealth has had upon the war
on all fronts.
With the entry of the United
States Into the war, LUnd-Lease
became translated Into Mutual Aid.
Britain's mutual aid agreement
with the United States, signed ID
February, 1M2, provided that the
Government of the United King-
dom will continue to contribute to
the defence of the United States
of America and the strengthening
thereof, and will provide such ar-
ticles, services, facilities, and in-
formation as It may be In a posi-
tion to supply.
All For Victoery
goodsad m ewies which
Britlan prov'eA as reciprocal aid
are in general of a different nature
from those received from the Uni-
ted States under Land-Lease.
United State assistance is main-
1 In the form of contract placed
I bulk and supplies transformed in
bulk, where Britain's reciprocal
aid In contrast is mainly the pro-
vision f services, large and small.
and In a wide variety of items
transfer-ed in the daily course of
the war, such as the provision of
transport services, accommodation,
airfields, frilitles and other ser-
vices to United States forces In the
United Kigdom and In the Col-
onies, together with information
and the fruits of research as tested
in the light of battle experience.
As a result of these arrangements,
war material has been furnished by
the United Kingdom to the U.Ss.R.
free of cost. This was regularised in
an Agreement signed on June 27,
104L. As an example of this mutual
aid, It may be mentioned that by
the end of May ;013, 4,10 complete
aircraft (ineludin losses in tran-
sit) had been sent to Russia, with
prorate supplies of spares. In-
engines, airframes, and
other at*loe of equipment.
A routs was opened -up carry
these sqpples across Perls, and
Britain .. W, quantities by
sea moute to Nth u which
has 'equenatly involved a major,
and Indeed a very hazardous, naval
Lem For Future
Thus mutual aid, difficult to re-
cord in pounds and dollars, is hit-
tint the agremsso hard. It means,
in fact. that the United Nations
engaged in total war are using to
their mutual advantage, total re-
sources. So long as the enemy in
bemg driven back by a soldier vf
the United Nations it does not mat-
ter whose weapons are doing the
It has taken the bitter experience
of war to persuade four great peo-
ples to engae t mUtual aid to en-
sure a oOM d. If the lessons
wial ae heen learnt can be ex-
S tp eO pe then it sees

Tomorrow s C urch Services

T? fm.., TheY 7 d ;; e.i 3 .Om.,
veturAandeeswum;s tI P.. Evuleag

-- -. L D_ N UW -- .n ilee.
S.50 u-n.*am emu PReeg fRt 0

hW them kitu V a
alm mom" t.

n* ahsU fsalka W .

yyM nl-IMb:C ^Snu.s..
sAJhSxf1uow *sair'** **

osum-r uA~aaaeva LABK
JMa see 14 lasimaea


a ACS 006; 3*4.
^^Stee ^n.


I:,'.) 'a

n,. n a..A Ot m ....
sm Dmin u md "t thNei" -!
m ul am an# Fault -a ne

or~r" "MIL .2W
A*M r*af"r At holta retUOd 10 'he lna
fit -sh Jr- q I la~ ft8 liiRNrIe by a nepI=
pataS'ch hr a reH-1 j
Unlul a ue Oa te .... i

COVNT Cul~at. iig
INonr- --I -eort fica- ti e
ier *Mb Wm ...... **
Tew Ot W beed a MUNe the Tre auM, nt
a WaiGen1u
,Th 1W= wea a net:i outed, the midde of ,r1
"ano"sa *hou mwuMf W rre-eno ntert. ed

Director ofI


Arrangemmnta have been ade fe animals (oiMKs,
4onkeys) to be vacihnited at cetrtm In the Cionty tI
Mon uday. Tuda. Wdn y and Thursday, the th, At,
11th of muay.7 iptllie Hq. .
,Par ano s wautree and date and tiuMI
ka2nd jack mbem diteouey throtbut the Cm w


Appel bfcy C.aI..

The C.I.D. requests any. person who heean
in the vicinity of the Northwest Section of th
Pork Savannah (Queen's Royal College siWh'
night of (Sunday 23rd April, 1944), to
communicate with Police Headquarters.
A dark man of about 5' 9" medium bWW|
khaki jacket and trousers with a broad rimnft
pulled down over his face and carrying a s
sought. Any person who saw anyone fi1l
description in that vicinity between 7.00 and .
should also communicate with the Detective
tendent, Chief Inspector C.I.D., or nearest I
tion. All such information will be treated
confidence by the Police. .
T. D.


Careless Tal

Costs Lives



Os leais free SLU to $1%W at % per annan.
On leans upwardsB o f I$0A Wt om at 5% perI
On leans upwards ef M .eI rate.

For a-

mculars apply to-

J. F. A

IPI 4,

slew inesbwl
ma s hess m-- ofImawoo-_
pioodh s7 W ghww eI VTC
RC~medw F1 'ayesmw


POAt ameil
I bes-lfesp
Peof ahias"
1111 1wS

*V'bmIp ~.d Diem
'I. ~,e5vs chews kh*shda.
mcmv 4mmed~~~

*I ''\



Proceeds From Sale Of TEAS at


By Mrs. L C. C. HOBSON

ICE CREAMS $. 145.71






," '.*



*mma~A nain-aU. zisnai.~. MAY 1. ibM.e

-mm .

1-.w-1-.--"-- --.- ------ "-. -- M .

o^Ch mHtrZI Gtwu Mut
'. W W t CMta

vw Wft p emoe rma is npote
Sa da 4 $1 S00m6 Mr. no 1. P,^my.
64 yg< Vienton. tOWN ~ TtaiM QMma"

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wBE^ *4Mne- time
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50lug~ed by Goern-
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asrl r and b cornpal
st mof orn are Me.
Bitk'abother mostw*i
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Wetean now gardens
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SSeeks Voice
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thaabe atioy omanr

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LL.x.o. can paeticpate
M trat. By the IL.O.

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t am bmet or wlesn
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IVl May HaltX4
un Shi pmdof.enentsd
yl~w~tW~aatt sup-r
PoRtugal tao and

|15ea u .a within crigds
||pfe that captheurewonill
duynoway IPeligarnens
pa f t earge locra
|v MW ow omomf e-a-yft

er sine ..dothe Ag0
Ce reatioy a

hofurM experts
I~ted MUMon
Ifi~w. citing of the
Be a aorpnte for con-
M .. -an participate
ir tety. By the I.L.O.
*Aer Omoveunent until
J Mn aified by the na-
V* bodies.
*delegtes ~ogt not
sMONSWUr for ratifica-
L to find mome way
wftm wil have direct
U& pec. T7e American
cu bmtain for workers
topart: "Mh governing
6.0.) should appoint a
'committee on labour
&> I h Wes settlement,'
tUIPWI haers seeaild the
00 Is interested In get.
Ua~i~ct for raising

iNMay Halt
tMi Shipments

y~to Spaes suron
*FWPorugl to haft
BiMtgtt to Gern"ay
B">ble that suh at.
W1 t Agesc&j within

uom~etp her nftd on
1010,coBM after Woe
rZvwa. maw PrlInt
has h camu toI
011, AW ll has booeI
2*M since the Angle-I
a!*iuwt th i~am",




LONDON. MaIy (AP).-Btanbs-
law Mlkolajek. the Polish Prime
Minister, speaking o the Polisha
national day of celebration, caled
tfor a Pan-.ropean olanlsatlon
to be set up to work In co-opeia-
tion with the geat powers and spe-
docally recognized R sIsan domin-
ance in the post-war councils.
Pleading the cause after the war
of mail nations. he aid: "The
spiritual entity after this war must
become an economy entity, har-
moniously co-operating with the
United Kingdom, the United StAtes
and the Soviet."
Arguing against the division of
the world into spheres of influence
and the creation of a union of
great powers only, he declared:
"Nations small or great, their pow-
er is mutual and tomorrow this in-
terdepdence will be greater.
Democracy must replace totalita-
rianism as an international regime
for all nations, but Democracy in
International affairs is no less than
sheer necessity If world peace s
to be assured."
M. Mikolajczyk urged common
transport in land apd air, a Euro-
pean currency pool and an invest-
ment fund to equalise the difference
in the levels of prosperity in the
various European countries." He
said Poland "by its suffering, toll
and ceaseless struggles asks as its
own right to be master in its own
Polish "Desertion" Question
To Be Investigated
LONDON, May & (AP)-It was
announced that the trouble-
some Polish army "desertion"
question which had repercussions
in Britain, the United States, Rus-
sia, and South America, is to be
investigated by a six-man ;ommils-
sloa named by tt.e Polish National
Council. Two members of the corm-
mission are Jews on the council,
which serves as a representative
body for the Government-in-ezlle.
The other four represent the prin-
cipal Polish political parties. 'l1e
council held a special meeting to
name the commission and called
on Government to furnish all docu-
ments of the cases and records of
the courts-martial.

French Ambassador
For Chungking

letter from General Charles de
Gaulle accrediting him as delegate
to China with the rank of Ambas-
sador of the French Committee of
Liberation, was presented to CGener.
alissimo Chiang Kal-Shek by
General Zinovi Pechkoff, hero of
the Great War. General Pechkoff
recently returned to Chungking
from a visit to Algiers.

Swedes ,Strengthen
Military Forces
P. A. Hanson, Prune Minister, de-
dared that Sweden has "continu-
ously and rapidly" strengthened her
mUita forces as a bulwark of
neutrality and the time has not
yet arrived when they could neglect
In a May Day speech, he declared
aresed conflict was unlikely, but
"we do not know. if and when war
may come closer to us," in an ob-
vtous reference to the recent Allied
demand that Sweden halt baI-
bearing trameffic to German.
"It is uo to us to assert our neu-
trality," he said. "We cannot count
upon others to do so except In
cases where it. would coincide with
their own Interests. Neutrals can-
not be expected to be specially ap-
Mr. Hansn said neutral coun-
tr'ieas have been brought to make
concessions which have been found
"onerous," but this did not mean
a neutral had taken the wrong podI-
tion 0nly tha "Me IS ual to
follow I& am line an strictly as
he would have llksd to do. Then
however, is a long way from stat-
fig this to renouncing the right to
form his own Judgment."



iO ." N- rL.
j ^ 1 q 4. /

~mm tha1EOEM
a'gmesy, my. 1! thaw

Aafe ,, ib a't

Air Blitz

On Europe

heavily-loaded sorting sidings caus-
ing explosions and flr s. A ccuch
shop was hit and at least 17 hits
were scored on sidings,
Similar damage was reported at
Troyes and Reims.
A lot of such damage can be re-
paired quickly-but aleo can be in-
flicted again as today's follow-up
attacks Illustrated.
Despite the momentary slacking
of the heavy bomber attacks from
England, the intensity of the over-
all campaign is unabated. During
the last three days of attacks on
northern France and Holland not
one heavy bomber was lost. Dur-
ing the 21 days, there has not been
one without a large-scale opera-
tion by the Eighth, the R.A.,. or
the Mediterranean Allied Air Force
to keep the German defences un-
der strain and German war Instal-
litlont crumbling.
There have been 17 alable Xlghth
Air Force operations during the
period, 15 by the M.A.A.P. and 12
by the R.A.P.-on average of more
than two per day.
[Bomber Command Mosqui-
toes, Reuter's reports, were out
apiln during the night attack-
ing objectives in western Ger-
many. There was also more
mine-laying and all the air-
craft got back.]
Tremendous Damage
Done Krupps Works
LONDON, May I (Reuter's).-
The Air Ministry ga-t moa details
tonight of the tr ewdmOW damag
done by the R.A.. In last nmth's
attack on thi great Krupp arma-
.nents works in -en. ipp s got
the inn wel,"t of the 1000 tons
dropped in this attack. At least 20
Important buildings were severely
damaged and another 2 damaged
to a lesser degree.
Nine months ago, at least two-
thirds of the Krupps works we
shattered by the repeated bombing
attacks..Since then the GOrmans
have been trying hard to get at
least a part of the plant working
again and these latest attacks
means that most of their work has
been wasted.
On the same night R.A.P. bomb-
ers hit all four of the bll-bearing
works at Schwelnfurt, doing con-
siderable damage to them all.
It was also announced that the
attack on Munich two nights be-
fore, devastated large areas in the
commercial and administrative cen-
tre west of the town, .includlnx the
main railway station. ny ware-
houses in the area were gutted, the
Nazi meetinin lace in the city was
hit once ap-Min and other Nald
Party buildings were destroyed,

More Scholarships
Plan Deferred
Disclosure that Government In-
tends to aait recommendation of
the Higher Education Comminson
before taking steps to increase fa-
cIlities for hher education is
made s an official reply to ques-
tionS by the Don'ble Roy Joseph
about whether the number of schol-
arships would be Increased.
Mr. Joseph ad asked:
,"i view n a the ston g nanelal
positiUon of the Colony and the de-
sire. of the Home, Golverment to
see more proesnal and univers-
ity twaine men ad wmin the
olonles, will Government please
consider the advlshUty of in-
creasing the number of land
Scholarstlps front th: mall nam-
ber igue of three to at least six
Answer by Government Is:
"Th question of the saholarshps
which should b. ane fr -
or education in ITriMdas w
as I other ri Wat g
Oolon*e Is at pIeemt under toIn-
vestigaton by a vlitli fommltte
of the Commission eof lner -.-
cation in the Oomiss The 009.
ernmiet proves to await the

in T- *

idligta siinsuier au4Jnaa.
-S -if teera t *-d

British Airmnian Gets
Dutch Decoration
LONDON, May 5 Oeuteo).
-A British Sairman, W o GO-
mander R. N. Bstesa today
received a rare honour. thA
Netherlands Distingulished ly-
ing Cross.
He led x Mosqultoe to The
Hague to blow up a home full
of secret German documents oIn
one of the most brUlla feats
of low-level precision boing.
The presentatiUon was de
by Prince Bernhardt, at the
Dutch Government headquar-
ten Int Londo. The CttonM
said that Bateson. in his dan-
gerous assignment, had ren-
dered moat important serve*
to Holland.




ANeint L F om oss Dfty

O-Pet Phan F-r Prser


Solve Own Problems
NEW'YORK, May S (AP).-Mr.
Rtfael Carrion, Executive Vice-
Presildent of Banco Popular de
Puerto Rico told the chamber
of Commerce of the State of
New York that he deplored the
flight of capital from the island,
but expressed the opinion that
Puerto Ricans "will succeed In
working out their own problems
without going to the extreme of
destroying the system of free pri-
%ate enterprise."
Mr. Carrion did not criticise but
said he was trying to present an
objective picture of Puerto Rico
"without any attempt to be criti-
cal," in outlining the island'm eco-
nomy, and added that the sugar
legislation by Congress "seemed un-
justified and unwarranted."
He said the application of the
Fair labour Standards Act to
Puerto Rico by Congress "practical-
ly ruined" the needlework Indus-
Mr. Carrion went on to say that
ftom the commercial view-point
Puerto Ri oe was prosperous. He
said rum does not offer the same
nosibIltiM ues s the sugar business.
It does not offer a solution to the
immediate problems.

Ohio Governor Only
Dewey Opponent
Mr. John Briaker, Governor of
Ohio. Is apparently the only
major challenger to the "band-
wagon" drive by the supporters of
Governor Thomas Dewey for the
New Yorker's nomination on the
first presidential blot at the Re-
publican National Convention. Al-
thoLh Senator Ball (Republican,
Minneseota) said he would present
the name of Lieutenant-Com-
mander Harold Stassen to the
convention, practical politicians
figured the chances of the former
I :n-hesota Governor were nercep-
tibly dimmed by his losing to
Dewey in the battle for South

Air Line Proposes
Extended Service

WAS ?NOTON, May a (AP). -
astern Air Lines today told the
Civil Asrona",tUes Board, hearing
applications to provide an air %r-
vice on the proposed route connect-
In; Washington and Baltimore with
Ottawa and Montnreal, that they
would provide Canada and inter-
mediate United States cities with a
direct air servW e to Central %nd
Soth America byr adding exten-
sicns to their service ti Latin Ame-
r' i which will mk a direct car-
rier service betwe all the cities
ol th pposed rA and all inm-
portant Tat Aawrican points.I

MW TOE May 4 (AUP).-Mr.
tVAN IM Stels Mttt16 to the Pe
Asesobtins- ea l Omem oe and a
POegI2me at 11e sCfous r AU
8asar 54 the oStW-day meetIzag of

mere. ea now presifdet of the
1,-h-- a MuWtual1 CeBASn, Of
sha i. sad: "We have a bi
el f aus as fres -tatvee
eiat.m isB the W tr Bn emin.
,e outlined thea prgrammoe
We) We wish to prsrve the to-
dap ae dsovereignty O
(I) We wish to o'operate with
the Governaveat I a our ountries
ita nunai the standards of living
a surinwgpeace ans prosperity
ter our eouulrymee,
(9) We vigh to make certain the
ts d of 1 Uto ald e will be pro-
tetd and preemrved to the cad
tha the peoe may determine
what kin o Government they
(4) That private enterprise which
demonstrably has provided the
Woateet ood for the greatest num-
ber shalr be maintained and pro-
(I) That the people and not the
State shall be held supreme.
(4) That pace ad uaderstand-
log In their relaUtionships hall be
maintained t the counties of the
Western Hemisphere.
(?) That busineM relatloabhipe
and trade among the hemispherle
countries shall be encouraged and
that unjustifiable handicaps to the
proper flow of trade and commerce
shall be removed.
(6) That out of our example with
the full conlderatlon and protec-
tion of all Individual sovereirntles
we shall try by precept and ex-
ample-by force If necesa&ry-to
keep the threat of war far away
from our shores.

Puerto Rico Will

Swedes Defend

Nazi Trade
first published figure from a
Swedish source set a value of
$2m00 on Sweden's export of
ball bearings to Germany. The
figure was carried In an "Afton-
bladet', editorial entitled: "To Pay
the Price," which reviewed the
growing Allied pressure on Sweden
to abandon this trade. The best
estimate available in this ofl0t of
the Associated Press-which Is
believed to be more accurate-set
the figure at $5J00,000. "Afton-
bladet" said: "It seems to us that
American opinion is now and then
poorly informed. This amount ist a
drop in the ocean of the material
used to wage only one day of war.
High American circles do not sewin
able to understand us. One re-M
now be the distance acrot "the
AUaWtK. for bombings cannot be
heard across the ocean. is Iweden
to die of hunger or be bombed or
invaded? It will not disturb any
American . It does not seem
to us that the Allies can protect
us if we break our contract with
Germany and therefore we think
the Alles should not present de-
mands which place us in such a

Britain's War
Babies Healthy
LONDON, May a (Reuter's)-
In spite of the war, Britaln's
babies and mothers are healthier
than they have ever been. MJr,
Willick, the Minister of Health,
said today that a new low record
had been set up In maternal and
Infant mortality.
The final figure of infant mor-
tality will probably be less than
50 per thousand births, a record.
He also said that venereal disease
and tuberculosis were a major
Tuberculosis killed more people
last year than In 1942. but the
U-1ath rate was far less than in
1918. the corresponding year of the

Steamship Line
Seeks Air Permit
NEW YORK, May S (AP)-Tbe
Moore-MOormack Steamship COm-
pany amlded Its application to
the Civil Aeronautics -Board for a
post-war overseas airline service
on air routes, four of which would
serve to run between Mew York
and Buenos Alr and a fiAfth route
to eerv point WI the West ladles.
The eot~yasked far participa-
tion In transportation of ,.r-
sonal property and mall between
those points.

Aussie Censorship
To Be Reviewed
TDMKY. May, I (IUeft')-
Dr. H. V. Zvatt, the Aintolle
Attoreg-Oqusral. coaueafifttflg eB
lbsHe Oih mart sugglem a9
practical ttule-nent of newpea
l< Idls 0 ted tted that aw-
a e would attempt to M
-t nrWug &%VAN& Dr.
saim as WWyIefr ~ ~ et
_ad illnii Mm "a"=

fti. m M Ji M e =
U.Sa.moNn bit by ftt
&d-nnnwooft 00iimmi-Nt Ino t
1R-m A;U W kwWng a0-Ml -F
sssf'ayjsySSL Oft
*--Ur JIMriw H~if

U.S. To Set Up
Aecountig Agency
MW I w.M 1ay
Hsl*i r *AM~elOsit"Wb
:7wwb b OWBA^Jl^eA^^^k^


In .. .

Bnw" Theatre m I
Wi/UL 1e-1 3-tre, ryashd .... Maya-barn 634
SlUM iiMbiT~futrs it. Iamss.... Maya-mejt M
3/2I. is-i ETsaare. Ark~t...... Naga-fleesar t
W3143 AMSI Tlasiem ure

a -i. ..... ...**** Nayu--- 2158
"am................Waya!.-- ^g
WI/tS Jbw'TeateleMVrde..... Nayqe-msw B
ftM earn

of AMA. au t;.'

We regret to anoume that d&n to tA*
. 1omplt of ear BRANCH FAC.
TORY at ARIMA, we are umble toJ
open up as mentioned In our preof
advertisement. Our OPENING Dat.I
would be on MONDAY, ISth MAY,


SJames KempW. Chalmn e f

duction. lad dOM an -
the Arsices at the petU
th% b gAsL

Police Clerks

Must Do Short

Patrol Duty
efutin sufehg that poe-
men doig c,8rcal duty ar eWer-
woby Mrk"ebc wiade o=Msto do
street duty at nghtk liverarent
has stated o' ePly to ilon h
the dnye o oeep that t s
satisfied no hardship oed -
the plemet required th o -e to e
added p dat doty.
Relevant oqWut weorn tMed
by Mr. Joseph In the LegHattw
Council on March 25eafouow:
"Is Government aware that
members of the Folice Pan who
do office work are made to do such
office work for more than *tM
hour, per day? If the anerl te
In the affematjve, will Oovemn-
mnt see to it that this prdactis la
stopped and that members of the
Force doing office wor: be asked
to work for only eight hours per
"Is Government aware that:
(a) Some members of the Police
Force after having worked In the
office for over eight hours a often
called upon to do night duty ain the
(b) That the Commisalonera at
Police save Instructionsa n 4/11/4
that men who do office work should
not be called upon to ado nght
duty on the streets
"If the answer is In the affirma-
tive, will Government please state
why are these officers thus over-
worked despite the Commissloners
aGovernment replied as under:
"At members of the Police porce
are on duty at all times. In prac-
tice non-ommissioned officers and
constables employed on clerical
duty work normally about eight
hours per day.
"The reply to the s cond part fo
in the negative.
"(a) It has been t'he custom for
many years to require non-com-
missioned offers and constables en-
gaged in clerical duties to perform
a period of four hours' Mtrcl duty
once In six days. On the dy they
have to perform such evenln pa-
trol. they are released from offe
work at 330 pam. on the otaer
hand, they are not ordinarily re-
quired for duty on Saturday atter-
noons, Sundays and Public Holi-
"(b) The Instructions of thh
Commlsslor'r otf Police, dated
November 4. 1h42, do not refer to
these officers but to the employ-
ment of senior non-commuislsoted
officers on all-night duty at Police
Headquarters. Government 14s at-
isfled that no hardship Is betg
caused to those non-ooaings

shrpcus n8wgienor
officers and "oscaabes who e
peerformin esreal duties nr i '-
quiring them to carry oato u d-
ditional patrol duty for the short

U.S. Urges Swiss
To Cut Exports
The United States has extended
to Swltserland the drive to halt
supplies reaching the Nad war
r.achlne from neutrals.
Negotiations ar In progress t
London between Swiss and Amernl-
can representatives looking toward
sharp cuts In Swiss exports to
Germany of ball bearinos, chrfno-
meters, fuses and precqson Instru-
ments. The Swiss are also being
asked to reduce their credits to
the Nazis.
In return, they are askin In-
creased imports from the UnitedS
States of food. cotton ad T.N.T.
Apparently the London talks
are xoing satisfactorily and It Is
expected they will be concluded
with a sis-ned trade agreement re-
placing the Met negotiated last
December under which Swittr-
land drastically out shipments to
Germany of products sated for fa-
ther withholding nrow.
Maytime Frolic
In South Today
Trinidad Guarda. Cerrespenden
Hon'ble T. Roodal. iayor of San
F-Mando, will open the Maytair'
sponBOed by goa Ruamaeh
Young People's non at the
grounds of the an Perando .M.
School on SatWday MayS. Aong0
tke numerous aov le. will me tie
selecting and crowning of the
'May ueen' a contet opened to al
thelades.Thee will also be gems
and music

Head Office,

50, Prince Street.

'Phone, 5290.






$3.65 up.




ises --11.




S. .You can spot it
every time
ETLL e you at Ship's S.Vos
1. s me Dhow much Ico 0-c
Coca.Cola seaae to the as. In
^60"0124-u lAk 40nIMeIt MMi I*|-- -- -L
aone. You read sad hear idalse
thlw every day.
Wbstpeople aea&boom k dduk
hat woay io's smat ompshlo
ownm. A drindak th adds rehb'
mmitmt 1 hlnriq-.ihlu. *- -- -- ^

c.1 b cosCeb Csomwnbo
ofTe. md opV



*1ii %



*), ,L.





aStle&eat .hewig Amoeuts ree"
frE Cnema Shows In aid of-


-. ..,s,~te.,. -A..~. S.


*B)1f~~ .flL munii ... J4 Je y
A I ?wd

|-4M f Ti Chatd Bauty. Scheduk
*. IsIM8 i i ....
man em mii nw i *. W. 5A W Vakr M. as"tL
a lktthgearWilhe

*WS %1 t WI s MW = 1W1_o

V aOe a ai d if Ta w as d,
1sg~e smiUto saw IIA

|W<~i ttfChf loe tuG1ce, onM11 111- C'kO U o 11 Now@ .. m in I V o ftM 1 t da

MM, l . lls. ar.W 1A., dt(e Itt baito
!oM uW.v. Uionrau (.O udMr. Wen, thet ooabel Hi wlle 0 0 0 M = esut In br

'**M 0. N. N. Un yOcr aty r qm e ovetv* h,

-=M1. 111 all MnMI W0frat1 A11o, Mr. nd Mr. 6001 1 Ioo1 bun A*t Un of powdeftaW -u '2W eon-asMi so"
- t m..-x m ah0111y1wh-ad sk Wwtj M. Atid M th eek whh wll nt It d bwvtr u
A Left Mr. ft"K.W. 1 111CNWM.. Wslte ,aott. mr.Of trm (oo dt andlrtt w*U yo1 )mxw--4 me -a ,ir
Mr. lUd Mns. Alia 8tor Ospt. MsBa tok Dr. and Mrn. Gllnour. lue you from ietUBR bot aa4~i you- hav o __ .rs .
SW I fo D ananU

* M. NUfln. M1M Amtes. Mr. en M. A. Uegert, Mais 8nader=on, stIcay. eM41 If1 oSpl
3r. and Mrs. Clow Ting Chuaa. Mr, Andrw C. Nersey, and Mr. Net are till fashionable if of at ntgt to get rd c Ihm.
Slsn irb, worn low at the hack with th APlyNyour6 powder with eoat"on w
Sh ai r flattened on top, and, t anl oni dust It Im lghUp. ust at
Bu adp .Y M-- We A *%k rmecourse, head baud for, out.o4 wey i too ot $ time.
S RATAN ad LA ccopanI Lut. H. Clrke. doors i always becoming. A of mat with
attefdd M cri=et mIatci t the Ooe.rynant Hose o ,,Itcd op beatenup white ea r wsl
8t. Annli R1ead TurTsday. between Oommodore Phllfpv eleven Ma03a SHAMPOO hke kep the hktahfirm .ind els.
from BX8. D w and another from Plarco Wardroom. Th. former I, h however, you ar determined e very much better tha
we vetorlouf h run. The gust had tea on the rounds oad to stick to your long locks you usinl a lot of thick ornams at thi
t teens at the British and Allied Merclhnt Navy Club. will fid that you will gt the tlme of the yar.
Am those w1t1eelnj the gUe were commodore and Mr. best results If you keep them aM LaUtly, be sure and keep the
Ptlpm, Prentice, and Commander LndsMy. H Benbows free of grease as poaible, kin Immaculately clean byt eleman-
team soaurlsd: I UuL-t.CoaMider Drsh. Lleut.-Oom.mnder Oco- Shampoos should be given more ling daily with a pod cod cream
oyubs, 3. S11ca1de&l1" 1ut. Sarham, Lreut. J. Meofroy, ay-Lrle s frequently and very much levnt which mtg t be thoroughly ot-
I d iut. A. Oroy Liut. Mrton. Lieut. Perce, wo mae setting oton than usual used. moved and the fe doused w
Sfor h d with runs; ub-Lleut. Wardle, ad Sub. Y the males amount of bi- cold water or akin tas a st .
lpa ~ler biantine, either smoothed on with wads..
*' Prce WardrooK played: Capt. Prentice, Ueut -Col. Syfret, Cour- the hand or prayed on with a ro
harMArBow.iut.MastersfLouhavtoraspray, if you still have such a
Wiles. Uct.prk., Uc~ut.-owisae, Liu.Pwell, SbLieut..Ms~r. voiea thing, should be supplied, endT d a9 fl,.6
highlotest soreu longer brushing at night should y- 'J" wh 'J
Sub Liit, K/lrkb, who made 44 r, be given to keep It brilliant andPondusala2,weet I
s1. g louy. Pound Mie at 31. Jaw~elBra
coursea whitefor aid of St. MayXs Home
H tlfaidally received a letter a few dray ago from Ster Marie A beaten-up white of an egg f ln, o t W
S A* of the adced H oartm. early Mios "Bijou" Knox of maessaged Into the scalp afterS Blr.
Sld s after LOu left here lUt August and is at presenI at- washing and before the final rin e of fs in aid t. D-
the OnvnB t k Bra i poortual. but expects to be sent will al.o help a lot to keep the s=in'.ua aort, Imperia Co
! elM 8faere ( rtty'._ hair dry-looklng and do away with sports i mp'J l Collowt
At the tims of writing she wagusts well and enjoying the climant a lank greasy oparange. st. Au ustine, i.30 p.m.
Sthe t wnhd to ei remembered so all her a rlends and pupils of You will probably find that even Dance at Perseverance Club.
ItegeeebthslthsI kec lth"ILDane at Triyniedad Countryh
Potrat-of-tSpaul wlln.. lClub.
te JosephCon*oGvent,.-of-paS. drop o it more quickly than usual, Dance ort
Ly e Dls estbthooCly FC
ft" s oIL ells.e Lhmeisheut. oketohrdahter.MiutI but If youneedto gettbckn- Read, p.b
6v Oq~ul h al~eh~ last Wednesday to grfeet her to plate In a great hurry for a ~ y naty
-d hra lit biretthday. Mf Crooks, who left for Cenada a few months dane In the uaevenin or some other FORTHCOMING faVN wt
toai e rwel anIs di ng prtns.u. War Wor e cub rlint egspin the good old- Trinity moonlignht frolic, Prince's
1A *e blfaahloned way. They curl very Buildingw Monday, May from 7
mWardroomplayed:Capt.Prenteleti Co tryChe quickly, etpecialln if the hair is p.m. to midnight.
Sw ay yu row at theutrid onC dampd with a little cologne .e- Air Transport Command dains,
S ub- "Sdy1 o nd a tbhe atephera was brightened with fore hand, and wil not break the Waller Field, T'hunsday, May 11.
t esrfsl "hnpt-4Lcky" mauner.
An ie In attedane wer Mi Sheila Todd, Mll Pasy
, oya.l, M-iJaMars, imit Brendan Coeteilto, Mr. ran DAbad., a Pd i ro r a r a m m e
' Capt. Mtchell. a GrsMe Mahoney, Lieut. Paul elynn, Ll2ut. Willie B
" Woodecok. Itl. Oordoan HamUton, Laeaut Basil Clark, ieut. HowMae, g._______________________________________
: 0;.a Joae Ray, Lutt Evelyn and Capt. H. Bowring - K---,----O- -----"
Aon ofthe mared set were Mr. and Mrs. Mervvn Orell, Mr.--editKWID. Ktecpa frwvoh__
. mUet lamielml et h Mrs. Bob Cehlsm. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lobto, wsid ano ow .. n.. oo i Ntm
___ Mr sd r Joh 7lypji I. 15l Macrr Jan,,. Qus Pass
I e 10 .0 .irs t PlanP Quartet Ihe rn thi wMk
Chief pe'iy offcms at PrO are g e i pI one of their so-gay n:l a.... ht ______-Tr tor Yan
S dnce at the Rf al Naval Club on Tunidesy. May t All honorary a k r C asy p .,r'i,e.h orrh NewS. Hur ok le2 p
hidy &M emibero U' vited and. oa lourhe a good time awalts thofe You wl pSnDana HTn Clu.
-' Wb l abN ______ 3:45 N1es a Com'nlary .... __
wmi- returned a s eur:S oll P sae SDance a rni Jrad Conr
at ph Cnvnt Prtof-Spain.A Clubw.s tew iieaos~ ~

DORM CROIO KSellsmeshespoketoher dagher Ms I4 tone to tak* ft eou te *n-e J Naf" w LW
rrtvals Irom nEaland wr Mrh rWilfred Royrft. 8 Rs 0a Pam. n byI n ntry.
o e of Mrt. the wieles engineer sent out from EnglandT lW o Sd lJwn HT i Hit PZrdi.ltol 5I a
" rNt With the coriructlon the new rdlotelephone saton -____ -
MissCrok.wo etfrCandaa ewmoth dncUIStevnigortsoern ther h Fannie HCOINGX.N

P, ea* obi3 d h1". bi thay *imp Uraiteo cepenter uewn
, Aa*. t. AJn"aAD BARTriT',n director of thC Prm-ier 'Trinidad) 7 l. 9 c uNoeihrn areh. ragne ews
-'** 0-te IUd. at Palo 8eco. arrived her rer'entlv on one Of hl --." ~, ---- w.,. ,>"
rlo oal vlt. Mr. Baitlett expect to remain in Trinidad until 00 New Headline News Nlghlt Owl Club
a:fas ioned nway, TheycriveoryguildnroMr d ,
5a4 l a. Lower Bai nret Noctunee
le isit f Mr. A c. 1 n eeIral manager of the corn- .h .. .... ,o .- -._
pnyI, wad Mqi. teham M. M Bartlett wai In Trtnidad a itile ovr a m-- a-lteog -Arastmndc
yAe Wo, aend remained for a month or two. abg n W. No ew Nd e. iin a orea Ie Wll onel diry-,i Ms a 5 ,.

Yv Sot !


I l"





riIAII -



4.45 p*.
8.45 p..
wer the


SDennis o-n Irone Monn
0Dennis *Morgan *Iran* Manning



,-. 1~

Today. 5 and .80
Marnha Hunt and Alexander
Knox in
None Shall Escape

a hveata

Temlght, 3,3-
TomigbI 230 1
The Musial MM
with Donald OTC
Exae Mat

Ti. lus .pIsiiv l YoT! si q I
IR *


Today. 9J.-W!ew tMes Th"ef ad OwhynI


Tonight. 3.30 and Tomorrow
at 5 and 8.30 p.m.
Brian Donlevy In

Teday at I..e p.f,
rack Up Yoar TraeU
Betuga Of Jthe r.
Today t = 14.

GAIETY -Sam Ferauafd
TODAY. I and &U and "O WSo Week-

will V



rLA 4I.O0 &e O.30 endo UYe rme-
Jen Hae. Maria Montes,
Turban V ley in
(in Teehnleoler)

EAGLE v. DRAGON in Technloeler.

TONIo"HT at 3.-
mnal PWforanmce of Warner's
1dd4 Cater., nfak *hes
Alexis Sth, Annim Hueridan
Tomorrw a Monday-FPox'a Tech-
nicolor Musical


0 WAS ~ ma lasmanm fte bs
J0w u treasi. will
tee nea *ea. bsmsm i t bew

[= e-
jij j tiniimm in &m ir.M

HM 5Sw P. NHU~sIM o ft m *Mr.
wwM~n151 3 1644 bs av

at An ROAD

Soturdy, May 6

a 0 x IN a

ani Bmumcat Inltum Q
a~~m tf of as bar-
3hm Nae to o3 fonnrt
md take part. Nan d m
weighs.umaybe givtos
Cub SteaMr.

With the nernmlm W
Dashig Board Uf WMH

1 *i ',
mo b so l a

TODAY at 5 & 8.30 ppm,-
Indian Musical Sensautlon
h But-.Nverthelesst
New Brand Modern Home .......... 1000
S2 ratnwalto strot
Belmont. Possession 2,100
Alert Lane, Up Valley
^ R, "Posasesson" ... 2800
Practicaly ew-Mataue ..
SStreet. "Possession" Bargain
Is Queen's Park Xast
(opposite QoP. avan-
SHOUx% b"ac College, fit
AuuaUne. "Po eson',
zmpty Cott*age, Coinor
SStreet Best Offer.
Large states, Tobago-
"Particulars at office"
101 Tragarete Road.
S"Posmion" ....... $10000
X Busilnom Premises, 69 Prince
Street. '*hoMeslon"
17a lit Street, San Juan.
h "Poss"Won" Opp. mar-
ket .. ........... 3.0w
S ist street. an Juan,
N Rental aTv .........$. 300
23 BOurnes Rd, *t. James.
X Binsa ite ....... % o
t Roberts Street ...... $6,200
Is owtar MainRod
Renta n o ..........pas
fA I= ,f *oWty 3 Alredo
% 'Pe~lf'.... (l.060
V. YoN "w Amwe t
N Is Kzribt sridm, *cgl.
c&O." New a k Dpty..
Swa lA....bMw
M Duntald meat (nw
SMwint Pkrtao Dairy. Can,
NI BMt. 09t. Aqrutlor* 9
%NewAM-p U. esKUo
s *K wr.
% se, O 'r~, is-
Nb OLeois Gk"lf The"o

ttii~ iiiii iiiii ihininmnnniiiilil iffllfflinnffffihghap niimunlinuipmIMfg
TODAY 1 p.m.--Mat: TODAY I p.m-Ms
,m "4., 8p.m.-
Dick PoweA U S

-i 5
Ul C


8.0 p.m.-Daly: TO DAY I .--MI
wm ur m 0f4
4.41, 3.B0 pm.--


.--i fW THEE

NEW-s. Ferw*04
TODAY at 9 a.m.-
NMONK TONK (loaftb aw m .1
TARAN 132 APE MAN (Jionu WllUS 1
at 180 p.m.-
*3 ff ON ROADWAY" (li la J 1) i
at 4.45 a&sp.m.--u 3Gpane I Dodio-
3ATAAN Da4sa15 5..

6747, 00pelb1*1sTOW
." 4EMPIRE.s.,, F.ri
_-'* ," 5 IOCAY at s l. .m.- .
^- - - - - -B

m^tl~k ,n/
rnhe b as e

I..- A~ I. JL


- i

[ ;,



ThIPA -,OPP^ .3 r $RT 4l, 1 M 1".

Brlenmgg &wn the edo t A this week's pstpone hoeke 5-
tme, ano eal goal aned FOUce "" vittory against Shamrock O
Wie St am"sSppaeb o Pai" 1wtsrditr afternoon.

m (1 ) 4' 6" 6Metal
J $M2i16 U -I.o each.
e a ,z I() 3' o "and 4' O
(3) Cycle Solutimon
__ __ __ __ __ (4) Yard and Sca
EAT WHAT OU (5) Mirrom in All
111r I' F aMa.I &

am~gelk "W uwmsasos w vv Wbw rm" a "W'* 0 w
l^P^--LKI TWiiiafii ,M l r>LU I.,a* __ ores.**, _,,.__ played_%'_ an; Ira*1 l IUUAIL I m- Ri"S* a HU --mnr"
,: -111110" Vi d VOL -a'd U tbM a*lm
f*9 10 o b4 V Mal Today an a Is"
KThis Month Wori sta f Satu-- .ie _
while later an he *MIEN GO a" Mpjs and from becae .f the lie ot the -
---^si~~~~~f^ZM~~~~ik8 -*4"4 w ayuprnradflu nV umar w Vria be ll on of the Orphasage who Is ali~MT IN~~aittriS
St Andrew's O04f (Club olUi- i beatg t nw lae' leta g aueNort er
BB,.,4 byS, Cpl R. D. V A. .. ,-l from. .end the Cabral Shield will take place "
,, rkia. .c datour..te,,b..'" ashes SAO so.-,t
IR ... W d Befoiht ,,,w y, Ma Pol-.10""wiong an the Ai-r Ai". -.t tmed ,a*. open gns .iw .. 0' wht.r. Ohng a- U
we so t oets however, the Monthly plCar being A5W I Bhtami1 to(itoMu 104W et" contm hno
hloolm an$ 6 anr nleCRs U Pwill r-. --- Am sawsno U. t IJ,5 O3pba --are thetot"-
BRI GLIB^ SS, ^m~^ tl:Ie'uu-Sn sw no moe O5**" *r the reignln Loot^hssa=,
s f i g Mr al Vmpes t to. will SINGLES o bamic on. having carried O tt
Se Myhemih MaeffnsrbeatA ht tart the din di ph on the withdrawal f. Do- u ap slh o tshetoma" a
at, 2............... /5 Oeorge Bunte, defeated 3 atuom .reau med, the finish ar ae up hefly o
pGe .Lg Hunt"er defeated... eWard won fro6 John wavu eth r illin,,, u the t he members of the .Providence ...
Bb^. _.,. -. fe t^ eit. it li nope tat several ofl 21-9 21-12 ... -t "P^.--" ?.. vtotry I. tb firrt ame. au D I I
a mwIM Bs C' oe u le up will M 3 ila to Lance-Pol" team who. -o th hel a 01
so .. ,- P 2 1team.9 aon asuc m e th I .

~tf m It itecim ., ~ p~ lp and the 'l lla 21.6, 21-17, .. .. .... b. ..... aapl, to ear creit ta bwll ll UntC-upinI
SIOR S -tua yMAY 20. This Murray 15-21, rock. contant1. dt g teoi- e a n ata C up I 14

petitiono-"e Pi- l f I ton. *nl t hie ovr Pe hi t t teaml ave battled each ,

BE iSS -da da- I I "lte1 of .the malnl compelC Bally 2-14. 31-17. *deI, Uti~a ar .ow. 8a itv ad Sybil. _ .... a**^^ lmi
ha .iy i" t te clu p year, and Is toi DOwBLBo tuti tyer wfee H d Also n o there twice taor y w this year Or-
Sa-nd etnt tewmrem d of PtWr on from John r l tIn., Wyhit ommcac lre Johns a Hag awlln Cupwhcm hg n m o ow
Sclub. It Is hoped that several Onf 21-9,ll O 21-12. vicP ; U e tory the rart ham oe at a Do-
H.M poe t* O hirt- I ho lene.Th a leffe bea Cyried 18 oni 32-2n in thi sessio. when JVl4or th9 oale avrie 110% 1 victory^
Mir wS Cagl een~Th ( rihhalfsmashing home an eainsth
of thecup I Mr. al-1Pr1-on.won from Rupert savedaan Inevitable goal, 3ummindss W ith fgsn ltnl C

I" W th ktMlas.. Th y c ndl champlonshi p an d the Lalla 21-, 21-17t l Mr. Bown and Mr Macredit in ladhl es
aL I e--te pS a iee wl lowest la cor Benjamin irc bergerywh 21- r1-0. a.." dwAbrah. ""M from nd tball, Op hanage will dependm'B L A
d .turday, May 27 an4 Monday, "eersi"gh Rally 21-15, 17-21, 21-1g. te Data but dribbled the ha ll to chiefly on le. Clunis while De

ma yBenja T :hbVM o' e fromtlong, Hunt and Jardine hit the bllB ..OUt- ae Dwi nvll l ay their hop In the
w s one of the main compe- Cyrithe ally an -1d L. Muradoy 17-1, 1 ure which wamister, Sylvia anh d Sout by rbil.n
io o in the club year, and Is i s. DOUBL .. .t "e ltean yer w ere Hard- AlsoW ne at s ternoday will bel
Ae do" if ,pe. that there lp b p arenord Parson and e er beat Cyr s: brCummingsan d the J ohn MoHart Rawlins Cu hich
are caal 8 n Rally an d a id S gh 21-M LCrtly CUt police; Rgnault, Jardine, goes to the team that has the best

Seach d ay and the championship is Ward and lreberger beat Lallaud; Ads.ra, Mr. t A. Bowen and Mr. MsiahW H ITE
Oii OP^l5i~ for C Thity-ix "A~r holese aree plyd48o 220 i1 n 5. Agotin fo the galaerage.pre HS.
wt.h 96.. p o n t he lowest n grosscore and Debyssngh 21-1 21-10. The u;lre wet OMr. yra w ill umpire Uthe match. ia o i
_.e_ te0 fot I nofra o the co vi ttee's Hunter and pruss lost teo. i.. ,l,. ern-Dunville B Aeta Cup fI-" a'.'
wrole a- is the layer returning the Bly and L. Murray 17-21, 1 t-21. Mhfr. A IWr ture which was washed out by rain^
ior e v or 4. n----w communicatee with Mr. W _Te team w Th: on W wednesday afternoon, will be, ,..'. 1
J,, [man f or tha VaWnS ue our Lewis M Ri. ault; Jadie PlgoL.e8t d -U nld rl
to'iS givA et fclelms Cup ..8HAm K: 0. Abrahams..... A. contested one Monday.

|.b Mr. F3 W.1 Pi Ftr meeting of t rophy f Che Pig.g..
.a, 02.chmpio St. PatickMs CuP iliam, )of cha- ,, e Cu "t Avoo. ., ..,-=o,, w. -I
toc" h he znp.o Army.wo0te hapio-AbaudhAams, r.a, D Gint, A. gtrl

ship In 1943, but unfortunately y 48Cricket In b ratiMtu gl.,C. OuAeertra, V. o lbns. J Ui

b" _& _.' Th7latle n Coleaidnntg[laetr. LA RiA, b .-ofon. inhe; y-Tay er areo pp e e f InnSa La JohPMon Snd F a JoyM. i I-
h o ld m .. n o lo n g e r i n 5 --is ia O gBO .Th e re nL _wi W ta e nne tt H ardi ng erb -
Abl6e, tb (111140 sloud Wbe considerable rivalry Trinidad G hri wl.ndlaf n ei Whnt ehe-. a d; Bennet, H ar-ing, unda[

beoe Inth e h d te lea d ingplay erseof t hoL A BREApm. w b -he Valiowd t h y' Cn AJ- "el'n I A, s tr-n t am
but if theIdi an wb. utrg Cu CrickLbcompetition w ill) t CumDe inte oel. A m t:nnluueam f city cricketers ,
so top, Police We T hI .e course In excellent condi, begin. .n Sunday June 4.'uand all, _um ire&_ofhePemberton

k _goothwf.igO mt out esnt, and all member clubsin.theCn th eooff.itUn Cri ukmtre. filteP tlr Io0
daq a t he Sit ar to enter for these very desirous of participat _Ing itd- Sunday to take on a Fleet Air ArM

Wner I Pemnfrton Plansi Rreed -,IIAfriendly fixture.
i sfr tat t, bCltlne.. communicate witagme r. Wey.,t ;i nl- ,The team will be led by B. JonesJ
asc ng b Pr .... of Ant.l.les o Wried emet a o hl secretary of the Pemberton Sports. i
u ion F ue W. Samuel of Brighton, o M . League and will includerl
'140 8h o. S Pe br i. ' n on a tin aid of the r ined C a O l- wevn a tavarin opposing T, oe, I
aR o:--0., Myg b Cup fields. Trini0ad WO t -At I clock tonight, there win be HardingI AT e J"oe -
fils Chess Items, R. E. ose* MoDr ........
TmbldaT (lan SC spy ?^condee- ? LehIa mee %tiongat tie oirya rvIctoria Liverpool. W. Hayne W R.Hug- eythM

IT Iinhida w ia cor resmtin den. 4 md&atches will be of one-day sd ivson o t hiut ompe.tion. gs oera ndF. V Ad I s

$ W- M~at Fl C./ ?-* ,,. %h<^ Roah ... Itt eluSai Si ran d well have dfe-di their OP" TimoS l~a fS^,-,^ 1944
IkA IndiaA V. Pollee. LABUREA, May 5. U.B5O.T. ration Instead of two "as en Cphes layer.uarlernexpec t In nub Jan F -ohsone.

Sport inir- urbwill have i hard . up- years. Matches will begin eh Southop i ao, ern Chessi Club, O wanfeo
rBIaM I r .savethemselves ule of tWally the P.m .And terminaaue tea's "B" division ho.ous, therefore omt e M mt m __

nl ''"' 'B ._ Total ... ....0 two-week tour. en game to ,nti.ipated... ie, ,,, ,((M (- N,, -,, D- Ia
S ab, I nts 1 M defeat .......again._stCue]f E a ch team wll be selectlowed todur list of matters t r k -- Instructed by Mrs. Cobtre, Mr.
toftSy :^if.S BWo i N ANAYeI t on ft e xSt. Eahweeamd cilub aDeaai e p ls withe tI Be eio n g B shownl iea .B l*e i inji Althioug Sndur.plie s wil e shor
GlS w. s L. Col and L. McCree skit- ned first ams players. the o.- pi8o D r.I A hes Atch f gd a flo Ie. s
Sl i, doutt y 1for w runs I seannual a me be tw at r9 T ro p -h s ard to c YS E L
.eph, the loss of three wickets, combinedVanebWillAM whicha-.- ,
b.0^ o atting honou~rs -6eAt 110t on 5unw. A am nasl~b cis oilsoInIH1 TIT''Th
f~~~tile t iA hs Qeimflti are the scores In do A-T~ ---- ? URITIURUE
Wh ~~~~Pemberton Plens RedofI a bs

wll play f U. 1st INNINGS Cross Matches Slazenger Semi" RACL400 SAL
4 4New WOOdords Pr, Wltand. tw-Annr wy
A. V ,C.R Ct. ... b Celestine.. 2 AaeenFinal Tomorrow me "O a A
Al. owt I, C. A Cn. A rcibald b Mc ean.. ... l0lynr Tableag and OsrSes of deboard
i ttL .. S oth nb Mcr b Dopwel I... BABY AUSTIN eobLeagkerey,0 Stve ^ h
G'5 ai elaetine .........7team which will Visit Gre* heInSlasenger cup ux L-fin I OMW
e L. DV w erll D out ree.........74 July and an all-Grenada combine-w b lto w h

P a. B. M no ..........1 ,Two two-day representatives h other, each havI ng 10 points If play en"m. oM s
rquis. l. De C. Klabay b Ma~ra toe.......1ciicket matches have been planned to tie for first position In te ay

,e. Tofafo'r'n wkec........" Io HINDUSTlbAe N SU eA v FACTORY Eed I th i T !CE e l Ad.ata.m
W. lwe.n carvard Ob wCle tine. 4 -- ad d se rs of on Ferte-da Lands 4inEFBIIEBOATOO" O fiO s9 6"di.osinoatphh.

mt favm-; *O U o x w 25, Chcn tt .rp, ', Andsote tol -
T. d b Reach .... ... ... 1gintCu$Al ie&VSW iolhae0fsdo hi p ,,~ w P16401 4
U A. o re b McAlliser 5 A seriesny ofReo n or inquirie nts earlier in thed tourney, but sedy Fa rAa s a1.d
t A te ., Extras ................7 a o mateyes are also Tu dayn the ached- Sv ah4will ow.POutnstocOP-A
t..ule of the Pemberton League team'."U" division honous therefore a --* I I I.

STotal o..........k ToM r. it Ao e pukeen gamet os n ttit. wof Bra tTook ers
.o .. . .........-0 T team will be selected during The winner OfthIs atch will K yP& re J-=ra5 toIw Instructed by8 Mrs. Cottrell. Mr.

i BrandDW IG ANALYSIS next week and C"lubA again lah with BelEotle F who Il o vdi w now end t -
%ye r and.Mr. EdwardseweLwil
Pam0o -MR. -W- minded to submit names of players the too position In the- "A"e c-n h Isa snd ch
V16 Jec~ 7aOl. L. ~ Celestine.........6a 2 12 4 who, if selected are able to go, to tion to determine this Year's cup- DoddsK u'uu1bsel "asds".:-fu w

IUM MCe.........6 1 24 4 Mr. B. Jones, retO f the holders, t year's being St. Clayd & Hutchinon

-,-n P,.se -.-1. y-- ,.*-------*-- ---,----v----
league. club.- -m--,. es Y ur YE -aur BreN
VSpt.) '0. Roac .........2...212 1D 2 ible league. Cl b .atts"
p. McAllister,....... 2 0 5 1 Doaubered.anSringsanyDMress-i
AUCTIO SALE Tables, ass-top tTidy's Dresser,

wing W Mill play for In- CRUSE1st ISX NNINGS A C OA.s raaahoanssn

Jh o l r fte a t o _s vnron. 'ito vlt JL II I1.. V, iwx. Y O'M Sur dv n < ca llkdy d m
o St N Woodtfords% ollSin oress clubs a aesske to
8,nthuslaso Sn dInw Tables and Cr-6rs S ideboards,

: ooueotTo Run S ------ -a
B CVEj. McAllister Thoma s Drown26F S LEAY AUSTIN Crockery, lStovesIeaChest,
.Rp -thcMayersa b Dopwell... 0 Glassware.Chil-.. s Play-pen. i .High
*J *0. R c auhnot out .............. 48 ____e______ CAR Chair. ho-Cart. Pram, rib Toilet
tsublar V N. Harharo ntriot at ......... 17 ae aet, Rane and Troadle ewng
__J-ggerpSA~h *Extra ............... 0. 2DUachN SUnAR FACTOR E 1ot Pl Ct e, Toast-
BS vs arad oalfrGARFACTOR1 REFR EAT I Is T I M Irn Pan, Reading Limo, 4-
Tota for3 wko .... 110Bu~ StMove anid Phuonograph.
eleve vs-aradand 418 Aeres 9f Fertile Lands RFIEATOAls
L~ opweil......... 12 03414omuto 25, Chacon Street Girpenters and other tools as-- 1 24 1 Any offers orinquiries ms be addressed t Tuesday 9th May, 1944 Chisels. Saws. Planes, Squares, Au-
Athleti Cu TArIsmendes....3 1 14 0 -turn, arrest, ..Wod Crving B ooLams, eol..ring
Aheic Newub vs. Ndw L Brown ..........7 0 21 0 Mrul. D. A. Lare industan EttPrinces2p. od crvis ToBlow slamderic nd
CA Now Woodfadls.........2 0 14 0 Io* adS Town.edDnc Bn
(Sub vs. Chinesewn. As per instruction of Usrclave Irns np Sle r-lte aceBn
CIO s. ChiunesanendHrdaran Stl Items on view now and terms-
I ground. Sunolies Ltd.CAH
,lenidi vs. U rcmd ero N..- Will be pauideduy hInerested In "y sRer hol On view from Sth Instant andCA.
.1 Ample on Victoria Statds May 14 Gevenmst w/wa" e ayof SMe TaImo ebow- Valeureus. oy &Htc~h~insnLdBoyd & Hutchinseon,
f- Puawem Laguet. 0. first_____________________Auctioneers.. Auctioneers.
Ian Paises round fixtures draw for Sunday,
FinPra~ft M%714, aSe115 follow.-
.FI~. Z~vaderwas Snvors. Motion
'~I3~~p5Ot PI.~rs ~. M Utr aul .Brad-
PW"Garla" Hut40bhlnsc-ounBrathSayNO
~ysooner fon, t]. ttv. or Nw os Your S il MSy ouYES3.Sy
cr4.4~. WZAnns. LUncoln v.
Woo ng m ee..0 Woervlflev. olenford.
am ex. Indian
taYIDSkn Astnil v..6 -k~od*3 ;S!1'PAUUaa fur even jox chi have Sad
WI wftO. flat Iqsrios of dcubs aresaske 'toT IA L-S --

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'Phone 4164

S4Invineible Resume Bonanza Duel

Set ens U.S. Ar Corps Police Edge Out Shamrock

rM ft Keenly Waged Beat Tacari" liaey Leaguer




Equipment and Supplies
now available



64 Queen Street


QUAKER OATS (loosc) W12 per lb



n. 14X


9 9t

Corner Marine Square and Abercromby Street.


when kidneys ire n ctive gial
If you suffer frequently
hrom backache you can be
fairly certain that Kidney
Trouble Is to blame. The
kidneys are two of the hard.
est worked or ga
in your body. They
act as the body's
impurities and
poisionm from m.
caping into the
blood. Weakandt gi
kidneys camse do tht *s^
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LLE as REtAnl
Spring (itudrdily
r Metal Bedso upad p ?4
Sin Tbo-elk. Xeri Size. -
mengig Brooms.
ppli mL Umitd,
:: 19 Henry Street.

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#0t. UeanM Cup cricet corn.Ai
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AM Or beat afte. I Met Avenue. C&M-
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YOUNG SIILLit "~a MIT. between 41
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OJI) SO&WKU CmW and Call 0"*
omtftx Matte. Apply: 191 Tm(*tant
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La.m. mad 1 p.m.-May 11 Al..A. 1 u tub = 1: O. a O.t. Apl tubial-- re t. Lead. ,,mmei pm. e Nmat hold e. rey sponsible tot ay
ONE 1037 DOTh. wIthOa t tyra, ve6 thre of the lt an be reAelIt2rg e a y l e a ul t e d e det c tt by my wi De s
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ponte.A.P trr ty.---M y 7 (netts 1 Nauoe Vuare. '*0 461i6a. coew ter,: some UI- 1 5 llPur t ". CARLI ON RAMt Ao
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P-144, gioo condition, god tyr.oR Seo rd
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P or tol. Mao 7 nabl ure tofar he- mtwelr aitmom me4 po o longeBr un4er the md al pOte-
Cuy.. Wri gten Road,-- y moe.pefc MARINE EOUIPMENT FOR SALE hsouse. I drin hoss it LA PlURPITA lio of my buaan. lmL n & Me en es a 155
OPEL KADET. lItntG ZL IMPORTANIT TO MOTO.RI 21nS without SoU Pe,. 4 Ae O e Moevaut. having lt his hme on la~ru-
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ad Insured tA 4 Ay py: 0 F trt. 0 or your P nar n i .e- lIe to. ravM b'"m'ln hm m r EDITH MEND ois,
M"curat Street. San ernado.w or Po0en wood. PhoM 1. s leml you a le, etcs. liSdd lmuKoa apTtA.-May 4 ein RoaRd.
110 -May loely La 4 fe raf ue t Ltd., AtMo lU3 A rloTImE PUBLICoIs hbreobynOt i "dthat I
1036 HI TRD RUICK. to peet c 1 Wth brn 16 hp. n tho Yo A,PA Nw, um w ina Mri nolongerunder the
with 3 good tyree Ieonce and 15a511t53 canl travel to sny part ot the ilalan by on WreehotldLaud, witht leer bedrooms. Iars and protectiom of my husband Costed
pd tar 1944. one ,147.-M sea t Ia ot eaa ted) oesponn sivatlrlosd ha w od Martln
ONE 1041 UUPER DK LUXh IORD Car pl oule am1 muchen you want O d191 nt r2oom. et. iL aANDa see t= VIRGINIA MARTIN,
MO-ORp. In A ClaEm o dlti lrMe t ,"aet i by sRoa.-Mayl locain. AL o4 r b.-May o 41t We Man O1W R .
MORd tyree. Car lIe w onota crt Ir. L3 BJIICLIS S iP 54cyiiVsW R R Om.ay PSo 6IT. N< so In -May 6 Oeoitage.
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Onsured, 13ve tyta. (mite 1I). No t. oa55e- 'Phr oe 5ft 4.-May 6ad e i Awa er also ld* '&ad add or d eeb o tract bym ay wife We ata
able ler easi+e hron e MayC 1-WOO CR UISER TYPw of AT. h ot- log. m tc td, at h R tlkes he bein no g e e t myc" pro
156 MORRIS 14 N P.. h In OO godcd- able tar Inor or outboard engine, new In writine. Licl Agesey. CS Pats.8 U. teotlon.
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nerrfuSed Apply Ro4ddi Kneln WASSng. o50 2 Poin v t-a Plerra. isM R ay S L*- ST AWRrADs MALL 400 A a an 45 Glne tree

Queene 4tetaPtme1Sqaare._______l______ ?"neato. am W 1s or CARTlO -Ma y .A
ONE 1ttia FOR!) TRUCKL for Sale Pot atritl utv, tea~k Deh.-stueb me __________._____
*r'My ED IaTLYSlop a dte, Roan8 d--ay fDIC YCLES 2OR SAvthouses. 40 Pe'abW ob oom de4 MA --My11OU

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S goodcondiotoon dtyos. D d, and tl n, e d -t. Apply No. lia aEuI JON B DANCE rPbCHEStRA (i ptlht)

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1.r 9404 --May


KODAK 121 CAXERA to pur.4se. 13t
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wanted Hntdeiron. l mdeonm Rhod,
Vallet.s Avenu. Miuaravl.-ay I
BOTTLBN--Lmrr QuSIUtity Jam Bottlte
with overs wanted-t-I lb. cpeclty. phonee
43? May It
WANTED A 1039- 1042 PORD. Cbev-
rolt or Lodmle Truck In goo condition,
wib or without tyro eOffer to. DOan,
K.T.O, or Ring 279 2. tan rnmando.-
May II
XPOT CA We Itlndln iaOItampi. Col-
lectlons, accuinulatlins. Hlon t prices
'Phon1e 14646, 28 Park ltreet.-May 1
WANTED TO RUT -Parte] Land at
Kanti CrIu or Maraca bounding on river
with or without house. Apply to RafMl
Berroudes. 10 Henry stret. 'Phone (g&
- May 14
loon 14 or iater, good wondtloa. Rea-
sonable price state milea. aon 0-I.
t.o "Ourdenln".- Mays
White Pin Botlties immediately. D.
Abraham L Luoi & Co., Ltd. 31 tir.
lotte Stret. 'Phone 1293.-May C.
U411D 0 TAMP bougllht. Arcade Bootallh.
1t Prederk Wtet May
ONE COUNTER approximately 0 4W
Ionis Apply Whitelhed. TrInidad Impart
i po't,-May 1s.
STAMPS WANTEM., rrent meed etampe
of Trinidad. the Qulanas ad MuIl.
Mlehet preto pai.d WHIte for buying
1l1. Bol P-1 eta Gualrdimn>."-.4ui n
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IT Model Apply to P ieM t dt. the
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larg quatltte. Dot r MCdas Nr.
N0. 1 tbread wa*Phoe 5 t.-Wy 1
uattag Eggs One Lu Oert7 One
Polished crapeud Bed. lww OIE .
Street toppoIt Oval).
*rmlarl* .-JUMl *
CUTLERYT. NIckel-ilvor, A teoid tl
Pleeei. 01M.00, at Mtm SIIlew.-
May Is.
Grinder toe rA&e. Apply: Meolty JakeM.
Eilduetan Road.-Mlv 11
TO a tove, thfgl-burae, Ove. moupliet.
A,,t:eot RpRa Ibee. a Cer
*ta Pea, uada.-M A

m; Chii a i- 5.M. Iweues
i AStMr hVA-MN am samN Ae
IMei. 45 Que l Sitet. -May
emusT PRAMl l Mat ls .
B II'., "" JeD a m. a t*keaoW -II
mew mor^ c.?Sin. aie

ltock>l Tfoow u III at Pftiw
tPoosa 6..-May=01
amnl mtwo W Duel Omiete in 'o5
uet buhD W nuers. eteo_ teAn".
should kinw P nowClU OM.

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etted h uatle am May a. 1.
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Whamwe weloved was rolled I
But ml" we who hBa lost aen
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We act as Oute
for many Import
Atld indrtat lervm
trunks, bIos, eta,
I viduals.
i Mush .r.un
We dUverbagggfe,
Steo in the. WaW ft
UTSA0 buans"a or tb
Kingdom. We awb
for Inmurmnce.

W. D. Ueumdeors,
FIrwadngri AIMu.
i Th" 4166. 410,
' P.O. Box 3M.
it, Chaosw St.. ir.t-spt,
TrinBdad, 5.WJ.

o I p,*. U mto lanlL

* a Pm. to U Pm







4, Taylor St.-et

r 4;e-
ad day,
WaONe .
le s.

'A"..'N L .jS.AU~;.' l> takei'00i of l Way
IR1 %ue Cutuuv, waters at eat. his heal.
*.ce mand Landm at Ualviy ligl, saA
sutu. Ilt hsMA. wilcht (uraabes use 1n
the 11$1 tiA**#its Ute island, is very eAos
ai isaathy, ad olsiy t a Mnile ftrmi the
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#anted. Tlhe ftrwetyf mmnm Is Amre
of ltnd, conat ug hbu*ilted ato (fil beaf-
lag granted *aagode. eaccaut as adgtum
fruit trese. Oa the prmiises there at.
lour postitt sOmU w"th 10 wired runs.
The iltuitl of the property makeum It
ma Ideal place gt a stock farm. Betwe
Calvary Hill an4 utS BStreet there are
eight oe ImaIn divided Into one-cre
blocks for building. Hawley Dmorat.
CalVa Bin, 42 Juan.-UN 5
No. 31t BDWARD TRET end 8
Marine Iquare for oalt. Reaonabl offer,
Apply: 48, Aberromby Street, 'PM
7l91.-J-mn S
Street. 55 FeAmnqdo. App'y on pro-lees.
-June 5
OWN A MOUM eIl rethld Land. Olty
enviraoi. SKy whit pritee, ow you'll pay
to Box P-1i0. c/o *"0murisn."-Moy 11
Coffee- 6116 ewm ltmAardsdo. an Sol
walts M J. I. fott's DriBking CoCa.
Small at largeI quntitIl are obtainable
at wholeslee prices. Moitique A Naughan.
-May 12
rat quality gAtdeas eg, eoapeote oultt
tar drawnig. dtng and Ibedroom. Will
accept bet offer. Those 1a0ot, between
-t10 a.m.-May 12
Clock Movement. stultale for converson

Rn i'-g'U- I. P Price mdefat. 'Pae 143, ;hurCh to Tumo m CUoc. MO r-But c/e p nr-
ONia RACINO CYCLE with dynamo. 140. SMAT.L FPRRP.HOtLI PROPPMTY. Po. ait.J a .Je--June 4 diw."-,-May C
15 Murray Street.-May C relon -Itven. Colthurst. 'Pons am10 THo PiUIC ih rby t dvleed o K against
ONE YIERCULES CYCLE, is guod run. -Mew ?a TIM~~l~al-ou*5t HAOIO* Is Mrolll advied slv
ONE H RCULES CYCLE, Ia good run. -tal 9* giving ay credit or less to anybody in RADIOS A&REFRIDGSRAVORS
ning condition. with Lucifer Dynamo Light R l'ir OT. l I"VUSIW a' Base sMy nams lttmched. Apply; V Roudette,. co "Trinl. qirevt. Po.t.n-.lom.t Moell realUS 148. written frOlmTtrm me. O 76, O mia. or 134 I Vincenl Street.
dad Guardian." May9 0-*le offer. Kong. Pbhe M58.- FKDSRICK ISSAR -May I
ONm? HCaLBICYCLE with ILyn My 25 --y 2*May. Twm. ONX LATST KODL 7 cub. ft. .id-
ma Lght, 541W Apply: Cooblal Shop,O. L A A In Al C A. I tt yoU
saddle Iload.-MayS0 In0gdd uests die mUP^ tat luZt&ifOaG*U.It 75 Selmum. Cteuaspet Ra.yPonrelf04
ONE MOTOR VCLE, .tyres noew. Apply: to t 0a uA At ="MO ht w7 8Ntest 5a.a 5o3 pa. *ph*" 01.
St h So Chaouc e1--ay.;. P LAND FOR 61, 1 tg- l i r II0tS t,1,4Sr lMf 06p--May -

"S 416 m oomiietgwApply- iP
RENTALS ~ply: V ueeSu*SIS-WAeaeattip.6Da Cgee.l3 reulap Resd. 'Pbmar 011UCIT.''Is
ONLy Je k1 .S Dmt 66 UNCM5 "h n ed. 0: VA U A L 1 BLP. fivee tyre, v-.
VMBa1raval. for sale. It pru S.2 D Sugt 011 t-; Arta B P ing Colovy. BS. UL tplBeo. ML Boam
ROOM AND BOARD sup. it. 'The e.71.-MaHy l* MotBll V IC v OeWaru .ton; w-.
Nuou.N, btuaIo.niaiD GDouile Front FOR *ALE-One PTMIeel of aju-tM. oTfo Apontlla.tT
ou +,, ,+, .,,,,, + mo-Lead.g 111+? g' ++ ,27 omr..atsme KOPO ORD,..,xelnt emd,.
Bedoom lor couple, kitchen privileges. 4 Land. U.8 e s e W l fred. 1p 1 9ll; J M stan. 1 d PReellE t yO s.R Clauder ocre-
Murray Sr.-rl toppoite..Adam . AAmanaRo. ad.a ,a. *1" Mandeatet M y. C-- ,: ,ya. a M and ectret yres. Cls.
quare).--May I already prepared by bultdea. A lto (I.C.T.A.). amass, Wumems Mg5SS 1,561, 5*8Frlida, 'TXs
TWO AUJuLNINO ROOb. partly iij- .I Daio m 8D1Se t&tg ThoWS" VSSSI.m P. M. Beinami: To B. A to
nlhbod or untuMniled. withOh er ci,- --May IS ,u 1dw. RoMiM on B. sea-
ties. Saddle goad, a low minutes fr"o 1,1ACRES. COCOA. uO" Vi. m i and frn o d ast33br. ----------
Country Club, withb lovly surrounding. Pt Rort t ctlh an, aa f al da lrlbr 9@
Telep.oNne i.-slay a Tow. ao rie -l ea Cusl pMitoale stiw1. -- *o S S Blk
BOARD AND L )iGING. dea u locality *W. Aply: J$ObB Dohas. OAit -- -d-- TOe
Apply. 4 Murray street, -Phone 3709.- OtOr, Ltd.-May I3. Jgrg. ....f1te
COMFORTABLE. FURNISMID Single Priing 10 aect ail treatete gaprUl. 12. S l in To a ga w o i iem at
aed Doubl. SBedroms, board opUona. Rallway SUtatiu. with t mh s .. A fth o, dy Is Toba die at
'Phone 977.-May 10 thmo. Boun ing ilt Mays IM. PUILIC NOTICE the Colni Boaplil them fourteen day
TWO IURNISdDIJ bEGROOM., ta IdealI ite for building H. M- IMiE tm PUBIC iheebMul sed tat t laer a"w" burl at the tarthoroug
Woodford Street, 'Phione 14.-MaS S o fflert ref ed. m'PTbst having an eawra mm yi wife fo Cl o rsb Cmetery 'on""wSo a prs
'I- tor ma" lust"y by the
PURNISHED ROOMS. indpendent i-s -M-Iay M a pat e years It Is my Istentlon t"o Sinve nis, lm.1osla I u
trane. bachelot. 2 Ptra i treet.-M ay I 1R330WW LAND@O eltuate ii S. iremtry three months after thipab Rhea. t agmid, Per t.
is, 0 Ladle. Read, Sdw. a r Mfti. -%t a int tin. Mrs. aOdo look I ill Bly daye
,BOARD AND LODGItNO, Os .Double One Oft ith 1a hmereem JOHN ,AA fte b ar tarrie-al In Tobago and wa
One #ialon. ( a t -- -am--- -m aa$, aasut. to t- - 1 to he oep ital. Mr Percy Got r-
*f~~umiGoo accommoda"""'"tion. *ilraft. sD~iasome "ai tT.M.-Nal -31 1 Tab"W"t a"r.S^1'^ S^^;^^?
aPO l o -&.%. PUBLIC I heatty bye Mt I mIa^ her s, was umoned to
DOU.LE. U .Nlo D ROOM wth PA o A L eMam y A b o in 1 s m r bedsi de i time to ime her pass
DOUBLI FUGIRED ROM "toPARCEL OP LANSDedotalming 43 Aar"an am n longer redacaw*O ywf
Breakhfat. D&hPs gll.--bayLA 4b or ul). at LAe Nelt. P1. a Myers. ,nd that I 4d oNt boUK awayn
ACCOMMoDATO AVAILABLE tm On tu so olw myel responsiNe for a e o vsDespit, the fact that te was m oen-
PArIn D Gues Ms aKAy. l* Soan Mt" on too SS? msel spossiT'S t ofty d a' tiretronger. the people of the tuand
Sreyt-MgCay Mrs y. d-.1 de Vain oad 1 Dom nstetedby b lo. Wad turned out I largnumbers to the
atme.--may 11, main 110sd. 710aboras 69L 89MYRAM MAYBRLr
TWO WXL&=.njiUMECD ROOMS tot S.1 &Sp H W II &lfAN lSIrt w tCMordon arsS tam.*
A& board ., 1,. SL angL To rolp for their v vl, paptiedo po.

sffiy~~"'--" -^.ssm- s^'sj-ssa^^
_tI A fu nterated" to mor tam-
33 Ategandey Read. Saa S'aruaudo.-May.11 4 0 LOTS OL7AND SWreel0. 1% fellee" M &j agm~e tam ue -er 'ptnlse
MA. L 1 otrme s ftram City, Onathe Me8IaRoad. Apply In h T strir6"ttheirn

Stme 904**8 alk rea toseosb Opi, f s "Iis" usl OLOtd wa
beam. bull Sa siqle ~m ub arljj1 irketdbymyhaWing intlm are as b~u7M o ago5 and was very muo&

i_.u!psle O. a.Z- -_is"or_.__________ ... eloemN res allpleced s es-M at1 the catm-

"*S ,. ,, ... ... ...y.^^&_.'I M_.'of om ,S -i.A.,s. .. _._m_ ,. ..,,.
MS f UlAY mLOUWI C Ma m. "S am' .o VCAT ,A om--l a-d--abeloved'" by all ".with.
wboms*4 SAWeto dclo contact.
a1101A.. hAom W t SA ...... 1. ChIldren--Pry, Coo-. 3Mi anm Muriel,
COL Usl 1 4mee ,ib ( em ha W leseor nadrMa eAplt ada N or Wrma, an mother-Mr. Matilda

COOLtod u .ee 3 S. 3l -peas.tteodob.omS ( I. A r
I.._4,7F_.ettlerem I al" ets a.,0,em,tas. oro. deb t e ,r.ur a s linor I"

^ ^ TA~We- Collinss s nfibe.

o-td -a--------. I soI.--ebtt o Mr. Jeetin Brewster(New York), M
C'a= 6 "a''l eesf" ""=40t -- M ay 1 Wh siAfas, te s11 C. d.*rWA....
rotor. ftdple 4 wee 1 fmo euaf.. Peter ger-

ble w &^ -^ au u--* rab nAe --on III IL16Ci ulrenc. L
-- ,-, m4o m- V .. --+" "o. ...,_ 06.011 ar.IL *ra..'d X..a
y PRaULC 40trW41A1611101FCmL110 rAMM
a C"IBU-00* o$ wekl Msft o bmwrtto Wrootea ha4 dhoflocl rihju
*"=~edsu-Onweit Street.-Mor I EGOne Strt.L.I.........MoW berm ITel t "sledreasonable
31. "I u PUR?3O W a t a:r-1, _I__ *m an famiy Mand Mrs. Non.
11 13 Imuin.. *>a>t 4ta"f an I su o f the Scar-

twvi_ w .A - i J. =Ai m& m Le"
.i s-. AM s, YOUR MOatCl-s al,..tT A. O'Keefe. Mr.
Way11.Na0014AL0110 A, Tft P *ask el. FMArundo-Export Data, NMaryAndrow Meraftnae. Mrs IL
7p. so.o* a o-,Day Seoell masd Evenming Goaemajole Mr,' Wd Ms. PlInp. Murie
Pk"". TOW__,u.,---Coe .aterl,..Nars"Eadmund.
M1 oCampeauead'noeRoyal 1anD fa a ultly.

N' FR lu 11 M e 1Crt1Da
LA MO"f -'.AT BUN.AL40W a.s ......) *4..05 11V 1-ATI.NS VACANT 3. O'EleteM. V.O'-efe.
ago. Paruabed. ltao, iter, te4e=em it" 4,lb I .. 5_OPItATORS. Apply3W- Thtawe re we: Ohtr'-M L P.
e Wma tL Par rma -me w rang t_ 4, Publishing company stat- Mitebell meterer: Mr. P. A. Philip. Mr.
-4w a46 adrat no"M *A. Mefatyane. Miss Mary Melyartabs,

'" -.M .ps" am lf ,L assl S. 4mas eary)-..... ..... L4 y I... rae ,O t WB M&Y Io Iv-ca
V.-' t .fw 1 0 lar tk Vl*lL UL amisitAamEhgClark withUl w or
IA X U S TAT2 NimO St.-rai farstanim (amptly) .. ......... .. 8 .40 A~?mavoriee. bet med ho be" Mr. b. GuK ulNa. sMr. P. Crich-
P10% WL Tdaft" low. Mr. M.L. n :n M. .me-
81-,-hiieM. 8111" Camps-,osoe

& 0_ IkIR 1110" hook gl. A. I eru". up
4 Ao 0 MW ) .-..... .... OnyIMay, omen
1wner BL.-Ma.. ..,, ,W.L Airways,Ltd.- Mr. 0 1a, r..X Mr. N.
P*051455 P UtO1tegtPUmRIURB sIt .tolw C. v.LAlt,",1
eB od Me.v sIl Nwbog qa I-(mt."u)ep Ds 51 talesalary Mr. a. ~narue, (Blp. i), Mr. V
uemibyAad:~esi4ebue. Oar~ emty).. - sem e m P..7n 551ly. ft% "~'~ .
so ," .1Nee Mr. A. Do

m I ra wf ) ........... .. is -PRFEMir. year'.es-
bettbajervsleaeam.Dea so togI k'IU ae0T1n ANTEDtaaey Sereteria an
"WIi M anMil es us lTes we Sse T pQt. en es
('l"abws ee M W1., fed pj e hi sam ntyears o-e
U.~~~~~~1 0atela?~Cs "yie md 1r"aestrseg vll.trebe3 -S .
oJery mown "mr.mFor nr ubms ick '-May"In

PLAN 4 o A a. 11
In= : go"= 111"41. iS. 2011ANTS.
Inaia seamlast& M16 6dme
~ : ~#.t~"'. ~ Bs55eraan
N t-KIp4%optmimum-alebe eia6%@u@IeNOW AND SSARI121116

des. ALLANAS. *emaAw. AnI. m WLi kue

Ifth"1 G411 _1W -. NS 4* ENTd .'
~ a~gS~e~ams~4w&WbbR b.a. -PmsBE
a m 46 Oae el. in wa BE"
-i-aeW.a P-101. V_~a.waa
IF at 4111111 p" RENT al

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Pa ov fas Ue-Vaf. (Bo r 1


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T H U R S#

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AmnsiO ,.....

ADURIS.t. .aaeee

SAtUEDAr,~ l

D. I

.55 PJi loluding:
1 Derbies Chair;
Inatructed by 0. a. Luaronu, 1 Bek-can
who is leaving the Colony on hi 8 S t00 ? el
day, we will sell all his alosly-kspt 1 SSR Dr
and useful furniture c r as:- -innw 00 W
Simmons I blo Bed, LpglvMgid -gr
= 746 -1ile4 Mattrum; swum"- (w and aki
S Bed Bpring and Mattress. LaMn SA.tma
Mirrored CYP Ran I g = WIn' an m* ]-isboS5
ad Mirror, Crap. ror, cowf Diniug T"ilw S
Chest-of-Drawers, Caedr -loth An.a-day Chi
Hangers, Bedlde 3 CaptlrPow& malt new)
Bedroom Stools. Crap. a'to Prawi1-S W
Dining T7bme, 6 A 4 chuo Onm
Crockery. Mirror 4 office Dsds,
board- Ota~nn.r amftl and eem
rd T"a Set, Cropmd 'ITIS. KUtchenlftea
Tral ey S 3.P. w Ruty Kitchen TVl
tao, b 1-Burner -e.1et10 06 Raft
Staev and 0 -*. Dsuota KItdbss 1aaye-top W
wv and mineftlladU M Km tu how.-ai
Tin, Eectric Tildbe a Ti-u iw .Haia, S
Rtn, Eletric fts akim, 5 s boo,
Petrmiox Lamp, Yard-broom, Duck- J Tronhlo!
eta, I awn Mowe, 04 Took VaeM
Wash tub and Boar Crap. rIft 5-0 maiW
Bitter and 2 Chair.. with ghl, Liasm. 11
Morris Table mad Ca nI,3i p. eltPa| lEf
Cam Stt Oairs, SeMtrki us Lg and 5
Lamp, SMc. Liner .cwtig MW.
china, Bectrmc D table new this 27M
Foldtng Camera Kodi !$ Dated this 1 4
Phlcow Radio and Table ad Ow Terms-CASH on,
Cubic Ooldar I etc, et1. hammer
Itemu an iew day Bpriar to tf jte on View
morning of a le and twrm- MASM 1w4 morning of
__ ____~~A itloneerS.,._. ^







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