Trinidad guardian


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Trinidad guardian
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Sunday guardian
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
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Newspapers -- Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain


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Also available on microfilm from University Microfilms.
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Began with Sept. 2, 1917 issue.
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Description based on: 25th year, no. 7404 (Jan. 1. 1942).
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Latest issue consulted: 71st year, no. 22316 (Mar. 31, 1988).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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|~ ~~3 VrpjoeSpjjjjpoeru American Naval 'Task Force

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e ter'e.Thwe American bid O Lrt atM i M W
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ip eb lal, Apti~L |~ GQovernaments have reached atirre- .... +

&IUlC wah An staed from o t withe Spain h GvOn nm MOtOWrt May 2 PE -Sov iet 1
er LNDON ui which flew 2 AP. The orment WlsrCh pm tn a sttlemet o bgsr, hti raided Nwow onw TI 1 1
W pp eda- ly Ma9." ton f bomblased an tter- CeAxi l partment l tiesa. M nday niht, but the Rt aLl
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^BffioB~tll i~tM r'n~n- Pm~irttwr) Government have received smwair ^^H -^^^^^^^^^^H_.^...ym ^.
*meow, tDuf Colluapse reditted anet ,rou the Spanis Govern.^^^^^^^^ MOSOCIW, May 2 (AP-Soviet'I\TAIAT|iWflWt
*E^^Sd"^'- I-ONHON. Mav 2 IAP, Th,. "~~~~men %hich pernit a settlemo"O I ^^R ^^^^^^^^Htiubers maian raided lw~ow nJ W I(J |Jl3lV l

LO ND of' 1'- A*SaiIGAZI et a chang&' on the Tand P 0ARL HARBOUR Mav 2 feuterl.-Three ig J5tto l.
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a m"t Sawn tvies, w to satde : aesePr or- To the Geover nmet aK rRsuters reports cemeentra- tsk Mrcea The attack bega on Saturday with a proto .4 beA-
ip Al ,"wosd:"leopen- "i esa eut h lsn of G~rt 8rlny trains
S R.A.P la 'st tug of a ecned front might thd hermas -Gotllate ale or aednent b earrier.based aircraft on installations on Tru At
loetmnh cueas cnm clas "I t isa. agreed to wen release $t trO~ps and ammunition and main enemy naval base in this area.
Enee strateic Germany sad will ertainly certain itaiancomerci.atl Slhil other supplies were att&eked by 4 1 two days 8t 0 tens 0! QOf
now sciteedea in aIpanis waters aa tdAx of thei were left in were dripped adifited b9317
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"io f teues4ion of r"^ e asna an A there were a doten bihg W er PAcns l had ve b enealy 'plated were shot
Se i the JaliM arat likew e i n- epoion. All the rcra g1 by the wrnlps.
IgLettl tei to tcrnen an t iansh watters. bek. Lwow was attacked twice P S $2,000,000 On the send jpy only one he-
the "it baa i tr& drawt thed ming ofrimaa te eks' ano e se Wlae puo t h a prola hng e dW
O", NU Ai. t. meanwhile th e Germans re- W ith receipts a montlnn th o Grmnar y rgn
l iALt mo han h slntaleeno am complete ottstI today Rustlan attack at il2.18n.90, Mn wal the enoond total of 26 destroyed en {w
emPorgI on egprt of wolram oftsle extr d 'e no tirn and mainhene m t d ay btas iear for tisa r eaf de.
Mesnse eGruar, s4, at which tame Ld elet ends Of the e astern front and war taveeert4 ate0 s at the hl te s o d t
them bulk.1 Am tan r Sime nt Io Ltr o l lh e s In P et ween a btk there t r a other atf
IM ose ea at t"nw InerenupedInd vanish w1ate rOWsix nohewwrelee n days Poet Afof e

ni l malenlenim once today asked the 40 member r t t _.n mB 'whiet is aparently to have o weer. introdtteed 2,M.' 9?l0 aned put a prolong e bou
The o &U Mltaeryulkorcesetrolem at *""ant se airftb t ar
anyiron.5InW a t,.rant.w inhefiremthstte- n r eceihas breen as m ctw o ndisWshoonsib"l
I~l~l t r~i- 'werehs Maintaned a cotm poletea _potd tda usian of t major sOat' 1218-0,M"yto IWAt he !,1 104, dt we,,ays.e rBes
this t, name. SHI Ov rSAU a n me r lnt aer at W CMtheyafe lextremediorthern tnding uth-pe bnp~es t day th e totar for as e d hs rofh s, the ibS nmtttons Of the I.LO. t u- el Expected To i H^^m ^ HIf^B^P^ ^ 1ny Irons In the fire' thnt th" worth hft ben m- ment ^^ rontier,'b
i a.ros on scibe at the earliest possibleo Cut ]Exports MI enemy eoulri nlot readily tell Whiclh ____,__.. .._____ ,_ to both enemny base
tIs sa dlaea rather Usae at the Iost war T h otte e of reporste ,frontiand a ir T c 'rti es Not one d a tye erai tn
I M w 1se Pels. s. .peace conference, to the P ur Myv AlEC Sf lEGMIIl'PON p em y repotein t e Mtwaenir at "ilieirst tq dcra f tosses mwre A ebe"itn
were ts p enued n asn aimed at nrie world ." tnS iga Ohf aedCmajornsk t
'I wnt freedom lrom want. LONDO May APo.-a1he r.0. ewhere, Th Buyhng Engines ^l esruters "
d Ba y=, lU eUn The deledatin eroposed these Britms and Amticran areement ieatmws s sa he reue wthy ene, 's- l D rym a nwerutanaval tak . .r o
th e an 12 o th r i ocal o il Jetives" w ith Spatn lim iting shipm ents of A ttiutseea rv V lit e ~ 1f t) ase rn tel a )f ii ei fl Canalw ,,._s __ hi.,! te nor t h y e d h n m t ,r aa n ,rn n ,p r x r e a d o V c d i E M s i
|podrarnS5 ^ "parts^ ^?. to"" Gemn.7 orh-1M.6. ato rk
i s uc (1)-OppnoortuntCo n fr. 0o Grmay rtruf adh eWRussianmntrsttgye- y Alhwarslovid ectrti dtio,,ra the Pacific Fleet he under the coili-
Stheib regu lar ) mpf "en1 at0 air wagesolb to Londontoain th wa Inoi dt- farms u-- r he rrt. at s'feetol.e wtcauig ,oep,'co mpoleteMd
S. -- .-return n onale" cn- mohtratlon of tene mounting con- thansiea tthe psis Of tale .p l .ii U the m hno't ct iuni"ue re.ortino H. b rtp oi dub santo he bhali there aUtack agais e nwreM ss
Vw. se. p dlose onfrene, onathe vpr ono-nyAX Ig neurals Thea mth l~lst Hl, eeomy uoereporte u-inga.b e ,o u n fts-*ha %nanti h. = t he Am ericam n atm

-t -ClifnM gWrow4tr m aoim ed atn I) Rusnlas w attack In force In loan, 101 pur,-tmrh st u ,taTAer o(ves th? losses r'Pftr
yn .ilght .a n Lib)-r-trlltahnft of a mini- proch Allied victory t et0_trIt. . a e. .... h1oo.. ..n r .... ...) ... .A rh..r..m.-.t ae a k f ore i ma p a e it nral o r k A'..tIr.t.. .
vit adthe y re p f ru-."d t :. e ngnemy ..t o te ~ Po werful nt a valton n breeA
S nla s the se ond payon in the .. . --i- a to about mil Thu Tn middle c i i Board the, .h...aci f etUcrri ero..t
Mmuomiw he nO SDl(),-Opotuit tf Asied toaughene polimy. Thwasrnee- Lr1 l rE S V iew Ga hi To t. a v o I 'urle tdI, u e,.,'8t' i e'hn V t- pa e st titu"
i OnOate n-rer gular ... ploymentatfairw of es. t- m ont, nltho dwgh a not quite as corn- Alaer iwr a... w est of taslhun"m r iooad taubmitt hbtl ele, U.S.N., . y carierlete
___^ 's -^ sS TB taf~ e ~nh .v -@l^ -" *"- Itea"y, ;' dat --a
ot e rmany. ($)--rIa io T eon for chbld wet- to nalt oilpments of ohnrocm to the[ vm1t.nd ai 1armp art OfBAY, Mfay t (AT')-It ,,Wihe Wrt or I Is iong mountain d to between $30O t.ul' c raft -ak -sheledm yr --
B-rais 3oa n ll ed- v, 1Ma th announced toda- that OPn- and s n ,,0,,000 will bu placed. heltord -s a m, n Rla -oT kW 1 v
0 t2S0 t rimt (4--*41 klng tawk l artt of living i The two economic vtctori, a- lT b PrAf l Idhi IS toundew5O o,'g LONDON, May t ( ) -Thenth pIay-Vo ounetl' ntnanee1e 1saetien" ri ."S on'*
Motofan t pmrovie s andeqard e nutrition, sure the Alles O1 at lat IC u Ar mU I.i auolld Iu Wy Inel- menthtor A IOommlte x 1 rig y i t. a ,,i "i rafti'
awade ft 61the-Alied oughend polcy. Te agre- inn tsih 1s'"iitilMu GuisClar prvet te xpotaio o hoe r et f 1ar c"f v8-Api 19 n 3, es oratt
Ive-.' f.i ,,e l '- w .- .i'ai em 1JO I ''..m-t .]!_ m m
hos' e o po- rtu ite",for ,high l ateJ .. ..... anottheO nitednetatd wo a d a One ..h ,0b ,AE m a aiiinciew on,, ,h, maer. 5r. d" I ab . _.ft rV .
Into wa ged In hardenln steal, vietalf robems was outline today r/ .J .. .l "e to co or adeny the eo -d s g f o I isu dstat d o that thesepony f
ny.s^ y'sA u decision agin soon."ti chttte isapo Heve1u robablac.. Pkedf,, ta
shaida n esnomvi c olicy thel moel arn military weshpnt s Ac tual deleate s at the confer'nenelorft.mWyhe1 ooMse" LIt -ni e vasion a mobun, oti e hngntilbe thee -i2 A lrttishell des
m~a~m m- tn r erman reservas of theme minerals flomttIllofl P1'Ih1I MiniSters, bUt at ~ m ho~dLet-ooe o leg .., ..,.._fu ,,. d ourt rei 1$t
It .N a istw sia n o ut hc ade ondno w b u t i t bG-el e v eawds p0,nea rr e M f wlleu i p l acdl be f o r eI tn g
K T a el)-Bound develop"- ens ao e ou ap.proachlag C hut-to-mouth I thought of Impostog its yol se fn' C1Jt8Cd lter*,..d n the IM1 tie s pl a o in g ,^tr theemt or hoasl,- .,,? .ti,%n~ R iriL1!. .1
tier .........4 F"e I Ital"
"t'2 The two trlt teh~a e conomic Latol Ot h m- drhi Ie )nm t tho undergo pe orero[thes. plaelng te Board n ttil's14 nance U 0m~~i TM Wa

Thsus, ih tasmportanl of t Lhe wealth. The spoO a s lar40lJ tA t th t c ub e '
tlo Of etradetq ate nur d i ai on bemth es o eaplarthe s one o v0eberual p s e i t I minnt, to coinci d eh with the un dIudeyytd wnA ,y "m s
bourrethe eA1l-nssit nance tor0" ucc-gesso-t ee thea led th _n o1.Ide herself just ne.t lh O heet, *,hlch Is wertAt skfledtbon o' a A tu t er
predYHt I muattlon .-'341tecnia pro-I it. Is ob ...e that only ... .. one ozvern ent a hper~m md the peen A M 'AERf Om3en of the second front frota ... senc ]o .nd w day' sattac _Ot
aoo..t aire required to convet wolfram ...... ... ,. ,e nenemr i n b yals
'm. ,R., (2)-.LBiwatlon of movements o Into fharo stel and tlh stel into *Jw w I P, rto ."I W A L L 1c. I D BADQARTRa, ',German mmn d T enemy t6l-ie Vu snhoN
l ~L ') eapi- m tal u nimeactioss ti'anj. death-dealing Weapnsn. agreement" on a p01109 soneernig/ITAL,_ My.2 (Rde'T', I.'='- The Arsh" Govnedrm a t omalw m s ajo r l~ i Ou 'pa es -ho
Pr o rtllend-ie usan e dof ith heardaningshtand, uital b P uwas I Out~linedtiIl oetday4r tmoo h ihighs incr a ted S O offensive wilithwl l beginsoa." rtSun "t a gonfod re

t4er mit Il IM W thabrlr dearndsi upin two.d ansd the uwaelfatere of ecrlo de fc past i hours, Wlh erman ot.- tar said: tSrrong attacks In the I Considerable damsi e waswti .im n
In shap I nLeO n tp l iedg cthefr 8t ball-bear#-in hipment to M0 Ohurohdll sam pmldid All eden In t souh -ca a be reckoned with. LOdNO May 2 (Rcuter's-It our prntrt'iOted i thelr tnt
inr a mate a /i dl ogt to ur ge t ls Ger un P odfl f te m a on es b t ahhea periMnete g ild Tie Germans re nbumeo at full was announced today thalt a des- n( 8atpwsnlnt lt --
er nied- Nt to -a hort s1 v c seunownadupot otge l to Chi if eo f ot- wea s tht LodAn, nt loprin t eir blat their Pa" on over the trliyertand pf our uply ships w erft Our ships 0 sihot d f (t.
S n ..- ...... l rend { s w teof .eAlthough the outcome of ea eeheispRee have et yewr d hneto P nsr I h th e lowe rtI'lno weem o terinvati lton with the mill- snk b British d uei r mlle a n e search pllnes t doW. W S
Um: -D tpi olrmslst heRih ioot o etra' pe ~ ~ teC~5,t orar nd Imnta eTetor ayig "p.Sl fBna miI n theai

S 'I I _then-oS i lttar ow pwo nMhi nmu o nmiGc naIpai o nught. Mr. Churphill n g t v ey dr tae .w ry ommentatr yang: "Ship- o na l a the Straits of I retirement from th* Ro
futhmer tmi, d riolua sys te hn ic maisre un-ertain, there Is guarded A time when the Allies eoema- to e wel-on tltingptoun aru nand tsrinou co ncat e ol
N= seswt potn back asnal t :o teIL optimism here that the Alied de- ,ng the moat intense efforts to OS'Oe,, Alle, raidin parties t ,,hati sfv mintes to th e ... .
souro otn tIfthe eirmoinaa lonThur stheImportatneast p ar t h.71mea a spykvhctnry detlasringt
I a n at a l pol icies nre wdi St. If te pro- pwpthn es ntheanexeeow, that t eevritish Umplire h oI ,,I n at t ie sei ne St laun ched ab at- hogr."
Snm e for uiform relporting b portual, whih actually s ira sldeat5,themapcerainl tacs k on the soia ll va of foraewsi "rt mort
t _- tio, t sho uld fur ish officll Spain. h as been fall" wi th e Span-. .m w m 5 t = kO thE 1ea pe opl quar ers ta oerl in are tlmos
s'aid, thi -pldt lBt deoniuedrs negoti jsati ons &=losel. t stoo teht -wo v i gil a, -l re l
.inyIOO d be --rtweo ofnaion t ota, t ae:eSid-ceraiL that olndeathteump on rtItI .IV
-'m Is"_I.dWS tIel~e ym~t Mr Maiense Kngt declare mass's4: stepped up their tictis O mor scale will take place in A/ N N IlNI & COI i LiDil

_&. ,S H ^ ,, .:.30 Student s ; To Sit ,S-. .vc-y;% -,, .-r--
tluonsand tec hnicaldIpt isS that theCanadiaGoverlmentmsending otvraiding e. A -oy." i he explained that 90 peroshotdow nby it
M ,- Prmtances Pa Jti. ... 30 W l T ost ls thh lfrtofh utrate i' a bd iint a to enty o the person5 sn.wenZI n^ .
, gi a- Zarereq uwi r eedtoionvertwlam tewl i-4a0 4the ,-pr these nto n -nether tueatn daalro f
charmn t heI-.O ~ Bar:- ~~L-ft-- Woosmeemy circle.,g~td^^s^ andi^. a... a-i a n TSh ere of A.u ume- ofIto behsel a thestee lno- lovet, butone mle Inland .frtoam ...B. weKL ) _ _uTWM1_ 14"_m _o__ Cweo . . Is
.a t.,e, c wohtonsegta as pu-rt the h de. ln 2t an alr tmlngafom n t ateg e n the sa. rtifet 2 alSo 'was fairlyit an #o
--, a B r, tia to.i .._e.s ,..hs a ...h... . ..there...... r a-d e dr. Iernat W a i 'eMn a t mor"de a dO- "u p
5 "= MM ,,"<.,. -- w od t, c 'hp rbaes sdte to ha-ncet ase d-y .s.-.S n ^ Mova teosivew, ill a uei e soo n.l"eo i ba s tit en n trr
.....esen.e. ...romnt of t h e_ i rla o r, e at .dthet ath edr. W i w ) e Ia. w a d ep s l fltl ia! n t- e e ftme dtch a th a t Bnhev-AndnSes ukil ag atn l-
rml twon- Zn atl rerito. develop ntoamain *tlo ares iedeng buter A t ra n sor a t rce Iemid vvtbo, activityA in th i aures NrthtOe f toted May I nthebd drafsed
is in mattr 7119 prposa alsoOak' laxtheirdemads uon Swden W th olitareofr wasisashellings tom Altin a 'SightdentIn thmsouh icn als be ecko ConsdeVb# a.l erhWit&$3 m1

to hsalt st battllbeanof gr uWstug the t yi Mr * si -n ed In' Southag Mondv l c *LO yRtre die ad""<-tpi wit
d ]nt b II " ... .. ..2.. p 1 aePr I .........e elsE. , fm Ult et addafe
new voe d sygliLs o n s alan d A though t e outcome oof We che het a bo oth g f o tz AdO_ f t s in t e eowe r a i n w3 w eter ivs n wh nds n d nkb Britih subm 'lsn Mte*- arch ol i onA"dud
,n-mar re lrcnit nterOl at ttereeo omcand camp taigns renagha.Mr. Cruerchelpe -te ewst tVle ertea- tItaomieni t'atlonflbr a tea Ce"Shi-Svo- e~ n h tat fIrtrmn rmtefof_

tlye,,rSa -- trouh h nou nr tain ,a t. et to %.t ime. whwe the Aollfrro OmMerwmcR aT heAi s ta aflaeu t o okpi"editodt roo cocehe BUlan- O, a otMlent .a e
11100 tisW1111 bak AnuaGe o the IbinLaon, on timism heretatte lin e-Ig ethe isoo t n ad eneie, otut tewl-orn tiltingDroudaoudte pit~is out c ast Idcthe uk li ts Kie
f=On bi ow Vatr~socalad lhebor mtish it av bewmeto at leat atingrthehafof SouthnAfra, lAlliedthraiding panties that nit i iedmitates t hadzerao
J11 '"UUM o tle s a okig t thisrb e pr o-swta hiarenumhe r ocn datfe e arwo ly vheict orIt anly iht -- - -a- --c-t-sim -lar in- -i-i-ci-p-e wit--
South 'fl'nlda, Mr Zanes tha t so .reisvitrbtttsh sla tore Should patile exiledmeoti'e maencheatMNot- hour.r-,
adptd ee ndotantrrac-, b edn toshippi gmoe wlrmthe an ftegetr itns A lstoi A woa mibes utidetently lisofthed p eople uestan rd ind Inter-
fro tsoudfrih.OZ~b S tain .8ha s be n telowtu .1the .pun-all the BWitcing wordealistweth1vat ddropaWllfosla-sh agemet

thn wo fr --- W broti aonda t T es ay. tood. inelpat reatu.'es of a recruittig pOelodulIv approved by the Unlied
Sin 8- 16mil Of StinL n te ablother bdfronts -e e-ontaIaintee. prov dedd forttheciilad-n

d = Publicga d TonAid itress.EIMrPrc asen$1ie0K00 L ote se ndngouhel e.,
i'Hl Mi to h .., ,, T- 1< *- ._...^...._ -- -- .1, rv nR Wt'df ,o lOda. Bto tg., prvdd for the ivi ad-~f o b
an abe- stpoeust with A y rsgeiN
m Fa .s.a = From Council For Expansion w-a ---s-a.- Il"xlan "edte'eer WeAN I.
10 S d ns To all anxious a. the HoohbleA A.SH oOerw al excef IIro ft y to bn -t th F kaseigt
a inn, n oata yet ottua Buted 4 the War The Trinidad Nlscircicty Board taa decided a e f tie Ceie* n w.e "
1111101111a-hi 11101 *0SS~S %tte 46DNMW 6W tA

_E "IL- Urt 51 "torN "ho ed ,-dt- e I "ffi" a Soldier Pointed
Welfare 0"111111114 Its 10 we 000 qm SXC "KU.h1aft V"

J. We=kt w^1hout nay. ----*, - ---- ,= --. ,. =. SStap.e R r Not Pistol
afti0nor 1 41 T a _ql OWN a As t etd ap Atones adjoiniag eat 7 T ld *n Not

aa 11lts1t11 w^^S'-^ sw^ssirs `10 41111- .le0A u* m 0a *
IM Wort loa cbea t theoud waou Indt, the bI g ht n mb rs ofurtr.Cri pointed ot Mttvif t ofSietof witt ht hea 'V an% of
-o conerence"* andwe resi ides

will thoeSt theLound onBro and withoud leaw d ent of e of theM a r V i Iaod Tr5JS'SoS l oftW-the VAM--vehicle
e s aSnd m a dyetella t oto wrr.oual the W -e sphre- o am b we *- a fr B
1i.d a vibt .leesputng th-, ie d IaI uf
tLtatf ropre metntot to Uea stearet- mor clda M was Mrt. S U. Dwax TM. aftW lobwee th e h on t he -pp* in n l- WUIK w Pact
* 4 eS- toa ad tno f W agrel fores at th seha di ouin Me tefro.m I Tte I V aitd Sta Mmsea, (eYtu'but theewlliteI ntry
S t* Alle-s sad Briti s a ovr ment freomlst I- msong She10banddatsag two ai fom Drt She oos aitme wh CAStNtM,0e a 8e~Ro l-M6 oyNmet rinwe

Geoag lt ..... .l a so ofte 'l- it rhse 3.wU..a'o.s 1.r ,Onb e- l& tme -. ., Nd m Sd th at Bran
of t1" dei-lalttes SaWtheBiihWt k to~ faclitating thea~s^s bells of^ imK Lsrlmm Am %oft *,a In the Untd811e a

i about vu w-d n c and iHouning e Oow aoua. a f m me Qcy 3n v he to t kemw i Bnteta in ba w 0a yea rqA-
sm r mon- g the toa sed to e- a min i l of the N A o s A a- i an w 3.
Sho~um 1M2 P Ot omf UN i iI ,o i
g-ll M-fBd OW Amb follow:- te GMt G1 ~kft L d*M-W M MM W~tea IV *t"e Ft Mte &wfix a s~foM5D* ~ ^IIB;~K^ \
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too c lw &I a o :un- 'W.'ILat wef t7o05t1 eyof W
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K'HISSOO (MMsS 4k P6Db Ws eW Au, N.Y.4,

A~is Wring Cotre ssin
R'mProaHitlerite $Poik
Altoe appear= y Wo" not Y4t X47
o t p f pA to C all connection
wt itet. Germay but, by the agree-
t announced yesterday, they have
able to wring several Important con-
i from her. 1he cot of thea gai"
;k the lifting of the Anglo-American oil
lbar5go, imposed last January following
granting by Spain of a huge credit to
| litler In liquidation of the debt Incurred
SIn the Spanish civil war. While the Allies
Oie not been able to cut off completely
.#be strategic supplies which Hitler ob-
Stains from Spain, they have convinced
tyranco that he must give his ally much
Ims than promised.
Germany depends largely on Spain
for the tungsten ore which is vital to her
(war machine, and purchased 1,000 tons
S export in addition tob 300 tons sup-
plied during January. By the new agree-
'inent Hitler Is to get only 280 tons more
MtIS year although he has paid for 1,000
!tons To have got Franco to deny pro-
mised essential supplies to his best friends
Is of Itself a victory; It Is one which
Franco would not have thought possible
In the days when he declared his non-bel-
ligerency, while letting it be known by
word and deed that he was on Hitler's
side. But there are other concessions,
which all reflect the disintegration that
Is setting in among Hitler's supporters in
Europe as a result of the mighty blows
the Allies are striking.
Spain has been the happy hunting
ground of Axis agents. But Franco, who
Is In the debt of Nazi Germany and Fas-
cist Italy for support in the civil war, Is
now to expel spies designated by the
Allies from Spain, Spanish Morocco, and
Tangier. At a time when franco believed
*AlMM strength to be on the down-grade
his troops occupied the International zone
In Tangier, and his Fatscist followers agi-
tated for the occupation of Gibraltar.
Now he has had to promise to close the
Werman consulate in Tangier and all
other Axis agencies there, to release im-
mediately five of the seven Italian mer-
chant ships long held in his harbours,
and to go to arbitration over two other
merchant vessels and the Italian war-
ships which ran to Spain after the Italian
capitulation. Besides, as a result of Allied
pressure and the failure of the Wehr-
macht on the eastern front, he has with-
drawn all the forces he sent to the Soviet
Union to fight for Hitler.
Spain f i the second neutral country
to react favourably to the Allied demand
that Germany be denied the supply of
strategic raw materials. Turkey has al-
ready stopped shipments of chrome to the
Retch and I being pteld to stp srupply-
Ing weeks will see the success of negotla-
The stopping of such Important require-i

mants or tWir nduieot to il oiws
trickle bewq M pftm anu eo a
TO 7m T b me 3 e oo*O Oast U oam
09 eIdiW INan he =wwen f eof.
,tetel to w tapalta diIB* (k

atmus deigned to depriv the -Nazli
sOUtma of vital materials.

Should Irish Spuds Grow
In United Nations Garden?
SURS and the cockles of our heart are
diturbed by the thought that the
nation aity of a potato hab upet at leart
a* Trinidadlan. It's a tapesyturvy vorld,
niiade bt at a s Ia e m Wom amry tails
us that our left hand mst not know,
what our right hand Is doing, begorrah
and it's best to be on the safe side always
Today Is not the time to take risks, for
Inside that Irish potato may lurk the
germ of a Nazi spy message.
There is a suggestion in a letter in
today's correspondence column that in
place of Irish seed potatoes the planter
could very well experiment with floury
white Great Scots or the majestic pink
King Edwards. Both of these varieties are
above suspicion. They can be boiled,
baked, roasted, fried, or chilped, and in
any case will stand to attention when the
National Anthem is played, sung, or
whistled. So why not substitute them for
potatoes which may be admirable as food,
but doubtful in loyalty.
And there Is another vital considera-
tion. The Trinidad food-growing cam-
paign is in full swing, and many people
have planted Jersey tomatoes, American
lettuce, Canadian cabbage, South African
carrots, Chinese patchol, and Indian
yams, together with crops indigenous to
the Island. Should they now be asked to
introduce Spanish onions, German beet,
Swedish turnips, and Irish potatoes into
their patriotic gardens? Perish the
thought! Irish potatoes are neutral po-
tatoes, and as both the Prime Minister
and President Roosevelt have said in ef-
fect that neutrality is almost as bad as
hostile belligerency, there seems to be a
good case against any attempt to pro-
pagate them here.
There is, however, one redeeming
feature. If Irish potatoes can really be
grown in Trinidad, then Mr. Churchill
and President P.oosevelt will be able to go
to Mr. de Valer,. and tell him that even
his lowly spud enijow the warmnth of the
British Empire. So what?

Early Start At Mucurapo?
'A KLi .-OPliening oi negotiations lor build-
ing on the Mucurapo pasture east of
the cemetery has been welcome. Dis-
cussions begun since 1941 never reached
finality, and the recent misunderstand-
ing between the City Council and the
chairman of the Planning and Housing
Commission threatened to block all pro-
gress. The commission has, however,
done the right thing by making the fresh
approach to the Council which circum-
stances demanded, and we hope It will
not be long before something is decided.
The housing situation Is acute, and
any ameliorative effort even on a relative-
ly small scale assumes unusual import-
ance. The commission's plans are com-
plete, funds and materials are available,
and it only remains to satisfy the City
Council about the details. As bth the
commission and the Council are andous
to have the work started, It should not
be too much to expect early agreement.





MAY 6th 1944.

(1) March Past, Colony Director Take S Slut.
(2) Inspection of Detachiments, by Colony Director.

(3) Presentation of Badges, Bars Etc.
(4) Address, by Colony Director.
() Test Questions, by Colony Medial Officer and other Officekrs.

so"w kblow if t b to S Ld.

I~~AW~l1pN, WXMZT, MAT Y 1S4

w( m"f es's ^ .

S6111 -s04 T1 asNOW eM**** as

Cow W.I. Maintain
Ye nh OfOwnCri cy? ?
Intitme liodefv ..
.editorial i M nars -ou. i !
I t :o c th i e c nr e n c q u e e t l o y o ^ l| ? f.t l

aII a new Wet Indian earwLs-
r would not be an I Is.t
*A:m; that t would e not be Sub-
=t t uotatiou to noe Interna- ^
seemSe to consider necemssry.
Ths UIn mQiking confit with
Sop of a British Tree airy 'L'Inll of
d iw n '.ving expert vt-
dece at the West Indian Oonfer-
lnee held in London a In S, qatid,
-....If the West Indiea asume Story of Ae imOta.
responsibility for currency of th'2r _____________
owI. they will take, not merely
profit on the silver, but aml te V
risks of maintaining the parity A m ca
that ocinage, whether gold W s Africa V
AM sIn: should also like to L Educa
refer to the question of exchange. a in V U C
One of the llabUlitie that a reI-
volned, If yu have a coinage, Is A de eu zampl h
that of mnfitalnlni It n value nt th lirtmee rital a -t
international market. Itf you do not *a I n 3 t
do that yaour currency may dwindle dev5"emI@nt ef bar O0lIol08 .
like the fra or mark, etc."
It is a well-establislhed rinciple Achlmota is a word with magiel
that a Colonial over n iing connotation in West Africa. itis
not should keep a pound for the name of a tiny Vle in the
pound reserve aalt thenote is- Gold Coast, seven I land
sue, but It dof not DDea to from Acera. The village s had
equally well undermtoo t on fame thrust ,w on It. It ha become
assuming responsibility for their sthesat of "Vest Africa's most spec
ow currency the W t Indies tacular experiment in education.
would have to provide proper Today "Achimota"l means Achlmot*
w c cyr the West ndie 'A .teget co-educitonal
rth reson"sotink the chool wh 700 boy and
the ulnk the re- in
port of the Chambers Currency glrs receive as complete and as
ommitte is fundamentally siund, rich an education as any European
as a urifMed West Indian currency or American child.
i something entirely different from Achimota Is kindergarten, primary
a m0re standardization of the note chool, s secondary school, teacher'
sof the various Colonies eon-train college and-to some ex-
ot arnons ntent-university, all in one. Its 700
Of course, if the West Indies aw student. range from the 5-year-old
able to provide and maintain sterl. to younk men and women of 20 and
Ing reserve to back their eolnage, 21 .. In planning, design and equip-
thee questions do notle. Appar- ment it bears comparison with any
ently the Chamber's com ttee educational institution anywhere.
were In doubt of their ability to ItS erection cost 2,64000,and its
do this, and wisely drew attention malntenance s v are of the order
to It in their re wrt of o00,000 annually.
ITEB8TE. Twenty year ago the low hill on
Port-of-Spain. which It stands was waterless and
uncultivated. Today the waterleuss
ompulso Rentl le hill has become a wooded park, so
Compulsory Rental Plea planned that from sweeping tree-
The Editor. "Trinidad Guardian'" lined avenues there are everywhere
My opinion s the only relief for vistas of white houses framed in
the housing situation is for Govern- foliage and flowers. From the sum-
ment to demand returns within mit of the hill, the white clock-
seven days of all occupied houses, tower of the main block rises above
and any owner or agent failing to the tree tops, a landmark for miles
comply shall forfeit $100. in ever.- direction.
The returns In the matter should A modern swimming pool
be put into the hands of the Hous- stands just inlade the main
Ing Commission, who shoslld call gates, and stretching from
upon every owner or agent by the gates along the outer
means of the Press to let their perimeter of the grounds are ex-
houses within one month, or the tensive playing fields, a nature re-
Commission will let them for the serve, a demonstration farm, and
benefit of the owners, and 10 per a model village fte the College em.
cent of the rental be deducted for ploy e
service rendered by the CommIs plon. s
*ort-of-? n oasin Culturee Combiued
SI n 1927, when the college was for-
Down With Neutral Spuds mallv opened. It purpose was des-
The Editor. "Trinidad Guardian' cribed as "to provide on African
Does your correspondent who t so u an education equal in technical
propagating 30 hills of Irish seed Quality to the best that can be
potatoes know there Is a war Provided In Entland. ad _at the

on t why not Great Scots or King
EdwaidoI t .ti ( j,;,.'.
To think of neutral potatoes at
this time of "second front" an-
xiety makes my blood boll.

Plea For Ethiopia
The Editor, "Trinidad Guardlan"
Though not so constant a reader
as "Argus," I have come across, in
an Issue of the "Guardian." an
Abysslnlan offer of a number of
trained men for use against the
Maybe I am wrong, but surely
that in itself Is an expression of
gratitude, and an appreciation of
our common peril.
Again, any normal minded per-
son should agree that a hospital,
no matter where erected, is for
one purpose-the alleviation of
human suffering. 80 why should
people be asked not to support
such a worth cause?

Black Market In Caroni
The BUdltr. 'Trinidad OGuardiam"
I read two letters in your col-
umns not long ago where men-
tion waU made of the black market
menace at Couva and Tacarigua.
But what about the residents here
at Caroni?
Ask the uneducated labourers-
such advantage Is taken of them
by some of the shopkeepers. I won-
der how they live at all. If the
authorities concerned were to ex-
amine the shopse account books,
some startling revelations might be
o t Cittyr a Oouet 8t me.
5m watr 1 wAoM Uok to MeI
Please la aIl eems oo th"fully;
wUt oater.
The tau seven are to my *ame
I par d otl edo the same.
I dM't Show en or payt for Zam-
Butot water.
A sba i tt I have to a
I e" *have By ibotha ay|
I da't believe I MUl O.K.-
With a water.
O( far t" day t t Moem atruft
U "Iaa"M* Inows h is.-

W e eu a to ttas tight avo
Dbseas a se~~ ay to day
Ve *wM* *k her or they-
Sheal give watee.
1 this tor sayU soetin wUitslk. ibm
AnM S ave water.
Si thatist n ot the point youe %
I Sol the wteW tWibly;
14 matose sot ho eivos to .-
smat water.
AMn witle lhy'ro talking ich bukum
'Mo as a" rty, waoerwu 'l ske.
rIve d lI "e t wn winso-
02 iosh water .
la wValrw that tho asi ew bol
so jont bs "Msh "t I a eelS;
AM i Mef dat*itft I a told-
NiM sMe that.
T"a WMoIs IAt he mattWryet.
W OM fteU i k tea *00l tef y t--
I 11t- fethe mnoelY trefo-4
&ASS Ive so water,
F A- rS --e

sIame UIUI m uapwt O Af ican colg n-
ditions ad requirements." it further
fet out to undertake research as
well as to teach.
Achimota'a first and obvious dif-
ficulty in this problem of adapting
a Euronean form of education "to
African conditions and require-
ments" was the variety of verna-
culars spoken by the students.
English had to be taught as the
common language, but thait meant
In turn that the students worked in
a language foreign to them. There
were thus two difficulties at once:
the difficulty of the subject matter
and the difficulty of the language.
With the language problem was
coupled the problem o text-books.
Existing text-books, In English,
were difficult for the African to 'tn-
derstand, not only because of the
language, but also because they
were designed for children with an
entirely different environment and
contained allusions which were
meaningle, to e African.
Similarly the absence of any
background o uropem culture
muet that al experience of suro-
pean standards in art, music and
drama had to be gained in school.
Moreover in Introducing European
cultural standards care had to be
taken to preserve all that was good
and useful in African culture, .and
so yet another difficulty was to
strike a balance between the two
Finally and fundamentally, It
would be worse than useless to send
out into the world young men and
wcmen who by reason of their ad-
vanced education and knowledge of
new standards hAd become misfits
in African society. Their education
had to be deigned thatthey became
good citsensa of Africa, anxious to
turn their knowledge to the benefit
of a community whose development
had been retarded.
Trial And Error
Achimota did not, of course, find
a solution to all these problems
overnight. Their solution lay large-
ly in the process of trial and error,
and It t still not suggested that
the ProcesIs complete.
It has bad to be aee as a
pearmnenmt limitation the atj-
dents' knowledge of English can
never be e full as their knowledge
of the vernacular, but the difficulty
I'm b m to ~ k-etent by
style and t eea n, mare m a- a
B"g *uaimu pta= us uleftual
teeducational film.

ldIncluding the epidaseoopsand
AchImota eduesatmon has now de-
veloped esrtOw weli4-dened cha-
racteritics. It f ueesmena y a po-
tical education, with tu roots dwo
in the realities of Atfroan life. The
children are made to do thing ftr
themselves. They are taught pride
in craftsmwaship. and they a" gi-
ven exceptional opporetuntse for
becoming masters of a craft
The Collee organisation Is swel
that the indiddual has to b self-
reliant w athi the framewwk of
co-operative effort. And a sqbstan-
tial part of thesabus it devoted
to subjects calculated to Iudpoe
pride in African Muitine and tr-W.
Ist n African aWalra.
The dents live in rsidntia
blocks spaced round the groundft
ft dsne for residents an
4010h =ivelate fewr u uss


the &&rew.

village Becomes

ition Centre
All the work of tho house, and all
the work In Its garden, has to Le
done by the students. A monitor
sides over each dormitory, and
is responsible for discipline and for
seeing that the work of the dor-
mitory is properly performed. There
I als aoa gaLrden monitor and a
sports monitor, and all the moni-
tors are responsible to a house
ach house has two house-mas-
ters. usually one European and one
African, and they work as far as
possible through the house prefect
and the m.onltors. Punishment Is
reduced to a minlirum; no "lines."
very little detention no penal drill.
The college has Its own hospital,
museum, herbarium, library (one of
(he best in the African Colonies),
prting press and farm. In addi-
tion to the farm it has a plantation
at Bunso in the heart of some f
the best cocoa-farming country in
the Gold Coust.
War Workers Too
When war brought new demands
on agriculture, the farm and plant-
ation responded so well that today
their vegetables, meat, poultry
products, marmalade and fruit
cordials constitute a valuable ad-
dition to the local supply of food-
This ability to be successfully
practical Is, indeed, one of Achimo-
ta's outatanding characteristics. The
College Press doe Jobbing work "of
infinite varety." The weavig hed
produces useful quantities of cloth
for College needs. The University
engineering students-they sit in
the Gold Coast for the Bsec. degree
of London University undertake
Colles engineering repairs, and on
ocarn conostruct machinery re-
quired by other depaitmentas
But perhaps the most notable
College achievement In giving ex-
Vt-eoW of original research the
tile and brIck factory brought Into
operation by the Ceramics Depart-
ment. The factory began production
after the outbreak of the war large-
ly to meet an army need, but Its
long-term Importance Is even
greater since It may well represent
inception t a new west Afri-
can industry.
The Department also produces
water-coolers in appreciable num-
bers, and Its .lase reeeatch has re-
sulted in the production of such
articles as cups for collecting tap-
ped rubber.
S-The same practical, co-operative
effort is evident in many of the
out-of-school activities. Xn Iddition
to games, hobles such as wood-
woodwork, tinplate work, bookbind-
ng, basketry, ear repairing and
pottery are extremely popular.
Uife Is Full

A social service group cajled the
Red Cross Link attracts more vo-
lunteers than it can absorb. The
Link aims at helping in all ectlvi-
tives llkeli to improve conditions
of Ufe in neighbuoring towns sand
Among other 'lungs, Its 26 sec-
tions undertake the running of a
dispensary in Achimota village, the
repair f domestI utensils t need
odIta. l n organisation of
swing grOupl_ to teach rmple sew-
ing to theag e women, the plan-
ning of vi lages In order to com-
ply with Government regulations,
and annual camps, when the boys
give their services in a village-in
constructing a concrete bathing
tank, for example-while the girls
orgai.ise instruction groups in in-
fant welfare, sewing and cooking.
The College has a choral society
an an orchestra, a shop run on
co-operative principles, a cinema, a
drama committee which organles
college plays, and an education ',o-
ciety, which arranges lectures and
debates. On Saturday ughts there
Is some taorm of College entertain-
ment-usually tribal drumming on
the Saturday nearest full moon.
This encouragement of an essen-
tially African art reflects Archi-
mota's determination to preserve
everything of value and interest In
African culture.
It Is in line with the principles
that boys and girls are encouraged
to wear African clothes during
their leisure hours, though in class
the boys wear shorts and shirts,
and the girls preen tunic dresses.
Life at Achimota Is very full -
and very happy. It is in this ability
to blend the best of two cu;o'res
that much of the future happiness
of WestAtlralI

Citizens Must Aid
Lburgess Roll Work

Appeal by C.I.D

The C.I.D. requests any person who heard 44
in the vicinity of the Northwest Section of the Q
Park Savannah (Queen's Royal College side), M
night of (Sunday 23rd April, 1944), to immed4
communicate with Police Headquarters.

A dark man of about 5' 9"
khaki jacket and trousers with a

medium build V
broad rimmed ft

pulled down over his face and carrying a stick rk:
sought. Any person who saw anyone fitti
description in that vicinity between 7.00 and 10J
should also communicate with the Detective So
tendent, Chief Inspector C.I.D., or nearest Polic,
tion. All such information will be treated with'
confidence by the Police.
Superintendent 4


Duck, Tyre Fabrics and Filter Press C

USERS (including Government D,
ments and Municipalities) are request
submit to the Secretary of the C0Q
Board, not later than the 8th May, 1
their minimum essential requirement
the year 1945, by quarters, of the
lowing items:-
(1) Ounce Duck (flat, Army and similar) V ,;
(2) Numbered Duck (paper felt, Sail, harvester and i
(3) Hose "d Belting Duck.
(4) Tyre fabrics (Cord, builder, breaker and chaftr) ;i
(5) ilter Press Cloth,
NOTE: With reference to (1) and (2) above, while overall
should be given In square yards, it must be stated cl
"roportion of such quantities (if any) is required itS
oducts (e.g. Ball, Tarpaulins etc.).
mrs mut give the following information against i
Unit of quantity (square yardage) |
S Minimum essential requirements, by quarter,
) Indicate requirements on ex-factory basis Le..i
ter ahead of quarter In which supplies asm
reach Colony. Ths means that goods r.qt
quarter 1945 will be entered Ia return as 4th
and goods entered in 4th quarter 1945 will
ticipated delivery In let quarter 14M6. "
(4) Anticipated sources of supply, distingulsg
United States of America, United Kingdom,o
These sources should be specifically osta
an item is programmed on more than one s
should indicate definite quantities (or pe
quired from each source.
(5) FULL DETAILS of purposes for which supplfiE
used, giving, In addition, percentage breakdoMa
production; (b) construction and facilities; (I.
terence and repairs. '
All requirements not easily classified as
should be listed under (a).
j. 1941 IMPORTS. In accordance with ImpoWt,
outlined in Control Board Notice dated Ift
and published in the Royal Ouette of 22n M
the release of supplies from anticipated mow
pend entirely upon the -submission of
ments. A' warning is therefore I issued that
the above commodities will not be made ava
Dealer, Importer or User who does not
above conditon#t or ,i

Old Post Office Bldgs.. Secretary, ConDW
No. 7 St. Vincent Street
28th Aprl, 1944.

By virtue of the powers conferred On me Ib so tC*
Defence (Food Control) Regulations, 1941, the following I
Evaporated Milk will apply as from the 2nd May, 1M44:-


other than

Milk. Evaporated-
Unsweetened ..........$. 7.40 $1.45
Per case of 96--fo tins.


per tin fie

_ _ _ _d -4


Cheap Clocks From
It !a hereby notified tU.
licences will now be granted for
the Importation of cheap clocks
from wltwaerland on the basis of
firm offers received by Importers
and within quotas allotted.
Secretary, Control Board.
Old Post Office Building,
7 St. Vincent Street.
2nd May. IM .

Customs Item H4
It Is hereby nOf
licence s will now bej
the Importatlon of
Customs Item 1e.'
basis of 150% of v5
during the yards 1Wf
Old Poet OfficeM
No0 Y it. Vlztot
let May, 144.

Careless TaIl*W

Costs Lives


0_m J edL .^ ,"'

-- Government N 1


^ /I {y Awasss SIOW cKNESS (ENCEIUALoim
AGAINST SIZmllzINGewmala(.

^SS^ V^ -^^ dOnkeyS) to be va~cchnted at O*W55e In the County of <~
Monday, Tueday, Wedneedai sad Thursay, the Kh,
n1ot of M ay, e p e tiv el .
Poters givtn e e various e treI and date nd umae
nd Inoculation will be on display throughout the Count of


I -

AC Ald Rai A-c gf

1^^^ f NnAircraft O40t.u

^Bili^ *k4*4 ^--Bf OmAN!
401 ICWO, May 2 0Res _Jteta -I fi fteAhdbmi
Sthe of t fut fTuremu atrsam t pr uei ,,- .llo t
Be oaw hpettamt than the aents em Its esaott. orsts------ i

Tin tetviewoa tye .f O a

m- B hneat ~uite M tShe tro y at uO i

mmmR n uS^^L.,e21o o1 r-3 'I'& j* *"'"
ethee f te pa-sltes-- mtheP s*=
hale," ha 1oM ma tde "Morte ___ ____ __.R

IL t JR Iprobble that y drastic -a. 6 -4b e tofarld-
alteratlu r hase bo nd posedue e on rea m, h b ter ci C"to
t sis o ft Germaneaftraf asei- tame 0 ,fthe m C4

=ofh eea TT U D believedthl t the Apeaa V g e, f oreo a a si-
Minabteadod to make pert oa t sittem' tbree three-amothput.
Lae-tnttheforum---f e form 1 of he sateme hb ed b y 17Mr. H.IL
se prove* types. Rn-ikenseoo oisoglaet of Oirolin.
Io hdrestin talloin produe- on MW a,, ta driver of Ca-
h patS) o a i mtelo r- W idng niea.. ty eade Villagefor assauftg th-ee
Bg" o. Oua tee- by Pnn heo n atta su dpply of review bMen. I
iER mmunit the mnt ie!t to Bimnths11 It os ootis tr. Montais nephew, who
"a*=oiM-arlMo that amny.former ento wa sh latnd to thre months
Whomain r *In&to t Ueime have en o i. u t iwhaebe ain
ai- n T Tb German effort s of i, or sr vre 3

NOW 16 safto drasnthe." te eft,. ee tom n
M for seeto t eoeetS d rays Inthee iebru a --- t f ws W aM d to have in-
a produ tie smo resthan flict1 d I far v r. isSeeper-

iUt tons of boms? werrie onSS 15--- the < Wno t~mn ofeie.
kH8O, Ma .-*. -tul St k'mn ahur t eeturs Mr. 0, 1" W.~h w. Wm , Attoi
*toope tot Ag nt aofthe listing types" f solitpo-Ona, alin o1 d See-
dow ~a aiablein ofteintutee h eread Leothan in an atectle on,
hto 1141aeahi r n f hUeattcink thab- sno 0 a atnsdwhet refused to
S WA.M M. 1. po ba t convey y Geosge and his child bUck
of Education. OUTSANDIING EVNT to Chaeusnas; while foomair was
atdiason,M sated tin thehhuned In teofaca
-adtheir. fow Ther spokesman regards the ter- In defence of his uncle, and in-
S- rary. e n a ton in the course flirted a blow a n rAipssad Lo-
these psevent Of a single Weeakof a large Pert chan.
trvo mtadly of the German aircraft production Both appentllnt wh re aprented
own advance- by precision attacks in daylight by by Mr atnJh sto, "1,wo
Hr the community the United dStates ight and Fifhat. r.thastn Jorintoth ws adno
d rdyteenth Air Foprce as "the moat spat ing tattahe bol d n
plouttandBinr event of the whole of the ou nstateoM O Intd that
4Wo mthe air war to date." He referred m terwen circumstances In the
to the six days between February case which should have been
20d and 2s when more than 11000 weighed In their favourW. He pleaded
H||||M Oe~efM tons oo of bombs were dropped on 15 for the Imposition of a fine.
m ay 2.-dult ;erman aircraft centres MrC, 0C. W. I. Worrel, Acting
O opened at the According to the latest figures Solicitor-General, appearing on be-
here 1t night available in official quarters here, half of Police Constable Carl ie
i t of 1. The a p a reu of thee attacks, which Souna, commented that the senten-
Mr.X C.are supported by nigt attacks by am imposed on Mootiram ought to
ao, Mr. F. Rs po.F. bombers, on the aircraft have been ordered to rnM omur-
Mr. Holder manufacturing centres of LAipsil, rent, but stated that in view of the
W ith Mr. A. C. Augsburg and Stuttgart, it is esti- circumstances and having reg ard to
itaior. mated that the OutputOf t win- the character of theappellants and
'X ldca n Mondays. engited fighters In March will have theot that It wm asudde. n and
Fridays of lach been reduced by Sompers ent of the aft a planned attack, he would "A
Axplanned production and the output oppose the subetitution of a AiNe
.of singleeginafe fg hters by 60 per for th primo sente nces.
cent. His Honour Henry W. Blackal,.
P ra iUsU BIG CRTAILMErNT Chief Justice, and Mr. Justice K.
Vincent Brown ecalrsf the
i9iR t Cui e ( quaiThe production of bomber and Court indilcated thatthey saw no
a O--e a transport aircraft was also very eaon to intearfereewth the con-
was highly corn ubestantially curtailed. The March Victian and that they did not agree
t transport aircraftI1 with the suggestion that a flue
fortnuertInated to have d ecl'inedto e40per iould e Dere
dtcigAn Ifici cent, and heavy bombers to 75 per sodb 1 orve.
nder ant of planned production adthe AChies ceb, "a sentence
5 1My t iub'though the German aircraft indu- of six motel to run concurrent Ios
e n d try has shtl own strong recuperative more appropriate and the Bltnce
Ots w hard qualities under bombing In the past Is varied accordingly In respect Of
S-due to a n umber of factors In- Mootiram, and a fine of $21 I hn-
wiM w Uehel d tri o thetf nature of the Industry posed In the ease of sootair."
MI or o dan bohd special circunuatancee--it can
wu by onb tbe assumed that recuperation from--.
the"W" th damage tnfloted In February,
Te W oororal and snce, will be lees rapid. C
found ahe7 The damagBe Inaflicted In the la t divorce pe rece
A a t mseries of attacks was on the whole aA
much more comprehensive than In Mfade Absolute
Wias senat to la f the earlier attacks and fell much f .
- ft assaultig and more heavily on components pro- TeaMtls Guardia. onerespodeat
rAge. duct4on, which i les easily and SAN FRNANDO. May 1.- Two
11 a "ted. o truk quickly Improvised thaan an all a- decrees m wTr ade absolute
over ws e *y with smbly plant, by Mr. Justice K. Vinceni, brown
NONO R om W BNUSUS in the Supreme Court here tod".
crese ron wasa n 6 13e:ti l brotht
W M' SdIn the tire stages of the de- bly DUncan W.Rwte aaistsumI
toratealin&A). struction of the German aircraft wife, Una Cowle., and the other was
hMa ni industry the Germans enjoyed the In the matter of Philip Butter
benefit of a boaus which will prob- Gordon against his wife, Vanessa
whohrs convied ably not recur. The attack hit the Gordon.
u e y thn at a time when it Emanuel Boris got a decreem nt
I-. was In the operational stage of a In his divorce petition which he
mWa fineA o nr 1hrg expansion programme. Ma. brought against his wife Ina Boris.
s ~ R t-I nIe tools were elm ing forward They were married re June, iMst.
a1 lLU d t out of t he industry at a pace for uto_____t
"tlline 2 this programme and the
et1'*"^ as UsB' wtp-ul ot equipment Industries had Trade Traty Talk
." Nabeen similarly geared to the in- Trau Treaty o I aS
,e-''o creased rate of aircraftt production.
i80 'T\htJ^pen Wheno therefore, the existing plants Mf I5C
DefnceXw. n. l. D Inay BeResumed
I Dt efenCe wm reud.habilitation was J w W9 WC
Sdrenrd eeiesr riv e or .ige- LONON, M 2 (AP).- Mr.
placemat equipment already on Hugh n, P re oth
der for e er uh Cto President of the
have n eceiet ort Board of Trade, told the
May 2 (AP). the Germane are equipping aIn House of Commons today that dis-
Legions National mushroom galleries and other un- cussons conducted In the pot two
S today reom- dergroud siten for aircraft and years looking toward a British
the United States aeroengine production. American commercial agreement,
such Island out- It is, for Instance, known that a would probably be resumed in the
u are essential to group of factories of the Societe future, "but no commitment or
S Nationale oConstruction Aeronlau- conclusion has yet beeon reached."
tAe commission saU, tique Do Sudeet, at Bordeaux, two ___________
S"sut aof japane dof which were damaged In recent
.U14dsas arenece- raids, have already beea moved to n Tn US 'Plane
I," Mw underground sites. Serious difficul- Drop In U.S. 'Plane
__________.___ ,ties, which the removal of the fac-
tories to um d site entails,
CMA tei aou e ry Id icati on of the anxb- Output In April

Rile l authorities ve te O~r h
ia terotn etad wen om foud the ansi-
W Cou~rse ety of theAGermar authorities about WASHINTON, May 2 BAP).-
The Wa Productint Board an-
B In C ity t nounced today that aircraft pro.
ee Mustard Go Burns eduction declined In April te*to

In th, 6 sthevAltied Crald& neCntn, ThoeeWaProdectiseontBofard a
Sthem ipr 1 htrhe record output of 9,118 in March
KlYoung Girl tlof3 mwends smap" w
trou, jthe .uEYoung ir It iald part of the decrease was
:U"= wan I b ner i ng n -nI, Ap f planed, but the total output was
IM .. Wht, frm hN a slightly below even the lower che-

12 m.o Sun- d ga burns whdeveloped t aopt-l odo ,i, t 0
ninecthon with sethore urs.hed fe t a Production In termS of airframe

OS byinuir c w h container _..hatetoapf-600,0
t free lessons. ma sbopne to haptal In Sout Wal es. wns 0FOR MAL
S-voi b on thecym' teS' etim, er Con B t. and pounds.
SP' -u-isp dher erous of the fewar
g-h ethe way elato wee^^k-end. upWeco ori~ng days In April the weight
,3 n?"* "hw at, amnd Her brthe ."and, boh n)ants of output per day set the new g-
(-X of the judgment with burnS. The police began an pond ve arh
"i juag inqur on why this container hap- _________
air!> thelesos may be pre to be on the seashore. Whe- n fiL
iLvieof Prophecy,' &inritto ri~rtli or foreign ws not *FOR wSAL
W~er'qsHpeln. '^ disclosed.

Lsan at Verdant Vale Estate,
different prices per acre. Arit
River and BlanchlbsiMume Main RoaMd
ouasIng through the Statt from
North to south.
'Phone Arirna 10.

4a1' CKf





Sudents sea th DtUS~k
MedIcal e*toarid
end of this year as null
that tM annua aeviw of
Terse int-ft ,bsamee
at tOllli r


B- i*w1i


Alw" I. "Wolof, O
wbas b b M 2v~ Isft
MtiM oa the U8000th ils
bigitef t of cbs, Urmsih 141
Amy. wekbb evow 1346m ad
at f e ta M.. ight
lug eB the Arnean freou the
ivise was 4t of by the
Japs In elW ary, but wu re-
Ulne when the Rdt"i dew-
hs~bZ1WkyWI Gftftff M"""Wag
H Iwetlah Genea e M er-
veys dtMs. wM upntld with
feed and ammuaittm by air.

Police Lose
Tyre Case

'View that t police should not
ppel aplniu sentences imposed
by magistrate if they V nfe"entlly
or otherwise concurred In th
course taken by magistrates In
cases Involving breaches of the
Transport Emergency Board uagu-
latlons, was expressed yesterday by
the Court of Appeal comprising Ms
Honour Henry W. Blackell, Chief
Justios, and Mr. Justice K. Vin-
cent Brown.
Dismissing an appeal brought by
the police at the instance of the
Attorney-General against the deci-
sion of Mr. A, H, L. Masson, city
magistrate, who reprimanded and
discharged Harold Tang Yuk, a
motor lorry owner of Oxford Street,
following his pla of guilty to an
accusation of using tyres In con-
travention of the terms of the per-
mit Issued him, the court also ad-
Vised that court prosecutors should
rely to observations made by 0e-
enoe counsel Or solloitor and not
imply stand by and say nothing.
Provoking the comment was an
obPervtton by Mr. C. T. W. .
Worrell, Acting Sollctor-Oeneral
that the notes before him Included
a document by the magistrate In
which It was stated that the pro-
secutor had said that he was ,ot
asking for forfeiture of the tyres.
In the circunatances he could not
imagine how the police could have
brought the appeal.
Asked by the court whether the
contents of the document were cor-
rect, Sgt. Wentworth replied in the
aftinattve, but pointed nut that
when he was asked It he had ay-
thing tos ay he V under the to-
'it TM ath erenmwe
to i tt of e ty -Whtich
he police were not pressing for. He
O ft take it that the question
had related to punishment In which
connection the police expected the
Imposition of a fine and not a re-
primand and discharge.
Yuk was alleged to have been
found transporting lumber on ns
lorry Instead of provisions as was
authorlsed by the permit. He was
represented by Mr. H. 0. B. Wood-
The City Council will resume
debate on Government's new water
legislation at 4.15 pjm. tomorrow.
The last time the Council dis-
cussed this matter Wa the night
before the Bills were passed by the
Mrs. E. Chan and C. Achong
were wieners of the tennis matches
played at Colonial Club yesterday.
Ladies' Singles Handicap-Mrs.
K' Chan won from Miss J. Chan
Pong 6--1, "-.
Men's Singles Handlctip-i'B and
C' Class)-C. Achong won from I.
Chan, 6--4, 6-0.
Ladles' Singles:-Mlss S. Chan
Pong v. Mrs. Chan.
Men's Jingles Handicap ('B'
and 'C' Class)-D. Huggins v. U.
Archer; H. Ashing v. winner of
Huggins--Archer mn.tch.
Malvern and Dunville will op-
pose each other In a Bats Knock-
out Netball fixture on the Queen's
Park 8vannah this afternoon.
n the Matter of of the Estate of
that all persons having CLAIMS or
DMANDS against or upon the es-
tate of the above-named Abraham
Adolphus Warn late of Tunapu-
na, in the Ward of T a.rlgua, In
the Isleae of Trinidad, Retired
01Civil Servant deceased, who died
on the lIt day of April, 1944 ONr
required to send to us the under-
signed at a ifice at "Trinity
ROUs" No. Queen Street Port-
ofpAi, full particulars of such
claim c demand on or before the
5th day of May. 1044.
Dated this th da y of April,
3,. L ,ic M co.
_--_.. .Bolielton.

B the Matter f o. the Xlats of

that all persons having CLAIMS Vr

R4 f th abv Uer~arenlas
G MUI, late efi *wa jua la UM
Marsh f it. An-, in the osMI

sncs m m2 luele at -
t Tralfd Mtro wL e
U "t~iM M-" c eg queen
piwt, pw.-oint. ftdfl portS"
- l t ad ela or dem fdm e

DI tbtelim a

U. 'wu *JU O

;Vi ;'* 1200
Se mi ma lb IbMi' bMIKI
-tW ttwb n1h la
agog a 1o aite ~is R Yes
,turM "A by a nrO 1-4M I-,
,01 Oen St. JOnes BUltfm-
M ees-a's f9Iwa s thI

Mulo a t lefte, made a bdllht
nrn-th-ouoo, beat the beks, d
hAd -es -tm.wale em-
wIal eafflel f~mlbk*
*mt*e thamed. ea~
Th w early In the game and
so am*noka wer enseitit.
7The gme s- well balanced
ead mie defence play by bod)
sdes aM chiefly reaM=Jlble for
the fact that enly m goal Was
otcMhed ta the Mgm.
But he, n the Maroons ftswuie
t p ast Venture' full-bak It
was a difficult task to register e-
goalkeeper Pomiak.
?a the concluding stage, V urea' forwards fought hard It
epuallee. but V-eir attacks were
Outstanding playerwerwe 7ranc
Anna Camacho. Weppler. Mom.
&ad o. DD Preltas ofI Maroof
and Pollonals, goalkeeper, .
Orell and J. Humphreys of Van-
The Utmpires wetre-Mr. tLusted
aid Mr. Halfhide.
The teams were-
MAROONS: T. De Preitas; .
Jardilne, S. Gonsalves: M. Pranoo.
Anna Camacho, Weppler; L. MOm.
A. Cmacho. X borde. L. Do
Preltas and 0. Gomes.
VEN1TURES "A": M' Pollonals;
T. Trestrall. Pr. Hutchinson; H.
Bleakley. Ril Orell. L. Hamnel-
Smith: M. Urich, J. D'Abadie, J.
Humoahreys,. Mrs. Keith and J.

TeRahamut Picks XI
For Princes Town
Tritidad Guardi an CerniT ent.
presentative Rahamut Pirst Clas
Cricket X: led by Cadet M. B.
Gregory of Police, will oppose a
formidable Princes Town team in
a Red Cross match at Princes
Town on Sukvlay.
The San Pernando outfit Includes
the versatile Ellas Constantlne.
Tommy lAddelow, Selbert Hynd-
man. David Alleyne sad Robert
The Radhay brothers, Ndward
aend Oscar, Dr. orank Mahabir and
other Princes Town stars, will be
seen In action against these Raha-
mut Cue topnotcher. ThB e game
promises to be an Interesting one.
The San Pernando team is as
M B. Gregory (capt.). T. id-
delow. isls Constantine, J.
George, R. Donaldson. J. Remy,
D. Alleyne, S. Hyndman. N. Cal-
lender, C. Dove, N. Arthur and
A. Haynes.

Police "B" wi clash with Rov-
ers ,"A'" In a hockey league fixture
on the St. James Barracks ground
this afternoon

Large Shipme





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just what you are
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AUUAai- NMMd i nt-

Foro BeMtfl


F.S.M.jC.F.rB.O.A., F.I.O.
Ophthalmic Optician
<7 Park 8'reet, P.O.B.
N Cofes Street, Ban F'do.


SMART SHIRTS for sports weor,
and the office.


PYJAMAS with on accent on

WHATEVER view one may tasi
It Is eertalntv true, according to
Carlyle, that "Goo d clothes make
the man." The need to drew
well Is more evident In days like
these than ever before.
Suit made to order, price 80,
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R.C. Cathedral
Thone 4670.

Ut U

-'-r Q


v Sos &At do A$in g ei

Now ow-s ma n N IYf t I3j --Mmi, n-- abata
bwAI -i n1-. d Siie QmWHu d4me I Hb "a bt 6m
0Cam.f oftw4 0piw 14 pO of m.aft AN a e wmtO am*
QMUake OlU )l pdcl k. 0w d~t lisiafcM^imfus UU~iIIM~l
pdm, ot avs dW Mq-v *3.m1
-- c M m H wo wf ***id 91 ii ...-_. ...r

,mit own" d ..

I p.. -..~- -e *'*?




u^HH~iM~i iiMH iiiiii1i inn[1iiiiii H~itiiiiiiHiiiiihiiiiiiiinni iii Hii H~nNi~i i1iiHiimiiuuim i

Spon"re" fy the
Primee.' BDllwldi
Friday, 5th Moy, 1944
At 7.M p.m.
Ring$L. :: Gallery 72c.
Tw" Entrances.



V h.,

a, 1t4.

"a a m"n OEaM'-

SIR mroo vd RU ^~~~o *w*w*^^^
NO* VINCI" _. I== a 1118 M Wespe m, eit

i bw In Ma kd to lern tt MIN Ani ta. aM

W uld iibiuom for the puat two weedk s- aot
,aw i ald ltam st ,Worn
a. -. se,,,..e~~

*e S

WL J. 1t lwi% IO, Major Marrison, Mr. W11dim will. and
J so Mr. and Mn. Dan Coleworthy and their wn w r aong pw
man for the United State by Pant-o ercan ple n on tatt.-
T wa l ba preaentatlon of orim to t he winners of the USO.
te and s po tage of the a -
um at fih U 8.0. lub oo maturday M This wUil be Odeda
bra jala epenln8 af the new X7JB.6, rollr skating revue, -ta B

,d MRS R. De SOUZA celebrated their 25th wedding an-
niversary last Thursday with Holy Mau at the Rosary Church at
and with a party nthaUte he eveninb at their home on Pembroke
St Oraln the table was a real wedding cake which n the couple
ut during the eveninc and Bert McLean played for dancing.
Among those f t both the Mau and the party were Mr. and Mrs.
SA. Berrao, Mr. and M O J. Camacho, Mr. Joe ,ernand s. Mr. aoo.
abrsl and his family. Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Marque Mr. and Mr.
H. A. de ytetas, Mrs. Rimende and Mr. and Mrs. de Souza's sons a&d
MlR. aad MRS. 0. W THIr EAD gave a party at their home on Mon-
t day evenin for the birthday of their daughter, a n Doris
Whitehead. At about 11 pjm. Mis Whitehead was blindfolded and
chose Mr. Max Campbell a her partner to cut the cake. There waa
dancing to tmud i tplied by a "pick-up" and the party ended at
about& a.m.
Among those present were Capt. and Mrs. DunElap, Mr. Robert
Riley, Mrs. a Bell. Mil Hazel. Mu May and Miss Violet Bell; Mr
P. SelUer, Mr. J. Patience, Mi Marguerite and Mdiss Hilda Dunlap,
Was KLGi Ol., Miss hella and Mr. Eldon Whitehead.
LA.C. Pl7`XR McGLADF, who left Trinidad about 21 months ago
to Join the Royal Canadian Air Porce, arrived on Sunday on a
viit to his Mother and step-faLher, Mr. and Mrs. Noel Miller. He is
setationed at a training camp in Ottawa. but before comlne here spent
short timo In New York, where he met a number of people be
knew In Trinidad.

TAO who have M ecelved lnvitatrion are reminded of the dinner
dance to be held by the Air Transport Command at their club at
Waller Field on Thtnrsdav May 11. The Jungleers will supply the
mustaio and each ist will be given a ftavaour. Those desiring trans-
porttion must call MIM C, Tyler et the U m.O.
C *
0 0 a
HUMm BIRD" is ext."emely sorry to hear that Mr. Fred
Wheeler, of the Imperial Censorship, Is a patient In the Colonial
Hospital with an attack of fe.'er. He is now, however, feeling bet-
ter and I sincerely hope to hear of his complete recovery very shortly.
C *
A coMmb Tl of the Cetilfled Nurses' A.sociation haq arranged
a dance In aid of a scholarship fund to send a member itn Jamaica
Ifor pot-graduate work In social service It will take place at the
1Ul Hall, San Pernando. on Saturday, May 6.
THI ollftelds' Amateur Dranuiati Society at Point Fortin have, I
hear. begun rehearsals for three one-act plays whlch they are to
present in the not distant future. They comprise two A. A. Milne
plays one a eomed.. "The Ugly Duckling." and the other "The Man
in the Bowler Hat," which the author describes as "a terribly exciting
afair while thea third Is a drama, -The Bridge," bY Joe COrrie.
aMK PIWNo ilU p -odiMe "I W tgly-Du- nS and r. T.B.
BI Rma ad Dr. J. Smith will produm 'The Bridge" and "-Me Man
ft fte BwOO Hat." rspecttmy
a wil bee-e-ntd In the D B.O.T. Senior Staff Club,
a*t is pMble that they will alo be presented elSewhere.
7he quality of the soclety'a productions is well known, and the
abitv of tho prloduers should guarantee that the forthcoming pro-
duiction will not fall below the level of previous ones.
a *
MR& B L ,EWIS. the wife of Sgt. Lewis, of tle US. Army, left
for the United States by air this week to join her husband in
Mialt.ppl. Mrs. Lewis, who was formerly Miss Denyse Perrln. wa
accompanied by hrr baby daughter. Susan.

- -

---- . ..-:. ; ..... -,,.._ 9 .


Donkey Polo MA 4H1 S04th
Highlight Of Sport M*,weating -e

Pbab-ewIUM o ne t 0 soa. :- a ,

g~ jg'th3 e W 5, S .u OW ,m u ha, 4.WIS
UdsdvtUM -d by sunbur
bm berM 4Ude tve ha man Me ha = 0111 y w)en Onr
11 im1b1w o f la beMsoo _nmfa ted o 6 be
Amiq un lo nPd se o M < d o or Y memesmM Swe M gu
sad ma i M the WV riJdd* n by' Mr te m0rt1a1f1 y
wW ^S~~~e nd did beinguweted. *wta ay '^ l ^
=The fwares n tere of ttoea SaH oftu fatau Yedtt

wmm kof ai e ,et o u and, ome vUS m telosmeistued, whenblboi
=d= f w th a n e mlth k de)._I ub~util 1114190 11
aof muM favomraMe rider and set out tar aSn emaIF1-
A0 the e were L at high speed. util a eft pile
centeted un de acnr on ofnsiOem lne fortunately ba 'dhis
and were t aroughly enjoyed by o prre and enabled him to beIs s ", "emo m-
o t a spetators like caught.
T0e aw d outathe At the end of the 1rs cukker O c Ameicg nW hetafmsd
Tlhme "ranged at out aend the e West Indies we In elead
e Mrkofacte n -asawith one goa to nil, and the don.
lve-tr ann who also acted e a: e ke wers huffled, the runawsly
m:i'c. t Clarof the e falling to the referee, who fu,
rsmalls announcer: while Mr. dwho feud sn G O
B8l1a1ersons did a good job In ar- rt doiwSly In complying
n t w a oodt a no iner- of w th the oial requs- that he
rie angigtesistaetm- of the i uc= a should remain mounted.
MIr A. E.s system-awhdh woreuld Masterly olay by Mr. 'Joln Gosa-
Mr. A. E. 0 Oeoke and hmit help- nrhIn the second chukker in- U
era assembled the compttors, creas d the West Indies' lead. but
Dr. Frank Morton was starter andthe British Isles were still unable
Rave the runners a valuable lesson to score and the result was a win
in self-control, so that events got fo- the West Indies by I goals to
off to a good start "-r E. 0. C. nil. b3golt
iMrdall acted as C .ef ludge an The "Staff Stampede, for Trinl-
was assisted by other club mem- dad Leaseholds' staff members ove
benrs, notably Mr. George Nixon, 40 years of age attracted a very
who handled the high and long large entry and was won by Mr. 0.
jumps. Mr. Ben Laughlin looked Perreira, with Mr. A. Z. 0. Cooke
after the gate and the prizes. and Mr. E. 0. C. Mardall a close
A good many visitors were pre-second and third. This was the lst
sent, H.M.S. Benbow being particu- event of the meeting, and Mrs. A. Ju.f'm
larly well-represented, and every Ruthven-Murray, though suffering
effort was made to accommodate from a very bad cold, gallantly and
them with as many events as pe graciously presented the prizes to
sible. Physical Training Inspector the winners
Murray, of H.M.S. Benbow, did. in The proceeds of the sports. In- T
fact, win the sack race In grand cludig sale of teas, soft drinks and
style and he also helped his team candy, will all go to the British Red |
to win the open relay race. Cross Society and it seems probable E M
The highlights of the meeting, that a goodly sum will be available
however, from the spectators' point to hand over to this important war
of view was undoubtedly the don- charity. I To y, 4.30 & 8.34
key polo match, which drew roars ____ _4 &___
of laughter from the crowd. The ,- o a '* I TWO ALL-TIME MUSICAL
opposing teams of four players each Today s D iar HITS I
were "the British Isles" and "The .
West Indies," The "weapon" used Cocktail Dance at the Trinidad IN JNE GRAND SHOW I
were hockey atlcks and a football, Country Club. Hear Alice Faye sing the Bon
and two chukkers were played. The Forthcoming Events that won the Academy awar
referee, Mr. Michael Dolman. wEsn"YOULL NEVER KNOW"
attired In a morning coat and a Lecture at Y.W.C.A., 8.30 p.m. "YOU'L NVE KNO
straw hat and was provided with on Friday, May 5.
a bugle. British Red Cross demonstra- i
It was obvious from the start tion, Drill Hall San F'do, Saturday
that the donkeys were not ready May 6 _H lf iJTl

Radio Programme_ I AHI!"e
N;" < wf.oe. "t. U waO I, -; N n TECHNICOLOR
5 :f)o New Time View the News G I News : -PLUS
1 .... F'red WarIng Qu e Paa -
30 ... Mirth & Maineu Kay Kyser Ore.
.._... 3 -The JommiB'oft
00 Danc. Must Nw Carnlval of Mul s' t J
1 Pfronal Album ... Ji;ie'est Jubilee
:0 1 Major Bowes Harry Jnamre
.4 N ews '. rnm'ntary . News in MiCOsl HistyMl
7 00 Polish Orch. Music News Carlson Melodeers
I! Stock Retirt Hymn frm Bom
30 News" Command Performtance %ibber M cGee & M eol
:45 McGoeacy'.a t..ou.up
8 :0 Lettr from t W4tew N ews T llie Bom;samp '
:1 MiltlRary 11 d Home Town New ....
:.30 000. Blake Speasklg Xavier Cugat
e so *tl U Network Reporter News
Sl N Ne'ws at Homrn. Meet the Boys
S30 Radio 'rTheatre Red as1llton One Night sand
0 V 0 News Headlne News Night Owl Club
I. Freedom Poru.
n 1a 0 av Kl.r Oret. Mwournis LENA HORNE
NOI:News neadtine are now given once dally--at 3.49 P.,M.

Whet e Se
Wket .a I"
i~t itoo

worcn rhor "lit urnviu.

WEIS -'qm ni ll

I GLOBE-Sa F'd9.
Teday. S and 3M
Marsha Hant and Alexander.
Knox in
None Shall Escape

Tonight, gm
qn M AW

MM111"ullI Cemng Next week I AL
IIUU)U ,,,,,~m,,--' A WITCH ., ,DROY c"n :
PU R TODAY at CM and U.3-Final Part of Republic New. uS*6
SStarting Tomorrow KING of the
I3 and
I | PRICES-2S- -0- N-8.

v- .. OP:

\wsv ,'^ BoMbB

K 1 IT Z
Tonight at 8.30

TOday, 4.m anmA e

Today, S.& at S e M .bm
Double Program
sward w es

wowVT PW*FM"



f 'WEU..I

1 DOtOT wOwh.





TODAY 8.30 p.m.- TODAY 4.45, 8.30 pM. TODAY 4.45, 8.30 p.
Musical Double!
HAPPY GO LUCKY George Sander, William Holden, J- uI
In Techni-' r Marguerite Chapman
with Ifehtootr ^, lAl
Tomorrow-Pinal Appointment In
POIT FORT1Nw Dn fp* POW Lorr. G~
TOMOHT at 8.30 p.m.- and -
Warner Bros. Proudly Present All Vacant S "The Face
Walter Hton. AsN Hardi ng SO wh Wfht n
ith 8 O'Connor Street I~sChap"I"S theM
G ee. T ebias G ene L eck kart L O C A LIT Y "
Tomorrow- 'QUT LOCA-Ty" ----- -
= VICTIM and BAUTI "A Man's World"
__TODAY 4. ', & 8..30
UUO New Brand New Double Programme Edward 0. Rme$i
Sma4o"% "Wo Bungalow "Loves of J
W "=81" GNAW 104.-.f 3 AlfredoS. Edgar Allan Poe" "Larc H
m~ 00 SM 1A 00 "A DREAM." witrporaS,
-M G,. 6M. F. HU-iN&- -CO. L-D i tSIIA' #Th I
"--' -7"- r s- "Ijl1 | "MOONTIDE" and -
with E M
: Ml mmmr1 'Small Cottage a.i, Ida L.upin t rrol Syn. RoS
THE BRITISH AND i ad Wx. I, Acre L o,- La"nd T A "Desperate
"aio 3 % Mile Post) pU at.s _tun. a m. : aMon
Ag .at a rti.n. %A l AND TAX ORT
ALLIED MERCHANT AGren City Pa rmj' "
a'" Na EW-su eM
W NATIONSP 3e lin Pismlm TODAY ats 5&00Pau.-
ST. ANN, MoAD s Prme Street K A R M A (bika Rani '

Wedntesy, May 3 A-,a "Proper" The Hound Of The Bask
8. 0ot (U se lM atC OMe)
Cone|rt ThOMAS, EMPilfwsan Feri
Satm CLvT BnOUnE I et Man" TODAY at I & 4.4P pm.--
WAR1*18 2'5 ,w U '
.^~..G. s.. I Ykm IN OUR TIME
%utisemia'.GO",Ari. hi a Tmt T ""em ^t JX-WM 1 a PAB( 4fINI
^~~~~~~~~t 01. T.*iiiii ^- ..:. W

ti ..~S' -



At 4.45 and 8.45 p.m.-for Extemd f


- I .. .. lb . - .

a- w p



* e' *




ff i i^





hilou~bC wtea"


ap5th tota+ laM a lould have four wiva w
Nowt V as oao mwuof4n1
~~d*~~O.6fi aas

IrU. I e oue. t
I W M 4Atr W

Bfwas very that .-0

lirMta oined le h"d
that Ithen .w
rat Object to this. it
ioI the can. 7UeY
amewmb a erine *

sald der the mr
ewas Yew tedr
nou ld have towr
ilrmt the same to-e.

IO~n hisrdnd

of. ta MM~ lit
i that tetbere Wn

.111wu as a I 11Mn
HuSt 101. He SWd he
whlr a e at his re.
-ew reakfa re
Mnte Mat
HllBhirrtag whether
i that It domod
m under the Or-
tXw-an ordbary NOt-
H erdvto the rites
DiW running pobawt
no astop to rtel-
1SWMWrlir He mome
Kit-did not w en rmn
vW .a~ that to can-
W,*OiMvce of 'biggamy It
ft teor the crown to
S~lh.Mcnd mrringe IN"
:WgIrinA MuUOm Mr-
Biil> swas the ame In
-lae tw as a Chr~ttkn
k If Ekludat went
a form of Arge
iunew hile his wife,
:b*.e had committed

,W~e t John Chun-
K imtlton will t"Oa
-MBand U @A PU
Vf ^ each, from
-Wand one patrol
^^Rconsist 'of one
- q 11, end Wx
mB should hewtttgn
HWPeouts. 131Mem
ftlmust have hold
U previous to the
K~taqp todent Will
*to take Part.
Swill hbe rim an
.4dnd anM Iwht!
B~eutbuild tbW ot: w
IMI ngtand no fd
|!|tp.ovtde all their
,WWIa Make SIrA1410

ljtt wil cotmume
|(.)I" R~uute nv ofrt


boy Mr. ,A. R.
SM fine Wgo t
*on alb AOMu-
"tart"y he W"
AN **ak.
w" Macioad 1W
aotne of now at
so""~a 4eted a(S


Mwmor in city
im^1l the CMW" ae
IIH ehabbeft RPO--
rjtowr of Namt
B.Src.Dr. WON batw
8pal urope potecn-
49 hu nubrte is bbe
B*Mtotod AD" a~tr.
i40MqMUtated tbb Sact
B!11have bUMm nafi
4t 20=Mtto by DL.
, No~Acn Builldla dup-

S tFor

ig Month
.lB'm 40Ad .Tago wil hlwi
the-jmt fw
-i Cohtro lr 0
bad 'F uetion, told a
qvftlaznP' reporter
'k e; p sMblame for this on tihe
f" I rail, Brititsh- Guiana
Mad TNwUSt I *ad tMe extremely
Me rI- nextl few
M ht pply of foods in TrfIU.
adid Obago wdl be loan ow-
IBCtWoie fact tfat we have 'had
fto xaaI. embatiaon of alwaa-
MA, all f whioh have resulted
,-n appreoiable fmtfution of
eteMed iappu. Mrtlast year
we hadw tl ood in Penal which
wahed away the crop of black eye
p ; the floods in Venezuela.
w1ii eoted our pliatain -and
mat lOppies, and the floods In
Dtth 'OuIana, which resdiLi !n
a rOdUCi On of the estls.ated ton-
ag of rice exportable to Trini-
dad, om 20,000 to 13,000. Finally,
Tobago has been suffering from
the woFt drought in past years,
ead as a result ground proylvons
will be affected."
"At present," he continued,
"greMn banmas form the bulk of
60a1l food now Obtalnablr +nI
city and rural markets,. Thie rate
at which th- cabbage crop has
been absorbed has been surprising.
In that we anticipated there would
have been les grown. We antici-
pate an early wet season and
WMuld advise all food growers to
make last minute efforts to pre-
pare lands in time. Particular em-
phalis should also be placed on the
production of crops such as corn
yamI, eaaava and eddoe,. Spec-
Ial peal is also made to the
people to refrain from eating green
corn as it Is more nutritious when
Its dry.
"A recent report from Kngland
Points out that a wild species of
,oa. a plant belonging to the
Iweat potato family and known
locally as karml or 'lagoon baje.,"
has a very high vitamin value and
conseuentlv grater attention
should be paid to Its cultivation
by pmant tin the, coming wet
aeaaor," he concluded.

South Rent Board
Hears 7 Applications
ftinitad Owdn e Crrelpondent
Seven matters were dpclded by the
Bent Aseasment Board here at a
Uttng on Saturday morning. The
-be soeeapriwed Mr. V. 0. L ewy,
oharma., 'Mr. B. Ramoheran and
the Hon'e R. A. Joseph with Mr.
W. P. 0. Paul as seratary.
Alibertina Burke made a success-
ful application for a reduction of
er rent lor two rooms forming
.the northern apartment of a dwel-
.& house at Agnes Street, Mara-
Sla owned bY E. B. Bunyon.
she rental was reduced from $15
to 10 per month.
fiSookrall, owner of a dwelling
houe at 60c Olpero Stre4et, occu-
.pd by K. Morencie, got the
sancto of the board to put on
a $ loreae on the $8 rent
atmeele paid. Sookrali made 1m-
provnmen to t Ue prentiwee.
The prov-isinal standard rant
for a dwelling house at 80 Harris
Street was fled at $35 on the ex-
porte application of Alexander
Mota n Margaret Mohlp.
fr a buildlne lot of 6465 sup-
erola feet, Boodram Heera,
D04ath Beera and Dal Heera will
pay 147 a month to the owners,
e Sipson and Jane lizabeth
rown from August 1, 1943.
O rM Dalton Brown will pay
VN rent the centre room at
r14: M Street owned by Sabe-
ara. Ts o ent was 11"ai"i84 64
b- tt nMa wu 1 at dwei-
ag houML. It Is now being sed
as a eommoercal building.-
Mary rathwitwlwtewi pay It
per annum for a building lot of
iUSa s rlcial feet at Ne Plul
taI, tIe owner Js
If|M Wld Jane Elisabeth BroES.
Shas WBil. oner, broqta
Jaw *am S and PMeete st
ba* detMebed the rent of Ut
amVbeM and northern apartment
at R at 3 Albert LaI. The
St --- ;t was fixed at
$1 and the northern from
IAiU 1. The lamndibrd win pay
rates and t1m'.
B .te a*0c7 A. 3. Wtght, Act.
bi ofwawot. will present the A~get-
caitmal SeoleV Shiheld to the
Curepe O.M. School at 4 p.m. om
T*iuxinay, May 18.

Maiad bPaWe didwr
no0%* a I


'Il ^^ia$^ i


t~ewAtw .mf Ubellde^> wMm L4WliI
tbalr %lh 4tSu IwblMtht ntrvted
wst-e. ^k.4aiqW~m*t(IC Umteuwiy-e gittr retMmto

I Te

atale tw

it. c<
h*d ar

IO. ti
Ur tottt

$4801%e French WI. Chief
on 1eofi eAaves After Visit "sd
ln ro i r iutenant-Colonel J. Perrel, Royal
ed of tie eeh Committee Boy
of anal ia bematlon In the ainder
To aWest TtIies, left- hee on Mon- sami s
7 a day after a'shott visit. Mr.
Av "o ciy Lt.-Ool. Perrel is a close Alexn
Alvin RadWlg a elty maret friend of General de oaulle a* Ax
vendor, who, acoordtng t the Cro- well as a member of his pri-
secutlon, o -a Oman tee "ite setae.
pounds of stew beef fr-teik and artg l hiashotrt stay here. Lt.- IO
then got her to testify that te ot ol. Pee rrl met members of the
what she asked for, yesterday lost Ighting Prench movement t n Trf
his appeal Cagainlt eonviletion and Trinidad and erpreued Whim-
sentence, self as very satisfied with' thee Trair
Acceptin,- the llew of Mr. C. T. progress of their setlvltles. We rs In
W. E. Worrell, AetingS olldt- wemtrtainedby~r. J, Sal'S- will mil
Ot erl, ort/ e^ ll e ^ t ma w re t talned by Mr. J Salve.- wil bl
General, for the aPlleeLthat the tori., honorary CoOTBU for week-en
time was ripe for p an end lAe ddrl ht stay here. Lead'
to profiteering t M .o mat
the Appeal Cout pWud the sent atm l
fine andW.16 11 b Official tur
the magistrate. by Otheir o
Rodriguez was reproseted by their o
Gaston Johnsto,X-C.,who, ,Nei Inquemez
withthey r' For Martinique
dealino with ',he facts of the CeA, *am
suggested that the maximum sen- Frenchmen in Twtmotu, Oambler wish to
tence should not have been Im- and Tahiti and dependencies are to the
posed, having reard to the fait not interested in any quarrel be- out del
that the amount -f money involved tween Generals oiraud and de aut
was only .even cet. Gaulle, but only in the ousting of the ac0
The Acting BolilttOr-Oeneral the Oerm sans d their satellites dIt" w
pointed out tfat the maximum sen- from French soil. M, Marcel 8ensc,. and trt
tence for eiffenees f t*e kind was one time administrator and judge reports
W or '*Ix months ow both. of Tuanotu and OGambler told a MY- 1.
"One wonders If any profiteer Is repreentatlve of the "Trinl id Duke
ever g'lng to be ImnPrloned," ne O ;ardlan" yesterday. J. E.
observed, adding: "The time seems 4. Senec, who is accompanied by lernw"
to be ripe for stopping 'it by drastic his wife, a native of Tahiti. Is on butioen
means which are provided In the his way to iortInique to take UP than 1
law?', an appointment.
He drew attention to the fact that Beside Us being Administrator- DETAI
Rodriguez had been previously con- Judge of Tuamotu and Oambler, Oove
vieted and fined $14O for trading he has also been administrator of CXouncl
on food. e -T, hitt and Its dependencies, and quirem
Mr Justice Vincent grown, glvwas the founder of the Pree Prench eoqUipm
ing the decision of the oourt, aid: movement In thee territories. thoriti
WhLen cases of this sort are A recent plebiscite In Tahiti, he pressed
brought before the court, In our revealed, resulted in nn overwhelm- illme Il
opinion, it is only right that the Ing majority in fivour of Gneral dersto
magistrate should visit the efend- nde Gaulle as against Mrerhal quiries
ant With %Uqh penalty as might Pe ln asnd ULaval Tahitlansgen-
have effect an'd o prevent the at-eray ooat the Wagd IaielG
fender from n _afyi on. tld l I as tritors to their .tI9

Allies Apim ching T! t
""rEfsTobto TolRaise Am
War Effort Crisis S0 TO ?Si^ Arm
WAINGTON, May 1 ( ).- orOa f, .
Mr. Henry Stuimson, Sear ofy oot _m mU
War, told the Houe Banking Corn- Trinad Gwtla CorWepenAt -
mlttee today thet "we ote ap- SOARBOROUGH. A pr. 29-
proaobing thie rei of our war ef- FrieM ot .thlopa Committee L|
tort." But at the me time he have organized a branch of the
admonished against eXVpdation of committee in Tobago to asist In 1
a short war, saying "it seems to rig hmfunds fo" erection of f "
me to be es tlenal that we should ho ital In Addis Ababa to perpetu-
avoid doinu anything this timei ate the memory of Princess Tsahai.
whichwil ih create falsehoe ldaughter.of nperor alle Selamle. Tww
wbh anh... e er' Mtl"athB pst'e Invited to form the nucleus of t l..
wbout an ear ly w erminhn l t the ,, commi..,ttee are Mr J 7 .k "2I
war or wht wil in any w y teodM aurice, Mra . Sordan, Mr. A. "
to disturb the morale, of th olderToby- nts *Mr. en lyMr. V,
In the fSeld or of his 1311 St 6.j, ,Mynard. Mr.L 1.. Edards. -m
home." Rev. J. Blndley Tpylor, and Mr.
Mr. StImson poke In support of L. A. Peters. 0=-i
the Legislatton to extend the Price Members of the committee met ub to
Control programme for a year be- today and elected Mr. J. H. Maurice shop..
yond Its June 80 exiratlon date. as -chairman; Mr. R. S. Jordan as
.... ... treasurer, and Mr. r. 0. Maynard
as honorarysecretary.
Chinese Thro hoo
Language Classes Strollers Scared
Scores of persons thronged the From Usual Haunts
main hall of the Chinae School Haun ts
last Monday night when Mr. Chow Three reports have reached the
Tin Chuang, the new Chinesae oa- Police of young men who go about
sul, formally opened the new uo- the city In gangs at night molesting
Yu classeMs t which members ot the strolH.a1 couples.
onsda taff f wta Scare caused by het e practIce Is
Mr. Obow' f epeneg peeh et- refleeted In the conparatve deser-
lowed by encouraging and appre- lon f squares and pers 'hich at
dciative addresses by tihe other mem- one time was much frequented.
bers of the oonsaul&e, was lUstenfed Among a'eaa smid to be ahunned
to with keen Int#PWt by the miked now are lat Chancellor Road, the
gathering, mo t t whom were Bom. Queen' Park a namh, the Pau-
in China, pers' Cemetery at 8t. James and
ClassesM arangmed In two radeM, ectums of Serpenttne Road. -
allow opportunity for study to It i prepared that in certain
to with little or no knowledge of cases. prowlem pretend to be po-
Chanee. M wall a othel quite lcemen asInied to preserve order
versed in it. end prevent people higilng around.
Announcemet was made that Beared oletpK It i stated, arei
two cl0MM ote following t o thrr frightened into a slprit of corn-
will be hld dbetwah thle hours of ,romIee under threat of prosecu-
7- p.m., a Monday, Wedneaylt o h or vilence, when in mmny
and 1da& 11 "Uee their money its demanded.
!Fij~rl~ ~i &z.| a IMINII

Maj Sale

at your fewllers!

AllI wooden toys

at al/ prim!

/. Qe ma


your /ewe/cro



* ,

men wtoere t
he oft way t e isapW and
"I 'bous the sen hetdal
*o ItaWoe auba tIn heu

Pranled to lr s from t
i tB.hat (If 4 thew id p ;
* wfta ptn~hed lr the n?
ourt yaotetay when M'.
neaton of aent.
)Wilhams, 'who pleaded
to taiing the pig wi e&*
to six Btnths' tesorliemneni.
Alefaner and Bo ex t-
dentieft i I tha t ey h"d
I theM. were each ft
Ltd ordered to dfg good be-
boands t in0 tor one yfrY.
t ato t e were caught by
PoI.= OodGm A.M
wdere 'exi they to
te riaughted pig from a
tear the Abattir to Tuapu.
On his way to Tunapuwa,
ige told the men he bad
eI to take man whom he
ranged to bring frtome tpw
Ida that it they would permit
y return fr the in. he
reduce theIr fare. 'the
but Goodridge drove then
d to the eron Street Polte
Where they irte arrested.
tsst revealed that the *A
len from a pen at the AbelAt.
Ise erguson and PFilx Alex.
denied strAlmig the fgtarid
iat they were arekeulih W-
to assist him.
Oordon Harper appeared for
der and Pergusmon.

uters To Attend
inning Course
>ing course for patrol nled-
the North Local Associlation
Ce place at Pax Vale on the
ind of May 6-7.
eres taking part are required
cc arrangements to be pre-
Pax Vale at d80 p.m. on the
y afternoon and to provide
wn food aend cooking equip-
is of patrol leaders who
W attend must be forwarded
District Commissioner with-
t masters are advised that
>ut magazine "Qu'est-ce-qil-
ill shortly be re-published
oops are'requested to send In
or attleles every month to
Prescod, e'o ScoUt Shop,
Street for the North and Mr.
Stone,'53 Circula-r Road, San
ndo for the South. Contri-
i must be forwarded not later
8th of eath month.
ernment has asked the Cty
1 to give In detail Its Fe-
ents of certain mechanicalI
nent owned by the U.S. au-
ns which the Council ex-
1 a desire, to purchase some
lst year. Government Is un-
id to have been making In-
In the matter.
LYWOOD, May 2 (AP).-
Oarneld, to, serme #Wa,,pa
10fe-idwstior phyrtea ex.
alon and may be called to
duty wihin 90 days.


itg -hA ii %v h"
'a 14 PA of t 1W "tw.lS
lr lvte a j t ORVie.

M an *4 Wrmpnw wy
Mo. fig"J n owrinrlw ?rthtr
Rrtax t ety *hw Wsyw lu, h
Xjt~b i>T~ )OI t hi f 5i3

E -.Nk-- .. -
-^ 4l- -,! I

*AtfJtATr, -v uVAY, 8t6,
i.t rM. *

who .. is,
= eWae, mi ly-*p

BBN-le Bind Mlprtng Mahne, Mtt-
S Oity L lag PRtCede. Von-

Octerytw, Mowrr, Oreda Clra I-
eeta, 6 -%aft

and rmhd poz%
erbt and3 ls Ctrsp wi rth nois
Oyockry 'PMire ad Carape Sie
board~,Olwware, VWand-pOint.
d, B Set. Crapaud. Tfe
rloey, B.P. Ware, Pantry
M!e, 3-Burner Por'ectlon o'f
e and 0 on, Eunamoel Ki tenib-
ware and Mincing Machine,' tead
Tin, Electric Toater an tleotric
Pon. Bectric Hot Plate eta, lawn Mower, arden Tboh,
OWas Tub and Board, Crap. .rrls
fitter and Chairs with C shion;
frri T le and Carpet 3s Crp.
Cane Sitt Chatirs, Electric Dtek
$Amp., Mec. etSrwer .vwtng MA*
dttae, electric "o-t4ble PFhocogrph
j HCamera Kndgk. 5-T'be
eco adio and 'Table "Imd'One 4
Cubic Coldair -'rige. etc., etc.
Items on view day prior to and
morning of Sale and terms- CASH.
BOYD a HUTCI 0,.., LID..
A ';tloneers.

Be Sure of Your

Use Odorono Liquwd to stop pet.
rpiation for a week o9 more, and
e yourelf of this 'old problem.
Odronb LUiquid itself is odoot-
les and fresh: it leaves the skin
dry and odourless.
"Regular" is the surest perspirs.
don corrective ever made.' Instant"
Is milder for women with especially
sensitive skin. Both arc the result
*f a doctor's own prescription.







LARGE 0 4L&Xt 4),
$3.65 up.



,.l ^ SB.0 -.4 ,..

'* B -f p '^^ :"B'^pp,,^
w am r i^W IH --l i; ....Va-vo m '" 7 7



THAT LA?5 L0>N@&
YaOU y Ba Ut00169y d Lileftt
Tboo Putte dS tt to get because" whawBry meth spamitfg white.
It pays to Ask for Usterine every tge.
Ift boy Too& pm..


A first class opportunity exists to pur
chase and remove several recently
built large 20'x96' (some smaller)
genasco covered (some iron) buildings
recently put up and all in sound con-
dition. Together with water and
sewerage piping, tanks etc., etc. at 'he
following locations:
Port-of-Spaln, Santa Cruz, Arima,
Sangre Orande. etc.

Apply to

Mr. Lois J. William
c/o L. J. Williams lMfarkefti g t ltd.
ea Edward St.

!nnnijminiffnifmiimiiusjiuinumniuilUIS!UfI^ /~l~iii



(1) 4' 6" Metal Springs (sturdily built)-
$21.86 each.
(2) 3' 0" oand 4' 0" Metol Beds end Springs.
S(3) Cycle Solution im Tubet-ISc. Double Size.
(4) Yard and $covenging| Brooms.
:(5) Mirron in All Sims.

G"&m lf Suppt: LImited,
TtBe 4164 19 Henry Stiewy t.


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