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Trinidad guardian ( May 2, 1944 )


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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd. ( Port of Spain, Trinidad )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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nmgmeer, ro conserauwn ox ofte
Mr. ParrI stated that 4m
memomndum was bnud on asm.
umption that the cIty would Mo-
tfoue Mia water auvb th wiU
the right o mwi water its a
Ize ppie an is uioe
shwere tohat an lintttanmlpltac
wem "tyen *thin t e amiodl
thbe M m ad the m ao dig

wrw-wau ftuft3 A3I W. wIIomEt mm. ImS

tle Stalin Grateful For

ilma Allied Aid To

SSoviet Triumphs
ON1DO May I (AP)-Maas;a to i n trinumphaOst ay
Sasetujly ackewlesge tse help of Britain and the Ie
I a = the teM frot victr but declared W
hUm hr a 664 be no 30dOp that o4l a ema. ned hMos euar us* eitda
yglnfaleid in Xlt15?'i Oziatny."' : __^^^^^^^
d toe ny. The deliverance of he Ass.
v* Gaw- CMhs and others, whom he des-
lt the '"V eribed a brothers In bondage, "eom
^dU^Serbo acc"plishaed oMAY by the JoWn ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
efforts of the Soviet Union, OGat
DO p Brain and the U ted State I
r-pMd t America- Joint blow rm the
Stheir lne of eat dealt b our troop and fromh
g Ihe wt by thewetb thre tropp f of our
been hammer- allies."
kfrs on the The order reads: The peois
uSpatdI of our country greet May theI
4iqaers W midst of the outstanding succeeom
homemade of the Red Army. Since the d e.
lntate the feat of the Oerna dvisions at
Theearean 18 thea%.
bay* SSatgrd h RdAm has been ^ ^ ^ ^ H
thei t conducting a practically incessant
lnk eIn oev. Dur ths tme the
them. are a- Red Army has made a fighting ad-
we. vance from the Volga ) the sereto,
from the foothills of the Caucamu
POIT to the Carupathions, exterminating
C^ & -the enemy vermin and sweeping it
u _In_ out of 8ovtet land."
' AStri king After siting the lone trng of
Ruslsin vitorie.s winter 8t u-
aeneti o.- erted: "Ten of million of Soviet
be broaf ele have been delivered from M. J08F 8TALIN
d amaing faost invey. Acting In the great
On ralway. In Aue of liberation of our native -
geaeland fr the aist nvades, the
t ied Red Amy has emerged on our i P
front the State frontiers with d i la e
e Americans OWeeholovakl and now continues
thi 12.1re = ttenuenemy toop m the tar- Factories
to boekU- "A eonsideMble contribution to In Iy Hit
o4 &Md rA tOee successes has tbeen Be b -
, ourt "a-our great Allies, the Unitead States y NOLAND NOIQAAUD
F urLt Ameica ana Grat Britain. AiLrN NATABTN, NA.
StotJV which hold the front i Italy agaist
the GermmAns, divert a consider- PKA, May I AP).-A loppln*t
N"" ronl~l~wable part of the German troop blow was struck aga$ns A.
from u, supply us with very vahl.u- controlled Italian t p
able strategical raw materials and ducion when large formations
M a mnnents, and subject to syste w ortrees yetorday bonbe
obomasrdments of m litary i at Varese and BMWin
s wTu n objectives In Germany sad thus manufacturing the Mach fght.
x~rsOR'Ta undermine theater's military en.
4Wi~ N ght." Flt am e rose from several part
1 erk Mahal Mtain lsaid the Red Of the ae factory, 30 mile
OWN a*. Army % agnd lcnn supported U Mafter bombs
No honm efrt clansses oittAt DrawA"
ad* and .a nou gh#at 'hfe so. ,
W^how eo th tc nRI0 5nh-e
'4h ttri:*""tln I pMul. n deltIer' .
i~r s wor~ Vr gemsl "ad nt arhi ot = ^~-^ .EB
fa sth"M rail COMM491
e W" has shown that the WtO pee. inande "lesadra. Fesoa
At We41104004a theenire- eot te e ,lasg oAlan
App qZvoIssosu 0o44 46004 followed l the heavy and
SSSirm Mo k td p m ftagg SL^ *InE55VSe biM~ng of Alessan.

mest O"e h s ou aaeM.
t^".w b adettxu O hl o u which Is ai key poit in heall
be nall contstill tronger and 1weL m ,ano"
Ane ateitml a1m tin a. heaviesrS
in ft ,Fnh,$ la0
H4IVtr M. Subsand arh e mpckey 'mt 'o=We*t
s f W a ft Germany has loof te war.afe"&
t"M U* have Monly to bre Aa Italian t
own I'OOM" with Germany and get out of the malned limited to small-scali
ssliess a wear. However the present ow-. patr = lashes.
Sernnt hee countries Ue [ierars based in Italy Iam
ae y capable of dongths. e eight attacked the port Ot
Peoples must do the. Thy mIst en e third night un-
-d Utheir only oluton lies in trn reports. The
peace and thus force their Gover- naval4baseat SpemIa was aims
T out of the war. hit. Wellingtons bombed an-
W l.l "7Ue Red Army has reached our other west coast Pat* the

service tUnitary b toSmbgoat
uet~n ~ "Now the taskIn toliberate the faloone. Earlier, beforeda,
M worku *restore o Americas Fortresses and
obWag t urorrshitthr aValYards
State frontiers along the northern itiminc~d
?^ CO5"- *line from the Blauk Sea to the o.am at Mila.orthrn I Ramh
doIn is i keep- fDaents Sea."hoeatMfu
^ Warnig thatthe -enemy'Is M shonw bomb
dfeom'he said"a wounded nearby.--It gzar way, ~t
musbl GOOU eo strug ej=" u rsuedand beaten aij~rcraft utryr avea
ggdrect Intoe his den. We liberate the heavy and
yes PolteCrdyo ovskialaa te Gtb wa t fen g and
07"-^ peoples fr-Oim a rtavenr b I iae ] e Italy4
i~~~~ andA Mr. oruny d* An be emr li M h-wirle
as this would p etedonly by Joint blows with dedlm a nd ht bombers
sent which ks our alies. donoentrated an r!Aways
In h q ,t Victories g0 arta2ery hit many brdges. The Allies
f switchboard salvoel were red at 10 am. (WD lostfivg e 'Plans and brought
M Tobago0 has today In Momoow, Leningrad, 00110 down 22.
whole wltch- K eve Kharkov. Rostov, Smeeropo-
Iged athe tle anp das
and is now $ O OO O w
le too ~o-1 $19000.00 WR
II.M. Sub SinkTugd By Ci
bet amn Urged By C
a the 22 Nazi Ships
Ma be tree to "Wtnol siae oca
pert of the LONDOII, Kay 1 reoostru tya a~mi eoaaunlqine sdtat tt m in memorandum aabmltt


ity Engineer

the City orporatlmn 1,0.0 to
Sin's growing population, are sug-
Ad by MW. 0. M. Marrego the City
mety ouncl.

Premiers Dine

SWith The King
g lb. Kini aadlueea adln
E~~ f- yra"s

-P v -IJR

Soviets Bomb


Advnt Of May"Sm
Mas Air Raid On
Rail City

awn~ned that Soviet on rawng
bombers observed the adato
May Day last night with ft tossa
tail oB Bwet-Lltovak, touching off
nearly a Were of res amid AAxi
troop Irai at that Polish or-
tree elty which the4Permane
featured only two days after
a" iseet of
Warsaw and about M mto north-
west of the oiet land forcees
operatinginn the Kowel sector. It
wsee sed by the Germans on
June 4, 1941 after they forced the
nearby ug ver demarcation
lin. Seventh .es were started
at the rail Junction and my
military trains carrying troops.
ammunition and equipment were
left In flames, maid a broadcast
bultkftn. One Soviet 'plane was
The communique said no e men-
tial changes occurred on the land
front on all sectors. Duringb Sun-
day the Russians wrecked 24 Ger-
man tracks and destroyed 43
The German High Command re-
ported a lull in the Sevastopol
and lower Dniester River areas,
but told of embittered fightingA tin
the upper Dnester River, presum-
ably In the are southeast of
Stanlsalwow and southwest of
Kowl which Iln 172 miles south-
east of Warsaw.'
Berlin said Its troop glned
"further ground southwest'of
iweL Fighting in this area it
around Turjs, 22 miles southwest
of KoweL, onl t our miles from
the Kowel-Lwow railway ce ect-

1.iRn n4 6
nmm st>iUTi L^~fa '*



S a

Nazi Pas de Calais Defenc

Receive Terrific Batterin



Col. Knox

Buried At

With ceremony befitting i rank
as Secretary of the UTited States
Navy, the body of Colonel
Knx was burled at Arlington
National Cemetery today.
A solemn .cortge wended its
wAY through the streets to t e
cemetery on the tree-dotted
slopes on the hills of Virginia
after full services were held at
the Mount Pleasant congregatMI-
al Church. The Navy Band, fol-
lowed by detaehmnnt of 9 aiors.
Marines, Waves and Women's
Marines, marched behind it.
ay high dignitaries from
militarMy and civilian life attended.
U.S. Naval Rating
Singas Lord's Prayei
LONDON, May I (Reuter')-A
United States Naval rating sang
the Lord's Prayer and another
played the organ, at today's Lon-
don memorial service for Colonel
Knox. In the congregation were
Admiral Stark, the American Naval
Chief t Europe, and Mr. John
Win"t, the American Ambassa-
dor. The British and Allied Gov-
emments end the Fighting Ser-
vices were represented.
In an address, an American
Naval chaplain referred to Colonel
Knox as the happy warrior who.
by both word and deed, backed
up his belief In international

Chinese Leave

Hulao Pass
CHUWIGKZIN. May i (Reuters)

er nOR, today's Qhineseco6-
omunique said. The ommniqu
said that after eight days' Aerce
fighting the Japanem smashed
through the pass on Friday and
are now fortfyIng I against a
possible counter-attack
The pass, half-way between
Ohengohow and Loyang on the
south bank of the Yellow River,
has mountainsa on three sides of It
and is approached by narrow.,
steep slope three miles long.
The attackers were unable to mue
large units in storming the pass
and there was hand-to-hnd ght-
Ing before it fell.
The comaunique said that the
Japanese troops In the Missien area
south west of Chengehow have been
flanked by the Chinese on three
To the south, down the Peiping-
Hankow railway, Japanse units
several thousand strong are pushIn
towards the highway town"
Tinlen. nearlf 40 miles southwest
of chenagohow and along the rail-
way 50 miles south of Chengohow.
Fghtbtng is going on northeast and
northwest of hauohang and a Jap-
anese mobile unit has reached a
Int six mllees southeast of the
This appears to be a Banking a-
tion to support of the Japemse
drie ft Monsa to seal theOnes-
hela ga9 ado f Pipbwl3t* r-
king aiy
Reports reaching Cthungkinfrom
Long state that several forms-
Ions of Japaneme 'planes yesterday
bombed the towns in central and
western Ronan Province.

War Welare Fund
Adds $64 To Total
With only three contributions
received yesterday. the "Guardlan"
War Welfare Fund added M4.M
to its over-week total of $16MI.".
Majar ato fdefa la
George W. Rolod. while u l
MAa teaehem o M lArn o
other oaMtrih-t athe m- 1
$3 from BaiffMM =g-s
lsw was tse -u Ci m* ier-
warded by the OMinmdant, Rally
Supintendent, eoM m and me-
bers of A,2 eM mef ath e


Revolver Threat
Report For Army
I ThWf U


Allied Officials In U.S.

h 95/, ,* -.. ,

Geommed Sir Thomas Bmey (left), Comnsmader-.n-Ch of Allied
Forces i the Southwest Pacifi. Mr. Johb (urttn, Prime Minhter
of Australa (oentm), and Sir Frederick helen. Secretary of the
Department of Defence OCcrdlnaton for Avotralla, talk together
on April 19, after r their anival in Sen Franioo-(AP photo.)

Conference British Capture Nazi
of Dominion General In Crete
CAIRO, May I (AP)-Tt was
o~ciaUv announce today that
a raid on Crete a few days
rei iers e ago by British officers resulted
in the capture of the German
-General Kriete. Commander of

LONDON, May 1 (Reuter's)-The
conference of Empire Prlre Min-
Isters got under way In earnest this
afternoon after the visiting Dom-
inion statesmen were welcomed by
Mr. Wiuton Churchill, the Prime
Klnlater, at a noonday gathering.
An outline of the cosnduqa o the
war fhuredt the head of the
agenda ad It tAs believed the
Dominion Premiers were given a
compete survey by Mr. Churchill.
At e opening ceremony, each vis-
It~n ~me mini~rspeea
itln Prime ter spoke briefly,
outlining bi country's position on
Wpreent and post-war matters.
Offlcal statements are few and
only In the broadest outline. Pub-
lsabahe sections of today's addrem-
es will be released later.
Mr. Mackenzie King was in
genial mood when he arrived for
he noon-time assembly. He was
wearing a traditional English bowl-
er hat s he stepped from his
He greeted photographers with a
friendly "Good morning, folks.",
When the large array of Press pho-
tographers urged him to iface them
he laughingly replied: "I can't look
both ways at once." The Canadian
Prime Minister was accompanied
by Lieut. General Kenneth Sturk,
OeerSlI Officer Commanding at
Canadian military headquarters,
and Mr. Norman Robertson, Cana-
dian Under-Secretary for External
Mr. John Curtin, prime Minister,
of Australia, was the first to arrive
and SUM-Marshal Jan muts was
the Jast. Mr. Curtain seemed to
have made an excellent recovery
from his recent illness for he look-
ed remarkably fit. When photo-
mgraphers begged hi for more
poses, he remarked: "What! One
mON? Well. Iou picked a good
dY for It. Mr. urttin was fiol-
lowed by the Rt. Hon'ble Vincent
Massy, Hgh ommisioer for
aadwho arrie a-ead eG.
A large crowd was quickly attract-
ed by the rivall of the prime min-
isters and cheered each new arri-
val heartily.
India was represented by the
MSharajah of KemIr and Sir
Ehan Noer, spokesmen on the War
Calnet; Southern Rhodesiea by Sir
Godfrey uggoins, Its Prines Minis-
ter; Mr. Anthony Eden. the Foreig
Sectary. Mr. L. S. Asmy. &
80tary of State for nd
Lord Oranbonse. the
It Is emphasized that the tars
ae kdfuwal and exhoraoary ad
the keynote a Is avery frank epe-
don of view. No subject isba
and the talks iji rangeover awlie
tdell. &tha a auod U WWtmof

the 22nd Panzer Grenadiers
known as the Sevastopol Divi-
sion. No details of the raid
were given.

Truk Bombed

In Daring Raid
By L gUofN
QUARTRSM Pearl iOW May 1
(AP)-AdUmiral Cheater nlts an-
nounced today that the skipper of
a single Navy search Liberator
made a daring daylight aerial at-
tack on Truk ast Saturday, dam-
aing a vessel and strafing run-
ways and alrstripe on Moen sNd
Sten Islands.
Ventura search 'Planets from the
Aleutians struck at the Japanese
Paramuahtro naval base in the
Kurlles before dawn on Saturday.
All the attacking 'planes re-
Seventh Army Air Force bomb-
era hit runways and adjacent in-
stallations at Ponape In the 40th
April strike at the euastern Caro-
lines bae. Large exploonws were
seen near one airfield.






E aL ft

SGib. Tim a


Uelo T

7% e&Ting

1 n.a


I4 l..~


-~ .1

k ,, ...
" . .
,%,'A .*-,-. **

.i - '*-*w w.
*' ': .' *'...

N' r

4 4.
r -








Ht In
e, Ltu


* hai

Perkr* Mugue HasmeT

mews To. 1335e is

Kidney Pie

nouna L
Ear 1.

Hard Blows

On Railyards

Transport Centres Am
Under Smoke Promi
Synchronised AttaemW
LONDON. May A (AP). T*
American air force opmed this ate-,
ful month with blow at ne of tt
Oerman' blesm ad losest srie
of hulking de eo against thE
coming InvasIon-the Pas de OCalm
area.-while Neal transpor cete

une r smoke fromu~ a e
Aboui 1 big fourlna ed Map
fighters threw, down this new as-
sault on the terribly% bombed Si
across just Iw e of the a
In the b1 get of the our-day op
e wer ehesons forward tet ae t
enemy's system of moving hi
against the day of the graed
It was ettinated that 3 2000 A Ne
rican heavy and light oibe '
ftghter..bomberm, aided by 500 AllI 4
'planes, participated In battering
the Pas de Calais arm and nine
ous railway yards on the N-sa
front extending throgali
and France to the Geman .rde
These were the separate obut ill
tarily connected blows of the inm
menu, machine of attrition no
grinding away In perfect hannor
onh t the 17th day of thea
without any remote el in
history of his war:
One: United states eaaudeeqss4
Havocs went after enemy
yards in France imd Belgium.
Two: British Bostons and M
shells beat at still &her rha",,
centres in Prance.
Three: American Thmdse(ba
g-ter.-bombers-one of the
wtelb weapons yet delOped Wp^
thiS waun "in

an= Mustanc10M aw to heir .it
against the Namnur ra~lwag vras
also In Belgim
Four: Our big fellows weBt back
again to Pas de Calais-ayOW*eriai
rot ground on whoh acme am .
t heaviest assaults from baUf t -
American and British air ftre
have been fal since
Marauders wetout ali bft~r
dark. coastal, watchers prto
they were escorted ylif W
they headed for the
Marauders and Havoc$, In
offletally Was -termed -Hanvy so&
tacks" emu co mainom i
by the Fe mupo l,"ayAl ;
Louvian in Belgium and V
nee and Blanctemmernm to WWV
Prance. Mitchells and V-sk" `
blasted the railway entire uF cofi

. 1

* 37. - : ..

Nazis Evacuating
Rail Junction City
LONDON, May I (AP)-The
Polish Telegraph Agency aid
the Ofeiann have begun the
evaCuatonj of Lublin, in Po-
land. junction of Kiev-Wanaw
and Ode&a-Wasaw ra&w's.
Lublin is Jut under 100 miles
west of Kowel and 115 miles
northwest of Lwow.
:8g two vital GermanM win in
former Poland.
O the day'i German accounts,
the X tn are only nine mile
=u a p o at o and to4
as vrparatory to a fresh ofteulve
aimed dnec a tti Central Ger-
Moscow never announced such a
near threat to the railway. The
German aims told oa local soviet
attacih between Vitebsk and
Polotak en the north and central
Fronts and maid lt luA artillery
deployment of positives were di-
eued"-nother gM etMIUon that
the XulsmsM are getUng ready to
strike In this long-dormant sector.
The only mention of the fhting
in itmanania came In a broadcast
of the Buohareat communique
which aid Axle troops repulsed
Soviet attempts to capture an Im-
ortant Aheight northwet of the
ldi rail centre which hia been
menaced for weeks by Marhal
Ian Konev's Second Ukraine

498 Men Lost

In Sunk Ship
WABM ,IOM. May I (AP)-
The wa Dspsatent hi aa-
a de s th klofs Unstted
dMV w i^ f lhIow 49 40
military personnuL.
The dote c the sinking was "ot
given except that It was "recent."
The annoa t a kd the veoel
sank quickly and next of kin of
cas e have been notified.

imd of d
d hr srfi





M% M I& M wlla m e rI MMOMMIn M bbo K

Wealnim Sue.a 0 061" Of ur@sur mi I&t the
MW M -* t ,Mee Jo k-VO"by VA Cs e *80-

he.b"BwdbSMWtaii"5 was bh" -Ml m"o
?~l T OW 1dme o em S

VW am d2-Month Jail

4F ForCycle'
tria atma. lbut ea
W".b". Parts Theft
;Mi .W- d.-._ ,
mb E,.of tis ,. and haTO edaRt to prison for te
ftr the cdl 1DSonthi by Mr. A. J. Hamilton in
'ISer wt A armed he 6 1 court yesterday tor
has.2SItnisaS yeasties hemAtU* by a Wir escaping from
-?-ratonwe_ ntyo Mconstabk
S 5t thepckdSUpS 2yl e eetamsre outofbin tboo to
^'tl Sead r n ^ S se Thompson moving away from
e^otUhe"U11: a.Auld1M SS yle,, Thompson ran away
SDnmatto TaM of Thi st was lquentlyO caughtt atir
land," anda in itightl aU1 he had thrown the bicycle valw in
.f abe S13y0NatWN es Hindel a dull sbn.
brn roB."TisMh l other -
Aim were iss wlrou and fw Narold pny was ordered byW. Mr
funiler. A.J. anIlton In the Plrst Police
."'iS matter has one good cour today to pay $5 fine and
pointt: After reading Clow's effu- P oS ts and compensation when
sla It is vey doubtful that any pleaded uity to an accusma-
of the wmen now here will also ton of el i two pounds of steak
try to emulate Samen Mnchausen Wimorethan15prcentofoe.
upon their return to the States." .eny sold the steak wite 4

Wharf Operations
Stage Big Display
fhauffeurs and operators of
motors used In the handling of
cargo at the King's Wharf were
awarded cash psses on Friday on
he results of the second annual
competition between them.
Among those present were Cap-
tain Poberts, Representative of the
'Ministry of v'ar Transport; Mr. F.
Be. Manager of the Alcoa Steam-
hip Company: Mr. S. R. H. Beard,
akrbour Engineer, who acted as
Judge: Commander Lindmy of
H.M.. Benbow; Mr. G. O'Connor,
of the Alcoa Steamship Company,
Mr, H. 0. Culhane, Deputy Wharf
Supervisor; Mr. J. D'Arcy, Assis-
tant Wharf Supervisor; Mr. 0.
Ache and Mr. C. D. Ottway.
Mr. H. Parry, Wharf Supervisor,
Was unavoidably absent.
Mr. Culhane ,ald tribute to the
transport service, the officer in
charge and his efficient assLatints,
the maintenance branch and ser-
\vice men and the Harbour Engin-
eer's service men, without whose
capable work, lie mild, the display
Would not have been possible.
Prize-wlnners were:-
Motor trucks: 8. Hobb, 1st prize;
Corbin, l.st runner up; and Law-
rence, second runner up. G.
Richards won the prize offered by
a former official for the competll-
Liftq: Harvey. 1st prize, J. Nurse.
let runner up, and I. Ferguson, 2nd
runner up.
Shop Mule" A. Edward, J. Hinds
fnd H. Singuincau.

I.L.O. Delegates
Greet Fighters
Workers delegates at the I.L.O.
Conference on Miay Day addressed
the following message to all workers
of the world.
"In the first place we want to
ay the highest tribute to the mil-
,s of imen and women in tihe
forces of all the Allied armies. air
forces and navies, to the guerrillas.
saboteurs and underground fighters
In Europe and Asia as well as the
peoples suffering under the brutal
dominattion of Nazi and Japanese
"But winning the war is not only
the concern of the workers of a
free world. For them, mll"try vic-.
tory Is only a means to achieve the
real end of this titanic struggle for
the salvation of mankind.
"A better world must be won hI
which all men and women will find
the fullest opportunity to live a
fre, secure and diknifi"" life."

Indian Dancer
Gets Medal

Mr. A 0, Klenzi, president of the
Indian Club, presented Miss Chasm-
pa Devi, the talented Indian danger
who has Just competed a season
here in aid of the Bengal ainet
Relic!' .und, with a gold medal, in
appreciation of her artistic dancing,
at a function held a4 the India Club
on Thursday.
It wM stated that Miss Devi was
best India Nautch dancer seen In
The same afternoon, members of
e India Club weloonimed Mr. Chow
,nbuaa.the new Otinese Con-
suITritnUdad. Many prominent
members of the Chinese community
were invited.
NaMub dance. Hindi singing and
other Item were Included in tNe

vuiim 09 Done.
Oaffor Mohammed, who pleaded
guilty to an accusation of setting
fire to land without having a
licence, was fined $16 or 21 days.
Jamrtam Baksh, who was ac-
cused with him, was reprimanded
and discharged.
Peter Cupid was ordered to pay
$45.50 fines and costs for assault-
ing Constable Joseph, and behav-
Ing In a disorderly manner.
Rupert Sfamuel was fined $4.50
or 14 days for behaving in a dis-
orderly manner.
Roderick Regis. convicted on an
accusation of assault and battery
was fined $7.50 and $3.90 costs
and compensation.
Victim of the assault was 11-
year old Vaughn Inc wlho, it
was disclosed, accidentally trod on
Regis' foot.
While travelling as a passenger
In a 'bus. James Ray. a (itrv man.
picked the pocket of he driver.
Pleading guilty before Mr. B.
W. Celestain in the Second Polrice
Court yesterday, he wais fined $50
or serve three months.

Germans Fail To
Curb Resistance
LONDON, May 1 ileuttr's "iM
(lernianri are making deternihed
efforts to stamp out the under-
ground mcvements In Prance, *iit.
resistance Is deternlned as ever,
although the patriot forces have
lost heavily. This news was given in
oxndon today by the Ainmbasaor of
the Fretnch Committee of National
He siald that the Germans
started new operation against the
patriots in February and sin'e then
ad wiped ut several villages.
They lihad alo beel hanging pa-
triota in thIe. atrectas ntd posting up
photographs of saboteurs whom
they mutilated and murdered, but
In spite of all these acts of terror-
Isin the resistance goes on and
sabotage has increased. In one
month alone 58 German troop
trains had been derailed and nearly
100 oclmotives had been destroyed.

Tito's Mission
Reaches London
LOND)ON, May I (Reuter's). -
The mission sent by Marshal Tito.
arrived in London today.
It is headed by General Veleblt.
Another member is Vogelnik.
Others are expected shortly.

Agreement Reached
On Ford Strike
OTTAWA, Apr. 29 (CP).- Mr.
Justice 0. B. O'Connor. chairman
of the National Wartime Labour
Relations Board, announced that
terms advanced by the board for
the settlement of a work stoppage
at the Ford Motor Company of
Canauda, limited, Windsor, Antarlo,
have been accepted by both the
company and the Local 300 United
Automobile WOrkers tCIO).
Mr. Harold Hamilton, island
scholarship winner from Queen's
Royal College, has Joined the staff
of Pamphyllan High School until
he Is ready to leave to study
medicine. Dr. Arnim Stewart and
Mr. C. Cralgwell, both scholarship
winners, also taught at Patm-
phyllan before they went to study
their professions.,

h 'am -in mz. m 3, MML\


Wed TwiceI

Melons As Usual
Despite Price-Fixing
lThere was no marked decrease
in the quantity of watermelons
,.on sale at the Eastern Market
yesterday when the scheduled
price came into effect, but sev-
,'al watermelon vendors told a
"Trinidad Guardian" reporter that
in about two weeks, watermelons
would be falling off the market
because, they slid, the schedule
prices, fixed for tne first time last
week-end at 3 cents per lb. whole
and 4 cents per lb. sliced, were too
low to give them much profit.
Allowances, they said, had to be
made for freight and loss in
handling melons which proved to
be green when cut and could not
be sold.
Only last week 15lb--201b
watermelons were being sold at
prices ranging from 80 cents to
$1. New they may be had for 45
e(,cts to 60 cents.

College Principal
For Education Board
Mr. T. C. Hutchinson, new prin-
cipal of Queen's Royal College, haa
been appointed by the Acting Olow.
ernor for a two-year membership
on the Education Board, effective
from March 3L
Dr. Mary Qianetti has been ap-
pointed to the same board for a
similar period, starting May 6,
LONDON, May I (Reuter'a). -
The Kin ha approved the a-
pointme t of s eorge London to
be a member of the Commissli
governing Newfoundland, in suces-
sion to Sir Wilfred Wood, who
served on the OosCmmskmlon line
1937. sir George is at present Ool-
onial Secrtary of the Oold Coast.
Mr, J. Thing King, Control
Board Official and city businem-
man. left the Colony for New Yorkl
on Friday on private busnlaes.
Mr. King Kin, who was aocom-
panied by his son, will be away for
about two months.

Sanitary Inspector
Discuss Ammssociation
Meting In the Aima Race
tand on Saturdor afternoon,
-altary tIospetosn dlicun-d
fdition of Pubte Beeith
Association of Trinldad and
TobWan and rsw up a pro-
visional prograimm of aetivi-
Following tt hei meting the
Inpetors wer-e s ti of Mr.
0. A. iiiiouigKiUy, aitary
oat Ari who lsgo
tookthe CDa tour of t
borougfl to see sanitary con-
ditione for themselves.
Another meeting will be held
In Port-of-Spato In June.

City Studies

Water Aid

No reply has yet been received
from the City Council, by Govern-
ment, regarding their proposal to
relinquish all responsibility, finan-
civl or otherwise, for protection of
the water supplies In the Diego
Martin area and of their Intention
to withdraw their offer of finan-
cial assistance towards maintenance
of a sewerage system in this dis-
trict, the "Triniiad Guardian"
learned through informed sources
Meanwhile, an official of the
City Council stated that the Cor-
poration was still considering Gov-
ernment's letter and it was believed
tlit a special meeting would be
called shortly to discuss the situa-
"ThIs matter," the official said, Is
of paramount Importance and Will
be expedited as much as possible.
Government in. withdrawing their
aid, gave as their reason for doing
so the fact that geological charac-
teristics of the area, as disclosed in
a report, showed that protection
against contamination of the water
supply of the Diego Martin water-
shed Ais likely to be a contlnulng
heavy financial liability, and hav-
ing regard therefore to the water
yielding potentiality of the area,
(estinwted at only 3,000,000 gallons
per day) and to the fact that water
In considerably larger quantities
was obtainable at comparatively
cheap cost from other sources
where the problem of protection
did not arise to the same extent, It
was considered that the assump-
tion by Government of liability In
respect of the Diego Martin and
Cocorite water supplies would not
be justified.

U.S. Votes Big Sum
For Invasion Craft

WASHING ,ON, May 1 (AP). -
The House Naval Commltte ap-
proved today without dissent, a
measure Msinx g the oonaMue-
on of at n additional *l,SO0.X),OOO
mi laotin craft-ke to invaom
TnDe 11 supplements a (U2JI00-
000MM Na budget. because the
need for additional motored bare
tor eor attacks became apparent
after the hue estimate was sub-
MIN",ed Ohasnia Vinol. Ciacetis
Daum$c SAMl.

Fresh Shipusempt Rove ...

114" & 3116" GLASS

6-10 LONDON ST.,

At n XM-O-WIaWi ONiUAL mIN3 m O *el
beig At Ne. It. l b Ute AIt-eW# .loal&eon
Uth 31st APi U 4MM wastaMmlneuy aMsed ath
the Rumi of em mabbu te mbo aeS obe
.3mgto aha^i^^r shs i n ams ega toitt^i ttf^^ thdt l
pri mt bsMb o i tht t hM ewat of a abwrheeir
WAat uMw er b*kd egM abn t" #"atp of
S*u elW. thaib e o dse el mw"ag ts ao od

teim we"M-.Ftha* teo uo sro-
M 1 eld th whet eaMal U h C a enSdk emehi
ftIt kat"W* n"& &ts pees Mh MsM -deI -- .1
It ws aeuesl t I$ altaw e me4 Cd 0 s0ee# be
ea ftSftbetohft .ebwe"Iam in
mls ubthb"a*2 Omm"Oft VObe eke,

Foos"u T. Fog"$.
OWAMM*A aWM N 4 ""Ate.

Ta. pew mu *b n
U Mh- M e tiMe lawt u banf-
biM 0 as t Jsl&Me Adbe and
a j, to d thay brw tHeb w0
- to anuptal WeremonIe with
Sthe a m" or the rolew
4 Wu sa wan Sa41s
tat wo i ..l t Ipthe doejA
the SeeAd AlM Court o scru
tn aw accusation of bigamy.
Sad la, 14 at the time a her
maria at tprhtvale to Baha-
dai toid the jury: 1 e tIs my
lawful husband. I we s married to
him in January. 1604."
Ogeera. 1I, the Crown alees.
also became oahadat's wife as a
result of a ceremony performed
at Ouatera on April 12. IM.
while he was still ash-iai's bus-
Mr. g. p. Btuyning appears ft
Shadat, while Mr A. 0. eends ,
econd Crown ounsel. Is eonduct-
Ing the case for the Crownr.
The Crown, on the basis of mar-
rng artsaktes, Is aking the
Juryto Sfe tdt Sahadat. who
had llved abut 15 months with
Satidan wheto she was forced to
leave because of Ill-treatment, was
still a married man when he went
through a marriage ceremony
with Oteeran.
Sahadat had lived with Ogeerat
for about 18 days. it is alleged
when his father-in-law Invited
them to his home to spend some
time. He walked out on her the
very evening they went there.
The Crown alleged further that
In a statement to the police
Sahadat confessed that before he
met the two girls he had already
been a partner in an unlawful
marriage beneath a bamboo tree
with another girl at Tere Village.
Ogeeran, the principal witness
for the prosecution, told the jury
yesterday that she could not walt
any longer and decided about five
months ago to get married to an-
other man. She said she Is now
married a second time, following
a ceremony also performed be-
neath a bamboo tree.
The Crown Is alleging that Ba-
hadat's marriageg to Sahidan and
Ogeeran took place In accordance
with Islamic rites andq the provi-
sions of the Muslim Marriage and
Divorce Registration Ordinance.
The case for the prosecution Is

Retiring South
Headteacher Feted
Trinidad Guardian Correspondent.
PRINCES TOWN, May 1.-After
46 yevirs' service as a headteacher
in the Colony, Mr. Fred H. Espinet,
resigned from the service at the
end of last month.
At the Craignish E.C. School
where he had been headteacher for
the past eight years, teachers, par-
ents, ex-pupils and present pupils,
as well as other friends, paid high
tribute to him at a valedictory
function, held in his honour on
Friday evening.
He was presented with an Illu-
minated address, .nd many lovely
Speakers expressed, in eloquent
language, their admiration of his
splendid qualities, of which, they
said, had made him "the Idfol
teacher," beloved by all.
Replying. Mr. Espinet expressed
thanks for the stirring demonstra-
tion of affection.

?Liji eIAWeJ

of mvU

[e nn--YOWUBB

lat n's mfirl

eceastops wth oe ppca


A few appicain ndtems
Poowe'Maras erau l (fuar ll
u e t -1 d p e by


Skin Rem edy

Dries UP eemu ms d a" n 11N
This wonderful m ureon pr-
chpuon now known at over mw
world a Moone'si Emerad 0 te
o effient uin the treaneunt of
skin diseases thfat the Itchin g of
eczema stops with one applica-
A few applications and the most
Persistent case of yczena c s
ealed seldom to return P
Moone's Hewald Outs (fui
strength) Is safe and Dleatant to
use. It Is ditps ed by iontes
everywhere. e


can be cured
There are thousands of men Man
women who suffer awful agony day
and night because of pile trouble,
who do not know that every chem-
ist stocks a ipeclal remedy that
does most surely and quickly ban-
ish the misery of this wretched
Make a confidant of your chem-
at. Ask him about MZan n Pile
Remedy. He will tell you this ia
no ordinary ointment, but, a sooth-
ing, heaUlig, strengthening, balm
that at once stops the intense Irri-
tation and clears away utern4l
external, sore dr bleeding Vile*s
The unique tube In which MAR
Zan in aold makes this preparation
so easy and clean to use. The bai
size supply, with special applicator,
in usually sufficient to clear away
the most difficult cae.
Remember the name of thi sspe-
cial remedy for pile trouble-





L ...._..

FERNANDEZ (1933) ,


QUAKER OATS (loose) 12 p



9 14

24 I



Corner Marine Square and Abercromby St

"tfa Petite llusicQ

Present t Th flrd Anuil"

Tea Party & Twilight Cm.
.L .,'
I* '

at 4.00 p.m.

Tho Royal Vieterla IW

Mgos U teih The APe wfth ApeOln the
edam a# de MA.iwap""Now

Price s q $1.00

j *PAM kft~ytaow e by theGa mnB3ftcselgi

m Ivelcome i ps i.
More welcome in WV

te-br will nelny
,estqaueS plos the sl&
laciB Cyocam4*a1

d 1& ,
e^ hiw, Ibetoisa

c CatbON


bA NNMG & hu.
-u u v wuwuusaeeel



.... urge a

little extra care

daily to get a lot

of extra car-life. For

expert wear-saving

care, visit the

ESSO oval.



I I I I I I I I I. ... . .

--- .--. m- ......-... L^ b

T.E.Be Talks

On Injured

The Trinidad Electricity Board.,
at a recent meeting, after discus-
sing the question of payment of
full wages Instead of half wages
to injured empyees, agreed to
leave .each case to be decided on
Its merits by the general manager.
The employee would have te
right to appeal to the board.
The question was brought up. It
is understood, as a result of a
notice by Councillor V. Henry.
It is reported that Captain the
Hon'ble A. A. Ciprlani disagreed
with the decision to pay full
wages to injured employees.
The board also agreed that ems-
ployees should be notified of the
position and informed that the
payment of full wages must not
be regarded as being of general


umnain 1 mum weig.mik u.&W

Sp U.S. G Ca_ For+

m dMbtt 6W.
OCayt Aboir O control

fe *""*teketsw at Welle -N PIdUNs bea piskia S km 51 Ah M S T. axOmSWOSU g M2 iS IP xt^-T Gom-t fke a *
i a bealfle othe l uft a tad onbue- nwaaof t icmg w etS e0. s. 0 Ma& O t th reort of theaW l
^ || Reita In ftb sotenro deal, 60w 6flau"oi aT~l& S"^ am* W, 09" DOW"106 *IPONdIfr> t Ot AgtUVX &aM 3W. I&
e"^ r ger OM* lopridad b~of~to whia tamil = 001aw""s a^ 3401149%a, sedisal ~~e. $aleiM 1o alldna of ft b W aytno *l2 --
Oelmet m nSva poisne d th sglig ty-t bw otnlw .ns mhe o b" 1 us the Board al uawts e Wen saWe n esd am*t".
sww-za Ire.Was, ths eteI
119mar^ Ign, 0"floI w wieBrmawl MW, Pe s Mpim bW OSmet i i 5 deomifDa. a 11"Sm
Se rag=e B" B ioiad social nntduteh rep Poar liamen-ffta tW00
as s~ w Desft or oh~ftPicur s. cra
Sln a on."M red- s o hT n the tr transport e strongly -= 20ta thll- om e oo O 8ecrf .
u wPolicy Urged r*ew r r of Parhamentodt
of P AXCew=="evid far torhletd ob nA.ercn r wh en thq W1t
t to For Barbados r T t W .I A,
K fttm.i bases- we o a Corres p itU p ,onds Wenwick and Mr. T. X. NOW naflPV digest I i ^sssessssH
AMI~mn-a-----ladRescue 48 Siht h poezrb5 Parley R p r
B rSiftai intua, BRIDOETOWN. Apr. n,4ur T_* falht h nedno ~r 1< v V U iL^ ^ ^ --
E dwm the or- Grattan BusneOvro. o I Pa lt mit~tlux Archdeacon H. Thorndlks- -* ^ ^^ ^
SYvOtStl Ie reaed ogling the rfl ..ntur, a e e- n I Shaw to speak when the Raw. Mr. g g otte
tilted stat.e s f gtidton tof a bold h -e-.e Byer bad only dealt with pro- ntdlet t t Bars- Io e
on policy s a necessity of the Colony Fpotyeigt wvv of the SS imble to this low e itedn d s recentlyvwill be a l
bepacd in o ttthdAbasis ofwCapesSn Juan, War Shipping Ad- his being allowed to cots s t S tae
n pt 3 d t social contentment ad security. n streton i n, *a tat psaho ech on them reumption t of ti ranile of t nimbe r Pla
spent mm han Describing the resources of the shi~ top, trunspheort se= 9othehdeboue.
Sghty, bum no Colony as sound. oSir ratstanA Cnle Into troop transport er- the debate e e roonel OUiver Stanley, secretaryn
80t. u wenton: "A country cannot vo e', were rescued by a Naval Aim r "It Is a monstrous thing to tuff of State for the Colonies, told the
4g0 invest m prosper which does not, pro- Transport W. boat oper- young children with materials House of Commons last week '
w0011 be a m sta lt vide for the social and economte s t by a n-American Airways which even their elders canot when he replied to a question by
lt to evert abn- welfare of Its people rates ecrew. The 'plane flew 300 miles digest and which cuse relglow ir h Faser.
at t0e end 01 social services and a reasonable outitoe taxied a f boAt to pick up dyrspepsia sn Many elderv" n. M ir an T r askedxpnelrmetnty
!dbe taken b 1- standard of living, and a corn- the swimming and obl-coatedmen, Byer eclared. eanad whether he would make a State
Government to muntty must from time to time and then. made a hazardous take- that it was essential l to implan M nt on the Barbados Conference
*gianged to in per- face such a redistrilbution of pro- off, bouncing 30 to 5s feet high on religious knowledge In youthfl revoew or th e imdatnce oSMA
Meno n fview ene butsat d
fltsend AesasMaYbe Meowe the topsaof theheavy swellu. mind& atschool, but the churcheais~ si i ersna
tor that end Bet a eogre In disclosing the action, Captain should teach them Peculiar dO- tivs of the people of a number
t, is no no ewttin entitled to ask from t, e Donald rp Smith, U.S.N., Director trines and belief elsewhere. of ferenot Colonies. the
oa tors, but wage-earners a fair return. It is off Nats, said that Pan-Amercan "Why expose children to te Colonel Stanley replied t
no Btoply no-use to niass wagesif, as a Arway Captain W. W. MON, Of discussion of oriofer had been a tra sc
dirgr o uttelborrwrk^s ls~s. yPl "cnrvrilrl-cneec a enagets TIES
~~oorbly en that means he frustrates the Ato California, Commanding gious matters?" he asked. "Surely coem and has a promising begin-
.16eas toundrstndefforts of his employer and he Officer of the flying boat, has been the churches call'" g UsevangInnimottexrmn.I
ate naval su ons frustrates the eflortse of the State cwtmended by the Navy for Christian, could And matter of s recommendations he a id,
w ere cb velm-whosel desire it Is that he should "Pratseworthy judgment, courLnge faith and dogma common to all." Wouldbe onid bT y theo. -, PYJ
1 speakBingoly be ablebe by earning a higher Int asln imanshlp.e Pointing out the inability of the rsnents concerned. w
o n tandno come to Improve his home slifte The big Navy 'plane, a twin- churches to make an adequateed
oftheAmr and conditional." engine Martin Mariner operated by contribution to the n e of He hadI not yet received a full
e (b American Poo' tors that plans were in progress was arriving at a Pacifinc base on a eminent should lease the bul- the conference but printed copies
i- relating to afforetation, educar regular trip with vital Navy sup- inv s from the deromnstions of the report would be available
i le, ats u.onal development, penal reform, plies when word came of the loss where necessary at apeppercon shortly and would be placed in the
w ereCl a census; rosd building iSncluding of the Cape Son Juan. Theplai rent for 25 years with safeguards libraries of the House.
L& during aX n- a road from Bathsheba to Belle- was quickly emptied of cargo, then not to use them in other tan Sir Tan further asked whether
twiS shoUl be o th odathe re station ofan u ilt b gasolene tanks *ere filled to ca- school hours, thus lmposnit ob It could be taken that the Col-
h. Itd Set -de A earkets. i onsllency ev paucity and addtlonri life rats Government the responsibility fore oTOe would extend the

10. efntand et.Hs9kaleny oevrraen.bad SA tth/~n e ~n
A t ws etd warned that even after th er taken aboard, enlargement repair, equipment practice, to which Colonel Stanley w
salwy be done by minatlon of hostilities neither Flying out of a mn squall, the and salaries and pensions for replied that he hoped so.
-Isad value to oe staff nor availability of materials an sighted groups of survivore teachers as for civil servants.
by Great BrL would allow simultaneous exeo- swimming and clinging to pieces He suggested also that themue n t t Jbe
o n Ion of all plans, but they would of wreckage. The sea was running should be committees o anaeteMet .LrI f. PnrinlCl0fli
k befa a certain be extended over a fouriyear swells 10 to 15 feet high. Captain ment comprising two rNeid r ena-m D-Fd f-
4i practoin Amricwa period. He disclosed that for many Moss t uled the swells carefully i ties of the churches, two Govae n-t T sdpt lir* a n P Snlfi V to
ath whole of the of rthe projects help would be and b brought the 'plane to a rough, meant and one elected by the fuoLecture IIIn South
should be under available from Colonial Develop but undamaged landing. parents He exploded the i rdea that . \n-
a udpSd t a Fmnt and Welfare. In the rolling sea the Mariner the Govternment could cwNhscan cldh h Qucen's Roy Coleg
t Britan thi rs nnoth crl oralseg b
t always been Brother could not be manoeuvre co d close to church buildings and said It was Ue ons
a ngln ts rthe survivors. So, the crew tosed an opportune moment to recast ChIMdmnTendenciest In
lexerienceafCl t-rMa uisBwt.tI inflated life rafts, with lines fe the whole education system. e os ation f at h God n ile
ony in the e M anst e s tached, and trailed these behind w held no mandate for theeMethod- y ll of apfrrtemcher Thrdainoi-n
has rniot been of .nrutmnt the craft taxied and tossed on the df Church, he dad, but spoke ternoow, May 5.
,toredeatal I D rc uit s s rivor man d toa member of the Boird, insely Mr. ? Patick, theD r of
~fa tical view- Five decrees niui were granted struggle to the rafts and cling tO interested in the advancement Of 1Bauostion, amddYjw. Patrick o, to
M Psther of ag In divorce proceedings heard byi them until hauled alongside and education Bandwishing religious attend the function, I
nber of sepaa justice J. L. M. Perez in the pulled in through the side hatches, knowledge to Je taught In schools. nJ____
1*01uSyS suppOsing thPA First Supreme Court yesterday, as Hurrying to get loaded and into .

htuen element0-rc l n ldynt Fobtaie d a deree ena-sProv andnoil-covderedamen.anThatwsaodertmat two nyofdth c~hurhe in Victim as ike
iuoihtest inclimaton follows: t a fe th av of M HAMMOND CONDEND
1 Grest Britain that Francis Gonzales who named another approaching rain squa bell. M owB, Road T ragedy ah *
to fail in line with Clemford Goales, his broke therasthearewaebeore fth eex- it was publvM o knowledge, he Ra d* ra ge dy I
S.aco-resondent, obtained a deem hauster ed tar d or e men That said, that two of the churches In Victim Identified
th naval sub- from is wife. Agatha Gonzales. was all the 'plane could safely lift St. Vincent had repudiated Mr. f
rt will In all prob- Anasia McLeod secured an or- under the hazardous conditions. Hammond (Educational Adviser to The man found dead last Satur
way into some pL- der against her husband (bn l The survivors were given medical the Comptroller for Development day night on the Churci-
arcives, an there McLeod. treatment aboard the 'plane, and and Welf are) and all his works, volt highwayowasyepye day__

a raffiv c andt__ ____d_ __
ngtg time. Marjorie Cornwallis petitioned were landed safely. the Anglican Bishor o ithf rwi asi astadoo lan of
fldns which take against Patrick Cornwallis, w. CaMtan Moss. 28, Is a native of entirely from thec onwi S1 ocorroBanJuan.
,te hm element. .g ladys Foster as co-respond-r Pro ence ode Island. and now Governmtent sd anyboMdyaonS Kaatoo, who was picked up ili
obligations have ent. e resides at Palo Alto. Other mem- subject. Mr. Byer, howev ointebd about 7.30 o'clock, is believed to-
e slightest appeal Leo John Gohes got a d bers o f the crew, all of whoAtm y e- out the Inconsistency between the have been struck by passing Aen tra e C.
against his w bei a omplncelvediwrm praisn in, e s from Captain stand of the ArebshoW of the MOto ecar. ined fCdo b bt
Somes te co-respondent ei f their parts i n the rescue, West Indies and a o f thes-T9 w1411111"_in 1LS1110 wll
J. Houlay. an Ass erican were: First Officer Frnik W. Saul, Bishop of the Windward Islands.aInnleS ae-ft yo.u%
soldier.d 28 of Oakland. California, Second ou the question of control of ulT1ss
ro Expedite a en nitce T Kon bnoo-urlingaMe, California; Engineer- Catholic p o Missing _storal oftheArch
^plL ^ernRomanla Mrtonlcer Geore H. Roblln, 22, of teachers and cited the unedngVUSl OplU ______________________
Traffic respin Ing Officer H. L. Knebel, Glendie,-bishop of port-of-apain. Patient Held
SCounsel engaged were Mr. 0. Montaina; Radio Officer D. V. Msc- "The church c an win t he war
litg completion yes. B. Wooding. Mr. H. Hudson hilk- ay. Oakland, California. and lose the peace like America uh Peekins, who was reported
.R. reversing tri- l p, Mr. Ellis Clarke and ir. Captain Moss, a pilot for many in the last war at the cost of blood to Lhave run way ron the ar-of-
,sinlham Junction Clement Phllips. yar. is a former Navy flier. After and treasure because of the re- Spare Colonial Hospital where he Royal Naval Club
Built to facilitate ompleting eight training, he served pudlation of President Wilson said ad bee detained for medical ob- '
Witeaffwc and tou x- three years in three different air- for not joining the Lague of servat on. was held yesterday. Q EN'S A AT
MBd of trains on tale a y cft carriers. During this period Nations.%
May Day Passes he participated in the search for This was an opportunity, he,
i vnofAmelia rhart, famous woman said, for thechurches tosecure, Teachers To Addrests
without any publ elb Pan American Aitys. He was Oppoed to an rrand ment e t
o here yesterday. irst Officer of the Clipper which without Government and Ohureh TOOO, May -Mr. J. A. Walker.
!e es Lst May Day Federated Work- was caught at Wake when Japan partneship. offering not at freh new ldteoacher of OGnde T H U RS D A Y
er' Trade Union adopted a toe0- attacked the United States and compromise but a new syn the i. vieraX .C. School is to addressO 4
Sluton at Woodford Square calling underwent the enemy bombings of Mr. Doovan seconded th5 parents and guardians of the pupils, May 4
kw Target ,utw a. M. + .
rget or anall-out effort towards a chlev- tha Island. Later he ewcuated resolution and Dr. Morgan p. there on Bunday, May 7. on needs -
Ine- lg a United Nations' victory in peronnel from Wake. ported, both being outspoken of the school and district.
tieeonth period w apart of their program t expressing the desire for abolition Social Welfare is one of the tA.. DANCE BAP
k r, reven he ocaio. ZAR ET U73toplic.
146 below In pre-war years, May Day eels- DAZAAR NETS ofxdual control.t d o topic. D BA
*l77*l51, Impost bmtons included a rouind-the-town Annmual bumar for the poor or- Dr. Morgan had given notice of _________ in a$bian
Sresented procession of workers from all over gMnlad by the Society of Les a resolution for abolition of dual
M tlpetedpc and the IColony endln at th Prince's Ahmntee de Jesus realised a net control of schools as follows:-- ONTINUBD PROM PREVIOUS 1O-L3
w lded t 2 ilding or a ciry square where total of $3,2AZ, It was disclosed "Whereas experience has shown ----
....at.d...... I. labour leaders delvrSd addresses yesterday. Recelpts totalled 4,467.- that the present system of dual entrol, and the subatltuton
"Gazette Extra- ,- .. 34. while expenses amounted to control in education In this Col- threfor of sole Government con-
y showed that BLAZE IN JOINBtY 494.52. ony has outlived Its usefulness trol of education with the Board
lrreceiptsorthe kOre broke out about 35 o'clock -- and according to the Hamunmond of education functioning I n this A S ..
l3816 116,610 above e on Sunday nigbt in a jolner'a shop NEW MOSQUE TBUSTEES Memorandum, is confused knd u n-respt in a Purely advisory ca- ACMISSION .. -.. V-
PG 069i all told. at 38 Clifton HIl Port-of-Spain., Th Trinidad Guardtian" under- satisfactory to all concerned; P pty;
S esme period re- but city fire-fighters hurryting there stands that Mr. Sackreedeen Khan "Be it resolved, that this Board "And be It further resolved that R Mek-p
se sources was found the neighbours had put the atd Mr. Mohamed Esau Rahaman of Education recommends to the Government be requested to take i
. blaze out by the time theI arrived, have been elected trustees of the Government the abolition of dual l immediat steps to introduce 1
_'+_ .Sange Grande Mosque. ------ egislaeon to give effect to the _____________________
. .. ....... rcoNliNuID IN NEXT COLUMN] terms of this resolution." I




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The drier y keep
the longer the bar
will last!
You don't want to waste a
scap of that hard-working
Sunlght lather so here's an
economy hint. Don't put the
soap in the water. Wet the
clothes first and then rub the
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Sunlight's extra-soepy lathe
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From Port-of-Spolin
From GCorptowin
Up to date S-42 and S-43 Flying Clippers
FiW Wll kkIi *W *JM-
w .uL U"ftfEw



Thursday, 4th
May '44
1.3 PJlL
I, pk
Instructed b, Mrs. V. Vias we
will sell all her nicely kept and se-
ful Furniture such as:- Simmonsm
Single and Double &ads with
Springs and Mattresmes, Oyp P em
with Twin Mirrors, eswing
with thre Mirrors, end
Basins mid Sewers. lMWa e
and s Chairsm, yp Mrr" md lsd.s
board, 100 Pines Blue di Rlt
nsr Service, Two emnatonD TM
seta, Mahogany China abMnet
Crystal and Olesewars, Meat Iate.
Enamel Pant Warsm mnd In
Machine, Wiater Gaw Oblaht
Centm Table, kda ad nAm
Obatr. Wrlttag Tawt.R~iat

and Ioning Bord Coleman C Om
Lamp, Komene doom iLams,
Thermos rr01 Omram
Waxing 3B1000. sealss aulmth.
Hydraulle Jaf CanveM Hood fPr
M tWr car. sons ten em R Hand
gwap~ Veod. T-tah l
vse.Wt Plemtal a TbeHo"
E-n and RePW, wf
Wat VWal, 3 W IAict a, aCO UhW A
Items on view day prir toand
owning o1 sale and tns-CAS
Boyd &' HutchuOi. iLW,



VMDIR w m lie
Oan lmM b Nfe to $1N at 6% per anmw .
On ft" eupa uI of WUAN I6 W0.00 at 5% per anmn
On leA a pwwats of A6WOso-epelal rate.
For particudam awl? to-


1 m1 Naw> @41nl 7 O,. ISNOINIO

at the service of the Empire

asi maw:

w ~~Vftwo sVai ^VfWiS E1'

I ,




, -nr -'L -

06sw am^ a PW
a :mmw mu
S mm 35 VAe,. V

& aam g Mm olMeo
smep urlnlmm
!4 OF n o MubIPNm M poemu nmm

Su AcknowedgesAid
From Britain And America
a @ nm U s aWqr Day would have
ba a t f tr the people of tn
W t u n, b yesterday for the third
MONs l May Day they wer engrOssed
In toe grim business of inakiug wr.
MM s, Instead of V eviwng the achieve.
ments of the Soviet state in the effort to
Give every Soviet citizen a fuller lift, Mar-
dial Btalin In hisa order of the day re-
emmoted the glorious achieveuenta of
the Red Army in destroying the enemy's
forces and driving them from Russian
soil. What our Allies have achieved tn
the past year has won them admiration
throughout the world. In maintaining
their eRuve throughout this period
and lair, they have set a record un-
appraohed in military history.
Our Alli are Justifiably proud of
what their armnnke have accomplished,
but while they are conscious of their own
strength they neither underrate the en-
Semy's nor do they seek to deny credit to
others who have contributed to their sue-
ess. Marshal Stalin emphasises the part
played by the Russian peoples on the
home front for, as he points out, without
their magnificent support the efforts of
the heroic Red Army would have been re
duced to nought. The Soviet leader's
reference to the part played by Great
Britain and the United States Is most
gratifying, for It will remove all com-
plaints such as were voiced many months
ago that sufficient publicity was not being
given to British and American aid.
In stating that "a considerable con.
tribution" to the Red Army's successes
was made by the Soviet Union's Anglo-
American Allies, Marshal Stalin has made
a genous acknowledgment of the effect
Sof the engagement of large Oerman forces
In Italy, of the provision of raw materials
and war supplies, and of the heavy bomb-
ings which are sapping German strength.
Yet despite the proven superiority of his
troops over the German Wehrmacht, he
still insists that the Russian people
should realise that the enemy cannot be
overcome by the Red Army alone. As he
and other Allied leader have always
maintained and a Hitler himself knows,
"only a combined blow can crush com-
pletely Hitler's Oermany."
Marshal Stalin sees the present task
of the Red Army to be the freeing of the
rest of their country still In the invader's
hands, and the liberation of the peoples
of Europe from Fascist slawvery-a task
which he declares to be harder than driv-
ing the Germans from Russian soil. Along
with blows from the east and these from
the west about which Hitler Is so appre-
hensive. the enslaved peoples of Hun-
gary, Finland, Rumania, and Bulgaria
must compel their governments to make
peace and let MHitler steww In his own

O flw'.MI








GnrlElection Urged l iable f ve ao ob I we n ubs n h oe
Vall Wit'Tuo Edtwr 0904Way(jmftu.*the laft of a piwmmano ind ak ofat 0"boom o tev dwathe $Ues ft les m I
IA~&,d^&~3 B inram btho rwIm 49 0Mouth V 5 we eweon to both IT lbs ed m1b ly tthe submlca of
PM HEELS) umatties ettthelubfor cante eegslte efiw It wasb that si ^ aSet.,'-
I tspre een Ustate i a i "gvutio wa s to hatvb" t t-" _spEav
XNow dflmt eda6vT bt WSA Ab Wha iirne 4Pct-Oler. -~ m e vanaaas
I~in~dthe wie quetio a asd thee d."Conalemine Dniel" OCaeSS to a widerpatio.
SMr Arthur Owmbe dadd that nd tW Cb Coaittew am Ma- own
If the pea s wem Btd e awa l eSM.. at "" et ____ -- e &*
Umare ?? w it. ba me thw eyT"e Clubbt Upe f YSy an ma
ow diOd Orda et It? PMOO ernt of ft st % RIgan 2
Sff t"^ onetocasS On Go"s Tmgpajrt
the ptt a T le well as at on b a W-6 MS 3 t A
'IsOan t i se F7 06; Swe u t atmr. to tgi e (^W KIBAA JsII
nTwaw mIbsai 'igommq04 sacS to lie ru
k~tf A.CO0,- LTD. nReal that* a geeral election is eamstst at loint -aJerre witht A^ i5b, *'"" 1 ak t **'
PiG & bf St Es DlLf. be
ams va S~mewer*Je atme teas

^"^St~f^ IMI>> >>ft~a1? ......... Gojj~..jjj^ Cnfinr n t.., ....l

9nb era n*au MayOR A einni Rmgh ,%{53ne H^^^^^ ^^ 2 DEETUC fd~
aI Ov ten um,. or Gro 'UTo 'im m
ask SWAM." -Fie
-- n siinammom)NOTICE Nana

Dtocter L"? ^ ??1bw sr'tsy r'&^ hS ^ ^y~~ f ^ M-^wiu ^w" meri %I LOW sa. askwat s
Ad pt Pret b h u O N m 4 a S

doe ent gt tmovig within fe _S *S .,tS.d & = ogni'Tly. -. m, n& IM, iX ,.f0

Ths sut~xmit report was eu 5 *^ n, ...,w, 100 DEBENTURES tam .S.^
tldm C dad ld an1- 1 tl t of 141M ju n N o m I N, M. w to

Miusake Sd n.prnltart ^y nlhW rkr e xml '^" *i a iTrn .u itt ^tt
Jin thel flpMs ofmetazvw probbywcm ,f2SS St^ n i l-1 a "" *, alw >S? SSia %
Lonrthog heI Record Pllm ue Produco s 2 A
lI extent remained, n adtlU re- S r oIW er ,o m, t 4 z b .3

maine, to be tested. The twolment for -To so"Sa m g ? M [ j ", J r*b necr1tt
tba eyW i by aBoard O a*

Spate yltraky, howe10 was beyAut 0h s m w4 f a 0 a
bussnn eme am. L beinni. migh 2

expectationS, and we hope It i a reliaW .a ps .n,* na- t t.fth w t itS o(:i? i April, US,---j---e
b,,orob-S""MW UNtTI E
DhagW ofr2 1 MuAtuhad, been hemor1 h s00 1 0`00% Milkf 0ww % < 0. % 4 K AWft?

persons have been attracted to the w t* 1" 1S soS JtarfaC
OWV b FJ O ot- n i Iu ,e le w 'm M .aOtle .th

elas, over 500 attended to complete oCocote _ports? dt wsK a 81 S A 111 1f 1 f

their enrohnent last Friday, and three b IS w^ S ffitmmeau to .li' the por L~ut^P inme .A r
new halls haW had to be requisitiog-ed w m to bombe .T In order to ndtof the sorting andthe

cfr the elementarT Itudsnt besdethe -mu o r m -. n Couser Registration Books it would be ap
Thone originally Chose ltn s no t free, ponu. M ad e.W t u t 10ex lM 5 DEBE R a

fr thoeuprh e thatn f1w1i1be3refunded ,i 2Mre U o i
If the pupils score lT per cent n their at- Wm R.co.1 ^^ ^rd 2P lane P rtoduco et who und s.C.O. in ttrp uofPol 1
theea anducassew han In P ort of est ohm 40hbe n otorbte ro ine .tRE
mto o wenti0WoAkeqsiSet.K^i u ea ,, Dy to ,.w SACK dq. ta. who tll heoWintheir pub.
SpIn yesira y, P00. hosWevras p bety os 4s nd I Will be~ ~. p

tenrdaes supplies an incentive to areg.la- psaort =44i o wuaft ~ a1sd. e &Kt seen astube o ort fh wor

ton t It Wis Ownerwofndier, u el A ero ftU1 Wm at hw s r4: at in 9 #a ste Ko 0r 61uSS& Ve nd wofld reage th
temai wuil be sustaed, but the outlook r amptao t part swbunsun at atevrty h ha M deohed ot at Imd ie -m be ncsay

iseneour~ng o nv ,c. fS, ^^^ * ^ ^g.<^P Immmlmel no tht .nllm~nh c be I
classes ouver5s atdcheed cin plte armCot pow=ir am w0u Iwhed Co= ntsu rtPs1 colectsmer 1 ,

future win depend a decision to extend o w ft yhae mthve re mi e to o a t FAI IN
new hal have ha tO be j iOl i~ilfe ~"*" *ttLut " i rernleM tw *fyu abmera dayhi ss~an sahu Ierd in up 'ner- I re todd a faciitat the sortin an^ chww o
not to extend the work. The bEsducateon th n lole frm mt m letl e0 h w1 in01 M Wt Irt seteu the t Wof M lltSenBJ R gitrt iEN Booksitewou t d"b
Sanysedy oe wsMin Trinilladfn dut abesame *n By F a 01ear SWhIMch the mainn tregr aP~l a" e

Board thought that experimental classes body l^' sn npor quote f on St&We o ttK mehm ust^ ,l! 8AV1WA MNIK CAU t nn
should alse be opened in country district% ma S^ro I^ A tln 1MC- 0 r- copltd.I is ^ n te d to start the SlAirl to. A -----h---be-n-----? ''
one orii nadyc ho pen. ItontIsnofreli aotlea nsdwditod workn. I have mS e at a s bl am t hm e rmPofo. tWthAoIf e

and doubtless this will be done in any it the facts ftetd ht the td Igttrtay. I u flbe rmI ^og t tlm A--lg kl C[.r1. .
R TA.Etisement re c ct. It is positively lts tht ttwi l be toshy to bf al.e O i gn W .to be dv-

case. But we are not thinking so much Of n cd dalous that sauch s irate o run through _Batury n ttht env eincah hareer ta*. Warden- d N .C i h f P
oftfred and the types of students s v acom- reeo Mfr ton 0 t t he fator ,rta zo hlet oe C.tDo unuse w p adeetni se
uT'ow wta t* r Sb llet a vry dit nit s in the vicinity of the Nortkw t Setio
rar study. It remay, orins taoc be snto -the G antswFor poPupld the e a result .men. eInsrlen

while later to provide Slecflcally for tl- m z -' o ^ zSthe, Perk Sovonaeh y h(Queen's oewrCollege $dw b
t wlbasstiedbtthotlolagetheInth em e Rongt offirStn ince Se1e, rt

literate persons, tor, lcayonal or eultswal ut hn h bulaa l maca ne- y ,Ithted.- ermn^ o Im edtl & that 3rd rim t s) t e
training of a speketaled catuo, and ft o r c t Chocolate W il g portwtsd te t th I co lt s am
Upon thestuc cess o eachieved In ethernal If Ote B.W.I. Ocbe can bete to aprct the^ efforts% Af wark huale oft ps by a FRED.u be

university degrees. The progrem of the T uge~on ma/yemn to. ut" W ia iredt nd.
present classes will therefore be watched oppor tione asss hinc alsrea oe ly these tahinet. they with great interest. Frt hreeinter ret itsh e r tS. A etoem bat of It A'o nO p lade at t oeN
not talls havexte d thewo rk eqEducationed mitko sealore f nvrom entst Wi h d healer uprerowani the l tatetheisisiher nmnis
in Tiniad no foub Lauswellthe- little 0til

Boar though thame nt experiment se andoqo* mu e a, < I r rt dnscription in that vicinity between 7.00 andt
woitshoul asob Ined Inout diano t ed a s to i nfluenethpn n t wole t MMe. ACns mr ngdet tai o neac th Itw hadbe
onwe nrigin eally chs n T ui t ed in people. Po teu bWicwt t otut the homid th e S ae d trii tho t wo o C e

was s rto, c T ti thos h All uho iere In wcllrbe of )(|rt
by a West whdch uusr 'S upplieanIVal told tht t a shou tw o by t
bhud e d roult lies tisn lee d In any ut ena a relet u oe d atrla. e d woreesen roMf ont trotete hsba tee ot
caste. Butil we 7 a reno t tin Ing ot uheoicarlos tatschasat-sivn)wil run -stwroughBratur ayinght and ben t ocham hugerma hie, tas k Ware nsa d N CO' n.i fPlc

e nu admdo fc ntrede outhe fi es ms, n ,thewr s to see. When targe es th e watt verye onhnsew irp seso
TONO.TONT. Perso.nel ishinerto ake prtoI
tore sanc d the people stnt ine- ie rtinn.e ie assmbly o thi mae ar a ew The COO reOest a snwo
Ie frli trat e Ino oudationwhih bu k t teae Juutt whratfom bi.. ad sked t.o htadd tIn thei na mes uo ter m oniene -b ooie s t
madtsetd. AIlt r emay iornsto ce pbewmort hie irwould viota s o.re slto th hd t iiy e Nort t Se Oio notw o bein
whilre leduate o prove spef ftsrp uprankb "edneh sd< 1ay1r womet, 55%0 a n aOf ctr, s Pr vnent3S troyalCollge ide
tTe edt wl s bine ,s uneda w.t th.. ta th Be kItr It. hey as aEoutS the=
tehate oer d oin teor oa to i n orclmti m m tutoTnt paIn b'm t .__ nWJ SoteJehre ten ofanSERdunOyT.2dApil ,l 1944)mto
orange otha pecan Agicouturenic, a d l Ond t odierte st Iant .....o in otie ha mu . cmedi a w Mi.-tha oll paeel ts arter. -i
Isebthe I ron aed iesupp rhe doo m wwe wcrer bul aa"I ,,lntIcffert sab m aot tob twtarm o th
ha re e u anm^ r o wn Ith NMithem& 00ad ho l th

universiety egre estheprdaress of thea 'nt sugetonlB may.H see in-t a( wknd vlnereini nuothmberS. th tre wan fntaE ears. S Am Bind khkiw ria emsent e, casde wieroe mop e ot eonly wace icannotet ate d eTisaemil t"w our a oer o tl t teyac act s e a nd t o i a rdr *
Upao ther ,ans yu thw acshedt k ntereptc BItt Ierae O.n.ufoon. btrpueidwna oviahitf acad1aryig by
for o ]mun latolllclockns str.o. 0 nonL Iasey~4 nwithe they- coud~rn
M s-y tiie KO W A sodudt hie. Adurt edu o ?d he S wrme too. e r, so t. n r sn o <)ah <2) he. AyoW.flSI
Ukmm'1 & .. .d tuD,.him mote ad Flte

th greduati interest tom een d o renot he hio n o "on cetnrobm-eIt hnn thef ma s W h i te.

Edctonsoldntbei n en If., t io lntuncan bek I:fluee gpnt5 ttnn lid oo ras pin flc o nd. 11 eVOUwa lorry dile de,00 s critionut (n that u vtici niy b etwenc.00 a M

/ h ll Uh ils? *tr. but t. Mi e ow ojt*pin hc co11 RrSa i t~o^ TU
withu choo lf te; tfneedf It anted it by wnest I.dt uat -' f tidot o ieo, the at o h ou d Eoal mu teRw.cthcP
opmen welfre cc upta on t e fhead hos

ete tobex renal y an ed ca opleu.lo c e in e d ion, m atdawatt o the oe r rou of the o t, t t en nt C I s torsp
Ther schoolhttha should prtm te ital Intrinid blethtwil we t l t(no dob Co biwhichtr a ina in. .-A urts h nd M aiiplitiesb eated o I
lbsody hasboandIp or gaquotagfswifelyntook the atoa sunitanoaireret ry o "Wth
eaton and happerifou andationwhich mus t of te uiesitygrat will oaet oh imachin e to cni cb h o

sL y-houldver, builte uponed latter As and directafo -6r6-cohme l and. womnt lnendtnedtntothrsthRoyelm nowton.Sh
tn he ret amWi llia mseIsf borto es

and doutlessIsthit awebedn IWny ith f o d the bombe uder Std.t. ilbs r h-udaa att "t h a

.. ,t,, 3 a.?aa' -g- CT^aS.g ."oS t ther mSSn e~sr^sentalre
or t tb e Agu rdyict ralt re dn a ent.#iest t histhoatIme spolkencesr. tho = =1se Be s m all t o .
afar is s houed brto __exist.__ __ *

tniveesityewill those" thae-taills.ho e al the Cear bOuarterymu
C i te oe sn oyPe reonn elw ishintwas ke r I na.

""' ""-" ""a~a s^""*""" --' Bugh ,,, u. a.m, -,
mae itrae n othbu.k.t..t ... . Jr. do- Po4D th ~ n oe--Perrr ete td Itske Owitngei Pian ,fabric ______ et_______h____e~
tane yougIntsloigentdstsen-rn DiegoithtMue assemb sn a re yo rr, 1i 7 he whooe tousle familyi r us aon
adulAtf.to handid theirnwonmato) n awk- io ar w NOT : ih Fee r lt 1-
I t mayfrInstnceb eorthmtuudubing swha nd ema prdth irh iiiyo h Nrhet mtoewie

ar dcto iecmlmnay n ornt-ohappen. to be the 'r.rt -Pa~k ~t~el~lMJjM!l~de3l~usbejaw
much ohForeosoonIswlastedw iathogreats pog-1 omy intOn lerest ing l DEALiRS IMPyrde) t
the oter."oIfrlidea sp eci nomicyfandlwTheleew riten byJoaspa' so h atthe ,p wase AsIw andd U EoRthesPark SMRoyalCollegentby
Uafb moe ftcY. a ehenilwe four me n
nelsityrate measns, o f v ca mmunlorcaltion el p OufrtaSoldiers First M.lem"-s eW OM t ogether ulif ai n ihmf(udy23dArl 94,t

Audi bthea myounat aa T W mn a eeo. w d tht to) ftheSere &ta. eeofy
like~~~adp theVrad-IaIs asoRte doo to ful fdly1 oursadt

erand happirlife, and endsowrd ntro ea in-- C t letter I0 I fole. I the number deurnb oardpmn i o late r th in the 8t Mo4ay I
wie IstructthoWf-listflght40I"up1to4every
rt mhea.e teucatiop nd 31h141.Tents dp e. that notice.ueR e' A darkman oaue tial r naiurOwi
uniersty egres.Theprores ofthe sssgge astro ay emin.wic S andchhmed a fuslagreatnmw t.6bl fr opportun.sneared smpasdcddtatte oi e hel p ohUdc hallenge adtrusrswih a boa
represent begunseswiltherdayIfofegrewatchedrie aite I~~~ heya 95,b urtro

iwooneradw oeItwl eo ly a sJ4 ietha y ~ ps y ao wad trep th torern', thet wo, thrn hy utfstno o
U compete th bombeaine4 IA UU
pato idrpoam fa'o t43 pt eos o rn Hghr r~uarieletrwas 13crewsforsotlaertmedpuleddong am ies:fc-ndcryign

with otrs.he anIinterpre s atiities. he=.As(1)clocksna mnowadthi ntb e .could mWhen A m Un

__________________ De to th e Trial-
t r t ethat ousmt dhicteythefsetorydemcamet oDthArm.ck.ugh tnyoa w no ea n
Edcr sheou ald mognrebye mand tha n inEflue cedWOhadw iCeAt ber had e ocked nao ms, (4) t nd as dS brmake ad ii!
Is "01110 Wabft I watld'K mDaiswsatterfor cen ettdencriptio(n)in terha. lt vcnth. ten7.0n

byaent Inece ity ( ntC amp nent o f thbe r Sar-tmadoora om not ofro () ld (
wih cholIl*;Inee i cnnt o o f Btwhy n C "laomkSuchTi mtl ieds? om~di~ f cer~t *A* of te S o. sbsriedp onbuligSouan d a Sl socm uiailte VKA theseto).
gmn n efr ciiiso h acltorya a anonf wed oer, osnaln hc y ol eun atgv h olwn nomto gis

The leter writtein o n, s e sh swarmed ova the lslime. ofislDawof th e sult of thi (2) UCienIM t r ebI .D reuinreaen t by
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elintionand ounatio whih mutmu- th(Unierstyirast ofl supplywe W41r

edihr he ect a pgood r i-tef me tandoeeam .;* 0 cofidncebyahe oli e. ~
howBiblee comparuontleter As IV. ad a6iefat there casme Ift fto e n ow an. l
an etaHa mutd oieted eut Insis met insWringonchaigooforted.n'Zua uchigigtle T.ndfaIL.~
theeodplmo wtci ng'with andeItWas On 'and k NOIt.
'MaSeirequired.M forInt 10- th bomberounerts obmS upt i n~d5s
A uiandtywil ole re"w t atet i ter w r effshtuld
vasayp-obuaal et th propr oft waoauperb made'd .

gttTimhTb Phanel

Secod At Teheran

le -m mAIL.
l& I (>P-6i tho ta- ed Wil innhU -- Ms
lol- 11 l aor fTMln from the weMb ete.
gseMugI u bt lsout U mtbhoataing pr
a 049- WI decided long agom and the tft

lFew Germn

Fighters Up:

r Bright Night
eseLmd to Late in the night, German radif
.Vl pk a i Includ ingtuttgart, began falling

HHIz MJkedrei pj, P1T M~l P'=- erdtr
I CZ J I mn raids on the 0ofent today and
.'1lW three Unsi iiates bombe and
wtflm t SSthree fighters faUiled to return.
thee P12ncluded &11=IU~anC ~iutr'3)-

but r was not eudig Canadian aCm ,tres
bn t B'e ad In Frahncre Hea aril s d
3t&. o thI east of A rR. w Iter's)t
Ijttirb "" L Bo ra'tt oRal ceentres in Prance werehail

S the Teheran Con-l-most spectacular blow we te asda t
vmuenWd r CO -a big ammuntUM dumrp 40 mrs
d ed In practical southwest of Partis. It was so big
that when it blew up thus was one
mo It bt* exphsit m after another and bod b-
s.maa Oefr me ovwrhead wr thryov about In
of a gigantl the air. one beilit lBdI
abot abou ft. series o"
ptlamiM lept up t explosion we suu goLng Mc amoa
Efi* AM V ainsofl armlongater the ataI c
n A thelr amnee. was owe aid crews could see flashes
whei they wer halfway across the
ChannMel and again when they wer
near the llaish eOAt. Th'r h the
1 .att.ack .s ..ade in trt=tft moon-
1 (AP).-.Ma Day light and both toe yards were
M Vm01010 re. bombed from a clear sky, few aer-
i otad nrer pro- man night fliers were up Some
a paue In the of *e Allied b umem a tSt U
B but neutrals gets in western Germany and otheu
o were out acrom the sea mine-laylUg.
I rpOtM that the The Allies lOSt oWe aircraft, It wU
wm'nd* beUieves Canadian, from all the night's P-
am W Qlng n w a for rations.
iH n t the Near day's American attacks on two atr-
lm of the Brit- fieldsn Prance, at Clermont PFr.
fleet of Oeece randt and Lyons, show severe damn-
This followed age. Out of 25 hangars Ut .he two
3jrediotion tnat fields 20 w* hbit, aircraft wr6
Sfal aon nrt- wre6ked on the groud and may
l sgiimou. "but tnAd- barrack buildings damaged.
uMi sowlliWA France 1 .ii -
49^ Question. It is
wi bes. t Puerto Rico Labour
au og Puertoime
F' To Work In U.S.
O~if th AUHMt voice
a I tahe flst oa May iy l DU w PROBAUS
i s no shadow of PHILADELIAIA, May 1 (AT).-
R pMlme .- ~Puerto nlla IW labouren will be
F -=== ^brought from the island to woak
In the Philadelphia area, procoe
laig farm crops and Gal otber
W or ers essential work. It is reported that
S the .Ut arritVals art Gue very oon
M y Da --about 900-and will be divi"d
SD between dar D. Hurff Compa,
(U AP).w^- a cannery, and the Baltimore a&0d
(Ake A t .-Man Ohio Railroa4, who will use then
workr$ aL *as section hands. Another omthl-
eforPAW # ent will arrive soon for the Ca -
demonstration I W itsoul) Company. ThouNWaf
Labour speak- more are expected to follow.
he CiCowd. It Is reported there are about
bhtld today Is e 200.000 unemployed in Puerto RieO.
t1 prX ut Say inlte- Workers will be covered by Amer-
W 00dUctlon. Post- o an Federation of labour workhWlm
-n-by the ooai contramte. It to Indicated that mot
parties calt on of the Puerto Ricans will remain
uan-om ed Italy In this area until the war ends and
I ders VI gne Rln n economic cadloas improve if
aand street flght- Puerto Rico.

Sners Tugwel Regime
Opn s Criticised Severely
io VOpensU WASHINGTOMW, May I (AP).-
k t ay I ( S a WAr thil"t wail Interview, demanded resignation of
NeIw eahb uomwa
b theTDkeof Mr. Rexford Tix II, Governor of
iv b .he P uerto*cfan 1 the islan'*
Morale ofo fo Resident Commissioner in CongreM,
t lOour^ fellow said Puerto Ricans are almost on
th ti it sad te bts ver"e of revolution,. If the
w h they oc0upied Ameriean flag had not been fli.
i over Puerto Rico the island would
Sadded It has been po already hav-oe into open revolt
Mrare CAs to get R4d by arms. Wat the people want
t" t hrgh to prisoner right now is the re-establishme&t
S II but no ef- and enforcement of the preheat
ared to remove tb* Organlo Act and the Immediate re-
,obstruction, the oval of Mr. Tugwell, to re-estab.
Ste Japanese Govern- lish In Puerto Rico a governmental
of law Sad honety and real o"i
e .ernment by the majority of theo
people." He said, "Tugwell's dieta-
m Test TorIal attitude' be matched a
UC TCS by #lU90'4and Mluolal'stactieU
Ba^,-l Pagan said 1gTurwall travel with
fuuM fa armed guards and lives o/e f
K l luxury In a 100-year-old castle mere
n Af (CP).--Mr. coramodious than the White Houe
f .WaiT* test Blot of [with 30 swvats ad eight automo-
Sbliless. le sald that shortly before
IVlcates, wes Tugwell moved ta the United States
Lm*todtail we --. 81,500,000ree castle 'We have the
AS ATRAy most acandaious situation bn Puerto
2 t, james man, Rico. We are almost en the vrge
Din Celoni SL Hmptt of revolution. Perseus wonder how
to treatment of -the United States can claim demo-
btatmenit s in- eraev whlte 2000.000 etlren, of that
t:&tg SS In- Amerteam terclt.w eontlnue under
the St. the w.oat Incapa'.le, corrupt ad
Iundemoeratlo Oo .eme'.""






__________ umm w ~ mit mi~

Air InS a

A WO OID"lbbm t sdot ob e _Imed *a bea"i a
tbehetf sm f em m a Iwo&ai &Va A&V CMseo
troeeo bees qghtbl tbm eugh te fakawag Vsblq.-m(A? Dhbi

U.S. Aircraft

Set Record
LOWmDO, May (AP).-United
State Army Air onte awisomed
today that Marauder sad Havoc
light bombers of th Ninth Air
Forest shaettered every record for
medium and light bombardment Iby
British-based United States aircraft
In April, rokufMtg more than *0
short tons of bombs in 5.100 Indi-
vidual attacks on uropan obe-
The previous month's record was
set when the Ninth Air Force in
March flew more than 3.000 sorties
and dropped more than 5,000 short
The April attacks were conm -
toated on a relatively narrow area
of northern Prom and Detgium
with 13 railway yards, eight air-
fields and many military objectives
along the coMeat and Inland sought
out as targets.
More than mone-fourth the total
of the April tonnage was oonon-
trated on railway facilities at
Charlerol, i asidt, Namur, am
and St. hbslal In elgtlin, Arma,
Cambnal, Somaln, Bethune and
uBtsigny In Yvance-sach a fooel
point In the crowded rall network
supplying garrisons fromz German

French Anxious
For Invasion
LOVIDON, May I (AP)-Plerre
Vieot, London mpresetat of
the rue N national Lmeat
Oom0u"O. d declared Winy that
the Prench people ramftmWry
anxious" for the Invamion to
take place soon. as he reported
Intesaiod MAi horror tatla
Kurop %e) break sabotage and
halt redstanoa.
He told a Press conference:
"The second front has already
started In Pt.ance* His Interview
was d-sgned to present a pie-
tom the coutiy' internal
onditon pieced tog*th from
underpciod source.
He satimated that 31,005
PrF c re hm atnter td. 130006
hae Wen e"atto Oermany M
PiMonrs fur road labour sad
placed conservatively the number
of dead fromn 190 until the Mit of
this Pear at 00.000.

Censor's Deletion
SVDNtY. Australia, May 1
(AP).-Mr. X. 0. Bonney, As-
traila's Chief Censor, told the ftd-
eral Court today that he was con-
vinced that aft cnsor's de4letion
from a Sydney newspaper of the
criticism of Mr. Arthur CalIwl,
Information Minister, was the re-
suit of a misunderstanding.
Testifying at the hearing on
Government charges that the Syd-
ney "VDaily Tel p" had violated
censorship regulatns. Mr. DoWey
identified the particular deletion -
"Calwell had abused his ninisterital
privileges" and added that he had
never had Instructions from Oab-
inet Ministers on censrship mat-

ii, i i w / m



i AsU,,

Mr. Boland Leaves To
Take Up Appointment
anwdf .r.v s.T 22=5
Trinidad scholar. who has bIe
a magistrte here since 136
and eral times aoUn Jd.
left the Cloy uon
to take up his resent appot-
ment -s ut Pune JPude
In Srhtlsh Otlana.

Nazi Secret Weapon
Believed Disrupted
manyas much touted "secret we-
pon" on the French coast Was
evjiently disrupted by intend
Allied bombing-or else, the Ger-
mans are effectively holding it tor
the actual moment of Invasion. It
seems more likely that the bomha
have kept them from using It.
Several months ago the Germea
Started spreading "umours that
they lad some device which Wua
Virtually unbeatable because it
could strike England from France
whereas the Allies, even If they
had something similar, could get
no such close vantage point to at
tack Germany.
On February 22, Mr. Winstoa
Churchill, Prime Minister, stated
that that there were Installationm
On the French coast for rockets or
robot 'planes "or both on a consid-
erable scale." The day before
Christmas an Intenive series of al-
most daily attacks on the Pas do
Calais area of France was started.
It has now been bombed some
80 to 125 times by American ?or.
tresss and liberators. Few de-
talls of the German installations
are known. Fliers indicated that
there are many installations. That
there was "something there" was
Indicated In the big columns ed
smoke that often cOmet up as te
bombs hit. The intensive bombnluK
has probably been the heaviest estr
for an area of nly a few hundred
square miles.

Destroyer Makes
Daring Rescue
LONDON. May 1 (Reuter's).-
Three miles from a German naval
base oan the French soast on Naftsr-
day, a Canadian destroyer steamed
oe Sa errand oC mercy. There war
less than haian-hour to go before
dawn. The detroyr was the
Hyder, and she wsa picking up
survivors from the oil-covered
water-sUrvvori Of her sister ship
the famous Athabeoaao, which was
torpeded in a fight with three Qer-
man destroyersa
There was not a Second to be
lost in the rescue work, because
daylifgt would brin attack tromf
land, sea and air.
Fifteen precious minutes had
been used up rescuint 40 survivom.
Out of the darkness a faadian
voi-e. hailed the destroyer. It was
the captain of the At&babascan,
Lleut,=-mnander Stubbs, who was
shouting, "Get away Hyder, gt
clear." Reluctantly the destroyer
pulled away towards the Nglish
coast and safety, leaving the un-
seen lleut.-commander to face the
cold and unfriendly dawn off the
French coast, and perhaps to be
among the 85 prisoners claimed by
the German".
When an eerver In the Hyder
told the story, he used the exact
words Capt. Scott wrote on his way
beck from the south Pole, about
the sacrifice of Capt Oakes, "This
very brave and gallant gentleman."


Believed To Be French Patriot

LamK m MW y I AP) -t I*. M s M tin tag Pto"tl ste"d1
MaO 8 mmw have been "fl f higo w vae h a Reie
fU t he a MeI 3 l 0 wft h tft fte s0 e Iamen died.
Iftmt ha e Uw Pas In Iint Vi-b e MaVW stNa" .
ftes My Pofta ay an be a -
6Noaie, but a-triet lU er eI o
MPNraMsi wh the Na re f *j

detailssince March "=e
beers^*s questtme
%Msqsti Charge Made
*sobs"sen" f tam he ebloafi
at a *a fm
mfl =In Australia
IL Nft the"r .-.u- t
tebe than Hearti Lndem, win .-4rs~ nT fl
kIlled It woaken In bis eontry oat- Gwt Svs of V Rnorf e
a burned their bodies la.k g Amra~s, a0-d today thu
kiehen a esr.na .. Mhod s used 11
To all this some lighting M eah I:"'s4 Peer) ommnt
tn London ask:S*WhyTh SSS 1(11 dl o an. antm *
the German radio at the time of I
crisis for the 11kM*ake dov e gno a th e

sucha p grat, prtm wrpth eay wt t
to the Germans. Wh speAdtg at the
emtbellish the story aso indutrlow.tJwe ieaos
SPmha a third th y r in sen of the annual onferna
tPell t w s retorted eentoly I the- s_ o l od hnafters te
ttenh despahtotisa to the Meodrid Is W" on mAustral .be M
a paper a .prse worth py s an. ri A

to the Germans. are praetesl t ,e "was will a-wa

betwuse thsy ca uUltoe him to tr a le fro~lriprte ndusty.w
iquid.t, po l m t p -- of e the ane confere on ea
sonPerhaps a thirshed to escape ord 1eni t o f thpeannualnongetrde
Petiot was reported rae teM 010Ittseltd Chambersof

French despateto n the Wad m l4o Of Astal fla.
RmrPer "TU. Thens reports M3 4r. els lr-t IActing P.rin

*"*"A* TB OBTJQ th mm ediate ot w
The tabely etvdin Pari the atMan s pL .ter, addr nA ttheo f ther
theand Germans aontroetng Patolet odonred: which ha"ere wilbeel im
bethuse theot oulht ls him tod, but It es for privatble industry mai
l11iqudt poi~tleally Itapeitlant p-shal continue to rely on a health

son villa wished to escape bo itg ofveornmhto among the dtime fo

stick wall arun the back gaiw fl--hg"r~etr~tea has not n1
France. to neighbour ormsee standards of i.

.uspcious -..ii "ev-"l Reelote.a Of ow"--" .,
the pourlW tear situation permitsMar e
THUR NAZI '72MRYW'2nthe immediate poet-wai

Then, aceordly given to the Oerman Publheied In Bookletng of
radio "polieemontrolern and firemen i S hich h been.
this: potlot, bought a Ue 1.5551 posed, but It Is Impossible to mink

broke Into the hoke and penetraL- y 1 "1Ut^"
ed the cellar. The furnace waa in"th 1^ the P'0Y~ol yeer Martlt
fouvilla two e res hot and i terb a e orght a y the timef
rIckwll arond batebck gie angrestrictio hs banot lei

wanted neighbours noticed nothing t dIn A.rty bok
suspicious until "evil sHImelig
smoke" began pouring from Qla Rer fRy-M ra
Then. according to the Cernman PublishedIn lowklt
firemen extinlcuishemn and the men. bllh today In outh Af
broke into the house and penetrat- LON OI ly1 Muters).
ed the cellar. The furnace wasTIV story' of the ROWa Marine
found to be red hot and a terrible In the firs four Years Of L-.0 WV
stench permeated the premises, The 1in1told In 5ikajnlt'aiaty booklie
firemen extinguished the flames, published today in South Attlic
then four charred bodies were and rhodesia. It is a fine record
found." Reports said the remains of the achievements of the Mbr
of at "least 25 women" were also ines men who fight equally wel
found, adding that the "heads of on land and sea, and It is iums
women severed from the bodies treated by any ht h
wore strewn round I an eerie cir- rai the. vits to lprsph
ae* of interspersed limbn terfibl the w rld. to all part o
hacked. A later search disoved of Sot Arc th wol
about 30 pairs of women's shoe tInboo s Inter A fted i an s
cupboards." be P l int ed In an ee
Petiot had vanished. is wife count of the Matrines' part in th
said, according to broadcast reports capture of Madagascar.
he had received a telephone call '
and left. Madame Parisiaot, a
saleswoman at a department store,
was quoted about a visit to the
Petlot home, She said she had an
Injured wrist, "I held out tmy
wrist. A shiver ran down mnv spin
as he touched me. His black eyes
bored Into me wth such Impertin-
enee I thought he was mad. Re
X-rayed my wrist.
She said Petlot's clothlnR ws
splashed with UM.
The death chamber was dMecrtbd
by Karl Ludwig Schmidt. the Get.
man reporter. He aid a former
stable had been walled off to create
a small room entered by a double
door. Large rings, were attached
to one waiL
Schmidt theorsed that the Bbwh.
cher" would drug the victim h Ithe
ante-chamber, drag her asleep into
the death room, tie her to the
and turn two powerful spotlla
on her. Through a periscope only
eight Inches from her fae be he 5 rS SS
would then watch her death writh- H C B '
Ouwtitde was a & lm* heas th A 1elft muitla orgMa whic
which the remlfti eof the sorp Wees the blood from the venA
were found. propels It into the arteriesa,
PolUe* Commlssioner Maseu saldi Padptto of the Heart i
"This Is the fAmt ea Ia the his- tablebe Heart)
tory of crime that the murders 74i I onIe of the conditions of
adopted slentifl methods and d1ls, the heart which is due principally
solved the vtictlnm in quicklime be. to Interfeeo with the condu,-
fore cremating them." ion othoserme Impulses to
With nins skeletons reconstrut rt which regulate Its
ed, Petiot was Indlted with his wife ain, as a reult of this the
and brother charged With comvlW. iltory n nsaeMtce o ,f these
city. ltqW Mfe of 1 s-

American Contracts
In Russia Queried
LNDOMW May I (AP).-Deelav'.
lng that America businw ha got
enough ontracts for rebtigag
Rusa's industry to k w the
whole United htea mahay
key" up fr the war," Mr. 1U
Smith, Labour Member of arlta-
ment, today called upon Mr. Wi.
ston Ohurehll'. Government to 61-
plain "why Britain was left hbe-
Ind." He said the Amerlsfln have
signed contracts for $2J0.00O00000
to supply the Soviet with malhla%,
tools and commodities.






nuv J upon W WO S U Vo r Wh
hVrt Is withdrawn and Increase
raidlty of the cardiac action re-
suts.Among the contributing
causes may be enumernt
anemia, mental worry, hyates.,
Over-eartlo. menstrual diordtrs,
dptpia. and puberty. ThO and
ng other heart conditions, have
r-ponded to Chiropractle adjust-
ment at the ChiropracNivUe Health
Dr. JAM- LOvLI4 D.0, PLO.
The Ch ropractic epecallst. emn-
ber .gki-West Indies Chiroprac-
tie Asostattmo Olztstond).
7t MbrMtM lW


COw ofNm. liT.
CesMr *'auk A--


Guaran teed Chi pmtl Prties.,

'Phur S674




The Finest Smoking Mixture
To Rech hw t Soro,

in S-. sUimevr San

Dwftk In TI"ym9f

26 Frederick Street i Port-of-SpIm.

** * *** 1 *L

may s&i.

at your gewel/ers!

All/ Kroocw tor

at half prce!


coe XLima



Ifour jowe/l."





iTmm TALI -
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* S1ZS R a f- a ^^
MA I s ubs "
0 ama
I* iflca.in 1

men q~l~L -k-t~.- ^




the emenmls ~ hdU

34 SI le U, V. Iat-a S
C^~l'J^w 0 0^^^
VA d con, amWas "" mgiit tbg nth e s 4A
Afft lM am*O= me masaoWa

*|M~lwee.^a -- M-- AMj >*2j S
E f"wOr wsa r a&d Mrs. Ahu sM U Owxr. a d Mns.
WalnldMnU -a 001m. Mr. aN d M. Ashk Mr. aad
'I a im sN DiI N. l SOUmt l ukL, siLt. Jo"
ia m Vtaoent. Mmu m I .Thawfot, Mm. Dick Mstvir,
CW. M afd MtM. isb Aieasr Mr. Sld Mr. A. P. PX-
n0U Me sn arilw. Now 9 MD e W Major Barcs, Mr.
W1. Ml WlIaW, Mr. and Mrs. V ivian 4ngo6. Mr. and MWs Jack
m M 1. R. As10mn, Lint.V-OL V. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Mrm. Left sMao Cadet .I Drury, Mr. and Mo. Bill
DaBob O3kod M a e-JUbdop* Miss Jm ai SA
W. Woodcock.
Ic est dance I hare attended at Waler field for a long time
wU the oNe given by iUOut. 8. LmmanoM's Squadron on Saturday
The men, who call thbinselves "LanmmA Drops," had a lag
atborve tihe stage prolaiming that fact.
During the evening a short floor-show, with Oene Randow i
ato ceremonies, was staged. Bob aines and beautiful eorgetta
contributed to the prcgramme with songs, whie Oeop
W gae a dISplwy with coloured lights and Pet* lets danced.
e building w aat defeated with palms, and out In the beer
i individual tables wer set with w stoe loths In a Jungle set-
| tg. his was the work of Opl. do Wltt Vlar.
Among the officers present were Lieut. Lemmon. Lieut. V. Youki-
hleut. Anderson, Lieut. LAixon, Capt. V. J. Padden, Lieut. Blidrich,
ut. Husky, Lleut, Carl Hansen, Lieut. Everding, Lieut. Beaver, and
ut Thorsen.
The guests included Mrs. Thorsen, Miss Vivian FoT. Mrs. L. M.
Lyon, Mrs. D. Price, Miss C. Tyler, Mrs. M. Macdonald. Mrs. C. Peter-
n, Santhella, Miss asel Bell. Miss Margot Kavanagh, Mrs.
atleen Towles, Mrs. W. Brigg. Mn. D. Orant and Mis Sheila
'thnt; Miss A. M.-tucci. Miss Mavis Hackihaw, Mis C. do Silva,
4W Rita Joseph, Miss Teresa Pierre and Miss Janet do Souza.
'rRS. L. M. Lyon. who Is leaving for Barbados on a holiday shortly.
A" was given a surprise on Saturday evening by some of the girls
whom she chaperones to the dances. She was Invited to tea by
Wiss Adelina Martuccl, and on her arrival found the girls gathered
together with a gift of a beautiful evening &own for which they had
: Pinned to tt were these words: "Our charming chaperone. Accept
hl msll souvenir with love and best wishes for a 'bon voyage'
d a pleasant holiday. From your girls."
The contributors were Miss Mart Kavanagh, Miss Carmen Rita
^OwbtU, Miss Ba Dasont, Miss Marion and Miss Marie Ange Far-
ls; MI~M Pam .and Miss P t Panti n, Miss Rita Rodriguez. Miss Teresi-
a, Miss Margot. Miss Helena and Miss Rosa Orslni; Mrs. Alicia Pu-
,u .s Miss Anita Patterson. Mrs. carmen Olivo. Miss Marie Her-
"nwfs Mrs. Marie Stone, Misa Tcille and Miss Tesale Rostant, Miss
Daphnle itawilllam. Mrs. F. Kelly and Miss Martciei herself. Mrs.
Albert Henderson and Miss Catherine Tyler were also invited.
rAROL, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pelham Cinimlng, was given
'a party by her parents on Sunday for her fourth birthday. Her
ke which 'wais very pretty, was cut by the young hostess and Peter
P-,agmnl, and the children danced and played games.
SAmon the youngsters were Barry. Carol and Marilyn Hart; Carol
^aad Marilyn Stollmeyer; TDeras, Rita. and Micharl Vildez; Helen,
oaalguw'lto and Janet Cumming: Jackle and Maureen Loucaud; Joan
asnd ihella McCarthy; Ann. Tim and Anthonymv Wood: Angela. louis
and Paul Otrod: Chris Bradley. Nell cumming, Nannctte and Michael
d abatie.e; Gord Nans Ward.
AT a small dinner-party given at Monaco Hotel on Saturday eve-
- ning, the engagement ot Miss Marguerite l,eschaloupe and Mr.
;Jlm Suddath of the I.S.E D., was anuotunr'd Only the family mid
^ few close friends were Uivited, including Mrs. J St.anhope-Lovell,
Oapt. and Mrs. Tom Cavaghan, Mr. J. J. carroll. Miss Aimee Lewchal-
'oupe, Mrs Cisy Mouat, Miss Mcir Ambard. Capt. (lark, Mr. Lesclha-
',0upe, Mr. Fred Charter, Mi.s Marie Leachaloupe and Mr. Elmer
-A MARRIAGE of local liutrest took place onr Saturday. April 29,
SIn Caniada. between MtlU Eis Hodge, daugittr of Mrs. N. Hodge
.Ad th, late Mr. Hodge, who left Trinidad more than a year ago for
-ana & to train as a nurse, and OpL Thomas Oliver, of the Canadian
BArmy D 1nt Corps.
The ceremony was performed at St. Michael and All Angels Church
tIn Toronto.
U 0
A. PABSENGER hb- air for the United States on Sunday was Mr.
'- "Hutch" Camacho. the son of Mr, andi Mrs. M, P Camacho, who
.hus gone for health purposes andti will be in New York for three
1' The ladles' committee of the Portugrn' As.%oclation arranged a
'1ewell party at the Asswoclation prior to his departure, during which
me was, presented with a cheque.
e 0
MR. ARTHUR EMLYN. the Colony Director of the Brltlsh Red
Cross Stciety. and offlrra of the Bollthrnh Division of thIs Red
Cros will maeke an Inspection when the South Deta hments give
demonstrationsi at the Drill Hall in San Fernando on Saturday. May 6.
SO USA 1 40 OlliNd
ONT p ip OF:114EW-



WWAI ^r0

i\~ Ii


young Bachlot 'Takes Floor

LWIth\Vem.On'Mode rfiWiwe

A Y -eaMaof *pequtan .Imm up ompmabed to e =t* t
sown% te 0wmmw mR WM fiDl we *it rtle waseig Vme
bow to eM who to d wiot' Ur fam sad hakr what to y Bd
"M t0oOP o onk, n rNebly to reat "wtm Wm the ,baft td
their hibands, iwmas or current boy friend, we never told thm
what to do once they ha-and these are his words t atme-
"chieved the ultimate end of all women and secured a t m In i
tHM in Idlenem for the rest of their days'
wlte tit above unfortunate re------------------
mark h seemed to be quite a dis- the day or undw bhtle M" itne
MrW70eg mar and Mthough with tinm domte mst a hbbI
still um d bwas= i a, number of he should know t about; or
2fe about the behaviour of the ex pect him to "sak" to them ftr
Wie ofhim-in h isltnd-t4eu for- you as they ore quite loe ible'?
-aft friends., and In uite deter- 7. Do you org that you woe
mined t0at his wife abay be found himthe mast a*racUv. man
of a ntei them. He was knd of your acquaintance, petb hoom
oughtoPm theae notesantome before the gas nfty"n hear and
gad ftw they af for the benefit Of dress Just for hW na ow go
tw whom they may concern, around wh.hout a spot of mnua-up,
be each honest "no" you can forget to change for dinner and
giv yourself 13 marks, for half cease to pay him the usual oo~r-
"ye" Iand half "no" 5 mark, and tesiea you would to any strangerl
for a good "yea" a large nought. 8. Do you meet him on thedoor-
Thns scoring 70 per cent and over step aftr he has had a hard days
should be sur of a fairly succeus- work with., "Daddy. you'll just have
Smarried life, 50 per cent not so to come and smack Junior at one,*
god, and lem than that-well, II he's been toQ frightfully naughty
eave you to guess the fate In store all day and I've shut him In the
or them. spare rom," and really expect him
No. .-ls will be awarded the win- to do it?
nerS. 9 Do you give a bad imhnpressilon
1. Do you make a point of ringing to his and your friends when he
for the b butler or going yourself and does or does not do something tyou
producing a dtustpan and brush to think hi should when people come
sweep up the cigarette ash which to call, and although chatting
your husband is quite happily brightly to all and sundry have &
spreading all over the newly pol- look in your eyes which all can see
shed floor? means just wait till everyone ba
2. Do you tighten your lips and gone?"
refuse o be cajoled Into a good 10. Do 0o11 tell him all the things
humou. when on his one half-day a your friends' husbands do for
week he lake, a nap on your best "their" wives, all the money, "they'
count -pans, creasing It all up, and have, yaw- aid look bored when he
worst of all, without removing his wants to tell you all the things
shoes? which he has done during the day.
3. Do you fly Into a rage If he sit dull and quiet al evening until
wants to read quietly In the even- frendOs drop In and then burst In-b
tn[; instead of listening to your to a.xirnated conversation which re-
chatter about the lady next door, lapses the minute they're gone. or
or Is disinclined to take you to the in general let him know you didn't
cinenm, even though he promises to find him quite so exciting as you
go the following night? did five years ago?
4. Do you get mad and sulk for a
whole evening If he comes home an
hour late In these best of spirits, d DJa
having obviously dropped Into a OU ay's ir
club with a friend or two and In-
dulged In a little more than was Dance by U.S. Naval Air Station,
necessary? auditoriun, Chiaguaramas, 8 p.m.
5. Do yoi, make his life a misery
by insisting that meals must beI Forthcoming Events
served on the (lot "because the ser-
vants cannot be kept wailing," May fair, St. John's :ail, Pem-
thereby considering them more broke Street, P.O.8., at 4 p.m.,
then him? Saturday, May 6.
6. Also on the servant problem. Annual rally by Trail Rangers. ,
Do you bore him with long tales of Naparima College from 9.30 p.m.
what they did or did not do during on Saturday, May 6.

Radio Programme
-eg BC ~ KWID, WVDI -k
00 News Tlnr Views the News (; I. News
31) Flrrd' W.rirg VI.ta Musicalt
5 :30: HHOIt 8ilsh Orh. Mirth A& Madnes l The Press This Wek
S.... l'.inimr from Hornm
6' :O- J-Iri, Pye's urch,. No,,. Jubilee
I .. . Prsunal AilnM .
e1 G t iGildiersee'e. Show Time
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+ iZ

7 :00 W.I. MMusag Party News ob Rope
:15 M eCGaCy' gRiundup tork Rte orts
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:Ai" BBn ftynph torc( Spar Intervlew
3i... Ditnah R .hor paris In Review
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:1 Frontllne Faimlty The Nes at Home l.Atin litvythin
t.30 Tommy Handley Bb hBpe oopOeNight Dtanl
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00 New aleadlIne News Z Night Owl Club
S ) l rain Trust .. ..... .
S.:i .. .... N rman orwit Nocttirnr
NOT. News leailllne are now given once dally-.at 5.59 p.m.




t iI9K

'e LUX 3e LUXE

mma~m fSSBm~
48Amn .4S^

!(acAmesiem de eallvA


i mmII n HII mlmwflHIHHIMlf l fl llll lll fIIIiHlmllII



R ecital

- By-

7liuzurus ,A li
(East Indian Baritone)


Violin Solos by
S) carpenter

. g ciAonai i Qreaves
I -. ii _L.__ f
INo Matine Today.

TODAY 4.30 & 8.30 TODAY at 5 & 8. .
2nd programme of the Seri-al TD a T

Happy Ge Lucky A
Man About Town.

R.K.O.'s Super Double Attraction:
with -
Kay Kyser, Mlseha Amer, Jean Davis
with -
Tern Conway, Harriet HilHiard

Km~m" 2% & 10L!x ss m ~ d
oPm am w Ou ml be.
at the t1 wM*r rv-set w*illk
wut UAie". tt "MSaa. sam t


FORw mtt mmc w9 t m
MeraaHs. eao, r. Huamn 00. LIDB

oTriMM i 1M& SmnM )a

Tuesday, May 2

A ltmited number atof passes to
local cinema theatres available
to merchant seamen an appli-
ation to the Club Manager.
current landing penits to beI
Tonight at 8.30
Per Mesat Navy Cs m-
at the I
besMthaeSt. Asf tAs


All Vacant
38 O'Coumer Street

New Bra"d
3 Alfredo Street

er she
(See List at 0m)
T Co.aet mw

Urt TYur Property wih
t. 0. T.

A t'

w SOwAL Nm


IWAY IrA ~iTh4

LAst Time U-
Law "MNme

Double Progrmmo


A Gmad UM-o l


A Rip-reari, Aetion'

GLOBE-Sam F'd.
Today, a and 5S*-

Toolgbht, :

I oigNext Week W^ \ &| Onnmf
A WITCH *I^ #amlHB
TODAYw at 4. ,a& n Pat -f d eoubX New Ual,
PRIU_ M :-= -- 41 S -- 46 SI

By Special Arrangement ...a
with 20th Ceontry-Fom*
we Proudly Preent.

Sweet Rosi. O'Erady

at OCetdam evsw
te wek-M&

____________________ p a -~--~~

T oda, l.41
(DenMi oI- e


STonight, 5**-

I ,Guerma

pfTodwf. WO*W


4.4, 3810 pJn.

George Naders
-t ChapmaM

'Appointment Ir


- and -

AT 4.30 & 8 .0
FoxA Nw Double

Small Cottage
and arex. I Are Land (P ,
pto 814 Mile West) Pestt
Vaney. Dieos Martn.
(Near Garden City Farm,)

0TDAY 4.46, 8.3 pJ.6

"Elsbeth OL erN


- *d -

ObCada- USA$^oB
~&aeee lugh loWB

"Side Walks

of Londo

TWAT 4.A 44.0 VA p
Rlehard Artes JI

"Torpedo Bo

Sriming NayleS,



EMPIRE--Snn Per"
TODAY t & 41.4 p.m.-
tmrng.. DESERT


SSnii w S Ferm
ullodmeg Pmiemm | g ,E at I.4& & .0..-.
Is Filng Stret THE CITADEE '(Ro6d

c .







U"PM WmYT. t 1

gukg r Socmer MTourney May Resume

Surprise Middlesex

ur.Wicket Beating

S a e when they bated cuaphols Ma .
toC cmaon tuday.,
0 A IX
"Sod AlleNa AAi TM 2
the Students o Lidd.low........... 0 24 0
AnrS~d out- & A. yn : "1.250
N. Callend:r ......... 0 5.5 0 21 4
45 yn. M ta a ............... 0 2
Le4MM I. George b W. Alleyn. .............. S
p iVer0. DOe S 011. b W. AiIrynO .._. Is
A. Ha.ynes b Donaldasn ...................... o10
Ig PS T. Liddelow e aub b. Itattan .......... 3.
and ArnOld Hynodman not out_.............. ....
n without A Boya t o 2....... ............................ 23
runsn9 tr, .............. 7
Total for 4 wiekets ............... I
I uWhich Donaldson 1 0 3
li1 Mars- w. AltU yne ..........-... 10 2
S tt ............... 0 3T
off hon- A. Callender 2 ......... 2 e 2T 0
kbocM of 711 runS. 3. Alleyn.... .... 1 II1 0
A s eetateial c wkpr. b Persaud ...1...
5. P. Mohomted *t. wkpr. b A. Durity 3B
SP. Hassanall b MeD. Durlt ............
Caide their over- U Bachan v Higgins b Payne .... . r~l
128 for BsVen to Ok Jaggernath lbwv. b luggiin ........... It
r opponents, Lease- gopaul lbw. b Higgin ............. o
to score an outright a( I*enanalt not Out 6... ..... a
gt0Oscre an olit h ft. Muperead e Payne b Valentin .... o
along by 71 run by H. Oopau ib P'yn.. .. ..... .. -......
43 runs by veteran Eixtra ............................................... 17
.ehold@ reached Total for ,kt Wueh S .. BOWLINU ANALY I.q
Sp the highest total o R w
Scored 204 runs Huggins . 8 14 2
off Promeade' -- .I Valentine 7 1 23 1
mats off Promenade's Payne.....1::::::: 4.1 U 41 3
r to find the Durlty C. Peraud .................. 22 1
all their bowlers A. Durity ..................12 0 51ii i1
It on labruns With- Mae. Durity ......... ....... 1 1
ints, will be evenly ireD. Durity not out ............... as
SMatch A. Dorlty not out --...................... 152
efter a brilliant tsrt. ixtr,.... .................. 7..
ad were only able to TO ftor a wickrst ...
M against Police. Their
6 Panky A~leyoe and -. .
10ilrd, had scored 66
separation, but after
tamen were in the l e 'A' Beat
Ih Poliee bowlers made vPo A B .. ..
the t others, 'A '
to thstotal Molee
flo"t four wickets, I WV A ,. '5
E In syerb fashion The opener fltcture of the post-
us i oei ad. Ra.id matches saw Police "A" in-
, e I eo matches at lict & 5-nil lacine on a 10-man


b CoWn'ti a
Mfe wlrulbH~ar ..... IS
Kan ... .... ..... 4
bK|J1il W Welahlltr 24

WLUb e 14

a1 0
JK~b Brown -_...'"
ed :r ..... -.-.... "4

10i Wh wed~o

0 I M


. -- - b24

jB ~sma um, tmi

^H.-" out .----,-e.'--, a

. n... ..

lot INKwos
r b l> lydm " 4
iOtbO lnder S ^ I
Sdmaa out. ...~... ,,
.end r ......... ....... i
BA Alleyne b OsUeder
--.... HiIIm 1 1

oversee "A" on the St. James' Bar-
racks ground yesterday afternoon.
Inner right Herbert carried of
the searing laurels, notching three
goah, while Cummings and Carr
ntted one each the remaining two
for Police.
Police went on the offensive from
the start, and got an early goal to
take the lead, which they never
relinquished, Cummings had bul-
lotted this coal from centre forward
owarr's pass.
A few minutes later Polece for-
wards went crashing through
Hovers defence, and right winger
Bowruing banged In another Cart's
pas, which goalkeeper Halfhide
had tried to Intercept.
Rovers ftour-man forward line
launched few raids In this session,
and they hardly ever became
Inner right Herbert played mm-
preadvely and registered the most
spectaular goal of the game as
he beat through the backs, and
even baffled the keeper before
flicking In an open goal.
Halftime saw the score at 1-0 k
Police's favour.
At the resumption Rovers fre-
quently played the ball In their
olonentAS' area. but never scored.
Poice went back on the attack
and Herbert scored the last two:
one from a Cummings' pass as
Oare sms-bit, and the other from
a shot padded f by goalkeeper
paviW keeper Halghide n~s
U re" t~were-fr hksadu
blantly, despite the l v goals

Tk euteems werei-M.s Atad
t A **-A7. Halfde: W.
Carr. May: Innalss F. HNalflhide, B.
Nieves; Hale, Cooper, Judd, Rooks,
and A. X. Other.
POGa0 "A'--t. UlG Otlsar,
C M Oappla w Gbbs, H rdfg.
g, NM b"%r Ca. rr. ummings,
and oarthy.
Police "D" and the Rovers "B"
outfit will oppose each other In a
bocky league fixture on the st.
Jam Barrace gw n tam"
of -~i-...

*i We ore pleased to Announce
that our Compleft Shipment of
ke'N rrisedvid-in 1, 2, 3 and 5 Burners.
1.:his is your chance to get a Good Stove !

SI o'rlly designed in ,the Latest Styles!
Sour Showrooms and be convinced.
S~Cashkw orn Term

"A New Shipment oat
t Lesft Hits by Your lest Arttes I

^^^^'SsaSS'1 "* ww-3iTwN


a-, AtkJh..~





We are pleased to announce that

we now undertake the making




14, Frederick Street

. I Port.-of-Spain

Major Rooks Tells Of Team'

Display In 1st Barbados Game


had to consult a doctor since. I
and am stllU In perfect health
at 71 years of age, which X Ian
only attribute to taking Kruohen
every morning.'--T. A.
Most people M row old long before
their time because the neglect one
vital need at 1ealth-t e need of
interDal lealness. Eventually,
thoy tant the bealthyr uchen
habit Then. probably for the rst
time In their lives, they start get-
ting rid, every clay, of all waste mat-
ter from the system. The result
is renewed health and vigour. Ail-
ments vanish, youth returns, and
life beomeas resly worth Ivingt.-

J. S ymeyer

Scores 93

Je f] tires As City
Team Held To Draw
At Orane Grovm
TACia ir =21V.
8tonm~yr. mtotf tarld tretest b&,
up an m inaW Is
I ours-galnmt Ortabg Gnrov *A".
last eaon's ahamplon In the Sup
cricket of their distMrict, 0 M
.n city tMia whrtdto i~in,
The vTatora elected to t ad
opened with p. Br*.. u Silli-
meyer, the pal patt -1 r
with fe db
w7 M=10111..
Fine battSingfSS r*
Murray, who whenItdb
brother SB Murray, ms 7. be-
fore they retired to pU Ora
Grove out Of bad pot W 1
came together with to seoor f
50 for tive la reply to 1 .
QT. C.o. NNnWS
P. B. Bsurke e C. Murray b Dallyr
.1. a.. slmeyer retired ........ .....0o3
Rt. J. Thompaon Ibw. b nll ..... 0
1. (Jullien ruB out ................,_ 3
A. M oore run out ................................ S
J. O'Halloraa c sub b Samp o ..... I
P. Rawlln e flkeset, b Ite a ....s 13
ft. Sanfield lbw. b ei pa ......... 0
0. Burke not out ........ .................... a
e. Floo o B ly b K .......... Pase
P, MU n not out .......................... .. 0
Extras ......................... ........... 11
Totaltor 0 wickets ..............
0 M X W
If, Skeet ......... ... 5 C
P. Rawlins ......... 4 a
U Belly ........... 0 45f
I. Murray ......... 0.... 31t
C. Cudjoe ..... ........ 0 17 0
C. m a ..... 12 2
&1 Rtire ...-....... I 1 s
p. Mrramy a 'thompeo b Banleld ..
B. Bally b Thompsuon ............... .
Belly run out
K. Murray retlre ...... *l
L Murray b Thompo ............ ,
B. ar a 0. Burlke b Moon 8
.4. Murray strad . 8 7
C. ampsoMn not out .. 4
Mh. Skeet t un out .o 10
Extra 4
Total ftor I wiokets 3 12
V. uldjoe nld r. A. Rawin to b t.
0 M it W
R. Thompuom -._ T 22 1
X. Banflld ... I. t 8 1
A. Moore ...3.. 0 I 1
P. B. Burke .. 6 4 0 20 0
J. OtollmByere 4,. 0 a
P. Malng ............. 1 S 1 C
Isabel Lenagan Wins '
Lady Rees Davies Cup'
Miss Isabel Lenagan won the
Lady Rees Davies Cup on.Saturday
last at ct. Andrew's gof links, Ma-
raval. Miss K. Poason was tb run-
Chinese Athletic Club
To Hold Meeting May 9
Chinese Mleti Club moctWy
mesinf to be held StlOxt hsb teen
postponed until Ti-day, May 9.
qhi afternoon VenturM a 'A will
clash with aroonmi In a a lae'
hockey future an 4h St. Jane=
Barradih grounA
T91e umpire, wilWil b Walaldse
and Mr. Lunted,

A&MAu op iornum um) ,p
*bmasad loommo wsam
be o 20Wr (m am&"
CUMSO oOT~d (else feor) b^t
reoatly put up and an in ad Ben.,
dolw Tn thw with .tw m :
nw rg piping, tank et., tte. u tt
knowing latomvuI
Ptt-sW pai, Santa Crus, Ariw4
Suip Orando. te.

Apply to

Mr. Louis J. Williams
e/o L. J. WUlmsu Marketing Co, Ltd.
56 Edward St.

VrobalWt that a rt iaular soe r tournament with Trinidad.
NUaadM, and arM&Uh Quinna eonteitli honoous will be played h
lat ero a da ye ar. was aIrImId by Major Oourtenay Rooks, Pr-
sMd t Ot the TAYA.. an his turo trom rba ob by pIsas yst
day *n a. I~n.
Major o ks wtumaed saturday' s
maichn a g nisston InwhichS ot playing 50s.oWagain; and w
Triniad handed out ftve-one Roer Blackman and Dwek lealy
drubbing to Spartan Club eleven, in m d and Pun Parris away I
ed was greatly imn ed by th awith thefotoes, the al-a Ibds
manner t7 h tm a played. teamn ilhtnotbe uptolitsat
He sM that offt the fe the strength, but there were a lot Ot
=D 3were at hayy bunch of brilliant youngsters who would pro-
te lm*a* bnofbimglyamad as i vde Trinidad with a lot of op-
th* mouled tam spirit on the position.
~ ~ bg ~ly t e p iton ma~tc1lth on Thurel-
field of play he e d lot from d e I testmach a hr -w
the bo..day broadcast, as will be
NHe liamid tho plans in th& the o their two tests.
itda ap pearv on the hard .5Otain J. 0. Cutterdge, former
Kensigton ground, and itatod that T. A.F.A. president, now In ]r-
Carton Downes. Oolts left winger, bado, Is paying a great deal of In-
who lined up at rightwinger for terest In the activities of the aide
Trinidad, gave a grand dialay. and this afternoon will hold a
There was a strong crowind to cocktail party at ooddard'a for the
Which. added tlo the hard ground. touring side and officials, the Bar-
tfie playersw-il have to set accus- badoe players and officials.
tomed, and Downes was played Major Rooks concluded by say-
riAht wing aain yesterday agairnat ng that he thought the Trinidad
the Second Division ommbine4 3 team would cntlnue In their win-
to let more practice, ning vein.
Goal-keeper It. Merritt did not
have very much to do. He could
have run oV. and got the ball be- X
fore the goal was scored against
him, MajorRookS explained, but T rinidad W m*
he was in two minds, and the for-
ward received the ball and scored. I .
Merritt gathered a difficult high 7- n B u a o
bal veyniely, and cleverly took
another off a player's boot, but
that was about all he did. BRIDOETOWN. Barbados, May 1
John Bampson at Kensington was (By Cable I.-Trinidad frwards
not the same Sampson we know went on a goal-scoring spree when
here. Major Rooks stated. He wax they opposed a combined second
splicing the ball and was not at fB division t4am at Kensington this
too sure of himself, and was left In afternoon and gave them a S-one
the side for yesterday to learn some lacing In a one-sided game.
more of the ground. Oliver (Sacie) GovIla headed the
"Dudley Husbands played some- goal-scoring parade for. the tourlts,
thing like him usual self," he ramming home fourgoals In the
asserted, hour's play.
The halt-back line more than Rex Burnett, ler Notre Dme
carred heirweiht, ajo Roos .Burnett, lerer Notre Damel
carried their weight, Major Rook IInside left, crashed the nets three
went on. tines, %dhile Bertle Thompson and
SPrior Jone, captain, at centre thespld y Nalttlie ealy each scored
half, played a really splendid a goal for the winners.
pame. He was not very spectael- At no tim, was the homeeters, de-
lr but passed the ball accurately fence able to withstand the clever
ana did a lot with the ball, while Trinidad attacks, and the game.
Raffle Knowles was alo sound, more cr less, served as a shooting
GRAND DISPLAY practice fr the f"rst s olow game
Downes gave a "srand display, on T'ursday.
Bertle Thompson was not tapping-
the ball as good as he Usually does,
but most of the good work came AT 7 O S
fom his side; Rex Burnett and L. AT 7 H ENJOYS
Lyncha.o the left side were up to PERFECT HEALTH
Ahamed Charles was below par. -
He aeored two goals, but apart from K F RM
that he never did anything right. HAS KEPT FRXE IFROM a
4Major Rooks said. He never got SOUATICA FOX as y9BA
the pace of the ground or anything. -
Barbados played a man short In Thirty-five ypas ago Wls sqptua-
the second-half, goal-keeper Fred genarian ma helpless with Bada.
Coaler having been knocked out by iLc. 'Then he heard of Kruchea,
a Smashing Burnett shot frn Since that day, h.e has enjoyed per.-
five yards out. The ball hit Cozier fect health, L ere I his remaork-
on his chin and.he went right ut. tiae story -
After being rendered first aid ha "Thity-fAve arsn &MI T hbad E
rase back t the field. old severe attack oft o fsciatica. and would
uP in another a 0td. h t scarcely move for about aix weeks.
The score was li-e at tv stge Then Astarted taking Kruschen-
whe player, who relieved Cozier, about half-a-teaspoonful every
wef In goal, morning in hot water. In a few
BRILLIANT YOUNGSTERS weeks, I got rid of the awful pa"
Major Rooks regetted that Cesar inmyhips. I have taken Kruschea
roster was 9i; John_ Oddard was every mnrnin sinc. I have never I

4, iTaylor Street

1.M PA. .

Tnetrueted by C. B. Larson, q.,
who Is leaving te Cotn on nol-
day, we will sell all his nilW-kept
Saod Iuseful Puitur rosuch as:-
8immons r.uble Bed, Spring and
p&9g-flled Mattress; Sinunon
ingle Bed Spring and Mattress,
Ldrroied Cyp Ianging Press, Wing-
ed Mirror., Crap. Dreaser. Cedar
Chest-of.Drawers, Cedar Clothes-
hangers, Bedside Carpets, Pillows,
Bedoom Stools, Crap. xztensio
Dkft Table, DIinng Chairs
Osolkary, Mirrored ti'ap Silde-
board, Glassware, Hand-painto-
ed Tea Set, Crapaud Tea
Trolley, E.P. Ware, Pantry
Table, 8-Burner Perfection Oil
Stove and Oven, Enamel Kitchen.
was and Mincing Machine, Bread
n, Eleotrio Toaster and lectrio
Pan.. Iectrie Hot Plate and Iron.
Petronox Lamp, Yard-broom, Buck
its, lAwn Mower, Garden Tool.
W;"hh T7b and Boud, Orap. MorrlI
lier and 3 Chairs with Cushions;
Norris Table and Carpet, 3 Crap.
3ane Scia Chain, Electric Desk
Uamp, Bee. Singer Sewing Ma-
chime, leetri a Portable Phonograph
Mding Oaaora Kodak, 0-Tubea
Plico Radio and Table and One a
Cubl Croldair 'rIdgm, e, etc.
ytim on view day prior to and
mornbag of Sale and terms-CAHIL




Muzurus Ali

TONIGHT 8t 8.30 p.m.

at the

EMPIRE TnATE, Port-of.Spaln

Sown in hgo, Spanish and Italian
S e...pas ..... ......... Mr. & DONALD UEAEI
V ehOto Ia l.......... MW. IMD. AZf1Mj




Stalls $1.00 Houme d60c. Balcony 36.

of ARIMA, and the surrounding dis-

We regret to amnoueo that due to the
incompletien of ow BRANCH FAC-
TORY at ARIMA, we are unable to
open up as neatiomoned in our previous
advestisment. Our OPENING Date,
would be en MONDAY, 15th MAY,
^* 94.



Head Offo,
60, Prince Stret.

'Phone, 5290.


0 am I m'r SUM

12 zmpy MPs. INnSEuMT en
Anget._ ite bs x.40
AgOltwS llttMeI .1n..m hi .1Z?
Slegertsr houqiet -- 26.z fjaS
Sleagftm' ktteet -- a .
C0y0te. 26wx .84
Cd rypt -- 13oz .48
We'wll t a- I" t softlan so% ofan mt ia t&
oer bOm s to -0 M B g Xst a I


AN O$ iW.AITTI. l e
__ UMm. .^ T-
5 N oflM~Z O.kt ~lN,--,

any oefr from
Abaur USao.,

I,-, !.^ _ / .- : P1 ",, ,, _- -


^f ^ J1^!9 J7HE ^heath and happiness of your baby depend limmssaur-
Sl youth. care of her akin. You can keep her skia cear,
s smooth, and healthy, by bathing ber every day with
Palmolive Soap, the only soap used by the famous Dionno

SFor Palmoll is pure soap made with Olive and Palm oils.
known for w as uNatne's fine kin boMutif6.Palhve'
Creamy lath, different from any other, not only cleum but
.. protect the skin. You, too, use Palmolive for your face and
bth and keep your sI smooth, Otful.. oremsble.

NPaYolie today, start,
S^uo ing a itfor yttt baby's
S^ 7 -h -petotiag ba And ,,--
w 1 1^ ^^ s-^"protect your by by
Protecting bet We


mid 418 Acres of Ferilo Lmdi,

Any offers or inquiries must be addressed to
Mr. D. A. Laurie, Hindusten Estate, Princes

NJ.l-W be pw*art r atyw elet ha
Gmrnumt a"/ew o a f IM Trade or




vrw n-^ ^,,^ ---------'"'"'-------- - "



w w i


SPtew ttrot $8PttonsMr
Orptyr: 68 tloty Street, tmpr;
I ertr e. freehold; o0SPirtl
Boulevard, 1132 Second Street, 108
Old St. Joseph Road. t. Vlnemt,
Prderlck Charlotte, Oeorg end
Queen Btreets, poseslon ,Aar-
anteied. 24 building lata on ast-
ern Main Road, en bloo for a"
Large and maU llloma on Mrt-
Norman David Fevck
SSt. Vlancent tueet.




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19 "gal 4W APiIACKA,*T3&

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,g.F iugTw""'i un"-d .-,. -, an I"-M WOT"tt am --=0
BBrf '* - ,-...- '* Ph u.UufN| -,..A"xgg r-on-o.LU iA --,,i-. 'AU'* *'*->Af TA *8 > i|i.U m .8 11. WI A VL '
_ r oaial72 aa
lpbm Sav im EPkUm _M
loOK" also T-0- ":0 LA ?M heIt AB4Aa Qma.& 414
.i i,-a U_ uo a. es anim a u u a *ae LAY' 3.MS,1 THONAltS APO

R.^ S^t&^&l~a^lkdd^"lr ^^^^ aid-31~
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.--Wa A oa mss <. -. r lb. 113311:.m(who.e). -- 37c. a
E1:-tf*eald-M a at 'an.S oaLasL5te Siegel;I: ls o a Won

by MAI''l l slMM sAI. -nd as 0 IV e.-Mbomb .. ..... .
or 51111.0 prto- si CoogS.l-WeIdi 31 st... ZIS0I1-Alarmm 3"en&=disAOa
Jr.--"-----" S itD W Co pia m" l--gmn., allaise Siesa&L'- be go'_ ok" me ,. ,lms.
se*1XAAXflYUL saw Vth01Nf. e(aOfe-am.on WiviFRESHot4

AMiR TO IT,, ,.U n r l5 AtlaoD WATIt M- Ii agree h. om Acres las- r in. go"% oe s .IXN' AU~n. -Md tt P.er to I is .i N
Ma in d t., i. W I= T m roo. er .a l l- u. "u(Sliced) C un. -e

lllIrI VACAn Pla)t,. Rne.nE -lni el~ Wood.a Lr~ttan Tlruek wtt 1ta tywe Non M ~K SB*.tii ...*- i MImr'ir'~nii'H"l)S *A BNTt *o. tea- --Mr .. .*.--_Q'-.
Pin'te 8limbor4. etc. AIe: Moem Po o" All. Aplt MelwB Wo d OInIn- fl lgy roam.1 tAW OLa a aaM a-t A 1 T 3Se
AIeNI706"s eir .i. *l10 B R..I e 4.sX umAue".ANO"a5."aest..Rh B" 0
Ow Hobart gifts withhowes, cam Aue. (I.G.

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at iamd Atoit iew bclom r Oe A*Ph"@ 4m -a Uen Homieio rjr a, AM A N -S 1.-- S g aiunI WR eed pm 3om41 em l to,
S0 U s" 5.Just r o ( W O 4at&= an. .id & .iatm i.etm ;aM. t d Ai- Ma *ou! nvAe uton.'be h atslfesC. an 4 J Ckeh iML. Sood Itmai a m4
else to =. AppI-- Mi dl Ur BRDpaudleC..tus arl.tmt.lo 1e--'Ohre A yt swt r eh. b2 L-MGift" fo 3 AAseuto.ont o t .tty 3."I y pland copy.)

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(vacant) .....o o....,.-.,._...1,...-.._.,. o.. (.. BO ISSIERs.)
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:1 40 gaoies d an d urLV a Satehip ment) in fi tlaW p Cer e 2 Char.ot e M? s 51 t itr New RoeldeOab 1_ S AAASAEBCYand. Ut na's RM...- a-.t....... and c ter l 31110% B. J. e lkto-rurIw

B olod U tue dIpS Bth'IIRI ]II ,..1A el 'ltlon oI tt Joirtm *voa.y 5m ltd. i.. AI>*"roIby' It..t WRnW OITKM toif~d (or No. 4 ODiLo (,,.B1m p, n.) *ndDwal- 4 p.ii. today from 2 8t. Jesph Road to /s l S ^ B
WATER0h0 vlftiiwo tJ I sa I l.n nor v 0- Ne s ACr A N 1 o (o r e a b Bot usieay tre *t. 1 40 o o oae Alyds. Im tEaat C 2 t m
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.w d for IGNSt naved I t am d tad noie a l="o,"&M. 'frga0g.O 'P"a t e 540M usSrra 4.30 ro 10? p.m.oa Chat(el Propudty. D ot t (Pat0= (;mA" I (I ieN) di26.

ATTENTION lti.los '. Btr-s 1. ,,, .an?... Bm 2,12=S= "> I .w 21....................... ........ ete ry .d Frord.o. r a GhOCe 37c. / \ L '
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t AsteApply : a ttnd arOualea,- Bmont e Pet. ne Mitem, g y R rst rata-o, *a kinda noWedln tl l. o treit.-May 4. wi bthd ontrated by my wife v .A ge. of cohdoMucu or c t aery other way pyrs- AS applicIt o ull
S ilig opAn MLA TROPNCA R TAtA 3 ARCADE BOOKpTALL, 1a ilredhiOP BNe)ALOW. 0 n. rrtouno e trse. a ttr wa e moo rtotr, thl. with them. It b_ Imoseileto D t1hOt tIo promptly .
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X01[-WANTI D IMMOT'IATKLT. A ------------- DiI~et" 4,.O; "Popular Mteh Ice" ,.M Caledonia Road. Water *nd t~l~t. (]ood having left By WIr Aprti M, 1944. this llfe on May 2, 19fe. P.N g, K^-OfO ^|
____ __tt __________ CHIROPO___ 'K'r^ EtQ1"sia. '* %U ^~?-^IIJU
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ATION WANTED dHAashTR, lormrly Dotor t R (yi Dubrptlon dirct from publlPa L R d1 N T al not hold yein reponb. P or ay Eterni l wi bet or y R
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-WANTEDIM MEDIoTANTL -t4.be;,"topulolr Mechanics"home Place:ona ad Lateravnd t oode hai ng left IherebAr i fel3hat3theyf1n9o fthe4i4rIoA
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____________________3_________ Ctlv.OOIIIS B 1 MA S S KU R. Ul EICE land",4.50; "Strength end_ ilea_ 39 x.THCua PUBLTC I hereby notified thataI Life was deulted but Jeeue k MIL -
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A ounl t or Book-Keere h ut Ii pS toenOt 'PHONI,: 4l. LtoesLt hsofev- A. ITTReAN KMAoaRmA khlg, CoL iImg. acant sme ll house se ACR 11on maltt g 4a Whe tern M n Road r ed- eamoriReo tWhrI ? lovio.
Ato know thm ttIcs. lI ot your buAiI- i Onc e fpp irtu rtn1t,2 l A aUtr0d. I Ii ol etc.- 130 ChPurlotArea 8rs.tLoaedoomM. aty 1 s ra Tn R MordMaravae bulldin ovdlto. nI, aAt Lneolt. -ha wo or oln whrINTO.

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m CI.r book Mi. Let u s do your work t HiR' P RACTI-- P a-aintmd wignboardtc mtc. Apply, Modeay 6- ,,rm Caued ny Col .r eateri a Lit B Ih .i-10 e tarmy glhuleftndtLfwllAOttwpi n My 14
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