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 Brownies' wedding
 Take your tail off!
 The white messenger
 Two bad little boys
 Doll discipline
 Mother Mousie
 Birds nesting
 The proposal
 The fisher maiden
 A tangled tale
 Hide and seek
 The hoop
 Dame Blackberry's school
 The knitting lesson
 Don't be cross
 Music hath charms
 If horses brayed
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Title: Fancies free
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 Material Information
Title: Fancies free
Physical Description: 1 v. (unpaged) : col. ill. ; 24 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Shute, E. L
Frederick Warne and Co ( Publisher )
Emrik & Binger ( Lithographer )
Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co.
Place of Publication: London
New York
Publication Date: [1891?]
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Pets -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Animals -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1891   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1891
Genre: Children's poetry
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
United States -- New York -- New York
Statement of Responsibility: by E.L. Shute.
General Note: Date of publication from inscription.
General Note: Lithographed in holland by Emrik & Binger.
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00081091
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002224900
notis - ALG5172
oclc - 191092017

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    Take your tail off!
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    The white messenger
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    Two bad little boys
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    Doll discipline
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    Mother Mousie
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    Birds nesting
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    The proposal
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    The fisher maiden
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    A tangled tale
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    Hide and seek
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    The hoop
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    Dame Blackberry's school
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    The knitting lesson
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    Don't be cross
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    Music hath charms
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    If horses brayed
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Full Text

:i* 'i 1!; r ~C1
1 ''
-I .Ir :

~;~ ~:.

,, .. ;

~: ''

;r 1~".N
..II 'i \1 *'`

r I% ,!


...- I~? I
j ~T~~



1~ j

$:i .~.

~;~ _PL`L~

aa ~II

iiM'ra~ rj -~*~ i s~l-- ------ i-- ---- ---~~--Y-


4i- gziuj
A* / ?

g e l


, f!4,

/ //


/ 7 j/





Lowrmo& NxNEioRR



B .r- ,A- Lin E

I I T l ,
s, p>. ,olic ,: ,rr ..i ,

3-.t-.l' .e oi' ;,terlr ,
Br.:. ,...,~ 'VV td J ,.S ,

--- 2

.. ,
I ."' L E -,- "
b u" AL',''" 9
- ,,f K ti: F S

5 ( 1 i i L [ -.'dI: k;r

S.-.:.' 05j t F

8a3 oLip(I Off'
t, W!ite @-,-,
\?o B.,ad Li. Boys
3, s1 sc: e

~i-,. S; 1,;:.
Bics jNesti;i7d

A T led s0.e.
{i de ad pee1k
rU7 noopp,

k. *I* -

--- WIere areyou rur?1 little n)aq?
So oI do so loq0 to kiow!

-Lid' if its sonewlere very 9ice,
Sib ou Il like to so.

2 vis sonrewlere pice aqd very ice!
I 1o to clairq nry bride,

A9dSladly you s-ould o wit; r e,
But you're so big to bide.
I .ear dy&Eyou would fri r? y pair of Butterflies,who, prarci,9,

Arcd larressed taeden? faslfiop, wait, to fly to realns e9iraqcir 9,
it nne ard wit4 nyy lovely bride,
For wIorq rgy love eLs stroqSer
Eac) week ard iriqutLe, your ard day-

Soo dbye!
Scarit wait lo9%er.

'L6'3&k ,,, ? ou r &:P
^CIS It\i y rraqsler afT do3
3PuLs rrye 'I a 9uoar~ry,
iesae _oe d ia.Jia I Is horrid li,11 A\cross Lile ciesL of' Jv\ary
I'e said'Thlease,$Da. reryovee Your lali.
(jIow could oge 6e politerP)
TooarJMag lies, aa dare roL shir For fear t eaA e slaould *Le her.
I tlr1k I9ll 1:o 1l:e Butcle rs o
_Co beq a8 Ie of nruU a9
Ac ljy IL sorpee way fon?
19 lapes EbaK 1e's

Vor tlIeq tell rush
La eal Lte rTeal,
sLail will follow ajIer;
AJ I sl~all rescue P7y poor cFId .7
/Aly J o1 43.,-,

\Wta does Lte dove say i? at
fer ear?
Ica9oE tell you, nry cbild,rony dear

If t'was a nessaSe broudtf? dowr?
fronr tLe sky
jIaybe We'll k9ow it oge day you ad I.

i i
! IJ

5eWWr Meassagter.

MSwo Bad LRM SBB@ooya.

0 r yes you see tLle (Gardeger

Is conir-, dowy tLIe walk,

Ard you cae rnake a A\bouL tLe way lell talk.

eIll say "I've o you ?ow, ngy lads,!

You like Lle ~Lste or pippin!

BuL will you like as well, rryDears

A, L tas"e of. .ppi?"

WIaL soo0

youl I Se,



S "' I-


9 w



O~r L~ous yjour boots

F~, b~~~" ootsare r)uddj,;

In'?n oiqoI r r oarci ou off rLj sEraj.[

ro Miasler's private 5[udy.

i rl~~ ?~~ Pl d in

i3 rown

*0 $ JUSE so,-

-YOUve-SOL tokqow'

At le IeLers look\ 98 stare

,SO.jUSL so,
Or you rmustE a joolscap wear
0,j USE so.
Idle, dolls 6y k/ir OY ead,

o0,ust so.
2SHI l draeJe off
sLra,lE to Ued-

o,j 'USEso,-- -

Had noE

a fair oH y


be dead,

i?&a9 draped abouL

' \ b .

We b&,irr of

b)er heed ?


Ivousie carn)e over tIe :l0i L0 see

baL could be cdoe

Jor ler

clildrer9 Eree.


\ _. "..', -.-'' ..
*** \^ ~ .*^ s ,,.^~I "

Ope's too sEupid to

read a book

Oe's Loogreedy




Ore would like

for E1e Sirg to ig E,

But t le sourd

of al

puLs birq al

r a FL
I r? 8, rt



; 1l

-ere, orrny, turryourface to nre,

/ Fr I an? nruci? afraid
You are a rqauly cal ard lave

forotlee9 wlat I said.
(id I rot[say tQalyou should eat
SJN'o liviq? ti?s but rice?

1 ready, really pus I [bSou1s1
Or9ce tellirgI would suffice.

Ad wlbat 1aveyou bee9 after row ?
01!'tis 90o use protestir-

A fea1der's stickir?^ i9 your rnouEl
Bad cal, you've beer



do you tbi9

1>9, SOirg 1o say

P r1)AS i1t?2y SU99J

fl?, OI9~ Sur?
I~-gg~ r norn 1? 9

I'n? piq to say

T- Popsa



o lisLer pray aqd do leave off

Your liLEle do6 adorreig ;

Vyy dear, please will You rarry nre,


o09 ey


rnorqi -c

St AS,

\ pice red parasol like ni]e,
is betterjar jElbal rod apd li e;
O to Lthe epd you lie the stri*,
Ad er)te let tle 1book drop ir.

Ij 6y tlIe su9 you should befried,
Your parasol ou oper? wide,
Ard just sil dow9 upo9 tbe sod,
(You caib[ do [1is wi[ lie a9d rod;)
A1.'. .d waIl lbere'confy,"cool
S ,,d ri4bE,
UgEi .

-i :..oose
to bile.


.% -~b

Ii I
I/ /r -3~

i I'

'' r

Ar ~.

Ob! Broon?!
wlat: bltAed air you've ot,
b1e coryb Ica jt Eug tbro'i
It's nratted a&d its dusly Loo
vWy does ?oL ursey do i ?
$ies always ai our hair agd so
I should 9ot ave expected
~at her ow9 special
carpeE roorP-
S W would ave bee.
~ 9o pe lected

" ? "1 ., ..
. ".

.. .

Eac7 9Y a9d seek
Is played wi;t reaL precision

1il calls, Nurse spies agd
oo a ir ides
bo Ega&s a jair division.

---d- aqd seek.

01/1 Jerogie you're ae cruel _irl

go [&ie rvj Yoop a~way,

1i _s y7oLourS ope li Le kl,

A2aeverjou rpy sa y.

loo 6'N

lei I -you

'a cruel

"' ii>O"
0 Ea~
i~_ I~i "Oop
: mI .

ive a pail, I've a get,
\ Iave leave Lo el we,

Lo 0ny waisl;

0I al t~ ,j us to see

o0 cacl? strirnps or our bea

r-od ter b ie ulp Ele 1ll
ir7 t1o0 asle.

I sall rust? tlrou) tle gate
'our tllen? all o? a plate

([5 ey'll be beauties,ruc) better lbear bout)

Ad we'll all ave a feast
Or I tope so at least

if 4le creatures will conre aqd be cau

OI? !W) ,S Leey eaiih L1ck ernies?Your stairged atoc diyJce

5ells owyou've spegylour ajler0oo0,

YOU- au& i{Utie Orace-

i 6e W~y tosclool

Igow Iles stra2

1 g? row,e
d Ard io I? feids

i..' ~~\~c efcsdla Q hes

Y ~u Iave g0

cause Lo o!

W{o kusl~eS grow

LeVilI&e EI~rou?,


kes'ce Qe pool

Atyd ci your [ask
i i
JOUVe dore Lo dCy

ir anckerys



~L~qg dliP h


goq t e os

~n is leaF) to si8, to sir2S$DowqJron? tIe Ereble lo Uass,
eY roTn? [e 6ass up Lo 6ri r6, Ev i9 r? oEej uslig its place.
Vc~ caq siqide, a'ide,
6-lqk~s lis n?osl iorr[Ule sL Uf,

\~ilr~r.: "$ips li e~ eo5!
-IU,,~5 L'i ', 2er side,

p U;
Lo suppose,
r1cu o.mnjud~ e Luges

Et~ad -ou ea~r,

(oE s nay eJarredjor -Eteir 9ose, Iieiir 9ose,
Cqej/ cagraoL Ue praisec1Jr Leir ear.

1 blorses brayed,
Aqd do k eys relied,
I iclkens qu&cked,
Ard duckIh19s clocked,

Ij dogs said "rXiaow"
S9d cas "bow wow"
Ad i we always,
always were as 6ood as could be,

W\ L a very, very,very fuy world E'would be!

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