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 Tom Tucker and Little Bo-Peep
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Title: Tom Tucker and Little Bo-Peep
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 Material Information
Title: Tom Tucker and Little Bo-Peep
Physical Description: 41 p., 14 leaves of plates : col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Hood, Tom, 1835-1874
Adams, Alice Wheaton ( Illustrator )
Cassell Publishing Company ( Publisher )
Gast Lithograph & Engraving Company
Publisher: Cassell Publishing Company
Place of Publication: New York
Manufacturer: Lithographed & printed by Gast Lithograph & Engraving Company
Publication Date: c1891
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Orphans -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Aunts -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Courtship -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Nursery rhymes -- 1891   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1891
Genre: Nursery rhymes   ( rbgenr )
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
Summary: Poem weaves the life story and courtship of Jack and Jill's daughter, Bo-Peep, and Tommy Tucker through several nursery rhymes.
Statement of Responsibility: by Thomas Hood ; illustrated by Alice Wheaton Adams.
General Note: Plated printed in colors and text and cuts printed in sepia.
General Note: Printed on one side of double leaves folded once; partly opened.
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00081090
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002225052
notis - ALG5324
oclc - 17790763

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I -



~I ~ ,, *

- PH b T---r i.C-


~-.I -~: -

~i I'i




/" /


^ T ~//

T"nms~HQ 6y

^lA qe 44 heafra Y c1A A nIII

f--.*_--^---- "-:----P O

C__-T,1891,BY LL PU
,C,7 l=h-. HT, 1891,BY E ELL *PLi6BLE i-_N ,L*.1 E.' ,,. I., J

~ir rJ

: ~ ENiGK,4j1G C(
(c)E NE c


A p

311Y-.~------lll------1-1^--1--~-11 II-L-~-~--E--^ ----- -111 __ _~I---


i^a& i! 'Jill

Liv-d murder tfl- hill,
Wt4Q thqy forlmqfly niqt with tltif5 5a6 disaster;


For kir\d-'aartd dJill a So wll boffi Rdd
rack-growa d JaaCh,aq\dd 1s wou\c\1 had tndcd
With yard of patfet !iallylor\ plaster ,
Ttat,thoug~ 5 1(1al~?1d tlh holp ir i15 4gi&,
5i4 rna~e a l0olQ inl his ait iarstlad,
Arld 5o i4n th they wzgrt aid w~e we w !

"'l~y livd iI a rI li fttll ouS of tiir owrn,
Witl\ 5Wt-efor td woo bir ovfergow,,
Ay tlt oide of a fill,
At t!^ foot of 14 ill,

----1~1111_---- _

I_ ~_ ~ _~ __ ~_ ___ __----I I __ --



ii.~~ LLi4 i-a~~-

'1 05i~sst Otfa that af was 14tyowrsa-
I litf\IQOr Li\ttI- o N\ full of tfte

Ar6i l~oittl S with jftic IMg, bS,
cioiM arO e xnlyliaMq
'Buzazirbg ar& tOtmn~lrj;
Ar\( 5ouZ ijiiCB liffi p'IgS fk~py toq~ifivqk to KkZp,
AAA( rbiCQ litflg QowS wirhh rilt lltl S ftq;


5o tlh\y rTlly beara quit eiq by hgeS5,
8An a.rlmag to lay by
8 dowtf for thl bAby,
Wkidl\ ch to to tlh Not SVoV waS krowvr to 5Cgre of0 ey,
'But Solirlly Staf with, th big blu qyZ;
Ar& So SIl WaS qh1fist$eF, Little Bo-pep.

_ _


__ I_ __I ___ I~






6S tp, Vnfs fo l p St
6t fw p s eSt
Litle ws Oorf Qj(
o rt lrr 0 I wt ( Lx&

oft wfb S tm

__ -.l^--IIL 4_-~--11111111---- ^I___ -I ~-IIl_-Y

_ -- --- I_----------~

'But whar Liftlf Bo-pQep was 5wzt 5ixtse'
Sx, B tW with a very .af 1055! I weer.
For dJak a Jill
Tley boti fell ill
rAnd kit;'ed th! bucket tShey o tV Iad Spilt;
5o over thfeiy bortes a tonb waS built,
Aisd or the 5tont',in a lit!\ogrphl ,
W ere CvYr\ tfxs I i\1S for r psI pis\:-

"dJzke and dylki
Went upper ye 4iylle
0'oP fetteh. p eyle of w-.iz:Y:
JaAke fell &ourv0
Aer bfak hyYS oou rg,
Ad6 dylig Cea turrbliYg a.''c

Aad 'tw.s Ad dd' bogeth':-

"'iys storr n on thcyf dth
Was r.Ysg(d by ttqYQ Sofrowid da' lI:"

~ _;__ _1_____________1_1__V


111111 --

_ ~ I_ --

l, 3,rao

/\ / i !

S -.. .-s .t wooA.:." R liv

'By ty v i of tS, 4i.

it t1 foo t o '4

_ __ ~11~1~ _L

I ~1~_1~__~_ I___I__IC__~__YPI~~..~I~--I~----^

So th~te 5git for Q0oSS-Patef, 4k r aunt ateraI l,
Who Suffzrre f'ont biliou5 attacks diurnal,
Ani Ragged-- aid rded -- aid raRe--ad ea$fe-
With a tor4u. ttht Qut lik1 a\ Kiifi tt'af$ j4\ged,
Aad whos fits of ill-teraper wef 59repit ,rnal.

No wor\Wr,t1\,t~i at little Bo-pep
WaS always out,looking after At'p,
No wo~ dr the rEaul yy sti$phot'e-boys,
Who ever dligFHf,:. iQ myKir, a noise

": oss -- -: '.
Lift thle 1~t0 .,
Sit by the firf at' Spi0t,

A .:\d d.i: y t it up,
And o o I >

I I I_ __~_~_

~P~I~ ____I___Y____N1_13______l(-ylll~--I(-~-- I- F

-Iar ,,-" -aL-

1- >~71;:


111__--~---~ ___-~---

II~ _


Now ort of ti u ,au htiest boys of il,
Who aft r litHt 'Bo-p ?p would ,all
Ta!&.t I.l\ gZthtQ
Of 1th Soivr ui rutfu
About fross--Pat\,
Wms little 'oy 'iue.
'This little 'Boy l~u3 Ws. brought up rzltlet
SBadly upder ilis hard Stfpfathil,
OlA 'D~a y Lor\glgS, who would t Say his p ayees,
AiXd wllo top nrr\d his nmrargS ws oRe tllv'owy uowvr it aif s.

~ ~~ ~ ~ 1_1_ I I_ ____ I

.1 %.
/r- "
!' '(-.A

O\ ay, aYS Bo-pp he floQk waS kzjpi g,

Littti Boy "Blue Sh 5aw w'aS 51Ppirg;

His ShmoP weQr ir\ tlh Radow
Hi5 fatl~fr' kept fofr h\y,

His ows .wfre ir\ t\ 0o'fiell,

Ar\d greediy fed ttey.

I ~_ ~I I_ __ _

Now wsvtra little Bo-gPy sp w wat was doing
Sl\ k10-- th wa w tzrtibl mis^hjigf b^ewiri^
aid si "Citi Daddhy LoGIWljs s??s th of Wa cv; r ^ a'v^ ?,
Little ?y BluW will nroSt dii ly) btbalt!"
So t o\wn tl fitld t 14 -a t
And uraprr^ed go sS v ditr,,
Aid\ -Boy Blup5 gigvg b iq
To tif at, and^ to twitdL:-

-1--11~1~----1~~ 1 I I

_ __ _~ _~~__~_~

"Littl~ Boy Blt, C .o rsblow youe ]oie--
Tl? ShWpl'S ill Pth na\adow,tt\ ows iq 9'.: ooriw
W.4e is tlhx litah boy axiniMn thlx,5bp ?
HfS? uqdyr thw AysIgHk faf SlgpZ"
But wiVt\ little Bo-pp wigat bMk to wt lx
W^ d lltf 10f 5WpS-- thly wc.N goyg of tflt"rI -Ite!
slq. looked fo thi\ hith
Ai~ 1 Ioolka for tnQH low,
But Could ioi Spy
W4 re t iy'd tw8agai .to po.

~-C--)--------~--------- ~I(--~-~--



0'' -
r -*


_ __ ,

Shk 5$ apht & tli woo aMt ti top of ti~ hill,
S1q welrt 'to tlh iiadow bieqirh tht rill,
Sh1 look~ ir qtle ,op$S byog~ a th foffe,
'Dowar t h valley Aid up tly for'g,
aut thosag Silly I arbii~tS wetA MiSSin Stil.
Ard Soo1\ t l$se troublesao Son 1epherd-boys,
Who wVft always fordi of J ratif a, 1 ,
Littlg 'Bo-ppee begn to nloek,
%y &skir~g wha4t 14d beonj\g of 4iEf flogRt;
Andt t1at SFlGittu dit^i little Boy Biu,
Joeird ir1 tht ~ueul (,Io"us too.
"Little 'Bo-pap
Has last h051 Sh.p,
l8a 4oes trot khow where' to fida thcn\;

LAt thily alonr- ,
Ari\ tley'll Cone 1on$,
li\d lthvz 4ll tlkf tails bgltiid tlnj!"'


_ .I I II~----- ----- I I I _--I ---II~U--~PI~CI4C

1: 1 [it B]o-?pe p s^54 put or\ b, ,....,-.
tHerlak all h of thot,,
A[d hze pip sh fooK
A0 hr' littl ship-took,
611A SO forft to flr ouvt ewht Sh p Could b Mt.


To ttll you ?al ste Saw, ES $he waS jouftgyltr aloIpg,
Would fitl Z book--a~h I a only si,,fif yoou s04 r.

Witr\ ti Hi bow aIda .i-'ow,
Slot Zir. hiAd; wrpi all tl\ bi$St ai4d bwaSiS begu, to Sob ad\ wail.

Npxt v lady-bird snall
1^ 5aw astiy (rwl
'To f!\? Crsopp' Fnag ad 11\ Buteffly'5 Bpll.
W!\m Song omv Qri"d "Firge!"
Ard, 5adlhy axasem ,
It. flw loir\a to grquii'
If its ehilh~jr w 1' 4ha4fm .

_ __I__


. 7 I -.? "- ,la-_._.- .-* -.
:i --s -


To saY i tl\5 beStid$ I :- Stoo IAf fi wo'iUX t-1 e,
50 '1i oly tl you ~ .:.,at i st, ? .4i .r a little 1Ite,
All en bO ;,bout witl\ rushes,
AdB rfEeS ar aidfef-busheS;
Ar\d ii\ th qidlil swim'vmirf waS a bri 11t fr'n-!,.a^ da h.>

Sud.eily f^arg
A t teibil i'A~r!"
And fK,'? poor little drake ir ih d Bo-peep wa S1o if t n,

S( Sh iook E-.a\ Iu w \ite, ,,I .,1
AridtH 'h i" "St c srf ,h* -- "" A t1i

-pl_--DL--lsUYI~s~-s~-- ^I___^--~-------I--^------~--prrrm--

1 5

U\( a little Ihd drew r\ 1r to 0 r,
ARV n\d2 tP% mdttzri en-ir to 1trj
y Si~ngn i \ a voiQ So Swet, he~r friht f\d .ut'A hot IoI,
Tih following explanation,
Of thb& .:ire's A~Mi\ihiiSai io\
i\ ?C- ; 5 5^^ d 1 list?^ 4 to tlhi -,.:-.o:"1 ly ;.^.- :"

8Anr h e n a little u a,
Ard his bullets H~ylr w,,:'? .. ,A of l .' 1,.-A, I .!
| Ad h w at to ti\ b 'ook
AidY S'ot a litfBle duC,
.|'.: h hot it i ltht through tl-\ 11 aa,.,:,.,,.. .
o"0 Ca:-j" it liont\
Lo Ais rif Jo.:.r,
|".iA bad 11(f a fife fof ; r. a a-\---::-m -.:, rak ,
io ':." at tie little -:ut k
Hi Pd h shot at -4 brook,
_,_il_ ,_ _._nt ._ _kfo fe ft-- -"." ke_, '.. f H;!"


III____ ~-----lL-~-l----_ I~ 11_11



L-j -


.1v 1 -


au ~~


Now little Tom T JHkQ (foe ttat wets 1Htk rat.
Of lh? boywho \ to i o'u$ si3I k'-\idrt eSnwt)
Little TorT RTuee i\d little Bo-pcp
Se out IotFh&ot to look for 1ti y si\p,
Ftrm ilI a ea:
And ,wl w' wa5 t1\W 1kasr\?
Ai\d tIhou ,, by-and-by, 1hi l ird lot pll.a rd
Ve'y quizHy Otj four14\ waiSt;
Aq thou~i ,prl'aps, lI~ just aStle a IiSS,
('Twas Sort" of atairi t~a jo oRe would aist),
I don't Se au-::. ti h.iS f irgtiLva of iraltis.
But whlh thqy 1kad Sze l'dh the woF'Id hzlf efourd,
Wh1r &o you tl"irk th Shwp w e fourV\?--
Fedir\. away eo Tob Tiddlee'S orouw!

_ Ie~l_

So thona\ thzy 6dov th m, nxr(d llf tl way
V ay ra r'fily Qhattd te\ Y;
Ar\& wh.n th~y pai'th -- zloS to thI Cot--

S t\ vliQ ir a SP'ij of fosr't-mn-4\ot,
Ard Somrttqiiq bqside,
Wlxil,g'e\n if I tfied,
1 oulld rot d Si SeibZ--but it f'iYa5 witvh"bliS'S
ArA I fatCy you, ll oE you, 7ugqs wh~t it is.

_ ~~ _


duI whil- tII Y werZ waRkii\,
Happily talkir ,
'T ey Spie' Rot a ba skfet I, K, over third h,,ads,
Ar,\ SQted thril,
With hr W KS Fo Whr elhia~
Ai ugly Qi wold all tattmrs alR SkrdAS-
Tit people,who saw ker, Rlust& wly i l Slould e(,mp htr-
Seif So ur\noQ for.:,.bly up ir iKi mper,
Ai\d mztd quite erowd,
SoutiT\ Mloud.

~ -- I- --

'But Torn\ ad B0-peep sever r\oticed th Rois --
Lost irn tihe dreas of young ilov axr\d itS joys--
Tron\ ?l ott\r"S lips t ly darxrK very word,
Aqr so thg lhubbvb ftey r~vgr -ar ,
AR4 threy kRtw i\ot wkatt tB ol za.rrn w ,S about,
For they foxjiu SuCh blue 1 Qaes irX aeQh otfhei" eyes.
''hey Care T\ ot to look upor otfgt' Skis,
So thiy i athr Sw hSea w ,orls4r th\e Sho~ut:
"''lerq' w~ s \ o1C wo',,?.,I weQ\t up i[\ a baset

Sevegty things aS t i~h as ifth r\oor,
WN1fee shl was goitrl, I coulQ rot but aSK it,
for ir ?r taAd slI warried a broon\.


---Y-------l-I~-_____I I II- I --1 111

~----_ID-~---s~------L--~ -- II ----- I I

'Old womnx! Old wonOvi\.- 01% wona!'id I,
'11tee Ia e you oiryg to, %up so Ili ',
'To ep the obwbSI from tk SKy,
dadl I ShJ! ba bak alairf by-a-by' "i

Now this w:KQId old 5.?0, ah 1 -ail:; aloi\^ ovrf,
Spi0d ovlt, bg ti hy, BG-paQp ad Mr losvqf;
SO off sl w$tt ill bG fre'ia of wiekieR
(A fouf-horsZ coaQe!j coul i1ol 6a:lop quiQkqe)
T'ow, thi rfoa that evoSs^d ovv tHem tf,
Aid stopped at l1 'Qotatze \idaea e fhl till;
ThE,h ifhly d0e4lifztX S onm misWiOf to ateIX,
S4k tol a&II Sf11 kivEw to ttd old r'o5S-PMeAl.


II~R __

Little Bo-pgp at la\st (te-- ho@0,

:A i pri\e up ittp tBhat hi alibf E\ot form,
Thrr, wbait to5t t rage, li"A hat lEiv,
64ad thme slood 4wSAva2t ol6 ewuit Qfoss-PKatq!
iood^SS ftfo\u5,4ow 4tf tonjuy
Gallop'-0 oq, -or stmlzad to tieg1
Lik na ^iCkd old bgll, thM's egu
Wqitl iv: folk av' Pfyi1 "fiNte"

Pell- RjqiS I V,

Blows ii batitl
Never fWll,
Pell- snll,
Half as well
AS g ve i'-e-adri pdratlg!

__I__ I 1

~ ___~ __ __~ ___


~I__ __________II____YI__1_11__

Ibifll Bo*p0- p waS terribly Scared,
ArI4 ooul nolt lkve edge6 ia bwor& 4ad ShEq &Lte,
Till at lat eoss-PatEh, to fitniSh the t1inf ,
Boxed 1. +as+ till S1+ ma~dy tllq rii,V
WI\ipt fom it poc3,Q.t a bit of stMii ,
Asha,Sill urntaitf oi with 4t"r wor&s uikia&,
TiZd tlq little MraAS hiadj bzliaid,
Pusjid la f up t41\ wtidriG stair
l11o thi attie ad loed IO(k hil tlet.

r~_l~l~l~~ _~ ~

s roaoni with (fief anw anl w.att,
Little Bo-pqqp s54 Sat at tkq qaasmi?4t;
And, &as S tiouil't of ta1r tvil lN QK ,tA
Faany wraderedt to TiopimaS Tvker.
"Alshs malmuiaud'if 1 tomld hcae,
I should have ilothiIv furtIhqr to feat;
WIho ar 1l1 fieid,
Trusly L^ kind,
WMo wiiB qarry a Ric:les 0 f-ronTI ra to Y dEiar
Ar iil ll 4itl bow badlx tkty'q Strvii e ? 10 4?e?

-' V 1 I- "" '_ "" -

'^ -^ -^
.b. \ ^ -'r "

^- -"--
<-?" ^ r<- -

5o oQUt of thl witdow s5h\ lSaet, 1aP spitd

A litHIe pig goirv to nxiarket.

"Pify," said S1 ,"IF to you I oifid

Th, resoh w \y rny poof hr't S ae' tied,

Will you t~1 r l Swwt little. Sak itit?

Hqe woraS wee aS Qivil 2aS ivil oula b;

But t[4 little pil wakrt; for "Huqpl!" Saim t .

_ I

~ _II_ ~ __ _~ __

1-'- -- -- '

I]: \-"

N. N--


ShI Saw a yo :tx mz\, of A eolMkors astrid,

WIol se, b -e wiythly ahmSar? to Tommly to ri.

Buit he vowb d an i nIt y mjntt 11\4 thirs did ai ff'oss,

With a bll-tod your\q lady ht Baribuey o05.

_ ~ __I

1~1~ _I ~1_1 I I_

i '-
i- : $ K

:; i -' ^

N'xt S1 Sr'-w Hunapty Dunpty,and b md ,i taro t111
Tommy Tuvker h r aunt wS rot tretat2i b-r wt l.
Humpty Dumrpty looked prou&---rqvqr aqzSwkt' e at all,
But haufltil'y at X1iISlf dow[q o0~ a wall
(SO t1z Hisfory of ErTl lar&, onrit hisi falll.

_ ___ I I ~m__

Af Ist sil Sw litfl Jory S stout
W\o--so Says Dir-do1 Bgil--
Very Ivur~tr\ y pull 1 puSSy Qt out,
WIkrP\ 4 Saw hqe dowr ii t wll.

So Bo-pZqp tol doior\r\y Stout
Wlat g'e tfioublq waS about,
Ari away W ? r'Y-- aS fast aS his lzS would enarry hir--
To 111 Tonrnrr TuCkp,

TAIt Bo-pieS p'S asit hOd o SuK tetor'
AT\ his lititl lovw WaS willit\g Irow to nl\tay 11irq.

_ ~ __ I~I__ II 1___1

_ _I _I ~I_-----~-~_ II

_ ~I_ L ~

I _~


/ yow To: y-, Tuxk1r quiCkly hZ hit upor\ a plM\r,
Ard X ot As hiS zSSiS'tt t z frig'rly lnife mar\,
A b.,!-lor',wvo, QloSe to Tor' ivd Sriul'y yv h1i* Ilf,
AIfoi.fi t, rats a4id naiq they nwed his v. 04.js on nh shilf.

H hak a liffttle "I.lbafr'ow, that onCe, i\ aZly lif-,
Hii faiciled \i as a w&ddir\-Q0o,:,N to arey lhoir a wife.
Alone :ly road bh dcrov it rlow, a\x& plaqq it iq t4h thvd,
Wl\i~\ ilose to Bo-pqp'S Qotta raqi, besid the highwy's d g.
Then 4x nar ed it up, a~ smt oir it;for thr~f N was to wateql
Whil Tomnry Tu~k ? werit to pay a visit to IroSS-Pate\.

I _ I I


Litti TonnaRy TjRet' 4Z Stooh bSid tf~ t-t,
Ar\ Srdk xlU plttfy mlodNiu 1h ? yot lotrt to wAit
B?fore t'oSs-P~al uribaeted thZ &oof ard bp fd ifin to orrg irq,
Aqd Si n2\ Rley ona to tir if whjle ftilaf Se did Spir\.
Said sh "My ladow ezrol rat sormge pretty Qllgffful tavt,
Aqi ekeS an. al? yoU f1l11 .qot fil foF f'oi om.pP g to hav."
Tih Toma Sf owri axnd ar\ to l, as lively a a\ patr'ot,
AO flad, I wtqp,waS Swvf Bo-peip,wi.o harf kirn\ ffon Ith1 *at'
Sifn ir ,

_ i __ ~

_1 II~I _I_________________P_ I I

-..d I -

c: ~2
- Js~~ -I-- -~

_r_____lU__l~__sUII _II I_

-------------------- _I


r"TlrQt wS a little bazh~Io, who lived all by l\irS l.f,
Aqd 11 tth beML aT,. IimS 11. Il a 1 puat upol a SZhlf,
Thz eeds a\d thz nliq they 1^ lirrn Su^l a lif ,
He was foreo tIo o to Lor\ior to b\uy htir\ a wife.

TLt Strets wver so wid arI th lagS were So larf\ow
Hi waS forced to briur hix wife honL g iR, a whlIlbzfr'ow,
Tlx\ wh\lb \aft'ow brokq,h a tiS wife hz1 A fall,
Ar\d dowri anira whxqlb\'ffow,wife,arx a zJl!"

Now wh~n Torn h1ad dor\q th\i Sr~aitc
Of melody, (QosS-Pat lo
To tht Cellar'-foorf dcrSera orFro th\ vMppe',
To der'aw a juc of bpef,
Ar8 brirvj tflh \orgly c h~ ',
Shx ilntrjdzd to giveTommny fofr hiS SuPPr'.

Thnr Tonmmy r'ar to ttlQ foot of tf\ Stair'
Arid qcall to little Bo-peep,
t'Ho, lovi Hist,love! Pfay ar' you tqre,
Aid arA you orwak orS' slp ?"

"Okl yes, 1 anr hr, loKX? up inr a room,
It would p2zzlq you to finr me,
For' thel ( rIdl is out an I ram irn loon-,
Atr& t\Y lyadES ar' fiQ behind m."

'"Npvr' mirld your aurMt, mny ~uXk, v
r'\iel plots we'll trust asihd--
For rry nanrqqc i ot Tlor\aS TueKef,
If I dor't ber off q\y bti)Fi "


NOW,whnr (r'oss-Pht @ th Supper had brovulyt-vp
LitQl Tonr Tuk ,t< tabl-khrife cau llt-xup.
tPut it dowri!" 5ai-& SI-
"I wor't,"said At',
"Fof wittiout it I alrxrot uit a\jli\t up:
Little ToM\ Tu K@eK
Sati for hiiS SuppPe;
wa t Shll I hAvt
But w\it bfKia ze \ bxut-r'?
How 2ar\ iQ Qut it
Without- 'rt ?a Krlira ?
How er x4 th naf t'y
Without r' a.wift?"

"Ar' you Torqrly Tukpt?"'e'ied olt (foss-PatIk,
AS up S~1 Jujmpd in a tr'ribl fluvltr.
"Yoxu rvor sh?1l rLoakt with riy ife\i a? n\tQll,
Ail youhiAll rot Mat of my beldi nnd buttg[!"

I I __ __ _

But little Tommy Tukqr',up th stafS ir' far ,
Bust-iin Bo-pqp'5 doof', at to qut i41 StiAW{ beat--
Lower'd Whe fraon the winAow--followe,,lik art arfow,
AMi tet baleztlo aira 1 bArty to Ifurndl off th bt1 tow.

Old fross-Patel bJar\ to SqrgernrtMur\1! lFie'! aria Tr~sor! "
All tfi TReilhbors huf'fie iri, ,skirlI hWf the reaSo.-

r ~-~- -

I"-~-~~~"~~~I"~~~~----------------- -

_ _

_ I _~~ ~I _~I __ I

'i1py H~qv
Jumppd oit of bW ,
1rl loilet Siupid Slow;
And 1' pho Gr' (T1ey pa ty did
Thq pot awhilK ForfPo.

To I ti< lub-bxih
Qrr out of ft\1if tub
Tlh Butqlief, tlh Bak^e,
A ^ thq iaidti q rq'K-Ia\ker.

Poor Pepr Piper waS prpixv d,
8Arx So bprrv^ t\ poppQe
Of his pgek of pihlPa pzppet
Quit\ pronen misuous"1 ir thl iopp.r',
Whilq lRq t^ o a r'tl th r'So of tO f y 1 uAult So inrpropeqr

_ ~~

WA.nr tbity qhrfd wt\l it wm\ tlhy bri to pxurSu
Tiq ft itivs-- -isirMy "tfy ?i\R vu6-
(I t'cvj'eS Hf tfrms, wliQC" I'nr ford to do
Tat I n\ay ptoviA A r'l\y n\L for' you).

Yet liiltt Bo-pyp a^rA 4I ffvour'e youitb
Woulld l\a.v nRjaa to t a~way,
But thi "Qousg of tr'0 lov rnvvr' frqs s~rooti"--
At lSd, So th poES Szay,--

Thq batrow wBnt S~\rasS
8R1a dowa orn, the j'found 51 la.y;
8Ar[Q ToY wiilt4 lis frirt\a w tnii11Y off~rjad
BQau the trap llad bqr badiy rnrqded.


l___l___lsll_____l___I_~I _



4/ ~ / r

~_ __ __ _~



^-^o th.^ !ov(?fS wglre Caulkt ?,r Cafr'iqd bak
By fi m rob of rilh\boes .wilo'd followed tiii' 'ahek.
They founa 'foss-Pateh, lookirl vwry blqK;
Av I (Qr\rfot t[ll w\hat haA brT\ tllq r\d ,
Whell IuCkily Fo rtup, Sqrit H-m? a, friuRd.

LitHj AJsqk Hoarfr,
Whlo livya foua, the Cor'rg',
Was oL. of Bo-pPqp'S sorgwha. is er\t relhlioir;
And a-S 1g', a p" lutp,"
.Wl\ic\ to Sorre ot at muuSt Qomt,
ill his livinal con ~cio-ns hrad B~gRaf gxpCtaftiows-
8Ar ob His lihht0sf woel&
Willf th vry dqQpust of pt'afifi(Aions.

I_ _

Little \JQk Hotr'erV wS forM of Bo-pQp,
Arn like Tornnry T\Ckj'-, too;
So Vi said to roSS-Pa2t.1,"This l\ouS you mAy kpp,
I havw or( tHat for' thln will o!'"

*o thLyY S~hltd it thus,
Without aty fuss;
8Rd t14 loves were rrqvxei[ [ot vpry lor0< affce,
'Mid plenty of mi'fth,m f'Py-makin\ ad lau FI\tg'.
JZaQK asgir 6 l nr\ tljh Houxq qy k ad Built, to live ir,
Wlti(gh t heY, ot th0 ir wv dir, a party did iv ir,--
A tor'iouS party,wilth plrty of fur;
T41y did rot Sit dow\ to tl\g Supp r till or\.
Motft' Hubbar& had rsraa that par't of tfy faSt,
Ad h4ad a full Qupboard for' on., af igaSf .

_ __ ~

_ ~ ~__ ~_ __

I,> .

) I i

i-: a-r 1:

'''-- -~P;

_ 111 ___111__ __

hqs waS ivIlpQ6 by tl\ olAd lAy,wxo ibVabitd & Sl\o,

Anl ha o iar Z\ fzrily S41 S5aeq Ktyew wl\at to o;

Burt fov tis i fut ocfS4ioB Shl h& Ao.in& h birvwst Suit,

Anld ad igft 4fi ti'Qsomnl eilr'Wr\ taftly lodpd iir a top-boot.



~ ___ I__

-r-- ;-._I

Quely Lochs w?^ bridrsid; gC beauty wAs 1(q ow A fiV f i orinpl}xiori to Stri'wb~eriS ay pre\nrx.
Afd littflt Miss Pq RWiir\ihood was tfl-e,too, for' anro1t',
Havilir jut Conxm out of n\oumrifl for hti ddth y of r' ?rhndMn1otie.

PFobiR anjd i a -d', both pretty nMq,
At'riv d with tfl Bf'id 'oor ah tl\lf-pasr 1f;i
And tht rTicihbof'iry pr'iSf, al Shfvu ? arn Sl\ott,
(Wlo w\S SpeCially V^wakd at \ rly trofar
By it? 0oQlir\ lhiwga, whose Copy C'ow
Sid ,'"onrj, old fallow, it's firrq to ")

Peifofrnd t-h< ritg 5
And till lt ir1 tbi li i1t,
Tkhy k pt up tht party with 'a~t deli Itt.
Whlil tiq blls ir tlh S~fpir 'olKat to arnd fo,

~II~Y~ _II~ ~ _I __ __

__ __ __ I_ ___~ ~__I~ ___~_~



i *~ r I~
I ~C~ Ji ,,
ii, r,.
4ijl '' 'L8'~

:' ~


i~a~a~ ~




~I J\
/I ~ i
I 1\

uucerjr t~'

:? ii ~ "~I!

Tlwy SdQ nr\ da\ ,
A11 jurpvpd h?\ priRe\q;
Arnd vry nmir' ily fpaSg they
Till tl 1elloS f~a ,
AS lou ly t1gy Sa ,r
This s aSoQRbl ry'So bl 'our\lnay:--
"Bourge, Bugkf'an! Velvf'S da^f !
lt'viSi-rgS yornS but or\q a yL ar',
Whr\ it QorivSit bM'inrs fooa (1t5q',

_ I_ I

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