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Group Title: Queen Summer, or , The tourney of the lily & the rose
Title: Queen Summer, or, The tourney of the lily & the rose
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Title: Queen Summer, or, The tourney of the lily & the rose
Alternate Title: Tourney of the lily & the rose
Tourney of the lily and the rose
Physical Description: 40 leaves, 9 p. : col. ill. ; 29 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Crane, Walter, 1845-1915
Cassell & Company ( Publisher )
Donor: Egolf, Robert ( donor )
Publisher: Cassell & Co. Ld
Place of Publication: London ;
Paris ;
Publication Date: 1891
Subject: Flowers -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Queens -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Chivalry -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Knights and knighthood -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Tournaments, Medieval -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Illustraties   ( gtt )
Publishers' catalogues -- 1891   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1891
Genre: Publishers' catalogues   ( rbgenr )
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
France -- Paris
Australia -- Melbourne
Statement of Responsibility: penned & portrayed by Walter Crane.
General Note: Issued also in large paper edition.
General Note: Printed on one side of double leaves folded once; partly opened.
General Note: Publisher's catalogue follows text.
General Note: Baldwin Library copy donated by Robert Egolf.
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i lii Ill

1 ~



with ch E um trnrna on th floor

Wheir WaVinP ftanhthstisifti WHO
each uil td cool Queen Summm hea
the lumoo lanthlboue maib -nmujic Aoff
bAia Ero tourke h his late fill o .


k ~y~~ ,: ,h IL" R\hL"



Po Unk -Ulmell iiaL FTongea the Bowurr1
Wlaskingd in the- Tasque oj jllau&n

Lill fit N L
a / / ~-/ \



~II -~--~---~n -r --~-------- --------~r~-^l--P--~p~s --sr~------------~I~--

9-rarrm~OLllsl-~-a~---rr~a e~ -a---~-a ~-- -- -~--~-

\-b wb ispepred utor& amond $levm doopc
:r ~-holu the )Aly out #)c Rose


Suitor for mumier'a four o2ear,
to uin the crumn of all the year-
O nl how each champion brave arou
QCy en ,ummer to e OU'ii& riT.

; ; .. -.

I .r' I _I "

MSen AMI Theth tont-w~ingebh ercds l
11 e iiitts mffe set~in 0 umtr'6 vietu


\~i~7-~ -~m~Ml

g A blgaone&5Wieds, Z pnnow)
orflfffij la A e~a. pruce c


Jf I


r 'F' i to

ireaa tuith'6roieredl hl
was rahfort$e ri.

* *.- C. .CtL... -

_ 1 _I ____~

"' --- ~` -~:~;1:- I~~- 1-;~;~-.. -r_~i..-..; ~~~. L. .-c-;c-~ zr-

I -- -- -. -------~-- ---iss

- II ~ L ~- --- II --- qC -~-



1or log~ the L!l ~ih eae.
iTn sili~er armou ite arrajied.
TV! fla51,rb. like Iio~ht upon thie cene,
1 amp ami d 1he d-rie
WMi hwiktWi? his boryc ,~ o~ Fe irsi
~Z~i~hsilver l lies shiniri tht~e- *


Srz --I


\ '\ r f

&~ -

Wile summEr winds the onset blew:
Sith level lance each campion Ouip,

-- C~-;r~irr~---- -- --~'su rrua


her, mid a snow
the 0Mss b1eloU.

fm eaeb side, t-~
or` Rom 4 0 J flies ridc
fr Ioot I ardll maintain the *Xife

Or a EBr 06

t II 0

I u~'LIM

.. 19

91oiree.dDlion that doth 1e
1led fire uiithin hif brea0',
golden hearted like the reot.


111 I -- I -r

I I I' I I-


' :. i -

... .- rcutlt.
;'.,,:-. ,,.: .. '..,, *. .? / '^ .., : "
^ 4 li tbe cb~ taifno rulkaioo?? ^
"~- B"r iu ix to -n br pt,,
H So to the fief otaittk drrmt
She. teppel, utAf rooe &0com

Of xihdt.et fl ,meroir




R ^fd o deac warrior thus aii s: ,N
HI ; IRjfai int the f orke offpar frq
Pit wlmitem W4 or:
Aarr Rge nor Ii t Iia

tff /t~l rt "l~ 1Ttn
"i t ii by W e i+em -i., ...
; i' r- ,;':t ant depr f \ ,,,.S':if" | I i

'~i :i, 'r~n~~ -,l t. -, 25
i i i I I


Mhat men 4- vai4 be
Altqiy in plogsant roi

~.~; a~

"'X"' -)pnd 8trrm~ ~ b~dC ~5me~ ulenl f;
liFs q~ Irme rl*link64~f~y~
,, :Iher.

t~i~ t

c~ ~ r

P" r3 a\s
~ ~
..~...,; ~vl ii I: (3

.I(. i' 1 111' : I

I ~ ~I

I :
Ii 1 //IEl c

LI ~
r / I

i E!FsZ .I~
I ~

I i II rr
iii FI r
/ii L
i. II ~((I;~
~% ( II
r r r
~1 I4 "r ~.f
?11!1 1,111u~u~u~u~u~u~u~u~u~u~u~u~u~u~~ ~~lr~


jl ; \11 I,: r ', rli
;1 j
~ I~

Lo1e iint cotmuoad in pagjirnir heat
st oteaE'ifl~ ~Btd~ffB44t~

'"~ -


4% { ,i \ L''-.!

(.:: '27' Lc~:
,. ~Ji~l p J. I~ fV


I --- I

_ ~~_I__ I

M 1 pop~ the~ paintpr praige jMr
15his herald of oummner days

-~ ~ I:L~

A-1 --Mzk-.Wl
gr Ib iNI' 1, 1j .L
/ .4
'i~~44~ pi7i .-.''-

- I-- I n _


Fca~ ,thn inmy trole~ -J

";i Be ,,a t e ~l~~ l.eZe.m

s /-


i~V. N5

d ilj %




'eC pr


'., ,.'*, '"r- ^ : -- n r L '
", ?' W ih m ami Izumg to n^'ore: : ^
'I -^ .,. ^


l .* '^

,i~ 35

** "

- I I

- -- L-e --~~ L- ~sL- cPI LI~ ~--~I(


I ;forth full knittip liN 14


i Ar
rj F




~o~ m~e-hued rw~iors PrBr aP~Ph. ; 'i
i .i

-~ \3
; ?~

~i~p~sp~:~,~"~-~ca~g .\;"'

5 Il-~c_~-- ,~
--ac, -,-



.I "'

Ir~ '

1 I -r \ \~--v msm~k~ u :

rii' L .,

Y ,

i- ,,

~ Ir
II -

B ::" Irl rl ~II


la~-l~e9 IILIIIIPi -~11(lBB ~c~--i-aaa~-l~-aa~~lll----~

l -. I= M-- i, ti '


THIRD EDITION, price 5s.


A Mazquze of Flowei.,

Penned and Pictured by WALTER CRANE. With Forty Pages
of Pictures, handsomely reproduced in Colours.
"This is a charming bit of fancy, of which we feel quite unable to give any adequate
description in words. The Snowdrops are accoutred like warriors, with the bell-like flowers
ingeniously adapted for helmets; the Crocus is holding up his yellow cup flower; the
Daffodils are cleverly fashioned with huntsman's horns; Violet and Primrose are two charm-
Singly attired sisters; and the rustic 'Maid Marsh Marigold,' with a lamb at her side, is gay in
gold and green. And so the poet-artist goes through the year, with Roses of the garden and
of the hedgerow ; Lilies, 'pale and proud,' or 'burning like an orange flame,' till at the end
of the long procession we come to the Christmas Rose. Mr. Crane's skill with the pencil,
graceful fancy, and tender and harmonious colouring, have never found a more adequate
expression than in this charming volume."-Spectator.
"There is a long and splendid spectacle in the forty illustrations."-Athencem.
"The pictures are all charming. This is the prettiest book we have seen this
Christmas."-Pall Mall Gatette.



With Forty Illustrations in Colour after Original Designs
S by WALTER CRANE. Price 5s.
"LEGENDS FOR LIONEL is full of fresh fun and crammed with delightful sketches in
colour. To say that this is the funniest book we have seen for some time would be no
S compliment either to Mr. Crane or his son. It is simply worthy of both of them. Can we
say more?"-The Athenaeum.
"Quaintly and delicately illustrated."-The Graphic.
"In conception, in drawing, in colour, this is one of the most delightful children's
books we have ever met with. We hardly know which to admire most-the quaint humour
Sof the designs or the real beauty of such pictures."-john Bull.
CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London.

j4l ^^ ^ ^?2tkI._ ^ II


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I G -10-I.1I.

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My Aspirations. My Aids to the Divine Life.
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My Body.' My Father.
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My Soul.

Cassell & Company, Limited, Ludgate 121J, London; Paris and 2AMlbourne.

Hid Treasure, By Richard Harris Hill.
Holy Trinity, linories : Its Past and Present History,
29a3--889. By the Rev. Dr. Samuel Kinns.
Sent Back by the Angels, and other Ballads. By the
Rev. F. Lanlfbridge, M.A.
Shortened Church Services and Hymns. Compiled by
the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A.
My Comfort in Sorrow. By Hugh Macmillan, D.D.

Consisting of 12 Popular Works bound in Japanese style. Each. (Net.)
Handy Andy.-Oliver Twist.-Ivanhoe.-IngoldsbyLegends.
-The Last of --. r ,.' b u iThe Last Days of Pompeii.-
The Yellowpl -.l P ,p:r Te Last Days of Palmyra.-
Jaok Hinton, the Guardsman.-Selectlons from Hood's
Works.-American Humour.-Tower of London.

School Registers, Cassel's. I. Attendance Register. is. 4d.
n. Admission Register, los. 3. Summary Register, os.

Vegetarian Cookery. A Manual of Cheap and Wholesome
Diet. By A. G. Payne.
The Treatment of Typhoid Fever. By J. Burney Yeo,
M.D., F.R.C.P.
Cassell's New Poetry Readers. Illustrated. a2 Books in
One Vol., cloth. (See also id.)
Guide to Employment for Boys. ByW. S. Beard, F.R.G.S.
A Manual of Political Questions of the Day. By
Sydney Buxton, M.P. Cloth. (Seealso is.i
Engineering Workshop Practice, Forty Lessons in.
Elementary Chemistry for Science Schools and
Twilight of Life, The. Words of Counsel and Com-
fort for the Aged. By John Ellerton, M.A.
German of To-day. By Dr. Heineniann.
Laws of Every.Day Life. By H. 0. Arnold-Forster. Cloth.
Citizen Reader. By H. O. Arnold-Forster. (See also 3s. 6d.)
The Making of the Home. By Mrs. S. A. I .-...
Reader, The Temperanc. By Rev. J.. ... .. Cr. yvo.
Marlborough Arithmetic Rules.
Little Folks' History of England. By Isa Craig-Knox.
With 30 Illustrations. Cloth;
French, Key to Cassell's Lessons in. Cloth.
Ehiva, Burnaby's Ride to. Cloth.
Photography for Amateurs. Cloth. (See also s.)
Experimental Geometry, First Elements of. By Paul
Bert Illustrated.
Principles of Perspective as Applied to Model
Drawing and Sketching from Nature, The. By
George Trobrilse. (Clolh, s. 6d.) _
Energy and Motion: A Text Book of Elementary
Mechanics. By W. Paice, M.A.
Etiquette of Good Society. Cloth. (Ithe servers; s.)
Handbook of Nursing. (See also s.)
Illustrated Books for the Little Ones, Containing inter-
esting Stories. All llustraedo. Cloth gilt. (Seenalso s.)
By Popular Authors. With Illustrations in each. Cloth gilt.
The Boy Hunters of Ken- Ruth's Life Work; or, "No
tucky. By Edward S. Ellis. Pains, no Gains."
Red Feather: a Tale f the ags a s and Story
American Frontier. By of Thanksgiving
Edward S. Ellis. [Symington Uncle William's change; or,
Seeking a City. By Maggie The Broken Trust.
hoda's Reward; or "If Pretty Pink's Purpose; or,
Wishes were Horses." The Little Street e er-
Frank's Life-Battle; or, The chants.
Three Friends. Trixy; or, "Those who Live
Jaelk larntoiA' Anchor. in liass Houses shouldn't
Fritters; or," It's a LongLane Throw Stones."
that has no Turnisn." The Two Hardeastles; or,
Major Monk's Motto; or, "A Friend in Need is a
"Look before you Leap." Friend Indeed."
Ursula's Stumbling Block; Tim Thomson's Trial; or,
or, "Prie comes before a "All is not Gold that
Fall." Glitters."
All Illustrated throughout, and bound in cloth gilt.
Wee Willie Winkle. Girl with the Golden Looks.
Ups and Downs of a Don- The Chip Boy; and other
key's iile. Stories.
Three Wee Ulster Lassies. Roses from Thorns.
Up the Ladder. Baggles, Baggles, and the
Faith's Father. Emperor.
By Land and Sea. Stories of the Olden Time.
The Young Berringtons. Dick's Hero; and other
Tom Morris's Error. Stories.
Worth More than Gold. The Old Fairy Tales. With
Jeff and Leaf [Fire. Original Illustrations. Cloth.
Through Flood Through
The Library of Wonders, Illustrated Gift Books for Boys.
Crown vo, cloth. (For List pof Vol., see s.)

Reckoning, Anglo-American Art of. By C. Frusher-
Howard.. (See also is. and 5s.)
Historical Cartoons, Cassell's Coloured. (Size 45 in.
x35in. Six. Each. (See also id. and5s.)
Higher Class Readers, Casseil's. Illustrated. Each. (See
also 2s. 6d.) [Lilley, M.A.
Geometrical Drawing for Army Candidates. By H. T.
Practical Solid Geometry, A Manual of. By William
Gordon Ross, Major R.E.
Applied Mechanics. By Sir R. Stawel Ball. LL.D.
Linear Drawing. By E. A. Davidson.
Drawing Copies, Cassell's Modern School. Second
Grade--Freehand. (See also is.)
Orthographic and Isometrical Projection.
Building Construction, The Elements of.
Systematic Drawing and Shading. By Charles Ryan.
Handbook of New Code Regulations. New ant Reisead
Aditior,. By John F. Moss. Cloth. (See also is.)
Jones's Book-keeping. By Theodore Jones. For Schools, 2s.;
for the Million, 2s.; Ruled Books, as. (Seealso 3s.)
History of England for Elementary Schools. Illus-
trated. (\ee also lod. and is.)
Reading Sheets, Modern. 3 Series. Each. (See also 5s.)
Drawing Copies, Freehand, Cassell's Modern School.
Second Grade. 24 Examples printed on Card.




Cassell S Company's Classified Price List. 3



Naval War, The Last Great, in One Volume, small 4to,
with Maps and Plans.
Metropolitan Year-BooIr. The, Cloth. (See also is.
How Dante Climbed the Mountain. By R.E.Selfe. Illustrated.
Nursing for the Home and for the Hospital, A
Handbook of. By C. j. Wood. (see also is. 6d.)
Health, The Influence of Clothing on. By F. Treves,
Surgeon to, and Lecturer on Anatomy at, the L.ondon Hospital.
Police Code, and Manual of the Criminal Law. By
C. E. Howard Vincent. M.P. C/eap and Reviseod Idition. Abridged.
Skin and Hair, The Management of the. By Malcolm
Morris. F.R.C.S.
Chep Edition. In paper boards, 2s. each; also cloth boards, 2s. 6d. each.
Dutch tne Diver; or, A Man's Taee Parson o' Dumford. (In
Mistake. (In paper boards paper boards only.)
only.) l Patienrts. Being the Notes
Poverty Corner. ofa Navy Surgeon.
The Asconishing History of Jack Gordon, KnightErrant.
Troy Town. By Q. By W. C. lludson (Barclay
The Admirable Lady Biddy North).
ane. By Frank Barrett. A Tragic Mystery. By Julian
CommodoreJunk. By G. Man- lawthore.
ville Fenn.
St. Cuthbert's Tower. By TheDiamondButton: Whse
Florence Warden. was It? By W. C. Hudson
The Man with a Thumb. By (Barclay North).
W. C. Hudson (Barclay' '" Another's Crime. By Julian
By Right Not Law. ra Hawthorne.
Sherard. Hawthorne.
The Trasedy of Brinkwater.
Within Sound of the We r. Te ed water.
By Thomas St. E. Hake. By Martha L. Moodey.
TheCoombsberrow Mystery. Who is John NomanP By
By James Colhall. Charles Henry Beckett.
Under a Strange Mask. By
Frank Barrett. An American Penman. By
A ueer ace. ByW.Westall. Julian Hawthorne.
Dead Man's Rlook. By Q. Section 558: or, The Fatal
and au rafalgar. By .a Letter. Byaulian Hawthorne
The Phantom City. By W. The Brown Stone Boy. By
WVestall .W. H : T,
The Great Bank Robbery. By' I. .
Cassells Boolr of In-door Amusements, Card
Games, and Fireside Fun. Illustrated.
SJohn Orlebar, Clk. By tie Author of "Cuhushire Folk."
People I've Smiled With, By Marshall P. Wilder.
Cassell's Standard Library. Cloth. Each. (For List of
a/lumes, see is.)
Illustrated Official Railway Guides. In Cloth. (For List,
see is. r E i paper covers, paie 0.)
Little Folks Proverb Painting Book.
Each Book containing o208 T 0- E'h ii-,,I f.ll.page Original Illustra-
tions. _,r
"Nil Desperandum." By the "Honour is my Guide." By
Rev. F. Langbridge, M.A. Jeanie Hering (Mrs. Adams-
"Bear and Forbear." By Acton).
Sarah Pitt. Aim at the Sure End." By
"He Conquers who Endures." Emily Searchfield.
By theAuthorof "May Cunning- "Foremost if I Can." By
ham's Trial," &c. Helen Atteridge.
All Illustrated throughout, and con training Stories for Young People.
Crown 8vo, handsomely bound in cloth gilt
The Top of the Ladder: How Little Flotsam.
to each it.
Stories of the Tower. Made and her Friends.
A Moonbeam Tangle. Through Peril to Fortune.
Mr. Burke's Nieces. Aunt Tabitha's Waifs.
May Cunningham's TriaL In Miscnief Again.
Pegg and other Tales. Two Fourpenny Bits.
"Little Folklcs" Sunday Book. Poor Nelly.
The Children of the Court. Tom Heriot.
Pour Cats of the Tippertons. Maid Marory.
Marion's Two Homes. School girls.
In Two Volumes, cloth, gilt edges, in Paper Box, per set. (See also is.)
Milton u Vols. Burns Vols.
Wordsworth Vols, Byron aVols.
Longfellow uVols. Sheridan and V
Scott- Vols Goldsmith 2 Vols.
Hood- s Vols.
Shakespeare's Plays. The Seven Plays produced at the
Lyceum, in paper box.
With Four Illustrations in each Book, printed on a Tint.
In Letters of Flame. By Fire and Sword: A Story
Through Trial to Triumph. of the Huguenots.
Heroes of the Indian Em- Adam Hepburn's Vow.
re. to ffe. No. XIII.; or, the Story of
Strong to Suffer, the Lost Vestal.
By Edward S s.E. With 'ull-page Illustrations in each.
The Hunters of the Ozark. I The Camp in the Mountains.
The Last War Trail.
By Edward S. Ellis. With Fulli-age Illustrations in each.
Ned in the Woods. l Ned on the River.
Ned in the Bloak House: A Story of Pioneer Life in Kentucky.
By Edward S. Ellis. With Full-page Illustrations in each.
The Lost Trail. I Cam-Fire and Wigwam
Foot-prints in the 'orest.
By Edward S. Ellis. Illustrated.
Down the Mississippi. I Lost in the Wilds.
Up the Tapajos; or Adventures in Brazil.
Handsomely Illustrated, and elegantly bound
A Ramble Round France. The Land of the Pyramids
All the Riussias. (Egypt).
Chats about Germany. o f uth America.
The Eastern Wonderland. The Land of Temples.
Peeps into China. The Isles of the Pacific.

Cassell Ci company,, Limiled. Ludgate Bill, London ; Pha is and MJelboa'ne.

Illustrated. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt
Pen's Perplexities. Little Hinges.
Margarets Enemy. Soldier and Patriot.
olen Days. The Young Man in the Battle
Notable Shipwrecks. of Life.
Wonders of Common Things. The True Glory of Woman.
Truth will Out.
The Marvellous Budget: being 65,536 Stories of Jack and
Jill By the Rev. F. Bennett. Illustrated.
Schoolroom and Home Theatricals. By Arthur Waugh.
With Illustrations by H.J. A. Miles.
Wild Adventures in Wild Places. By Dr. Gordon Stables,
R.N. Illustrated.
Pictures of School Life and Boyhood. Selected from the
best Authors. Edited by Percy Fitzgerald, M.A.
Perils Afloat and Brigands Ashore. By Alfred Elwes.
Freedom's Sword A Story of the Days of Wallace
and Bruce. By Annie S. Swan.
Modern Explorers. By T. Frost. Illustrated.
Decisive Events in History. By Thomas Archer. Illustrated.
The True Robinson Crusoes. Cloth gilt.
Early Explorers. By Thomas Frost. Illustrated.
Home Chat with our Young Folks. Illustrated throughout
Jungle, Peak, and Plain, Illustrated throughout.
The World's Lumber Room. By Selina Gaye.
Heroes of Every-day Life. By Laura Lane. Illustrated.
Short Studies from Nature. Illustrated.
Rambles Round London.
Around and About Old England.
For Queen and King.
Esther West.
Three Homes.
Working to Win.
G. Manville Fenn's Novels. (As ter List at as.; also The
Vicar's People.)
Cassell's Classical Texts for Schools, from as. 6d. to 4s.
(A list prst free on application.)
Object Lessons from Nature, for the Use of Schools By Prof.
L. C. MialL Illustrated.
Sculpture, A Primer of. By E. R. Mullins.
Higher Class Readers, Cassell's. Illustrated. Each. (See
a.so as.)
Numerical Examples in Practical Mechanics and
Machine Design. By IR G. Blaine, M.E. With Diagrams.
Cloth. [crown 8vo.
Latin Primer (The New). By Prof. J. P. Postgate. dx pages,
Latin Prose for Lower Forms. By M. A. Bayfield, M.A.
Chemistry, The Public School. ByJ. H. Anderson, M.A.
Oil Paitng A Manual of. By the Hon. John Collier. Cloth.
French Reader, Cassell's Public School. By Guillaume
S. Conrad.
French Grammar, Marlborough. Arranged and Compiled
by Rev. J. F. Bright, M.A. (See "Exercises,"3s. 6d.)
Algebra, Manual of. By Galbraith and Haughton. Part I.
Cloth. (Comiplete, 75. 6d.)
Optics. By Galbraith and Haughton.
Euclid. Books I.,., I, II. By Galbraith and Haughton.
Books IV., VI. By Galbraith and Haughton.
Plane Trigonometry. By Galbraith and Haughton. Cloth.
French, Cassell's Lessons in. Parts I. and II. Cloth, each.
(Complete, 4s. 6d.)
SModel Joint" Wall Sheets, for Instruction in Manual
Training. B Barter. Eight Sheet. Each.
Natural History Wall Sheets (Cassell's). Ten Subjects.
Separate Sheets, as. 6d. each. Unmounted, as. each. (See also ios.
and 25S.)
Elizabeth Gilbert and her Work for the Blind. By
Frances Martin.
Father Mathew His Life and Times. By F. J. Mathew,
a Grand-nephew.
Free Public Libraries. By Thomas Greenwood, F.R.G.S.
New and Enlarerd Edition.
Colonist's Medical Handbook, The. By E. A. Barton,
The Verdict. A Tract on the Political Significance of the Report of
the Parnell Commission. By A. V. Dicey, Q.C.
Royal Academy Antics. By Harry Furniss. With upwards
of 60o Illustratiols by the Author.
Nursing of Sick Children, A Handbook for the. By
Catherine j. Wood.
Browning, An Introduction to the Study of. By
Arthur Symons.
The England of Shakespeare. By E. Goadby. Illustrated.
John Parmelee's Curse. By Julian Hawthorne.
At the South Pole. By W. H. G. Kingston. Illustrated.
Ships, Sailors, and the Sea. By R. J. Cornewal-Jones.
Illustrated. Cheap Edition.
Famous Sailors of Former Times. Illustrated.
Unicode. The Universal Teleraphic Phrase Book. Desk and Pocket
What Girls Can Do. By Phyllis Browne. [Editions. Each.
Dog, The. By Idstone. With twelve full-page Illustrations.
Bo-Peep. A Treasury for the Little Ones. (See s. 6d.)
The Pilgrim's Progress.
Irish Union, The; Before and After. ByA. K. Connell, M.A.
(See aro is.) *
Commentary on Numbers. (See aso 3s. and 3s. 6.)
Commentary on Deuteronomy, (See also 3s. and 3. 6d.)
Commentary on Romans. (ee also 3S. and 3s. 6d.)
New Testament, An Introduction to the.
Gospel of Grace, The. By a Lindesie. Cloth.

The Elements of Practical Drawing for Cabinetmakers.
Perspective. Drawing for Bricklayers.
Model Drawing. Drawing for Metal-Plate
Drawing for Stonemasons. Workers.
Gothic Stonework.

Cassel's New Coloured Natural History Wall
Sheets. Consisting of 8S Subjects. Size-39 by 3 in. Mounted
on rollers and varnished. Each.
How to Shade from Models, Common Objects, and
Casts of Ornament. A Pratical Manual. By W. E. Sparkes.
Practical Plane and Solid Geometry, including
Graphic Arithmetic. Vol. I., Elementary Stage.



4 Cassell c Company's Classified Price List.



Elementary Flower Painting. With Eight Coloured Plate
and Wood Engravings.
Sepia Painting, A Course of. Two Vols. Each. (See also 5s.)
Marlborough Arithmetic Examples.
Book-keeping for the Million. Cloth. (See also 2s.)
Book-keeping for Schools. 'By T. Jones. (See also 2s.)
Tides and Tidal Currents. By Galbraith and Haughton.
SCHOOL COMMENTARIES. Edited by Bishop Ellicott.
Genesis. Ir: F-31 Romans. (as. 6d.)
Exodus. Corinthians I. and II. (3s.)
Leviticus. (3s.) Galatians, Ephesians, and
Numbers. (as. 6d.) Philippians. (3s.)
Deuteronomy. (2s. 6d.) Colossians, Thessalonans,
and Timothy. (3s.)
St. Matthew. (3s.6d.) 'Titus, Philemon, Hebrews,
St. Mark. (3s.) and James. (3s.)
St. Luke. (3s. 6d.) Peter, Jide, and John. (3s.)
St. John. (s. 6d.) The Revelation. (3s.)
The Acts of the Apostles. An Introduction to the New
(3s. 6d. Testament. (2s. 6d.)
New and Orig. .. .- ,i ., ..' *. .1, T .traits. In
S Six V r. I ich Vol.

Biblewomen and Nurses. Yearly Volume.

Practical Mechanics. By Prof. Perry, M.E.
rutting Tools Worked by Hand and Machine. By
Prof Smith.
The Citizen Reader, By H. O. Arnold-Forster. Presentation
Edition, printed on thick paper. (See also is. 6d.)
Cassells Popular Atlas. Containing 24 Coloured Maps.
Commercial Botany of the Nineteenth Century. By
J. K. Jackson, A.L.S.
Miniature Cyclopaedia, Cassell's. Containing 30o00 Subjects.
(See also 4s. 6d.)
Colour. By Prof. A. H. Church. New and Enlarged Edition.
English Literature, The Story of. By Anna Buckland.
Guide to Employment in the Civil Service. Cloth.
Shakspere Reading Book, The. By H. Courthope Bowen,
M.A. Illustrated. (See also is.)
German Grammar, The Marlborough. Compiled and
Arranged by the Rev. J. F. Bright, M.A. Cloth.
French Exercises, Marlborough. C Rev. G. W. De
Lisle, M.A., French Master in Marlborough -. 11
Handrailing and Staircasing. By : *.. Cresswell.
Hydrostatics. By Galbraith and Haughton. Cloth.
Steam Engine. By Galbraith and Haughton. Cloth.
Mathematical Tables. By Galbraith and Haughton.
Mechanics. By Galbraith and Haughton. Cloth.
Linear Drawing and Projection, Two Vols. in One.
German Dictionary, cassell's NEW. In Two Parts.
German-English and Englith-German. .Cloth.
French-English and English-French Dictionary. Re-
vised Editione, with 3,000o new words. (See also 4s. 6d.)
Latin-English Dictionary. Thoroughly Revised by J. R. V.
Marchant, M.A.
Phrase and Fable, Dictionary of. By Rev. E. C. Brewer,
LL.D. TwentiethL Edition, Enlarged. (See also 4. 6d.)
Drawing for Carpenters and Joiners. By E. A.
Davidson. With 253 Engravings.
Natural Philosophy. By Prof. Haughton.
Alphabet, Cassel's Pictorial, and Object Lesson
Sheet for Infant Schools.

Cheap Editions. Illustrated throughout.
The Hfuman Race. The World before the Deluge.
The Ocean World. I Mammalia.

Italy from the Fall of Napoleon I. in 1815 to 1890.
By J. W. Probyn. A'ew and Chcaper ESition.
Heroes of Britain in Peace and War. Cheap Edition.
Two Vols. With 30o Illustrations. Each.
Disraeli, Benjamin, The Rt. Hon. Earl of Beacons.
field, K.G., Personal Reminiscences of. By Henry
Lake. With Two Portraits, &c., crown 8vo.
Life of Nelson. By Robert Southey. Illustrated.
The Anglomaniacs; a Story of New York Life of
To-day. By Mrs. Burton Harrison.
Flower de Hundred. The Story of a Virginia Plantation. By
Mrs. Burton Harrison.
The Law of Musical and Dramatic Copyri ght.
Aubrey de Vere's Poems. A Selection. 1 1 i i ,. ,-
Gas, The Art of Cooking by. ByMarie .. ...; ....
Marriage Ring, The. A Gift Book for i, ,... I .
for those Coatemplating Marriage. By William Landels, D.D.
"Lectures on Christianity and Socialism. By the Right
Rev. Alired Barry, D.D.
Shakspere, The Leopold. With about 400 Illustrations.
Cloth. (See also gs. andys. 6d.)
The Eye, Ear, and Throat. By H. Power, F.R.C.S.; G. P.
Field; and J. S. Bristowe, F.R.S.
Vicar of Wakefeld, The, and other Works by Goldsmith.
Illustrated. (See aloi s.)
Gulliver's Travels. Cheap Edihton. With Eighty-eight Engrav-
ings by Mortoen. Crown 4to, cloth. (See also 5s.)
Culmshire Folk. By the Author of "John Orlebar.'' &c.
Civil Service, Guide to Employment in the.
Steam Engine, The Theory and Action of the. FOR
PRACTICAL MEN. By W. H. Northcott, C.E.
On the Equator By H. DeW. Illustrated.
AYear's Cookery. By Phyllis Browne. A'ewand Enlarged Edition.
Sports and Pastimes, Cassell's Complete Book of.
Cheap Edition. With over 9oo Illlntrations. Cloth.
Poultry-Keeper, The Practical. By Lewis Wright. With
Numerous Woodcuts.
Pigeon Keeper, The Practical. By Lewis Wright.
Rabbit Keeper, The Practical. By Cuniculus.
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, dassell's. Illustrated.
Cloth. (Se also 5s. and. 6d.)
Reconciliation. By a Lindesie. Cloth.

Cassell & Company, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London; Paris and Melbourfe,

Crown Svo, cloth.
"89." By Edgar Henry.
Karmel the Scout. By Sylvanus Cobb, Junr.
The Master of Ballantrae. By RI L. Stevenson.
"Kidnapped." By R. L. Stevenson.
The BlacK Arrow. A Tale of the Two Roses. By R. L. Steven-
Treasure Island. By R. L. Stevenson.
The Splendid spur. By Q, Author of Dead Man's Rock," &c.
King Solomon's Mines. By H. Rider Haggard.
All Illustrated and bound in cloth gilt. Crown 8vo.
The Half Sisters. I rilof and his Pables. By
Peggy Oglivie's Inheritance. W. R. S. Ralston, M.A.
The Family Honour. Fairy Tales. By Prof. Morley.

Pleasant Work for Busy Fingers or, Kindergarten
at Home. By Maggie Browne. Illustrated.
Wanted-a King; or, How Merle set the Nursery
Rhymes to Rights. New Fairy Story. By Maggie Browne.
With Original Designs by Harry Furniss.
Great-Grandmamma and Elsie, By Mrs. Hamilton Synge.
Robin's Ride. By Miss Davenport Adams.
Little Mother Bunch. By Mrs. Molesworth. Illustrated.
Esop's Fables. Cheap Edition. Cloth.
Rhymes for the Young Folk. By William Allingham. Boards.
The Chit-Chat Album. Illustrated throughout
Picture Album of All Sorts. With Full-page Illustrations.
My Own Album of Animals,
Album for Home, School, and Play, Containing numerous
Stories by popular Authors.
Cassell's Pictorial Scrap Book. In Six Sectional Volumes,
paper boards, cloth back. Each Vol.
Bo-Peep. A Treasury for the Little Ones. Illustrated
throughout. Cloth gilt. (See also 2s. 6d.)
Robinson Crusoe, Cassell's. Profusely Illustrated. 3I (See also
Swiss Family Robinson. Cassell's. Illustrated. J 5s.)
Little Folks (ENLARGED SERIESh. Half-Yearly Vols. With
Pictures on nearly every page, together with two Full-page Plates
printed in Colours, and Four Tinted Plates. Coloured boards.
(See also 5s.)

Crown 8vb, with Eight Full-page Illustrations. Cloth gilt.
A Sweet Girl Graduate. By L. T. Meade. Illustrated.
The White House at Inch Gow. By Mrs. Pitt. Illustrated.
Lost in Samoa. A Tale ot Adventure is the Navigator Islands.
By E. S. Elis. With Eight Original Illustrations.
Tad ; or, Getting Even" with Him. By E. S. Ellis. With
Eight Original Illustrations.
Polly: A New-fashioned Girl. By L. T. Meade. Illustrated.
The Cost of a Mistake. BySarah Pitt. Illustrated. a
A World of Girls: A Story of a School. By L. T. Meade.
Lost among White Africans: A Boy's Adventures
on the Upper Congo. By David Ker.
On Board the Esmeralda" or, Martin Leigh's Log.
-_ i ~ i i i With Full-page Tinted Illustrations.
For Qu -n and King; orl the Loyal 'Prentice. By
In Quest of Gold. ByAfredSt.Johnston Illustrated.
The Palace Beautiful. A Story for Girls. By L. T. Meade.
For Fortune and Glory, A Story of the Soudan War. By
Lewis Hough.
"Follow my Leader"; or, The Boys of Templeton.
By Talbot Baines Reed.

Cassell's Classical Texts for Schools, from as. 6d. to 4s.
(A listfost free on application.)

Watch and Clock Making. By D. Glasgow, Vice-President of
the British Horological Institute.
Design in Textile Fabrics. By T. R. Ashenhurst. With
Coloured and numerous other Illustrations.
Spinning Woollen and Worsted. By W. S. B. McLaren, M.P.
Phrase and Fable, Dictionary of. New and Enlarged
Edoiton. By the Rev. Dr. Brewer. Superior binding. (See also 3S. 6d.)
French- English and English French Dictionary.
Superior binding, with leather back. (See also 3s. 6d.)
French, Cassell's Lessons in. Ne anrd Revised Edition.
Complete in One Vol. (See also 2S. 6d.)
Drawing for Machinists and Engineers. By Ellis
A. Davidson. With over zoo Illustrations.
Miniature Cyclopaedia. Roxburgh. (See also 3s. 6d.)

Kidnapped. By R. L Stevenson. Illustrated.
Treasure Island. By R. L. Stevenson. Illustrated.
Splendid Spur, The. ByQ.
Master of Ballantrae, The. By Robert Louis Stevenson.
Lady Biddy Fane, The Admirable. By Frank Barrett.
The Secret of the Lamas. A Tale of Thibet.
The Black Arrow. A Tale of the Two Roses. By R. L Stevenson
Commodore Junk. By G. Manville Fenn.
A Queer Race. By W. Westall. a(Se
Phantom City, The. By W. Westall. J 2s.)
Noughts and Crosses Stories, Studies, and
Sketches. By Q.
London Street Arabs. By Mrs. H. M. Stanley (Dorothy
Magic at Home. By Prof. Hoffman. Fully Illustrated.
Flora's Feast. A Masque of Flowers. By Walter Crane. With
40o pages-in Colours.



Cassell 8 Company's Classified Price List. 5


Legends for Lionel. With Coloured Illustrations by Walter Crane.
" Come, ye Children." By Rev. Benjamin Waugh. Illustrated.
JEsop's Fables. Illustrated throughout by Ernest Griset. Cheap
HEition. (Cloth, gilt edges. See also 3s. 6d.)
The Tales of the Sixty Mandarins. By P. V. Ramaswami
Under Bayard's Banner. By Henry Frith. Illustrated.
The King's Command. A Story for Girls. Illustrated.
By Maggie Symington.
The Romance of Invention. ByJames Burnley.
Champion of Odin. The; or, Viking Life in the Days
Of Old. By J. Frederick odgetts. With Tinted Illustrations.
Robinson Crusoe, Cassells. ProfuselyIllustrated. Cloth gilt,
gilt edges. (0ee alro 3s. 0d.)
Swiss Family Robinson, Cassell's. Illustrated. Cloth gilt,
gilt edges. (eCe also 6d.)
Bound by a Spell; or, The Hunted Witch of the
Forest. By the Hon. Mrs. Greene. With Tinted Illustrations.
The History Scrap Book. With nearly z,ooo Engravings.
(Cloth, 7s. 6d.)
.The Sunday Scrap Book. Being Scripture Stories in Pictures.
With about e,0mo Illustrations. (See alsoa s. 6d.
Vicar of Wakefield, The. And other Works by Goldsmith.
Illustrated. Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 3s. 6d1.
Gulliver's Travels. Cheap Edition. With Eighty-eight En-
gravings by Morten. Crown 4to, bevelled boards, gilt edges. (See
a/oa 6d.l) -
Little o olks. Half-Yearly Vols. NeV and Eartgeod series. With
Pictures on nearly every page, together with Two Full-page Plates
printed in Colours, and Four Tinted Plates. Cloth giltgit edges.
(See aso 3s. 6d.)
Howard's Anglo-American Art of Reckoning. By
C. Frusher Howard. New Edition Enlarged. (See also Is. and 2s.)
Storehouse of General Information, Cassell's. Fully
Illustrated. In Vols. Each.
Gaudeamus. Songs for Colleges and Schools. Edited by John
Farmer. (The words only, in paper covers, 6d.; cloth, 9d.) Can also
be obtained in sheets containing two Songs Iwords and music) in
quantities of one dozen and upwards, at Id. per sheet.
Historical Cartoons, Cassell's Coloured, Six. Mounted
on canvas and varnished, with rollers. Each. (See also id. and s.)
Dyeing of Textile Fabrics, The. By Prof. Hummel
Steel and Iron. By Prof. W. H. Greenwood, F.C.S., &c.
Marine Painting. By Walter W. May, R.I. With Sixteen
Coloured Plates.
Animal Painting in Water- Colours. With Eighteen
Coloured Plates by Frederick Tayler.
Tree Painting m Water-Colours. By W. H. J. Boot. With
Eighteen Coloured Plates.
Water-Colour Painting Book. By R. P. Leitch. With
Coloured Plates.
Sepia Painting, A Course of. With Twenty-four Plates from
Designs by R. P. Leitch. (See also 3s.)
leutral Tint, A Course of Painting in. With Twenty-
four Plates by R. P. Leitch.
China Painting. By Florence Lewis. With Sixteen Original
Coloured Plates.
Flowers, and How to Paint them. By Maud Naftel. With
Ten Coloured Plates.
The English School of Painting, By Ernest Chesneau.
Introduction by Prof. Ruskin.
Artistic Anatomy. By Prof. M. Duval
Technical Educator, Casseli's. New and Revised Edition.
Complete in Four Vols. Each.
Flower Painting in Water-Colours. With Twenty Fac-
simile Coloured Plates. First and Second Series. By F. E. Hulme,
F.LS. Each.
Popular Educator, Cassell's NEW, With Revised Text,
New Maps, New Coloured Plates, New Type, &c. To be completed
in Eight Vols. Each.
Popular Educator, Cassell's, Comp'ete in Six Vols. Each.
Geometry, Cassei's Course of Practical. Consisting of
Sixty-four Cards. By Ellis A. Davidson.
Astronomy, Manual of. By Galbraith and Haughton.
Reading Sheets, The Modern. In Three Series. Mounted
on linen with rollers. Each. (See also 0s.)
Signa Christi. Evidences of Christianity set forth in the Person
and Work of Christ. By James Aitchison, Minister of Erskine
Church, Falkirk.
St. George for England : and other Sermons preached to
Children. By the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A.
Life of the World to Come, The, and other Subjects.
By the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A.
Family Prayer-Book, The. Edited by Rev. Canon Garbett,
M.A., and Rev. S. Martin. (See also z8s.)
Bible, The Pew. Cloth, red edges, 5s.; French morocco, red
edges, 6s.; French morocco, gilt edges, 7s.; Persian calf, gilt edges,
7s. 6d.; Persian Yapp," gilt edges, 8s.; morocco, gilt edges, 8s. 6d.

The Life of the Rev, J. G. Wood, By his son, the Rev.
Theodore Wood. With Portrait. Cheap Edition.
Russia. By Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace. M.A. Popular Edition.
Shakspere, The Leopold. Cloth gilt, gilt edges. (See also
s. d. an 7s. 6d.
Otto the Knight, &c. By Octave Thanet.
Eleven Possible Cases. By various Authors.
'elicia. By Miss Fanny Murfree.
Locomotive Engine The Biography of a; or, Life
on the Line. By Henry Frith.
Loans Manual. A Compaton of Tables and Rules for the Use
of Local Authorities. By Charles P. Cotton, M.Inst.C.E., M.R.I.A.
David Todd: The Romance of his Life and Loving.
By David Maclure.
Nature's Wonder Workers. By Kate R. Lovell. Illustrated.
Metzerott, Shoemaker.
Pactolus Prime. A Novel. By Albion W. Tourgee.
Holiday Studies of Wordsworth. By F. A. Malleson, M.A.
Strange Doings in Strange Places. Complete Sensational
Birds Nests, .Eggs, and Egg-Collecting. ByR.Kearton.
With 16 Coloured Plates of Eggs.
Oliver Cromwell The Man and his Mission. By
J. Allanson Picton, M.P. With Steel Portrait. Cheap Edition.
Modern Shot Guns. By W. W. Greener. Illustrated
Gum Boughs and Wattle Bloom. By D. Macdonald.
English Writers. By Prof. H. Morley. Vols. to VIII. Eacl.
Free Trade versus Fair Trade. By Sir T. H. Farrer, Bt.
Vaccination Vindicated. By John C. McVail, M.D.

Cassell & Company, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London; Paris and Melbourne.

Year-Book of Commerce, The, By Kenric B. Murray. Third
Year's Issue.
Medical and Clinical Manuals, for Practitioners and Stu-
dents of Medicine. A List post free of apo location. (See also
7s. 6d., 8s. 6d.. and 9s.)
Household, Cassell's Book of the. Complete in Four Vols.
Gardening, Cassell's Popular. Illustrated. Complete in
Four Vol. Each.
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, Cassell's. Illustrated.
Cloth gilt, glt edges. (See also s. 6d. and 7s. 6d.
Field Naturalist's Handbook, The. By the Rev. J. G.
Wood and Theodore Wood.
Brahm Fowl, The. By Lewis Wright With Chromo Plates.

Star-Land. By Sir Robert Stawell Ball, LL.D. Illustrated.
Queen Summer; or, the Tourney of the Lily and
the Rose. Containing 40 pages of Designs by Walter Crane,
printed in Colours.
Story Poems. For Young and Old. Edited by Miss Davenport
Fourteen to One, &c. By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps.
Father Stafford. By Anthony Hope.
Teaching in Three Continents. Personal Notes on the
Educational Systems of the World. By W. C. Grasby.
Black America. By W. Laird Clowes.
A Web of Gold. By Katharine Pearson Woods. Crown 8vo.
Gleanings after Harvest. By the Rev. John R. Vernon, M.A.
St. Paul, The Life and Work of. By the Ven. Archdeacon
Farrar, D.D., F.R.S. Popular Edition. Cloth. (See also s 6d.,
xos. 6d., 5S., Is., 24., and X2 2S.)
Early Days of Christianity. The. By the Ven. Archdeacon
Farrar, D.D., F.R.S. Popular Edition. Cloth. (See also 7s. 6d.,
os. 6d., re., 24S., and J a2s.)
Life of Christ, The. By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, D.D.,
F.R.S. Popular Edition. Cloth. (See also Ys. 6d., los. 6d., xs.,
24S., and 4.s.)
Irish Leagues, The Work of the, The Speech of the Right
I Hpn. Sir Henry James, Q.C., M.P., Replying in the Parnell Com-
mission Inquiry.
Hand-and-Eye Training. By G. Ricks, B.Sc. Two Vols., with
Sixteen Pages of Coloured Plates in each Vol. Crown 4to. Each.
Bible Educator, The. Edited by the Very Rev. Dean Plumptre.
D.D. Illustrated. Complete in Four Vols. Cloth, each. (See also
2rs. and 24s.)
Moses and Geology; or, The Harmony of the Bible
with Science. By the Rev. Samuel Kinns, Ph.D., F.R.A.S.
With nro Illustrations.
Cobden, Richard The Political Writings of.
Co-operation in Land Tillage. By h. A.
Ostrich Farming in South Africa.
Ladies' Physician, The. By a London Physician.
English Dictionary, Cassell's. giving Definitions of more
than ioo.coo Words and Phrases.
Medical and Clinical Manuals. A List ost/free on anili-
ation. (See also 5s., 8s. 6d.. and 9s.)
Practical Electricity. By Prof. W. E. Arton. Illustrated.
Electricity, The Age of. From Amber Soul to Telephone By
Park Benjamin. Ph.D.
Figure Painting in Water-Colouis. With Sixteen Coloured
Plates. With Instructions by the Artists.
English Literature, A First Sketch of. By Prof. Henry
Morley. Revised and Enlarged Edition
Algebra, Manual of. By Galbraith and Haughton.
English Literature, Library of. By Professor Henry
Morley. With Illustrations taken from Original MSS. Popular
PROSE. Each. (See ala 5S Ss.)

Robinson Crusoe, Cassell's New Fine-Art Edition
of. With upwards of roO Original Illustrations by Walter Paget.
Through Russia on a Mustang. By Thomas Stevens.
Scouting for Stanley in East Africa. By Thomas Stevens.
Disraeli in Outline v being a Biography of the late Earl of
Beaconsheld, and an abridgment of all his Novels. By F.
Carroll Brewster, LLD.
Picturesque Australasia, Cassell's. With upwards of x,noo
Illustrations. Complete in 4 Vols. Each.
The Journal of Marie Bashkirtseff. Translated by Mathilde
Blind. With Two Portraits and an Autograph Letter. Popular
Edition in One Vol. (See also 24s.)
Letters of Marie Bashkirtsef. Translated by Mary J.
berraTo, with Portrait, Autograph Letters, Sketches, &c.
Orations and After-Dinner Speeches. By the Hon.
Chauncey M. Depew. With Portrait.
Shaftesbury, the Seventh Earl of, K.G., The Life
and Work of. By Edwin Hodder. In One Volume, cloth. With
8 Illustrations. (See also 36s.)
Henry Richard, M.P. A Biography. By Charles Miall.
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, as Designer and Writer.
Notes by William Michael Rossetti.
France as It Is. By Andrd Lebon and Paul Pelet. With Three
Maps. Crown 8vo, cloth.
Hygiene and Public Health. By B. Arthur Whitelegge, M.D.
Climate and Health Resorts. By Dr. Burney Yeo.
Health at School. By Clement Dukes, M.D., B.S.
The Chess Problem: Text-Book with Illustrations. Containing
400 Positions selected from the Works of C. Planck and others.
Medical Handbook of Life Assurance. ByJ. E. Pollock,
M.D., andJ. Chisholm.
Cookery, Cassell's Dictionary of. With Coloured Plates
and numerous Engravings. Containing about 9,oo0 Recipes. (See
also eos. 6d.)
Domest ic Dictionary, Cassell's. Illustrated. z,t8o pages.
Royal 8vo, cloth. (See also eos. 6d.)
Subjects of Social Welfare. By the Rt. Hon. Sir Lyon Play-
fair, M.P., K.C.B., LL.D., F.R.S. Crown evo.
Work. An Illustrated Magazine of Practice and Theory for all Work-
men, Professional and Amateur. Yearly Volume.
Saturday Journal Cassell's. Yearly Volume. Illustrated.
Cities of the World. Illustrated throughout with fine Illustrations
and Portraits. Complete in Four Vols. Each.




6 Cassell S Company's Classified Price List.






Peoples of the World, The, By Dr. Robert Brown. Illus-
trated. Six Vols. Each.
Countries of the World, The. By --r i b .
F.L.S., F.R.G.S. Complete in Six V'. "
Each. (See also 37s. 6d.)
Cassell's Concise Cyclopaedia. With 6o0 Illustrations. A
Cyclopedia in One Voluime. Neiw and Cheap -Edition.
Year-Book of Treatment, The. A Critical Review for Prac-
titioners of Medicine. Eighth year of publication. 500 pages.
Sunday Scrap Book. Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 5s.)
History Scrap Book. Cloth gilt. (See also 5s:)
Our Own Country. Complete in Six Vols. With 200 Original
Illustrations in each Vol. Each.
English Literature Dictionary of. By V. Davenport
Admins. Cloth. (See also los. 6d.)
Shakspere, The Leopold. Roxburgh. (Seealso 3s. 6d. and5s.)
Sea, The: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril,
and Heroism. By F. Whymper. Four Vol., with 400 Original
Illustrations. Each. (See also 2s.)
World of Wonders, The. Two Vols. Illustrated. Each.
World of Wit and Humour, The. With about 400 Illustra-
Natural History, Cassell's Concise. By Prof. E. Perceval
Wright, M.A. Illustrated. Cloth. (See also los. 6d.)
"Quiver" Volume, The. New and Enlarged Series. With
several hundred Origiial Contributions. About 600 Original Ilhls-
'trations. Cloth.
r atrar's Life of Christ. Cheap Illustrated Edition. Large 4to,
l. (See also 6s., los. 6d., iss., an d 24s.I.
Farrar's Early Days of Christianity. Popular Edition.
Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 6s., ros. 6d., 15s., 24s., and 42s.)
Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. Popular Editioin.
Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 6s., as. 6d., 15s., 2zs., 24s., and 42s.)
Bible Dictionary, Cassell's. With nearly 6oo illustrations.
Cloth. (See also ios. 6d.)
Sunday:" Its Origin, History, and Present Obli.
gation (Banlpton Lectures, 186o). By tile Ven. Archdea.cun
Hessey, D.C.L. FifthEdtiorn.
Child's Life of Christ, The. With about 200 Original Tllus-
trations. Cloth. (See also los. 6d. and os.)
Child's Bible, Cheap Edition. Illustrated. Cloth. (See also los. 6d.)
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, Illustrated. Cloth, bevelled
boards, red edges. tsee also 3s. 6d. and s.)

Medical and Clinical Manuals. A List postfree on appli-
care,,. (iSeee i/nei.. 7s 6d., aced 9s.)
cation. (ea5Gr 7s.6d., a s)aven in the Roc; or, the Historical Accuracy of
the Bible. Confirmed by reference to lle Assyrian and Egyptian
Conquests of the Cross. Edited by Edwin Hodder. Illustrated. Sculptures in the British Museum and else here. By Rev. Dr. Samuel
Complete in Three Vols. Eacll. Kinns, F.R.A.S., &c. &c. With Numerous Engravings.
Adventure, The World of. Complete in Three Vols. Fully familiar Trees. Complete in Two Series. With Forty Coloured
Illustrated. Each. Plates. Each.
queen Victoria, The Life and Times of. Complete in
Queen Victoria, The Life and Times of. Complete in Garden Flowers, Familiar. Complete in Five Series. Forty
Two Vols. Illustrated. Each. C i ii: each. Cloth gilt, in cardboard box, or morocco,
Our Earth and its Story, By Dr. Robert Brown, F.L.S. c
Complete in 3 Vols. With Coloured Plates and numerous Wood En- .
gravings. Each. Wild Birds, Familiar. Complete in Four Series. By W
Electricity in the Service of Man. A Popular and Practical Swayslard. With Forty Full-page exquisite Colouread Ilstratlons.
Treatise. With nearly 85 lllunstrations. (Cheap Edziio.) Cloth gilt, in cardboard box, or morocco, cloth sides. Each.
Leanings from Popular Authors. Complete in Two Vols. Wild Flowers, Familiar. Complete in Five Series. B F. E.
With Original Illustrations by tile best artists. Each. (See also 1us.) Huhne, F.L.S., F.S.A. Witl. i i ii T ,i
Natural History, Cassell's New. Edited by Prof. P. each.and Descriptive Text. Ci:,, 1, ii :
Martin Duncan, M.D., F.R.S. Complete in Six Vols. illustrated cloth sides. Each.
throughout Extra crown 4to. Eacl. Heavens, The Story of the. By Sir R. Stawell Ball, LL.D.,
Universal History, Cassell's Illustrated. VoL I., Early F.RS., F.R.A.S.. Royal Astronomer of Ireland. Pprular Edilion.
and Greek History. Vol. II. The Roman Period. Vol. Ill., The Illustrated by Chromo Plates and Wood Engravings.
Middle Ages. Vol. IV., Modern History. With Illustrations. Each.
England Cassell's Illustrated History of. With about
,oe Illustrations. Complete inTei Vols. Each. NewanrridRemised
Edltone V I., II, I., and tIV. Each. (See also 5.dR) The Cabinet Portrait Gallery, First and Second Series.
Protestantism, The History of. By the Rev. J. A. Wylie, Each Containing 36 Cabir, ir r i. of Eminent Men and
LLD. Three Vols. With 600 Illustrations. Each. (See also 30s.) Wome. With Biographical i .
United States, History of the (Cassell's). Complete in English History, Dictionary of. Roxburgh. (See also los. 6d.)
Three Vols. About 600 Illustrations. Each. (See also 27s. and os.) Farrar's Life of Christ, The. Popular Edition. Tree-calf.
"Family Magazine" Volume, Cassell's. With about (See also 6s., 7s. 6d., ios. 6d., 24s., ard 42s.)
4oo Original Illustrations.
SOrigti al B stratis ons. Land and Sea. Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. Popular Edition.
abritish Battles on Land and Sea Three Vols. With Tree-calf. /See also 6s., 7s. 6d., ios. 6d., 2ss. 4s., and 42s.)
about 600 Engravings. Each. (See also 30s.)
Battles Recent British. Illustrated. (See also os.) Farrar's Early Days of Christianity. Popular Edition.
Russo-Turkish War, Cassell's History of. With about
Sa Illustrations. Two Vols. Each.' (See also is.) Shakspere The Royal. Complete in Three Vols. With Steel
Inda, Cassel's History of. By James Grant. With about 40 Plates and ood Engravings. Each.
Illustrations. Two Vols. Each. Cassell's Pictorial Scrap Book. Containing nearly 2,00
London, Old and New. Complete in Six Vols. Containing CaIlllratiols. Seri also crapB Co g n y nd
about 1, 2a Illustrations. Each. (See also LZ3.) Ilhetrati.
E-dinburgh. Casell's Old and New. Complete in Three British Ballads. With Several Hundred Original Illustrations.
"I. ... ,, 1..i Each. (Seenalso27. id3os.) Complete in Two Vols. Cloth.
London, Greater. Complete in Two Vols. By Edward Walford. India, Cassell's History of. By James Grant. With about 400
With about 4o0 Original Illustrations. Each. (See also 2os.) Illustrations. Two Vols.in One. Library d0ition. (6ee also 9s.)
Science for All, Reit ed Edilion. Complete in Five Vols. Each
containing about 35i illustrations and Diagrams. Each. Russo-Turkish War, Cassel's History of the. llus-
Mledical and Clinical Manuals. A List postfree on appli. t d Libray B Vol. (
catin. (See also 5.s 7s. 6d., and 8s. 6d.) Gleaning s from Popular Authors. Two Vols. in One.
Cloth, gilt edges. (See aloo gs.)
School Registers. (For description, see is. 4d.)
Battles, Recent British. Library Ediion. (Seealso 9.) Rivers of Great Britain. Popular Edition. Vol. x. The
Royal River: The Thames from Source to Sea. Descriptive, His-
Watts Phillips. Author and Playwright. By Miss E. Watts tormcal, Pictorial With Several Hundred Original Illustrations. See
Phillips. With 32 Plates. also 42s.
Richard Redgrave, C.B., .RA Memoir. Compiled from his Bunvnn': Pilgrim's Progress and The Holy War.
Diary. Will Portrait and Three lllustratiuus. By F. M. Eedtgave. ..-,,, ,. i' 410, cloth.
Cloth gilt.
Celebrities of the Century. Being a Dictionary of the lMen Magazine of Art, The. Yearly VoL .r :i i ..... .
and Women of the Nineteentl Century. Edited by Lloyd C. gravures, &c., and Several Hundred Engr-..., ..1i 11, g.l
Sanders. /Cheap Ediion. Cloth. edges.

Cassell 4 Company, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London; Paris and Melbourne.

Dictionary of Religion, The. By the Rev. William Benham,
B.D. C/eap bcaiion. UAoth.
Farrar's Life of Christ. Popular Edition. Persian morocco.
tee also 6s., 7s. 6d., s. 24., and 4z.)
Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. IPopular Edition.
iersian mnorocco. ee also 6s.. ,s. 6d., 1s, i.S, 24S., and 42S.)
Farrar's Early Days of Christianity. Popular Edition.
P'erian lnorocco. (ree also 6s., 7s. od, 15., 24s., and 42s.)
Child's Life of Christ, The. With about 2oo Original Illus-
tralions and Six Colourcd Plates. Cloth, gilt edges (See acso 7.. 6d.
and 2is.)
Child's Bible. Superior Edition. Witl 200 Illustrations and Six
Co.oured Ilates. Cloth, gilt edgs. (See al/r 7s. 6d.,
Domestic Dictionary, The. Roxburgh. (See also s. 6d.)
Cookery, Cassell's Dictionary of. Illustrated throughout.
Roxburgh. (See also 7s. 6d.)
Bible Dictionary, Cassell's. Roxburgh. (See also 7s. 6d.)
The Polytechnic Technical Scales. On celluloid lin case).
Per set. (See also is.)
Architectural Drawing. By Plene Spiers. Illustrated.
Encyclopardic Dictionary, The. A New and Original Work
f Reference to all the Words in the English Language. Complete
in Fourteen Divisional Vols. Each. (See also e2s. and 25s.)
English History, The Dictionary of. Cheap Edition. (See
also l5s.)
English Literature, Dictionary of. Roxburgh. (See also
7s. 6d.)
Arabian Nights Eutertainments, The. With Illustrations
by Gustave LDord, aud other well-known Artists. Ne-w hdrton.
Natural History, Cassell's Concise.. By Prof. E. Perceval
Wright, M.A. Illustrated. Roxburgh. (See also 7s. 6d.)
Poultry. The pBool of. By Lewis Wright. Popular Edition.
I II e. i. on Wood. (See also 3s. 6d. and l 2s.)
Gun and its Development, The. With Notes on Shooting.
By W. W.-.Greelier. Willh illustrations.

Modern Europe, A History of. By C. A. Fyffe, M.A.
Fellow of University College, oxford. Three-Vol. Each.
Cassells MIiniature Shakespeare. Complete in 12 Vols.
In Box. (See also is. and 2is.)





Cassell 5' Company's Classified Price List. 7

18/ English Sanitary Institutions. By Sir John Simon, K C .
S.R.S., formerly te Medical Officer of Her Majesty's Privy C

Picturesque Eurdpe. Popular Edition. Complete in Five Vols.
With Thirteen exqui.r i i numerous original Wood
Engravings. Each. I 31 os., and 52 ros.)

Family Prayer Boolk, The. Edited by Rev. Canon Garbett,
M.A., and Rev. S. Martin. Morocco. (See aso5s.)

20/- Natural History Wall Sheets. Set of Ten Plates. Un-
mounted. (See also s. 6d. and 25s.)

Thackeray, Character Sketches from. Six New and
21/- Original Drawbigs by Frederick -Barnard reproduced in Photo-
Dickens, Character Sketches from. First. Second, and
Third Series. By Frederick Barnard. Each containing Six Plates
printed on India paper. In Portfolio. Each.
Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales, The.
Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial. In'is lap-r Edition. Series I.
and 11. Each.
Encyclopedic Dictionary, The. Seven Double Divisional
Vols., half-morocco. Each. See also los. 6d. and 25s.)

Cassell's Pictorial Scrap Boolk. Containing nearly 2,000
Illustrations. (See also 3s. 6d. and i5s.)
Dairy Farming. By Prof. Sheldon. With Twenty-five Coloured
Plates. Demy 4t0.
Health, The Book of. Cloth. (See aso 25s.)
Fa ily Physician, The, A Modern Manual of Domestic
iMedcine. New arnd Revised Editi n. Cloth. (See also 25s.)

Milton's Paradise Lost. Illustrated with Full-page Drawings
by Gustave Dore.
Dante's Inferno. With Full-page Illustrations by Gustave Dore.
Shakespearer The Plays of. Edited by Prof. Henry Morley.
Coniplete in Thirteen Vols., in broi, cloth. (See also 42s.)
Shakespeare, Cassell's Miniature. Complete in t Vols.
In box with spring catch. tSee also is. and i2s.)
Mechanics, The Practical Dictionary of. Containing
2.oo0o Drawing; of Machinery. Four Vols. Clutl. Each. (Sece ato-


Holy Land and the Bible, The. By the Rev. Cunn:nghamn
Geikie, D.D. Illustrated Lditto. One Vol.
Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. ILLUSTRATED
EDITION. (See also 6s., 7s. 6d., ios. 6d., 15s., 24s., and 42s.)
Old Testament Commentary for English Readers,
The. Edited by the Rev. C. J. Ellicott, D.D., L ord Bishop of
Gloucester and Bristol FiveVols. Each. (Seealso 7 y17. 6d.)

New T ltament Commentary. Edited by C. J. Ellicott,
DD. i i. of Gloucester and Bristol. Three Vols. Each.
(See i
Child's Life of Christ. Toe. 'ith about 200 Original Illus-
trations. DU .. i i ..,i ;II. S (See also7.6adad. nd os.6d.)
Bible Educator, The. Edited by Dean Plumptr&, D.D. Com-
.plete in Two Vols. (See also 24s. and 6s.)

24/- Holy Land and the Bible. The. By the Rev. Cunningham
"Geikie, D.D. With Mlap. In Two Vols.

Early Days of Christianity, The. BytheV:- i .
Farrar, D., F.R.S. Two Vo .
(See also 6s., 7s. 6d., -. .)
Life of Christ, The. By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, D.D.,
F.R.S. Library Eiititon. Two Vols., cloth. (See also 6s., ys. 6d.,
los. 6d., and 15s.)
Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. Library Ediron.
Two Vols., cloth. (See also 6s., 7s. 6d., Ios. 6d., 15s., is., and 42-.)
Bible Educator,-The. Edited by Dean Plumptre. Complete in
Four Vols. (See also 1s. and 6s.)
Marie Bashkirtself, The Journal of. Translated from the
French by Mathilde Blind. Library Edition. Two Vols. (See also
7s. 6d.)

25/- Cathedrals Abbsys, and Churches of England and
Wales. Descriptive, Historical,- Pictorial. Cloth gilt, gilt edges.
Plo Elar .Edition. Two Vols.
Encyclopedic Dictionary, The. Seven Double Divisional
Vols., hall-russia. Each. (oee also los. 6d. and 2s.)
Family Physician. The. Aew and Revised Edition. Rox-
burgh. (See also u2s.)
Sea, The Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril,
and Heroism. By F. Whysmper. Library BLitdling. Conlplete
in Two Vols. (See also ?7. 6d)

Health, The Book of. Roxburgh. (See also irs.)
Natural History Wall Sheets. Ten Subjects. Size 26 by
ao inches. Mounted. (See also 2s. 6d. and 2os.)
Mechanics, The Practical Dictionary of. Half-morocco.
Four Vols. Each. (Seealso2os.)
London, Greater. Liboar'y ldi,7on. Two Vols. (See aso 9.'

Protestantism, The History of. By the Rev. J A. lie.
LL.D. Conrtailning opwards of 6 Original Illustrations. Three Vuls.
(See also 9s. an, 30s.)
British Battles on Land and Sea. Three Vols. Cloth.
(See also gs. and 30s.1
United States, History of the. By Edmund Oilier.
Containing 6o00 llistrations and Maps. (See also 9s. and 30o.)
Edinburgh, Old and New. Complete in Three Vols. (See also
9s. acid 30s.)

Edinburgh, Old and New. Complete in Three Vols., library
binding. (See also 95. and 275.)
Protestantism, The History of. Library Edition. (See
also 9s. "aId "77.)
British Battles on Land and Sea. With about 60 Illustra.
tions. Library Editiont. Three Vols. (See also 9s. anld 27s.)
United States, History of the. By Edmund Oilier.
Library Eidition. Three Vbls. (See also ys. and 27.)

Little Minister, The. By J. M. Barrie. Three Volumes, extra
crown 8vo.
The Lake Dwellings of Europe. By Robert Munro, M.D.,
M.A. Illustrated. Clotlh. (Seai~soo2 2s.)
Music, Illustrated History of. By Emil Naumann. Edited
by the Rev. Sir F. A. Gore Ouseley, Dart. Illustrated. Two Vols.
Picturesque Europe. Popular Edintion. Two Vols. In Ono,
formnlng the Britilh lles. (See also i8s., 2., 31 ios., atri iE52 os.)
Poultry, The Illustrated Book of. By Lewis i.,
Ac7a ,,rd SRevised 'dition. \Yith Fifty Coloured Plates. ( i L
(See also aos. 6d. and 42s.)
Pigeons, The Book or. .' i .,, .. i i .d and arranged
by Lewis *. 1i 1 i I'' ,, I ,:.. i- II 1 (See also 42s.)

The Life, Letters, and Friendships of Richard
Monckton Milnes, First Lord Houghton. By T.
VWenyss Reid. Two Vols., with iTwo Portraits.

Horse, The Book of the. By Samucel Sidney. With Twenty-
eigt lac-si nie Coloured Plates. Cloth. (See also 45s.)

Multerflies and Molbi. European. ByW. F. Kirby. With

Dog, Illustrated Book of the. By Vero Shaw, B.A.Cantab.
With Twenty-eilgt Fac-siiile uoluured Plates. Demy 4to, cloth
gilt. (See also 45s.
Canaries and Cage-Birds, The Illustrated Book of.
By W. A. Blakston. W. Swayslindl, ilnd A. F. \\ iener. With Fifty-six
Fac-simpile Coloured l'l.iteu, and nunlerous Wuood Engravings. (See
also 45s.)

Shaftesbury, the Seventh Earl of, K.G., The Life
and Work of. By Edwin Ilodder. Withi Purtrats. Three Vols.
(See also 7s. 6d.'

Countries of the World, The. By Robert Brown, M.A.,
Ph.D., F.L.S., F.R.G.S. 1 three Vols. Library Bindrig. (i'or
decr'iption/, see 7s. 6d.)
Our Own Country. Three Vols. Library Bitsdirng. (For de-
scripion, see 7s. 6d.)

Shakespeare The Plays of, Edited by Prof. Henry Morley.
Complete in Thirteen Vul., in box. half-morocco, clotl sides. (See
also 0zs.)
The Lake Dwellings of Europe. By Robert Munro, M.D.,
M.A. Illustrated. Roxburgh. (See also 3is. 6d.)
The Picturesque Mediterranean, '`.i : .~i. iii., .r,
Coloured Froutisp.ece. By Birket Fuster. '. ,.. i 1 .
Rivers of Great Britain, The i Descriptive, HMstorical, Pic-
tori,l. RIVERS of THE EASI COAST. With nuiierous highly-
finished Engravings. Royal 4to, with Ething as Frontispiece.

Rivers of Great Britain, The:-The Royal River
The Thames from Source to Sea. Original r.'iton.
WVith Descriptive text by various writers, and a Series of
beautiful Engravings from Original Designs. With Etching for
Froutispiece. (ee also I6s.)
Dore Gallery, The. Popular Ediion. With 250 Illustrations by
Gustate Dore. Cloth gilt, bevelled boards.

Cassell & Company, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London; Paris and Melbourne.










Cassell 4- Company's Classified Price List.

Egypt, Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque.
Poptrlar Edition. By Prof. G. Ebers. Translated by Clara Bell,
with Notes by Samuel Birch, LL.D., D.C.L., F.S.A. 2 Vols. With
about 8oo Original Engravings.
Picturesque America. Complete in Four Vols., with Forty-
eight Exquisite Steel Plates and about 80o Original Wood Engravings.
The Life of Christ. By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar. D.D. Library
ERition, morocco. Two Vols. (See also 6s.; 7s. 6d., los. 6d., ins., and
St. Paul, The Life and Work of. By the Ven. Archdeacon
Farrar. Library Edition, morocco. Illustrated Edition, morocco.
(See also 6s., 7s. 6d., os. d., 5 is., and 24s.)
Farrar's Early Days of Christianity. Library Edition.
Two Vols. Morocco. (See also 6s., 7s. 6d., ios. 6d., iss., and 24s.)
Poultry, The Book of. By Lewis Wright. With Fifty Coloured
Plates, half-morocco. (See also los. 6d. and 30s. 6d.)
Pigeons, The Book of. By Fulton. With Fifty Coloured
Plates, half-morocco. (See also 3xs. 6d.)
Popular Educator, The. In Three Double Vols., half-calf.
(See also 5s.)






London, Old and New. Complete in Six Vols. With about
i,2oo Illulsrations. Library Edtlion. (See also gs.)

Shakespeare, Royal Quarto. Edited by Charles and Mary
Cowden Clarke, and contaiinig about too Illustrations by H. C.
Selous. Three Vols., cloth gilt.
Picturesque Canada. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of all
the Features of Interest in tile Dominion of Canada, from its
Discovery to thie Preoset Day. With about 60o Original Illustrations
Complete in Two Volumnes. Each.

Bible Cassell's Illustrated Family. Morocco antique.
(Also 5os. in leather, and 75s. best morocco.)
The International Shakspere. Addition de luxe. (See also
.7 ros.)
Othello." Illustrated by Frank Dicksee, R.A.
"King Henry IV." Illustrated by Herr Eduard Gritzner.
"As You Like It." Illustrated by Mons. Emile Bayard.
"Romeo and Juliet" advanced to 7 los. (See belowo.)
In preparation :
"King Henry VIII." Illustrated by Sir James Linton, P.R.I.
"Twelfth Night." Illustrated by G. H. Boughton, A.R.A.

New Testament Commentary, The. Edited by Bishop
Ellicott. 1 lree Vols. in half-morocco. tSee also sis.)

England, Cassell's History of. With 2,oo Illustrations.
Library Edition. Ten Vols. (See also gs.)

English Literature, Library of. The Set of Five Vols.,
half-iorocco. (See also 7s. 6d.)

"Romeo and Juliet." Illustrated by Frank Dicksee, R.A.
Formning a Volume of Tie International Shakspere." This work,
the published price of which has been several timelrincreased, and
which was recelitly raised to 7 lios., i, now out of print and scarce.

British Fossil Reptiles, A History of. By Sir Richard
Owen, K.C.B., F.R.S., &c. With 268 Plates. Complete in Four

Holy Bible, The. Illustrated by Gustave Dord. Two Vols., best
polished inorocco.

Picturesque Europe. Large Pa.ter Edition. Complete in Five
Volumes. Each containing Thirteen exquisite Steel Plates, from
Original Drawings, and nearly zo a I..i 1 illustrations, with
descriptive Letterpress. Royal 41t, ( ir at., /si2 half-morocco,
L31 os.; morocco gilt, Lb52 os. (tee also 8s. arid 31s. 6d.)


Art, Magazine of. Is.
Atlas, The Universal. Is.
Biblewomen and Nurses. 2d.
British Battles on Land and Sea. 7d.
Cabinet Portrait Gallery, The. Is.
Canaries and Cage-Birds. 6d.
Cassell's Magazine. 7d.
Cassell's Natural History. New
Edition. 7d.
Conquests of the Cross. 7d.
Dore Bible. 3d. (And Weekly, jd.)
Dor6 Gallery, The. 7d.
England, History of. 7d.
English Literature, Library of. 6d.
Family Physician, The. 6d.
Farrar's Life of Christ. 3d. (And
Weekly, jd.)
Figuier's Popular Scientific Works.
German Dictionary, Cassell's. 3d.
Gleanings from Popular Authors.

Heroes of Britain. 3d.
Historic Houses of the United King-
dom. 7d.
Holy Land; The, and the Bible. By
Life and Times of Queen Victoria.
Little Folks. 6d.
London, Old and New. 7d. & 8d.
Modern Europe, A History of. 6d.
National Library, Cassell's.
Weekly, paper, 3d.; cloth, 6d.
Old Testament Commentary, The.
Edited by BISHOP ELLICOTT. 7d.
Our Own Country. 7d;
Peoples of the World. 7d.
Picturesque America. 2s. 6d.
Picturesque Australasia. 7d.
Picturesque Mediterranean. 2s. 6d.
Popular Educator, Cassell's NEW.
Quiver, The. 6d.

Religion, Dictionary of. 6d.
Rivers of Great Britain. Is.
Robinson Crusoe, Cassell's. 6d.
SaturdayJournal, Cassell's.
6d. (And Weekly, id.)
Science for All. 7d.
Shaltesbury, Lord, The Life of. 3d.
Sports and Pastimes, Cassell's
Book of. 3d.
Storehouse of General Information,
Cassell's. 7d.
Story ot the Heavens. 7d.
Trees, Familiar.. 6d.
Wild Flowers, Familiar. 6d.
Work. 6d. (And Weekly, Id.)
World of Wonders, The. 6d.
World of Romance. 7d.

Cassell's Railway Time Tables and
Through-Route Glance-Guide.
Price 4d.

Letts's Diaries and other Time-Saving Publications are published exclusively by
CASSELL & COMPANY, and particulars will be forwarded post free on application to the Publishers,

CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London; Paris and Melbourne.

Horse, The Book of the. By Samuel Sidney. With Twent -
eight Fac-simile Coloured Plates. New and Revised Edition. Half-
morocco. (see also 35s.)
Canaries and Cage-Birds, The Illustrated Book of.
Half-morocco. t'or description, see'35s.)
Dog. Illustrated Book of the. By Vero Shaw, B.A. With
Twenty-eight Coloured Plates. Half-morocco. (See also 35s.)

Old Testament Commentary, The. Edited by Bishop
Bible, Cassel's Illustrated Family. TonedPafer Edition. Ellicott. Five Vols. in half-noerucco. See also a2s.)
Leather, gilt edges. (See also 7os. and 75s.)












44 A.

A, A,.


i iY


'N- ~b '

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