thor is to ilmarry the ier to the wronii
wolUn. .
The writer of a serial story in one of
the poplhir magaizinc( a le'w yea-s :igo
received tlit following letter from an
indigiant re:Ider. The l ninles are
chaPged for obvious reasons:
PDe r Sir- I 1i:ke ib er <, t 4 li;i' vo .
thlr-t;'= h ,.* ,...:,:'; "!., 1 :7;. t- i ',* :I .- :
( ., .
i\. .* *i

It, -
t,, a,,
.aS ~..i..
- kot~

I Ii ".
* atI 'aaknE~Ni.

-a e-.:L-ed l.'1
"It's f'niy iow marrying ebaniges a
man." said Spriggs' caller.
"Yes." replied Spriggs dreamily. "It
used to be that I was devoted to base-|
ball and football and basket ball. and-
now I give all my spare time to baby'si
bawl." and be arose hurriedly and
went into 'be adjoining room.-Detroit'
Free Press.

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James Smith Shoots Henry
Stollard Down on Sight. | j


King Campbell Aecidentally kills Hip
10-Year-Old Brother In Tennemsee.
Two Men Killed In a Fight In a ia
leon-O her Casualties.
Basm'rTo. Tens., Nov. 12. King
Campbell shot and instantly killed his
10-year-old brother while out hunting.
King's shotgun was accidentally dis-
charged and the full load penetrated the
boy's abdomen.
Two killings are reported in Scott
county, Va. James Berry shot Mitchell
Sorberg, it is said, for having made him:
dismount from his horse and crawl on
his hand& and knees.
James Smith killed Henry Stallard on
sight over a recent outbreak of the
Smith-Stallard fend.

Two Men Killed and Two WoundedI
In a Shooting Affray.
BIRMlNGHAM, Ala., Nov. 12.--Another
death has resulted from the shooting
affray in the Peerless saloon Saturday
Per Over Fifty ears.
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morning. Joseph Ashby died from 1lm
wounds. The quarrel started I-tween
Enoch Castleberry and Joseph Ashby
about some theater tickets.
Ashby was shot through bolt lungs.
Thomas FuizpatrieP. who was in tihe
fight, was hot and ir-tan! ty killed.
Entochl Ca,.rlel'e" \vas .sLot. in the'
i.. P. 'l)uMinai:i is n jaiil charged
with iniimrd.r It i- -:.1 M11-Donaid was
acting .s ).;-- :ii;;er, t i:iiad to sh.lot
to dt,44 ;!l i-.,i" 4 r.
Casth*lhrrt. an;i' .Anby hadl some
words. i 2a tfew inVIOilleits a general
fight followed. in which Memonald,
Ashby, Flazpatriek and Ca-trleherry had
a part. It is said that. Abhby fired the
first shot, which struck Castleberry in
the groin. Fitzpatrick, it seems, went
to Ashby's assistance, and pulling his
pistol held it on McDonald, who h:td
madlh.:t !,'lcvani'lt us If to rake 'astl,'a -
bvrrv's -arrt. Mcl),),:tlhl rhen drwc'.v hi

a"A'(.--s 110:41.1g T:i -n;!j \

clutd'.i and arres.tin the pia.ti-i-
pants. Fitz;atrick was shot. throw urh
the heart and killed instantly. Castle-
berry was found in a chair at a lunch
table in the saloon groaning from his
wound. Ashby was on a table near by
with his pistol still in his hand.
McDonald is charged with having
killed Fitzpatrick and it is also claimed
by some that he shot Ashby. Ashby, it
is alleged, shot Oastleberry and fired a
shot at McDonald even after officers had
arrived on the scene.

Savamana Polieeman Shoots a Des-
perado nla Self Defeune.
SAVANNAH, Nov. 12.-Jim Swain was
shot by Policeman P. J. Farrell and fa-
tally wounded. Swain is wanted in
South Carolina for murder and robbery.
Policeman Farrell caught him and took
him to a box to call the wagon. The
negro got away, but the policeman
caught him again. Then Swain grap
pled with the policeman anti threw hiu
Farrell had drawn his pistol and the

iumT a suon weua, 115V8 ---
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r cate phenomena The
edbythlsmethodat his own bhmewo e
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ble, to have hi aw eas aom ato
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eaed poranofd h andedarel u
tel woMhwhiMh heomm Ve

]Bot Boswn Trungswerei sepu

egSo from. B-m.
S.A, v -- .
negro toot it away from him.
the negro could use the pistol
eome up and banded Farrell an<
tol, with which he shot the Dne
Both of Swain's lungs were
and he cannot live.
Head C rushed With aRt
SAVANNAH, Nov. 12. CoU
Skiddis, a Greek fruit dealer,.
and Bay streets, was killed 1
year-old negro boy, known ag
ding." The boy had: asked
some apples aud on biintg rt l u
ened to ,et even with Skidit s
turinedl. ind slippiug up In-
G r e e k s t r u c k h i m o n i ie h e : "
rodek. ruii -ha ig -i i. ull. T
died in a .or-i tuine



kv al


e one
Pr pi.-

at Mills
.v an 18-
I dit totr
l threat
He re.
ii tihe
wite a
** ureek

Killing alt a iot Supp.-.
JACKSONVILTY., Fla., Nov. 1:-Thom.
as Rifels, a negro, was shot aud killed
at a negro hot supper. It aplmars that
385 or 40 negroes were congre gIed arthe'
supper when a: gnuemrl mneh. r k place
Three sho:s were tire-l, but yv wholii
coul'i 1Hot )' :I-f',':riliiiwi. .\fi ti- i

< i : r .r

. u i ; ._''. w. -"

heart aud i iun;dtlv killed !,1 Mil.-
Cureton in theo .rkC..irner. ~VaanIaI-
were out for Curetun for .,inrg
blind tiger, and he took refug at Parks'
cabin, where, it is alleg-dl, he tole soni
clothing. When ruxeused of the thett
Oureton shot Parks.

Stabbed to Death.
LAFATTrw'. Ala, Nov.
wrestling match at a corn she
Fant and some other boys s
gaged in a difficulty. Henr1
interfered, whereupon Fautn
nett. killing him instantly.
Tragedy at Bennetts
Charles Johnson, a man ov
of age, who has a young wit
the attentions paid her bt
Evans and stabbed Evans t<
One Ki'led; Several In.
KsoXViLlN_. Nov. 12.-T.
superintendent of the Roan
pany, at Rockwood, was int
by a premature blast, and
er were injured.
Am mldo-Chlme4e wVe
The royal palaces of Bang
city in themselves. They
several hundred individual
a ,ltri ,,isi h d t. .1"iti-..t

. In a
-king Bent
!a&me en
cut Hod-

ov. 12.-
S60 years
, resented
the heart.
j. Brown, i
Iron cow-
ftly killed !
veral oth-

)k form a
insist of

surrounI 1 jzUr'j Uy Uiagn Ui.- U gardens
and pagodas. Bangkok is re lly a city
of waters. It is an lado-Ch nese Ven-
Ice. More people live im floating
homes on the Menaw. "the Sile of Si-
am," and in many e-anls tllin i per-
manent buildings.
arentb iu Atlunsmlniim.
In reply to the tullesution Vchichb. it is
said. metal workers freqiut'ntly ask.
"What is the strength of :alminium?'
The Aluminiuium World say that cast
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The tensile strength of aliomlnium is
greatly Improved by forging and press
tag at a temperature ot 00 degrees P..
and aluminium alloyed witl nickel Is
mueb stronger than the pu" miatL


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OseK fa d110 a cold snap east wf
ter I saw an ed man in a grocery act.
lng rather 6sokalously. and soon I saw
him steal a potato from a barrelful of
the tObers that stood outside the coun-
Ster. Tlhe old fellow slipped out of the
house as soon as he could convenient-
ly and limped away. I followed him.
thinking to give him what change I
could spare, for I thought be must be
desperately poor if he must steal a po-
When 1 caught up with him and of-
fered him a little money, the old man
roared with laughter. When he had
got his breath again, he said:
"You saw me steal the potato. didn't
"Yes. sir, I did."
"Well. lemtle tell you, my so. 've
got potatoes to sell. I raise thousands
of bushels of them. I've got the big-
gest market garden In this county, and
I've got more aponey than you ever
saw. Carryin a potato in your pocket
will cure the rheumatiz. but for it to
do any good you've got to steal the
potato. See)
I saw. And I sawed wond.-Wi!l
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Bad Manners.
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iuadruped viith its legs bending under
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"How can: you ill treat your horse
so?" he cried addressing the driver.
"It is quiteexhausted. Look at the
way its tongue is hanging out."
"Exhauste I, is it?" answered the boy.
"Why, 'tis e bad manners of him.
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I .c.
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IN l mMsonLbPallml~m ImldsP -h m m=I







Lnd o. Flweers.

Joni C. TMc3, Bditor and Proprietor. -

The hasty eagerness with which
some of our professedly good Dem-
ocratic friends, are urging upon the
public, necessity for a change of
Democratic candidates and Demo-
cratic managers, as well as Demo-
cratic principles, for the sake of suc-
cess four years hence creates suspi-
cion that they have not, in the cam-
paign just ended, given the party
and its leaders that enthusiastic loyal
support the party had a right to ex-
pect from them, to 4ay the least. The
result at the polls backs up this view
with argument more eloquent and
profound than any words could do.
.The fact is, from a great many
sources there is a sort of general re-
joicing over McKinley's election that
might well make us tremble for the
future of the Solid South. The
disintegration of the Solid South as a
political factor is to be desired too, in
preference to that class of politics,
which pretends to accept principles
during the heated season of the
campaigns, only to throw aside the
mask after election day and lend
moral support to the opposition for
the next four years.
By all means give us that measure
of honesty in politics that will en-
able ns at all times to know our
enemies and how to meet them
when the conflict is at its zenith.
An enemy in front is not half as
dangerous as an enemy in ranks.
Chairman Clark, of the State Ex-
ecutive Committee, is crying fraud
in the Capital primary. On this sub-
ject the Kissimmee[ Valley Gazette
in.its first issue After the election

"Some feeling was aroused in
Kissimmee because of the enforce-
ment by the inspectDrs of the ruling
of the State Executive Committee
excluding persons iwho had' signed
petitions for independents from the
Polls. The attention of the inspec-
tors was called to the ruling by Capt.
R. E. Rose, a member of the cam-
paign committee of ithe State Exec-
utive Committee. Late in the after-
noon a message w8s received from
Hon. Frank Clark,'! chairman of the
State Executive Co nmittee, rescind-
ing the ruling o| the committee.
The ruling affected about thirty
electors. The correctness of Chair-
man Clark's action is still the subject
of warm debate."
From this information, which by
the way comes from a paper that
enthusiastically supported Jackson-
ville, it seems that Chairman Clark
himself has been the aggressor, and
is now crying "thieft" to divert at-
- tention from his own high-handed
We do not claim to know as much
as Chairman Clark ought to know
about party law and common usage
in such instances, but we do question
the ability of Chairman Clark to es.
tablish a precedent for his action in
revoking the rules of the State Exec.
utive Committee, in the interest of
his home town.
Tallahassee was advised before
the election that he intended doing
that very thing-in fact was doing it
where he thought it would help his
own town, and our friends were ad
vised of 'the situation. The Com-
mittee, when it meets next week
will doubtless give Mr. Clark to un
derstand that he is not "the whole
thing." In the mean time his con
tention that Jacksonville has woi
and that Tallahassee's apparent plu
reality was gained through fraud is to<
thin to shield his own efforts in tha
direction and too! ridiculous to re
quire serious discussion.

The.fact that Hon. E. M. Hopkins,
1 t. t. ^"

voters had concluded these instrfc-
tions'as to county officers all read
alike, and hence only voted for one
member of"- the Legislature-Judge
Geo. P. Raney.
More than $200,000,000 will be
asked for the support of the army
and navy for the fiscal year ending
June 30, 1902. This is the announce-
ment from Washington. Bureau
chiefs are estimating upon a basis of
an army of 100,000 men. Our mil-
itary establishment grows impressive.
-Buffalo Times. And at the same
time it grows expensive.
No. (2 November) of the Florida
Magazine, by Mann & Ackerly, Jack-
sonville, has reached us. It is a
bright 126 page, 10 cent magazine,
and deserves success from the State.
Gala Week will draw big crowds
to Jacksonville. We are pleased to
see much interest being manifested
in it throughout the State.
Official Canvass of Leon's Vote.
.On last Monday, in accordance
with the law, the Canvassing Board
for the election in Leon county met
for the purpose of canvassing the
vote and certifying the returns. The
examining board conaiste, accord-
ing to law, L. C. Yaeger, Chairman
of the Board of County Commis-
sioners; S. D. Hightower, Supervisor
of Registration, and R. A. Whitfield,
County Judge and Judge of Probate.
The board, after going carefully
over the returns, certified to the fol-
lowing, as the official count of Leon
Presidential Electors:
Democratic.................. ......932
Republican .......... .. ........... .180
Prohibition.... ...... ................ 43
Social Democrats ............ .... 17
For Congress:
S. M. Sparkman (D).............. 914
G. B. Patterson(R) ...................116
For Governor:
W. S. Jennings (D)........ ........943
M. B. McFarlane (R)..................178
A. M. Morton (Soc D) ................ 5
For Secretary of State:
Jno. L. Crawford (D).................949
Geo. W. Allen (R) ..... ............156
For Attorney General:
W. B. Lamar (D)... ............... 5
Fred. Cubberly (R) ..................13!
For C)omptroller:
W. H. Reynolds (D)................. 934
Jno. W.Poweli(R) .................135
For State Treasurer:
J. B. Whitfield (D).................975
W. G. Robinson (R)....................127
For Superintendent Public Instruction:
W. N. Sheats (D)...... .... ........933
Geo. W. Holmes (R)................129
For Commissioner of Agriculture:
B. E.McLin (D)..................915
0. C. Butterwick (R) ...............128
For Justice Supreme Court:
Francis B. Carter (D)............... 927
A. C. Goodell (R) ..................131
For Railroad Commissioner:
Jno. L. Morgan (D) .. ...............927
L. M. W are (R) .....................104
S For Legislature:
Geo. P. Raney (D).................92
Edwin M. Hopkins (D)...............884
S For County Judge:
R. A. Whitfield(D)..................95E
r For Clerk Circuit Court:
SC.A. Bryan(D)....................965
For Sheriff.
Jno. A. Pearce (D)............... 96
JI For Tax Assessor:
H..T. Felkel (D)..................... 97'
For Tax Collector;
SW. A Demilly (D)... .......97'
For County Treasurer.

Jno. Day Perkins (D)............ 96(
i For County Surveyor:
W. T. Bannermau (D).................94(
For County School Superintendent:
C. W. Bannerman (D) .............942
For Members School Board:
Geo. I. Davis (D)....................95i
SR. J. Evans (D).....................92.
Gilbert Hartsfield (D)...............933
The following is total vote foi
Justices of the Peace and Con-

District No. 1:
Justice Peace-W. H. Averett....... 27
Constable-R. Lee Smith............. 23
District Not2:
Justice Peace-J. M. Powell........ 36
Constable-L. S. Crump.............. 21
Constable-J. R. Bradley........... 15
District No. 3:
Justice Peace--R. F. VanBrunt...... 22
Constable-W. C. Cromartie....... 20
District No. 4:
Justice Peace-J. I. Fountain....... 119
Constable-T. L. Coe................116
District No. 5.
'Justice Peace-Jno. A. Craig........ 371
Constable-F. E. Craig................363
Constable-. J. Dienl.............. 5
District No. 6:
Justice Peace-J. B. Conner ......... 32
Constable-Jack Blake............... 30
District No. 7:
Justice Peace-Ormond Chaires.'.... 63

R A Whitfield, county judge fees. 13 23,
Weekly Tallahasseean, printing
election tickets ............... 30 2Z
Weekly Tallahasseean, publishing
licenses...................... 15 3a
J A Pearce. fees lunacy cause...... 10 9w
N B Hartsfield, work on public
road............................... 5 0(
Tallahassee Water Works, water
court houseand jail ............19 1,
Capital City Light & Fuel Co, gas. 2 0(
M B Courtney, work on public
road.................. ........ 15 1!
It is ordered that Geo. W. Hale ib
empowered to buy 100 bushels oi
coke at $11 and one cord of light
wood at $3 per cord.
It is ordered that Geo. W. Hale
janitor, be and he is hereby author
ized to receive guaranteed bids foi
putting the roof of the court house ii
thorough repair. Nothing to be pai(
on said work until job is complete(
.and received by the Board.
The Clerk of the Board is hereby
directed to have 100 postal card
printed for the Justices of the Peac,
of the county to report thereon ti
said Clerk each county convict con
evicted in his court.
It is hereby ordered that Henr,
Hawkins be allowed the sum o
$1.50 per month from the count,
poor fund for the months of Novem
ber and December, and $1.50 pe
month thereafter.
It is ordered that the amount a]
lowed to Becky Ward from th

or..teonal e, 0 e,. ,,
constitutional Amendment Article 8.
Section 5:
or ...... ........................... ... 10
Against ...................... .. ... 33
constitutional Amendment Article 8.1
Section 5:

constitutional Amendm ent Article 16,
Section 12:
*or..... .... .......... .. ... 200
Lgainst... ....... .... ........ ......2
Board of County Commissioners.
The regular meeting of the Board
>f County Commissioners was held
)n Monday, November 5, 1900. The
follo wing members were present: L.
C. Yaeger, chairman, E. C. Smith,
L. A. Roberts and M. H. Johnson.
rhe minutes of the former meeting
were read and approved. The fol-
owing accounts were examined, ap-
proved and ordered paid.
Mdary Davis, county poor......... $5 00
iMary Coleman, county poor...... 5 00
SD Rhodes, county poor.... .... 5 00
Fas Bond, county poor........... 3 00
lenry Tuten, county poor........ 1 50
Lary Williams. county poor...... 3 00
Laurence Powell, county poor.... 1 50
SC Herring, county poor........ 3 00
Becky Ward, county poor....... 2 50
Sam Johnson, county poor....... 1 50
Ellen Everett, county poor....... 3 00
Matthew Custis, county poor..... 1 50
Fane Johnson, county poor....... 5 00
Solomon bmith, county poor...... 1
Mary Stephens, county poor...... 5 00
iebecca Reagan, county poor ... 5 00
Sarah Ann Walker, county poor.. 1 50
lichard Carpenter, county poor.. 2 00
Sarah Sampson, county poor..... 3 00
Foe Smith, county poor.......... 1 50
lartha Carroll, county poor...... 2 50
Dillie Spears, county poor........ 3 00
Starling Hunter, county poor.... 1 50
Mary Hartsfield, county poor.....2 30
Hannah Willis, county poor...... 4 00
Rachel Wilson, county poor..... 1 00
Elizabeth McFail, county poor.... 2 00
Melinda Cason, county poor...... .50
Violet Jackson, county poor...... 1 50
Wilson Winfrey, county poor..... 1 50
Uevy Hays, county poor.......... 1 50
Ann Holmes, county poor........ 1 50
0 A Bryan, county auditor.. .... 50 00
Geo W Hale, janitor court house.. 20 00
Tallahassee Lumber Co., (rent of
armory)... ................... 30 00
R A Whitfield, examining luna-
tics ..............................2 00
Dr W L Moor, examining lunatics 2 00
F' C Coles, commi tee examining
lunatics ..................... 1 00
J F Demilly, committee examin-
ing lunatic................... 1 00
E J Johnson, work on roads...... 16 50
Wm Ro! erts, work on roads...... 6 00
)rmond Chaires, work o4 roads.. 12 25
C T Hancock, lumber............ 2 35
IJ P Baum. road work. ..... .... 40 00
L A Roberts, road work........... 5 00
B B Wilson, Clerk Supreme Court
fees ................ .......... 54 10
Tallahassee Lumber Co, lumber.. 1 54
Jas Gardner, work on road....... 12 00
Samuel Hunter, work on road.... 12 00
W T Bannerman, work on road.. 13 00
L V Denuard. work on road. .... 24 15
8 P Chaires, work on road .. .... 2050
C A Bryan, clerk fees ........... 12 65
Marshall Bruce Co, Mortgage Rec-
ord....................... .... 2380
R A Whitfield, County Judge fees 2 00
E E Philbrick, examining lunatic. 2 00
W L Strickland, examining luna-
tic.............................. 100
C Hopkins, examining lunatic.d.. 1 00
R A W htfield, report licenses...... 2 00
Tallahassee Druit Co, drugs ...... 90
T H Randolph & Co, merchandise 1 20
S D Hightower, pay registration
officer........../...............180 00
S D Hightower, publish names
voters........................... 5 00
S D Hightower, salary registration
officer....................... 43 75
Geo H Avelitt, work on road.... 59 25
W C Allen, work on road .......... 4 50J
R A Whittield, jurors and witness
fees............................. 9 540
Jno A Craig, justice peace tees.... 5 31
Jno A Craig, jurors and witness
fee .. ................. ..... 85)
F E Craig, constable fees......... 7 54
J P Smith, justice peace fees..... 2 2S
JP Smith, juror and witness fees. 4 00
S P Fleming, constable ..... 3 3
Jno A Pearce, feed prisoners.... 183 1(
Jno A Pearce. sheriff fees...... 40 7(

amazement, tinged with fear lest
-some of the leaps they ma e through
space, land them on the ground.
^Professor Bryan's train ed horses

Ae successful contestant
picture is a most beautify
princess of royal blood. a
caprice. She is the mosl
heroine of the charming a

A in A

nthe above
1 woman, -

in person or by attorney and from.
the evidence adduced in thee the
complaint appearing frivolous and
unfounded. It is -orderd that the
sawd complaint be dismissed.
SA petition for a change of road at
the Bradwell place by Bi. R. Cham-
bers and others was ordered a hear-
ing at the next meeting ol the Board.
;Mr. I. J. Fountain in parson asked
fdr a change in the public road near
Lake Bradford and Anders, be and
is referred to Messrs. Jinah Britt,
Ed. Anders, and Frank Williams to
report thereon. i
.It is ordered that the'allowance
made from the county poor fund to
Miss Jane Johnson be and is hereby
It is ordered that the Board do
now adjourn until the second Mon-
day in December.
The Circus. <
Vast throngs of people were on
the streets Saturday. Sells and
Gray's .big shows wer in town.
They arrived early ove the Sea-
board Air Line and soon big gang
of workmen was at wo k erecting
the gigantic waterproof nts on the
vacant lot south of Mr. fish's. In
an almost incredibly sho space of
time a white city, splendid and allur-
ing, loomed up ,where fore was a
barren stretch of ground.
This is the first ap rance of
these shows here, but t e fact that
William Sells assisted b Mr. Gray,
is connected with the en rprise is a
sufficient guarantee of m rit. He is
of the famous Sells fa ily, of Co-
lumbus, 0., and with t t name is
associated all that is cl n, refined
and up-to-date in the lin of tented
The parade was witne d by an
enormous crowd and th new and
bright cages and other rcus appa-
ratus created a most fa orable im-
pression in the minds of he specta-
tors. The menagerie is wll selected
and comprises rare and rious ani-
mals from nearly every nd on the
globe. One entertaining feature in
this department is a tw weeks-old
monkey. This youthful 'imian was
the delight of the ladies d children
who attended the after n perform-
ance. The little fellow i. cared for
by its mother in a manne so human
and affectionate that one witnessing
it can not but feel that af r all there
is something in the Da in theory
of existence.
The weather was fine d the af-
ternoon performance d w a big
crowd. The entertain nt is all
that is claimed for it nd more.
There was a refreshing absence of
th) usual gang of roughs hat follow
a Circus and the attendan were po-
lite and courteous in the treatment
of, the audience. The s longest of
the show's many novel features is
the daring act of "Little dna," the
tiny equestrienne. Her rformance
is thrilling and extraordi ary. It is
claimed for her that she the only
woman rider in existence who does
a complete back somersau on horse-
The La Rue brother acrobats,
Shave added many graceful and pleas-
Sing convolutions to the ac obatic acts
usually seen in circuses and their
performance is highly e pertaining.
)1The Earle Sisters, acrobat )and mid-
air performers, are a re elation in
their line. Their work orders on
the marvelous and their tr peze work
makes one hold one's breath in

course of study in Europe. viz:
French, Spanih and Italian.
Full college courses leading to the degftun
B. A.. B. S. or B L Normal lIepartmf
teacher; opens March 4th, liol.
Dess Course, and well roundtel High
Curriculum in Preparatory LDepartment. V
music taught free. Tuition free. io.ato ol
12 dollars per month. Seud for new Caa

A. A. MURPHREE, President,
Taliasesh ,


Fall aa dzinte

Miss Adele Gerard

MIiS HO0W Opi.'fl a ClIak#'t a-s..ortalent
Millinery anal FancyGais

gave an entertaining exhibition. A STATE
They are as fine as have ever been
seen hqre. The performance was COLLECE I
repeateI at night. .
W. A. Simmons Vindicated. I 1
Chicago, Nov. 8.-An order was W d
entered in the Criminal Court today, Vfi l t I 6 ff
pursuaoit to a mandate of the Su-
preme courtt of the State, quashing
the indictment against William A. THE FLORIDA CLASSICAL
Simmons, formerly Collector of the LITERARY COLLEGE.
Port of Boston: In 1898 Thomas;
B. Bryan charged Simmons with
having obtained a deed to some of
'Bryan's property by false pretenses A college that is Practical,
and caused his indictment. After a and Thorough for Both Sexes.
trial and conviction in the Criminal
Court Simmons appealed.
The Supreme Court held that the
statements claimed to have been Thbnext. ne Forty-Fourt Annual
t awillopeaata aI., "'"irk
made by Simmons would not, even
though false constitute an offense, Thursday, September 27, 19
and that they offered no inducement
for Bryan to part with his property. O ne hundred and seventy-sevennt.
The decision is in the nature of a dents from sixteen Floridacounties
\ .v vand five states were eurllei la
personal vindication for Mr. Sim. season. -
mons.-The New York Times, Nov, Two full years' instruction i, lea-of
9, 190^ lowing lanes taught by atn einnent

]or. C




H-and kerch iefs,- Clmset-,a.I .eyEv
Wools. Ltrnen,. anld odher inLeriak f*
Kinev Work.

Ki41 Gloves a SjwL,,ajty.*

Orders by nuaiil pro'nptl amd r.'arefunj'
fi 'Ied.




H usehold Medicine.
ures Neuralgic, Rheumatic, Nervous or Spasmodic Pains,
toothache, Headache, Kickache, Sprains, Bruises, Lame-
ss, Cramp Colic. Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Stingi of Insects,
ellings of all Kinds, Stiff Neck, Soreness, Sore Throat,
ck Stomach oP Sea Sickness. In cases of Bad Coughs,
olds or Pnuemonia, it affords


Ou0-re, NTo -Pay.


Billion ess, Constipation, Heartburn, Indigestion, Headache, and all
A ents resulting from a Disordered Liver, such as Loss of.
Appetite, Despondency, Blues, Weakness, Tired Feeling
and Inactivity of the Mind.

It timulates and purifies the Blood.

Japanese Eye Water
Cures re or Inflamed Eyes, Granulated Eye Lids, and is soothing an
strengthening to Weak Eyes.

Sold on a Guaratee=== o Cure, No Pa .
ever pains the eye to use it, but is guaranteed to cure
ore eyes.'quicker than any other remedy ever used.

To Horse Owners and Stock Dealers.

If you wn mules or horses, you should by all means keep at ready

W Iker's Dead Shot Colic Cure
It guaranteed to relieve any case of colic in mules or horses in
ten min tes. It is the world's great specific for colic. It can be airain-

r .



'o0 1
b, Sy

Military Order.
The following General Order No.
13 has been issued by the Adjutant-
"The attention of regimental, bat-
talion and company commanders of
the FI rida State Troops, and the
commanders of the battalion and di-
visions pf the Florida Naval Militia,
is calle to Article XXVII, para-
graph 4)2, of the Laws and Regula-
tions, and the reports and returns
therein called for should be for-
warded to this office by the 20th day
of the resent month. It is abso-
lutely necessary that these returns
be rece ed in order that the Adju-
tant-Ge eral can have the data nec-
essary make up the returns re-
quired y the Secretary of War and
the Ad tant-General of the United
States rmy.
Negro Woman Killed.
Fann e Grahmun, a negro woman,
aged f rty-five years, was Killed
about 4 'clock in this city, Satur-
14day n ruing. Some months ago
she and her liusband, Phil Graham,
separate Phil is said to have mur-
dered t e woman, cutting her throat
with a zor, and she was dead in a
few mi sites. A coroner's jury ren-
dered a verdict in accordance with
these f ts. The murderer fled, and
Sheriff -earce is looking for him. A
reward f one hundred dollars has
been ered by the Governor for
Grahan s arrest and delivery to
Sheriff earce.




---ti. Dr. K A. Shine. ',
Spull together and have a street
why iot?
William Dickey of Wakulla, is
for Mr. E. H. Alford.
Eila Talbert Nash is the guest of
-Peck, of Jacksonville.
J. A. Ousley. of Volusi'. was
his Tallahassee friends last week.
John W. Henderson made a busi.
trip to Jacksonville during the

purify and enrich the Blood,
ngtben'the Nerves and Invigorate
System, use Dr. M. A. Simmons
r Medicine.
g Mattie Maneeley and her daugh-
SHazel, are visiting Mrs. F. R.

John K. Raker. a prominent mer-
itof Crawfordville, was in the city
Those. H. Hall was in the city on
today and was a welcomed caller
rH. L. Covington, of Pensacola,
dent of the Gulf Naval Stores Comn
came to the Capital on Thursday.
Flashing Eye, Buoyant Footstep
Rosy Complexion result from! the
of Dr. M. A. Simmons Liver Aedi-

Lizzie Dawson, of Missisippi,
here last week, en route to her-win-
at Kissimmee.
A. F. Roby left last week for
ville, where she will visit her
,Mrs. L T. Gregory.
r. A. Hugh, of Bartow, was at
pital last week on business, He
several days here.
r. Byrd Macon, who has been visit-
his raster, Mrs. Eugene Dickey. re-
ied to his home at Drifton Sunday.
lamberlain's Stomach and Liver
ets cure biliousness, const' nation
headache. They are eam.y t take
pleasant in effect. For sate by
it & Bro.
ack Frost, besides coilferring. other
Wfits upon the citizens of thif cowm-
Bity, helped tLe price of cotto* up a
points. ,
fr. Eugene Britton returned t6 Bain-
ije on Monday last, after a short
t home, to cast his vote for old Tal-
be return of cold weather has qIrought
last cf our absent friends home, who
been waiting for its advent before
ting southward.
[re. William Harper Davidoon, of
ricy. is the guest at the homo of hpr
ter, Hon. Wm. N. Sheats S.ate Su-
intendent of Public Instruction.

ben you feel that life is
th the candle take a dose o0
sins Stomach and Liver
y will cleanse your stomach,
r liver and regulate your
g you feel like a new nu
Wight & Bro.
IE.. J.Triay, W. A.
SWright. E. L. Hutchineo
oyle. of Jacksonville, were i
enduring last week.

Ir. F. C. Gilmore, of the firn
& Davis Company, who hi
ck business houses at Apa
summer, has returned homi
hed work down there.
essrs. A. W. Cockrell. Chas.
and J. M. Barrs, all p
bers of the Jacksonville ti
e city this week attendiaM
eme Court.

Both makers and circulators :of coun-
'feits commit fraud. Honestimen.will
t deceive you into -buying worthless
anterfeits of DeWitt's Witdh Hazel
Ive. The original is infallible for cur-
g piles, injuries, eczema and[skin dis-
Ms. All dealers.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Harrison- of Lak-
ty, came to Tallahassee on} Wednese
y. Mrs. Harrison left on FThursday
rSt. Marks to visit her Dbn, E. Ui.
minn. I
Rich, warm, healthy bloodc is given
Hood's Sarsaparilla and th.s coughs,
ds and pneumonia are prevented.
We wish to call the attend of our
rmers, *ho have cane-to the article
paring in our issue of la week on
0 best method of its manufacture into
rup. It is well worthy of *eir care-
I perusal. .
Too Rich to Marry" is from the pen
Edward Owings Towne, a playwright
ho has achieved a world-w le reputa-
Da. His first comedy. "By Witts Out-
itted," was an instant succeed. "Other
ople's Money" is one of hi successful
medics. It has been for years one of
e most successful comedies on the
ad. Opera House Novemb r 16, 1900.
Temporary Derangementol Digestion,
rough overwork, work m emotional
cltement, are quickly rectified by Dr.
. A. Simmons Liver Medici$e.
Our sister city of Thomasrilie is ad-
rtising three days of fun to take place
I November 14, 15 and 16 They aro
Ang to have a street fair and grand
midway" the, whole length of their
ain street, and numerous other attrac-
ro, such as every day balloon asen-
Wls and parachute jump vaudiville
Irformances, etc., all fje. Besides
which there will be racing every day.
tn..ff* rf- I wilal a tip an the

Dr. W.E. Lewis, Dentist Phone No,
.68. 48-lOt
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Pdmm iof
North Carolina, are in this city.
Mr. Robert J. Bannerman has moved
his family from Midway to Tallahassee.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
best liver pills ever made. Easy to take
and never gripe. All dealers.

Cay McCall, of the Cay Naval Stores
Company, left last week for New York.
Mrs. H. N. Walker, wife of Sheriff
Walker, of Crawfordville, came up to
the city to visit friends yesterday.
Mrs. Mary J. Robbins, of Selma, Ala.,
a sister of ex-Congressman E. A. Rob-
bins, is the winter guest of her uncle,
Mr. E. H. Alford.
J. Dodgers of Frostburg, Md., writes:
,"I had a very bad aack of kidney com-
plaint and tried Foley's Kidney Cure
which gave me immediate relief, and I
was perfectly curet after taking two
bottles." Take no substitute. Wight &
Judge Liddon, of Marianna, was in
the city on Saturday on legal business,
though we heard one young lady accuse
him of coming to see the circus.
The official register of the thermome-
ter for this city on Friday was 40 de-
grees, though some others went as low
as 38 degrees.
Jack Fruet passed through Tallahassee
during the past week andgently touched
the tender shoots.
Mrs. Elizabeth Douglass. who has
been visiting friends and relatives at
Charlestown, W. Va., returned home
saturday, last.
Mr. R. Don McLeod, of Crawford-
ville, who was elected County Judge of
Wakulla county at the recent election,
was in the city Monday on legal busi-
Mrs. A. L. Randolph and Miss Mary
Page Randolph returned home Saturday
after an extended Northern trip. Their
return home was delayed owing to the
mild weather we have been having up to
the present time.
Geo. A. Points. Upper Sandusky, 0.,
writes: *'I have been using Foley's
Honey a.nd Tar for hoarseness and find
it the best remedy I ever tried. It
stopped the cough immediately and re-
lieved all soreness Wight & Bro.
While we did "not much fear that the
result of the election on the Capital re-
moval issue would be different than it
turned out-still there has been natur-
ally a feeling of uncertainty hud unrest
over the average citizen for the past two
months-but this week the air seems
entirely changed, and there is a feeling
of quiet satisfaction and general con-
gratulation very noticeable on the
After exposure or when you feel a
cold coming on, take Foley's Honey and
Tar. It never fails to cure, and will
prevent pneumonia or consumption if
taken in time.
To our friends who sometimes feel of-.
fended at not finding things stated in
these columns exactly oas they occur, we
want tosay thitt it as impossible to verify
paragraphs of local iQews. All we can do
is to sift as match truth as possible from
the great mast of guesip constantly go.
ing round and give it here. We always
try to verify where any injury would be
done by miistating facts, the remainder
is given as current news, for what it is
woirtl, wticii is the very best a news-
gatherer can do
J W. Bryaji, or Lowler, Ills., writes:
'My li tie buyI wa: very low with pneu-
mionia. Unknown to the doctor we gave
him F,,ley's ioney and Tar. The result
was magical and puzzled the doctor, as
it im1medmately topped the racking
cough and lie quickly recovered," Wight
& Bro. i
The FlorddI Times-Union and Citizen,
through Geotge W. Wilson, editor-in-
chlier. has offered, and the Florida In-
tercoulegiate )ratorical Association has
acceptedl, a Itndsome gold medal, which
will b. awarded to the successful con-
testant at Jacksonville next February.
This medal will be known as the "Times-
Union and Citizen Oratorical Medal"
Cadet J. D. Christie has been selected to
represent Eat Florida Seminary m this
Many of your friends, or people whom
you know of, have contracted consump-
tion, pneumonia or other fatal diseases,
,y neglect or a simple cold or cough.
Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe, sure and
pleasant cough medicine, would have
saved them. It is guaranteed. Wight
& Bro.
The idea of having street fairs with
various outside attractions for the

amusement of the visitors, has been
adopted by many towns and cities of
Georgia, with a great deal of success.
The latest town to advertise one is our
sister town of Thomasvllle. Why can't
Tallahassee have cne ?
Everything found in a first class hard-
ware store can be obtained at Gilmore &
Davis Co.'s. Ask for Trading Stampes.
Educate Your Bowels With Cascarets
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation
forever. 10c. 25c. If C. C. C. fail,
druggists refund money.

Tailor Work.
I have a Tailor, well rec-
ommended, at work over
my store.

It is a Fact,
[ _


If you want to Save money
gile us a trial. Boxhorn's
Bargain House. 36
A full line of Lincon's Remedies can
only be obtained at Wight & Bros. Call
and see those Winter Chamo.s Vests for
Ladies and Gents. Ask for Trading
Scamps. Everybody gets them. 38-4t
"New Home" Ball-Bearing
Sewing Nachines, at Cil-
more & Davis Co.
Prescriptions filled accurately
night and day by competent drug-
gists, at Wight & Bro 's.
Cheap for cash at T. J. Robers', on
Adams street, corn, oatr, hay, bran,
cooked cow feed, flour in barrel and half
barrels. Besides this you will always
find a choice line of groceries, cheap.
The best the markets of the world
produce in China and Cut Glass will be
seen at Sweetings for the Holidays.
Headquarters for the Green Stamp Com-
pany in Tallahassee. Ask for them.
Capital City Light & Fuel Co. will de-
liver until December 1st-Coke in 100
bushel lots for $11.00 cash. This is $3.50
less than the u.ual price. 32-tf
Fall in line. Get in the push!
Trade at Wiyht Bros. Store.. Save
the checks and get the cash.
The finest display of cut glass that has
ever been in Tallahassee, is at Sweeting's.
J. A. Holloway, dealer in Pianos and
Organs, St. James Hotel. Sale and
ware rooms in Floridian Building. 36 tf
Sweeting has just received some of the
latest things in Mantle Clocks.
Thermometers, at Schrader's drug
house, and Chemical Thermometers, at
Just received at Ball Demilly & Co.'s.
a fresh stock of Raisins, Prunes, Cur-
rants, Citrons and Evaporated Apples.
"New Home" Ball-Bearing
Sewing Machines, at C11i-
more& Davis Co.
You don't need to be told where to
take your watch, as Sweeting is well
known to be the expert.
Shingles at Yaeger's.
For Sale.
1 Copper Evaporator for one horse
cane mill.
2 first class farm mules.
2 3 oung horses, well broken and bred.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c
or 25c. If C. C. ('. fail to cure, drug-
giste refund -nonev.
You have all heard about the Stamp
craze-the Trading Stamp Collectors in
Tallahassee seem to'know a good thing.
Ask for them.- .38-4t

15 lOOn

AL 1o A6.. 1 J% F

Will tbe-irties who borrom*wed our
block and tackle, please .rtum it once.
GuIoMB o & DAviMs Co.-
Don't be put off with old style goods.
Buy the up-to-date Ul'ra shoe for ladies,
and ask to see Hawe's celebrated $3.00
hate-to be seen only at Mr. D. B. Me-
ginnis, Jr. Ask for Trading Stamps. "
38 4t
Sponges-the largest and most varied
display of sponges ever brought to Tal-
lahassee, at Schrader's.
20,000 Strawberry Plants for Sale.
Brandywine and other varieties, 25
cents per hundred, $2.00 per thousand,
delivered in Tallahassee. J. L. Hays,
P. 0. Box 317, or enquire at Telephone
office, 38-1t
^ For Rent,
House, three acres of land; also for
sale household furniture, one horse and
buggy, and two fine cows. Apply to
38-t* MRs. F. X. AIRT.

Bemth TKa YN VM aW A Bs Bt
Egutwe M2;:9-D
To the Deaf.
A rich lady, cured of her deafneai and
noises in the head by Dr. Nicholson'e
Artificial Ear Drums, gave $10,Ou0 this
Institute, so that deaf people unable to
procure the Ear Drums ma> have them
free. Address No. 1296 The Nicholson
Institute, 780 Eighth Avenue, New
York. 14-1y

Miss Blake's Sanitarium,
Next door north of Leon Hotel, open all
the year. Graduate nurses and first-
class accommodations. For particulars
apply to
,Miss SALLxI E. BLAKE, Prop'r.
31-6m Tallahassee, Fla.
For Sale.
Shetland Pony and Cart. Apply to
B. A. Meginniss. 37-3t

Stationery, latest styles, at Schrader's.

A Complete Line of...
Lowney's Chocolates and Bon
Bons, pleasing to the eye, to
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Sewing Machines, at Gil-
more & Davis Co.
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Cane Mills and Sugar Kettles, at Yae-
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20,000 Strawberry Plants for Sale.
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office. 38-1t
LosT-Ladies Brown Cape and a
Child'S Blue Duck Sack. between Mrs.
J. B. Collins and Capital. Finder will
please return to store of L C. Yaeger.
Lincons Chill and Fever Tonic
cures when others fail. Guaranteed,
by Wight d&Bro.
Short Hand Made Easy.
Classes and single pupils taught by
Mss Engli h at Monroe House, on Doval
street. 38-2t* t
Glass and Putty and a man to put
them in, at Yaeger's.
A full line of up to-date magazines
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Store. Ask for Trading Siamps. 384

A Packet of Garden Seed,



A potono4s plant posse'siuig certain medic
nal qualities. A pacet of Garden Seds free
every peron wfo lorms the above "jumbled'
letters into the correct name oi the plant. Sai
garden seeds were raised on Maple Avenue
Farm. Silas W. Farnam. Proprietor. Corr t
name of plant in sealed envelope in care f
Editor aa a. Contest cloes Decemb r
1st, 1900 In sending replies please give f I
address, and wkite plainly. send answer to
Tallahassee, Fla.

Flo TaloriL, Lw Price .
Cleaning and Repairing.

Capital Tailoring Co.,.
W. H. FREELAND, Prop.,
Next to Express Office.

Save, Your Money

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a TIU N~ ~ t ~



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Wood! Wood!! Wood I!
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Thanking my customers for past favors,
I am respectfully, G. H. AVERaITr


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or the next sixty days we
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H s, Ladies Capes and all
o er goods at cost, at Box*
h m's Bargain Hpuse. 36
member that Sweeaing carries the
fi t stock of diamood4 of any one in
tt city. *

For SdIe!
SShay Train Engine and
(ar. All in good running
order. Can be bought at a
crgain. Address

tf Tallahassee, Fla.






C =







c= 04





m d
;I, 4




"jTOTICE is hereby given tlht the following describ-d lawli will be sold at public auction oa
*i MONDAY, the 3,1 day of DWcemlnr, 193), before the Court House d i):r, during legal hours of
.~le at Tallahassee, in the .** unty of L oai. or so m .ch th -reof a; will be necessary to pay the
allahas.eeecity amount du. for tax-s herein set opiolsite t)o the same, together with cost of such.
ale and advertisement.



0 o4

M. Lowen .......... .............. C. Loti. N. A ............ ........... $4A55
I-. J. M. Shine. aget.............. .... T. C. Lot o., N. A.................. ......... 54
A J. Fish, Administrat.r ol Munro
SThomas t eate.:........ .... ....... T. C. Lot 9, Nih Ca. ....................... 3 4
;t. B. (rpenter.......... East of T. C.Lot21;. (. P........ ....... 1652
SW. D. WILSON, City Tax collector.

Panacea Mineral Springs Hi
EDWIN F. DUKE, Proprietor.

Rates, $1.50 per day; $8.00 per week; S
to $30.00 per month.
.Special rates will be given families or parties.
Hack meets all trains at Sopchopny Station on Carrabellh
hassee and Georgia Railroad.
Excursion Rates.
The above road is now giving the following low round tr
from Tallahassee: Good to return from Saturday until Mondi
good for ten days, $2.00; goo I until September, $2.50.
All Modem Conveniences.
The hotel has just been enlarged. new mineral and sal
poojs built; hot rad cold water in all rooms; b-iths also given i



e, Talla-

ip rates
y, $1.25;

t water
in hotel;

li iard and pool rooms: shnume board. ant in tact all moEirn conve-
niences. Post office in hotel building. Telephone connection with
telegraph office. Daily mails, etc. Cuisine the best.
For further information, addr es-
EDWIN F. DUKE, Proprietor,
SPanacea. Fla.


Undeotake & Funeral Diea0to

Next door to ilmore & Davis Co., opposite Wight Brus. Drug Store.


ps in stoci
A portion


'-" 200,000 acre
Vlnwidna in t.ratti

Sall grades of Undertaking Supplies,
Sof your patronage is solicit.-d, and





ai guI4ar ate,s satis-
all orlera will receive

al Estate Agency,
of Timbered Land for sale in Middle, East and West
i ranonino from a quarter section to fifteen thousands A.ra

ne up

ad S.
n Talla-

Sof Gil-
it seven
, having

H. Sum
ir. were
g the Su-


" -! i



Accept only the

Trading Stamps.
here to stay.,
An elegant line of IHir
guaranteed Tooth Brit
Wight & Bro., Druggists.



shes, at


UI BepnlblIeia 8tst

I AA let


twmle IndIste That theo
eas Will Have a ajorltw3
UUltt--Keutuceky Muddle
Ae ChealCunt Oa.
MASA, Nov. 9.3-Albnst|
nwrn give McKinley a i
Mabrakaof over 6.000. T
State ticket is apparently
im 1,800 to 2,000 majority.
ibmcais elect cong~samen i
And Second and the fusionP
Tird. Fourth, Fifth add
*ict. The legislature, the
which are not yet completed,
ably stand:
Senate--Republicana, 16;
It vacant, I.
House Republicans, 51
ilts, 49.
l&XINGTON, Ky., Nov. 9.-
vassing of the returns of Tuei
tion is likely to cause trouble
ways and already the court
yoked to undo the blunders (
Scers, in the failure of a co1
to furnish to election officers
forms for certifying the retu
Thus it happens that in
eincts the only official ertic
vete is locked up in ballot box
Under the law, cannot be ope
months. It is possible the
-If the county may be affete
A mandamus has been gran
Ing the opening of one "if
The board of election cop
"et today to canvass the vote

Republieans Claim Yerkes
feated by Fraud.
LOUIsVILLE, Nov. 9. -
and Republican headquarters
practically deserted, only cl
being left in each to receive ai
returns that may come in. Ti

party leaders still in the cit
alter their claims, the Demo-t
ing Beckham's plurality clos4
and the Republicans pinning I
on the official count which
each county today.
This official count, the
assert, will bring to the front
tf ballots not yet reported.
ported vote of Casey county
practically conceded to the
cans, and one niising precise
calfe county, cianined by the
cans by 53 plurality, are e.
headquarter-.'l: 'rks at tlln '
entur, iltl i'.v :111 il:v.- In ,
the. reO- ir ;i- ; t : -,..,',,
Btri,.-flly *, .... ,,* : .... -
didast'. 'i 2 ; I 1 A -
e )u}L:';:. i2'.: > It ; ,. -
Ye-rk -, i b.'ii) 11, it W,~- i',u< I
Republicans Will C'oo
Chairman Leslie 'Combs, whole
polled by illness to quit his hes
yesterday, was somewhat be
and announced his purposo
hbe electoral vote of the state
Chat congressional contests are
"6b the defeated Republican
in the Third, Ninth and Tent


ckeW or passes f or voters who
Were away from home and this ave
U -thm onderabe advantage. -We have
no way of knowing at this time how
h money wad spent In the purchase
Ticket of otes and in oolintio.
"Bat while these would acooant for
some of the Republican th
could not account for the in-
crease in the Republican vot. The
TUBEU prosperity argument was proably the
most potent one used by the Repabli.

Repubti "They compared present conditions
oa Joint with the panic time of 189 to 1896 and
Still this argument had weight with those
who did ot stop to oonider the reasons
for the change The appeal, 'stand by
the president while 'the war is on,' nad
a great deal of influence among those
smity of who did not feahle that a war against
Republi- a doctrine of self government in the
e by Philippines moss react upon us in this
The B. country. We made an honest fight
0 upon an honest platform, and, having
he F" done our duty as we saw it, we have
in the nothing to regret.
ixth dia- "-We were defeated, but are not dis-
eturns of encouraged. The fight must go on. I am
sure that Republican policies will be re-
,U pro- pudiated by the people when the ten-
| dency of these policies are fully under-
usiouissa, stood. The contest between plutocracy
and Democracy cannot end until one or
the other is completely triumphant."
fusion- Concerning himself, Mr. Bryan said:
"I have come out of the campaign
with perfect health and a clear con-
The c"an- science. I did my utmost to bring suc-
lay'seleu- cess to the principles for which I stood.
n various Mr. Stevenson did all that he could;
been in- Senator Jones and the members of the
electionDemocratic, Populist, Silver Republican
election and anti-imperialist committees did all
ty clerk they could. Mr. Hearst and his associ-
duplicate aes in the club organization put forth
5. their best efforts."
te of the
a which. Cleveland Refuses to Make Any State.
id for ai meret as to Party's Future.
hole vote NEW YORK. Nov. 9.-In response to
a query ex-President Cleveland wrote
ed order. ad signed the following:
he boxes. "I have ueat nothing about a move-
isaioners ment on foot for the regeneration oif L-

Was De.

here are
rk or two
y belated
ose of the
Refuse to

to 5,000
ieir laith
be gan in

he unre-
which is
in Met-
!'\ ." !

"; I -.
II; l 4l i ,

was corm-
r today


Complexion of the Pennsyl aia beg.
islature a Unofflciity Re
HARRiSBURG, Nov. &.-It figured
here by tho-e who have kel a close
watch -of the contest for the control of
the next legislature that the two

branches wih line up as folloh-: House,
Quay R-piili'sins, ,l;; anti iuV Re-
puilic- > :.ili fsionists, .3; Laiimocra s,
1 43. Toial, "1. |
According to th ,se' fignurs the Quay
Republians have only three voetes above
the 103 necessary to organize ihe house.
Senare, Quay RepublicausJ :35; aut-
Quay Republicans, 12; Demwcrats. 13.
Total, 50.
This woulc make the senate a tie as
between Quay and anti-Quay.

Clark Sweeps Montarta.
HELENA, Mon., Nov. 8.--Co plete re-
turns show the next legislature will be
composed of 53 Clark Democrats, 33 Re-
publicans, eight Daly Democrats and
one Populist. The Clark stote ticket
is elected by about 7,D00 ma.
jority. Practically complete$ returns
show Bryan's majority to "be 8,000.
Bryan carried the state fout years ago
by over 33,000.
He Is Surprised at the Magnitude of
the Republican Victory.
LsNCOLN, eb Nov. 9.-William J.
Bkyan has given out the following state.
ment oonoerniOy the election:.
*Tqhe resitt Was Iae and

l as to tsees vated
I& la imoib to analSo .e lr

To remove a troub esome corn or bun
ion: Er soak the corn or
warm water to soften it, then pare it
down as closely as possible without
drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's
Pain Balm twice daily: rubbing vigo-
roualy for five minutes at each applica
tion. A corn plaster should be worn for
a few days. to protect it from the shoe.
As a general liniment for sprains.
hruises,-lameness and rheumatism. Pain
Beim is unt-qualed. For sale by Wight
& Bro. and alli medicine dealers.

D mlit'"r:;ii" j..r"; '. ;I I li, 1p -p- W il
h' talakeii te111 mma; ii'-r.tion.
'I ain n m w'-iiii. to luake a:iy state-
Went now.
Diekiusui Iterestes the Interview.
DETROIT. Nov. 9. -Don M. Dickinson
pf this city, j)osritua.cer general um.der
Presideurt Clevelandl, today. denied an
alleged inirrview with hiiim that ap-
ii:> ; "i .. *' in N w York p"' ,

* .,,.~

i l ,'.'tl ; ,* ".1 ,"
",Vin- 4 i, i" l : i ; u.u i' t:,i i a'i ::'"* t t1 .,8
in Nc-V Y n,. M r1- i.-it'.hii.- ii '.itt:
"1 ijecliine ro iin;ke ainy suateLt.'-ii. I
am not eungu -ed in promote ili a1y mo4ve-
ment for the reorgauization of the party.
If a meeting is called I presume I shall
be invited."
"Will such a meeting be called?"
"I decline to be drawn into any deo.
tails," was his answer.

One Bill Passed-Committees Report.
New Measures Introduced.
ATLANTA, Nov. 9.-The legislature
passed a bill providing for the incorpo-
eation of th- little town of Oglethorpe
in Macon county.

Two of the house committees submit-
ted their r p- )rts today, the comnimitteo'
on apprprrat ions and the committee oun
S'tie reporr (if the com(ix re,- c'u rul.--
was a recoittinitndtiijt; ntait tie ru!es
cnuirained iin Olet' uaiuloif;l Iof i:iS ;in1i
l1899) b ado(,upred with ci-rtaiin aeniud-
Mr. George of Morganu intrroduccd and
had accepted a resolution providing that
a committee of three be sent to Indian
Springs to investigate the damage fre-
quently done the state's property there
by the overflow of the spring and to
report if it is possible to prevent such
damage in the future.
The house concurred in a senate reso-
lution providing that a committee of
two, one from the senate and one from
the house, visit the graves of Governor
Clark and his family, buried at St. An-
drew's Bay, Fla., and report upon the
condition of the same. Mr. Tatum has
been named by the senate as a member
of the committee. Speaker Little will
name the representative from the house
tomorrow. ,
A large number of new bills were in-
troduced, and among them a number of
measures of much importance, One of-
fered by Mr. Henderson of Forsyth
seeks to repeal the law which makes it
necessary for im-igr ion agents to pay
a heavy licenm for soliciting immigrants
in Georgia One was by Mr. Wright
of oyd, providingwfor the establish-
W eat rdagfat ryin every county
flhbe fat*WAam 1by Mr. Perry atof
Iulne providing or the creation of
a st n MtA of ,MMOr, whoe dmty

Clerk's MNetake EllC
A*eadmmet a1 Soutm Ccafa.
OoswUmL&, .O. Nov. &-I -p ial-!
nounced that the a* "ndm t to theeoae-
sitquon allowing several iesaiin South
Carolina to increase their publ debt to
build sewerage and wateworks systems,
and which was voted m Tuesday, is
void because of a clerical error. Se, n-
im private corpOUm ie given the
work at terms disadvantageou to the
cities the towns must wait two yeat.
in both Charleston and Columbia the
needs are pressing. Water is required
in Chaileston, and sewerage in Colum.
bia, and there is no time for delay.
It seems in making anm b -nA-.-Dt to
the bill, the lieutenwt governor made
the BRane '1 The engrssing clerk
took the flgu-e to be '"." and the eo
was never detected, so the wananm nzt
is voted to an article of- the coMsKittio
referring to the tenure of office of lieu.
tenant governor, and makes, of course,
no sense.
twteshe officials are considerably
stirred up ahout the matter, and are try.
ing to fix tht blame. It is a serious set-
back for the cities.
New Railroad Projected.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Nov. &8-A charter
for a new branch of the Seaboard' Air
Line has been applied for. It is called
the Charlotte, Monroe and ColumbiL.
Railroad con.pany. It is to run from
McBee station, in South Carolina, to
Monroe, N. C., and is to be 25 miles
Assaulted With a Banjo.
STATESVILLE, N. C., Nov. 9.-John
Harp, a prominent young business man
of this place, is probably fatally wound-
ed as the result of a blow over the head
with a banjo, fracturing his skulL Harp
had a difficulty with Hunter Angle, a
I R.--ar-old boy, who struck him in the

Stowaway Bride*.
Stowaway brides are not as rare at
the barge office as one would believe.
It is quite easy for a girl to slip aboard
ap outgoing steamer and stow herself
In one of the bunks below decks. lying
quietly there until well at sea. A case
happened a little while ago. the girl
coming to meet her fiance here. As
both were poor. the former resorted to
this perilous expedient to accomplish
the desired end. One would think
that such a heroic endeavor would de-
serve a better reception. But on arriv-
ing, baring been worked very hard on
shipboard for passage. worn and wor-
ried almost to distraction, the maiden
was so changed hy her ordeal of love
that whln tier hbeirothed nt hier lite
refused to 1 in:-arrvy l<'r. .A t'\\ Xlda'

There is no pleasure in life if you
dread going to the table to eat and can'i
eest at night on account of indigestion.
Henry Williams, of Boonville, Ind.."
says he suffered that way f6r years, till
he commenced the use of Kodol Dy.s
pepsia Cure, and adds, "Now I can elai
anything I like and all I want and sleel-
soundly every night." Kodol Dyspetpsii
Cure will digest what you eat. All
d -al-rs.

, ii|> :: *.***-* ;..-

- ,- *- ~-*' :5 -

-. :~~ Cu "u i : e s),ltt of

7;f. and Savings Bnnts.
It Is rather a surprising fact. consid-
oring how enormously they have grown,
that at the beginning of the nineteenth
century there was not a savings bank
In the world. The Rev. Henry Duncan,
rector of a very poor English parish,
noticed that when the people wished to
lay by a tittle money they would buy
a pig or a cow with it, having no other
way to find investment for small sums.
He founded the tirst real savings bank
In 1810. Two or three which had ex-
isted before that time were practically
charitable foundations.

He Drew the Line.
"This is a dangerous criminal." ex-
plained the jailer. who was showing a
party of visitors through the cellhouse.
"HIe hls Ibrokin into everything in Chi-
c'i go."
"Eve'rything except society." protest-
ed thi dan.-rous criminal.-Baltimore
Its Shape.
"What is the shape of a ship going
to pieces on a stern and rockbound
coast?" asked Gaswell of Dukane.
"Very bad shape, I should say. What
shape would you call it'?"
"A wreck tangle."-Pittsburg Chrgn-

You can't afford to risk > our life by
allowing a cough or a cold develop into
pneumonia or consumption. One Min-
ute C'ough Cure will cure throat and
lung troubles quicker than any other
preparation known. Many doctors us'
it as a specific for grippe. It is an in.
fallible remedy for croup. Children-like
it and mothers endorse it. All dealers.
Lameae inn water.
Camels cannot swim. They a.-e very
buoyant. but ill balanced. and thefr
heads go under water. They can.
however, be taught to swim rivers
with the aid of goatakins or Jars
fastened under their necks. During
the Baluchistan expedition of INS the
e lh were lowered Ito the e& fro
tbee aed their drivers, plunging
e;rd ambered on to the backs

In some mes
victim is firmly
is known. In
swollen glands, aE
.mX'^ throat, eruptions
leave no room for doubt, a these ae
Doctors still prescribe mercury
erals never yet made a complete and p
back into the system, cover it up for
rgnum*Atinit and the most offensive i
potash mke wrecks, not eare,
S. S. acts in an entirely difer
instead of tearing down,, builds up am
therefore te only cure for Contagi
though pronounced incurable by the
new, untried remedy; an expL.ence
only purely vegetable blood cAkn-iv .
Mr. I,, Myers moo Mttlrry t. Nw
pall an ovr body. These meos bo k

R 15. 1900.

U. I

Seeternal igs f
bin the gr of the
r cases the is qo
cus patches in the n
a m, color
1 nmn ; ae signs
l potash as the only c
' rment cure .of Con~
while, but it breaksoq
res and ulcers, causing
ad those who havebe
t manner, being a pi
invagorates the gene
s Blood Poison. No
tors, S. S. S. can I
of nearly fifty years
rk. J.,*says: '* I was al
olt Into sores, and it is
doctors could do me n
tried various patent n
bottle of S. S. S. I was
On my chest began to
Slot weight, became st
clear as a piece of gla:
Send for our 1
this disease. itth c
in charge of phvsi
l -- .. ... --r

agiomBlood Poison ae so alight that the
nister before the true nature of the di'eae
ikly filed with this poisononavir an the
th, soes on scalpulcers on tongue, sore
Sspltches, and fal.g hair and eyebrows .
f Couaimus Blood Poison.
re fr Blood Poison. These poisonous ann-
gious Blood Poison. They drive the disease
t again in worse form. These powerful minerals produce
the joints to stiffen and finger nails todrop off.A Mernaps
1 dosed with these drugs are never after free from acesi
y vegetable edy; t forces the out of the
l th. S. &S. s the only adot for thisspecic
matter in what stage or how hopeless the case may msu
relied upon to make a rapid, permanent cure. &S S
ias proven it a sure and unfailing cure for this disease.

icted with a terrible blood disease, which wasn spots at frset, b
asy to imagine the mufferiug I endured. Bftire I bee-me coivWj
good I had pent a hundreddola which was really thrown a
.dicines, but they did not reach the disease. When I had fnia.
treatlv improved, and was delighted with the result. The large, -e
row pa er and smaller, and before long disappeared entirely I r
nger. and my appetite improved. I was suau entirely well, ad.

ome Treatment Book, which contains valuable information
rnplete directions for self treatment. Our medical depart
itis \lho have made a life-time study of blood disca T
!* ___ A" __ _* __.--- 11T- 1- -1

nesitate to write f aniv inoratioaun or an
ever for this, All coit podence is in the most sa confidence. THE SWI

nerrlck lr -,r:'*.y. N,: 1. ; It ~I R "-A I.E.
Conferring the "fit li'e::i ofr tht' p "; M-
house" on pla yw\i .ohrtt:.......-.* f t 1i1.lU (ot. T'o' d .- iMA ircuit tE
ters was COmiuoui i 'an ;('. *; I -ori a. i l s lor Icol (oiity in chancery
,i!t. i'2 tiel ,i (4 ktct ki 44',li4 l'. a ct rLiu
without doubt the good li ci..t i i : ,e entih-' .on o I d I eman
ager was often pestered for tIh s: -:. ll iy7 a- I iue imljaislant-. and Georiia
ltiolU OI' r a etn ii L 'r'niiamy, ;nd oth- is,
favor by persons who Lad no .s del.-ni-ant theun.;r: -IUied Slanter tn (ha cery
claim. It tas evidently C(arrie!:'s .- o*fral court will s-e at ubiice auction, to the
tom to ive tikets of admission, i i hlght t iadlderi for c h.b-tore the court hou-e of
toin to give tickets of aduission. I Ieo count ii ih'iie ty of 'Ialahaac. in
manent orders, to those whoi he 1:- msidt v,4n y ale -fiylorida.on otday.the :.:d
day of I -ietber, it)ll0. at 1*2 o'clock n<,cn. all
sired to honor. It is recorded that hel ando-ingular th. lanmi -and premse o' in said de
Irish writer, Murphy, annoyed at w :a cree, .e-s ritei as iob sw-. t -wit:
he thought ill treatment or neglect. M 1u1 gra s of land tuate in
he thought 111 treatment or glet eon count,. -tate Florida, and particularly
turned the ticket with the words. s de-ci ibtd a- fol.ow-. I>wit:
o Itl stowit-liai I %out range I west, the Sy of
I do not foresee any further the NW~ and theT oi the -W. lyine south of
for this obliging passport, I am ot Forbes' Pfurchase lin. less right of way of Carra-
willing to trespass too long upon y ur e, -t"alaha-aee& Qeorgia allroad. of sL'ctloe
Civility." n township 1 .mtiU range 2 west, sect on 33.
Garrick's answer was such as to In township "I outl range 4 west. section a 22,
M s a24.:i3 al: E E,!, y4aid8A andl EY and sw 4
Sweet the greatest possible credit u n of th N1 of st tia ;t2. Al-o section 3i aind
himself: "If you choose to relinq lh section. 36 except -O eres.
i township 2 out,. r n.e 2 we-t. section 6,
your right to the freedom of Drnry the "*-of -ection i* the -Y of section 14, tht-
Lane playhouse. you certainly will -do ."N4 o "'tio" 15-. "
st Iownsh-p 2 %outi. range 3 west, sections 2,
as you ph-ise. But without the ticlt 3.10.11. 12, 13.14 arsl r.
I imagine,; Mr. Murphy will find .the In town-hip2 s. utia, range4 west, section 1,
except Itisacrses 5sti im 2, ;;.4,5.6.9, 10, 11.12
doors open to him, as usual. and ba it i1:1. 14.1 .,. 7: the N'iof e otion 7. -etion ,
further known to you sir. that aet ![ extee*th -%A.. "f e, o,
STownhi' 2 -O.ith. range 5 West. the .W/V. of
thought you were above an undue n- S\M :iudl the E.,tx 0pt 20 acres of -cetion 14;
fluence I never meant the ticket as 'Vetion 13. except it WV4 together with thi-
Sriht, inemlers. p i legs and appurtenances.
the least tie upon the liberty of yfur and then r.inr-iis 1 renaii.ders, rents, issue,
pen or conYerszlt ion." an;d ptfi's
,- ,.11 l. e 1r.1-I- :i l parei'ls of lani t' itilatle.
It m1111y be s;ilt iil'i''rr d th:1 t ( '.n- Eyiiy aithi t.iii-i ti < t>iio \ i, n .lin. ;i1l4
rick presented tlh(I .s;e iit' i:.L-:_:! t v .t (ii of r..iti:. a ii or1 lt artl iuilah p t I t *.. .ri(J ,i 2.i I ; 1 1 \-. l -,.ilt :
passport to his ar- t i t(t !: .il n ha:- li .-,.t.-;wt U ul c -: irc-t. rliue N oi
friend. Dr.: Johnson. It is hitrd .y oo ithe.'li4.ati' the i o: the t, and ihe
much to s-y Ihat Iiot vtnre:!l ty-'s oihwnlup .. th. .n'e: wei2t 1.20 rs of
generosity \;w s :is tilt i .I al.s his :'t- 13tiuiti a;ii Oi "2. o otfs e <'iI ctioEn ts. oen'iic-
Si i, g a -lii 'irtitw.-i Hritr of station iand
ing, and his ln clilg iwas ii'olli it. A rnI ili. toi;, o .1 the nt' of sal., -ectiowi to the
as the world has ulne\,r s llpassit. ; rs.iirinad, lhiAe liowi -aid ra Iroid toiarls Car-
I 'is. l-1 th>. a pilit I re runnin gt i a iN e parallel
I no til irth LI te l in1-i:n0l It int to tthe west
nitI"- Poxe By an old t llit u-r i : -:t ii: v n l. :, i* ,- nl. ,rill :wake '((i! t o
cal reptiles [i- -. :i ', -.

lhast l i i i: ; .,

.I I; I I I : '
: ,." \. -. .i 14.. : ,, .1., ) V

i t h l e i t i I %l lI. ti i, .. S l 1 .i-, iT i t l .
drives the- Uh ,ns lie s ', 1119 ;x sI ; ,theAp;,l.-lir.-l la. t (I mliany -y heiv t I i by ev> : ry .,1 I- IY
and then to(wa:d his li :iitl lij f-. thee 5til day ol .lanu y. is :'.l saviti- :and ex- tI-nd4 II..-I, vli ...,
out o1 thae l of' cabbit fi, d tie., lotilig thereirtin. I.t eler,tbe r ,liteiu e-f ,iu-ar- Ce L
out o te piece of abbit r. and te o. he utheat a ter and the outtast State of Flrida.n
the fox drops the fur, ald his pest~ 'e narterof the soith -t quarter. of sectionn :31. iounity of Leon. tin a ,ir A. frvoan, (lt e
done for al-o that part of the etern end of -aid Island the I erelt ortify that for the a- oeand fi
The loca) hunter and naturalist e. United -tait or mtt tor light e pr- a true copy of the trigi al order of publi
erred to. strange to say. had ne Pe poe ;,al o all that cel of land intuate on the e and on ile in A oi ary
nejer north -ide of said Island in section (2) tiro rd andaony ler I my he t
heard or read this story when he t4ld town-hip eih (8) th rat ge our 4) west, testimony hereof I have hereunto set y
of the actions of the fox which he b andedew'iael as fol wa : n" innhtetandta sta.e .id affixed the eof al of S.r. d
served in the waters of the Patap 'o thence at right an to the fine of the shore tO iLt- .. lerh'
river. Thfi little animal, he stated south rty-fivee and fity-five minute
lt, ea-.fourhuntIred fe thence ,orth forty-tour -
backed Into the river slowly with *so dgree- five minute. s,eight hundred feet to a STATEMENT.
muh delbeton that he wodeed stake, thence north -y-nve degrees fifty five
much ea t minutes we-t, four bh dried and forty-seven et Made Under Section 35, Chapter 4116, i
what It meant It carried somethint- to a stake, at the wa r edge at nimeaii high tide. of Florida,(1893.)
he did not know what- in its moth tlietice to'ngthe in thn short ii gh Showing the amount of taxes charged t 3
and dropped the something when ,ut ilt ti ii:e ilrehacrl orh- T 'olettorl Leon county. Florida. to
in deep water. Then the fox hurrt4d togetherr wAth th,- rig ,nmele privi :m e t a d oll(cted t r the current tr se l
aipll rivtl i cv, :iti I t*" rvv r'rio::-n a eniai ni- apportion m e nt of the sain et til4 Ihe14l
away. The object left floated uearto d rs r i'-ii roit- l'rf f iunds. fr which lt taxes h:.a.,e e.n le
the observer, and he hailed it ashi-reo Al l hietrici ri .- id. i b ii. l11 oll t.witi hintV si, fund
with a stick. Fleas literally swarrnii .d k u al :i 1ii' a rl. ;. I ;- fi ~. -, T". v' r I n11 ly '. I :-ti Q
through the object, which was founditto t.-Vit -.;;*
", In l<>l l lis ni > '- t r l~ l "." ,.*.I. ll1. I-t 1 1. 2 1:'*) S
be a bit of raw rabbit fur. T1he b ; ,n i .,it_, t'. 1., .h. b. ilt, %I I. i- ... I f A )1i'0 1i ,s.N ,-
servve had a puzzliii. mys-telry expla I .io ;;i.. (,. ,l-; .t. ti ,- .. .
ed to hiun. lie says his admiration ir n t, ,, .. 2-i, r. 1 .-pt .o, t1ii 1.r l t in ,i! ,n 1 ii. il4 ,I:;.
,1. '2 1 :1 0 1 lit ,k l n lit -tl h''l i u.d
the shrewdness of the fox grows min Hillianiville. towiSi o" i. r-dinl i t-i the ai AnI'I .1- lly ;, li;:. .I
and more as he grows older and le a9 thtreol fileo in thete of the Clerk of Wakullatli Fiines atd lForlt-iitis,..... 4:. a1.. 1 :
--- -ore ne-.o-w--. ol.r.a.... a.. "^1- .U1tV. ,settio "- c.''pt lots numbers S9. ISS, Ain't llaii to .1uy :3. 1.441 ;,'. ': ^f
bli ways.-Baltimore Sun. and lll,aaudplots nmiliers 113. l ;andI 11 oads anlid Bridrges........ -',1;
in Hilliarilville tow tile, according to the map Am't paid to July :l. I10 .-;:. '.,-- -P
thereof filed in the olfce of tite t lerk of Wakilla o county School Tax...... .'.. *'.
Many people worry because they ie- county ; etion ccxt1pt plots numbers, 1l and Ain't paid to July :. 11.4 ,,Iil -1 -"
It-iee they have heart disew.a.. e 165 in Hilliardville dOW bIe according to the ,
cihnes trey have eart disease. mae mp thereof filed in the otlfcee .f the clerk of $3
chances are that their hearts are aIl Wakula county; secious '27, 28. "29,30. :t,:32, At, rest CUoLU't A.B IITA
right but their stomachs are unable to 33.34 sectionn 25 exe pt the NW3andtthe NE Y4clerk of the Circuit Court. Leoi: countY,
digest food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure li- of the lEY4: section 'i except the NW%.
rests what youn eat and prevents e n township aouth; range 3 west, section 2: -TNI)ER ANI) BY VlllTE j .I' A \\ .\R.
formaton of gas which makev e section 'exceptplo number 182 in Hilliarnld- Lssued by the tComptroIll: ,ii .t* t
formation of gas which maets e vilie townsite, atccoting to the map thiertco lorida bearingdate hth .dlay it iw oW
stomach press against the heart It will filed in the otheeoftthe Clerk of Wakulla county: 18 2 and directed to i,. :;i- -lhrilt o
cure every form of indigestion. t1 seetiins-** -2 ,2 7,31. 35.ia. d :;tG. county. Florida. anil therein an ll il iereb
duea lers.y l o ......- itn town-hil., utir, range 4 west, se>tiolls -2. maunding me :s -heritt a- :i-ltfC-:tid0
dealers. 21.22.*'.l2 .'2122 *7,'28.2.,3l1, .:,!:;. :.:-t. irom the Florida 'enitral and I 'lli u1a112r
ai l a ;.d: !0o' COd ompVany io'n: -.rly ,n' lii ,- mh 1c
Ai -- -i-- ~ln tow, n-lipi 2soutij. rainge \tt, e-tion *2- ilailway andtNavigal' Novel chinese (lock. i tI! t lis> :" s.oiti. ria t< -2 wt s. -.t'his io li. or divisioi.s tl ere'. I ki i t.; J
It must be conceded that in so ie "7, .1.s. l. '2.l,1 .:':;2.':;: vile. PeIns;aV-ola;illt hlbilI. Riiro:a tile
qualities of primitive but practical e-! Intis, -hip sut ranei- 3 11 f tlhisida Central wi Wt-ter il il> -li tIii e F
tOtV.lShil. centrall Railhroad. tit- Atlantlic -(i If W" ]
sourcefuluess the Chinese are ahead of in t V\ih-hip.southi. rnii.t- I et. ectii.- I, 1 India Transit ltaiirr>ild. ,'y IleON t' i
most civilized nations. All travel r 2.:1,-...(;- tul F'O(t settili .s; s.e-tioni" 9. IS1. shiop fixlures. ro1\liw -.0ok or in' lart
"os nato-- s". .i11. 1 ;thi.- l/1of 16; the N.oi 17: 4ctiton 18: irtlheentitre roadlor.suchli art ih,.-! .t 'is
agree that if in a district where c except one hundred (ioU) acres, except also tIhe located in this State belonging to i'-diii
Chia m an t he time of y he i t & and the NE b4: secIion *20. the0of eighty-one dolhas and sixty- nine ceuut t (S
Chinaman the time of day he will. It s"on : 'etiom 2 24, 25, 26 2 excel t hab the amount st te adi
well disposed, at once proceed to t othe SE/: eetion 28 and the Eof taxesasnseed against thme FloridasilW
buseade and capture the hoehold t i townip 3 ou, rage 5 west, 8W of i thereof formerly known as the J
and after pushing up the Ilds and l. weo 1, the W% of section 12, except 40 lePeg la and tbe alld,
ng for a moment into its eyes be in towiship4 ut ne2 wet the 89a Oeam l aUed.M sd the At antic
tell the time with qstonithing aieWoi the Nf 1w nMaaldTN awelaotTS IS D nowW
di Xth of 6i NW dd Vkwia (CmUWa" aPeninonar lug
The expAn It n I a dmps lee b i llw. 1?fl1Sl derin 0ePov e01 o W
logiem one.The poupis of tim he a ) au640 wof W jida, r ea 18 a
wye innamtantlv .nntrat naltil mite dd- .. m y-#..&.. .- a w -w b. a .t a

vice wanted. we make no charn-

tioh 2 except twfntv (20) a'r#es: also th*
the NEI an. the NEN. of the NE1-, ofj
Tigeth.-r with the rights, n:emiber.
and -ppurttinances. and the rev"
mitainders, rents. ivsue anid profit, ther a
It is iprvidcd in-said devre,. atmhe
things: ai. i ,Ma-ter shall he at liberty
-aid mortgaged property as a whole ornta
mor.- parcels, and said asterniay either
ally or by some per-on so authorized b I.
in his name and behalf adjourn aisi
time tndime without further avert 'el
only upon reouetst of the *-onplainatuil o
solicitors, or by iorder of the court-i
thereof and aid aster shall receive-
such -ale unless the bi, der shall fint
ace'unt thereof with him in moneereyi
check upon some responsible think or
pahy, the sum of ten thousand dollaM
bldgbl for the whole, or ten per cent.l
if the bid be for any p artion of the
property. unless suce deposit shall be i
the complainants or tbh-r solicitonr. A
deposit or deposi tu-ll be retuined in lts
that the bid is not a ecelted, but han
felted in the event thist. the bid heing
the bidder shall fail to a'a~e good the
otherwise comply with the conditions
and all orders whict mav be made il
thereof Alo. that after :i Msuffietk
shal have teen realized from the nae
port n of said mortgaged property to
the amount- decreed to he paid lamnil
other purpose than the principal of at k
upon said hereinafter mentioned b'.4
coupons: any pureha-er at such aaleofl
mainder of said property or any portioidi
remainder may make payment therefore wl%
outstanding bonds and cimupi-nts of saider
as cash. at such perent:aze only, howev. hi
amount due upon any iucl Ixolnds and e
for principal ana intere-t. :s such iilrchel
is of the whole amount reiuirl 1 to be *
hereny f, r r.rincii.;al -land intr.-t-t uii~w all
noutiandinr ibon-ai tl :"lht (l ,);Iot *!;at .l ilc
I Sthl. 19 O. T-- I l *in:: '1.
!:i-tr .!: i ih.irn'-Ir
F I -l)I T I y 'i :.s .l.
S 'lll l .. I| 1 ,|-i t : :- .
:,1 nit.
In lilt : ir' it ('Dtint *h .' ,n.I Jc
(ial Cir"'ui of Flo ida M:i an I lf,,r
County ;f Ijon.-- I l; ;I', r..

TIhomaus A. lill p 4ompltnaiui!
vs. -
M Iary HIill ont-tsiiu-nt.
hhIf X'GI\4 IEl'N 1.1il-, '11,
ii'. tfitilavurit .1 %l' I \ e
III r -ite w, 4i ::ifl. ."

* uhi ii






waders Claim a flajority of 51
Over All.


airman Richardson Is Mak ng No
Claims as to the Strengtl of
the Minority In the
Lower House.

CHICAGO, Nov. 7.-Dispatche from
1 of the 356 congressional (strict
ow that the Republicans have elected
8, the Democrats 140, the fu ionistg
eB. the silverites one and the P Dulista

WASHINGTOx, Nov. 7.-1
re Loudenschlager of New

tary of the Republican congre
imuittee, claims the election
lepblicans to the next house,
rity over all of 51. The De n

it 2O

"I have used Chamberlain's lColic.
bolera and.Diarrhoea Remedy al Ofind
to be a great medicine." says r. R.
SPhippe. of Pote .u, Ark. "I cured
eof bloody flux. I cannot spejk too
highly of it." This remedy alwap wins
m good opinion, if not praise, of t0ho
ho use it. The quick cures wich i
lects even the most severe ca. make
a favorite everywhere. For s le by
right & Bro. and all medicine t alers

f onal headquarters wer prac
y deserted.
Richardson had not jut in
ce and his lieutenant had
d figuring. They concede-, how
,that the next house will be afely
publican, but declined to estimate th
republicann majority.
Republicans Claim the Legislature.
WILMINGTON, N. C., Nov. 7.-BRturn
rs not yet all in from Kent and Qusse:
counties and it is not possible so sa
rhich party controls the legis iture
Ehe Democrats claim a majori-y 01
Dint ballot, but the Republicajs sa
hey will control the legislature a:10
lect two United States senators.
Result In Marylandl.
BATLTIMORE, Nov. 7.-Besides
laryland's eight electoral votes if) tii
IcKinley column, a solid Rep:u .I u
Islegation to the Fifty-seventh co grl
Ins elected. .. ...gri
enty-Five Houses troyed--Hun
dred'. Rendered Homeless. -.
Ezw ORLEANS, Nov. 9.-Upward o
houses have been destroyed by fire a
oxi, !a well known'summer resort an
hns center on the Mississippi sound
mlams from New Orleans.
The fire broke out shortly after mid
ght and a heavy gale blew the flame
Sthe Louisville and Nashville d
iS to the beach.
The nall fire department was power
to say the progress of the fame
ounses had to be torn 'down in'vari
srt of the city to cheek the aprea
Cathe church, convent, schools
per aofie, many business house
residences have been consumed
have been rendered honeilem
Te inhabitants were panie Mtoke
the last reports reached here fro
stricken town.
tis mid that the logoes will exoee
eaatains many frame buildings an
Am simply burned until it had not
father to feed on. It Broke o
ty after midnight in a -mloonme.
umisville and Nahville depot
a gang of negroes were playing
tro the depot, then swept
to the beach, a diAsace
Squarea. Fortunately no live
iI but many of the poorer p
allb y eir p Mtiohm.p
_more imo t lomes wre
: T. D. dy
Scoveat and school. $15,0.: I
& Ca. prooerm, taIssi



it e Courtoo. AL THE o bt O Were R Ade.i"nate. Mamma (a young widow)-W hyy.)e
WATCROBS, Ga., Nov. 9.-Hon W. MAR UiS LYi wawt-accApted. t A minister in Glaag s'n-"T;.2 Scot- lg
Toome, Ware county's represent- ........ tish-American. asked an u~i: in who Ethel-And Mr. Webster?
tivein the legislature, and ex-Judge J -Death of Henry VIIImd.L as standing looking n at o'e of the Mamma Ye. car,
tiveinthelislatudCOPPER KI IS DEA o v. .--Henry Vii. bth hool wihlo s how he would Ethel--And Mr. Fish and Mr. Dxo
L. Sweat got into a difficulty in th, u U EW YORK, Nov. .- Henry Vil. f ath school win the S ay ho would and Eand Mr. Sheldon?
prior courtroom while arguing a cae lard, the railroad magnateandfinancier, ke to join the ool and d Mr. hldon?
Sweat struck Toomer a heavy blow over died at his summer residence a Dob row up a goo n Mami-I like them all, pet
wear sutruckToom r whilearguing aw over died at hi summer residence at Dobb- "What sort o"o Sun ay schule is't? Ethel-Whielh one are you going to
the head with a cane. Friends separated Succumbs to Bright's Disease (erry early today. Mr. Villard had in tablihed' marryul st -h on e are you going to
the combatants and Judge Bennett fined tended to return to New York about then
the gentlemen 50for contempt of court After a Long l1lleS. middle of lat moth, but hi edition "Yes" said the cle gyman. "It is Manmma-The ie who proposes first.
Negro Woman Killed. was then so precarious that his physi. connected with the Es Iblished church. darling.--Harlemn Life.
N egro Womn Kle 7Tciam advised him to remain at'his coun- Are you not coming They Swapped.
DARLINUGTON, S. ., Nov. 9.- a IS FIGHT AGAINST CLARE, try home until he should have gained "Na," replied the "I tried the A littl e boy in BSws.pped.
Burgess, a negro woman, was shot and I more strength. A week ago he caught 'Stablished Kirk Sun ay schule last A little boy iDn ranor. Me.. was su
instantly killed here by George McFad. History of the Montana Political Fuel a heavy cold and since then his condi. year, an I only got tw fardin oranges fering from a severe cold. and is
Ainadi otheurr L nd MrcFad- Betwee thtiop has been gradually growing worse. I n a pock o' sweetes t the Christmas mother gave him a bottle of cough
din, another negro. rd and McFad- Between the Millionaire Mine Own, Two physicians have been with him free, sae I'm gun gie the r mixture toe ake ie at (kn
din had quarreled in the latr's yard to tke while at school
and as the woman turned to leave Mc- er-its Origin and Clark's Final olostantly for a week past, irk a trial this year.' ge the Fr his redrcsi ske. :N. eh adlyr
Faddin shot her in the back. Thesheriff Triumph at the Recent Election. his medicine "No."b be candidl
is in pursuit of the murderer with blood. THE TRAIN WAS STOPPYD. The Earl, lN. plied. "but Robby Jqnes did. He Ik
hounds. Nzw Yoop. Nov. I.t-Marsus Daly ofe dt
Simmuons Defeats Carr. Montana died today at. the Hotel Neth- And Then the question Was ko to Ethel-Do you like Eames, mam- so I swapped it with hblm for a hand-
S RATi, Nov. 8f. M. Simm arlands. Hold Respomslble. a .
RALEGH, Nov. &-F. m-simmonse"One night last winter." said a do@-
Sdefated General J. .arr in the n Mr. Daly's death has been expected ton man.t last came up from the so--uth
etorial primary, his majority being nearly for weeks. He came home from Europe with two friends of mine. They occu-
a0,000. The legislature is Democradtic abut the middle of September and soo pied the stateroom, and I was lodged I N C H
an joint ballot, which insures Simmons afterward was obliged to take the bell in a section outside. They were in a g N W F
lectionto the United states sea to from which he never again arose. His hot discussion before they retired, andAL s
succeed Marion Butler. physicians informed his relatives some one of them had finally become so NS n
COOLING DRINKS IN TURKEY time ago that Mr. Daly could notre- sleepy as to abandon the argument. FACTORYLOADED SHOTUN SHELLS
COOLING DRINKS IN TURKEY. cover, and they gave assurances of life I turned finally, as they did. but the k. mt marketmrewithWI
Beverage. and lees Sold on All the only from day to day. Bright'sdisease, man to whom the argument had been mmityms g slities. buretiresad.wate Oet sgenime.
Mai Streets comxplicar.d with heart weakness, was abandoned did not seem satisfied with
mainStreeta.ttnearlyconpliatedth ,hwithheart wegL~uewalthe victory he had won. and when I UliE3II AM C&
On all the main streets nearly every the cus of deathft them be was busily engaged in -
other shop has a counter of white mar- Mar,.us Dalyv wa born in Ireland in trying to prolong the talk with his -- ---__
ble and large bottles of iced water, lem- 42 fit. cne to the United Statel sleepy companion. b A N TE AM S SI P COM PA -N
onade. cherry sirup. pomegranate sirup arnly inlife mid since 1876 had been a "Shortly after I had fallen asleep I 0 EAN TEAM SP COM PA
orround mething of the sort. Greeand a little ma- ien ot Montaia He became general was awakened by some confusion in (SAVANNAH UNE.
surround the bottles, and a little ma- (ia:a2r f thie Alice silver mine aid the aisle of the: car. The train was at
chine keeps up a tinkling of glasses to '.':.,.:** int o control of the Anaconda a dead stop. and then I heard the
attract the passersby. Certain shops c",lq*r mni. At the time of his death voice of the conductor angrily ask of
. are known for their specialties In cer- ,.- .i- rei.-ie-it of the Amalgamated the porter. Now. who in r il am orll
tain sirups and others for their water. t:' o.mpa;ny. In politics he was a that bell ro eho I had a shrewd
about which Turks are very particular 1).m ar ed that bell row? had a shrewd
and can tell at once from which of the ''11t dlelttruces between Mr. Dalyand suspicion, but deemed it safe to lie
many springs near the capital it comes. W. ( lark have attracted much at. quiet: and say nothing. Finally the
The streets swarm witb itinerant sell- I'he trotluble started years age train started,. and as they could not
,over s mne water rights near Butte, find out who ihaid jerked the bell rope'
era with elaborate arrangements for which Daly wanted and which Clark the car assumed its customary night
keeping the water cold. Some have a tmiight. forcing the other to pay a very aspect. Presetilly tiw stateroom door
regular booth where they dispense high figure. opened and one of aity fri,,nds req1est-
anything from water to a gazelle. Daly's opportunity for revenge came e me to step ind aof yfrinds'e a est it
which is the name for effervescing in 1888, when Clarke was the Demo. ed m to step nhov s lt ot
lemonade. cratic nominee for delegate to congress. seems that lie who was not sleepy was .H
The simplest method is that adopted With his immense influence at Ana, trying to tell the mu;In who was somfIe- **
by those who carry about a huge glass conda Daly was able to throw a heavy thing to which the sleepy one refused
bottle holding about two gallons of vote to Carter, Clark's Republican opi to listen on the ground that the noise !B
bottle holding about two gallons of ponent, which had pieviousiy been cast of the car wheels made !t impossible
lemonade on the mouth of which is bal- for the Democratnpdc rty Montana of the car wheels made t impossible BY LAND AND SE A.
anced a large lump of lee. continually came a state in 1889. If you have ever seen a child in the
dripping into the bottle. These drinks At the first state election Qlark was a,9ony of croui you can realize how Freight and Luxu ots Passenir Route to N.w York, B.)too and the East
I are the cheapest. one farthing a tum- the Democratic nominee for represent. rrateful m *T'le" are for One Minute R
bier. Unfortunately the coin represent- tive in congress and J. K. Toole foi 'ouah Cure whith give relief as soon as Short ail Ride to Savanna .
Ing a farthing s almost extinct. so that governor The latter was elected, bu it is administe It quickly cures ia palatial p emh fro vnn. r ship
therinkerh tod kt Clark was defeated, supposedly owing coughs, colds aid all throat and lung n ap al xp aamshi6 atwling from Suv.nn-th. F, r ships each
the drinker has to drink two glasses to Daly's influence. Clark was put for troubles. All dealers, week to New York. taking chlw c>)nnoetion with New York-lIston shire,
come back next day for the balance. ward by his party for the Unieed Stat o or Sound liners.
The ice cream venders. too. must not ward y s party or te uted tate for him to beir. The other man
Te le e m vender, o,. must nt m All ticket agemti an rd tb ia areupplied with monthly -ailing c hl.ules. Write for senef
. be forgotten.: Their picturesque get up promptly rang 'the bell and stopped formation, d ailing.schelut : statenom reservation* or call on
Is very distinctive, and they do a roar- Recommends it to Traintnhe. the train. as hais already l bn told. i HINTO 1. Traffic I :er. WAI.rER HAWKINS. Gen. Agt? Traffic Dept
Ing trade. The Ices they sell are very G. Hlausan, Lima, 0.. Engineer L, "The bet ofr $O was as to who was I. W- 2 Bay St., Jacksonville, pia
pure, and one never hears of cases of E. & W. R. B., writes: "I have been responsible for stoppiing the train The
o Illness among those eating them. The troubled a great deal with backache. I sleepy one, snid the wide awatke one.
s time when the men do their best busi- was induced to try Foley's Kidney Cure. because he had: pulled the' IMHll rope.
t ness with Europeans is at night after and one bottle entirely relieved me. I The wide awake on said ii was tihe
e dinner. Every one Is then sitting out- gladly recommend it to any one. espe- sleepy one. l eause I. lhad averred
-side on the terraces or balconies over. cially my friends among the train men; that e oul not ear what was said
. hanging the Bosporus. The lee man Wight Bro larly to him leniuse- of the< rumbliung of the
comes along in a boat and seems at Wight & Bro.* train, which naturally 1led to the train I A
once to supply a long felt want.-Con- senate. Arter a Ditter contest tn;, :"-s. being stopped : I decided in favor of
atactinoplo Cor. London Telegraph. lature was organized by both parties, the wide awakeman,. which effectually i UA uLWcA
each claiming to be legal. The Republ waked the other up also Which wouldLE D
n cans named Thomas 0. Powers and W. d f edule Effective October 1, 1900.
0I --- O. Sanders for their senators while the you have decdd in favor of -New
How's This? Democrats put no Clark and Major Mar. York Tribune. Lw Tallahasee ...... ..... Seaboard Air Line Railway .......... Spm 7.00 a m
y We offer One Hunded Dollars Re- tint MaGinnis. The Republican were Thulmln or Her. lkeCitv .... '.. .... 5. pm.
ward for any case of Catarrh that can aalyon In the "Recollections of a New Eng- -Jack le ........ ...... "pm 1 5am
not be cored by Hall's Catarrh Cure. )aly's Second Victory. n t "elc o of ae- En.g... .. .. .... p- 4-.2.
S Props., Toledo, O. iu a seTrnd contest in 9. In tl an inventor and a very studious man. ~ n .. "" ..4am 4 ;,pmm
s We. the undersigned, have known F. legislature the Democrats had 35 votes who sometimes became so absorbed in en .... .... .. am m
x J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be- the Populists 3 and the Republicans 33. thought as to forget both place and RaS hei.r ........ .......... 1.: aim 1. p m
y ',eve him perfectly honorable in all bus- The Daly Democrats, numbering 9, people. A Hedern ......... .... ....... 1.0 pim 12.4 am
ness transactions and financially able voted solidly for ex-Congressman W. His wife was a notable housekeeper. .er .. 4......u. .{3am.
" to carey out any obligations made by W. Dixon and there was a deadlock for but she did not always go to church. A WaLtiaut .. ..... -y.vni. Haioad ........... 9.. pm .4.a m
1 a.he~rtirm. the entire session of 60 days. Tele- One Sunday she accompanied her buhus- MAr'l-timore............... ........... .3pm iam
SWEST& RUAx, WholesaleDruggists, grams from men like Calvin S. Brice band thither, add glad sand proud wa;s A epiah ..... m pm
Toledo, O and W. C Whitney and others equally he. But when the service was over he i.7r-alh,.-c ... '.....'.ealbr--tir Laine ail wvay.......... .t p m ... ....
.VAL.DING, KINNAN & MAVIN. Whole- high in their party were sent to Daly to walked away hIome. leaving her tw ~ e Prtan.ui. ...... ..... "* ...... 5., pm .......
sale Druggists, Toledo, O. withdraw his opposition, but he ignored hI nd. Mrs. Bush wa grieved. L. nu ........... .. ......e a air 1 alway ........ ...1p Am
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intern- them. -hiv"d Mrs. Bush was grieved Jaksviie ..... ...... ........ .. pm .. ...
th yilv. act, ng directly upon the blood and The next fight between Daly and "My dear." she said when she reach- L Jac -oviii.......4. ...... ........ s. Uam 9.E.iam
( numcous surfaces of the system. Price Olark was on the location of the stata ed the house. "I don't know what peo- TnOla .... ... .... i.:an 5.:Ipm
' ;5 per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. capitol. Helena, Missoula, Bozeman and pie will think. You eame away with- l ailihiasM.e .... ..t ... ys .axard Air l.iine iit;ay..._.-. .-.:;;si:sm .......
Pestimonials free. Anaconda were in the fight. Daly ad- out me. It was plain to be seen that I A livy-. Junction ....... ...... .... 5.- ap ........
Hall's Family Pills are the best. vocated the last named place. Clark at was entirely forgotten." ^c oniic .... ... louisv N vi it .... m .........
..... A--D .. -- first favored Butte. but finally changed Mr. Bush looked at her in comical Ar \ewrletns.... .. *. .......... 7.4oam .......:.
VEGETABLES. to Helena and it was chosen. dismay "Forgotten. my dear?" said --u-rh-o
* The seuatship again becTme thea dismay. forgottenn. my dear?" said Magnificent rulhnuan weice North an i South from Jacksonville. a'l WT Aseaorhip agai ecame he. "Oh. no: I don't think that's possie ning Car Savannah to Halailnda Hiihanmonl to New York. N. Y P. & N. K. R. leaves Nor-
Wy Are me ar an w bone of contention between the two n k aily or Philadelphia Nw York star av Norfol daily except Sunday for Bal-
SAristocratic millionaires last January and Clark was le. Why,' a brilliant idea striking k daily or Philadelphia 4 N'W for k Wash t.raon lv Norfolk daily except uday for BI-

Why do we respect some vegetables elected. Daly had the validity of the him. "now I remember. I was tinE E..ST. JOHN. V. E M Bi.FE, I ALLEN.
f and despise others? The bean is a election contested on the ground of bri. ing of you all the way home. I was 1st. V.-P. & G. M. ( l Supt. Gen. Pas Agent.
Lt graceful. confiding, engaging vine. but bery, when OClark presented his creden. thinking what a good dinner you'd give A. o. MaDON LL itan ral senr Agent Jacksonville Fla.
d you never can put beans into poetry or tials to the United States senate. The me!" -
l. Into the highest kind of prose. There use of money in an election was freely o l t
Sno dignity in thebean. was claimedthat the expenditure were Clara-Wen George and I are mar. arrabelle allah see & Georgia R.
orn-whih n my garden grows for legitimate expense only. The con tied. am to have my own way In ev- PASSENG SCHEDULES EFFECTIVE SEPT. 3. 1900.
alongside the bean. aind. so far as 1 Icn test resulted in the senate voting that erything. A E, _SCE
see. with no affectation of superiority- there had been no election by the Mon. Dora-Guess you won't. no DoWN n READ UP.
. I however, the child of song. It tanas legislature. Clara-Indeed I will. That's the bar- -
s waves in all literature. But mix it with Clark's Final Triumph. gain. Don't yo remember I told you
i-beans, and Its high tone to gone. Sue- This year Clark made a fight for the be proposed to ine In a rowboat and TATIONS
Seotash I vulgar; it is the bean i It election of membersof the legislature in asked if I'd float through life withhf = w ON p
The bean Is a vulgar vegetable, with- his interests and won. His return ti, just that way'? e
,* out culture or any flavor of high socle- the United States senate next January "Yes."
s ty among vegetables. amared. he on t wa
L Then there is the cucumber, like so -No mining property has achieved "Well he was rowin. w ...................... .Carrabelle.. 0 950......................
L many people, good for nothing when it greater lame as a producer of dividend steering." -New York WeeJy. .0 .Lanark. 5 f94 ****........ *" "*
ripe d the wildness has gone than the famous Acaconda. Originally. .................. ...........
S ripe, and the wildness has gone outlver mine it beaine fa A sle.adia Analogy. .................... ..... 1 3213.2 ... Mcltyre.... 13 9- i .. .....................
onof forits Howanferior to the melon which s for iand toitbohDaly "When you eat. w careful to leave.. .... .... ........ 01 ...opchoppy.... 19 10..... ............
d grows upon a similar vine! The cu- and Clark largely owe their vast for. off hungry." Is advice often given at the ...." ......... 521 .... Ashmore... 21 9( ..... ...... ..........
cumber is a sort of low comedian In a tunes. Back in the seventiesatwo miners dinner table. but seldom received in an --..... ......... ii ... 378 ........ .......
dl company where the melon Is a minor named Hickey went to Monttna They obedient spiritL I ..... ...... ..... o 40 2 ...Spring Hill... 40 ta 20 ...... ..... ............
gentleman. selected a hill overlooking the little The caution was repeated not long .. ........ ........ .- ...Tallahamee. 50 800 ........... ........
t The lettuce is to me a most Interest- mining camp of Butte and began to since to a young man of vigorous ap-
g study. Lettuce is like conversation: sink their shaft. They struck fair petite.h trains on 8 A. L. At Carrabee with Ap
SIt must be fresh and crisp, so sparkling vein of silver, but lack of funds md "Pshaw." said be. "you might as wel lT At AlitAptlh n It m o u sre tie the bitter In I them stop work and offer to sell. "Psaw," said he, "you might as welt aetlt e r at i. e
hatyou sarcelynotcethebitterMarcs Daly bought th M Daly ropertght the property fr tell me to wash y face and be careful arraheledaily100m. City W. ARMTRONG.Ge Ps.At., Tathaee urm.
t Lettuce. like most talkers. though. Is 35000. He acted, it is said, as agent "'0-- dirty."
if pt to run rapidly to seed. tor J. B. -Haggia of California.
Blessed Is that sort which cmeb to r JB f.CA tARRH CAN BE CURED.
S Bleed that ort wh om to As the' new owners ran their shaft "As if a brick were ly ing my atom- CA RR CA BE BCU ,
o- a head. and so remains-like a few peo- down.they opened one of the world' abch" It the 4crption by adypeptic of
pie I know-growtng more solid and greatest copper mines with silver enough his feelingafter eating.
S-tlrfae-tory and tender and whiter at to paIy all expense and having the cop This isone of the commonest symp-
*- ter per as clear profit. Daly was sperin. tonms of If you have it,
Lettuce. Ike converamtlon. requires a dent and p towner of the mine HeH ake t aker! veCordi l.
A 6W orvoid -friction and bought. 4he adj t property. He Not only his ..nptoa, but all the i 6 e, s W W L1f f
e a dep oof. to aionn fended the town of Anaeood a ina m s s umaA of m e eaaed by
keep 1 company smooth: a plochof tn a miles disant, and loo Shaker Digestive IT TO EVERY PART
Atu a dash of s wherethere is an ehanstle oaply s ay eim to eae s one R SAFE AND PLEASANT.




L .... --

.. .



M.JobWardWad edeadom went to
onvifle st week on klegalhbaaei.
Mr A. G. HBamlin, of Jackmnville,
Was i. attendance before the Supreme
uirt "his weeiL
H onG. W. Walker, District Attor-
ney, is at Monticello this week attend-
ing the Circuit Court.
Once Used Always Wanted.
Thousands &ho have used John R.
Dickey't Old Reliable Eye Water say so.
Why? Becaut-e it cures sore or weak
eyes or granulated lids without pain.
Children like it because it feels good
wlhn applied. The genuine is always
encled I a ied carton. Sold bvyVigbt
& Bro. for 25 cents. Money back if you
don't like it.

Mrs. Davids, of Atlanta, Ga., mother
of Mrs. Frank Hirt, arrived in the city
last week to visit her daughter.
Mrs. John T. Bradford expects to oc-
cupy her new'residence now nearing
eumpletiton on corner Virginiaiand Gacrs
den streets the latter partO of this
Spa in's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain,-
spends his winters at Aiken, S. C. Weak
serves had caused severe pains in the
back of his head. On using Electric
Bitters. America's greatest Blood and
Nerve Remedy, all pain soon left him.
He says this grand medicine is what his
country needs. All America knows
that it cores liver and kidney troubles,
purifies the blood,.tones uptthe stomach,
strengthens the nerves, putsivrm, vigor
and new life into every muscle, nerve
and organ of the body. If weak, tired
or ailing you need it. Every bottle
guaranteed, only 50 cents. 'Sold by all
During the sickness of President A.
A. Murphree. Prof. Bierly took charge
of his department at the West Florida
Semi. ary and our bright young friend.
Mr. Asa B. Clark, himself a pupil at the
seminary, was installed as assistant
professor in some of the junior grades.
This speaks volumes as to the ability
and the consideration in which Mr.
Clark is held by his professors, and must
be the cause of much satisfaction to his
parents and friends generally.
Scrofula the Cause.
Eczema, catarrh, hip disease, white
swelling, and even consumption have
their origin in scrolulous conditions.
With the slghtest taint of scrofula in
the blood, there is no safety. The iem-
edy for this disease in all its forms is
Hood's Sarsaparilla, which goes to the
root oi the trouble and expels all impu-
rities and disease germs froip the blood.
The best family cathartic is Hood's
Dr. E. E.'Philbrick sent a pair of his
fine carrier pigeons to Jacksonville to be
liberated this week. They were turned
loose on Monday morning last, but we
have been unable to ascertain whether or
not they arrived home safely.
Miss Cora Uoldstucker, of: PenFacola,
who has been the guest of 'Mrs. Alex.
Jacobs for the past three aonthe, masa
setmned to her home.
Robert Preston. a turpentine hand
working in Gadeden county, came over
here to attend a negro festival given at
Lake Jackson Saturday night-and the
usual result happentd-a fight com-
menced, during which he was shot in
thestioiach. He was brought to the
city and Dr. Philbrick r&-ssed the
wound. The Loctor says that while
very seriously hurt, he mruy get well
with proper care and attention. The
negro refused to state who shot him.

Nalarion is Endorsed by the best Physician.
and guaiwatetd to cure Lhills, Fever aut
Ague. All druggists or from Motlb
West Drug Co., st. Louis.



on their food something

wrong. They need! a little
help to get their digestive
machinery working properly.

will generally corect this

If you will put fm one-
fourth to half a t oo
in baby's bottle thrpe or four
times a day you soon see
a marked n v F*wAor
tarE, diidrdLI frobi half to

Dr. J. M. Carn, of Centreville, was in
the city yesterday.
Fred T. Myers left yesterday for ion-
ticello to attend the Circuit Court.
The circus has come and gone, and
the small boy has been attempting won -
derful feats every day since.
Hon. J. M. Barrs. of Jacksonville, was
in the city Tuesday attending to business
before the Railroad Commission.
Mrs. Helen Cassidy, of Jacksonville,
nee Miss Helen Burroughs. is in the city
visiting Mr. And Mrs. W. R. Wilson.
Rev. Mr. McCarty, pastor of the Preas
byterian Church at this place, leaves
to morrow to attend the meeting of the
Presbytery of that church, to be held at
Quincy on the 16th ult., and from there
will go to Palatka to attend the meeting
of the Synod of the chuich on the 20th.
A Frightful Blander
* Will often cans&* a horrible Burn,
Scald. Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will kill the
pain and promptly heal it. Cures Old
Sores, Fever Sores. Ulc-rs, Boils, Felons,
Corns, all Skin EruDtions. Best Pile
cure on earth. Only 25 cts. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold hy all druggists.
A fine boy was born to Mr. and Mrs
Geo. P. Raney. Jr., Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Raney, who has been at her father's
residence during the past month, is, we
are glad to announce, doing well. We
extend to both parents our congratula-
tions ovtr the happy event.

'For Infants and Children.
The Khd You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of .A ge

Wight Bros.. weather clerks at this
po!nt, have fixed new tackle to the
weather fliag mast on Monroe street, and
last Friday flew the cold weather figs--
blue above and black beneath. Thanks,
we had already found the way into our
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart, of Groton, S. D. '"Was taken
with bad cold which settled on may lungs:
cough set in and finally terminated in
Consumption. Four Doctors gave me up.
saying I could live but. a short time. I
gave myself up to my Savior, determined
if I could not stay with my friends on
earth, I wculd meet my absent ones
above. My husband was advised to get
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Colds. I gave it a trial,
took in all eight bottles. It has cured
me, and thank God, I am saved and now
a well and healthy woman." Trial bot-
tles free at any drug store.
Regular size 50c. and $1.00. Guaranteed
or price refunded.

Messrs. Gilmore & Davis Co. have on
exhibition at their hardware establish-
ment three or four pictures showing a
part of the burned district of Apalachi-
cola, and also seven of the eight large
stores their firm erected there this sum-
mer. The new block presents an ex
ceedingly handsome appearance and
must be a great improvement to the city.
By the way, we noticethat three of these
stores are owned by Mr. A. Flatauer,
brother of Mr. Max Flatauer, of this
cily, who moved from here some five or
sax years ago.

The census enumerators could only
find 2,980 people in Tallahassee last sum-
-mer. The season that caused theenum-
eration of many other places to fall short
acted in the case of Tallahassee, i. e., the
summer absentees. We certainly have
grown in the last three or four years and
have not lost any large- proportion ot
population, and the State census'gave us
3,931 people in 1895.
"Too Rich to Marry" it is claimed is
one of the richest and raresc of the com-
edies. And that it fully merits nnd title
of "The Kingof Comedies." Fora long

time the critics have been declaring that
America would produce the 20th cent-
ury Sheridan, and if ajl accounts are cor-
rect. the advent of the new piece on our
local stage will be an occasion of much
interest to our theatre goers- Opera
.House November 16, 1900.

The Tired Feeling
is cured by LippmAn's Great Remedy. It
also cure. Neuralgia and Fiolent Head-
ache. It feeds the nerves, makes the
blood rich and the patient strong. If
you would be well and happy use P. P.,
Lappman's Great Remedy.
Sold by all druggist#.
Hon. Geo. W. Walker District Attor-
ney andHlon. E. M. Hopkins returned
on Saturday from Ciawfordville. Fla.,
where they had been attending the fall
session of the Circuit Couit. The court
had the lightest docket that has been
known for many years in that county.
Not a civil case and only three criminal
cases for minor offenses.

Busth 1 The Kid YuUn AhgBqM

Mies Katharine McIntosh returned
last Saturday from Washington, D. C.,
where she has been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Lawton Floyd for the past several

I Mr. C. H. Dickenson, of Madison. who
will be the incoming Governor's private
weretarV for thea Inat four vam- wao in

Death of Judge Ralph P. nuxtmo.
"Judge Buxton is dead." This
sad news came to us so unexpectedly
-as it did to the whole community
-that ,we have not the time to'give
a sketch of his life, or give the honor
that is due to so good a man. He
was in every sense of the word a
good, pure, honest man, honored and
respected not only by the community
in which he has spent his long life,
but throughout the State.
Judge Buxton died today at noon
-was found sitting in his chair dead.
His life has been spent in Fayette-
ville, his native town. Here, in his
every walk in life, he has had the re-
spect of all. He was a Christian
gentleman, a life-long, devoted mem-
ber of the Episcopal church and for
years has been one of its most active
vestrymen. His father, the late
Jarvis Buxton, was, until his death,
Rector of St. John's church in this
town, and his brother, Rev. Jarvis
Buxton, Jr., Rector at AsheviUle, N.
C. His wife and sister (Mrs. Thomas
Lutterloh) survive him.
Judge Buxton was in his 77th
year, but was attentive to his busi-
ness to the last. It was only a few
days ago that he ceased to be at his
office. He was a good man-a-man
full of piety, filled with the love of a
Savior in whose bosom he now
A more extended notice will be
given later.-Fayetteville (S. C.)
Observer, Nov. 6. "
The deceased was an uncle of our
fellow-townsman, R. Buxton Lutter-
loh. In fact the latter was named
for him.
Civil Appointments.
Governor Bioxham has made the
following civil appointments:
S. F. Edwards, of Quincy,' to be
sheriff of Gadsden county.
L. J. Jenness, of St. Peter-sburg,
to be notary public for the State at
Ivey Register, of Dover, to be
notary public for the State at large.
J. II. Fessenden, of Tampa, to
be notary public for the State at
Charles F. Wall, of Seaside, to be
notary public for the State at liwge.
II. M. Moran, of Archer, to be
justice of the peace for District 22,
Alachua county.
W. S. Broome, of Gainesville, to
be notary public for the State at
Charles E. McDowell, of Orlando,
to be sheriff of Orange county ad
M. E. Broome, of Live Oak, to be
notary public for the State at large.
M. M. Beckham, of Archer, to be
constable for District 22, .lachua
D. C. Eitzen, of Pehsameola, has
been appointed notary public for the
State at large.
R. T. Aberey has been appointed
justice of the peace for District 3,
Gadsden county, vice H. A. Love
Merited Reward.
Dr. J. L. Crawford, than whom no
better Democrat ever lived, will con-
tinue to serve the people in the office
of Secretary of State. Dr. Craw-
ford enjoys the confidence, respect
and esteem of th lewhole people of
Florida. He is perfect specimen of
God's noblest work, an honest man.
It is especially gratifying to his
friends to know that this old war-
horse of Democracy, who has often
been tried and never denied, should,

in the evening of his life, receive full
assurance. of the profound respect

J. W. Collins is headquarters for
everything in the line of V 'ncy and
Staple Groceries. He known the needs
of the masses ef the people am'l caters
to them for the purpose atf huliliing up
and holding trade. He also carries
several other lines in which he main-
tains the same reputation. You can
suve money by calling on him.

SA W? smaA~


which his fellow citizens have por
him, and the confidence they rerve
in him foU his honesty, his efficiency,
and his stainless character.-Gainys-
ville Sun.
Popular with the People.
State Superintendent Sheats will
remain in the same position whipli
he has so acceptably occupied duri' g
the past four years. The com li-
mentary manner in which Jr.
Sheats was nominated, coupled w th
the fact of his triumphant elec on
are sources of consolation to
hosts of friends who have stood vy
him in every emergency. It can ot
be doubted that the people of he
State regard him as the ablest Su-
perintendent of Public Instruct on
Florida has ever had.-Gainesv lie
Leu Warren, Mich. Husou, Allie Dea-
son. J. W. Bryson and A. N. Roberts
have applied for discharges from the
Island Ciry Guards at Key West.

A small boy was fishing on S:in :y
morning. 11e had a basket of 'isP
alongside of him. A clergyman I np-
pened to s,,e hi',m. and. going ove to
where he was busily watching the ab.
"You naughty, cruel boy! Don't ou
know that it Is a sin to fish on the SIb-
bath? Besides the sin. think of the
cruelty of it--taking the poor I ttle
worm out of the ground and stic in?
that nasty sharp hook through its
"That ain't no worm. That's at ai-
tificial fly!" answered the boy.
"Ah. I was mistaken," said the
"So were these fish," said he Oy .
picking up the basket and sho inug
them to the clergymnan.-New ork

*TETTERINE is worth more thanjit|
weight in gold to me. One applica on
cured me of a case of of seven y -rs
Stfcdiig.'"' i
John M. Towles, Crawforduilie. las.
It willO -t you 50 ceni s a box, if it cue,
Nothing if it dots not.
For Sale by all druggists or by
J.T.Shuptrine, Savannah, Ga.,
Sole ProprIetor.
Nov. 15--6mo.

D and McCarthy Streets Warehouse and
buil ling lots, at and near depot. otherser sub-
urba, and Long Grove Addition. Wilt be a Id at
a bargain. W. W. McGa v

SRVERAL of the most prominent rem-den
Sthe city-on Calhounlho and linton r
unsurpassed for business convenience or
sMrroundings, such as are not on the mart
a lifetime. For terms apply early, if yon
to buy. W. W. MGa

one lot to a whole block, from $1,.
$.,000, upon which are paying inves
now in operation 12 per cent. net. Apply
W. MeGrifL

V' terest in the Long Grove Lots.
Sept. 14,1898. R. Mu
POK RENT.-A two-story house. Ap
Mrs. .Sullivan 3


At O.K.Pric

Sewing Mac]
Farming Implements,
Mill So
Iron Pipe,


Sugar Pans,






*O *E Eo **nOl O BeOUO

U E]xpensive "Tip";

Sis 1e one which you cut off and.
* thr away every time that you
Ssin ce a Five Cent cigar. There is

* nea y as much labor in making this U
g end as all the rest of the cigar., and S

* yet very man who buys a cigar cuts *
Sit o and throws it away. You get 0
* all ou pay for when you smoke *

0o d Virginia Cheroots

Shidred million Old Virgn Cheroots smoked this
S. Ask yoor a dealer. Pr 3 for 5 cents.
ont *O0momeu9116iu1omeons



U" Architects and Builders.

s Mill ,P~an ari


W or. All kinds
t buildings
Manufactu rs plainced a
are, of all kind of costructe
rough a according
dressed I the latestI
ines, her, mou proved
.nugs, stai methods.
rails, balust rs, -
porch colu us, brackets, mantels. grills, fincy gable 0o
s, ments, and turned and scroll work of every description. Brk
Lime and ement for sale.

All o ers will receive prompt attention.

SWe Guara e Our Work to be First-Class in Every:Pa[rti

Prices Reasonable.

Office, Sh and Lumber Yard, on Sea Board Air Line,
lot south of county jail.
Sash, Phone 8 P. O

N- I Ne Store! New Good&







The Unfailing Remedy fr
M m W-

I :.

! i






Py"IEIuE tare women everywhere who suffer almost
stantly because they cannot' bring themselves totI
all about their ills to a physician.
Such women can surely explain their symptoms and thi
suffering by letter to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., for the cowl
Sfidence reposed in her has never bee'
SWOMq AN violated. Over a million women have
been helped by her advice and medicine.
Mrs. Pinkham in attending to her vaa
correspondence is assisted by womea
only. If you are ill, don't delay. Her
reply will cost you nothing and it will bea
practical help as it was to Miss ELLA E.
BRENN East Rochester, Ohio, who says: 1 shrunk fror
the ord of examination by our physician, yet I knew I must
have tr tment. My troubles were backache, nervous tired
feeling, painful menstruation and ,A'..,. -
leucorrh a. I am so grateful
to you w that I am willing to
have m name published to help
other gi s to take their troubles -
to you. ydia E. Pinkham's Vege-
table Co pound used as you wrote -
me has ade me entirely well
and ve happy. -I shall bless
you as 1 ng as I live."
Mrs. inkham receives thou-
sands o such letters from grate-
ful wor n./
138 Gra e St., Pittsburg, Pa..,
in a let r to Mrs. Pink- "
ham sa : "From child-
hood I s offered from kidney
trouble d as I grew older L
my tro les increased hav-
ing int nse pain running '
from waist to my womb and the .
menses were very painful. One day,
seeing our advertisement in one of
our pa rs, I wrote to you.
**Wh your reply came I began taking
your C pound and followed your advice
and am ow in perfect health, and would ad-
vise an lady rich or poor to take Lydia E. *
Pinkha *s Vegetable Compound, which I can praise above all
other r nedies. It is a wonderful help to women."
- -

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Title: The Weekly Tallahasseean
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Publisher: John G. Collins
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Publication Date: November 15, 1900
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 23, no. 47 (Jan. 13, 1905).
General Note: Publisher: John C. Trice, <1900>-1905.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 14 (June 13, 1891).
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BETABE.PsUDa 1881.
JOHN C. TRICE, Ptiblisher and Proprietor.




VOL. XX, NO. 38


Hov Being Successfully Op-
erated in this City

kernel, pr oil producing pa
Here one conveyor takes the hua
across to the hull house, while t]
residue is taken into the large mi
tad thence into the steam heated
Then it strikes the first hand promc
Cloths have to be put into the pre
by hand and the compressed cak
(covered with cloth) have o 1
taken out of the cake press and p
ioto the oil presses by hand.. Lik
i'se the dry cakes have to be take
bron. 41k- _: --. --4__- *__*,n *1


Something About ti lPlant, and
What it is [olog.

The Tallahassee qCton Oil Com-
pany is now running g its large oil
mills in this city at 'ull speed day
and night, turning )ut about two
thousand gallons per day of the very
best oil manufactured from cotton
seed. To those who have never
been through a large oil mill a trip
of inspection through this plant will
be a revelation, and en those who
are familiar with eir operation
should go down, no that it is run-
ning, and see what a rge enterprise
these people have est lished here.
It is situated only few hundred
yards southeast of th passenger de-
pot of the Seaboard ir Line Rail-
way, where the old cDougall cot-
ton mill stood years go, and gives
out a rather unprete tious appear-
ance from outside, bu it is strictly a
business concern fro i the front en-
trance to the rear exit There are at
present three build ings-a seed
house, 78x180 feet; t e main build-
ing, 40x140 feet, aid he hull house,
50x100 feet.
The former building has a capacity
of 3500 tons of cotto. seed, and is
nearly full now, which means they
have enough raw material on hand
to operate several months. The
main building is two st ries high, and
contains all the -oil producing ma
chinery, with a small 'ng for a bus
ness office. The onl machinery ii
the hull house is a very simple auto
matic apparatus for illjng bags with
the hulls.
Under the main b lding is two
very large oil tanks. i s the mann
fractured Wroduct is taen from the
seed it goes into one c these tanks
or vats, where it is allowed to settle
hen it is pumped into large iroi
orange tanks in the rear, some 75 o
0o fetdis'tant. "There it remain
until a: shipment is zeady, and i
pumped direct from these tanks tc
the large railway tanks, now used fo
transporting oil.
Everything about the factory is u1
to date, and put in with a view t
speed, thoroughne.s antd economy i
labor, so much so that very few me:
are required to operate the entire
plant. Outside Manager Logan'
office is a pair of large wagon scales
Wagons coming in with a load o
seed are driven on this. The Man
ager turns fiom his desk, balance
the scales, pokes his head through
window and learns the name of th
owner, whereupon he -turns to th
desk and puts down the gross weigh
while the wagon is driven around t
a steam elevator which takes th
seed right -from the wagon into th
seed house. The teamster the
drives back on the scales, weigl
again, gets his receipt and a vouchi
for his money.
If the seed are brought in by ra
the ear goes right on big railway
scales, is weighed in like manner an
unloaded the same way.
Steam conveyors take the see
from the seed house right into tl
Ssix big lint machines in the ma
building. Here every particle
the lint left by the gin is taken fro
the seed, then they go into anoth'
machine full of small knives whi
cuts them into small" fragment
then into a machine which hul
them, then into another whi
separates the hull from tl

regular price it is worth fully one- Democratic Primary Pc
half and goes a long way toward
paying for the seed. The meal, as is
well known, is a much better fertil- =i
izer than cotton seed, whole, for the *
reason that it is in shape to become
at once available for sustaining the
growing plant. It is worth about I
$26 a ton. The hulls also are used Preinuct No. 1 27 7 27 27
for fertilizer with the meal (about Precinct No. 2' ... 4 24 ,-\ 24
Precinct No. 3: :3o 30 :O 0 O
"hdlf and halt"), and bring about Precinct No. 4 .. 39 :91 34 35
$20 a ton. The hulls and meal Precinct No. 3IL.. 11 1 W 11 11
properly mixed is also said to be the precinct No. 71 a23 a3 22 23
Prec inet No. i .... 2 32 2 2931
best butter producing cow feed on Precinct No. 9 ....10 10o 11 1
the market. Precinct No. 10 .... 8 8 5
Pe marrecinct No. 11 .. 68 68 67 08
Immense quantities of both meal Precict No. 12 3128 13 120 3O'
S lls 1 Precinct No. 13 114 194 186 189
and hulls have already been engaged Precinct No. 14 14 .... 4 4 34
P gro precinct No. 16 .... 83 s3, 7 82
county and South Georgia, and Man- Precinct No. 17 .... 91 94 91 91
ager Logan thinks he will find sale Precinct No. 18 ... 61 -61 61 l
right here for all he makes, or very T0tals ....... 4 91 .299 906
near it. If not, he is prepared to put -
it up and ship it, however, having grateful recognition of-'the kindly
just received a car load of standard affectionate intercourse he had en-
size bags and having all the machbin- joyed, during the term of his service,
ery ready. with the members of his communion,
The entire plant is lighted by elec- and no less with the community in
tricity from its own dynamo, and which his lot had been cast, that he
supplied with water from its own ar- held that Tallahassee was the home
tesian well, which has just been bored of his choice and affection.
in the engine room. There is ample Unfortunately this letter, passing
fire protection on the premises, too, from hand to hand among those who
without calling into use the city's fa- loved and appreciated him, was not
cilities. They have a large iron tank returned to the writer, and this is
elevated high enough to give all the the more regretted as it contained
pressure wanted and plenty of plugs, expressions manifesting the happi-
piping, hose, etc. ness of the year's intercourse with
The effects of this enterprise, the people of Tallahassee, which, the
though just getting under head- writer would have been glad to
way (not a single shipment having embody in this article as conveying
been made yet), are already being felt the idea of enjoyment of these
throughout this section of the State. social relations, in terms of affection-
Notwithstanding small oil mills ate appreciation, far beyond the
have been operated in Middle Florida writer's ability to express.
for years, and there has been a big In this short period of service the
demand for cotton seed, they never church of this communion has speed-
sold for more than 124 to 15 cent, 1ily realized, that, the Saviour
and people thought that was a big' sent us one, in the person of .jis
price. Already the price has been young servant, as the Bishop of this
n advanced bv this mill to 25 cents branch of Li church, imbued with the
'csh and no grumbling." Holy Ghost, fervent and efficient in
h We want more just such enter- service and, possessed of those qital
o prises as this. They are the things ities of heart and soul which win'
k that go to make up the large cities of favor with all who come into aaspo-
this day and time, and furnish a mar- ciation with him. R. .
ket for the products of the farms of Tax Sales d Redomp
' such sections of country as thi. T Se Tasuren i .rent d
' Give us fifty buch manufacturing The State Treasure l~re~tt
plants as this,and the farmers of Leon thereto several m o n.
r county will be-enabled-to sell every- the procee s of
s thing they can raise-not at starva- of tax sale cetific
ration prices, but at figures that will month of October, as follows: .
r soon make tbem thehe most independ- Alachua ............... $ 56 57
ent class in the world. Bradford.... ........ 109 01
p Some Church History. Brevard.................... 2 20
o To the Congregation of the Pres- Calhoun..................... 6
n byterian Church and the Community Citrus .... ............ 103 6
n in which we dwell-Thinking that a Clay .. ................ 136 16
e brief sketch of the history and pro- Columbia............... 7 86
's gress of the Presbyterian church in Dade ..... ...... ... 272 6
s. this city for the last two years would DeSoto ................. 177 5
Af be pleading and profitable to our- Duval .................. 352 3
- selves and our community, the writer, scambia ................ .. 4
's though of but little skill or ability to (idsden................ 2
a de justice to his theme, is induced to Hilborough .... ... 229 95
e the effort in the belief that the pleas- Holmes................ 1 5
e ure-and he hopes, the profit-which Lafayette............... 1 5
It he has experienced, has been also Lake................... .29 0
o that of all who have enjoyed the Lee................... 9 4
ie ministration and social excellencies of Levy ..... ............. .
>e our young pastors, who served us Liberty................. 49 9
n during that period as overseers of Manatee................ 2 8
hs this branch of our Lord's Church on Marion................ 783 81
er Earth. Monroe................ 53 1
Just before the expiration of the Nassau................ 17 3
il, year's service for which the Rev. T. Orange................ 124 2
ly A. Clagget had been called by this Osceola................. 37 6
id congregation as "Stated Supply." a Pasco .................. 11 7
term in the Theological Seminary at Polk .................. 736 2
>d Princeton would hold its commence- Putnam ................ 41 3
he ment, and our young friend and pas- St. Johns ............... 17 &
in tor. anxious to avail himself of this Sumter................ 13 ,

0 day of November, A. D. 1900, ant
8 of the Independence of the Unite,
States the one nundred and twenty
9 fifth year.
6 "Governor of Florida.
8 "By the Governor-Attest:
9 "Secretary oi State."
5 Leon County Awarded Medals.




Leon county does not intend to be
beaten by her sister county of Gads-
den, in the matter of winning gold
and silver medals at the Paris Expo-
sition. According to the Paris Expo-
sition Edition of the New York
Times of October 26, 1900, a gold
medal was awarded to the San Louis
Vineyard in class 60 (wines) and
also a silver medal in class 61 (bran-
dies) and also a silver medal
was awarded the Florida Brandy
Distilling Company, of Tallahassee
Fla, which is owned by the same
parties as the San Louis Vineyard.
Thus Leon captures one gold and
two silver medals-for wines mnd
brandies-which of all things In-
tered would we imagine be the haid-
est to attain, as they come moredi-

munication is difficult it will proba-
bly be several days before all partic-
ulars are obtained. The entire com-
munity deeply sympathizes with Sen-
ator Pasco and his family over their
sad loss.
The telegram stated that he was
killed on Oct. 29th at 10 o'clock.-
Monticello Constitution.
Letters Patent.
Letters patent have been issued
for the incorporation of the De Lacy
Country Club, with a capital of
$3,000. The club will establish a
course or grounds for golf, and other
games of amusement, provide games
of recreation and amusement, build
and maintain a club house, and pur-
chase, hold and transfer real and
personal property. The incorpora-
tors are H. R. Wardell, G. W. Fisher,
W. B. B. Fadger, V. W. Gould and
W. C. Cannons.
There will be a King's Daughters
entertainment at the residence of
Mrs. A. L. Bond instead of Mr. W.
M. McIntosh, Jr., as formerly an-
nounced, Friday November 16th,
7:30 p. m., consisting of music and

-Leon County. productiveness of Middle Florida, A
Sand showt-how rich they may and
will be ome in the future. It will
without dopbt be the means of bring-
.d I 7 2 : .; 1 i ing immigration and capital to this Where Only the Latest Im-
i section of the State. When we freto
That, we will have a country prosper- DIIi IS o
i"4a .4 1 ous in the true sense of the word.
i. 25' 2 27, 27 .. A country rich in the varied products WLL ADDED TO SHOR
W 17 7 2 14 1 81 23 of its fields is one whose citizens
1 28 1 1 3 ..
1'. 8 3i 7 3 .... os need have no fear that a night's cold -
.I5's lt 2' 7 .... ,.A wave may bring financial ruin or' Making an Important Suburb to Tal=
-8 22 14 5 41 2 plunge them into the depths of de- lahassee.
30 116 13 I1 31I
S11 d od 11 spair.
S3 7 2 6 Next door east, from the Cotton
37 hs 9 S tAS Railroad Commission in Session. Oil Company's possessions only a few
441 23 Rz* 1121 TeCmisnhla i
s 8s3 1s 63 39;98) The Railroad Commission held a rods, is the ginnery operated by Mr.
11 2 1 2 2 6 34 session this week for the purpose of C. T. Hancock and the five acre site
1a11 7o 1 1 S ri 8 arranging freight rates with the rep- which, within the next six or eight
70*(1 14 2310881
S48 58 49 9 3o 6 resentatives, of the various transpor- months, he will cover with huildnugs
4a 4oo45 ,T 4 st -I3'7- station lines,1 who have been in at- for milling, lumbering and residence
_ 1 tendance. I purposes.
ed in the ce..s bletins. The Commission has submitted a At present he has only one two-
aassee population is oe thou- freight clasitication, which the trans- story building and two of the largest
less than it should be. portation people will have thirty and latest improved cotton ginl.
t l days to consider. They take the cotton from the
Thansgivng Proclamation he following railroad representa- planter's wagon by suction, carry it
velrnor Bloxham has issm d te tives are in, the city attending the through the gins and direct to the
f owine proclamation: ti Commission: press. The wagoner, as soon as hit
Iin accordance with a tinio-hon- Seaboard Air Line, John A. lien- vehicle is empty, drives to a side door.
custom, and in conformity with derson, vice-president and general receives his seed and packed cotton
custom, and in of the eormi t of counsel; W,. I. Pleasants, assistant or a receipt therefore with a selling
itedS at I, W. Dt Blox- general freight agent. sample. The process is so quickly done
h Gov tates1 W. Blox- qorida EKst Coast Railway, with that many of the unin-itiated
GJn, Governor of the State of lor- James R. Parrott, vice-president and think a joke is being put up on them.
ida, do recommend the observance of .
uors e 2 the da of sevaenf gem.nal manager; J. P. Beckwith, until it is all explained.
Thursday, the 29th day of Novem- fi Ag
ersy, th 9 day of T vek traffic manager. As soon as the gaining season
ber, present, as a day of Thafkiv- Plant System, John E. lHartridge, closes, Mr. Hancock is going to move
ig and praise t Z Almighty God for division cour.sel; D). F. Jack, traffic his big saw mill from Chaires Station
his mercy and great goodness vouch- manager; James Menzies, general to this place and locate it by his
safed to our State and people. dinner. e then proposes pu
We have just passed through areigt agent gunnery. le then proposes t put
and exciting poliaed through tet Jacksonville & Southwestern, E. in grist mills and bolting machinery
Se political ntet S. Spencer, general superintendent, for corn, oat and rye meal. The
vng our entire country, ad Atlantic, Valdosta & Western, S. remainder of the tract will then be
abence of disorder or lawlepssess at D. Pickett, general freight and pas- covered with tenant houses for his
polls and the quiet acceptaer g .e operative. am those of te oil
verdict, again evidences the ca- Line of
ty of the American people for IndependentLine of Steamers, C. mill
-overnment. E. Garner, president a general Capital Primary.
.Florida's agricultural, manufac- manager. The last tabulated statement of
t a g, .commercial, transportation At Opera House November 16, 900oo. the vote on the Capital location by
other industrial developments One ot the principle attractions to the Times-IUnion, gives the follow-
oving forward with most grat- be offered our theatre goers this sea- ing totals:
ag sooes. son is a new farce comedy by Ed-. Jacksonville, 7,:22; Ocala, 4,509
er population during the last ward Owings Towne the well known St. Augustine, 2,902; Tallahasee,
has shown an increase greater author of 'O{ther Peoples Money." 14,875. .
any ofher southern sisters with The comedy bears the pleasing and Since that statement there has
exception, -and her people are suggestive title of "Too Rich To been added the complete returns of
sL gowi more prosperous. Marry" and is said to be even better Citrus, Manatee, Pasco, Santa Rosa
beneVolent than its name would promise. Ed- and Washington counties. a total of
ward Owings Towne has been for 1,106 votes, bringing Tallahasse's
yovs pa eog4ized s one .,f the jad.- tal vote to and which it will
leiva -id benign influence over ing dramatists and anything' from 't' seen is moern the total voe of
. our people. his pen is sure to meet.a warm re- all the other candidates, which foots
"Life, liberty and property,. within ception at the hands of the great up to 15,233. There are several
the limits of Florida, are as secure as multitude of his admirers. The new counties from which we have not
in any portion of our union, out citi- comedy is said to be full of sparkling complete returns even vet, and which
zens as law abiding, and peace and humor, surprising turns and funny will .add fully from o00 to 1,000 more
5 order are governing forces, by the situations. One thing is sure, a new votes to Tallahassee while the other
influence and example of an elevated play by the author of "Other Peo- candidates cannot hope for any ma-
citizenship. pies Money" is always entitled to be trial increase ot their vote. If the
"In recognition of these and nu- greeted with a crowded house. State Executive Committee deducts
merous other blessings, and having Lieutenant Pasco Killed, the difference between ELKrlu's vote
3 special thought and care for the un- Mr. Pasco received the sad intel- for Clerk of Criminal Court in I)uval
fortunate, let Thanksgiving Day be ligence Tuesday morning by wire, county and the vote given .ackon-
o one of praise and rejoicing, and be that his eldest son, Lieut. W. D. vile in that county it will increase
observed in places of public worshi Pasco had been killed in battle in Tallahassee's lead by 721 votes.
and in our homes, by such suitable Manila We will not lose any votes ini Leon
services as will show our gratitude The news was a great shock to county by the difference between
Sto the Great Giver of all good. every citizen of the town and ex- hopkins vote, 884, and the Capital
h "In testimony whereof, I have pressions of sorrow were expressed vote, 929-or 45 votes, because there
bee a dionseogesasonowswerehteb vron

Sbeat Tallahassee, the great seal of this At this writing we have not opkins in this county We can af-
Sat Tallahassee, the Capital, tarn the narticulars and as com- ford a few losses, however, and still


Mrs. E. A. Bannerman.
Mrs. E. A. Bannerman is no mo. e,
save a fond recollection to a large
circle of relatives and hosts of warm
personal friends. Yesterday morn-
ing she was suddenly stricken with
paralysis and at half-past 3 o'clock
in the afternoon passed into eternity.
She was 81 years of age and the
only surviving parent of one of the
largest and most influential families
of Leon county. As soon as it was
apparent that the end was near mes-
sengers were despatched for her sons
and daughters, but none of them
reached her in time to say good bye.
They came, however, and will be at
the funeral today.
Mrs. Bannerman was highly es-
teemed by all 'who knew her, and
the symatl~ies of the entire commu-
nity go t'to the sorrowing rela-
A Correction.
Tallahassee, Nov. 9, 1900.-Edi-
tor Tallahasseean-Please publish:
While "I am a sincere believer in
Christian Science and not a member.
of anv i4r-h.I T wrih tn utfa TtI did







~ 7





of opportunity for farther attainment, Volwannee........ ...... 30
m to exercise his effiiency in the service Volusia ................ 30 6
er of his Divine Master, was permitted Washington ........ .... 412 1
eh by the Session of the Church to cur-
ts, tail the period of his service as pas- $3,820 8
jis tor and enter the Theological Semi- T Alkahest Co-operatveLyceM
Ch nary. In view of this early vacation he Alkhest o-oem.rative
he of our pulpit, the Session entered SysteD.
t immediately upon the matter of se. The Alkahest Co-operative Ly
l curing a successor to the pastorate, ceum System which successfully or
be and was advised by our retiring pas- ganized in Tallahassee last Septem.
ls tor to address the Rev. Sydney L. er with 105 members, and which
rs McCarty to that end, speaking in promised a fine program of enter
Ssuch terms of his youngfriends pow- tainment, collapsed on account of th
Sers andp promise of future efficiency resignation of the officers elected
es that thSeeion was induced to en- It was a great less to the social ple
be ter into immediate communication ures of the coming season, as ev
be with him, and to extend to him a denced by the newspaper comment
L-e "Call" as "Stated Supply" f6r the from the various communities enjoy
e. n all ar omm g October 1, 1899, ing it. We may not be too late fo
en yr co mmen pted. Dring organaion wih suh an enrol
Ie calrlhe-accepted. Du-ring reorganization with such an enroll





flcKinly a Id Roosevelt Elected
Over Byp and Stevenson.


Republicans eep the East and West.
Carry Mar land, Delaware, New
York ad Indiana-The
E etoral Vote.

CImcoo, Ni v. 7.-While returns from
many states incomplete, there is no

question as
has carried al
Kentucky, as
the official
terrine the
The ret
the Democ

o the result. McKinley
the western states except
I it will probably require
mt in that state to de-
in Indiana are slow, but
concede the state to Mo-

Y1ih0. 300, bO ChaNe A. Gray. M i
Kinley. Th Republicans place his plu-
rality at fro1 98,000 to 32,000.
According to reports from Republi-
can sources Nebraka, Bryan's home
asate, goes f McKinley by about 5,000.
The electo l vote as made up at Re.
publican helqarters shows that Mco
inley ha total of 293 while Bryan is
given only 155, including Kentucky.
This i a indication that Ken.
tacky is lose to McKinley, althongb
the Republi claim it for McKinley
by 5,000.
The contr l of the house goes with
the prem den4y. The roster of new mem*
bers of the' lower branch of congress
shows that e Republicans were more
successful their highest estimates.
While the 4 s are not complete in
all the district, the indications arx that
the Republi4ms will have 20 members,
while their Opponents will hav- but 155.
The official te may make a difference
in a few of f the close distr ots, but it
aow looks as if Speaker Henderson will
hve a woaing majority of 47-cer.
thinly not amch less than that.
The electoral vote by states is as fol-
lows, according to the latest returns:
Bryan McKin.
Alabn................. 11
Arkansas... ........... 8 ....
alifornia... ............... 9
Colorado... ............ 4
Connecticut .................. 6
Delaware.. ... ......... .. 8
Florida-.................. 4 ....
Georgia ... ............ 13 ....
Idaho.. .. 3
Illinois.... ..... .... ... .... 24
Indiana.......... .. ..... ... 15
Iowa .: .. .... ... 18
Kansas .. .. 10
Kentucky ....... ..... 13 ....
Louisiana.. ....... ........ 8 ....
M aine .. ......... . 6
M aryland... ................ 8

Is a disease of the mucous membrane
or Inner lining of the nose, throat.
lungs, stomach, bowels and other
organs. It is caused by a cold or suc-
cession of golds irritating the delicate
surfaces, aid is promoted by scrofulous
taints in the blood.
It is especially dangerous in persons
having a predisposition to consumption.
In these and all other catirrhal
cases, Hood's Sarsaparilla so thor-
oughly renovates the blood and re-
stores strength that it permanently cures.
In fact, because of the character of
the disease, and peculiar merit of the
remedy. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the only
coitmmon sense treatment for catarrh.

Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the prom-
ise. No substitute for Hood's acts lko
Hood's-be sure to get Hood's.

Michim .. .......
Minnesota,............ ..
Missisippi........ ....
Missouri ....... ....
Nebraska ...............
New Hampshire ..........
New Jerey. .............
New York............
North Carolina .. ....
North Dakota............
Ohio ...................
Oregon ..................
Rhode Island...........
South Carolina... ......
South Dakota...........
Texas ...................
Utah ....................
West Virginia...........
Wyoming ............. .
Necessary to a choice, 224











Has No Desire to Be United State.
Senator From Nebraska.
Nzw Yomz, Nov. 8.-The Evening
Journal prints the following telegram
from William J. Bryan:
"LINcol., Neb., Nov. 9. To the
Editor of The Evening Journal: You
may say officially that under no circum.
stances would I accept the office of
United States senator even if it weri
tendered me. I made my fight for thi
presidency and I lost. I am not going
to take other men's positions from
Bryan Congratulates McKinley.
aicoLN, Neb., Nov. 8.-William J.
Bryan sent the following telegram at
soon today to President McKinley: "Ai
the close of another presidential ca.i-
paign it is my lot to congratulate yoc
upon a second victory."
Woieott's Defeat Conceded.
DzvnR., Nov. 7.-The Republicanm
concede the legislature to the fusionists,
insuring the defeat of United Statew
Senator Wolcott


Bottle Free to Sufferers.
Does your Skin Itch and Burn? Dis
treesing Eruptions on the Skin so you
feel ashamed to be seen in company ?
Do scabs and scales form on the ski,.
Hair or Scalp? Have you Eczema?
Skin Sore and Cracked? Rash form on
the Skin? Prickling Pain in the Skin?
Boils? Pimples? Bone Pain? Swollen
Joints? Falling Hair? All Run Down?
Skin Pale? Old Sores? Eating Sores?
Ulcers? All these are symptoms o0
Eczema and Impurities and Poisons in
the Blood. Ilo cure take B. B. B.
(Botanic Blood Balm) which makes the
blood pure and rich. B. B. B will cause
the sores to heal, itching of eczema to
stop forever, the skin to become clear
and the breath sweet. B. B. B. is jukt
the remedy you have been looking for
Thoroughly tested for 30 years. Give it
a trial. For sale by druggists at $1 per
large bottle; six large bottles (full treat.
ment) $5. Complete directions with
each bottle. So sufferers may test it, a
trial bottle given away. Write for it
Address Blood Balm Co.,8 54 Mitchell
it., Atlanta, Ga. Describe your trouble
and Fre personal medical advice given.

Lieutenant Jene'* Nerve.
"The nerviest act I know of." said a
Kansas man while discussing the
world's brave deeds. "was performed
by Lieutenant Jones of the company of
marines that took John Brown at Har-
per's Ferry. Robert I. Lee had ad-
vanced his 90 marines In semicircle
about the armory In which Brown and
his men had taken refuge. Then Lieu-
tenant Jones stepped out and com-
menced to read the riot act to the men
behind the armory walls, and. though
they kept Shooting at him. his voice
never wavered, nor did be show any
other sign of trepidation. I wasin that
company of marines."-Kanmsa City
"Does that young woman hall from
"Yes"' answered the youth thought-
fully; "that expresses the Idea precise.
ly. She hails from Boston. t was nev-
er before overtaken by such a heavy
downfall of intellectual Ice."-Wash-
ington 8tar.

0 lIsm AMe you and I mnmt walk apart,
BpWr -e am little corner of your heart-
A shdae '
'Ua&t abal be wholly mine!
Others may claim, and rightfully, the ruta
If there I know I am not disposaeed.
All blind
L eager, shall not mis&

I annopfwcqan Ptt'var

mI otwe mybaye*lfetro gyit- II
iaeky or dellcaeehlikrm jamt
to tryam bottle sand s whu ds
johusas 6Statism, Os.

Assw99N ofot
PAW"v Iw

to welcome mnis onre. sne imen as
promptly fell in love with No. 1. But
when No. 2 pleaded and threatened.
she could not decide which one theie
loved the better, so she was detained
while the two men haunted the barge
office, glaring at each other.
"When the detention time had elaps-
ed. the bride,. still not knowing her
mind. was sent unceremoniously back
on the same steamer that brought her
over. both jilted lovers abandoning the
field in despair. But on arriving on
her native soil once more the maiden
dared not face her people. so back she
came. having just money enough to
pay her passage, and sent for lover No.
1. declaring that she loved him the bet-
ter. He replied that he was very much
obliged. but as he had already married
a handsomer girl in the interval he was
compelled to decline to come for her.
The maiden then sent word to No. 2 to
like effect, but he declared that he bad
had enough of the fickle feminine, and
thus in defeat the maiden was trans-
ported back again to face the leers and
jeers of her native hamlet."
Why He Wanted a Receipt.
There was a lawyer in the Indian
country who had none too good a repu-
tation for honesty. says the Chicago
One of the aborigines employed him
to do a little legal business. It was
done to the client's satisfaction, the
fee duly paid and a receipt for It duly
demanded. "A receipt isn't necessa-
ry." the lawyer said. "But I want it."
replied the red man. There was some
argument, and the attorney finally de-
manded his reason. "Since becoming
a Christian I have been very careful
in all my dealings that I may be ready
for the judgment." answered the brave
sententiously. "and when that day
comes I don't want to take time to go
to the bad place to get my receipt from
rc.:" The receipt was made out and
oroontw da ilivered.

Hall's Great Dihsovery.
One small bottle of Hall's Great Die-
covery cures all kidney and bladder
troubles, removes gravel, cures diabetes,
seminal emission, weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all irregularities
of the kidneys and bladder in both am
aad nm, relates badder trouble
in chien. I not d by v r dnram.

How Be
An Irascible old
in early life with
left him with a br
Ity about which he
little sensitive.
One day a new I
the old question."l
to break youi nose
The old gentlemi
ly. 'To tell the tr
accident was cause
into other people's




And if so be you sometimes offer tier.,
Though but In thought. the ragimft eo a
.No more .
Can L ala., implore!l
But that is much and shall. forsooth, avl
To make my footsteps father not nor fail,
Though far
Our pathways sundered are.
Then, love, since you and I must walk aprA
Spare me one little o iner otf our hearth-
A shrine
That shall be wholly nainm:
-Clinton Scollard ia Hlarper's Bazr.

Her Experience With Two Lovers at
Uncle Sam'si Barge oUhce.
"There seem to be manifold oppolrL
tunities among the immigrants coming
to America on shipboard for falling in
love, particularly on the slower steam-
ers, when people are thrown together
for a period of from 12 to 18 days,V
says John Gilmer Speed in Ainslee's.
"In this case a worthy young Russian
was cheated out of a very pretty bride
by a likely Italian fellow traveler of
the maiden. Strangely enough. she
knew not one word of Italian nor he
a word of Russian, yet the bride's
countryman was jilted, and the panto-
mime lovers were married and set
forth gayly and confidently to learn
each other and the great new world
they bad entered at one and the same
"Another case was equally ludicrous.
A Swedish maiden of somewhat flckle
mind fell in love with a fellow voy-
ager without apprising him of the fact
that she was betrothed to another tan
whom she was to meet at the barge
office and marry. It was her intention
to hurry ashore with her new lover
and outwit the former by a prior ckere-
mony. but the red tape of the office
prevented that, and the first lover ckm'e
A Village Blacksmith Saved His iUt
tie Son's Life.
Mr. H. H. Black, the well known! vil
large blacksmith at Grahamville, Sulli-
van county, N. Y., says: "Our little
son, five years ol,', has always been sub.
ject to croup, and so bad have t>I as-
tacks been that we have feared nany
times that he would die. % e have had
the doctor and used many medicines.
but Chamnberlain's Cough Remedy is
now our sole reliance. It seems to dAs
solve the tough mucous and by giving
frequent doses when the croupy aym,n
toius appear we have found that ihe
dreaded croup is cured before it geth
settled." There as no danger in giving
this remedy for it contains 1ro opium 0o
other injurious drug and may be given
as confidently to a babe as to an adult
For sale by Wight & Bro. and all medi- deaier-4.

roke It.
gentleman had met
an accident which
ken nose. a deform-
was known to be a

aquirer propounded
ow did you manage
i answered solemn-
ith. my friend, the
d by my poking it

DeWitt's Witl Hazel Salve will
quickly heal the w burns and scalds
,nd not leave a s It can be applied
to cuts and raw races with prompt
and soothing eff Use it for piles
and skin diseases. Bewre of worthless
counterfeits. All ralerd.

Very ma

Sought to know.

Sin the country

Those who d know about it.
wonder how ever got al
without it. It robbed -
birthof itste rs for many a.
yo wife. It preved he
g igure saWed her much
suffilfg. Iti an external Hni-
meatand ar with it therefore,
absolutely no ge of upeing
the system as taken inter
,ally areapt do. It is to be
rubbed into the to soften
and strengthen muscles which,
are to bear thestrain. Thismeans
rnwmnh 1j-a TI mu -

A Telemam That
a Washtnl
A lamentable unfa
lish as she is idiom
her native heath Ih
bad quarter of an h(
young lawyer of t
soon forget. His. m
nouncedly correct ti
Including dress. Sun
do not come direct
are built in New Yo
rect of English ma
she made ready to
last summer, the y(
supply of clothes
the natives. Her ET
was. however. prov
delivering things. a
to set off without .
she had Intended ta
the first week nft(r
wrote to her devoted
every day. For tbi
wrote every other
week four days pas
from her. On the fi
was delivered at t
"Wife's body for
The signature wa!
message was enoun
marrow of that youi
It had been sent fr
saw. in his mind's v
wife running up tu
shopping. He thou-.
heat. He knew just I
about, and with a i
he dashed out into
ly ran to the house
to acquaint her 1
news. He was pa!
reached the house.
fatal telcgr:am. Th,
"Well." said she.
She's been expect
It's the one that
chiffon skirt. I sup
T.B..Rice. a pro
Greensboro, Ga.,
"I have handled
tive for eight yea
known of a single
failed to give perfe
ties who once use i
manent customers.
this article than all
rives, soothing sy
combined." For
has no equal.
A Story of A
Anthony mpe
believer in men of
each other, worked
to- help on the fund
society of London I
late. from which
paid to authors w
has not brought th
Income and who vi
with fear.
Once an unfortu
ited Mr. Hlawkin.
'Buckingham street
ment gardens. esx
with something in
I feel that Provide
me to you!"
And the reply cai
his benefactor's
however, that Pro
quire the habit o


Perfect Remedy for Constipa-
lion, Sour Stomach.Diafrrfta.
Wors s,Convubions,Feverish-
aess and LOSS OF SLEEP.
T-Si s lp Signaturem of



early Prostrated
on Man.
slliarIty wvth Eng-
icali. "'*-polke" on
responsible for a
tr which a certain
is town will not
fe has most pro
tes in everything
i of her gowns a,
rom London town
i by the most cor
milliners. When
to Long Branch
ng wife laid In a
'at should dazzle
.1li:h man milliner
kin-;ly slow about
d she was forced
eral of the frocks
insug with her. For
be went away she
hnus';and at home
second week she
! .. .In the third
.lI without a lin.
th day a telegram
4e young lawyer'e

'arded this morn-

Bears the






You Have

Always Bought

b~ -.


a scrawl. but the"
to chill the very
husband's bones
in New York. Hie
Ie. his d.:inty little
town for a day'q
it of the frightfnl
ow It had all come
rror stricken face
he street and fair-
f his wife's sister
ith the frightful
speech when he
ut he held out the
sister rrad it.
It's tim he spent It
It for six weeks
S with the pink
so."-- Wast-lngton
ninent ,iruglgi-t of
ts as follows:
)r. Pites' Carmina
and hav- never
instance where it
satisfaction. Par-
always make per
We sell more o(4
ie other Carmina-
and thing children it

thorty Hope.
awkins. always a
letters standing by
tremendously hard
which the Authors'
trying to accumu-
unsions are to be
ose literary merit
m a corresponding
w increasing years

tie writer who vis-
at his rooms in
by the Embank-
aimed on leaving
is pocket. "Oh. sir,
0ce must have sent

e with a twinkle in
4e. "Let us hope.
idence will not ac-
doing so."-Argo-

Celebrated Chattanooga C00



mss da stcomw&tncu~itiw
OpauiL~orphie tr MiifraL

The Wicked- !. ';:I o Sea.
Nine out of ten tra v.ehrs would tell in-
quirers that the ro.ugh!,st piece of wa-
ter is that cruel stretch in the English
channel. and nine out of ten travelers
would say -rt';t not true. As a
matter o! ra. '. "the wickedest Nlt of
sea" is not 'in the Dover strait, or in
yachting, for example, from St. Jean
de Luiz up to Pauillac, or across the
Mediterranean "race" from Cadiz to
* Tangier, nor is it in rounding Cape
]orn. where there is what sailors call


wwwwl"WL-- I

rl,. I I -- A. a Amll


eo: t
e (I.oI!1-tred 111 ..II i( I the
Good Hope for the eastern
Cape Colony.-Shipping WeorA

It is imprudent to keep an ao
stove burning in a sleeping rooMa
consume the oxygen and thus
the air.
The purest Chinese is spoken
kin and Is called "the languages



Recent investigations by the authorities of several States have i
tractedattention to proprietary medicines, and there is a markeddiqsp.
sition to draw a sharp line of distinction between mysterious
and worthy articles of scientific compound and known,
** Many proprietary medicines," says a leading
physician, "* are the best possible prescriptions for the
diseases which they are made to cure. It is certainly
only reasonable to expect that chemists of
world-wide reputation and unlimited re-
sources ought to make compounds with excep-
tional skill, and it is manifestly to their in-
terest to have their Ingredients fresh and
pure. *Take, for example, Lippman's great
remedy, popularly known as P. P. P.
The formula is on every bottle. Every
physician knows that the Ingredients are
the best possible remedies for purify-
Ing the blood, and the compound is
a scientific one, which increases the
efficiency o* the whole. I some-
times prescribe special mixtures
for Blood Poisoning, Scrofulous
Affections, Catarrh, Eczema and other
complaints rising from impure and weak --
blood, but Iways feel safest in prescribing P. P. P.. especially when
I am not personally acquainted with the druggist. In prescribing
P. P. P. (Uppman's Great Remedy), I know I am taking nochance."
When doctors feel such confidence in a standard remedy, it b
no wonder that the general public Insist upon having it.
P. P. P. is sold by all druggists. $i a bottle; six bottles, $5-.
LIPPLIAN BROTHERS, ulm A-. Savannah, Oa.

Hardware, Hardware, Crockervwart

ull Lne of Cook Stoves, Ranges and Heaters!


A full Lie of Steam Fitting
SconSStlng of Piping, Pipe-fitting
Injectors, Inspirators, Whistle
Steam Gauges, Check and Globe
Valves. Also. a full line Rui
ber and Leather Belting, Lace
Leather, Belt Rooks and StMf
Packing. A fall line of Hirneo
and' Hrnes Leather.

For LafAuts and Childrt

The Kind You Ha

Always Bought


. ;-

* -j -- PW.-. AN RD,&y
TR BKL.Ai~A41~N Jr~L.NOVIgm- 15S 1900.8


g ..BH, .. W.WJ:Carps~

srISSwill be het44r rvg larly vvr
11:W A. I li n P1. .:." *eat* a I
t"pilbile ordia ly enrlteilto at-
S'h'rnj it lwk, A. M. Prayer
To a or Millp. 3-JO P M.. MandaL).
fi' jutIAL ;a'-'1%4 % '.1. ;I US 6.
pq sohlba' M,m-ahiI7..u
$audt)'. .4usad&Y School itt .0 at.
Meeting Wt'dileads) DO. '* Wdin
me tendeIj~ tO "'
JUMP11 Kra5~ifgtAl. t k '-h. lit. W. Al.
paipWu-. em aties: rrtabujeha.-I ert
~s~UA.~7:w P. iU. bfrrda:% evflhcsegt
1: S undsio !011001 at iKA. M.
.1 I Ital Is,
It iji an Semonat 9A. M

wi eek d"V16 bsab,.o4ba. hN.
&W4h. ,kkjl b I~t "sii "'t b6 I
,it ost price% aThe 1ALLARAMA5IEA

5tP but 4: t.igh. Uai2%t

T urwbid) lt'L- i. It. f jiskub, Pastor.

Dw iruti .3M i. Lik'O. I&Lst." biit01Dirt t
th jf ue drtr) s AvilcJiaiOn boid ~i2Jir
01ig5~, the thiW rd tdft) fe't bmP of eachb
Tbose abbolre- istetttbWOle (h- I's ei
,1,1 .4 %%1l CIt 't. Ui-4 U t lt he rt~ilcDC-e Of Mit.
LIk I %% itth % libe beiu
SuUL Ui,-Ongbol LrAj.14 IA OGE No-
I r held ever) I Uesda bvefhialfs1, ~ their
Itooluat 8 )'clok. All MUt tiers in
odstaridinar re InvtiiVted oi1j ttend.

~ hitm~h~ No~, aehetiso-d 5AVl~
jthird I'bursda) Mvenuiip 01ol e Cmouth,
uweir Lodge ItOOM. at a O'clock. '. I Putmn
Sin good standing are iagvited to Attend
W. J1..bicINTOS WS~it ., C. P.
1j. i.CUn U.Scribe.

fjlahsoue LodgA, No B meetsMOSecond
SfourThursday evengsof each month
IMAui orHall.
Maonic ~ B. FBILORICK, Dictator.
W. H. CBANCyT. ,epOrttW.
Deero Lodge No. I K. ot Pl,.meetsevery
barldy evening in Ca.tle Hak. Visiting
ights are cordially invited to ated.
h. C. CRAW Cad). 4.
J. F. HILL,,K. ofl. 29
(B. S. of the E.
is its meeting every Wedeuday even-
it eight o'clock at i Locge room up.
one door east of h annex of the Oper
e. All members of the iderin goo
ding axe cordial 7 invit to attend.: .
9-"IA." AFVOiD, W. C: J.
Mrt Mondyof each month at 8 olock

h Npter No. I, will be hel on the.. ..o .d and
wmirtb Mondayp of each nouth at 8 o'clock
S W. M. MCIcTOPl. Sr., Secretary.
Regular meetings tof JACKSON LOJAG.,
0. are held on the first and third Mon'any-
Seach month. at A o'clock, r. M.
W. M. McITtr. Sk.. eert lr.

rofessional "fard.

mRI~. R(JA.%McCiUNTi4'K,
Call and halve your cortcij,npldecflt' d legal
work tsI ell in -horthadi~a'l ud 'l m~writtefl by an
xprt: it.orilr it e:,.4otifvlhale 13'm ~odem~
~otlfi''11"'I Id i1 -),)elriilgocrg 1-ht I 2IjivneC

)b. I ~..

ii ;li~N.
ji a f:J!IA.

Ofce over Capital City Bank,
tI.T.AHAa ,- -, FLORIDA.



graduate 1894, University Maryland.
Baltimore; Post Graduate 1893,.
flaskell ScWol, Clucago.
gW Preservation of Natural Teeth,
Gold Crowns, Bridgework, and Metal
Plates a Specialty. G(as administered.

Repairs alkinds of Household artcleof
everyday use. TrunS2 -aDUN S- -W t-"kS.
Keys. Ftenings.L Gunm. Pistols. Sbou ng Out
Eta. Umbrellas. also Bcylet salnd SewinMa-
chies. Shop on Jeff ieon n ,r New
City Market. Work done 0 short aotlee-and
at low orices.


Contractor .

and Builder
Lumber, Laths, SLingles, Etc., kept
in stock at all times.

J. H. HILL & C'S

UWS ^ ~As

Foley's Kidney wCa.

Poles Honey d Tar

hilh aws tew csqL

Made Pat by Watte.
There Is a six foot laundry maa In
Norristown who weighs 300 pounds.
It Is his own fault too.
"When I was IS.'" he will explain sad-
ly. "I was like a lead pencil. A thin-
ner fellow you never saw. I heard
then that if I wished to get fat I
need only to drink, morning an! even-
r.g. as mnuch water as I could hold. I
want4l! very badly to -,t fat. so I be-
gan this water treatment. A pint or so
was at first my limit, and even that
would sicken me. but .as time passed
my c'alp:'ity lxbecanl greater. SoIn I-
could drink two or thlire quarts. and in
time I could as easily drink a gallon.
Well. the result was excellent. I took
on flesh at a great rate. I got. too, so
that I enjoyed my long night and
morning drinks. I would look forward
to my gallon draft all through the day.
When. after seven years, I had reach-
ed the nice weight of 170 pounds, I
decided to stop the treatment. But
alas, I couldn't. The long habit had
grown too strong. It had made me a
slave. And ever since I have been
drinking, night and morning, a gallon
of water-I do enjoy it so--and every
year I taken on from 15 to 20 pounds.
Finally. I guess. I'll bust."-Philadel-
pbha Record.

Kicked on the Story.
Probably most writers of serial sto-
ries are familiar with the sensation of
receiving letters of commendation or
disapproval from Interested readers
who are following up the stories as
they appear in their regular weekly or.
monthly installments. Occasionally
some curious person asks for private
Information :ts to what the outcome is
to be. while others offer sunggestions
as to the dis:poiitiou Itl,,, l lllhli' of tilh
villain or express :1 f
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