This company in past seasons was aing? a id am now a well mal. I know they
d a r an g brush' and yet "presuming," Was saved my life, and robbed the grave of
e known as Richards &. Pringle's- it ol'of those included in the "sub- another victim." No ope should fail to
- Rusco & Holland's, the two former sidir.d press" of which he had much tjyv them. Only 5A) cts,, guaranteed, at
" having retired permanently from the to s? Was it one of those charged any drug store.
o to s-y? Was it one of those chargedrmh tr---
Sminstrel business. The latter are with "exhausting the mud holes Pardon (rr ted.
d now sole owners and managers. This othrwing mud on their betters?" The Board of Partans last -Tues-
, famous company which has delighted quoted words may not be the day commuted the penalty to
and made thousands laugh in the exact words of Mr. Bryan, but they wjich Bob Williams, colored, of Du-
past and which will do likewise with ---- a -I "e --
t. carry the idea conveyed by him to his vil county, was sentenced for the
the countless multitudes in the fut- -*Aion_ '" ir" n-
the countless multitude in the t ience on the several points nimrder of Lem Williams, also color-
ure, presents this season the most named e
attractive lt of novelties that It ha w it makes but little difference w convicted to hung by the
ever offered, with more comedians whether any one of the ideas named Circuit Court of buval county,
I- noiAde "" A r-c e cluivel 'iy,- in, ch.i on appeal, wa sustained by
e better musical organization than ever .- .. ely', n. -hS on apeal, b.
y before. he program is complete part, or at all, to this or tht pair Sprieme Cour. Governor
y .with new ballprogrand funns complete ain r newspaper, they were all doubt- Bloxham appointed 8ptember 6 as
n with new ballads and funny sayinnd less intended to do nomore than create thb day for the execution. His law-
Sao N d before astd a little laugh favorable to the speaker y then applied to *e Pardo ing
d been such stup Never before has therelay of at the expense of his opponents. Blard and a respite th November 6
dl been such stupendous outlay of They show in him an intolerance ws granted, and now lthe Pardoning
al money made for a minstrel produc- r
bo in s uingte r i- that, not being able to meet by fair Bqard has commuted his .sentence to
y ton, both in securing the best avail- and proper argument those opposed lif imprisonment. %
i able talent and in the massive seen- to his scems, resorts to assertion i
vs ery and elaborate costumes. The and epithet which hlie, in a desperate I A Thousand Tnigues
m free street parade at 2 p. m. is em- effort to hold tip a dying cause, wouldd not express the rapture of An-
o. blematic of the mammoth propor- thinks will rescue hiin a'ind it. i nis E. Springer, of 1125 lloward St.,
1 laiielphia, Pa.. when :.h found that
e tion to which this organization has does not yet know that a strong Dr, King's New Discovery for Consuip-
in grown. cause does not need to malign its op- tios had completely clred her of a
e ponents, and that a weak cause is la king cough th:.. or nmi y years ha, I
I Two Surprises. niade weaker 1v it nn lie life a burden. -AII ptlier remedies
-,. ae ak ta doctors could give i1" 110 help, but
yI (rawfordville, twenty-five miles Therefore, front that standpoint, savs of this v ure- it \
is south of nere, has been agog for two li. is entitled to sympathy. Neither remn4ved the pain i my oiest and I can
ot days over a couple oif marriages. ~I'. rya nor ny other o'ato,' no' sleep soundly, oi tling I ca1
ie Tuesday, lion. N. lI. Walker was in however, despite the effort, will be I cely rekn inemir u-i'i oireu el h
In this city on legal business. During able to shade, much less hide behind Un ver-e." So will ever who tries
ii his absence MissNattie May, his only such assaults, Ithlie fact that a few Dr. King's New Dise.- ery for aniy
)r child, was married to a Mr. Walter local politicians have set their heads tro ble of the Throat, (it st or Lungs..
d Smith, son of the turpentine man together for the purpose'of inimposing t ay drug sto every iotle guar.n-
ie down there by that name. on the State an unnecessary, and an tee4 ._
i- Mr. Walker reached home Tues- enormous debt for their own profit One on Colonel Sp ikman.
of day night and learned of the wed- and pleasure. few days ago e were ata
i- ding. The result was, that yesterday The removal question, from its in- ,l where the State n s were w
ie morning just at daylight he and Miss ception to tihe present time. -is a wh i .... A *... .i wer .

-Ii----',u i WUftt i. it i 'ro Imuile r tI U1
s- Alice;Tully of the same place ap- series of steps any one of which may them were in the cro and some
t, peared at the home of County Judge safely be challenged as unfairly body asked Congressm Sparkman
c- Giles, and were soon made man and forced on the State through the June to dress the asse blage. lie
ee wife. convention, whose members were obli-ingly stepped to te front, and
&s Of soon leaked out and neither elected with reference to such beh y fellow-Deocrats, er-
e the whole place was not only sur- a question, nor went to Jacksonville I mean my fellow-citizis, er-no I
n- prised but astounded, as Miss Tully to attend that convention, expecting myfellow-onvicts I am glad to
s- is quite a young girl. to be confronted by this serious mea f
t, All the parties have many friends stn see o many of you here today.'
t, A e parties oave many rpens question of Capital removal and all Now;, even that did not gtet him out
ts here who will also be surprised. that is involved in it. Look at the of rhmor, and he did mate a talk."
us vote on this part of the platform Tim s- union & Citizen. t
d. Humorous Side of Campaign. forced on members before the n-,m- t -
es "Hon. W. N. Sheats is a thorough nations were made. Look at the r n'arried.
ly man, and never lets anything deter plurality vote, declared as sufficient Mi. A. A. Chiancey, Af this city,
him from his work, and he is always to remove the Capital instead of a and 41iss Alice Edna Fai-ar, of Ala-
ready to do anythiDg connected with majority vote, or a three-fifths vote bama4 were quietly married Tuesday
the cause of education. It is told of as is required in the Legislature; look eventag at the home of thle bride's
him that while superintendent of the at the binding of all Democrats to brother-in-law, Mr. I L. jryan, Rev.
of schools of Alachua county, a number vote for every after step, should the W. J. Carpenter officiating. No
ii- of yeas ago, he visited a school, and November primary declare in favor invitations were issued a(d only the
li- t.ha tteah.Icr wvantod t.n shnw thle -c -. ...i .r. ...l. in i;, ; ,mi rq of tho fam'ilv wVre itresent


lext Tuesday on Tallahassee


knd Want as Many More as They Calt
G(et at Once.
The air is full of railroad news
his week. Just as we go to press
re learn from what seems to lie re-
able sources that work will corn-
hence not later than next Tuesdav
n the Tallahassee Southeastern andl
vill be pushed as rapidly as possible.
A gentleman connected with the
oad stated to the writer that it had
changed hands and work would corn-
ience Tuesday, with not less than
)ne hundred hands, and as. many
nore as they could get.
lie would not give the n:mies ot
lhe new owners, but they are said to
pe prominent New York cap:italists,
,nd mean business.
They expect, this gentlenilal:
further said, to have trains runhniir
betweenn this city and Perry byv th
first of February. Twent v-on0
niles of road has already been
roned and ten miles more graded.
Lhe intention is to build through to
The construction of this road
south and the construction of the
Georgia Pine north will soon make a
big city of Tallahassee.

Some Good Singing.
"Come unto Me" was beautifully
rendered by Mr. J. L.. Luxford to a
large and appreciative audience at
Trinity Methodist Church on Sun-
day morning, 21st. In the evening
"Song of Triumph" was sung with
signal success to a much larger audi-
Though having scarcely recovered
from a severe attack of dengue fever,
which of course made unfavorable
conditions to a successful execution,
he sang with a sweetness and ex-
pression that alone characterizes an
able, well trained and highly cul-
tured voice.
Mr. Luxford is a traveling repre-
sentative for the Rneker.& -rhittier
Tobacco Co., and beside serving.
them in .an entirely satisfactory man-
ner, much of his time is devoted to
his friends, as on this occasion. We
hope to have hin with us ag.iin

You are Delaying Work.
I)r. \V. L. Moor hais cilvcto d alli
but about 2,02 Ooi f tihe onu1 s **fferld,

!t i isk :t itho;ritv to inl- i r >-r
tihc co,,lpaniiy's ,ivii <-., nii ..,r w\ho is
to lmlikell.' the sj'V u .ist :,- si-,t .is
this iliiilICy is in I;iiik, ;'il i< vr.yv
aiixioius to (get it.
('C ite up gli e itleiii,,i, ani i I; liie
work Iroeetd I it Ino iore today thali it \ il :ix iv ontihsi
front n on depol sit, but re itliitr i .)li\'s iin
bank, andll will not hle toic'hld uiltil
the road is coimplhtetd. \'.ii take iin
risk in the matter.

The PianzatanIlachu.
"The cheapest str~iw v hato ilpnv_
said a nmani whlo oxvii a 1;--:til,,
after all, a l'ainm liothini-. Look
here." Ilie took dIiowii it;.-,Iiig, white
hat, whi;i1 Wns (vn-as:-'! qoI~~~t 1m. ii'nid-
die- like a pair of t1iWirl. ne!rleil it
Up Qtjizt; hexI 'l he ti.'41 it ini the air.
W~ith ;t cracking 540111(1 it sph'i~vi (pen.
andi flutteredl IouII14,tothe :111 i its:1'
ori.-iial sla~wdeepe. 1t'ioetlCIt-r-ast.and,
all. -YotI e~tilil soll i this. ;:%t j'1* .1
week,"' le h MMediiiiit. -';1141 i!-4)1 IL M-111
Ha~t afterward. but wNIV-1 xi o n etflze to
put it Oil wagaiu it w')ul(1 e" just as you S
see it 1mo.
"Womn elin Mexi-o a !i I nmund:i il ilt
all that ireg,,oi ii-mik* t~ii. hl's. using
straw that lhas been selui-ed ithI more
care thaxi I CouldI tell You fi4. 'I'le .art
has been hanldedi downing tithvir fanmnilikeS
from one gener-at;,ou to :ii~'.ami(it
is a sveret art. -tinknow~ni to amty other


















question of Location, of
State Capitl


ssth and East Florida Not as
perous as Formerly.

Sanford, Fla., Oct. 26-Editor
*iahasseean-The campaign is
r aing to a close, and, as the
erdsman say, "it is time to round
p nd inspect our stock."
How do we stand?
Josh Billings says -"it takes three
inds of people to make a world:
rst, there's them that says 'ie's so;
ben there's them that says it ain't so;

en there's them that says they .
,,t ,ic dyt which way it is. .
Now we have all three of these
es represented in this Capital
oval issue. The first declare it
all be removed, the second assert
1sh/l not be; and the third "don't
ice a darn" whether it is removed
It is to this last class that we, who
se the removal, wish to make an
We appeal to you first as men
ving as much interest at stake as-
y body else; we appeal: to you to 1
use your self-respect and assert
our rights; we appeal to you to con-
well and realize the danger"d
t threatens your property and d
um children with an incumbrance
sa life-time; we appeal to your
nse of honor, your sense of duty,
our sense of self-protection-we.
peal to your common sense as
en and citizens of the State of
orida to join shoulder to shoulder
ith us and help to overwhelmingly
defeat this avaricious scheme to in-
ease our taxesmillions of dollars
or an unnecessary purpose.
Remember there are two proposi-
ins that must be defeated in the
tion now so near at hand, that of
ital removal and that of a Coni-
ional Convention, which is itself
&.Another- feature Jn disguise of
the Capital removal plan.
The first would cost millions and
the other not less, perhaps, than
hundred thousand dollars more. i
Neither object is at all necessary+-
the present Capitol building is suf-
dent for our present needs and the
Constitution can be amended ifneq-
essary without expense. Loth o4.
jets have organized with men whl
have not the "greatest good to thh
greatest number" at heart, but whi4,
have been actuated by selfish an4
local interests, and aie utterly re
gaidl(ess of the cost to the tax-payelt
They say all the prosperiiJ
lies v tt of the Suwannee, and foi
this reason the Capital too should
coilim cast. lIut we of the east are
not prospero'is now. When ouei
milli<,is in orange groves of green
and .ohl passed out into solid ice
adl lie tlnthat into rotten wood and
bairrn- fields, our prosperity ceased
and n, have not yet regained our'
TheM'e extravagant talkers tell us
"it is a disgracee to have our Capital'
in the 114-ail district west of the Su--
wanicee. while we are so alive on this
side Jwith so many railroads and other \
great public systems and conve-i
But \we ask, can all these great
public \vorks restore our lost prop- -
erty or prevent the blizzards that
may ;await us in the future? And
since our chieff industry has been de-
strocelI, and we can not now load
one finti car where we loaded-iun-
dreds loIg trains in days agone,
are ,ur .i:reat railroads doing a pay-
ing lui'iis-,'.' And besides, is the
west side really dead? Nay, during
all tliest \c:irs that we have suffered
so from ihe desolation following the
arctic ireatls that swept our source
of weahlih frm the face of the earth,
the West lhas gone steadily forward
in its old .-tiljished waV, ignoring
the howling "northlers," and reaping
S.. --

or b0

Amen! i
P. .J
not one
to the a

f oy 00o,000, still the fact of
S 'i donynated to lead the ticket
Sth'Prohibition party shows the
tee and appreciation in which he
Apid by the people of his adopted

A WIld Goose Chase.
Mr..Robt. W. Bannerman, a for-
mer. sident of this county, who
uhoved over into Gadsden county
Several years ago, to raise tobacco,
'. had a novel experience a few days

i. .oi 0.'
Editor riend in(i -a .i .. a".pquoted
9 aythetie p has 96 per
enftv a fasonvi ople' are op-
i~ K.cto ptMal .ioval.,~ d that
,uc~'satm git'goiig out into the
domi me,'-will damage
ur- chances. -didi say it. : What
Sdid say, of .tr ed:to say, -was..that,
bcatuseof the absurd attitude of the
State" "omrittee,.as sgon as it was
earned by our. pejle -they refused
o continue their contributions to the
ubscribeafiu and that for the
ame rea ilqt of an assessment or
evy of $9 0 the Capital Removal
Cdmmitte. -realized only $1,300,
hat being the amount reported
at the.. meeting of the Asso-
ciation 'a few days ago. This was
about 4 per cent of the levy, and as
[ interpreted it, it meant that at
east 06 per cent of the wealth of
Jaqksonville, when its owners learned
hiat an attempt was contemplated of
leptiving her -voters of their man-
h4o6d in voting ori Capital removal,
was opposed to Capital removal
when coupled with such a burden-
some handicap.
I rejoice to hear that this onerous
handicap has been removed, and
hope, therefore, that those who have
withheld their contributions and as-
sessments on this ground will lose no
time in sending the same to our sec-
retary, A. F. Perry. I am assured
that no challenges will be allowed,
and that every honest, white Dem-
ocratic vote will be- counted as cast.
-A.. 0. Wright, in Jacksonville Me-
More About Commissioners.
Woodville, Oct. 13.--Editor Tal-
lahasseean-I read with considerable
interest what "Tax-payer" had to say
in your last issue about the selection
of County Commissioners. I re-
member well when Dr. Andrews
served before in that capacity and
also recall what an excellent official
lie made. The others mentioned by
,'Tax-payer," viz: E. C. Smith, from
District No. 1; (Dr. J. A. Andrews
is front No. 2); Dr. W. L. Moor, from
No. 3; W. ]D. Stoutamire, from No.
4, and L. C. Yaeger, from No. 5, are
all, in my opinion, the "right men in
the right place" on the ticket to be
voted for at. the next primary, and I
assure you that they will poll a very
large majority of the votes in this
precinct. In saying this I do not
mean to disparage in the least the
candidacy of any other gentleman in
the field. Some of them are warm
personal friends of mine, and for
many other positions which I could
name it would be a pleasure for me
to work for them. But, fellow Deni-
ocrats of Leon county, the office of
County Commissioner is a responsi-
ble one. The Commissioners are the
men who fix our tax rates and dis-.
burse our money, and they must.
therefore, be men of business capac-
ity-men of good judgment, and free
from harmful prejudices, as well as
intelligent men. I might enlarge
upon this line of argument at con.
Wsiderable length, but deem it neces-
sary only to direct attention to it,
and urge the voters of other precincts
to give it some thought and help us
elect the gentlemen mentioned.
That done, we can rest assured taxes
will be low and money economically
expended for the next two years.

Nominated for Governor.
Mr. Henry G. Damon, a native of
Tallahassee, has accepted the nomi-
nation for Governor from the Prohi-
. e rr .... l_ ll-L .....

fle had, as all the progressive to-
bacco growers are now doing, cov-
ered his five acre tobacco field with
cheese cloth and on a Sunday morn-
ing going down to the field was
amazed to see a flock of wild geese
caught under the cloth. He and his
men had a lively wild goose chase,
one that they will not soon forget,
the result of which was more profit-
able than is the usual luck of other
persons who go on wild goose chases,
for he succeeded in bagging four of
the flock with his gun and two more
were killed with sticks.' The geese
in flying over the field, had evidently
in the moonlight, mistaken the large
cloth covered area to be a sheet of
water and darted down to rest them-
selves before continuing their 'flight
to the coast, and had broken through
the thin cloth and found themselves
caught in a trap. However, they
were a badly fooled set of geese, and
Mr. Bannerman had a most novel ex-
perience and six fine geese for his
Sunday's dinner.
Big Minstrel Show.
The largest minstrel show in the
world, Rusco & Holland Big Min-
strel Festival, will be the attraction
at Munro's Opera House Monday,
Nov. 5.
This company in past seasons was
known as Richards & Pringle's-
Rusco & Holland's, the two former
having retired permanently from the
minstrel business. The latter are
now sole owners and managers. This
famous company which has delighted
and made thousands laugh in the
past and which will do likewise with
the countless multitudes in the fut-
ure, presents this season the moot
attractive list of novelties that it has
ever offered, with more comedians,
moi. O ine,.maorm,4 -.d4,.
better musical organization than ever
before. The program is complete
i with new ballads and funny sayings
and doings, and the fun runs fast and
furious. Never before has there
been such stupendous outlay of
money made for a minstrel produc-
r tion, both in securing the best avail-
i able talent and in the massive scen-
ery and elaborate costumes. The
Free street parade at 2 p. m. is em-
blematic of the mammoth propor-
tion to which this organization has
i grown.

Two Surprises.
S Crawfordviile, twenty-five miles
south of here, has been agog for two
Says over a couple of marriages.
Tuesday, lon. N. It. Walker was inll
this city on legal business. During
his absence Miss Nattie May, his only
r child, was married to a Mr. Walter
I Smith, son of the turpentine nman
down there by that name.
SMr. Walker reached home ,Tues-
Sday night and learned of the wed-
ding. The result was, that yesterday
Morning just at daylight lie and Miss
SAliceTTully of the same place ap-
peared at the home of County Judge
Giles, and were soon made man and
O()f course it soon leaked out and
Sthle whole place was not only sur-
* prised but astounded, as Miss Tully
is quite a young girl.
All the parties have many friends
here who will also be surprised.

Humorous Side of Campaign.
"Hon. W. N. Sheats is a thorough
man, and never lets anything deter
him from his work, and he is always
ready to do anything connected with
the cause of education. It is told of
him that while superintendent of the
schools of Alachua county, a number
of yea+4 ago, he visited a school, and
the teacher wanted to show the

explaiAed, and he will go fully into, jutors? There my be sections of
the educational matters."-Judge W. the State, where 'dn attack on the
S. .Tnnings in his Tampa speech. | freedom of the prpss may help the
cause Mr. Bryan 'is trying to ad-
Jacksonville Speakers. vance, but we do-ibt it very much, 1
A mall company of Capitalspeak and know it will n4t in Polk county.
ers ftom Jacksonville made their ap- I-Bartow Courier Informant.
per e in Bartow last last week, )aiv t.
and n had the object of their visit Governor Bloxh as made the
made known by posters, a moving ,o cv i a. tnts
placard and the auction bell. fl -wingF civl1 ntmen saeol,
The party was composed of W.- H. Favour of Pensacola, A
Messrs. John L. Doggett to be notary public for the State at
Messrs. John L. Doggett, W.J. flargbe
Bryan and Robt. Sears. "large.
Orly Mr. Bryan spoke. Thei E. B. Movlan, of Mount Brook, to
speaking was in the court house, an, be sector of ty.ber and lumber
as i, was court week, we are told Levy ounty. l
that..there was present a tolerably son, or arto, to e n
fair ce, a few ladies ein of notary public for tl e State at large.
fair* idience, a few ladies being of ; E. Alnz r f F ort ,
the nber E. Alonzo CordeWy, of Fort Meade,
the Ainber. 1%
Ah e p t ,to be notary public for the State at
As we were not present to hear 1 "
Mr. Bryan's speech, we would not lar e..Hr tn e t b r
refer to it, but for the fact that he is W. tanley, Barow. to be
-_._ i .aotary public for tie State at large.
reported as making some intolerant tary pub for te State at large.
.--._ c .. nCharles WA. Kincile, of J[Uackson-
criticisms of certain newspapers that ares W. in, a son-
.- _- T i -, *r ville, to be notary; public for the
do not favor Jacksonville as the Cap- .il, to be otary pub for the
-.- .. ..i ,, r -;tate at largc. !
ital, among which the Courier-Infor- Ie. at. tar e ." C .
mant was mentioned Dr.a.o. 1 Vownse(d, of Lake City,
mant was mentioned as one. WYe ib m th Bo r f "lel t
are aware that at a point or points of b, member of th Board of ed- b
.- i tal Examnines for lie lTlrd Judi-
his speech, Mr. Bryan is reported as ,.al x i n..s a
disclanninig that this paper was in- a .,. .i. t
eluded in some of the criticisms; but M. G. ons, am pa, to be f
he did not keep it so separated from rotary public for tl State at large. l
the others that he may have had in J .oseph lushen, f Oakland, to be
S. ,- ,o otary public for t4 State at larffe.
mind, as to make it clear what part y l a ar
of his strictures he meant for it alone Robbed theiGrave.
to bear, and what part lie intended \ A startling incidef., of which Mr.
to apply to it in common with oth- John Olver of Phil elphia, was the
ers. subject, is narrated bhim a's follows:
th ...a. f *I was in a most drea ful condition. My
Was thle Courier-Informant, for ~kinwas almost yellow, eyes sunken,
instance, one of the "little weeklies tongue coated, pain continually in back
that presumed to mould public opin- dnd sides, no appetite-zradually grow-
ion?" Was it one of those he tried ipg weaker day by day. Three physi-
(. ians hail given me up. Fortunately, a
to belittle by the rating of some of friend advised trying .-lectric Bitters;'
those "little weeklies" as having for aind to my great joy and surprise, the.
their office equipment only "a pocket- first bottle made a deciiled improvement.
ful of type, a box of baking and continued their use for three weeks,
ful of type, a box of blackint and a 1nd am now a well m1 i. I know they
S nd am now a well nmlip. I know they
brush" and yet "presuming?" Was saved my life, anti robbed the grave of
it ote of those included in the "sub- waother victim." No qpe should fail to
sidized press" of which he had much tey them. Only o0 ci', guaranteed, at
to say? Was it one of those charged gny drug store.
with "exhausting the mud holes Pardon GOranted.
Growing mud on their betters?" The Board of Parifons last Tues-
fthe quoted words may not be the exact words of Mr. Bryan, but they whichh Bob Williams, colored, of Du-
tarry the idea conveyed by him to his l1 county, was sentenced for the
audience on the several points murder of Lem WillAms, also color-
,named. ebl, to imprisonment for life. lie
? Now, it makes but little difference was convicted to 1k, hung by the
Whether any one of the ideas named circuitt Court of Ouval county,
w-aM to.d(fetcilsively, in ~4hich, on appeal, was sustained by
part, or at all, to this or that partiecft tW Supreme Owt. -Governor
lar newspaper, they were all doubt- Nloxham appointed 'eptember 6 as
less intended to do no more than create tie day for the exec ion. His law-
a little laugh favorable to the speaker vytr then applied to lhe Pardoning
at the expense of his opponents. liard and a respite ) November 6
They show in him an intolerance was granted, and no the Pardoniug
that, not being able to meet by fair Board has commuted iis sentence to
and proper argument those opposed life imprisonment.
to his schemes, resorts to assertion ---
and epithet which he, in a desperate A Thousand gues
effort to hold up a dying cause, would not express th rapture of An-
thinks will rescue him and it. He niq E. Springer, of 1155 Ho'eard St.,
Philadelphia. Pa., whel4 she found that
does not yet know that a strong Dr. King's NewDiascovtfy for Consump-
cause does not need to malign its op- ti|n had completely lured her of a
poniients, and that a weak cause is la.kirng cough th::'or i;iany years ha.l
d wkmr d e life a burden. Al, other re:niiedues
made weaker !, it. aij dlotors could give i jer no help, but
]Therefore, from that standpoint, shl' says of this oyual (irep--' it soon
lhe is entitled to sympathy. Neither re moved the paia iin myvchest and I can
Mr. Bryan nor ,any other orator, sleep sourdllly, .iietliir.g I can
however, despite ithie effort, will be lik sounding its praise thr(n.uhouE the
able to shade, much less hide behind Ui iver?.e." So will ev<', oe who tries
such assaults, tlie fact that a few Dr King's New Disi.,very for any
local politicians have set their heads trobble of the Throat. :- lst or Lungs.
together for the purpose'of imposing at any drug store; e eryT bottle g.are-
on the State an unnecessary, and an tee I
enormous debt for their own profit one on Colonel Sparkman.
and pleasure. *A few days ago \e were at a
The removal question, from its in- Aew dys ago e w ere at ae
pla ee where th S tate eon victs were

ception to the present time, is a 'eidg worked. A large number of
series of steps any one of which may e i ere in the cro.l, and sori-
safely be challenged as unfairly ot asked Congressman Sparkman
forced on the State through the June to address the assemblage. lie
convention, whose members were obing stepped to tie front, and
neither elected with reference to such beoin: "My fellow-Denmocrats, er-
a question, nor went to Jacksonville I an my fellow-citizens, er-no, I
to attend that convention, expecting Imen my fellow-convicts, I am glad to
to be confronted by this serious see so many of you Jiere today.'
question of Capital removal and all No even that did not get him out
that is involved in it. Look at the of I mor, and he did make a talk."-
vote on this part of the platform Ti s- 'nion & Citizen.-
forced on members before the nam- ;-
inations were made. Look at the harried.
plurality vote, declared as sufficient r. A. A. Chancey, of this city,
to remove the Capital instead of a and iss Alice Edna Farrar, of Ala-
majority vote, or a three-fifths vote bann, were quietly married Tuesday
as is required in the Legislature; look evering at the home of the bride's
at the binding of all Democrats to brot ier-in-law, Mr. .1 L.I Bryan, Rev.
vote for every after step, should the W. J. Carpenter officiating. No
November primary declare in favor invitations were issued jnd only the
of removal, reaching forward in its mejr bers of the family \iere present

. Al .

the road is completed. Yoi, take n111
risk in the matter.
The Piunanni: int.
"The cheapest straw hat to buy:'
said a maii who owns ,a l;,:ityv, "is,
after all, a I'n:lman: li:. tii. Look
here." lie took down,- ijis .li- white
hat. which wais 'creas-.! Iown tli' mid-
die like a pair of trou- :'>. :n:! roiled it
up tight; thni he toss .! it in tiIe air.
With :a crackiin. sotlill it sprel;i open
and flutttercd ldowIIn to llie Iir l its:j :
original shap-, deep e-iiter (<-',;Is ;ti
all. "Youi 0uonil soi.l tii.0- zi:t f aor a"
week," he (collLiiued. "*.;nl i.o, it oWill
tIht afterward, but \\witn yiyll aine toe
put it on again it would !'' jusi ;s youi
see it now.
"Women in Mexico :t;ril 'iuinliiloiut
all that region make thli hi:ils. lisiiig
straw that has been seleetedl with more
care than I could tell you of. The art
has bee handed down in their families
from one.generation to another, and it
is a secret arit. unknown to any other
people in tilhe world


- 'I

VOL. XX, NO. 36


leit Tuesday on Tallahassee



knd Want as Many More as They Cart
Get at Once.
The air- is full of railroad news
his week. Just as we go to press
we learn from what seems to be re-
iable sources that work will coni-
nence not later than next Tuiesilay
)n the Tallahassee Southeastern and
will be pushed as rapidly as possible.
A gentleman connected with the
road stated to the writer that it haId
changed hands anid work would corn-
mence Tuesday, with not less than
ane hundred hands, and as many
nore as they could get.
lie would not give the ni:uiines ot
lie new owners, but they are- said to
be prominent New York capitalists,
ind mean business.
They expect, this geintleci,:ti:
further said, to have trains rimniniii
betweenn this city and Perry byv thi
irst of February. Went -one
miles of road has already v been
ironed aril ten miles more gradeti.
The intention is to build through to
The construction of this road
south and the construction of the
Georgia Pine north will soon make a
big city of Tallahassee.

Some Good Singing.
"Come unto Me" was beautifully
rendered by Mr. J. .. Luxford to a
large and appreciative audience at
Trinity Methodist Church on Sun-
day morning, 21st. In the evening
"Song of Triumph" was sung with
signal success to a much larger audi-
Though having scarcely recovered
from a severeattagk of dengue fever,
which of course inade unfavorable
conditions to a successful execution,
he sang with a sweetness and ex-
pression that alone characterizes an
able, well trained and highly cul-
-tured voice.
Mr. Luxford is a traveling repre-
sentative for the Rucker.& .Whittier
Tobacco- Co., and beside serving
them in an entirely satisfactory man-
nor, much of his time is devoted to
his friends, as on think occasion. We
hope to have hin11 with ,s again

You are Delaying Work.
l)r. W 1.. Moor 6;ts ceil,'cte, tali
lint alo)ut s ,((> I of tiw l.>,ni s .*ffcti-d
the i worgia Pine r:iir',,al, :iil says
these ,dhliilu(-nts ar; :all thl.! is ho,'h-
ini' back work l o' tI. tj n r;ilr< ai

the com il ni y's civil aiie' .'r Vl,, ii.
to make thle' sillrv-y 4 inlst :i* snuI ;s
this mltuone is in t;1e k, ;~il i vv-ry
anxiouss to get it. \
(Conwic' gZ(dtlatiun., aiii let lie
work lio (.eed( at ,, It will c,,st
no more to lxay than it u ,ii six m,,.,th<
from now. All the| ,,,ni:- mu-t i>.
on deposit, ilut reautn ir a h it .- l\'.s i;
bank, anwl will not be toui<,.l until






,1 ~









1, 19XO. .


eaduotes t6 ii L. January
TeM., A. D.*e o
The State of Florida e! re. W. B.
Lamar. Attorney-General, Plain-
tiff in Error, vs. Benjamin F. Dil-
lon et al., Defendants in Error.-
Duval county.
Per Curiam:
1. So much of the ordinance 6f
the city of Jacksonville, approved.
by the mayor July 23, 1894. and by
a majority of the votes cast at an
election in that city held Octlober
9th, 1S94, entitled "an ordinance to
prescribe the powers and duties and
teims of office of the trustees o' the
waterworks and- improvement
bonds of the city of Jacksonville,
and providing for tie submissio- of
this ordinance to the qualified .lec-
tors of the myitv for their anprovUl at
an election," as attempts to fix the
sterns of office of the Trustees oP the
Waterworks and Improvedent
lHonds at nine years, is void, because
in conllict with Chapter 4301, atcs of
1893, which fixed the terms otj all
city officers at two years and until
their successors were elected, butithe
presence of such invalid provision in
the ordinance does not affect the va-
lidity of other valid portions thereof.
2. Chapter 4872, laws of 19)9,
does not attempt to create the loU'trd
of Trustees of the Waterworks iind

How's This?
WVeotrer One liundied Dollars Re-
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & Co.,
Props., Toledo, 0.
We. the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 13 years, and be-
lieve himn perfectly honorable in ali bus-
mess transactions and tinancidlly able
to carry out any obligations made by
their firm.
WEST & IRUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
'lolet o., 0.
sale Druggists. Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inuern-
ally. act ng directly upon tie blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Price
75c per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Improvement Bonds of tie city of
Jacksonville, or to fix their terms! of
office, or to extend the terms of olice
of members of the board; neiflher
does it attempt to validate the in-
valid portions of the ordinance passed
by the city in 1894 creating said
3. If a bill be read in full on its
final passage, this is a compliance
with section 17, Article Iil, Constitu-
tion of 1'885, which requires that
"every bill shall be read by its sec-
tions on its final pas-
4. The "final passage" of a bill,
within the meaning of the provisions
of the Constitution of 1885 (section
17, Article Ill) relating to the vote
on the final passage of bills being ta-
ken by yeas and nays and entered
upon the journals of the Legislature,
means the vote in each house which
adopts the bill, aftei" it has passed its
first and second readings and after it
has been read again for the purpose
of being put upon its passage, and it
is not required that a bill passed in
one house and amended and passed
in the other .hall le read three times
in the house originating the bill be-
fore it concurs in the amendments
proposed by the other; nor is it re-
quired tliat the vote on the adoption

"Cleanliness is

Next to Godliness."

If you would be. really
clean, begin with your blood.
A mottled skin cannot be
washed away, eruptions will
continue unless the blood is pure. Hood's
Sarsaparilla cleanses the blood by disinte-
grating and dissolving the bad germs.
Hood's is the royal road to real dean-
. lines, both inward and outward.
Impure Blood "My face would
be covered with scabs from impure blood,
but ever since I have taken Hood's Sarsa-
pargla, my blood seems to be perfectly
pure and I am strong and in good health."
J.- Hartstenn, 760 Grand Street, Brook-
lyn, N. Y. Get only Hood's, because

Hood's Pills cure vlier ills; the non-irritating and
nly cathartic to take with Hood's Sarasmrtrlla.

I 4 1st recomm0e wt1 r CC A
nmiativ e- stromgl*. I m ap.
SI *we y7 baby's l ifeto k
| I earnestly k al ml tiers who
oav, sicly or dlleate Meanes J
to try *e botle wad what ke
Snult will b*IRWPtll.
S Jb.-...-.'s ti., Ga.

B4 t

of such amendments be taken by
yeas and nays ind entered on the
Judgment affli-med.
W. B. Lamar, Attorney-General,
J. E. Hartridge hand J. S. IIaxwell,
for Plaintiff in Error; A. W. and R.
S. Cockrell and Barrs & Bryan, for
Defendants in Error.

William B. Pickett, as Tax Assessor
in and for Duvral County, Appel-
lant, vs. G. W. Russell Appellee.
-I)uval county.
C.' T J-, J.:
1. Equity has jurisdiction to en-
join the assessment and collection of
an illegal tax levied upon real estate,
which if assessed or collected, will
cast a cloud over the title to sucli
real estate, and where such levy to
be valid must he authorized hby the
result of an election previousl-1 held,
the court of equity has jurisdiction,
in lihe absence of other riemedies at
law, to inquire into the v:ihvdity (of
such election in) so far a tihe authioritv
lev\y and collOc. the tax is derived
2. Section S, Article IX, Constitu-
tion of i.S8, does not require taxes
legally assessed to he paid as a pre-
requisite to the institution of pro-
ceedings for relief against illegal
taxes, but only that such payment
must be made before the applicant
for relief is relieved front the illegal
tax. If it is made to appear to the
"court that any tax is due by the ap-


Bottle Free to Sufferers.
Deep-seated, obstinate cases, the kind
that have resisted d) tor3, hoLt pringsa
unii patent nialicine treatniuiit, quickly
yield to B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm),
thoroughly tested for 30 years. Have
you mucuous patches in the mouth?
Sore Throat? Eruption-? Eating Sores?
Bone Pains? Itching Skin? Swollen
Gland.? Stiff Joints? Copper Colored
pots? Chancret? Ulceration on the
body? Hair and eyebrows fall out? Is
the Skin a mass of boils, pimples and
ulcers? Then this wonderful B. B. B.
specific will completely change the
whole body into a clean, perfect condi-
tion, free from eruptions, and skin
smooth with the glow of perfect health.
B.. B. B. drains the poison out of the
system so the symptoms cannot return.
At the same time B. B. B. builds up the
broken down constitution and improves
the digestion. So sufferers may test
B. B. B., a trial bottle will be given away
free of charge.
B. B. B. for sale by druggists at $1 per
large bottle, or six large bottles (full
treatment) $5. Complete directions
with each bottle. For trial bottle ad-
dress Blood Balm Co., 524 Mitchell St.,
Atlanta, Ga. Describe trouble and Free
medical advice given.
plicant which it is his duty to pay be-
fore obtaining the relief sought by
his application, the court should af-
ford the applicant an opportunity to

pay the tax legally assessed; and if
not paid as required dismiss the ap-
plication for relief against illegal
3. The trustees of a school district
organized under sections 10 and 11,
Article XII, Constitution of 1885,
and Chapter 4336 laws, approved
May 20, 1895, ought to be made par-
ties defendant to a bill filed against
the tax assessor of I the -county in
which such school district is situated,
to enjoin him froni assessing a dis-
trict school tax for spch district al-
leged to be illegal, bit the mere fail-
ure to make them parties does not
necessarily require tiat a temporary
injunction against i the assessor,
granted upon such 11ll, be dissolved
by an appellate court
4. An election helk under the pro-
visions of Chapter 4336 laws, ap-
proved May 20, 1895, to determine
the millage to betoasessed and col-
lected for a school district, will not
be declared void because a specified
rate of millage was printed on the-
official ballots, when it appears that
blank spaces or lines were left there-

The Shakers of Mount Lebanon, a com.-

on for expressing a different rate by
individual voters; that voters were
not prohibited from changing the
printed rate to any other rate desired,
and that facilities for marking and
writing on ballots- by voters were
provided at each polling place, and
where it is not shown that any voter
desired, or was denied the right, to
vote for a rate other than that
printed, and that the result of the
election would have been different if
such particular rate had not been
printed on the official ballots.
5. It is not essential to the validity
of an election held to determine the
rate of millage to be levied and as-
sessed for a school district, that there
shall have been a previous registra-
tion of the qualified electors of the
district that pay a tax on real or per-
sonal property, as neither the Consti-
tution. nor any statute requires such
registration. (TAYLou, C J., (hdis-
6. The provisions in Chapter 42136
lawvs, approved May 20, lS95, re-
stricting the right to vote to those
"registered and qualified voters" who
are tax-payers on real or personal
property refer to registration in' -the
county registration books, and where
a special election under that chapter
is held intervening two general elec-
tions, the fact that, the county regis-
tration books were not opened for
registration.immediately prior to the
special election will not avoid the

A Village Blacksmith Saved His Lit-
tle Son's Life.
Mr. H. H. Black, the well known vii-
lag,- blacksminit at (ira-afnville. Sulli-
van county, N. Y., says: "Our liitle
son, five ye;:rs old, nais alwtiaysi beei uib-
ject to croup, and so bai have t.e at-
tacks ben that we have feared nr1i'tv
tines that he wolhi dia. \% v have liid
the doctor fnd iusedI mni:.ny midinv'irins.
but Chliaminirlaiiin'; Con' h l teriiedy i;
now our solet r'lianlee. I seeins to d is
solve the touih iiniuIouis tnin by givin,,
frequent doses when the croiipy synil,-
terns appear we have found that the
dreaded croup is cured betorp iL gets
settled." There is no danger in giving
this remedy for it conLtains Ino opium or
other injurious drug and may be given
as confidently to a babe as to au adult.
For sale by Wight & Bro. and all medi-
cine dealers.
election, when it is not denied that
they were duiy opened for the pre-
ceding general election, and it is not
shown that there were persons not
registered but qualified to register
therein who were tax-payers upon
real or personal property in the school
district; or where it is not shown that
the result of the election could or
would have been different if the
county books had been opened for
registration for the special election.
7. The fact that inspectors of an
election were furnished lists of reg-
istered voters not certified, instead of
the original registration books or cer-
tified copies, when it is not denied
that the lists furnished corresponded
precisely with the original registra-
tion books, is not sufficient to avoid
an election.
8. Where inspectors of an election
held under Chapter 4336 laws, ao-
proved May 20, 1 895, were furnished
lists of registered voters correspond-
ing with the county registra-
tion books, together with a list
made by the county superintendent
of schools showing the names of
those persons on such list who did
not appear by the tax books to be
tax-payers on real or personal prop-
erty in the district, and the inspec-
tors refused to permit any person to
vote except those whose names were

on both lists, the election will not be
held void in the absence of a show-
ing that a nnfmber sufficient to change
the result lawfully entitled to vote
were by the- means mentioned de-
nied the right to vote.
9. The rejection &f votes from
legal- voters, not brought about by
fraud, and not of such magnitude as
to demonstrate that a free expression
of the popular will has been sup-
pressed, is not sufficient to avoid an
election, at least unless it be shown
that the votes rejected would have
changed the result.
10. The delay of less than an hour
in opening the polls, caused by the
failure of the inspectors originally
appointed to appear necessitating the
selection of others in their stead,
will not avoid an election where it is
shown that only one person was
prevented from voting by the delay,

Hall's Great Discovery.
One small bottle of Hall's Great Dis-
covery cures all kidney and bladder
troubles, removes gravel, cures diabetes,
seminal emissions,- weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all irregularities
of the kidneys and bladder in both men
and women, regulates bladder troubles

and it is not shown .hat his vote
would have changed thl result.
11. Where persons as inspec-
tors of election, are recognized by
the electors as election olqcers, and
make returns as such which are duly
canvassed, they are officers de facto
and the election can not be declared
void for a mere irregularity in the
manner of their appointment.
12. Returns of elections held un-
der the provisions of Chapter 4336
laws, approved May 20, 1995, are
Hot Springs, Ark.,
is no competition against Lippman's
Great Remedy for the cure of Rheuma.
James Newton, Aberdeen, Ohio, says
P. P. P. did him more ood, than three
months' treatment at Hot Surinas, Ark.
W. T. Timmons, of Waxahatchie,
Tex., says his rheumatism was -o had
that he was confined to his btd for
months. Plihysicians advised Hot Springs,
Ark., and Mineral Weills, Texas, at which
place he spent seven weeks in vain, with
knees so badly swollen that his tortures
were beyond endurance. P. 1'. P. made
the cuYe and proved itself as in thousands
of other cases, the I est blood purifier in
the world, and superior to all Sarsapa-
rillas and the so-called Rheumatic
Sc-ld by all druggists.

properly made to the board of pub-
lic instruction, and such loard has
authority to canvass tlit- return all(nd
declare the result.
13t. The fact th. 1: miiiy ballots
cast were improperly rejcctcd by the
inspectors as lbin'g erroneously
marked will not avoid the election,
unless it be shown that they were re-
jected fra :iliilently, or tiaL thie r'e-
jectted b 1ilolts would have changed
Sthe resiiult.
14. ('lha;)ter -t:(' !avs. l; '(oved
. ay-:V -2 i, .i i' o()t ii4<[('rI.Ui e' lie-,
wl.eM iineiiiLt, nor :0an1v oi':r" slat-
iute, prov\i, s a tihn )ii. by l' t[:t-'l
,i ol r otl"ri''W I:-t', of ;i-c.i;:!.ii:
who arii' tile 4Uai;ililled I;Lcti.- s of
LeiooI di.stri ct or imposed sc 1
district, pa'yini taxiesAM o rc:al or m. Iir-
so(lal property, .ind, ltlieretlorc, ii-
titied to vote at. elections authlli'iz
by it. ( 'IAYi.Y i,, C. J., disse. ting).
1T. The provi.-ioii of Chiapter 4.-,.()
laws, approved MAly 20i, I 9., to tlhe
effect that it shall require a majority
of the votes of tho-e voting at an
election called uiinder that statute to
deterliUine an\v milattqr in the attirnui-
tive, is not, when applied to an elec-
tion to determine whether a special
district school tax inay be levied, in
conflict with that clause in section
10, Article XII, Constitution of
1885, which authorizes the Legisla-
ture to provide for levying and col-
lecting ;. district school tax "when-
ever a majority of the qualified elec-
tors thereof that pay a tax on real or
'personal property shall vote in favor
of such levy." (TAYLOR, C. J., dis-
Decree reversed.
Fleming & Fleming, for appellant;
William B. Young, for appellee.

JUNE TERM, A. 1). 1900.
William Craft, Plaintiff in Error, vs.
The State of Florida, Defendant in
Error.-Baker county.
Per Curiam:
1. Where a person convicted of a
felony and sentenced to a term of
imprisonment in the State prison and
to pay the costs of prosecution, but

T. B. Rice, a prominent druggist of
Greensboro, Ga., writes as follows:
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Every woman lovesto tho nk of the
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ness and the lows nf the oirlid- fifu.r

against whom no ine ia ,adjudged,
sues out a writ of error to review
such judgment, and upon proof made
ws provided by section 2977 Revised
statutes the trial qourt makes an
order that plaintiff in error be re-
ieved from payment of all costs in
uhe cause, such writ;of error operates
Is a supersedeas to the execution of
the judgment, upon.plaintiff in error
remaining in the custody. of the

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iiess and Loss 0j- SLEEP.



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i rdware, Crocker vware

k Stoves, Ranges and Heatersl

A full Line of Steam Fitting
consisting of Piping, Pipe-fitting
Injectors, Inspirators, Whistl
Steam Gauges, Check and Globe
Valves. Also. a full line Rub
ber and Leather Belting, Lace
Leather, Belt Hooks and Stea
Packing. A. full line of Harnes
and Harness Leather.

Celebrated Chattanooga Cane
'Mills all sizes.

-~ 1


I -
- C.



(jo Dil

K a



sheriff of the court pas
2. Where it is made to
the Supreme Court that a
convicted of a felony and
to (a term of imprisonment
State prison is undergoing e
of such sentence, notwit t4
the pendency in said court qf.
(tontinuedi ou Triird Pag.

1 d,


the moet.hoeling salve In theworld.

-iincacn. South. W. J. Carxp er, Psi-
rvlcc~ Preacbhin eer) S ablath II
:S. p. XM Sabbath School 9:16 A. 3
lMeeting, Wednesday at '7:30 P. M.
.TTRA, C BacHn, Rev.S. L. McCarty,
services will be held regularly every
at. 11-0 A. M; and ':W P. N. Seat are
and the public cordially invited to at-
,unda, School at 1-00 A. M. Player
s. o*lenesday. 7.30 V. M. Union Chris-
indeavor Meeting. 3:80 P. M., Sunday.
.-.ST UnHUCH. Rev. S. M. Provence
r. preaching at U a. n. and 7 p. m.
Sunday sunday School at 10 a. m.
or Meeting Wednesday 7 p. i. A cordial
me is extended to all.
r, Pastor. Services: Preaching every
11t- A.M.; 7'- P. Fri ay evenilgser-
at P:30. M. Sunday School at IC A. ..
T 6OLIC CHURCH. Rev. J. L. BVI&tlit C`
erVics; High Maw and Sermon at9 A.n
...A I IN. tw rl aia ituedic-
LbhU` P. 3.-f
n week avs. ?Aas&5:45 A. M.
IlitLL D IPGSiTOi,.lillit- lo0r sale at all'
at cost prices at The TALLABB szANm

j.. E. Church euud93 ltleolalt 9Ca. a.,
"ewsorJ1 G. Riley Superintendent. Preacbh-
3 p. and b p. m.
yer Meeting Tueday night. ClasMeet.
Thursday night. F. BRI0so,. Pastor.
ROS' MEETrIO The Board of Direc-
of the Liorary Association hold their
gs on the third Friday evening of each
tiut v. m. at the library.
Eeoe hoare interested in Chrstain Sci.
will lc. ivelcomed at the rCSidence of Mr.
S, L Uis. .here the enrices will be held
d da I at l:3') a.m., cednesdays at 7:;0 p.m.
1. 0. OF
H -l.egolar meetings Of LEON IA DOE No.
e 16id1 ever% Tuueday evening, at their
ge Itl, it S o'clock. All ir .ners in
d anudeig nre-' rivited( to attend.
Wdd MI. M lN'IOtH, JR., N. G.

b ,CA 1 I. i 't..-egulUr meetings iI AU-
cA s->C%'CiPNTP No 2, are h~ tl 11 i*l
d1i id ftiursday Evenigs o01 eac month.
other butdge RLoom, at 8 o'clock. .. 1 Pat. I-
s standing are invited to attend
o W. M. acINIOSH. StR.. C. IP.
H. CuAscurY. Scribe.
lahassee Lodge. No. 3=2, meet second
ourt T'lhursday eveningsof each month
Ma6soliic Hall.
E E. YHILBiICK, Dictator.
W. I1.CiiAycKY, Reporter.
cero Lodge No. I K. of P.. meets every
rsltiv evening in Castle Halt. Visiting
ights atre cordially invited to attend.

j. F. IIILL,K. ot .S. 19
(B. S. of the -E. .
olds its meeting every Wednesday even-
at eight o'clock, at its Loge room up-
., one door east of the annex of the opera
4.-, Al ,embers of the Order in good
ding are cordial invited to attend.
na. 6TAFFOR, W. C. J.

Tae regular convocation of Florida R. A.
r No. 1, will be held on the Second and
rth Mondaysof each month at 8 o'clock
m. W. M. MCIS OSH, SL.. Secretary.
Regular meeeting of JACKSON LODG I
,are held on the first and third Mondays
each month, at 8 o'clock, P. M.
S W. M. MCINTOsH-. SR.. SecretarY.

rufessiuflI (ari*s.

Call and have your correspondence and legal
k taken in shorthand and typewritten by an
rt ,tenographer, at reasonable rates- Modern
thald and Typewritilig taught Lameness
ent my soliciting patronage personally.


Office over Capital City Bank.



g radLate 1894, University Maryland,
Baltimore; Post Graduate 183,
-'Haskell School, Chicago.
0- Preservation of Natural Teeth,
Gold Crowns, Bridgework. and Metal
Plates a Specialty. Gas administered.

Repairs all kinds of Household articles of
every day use. Trunks, Bags. Satchels, Locks.
Keys. Fastenings. Gunsm Pisto1s. Shooting Out'
fIts. UmtbrellaS. also Bicycled and SewingIMa-
ches. Shop on Jefferson Street, near New
City Market. Work done on short noticeand
it low urices.



and Builder
Lumber, Laths, Shingles, Etc., kept
in stock at all times.

J. H. HILL & CO.'S

Gent's Furnishing Goods,

?.ws +. RMPORIMU

Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidanysd badder right.

Foley's Honey and Tar
rchidre,sWege. Noopites.

*onujul:;l relation existed ieiweet the an account claimed by relator against Ai Ordisance Levying Tax for the
,arties. i the State, will be dismissed where General Expe"ae r ofJhk City Gov-
3. Eviel.'ic. examinAed a:d founl the term of otlice of the official ex- orlBent.
insuffi.-i. it t) s1)p ie.'rt i ihe verdict. pires before final ldcision an 311 his B' aFt rdinrel by the rity C.ieil of lee City of
l.ltlltlll r.v,.i-rse Iucctessor ill officee is not. made a St:rroN 1. That nine and one quarter (9%4)
A. G. Canpl,-ell, f," 'l;:n'til'f ini party defendant or inotified to defend mitts be levied upon all taxabv* property within
tliecrporiale imits of the Citkof Tallahas&,ee for
Error; William B L-untar, Alnoine..- tile proceedings. the General Expenses o tinhe1' vove.-nment for
General, for the State. Alternative writ dismissed; M. C. levy of te ove taxied l wv r. a hat the
-J- ,Jrdan, for Plaintiff pay th exl ense. of lighting tU city, shall not be
lI a foP 1iiniffu. taien as indicati-g ary purn to use gas for
'. te-r Smiiith, Plaintiff in Err ir, VS. any particular time. and shaF not. in any wise.
The .id:lnt Archibald Ilogan and William Hlo- atin e t the city to using gas at any
iu Errur.--leon count gall, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. The I oasi city CouncilOetobe !1.1 .
CAiRTEI, J.: State of Florida. Defendant in Presid t City Council.

U,,der Section m 23(2 4


rOley's HLoney ind IT r Statuite-, where a mortal wound is
hbeas lags a dtgops t h cough. inflicted iiin one county within this
State, from which the party stricken
SUPREME COURT. ,(lies in another county in this State,
UPREMEthe perpetrator ,of the homicide mlay
(Continued from Second Pig.-.) i le indicted, tried andl punished ia
of error to review such judgment, either county; :and the statute as ap-
and the performance of all things plitd to sueiI cases is ni.,t in conflictt
necessary to cause said writ of error
4; operate as a supersedeas upon such Bieware of Green Fruit.--Now in the
p.r:ton remaining in the custody (f heated term people should nav attention
*esrto their diet. avoiding unripe fruit and
the sheriff of the court passing the stale vegetables which invariably bring
sentence as provided by section 2977 on cranm:s, cholera mnorbus. or diarrhoea.
Revised Statutes, the Supreme Court Children are p rticularly subject to conm-
is authorized to require and will re-plaiut, o' this kind. and no mother can
i authorized to require and will re- se with having a bottle of
quire the Commissioner ofAgricul- Pain-Killer. It is a safe. sure ani
ture and the contractor for State speedy cure. Avoid substitutes. therc
convicts having such person in us- is but one Pain-Keller, Perry l)avis'.
liavill!. Price 25r- and Sfhx
tody to deliver him to the sheriff of ice an_
the court passing the sentence, to be w;. ion 1 1 1 ), ,it.r.ii, ,nf l-i,>.ht .

'held in the custol(y if such sheriff
during the )pendieicn of the writ of
error or until released ;is providedl by
AlMitiolI to remiand prisoner to their
custody of the shlerif of Baker
county, grallited.
Leonidas E. Wade and BIvyant 1).
IIiers, for Plaintiff in Error: William
B. Lamar, Attor;-ey-General, for thte

Abb Penton aind Zada Edgar, litis
Zada Lindsay, llaintiffs in lrror,
vs. The State of Florida, Defend-
ant in Error.- Santa ],osa county.

1. In order to convict of the of-
fense of lewdly and lasciviously as-
sociating and cohabiting together,
under the first clause of section

For Over fifty Years.

Error.-Duval county.
1. A motion in arrest of judgment
should be granted when the verdict
finds an accused person guilty of an
offense not charged, or included in
the charge made, in the indictment.
2. The gist of the offense de-
inouinted by Section 2403 Rlevised
Statutes is the intent with which the
assault is committed, and an informa-
tion drawn under that section roust
charge such intent with that cer-
tainty which is required as to other
material allegations; it must not be
left to uncertain inference, nor is a
mere statement of such intent in the
conclusion of the information by way
olf (ail deduction or inference from

(Ctm ti uAd on Sixth Page.)

Constitutional of 1SS:).
D.ii intlt ;ifirmeid. D democratic Primaries.
E. 31. Ili'pkiris :uld W. (C. lHodges, PRIMAiRY ELFCTION WVIIL IE: IEllIi
for -l:iitiff in Flr,'o : \Vilil m 1,.) :It the regular tlliiing lace- ill the .se\cral
S1 liill 1 I ll l ie 1 ectioi n Districts o f Lheot county, F'h(vidla, vn,
]4i :.t r, t ,!<'ri-ev- generall, for t ihe Iu-i dL' y,Novenmicr ;tii. A. i ~.I. lct .iii 'Ie
S-hiur.s o s o' clh ak a. 111. and stmilou li, witii ai
State. adjourillmnic-t of an half lour 1l4twcn t- eiiloinr'
of 1 1 )'- K-l an. d I o clo'. k p.i i .i fr tin- 1o, r-
s, | 0 vmi is \' i c loronet o t ihe i'llwoviln c 111lHaln.t
T he State of Florii: ,.," ,lie/. .I. lor th taiolr the s;.t l';:l.t.- vi 't
\V illia mins, i'itillif. vs. \V in. I). )t. ual .,
lilxhl:unll. C(m',iptr,,ller of tIhe St.ate Tallahas:e;e
of loridal )f idl, t. M n- ; n( the h- folloMvingltate ()licer- to, b,elillel hi v
i lorida, I 'lt.- ai- iloiilntncnt hly the governor, to-wit:
l ; l t i r tal t l stio o li a o titu-i
S.ate Att r on f h" i "41 ,l i-i; Cic it:
;F l for 'a<;ilidat. for htilt- follow jll; Countly
]ron-,re|iinors lbv, in, f;nlees ])eulnn oiicers.t<,- wit:
", Fiv c(;ounty Cominnissio:crs ( :1galin.-tt the Siate (' omnproller to triot);
collip(] ]liin ito audit. ;and draw a war- tnalColnvp hent lon o. callia o-.stitn-

rant upon tihe Slate iTreasury to pay

The GreAtest Specialist of the Time G"tw
Every Case His Personal Attention.

Ret Most doctors have a certain number
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has of stock remedieswhich they use
EnthaWa's allcanes which seem at all similar.
been used for over fifty years by mil- U Th-is not D awary nmetmod.
lions of mothers for their children while t e verycasoewithhimismostaef
teething, with perfect success. JIts< ot 'es poiioofthediseasedcon-
< hkis en- the cmaH n Al dition determined. Thus
the child* softens the gums, allay all every e te ted uepar-
pain, cures w d colic, and is the best atel and wArkinsne iad,
remedy for diqrrhoea. It will relieve ministered which nder
the poor little: sufferer immediately. L r
Sold by druggis s in every part of the "t wpo eat eed
world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be byapartleaurdiseasstinth
sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Sooth- weo ? be
ing Syrup," and take no other kind. | teae io ameln omeWiay
SDr. Hathaway i a special-
S. ist in the beat senseof the
2596 Revised Statutes, the evidence word-- treats speesl d
must show a dwelling or living to- oth own-a systems t ye ase
gether by the parties as if the con- Evwy ase vedandenrffeduponcostanuY
SSpealy arin athe twenty years ince-
jugal relation existed. A single or S i.went mr Sott h moextsie
mere occasional acts of incontinency .Twab. .r. tbyan snlmcialM o
are insufficient to sustain the charge, _ins "e o fudes
the object of the statute being to yarlF i sart sa ofte
prohibit the p-blic scandal and dis- i glDr. amwah .nenolllOW dme thebe nowleves
.e s ; ofhis remedies,.as he stoo well aware of the mis.
grace of SIIc living together y c hichmaybedonbytheunskillfuleofany
persons of opposite sexes who are Blood a, rSki nrxa indhwtmenfor
unmarried to each other. seases. blooddisasesn whateverstage

eIcuresall, form of ulers, sores,
"2. In the offense of lewd and la!- blo pimpleset.,andnototlysrestoresthekin
and scalp to their natural condition. butso purifies
civions cohabitation a association theblood thatthe diseases permanently and com-
oh atatiop a lietely driven from the system and all this without
denounced by section 2596 revised dmnLsteringpoisonousordangerousdru.& e
His treatment of Vartcoese
Statutes, there is included both lewd VW I a and Stricture is a method exrlu.
and lascivious intercourse and a liv-OI at of a casesltsinaperfect
ing or dwelling together as if the no pain ori convenience are experienced by the
patient. The expense of this treatment is much less
than that of any operation, or hospital or institute
A Sure Thing for You. I treatment, and is both safe and sure, restoring the
organs to a condition of perfect, normal health.
._.. Dr.Hathaway ham just prepared new
A transaction in which you cannot K idey test question blank tor those who have
lose is a sure thing. Biliousness, sick- Diseases. on to Kidneytrouble and
this blank he wilh gladly send free to
headache, furred tongue, fever, piles everyone who sends him his name and address.
and a thousand other ills are caused by New Book boo anned for r. Health"shasnew
constipation and sluggish liyer. Casca- FREE. alradyexhausted the first edition of
rets Candy Cathartic, the wonderful this book will be sent freeto anyone who send his
new liver stimulant and intestinal tonic ~ psltati. nameand adresstoDr. Hathaway.
are by all druggists guaranteed to cure FREE. forconsultationandadviceateither
or money refunded. C. C. C. are a sure his office or by mall.
thing. Try a box to-day; 10c., 25c., 50c. NEWTO H ATHAWay N. D,
Sample and booklet free. See our big X5 Bryan Street, Savannah, Ga.

r "--r


Doctors find




I he following Inspectors arc !hernly appointed
to conduct such plrinaries, a:id one (of .suc t: ln-
spectors shall act as Clerk should any of tme
lper-ons so app intedl fail toapapcar, or refuse to
serec, on the day of said p-imary election s-ueh
vacancy shall be tilled by tne lns pec-tot or inspec-
tor- prcseat froin among tile white Denuocr.,ts
presenLat the loiIs. Ii no Insielcor is pre,cenll
the white Democrats p)re--.ent shall elect npCc-
tors. uch Inspectois shall, before opt-ning the
polls. wear each other to a faithful Ferformauce
of their duties and a true return of the votes cast
and in nil respects, so far as practi-able, they
shall conduct said election, cauilva.-s, declare and
return the result in accordance with the General
Election Laws of the State. Such returns shall
be delivered to the Chairman of the County Ex.
ecutive Committee.
In -aid Primary Election all and only the white
Democratic electors, who in the kGeneral Election,
held on the same day, shall have voted for the
candidates of the Democratic part, County,
State and National.-shall be permitteAd to partici-
pate, each such elector being permitted to vote in
the Primary in the Election District in which he
shall have tben qualitied to vote, and shall have
voted in the General Election that (lay. and any
elector whose right to vote is challenged may be
r-quired by the Inspectors to swear or affirm to
the nece -ary fualitication.
District No. 1-\W T1 Bannerman. Reynofds
Croinartie, DI R Atkinson.
District No. 2-C P Davis, E Manning, O C
i-.triet No. 3-L V l)ennard, A C Poweli, L S
District No. 4--Chas Burnev, Eli Futch. W R
District No. 5--1 A Williamson, l' Jones, J 1B
district No. (--11 P Ws(oolberry.J P Smith,(; N
Footm nan
District No. 7--\VWim oberts, (; H .verett, T A
.i-tri-t No *- Richard i'Powll.
E L Burdline.
Dis tri-t No. 9--E 1 (;arier, .1 C Kelley, .1 11
li-trict No. 10--C m'ouc. T F Moore, .1 C
ii-trict NX. 11 --it W v()ens, ii- I' \Woodw.rd,.
J A Mo--l*hy.
I)istri;t No. 12-.A C pillar. (C' W I'rkins
R ,.,t \\ iiinmns, .Jr.
l1.t:i ct No. l:;--w\\mi 'lillis, 1. E ( oin:, 1; I'
'i-trict No. 1 1; F Maxv.:cll, I'L loaitwri;lit,
I .1 ; ; IIItu.':iu
l;istri't ",i. 1.--\V 1: i!ighl o.icr. J W W:.i,!, J
S Fi hi ini .
I i-trn-t No. if .- -H (i Le'wis. Joshi r's',y, T J.
District No. 17--W 1) All;in-o. E:.:ir:d .\n-
!lilricL No. lI -J D n tiutaiiiiu-, W' .1 C RUia\\" ,
\V J F'reni:n.
'Th'ic 1'ollh,,vini is the flim;J of h:,llt (omit;ij '
lialn iit ot cal'iii iii att< ;(or (ot t:: otlic'c t) u 1, i-l
;:t uchi Pr::im.ay Ei;lectioni:
i "hN;M 01P 1BA! LL.
io 'b I'.red at' the Primaiir Elc'tiln ; Ie lI hiid o!i
the l'. th ii of Noveimler, A. I). I NM).
p'rci o.-t No .......... ......
2luW .o.u .. .. ....... Councy.
h.;ke! ::Cro> M tlrk (X", Icf,,rc t i ni:;ic ,f f-it-ty r
pr'eron 0o your choice.

.Jackovii ilt.

Votc for onle.

Vote for onot.

Vote for (ie.

l'or state Clhiniit:
KRlfis E. o;o-c.
For Adjut:iilt- i'atricK !loii-tiittii.

For Altoni'llley, Mct ii|
dic-ial circuit:
(;co W. Walker.
kor Lounty Cii)ni-ionic.'
District No. 1.
E. C. sitlh.
District No. "2
J: A. Andiews.
W J. J.olnmo.

Vote Ior live, ::strict No. :2
on.- for each Dr. W. L. Moor.
district. ..
district No. -I.
W W. Stoutainirc.
I Joinah Brutt.
L. A. Roberts
I)istr.ct No. .-5.
L,. C. Yaeger.

Apyrovwl :
(rign, d) R. B. KGOiMAS
(October 12th, IWO..
Attest: A. H. WILLIAM
:34- 4t Citi
An Ordinance Levying
for Water and Fire
Ii' it fintlaind liy tie Cily
of ThUallahnawc:
S.-. 1. Thit thne andi one
levied ili illm1i t:ixah, l prore
lorate limit-i of the city of Tal
an. Fire Protection Ior ihe vt
l asscl City Council (k-t. fl
(Sigined, F. W.


<(!t. 12th. lN1O.
Attest: A. I. VWiI.; tI
4 ityv

Notice to Pihy.
' ile EUNlDEM SIGNEDI) to.
S .ixaineirs in ;anil for t
District of the state ofl Flori
the city of Talltah:is-'e, the '
'ue.-.lay in Novemb'iilr,r lNMI,
of ,;aid mionllih. lir thiw )pir]k
;mwinaitions aun l g-rantingi 4-t
hiie line il tlc Staite of F
* *Au ;ect to re, tll. Pra
tlte Stalt of Florida."
lihtl at lr.(;Ce. 11. Gwynn',
a. ,n. sharp.
All ltho- ip'r'.tiing in tIhe
will plca-c iikc ile nitii;' -
th ii -t.-lvi- a-'or.iniitn-lly. i;\
iit nt.
TUilo. Trtici
*;K<. 11. ,\w\
:' 1-."t I; l_,. \V. L.\\.


a Special Tax
mutci7 f the C'ity

A Family etClelne Chest.
A family niedicine chest for ten cents
In a pretty little, enameled, metal box
you have the means of keeping the
whole family healthy, from baby togood
old grand-pa. Go to your druggist and
ret a box of Cascarets Candy Cathartic
for ten cents, and see that you always
have them in the house. Colic, sick
headache, dyspepsia, pimples, sleepless'
ess., worms and nearly every other ail-
ment are cured by some form of con-
stipation and in that little box you have
a perfect remedy always at hand. Save
your doctor bills and prevent serious ill-
ness by the useot the sweet, dainty little
pieces of candy that make you well and
keep you well. We recommend Casca-
rets to all our readers.

T Largest an lst Complet

helf (:i'.; mills be
ty within the cor- fTfl (
a-sh:,.-e for Water
nr 1 n)1. U .
AI:sT tOe;,
nfit City Conincil.

lerk ___
eC seonidl .lhilici:al
1 will onven in
a:ihital, on the firstt
Ixint, the
Group Title: Weekly Tallahasseean.
Title: The Weekly Tallahasseean
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Publisher: John G. Collins
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Publication Date: November 1, 1900
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 23, no. 47 (Jan. 13, 1905).
General Note: Publisher: John C. Trice, <1900>-1905.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 14 (June 13, 1891).
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7p: **s-
bf -..

Fie '


pHN C. TRICE, Pub4g "sI


SQnestion of Locatioi o
State pIo Iit


* tk~

~vI!7'~~ ~1
- ~ r-.



VOL. XX, NO. 36


and !
A en!

I "offers"

and East Florld Not as n wi not onebe
perous as Formerly. to the .

Sanford, Fla, Oct. 26-Editor W
Wlghasseean-The campaign is W
awing to a close, and, as the Ja...0.
wdsman say, "it is time to round Editor k-A
d inspectour stock." friend i<1 ^O .quoted
ow do we.stand? as '96 per
osh Billings says -"it takes three n f t opl are op-"
ds of people to make a world: po 46" oal,a id that
there's them that says "i' so80; sudMog out llto the
n there's them that'tso 'Sidi4; h n iWs.m me' wil'i damage
n there's them that savs they onr chaine. .-Imdi^it say it .: What
,-which way iti."I did say, o ed'to say,,
Now we have all three of these beanesof the absurd attitude of the
ses represented in this Capital Statea omintee,as spon as it was
oval issue. The first declare it learnWd by our pe i 'they refused
to continue their.cohtributions to the
11 be removed, the second assert u .I and .tat for the
sl/il not be; and the third Wdon't s. i of and that for the
ir a da" wee t .s r od same reauz-.dt of an assessment Or
re a darn" whether it is remove levy of 0 the Capital Removal
not. Cdmmittee. -realized only 1,300
It is to this last class that we, who..$1,300
that being the amount reported
pose the removal, wish to make an that beitg the amount reported
pel. at the, meeting of the Asso-
We appeal to yo first as men ciation 'a few days ago. This was
We appeal to you first a stake as about percent' the levy, and as
ygas mule weapeal t yu t'I interpreted 'it, it meant that at
y body else; we appeal- to you to l
use your self-respect' and assert leaqs6 per cent of the wealth o
ur rights; we appeal to you to con- Jacksonville, when its owners learned
wellur gs; we app ealze yte daner at n attempt was contemplated of
thwell an .realize the danger depiving her -voters of their man
threatens youth property and .hod in voting on Capital removal
r children with an mincumbrance -
a life-time; we appeal to your was opposed th such a burden
se of honor, your sense of duty, when coupled with such a burden.
se of honor, yor sense of duty, some handicap.
ur sense of self-protection-we. I rejoice to hear that this onerous
I to your common sense as
% to n our common sense at handicap has been removed, an<
en and 'citizens of the Stateof hope,-therefore, that those who hav
orida to join shoulder to shoulder whheld their contributions and as
fth us and help to overwhelmingly sessments on this ground will lose n
efeat this avaricious scheme to in- time in sending the same to or sec
rease our taxes millions of dollars time in sending the same to oursee
Spretary, A. F. Perry. I am assure
or an unnecessary purpose. that no challenges; will be allowed
Remember there are two proposi- and that every honest, white Dem
ns that must be defeated in the oerati vote will be- counted as cast
tion now so near at hand, that of -A. Wright, in Jacksonville M
ital removal and that of a Con- lis
ional Convention, which is itself tropo .
zuath feature jn disguise of More About Commissioners.
the Capital removal plan. Woodville, Oct. 13.--Editowr Ta.
The first would cost millions and lahasseean-I read with considerable
the other not less, perhaps, than a interest what "Tax-payer" had to sa
hundred thousand dollars more. in your last issue about the selection
Neither object is at all necessary- of County Commissioners. I r<
the present Capitol building is sufll- member well when Dr. Andrew
cient for our present needs and the served before in that capacity an
Constitution can be amended if,nec- also recall what an excellent office:
essary without expense. Both ob- lie made. The others mentioned b
jects have organized with men who "Tax-payer," viz: E. C. Smith, froi
have net the "greatest good to the District No. 1; (Dr. J. A. Andrew
greatest number" at heart, but whoj is from No. 2); Dr. W. L. Moor, froi
have been actuated by selfish and No. 3; W. D. Stoutamnie, from N(
loc:l interests, and aie utterly re- 4, and L. C. Yaeger, from No. 5, ar
gadilh..-s of the cost to the tax-payer. all, in my opinion, the "right men i
lThey say all the prosperity the right place" on the ticket to b
lies v ist of the Suwannee, and for voted for at the next primary, and
this reason the Capital too should assure you that they will poll a ver
conm cast. luht we of the east are. large majority of the votes in thi
nol lrosperous now. When our precinct. Int saying this I do n(
milli ns in orange groves of green mean to disparage in the least th
and ,_l passed out into solid ice .candidacy of any other gentleman i
and ifmii that into rotten wood and thle field. Sonie of them are wan
baritin ields, our prosperity ceased personal friends of mine, and f
and me have not yet regained our many other positions which I could
feet. name it would be a pl)leasure for m
The-, extravagant talkers tell us to work for them. But, fellow Den
"it is a disgrace to have our Capital ocrats of Leon county, the office
in the ,1,-:l1 district west of the Su- County Commissioner is a response
waimne,. while we are so alive on this ble one. The Commissioners arc th:
side \\witb so many railroads and other men who fix our tax rates and di
great public systems and conve- burse our money, and they mus
nienice." therefore, be men of business capa
But i e ask, can all these great ity-men of good judgment, and fre
public \\ orks restore our lost prop- from harmful prejudices, as well a
erty or prevent the blizzards that intelligent men. I might enlarg
may a\vait us in the future? And upon this line of argument at com
since our ihief industry has been de- siderable length, but deem it nece
Iroyelv. ;and we can not now load sary only to direct attention to i
one fruit car where we loaded-hun- and urge the voters of other precinc

dreds ,if i,w!g trains in days agone, to give. it some thought and help u
are our wi-atr railroads doing a pay- elect the gentlemen mention
ing Iun." And besides, is the That done, we can rest assured tax(
west ridei r'allv dead? Nay, during will be low and money economical]
all these y\( rs that we have suffered expended for the next two years.
so from th(6 delsolation following the PROPERTY IHOLDER.
arctic 1,c atlhs that swept our source
of wealth ifrii the face of the earth, Nominated for Governor.
the AVest has gone steadily forward. Mr. Henry G. Damon, a native
in its old (-i:dblished way, ignoring Tallahassee, has accepted the nom
t.... 1 ...r ." ,7,- ---1f /- P-nr. i from t.he Proh

f~o .ovG00000, still the fact of exp~itied, and he will go fully into' jutors? There m~y be sections of
440a16iWspt*ed to lead the ticket the educational matters."-Judge W.- the State, where an attack on the L
r, tb ,Prohibition party shows the S. .TJnnings in his Tampa speech. g freedom of the pr1ss may help the
esteem& and appreciation in which he cause Mr. Bryan 4s trying to ad-
lId by the people of his adopted Jacksonville Speakers. : vance, but we dodibt it very much, N
.| A mall company of Capitalspeak-1andknow it will nt in Polk county.
l A Wild Goose Chase. ers fom .Jacksonville made their ap- -Bartow Courier informant.
Mr.Robt. W. Bannerman, a for- peazace in Bartow last last week, Civi A---tn .
er sident of this county, who and iion had the object of their visit
_. d f t Governor Bloxh has made the
- oved over into Gadsden county made known by posters, a moving Governor Boxhn has made the
-,ution.. bell. rflowing civil appointments:
several years ago, to raise tobacco, placard and the auction bell. W "vl ensacola A
had a novel experience a few days The party was composed of be notary public f or the State at
ago. Messrs. John L. Doggett, J. e for the tate at
.He had, as all the progressive to- Bryan and Robt. Sears. -arge.
bacco growers are now doing, cov- Only Mr. Bryan spoke. The Movlan, of Mount brook, to
-be inspector of tiniber and lumber
ered his five acre tobacco field with speaking was in the court house, and, ,for Levy county.
cheese cloth and on a Sunday morn- as ir was court week, we are told C.C. Wilson, of Bartow, to-be li
ing going down to the field was that there was present a tolerably : nonb or l towt to n
amazed to see a flock of wild geese fair :indience, a few ladies being of otry public for the State at large.
caught under the cloth. He and his the inmiber. Wo A C re ofortMeade
men had a lively wild goose chase, As we were not present to hear to be notary public" or the tate at
one that they will not soon forget, Mr. Bryan's speech, we would not V r
the result of which was more profit- refer to it, but for the fact that he is D. Wb. Stanley, f Bartow, to be c
able than is the usual lack of other reported as making some intolerant notary public for tl State at large.
persons who go on wild goose chases, criticisms of certain newspapers that I lle to be notar ulic for thakson-
for he succeeded in bagging four of do notfavor Jacksonville as the Cap- State at large. e
the flock with his gun and two more ital, among which the Courier-Infor- r. A. owsed, of Lake City,
were killed with sticks.' Thegeeee, mant was mentioned as one. We owe ofLak t
in flying over the field, had evidently are aware that at a point or points of be member other. Board of- d-
in the moonlight, mistaken the large his speech, Mr. Bryan is reported as ial Examiners for he Third rict. ui- a
cloth covered area to be a sheet of disclauning that this paper was in- G. bo opa, to be
water and darted down to rest them- eluded in some of the criticisms; b-it t M. G. Gibbons, of- Tampa, to be f
selves before continuing their flight he didl not keep it so separated from Jotary Ipub lic or th% Otakte at large
I to the coast, and had broken through the others that he may have had in i for tht S tat e at large.
m otary public for thi State at large.
- the thin cloth and found themselves mind, as to make it clear what part ._ __
caught in a trap. However, they of his strictures he meant for it alone : Robbed the'orave. i
were a badly fooled set of geese, and to bear, and what part he intended A startling incident of which Mr.
t M-'. Bannerman had a most novel ex- to apply to it in common with oth- J.ohn Oliver of Philadjelphia,- was the (
f perience and six fine geese for his ers. subject, is narrated b3 him as follows: -
Sudays din I was in a most dreadful condition. My
I Sunday'sdinner. Was the Courier-Informant, for skinwas almost yellow, eyes sunken, s
SM instance, one of the "little weeklies i tongue coated, pain continually in back 4
SBig Minstrel Show. that presumed to mould public opin- i ad sides,. no appetite-.radually grow- 1
The largest minstrel show in the ion?" Was it one of those he tried jIng weaker day by duy. Three physi-
world, Rusco & Holland Big Min- tobelittle b the ratinofsomeof n given me up Fortunately, a
1 wil e th attractn to belittle ey te katlie" oa soh i on 0 fend advised trying electricc Bitters;'
strel Festival, will be the attraction those littlee weeklies" as having for and to my great joy apd surprise, the
at Munro's Opera House Monday, their office equipment only "a pocket- first bottle made a decided improvement.
Nov. 5. fl of type, a box of blacking and Icontinued their use r
- oCF condlutinof ex-
tiiivate- to prctie
,ril, ;i tic of M 1he n4 Intini- will iLx-.
ollie alt 10o ch'-k l,
i:ter- aitl it li,'irn-
ordlr ,i the l'r-i- |IS
vi.i1 M. 1). Pre.
s.. :1. !>. A

Estafihiment Southl

1 E & USON


V r -- -,
~I ;A ~


B 'lfi derS;2,| ii 1-s

J. HI.'Spiears. St. An14rews llay. F-la*., MOILDIXG AND BUILDIAU I ATERUIr,
writes: Dr. 31. A. S~im ()1-; Liver."Utei-i-
(-iint ueA fip-el of-'t ik [I'aclwt and In- CHARLESTON. E. C.m
dag-e-stiout. Also. 111V I Itighbor of Dys- I:
ju-psia, K id ney DisA-a-e.,and (' ivees
Think it. far sui-eriorl to Z---iiiis anid
W11ack iOraug-lit Ivve trifjl.

fill 3 L L


Eu.I -R


IL La '
o0 4


00 0
dib b

-L zMap
.I~. 51



A. Nd W LIN.




N. E. WIOOD, A. M., V!. D., President
Chicaga Nedical and irgicca1Inistitute,
617 Lzalafc Avenue, ChicagzO, 1P.
EstaC,1shed h it~A Ciicp over twenty es

]P.evato rous:D-; for a
tor. any ilrciiv
and so':.i 1rI
all cases wIS 'never' diii
Write fimr r. ;

v Iy p~aidh) ii00ooa.
x1tit r-la-hbte atnd sue-

1:-.Iionli are nia'k- ir,
%nosls is d~oubtflAl
*';' Def.-,rnmltics--i li.
k-.iturp of the Spne
'cer, 'ruitneis. JiB-s,
lecny, Waehudcr, ;-ye,


New Peoule-New Stock- New' ?:ices--In

Old Post Office.


Conic and see us, if only toi look.
An up to dlate slick. l'rices right.
Best So ia Waiter in the (Oith. All
the New and Latest Drinks.
Don't h'e ,umt of Ili' litish. Ibut '-lne
anld trade at ouir .slore.
Williams, "THE DRUGGIST."
In Old Post Office.

Removes all Corns, Bunions andi Warts,
v. without pain, speedily .r.J permaentc.'ly
lAl u-ists er-l\ Arrors -
90 .2 0 Pr< X-.- %
S/ ek. -s01c

An Uncertain Discase.
There is no disease more un'e-ritin in its
nature tJan elyspepsia. PI'hysici.;:s say that
the symptoms of no two enss- :!re. It is
thecrcfire most diiiciltic to mii:,k a correct
d iagniosis. No how M-ever-., or uilde-r
wha-t disguim dy Iron Bitters will 'ltire it. I '. v: Hhe in all
diseases iof thie sloin:,t' hi ihiodil :.,, lwrvI-'-s.
Browns' Iron Bitters is s,,Id (y :iJ de:il, :b.


*BATE T A'1 "*TS
Notice i: -- ienu c cK "
SBook "-How toou:-'i v; Pzi':ts" 4
SChargq-.s mwrod'ra',. YNo.f~;.: ti;l Ip.n ii : secured.
Letters stricaty confti.n-pti:tl. A i;ir(i-is,
E. G. SIGGERS. Patct Lawyer. tan, D.C.

--" .

Capital CityLi er;, eed


Double and Single Teams,

Patronage Solicited
Satisfaction Intended.

l weI-'t Fo P ..-.
W. C. TtU.LY.
Everybody Says 5o.

C. t~areaie.s Dandy LCathartic. :'he 1111-t
wonidrful medical r11-(ovc-rv iof tear
pleag-ant a'isi rree',sLt,t,g 1:'. ta-"0 .. ~
gzently andi musitivi-.'I' 'i kk.-m- i







Ajvjlroed.Signed) R. is. i


(? .' l:1.

Vote for o(lne.

St. Augustinv.




Land of lower.
PUbMsbed Oce

Joan c. Taict. aitor and Proprietor.

For Congresman.
For PreMdential Electors.
JOHNM.BALtRS, of Duval.
JOHN S. BEARD, of Escambia,
W. H. BKLLS, of Gadden.
M. L. WILLIAMS, of DeSoto.
For Alternates.
W. HUNT HARRIS, of Vonroe,
8. J. H I LBUjRN, of Putnam.
W. F. HINES,.of umter,
State Tieke;.
For Governor.
For Justice of the Sumpreme Court.
For secretary of State.
For Attorney-General.
For Comptroller.
For Treasurer.
For Superintendent of Public Instruction.
For Commissioner of Agriculture.
B. E. McLIN.
Railroad Commissioner.

County Ticket.
For Members Legislature.
For Clerk Circuit Court.
For County Judge.

For,Superintendent Public Instruction.
For Sheriff.
Eor County Treasurer.
For Tax Assessor.

For Tax Collector.
For oiflntvy urveCyv.
For Members School BIkrd.
GEO. I. )AVI$,
R. .1. EVANS.
Tallahassee will win in the contest
for the State Capital. This is a fore-
gone conclusion, the question now
being only as to how big a majority
she will get. During the last few
days the Tallahassee Capital League
has been sending out the following
"We have definite information
from reliable and well-informed peo-
ple in all parts of the State, and we
assert with confidence that Tallahas-
see will poll more votes than all the
other candidates combined."
This statement is not made for
buncombe nor is it an exageration of
the facts. Tallahassee will win, and
the indications are that her vote will
be decidedly larger than that of all
other candidates combined. Several
things during the past i few weeks
have helped to bring about this re-
sult. Most conspicuous among them
has been, Jacksonville's abuse of
everybody and everything opposed to
them, and the flagrant inisrepresen-
tations sent out by her alivocates.
For instance, last Mondey night in
Fernandina Judge Nolan stated that
"'an architect had recently examined
the Capitol building at Tallahassee,
and stated as his opinion that the
foundations had sunk to such an ex-
tent that the building could not be
satisfactorily repaired."
Of course Judge Nolan knew that
statement was an absolute libel from
beginning to end-including every
phrase, sentence, word and letter-
when lie made it, but one thing he did
not know: lie did not know that 99
per cent. of his listeners knew it was
untrue, and that such an utterance
would destroy everything else he
said. So it has been with Jackson-
ville all along.
The people of Florida object to
being taxed to death for the benefit
qf one locality, and they object to
being regarded as a set of ignoram-
uses, incapable of discerning between
legitimate argument and such fla-
grant vilifications as Jacksonville has
resorted to all along in this campaign.
They will rebuke the attempt to de-
ceive them, at the polls next Tues-
-. m111 .


1. 1900.


- U

(national, State and county) will
be allowed to vote in the primary
contest in which is involved the loca-
tion of the Capital, the *question of a
Constitutional Convention, etc.

It seems now, however, from a
communication from A. 0. Wright,
reproduced in this issue from the
Metropolis, and from information
which we have received from
other sections of the State, that the
Chairman, finding perhaps this would
militate -against Jacksonville, has
rescinded the decision. He now
says that all good white Democrats

will be -allowed to vote. In one
county where there is an independ-
ent ticket out he is reported as di-
recting that all such votes be counted
and sent to him with the returns.
Of course it is as faith for the goose
as the gander if these instructions
have been sent everywhere, but it
would be pre-eminently unfair for
one rule to prevail in one section and
the other in another, hence this no-
tice is given.
Next Tuesday will be general
election day throughout the country.
When the sun goes down on that
day the fate of a nation for the nbxt
four years will have been settled, and
the network of wires and cables that
span this continent and belt the
world will be kept hot for the next
twenty-four hours carrying the news
to every nook and corner of civiliza-
What shall it be? Shall it be four
more years of McKinleyism, trust
domination and imperialism, or shall
it be a verdict of condemnation of
these iniquitous things and a declara-
tion of American manhood, in favor
of honest government at home and
honorable dealings abroad?
In this State we know of course
what it will be, but it is none the
less important that every qualified
elector shall go to the polls and
vote. Do not be a bump on a log;
an absolute nonenity in the determi-
nation of a question of so much im-
portance. It is apt to give the State
a bad name away from home.
And, besides' that, we have some
very important questions to settle
among ourselves. The location of
the State Capital and the voting
down of the proposition to hold a
Constitutional Convention are the
most important, perhaps, and they
will be settled at a primary, but this
primary will be held at the same
time and near the same place of the
general election.
It is important that every Demo-
cratic voter should be at the primary,
for, notwithstanding it looks like Tal-
lahassee will sweep the State-in
fact there is every assurance that
she will-yet too much confidence,
when it leads to lethargy and stay-
ing away from the polls, is a danger-
ous thing. Let every man who feels
he is worthy the name Democrat
turn out and do his whole duty.
Another thing we desire to call at-
tention to. For the next four years
our representation in all party meet-

ings, should there be any, will be
based upon the number of votes we
poll next Tuesday. This is an im-
portant matter and should make all
Democrats feel an interest in going
to the polls and voting.
A word to the wise is sufficient.
Do not wait until it is too late and
then abuse somebody else, because
your precinct or county is not prop-
erly represented.
Some confusion seems to have re-
sulted from instructions recently
sent out by Chairman Clark to the
effect that names of Presidential
Electors should be placed upon the
ticket in alphabetical order irrespec-
tive of party, etc. In some cases the
tickets had already been printed with
the Democratic electors at the top,
and the names of the electors of all

Headnotes to Decisions,
Term, A. D. ipoo.


William J. Knight, Plaintiff in Error,
vs. The State of Florida, Defend-
ant in Error.-Alachua county.
1. A plea in abatement in a crimi-
nal case alleging that at the time the
indictment was found and presented
another indictment for the same
charge was pending against the de-
fendant, is bad on demurrer.
2. Dilatory pleas in criminal cases
are required to be accurate and pre-
cise, free from ambiguity, and certain
to every intent.
3. The omission of the record in a
criminal case to show a joinder in a
demurrer is immaterial and can not
be objected to after the decision of
the demurrer.
4. Upon indictments for assault
with intent to commit any of the
grades or degrees of unlawful homi-
cide it will not be sufficient to show
that the killing, had it occurred,
wouid have been unlawful and a fel-
ony, but it must be found that the
accused committed the assault with
intent to take life, in order to sustain
a conviction for an assault with in-
tent to commit a felony.
5. Where one assaults another
with intent (but not a premeditated
design) to kill him, and the assault is
accompanied by an act which, if
death had resulted therefrom, would
have constituted murder in the sec-
ond degree under the statute defin-
ing this degree of homicide, the party
committing the assault will be guilty
of an assault with intent to commit
the felony of murder in the second
degree, but if there be no intent to
kill, the party committing the assault
can not be convicted for an assault
with intent to commit a felony, even
though the circumstances are such
that had the party assaulted died the
party committing the assault would
have been guilty of murder in the sec-
ond degree.
Judgment reversed. ,.
B. A. Thrasher, for Plaintiff in

James Long, Gettis Long and Julius
Ott, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. The
State of Florida, Defendant in Er-
ror.-Orange county.
1. An indictment under Section
2516 Revised Statutes need not al-
lege that defendant severed from the
realty, the property alleged to have
been carried away; nor that the tres-
pass was committed without the con-
sent of the owner of the land where
it is charged that it was willfully
committed, and a description of the
realty trespassed upon as "the land
of E. F. S., to-wit: a pinery located
on the northeast quarter of the north-
west quarter of section two, township
twenty-three, south, range twenty-
nine, east," is sufficiently definite.
2. Pineapple plants growing in the
soil are parcel of the realty within
the meaning of Section 2516 Re-
vised Statutes, and not farm products
or fruit, within the meaning of sec-
tion 2517 Revised Statutes, as
amended by Chapter 4531, act of
3. Under Section 2893 Revised
Statutes it is not error to refuse to
quash an information upon the
ground that it charges several dis-
tinct felonies in separate counts, un-
less such information is so vague, in-
distinct and indefinite as to mislead
the accused, embarrass him in the

preparation of his defense, or expose
him after conviction or acquittal to
substantial danger of a new prosecu-
cution, for the same offense.
4. Proof that the title to and man-
agement of a pinery alleged to have
been trespassed upon were in the
person alleged in the information, is
sufficient to sustain the allegation as
to ownership, even though the proof
shows further that other persons
were interested in the profits of the.

the pineapple plants charged #n the
information, it must be proved be-
yond a' reasonable doubt tba they
took them for the purpose o4 con-
verting them to their own usj; that
to constitute the offense charged an
intention upon the part of the de-
fendants to benefit or gain by the
taking is essential, and the accused
can not be convicted unless sujch in-
tention is proved beyond a repsona-
ble doubt, is erroneous and ought to
be refused.
14. An accused person on trial for
an offense is presumed to be inno-
cent until his guilt is proven 4Ieyond
a reasonable doubt, and he: has a
right to have the jury so instructed.
Judgment reversed.
Alex. St. Clair-Abrams, for;Plain-
tiffs in Error, William B. Lam#r, At-
torney-General, for the State..

See second page for other de-
cisions. -

LA A Mea Ilterruption.
"Don't trifle with me, Miss McCur-
dyr' pleaded the young man desperate-
ly. "Wait till I have finished4 Do I
need to: tell you. after all these weeks,
how completely and absolutely your
image fills my heart? Have nn nnt

The Emin
and Bla

mt Kidney
Rider Specialist*


together irrespective of party and
substantially in form given, which is
alphabetical. Circuit Judge Call in
mandamus proceeding under this law
held as I wrote. If ballots already
printed with Bryan Electors first, I
do not think the error material.
"(Signed) FRANK CLARK,
This seems to settle the matter
and there need be no further uneasi-
ness on account of the way the tick-
ets are printed.

of like variety and character pro-
duced before the jury be excluded
because such witness is unable to
separate from the general mass the
identical plants taken.
6. Instructions based upon a the-
ory not sustained by the evidence,
or which are substantially covered
by other instructions given by the
court, are properly refused.
7. Where two or more persons
are charged under section 2516 Re-
vised Statutes with wilfully com-
mitting a trespass by carrying away
something which is parcel of ,the
realty, the offence is joint and sev-
eral and any one or more of the ac-
cused may be found guilty if the evi-
dence justifies it, even though the
others are not proven to have been
connected in any manner with the
commission of the offense.
8. An instruction to the effect that
in a case of circumstantial evidence
where the criminative circumstances
are either' denied by the defendants
or are explained in such a way ps to
render their guilt doubtful, it is the
duty of the jury to acquit the ac-
cused, is erroneous and ought to be
9. An instruction that where de-
fendants charged with criminal tres-
pass upon realty give a natural and
reasonable explanation of their pos-
session of the property alleged to
have been taken, it then devolves
upon the State to prove beyo d a
reasonable doubt that such expiana-
tion is false, and if such explain tion
be not shown by the State B; be
false beyond a reasonable doubt, it is
the duty of the jury to acqui the
accused, is erroneous and ouglit to
be refused. {
10. It is proper to refuse instruc-
tions as misleading when thej are
based on the theory of a party s to
facts in evidence and ignore tl- ef-
fect of other facts applicable t the
relation and rights of the parties.
11. Upon the trial of an inforn:;:tion
based on section 2516 Revised Stat-
utes, for wilful trespass upon another's
land by carrying away something
which is parcel of the realty, allkged
to be of !a value exceeding twenty
dollars, the defendant may be found
guilty even though the value of the
property carried away be showin to
be less than twenty dollars; but, in
that case, the verdict should state
the exact value of the property, or
that its value is less than twenty dol-
lars, in order that the court may im-
pose the penalty prescribed fdr the
offense where the value of the prop-
erty does not exceed twenty dollars.
12. Where the defense interposed
in a criminal case is an alibi, and evi-
dence teiding to prove it is intro-
duced, and the court in its instruc-
tions makes no reference to tile de-
fence of alibi, it is error to refuse an
instruction to the effect that it is not
necessary that the defendants shall
prove an alibi beyond a reasonable
doubt; that it is sufficient if the evi-
dence offered to prove it raises a
reasonable doubt in the mind of the
jury whether or not the accused was
at the s ipated therein, and that in such cases
it is the duty of the jury to acquit
the accused.
13. Upon the trial of an informa-
tion drawn under section 251'6 Re-
vised statutess for wilful trespass
upon the land of another by carry-
ing away pineapple plants, parcel of
the realty, an instruction that before
the jury can convict the accused of
severing, taking and carrying aaway

illanea e.. a lalb."
Stubb-Is th new prison guard vigi-
Penn-I sho Id say so. Why. some I L L I I RY
one told him t i as was escaping, and
he grabbed hi gun.-Chicago News --'O R--
In the Court the County Jludge of
Leon County Floriila --In Probate. -' I
In lie Fstate BuilletIr ed. l)ceased .A A
filed in'l irt Ifhat the e.tate of Butl.r
Reed, deceased, i so ns.veiitr. aill Iersonis haviii
eilaiils agairnsts:ai es.sate t, :e hereby nolitie< l o ,
; and file asi cla imi- in tihe court of the
County !inle( i o I in o(unity. Floril;t, dn or bie-
lore the lirt day o Mav i. I1 Ni.
Done :ind l reh this tirst day of Nov'n.*ilNr.
A. D. 1WN). lis now oien at selpet asrtineot
I -FA!. R. A. lVu ITFll:.r .
3!-oaii ... "_ I
List of Name Stricken from Regis- Infant Caps In variety.
tration Leon County, Fla. ake
I IAs-INr N Fleming. Abram Refroe..Iorry ,
M'Nixy, Jackson Rloss. Mo-e \Voo Moor, F.1 mitlh. lDavid Fancy Work.
McFnil. .1 Smith. l aiall
Newberry, WT T'Io'limpaim, Henrv.
li CINTr No. 18.
costa. James Manor, S J Kid-.Gloves a Specialtvy.
Crowder, K F Niithl-Aon, Rolt $
* rtfielt'. Henry, PoIK.' I.
French. J It l'(o), J T
Falkin J F L ienivy Houston Orders by nail proMintly and careful
Fountain. W L Storry, F S
Grav. Allen. SiniLih. John (; filled.
Harris, A Thlioma. Wa.le.
Miller, S .1 Thomas, Win.
Ily order of the coard of County Commission-
ers for Leon coun Florida TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA.
L.C. YAKE. IChairman.



Ho sehold Medicine.
Cares Neuralgic, Rheumatic, Nervous or Spasmodic Pains,
Tooth che, Hleatachle, lRackaclie, Sprains, Bruises, Lame-
ness, ramp Colic, Diarrhoea, )Dy1entery, Stings of insects ,
Swelli igs of all Kinds, Stiff Neck, Soreness, Sore Throat,
Sick omach or Sea Sickness. In cases of B:id Coughs,
Colds r Pnueinonia, it affords


L so 0-ure, NTo :Pay



Billioasness, Constipation, Hleartburn, Inligestion, Ile:v'l:i Ailment resulting from a Disordered Liver, such as Lu,- of
Ap -tite, Despondency, Blues, Weakness, Tired Feelinw
and Inactivity oLthe Miyd.
It sti ulates and purifies the Blood.

panese Eye Water
Cures Sore r Inflamed Eyes, Granulated Eye Lids, and is soothing an
strengthening to Weak Eyes.

Sold o a Guaraprtee===No Cure, No Pag.
Nev r pains the eye to use it, but is guaranteed to cure
so eyesjfquicker than any other remedy ever used.

To horse Owners and Stock Dealers.

If yo: ow mules or horses, you should by all means keep at ready

Wal her's Dead Shot Colic Cure
-. we s-- 3 -


Wilt 11on I


A College that is Practical,
and Thorough for Both Sei





~) I
~ 4.

no Uasrer Iwm-mMt at wOrk in

There is a prevailing in this
country most us because so decep-
tive. Many u deaths are caused by
it-heart disease pneumonia, heart failure
or apoplexy are en the result of kidney
disease. If ki trouble is allowed to ad-
vance the kidne isoned blood will attack
the vital organs, r the kidneys themselves
break down an waste away cell by cell.
Then the richn of the blood-the albumen
-leaks out and he sufferer has Bright's
Disease, the wo form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's up-Root the new dis-
covery is the tr pacific for kidney, bladder
and urinary trou It has cured thousands
of apparently ho less cases, after all other
efforts have fail At druggists in fifty-cent
and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
by mail, also a k telling about Swamp-
Root and its vriderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer & C0, Binghamton, N. Y. and
mention this pap .

yip b



The next. the Forty-Fourthl An n
will open at 9 a. n., n

Thursday, September 27, |
One hundred and se've(t'-even.
dents front ixtecn Flo:.1 loa
and five states were rolled
Two full years' instruction i ll acho
lowing laii-tgages, ItaughLt h, ;,.:1ini3-tll
sor who has reiientl- r .turn,,1 im
course of study in ur, oviz:
French, Spaniish and Itlia:i.
Full college courses leatli'., io the
B. A.. I. S. or I NL \.,ir, l ,1,. ,
'teachers opin-is March Itli, l;i, ,it
ine'S Course, anlid w' r- u, !,I Iii
Curriculum in Prelpar)atoryI 1'; :rtment
nusi, taught _r.. 'Tuitiwnt fr,,.. I lnrt
12 dollars per imonthi. ein 1-i ,r Inew c,

A. A. MURPHREE, Presided



The Dentist Dr. I A. Shine.
Cotton is quoted on the streets today

Mr. A. L. Armstrong is home from a
visit to Georgia.
Mr. Mahone Lynch is home from a
trip to Chattanooga.
Mr. L. Harrison, of Lake City, visited
the Capital last week.
Mr. I. Boxhorn went last week on a
business trip to Selma. Ala.
Mr. G. S. Wilson went over to Jack-
sonville last week on a business trip.
If your stomach is weak it should
have help. Hood's Sarsaparilla gives
strength to the stomach and cures dys-
pepina and indigestion.
Mr. W. J. Glenn, cotton buyer from
Marianna, is in town this week buying
Mrs. Perry Holland came up from St.
Marks yesterday and will remain for a
few days.
Mr. R. B. Council, ex-tax collector of
Wakulla county, was in the city yester-
day and registered at the St. James.
To purify and enrich the Blood,
Strengthen the Nerves and Invigorate
the System, use "Dr. M. A. Simmons
Liver Medicine.
Mr. and Mrs. H. V. R. Schrader re-
turned last Thursday from Atlanta, Ga.,
where they spent several days.
Mrs. Clyde Lamar Walker has re-
turned home front a pleasant summer
outing spent at Asheville and other
mountain resorts of North Carolina.
The Flashing Eye,-Buoyant Footstep
and Rosy Complexion result from the
use of Dr. M. A. Simmons Liver Medi-

Mrs. Frederick Cohen, of Beaufort. S.
C., spent last week with her son, Mr. J.
B. Cohlin.
Rev. S. L. McCarty, pastor of the
Presbvterian Church was expected to
return last week from Tennessee but
was prevented on account of continued
1Mr. F. WXV. Duval. a prominent iner-
chant of Crawfordviile, was in the city
c yesterday. the guest of the St. James
Mrs. John T. Bradford's new residence,
on corner of- Gadsden and Virginia
streets, is nearing completion and will
soon be occupied by the family.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets cure biliousness, const nation
and headache. They are easy to take
and pleasant in effect. For sale by
Wight & Bro.
Miss Sarah Raney and Master Lamar
came home from North Carolina this
week, accompanied-by Judge George P.
Raney, who met them in Atlanta.
Gen. 0. W. Marratta, wife and son,
returning from their summer outing.
were here last week en route to their
winter home at Newpoit Sulphur
Sessrs. E. C. Monaghan, B. K Rich
ardson, G. H. Harrison, E. L. Hutchin,
son, of, Jacksonville, were in the city
during the past week.
Today take Foley's Honey and Tar. It
positively prevents pneumonia. or other
serious results from colds. It may be
too late tomorrow.
Dr. Geo. W. Betton and his mother,
Mrs. Geo. W. Betton, returned fromn
Greenville, S. C., last Friday, where
they have been spending the summer
with her oldest son, Mr. W. L Betion.
We noticed several large boxes con-
taining two or three hundred pigeons
being shipped by express to Jackson-
ville last week. They were intended to
be used we suppose in trap shouting con-
When you- feel that life is hardly
worth the candle take a dose of Cham-
berlains Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They will cleanse your stomach, tone up
your liver and regulate your bowels.
making you feel like a new man. For
sale by Wight & Bro.
Mr. Wright W. Sanders, of Jackson's
S Bluff, Leon county, was in the city on
Tuesday of last week, for the first time
this year, and of course took advantage
of the occasion to call at the TALLAHAS-
SEEA N and renew his subscription.
We were sorry to learn that our old
friend. Hon. E. C. Smith, County Com-
missioner for District No. 1, was so ill
last week that he had to be taken to
Thonasville for treatment. We are glad
to state now that Mr. Smith is much
bettVr and has returned to his home at
" Clhirxs.
Weary women need an occasional
dose of Dr. M. A. Simmons Liver Medi-
cine to Strengthen their Nerves and In-
vigurate their Systems.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cay, who
have spent the summer in the mountains
of North Carolina and Tennessee and
later spent a pleasant and (rumors says)
a very profitable month in New York
City, returned home on last Monday.
Mr. Geo. W. Saxon has been elected
and qualified as Treasurer of Leon
County Building and Loan Association
and all parties indebted to the Associa-
tion are expected to make immediate
payment to him.
Temporary Derangement of Digestion,
through overwork, work or emotional
excitement, are quickly rectified by Dr.
M. A. Simmons Liver Medicine.
Messrs. Richards & Pringle who for
..... _.. .1_ ....-_ < 4k. mrnl

New and Second Hand School Books,
at Hill's.
Educate Your Bowels With Cascarets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation
forever. 10c. 25c. If C. C. C. fail,
druggists refund money.
Rough and Drebsed Lumber, three
grades of Shingles, and all kinds of
Brick, at the most reasonable terms.
Taylor & Child, Tallahassee, Fla. 36-tf
Lincons Chill and Fever Tonic
cures when others fail. Guaranteed
by Wight & -Bro.
Shingles at Yaeger's.
Evaporated Apples, Prunes, Raisins,
Currants. Citron, etc., at People's Gro-
Von Camps Pork and Beans, at Peo-
ple's Grocery.
Potomac Roe Herring, at Randolph &
We always have a nice line of Fruits.
People's Grocery, Chas. F. Cogswelf,
For Sale.
1 Copper Evaporator for one horse
cane mill.
2 first class farm mules.
2 young horses, well broken and bred.
364t P. HousTouN.

It is a Fact;

Dr. W. E. Lewis, Dentist. Phoe No
6* 48-10t.
Mr. Isadore Marcus has returned home
foom a summer outing in
Miss Mary Lou Ball and Miss Fanny
Ball have returned from a visit to friends
in Quincy. .
Mrn. W. C. Lewis, who hasJeen away'
from home for several weeks, returned
last Thursday.
Torturing skin eruptions, burns and
sores are soothed at once and promptly
healed by applying DeWitVt's Witch Ha-
zel Salve, the best known cure for piles.
Beware of worthless counterfeits. All
Mr. Geo. P. Raney, Jr., a prominent
young lawyer of Tampa, ca me up on a
business trip to the Capital City on Sat-
Mr. Geo. I. Davis is up from Apa-
lachicola this week again and will re-
main at home until after the election.
Feelings of safety pervade the house
hold that uses One Minute Cough Cure
the only harmless remedy that pro duce
immediate results. It 'is infallible for
coughs, colds, croup and all throat and
lung troubles. It will prevent consump
tion. A"l Dealers.
Hon. N. W. Eppes, Superintendent of
Schools for Leon county, went to Jack-
sonville to attend the Industrial Con-
vention, which was held under the aus-
pices of thi" Seaboard Air Line last
Judge John W. Malone and State At-
torney Geo. W. Walker were at Quincy
holding the fal term of the Circuit Court
for Gadsden county last week.
This is the season when mothers are
alarmed on account of croup, it is
quickly cured lby One Minute Cough
Cure, which children like to take. All
The Florida Railroad Commission held
a session at Jacksonville on October 26,
for the purpose of conferring with the
transportation people relative to fruit
and vegetable rates.
Dave Branch and Tom Collins. who
shot Fred Redding in Madison last Mon-
day week, were brought by Sheriff Arm-
strong to this city this week for safe
J. Odgers of Frostburg, Md., writes:
"I had a very bad attack of kidney com-
plaint and tried Foley's Kidney Cuie
which gave me immediate relief, and I
was perfectly cured after taking two
bottles." Take no substitute. Wight &
Mr. Cl ever Shine, of Pensacola, son
of Capt. R. A. Shine, of this city, came
home on last Sunday on a visit and will
remain with his old friends and relatives
for a week or more. Mr. Shine went
to Pensacola a year or so ago in order to
practice his profession and is now one of
the brightest young lawyers of that
Hon. W. N. Sheats State Superintend-
ent of Public Instruction, who has been
campaigning through South and East
Florida, returned home on lastoSunday.
Mr. Sheats did excellent work on his trip
through the State for the Democratic
party in general-but more especially
for thecawue of education, which he ad-
vocated at every possible opportunity.
Mrs. T. Briddleman of Parshallville,
Mich.. was troubled with salt rheum for
thirteen years and had tried a number
of doctors without relief. After two
or three applications of Banner Salve,
her hands became better and in a short
time she was entirely cured. Wight &
Mr. George F. Armstrong, agent of
the Carrabelle. Tallahassee and Georgia
Railros d, at Carrabelle, is afflicted with
appendicitis, and has gone to Atlanta,
accompanied by his brother, F. W.
Armstrong, General Passenger Agent
of the iame road. He expects to have
an operation performed, unless there is
a decided improvement in his case.
A nice package of Macaroni for 5 cents,
at People's Grocery, Chas. F. Cogswell,
For Sale,
Stylish young combination horse. Ap-
ply to P. W. Wilson. 33-1m*

I ndrAnieAt Ladies'.Gents' and
UnI erYCstIs Children's Under-
) vests at Cohen's.
Take time by the forelock and be ready
with your Flannels when Jack Frost
puts in an appearance.
School Supplies.
Hill & Co.'s is headquarters for all
school supplies. Don't fail to call on
The best place in town to buy Wagons,
Buggies and Harness is at the well
known Hardware House of L. C. Yae-
Cranberries, at Randolph & Co.'s.


Has sold you the best Seed on the

market for nearly twenty years. Re- 33-1m

The Townsend House is now open and
furnishes best meals in town for the
same money. You can get there a square
meal for 25 cents. Board by the day.
week or month on reasonable terms and
the fare guaranteed always worth the
money charged.
82-1m Proprietor.
Fresh Prunes, Currants, Raisins and
Citrons, at Randolph & Co.'s.
Toilet Soap, a nice line, at People's
Grocery, Chas. F. Cog3well, proprietor.
Capital City Light & Fuel Co. will de-
liver until December 1st-Coke in 100
bushel lots for C11.00 cash. This is $3.50
less than the utual price. 32-tf

New Country Syrup, at Randolph &
Fall in line. Get in the push!
Trade at Wiyht Bros. Store. Save
the checks and get the cash.
Sauer Kraut, at Randolph & Co.'s.
Be sure-to look at Ball, Demilly & Co.'s
line of Dress Goods, the best in the city
for the prices, before buying elsewhere.
36-t .
We can give you close prices always.
People's Grocery, Chas. F. Cogswell,
The finest display of cut glass that has
ever been inTallahassee, is atSweeting's.
All kinds of Tablets, at all *sorts of
prices, at Hill & Co.'s.
J. A. Holloway,'dealer in Pianos and
Organs, St. James Hotel. Sale and
ware rooms in Floridian Building. 36-tf

Accept only the dreen

Trading Stamps. We are
here to stay.
Anything you want in canned and
bottled goods, at People's Grocery, Chas.
F. Cogswell, proprietor.
If you want anything in Cut Glass.
Sweeting's is the place.
Hill & Co. keeps the books school chil-
dren want.
School Supplies.
Hill & Co.'s is headquarters for all
school supplies. Don't fail to call on
Ralston Hi alth Club Flour, Breakfast
Food and Barclay Food, at Randolph &
Graham Flour. at Randolph & Co.'s.
If you want to Save money
gile us a trial. Boxhorn's
Bargain House, 36
An elegant line of Jtiir BJrushe.,
guaranteed Tooth Brushes, at
Wight & Bro., Driuggists.
Seeded Raisins, at Randolph & Co.'s.
Take your old Geography. History.
Grammar and Physiology to Erastus W.
Clark's and get new ones m exchange.
Acme Sliced Beef in one pound glass
jars, at People's Grocery, Chas. F. Cogs-
well, proprietor.
"New Home" Ball Bearing
Sewing Machines, at Cil-
more & Davis Co.
A fresh lot of elegant crisp crackele,
all varieties, packages and bulk, just in
at T. B. Byrd's.
Cane Mills and Sugar Kettles, at Yae-
Cheap for cash at T. J. Roberts', on
Adams street, corn, oats, hay, bran,
cooked cow feed, flour in barrel and half
barrels. Besides this you will always
find a choice line of groceries, cheap.
New Evaporated Apples, at Randolph
& Co.'s.
"New Home" Ball-Bearing
Sewing Nachines, at Cil-
more & Davis Co.

Shayv Trati
Car. All ill




Has for sale
Winter Sty


his Fall and
es of ... .

Three Ways..
Telegraph. Telephone or Tell Resear
when in need of Funeral Supplies and
your Wants wll be attended to. Office
and parlor next door to Gilmore & Davis
Co.'s. Respectfully,
36 It The Undertaker.
Olives and Olive Oil. at People's Gro-
cery, Chas. F. Cogswell, proprietor.
Closing, out sale at cost,
at Boxhorn's Bargain House.
Blankets, Comforts and Cotton Batting
at Ball, Demilly & Co.'s. 36-2t
Fulton Market Corned Beef, at Ran-
dolph & Co.'s.
Choice selections of Cut Glabs, at
Buckwheat, at Randolph & Co.'s.
For that Cough- Try Lincon's
Cough Syrup-sold and guaranteed
by Wight d& Bro., Druggists.
A lovely assort ment of fancy mantle
clocks, for the holiday season at Sweet-
Mince Meat. at Randolph & Co.'s.
M. T. Joiner's headquarters for Sin-
ger Sewing Machine supplies has been
moved to Miss Gerard's store. Call or
send there for what you want 31-tf
Aunt Jemima's Pan Cake Flour, at
Randolph & Co.'s.
School Books.
All the Books for all the schools, at
Erastus W. Clark's.
When you need Lumber, Shingles,
Brick or anything in the builder's line,
call on Taylor & Child. Phone 87. 36-tf
Our line of Spices. Teas and Coffees are
unexcelled. People's Grocery, Chas. F.
Cogswell, proprietor.
We have just received a new line of
solid gold and plated jewelry of all de-
scriptions. Call and inspect my stock.
For the next sixty days we
offer our entire line of Dry
Coods, Worsteds, Notions,
Clothing, Shoes, Shirts,
Hats, Ladies Capes and all
other goods at cost, at Box'
horn's Bargain House. 36

For Sale!

Cent's F rnishings.

Also Men's Readyanade Trousers. Or.
ders taken for T'ilor-mide Soits3.

0 ouglass' Chil
Fever Tonic....,


Cures for 2i cents.

It can

be hlid only


School tooks foi
change all the 1h
by the School B1
and exchange li

The Tallahass
Drug Co.'s.....,

intro auction and ex
oks recently adlopt alrd. at introductory
*ices at Eiastus W.

eof Tooth Brushes i
xcelled in point of de
1, quality and price

a a

MOTIC is '~hereby Ij
sale ait Tatliahaz'oce,
Talalahas-4--c (-t M4
sale n driei

iven that the following (
:(ld day of Iecembeir. 1.)M
I tie c wunty of L,!m, or
nt ilu. fur taxes herein s8

Entrgiic anld


Can be bought a a


Tallthilassee. Flat.

A Packet of Garden Seeds



A ioi-o!niou plant poss-esing ccrt-ain mtdici-
nil (iII ilitieA. \ packet of Garlden stIs free to
ev'.ry per-on who lorms the almW'e jumbledle"
letters into the correct na,'iio' o. t c plimnt. Said
gardc;i -eced wcre ,ais!d on .M:il' Ap'.nue ,d
Farm. Wlas, W. Farnam. I'ropritor'. Correct
name of plant in seal c'ienvelo'ij in care of
Edlitor 'T.tlllah.aecan. 'on0e-t (-lore. leemnl*r
lt, 1NM) In .n- ," replies ,plea-e give oull
adhlrcss, and writer plainly. :-endl answer to
Tallahai-es, Fla.

FiNo Tallorinlo, Lw Prics.

Cleaning and Repairing.

Capital Tailoring Co.,
W. H. FREELAND, Prop.,
Next to Express (fier. .

Save Your Money!

Checks are worth len per cent.

N. NI. BowenC ... ..... .. .. .......
t'. J. M. Shine. ;ei't .... .........
A .1. Fish. Adin' istrator o l Munro
Thomas estate ....
It. B. ('Carpcnter.... j. .'.. .. ......... .
-- -

Gibson's Fruit


Fresh, pure and
delicious, at .

S .*
The Tallahassee Drug Co.

Wood! Wood!! Wood 11
All kinds of wood-lonr, cut or split---
elivered io anvy Lari or city on short
noticee by telephone No. 41 Wood Yard.
r 87. at Ilhe plant of Taylor& Child.
bankingg my customers for past favors,
am respectfully, G. H. AVERIrr.











%" ax



C2 C)

M'A tI



ascribed land will be sold at public :au-tioml on
-Bfore the Court House door, during ours of
1o much thereof ; will be ncesst ry to pay tlh.
Sopl-iite to the same, together with co4t ol siu3,

. Lot .,'. N A ........................
. Lt SO N. A............... ......
I;. Lot N C. 4 ......................
tX ofT. C. Lot 2-17, 0. P......... .......

3i 44
14; 5!

H awe's Hats.
I am agent for Hawes celebrated $3.00
Hat, and are now showing all the latest
fall shapes in Derbvs and Alpines-ab-
solutely the best $3.00 Hat made.


member the old reliable

Schrader's Drug and Seed Store.

Don't buy rough or dressed Lumber.
Shingles. etc., until you have consulted
Ta) lor & Child. Tallahassee, Fla. 36-tf
Remember that Sweeting carries the
finest stock of diamonds of any one in
the city.
Prescriptions filed accurately
night and day by competent drug-
_a* 7 .#* L*.f A D.-^ .

Huyler's Candies

Fresh! Fresh!!
at -


To THE DAF.-A rich lady, cured of
her Deafness and Noises in the Head by
Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums,
gave $13,000 to his Institute, so that deaf
neonle unable to procure the Ear Drums

Keeps in stock all grades of U
faction. A portion of your patroa
promp attention.

Real Est
S200,000acres of Timbered
rn ~ ~ %Q,+ v-ncnc fr.nm L..: s... i

dertsking Supplies, and guarantees saWtis-
is solicited, and all orders will receiver

te Agency,
and for sale in Middle, East and West
mnft.t.r u-i ..i ..nm-. 4f.1- -_



















EHIs Moments of Joy.
d you ever hear of the strange
.L man who went out to a summer hotel
once for a hoiiday? He impressed on
the clerk the first day be was there
Temprer, Tthat it was of vital Importance that be
Te i ,Leisbe called at 6 o'clock next morning.
Energy by the He was called. He didn't come down
honsekeuiser who tairs t111 2 In the afternoon. The in-
pe ?c w ho Junction to the clerk was repeated ev-
neg ted to use ery day, and every day the mysterious
guest staid in his room- till late in the
afternoon. When he had been at the
jGOLD TDU place a week and was about to leave.
GOLDS TLJV I the clerk said to him:
W Sorl "1I beg your pardon, sir; it's none of
SS XS i-ng Powder my business, but why have you left or-
ders to be called at 6 o'clock every
morning and never got out of bed till
X several hours later?"
"Well," he replied. "I'll tell you.
Back in the city I've- got a job that
compels me to get up every morning.
summer and winter, at 6 o'clock. This
is my first vacation for five years. Ev-
SSUPREMIE COURr. ery day when your bellboy has come
(Continued from Third Page.). up stairs and banged at the door I've
started up to dress and get down to the
acts previously alleged a sufficient office and then suddenly let the convie-
allegation as to the intent. tion steal blissfully over my brain that
3. An information alleging that I didn't have to. Then I'vi- gone back
L. H., A. H. and W. H, in Duval to bed, hugged the pillow %and dreamed
that I was in the Elysian fields. That
County, Florida, on December 20, m et of joy tht h -olow the
1899, "i and upon one J. M. W., banging on my door every morning lhas
-with certainly deadly weapons, to- been worth three times the price of the
wit: pistols, which they the said L. bill "-Chicago Times-Herald.
H., A. II. and, W. H., then and there
held in their hands, an assault did To remove a trcullasome corn or bun-
make, and him the said J. M. W. did ion: First soak the corn or bunion in
make, and him the said J. M. W. did warm. water to soften it, then pare it
then and there beat, bruise, wound down as closely as possible without
and ill-treat; they the said L. H., A. drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's
11II. and W. 11. then and there having Pain Balm twice daily; rubbing vigo-
Spremeditated and intentrously for five minutes at each applica-
a premeditated design and intent tion. A corn plaster should be worn for
then and there unlawfully to kill and a few days, to protect it from the shoe.
murder him the said J. M. W.; As a general liniment for sprains.
whereby by force of the statute in bruises, lameness and rheumatism. Pain
saBalm is unequaled. For Wle by Wight
such cases made and provided the & and and all medicine dealers.
said L. I., A. H. and W. H. are y -
deemed to have commit ted the crime A Clever Blind Ma..
of assault with intent to mur- The New Orleans Times-Democrat
der contrary," etc., does not charge tells of a blind man in a southern city
an offense under section 2403 le-- who goes to the postoffice every d:iy
vised Statutes. carrying a small, light riding whip.
which he holds slightly inclined to the
Judgment reversed, front, with the tip just touching the
Clark & Gibbons and Geo. U. pavement. His sense of touch has be-
Walker, for Plaintiffs in Error; Wil- come so delicate that the whip Is al-
liam B. .Lamar, Attorney-General, most an artificial eye. Wlhen the point
for the State. encounters anything, he makes a few
swift passes over the surface and gen-
Good News for Our Readers erally determines the exact character
Who have scrofula taints in their blood, of the obstacle. It is done so quickly
and who has not? Scrofula in all its and deftly as to attract no attention.
forms is cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla and few passers have the least suspi-
which thoroughly purifies the blood. eion of the old man's infirmity. When
This disease, which frequently appears in he reaches the postoffice. he turns un-
children, Is greatly to be dreaded. It Is hesitatingly. mounts the middle stairs,
nost likely to affect the glands of neck, walks over to the lock boxes and with-
which become enlarged, eruptions ap- out any feeling around thrusts a key
pear on the head and face, and the eyes
are frequently affected. Upon its first into the right aperture.
appearance, perhaps in slight eruptions
or pimples, scrofula should be entirely AnBious Only About One Thlug.
eradicated from the system by & thor- The ghastly rider on the white horse
ough course of Hood's Sareaparilla to stopped at the gate.
prevent all the painful and sickening "I am Death." he said to the sick
consequences of running scrofula sores man who was watching from the win-
which drain the system, sap the strength dow.
and make existence ntterly wretched. .. ,. .
and make existence ntte watched. "You are welcome." replied the latter
and added in a whisper: "If you value
A Milfo d s. engaged ast It. a your life, don't let my wife see you
A Milford (Mass.) man engaged as a
Ihelper a girl just from England. The tying your horse to tiiat tree. She'd
helper a girl just from Englandver let anybody do that."-Philadel-
letter H was a capital letter in her vo- l
cabulary. A very rich puddling was P
served for dinner, but as two members
of the family were delayed the mis- Sneeze and Blow.
tress put on a plate two large portions. That is what you must do when iou
rang for the girl and said "Heat it" have catarrh in the -head. The way to
" for the absent members. Later, when cure this disease is to purify the blood
e gr w found struggling an with Hood's Saraparilla. This medi-
the girl was fo struglg al ne oothes and heals tbe inflamed sur-
stuffing wit-l the puhdinl, she l)esoulit faces, rebuilds the delicate tissues and
my friend to let her off, as she couhll't permanently cures catarrh by expelling
"'heat" nuotlher bite. from the blood the scrofulous taints
upon which it dclends. Be sure to get
Johunliy'M Compia(lienIt. }iOOcus.
Johnny. : Suiild.iy sc.liolol boy. lhavinu
arrived ::t his ioighth ltbirt-i-dty, tliougiht The nlon-irritating cathartic-Hood's
It would h' r:-i-l liiel ho write a letter Pills.
to his l>);m, :iinIl t l. is how lie began it: The Hinrdest I.ead Yet.
Dear i'a;;a->- hM,'hii," I ani tempted to ,do ('h*t'rflal lt:i.siUS lollllled I):linffullyI
wrong I think o( you autl say, "Get thee thhind It) Ili o -e f he eiI )IhSi-it;s.
-Ew-'change. Sla's' 2 rted by two "lllrevi;iiltedl Ilrooium

It is well known that DeWitt's Witch "Well. lassy. 110ow is tIe liIx)h to-
o Hazel Salve will heal aburn anastop thIP d:iyf?" iqi(ired one of tie younl Illell
pajln at once. It will cure eczema and in li;ar.t.
skin diseases and ugly wounds and sores. *"Til'lh,. tol'hle," replied I:istus, griu-
It is a certain cure for piles. Counter- ning like a new mlloo,,.
feits may be offered you. See that you tell y e std t. te dissiugs
got the oritrinal DeWitt's Witch Hazel ll "A e e l kins
Salve. All DeeArs. w('tr eltane. ".-lAzt, ierli' all kill '
Salve. All lr-. -- Stories boot niggers' liids-lihow hiwd
1Hli Opinion. dey is an hOW pr'esitisllius it Iicomes
Fiddleback-Are you going' around er white man ter 'temnpt ter break 'ema
to Miss Mulliln's tomorrow night, Mrs. -but leiiinie tell ye ye doain know
Von Blumer? aboot it tel ye runs ag'in tie real t'ing.
Mrs. Von Bllinter-SShe gives a chat- Me an dis feller wuz wo'kin togedder
Jng dish party. doesn't she? putting up a l'iler, an a dessertation
Fiddleback-Yes. ariz between us. ain Al in de 'zuber-
Mrz4:. Von uiliier-- We may. Are alice of me feelin's kicked wid all ime
you i mite. Well, All reckoned ter strike
Fiddleback (stiiilingi--Well, hardly. him on de haid. an All did. 'Deed Ahl
Mrs. Von Il'.lumier-Why. I thought did! Caught hill sluar'. lie nevali
you wtyei'- folid of .Miss Mutlin. Ioved-no, sab. But dtif reaction didn't
Fiddleback -I ;iin1. but not of her do er t'ing but break t'ree of me toes.
chialin di:ish partlies. an idat's what Ali'm here fo'-ha. hai.
Mr's. Vou Blniiier--You mean- ha! hlllh, hull!"
Fiddleback iieau the chafing dish And cheerful Riastus. with the broken
part. toes, laughed.hilariously w4ile thle phy-
Mrs. Von Bluiler-You don't like sician readjusted the splints.-Detroit
tlhait? Free Press.
Fiddlb):k-Wefl. I cau stand a good Sand registered the hours In the mid-
deal, lbut thie concoctions Miss Mlffin dle ages. For this purpose black mar-
gets up iu t!iat instrulmeut of torture ble dust, boiled nine times in wine,
are too in elhl for me. was a favorite recipe with learned
Mrs. \'on Rluiner-You are too hard monks.
on helr. I ani sure.
Fiddleba:ck-IIard on her, do you The Chinese boy's ambition is to be-
say! Well, I guess she is pretty hard come a civil magistrate. Even servants
on tlie rest of her victims. save money to educate their sons with

Boiled water or distilled water should
not be uled either by grown people or
children 'unless there At danger from
contamination from the water in ordi-
nary use. Pure cold water is prefera-.
ble. A child uiay he given a glass of
cool (never iet) water the first thing in
the morning-say half an hour before
breakfast. and- nmay also take a glass
on retiring.
Guessed Wronsrly.
"What do you expect to do with all
your money?" asked the multimillion-
alire's spiritual adviser. "You can't take
it with you where you are goiug.'"
"Yes. but I can." answered the multi-
millionaire. "I am going to Europe."-
Chicago Tribune.

Don't allow yourself to become inel-
aneholy. Laugh once in awhile. wheth-
er you are tickled or not. Chicago
Minorities lead and save the world
and the world knows them not till long
afterward.-John Burroughs.

Circuit Court. -ecolidh Judicial Circuit of
Florida, in. and for IAeon county. in chancery
sitting. entered October 15th, 1iNIO, in a certain
cause entitled John P. Contrell and l cekinan vI'.
lIsley, as Tru-tte-. complainants, and Georaia
and Florida iinvestlent Company, and others.
defendants, the undersigned. M aster itn Chancery-
of said court. will .ell at public auction, to the
highest bidder for cash, loe!ore the court hlou-e of
Ieon county. in the the City of Tallahasscc, in
said (otnty. s ate if Florida. on Monday, the :!d
day of lDecember, 11N(), at 12 o'clock ntoii. all
iid singular thIe l mids and premises in said de-
cree, described as follows, to-wit:
All tho.-e tracts and parcels of land -ituiitv- in
Leon county., n .t:te of loriiia, ::nd particularly
eserilled a s follows, to- wit:
In township 1 south. range 1 we-;t, the l.. oif
the NWIV4 anii the N .. o the i-W"4. lying south iof
Fotbcs'." Iurcliase line, less right fl way of I arrit
lielle, Tallaha.-se & Georgiai iallroad, of .st-tioll
in township I south, rui0ge 2 west, se-tt on :i':.
In township 1 sI-outh, rmliiie 1 we-t. 'e1lioi2s "22.
-. 1, ,'.aiso E' -ind SWi a E'., :ai- l S\V1 i
of lihe N\V'.(i of sctlion :U Also sectlionli :.: tilul
sec-tion :4;, except 20 acre. \
in township 2 outht, 2 w\e-t. s ('ti)li i.,
the 8i.,of section 1:1, the ,.,. of section I1, the
SE 4 of sc-tion 15.
In townsh-p 2 soutihi, raiinge : west, sections 2,
:1,,11. 12. l:I. 1 1and l7).
SIn tiownship'2 south, raue -1 wes't, section 1.
except 10 acres: sectioiis 2. :, 1,5 ti;., il., 12, 1
1:3, 1-1.11, 1 17: thIe .N ., of -etction 7, -eStion S,
except the SW.i.
Township 2 so ith. range .5 west. tlhe \i, of
SW4 and the F'.., except '20o uarcs ot sectionl'i 1:
section 13:. exe,,pt the N W\V; to-.ethler within the
rigihta memlxrs. privileges and appurtilini-ces,
and the reversions anld remainders, rents, issues
and Ilrofti- Ilitreof.
All tio-ie tracts and parceIs of land situate,
lying and being inm the county of Fr a dlin. and
State of Florida, and more particularly deso-riltedl
as follows, to-wit:
In township .5 south ran e ;: wet. tlhe N'., of
the SW\V4,and the N W V Iof the SE- and ilie
SV 4 ot thle NWV4 of section 32.
Township i south, range 3 west, 12 acres of
section ;3, and 200 acres of section 10, commiienc-
ing aL the niorthiwest conrer of said section and
runs east along the line of said section to the
railroad, thence down said railroad towards Car-
ralbelle to a point where running a line parallel
with the north line from said point to the west
line of.said section, and thence north oil west
line to the starting point, will make (200 ) two
hundred acres.
In township 6.south. range -1 west. section 1.
the .W%, of section 12, sect ons 2,3 and 1! ; NW
of section 11. section 'i)0.
In township i soutli, rane 7 west, section 2S.,
the Ei of section 29, the W% ..of section :i, sec-
tions3 1,k,32 and :33. -
In totn ship 7 !-outh, ranZe :3 west,se.-tion 6i.
In township 7 outhi, ratiie .5 west, section '(.
In townhlip 7 sithl, range 7 west, sections sO2,
21.25.), 2(, -27. 2. al I 1 29.
In towwnh.p 7 :pouth, range S west. section 12.
The undi\ ided one-half (,) interest of, in and to
that certain island in Apalachicola Bay known as
"Dog Island,"' being the saini land conveyed to
benjamin L iurtis by ClhariciE Llis, tleeciver ot
the Apalachicola Lanld Ctompany by deedl dattd
the 5th day of January. lsiiP. saving and ex-
celting therefrom, however, the southwest quar-
ter ot the southeaistl quarter, and the southeast
quarter of the southwest quarter, of t-ec'tioln l I.
al-o that part of th. western end of -aid Island
Icing live acres, more or less. reserved by the
United States (overnmt-nt tor lighithlouse pur-
lposes; al-o al! that parcel of land situate on the
north side of said IDog Island in section (2) two,
township eiiht (5) south. range tour e-) west,.
and described as follows: lte-inning at a stake
at thie water edlgA at iean high tide. iand run
thien-e at right angles ho thlte iue of thi- -hore
sioutli, forty-live degrees amli itity- live lniiinut-'s
east, four hliundred feet, thence north forty-tourn
degrees live mninlits east, eight hundreds feet to a
stake, thence north lhorty-live tde;rees lifty-live
minutes west, four hundred andll forty-seveln ict
to a slake. at the water etd;ge ;it ii-ani high tide,.
thlte'., along ti.e liliu omf tihe shore itt li(ne;;tl hi, h
tide to the itiitit i't Ies iiiliinig, s.-vetn
ili( lot IV- live (inie liitlitdreiths ticirtre, li re i 1 le-s.
'o.Lttl'rrh itli l 'II r tis, ii.'h iL,.s. privilh ee ;iil
ltp)iiritii t ilu t'-<'s utnlt; i.,- r,'\t'r-ioias alnd freluain-
drs renlts., i.-l,' anil piolit- tihlreoCf.
All litoe- ttact r pare -li of ladil. situiale in tlit'
county tiof W:iu!illia atlI :'lle L 'of FloiritdaIx.lhi.-l
ae ll town awiil pi:trtitularly de.eribed :>- folhlov,.-,

lit townshi! 2 south. rali-fe I \\c(t, tli N \\'i
and N'.,ofI l e ,\\ i (l o .-ection 21: tit .L.., uof
section :I.-
In tIwn'iilhi, 2 south, raiige "2 W,-st, Lectionis I ,
2)., 21 : si-tlio in 22. ex'e|it 1iol iiuiib.-r 1! 1 in
llillia:rd\ille lto\\a i s it'.ordiit I ht tie mapi l
therteolf li!ei in thi ,illice' of the Clerk of Wakilla
(colinlty: s'tImon 2:; except lots nlUlmibers ,.)i. 1 s
aiid l!l, iuidlots numilbers 113, 11-1 iandil I.
iii llilliriniville town-ite-, according tlo the linai
thereof lileid in the police of the Clerk of Wakulla
county; section 2 1 except plots nuimber.-s 1u and
1<) inii llilliari\'ille town-ilsie according t.> the
nual thereof tiled in the otlice of the Clerk of
Wakulla county; sections 27, 28.' 29,:0,31,32,
:l3.:1 ;sectiiol 2.5 e-xcept the NW/4 and the NEY4
of the NE14.: section 26 except the NWV.I.
JuI townuhipi:, 2 S'ith, ranlige : west, section 22':
section 2:' except plot nullber i2 in Hilliard-
vilie townsite, according to tile map thereof
filed in the ofice oi the Clerk of Wakulla county ;
sections 24,2,;, 27,34 ; V), 3 amid 3<6.
In townshil)p south. rauge,4 west, sections 20),
21,22.23,21.2-,2, 27,12,2,:31, 3-2,3,:,31,.;,)
and :136.
In township 2 south, range -) west, section 26.
Iln townlshi!ts : muth, range 2 west, sections ;,
7, lI.,,,3.:1.
In towni:ship;i south, ranle- 3 west, all of this
In towilhipil south, range 1 west. sections 1,
2.3,4.5, (i: the Fl:,;of section 8S; sections ,), 1i0.
11. 1.-; tihe N/2oif16: the Nl, of 17; section IS:
except one hundred (140) acres, except also the
$ '.,less forty -o0) acres, except al-o the E./ of
the NW!V4 and the NEKi.: section 20, the S'.., of
section 21 : sections- 22, 23.21. 25,26(, 27 except
the h*,. of the SE 4': section 28 and the E'-.of
section 29.
in township 3 south, range .5 west. SWN4 of
section 1, the W~: of section 12, except -10
In town-hip 4 south, range 2 west. the SELY
-and the \V%, of the N E1 and the NE'l of the NE
14 of section .5: the W%/ of the NW14 of section
-1; all of sections 15, 1(, 17 and 18 except sixty
(til) acres .section 19 except the SWIN4 of the SW
14. and except also one hundred and forty (140)
acres; sections 8,9 except the WY! of the WN. of
S\V4, 1,1,220.21 except the SW~ of thie SWV',;
sections 2'2.27 except the NEY of the SEK4; s!c-
tion 28 except the N Ejf of the NW 4 -.section 29,
section 30 except the W of the SW'4 and the s
WY4 of the NWY4; sectionl 31 except the SEI/4 anat
the S_/,of the sW%4: section 32; s-ection :1;, ex-
cept the SW4 and the W." of the SF!4 and S-F1
of the NEV,; section 34 except the NW 4 and N
Vtof the SWi : the Wl/. nf section *>t 2 v,.nrt tho




The majority of persons u p reaching middle age d past
find their blood becomes weak d thin, and diseases were
easily controlled in earlier life bei in to affect the coudil tion.
Those predisposed to Scrofula, Cancer, Rheumti Gout and other hereditary troubles ma2y
till then, but as they age the blood, so long tainted weakened by accumulated wastematt
longer able to properly nourish l(e body, and it become an easy mark for disease. At this crit
.- of life the blood must be re-enfoiced before it can per its legitimate functions and rid the s
these poisons, and nothing so surely and effectually this as S. S. S.
S. S. S. strengthens and enricbes the blood, imthe appetite, and builds up the general
tion. !t is not only the best blood purifier, but the best nic for old people. It warms the blood,
the nerves, removes all taint from the blood, and. pre the development of disease.
S ,' ~ S. S. S. is the only purely ve table blood media c known. Not one particle of mercury,
1 other mineral poison can be foup4 in it, and it may be t en for any length of time without
S. S. S. is the only remedy lqhat reaches d, blood troubles like Scrofula, Cancer,
tism, Eczema, Tetter, etc. It purifies and restores *ie blood to a health normal condition, and makes it i
any poisonous waste materials to accumulate.
If you have an old running sore or'an obstinate ulcir that refuses to heal, are troubled with boils and carbuncles, A
It never fails to make a quick and permanent cure of these pests. If your s em is run down and you feel
the need of a tonic, S. S. S. will strengthen and help you as it has many other to a happy, healthy old age.
SS. .S. cured Mr. H. Borden of Saumswille, Va., of a case of rt a s. D, R. P ofh rnhon o ifo, and r years afflict ed
Eczema of thirtv-five years' standing, after the best physicians own and recomofIen as a cure without receiving any
in the surroundtug country had failed. This was seven yars I eneat. S. promptly had theseatofthe disease any
ago, and there has been no return of the disease., iade a complete and pern meat care. ao'fse
If you are in doubt akout your disease, and will send us a statement your case, our physician will &'
give you any information or advice wanted, for which we make no charge. 1
Book on Blood and Skin Diseases sent to any desiring it. Address Swi Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.-



more parcels, and said Vastermav either lerson- In the Cir a:it Court of the Secon Judi- tion of 1.N12. shall Ie filled by t l]oiitaen
:ally or by soime pr-on so aulihorizeil by hi" andil (ial Ciril. it. of Fiorida in and or the Governr- as now provided by law.
in his name and Ibehalf. adjourn sinid -ale from ARTIC Ii
titne to Lime without further a(ivAtisenteiit but County O" Leon.-In (Chancery ARTIcLE XVIII.
Ol, qitite"ilrte hat thile following Allmelidmnelit the
only Umini re',uest if the mipiainants iit- r their Tlnmas .A. 0llll C'oni:,ainaut tution of thile S Late of Floridla I a I tie
slieitors. or byV (,rdir of the court or jitl.udte vs. ixorce herl a m t a shall I. i ,
tcreof and aid a-ter sh receive lo bid at Mary li ill I It lat. elet'rs o tlStat ie ; :tl
stli{'l ::let Itiles- the i-i.der shall first de osit on4 I Ta
a:ce unttheireof witl i int ilm inteyor-ertiliei1' II' 1VIEN GIi.N IMADIET o(I AIPP A It1B Novenimber, A. A 1 M).J, for r.ati..tit O
c ion t l sIot re-Iv .lr- oi iblIji. i, lik Or tru .t (.l com I it(.llid 'itlot titor ii rcompla; :t that tiol.
n'y, the sum of n tlusand dollars, if the lla re-ideuce f aid defendant. Mlry v I I s liun- Section 12of Article XVI of h. ,
ile Sr t o hole. or n d lr cstif there kio) ii that tinr,. is no it rs:.n il t-aid t.. tile of the -tate of Florida is aruni.l: ,I raI
i- tile 1, 1Wd 1 f. for all y irti,oa of the ile 'ort,.t, ..l S -eI'i'e ( Of ;I S ll1C'l1:m ll.>; l w l:o:Il \\o <1 hil'. lows:
prolwrt". iiles e l sl i. tit -h llLi te' ; jiv saui deeiindai t: a.nd th.t sl, di endai is over sec-tion 12. The pr,-ent o.ial II, th S.t a
the co'mplainiantls r their .SoliC or-, Ai ul the ale' ft i >ty-o It ye ,sii it isr the fotre or- remain the seal ofll h Stie ,f I i.,ri
depVoit or iepti-i u lie rtun-d il ihe event dere u t s.:l Ii' die'l, int Mary IHill I1 and slie State Fhlg shall be of tlhe fiilowinV
that the, bid in t i a -elod(l. biut sthaill hit fi- i i -. 4irel Lt,, :ti.'...r the t ,il of corn- anddlec-riptioni : Ile!ithn 1tolt h il,, itA
1 i0'e t! ih c inte1 V it Ililt, the bidl I l 'n acl i-.)ted, plait lerein 11 oMonIi.iy.. he ;ii a o lieli-l- tof lily. The of tiisti. tet o (f <11.1 ,trt,.r<.tri,
thit Iilldderh!al taili to maie g m tile sallle nl1' i b*r A. 'i. I (.1 : lawl tha:it tilt order )e loub- the t ly. iln the Cetre tof a whi;,f. i %uni
ot rwi-e eomld tl te coniioiso the stli' she Ioe -ek fo r ei-ht se-.i ve "eeku in 1.:irs, i width oll.- ei hth t hI. 1, ,. It i,
and all ord.r, wtuivh in:iv be m:d, inld.-if.- t "'Th, Wee IV l ly Ta'llah eean." a 11 Vsl.ali-.r tetniling fr( m each corner ltownil rdlc cLeAn.
therc oif. Al.-o. th at ittr i suti-inHit aimmnt in) "i'h"" Il the .citv of Talhlaha-t in all S. I tlir outer rim of tli l stat.
hi:ll hiavutilheen rtlu 'ized fro!n ile .-ili' o)l .iv C.Illlt%.. Thit- vitev.(.-,tinitcii pliance.i\v\it !-,;:i( I
portion o sad lortg.tged lirorty toliquid-te iteless i icii A. i rya. (;lerk of s d court Amenmnlts, andl thel enva-s.
the a:inotint, devr,-ed i)lo 4 paid herein ior aIll :it I te lal therci o this : day (t returns thereof, shall Ibe subjecti-l t
o(ttier puirlos'es th.n the prini-ilp:l of an'l intere-t [isFAI.] 1 l ubr, A. II. It100. regulations and restrictions :Is ar. It-o
2ulNn said hereinait -r ilmeitioned blonds :ind (t 'NCII. lill. N. law for General Elhctions in th.e t.(- i 1
jlOu i1V purcha-r at -twil sale of there- *Ierk. Il Testinonv Whereof. I havre her. ,t ,Itet
maltilder o said rorly or ianay portion of h m Stit( ori a. hand ana allixed the .1rt:nt
r'te liiinller. mIIay ake p:iltiielt therelor u itli the oulty (If IA( bi. t. ( OI l t-ii A. I' ry.iin 'h.rk (if Stat;It of Flordnl, it T;jliaot;isj .
)litstailfi, lr Ioll m k- .111col th. t -f si etilliall th.e I ais (lsh. at su-h plri ierenl:i' only. however. of the do I e:eby ce ity that tilll tWi ov and to) inltl" is A D. tIXK0. "
amiounlt tdule Illli any ch blis and ol a true coply v I the i rigii a' oh.rder l publ i at ill JOHN L. (RA l.
for principal anil interest. ;aI sih purchase prie- the a I Tomas A. Hill vs. Mary. lll. ft Secret:al oital
is of th herei lv f. r pricipal ;nd intret. tupon all suh-ii ln testiliom.v ert-'oIf I have heretoset iv hau. August 1, lt"1--2:3-itm:d
otitsitnditig XlonaIs and coupons daIttNl (clober E l l1lix tile -e of i. i. lourt
IStlh, 1(). ,JE.S;T.I I KNA.I ALSE,\Ai..1 ti s .d day of (tobe.r. A. I 1!0Nu. --
Ma-ter in Chaiinery. C2- outli. A .It -AN. Nolce of Application" for F'h Di
Fati.T. M-y1 vs,Tallahassee. Florida.L ."- 1i1. i lek F *
CllAItLFs It. MYEI.i.99 Cedar Street,t New York. -- -- fill.arge. l
('Coiphlailant's. olicitors. S TALEX hMONTIHS AFTER TlE FIR "t'ui
*"** t. Y VI1RT1 OF A DIECREE OF F rECL0- andii voucher, to tihe Oulty .ld..i l.-
ITNIDKKAND HY VIlTIh F I." A WARRK NT sure oft Circuit Court ft ile t ludi county, Florida. and ask t4o |^ di-d.hi.d
I. issued lbyv the comptroller r of the State of ial Circuit ) F"oii chautry or I olnnty guarnian of tile estate otf Lil O ia ,. k
lorida liearint (dali the -)t .tlay tOf (tlolei. A. eon the in i a i n e n"l l tyl rida.
D. 1S dand directed to me as sheriff of Leonil. t ei .ill s i d.Idor. i a tan May2-Ithi, t <--12-o.tml-(Gin. (ua.iaL
mulin l, lt1-ida. amid therilin aa t e collect and will mn public sale before the cFt house --- ,
from the Florida I central and I'enin-ular Rail- door at Talla a-se, in said c unlty, oi Monlday. William D. Illoxliaull. a ,
told companyny formerly known a.. the Florida e ti daly Novetuber, lik1. at 12o' clai n Comnptroller,etc. ,et al.. "
Railway and Navigation Company enmbracintg the hee fown Trid prsr, 4 vs. S herill-;a.
lines or divisions thereof. known as the Jackson- the mortag ai in said d''r e as th Prou',rty The Florida Central and i
vilie. PIensacola and Mobile Railroad, the Flor- of.said detet t: leninsular Railroad t:). :
ida Central and Western Railroad. the aFloridla That tract land ata stai at wateriu
Central Railroad. the Atlantic Gulf and 'Wet lineof Lake 'erstieet. t n or a n rh t ttrnuer U) tNDEI"AN LiBY 11 heI' s t )l., 1.,) UE
India Tinsit Railroad, ble andsalftile sxtn acres .ionv.eyed! by Toloias Pai to AhI- cutions issued by the lionral-,0 p
sioi)rfixturc Eiolligstoa 'or an arthereof drew Paine, hem.ce east with Andre Paine's Court of tile State of Florida. lb':arnii tate j
sho-',- noolii t or hirthlineto is northeast corner liv hundred S'ttemn er 28th. A. D. -1.1mM,cotinlitblii mea
t.r the entire road or such lart iherehte ae r wSuay li ae in.tine Ia li loheatornty S4 ottlII h lijl[[jkW
located inl thiis State belonging to said collilny at d ixta a tece li .'lit e enya hs t iierifof the Supreme ort oi thl -t h
the sumo.' imine.v-six ttiousand Olne l tiutired and slake, tltene west Io lsaiI lake thelni ith s--id ida that of tile g.thl.chiattlt ii:t, I ,ter
eighty-one dI uars ui -ixtv- uiia cn 1eut.- s lake to jioi of tg-9nning, contain g eight merits of the Florida central l and lI'u1 a
(W) that being the amount of s-tlte and tountvy acres. more rle-s: also twoare, follows: lroadoma acor atou-rela
taxes a-s~esl against tie2 Florida lIaiiway and BeginljiilZga %take at water line on( t side oh )l thlc, tate of Fhirid-t. thilt I '.;allse Ii ol*
Navigation Companmy emr:in the iie i Turkey lake. lias Lake Halla, and the itiWe-,t the sum 0i six humdre-l ain.l ninety Ai,e "d
vions tierf formr kno the .lak- ornerof a tr t of two acres, convey y'rolias 1W) ( lA.1.32) dollars anld .iost i t-.Ne:4& 1
ville Pensaola and Mobile yk aiilr'ia. the Flor- Paine to An. w Paine. thence east: "undredl have this day levied uponl and will !-.11l
ida CPenstral and Westeri It ailroa, the Florid and forty ar s toa stake on said A!.nd line'ss of court house do,)r in the city ofi l,
da Centralnilroad a nd the Atlantic t.uFlorida noirtht line. tl 1ne1- north eventv varot a stake. duringg the le al hours of sale ont Molnd
est lidia Tran-it Railroad, now epn'tituting T henee uaest c lhundre anisd l' yaj s to said hai Novemb.rr. A. I. LIe. the fti,Ia.on
the Florida central and eninsula r Kalro:, Turkv lake, hence with saidl aksou to pl-e smiled pniro ly of tihe s:id Florit)
der the provisions of Chapter 3575w. Laws of ofent unair to or and ited in ailroatCo-lluty, Siai. it I1,,i li
Florida, for The years 1, 79, I S) and ltitle s e.s .rca r to pay Iti s and i lii Octoli er d .\. Stat il
which amount is now dule and unpaid, togettlher toi. d 1 I .. sM. ll iThi (IN !FAI. r2
with the costs and expenses of .is.l as provided .1 l Sl.rilro f Sipremet Coturt of til -. Fla.
by law. I have levied uipxu and will sell in tnnt f nt 2-t I .
of the tourt house door in the city of Tallahltssfe -
during the legal l:oarsof saleonMonlyiv the thiA STATENEtT.
dayv o November, A. D. 140, the tfo.lowvingle- N 0 o IEleCt i 011. --
'seril-ed property if the said Florida Central anii Made Under Section 35, Chapter A 4, Iu
Peninsular Railromid ('ompan:iv.o wit: The rail- of Florida ,(189)
road rom .lacks-onilel to C( river Flonda,(1893.)
with branches to Monti-ello anid St. Mark-, in- ', THiFi LiE(;II.ATIf'KE F lS-<. Showiv the altilutil o1 taxes chae-e$ to tI
hludling the road bed.righit-of- way,roilin.g .tx-k. under Ce Onsitutioni otl 15.5.o ,he ~tatt ax Coil _toroft Leon couilnty.' lo4 tol i
depots. shols atd alappulrtreianices.: .also the rail- of Florida, a pa-s ft.t-r .Joint Ie-o!u IS pio coil'tild r the current year Is!oi ndI tk
roA;d from Fernandina to ehir Kti ys ;;id uiotfti ;olisiN1 Aiic'i d(llnt-, ito the I niti te rapport o sa to ti. ievae
Waldo to otalai iiilitiling theroad 1f-.I, r it-oif- State of Flori la. aid lit salmte were a '<1 to t( h l"un(ts ifr which i -ch taxt. havt: h .i leI
way, roiling stok. depolts, sliol- aind .ipplrten- a vot iof th -lifths (if ll tha inimerls b tel iluitg p>oll tai vuit county sbhr.und
anies. 'lhis -ddayv of )ctolAx-r. A. A ;0 ea:ich ll(Ious: I ihat ll vteton sat, I .Joil lRes iu- .f tal a:it. uit ehl'u '.: ?it":ix' l si .,1l i -
i .IIO N A. PiEAlICE, tions were e r..-r upon thiieir r-;spctive ournaln, "'l"ot i eo( t t o .citi, .:T ;.i .i h 1 l3,; 1"I1
:'12--t :-hi.rifll l-oin Co;iutv. 'lorid:i. with thl ve:ya4 i d iiays l there ii, ;ind til <'l < ..leii
..-- -.- ttrnit ilne l nd ire., that the -:aidt .Joint I iolutiolns --allanct .. --...... .A
FoiREt'LOSU RE SA LE. Isti sbimilttedlt) li t' e'l. 'lois of tt.e S Oi e at, Lt.- AVi'P) TroiNMr:NT.
lA;i te l i:lc o ii Nov.nul r, l-i>. (Gint' al r -vi'ritil ............ .. a "
NDEI AND 1(Y VIITrI- reinderecd on the l:ith diay of Sptet ilr. A. \aetrv ol o.-ta-m ti1e t autt f I-loii a. h.r i iliSimr ,.i:l I ltTi-'-t FII.I -.t -
II. l.t10), by thel I'ir'iit Cuiurt of ilit -eirot!i .lii- otce A i paid l .Ai n lo.av I.) .t -It
dicial ( :iretit (of Florni.a. ill anil i tii- iountyt oft t : Fh('. ila i. ,'itIr"s :i| a
Leoni. ill chan -ery sittint-i, it ;I corlainF i-a' Ci't alutl ,i 10 .i i. ..... i
piendiin thereini, her 'in E.lizai'ethi it..1'Ncti t: Koniu ai- d ti it .-. .
conmplainant and .iamiiHs II. Kelly alii .ilit A. i will beheld n ea e-h coiiItv in Florid o.: T. ;i' A't iptAd h, !\ t ,. T l," -5T' l:51
t,-are.', Sherli. a ex-oilicio :. miiilii' trat >r of da iext su l-cei tin- tVio- ist M.iMlida Nov.i- N itiimn v School .iX \.. ....... .
theestateof Eliza;.1 Saviu),:tit-< .!'f,l li\c ber, A. 1) th,) tlie..di 'lsilthd iisi th c ,'-i't iaiti. t .i1i :,li 7 1 i; ., 4'-183
levied uponi al will sell at p l;j:" utlery lc. f-)re -
the court hlous dot)r iii the (ity ofTall ia-v. -, si X 'II DAY O F Ni, oV.1:M 11N-
ill s.aidl coutntyv, to the hlighe.t L1ldifher fir c-a.h. (t tI {f'
the 5thldav of Novenller, A. 1). I9(tW). the slmel for the r.atiti tioor rejection 01 th;e id tlowit Attest: IUNi.i. A. N,
lt-ing lg'al sale's day, during tAii legal hiuis of Itesolitiois Ilt.l-int. Al .ii>d;liit-ntstot IiCoinsti- (lerk t the( Cirn-uit oirt. Loe-oii t., FIl' l
sale, all thatcertain tract or parcel of land -itu- tution o( thelate ol 1-,irida, viz
ate, lyiing and I.-ing in the saiid county Iat Leoni,
and known and describ.-d as follows, to- wit: Lot .tIITtLE xv.
Numlcr two (') of sulbdi\vi-ion o(f the half of That the lowing a et tosttittti- No E
southeast quart-r of section oiie (1), townshlijhi tiao o the !tate of Floritia t be an tl same iso l
one (1) south, rawige one ,1) west. econtaintilu hetreby agreli to and ilall be submi 1 to the
twenty to)2) acres, liore or I ss. andl ,howil: by electors of tle Stae at the GeneiraEl E-tiolt. A.
map or plat ree'rded inl Deed kBox>k Z. I Wge 1:, 11 MM), fop ratliication or ieje.titi(tn. l. o f ie herri f *n ,
in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court ior Section 4, Article VII, of the Con. tuition of /itc ,St&- o& / /It.' i i p f
said county of Leon. IPurchaser to pay for deeds, the State of Florida is hereby amend so as to
This dday of Octoer. A. D. lt.L read as follohvs: T K \VN TIAT l lll, A-
GEORGEI B. PEKIN. Sr SeCtiuon .L' Where atny Senatorial district Ei' KNle N, Tr.AT I tle 1 ilt' I WI
Jos.ecial Master in Chancery. couipwed ofatwo or more counties, the umnities of ida, do) giec ntotite that t
Jos. A. Ei)MrNl.-i which such li.tritl consistss, 'hall iott.- eninr-ly '
'-licittf lorcompllainant. :t-2-.t sepitrated bi anly county itelonginut anotl-er GENERAL ELECTIO" 4
district. Aity new county that maiy creat-.-,
State Electionn 1900, hiall be etled toon ,nie in i ouse,, of Will be hl i.ooi, .tio .:tt iia
)ud~ut! JjI~u~ivJU ltelresciitati Ves, lit excess of the limit r'escrililed on Tuesday next stict'tedii thtlt hi ",.lIi layiB
in Section 2iof tais Artict'le until the )*portiton- Novemlber, A. D. 1;M>. the said I' L-i'g
-I--n ment follow lig niiext thereafter, anid -l II be as- the
COUNTYS CtIKRK' O ( signed whe1i created ) o te ofthie aiji iiig n- SI XTH lAY OF ,NOVE,
c()toberl 1 ."('" atonal Distilcts as biall be determine d by the SIXTHIA\ ()0 O MI .
AT A MEETING OF THE HOARD OFl Legi'lature. For four (4 Presidfntial Electors
County Colmmissioners held this day, it ts ARTICiE XVY. For ote Keplreselntaitive of tlii- t rs
ordered that the followed named electors be anid That the following Amendmlint tot Consti- signal District of Florihda, in the I .cicnt
are hereby appointed as Inspectors anld Clhrks of tuition of the State of Fhloridla be and s ConIgress of the United States.
Election to be held on Tuesday, the (;thidav of agreed t >, aid shall be .submilitted to t -i electors For governorr (of the Stat, oi Florii.
November. A. I). 1i10. and for thlie several Elec- o0 the State at the General Election to held oin For Scretary ol the s-tatc o tlc ofi Flor-
lion Districts of said county, viz: the tirst Tuesday ifter tie lir't Mond y in No- idh.
Precinct No. 1-.Inspectors. T P Strickland, vember, A. D. "li)00, lor ratificatio r rejec- For Attorney-Geneniral of the Stat.', : FlrinJa-
L ( Maxwell, Henry Crontartic:-C W Bell,Clerk, tion. _For Comiptrolehr of the State o' I i. -..,i..
Precinct No. 2--Inspeetors, D l liramling, C J Section 2,Sof Article III of said Con tution be For Treasurer of State of Florida.
Rupp, Griflin Davis: E It Murray, Clerk. and is herehi" amended so as to read as lows: For Suplerintendent of Public l' :r, tion of
Frecinct No.3-- Inspectors. Geo F Smithson, E Section 25! The Legislature shall vide by the State of Florida.
R Sills, Henry Williams: J it Bllradley. Clerk. general law for incorporating such( national, For Comlmissloner of Agriculture of the State
Precinct No. 4--Inspectors, W T Granmling, J agricultural, mechanical, mining, .porta- of Florida.
N Saunders, Lafayette Burney: W H1 Averett. tion, mercalitile ana other useful o panics or For Justice of the Supreme Court ,f twhe State

Clerk. associations its may be deemed net ': but it 01 Flonua.
Precinct No. 5-- Inspectors. H C tiillingslev, W shall not pass any special law on any uch sub- For one Railroad Commissicner fto thie tate
H Burney, Frant Hall; E F Billingsley, Clerk. ject, and any such special law shall be of no Florida. '
Precinct No 04--Inspectors, DUG Chaires, U J En- 6flect; Provided, however, That not g herein For two Memlers'of the House irof crents
glish, Neely ,-ipeed :Ormond Chaires, Clerk. alall preclude special legislation as t univer- tives of the State of Florida.
Precinct 'o. 7-- InspectoTs, J R Combs, F E sity or the public schools. or as to a ip eanal For County Judge.
Craig, Geo W Dennis; U A Radford, Clerk, across the State. For Clerk of the Circuit Court.
Prechict No. 8 -Inspectors, E B Eppes, J E For sherioL.
Whitehead, Geo W McGriti; C 1) Johnson, Clerk. ARTICLE XVl. or Tax A sor.
Precinct No.I Inspectors, E M Mabry. W HI That the following Amendment to th stitu- For TaxCounty ollectrrr.
Willis, Alex Ford; TlG Rawls, a'lerk. tion ot te tatc o Florida be and o sum it Fr o....ty Treisu re. ....irme
tino eStt tFord ead samfe 1is ~ .

..i .




~ farna. .4

veret- or a9a01M
thread could a uE
Examine the thr" holding the
as in men's clothing. and you w-T
that after a short time the black
appears. and even new linen trmad
Kot sufficient depth of color. It Is
possible to find in the English shops
men's black cotton socks with tops at
I elastic. The fast black dye for cot-
Swas the discovery of an English
mist. English hose manufacturers
would not at first buy his secret. but
Germans did and built up a trade
over the world.-New York Times.
Mutual Ree mltion.
"Bless my soul!" explained the man
ith the iron gray beard, cordially ex.
ding his hand. "Ain't you the tow-
ded boy that used to worry the life
t of me 25 years ago, back In old
emung county, by climbing my or-
rd fence and stealing my apples?"
"If you're the infernally mean and
gy old hunks who owned that or-
rd and used to set your dog on any
y who came within half a mile of it,
am." replied the younger man, grasp-
g the proffered hand and shaking it
artily.-Chicago Tribune.
To Be Congise.
"Young man," said the editor to the
adding journalist who brought him a
lumn story which could have been
Id better In ten lines, "when a man
overs his house is ablaze he doesn't
to the window and tell the passers-
y that 'half an hour ago what threat-
ed to be a terrible conflagration
ivrke .out in the upper story of the pa-
tial mansion occupied by Mr. Jere-
iabl Dickens.' He simply rushes to
e front and shouts 'Fire!' Be con-
ise, young man."

Recommends it to Trainmen.
G. H. Hausan, Lima, 0., Engineer L.
& W. R. R.; writes: "I have been
doubled a great deal with backache. I
was induced to try Foley's Kidney Cure.
and one bottle entirely relieved me. I
gladly recommend it to any one. espe-
ially my friends among the train men.
ho are usually similarly afflicted."
eight & Bro.

Thatr Date Engaged.
Some time ago a rich 'but ignorant
woman wrote to the weather bureau in
Washington saying that she was to
give a lawn party on a certain day, and
asking the bureau to see that it was
clear on that day. To make her com-
munication more impressive she in-
closed a list of the names of several
prominent people she intended to In-
"I entered into the humor of the
thing." said the weather chief. "and
sent her an answer to the effect that
the afternoon she designated had .- *
ady been bespoken by a poor washbr-
Swho wanted to obtain some
rainwater with which to wash clothes.
d that on this account I could not
possibly make it clear on that date."

Maknfu a Billiard BaIL
It requires skilled labor to turn out
a billiard balL One half of it is first
turned, an Instrument of the finest
steel being used for the work., Then
the half turned ball is hubnng up In a
net and sla allowed to remain there
for nearly a year to dry. Next the
second half is turned, and then comes
the polishing. Whiting and water and
a good deal of rubbing are requisite
for this. It is necessary In the end
that the ball shall, to the veriest frac-
tion of a grain, be of a certain weight

"I have used Chamberlain's Colic,.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and find
it to be a great medicine," says Mr. R.
8. Phipps, of Poteau, Ark. "It cured
me of bloody flux. I cannot speak too
highly of it." Thisremedy always wins
the good opinion, if not praise, of those.
who use it. The quick cures wh'ch it
effects even the most severe cases make
it a favorite everywhere. For sale by
Wight & Bro. and all medicine dealers.

Won by HIs Retort.

At one of their Joint discussions
which took place in Kentucky some
years ago Tom Stuart, then editor of
the Winchester Democrat gave his op-
ponent. 1. N. Boone, a descendant of
the great Daniel, a blow that fairly
knocked him out of the race for ibe
- Boone was making his regular speech,
and at the proper place in it he refer-
red to the matter of his elation to the
toiling masses. "My friends," said he.
holding up a pair of hands that looked
as if they had not been washed in a
week. "to let you see for yourself that
I am a horny handed son of toll, I ask
you to look at these hands, and," turn-
ing to Stuart, "I would ask my pale
faced young friend from the city what
he thinks of them?"
Stuart was on his feet in a minute.
"I do not desire to embarrass my dis-
tinguished opponent, ladles and gentle-
men," he said. with a bow, "but A
would say that I think that they need
Soap and water."
It was such an apparent ease that
the crowd took bold at once with a
shout. and Boone was o Aplete~y Sooe-

'.~ ~.k

If You Think. You Know How It's Going.

Cut This Out, F1ll It In and Preserve.

r .'- -

- a-a

Wb B-' B wier'was--
t%^e(-tbe Unaiom gunboa.
Jamaes., e found the vater l1
at [Ipeb Gap too'shallow to
pasi- to say nothing of the
the Confederates had erect
three betteriesalong the
to give him a warm. reception
wentabead and cut a canal i
neck and suddenly, instead
13 miles from Richmond. he
six. Ever slnce-that time
Jhas been used, and the gC
now considers it the chan
river and keeps it in shape.
stations along the land were
denly drained of their very
and have naturally fallen Int
The place is called Dute
cause at this spot, in e
days, a Dutchman wo k

No bback ash~
~,IN= a" rNg hetmng

let them

two or
So be

no sud-
Gap be-
a very


.. .. .-" 7

mofth game upoe the unnispeeg-u
aIndian. The Dutchman wagered theA
Ibdian that b~ could beat him paddllm
a' cinoe around the bend. The Indiam
took him up on the Instant'and gave
him a mile the start. They started
just above the bend. the Indian a mile
behind, and when the Dutchman reach-
ed the neck he jumped on shore, grab-.
bed his canoe out of the water, ran
across to the other side with it. drop-
ped it into the water again and calmly
awaited the arrival of the astonished
Indian. who had paddled frantically
around the bend in the endeavor to
catch up with him. What the wager
was is not recorded, but theo Dutchman
doubtless got possession of 200.000 or
300,000 acres of land as a result of the
trick.--Cor. Chicago Record.



be maktamaewt he" IA"i ii

Market compare with the "NEW RIVAL" in uni-
alties. bare fire and waterproof. Get the genuine.
SCi .- M NN aM, e Com.

- ---~



The Results In .1896.

With Number of Elect. Popular
Electoral Votes. Votes. Plurality.

ALABAMA. ... 11


CALIFORNIA.. 9 8 2,797





GEORGIA..... 13

IDAHO ....... 3

ILLINOIS...... 24

INDIANA .....15





Elect. Popular
Votes. Plurality.
11 75,570

8 7~,591J


4 134,88"2

Estimate of

Electoral Popular Pin-
Votes. reality.

* <4



Vote In 19oo00.

Electoral Popular Plu-
Votes. reality.

FastFreight and Luxurious masseniger Route to New York. Boston and the East

Short Rail Ride to Savannah.
Thence via palatial express 4'eamhiipa sailing from Savannah. Four ships each
week to New York, making clr-w towmneetion with New York-Boston shins,
or I uid liners.
All ticket agent- and hotels anappli. l with monthly sailing schedules. Write for genera
informationn. ailing schedlules. stnJenoom reservations, or call on
E. H. 1HINTO'. Traffic. Manager; WALrBR HAWKINS. Gen. Agt. Traffic Dept.
Savanna. Ga. 224 W. -Bay St., Jacksionvlle, Ai

* 53,565




a _







12 281





Schdl Eitfective October I, 1900.


LOUISIANA... 8 8 55,138

MAINE........ 6 6 45,777


MASSACHU'S..15! 15

MICHIGAN.... 14. 14




MONTANA.... 38


NEVADA...... 31

NEW HAMP... 41 4


NEW YORK...36' 36,


N. DAKOTA... 3 3




- 53,875










10 87,692

26Q 469




OHIO .......... 23. 23 47,497

OREGON .... 4 4 2,117

PENNSYLV'A.32 3B 295,072

RHODE ISL'D. 4 4 22,978

S. CAROLINA.. 9 9 49,517

S. bAKOTA.... 4



4 183



Lv Tallahassee ...... ......Scaboaurd Air Line railway ..........
Ar Live Oak.................. ? .-.........
Ar take City................. ....... .. ........
Ar Jaegsonville..................... ** ...........
Iv .la.s-ionville ................... ....
Ar versiandina .. ....... ...... ...........
Ar Savo.Bnah ...................
ArCo.u bia ........ ..... ............
Ar Catiden ......... ..... .........
Ar Southern Piess ........ ..... ..........
Ar Rat-igh .... ................ .......
Ar Hender.son.......... ..........
Ar 'etersb r ....................... ..........
Ar Richmond......._........... '_ 6 ...... .
Ar WathinIeon....... ........ l'.nn;sylvania Ha road ..........
Ar K itimore ....................... ...........
Ar Philade:phia ................... ..........
Ar New Y(rk.................. ....
Lv 'Talaah'-ee .......... .... aboardd Air Line Railway...........
Ar Portmouth ....... ... ......

Lv Quincy.... ... ...........
Ar Ja ksonville ................
Lv Jackionville.................
Ar Tamnpa .... ........
Lv Tallahassee .... ....... .
Ar Iiver Junction ...........
Ar Pejtacola.......... ........
Ar Mobile...... ................
Ar New Orlenns ............
Magnificent Pullman service
Dining Car Savannah to Hamli
folk daily lor Philadelphia and
timorc and New York and daily
1st. V.-P. &G. M.


1 ,2pm
7.25 pnm
4p m
9rp m
U-5110 p m
4.3 a m
6.43 am
10.05 a m
11.50 a mn
1.10op in
4.38 Pm
5.40 p m
93)J p in
1l.25Y p i
2.56 ain
6.13 am

1.43 pr
5.50 pm

7.00 am
7.0Oa m
7'.15 a m
9.3- a m
12.27 pm
4.38 p m
6.43 p m
t0.00 p m
11.37 mjn
12.48 a m
4.13a am
5.15 a In
8.45a m
10.03 am
12.27 pm
3.03 p m

Seaboa.i Air Line Kailway... ....... 1.43pm ....
......... 0.25pm .......
"'. ......... 8.U a m 9.M) am
"............ 1.15a m 1.40 pm
........... 6.30 a i1 5.,0 p m

. seaboard Air Line Kail way........... 3.3pm .......
........... 5.25 p mn .........
..Louisville & Nashville R........... 11.0pm .........
..".... .... 3.( am ...
........ .40am .........
North and South from Jacksonville: also from New Orleans.
and Iichinond to New York. N. Y. P. & N. R. R. leaves NOr-
!ew Yort v teanmers leave Norfolk daily except Sunday for Bal-
)r Washiagion
V. 9 M' BEE, L S. ALLEN.
Gen' Supt. Gen. Pass. Agent.
Port-mouth, Va.
Asi,.tant General Passenger Agent, Jacksonville, Fla.

Carrabelle, Tillahassee & Georgia R. IB.

A m
_B" = 2=



UTAH.. ....... 8 8 51,088

VERMONT.... 4 4 40,490

VIRGINIA.....12 12 19,341"

WASH GTo'N. 4 4 12,493

W. VIBRGINIA. 6 6 11,487 /

W A=SCNSuIS.. .12



1A. I

........ ia
........I 1
........ Ai
......-- :3
........ ls21
K a

Ir. StwOp n sigal for
Consewtomi-At Tfaa
sineom .At Apaaho
ujae ui'snindaily. IMOO a.



A. M.
belle.. 0 9 50 ....................
ark. 5 f9 40 .........
...... *** ** .*** .*******
Ityre.. 18 9 25 ..
I MilI.... 15 920 ............. .............
oppy.... 19 9 10 ..... ......... ........
.. 21 90 ...... ....................
ivUle.. 37 830 .. ........ ... ......
HiUL... 40 S2 ............... ... .....
mee... SO 800 ...... ...... .........
A. M. ...... .



with tras on 8- A. L. At Carrabee with Apaioteolp
t (ty wl leave Analsieoola daily at 6:30 a. Returning
P. W. ARMSTRONG. Gem..Pm. Agt., Ta)lahwsee. Ftl.



WOATIING..I.oo. Ifr S b Ca~

- E


fl -m&




- -A
> ^




..... ........
.... ...... ........
.... ...... ........
... ...... .... ...

.... ...... ........
.... ...... ........
...... ........
.... ........
.... ...... ........






i@AGA dffit Ak


nimwmum, u-irl V IPA T..A U TA qqI'D A b?. MvvTMauA: JVWMWA V90

fth ast, wastV in TheW neAid Sociey of the Presby-se ew
their anu r inge ar-the dfte Marjorle is the small and only daugh
kslat e UlM Mga. ly, of Peaso- d which w-I be Dec. 7. ter in a family which boasts of several
JABZ auMint, Mrs. F. f. sons. Aged 4 Is Marjorie, petite and
a me"n hotel. Miss Luile Provence. has returned imperious and enjoying excellent op-
After r from a visit of several weeks to her portunities for becoming spoiled. She
WcoUlicm or wnn F feel a brother m Montgopery, and resumed has lately attained to the dignity of the
Tar.It neve fails to cure, Hiwill
r. I.t Peton a to o awn her work with her music class. kindergarten and comes home daily
s t Pnme. nia or c ptionUf Mr. Thomas H. Hall brought his fam- with some fresh acquisition of wisdom.
Bntme ily up from Panacea Springs last Friday. A few days ago it was addition, and
fa )Oula m is expected in a and they are now settled for the winter she proclaimed proudly at the dinner
fw days.a. x eid homes en at "'Greenwood," their country home. table:
Spuding the summer in West Virginia IWMrs. A. L. Randolph and her daugh mae know ow much two and two
Mr. John Hopkins up r ter, Miss Mary, who have been visiting make and f and two and four and
arks Tuesda from St. various Northern cities and pleasure re- two.
larks Tuesday tosee hi friends and sorts during the summer, are expected "And what." said her father. "do you
relatives this old home. home thisweek. and I make. Marjie?"
Hon. E. J. Triay, of Jacksonville Without a .moment's hesitation over
former State Treasurer, made a short J. W. Bryan, of Lowder, Ills., writes: these new fators in her problem the
visit to the Capital City this week. "'My little boy was very low with pne- little new factonsw ered. with a dimple
monia. Unknown to the doctor we gave little maid answered with a dimple
GeoA. Points. Upper Sandusky. O., him Foley's Honey and Tar. The result and a smile:
writes: "I have been using Foley's was magicaland puzzledthe doctor, as "Sweethearts."
Honey and Tar for b ns~and find it immediately stopped the racking And all the family were satisfied
it the best remedy I ever tried. It cough and be quickly recovered." Wight with Marjle's arithmetic.-London An-
topped the cough immediately and re- & Bro. swers.
ieved all soreness." Wight & Bro. Hon. Nat. R. Walker, of Crawford- 0UNOEMENTS
Mr. Wm. H. Walker, of Crawford- ville, was in the city on Tuesday of this ANN U
vilie, is visiting his son Mr. S. May week and paid*a visit to the TALLAIAS-,
Walker, is this iting son MrS. 8 May s where he is always doubly wel For County Commissioner:
come. Ier, of this city. hereby announce myself a candidate for re.
Judge Georep. Raney left on th come. election as County tcoimmsioner for the 1st
Judge George P. uaney left on the Commlsioner'.s District of Leon county, and re-
eat bound train yesterday for East and Mrs. C. E. Patton and child returned spectfully ask the support of all Democrats at
South Florida, where he will make yesterday afternoon from Canada where tie primary to le heli oi the h of Nove
peaches at various points in the interest they have been spending the summer. nex eleeryd I will giv to ofice my bestH.
of Tallahassee. Mr. and.Mrs. W. D. Hartt, Mrs. Patton's service. Very respectully.
parents accompanied her as far as Jack- For County Commissioner District No. 4.
0 .AL ISWO L..Z A.. sonville, where they stopped over for a I hereby announce myself for re-election as
Bathe T Ili VY lHi AWays gtit days rest and will be home today. County tinonisioner for the -Ith listriet of
Leon county, it the lumocratic primary to lie
held on the <6th day of Novemb-r. A. D. 1 XH).
Many of your friends, or people whom My pastservict.i are known to the voters of the
you know of, have contracted consump- county, and if elected ;at said primary and alp
Dr. Cam, of Centerville, was in the tion, pneumonia or other fatal diseases, poilid by the v I the I
city on Tuesday The Doctor's numer- by neglect of a simple cold or cough. irtal work along thtsine o e y, tha ha
Ciy on Tuesday. The Doctors numer- Honey and Tar, a safe, sure and ractrized y tlrtithe iaiist.
ous friends in the city are always glad Foley's Ho and Tar, a safe, sure and hary r pe uulRy,T.
to see him. pleasant cough medicine, would have 1,A. R,)1P.RT
to see him. saved them. It is guaranteed. Wight For Constable District No 2.
Ex-Governor Wm. B. Cameron, of & Bro. To the Democratic VoterN of No.2:
Virginia. arrived in the city on Monday, hr Byrd Macon, who was :criti- I Iereby annoiinei myself for re-election as
and will pay a visit his tr Byr acon w was Coinstable forth S-veiihtl lusticvs' l)istrit of
and will pay a visit to is daughter aly ll at Drifton last week, is conva- i1conm .olat. If c.letei. I promise the. same
Mrs. Bryan Whitfield. lescent, and is now visiting his sister, faithful service that I have given thenoilce ior the
Once Used Always Wanted. Mrs. Eugene Dickey. Mr. Macon was 1last thirty years. Very truly y. vou Ir
Thousands who have used John R. the young volunteer who was desper- _- -
Dickey's Old Reliable Eye Water say so. ately ill in Tallahassee, after his term of For County Commissioner.
Why? Because it cures sore or weak service had expired. Thie imiv friends of Mr. Ionah Britt hereby
eye or granulated lids without pain. announce anditeforc yconi
eyes or granulated lids without painf Rev. E. Trice has on exhibition at the sioner for the 4th district of l.on county, Flor.-
when applied. The engine is always TALLAHASSEEAN office a specimen of his ida, at thio lyeD r.te i jiriri to ile it.; Oil
th.e lw6th of Nove belnl|r, A. ) 119 0. We have
enclosed in a red carton. Sold by Wight cassava crop. which was raised this year known Mr. Biritt. as a consistent I)
&enc Blosed for 25 cents. Money back if you on his farm about two and a half miles and deserving citizen. and are sati-tfi;e that. if
don't like it. south of the city. He had only a few he i appointel to the position, he wIll render ef-
stalks to plant this season, but is so well cnt rANY DEM(K HATS.
Hon. Fred. T. Myers returned from satisfied with his success that he in-
his trip to East and South Florida on tends to plant largely of it flext year.
last Sunday. Mr. Myers left this week
for Western points, and has gone to East Mrs. F, C. Gilmore returned on Sun-
and South Florida where he will make day from Apalachicola, where she has
speeches at various points in the interest been for the past three weeks. Mr. Gil-
of Tallahassee. more will return home in time to vote
for Bryan and Tallahassee in the coming
The best method of cleansing the liver election.
is the use of the famous little pills known
as DeWitt's Little Eariy Risers. Easy to Did the young folks forget that last
take. Never gripe. All Dealers. night was Halloween and let it go by
without having the customary fun? If 3 1 ala
alaria is Enadmed by the best Physiciu the boys did we are sure the girls did 1 i
and guaranteed to cure Chills, Feverand not forget to try their '-love-tests."
Ague. All druggists or from Moffit-
West Drug Co., St. Louis. The anniversary debate by students of
Notice. the West Florida Seminary will be held
December 17 at the opera house. W. B.
If Clyde, Glen and May Miller will Crawford, F. F. Coles, W. M. McIntosh
write to W. V. Forr, Oakalla, Ind., they and Emmet Wilson have been selected
will learn something to their advantage, as speakers for that occasion.
To the Dea That Throbbing Headaece j. Coins is headquarters for
TO the De Would quickly leave you, if you used everth W. Cin i the line of Fanrters forand
A lady, cured of her deafneaand Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands everything in the line of Fancy and
oes in til head by Dr.VNicholson'a of sufferers have proved their matchless rocerLes know th e a nteds
Artificial Ear Drums, gave $10,Ou0 this merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches. of themasses o the peur ole f buidig
Institute, so that deaf people unable to They make pure blood and strong nerves td holding tradps He also rris
procure the Ear Drums ma) have them nd build up your health. Easy to take. veral other lines in which he ains
free. Address No. 1296 The Nicholson Try them. Only 25 cents. Money back rains the same reputation. You can
Isitute, 780 Eighth Avenue, New if not cured. Sold oy all druggists. m ney by calg on him.
Rev. S. M. Provence was out yesterday
Mim Blake's Sanitarium. after nearly a month's struggle with y._"
1ext door north of Leon Hotel, open all dengue. He expects to be able to O
the year. Graduate nurses and first- preach Sunday morning, and specially
clafs accommodations. For particulars wishes to see all the members of his PO IO '*UARANTUUD,
apply to church present. Un4>u Se000 cash Depeot.
Miss SALLIE E. BLAKE, Prop'r. __ PaM.
31-6m Tallahassee, Fla. Hon. N.W. Eppes, County Superin- y. aa -r'. g.s". Yay. npkW 6.
...... tendent of Public Instruction for Leon alG-g~- At-M--- Be-ume_ Ouls,
S- county, will address the people of Jack- Mou, -va
^a^ son county at a grand rally, and the ---- -- _- -
} A winding up of the campaign in Marli ,. -
anna, on next Saturday, November 3d. Ifl
He will also present the claims of Talla-
-hassee, as the seat of government of room -.--

F Florida to the voters of Jackson county,
ofn that occai on.

eTre Kind You Have Always Bought

S There is a ru mor romg around ilthe
streets to the effect that the Gainesville
Sand Tallahassee Road had been&sold to
New York parties. We have been un- .
aide to verify the authority of the ru-
mor. Mr. Bennett, who we understand OPERA HOU E,
remains in the new company, is said to
have stated to a well known gentleman- tuo.5 o 0 5 0
of this city that he would put one thou- Mon day, N 1900
sand men to work on the road tomorrow
could he get them. ......
set nHon. N. W. Eppes, County Superin- Ro& Honlland's.
tendent of Public Instruction, returned
a few days ago from Jacksonville, where Ito tWU d&Prnl
he went last week to attend the confer- (sucesors to Richards & Pringle)
ence called by the Seahoard Air Line
This picture is the, trade mark of people. Mr. Eppes thinks the Seaboard ...
is in earnest about this matter, and in- m
SCOTT'S MULSION, and is on tends to help build up all sections of
every bottle of SCOTT'S EMUL- country it traverses.
SION in the World, which now

This great business has grown to For aNtE and
such vast proportions,IaidFESTIVAL.
First;-Bccause the proprietors The0rind You Have A as Bn'I
have always been most careful in Bears the 5/Lf -People-- 55
selecting the various ingredients sagturlof
used in its composition, namely; 2-BMajor Robert Gable sent to uthANDS--2=
Ithe finest Cod Liver Oil, and the FMajorin Robert Gamble sent to South ......... nsa im pr,
the he~t Cod Lver Oil.and the .w~4. .... 4wJ.,,. .,...... ~a.. .,>k as ....n ea......,

Tire CnvIaeia Argsment a Paimr
Vsed With Teln2a EReet.
"An Arkansas country store keeper of
my acquaintance had a bad attack of
melancholy about a year ago," said a
New Orleans drummer, "and attempted
to commit suicide. He put a pistol to
bis head and pulled the trigger, but
the'eartridge failed to explode, and be-
fore he could try it again the weapon
was taken away. Ilowever, he swore
he would do the deed the first chance
he got. and he .was no doubt really of
that intention when hlie as talked out
of it by a little itinerant preacher who
was a reformed gambler. The argu-
ment used by the parson was so pe1ul-
iar and ingenious that it made a deep
impression on my mind. 'You know
you would be a dead tnan,' he said as
nearly as I can remember, 'if it wasn't
for the fact that there ivas a defective
cartridge under the hlamer of your re-
volver. Now. a defective cartridge is
a very unusual thing,' he went on.
'They calculate at the manufactory
that there is possibly one to the quar-
ter million turned out. The chance of
that bad cartridge being in the boxful
that you bought for your gun was not
over one to another quarter million,
the chance of your getting hold of it
when you loaded was exactly 1 to 50,
and the chance of it being under the
hammer was 1 to 5. That makes the
total odds 1 to 5(M),035.'
"At that point the little preacher sud-
denly straightened up. his eyes flashed
fire, his chest expandeil, and he shook
his forefinger under the storekeeper's
nose. 'You miserable sinner.' he roar-
ed, 'do you imagine fur a minute that
the Lord would have given you that
kind of odds and let you win out on
the piay if he hadn't! got some good
and special use for your life? Don't
let me ever hear of you trying to block
him again!'
"The would be sui(kide thought the
thing over and concluded that the par-
son was right. His tIe'hI(.cloly prompt-
ly disappeared, and thie last time I saw
himn he was bubbling over with cheer-
fulness. IHe believes firmly he is a
man of destiny."-New Orleans Times-

A Drnstic 1
A Spanisl magist
the extent of the 1
issued a proclamati
righteous wrath, tha
series and provisions
ysis are proved to
health will be conf
and distributed to th
table institutions."-'

rite. shocked by
food adulteration.
ion. alla.ile with
t "all wines. gro-
which upon anal-
:be injurious to
iWcated forthwith
h( different chari-
Woman's Journal.

SEVERAL of the most prominent residences in
the city--on Calhoun and Clinton streets-
unsurpassed for business convenience or social
surroundings, such as are not on the market for
a lifetime. For terms apply early, if you want
to buy. W. W. McGIwFF.
FOR SALK.-Cottage at Saint Teresa, four
rooms, hall for dining room, kitchen and
servant's room. If you want a real bargain call
on J. C. Trice at Tallahasseean office tf
uone lot to a whole block, from $1.nOOto
68,000, upon which are paying investments
now in operation 12 per cent. net Apply to W.
W. MeGriff.
1' terest in the Long Grove Lots.
Sept. 14.1898. R. MUNRO.
tOR kENT.-A two-story house. Apply to
SMrrs. Sullivan. :15-,t
FOR RKENT. --Five-room cottage corner itoil4-
I vard and Clinton streets. Terms reasonable.
Apply to M'sLJF-sE(F.C M INNIss. 33-4t


At O.K.Pr ices

Sewing IMachiines,
Sporting (;oods,
Farming Implements,
Mill Supplies,
Iron Pipe,
Sugar Pans,
Cane Mills,









Manufacturers '
of jil1 kinds ol
rough and
dressed luii- |
lhr, mould-
ipgs, stair
raijs, balusters, ,_
poich columns, bri
m4nts, and turned a
Life and Ccnient

iAll orders I

WI Guarantee Our

0 ce, Shop and

P one 87-


of Fremont,

HAM:-I feel
ou and tell V
dicine has '
two y,-rs,
ot do any
three do- /
em to get any bet-
g Lydia. E. Pink-
mpound and Liver
from the first, had
after taking three bottles of Compound
Pills, can say that I am cured. Your
d is a wonderful medicine."

everybody knows

thing about U

rgmia Cheroots:

,ooo of them are being s
year. Ask anybody about -
have never smoked them .

They have made their
tion and their own place
trade, wholly on their
Cr good smokes for fiveC

SOl Vginia Chroots sked ti
o V dealer. Pric, 3 for 5 cats. J



ts and Builders.

Plans ard
Specific ti vns

All ,jk Lof

('Ihil!1 v '- I Y i d
I v

; il

. -
Ockets, mantels. grills, fancy l ,.lal
i(ld scroll work of every descriipti,'>i.
ior sale.


ill receive prompt attention.

Work to be- First-Class in Every!Particular.
Prices Reasonable.

iniber Yard, on Sea Board Air

Lin~e, Oil

lot south of county jail.
P. 0. Box 14-

;ore! New Goods!


W Even so-celled healthy women suffer! '
But they rze not healthy!
The marks left by ain are on the young faces of many of ove
daughters. Pain tha leaves its mark comes from a curable'
rcuse. If that cause is not removed its
it fluence reaches 6ut and overshadows a
NUST ~hole life. The reason Lydia E. Pinkham's
getable Compound has been so uni-
W OM EN f rmly successful for over a quarter of a
R ntury in overcoming the suffering of
SUFP ^ omen, is that it is thorough and goes
rectly to the cause. It is a woman's
remedy for woman's 11s.
Miss EMILY F. HA s. of 148 Freeman
$t., Greenpoint, Br yn, N. Y., writes:
"-DEAR MRS. PIN HAM-I wish to
state that I used yo Vegetable Com-
pound with the test success. I
was very sick for arly a year with 4
hysteria. was d -hearted and
nervous ; also suffe with painful
knenstruation and'p in back and
imbs. I often w hed for death.
-hinking nothing wo id cure me. I
.iad doctors, but th r medicines did
pne no good. At by the advice
f a friend, I began take Lydia E. '-
nkham's Vegeta Ie Compound.
1dI1 am happy to y it has entire-



.? mm%.


I -

* 'Mos
* 5,


* as 300,00oo
uI smoked thi

Themm, f yo
M yourself.
0 own repute
Sin the cig

I cents, and
SThree ht-md _
III y-. Ask|

y cured me.
ich., Box 748, wri
hat I must write
ou what your
one for me. I h

bad that I could
ork. I had two o
ors, but did not
ter. I began takin
tam's Vegetable C
Pills and improved
better appetite, and
and one box of Liv
,Vegetable Compou


T n ba (A


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