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 Title Page
 Pussy cat, pussy cat
 There was an old woman who lived...
 Table of Contents
 Tom, Tom, the piper's son
 Mistress Mary, quite contrary
 Jack and Jill
 Willy boy, Willy boy
 Hark! hark! The dogs do bark
 Sing a song of sixpence
 As I went to Bonner - Bow-wow-wow...
 There was an old woman - Little...
 Simple Simon went a-fishing
 The king was in his counting...
 The king of France went up the...
 Little Polly Flinders - Dickory,...
 Little Miss Muffett
 Four-and-twenty tailors
 One misty, moisty morning
 Jack Sprat
 There was a jolly miller
 Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake - As I was...
 Simple Simon met a pieman
 Curly locks, curly locks
 Deedle,deedle, dumpling - Hush-a-bye...
 Bye, baby bunting - Little Tommy...
 Little Bo-peep
 Baa, baa black sheep
 See-saw, Margery Daw
 Little boy blue
 Polly put the kettle on
 Is John Smith within?
 Hey! diddle diddle!
 Hickety pickety my black hen -...
 You shall have an apple - As Tommy...
 Ride a cock-horse
 Old King Cole
 Handy spandy - Here we go up, up,...
 The lion and the unicorn - Barber,...
 There was a little man
 Two legs sat upon three legs
 A farmer came trotting
 Ding, dong, bell
 Ladybird, ladybird - See a pin...
 The North wind doth blow - Little...
 There was a crooked man
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Title: Familiar rhymes from Mother Goose
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 Material Information
Title: Familiar rhymes from Mother Goose
Uniform Title: Mother Goose
Physical Description: 48 p. : ill. (col.) ; 26 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Loomis, Chester A., 1789-1873 ( Illustrator )
Nister, Ernest ( Printer , Lithographer , Printer )
Publisher: Ernest Nister
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: c1891
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1891   ( lcsh )
Nursery rhymes -- 1891   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1891
Genre: Children's poetry
Nursery rhymes   ( rbgenr )
novel   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
Germany -- Nuremberg
Statement of Responsibility: with new pictures by Chester Loomis.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00080478
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002224280
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oclc - 187308783

Table of Contents
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    Front Matter
        Front Matter
    Title Page
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    Pussy cat, pussy cat
        Page 2
    There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
        Page 3
    Table of Contents
        Page 4
    Tom, Tom, the piper's son
        Page 5
    Mistress Mary, quite contrary
        Page 6
    Jack and Jill
        Page 7
    Willy boy, Willy boy
        Page 8
    Hark! hark! The dogs do bark
        Page 9
    Sing a song of sixpence
        Page 10
    As I went to Bonner - Bow-wow-wow whose dog art thou?
        Page 11
    There was an old woman - Little Nancy Etticote
        Page 12
    Simple Simon went a-fishing
        Page 13
    The king was in his counting house
        Page 14
    The king of France went up the hill - To market, to market
        Page 15
    Little Polly Flinders - Dickory, dickory, dock
        Page 16
    Little Miss Muffett
        Page 17
    Four-and-twenty tailors
        Page 18
    One misty, moisty morning
        Page 19
    Jack Sprat
        Page 20
    There was a jolly miller
        Page 21
    Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake - As I was going up Pippin Hill - Early to bed and early to rise
        Page 22
    Simple Simon met a pieman
        Page 23
    Curly locks, curly locks
        Page 24
    Deedle,deedle, dumpling - Hush-a-bye baby
        Page 25
    Bye, baby bunting - Little Tommy Tittlemouse
        Page 26
        Page 27
    Little Bo-peep
        Page 28
    Baa, baa black sheep
        Page 29
    See-saw, Margery Daw
        Page 30
    Little boy blue
        Page 31
    Polly put the kettle on
        Page 32
    Is John Smith within?
        Page 33
    Hey! diddle diddle!
        Page 34
    Hickety pickety my black hen - I'll tell you a story
        Page 35
    You shall have an apple - As Tommy Snooks
        Page 36
    Ride a cock-horse
        Page 37
    Old King Cole
        Page 38
    Handy spandy - Here we go up, up, up
        Page 39
    The lion and the unicorn - Barber, barber, shave the pig
        Page 40
    There was a little man
        Page 41
    Two legs sat upon three legs
        Page 42
    A farmer came trotting
        Page 43
    Ding, dong, bell
        Page 44
    Ladybird, ladybird - See a pin and pick it up
        Page 45
    The North wind doth blow - Little Jack Horner
        Page 46
        Page 47
    There was a crooked man
        Page 48
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----- --


-= 7-7-- ~

- - - -

~zr 2 L4{(

...7 *77'

/'. ct /,F /.



The Bald, ihn Lbrjrv


,,a/ /-

Ail LU i 1111 I I.l

* p r~~ht Printed by E.NI5MIiIIl Nti")" wirt.

e55yJ cat, Pucesy9 cat,
where have you been ?

Iye been to London
to look a{ the Queen.

Pu5'y cat, Puc5sy cat,

what did you do there

I frightened a little mouse

under the chair.








_ _

*1 ; :I]


pM. ,-..~.

1.-.- ..V.-...

P .' -- r .,'
P t .P. d*.,PPPi. --
.:..' n.;

4 ;~ I': .-'.
--Pip~1- .~.
-P-P~'r rpP. -.-pd.

r-, : -PPP

/i.. I. .Iz./
-~ P .': ~ -~ ',
-. 4'~.p'.. .-A -./


1', ~, ~
p .j.. .. ...

~- : .~.;. ..5


-iv "'




~FZ i'rl" r IriTh

L 13

.i---'~~ ~


I -at P',c

Qui t


c ntrary,

HC d.e vour, Parden pro-"

\Vth -il.ver bell;,

.1. -

pr-tt,,, ma idS

.4 -

/ .---. '-k .z'& -

,1-. -- I


all In a ro,,.





ack and Jill
/ Went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down,
And broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

illyy boy,




are yOu oing ?

I ,

I will .o with you, if I may.

going to the meadow

To _ee them a-mowing,

going to help them make. the hy.







,~. 2e

I .


4f 1 -
, -



b tariS ar3e

do bark,
comin- to

in ra-g, and edarr

And 'rn -I v1\,vet




in jag,f

dg cQ

r' r- .


alI- !1 h a r-. I


Ing a cOng of gixpernce,

A pocket full of rjye,

Four -and- twenty blackbirds

Bak-d in a pie.

When the pie wac opened,

The birdie began to Jinm,

Weren't that a dairy d ..-h,

To -et before the kinq?


SI went to Banner,
I met a p i
Wthout a wig,
Upon my wOrd and honour.

Bow- wow- wow!
Wh\ oe 0og art thou
Little Tom Tuclker dog,
Bow- w0ow wow!

T here wacs an old woman
Lived under a hill,
And if srhecy not gone,
The Ijver1 there Ikr ill.

iule Nancy Eiticate,
In a white petticoat,
With a red noee.
The longer ehe &tandc.,
The chortepr ere grow .

0~r to catch a .x-hale.

AllI the ,x-afep. he had Sot A

a2; I n mcqber. pall.

End Ck
I "w IN
~; if; 1 '4?




he kin' wac in h]i counting-houele

(_ n.(DLJ rni :l 'it r-i,',' n ,r.c ,-.,,
L r- I t. i r U .

TI h qjn ..-.' in th pa drr,

EaLtir-, bry J a ri h n',, .

1 ai- maid '?. F 1 n t' g rid Fri ,

HanSnr;, :-'ut th1i-, clothee..

D)owln ,cams a U.ckbird,

And nipped off her n're

T he King of France went up the hill,
With twenty thousand men,
The King of France came down the hill,
And ne'-, went up again.

T market) to market,
to bu a fat pig
Home a0ain, home apain,

Jigety jig.
TO market, to market,
to buy a fat hog,
Home again, home again,

jTgety jOT.

I I I 't" ~--II I

Sitle Poll FlyRnd.ery
(Jate among the cinderer,
Warmin-g her pretty little ,toey!
Her mother came and caught her,
And whipped her little daughter,
For erpoiling her nice new clothes.

ickery, dcLery, dock!
Th-e mouee ran up the clock
The clock Wrtruck one, and down the moucre
ra n,
Dickery, clickery, dock!

-s ,--
%:-. r O

~pi ,,

~ Qp)%
81.0 OAB':


/A uft I-

2St -n tu"ffet,

EatirL &yme cur.d&y andC

Al n- came a eypider?

And at dovn beeide her,

And frihtened

,w h y i

r- C

M;u M u Ffe t


our-and-twenty tailored went to kill a &nail,

The beQt man among them durct not touch her tail:

hbe put out her horne. like a little Kyoe cow

Run! tailored, run! or ehe''l kill you all just now!

-. rr


ne n-vcjy rnc'ksf;,r rFrfiflr t n,

IRrV1: art oJ mO rl crna Ki all iI athKr-
j--J betar to ) c?)mplirrjenr, itrd I bE63 t Fi f

do dc, U Jci c and. ho'Al Jo:, > u d

A ci\ hcivr d--, v:,u do a

J ack Sprat could eat n fat,
Hi5 \wife could eat no lean,
And o0 between them both,

Ihiere wae a jolly miller,

L Lived on the river Dee:
He worked and &ang

from morn till night,
No lark e~o blithe ac he,
And tiier, the burden of hier eoon
For ever uped Ato be -
I care for nobody -
no! not I
Qfince nobody career -or me.

nat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, bakers man,
Bake me a cake ae, faert act you can.,
Prick it and pat it, and mark it with Gi
And put it in the oven for Teddy and me.

A I wa, going up Pippin Hill,
Pippin Hill wae dirty,
There I met a pre ty mrniT,
And crhe dropped me a cur taey.

Early to bed and early to riereI
le th-e way to be healthy,
wealthy, and wife.

a i
~-7:' LAL_


's 'r

Ir I'31

inipl n''r-L

C i r,' .Ie rt .ro-, r. e pirari


Ia.- the pi'rnain 1 CimpSi *rimfln,

"YJhow me firyt 0yOur penny.

GJayye simplee imOn to the peman,

Indeed I haven't any.

* .

is ,\

_ __ I __ __

_ __ _

_ _




I-J~c~i~z~ : le~l. .I

mnt p-m arn,


v'I *1



E f~-:' ---I-

LI~ies= -- l.

Url,' lOck.-, CuPr- l ock ',.

X,'l:t thou be mine ?

Tho I-i0 a It. not 'x'ar;h d lrheJ-e,

/ r ,et. eed the ~.e c- ne

But l I "n + cui z. h0 10 -,

Anrd :-,r\W a fine -Ya m,

An d feacI upCn crtra.,,berrie.,

juSar., and cream



D eedle, needle, dumpling,
my eron John,
He went to bed with hier ertockinng Oni
One eyhoe off, and one Crhoe on,
Deedle, deedle, dumpling,
my ern John.

urh- a -bye, baby,
Daddy ie ner.

Mamma ie a lady,
And that'cY very clear.


ye, baby bunting,
FatherM o' ne a-hunting,
Y)other 0 gone a-milking,
(iYjters' one a-eilking,
Brother'5, gone to buy a ckin
To wrap the baby bunting in.

little Tommyr TittlemouSe
Lived in a hiHtle houye.
He caun h fieshes
In other men' ca itche7.

ub- 5-dub-dub 1

SThr'ee rrm r n a tub,

And vh' j,: you

think th-v -be,

The butcher, the baker-,

The candlet-lcik- maker.

Run 'em do.,n,

knave. all three

,._. ::.'.o-

. i .,.' ., '

1 _--7;1 _---0 .--

~ ~; ~i::-~- t: ~ :.i-~
~b`-! ,. $n
,-~ I "`R r-~ hL 1
-i* L..
i" _.
'E~:!*.~5 ir~i
"' ;~

-1 --

h~~ -TtT;-


I.. l.

Little Bo=Peep

Had lo0t herp heep,

And can't tell wher e to ind them

Leave them alone

And they'll come hDme

Bringing their tall behind them.




.Its :;'*

a. baa, black bIp,
Ha-e yo,0 ay -X-0l01 ?
I 5-]r., ^J Ir, p
Three ba8,c full
One fop mry marte
And one for my dame,
But none for the Itthe boy
\Who crieS in the lane.


He vchall have but a penny a day,

Bcauc.e he can't work any faster.



c I By B',.,

The"', n t h,3 c r-) T, I I

~q~"" i~tl-,

Unde yo t D!sh"
L~nde ih- Cc( ck
Fa,(t asl e, p1

', 7- o m W-

j flr lyx put lK- kttjl- ,tle ,
Pocli put tl-, kettle ,n,

A nJ r .--'1 I all til., tI .

e J.ton c.m th with n ej-, tht -r.

Can he .2je a f hoe 2 .Ai -r m array, .^
o 0,

Here a nail,

there 3 ,-,1,I. ltick, tjck, too, I

...+.*'"*' ^ *. '" + *-.. .. t-
.3..: p'..'.-. .'.; +.
,^f ; :- -; ,..' +' '; : ''+" .i ._. ,+.,+'r
4',,,,, .,. .
"1','f.*. = .* +
C '"' .
.,+ .,,~: ~~~: ,'+ .l;.,..,.-,
.. ... -~'~':'' "- ,'.+
:~,., O,+s: i'r ,t t ..

" !. "
.1 -




Hey! diddle diddle !

The cat and the fiddle,

The cow jumped ovep the moon.

The little dog laughed

To eee cruch crport,

While the dicih ran away with the cpoon.

Icickty, picket, my black hen,
e -yhe layer :eg for gentlemen;
Gentlemen come every day
To e re wvht my black herl doth lay.

I'11 tell you, a crtory,
About John-a-Nory:
And nnw my esrtory begun.
I'11 tell you another,
Ab60ut jack and hiy brother:
And now my eyrtopye done.

oU c rall have an apple,
You erhall have a plum,
You shall have a ratt-leb- acket,
When papa come home.

A -e Tommy eJnooker
and Hedoy BroOokr,
Were walking Out one Q-funday,

QayeY Tommy Jnookcy
to Becsy Brooklr,
Wilt marry me on Moncayj



3~ .::
~ -
... rtn~'~
_~_ d-.
.I I '-
I~ ~. ;: ~ I~:
i ~Fi
'-- ''5'-: ..-.~- ~i...~.-
-;--:,-~-;;.~ .lr i T
~-r. .- i
r. ..;I I
?1~ .rWil ,. ;~i;;,' nt.

d e ca hccckhOP&r

ipoln a White h o ie.

R n~ 0n hej f1FLeP,

nArd bell dn h1er t.oe,,

ASi-le'll ha\Je mujyic

\Xhf}epe-rep r -1e oeq

,; ~i-'
r.... '' '~ .i.
..1... ii
: j:..-.U-
; :. i
i :-u:i'L
-- .i~-: ~
I: :
; ~
~c~ ~'
.-I,' -1 '~ : :
~' i'--. -:

:.:.. ...

i ; 1
~ ,
'' ~ '


Id King Cc'l
S ,a, a menry old eyou,
And a me'rr ld Wul was he,
,l .. He called fdr his pipe
SAnd he called for hi bowl,
And he called for his fiddler. three

>'e K _1

H ancLy YJpandy, Jack-a-dandy,
H Loveer plum-cake and erugarcandy,
He bought c-rome at a pgrcere erhop,

And out he. came, hop-hop-ho.

ere we go up, up, up,

Here we o

down, down, down.

Here we 6o backwarder and forwarder,

And here we 1o

round, round, round.

~" 'iCI-'*l'~ ~~~~-`-II~ `- --i-----i-------~

S he Lion and the Unicorn
were fithtirn foP theJ crown,
The Lion beat the Unicorn
all round about the town.
Come gave them white bread,
come gave them brown,
Qjome gave them plum cake,
and eent them out
o {town .

B arber, barber, crhave a pig,
Hovw many haircr will make a wig2
Four and twenty, thatr enough
Give the poor barber
a pinch of ernuff.

hI ere w e a a little man,
And he had a little jun,
And hips bullet-s F.?e made
Of lead, lead, lead,
He jhct .Johry Sppig
AThrough th-, middle f her ,w;,
.Ar knocked it r.,rht off

Of hi.- head, head, head

wo' Icg)Ifc;a up7r three- legc-

WI~ one le in hkcr Iap,

In Curec fOur er

A n r un r a y v., it Oe Ie e*

Up i, p, -

'io 1e s


YrinatchJcp up 1hrre 1eesI

Th rowcj. It after FtUi IJe1 j

And rnaker-

him brIng back one leg

I -, -
7 ''j "$

- '


^T-T *;;
, .

Upor, hi 6 r* r- are
Burmpi-t, bjrrFpet' bump.
\\'it-h hi.- d-.dauxhter behind him,
J-'' ro ., and f ir,
Lurmpet.',, lurmpetv, lump

A rdven cried croak,
And they all tumbled down,
Bumpety, bumpety, bump/
The mare broke her knee,,.
And the farmer hicr crown,
Lumpety, lumpety, lump.

The mierchievoucr raven
Flew laughing away,
Bumpety, bumpety, bump.
And vowed he would cerve them
The came next day,
Lumpety, lumpety, lump.

- ~ w ~

\* ~'


:i-l .;.a' '"'~' `
:' i'
n~ij: -~~
I.; ...:.i

1nq, donS, bell,

PuJesy, in the well

__Who ,u t her in n _

-T ir ry H _

-I --.--)-.--=~T

-- -


T, t r-sty and r~j 7-., t p:D-: ;p

17 -
-=.=.~;;~ ~ka.
4R7TVAS 44

adybird, Ladybird,
L Fly away home,
Your houeye iey on fire,
YOUp children will burn.

ee a pin and pick it up,
All the day you'll have 'ood luck.
GJee a pin and let it lay,
Bad luckjyou'll have all the day.

he North WAnd doth blow,
SAnd we halll have crnow,
And what will poor Robin
do. then?
Poor thin!

He will hop to a barn,
And to keep himOself warm,
Will hide hiy head under
hiie wing,
Poor thing!

{ttle ':JacI h r i

H P h Ci &nj Fe.,

Aric pulid out a plum

,-.--..-- --- -!- r -
-~~ -' --- -- __ ___ .

- / I
_..------. -~L.

here wac a crooked man,

SA d -ik r,t 5 ,r, d.:c inI-

A n -'i d .a "- ''k-d .- p-nI.

B %-,e cr.,k-,J .-,. 1'.i

'h h 5:h : ,u-it ,5 ,,r"-: !.:S i fur i -k. ,

_. r .
nrd .th -.' all .r t..:. .Aewhz-,

In 5 3 -:r --d hur

-.*t^ *JA *', L, ^.-^** j~l*^* ':l*' *. t .ii i:7(i ^--ist' /, "- *


S. .

I.- '.V-

". .i'" : : '. -
I. .. A;- WO il q ,

I :

:.:. .; ,j .. ..

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