Three friends


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Three friends
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12 p. : illus. (some col.) ; 10 cm.
Vredenburg, Edric, b. 1860
Nister, Ernest ( Publisher )
E.P. Dutton (Firm) ( Publisher )
Ernest Nister
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New York
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Farm life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1890
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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England -- London
United States -- New York -- New York


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Cover title.
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Signed: Edric Vredenburg.

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SEA-SPRA Y ARJI stIood on the top of a
A) high cliff and looked over the blue sea.
Sometimes when it was very rough and there
was a great wind the spray would be 1-lo\ n over
the farm and fall like fine rain. It was such a
pretty place-just the very place in the world to
live in, I think, for there was so much to
amuse one.
There were horses and dogs, cocks and hens
and tiny chitikens, dinkileys and cows, and in
the plrk at the back of the farm livelyy deer

browsed under the trees, while little brown
bunnies skipped over the green grass.
But the prettiest hling at Sea-Spray Farm
uwa little Mina, the f,. rner's daughter.
Ever\bl--dy and every living thing loved
-lina, for she was so good and kind; but the
pets that loved her best were Rex, a tall grey-
hound, and a lvel\ dove. Whenever Min.t
went out for a walk Rex was by her side,
and Dovey would fly down from a tree in
which she had been patiently waiting and perch
herself on the little girl's shoulder. They were
so much toccther and seemed so fond of one
another tlha: people -
called them the
"three friends." ,'
.W ell, evc, ythinc ,'.1 '
went very well with r
the three friends for '
a long time. Mina >
bought her dove a
e.utifulwhih she pt wicker
,ape, which she put

on her window-sill, and
Dovey could fly in and .'
out just as she liked, N-,
for the door was always j.

night under Mina's

But one fine morning
in the springtime of the year, when the little
girl popped her golden head out of the window
to wish her friends "Good day, she was rather
surprised to find that Dovey was missing.
"Where is Dovey, Rex?' called Mina to
her dog.
"Bow-wow," replied Rex. and by that he
meant that he didn't know.
"She will come home later on," said Mina
to herself, and then she went downstairs to
breakfast. After breakfast she and Rex went
out for a walk, but Dovey did not fly down as

usual, and this made the two friends quite
unhappy. They could hear the pigeons and
the doves cooing in the \\oods, and they orderedd
if one of them \\as their Dovey, and why she
did not ieturn. So the day went on and bed-
time came, and still Do\ey did not come back.
The next m ring cRx, before an oldy
was up, started off to look for Dovey. The tfist
thing he spoke to was Mr. Cock a doodle-do. who
was very busy teaching his children to ciow.
Mr. Cock a doodle-do had not seen ian\thing of
Dovey, but he said he would look for her, so
he gave the chicks a holiday, and they all went
in sc ri of the lost b ird.
'" Rex next spoke
to his friend Rover,
another big do ..
"No," answered
SRover, "I haven't seen
Dovey, but lerhal-s,3
S 'Dobbin has; he was
in the field all yester-
day. I'll ask him.'

\9/ N

So Rover went and asked Dobbin, the
horse, but he had not seen Dovey. "When
I am let out I'll speak to the donkeys about it;
they go on the common oniiiltimne, and per-
haps they may have seen the dove."
But the donkeys had not seen Dovey,
and in their turn they asked the brown bunnies
that lived in the woods. "No," :;S-N\\ced the

bunnies, "we've not seen Dovey, although we've
heard a lot of cooing; perhaps the deer may
know something about her."
Then away scampered the little rabbits
and asked the pretty deer that lived in the park.
"Well, I'm sure I don't know," replied
the papa deer, "there are so many doves
here, and it's rather
difficult to know one
from the / other, they
are so much alike, but
I will make inquiries."
So all i the animals
tried very hard to find
lina's lost pet, but
al t hl o u g h they looked
here in7 looked there and spoke to everyone
they met Dovey could not be found. And the
days went by, and the weeks went by, until the
sweet summer came. Every morning Mina looked
at the empty cage, and every morning felt
very miserable, because she was sure she would
never see her little friend again.

But one day ever
Sso ear Mina waa s he ostk-
eed by Rex, who w\ as
SL ibarkin.g loudly outside
S shuer a\indow; so up she
e ad o a.. gomt mald looked out.
For a n mment she
could anv stand and
e\as s the rejoin he
wid,,w -,was her lost
I)ovey-Dovey and tlire other doves, one
large one and two little ones. There could
be no mistake about it being Dovey, for
she flew on to Mlina's shoulder and rubbed her
soft grey head ag:i int Mina's little pink ear.
NO,W, do you kiwkv what that ni,,, :k','I Dovey
had done?
She had gone off and got married on
St. Valentine's Day, without saying a word to
anyone. She and her husband had built a
nest in the \ ,od but as soon as the two !0:lhy
doves c, iiil fly Dovey had brought the whole
fr;nily back to Sea-Spray 1ln.

Mina and Rex were so pleased to get their
lost friend back that they could not scold her
And to this very day the four doves live in the
cage on the little girl's window-sill, and never
even think of going away again,
Edric T'redetilirg